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The women who play a prominent role in Alan's life, naked, some with slave collars, and some of those with rings
SIX TIMES A DAY – Part 148
Photographs and Memories
Day 76: Saturday, November 30

Written and illustrated by Spacer X <paul_t_22@yahoo.com>

Copyright © 2004 - present Spacer X; All Rights Reserved.

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Susan, Suzanne, Katherine, and Akami all put their clothes back on before gathering again downstairs in the living room.

They were still buzzing with excitement, both from the Christine news and from the fun they'd just had with Alan. (Akami wasn't affected by the first, but she was greatly affected by the second, since she wasn't used to such powerful erotic experiences the way the others were.) However, Alan had asked them to calm down, so they tried their best to stay calm and keep their clothes on. They even wore underwear, since there still was a worry Christine might stop by on her way home.

It wasn't easy for them to stay calm though. In particular, Alan's tantalizing hints of some kind of big event later that evening set them on edge with anticipation. The four of them worked together to try to remember his exact words. Speculation ran wild as to just what he had implied.

Suzanne, however, was in a pensive mood, so she didn't join in the speculation as much as Susan and Katherine did. She was too busy mulling over her own thoughts. Also, she was aware that Akami couldn't really participate in their excitement because she wasn't part of the harem. She realized that the more the others talked about it, the more Akami would feel like she was going to miss out on something really great.

So, after about ten minutes, Suzanne told the others that she wanted to talk to Akami in private.

She took Akami to the outside sun deck, which was located on the top floor above the kitchen, near the top of the stairs. Picking up two folding chairs, she walked to the farthest corner away from the door and opened the chairs. Suzanne had put on a loose yellow sun dress, while Akami was in the red top and blue miniskirt that she'd arrived in.

Suzanne explained to Akami while taking one of the seats, "Here. We'll get maximum privacy in this spot. Susan and Katherine would be directly below us if they moved over into the kitchen, but I know from experience there's no way they can hear through the roof. I just checked the windows and sliding door leading out to the yard and I know they're all closed. Also, I'll be able to hear if anyone opens them."

Akami noted as she sat and looked around, "And we'll notice if anyone comes out here. Smart. But why all this 'cloak and dagger' secrecy?"

Suzanne sighed. "Because I have some personal things I'd like to talk over with you, if you don't mind."

Akami felt honored, but also a bit puzzled by Suzanne's need for secrecy. "No problem! I'd be delighted to help in any way I can. And you know from experience that I can be trusted with any secret."

Suzanne frowned at that reference to the six-times-a-day scheme she'd concocted with Dr. Fredrickson's help. "That's one of the things I want to talk to you about. But let's work up to that, shall we? How did you enjoy that little escapade with Alan?"

Akami grinned. "That was fun, to say the least! I've never felt that aroused, well, pretty much ever! I doubt that even getting fucked by Alan was that great."

Suzanne nodded. "Yeah, that's how it goes. I've come to realize that Alan really isn't the main reason why we all get so incredibly aroused. It's more like he's the trigger, or the facilitator. But it's the group dynamic that's the most important. When a bunch of us get together like that, we feed off each other, and him, and the excitement rises and rises until it's almost too much to contain."

Of course Suzanne wasn't aware that Amy had said much the same thing to Christine a short time earlier. She would have been startled by how similarly they both viewed the group dynamic.

Akami nodded back, vigorously. "Indeed! That's exactly what happened to me. I've given a lot of blowjobs before, and of course I've blown Alan before, but I've never, ever, gotten as excited about it or as into it as I was back there. Knowing that I was being constantly watched and judged by the three of you... and then when Susan goaded me... Wow! I get shivers all over just thinking about it!"

Suzanne agreed with a big grin. "That's how it works. Welcome to the club. I usually have at least one experience like that per day. Sometimes more."

"No way! I think I'd die if that happened to me that often! My heart would give out!"

Suzanne laughed. She joked, "Yeah. I think we're all either going to develop hearts as strong as steel or we'll all die within the year. But still, what a wonderful way to go!"

Akami asked a bit shyly, "By the way, about what you said back there... You know, regarding him being your master. I was wondering if you could explain that to me. Susan seems the type to go for that kind of thing. Katherine too, I suppose, although I'm mostly guessing since I don't know her well. But you don't seem like that to me."

Suzanne sighed with exasperation. "I'm not. Or, at least, not like they are. I'm glad that you brought that up, because that's another thing I want to talk to you about. But at the same time I also don't want to talk about it, if you know what I mean. It's really lucky for me that you're here today, because you're the perfect person to discuss some of these things with. You know our great secrets, and yet you're not a part of all of this."

Akami said, "Yeah, an outside perspective can be healthy. I'll repeat what I said before: this harem lifestyle isn't my thing; it doesn't work for me. But if it works for you, more power to you. I don't know if I've ever met a happier bunch of people, so something about it must be working."

Suzanne grinned knowingly. "It's great."

Akami noted, "You say that, but you seem strangely sad and contemplative. What gives?"

Suzanne sighed heavily again. "I was just thinking about what I said about Alan being my master. I meant it then, and I still mean it now, but, in truth... my feelings are a lot more complicated than what I just laid out."

"That makes sense. Tell me about it."

"In the heat of the moment, like what we were experiencing back there, it's easy to make that kind of sweeping statement. But now that I've calmed down, calling Alan 'Master' is kind of like fingernails on a chalkboard for me."

"Tell him that, then."


She blushed slightly and closed her eyes as she admitted, "No! Because I DO mean it. It's just that it's taking me time to get used to it. Being a 'slave' to Alan is nothing like it sounds. I know it's a shocking word..."

She paused, trying to gather her thoughts. "Being a quote, sex slave, unquote, is nothing like you'd think, based on the provocative language. And that's because Alan, well, he's just the greatest guy. I love him so much! He's my Sweetie! If he has me in his grip, it's with a velvet glove. Make that a feathery, pillowy glove. I mean, he would never boss me around in a bad way. He's never ordered any of us to do anything we didn't already want to do."

"Really? Are you sure? It seemed to me like he was ordering you all around when he told you all to line up in that submissive position."

"Yes, but we wanted to do that. Can't you see? We were flying high on lust by then. Did you notice that he wasn't actually very specific? We were the ones who formed a perfect line and added the other creative, sexy flourishes, because we were totally loving it."

Akami tried to recall. "It was all happening behind me, and I was more than a little distracted at the time..." - they shared knowing smiles about that - "but now that you mention it, you're probably right."

"Trust me. I am right. Sure, there are times when he pushes us to our limits and makes us do something that greatly embarrasses us. But it's something we really want to do, deep down. It's just that we just need some pushing to go through with actually doing it. And when he gets assertive, that's usually when we have the biggest orgasms. The fact is, he's the nicest 'master' you could imagine. I worry about a lot of things, but him becoming too bossy is way down on my list. He loves me so much that if he does something I don't like, I can just tell him. 'Sweetie, it makes me uncomfortable when you make me crawl on my hands and knees like that.' And then he'll be careful not to do that again. Because he loves me."

Akami considered that. "Yeah, that's not really what I imagine with a master-slave relationship."

"Truth be told, it's more like the inmates are running the asylum around here. Yes, in some ways he's in charge, but one could argue he's more of a figurehead. It's really more of a mutually beneficial arrangement, and if you count orgasms, we all have WAY more than he does! We love to use provocative language and gestures and such because we all find that arousing, but it's kind of like an endless role-play. You know what I mean? I love Alan to bits, but I don't believe he's actually 'superior' to any of us in an absolute sense. These are roles we play because it works for all of us in lots of ways."

"I suppose," Akami replied, not entirely convinced. "But that's your perspective. Are you sure everyone else sees it that way?"

Suzanne frowned at that. "It's true there are... differences. Susan takes things far too seriously, for one. And... you know Brenda. She takes this kind of thing much more seriously, and much more literally. Maybe with her it'll be more like a true master-slave situation, because that's what SHE wants. But then again, it's worth noting that Alan hasn't known her and loved her all his life like he has the rest of us, so he can treat her in a very different manner. And if you know her, and you're honest, you'd have to admit that it's exactly what she wants, to give herself completely to her master."

"So what's it all about then? Is it just a means to have lots of orgasms and other fun?"

Suzanne thought that over, then said, "That's a big part of it, sure. But it goes a lot deeper. At heart, I think it's about showing how much we love each other. Since it's kind of a harem, we can't get married, obviously. Aside from that, a master-slave relationship is about the deepest and most permanent relationship one can have. In fact, you could argue that it's even deeper and MORE permanent than marriage. If you're truly serious, and I believe we all are, divorce isn't an option; we're voluntarily enslaved for life. And keep in mind that he's bound to us just as much as we're bound to him!"

Akami looked at Suzanne curiously. "It's kind of funny hearing you say that. I look at you and the way you're dressed right now, like a professional businesswoman, and I can't wrap my head around the fact that you're voluntarily enslaving yourself 'for life' to an 18-year-old boy whom you're now also treating as your son."

Suzanne let out a great sigh. "Yeah. That's the rub. I can't get my head around it either. I LIKE the language: 'master', 'slave', and so on. It's all so extreme. It shows the extreme intensity of my feelings for him: total love, total dedication, total devotion. And yet I hate it, because it IS so extreme. Imagine... Suzanne Plummer - me - someone's slave! It's an outrage! It sounds so wrong! Even if I don't really mean 'slave' slave, like chained blacks in the South before the Civil War, the word comes with that unpleasant baggage whether I like it or not."

Akami arched an inquisitive eyebrow, but decided not to point out that Suzanne had named herself "Plummer" instead of Pestridge. Instead, she asked, "So, what's the solution then?"

Suzanne shrugged. "I suspect I'll just have to get used to it. Mind you, getting mind-blowingly fantastic sex every day helps a lot, and I do mean A LOT, but the simple fact is that I can't completely change my aversion to words like that in a week or even a month. But I meant it when I said back there that my feelings were improving day by day. It's just the right thing to do. It really is. For one thing, Susan and Katherine love it to bits. This is ideal for them. And Amy, she's so easy-going, she's happy as a clam with most anything."

"Yes, I can see that. But what about you?"

"It's good for me too, despite my continuing struggle with it. I wasn't submissive when this all started, but sometimes totally submitting can be a total rush! You have no idea, believe me, but maybe what you experienced a little while ago with Alan can give you a hint. Besides, slavery isn't just a bond between slave and master, because it's also a bond between all the slaves. What this really is is a polyamorous group marriage of sorts, with much more erotically charged language to describe it. The bond between us... slaves... it's... I can't even describe it. We already were de-facto family and best friends. And now we're so much CLOSER! We have this sexual bond, and our mutual submissive bond to our master too."

Akami asked, "So, have you told the others all this?"

Suzanne said sadly, "No."

"Why not? And why me?"

"The 'why you' is because it's a lot easier saying this to you, because you're an outside observer. I have trouble with intimacy, and with sharing my feelings. I hate to talk about it, but... I really got burned with my marriage. I loved Eric so much at first, and then everything went to hell in a handbasket. But instead of getting out of it like I should have, I lingered in that hell for years and years and years. Technically we're still married, even though it's a complete sham. I had all these affairs to try to fill the void, but I couldn't open my heart to anyone. Well, except maybe Susan; she's just such a kind soul. In my book, she's pretty much love and goodness personified. But I kept big secrets even from her, such as the fact that I lusted for her for years... and the secret you know about."

Suzanne added, "The good news is that sex is easy for me. I love sex! It's easier for me to have sex with Alan eighteen hours non-stop than to have one 'I love you' intimate moment with him. But I'm getting better at it. All this sex creates such a powerful intimate bond that I can't help but express my feelings. Like the other women, we express it by going crazy pleasuring his cock, since we love doing that anyway, but lately I've been better with using actual words."

"Good!" Akami nodded approvingly. "Words are important. Let him know how you really feel. And not just with this 'master' and 'slave' language. Use the 'L' word."

Suzanne nodded, despite her continued frown. "I have, a few times. I'm proud of that. But it's strange. Everyone thinks I'm the tough one, but at heart, sometimes, I feel like a lost little girl, without any confidence at all. I try to cover it up, but..." She stared towards the horizon, overcome by a powerful sadness.

Akami said, "You know what? Now that you've got me thinking about it, I noticed that Susan and Katherine both proclaimed they wanted to be Alan's slaves until the day they died. But you said you wanted to be his slave for as long as he'd have you. A subtle but important difference, no?"

Suzanne frowned. "You see? Even now, I know that Alan loves me as much as it's possible to love another. I bathe in his love all day long like the ultimate relaxing bubble bath, if you know what I mean. Floating and flying because our love is so strong! It gives me strength, and hope. And far from fretting if he loves someone like Susan more than me, knowing how much he loves them too just makes all the bonds stronger. After all, he'd never leave me when it's a package deal with all these other beautiful bombshells, right? And yet, I hedge with comments like that one you noticed, maybe because I don't love myself enough yet."

Akami took Suzanne's hand and squeezed it. "Wow! I think you just said something very important and profound. But let me tell you something: I think you're crazy! What I mean is, if some neutral body could rate the desirability of women on a one to ten scale, you'd be around 1000! Not only are you beyond gorgeous, you're smart, kind, a go-getter, a sexual dynamo, and so many other things besides. How could Alan NOT love you? It's impossible! You don't have to suck his cock all day long just because you worry he doesn't love you."

Akami and Suzanne sitting, talking on the rooftop sun-deck

"I know that. And I don't worry about that. If there's one thing I know, it's that he loves me and I love him, and the rest of us - Susan, Katherine, and Amy. We're all bound together in love. I suck his cock 'all day long' because I love doing it. Period. I'm a very sexual creature, as I'm sure you realize, and sex with love is soooo much better!"

"So what's the problem?"

Suzanne let go of Akami's hand and waved her hands in the air in frustration. "I don't know! I guess it's me. Compared to most people who have all kinds of serious problems, I really am living in paradise. But it's just that I've been hurt so much for so long, you know? My failed marriage destroyed me so badly that I became totally distrustful of almost everyone for a while there - a long while. It was a close thing. For quite a few years, Susan was my one link to the belief that people could still be good, could still be trusted."

Suzanne smiled with genuine contentment as she explained, "Everything is perfect for me now, actually. Way back when, when this sexual adventure started, I had visions of controlling everybody and sort of ruling this new family like a queen from on high. But it's a lot better this way, having Alan be in charge. His reluctance about power is really very good and healthy for us all."

Akami pointed out, "I thought you said he wasn't really in charge? More like a figurehead?"

Suzanne grinned. "Hey, don't point out my contradictions! Let me keep my illusions. Seriously, though, it's complicated. He is in charge and he isn't at the same time. You know?"

Akami nodded, although she didn't really understand. She figured it was better not to poke at certain sensitive issues too much.

Suzanne went on, "I guess it just takes time to heal the wounds from all those years of pain. It's like my issues with words like 'master' and 'slave.' Everything is on the right path, but it just takes time to fix things like that. As you know, so much has changed in a mere two months already. It's like my life is in supersonic overdrive. Sometimes I have to pinch myself to check that I'm not dreaming, because it's all come together for me so quickly and perfectly."


Akami asked, "Is there anything I can do to help?"

Suzanne smiled. "No, thanks. But just talking to you has been a great help. Like I said, the healing has begun. But talking to you has made me realize that I need to better express how I feel, not just to Alan, but to Susan and the girls too. Whatever Alan has planned, tonight could be the right time."

"What do you think that's about, anyway? I noticed downstairs that Susan and Katherine were speculating like mad, but you seemed to be keeping your cards close to your chest." Akami added with an impish grin, "Which in your case can mean they're still fairly far away from you."

Suzanne glanced down at her massive bosom and smiled. "That's because I don't want to spoil the surprise for them. I love them so much. Anything I can do to make them happy makes me happy. But I'm pretty sure I know what it's going to be because I have inside knowledge. Do you really want to know?"

Akami sat forward in her chair. "Yes!"

"Promise not to tell the others?"

"Cross my heart and hope to die." She crossed her heart.

Suzanne was all smiles now, eager to share gossip. "I have the inside scoop because I visited Glory Rhymer yesterday. You know her. Hopefully she's becoming the fifth slave in our harem. I saw the ring Alan gave her, which he did just yesterday. I didn't get the full story, but it's a kind of commitment ring, bonding them together. And yesterday, he gave Brenda a ring too!"

Akami drew breath sharply before glancing at Suzanne's hands, and immediately noticed the absence of any rings on her fingers. Suzanne noticed where Akami was looking and held her hands out for easy inspection. She then concluded triumphantly, "You don't have to be a genius to draw the lines. Brenda has her own special kind of relationship with him, but you could say she's really just the sixth slave in our group. My thinking is that he's bought four more rings and he's going to give one to each of us here at Casa Plummer tonight!" She held up her hand and rubbed her ring finger with her other hand, showing where she expected her ring to go.

Akami's eyes were opened wide, showing her excitement. "My, oh my! That sounds wonderful! It's the perfect opportunity for you to tell him what you just told me."

"I know." Suzanne bit her lip.

Akami grinned wolfishly. "I presume whatever ring ceremony Alan comes up with will be followed by lots and lots of fucking?"


Suzanne's eyes glowed with desire. "It better be! That must be why he's so keen on resting up, because he'll have to take on ALL OF US, which is a pretty tall order for any man! And if he doesn't give me my damn ring tonight, God help him!" She suddenly stood up and shook one of her two newly-clenched fists. Then she grinned and lowered her hands, acting like she was only playing around doing that. But her reaction showed the true intensity of her anticipation.

Akami was a bit alarmed by Suzanne's aggressive posture. "Hey, relax! Sit back down already, please."

Suzanne was still tensed up, despite pretending that she was just playing around. But she returned to her seat and unclenched her fists.

Akami patted Suzanne's nearer hand. "Don't worry. I'm sure he'll do the right thing. You say he's only the facilitator for this group, but I suspect he's a lot more than that. He seems to have a special knack."

Suzanne nodded at that. "I didn't say he's ONLY the facilitator. He's the key to all this, definitely! He makes it all work."

Then Suzanne vaguely alluded to the questionable medical diagnosis and unethical treatment plan. "You of all people know exactly how this all got started. I can't believe how smoothly and quickly things have developed since then. That's another constant 'pinch me, I'm dreaming' thing for me. And that's mostly due to him. Not only smoothly seducing the likes of Susan, Katherine, and Amy, but turning all of us into his SEX SLAVES!"

Akami playfully needled her a little bit, "Which doesn't actually mean 'sex slave,' according to you."

Suzanne didn't back down. "Regardless of how you define it, he has a harem of extraordinarily beautiful women, all hot to trot. Sorry to toot my own horn, but that's just a fact. He really does have a special knack!"

She sat back and laughed. "In fact, way too much of a knack! I never thought he'd end up regularly having sex with a dozen women, and draw more and more of them into the harem all the time! Pretty soon I'm gonna have to hose him down with a big ol' fire hose, before the harem numbers in the hundreds!" She had a hearty laugh at that.

Akami laughed too. "It really is incredible. Just hearing you say 'sex slaves' alone blows my mind. Especially because it's true." She looked out over the neighborhood and waved a hand through the air. "Look at all that. Look where we are. We're in the middle of white-bread soccer-mom suburbia. There are no minarets or castle towers out there. A harem shouldn't exist in a place like this!"

"But it does," Suzanne said with unbridled glee.

Akami nodded. "You can say that he's not really a master and he doesn't order you around and argue what 'slave' means exactly, but from what I've seen, the four of you are like the perfect sex slaves. He doesn't need to order you around, because you do it all on your own, making him way happier than any human being has any right to be."

Suzanne sat back, smiling widely with a smug, satisfied look. "Why, thank you. I take that as a great compliment. We do work very hard to keep him happy, and especially to keep his cock constantly throbbing with pleasure. But we love it just as much as he does! Couldn't you feel the vibe when we greeted him on his return home a little while ago?"

"Of course I could," Akami responded. "Like I said earlier, I got swept up in it, and I loved it. When everyone is feeling that good, it's kind of silly to argue about who feels better or what's fair."

"Exactly! And nothing makes US happier than when his cock really gets going and starts poking us in all kinds of naughty places. It's win-win-win-win-win, all around! Heck, add in Brenda and Glory for at least two more wins."

Akami shook her head in wonder. "The crazy thing is, from all I've seen, it looks like you're right. This place feels almost magical. I'm really glad I came here today. Even though I have no desire to join your harem, I love simply being here and hanging out with you all. Even without sex, one can just feel the love."

Suzanne smiled from ear to ear at that.

Akami thought, Could I actually join this harem? At times like today, it feels so damn tempting! I'm sure everyone here has more fun in a typical day than I do in a typical week. But at some point one has to rest and recover from all the endless orgasms, and then you'd find yourself face to face with all that 'master' and 'sex slave' crap. Suzanne tries to downplay that, and she makes some good points, but I think she's deceiving herself somewhat. If they're happy with it, that's fine for them, but I could never put up with it all the time.

Besides, it's a moot point. The painful fact is that I just don't measure up. I'm attractive, yes, but the women in Alan's harem are drop-dead gorgeous! Even if I did squeeze in somehow, I'd always feel like the odd one out, the also-ran. And I don't have the right attitude. Sure, I like Alan a lot, but I don't love him. I can't imagine fawning over him the way they all do.

Suddenly, Akami switched topics. "By the way, speaking of rapidly expanding harems, what's this Christine girl like? I've heard so much about her today. Is she really on her way to join the harem?"

"Not exactly. Let me tell you, because it's a really interesting story. It's complicated. It started a couple of years ago when they started sharing classes, and..." Suzanne began explaining in detail Alan's history with Christine.

From there, they talked about a variety of topics, most of them relating in some way to Alan's sex life. But Akami also updated Suzanne on what had been happening to her lately, and in particular on the fallout from the Dr. Fredrickson debacle.

Suzanne felt like a weight had been lifted from her shoulders, in being able to share her emotional concerns with someone in the know but outside the harem. But she was also glad to talk about less weighty matters for a while.


With Alan sleeping and Suzanne and Akami talking on the upper-floor outside sun deck, Susan decided to start preparing an extra special dinner.

Katherine had been writing in her diary earlier when Amy had called to warn them that Alan was on his way home, so now Katherine was left free to continue her diary entry.

Sitting at the desk in her room, she reviewed what she'd been writing before she'd been interrupted. She'd been detailing her encounter with Christine, so she finished that. Then she wrote her concluding thoughts.

Diary, I don't know what to think about Christine. Just a few minutes ago, I told Brother, "You gotta keep on taming her. You're making such good progress that you can't stop now." At the time I meant it, but I also was in the middle of sucking his cock with Mom and Mother, so I was more than a little affected by a serious case of the hornies!

The thing is, I've calmed down now, but I STILL get excited thinking about him taming her and bringing her into the harem. Getting to hug her while both of us were naked was so key! DAMN! What a hottie! What a body! Amy is the luckiest girl in the world, with all kinds of excuses to get sexy with her nude body. If I could just come up with some sort of way to get involved in that too. But HOW?!?!


Katherine put down her pen for a moment and closed her eyes. She daydreamed about what it would be like to have Christine as a "sister" fully integrated into the harem. She licked her lips while picturing the two of them having sex with a double-headed dildo. She particularly savored the thought of Christine wearing a black collar.

She was tempted to masturbate to such a thrilling fantasy, but instead picked up her pen again.

Sigh. She'd look so great in a black collar. The black against her light, rosy skin and her fair blonde hair would look perfect, especially for people like me who would know what it really means. But it probably ain't gonna happen, at least not anytime soon.

But at the same time, I can't help but feel jealous, and threatened. She's just too brilliant at everything she does. Now, she'll probably become a cocksucking and titfucking queen extraordinaire.

The only thing I'm probably better at than her is dancing, and that's only because I doubt she's ever danced in her life. Big help that is. SIGH! I need to have confidence that Brother isn't going to neglect me! Not to mention there's the danger that she'll find out about the incest and ruin everything. UGH!

Speaking of confidence issues, I'm also kinda irked that Brother claims that I've just been playing a game about him being our master. I have to admit that he had a point. HAD! When things started out, it's true that I didn't really take that seriously. I was going over the top with my language and actions, such as calling myself his "Number One Fuck Toy." I mean, I kinda meant it, but not really. I was more just thinking that I've gotta compete with the likes of Mom and Mother and their perfect bodies! Not to mention their perfect tits, and Bro happens to be quite the tit fiend, to put it mildly! So yeah, it was kind of a game for me.

But that was then, and this is now. I've discovered that I'm a true submissive, just like Mom and Brenda, so nothing makes me happier than serving my brother-master. I know he claims otherwise, but I worry that he still thinks I'm just playing games. But I've changed! Really!!! I'm the happiest sister-slave in the entire world!!!!

It's funny. I have to admit I had trouble taking him seriously as my master because I knew him so well, warts and all. For instance, I know he can't beat me in a game of Monopoly to save his life! Ha! I even remember silly things way back when, like when he was five years old or so and pissed in his wastebasket because we watched a scary movie that evening and afterward he was just too afraid to leave his room to go to the bathroom. So yeah, definitely a lot of warts.

But I love him so very, very much! I love his faults as much as his strengths, because that helps make him him. And somehow I slowly came to see him as my natural master, for real! It helps that Mom somehow finds ways to tell me every day that our prime duty is to serve and obey him. But she's preaching to the converted anyway. It feels so good and so right to be naked and on my knees, pleasuring his cock! I LIKE being one of his fuck toys! No, I LOVE it!!! I know I'm still a smart young girl who's going to go off and do all kinds of great things with my life (although probably not as great as what Christine will do - GRRR!). But why can't I do all that AND be my brother's fuck toy too? What's so wrong with that, if it makes me happy, and him happy, and everybody else happy?!

Okay, so my fuck-toy label started off with a lot of hype, but it's NOT hype anymore! How do I get him to see that?! I think that because he knows me as well as I know him, he just can't conceive of me as his sex slave in the same way as someone without all that personal history, like Brenda. Words and intentions are nice, but he doesn't feel it in his gut, because he thinks he understands me. But he doesn't. A naturally dominant man like him just can't understand the submissive female mind.

Sigh. I'll bet a lot of sex-slave sisters have this kind of problem, due to all the preconceived notions from knowing each other for so long. I'm just gonna have to keep on keeping on, serving him and loving him, one delicious creamy, spermy load after another, until he fully gets it!


At a break in their discussion, Suzanne said to Akami, "We should probably be going. I don't want to monopolize your time, and I'm sure that Susan in particular would love to talk to you some more. You're one of the few people whom she can brag to about Alan's sexual exploits."

Akami grinned. "Yeah. That's fun. Hearing her talk about that is 'so hot.'"

Suzanne grinned back. "She says that to you a lot too, does she? She's so adorable. I even love how predictable she is." Suzanne suddenly turned serious. She frowned as she struggled over what to say. "However, before you go..."


"Well, I'm just wondering... Tonight is going to be an important night, what with whatever it is that Alan is cooking up. At the very least, I'm sure it'll symbolically bind us all closer together, and I welcome that. But there's something that's been haunting me, nagging at me. I think you know what it is."

Akami nodded. "I can guess: how this all started." Even though she didn't think they could be overheard, she still spoke guardedly about the topic.

"Yes. That." Suzanne sighed. "Mind you, I don't regret it one bit! In fact, that was, hands down, the best and smartest thing I've ever done in my life. Just look at us, at how happy we all are. This is a dream come true for ALL of us!"

Akami shrugged. "Then what's the problem? I take it that's weighing on your conscience, because you're keeping a big secret like that from the people you love most. So why not just tell them?"

Suzanne slumped in her chair dejectedly. "The main problem is Susan. She trusts me implicitly. She trusts me with her life! If Suzanne says it, it must be true. She really believes that. We've been best friends for so long. Trust like that takes forever to build. Yes, the end justified the means, because there really was no other way to get from there to here, to get past her die-hard prudish ways. I had to use some deception. She'd understand that, I'm sure. But she's still going to be really hurt, and her trust in me is going to take a big hit."

Akami pondered that. "Ah. I see. That is a problem. What about the others?"

Suzanne waved a hand dismissively. "Oh, I'm sure they'd be fine with it. With them, 'the end justifies the means' argument will trump all, because the 'end' in this case is so very, very fantastic. Look at Alan, for instance. Has there ever been a boy who found himself in such a sexual paradise? How is he going to complain? Ditto with Katherine and Amy. They all trust me too, but they know I'm a schemer, and I have my own moral code about my scheming."

She added, "The difference with Susan is that, while she understands all that too, I'm like her rock. Just like she's my rock, in a different way. She's such a beautiful, wonderful person, but she is submissive and she needs someone or something to guide her. Before, it was mostly her parents and her church and her husband. Now it's pretty much me. I overturned their authority and told her to listen to me instead. Sure, she looks to Alan to obey and serve, but she looks to me for the reasoning, the belief system, to justify that. To hear that there was a scam at the heart of all this, well... it's not good!"


Suzanne's face contorted into a tight grimace as she imagined Susan supremely upset at her, yelling and 'flipping the bird' in her direction. For some reason, she pictured the prudish Susan of old, wearing her conservative clothes and no collar.

Akami saw the sour face, and asked, "What?"

"Oh, nothing. It's just that... you probably have seen how sweet and kind Susan is. But when she gets pissed off, she gets REALLY pissed off! She can go totally ballistic! It doesn't happen often, but when it does..." She shuddered. "We semi-jokingly call it her 'mama grizzly bear' mode."

"Do you think she'll go ballistic on you?"

"I hope not. I don't think so. I'm sure she'll bounce back soon enough, and I'll be able to earn her trust back over time, but it won't be a walk in the park."

Akami asked, "If that's so, what if you just never tell her the truth, ever?"

Suzanne sighed. "That's so very, very tempting. Believe me, I've considered it! But I want to justify her belief in me! I've had enough with lies and sneaking around. For other people, that's a different story, but not with my family!" She pumped her fist in the air a bit as her passion grew. "I want us all to be as close and loving as families can get. No more deception! I can't go on like this, feeling bad about it. If I confess and she forgives me, then we can heal and move forward, maybe even eventually with more trust than ever. That's the old Suzanne, who would take that secret to the grave. I don't want to live like that anymore!"

After a pause, she dropped her fist and added in a more resigned tone, "Besides, this is probably going to get out eventually, one way or another. I know you can keep a secret, but what about Dr. Fredrickson? Hopefully we've taken care of him, but there's really no telling what he might do, or who he might tell. And Glory Rhymer knows too. The truth tends to come out over time. You, for instance, could have nothing but the best intentions, but someday you might say something to Alan that's just enough to make him rethink what happened. And it would be a disaster if Susan hears about this first from anyone other than me."

Akami asked, "If that were to happen, couldn't you just tell Alan how important it is not to tell Susan until the time is ripe?"

"I could try, but the problem is, he's such a good kid! Once he knows the truth, it's going to bother him that Susan doesn't know, in the same way that it's gnawing at me. He wouldn't be able to keep the secret for long. And I don't want to tell her the truth because something like that had forced my hand. No, I want to do it because it's the right thing to do. Mind you, if I thought she would be so shocked that the truth would destroy her and ruin her sexual relationship with Alan and such, I wouldn't do it. But it's not nearly that bad. This is lancing a boil to heal the patient, not to kill her."

Akami took that in. "Okay, so, you're thinking of confessing the truth tonight? You'd just up and tell Susan and Alan and everyone else that the entire medical diagnosis and treatment plan was completely made up?"

Suzanne replied, "No, nothing that dramatic. I'll probably bring it up one-on-one to better manage the response. And I probably wouldn't do it tonight, because that would cast a pall over the fun and the exciting times I'm certain we're going to have. But soon. Maybe even tomorrow. Why wait?"

Akami put a hand to her chin and pondered that. "Hmmm. I don't know. I can understand why you feel that way, but my gut says it's better not to rush into things. You've all been on a really wild ride. From what I understand, it's only been about a week since Alan first had full-on sex with Susan, right?"

"Yes, that's right." Suzanne chuckled as she realized, "God, it seems like years already."

Akami pointed out, "So things are absolutely crazy now. The pace of change has been frantic. Susan must still be going through some kind of culture shock. Think about it. Her entire underpinnings have been completely overturned. You've basically given her a completely new belief system, which is all about sex and this harem lifestyle. Now you're going to hit her with another shock, while she's still reeling from all that? Give her some time to adjust. The more I think about it, the more I think you should wait."

"How long then? Keep in mind that it's starting to eat me alive. I feel like I'm living in paradise - this new world of total sex and love that I helped build - and that keeping the secret of how I made it happen is like the serpent in the garden waiting to ruin everything."

"I understand that, but you have to have patience. Why not wait a few months, at the very least? By then Susan will be in a much better place, mentally. I'm sure she'll still be fucking and sucking Alan every day, as well as having sex with the rest of you all, and loving it! She'll be so hooked on that lifestyle that her previous life will seem like a distant, bad dream. Her new belief system will have fully taken root, with the remnants of the old one essentially withered away. Don't wait too long, because that'll just needlessly draw out your pain. But wait a few months at a minimum before you turn her world upside down again."

"Really? Are you sure about that?"

"I can't say I'm sure - you just presented the problem to me! But that's what my gut instinct tells me. At the very least, don't spill the beans tonight or tomorrow. Every day, it seems like something big happens, like what Alan did with Christine today. Let things settle down!"

Suzanne considered that, then nodded. "Thanks. That's good advice. I've been thinking that way too, but lately my heart has been doing more of my thinking than my head has. I just want this problem over and gone! I'm too impatient."

Akami smiled. "That's understandable. You're in love. And not just with Alan, but from what I've seen, with Susan, Katherine, and Amy too. And people in love get impatient and do foolish things. But that's why you have me to talk to. I'm glad to be of help at any time. When I look around and see what's happening in this house, I'm not disgusted at all. On the contrary! I'm pleased by what I see. I see a bold, exciting social experiment playing out before my eyes; one that seems to be succeeding like gangbusters. Besides, I feel partly responsible for having helped give birth to all this. It's like this is partly my baby and I want to see it grow up big and strong."

Akami's viewpoint wasn't that simple. She didn't mind the incest because she felt it was done with love and without pressure, but she had some fairness issues with respect to the harem and their submissive lifestyle. However, these were relatively minor quibbles, and her comments to Suzanne were sincere.

She concluded by asking, "You know what I mean?"

Suzanne took Akami's hand and gave it a squeeze. "I do! And I'm very glad to hear that. I feel the exact same way. Sure, I benefit greatly from it, but I like to think that it's much bigger than me. Sometimes I get chills when I think how we're breaking all the rules and coming up with a whole new lifestyle. Sure, there's polygamy today in Utah and the Middle East and other places, but this feels very different."

"Agreed. If this was like one of those situations, where the women are kept down and kicked around, I wouldn't have wanted ANY part of it! But from the very beginning I could feel the love and care you had, and between Alan and Susan, and so on. That's why I'm glad to help. If you ever want to talk, I'm only a phone call or short car ride away."

"Thanks!" Suzanne stood up, which led Akami to stand as well. Then she gave Akami a big hug. As they hugged, Suzanne added, "I feel a lot better, just talking this out with someone. Your visit here came at exactly the right time."

Akami was about to break the hug, but then added, "Oh, one more thing. You might want to rethink your idea not to at least tell Alan your secret right away. I understand your reasoning there, but I wonder if you underestimate him. Admittedly, I don't come here often, but it seems to me that he's handled his remarkable fortune about as well as anyone could be expected to, especially considering his age."

"That is true," Suzanne admitted. "And I have repeatedly underestimated him in these last couple of months."

"You might want to give him a chance. All of you keep calling him 'master' and 'the man of the house,' but like you pointed out, a lot of that is just sexy talk. YOU actually run things a lot more than he does. Far be it for me to advise how to live in a harem, but if you're serious about this harem lifestyle, why not give him a chance to really BE 'the man of the house?' I'll bet you he'll rise to the occasion, if you let him."

Suzanne narrowed her gaze and pondered that. She said, "Interesting. You've given me food for thought. I'll have to think about that some more." Then she added jokingly, "I know you're right about one thing, though: he does 'rise to the occasion' quite a lot!"

Akami and Suzanne laughed, and hugged, and shared a kiss.


"Hiiii! What's up, everybody?" Amy opened the sliding glass door to the dining room and entered from the back patio, having just walked over to the Plummer's using her usual route through the backyard gate. She was still wearing her green bikini, and held what appeared to be a stack of papers in her hand.

Akami and Suzanne had just finished their private discussion and returned downstairs. Katherine was already there, since she'd finished her diary entry and was helping Susan prepare dinner. All four turned and looked at Amy with pleasant surprise.


Seeing that she's gotten everyone's attention, she stretched her arms up and out like a pop star diva and squealed happily, "I'm baaaaack!"

Suzanne happened to be the closest, since she was sitting on the kitchen counter stool nearest the screen door. She got up and gave Amy a big hug. "Howdy, Honey Pie! How was your big adventure? We want to hear everything!"

Susan rushed around the counter to join in the hug. "Yeah! Everything! And congratulations!" She wrapped her arms around both Amy and Suzanne.

Katherine also rushed over and piled on. "Yeah! Aims, you're awesome! We were just saying that Alan is the 'return of the conquering hero,' but you're the big heroine!"

Akami stood aside and just smiled at the others. Not being part of the family, she didn't think it was her place to join in the hug.

Amy basked in all the love and attention while making sure the papers she was holding didn't get damaged during the group hug. "Thank you all! It was fun! By the way, speaking of our master, where is he?"

Susan explained while kissing her way here and there around Amy's face, "He's upstairs, taking a nap. Where's Christine?"

"She's gone home."

"Woo-hoo!" Susan broke from the hug and took two steps backwards. "Now I can get rid of this wretched thing!" She could have just pulled her bra from under her blouse, but she chose instead to unbutton her blouse all the way down the front first. Her hope was that she could use the excuse of removing the bra to get fully topless before long.

Amy giggled, pretending to be scandalized. "Mom, you were wearing a BRA?!"


Susan rolled her eyes. "I know. But I had to, in case you brought Christine back here with you."

Amy responded, "No chance of that, so take it all off!" She wiggled her body, somehow undoing her bra in the process. "I made it real clear to her that she should avoid this house at all times. I'll explain that all later. But first I have some cool stuff to show you!"

Suzanne said, "Wait a second, Honey Pie. Taking a bra off is one thing. But that doesn't mean you can take off your bikini."

Sure, enough, mere seconds after her hug was over, Amy had gotten both her bikini bottoms and top all the way off. She gave an innocent "Who me?" look as she held the papers behind her back as if she were concealing a great secret.

Susan said, "I'm sorry, Amy, but Suzanne is right this time. Even though Christine is gone, Master said we can't get too excited, and if you take off your clothes, soon we'll all wind up naked... and more."

"M'kay," Amy said in a disappointed tone, without actually making any move to put her bikini back on.

Suzanne turned to Susan and gazed pointedly at her fully-exposed breasts. "And you! You're telling Amy to dress up, but you've tossed your bra away and you still haven't buttoned back up."

Susan pouted, "Do I have to? It's just that I'm feeling so cooped up. My boobs have been imprisoned for what seems like years!" She clutched her big breasts from the sides and smiled gleefully as she pushed them together and saw a deep line of cleavage appear.

Suzanne shot her an annoyed look. "Save it for when our son is here." Seeing that Amy was looking antsy, bouncing lightly on her toes, Suzanne turned and asked her, "Honey Pie, did you have something more to say?"

Once Amy had everyone's full attention, she stepped back and dramatically held her papers high in the air. "Check it out! This is the official agreement between Christine and me, making her our master's official Second Official Girlfriend!"

The others all "oooh"-ed in appreciation. Even Akami joined in, getting caught up in the group energy. She also chuckled at Amy using the word "official" twice.

Katherine asked, "You wrote it all down on paper, like a contract? Why'd you have to do that?"

Amy was all smiles. "I figured I needed to go for it while Christine was all hot and bothered, in order to get the best terms I could. She's so wowed by what she did with Alan today that she pretty much agreed to almost everything. I put it on paper because I know how she is. She's very honest and ethical. If it's written down and she signed it, then she's going to live up to her commitment."

Curious, Suzanne asked, "What did she agree to, exactly? You told us on the phone earlier about the basics of the 'second official girlfriend' plan. I think it's a brilliant move, by the way, but it doesn't sound that complicated. Yet you've got a bunch of papers in your hand, and I see lots of writing on them."

Amy waved the papers mysteriously and dramatically, causing her bare boobs to bounce and sway distractingly. "This isn't just the agreement I'm holding. There's more! But I got her to agree to all kinds of extra stuff, any kind of neato thing I could think of. Well... almost."

Katherine eagerly asked, "Such as?!"

Amy bounced on her bare feet, unable to contain herself. "For instance, Alan now has total say over what clothes she wears. At school, at home, anywhere, anytime. He could have her dress in a string bikini, or nothing at all! And I have that power over her too!"

Susan squealed happily, "Just like me! Tiger has total control over my clothes. Just like he has total control over my body!" She ran her hands over her still exposed tits, causing her face to contort with near orgasmic delight.

That was hardly news to anyone except Akami, but they smiled nonetheless because they understood how happy it made Susan just to mention such things.

Susan's busty display reminded an annoyed Suzanne that Susan had ignored her request to re-button her blouse.

But before Suzanne could say anything about it, Amy nodded in reply, "Yeah. Like that. I figured that can be used to put her in some sexy situations and help her get fully dedicated to serving his cock. However, the funny thing is, there's one major exception. The agreement specifically excludes the Wonder Woman outfit Sister gave her earlier today. She was REALLY firm about that in a very particular way. She's obviously very afraid of how she would behave while wearing that!"

Katherine raised an eyebrow and smiled wolfishly. "Hmmm. Curious. Very curious. Seems like that's her weakness."

Amy agreed. "I know! We'll totally have to get her to wear that!"

But Katherine wasn't sharing Amy's enthusiasm. "I'm still having a hard time believing she agreed to all the rest of that. That's not the Christine I know."

Amy shrugged. She was holding the papers behind her back again, obviously not wanting the others to get a close look at them just yet. "Keep in mind that getting her to wear a G-string or something like that is more theoretical than anything. It's that in theory he COULD, you know? He's not actually gonna have her walk the halls of school in a bikini or something crazy like that. If he tried to push her too far, she'd definitely put her foot down. And I'd have even less luck if I tried to push her like that. But if she gets pushed just far enough, that's what she wants."

"I don't get it." Katherine's face took on a disbelieving expression as she mentally added up what she knew about Christine. "She doesn't want that at all. She's fiercely independent. She wouldn't just put her foot down; she'd kick him in the balls!"


Amy tapped one of her temples. "It's all about what goes on in her mind. You gotta understand how she thinks."

"Oh and you do, Little Ms. Smartypants?" Katherine retorted. "I seem to remember a certain someone being really keen on 'checking for bumps' not too long ago."

Amy just smiled at her sister. To everyone's surprise, Katherine somehow seemed to deflate, losing heat and steam as the two of them stared at each other.

Finally, Katherine looked away. "You fight dirty," she muttered peevishly.

Amy, still all smiles, replied serenely, "No, I fight fair. I only think dirty. There's a difference."

"You could have fooled me," Katherine grumbled, not entirely mollified.

Speaking for Katherine's benefit, Amy said quietly, "Look, whether you like it or not, I've been watching and studying Christine for quite a while now, trying to get inside her head and figure out what makes her tick. I think that, deep down, she really wants to let go and enjoy sexual stuff, just like everybody else. But the problem is, she's really, really good at controlling herself, and at controlling her urges. Other people might slack off and watch TV or whatever, but not her. She's the sort who'll still be burning the midnight oil until all her work is done. Which is great in general, but when it comes to sex she has a really hard time letting herself go. You with me so far?"

"Sure," Katherine nodded.

"So that's why she wants someone like Alan to get her in a sexy mood and push her boundaries in a way that's kinda outta her hands. Another problem she has is that she over-thinks everything, fretting that she made a bad decision. This way, with this agreement, it's not her fault." She briefly took her papers from behind her back and shook them, reminding everyone of The Deal.

Amy continued, "That way she doesn't have to fret and judge herself every step of the way. Instead she can just let go and enjoy the ride!" She smiled widely. "Then, even though she'll bitch and moan forever about this clothing rule, deep down she really wants it because of the freedom and permission it gives her! She's trusting O.B. and me to use it but not abuse it, ya know? For instance, she might really want to wear a sexy top that shows off a lot of cleavage, but she'd never do that on her own. But with this" - she held up the papers and shook them again - "she's 'forced' to wear it and, 'Oh well, what can you do?' You know what I mean?"

Katherine nodded. "I do. That's pretty smart. Aims, remind me to never underestimate you."

"M'kay!" Amy winked. "I'll do that later." She giggled.

Amy's response was so playful and childlike that Katherine and the others tended to overlook the underlying clever thinking and action that were implied.

Katherine had to remind herself once again not to be fooled by Amy's smiling, innocent-looking face. She asked, "But do you think Brother will know how to use that clothing rule just enough and not too much, so that it doesn't backfire?"

"Sure! That's one reason why he's our master, 'cos he's got a natural talent for this kind of thing. And if he starts getting into hot water with her, I can kind of give him a subtle nudge to get things back on track. In fact, I'll probably have to do that a little anyway, 'cos he doesn't understand women's clothes like we women do."

The others (except Akami) all nodded knowingly. They knew that although Alan certainly appreciated it when his women dressed in devastating outfits, he had remarkably little understanding of the thought and effort involved.

Suzanne had been looking for an opening to remind Amy to put her bikini back on, and now she took advantage of a brief lull in the conversation. "Speaking of clothing rules, Amy, do I have to remind you again to put your bikini back on?"

Amy winked. "Yep, you do!"

"Aaaaamy..." Suzanne chided.

Rolling her eyes, Amy reluctantly picked up her bikini and put both parts of it back on (while still being curiously careful to keep her papers hidden from view as much as possible).

Suzanne turned to a still bare-chested Susan. "And you!"

"Oh, poo! Okay, fine." Rolling her eyes, Susan reluctantly re-buttoned her blouse.

As Amy finished putting her bikini back on, she continued, "The key thing is, if he's taking her out on a date to some fancy restaurant where nobody from school is gonna be, he can really push things and have her wear something that'll make everyone's jaw drop."

"Actually, she's already doing that on her own," Katherine confided, a touch unhappily. "You didn't see the dress she wore for their last so-called 'practice date'. She was just... stunning. I mean drivers-swerving-off-the-road-into-buildings kind of stunning."

Amy frowned at that, since it undercut the point she was trying to make. "Yeah, well, that just shows how much she's into our man. I'll bet you big time though that it was really painful for her to force herself to do that. This way, she doesn't have to suffer or take the blame. If it'll help for her to blame me for making her dress all sexy, I'm willing to be the scapegoat."

Katherine nodded reluctantly. "I can see the logic in that, I guess." Then she added hotly, "But I don't want her dressing super sexy at school all the time! It's tough enough for me to get Brother's attention as it is!" She couldn't help but glance at Susan and Suzanne and their exceptionally-endowed chests as she said that.

Amy smiled placidly. "No worries! At school she's gonna insist on keeping her dignity and her reputation intact, so he can only take baby steps there. Ya know? Besides, we don't want Heather to totally figure out what's going on for a good long while, although I'm sure she'll have major suspicions starting Monday. That's another really good reason not to shake things up at school any more than they already are, by changing what Christine wears. You with me so far?"

Katherine and the others nodded in understanding. Everyone could see that Amy had really thought this through.


Amy again brought out the papers that she'd been keeping behind her back and waved them around. "I got her to agree to all kinds of stuff! There's a whole big section about the duties and responsibilities of the second official girlfriend. It's kind of like The Pact in that it's got a bunch of stuff about the prime importance of keeping Alan's cock happy."

Akami shook her head in amazement. "This is just wild. How does one boy get so lucky? And from what I understand, Christine is totally gorgeous."

Amy beamed. "Yep! In fact, I can prove it! 'Cos here's the kicker: only two of these pages I'm holding are the agreement. The rest are PHOTOS!" That was the big reveal for Amy, so she held her arms out with dramatic flair.

However, the others didn't respond because they weren't sure what she meant.

Disappointed, Amy lowered her arms and explained patiently. "Before she left, I got Christine to agree to kind of a photo session. She took some pictures of me, I took some of her, and we took some together using the camera timer. Then, since it's a digital camera, I ran to the printer and printed 'em out!" She waved the photos in her hand. Each one had been rescaled during printing to fit the entire regular-sized sheet of paper.

Now that the others understood and were suitably impressed, several hands reached for the photos. Amy playfully held them out of reach. "Nope! Sorry. Can't show you. I promised her that they were private and I wouldn't share them with anyone except Alan."

"Awww," all the women groaned, even Akami. Akami especially wanted to see what Christine looked like, since she'd heard so much about her over the course of her visit.

"However," Amy added, "how could I not share these with my family? We're more than family; we're, like, super family! And Akami, you deserve at least a peek." She said with a cheeky, knowing smile, "So... what if I just put these on the counter and leave them there, while I go get a glass of water? Or, better yet, mango juice! If someone picks 'em up and looks at 'em, don't blame me!"

Suzanne was all smiles too as she said in a chiding tone, "Aaaaaaamy! You're so evil!" After a well-timed pause, she added with maternal pride, "I love it!"

A few moments later, while Amy was getting her drink, bedlam erupted as the others all scrambled to look at the photos. There were gasps as each woman picked up one or more of the photos and gave them a close look.


Akami was the first to state the obvious. "She's... naked! You are too! These are all NUDE photos! Well, most of them anyway. ... Oh my God, she IS incredibly gorgeous!" She looked up and gaped at the others. "Even... even compared to all of you!"

Akami thought, I expected that Christine would be beautiful, but I wasn't expecting anyone THAT beautiful! She immediately felt jealous, insecure, and just downright inadequate. As if I don't already have enough reasons to turn down their offer to join this harem, I certainly wouldn't want to have to compare myself to these women every day. In the outside world most people consider me quite attractive, but here I'd be the ugly duckling. Hell, I don't even understand why Alan bothers with me when he can be with the likes of this ridiculously beautiful girl!

Akami glanced at Katherine and saw that the young girl was looking sad and uncertain as she examined some of the photos. Akami thought, I really need to talk to her in private. She thinks SHE'S the ugly ducking! She couldn't be more wrong. I'm just as awed by her beauty as everyone else's here!

Oblivious to the way the photos were bothering Akami and Katherine, Amy said gleefully, "Yeah, we started with some sexy outfits but kinda lost 'em as we went along. Christine is just... she's like, still totally high after what happened earlier. High on lust. Even when she's not horny she's still horny, if you know what I mean, 'cos she has this kind of loving glow to her. So I figured I needed to strike while the iron was hot, and get it on paper! Just wait 'till you hear the stuff we talked about too. It was great!"

Suzanne asked skeptically, "Do you think you managed to open her to the idea of eventually joining the harem?"

"Well, not exactly," Amy admitted reluctantly. "But I made progress! I figure that she's gonna go home and slowly come down, and then she'll have some big regrets, at least for a while. But we've got an agreement, in writing, so I got a bunch of stuff locked in! I call it The Deal, with a capital D, kinda like our Pact."

Susan gushed as she stared at a particularly sexy pose of a very naked Christine, "Just look at her! She is soooo harem-worthy! Look at those TITS! Wow! To think that my son's cock was sliding in between those today... Wow!"

Akami commented, "Wow, indeed. This girl is ridiculously beautiful. Just like all of you." She looked right at Katherine as she said that, trying to emphasize that she was including Katherine in that assessment. "She'll fit in here like another pea in the pod. It makes me feel inadequate with my less-than-Amazonian measurements. Amy, how on Earth did you and Alan get her to agree to be his second official girlfriend? A girl who looks like that, she shouldn't be anybody's second anything."

Before Amy could answer, Akami pointed at one of the pictures she was holding, which happened to show a close-up of Christine's privates. "Wow, look at the size of her clit!"

That drew everyone's attention to the page Akami was holding, only to see Amy swat Akami's hand hard enough to make the surprised nurse drop the picture. Taking a deep breath, Amy patiently explained in a very stern tone of voice, "We aren't going to talk about that... at all... because she's VERY sensitive about it!"

Rubbing the sting from her hand where Amy had smacked it, Akami asked, "Sensitive? You mean-"

"Sensitive," Amy insisted with a touch of heat, "as in totally hung up about, ashamed of, embarrassed by and not at all comfortable with having it, at least right now."

Seeing that she'd overreacted a bit, Amy bent down, picked up the photo, and handed it back to Akami. "Sorry. Personally I think a clit like that is great. She'll get way more pleasure when Alan goes down on her or fucks her, what with all the extra surface area and nerves there. But she thinks it's weird and doesn't want anyone to know about it. I think that's part of the reason why she hasn't had any boyfriends before now."

Suzanne looked over Akami's shoulder at the photo that had been dropped, then said, "Honestly, it's not THAT big. I don't get why she's so bothered by it."

Akami looked carefully at the photo and said, "As a professional nurse, I can say there's absolutely nothing wrong with the size of her clitoris. I'm with you, Amy. A bigger clit doesn't actually mean more nerves there, but it does mean more surface area, which means more pleasure. She should consider herself lucky."

Amy said defensively, "Yeah, but that's how she is, m'kay? I told you that she worries too much and overthinks stuff. This is a good example of that. With this Deal that I have with her and all, I'm kinda feeling like I have a special bond with her now. I feel protective. So I don't want ANYONE to give her ANY trouble at all about her clit, ever. Is that clear?"

Everyone nodded at that like chastened children, even though they were aware that they were unlikely to be in a position to discuss Christine's clit in her presence, at least any time soon.

Trying to change the topic, Akami asked, "So not only is she THIS beautiful, but you say she's really smart as well?"

Amy replied proudly, "Yep." She pretended to frown. "That could cause a problem, actually. When my O.B. fucks her brains out, it's gonna take a reaaaally long time!"

Amy grinned widely while everyone else laughed heartily at her joke. She added, "And she's kick-ass at martial arts too. She's totally awesomeariffic; she's practically a real-life Wonder Woman! She's the one who saved Alan from those football players. She stopped them all, even though they were all great big bully jocks. They didn't find out until afterwards what they'd been up against; she's almost a black belt."

After boasting about Christine, Amy changed focus. "As for The Deal we made, it's a long story. It wasn't easy to get her to agree to everything. I'd love to tell you all about it, but first, what's going on with our master?"

Switching her thinking to something other than the erotic photos she'd been perusing, Susan suddenly remembered the special meal she was preparing. "Oh no! Dinner!" She dropped the photos on the counter and rushed back to the stove.

Suzanne, who was looking at her own batch of photos, just like everyone else, said without looking up, "Relax, Susan. It's only been a minute or two. It'll be fine, I'm sure." Suddenly, thinking about Susan, a thought occurred to her. "Hey! Why am I still wearing MY bra?!" She quickly pulled her bra out from under her blouse and tossed it behind the love seat where Susan had earlier tossed hers.

Both Katherine and Akami immediately followed suit.


Amy put her glass of water down and yelled, "Yeay! Nudity!" She started taking her bikini top off again.

But Suzanne noticed that, and spoke loudly, "Whoa! Hold on! Freeze there, my amazing nudist daughter. I guess I didn't fully explain earlier. Alan has given us strict orders. He wants us to stay clothed" - she glanced reproachfully at Amy - "and stay calm." She redirected her glance to Susan.

Amy reluctantly took her hands from the clasp. "But why?!"

Katherine took over explaining. "It sounds like he's got something big planned for tonight! Really big! A special event just for you, me, Mother, and Mom! It's definitely going to involve lots of serious fucking with all of us, so he wants us well rested and sexually hungry." She licked her lips eagerly.

Amy's face practically split in two, she was smiling so widely. "Ooooh... Cool!" She ostentatiously patted her bikini top back into place, as if to demonstrate to everyone present that she was going all out to behave herself. "I can totally get on board with that!"

Susan had double-checked that her cooking was under control. She was back at the counter, looking at more sexy pictures of Amy and Christine. "Hey, everybody, check this one out. Look at these two busty beauties, standing face to face and rubbing their big tits together!" She handed the photo to Akami, who was suitably impressed.

Susan asked, "I thought Christine was supposed to be kind of prudish and sexually reluctant. Amy, how did you get her to take a picture like that?"

Amy responded, "She is kinda prude-y, in general, and it takes a while to get her fires lit. But when she gets hot, she gets REALLY hot! Like, 'burn the house down' flames of super duper finger-scorching hotness! That's like how I got her to agree to the clothing rule and the other rules that are part of The Deal, 'cos I made sure she was all horny first. Basically, I'm giving her what she really wants, whether she knows it or not. It had to appeal to her on some level, or she would have put up a big stink. I was real careful watching her reaction and figuring out what to insist on and where to ease up on her."

Susan asked, "So, you're saying she wanted to take pictures like this?"

"Well, not exactly. I got her to take SOME photos, fully dressed in some of my sexy clothes. You can see those in the pile. But she was super horny already, and the posing made her even hornier, and then we got to kissing and fondling some more, and before you know it I kinda made sure one thing led to another. I figured this might be a once-in-a-lifetime chance. It's like, if you win a contest and get to put any stuff at all from a store into your shopping cart, you gotta fill the cart as full as you can. Right?"

Suzanne said, "Right. Good thinking. As long as you don't think you pushed her too far and she'll react badly afterward."

"Nah. Sure, once she kinda comes down, she'll complain and ask me to burn the photos and stuff, but it'll all work out. Heck, I gave her a bunch of the best photos to take home herself, and I'll bet you anything she doesn't destroy those! Besides, I told her that Alan would love pictures like this to keep her in mind when she's not around, and she really dug that. To top it off, I told her that I'm gonna take the best ones and make paintings out of them, to give to her, to him, and to me. And I will."

Christine and Amy, naked, posing for their camera in a shot intended for Alan

Katherine was checking out another picture, of Amy and Christine with their bodies suggestively positioned. "Oh boy, that sounds great. But what if one of these photos or one of your paintings-to-be gets out? Whoa! What if kids in school could see what I'm holding in my hand right now? There'd be a total riot, that the queen bee of the Goody-Goodies would ever do something like this! I can't believe she agreed to take these!"

Amy said, "Yeah, well, we'll have to put these in a super safe place, like maybe an actual safe. I don't want anything bad to happen to her, and I won't let that happen! I pointed out to her how excited Alan would get seeing some sexy pictures of her, how his big cock would get all thick and stiff and throbby, and I kind of went off like that until, well, you should have seen the way she was panting. It was inspirational!"

Katherine playfully punched Amy's shoulder. "You! You lucky slut! I'm sure that it was! Why is it that you get to do all the fun stuff with her, while I have to play the respectable, virginal sister? ARRGH!"

"Why do you say that?" Amy asked, a bit too sweetly for comfort. "Do you want to be Christine's fuck toy too? Or would you rather she be your fuck toy?"

That brought Katherine up short, mostly because she didn't have a ready answer. Both possibilities sounded like great fun.

"I'm sure Alan wouldn't mind letting you have your own girlfriend, if that's what you wanted."

Katherine's chest heaved and her eyes widened and dilated in obvious arousal.

Suzanne worriedly thought, Honey Pie, what are you doing, needling Katherine like that?

Katherine's eyes narrowed. "You fight dirty."

Amy merely grinned and said, "No, I fight fair. Like I said before, I-"

"Only think dirty," Katherine interrupted. "Yes, I remember. And yes, I would KILL to have sex with Christine. GRRR! Happy now?"

Amy giggled impishly. Quickly changing the subject, she asked, "Not to change the subject, but when is our master waking up? What's the plan? Akami, are you staying? And someone please tell me ALL the details about tonight's big event thingy!"

Katherine said, "I'll tell you, but only if you also tell us EVERYTHING that happened with Christine today. EVERYTHING! Down to every last lick and kiss and drop of sweat!"

Amy flashed her usual brilliant smile. "M'kay! My pleasure! It was a BLAST! And that's not even counting Alan's actual cum blast across both our faces and chests!"


Katherine raised both hands into fists and shook them in frustration. "ARRRRGH! Why do I have to miss out on all the fun?!"

Susan went back to preparing dinner while the others sat or stood around the counter, going through the photos as Amy described a "greatest hits" version of what she and Christine had done with Alan. Then the others did the same in reverse, detailing to Amy what had happened at home in the meantime. The "every last lick and kiss and drop of sweat" debriefing that Katherine wanted would have to wait until another day, when they had lots more time, because dinner was almost ready.

The challenge for them all was to talk about sexually exciting things without getting themselves too hot and bothered, because Alan had demanded that they stay clothed and calm. It wasn't easy, particularly given all the things Amy was relating about Christine's time with Alan. Even Akami got caught up in their excitement.

After a while, Katherine excused herself to go to the bathroom.

Akami followed her shortly thereafter, as if Katherine's departure had reminded her that she also needed to use the toilet. But, in fact, Akami was just looking for a chance to speak to her in private.

So, when Katherine exited the bathroom, Akami was there waiting. She put an arm around Katherine and spoke quietly. "Can I tell you something in confidence?"

"Sure. What's up?"

"I saw how you looked back there when everyone was going ga-ga over the photos of Christine and her great beauty. You feel daunted by her, don't you?"

Katherine's usual smile turned into a sad frown. "Yeah. It's frustrating. I'm feeling soooo conflicted. Like I was saying earlier, seeing her join the harem feels soooo right. I kinda can't wait, especially if she turns out to be even a little bit bi. But... she's just..."

Akami patted Katherine on the back. "I know, I know. It is scary - someone as impressive as she is in so many ways. But here's what you probably don't know: I see you the same way."

Katherine was taken aback. "What?! Me?! ME?! Little ol' me?!"

"Yes. Only you're not so little. You're all grown up, and big and tall! Katherine, you're one of THEM!"


"Yes, them!" Akami waved in the general direction of the dining room. "You, Amy, Susan, and Suzanne. All four of you are so beautiful and sexy and Amazonian that it's truly humbling to be a 'mere mortal' like me. I know their boobs are slightly larger than yours, but that's a relative thing. Look at me. Look at my bust, my figure. Think of things from MY point of view. I'm the one who feels inadequate, like she doesn't belong. Alan loves you and lusts after you, and not just because you're his sister. You're seriously hot! Don't you ever forget it!"

Katherine smiled from ear to ear and gave Akami a big hug. "Thanks! I needed to hear that. Being in a harem is tough! I know we're supposed to all just get along and serve our master selflessly, but sometimes I can't help but make comparisons. You understand why."

Akami patted her back. "I understand. And it feels odd for me to say this, but Alan is extremely lucky to have a sister like you for a sex slave. So don't worry about Christine. From a jealousy point of view, what's the worst-case scenario? She'll join the harem fully, and then you'll have to share him with one more girl. But I'm sure you'll benefit in lots of ways, especially because some of those photos of Amy and Christine looked like they were getting quite intimate with each other."

Katherine pulled back and beamed at Akami. "That's true. That sounds pretty sweet, actually. More and more, we're all about sharing our master's cock in mini-orgies, and sharing it with her would be divine!"

Suddenly, she remembered how Akami had mentioned her own feelings of inadequacy. "As for you, don't feel bad either! Sure, you're not as curvy, or tall, or busty, as some of us, but you're still really hot and sexy too! Look how much fun Alan has had fucking you. And you know about Glory?"

Akami replied, "I've heard her name, but I haven't met her. She's the teacher Alan's fucking, right?"

"Right. She's not super tall or curvy or busty either. But he totally loves her, and he's getting her to join the harem too, all the way. Sexy isn't something you can simply judge with a tape measure."

Akami pulled in for a closer hug. "Thanks. I know that's not entirely true - a woman's figure matters a great deal in this world, particularly to your boob-crazy brother. But I appreciate the sentiment. And I do feel better."

After a little more small talk, the two of them returned to the dining room. They both felt much better.

Katherine still wasn't entirely mollified. Being in a harem IS tough! I'm still not exactly psyched about Brother getting it on with Christine. I suppose it'll be all right in the end, though. Things here do tend to work out, after all. But why do lust and logic always seem to be so in conflict?


Alan woke up by himself. He was pleased his women had let him sleep for as long as his body demanded. He looked at his clock and noticed that it was a little after six-thirty. He went across the hall and took a much-needed shower.

He was somewhat surprised and disappointed that he made it through the shower without any of his sexy ladies joining him. However, he knew that he had to conserve his energy (and spunk) for the night ahead.

He put on a nice dress shirt, different than the one he'd worn earlier, and a pair of slacks, but no underwear. He even combed his notoriously unruly hair to look his best. Then he went downstairs to see what was going on.

Once again, he was both pleasantly surprised and disappointed to be given a rather modest reception. He was French kissed by each of the five women in turn, but the kisses were fairly brief and restrained, relative to recent practice in the house, and there were no attempts to grab at his crotch. It seemed that all the women were taking his instructions to stay calm seriously.

It was clear that Susan was going all out with the dinner preparations, with the help of the others. Even Akami had been corralled into helping around the kitchen. Susan figured that since they were having a special evening, it was only fitting to have a very special dinner first. She'd wound up making enough food for another big Thanksgiving feast.

Since Alan was already all dressed up, as the time drew closer for dinner to be put on the table, the others drifted off one by one to put on their best outfits too. Unfortunately for Akami, she had only brought the fairly ordinary clothes she'd arrived in. But since she was roughly the same height as Amy, she went with Amy to the Pestridge house and Amy let her wear some of her clothes. Although Akami was a bit shorter and thinner, she found a fancy outfit that fit.

Alan had some issues he wanted to discuss with Akami. He was especially keen on talking to her about his special plans for the evening, to get a female perspective and possibly change some of the details as a result. So, while most of the others were still dressing and preparing themselves, he took Akami up to the same sun deck where she and Suzanne had talked earlier.

When they came back downstairs about ten minutes later, they were stopped by a loud yell from Suzanne as they reached the foot of the stairs. Even though Alan had already seen what Akami and some of the others were wearing, Suzanne wanted to make a big production out of his seeing all five women side by side. So he was required to wait near the stairs while Akami joined the others in a line. Only then was he allowed to walk into the dining room.

Susan, Amy, Kat, Suzanne and Akami, all in a line, all gorgeously dressed in form-hugging gowns

"Ta-da!" the women all squealed with glee. They were dressed as if to go to a five-star restaurant. Of course they all looked sexy, and none of them wore bras or panties, but their outfits were ones that they could have worn in public (although in some cases, just barely).

Alan whistled with genuine appreciation. "Wow! You look GREAT! As a certain perpetually-horny and ever-so-busty mommy around here, who shall remain nameless, likes to say, you are all 'so hot!'"

Everyone giggled at that, with Susan giggling the loudest.

Once again, Akami was caught up in the spirit of the group. She was smiling from ear to ear, just like everyone else. Suzanne, who happened to be standing next to her, brushed a finger across her bare neck. She gave Akami a surprisingly hungry and sultry stare as she said, "The only thing that would make it 'so hotter' is if we had one more collar here." Although in reality she didn't want Akami to join the harem, in the thrill of the moment Akami's bare neck did seem out of place.

Akami teased, "Don't hold your breath." But even though she really didn't want to join the harem, she did feel left out without a collar, so she suggested to Alan, "Maybe you could have some kind of 'friends of the harem' collars of a different color."

The four other women all began speaking at once to express their hearty approval of that idea.

Alan just laughed. He was having a great time.

The others laughed too when he came closer to admire their outfits in a 'hands-on' manner. Mindful of his evening agenda, he didn't want to get too carried away, but he certainly enjoyed caressing their waists and pretending to weigh their tits through their clothes.

Amy kept on laughing and laughing as he fondled her. Confused, he asked, "What's so funny?"

She pointed to his crotch. "That, silly billy. Your thingy is totally stiff and poking out like it's trying to escape."

"What's so funny about that?"

She explained, "It's just that you're ALWAYS hard. Don't get upset. We love it! It's just that it's kinda cute how you're, like, Mr. Walking Boner."

When Alan came to Suzanne, he whistled in appreciation again while his hands went straight to her hefty breasts. "Phew! I love all the outfits, but this one has a special place in my heart."

That comment was no surprise, because Suzanne was wearing a shiny red outfit that (barely) supported her breasts from above instead of below. As a result, it actually made her huge melons even more bouncy than if she'd been topless.

Suzanne was all smiles as she asked, "Recognize it?"

"Are you kidding me? The memory of this is permanently seared into my brain. It was, what, early October? About one week before that unforgettable first Tuesday, when Mom wore this. I think of it as the 'cherry Jell-O outfit,' for obvious reasons." He let go of Suzanne's tits, and as he did so they started jiggling outrageously, just like shaken plates of Jell-O.

He laughed, and said, "I rest my case." He spoke loudly to Susan, since he thought she'd gone to check on the cooking in the kitchen. "Hey Mom, do you remember wearing this?"

However, she had already returned, so she startled him by speaking from directly behind his ear. "How could I forget?"

He looked around. "Whoa! There you are. Does seeing Suzanne wear this make you as horny as it does me?"

Susan closed in and wrapped her arms around him from behind. She rested her head on his shoulder and sighed happily. "Oh, so horny! I can still recall being terribly embarrassed by having to wear that. Just as if it happened yesterday. No, an hour ago! I felt more naked than naked. Little did I realize that it was just the beginning of my never-ending humiliation and submission. And the endless joy of serving my son!"

Alan was still facing Suzanne and fondling her boobs, even as he talked to Susan who was standing behind him. "Um, Mom, what are you doing?" He was referring to the way that her wraparound hug had quickly turned into a hand inside the front of his slacks, with her fingers sliding up and down his stiff boner.

She tried to sound innocent as she explained, "You asked if the outfit made me as horny as it made you. So of course I had to check out just how horny you were, didn't I?"

He had a good laugh at that. "You've got me there. But Mother, why are you wearing that outfit tonight? I thought it was Mom's."

Suzanne explained, "It's mine; I just loaned it to her back then. Did you really think that the prudish woman she was back then would have owned an outfit like that?"

"Oh. Right. Not likely."

Susan nibbled on Alan's earlobe while cooing into his ear with a sultry voice. "Son, Master, doesn't Mother look extra sexy wearing that? Don't just fondle her great big tits through the fabric; pull it off her tits! It'll come off easily, believe me." Although one of Susan's hands was busy pumping up and down his shaft, her other hand reached out to Suzanne's tits and quickly pushed the fabric to the side.

Alan fondling Suzanne's boobs while Susan's hand is in his shorts

Alan suddenly found his hands full of soft, squeezable tit-flesh. He couldn't help but playfully tweak Suzanne's nipples.

Then he had a sudden realization. "Hey! Wait a minute. You two are conspiring against me!" He pulled his hands from Suzanne's upper torso, but that didn't actually help much because he was trapped between the two Amazonian mothers, especially after Suzanne responded by stepping forward and pressing her pale orbs into his chest, creating a human sandwich with him as the meat in the middle.

He was determined to "save himself" for his planned post-dinner ceremony, so he adroitly squirmed aside, out of the reach of both women.

Smirking with delight, Suzanne quipped, "'Conspiring' is such an ugly word. I prefer 'scheming.'"

"Oh, drat," Susan griped. She was especially bummed because she'd just managed to coax some pre-cum from his dick, providing lubrication to help her finger slip and slide over his pole with greater ease. She loved that.

He took a few steps further away from them, just to be on the safe side, then tried to recompose himself. "Phew! Tricky. Mother, your choice of the red Jell-O outfit was part of your fiendish plot all along, wasn't it?"

Seeing that she'd been caught, she chuckled and admitted, "Guilty as charged. But what's the big deal? We can have some fun now and lots more fun later."

He looked around, as if searching for a safe haven. "That's easy for you to say. You don't know how tempted I am by your slippery slopes. One moment I'll just be 'admiring' that sexy outfit, then the next I'm liable to be balls-deep in a hot, tight cunt! There's nothing stopping me, except me."

She shot him a devastating come-hither look and spoke with an extra sexy raspy purr. "That's true. There's NOTHING stopping you..." As if that wasn't titillating enough, she pulled the skin-tight lower half of her outfit down enough to expose most of her dark brown bush.

Alan threw up his hands in frustration and stomped away. "Argh! Nobody takes me seriously. I'm going to the other room for a minute just to cool down." As he left the room, he turned back and griped, "And when I get back, I want everyone to behave. For real this time!"


He came back a minute later, but the bulge in his slacks made it immediately obvious to all the women that his dick was just as engorged as it had been when he'd left.

Amy, sitting on the love seat with Katherine, giggled and pointed at his crotch. "Check it out! His thingy is still totally stiff!"

Alan grumbled while walking across the room to the love seat, "I blame it on the Jell-O outfit. That thing is, like... evil!"

A gleeful Katherine raised her hand. "Mom? I mean Mother? Can I borrow your outfit sometime soon? Pretty please?!" (Like Alan, she also thought of the outfit as Susan's, since she also had vivid memories of Susan wearing it.)

Since the food was all ready and she no longer needed to work in the kitchen, Susan was lounging on one of the kitchen counter stools in a long, dark red gown. As she sipped a glass of red wine, she replied with a smile, "Of course, my darling Angel. Anytime. It should fit you fine. Just so long as you're ready to be drilled in any and every hole, like a good fuck toy should."


Amy kept on giggling while staring at the lewd tenting in Alan's slacks.

Fearing that he was the butt of an unknown joke, Alan tersely asked her, "What?"

"It's just that your thingy is so adorably stiff and pointy. It entered the room, like, a full minute before the rest of you! Kind of like the way that Brenda does." She giggled a lot more, and Katherine joined in.

An amused Susan said to Amy, "It is pointy. I love the way his cock pokes up and out, just like a flagpole. It's pretty funny."

Alan looked down and quietly muttered to himself, "I should'a wore underwear for once." He stuck a hand in a pocket and tried to pin his erection against his body so it wouldn't stick out so obviously. But he realized that was a temporary measure at best, since it turned out his slacks were a bit on the loose side. Besides, he found that he was still so aroused that it was tough to hold his boner through his pocket without stroking it a little.

Susan added, "Son, your member needs a serious, thorough, and very prolonged cocksucking! I think one of us should volunteer to strip down to just her high heels, crawl under the table, and add joy to our master's meal by keeping his cock entertained with a busy pair of lips and an even busier tongue!"

Suzanne, who had moved to a seat at the counter between the other two adult women, said with a tad of sarcasm, "And let me guess: you're willing to volunteer for that duty."

Susan replied a bit defensively, "I did work harder than anybody else on tonight's dinner. Couldn't that be my special reward?" She licked her lips hungrily.

Alan let go of his throbbing pole and put his hands at his sides. He wanted to sit down and relax, and he also figured that sitting would help hide his bulge. He looked at the love seat where Katherine and Amy were sitting and asked, "Can I sit between you two without being molested?"

They replied in a dead heat, "Certainly!", then both moved aside to make room for him in the middle.

He squeezed in between them. It was a tight fit, since love seats are designed for just two people, but the girls were slim enough that there was just enough room for the three of them. He sighed happily as he settled into the seat and put his arms around his two sisters.

Then he returned to the topic at hand, which was Susan's cocksucking request. "Mom, I really appreciate all your hard work, but this dinner is as much for you as it is for me or anyone else. I want you to sit at the table in your wonderfully sexy gown and enjoy it like the rest of us."

Susan responded, "I appreciate that, but if you want me to really enjoy myself, that would be UNDER the table, with my mouth crammed full of fat son-cock for the entire dinner! I promise you I'll make it worth your while. You know how I was able to briefly deep throat you earlier today? Well, I was practicing that some more while Amy was helping you teach Christine how to worship your cock, and I-"

He interrupted, "Mom! Please! You're not listening. I know you'd be awesome, but remember what I said earlier about needing to stay fully dressed and fully calm until the after-dinner activities can begin?"

Susan pointed out, with a twinkle in her eye, "Yeah, but I keep forgetting for some reason. Maybe I'd remember better if you could give me a hint about what those activities are?"

"Sorry. I'm not falling for that one."

Undaunted, she added, "Besides, I figured we were relaxing that rule. After all, look what you're doing to Amy and Angel."

Katherine and Amy

Alan looked around to see what she was talking about. His sisters were behaving themselves, relatively speaking. But without thinking he'd somehow let the hand that he had around Amy play with her farther tit, over her dress, while his other hand was fingering Katherine's pussy through her dress.

Embarrassed, he quickly withdrew his hands. "Oops! Thanks for pointing that out. I don't know how that happened, but I'm not supposed to be doing that either."

Katherine had been running a hand over his muscular chest, but she pulled back and complained, "Thanks a lot, Mom. Sheesh! Amy and I were getting him warmed up. In a couple of minutes we would have been ready to reach for his crotch and give his cock a good sisterly double-pumping."

Susan replied apologetically. "I'm truly sorry. You two had a good plan and I ruined it. But it's probably a moot point anyway, because dinner is all ready to go. Let's get it while it's hot!"

Alan was puzzled when all the women groaned with aggravation at that comment, including Akami. Then he realized they were thinking about his dick instead of the food. Dang it! Everyone is just too horny. Thank God I'm saved by the bell, so to speak. Dinner has arrived just in time. I need to use that to get everyone to refocus and just eat and take it easy. Sheesh.

He wound up sitting at the head of the table, with Suzanne on one side of him and Akami on the other.

Suzanne said, "Now, I know we have to start with a prayer." She looked back and forth between Alan and Akami. "But before we do, I'm DYING to find out: what were you two talking about upstairs?!"

"Yeah!" Amy, Susan, and Katherine all seconded the question virtually simultaneously.

Since neither Alan nor Akami answered immediately, Katherine pounced, "What WAS that about?! While we were waiting for you to come back down, the speculation was running rampant down here. Master, does it have something to do with your special plans for tonight?"

Alan smiled enigmatically. "Perhaps."

All the women except Akami groaned loudly with frustration.

Susan happened to be sitting next to Akami. She took her hand and smiled sweetly. "Akami, you know how much we appreciate-"

But before she could say more, Alan said, "Stop that, Mom. Don't put any pressure on our guest to spill the beans. What she and I discussed is private. You're the one here who's probably keenest on calling me 'Master.' If you respect that, and respect me, you'll let her be."

Susan let go of Akami's hand and grimaced. "Oh, poo!" She realized that her effort to charm some information out of Akami had ended before it could really begin.

He looked around the table and said, "That goes for everyone else." More faces scrunched up in frustration. "Besides, the food is getting cold, so let's get on with it. Mom?"

Susan, head bowed to lead a prayer before dinner

They all held hands and bowed heads while Susan said a prayer. "Dear Lord, thank You for this bounty of food that You have blessed us with. And thank You for our family and friends, such as our good friend Akami here. Please bless us and guide us. Especially bless and guide Alan, our master. Give him the strength and wisdom to rule his harem with a firm yet loving hand. Give his massive sex organ the strength and stamina to endure endless hours of cocksucking, titfucking, and just plain fucking, including hopefully lots of deep, hard-core mommy-fucking!"

She briefly opened her eyes, made eye contact with Alan (who had also just opened his eyes upon hearing that), and winked at him. She noticed that the others were all glaring at her.

Closing her eyes again, she resumed her prayer. "And sister-fucking too, not to mention lots of good, general, all-around fucking. Thank You also for our busty, sexy bodies to better serve our master and his ever-needy organ, and in so doing, serve the mysterious ways of the Lord. In conclusion, thank You for our good health and for the freedom to enjoy it. Or in most cases here, the willing sexual slavery to fully enjoy using our healthy bodies to serve our master. Help us to remember the weak, the poor, the unloved, and others who are in need tonight, and stir our compassion and generosity. In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost. Amen."

"Amen," everyone in the group said in unison.

Akami had a hard time not giggling during the prayer. She was especially amused at how Susan had said "organ" instead of "penis" or "cock" or the like in order to be extra respectful and dignified during prayer. It showed that she was taking it very seriously.

As they passed the plates around and began eating, Akami said, "That, certainly, is one of the most... interesting graces I've ever heard. Is it like that every night?"

Katherine shrugged. "Yeah. Pretty much. Mom's the most religious of us all, and Brother, I mean Master, isn't really religious at all, so Mom leads all the prayers." She smirked as she added, "You can well imagine what her priorities are. Let's just say that she usually prays for copious, spermy loads to land on her face."

Amy joked, "Hey, I just realized. Maybe that's why O.B.'s cock is so stiff all the time. 'Cos it's so blessed!"

Suzanne said to Akami with some embarrassment, "I feel the need to apologize. You must be more than a little weirded out. Our ways must seem very strange to someone on the outside like you."

Akami shrugged that off. "Yeah, but so what?"

Before Akami could say more, Suzanne said, "It's funny, because it's gotten to the point that when I hear something like Susan's prayer, it doesn't even seem odd to me. But with you here, I hear it from an outsider's perspective, and I feel, well, kind of like a freak." She grimaced with doubt. "Maybe we go too far?"

Akami said, "Hold on. Before you throw everyone in an uproar with that comment, let me tell you how I see you all. Imagine you come across a group of really talented musicians. You listen to them play together, and it sounds incredible. You can't help but feel a tinge of envy, wishing that you had the talent to be in their band. But you've made other choices, you have other priorities, and you haven't spent the ten years or whatever it took to learn to play like that. So all you can do is tip your hat to them for the special thing they have going on, and sit back and enjoy listening to the beautiful music they make together."

That caught Suzanne by surprise. After a long pause to digest it, she said, "Wow. Thanks! I feel much better after hearing you say that."


However, Suzanne's concerns weren't completely eased. She asked, "So, you really don't think we've gone too far out of the mainstream?"

Akami replied, "Oh, you've gone pretty damn far, make no mistake about that. But not TOO far, if you know what I mean. I'll admit that I have some issues, 'cos this isn't the life for me. But if it works for you and floats your boat, that's what matters. It blows my mind when I think back to how this all started, back to the day I first saw Alan and Susan come in for an appointment. Susan, do you remember what you felt like back then?"

Susan said with emotion, "Oh, I was horrified! Terrorized and traumatized! Completely scandalized. But at the same time, it was love at first sight." She beamed pure joy as she stared lovingly at Alan's crotch, as if she could see it through the table. "I fell in love with my son's cock the moment I set my eyes on it!"

Katherine scoffed, "No way! I call foul. Historical revisionism at work!"

Susan couldn't stop smiling, but she said, "Okay, maybe I exaggerate a little. But let's just say I was transfixed. And intrigued. And I felt this longing, this strange longing, unlike anything I'd ever felt before. Certainly not like anything I'd ever felt with my own husband!"

She suddenly stopped herself. "Wait. I've never really told this story to any of you before, have I? Not with the benefit of hindsight, at least, now that I'm sexually liberated."

Suzanne was secretly appalled. She was very upset with Akami for bringing up a topic that could potentially revive not only memories, but also doubts about the legitimacy of those appointments. She hastily said, "No, you didn't. But you don't want to dredge up all that ancient history, do you?"

Susan replied forcefully, "Oh, but I do! Thank you for reminding me about those times, Akami. It's like savoring a fine wine, recalling my first humiliation thanks to my master's cock. Aaaah! Good times! The first of so many beautiful humiliations!" She stared off into space wistfully, as if fondly recalling a magical honeymoon. She muttered longingly with a happy sigh, "Always forced to suck and serve. Aaaah..."

Akami glanced at Suzanne's concerned face and belatedly realized her faux pas. She made an apologetic face in return that only Suzanne could see (since everyone else was looking at Susan). Then she said, "Suzanne's right. We don't want to dredge all that up. I mean, all of you have come such a long way since then. It seems silly now, thinking how things were back then."

However, Alan said, "I beg to differ. I'm also finding it pretty fun to remember those early days. Geez, I haven't thought about that in what seems like years. It sure brings back memories."

"That's right!" Susan agreed emphatically. "Oh boy! Akami, if it's all right with you, I'd like to recall not just that first meeting, but the first few. In the first one, I never got the chance to actually touch Tiger's cock. But I saw you jack him off, and that did something to me. Something profound, shattering me deep inside! It's not revisionist history to say I wanted it. I wanted it BAD! I'd never wanted anything so much in my life! I wanted to touch it, hold it... even stroke it! And knowing it was my son's cock made it forbidden, and wrong, and a sin, or so I thought at the time. But that just made it even HOTTER somehow!"

And Susan was off and running with her story. Once she got excited like this, it was next to impossible to get her to stop.

Akami surreptitiously gave Suzanne another apologetic look.

Suzanne replied with a look that essentially said, "Oh well, what can you do?" She felt stuck, because if she pushed hard to change the topic, that in and of itself might seem very suspicious.

As was typical, Susan's sexual enthusiasm was contagious. Before long, everyone had stopped eating, because listening to Susan's story had gotten them all about as horny as she was.

Suzanne was glad that they had all become so consumed with lust, because that meant they wouldn't be thinking clearly about those first appointments. Even she got swept up in the erotic mood, eventually putting aside her worry that her great secret might be exposed. That let her just enjoy the erotic tales with the rest of them.

Susan's stories were not only arousing, they were also illuminating, because most of the people at the table knew very little about what had happened at those early medical appointments.

For instance, after a while, Susan was describing Alan's second appointment from her point of view. She turned to Alan and said, "Son, you have no idea how aroused I was. No idea! I was so horny, and yet still so innocent, that I didn't even realize a person could get that horny! Getting to see your long, thick, throbbing cock, and Akami's petite hands sliding up and down along it, and having to watch the whole thing topless... Oh God!" Her voice was growing husky and ragged. "And then... and then... seeing you cum, all that precious sperm shooting everywhere... and then... then... Oh sweet Jesus! And then... Akami telling me that I should take care of it at home with my hands... or... or... oh God! Or even with my, my mouth! So hot!"

She continued, with her chest heaving wildly, "Then Akami asked me to bring her a clean uniform from down the hall. That was my chance, and I seized it! As fast as I could, I rushed down the hall to the bathroom, flew into the toilet stall, practically ripped my clothes off, and frigged myself to glorious oblivion! MMMM! YES! SO HOT! So very, very, scorching HOT!"


She stared off into space dreamily, obviously lost in her vivid recall of the incident. That pause calmed her slightly, enabling her to continue. "Back then, I was so sexually innocent that I'd never really masturbated. I'd never had a really major orgasm in my entire life, up until that moment! Little did I know that moments of simply unbelievably intense arousal like that would become a daily occurence for me, and that I would soon see that serving and pleasuring my son's magnificent cock was my true calling."

She suddenly turned to Akami and smiled as she took her hand. "So much of the credit goes to you, Akami. Thank you!"

"Um, you're welcome." Akami was slightly abashed. "So you really masturbated in the bathroom that day? Wow. I didn't realize. Did you know that, Alan?"

All eyes turned to Alan. He was caught with a "deer in the headlights" look, because he was so stunned and aroused by Susan's masturbation confession. Somehow, he managed to stammer, "Um... no."

He was very relieved when Susan took the focus off him by describing her masturbatory orgasm in more detail. But that didn't help him calm down at all. In fact, he started to wonder if he might cum in his slacks simply from listening to Susan's enthusiastic stories of those pivotal, early adventures.

Everyone was getting so horny that it seemed a full-on orgy could break out at any moment.

At one point, Suzanne even interrupted Susan's narrative to mutter to Alan, "Sweetie, I know you have this stance against being stimulated during dinner, so you can save yourself for later tonight. And having Susan suck you under the table is a little bit much, I'll agree. But what if you just unzip your fly, whip out our good pal Alan Junior, and let me rub and comfort him a little? Think how much more you'll enjoy Susan's storytelling."

Alan was tempted, very sorely tempted. And that was doubly so when Suzanne reached over and started fondling his tenting bulge through his slacks. But he still didn't say anything.

Sensing his indecision, Suzanne added, "And Akami can help out. Can't you, Akami? You can help with one hand, and I can help with another."

That sounded very appealing to Akami, since Susan had her worked up to a fever pitch. So she said, "Sure! And Alan, what better way to remember your cute nurse jacking you off back then than having your cute nurse jack you off right now? What do you say?"

But Suzanne's effort to up the ante actually backfired, because he said, "Thanks, but no thanks. I can see how the slippery slope will go. We'll do that, and it'll be great, and then next thing you know one or both of you will be bent over with your face in my lap sucking me off, and it'll keep escalating from there. Before you know it, I'll have blown my load. Well, I'm not going to blow it this time, so to speak. Mother, please remove your hand, and Mom, please continue what you were saying."

Rather than resume her story, Susan gave Alan her best puppy-dog look. "Tiger, please. Be reasonable. I know you have an raging boner that's untended, and that's just not right! It hurts me to think of you having painful blue balls. Please let Suzanne or Akami help, or, better yet, both at once! How is that going to drain you of energy if you just sit there and enjoy a little gentle tactile stimulation? And they'll be extra careful not to let you cum."

He was again sorely tempted, especially since Suzanne was still stroking his boner through his slacks. But he said, "No. Good God, that sounds attractive, but no. Tonight is really, really important to me, and I believe it will be to you too. Trust me when I say I'm going to need ALL of my energy. Every last little bit. I told you I've got a new attitude these days." He spoke with extra force and determination. "I'm the master, and what the master says goes. Now, Mom, you were saying?"

He stared at Suzanne's hand until she finally stopped stroking him and removed it. But far from being chastened, she playfully stuck her tongue out at him. Then she raised her 38Gs and let them fall. Thanks to her "cherry Jell-O" outfit, the bouncing that resulted seemed to last forever.

Alan responded to that by saying, "Okay, you. You're changing seats, right now. I can't handle having you and your jiggly red outfit right next to me."

Suzanne changed seats without much complaint. She considered it a triumph of sorts that he couldn't handle being that close to her.

Katherine was very pleased to take Suzanne's place next to Alan.

Susan reluctantly continued her story. Before long, she was back at it with her usual gusto. She was very disappointed that her son wasn't getting jacked off while she talked. But it helped considerably that the tablecloth covered his groin, so she could easily imagine that he was getting a furtive helping hand, since that was what usually happened.

All the women were surprised that Alan was being so adamant about not enjoying his usual "penis tending." It greatly increased their already powerful curiosity as to what he had planned for later. However, at the start of dinner he had made clear that they were not allowed to ask him any questions about his plans, so all they could do was stew in frustration while Susan's stories got them more and more (and then even more) aroused.

Things finally reached a point where Alan knew that if Susan didn't stop talking, he wouldn't be able to resist getting some "penis tending" assistance. Susan quickly finished describing her second appointment - the time when Alan had shot his load all over Akami's face and Susan had covertly tasted his cum for the first time - because she was eager to get to their even-more-arousing-and-memorable third appointment.

But just before she could start doing that, Alan practically shouted, "Enough!"

That startled everyone.

He continued more calmly, "Look at us! We're too worked up. If none of you are masturbating right now, I'd be surprised. Sis?" He looked right at Katherine.

Katherine wasn't able to look him in the eye, which exposed her guilt.

Susan, Suzanne and Amy, all in a row sitting at a table in front of full dinner plates, all gorgeously dressed in form-hugging gowns

"A-ha! See? And I'll bet that goes true for most of the rest of you." He made eye contact with them, one by one, and found to his amusement that none of them could meet his gaze. He wasn't that surprised, given the way their bountiful chests were all heaving and their cheeks were flushed. The amount of lightly bouncing cleavage on display was awe-inspiring (and that was particularly true for Suzanne and her "cherry Jell-O" top.).

He laughed, loudly. "Or... as it so happens, all of you!"

Everyone chuckled nervously.

He took some deep breaths, because even he was having a hard time controlling his lusty urges. Then he said, "Okay. I see we still have a lot of full plates on the table. Why don't we have more eating and less talking? And less masturbating! The sooner we all finish, the sooner we can get to the post-dinner activities."

With that, everyone started eating at a greatly increased speed, including him. In fact, even Akami ate much faster, although she knew she had to leave before whatever it was Alan was planning got started. It was almost as if she'd forgotten that she wasn't wearing a collar like the rest of them.

The eating of food went well for a minute or two, and passions seemed to be cooling.

Suzanne and Akami were secretly relieved that the early appointments were no longer being discussed. They both thought they'd dodged a bullet, because no probing questions about the nature of those appointments had been asked by anyone.

But then Susan stopped her rapid eating to comment, "I must say, Son, you're really acting differently today. You were wonderfully manly already, but now you're even MORE authoritative, MORE decisive, and more studly in general. I love it!"

Katherine agreed, "Yeah! It's great! You're acting more, just... all-around... powerful! You have this power in your voice, making quick decisions and ordering us around - bam, bam, bam! It's so intoxicating and demanding, just like your powerful cock! Hearing you talk like that makes me want to drop to my knees-"

Susan was so inspired and aroused that she couldn't help but interrupt. "And rip my clothes off! All of them! And then unzip your fly, open my mouth really wide, and-"

Alan put his hands over his ears. "Aaaah! Stop! Really, stop!" He sighed and took several heavy breaths. "Okay, if that's how it's going to be, no talking until we finish dinner. And that's an order!"

Suzanne said to him confidentially, "Good for you. You're really showing them. I like how you just say 'that's an order.' Frankly, it gets me pretty aroused too. That kind of surprises me, but I can't deny it. When I hear you talk like that, I can't help but want to reach out-"

"Gah!" He could see that Suzanne's eyes had started to glaze over with lust, and that her hands were reaching across the table towards him, so he had to interrupt her too. "Okay, listen up. Nobody is allowed to get aroused at anything! Not yet. We're just going to eat in silence. Understood? If you agree, nod."

All the women nodded.

Rolling his eyes and grumbling with exasperation, he picked up his fork and resumed eating.

After a minute or so of silence passed, when all the others had resumed eating, he thought, Finally. Sheesh! This is the downside of having such eager sexual partners. I love how horny they get, but come on! People need to eat too. Although I must admit it was probably my fault for letting Mom talk about such a highly arousing subject. What did I think that was going to lead to? Duh!

But they're right: I AM putting my foot down, for once. If there's going to be harmony and order in this house, that's how it has to be. Someone needs to be tough. If not me, then who? At times like this, Mother can get almost as cock-crazy as Mom. I'm the only one who really knows and understands my physical limits, so it's got to be me.

Dinner continued without incident, with a great deal of food getting consumed at a very rapid pace. But although arousal levels went down, they didn't go down by much. True, the lusty effect of Susan's erotic recollections was fading, but the desire and anticipation about what Alan had planned for after dinner was growing. All the women had to constantly struggle just to keep eating without masturbating some more.


The eating slowed down after a while, and even the lusty mood lessened. So Alan said, "Okay, I'd like us to try again to have a regular dinner conversation, just like normal people. Can we do that?"

The women all nodded.

"Good. Akami, I made a mental note to find out what you've been up to lately. I've been thinking about you from time to time. I hope things have been going well? What's happened in the wake of the Dr. Fredrickson fiasco? Nobody's really kept me up to date."

Akami in a black dress

Akami responded, "I've been in contact with Susan, and I spoke to Suzanne about this earlier, but I'll be happy to give you and everyone else an update. There's been a lot of change! In fact, what happened with Dr. Fredrickson made me seriously rethink my life and make new plans. For starters, I broke up with him."

"Good!" Alan said. "He's a creep."

"Yeah," Akami agreed, "but as my boss he was a creep with a lot of power over me. No more! I've made a sort of 'divorce' deal with him. You see, I spent several years in medical school and came very, very close to being a doctor myself. So having to settle for being a nurse has really rankled me. The problem was that my student loans grew and grew, and I had other financial obligations that crushed me. I had to drop out close to the finish line. But now, Dr. Fredrickson has agreed to pay for the rest of my schooling. You might call it hush money so he doesn't get in trouble for what he did, but I don't care."

Katherine said, "Hey, you deserve it. As far as I'm concerned, I think he's getting off easy."

Akami nodded. "Yeah, well, that, plus I'm going to basically operate a clinic within a clinic. I still need his title and such, but I'll be developing my own stable of patients who pretty much look just to me for most everything. The truth is, I know just as much as he does, and I'm just as smart as he is. It's just that I don't have the magic letters 'M.D.' after my name. But in another year or two I will, and then I'll use him for my residency. After that I'll be able to start my own office with the patients I already have and be completely free of him."

Alan said, "That sounds excellent. Good for you!"

"Thanks. The one downside is that I'm going to be super busy. Starting in January, I'll have close to a full time job AND I'll be finishing medical school nearby. I've been getting busy already, because I have to refresh my memory on the last classes I took so I can hit the ground running with all the other students when the next semester starts. As a result, unfortunately, I don't think I'll be able to visit here that often."

Suzanne asked, "But you'll be able to stop by as an occasional 'special guest', won't you?" She grinned wolfishly. "I hear that when you're really stressed out from too much work and studying, an all-night sex party can really help you take a load off your mind." She winked playfully at Alan as she added, "We're really good around here when it comes to taking loads."

As if her meaning wasn't obvious enough, she ostentatiously licked her long tongue all the way around her lips, just like she was licking her face clean of his cum.

Akami smiled widely. "That sounds really great. I'd love to do that from time to time, especially on weekends. Just tell me when and where, and I'll be there."

Susan said, "We'd love to have you. I'm a big believer in tradition, and we've been starting two fun traditions. One is a 'poke-her' party on Wednesday nights, where technically we play poker, but you know that because you attended one of those, right?"

Akami nodded.

Susan continued, "And another fun tradition is a fashion show on Sunday nights. Those might be hard for you to attend, but you could always leave early. Plus, I'm sure we'll be having other parties on Fridays and Saturdays too."

Katherine chimed in, "Naturally, those gatherings are all about servicing Alan's cock in lots of different ways. And a lot of lesbian loving is likely to go on too. Do you think you'd be down with that?"

Akami said, "To be honest, I'm not that turned on by women. But I'm willing to try anything once. Or even a few times." She smiled knowingly at Katherine.

Then she smiled at Alan as she said, "And I'm definitely down with having fun with Alan's cock! I think I showed today that I'm game for whatever happens. If a typical party is like what we were doing earlier, only for hours on end, I can't even imagine how much fun that'd be!"

Amy said proudly, "Eat your Wheaties and save your strength, 'cos that's exactly what it's like! It's super duper, way double duper ultrafuntastic!"

Alan asked, "By the way, how is Dr. Fredrickson handling things these days?"

"He's definitely chastened. He kind of 'got religion' after that close call, if you know what I mean. I don't know how long it'll last, since doctors are often an arrogant bunch, especially male ones, to be honest. But, for now, he's basically letting me have the run of the place while he licks his wounds."

The conversation continued while everyone finished their meals. But an undeniable sexual tension lingered in the air. And possibly even more than that, there was a growing anticipation about Alan's "after dinner activities" that was making everyone fidgety.

With dinner over, Alan said of the feast, "Oh, wow. That was great, Mom. Thank you so much. You really outdid yourself. What's for dessert?'

Susan smiled as she replied, "Let's see. Fresh dark chocolate brownies, raspberry sorbet, dark chocolate gelato, pumpkin pie, some pastries from the local French pastry shop, and coconut macaroons I dipped in dark chocolate myself." She didn't mention it explicitly, but most of the desserts had dark chocolate in them. She'd been serving dark chocolate for desserts whenever possible for a long time now, since she'd heard it was healthier when compared to milk chocolate. But since she'd found it on a list of foods that boost sperm count and another list of foods that increase the libido in general, she was emphasizing it even more.

In fact, Susan was becoming increasingly scientific in choosing which foods to make on a daily basis. For instance, she was aware of studies that showed the mere smell of pumpkin pie increased blood flow to the penis by forty percent, more than any other food.

Alan patted his stomach as he slumped and relaxed in his chair. "Wow! That sounds great, Mom! You really, REALLY outdid yourself!"

But Amy raised her hand shyly. "Master?"

He was going to object to being called "Master," but then remembered his resolve to embrace that title without shame. "Yes, Aims?"

"I think that, as yummy as dessert sounds, we should skip dessert and go straight to the after-dessert, whatever it is!"

Katherine immediately raised her hand too. "I second that motion!"

Suzanne cried out, "I third it!"

Susan yelled, "Fourth!"

Akami knew she wasn't really a part of this, but she couldn't help herself, "Fifth!"

Alan laughed, especially at Akami's cheeky participation.

Katherine added, "If I don't find out what you've planned for us already, or have you start doing it to us, like, RIGHT NOW, I think I'm going to BURST!"

Amy said, "Me too!'

Katherine added with dramatic flair, "Do you want to have a dead sister on your hands?"

Amy chimed in, "Two dead sisters!"

All the others immediately added similar comments indicating the anticipation of the unknown was absolutely driving them crazy. Even Suzanne, who secretly thought she really knew was going to happen, couldn't wait for it to actually start happening already.

Alan chuckled some more at that. "Okay, fine. Sounds like I'm outvoted. And I don't want dead sisters!" He laughed. "Besides, I kind of feel the same way. We can enjoy some of the excellent dessert later. Why don't we bid Akami goodbye, go upstairs and freshen up, and then meet back in the living room in, say, fifteen minutes?"

There was a collective groan of disappointment. Amy voiced it. "Awww. Fifteen whole long endless minutes?"

Suzanne griped, just like a little kid being told to sit in the corner. "That's practically forever!"

He rolled his eyes with amusement. "Yeah, I know. Sorry, but I've gotta get some things ready and also digest some of this big meal. Okay? Besides, I'm not asking for your permission; I'm telling you, as your master. You wanted a master, for real, and now you've got one. Ten minutes it is." He winked.

The others roared "Yeay!" since they all noticed he'd reduced the time by five minutes.

Susan slapped Akami's shoulder. "You see? You see what a great master we have?! He's the BEST! Darn it, it just makes me want to go crazy all over his cock!"

Akami surprised herself by deadpanning back to Susan, "As opposed to how you were feeling a minute ago."

"Hmmm. Good point." Susan had a hearty laugh after saying that, and the others all joined in.


Alan got up and said, "Okay, I've gotta go to the bathroom. The ten minutes will start when I get back."

That led to more groans from all of the increasingly impatient ladies.

When Alan was done, he met Akami near the kitchen counter and started walking her through the dining room and living room to the front door.

But before they could even leave the dining room area, Amy suddenly stood and ran through the kitchen, shouting, "Hold on! Just a second!"

So Alan and Akami waited. Then only a few seconds later, Amy came running back, clutching a handful of large photos in her hand. "Hey! O.B.! Check this out!" She stopped right in front of him, breathing hard. "You need some inspiration to get you all stiff and horny for tonight's big event, right?"

"No, actually." Smirking, he pointed to the way his slacks were tenting in front of his crotch, in the exact same way it had when they had been teasing him about it earlier. "You lot pretty much took care of that throughout dinner. And before dinner too, now that I think about it. And basically all of the rest of the time too!"

Undeterred, Amy said, "Well then, get ready to be even MORE inspired!" She handed him the top photo she was holding.

Alan took one look and practically fainted. His eyes went wide, like he'd just seen a ghost. "Aaaaamy! What the FUCK?! How did you take this?! A nude photo of Christine?!"

Amy replied proudly, "Nope, not photo, nude PHOTOS, plural! Of Christine and me! We had a whole photo shoot today, right before she left. She did it for you, 'cos I told her you'd love it. Geez Louise, that girl really loves you!"

A profile view of a nude Christine, hands on head, breasts held high

He looked at the photo in his hand again, and realized that not only was it a nude picture of Christine, but she was striking a classic cheesecake pose with both of her hands resting on top of her head. He averted his eyes, like he was a vampire standing outside at sunrise. "Fuck me!"

"M'kay!" Amy giggled.

"Damn it!" he moaned needfully, pushing the photos away. "Take them away! I can't look!"

Her smile turned to concern. "What's the problem?"

He griped, half-seriously, "They're TOO sexy! Too arousing! Just the fact that she willingly let you take them for me blows my friggin' mind! Sweet Jesus! Do you want my dick to swell up so much it explodes, so I have to go to the hospital? Have mercy!"

Amy snatched the photo back. "M'kay. We'll have mercy on you... for now. But who knows, they might come in handy later." She looked to Katherine, who still sat at the table, and said in a theatrically projected whisper with her hand cupped to her mouth, "The Christine Effect! Viagra Woman strikes again!"

Alan shook his head in disbelief. Then he attempted to adjust the pulsing erection in his slacks so he could at least walk.

Seeing Akami still standing next to him, he headed into the living room. He muttered conspiratorially to her, "I think they're trying to kill me, one orgasm at a time."

She laughed. "I think you're right!"

Amy hustled back off through the kitchen towards the den, where she had decided to keep the pictures for the moment. As she went, she cackled like a mad scientist. "Bwa-ha-ha-ha-ha! Tee-hee-hee-hee-hee!"

Alan looked to Katherine and said, "Watch out, Sis. I think she's trying to out-uppity you."

Katherine waved a hand dismissively. "Like that'll ever happen." Suddenly, she punched a fist dramatically into the air and proclaimed, "I have not yet begun to uppity!"

Akami snorted with laughter, because she recognized the take on the famous line "I have not yet begun to fight!" by Revolutionary War hero John Paul Jones. "This place is a laugh riot. I love it!"

He resumed walking to calm down, deliberately acting more seriously, ignoring his needy boner. After a few steps without further interruption, he said to Akami, "By the way, thanks for stopping by to visit."

Akami took his arm and let him guide her slowly through the living room. "It was all my pleasure, believe me."

While they walked arm in arm, the women all rushed past him and kept on going up the stairs, because they were in a hurry to make the most of their ten minutes. A few of them shouted hurried goodbyes at Akami and she responded in a similar fashion.

Suddenly, Akami realized with a start as Amy rushed past, 'Wait! What do I do about your dress?! I forgot to change back!"

Amy just waved her hand in a dismissive gesture as she kept on going up the stairs. "No sweat. You'll just have to come back and visit us again soon."

Akami smiled from ear to ear. "Thanks!"

He waited until the commotion was over and the others were all gone. Then he responded, "No, it wasn't all your pleasure. As I recall, you were a pretty killer cocksucker, so at least SOME of it was my pleasure."

She chuckled. "Yeah, there was that. I must admit, I kind of came here hoping you'd give me a really good, solid fucking. But what happened I think was actually better - more arousing, and in a weird way more satisfying than what I'd expected. And certainly more memorable than any fuck I've ever had. It was kind of like I was part of the harem for an hour or two, and that was a trip and a half. I feel reborn! I swear, if you could figure out how to bottle the fun and loving vibe this place has, you'd make a mint!"

"Thanks. Actually, that wouldn't be hard to do. We'd just call it Eau de Pussy." (He ended with a French accent, pronouncing "pussy" like "pooss-saaay.")

She sniffed the air. Even though they were by the front foyer by this time, and far from the other women who had vanished upstairs, she couldn't help but notice that the air did smell very much like wet, aroused pussy. And it clearly wasn't just her own. She laughed some more. "Yeah. Good point. But hey, bottle that. Why not see what happens?"

Alan suddenly hugged and kissed her. He even dipped her down a bit while they necked. But the kiss ended uncharacteristically quickly (by Plummer house standards, that is). He said, "My apologies if it seems like I'm rushing you out the door, but as you can imagine, I'm kind of antsy to get things started."

She nodded in understanding. Then, glancing furtively up the stairs, she whispered, "We're here all alone. I'm dying of curiosity! Just what are you planning to do? You can tell me. I promise I can keep a secret!"

He whispered back, "I'll bet you can. In fact, after taking a walk down memory lane tonight, I'm wondering if you have a secret or two to tell about just what was going on with those appointments with Mom? Hmmm?"

Akami got suddenly panicky and her heart started racing. She was determined not to blow Suzanne's big secret. She remembered that if Alan found out, then Susan was likely to find out soon as well. So she whispered with a very convincing face, "I don't know what you're talking about. I'll admit in retrospect that the whole thing was pretty bizarre. But we had no idea then that it would lead to this. It's a fact that having frequent orgasms does change the body. Don't you feel more energetic these days? Haven't we basically cured your energy problem?"

Alan thought about that for some long moments. Then he said, just as quietly, "You know what? Maybe so. It's hard to say because I still sleep a lot at night and have to take a nap every day. But in terms of calories, God, it feels like I'm burning off double the calories I did before. All this sex is a LOT of exercise, and I'm eating like a horse and not gaining weight. There's no way I could have done all that two months ago. I feel a lot better overall, even if you discount the fact that I'm smiling like an idiot all day long due to my sexual good luck. So maybe the treatment was reasonable, in a way."

She hissed, "Of COURSE it was! You don't think Dr. Fredrickson and I would have done something unethical, do you? That could cost us our licenses. We'd have been banned from medical practice and maybe even gone to jail. No incentive would be worth that kind of risk. Frankly, I'm insulted!"

He thought, And there I was thinking I was so clever, thinking that Mother might have started the whole thing as one of her outlandish schemes. I guess not. Akami seems very sincere.

He said with sincere apology, "I'm sorry. It's just that, in retrospect, it does seem kind of too bizarre to be believed. Besides, Dr. Fredrickson didn't exactly turn out to have a stellar character, as I'm sure you'll agree. And to have all this be the result... I have the feeling that it couldn't just be chance. None of this would have happened if not for that medical diagnosis and this extremely weird treatment plan."

She whispered in reply, "I'm afraid so. Thank your lucky stars. And take full advantage! Maybe there was some force at work, but it's something beyond us, something we don't even understand. The likelihood of someone being given a treatment like this to fix an energy problem must be pretty rare, but what are the odds of you having four women who look like centerfolds all living in your house or next door, plus all the other remarkable women just falling in your lap? I can't explain it, but maybe some god or gods are smiling down on you. You seem to be extremely charmed, to say the least."

"Yeah." He smiled as he thought that over. She was fortunate with that comment, because it played directly into one of his hunches. He had long felt that he was just too sexually lucky for pure chance to explain it. He sensed some kind of karma or fate was working in his favor, perhaps something magical or mystical, and unknowable.

Akami was secretly relieved. She leaned forward and kissed him on his closed lips. "Whatever happens tonight, I wish you the best of luck. Don't worry about them not saying 'Yes'! Tomorrow I expect to get a full report. If not from you, then from one of your lovely ladies. Hell, I hope they call me later tonight!"

He chuckled, and returned to his normal voice. "Knowing them, they probably will. But I have just one favor to ask of you."

"Sure. What's that?"

"As much as we love having you here, next time, please call in advance and work out a time to come by. There's no telling what we might be in the middle of."

She replied with a smirk, "If I had to guess, I'd say you'd probably be in the middle of a quadruple or quintuple blowjob. You really have a tough life!" She laughed.

He joked, "A quadruple blowjob, sure. Happens all the time. But a QUINTUPLE one? That's crazy talk! I've never heard of such a thing!"

She laughed again. Then she continued more seriously, "But yeah, good point. I'll phone first. And don't worry; I won't try to overstay my welcome when I do come by. As much as I love visiting, I don't want to get too cozy here because I know this lifestyle just isn't for me. Anyway, as I mentioned at dinner, I'm going to be far too busy to do that for some time to come."

He kissed her on the lips again. In part, that was a clever way of having to reply to that comment. The truth was, although he liked Akami a lot, he didn't love her. He was trying to stop the growth of his harem, and she just wasn't in his long-term plans.

As the kiss ended, he said, "I don't know if I ever said this, but thank you for all you've done for me. You were involved in getting things going originally. That changed my life forever. All of this has been the greatest thing that's ever happened to me. I'm forever in your debt."

Akami pointing a finger at the reader

Since she was standing closest to the door, she opened it. "Don't worry about it." She added in a corny attempt at a Bogart voice as she pointed a finger at him, "Here's looking at you, kid."

He replied with an equally corny attempt at another line from the movie Casablanca, "I think this could be the start of a beautiful friendship."

As she walked away, she asked, "A start? What about all those times you fucked me already, and made me do all kinds of wild, sexy things with you?"

He smiled and nodded. "Oh yeah. Okay then, a continuation."

She smirked with amusement and waved goodbye as he closed the door.

With the door closed, he thought, Shoot. That took longer than I thought. I'm glad that Akami was here, but I'm also glad that she's finally gone. I mean, she's great, but her timing isn't so great, because what's about to happen next will change our lives and our family forever! Let's get to it already! I probably have only five minutes left. I'd better get hustling so I don't have to make 'em wait!

He sprinted up the stairs, practically bursting with excitement and anticipation.

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