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The women who play a prominent role in Alan's life, naked, some with slave collars, and some of those with rings
SIX TIMES A DAY – Part 149
Day 76: Saturday, November 30

(MF, Mf+, ff+, rom, oral)

Written and illustrated by Spacer X <paul_t_22@yahoo.com>

Copyright © 2013 Spacer X; All Rights Reserved.

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Susan and Suzanne were upstairs in Susan's bedroom getting dressed. Alan had given them ten minutes to get ready before his big announcement, so they were moving with speed and a sense of purpose. They had conferred briefly over what clothes to change into, and had mutually decided to wear dresses that were regal and fancy, but also sexy and revealing. Fortunately, a lot of Suzanne's clothes had found their way into Susan's closet over the previous two months.

After having decided on their clothes and accessories, they were standing naked when the phone rang. Susan happened to be closer to the phone.

Suzanne immediately said from across the room, "Ignore it!" She knew that putting on clothes wouldn't take long, but then they had to "get pretty" with make-up and other touches, and that would take all the time that Alan had given them. She figured the call couldn't possibly be that important, since the most important people in their lives - Alan, Katherine, and Amy - were elsewhere in the house.

But Susan had been raised to be polite, and she couldn't bear to let the phone ring without picking it up. She managed to restrain herself for four rings, then got the phone right before the call went to the answering machine. "Hello?"

"Hi. It's Glory. Is this Susan?"

"It is."


There was a significant pause before Glory asked nervously, "May I speak to Suzanne please?" She was sitting on her bed, wearing just her underwear.

Susan looked across the room and saw Suzanne busy getting her clothes ready, as if she were losing the race against time. Susan was highly reluctant to bother her. But she heard something urgent and distressed in Glory's voice, so she muffled the receiver and said, "Suzanne. It's for you."

Suzanne spun around and glared at Susan with annoyance.

Susan added, "I really think you should take this. It sounds important."

Suzanne let out a heavy sigh. She put down the dress she was about to put on and she walked across the room. She hastily snatched the phone from Susan's hand and barked into the line, "Hello? What is it?"

Glory detected Suzanne's annoyance right away, and she'd also noticed Susan sounding bothered. "I'm sorry. Is this a bad time?"

Suzanne growled, "It's a VERY bad time!" She tried to control her emotions. The fact that it was Glory mollified her somewhat. She added with more politeness, "Excuse my rudeness, Glory, but big things are happening here. Very big things! I don't have time to explain. What is it? Can you make it quick?"

Glory deflated. Her voice sounded very sad. "It's... I'm sorry. It's hard to explain. I'm just... I need someone to talk to! I was hoping it would be you. I'm kind of emotionally shell-shocked from thinking about what I agreed to with Alan yesterday." She idly fingered her collar, nearly blushing as she considered what it signified. "I felt fine about it all the way through his visit to my place this afternoon, maybe because I didn't let myself really think about it much. But since then I've been ruminating, and... Ugh! I'm sorry. I don't know anyone I can talk to about this except you!"

Suzanne's annoyance mostly disappeared as she sensed the anguish in Glory's voice. Damn. Of all the people to call, at the worst possible time... Glory is one of us now. I've gotta do all I can to help her.

She spoke softly and with understanding. "I'm the one who should be sorry, for jumping at you. I get it. This is important to you and the uncertainty is eating away at you. I'm very glad that you turned to me to talk about this, and I'd be delighted to help in any way I can."

Glory sighed with relief. "Thank you!"

Still trying to sound tender, Suzanne continued, "Unfortunately... not now! I hate having said that but I really meant it: big things are happening here."

She glanced over at Susan and saw that her best friend was too busy getting ready to pay much attention to what could be heard of the phone conversation. But to be extra careful, she whispered very quietly to Glory, "I'm not sure, but I'm guessing that Alan is about to do something special for the four of us here, something very special indeed. Maybe it'll be some kind of ceremony or pronouncement, or maybe he'll give us gifts, like how he gave that ring to you yesterday. Whatever he's planned for us, I just know it's going to be fantastic!" Although Suzanne was known for her worldly sophistication, she spoke like a giddy teenager.

Glory was startled. "OH! Oh, wow! What terrible timing on my part!" She wanted to be more supportive, but hearing that just depressed her that much more. She looked down at the blue sapphire ring on her ring finger and idly fingered the collar she still wore around her neck. She'd considered removing the collar quite a few times in the last few hours, but she seemed unable to do so. At the same time, she rankled at wearing the symbol of a sex slave.

Suzanne returned to her normal speaking voice, while still trying to sound sympathetic. "Yeah, but how could you know? I've got less than five minutes to do a million and one things. My heart is pounding from the time pressure. But I've got an idea. Let me call you back when I get a chance. Your second thoughts are totally legitimate and understandable, and I can help you sort through your feelings, but later? Please? Let me call you later, and we'll work this all out."

Glory replied with even more sadness, "Okay. I feel like I'm slowly turning into a basket case. But I can wait. Please do call me back though?"

"I will. I promise. We're like family now, bound by our love for our man. I'll always be there for you, just like I hope you'll always be there for me."

"Okay. Thanks! Good-bye, and good luck with the... whatever the special thing is."

"Thanks. Bye!"


Suzanne quickly put the receiver down and rushed to a nearby full-length mirror. She checked her naked body over to boost her confidence. Shit! Just what I need. That took two or three minutes that I didn't have! But I can't ignore her. She's still in a very fragile condition, obviously teetering right on the edge of joining the harem. No matter what happens with my Sweetie tonight, I've got to take some serious time out to deal with her and her problems! But I'll worry about that later. There's too much to do right now!

She looked over to Susan, who was already fully dressed. Susan was putting on some light touches of makeup, which was highly unusual because, unlike Suzanne, Susan almost never wore makeup. Both women were so beautiful that they looked great without any, but Suzanne had gotten used to putting on makeup when she was younger while Susan hadn't.

Suzanne cried out in distress, "Susan. Please! Help me! Our time is running out, and I'm still completely naked!"

Susan tried to be encouraging. "Don't worry; we won't be late. It's not like they'll start without us. And I got the gist of you wanting to help Glory with her doubts about joining the harem. That's a VERY good idea. There's not much that's more important than that!"

Suzanne griped, "I know. But the timing SUCKS! Why couldn't she have called an hour ago, or two hours ago?! Or, better yet, talked about it when I was alone with her at her place this afternoon before Sweetie showed up?"

Susan spun Suzanne around so they were face to face. She looked her friend right in the eyes. After a pause, she asked, "You're nervous, aren't you? Really nervous, I mean."

Suzanne nodded shyly. She hated to ever admit weakness. "Aren't you?"

"Of course I am! This is my whole life! But I have endless confidence in him. Whatever he's planning, it'll be for the best. And he's hinted that he's saving his energy for a lot of fucking with us later, so you know it's gonna be great news." Susan's frown turned into a grin.

Suzanne smiled broadly. She was very grateful to be reminded how Alan was trying to save his energy, since that promised nothing but good things. "That's true."

Susan Suzanne

They shared a brief hug and a French kiss, then went back to getting ready. Since Susan was almost ready, she mostly helped Suzanne get caught up.

As Suzanne scurried around, she thought, Why am I the one falling to pieces all of a sudden? I'm pretty sure he's going to give us our rings - finally! - and that'll be a joyous thing. But then again, it could be nicer collars. Or necklaces. Mmmm, wouldn't it be fitting for him to give us pearl necklaces? We could celebrate by having him give us both kinds! Or it could be bracelets. Or some kind of pledge or promise. Hell, now that I think about it, it could be almost anything!

Whatever it is, it's pretty clear that it's going to be important and emotionally meaningful to us all. Also, Susan's right that it can't be bad news if there's going to be lots of fucking afterward. I'm supposed to be the "strong one" around here. So why do I feel like a quivering wreck?! I've got to get my act together!

In the bathroom a minute later, putting on her makeup, Suzanne had another thought. My heart really goes out to Glory. I can totally imagine how she's feeling right now. She must still be in shock over the whole harem situation, and from fully accepting that she's now truly enslaved sexually to one of her students. Worse, she's all alone. At least I have Susan and everyone else in this house to lean on. What would I do without Susan especially?! I'd really fall to pieces! She thinks that I'm her rock, but she's MY rock too!

I've gotta do whatever it takes to put Glory at ease tonight, once whatever Sweetie is planning happens and I have some free time. And more than that, I've gotta help pull her all the way into the harem. Helping her tonight is essential if I'm to get her there. Sitting on the fence with that six-month trial period of hers is no way to live. In a better world, she should be here with us tonight, taking part in everything we do. Hell, she should be permanently living with us! It's up to ME, more than anyone else, to help make that happen sooner rather than later.


Susan and Suzanne strolled regally down the stairs right on time.

Susan Suzanne

Katherine and Amy were already in the living room, since they hadn't had an untimely phone call to deal with. They were standing because they were too nervous to sit. Katherine was looking antsier than usual, almost dancing from foot to foot. When they saw their mothers coming, they whistled and clapped in appreciation.

The two busty mothers beamed. Both were very nervous, more so than their daughters, but they felt buoyed by the love and support of the rest of their present family and harem.

Mothers and daughters came together near the foyer, and there were a lot of hugs, kisses, and compliments about the outfits. Each woman seemingly looked more stunning than the next.

But after just a minute of this, Suzanne asked, "Where's our master already?! He's late!"

Amy shrugged. "I guess he's still getting ready."

An annoyed Suzanne complained, "What's taking him so long?! You know him; he dresses in about two seconds flat and then he's done. That's it. Maybe he glances in the mirror. If he were to ever so much as comb that unruly mop top of his, it would be a miracle!"

Katherine shrugged. "Who knows? What does it matter, anyway? He's our master. We're his sex slaves. If we have to wait for an hour or more, that's just how it is. That's kind of the nature of being slaves."

Suzanne was still in a strangely emotionally-vulnerable mood. She usually was "the rock," not just for Susan but for the entire family/harem, so she felt extra pressure that everything should go right tonight. Compounding her worries was the fact that she normally helped direct events, but right now she had no control at all and no idea what was going on. That was downright unsettling for her.

As a result, Katherine's words hit her as if the harem situation were being explained to her for the first time. Suzanne thought, We're slaves! SLAVES! How mind-boggling is THAT?! Not just Glory, or even Susan, but ME too! How did I get myself into this situation?! That was never part of my original grand plan. Calling myself his slave is fine and dandy when it's just sex talk in the middle of a family orgy, but I can't stand it at a time like this, when he holds all the cards and I hold none. He's a good master, and a good man, but he could literally say or do anything and we'd nominally have to obey.

What if I'm wrong and this isn't just a ceremony to give us gifts or something like that?! Things have been going along swimmingly because we all basically want the same things, but what if he wants us to do something that I'd hate?! Would I still accept and obey him as my master then?!

She realized that she was panting heavily with nervousness. She forced her breathing to calm down somewhat. Shit! I'm getting too worked up. I need to trust him. That's a big part of why we're letting him "own" us, because we fully trust him. I DO trust him, and love him. I know I've got nothing to worry about. He'll give us some great gifts or make some kind of stirring promise or pledge, bedlam will ensue, and then we'll fuck the night away. It'll all be good.

She felt her pussy throb and moisten with anticipation, aching with the need to be filled again. Down, girl, she mentally addressed her pussy. You'll get what's coming to you, I promise. You'll be able to gorge yourself on cock and cum tonight!

However, in the back of Suzanne's mind, she remembered the discussion she'd had with Akami on the roof before dinner. Akami had asked her why she was pouring her deepest feelings and worries out to a relative stranger, and had recommended that Suzanne express those feelings to Alan and the rest of her true family. Suzanne had thought a ceremony and its aftermath would be an appropriate time to do that. So that was another reason why she was feeling unusually anxious, because she was having so much trouble expressing her deeper feelings.

There was a prolonged silence after Katherine's comment. Amy noticed Suzanne's strange expression, so she asked her, "Mother, are you feeling okay? You look kinda, I dunno, stressed out."

Suzanne forced a smile. "I'm fine. We're all a little stressed out, aren't we? For one thing, what's taking him so long?"

At that very moment, Alan was in his bedroom, lying on his bed. Suzanne was right that he generally took very little time getting ready. He had a tuxedo in the back of his closet that he'd bought a year earlier for an out-of-town wedding of one of Susan's many sisters. He'd gotten it out and put it on, and was all ready to go in less than five minutes. He'd even wet and combed his hair until it lost its usual untamed look, at least temporarily. Since then, he'd been just lying on his bed, trying to psych himself up while he waited for the ten minutes to pass.

In reality, he was twice as nervous as Suzanne, if not more so. With his eyes closed, he thought, God, man! Damn! Being a harem master is really stressful sometimes. Nobody ever mentioned that in the harem porn I read on the Internet. It's not just about sex; it's about love. And love means trust and commitment and responsibility, and all kinds of "mature" stuff like that. That's the most emotionally-rewarding part, but it's hard. I'm really still just a kid! Yet I'm expected to "own" and "lead" SIX or more totally amazing women?! How did I get into this?! They picked me way more than I picked them!

He suddenly opened his eyes and sat up. It's time I man up! There's only one way forward, and tonight is a big part of it. Backing out isn't even an option. I've wanted this for a long time now. I want it more than anything. I just have to rise to the challenge. I CAN do this! The four of them make me want to be a better man, a mature man. NOW is the time to show that I can fill these "master" shoes they've laid out for me!

He stood up and walked across the room. With that last thought in mind, he realized with some amusement that he wasn't wearing any shoes at all, and wasn't about to put any on. Usually, the only time shoes were worn in the house were when his women were in their high heels. He snickered, Okay, metaphorical shoes then. But still, I'm a man now. They say I'm their motherfucking MASTER!

The four of them love me more than I can possibly imagine, and more than I deserve. There's no need to be nervous. Even if this is one of the most pivotal moments in my life. Maybe the MOST pivotal! Jesus! Don't think that! Come on, let's go!

He considered this such an important occasion that he ended up putting on shoes after all: his shiny black dress shoes, no less, to go with his tuxedo. He was trembling by the time he walked out of his room and started walking down the stairs.

The four ladies had been chatting about inconsequential things to cope with their own nervousness, but the living room fell silent when they heard his tread on the stairs. Then, when his tuxedo came into view, they collectively gasped and held their breaths. XX16

The tuxedo raised the stakes, and everyone knew it. Like many male teenagers, Alan disdained formal clothes. It had to be a very special event just to get him to wear a suit and tie. Therefore, the tuxedo symbolized an even more important event. The only time he'd worn it had been to that wedding, and he'd basically been cajoled into wearing it against his will, whereas this time he was wearing it now all on his own.

He didn't give them much time to think or comment about his clothing, nor did he really take the time to get a good look at the fantastic outfits they were wearing. He needed hugs! He bee-lined to where they were standing as a group in the middle of the living room and immediately wrapped his arms around all four of them as best he could. It wasn't easy to hug four women at once, but he managed.

The women could tell that this was an emotional moment for him, rather than a sexual one. So, for once, there was no groping at his crotch. In fact, he wasn't even tumescent, since he was simply too anxious to be. But they hugged him tightly, silently trying to shower him with their love and care.

He could feel his worries fading away. Aaaah! This is just what I needed! How great is this?! They don't need me to come in here swaggering like John Wayne. They know that in a lot of ways I'm still a scared kid. But they love me anyway. I can feel SO MUCH LOVE from them! My God! And joy! How can I not feel like the king of the world?!

The four women rearranged themselves to press into him from every side. With his eyes closed, he silently added to himself, And boobs! I can definitely feel boobs! God, they're all so incredibly curvy and sexy. I'm not just the king of the world; I'm the luckiest guy in the history of the world! It seems I can literally do no wrong. I think this is going to make them so happy. I can't wait to see the looks on their faces! Let's do this already!

He broke out of their collective embrace and backed up a few steps. His worries were nearly gone, thanks to that group hug. His heart was thumping like a big bass drum.

He beamed a brilliant smile at them, one by one. Then he spoke in a confident voice. "Okay. I'm nervous as hell, but I feel a lot better after that. Thank you. As you can tell, this is a really important night for all of us."

Katherine broke some of the tension by quipping, "It's tuxedo important."

Amy added, "VOLUNTARY tuxedo important, no less!" She giggled.

Alan smiled at that. "It is. And you'll see why when I get to my big announcement in a few minutes. But before that, I want to make a couple of other important announcements, to make sure they don't slip my mind. For starters, I'm not going to hide the fact that I expect to do a LOT of fucking before this night is over. I plan to fuck each of you! But - and I need to make this completely clear now so there won't be any confusion or argument later - when all the fucking is over, I want to spend the night in my room with my lovely mother Suzanne in my arms, where she belongs, and which we've never been able to do before."

Suzanne's eyes bugged out in surprise. She hadn't been expecting that at all.

The other women all stared at her with envy.

She clutched a hand to her breast in the style Susan so often did. "ME?! Why me?!" XX04

He responded, "Lots of reasons. I've generally been sleeping alone because, let's face it, if I didn't, how much sleep would I actually get? Knowing you bunch, probably not that much."

"Darn tootin'!" Amy joked in her attempt at a Daisy Duke southern accent.

"Oh I don't know," Katherine mused melodramatically, rolling her eyes. "You seem to sleep just fine with me." Then she leered, "And I love sleeping with you IN me... "

Suzanne arched an expressive eyebrow. "Really?" She already wanted to try that, and soon.

"Oh yeah," Katherine breathed sexily, "he sleeps like a baby with me."

Not wanting to let Katherine's bed habits take over his announcement, Alan raised his voice to draw their attention back to him. "But tomorrow," he declared, "there's obviously no school for any of us. Furthermore, we know that Eric and Brad are off on some overnight fishing trip, so this is a rare chance for Suzanne to spend the entire night here with me without arousing any suspicions."

Suzanne stepped forward and enveloped him in a hug. "Thank you! That may not seem like a big deal to you, but it's a very big deal for me!"

As he hugged her back, he said, "Oh, believe me, it's a very big deal for me too. Especially because it's the start of a new policy." He shared a short but sizzling French kiss with her.

He let go of Suzanne and waited until she rejoined the semi-circle of the others standing within arm's reach of him. Then he continued, with confident authority, "I'm now the master of an honest-to-god harem! Why should I EVER sleep alone again? From now on, I want to go to sleep with at least one of you in my arms. Every single night. At least one! Sometimes more, I'm sure. And yeah, maybe I won't get quite as much sleep that way. Maybe sometimes I'll have to wake up in the middle of the night and fuck my bed partner some more, but that's just a cross we'll all have to bear." He grinned impishly at that.

The four women were beaming and fidgeting with lusty delight.

Suzanne joked, "I can't wait to 'suffer' through that kind of treatment! In fact, I have a feeling I'm going to be doing a lot of 'suffering' tonight!" She winked at him, just about flooring him with her bedroom eyes.

He added, "I think that, naturally, I'm going to sleep with Mom and/or Sis quite a lot. That makes sense because we're already sleeping a stone's-throw away. And Aims, now that you're an adult and my official girlfriend, you can come here and spend the night, and what can your dad or brother do about it, right?"

"Totally!" Amy exclaimed. Like the other women, she was wearing particularly tall high heels. For even Amy to wear high heels (and some touches of makeup) showed how seriously they all were treating this. But she somehow managed to bounce up and down on her heels anyway.

Alan's smile widened as he basked in Amy's beaming enthusiasm. Then he looked back to Suzanne, who was still smiling from ear to ear as well. "So the main problem is with you, Mother. Until your divorce is fairly far along, you can't just disappear night after night or Eric will get suspicious. So whenever a rare opportunity like this comes along, we should take full advantage. And Aims, you shouldn't be spending lots of nights here either, or that'll cause trouble with them eventually. So you should come next. What I mean is, tomorrow night you and I have a date with Christine planned out already. When that's over, you can join me in my bed and we can celebrate all night long."

"Cool beans! I love it!" Amy leapt forward and enveloped him in a tight hug.

He hugged her back, then they shared a hot French kiss. When that ended, she whispered enticingly in his ear, "Tonight will be super awesome, I'm sure. But I already can't wait until tomorrow night! You'd better rest up and take your vitamins, buster. Then pick a restaurant where Christine and I can take turns sucking your cock under the table. Maybe even together! Then, when we get home, my ass belongs to you! Maybe Christine will watch and masturbate while we show her what anal sex is all about. Maybe she'll even guide Alan Junior in for me!" She moved his hand that had been on the middle of her back and brought it down to her ass cheek.


Unthinkingly, he lifted her short dark-blue dress and squeezed her firm buttocks. That can't happen, right? No way! Christine's not ready for any of that. Aims is just winding me up... and succeeding! Crap. I'm actually in danger of getting an erection, despite being nervous as all hell. But still, the three of us are gonna have a lot of fun tomorrow. I can't wait either!

But then he disengaged, because he knew this wasn't the moment for such hanky-panky.


He turned to Katherine. "Now, here's my second big announcement. Sis, in recent weeks, I know that you've felt a little bit left out. And rightly so. It's hard to 'compete' with the likes of Mom and Mother for a variety of reasons that we all know. Amy's got her special official-girlfriend status to help. She and I haven't done much with that yet, but I'm sure in the future Aims and I will be behaving in public in a touchy-feely boyfriend-girlfriend way, and doing things that you and I simply can't do in public. So that really sucks for you. I'm sorry."

Katherine sighed with exasperation. "Tell me about it. That's the story of my life lately."

He nodded. "I know. Which is why you need a special thing too. The mere fact that you're my sister is always going to thrill me sexually, but Amy is now officially my sister too, so that's not enough. That's why I've decided to make Thursday your special day, just like Tuesday is Mom's special day."

"WHAT?!" Katherine's jaw actually hung open in amazement.

He grinned, happy to see her shock. "I know I've kind of suggested that to you in the past, but I've been sort of hesitant about it. The reason is, I figured that if Mom has a day, and you have a day, then why shouldn't Mother and Aims have their own days too? And what about Glory and Brenda? And so on. Let's face it: I have a pretty big harem. I'm a damn lucky guy! But I don't want all spontaneity taken away by formalizing things with everyone having their own day. There aren't THAT many days in the week."

He went on, "That said, Sis, you really do need an equalizer, especially to balance Amy's official-girlfriend status. So I want Thursday to be your day, AND I'm officially declaring that there won't be any other special days. Tuesday for Mom and Thursday for you and that's it. How does that sound to everybody? Is that fair?"

He looked from face to face.

Katherine also stared at the faces of the other women. She clutched her hands together as if praying, and in fact she actually was praying that they would agree.

Before long, all eyes settled on Amy, since if anyone was going to object, it probably would be her.

Amy thought it over for a few seconds, then shrugged. "M'kay. I think that's cool. Right? I mean, it'll be like Mom's Tuesdays, won't it? We all still get to have sexy fun on Tuesdays; it's just that she gets kind of an extra oomph." She looked to Katherine. "It's not like you'll totally monopolize him all day, will you?"

Katherine hastened to explain, "Don't worry! I won't get greedy. It'll be just like Tuesdays. Hell, just the fact that I get my own day will give me wings the entire rest of the week!"

Amy beamed at that. "Cool. No worries from me then." She gave Katherine a quick hug.

Suzanne spoke up. "I have no problem with that either. Of course I'd like my own day too, but I understand the logic of it. Susan and I can be cock hogs at times-"

"'Can be?'" Amy teased.

"'At times?'" a smirking Katherine similarly interjected, almost as quickly. "We might as well call a spade a spade and say 'all the time.'"

Suzanne favored Katherine with a tolerant smile.

Amy leaned towards Katherine and whispered loudly enough for everyone to hear, "She isn't denying it!"

Suzanne winked at Amy. "No, I'm not. But we're ALL kind of cock hogs in a way, aren't we? Luckily, Alan Junior seems capable of handling just about anything. But, even so, this will balance things out nicely, I think."

"Agreed!" Susan chimed in. She stepped forward and gave Katherine a hug, just as Amy was letting go. "I'm so PROUD of you, my Angel! Look at you. Look at what an excellent fuck toy you're turning out to be! You're going to have your OWN DAY!"

Katherine's smile shone like the sun. She modestly averted her head. Her entire body tingled with delight. I'm going to have MY OWN DAY! Brother loves me so much, and this proves he's never going to neglect me! Oh God, I love him so much too! I could cry!

Susan used a hand to turn Katherine's head back so they could share a French kiss. Funnily enough, both of them were highly aroused and excited by the thought of Katherine having her own day. Susan loved the idea that her daughter was proving to be a great fuck toy for her son.

When their kiss ended, Susan advised Katherine, "Just remember, don't let this go to your head. It's not really a day for you. Oh no; it's a day for you to serve HIM. Your master! Of course that's true every day of the week, but the duty will fall extra heavily on you every Thursday."

Katherine responded with glowing confidence, "Don't worry, Mom. I know. I've got it all worked out. I'm already thinking up all kinds of things. I'm gonna make it so that Thursdays will be his favorite day of the week! And I know I can't do it alone. It's going to be all about sharing his cock."

Susan raised an eyebrow in curious amusement. "Oh, really? So you think Thursdays are going to be better than Tuesdays? We'll just have to see about that. I'm going to make Tuesdays all about sharing his cock too. I'm thinking about having special 'guest stars' for him to fuck, and elaborate role-plays. Maybe an after-dinner orgy."


Katherine stared challengingly at her mother. Since they were still hugging, they were practically nose to nose. "Me too to all that! He's gonna wake up with his cock already in my cunt or mouth, and it'll just get better and better from there." She gave her brother a hungry, lusty look, and rasied a challenging fist. "Alan Junior is going to be pampered and spoiled and generally sucked, fucked, and titfucked like you wouldn't believe!"

Alan chuckled. "Okay, you two. That's enough of that. This is another reason why I've been reluctant to assign official days. Let's not turn this into a competition, 'cos those things quickly get out of hand. We're all on the same team here. So, are we in agreement?"

The women all quickly made eye contact with each other and there was lots of nodding. Then the four of them looked to Alan and nodded at him in unison.

"Good." He nodded firmly in return. His heart was still racing, mostly in anticipation of what he still had to say. "Look, I'm going to say this now, and I'm probably going to have to say it a lot in the months and years to come. Things aren't going to be 100 percent 'fair' or 'even' around here. Let's face it; that's simply impossible and impractical. I'm not going to be counting every minute or orgasm I share with each of you, and you shouldn't either. But we should have a general sense of whether someone is getting the short end of the stick, and then work together to make sure that situation gets fixed."

He continued, "We're in uncharted waters here. It's not like we have a tradition of suburban American harems to draw on."

"So we're just going to make our own, right?" Amy quipped with a wink.

Alan grinned. "Right. We're all making this up as we go, and mistakes will happen. But with love, patience, and sympathy we can overcome any problems that occur. Things like the simple fact that all four of you both want to and need to be fucked a lot, but there's only one of me to go around. That's going to be a constant challenge from now on, but we'll manage it if we work together at it. So, are we agreed?"

His four women nodded happily.


Alan finally felt like he was in his element. The jitters he'd felt earlier while he'd been waiting the ten minutes for the others to get ready had mostly faded. His heart was still pounding and his mind was racing, but in a good way. In fact, he was feeling so confident and at ease that he decided to get a little playful.

He said, "Okay, those were my two big announcements. But now comes my really grand announcement. As Amy would say, this is super duper megaultrabiggarific!"

The others laughed at that, especially Amy. But it was a nervous laughter, because their curiosity was suddenly surging to the forefront.

He said, "However, before I can continue, I'm going to have to get something. I seem to have forgotten where I've placed it, so if you don't mind, let me go look." He took a few steps back and then gracefully bowed. "I bid you adieu, my fair ladies. Feel free to mingle and chat - here! - while I go get... your gift."

If they weren't curious already - and they definitely were! - they were practically bursting with anticipation after that statement. There was no chance they were going to merely "mingle and chat," because their eyes were glued to his backside as he walked out of the living room and across the hall to the coat closet.

They all watched him intently as he ostentatiously opened the door, then melodramatically gestured towards the open closet like a TV presenter and made a pretend show of inspecting it. Apparently, he didn't find what he was looking for there.

He made a big show of making it look like he was trying to remember something that he finally recalled. He headed along the corridor on the other side of the staircase towards the bathroom, where he knew that they would all lose sight of him.

There was dead silence in the living room as Alan went into the lower bathroom and started opening and closing drawers. The women didn't follow him, and in fact they stayed rooted where they were. But all of them were so familiar with the house noises that they could tell where he was and what he was doing. Susan, in particular, knew the house so well that she had a good idea which drawer he was opening at any given moment, since he was going through them in a fairly logical order.

He went to the garage next, since that was near the bathroom. It was much harder for them to hear what he was doing in there.

The silence caused Katherine to whisper to the others, "He's got to be getting us all a gift! What do you think it is?!"

Susan fingered her black collar. She whispered back, "I don't know. I have all I need right here: my slave collar! It's the only gift I really need. But then again, maybe he's going to replace them with metal ones? That would be exciting!"

Katherine gasped and brought her hands to fondle her own black collar. "Oh my God! I hadn't even thought of that! Or what if he's getting us personalized ones, like with our names on them?!"

Susan squealed, "Could be! Or, what if it's collars with nothing but the word 'slave' on each one?"

Katherine couldn't keep her body still. "Oooh! Me likey! To quote a very wise and loving woman, that's 'SO HOT!'"

Susan giggled in response. "It is! Actually, his gift could be a lot of things, now that I think about it. This is so exciting! Whatever it is, I just know I'm going to love it! Because it's a gift from Tiger, our master!"

Suzanne said, "Ssssh!" She wanted to squelch further speculation. But also, she could hear that Alan was returning from the garage. He opened the door into the hallway that led from the foyer to the kitchen. Once he'd closed the door to the garage, they were able to hear him move into the den and start loudly searching in there as well for whatever it was he was after.

Katherine whispered, "This is so exciting! The anticipation is killing me!"

Amy joined in with, "What's taking him so long?!" She was bouncing on her heels again. Like the others, her entire body was humming with nervous energy.

Susan clutched both hands to her chest. "My heart is beating so fast, I think I'm going to die! Literally die. What's he doing?!"

Amy happened to be standing next to Susan, so she hugged "Mom" supportively from the side. "He's winding us up. He's being a big meanie. Maybe he thinks it's funny. UGH! I wish he'd hurry up!"

Then they all heard a sound that couldn't be mistaken for anything else. Alan opened the door under the stairs that led down to the basement. When they heard his footsteps going down, there was a collective groan in the living room.

"Why is he going down into the basement?" Katherine whined.

"Because, Angel," Suzanne explained, "he's leaving us a huge false trail to follow."

"Ah..." Amy nodded as she thought things over. "So he is."

"What do you mean?" Susan asked them.

"It's terribly simple," Amy noted primly. "He's giving us all kinds of fake-o clues about the hiding place he's using. You know the house better than any of us, Mom, so he's got to cover his tracks if he ever wants to use this same hiding place again for anything else he wants to stash and surprise us with. It's like a magic trick. You draw attention to what you want people to see so they don't notice what you're actually doing."

There was a long silence while the others thought that over.

Finally, after some new tell-tale noises from downstairs, Susan pointed out, "And now he's rummaging around in the basement." After another prolonged silence, she added, "I don't mind him trying to keep his hiding place a secret, but I sure wish he'd hurry up about it!"

"Shhh!" Katherine hissed, "I think I hear him coming back upstairs!"

Sure enough, all of them heard the sound of Alan's footfalls on the basement stairs as he ascended to the ground floor. They breathed a collective sigh of relief when they heard him close the door to the basement.

Indeed, Alan had been trying to mislead them about the location of his secret hiding place, while also letting their anticipation build. But he'd decided that enough was enough, because the longer he delayed, the more his nervousness was growing. So he went around the long way, through the kitchen and dining room to return to the living room.

But before he got within sight of the others, he raised his voice and said, "Okay, my lovely ladies, my goddesses, my slaves... please, I want all four of you to sit on the sofa, side by side."

Susan, Amy, Kat and Suzanne sitting naked, side-by-side on a blue sofa

The four women moved to the sofa so fast it was almost like a blur. Not only did they want to speed things up to end the torturous build up, but their legs were shaking and they were glad for a chance to sit down.

"Is everyone sitting comfortably?" Alan asked them from out of sight, his voice echoing throughout the house. His heart was thumping so loud that it sounded like someone was playing drums in his ears. He was sweating and nervous as well.

The women just grunted and muttered in the affirmative. They could hear the tension and excitement in his voice, and it spun them up even more, because all the signs suggested that this was going to be a very big event indeed.

Suzanne thought, Is it rings? New and improved collars, maybe?! ! It could be literally anything. It could be just words. Oh God! I've never been this nervous in my entire life! I think I'm going to faint!

The other women all had similar thoughts. Their impressive chests heaved in eager anticipation.

Alan said in a trembling voice, "Okay." He took a few deep breaths to try to calm himself, without much success. "I want each of you to sit up straight with your eyes closed. Furthermore, hold both hands out in front of you and cup them together like you're trying to hold water. And NO peeking! Anyone who peeks doesn't get a present."

A breathless hush fell in the living room as all four women obeyed. He looked around the corner to see if they were following his command. Sure enough, they each sat in place and closed their eyes with their hands held out, cupped in front of them.

He watched them all close their eyes. However, he knew how "uppity" and emotional they could get. He had his doubts that they'd be able to resist the temptation to peek. So he added, "I hate to use the 'Master' card, but I'm gonna use it now. I am ORDERING you, as your master, to keep your eyes closed and don't peek! If you truly believe that you're one of my sex slaves, then prove it by showing your loyalty and obedience by keeping your eyes closed. Is that understood?" XX07

The four women nodded. Then, without looking at each other, or even touching each other, they all said "Yes, Master" at the exact same moment.

He felt goose bumps all over as he marveled at that synchronous response. Hot DAMN! Talk about inspirational! And it looks like it's working. Still, let's make this fast.

Alan walked quickly, entering the room and standing just in front of them.

The women could sense his presence nearby. There was a tense silence of held breath until all four of them gasped for air at nearly the same time. Their temptation to peek was almost overwhelming, but each of them resisted. None of them wanted to be the first to get caught and miss out on the gift.

They heard him kneel on the carpet and then they felt his hands touching theirs, arranging their cupped palms where he wanted them. Then they heard the carpet being crushed again as he stood back up in front of them.

The silence as everyone held their breaths in anticipation was absolutely deafening! But then, in that stillness, all four of them heard the satiny susurration of Alan's tuxedo moving as he reached towards them from where he was standing. Each felt him place something small and hard, but velvety and also slightly fuzzy, into their cupped hands.

He was pleased to see that they all continued to keep their eyes closed even after he'd put the boxes in their hands. That showed a high level of resolve and dedication.

He took a deep breath and braced himself. Although he continued to feel a strange sort of mental calm and confidence, nonetheless his pulse was racing wildly. He intoned solemnly, "Okay, now, please, open your eyes."

He waited a few seconds until each of them opened their eyes and fixated on the small square boxes in their cupped hands.


Suzanne leaned forward and gaped at her box in disbelief. She spoke for all the women when she looked up and asked with breathless awe, "Can we... can we open...?"

"You may," he stated firmly.

His heart soared as he watched them open their boxes. To his surprise, they didn't all open them simultaneously, but instead took turns opening them one by one. Suzanne was first, since she was a natural leader. There was a collective gasp from all the women, with Suzanne the loudest, when she revealed the box contained a golden ring with a dark red ruby stone.

As she picked it up to examine it, tears started to come to her eyes. She whispered nearly inaudibly, "Red, my favorite color!" Everyone knew that was her favorite color, so it was no surprise that at that moment she was wearing a red dress. This one was held up by a single strap over her shoulder.

Katherine happened to be sitting next to Suzanne, so she first turned to stare in wonder at her neighbor mother. But then she remembered the box in her own hands and opened it with the eagerness of a lioness leaping on helpless prey. The others watched as she revealed a deep green emerald ring.

Amy was next in the lineup, and she was chomping at the bit. Just seconds after Katherine opened her box, Amy opened hers as well. Her ring stone was a lustrous amethyst purple.

Then Susan got to hers. It was a milky-white pearl-colored stone. She was so thrilled that she was practically hyperventilating.

Alan gave them time to stare at their own ring and absorb what had just happened.


Susan continued to stare at her ring in sheer awe. I can't believe it! My heart is filled with so much joy that I think I'll simply DIE of happiness! THIS is how I should have felt when Ron proposed to me all those years ago. My son, my lover, my master!

Suzanne thought, joyfully, It was rings! I was right! He gave us rings! So beautiful!

But Suzanne didn't fully understand, because the rings were only a small part of Alan's big surprise.

With each of them still focused on the rings in their hands, he dropped back down to one knee in front of them and looked each of his women in the eye until he had their full attention. Although to the others he appeared calm, he had an urgent need to act quickly before he lost his nerve or simply passed out.

In a quiet voice, he murmured warmly, "These rings are but a symbol of my love for you. I love you, each of you, more than I could ever put into words." His voice started to choke up with emotion, but he pressed on. "That's why I have to ask you, all four of you... will you... all of you... will you... marry me?"

He'd expected that bedlam would erupt immediately, with crying and laughing and screaming and kissing and so on. But instead the room was dead silent. None of the women could truly fathom what he'd just said, so they simply stared at him in complete disbelief.

Finally, Suzanne stammered, "M-m-m-marry you?!"

"That's right. Marry me!' Alan replied with great passion. "I know I can't legally marry four women, not in California at least, but who cares? What matters is that WE will know, and our friends will know!" He eyed each of them in turn, so as to not play favorites. "I want to spend the rest of my life with you, not just as Master and slave, but as husband and wife! I want to spend the rest of my life with each of you, and all four of you, until my dying breath! So please... will you all marry me?!"

Again there was total silence, except for some suddenly very labored breathing. The women stared, alternating between him and the rings as if they couldn't believe their eyes or ears.

Katherine was the first to come out of her euphoric daze. She suddenly exclaimed, "YES! YES! A thousand times YES!"

That triggered to others to awake from their state of sheer amazement. Immediately all four women began screaming "YES! YES, YES, YES!"

NOW the bedlam that Alan expected finally erupted, with the force of a class-five hurricane. As one, all four women leapt at him. It was a good thing he'd already been kneeling, because he was tackled as if he'd been flattened by four big American football players. They all wanted to hug and kiss him at once, but there were too many of them and not enough of him. He wound up at the bottom of the pile.

Amy, Susan, Suzanne and Kat all lying down naked, huggin an aparently naked Alan

He didn't mind that very much, because it was their intentions that mattered. There was complete cacophony as the yelling continued, along with sobs of joy, screams of exultation, and much more.

There was a general air of incredulous disbelief. Suzanne, at least, had strongly suspected the ring gifts (though she'd kept that to herself), but none of the women in their wildest imaginings had thought he would propose marriage, let alone to all four of them at once! They each had assumed that their status as his voluntary, permanent sex slaves would have prevented that, so both their shock and their joy was absolute.

Alan's penis had been flaccid since even before he'd put on his tuxedo. It had evinced a few brief stirrings from time to time, but he'd been far too nervous to get truly aroused. Although he'd been very confident that all four of them would be eager to agree to his proposal, he'd still worried that something would go wrong. Those fears had included him either stumbling physically or stumbling over his words. Now that he'd gotten through making his proposal and they had all approved, he could truly relax.

He lay there on the floor under the crush of four bodies, with his eyes closed and a beatific smile on his face. He could feel different lips kissing his face and even his chest through his tuxedo. He felt tears of joy dripping down onto his face. He'd never felt so euphoric and yet also so deeply contented. But most of all, he felt totally loved. And now that the stress and nervousness was gone, his penis suddenly responded more normally, and rapidly engorged in his slacks.


Alan decided that lying down with the others on top of him wasn't a good position, so he struggled and managed to sit up.

As he did, Susan slumped to the side and wound up face first on the floor. This tempered the frantic, boisterous mood, because it was clear that something wasn't right with her.

Suzanne quickly checked Susan's face and saw that while she wore a blissful smile, her eyes were closed. She realized what must have happened and exclaimed, "My God! I think she fainted!" She gently ran a hand across Susan's cheek several times.

That caused Susan to open her eyes. There was a second or two where she just smiled beatifically. Then, apparently recalling what had just happened, she reacted as if she'd been hit by a lightning bolt. Her mouth gaped open and her eyes grew as big as saucers. "I... Wait... Was it a dream?! Is... IS TIGER REALLY GOING TO MARRY US?!"

Katherine had an arm around Susan's shoulders. She shook her excitedly. "YES! IT'S TRUE!"

"AAAAAIIIIEEEE!" Susan screamed.

Then the other women joined the screaming and the earlier total bedlam resumed.

Alan chuckled, in part because he was being momentarily ignored while the four of them hugged each other tightly. He took the opportunity to stand up all the way, so he wouldn't be gang tackled to the floor again.

However, by disengaging, he reminded the others that he was there and within reach. Within seconds they were all standing up too, and showering him with more hugs and kisses. Generally speaking, the women were far too excited to speak coherently. It was as if all they could do was refer to him by various names. Ironically, he got called pretty much everything BUT "Alan:" The nicknames "Sweetie," "Tiger," "Brother," and "O.B.," were popular, but "Master" was the most popular, by far.

Then the tears started. At first, it was just a little bit of sobbing mixed in with all the shouting and kissing, but then it was as if the floodgates had opened. Not only did all four women start sobbing like helpless babies, but even Alan got teary-eyed. A stranger looking in on the scene might have thought they were consoling each other with hugs and kisses while mourning the shocking news of a deceased close relative. But, in fact, all the tears were tears of joy.

Somehow, in the middle of this, Susan got a hand in his slacks and discovered that his dick was fully erect. By and by, she managed to undo the buckle and zipper, causing his slacks to slide down some. Then she got busy jacking him off.

Kat, Amy, Susan and Suzanne all standing naked, hugging a clothed Alan

Suzanne noticed this and lent a helping hand. Soon, her hand and Susan's were sliding up and down his stiff pole in perfect synchrony.

Amusingly, Alan hardly even noticed. For one thing, he was preoccupied by all the activity on or near his mouth.

Now that Susan had recovered from her fainting spell, she was leading the way with feverish kisses all over his face. Somehow she managed to exclaim, while bawling her eyes out, "I'm so happy! I could just die right now! Tiger! Master! You've made me the happiest woman in the whole world!"

Suzanne didn't say anything because she was engaged in a fearsome lip-lock with him.

Somehow, Katherine and Amy found room to kiss his face at the same time. It was wonderful for all involved.

This went on for several minutes. Instead of gradually calming down, some kind of group mentality took over, making everyone even more emotional if that was possible. By and by, Katherine discovered Alan's exposed cock and the two mothers' hands that were working on it, so she joined right in. Then Amy did the same. Remarkably, there were four hands on his shaft at once, and still more hands on his balls! This was far too many hands to effectively stroke him, and in fact the stroking came nearly to a standstill. They simply wanted to touch his dick and maintain symbolic contact with it.

Alan couldn't have been more overjoyed. A part of him had worried that his marriage proposal might not go over well. For instance, they might have argued that it was unnecessary, since they had already dedicated themselves to him. Their unrestrained jubilation made him feel like the king of the universe.

However, as soon as he felt Susan start to slide down his body toward his crotch, he abruptly pulled away. It wasn't easy to disengage with so many hands on him, but he managed to do so after a short struggle.

This surprised and concerned the women. They were even more distressed when he tucked his raging erection away, pulled up his slacks, and zipped up.

Suzanne spoke for the group when she complained, "Sweetie, what the hell do you think you're doing?!" Her mouth salivated at the prospect of a four-way suck and stroke, since that was the best way for the four of them to enjoy his cock at once.

He replied, while carefully backing away, "I'm sorry, but I could sense this was going to turn into a group blowjob before long. Of course I'd love that, but not now. We've got all night for that. Hell, we've got our entire lives for that! But first, there are things I want to say. So much I have to say! Please sit down." He gestured towards the sofa they'd been sitting on. "All of you, please go back there and sit. I'm feeling kind of hyper, so I'm gonna stand and pace around as I talk."

A teary-eyed Susan pleaded, "But Tiger! You KNOW how much I love sucking your cock! I need it now, even more than usual! It's become such an important way for me to express my love to you. I just HAVE to give you the greatest blowjob of all time, right now, to show you how much I love you!" She happened to be standing next to Katherine on one side and Amy on the other, so she put her arms around them. "And not alone either, but with my... my... fellow wives!"

That set off a new round of hugs, exclamations, and kisses, but just among the women this time, since Alan had positioned himself out of reach. They got even more emotional and teary when Katherine added, "And not just wives, but sister SLAVE WIVES!"

The sobbing sister thought, My God! Every fantasy I ever wrote in my diary is coming true, all at once! "Sister slave wife." Are you fucking kidding me?! Now, Brother and I will be together forever, until we die! But, even better, Mom, Mother, and Aims will be right there too! I feel so overcome by love and joy that I can hardly breathe!

Alan smiled from ear to ear as he watched them all scream like fanatical rock-star groupies getting a backstage pass at a concert.

Then they turned to him and looked at him as one, with animalistic and famished looks in their eyes.

He chuckled and held his hands up defensively. "Hey! I love your passion, all of you, but let's chill out for a minute. I really have some important things I need to get off my chest."

The women reluctantly sat down on the sofa. Each of them wrapped their arms around the backs of whoever they happened to be sitting next to. Suzanne sat on the far left, from Alan's point of view, and then sat Amy, Katherine, and Susan to the right. They hadn't deliberately attempted to wear complementary clothes, but he loved the way their red, blue, and purple dresses all went well together. XX09

Although Suzanne was the one who usually kept her emotions the most bottled up, this time her passion was flowing freely. She sobbed, "I'm just so happy! I can't believe this is happening to me! To US! Sweetie... I love you so much! I can't sit still!"

Amy had to briefly take her hands from her embrace of Suzanne on one side and Katherine on the other, in order to wipe all the tears flowing down her cheeks. "Mother, what you said! Beau, Gaawwwd! I just... I love you more than I've ever loved anything!"

"Me too!" Katherine exclaimed. She too was wiping away her tears. "This is so unexpected! Brother, I'm so overcome by love that I'm really fighting just to breathe! I get to be your slave AND your wife?! At the same time?! For real?!"

He grinned about as widely as was humanly possible. "For real! And of course you'll always be my Number One Fuck Toy too." He winked at her.

She gasped, then actually seemed to swoon. It was a good thing she'd been sitting on the sofa, because she felt as if her bones had turned to jelly. She simply slumped backward with a stunned look on her face. In her book, this was better than winning the lottery, because she wanted her brother's love more than any amount of money.

He loved that kind of passionate reaction. He had to wipe away the tears that were streaming down his cheeks. "Now, please don't say any more or I'm going to get so gushy and teary that I won't even be able to see!"

Susan chuckled. "Tiger, I'm already crying so much that I can't see!" That was true. Her cheeks were soaked with tears, with more flowing down them all the time. "My son! My master! My HUSBAND! Angel, pinch me! Tell me I'm not dreaming!"

Katherine gleefully pinched Susan, then squeaked with glee, "Pinch me too!" Katherine French kissed her for good measure. Susan had chosen a royal blue strapless dress mainly because it could so easily be pulled down below her nipples. Sure enough, it fell down not long after the necking began, allowing Katherine to pinch Susan's nipples. That caused Susan to pinch her daughter's nipples right back, although she had to do it through Katherine's maroon dress.

Amy and Suzanne saw that and decided the other two had a very good idea. The two of them shared a soaring, sizzling kiss as well.

Alan was very grateful that his women were kissing each other, because he was so emotionally overcome that he thought he might actually pass out, if not explode. This allowed him to have a brief breather, both emotionally and physically. His emotions had been all over the place ever since he came downstairs, but his heart had never stopped pounding at a frantic pace.

Amy, Susan, Suzanne and Kat kissing

The kisses on the sofa went on for a surprisingly long time. Each woman was filled with more love and joy than she could contain, and it had to come out somehow. It just so happened that these kisses were the vessel at hand. It was a coincidence that both kissing pairs were mother and daughter, but that helped raise the emotions even higher.

Strangely enough, even though their excitement was due to marrying Alan, he was temporarily left alone. That didn't bother him at all. He understood that this event would be much bigger in scope than just marrying him; they would be entering into a group marriage, so that each woman would effectively be marrying all the others as well.

Finally, Suzanne ended her kiss with Amy, and gave Alan a "come hither" look to end all "come hither" looks. She growled at him in her sexy, scratchy voice, "My God, Son! Now I get what you meant when you said you needed to rest up. I hope you did, because you're going to get FUCKED and SUCKED tonight like you've never been fucked and sucked before!"

Susan broke her kiss with Katherine to say, "Amen to that! My Masterful Son, I'm shivery and tingly and goose-bumpy all over, and it never ends! I can't stop crying! I think I might faint AGAIN! Do you realize how much this means to me?! This is EVERYTHING!"

Alan chuckled at that. "Mom, I have some idea. My heart is soaring too, knowing how I've made you this happy, how I've made all of us so happy. I'm soaring so high my feet aren't even touching the ground! But let me tell you what else is on my mind. Please, let's calm down, stay seated, and let me get through this without too much interruption, okay?"

The four women wrapped their arms around each other again and nodded in perfect synchrony. Although tears continued to fall down their cheeks, their smiles couldn't have been any brighter. Then they looked at each other, and some kind of silent understanding passed between them, because they also replied in perfect unison: "Yes, Master."


Alan shook his head in wonder about that. Then he started pacing as he collected his thoughts. "Okay. Here's the deal. I'm sure you're wondering: 'Why marriage? Aren't we your sex slaves already? And what does marriage even mean, if it's not legally binding?"

Suzanne couldn't help but exclaim, "I'M not wondering about the details! Who the fuck cares at this point?! All that matters is that it's happening! It's real! It's real for us!" Her normal rational thinking was set aside while her passionate emotions had temporarily taken over.

The other three beauties nodded their heads emphatically at that.

Alan grinned. "I agree completely. But, be that as it may, let me explain my reasoning. Sure, we're already bound together as master and slaves. And I totally love that. But it's just not the same as being husband and wife. If nothing else, it symbolizes how serious we are about our commitments to each other. Plus, you can't tell many people that you're a sex slave. But you could tell at least some friends that you're a de facto wife, even if it's only in a non-legally-binding way. I'm thinking we can somehow combine the two things."

Susan squealed, "'Slave Wife!' Oh dear Lord, give me strength! Just saying those two words is bringing me closer to a great climax!" She was writhing in her seat, demonstrating that those weren't just happy words.

Katherine gleefully whispered in Susan's ear, but loud enough for everyone to hear, "Slave wife!"

Susan jerked and twitched, like she'd been physically slapped or shaken. She'd pulled her blue dress back over her breasts after necking with her daughter, but now she dramatically yanked it back down and grasped her huge globes with both hands. Endless slavery! Endless facials! Endless sucking! Endless sharing of his fat cock with my very favorite people! I'll be spending a good portion of my life bobbing on my knees, for years and years to come! And the fucking! He's gonna fuck me so much! XX22

Delighted by that strong reaction, Katherine whispered, "Even better: big-titted slave wife mommy!"

Susan froze up and gaped. "OH! Oh, oh, oh! I AM... oh, I just came! So good!" She leaned into Katherine and exclaimed, "Say that again... you big-titted slave wife SISTER!"

Katherine shut her eyes tight and clenched her teeth, because just hearing those words blew her own mind. "Oh, FUCK! I think I'm gonna cum too!"

Alan laughed. "Hey, before everybody just cums and cries tears of joy all night long... Although, now that I think about it, that doesn't sound too bad. But seriously, let me finish what I want to say."

He resumed his pacing around, as the others tried hard to stay calm while sitting fully dressed on the sofa. "I don't know about the legal situation. Maybe we could go overseas and I could legally marry you in some country with different laws where polygamy is legal. That obviously wouldn't be legally binding here, but still, it would be something that we could take satisfaction in. We should explore our options. And, of course, we're gonna have to have a big wedding. Consider yourselves engaged, for now-"

"Consider?" Suzanne interrupted. "Fuck that! I AM ENGAGED to you Sweetie, and don't you EVER forget it!" Seeing that Susan was topless, she pulled the one strap of her dress down her shoulder and similarly exposed her fantastic rack. Her pussy was burning with need. She couldn't wait to fuck the man she'd long secretly considered her son, and now considered her husband as well.

Agreement from the others was both instant and absolute. There were exclamations and nodding heads all around. Alan could only admire the intensity of their passion.

He cleared his throat to regain his poise before saying, "I'm thinking we should wait until summertime for the actual marriage ceremony so we can do it right. We can have a big production with white wedding gowns and a prolonged honeymoon and everything."

Susan let go of Katherine and raised her hands to the sky. "SHUT UP! Sorry, I don't say that very much, and I hate to be rude, but seriously, SHUT UP! If you say one more thing, I'm gonna be so happy that I'm gonna up and DIE! Seriously DIE! A wedding?! A honeymoon?! With you and me and my sister slave wives?!" She lowered her hands, holding one in front of her with her thumb and index finger very nearly touching. "I'm THIS CLOSE to cumming, or fainting, or hyperventilating, or maybe all three at once!"

Alan's smile grew. His boner throbbed in his slacks but he chose to ignore it. "Well then, I guess I'll be tempting fate to tell you all that of course it won't be a typical wedding ceremony. After all, you're not just my wives to be, you're also my beloved sex slaves. Mom, maybe I'll be wearing a tuxedo, like I am now, while you'll only be wearing a few pieces of your topless wedding gown as we exchange vows."

Susan growled and groaned with need. She absolutely adored the idea of marrying her son while topless.

Katherine and Amy somehow still had their breasts covered, but after hearing him say that, they too pulled their straps down their shoulders.

He grinned at the four topless women sitting in front of him. "And I envision my four other wife slaves all kneeling around me as we do it, sucking and licking my ass, my cock, and my balls."


Susan dramatically stood up and pointed at Alan. "MOTHER FUCKER! You fucking MOTHERFUCKER! That is SO HOT that I'm going to spontaneously combust! Especially because you really ARE a motherfucker!"

The others all laughed at Susan's fiery outburst. But they weren't laughing at her; they were just amused and pleased that she was so passionate. She never ever swore or cursed, and yet it was obvious even cursing didn't come close to letting her express just how much she adored that idea.

Katherine stood up and helped guide Susan back to the sofa. "Come on, Mom. Chill out, or you're going to seriously have a heart attack or something. Although, I have to admit that if anything is 'SO HOT,' it's this wedding plan!"

Suzanne clenched her head with both hands, like she was worried her brain was going to split open. She was so horny and happy that she almost couldn't physically handle it. "You're telling me! God, that's so wrong! But sooooo right! How could it be any other way?! UGH! Susan's right. Master, you damn well better talk about something else for a while, or all four of us are gonna keel over and die from too much joy!"

Amy was beaming. "Can you imagine the honeymoon?! We'll be in some tropical island paradise probably, naked and fucking all day long!"

Katherine was beaming just as brightly. "I know! Endlessly serving our master's cock! Or rather, our HUSBAND'S cock!" She quipped, "Not that it'll be that much different from what we'll be doing at home every day, but maybe we'll get more sun and more mango juice."

She and Amy giggled at that, and shared a brief kiss.

Alan couldn't stop grinning like an idiot. He loved just looking at his four women, still mostly clothed in their fancy dresses, with tears continuing to stream down their faces. To think, up until I popped the question, I was worried they might say 'No.' Just look at them; they're all so beautiful and wonderful! How could they want me, and even be willing to share me?! But their passion and enthusiasm are putting my fears to rest.

After a long silence, he said, "Okay, let's switch to something slightly less arousing. You'll note I mentioned four other wives when I described Susan's part of the group wedding. And no, I'm not miscounting. One reason I'm thinking we should wait until summer is that it's my great hope that by then Glory will have joined us fully. If she does, I'd love to marry her too at the same time."

Glory lyin spread-eagled in a white wedding dress

He had a brief vision of Glory lying on the ground in her white wedding dress. It had come partially open, revealing much of her tanned and tempting body. Oh man! That DEFINITELY needs to happen! Call me greedy, or asking for trouble, or whatever, but this harem isn't going to be complete until Glory is my fifth wife! I don't know what it is, but there's something about her that I love so much! Sexually we're a great match, but it goes way beyond that. I love being with her. I want to grow old with her too!

Katherine suddenly raised her hands to the sky, in the same way Susan had done. "Mother fucking GOD! Sorry to interrupt, but I just have to say: WE'RE GETTING MARRIED!" She turned to Amy next to her, and clutched her shoulders. "Can you believe it!"

Amy clutched Katherine's shoulders too. "I totally can't! No way!" Since they were closely facing each other, they briefly rubbed their bare racks together. "This is so mega super-duper fabulously wonder... Ohmigod, I can't even say! I'd have to put together a word that's like a zillion words long! And why am I crying so much? I can't stop crying!"

Katherine replied, "Me too! That's because we love him THAT MUCH! And he loves us THAT MUCH! And he's going to be our brother master husband, and we're going to be his sister slave wives FOREVER!"

The two teen girls shrieked their heads off and then shared a French kiss. A lot more bare tit rubbing ensued.


Alan just chuckled as he watched his sisters go at each other. He said with amusement, "Well, if they're kissing, at least they're not screaming. So let me take advantage of the relative silence to continue discussing Glory. What do you think? Could that happen, that she might want to join us in our group marriage? Should that happen? Is it something we all want?"

Suzanne said, "Speaking for myself, YES! Maybe I'm just so emotionally overcome that I'm feeling anything and everything is possible, but OF COURSE she's going to love you and want to marry you too. How could she not?! You're just so... lovable! I never knew, when all this started, that it would come to THIS!" She wiped her face some more. "Oh God, I'm getting all teary-eyed again!"

That was an understatement, since she'd never stopped crying tears of joy in the first place. But she began sobbing even more. She had more that she wanted to say, but she was simply crying too much to do it.

Surprisingly, Amy broke her necking with Katherine, and said, "Since Mother is kinda overwhelmed, let me tell you what I think she'd say, which I also think is a good idea. First off, YES to Glory!" She pointed emphatically at Alan. "She's totally great. Definitely tame her and marry her. She belongs in our harem, big time!"

Seeing that the others all were in clear agreement with that, he asked, "But do you really think she'll want me, permanently?"

Suzanne recovered enough from her crying to exclaim, "YOU FOOL! Of COURSE she will! Why do you keep doubting yourself?! We've got a great thing going here. Sharing you isn't a problem that makes things worse, it makes things BETTER!"

Amy nodded. "Totally! Glory doesn't really know most of us that well yet. She definitely doesn't understand the harem lifestyle. But she'll come around. You'll see."

Susan spoke up. "Agreed! And let's not forget Brenda. Tiger, it's true that right now she's allowed to fuck her son, but that's a phase that will pass. Her heart and body belong to you, and she knows it. That's why she's officially pledged to be your slave forever!"

Amy nodded at that too. "About that... I don't think you should marry Brenda, at least not unless she stops having sex with Adrian. Maybe she can continue doing that if she's just a sex slave, although even that is kinda iffy to me. But she definitely can't fuck another guy if she's gonna be your wife. Am I right?"

The other women all nodded fervently, while the tears kept on rolling down their faces.

Susan chimed in, "And speaking as one who understands her submissive mentality, I don't think she'd even WANT to be one of your wives, not even after she's pledged herself solely to you. She feels she has a special place as your one 'true' slave. She definitely wouldn't believe she deserves marriage status."

Katherine panted, "Gaawwwd! I can't believe my brother is such a total STUD! How many MORE women like Brenda will he tame?!"

Amy smiled at her sister, and nodded. "Lots!" She giggled. Then she responded to Susan's comments. "What you say about Brenda, yeah, I can see that. But she should be at the wedding and the honeymoon. Maybe she could even have her own special kind of ceremony reaffirming her slave-y status. She would be seriously bummed if she was left out."

Susan said, "That's true."

Before Susan could say more, Amy added excitedly, "Hey! I have a cool idea! Let's not forget Christine too. We could send her a group photo of the five of us ladies from our paradise vacation, and write on the back, 'Wish you were here with us. We're keeping Alan's cock stiff and throbbing for you.'"


Alan groaned loudly and unthinkingly as he imagined enjoying a vacation with five wives while having Christine on the verge of joining as well. It was such an arousing and appealing thought that his already stiff erection visibly twitched in his slacks several times.

Amy nudged Katherine, and whispered, 'Check it out! The Christine Effect in action!"

Katherine whispered back, "I get jealous about her, but I swear, if she really did join us, Brother would never be flaccid again!"

Amy whispered back gleefully, "I know!"

Susan didn't catch their whispering, but she figured it was something good. She continued, "And don't worry, Adrian and Brenda need each other right now very much, including sexually. Brenda may even be saving her son from going off the deep end. But in time that'll change and her devotion to our Master will become total." She looked to Alan knowingly as she tried to wipe her cheeks dry. "Once that happens, she might decide she's ready for marriage. So she could be another future slave wife!"

"Emphasis on 'slave' in her case," Suzanne growled hotly. "I get the feeling she's always going to be more interested in the sex slave part of such an arrangement than in the 'wife' side of things... which suits ME just fine! Because if there's one thing we know for certain about Brenda, it's that she loves to SERVE a real MAN!" She stared at Alan's crotch bulge intently and licked her lips, leaving no doubt about what she meant by "serving" in this case.

Amy nodded. "Definitely! But don't stop there! What about Xania?"

Alan held his hands out in a "stop" gesture. "Hold on. I think about my future mainly with you four and Glory. You're the ones I've loved a long time. I don't understand why women have been flocking to me like bees to honey lately. But at some point it becomes obvious that I'm taken, and I have no time or energy for anyone else. Right?"

Suzanne spoke with pride and defiance. "Let US be the judge of that! Sweetie, you have a way of making women feel totally loved AND totally sexually satiated. That's a gift that should be shared. I know that right now Xania is mostly just another hot and seriously stacked babe in your eyes. But I believe that, in time, you could come to love Xania, and she could come to love you. She could round out our family in a nice way."

He thought, I could easily see myself falling in love with Xania. She's waaaay out of my league, just like everyone else here. I'd be totally psyched to have her. But at what point do I have to say 'no' because I'm spread too thin?! My top priority from now on has to be to my four wives, and hopefully my future wife Glory!

Amy scrunched up her face as she pondered Xania's situation. "I don't know what her deal is. Why she isn't grabbing onto the harem life with both hands already is beyond me. Doesn't she know it's just the absolute bestest thing ever?! I mean, I get mind-blowing sex, like, every single day, and so much love! And I get all my slave sisters and mothers, who are now gonna be my fellow wives too, and they end up becoming the very bestest of super best friends, even more than before! What's the downside? I don't get it. It's all total awesomeness!"

She looked around at the other topless beauties on the sofa and hugged Suzanne and Katherine on either side of her, then she reached across Katherine and held Susan's hand.

Suzanne had mostly recovered from her crying spell, and said, "Very nice, my sweet Honey Pie. Very nice! I couldn't have said it better myself. Xania does have some commitment issues. But I think she'll get over them eventually, if she just spends enough time with us." She turned to Alan. "Maybe not by summer, but I'm hopeful that someday she'll be one of your brides as well. She's my good friend. She should share the joy."

Amy bounced on the sofa excitedly. "Cool beans! She's great! And let's not forget Christine!" She calmed down a bit and stopped bouncing as she considered the difficulties with Christine. "Beau, no way would she be ready to marry you by summer. Heck, I highly doubt you'll even have fully tamed and enslaved her by then. She's a tough nut to crack. But someday, it would be totally great if you could marry her too!"


Alan's jaw dropped and he stared off into space like an idiot as he imagined Christine in a wedding dress. Not just any wedding dress though, but one that left her fantastic globes completely exposed. She was wearing a matching white collar.

Katherine snorted with amusement, asking him, "Are you keeping a hamster in your pants or something? I just saw some serious lurching in there."

Amy smirked with glee. "That's the infamous Christine Effect in action again, I'm sure."

Katherine knowingly added, "Also known as 'Viagra Woman.'"

Susan asked, "What's that?"

Katherine explained, "If you ever have trouble getting our master fully erect, just mention Christine's name. Instant boner!"

Amy added, "Or, if he's already hard, then it's like an instant, extra-twitchy, super-stiffirific erection."

Katherine continued, "I'd be jealous if it wasn't so amusing... and useful."

Susan gave them both a look that indicated she was definitely storing that tidbit in her memory. She muttered, "Good to know."

Katherine said, "Here, watch. Brother, imagine a naked and collared Christine dropping to her knees before you to say, "Master, you've already fully tamed and enslaved me, and now you're saying you're going to make me one of your wives too?! You know my answer: 'YES!'"

She was going to say more, but it wasn't necessary because Alan closed his eyes and groaned loudly and lustily. Simultaneously, his erection made a very obvious lurching movement in his slacks. He was so embarrassed that he began to blush. Fortunately no one seemed to have taken offense.

Katherine giggled triumphantly. "You see what I mean?" She and Amy high-fived each other.

Susan bounced eagerly in her seat. "That's cool! But he's not the only one getting all excited with this talk about enslaving and marrying Christine, and others!"

She grasped Katherine's and Amy's hands, since they were within reach, while turning to face them and Suzanne. "Just think: our Master could have EIGHT slave wives someday! EIGHT! Heck, maybe more! He might meet some of them in college! It's going to be a true harem, in every possible way!"

Katherine enthused, "It's going to be 'kneeling room only' around his crotch from now on, that's for sure! I have the most studly brother-master in the world!" She sensuously caressed the undersides of her bare breasts while gracing him with a laser-like lusty gaze. Brother, you have no idea what you've unleashed here! Make that 'Brother-Master-hubby!' You think I was hot for you before? Just wait!

Alan chuckled a bit nervously. Good grief! I'm getting carried away by THEIR enthusiasm. We're all flying so high. But I have to remember my physical limits, and other limits. So he stated forcefully, "No way man! Eight is MORE than enough, if it ever gets to that, which it won't. To even talk about eight is crazy. I'm marrying four women at once! Isn't that enough?! Let's focus on that. I so totally don't deserve any of this."

Susan growled impatiently, "Oh, shut up!" Realizing how impolite that was, she added, "Sorry for speaking so bluntly, Master. Maybe it's true you don't really deserve this. Even I can see you've had incredible luck in falling into this situation. But so what? It is what it is. You ARE the master of a great harem, and that's never going to change, especially once you marry us. So stop saying you don't deserve it and just enjoy it to the fullest."

"Well put." Suzanne gave an approving nod.

Alan sighed. "Okay. I'm trying. But I kind of like that I can't get over this 'pinch me; I'm dreaming' feeling. It seems the excitement truly never ends for me. I mean, I thought we'd be talking about nothing but the group marriage between the five of us, but as soon as I'm done proposing, you guys immediately start going off on adding even more!"

Susan said, "Son, Master, I'm sorry. But you've got us thinking about our glorious future together, and we're all picturing how it will be. We know you won't stop with four, or even five, and we don't want you to!"

Amy put her hands on her hips and spoke with something approaching indignation, "Yeah! How could you even think about NOT fully taming a super great girl like Christine?"

He shook his head in total amazement. He was trying to maintain perspective, but it was tough not to let his libido run wild. His erection was straining to burst through his slacks. "By the way, I don't understand why this 'Christine Effect' keeps happening. Believe me, it's not like I'm any more attracted to her than to any of you-"

Suzanne cut him off, waving a hand dismissively. "Don't sweat it. We know how much you love us and lust for each of us. It's just that she's the forbidden fruit right now. She's also got the whole 'virginal innocence' thing going for her, which will pass once you've fucked her a few times. That's why we're all more amused than jealous."

The others nodded in sincere agreement.


He breathed a silent sigh of relief, even as his erection twitched noticeably again at the thought of fucking Christine. He was amazed that everyone else treated that as a given. He tried to change the subject. "Anyway, we can't get totally carried away with fantasies. Eight wives is just crazy talk. More realistically, I'd really like to marry Glory as well as the four of you. It's a shame she can't be here tonight. But even I know that would have been way too much, way too soon. Still, I have a good feeling about her."

Katherine whispered to Amy, but loud enough for everyone else to hear, "He says eight is crazy, but acts like FIVE wives is perfectly normal."

The two sisters had a good giggle and hug over that. Knowing he was watching, they rubbed their bare racks together some more. Then, while they kept doing that, they stuck their tongues out, but not to kiss. Instead, by some unseen mutual understanding, they both acted as if they were licking an invisible erection midway between their heads.

He stared in wide wonder at his sexy sisters. They're my wives now. My WIVES! No, my slave wives, whatever the fuck that means! We're gonna live together, sleep together, and fuck together for the rest of our lives! God damn! He turned his gaze to Susan and Suzanne. And don't even get me started on those two! Fuck me! This crazy sexual roller coaster ride I'm on will never come to an end now. Never!

He found his breathing speeding up into panting, and briefly closed his eyes and forced himself to calm down. He went back to speaking about the overall situation. "That's a good point. Even four or five wives is pretty damn crazy. How would it work, for one man to have that many wives, or maybe even more someday? I think we're in uncharted waters here, at least in our culture. But I'm also confident that we can make it work."

Susan nodded heartily to that. "Son, I'm so thrilled that I can hardly speak, but I just have to say I hope you're not going to think that just because we're your future wives, things should be any more equal." She pointedly hefted her big, bare tits up with both hands. "A sex slave is a slave, period, and being a slave wife doesn't change that! She's still a slave. As far as I'm concerned, you'll always own me, heart, body, mind, and soul!"

She stopped to wipe her tears again, which were falling a lot less now. She grew more sober and serious. "I hate to say this, and it would break my heart, to say the least... But if, by marrying you, that would make me any less than your total slave, then I would have to say no! It would truly break my heart!" She stared sadly at the box containing her new ring, which she'd put on the sofa next to her, like the others did.

Then she looked at Alan with renewed determination. "But I have to stand up for what I believe in, and that's eternally and endlessly serving you and your mommy-splitting COCK! My master!" She stared longingly at his crotch.

Alan had a visible bulge there. Since the return of his erection, it hadn't softened at all, despite the fact that there had been no physical contact.

Katherine spoke with fierce determination. "Ditto! I told you from day one that 'fuck toy' isn't just sex talk for me. That's still as true as ever. I love the idea of being one of your wives, but not in the traditional sense, not if it's some 50-50 equality thing!" She made a sour face. "Bleagh!"

Susan asked anxiously, "And what about The Pact?! Those are the rules that now guide me more than any other. This doesn't void that, does it?!"

He held his hands out in a welcoming gesture. "Mom, Sis, don't worry. This means whatever WE want it to mean. The good thing about being in uncharted waters is that we can make up our own rules, because there are no rules already set in place. I think I made clear that I don't see this as a replacement for The Pact and everything that came before. All that still stands. It's just that this gives us an extra level of meaning and commitment to add on top."

Susan clutched at her chest, as if she were recovering from a near heart attack. "Well, thank the Lord for THAT! I was really scared there for a minute!"

Katherine gave Susan a squeeze, with her arm around her. "Mom, for the record, I'm right there with you. I'm not on board either unless it's as his SLAVE wife. Emphasis more on the slave than the wife. Frankly, I hope things don't change much, because we're living in paradise already. But, like Brother says, this is extremely powerful symbolically. For instance, can there be any doubt that it's just a matter of time before I'll have a belly out to here?" She held a hand far out in front of her abdomen, as if she would someday have the biggest pregnant belly ever.

She continued, with her enthusiasm growing by the minute. "And what's great is that we won't have to hide! Once we live in Berkeley, assuming that happens, no one will have to know about the incest. We can pretend we're part of some weird splinter Mormon sect or something, with de facto polygamy. Berkeley will be great, because weird is pretty normal there. Mom, you and I can tell all our neighbors and friends that we're his WIVES! Once Amy, Glory, and I start popping out babies, you and Mother can help raise them. We'll all be moms. And we can do it totally in the open!"

Susan was at a loss for words, so she just gaped in awe. Dear Lord, oh great and powerful Lord, thank You for making all my dreams come true! What I did to deserve this, I'll never know. I could be a mommy again, in a certain kind of way?! And love my Tiger in the open, as my HUSBAND?! It can't be! It's too perfect!

Katherine continued, "But what's even better is that behind closed doors, we'll still be naked and kneeling, slurping and sucking on his fat cock while our cunts and asses stay aching and sore from constantly getting skewered, drilled, plowed, and all-around royally fucked! We'll be living to eternally serve our master, like the true sex slaves that we are!"

Susan had never entirely stopped crying, but that made her even more teary. After some long moments where her big tits heaved up and down as she gasped for air, she managed to respond, "Oh, Angel! That's the most beautiful vision I've ever heard! I'm just so happy that I don't know what to do! I didn't know a human being could feel so loved, and so IN love!"

She turned back to Alan. "Son, do you have more to say? And if you do, can you say it while I strip naked and suck your cock? Because I just can't stand NOT sucking your cock any longer! I NEED it, like I need air to breathe! Don't be so cruel denying it to me!"

He chuckled at that. "Mom, hang in there. This is about much more than blowjobs. Mom, I love you. And I love you, Sis. And you, Aims. And you, Mother. My biggest worry about this is that you'll think I'm playing favorites somehow. It's weird, I know, to have a kind of assembly-line marriage proposal, but it seems to me that it's the only way to do it. We're a team. A family. A harem. This is going to be the most unusual marriage ever, to be sure. Even so, you'll never need to forget that I'm your master. That is NOT going to change, period. I don't want it to change. I know I was in denial of my master status for a long time, but not anymore. I warmly embrace it."

Susan spoke loudly. "Thank God for THAT! You can't just make someone your slave and then take it back, not even partially. That would be too cruel. I'm fully committed to this lifestyle! But Son, I'm confident that you're going to make a GREAT master. Obviously, you're still learning the ropes and discovering the extent of your power, including discovering the joy of using and controlling us. Just promise that you won't change a thing simply because you're going to be our husband now too."

She gasped unexpectedly, then covered her mouth with both hands. Her eyes went wide again.

Katherine ran a supportive hand up her side. "Mom, what is it?"

She removed her hands, and explained, "I just realized, Master, we need to get YOU a ring too!"

Suzanne's eyes bugged out briefly, because she hadn't thought of that. She said, "I have an idea. We should get him four rings, one from each of us. Of course they can't all go on his ring finger, but that's okay. We can work that out."

Amy spoke with her usual bouncy enthusiasm. "That's a GREAT idea! It's like... there will be this cosmic connection, between his ring on our fingers, and our rings on his fingers."

Katherine chimed in, "Yeah! It would almost be like some kind of invisible leash between him and us! An invisible bond of love AND servitude! Does it get any better than that?!"

Susan whined, "I'm soooo horny! Son, this is torture! How do you expect us to talk about leashes, love, and servitude without at least getting naked?!" Even though she was already topless, she impulsively pulled her dress further down her body.

Amy said, "Yeah! I don't care! I may be a sex slave, but like my bestest friend sister, I'm a totally uppity one!" She stood up and started to remove her dress. "I'm getting buck naked right now, like nature intended. Master, if you have to punish me with a spanking, then so much the better!"

Katherine stood up and began taking her dress the rest of the way off as well. She giggled with glee to Amy. "It's win-win no matter what, isn't it? If he doesn't punish us, then we get to be naked, and if he does, then we get to be naked AND spanked! God, being a fuck-toy sex-slave wife fuckin' ROCKS!"

Amy and Katherine paused in their undressing to high five each other and share in a brief giggle-fest.

Amy got naked quicky, as usual.

Katherine was falling behind. But then she got an idea. She walked over to Alan. "Brother, can you help me out with my zipper, to take my dress all the way off?"


Actually, Katherine didn't need Alan's help, and her dress was most of the way off already. But it was a good excuse to get up close to her brother and have him put his arms around her. Within seconds, they were making out.

He realized that he'd been tricked, but he greatly enjoyed kissing and fondling his sister, so he didn't have need to complain. But he didn't want to get too sidetracked either, so after just a few long moments, he managed to disengage. He even helped pull her dress below her ass, causing it to slide to her feet.

With Katherine stepping back towards the sofa, he had a chance to look around and see how the others were doing.

Susan and Suzanne looked at each other from opposite sides of the sofa and then stood up to finish undressing too. Susan was farther along, since she'd previously pulled her dress down nearly to her pussy. She made sure to keep her immense I-cup breasts swaying and bouncing as she did that.

Suzanne was all smirks and smiles as she tossed her dress aside as stood in a proud, titillating pose. "Hey, I agree with Angel. It's like she said, it's win-win. Besides, you can't seriously expect us to stay clothed any longer, can you?"

Susan was drowning in bliss. She was taking longer to undress, because she knew he was watching. She was having a fun time slowly shimmying her dress down her leg in the sexiest way she could manage. "And Son, if you want to keep talking without one or all of us going wild all over your cock, then you'd damn well better get flaccid, and fast! We may be your sex slaves, but we're also human."

She bent way down and stepped out of her dress, then also tossed it aside like a forgotten rag. She stood next to Suzanne and posed with her. "You can't just stand there talking about weddings and honeymoons with a great big delicious-looking bulge in your slacks and expect us NOT to take action!"


Alan chuckled, ogling his two mothers in just their collars and high heels. He mock-sighed. "Ugh! The story of my life! As a matter of fact, I do have more to talk about. But I suppose I can't be totally unreasonable. And since I really am a motherfucking 'master' now, dammit, why not? Why shouldn't I enjoy myself? But I have one constraint: one at a time only. Otherwise the conversation will inevitably grind to a halt and an orgy will break out. I have my plans for tonight, and I don't want to upset them. Mom, since you're the most insistent and cock-starved, you can go first!"

Susan pumped a fist in triumph. She immediately dropped to her knees, even though Alan was standing about ten feet away. Then she turned back to the others and said, "That crazy ol' Susan is smarter than you think. The squeaky wheel DOES get the grease! Now, if you'll excuse me, I have some HUSBAND-COCK to suck!" She couldn't have been more satisfied, and it showed on her beaming face.


Her tears of joy had stopped. She wiped her wet cheeks as best she could, then started crawling slowly forward on all fours. She was trying to be silent and sexy, like a panther stalking its prey, but she was so excited that she couldn't help sit up for a moment to say, "Aaaah! THIS is the life! Look at me! TOTALLY humiliated, totally controlled! Made to crawl and serve my master! My son! My HUSBAND!"

She kept on crawling forward while the others watched with both envy and approval. Aaaah! This truly is the life! It's never going to end. I'm going to be humiliated constantly, forever! Tiger will put me in my place and force me to serve, over and over and over again! Humiliation never felt so good!

Alan was delighted and amused beyond belief. He pointed out, "I certainly don't remember ordering you to crawl, Mom. I don't remember that at all."

"All the better!" Susan exclaimed. "That just shows how you make me do all kinds of naughty, sexy stuff without even using words. Your power over all of us slave wives is ABSOLUTE!"

She wanted to draw out the crawling to get him really worked up, but she was far too horny. About halfway there, she sped up considerably. Seconds later, she had his fly unzipped and his slacks pulled down below his balls. She sighed with contentment as she took his erection in both hands. She closed her eyes for a very brief prayer. "Dear Lord, thank You for this cocky, spermy feast! And thank You for giving me my master-son and making him my husband too! You've turned my life into Heaven on Earth. Amen!" With another blissful sigh, she engulfed his shaft and started hungrily bobbing.

Katherine griped, "Oh, maaaaan! That looks so yummy. Master, when will her turn be over?" She sat on the sofa, impatiently fondling herself.

He said, "I'm going to leave that up to the three of you to work out. I've got plenty of other things on my mind." He looked down and saw and felt Susan's loving efforts. She was twisting her head this way and that with her favorite corkscrew technique, while simultaneously keeping her tongue flittering on his sweet spot. Both of her hands were busy as well, fondling his balls and stroking the unsucked portion of his shaft. It was all part of her usual cocksucking routine, so the resulting surge of pleasure not only felt great to him, but was also familiar and, oddly enough, quite comforting.

But what surprised him was that, once Susan got started sucking and bobbing in earnest, her tears began to flow freely again. She'd just wiped her face clean, but apparently she was so emotionally overcome by reconnecting with Alan's cock after his marriage proposal that she couldn't help shed even more tears of joy. MMMM! I never have to worry again! Even with everything that's happened lately, I've still had this nagging worry that Tiger would move away to college and leave me all alone. But now there's no doubt I'll be able to bob and stroke and suck this fat monster every single day! This is where I belong! I love it when he fucks me, in my ass AND my cunt, but there's something special about kneeling before my master with a mouth full of cock!

Needless to say, Alan was highly distracted by his mother's great oral talents. But after so many weeks, he was used to such treatment. He was glad at least that he'd restricted his women to pleasuring him one at a time, or he knew he would have been reduced to a quivering, incoherent wreck before very long.

He gamely tried to resume his comments. "This is good timing, that Mom is blowing me now, because I just want to say that I don't deserve this. What's she's doing is a perfect case in point. You all treat me like a sultan or a king. I know in my heart that I don't deserve it. I'm just a normal teen. I'm basically the same guy I was three months ago, when I'd never even kissed a girl."

Suzanne growled at him. "What did I tell you about that kind of talk?"

He ignored her and simply stared off into space for a few moments. He was reminiscing as well as enjoying Susan's signature corkscrew cocksucking move. "Wow! Was it just three months ago? I feel like I've lived ten years in the last two months alone. But in any case, don't try to argue that I do deserve it, because it doesn't matter. It is what it is. This is how things happened, and we all love it so much that it would be insane not to keep going on this way as long as we can. I know that I'm luckier than ten lottery winners combined, but then again, we're ALL lucky. We all love this lifestyle, don't we? It's like what Amy said: What's the downside?! It IS total awesomeness!"

There were enthusiastic nods from the three naked women on the sofa. Susan "Mmmm"-ed extra loudly and affirmatively, since her head was already bobbing for a completely different reason.

He continued, "All I know is, I love each and every one of you, and I can't live without you. I loved you more than typical family members do even before the sex began. This is about so much more than sex. I want to be with you, each one of you, for the rest of our lives! But with the sex thrown in, it became obvious: how could we NOT be married?! I'm sure we'll have problems in the years to come. Things can't stay this perfect forever, can they? But it's our deep love for each other that'll see us through. As a harem, as a family, and as a group marriage."

He concluded, "That's all I wanted to say about that. I just had to get that off my chest. Oh, and one more thing: I'm vowing right now with all my heart to be the best husband and master that I can possibly be! Sure, I want a good career, and good friends, and all kinds of other stuff. I'm going to work on achieving all those things. But, that said, my number one priority is all of YOU. Meaning the four of you in this room, plus a few select others like Glory. In other words, the women I love. Yes, you all talk dramatically in submissive terms about living to serve me. That blows my mind and stiffens my dick every time, I must admit. But at the same time, I truly live to serve YOU. Your happiness is my happiness."


The other women started to tear up again, except for Susan who was already sobbing freely, even as she kept on bobbing, stroking and licking. She even reached between his legs to probe his asshole, despite the fact that he was still wearing his slacks.

He added, "I don't want to be the typical master or the typical husband. We don't have to be the typical anything. I think the motto of our harem should be: 'The more you give, the more you receive.' You all talk about that, saying that the more you submit to me and dedicate yourself to my pleasure, the more orgasms, fun, and joy you get in return. But that's just as true for me. I'm never so happy as when I see YOU happy, and sexually satiated. More and more, I'm coming to love just watching your faces in the throes of orgasm."

He spoke with even more passion. "I know it's a cliché from some movie, but I increasingly think about the line 'You make me want to be a better man.' That's so true! I can't just sit around and play video games, watch TV, and dork around on the Internet anymore. You all treat me like a king. I'm WAY too young to be married to one woman, much less four. I simply have to rise above all that stuff, try to be mature beyond my years, and become the great Master you want and expect me to be. I know I'm not there yet, I'm not even close, but I'm gonna work hard at it. At the same time, I can't let all this power you're granting me, and all this sexual pleasure, go to my head."

He looked down at Susan's bobbing head significantly. He smiled and ran a hand through her hair. "That said, I'm confident I can do it! If I start to go astray, I'm sure that you'll set me back on the right path. Getting married may just be symbolic for us, but, just the same, it's gonna inspire me to try even harder to keep those beautiful smiles on your faces. We have so much to look forward to, so many years to treasure and love each other. My heart is literally bursting with joy right now. I can't wait to get started!"

Suzanne started clapping. "Bravo! Bravo!"

Katherine and Amy joined in. Even Susan briefly freed her hands from stroking and fondling his privates to clap along with the others.

Suzanne said, "Now, THAT is inspirational stuff from the young man I'll be proud to call my husband! Think about us, Sweetie; especially Susan and me. Here we are, twenty years older than you, and yet we're talking about openly calling ourselves your wives when we live in Berkeley, or wherever we go. And not just any wives, but polygamous wives! People are going to look at me like I'm crazy. Who would believe that a woman with my looks and personality would put up with that?! But you know what? I don't care! I'll wear that badge of apparent shame with pride, because I love you that much. They're the ones who should feel sorry, because they'll never live a life a tenth as interesting, arousing, and loving as we do. To be honest, I can't wait to get started either. I'm going to be counting the days to the wedding, that's for sure!"

Amy nodded emphatically. "Yeah! What Mother said." She gave Suzanne a brief hug from the side. "You rock! And O.B., you rock too! Three months ago, and earlier, not a lot of girls were interested in you. But I've been watching you for years. I saw the potential. I knew you could 'rise above' and be a really special guy. And tonight you totally proved it in every way, as far as I'm concerned You've risen already!"

Katherine giggled, then made a joke about what Susan was doing to his "risen" cock. "That's what Mom said!"

She giggled some more, and then continued more seriously, "That's so very true, Aims. As you know, I was one of the few who wanted him from way back when, before his medical diagnosis. But all I had were dreams, impossible dreams. My diary was filled with fantasies of being fucked by my brother, and even owned by my brother, but I didn't believe that could really happen. And look at us now! I never dared to dream that not only would he own me and fully enslave me, but he'd actually marry me too!"

She spoke as she stared deeply into his eyes from the sofa. "Bro, I know this'll make me sound exactly like Mom, but you make me so proud! You really do! I can't tell you how much I love the fact that I'm talking to you while you're getting your cock sucked, and by our perfect-ten mom, no less. And every time you tame another busty beauty, it's further proof what a killer brother I've got! Because that's not easy. You're not JUST taming them with your big, relentless cock. Sure, you're doing that, but you're doing so much more. You're winning their hearts and minds too, by being the naturally good and loving guy that you are. Women can't help but fall in love with you and want to have your babies!"

He looked away bashfully as his cheeks reddened a bit. "Thanks. I think the 'babies' part is mostly just you, but... um... before this turns into a competition for all of us to outdo each other with compliments, I have a suggestion about what we should do next."

He thought the women were going to organize the penis-tending rotation, but apparently they'd been too distracted by the vitally-important conversation. So he said, "But before I get to that, maybe it's time someone takes over for Mom? Mom, you know I love what you're doing, but you don't want the others to see you as a cock hog."

To everyone's surprise, including her own, Suzanne raised her hand. "Oooh! Me!" Seeing the others look at her strangely, she said, "I know we should do rock-paper-scissors or something. But in the recent past, Susan has claimed her 'mommy privileges,' and now I'm claiming my 'mother privileges.' I'm sorry, but Susan isn't the only one who needs to suck cock right now like she needs air to breathe!"

To make her claim a fait accompli, Suzanne immediately dropped to the floor and started crawling towards Alan on all fours. She thought, This is crazy. Here we go again with the damn buck-naked crawling. But fuck dignity! This is what makes me happy! And... Oh, fuck, this is making me so HOT! Dammit, I must sound and look exactly like Susan in heat, but fuck it!

Katherine and Amy could tell they'd been beaten.

Katherine griped, "Damn! That sucks! Well, Mom did say the squeaky wheel gets the grease. I'm just going to have to be even MORE uppity."

Amy nodded. "Me too! But what about 'sister privileges?' Does such a thing exist?"


Suzanne smirked as she crawled slowly and sensuously. If anyone could sashay while on all fours, it was her. She said, "It does. However, 'sister privileges' are trumped by 'mommy' and 'mother privileges.' Use 'em if you're sharing him with Xania or Kim or someone like that."

Katherine sighed. "No fair!"

Suzanne said, "True. But that's why you have equalizers, like official girlfriend status, and your own day."

Amy nudged Katherine. "She's got a point there, Kat. Having Thursday is pretty darn cool. I'm totally jealous. And these mommy privileges seem to be like a once-in-a-blue-moon kind of thing."

"That's true," a somewhat mollified Katherine replied. Then she started bouncing eagerly, as Alan's marriage proposal floored her all over again. "Besides, I'm gonna get married to my BROTHER, so NOTHING can bother me now!"

Amy and Katherine high-fived each other. Then they shared a loving look that quickly turned into another intense French kiss. Now that they were both naked, there was a lot of happy fondling and even finger-fucking each other.

Alan waited for the "changing of the guard" before continuing. It took some coaxing and cajoling on his part, but he managed to get Susan to release his boner from her mouth.

Suzanne was already running her hands up and down his legs while she waited for her turn. "Fuck my face, Hubby!" she breathed passionately as Susan pulled away.

She then engulfed his cockhead and immediately started deep throating him, just because she could. Clearly she hadn't been kidding about her need to suck his cock. She even started loudly swallowing so as to massage his shaft deep inside her throat. Everyone heard the hiss of indrawn breath from Alan and saw the way his muscles tensed when she started doing that to him.

Susan consoled herself slightly by crawling back to the sofa. This time, she was able to take it slowly and make a big production out of wagging her ass towards her son as she crawled, now that she wasn't racing toward Alan to be first in line for Alan Junior.


He had to wait a little longer before getting to his next point, because Suzanne's deep throating practically made him go cross-eyed. He already had been squeezing his PC muscle steadily, thanks to Susan's impressive efforts. Now, there wasn't much more he could do except hang on for dear life and pray that he wouldn't cum too soon.

Suzanne thought, HA! Sweetie may be my master now, but at times like this, he's putty in my hands! I'm not going to resist anymore. Fuck dignity, forever! I'm giving in to my joy. And right now, I want my son's cock fucking its way down my throat!

Before long, he clutched at Suzanne's head with both hands, tangling his fingers in her hair with urgency, and it was the rather forceful way he did that gave her the hint to ease up before he blew his load deep into her esophagus. She definitely didn't want that, because she had visions of getting her pussy fucked hard and long before the night was over.

Finally, things more or less calmed down. When Susan finally reached the sofa after her slow-motion crawl, she immediately joined in with Katherine and Amy in their kissing and fondling. She actually squeezed into a spot between them.

Katherine wrapped an arm around her mother, and asked her, "Do you hear that?"

"Hear what, Angel?" She wrapped an arm around Katherine too, and pulled her closer for a kiss.

"The choking and gagging! Not only is Mother deep throating him again, she's being so noisy about it! I swear, that's just about the sexiest sound I've ever heard!"

Susan replied, "It IS the sexiest sound! Kiss me!" The two of them started making out.

Amy reached around Susan and went straight for her pussy and nipples. She didn't want to be left out. Within moments, a lesbian orgy basically broke out on the sofa, since everyone was that horny.

Alan had to shout, "Hey! My slave-wives, sit facing me with your hands under your asses. That's an order!" It wasn't easy saying even that much while Suzanne was deep throating him, but he knew he had to do it or there would have been no point in him saying anything else, because his audience would not have been listening.


Suzanne slid her lips all the way down on him again, until her nose was bushing against his small patch of pubic hair. Then she pulled back just enough to make even more lewd choking and gagging noises, because she knew the others loved to hear that so much.

But she knew her son had more that he wanted to say, and she very much wanted to hear it. So she eased off even more, and just lapped her long tongue against his sweet spot inside her mouth. That would have been a fantastic blowjob from anyone else, but compared to what she'd just been doing to him, it was relative restraint.

Alan silently counted to ten and took a few slow, heavy breaths in order to regain some control. He finally resumed, "Okay. Now, I hinted pretty strongly that there would be lots of fucking in celebration. I don't know about any of you, but I'm definitely ready to get that started!"

Amy said, "I'm waaaaay ready!"

Katherine just said, "Ditto! What she said. Duh!" She smirked and giggled.

Susan simply licked her lips lavishly and gave her son a "come hither" look that outdid even most of Suzanne's in its passionate intensity.

Suzanne kept right on bobbing and sucking. She showed her approval by briefly diving further down his shaft, just enough to allow her to make more choking and gagging sounds that Alan and the others found unbearably erotic.

He clutched at Suzanne's head with both hands, and squeezed his PC muscle repeatedly. He waited until Suzanne got the message from the way he was pushing against her head, and her sucking eased up a bit. Jesus fucking Christ! So intense! So great! And soon I'll be married to this succubus. Fuckin' A!

He had to take more slow and heavy breaths before he could talk some more. As he waited, with pleasure radiating through his entire body, he thought, I wonder if my stamina will keep on increasing with practice, just like people who eat spicy food eventually are able to tolerate heat that would burn the mouths off most anyone else. Imagine if I could handle that much pleasure indefinitely! The mind boggles!

He finally continued, "Let's talk about tonight. Unfortunately, as you all know, there's only one of me and four of you. We could just pull out the big bed and have a grand orgy. I'm sure we'll do that a hell of a lot, but not tonight. The main thing is that I want to have one-on-one sex with each of you. It's weird for me to sort of propose to all four of you at once, I guess. Still, I wouldn't have it any other way, because we are a team, and that's symbolically important. But at the same time, I really, really want to have private words with each of you in a private setting. That way, we can have the best of both worlds. And, of course, some hot sex!"

He continued, "And furthermore, although I've proposed and given you your rings, I haven't actually slipped them on your fingers yet."

With a surprise, each woman looked at their fingers and then all around, until they rediscovered their boxes, which had been left towards the back of the sofa. Sure enough, all the rings were still in their boxes. After the initial surprise of seeing the rings, there had been so many other emotionally overwhelming things going on that the boxes and the rings had been almost entirely forgotten. In Amy's case, she had to sheepishly retrieve her ring box from a crack between two sofa cushions.

But that turned out for the best, because each woman was thrilled all over again by the prospect of Alan slipping their rings on their fingers in a private setting. Suddenly, each and every one was keen to get the show on the road, and it was clearly written all over their faces. That was even true for Suzanne, despite the fact she was still in the middle of giving Alan a very satisfying blowjob. She just deep throated him again, looking up into his eyes while holding her breath.

Alan waited until Suzanne pulled off, because there was no way he could talk coherently while she was doing that. He coughed politely and said, "This brings up a minor problem. I'm NOT going to play favorites, now or ever. I love all four of you equally as my slaves and my future wives, and if Glory joins us, that'll be five. So I'm not going to pick which of you goes first and which last and all that. I'm going to kick the ball into your court. The four of YOU have to decide. I recommend using some random method, like the rock-paper-scissors game Mother mentioned. Or roll a die. That'll cause the least amount of trouble."

He pointed out, "And before I forget, keep in mind that I AM a human being! You act like I'm some kind of sex god, but I'm not. The truth is, I've already had sex in almost sex-god-esque amounts today, and the day's not even done. But that's the exception that proves the rule, like running a marathon, collapsing at the finish line, and then having to recover for days or weeks. By the time this night is over, I figure this is going to be the day that shatters all personal sex records for me. I've had sex with so many different women today that it's kind of embarrassing. I had my reasons. I wanted to get everything sorted with Glory and Christine and such BEFORE the big wedding proposal. Somehow that seemed symbolically important to me. Because of that, we now have as good an idea as we can at this point about how the future of our harem is likely to play out."

Susan was thrilled to point out, "And the upshot is that Glory and Xania have joined your harem, although technically on a temporary basis for now, and Brenda is your official sex slave! Plus, you've tamed Christine! And don't deny that you have, because you have. Plus, you put Heather firmly in her place. That's what I'd call a successful last day or two!"

He realized that was all true, more or less. (He refused to believe that he'd tamed Christine, or that she even could be tamed.) He reveled in that good news for a few moments while Suzanne did simply remarkable things to his hard-on with her extraordinary tongue.

But then he thought about his body's limitations, and sighed. He could feel exhaustion starting to creep in. "The downside is that I'm already paying the price physically. I'm going to make one last big push to fuck all four of you before the night is over. I'm fairly confident I can manage it, just because I've got to! This is our marriage-proposal fuck! It's gotta be epic, right? I want it to be a memory we can all treasure for a long, long time. But, I swear, I'll be paying for it tomorrow and maybe in the days to come. I bet I'll sleep deep into the afternoon."

Amy sat up with alarm. "Hey! Beau, you're not going to miss out on your date with Christine and me, are you?"

"Don't worry, I won't. That might be about the only thing I'm good for tomorrow though. And as for tonight, amongst other things, that means I can only cum once with each of you. That's symbolic. I want to fuck my seed into each of you tonight, to help leave my 'mark' as your husband-to-be. That means we've got to be strategic about this, and plan it out to some degree, so I can manage it physically."

Katherine whispered to Amy, "Aims, what if he impregnates me TONIGHT?! Wouldn't that be just perfect?!" XX13

Amy whispered back, "Aren't you still on two kinds of birth control?"

"Yeah, but even so, maybe some valiant, heroic spermie might make it all the way."

Amy replied carefully, "Don't get your hopes up too much. Remember, our master says he's not ready to be a dad just yet. We ARE his slaves. A little bit of 'uppity' is good, but not THAT much."

Katherine sighed. "Good point. Damn!" She was bummed by that, but on the bright side, she liked Amy's master-slave talk. She wondered if Amy really meant that, or was just saying that for her sister's benefit.

Alan had noticed the whispering, and while he couldn't hear what they were saying this time, he waited until they were done. Then he said, "Anyway, there's a complicating factor. I also want each of you to decide HOW you want to be fucked. Namely, cunt or ass. I figure there's going to be some oral action with each of you in there somewhere, probably as a warm-up. And I want to be a less selfish lover, so maybe we can sixty-nine or take turns."

He grinned as he added, "And heck, you never know when a titfuck might just spontaneously happen. But the main event is gonna be vaginal or anal, I'm sure. And that complicates matters, because it's better not to go from anal to vaginal. So it makes sense to do the cunts first."

Amy slumped down and sighed. "Bummer! I'm gonna go last."

Being diplomatic, Alan said, "Now, we don't necessarily know that. Why don't the four of you express your preference, one by one?"

About a second after he finished saying that, Suzanne slid her lips off his boner and quickly shouted, "CUNT!" Then she engulfed him all over again and resumed her stroking, bobbing and licking as if there had been no pause.

Alan had a good chuckle at that. Obviously, that was a no-brainer decision for her. And just as obviously, she didn't want to be interrupted from her cocksucking focus.

But what none of the others knew was that one reason Suzanne decided that so quickly was because she wanted to have time to call Glory before it got too late. With vaginal sex coming first, and Amy no doubt choosing anal, she'd at least have some time to help Glory with her problems.

A few seconds after Suzanne's answer had a chance to register with everybody, sure enough, Amy stood up, planted her fists on her hips, and proudly yelled, "ASS!" The way she said it made it seem like she was declaring victory.

She then turned to Katherine and Susan, explaining, "There's really only one choice for me, and that's anal, obviously! My husband - ooooh! I love that I can say that! - he knows I totally love trying to fit my cunt around his cock. But if I can only have just one or the other, I've gotta get fucked in the ass!"


She suddenly turned around and pointed her big butt in Alan's direction. Then she planted her other hand on the sofa and playfully wiggled her ass at him. "Right here! That's where I want it. Right... in... here...!" She giggled.

Alan had a good chuckle. "Yes, thanks, I definitely know where your ass is, Aims. Please sit the right way around before I'm tempted to fuck you here and now. Or maybe just spank the hell out of you."

She turned back around and sat in the normal way. But she winked at him as she said, "Promises, promises!"

Alan luxuriated in Suzanne's expert blowjob for a few long moments. His hands on her head, trying to slow to pace of her bobbing somewhat so he could continue to speak without losing his mind to total erotic euphoria (although she seemed to be delighting in deliberately ignoring him). Then, trying to maintain some decorum, he pressed on. "So... we could have easily predicted those two choices. But what about you, Sis? And you, Mommy?"

Susan nudged Katherine and whispered to her, "He called me 'Mommy!' The night keeps getting better and better!"

Katherine happily whispered back, "Remember what I told you: you're his big-titted slave wife mommy now!"

Susan sighed with one of her famous contented "Mmmm!" noises. She muttered, "Goose bumps all over!" She thought, "Big-titted slave wife mommy." Is there a better or more arousing combination of words in the English language? I don't think so!

Katherine returned her attention to Alan's question, since she hadn't given her answer yet. She spoke to the group, "I gotta say it's pretty much a no-brainer for me too. Master, I like it when you fuck me in the ass, but I absolutely LOVE it when you fuck my cunt! Splatter your baby-batter directly in my uterus, where it belongs!"

He nodded. "Sounds good. Minus the batter-in-uterus stuff, at least for now. So that just leaves you, Mom."

There was a long, long silence. Susan grew serious and stared off into space.

Finally, Katherine nudged her. "Come on. It's not THAT hard a question."

While still staring away in the distance, Susan spoke quietly. "I know. But I can't even think! All I can think about is that I'm going to be Tiger's big-titted slave wife mommy!" A great big smile spread across her face.

Katherine nudged her again. "Yeah, but big-titted slave wife mommies get fucked! A lot! What hole is he going to fill to further tame you tonight?"

Surprisingly, Susan nudged back. "Don't rush me! This is a tough choice. It's all so exciting! How can I pick just one?!"

Then, also surprisingly, Amy nudged Susan too. "Mom, we're all kind of chomping at the bit. The squeaky wheel does get the grease, but also remember: you snooze, you lose."

There was another long pause. Susan had a lot to think about. She was reviewing memories and events, from earlier that day all the way to weeks previous. Finally, she said, "Okay. I'm ready. My choice is..." She closed her eyes and whispered very quietly and shyly, "Ass."

Alan had his hands on Suzanne's bobbing head. He said, "Well, that's a surprise."

Katherine said, "Yeah, Mom. I thought it would be a no-brainer. I mean, I know you like both, but he fucked you in the ass just this morning!"

Susan opened her eyes, locking her gaze firmly on her son. She then told her daughter very deliberately and defiantly, without looking away, "Mommy needs her butt-fucks."

For some reason, Alan was very startled by that, and even more aroused. In fact, he very nearly blew his load down Suzanne's throat. He thought back and recalled at least twice in recent weeks when she'd said those exact same words to him, right before he started fucking her ass. He had a vision of coming home and finding her working in the kitchen while wearing nothing but one of her erotic aprons. Then he imagined silently coming up behind her, dropping his shorts, and rubbing his cockhead all over her ass cheeks before plunging it into her anus.

The only reason he didn't cum right then and there was because Suzanne felt his balls tightening, thanks to the way she was fondling them, so she squeezed the base of his shaft to deter his impending climax.

That left Alan a bit out of sorts, because a very near miss was physically taxing.

As Suzanne waited for him to recover, she brought her sucking efforts to a near standstill. She thought, Hmmm. Susan made an interesting choice there. I'll bet she was thinking about what happened with Brenda earlier today. Not only did Sweetie plow Brenda's ass really vigorously, but he slipped his ring on her finger right before she slipped his cock inside her anal ring. That's when he took her really dramatically, as his Anal Sex Slave. Susan saw and heard all that, and I'm sure she especially remembered the part where he promised she'd be next!

I'll bet she's hoping he'll do the exact same thing with her tonight. I highly doubt he'll have that on his mind, but she'll jog his memory, no doubt. What a clever little slut you are, Susan! Kudos to you!

The three nude bombshells on the sofa realized that Alan must have had a very close call indeed. There was a long silence as everyone waited for him to recover.

Katherine, though, was looking back and forth between Susan and Alan. She strongly suspected some kind of important non-verbal communication had just passed between them, but she didn't know what it was. Since they were all just waiting anyway, she asked Susan, "What's going on here? First, you take forever to make up your mind, and then you and Master were sharing some kind of weird look. Am I missing something?"

Susan thought carefully before replying. She thought back to how Alan had specifically made Brenda his "Anal Slave" earlier in the day, even though she was already officially his sex slave in general. And she thought in particular how he'd said to her just after that, "Mom, if you go now, how will you know the proper protocol for the day when I take YOU as my next Anal Slave?"

She shivered as she recalled that. I still don't know what an Anal Slave is, exactly, especially since I'm totally enslaved to him already, but I know that I want that! Brenda and I, we should have a special role serving our master's cock with our asses! We NEED to be anally filled and enslaved! But now's not the time to talk about it.

Instead she answered indirectly, saying to Katherine, "Angel, everybody knows that I love pleasuring him with my mouth. And that's true now more than ever. And the good Lord knows I'm in Heaven when he fucks my cunt!"

She sighed happily and her voice shifted to dreamy desire as she continued, "But I also feel a very special anal connection to our master. After all, Brenda once told me that anal sex is the ultimate act of submission, and she might be right! So, I was just thinking about that, and about all the times Tiger has already plowed my ass with his mommy-splitting cock, and all the times still to come."

She smiled, then tenderly brushed Katherine's hair back. "We're so lucky, aren't we? We get to have mind-bendingly incredible sex, pretty much on a daily basis! But more than that, we get fucked like that by our soulmate, the one man we all truly love!"

Katherine grinned as she fondly recalled some of the intense fuckings she'd personally enjoyed. "Yeah. It really is too good to be true, but I'm not complaining. Still, it's kind of funny that we'll be marrying the same guy. Can you imagine, back when he and I were both in diapers, that that cute little baby you were trying to potty train would someday be master and husband to us both?!"

Susan grinned too. "Obviously, never in a million billion years would that have crossed my mind. But what could be better? There's no one I could ever love more than those in my own family! It's almost like it had to be!"

Suzanne thought while she increased her suction right over Alan's sweet spot, "Had to be," my ass! If she only knew all the things I had to do to make all this happen. I even fucked Dr. Fredrickson. Yuck! I can't keep all that a secret forever though. Susan deserves to know the truth. But just when and how do I tell her? Talking to Akami about this didn't help me much.

Katherine Susan

Mother and daughter hugged and kissed, with a lot of tongue. Susan was secretly pleased that she'd managed to deflect Katherine's question. They ostentatiously rubbed their big racks together as they necked, in hopes that Alan was watching.

He was watching, and listening too, which didn't help him calm down and recover. Suzanne could sense his excitement was growing, and she upped her cocksucking efforts instead of easing off. She liked playing with fire and keeping him dangerously close to cumming.

Even so, eventually he managed to get the conversation going again. "So, anyway, Aims, it looks like you won't be the only one in the anal camp after all. That means you two need to decide who goes first, and Mother and Sis also need to decide who goes first between them."

Since he was in good enough shape to say all that coherently, Suzanne bobbed down his hot pole just enough to make more choking and gagging noises. She loved how much those sounds affected the other women, and even herself. At the same time, her long tongue did fantastic things on and around his sweet spot.

Alan realized that he had to get her to stop completely, and soon, or he'd definitely blast a load down her throat. Then he got an idea and said, "Mother, I love what you're doing, but I think you've gotta talk things over with Sis, to see who goes first."

Reluctantly, Suzanne slid her lips off his cock. She'd been having a great time sucking off her "new husband," but she also really wanted to be the first of the four to have a private turn with him. She loved a good blowjob, but her desire to get her cunt fucked was on a whole other level.


Suzanne stood up and took a few steps towards the sofa. Then she seemed to change her mind and looked back longingly at Alan's stiff erection poking out above his black slacks. She sighed. Choices, choices. So many tasty choices! But, as usual, my damn cunt is in charge. She had a mental conversation with her cunt: Okay, fine. I'm going, I'm going!

She walked to the sofa and plopped down next to Katherine, who finally stopped necking with Susan. "I think I just ended my turn." Suzanne sighed to Katherine. "But let's do this."

There were brief discussions between Amy and Susan at one end of the sofa, and between Katherine and Suzanne at the other. In both cases agreement was reached surprisingly quickly, because once it was established that everyone wanted to go first, each pair of women agreed to use rock-paper-scissors to decide the outcome.

Katherine's scissors beat Suzanne's paper, and Amy's paper beat Susan's rock. They all realized that meant the fucking order would be Katherine, Suzanne, Amy, and Susan.

With that settled, Amy immediately hopped off the sofa and started crawling towards Alan.

He said with surprise, "Hey! What are you doing?"

She smirked in a decidedly non-Amy way. "I'm claiming sister privileges!"


Katherine was caught flat-footed. "No, wait! I'm claiming sister privileges too!" She got down on all fours as well. She scurried forward until she and Amy were crawling side by side.

Alan could see trouble brewing, since he wasn't ready for a double blowjob. He said, "Sorry, but nobody is claiming anything. We're done with the talking and deciding. It's time to fuck! So everyone, back on the sofa. I only have a few more brief things to say."

In fact, that wasn't entirely true; he had a fair deal more to say. But he wanted to avoid a conflict, and also wanted to give his dick a much needed rest. He knew that if his sisters got started on him, he'd cum for sure. And he had to be very mindful that he had plans to cum four more times, to end a very sex-filled day.

He silently sighed with relief with the girls turned around and crawled back to the sofa. Phew! Close call. It seems like every single day, I have more sex than the day before. Tonight has got to be the pinnacle, because my entire body is crying mercy. Tomorrow, I really do think I'll sleep twelve hours, at the very least! This is why five wives and one official sex slave is the absolute most I can handle!

Although... can I really say no to Christine? Or Xania, for that matter? Hell, I can't even say no to Heather. Man! At some point, I think my dick is going to simply disconnect from my body and run away! He had an amusing vision of his penis running on little penis legs.

Once the antsy girls were seated again, he resumed. "Okay, I've thought this through pretty carefully, to make sure there's no hint of favoritism, and to make this a great experience for all of us. I have a few 'house rules.' I want everyone to go to a different room and stay there, alone, until I come to you. That'll keep the element of surprise. Sis, you'll go to your room, and Mom, you'll wait for me in your room. Amy, go to my room, and Mother, stay here in the living room. Understood?"

The women nodded. They were getting really antsy now, sensing it wouldn't be long before each of them was deeply penetrated by their Master's cock.

He said, "If you need anything, get it or do it now."

Katherine asked, "Can I put on a special, extra sexy outfit?"

"Please do! If you want to. Aims and Mom, you can use the bathrooms to get ready, but you're not allowed to lube up your assholes. I'm going to reserve that pleasure for myself."

That brought on quick gasps and some wide eyes, especially from Amy and Susan.

"Once I'm done with each of you, then you can join the others who are done, if you want. Kat, once I finish with Aunt Suzy, er, I mean Mother, I'll knock on your door to let you know you can go downstairs to talk to her if you want. Then, Aims, once I'm done with you, you can go downstairs and join them too. And then, Mom, you and I will come back downstairs together when we're done."

Susan asked plaintively, "What am I going to do, waiting all alone all that time?!"

"I don't know, but that's how it's got to be. I'm sure you'll think of something. Talk to Brenda on the phone, for instance. I don't want any comparing of notes amongst the four of you until each of you finish your turn. Trust me; that's for the best."

Susan asked, "Would it be okay if I talk to one of your other wives who hasn't had her turn yet?" She looked significantly at Suzanne.

He looked at her pleading, puppy-dog eyes and sighed. He knew how much she looked to Suzanne for guidance and support. "I suppose. If you absolutely must. But try to keep that to an absolute minimum, okay? And no orgasms with each other, or even with yourself, just talk. That's an order!"

Susan nodded, and the others did as well.

He pointed at the camera on the wall of the living room. "Also, remember the video monitoring system. I've had it recording everything that's been happening here tonight, so we'll be able to watch and relive this special time for years to come. And we're going to be recording all the one-on-one fucking in each room, so that can be shared later too. In fact, once your turn is done, you may want to go downstairs and watch the rest of the action from there."

The women looked back and forth at each other. They all sounded extremely tempted by that. Susan was very disappointed that her turn was last, since she was supposed to stay in her room until her turn came.

Alan continued to explain his rules. "There's just one last thing. I am also requesting that each of you be on top with me tonight, at least for most of the time. You know, cowgirl style. Normally, that wouldn't be my first choice, since I'd love to be on top and drill you like a wild beast. But that requires a lot more energy, and I've already been through a fucking marathon today... literally, a marathon of fucking! Like I said, I'm gonna shatter all personal sex records and probably need to sleep extra long for days to come just to recover. So, in order for me to conserve enough energy to get through what will undoubtedly be four intensely emotional fucks with some of the sexiest women in the world, the cowgirl style will help me make it through alive."

Suzanne looked at each of the other women, then in her sultry purr, "We definitely want our husband-to-be to survive the night! Besides, I just LOVE being on top. Don't you?" She lifted her bare ass off the sofa and gyrated her hips around, as if she was churning them on Alan's cock.

In truth, the others all greatly enjoyed cowgirl style too, although it wasn't always their first choice. They'd already been doing it with him more often than not, since his stamina had already been a great concern. There were nods of agreement all around.

Alan raised his arms dramatically. "And that, my lovely ladies, is IT! Phew! Now, let's take a couple of minutes before we get started to get a drink, change clothes, go to the bathroom, and that kind of thing. Remember, once you're in your room you need to stay there, and especially NO comparing experiences before I get to you!"

The women got up and migrated to either the kitchen or one of the bathrooms. They started talking excitedly among themselves. Mostly, they just wanted to share how ecstatic they were about the marriage proposal.

Alan went to the nearest sofa and flopped down on it. He wanted to take his tuxedo off, finally, since he was the only one still wearing any clothes at all (not counting the women's usual high heels and collars). But first he just closed his eyes and rested.

Phew! Oh, man! I am SO emotionally wiped out. It feels like everything has been leading up to this for weeks and weeks. The sex pace has sped up, more and more, until it's been like a fucking frenzy. Literally! And now we're here. Now it's done. WHAT A RELIEF! ... UGH!

Man, I have GOT to be the luckiest guy in the world! If I was religious, I'd say I have to have the best guardian angel ever. To marry just ONE of my five wives-to-be would be a total dream. Knock on wood with Glory, since I'm being optimistic in including her in that. But to marry all five?! Fucking unreal!

And who knows? Maybe it won't stop there. I can't say I'd be ready to marry Brenda or Xania right now. In truth, I'm just starting to really get to know them. But from a physical point of view, and a sex vixen point of view, hell yeah! But that's just too many women! There are only so many hours in the day, and only so many bullets in my gun, so to speak.

And as for Christine... Are you kidding me? I'd marry her in a heartbeat! Unfortunately though, I couldn't do it if she was to be the only one and I had to give up all the others. I would never do that, period! Especially after tonight. I'm committed! She really would have to join the harem and be thoroughly tamed for marriage to even be an option. Like THAT would ever happen with her. Sheesh! But hey, that's good, right? It shows that even a super-lucky guy like me, with his own harem even, can't win 'em all. I guess it's good to still have things to strive for.

And if that's not all incredible enough, they want to be my SLAVE WIVES! Sure, in practice they pretty much do what they want. But at least in theory, they let me OWN them! And if that isn't enough already, they let me fuck pretty much anyone else I want! Man oh man. I meant every word that I said. I'm going to dedicate my life to making THEM happy. Because they deserve it. They are that great. And I love them so much, it's like I'm helpless to do anything else. I HAVE to make them happy. Even seeing a frown on any of their faces breaks my heart. Besides, as we've all learned lately, over and over again, the more you give, the more you really do receive.

We're going to blaze a trail that will redefine just how great a harem marriage can be. Hell, just how great ANY marriage can be! I literally can't WAIT until the wedding. That will be truly epic. And the rest of tonight is going to be one for the ages too. "Once more unto the breach, dear friends; once more."

One more last push tonight, and then I can rest forever. Well, what'll seem like forever, I hope, 'cos I really do need a long rest. When this last round of fucking is over, I feel like a critical chapter of my life will have come to an end. And then maybe I'll be able to sleep for a WEEK!

But first... more fucking!

He stood back up, feeling a new surge of energy. Man, even though my body is weary and fucked out, I'm totally looking forward to this. My ladies are so worked up from the proposal that they're gonna be ON FIRE! If I can just meet them halfway, using the last dregs of my energy, we're gonna burn this motherfucking house to the ground with our passion!

NOTES: This is not the end of 6TD proper, although it is getting close. It will end at the conclusion of Saturday's events, later in the evening.

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XX22: (from Ecchi Spud): A fully-clothed Susan and Katherine on the couch, Susan staring directly at the Reader with an expression of shock and surprise on her face, as Katherine (a smirk on her face) whispering right in her mother's ear

XX26: (from Ecchi Spud): The Family Four, standing in the living room, in the middle of undressing. At this point, Amy is probably the one furthest in terms of undressing, given her usual propensity towards nudity. Katherine will be somewhere in the middle of disrobing (maybe even high-fiving Amy). Susan is already topless (she pulled her dress down to her waist first), and is starting to shimmy out of her outfit. Suzanne, being the last to start disrobing, is probably just showing one breast

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