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The women who play a prominent role in Alan's life, naked, some with slave collars, and some of those with rings
SIX TIMES A DAY – Part 150
Finish What Ya Started
Day 76: Saturday, November 30

(MF, Mf+, ff+, rom, oral)

Written and illustrated by Spacer X <paul_t_22@yahoo.com>

Copyright © 2004 - present Spacer X; All Rights Reserved.

This is part of a longer e-novel. It's highly recommended that you start at the beginning in order to understand the characters and previous events.

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CHAPTER 1 (Saturday, Nov. 30)

"Christine, min strålende datter (my marvelous gorgeous daughter)? Honey? Can I come in?" Olga was knocking on her daughter's bedroom door.

Christine replied unhappily, "Um... I'd rather you didn't. I'm not decent." That was true, but only because she'd quickly taken off all her clothes as soon as she'd gone to her room in order to have an actual honest reason to avoid her mother.

However, Olga wasn't easily dissuaded. She spoke through the door, "That's okay. I can wait as long as it takes. We've got a lot to discuss. Just throw a robe on."


Christine stood there naked, unthinkingly covering her privates. Drat! She had a robe in her closet, which she knew that Olga knew. Still, she said through the door, "Um, are you sure? I'm kind of sleepy. Maybe we can talk tomorrow."

But Olga replied testily, "It's not THAT late. Seriously, what's with you? I get the feeling you're avoiding me."

Christine sighed quietly. Realizing that she had no choice, she went to her closet and put on her robe. As she did so, she spoke through the closed door, "No, I'm not avoiding you."

"Oh, come on. It's obvious you are!"

Sighing quietly again, Christine walked to her door and opened it.

Olga came in and closed the door behind her. She sat down on the chair by Christine's desk. "That's better. You stuck to your dad like glue this entire evening, like he was some sort of magical talisman protecting you from harm. We both know why: I couldn't really ask much about your date with Alan today with him there." She brightened, then added eagerly, "But now it's just us girls, so you can give me the real scoop!"

This time, Christine sighed audibly. She plopped down on her bed and said, "Mom. Really. You sound like the town gossip or something. I told you and Dad all the essentials. Alan and I spent a lot of time together, and it was great! It was better than great, actually. Our relationship moved to an entirely new level. End of story. What more do you want to know?" But privately she thought, "An entirely new level." Ha! That's the understatement of the year!

Olga crossed her arms over her chest, looking at her daughter with a disappointed frown. "How about we start with, oh, I dunno... everything? You basically said nothing. In fact, you said so very little, I'm sure that you're hiding something important." She gesticulated, "I'm not going to pry about what physical things you did together. That's none of my business."

"THANK you!"

"However, I assume things are looking good on that front? You had lots of close-contact fun, I presume?"

"MooooOOOOoooom! Please!" Christine's heart started to race as she thought about her first blowjob and titfuck earlier in the day. "If you must know, yes, things are looking good. We did have 'lots of close-contact fun.' Okay? Are we done here?"

"Not hardly. I'm glad to hear that, but that's what I expected, after seeing you and Alan going at it hot and heavy yesterday."

Christine's face reddened with embarrassment. She rolled her eyes and gave her mother an annoyed look.

But Olga wasn't fazed. "Like I said, I'm not even asking about that. I want to know what you're trying to hide from Lars and me. I think it has something to do with Amy. You told me before you left that you were going to see her and Katherine first, which is quite odd. You said they were going to help you with a make-over or some such mickey mouse, but my guess is that you had some sort of confrontation or even altercation with your rival. No?"

"No, Mom! Geez! I've told you more than once that she's NOT my rival. Yes, we're both in competition for Alan's heart, but she's just a total sweetie! She's as nice as can be; it's impossible to dislike her. All the girls at school like and protect her."

Olga looked skeptical. "If you say so. I didn't want to talk about Amy in front of Lars, because I didn't know what you wanted him to know. He might not understand or approve of some of these feminine intrigues. But now that it's just you and me, what was this 'make-over' really about?"

"Mom, there was no great 'intrigue.' Amy really did help me out a lot with selecting some sexy clothes, and Katherine did too." Christine decided on the spur of the moment to try to be more honest with her mother, although she couldn't reveal the full truth. "But in a way there kind of was an intrigue-"

"A-ha!" Olga interrupted.

Christine said insistently, "But NOT in a negative way. It's not like you're thinking it was at all. After Katherine left, Amy and I had a chance to really talk. And it occurred to us that we could fight each other over Alan in a mean way, or..." - she paused, trying to figure out how best to position it to her mother - "or we could try something different. We decided to try something different."

Olga was at the edge of her seat.

Christine took a longer pause, trying to come up with just the right words. "The thing is, like I told you, I'm at a big disadvantage compared to Amy. She and Alan have been close practically since birth, and they love each other a lot and always have. I was very foolish to turn him down when he first asked me out, so when I changed my mind it was kind of too late and he'd already started going out with her. To recover from that mistake, I requested these 'practice dates' with him."

"I know all that already," Olga said impatiently.

"I know you do; I'm just reminding you. Because, you see, Amy and I realized that this situation with Alan isn't going to be resolved quickly or easily. Alan is very interested in both Amy and me, and..." - she hesitated, reluctant to admit the truth - "...and there are other girls keen on dating him too."

Olga furrowed her brow almost angrily. "OTHER girls?"

"Um, yeah. You see, he hadn't dated anyone, ever, until recently. Then he started dating Amy AND kind of dating me, and his personality started to change. He used to be very shy with girls, but then he suddenly blossomed. Other girls have picked up on his newfound confidence and charm, and suddenly everybody wants to go out with him!"

Christine winced inwardly about what to say next, because she hated to deceive her mother, but she felt she had no choice. So she said, "Now, mind you, I'm only talking about interest. So far, he's only dated Amy and me, but that COULD change. Do you remember Heather Morgan, the head cheerleader?"

"Of course. You've complained about her at length. We saw her standing there after your fight. She was wearing her cheerleader outfit, as I recall."

"Right. Well, as you can imagine, she's one of the most desirable girls in school. She's picked up on the fact that Alan is kind of the 'man of the hour,' and now SHE seems quite interested in dating him!"

Olga was suitably upset. "WHAT?!"

Christine thought bitterly, I'm not lying, if by "interested in dating him," I mean they're fucking like wild baboons whenever they can. UGH!

But she kept a poker face and said, "Yes! But that's not all. Alan has always been handsome and funny and fun and lots of great things, but he was also kind of timid and shy. But now that he's outgoing and even has a kind of swagger to him, a lot of other girls want him as well!"

Olga was looking at this in a very competitive manner. "I'm not surprised. It's been obvious for a while that he'd be an excellent catch. Even back in his timid days, I hoped he was the one you'd want to go after. Those other girls, well, they should just go take a hike! They're too late: if you snooze, you lose! Dei store fiskane eta dei små!" ("The big fish devour the small!")

Christine grinned at that. "True. That's what Amy and I think. We kind of realized that we have to team up against a common enemy, namely Heather and the other girls like her. So after a long talk, Amy and I ... well, we sort of made ... a Deal."


"A deal?" Olga raised an eyebrow.

Christine's heart was racing fast as she thought about the true Deal compared to what she was prepared to reveal. She was nervous as hell, but struggled valiantly to keep her cool. She hoped she could pull off revealing some of the truth to her mother while still concealing much. "That's right, a Deal: for the time being, he dates the two of us and nobody else! She and I agreed on a sort of truce with each other to continue the status quo ante. We even talked it over with him afterward, and he agreed."

Olga complained, "But honey! That means he'd be going steady with both of you at the same time!" XX28

"Exactly." Christine waved her hands defensively. "I know that's weird-"

"It's VERY weird!" Olga cut in testily. "What are people going to say?!"

"Mom, that's just how it's going to be... for a while. Before you object, you should know that I consider myself lucky."

Olga was shocked and disturbed. "'LUCKY?!'"

"Yes, lucky! Remember, I'm the one hanging on by my fingernails here. If push comes to shove and Alan is forced to choose just one girl to go steady with, it would almost certainly be Amy! And she knows it too. It's obvious, and it hurts! My ONLY hope is to hang in there, date Alan, get to know him a lot better, and eventually, like the tortoise and the hare, have an unexpected, come-from-behind victory. That won't be easy, which is why I negotiated this Deal, to buy myself some more time. D'er mange ǿksarhogg, som eiki skal fella." ("Little strokes fell great oaks.")

Olga was distressed. "It can't really be THAT bad, can it? You and he are such good friends. You've been friends for two years!"

"Yes, and he and Amy have been friends for EIGHTEEN years! She lives next door to him, for crying out loud, and grew up with him since they were in diapers! To make matters worse, she's at his house all the time. Remember, his sister Katherine is her best friend. I gather that Amy pops over to hang out with one or both of them practically every day. Meanwhile, I get to see Alan outside of school about once a week on one of our dates."

That distressed Olga even more. She countered, "Maybe so, but you're much more beautiful than Amy or anyone else."

"Mom, I appreciate that, but you're my mom so you're biased."

Olga cut in quickly, "Come on! Yes, I'm your mom, but it's as plain as day that you're exceptionally beautiful. As I've mentioned to you before, the Boob Fairy really went all out with you. As is VERY clear to see." She nodded significantly towards her daughter's chest.


Christine looked down and saw to her dismay that her robe had opened dramatically, revealing a spectacular amount of cleavage, showing off her fantastic globes nearly to her nipples. She pulled her robe tighter.

Olga continued, "And that's not all. For instance, your face-"

Christine cut her off. "Mom, please! You're embarrassing me again. Besides, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. She's PLENTY attractive enough for him to fall for her, especially if they click on many other levels. Face it, this is the best I could hope for at this point. I know it's weird if he goes steady with both of us. Like I said, I consider myself lucky: at least now I still have a chance."

Olga stared hard at her daughter, trying to better grasp this new, distressing scenario.

"Mom, you've seen me in this situation before. I don't always win the battle, but I am persistent, which is why I always win the war! Give me time to do that again."

Olga sighed. "This is... this is..." She sighed again. "I don't even know what to think! Now I understand why you didn't want to say much with your father present! I consider myself open-minded about sexual matters, so normally I'd say, okay, fine. Except that I know you!"

She waved her hands to emphasize her words. "You're not just casually dating like other girls date. If that was the case, I'd figure either you or Amy would break up with him before very long, maybe in a matter of weeks. For some girls, boyfriends are a dime a dozen." She pointed at her daughter. "But not you. When you make a choice, you see it through! I have a feeling you're going to go all out with Alan. This isn't just some puppy-love passing fancy; you're going to put your heart on the line."

Christine searched her feelings about Alan and felt a powerful mixture of lust and love. She asked defiantly, "So what if I am?"

"That's all well and good. Normally, he'd be unable to resist you. But it sounds like he and Amy are going to get very serious too. Also, let's face it: he's an energetic teenage guy. All boys are quite horny at his age. Why shouldn't he string you two along and date both of you for as long as possible? You and Amy are both remarkably beautiful. Why wouldn't he want to date two of the most desirable girls in school for as long as he can?"

Christine thought bitterly, If you only knew the full story! Why wouldn't he want to 'date' both Amy and me, and the rest of his goddamned HAREM?! Ugh! Just thinking about that cursed word is like a hard slap across the face! Of course Mom has a point. He's not going to stop. He's not going to choose just one of us. In fact, I have no doubt that when he takes Amy and me on a date tomorrow night, we'll both wind up naked and kneeling, licking and sucking his penis together! Mom, how do I explain THAT to you?! Good God!

Despite the difficult conversation, she was acutely aware of the fact that she was completely naked except for her robe. Just thinking about what could happen on her date was threatening to arouse and distract her.

However, Christine kept her focus, telling Olga, "To be honest, you're probably right. He probably will want to date both of us for a while. But remember that there's only about six months of the school year left, and then we're off to college. I've told you that it's highly likely he'll be going to Berkeley. It really is the best choice for him, for a variety of reasons. That's right across the Bay from Stanford, where I have a good shot of getting accepted."

Olga, like the proud mother she was, boasted, "'A good shot?' As far as I'm concerned, you're a shoo-in!"

"Mom, please. Nobody is a shoo-in at Stanford. But I think we can agree that the odds are very, very good that I'll end up at Stanford and he'll end up at Berkeley, just an hour away."

Olga grinned knowingly, as she had a Eureka moment. "Ah! I see! You're playing the long game here like you often do, aren't you? If you can just hang on until the end of the year, then geography could win your battle for you. Clever! But what about Amy? Where is she going to go?"

"I don't know. Unfortunately, we probably won't know until April or so. Her grades aren't that good, so she won't be going to Stanford OR Berkeley; I'm sure of that."

Olga's grin turned into a big smile. "Then the odds ARE in your favor! That changes my perspective on this situation quite a bit. Maybe your tortoise and hare metaphor is apt. You just need to stay in the race. It's not a sprint; it's more of a marathon."

"That's how I see it," Christine replied. She thought, Of course, that's not really true! The odds are good that Amy will end up in the Bay Area too! Even if she doesn't, I'm sure at least some of his harem will move with him, or he'll just develop a new one! He can do that. There's NO WAY I'm ever going to wind up as his "one and only" woman. That's a pipe dream. Mom obviously can never, ever know that though. She can never know about any of his other lovers; she'd turn on him in a flash!

But I DO have a game plan. Mom's wrong if she thinks he's going to be the one and only lover in my life. I'm still in high school, for crying out loud. People are marrying later and later these days. I might not marry until I'm thirty or even older. I'm sure I'll have lots of boyfriends. Alan is... a learning experience. He and I can have fun, lots of great fun, and even be deeply in love. There's nothing wrong with that. But the day will come when his harem lifestyle will prove intolerable to me and I'll have to move on. That's just how it is.

Although Christine was calling Alan merely a "learning experience" in her thoughts, that didn't jibe with her passion for him when she'd been with him earlier. The truth was, her feelings were swinging wildly. Feeling pressure from Olga, she was trying to minimize the commitment she was making to him, even in her own mind.

Olga was thinking things over. She said, "I still don't know what to think about this 'going steady with two girls at once' idea. I asked you what other people will think, and you didn't answer."

Christine winced. "That's a tricky issue. The three of us basically decided not to tell anyone at school about it for a while. For a month or two, hopefully. It's well known that he's going out with Amy, but nobody knows he's dating me yet except for Amy and Katherine. Remember, we were just 'practice dating' until last week, when it turned into real dating. I don't like strangers to know my business, so nobody knows about any of that. The three of us want to see whether this Deal of ours can actually work, and will it persist? Maybe it'll become clear that he prefers her or me. Who knows? So we're being careful."

Olga said, "That sounds prudent, I suppose, although it sounds like Amy still has the advantage there, since she's dating him openly. Unfortunately, that makes you 'the other woman' that he's seeing on the side. But eventually the truth will come out. Then what?"

"Then... we'll cross that bridge when we come to it. People are gonna talk about Amy and me and put us down behind our backs and so on. But you know me; I don't care what other people think." (In saying that, she conveniently forgot that was part of the reason why she'd turned him down the first time he asked her out.) "It'll blow over soon enough. Besides, we'll all be leaving for different colleges soon anyway."

"That's true," Olga conceded. "But what's in this for Amy? You said that she knows that if Alan had to choose between the two of you, at this point he'd clearly choose her. So why doesn't she just force him to make that choice?"

Christine paused to choose her words carefully. Oh shit! What am I going to tell Mom about THAT?! Amy's behavior doesn't make any sense unless you know about the whole harem. Ugh! It's time for some clever bullshit!

She said, "Mom, you know, that is a bit of a mystery. Amy is... well, she's unique. She really is different. She doesn't think like you and me. She's kind of an artist type. She has a whole other way of looking at the world. Maybe she thinks that if she tries to play hardball like that, he'll hold that against her. However, if she figures that she's definitely going to win in the end, she can appear to be magnanimous and let the situation play out. It's like she's playing with a stacked deck, so she doesn't have to worry."

She went on, "And... you may find this hard to believe, but I don't think she would play hardball, no matter what. It's like I told you before: she doesn't have a mean bone in her body. She actually really wants to be my friend. What's weird is that instead of disliking each other more and more, we're actually kind of... bonding." She thought with chagrin, To say the least! She worried about blushing to thoughts of kissing and fondling Amy. "You know what it reminds me of?"


"Remember when I took part in the science fair competition last year, and there was another girl, Jessica? It quickly became clear that she was my main competition, and only one of us could go on to the finals. I'm sure you remember that. But instead of becoming enemies, we actually kind of helped each other out. Yes, we were competing, but we also were in the same boat and had a lot in common. Even after I won, we still remained on good terms. There were no hard feelings, especially since she won some good prizes too. Not everything has to be cutthroat and ruthless, you know."

"I suppose," Olga said reluctantly. "This Amy girl must certainly be strange. I saw her with him when they put you and Alan in the ambulance, and she was over here that one night with Katherine when I lent her a bikini and you all went to the hot tub. I'd like to meet with her alone sometime, to size her up. Maybe you could arrange something where I could talk to her?"

"I can do that." Christine had no problem with that. Amy's so very kind-hearted, friendly, and nice, that the odds are good she'll charm Mom, at least to some degree. Then hopefully Mom won't tend to see this so much as a battle between bitter rivals. Just so long as Mom never finds out about the kissing and the rest. I would simply DIE!

Olga continued, "I'd like to get to know Alan better too. I know it's very early in your relationship, but could you arrange for him to have dinner with us sometime soon? I'm sure Lars would like to talk to him too."

"Mom, that's kind of weird. We've only been on two or three real dates, depending on how you count them. But, if you insist... Maybe we could wait a couple of weeks first, though? Just to sort of let things settle into place a little bit."

"Yeah, I suppose," Olga said. "I don't want to seem too pushy. You may not realize it yet, but you're locked in a major battle with Amy now."

"Mom, come on! Talk about overly dramatic."

"Okay, maybe so. But you know what I mean. I have to believe your assessment that Amy is way ahead in the race, for now. You're going to need every edge to catch up. You don't want to be seen as having weird, pushy parents, so I'll try to be patient."


"Thanks!" Christine stood up. She gave her mother a hug once Olga stood up too. "So, does that mean you're okay with this new sort of arrangement Amy and I worked out?"

Olga grimaced. "I wouldn't say I'm 'okay' with it. I'm definitely not happy about it, that's for sure! But you're doing the best you can in a bad situation. It looks like you don't have any alternative to this deal right now, unless you give up on Alan altogether."

"That's NOT happening!" Christine said with surprising defiance in her voice. "Period!"

Olga smiled. "As I thought. Once you pick your man, watch out! He's in for a world of trouble! He doesn't stand a chance. You have me feeling confident again about all of this. Thanks to your college choices, if you two can just stay together until then, you'll be able to outlast Amy and win your guy!"

She gave Christine a tighter squeeze. Then she pulled back and said, "So, while I'm far from thrilled, I'll do my best to hold my tongue and not go on about this bizarre situation. I'm confident you know what you're doing. Things will work out for the best, just you wait and see."

"Thanks, Mom!" Christine pulled Olga close and gave her a bear hug. Then she smiled and kissed her cheek.

Olga was surprised by the hug, since they were far from a "touchy-feely" family, but it was a pleasant surprise. She said with some chagrin, "Let me know what I can do to help. I know you say Amy isn't your enemy, but just like Jessica and the science fair project, your goal is to win, no matter how well you two get along. There's a lot you can do to improve the odds, like the clothes you wear, the way you flirt and talk, and much more. We'll talk more about nitty-gritty stuff like that later, okay?"

"Sure thing." Christine was genuinely grateful for that sort of assistance.

Olga added, "Also, we're going to have to talk much more about the potential dangers you're facing. Alan seems to be a very nice young man, yes. But not many girls turn eighteen with their virginity still intact, much less very beautiful and desirable girls like you. Your virginity has value. You'll want your first time to be with someone you truly love. Don't let your lust rule you. That means not letting Alan take advantage of you or throwing yourself at him just to get ahead of the competition!"

Christine thought, I DO love him! He's going to be the one to make me a woman, I know it! But she kept those thoughts to herself and just gave Olga her best slightly-annoyed teen face. "I know, Mom. Don't worry."

"Good. That said, let's not rush to tell your father about any of this, okay? I'm not sure, but I don't think he'd be as understanding as I am. Dads have a tendency to be highly protective of their daughters, especially their only daughters. If he hears all this, he's liable to want to sock Alan in the jaw."

"Understood, Mom. My lips are sealed." Christine thought, Dad is a mild-mannered academic. But if he knew the FULL story, he wouldn't just sock Alan's jaw, he'd probably buy a shotgun and use it on him! I'm walking on thin ice here. I've gotta make sure my parents don't learn anything about any of this, except from me! I'm going to have to double check with Aunt Kristen, to make sure she knows what to keep to herself.

Olga left a few minutes later, after some more goodbye talk, hugs and kisses.


Christine immediately took off her robe and lay on her bed in the nude. Aaaaah! That's better! It's nice to be alone... and naked! Gloriously naked! Sheesh, now I'm sounding like Amy. But still, it's true; it does feel nice! Just lying naked like this brings back all kinds of great memories of what happened today. I still can't believe any of it. What a wild day!

Boy, this is going to be tough. I guess I'm going to have to live a double life from now on. At home and at school, at least for a while, I'll still be the same old Christine, the asexual star student and athlete. But when I'm alone with Alan or Amy, or more likely both, I'll be... I don't know what. I'll be Alan's co-girlfriend, for sure! Thank God for that! But that hardly covers it. I'll be this sexually-liberated, naked, wild and free... what? "Lover?" Is that the word? One of Alan's many lovers? Maybe I should just use the word that Amy does: I'll be one of his "sluts." Shit!

She sighed heavily. I don't know. It's probably best not to put a name to it. I love it and hate it at the same time. It's definitely humbling, that's for sure.

Wait a minute. On second thought, 'lovers' IS the right word. I love Alan and I know he loves me. Even Amy says so. Heather and some of the others might be his sluts, but she and I are his lovers!

But even so, I know I can't wait until our date tomorrow night! Even with Amy there, it's going to be incredible!

She got up to get the sex toys that she'd hidden in her teddy bear. Just thinking about her upcoming date was making her so horny that she knew she'd have to masturbate to orgasm before she'd be able to go to sleep.

Soon, she was lying back in bed with the light turned off and her eyes closed. She turned on the vibrator that she'd chosen and brought it to her clit. Aaaah! Tomorrow night is going to be so great! I can't wait! And not just that. That's just the start! There's no telling what might happen. Absolutely anything is possible.

For instance, right now, Alan has lots of other lovers. I don't suppose I can get him to give them ALL up, but what if he ends up spending more and more time with me and Amy, and loving us more and more, while we fall deeper and deeper in love with him? Where could it end? I was telling myself a little while ago that he's just practice for me, just a temporary thing, but what if that's not true? What if we fall so deeply in love with each other that, well, we pretty much have no choice but to get married?!

Heck, I know that's not very likely, but this is my fantasy, dammit! Fine, I'll be generous and imagine that he marries Amy AND me both. Would it really be so bad to share him with her? She's as sweet as honey, and really easy to get along with. Perhaps with the two of us, we could keep him completely sexually satiated. God, wouldn't that be great, to have Alan as my HUSBAND?!

She had a vision of herself in a white wedding dress, clutching onto Alan in a tuxedo, while Amy was in a matching dress and holding onto him on his other side.

Hold on, girl! That's impossible and you know it. Don't set yourself up for heartbreak. But then a different internal "voice" came to the fore. So what? This is just a masturbatory fantasy. I'm going to make it a wedding fantasy, complete with a sex-mad honeymoon. There's no harm in that, right? Besides, it's way better than my weird Wonder Woman fantasies, which are getting stranger all the time.

She smiled widely as the vibrator buzzed on her clit. In her fantasy, she slid her wedding dress straps off her shoulders, exposing her massive breasts, while Amy did the same. Then the two of them dropped to their knees and worked together to free Alan's erection from his slacks. In real life, she licked her lips with anticipation. She already could tell that this fantasy was going to end with a truly great orgasm.


"Oh God! This is so scary!" Katherine's voice sounded shaky and nervous from behind her door.

Alan stood in the hallway with his erection poking out. He'd been standing there naked for a couple of minutes, waiting for her to get ready. His tuxedohad been left in his closet because he was raring to fuck. He asked his sister, "'Scary?' What's the problem?"

Her voice came loudly through the door, "I want to be perfect for you. This is a BIG moment! But I don't know what to wear or which pose to hold when you walk in. I want you to take a mental picture of me that you'll remember forever!"

He grinned at her enthusiasm. "Well, why didn't you say so? I know the exact answer to both of those things. The only clothing I want to see you wearing right now is your collar, because you couldn't possibly be more beautiful than when you're in your 'birthday suit.' And as for your pose, that's easy too. Just stand there with your arms wide open and your lips puckered, so I can hug and kiss you and love you all up."


"Oh, Brother!" The door swung open dramatically. Katherine suddenly appeared and practically tackled him in the to the ground with a big hug and an even bigger kiss.

But they weren't in the hallway for long, because she yanked him into her room and then managed to kick the door closed behind him. In her enthusiasm, she kept pulling him forward until he landed flat on her bed with her lying on top of him. Already, their hearts were racing as if they'd never been naked together before.

His hands and eyes were glad to confirm that she really was wearing nothing but her collar. His hands caressed his way down to her ass cheeks, and he laughed. "Here's a howdy-do!"

She reached down to his boner and slid her hands up and down it. "What's this? Is this a great, big, fat, sister-splitting MASTER cock, or are you just happy to see me?" She giggled. She'd asked him that "happy to see me" question before, but that made it a fun in-joke for them both.

He suddenly and dramatically rolled them over so that he was on top. "It's both! 'Cos I'm always VERY happy to see you! And fuck you!"

She gasped and shivered in response to him getting on top. She was so eager that she truly felt like she was a virgin waiting for him all over again. She spoke her thoughts out loud. "Oh, fuck! You ARE going to fuck me! You're going to fuck me within an inch of my life, aren't you?! It's going to be so fucking GOOD!" She wiggled and shrieked, like she was too excited to control herself, because that's exactly how she felt.

He answered that with another scorching kiss on her lips.

She responded with even more passion. She kept a hand pumping up and down his shaft while clutching one of his bare ass cheeks like her life depended on it.

Their hearts were pumping wildly and their passion was rising sharply. Katherine couldn't believe how thrilled she was simply to have him roll on top in an aggressive manner. It reminded her all over again that he was her dominant master and future husband. She would have screamed for joy, except that she was too busy French kissing.

I'm the luckiest girl in the world! The man of my dreams is my brother and my master! There's no way we could ever part, especially not after tonight. He's a total loving sweetie AND a well-hung sex demon too!

After a few minutes of fevered yet loving necking, Alan slid his head down to her chest and mushed his face into her cleavage. He pressed her big breasts in from the sides so his face was buried deep in her delightful tit-flesh.

Katherine yelled, "Hey! What do you think you're doing?!" She thought he was going to do something jokey like motorboating his lips on her tits, and she wasn't in the mood for that, especially since she had been on the verge of slipping his boner into her hot slit. She pounded her fists on his back, but not hard enough to really hurt. "You just slid your cock out of reach, you meanie! Bring it back where it belongs: in my cunt!"

But he didn't pay attention to her demands, and he didn't motorboat her in a silly way either. Instead, he started kissing, licking, and loving her breasts with real feeling. Before long, he wound up suckling one nipple like a hungry baby nursing on her. At the same time, he teasingly rolled her other nipple between his fingers.

Katherine's body clenched up and she closed her eyes tightly and gritted her teeth in an attempt to cope with the great wave of arousal washing through her. She hit him on his back again, but this time just with weak slaps. "No! Please! Don't!"

He muttered while moving his mouth from one erect nipple to another, "Why not?"

"Too good! HNNG! You shouldn't... I should be serving YOU, dammit! Besides..." Her voice turned shy, even as she was panting with arousal. "My boobs are small. And... lame."

He suddenly stopped what he was doing and lifted his head to make eye contact with her. "Excuse me?! First off, it's nice that you're all about making me happy, but it just so happens that what makes me most happy is making YOU happy! I totally love it when you cry out uncontrollably, and it's even better when I make you cum hard!"

She panted lustily, "But... if you make me happy, and I make you happy..."

He concluded for her, since she was struggling for air, "Then we'll both just get happier and happier, and hornier and hornier, until we pass out from too many orgasms!" He chuckled, thinking, It really is that easy, almost every time. And that good!

Then he gave her a pretend stern look. "If you can't handle that, tough shit! You're my slave-wife; that's how it's going to be!"

She laughed with pure joy. "If you're taking a hard line like that, I guess I have no choice but to submit, do I?" She stretched her arms and legs out underneath him, reveling in the moment.

"Nope!" He fingered her wet slit even as he continued to sit up above her breasts. "And as for these..." - he used his free hand to firmly squeeze her right tit - "don't you EVER call them 'small' or even 'lame.' What the hell is wrong with you?! I'm your master and future husband, and I love 'em! Do you think I'm lying about that?! Are you calling me a liar? Do you need a spanking?"

"No, but..."

"ARGH! Looks like I'm going to have to prove it to you. You stay still, and keep your hands off my cock, so I can totally devote my attention to loving MY great tits! And that's an order!" He dropped his head back to her chest and resumed his tit fondling and nipple suckling.

She definitely noticed that he's said, "MY great tits" and not "your great tits," and she loved it. It reinforced one of her favorite ideas, that her entire body belonged to him.

He proceeded to spend the next five minutes just lavishing his attention on Katherine's boobs.


At first, she was reluctant, and even downright frustrated, by his action. "Meanie," she grumbled, impatient to get on to the fucking. In fact, she would have preferred to do almost anything than have him spend so much time on her "undeserving" tits. But as the minutes slipped by, her arousal grew greater. Before long, she was clutching at his head with both hands, with her entire body writhing in ecstasy.

After a while, she finally spoke again. "Okay, Bro, I suppose you can do that." She put a lot of emphasis on the word "suppose," as if she was only very reluctantly going along with the idea, but her overall tone of voice showed that she was overjoyed.

Feeling that his point had been made, he suddenly scooted up higher on her. At the same time, he unexpectedly thrust his erection into her cunt. She was so very wet that he slid all the way in with one smooth and steady push.

"HNNNG! AAAAH! What the FUCK?!" She was taken by complete surprise, causing her body to jerk as if she'd been electrocuted.

Once he was fully sheathed in her, he stopped briefly to make sure she had a moment to adjust. He asked triumphantly, "Feel how stiff my dick is?"

She replied incredulously, "Um, YEAH?! How could I not?!" She stuck a finger deep into her own mouth. XX07

That puzzled him. "What are you doing?!"

"Seeing if I can feel your cock coming up all the way through me into the back of my throat! You just skewered me that deeply, like a roasting pig!" She giggled as her body continued to wiggle and writhe under him.

He laughed. "I don't think I'm quite THAT long. But I want you to feel how stiff my dick is. It's been that way the whole time I've been loving your tits, because that's how much I enjoy doing that."

She practically screamed, "I feel it! Jesus fucking Christ! I can definitely feel it! Don't you DARE start thrusting, or you're gonna kill me!"

Feeling mischievous, he immediately started thrusting. "What, you mean like this?"

"AAAAAIIIIIEEEE!" She was experiencing total ecstasy, more from the mental impact of what was happening than from the physical sensations.

He moved in and out of her with long, slow strokes. "This is your 'punishment' for not believing in yourself and your great beauty, including your wonderful BIG tits. I guess I'm going to have to fuck you sixteen ways to Sunday until you see the light!"

She cried in near orgasmic release, "Aaaah! Fuck me!"

He knew she meant that as if to say that she couldn't take any more, but he chose to take her literally. He cheekily replied, "That's exactly what I'm doing."

She'd been staring off into infinity, temporarily overwhelmed. But that caused her to refocus on his face and slap his cheek lightly. She made a big deal out of it though, pretending to be angry and stern. "That's what you get for being a smart ass!"

He was having fun, and not just with his slow but deep thrusting. "Oh, rrrrrrrrreally? Just for that, slave, no orgasms for you."


"You heard me. No orgasms until I say so. That's an order!"

"OH, SHIT!" Panicking, she leaned forward and kissed the spot on his face she'd just playfully slapped. "I didn't mean it! I was just, uh, swatting a fly."

He snorted with mirth. "Yeah, right!" He kept right on pumping in and out of her.

She let out a long, frustrated moan as she realized that he wasn't backing off on this restriction. "Oh no! Please, no! If I can't cum, then you're gonna fuck me and fuck me and then fuck me some more until I can't take it anymore, and then, just when I think I'm going to go insane with cum need for sure, you'll give permission and I'll explode in total ecstasy with the biggest orgasm ever! You have a nasty habit of doing that to all your women! We talk about it all the time!"

He chuckled, even as he kept on steadily fucking her. "I guess I do. Do you say good things, I hope?"

"Good and bad. It makes us frustrated as hell, but we totally love it. Just like we totally love you!" She threw her arms around him and gave him a tight hug.

That caused him to momentarily pause in his thrusting, and she took full advantage to aggressively squeeze him with her own vaginal muscles. She yelled triumphantly, "A-HA! Look who's in charge now!"

Despite her tight and incredibly pleasurable squeezing, he managed to pull his cock almost all the way out. Then he quickly pushed it all the way back in. He said in a droll voice, "You were saying?"


She squeezed her eyes shut and she gasped for breath. "F-f-f-fuck me!"

"Great suggestion! Again!" He resumed steadily pounding in and out, too fast for her to use her Kegel squeezing. "Just remember, you can't cum."

She whimpered helplessly, but she loved it. Oh shit! I'm really in for it! He's going to power fuck me into sweet oblivion again. Hang on, girl; you're in for the ride of your life!

He was having a great time, but nonetheless remained so at ease that he wasn't having much trouble talking. After a couple of minutes of steady, rhythmic thrusting, a thought came to him. He reached up to her chest and caressed her D-cups from below. "Oh, and by the way, I don't want to hear you complain about your tits anymore. Their shape is perfect. I wouldn't change a thing about them."

"They're small," she pouted.

"They're NOT small, okay?" He gave each tit a good squeeze. "They're just about the biggest in school!"

"Not true. Christine's are bigger, for starters. And Amy's."

He sighed, and slowed his thrusting way down to help him speak at length. He ran a hand through his hair and gave her a frustrated look. "UGH! That's true, I admit. And you know what else is true? There are guys at our school with dicks that are bigger than mine, or thicker than mine, or both. It's not like I can check to be sure, but the odds are that's almost certainly true. So why don't you stop having fun with my dick and enjoy an obviously superior one? You deserve the best."

She glared at him indignantly. "Shut UP! What's with you?! THIS is the only cock that I'll ever want or need!" Her mobility was limited by being pinned underneath him, but she churned her hips on his boner as best she could. "I'm proud of the fact that my body will never be defiled by the touch of another man!"

He asked cheekily, "But bigger is always better, right?"

"Not true! What matters is that it's YOU who..." Her voice trailed off as she realized what he was doing. "Oh. Ha. Very clever. I get it." She smirked in chagrin, but she didn't stop her hip churning.

He smirked too. "Point taken?"

"Point taken. Fuck! How can I resist you? You're fucking hung like a horse AND too clever for your own good!"

He knew it wouldn't be that easy to get her to change her attitude permanently, but it would help. He brought a hand back to her rack. "Yeah, well, just so you don't forget, let my hands remind you just how much I love them. If you ever need a 'remedial lesson,' I'll lavish my full attention on your firm, high tits to the exclusion of everything else!"

"FUCK! GOD DAMMIT!" She shook her fists in the air on either side of him.


"You make me love you even MORE! Stop it! I love you too much already! You've fucking willingly enslaved me, and even that isn't enough!"

He chuckled. Then he resumed his thrusting, even more vigorously than before. "Sorry. Not gonna stop! Can't stop! Can't stop loving you!"

She squeezed him tight, temporarily overcome by lust and love. "Oh, Brother! Master! I love you so much!"

The talking stopped after that, because both of them were breathless and hot as ovens. They channeled their great passion into even more intense fucking.

Alan played Katherine like a fiddle, putting all of his recently gained sexual experience and confidence to good use. He controlled the pace, driving her absolutely wild. From time to time, he reminded her that she wasn't allowed to cum, and that restriction paradoxically sent her desire to cum still higher.

As she soared to a great erotic peak, she got so worked up that talking was very nearly out of the question. However, her need to cum was so urgent that she managed to cry out in short bursts with "Please?!" and "Now?!" and even "I beg you, have mercy!"

Finally, he relented, mostly because he knew that he'd be cumming too if things kept on the way they were for much longer. He shifted his fucking pace into a still higher gear and spoke with lust dripping from his words. "Okay, DO IT! My love, you have my permission! Cum! Cum for me! Cum now!"


Her eyes went wide as saucers as those words sank in. Her body had tensed up from the seemingly endless struggle not to cum, but she suddenly went limp and stopped trying to fight it. "AAAAAAAH! YESSSSSS! MAAAAASTER!" She felt that incredible "little death" sensation as her orgasm hit her like a bullet train slamming into a mountainside.

But while Katherine let go, completely surrendering to the moment, Alan certainly didn't. He kept on resolutely fucking her, hoping to prolong and intensify her great release. Her body thrashed and spasmed underneath him, but his weight kept her from flailing about too much.

After a full two minutes of Katherine's euphoric screaming, he realized her movements were slowing to only the occasional jerk or twitch. He came to a rest with his still very erect dick fully sheathed inside her. Then he let her rest and recover for a few minutes. He needed the rest too, especially since he'd been doing nearly all of the physical exertion.


Eventually, Katherine opened her eyes. "Hey, Bro. I'm back from the dead."

He lifted his head enough to make eye contact. "Welcome back." There was a fine sheen of sweat on her body and her bangs were matted to her forehead. He loved seeing her look sweaty and well-fucked like that.

She grinned impishly. "You missed it by thiiiiis much!" She had her index finger and thumb nearly touching each other.

"Missed what?" He grinned too, catching on that her line was a reference to the old "Get Smart!" TV series.

"Missed making me cum so hard that I actually passed out. I love it when you do that." She teased playfully, "Obviously, your sexual powers are waning."

"Yeah, right! I'll show you!" He began tickling her underarms.

She laughed hard, but also held her arms against her sides to stop him.

However, he wasn't deterred; he simply tickled her elsewhere, especially her sensitive sides.

She kept right on laughing and giggling. "Hey! No fair! I can't fight back with your big fat body on top of me! I'm totally helpless here!"

He laughed too, especially since she was having some small success tickling him as well. He scoffed, "'Big fat body.' Give me a break. That's the first time anyone's ever called me fat."

That brought a twinkle to her eye. "True, except for your cock." She stopped her counter-tickling effort and reached to his crotch, where he was still balls-deep in her. "We call Alan Junior 'fat' all the time, because he is. He's like a little sumo wrestler." She spoke the famous line from the old "Fat Albert" TV show. "Hey, hey, hey! It's faaaaaat Alan!"

They both had a good laugh at that.

Her eyes gleamed with delight as a new realization hit her, thanks to what her wandering fingers had just discovered. "Damn! Wouldn't you know it? He's feeling VERY fat right now." Her fingers slid all over the wet joining of his cock and her pussy.

He'd stopped his tickling too, instead just cuddling against her. "That's 'cos you never fail to inspire me. And by the way, speaking of feeling helpless at a totally unjust situation, get used to it. You're one of my slaves now!" That was kind of harsh, but he sensed that she'd eat it up.

Sure enough, she shivered lustily in response. "MMMM! You're so right! I love how you unjustly take advantage of me and make me slavishly worship your cock!"

He didn't mind her over-the-top language, because he knew she got off on that sort of thing.

She went from being blissed out to wagging a finger near his face. "However, don't even say that, because you're gonna make me super horny all over again, and I'm all fucked out. I'm kind of sad."

"Sad? Why?"

She pouted, "You fucked me so well, but now it's over. I wish I could be with you like that all night long, but I know you've gotta go off and bang your other slave-wives too. Such is the life of a harem master." She frowned with obvious longing.

"Now, wait a minute," he replied. "Who says I'm done with you?"

"You're not?!"

"Not at all. I'm just getting started. Need I remind you that I haven't climaxed yet? I'm not going to be done until I mark you as mine!"


"No way!" Her entire voluptuous body re-energized in a flash. She scooted out from under him and sat up on the bed. That caused his dick to slide out of her slit. She did that because she wanted to do more with his cock, but her pussy was crying uncle for the moment. She grasped his wet boner and began pumping it with vigor. Yet she also stared off into space anxiously. "Oh God! Oh no!"


"This is my big chance! I want to show you what a devoted and talented fuck-toy sister slave-wife I can be. But after that humungous orgasm you just gave me, I barely have the energy to even jack you off properly. I'm stressing out!"

He sat up too, then brushed her bangs off her sweaty forehead. "Don't stress. Why worry? We'll just do whatever. I'm totally happy as long as I'm with you." He leaned in and playfully kissed the tip of her nose.

"Huh! Right! That's easy for YOU to say! It's all good for you. But what about me? This is a big night! A time for something epic! This is kind of like my wedding night, only in a more submissive, slave-y way, which makes it even MORE important!"

He cut in to point out, "But you're going to have an actual wedding night when summer rolls around."

"True, but let me have my cake and eat it too. Right now, this is the most important night ever. When that happens, that'll be the most important night ever!"

They both laughed at that.

She added, "We laugh, but I'm serious too! I've gotta make a big impression or I'll fall behind!"

He took her hand away from his erection so they could focus on talking. "Hold on. 'Big impression?' You don't need to impress me. This isn't a contest, you know; we're just having fun. You've seen me fart, and pick my nose, and even pick a fart out of my nose."

She snorted with laughter at that last bit. "I have not!"

He pretended to pick a fart from his nose, making a rude farting sound with his mouth right as his finger touched his nostril.

She laughed heartily. "Stop that, you doofy weirdo!"

He chuckled too. "The point is, we know each other about as well as humanly possible. We're far beyond trying to impress each other. We just enjoyed a great fuck together, and everything on top of that is gravy. So it's no-stress, right?"

"Right." However, she didn't sound like she believed it.

He gently brushed a hand across her cheek. "What's wrong? Don't tell me you feel like you're competing with Mom, Mother, and Aims tonight. I'm sure they don't feel like they're competing with you."

"That's easy for them to say! They're all so busty, and super sexy, and talented. They don't have to worry about anything. I know you love me, and I know you lust for me, but I want MORE! I want you to look at me like the way I'm sure you looked at Christine today, like you want me and need me so very much that you can hardly breathe! So bad that you can hardly think!" She added shyly, "Just like how I always feel about you." XXX10

He realized he'd need to be very careful and diplomatic to avoid hurting her feelings. "It's probably true that I might be showing more enthusiasm with Christine lately. But that's the thrill of the new. That'll wear off with her soon enough and it'll settle down to a more sustainable feeling. What's important is that what you and I have isn't some flash-in-the-pan thing."

Katherine responded before he could say more. "What you have with her isn't a 'flash-in-the-pan thing' either, and you know it. Now that you've broken the ice and you've started to tame her, I'm sure she'll be sucking and titfucking your cock every day, probably with Amy helping. And then you'll FUCK her! Once that happens, she'll be totally tamed. She'll fall even deeper in love with you and probably fully join the harem just so she can be with you all the time. And normally I wouldn't mind that much. You're a natural master who needs lots of big-titted slaves and sluts constantly serving you. But she's better than me in every possible way! So of course you're gonna spend a lot more time with her!"

He said, "You're probably right about some of that, but not all of it. Can she call herself one of my fuck toys?"

"No," Katherine said glumly. "But that could well happen before very long."

"Highly, highly unlikely. She's simply not the type. But even if it did, she'll never be my Number One Fuck Toy. That's you. And can she call herself my sister-slave?"

Katherine brightened a little at that, giggling, "Obviously not."

"And does she wear my collar?"

"No, but she-"

He cut her off. "Does she wear my ring?"

"No, but-"

He interrupted again, "Is she engaged to be one of my wives? Does she live right across the hall from me? Does she have her very own special day of the week?"

She sighed theatrically. "Okay, okay, okay. You've made your point. I guess I've got it pretty damn good."

He cut in before she could say more. "No, wait! I'm not done! I haven't even gotten to the most important thing: you're my soulmate! True, I could say I'm soulmates with my other wives-to-be as well - that's why I want to marry them. But that's different, due to different ages and other factors. You and I have a special bond that is truly unique! There's nobody I'm closer to than you." Mindful of not wanting to compare the women in his harem, he added, "True, some are as close, but none are closer. I knew you'd be a big part of my life long after high school even before all this sex craziness began."

"Really?! You mean that?" Her heart thumped hard and fast, but this time it was much more from emotional intensity than sexual desire.

He spoke sincerely, "Of course I do! How could I ever live anywhere without you at least being nearby? We may not share all the same interests, but it's like we share the same heart. That's why you and I can complete each other's sentences. Sure, Christine is becoming a lot closer to me these days, but she can't begin to match the relationship you and I share. It would take years for her to even come as close as we have, and meanwhile you and I will be making tons of new great memories."

His words got Katherine fired up. She proudly ran her fingers back and forth over her black collar. "That's right! At best, on some distant day, she MIGHT be lucky enough to wear your collar and maybe even become one of your slave-wives. But she'll NEVER share that special bond between a brother-master and a sister-slave!"

"Yep!" He was slightly amused at her wording, but also pleased. He figured there was no way Christine would ever wear his collar, but he didn't want to get into an argument about that at this point.

They shared a loving, knowing smile that, in a way, expressed more of their bond than lots of kissing and hugging.

Katherine came to a sudden realization, caused by his mention of a ring and collar. "That said, what the heck about MY ring?!" She looked to the ring box, which was on the bedstand almost within her reach. Like the other women, she'd taken the box with her when leaving the living room. "When are you going to put it on me?!"

"Whenever you want. We can do that right now, if you're done pouting about Christine." He grinned, lightly teasing her about that.

"Consider that ancient history, Master, at least for now. Of course, I'll pout more later." She playfully stuck out her tongue at him. "I'm hopelessly uppity, as you know. But the best way to make me forget about the special day you had with her today is to put that ring on my finger right now! Then I'll have something she can only dream of!"

"Okay, good. Let's do it!" He was feeding off her bubbly mood, feeling re-energized.



Suddenly she scrambled off the bed like it had caught on fire. She quickly wound up on her knees, facing him. She bowed her head low, and crossed her wrists behind her back. "I'm ready, Master."

He scooted to the edge of the bed and sat with his feet on the floor. He reached for the ring box and held it in his hands. He asked about her new position, "Like that?" He didn't say it, but he was thinking that it didn't seem romantic at all.

She looked up with determination. "It has to be done right! With lots of pomp and ceremony. Naked and kneeling is best. I'm sure your other slaves will agree that this pose has special symbolic meaning for us. To be honest, I get a rush just from getting into this position to serve you. Besides, I have to be like this because I want you to slip the ring on my finger while I'm deep-throating you!"

"Deep-throating me?" Due to the bewildering array of sex acts with different women lately, he had to scan his memory to recall if she'd deep-throated him before. He felt a bit sheepish about that, but he had no choice since he wanted to avoid saying something stupid. He remembered, and then said, "True, you deep-throated me for the first time last night, but it was just the one time, and you really only did one lunge down. Are you sure you want to give it a try again so soon?"

"Sure, I'm sure! I know I've only done it once, but I need to change that fast. That should be basic Fuck Toy 101 stuff. From now on, I want to deep throat you all the time, like I have no gag reflex at all!"

He stood up above her, with his stiff hard-on in his hand. "Really? But I hear it's extremely tough to do."

"Yeah, but that's why I want to do it! What's the fun of being a sex slave if it's super easy? I want a serious challenge! Let's do it!" She opened her mouth wide in anticipation.

He looked at his sister and her submissive kneeling pose, staring up at him challengingly with her gaping mouth. Dang! She's a total babe! So tanned and curvy. She's my sister, and yet she's also my friggin' sex slave. AND will be my wife! Fuck me; I sure am one lucky bastard! Well, if she's making my dreams come true, I'm gonna try to make hers come true too, even though they're submissive and strange. If she wants "pomp and ceremony," that's what she'll get.

From where he was standing, his boner was still too far away from her mouth, but it did put his cockhead close enough to brush against the tip of her nose. He did that a couple of times just for fun. But then he asked, in all seriousness, "What about, you know, slipping the ring on your finger in a more traditional, romantic way?"

"UGH!" She sighed heavily, frustrated by that suggestion. "That's all well and good. We can do that too, later. But you have to remember that I'm not just going to be your wife, but one of your SLAVE wives! Embrace your inner MASTER! Be the dominant sex-slave owner that we all know you can be and want you to be. Trust me, this is the proper protocol for this kind of thing. I know you totally love me, just like I totally love you. That's never been in doubt. This act should symbolize that I'm gonna be a slave-wife who's totally devoted to serving your cock! So let's get it on, already!"

She suddenly lunged forward, trying to swallow his cockhead. But she wasn't successful, since she was still holding her hands behind her back. His boner hit her mouth, but then bounced away again. She growled in frustration.

He laughed good-heartedly. "Okay. Okay, already. I get it. If you want more of my 'inner master,' then that's what you're going to get!"

With renewed resolve and purpose, he fed his cockhead into her eager mouth with one hand while still holding the ring box in his other.

She moaned nearly orgasmically as she took him in. Mmmm! That's better! Aaaaah! I love it! I love the feel of my master's gigantic cockhead filling my mouth, every time it happens! I never get tired of the struggle to get it all the way in. This is almost the best part, when his huge knob slips past my lips, so that they lock tightly all around it! Just think: this baby-maker is going to be filling my cunt again soon. Wow! In fact, he'll poke it into any orifice he wants, any time he wants, and there's nothing I can do about it but take it! Aaaaah! Pure sister-slave bliss!

Once she adjusted to his intrusion, she started to suckle on his dick, laving it with her tongue. But then, as good as swallowing him in is, it's even better when I start to suck and lick! Salivating with desire, she teasingly rolled her tongue over the hot tissues of his cockhead even as she continued to slide her lips all over his most sensitive areas.

After she got a steady bobbing rhythm going, she thought, Brother. Grrr! More like "oh, brother." Sometimes he can be too frustrating to be believed. It's nice that he wants to be romantic, but how could he even think of putting a ring on my finger when we're not busy sucking or fucking at the same time? Especially cocksucking! That symbolizes my sex-slave fuck-toy status perfectly. I appreciate that he... OOOH!


Her voice trailed off into a sharp gasp because in a matter of moments he switched from just holding his cock in her mouth to holding her head and thrusting in and out with his hips. Then, after taking a few more moments to make sure she'd adjusted, he began thrusting even faster.

Katherine was over the moon. YESSSS! He's fucking my face! Now, THIS is what I call making good use of a fuck-toy sister! Fuck me harder and deeper, Master! Go all out! I can take it, every last manly inch, even without the use of my hands!

Alan was over the moon too. In fact, it wasn't long before he began to worry that he'd have to cum too soon. One reason that he didn't do face fucks that frequently was because it was hard for him to do all the necessary thrusting while simultaneously delaying his own orgasm by adeptly squeezing his PC muscle. So it was particularly dangerous for him, especially considering how careful he had to be about saving himself for his other lovers that night. Still, he could see how much his sister was loving it, so he was willing to take the risk.

However, another problem with face-fucking was that it was just as tiring as regular fucking, and his energy would also be in short supply before the night was over.

Luckily for him, Katherine noticed when his thrusting started to flag a bit. She brought her hands from behind her back and held his hips firmly until he came to a standstill, then pulled her lips off his hot pole. "Mmmm! Yummy! I think there oughta be a rule that you have to face-fuck your slaves, like, aaaaall the time!" She giggled.

He asked, "Did you cum?" He had to ask because he'd been so carried away with his thrusting that he hadn't been paying much attention.

"Of course not! I'm a GOOD slave!" She lavishly licked her way around his wet cockhead. "An obedient slave." She planted a wet kiss right on his sweet spot, as if trying to give him a hickey there. "I may be your sister, your uppity sister, but I never forget that I've given myself to you, body and soul. You own me, and that's not going to change once we're married. You still haven't changed your order that I have to get your permission before cumming, right?"

He'd forgotten about that, due to her highly arousing talents. But he said, "Right."

"Good! Don't!" Her fingers were sliding up and down his shaft with increasing speed as she continued to lick more than talk. "Before... before... I lose all control and start sucking again... remember, wait until I'm deep-throating you, and then tap my nose to let me know it's ring time!"

That excited her so much that she again slipped her lips over his cockhead, sucking him down below his crown. But then she pulled back off, in order to add, "Oh! And while you're fucking my throat, remember that you're not allowed to cum either until this is all over! So there!" She giggled.

Then she took a deep breath and swallowed him again. She positioned her head so that her mouth and throat were aligned to take his full length. Clearly, she was determined to swallow all of him as soon as possible.

He stared down in disbelief as inch after inch of his thickness disappeared inside her mouth. She gripped his hips, pulling him in closer while her stretched lips took him deeper and deeper. Then she looked up at him, keeping her eyes locked on his the entire time, proudly showing off her wanton desire. She had been scared the previous time she'd attempted deep-throating him, but because she'd been successful that time, this time she was brimming with confidence. She figured one key to success was determination, and on this night she couldn't have been more determined.


He groaned orgasmically as he watched his final inch disappear into her mouth, until her lips were in contact with his neat patch of pubic hair. Her throat felt incredible. With her cheeks hollowed in and pressing against the sides of the lower part of his shaft, his cock was totally enveloped in what felt like liquid satin heat. Wow! Sis is really good at this! Mother and Glory are the deep-throating queens, but Mom and Sis are both coming on strong!

She slowly backed off until she had only the first third of his shaft in her mouth, which left her throat open to breathe. She exhaled and inhaled noisily through her nose. Then, with a renewed burst of inspiration, she forced herself forward again until she had engulfed him completely. She knew her time in this position would be short, due to her need to breathe, so she immediately tried the next move she had planned: she swallowed.

That took Alan by complete surprise, since he knew she was a novice at deep throating. He was even more surprised by how good her swallowing felt; it was like a hot rippling massage running the entire length of his stiff erection. Then she swallowed again, and his eyes rolled to the back of his head as he struggled not to cum. Unthinkingly, he clenched the sides of her head, almost painfully tightly.

This time she'd had him in her throat for nearly a minute. She felt she could hold on even longer, but she didn't want to push her luck and pass out due to a lack of oxygen, so she pulled back up and off him.


He staggered backward to her bed and collapsed on it, gasping in almost silent awe, "Fuuuuck!"

She chuckled as she rubbed her throat. She was extremely delighted to see the effect her hard work had had on him. Ha! Yes! Fuck-toy victory!

She scooted up to him on all fours, intentionally providing an almost unbearably sexy sight in the process. Then, once she was back between his legs, she continued to tenderly rub her throat with one hand while lightly playing with her pussy with the other. She was keeping herself as close to the edge of cumming as she dared. Awesome! That wasn't so hard. It was waaaay easier than last time. I can do that again and again, no problem. Actually, I like how it's a difficult struggle, but not impossible. I feel like the elite of the elite. Not many have what it takes to be a true, dedicated, fuck-toy slave-wife! XXX14

She realized that, so far, he'd made no attempt to put the ring on her hand. She looked to his hands, only to find they were empty. Then she looked all around and saw the ring box on the floor. She picked it up and confirmed that the ring was still in it.

He saw her doing that, so sheepishly admitted, "Sorry. I didn't even realize I'd dropped it. It must have happened when I was holding onto your head for dear life. I'm really sorry."

She scooted up closer and started laving his balls while sliding a hand up and down his saliva-soaked shaft. "That's okay. I don't mind. In fact, I'm psyched. It shows I must be doing something right to make even YOU lose control like that."

He gasped, wide-eyed. "Oh, man! You have no idea! When you swallowed? Both times! Whoa! That was so intense! It was kind of like your pussy squeezing after all your Kegel practice, but in the mouth. I'm not worthy." He gave a short "Wayne's World"-styled unworthy bow.

She licked from his balls up to the tip of his cockhead, then stared up at him. "Shut UP, already! Don't ruin this perfect moment with another one of your 'I'm not worthy' complaints."

He laughed. "You're right. Sorry."

"Good! Now I'm going to do it again, with MORE swallowing. Let's see if you can handle putting a ring on my finger while I'm doing that!"

She took another big breath and then went back down, swallowing his entire length.

He was stunned all over again to watch his almost eight-inch-long erection disappear completely down her throat, even more rapidly than before, Clearly she was getting the hang of it.

Now that she knew how much her swallowing affected him, she started doing that right away, repeatedly, just to up her 'uppity' challenge.

His pleasure was intense, but since his body was basically still, with her providing all the movement, he was able to flex his PC muscle continuously, barely keeping the urge to cum at bay. Despite everything, he was determined to see it through, giving her the ring while she was deep-throating him. His hands trembled as he took the ring from the box.

But before he gave her the signal that it was time to slip the ring on her finger, he saw the bulge of his cock protruding on the front of her neck and couldn't resist rubbing the ring against that very bulge.


Katherine didn't understand the reason why, but somehow that simple gesture drove her absolutely bananas. Feeling the metal of her wedding ring against the bulge in her neck was about the most arousing thing she'd ever experienced, even compared to her many recent great peak experiences. OH GOD! OH FUCK! That is SO HOT! HNNG!

She brought her left hand up to her neck to feel him rubbing the ring against the bulge, and that aroused her even more. WOW! There it is, tracing the shape of his cockhead right through my neck! I've never felt more fucking OWNED! Oh shit, I'm gonna CUM!

She'd been fingering her pussy and clit from time to time to help keep herself right on the edge, but suddenly she had to stop. In fact, her entire body seized up and she struggled with all her might to hold back her cum. That wasn't easy to do while her brother's cock was rammed so deep down her throat. She was sorely tempted to pull off him to reduce the intensity of the stimulation. Nevertheless, she held him in place, struggling not to cum AND not to give up.

She was so busy with her effort to maintain self-control that she couldn't keep her sexy swallowing going at the same time. That gave him an opening. He took the hand that was already touching the ring. "Sis, I don't know what to say at a time like this, so I'll just state the obvious: with this ring, I'll belong to you and you'll belong to me. We'll be a part of each other forever! I love you so much! I promise I'll always be the best husband and master I can possibly be!"

He wished he could talk longer, adding more "pomp and circumstance," but he was worried about how long she'd already been holding her breath, so his declaration had to be short and sweet.

With those words said, he slipped his ring onto her finger, claiming her as she wished.

She moved her hand slightly so she was cupping the bulge in her neck in such a way that she could continue to feel the ring pressing against it. She was becoming desperate to breathe, but she somehow pressed even further down, causing his cockhead to bulge out a bit more than before. XX16

Katherine had never felt so euphoric in her life. She wouldn't have been surprised to discover that she'd left the floor and was floating in mid-air, because that's how she felt. She started cumming, hard, even though she knew she didn't have his permission. But her mind-blowing orgasm almost didn't matter because she was also having an epic mental orgasm from the symbolic act itself.

Oh, Brother! "You'll belong to me... forever!" It's true! I will! MMMM! The joy of slavery! The joy of marriage! The joy of sucking cock! It's all so good! Too good!

A few tears had been leaking down her cheeks due to the sheer difficulty of deep-throating him. Those turned into a flood as she began crying tears of joy.

Alan's heart leapt to his throat when he saw Katherine staring up at him with a teary, transcendently euphoric face that also looked pained due to the struggle of maintaining her deep throating. He was emotionally overcome too, so also started to cry.

She tried to hold that moment as long as possible. She knew it would be one that she would treasure forever. She even knew with dead certainty that she would have a special love for deep throating him from that point on, and that each time she did, she would want to rub her wedding ring against the bulge on the front of her throat. It would be a reaffirmation of their love and her enslavement, every single time.

However, while all of this was going on, her orgasm continued to roar through her body. Her resulting need for oxygen was too great, so she quickly pulled her lips all the way off his cock, then gasped repeatedly for air.

She remained aroused and inspired beyond belief. In fact, her orgasm was still continuing, and she wanted to experience every second of it to the fullest. So as soon as she had sufficient air to not pass out, she took Alan's cock back in her mouth. She longed to deep throat him some more, but she didn't think her oxygen reserves were enough to handle it so soon again. Thus she contented herself by frantically sucking him in her mouth. What resulted was more like a face fuck, except that he stayed still while her head flew back and forth.

She thought, YES! Total victory! I did it! He did it! WE did it! Brother loves me and owns me, and that's all that matters! I'm wearing his RING! I know I'm going to love our wedding and honeymoon and all that, but as far as I'm concerned, this means we're already married! Oh, WOW! How exciting!

She slowed her frantic bobbing so she could stare at the ring on her finger. She slid that finger up and down his shaft, rubbing the ring against his sweet spot while it was briefly out of her mouth. Whoa! MORE chills! That ring is exactly where it belongs: on my hand, which is wrapped around his big cock, while I suck him with my sliding lips and busy tongue! Forever!

Tears of joy continued to stream down her face. Even so, as her orgasm finally faded and her breathing recovered, she got more assertive again. She resumed her rapid bobbing on his dick while occasionally glancing at her ring as it slid up and down the rest of his shaft. She thought she'd conquered her gag reflex. And while that wasn't actually true, she dared to flirt with deep gagging and choking more than ever before. Both of them loved the lewd sounds and intense sensations that created.

Then, after a few minutes of that, she felt she was ready again. She pulled all the way off, took a deep breath, and deep throated him for the third time that night. This time, without the distraction of the ring presentation and her massive orgasm, she was able to experiment freely with more swallowing sensations.

The deep throating didn't get any easier for her. In fact, she was crying both tears of joy and tears of intense effort at the same time. She actually relished the challenge. She knew this was something she'd love to spend a long time perfecting.

She could tell from his impassioned moans that she was really getting to him. Hee! So great! Deep throating isn't so tough after all. From now on, I'm going to make it my goal to deep throat him every day, more than once a day! Before, I was wondering if he should put the ring on me while we were fucking or sucking. I'm soooo glad it turned out to be sucking, especially deep throating. I've long fretted that I didn't have a special "thing" with him, like Amy does with anal sex. Well, maybe deep throating can be MY thing! I was already thinking of that when he praised me after my first time, but now I'm convinced!

Make that one of my things. Why stop there? I'm going to be the best busty and beautiful number-one-fuck-toy sister-slave-wife ever!

And yes, I am busty. And damn proud of it!

She giggled out loud around his sliding shaft as she considered that long string of words. Awesome! Every dream of mine has come true! And let's not forget I'm still one of his official personal cocksuckers. So that makes me his "busty and beautiful official personal cocksucker number one fuck toy sister slave wife!" Phew! I wish I could shout that title to the world, but of course I can't, because I'm too busy deep throating his cock! As it should be!

Alan didn't have any set time to spend with each of his women. He didn't even want to look at a clock. He figured, I'm their master now. I get to take my damn sweet time. As long as I get to all four and show each of them all my love, time doesn't matter.

With that in mind, he let Katherine alternate between deep throating and "regular" cocksucking to her heart's content. But after two more deep throatings of about a minute each, her throat was too raw for any more. At the same time, he reached the point where he needed to call for a prolonged strategic break.


The two of them lay side by side on the bed cuddling as they recovered.

He just smiled at her while tenderly wiping the remaining tears from her cheeks. He was too exhausted to do more.

She smiled gratefully without opening her eyes.

He rested with his eyes closed for a minute or two. Then, feeling better, he turned his head and looked again at his sister's face. To his surprise, her face was even more wet and teary than when he'd wiped her tears away only a short time earlier.

He sat up on an elbow and asked, "Sis?"


"Can I ask what's going on with all the tears? Is that from being happy or the sheer difficulty of what you did? It looked like you were really struggling there for a while. I don't want you to keep doing that if it's so painful and difficult for you."

She felt half-dead, but she was forced to open her eyes and rouse herself to answer. "It WAS both. Deep throating is really tough to do! But don't you DARE say you don't want me to do it! I just discovered a brand new way to love you, and I love doing it!"

"But it's not pleasurable for you, right?"

She sat all the way up. "Are you fucking kidding me?! Wrong! You're so wrong!" Tears were still streaming down her face. "I may look like this, but the deep throating is long over. The reason I'm still crying is because I'm so HAPPY! Too happy!" She started sobbing in earnest. XX17

He sat up too, wrapping his arms around her. "What's wrong?"

She was crying so much that it was becoming hard for her to talk. "Nothing's wrong! Everything's right! All my dreams have come true, because of you! YOU! I'm going to be your wife! Your WIFE! And your slave too! Can't you see?!"

He was unsure, because her words said that she was ecstatic, but from the emotional look on her face, her gasping for breath, and the tears streaming from her eyes, it appeared that she was sad and suffering. He tried his best just to hold her and be supportive.

But a minute passed, and then another, and her sobbing seemed to be getting worse instead of better. She was positively bawling.

He finally mumbled, "Um, ah... are you okay? Really?"

She had been crying into his chest, but that caused her to pull back and stare up at him. She tried to control her crying, somewhat successfully, and attempted to wipe her wet face dry, but less successfully. Then she said, passionately and almost incredulously, "'Okay'? Okay?! I've never been more okay!"

"Can you explain it to me then, please? Because I don't understand!" Of course he was familiar with tears of joy, but despite her words he thought she looked genuinely distressed.

To his surprise, he realized he was crying too. He had no idea why, but he was getting very emotionally worked up.

She nodded, but that was the best she could do at the moment. She realized that she had no choice but to lessen her sobbing if she was going to explain herself. After a minute or two, she felt she could go on. Staring deep into his eyes, she said, "It's simple: all I want to do is be with you and love you! And now that you've enslaved me AND you're going to marry me, that means we're going to be together forever! And the harem! The harem!" She was so choked up that she was temporarily unable to go on.

He tried to wipe her cheeks dry, but without much luck.

She managed to control herself enough to continue, "The harem too! I love Amy and Mom and Mother so much too, and now we'll ALL be together forever! Naked and collared, endlessly serving your cock as a team! Laughing and loving, fucking and sucking... OH MY GOD! Kill me now so I can die this happy! But don't, because I don't want to miss a second of it!"

She suddenly grabbed his shoulders and stared at him with even greater intensity. "Do you know what this means, what you just did to me?!"

"No, what?"


"I'm your WIFE! Your slave-wife! That's the very best kind! Pinch me, I'm dreaming!" She suddenly pulled her ring hand in front of her face and stared at her golden ring intently. "Here's the proof that this isn't all just a dream, that it's for real! It's so beautiful!"

Emotionally overcome again, she pulled him in close and squeezed him with all her might. She started bawling like a baby all over again.

Alan just held her and let her cry herself out. He was feeling much better about things though. Sis tends to get very emotional and cry a lot. That's because she has such a big, loving heart, and she wears her heart on her sleeve. As long as these are tears of joy, and they obviously are, all is good. He was deeply moved at the extent of her love for him and at her ecstatic happiness about being married.

While she continued to embrace him like her life depended on it, she spoke through her sobbing, "I'm thinking about what we'll be doing some random day ten years from now. You'll be sitting in an easy chair, with Mom on one side and, say, Amy on the other. They'll be taking turns French kissing you while you idly play with their big tits! And Mother and I, oh, and say, Xania, we'll be kneeling between your legs. The three of us will all be licking and stroking your wonderful cock while Christine and Glory look on! Everyone's gloriously naked except for our collars! Everyone!"

She pulled back to make eye contact again. She wiped her cheeks, but the tears were still streaming down. "But you know the BEST thing of all? You know what the special occasion for all that is?!"


"NO special occasion! None! Nada! Zippo! That's just a typical evening in the Alan Plummer family harem! Forever! Decades from now, you'll have new and younger slaves and sluts and sex pets, but I'll still be there with your cock down my throat because I'm your sister-slave-wife and that'll never change!"

He had issues about her vision, especially her "new and younger slaves and sluts and sex pets" comment, but he didn't want to pop her bubble by mentioning them.

She added, "I know that you'll never desert me because you love me so very much. We'll always be together!"

If anything, that made her feel even more emotionally overcome than before. But this time she responded by kissing his mouth. Needless to say, it was one of the most blistering and incredible kisses they'd ever shared.

The necking seemed to put her in a different and more mellow and contented mood. By the time their kissing ended, her new tears had mostly stopped flowing. She just blissfully squeezed him tightly some more, then asked with glee, "So, what do you think about all THAT?"

He was trying hard not to envision that scenario, because he worried about becoming too spoiled and full of himself. It was easier to enjoy the present and not think much about the future. He replied carefully, "Well, that's... some vision! Do you really mean it? It doesn't sound possible. That much sex...? Come on. It's crazy!"

She pulled back to make eye contact again. She poked his bare chest playfully. "Hey, buddy. You have FOUR slave-wives now, going on five. By then, who knows? You'll probably have seven, eight, or more! That's real. That's happening. Get used to it, Master!"

He had a lot of issues about her vision, but he didn't want to pop her bubble by mentioning them. Instead, he just chuckled, and said, "Okay. Geez! I'm working on it."


After a thoughtful pause, he asked, "I've got one question though. Where was Brenda in your vision?"

"Oh yeah. Brenda. Oops! She'll definitely be there too. Let's say she's doing a sexy naked dance right in front of you with Melinda. Of course, Melinda is just as super stacked as Brenda is, so they're rubbing their absolutely gigantic racks together to help keep you deliriously horny!"

"Melinda?! Who's Melinda?"

She grinned impishly. "Heck if I know! You haven't met her yet! I made her up, 'cos she represents the many gorgeous women you still have to meet, fuck, and tame. She's your favorite out of all of those. That'll make her slave-wife number NINE!"

Susan Xania Brenda Heather Simone Christine

"UGH! No way!" He covered his face with his hands, pretending to be distraught. In fact, he simply didn't believe her. Yet he found himself envisioning a sexy scenario involving himself fucking all of his slave wives in turn, including "Melinda," despite his best efforts not to. That vision sounds impossible. Things simply can't remain that sexual and amazing for that long. Problems are bound to arise. Heck, I'll have to work non-stop just to keep my four wives happy and satisfied. Five, maybe, if I'm lucky with Glory. But forget eight or nine! Give me a break. I'm only one guy!

It's weird that SHE has that fantasy. That should be my fantasy. But I guess she's just temporarily carried away with her enthusiasm for this group marriage.

Alan and Katherine simply held each other for a while. Katherine was still coming down from her extreme emotional high, but she wasn't coming down much, because every time she started to get calmer, she'd think about her wedding ring or look at it and then get giddy all over again.

After a while, sensing that her mood had changed, he said, "Thanks for sharing all that with me. I feel pretty damn blown away. When I think about you wearing my wedding ring, I keep thinking 'Pinch me, I'm dreaming too!' I really must be the luckiest guy in the whole world."

"Yep! You are. We're gonna spoil you rotten!"


Alan pulled back to take a good look at her face. "I see your tears have finally stopped and you've dried your eyes. How do you feel now, Mrs. Alan Plummer?"

Her eyes lit up and her heart raced from the words "Mrs. Alan Plummer'." But then she playfully punched his chest. "Shut up! Don't call me that!"

He play-punched her tummy in return, but that quickly turned into a tickle, making her squeal with glee. "Why not? And what kind of slave are you, if you keep telling me to shut up? Not to mention punching and slapping me until I'm black and blue?" He rubbed where she'd mock-punched him, pretending he was really hurt.

"A baaaad slave! A naughty, evil, disobedient, incorrigible slave!" She tickled him back, although without much success since he saw it coming.

"You forgot 'uppity,'" he pointed out while laughing from the tickling and general fun.

"Oh, I definitely didn't forget 'uppity.' I'm all about the uppity. That goes without saying." She gave up the tickling and wrapped her arms around him instead. That brought his tickling to an end too, since they wound up French kissing for a while.

When the necking ended, she said, "I've got a new plan: I'm going to become your new deep-throat queen! I know Mother is the best at that. I can't compete with her long tongue and overall experienced-sex-goddess awesomeness. She's probably been deep throating longer than I've been alive. But I also know she's not that big on doing it that often. So I figure what I may not manage in quality I can make up in quantity! I'm gonna deep throat you every single day!"

He chuckled at her enthusiasm. "Whoa. Hold on. For starters, you're awesome with quality already. Did you not notice how you made me collapse on the bed in a delirious daze? And you're only going to get better! But also, you dodged my question about why you don't want to be called 'Mrs. Alan Plummer.'"

She was thrilled at first by his compliment. But when he asked her about the name issue, she looked away, abashed. "You can't call me that. I'll be your wife, but your slave-wife. Besides, you have three other slave-wives, with more on the way. We can't all be called 'Mrs. Alan Plummer. That's for normal women in normal marriages, not me. Not us."

He responded, "Look, I know I can't call you that officially, but why not just for fun?"

She blushed and closed her eyes. "Because I'm not worthy. True, I'll be one of your slave-wives, but with more emphasis on the 'slave' part. I've signed a Pact making it my main goal in life to keep your cock constantly stiff and throbbing with pleasure."

She stiffened proudly and quoted from The Pact: "'The women of this harem pledge to avoid any physical intimacy with other men, without exception, and devote themselves fully to pleasing Alan and his insatiable cock.' Remember that? I sure do! Those are the words I live by!"

She reached over to his penis and found that it was still flaccid. (That was deliberate on his part, as part of his extended strategic break.) She frowned with concern and resumed stroking him.

He put his hand on hers, stopping her stroking. "Hey. You don't have to do that. Of course I love that you're my willing sex slave. I'm a horny guy, and you're a total babe, and I love you. It's a dream come true for me, and you seem to love it just as much, luckily enough. But please don't become obsessed about it. The main thing is that I love YOU, my Kat, the feisty, fun girl I loved long before all this sex stuff began. We've already got one Brenda in the harem, and Mom's kind of close. Please don't be totally submissive like that too. That's not the Kat I love most."

He poked her belly button playfully as another thought came to him. "Besides, you complain about me saying I'm not worthy. And now you're saying you're not worthy! So I have one thing to say to that: shut up already!"

She laughed, then grinned from ear to ear. "Well played, Kemosabe, well played."

He prodded, "And...? This is where you say you're going to stoutly deny that you're not worthy, and then you'll pledge to keep things in moderation and not get carried away about 'pleasuring my cock.'"

An impish grin crossed her face. "Okay, I agree that nobody in this family harem should ever say they're 'not worthy.' That was stupid. But as for the rest, no apologies!" She stuck her tongue out playfully. "I happen to love having fun with your cock. You know the story: I love it, you love it, everybody gets lots of orgasms, and it's all win-win awesomeness! So why should I stop or even slow down? But of course I'm still the same ol' me. Geez! How could I not be? Just because we're going to be sucking and fucking into infinity, that doesn't make me a total slave like Brenda. So relax!"

She meant all that, although she was deliberately downplaying her enthusiasm for her new "sex slave fuck toy" lifestyle a little bit. She didn't want him to worry.

He did relax visibly. "I'm glad to hear that. It's weird. I guess we're walking a fine line. It must sound beyond bizarre to anyone outside of our family: 'be my slave-wife, but not too slave-y.' But hey, it is what it is. I guess I'm afraid of you changing too much. I love you just how you are right now."

"Awww. How sweet!" She cuddled up closer and nuzzled her face against his. "That makes me feel really good. But not as good as when you rubbed my ring against the bulge in my neck! Phew! How hot was THAT?!"

She brought her hand to her face and stared at her ring in wonder. She continued to hold his penis with her other hand. She noticed that his penis was starting to get hard again in response to that reminder about her neck bulge. Naturally, she helped him along by stroking it.

He asked her, "So... no regrets?"

She gave him a sharp look. "Don't make me beat you up for being such a doofus! UGH!" She playfully slapped towards him with her ring hand, but slowly, so he could easily block her attack.

Then she suddenly sat up and straddled him. "Looks like I'm going to have to fuck some sense into you!" His dick was still engorging, but she fed it into her slit and started riding him anyway.

Sure enough, within just a few up-and-down motions, he got fully stiff.


She sighed happily as she felt him filling her up. "Aaaah! Now, that's nice, isn't it?" She began to churn her hips in the style she usually liked to do on him.

He grunted affirmatively.

She commented, "I love riding you cowgirl-style like this. It's probably my favorite way to fuck. Well, that's not entirely true, since I love it when you're on top and fully dominating me. Tied for favorite, then! But... one thing bugs me." She kept on gyrating on him, while rising up and down. "You've enslaved the four of us already, and tonight you're marrying us for good measure, to help tie us to you even more. Yet you still fret about stuff. You still worry about whether I'm going to be happy."

He responded, "That's just the way I am, I guess. Mostly, I just want to be sure that you really ARE happy and not just acting this way or that way to fit in, or because you think it's what I want. We can talk about this slave-y stuff all night long, but the bottom line is, I'm not happy if you're not happy, and you're not happy if I'm not happy. So we need to keep talking to make sure things are great and stay great."

She moaned happily, both in agreement with him and in pleasure from the fucking. Somehow she managed to stroke herself up and down along his shaft while churning in a circular motion just as much. Even a porn star would have been impressed at her hip control.

He started to get swept away by another great surge of pleasure. But he still was thinking about her role in his life, so he said, "Not only that, but you're probably going to keep calling me 'doofus' because now that we're going to marry, I'm going to feel even more responsible for your happiness."

She quipped as she bounced and churned on him, "Looks like I'm gonna be stuck with the world's first 'doofus master.'" She giggled at that.

But then she brought her movements to a near halt and said more soberly, "To be honest, I probably wouldn't do well with a so-called 'real' master. You know, the kind who's stern and mean and totally controlling, one who would treat me like an actual slave. I can have endless fun with my never-ending sex-slave fantasy because I know I'll always just be 'Sis' to you. You can have fun dominating me, but you'll never actually look down on me with contempt."


He was very pleased to hear that. "Exactly! Finally, we start to really understand each other!" Then, taking advantage of the fact that she had paused in her cowgirl position above him, he reached out and gave her ass cheek a hard smack. Then he did the same thing to her other ass cheek.

"HEY!" she cried out reflexively. Then, thinking things through, she said, "Not that I'm complaining. In fact, we fuck toys encourage that sort of thing most heartily!" She giggled and resumed her bouncing on him. "But still, what was that for?"

He responded, "Because while we were resting and cuddling, it occurred to me that I never gave you permission to cum while you were deep throating me. And you came anyway. Big time, too!"

She froze, and brought her hands to her face as she gasped in dismay. "OH! Oh, shit!" She really was upset at having disobeyed him.

He smacked her ass cheeks again, once on each side, like before. "That, plus I was trying to spur you on to resume your bouncy-bouncy fun."

She grinned. "Oh. I can do that part." She ostentatiously lifted herself all the way off him and then slowly impaled herself again until he was balls-deep within her. "Aaaaaah! So good!" Keeping him sheathed in her, she alternately churned and squeezed. "I love doing that! Impalings-a-go-go! Now I can do that deep penetration with my mouth too! Do you know how psyched I am about that?!"

He thought, What about me? Man, everything is so good! Too good! I feel undeserving. God, it's so good!

She lifted herself all the way off him again, then used a hand to keep him lined up as she slowly sat back down on him. She let out another long, blissful sigh. "Aaaaaah! I swear, I could do this all night. But I'm bummed too! Super bummed that I came without permission. Even though you got me so insanely horny that there was no way I could resist! Still, sex-slave sister-wives have to take their lumps. You need to give me a proper spanking until my ass burns red!"

He chuckled. "Hey, aren't I supposed to be the one giving the orders around here?"

"Oh yeah." She laughed, along with him. Then she pointed at him accusingly. "Stop making me giggle and laugh so much. How am I supposed to get a good fucking rhythm going when we're having so much fun?"

Actually, that was a real problem. They did keep getting interrupted for one reason or another. But after she said that, both of them made an effort to stay silent for a while to fully concentrate on the fucking. However, the silence only increased their feelings of lust and love, since they were so in tune that they didn't need to speak.

It wasn't long before they both were soaring into erotic nirvana. She gave up on the slow impalings and concentrated exclusively on her hip churning. Because she was an excellent dancer, her hip control was extraordinary, perhaps only surpassed by Xania's remarkable skill at hip gyration.

After a while, Alan wanted to change positions so he could be more actively involved. She seemed to resist his initial moves in that direction, so he had to say, "It's time for me to take over."

But she wouldn't hear of it. "Any other night? Sure. But not tonight! I know this is your epic day to end all epic days. You're running out of cum and energy. I'm not going to use you all up and leave you an empty husk for my fellow sister-wives. That's not how we do things around here."

He said, "Nice! I'm impressed at your selflessness."

"But of course! We're a cock-pleasuring, master-serving team! We've got each other's backs, as well as yours. End of story!"

He had to laugh, thinking, Boy, she really does take the "uppity" cake! She's gotta be the least submissive "slave" of all time. But that's just how I love her. I'm glad she doesn't want to go "full slave" like Brenda. That kind of thing is fine for Brenda and me, but too much of that in the harem would be, well, too much!

He teased her, "Hey, what kind of slave are you? Here's what you get for being so uppity!" Sensing that she was close to another climax, he reached for her clitoris and started to stroke it. It wasn't easy, with her constant, unpredictable, churning and writhing, but he managed more or less.

She smirked. "So that's my 'punishment?'" She made mocking air quotes.

"Yes, because I still haven't given you permission to cum!"

She screamed in alarm. "Aaaaah!" She had been just seconds from another great orgasm. Suddenly she had to struggle with all her might to hold back.

She managed, just barely, by freezing her hip motion, clenching her teeth, and hanging on for dear life.

Once he sensed the "crisis" had passed for her, he rolled over, causing her to tumble to the bed.

She was confused as well as further alarmed. "What do you think you're doing?!"

"Taking control! Here's where I fuck you into oblivion!" He scrambled on top of her and quickly pushed deep into her, while she was still confused.

"But... but... your energy!"

"Fuck that! You're extra special to me. I'm going to fuck you like you need to be fucked! Just remember, you still can't cum!"

She clutched at the sheets. "Oh God! Dear God! Have mercy!" XXX22

He felt a renewed burst of energy, which he used to fuck her "into oblivion," just as he'd said he would. It wasn't long before she was screaming and begging for permission to cum. But he held out even longer from granting her request than he had before she'd lost it the previous time.

She suffered and struggled like she'd never suffered and struggled before. She still felt the sting of cumming without permission once, so she was determined to go to any length not to fail him twice. All the while, her need to cum grew and grew until it totally consumed her. She begged and pleaded in abject desperation.

Finally, he sensed that she had lasted way beyond the call of duty. He yelled, "Cum!"

He was going to say more, but there was no point because she immediately started screaming like her hair was on fire. She climaxed, and it was epic. It was a lucky thing he was lying on top of her from the way her entire body flailed around spastically. Her endless, incoherent screams practically shook the house.

Alan was suffering quite a lot too, because his desire to cum was immense as well. Finally, midway through her lengthy orgasm, he let go and shot his load deep inside her pulsing cunt.

Both of them were beyond the ability to speak by this point, but his hand found one of her hands, which was still practically ripping the sheet apart, and he pointedly ran the tip of his index finger back and forth over her new wedding ring.

That reminder that she was wearing his ring caused her ongoing orgasm to spike again. Her body spasmed yet more, with her arms and legs flying around dangerously, like she'd been poked by an electric cattle prod. XX23

Then, about a minute later, their energy levels crashed at almost the same time. Alan didn't want to be a dead weight atop his sister, so with what seemed to be his very last burst of energy he managed to roll off her.

However, she didn't want to be physically separated from him, so with her last burst of energy she rolled on top of him instead, even managing to feed his still-stiff prick back inside her quivering, hot slit. She was too winded and exhausted to speak, but she looked down at him with a silly grin as if to say, "You can't get rid of me that easily!"


Katherine basked in a feeling of satisfied contentment. She remained sprawled on top of her brother, still occasionally moaning and shuddering as the aftershocks of her orgasmic release continued to echo and reverberate through her body.

The way that she adoringly clung to him told him everything he needed to know about how much his "Number One Fuck Toy" enjoyed being on top of him. The sound of her satisfied yet still-labored breathing was all the reassurance he needed. Plus, it did wonderful things to the pressure of her breasts where they flattened on his chest.

He also rather enjoyed the way her vaginal muscles clung to and milked his penis, which was no longer quite so rampantly erect. His stiffness had diminished a bit after pumping his load into her, but the way she held him inside her cunt made it unlikely he'd go completely flaccid.

"Gaawwwd, I love fucking you!" Katherine groaned while still trying to catch her breath. She shifted her hips downwards, attempting to capture and hold more of Alan's shaft within her body.

"Likewise," he confided, brushing her nose with his lips.


"Mmmm..." she purred, snuggling herself against his chest while she worked her vaginal muscles rhythmically. "This is where I belong."

"And where would that be?" he asked, teasingly.

She turned her head to look at him with a lustfully indolent gleam in her eye. "Right here. In bed. With you, my master, brother, and husband. Milking your cock..." - she suddenly gave him a particularly hard squeeze down below and let her eyes flutter as she hissed with pleasure - "...after you've fucked my poor little pussy completely full of your cum!"

He could feel his dick becoming stiff again. He grabbed his sister's ass cheeks and held her hips against his groin as he engorged within her. Hot damn! Sis is so fucking WET right now!

He spoke decisively. "Good! Because this is not only where I want you to be, but also where I want to be for you too. You've been my sister, and now you're going to become my wife-"

Katherine abruptly sat up, then placed her hands flat on his chest while straddling him. "ONE of your many SLAVE-WIVES, you mean," she primly corrected before giving him a saucy wink and another hard internal squeeze.

He responded by flexing his PC muscle, which caused his cock to twitch deep inside her, making her gasp with pleasure. "Oh, if you insist," he grumped melodramatically while still grinning madly. "ONE of my wives. But first and foremost, you are-"

"Yes?" she interrupted breathlessly.


"Yes?" She stared at him intently, as if trying to control his mind with her eyes. Please say "fuck toy!" Please say "fuck toy!"

He slid his hands from her buttocks up towards her breasts. "You're my number one fuck toy," he murmured possessively as he tweaked her nipples.

"YES!" she yelled, throwing back her head and grinding her hips down onto him in lustful happiness.

He suddenly grabbed her ribs, attempting to swing her away from him to one side.

Not wanting to let go of him, she clamped her knees and legs to his sides, just as he had expected she would. This helped him roll himself on top of her without disengaging, just as he'd intended.

He put his hands on the bed on either side of her, enabling him to push himself up and look down at her happy face. Then, balancing on one hand, he gently placed the other on the taut abdominal muscles and began reverently stroking her belly. "But more important even than that, Sis, is here."

Both of them heard her breath catch.

"I promise you," he intoned seriously, looking her in the eye, "that as my wife, the only children you will ever have... will be mine."

Her heart soared to hear those long-desired words. But she was amused too. She giggled, "That's funny!"


"You emphasize the 'mine' part, as if that's the big news, when of course that's true. Duh! I'm your sister-slave. How could I ever so much as kiss another man? Whereas for me, the big news is that you admit you want to fuck your babies into me!"

"I do."

"You promise?!" she breathed hopefully, even as her pussy throbbed mightily and clamped down hard on his cock.

"I more than promise. I insist!" he affirmed. "I want that too. A lot!"

She triumphantly squeezed his shaft with her talented vaginal muscles. "Let's do it again! Power-fuck me into sweet oblivion AGAIN!"

However, he wasn't done talking. He looked a bit sheepish and embarrassed. "We'll get to that. The only problem is, I'm not exactly ready to become a father right now..."

She lovingly lifted her hands to hold his face while continuing to squeeze his shaft with her pussy muscles. "Don't worry, I can wait for you to be ready. As long as it takes."

A tremendous sense of relief settled over him upon hearing that. "You can?" he asked, incredulously. "Because it could be a while. Years! Years and years!"

Katherine smiled. "Yes, I know. I understand you need to sow your wild oats and fuck and tame many, many women. That's what studly, handsome, well-hung master-types do. You have a sexy gift to share with the world, and being a father would slow you down. Although..."

He wasn't quite sure he wanted to hear the rest of what she might be about to say. When he noticed she was watching him, with an all-too-knowing smile, he prompted her, "'Although...?'"

She gave him one of her hungry looks. "Of course I'm going to be uppity and constantly pester you to hurry up about it. And I want to be your first! The very first wife you impregnate! Can you promise that?"

He thought, Hoo-boy! That's a tough one! He decided honesty was the best approach. "I'd like to. But there's no telling what the future might bring, especially if I'm sowing all those wild oats."

"That's true," she conceded. "I love the fact that any time you fuck me, my birth control might fail. Maybe you even spermed your way right into my ovaries tonight!" Clearly, that idea excited her tremendously, because she resumed her Kegel moves while also churning her hips. It was a true feat to do both things at once.

She clarified, because this was extremely important to her, "But let's be clear. All accidents and unknowns aside, right now, if you have a choice, you want to knock me up first. Out of ALL your many women! Right?!"


"Woo-hoo! Master! You make me so happy! So loved!" She hugged him tightly. She would have French kissed him too, but she didn't want to stop concentrating on her pussy squeezing. She lavishly kissed the nape of his neck instead. XXX24

She thought back to her earlier griping about feeling unworthy, especially compared to Christine. Christine can suck it! And by "it," I mean his cock! I don't mind if she sucks him every single damn day, because on top of all the other things he mentioned earlier that shows how much he loves me, he's going to impregnate me FIRST! If that doesn't show the depth of his love for me, nothing does!

I've gotta stop whining and crying so much. What more could I ask for? I'm in fuck-toy harem heaven! AND his cock is flexing and filling me at this very moment! A fuck toy getting FUCKED! This IS the ultimate!

Yet, even as she was telling herself not to cry, tears started to flow down her face once again, because she was so emotionally moved from thinking that she was going to have her brother's baby someday.


Soon, both of them were moaning and groaning. Thinking that the talking was done for awhile, he started to thrust, moving in and out, which forced her to stop her squeezing, although she picked up the intensity of her grinding to compensate.

However, she wasn't done talking. "I have to apologize."

"No you don't." He said that even before he knew what she was talking about.

"Yes I do. As you obviously can see, I'm starting to cry again. Even as you're fucking me some more! I'm sorry, but I can't help it. I get so emotional! I'm thinking about what it'll be like to hold our baby in my arms... all my fellow slave-wives will gather round and coo and smile. We'll all be so happy! So very, very happy! I'll probably cry then too, from too much joy!"

She was getting carried away and starting to sob. Yet, strangely, neither of them were reducing their fucking motions. She tried to get a grip on herself before she totally lost it again, by forcing herself not to think about her future baby.

Instead, she said, "I get weepy a lot and I probably can't change that, because I get emotional easily, especially when it comes to you. I love you!"

She had to stop and take a moment, since that line of thought was likely to make her cry even more. Luckily, it helped that they were fucking, because she could focus her attention on her hip churning and the feelings of extreme arousal from his cock sliding in and out.

She resumed, "But some things I CAN change, with effort. And one thing is that I'm determined not to doubt myself so much anymore. Because what I'm really doing is doubting your love for me. But you've proved time and again that your love for me is real and strong. You've collared me and enslaved me! And now... the ring! The marriage vow!"

She sensed she was on the edge of bawling again from thinking about that. She shut her eyes and just concentrated on gyrating on his cock while rising and sliding back down on it.

That helped. She was able to resume, "I promise you, I'm not going to complain about my breast size; or Christine sucking your cock every day, which I'm sure she'll be doing from now on, by the way, since she's no idiot; or not getting to be your official girlfriend and things like that. At least, I'll try my best. Because that's just insecurity coming out, and why should I be insecure? I'm one of your first slave-wives AND I'm going to have your baby! It doesn't get any better than that!"

He smiled with appreciation. He knew it was hard for her to stop feeling insecure, but he was encouraged that she seemed determined to make a serious effort. He wanted to talk, but he was in the middle of a breathing exercise he'd come up with that helped him stave off orgasm.

After another minute of thrusting and churning, she added, "Until that day, that beautiful day when I'm cradling our baby in my arms, I'm thinking we ought to get some more practice in! Baby-making practice!"

He chuckled at that, and looked down to where their bodies were joined. He noted wryly, "I'm pretty sure we're already fucking, and we have been for a while now."

"Oh yeah!" She giggled. She was expertly working her hips, since she was determined to coax another load out of him. She couldn't wait to feel his fertile baby-makers flooding her vagina again, even though he'd done that to her just a little while earlier.

After another minute or two of glorious fucking, he felt the need to caution, "Just remember, don't get carried away with the baby-making talk, okay? That day will come, but it's probably a very distant day."

She nodded as her hips went round and round but also up and down. "Just name the day and I'll be there with... well, better than bells on... since I'll have my collar, ring, and high heels on! UNGH! HNNG! I'll be there!" She was soaring with euphoria approaching religious ecstasy. "But until you're ready for that, I'll be happy to settle for being your Number One Fuck Toy... SISTER-WIFE!"

Alan leaned down to kiss her, and she lifted her head to meet his lips with her own. They had to bring their fucking motion to a near halt because their love-affirming, soulful kiss took priority for a while.

When their lips and tongues parted so they could catch their breath, he panted, "I wouldn't want you to be anyone else."

"Ditto!" She shut him up after that by wrapping her arms and legs around him and pulling him into her passionate embrace, hungrily kissing him for all she was worth as she kept her wet, throbbing pussy fucked deeply onto his straining cock.

I love you, Brother, she thought as her passions flared anew. I love you now more than ever!

Suddenly, he resumed thrusting, moving in and out. He took charge, driving and pounding so deep and fast that she wasn't capable of any more churning or grinding. All she could do was lie there and take it, and sometimes hump back up at him.

That didn't last long. He'd figured, correctly, that she was already on the cusp of another orgasm. He fucked her until she screamed out, "Master! Please! Permission to cum?!"

He hadn't been thinking about permission at all, and he was surprised that she had remembered. He happily yelled, "Permission granted!" He knew she was so far gone she would have had to cum in a matter of seconds no matter what he said.


She screamed some more and trembled all over. She opened her eyes wide and stared up into her brother's eyes again. In the middle of her peak, as her boisterous and wordless screaming echoed throughout the house, she thought, YES! YES! Can you hear that, Mom? Mother? Aims? Brother is fucking MEEEEEE!

Then her energy vanished, like a marionette that had suddenly had its strings cut.

He could have kept on power-fucking her into blissful oblivion, but he needed to rest too, so he just closed his eyes and cuddled with her some more.


Katherine's latest orgasm left her both exhausted and extremely sensitive, with her pussy in what could only be called a "super sensitive" condition. Alan remained erect and fully sheathed inside her. As a result, even the slightest movement from either of them made her gasp and whimper with helpless pleasure.

Alan considered himself fortunate that he hadn't climaxed with her this time. The problem was that he wasn't quite out of the woods yet, because her hot, wet vagina wouldn't stop subtly pulsing and milking his stiffness. He thought, It's funny. She's kind of out of it. I'll bet she doesn't even realize what her cunt is doing; it's just happening automatically. She's trying to make me flood her again, and if I can't extricate myself from her ravenous depths soon, I very well might!

Phew! I've gotta save some of myself for Mother, not to mention what comes after. Only then can I rest. I swear, after tonight is all over, I'm going to sleep for a year, non-stop!

Then he remembered what Suzanne had hotly whispered to him in his ear before coming upstairs to Katherine. "Bring me your cock still wet from your sister's cream-filled cunt! I want to taste you both on my tongue while I clean you with my mouth and throat!" Then Suzanne had licked his earlobe, sending shivers down his spine.


"Mmmm?" she mumbled dreamily, still riding her euphoric high.

"I have to go," he reluctantly admitted.

"Oh. Okay..." she wearily murmured. She was limp everywhere except where their bodies were conjoined. There, her pussy really did have a mind of its own. Despite her somewhat pained super-sensitive condition, she was still milking him ever more obviously and shamelessly.

He kissed her again, to which she responded weakly. "But before I do..." - he reached for a loose pillow - "let's get you settled."

"Alright... mmmm..."

He still hadn't pulled his very stiff boner out of her tight, hot, pulsing cunt. So when he used his knees and hips to push forward into her, she definitely felt it. In fact, it made her gasp and cry out happily. Then he rocked her hips upwards enough for him to shove the pillow under her ass, elevating that part of her lower body above her head and shoulders.

She felt that too, with every fiber of her being. She also loved the pillow gesture, thinking, This is just how women elevate themseles to help get pregnant! It's like he secretly wants me to get preggers right now, despite his words about waiting! As Mom would say, that's SO HOT! And maybe it will happen tonight, if I want it enough!

Despite her exhaustion, she began squeezing his shaft more intensely, with a good, steady rhythm. "Ohhhh... what are you up to, I wonder?" she purred sexily.

He grinned and gave her a knowing smile. Humoring her with a ridiculous British accent, he replied, "Elementary, my dear fuck toy! I'm making sure that my cum stays IN your saucy cunt, my dear... where it belongs... rather than leaking out onto your bed."

"But what if I LIKE leaking your cum all over my bed?" she challenged, flexing her vaginal muscles around his thickness with increasing intensity. Funnily enough, she felt too tired to so much as lift a hand, but her cunt was acting as if it were part of someone else who was still full of energy. "I love when it overflows and oozes out. It makes me feel used, tamed, and naughty. After all, it's MY cum now that you gave it to me... and it's my bed! The only thing better than breakfast in bed is... cumming with you... in my bed!"

He favored her with a wagging finger and a "tsk, tsk, tsk," of admonishment. "Really, Fuck Toy Sis, is that any way to behave? What will the rest of my harem say when they learn that you didn't save my cum to share with them?"

She stopped playfully trying to crush his cock in her tight vaginal grip, momentarily taken aback. "Share with...? OH!"

He very deliberately flexed his PC muscle, causing his cock to surge and throb inside her. He enjoyed the look of shocked surprise, followed by the eye rolling look of swooning enjoyment on her face.

"Sweet-cunted slave-wife Sister..." he crooned, stroking her face and cheek tenderly. "Tonight of all nights, I hoped that you'd want to share my cum with your fellow slave-wives."

Taking a deep breath, Katherine sighed with profound, blissful submission, "Oh... okay." "Slave-wives!" God, I love the sound of that, especially when HE says it! Then her lids fluttered as her eyes unfocused when her body suddenly strained and she gasped out, "Master!"

He was unprepared for his sister to lunge upwards with her hips at him, as another climax came out of nowhere and caused her to briefly lose control of her body. Once he felt her orgasmic clenching all around his embedded shaft, he wrapped her in his arms and let her cum on him once more.

She bounced her ass up and down on his fat boner like she was riding a pogo-stick, accentuating the peak of pleasure for both of them. As she did so, she clutched at him desperately as she poured all her lustful desire into her keening need to cum.

This time, however, was too much for her to take and she actually fainted while still riding the highs of her climax.

Realizing his sister had cum so hard she'd knocked herself unconscious, he gently lowered her back onto her bed and set about extricating himself from her clutching grasp. He thought about her earlier "You missed it by thiiiiis much" comment, and proudly thought, Not this time!

Fortunately, her limbs offered no resistance in her current state, limp as they were. Her vagina though kept right on sucking and milking his penis, even after she'd passed out, although admittedly not nearly as strongly as before.

Good thing she didn't make me cum again just now, he thought with relief. That was a close call. Mother will throw a fit if I come to her without an erection. And it's a pretty lucky thing too that Sis passed out. It's probably the only way I can get myself to leave her. Hell, it's probably the only way I'll ever get us to stop fucking tonight, period! She's incredible, and truly insatiable!

Phew. Keeping FOUR slave-wives happy is going to be tough. Five, if things with Glory work out like they should. Not to mention the others I find myself loving and wanting more and more. I'm gonna be a busy man!

Being very careful to extricate himself slowly, he maneuvered himself so that he could disengage from his sister's still lightly-clutching interior. When he finally did pull free from her, the sound they made was such an incredibly lewd, loud sucking "pop" noise that he could scarcely believe she didn't come awake in surprise.

He looked down at his tumescent cock and was astonished to see how much it was glistening in the light, almost like it was shining. He marveled that, only moments before, it had been bathed in the slippery sexual fluids inside his sister's pussy, which had already rapidly reclosed and was holding most of their combined wetness within her well-fucked interior.

"I love you, Sis," he murmured warmly. "How lucky am I to have you? As sister, sex slave, soulmate, and now my wife too. Somebody somewhere is looking out for me." He cupped one of her breasts in his hand and leaned over to lightly brush her lips with his own.


Katherine sighed once and then settled deeper into slumber in response to his kiss. Her legs were still splayed invitingly wide, with her hips elevated by the pillow under them.

He let his dick go flaccid. He knew it would need a breather before taking on the supreme challenge of Suzanne's demanding, tight, fiery-hot cunt.

On his way out of her room, he flicked the switch for the recording system to stop the cameras, but left the light on. He took one last look at his blissed-out, well-fucked sister, then quietly closed the door so that she would remain undisturbed.

Once her door was closed, he leaned against the door frame and just tried to breathe normally. Doing that wasn't easy. Phew! I already feel fairly drained, even though I've only cum once so far tonight and I have three more wives to go! Sis, meanwhile, came decidedly more often! Then again, she's going to get the luxury of recuperating while I'm gonna keep right on fucking until I drop.

God damn! Sis is such a good fuck! I must be crazy to leave her like that just to go fuck another woman! He stared down at his wetly wagging appendage and thought ruefully, Although, considering the woman... I'd have to be even more crazy NOT to go!

He was fascinated by the way his penis began to fully engorge again at the mere thought of Suzanne. So much for giving Alan Junior a little rest. The poor guy never stood a chance, because Suzanne is Suzanne! I'm as excited as if it's gonna be the very first time with her again. And it is an important first: the first time I fuck her as my wife-to-be!

Damn! That's such a heady thought: Me, marrying HER! In a way, the fact that she's agreed to marry me is even more improbable than the fact that she's sexually enslaved herself to me, since I thought she was so jaded about "mushy stuff." Although realistically, both are beyond the beyond! Back in the day, I never, ever thought any of this was even remotely possible!

Pushing himself away from the wall so he could stand upright, he had a strange feeling that there was an invisible cord pulling him by his already fully stiff cock towards the stairs and the sex goddess waiting for him below.

"Coming, Mother..." he murmured quietly to himself with a devilishly delighted grin as he shuffled his way down the hall, drawn along by his freely bouncing and bobbing hard-on.

NOTE: A big thanks to the suggestions and corrections of IBT, Sam.I.am, Hermit, Geezer, Ecchi Spud, and Even. IBT and Hermit did most of the picture proofing, and Sam.I.am helped extensively with editing the text.

XX02: EcchiSpud: Christine, sitting in her bedroom, wearing her robe - almost, as the front has opened up to reveal what the "Boob Fairy" has gifted her with. Maybe Christine is looking down, with an expression of surprise, at what is being revealed.

XX05: EcchiSpud: Katherine, attired only in her birthday suit (and collar), tackle-glomping an equally-dressed Alan in the hallway, her lip-lock essentially blocking Alan's face from the Reader. Or the next paragraph suggests an alternative: Alan, lying flat on his back on Katherine's bed, with Katherine on top of him, both totally nude (except for her collar) as she kisses him long and hard.

XX07: EcchiSpud: A close-up of Katherine's face (possibly looking straight at Alan/the Reader), with her sucking on one of her fingers.

XX08: EcchiSpud: Katherine, nude, being royally fucked by Alan, her eyes and mouth wide open in astonishment.

XXX10: EcchiSpud: A nude (and slightly blushing) Katherine, looking at Alan (whose face is angled such that the Reader can't see it) as he gently cups her cheek to reassure his sister-wife-to-be. Part of this idea comes from the text in the following paragraph.

XX11: EcchiSpud: A nude Katherine, kneeling on the floor of Alan's bedroom, back straight, arms behind her back, tits thrust out, head held high - ready for her Master.

XX12: EcchiSpud: A close-up of Katherine's face, framed by Alan's hands, as his cock goes DEEEEP into her mouth.

XX13: EcchiSpud: Actually, this is almost the same as the suggestion for XX12, except maybe Alan's hands aren't at her head. May be too close to have a second "Kat sucking cock" image.

XXX14: EcchiSpud: A side view of a nude and kneeling Katherine on Alan's bed, between his legs, looking at her hands - and noticing the lack of a ring.

XX16: EcchiSpud: A side view of Katherine's face, starting to turn color due to lack of oxygen (JUST STARTING to turn - not in danger yet) as Alan Jr. is deep in her mouth, her hand at her neck with the ring in place on her finger.

XX17: EcchiSpud: Katherine and Alan, nude, sitting on his bed in an embrace. Kat's face is in full view of the Reader, with tears streaming down her eyes.

XX18: EcchiSpud: Katherine, holding her hand up and staring at her ring.

XX20: EcchiSpud: Katherine - "RIDE HIM, COWGIRL!!"

XX21: EcchiSpud: This might seem a little weird, but it's something different than the standard reaction shot. A close-up of Katherine's ass, just recently smacked on both cheeks by Alan (his hands are still present).

XXX22: EcchiSpud: (I'm assuming that she's lying on the bed, face-down, as Alan is on top of her pounding away.) Alan on top of Katherine, power-fucking her "into oblivion" as she clutches the sheets and her facial expression shows "dismay" at how well she's being fucked.

XX23: EcchiSpud: (same assumption as XX22) Alan still on top of Katherine as she reaches climax, eyes and mouth WIDE open as she's screaming in ecstasy, with her arms and legs flailing about.

XXX24: EcchiSpud: The back of Alan's head, with Katherine's head in view as she kisses back there.

XXX24 alternate: (The next paragraph brings another idea to mind: adding Christine to the mix.) ALTERNATE Image suggestion: A nude Christine, nearly deep-throating an equally nude Alan, while a similarly-attired (and, unlike Christine, quite visibly pregnant) Katherine watches over the brainy blonde. Personally, I'm more in favor of that second suggestion - mainly because there are very few (if any) images already done involving Kat and Christine in sexual activities. But that's just me . . .

XX27: EcchiSpud: Katherine, nude and drifting off, lying face-up on the bed, legs splayed wide as her hips are elevated by a pillow underneath. Sort of "one down, three to go." Actually, the "one down, three to go" sort of brings an idea to mind: an image at the end of each fuck session with Alan's (current) Betrothed.

XX28: an "imagine spot" (probably from Olga's point of view) of a fully-clothed Alan in between Amy (on one side) and Christine (on the other) out on a threesome date. You can't see Alan's face; what you do see are Amy and Christine leaning up against Alan, their faces on his chest with looks of contentment and/or joy. And maybe a bonus pic (say, Christine's point of view) - sans clothing.

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