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The women who play a prominent role in Alan's life, naked, some with slave collars, and some of those with rings
SIX TIMES A DAY – Part 151
You Make Loving Fun
Day 76: Saturday, November 30

(MF, Mf+, ff+, rom, oral)

Written by Spacer X (paul_t_22@yahoo.com)

Copyright © 2004 - present Spacer X; All Rights Reserved.

This is part of a longer e-novel. It's highly recommended that you start at the beginning in order to understand the characters and previous events.

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CHAPTER 1 (Saturday, Nov. 30)

Suzanne grinned wolfishly. FIIIIINALLY!

She was having trouble containing her excitement after she'd heard the telltale sound of the door to Katherine's room being closed. After that, she'd been listening so carefully that she'd even heard the sound of Alan upstairs, panting for breath in the otherwise quiet house. So she had a good idea that he was taking a strategic pause before coming down to her.

The trouble was, she was so hot and ready that even that delay was grating on her nerves. She could feel herself practically boiling between her legs in anticipation.

Her eyes were closed, to better focus on the sound of Alan's footfalls as he slowly descended one step at a time. That's my future husband coming. He's coming down the stairs to FUCK ME! Oh, Sweetie! I need your cock! I need you! IN ME! I'm yours already, forever, my love, but remind me all over again to make sure I never forget it!

As Alan descended slowly into the room, not trying to hide the sound of his approach, he noticed that the big communal bed was back. He thought that was curious, since it had been removed earlier in the day. But he didn't give it much thought since his focus drew itself unerringly to his gorgeous redheaded mother.

He felt a surge of excitement seeing Suzanne enthroned upon the sofa with her back to him, not far from where she'd been sitting when she'd received her ring from Alan earlier that evening. The gentle mood lights reflected off the curvy waves of hair over her shoulders, hiding everything else about her from his view, tickling his imagination.

He thought, I wonder what she's wearing right now? Is she wearing something sexy... or is she wearing nothing at all? Fuck, if she's wearing nothing at all, has she taken off her high heels too so we can go straight to pounding away at each other?

His cock surged anew at the thought of Suzanne not wearing heels, and what that would imply. His erection bobbed in front of him, still leading the way.


When he reached the last few steps, he saw Suzanne begin to slowly rise, with her back to him. He was quick to notice that, from his vantage point, her back was bare, and even her ass was completely bare below the fall of her long, loose reddish-brown hair.

He thought, Damn! That's what I call sheer sexy perfection. I'm still astounded that such a goddess deigns to talk to me, much less have sex with me. Yet loves me just as much as I love her. And not only do we fuck, and it's as glorious as you'd hope with her body looking like that, but she wears my collar and calls me "Master"! Man, I honestly will never get used to any of that.

God, just look at her! My heart is racing so fast right now that it's not even funny!

She didn't give him long to admire the sculpted beauty of her buttocks though, because as he took his first step into the room, she regally turned on one foot to face him.

Alan was once again gobsmacked seeing the majestic Suzanne in his house, in all her naked glory.

Her breasts rose and fell with her unsteady and surprisingly excited breathing, although she was doing a wonderful job of trying to look composed for him. She rested her hands on her hips, allowing him to admire the beauty of her toned abdominals as well as the veiled promises hidden within her dense pubic hair. There was a distinct wetness on her inner thighs, which contrasted beautifully with the calm and regal expression on her face. She stood before him, unashamed to let him ogle her so openly, still as a statue (aside from what her breathing was doing to her chest).


He had the curious feeling that she was "eating him up" with her eyes just as much as he was doing to her. After all, he was just as naked as she was. Feeling her lustful gaze sweep over him in obvious appreciation, just as his was doing with her, made him want to assert himself into the silence of this shared moment.

"Mother," he challenged, in what he hoped was a sufficiently authoritative voice.

Suzanne lifted an expressive eyebrow at him, before ever so slightly nodding and giving him a tiny smile to indicate her approval.

"Fucker," she returned, just as forcefully, her scratchy voice filled with a heady brew of wanton sexuality and lusty forbidden passions, barely restrained by the thinnest of leashes.

That's what I am! he thought, as if he'd never considered the word before. I'm a motherfucker twice over! Not just for Mom, but for Mother too. Effectively, I have no father anymore, but I have TWO impossibly gorgeous and sexual mothers! It's my duty as their son to keep them well-fucked at all times! God damn motherfucker! I AM a motherfucker!

The look of shocked surprise on his face was everything she'd wanted in this moment, and more. He had recovered quickly, but that unguarded moment told her exactly what she needed to know and had been hoping was still true. I can still surprise you, Sweetie, can't I? She reveled in the thought.

Feeling like he'd just been hit by a heat wave from the blast furnace of her desire for him, he tried to hide the fact that she'd already knocked him off-balance with only a single word, plus her trademark "come-hither and fuck me" stare. He ordered her imperiously, "Come here!"

Neither of them were really ready for what happened next. Without even thinking about it, Suzanne let out a victory whoop and vaulted herself over the sofa like an overexcited teenager!


She's not wearing heels, his mind absently registered, seeing her bare feet appear from behind the sofa. Then that realization hit him again much harder, like a metaphorical ton of bricks, even as he physically braced himself for her to come at him like a physical ton of bricks in case she kept on heading towards him at full steam. Holy fuck, she's not wearing her heels! That means she can't even wait long enough to take them off before the royal fuck-fest begins!

"Hold it, Mother!" he yelled when she landed. From the wicked gleam in her eye, as well as the obvious tension in her perfectly-toned legs, he had no doubt she was intending to rush him and tackle him to the floor where he stood. The very thought of suddenly being on the receiving end of all that pent up lust aimed at him by a woman who was practically a living sex goddess was intimidating.

But he was determined not to let her overwhelm him. In fact, he considered it his duty as master and husband-to-be to overwhelm and even awe her. But he knew that wouldn't be easy.

When she looked up at him from where she was, the only thought in her mind was, Don't you DARE stop me now! But she did pause, remaining in her crouch, waiting.

"Crawl to me," he demanded.

She blinked, unprepared for this turn of events. She hesitated. Then confusion swamped her features as she asked incredulously, "Crawl to you?!"

She thought, Please, not now. Not that! You may technically be my master, but you know I don't go for that kind of crap. I'm no Brenda.

Alan straightened up and implacably intoned in a commanding voice, "On your hands and knees!"

She shivered with renewed feeling. There was something about him, the way he stood there like a proud Adonis in his naked and fully erect glory, and something about his facial expression and tone of voice, that caused her attitude to do an immediate 180. It helped greatly that she was already so horny and eager that she was practically ready to cry from frustration.

She could feel the wetness leaking down her thighs and the goose bumps popping out all over her skin. Her nipples tightened and became more erect. Oh, Sweetie! Consider me corrected. Jesus Christ! You can still surprise me too!

She dropped down on all fours. The mere act of doing that nearly pushed her over the edge. He knows I'm so horny from the waiting that I'm liable to agree to anything. He's using that to assert total control over me from the very start! He knows I hate crawling more than anything, but he's making me do it, and even love it! God damn! I know I sound exactly like a submissive Susan, but that really is "SO HOT!"

As she shifted to begin crawling, she purred lustily, "Mother... fucker..."

Alan could scarcely believe his eyes, let alone his ears, when he saw Suzanne start to crawl her way towards him on her knees and elbows. He knew how reluctant she was to ever do that, even for him, so he recognized the full symbolic importance in her doing it for him that night. XXX03

Just look at her! This is no awkward shuffle leaving her big breasts dragging along the carpet. No, this is a predatory tigress in heat, sashaying her ass and rolling her shoulders with every bit of her crawl! Every movement she makes is a promise of SEX put into motion! But then again, this is Suzanne we're talking about. I wouldn't expect anything less!

She crawled like sexual desire personified. As she advanced slowly toward him, each time she would growl, "Mother. Fucker. Mother. Fucker." Her head was bowed as she crawled, but she still managed to look up enough to make eye contact. She was really playing up her similarity to a lioness stalking prey on the savanna. She stared at him like she was going to pounce on him and devour him whole at any moment.

He realized that actually could happen: she had been about to leap at him before he stopped her. Their sexual tension was intense and electric.

About halfway to him, she threw her head up and back, again just like a proud and angry tigress. Then she locked her gaze on his crotch. Her eyes glowed like burning coals as she beheld the wetness clinging to his straining erection. Oh, Sweetie! You didn't forget! That's all for me, dripping with hot cunt juice!

"Motherfucker. Motherfucker." She chanted hungrily, letting her yearning become more obvious as she neared her goal. It was hard for her not to speed up her crawl, but she tried to keep to an even pace. Watching the cock she wanted more than anything twitch and pulse before her was all the motivation she needed to continue doing exactly what she was doing.

To his surprise, once she reached him, she didn't just dive in and engulf his cock like he'd thought she would. Instead, she sat up on her knees with her hands palm flat on the floor at her sides.

It's as if she were chained down to it, he idly thought. Like a tigress in a cage!

Her back arched to thrust her breasts forward in silent offering, while a wanton expression of desire suffused her face as she stared up at his crotch. He had the distinct feeling she'd watch his erection all night if he didn't do something.

"Mother..." he murmured, his voice thick with longing and desire.

She tore her gaze away from the wetly glistening pole in front of her to look adoringly up into the eyes of her future husband. "Fucker..." she purred in her sexy scratchy voice, letting that one word convey the intensity of her need for more than just looking.

He laid his hands on her head, letting his fingers comb their way into her sensuously long hair, enjoying the feeling. The moment he touched her that way, she knew exactly what he wanted to do, and she was more than eager for him to do it. XXX04

"Open up..." he lovingly murmured to her.

"Yes... Master..." she sighed in acceptance, closing her eyes. She opened her mouth wide and placed her tongue over her lower teeth while tilting her head to what she knew would be the proper angle. His needy cockhead remained just inches out of reach.

Upon hearing Suzanne, of all people, call him "Master" Alan very nearly lost control. It wasn't just that she used that word, it was that she spoke it with such passion that it was made abundantly clear she well and truly believed it. With that one word, she showed that not only did she completely accept that he had enslaved her, but she reveled and rejoiced in that fact.

He had to close his eyes and frantically squeeze his PC muscle to stave off an unintended ejaculation, because hearing her say that was such a heady rush. He didn't consciously realize it, but he bucked his hips in an abortive pumping motion that made it look like he was air-fucking his cock right in front of her face, even as he held the sides of her head in his clenched hands for balance with his boner still just out of reach of her open mouth.

It was almost like he was trying to wave a magic wand over her gorgeous facial features while she waited for him to vigorously fuck her face.

However, he didn't do that, at least not yet. He knew that if her lips so much as lightly brushed against his cockhead, he would unleash a spermy explosion all over her. As tempting as that was, he had to preserve his cum that night like it was liquid gold. So he hung on and panted heavily, hoping to pull back from the very brink of climax.

Suzanne couldn't wait. She tried to lunge forward with her mouth gaping wide open. However, she discovered that his hands on her head were gripping her very tightly indeed. He'd anticipated she might try doing that, so he was restraining her just enough.

She thought, Motherfucker! He is a motherfucker, in more ways than one! Damn him! First he totally humiliates me by making me admit that he owns me, body and soul. Then he wants me to suck him instead of satisfying the burning need of my desperate, hungry cunt! FINE! He knows I'll love that too. But he denies me that also!


She didn't attempt to lunge forward again, perhaps sensing he was too close to cumming and a break would be helpful. But she did tease him by blowing minty air onto his spongy crown from mere inches away. She felt naughty, knowing that she was prolonging his combined erotic agony and ecstasy.

But that wasn't nearly enough for her. Her entire body was buzzing with sexual energy. She was frustrated beyond description.

As she remained poised there on her knees, she thought about the fact that all of this was being recorded on video. She pictured in her mind's eye what she must look like. She was chagrined as she imagined watching the video on some later date with the likes of Susan and Brenda, having them delight at the visual evidence of her total and unconditional sexual surrender. So this is what it's like to be completely tamed! Fuck! I can't believe it's happened to ME! Still, it's strangely... invigorating. No wonder those two are so addicted to the feeling!

Then she switched her attention to the effect she was having on her lover. The lusty and needy and yet almost painfully struggling expression on his face was priceless. She was immensely gratified to witness the effect she'd had on him in that moment. Her pride surged, knowing that visual proof of his overwhelming desire for her was captured on video for all of them to witness in the years to come.


Once Alan had successfully staved off his untimely impending orgasm, he set about achieving the desire Suzanne had expressed to him before he'd gone upstairs to join Katherine in her room. Carefully controlling her head with both hands, and with her cooperation, he guided his rigid erection towards her open mouth, hands free.

Just seeing her exceedingly long tongue suddenly dart out and very nearly reach his piss hole before contact was close to being made elsewhere was almost unbearably sexy for him. Frustrated that her tongue didn't quite reach, it retreated back into her mouth, but it was an impressive effort just the same. He shuddered and tingled all over as he recalled what kinds of dexterous feats her tongue was capable of.

Suzanne knew full well that he was still so horny he all but had to face-fuck her. She thought back to the other times he'd used her mouth like a second cunt, and relished the upcoming moment. The rich heady scent of his cum-coated stiff pole was driving her mad with desire. She could smell the intoxicating aroma of pure, raw sex.

He thought he knew just what her freakishly long tongue could do, but he was wrong. He was bringing his cock steadily closer to her open mouth, but he wasn't moving fast enough for her. So, to his surprise and astonishment, her tongue reached out and wrapped itself partially around his thickness. Then it began to insistently pull him inside her lips and into her mouth while clinging to the ridge below his glans. He was so shocked by this move that it wasn't until she had pulled his entire tumescent cockhead inside her mouth that he fully realized what had just happened. XX05

"Mother!" Alan gasped, still trying to comprehend what she'd just done.

"Fuppfher..." Suzanne mumbled lustily around the obstruction that filled her mouth. Already, her tongue was going wild over the delicious cock-meat that she had taken into her mouth. She was drooling uncontrollably as her senses swam among the unbearably sexy flavors of Alan's and Katherine's commingled cum, which was slathered all over the hardness of the erection that she was now worshiping with all her might.

Angel, your cum tastes divine! she thought as she cleaned the sexy fluids from Alan's intimate flesh and swallowed the mixture. And Sweetie, your cock is so delicious! Mmmm! This is seriously habit-forming! Ooooh, what a good idea! We could make a habit out of you fucking your cock into your other wives, not to mention your other conquests, and then bringing your cock to me to suck clean for you! Aaaah, so many cream pies to share! So much tasty cock to eat! Speaking of which...

Suzanne was losing the flavor of Katherine's and Alan's cum, having washed much of it away with her copious saliva. So she opened her lips wider, being careful to not scrape off any of the sexy juices she wanted to taste in her mouth, and carefully eased her teeth down along his shaft.

Then she re-established her almost painfully tight yet oh-so-delightful lip-lock. Mmmm! The sexy flavor of my children! Yes, they're my children too. I love it! If only we could add Amy's flavor in, I'd be the happiest mother ever!

She got back to drooling and sucking and swallowing the cum clinging to his hot, raging cock. The only difference was that, with more of an obstruction in her mouth, it was harder for her to lick her way all around the shaft that she was focusing on.

Alan knew he was going to fuck her face - of that there was no doubt. But not yet. What she was doing was like a genius creating a masterpiece. He had to let it play out first.

As her tongue and lips worked their slow but devastating effect on him, she thought, LUCKY motherfucker! He's had a very busy day today. I wonder how many different women have sucked his cock just today. Without even thinking hard about it, I can name myself, Susan, Angel, Amy, Akami, Christine... Wow! Christine! I still can't get over that one. Then there's Glory, Brenda, and Xania too! And that's not even considering the multiple times and the various double and triple combinations.

I should be jealous, but fuck jealousy! How can I not be impressed by THAT list? Apparently, and contrary to popular belief, there isn't much of a limit to how much sexual pleasure a man can enjoy if he's careful not to cum too often and he has an entire harem of eager sluts taking turns slurping all over him!

Of course, today has been an exceptional day for him, but still, this is a vision of the future! I'm one of his motherfucking SLAVES! I'll be sucking his cock every single day, probably more than once a day, for years to come! It's a DAMN GOOD THING that I LOVE doing it! MMMM! God, I fucking love it! This is the life I chose when I signed The Pact and I agreed to dedicate my life to serving his cock, and I have NO regrets! Yes, we spoil him rotten, but he can handle it.

She continued to do amazing things with her tongue while she thought things over. Sure, I wish it was fucking instead of sucking that was our most common sex act, but there are real limits to how much energy he can expend. With cocksucking, since he can just sit there or lie there, we can keep it going for hours without end if we all take turns on him. That's just not possible with fucking or most other things.

Although... maybe "stealth fucking!" I need to seriously explore the possibilities there! But enough pussy-footing around. It's time to show him that I'm still the very best cocksucker he's got!


Alan could only watch in awe as Suzanne slowly engulfed his cock until no visible part remained. The things she was doing to him with her tongue were making him wonder if he could hold on and NOT cum down her throat. Looking at her, on her knees, suckling on his cock with her eyes closed, with intense concentration and yet with such a joyful expression on her face, the only thing he could think about was how wonderful it felt to ease his stiffness into her mouth slowly and let her have her way with him. The face fucking could definitely wait until after this fantastic experience.

The tip of his cock touched the back of her mouth and her gag reflex kicked in, making her wetly splutter briefly. However, she quickly recovered and then flirted right on the edge of danger, deliberately and loudly choking and gagging, knowing that he loved how wanton and lewd that sounded. She loved it too.

Sure enough, he thought, Oh no! Not the choking and gagging! That's like my Achilles' heel! It feels as good as it sounds sexy, which is a lot. Fuuuuck! This is a real problem. I can't let myself cum yet!

However, after about a minute of that, she was hungry for more. Her eyes flew open and she looked up at her master, towering above her and gazing down upon her. With her eyes, she tried to convey what she couldn't say with her tightly sealed lips. Sorry, Sweetie! I got lost enjoying myself. But I still need more! Give me all of your cock! I can take it!

He seemed to get the message, because he lovingly ran his fingers through her hair in an effort to reassure her while looking into her eyes.

"Are you ready, Mother?" was all he asked of her before renewing his firm yet gentle grip on her head. They both knew the face fucking was coming.

Rather than nod, Suzanne picked her hands up off the floor and planted them on his ass, grabbing his butt cheeks. She was steadying herself for what she knew would be a rough ride.

"Okay then," he murmured huskily. Even though his cockhead was already deep in her mouth, filling her up to the back of her oral cavity, he said, "Open up... Mother."

"Pfhufhher..." She burbled hungrily around the manly thickness invading her mouth. She then took a deep breath and started pulling Alan's ass towards her, forcing his cock still deeper into her mouth and easing it down into her throat.

He stared, utterly transfixed, as inch after inch of his cock disappeared between Suzanne's sexy lips. He let his gaze roam all over her body. He held his breath in awe as he took in the sight of her kneeling before him, taking him deeper and deeper down her throat. They both knew that he'd enjoyed over a dozen blowjobs that day alone, and yet she was swallowing him down with as much enthusiasm as if they were both doing this for the very first time.

He could feel the way his shaft slipped further and further into her neck, the exquisite tightness of her flesh parting and sliding its way around the hardness of his shaft, stroking him all around as she kept feeding more and more of his length into her blissfully upturned face. Her eyes were closed as she focused on her task, her tongue savoring the renewed taste and flavors of the unlicked remainder she was now receiving.

Looking down, he had a strange sacrilegious thought. It's almost as if the goddess of lust and sex herself fell to earth and was kneeling before me in supplication, like a high priestess. This is so much more than simply another blowjob. It's like we're performing a sacred ritual in which the swallowing of my cock is a reverential act of worship, as well as an act of faith, love, and devotion! What we're doing isn't just mere cocksucking! This is... a hieros gamos!

Alan knew from his interest in history that some ancient cultures engaged in "hieros gamos" - meaning "sacred marriage". These ceremonies between either a temple priestess and a god, or between a king and a goddess, centered around elaborate sexual rites to ensure future prosperity and happiness for the land.

He thought, I remember reading about it, but never thought I'd ever actually live it! Such a goddess, like Venus, come to Earth to have sex with a mere mortal... me! For the good of my harem, my family, somehow I have to rise to the occasion! He didn't truly think she was a goddess, but in his overheated mind it just about seemed that way.

Suzanne was feeling as excited as he was. She was living in the moment and not really consciously thinking, but had someone suggested that she was "worshipping his cock," she wouldn't have disagreed. The more she let go of her inhibitions and gave herself over to serving and pleasuring him with every fiber of her being, the more she reveled in it. The only problem was that her dripping cunt was dying to be fucked, but that would have to wait.

Even when Alan's balls touched her chin, she didn't stop pulling his ass forward towards her. Instead she very deliberately kept urging him deeper into her mouth until her lips encircled the furthest root of his cock and her nose and face were pressed up against his hard lower abdomen. Feeling his balls part and wrap their warmth around her chin was almost unbearably exciting for her. The way that he kept his hands in her hair and gently urged her to take him that ever-so-tiny a fraction further and deeper into her mouth made her quiver and shake with desire.

Curiously, even parts of her body that remained untouched were powerfully affected. Most notably, her cunt and clit were on fire! And yet she relished the scorching flames. If she hadn't been grabbing Alan's ass so firmly with both hands, she would have been frigging herself with relentless intensity at that very moment.

Still holding her breath, she swallowed, loudly, on the thickness distending her neck. She could feel her collar against the hardness in her throat, and that reminder of her total submission to him made her want to scream in pleasure.


He moaned above her and his cock stiffened in response. His entire body tilted back as if he was trying to escape the intense pleasure before it made him pass out. Although this was a deep throating instead of the much anticipated face fucking, he figured he could savor this first before really giving it to her.

When his hands clutched at her hair and tightened on her head in a way that held her against him, she felt like swooning. She swirled her tongue around his cock where it lay in her mouth and swallowed again, getting another big moaning reaction out of him that made her nipples tighten even further.

This is MY COCK! Suzanne shouted in her own thoughts. This is the cock of the MAN that I am going to MARRY! The man I am going to FUCK countless thousands of times in years to come, and SUCK many more times than that! I love you, Sweetie!

She felt her vaginal muscles clench imperiously, forcing her increased wetness to leak out and drip lewdly onto the floor where she was kneeling. She directed placating thoughts towards her nether regions, Yes, yes, you'll get yours soon enough. Don't rush me! I need this!

However, the burning need in her cunt was too strong and urgent to be put off. She brought a hand from his ass to her pussy mound and came hard within seconds of fingering herself and diddling her clit. She was careful not to let her orgasm affect what her mouth was doing though, so Alan had no way of knowing she'd just had one.

By this time, she was running low on air, so she relaxed her grip on his butt. She was relieved when he in turn loosened his grip on her head, allowing her to ease back off his cock. She didn't pull him all the way out, but she pulled back just enough to clear her airway and take a deep breath through her nose. That first blew hot warm air over the topside of his erection as she exhaled, followed by a cooling breeze as she refilled her lungs through her nose.

The sensation was so unexpected that he felt like hopping from foot to foot, even as she kept the end of his shaft imprisoned within her mouth. HOT DAMN! Mother is so good at this! This is so much MORE than a mere blowjob or even a deep throating. It's like... Jesus, I can't even explain it!

Then she hummed her pleasure, vibrating not only his cock but also his balls with the echo of her humming through his rigid cock.

He gasped in surprise and clutched at her head for balance as his legs threatened to collapse under him. God, she's so fucking GOOD at this! Even Glory can't compare!

A surge of pride coursed through Suzanne as she heard and felt him struggling to maintain control. He was failing to keep his cool with her. Take that, Susan! she thought triumphantly. I'm one of the best cocksuckers Sweetie will ever know! Mmmm... Son-cock. Husband-cock! Master-cock! Cock, cock, cock! This is my life from now on, serving this very cock that's about to plunge ever deeper down my throat! I love everything about it so very much! I'll never get enough of it!

She swirled her tongue around and around his most sensitive spots. MMMM, YES! So hard! For me! All for me!

Out of the blue, she had a second climax. But, like her first one, she was subtle about it and tried not to let it affect what her mouth was doing.

As soon as she recovered from that, she suddenly deep throated him again and started swallowing mercilessly on his cock.

He cried out in shock and started frantically clenching his PC muscle, urgently trying not to cum. He found himself trying not to double over, with his hands pressed onto her shoulders for support, as she relentlessly milked his cock with her talented throat.

This swallowing was an entirely new and absolutely incredible sensation for him, although what Glory had done at times with her expert deep throating had come close. Clearly, Suzanne had done this sort of thing before, probably many years previously, and had been keeping it in reserve, waiting to spring it on him for a special occasion.

He realized that maybe a face fucking wasn't in the cards, at least not any time soon. He was a hair's breadth away from cumming. Panting hard and trying desperately not to succumb to reflex and start pumping his hips forcefully into his mother's face, he finally managed to gasp out, "Per-perhaps we sh-hould si-it do-owwn!"


Suzanne relented, letting him pull all the way out of her mouth.

Alan staggered back a few steps like a drunken man, then collapsed against the railing of the stairs, hanging on for dear life.

She smirked knowingly as he struggled to stand up again, then shambled on rubbery legs over to the nearest sofa, where he safely sat down and groaned.

Cool as a cat who'd eaten the canary, Suzanne rose majestically to her full height and glided regally after him. XX08

Then, without even waiting for permission, she knelt down in front of him between his splayed-open legs and rested her hands on his knees, letting him know that she had him right where she wanted him. The fact that he offered no resistance to her advances pleased her immensely.

She knew that the name of the game was to limit the number of times he would climax. That was the necessary factor that allowed all of them in the harem to have more sex, and with greater intensity, than most people could ever imagine.

She also knew that, despite his great stamina, he was dangerously close to cumming. She was tempted to let him blow his load, and then get him hard again for a good fucking, but she didn't want to have him "run dry" when he visited his two other future wives after he left her.

He sat slumped on the sofa, panting heavily and staring off into space as if he'd just survived a near-death experience by the closest of margins. He actually had that very sort of thought. Unfuckingbelievable! That felt just like a near-death experience. Does it get any more intense than that?! And all that from "just a blowjob."

She was immensely pleased and amused by the look on his face. It proved she'd had the effect she'd been hoping for. She asked, apparently innocently and with deliberate understatement, "Something wrong, Sweetie? You look a little... flustered." She couldn't help but smirk and smile.


In fact, he looked like he'd been run over by a truck. After some very long moments, he recovered enough to turn his head her way and focus on her face. His entire body twitched visibly in response, because she looked so incredibly sexy. She'd gotten back down on her hands and knees, with her huge tits hanging down invitingly, because she knew how much he'd love that.

He thought, Fuuuuck! Fuck me! Look at her! That sultry face, her curly reddish hair, those huge tits... everything! If someone were to tell me right now that she's not really human but a succubus or sex vampire or some other supernatural sexual being pretending to be one of us, I'd totally believe it! Especially since she really IS more sex goddess than human! It sure seems that way sometimes, at least. Even when I think of the unbelievably awesome hours spent with Amy AND Christine this afternoon, as great as that was, that practically seems like the minor leagues compared to Mother all on her own!

He began to recover his breathing somewhat. Phew! This is my life! I wouldn't call it being railroaded exactly, but it's... something. It's like if I had a girlfriend who turned out to be into extreme sports. I'm not into that, but to keep her I'd end up bungee jumping, hang-gliding, mountain climbing, and even sky-diving. Even though I wouldn't really want to do it, I'm sure I'd end up having the time of my life! That's the same here with her, except with sex. This is like the sky-diving of sex. She just gave me a blowjob for the history books. It's almost too intense for any man to handle, and yet I'm so, so very glad I had the privilege of being a part of it.

Phew! Each new success has changed me until it's like I lost my fear and even my ability to say 'No.' I'd find myself saying, "What's next? Scuba diving a deep undersea cave? Sure." And I'd end up loving that too. I'd just live in the moment and let it all wash over me. That's like what's really happening to me lately, except we don't need to go all over the world looking for extreme adventures, because we can do it all right here at home, much of it in bed. As a result, I've had many years' worth of extraordinary experiences in just the last week alone. Hell, just in the last DAY! And the day's not even over yet.

Wow! Who knew it could get this good?! The only thing is, I'm going to have to ease up some, and soon, because I can't sustain this intense pace for long. I really will die before my time if this keeps up, since the human body can only handle so much!

She saw the stunned look on his face. After she could tell he was coherent enough to talk again, she asked, "What's on your mind?"

"I was just thinking," he replied. "This is not normal! This is so beyond what normal people do for sex. This is like the sky-diving of sex! We're on the cutting edge. Most people have no idea it can be this good. Heck, even if you were to watch a thousand pornos, you'd never know it could be like this!"

She smiled knowingly at that. "True. But that's because pornos suck. It's a job that people do for money, so the lack of enthusiasm shows. But more than that, the lack of love! Love is the key. I do things with you that I never did even with Eric, because my love for you is ten times greater than it ever was for him, even back when he and I were very happy. Of course, you've gotta have the sexual skill, and I do too. A lot of things have to come together just right to experience what we just did."

"Really?! What you said about Eric, is that true?" That was news to him.

"Really. Maybe there's something to this master and slave business, although I still have my issues with that, despite how I'm feeling right now and what you saw earlier. I think that helps, because in that kind of extreme relationship, there's no room for holding back or second guessing. I have to lay it all on the line and go all out, over and over again! How can I not when I see that someone like Susan is capable of doing so, and having the time of her life doing it to boot? The harem is key though, because we spur each other on until we go to the very limit, until there's absolutely nothing left to give. Also, even though you're usually on the receiving end, I know you push yourself to the brink too, like in the way you frequently struggle with all your might not to cum."

That's true, he thought. Delaying my orgasms kind of has become "my thing," my special skill. I'm getting really good at it. That allows a lot of big things to happen for my lovers too, because it allows the sexual intensity between us to build and build.

She went on, "So my love for you is much greater than it ever was for Eric because already you and I have shared intense experiences that bond us together about as much as humanly possible. Don't get me wrong. Eric and I enjoyed some great sex back in our 'good old days.' But it was still within the range of 'normal sex,' not the kind that makes you potentially or even actually pass out."

He cut in, "Mother, what you say moves me so much! Not in a 'Ha, I'm better than Eric,' kind of a way, but just due to awe at the intensity of the love we share! How many people are as lucky as we are, to share a powerful bond like this, both emotionally and physically?"

She was moved too. But she tried to stay on track. "Indeed! But if I can continue with the comparison with Eric, what you and I have now is different. It's like... when you survive a near-death experience with someone, and you save their life and they save yours on top of that. You simply can't look at them in the same way again. You share a special bond that can never be broken. You'd do things for them that you'd never do for anyone else."

"Oh my God!" Alan exclaimed, sitting up on the sofa with new energy.


"It's like you read my mind. Just a minute ago, I was thinking that that blowjob you gave me was as intense as a near-death experience! So we were thinking the exact same thing!" He added with more hesitation, "I mean, true, it was only a blowjob, but..."

She smiled at him with her eyes twinkling knowingly. "No, you're right. Yes, on one level, it's 'only' a blowjob. We weren't actually in danger of dying, obviously, although I did keep you in my throat for an awful long time." She winked at him as she briefly raised a hand to rub the front of her neck. XX10

Just seeing that reminder of where his cockhead had been made him gulp, visibly and audibly. It also made him eager to repeat the experience right away, even though he had no idea how he could muster the energy to "survive" doing it again.

She went on, "But when the sexual pleasure gets THAT good, I'm sure there are chemical things going on inside our brains and bodies that are very similar to when you're running on pure adrenaline from something like a near-death experience. It's all about the intensity. That kind of thing happens to most people only once or twice in their lives, if at all. Whereas you and I, we can do it to each other at will, any day of the week, simply through incredible sex!"

He didn't respond to her assertion, except by needing to breathe more deeply.

She purred hungrily, "Is it any wonder that my feelings for you are so far beyond what I ever felt for Eric? And this is just the beginning for us!"

Alan was amazed. "Wow! Wow! It really IS like we're living on the edge, exploring just how great sex can be."

She smiled wolfishly. "We are. Even I find myself in entirely uncharted waters these days. For instance, after having an experience that great with 'just a blowjob', is it humanly possible to turn around and experience something just as great by fucking someone's cunt? Such as, say... MY cunt?"


She moved back to the big communal bed and sat on it with her legs spread wide in an inviting manner. "Who knows? But what say we try to find out?"

He chuckled at her coquettish and playful posing. He said enthusiastically, "Let's! And not only that. We're going to be 'sexplorers' who can take what we learn from things like our plan to study the 'Kama Sutra' together and share that with the rest of the harem."

She nodded with renewed urgency, "Good idea, but... seriously, my cunt is DYING here! Can you at least dip Alan Junior inside me and stir him around for a few minutes until I have a good cum? Sure, I came while I sucked you, a couple of times in fact, but that's different."

She passionately insisted, "I NEED cuntal satisfaction, Sweetie! I need it BAD! That need has been building up for what feels like hours! Once you take the edge off, then I'll be able to cope, and we can take things at an easier pace."

He raised an amused eyebrow. "'Cuntal satisfaction?'"

She grinned, but said defensively, "Hey! It's a real thing, believe me. First, I need you to FUCK ME for a couple of minutes, at least until I feel human again, and then I'll tell you all about it."

He stood up, intending to go to her to fuck her. "Phew! Man!" He stared at her with wide eyes. "I don't know. Just getting up, I feel a bit woozy." He immediately sat back down again.

He admitted, "The downside to what we just did is that it takes me a while to recover. I don't think I'm good for much right now, much less some kind of epic sexual skydiving adventure."

She looked him over carefully, frowning.

But then, mustering all his energy and willpower, he got up again. He somehow managed to stagger over to the communal bed, then promptly plopped down in the middle of it. "Dang! Look at me. I barely managed to stand, must less walk!"

She repositioned from where she was sitting on the bed a few feet away. She slowly crawled her way towards his lap in a heart-stoppingly enticing manner. She purred lustily, "Standing is overrated. Besides, sitting brings me in close proximity to certain... bothersome phallic appendages..." She smirked.

WHOA! Nobody does seductive better than her! He inhaled deeply the musky smell of a woman in heat. Whoa, again! Such a potent, sexy smell. Her cunt has gotta be SOAKED!

She reached out and took his still very erect cock in her hands. "That's okay though. You don't need to be a sexual Hercules right now. All you need is... this." She happily slid her hands up and down his wet pole.

Looking around, he asked, "By the way, how did the bed get back in here? We just moved it out not that long ago."

"True. But after you and Angel left, it occurred to me that I didn't have a good, comfy spot to get fucked on. So I commandeered Susan and Amy and we moved it back. Then we went off to be isolated, just as you wanted. I hope you don't mind?"

"No, not at all."

"Good. Now lie down on the bed with this big, scary monster poking straight up, and I'll do the rest. I'll ride you!"

He considered that offer. "Well... hot damn! Okay! You're gonna ride me into my early grave, but so what? I'll be the happiest guy in Heaven. Let's do it!"

He was already sitting on the bed, so he simply collapsed backward onto it. He put a pillow under his head to get comfy.


Suzanne sat up on her knees on the bed while he was repositioning.

He looked up at her voluptuous ivory body. "How's this?"

"Delicious!" She was staring at his erection, which was poking nearly straight up all on its own. She had that kind of effect on him.

He said with a mixture of amusement and chagrin, "You're looking at me just like I imagine a starving vampire stares hungrily at their next victim."


She smirked. "Yep! That sounds just about right. Now, if you'll excuse me..." Still up on her knees, she scooted over his crotch so that she had one leg on either side of him. Then, holding his boner at the opening of her vagina, she lowered herself down on it, impaling herself in slow motion.

"Aaaaah!" She closed her eyes and let ecstasy overtake her as she continued descending, causing his hard-on to drive deeper into her cunt. Once he was in her all the way, she let out another blissful sigh.

Then, unexpectedly, she tilted her upper torso down against him, causing her big bare tits to press against his chest, leaving her face right above his. "Now, isn't this even more comfortable?"

He smiled brightly as she gently kissed his face here and there. "It sure is!"

Her features flushed with intense feeling. "You have nooooo idea how much I needed that! Just having my cunt filled by your cock changes EVERYTHING for me. Everything! Actually, your vampire comparison isn't that far off. A vampire must regularly feed on blood or it'll die, correct?"

He nodded.

"In the same way, if I don't get a cock in my cunt, well, okay, I'm not gonna die, but I practically feel like I'm gonna die! Trust me when I tell you, dildos and vibrators DO NOT cut it for me! That's like if you're dying of starvation and you get a little sip of juice. It's better than nothing, granted, and maybe it'll help you endure a little longer, but it's not even close to what you need."

Looking him in the eyes, she growled urgently, "No... THIS is what I NEED!" With that, she wiggled her ass a little bit, while her talented internal muscles did remarkable things to his cock deep inside her.

His eyes practically bulged out. "Hot DAMN! That feels SOOO good!"

She chuckled. "Doesn't it though?" She dropped down closer for a horizontal hug, winding up with one of her cheeks pressed against his. "I know you're still a little out of it after what we just did, not to mention everything you and Angel must have done earlier, so I'll just hold this position for a while if you don't mind. I won't feel completely 'cured' though until we've thoroughly fucked and you've filled my cunt with your hot, creamy cum!"

She wiggled her ass a little more, which felt very pleasurable to them both. Then she started rhythmically squeezing his boner with her vaginal muscles. That felt even better.

He chuckled. "So this is 'relaxing?'"

She chuckled too, while continuing to steadily squeeze him internally. "Yep. In my world it is. I don't even need to cum, since every single moment feels so good. I'd do this for you FOR HOURS if you'd let me."

He choked back a gasp as his erection stiffened even more within her cunt. "Are you serious?!"

"As serious as a heart-stopping orgasm that lasts the rest of your life," she replied proudly, continuing her intensely intimate massage of his erection.

"Is that even physically possible? To do it for hours at a time?" He groaned melodramatically, even as he "flexed" his boner deep inside her in response.

"It is, provided we take periodic strategic breaks and change positions and so forth. And, of course, if I carry a big stick."

"Wait, what?" The "big stick" aside threw him for a loop.

"The big stick is for me to fend off Susan and the others for hogging you for that long!" She grinned and hugged him again, saying, "The point is, shocking as it may seem, that even after all this time I don't think you really understand, fully and completely, just how... needy... my cunt is. Do you mind if I enlighten you some more while we're taking a rest?"

"Do I have a choice?"

She just gave him a toothy, feral grin in reply.

"While you continue to do that?" He flexed his hard-on again, to make clear what he was referring to.

She smirked happily. "Of course! And a little bit of this..." She stopped her squeezing, only to raise her ass up a few inches, gyrate her hips, then settle back down until she was fully impaled again.

He laughed heartily. "Oh, fuck me! This is 'taking a rest'? Right! Anyway, please tell me what you've gotta say, and fast, because I don't know much 'resting' I can take."

She pulled her head back from his and ran a finger playfully down his nose. "Oh, posh. You can handle a lot of intense stimulation, and we both know it. That's one of the reasons you make such a great master, because you can handle getting your cock sucked or slowly fucked while still holding a normal conversation."


"Well, kind of. I'm always highly distracted, to say the least. And it's not like I ever have any say in the matter!" He chuckled. "But seriously, please continue, quickly, before I lose my mind, or my load, or both!"

"Oh, you worry too much. I could even do this, and you'd still be fine." She stopped her squeezing again, only to raise her ass nearly all the way off him, with just the tip of his cockhead still inside. Then she slowly re-impaled herself, slowly descending almost seven inches worth, then let out a loud satisfied sigh.

"Aaaaah! Doesn't that feel much, MUCH better? I'm well on the way to getting cured."

He spoke with some urgency. "Please! You've definitely turned the tables on me. I'm at your mercy."

She interrupted before he could say more. "Isn't that kind of exciting? To feel helpless, but at the hands of someone you dearly love whom you know won't harm you, rather than an enemy?"

"It is, I'll admit-"

She cut him off again, while continuing to "milk" his cock with her pussy walls. "That's exactly how you make us feel all the time. Daily. Hourly, practically! I'm not that submissive by nature, as you know, but even I'm hooked on it now! Anyway, let me cut to the chase. You think you already know all about my cunt's needs, don't you?"

He nodded. He was going to talk and ask about some other things, but he decided not to, since she said she was cutting to the chase. He truly felt an urgency to end this conversation soon, because he didn't want to cum with her before he even had a chance to fuck her properly.

She spoke to him while looking down at his face from a few inches away. "Lover, Master, you know some, but you don't know all. And you're going to need to know all about me, and my CUNT," she emphasized forcefully, with a particularly powerful Kegel squeeze, "if you want to have any hope at all of keeping me, right here, happily FUCKED on your cock as one of your loving, adoring, and devoted slave-wives."

He gulped, realizing that Suzanne wasn't teasing him or merely engaging in sexy talk. Fuck me, she's serious! She's an extremely sexual woman, so of course she has BIG sexual needs!

"Let's start with the basics. The key to getting a woman to cum is her clitoris. I think you have a pretty good idea about that already, since you keep improving your sex skills in order to be a better lover for all of us, but I also think you still don't understand just how true that is. A woman's clit is the anatomical analog of the head of a penis, but with even more nerve endings. Can you imagine not cumming without your penis being involved at all? No, of course not. How would that even work, right?"

He nodded. He was focused on breathing evenly and slowly to avoid getting too carried away by her continued Kegel squeezing.

She continued, "THAT's how important the clitoris is for a woman. Don't ever forget it! You've been doing a good job paying lots of attention to it, but you can do even better, if you want all your lovers to cum over and over again, every single time."

He nodded once more. He was listening closely, despite her sexy distractions, which especially included the way she kept milking his cock.

"Popular culture has it all wrong, with the idea that a lot of in-and-out thrusting is where it's at. Of course that feels great for a woman, just like it does for the man doing the thrusting, but a woman cums with her clitoris. You've gotta make sure the clit gets stimulated a lot, period."

"Okay. I-"

"That said," she interrupted brusquely, "I'm different! Clitoral orgasms are the key thing for most women, nearly all the time. Only a very small percentage of women cum with purely vaginal orgasms. There's been a debate among researchers if such things even exist. Well, let me tell you: vaginal orgasms DO exist, and I know because I'm one of the lucky few who get to enjoy them!"

He asked, "Wait a minute. I don't get it. You're saying I should ignore all that stuff you've been telling me about the clitoris in your case?"

"No! Definitely not!" She started churning her hips in slow, small circles, allowing her to still rhythmically squeeze him at the same time. "The clit is super important for me too. By all means, please pay MORE attention there with all your lovers, including me! It's just that I'm giving you some useful general advice which has the nice bonus of pointing out how I'm different. It's not an either/or thing. With me, it's like a double whammy."

She took a deep breath before continuing, her scratchy voice husky with repressed feeling, "That's why I love getting FUCKED so damn much. I love a good clitoral orgasm just as much as any woman, plus I have a super-sensitive vagina on top of that!"

His heart was racing. Man, I'm so lucky! My Suzanne well and truly has a body built for sex!

"For instance..." She stopped her Kegel squeezing so she could do a lot more churning and grinding. She also started raising and lowering her ass at the same time, causing him to slide in and out. After a long pause, she resumed, "...when I do this..."

"Yeah?" He was panting hard by this point.

She switched to more humping and less churning. "...and this..."


After many more delicious combinations and variations of humping and churning, she finally finished off her sentence: "...it feels really good! I mean really, really damn good!"

He laughed. "Well, duh! Obviously! Same for me too! Tell me something I didn't already know."

She smiled sheepishly. "Sorry. I guess I got carried away." She forced herself to slow her churning. In fact, her hips nearly came to a standstill. She avoided resuming her Kegel squeezing because she sensed he needed a break.

With her face still nearly on his, she resumed, "That's a demonstration of how a good fuck practically makes me lose my mind. What I'm trying to say is that I'm not like your other women. God knows I love sucking your cock. I'm even starting to get into deep throating you. And titfucking and ass-fucking are awesome too. Long story short is that any time your big cock is poking into me somewhere or another, I'm gonna love it."

He could breathe a little easier, now that she was going easy on him. "Good! Because I plan on poking into you a hell of a lot!" He brought his hands to her big tits and caressed them from the sides, since they were mostly pressed against his chest.

"Damn straight! You'd better!" She playfully poked the tip of his nose. "But while all that is great fun for me, getting my cunt fucked is a great NEED for me! Everything else is either appetizer or dessert for me, but filling my cunt with hard, thick, throbbing cock and cumming like crazy... well, that's the main course that I simply can't do without. You see the difference?"

"I think so. I've got a question though."

"What's that?"

"When you cum from getting fucked, do you feel, 'oh, this is a clitoral orgasm,' or 'this is a vaginal orgasm?'"

"Not really. My 'plumbing' is all connected down there. For instance, the G-spot is basically the underside of the clitoral organ, like the bottom of the shaft of the penis. The whole structure is shaped like an inverted Y and extends from the clitoris to where it straddles the vagina. The clitoris is just the outside end, as I think you already know. When you fuck me good, the surface of my clitoris is almost always involved to some extent, sometimes just from the tuft of pubic hair around your cock. And when you're thrusting deeply, you're involving the whole organ, not just the outside part on the surface."

"When you're fucking me, I'm not thinking about what kind of orgasm it is, or what percent is responsible for what - I'm just enjoying the moment. So don't worry your head about what KIND of orgasm I have. The main thing is that my vagina is much more sensitive and arousable than most. I imagine there must be a lot more nerve endings there than usual, especially just inside the pussy lips. Whatever it is, I'm built to fuck like nobody's business!"

He nodded while thinking, I certainly can't dispute THAT!

"The truth is, I've been holding back on you, trying not to be too needy. For weeks and weeks, I kept you from fucking my cunt at all, because I knew Susan wasn't ready to see, hear, or smell you drilling and pounding me so intensely, whether here, there, or everywhere. Then, once we did start to fuck, I STILL held back, because I knew you were still in the process of collecting the rest of your harem and getting yourself settled. Your mom in particular needed lots of TLC."

He nodded, knowing that "TLC" meant "tender loving care."

She said with a wry smile, "I noticed you have a particular habit of administering her doses of TLC orally."

Even with his cock literally balls-deep in Suzanne, he felt an extra thrill when he heard that, because it led him to fondly remember his mother's cocksucking skills.


Suzanne continued more seriously, "However, that initial phase is all over with now, isn't it? I know you still have a few unresolved situations, but not as many as I think you believe. For instance, you've fully tamed Glory now; she wears your collar and your ring. It's just a matter of time before she's one of your slave-wives as well, if that's what you want."

"You think?" he asked shyly.

"Are you kidding me?!" Suzanne unthinkingly resumed her pussy-squeezing, because the topic of Glory aroused and inspired her greatly. "I know! She wears your collar, your slave collar! More importantly, she loves you very, very much, and her lust for you is off the charts. She IS one of your sex slaves now, period. I'm sure she'd fully and freely admit that, if you asked her point blank. Do you think she'd consider going from there to being a slave-wife to be a step up or a step down? A step up, obviously!"

He pointed out, "But she only agreed to wear my collar as a provisional six-month trial thing."

Suzanne rolled her eyes. "Oh, come on! That's just a face-saving gesture to help her cope with the rushed pace of events. I'm sure she'll commit fully to you long before the six months is over."

"You think?" he asked again.

"I know it!" She realized that, as her arousal grew, she was starting to move up and down on his boner again. "Look what you're making me do. I can't even keep still when I think about the five of us - Glory, me, and your other future slave-wives - all having a naked orgy right on top of you! She'll be right in the middle of it, bouncing up and down on your cock while the rest of us run our hands all over her fantastic body!"


"Wow! Really?!" He unthinkingly flexed his hard-on deep inside Suzanne as he vividly envisioned that. Also without thinking, he reached up and firmly grasped her enormous globes with both hands.

"Really!" That caused Suzanne to briefly close her eyes and shudder with intense arousal. She chuckled, because she could also feel his flexing. "I can sense that somebody likes that idea quite a lot!"

He grinned sheepishly. "Guilty as charged."

She chuckled some more. "YOU'RE the man with the harem. Don't be so doubting! Anyway, so now you've enslaved all five of us - even me, you motherfucker!"

Suddenly, she stopped and got a dreamy expression on her face. "There's that word again. Fuck... I LOVE that word, now that I'm a mother you fuck."

"Correction, you're my MILF: my Mother I Love Fucking!"

"Mmmm! I like the sound of that! Let's NEVER get over how 'terrible' incest is, so we can always enjoy the extra oomph of the incest taboo."


Her reverie didn't last very long, and then her eyes refocused on him. "Anyway, where was I? Oh, yes. But you didn't stop there with Glory. You've enslaved Brenda in an even deeper way. Boy, when I asked you to dominate her and win her, you sure as hell did! Your super-stacked slave LIVES to fulfill your every desire for pleasure and release! All you have to do is THINK about snapping your fingers, and she'll spread herself open and BEG you to fuck her!"

And I get to play with her too! she thought gleefully. It's so nice to have such a sexually submissive woman at my beck and call. Obviously, this is not how I planned things to go, finding myself enslaved to my love. But would my way - with just Sweetie, Susan, and Angel in the harem, and maybe Amy joining us much later - have been any better? I think not. This way, I have a little less dignity but a lot more fun!

She unthinkingly and repeatedly compressed his cock with her pussy walls as she resumed considering the situation. "And now you've crossed the point of no return with 'Pristine Christine.' I don't know what'll happen with her, how fully you'll tame her or how accepting she'll be of the rest of your harem, but you can take a well-earned rest now that you've made it this far with her."

He was huffing and puffing, now that Suzanne was humping with increasing vigor. "'Tame her?' That's the kind of thing Mom would say."

Suzanne chuckled a bit ruefully. "Yeah, I guess my own propaganda lingo is blowing back on me. But what else can I call it when you take a total virgin like her and make her adore sucking and titfucking your cock? I can't WAIT until you pop her cherry! Oh boy!"

He laughed. "YOU can't wait? What about me?!"

Suzanne's eyes sparkled with delight. "You think it'll feel like this?" She gyrated her hips one way and then in reverse, while squeezing and rising up and then sliding down on him at the same time.

He gasped as a particularly large wave of pleasure washed over him. "OH! MAN!"

She chuckled, overjoyed at how powerfully she could affect him. Then she settled down so she could resume the conversation. "Anyway, my point is, those are the ones you love, or in Brenda's case had no choice but to dominate, to protect our secrets. Anyone else, even Xania, might or might not get more involved, but that's up to what you want, not what you need. So you can afford to take a well-earned rest, like I said, not just with Christine but with your whole situation."

"Thank God! After tonight, I swear I'm going to sleep for a year!"

She grinned. "Don't rest THAT much. Anyway, where I'm going with this is..." - she paused dramatically - "...now that you're entering into a new phase of your sex life, I'm going to enter a new phase too, and be MORE demanding!"

"More?" he asked curiously. "So much for me getting to rest."

"Well, just as far as my FUCKING CUNT goes," she replied with unusual heat. "I'm not going to demand more of your time overall. It's just that, while you're with me, I need you to scratch my fuck-hungry itch. Daily! Maybe fewer blowjobs and ass-fucks and the like, so you can spend more time fucking my CUNT. That's not much to ask, is it?"

"No, I suppose not." He was gritting his teeth, because he was having to rhythmically squeeze his PC muscle almost continuously.

She suddenly sat up on him, which created an inspiring sight. She kept on churning her hips, which set her huge globes wobbling and swaying. "Look. I know you're my master now and I'm one of your sex slaves. I have no right to make demands. You have no idea how humbling that is for a proud person like me. So I'm appealing to your kind nature, as well as your ever-erect cock. You are our master, but you're a loving master. Isn't that so?"

"Definitely!" He confided, "I'm probably going to make a lousy master, because it doesn't feel right for me to take advantage of the women I love. I'm not going to feel happy unless YOU'RE happy. And by 'you' of course I mean you and everyone else in the harem."


She smiled widely. She held her big tits with both hands to stop them from swaying too much, plus she knew it was a sexy pose he'd enjoy. "Au contraire! You're going to make a GREAT master, precisely because you feel that way. That's a big reason we all love you and freely enslave ourselves to you, because we know you do 'take advantage' of us sexually, but you do it in such a way that we have even more orgasms than you do. Way more!"

He nodded. "That's kind of my goal, every time. Even if you're just sucking my cock, if you don't have at least one orgasm doing it, I figure I must be doing something wrong. That's intolerable for me."

She nodded approvingly. "Thanks to that attitude, we have to take a number and get in line to even have a chance to be next to suck your cock. But anyway, since you clearly ARE a kind master, I know you'll listen when I tell you what I am."

He watched her expectantly as she drew in a big breath and paused dramatically. She even theatrically raised a fist.

Then she proudly proclaimed, "I'm a FUCKING CUNT of a woman!"

He looked up at her with concern, even as he ran his hands up and down her sides. "Hey!"

"Don't worry, I'm not insulting myself. Far from it. I'm just speaking in the narrow sense of being, shall we say, guided by my cunt. Although, if you want to get technical about it, I guess you could say it's more like I'm RULED by my FUCKING CUNT! You have no idea the crazy things it's made me do over the years."

She thought, That's the understatement of the century. Especially since that includes this whole six-times-a-day scheme in the first place! I wish I could tell him the full truth about that, but this is not the time. Or, shit, the time I slashed the tires on the scoutmaster's van. I'm so baaaad! I still can't believe I did that. That was my cunt taking charge of my brain yet again.

"You know I'm a highly sexual woman," she explained more calmly.

"I've heard some wild rumors to that effect," he teased her.

She grinned wolfishly. "You know I totally love it whenever you fuck my face, or my tits, or my ass. And I hope you know I love it the most when you fuck my CUNT." She emphasized that with a particularly powerful pussy squeeze. "But I don't think you appreciate just how MUCH more I enjoy it."

He admitted, "You're probably right. To me, it's all good. It's like being presented with a table full of delicious desserts. I have a choice of apple pie, carrot cake, ice cream, gelato, chocolate chi-"

She waved a hand impatiently as she kept on churning on him. "I get it. Don't make me hungry for food as well as your cum!"

They both chuckled at that.

She quickly continued, "It's like that for me too, except there's one dessert I love twice as much as any other. In fact, I can't go long without it, or I'll get very grumpy."

She suddenly brought her churning to a halt, to make sure he wasn't distracted. "The thing is, I'm kind of afraid. When I look back on my broken marriage to Eric, I worry that history might repeat itself with you."

Alan was very alarmed to hear that. "But how?! That situation is totally different, isn't it? I thought the fault all lay with him. HE cheated on YOU, the fool!"

Suzanne's face turned sad. "I know. And you're right. But I wonder if I might have contributed a little bit by not communicating my needs to him as clearly as I should have. That's why I want to make doubly sure to not make the same mistake with you. I'm a complicated woman, I must admit, but if you want to keep a smile on my face 24/7, it's super easy..." She paused again for dramatic effect.

He watched as she closed her eyes and tried to get control over her breathing. It didn't help that her internal muscles were still milking him like crazy.

"Just keep my CUNT well FUCKED!" Then she just sat there on him, panting for air.

Once she calmed down enough to regain her composure, she clarified, "Everything else will work itself out if that basic need of mine is taken care of. And yes, I call it a 'need' and not a 'want.' I'm sorry if I'm being pushy. I know that Angel is supposed to be the 'uppity' one in your harem. But the squeaky cunt gets the cock, as the saying goes."

He grinned at that. He recalled Katherine repeating a variant of that line earlier in the evening, and she'd heard it from Susan. He figured that would probably become a very common saying within the harem. He said wryly, "I kind of remember the saying involving wheels and grease."

"That's the G-rated version they teach the kids." She winked. "Anyway, yes, you're the master, but if you want to keep me sexually satisfied, and thus an all-around happy slave-wife, I'm going to be very vocal about how you should do it. Like I said, it's super easy: just stir my cunt with your big cock-baster once a day, and I'll be happy as a clam. I know that's a lot to ask, given that you've got so many women to satisfy and only a limited number of orgasms per day. I'm not saying it's something that HAS to happen every day, but at least it's something I hope you aim for."

He spoke with growing concern. "Of course I'll try my best. I really mean it. But I worry that I've bitten off waaaaay more than I can chew with a harem this large. You know my concerns. Probably my number one concern is: how it is possible for one man to keep at least seven women sexually satisfied on a daily basis? For years and years to come, no less!"

She asked, "When you say 'seven,' I assume that means your four wives-to-be, plus Glory, Brenda, and Christine?"


She teased him, "So, in other words, your four current wives-to-be and your three additional future wives-to-be."

He groaned in lusty frustration. "Please, don't jinx me. Especially with Christine, I'm more likely to walk on the surface of Mars!"

Suzanne smile-smirked. "Sorry. Please continue."

"But I worry that I won't be able to stop there. I've got a feeling Heather is going to demand my attention pretty much every day, or at least be pissy and difficult about it. She can be VERY demanding about getting her ass stuffed often enough! And what about Xania? She's such a babe, and a total sex vixen, AND a really nice person. If she wants to get more involved how can I turn her down?! And that's not to mention others like Akami, Kim, and Simone."

Suzanne said, "You know my feelings on Heather: you should try to drop her as fast as you can, even though that'll be a tricky process. And I wouldn't worry too much about the others since, frankly, they can't hold a candle to your harem women. Akami is going back to school, so she won't be around much. But I see your point about Xania. Heck, I'll make no bones about the fact that I'm rooting for you to get her more involved."

He said plaintively, "So that's more like eight or even NINE women I want to keep sexually satisfied. And who knows if more will come along? I seem to have a hard time saying 'No.'"

She pointed out, "You have vowed to concentrate on the family and to not get greedy. You should emphasize that, especially considering that this is our engagement night, for God's sake."

"True. But I keep getting encouragement from you all to have sex with even more women! For instance, whose idea was it for me to get with Brenda, even before she learned our incest secret? You! If another Brenda-type were to come along, would you and Mom try to stop me from fucking her, or plot to help make it happen?"

Suzanne said ruefully, "Ouch! Good point. We do get carried away. I guess we're enablers, at least sometimes."

"Yeah, well, the problem is that this is a zero-sum game to a certain extent. My body has certain physical limits. Besides, I want to do more with my life than just have sex all the time."

She nodded. "Rightly so. I'm proud that you're not losing sight of everything else. That's why I'm telling you now that I'm not going to be shy about reminding you of my 'cuntal satisfaction' needs if you start getting neglectful. Mind you, I could never drift away from the harem and cheat on you. From where I'm sitting, that's not even remotely possible."


She looked down to where their bodies were conjoined before looking back up at him again. She wiggled her ass a little bit, and smirked.

Also looking at their joining, he quipped, "Heck, I'll be lucky if we ever manage to get my cock all the way out of your cunt, period."

She quipped back, "'Lucky'? More like unlucky. If it weren't for Susan and the others, I'd look into figuring out how to make us stick together like this permanently!" She wiggled her hips some more, which made both of them tingle with still more pleasure.

She resumed more seriously, "Not only do I really feel like I love you ten times more than I ever loved Eric, even in my best times with him - hell, MORE than ten times, much more! - but if I cheated on you, I would be cheating on the entire harem. I would betray every single person I truly love, all in the same moment."

She continued, "So I'm not going to even wave that around as a potential threat. I don't want to have the kind of relationship with you where I'm even hinting at threats in the first place. Consider this the first and last time I so much as ever mention that. But I'm not going to stay quiet just to keep the peace either. The truth is, if you don't fuck me nearly every day, I'm going to get surly and bitchy sometimes. Not strategically, as some sort of sexual power play, but because I know myself and that's just how I get."

She remained sitting still on top of him. She'd dropped her hands back to her sides. "So yeah, if you don't fuck me enough, I'll be irritable. I know that's not some earth-shaking terror, but it is sincere. It could become a real problem, not just for me and you, but for everyone in the harem. Believe me!"

He nodded. "I get it. That's why you want to tell me, that deep down inside, you're a-"

"FUCKING CUNT," she interrupted, heatedly, her cheeks coloring slightly. "Yes. I am. I've spent a lot of my life not being proud of being the kind of woman that I am. I've spent a lot of time being lonely and lost in the wilderness, chasing after mirages and phantoms, because of my FUCKING CUNT and the stupid things it makes me do."

She looked him in the eye and declared, "But now, for the first time in I don't know how long, I want to be a real honest-to-goodness FUCKING CUNT of a woman, and for YOU. I want to love and be loved in return, while being true to myself and not having to hide it anymore. I look back sadly on the years I wasted having my many affairs. I don't want to live the rest of my life 'whoring' myself out, stringing men I couldn't care less about along, simply to keep my starving cunt fed with enough cock to keep me from going crazy. What I want is a man who I can love and adore, with everything that I am, and who will still want me, knowing that I'm a woman who is ruled by the undeniable needs of her own cunt."

She added pointedly, "I have all the confidence in the world that you can be that man, despite your many other lovers keeping you busy. You love sex, don't you?" She chuckled as she realized, "It's kind of late to ask that now. But I think you've answered that already with your actions."

He replied simply, "I have. And I do. I'm taking on all these many slave-wives knowing that this is the life I choose."

"Good!" She sighed and resettled herself to straddle his hips more comfortably. "These past few months, since I stopped having my affairs, I've had a hard time hiding my surly side, but I can't keep suppressing it forever. ALL your women are going to be VERY sexually demanding, I'm sure. And I'm sure they all have their strong sexual desires and special needs. I'm not saying I want any MORE of your time or energy than anyone else. I'm just saying that when you're with me, please help me scratch this cunt itch I get."

He considered that, then nodded. "I can do that. I understand what you're saying. You're right when you say that they're all going to be very sexually demanding. It's not just that I have a harem; I have a harem of extremely beautiful women. And you know how women get to be beautiful? By exercising and eating right! Sure, you've gotta get lucky with genetics too, but genetics isn't enough. It takes genetics PLUS staying in top shape to be the kind of beautiful that even the other beautiful women envy, as I'm sure you know."

She nodded. She wanted to see where he was going with this.

He continued, "Really fit women have lots of energy. They can run ten miles or more if need be, when most people would have trouble running two. And they can channel that energy into sex, into fucking ME! So I won't just be having sex with seven or so different women most every day. I'll be having vigorous sex, often mind-blowing sex, with that many women, every single day! That's been happening already, big time. It's going to be a supreme challenge to keep that going, to keep everyone sexually satisfied and satiated. Frankly, I don't know if I can do it. I don't know if ANY one man can do it! But I'm determined to rise to the challenge and give it my very best effort!"

He added, "Luckily, most of my women are not very picky. As long as we end up kissing and fondling and thrusting so that there's orgasms all around, it's all good. There are some exceptions of course, like Mom with her oral fixation, not to mention her new anal fixation, as well as her love of titfucking, and of course she goes wild whenever I fuck her mommy cunt... Hell, she just loves sex with me, period!"

Suzanne and he shared a laugh over that.

He went on, "But I can handle that. I'll do my best to deal with your specific cunt-fucking need too. I just hope that isn't the only thing we end up doing together most of the time."


Feeling relieved that he'd understood the gist of her message and was okay with it, Suzanne resumed her slow churning. "Don't worry, I'm not going to let that happen. I like variety too! I won't let our sex life get stale, I promise. Besides, I'm pretty sure the nature of YOUR sex life is going to change significantly in the near future."

"Oh? How so?"

"In short, more sharing. Think about it. The last couple of months, your harem has been coming together bit by bit. Now, it's nearly fully formed! Only a couple of women, like Glory, aren't all the way in yet. So it's only natural that sharing is going to become increasingly common. That'll make things way easier on you. If you have a triple blowjob, you'll effectively have a sex act with three of your lovers in one fell swoop. I imagine that sort of thing will happen all throughout the day."

"You think?"

She got a bit peeved. "Would you quit asking 'You think?' Don't you ever think yourself about your own future?!"

"To be honest, I try hard not to. Like I said earlier, I've been thinking about tonight, with the rings and marriage proposal, but I haven't thought much beyond that. Things are going so great that I feel like I'd be jinxing myself to dream even bigger."

She huffed, as she churned, "I can understand that. Since that's the case, let me paint a picture: imagine a Saturday in the not-too-distant future. It's a nice sunny day, so it's only natural that we'll all want to hang out by the pool. Some of the time, you'll want to swim or horse around, but most of the time you'll be kicking back on your lawn chair. Now, in the past, you would have just read a book by yourself. On this day, you may well read a book or at least try to, but while you do that, a variety of women will take turns sucking your cock together! Naturally, Susan, Amy, Angel, and I will be there, but Glory will be too, since she lives with us."

"She does?!"

"Of course. This is my vision of the future, remember? As one of your slave-wives, she'll be just as devoted to keeping your cock throbbing with pleasure as the rest of us, so she'll be there, lapping and slurping and bobbing. We're your slaves, and a big part of that is being your personal cocksuckers! That's never going to end. Maybe your boner will be trapped between Susan's huge honkers and she'll be slowly titfucking you while Glory and Angel are taking turns licking your cockhead as it pokes through the top. Meanwhile, Amy will be underneath your lounge chair, licking and fondling your ass crack through a hole in your chair." XX18

He exclaimed in genuine awe, "That's... that's incredible!"

She smirked, and began bouncing up and down more than churning. She was taking it to the next level. "Hold on. I'm not done. Maybe you'll be reading a book, and want us to be 'stealthy' about it. So we'll keep it to 'merely' four pleasuring you at once. But Xania's there for the whole weekend, like she almost always is. And Brenda's there too. It took many months, maybe even a year or more, but she finished educating Adrian sexually and turned him into a well-balanced and confident man. He's got a big-titted, beautiful girlfriend of his own by now. Or two of them. Or maybe he's even starting a little harem of his own. The point is, Brenda is done with him, so now she can fully devote herself to her primary love, her true love, which of course is you. She's your eternal, totally-dedicated, fuck-hungry sex slave! And with Christine there too, she has to-"

He suddenly cut in, "Hold on! Now you go too far! I could believe what you're saying about Glory and Xania, maybe, and even Brenda. That's all pretty mind-blowing. But Christine too? You go too far! Way too far! That's impossible!"

Suzanne was holding her tits again because she was bouncing even more vigorously. "Do I? Sweetie, you have a fucking HAREM of the most desirable women around! You've turned the sexiest teacher in your school into one of your god-damned sex slaves! Don't tell me that ANYTHING is impossible! The only impossibilities I'll accept are things that defy the laws of physics or biology, like having you cum thirty times a day."

He groaned at the mere thought of that. He was having to clench his PC muscle steadily by that point, since she was getting more into the fucking.

"Anyway, with that many hotties there, of course it's a party. And there will be a non-stop party at your crotch! Just like every single other day in your new life. The slaves worshipping your cock will come and go. As the hours pass, we'll probably hold little contests, like seeing who's the best deep-throater of the day. And meanwhile, lesbian twosomes and moresomes will break out here and there from time to time. Collectively, your slaves will have dozens of orgasms while you do little more than read your book!"

He joked, "Dang! That has got to be the best damn book in the whole world, if it's keeping my attention with all that going on!"

She smirked. "It's a really, really good book. And that's just while you're being passive. When you get active, things will get even more intense. Maybe you'll put your book down to spend some time fucking a couple of us in a nice fuck sandwich. Perhaps I'll sit on your face and you can eat me out while Christine gets some special one-on-one time with your cock, bouncing and repeatedly impaling herself on it, like this!"

Suzanne Christine

Suzanne already was bouncing up and down on his boner. She simply kept doing that, but even more vigorously, raising her ass up still higher each time. As she did so, she changed voices, pretending to be Christine, "Master, how do you like nailing my cunt? Am I getting better? Ever since you took my virginity, I've been trying to make up for lost time, so I can become one of your favorite sex slaves. Mistress Suzanne has taught me how to-"

Alan suddenly cried out, "STOP! STOP!"

Suzanne stopped her aggressive bouncing, quickly coming to a halt while remaining fully sheathed around him. "What?"

"Please!" There was a long pause after that, as he desperately fought the urge to cum. However, he'd reached the point of no return, and he could feel the situation slipping out of hand.

Luckily, she sensed his desperation. She quickly pulled most of the way off him and then tightly clenched her fingers around the base of his shaft.

It was just in time. He let go, fully giving in, but the orgasm didn't happen, due to her clenching technique.

"UGH! GOD!" He would have slipped to a more relaxed position, but he was already lying flat on his back, so he just closed his eyes and breathed hard.

She was triumphant. "Remember that little trick I showed you? It still works. We're going to be using that a lot more from now on, I'm sure. As well as the non-ejaculatory orgasm, and even whole-body orgasms. There's so much more to explore! It's biologically impossible for one man to cum thirty times a day, but I wouldn't be surprised if we reach a point where it'll feel to you like you did. I tell you, we're in uncharted waters. It's exciting!"

He just grunted with exhaustion. "UGH!" The trick she'd used on him worked, but it took a lot out of him.

She tilted her torso back down to his, knowing he'd need to rest a little after that close call. She kissed his face. "What's the matter? I thought you could hold out better than that. Is this the infamous 'Christine Effect' in action?"

He was feeling wiped out, but he felt the need to respond quickly so she wouldn't feel offended. He opened one eye and asked, "What do you know about the so-called 'Christine Effect?'"

"News travels fast in a harem. You'll have to get used to that. But don't worry; I don't mind. Clearly, she's a very special lady, and I like how thoughts of her give you an extra kick. I do hope you fully... damn, I was about to use the word 'tame' again. Let's just say I hope you bring her all the way into the harem, despite the odds. Especially since she and Amy are kissing and fondling each other already."

Suzanne's eyes lit up. "Can you imagine me suckling on her nipples, or her doing the same to me? I can! Or can you picture her and me French kissing and rubbing our huge, pale racks together while Susan licks my ass and Amy licks hers? Or what about her and me licking your cock together even as we slowly guide it into Brenda's tight yet unbelievably wet cunt?"

Suzanne Christine Brenda

He'd had both eyes closed again as he tried to rest, but now they snapped opened wide as he mentally pictured a variation of that last suggestion. He would have sat up in surprise too if she hadn't already been lying on him. "WHOA! Are you serious?!"

She chastised him, "Have you absolutely NO imagination? Sheesh! Sweetie, or I should say, Master, you ARE the master of a large harem of exceptionally beautiful and sexy women. Why NOT enjoy us in every possible combination? As a harem master, that must be one of your biggest perks. Surely you've had fantasies like that?"

He conceded, "Well, yeah, some, but not that many, to be honest. I've been trying to focus on the day-to-day, what's possible today and tomorrow. If I get much beyond that, I figure I'll get full of myself, and maybe even jinx myself, like I said. Plus, I'll probably stagger around mindlessly in a daze. So your future scenarios are making my heart thump pretty dang hard. Now that I think about it, I haven't even allowed myself to dream much along those lines."

She kissed and licked him here and there across his face. "I guess I can understand that. It must be a constant struggle for you to stay grounded."

"It is! You have no idea!"

"Well, just this once, go on these flights of fancy with me. Maybe having Christine there is a bit of a stretch. We really don't know what'll happen with her. But the rest is no stretch at all. That vision I just described IS going to happen. For instance, on some weekend very soon, maybe even next weekend, you WILL spend countless hours lying by the pool getting your cock pleasured in a variety of ways by an endless combination of different women. And that'll become the new normal, I'm sure. That's what it means to be a harem master! Why not? Seriously, why not?"

He pointed out, "Because, like we were talking before, I want to make sure each of you has at least as much fun as I'm having."

"Yes, and oftentimes we'll want you to be active, very active. Like I've said, I'm hoping you'll get in the habit of having your daily 'Mother Suzy fuck,' and that almost always requires more energy and involvement on your part than a passive blowjob."

He asked in surprise, "Can I call you 'Mother Suzy?'"

"Sure. I'd like that sometimes, as an update to 'Aunt Suzy.' Or just 'Suzy' even. However, you're the only one that gets to call me 'Suzy'." She winked. "I've never let ANYBODY call me that in my life, but I think masters get special privileges."

"Wow! Cool!" Curiously, that news excited him just as much as her harem visions, though in a more emotional and less arousing manner. He loved the idea of those new names, but he still wasn't ready to call her them yet, especially the more daring 'Suzy'. He wanted to think it over first, and that moment wasn't the time for much clear thinking.

She continued, "Anyway, there will be plenty of times, many more hours of the day, where you won't have to do ANYTHING. We'll take care of EVERYthing! Including all the orgasms, for everyone. We'll be kissing, fingering, and fondling ourselves and each other. You literally won't have to lift a finger if you don't want to. That's another perk of being a harem master. And believe me, there are MANY!"

He stared up at the ceiling in contemplation, picturing another orgy scene. "Wow. I guess... I guess I haven't thought this through very much." XX21

"No, you haven't. That's obvious to me now. But whether you have or not, the future is coming and it's fairly predictable. Do you disagree there will be days like that? For instance, a Saturday or Sunday where your harem works like a team to keep your cock licked, sucked, and/or fucked for a good ten hours, if not twelve hours?"

He continued to stare into space. "Whoa! That's... I suppose it's possible, in theory... but I'm just so... unworthy!"

She sighed. "You need to think things through more fully. And no, you're not. But then again, nobody is. Is anybody worthy of being a multimillionaire or billionaire and having a team of employees catering to their every whim? No. But it happens all the time, because people at the very top get paid crazy money. All kinds of things happen behind closed doors at that level, including wild sexual things, no doubt. Worthiness hardly figures into it. Most guys with harems are born into it, I'm sure. It used to be royal bloodlines whereas nowadays most of the time it's sheer wealth. But you, you didn't stumble into your harem because of wealth. You basically earned it by sexually taming your women one by one. If anyone can be said to deserve a harem like this, it's you."


She thought about some extenuating factors, such as how she'd created the whole six-times-a-day scenario in the first place. "Don't get a big head. There was a lot of luck, obviously. But don't talk about being unworthy either. That's a record that gets old fast, and you've already played it a lot. Just accept that these are the cards in your hand. It's a fantastic hand, a royal flush! It's good to stay modest, but you've gotta think about the future some too."

He said, "You're right. I've been relying on you too much, to catch me if I fall. I'll try to do better."

"Good." She continued, "To go way back to what I was talking about, I put forth that poolside scenario to show you that things are going to change again. Sharing you WILL become more common. It's only natural. That'll make it much easier for you to spend quality sexy fun time with all your women every day." She smiled at that prospect. "And it means that even if you do manage to fuck me most every day, I'll be doing plenty of other things with you and to you, so it's not like we're going to be stuck on one note the whole time."

He thought, Man! My life is going to be even BETTER than I'd thought possible! At least in terms of sheer sexual pleasure. We really are on the cutting edge of how much erotic joy one guy can simply physically handle.

She went on, "I look forward to all the sharing. I've gotten to the point where the jealousy doesn't bother me much, and instead I actually get off on seeing you succeed with other hotties. It helps that since all of your women are basically bisexual, I'll be enjoying every possible combination of your busty beauties just as much as you will!" She chuckled at that.

He had still been zoned out, staring at the ceiling, but with that, he resumed eye contact with her and shared her chuckle. "I'm sure you will."

"Hell yeah!" She grinned widely. "I know the future seems overwhelming to you. All you've been thinking about is getting to this point, where you could propose to the four of us."


"And good on you for having that vision and seeing it through. But now that we're there, you can and should look beyond. There's nothing to be afraid of. In fact, it's going to be a sexual utopia for us all. A sextopia, if you will."

He grinned, with his eyes still on hers from inches away, "I will."

"That's the spirit! Maybe you'll cum an average of six times a day, maybe ten. Maybe you'll end up with five slave-wives, maybe eight, maybe more!"

He groaned. "Please not more! Do you know how insane that is?!"

She chuckled. "Okay, maybe not more. The point is, I could pick all kinds of numbers like that out of a hat. It's impossible to say at this point. But even in a worst case scenario, you're going to have a hell of a lot of incredible sex with the women you love the most. Your worst case scenario is like a million times better than nearly everybody's absolute best case scenario. I'm NOT going to let you ruin everything by turning into a total asshole or fucking yourself right into the hospital due to sheer exhaustion or something like that. We're a harem now, yes, but we're also a family. Over time, I'm sure those two concepts will merge into one. And, as family, we look out for each other."

He smiled widely at that. "We do."

She suddenly sat back up. "As a special kind of harem family, we especially look out to make sure your cock is well taken care of. I'm thinking enough time has passed since you had your almost-orgasm, and now it's time to start fucking in earnest!" XX22

He looked at her in sheer disbelief. "'Start fucking?!' If we haven't been fucking already, then what the hell have we been doing for the past fifteen minutes or more?!"

She smirked impishly. "Oh, that falls more into the category of 'keeping your cock warm, Suzanne style.'"

"Are you kidding me?! I totally lost it! I would have definitely blown my load if you hadn't done that special trick!"

She gleefully admitted, "Okay, maybe it was more like keeping your cock hot. But the point is, I've been giving you a serious break for a while now. I've hardly even squeezed you much. So don't you think it's time to take it to the next level? While all this warming and heating has been going on, you've just been lying there. What about getting a little more active for a while? And... what about my ring?"

He slapped his forehead. "Dang! The ring! I almost forgot!"

"Well, I'M not going to forget, I can guarantee that!"

He chuckled, nervously. "Well, I should certainly hope not."

She bared her teeth as she grinned fiendishly at him. "I'm also not letting you out of my fucking cunt until you put my ring on me either. It's not just you and me who are going to be getting married here. So too will your motherfucking cock and my fucking cunt. I want you to OWN my fucking CUNT!"

He felt himself getting energized. He teased, "Are you saying 'fucking cunt' enough?"

"Ah. You noticed. That's very intentional. First, it's time for you to fuck your ring onto me! And you can't do that actively with the way you're just lying there beneath me."

"No, I can't. And I'm dying to get more active."

"Let's reposition then. But I can't bear to have you pull out of me, so let's do this carefully, so you stay fully sheathed in me the whole time."


That's exactly what they did. Alan wound up sitting up on the bed. At her request, Suzanne wound up sitting in his lap, facing him. She was essentially squatting on him, because her legs were bent with her knees up near her shoulders.

Once they were resettled, he pointed out, "This is nice, but it's still not what I was looking for. In fact, not much has changed. You're still fully impaled on me. You can gyrate on me-"

She immediately began doing so. "Like this?"

He laughed. "Yes. As if I need a demonstration, especially since you've been doing a lot of that."

"Go on."

"Anyway, you can do that, or you can bounce up and down on me-"

She immediately switched to doing that. "Like this?"


He rolled his eyes, amused and chagrined. "Exactly like that. My point is, this is basically the same as before. I have a little more mobility, but not much."

"True. However, the main thing is that we're sitting face to face. We can easily kiss, like this." She gave him a big French kiss, with a lot of tongue dueling.

As they necked, he took advantage of the new position to fondle and caress her big boobs.

When that prolonged kiss ended, but with the tit fondling still on-going, she said, "I think the main thing is the intimacy of this pose. You can fuck me like an animal later. But first..." She arched her back and leaned all the way back and over, until her head hung backward so that she could see something off the bed. Her hands reached down to somewhere he couldn't see while she stayed joined to him at the hip. Then she levered herself back up until she was sitting comfortably on him again with the wedding ring box in her hand. "THIS!"

He smiled from ear to ear. "Ah! Good idea. This is the perfect fucking position. Shall I do the honors?"

"Please!" she cried out, giddy with anticipation. She handed him the box. At the same time, she started bouncing rapidly on his cock, going up and down a few inches each time.

He thought, Dang! What happened to the cool, collected, and oh-so-jaded Suzanne? She's like an excitable little kid. I love it! That shows how much she really loves me, how much this means to her! He asked her with some amusement, "What's with all the bouncing? Are you doing that just because you're excited, or because all the fucky motion feels good?"


He looked deeply into her eyes from just a few inches away. It helped that she greatly slowed her bouncing so they could make meaningful eye contact. "A-ha! You ARE totally excited! I swear, your eyes on are fire with delight and anticipation!"

She smirked. "Maybe a little."

"Oh, come on."

"Alright, maybe a lot!" She smiled from ear to ear, no longer trying to hide her feelings at all. She began slowly gyrating her hips on his cock while keeping her head still. "How can I not be thrilled to death? You, my master, are just about to make our engagement official! I know we'll have to wait for the formal wedding and honeymoon, but in my mind, from now on, I'm going to be one of your slave-wives!" XXX24

He kept the ring box closed while he double-checked that she was in the right frame of mind for what was to come. He fondled one of her huge tits with his free hand. "And you're okay with that? You're okay with being enslaved to me?"

"I already AM enslaved to you, silly. I've signed The Pact, become one of your official personal cocksuckers, and so much more. It can't be denied that my top priority, my main purpose in life, is serving you and your cock, keeping you happy and satisfied in every possible way! I'm your SLAVE! Your collared sex slave! One of six, with maybe more on the way!"

He felt a thrill race up and down his spine. She IS! The mighty Suzanne! I'll never get over that! He stared at her hard. "True. But does that bother you? Once you wear my ring, our status will be even more formalized. I'm just a kid. I'm your son! And yet, I'm going to own you, body and soul, until the day one of us dies!"

She began churning on his cock with increasing vigor, all the while hardly moving her head right in front of his. "Yes! Yes! Of course it BOTHERS me, but so the fuck what?! Actually, it bothers me in a good way, in the best way! I get off on the friction of being a proud, intelligent, and fully-capable woman, and yet being enslaved by my own lust to your cock in your growing harem! I get off on the taboo, on the humiliation, okay? I hope I never get used to that, because it's fucking HOT!"

She brought a hand to his face and pulled even closer to him, so their noses were almost touching. "But no matter how arousing it is, it wouldn't work if I didn't love you with all my heart! You're MY man, MY soulmate! I'm proud to call you 'Master'!"

He stared back suspiciously. "'Proud?' I don't know about that. You hardly ever use the word, even now."

"True. That's that friction I'm talking about. Every time I do call you that, it's almost like a little slap to my face. Me? Having a master? It's outrageous! It's absurd!" She paused while she continued to churn on his cock, first going clockwise and then counterclockwise, switching back and forth at random intervals. XX25

She basked in her lusty feelings. Then, she continued, "And yet... it's a fact!" She reached up with a hand and caressed her black collar. "You could replace this collar with a metal one and then chain me to a wall, and I'd let you!"

That startled him. "You would?!"

"Fuck yeah! I'd bitch and moan non-stop, but what choice do I have? You fucking OWN me now! We're not playing a game here; this is for real! Each one of your slaves would do the same, or she's not worthy of even kissing your cock, much less sucking it!"

He was still trying to cope with what she'd said. It was such a power rush that he worried he could cum on the spot, especially since it was clearly arousing her more and more as well, inspiring her to churn and grind in ever larger circular patterns over his crotch. "Wait. So you would really, truly let me chain you to something?!"

She froze, to make even better eye contact. "I would. Within limits, of course. If you start abusing your power, then you'll have a rebellion on your hands. But a little bit of abuse, meaning sexy abuse, that's a master's right and privilege. I don't mean the real domestic-violence type of abuse, obviously! No way! But if you were to, say, chain me naked to your bed for 24 hours, and repeatedly have your way with me, forcefully taking me in every hole, forcing me to suck your cock until I'm simply too tired to go on, cumming on my face over and over again but leaving me unable to clean up since my hands are tied behind my back... well, that's the kind of 'abuse' that sex slaves have to 'endure' all the time! Even slave-wives!"

If there had been a fire in her eyes before, there was a raging inferno in them now. Her entire body was moving and writhing, especially her gyrating hips. She even had trouble keeping her head still. Clearly, in the heat of the moment at least, nothing excited her more than the prospect of having to "endure" such an "ordeal." XX26

A smile of understanding crossed his face. "You know, if I didn't know you better, I'd think you're almost taunting me, daring me to treat you exactly like that one of these days!"

She stared back at him defiantly. "You wouldn't dare! Not you. You're a wimpy master. You don't have the guts!"

He laughed. "Okay, now you're DEFINITELY taunting me! Don't overdo it, or I might overdo it. There are all kinds of ways that could go from sexy fun to a real ordeal."

That calmed her down. "Good point." But the sparkle returned to her eyes almost immediately and she resumed her sexy churning. "We're going to have soooo much fun! You know the best thing about being one of your slaves?"

"What?" He held the ring box higher, hoping she'd notice. His worry about cumming too soon was growing.

"That I can let my inhibitions go. Totally! There are no limits, no rules, no 'No'! If you say to do it, I have to do it. That's always been my biggest barrier to pleasure. I used to always hold myself back. For example, I certainly would never have let anybody chain me to anything, not even Eric in our happy days. That chained-to-the-bed idea just occurred to me but, with you, not only can it happen but it WILL happen! I'm sure it will, because that's the kind of harem we have! The pleasures are as limitless as the possibilities!"

"Wow!" He chuckled. "You're getting me even more totally psyched about the harem life. You should be in sales!" He raised the ring box higher, practically to face level, until it was in her field of view. His other hand was exploring all over her curvaceous body. "I'm so glad you said all that though, because I keep having this nagging feeling that you're not really happy with the whole slave thing, that you're just going along with it because everyone else is."

She spoke while switching to more of a bouncing style of fucking herself on his cock. "I must admit, I'm not totally thrilled about it, like Susan and Brenda are, but I've definitely made my peace with it. It's gotten to the point where I can't imagine it any other way, because we're all a team, a family. I won't just be marrying you, I'll be marrying into the family of all your other slave-wives at the same time. I can't imagine living without them. But a harem needs a leader; it can't function without one. I see risk, but I also see great potential. I've got a feeling that we're going to totally rock this! We're all going to have the time of our lives!"

He could feel his enthusiasm growing. Of all the people to get me this psyched about the harem, who'da thunk it would be Mother? Wow! He moved his torso further away from her, which permitted him to bring the ring box into even more prominent view. "On that note, let's do this!"

"Yes! Let's!"

He finally opened the box. He turned it to her to show her the ring he had chosen for her.


She paused in her fucking motion as she brought her hands to the box to hold it as she gazed at the ring. But that wasn't enough for her, so she took it from the box and held in her hand. She stared at it as if she'd never seen it before. "Ooooh! It's so beautiful. And red, my favorite color too!"

He laughed. "Am I losing my mind, or did you not see it earlier?"

"I know. But I'm appreciating it all over again. Let me savor the moment! The colors you picked show how much thought you put into it, how much you truly care about us, that we're much more to you than just your favorite fuck pets. We haven't talked about it yet, but I could immediately see the reasoning behind the colors. I especially love how you picked milky, spermy white for Susan."

He beamed, overjoyed at making her feel that way. He took the ring from her and held it between his fingers before admitting, "Well, with you it was a no-brainer. To be honest, half the time I see the color red these days, I think of you. I think of you a LOT, red or no red. And you're right, it's not just because you're a really great 'fuck pet,' whatever that is. I love you just for yourself! So much!"

He held her hand, her ring hand, in both of his. He continued to stare deeply into her eyes and said, "Yes, the sex is great, and yes, I'm going to fuck you every day if I can. And no, that won't be a chore; it'll be an endless delight. The way I see it, our love is like a raging fire. Each time we have sex, it's like we're throwing more branches and logs onto the fire. Because we fuck and suck so very much, our love burns hotter and higher than nearly any other love, ever!"

A few tears started to come to her eyes, because she was emotionally overcome by his heartfelt words, as well as due to the sight of her ring. At the same time, she had a rather significant orgasm. But she didn't want to break the mood, so she just gritted her teeth and stayed perfectly quiet until the surge of total euphoria passed. XX28

Even though she remained quiet, he could tell she was cumming from the feel of her squeezing. He was even more overjoyed to have affected her that strongly.

He continued, heedless of her tears, "It's not all about the sex, but the sex brings us closer together, allowing us to bond and love each other more and more each day. Our love is so powerful that it almost scares me! How much better can it get?! Sometimes, I can't even breathe when I think about it. It takes my breath away!"

"Me too! Me too!" She brought her other hand up and squeezed both of his hands. Her few tears were quickly turning into flowing streams that were coursing down her face, but for once she didn't care.

"And yes, I have these other lovers and wives, but I honestly believe that doesn't lessen my love for you one bit. In fact, it only increases it. For instance, where would we be without Mom? It's almost like she's in this room with us right now."

"She is! She is!" Suzanne was starting to sob with joy. Oh, Susan! I love you so much! You're so much more than my very best friend. How great is it that we'll be enslaved and married together to the same man, our man, for the rest of our lives?!

"And the same with Sis. Same with Aims. Suzanne, Suzy... I love you! I want you to be my wife. My slave and my wife! Will you... will you take this ring...?" He started to move the ring towards its intended finger.

"YES! YES!" She had to use her other hand to steady her ring hand, because it was shaking so much.

He looked down at his hands and was surprised to see that they were trembling too, although not as much as hers were.

He slipped the ring onto her finger.


He was going to say more, but he didn't get a chance, because their faces were still very close, which let her suddenly kiss his lips as if her life depended on it. She brought her non-ring hand to the back of his head as if she wanted to keep him still so she could really stick her tongue right down his throat.

Their tongues dueled and their hearts pounded hard and fast. Unexpectedly, Suzanne had another cum. This one was even bigger and more prolonged than the one before. But like the previous time, she made no special sounds during it, aside from her already very heavy breathing. Her body shook, but that was hardly noticeable either, since she had already been trembling all over.

However, the kissing and cumming was only half of it. Suzanne had such expert dexterity that she was able to move her hips up and down and round and round with outrageous motions while holding her head still enough to keep their necking going. In fact, her clenching pussy rose up and down his shaft so much that she had to bring her ring hand down to their joining to provide the occasional assist so that he didn't pop free of her altogether from time to time.

They continued like that for several minutes. He tried his best to augment her thrusting motions by humping his pelvis up and down as much as he could. But with her sitting on him his mobility was very limited, so she did most of the work.

All the while, she kept on sobbing without restraint. Meanwhile, she kept having little "cum-quakes," at a rate of more than one a minute.

He thought, Wow! This is the greatest! Everything is so great tonight! Somehow, Mother has put my fears that she's not really comfortable with the whole situation to rest. Apparently she is! She'll never be as deep into submission as Susan and Brenda, or even Sis, but that's a good thing. That's a VERY good thing, in fact, because I like her just as she is. I'm so totally relieved to hear that she loves the harem and being a part of it. It's really the best of both worlds!

Meanwhile, she thought, Listen to me, I'm crying like a baby! The one thing I hate is "mushy stuff," and I'm drowning in mushy stuff tonight, but I don't fucking care! I love that I'm crying! It feels GOOD! It feels so good to finally let it all out! Crying and cumming together. How odd. I'm Sweetie's WIFE now! His slave-wife! It's like a two-for-one bonus!

In truth, neither of them thought that deeply about what was happening, because they were content to simply be in the moment and let the entire experience wash over them. Their mutual pleasure soared higher and higher, helped greatly by Suzanne's talented bouncing and grinding.

They were both too distracted by orgasms to be thinking much, period. In Alan's case, it was the danger of cumming before he wanted that kept him preoccupied. He was squeezing his PC muscle constantly, as hard as he could. Ironically, although it was Suzanne who was riding him like a bucking bronco, with ever wilder gyrations and impalings, he himself felt like he was the one on the wild ride.

Suzanne had only just begun to climax, even though she'd been fucking him for quite a while. However, once she started cumming, her floodgates opened. All of her normal restraint was gone, which left her cumming as freely and almost as frequently as breathing. Her orgasms repeated, minute after minute, until they seemed to merge into one gigantic endless orgasm. XXX30

The only downside to this was that she gradually lost control of her body as she drifted off to Cloud Nine. They happened to be positioned near the edge of the bed. Eventually, she gyrated a little too recklessly, and found herself sliding off his lap altogether, backwards towards the floor.

Luckily, it wasn't far to fall, and she still had enough presence of mind to hold her hands out and break her fall as best she could. Her butt hit the floor with a thud, but without hurting herself. In fact, she had a good laugh at that, even though she was still crying tears of joy. The only problem was that, in the process, his erection had slipped all the way out of her needy, hot cunt.


Alan quickly came down from the bed and knelt next to her, placing a hand on her back. He asked with loving concern, "Are you okay?"

She turned and lifted her head to make eye contact again. "Okay? I've never been better! In fact, I'm fucking AWESOME!"

He smiled with even more love and care than before. "You are!"

Her eyes practically rolled into her head, she was so overcome with emotion. "Fuuuuck! You've stolen my heart. You've stolen my heart with all your mushy crap! Now FUCK ME brainless, you big-cocked bastard!"

He immediately scooted behind her, since that was the fastest way to reinitiate their fucking.

She caught on right away, getting on all fours. She humped her ass back at him. "That's it! Right there! You want active? Now's the time for active! Give my FUCKING CUNT a serious pounding! Fuck me with fury! With a non-stop, total, fucking frenzy! You're my master, dammit! TAKE ME! Take your slave! Fuck my CUNT like you mean it! FUUUUCK ME!"


Her words inspired him, although he was already so worked up that more inspiration was unnecessary. He pushed into her in one continuous motion, gripping her waist with both hands, then immediately began fucking her hard and fast.

Suzanne's body was in a hyper-sexual, hyper-sensitive condition. She was about as relaxed and euphoric as she could possibly get, which enabled her orgasms to repeat frequently, at unexpected intervals. It was as if she had a bad case of burping, except that instead of a steady stream of burps, it was a steady stream of climaxes.

All the while, she kept on crying. Just as all of her usual physical inhibitions were temporarily blown away, so too were her emotional defenses. Normally, when she started to cry even a little, she immediately seized up and fought hard to get her feelings under control. But this time was the opposite: she actually reveled in letting her feelings, and her tears, flow freely. This time it felt too good to stop. Hers were tears of total joy; by leaving herself completely open and emotionally vulnerable, she was overwhelmed by the sexual pleasure found in getting vigorously fucked by her "son" and master and husband-to-be.

She had requested a "non-stop, total fucking frenzy," which he was more than happy to give her. He had felt trapped earlier, first from lying underneath her and then from sitting underneath her. He'd loved every second of it, but now that he was fully mobile, he was eager to take full advantage of his newfound freedom of movement. Plus, after her doing nearly all the work during the earlier phase of their fucking, he figured it was now "payback time" - time for him to demonstrate his love by fucking her brains out.

He'd been flirting with the need to cum for quite a while. For nearly the entire time they'd both been sitting up with her on his lap, she'd been moving her hips with even more vigor than earlier. It was a true wonder that he had managed not to cum already. The only way he had avoided that was that he'd "trained" himself to withstand more and more stimulation over the prior two months. But even with all that practice, forestalling his cum had been a very close thing.

Strangely though, when they switched to doggy-style, it seemed to provide him with a second wind. He actually found it easier not to cum, at least for a while. However, even he had his limits: their continued fucking felt so great that after a few minutes he had to call a halt. He said, panting, "Hold on! If I keep going, I'm going to cum for sure!"

Suzanne had been seemingly cumming endlessly, crying tears of joy as he continued to pound her cunt. But she struggled hard to focus on the problem at hand. She let him withdraw from her throbbing cunt, then turned to face him while staying on all fours on the carpet. "Okay, there's a couple of ways we can do this. One, take a strategic break. Two, keep fucking me after I squeeze the base of your shaft to delay your cum. Or three, you could try another non-ejaculatory orgasm."

His eyes lit up. "Oooh! Let's see what's in door number three, please."

She snickered, "I thought you'd pick that one. Let's do it! It's gonna be risky, but I think it's worth it. You've done this before, more than once, so you should be able to do it again."

He nodded. "True, but it's been a while. That was more by accident than anything."

"Well, let's work on it. I've been doing some more reading on the subject, so let me guide you through it. Remember, it's all about controlling your breathing, your PC muscle, and your energy flow. I've noticed you've been getting better and better with your breathing control, and by now your PC muscle should be strong enough to lift a car!"

They laughed at that.

For the next couple of minutes, he simply masturbated while on his knees as she guided and encouraged him. That allowed him to control the process better. He was close, so it didn't take long before he reached the point of no return. While keeping his breathing steady and slow, and mentally redirecting his sexual energy away from his crotch, he let himself cross that point.

Right then, and to his surprise, she placed the palm of her hand over the tip of his cockhead and pressed down. She'd read that was a little trick that helped, although it wasn't clear why.

Sure enough, he came without ejaculating. Once the feeling passed, he exclaimed, "That was it! We did it!" XX32

She gave him a hug and a kiss. "Great! How did it feel?"

"Awesome! Almost as good as a regular orgasm, but different. And I think I'll be good to go again for a while."

She got busy jacking him off. "Fantastic! Just think about the possibilities, Mr. Never Thinks About the Future. I was just throwing out a wild number earlier, imagining you could cum thirty times a day. But what if you actually could, with these kinds of orgasms most of the time?! You'd only cum 'for real' from time to time so we could enjoy your sperm baths."

"Whoa! No way! You know what that makes me want to do? Fuck you some more! Fuck you all over the room! Standing up, carrying you, against the wall, bent over the sofa, everything! Everywhere!"

Growling with raging lust, she challenged, "Give me your best shot! Give me ALL your best shots!" She sprung to her feet, and then pulled him up.


They tried fucking while he carried her next, since his energy and excitement were peaking. He actually picked her up and carried her across the room while he was balls-deep in her cunt. When they reached the nearest wall, she planted her feet on the wall, letting him hump her body back and forth in mid-air, like her feet were giant springs.

That was a lot of fun. But he couldn't keep it going for more than a minute, due to the difficulty of holding her up.

As they briefly rested afterwards, Suzanne looked to the wall and saw two footprints there. She joked, "I can't wait to see Susan's face tomorrow when she sees those footprints a couple of feet off the floor!"

He gleefully noted, "When she finds out how they were made, she's gonna think that's 'so hot.' Then she's gonna make me fuck her like that!"

Suzanne teased, "I'm sure she will. Oh, poor you. You'll just have to fuck her good. Before long, I'll bet there's gonna be weird footprints on every wall and ceiling in this house!"

They laughed heartily at that absurd notion, especially the ceiling part.

But that was just the start. Suzanne boldly declared that she wanted to be fucked on every piece of furniture in the room. Since it was the large living room, that meant a lot of furniture.

He was happy to oblige. However, mindful of his physical limitations, he didn't spend much time with each piece of furniture. He especially loved bending her over the backs of the sofas and fucking her doggy-style that way. XX34

She loved it when he did it that way too. While switching furniture yet again, she asked, "Why haven't we done THAT before?!"

"I don't know," he replied.

"You were able to go so deep in me! It's amaaaazing! I came so hard!"

He laughed. "You've been cumming hard pretty much non-stop for like the past ten minutes. Longer. Hell, even Brenda would be amazed at how your pussy is endlessly gushing!"

She laughed with glee. "That's true." She'd finally stopped crying tears of joy, but her euphoric feeling was as strong as ever.

Alan was amazed. His love and desire for Suzanne spurred him on and on, making him seem like he had a limitless amount of energy. But the truth was his body was feeling the cumulative effects of a very, very busy day, and he couldn't sustain himself on pure enthusiasm forever.

After the two of them had "christened" every piece of furniture in the room (with a couple of practical exceptions, such as the big screen TV), she said, "You're tired, Master. I call strategic break time."

They happened to be standing in the middle of the room, just kissing and hugging. He pointed out, "The funny thing is, my body is tired, dead tired, but my dick is still raring to go! Even after all that. That non-ejaculatory orgasm, it seems like it basically set my 'orgasmic urge' counter back to zero! Isn't that great?! Think about the implication of that!"

She replied, "I am! Believe me, that's going to be front page, banner headline news in the Alan's Harem Daily Picayune tomorrow!"

He quipped, "Oh, do you subscribe to that? That's kind of a rag. I prefer the Alan's Harem Sun Times."

She lightly punched him. "Ha ha. Don't quit your day job of fucking us all to death. But seriously, earlier, way back when you first arrived in this room, it seemed like we were building up to a glorious face fuck. What happened to that?"

"YOU happened to that! You totally blew me away with your cocksucking skills, so I couldn't go on. Remember?!"

"Oh yeah." She smiled triumphantly. "But hey, while you're resting, why don't you fuck my face a little bit? Just for a while, mind you. When you cum, it's a MUST that you cum in my cunt!"

He deadpanned, "You know, I don't think the word 'resting' means what you think it means."

"Oh, pshaw." She started to slide down his body. "That kind of resting is for normal people. You're my special son and master on a very special night." She quickly found herself on her knees, and immediately started licking and stroking his hard-on. "Just fuck my face for a few minutes. You'll hardly even notice."

He laughed at that. But he was still extremely horny, and he figured he should give her suggestion a try. She soon engulfed his cock, and he started thrusting back and forth as he stood there. It wasn't nearly as energy-draining as regular fucking, since he could only go in and out a couple of inches each way, instead of pounding her cunt six or seven inches deep much of the time. Besides, after so much fucking all over the room, it was a nice change of pace to enjoy her mouth for a little while, and that change energized him too.

The two of them were highly satisfied with absolutely everything. She came a few more times, especially when he loosened up after a couple of minutes and fucked her face with particular depth and vigor. XXX35

But all good things come to an end, and he finally had to say, "Mother, it's time. Let's get back to fucking your cunt, and find a comfy spot to do it, because I feel an energy crash coming on. I'm losing the will to delay my climax."

She pulled her lips off, and stood back up. "That's a shame. I'm wondering why we don't do more of that too. I really love it when you fuck my face."

"You do?! That seems more of a... I don't know. More of a submissive thing, I guess."

She guided him back to the communal bed. "That's true, I suppose. But don't be so quick to pigeonhole me. Hopefully by now you're realizing that I'm up for anything, so long as it involves fucking and you."

He sat back down on the bed. "Phew! I could believe it. Why do I ever doubt you?"

She smirked. "Because you're a silly man. Now, lie down all the way." She started to guide his head down, so he'd lie on the bed face up, just like before.

He let himself be guided, but he asked, "Why?"

"Because you're right, you ARE crashing. I can see it happening, and fast. But I'm not done with you, not until you flood my fucking cunt with your hot, sweet seed. So this is the best way for us to keep fucking a while longer. Just totally relax and let Mother Suzy take care of everything."

He closed his eyes as he felt her putting a throw pillow under his head, just like before. He was smiling from ear to ear. "You're too good to me. I love you so much!"

"I know. And I know. And I love you too, Master." She kissed his cheeks a couple of times while she was talking.

Then she climbed up on him. Within seconds, she was fully impaled on him again.

He sighed blissfully. "Aaaaah! That feels soooo fuckin' great! But it's kind of weird though, hearing you call me 'Master' more than just once or twice."

"Enjoy it while you can, because I'm in that kind of mood. Don't expect me to make a regular habit of it, but right now, I'm thrilling to the fact that you're my master. My master, my son, and my husband, all in one! Could it get better than this? I think not!"

With that, she started bouncing on him. It was similar to the long time they'd earlier spent on the bed, except there was less churning and grinding and much more steady humping up and down. Suzanne was also getting tired, very tired, and that was the easiest thing to do without a lot of thought. Her goal was to get him to cum before they both completely pooped out.

Luckily for her, it didn't take long. His willpower to keep the fucking fun going was worn down to the nub, and when she told him to just let go and shoot his load into her, that's exactly what he did. She had yet one more orgasm at the same time.

It was strangely anti-climactic, after all of the intense times they'd shared in the last half hour or more. Their final orgasmic release wasn't their highest peak. But even so, it was supremely satisfying for them both to have finally crossed the finish line and flooded her with his seed. The two of them were completely satiated and content.

She immediately flopped down on him, kissed his lips once, and then rested her head against his chest with her eyes closed. XXX36

They didn't plan it or expect it, but both of them immediately fell asleep, with his cock going flaccid but still held deep inside of her.


Alan woke up about ten minutes later due to a growing need to pee. This created a problem, since Suzanne was sleeping on top of him with his penis still in her.

He realized that he had no choice, so did his best to get out from under her without waking her. Surprisingly, he succeeded for the most part. She did wake, but just barely, and after groaning unhappily and repositioning she was content to continue lying there resting with her eyes closed.

He quickly used the bathroom, washed up a bit, and came back to bed.

Suzanne opened her eyes and saw him simply standing there naked, admiring her own sweaty, cummy, and naked body. She stretched out sexily and said to him, "Don't even THINK about doing anything other than getting right back on this bed!" Realizing how demanding that sounded, she grinned and sheepishly added, "Er, Master."

He chuckled. "Master, my ass! I've got the feeling that I'm going to have the most rambunctious and demanding 'slaves' in the history of harems."

She laughed. "Probably true. But isn't it more interesting that way?" She rolled face up and opened her arms invitingly. "Now, get your sexy ass back here. I know Alan Junior is taking a rest, and frankly I need a rest too after all that, but at least we can hug and cuddle."

He moved forward, but rather than lie down on her in the expected way, he positioned himself for a sixty-nine with his head at her crotch.

That confused her greatly, especially since he was flaccid and likely to stay that way. She wanted lots of hugging and kissing, not a shrunken penis near her face. She asked, "What did you do that for?"

He growled out manfully, "Because I need to have a special talk with your 'fucking cunt'..." He let his voice trail off suggestively before bringing his hands to her pussy and spreading her pussy lips open before his eyes. Then he brought his head close and started licking.

She reacted as if she'd been shocked with electricity. Her entire body quivered and even jolted. "Oh! OH! What are you doing?!" She found herself fully awake in a hurry.


He didn't answer, but kept on happily licking.

She brought both hands to his head, and just held them against his unruly hair. Although she didn't try to push him away, she complained, "You can't do that! You just came in there!"

He muttered, "I know. But so what? With all you do for me, every single day, the least I can do is not be grossed out by my own cum."

That shut her up. She was impressed. She smiled and relaxed. Yep! Sweetie's gonna be a good master and husband. We picked a winner for sure!

He asked as he licked, "I've started calling Amy's pussy 'Miss Pussy'. What do you think about giving your pussy a name? Any ideas?"

"First off, I have a CUNT, not a pussy. Never forget that. A FUCKING cunt! Let's be as vulgar as possible. As far as personal names go, we'd better not. My cunt has too much control over me already. If we give her a name, she'll be absolutely incorrigible. Just call her my 'fucking cunt' already. Seriously."

"Okay. Sounds good."

Suzanne held Alan's penis, but it remained totally flaccid. She wanted to do something to show how much she appreciated him getting up close and personal with her cunt, and the sixty-nine position offered her some rarely available alternatives. She began licking his perineum ("taint") between his balls and asshole, then started playing with his ass and ass crack for good measure.

As he continued licking her pussy, he began to whisper to it, but loudly enough that his voice would carry to Suzanne's ears. He murmured lovingly, "My beloved cunt, it sounds like you've got a lot of pull around here, so I was wondering if you'd mind doing something for me. Can you pass a message along to the rest of Suzanne for me?" XX39

He changed his voice to a higher, more feminine pitch, pretending to reply. "Sure. But please call me Suzanne's FUCKING cunt! Because I'm all about getting fucked, a lot!"

Suzanne laughed when she heard that.

Back to his usual voice, he asked, "So my darling Suzanne's fucking cunt..." - he paused as if thinking - "or can I call you SFC for short?"

He pretended to reply in that same silly voice, "I suppose."

Then he resumed normally, "Anyway, please tell the rest of Suzanne that I want her and need her, and I love her more than words can say. I can't even believe my luck! I mean... Suzanne is like... imagine having the Playboy Playmate of the Year living right next door to you, except with even bigger breasts than that magazine allows, and the sexiness of a whole year's worth of centerfolds combined, PLUS amazing brains and personality too. There's NO WAY such a goddess living on Earth would fall for the geeky teenager next door, right? But that's what happened. I don't think I'm EVER going to get over that!"

The real Suzanne replied before her cunt supposedly could. "Hey! Shut up with all that mushy stuff! There must be something wrong with my eyes, because they were leaking uncontrollably earlier, and if you don't shut your yap fast, they're gonna start leaking again!"

He whispered loudly into her cunt while continuing to lick it and diddle her clit for good measure, "Suzanne's fucking cunt, just between you and me, she says she doesn't like 'mushy stuff,' but I think she secretly loves it!"

"I do not!" Suzanne loudly protested. But she was smiling and almost teary-eyed again.

He was all smiles. "See what I mean? She toootally loves it! I'm gonna make her 'suffer' by telling her I love her all the time. Because I do. But not only that, SFC, I love you too. That's right! You have big demands which I'm going to fulfill, because one of my favorite things in the whole wide world is filling you up with my very good friend Alan Junior. You know him, don't you?"

He switched back to his high-pitched cunt voice. "Oh, yes! I know him VERY well! In fact, he was just here a few minutes ago. Where did he go?! He left me all red and puffy and super sore. But that's okay. I love it!"

Suzanne laughed heartily. "Shut up, already, Master! You're going to make me laugh too much. Angel's right. You ARE a doofus!"

He asked in his normal voice, "Mother, can I see your ring hand?"

She asked, "What do you mean, 'see' it?"

"I mean bring it down here, so it's right in front of my face."

"I can do that." She brought that hand down to her side and then maneuvered it between their bodies so that it was right over her dark brown bush.

That suited his purpose perfectly. He held that hand with one of his while continuing to talk to her open gash. "My dear fucking cunt, since you don't have eyes, you may be behind the times. I want you to know there's been a change up top. You see, your host body is my sex slave, and I'm going to marry her too. That makes her my slave-wife. So Alan Junior and I are going to get to know you REALLY well! Here, let me show you."


He took her hand and pulled it right to her pussy lips. Then, holding her wrist, he gently fed her ring finger deep into her slit until the new wedding ring made contact with her inner folds. (The ring was not so jagged as to cause damage.) He said, "See? That ring means we're joined together for life. For life! So that means it's my duty and privilege to keep you well satisfied. I'm going to make sure that you stay just like this as much as possible: hot, wet, red, and sensitive from getting fucked so much, like a real cunt should! How does that sound to you?"

He switched back to his high pretend-cunt voice. "Oh, I'm swooning! That's the best news ever! Why didn't Suzanne tell me that? She never tells me anything!"

Suzanne laughed some more. "Okay, enough! You have me laughing so much that I can't even lick you properly."

He responded by licking her for a bit, actually licking all over her wedding ring, helping to make sure that it was covered on every side with her juices and his saliva. He resumed speaking to her cunt. "Listen very carefully, because this is important: I'm claiming you as MY cunt! Suzanne is my cunt woman, and you're my cunt! My FUCKING cunt! My goal is to keep you as well fucked as I can, forever! What do you think of that?"

He switched back to his cunt voice. "I love it! You had me at 'cunt woman!'"

Suzanne laughed even more. "Stop! Please! If you make me any more amused, aroused, and delighted, then I'll... well, I don't know what!" She kept right on laughing.

He decided that that was enough pretend cunt dialogue for the moment. He went silent so he could totally focus his attention on just licking her pussy and generally stimulating her clit and the entire area.

After a couple more minutes, Suzanne's laughing and chuckling finally died down, which allowed her to focus on pleasuring him in return. She loved the symbolism of having her wedding ring in her cunt, but she pulled that hand away because she needed to use it. Alan's penis was finally starting to engorge again, and that was giving her ideas. She wanted to stroke it while she continued to lick his perineum, and sometimes his balls or ass crack. She started to poke into his anus with the index finger of her other hand.

Once she had all that going, so that his dick was engorging fully, she said, "Sweetie, I love you so much! You know, to be honest, there isn't a day that goes by where I don't ask myself if I'm crazy for agreeing to be a sex slave in your harem. It's been that way ever since I agreed to The Pact. But the good news is, the answer always comes back 'Yes.' But after tonight, I don't think I'm even going to bother asking myself that question anymore, because the answer is such a RESOUNDING 'Yes!' To put it simply, you make loving fun!"

He was delighted to hear that. He pointed out, "You know, there's an old Fleetwood Mac hit song with that title."

"Oh yeah!" She knew the song well and immediately started to sing the song's chorus, with Alan soon joining in:

"I never did believe in miracles,
but I've a feeling it's time to try
I never did believe in the ways of magic,
but I'm beginning to wonder why."

Then she exclaimed, "That's SO TRUE! Fuck! Sweetie, Master, you're making all my dreams come true! I never felt so loved! At first, I thought being enslaved to you was a negative, a big negative, but it's actually a big positive, because it joins us even closer together, and we have this ideal sex family joined together forever! Gaawwwd, I love it!"

With that, she tilted his boner to just the right angle and engulfed his cockhead. She started to suck intently, bobbing back and forth over his sweet spot.

He laughed. "Here we go again!"

Neither of them talked for the next couple of minutes, because he was busy licking her cunt and she was busy sucking him off. Unfortunately, she no longer was in that remarkable physical state she'd been in earlier where she kept cumming and cumming almost continuously, regardless of whether she was being stimulated or not. As a result, he had to work diligently at his cunt-licking to produce the desired reaction.

It helped when he switched from licking her pussy lips to sucking on her clit. He was mindful of her earlier advice that even with a highly cunt-focused woman like her, one could never pay too much attention to the clit. After a minute or two of doing that, he finally managed to get her to have a good climax.


This time, she didn't hold back from screaming as loud as humanly possible. She'd heard Katherine screaming in orgasmic ecstasy while she'd been waiting for Alan to finish Katherine's turn earlier. She got an extra thrill hoping the other women in the house would hear her own scream and infer its cause.

When her big release finally petered out, and with his face wet from her cum, he pulled his head back and said, "Okay, that's enough. Strategic break time. If you keep going on me, it's not going to be fair to Amy."

She pulled her lips off his boner. "Hrm. Good point. I want to send you off to meet her ass with a big fat boner, but not one that's primed to shoot at any moment. Damn."


The two of them sat on the sofa side by side, to kiss and cuddle without getting too preoccupied with the other's privates. They necked awhile as she idly jacked him off.

Suzanne found herself licking her own pussy juice off his face between the occasional kiss.

He asked, "How do you taste?"

"I like it. But the more important question is: how do you like it? Strangely, I can't ever recall asking you that." XX42

"Probably because I go down on you so rarely. But that's going to change. Now that I know just how cunt-oriented you are, I'm going to try harder to focus on your fucking cunt."

She grinned at that word choice.

He continued, "I actually really like going down on you. You have a very nice taste, and I love making you cum. There were some fluky reasons that hasn't happened much, such as you wanting me to steer clear of your cunt for the longest time, back in the bad old days when I wasn't allowed to fuck you. Then, with my cock getting sucked so much, it was easy for me to get distracted by that. But sixty-nines are great. We should at least try to do more of those. And I want to be less selfish as a lover in general."

She replied while pumping her hand up and down his boner, "That's good to hear. I look forward to more of that too, although I doubt sixty-nines are going to be very common."

"Oh? Why's that?"

Suzanne Susan Amy Katherine

"Because you have a fucking harem, that's why! Taking up two prime spots - your face AND your crotch - at the same time means that someone else is going to be left out. Remember what I said about how sharing is going to become much more common. Maybe what'll be more common is having one of your lovers sit on your face so you can eat her out while two or more others gather around your crotch and feast on licking and slurping all over your big fat cock!"

That idea obviously excited her. She pictured herself, Susan, Katherine, and Amy all enjoying him at the same time, with one of them sitting on his face and the others sharing licking duties on his cock and balls. We're going to do that so damn much! The four of us at home, I'll bet that's gonna be the most common combination. Although she was trying to take it easy on his boner, she began pumping up and down with more vigor.

He stared across the room, even as his hands wandered all over her upper torso. "Wow. That's so hard for me to believe, that there will be times like that."

"Why is that so hard to believe, given everything that's happened to you already?"

"I dunno. It just is. I guess it's because it's slowly sinking in that that sort of thing won't happen just every once in a while, but it could be like a daily occurrence!"

"Oh, it will be. I guarantee it! From now on, the only way I could see you going through the entire day without at least one triple blowjob is if you're really sick. And we're talking like a serious contagious-with-Ebola type sick!" She chuckled. "We love your cock, and we love sharing and enjoying it together, so triple blowjobs may become the new norm. If we can vary that up with one of us sitting on your face at the same time, that'll be even better. It'll be nice to find sex acts that all of your slave-wives can enjoy together."

He commented, "That's going to be hard to do. I mean, keeping four hotties sexually satisfied at one time is hard enough, but if things work out with Glory-"

Suzanne interrupted, "What do you mean 'if'? Don't be passive. You need to make it happen. Make it 'when.' I talked to her on the phone earlier, you know, while I was dressing, just a few minutes before you surprised us with your rings."


"She's feeling really stressed out about the events of the last twenty-four hours. I'm going to call her back once you're off with Amy, to do a little hand-holding."

"Thanks. Is there anything I can do to help?"

She continued to lick and kiss his face as she talked. She was still jacking him off too, but trying to be restrained about it so he wouldn't get too close to cumming. "Not tonight, no. You've got enough on your hands, not to mention your hips, with the four of us. Besides, she'll be fine. She just needs reassurance and time to adjust. It's not easy for a proud and highly talented and intelligent woman like her to suddenly find herself sexually enslaved to a teenager who has his own harem. Believe me, I know!"

He teased, "Oh, really? And how would you know that?"

She gave him an amused yet chagrined look. "Look at me. I'm licking my cum off your face while I jack you off, and this is considered 'down time.' And what's with this thing?!" She nodded towards his erection. Her hand around it was relatively still, since she was focused on gently rubbing his sweet spot.

"What about it?"

"It's supposed to be flaccid now. It's totally unreasonable that it's stiff again already, especially after all you did with it today. I call shenanigans."

He laughed at that. "What does that mean? You inspire me."

She smirked. "I suppose it won't hurt if I keep your cock stiff and warm for Amy. But anyway, don't worry about Glory tonight. Then tomorrow, after you rest twelve or fifteen hours or however long you're going to hibernate, you should see her in person. Drop that 'mushy stuff' on her like you did on me and absolutely bathe her in it. Tell her exactly how much you love her, repeatedly. She'll eat it up. I know, 'cos us women are suckers for that kind of stuff, even when we try to be tough." She winked. "Besides, it'll hit home because she'll know you mean every word."

He said matter-of-factly, "Well, I do! How can I not? I love her just as much as I love you, which is as much as one person can love another. And my love for you doesn't lessen my love for her, or vice versa. In fact, it only makes it stronger, because the whole is greater than the sum of its parts."

Suzanne's heart soared from hearing that. My Sweetie! His love is so deep, for all of us! She forced herself to calm down and not cry. "Very good. I'm going to quote you exactly on that when I talk to her later. You tell her all that. Make her cry with joy from all that mushy crap. Then, make her suck your cock with everything she's got!"

"Excuse me?!"

"You heard me." A lusty and vivid vision of Glory slurping while naked and kneeling between Alan's legs popped into her mind. "Make her suck your cock. Make. Her. Suck. Your. Cock!"

"You're serious?!" He was awestruck.

"Like a heart attack! And I'm not talking about just a little bit. Make her fucking worship your cock for an hour, at least - preferably more! The longer the better, with plenty of really solid deep throating, to the point where having your cock in her mouth and even way down her throat starts feeling normal for her. Oh, and fuck her face a lot too! And then finish her off by spreading her legs, spearing her deep and giving her a good fucking!" XX44

She looked down at her hand and realized she was getting too excited with her thoughts and visions of Glory, and stroking him too intently. She forced herself to limit her movement to just rubbing his sweet spot with a couple of fingers.

He spoke cautiously. "Okaaaaay. I can't exactly say that sounds unpleasant for me. Just the opposite, obviously. But why?"

"Simple. She's feeling doubtful about her decision. She's not submissive like some of your slaves, but she needs to be firmly put in her place. And that place is endlessly serving you and worshipping your cock with all her heart and soul. Remember a little while back how I said I kept questioning if I was crazy taking this path with you?"


"The quickest way to erase those doubts are special times like the kind you and I have been sharing tonight. After a few of those, believe me, she won't doubt anymore. In addition to the 'mushy stuff' you do so well, you need to repeatedly rock her world sexually."

"I see."

"Besides, I've got a theory that her secret fetish is cocksucking."

He was very surprised to hear that. "Really? Why do you say that?" He leaned forward to lick at her nipples while he listened.

Suzanne sighed appreciatively and shifted her posture slightly to give him better access. "It's just a theory at this point, admittedly. I don't have much to go on. Maybe I'll be able to talk to her about it more later tonight. I'll also admit that she's not going to be all in your face about it like Susan. She's not going to drop to her knees in front of your crotch at the blink of an eye like your Mom is prone to doing - at least not yet. But think about it. Whenever you're with her in private, what sex act do you two do the most?"

"Well, I must admit, it's probably her sucking my dick."

"You see? Plus, I hear that she... that she... fuck!"


She slid off the sofa onto the floor, ending up kneeling between his legs. "Sorry, Amy. Sorry, my Honey Pie. Sweetie, I can't take all this cocksucking talk without at least licking you. Maybe it's kind of Pavlovian. I'm salivating like you wouldn't believe!" She began avidly lapping at his sweet spot while stroking his shaft further down. XX45

Naturally, he loved that. He tilted his head back and let out a long, satisfied groan. But he nonetheless pointed out, "I hate to look a gift horse in the mouth, but it is about time for me to go visit your daughter and make her my next slave-wife... with the cock you can't seem to let go of." He coughed deliberately.

"I know. That's why I'm apologizing to her now. But we've got a few more things to talk about first, especially since we're discussing your sexy teacher-slave. I promise I'll just hold myself to licking it, so you don't get too overheated."

The conversation came to a halt for the next minute or more while she simply lapped at and stroked his cock. She played with his balls with her other hand for good measure. Mmmm! Sometimes the simplest pleasures are the best. I love when he fucked me on every piece of furniture until I lost all control and kept cumming and crying, but it's nice to get intimate with Alan Junior using just my tongue and fingers. I could do this all night!

Alan was still basking in erotic delight, but he wanted to hurry things along so he could get to Amy. He finally prodded, "You were saying about Glory?"

"Oh. Right." She noisily slobbered and stroked. "Anyway, I was about to say that I hear she's deep throating you some. I think you're the one who told me that."

"Yes, she does. And not only that, but she's AWESOME at it!"

"Oh, really?" Aaaah! Deep throating! I could really go for some of that right now. But I have to be mindful of Amy. I can't get him too aroused, now that my turn is basically over. That's not fair. Suzanne looked up at him curiously. "Just how awesome are we talking? Better than me?"


He realized he needed to be diplomatic. "You know I can't make comparisons like that. Let's just say that, uh... um... she really knows what she's doing. She's no amateur at it, that's for sure!" He realized after the fact that he was doing a lousy job of hiding his enthusiasm for Glory's special oral talents.

"Hrm." Suzanne frowned as she looked up at him. "Looks like I may have to give you a reminder about just what I can do!" She took a big breath and suddenly engulfed his cockhead.

He responded immediately, putting his hand around his shaft to prevent her from lunging down, as she so obviously was planning to do. "Wait! Remember Amy! She's sitting all alone, just waiting and waiting."

With that reminder, Suzanne reluctantly pulled her lips off, but only after bobbing on him a few times. "Drat!" She wiped her chin. "Damn. It's hard to stop. But you're right. We should probably wrap this up. I'm being a cock hog."

Despite saying that, she'd never stopped stroking him. She licked him from tip to base, as if pining over all the inches she wasn't allowed to fit down her throat. "So anyway, how many women are willing to blow their man at all, much less most every time they see him? Not many. How many are willing to deep throat their lovers whatsoever? Much fewer still. So here's what I think: she's got an oral fetish, big time!"

She was back to happily lapping on his sweet spot. "So if you want to symbolically put her in her place as an actual sex slave, what better way than to make her suck your cock a lot? Just make sure that she's fingering herself most of the time, and she'll cum and cum and cum! Then she won't fret anymore, and she'll be happier. And you'll be happy. The harem will be stronger with her securely in it."

She thought, On her knees with your thick long shaft filling her mouth and throat. Mmmm! Such a sexy sight that would be! I wish I could watch her.

He idly ran his fingers through her curly reddish hair on the top of her head as she licked and licked. "Hmmm. Of course I'll see her tomorrow. That's a good idea. I should have time before my date with Christine and Amy, unless I literally sleep the entire day away. But I'm not so sure Glory has an oral fetish. I mean, sure, she loves sucking my cock, there's no doubt about that, but so does pretty much everyone else in the harem. She's not into anal at all, as far as I can tell, but she really loves a good old regular fuck. It's just that we often don't have the time for that, with our furtive, rushed encounters at lunch and after school."

Suzanne replied between sloppy slurping, "Well, it's just a theory. We'll see. But how often has your Mother Suzy been wrong?" She smiled up at him as she continued to slobber all over his cockhead.


He smiled back. "That's true. On a different note, I'm not sure about this new nickname 'Mother Suzy' though. It sounds like a nun thing, a 'mother superior' thing, like Mother Teresa. If there's one thing you're not, it's a chaste and virginal nun!"


She chuckled wickedly. "Good point. Although I think I'm going to have to buy a nun habit just to, uh... to make sure..." She couldn't come up with any plausible excuse for that, so she admitted the truth: "...um, hell, so you can fuck me when I'm wearing it!" That idea inspired her. She started to take more and more of his cockhead in her mouth, but caught herself before she got carried away again.

She thought, Crap! Think of Amy. She's my baby. I've got to be considerate of her and take it easy on this delicious cock. We're just talking!

He stared across the room while continuing to caress her hair as he contemplated a new nickname for her. "I like calling you 'Suzy'. I love that you grant me that special honor and privilege. But just 'Suzy' is kind of plain, and not only are you not a nun, you're not plain. What about... Sexy Suzy?"

Her eyes flashed up at him with wicked delight. "Let me show you what I think of that!" She suddenly engulfed his cock again, and pulled her sliding hand from his shaft. That was necessary, because in one deep lunge she deep throated him nearly down to the root!

She thought, Ha-ha! YES! I found an excuse for a little bit of deep throating fun after all! Glory may be good at it, but is she THIS good?!

She was so carried away that she momentarily forgot all about not going too far for Amy's sake. She started bobbing while staying way down on him, using her long, agile tongue on his shaft. By the way, I like the nickname! "Sexy Suzy, the sex slave!" Who would have ever figured that would happen to me? But if the shoe fits, wear it. Good God, I love this cock! And I love this man!

Alan was taken completely by surprise. He quickly went from running a hand through Suzanne's hair to clutching his own head with both hands as he struggled not to cum. He moaned, "UNH! UNGH! Su-u-u-u-zanne! Please! Have mercy!"

She thought triumphantly, Mercy! No way! You make me love you so much! You're damn right that I love that mushy stuff! Not from anyone else, but from you! Gaawwwd! It's like Heaven! When you make me soar with joy, I want to make you soar with joy too, and the easiest way is through your cock. So you'll get no mercy from me. I'm going to deep throat the hell out of you! XX48

She repeatedly swallowed with him deep down her throat, which was similar to her squeezing her vaginal muscles. It certainly felt fantastic.

As a result, Alan temporarily lost his mind. All he could do was sit there, clutching his head and squeezing his PC muscle, trying his damnedest not to cum.

The precious seconds passed, but she still didn't pull up for a breath. Sweetie, Glory may be a great deep-throater, but you need this little reminder that when it comes to cocksucking, I'm the best of the best! I'm going to find out just how great she really is, and if it turns out she's "all that," then I'll just have to up my game!

After a full minute, if not longer, Suzanne was forced to pull up to take another breath. But she didn't pull off all the way, because she planned to breathe through her nose and then dive right back down.

However, before she could do so, he suddenly exclaimed, "Amy! Let's not forget Amy!"

That was the only thing he could have said to give Suzanne pause. She was frustrated as hell, but she pulled off all the way. "DAMN!" He's right! What the hell is wrong with me?!

He breathed a big sigh of relief, relaxing back onto the sofa. "Aaaaah! Fuck, that felt great. Sexy Suzy, you spoil me."

She grinned at that. She decided to pull away from his cock altogether, because she sensed she was losing the willpower to avoid sucking on it some more, or even deep throating it some more. She felt bad about Amy, and didn't want to make her daughter wait much longer.

As a result, she stood up completely and struck a sexy pose with a cocked hip and a hand behind her head. "Sexy, am I? If you call me that, it'll be a constant reminder that you're treating me like a sex object. A sex slave, even." Keeping her hand behind her head, she brought her other hand to her collar, where her fondling fingers sensuously caressed it. XX49

He grinned impishly. "Yep! That's just about right. You ARE my sex slave! It just so happens that you're a slave I love as much as life itself. That's why I'm making you one of my wives as well. Heel!"

"Excuse me?"

"You heard me. Heel! Heel for your master!"

Her mouth opened wide in shock, but she quickly closed it. Her nostrils flared and her heart pounded its way into her ears. To her surprise, she quickly dropped to her knees in front of him, striking another sexy pose. But this one was much more submissive, with her knees spread wide, her wrists crossed behind her back, her tits thrust forward, and her head bowed down.

She thought, SHIT! What the fuck?! I really want to punch him. But this is a total RUSH! I can see why Susan and Brenda get off on this kind of thing. He's just so fucking... commanding! Studly! Masterly! It makes me love him and want him even more!

He felt a rush of arousal, as well as power, seeing her actually obey that command. He was surprised that he'd said it, and even more surprised that she'd obeyed. But, flush with success, he stood up right in front of her to heighten the contrast between them.


She glanced up at him briefly, then remembered it was expected that she'd keep her head bowed at a time like this. Fuuuuck! That's even MORE arousing, seeing him tower over me like this. I don't want him to treat me like this all the time, but every now and then, fuck yeah! Why the hell did he say "heel" instead of just "kneel?" I can't wait to tell Susan. She's going to cum on the spot, even if she's fully dressed and calm beforehand!

Pushing his luck a little further, he stepped forward so his very stiff erection nearly touched the tip of her nose. He ran his fingers through her hair again. "Very good. You please me, to say the least."

He thought, It's weird. Most of the time, I'm pretty much in total awe of Mother. She really is like the dream centerfold next door, and I'm like the nerdy virgin who should have NO chance with her. But then, at times, I have the nerve to treat her like that! Where does that come from? I have no idea. I guess a little bit of "Bad Alan" is a good thing.

He said to her, "But sadly, now I must go. Amy must be getting seriously antsy."

"Master, may I speak?" She didn't have to ask that, but it seemed fitting to the occasion and the pose.

"You may."

"Before you go, and you definitely should go, shortly... I have a few things I've been meaning to tell you about her. Things that could help you with her tonight."

"Go on, please."

"I think my Honey Pie has been holding out on you." Then she lowered her gaze and her cheeks colored in shame. "Much like I have," she admitted quietly.

He furrowed his brow as he stared down at her.

She relaxed a bit and brought her hands up from behind her back. "Stop waving this damn thing in my face!" She grasped his boner with both hands and got busy stroking it. "Aaaah. That's better. Where was I? Oh yes. You know how I've been holding back. It's because I have trouble letting go emotionally, and especially not being in control. We had kind of a breakthrough tonight, with my non-stop cumming and crying, so let's hope that's a good sign for the future."

He nodded. "I'm VERY encouraged about that."

She nodded too. "But when it comes to my daughter, I worry that she's not as laid back and easygoing as she appears."

He frowned, because he found that very hard to believe.

Suzanne saw that look, because she was staring up at him while jacking him off. "Sure, she is, mostly, but she worries about scaring you off by being too sexually demanding. She still has fears about her place in your heart. She worries that if you had to rank your four current slave-wives, she'd come in fourth. So she doesn't want to push you."

He grunted. "Hmmm. That's not good."

"No, it's not." Suzanne was licking his cockhead again, since it was practically in her face already. "In particular, I get the sense that she'd love it if you'd fuck her ass a whole lot more often than you have been. You should see the way her face lights up whenever she talks about it. And tonight, when she was given the anal or vaginal option, did you notice how quickly and enthusiastically she chose anal?" XX50

He nodded.

"But she also knows that anal sex isn't a quick and easy thing to do, such as, say, licking and stroking your cock." She smirked, since she was already in the middle of doing that. "Especially with her super tight ass, it's a serious effort for her just to fit you in back there. So she feels like she can't expect you to do that very often. It's not the end of the world for her, but I gather that she does get frustrated. I get the feeling she's not going to say 'boo' about it to you, so I felt it was my duty to say something."

Alan held his hand out, inviting Suzanne to stand. Then he pulled her up into his arms and kissed her. "Thank you for telling me. I never would have realized it if you hadn't spoken up."

Suzanne stared deeply into his eyes as she hugged him tightly. "I just want us all to be happy, and filled with love... the way we should be, and need to be."

He nodded. "I'm going to see what I can do to fix this. The way I figure, it's two problems. One, her feeling like she's only in fourth place in my heart. And two, that she's not getting the anal loving she deeply desires. I'm not sure what I'll do to fix those things, but I'll come up with something."

"I'm sure you will. You're only eighteen, true, but I firmly believe you're going to be a great master. You have a big heart, and you care. When you say you'll fix this, you're not just blowing smoke. You'll keep at it until you do."

He nodded. "I will. Especially for my sweet, sweet Aims. She's been such a trooper. So selfless. She deserves the very best. Speaking of which, I shouldn't keep her waiting any longer."


Alan and Suzanne shared a prolonged and heartfelt final kiss or two. Or three. The problem was, he kept saying "I love you" to her, and she would say it back, and that made them so emotional that they couldn't disengage.

She nodded. "If you must. But are you going to go like that?" She looked down at his erection to indicate what she meant. It was still in her hand, since she'd been jacking him off through all the kisses. She let go of it completely to make her point even clearer.


"It's covered with saliva and cum. Yours and mine. It's a mess. Maybe I should lick it clean first?"

He chuckled, and rolled his eyes. "You know I have to say 'No' to that, or I'll never leave."


He started to pull away, helped by the fact that she was no longer holding on to his boner. "Besides, I think she'll prefer it this way. Now, I've really gotta go." He brought her ring hand to his face and kissed her right on her new red ring.

Then he finally turned and walked away.

Suzanne found herself staring adoringly at her ring. Damn! Leave it to him to finish on a dramatic note like that. Reminding me of my ring, giving me a new round of butterflies. God, I love him!

Alan Evan Plummer, you're so wrong. You think you're just the nerdy kid living next door to the centerfold, when the truth is you're the one I've been waiting for nearly all my life! You're the man of my dreams!

NOTE: A big thanks to the suggestions and corrections of IBT, Sam.I.am, Hermit, and Geezer. IBT and Hermit did most of the picture proofing, and Sam.I.am helped extensively with editing the text. A special thanks to YamiBoy for helping with the pictures.

XXX03: (a little bit from the next paragraph inspires this description) Suzanne, crawling on the floor, bringing to mind a tigress on the savanna.

XXX04: (it's the later paragraphs that inspire this description) A close-up of Suzanne's face, eyes closed, mouth wide open, her tongue on her lower teeth, in anticipation of Alan's cock. One of Alan's hands is stroking her hair.

XX05: A close-up of Suzanne's face - with Alan's cockhead in her mouth

XX08: (Part of this is inspired by the prior paragraph, part of it from the next one) Suzanne, kneeling in front of a sitting Alan, her hands on his knees as her back is straight and her head held high, in a "regal" pose.

XX10: A close-up of Suzanne's head and neck, winking at Alan/the Reader as she strokes her neck and collar in remembrance

XX18: An imagine spot pretty much as described by Suzanne in the previous paragraphs, involving Alan, Susan, Katherine, Glory, and Amy (at least)

XX21: Another imagine spot involving an orgy scene, with multiple twosomes and threesomes w/ Alan and several of the Ladies (at most, ALL TWELVE in the top image for the later parts)

XX22: A close-up of Suzanne's face, with a smirk on it

XXX24: An Alan POV of Suzanne on top of him - one of his hands fondling a tit

XX25: Actually two image ideas come to mind:
a) (one from the line above) A view of Suzanne's ass, as she churns around and around while Alan is in her.
b) (while the other comes from a later paragraph) A close-up of Suzanne's face and neck (front or side view) as she fingers her collar.

XX26: An imagine spot of Suzanne, chained to a bed, her mouth wide open (and eyes closed) as she screams in ecstasy as Alan ravages her. Next to Suzanne, another of the Ladies (might I suggest either Amy or Xania - two people close to Suzanne, but not necessarily ones you'd think would be into bondage), also chained to the bed, passed out after having just been ravaged

XX28: A close-up of Suzanne's face (possibly from the POV of someone standing next to her, looking down) - head tilted slightly up, eyes closed, teeth clenched, as an orgasm surges through her

XXX30: A close-up of Suzanne's face in ecstasy from multiple orgasms, with tears streaming down her face. (Actually, IMO, this is WAY too close to XX28)

XX32: Suzanne and Alan hugging

XX34: (Okay, this might be a little strange, but it stems from the idea of Alan fucking Suzanne on damn near every piece of furniture in the room.)
An imagined spot of a "composite" image of the living room, with at least three distinct Alan-Suzanne combinations. (Yes, the same Alan at different times - as mentioned earlier, it's a "composite" image) in different positions (e.g., doggy-style on the couch)

XXX35: (This idea actually comes from a couple of paragraphs after, when Suzanne pulls back.) An image of Suzanne, kneeling in front of Alan (his cock in her hand), her head pulled back a couple of inches away from Alan Jr as she looks up at him

XXX36: Suzanne and Alan, pooped out and tired from their most recent monster-fuck, eyes closed as they start to fall asleep together (Suzanne on top)

XX39: A close-up of Suzanne's face, close to where she is licking (Alan's perineum), laughing at Alan's comments

XX44: (Inspired by the suggestion back in XX34 - what with the "thoughts and visions" Suzanne is giving of what he should do to Glory) An imagine spot of Glory's place - couch, bed, whatever - involving a composite of Alan and Glory fucking in three different positions (for example, Alan standing while Glory deep throats him in one, the two of them doggy-style in another, Glory riding Alan cowgirl-style, etc.)

XX45: A close-up side view of Suzanne, delicately licking Alan's sweet spot while her hands are on his shaft

XX48: A close-up of Suzanne deep throating Alan, all the way down to the root

XX49: (Part of this comes from the preceding paragraphs, the rest just after "Heel!") A standing/posing Suzanne, one hand behind her head, the other stroking her collar, her mouth wide open in shock

XX50: (Actually, the idea for this comes a couple paragraphs later) A standing Alan and Suzanne, kissing

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