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The women who play a prominent role in Alan's life, naked, some with slave collars, and some of those with rings
SIX TIMES A DAY – Part 152
You've Made Me So Very Happy
Day 76: Saturday, November 30

(MF, Mf+, ff+, rom, oral)

Written and illustrated by Spacer X <paul_t_22@yahoo.com>

Copyright © 2004 - present Spacer X; All Rights Reserved.

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CHAPTER 1 (Saturday, Nov. 30)

Suzanne stood in the middle of the living room. She stretched her body this way and that, as if she were limbering up for her daily exercises. Alan had just left, but she was still smiling from what they had done together. God, what a night! So much sex! So much love! It's exactly what I hoped for and expected. If her screaming was any indication, I gather he rocked Angel's world just as hard as he rocked mine. I just hope he has enough cum and energy left for my Honey Pie and Mommy Susan.

She kept on stretching, which was making her feel better after going through a very vigorous fuck session. Aaaah! I love the post-orgasmic feeling I get with him. Sore, but in a good way, and glowing! And total sexual satiation and emotional satisfaction! The question is, what to do now? According to the rules he laid out, there's nothing stopping Angel and me from talking, now that we've both been royally fucked. I can't wait to compare notes with her! Plus, I should probably get cleaned up. Actually, considering how vigorous we were, a full shower is in order. XX01

But there's one thing I need to do first: call Glory. It was unfortunate I had to be so short with her on the phone earlier, but her timing was bad. She's probably stressing out quite a lot, sitting all alone in her sad apartment. I've gotta put a stop to that. Sure, I'm naked, cummy, and sweaty, but why not call her now? I feel good like this. I want to revel in my abandon. And besides, it's not as if she can see or smell me in my freshly fucked glory, so that'll just be my little secret from her.

She found the nearest phone extension and brought it to the sofa where most of her sex play with Alan had just taken place. She took a couple of minutes to compose her thoughts, knowing that she'd have to be diplomatic and smart for this crucial call.

Then, while lying lazily stretched out on the sofa, she dialed Glory's number. "Hello, Glory?"

"Suzanne!" Glory had picked up her phone after one ring. That she was anxiously awaiting Suzanne's call was an understatement. She was lying in her bed in a sexy nightie, trying to read a history book to keep her mind occupied, but failing miserably.

"That's me. Sorry I was in such a rush earlier, but I'm good now. I've got plenty of time to talk, so let's talk. Please tell me what's on your mind."

"Oh, Suzanne! Thank God you called me back. I've been climbing the walls here! It's like I've been living in a glorious dream, ever since I got back together with Alan. I'm so in love with him! I have that puppy love feeling, that head-over-heels feeling. I've been walking on air! When he put his collar around my neck yesterday, I actually..." She paused nervously, and then quietly admitted, "...Let's just say I liked it."

Her tone abruptly switched from ecstatic to distressed. "But then, this afternoon and evening, I had too many undistracted hours by myself. I got to thinking, and I don't know what happened exactly, but it's like the fog lifted and my head cleared and now I can't stop thinking: what the hell am I doing? What have I done?! I'm still deeply in love with him, I have no doubt about that, but I've agreed to be one of his sex slaves?! Pardon my language, but what the FUCK?! Seriously, what the fuck have I done?!"

Suzanne responded, "That's about what I figured you'd say. Believe you me, that's totally understandable. You know I'm in the same boat, only I'm further along, and I've had that exact same sort of thought many times over these past few weeks, especially in recent days as my own sex-slave status sort of solidified. I hear you, definitely!"

Glory griped, "Well, you have to make it better somehow! I feel like I'm stuck. It's like that U2 song, 'With or Without You.' I can't live without him, but I can't live happily with him either if that means being enslaved to him, which it does! My fear is I'm going to continue on with him, but in a sort of state of endless agony, humiliation, and frustration over the whole submissive enslavement issue. It's a classic no-win situation!"

"Glory, like I said, I hear you, and I totally sympathize. But it's not as bad as you think. In fact, I'm 100 percent certain that you're going to learn to LOVE being his sex slave! And yes, this is the voice of experience here."

"Are you kidding me?!"

"Absolutely not!" Suzanne stretched out languidly on the sofa. I wish I could tell you how wonderfully FUCKED I feel right now! It's the best feeling in the world! The sex alone makes it totally worth it, but there are plenty of other great benefits besides.

However, she kept those thoughts to herself, and said with a more restrained approach, "Consider me. I'm a successful, smart, beautiful, and wealthy woman. I'm not driven by some submissive compulsion. I can have my choice of almost any man, and you know that's not idle boasting on my part."

"No, it's not," Glory was quick to agree. Like virtually everyone else who knew Suzanne, she was in awe of Suzanne's beauty and charm.

"Yet here I am, in the middle of a harem of women just as attractive and well-endowed as me, and not only am I sexually enslaved to the cock, balls, and oh-so-tasty cum of a man half my age, but I'm also loving it more than anything else I've ever experienced in my life! And it's not just me. All of us feel the exact same way. Are we all collectively insane?"

Glory growled, "Actually, that's a very real possibility!"

Suzanne chuckled politely. "I'll grant you that; maybe we are. But I doubt it. I'm going to convince you that I'm entirely sane and rational, and I'm going to put you at ease. But first, there's an important 'late-breaking development' that you need to know about. This news may well shock and disturb you, as well as hurt you to think about, at least at first. In fact, I'm almost certain that it will. But please don't hang up. Let me explain everything first, because when I get finished explaining I sincerely believe you'll feel much better about your situation."

Glory sighed heavily. She was on a handset, which she was tempted to throw across the room. "Oh, great. What now? I've already agreed to be his sex slave. How could it get even worse than that?! Is he going to parade me around naked on a leash in front of the entire school? Knowing him, I wouldn't be surprised!"

Suzanne just waited silently for Glory to calm down and brace herself.


Glory sighed heavily again. "Okay, I'm sitting down." (Actually, she was still sitting up in her bed, with her back against the headboard.) "Hit me with this latest sucker punch."

Suzanne knew she had to tread extra carefully. "Before I explain what he did to Susan, Katherine, Amy, and me tonight, it's important for you to know that he wants to do the exact same thing with you. If he had his way, what happened with the four of us tonight would have happened with five, meaning including you. But he's holding back out of concern that you're not ready for this next step yet."

Glory cut in, "Oh God, tell me already! I've got this terrible feeling in the pit of my stomach that my life is going to turn into some utter hell, and that I won't be able to resist because my stupid love for him is so damn strong!"

Suzanne responded, "It's not a bad thing, trust me. It's just that I'm giving you that preamble so you won't feel like he's forgetting you or leaving you behind in any way."

"Just tell me already!"

"Okay. As you know, the four of us, we're his sex slaves too."

"I know that already!" Glory cried out in impatient frustration.

""But tonight," Suzanne continued calmly, as if she hadn't been interrupted, "since I spoke to you earlier, he PROPOSED to us."

Glory was stunned utterly speechless. It was a good thing she was sitting on her bed, because she very nearly fainted.

"All four of us. Marriage! He wants us to not just be his slaves, but his slave-WIVES!"

Glory gasped loudly. That was such a shocker that she didn't know what to think. Her heart was in her throat.

"Of course, we all immediately cried 'YES!' and gang-tackled him. He gave us our rings in a touching way that had all of us crying tears of joy. But our actual wedding ceremony won't be until sometime this coming summer. One reason for the wait is that he's hoping that you'll want to join us, so he can marry all five of us at once, including you."

Glory gasped again. It seemed to her like the room was spinning. She imagined herself standing at an altar in a white wedding dress with Alan in a black tuxedo, and that was a rush of delight, but she also pictured the other four women in their white wedding dresses too. That was discombobulating, to say the least, particularly since there was nowhere in the U.S. where a man could legally marry five women.

Suzanne continued, "But he feels like he can't propose to you just yet, because you two just agreed that you'd have a six-month trial period to see how things go. He's trying to be respectful and patient with that, to give you the space you feel you need. But, whenever you're ready to commit, he's eager to propose to you too."

There was a long pause as Glory tried to digest all that. It was such a stunning development that she didn't know what to think. She was suddenly so worked up that she felt like her heart was going to thump right out of her chest.

After nearly a minute, Suzanne gently asked, "Glory? How are you taking all that?"

"My... oh my GOD!"

Suzanne chuckled at that. "Indeed! And by the way, I know this isn't the best way for you to hear the news. It almost sounds like I'm proposing to you on his behalf, which isn't fair to either of you. He doesn't know that I'm telling you this. But I figure you needed to know what's happening ASAP. You're going to find out soon anyway, and hearing this now could help you a lot with your current worry about your sex slave status. Doesn't 'slave-wife' sound a lot better than just 'sex slave?' all by itself?"

Glory had to take a deep breath and steady her nerves. "Well, yes, of course! But... my God! Suzanne! This is just... I don't know what!" She stared at the ring Alan had given her, then reached up to the collar around her neck. "How is that even possible?! Aren't there laws against polygamy?"


"Of course there are." Suzanne was feeling relieved, since Glory hadn't hung up or had a total freak-out. She also idly stroked her collar with a finger. "But there are laws against slavery too. Clearly both parts, the slave and the wife, have to be merely symbolic and not legally binding. But that's okay. What matters is that it has meaning for all of US, and that we take it to heart. Strangers won't know, but we'll wear his ring and his collar, and we'll know what we are to him, and what he is to us."

Glory's heart thumped even harder and faster. GOD! I could be his WIFE! Even if it's "slave-wife." I never thought that was possible! She thought back to the fantasy she'd had at the time he'd first put his collar around her neck, how she'd imagined deep throating him while wearing a white wedding dress in a church. Holy shit! That could actually happen! Knowing him, it would be something kinky like that!

She tried to stay calm and force those highly arousing thoughts out of her mind. She asked, "But then who will he marry, in the eyes of the law?"

"Probably nobody, I imagine. He doesn't want to play favorites. If he does marry one of us, it'll just be for legal purposes only, such as tax law, or as part of maintaining a veneer of normality for the outside world. That legal wife won't have any special status. He's determined to treat us all equally. If he plays favorites, that'll create all kinds of trouble."

There was another long pause while Glory tried to digest all that. She continued to finger and stroke her collar as if it were a powerful magical talisman.

Suzanne was dying of curiosity, since Glory hadn't really indicated how she felt yet. "So? What do you think?!"

Glory exhaled heavily. "Phew! I don't know! I just don't know! I mean, I'm glad for you... congratulations, I guess..." She thought, God, how fucked up and weird is that?! Congratulating her for marrying the man I love!

"Thank you!"

"But is that the life for me?! I don't know! I just don't know! You're right that in a way this is actually a big improvement. Obviously, it would be easier to live with being called a slave-wife than just a slave. But a slave-wife is still a slave! And in some ways, it's even WORSE! With the sex-slave talk, at least I can pretend that it's just talk, just a temporary thing, like some crazy phase I would be going through for the next few months until he left for college. But with a proposal, with a marriage, it makes it much, much more serious! There's no getting around it: this is a lifetime commitment!"

Suzanne replied calmly, "No, there's not. But remember that's a two-way street. You'll be committing to him for life, but he'll be committing to YOU for life too. And note that you said you can 'PRETEND that it's just talk.' You already know in your heart of hearts that it's not! You wear his slave collar and you don't want to have it taken away from you. What if I came over there right now and snatched your collar from your neck?"

Glory replied with surprising venom. "I'd be fucking PISSED! Don't you DARE!"

Suzanne chuckled knowingly. "You see? He IS your master! Your duty is to serve and obey him with everything you are and all the love that you possess!"


Glory gritted her teeth in frustration while trying to calm herself. Shit! She's right! She remembered when Alan and Suzanne had visited her apartment and she'd tried to take her collar off, but found herself unable to do so. God dammit! This thing isn't just a strip of cloth; it really is a slave collar, forever binding me to him, to his ownership! That made her want to rip her collar off, but instead she just kept on stroking it.

The wily redhead continued, "This whole evening, he's kept bringing up your name, mentioning how much he wishes you were a part of everything. In fact, you know what he said to me just a while ago? And this is a direct quote, because I made a mental note to remember it."

"What?" Glory asked urgently.

"He said to me, regarding you, 'I love her just as much I love you, which is as much as one person can love another. My love for you doesn't lessen my love for her, or vice versa. In fact, it only makes it stronger, because the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.' That's what he really said, word for word. And he didn't say it to impress you or convince you of anything, because he didn't think you'd ever hear it. He really loves you! He wants to spend the rest of his life with you!"

Glory's heart pounded wildly. She was overwhelmed to hear that, but she tried to keep her perspective. She spoke sourly. "Yeah, why wouldn't he? Getting to keep his favorite teacher as one of his many sex slaves! That's a pretty damn good deal for him!"

"True. But we also know that he has a very special sexual talent, a very special charm. He could easily say to himself, 'I'll seduce and fuck Glory for the rest of the school year. Then, when I'm off to college, I'll drop her like a hot potato and seduce and fuck the many new busty and sexy women I'll meet in college.' You know that's what would normally happen, and you'd still go along with it, because sharing him for the rest of the school year is better than not having any of him at all. But that's not what he wants to do! He wants you in his life FOREVER! Not just as a slave, but as a slave-WIFE!"

Glory was floored as those words sunk in. "My GOD!" He loves me! I could be married to him for the rest of my life! He could be "the one," the man of my dreams! Of course, that'll mean I'll have to be enslaved to him for the rest of my life too, but is that really so bad? I've already been seriously contemplating doing that without the marriage part. Certainly this is a much, much better deal, isn't it?


Suzanne could tell she was having the desired effect on Glory. But she was just getting warmed up. "Think about that for a while. Don't make any decisions now. Hell, you don't have to decide anything for six months. That'll give you plenty of time to see that the harem life is far superior to normal married life. Pretend like I never told you this. I won't tell him either, so you can act surprised when he tells you the news tomorrow. Since you already know what he's going to say, you can have some fun making him squirm and sweat a little bit."

Glory snickered mischievously at that.

Suzanne felt a twinge of guilt. Hrm. I've vowed to be more honest with him, but here I am, saying I'll keep some information from him. But then again, it's for his own good, to help bring Glory into our harem. But I don't want to lie to Glory either. Maybe I'll give him a very big hint or two tomorrow, so he'll be more or less ready for what she tells him, while also leaving an element of fun surprise. Yes, I think that's best.

With that decided, she added, "But that's not the only news."

"There's MORE?!" Glory had been resting against some pillows and the headboard of her bed, but she sat up stiffly.

"There is. Since you're testing to see if you want to be a part of our harem, I think it's only fair to let you know everything, including how we live behind closed doors, so you'll be able to make an informed decision about what you want to do with your life when the time comes. You see, Alan gave us the rings shortly after you called earlier, and it's been pretty much non-stop sex since then."

"OH!" Glory's heart raced even faster. "Oh boy! You definitely don't have to tell me about that!"

"I know, but it's important that I do, because... well, you'll see."

Suzanne proceeded to give a very detailed account about what she'd experienced since Alan proposed. But she was very clever about what she said and what she didn't say. Her goal was to greatly arouse Glory, so Glory would be far too horny to spend the rest of the evening fretting. To that end, she made sure to quickly skip over Alan's actual proposal and the events that followed while the whole group was together, because she didn't want to remind Glory of the fact that Alan had so many other slave-wives-to-be. Instead, she quickly hurried to when she and Alan were alone in the living room, and tried to present that in such a way that Glory would visualize herself, Glory, as the one who had been with Alan the whole time.

Of course, while Alan and Suzanne had been together, hardly a minute had gone by when something sexual wasn't happening - it was basically non-stop fucking, sucking, or stroking. Suzanne explained it all in great detail. She spoke in a just-the-facts style, knowing that the truth would be so arousing that she wouldn't have to hype it at all. That also allowed her to maintain the pretense that she was merely attempting to inform Glory fully, instead of her real intention of making Glory wildly aroused.

The result was pretty much inevitable. Suzanne had lots of recent experience telling highly arousing stories to Susan, sometimes over the phone, and she was a master storyteller in general. Furthermore, although Glory was feeling distressed about her new sex-slave role, she was deeply in love with Alan, and just as deeply in lust with him. It wasn't long before she was so hot and bothered that she forgot to even question why Suzanne was getting so very sexually explicit, or even giving such a prolonged account in the first place.

Additionally, Glory had a massive crush on Suzanne herself, so just hearing Suzanne's scratchy, sultry voice speak of sexual matters was a big turn-on for her. Normally, thinking of Alan with another woman would have made her madly jealous, but thinking of Suzanne naked and sucking his cock or getting fucked was like throwing more fuel on her personal fire.


It was such a perfect storm of lusty storytelling that it wasn't long before Glory had her nightie off and was quietly masturbating. Although she tried to avoid tell-tale squishy noises and heavy panting, she got so carried away that she didn't try to hide the enthusiasm in her voice. She often asked questions, especially about how Suzanne had felt or what she'd thought during key sexual peaks.

All the while, even though Suzanne pretended to play the part of the neutral reporter, she was subtly, and not-so-subtly, relating things that were intended to remind Glory of just how great sex with Alan could get. She didn't need to exaggerate one iota as she explained how Alan had made her cum countless times while she continuously cried tears of joy. Her sheer enthusiasm for those events that were so fresh in her mind came through loud and clear.

At one point, Glory remembered to ask, "Why are you telling me all this?! You said something at the beginning about how you needed all this background to explain some important things?"

Suzanne lied, "Yes, I'm still getting to that." She added, "But also, I'm trying to reassure you that you're making the right decision in enslaving yourself to my master. OUR master. I swear to God I'm not lying or exaggerating about any of this! How many men of any age or background could make any woman cum almost continuously like that?"

By this point, Glory was wildly aroused and enthusiastic. "Nobody! Only him!" She was steadily fingering herself, and the only reason she hadn't climaxed yet was because she didn't want to give her game away by screaming out loud.

"How many men could make a woman feel that way even as she can't stop crying due to his heartfelt declarations of love?"

"Again, only him!"

"That's right! He's special! But you don't know the half of it yet! Let me get to the part where he fucked me so good that I literally left footprints halfway up the wall!"

"No!" Glory was flying so high in her imagination that it was very nearly as good as actually getting fucked by Alan at that very moment. She had to repeatedly remind herself to take it easy with her masturbation, lest Suzanne catch on to what she was doing. (Not surprisingly, she wasn't nearly as quiet as she'd realized, and Suzanne had realized what she was doing almost immediately.)

Suzanne proceeded to tell much more of her story, paying particular attention to how Alan fucked her on every piece of furniture, including the footprints on the wall incident. Up to that point, Suzanne hadn't masturbated at all during the call, since she wanted her wits sharp and her mind clear. Once Glory was so firmly engrossed and enraptured, Suzanne decided she could play with her clit and finger her slit while talking, and started doing so. Like Glory, she was on a handset and not a speakerphone, so she only had one free hand.

Suzanne seemingly stopped her story just after recounting how Alan had finally climaxed in her and then fallen asleep on her as she fell asleep too.

Glory was fingering her own G-spot as she exclaimed, "Wow! Just... wow! Suzanne, that's incredible! I'm so envious. I've had some truly mind-blowing times with him, but I must admit, I think that tops them all!" XX05

"Maybe it does," Suzanne responded, "But that's only because it's still early days with you. Remember, I've been intimate with him longer, so we're getting to know each other's bodies much better. Each time we fuck, it truly is better than the last. Not surprisingly, his marriage proposal elevated everything to a much higher level. That'll happen to you too when you decide to commit to him fully. When the time comes for you to tell him that you're ready to be his fifth slave-wife, I guarantee that you'll have an experience just as good as that. Nay, better!"

Glory was practically swooning as she teetered on the edge of orgasm with her fingerbanging. She had to hold the phone away from her mouth when she wasn't speaking to hide her heavy breathing. "Better?! How is that even humanly possible?!"

Suzanne chuckled. "Oh, it is! Remember, I'm getting just one-fourth of his sexual energy tonight, because he's also fucking Susan, Katherine, AND Amy into sweet oblivion tonight too! What if he were to spend an entire evening focusing just on you? What's more, today was an epic sexual day for him. Why, considering just the cocksucking alone, I wouldn't be surprised if he enjoyed well over a dozen blowjobs today! It's amazing that he has the energy left to take each of us four to heaven after all that."

Glory complained, "Why do you have to say those hurtful words? I was having such a great time up to now, but telling me that is like you just stabbed my heart with a jealousy knife." She was genuinely upset, especially since hearing that reminded her of the incest. But she wasn't upset enough to stop masturbating.

Suzanne wasn't fazed, and kept on fingering herself as well. "I'm pointing that out to remind you that, yes, he has many lovers, but he has the sexual energy and skill to keep ALL of us VERY sexually satisfied! It's truly extraordinary. He's like the Energizer Bunny of sex! I know you fret about sharing him, but really, could you handle all his needs all by yourself?"

There was a significant pause before Glory quietly admitted, "I suppose not."

"You 'suppose'?"

Glory growled huffily, "Okay, I know I couldn't. Fuck! That's insane!" Gaawwwd! If I spent twenty-four hours with just him, I'd be so fucked out that I'd need a wheelchair to get around! My mouth would be sore for a week! And my face and breasts would smell like cum for even longer! Damn, that actually sounds good, maybe every once in a while, but I couldn't handle it day after day, every day!

Suzanne spoke with increasing enthusiasm, not trying that hard to hide her own heavy breathing anymore. "Oh, but I'm not done! We rested for a while, but then when we woke up we went right back to it, starting with a sixty-nine!"

"SHUT UP! You're lying! You big fat liar!" Glory was fingering herself faster and deeper.

Suzanne laughed, knowing Glory didn't really mean that. "It's true. When he woke up, he-"

Glory interrupted. "Sorry! Can you hold that thought? I've got to, uh... go to the bathroom."

"Sure. I'll be here."


Glory dropped the receiver and rushed to the bathroom. But she didn't have to pee; she had to cum. She simply couldn't hold back any longer. With two closed doors between her and the phone, she let herself make a little noise as she climaxed, but not too much. She clenched her teeth and even bit down on her hand as her orgasm went on and on. It was a really big one, since it had been building for such a long time.

The whole point of her bathroom ruse was so that Suzanne wouldn't know that she'd been masturbating and even cumming, but of course Suzanne saw right through that ruse. Hee hee! This is so great! Like taking candy from a baby... or should I say it's like GIVING candy to a babe? But it's for her own good.


Suzanne resumed her story after Glory's return. She recounted the sixty-nine and all the cock stroking, licking, sucking, and even deep throating that followed. Still feeling a bit envious about the way Alan had touted Glory's deep-throating talent, she made a particular point of touting her own talent in that area.

Glory's orgasm in the bathroom had satiated her sexually, but only for about a minute. It wasn't long before she was back to being very hot and bothered, which got her masturbating again.

Suzanne had never stopped playing with herself, but she was just keeping it to a light erotic buzz, rather than going for a big climax.

By that point, Glory was so far gone that she found herself delighted to be having a brief discussion with Suzanne where they compared their deep-throating techniques. Both of them engaged in some subtle boasting, but in general they each ended up impressed with the other's oral skills, in the way one star athlete might appreciate the talent of a true peer.

Things were going so swimmingly for Suzanne that she cheekily suggested, "You know, one of these days, we should have a... well, not a contest, since this isn't a competition, but let's say... a side-by-side demonstration. With the two of us kneeling naked between his legs, you could deep throat him for a full minute, and then I'd take my minute, and so on. Between the two of us, he'd have one nose or another tickling his pubic hair nearly non-stop!" XX07

Glory complained, "Suzanne! You're so baaaad!" But she didn't actually proclaim the idea to be out of the question. In fact, she was so turned on by it that she soon found herself in danger of loudly cumming again.

Eventually, Suzanne reached the end of her story, when Alan left the room to go fuck Amy. She'd been talking for at least twenty minutes, but she didn't know exactly because she wasn't wearing a watch. It occurred to her that she needed to wrap things up because she wanted to talk to Katherine while Alan was with Amy, and even though anal sex with her daughter's exceptionally tight butt probably would take a while, there was no telling. With his tiredness especially, that could end at any time.

Suzanne finally stopped masturbating, hoping that would enable her to end the call. She had not climaxed during her storytelling, but that was okay because she'd enjoyed a nice erotic buzz for most of the call. Besides, she'd already had what seemed like a month's worth of climaxes with Alan earlier that evening.

Suzanne knew that she'd succeeded in spades when it came to changing Glory's state of mind. She couldn't help but crow a little. "So, are you still all stressed out about being enslaved to Alan?"

Glory chuckled. She was still furtively fingering herself, though not as intently as before. "Fuck no! I'm feeling more like how the hell did I get so lucky as to be one of his chosen women?! I'm totally bummed that I can't be with him right now, lying underneath him, getting my brains fucked clear out of my head!"

Suzanne prodded, "Or, what if you were naked between his legs?" In part, she was testing to see if Glory had an oral fetish like she suspected, but also, her lust simply inspired her to ask that.

"Oh God! Oh God! I would fucking SUCK THE HELL OUT OF HIS COCK! I'd deep throat him so deep that we'd both wave 'Hi' to Satan in the center of the Earth!"

Suzanne laughed. "That's pretty deep!"

Glory laughed too, and unthinkingly licked her lips and salivated. She noted a bit less passionately, "Of course I know this doesn't make my problems go away. Right now, I'm as hot as a river of flowing lava." She realized with a start, "Hey! You did that on purpose, didn't you, getting me all worked up with your ultra-arousing story?!"

Suzanne chuckled, taking that in stride. "Guilty as charged. I wanted to remind you why even experienced, older women like you, me, Susan, and Brenda freely enslave ourselves to him. We're not crazy! The crazy thing would be to experience something similar to what I experienced tonight and then just walk away as if it were nothing. Most of us have tried conventional marriage and found it wanting. We prefer sexual slavery to Alan, because it's with HIM! He makes it work by the way he loves us all deeply, without reservations and without playing favorites."

She concluded dramatically, "I'm fully hooked, and not ashamed to admit it. I'm PROUD to call myself one of his sex slaves, and I'll be ten times as proud to call myself one of his few slave-wives!"

Glory thought, Damn! Everything she says tempts me, like a siren's call. I'll have to keep reminding myself about the wrongness of the incest and everything else, or I'll get totally sucked in. In any case, I'm going to have to meet this Brenda soon, and find out more about her. Her name keeps coming up. She sounds like quite a character.

Suzanne continued, "That's not something he's going to offer to just any of his lovers, you know. Brenda, for instance, she's not even in the running. Oh, he loves fucking her, and he's made her one of his sex slaves, but he doesn't truly love her since he doesn't know her that well except carnally, so slave-wife isn't on the table for her, at least at this point. The ONLY women he wants to marry are the four of us he proposed to tonight, plus you. Do you think you could handle that, being one of five slave-wives?"

"SHIT!" Glory sighed. He wants ME way more than Brenda, even though I hear that her breasts are absolutely enormous and she's a submissive sex bomb. He must really love me!

After a contemplative pause she said, "It's tempting, I must admit. VERY tempting. If it was just being one of his five wives, period, I suppose I'd be okay with that. Hell, I'd probably jump on that, to be honest. But I still can't wrap my head around the whole sex-slave aspect. I need more time to come to grips with that."

"Fair enough."

"I'm feeling super horny right now, so I'm very high on Alan. This isn't the time for me to make important decisions, since my thinking must be skewed. Hell, at this very moment, even being his slave sounds, well... awesome! Like he chose ME, to be one of the elite of the elite!" She kept on fingering her wet cunt as she thrilled to that idea.

"He did, and you are! You're a VERY beautiful woman. True, technically speaking, he could find women with bigger breasts, wider hips, rounder asses, and so on. He could seduce them and enslave them. You know it's true; he's got that skill. Brenda is an example of someone like that who he's enslaved already. Believe me, she loves it. But he doesn't want just any beautiful babe; he wants YOU, because he loves YOU. He loves your body, of course, but he also loves your heart and your mind. Your soul, even. He keeps mentioning how he feels you're his soulmate."

Glory sighed wistfully. "I know. He's told me that too. Unfortunately, he also made clear that I'm only ONE OF his soulmates. How many guys have more than one soulmate?! It's so damn frustrating!"

"True, it is. We lose a little dignity, but we gain so much in return. He's told me I'm his soulmate too, and I know he really means it. But remember what he said about you and me. I'll repeat his exact words again: 'I love her just as much I love you, which is as much as one person can love another. And my love for you doesn't lessen my love for her, or vice versa. In fact, it only makes it stronger, because the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.'"

Glory carefully balanced the receiver between her head and shoulder, because hearing that made her fondly stroke her collar, yet she couldn't stop masturbating at the same time. Had she thought about it, she might have been startled and even disturbed by the implications of the fact that she seemed to prefer caressing her collar even more than her ring.

Suzanne added, "Think about the love and lust we'll all share together. You, me, him! In bed together! You and I, naked and kneeling side by side, sucking his cock together for hours on end! Doesn't that sound good?"

Glory sighed again. "You know it does!" She licked her lips as she plunged two fingers deeper into her hot cunt. I really am a terrible person. My parents would be ashamed of me if they had any idea of the choices I've been making. How long will I be able to hold out before I wind up sucking his cock with Suzanne?! Not long, at this rate. It's too tempting!


Suzanne continued, "As for Amy, Katherine, and Susan, you don't know them well yet. But I'm 100 percent sure that you'll get over the shock of the incest taboo, particularly since there's no biological incest, and come to love them like the sisters you never had. The whole really IS greater than the sum of its parts. The harem life IS the superior life! We have more fun than a barrel full of very horny monkeys, and YOU can be a part of it... FOREVER!"

She reiterated, "I told you that I'm PROUD to be one of his sex slaves. I'm PROUD to call him 'Master' and dedicate myself to serving him and keeping his big cock constantly throbbing with pleasure. But that's not some totally selfless act on my part; I'm constantly rewarded with more orgasms that one can count, and more love than I can fathom! I tell you, you WILL come to not only be okay with it but to actually love it! Mark my words!"

Glory sighed yet again. "You know what? The scary thing is, you're probably right! Shit! You're almost certainly right! You're so persuasive that it's scary. You could sell snow to the Eskimos!"

She forced herself to stop masturbating, to punish herself for being "so bad." She resumed holding the phone with one hand, while licking the cum-soaked fingers of her other hand.

Suzanne said, "No, I can't. I can't sell a crappy product that I don't believe in. But I believe in Alan, my master. I believe in the harem. So I don't have to try to sell anything. All I have to do is tell you how I truly feel in my heart. I want you in the harem. I want you in my life in a big way! I want you to experience the endless joys I do, both sexual and otherwise. Luckily, you're smart and open-minded. I'm confident you'll figure it out."

She added, "What the conventional wisdom tells us sometimes turns out to be complete bullshit. For example, five hundred years ago, everyone thought the Sun revolved around the Earth, not the other way around. The conventional wisdom is still wrong about all kinds of things, I'm sure. The notion that a monogamous marriage for life is the happiest way to be, and basically the only way to be, is one such example, I'll bet."

Glory's impressive knowledge of history, as well as current events, came into play. "You may have a point there. Actually, our current cultural conception of marriage is a rather new thing, and it's still evolving. For instance, The Netherlands just legalized marriage between homosexuals last year. Heck, polygamous marriages are still legal and even fairly common in many parts of the world today."

"You see? That's exactly my point." Suzanne went on, "Your problem is that 'sex slave' sounds so shocking, so taboo, so humiliating. But what if that lifestyle gives you more joy, sexual pleasure, personal fulfillment, and especially love than you could ever have possibly imagined? If that's so, who cares what the outside world thinks?!"

There was a prolonged silence on the other end of the line. Glory was tempted to resume fingering herself, but she reluctantly delayed doing so in an attempt to contemplate matters with a clear head.

Finally, after a full minute, Suzanne asked, "Glory?"

"Sorry. I'm just thinking. You... you... you're the devil! You make a really damn persuasive case! I want that! I want to experience what he did to you tonight! And not just once, but many times, for years and years to come! I want to drown in total erotic ecstasy and total unconditional love, and do so with Alan, the man I love!"

Somehow she wound up touching her collar again while staring lovingly at her ring.

Suzanne enthused, "You will! You will, trust me! We're just on the cusp. The future possibilities are so mind-boggling that, well... the mind boggles!"

Glory laughed at that.

Suzanne didn't want to push too hard. Besides, she wanted to talk to Katherine, and perhaps Amy too if Alan was already done fucking her. "Think about what I said tonight. There's no rush. You've got six months to make up your mind, if you want to take that long. But are you good now? Are you in a better frame of mind, now that we've talked?"

Glory sighed. "It's like night and day. Before this call, I felt like I was staring into some bottomless abyss of dread. Whereas now I want to rush right over there, find Alan, latch onto him, and never let go!"

Suzanne prodded, "Just latch onto him in general? Or anywhere in particular?"

Glory excitedly admitted, "Especially if my mouth latches onto the head of his cock!"

Suzanne laughed. "I know that feeling!" She added, teasingly, "But don't you dare come over, because I'm in the living room, sprawled out on a sofa, completely naked."

"You ARE?!" That was so thrilling to Glory that she forgot to breathe. Her stomach did backflips imagining the sexy Suzanne in that pose.

"I am. Aren't you naked too? Come on. Be honest."

Glory actually blushed, even though she knew there was no way Suzanne could see her though the phone line. "Never you mind about that! Anyway, I worry that tomorrow, this... this buzz... will fade, and all my usual fears will come flooding back."

"Sure, that could happen. But if it does, just talk to me some more. In fact, let's plan now to meet tomorrow morning. I'll help keep your blues at bay. Besides, there's all kinds of stuff we need to discuss, including further strategizing about unpleasant things, like the fallout from Alan's fight and what's going to happen at school about that and other things. Monday is going to be a big day for our master in lots of ways."

Suzanne Glory

"Okay. Sounds good." Although Glory wasn't masturbating anymore, she felt a great surge of arousal due to the prospect of seeing Suzanne face to face. She zoned out briefly thinking about greeting Suzanne with a passionate French kiss, and that was just for starters. Her hands reached out to hold Suzanne's head in place as her kiss deepened, while her breasts nestled in just under Suzanne's much larger boobs, since the two of them were completely naked. She could imagine Suzanne reciprocating by reaching behind her to enthusiastically fondle her ass. She also had gotten a thrill from hearing Suzanne casually refer to Alan as "our master."

Unaware of Glory's "Suzannesbian" thoughts, Suzanne continued, "Then, in the afternoon, I already told Alan that he should spend some time with you."

"You did?!" Glory's heart suddenly resumed beating hard and fast. Just as fast, her lusty desires switched from Suzanne back to Alan.

"I did. Of course he agreed. I skipped over detailing to you some of the discussion I had with him about you earlier tonight, because I didn't ask his permission about sharing that and I'm not sure what he'd want me to reveal. But I'll tell you about one thing: I told him, based on your call with me earlier, that you were stressing about your new status as a sex slave and he needed to put you at ease. I hinted at how I expected he could do that for you, by visiting you in person for a couple of hours, at least!"

"You didn't!" Glory felt an erotic jolt race down her spine. She was having to hold the phone away from her head most of the time again, since she was panting so hard. The idea of getting to spend two or more hours with him the next day was almost unbearably thrilling.

"I did! It's the truth. Have I been wrong about anything yet?"

"Um, no."

"Then what have you got to lose, other than your inhibitions? Have fun with him tomorrow. Treat him like a sex slave should treat her master, and see how good you feel during AND after. I know you're not the super-submissive type, and neither am I, but a harem needs a master. Sometimes it feels good to submit, like what I was telling you about when he told me to 'heel' tonight."

Glory admitted, "That was super hot! To think that he got YOU to do that! That totally blows my mind!" She started to reach for her overheated pussy again, but stopped herself just in time.

"Believe me, it's a thousand times hotter when it happens to you in person! You'll see!"

"You're probably right. But that's scary! To be honest, I worry that it could be more disturbing for me if you're right than if you're wrong. I don't want to end up some mindless slave."

"You won't. Am I 'mindless?' No way! I'm still the same me; it's just that I have an incredible sex life with the man I love because I'm willing to put up with a little loss of pride and dignity. Did you ever hear the saying, 'He who dares, wins?' Or how about 'Fortune favors the bold?' Both are true. Dare to live the wild life, the taboo life! Remember, you won't just be a slave, you'll be a slave-WIFE. I swear, you'll never regret it!"

Their phone call ended shortly thereafter with some goodbye pleasantries. Suzanne told Glory that she couldn't wait to show off her new red ruby ring, which was true, and Glory said she couldn't wait to see it, which was also true.

Suzanne was very pleased with herself. In terms of changing Glory's mood and perspective, she felt the call couldn't have gone any better.

Glory still wasn't sold on the harem lifestyle, but that call had given her much to think about. Her horny, excited mood lasted long after the call ended. Already, she could barely wait to meet with Suzanne the next morning. She was even more excited to be meeting with Alan later in the day. Her head was filled with all kinds of ideas about the sexual things she and Alan could do to each other, largely based on Suzanne's extensive sexual account.

With the phone call ended, she didn't have to worry about Suzanne overhearing her, so Glory quickly masturbated herself to a very loud and satisfying climax.


Meanwhile, at the same time that Suzanne started her call with Glory, Alan was in the guest bedroom lying on the bed. When he'd reached the top of the stairs, he'd been overcome by exhaustion and had to stop for a minute to sit on the top stair. But then he realized that the guest bedroom wasn't far away and the hallway was empty, so he shuffled his way down the hall to a more comfortable place to rest.

As he lay there, he had his eyes wide open. I wish I could close my eyes. Dang, do I ever wish that. But I can't! If I do, I'll probably fall asleep. Who knows how long it would be until I wake up? I must already be late after spending so much time with Kat and then even more time with Mother. Worse, between the two of them, they drained me of every last smidgen of energy. How am I going to rouse myself for Amy? Much less for Mom after that?! Oh God!

I've definitely put myself in a fix. I can't complain though, because the sex is always so great. I'm the luckiest guy in the history of ever, so I definitely can't complain. I just need to zone out for a few minutes, to recharge my batteries.

That's what he did. Unfortunately, keeping his eyes open and periodically checking the clock, after five minutes he realized that he wasn't feeling much better. Worse, he thought, If I wait another five minutes, or even ten or more, I'm still not likely to feel much better than this. Meanwhile, Amy's probably climbing the walls waiting for me. The only way I'm going to reenergize is if I get super horny, and I can't do that alone. It's time I go to Aims and basically beg her to have mercy on me and let me just rest with her awhile.

He got up and went to the upstairs bathroom down the hall to freshen up a bit. There was still some residue of Suzanne's pussy juice on his face, so he washed that off. However, he deliberately didn't clean his flaccid penis, figuring that Amy might prefer it still coated with her mother's juices, much like Suzanne had after he'd been with Katherine.


He walked into his own bedroom and found Amy lying on his bed, as expected. She was sitting nude above the covers, which also was expected. However, she didn't seem especially excited by his arrival, which was surprising. She had a large drawing pad in her lap and was busily drawing something. She looked up at him and said, "Oh, hi, Beau! Just a sec. I'm almost done." She resumed sketching on her pad.

He flicked the switch by the door to start recording video. He walked over to where she was sitting and took his place beside her. He asked, "Can I see?"

"Sure!" She turned the pad towards him.

He was amused to see it was a sketch of an erect penis, with big balls hanging down, and nothing else.

She explained, "I'm working on a portrait of Alan Junior. He's kinda been on my mind while I've been waiting, for some reason." She giggled.

He was relieved to find that she'd been thinking of him after all. "Cool." He took a closer look. "By the way, it seems extremely accurate."

"Yep! I basically did it from tongue memory. I know every last bump and vein." She struck her tongue out and licked her lips provocatively.

He thought, That's staggeringly cool. And arousing too! He asked, "Can I sit down next to you while you finish it?"

"Sure." She put the pad away as he sat down. "I'll stop now. I can finish it off later. Why work on that when I can work on the real thing?" She giggled.

"Indeed." He gave her a hug and a kiss, but he wasn't very passionate about it.

Amy said, "Uh-oh. It's exactly like I thought it would be."

"What's that?" He rested with his head against her chest, just above her big tits.

"That you'd be totally super wiped out by the time you got up here. Mother isn't exactly well known for 'going easy' on you. That's why I've just been chillaxing and doodling instead of doing something super arousing for your arrival. I figured you'd be kinda basically half dead, especially after my mom was done with you."

"Yeah, well, you figured that right," he said with a weary sigh. "I'm also sorry I'm late."

"Late? You're not late. It's not like you set any time. I figured you'd be fucking my sister and my mother for a super long time, so this is about what I expected. Besides, I stayed busy, so it wasn't any trouble at all." She gently ran her fingers though his short but unruly hair.

"Really? What did you do?"

"Well, I know you said we should stay alone, but Susan and I quickly realized that we both needed enemas to get super cleaned up. So we figured that was more important. We went to the master bathroom, which ironically is not your bathroom but hers" - she giggled at that - "and helped each other out. Was that okay?"

He smiled approvingly. "That was very okay."

"Phew! We didn't lube each other up, 'cos you explicitly said you wanted to do that, but we did everything else. It was actually super fun. We kinda talked anal stuff, like how good it feels when you're fucking our butts, and what it means to us. We bonded in a really nice way while having fun together."

He lifted his head to make eye contact. "Did Mom get 'so hot?'"

Susan Amy

Amy looked away shyly, her cheeks flushing adorably. "Yeah. And... to be honest... I did too. We sorta kinda kissed and played around some after the enemas were over, since we were naked and all. But it wasn't, like, a super lot. Neither of us came, 'cos we figured we needed to save ourselves for you. Then I came over here and worked on my doodle. Is that okay? Did I do wrong?"

He hugged her, and kissed her some more, mostly on the lips. "You did great. I'm not upset at all. In fact, you should be upset with me, because I have all the energy of a blob. A dead-tired blob. Can you please have patience with me? Maybe we can just cuddle for a bit?"

"M'kay! Totally! That sounds great!"

"It does?" He looked at her face and saw that she was beaming with happiness. "Aims, you're too good to me." He gave her another French kiss, with a lot more passion this time.

"Hey! Let's get comfy and snuggle!" Seeing how tired he was, she helped move him until he was lying flat in the middle of his bed with a pillow under his head. Then she lay down alongside him, with her body draped partially over his, enough so that her hefty globes were pressed against his chest and she could look up into his eyes with her head on his shoulder.

Once they were resettled, she said, "Now, Master, isn't that much better?"

"It is. But I don't think you're going to have much luck there." He was referring to the way she'd just started fondling his totally flaccid penis.

"Pshaw! I'll have you nice and stiff in a minute because I have a secret weapon!" She let that hang in the air dramatically for some long moments, and then explained, "The Christine Effect!"

He lifted his head enough to look down at his crotch. "I tell you, everyone goes on like that's a real thing, but it isn't. See, I'm not even stiffening up at all. Between Kat and Mother, I don't think there's a single spermatazoa left in me anyway."

"Awww, you're just a pessimist. Maybe saying her name isn't enough this time, but close your eyes for a minute. Humor me."

"Okay." He closed his eyes with a tired sigh.

"Now, imagine what's going to happen tomorrow night! You're going to take Christine and me on a hot date! We should go all out, to celebrate your big victory over the yucky bullies, as well as how nicely the harem is coming together. Can you imagine the super sexy dresses she and I are going to wear? I'm not going to let her wear any panties or bra, that's for sure! And it goes without saying that I won't be wearing any either!"

Despite his general exhaustion, his penis was starting to stir and thicken a little bit in Amy's stroking hands.

Encouraged, she continued, "We should totally rent a limo, one with tinted windows and complete privacy. That way, as soon as we're inside it, Christine and I can take off ALL our clothes, except for our high heels of course, kneel together between your legs, and blow your big fat cock all the way to the restaurant! As it should be, naturally. We're going to become a cocksucking team like you won't believe, because we're your co-girlfriends and that's how good girlfriends behave when they love you like we do!"

His penis was definitely stiffening.

Christine Amy

She went on, as she rubbed with more vigor, "We'll probably do a lot of titfucking too. Christine will slide her big, peachy, round tits up and down your humungo shaft, and I'll lick and suck from the top. Then we'll switch, and she'll bob on you, until every inch is enveloped by my tits or her mouth! And we'll keep switching, again and again! We'll have the driver take the long way there so you can look out the window and see the streets go by while we pleasure and serve your fat cock like the busty, sexy, slutty slaves that we are!"

He was starting to pant hard, and his dick was on its way to becoming fully erect.

"Well, I'm a full slave, the real deal. Christine is more like a sex-slave-in-training."

"No she's not!" he hotly complained.

"Hey, just humor me, m'kay? Don't worry, it won't be long until she's wearing your collar, I'm sure. In fact, when we get to the restaurant, you and I should sit AT the table, and she'll sit UNDER the table, so she can keep feasting on your cock right through the meal! Can you picture the looks on the faces of the other customers when they see her sexy legs and high-heeled feet sticking out from under the tablecloth?"

Alan suddenly exclaimed, "Okay! Stop already, please!" His dick was completely hard.

Amy giggled victoriously. "See? What did I tell you? The Christine Effect strikes again!" She kept right on stroking his stiff pole with one hand, but didn't change her position at all.

He grumbled, "You cheated, talking about crazy stuff that can't possibly happen, not even to lucky me."

Her eyes twinkled with delight as she steadily pumped on his shaft. "Who says it can't? Why NOT rent a limo? We can afford it. And m'kay, so maybe she can't suck you under the table through dinner. But wait until after! Oh boy! The Christine Effect will keep your thingy hot and throbbing all night long!" She giggled with glee.

He was getting excited, but he tried not to show it. "Well, more like the Christine and Amy Effect. I have to admit thinking about our date is making me super aroused, but that's 'cos I'm going to get to take both of you on a date together. How many guys are lucky enough to do that?!"

"It's not luck, Beau. M'kay, I'll admit you had a lot of luck to start with, but it's how you dealt with your lucky hand that makes all the difference. You keep rising to the occasion, like the way you're super stiff right now!"

He sighed. "I am, but that's like smoke and mirrors. I still feel half dead. No, make that more like nine-tenths dead. Can we just keep on cuddling and talking for a while? It's not just what Kat and Mother did to me earlier; it's the whole day. This has easily been the most sexually active day of my entire life, which is saying a hell of a lot, and it's still not over! I have no idea how I'll manage with Mom later. You'll have to carry me to her room in a wheelbarrow or something." He sighed again.

"No worries, Brother! Frankly, I'm amazed you've made it this far. We'll just chillax until you get your second wind." She leaned in and whispered hotly, "Then you'll fuck me in my tight and tingly ass and give me my ring. Know that there isn't anywhere I'd rather be than here, in bed with you, with your thingy in my ass. It'll be awesome!"

"I hope so." He smiled, buoyed by her enthusiasm.


Then, after a pause, he asked, "What do you want to talk about?"

Amy's face lit up. "Oooh, I know! Let's play a game. Let's call it 'Who Ya Gonna Fuck?' I'm curious, outside of the obvious, like your four-going-on-five slave wives, plus your one full-on slave Brenda, plus co-girlfriend Christine. Other than all of us, who do you still plan on fucking sometimes?"

"Aims, you're weird. Why talk about that, of all things, on the night I've proposed to marry you? I'd much rather talk about YOU. You're still kind of a mystery woman to me. I know you've been deliberately putting up a front, but now that you're going to be my wife, isn't it time for us to bare our souls to each other? No secrets, no poses."

She paused and looked thoughtful. "You're right. Definitely. But let's build up to that, m'kay? First, I really am curious about your other lovers, and talking about this will help make sure your thingy stays hard."

He gave her a slightly exasperated look. "I honestly don't think that'll be a problem while lying naked in bed with YOU. Seriously. I call it the Amy Effect." He winked. "But if you insist. What do you want to know?"

She sat up next to him, so she could switch hands on his cock with ease. "Let me give you a name, and you tell me what your fucky plans are with them. M'kay? Let's start with Akami."

"Hmmm. Akami? I honestly don't know. Aims, you have to understand, my number one goal is to stop overcommitting and overextending myself. I'm stretched way thin, like Plastic Man! I want to focus on YOU and the other women in my harem. Akami's not part of that, nor is she ever going to be. So, to be honest, I'm thinking I'll probably fade away from her over time. Plus, she told us that she's going to go back to school and won't have much time to spend with us."

"Awww. Really? That's a bummer! I agree that she's not the harem type, but she's nice, and sexy, and she knows all our secrets. Don't you want to invite her to our parties, like our poke-her parties, fashion shows, and contests?"

"Well, I suppose. Given that she knows our incest secret... Hey, what's this about contests?"

"Oh, that's just an idea I had. Just to kinda vary things up, wouldn't it be fun to have contests? Like a blowjob contest, titfuck contest, cunnilingus contest, mystery fuck contest-"

He cut in, "What's that?"

"Where you're blindfolded and you have to guess who you're fucking. Oh my gosh, I've got so many ideas! Now that we're a harem, the possibilities are endless. For instance, not just one-on-one role-plays, but entire multi-character dramas! Fucky, sucky dramas! 'Sucky' is going to take on a whole new meaning in OUR house." She fondled his balls with one hand and stroked his shaft with her other as her enthusiasm grew and grew.

He grinned widely. "Aims, my sweet Aims, you crack me up. I'm not even gonna THINK about contests or the like right now, 'cos my struggle is to stay grounded. Who's next?"

Amy frowned. "I hate to say this, but... Heather."

He frowned too. "I know you're not happy about it, and I'm not either, but she has a weird hold on me that's hard to shake. She's sunk her talons into me. It's very tricky, trying to extricate myself from her grip. I kind of need her help to want to let go."

"Yeah," Amy murmured, "Fat chance of that happening soon. She's obsessing over you like you wouldn't believe. I can tell."

Hearing that, Alan sighed, "That's what I thought. I figure she and I will kind of stagger along, fighting and fucking, until she finally pisses me off so much that I can't forgive her, at which point our relationship will blow up in spectacular fashion. I dread the day that'll happen, but I don't know how to stop it from happening eventually. But let's not talk about that right now, please. You said you wanted to keep me horny."

"M'kay. But is there anything I can do to help?"

"I guess you can. You know the saying 'Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer.' If anyone has been fully taken in by your airhead act, it's her. I know it's a lot to ask, but if you could get to know her better, you might be able to talk her out of doing stupid stuff, and also serve as an early-warning beacon for me when she's about to do stupid stuff anyway. And you're bound to be a much better influence on her than those vapid, sycophantic 'Blondie' friends of hers. Those are the true airheads, in my book. Simone is the only decent friend she's got."

Amy considered that, then nodded. "M'kay. I can do that. I'm not too keen on talking to her a lot, since she's kind of a meanie, but I have no problem having fucky fun with her. I've done a little bit of that with her, and it was fine. She's got a hot body, there's no doubt about that. And whenever she's having sex with you she's in a good mood, so I'll be happy to serve your cock with her in tow sometimes. Besides, she doesn't talk much during sex, especially if she's too busy bobbing on your boner."

He chuckled at that last point. "That's true. Thanks for offering to help." He had an enticing mental image of Amy helping Heather and himself with "fucky fun." Hmmm. That certainly would be an interesting way for me to spend my lunch hours sometimes. Dang! It's good to be the king! XXX13

He forced himself to stick to the here-and-now. "Anyway, let's not talk about her anymore. Who's next?"

"M'kay, let's see. What about Kim?"

"Ah, Kim. She's nice, as you know. But I like her more as a friend than as a fuck buddy. I hate to be a snob about it, but her less curvy body type doesn't do much for me. I'm lucky that I have the likes of you, so I can be choosy." He ran a hand up Amy's leg to her hip, since that was about as much as he could reach while lying down. "Since she knows our incest secret, I can't just walk away from her. Besides, I do like hanging with her, even though I don't feel love for her. Maybe when she comes over to our parties and such, she can mostly focus on having lesbian fun?"

Amy said, "That would work. No offense, but she's definitely more into us ladies than she is into you. She's got the same booby love that you do, so nothing would make her happier than motorboating Susan or Brenda."

He chuckled at the resulting mental image of Kim doing just that. "You're probably right. Next?" XX14

"M'kay. Janice and Joy."

He sighed. "Again, I don't want to sound like a snob. They're cheerleaders and highly desirable. Maybe nines on a one-to-ten scale. But they're not you or my other wives. Why should I spend any time with them when I can be with you or someone like Kat?"

That made Amy's nearly-ubiquitous smile much bigger. She asked, "Yeah, but what about the S-Club?"

"That was kind of a hare-brained scheme, made back when I thought more was better, back before I realized the most important thing is to spend every moment I can with the women I love. I'm not sure what to do with that. Maybe I can reconfigure that to be something to benefit Sean, to help him take Heather off my hands."

Amy grinned. "The Sean Club?"

"Exactly. We'll see, 'cos it's going to be complicated, especially with Heather involved."

"Does she have to be?"

"If I want her to pull her ass off my cock and push it onto Sean's, then yeah."

"Hmmm. That's going to be tricky."

He noticed the thoughtful and serious look on her face, which was so uncharacteristic for her. "It sure is. Next?"


"Donna?! Why Donna? I hardly know her."

"True. By your super high standards, there aren't many who are fuck-worthy, but you have to admit she is. Plus, I've been keeping an eye on school intrigues in my 'Amy the airhead' innocent way, and I've been learning a lot of stuff. I figure she's going to proposition you again, and soon. Maybe even in the next week!"

"What?! Are you serious? Why?!"

"Because she wants to win the Homecoming Queen title, that's why! That's right around the corner, and that's going to be a 'duel to the death' kind of a thing between her and Heather. Once she figures out how strong Heather's feelings are for you, it's a no-brainer for her to seduce you to totally mess with Heather's head and drive her to do stupid things."


He thought, Donna is pretty hot. I'd love to see her naked. If she wants to seduce me, why not let her? I could enjoy fucking her, and then just walk away. But no. That's not the kind of guy I am. Why have sex without love, just for variety's sake? That's everything I'm trying to move away from. Besides, doing anything with her is playing with fire.

He said, "Well, she can try all she wants, but she'll get nowhere with me. From what I can tell, she seems like another Heather type, another manipulative bitch. One of those in my life is one too many. And I need Heather more prone to do stupid stuff like I need another hole in the head! I'd rather have sex with a snake than Donna, although it sounds like it's much the same thing. No way! Next!"

Amy smiled, pleased with that response. "Simone."

A smile came to his face as he pondered her. "Simone is a good, kind person, and VERY sexy. Very fuckable! I love her sense of humor and her personality in general. If I had endless energy, I'd want to bring her into my harem. But I don't, so I'll have to consider her 'the one who got away.'"

Amy said, "Not hardly. Since she's Heather's best friend and fuck buddy, and Heather's got her claws in you, you're going to see a LOT of her in the months to come, I'm sure, both in and out of bed."

He nodded. "You're right." He mentally pictured himself in the theater room during some future lunch period, with Heather and Simone arranged in a "fuck sandwich" - lying naked with one on top of the other. XX16

Man, I'm living such a charmed life that it's not even funny. That very kind of thing is bound to happen, a LOT! I'll get to fuck Simone plenty, if only because she's been helping me train my lovely blonde Bitchslut. I'm going to have to fight hard not to fall in love with her along the way. Her close relationship with Heather makes the situation even more difficult. What if I were to fall in love with her but not Heather? Phew! I'd be afraid to see how Heather would react to that!

He said, "This is where I'm going to have to fight hard to stay strong. Every time I fuck a woman, it's like I bond a little bit more with her. I could easily fall in love with Simone before long. That's a problem. At some point I have to say the door is closed, no more room at the inn, and I think that time is now. Luckily, Simone doesn't seem that into me, except in a fuck-buddy kind of way, so let's hope it stays that way. I mean, at what point does the size of my harem become absurdly ridiculous? I think I'm right at the verge of that."

"No you're not, but it's cute that you think so." Then she smirked knowingly at him. "Xania."

"Ugh! That's even worse! I could fall in love with her even more easily. She's kind of halfway into the harem already. She's such a stacked and sexy babe! She'd fit right in, what with her college ties to Mother and all. Damn, she's one hell of a great fuck!" He stared off into space, recalling some of his fantastic times with her. Just thinking about her made his erection stiffen and throb more urgently.

Amy looked down at her fingers still sliding up and down his boner. "Oooh! I felt that. Alan Junior says she belongs in the harem!"

Then he refocused and said, "But Aims, seriously, how many more women can I handle? In a perfect world I'd have her in the harem in a second. But I have to be realistic."

"But she already is kind of committed to you. She's on a trial period, just like Glory. She's promised to swear off all other men and focus entirely on serving your thingy for the next six months, at least."

"I know, believe me. I'm both psyched and alarmed about that."

Amy corrected him, "All other men except for Sean, that is."

"Hrm. True." He frowned.

"A-ha!" Amy smirked. "You are getting more attached to her. You don't even like the idea of sharing her with Sean, do you?"

"I'm not too keen on the idea, no. But... how selfish can I get? It's unreasonable for me to try to limit and control her sex life."

"We'll see about that," Amy said with a mischievous twinkle in her eye. "Don't you think she's going to be permanently connected to us in some way from now on?"

He rubbed his chin in contemplation. "Maybe. ... Probably. Once someone gets drawn into this harem life, I'm guessing it's pretty hard for them to ever walk away. But she's got her life in L.A. Maybe she'll just kind of stay on the edge of the harem, as an associate of some sort. I could handle that, probably, without collapsing from sexual exhaustion."

Amy replied, a bit mysteriously, "Maybe she will. Or maybe not. We'll see."

He looked at her curiously. "Do you know something I don't?"

Amy seemed to not hear that, and wiggled her eyebrows suggestively. "Hey! I've got an idea. What if you make Xania an official associate harem member, with a ceremony and stuff, and have her wear a gray collar? Gray, 'cos it's like almost black, kind of on the way to black. But she doesn't get to wear a black one until she swears off all other guys forever. Then, others, like Christine, could use the same system when their time comes."


He imagined Xania wearing a gray collar, stockings... and nothing else. It was a tempting vision. Jesus Christ, man! Even with so many women in my life already, how can I resist having her too? God, she's such a sexy babe! And smart and fun and everything else. If she wants to enslave herself to my cock, even with just a gray collar, how could I turn her down? But then where does it end? Geez, talk about an embarrassment of riches!

After sorting through his thoughts, he asked with some irritation, "Aims, why are you suggesting setting up a system like that? How is it possible for the harem to grow and grow? I'm still just me! How am I supposed to handle even more lovers? Clone myself?!"

"That would be cool!" She grinned impishly. But then she said, "Sorry, it's just that I kinda like it when things are all official-y. Then everything is clear and there's no room for confusion or argument. That lets us focus on having fun!"

"Well, I appreciate that thought, but I'm way, way, WAY too overextended now! Let's talk about that instead of this name game."

"M'kay, if you want." She nodded in her usual easygoing way.


He sat up and said with urgency, "Aims, now that our futures are entwined together, I'm hoping I can confide in you. With some of my other lovers, including Susan and Kat, I have to play the part of the dominant, invincible master. But you don't seem too fazed by that master stuff one way or another, which is good, because when we're alone I hope that means I can let down my guard."

"Oh, definitely."

He suggested, "And you can let down your guard and drop your airhead act too."

"Beau, here's the thing. It's not an act. Maybe it started as an act, but I LIKE being this way. I play up the whole airhead-y thing around certain people, true. But I like talking the way I do, including making up big long words. It's fun! I really am very easygoing. Yes, I can be scheme-y and manipulative sometimes, but I'm not really that complicated. I just want to love and be loved, ya know? By you, and by others in this harem. Basically, they're all my very most favorite-est people. I'll try to be more open and honest with you, but trust me, this is the real me."

"Good. Because I like that you. I love that you, in fact!" Since they were both sitting up, he leaned forward and briefly kissed her lips.

He sat back. He thought, Huh. I wonder if what she says is really true. Is she really showing all her cards? I've underestimated her before, more than once. How can someone appear so innocent and guileless like she does, and yet still cleverly cause things to happen like she does? I'm guessing there's more layers she's not ready to show me yet. I suppose it'll take time to build up the necessary trust for her to bare her innermost thoughts and private self to me. But that's okay; I can wait. I can't accomplish everything in one night just because of a wedding proposal.

Then, realizing he was still weary, he laid all the way back. "If you don't mind, let me unload my problems on you. You can stop stroking my dick, since I'm probably going to go flaccid anyway."

"Stroking you? Who's stroking you? I don't know what you're talking about." She smiled impishly as she kept right on jacking him off.


He rolled his eyes, deciding not to dispute that. What she was doing felt too good. He reached up and caressed her hair. "I know I sound like a broken record, but my number one fear is that I'm unworthy of this harem. Not just in the sense of not being deserving. I've harped on that a lot, I know, but that's kind of a moot point now This is what it is, and I'm coming to grips with that. What worries me more is the sense of not being able to handle it, not being able to rise to the challenge."

Amy looked at him sternly, obviously annoyed that he would question himself. "Beau, you-"

He interrupted, "Wait, please. Let me finish. I'm just one man! I don't think of myself as a natural alpha male type. I don't have some killer instinct to take charge of any group I'm in. I can do it if I push myself to, but it's not my natural inclination. Plus, you all are so awesome. Technically you're my slaves, because we've all agreed to that, but you're no pushovers. You're all strong characters with clear ideas of what you want and how to get it. And mostly that seems to be more time and sex with me. I suppose that's because I've fallen in love with all of you, and you with me. But what if it's just not practical for one man to love five, six, or even seven women? What if NO MAN can reasonably do that?!"

Amy pointed out while her fingers slid up and down his shaft, "There have been zillions of harems before yours, often much larger."

"True, but a sultan's harem isn't a good comparison. Those sultans were assholes. They treated their women like chattel, like objects. We talk a lot in this harem about 'fuck toys' and 'sex pets' and the like, but that's basically just sex talk. You and I both know that I love each one of you as people! Very special, unique, and amazing people. I loved you before the sex was even a possibility, and I'll love you when all we can do is sit in our rocking chairs."

She was moved. She took his hand and squeezed it.

"Whereas your typical sultan, he might have dozens of women in his harem, but at best he'll love only one or two. He might not even know all their names. I don't want to be like that. I CAN'T be like that. Like I said, the more I fuck someone, the more I bond with them. It's like I can't help it. So I fall in love. Then I get way overcommitted. I'm happy I proposed to all of you tonight, but a part of me fears that all I did was dig a deeper hole for myself. I can only cum so many times a day. Six, maybe. That's a LOT! And there are only so many hours in the day. How can I give you the love and sex and time that you each deserve?! There's no way!"

She continued to hold his hand supportively. "I totally get that you feel that way, and I'm not knocking you for it. Your worries are totally legit. But there are some things I think you're overlooking."

"Like what?"

"Like the whole sharing factor. Now that we're all betrothed and stuff, and everybody in the harem loves each other already or at least is getting really friendly, we can enjoy you together more and more! It'll be more sexy fun for you, and more quality time with you for us! It's totally win-win!"

He said, "You know, I talked about this with Suzanne a little earlier, and she said nearly the exact same thing."

Amy grinned knowingly. "That Suzanne, she's a smart cookie. I'm kind of her mentor. She's learning a lot from me, so you should listen to her."

He chuckled mirthfully. "Oh, so you're HER mentor, not the other way around. I see!"

Amy said, "I'm just kidding, of course. I owe everything to her. But anyway, there's that. Plus, there's the fact that we... are... a TEAM!" She spoke each of those words most emphatically. "We're your SLAVES and your wives now! That's a pretty darn weird thing, but it's true. That means we support you totally. We've got your back! If you need to relax 'cos you feel too stressed out trying to keep US happy, then relax! Take a day or two off, or whatever you need to do. You're the master, we're the slaves."

He said, "Thanks for saying that, but that's more theory than reality. The truth is, we're in a mutual relationship, with lots of give and take. No matter what words you put on it, that's how I want it to be, and that's how it should be. I can't be happy unless you're happy, you and your fellow wives."

She smiled from ear to ear, while still rubbing his sweet spot. "Awww! That's a sweet thing to say, especially 'cos I know you mean it. But don't push yourself too hard. A lot of your stressing out right now is due to us, with the way we can be so hungry for hot sex with you. To make the harem work, it's on ALL of us, equally, not all on your shoulders. We're pushing hard because so far whenever we want more, you deliver. But we're driving you to exhaustion. That's obvious. You look exhausted. We'll just have to chill out and take it down a notch or two. M'kay? It's cool. Everything is cool."

He sat up again and gave her a big hug. "Thanks, Aims! You're the best!"

She let go of his boner so she could hug him back with both arms. "No worries!"

They French kissed for a little while. XX19

Eventually, he pulled back, and said, "I'm STILL tired. I'm sorry about that. But I've got an idea. I'm enjoying just 'chillaxing' with you, hanging out and talking. What if we do that for a while, BUT with my boner in your tight, sexy ass? We can spoon and cuddle and chat about this and that, and I can kind of butt-fuck you a little too. Then, when the mood strikes, we can pick up the pace and I can slip your ring on your finger when our passion reaches a good peak."

Amy's face lit up. "That sounds AWESOME! And not just for tonight. We should do that, like, a LOT!" After she said that, she added, "Oops, there I go again, being pushy. Sorry 'bout that."

"Aims, of all my lovers, you're the least pushy by far. In fact, I want you to be MORE pushy. But we'll talk about that later. Let's get repositioned."

She bounced excitedly on the bed, even clapping her hands. "M'kay! But first things first. You said I shouldn't get lubed up yet so you could do the honors."

He grinned. "I did, didn't I? That was smart of me. Let's do it, then."


They repositioned. Amy lay face down in the middle of his bed. He knelt between her legs with the bottle of lube that she'd brought to the room.

He didn't start lubing her up right away though. Instead, he said, "Okay, you've been treating me like a king for a while, with your totally unnecessary non-stop handjob. So now, let me treat you like a queen." Then he let both hands roam all over whatever was within reach. Mostly that meant her ass, but he explored her upper thighs, lower back, and especially her pussy and clit. What he was doing was a lot like a massage, a very sexual massage.


Amy kept her eyes closed and relaxed. She purred with contentment, loving every minute of it.

Meanwhile, there was more that he wanted to discuss. So as he fondled her, and even started using the lube on her asshole, he said, "Aims, my love, now that we're hopefully going to take our love and friendship to an even closer level, I want you to be completely honest with me: what do you think of all this master and slave stuff? I mean honestly, totally honestly. Not what you think I want to hear. It's pretty ridiculous bullshit, isn't it?"

She immediately replied, "Not at all! Now, admittedly, if it was just you and me as boyfriend and girlfriend, there's no way I would want that. I'm not normally into that kind of thing. I don't get, like, a special little tingle just from calling you 'master' the way, say, our Mom does."

"You mean Susan."

"Right. I'm totally committed to Susan being Mom and Suzanne being Mother, so there'll be no confusion. Anyway, that's not the situation we're in. We've got a very special situation going on, a harem situation. You NEED to be a master. It's a must! It's like how a city needs a mayor and a company needs a boss. As you said, we're a pretty demanding bunch, an 'uppity' bunch. What if the four of us team up together on you about something? Frankly, you wouldn't stand a chance! Much less if Glory piles on too. So you need, like, some special privilege to sort of give you half a chance."

He chuckled. "I never thought of it quite that way. It's kind of humbling, particularly compared to the usual sort of flattering stuff I hear, but I think you have a point."

By that time, he was busy poking deep into her asshole with the lube. Holy shit, she's tight! he realized. How am I ever going to fit my cock in here? And if I do, will I ever get it back out again? Even though I fucked her ass this morning, I don't think that helped with the tightness much, if at all.

"Mmmm... that feels good!" she purred, wriggling her hips at him in satisfaction. "But, ah, anyway, I do totally have a point. Besides, I can flatter you too, 'cos you definitely deserve it. This harem wouldn't exist if it wasn't for you and your extra special sex skills and your personality. You have a gift! I can't explain it exactly - it's probably a combination of a whole bunch of stuff - but it's there. When someone like Mom talks about you taming this or that hottie, it's real! It's a real thing! I know, 'cos you've tamed me!"

"Are you serious?" That startled and aroused him.

"Totally! One thousand percent super double duper serious! To be tamed means that I know you own me, and I'm waaaay cool with that."

That aroused him even more. "What? You think I own you?! I thought you don't take this master and slave stuff seriously."

She shrugged, as if the nuance didn't matter to her. "I do and I don't. I know you're still the same Beau as a few months ago, before all this sex stuff started. You're not some superman all of a sudden. But at the same time, when married couples say 'I belong to you' and 'you belong to me' and that sort of thing, it's like that, only waaay more so. It's, like, I feel like I totally belong to you, like a million zillion percent, and I feel safe and loved and as happy as can be. I'm so proud of you! Just thinking about you makes me smile."

He teased, "You're always smiling anyway."

"True. But now, whenever I think of you, I'm, like, double smiling." She giggled. She gesticulated with her hands, even though she was facing away from him and propped up on her elbows. "Anyway... it's hard to explain. It's, like, feeling like I belong to you, but way, way, WAY more! I would NEVER think of cheating on you with another guy! Why should I? You're my dream man, and seeing you happy makes me happy, especially 'cos I know that you seeing me happy makes you happy! It's all so good, and it circles round and round, getting better and better!"

He was beaming, delighted beyond words to hear that she felt that way. "But what about me having other lovers? Even outside the harem?"

"That's perfectly cool, UNLESS you pick someone I'm not so keen on, like Heather. In the future, even though you're our master, I think we, your slave-wives, should have like a majority vote or something, on whenever you want to fuck somebody new. 'Cos it affects all of us. What if you get a disease, or get her pregnant, or get some jealous boyfriend chasing after you with a knife or something? Maybe we can stop you from making some dumb decisions sometimes."

"That seems fair to me, I must admit. Had that rule been in place from day one, I wouldn't have gotten involved with Heather and my life would be a lot less harried and complicated. But why are you so okay with the whole idea of me fucking around? Why don't you at least get really jealous like Kat does?"

"Mmmm..." She purred happily, because he already had her anus thoroughly lubed and was just having fun fingering her there. "The truth is, I DO get jealous sometimes, but probably not as much, and not for long, 'cos I look at it in a logical way. There are many great benefits to being in a harem. It's awesome, actually! Already, I can't imagine any other way to live. I'm totally psyched to be your sex slave, even though the word 'slave' is weird. It's so good that it feels like, I dunno, taking candy from a baby or something. Nothing should be THIS easy. I get to love not just you, but six others in every possible way, including sexually!"


"Well, I figure it's just a matter of time before Glory is your next slave-wife. She's totally tamed already; she just doesn't fully realize it yet. I could see it in her eyes at the Thanksgiving meal. I know the look."

"What look is that?"

Amy hummed with pleasure while he fingered her asshole. "The look of a woman who KNOWS that she's in love and in lust, all the way, and that she feels it not just in her heart but also deep inside her belly, where it counts. In her pussy too! It's the look of a woman who is sexually ALIVE... and knows it! It's the look that the four of us have on our faces every day, so I've seen it a lot already."

"I... see..." Alan replied thoughtfully, his fingering of Amy's ass slowing, but not stopping.

"Then there's Brenda. I don't love her yet, or even know her that well, but we're Anal Pals already, and we're bound by our love for you, so it's just a matter of time until we'll be super bestest friends. I'm sure of it. It's like having this huge present under the Christmas tree. I don't know what's in it yet, but I know it's going to be great! But I can wait until I open it, 'cos the anticipation is half the fun."

She added, "By the way, that's how I feel about Glory too. I know I'm going to love getting to love her, in AND out of bed. See? The harem is so awesome! In what other situation would I get these guaranteed new best friends and lovers, and even kinda almost new sisters?" XXX21

"I don't know. But that's still just five, right?"

"Right. But I'm counting Christine too, so that makes it six. That's the advantage of you having seven women in your harem: each of us gets six sister-lovers."

"But Christine isn't in the harem."

"Not yet!" Amy winked. "Now, I don't know what's going to ultimately happen to her. Will she learn of the incest secret? And if she does, will she freak out or will she be okay with it? Will she ever wear one of your slave collars, or even one of your wedding rings? There are so many questions. But I do know that just being co-girlfriends is going to be a totally awesome-riffic ride for me! Even if it never goes beyond that, I can tell that she and I are going to be best pals AND lovers, bound together by our mutual love of serving your cock! Just you wait and see! I said earlier that she and I are going to be a cocksucking team extraordinaire, and I mean it! And a titfucking team, and a fuck sandwich team, and much, much more! It's gonna be a total blast to help her along and watch you slowly tame her." XX22

He said, "There you go with the taming again. You're starting to sound like Mom."

Amy responded, "She gets way too carried away, obviously, but she has some good points sometimes, like with the whole taming thing. Anyhoo, as much as I'm loving your anal fingering, what happened to your mellow ass-poking idea? Let's do that!"

He stopped and realized he'd just been swirling one finger in her butt for a while, so he reached for the box of handi-wipes that she had thoughtfully placed by her bed. As he cleaned the finger that had been in her anus, he said, "Okay. But before we reposition, let me sum up what you said. You understand that I'm just a guy, not deserving of having a harem, and yet-"

"Hold on!" She rolled over to look him in the eye. "I never said that. You're not 'just a guy'! You're VERY special! But you're not 'naturally superior' to us, and that kind of super-submissive stuff that Mom and Brenda get off on. You're not magical or supernatural or something like that. But you ARE deserving of having a harem! You EARNED it by making us all fall in love with you!" She poked a finger at him. "Don't put yourself down, or I'm going to get all pissed off!"

He joked, "I might just put myself down then, 'cos I've never seen you pissed off and I'd like to know what that looks like."

She just rolled her eyes. "Anyway, if you want a conclusion, I understand you're the same Alan Plummer you were last year. But I was in love with you then, 'cos you were a special guy then too, and I'm even more in love with you now."

"You were?! Wow!"

She swatted a hand through the air, as if she was going to slap him, but she wasn't even close to reaching. "You had no clue? Wasn't it kind of obvious, like with the way I sketched you a bunch of times when you were wearing just a skimpy bathing suit, many months before your medical diagnosis even happened?"

"I don't get it. How would me wearing a skimpy bathing suit reveal that you had a crush on me? I had to do that because the whole point was: you were learning to draw the male body and all its musculature so you needed to see bare skin, or at least skin-tight clothes."

She shook her head. "Kat is right; you ARE a doofus. But a totally lovable doofus." She beamed at him with pure love. Then, seeing he was still confused, she added, "I guess now it can be told: all those sketching sessions were a set-up! I didn't REALLY need all that practice. But it got us to hang out for hours together on many occasions, helping us to reconnect. Plus, what did I wear?"

He thought back. "Now that I recall, we were always doing those sketches of me outside by the pool, so you could take advantage of the natural light. So you wore bikinis. Quite skimpy bikinis, in fact."

"Exactly! I didn't need the sunlight either. But that gave me an excuse to wear bikinis every time, bikinis which got your thingy hard and kept it that way for practically hours on end. Although it wasn't always just me, since I 'required' Kat to pose in bikinis too. Remember that?"


"Oh yeah!" He happily recalled those times. Back then, Katherine had a policy of only wearing conservative one-piece bathing suits, and she was often too shy to even be seen in those, so getting to see her in a bikini was a special treat. Amy's bikinis had been even more revealing. He recalled one bikini in particular that was semi-transparent in the right light, and hardly covered much to begin with. It was easy to understand why he always seemed to have a full erection during those drawing sessions.

Amy shook her head again and giggled. "Geez Louise. How could you be so clever and smart most of the time, and yet so gullible sometimes too? Anyways, I was in eye-candy city. I got to admire your muscular body, sometimes only in a Speedo, and I especially got to enjoy and even draw your constantly obvious boner. Kat got to enjoy the same sights. You got to see us in our bikinis. So it was win-win-win all around. I was trying to be flirty with you too. Whenever I paint or draw, I usually just sit or stand there behind my easel or pad, but do you remember how I was moving around a lot, bending over and such?"

He grinned in fond memory. "Oh... yeah! I guess there wasn't much need for that, was there?"

She rolled her eyes at him again. "No. I kept having to come up with silly excuses, like keeping my mango juice on a table that was out of reach, and my art supplies on the ground, also out of easy reach. I thought that kind of situation would be enough to make you see I had the hots for you, especially after drawing you a whole bunch of times, but in retrospect I wasn't nearly obvious enough."

He shrugged. "Oh well. All's well that ends well, right?"

"Right." She sighed about something, but then seemed to put it out of her mind.

He asked, "By the way, why did your sneaky drawing temptation campaign come to an end? Was I so oblivious that you gave up on trying to tempt me?"

"Well, actually, yes! That's part of it. I realized that you would just see me as Aims, your kinda sorta cousin and good friend, pretty much no matter what I did. I could have run around naked and even that wouldn't have worked! Actually, I DID try that, and even that didn't work!"

"Waaaait a minute. Are you saying those couple of times I accidentally walked in on you when you were naked, those weren't accidents at all?" XX24

"No, they weren't. Though you didn't help, by being all gentleman-y and immediately averting your eyes."

He chuckled. "Sorry for being considerate."

"You should be! You were just as bad as Mother, treating me in an entirely non-sexual way, like I was this child of pure innocence, incapable of even THINKING about sex. So I realized an entirely different approach was needed. But also, the drawing sessions came to an end with the start of summer, because the whole excuse was that I was doing the extra practice for my art class, and that excuse wouldn't fly if class wasn't even in session, right?"

He nodded in contemplation. "Ahhh. Now I'm starting to see."

"Anyhoo, getting back to the topic at hand, I don't get off on thinking of myself as your sex toy or something like that, but I'm PROUD to call you my master and call myself one of your sex slaves! It means I'm one of the family, one of the gang, and that's pretty super duper neat. But, that said, I'm not going to go around calling you 'master' all the time, 'cos I don't want you to get a big head. Get it? It's kind of complicated, I guess, but it makes perfect sense to me."

He furrowed his brow. "I suppose I get it. But what's the difference between 'sex toy' and 'sex slave?'"

"Sex slave' is an official title. That's my formal position, just like I'm your co-girlfriend and one of your official personal cocksuckers. I've signed The Pact and I wear your collar. I've pledged to serve you and your big, fat, tasty cock for the rest of my life. And I'm totally cool with that! Sure, it sounds one-sided just from the sound of it - 'sex slave' - and from the job description too. But it's a mutual agreement, and I feel I'm actually getting the better half of the deal. It's kinda like getting paid big bucks to do what you love to do anyway. 'I can't believe they're paying me to do this!'" She giggled.

She continued, "Whereas 'sex toy' is more like a state of mind. I know it's mostly sex talk, and sometimes I may even kinda get into that sort of talk when I'm super duper horny. But there's a bit of putting oneself down in order to hype you up and revel in the contrast of the power dynamic, and I'm not into that. You see? I can be your sex slave AND still be very proud and self-confident and happy with who I am."

"I do. Good for you! Actually, I think you have a very healthy attitude about this. It would be good if you talk to Mom and Sis and get them to bring some of their wilder ideas down to Earth."

She grinned impishly. "Nah."


"That's right. They have lots of fun with that stuff, and it doesn't harm anybody. So why try to change them? For instance, if you want to see Kat smile for days, just call her 'fuck toy.' It even works when I say it to her. The important thing is that YOU remain grounded. There's a fine line between realizing that you ARE special and deserving of us all, and falling for the really wild hype. Luckily, you have me to help you. Believe me, I'm not going to let you turn into a self-centered jerk. And if I see them going way too overboard with the submissive stuff, I'll set them straight too. Except for Brenda. I can't explain it, but in her case, I think going overboard suits her. She's just kinda overboard-y in a lot of ways."

He sighed with relief. "Thanks, Aims! Just hearing that is taking a big load off my back. You're awesome!"

She shot back, "I know you are, but what am I?" She giggled at that, and winked. "Now, let's get this show on the road! I want you in my ass... Master!"


Alan was already lying flat on his back. Amy squatted above him to lower her ass down onto his cock while facing him. They'd tried this position once before but hadn't been successful at it. Since then, he'd only taken her from behind.


She was so tight that it took a few tries before she was actually able to impale herself onto his cockhead. She had to grit her teeth and hiss in pain at the initial penetration.

Alan was concerned, since it looked from her expression that she was in great pain. He reached up and put his hands on her hips, ready to lift her off. "Are you okay?!"

She yelled out, "It HURTS! But it hurts so goooooood!"

That stopped him from trying to get her off his dick, but he was still concerned. He slipped his hands under her ass and tried to support her weight by holding her slightly up.

She felt that and exclaimed, "I'm okay! Don't worry! I'm not going to stop or turn back for ANYTHING!"

He reluctantly brought his hands back to her waist. "Are you SURE?! That was so fast! Before, that took us a good ten minutes! But you did that in, like, ten seconds!"

She paused to wipe her forehead and work on her breathing. Then she said, "That's 'cos I'm not as fragile as you think I am. Plus, I'm totally loosey-goosey. I'm soooo relaxed. My ass isn't tensed up at all. You see? This is an advantage of being totally tamed and knowing it. I know I'm safe in your arms. There's nothing to worry about."

He smiled at that, trying to hide his own concern.

She wiggled her ass a little bit. "That said, I only got past your cockhead. I wanted to get past the worst of it fast, even though that hurt. But I still have, like, a good five inches to go, and I want them all! Luckily, I've got gravity on my side."

She wiggled and readjusted some more. She noted, "This is a good position. We should totally do this a lot more, 'cos gravity is super helpful. All I have to do is sit here like this, and I'm going to sloooowly sink down onto you, and I'm going to feel every INCH I can get!"

That was true. However, she didn't want to rush it, so it took a few minutes. She kept her eyes closed most of the time, focusing on the increasing penetration while remaining in a blissed-out state. She wiggled her ass from time to time, which helped her settle down further, but she didn't deliberately lower herself down that much.

He could see that she was very relaxed indeed. He wisely decided to stay quiet during the process, for fear that conversation would take her out of her "loosey-goosey" mental state.

But, with still about half of his shaft to go, she suddenly let out a low but prolonged moan.

Curiosity got the best of him, and he asked, "What's that about?! Are you okay?!"

She replied with her eyes still shut tightly, "Never better! I just... just came!"

He thought, I should have known. When she cums from regular fucking, she's a super-loud, high-pitched screamer. But when she cums from anal sex, she lets out those moans. I'm surprised though. I thought she was suffering. It's so dang hard for me to tell. A 'Big O' face is almost exactly the same as a pained face, as far as I can see.

Eventually, about five minutes after she'd squatted over him and his cockhead had entered her anus, she was fully impaled on him. She opened her eyes and seemed to be staring at something miles away. "Fuuuuck... that feels so good!" she moaned loudly. Then she stared down at him and her eyes slowly focused in triumph. "A-ha! We did it!"

He ran his hands up her, from her knees to her thighs to her tummy. "No, YOU did it! That was amaaaazing! How did you do that so fast?!" XX26

She was happy to just sit on him for a while and readjust to the feeling of supreme fullness in her ass. "Two reasons. Like I said, being SUPER relaxed, and gravity."

"Well, we should do this position all the time, at least to get started, because it's like night and day. I felt bad this morning when you told me that I've only fucked your ass twice, and that it had been five days since the last time. I think I was kind of avoiding doing it because it's been SUCH a difficult ordeal getting into you. I mean, I really thought we wouldn't manage it! But this time, you're still INCREDIBLY tight around me, but it wasn't an ordeal at all. At least it wasn't for me this time. I'm not even breaking into a sweat!"

She moaned appreciatively as she continued to settle onto him. "Well, it was kind of an ordeal for me, but still, like ten times easier than last time. This position is key, I think. In fact, I've heard that this is the best way to give birth, while squatting, like women do in some other cultures. The way they do it in our hospitals, with the woman lying down, that's, like, no understanding of body posture."

"Yeah, I can see that. So how are you feeling? Are you good?"

Her whole face lit up. "I'm VERY good! This is the best! Don'tcha just love that tightness? That super duper tightness? I'm squeezing every last inch of your cock all at once, and I'm not even moving! I feel so..." - she gesticulated wildly "...so... STUFFED!"

"But is that a good feeling?"

Her eyelids fluttered and she sighed with pleasure. She moaned, "Oh, yeeeaaah! The BEST! I'm, like, high! High on cock!" She arched her back and tilted her head even further back in triumph. "The best! So gooood!" XXX27

She luxuriated in her erotic joy for a full minute or more. Then she again tilted forward to resume eye contact with him. "What about you, Master? Are you loving it?"

He chuckled. "That's a leading question! But yeah, I'm loving it. It's a pretty intense buzz, even though you're hardly moving around or squeezing or anything. Certainly much better than the handjob you were giving me before, even though that felt great too."

"M'kay. Cool. I've got an idea. We're just gonna cuddle for a while, right?"

"Up to you. Having you impale yourself slowly on me kind of got my heart racing in a hurry, so I'm up for whatever you want."

"I say we cuddle for a little longer. This is nice. I want to test out what it's like to just feel you in me for a while. If it works out, maybe we can put 'stealth ass fucking' on the menu."

He laughed. "What's with all this stealth stuff? But okay. Let's try it out."


She laughed too. "Goody! So here's the plan. I'm going to slowly rotate around on your thingy, still fully impaled on you, and then you can help me lie back on top of you. Then we can just chat and cuddle. It'll be great!"

That's what they did, and it worked out just as planned. The fact that Amy was a few inches shorter than Alan came in handy as it helped her rest her head against his left shoulder. Inside her ass, his erection was throbbing with his heartbeat, which only made her flesh cling to him tighter and more insistently.


They intended to simply rest like that without any overt fucking motions. But it turned out that there was plenty of pleasure anyway. The sheer tightness was pleasurable for them both. In addition, she couldn't control the autonomic reactions of her anus working on his hard-on, reflexively trying to expel him from remaining inside her, which was quite impossible given their position, so long as he stayed fully erect.

Merely by staying still and cuddling, her asshole was steadily "massaging" his cock in a way that brought great pleasure to them both. It was also a completely unique experience for Alan, despite his anal exploits with his other lovers. Her asshole fit him as if it were a tight, living glove of intimate, loving flesh. The inside of her body felt warm and eager to accommodate him, even as it worked to expel him from her interior.

He pointed out, "This feels surprisingly good! And I do mean really good!"

"Yeah! Big time!"

"Are you doing anything on purpose?"

"No, I'm not. It's weird. It's like my ass has a mind of its own!"

He quipped, "Tell her to keep thinking along those lines."

She giggled. "M'kay!" Then, sensing they were fully settled and comfy, she said, "You know, this is an ideal position for you to play with my titties if you want."

"You don't say. I'll have to try that out next time."

"'Next time?!'" She jammed an elbow against his side, not too hard, but enough to make him feel it.

"Hey!" He laughed. "You know I'm just teasing you." He brought both hands to her chest and started caressing her big tits. XX28

She pouted, "You're a mean, mean master. You're so mean that I was really going to suck you all the way through dinner on our date tomorrow night, but now I'm gonna have to let Christine take over halfway through instead."

They both laughed.

He asked, "That IS just a joke, right?" He was busy diddling with her erect nipples.

She spoke teasingly, "You'll see!" Then she hesitated, and added, "Let's put it this way: I haven't done it yet, but tomorrow my plan is to look up five-star restaurants that have tablecloths that go waaaay down, nearly to the floor. And mood lighting. Lots of dark mood lighting. Oh, and a friendly female waitress. I'm gonna make some calls. Seriously. Beyond that, we'll see how daring I get!"

He shook his head in wonder. "Aims, I've said this before and I'm sure I'll say it again, many, many times: you spoil me."

"I do! And I'm damn proud of it too!" She shifted her ass a little bit, making them both gasp with a surge of arousal.

He felt her entire body quiver, causing him to ask, "Um, Aims, did you just have an orgasm?!"

She moaned lustily and dreamily. "I did."

"How is that possible?! All you did was shift a little bit."

"I know! But that just shows how much I'm enjoying this right now. To be honest, anal sex is my favorite kind of sex, by far!"

He chuckled. "Why am I not surprised? You were pretty enthusiastic the last two times, to say the least."

"Yeah, well, I've actually been holding back on telling you just how super ultra mega excito-thrillerated I am! But it's ALL good. I can't wait to live our new life! I like thinking about pairings."

"What do you mean?"

"Well, I'm most excited about the pairing of Christine and me, 'cos that's brand new. Plus, it's fun to watch her go from total 'Pristine Christine' virgin to confirmed Alan Junior cock addict! I want us to find a way to suck and titfuck your cock together every single day, even on weekends! But I'm not forgetting my super sister, Kat! We're gonna team up on you every day too, if I can help it. For instance, I can start coming over in the mornings sometimes. Would you like that?"

"Would I ever!"

"Good! Not tomorrow, since who knows when you'll wake up, but on Monday morning, don't be surprised if you wake up with a TRIPLE blowjob!" There was a pause, and then she giggled.


"I was just thinking. Wouldn't it be funny if you sat all alone at breakfast, eating your Honey Nut Cheerios and such, while Kat, Mom and I all take turns choking and gagging on your cock under the table? I wonder if there's room? I guess we'll just have to find out!"

She giggled some more, then added, "And that reminds me of other pairings too. Mother and me, Mom and me, Brenda and me... so many more! I CAN'T WAIT until I get to suck you with Glory for the first time. That'll be extra super awesome-tastic! And that's just pairings. Threesomes are even better. The bottom line is, I love sharing your cock!"

Glory Amy

He felt a powerful shiver run down his spine as he imagined Glory and Amy joyously and lovingly staring into each other's eyes as they licked his cock together. Phew! Such an arousing mind-fuck. The crazy thing is, that totally IS going to happen! It's just a matter of time. I'm SUCH a lucky son-of-a-bitch, and it's wildly unfair. But hey, I've promised myself I'm not going to keep questioning my good fortune. I love them and they love me, and that's just how it is.

Maintaining a neutral face, he replied carefully, "That all sounds great. And it sounds really..." His voice trailed off, because he felt her body shuddering all over again. He asked, "Um, Aims, did you just cum again?"

She groaned with pleasure. "I did!"

"How is THAT possible?! That time, you weren't moving at all! And I'm not doing anything either. We're just lying here."

"I know. But it keeps happening. I've actually had a couple of minor ones in the last few minutes that you apparently didn't even notice."

"Well, there must be something causing it!"

She admitted shyly, "To be honest, I can kinda sorta feel your heartbeat in my ass. It makes your thingy stiffen rhythmically. Plus, I'm listening to it in your chest."

He looked at her and noticed she'd repositioned, scrunching down somewhat so her ear was nearly directly over his heart.

She added, "So it's like I'm bonding with you even though hardly anything is happening as far as friction and fucking. Isn't that cool?"

"It's very cool. You make it really easy to be a loving master. Anyway, as I was saying, what you said about the pairings and all sounds really great, and it sounds very selfless of you too. But I worry you might be TOO selfless. I want you to be happy as can be. I know you're genuine about your feelings on all that, but where's, say, your suggestion that I fuck your ass more often?"

"Well..." She seemed to get shy all of a sudden. After a long pause, she added, "That would be nice too."

He replied, "You know what? I just felt you tense up and kind of quiver. I could even feel it with you squeezing my dick extra tightly all of a sudden. And did you cum again?"

She giggled. "Yeah! Just a little one that time though."

"Sheesh. Anyway, why do you get shy about asking for that?"

"Well... it's just... I know it's a lot to ask. In the last day or two, when you haven't been around, we slaves have been talking about how sharing is going to become more and more common. But if you fuck my ass, that's pretty much just between you and me. Also, it's time consuming. Just getting you IN my ass could take longer than some blowjobs. And it's energy-draining for you. That's maybe the biggest problem. I don't want to wear you out. We, your women, we can have sexy fun with your cock for hours and hours every day just so long as we don't wear you out too much. That's why stuff like double and triple blowjobs are going to be the standard thing from now on, I'm sure. I'd love for you to fuck my ass all the time! It's my favorite thing! But I don't want to be too selfish."

He responded, "Maybe you're right about the sharing. But even so, I'm the sole master around here, and I get to do what I want. Right?"


"So what if I want to fuck your ass a lot more often?"

She gasped.

He carefully slid his upper body to the side, putting enough distance between his head and her head for them to make eye contact. "Aims, you know I love you to death. I don't know how I could have gotten through this last month plus without you being so loving and easy-going and accepting of everything. There have been all kinds of problems and stressful moments left and right, but you've been like an oasis of calm and sanity. That said, you know the saying 'The squeaky wheel gets the grease?'"

"Sure." XX30

"Or, as your mother put it earlier, 'The squeaky cunt gets the cock.' Everybody else is squeaking but you, and that's not fair to you. I love you just as much as the others; don't you doubt that for a second-"

"You do?!"

"Of course I do! Why the heck would you EVER doubt that?!" He was going to say more, but he realized that he'd felt her entire body quiver again. After a pause, he asked, "Did you just cum again?"

Since he'd noticed, she shamelessly groaned, "Yessss..." Her eyes fluttered and rolled with feeling.

"What caused it that time?"

"I don't know! It just keeps happening from time to time. But hearing you tell me how much you love me helps."

She grew shy again, and murmured quietly, "I know you love me a whole super lot. But let's face facts. You have a super special relationship with Mom, both sexual and non-sexual. Plus, she's your mom. I can't compete with that. Ditto with Kat. She was your best friend already, and now she's your best friend AND your fuck toy! Plus, she's your sister. I know I'm your sister too, now, but it's not the same as the two of you having that special relationship since you were in diapers. Then there's Mother. She's been your Aunt Suzy and your de facto second mom for your entire life. Plus, she looks and acts the way she does. She IS sex personified! She couldn't be more arousing if she tried! I can't compete with that!"

She continued, "Now, mind you, I'm no chopped liver. I know you totally love me; I don't doubt that at all. I know you love my body, including my big titties." She giggled at that, because he was still idly fondling her chest. "And we've been close since we were in diapers too. But, that said, there were quite a few years when we sorta drifted away from each other, with different friends and different interests, and it's only recently that we started to really click again. So I'm kinda behind the other three... like I'm in fourth place. Not way behind, but a little bit behind. I know that, and I'm okay with that. My goal is to keep striving until you love me just as much as you do each of them."

He said, "Now wait a minute! I think it's totally unfair to compare or rank yourself like that. You do bring up some good points, but love can't be measured like that. The four of you are like my core, my rock. I think of you as one whole, which I call my Core Four or my Family Four. You're a package deal. I simply can't imagine this harem working without you in it! I refuse to make any comparison like that, and you should too!"

He flexed his cock in her ass.

Amy immediately "suffered" through what was obviously another anal orgasm, except this time her ass clutched at and clenched itself around his erection more strongly than the previous few times.

He was very pleased at her reaction. While she was still shuddering with feeling, he added, "Besides, who's my official girlfriend? You are! Yes, Christine is co-girlfriend now, but The Deal makes clear she's number two and has to defer to you in all ways. That gives you a big leg up over everybody else in the harem. We haven't even begun to take advantage of doing stuff in public yet, but we will, starting tomorrow."

He sensed her enjoying another small orgasm, but he decided to ignore it because he didn't want to lose his verbal momentum. He gazed intently into her eyes. "The important thing to remember is that these are early days. Sure, there may be a little bit of difference here and there... now. But in a couple of years, that won't matter at all. And in a decade, that'll be ancient history. But even then, we'll just be getting started! We have a whole lifetime of sharing together to look forward to, all of us!"

She started to get a little teary eyed. She reached over to where one of his hands was on her tits and squeezed it hard.

"Already, I think of you as my sister. Not just kind of my sister, but my real sister! The truth is, you were always my sister, just like Mother was always my mother too, it's just that society's rules prevented us from formally acknowledging the truth. Now we can! We did drift apart for a while, but that was a mistake, an aberration. Now we're getting back to where we should have been all along. So don't doubt your place in the harem! Not at all!"


Tears were flowing down Amy's face by that point. She was very moved. "Oh, Alan! Beau! Master! I love you so much!" She wiggled her ass a bit, causing them to both moan with pleasure.

He correctly sensed that she'd just climaxed again, and more powerfully this time. He ignored that one as well and passionately replied, "And I love you too! You know what?"


"I said some words to Mother earlier this evening that she took special note of. They were about Glory. She thought they were important enough that she told me she would memorize them and tell them to her later. So I memorized them too, and I think they're fitting now. I could be speaking about you and any of my other slave-wives when I repeat them: 'I love her just as much I love you, which is as much as one person can love another. And my love for you doesn't lessen my love for her, or vice versa. In fact, it only makes it stronger, because the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.'"

Amy's eyes widened and she actually gasped.

"Are you surprised?!"

"Yes!" She was panting heavily, despite the fact they were both just lying there.

"That surprises me. Because it seems totally obvious to me: I love YOU as much as one person can love another! YOU! So don't you dare say I love Mom or anybody else more, because when I think of you, my Love-O-Meter is set on max! Maximum love!"

She wiped her eyes and giggled. "There's no such thing as a Love-O-Meter." Her tears kept falling, and she had yet another minor climax.

"There is now! Seriously, don't doubt my love for you, ever! And don't be shy about expressing what you want from me, even if that's more anal sex. The squeaky cunt does get the cock. That's a downside of a harem. I'm being pulled this way and that, every which way, and if you stay silent, I'm not going to spend as much time and cum with you as you want, and I want, and you deserve."

She nodded. "You're right. I'm not being a total wallflower, you know. I am getting more and more involved. I had..." She paused, and her eyes went wide. XXX32

He asked suspiciously, "Did you just cum AGAIN?!"

She shyly admitted, "Yeah, kinda."

"How is that possible?!"

"I don't know, but I'm loving it! I'm right on the brink already, and my ass keeps doing squeezy things on its own in a futile attempt to expel you. This is so cool! Just think how much better it'll get for me once you start really thrusting!"

He groaned lustily at that thought. Hot damn! Fucking Amy's ass is extra difficult, but the rewards are extra big too!

She tried her best to calm down and refocus on the conversation. "Anyhoo, I had some issues to overcome at first, especially with Mother not thinking of me as a sexual person and dragging her feet on letting me all the way into the harem. I had to hold back a long time, but I don't want to hold back anymore!"

"Good! Then don't! I need you to speak up! I know you're naturally laid back and easy going, and I love that about you. But at least you've gotta do a little more of waving 'Yoo-hoo! I'm here. Don't forget about me!'" He waved his free hand back and forth, as if hailing a taxi.

She smiled at that, even as tears ran down her cheeks. "I know. And I'm trying already. It's kind of unnatural for me. But the thing is, you're so overextended already. You keep saying so. You told me how you're all stretched out like Plastic Man. I don't want to stretch you any further. Especially with anal sex, since that's so difficult for us to do."

"Is it? Technically, I'm fucking your ass right now, but I'm hardly even focusing on it. I feel this non-stop tingle of pleasure from the way you're constantly squeezing me, but for me the rest is easy as pie. No trouble at all. Meanwhile, you keep cumming and cumming. In the future, we could just do this 'stealth anal cuddling' or whatever you want to call it. Would you like that?"

Her whole face lit up like a searchlight. "Oh yeah! Heck yeah! Toooootally!"

"Good. Me too."

"I could do this for HOURS!" she breathed, then she had to grunt as another orgasm reverberated its way out of her ass.

He kissed her temple and squeezed her breasts in his hands. "Now, let's go down your list of issues, shall we?"

She nodded, and wiped her cheeks again. Her eyes were dreamy and glassy from so many orgasms.

"First off, I remember you saying anal sex is a one-on-one thing. That's true, partially, but not all the way. Obviously, when my dick is in your ass, it can't be anywhere else, and we have to take extra precautions due to sanitary issues. But others can join in with general fondling and kissing and whatnot. I could fuck your ass in the middle of a family orgy, with the rest of my slave-wives draped all over you and me! Wouldn't that be fun?"

She nodded eagerly. Her tears were starting to run dry. Her breath caught and she shivered all over.

"Sure. We'll do that a lot. So yeah, some of the time, maybe most of the time, when I fuck your ass it'll be special you-and-me-only time. But that's good. I love the increased sharing idea, but I'm going to want to spend at least some one-on-one time with each of my slave-wives on a regular basis. We can hang out on the living room sofa with my cock in your ass while we watch an entire episode of Red Dwarf or Star Trek or whatever. And if we're feeling really lazy, we could even take a nap, spooned together with me inside you. Why not? We can do all kinds of stuff."

"I'd like that. No, I'd love that!" She shook a little, showing she'd just had yet another small climax.

He didn't comment on that orgasm, but his cock throbbed in appreciation. "Furthermore, you said ass-fucking is too time consuming, right?"

She nodded.

"It is. But not so much anymore, not after what we accomplished today already. You cut the unpleasant time it takes to get inside you in half, at least. We should use gravity and the power of the squatting pose to help us every time, at least to get started. Then, once I'm in, we can do whatever else we want."

She nodded again, with more eagerness. Her asshole flexed too, seemingly agreeing in its own way.

"Finally, you said it takes too much energy out of me. That's a good point too, I must admit. But tonight changes that in a big way too. We've found an easier way, a much easier way. And what are we comparing this ass fuck to, anyway? Now that my stamina is improving by leaps and bounds, most any sex act is time consuming. And sure, some of them are pretty mellow and 'stealthy,' but quite often I have VERY intense sexual experiences that are at least as energetic as most ass fucks with you. Sometimes more. So nothing is too difficult to overcome. Don't you agree?"

Her face had been cleared of tears and she was beaming brightly. "Most emphatically! I've never been soooo happy to be so wrong! Seriously! I'm, like, walking on air! Each time you've fucked my ass, you've totally rocked my world. That feeling is gonna give me a big boost of gumption, because I want to feel this way again and again!"

He spoke with a twinkle in his eye. "But is fucking your ass really as good as you say? Maybe, but a sample size of two isn't that much. I say we try again, right now, just to be sure!"

"M'kay! I'm so all over that! YES!" She pumped her fist in the air.


Despite their mutual decision to start actively fucking, Amy still didn't move, and the movement was mostly up to her, since she was on top of him.

After about a minute, he asked, "Um... don't you want to get a good fucking rhythm going?"

"I sure do. But let me just bask in the joy of this fully-fucked feeling. I love how good it is without any moving at all. I think I'm about to cum again!" Sure enough she did, though the only sign was another shudder and moan of pleasure.

He flexed his cock inside her a couple of times, to help her along.

She appreciated that, and sighed dreamily. "Aaaah! You know what?"


"I've been having this fantasy these last five days, while I was waiting for you to fuck my ass again. Since we're such a tight fit back there, I was thinking how it could be super cool if you got stuck back there and we had to stay like that, ALL DAY! On a school day, of course." She giggled. "I'd have to attend your classes, naked, getting fucked on your lap for hours!"

He asked, amused, "Why naked?"

"Hey, just go with it, m'kay? It's a fantasy." She giggled.

"How would we get from class to class?"

"You're a big, strong, master type, so I'm sure you can carry me. If not, use your smarts and rent one of those new Segway thingies or something." She giggled some more.

He thought, These past two months, some pretty incredible fantasies have turned into realities. But that's one fantasy I know could NEVER happen, even in a million years! Still, it's fun to imagine.

However, I'm getting concerned too. I already guessed she was really into anal sex, but I think I underestimated it by a lot. In fact, I'm beginning to think that she has just as big a love for anal sex as Heather does! Except Aims isn't pushy and blunt about it like Heather is. I love doing it too, but not THAT much. There are big plusses, but serious downsides as well. What if she wants to do it with me every single day? I don't want to be locked into that.

He was going to say something to her about his thoughts, but decided this wasn't the appropriate time, because she suddenly sat all the way up on him again.

There was a fire burning in Amy's eyes. She sat up on him, then turned around to face him while keeping him deeply impaled in her rear end, raising both hands to the top of her head.

The two of them groaned loudly and lustfully from the twisting friction.


Then Amy exclaimed, "I'm ready to ride! Are you ready too?"

"Go for it!" He'd been feeling energized for a while. Even though he had merely been in her ass without much overt movement, it was more arousing than her earlier handjob, yet still safely left him below being on the verge of cumming. He wasn't even thinking about his tiredness problem anymore.

She sat up stiffly as she began to rise and descend on him. Even at this point, there still was such a tight fit between them that she couldn't go fast even if she'd wanted to. But that was just fine, because going slow was plenty arousing for them both. She kept her hands on her head, which presented a very sexy and dramatic sight.

As she kept on "riding" him up and down, he commented, "You look super sexy in that pose. I don't think it's possible for you to look any better!"

"Oh, I do," she said knowingly. Then she took one hand off her head and brought it in front of her face. She stared at it longingly, and then looked at him with a pout.

He didn't understand her actions at first, but then it came to him. He exclaimed, "The ring!"

She beamed brightly, practically like a second sun. "Yep! I won't be complete until I have that ring on my hand!" She groaned emphatically, "I DEFINITELY want you to do it while you've got your cock in my ass!"

He commented, "I'm glad to hear you say that, 'cos you haven't really mentioned it at all so far. Kat couldn't stop talking about it."

She continued to slowly rise and fall a scant inch or two with both hands back on top of her head. "Oh, believe me, I'm just as psyched as she is. I guarantee it! It's just that I've been trying to give you a good rest, so I didn't want to bring up the super sexy stuff, like the fact that I'm gonna be one of your wives!" She squealed with glee from saying that. "Because if I did, I wouldn't have been able to keep still. I would have started doing this!"

She kept going with her relatively slow rising and falling, except that she rose much higher, until all but the tip of his cockhead was out of her. At that point she had to break her sexy pose and hold his shaft to make sure he didn't accidentally fall out. Then she forcefully lowered herself back down. It wasn't exactly fast, since the sheer tightness created so much resistance, but it was significant faster than previously. XX34

Her eyes rolled up in her head and fluttered as a great orgasmic wave coursed through her. She yelled, "OH! Master! Brother! HUSBAND! O.B., my hubby!"

Those words seemed to hit her like a hard slap on the face, even though she was the one who'd said them - it was as if her orgasm had doubled its intensity that instant. Her entire body trembled and shook. Her hands wound up holding her big tits to keep them from swinging around wildly, even though she'd stopped her fuck motion once she was fully impaled on him.

He looked up at her in awe. Wow! I did that to her! Me! I'm making her feel that good! Okay, admittedly all I'm doing is lying here. But hey, so long as it works. The main thing is that she gets to enjoy the highest of highs. Because she deserves it! I'm going to make sure that every one of my wives will be treated like queens!

She let out another low, loud moan. It took her a minute, but she finally quieted down and stayed still. But then another minute passed with her seemingly frozen in place, with her hands on her tits and her eyes shut tight.

He asked, "How are you feeling?"

Her eyes stayed closed, but a huge blissful smile spread across her face. "Mmmm... Dreamy! Absolutely dreamy!" She put her hands back on the top of her head, and started to move up and down slowly, like before. "You know what?"


"An orgasm like that feels SOOOOO good! I mean, super wondertasmically incredorgasmibly mega awesome! But more than that, it's almost like... a spiritual experience. I feel, like, this special bonding with you. All my joy at being one of your slave-wives, it comes out, and I can feel it from my head to my toes!"

She started rising higher on him with each pass. She also began churning her hips around in small circles. "Can you feel it too?! Tell me you can feel it!"

The truth was, even though he wasn't close to cumming, he could definitely feel it. He exclaimed, completely sincerely, "Oh yeah! For sure! It's like this whole room is filled with love! So much love that I can barely breathe!"

She loved that answer. "It is! It is!" She seemed on the verge of getting very excited, but then she went back to her blissful smile. "Mmmm! This is... paradise!"

For the next several minutes, it seemed as if she was in her own world. Her eyes stayed closed, and she didn't speak at all, except to moan and purr with sensual pleasure. But that's because she was focused on their joining and what she was doing with her hips and ass to increase the pleasure. Her motions remained unhurried, almost like she was moving in slow motion. However, as time passed, the small circles she was making grew and grew until she was gyrating her hips like she was stirring a butter churn.


At the same time, she resumed the extreme up-and-down motion that brought her dangerously close to pulling all the way off of him each time. Yet she never did. Perhaps due to the slow speed, she no longer even used her hand to ensure he stayed within her, which allowed her to keep her hands up high. Sometimes they were on her head, but at other times she tilted her head back and stretched her arms as high up as she could reach.

She was experiencing seemingly endless ecstasy. She did cum from time to time. But whether she was cumming or not was almost a moot point, because she was soaring on an emotional and even spiritual high as well as a physical one.

Alan was just lying there, loving every moment of it, until he realized that it was an ideal time to present her with his ring. Luckily, he'd noticed that she had left the ring box on the table next to the bed. He had to strain to reach it, but reach it he did.

Then he sat up. He didn't want to disturb her bliss too much, so he gently placed his hands on her sides and gently caressed her there. He actually held the ring box between clenched teeth so he could do that with both hands.

She finally had a delayed reaction to his tender touch and opened her eyes. She looked down at him and laughed as she saw the box in his mouth. "You silly billy. What do you think you're doing? Don't eat my ring!" She giggled with great glee.

He circled his hands over and around her hefty boobs and then let go of her body altogether. He took the box from his mouth and aimed it so it would open towards her.

She was still doing her slow rise and fall on him, but when she saw that, she settled down in a hurry. She even wiggled her hips to try and settle her ass still deeper onto his shaft.

He was about to say something, but he didn't get a chance, because she groaned with orgasmic joy as, in fact, yet another small orgasm hit her, and then she kissed him on the lips.

She held his face in her hands and the two of them necked for a while. She didn't rise up because she wanted to keep her mouth level with his, but she did manage some talented hip gyration. XX36

She pulled her lips off with a satisfied smack. "Aaaah! Master! Beau! Do you know what I want more than ANYTHING else in the whole wide world?"


"YOU! And now it's happening!" She wrapped her arms all the way around him and kissed him with the fire and heat of the sun.

He was floored by the intensity of her passion, and did his best to channel his love back to her with the kiss.

Their anal fucking continued, gloriously, but that was almost forgotten at that moment. Her ass kept on churning, driving them to ever higher heights, even though she wasn't consciously controlling it at all.

While the kiss went on and on, he opened the ring box.

She finally noticed, and looked down. "Oh my! Purple! My favorite color!"

"Is it?" He didn't remember hearing that before.

"It is NOW! God, I love it!"

He was amused that she was acting as if she'd never seen the ring before, exactly as Suzanne had done. He thought, Like mother, like daughter. And I'm marrying them both!

She started to reach for the ring, but then she clasped her hands together. "No, please, YOU put it on me!" She bounced up and down on him like the most excited girl in the world. Or at least she tried to, although their joining was still so tight that she couldn't move her ass much.

He took the ring in his hands.


She presented her ring finger. She was so very excited that he had to use his other hand to keep her ring hand steady.

He started to bring the ring forward, but just as it reached the tip of her ring finger, he stopped. He looked deeply into her eyes. "Amy, my sweet Aims. I don't know what to say. I didn't prepare any special words beforehand, so I'm just speaking from the heart. All I know is that I love you down to the bottom of my soul. I've just given your sister and your mother their rings, and Mom is next, but rest assured that my love for you isn't lessened in any way by my love for them."

"I know that! I can feel it! I can feel your love for me, and my love for you, so strong, so clear, that it's just as obvious as this big fat cock I'm sitting on!"

He continued, "Good! Because I want to experience life with you. I want to grow old with you. I want you to bear at least one of my children! I've told that to Kat, but don't think I'm forgetting you in that as well!"

"YES! YES, YES, YES! Oh God! I'm going to be a mommy for my love! I'm so HAPPY!"

So far, there had been no sign of new tears since she'd stopped crying some minutes earlier, but out of the blue she began bawling like a baby. The ring had very nearly started sliding down her finger, but that had to be forgotten for a little while because she pulled him close and squeezed him with all her might.

He held her with his arms around her back, with the ring in one hand and the box in the other. Then he let go of the box halfway through the hug, realizing he didn't need it anymore. XX38

While still practically squeezing him half to death, she suddenly exclaimed, "This is the BEST! The bestest ever! I'm going to be your wife and a mother, your sister and your lover! Hey, that rhymes! I've never been so happy in my entire life!"

His heart was soaring to the heavens, delighted beyond words that he could make her feel like that. He gave voice to his thoughts: "I wish I could capture this moment and feel this way forever!"

She nodded fiercely, then pulled back from her bear hug to resume eye contact. "Whenever I'm feeling down, I can think of times like this!"

"Exactly! Except it's going to get even better, because I haven't even put your ring on your finger yet!"

"NO!" Her eyes widened to an almost comic degree.

"It's true!" He brought his hand back from behind her back and waved the ring enticingly in front of her face.

A look of fierce determination crossed her face. "Do it!" She held her hand up with her ring finger sticking out, like it was a matter of life and death.

He slipped the ring all the way down her finger.

"GAAAWWWD! AAAAIIIIEEE!" She screamed loudly, more like her usual vaginal-fucking scream. She tilted her head back and let herself wail. XXX39

At first he thought she was just screaming because she was so happy about the ring. But then he noticed her entire body was trembling, and it simply wouldn't stop, and he realized that this time she was having a truly massive orgasm. No doubt that had been triggered by her feeling about him and the ring, but she intensified it still more by suddenly resuming her ass churning.

Alan hadn't been thinking about cumming himself, as he hadn't been close to the brink. But he was suddenly so emotionally overcome that he realized it could happen for him too, very easily. He too was physically overcome, falling back on the bed. He tried to hold out, but with the way she was churning on him, not to mention screaming in euphoric ecstasy, he realized it wasn't to be.

At that point, he decided that he didn't really want to hold out anyway. About a minute into her screaming climax, he let go and began shooting his load deep into her ass. After such a sex-filled day, he was surprised there was still much left for him to give, but there was.


Her orgasm was still underway, going strong, but feeling his cum flood into her gave her feelings a new boost. Even the pitch of her screaming rose still higher.

Her climax went on and on, for two solid minutes at the very least. Of course his ended much sooner, as all male climaxes do, but his boner remained very firm. Even though he was sitting under her, he tried his best to hump up to help her along.

Finally she started to come down... physically. Emotionally, she was still on Cloud Nine. She whooped, "WOOOO! That was the BEST! You've fucked me really great before, but this was the all-time bestest of the best!" Then her eyes opened as wide as saucers. "And now I'm gonna be your WIFE! Your slave-wife!" With one hand, she reached behind herself and gently patted his balls with her fingers. "How cool is that?!"

He laughed, overjoyed for her, as well as for himself. He sat up and wrapped his arms around her back again. "Very cool!"

"Darn tootin'!" She passionately locked lips with him once more.

His dick finally started to go flaccid in her ass while they were necking. He thought, How great is Amy? She's the kindest, nicest person I know. So filled with love! Never a bad word for anybody. Who else but her would "curse" by saying "darn tootin'"? She's so cute and adorable! God, I love her!


After another minute, she had to concede defeat as far as the anal sex went, so she stopped her fucking motions. But her ass was so naturally tight that it closed up even around his flaccid penis. It was as if he wasn't going to leave her unless he made a conscious effort to force it out.

She kept on moaning with delight while they necked. Eventually, she pulled her lips off and asked, "You know what the best feeling ever is?"


"Feeling your cum in my ass! I love when you fuck my butt SO MUCH! Love it, love it, love it! Only now I'm going to love it even more, because every time you cum in me there I'm going to think about this night, this time, this very moment - the way I feel right now! You've made me so very, very happy!"

"And you have me!" He playfully rubbed his nose against hers.


"Oh God!" She tilted her head back and raised her arms up high.


"Nothing... and everything! I'm basking!" She held that pose for some long moments. But then she brought her arms back down and hugged him again. She slowly guided him down to the bed so he was lying on his back with her face down on top of him.

All the way through that repositioning, his flaccid penis still stayed inside her, although it partially came out, and further than it had before.

She mumbled with a slurred voice, "Sorry... body... crashing... gotta... rest..."

He realized that she was truly crashing, both physically and emotionally. Naturally, such a prolonged peak experience was very draining. He knew she'd be a dead weight on him if he didn't act fast, so he quickly rolled over in bed until he was lying alongside her. That action finally caused his penis to pull out of her the rest of the way, with a lewdly squelching pop.

She still had her eyes open, although it was a struggle. She smiled. "This is nice too!" She gave up the effort and closed her eyes. Even though she was on her side pressed against him now, she somehow still managed to snuggle and practically melt into him.

Fearing that she'd go to sleep at any moment, he said, "Aims, I just want to give you a special thank you. These past couple of months have been the best of my life, by far, and it's set us all up for even better days to come. Everybody's played a part, but somehow I feel like it wouldn't have been possible without you."

She grunted, and mumbled, "You don't know the half of it!"


"Oh, nothing."

He found that puzzling, but shrugged it off and continued, "This has been a magical night all around, and a perfect time with you. Look at how I came in here half dead, but you weren't upset at all. You were totally patient, and you kind of nursed me back to vitality with your love and enthusiasm and your sexy, sexy ways. That's what I mean when I say this all wouldn't have been possible without you. You're like an island of calm and unconditional love, no matter what other crazy things are happening to me."

"Mmmm." She moaned blissfully, zonked out and yet somehow still alert. "That's just... me. That's who I am. I'm glad to be that way for you. It's MY pleasure!"

"Well, it's my pleasure too! You're awesome! Never forget that. The only bummer in what we did tonight was when I heard you say you feel like you're in fourth place. You're not! If you want me to rank you all, I will: there's a first place tie with all my wives, because whenever I think of any of you, my Love-O-Meter soars to the max!"

She giggled while still keeping her eyes shut. "There's no such thing as a Love-O-Meter. I told you that."

"Well, whatever you call it. The point is, that's how I feel. Do you doubt me?"

She suddenly opened her eyes to make eye contact. His head was just inches away from hers. "No way! Not after tonight. Maybe there are little differences about how you feel about each of us, but they're so slight that it doesn't matter. Comparing us like that is pointless and silly. I've had my doubts, but that's just 'cos I lack confidence sometimes."

"You? Why?!"

"I don't know." She closed her eyes again out of shyness. "I guess... I guess... God, this is hard to admit, but growing up as the daughter of my mom, the great Suzanne... it's tough! She's sooooo sexy! So beautiful! So smart! So awesome in every way! And she's your lover too. How can I live up to even HALF of her super awesomeness?! And then there's Susan. She's JUST as sexy and beautiful, and so much more. And then there's Kat. And Glory. And Christine. And don't get me started on Brenda and her humungo-gigantic boobs. Or Xania. Or Heather, even. On and on. So much competition! I don't think of myself as lacking confidence, normally, and I know you totally love me, but still, the competition is steep!"

He spoke firmly. "Aims, please open your eyes."

She did so, and their gazes locked. XX41

"Don't think of them as competition. We're a team! Well, except maybe for Heather. Let's not talk about her."

Amy grinned at that.

"Seriously, the rest of us, we're a harem. A family. We help each other. We support each other. There may be a little competition, but it's a friendly one. If you're feeling lost in the shuffle sometimes, that's only because you're so laid back and easygoing. I've been in crisis mode a lot these past two months, especially the past few weeks. My ladies are tugging at me this way and that. But you're so awesome that you're rarely involved in any crisis. That's why you need to speak up!"

She stared up intently at him. Although she was dog-tired and wanting to fall asleep, she was paying close attention. She said, "I'm really psyched to hear you say that. But remember those words whenever you're feeling out of your depth. You keep saying things like this to us, but you don't seem to take it to heart yourself. We ARE a family, and we DO help each other! I've got your back, just like you've got mine."

He smiled widely. "Thanks, Aims. You rock!"

She teased. "I knew that already. Tell me something I DON'T know." She winked playfully.

He liked that. He lovingly ran his hand through her hair. "My goal, from now on, is to try to make sure I give a roughly equal amount of time and cum to each of you, my slave-wives. I'm including Glory in that, as a hopeful slave-wife to be. I don't want to be anal about it, like keeping time with a stopwatch or something. But I figure if I cum once with each of you, at least on most days, that'll show that things are roughly balanced out, more or less."

She grinned and teased, "Then I hope you ARE anal about it."

He smiled at that, understanding immediately that she was referring to her love of anal sex, and not to time-keeping. "Yeah, let's get to that. But first, don't you think that's a good plan?"

"Sure. But what about all your other lovers? Just one orgasm to share with all of them?!"

"I'll just have to cum more than six times a day then. I think I can do that. The body is an amazing thing. I'll just have to keep working in that direction, like a runner training for a marathon, running a little farther each day. Also, just as both you and Mother have pointed out, I have a few things on my side, like the whole sharing thing."

Amy nodded.

"Now about the anal sex... You're going to need to speak up more about that. A lot more. 'Cos even though I pointed out that some sharing is possible there, it really is more of a one-on-one thing, especially if you want to get really intimate about it, like we were tonight, and make it a special bonding thing."

"I do! So much! Especially when you cum in my ass!"

"Well, that's another thing that can't be shared. If we're in the middle of an orgy, nobody else is going to say, 'Hey, Master, stop fucking me so you can cum in Amy's ass,' since that can't be shared, like with snowballing and such. So, when you get the anal urge, you have to tell me, okay?"

"M'kay. But what if I get that urge every single day? 'Cos I kinda know already that I will!"

He grinned at that. "Why am I not surprised. But remember, variety is the spice of life. What about all that sharing with Christine you want to do, for instance? We can't exactly end our times as a threesome with me cumming in your ass every time, can we?"

"No, I suppose not. Especially if Christine wants you to fuck her up the butt as much as I do. It wouldn't be fair."

Christine Amy

His mind reeled, his mouth went dry, and he audibly gulped as an image bounced around his brain of Amy assisting Christine as he was fucking Christine's ass for the first time. He stared at Amy in sheer disbelief as another jolt of arousal hit him like a sucker punch to the gut. Anal sex? With Christine?! Are you insane, Aims?! That'll never happen in a million billion years!

Amy happily continued, "But then, if she doesn't like it, I'd be perfectly happy to take her share of the back door lovin'." She had the temerity to wink audaciously at him. He coughed to clear his throat, his mind spinning with forbidden thoughts. Once he managed to refocus, he pointed out, "Yes, well... let's not worry about that HIGHLY unlikely prospect right now, okay? What I was going to say was that, today, I fucked your ass twice. That's pretty crazy. Don't expect that to keep happening."

"My ass isn't able to handle that much! It's a good thing I already know that I'll be floating on air all day tomorrow from how much you loved me tonight, 'cos I don't think I'll be able to sit down!" She giggled.

That reminded her of her ring, so she brought her hand to her face. "Wow!"

He held her hand and ran his finger up and down her amethyst purple ring. "It's beautiful, isn't it?" But then he realized, "Oops! I'm not allowed to say that for something I bought you, am I?"

She stared deeply into his eyes. "No worries. I totally agree! It's beautiful by itself already, but it's extra beautiful because it will always remind me of you! It reminds me that I'm owned and enslaved by you! That you're my husband-to-be! So, yeah, it's the most beautiful thing in the world! That, and my collar!"

"Aaaah. Aims! That's so sweet." He kissed her nose, knowing that she was too tired for a more serious kiss.

Then he resumed, "Unfortunately, prior to today, it was five whole days since the last time I fucked your ass. That was too long."

"Darn tootin'!"

He smirked at her second use of that odd expression. "So we should find some kind of compromise. If I fuck your ass every day, then I'm going to neglect Miss Pussy, and I don't want to leave her sad and lonely."

She giggled. "She doesn't want to miss out either."

He brought a hand to Amy's slit, not to arouse her, since she was still on the verge of going to sleep, but just to reaffirm his "friendship" with "Miss Pussy." He was happy just to touch her there, carefully using the hand that hadn't been fingering and lubing her asshole. "So I'm thinking somewhere between one day and five days is good. You need to speak up about it. Then maybe it'll happen, maybe not. A lot of things will depend on the specific circumstances. I think we made a major breakthrough today in getting my dick in your ass faster and easier than ever before, but still, fucking your ass is the most taxing and difficult sex act I have with any of my ladies, hands down."

She didn't sound thrilled, but she said, "M'kay. But if we do that, please let's make it a lot closer to one day than five days! What about, say, every two or three days, going on two?"

He smiled. "Let's aim for that."

She said with her usual smiley optimism, "Anal sex with me isn't going to be as easy for you as it is when you butt fuck your other lovers, but that just means that every time you do fuck me in the ass it'll be that much more special and meaningful to me!"

"True. And to me too. I love that attitude. But again, you've gotta speak up to get it on my radar screen."

She smiled widely. "Oh, believe me, I'm gonna speak up! Tomorrow, in addition to making special preparations for our date with Christine, I'm going to buy a bullhorn! And a bunch of custom-made T-shirts. One of 'em is gonna say in big black letters: 'What time is it?' And then, on the back, in even bigger PURPLE letters, it'll say, 'Fucking Amy's ass time!'"


She giggled a lot at that, and then said, "You know, that was intended as a joke, but actually that's a pretty good idea! Actually, the whole shirt could be purple, since that's my new favorite color. Can you just picture me walking naked down the street, wearing nothing but that shirt?" She giggled.

He chuckled too. "Let's not rush into that just yet, okay?"

"M'kay. But regardless how I do it, I'll still be my same easygoing self, but I'll make sure to speak up from now on to ensure I get my fair share of fucking, both in the ass and otherwise. You can count on that!"

"Good." He kissed her forehead and sat up. "Unfortunately, now I've got to go. I hate to think how long I've kept Mom waiting."

Amy had just closed her eyes again, but she opened them to say, "Oh, I wouldn't worry about that."

"Why not?"

"Because, while we were prepping our asses for you, we got to talking about what she'd do during my turn. She said she was going to talk to Brenda on the phone. Remember when we were all together after you proposed to us, and she asked you what she could do? You actually suggested that she should call Brenda."

"Oh yeah." He got all the way off the bed and stood up beside it. He figured she was going to sleep for a while, so he started to tug the sheets down, since they were underneath her.

"So she's on that like white on rice. Once the two of them get talking, it's hard to get them to stop. So she'll be fine. I'll bet she'll still be on the phone, naked and masturbating, talking about you."

"Well, that's good. 'Cos I get this feeling that I stayed extra long with you, like with Kat and Mother. Oh! By the way, speaking of Brenda, have you heard the big news about her today?"

"No, what's that?"

"When you weren't home, but Mom, Mother, and Brenda were, I fucked Brenda's ass pretty good, and made her my official Anal Slave."

Amy furrowed her brow. "'Anal Slave?' What does that mean, exactly?"

"I don't know, to be honest. Especially since she's my slave in every possible way already. To be truthful, I'm basically making things up as I go along. But it seemed like the thing to say at the time, and it made her very happy. I gave her her ring at the same time. Since she's not going to be a slave-wife, I guess you can say it's just her slave ring. Anyway, I thought you should know, especially since you two are Anal Pals. What does THAT mean exactly, by the way?"

She grinned impishly. "I'm not sure yet. I'm basically making things up as I go along too." She winked. "But I'm sure it's something that'll develop and grow, due to a special butt lust, a special love for getting our asses reamed by you. We're kind of kindred spirits there."

"Cool. So now she's my Anal Slave too."

"Awww! Now I totally want that too! Whatever it is!"

He chuckled. "Don't worry. There will be other days, other times. We have our entire lives ahead of us." While they were talking, he'd succeeded in tugging the sheets all the way down, and then he'd pulled them back up over her. He made a show of tucking her in until she was comfy and snug. He suggested, "You can sleep here, or you can go downstairs and talk to Kat and Mother. I'll bet they're sharing their experiences right now."


She asked, "What if I fall asleep? Will you promise to wake me up when you're done fucking Mom? I figure we'll all get together after that, and I don't want to miss out."

"I will, if you're not awake already. Good night, my love. Sweet dreams."

She was so tired that she closed her eyes, even as she smiled from ear to ear. "Good night to you, my master, my brother, my hubby-to-be. I love you!"

"I love you too."

He walked to the door. He turned off the recording camera and switched off the lights. He figured she was already sound asleep by the time he slipped out the door. With the light from the hallway, he took one last look at her and felt his heart soar from the sight of her blissful, smiling face.

He closed the door and found himself standing naked in the hallway. Three down, one to go! I'm feeling pretty good, which is surprising, considering everything. Amy never fails to lift my spirits.

But my last fuck tonight is going to be with Mom! And she wants me to fuck her in the ass, no less! He looked down at his flaccid penis. How am I going to survive long enough to manage THAT?!

NOTE: A big thanks to the suggestions and corrections of IBT, Sam.I.am, Hermit, Geezer, and greyscale. IBT and Hermit did most of the picture proofing, and Sam.I.am helped extensively with editing the text. A special thanks to YamiBoy for helping with the pictures.

XX01: A nude Suzanne (still looking somewhat disheveled after the events of Part 151), lazily stretched out on a sofa with a phone in her hand, about to call Glory.

XX05: Glory (now nude) lying on her bed, in a "counterpoint" to Suzanne, also with a phone in one hand as her other hand works on her G-spot.

XX07: An imagined spot where Suzanne and Glory are giving Alan a demonstration of their deep-throating skills.

XXX13: An imagined spot of Alan, Amy, and Heather in the theater room, having some "fucky fun" during lunch.

XXX14: An imagined spot of a nude Kim with an equally nude Susan, the cheerleader's head in between a pair of I-cups in obvious ecstasy.

XX16: An imagined spot of the aforementioned "fuck sandwich" w/ Heather and Simone.

XX19: A view of a nude Amy in Alan's arms, staring at Alan's eyes after their hug and kiss.

XXX21: An imagine spot involving Glory, Brenda, and Christine - nude except for collars (Christine's could be either gray or black) - in the middle of a sensuous Sapphic soiree.

XX22: Another imagine spot, involving a nude Christine and Amy, with Alan in the middle of their fuck sandwich. Katherine might also be in the image (to suggest Christine knowing about the incest).

XX24: Two ideas for this one. Image suggestion 1: Another pre-6TAD image of Amy "surprised" that Alan has walked in on her while nude. Image suggestion 2: An image of the current moment - Amy, lying on the bed, talking about events prior to 6TAD as Alan gets ready for more serious anal play.

XX26: A close-up of Amy's face (possibly a side/profile view) as she looks slightly up, eyes wide open and in a "far-off" stare, an obvious sign of pleasure as her mouth is wide open (as in the middle of her moaning "Fuuuuck... that feels so good!").

XXX27: A low-angle view of Amy straddling Alan (depending on the view, maybe just barely noticeable that Alan is fucking her anally instead of vaginally), as Amy leans back (arching), tilting her head straight up.

XX28: A close-up of Amy's face and chest, Alan's hands caressing her tits, as she bursts into laughter.


XXX32: A side view of Amy and Alan (IIRC, Amy is still straddling Alan) - tears are still visible on Amy's face, but her expression - with wide eyes and open mouth - demonstrates that she has just had another orgasm.

XX33: A (slightly angled) side view of Amy on Alan, as she rides down on Alan Jr. again (some of Alan Jr. would be visible), a pout on her face, one hand on her head with the other hand in front of her face - indicating the ring should be placed there.

XX34: Another close-up (and possibly side view) of Amy's face, as her eyes roll up towards the back of her head (eyelids fluttering), while her mouth is wide open as if she is about to scream in orgasmic joy (which she does in the next paragraph).

XX36: A close-up image (from the side) of Amy's and Alan's faces (at least, you'd see Alan's face if it wasn't obscured by Amy's hand) as they kiss.

XX38: A side view of Amy and Alan, almost sitting up (she's still got Alan Jr. embedded firmly in her rear), in a hug. Amy's face is visible (Alan's is behind hers from the POV of the Reader), as tears resume their flow. Alan's hands are visible at Amy's back, with the ring on one hand, and the ring box falling out of the other.

XXX39: A side view of Amy (on the same side as her ring hand), tears still visible on her face, her head tilted back as she screams in ecstasy after Alan has JUST placed the ring on her finger (visible on the hand, with Alan's hand just a few inches away).

XX41: An Alan POV of Amy's eyes, open and gazing right at him.

XXX44: A view from above of Amy in bed, tucked in, with her eyes closed. Her ring arm is visible as it rests above the sheets, the amethyst ring plainly visible.

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