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The women who play a prominent role in Alan's life, naked, some with slave collars, and some of those with rings
SIX TIMES A DAY – Part 153
The End
Day 76: Saturday, November 30

(MF, Mf+, ff+, rom, oral)

Written and illustrated by Spacer X <paul_t_22@yahoo.com>

Copyright © 2004 - present Spacer X; All Rights Reserved.

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CHAPTER 1 (Saturday, Nov. 30)

Alan swayed uncertainly in the middle of the hallway.

He'd felt pretty good when he left Amy, but as soon as he was away from her his energy level fell rapidly. He actually staggered for a couple steps before deciding to lean against one of the hallway walls.

He looked down the hallway at Susan's closed bedroom door. Phew! So much for charging into Mom's room full of vim and vigor. Amy's unbelievably tight ass really drained me, way more than I realized!

Remembering the feeling of being held "captive" in the warmth of Amy's anal embrace, a smile crossed his face. Not that I'm complaining, mind you. That was great! I gave everything I had, and I'd do it again. But how can I get myself ready to go just one more time? One. More. Time. I'm almost there!

He glanced towards Susan's door again, feeling drained and woozy. I wonder if I'm gonna have to crawl down the hall on my hands and knees in order to have sex with Mom. Would she be willing to just let me cuddle and rest for a while, like Amy did? I sure hope so! I don't want to disappoint her. She's going to expect the fuck to end all fucks, and rightfully so. And anal sex, no less. Oh man! Do I even still have what it takes to manage that?

Of course, this won't be the first time I've engaged in a series of exhausting fucks and then still had to "perform" for her like I'd promised I would. Only earlier this week, I had sex with every girl on the cheerleading squad except my sisters, only to come home more tired than ever to find Mom waiting for me in the kitchen, bent over the counter and spreading her own ass open, silently begging for me to fill her up.

Wow. Good times. If I could do it then, I can do it now. He tried to psych himself up. However, he didn't feel that inspired. Awww, who am I kidding? That situation doesn't compare. Today was the absolutely most exhausting, most sex-filled day ever! How am I supposed to just bounce back from that?

A faint sound startled Alan out of his reverie, although he couldn't quite place where it had come from. He turned to check to see if the door to his sister's room was open across the hall. Katherine had a habit of only closing her door when she was in her room. Sure enough, her bedroom door stood slightly ajar and all the lights were off inside, meaning she was probably already downstairs with Suzanne. He strained his ears, but he couldn't hear anything. If Suzanne and Katherine were talking downstairs, they weren't doing it loudly enough for him to hear them.

Taking a deep breath, his nostrils filled with the rank scent of sex pouring off his body. Whoa! Damn, I must reek to high heaven! Of course, that's no surprise after having sex with Sis, Mother, AND Aims, all without stopping to wash their tasty love juices off me. Whew! Guess I'd better hose myself down and clean up before going in to see Mom. She might like me smelling fucked and funky, to some degree. But I'm thinking that if she gets a whiff of me right now, it could be a bit too much, even for her.

He shuffled into the bathroom across the hall, closed the door, and turned on the shower. He waited for the water to heat up before ducking under it and letting the spray have its way with his well-used body. He took his time getting wet before lathering up to wash his hair and soap his body.

The hot water felt bracing, in a very good way. It didn't take long before he started to feel refreshed and revitalized.

After a few minutes, he lowered the water temperature. He was just starting to soap himself up a second time when the shower curtain parted.


Katherine was standing there naked, looking a bit sheepish. She whispered, as if afraid to disturb him, "Hey, Bro!"

He couldn't help but frown, due to still lacking much energy. He spoke quietly too, as if they were afraid of waking someone nearby. "Sis, if you're thinking about some kind of hanky-panky, I'm sorry. I can't! I'm totally, totally dead! I was just wondering how I was going to find a way to make it through giving Mom a proper fucking like I did for the rest of you."

Katherine wasn't at all dissuaded and held up her hands. "Don't worry. I get it." She stepped into the shower stall. "Master, I promise, I'm not going to do anything sexual to you at all. I promise I won't even touch your yummy penis."

She stood under the shower spray until she was reasonably wet, then went behind him and wrapped her arms around him.

He grumbled, "It looks like I don't have much say in the matter."

"Nope!" she said with growing confidence. "Remember, I'm uppity. I've got my uppity reputation to maintain. You don't want the Uppity Fuck Toy Sisters of America to get on my case for being a slacker, do you?"

He chuckled at that. "I suppose not."

"Of course not."

He quipped, "I've never heard of UFTSA."

"Few have. People stay quiet 'cos nobody wants a bunch of uppity sluts on their case." She giggled. "Here, I'll tell you what I'm gonna do. I'm just gonna hug and hold you like this, and bask in the joy of being with my husband-master and the future father of my children. And while I'm doing that, I'm gonna send good vibes and energy from me to you, so you'll be up to your usual relentless fuck-machine standards for Mom."

"Thanks." He leaned back into her, closed his eyes, and let his body go slack. He even let her support some of his weight. He exhaled with great relief.

For a minute or more, he didn't do or say anything at all. He could feel Katherine's big breasts pressed against his back. He was encouraged that, for once, her nipples weren't erect. Perhaps she really was going to simply hold him in a non-sexual way after all.

Then he said, "You know what? This is nice. Thanks. As long as it stays like this."

She snickered. "Uppity sister-slave power wins again!" She giggled. "I'll tell you what. I'm going to keep things non-sexual, but let me help you wash your hair."

"Okay. Sounds good." Knowing that the shower head was connected to a long shower hose, he got on his knees.

She knelt behind him and started simply rubbing the shampoo into his hair. It quickly turned into a head massage in all but name.

He thought, This feels great! So stimulating. I thought it was corny when she said she was going to send good vibes and energy into me, but that's exactly what she's doing. The hot water felt good, but this is even better!


As he remained bent over with his eyes shut tight, he asked, "So, what have you been up to while I was with Mother and Aims?"

"I'll tell you that if you tell me how things went with them."

"What? You haven't even talked to Suzanne yet?"

"Nope. She's been... Wait. Let me explain things in order. After you left, I was zonked out for a while. I just lay in bed, totally blissed out and satiated, reveling in the joy of getting so thoroughly fucked by you, and staring at my beautiful new emerald-green ring. I don't need to tell you how great it all was, since you happened to be there doing the fucking."

He joked, "Was I? Oh yeah."

"Ha ha, very funny. Not! Anyway, despite being damn near fucked to death, I was too worked up to sleep or even close my eyes for long. So after a while I took my diary to bed with me and wrote my impressions down while they were still fresh in my mind."

"Good things, I hope?"

"VERY good things! The best things! And then it got almost unbearably exciting when I heard Mother screaming her ass off. I figured you were fucking her GOOD if she was making that much of a racket. I was sooooo tempted to sneak halfway down the stairs and peek into the living room from there. But I remember the whole Thai restaurant incident with Christine, and how you're not exactly keen on me spying on you without permission-"

He huffed, "To say the least!"

"Right. So I was good. I behaved."

He couldn't do much in his current position. He couldn't even open his eyes because the water trickling down his face had traces of shampoo. So he reached back with both hands and felt his way up his sister's legs. "Wait! Who are you back there? Are you Kat, my sister? 'Cos I don't think she even knows the meaning of the word 'behave.'"

"I do too!" She playfully swatted his shoulder. "I use it all the time in sentences like, 'Sorry, Master, I didn't behave.'" She giggled. "Maybe I need to spank YOU!"

"I'll pretend I didn't hear that."

She liked that he was drawing a line on what she could tease him about. She didn't want to truly challenge his authority, even with joking. She continued, "So I stayed in my room while you went on your motherfucking rampage."

He asked, "Do you mean 'motherfucking' or 'Mother fucking?'"

"Both, of course!" She giggled. "But I must admit that I left the door partially open. You didn't give us a rule against that, right? Gaawwwd, it was so hot hearing you fuck Mother good! But then it got quiet for a while and my pussy was still super sensitive from the way you'd fucked me, so I went back to writing in my diary. What happened there, by the way?"

"Oh, she and I talked about this and that after our orgasmic peak," he confided conspiratorially. "Somehow, she ended up licking and stroking Alan Junior most of the time as we did so. I'm still not too sure why that happened."

Katherine snickered. She'd finished massaging his head and had progressed to his neck and shoulders. "Figures. Color me NOT surprised. Anyway, I heard when you started to come up the stairs. I closed my door all the way and even turned my light off for a while, just to make sure you wouldn't get delayed by talking to me. I knew your energy level was low and that sometimes being a good fuck-toy sister means giving you a break. A few minutes after you and Amy went to your room, I went downstairs to talk to Mother."

She paused and then admitted, uncomfortably, "Unfortunately, that didn't work out."

"What? Why not?"

"She was looking fantastic, lying naked on one of the sofas, but she was talking on the phone. I didn't want to listen in, because, again, no spying, no eavesdropping, but I listened in for about a minute just to find out who she was talking to. It became pretty obvious right away that she was talking to Glory. So I had no choice but to go back to my room and write up more of my thoughts." XXX03

He grunted. "Huh. I wonder... No, wait. She told me she was going to call Glory after I left. Glory had called earlier and expressed some second thoughts about the whole sex-slave thing."

Katherine snickered, "Oh, you think? That's just a tiny little trifling matter, enslaving herself to you and your cock for the rest of her life." She giggled. "But don't worry. I didn't listen long, since I promised to be good, but from the little I heard, I could tell that Mother was in full-on persuasive mode. And you know how convincing she can be when she really wants to be."

"Yeah. Good luck, Glory, holding up against that." He snickered.

"So that's the scoop here. Now, you tell me the rest about what happened between you and our redheaded sex goddess! I'm dying to know!"

"Sorry, no can do. I want you to hear it directly from her. Trust me, it'll be much better that way. Besides, I'm not exactly in storytelling mode anyway. More like 'sleeping until February' mode."

"Drat! Bummer! But that's okay. You're right; it will be pretty cool to hear the full story straight from her."

Katherine decided to give him a chance to enjoy silence for a little while, if that's what he wanted. She refocused her attention on finishing her cleaning task. She detached the shower head from the wall, allowing her to bring the spray of water a close distance to his head. She thoroughly washed his hair clean of the shampoo, which also was quite invigorating to him.

Then, after he stood back up, she proceeded to soap and scrub the rest of his body with a loofah sponge. The roughness of the loofah stimulated his skin, awakening and enlivening him even more. She made a point not to sexually arouse him, or at least not very much. She did end up washing his privates, but she did it in a "professional" and quick manner.

As she washed him, he thought, So nice! I feel like a king. I feel a little bit guilty though. I mean, this kind of thing never used to happen to me. But now, with four wives... FOUR! ...it's probably going to happen to me all the time. Going on five, no less, plus Brenda! I'm going to be pampered and spoiled to a ridiculous degree. Hell, I'm not a king, it's more like I'm a sultan. She's one of my harem slaves, except a willing and loving one. Even modern kings don't have it this good!

You know what? That's okay. To a certain degree, there's no harm in that. Sis just wants to express her love. I can tell she's enjoying herself, probably as much as I am. As long as I don't let this kind of treatment go to my head and turn me into that "Bad Alan" asshole, and I always make an effort to treat my lovely ladies like queens, it'll all be good. It's five to one, at least, so I can't spoil them as much as they spoil me, but I can give it my 110 percent.

After she'd rinsed off the suds and soap, she kissed the back of his neck, since she'd wound up standing behind him again. "There. All better. Uppity fuck-toy sister-wife at your service. Anytime you need me, just call. Now, I'm going to quietly steal away, because I'll bet you want some time to just be alone and think things through before heading off to give Mom her royal reaming."

He turned around to make eye contact with her. "Thank you. That's exactly what I want to do. Your help and touch felt divine. You're amazing! I'm so lucky to have you, my love." He wrapped his arms around her and held her tight. XX04

She tingled all over with delight. Aaaah! I'm so glad I did that. Brother loves me so much, as much as I love him! I just know that being one of his wives is going to be every bit as great as being one of his collared slaves!

She held a hand up over his shoulder to look at her engagement ring. Aaaaah! Bliss!


She did "steal away" after that, leaving him alone in the shower. Since he wouldn't say much about his time with Suzanne, she put on a green see-through nightie and went downstairs to check whether Suzanne had finished talking to Glory.

It turned out that Suzanne was still on the phone, but Katherine sensed the call was nearing its end, so she paused on the stairs to wait.


As she did so, she idly caressed her collar while peering downward. Aaaah, AGAIN! Tonight's been a night of one great thing after another. Just look at Mother in all her naked glory. We're co-wives! SLAVE-wives! She's just been royally fucked, like me, and it shows with her sexy glow. AND I'm wearing an emerald nightie to match my new emerald ring, AND I'm rubbing my ring against my awesome slave collar. AND I have no doubt Mother is being her usual brilliant self, coaxing Glory further into sexual submission to our man.

Her heart beat faster as the next thought hit her: I'll bet he's not even done yet tonight, not even after Mom! I'll probably be choking and slurping on his humongous shaft before the night is through, in all kinds of exciting slavory combinations. Okay, maybe 'slavory' isn't a real word, but I just made it one. 'Savory' plus 'slavey' equals 'slavory!'

She giggled, but quietly, since Suzanne still hadn't seen her. I probably will use that word a lot from now on, since sucking yummy Master cock is going to be such a big part of my slave-wife life. I swear, the fun never stops around here!

Back in the bathroom, Alan leaned forward against the back wall of the shower, letting more water cascade down onto his back as he rested his head and hands against the wall. The additional showering wasn't necessary, since Katherine had washed him completely clean, but it felt good anyway. He still wasn't 100 percent refreshed, but he felt much, much better. He concluded that he was rested enough to fuck his mother the way she deserved and needed to be fucked.

The only problem was his penis. Looking down at the limp noodle hanging from his groin, he wondered if it was even physically possible for him to get erect one more time before the evening ended.

As if summoned by his doubts and feelings of performance anxiety, in his own mind he suddenly heard Susan say in a pointedly disapproving and disgusted tone of voice, "So. Very. IM-proper!"

He had to stifle a laugh at the thought of Susan calling anything "improper" nowadays. He turned off the water, reached for a towel, and started to dry himself off. Well, no, that's not true. No doubt she'd think it's "improper" for me NOT to fuck my dick into her these days, especially when I'd promised her that I would!


He pictured her in the kitchen, standing there completely naked and wiggling her bare ass at him. And just like that, before his startled eyes, he saw his flaccid member twitch and begin to stir back to life. Hot DAMN! Could she be any more physically perfect?! No! No she could not! And what an ASS!

"Mommy needs her buttfucks!" he heard her say in his imagination, like she had begun doing so often lately, except this time he thought there might be an extra layer of meaning, of desire, of yearning and longing behind those simple words that spoke to a hunger for more than just mere sex.

Dream-Susan passionately sighed in his memory as she bent over enticingly. "I don't know why, but when you put your mommy-splitter in my tight little ass, I feel loved by you in a way that I've never known before. It's the total act of submission. I feel so alive and free and happy when your big cock is in my butt!"

He could both feel and see his erection engorging, gaining strength and hardening at the thought of being reunited with his mother's warmly welcoming ass. He kept on toweling his body with his eyes closed, to help him recall those fond memories.

"Good mommies get fucked IN THE ASS, every SINGLE DAY!" he remembered hearing her proudly declare. "Anal sex is the ULTIMATE act of submission!"

He felt his penis thickening even more. Another memory of his mother's desires washed along the shoreline of his tired mind: "I want you to violate my boundaries more often! From now on, whenever you want or need to really 'get my attention,' there's one way that's the best way to do it. Push your penis all the way into my ass and flex it around! Don't tell me you're going to do it or ask for my permission, just bend me over and stretch my asshole around your big, fat, hard, manly cock-meat any time you feel like it. You know my ass is always ready for you nowadays, so there's no need for words whenever you stuff my butt with your humongous prick. This will henceforth be the proper way to 'get my attention', and I expect you to do it properly at each and every opportunity that presents itself, from now on. Do I make myself clear?" XX05

He stepped off the shower mat and hung up his towel. Those sexy memories had done wonders to his libido. He was supremely aware of how very stiff and hot his cock had become. It felt like a heat-seeking missile, practically pulling the rest of him towards Susan's ass.

Looking in the mirror, he belatedly realized, I'm such an idiot. Why couldn't I see what was right in front of me? Mom was starving for love almost all those years she was married to Ron. But that's all changed now, because I love her and she loves me! More than that though, I'm her son, her lover, and now I'm also her fiancé. Someday soon, I'll take her hand in a symbolic marriage as her husband, making her my wife... one of my wives, that is.

So incredible! How many guys get to marry their mother? And I'm getting to marry TWO of them!

He ran a hand through his wet hair as he stared at his reflection. The thing is, deep down in her heart, Mom is a deeply submissive woman and not at all aggressive like Mother or Sis are with their sexuality. No, she's nothing at all like them in that respect! Her natural shyness means that it's very hard for her to come right out and SAY, explicitly, to my face, exactly what it is that she wants from me in bed... and out of it.

But all this time she's been dropping hints, telling me bit by bit what she really wants, leaving me a trail of bread crumbs and waiting... always waiting... for me to get a clue and figure it out without her needing to actually come right out and TELL me. If she flat-out told me what she wanted, then I'd take that as a command from her, putting her in charge, when she wants ME to be in charge and be man enough for HER!

She's been waiting, wanting, and yearning for me to step up and be more dominant with her, "forcing" her to submit to my love and lust for her the way she wants to... and needs to be... in order to feel truly loved and fulfilled as a complete and total woman, more than ever before in her life.

He stared at his turgid, throbbing erection. He could feel the last traces of his weariness fall away as lustful thoughts and emotions swirled around and energized him. This isn't a game or just sexy talk for Mom; this is real! She really wants this, more than anything she's ever wanted before. My MOMMY wants to be a... a sex object! A sex slave, even. For me! MINE! And she wants that because she loves me... and I love her! She lusts after me just as much as I lust after her!

Confident now that he was sufficiently recovered and capable of facing the intense fire of Susan's passion for him, Alan slipped quietly out of the bathroom and back into the upstairs hallway. He remained completely naked and proud of it.

Suddenly, he heard a curious sound coming from the other end of the darkened hallway. His heart thumped harder when he realized it was coming from the master bedroom. Now that he was looking back that way, he could see that the door to Susan's bedroom was cracked open just enough to let a narrow shaft of light spill out into the gloom of the hallway.

It hadn't been like that when he'd gone to take his shower.


Curious to find out what was going on in his mother's room, he quietly stole down the hall. As he did so, some lyrics to "The End," the classic song by The Doors, came to his mind.

"The killer awoke before dawn, he put his boots on
He took a face from the ancient gallery
And he walked on down the hall"

Okay, the next bit about killing various family members obviously doesn't apply! But some parts do:

"He walked on down the hall, and
And he came to a door... and he looked inside."

That's EXACTLY where I am right now! Right when Jim Morrison starts wailing and screaming about wanting to fuck his mother! Except that he was just writing pretentious poetry and I'm actually going to do it! There's no doubt that she's eagerly waiting for me to fuck her, and in the ass, no less!

WOW! Such a thrill! Such a rush! It feels almost like I'm fucking her for the first time!

It didn't hurt his pride that he had to go slower than he would have liked, to avoid letting his erection slap him somewhere. That might have made a tell-tale noise that would have been very distinctive, no doubt instantly recognizable by any of the women in the house if they heard it. He could have held his stiffness in one hand to prevent unwanted contact, but he was rather enjoying the way his hard-on was waving about freely in the air as he made his way over to the slightly-ajar bedroom door.

He stood at the door with his heart thumping wildly. Even without looking in, given what he was now hearing, he could pretty much guess what was happening.

"Oh, Tiger..." Susan moaned somewhere beyond the almost closed door, "Mommy NEEDS you so much! Take me! Make me yours, Son! My son, my husband, my MASTER! My love! Please. Let me be a complete woman for you. Make me the sort of big-titted and beautiful slave-mommy who is PROUD to be yours, mind and body, heart and soul!"

Despite the demands that Katherine, Suzanne and Amy had put on his penis, hearing Susan's passionate pleas and imagining the sight that awaited him on the other side of her bedroom door energized and invigorated his entire body even more. Not only was his exhaustion totally gone, he actually was feeling more alive than usual.

And yet he felt increasingly soothed and relaxed at the same time, as if having a massive boner when getting closer to Susan were not only the most natural thing in the world but also to be expected.

He could have knocked, or even just barged in on her. But he didn't want to do that. His goal was to completely surprise her.

The door to Susan's bedroom swung inwards with its hinge on Alan's right. Unfortunately, the master bed was also a bit offset to the right behind the door, so the bright light spilled into the hall at the wrong angle and he couldn't see anything without opening the door wider to stick his head into the gap and look past the door itself. Hearing her stop moaning and start panting heavily, he figured that if he was going to widen the gap in the door at all, this would be the best time to do it.

As carefully as he dared, he slipped his hands into the gap around the door and gently pushed it to slowly swing it open wider. The underside of the wooden door brushed quietly along the carpet, so that what little sound was made was completely drowned out by her loud, heavy breathing. Once he had the door opened wide enough for him to step through, he carefully leaned his head in through the gap into the light to get an unimpeded view of the master bed.

He immediately felt his erection respond powerfully at the sight presented before him. WHOA! DAMN! I've got the sexiest mother in the whole wide world!

Susan was on elbows and knees on top of her bed with her ass pointing straight back at the door, with her head resting on a pillow. The fact that she was on top of red satin sheets made her appearance even more arresting.


He felt his hard-on lurch and throb even more insistently when he noticed that his mother wasn't wearing high heels. I know her, and there's only one reason she's not wearing high heels when she's expecting to see me: because she knows we're going to be romping and rolling around on the bed soon! It's funny. When she wears high heels I get totally horny, but when she doesn't I get even MORE aroused!

As he watched, he saw her lower her head and shoulders onto the pillow that she had conveniently placed in front of her so as to free up her arms and hands. She then reached back with both hands to grab meaty handfuls of her butt cheeks in order to slowly and very deliberately pry her ass open, widening the valley between her buttocks until he could see her anus, twitching and throbbing where it rested in the valley between them.

Hot damn! My dick is going to be plunging in and out of that tight little hole in a matter of minutes! My mom, my super-stacked centerfold mom! I'm gonna fuck my mom's ASS! Damn! These are the moments that make life worth living. Jim Morrison, eat your heart out!

He noticed that her eyes were closed and she was panting heavily as she mauled and kneaded her own buttocks, lost in the la-la land of her own desires and fantasies. He also noticed that it seemed that her anus had not yet been lubricated. That was just as he'd instructed, since he wanted to save that pleasure for himself.

She still didn't realize he was there, but she spoke as if he were.

"Please, Tiger..." she groaned passionately into her pillow. "Your sex-cow milky Mommy NEEDS to submit to you... to you and your mommy-splitting cock! Mmmm! Please, Son! Don't just LET me be your buttslut Mommy who craves your cock and cum... MAKE ME be your buttslut Mommy! UNGH! I want it deep inside me SO MUCH! Cram-fuck your big... thick... beautiful... manly cock into my son-loving asshole! Mmmm!"

He held his breath, enraptured by her display of pure lust and sensuality. His heart was thumping so hard he was half-convinced she'd be able to hear it. He knew her well enough to know that she wasn't secretly aware of his presence and faking it. She wasn't even capable of credible faking.

She panted, "Make me take you all the way in to your big cum-filled balls, and then flex your mommy-splitting cock around inside me! Anytime, anywhere, in front of anyone, for any reason, my ass is yours to fuck! Tiger! MMMM! YES! In fact, I especially love it when you show your domination over me by fucking me in front of your other lovers. Your Mommy not only NEEDS her buttfucks, she needs to submit... totally and absolutely... to you and your cock in order to BE your one and only big-titted, buttslut, sex-slave Mommy!"

She buried her face in her pillow and panted heavily while her hands held her ass open. She moaned even louder and more orgasmically, then pushed her buttocks together. She played with her butt cheeks while gently rocking her hips back and forth in an inviting fuck-rhythm.

For Alan, just passively peeping on his mother when she didn't know he was there was no longer enough for him. Unable to hold himself back, he slipped quietly through the gap in the open door, fully entering the master bedroom. He was supremely aware of his erection as it bounced stiffly with every step.

When she suddenly arched her back and clenched her fingers on her ass in a powerful grip while groaning loud and long, he used the opportunity to quickly close the bedroom door, letting her unleashed vocal passion cover any noise that would give his presence away.

However, closing the door required that he pivot on one foot. That left him facing away from her, so he didn't know whether his presence had been discovered. He'd released the doorknob while she was still making noise, but then he didn't dare move as her breathing calmed and the room grew quiet.

Trembling with nervous jitters, he placed an open palm on the wall beside the light switches by the door to help steady himself. His heart was beating so hard that he seriously worried she would hear it.

Why am I feeling so scared? Of course she's going to love it when I reveal myself. But for some reason, I'm finding the prospect of her discovering I'm here to be both thrilling and mildly terrifying, if only because of how worked up she's getting herself. She's so horny that it's amazing, even by her standards. It's almost as if she could simply throw herself at me and sexually attack me like a rabid, feral animal!

He didn't dare turn around to peek at her just yet. He was afraid that if he tried, one of his joints would pop or crack or make some other telltale noise to let her know he was right there in the room with her. Unwilling to move, he glanced at the hand that was holding him steady against the wall, which was alongside the light switches. Then he noticed the light switches themselves, particularly which ones were switched off.

A-ha! So the video monitoring in here hasn't been switched on yet. That means Mom has been very good indeed, and everything she was saying just now wasn't being recorded. That also means that she's saying this because she really means it, not because she's "playing to the gallery" or something like that. Wow!

He was startled out of his own thoughts when he heard a sudden, sharp, and very loud smack coming from her direction, which echoed and reverberated throughout the bedroom, followed by a very loud and long "Mmmmmmm!" from her. The smacking sound was soon repeated.

It dawned on him what was happening when he heard her loudly moan with erotic pleasure. She's spanking herself! WOW! This is SO COOL!

"Oooooh, yes, Tiger..." he heard her pant lustily. "Yes! Spank your buttslut Mommy! I've been soooo bad! Letting your big fat cock stay all thick and stiff and hot like that, and not taking care of it to my very best ability!"

He thought, What is she talking about?! When has she EVER not taken care of my cock, and to an amazing degree?! But then it hit him: That's true. When has she ever not taken care of me? Sexually or otherwise?! Is there a better mom in the entire friggin' universe?! I don't think so! And now she's going to be my slave-wife... forever! She's going to take care of me sexually and every other way for years and years to come!

I'm so fucking lucky! Hell, I'd be 110 percent sexually and emotionally satisfied with just her alone. But I get her and all my other lovers as well! How lucky can one guy be?!

She continued to moan erotically, "Spank me for being a naughty Mommy who yearns to serve you... with her ass! Mmmm, yesss..." She loudly slapped her butt again.

Unable to bear not being in a position to watch her any longer, Alan turned around while keeping a hand on the wall by the switches. His fingers lingered on the switch that would turn on the cameras and begin recording a scene he was sure the family would watch for years to come. But he didn't flip the switch just yet.


He saw she was in the middle of her bed, slumped on her front with her knees widely splayed and her upturned ass lifted in the air for her hands to fondle. As he watched, he saw her lift a hand and then bring it down in another satisfyingly loud smack on her own rump. Her head was resting on her pillow, her jaw and throat lying atop the cushioning as she played with herself. As far as he could tell, she still had no idea that he was there watching her.

"You understand, don't you, Master..." - Susan breathed reverently, lost in her fantasy world again - "...how much I long for, crave, and NEED to be your Anal Slave!"

He was shocked to realize that when she said it, he heard the capital letters as surely as if the words were being spelled out on paper. Fuck me! I was right. She really IS serious about this anal stuff! She saw what I did to Brenda earlier and she wants that for herself!

Susan gasped out while squeezing her buttocks with both hands, "Other mommies dream of welcoming their sons home with open arms. But I... I! I, as your devoted buttslut Mommy... dream of welcoming home my son, my lover... my husband... my master... with my ready and waiting butt hole, every day! I MUST embrace your cock and take your mommy-splitting thickness DEEP in my ass! Son, you know how much I love to suck your cock, but sometimes I need for you to buttfuck me! It's the ULTIMATE act of submission! Oh, YES! GOD YES!"

Alan felt his knees getting weak as his erection surged and strained towards her with an increasingly urgent stiffness. He was starting to feel light-headed and a touch dizzy while he stared unblinkingly at his mother's widely-spread ass cheeks. His gaze was locked onto the sight of her tightly puckering anus.

Oh wow! I had no idea she was THIS serious about anal sex! I thought anal was a distant third for her, behind oral and vaginal. Damn! No wonder she wanted to change her "boundaries" like she told me, so that cramming my cock up her ass would be the "proper" way to greet her when coming home from now on, not to mention just any old time I want to "get her attention" like I used to. And the amazing thing is that she seems to mean it. She really, really, actually means it!

"You understand, don't you, Son," she continued, passionately, unaware that he was right behind her and hanging onto every word, "that your buttslut Mommy was given to you to serve you in every way! In every hole! And that most definitely includes getting buttfucked onto your big, thick, mommy-splitting COCK! To take every thick THROBBING inch in my tight little ass! So hot and throbbing and alive! Oh, Master! My love! My hubby-to-be! All I want to do is love you and serve you and drain your balls as you cum deep inside me! That's why you've been training me, haven't you?"

Huh? Training? he wondered, perplexed. The only ass I've been intentionally training so far is Heather's...

"You've been training me to be your personal buttslut, haven't you, Master?" Susan sighed gustily. "Training my ass... this ass..." - she quickly smacked her left ass cheek again - "to be a perfect fit for your rampant cock, the big fat cock that this big-titted mommy-slave was born to serve! I love surrendering my ass to you. You've been teaching me where my rightful place is, both in your heart and mounted on your thick... cum-filled... cock, where I belong! That's right: MOUNTED! All this time, you've been preparing me to understand who I really am and what I really want."

He thought, bewildered, I am? I have? I did? Wait. When did this happen?!

She panted, her voice thickening with the intensity of her passion, "And when you finally claim me as your permanent Anal Slave for life, Master, my ass will at long last be 'married' to your mommy-splitting cock, and you will wear the 'ring' of my submissive asshole PROUDLY on your big beautiful cock as you cum in your anally-enslaved bride... again and again and again!"

He felt like swooning. He was so aroused by the love and yearning devotion he was hearing that he truly felt faint. With his free hand he vigorously rubbed his face, trying valiantly to pull himself together. He focused on adopting the 'dominant, demanding master' persona that she so craved and needed, like putting on a mask. Unconsciously, his shoulders straightened and he stood taller.

His finger flicked on the monitoring system installed in the room, engaging the cameras to record everything that was about to happen. Then he quietly stepped forward towards the bed in front of him.


Susan panted hotly, "That's why Mommy needs her buttfucks, and why good slave mommies get fucked in the ass every single day! To affirm that my submission is as total and endless as my love for you! Frequent, deep anal domination of a submissive buttslut mommy is VERY important! That's because when a son's hard and thick cock is buried deep in a good mommy's-"

Susan's reverie was interrupted by the completely unexpected feeling of hot breath on her anus, followed by the unmistakably soft wetness of a tongue swabbing her there. She shrieked loudly and her entire body jerked in shock. She had expected Alan to arrive soon, of course, but she was totally unprepared to have him successfully sneak up on her like that. At first, she wasn't certain it was him, so she immediately and instinctively tried to spin around to see who was behind her.

However, Alan grabbed hold of her hips with both hands firmly enough to pre-empt that maneuver while keeping his face buried between her butt cheeks.


She thought, Who?! WHO?! It HAS to be my Tiger, doesn't it?! Oh dear Lord, please tell me it's him!

She had enough experience with getting her asshole worked over by Xania's tongue to recognize that this wasn't a hostile act, since she was getting sexually pleasured. However, she was still playing catch-up, since she'd fallen so deeply into her fantasies that she had to recall where she was.

It didn't take her long to realize that it wasn't Xania but Alan orally working her ass, in part because Alan lacked Xania's more extensive talents and experience. But also, she could feel his short, unruly hair lightly brushing against her ass cheeks in a couple of places. Thank GOD! Oh, thank the Lord! It is him! Oh, yes!

Once she had figured it out, she went in a heartbeat from scared shitless to overjoyed. She was so sexually excited to have him there, and licking her ass no less, that her body trembled in orgasm from head to toe. "Ooooh, baby! YES!" she groaned, arching her spine and thrusting her rump back towards him. "Such a GOOD son!" she shouted in ecstasy as her climax made her quiver and shake.

Alan's head was swimming with lust and delight. He snickered, That worked out exactly as I'd hoped. She's STILL cumming from the shock! Now I get to claim my prize!

His mother was holding her butt open for him while he held her hips and pulled her rear end towards his lips. He ran his tongue all over and around her anus as well as laving his spit up and down the humid valley of her widely-opened butt cheeks.

She smells so good. His eyes were closed, allowing him to fully savor her uniquely feminine scent and flavor. Yes, licking an ass crack could be gross, but not this ass, not now. She tastes simply divine! Mom, your ass is simply beyond incredible! And you're MINE... all mine! I'm going to enslave your ass to MY COCK and make you my Anal Slave!

He still didn't know what that term meant exactly, any more than he understood Amy's "Anal Pal" concept. If she already was his sex slave in general, what did "Anal Slave" specifically mean? But it certainly sounded great in the heat of the moment.

He threw his head back and gasped deeply, inhaling a big lungful of air. Then he plunged his face back into the cleft of her butt, where his lips found her aroused and ready anus yet again. Stiffening his tongue, he speared his way into her anus, earning him her shuddering groan of lusty approval.

Although her big orgasm had come to an end, her moaning only intensified when she felt his fleshy invader begin swirling its way in and out of her most intimate hole. She thought, Oh dear! This isn't right at all. It's terribly improper for a well-hung master to lick his slave's ass. It should be the other way around!

However, in a matter of seconds, she had a dramatic change of heart. But... then again... he IS my master. That means he gets to do anything he wants with my body, at any time and place! I'm totally helpless, a slave to his lusty desires! She even spread her legs wider and tightened her grip on her wide-open buttocks in an effort to help him work his tongue deeper into her needy rump.

"Ohhhh Son... Yes!" she moaned with unrestrained desire. "So. Very..." she paused significantly before shouting, "PROPER!" She even wiggled her butt onto his tongue to let him know how great her approval was.

He loudly hummed his appreciation as he continued rimming and reaming her asshole with his tongue, which made her gasp and squeal in surprise and renewed desire. He felt good that he was "serving" her, for a change, totally devoting himself to intensifying her pleasure.

She responded in kind by flexing her anus and working her pelvic muscles in a way that soon had her effectively milking the tip of his tongue whenever he thrust it inside her.

He was stunned. My god! She's doing "The Wave" on my tongue! It feels like her ass is sucking me in! It's like she's actively working to get my tongue deeper into her ass because her butt is so hungry to get fucked! She really does "need" my cock in her ass!

He kept orally loving her rear end. It was true that he had a raging erection that wasn't being stimulated directly, but he didn't mind that at all. Not only was he reveling in making his mother feel good, but he was also concerned that she'd gotten him so hot and randy that if his cock even so much as touched her, he'd cum almost instantly. Bit by bit, he was learning that it truly could be just as good to give as it was to receive.

She was only too happy to indulge him in his desire to keep his face buried in her butt, especially once he loosened his grasp on her hips and started using his fingers between her legs to tease her clitoris out from its sheltering hood. All the while, his tongue kept working itself in and out of her very delighted butt hole. Once he started lovingly stroking her clitoris with his delicate touch, she lost all control and started creaming her way through an even bigger orgasm than the previous one.


He didn't stop when she was shaking and cumming hard. Instead, he kept on teasing her most sensitive spots with his lips, tongue, and fingertips, inducing another orgasm, and then another. He was beyond delighted that he could do this for his mother whom he loved so dearly, driving her nearly to insanity with repeated, overwhelming and unrestrainable climaxes.

Finally, she just couldn't take any more stimulation and surrendered to an unexpectedly powerful screaming orgasm. After that, she went completely limp, slumping gracelessly down onto her belly on the bed.

Her shuddering contractions were strong enough that he had to remove his face from her butt or risk getting punched in the nose by her tailbone.

"Uughh... unngrh..." she groaned wearily. She lay there as if dead, just breathing heavily. Wow! My goodness! How could it be possible that what we're doing is wrong?! There's no way the good Lord would have made my body this highly arousable if He didn't want Tiger to make me cum over and over like that. Sex has to be all part of God's magnificent plan.

Then her body twitched with alarm, because it occurred to her, Oh no! He hasn't even started fucking me yet! I may not make it through the night alive!

He leaned back towards her, delivering a loving kiss directly to her still-twitching anus. Then he opened his mouth enough for his tongue to slide out and briefly penetrate her anus once more. "Yes, Mommy," he breathed hotly, deliberately letting his lips brush against her as he spoke lovingly directly into her asshole, "I'm going to FUCK you..."

"Mmmm!" she purred happily, letting him know how much she liked that idea. Her body was still flying high on lust, despite her total exhaustion. She nearly had another orgasm just from the fact that he'd called her "Mommy."

"Your butt is for fucking..." he murmured, languidly kissing her pulsing pucker.

"Mmmm-hmmm!" she hummed in heartfelt agreement. She could feel her anus throbbing in endorsement.

"I heard what you were saying, and I completely agree. Mommy NEEDS her buttfucks..."

She gasped with pleasure and pride to hear him so forcefully telling her, and with such certainty, what she had come to believe with all her heart.

"And good mommies..." he intoned confidently, between licks of her shivering anus.

She held her breath.

He growled possessively, "Good mommies get FUCKED... in the ASS!"

She would have swooned all over again, except that she was already flattened onto the bed like a pancake. She felt his mouth lip-lock itself onto her spastically flexing anus and work his tongue into her yet again. Yes, Tiger, YES! Oh, Son, am I dreaming? Can life really be THIS good?! Is this still my fantasy, or are you really going to OWN me AND marry me?!

He ended his last tongue-probing kiss of her rear end with a loud and satisfied lip smacking "Mwah!"


Alan got up and circled around the bed to sit up against the headboard near where Susan's face rested partially on the pillow. Along the way, he lovingly looked at her voluptuous nude body from different angles.

He plunked himself down heavily enough to make the bedsprings shake, so that even if she wasn't looking at him she'd still know exactly where he was. As is turned out, she opened her eyes and stared up at him.

She didn't feel the need to say even a single word, since they were communicating so perfectly without any words. She felt as happy and as loved as she'd ever felt in her life, and she knew it was only going to get better.

He smiled down at her and ran a hand through her hair. He was feeling much the same, practically floating on a cloud of motherly love.

His gesture made her smile blissfully. She closed her eyes again, knowing that all was right with the world.

Glancing at the nearby bedside table, he spotted the two essentials he'd expected to find: the ring box he'd given her, open and with her ring still in it, and a squeeze tube of anal lube.

He thought, I love that Mom is ready and eager to be lubricated for anal sex at a moment's notice. I almost wish she didn't keep her asshole lubed and ready for me all the time, since it's so much fun to stick my face in her butt and play with her. She loves it, and I can't deny that I love doing it to her! I love giving a little back to her, after all those zillions of fantastic blowjobs she's given me. But then again, I'm really glad she does keep her ass lubed for me, since it means that she's always ready for me to bend her over, spread her ass open, and fill her sexy butt with my hard throbbing cock!

He waited patiently for her to fully recover her breath and open her eyes.

When she did, she was confronted with the sight of her son's heavy erection within easy reach as he lounged back against the head of her bed. It was such an indolently dominant pose that for a moment she felt almost dizzy with her desire to serve and submit to her son and master. But then she realized that his cock wasn't being tended to.

With a little yelp of dismay, she managed to lift herself up onto elbows and knees again in order to crawl between his legs. She sighed with profound relief when she was able to capture his erection with her mouth, hands free, and begin sucking his cock.

She was still too tired to suck him with her usual talent and passion, but her eyelids fluttered closed as she lost herself in the sheer joy of simply having his cock fill her mouth once again. Aaaah! That's better! That's how it should be. His great big cock should be poking in me somewhere at all times! MMMM! I love the taste, the feeling of fullness, having to breathe through my nose. But most of all, I love the symbolism of it, humiliating myself, working hard for HIS pleasure while he just sits there, acting smug and insolent!

This is the life! My life, the slave life! Son, let Mommy make you feel good with her lips and tongue. I'm sorry I'm rather out of it just now, but do you like the corkscrew move I'm doing?

Realizing that she wasn't using her hands, at least not yet, he came up with an idea. He said, "Okay, Mom, I'm going to tie your hands behind your back to symbolize your utter helplessness."

He made a pretense of reaching out around the bed, as if looking for something. Then he said, "Unfortunately, I don't have anything handy to bind your wrists together with. So you're just going to have to bind them together yourself, in your own mind. Imagine the ropes around your wrists. Can you do that?"


She nodded. She quickly brought her wrists together over her lower back and held them as if they really were bound. The thrill of the pose, and that idea, energized her even more. She adoringly slurped on his erection as she thought, Oooh! What a GREAT idea! Especially on this night of all nights. I love that he's going to marry me. ME! It's a dream come true! But I also love that he's not forgetting that I'm his SLAVE first and foremost, and always will be, dedicated to obeying his every whim and desire!

He grinned, sensing that he was on the right track. He said, "Keep it like that until I say otherwise. If you fail me you'll have to be spanked. Understood?"

She nodded again, this time even more enthusiastically. Her cheeks caved in and she sucked on his thickness with great vigor. Oh my goodness! I wish he hadn't said that, because I want to be spanked so very, very much! I'd almost consider deliberately failing to keep my wrists together. But I can't do that. I'm a GOOD mommy slave! It's more important to prove my total obedience, especially when my son's yummy cock is in my mouth! There will be plenty of opportunities for me to be spanked later.

She wiggled her ass excitedly. I have a very good feeling that my ass will be rosy red before the night is over! Fucked AND spanked! This is like Christmas morning for my lucky ass!

MMMM! And my mouth is in heaven too. Getting to suck on my master's cock like this, when I'm this worked up already. MMMM! Oh! I can't get enough of my lips locked tightly around his shaft! He's too kind to me!

He let her bob her head and suckle him to her heart's content for a little while. He'd been close to cumming earlier, but his prolonged ass-licking had served to distract him, allowing his dick to recover almost completely.

At first, simply having her lips stretched widely around his shaft was all she needed. But as the moments passed, her body was gradually reenergized, in a similar way to how Alan had been reenergized in the shower thinking about her (and with Katherine's help). Despite the many, many times she'd orally served him, any time his cock was in her mouth was such a thrill that she couldn't help but feel jolted back to life from her series of overwhelming orgasms.

As her energy came flooding back, she started to do a lot more than just bob on his cockhead with her favorite corkscrew motion. She started varying her sucking style and rhythm, as well as using greater and greater suction. Her tongue came out to play too, focusing on his sweet spot as usual.

She thought, This is IT! This is the life! Now that my son is my master AND my husband-to-be, we'll never be apart! No matter how many other slaves and lovers he'll have, I'll always be here for him. With my mouth! With my ass! With my cunt! With my tits! With my heart and soul! Oh, Tiger, I love you so much! And God knows I love sucking your cock!

The future is so bright that it's almost blinding. Now that he's going to make me a slave-wife, I'll be able to choke and gag on his thickness countless thousands of time to come! AND he can keep my hands tied behind my back purely through the power of his command. I'm being so thoroughly dominated that my heart can't take it! How great is my life?!

After a while, he rested one hand on her head in a way that told her to look up into his eyes even as she kept his erection sliding between her lips.

Susan gazed up at him longingly as her tongue actively worked on him inside the confines of her widely-opened jaw. She was in her element, using her favorite techniques, including her devastatingly effective corkscrew move.

Luckily, Alan was used to "enduring" a level of arousal that would have caused most men to cum on the spot. He tenderly cupped her face with one hand as she looked him in the eye. "Mommy," he breathed reverently, lovingly, "you are a better woman, and a sexier woman, than I could have ever dreamed or even imagined. Looking at you now, in bed, on your knees where you belong, with my cock in your 'talking cunt' the way the good Lord intended, I know that I'm truly blessed."

Susan moaned lustily and hungrily, humming her happiness into the thickness blocking her lips. It's true! It's so true! This is what the good Lord intended: my "talking cunt" endlessly stuffed full of delicious son-cock! God up in Heaven must be looking down on us and smiling in approval. How could He not?! I've never been more filled with love!

Using her cheeks while breathing from her diaphragm, she applied sudden pressure changes to the inside of her mouth. She giggled with glee around his shaft when that caused him to loudly gasp.

She closed her eyes and suckled strongly on her son's erection, brimming with pleasure and pride. Mmmm! This is what life is all about. God gave me this busty and beautiful body to help me fully express my love for my son, my man! Tiger is so sweet. First, making me cum that many times with his tongue, and now letting me recover while enjoying my favorite spermy snack. Yum!

She applied much more suction. Do you like that, Tiger? Mmmm! Do you love it when I suck hard like this? I do! She giggled to herself with pure glee.

Alan did love it. Already his breathing was growing ragged and he was forced to flex his PC muscle. However, he was still able to speak with relative ease, thanks to lots of practice with this very sort of situation. "It's hard to believe that only a few short months ago we were only mother and son, not lovers who will join our fates together forever. In that time, I've gone from being your child, to being your lover, to being your master. And today I become your beloved, with the intention of making you..." - he paused to stroke her cheek so that she would look him in the eye again - "my wife!"

Susan groaned loudly and long on his thick cock, giving (muffled) voice to her approval. Her eyelids fluttered as she greedily sucked more inches of his shaft into her mouth. She didn't manage to deep throat him, but she did choke and gag on his hot meat. As had happened each time before when she did that, she found it surprisingly pleasurable. Not only did she love how it made her feel, like she was being completely overwhelmed by his thickness, but she loved the way it sounded. She made a mental note that she needed to do it even more often from now on.

Alan too was powerfully affected by her choking and gagging. Just about everything she did with her mouth made him feel fantastic, but he'd developed a special fondness for the technique. He particularly loved the sound of it, because it showed just how hard she was trying. However, he still had a concern that it might not be safe for her. He felt both relief and disappointment when she pulled back, resuming her usual cocksucking style.


He gently ran a hand through her hair, causing her to look up into his eyes again. He noticed that she was still being diligent about keeping her wrists together behind her back, which impressed him.

Then he waited until she eased her tight and fervent bobbing somewhat so he could talk freely. He had to wait a good long while, but neither of them were in a hurry. It was a tossup who was having more fun.

Eventually, he whispered hotly, while still struggling not to gasp and pant too much, "Tonight, in your master bed, no, make that OUR master bed..."

He had to stop, because her eyes lit up and she somehow squealed loudly despite her mouth being completely stuffed full. "MMMM! MMMM!" Obviously, she loved the words "OUR master bed."

He smiled from ear to ear and ran his hands through her hair some more, trying to calm her down again. "Tonight, I... your master... claim you, my sex cow, milky, big-titted Mommy, as my willing and eager sex slave, and one of my future wives!"

He had to pause again so she could register her approval. This time she did it by shaking her head around, almost like a dog ravenously chewing on a bone. But she wasn't hurting him; she was aggressively using corkscrew and counter-corkscrew moves on him, as if trying to get him to cum that very second.

He had to rather forcefully hold her head in place with both hands before she actually succeeded. He was very close to the edge again, and the last thing he wanted at that moment was to cum too soon. He still had her ass to fuck, after all.

Still there were words he longed to tell her, and he knew he couldn't go wrong with bold declarations that emphasized her submissiveness to him, as well as their mutual love for each other. So he continued, "From this day forward, you shall forever be bound to my pleasure, chained to my desire, enthralled by my passions, and enslaved totally and utterly in complete submission to my cock!"

"MMMM! MMMM! MMMM!" she moaned, particularly loudly and passionately. He thought she was just agreeing emphatically as best she could, given her stuffed and busy mouth, and that was true. But more than that, she was trying to get him to pause long enough for her to memorize those words. She already knew it was the kind of thing she would love saying to herself during future sex acts with him.

He continued, "In the same way, I shall forever be bound to you, your beauty, your enthusiasm, and so much more! I can't... I can't think too well right now! UGH! But most of all, your love! Your love as a mother, and your love as a hot-blooded, sexy, slutty, and seriously stacked woman! I crave and long for you just as much as all the lust and love that you possess for me... your son, your lover, your betrothed... your future husband... and your MASTER!"

Alan expected Susan to bob wildly on his erection in response to that, and probably moan loudly with her usual "Mmmm!" sounds as well. He'd come to love those sounds more than words could convey. But instead, she became very still and misty-eyed as she looked him longingly in the eyes. The only part of her that wasn't motionless was her tongue, which was worshipfully swirling its way around the head of his cock inside her mouth.

What he wasn't ready for was the intense and incredibly strong feelings of love he felt radiating from her, as well as the answering flood of emotion he felt for her in that very moment. It was as if time stood still for the two of them, as a bond of caring and love that might never be broken was forged between them.

She thought, as if speaking to him, Oh God! Son! My heart is filled with so much love! First you seduce me, then you enslave me, and now you marry me! Is there a happier mother on this planet? I don't think so! I love you so much! I am a hot-blooded, sexy, slutty, and seriously stacked woman, but remember that I'm only all that for you! YOU, my love, my life! And then, to tell me such loving and caring words when I can't reply due to your cock filling my mouth... it's just so perfect! This is my favorite way of showing my love for you, with my mouth! With my entire body!

It took an effort of will for him to tear his eyes away from the glowing tears of joy that fell from her overfull eyes. At first, he groped blindly at the bedside table beside him and couldn't even find it. Glancing aside, he spotted the ring box with her ring in it. He was startled to see how much his hand was shaking as he reached for the ring.

As he did so, he noticed that she was now shaking too, quaking on her knees in anticipation of what would be coming next. Perhaps by accident, that shaking was making her tightly sealed lips quiver too, giving him an excellent "hummer" effect.


Alan took a few deep breaths in an effort to somewhat calm his racing heart. He said, "Now, here's the time where you might want to pull off, so we can talk."

Susan shook her head negatively as best she could. She could guess well enough what was coming, but she thought, This is how it's meant to be! It's so symbolic that I'm sucking his cock even as he slips our engagement ring on my finger! No matter what else I'll be: one of his butt sluts, his sex slaves, his personal cocksuckers, his fuck toys... God, so many wonderful names all at once make me dizzy! But no matter what else, being one of his official personal cocksuckers is near and dear to my heart!

Son, if I could speak clearly - and I'm so VERY glad that I can't! - I'd tell you that this is how it has to be! I live to serve! Whenever I think of us together, I think of you standing above me while I kneel naked with your cock down my throat! This is the kind of wife I'm going to be, a slave-wife-mommy, wedded to your cock as well as your heart!

She thought to check her hands. She was relieved to confirm they were still positioned as if they were bound together. Mmmm! And being all tied up too... and forcing me to tie myself up with my own thoughts and willpower. How clever is my Tiger? VERY! There's no resisting him, no escape! Not that I would ever want to resist or escape in a million years. It makes me want him to spank my ass so hard! Mmmm, YES!

Her head had been relatively still, but now she resumed bobbing, sliding her tightly sealed lips back and forth over his sweet spot while flicking at it with her tongue. Her goal, as always, was to keep him riding as close as possible to the edge of orgasm without causing him to lose control.

She thought about easing up slightly, to make sure he wouldn't cum in the middle of the ring presentation, but she decided against it. She had supreme confidence that he would only cum when he wanted to, no matter what she did.

Clutching the ring between his fingers, Alan was forced to close his eyes and go through some breathing exercises he had learned in recent weeks to calm himself at times like this. This is really happening! Mom is about to become mine forever! And while she's blowing me, using all her talent and passion, no less. Hot damn! How many boys get to marry their mothers? Freud must be rolling in his grave, but I don't care!

After some long moments, his nervousness subsided enough for him to stop trembling quite so much. He remained worried about cumming at a most inopportune time, but he also felt it wouldn't be right to ask Susan to pull off, or even ease up. He loved the symbolism of what she was doing as much as she did, and flirting with the danger of him cumming was very fitting too. He kept on tightly flexing his PC muscle, hoping for the best.


With his other hand, he touched and caressed her shoulder, letting her know what he wanted. When she gave it to him, he lifted her left hand in his own and prepared to slip the ring onto her ring finger.

She watched the ring with single-minded intensity. She kept on licking and sucking, but on automatic pilot. Her breathing sped up as the tension mounted.

When Alan didn't move to put the ring on her finger, she looked up at his face again while absentmindedly continuing to pleasure his shaft with her tightly sealed lips and talented tongue. Tears of joy continued to stream down her face.

He said solemnly, "Mom, before we go any further, I need to warn you. We're never going to have a normal husband-wife relationship, or a mother-son one the way it used to be. I'm going to own and control you totally; you're going to serve me like the sex slave that you are! But I promise to never mistreat you or abuse you, except of course when sexually humiliating you in the way that we both enjoy so much. I love you as much as any man could ever love a woman, and the fact that I'll have other wives and lovers doesn't lessen my love, or my lust, for you a single bit."

She nodded in full understanding. Even more tears poured down her face. She was so moved that she somehow managed to speak relatively clearly by widening her mouth even more. "Thun, I know! I lub id! It hath to be thith way!" With that, she resumed bobbing and licking with all the passion she could muster.

He was forced to clutch at the sides of her head again, being careful not to drop the ring in the process. "UGH! God, Mom! So goooood!" He closed his eyes and just moaned and groaned as he tried to ride out her latest burst of cocksucking fervor.

She wanted to continue loving and pleasuring his cock with her lips and tongue for a very long time, holding him right on the cusp of climax all the while. But she realized that if she did that, he wouldn't be able to proceed with giving her the ring. She knew there would be plenty of cocksucking joy in the hours and even years to come, so she forced herself to slow down considerably.

That eventually allowed him to breathe a sigh of relief. For a while, he'd been sure that he would blow his load, even after using all his tricks and techniques to avoid it. She'd eased up with seconds to spare. He closed his eyes and went through another mental exercise to calm himself. Jesus! I'm the luckiest fucking son-of-a-bitch in history! It feels SO FUCKING GREAT! Ugh!

He tried simply breathing slowly and deeply, since that usually helped. It worked again. Okay. I can do this!

He opened his eyes and looked down on her gorgeous face, and especially her sliding lips. That was dangerously arousing, but he persevered. He pronounced solemnly, "When you are ready to begin the ring exchange, deep throat my cock for as long as you can while I give you my vow of mastery."

Her breathing just stopped for a surprisingly long time as her eyes widened and she stared. Oh. My. God. He remembers! He isn't just giving his ring to me; I'm giving MY "ring" to him too! This is a ring EXCHANGE ceremony! I get to deep throat him?! Oh Tiger! I love you even MORE!

He waited patiently for her to get over her shock at realizing the true meaning of his gesture. He was pretty sure that, without being told about it first, only Suzanne and Brenda would have understood what he was implying but not yet saying.

It took Susan longer than he had expected, but eventually she did start breathing again, through her nose.

Then she started swabbing his thickness inside her mouth with her saliva in preparation to deep throat him. Her excitement and anticipation couldn't have been any greater. Tears of joy continued to flow down her face, because her emotions remained at a passionate peak. She wouldn't have been surprised to find out that her wildly pounding heart could be heard downstairs.

He was heartened when he heard her taking long deep breaths, filling her lungs with air. No doubt, she was getting ready to hold her breath while his boner filled her throat for as long as he needed to recite his vow.

She thought, Oh boy! These are the moments we sex slaves live for! I wish Brenda was here to hold my hand and witness this. She'd be crying tears of joy too! Another way I can show my total submission to my son and my... husband! Oh God! What a dream come true! I'm tingling everywhere too much already!

She simply bobbed lightly on him for another minute as she psyched herself up for the big moment. That gave him a short but very much needed respite, relatively speaking.

He noticed that she had her hands up on the bed in front of her instead of behind her back as she'd been ordered to do. But he didn't mind that at all. For one thing, he needed one of her hands close anyway, so he could slip the ring on her finger. But also, with so many exciting and arousing things going on at once, it would have been unreasonable to expect her to keep her pose of having her wrists bound behind her.

Finally, she was ready. She took a very deep breath, looked him in the eye with fierce determination, nodded once, and then began very deliberately diving down his cock. She didn't stop until her lips encircled the base of his erection and his balls were pressed against her chin.

She was triumphant. YES! I did it! And relatively easily. I've wanted to do this so very badly for weeks, and now I can!

However. she didn't have time to celebrate, because every second counted while she had her nose up against his pubic hair. She began swallowing rhythmically, methodically milking his turgid stiffness with the inside of her throat. XX13

He was stunned into frantically flexing his PC muscle to stave off an unexpected explosion. She wasn't "merely" deep throating him; she was doing an amazingly arousing job of it. It took him a few moments to recover, because what she was doing to him now felt suspiciously similar to "the wave" technique she'd used on him with her ass, and it was similarly effective.

As with the three others earlier in the evening, he hadn't given any thought in advance to what he would say. He trusted that the right words would come to him, straight from the heart. Since this was Susan and she treasured the submissive aspect of their relationship, he made sure to emphasize that.

When he did speak, his voice was thick with lust and emotion. "With this ring," he gasped, struggling for control, "I enslave you, Mommy, to be my beloved sex-slave-wife. I will surrender to my unyielding lust and undying love for you. I will try my damnedest to make and keep you, and my other wives, happy and well-loved... and supremely well-fucked. Nothing is more important to me. Nothing! And you deserve nothing less!"

He had to pause to gasp for air. He was concerned, because he felt she shouldn't deep-throat him for much longer than half a minute at a time, especially since she was inexperienced at doing so and he had more to say. So he ordered, "Quick, pull off to breathe!"

She had been starting to struggle, so she was very relieved to quickly pull off. But then, after taking a few big gulps of air, she dove back down, and all the way down until her nose was in his pubic hair again.

He spoke more rapidly this time, since he was increasingly concerned about her need to breathe. "In return, you will take pleasure from straining to encircle my Mommy-splitting thickness, with your mouth, your cunt, your ass, and your milky tits, both openly and in stealth, knowing that your rightful place is NOT by my side..." He groaned hotly, remembering to slip the ring on her finger as he spoke. "...but rather, naked and on your knees! Or lying underneath me in bed! Because... getting FUCKED by my COCK is where you belong!"

She screamed, loudly, despite the fact that her airway was blocked and she couldn't breathe. This gave him a new, acutely thrilling sensation since his throbbing stiffness was lodged in her throat. Even Glory hadn't done anything like that for him yet. Everything seemed even more impossibly arousing than before.


Tears poured down Susan's cheeks. He could tell that she was screaming and crying for joy, rather than out of distress, in part because she wasn't trying to pull her mouth off him to catch her breath, and in part because her be-ringed hand was clutching his fingers so tightly.

She opened her eyes and looked up at him with love and approval, which caused him to realize that he somehow had started leaking tears of joy as well.

Susan wasn't as terrifically accomplished a deep-throat artist as Glory, and she was quickly coming up against the need to breathe again, so it wasn't long before she pulled her mouth all the way off his impaling erection and choked and gasped for breath. At the same time, she started to climax in a very profound and prolonged way, which distracted her too much to keep doing something as difficult as deep throating.

He wasn't entirely correct in his assumption about why she was crying, because the tears streaming from her eyes were due both to joy and to the sheer difficulty of the deep throating. Long streamers of drool poured forth from her lips to dangle and drip from his erection. Once she could breathe again, she coughed a couple of times to clear her throat of the excess saliva and turned face down into the bed, trying to keep from choking again.

He tried to comfort her by stroking and massaging her back, neck and shoulders with his hands, wanting to convey a sense of being gentle, supportive, and understanding with his touch.

It took her a few minutes to settle down and regain her composure before she could breathe evenly and easily again. However, she even loved the struggle of deep throating. The more difficult it was, the more she could show her resolve and devotion to loving and pleasuring him.

He wanted to give her all the time she needed, figuring (correctly) that she'd just had an unbelievably powerful orgasm upon hearing his vow to her and that she needed a chance to recover from her efforts.

Judging by the way she gazed at the ring on her finger though, that wouldn't take too much longer.


Susan revived slowly. As she lay there resting and panting hard, she thought, Dear Lord Jesus, that is difficult! What an ordeal. But that's a good thing. In fact, it's a great thing! Cocksucking shouldn't be easy, at least not when it's done right. I'm not formally employed so, insofar as I have a "full-time job," it's serving Tiger's cock! My master's cock! My husband's cock! She felt a thrill run down her spine.

The competition is tough, very tough, but I'm determined to be the BEST! Cocksucking is an art, it's a calling, it's a way of life! I'm going to master the art of deep throating no matter what, because that's what a good sex slave mommy wife does! It's like I'm a mountain climber and deep throating is my Mt. Everest. It's the ultimate cocksucking challenge, and the ultimate thrill when I succeed with it. Except that I'm going to climb Mt. Everest every day. He'll be able to fuck my "throat cunt" frequently from now on! Daily, for sure!

That was such an exciting idea that she very nearly came again, just from her thoughts. She deliberately avoided touching her privates in an attempt to stay relatively calm.

However, that attempt didn't last a full minute, because there were too many thrilling things to think about, such as his new gift she was wearing. Oh God! I'm his betrothed now! He gave me his ring!


She revived enough to bring her hand to her face. She opened her eyes and stared at it. Be still my beating heart! I'm going to marry MY SON! My master! Oooh, it's just too wonderful!

She had to close her eyes again, because looking at the ring was too emotionally overwhelming for her to take.

Son, you make me so very happy! You'll never know just how much! It's true that we're not formally married yet; there's still the wedding ceremony and honeymoon to go through. Oh God! Wedding and honeymoon?! That's too exciting to even think about! I hope he does all of us at the same time! WHOA! My long-time fantasy of getting married to him in a topless wedding gown might actually come TRUE! If it does, he should fuck my throat while I say those vows too!

Oh boy! How exciting! A wedding AND a honeymoon! I hope all four of us slave-wives will accompany him to some gorgeous tropical island and then never leave the bedroom! The things we'll do to him... Yow! She snickered to herself.

Make that five... at least, because Glory should come and marry him too. Oh, and Brenda. Even though she says a "true slave" can never marry her master, she should be there to help celebrate and tend to his insatiable big cock. So six, at least! Who knows how many wives and sex slaves he'll have eventually? By summer, we might even get Xania or Christine to join us! Or BOTH of them! That would make it EIGHT slave-wives, and I'm not sure if even eight is enough! She snickered to herself at that jokey reference, recalling that "Eight Is Enough" was the title of a TV show that was popular decades earlier.

It's so exciting! I feel like I'm part of something really big! I don't even mind all my loveless, sexless years and my fake marriage, because they led me to this.

When Susan was ready to resume, she got up on her elbows. She could see that her son's dick was still very erect, and covered in saliva and pre-cum. But she knew he'd cooled down some while they'd both rested, so she engulfed his cockhead again and bobbed on him for a couple of minutes.

It was a kind of victory lap for her. She loved that she didn't say anything with words, but instead she let her cocksucking do all the speaking for her. As she did so, she recalled the words she'd memorized: "From this day forward, you shall forever be bound to my pleasure, chained to my desire, enthralled by my passions, and enslaved totally and utterly in complete submission to my cock!" Master, that's SO TRUE!

She suddenly pulled her lips off his soaked boner, because there was something she just had to say. She lapped against his sweet spot as she talked. "Son, Master, many mothers love their children more than life itself, but most don't have a way to express that, except by saying 'I love you' every now and then. Or maybe an occasional hug, or kiss, or approving smile. But that's so inadequate. But now, I can express my love for you every day with my cocksucking skills! I can bring you to the edge of Heaven over and over, making you feel as happy and as loved as you make me feel! And that's not all! I can love you even more with my juicy cunt, my clenching ass, and the depths of my cleavage! Then you reward me with your cum! And lots of orgasms! It's all so great that I can't stand it!"

With that, she engulfed him again and took him so deep that her nose brushed against his patch of pubic hair.


He clenched his PC muscle hard. The sudden surge of pleasure from her renewed activity took him by surprise due to its unexpected euphoric intensity. He realized to his great distress that he'd already passed the point of no return and was going to cum. That was unacceptable, since he'd promised to fuck her ass and he hadn't even started that yet.

He yelled "Too much!"

That caused her to pull back, but only partially, since she didn't realize the urgency of his crisis. She hadn't been down on him that long and she wanted to choke and gag on his thickness for a bit.

He acted quickly and decisively by grasping the base of his shaft and tightly squeezing it, as Suzanne had taught him.

It was an unpleasant feeling and a difficult task, like starting to pee and then being forced to stop halfway through. However, he succeeded in foiling his orgasm. He breathed a big sigh of relief.

Susan was vaguely aware of what had just transpired, especially since his hand got in the way of her hand stroking his shaft while he was applying the squeezing trick. She was surprised, since she had been completely confident that he would stay erect for as long as he needed to, or even just wanted to. The main thing in her mind was that his cock was still hot, stiff, and delicious, so she kept right on sucking, licking, and stroking.

It took him a little while to recover from the close call. Phew! That worked, again! Thank God, too. No way can I disappoint Mom now. If I had blown my load, I'd have simply had to get erect again one more time. If anyone could inspire me for that, she could. And the promise of fucking her in the butt!

That's the second time I did that tonight. If that trick starts working on a regular basis, that's almost too amazing to contemplate! Between that and the non-ejaculatory orgasm... Gaawwwd! I could have sex a truly remarkable amount of time every day! Why have I never heard of this kind of thing before, of guys having that much sex?! There must be some kind of catch, some limitation.

Finally, he felt it was time for the next part of his plan. He put his hands on her head and gently stroked her long, dark brown hair.

She correctly interpreted that as a sign to stop, so she pulled her lips off his boner with a deliberately loud smacking sound. She moved back into her previous submissive posture, crouching down on elbows and knees between his widely open thighs. Her eyes remained locked on the new milky-white pearl ring on her finger, until finally she slowly lifted her gaze to lock eyes with her son. XX17

That made them both shiver again because they were so emotionally connected.

She quickly glanced towards the door, and more specifically the switch to the video recording system. She breathed a big sigh of relief as she confirmed that it had been switched on. She had no doubt that the video footage of this night would be something she would treasure for the rest of her life.

There was a great deal that she wanted to say to her son. But she decided that she could actually say more by not speaking at all, at least not immediately. In her opinion, that restraint showed a greater level of acceptance and understanding. Her eyes spilled more tears of happiness as she reverently breathed and silently mouthed one word to him: "Master..."

He gave her a slow, deliberate nod to acknowledge her acceptance of his status, and what it meant for their relationship going forward.

She bowed her head to him, relishing in the thrill of submission it gave her. She felt giddy and light-headed, even as young as a teenager again. I'm free! Free to be my son's sex slave! And he's going to fuck me repeatedly! Daily!

Now, admittedly, I may not always get fucked in any given orifice. He's a busy master, with a lot of other sex slaves, sex pets, lovers, cheerleaders, and various random women he feels like fucking, and there are so many different ways he can fuck me. But he loves me as much as I ever dreamed or hoped for, so he'll certainly take the time to fuck me good at least once every day, in at least one of my holes!

Her gaze was inexorably drawn again to the ring on her left hand. She smiled from ear to ear. This means so much MORE to me than Ron's ring ever did. I already know that, years from now, whenever I'm feeling down, I'll just have to look at this ring, or feel my black collar around my neck, and all will be well again. I especially love its milky-white color, 'cos it reminds me of my breast milk AND his sperm, my two favorite fluids! XX18

But as she continued to stare, she saw the tube of anal lube on the bedside table. She felt her anus throb and pulse with need and eagerness, and a desire that could not be denied any longer.

She quickly wiped her face of her lingering tears as best she could. Then, with her left hand, she slowly stretched out to pick up the tube of anal lube and hold it up between herself and her master. She didn't want to break their meaningful silence, but she couldn't entirely help herself. She tentatively whispered, "Please..."

She wasn't sure what she was asking him to please do, only that she was actually scared about what was about to happen. Not that many minutes ago, he made me cum over and over and over just from licking my ass! He reduced me to a state of total helpless submission just from that alone! Since then, with the deep throating ceremony and everything, I've kept on cumming and cumming. My body is still in such a super-sensitive state that all he'd have to do is touch my pinky toe and I'd cum buckets! What am I going to do when he fucks my ASS?! I don't know if it's possible to die from too much pleasure, but I think I'm about to find out!

He took the tube from her visibly trembling hand. He kissed her gently on the lips, reassuring her with his love and his caring. He considered saying something to further reassure her, but he also sensed an almost kind of magical connection they were sharing without really speaking, and he didn't want to break that.


He got off the bed and moved back around to its foot, positioning himself behind her backside. He silently urged her to slide up towards the headboard so he could get into position on his knees behind her on the bed.

Once she was where he wanted her, he moved in close between her feet. Clearly, there was no way for her to touch his erection while he was behind her like that, but he figured he needed a good long strategic break anyway before they started in on the anal sex anyway.

He opened the tube of lube. The sharp plastic crack of the popping top reverberated through the otherwise-quiet room, startling them both, causing them to reflexively jump for an instant.

He was pleased and slightly amused to see that she had crossed her wrists behind her back again. Man, she's really into this submissive stuff. We really fit like hand and glove, because I get a big kick out of seeing her do that kind of thing. I could never hurt her or rudely boss her around like a "true" master, whatever the fuck that is, because I love her too much. But what we have works very nicely for both of us, thank you very much!

He squeezed a generous amount of lube out the tip of the tube and was about to apply it to his index finger when he thought of a better applicator. Why don't I use my pinky finger instead to lube up her ass? It's smaller and so it'll feel like my cock is that much bigger than normal to her when I start fucking my way into her. Plus, if I use my pinky to do it, it'll take me longer to lube her up, meaning I'll have more time to play with her before she insists on having me fuck her butt.


Having resolved to take his time, he set about teasing and tempting her rear end using only his smallest finger to work the slippery lubricant into her needy butt. First he made sure to thoroughly coat the outside of her anus, after which he started to gently massage her twitching hole with just the pad of his fingertip.

She was well familiar with the process of preparing her butt for anal sex already, since it was something she now did every morning and afternoon. But he was lingering over just the first phase, playing with her, making her want more. His delaying tactic was driving her to distraction, just as he'd intended.

She thought he'd put enough lube on the outside of her anus; it was time for him to work the lube on the inside. She started rocking her hips back towards his finger, silently urging him to start the penetration.

She thought, My goodness, I'm so shameless! I'm nothing but a shameless wanton slut... and I love it! Look at me wiggling my ass, all but begging my son to fuck his naughty big-titted mommy! So sinful! So improper! She chuckled to herself over that last word, remembering the way she had used it just weeks earlier.

She lifted her shoulders up higher in front, allowing her massive breasts to sway more as they dangled down between her arms. That made her feel even happier and more turned on.

He possessively caressed one of her firm ass cheeks.

She loved the sensation of that simple touch so much that it left her wondering, How did I EVER live without doing this kind of thing ALL THE TIME?! It staggers the imagination! This is truly living. All those fuddy-duddies back in Nebraska who don't think so can go to heck! I used to be scared of their "righteous wrath," but now I just feel sorry for them. I dare say they all learned the wrong version of Christianity, because sex is something that should be celebrated, not feared.

Finally, he heard the sigh of desire that he'd been waiting for. He decided it was time to start working more lube into the interior of her ass.

She clenched her buttocks, steeling herself for the massive invasion of his still throbbing erection.

But that wasn't his intention, not yet. With tender patience and caring, he brought a dollop of fresh lube on his pinky up to the center of her clenched sphincter and just held it pressed against her eagerly twitching flesh.

When he didn't push it in immediately, she wondered what he was doing, but after he just kept the lube pressed softly against her anus without making a move to work it in, she couldn't take it anymore and began pushing her hips backwards, trying to impale his pinky into her asshole.

He helpfully stiffened his pinky and held his arm firm, allowing her to work his finger into her butt, pushing in the now warmed lubricant as her anus opened up for him.

She whispered, "Master!" She breathed excitedly, welcoming even this small penetration of her rear end while delighting in the way her son carefully worked the tip of his pinky into her ass. More than that, she loved the way he was making her work for it.

She felt him stir his pinky around inside her sphincter before withdrawing it, followed by the tell-tale sound of the tube of lube being squeezed again. She didn't know why, but the sound of the tube being squeezed both soothed and excited her. Soon enough, she felt the next dollop of lube gently center itself on her clenching and relaxing asshole.

"Master!" she sighed breathlessly as she rocked her hips onto his penetrating digit yet again. While she basked in the way he worked the lubricant into her sensitive flesh, she thought, Oh, Tiger, you're doing it again, aren't you? You're training me, again, aren't you? Training me to be your submissive Anal Slave Mommy! Just like Brenda. We'll be your first two official buttsluts!

You're taming me in another important way at the same time. You're teaching me that my body exists for you to fuck it and rule it! You own it, so it's only fitting that you get to ride it! Yes, my butt has a certain yucky biological function, and it's nice for me to sit on, but mostly it's there for you to FUCK! Actually, even better: to fondle, spank, AND fuck!

When you touch my asshole, you rightfully expect me to open up and submissively take anything and everything you pound into my ass! Tongues, fingers, your massive Mommy-splitting cock... your buttslut Mommy will eagerly take them ALL with pleasure and with pride! Fuck me, Son! Buttfuck me!

Alan was enjoying himself a great deal just from lubing her ass. His cock was still enjoying its strategic break, yet it stayed stiff as a steel pole. He loved arousing her so much that she couldn't control her own body.

Mostly, she was humping back onto his pinky, but he used his other hand to freely fondle her most of the time, including reaching between her legs to occasionally finger her slit and clit. That helped her have a nice orgasm every now and then. XXX20

Once she figured out that he was expecting her to impale her own ass onto his stiffened pinky each time, she started getting hotter and hotter. Each time his finger pierced her anus, she would cry out to him with mounting passion and need. Sometimes she cried "Son!", sometimes it was "Master!", sometimes "Tiger!", and occasionally there was even the new cry of "Husband!" Most often, it was a wordless moan or grunt expressing pure lust.

Slowly, bit by bit, he worked the lube into her increasingly ready asshole. From her reactions, he concluded she was cumming about once every minute or two.

He thought, I wonder if she's like this when she lubes herself up without me? Does she get hot and have to masturbate her ass when she prepares herself for me? Does she ever cum this much by herself? I remember hearing from someone that she likes to play out little sexual fantasies in her head while she does it. That's one thing that's so cool. It's like I can keep her well fucked even when I'm not there!

Finally, he figured he'd worked enough lubricant into her where she would be needing it. He was almost sad to stop, because he was having so much fun teasing and pleasing her like that. He enjoyed caressing her ass cheeks, not to mention her thighs, lower back, and pussy, in addition to what he was doing with the lubricant.

He reached over to the bedside table for the box of handi-wipes that Amy had considerately placed there, to clean the finger that had been in her anus.

As he reached between her legs and made her cum one more time by diddling her clit yet again, he thought, This is the body of MY WIFE! One of them! My real, live "mommy wife!" How fucking, insanely-arousing is that?! If I didn't love her at all, I still would want to fuck her so hard and long that it's crazy! Even a busty superheroine from the comic books would weep in envy at a body like this. Heck, even her asshole looks sexy, and most don't. But I DO love her, which makes me want her a thousand times more!

That's it. Fuck it! I've just gotta plow her ass right now! My dick NEEDS to be balls-deep in her!

He couldn't help leaning over and placing a big wet kiss on each of her softly-shaking butt cheeks before squeezing out more lube and smearing it all over his erection.

Okay, this is it, the moment of truth... He rose up onto his knees and maneuvered himself into position. In a minute, Mom will be anally mine... forever!

Of course, he'd already taken her ass, and more than once, but he was taking this very seriously as a symbolically meaningful ceremony. Even though she was already one of his sex slaves, now she would be his Anal Slave too, an official title so far only held by Brenda so far. He knew that she was also well aware of this and that she was taking these proceedings just as seriously as he was, and perhaps more so.

Hearing and feeling him shifting around behind her, and especially aware that he was working lubricant onto his cock for her, she remembered how jealous she had felt earlier in the day when Brenda had been where she was now, on her knees, in this very bed, ready and waiting to surrender her ass to her master and vow to serve him forever in submissive sexual slavery.

She mused in dreamy bliss, I already wear Master's collar, and now I finally get to wear his slave ring on my finger, making my status as one of his slave-wives official. That's a never-ending thrill! As far as I'm concerned, our wedding next summer will merely celebrate an already established fact.

But I can't REALLY consider myself to be his complete Anal Slave, just like Brenda is, until he fucks me in the ass again! Anal sex IS the ultimate act of submission!

I love that my hands are held behind my back, as if tied with invisible rope, simply by the force of his will and my acceptance of his desire for me. But for this to be the moment when I properly and fully anally enslave myself to my master, I have to impale myself onto his stiffness while on my knees, where I belong! I have to surrender MY slave ring to him by fucking my own ass onto his Mommy-splitting COCK! Completely humiliating myself with my wanton fuck need is an essential part of my vow to serve him!

Supremely aware of what she was doing, she emphasized her helpless, submissive pose, on her knees with her ass up in the air. She palmed her butt cheeks and then pulled them apart with her own hands, opening her anus for him. In so doing, she was wordlessly telling him that she was ready for his cock. Her face was still blushing red from embarrassment, but she relished that feeling.

He shuffled forward on his knees, holding his erection steady with one hand until the tip of his glans made contact with and centered itself in her hungry asshole.

When his cockhead finally touched her anus, she groaned out needfully, "Master!" She'd come to love that word in general, but on that night in particular, each time she used it she felt a special tingle.

He didn't move or grunt in response; he just kept his hardness pressing gently but insistently up against her needy rear.

"Master!" she moaned again, as she deliberately pushed her hips back, feeling her anus yield to his invading thickness. Although she hadn't said two coherent words in succession since before her last big orgasm, she now loudly and passionately proclaimed, "With THIS ring, my ass is utterly enslaved... to you... MASTER! Just like the rest of me! Oh! My son! My love!"


She couldn't help crying out as his whole cockhead slipped entirely inside her tautly straining anus. Oh, GOD! UGRH! So GOOOOOD! Tiger, you're so BIG! And hard! UH! I'm so proud to be your sex slave! HRRNG!

He waited patiently for her to relax enough after the initial penetration to resume working her butt back towards him, taking his shaft into her welcoming anal embrace. When she resumed pushing her ass onto him, her breathing was loud and ragged and her composure a little shaky.

She thought, How could I NOT submit to a cock like this?! I swear, it's thicker and longer than a full-sized thermos bottle! UNGH! He may well kill me with it! I don't know if my body can handle all the orgasms that are about to totally wrack me and wreck me! But that's the usual fate of one of his sex slaves! Obviously, his erection wasn't that big, but it really seemed that way to her fevered imagination.

Gathering new resolve, she panted hotly while slowly impaling herself yet further, "With... THIS... ring, Master..." - she paused to shamelessly thrust her ass back onto him again - "I accept my place in your life as your big-titted, cock-loving, buttslut Mommy! And... and as your special... HNNG! ... as your special Anal Slave! UGH! And... I totally and for-UH! ... forever submit my-y s-self... HNNG! On my knees... to your unyielding, unstoppable lust!"

She had to pause and take big deep breaths. His cock felt unbelievably huge to her. She could scarcely believe it could fit inside her asshole, even though he'd fucked her in the butt before. It felt so hot that she seriously wondered if it might just burn its way into her, like a red-hot branding iron. Her anus flexed imperiously, demanding more.

"I w-will take," she gasped haltingly as she resumed slowly forcing his throbbing shaft into her butt, "incredibly great pl-pleasure from s-strain-ning to take your... Mommy-splitting thickness... into my tight, tiny, son-loving... ASS!"


She stopped again, because her asshole was suddenly feeling overly full now that he'd crammed all of his bulbous cockhead into her. UNGH! I can't take it! It won't fit! That's ridiculous, because I know that it fit last time. Did he get even bigger?! It's just too thick! He's too well-hung, too studly! Oh Lord, please, give me strength! The life of a sex slave is one of great suffering and humiliation... and yet greater joy! And countless orgasms!

Steeling herself to take however many inches remained, she inhaled deeply before resuming her backwards push onto her master's erection.

"Openly, and in stealth," she breathed lovingly, as her ass struggled to cope with what she was relentlessly feeding into it, "my rightful place as your submissive buttslut Mommy, lover, and slave-wife is... FUCKED... onto your COCK... where I belong!"

Throwing her head up, arching her back and inexorably forcing her hips backwards towards him, she cried out with feeling as she filled her ass with his thickness, "I shall henceforth forever be bound to serve your pleasure! I vow to be chained to my desire, enthralled by my passions, and enslaved totally and utterly in complete submission to your mighty cock, MASTER!"

Turning her head and shoulders slightly so that she could look back at him and share eye contact, she forced the last inch of his cock into her ass. She groaned even louder as she rejoiced in that accomplishment. Aaaah! I did it! We did it! I can't wait to churn on his cock. I'm gonna move and grind on him just like a butter churn! XX22

Then she moaned desperately, "Please, Master, accept my slave ring and wear it proudly!" She released her butt cheeks, bringing her hands down so she could bring the last tiny bit of his hardness into her. She wanted absolutely all of it in her.

Fighting for control himself, he pulled on her thighs with his hands. He badly wanted to be fully impaled in her just as much as she did.

He held her tightly against his groin as he leaned over and rested his chest on her back. Sucking on the nape of her neck with his lips (which made her gasp and squirm even more), he solemnly intoned in a loud and purposeful voice, "I DO."

Susan's entire asshole was pulsing and throbbing wildly with joy. Hearing him say "I do" in a way that sounded like it was part of a wedding ceremony (their wedding ceremony!), she surrendered utterly and completely to a devastating anal orgasm, her biggest yet of the evening.

It also was her loudest and her most "violent" orgasm, meaning that her body shook and spasmed uncontrollably.

He stiffened all over and held on for dear life. The sudden flood of pleasure from his groin threatened to knock him unconscious as he desperately tried to stave off his own orgasmic response. At least she wasn't thrashing under him while he was stuck in her ass.

It took her the better part of a minute to start coming down from the high peak of orgasm.

That relieved him, since it also meant the death-grip her anus had on the root of his cock began to subside somewhat.


Susan simply lay there under him trying to breathe. Aaaah! So good! So good! I would say that no one else could possibly ever know how great that kind of orgasm overload feels, but that's not true. Suzanne knows. Amy knows. Angel knows. His other lovers know. I feel like a member of an elite sisterhood. We're all bound together through our sharing of moments like THAT!

After a couple of minutes, Susan recovered from her explosive anal orgasm enough to turn her head and look again at her son out of the corner of her eye. His cock was still erect and still fully impaled within her. She was very aware of the fact that he hadn't climaxed yet, which meant the fucking fun wasn't over. She wanted to know what he was going to cook up next.

He took her backwards glance as a sign that she was ready for more. He used his hands on her thighs to carefully slide her knees out from under her so as to lower the two of them into a prone position on the bed, all without removing his shaft from her anus.

Once he was lying on top of her, taking special care that his hot pole remained buried in her still spastically twitching ass, he lustfully whispered into her ear, "By the power vested in me by your orgasmic submission, as well as your unstoppable butt lust for anal domination by my Mommy-splitting cock..."

He paused dramatically, halting his speech in mid-sentence while keeping his cock perfectly still inside her.

She groaned needfully. Her asshole clenched and throbbed powerfully again, straining in eagerness against the thickness it contained. Tiger, please! Don't stop there! She lifted her head, arching her back in pleasure, trying to grind her rear end into his crotch.

After a long pause, he breathed quietly in her ear, "I now pronounce us not only Master and Anal Slave, but also..." - he paused significantly while snuggling himself even closer to her - "husband and wife!"

He added less dramatically, "Of course, it's not formalized yet. It probably won't be for months. But I feel it in my heart already."

Tearfully, in a similarly reverent and worshipful whisper, Susan longingly replied, "I do too! So much! You're going to make me cry again! Please, Master... buttfuck your latest bride!"

She could already feel the trembling shivers throughout her body, starting an inexorable march of anticipation. She was going to cum again, really hard, all over his cock while it was in her ass. "Hurry!" she urged, panting harder as her climax approached.

But he wasn't hurrying. Instead, he was relaxed and languid, projecting an air of calm serenity and cock-sure confidence even as her thoroughly stuffed asshole became more undisciplined and frenzied in its burning need for yet another orgasmic release.

She tried to churn and grind on his cock, but her mobility was very limited since she was lying down with the weight of his body on top of her, pinning her to the bed. Please, Son, please! Such a GOOD SON! Your buttslut Mommy is so PROUD to surrender her needy ass to you! Do it! Please!

He wanted to let the tension build until she was ready to explode, to give her maximum pleasure, but he didn't really understand how far gone and needy she already was. Even though they hadn't moved much since her recent big orgasm, she was already so primed to have another one of similar intensity that she felt she would truly lose her mind.

However, there was something he still needed to do, to further "consummate" her enslavement ceremony before he resumed his thrusting. Unexpectedly, he cried out "Mommy!" just as he flexed his erection powerfully within her tight anal grip. Then he added, "I'm HOME!"


Hearing those words, and feeling his hot pole in her ass stiffen and lurch so powerfully, and having conditioned herself to respond orgasmically to this signal, she lost all control and restraint yet again, triggering a massive climax.

And again!


He was desperately holding onto her hips, trying to pull her hips tightly against his own to keep his cock buried as deeply in her ass as possible.

It wasn't easy, because her internal muscles were clenching and bearing down on him, spastically trying to expel his invading flesh from her violated anus. On top of that, despite her limited ability to move and her orgasmic frenzy, she was trying her best to churn his cock like a butter churner, just as she'd promised herself she would.

He couldn't believe how great it felt, even by his recent sky-high standards. It wasn't just the physical sensations, but also the joy in knowing that he'd made her cum that hard and that often for that long. He was frantically trying to keep his erection as stiff as possible as her multiple orgasms went on and on, because any lack of hardness would allow her anal sphincter to expel him from her body.

The trouble was, her orgasmic contractions were becoming so powerful and intense that her entire body was starting to flail and writhe, making it increasingly difficult for him to stay within her. Fortunately, his weight was holding her roughly in place. He imagined it felt somewhat like trying to wrestle an alligator. Her climaxing just went on and on and on while her anal sphincter muscles did their best to crush his stiff pole into pulp.

He could scarcely believe how incredible her ass felt on his cock as he struggled to stay balls-deep within her. Heather's anus was definitely stronger and could exert more power when she came on him, while Amy's was undeniably tighter, and Xania's was certainly more talented and skillful, but none of them could hold a candle to the sheer sustained duration and intensity of Susan's multiple, spasmodic orgasms that she and he were enduring together at that moment.

Finally though, after several minutes of unimaginable pleasure to Alan (and even greater pleasure to Susan!), her orgasmic seizures began to subside.

After another minute or two, she was completely exhausted. She just lay under him helplessly. Her asshole continued to spasm uncontrollably, twitching to expel his invading erection even as the occasional orgasmic aftershock ran through her.

He was surprised when she belatedly continued with her part of their playful ritual, which dated back to some of her earliest anal fantasies. She groaned and needfully churned her hips against him. Then, haltingly, she asked him in a slurred voice, "H-how whuzzz yu-orr day-y... Dear?" She wasn't drunk, but just so relaxed and blissed out that it sounded like she was.

He flexed his stiff boner inside her ass again in response, since that was part of her fantasy as well, that he could wordlessly fill her ass at any time.

Her reaction didn't disappoint him. She gasped with pleasure and lifted her head again while her asshole responded to him in kind by throbbing strongly and insistently around his boner. However, she didn't tumble back into the depths of passionate ecstasy once again, because she was far too exhausted to be able to do so.

He was actually grateful, since he was really worn out as well.

"Unghnnnn..." she groaned jubilantly yet sleepily. "So... good..."

He relaxed and trailed a line of kisses along her shoulder, then up the side of her neck towards her lips.

She turned her head to kiss him back. Even as she did so, she grimaced, because she felt his cock throb and flex inside her butt. She was grateful that his flexing was relatively mild, because she suspected that if she had one more orgasm, she'd pass out for sure.

"You like that, do you?" he asked between kisses.

"Mmmm-hmmm!" she replied, in some kind of slow, lazy ecstasy.

He pulled his head back just enough to look her in the eye. He couldn't help feeling immensely proud of the just-fucked-but-I-can't-believe-I'm-still-hungry-for-more expression he could see on her face.

"Good," he murmured warmly, feeling almost giddy with glee. "Because I simply LOVE being in your ass, Mommy!"

She tried to reach up with one hand to stroke her son's face. She hadn't cried since the combined deep throating and wedding ring presentation, but new tears of joy threatened to course forth. Powerful emotions of love and devotion welled up within her, surging for release and expression. "And I love taking you in my ass, Master. It just feels so..."

"Right...?" he offered.

"Perfect!" she sighed happily. "And wonderful! It was meant to be. That's why, for me, tonight there's no place I'd rather be... than buttfucked by your cock!"

"'Mommy needs her buttfucks,' doesn't she?" he observed, grinning impudently.

"Yes," she affirmed passionately. "Now more than ever."

"Good," he replied insistently in her ear, "because buttfucking you is going to be SERIOUSLY habit-forming for me from now on!" He gently withdrew his hips just a few inches, then slowly pushed his stiffness all the way back into her ass.

She gasped and bit her lip. She breathed hotly, "UNGH! Tiger! What are you doing to me?! I should only be so lucky!"

He humped his hips against her while holding his cock deep inside her. "On the contrary, my betrothed, I'm the one who's lucky. Very lucky! This is home!"

She didn't miss the peculiar emphasis he put on the word home when he said that. She grunted with approval.

He leaned down to whisper hotly in her ear, so that only she (and not the ever-listening recording) could hear him say, "That's right, Slave. To me, 'home' isn't where the hearth is anymore. 'Home' for me is you! You're my rock. Let me tell you a secret, and please don't share it. It may be possible for me to love another woman as much as I love you, but it's completely impossible for me to love anyone else more than you! I can't imagine life without you. Just thinking your name brings me joy."

She moaned, helplessly overcome by emotion, "Oh, Son!"

"And lust! Thanks to you, my sexy. big-titted mommy, the place I now consider 'home' is anywhere my dick can be embraced by the warm heat of your perfect body! And now... your incredible ass is mine... to fill... and to FUCK!" As soon as he said "FUCK!" he thrust powerfully into her rear once again.

She felt herself swooning at his words, which distracted her enough that she wasn't prepared when he shifted his hold on her body and rolled the two of them over so that he was lying on his back on the bed with her on top of him, with his cock still remaining fully sheathed in her ass. Then he started slowly moving in and out in very short strokes.

"Mmmm," he hummed contentedly. He had wanted to switch positions so he could bring his hands up to cup and fondle her heavy breasts, so that's exactly what he did.


She gasped with pleasure and arched her back when he started doing that, giving her the added joy of rocking her hips more firmly onto his boner and aiding his penetration of her ass. "Oh, Tiger!" she sighed happily as she turned her head to the side to offer him another kiss. "You're too good to me!"

He kissed her hungrily, letting his tongue playfully duel with hers while his hot bone slowly pumped in and out of the delicious tightness of her butt. He withdrew his tongue and licked her lips before murmuring happily, "No, you're too good to me, and that's a fact! Regardless, it feels so... good... to be 'home,' Mommy."

She hummed and humped with excitement when she felt him flex his cock in her asshole again. If he keeps doing that, I'm going to cum again! Oh God, no; it'll kill me! She was almost deliriously giddy. "Mmmm, yes..." she cooed excitedly, returning his kiss.

Then he shifted his hands from holding her breasts to pressing against the backs of her shoulders, pushing her to sit up on him.


Susan held herself in a sitting position on top of him. Deciding to resume their fantasy ritual, she asked as calmly as she could, "So... how was your day, today... dear?"

"Oh, you know... the usual..." he replied nonchalantly, even as his hands dropped down to her waist and gave her a gentle twist to encourage her to spin around on his lap while staying impaled on his erection. "I woke up this morning with my cock already fucked into my sister's cunt, even though she was still asleep."

"Really?" she asked with delight as she carefully maneuvered herself around on top of him as he wanted. She knew he'd woken up next to Katherine, since she'd talked to her about it earlier in the day, but not that he'd had his cock inside his sister when they woke. She guessed correctly that he was taking some poetic license.

She felt even more overjoyed from thinking about him sharing his love and his cum with Katherine. We're a family, a harem family. Angel, I love you so much too. As great as this is, it's even better when we all fuck and love together!

All this inspirational talk, plus the friction of feeling his thickness inside her butt as she had rotated on him, was making her eager to start bouncing up and down on him again. She'd recovered enough from her previous orgasms to do it, but she didn't start just yet. Instead she began to grind and gyrate on him some more.

"Yeah, really," he replied proudly. He raised his hands, taking them off her waist to cup and support her magnificent boobs. That only encouraged her to lean forward and arch her back towards him, to make it easy for him to hold her milk-filled "udders."

He continued, "Of course, you know, there's no better feeling than waking up next to one of my sisters. Unless, of course, it's to wake up next to one of my mothers." He grinned impishly at that.

Although Susan obviously knew the answer, he asked her, "Did you know Kat likes to call herself my 'Number One Fuck Toy?'"

Susan's asshole fluttered and clenched on his erection, which reminded her to start moving her hips. She began slowly grinding her ass on his already-impaled cock. "That's so beautiful..." she sighed wistfully. "Not very many brothers get to have one fuck toy slave-sister-wife, much less two of them. She must love you very much."

"Yeah, she does..." he agreed. "She's very special to me. I'm blessed!"

"So is that all that happened today?" she teased, knowing full well it wasn't.

"Oh no," he replied. "At breakfast, my Number One Fuck Toy got a little uppity, so I had to teach her a lesson with my cock. Then my Mommy got uppity, so I had to teach her a lesson too."

She playfully asked, "I hope you used your cock on her too? I hear mommies need to be put in their proper place quite a lot by their hunky, sperm-filled sons!"

"As a matter of fact, I did. Then Aims showed up and, well... she wanted what I'd been giving my mom, so I gave her some 'lessons' as well. She really liked them, as did Mom and Sis."

Susan lengthened the strokes of her rising and falling hips, remembering how he had fucked all three of them in the ass during breakfast. What a golden morning! From now on, there's no holding back. Every morning is going to be something special like that!

He continued, "Then Mother showed up and asked for a turn, but I had to turn her down because Aims had already drained my balls!"


Susan blissfully closed her eyes, enjoying the feeling of her son's hands on her chest while his cock was fucking in and out of her tight butt with ever-increasing force. "Mmmm, good for her!" she breathed. "But sad for Suzanne."

"Then, after breakfast," he went on, "Xania stopped by. Of course I had to make sure that she was both properly dressed AND had the best seat in the house, just like you taught me I should do when company comes calling unexpectedly."

"Where did she happen to sit?"

"Funnily enough, there weren't enough chairs, so she sat on my lap. Impaling herself right on my cock, as a matter of fact."

Susan snickered. "I'm quite sure she loved and appreciated your gracious hospitality, Son."

Alan chuckled too. "Yeah, she did. She'll be coming back to see us again soon, I'm sure. But then Heather called, and Xania and I went to go have a 'talk' with my naughty Bitchslut."

Susan opened her eyes and looked down at him appreciatively. "Oooh, your 'Bitchslut' is she? And she's been naughty, you say?" She picked up the pace of her hips and started humping herself onto his cock with a little more vigor. "What did you do with her? Did you give her a piece of your mind? Or did she give you a piece of her ass?"

He couldn't help laughing a little at Susan's enthusiasm. Holding onto her to help lever himself up, he moved into more of a sitting position with her seated on his lap, grinding away. Wrapping his arms around her back, she was now at almost the right height for him to capture one of her nipples with his mouth as it bobbed and weaved, which he promptly did before releasing it again.

He said, "Well, she certainly WANTED to give me 'a piece of her ass' as you put it. She was rather insistent about it, as a matter of fact. But I told her 'No' and didn't fuck her."

Susan's fucking efforts came to a very sudden and complete stop. "What?! The head cheerleader of your school wanted you to fuck her and you said 'No'?!" She was genuinely shocked.

"In the ass," he clarified smugly.

"IN THE ASS?" Susan gaped, dumbfounded. After talking to Heather in person a couple of times, she knew just how stunning the head cheerleader was. "And you told her 'NO'?!" XX25



Playing dumb, he asked with apparent innocence, "Are you asking why she would want me to fuck her?"

"I know the answer to that!" Susan retorted quickly. "Because you're the best of the best!"

He felt his ego surge, even as waves of pleasure washed through him. "Or are you asking me why she'd want me to fuck her in the ass?"

Susan very deliberately churned her hips in his lap. "I know the answer to that one too!"

"Then are you asking-"

"Why didn't you fuck her in the ass when she needed you to?!" Susan cried out indignantly. She was genuinely curious, because she hadn't heard much about this yet.

Yowza! I didn't expect Mom to jump to that conclusion! And even more to the point, how does she know that Heather really "needs" anal sex?

Unable to look her in the eye, he leaned forward and buried his face in her warm cleavage. "Well, Mom," he said, his voice slightly muffled by her immense boobs, "it's like this. She's been a very bad, naughty girl, saying mean things about Glory and Amy at school this last week, and well, I wasn't going to stand for it. So I told her 'no more anal sex for you', until she proves she can be a good girl, since that's just about the only thing I can do to punish her for defying me and being so mean."

Susan's movements came to another complete halt, although not quite as suddenly this time. "Oh..." was all she said, rather contritely. That's part of being one of Tiger's slaves. We have to be good and obedient, or no cock!

"Yeah," he muttered.

"So you've been properly taming her too? Taming and training her hot ass to need and crave your cock?" Susan asked cautiously. The unsaid "Like you've been training me" hung in the air between them.

He pulled his face out of her deep cleavage and gently kissed her immense breasts. "I'm trying to. The thing is, with her, it's really hard." He winced as he thought about all the problems he had with Heather. "But let's not talk about her, or anyone else for that matter. I'm here with you now. I want to be with YOU, and be here in this moment!"

Susan exclaimed, "Okay!" She liked talking about his successes with other women, but she also was eager for the ass fuck, so she was glad that he wanted to concentrate on their mutual pleasure. She resumed her lewd fucking motions. Then she leaned forward to kiss him lovingly.

He couldn't help but respond to her feelings in kind.

When their kiss ended, she started rocking her hips more vigorously. She asked playfully, "So, was that ALL you did today?" Of course, she knew he'd done much more, since he'd had an exceptionally busy day, but she couldn't resist tempting him into listing the rest of his "conquests."

However, Alan actually felt embarrassed about all he'd done. Good grief! There's so much more. Brenda, Glory, Christine and Amy... Whoa! Lots and lots of erotic joy with those last two. And Akami as well. And that was all before dinner. Sheesh! How did I manage so much sexual activity in one day?!

He proclaimed his true feeling out loud, for Susan to hear, "Such a busy day! Looking back, I seriously can't believe I did all that!"

She exclaimed proudly, "Get used to it! That's the new normal!" She added in an extra-knowing and sultry tone, "Master! My master! OUR master!"

He thought with chagrin, If that's true, I'll be dead in less than a week! But what a way to go! I seriously overdid it today. Tomorrow I'm gonna sleep until noon, at least. It'll take me days to recover from this epic day. But I couldn't wait to give these rings away and make my women my wives, and there was a bunch of stuff that I felt I had to do first.

Well, it's done now. I fucking did it! I did it all! I really doubted that I could rise to the occasion both sexually and emotionally so many times: with Kat, Mother, Aims, and now Mom, but I did! It all went about as perfectly as I could have possibly hoped, so now I can pat myself on the back and relax. There's only one last thing to do, and that's cum inside Mom! What a pleasure that's going to be!

He fell back onto the bed, pulling Susan with him. That caused them to both bounce against the mattress in a playful way until their bodies came to rest. He was careful to make sure he stayed fully sheathed inside her ass during the process.

Her lips found his, and they shared another intense kiss.

Then he started fucking her from below with greater urgency and energy. He'd been holding back from cumming all evening long, it seemed, and he was done with that. He wanted to cum hard, and soon. He used his feet and bent legs to gain the necessary purchase to start slam-fucking his way into her ass as best he could, given the position.

She started cumming again almost immediately. Her body was in a totally relaxed and orgasmically-receptive state. Practically anything he did was going to trigger more climaxes in her, so his hard and fast fucking meant that she began cumming nearly continuously. XX26

As he kept on powering his way in and out of her butt, her orgasm, or, more accurately, her series of multiple orgasms, kept building and building in intensity. Soon, she was keening her pleasure through clenched teeth as the feelings and sensations of being pounded so forcefully in the ass continued to mount.

The main line of thought that filled her mind was, He hasn't cum yet. He hasn't cum yet. He hasn't cum yet! I'm gonna make him cum, dammit! And when he does, we'll both see stars!

There wasn't much that she could actually do to help him reach his peak, because she felt like her entire body had turned into a blob of jelly. She wasn't able to hump back at him anymore. In fact, she doubted if she could even lift her arms. She cherished the resulting feeling of total helplessness.

She sensed a change in his attitude, so she knew he was going for broke without worrying about fighting his orgasmic urge anymore. She knew it wouldn't be long. She hoped that her erotic moans and gasps would help drive him to the highest heights before he unloaded into her.


Bit by bit, her awareness of her surroundings fell away as everything besides the frantically lustful friction in her butt became unimportant and ignored. She leaned way back as her body completely surrendered to her lusty need.

She concentrated solely on the swollen, clutching cylinder of her asshole. Nothing else mattered. The feeling of being pumped and plowed by his thickness encompassed her entire world.

He drove his cock into her one last time with a primal cry of triumph. As he did so, both of his hands reached for, and found, her engorged nipples and pinched them.

Since her nipples were so highly sensitive, that felt exactly like she was starting a new, powerful orgasm even while her body was already writhing from her on-going and seemingly endless wave of continuing orgasms. She couldn't believe how great it all felt. She screamed even louder than usual. Her heart surged with joy from knowing that the other women in the house would hear her triumph, no matter where they were.

As if the sudden explosion of orgasmic sensation wasn't enough, she was further staggered by the realization that he was finally, at long last, cumming in her ass. Feeling his cum flooding her bowels filled her with a sense of oneness with him that was sweeter than any degree of physical arousal.

Alan shared that sense of oneness. But, in addition to the great pleasure he was enjoying from his orgasm, he also felt a tremendous relief. He felt like he'd been struggling non-stop for hours not to cum, which was actually fairly accurate, given how sexually eventful his day had been.

Suddenly the struggle was over. He'd made Katherine, Suzanne, Amy, and Susan feel as happy, loved, and sexually fulfilled as they deserved to feel. Now at last he could rest.

Exhausted by his ordeal, he simply lay there under Susan like a corpse, with his sexy, loving mother collapsed on top of him. After so much fucking, his spent penis simply didn't have sufficient stiffness to resist being reflexively expelled from her well-fucked anus.

He didn't intend to, but he fell fast asleep with an exhausted sigh as soon as he closed his eyes.


He woke up to a strange yet familiar sensation: he could feel a tongue lapping on his penis and balls. He could even immediately tell from the licking style that it had to be Susan doing it. But there was one important difference from the usual "mommy alarm clock" wake-up blowjobs she gave him: his penis was completely flaccid.

He was content to remain lying there with his eyes closed, because even though his penis was unable to rise to the occasion, what she was doing felt very pleasurable. He'd gotten used to this family "tradition," and it always left him contented.

But then he remembered what they'd been doing, which caused him to immediately sit up and open his eyes in great dismay. "MOM! You can't do that!"

She paused, but didn't look up. "Why not?" She didn't sound concerned.

"It's unsanitary! My dick was last in your ass!"

She finally looked up from where she lay between his legs and smiled lovingly. "Oh, that. How thoughtful to be concerned, but don't worry. While you were sleeping, I washed you and me most thoroughly. You're as clean as a whistle."

"Oh. Phew." He was relieved, but also chagrined that he'd got so worked up for nothing. There would be no going back to sleep now, not with his heart still racing. Then he remembered what a special night it was. He couldn't just go to sleep. Surely the others would be waiting for one last late night get-together.

He lay back down, but with his eyes still wide open. "By the way, Mom, thank you, but you really don't have to do that. If you washed me thoroughly, then obviously my privates don't need cleaning."

She disagreed emphatically. "Oh, but they do! Son, or I should say Master, you should know by now that 'cleaning' your penis after you cum isn't really about the cleaning. It's a way of saying thanks to you, and to Alan Junior, for blessing us with another load of cum."

He couldn't see her while lying down, but he could feel her, since she'd resumed licking his balls while talking. "Thanks, Mom. I appreciate that sentiment, but, uh..."

He thought, Why am I about to try to talk her out of it? For one thing, that would be like talking to a wall. She's not going to listen. She's my very obedient sex slave, yes, but there are certain special exceptions, such as trying to talk her out of doing something like this. Besides, this is way more for her pleasure than mine. She really likes it, and the tradition of it. Let her have her fun.

He tried to swing the sentence he'd started into another direction. "But... uh... what are the others doing? Shouldn't we go find them?"

"Oh, they're doing fine, I'm sure. There's no rush. Let's savor this special time together. I don't want it to ever end."

He smiled widely at that. "Same here. But hold on." He repositioned himself, propping himself up against the headboard with some pillows. That way, he could look down on her while she continued her entirely unnecessary "cleaning."


He decided it would be a good time to just relax and chat. He figured his "sex marathon" with his four new slave-wives was over, so he was feeling very relaxed and content indeed. "By the way, how's Brenda? I heard from Amy that you were going to call her."

Susan looked up at him as she licked right on his sweet spot. It felt good even though he was half-hard at best. "Oh, she's good. She told me about a thousand times that she wishes she could have been here too. But at the same time, she was very adamant that she does NOT want you to propose to her! She wanted to make sure I convey that to you."

"Oh? Why?"

"Well, for starters, she feels disloyal and unworthy of being fully enslaved to you as long as she's also getting fucked by Adrian. Which is true in a way, of course. She couldn't keep doing that if she was your slave-wife, not in my book at any rate. But also, she wants to emphasize that she's a 'real' slave, a different kind of slave than the rest of us. Like the slaves in Biblical times that were bought and sold. She's adamant that the kind of slave she aspires to be could never marry her master. Maybe you'll need to discuss it with her to really understand where she's coming from."

"Hmmm." He thought, I don't know what to think about that. I'm not ready to marry her now, that's for sure. I don't love her, not yet, and there's the whole Adrian complication. But she could be taking that whole slave thing too far. Then again, didn't I encourage her to go that far? So I can hardly blame her. I suppose it's harmless enough, if she wants to live that fantasy for a while. It's not like I would ever 'sell' her anyway. She's too adorable and sexy. She's truly priceless!

He said, "Interesting food for thought. I'll have to think that over later. What else did you two talk about?"

"Oh, you know, the usual. You, your big fat cock, sex, and sex with you and your big fat cock." She grinned impishly up at him. "We did a little bit of reminiscing and fantasizing, revisiting some of our favorite recent titfucks and blowjobs and such. She helped me pass the time quite nicely. We talked until just a few minutes before you came in, or at least when I'm guessing you must have come in. She got me VERY worked up about you fucking my ass, and that she did so very deliberately, bless her gorgeous peachy bubble butt. A butt which, by the way, belongs to you."

Between administering kisses to his groin, Susan looked up at him with bedroom eyes and murmured, "You know the rest."

"Well, I need to thank her then. She did a great job. You were on fire! You were so hot and sexy, writhing on the bed, talking to yourself, that it was unreal!"

Susan blushed a little bit, even as she kept on licking his balls. "Thank you, Master. You inspire me."

He unexpectedly held his hands out. "Mom, can you sit up and hold my hands for a minute? I want to talk to you about something important."

"Sure thing, Son. What is it?" She sat up on her heels while remaining between his legs, and took his hands.

"Mom... I love how beautiful you are, and how sexy and sexual you've become. I totally get off on how submissive to me you are too. I know we're going to have tons of great sex from now on."


She just smiled while waiting for the other shoe to drop.

"But, that said, I worry about letting sexual stuff totally dominate our relationship to the exclusion of everything else. In a way, it already kind of has. Remember that we both loved each other completely before any of this sexual stuff got started. We were way closer than nearly all mothers and sons ever get to be."

She pointed out, "And now we're closer still."

"True. But can you see my concern? I love that things are really, really sexual. But let's not make EVERYTHING sexual. Maybe we could set aside some time every week where we could just hang out and do non-sexual things, where I'd be sure not to get erect and you'd be careful not to get too frisky."

She brightened. "I'd like that! Although... I have doubts you could stay flaccid for long." She gave him a very sultry "come hither" look, mostly unintentionally. And I'm not going to let you stay flaccid for long, my son! That's why God gave me this curvy body, to keep your cock throbbing with joy and love nearly all the time!

He responded, "It could be a problem, I must admit. But, if we keep busy... Hey, I've got an idea. What if you give me cooking lessons? I'm a pretty bad cook, since you monopolize all the cooking here."

Her smile widened. "I could do that, sure!" But then she frowned. "I don't know, though. The one problem with that is our kitchen has become a highly, highly arousing area for me. Whenever I'm there, I think about wearing erotic aprons and nothing else, bending over, and having you 'get my attention' by taking your mommy-splitting cock all the way right up inside my tight little ass..."

She looked up at him and bit her lip shyly. It was obvious that even just mentioning the possibility had her already imagining exactly that scenario happening, and she was getting worked up thinking about how much she wanted it to happen.

He chuckled, amused by her shy yet eager look. "Actually, me too! So let's avoid temptation. Maybe we could start out in the backyard with the barbecue grill. How's that sound?"

She looked and felt very relieved. "Better. Much safer. Let's try that before we experiment with..." - and she gave him an unmistakably hungry look - "more complex recipes."

He grinned and nodded. "Good. Now, the only thing I have to add to that is, please don't get too carried away with all this master-and-slave stuff. I'm thinking we should arrange to have a special 'time-out' mode, where you could say a special word and temporarily revert back to your usual mother-"

She unexpectedly and forcefully exclaimed, "NO!" Then, realizing how rude that was, she continued more mildly, "Sorry, Master. Please excuse me for my outburst. It's just that you don't know what it was like, back in the bad old days, before I fell in love with you in a romantic sense and started serving your cock. Please don't ever make me go back there, even just for a little while!"

"You wouldn't be going back there. It's just that you are my mother, and sometimes it's good for you to play that role and be able to tell me 'No.'"

She stared at him sourly, still holding his hands. "Son, I appreciate the thought, but things have changed, forever. I'll always be your mother, of course. Always and forever! But not THAT kind of mother. I really AM your big-titted mommy-slave now. That's who I am and who I want to be! I can't snap out of that and pretend to be someone else, nor would I ever want to. Yes, we can and should share non-sexual times together sometimes, but I don't want to ever pretend I'm your boss or your superior in any way anymore. That's totally repellent to my entire new way of life! To even have a time-out option would be an insult to everything I believe in. Do you understand?"

"Kind of. But..."

She continued forcefully, "It would make it seem like it's some sort of elaborate game, and when I call time-out I'd go back to being the 'real me.' But this IS the real me! I AM your big-titted mommy slave. That old me is gone forever!"

"You say that now, but-"

She interrupted again. "Wait, please. Hold on. For one thing, you're a man now, legally an adult. You're the man of the house, both literally and symbolically. You don't need that kind of mom anymore, at least not in the same way. Of course I always will be extra protective and motherly towards you, but instead of me being the one to tell you 'No' when you need to be told no, it'll work in kind of a different way. All of your slave-wives will get together, including Glory I should hope, and we'll try to get you to change your mind in different ways. More subtle ways, probably."

She concluded, "You won't have a mother saying 'You're grounded!' anymore. Those days are gone, and that's a good thing. You're a man now. A man! An adult. Not only that, you're the master of a large harem of women who love you and look to you for leadership! You need to step up and take responsibility. I'll still be here to help you and support you and keep you grounded, don't worry. I'll always be your worried, motherly mommy on some level, as well as your sexy and slutty mommy-slave. But our relationship has changed and it's bound to keep on changing. That's progress. That's life."

He chuckled. "Funny. I was trying to get you to see the light about some things, but you ended up making me see the light about something else. Thank you. Your words show me that we still do have a strong bond that goes far beyond the sexual. But at the same time, you've shown me that the sexual is an integral part of our relationship and there's no way to turn back the clock on that, not even for brief time-outs. And you're completely right, of course."

She grinned knowingly. She let go of one of his hands so she could resume fondling his half-hard penis. "Just because you're our master, and a well-hung and sperm-filled one at that, it doesn't mean you don't still have a lot to learn from the rest of us. I'm not worried. Amongst other things, my submissiveness makes it impossible for me to get tough on you anymore. But Suzanne doesn't have that problem, and she is your mother too now. So if there ever comes a time when you're just not listening and you're screwing up, she can always play the 'Listen to your mother' card."

He grinned right back. "Good! It's nice to have that, I must admit. I am eighteen, yes, and I am a harem master, yes, but I know that I still lack maturity. It's good to have some guidance. I know that you'll guide me in subtle ways that don't clash with the submissive role you've chosen, and Mother will guide me in probably more overt ways. That's as it should be."

"Indeed!" She squeezed his hand and gave him a loving look. She was lightly rubbing his sweet spot with her other hand, trying to get him fully erect again.

He'd been looking at her big tits off and on. Now that the issues of sex and her submissiveness were being discussed, he stared at them with overt interest. "By the way, Mom, when's the last time you got milked?"

"Thank you for asking! I'm due. Your moo cow mommy is ready to have her udders drained."

"Excellent." He reached out and cupped her huge knockers from below. "Before we go downstairs, I could use a nice drink of milk." He started to reposition, in order to get his lips latched at one of her nipples.


Then, to his great surprise, Susan put her hands in the way and said "Wait!"

"'Wait?'" Alan lifted his head in confusion.

She spoke apologetically. "There are few things on God's green earth that I would love more than having you suckle on my tits, now or anytime you so desire. And my udders are in need of relief. But... there's something I'd like to get first. Is that okay, Master?"

"It's very okay. Tonight is all about making you happy, you and your fellow wives. So, whatever you want."

She smiled with gratitude. "Thank you! I love you so much. I'll be right back!"

She got off the bed and hustled to the master bathroom, clutching her big rack as she went. But she was only in there for a few seconds before she came running right back.

He was surprised; he'd barely had time to start to relax. When he saw her gorgeous nude body returning to him, he said, "Wow, that was fast!"


"Sorry. It's just that I'm so excited!" She pinned her hands behind her back. It was a sexy pose, and she belatedly took advantage of that by thrusting her enormous globes forward. But she wasn't simply being submissive with her pose this time.

He spoke his thoughts out loud, "You're hiding something in your hands, aren't you?"

She admitted shyly, "I am. But before I show it to you, I need to explain."

He waved her closer. "No problem. But please come stand here right next to me, so I can caress your fit and fantastic body while you do."

"Great idea!"

She quickly moved over, with her legs up against the side of the sheets. She then spread her legs and arched her back, offering her body to his touch. "Master, you're so great! You say 'please' when you tell me to do something, even though you don't have to be polite to your slaves. And now you're making me so happy and horny!"

She looked down at her body and the way his hands were already on her. He'd scooted to the edge of the bed, allowing him to fondle her slit and clit with one hand while generally exploring her hips and tummy with the other.

She spoke faster, trying to get her message out about what she held before she got too aroused and distracted to talk. "This is rather strange, but I have a gift I want to give you, so you can give it to me."

He looked up at her, pleasantly surprised. His hands stopped their caressing. "Oh, really? That's interesting. You're the most selfless person I know. You never give yourself anything."

Her face started to blush with embarrassment. "This is different. You see, back on Tuesday, when I visited a, um, a... sex shop, I saw something for sale that I decided I just had to have."

He smirked as one his hands rose up and fondled a nipple. "Huh. An impulse buy. Also very unlike you. The plot thickens. Please continue."

"Well, uh, I'm going to tell you before I show you. Maybe you'll be less shocked that way. What I bought are, um... er... nipple clamps."

"Nipple clamps?!" Due to that idea, he brought his other hand up and began pinching and pulling on both of her nipples at the same time. XXX31

She winced, trying hard to not get distracted by her growing arousal. "Yes! But don't worry; I'm not into bondage or pain or that kind of stuff. Well, not much anyway... I just think it would be fun if you wanted to tie me up before fucking my face sometimes, and that sort of thing..." She shivered with an obvious lusty surge.

He didn't say anything, but simply kept working his fingers on her nipples and weighty globes.

She hastily explained, "Like, when you spank me, you could tie me up for that too! Or, when you..." She realized with embarrassment that she was going off on a sexy tangent, as she often did. "Anyway, I digress. What I'm trying to say is that these clamps serve a practical purpose." She bit her lip nervously and looked away. "You see, they're for leakage control."

He nodded. "I see. How do they work?"

"Well, they're metal clamps that clamp down on my nipples, but not tight enough to cut off blood flow. They're merely tight enough to constrict the ducts to prevent milk seepage and leakage. And that's a problem I've been having since I've started... you know. Lactating for you."

He loved how embarrassed she got talking about this sort of thing. But he stayed quiet and reveled in fondling her incredible rack.

She had to concentrate to keep talking, because his tit play was arousing her so much. "Lately, I've been naked most of the time, which I love, because I am your big-titted milk-cow mommy. But sometimes I do have to wear clothes, and when I do, I leak milk from time to time, which can be problematic. So to prevent that happening, I can wear these."

He looked at her blushing face, studying her expression while he continued to play with her nipples. He was being much more aggressive with the nipple play than usual, based on this latest information. "Hmmm. Interesting. I don't have a problem with that. It sounds like a good idea. So let's see these things already."

"Thank you, Master! Thank you so much! You're too kind." She shyly brought the nipple clamps from behind her back and held them out for him.

He took the two clamps from her and examined them. They looked a lot like clamps for paper to him, except they were gold-colored and there was a thin gold chain connecting them. "Hrm. More interesting still. Made out of gold?"

She turned away shyly. "Gold plated, actually. I didn't want to get such an expensive type, but it was the only one they had! I'm sorry."

"Why are you apologizing? Mom, you're worth it. If they were solid gold that would be even better because you're worth it. I would buy gold everything for you if I thought that's what would make you happy, but I know you don't go for material things very much."

"Oh, Son!" She was overcome with love and joy. They shared a heartfelt look.

Then he examined the nipple clamps more closely. "Hrm. You didn't mention the chain."

Her blush deepened. "They kind of come that way."

He smirked. I very much doubt that! Anyway, I can see they're detachable. But let's let her have some fun.

He switched into masterly mode. "Okay, Mom. Kneel. You gave me this gift, but now I'm going to give it to you."

She quickly dropped to her knees in front of him. She struck as sexy a pose as possible, with her head tilted back, her back arched as much as possible, and her tits thrust forward outrageously. She pinned her hands behind her back again, although she had nothing to hide this time. Her humiliation grew greater still, and her blush reddened even more, but this was the kind of sexy humiliation she absolutely adored.

He thought about what he could say to further arouse her through heightening her sense of his domination over her. He finally decided silence was best.

Time passed. A full minute and then some.

Susan's head was spinning and her heart was racing. Dear God! This is IT! This is what I love, this is what fulfills me most, being dominated by my son! He doesn't even have to say a word and he makes my entire body tingle with arousal and delight! And now I'm his wife and his slave, which means we'll never ever be parted! I could just die of too much joy!

Finally, he decided to speak. The only thing he said was a practical command: "Hold your tits tightly together, please."

She did so, gladly.

Then he let the silence stretch out again as he took his time carefully studying the clamps. He wasn't actually that interested in examining them that much; he just wanted to make her squirm with anticipation and embarrassment. He looked her over carefully some more, further driving her wild.


Finally, he popped them open and clamped the nipple clamps onto her. Once he was done, he said, "There we go. How do you like that, my milky mommy?"

She suddenly relaxed, like a soldier being told to stand at ease. "I love it! Thank you, Master!"

He quipped, "Don't thank me. Thank the sexy lady who secretly got this gift for you."

She grinned with delight at that.

He asked, "What happens when I do this?" He tugged lightly on the chain between her nipples. The chain naturally sagged down with a lot of slack to it, but he tugged with increasing force until the chain straightened and her nipples started to pull towards him.

She didn't answer, but she did moan lustily.

He flashed a toothy smile at that. "VERY interesting! But what if I tug too hard? Could that hurt your nipples?"

"That's practically impossible, Master. The package says the clamps have a quick release catch and will come off long before any permanent damage could occur."

"Good. I'm against tattoos and even piercings, except in the earlobe, and all that sort of thing, because I don't want anything to mar your flawless body. Or, actually, I should say MY slave's flawless body, shouldn't I?" He possessively cupped her pussy mound. "Your body belongs to me, doesn't it, slave?"

She shivered lustily, from head to toe. "Yes, Master!" Oh boy! Do I have a great master or what?! He's so right! My big-titted body belongs to him! I'm here to serve him! For his pleasure!

He stared at the clamps while sliding his finger under the loosely hanging chain. "But I suppose this is okay. So the real question here is, are YOU happy with these?"

She nodded eagerly. "Very!"

"Cool. Now, my sexy slave mommy, I have new orders for you. I want you to go to your wardrobe and put on some kind of sexy see-through lingerie. Something special, something I haven't seen before." He resumed fondling her immense tits. "Pick something that leaves these wonderful milky udders completely exposed, okay?"

She nodded again, while wearing nothing but her nipple clamps and a great big smile.

"I still intend to help drain your udders, but we'll do that downstairs. I want everyone to see your sexy new gift. We're going to wow 'em with a big entrance."

"Yes, Master! I love it!" Susan stood up and hurried to her walk-in closet.

Alan put on a bathrobe, wearing it very loosely, not even bothering to tie the sash across the front, so that his genitals were on display where it gapped open. He left the master bedroom and went to the bathroom in the hall to freshen up.

By the time he was done, Susan was ready too, so they headed downstairs hand in hand to rejoin the rest of the family.


Alan was somehow feeling both serene and excited as he led Susan down the stairs. He felt like a million bucks, even though he was only wearing a bathrobe that was wide open in front. Susan walked beside him in only her finely-chained nipples and her mouth-wateringly sexy nightie. The only possible reason for wearing a nightie like that one was to take it off, so every time he looked at her, he started undressing her again in his imagination.

The two of them stopped when they got far enough down the stairs to look into the living room.

Their presence was still undetected, because although Suzanne, Katherine, and Amy were all there, the three hotties were facing the other direction and watching the big screen TV. He figured they were really into watching a good movie or something, because they had gone to the extra effort of making a batch of fresh, buttered popcorn. He could smell it from across the room and could both see and hear them grabbing handfuls and chomping away. XX34

Alan was happy about that, because it gave him a chance to close the distance to them before being noticed. He quickly guided Susan down the stairs, holding her hand all the way.

He was also pleasantly surprised to see that someone had lit the fire in the fireplace. It wasn't necessary for heat, since the central heating system was turned up on nights featuring lots of nudity like this one (in other words, every night!), but the lights were turned halfway down and the fire burned bright, creating a cheery glow and nice atmosphere.

Susan and Alan made it to just a few feet from the TV before they were seen.

Alan said, "Ta-da!" and took a step back to put all the focus on Susan. Still holding her hand, he asked, "How do you like my new bride?"

To his surprise, and Susan's too, when the other three finally managed to tear their eyes from the TV screen there was a momentary silence of stunned approval before they stood up and started cheering and clapping. Their interest seemed about equally divided between Susan and her nipple clamps, and him.

While they were cheering, he got a good look at them from the front. He thought it would be a special treat having Susan dress in a sexy see-through nightie, but the three of them seemed to have had the exact same idea and were all wearing sexy see-through nighties of their own. That left him chagrined but amused.


Susan blushed from all the attention. She bowed her head and tried to make herself inconspicuous (without much success). She was particularly worried that the others would think her nipple clamps were weird.

Seeing that, he whispered in her ear, "Hey Mom. Remember what I told you once, that you took to heart and like to repeat? 'Thrust your chest out and proudly poke your big tits high in the air, because you have nothing to be ashamed of.'"

Susan's demeanor changed immediately. She did thrust her chest out and proudly poked her big tits high. The top of her nightie obligingly parted and framed her milk-filled mammaries. She also smiled widely. Tiger is right! I'm here with my son, my love, my master. I've just been thoroughly fucked in the ass, and I'm with my loved ones. This is who I am and they all know it. Why should I be ashamed of anything?

Katherine and Amy couldn't contain themselves, so they rushed forward. Katherine ended up hugging Alan while Amy hugged Susan, just because that's who they happened to be closest to.

Suzanne stood back, smiling like the proud mother she was. As the cheering died down, due to lots of kissing starting up instead, she nodded in the general direction of Susan's chest and asked, "What have we here?"

Alan had to answer, since Amy was engaged in a lip-lock with Susan. "Those are Mom's new nipple clamps. They're kind of a gift." (He was deliberately vague on that point, since he figured she'd be embarrassed to reveal they were basically her gift to herself.) "They're mainly meant to stop her nipples from leaking. Although, if you pull on that chain hanging in between, I understand that interesting things could happen."

Amy broke her kiss with Susan. She already had her hands on Susan's massive tits, so she pulled on the chain, about as firmly as Alan had done upstairs. "What? You mean like this?"

Susan's blush deepened and she complained, "Aaaammy!" But she didn't try to stop her.

Then Susan briefly explained more about the clamps. She was relieved that the others took it in stride and didn't tease her about them.

Suzanne unexpectedly clapped her hands, once, loudly. "Okay. Three cheers for our conquering hero and master! He's fucked us all and lived to tell the tale! Hip hip..."

"Hooray!" Susan, Katherine, and Amy all responded, raising their hands. XX36

"Hip hip..."


"Hip hip..."

"Hooray!" Even as the cheer was ending, Alan was mobbed by the others, including Suzanne. He became the center of a very loving and affectionate group hug. XX37

The hug didn't lead to any serious hanky-panky, because everyone was really tired, especially Alan. His penis could only get half-hard at best, and that was pushing it.

He soon broke free and headed to the nearest sofa, plopping down on it. "Phew!"

The girls immediately followed, with Amy cuddling up against him on one side while Katherine cuddled on the other. Katherine asked cheekily, "So, conquering hero, what are you going to do for an encore? Some more conquering, perhaps?"

He sighed wearily. "I think I'm going to conquer the bed!" Sitting on the sofa as he was, he faced the TV and happened to realize for the first time what was on the screen. "Hey! That's Katherine's room!"

Amy said happily, "Yep! And look who's in the picture frame. Why, it's a certain masterly conquering hero, and his uppity, sexy sister!"

Sure enough, Alan recognized that the video footage being watched was of when he'd fucked Katherine earlier that evening. After listening to the dialogue for a few seconds, as well as noting the body positions, he realized they were watching the last few minutes he'd spent with her, when she was lying exhausted on him but still squeezing her pussy around his boner.

He pointed out, "That's pretty cool! Hey, you know, one of these days we should actually watch some of this video footage we're recording. We haven't done enough of that."

Katherine exclaimed boisterously, "I know! Isn't it great?! Just look! First you fucked me nearly to death, and now getting to watch it is kind of like experiencing it all over again!"

Suzanne sat down on an adjacent sofa with Susan. She noted wryly, "It's kind of like we're getting the DVD bonus feature of the director's commentary. Angel has been giving us a running account of how she was feeling all through her time with you." She playfully teased Katherine, "If I hear the word 'awesome' one more time, there's gonna be spankings!"

Katherine couldn't resist: "But it WAS awesome!" She stuck her tongue out at Suzanne.

Susan's eyes were transfixed on the TV screen. "That's SO HOT! Oh, Angel, just look at you. My precious daughter, getting so thoroughly fucked by my son, your brother-master! Just look at you, so sweaty, cummy, and totally exhausted. That's so hot too!" XXX38

Amy commented, "Yeah, but Mom, if you want super duper ultra 'so hot' hotness, just wait until you watch the video footage of when he fucked YOU!"

Susan gasped and clutched at her big, bare tits with both hands. "Oh my goodness!"

The others all snickered and giggled. They knew Susan would have a "so hot" field-day when she watched that.

Katherine cheekily suggested, "We might have to tie Mom up first before letting her watch her own video, just to keep her from masturbating."

Alan hastily spoke up. "Hold your horses, everybody! Before we get too carried away with the video footage and whatnot, we have a serious problem."

That led the others to all quiet down.

He added, "Mom isn't just wearing her new nipple clamps to show them off, although there is that. She's putting them to good use because she's overdue for her next milking."

All eyes stared at Susan's chest as the others realized that Alan wasn't really talking about a problem; rather, he was bringing attention to an opportunity.

He'd been planning on suckling Susan's breasts himself, but after seeing how eager and hungry-eyed Katherine and Amy were in particular, he asked, "So, who wants to help drain her udders dry?"

Both girls stood up and raised and waved their hands. "Oh! Me! Me! Me! Me-me-me-me-me!"

He chuckled at that. He held a hand up in a 'stop' gesture. "Hold on. Mom, my love, please come sit on my lap, facing away from me."

"Yes, Master! With pleasure!" Susan quickly moved to where he was seated and prepared to sit as directed.

But unbeknownst to everyone else, he had a surprise up his sleeve. Or, more accurately, in his crotch. He could scarcely believe it himself, but somehow his penis had grown erect while he'd been sitting on the sofa. No doubt, part of it was how incredible all of his women looked in their sexy lingerie. Like Susan's see-through nightie that left her breasts completely exposed, the others all wore nighties that showed far more than what they covered.

Yet, strangely, he didn't feel all that aroused, at least not yet. What he did feel a great amount of though was love. He decided that what he had could best be called a "love boner." Sex and love had become very closely entwined in his mind, when it came to his four slave-wives. He couldn't have felt any happier.


He'd kept his new erection hidden by the strategic positioning of his robe. But as Susan sat down on his lap, he let his robe open up and fall off him as he carefully guided her so she sat down directly onto his hard-on. He used a hand to make sure the tip slid into her pussy, and then he pulled his hand away as she sat all the way down.

Her eyes practically popped out of her head. She shrieked, "OH MY! OH MY GOODNESS!" XX39

Katherine and Amy had both stood up, figuring they'd need to reposition to get suckling on Susan's big tits. They didn't see why Susan would be so emotional and surprised merely by sitting on Alan's lap. As one, they asked, "What?"

Susan stammered, "He just... I just... Oh MY! He... His big cock is stiff again, and look! I just got impaled on it! Skewered! Nailed!"

Katherine and Amy moved in close and bent down for a better look.

Amy pointed out to Suzanne, who still sat on the other sofa, "Mother, it's true! His thingy IS stiff again! He's balls-deep in her!" She looked at him suspiciously. "How is that possible?! Did you take a Viagra pill or something?!"

He shook his head with frustration. "NOW you mention that! Gee, I wish I would have thought of that a couple of hours ago. But no, this is all me. I was just thinking to myself that this must be a 'love boner.' I'm not really that aroused, but I'm totally thrilled to simply be with the four of you and to feel the love in the air. I'm so blessed and honored to be marrying all of you. These are the best days of our lives!"

"Aaaah!" That came from Katherine and Amy. They were so moved that they knelt down and wrapped their arms around both him and Susan.

Suzanne had been intending to hang back. But she was emotionally moved too, and she just had to be a part of the love and the fun. She picked up the remote control and muted the volume of the video feed on the TV, so it wouldn't be too much of a distraction. Then she moved over to where the others were.

By the time she got there, Katherine and Amy had quickly figured out how to pop the quick releases on the nipple clamps and had latched onto Susan's breasts like starving babies. Fortunately, each of them were kneeling on the outside of both Alan's and Susan's legs. That gave Suzanne room in the middle, and she took full advantage.

"My, my, my! What do we have here?" Suzanne said as she got down on her knees and scooted into the space between Alan's legs and Susan's open thighs. After that, her hands went immediately to Alan's balls, since all of his cock was sheathed inside of Susan. "Girls, she's right! He IS erect again! I can't believe my own eyes! Could it really be?!"

Susan wanted the whole world to know how virile and studly her son was. She lifted herself up by pressing her hands down on the sofa on either side of her, supporting her own weight with her arms, until she was nearly all the way off his hot pole. "Look! See how long and stiff he is? And thick, too!"

"Hmmm. You seem to be right..." Suzanne moved her head in closer. Under the thin excuse of investigating just how erect he was, she began fondling and even licking his boner.

Susan couldn't hold herself up like that for long, and even more to the point, she didn't want to. She soon settled all the way back down, until Alan was fully sheathed inside her again. At the same time, she muttered "Sorry" to Suzanne for reclaiming what she felt was the best seat in the house.

Susan Suzanne Katherine Amy

Suzanne didn't mind. Her tongue went back to Alan's balls. Additionally, although Alan's throbbing rod was deep inside Susan, Suzanne licked as much of his shaft as she could, often right up to where Susan's nether lips were stretched out around him.

Susan was alarmed at first. "Oooh! Oh my! Suzanne! My goodness! Do you... do you know what you're doing?! HNNG!"

Suzanne chuckled. This was something she'd wanted to do for a long time. It was a long-time fantasy of hers to lick Alan's cock and Susan's pussy lips while he was fucking her. It was a key image in her original sexual utopia vision, due to her great lust for both Susan and Alan. Now, not only was it coming true, but it was happening while Katherine and Amy set upon her from either side, keeping Susan from objecting or squirming away.

Suzanne thought, The reality is even better than the fantasy! How often does that happen? And not just a little better; it's a LOT better! This IS my sexual utopia come true! And unlike a dream, it's not going to fade away after a little while to be replaced by the harsh light of day. This is the future! We'll be doing this sort of thing all the time from now on!

Susan's nipple clamps had fallen down to her crotch after they'd been released by the girls. Suzanne noticed them there and took them in hand. She was tempted to wrap the gold chain connecting them around Alan's boner the next time Susan rose up on him, just as a playful prank, but she decided against it. She also considered giving the clamps a close examination. She was intrigued by them, but doing that meant she'd have to stop her licking for a while, and she didn't want to do that either. She pushed the clamps and chain away from the area of her interest until they fell the rest of the way to the floor.

Susan spoke her astonished thoughts out loud. "Look at me! All of you are teaming up on me. It's four-on-one! It's not fair!"

Alan chuckled. He was flexing his boner inside her while also fondling her big tits from behind, even as his sisters leaned in and suckled on them. He said, "Mom, you're the family sex cow. I'm afraid you're going to have to get used to this kind of treatment!" He cackled with glee.

Susan didn't know what to say. "But... b-b-but... this is so... terribly..." - she had to pause to take a deep breath - "PROPER!"

The other four had a good laugh, since they'd fully expected her to say "IMPROPER" instead.

Susan asked Alan almost accusingly, "What about you?! I'm getting to enjoy your cock in my mouth, my ass, AND my cunt, back to back to back! It's like a living dream. How is it possible that Alan Junior is stiff again?! Do you realize how BIG you feel in me?! How unbelievably FULL of COCK I am right now?! I'm the mother who raised you, fed you, and changed your diapers, and you're using me as your personal cum dump!" That might have sounded upsetting, except she couldn't have been happier. "What are we going to have to do to get that guy to STAY DOWN for at least a little while?!"

He chuckled at that, as he switched to fondling as much of Katherine and Amy as he could reach. "Sorry, Mom. You're facing a losing battle. Every time you coax out another load from Junior, he's just gonna pop back up again a little while later. There's no way you can win."

She was nearly rapturous. "Oh boy! Let me lose then. I love losing! Let me lose all day long! For years to come, as your mommy-wife! Being totally defeated and tamed by you was the very best loss of all!"

He asked her, "By the way, what's Mother doing now? I can kind of feel her moving, but I can't see it." He asked that because he no longer felt Suzanne's tongue where Susan's pussy lips were stretched out around his shaft.

"You don't want to know," Susan replied, her voice catching, suddenly embarrassed. "She's doing all kinds of naughty things to me. Lewd things! First, she was licking on and around my clit. Now she's actually biting it! It's so... so..."

Amy paused in her nipple suckling to suggest, "Hot?" She giggled.

Susan could only gasp with feeling and collapse back against Alan while thrusting her milk-laden breasts at her nursing daughters. "YES! Oh God, it's so hot! But even more than hot. It's so extreme! Here I am, just sitting in your lap, Tiger. I'm not moving at all. I'm not even squeezing your cock with my Kegel muscles the way I've been trained to. Instead, I'm just trying to stay relatively calm, but I'm failing miserably. I swear, I'm going to have the biggest orgasm of the night yet!"

He suggested, "So go ahead and have it. We're just chilling out and relaxing. Or, as Aims likes to put it lately, chillaxing. I feel like... hell... I AM the conquering hero! I did everything I set out to do today, and it went about as well as I could have possibly hoped. I'm done for the night, for sure. All I'm doing is sitting here. I definitely don't want to cum again, so please don't squeeze too much. But since you just so happened to sit right on my dick, well, I can't do anything about that."

Susan pouted, "Oh, poo! You meanie! You guided me right onto your mommy-splitting cock and you know it! Now, you're gonna make me die of joy before I can even start to begin to enjoy being your slave-wife. You really are a cruel master!"

Of course she was just hamming it up, and everyone knew it. There were lots of snickers and giggles all around.

Susan did have her big orgasm a couple of minutes later. She tried to hold out, to prolong this joyous and special time, but eventually her body betrayed her. XX41

Once her climax petered out, she was effectively zonked out for a while.

Some repositioning ensued. Alan stayed sitting where he was, but Susan slid off his erection and slumped onto the sofa next to him. That allowed him to twist in place and bend his head down so he could have a turn suckling on one of her nipples.

Suzanne liked that idea, so she got on the other side of Susan and suckled on her other nipple.

Susan was so out of it that she hardly even noticed, at least at first.

However, Katherine and Amy knew what they wanted to do. They pried his legs open wide and scooted on in where Suzanne had just been. Then they started taking turns bobbing on his cock.

He protested, weakly, "Hey. Did you not hear the part that I'm done for the night? I just want to hang out with you all for a little while, basking in the glow of our family love and our harem harmony. I'm really not up for anything else."

Katherine said, "Don't worry, Big Butternut Squash Brother. We're not really trying to arouse you. We just like doing this as, uh, practice for later." She snickered. "Besides, Mom's secret sauce tastes great slathered on your meat."

"Yeah!" Amy chimed in. "We just got a drink but we're still hungry and now we're making a sandwich! So close your eyes and pretend like we're not even here."

He snorted. "Yeah, right!"

Katherine Amy

Amy had already started bobbing on him, but she pulled off and said, "Yeah. Consider it a stealth double blowjob. 'Cos we love you and we love having fun with your big thingy." His two sisters kissed and licked adoringly all over his cockhead. Then Amy got busy lapping at his balls while Katherine engulfed him and bobbed down past his sweet spot.

He snorted again. "Ha! You can't just stick 'stealth' in front of the name of any sex act and have it mean something. At the very least, PLEASE take it slow and easy on me, and PLEASE don't let me get even close to cumming. I have no cum left to give anyway."

"M'kay," Amy said. "We promise to be good. Right, Sis?"

"MMMM!" Katherine agreed as she sucked and bobbed. She did ease up considerably, since she firmly believed a good fuck-toy sister should try hard to obey her master's wishes.

He stopped suckling on Susan, at least for a little while, because he wanted to relax. He closed his eyes and sighed happily. "Aaaah! This is the life!"

He thought, They must get tired of hearing it, so I'll keep it to myself, but I really must be the luckiest guy on the entire planet. This is the new "just hanging out!" You'd think it would get boring after a while, but it never does. Feeling great like this always, well, feels great!

He put one hand on Katherine's head and another on Amy's so they'd know he was speaking to them. "How do you like Mom's milk? It looks like I've got some competition for being the biggest tit lover in this family!"

The girls just replied with contented (and very Susan-esque) "Mmmm!" noises because they were busy on his cock and balls.

Surprisingly, Suzanne paused with her continued suckling long enough to archly point out, "Sweetie, you're hardly the only one around here who loves big breasts on a woman! When it comes to milking the udders of the family sex cow, let's just say you're going to have some serious competition from ALL of us when it comes to receiving her delicious bounty!"

He opened his eyes and looked at her just in time to see her give him a devastating "come hither" look in return. Then she closed her eyes and went back to nursing on a nipple. Judging by Susan's reaction, Suzanne was doing something very right. XX43

He was content to simply rest there with his eyes closed. Everything is perfect in my world, and I do mean perfect. I suppose it would be better if Glory were here too, not to mention Brenda and Christine. But then it would be more like a party, and Christine would kill me anyway. This is nice. Very cozy and comfy. Well, minus the double blowjob! He chuckled to himself.

He opened his eyes briefly, because during the recent reshuffling Suzanne had thoughtfully put one of the boxes of popcorn within reach. He even had some pineapple juice at hand, put in a "sippy cup" so he could keep it on the sofa without spilling it. He stuffed some popcorn in his mouth and then sipped on the juice.

Aaaah! This really is great. I feel like for these past two months I've been steadily climbing up a long hill, slowly but surely building my harem. It's all been leading up to something, and this is it! Now that I'm on top of the hill, I can finally take a much deserved, LONG rest. My lovely ladies are going to be bummed, but for the next few days at least I'm going to be in "chillax" mode most of the time, and I'm gonna sleep A LOT!

Sure, I've still got troubles, significant troubles. Can I get Glory to really be my wife? One of them, that is. And I should probably be honest and call it what it is, a slave-wife. That's a hard sell.

And what the heck is going to happen with Christine? I'm standing on the knife edge with her. So much to gain, but so much to lose if she finds out all my secrets. And don't get me started with Heather! She's just as dangerous and unpredictable as ever. And what about Xania? Could I really handle her getting more involved? How much is too much?

And how to deal with Brenda? The more I get to know her and her awesome, voluptuous body, the more I want her all for myself. I'm already beginning to think that sharing her with Adrian is a big mistake. But it's too late to undo that. Still, there must be something that can be done to leave him in a good place without having her sexually, right?

That's just for starters. I do have problems, but they're good problems to have. Hell, great problems, if I do say so myself. Somehow, my problems always seem to involve and be solved by lots of really excellent fucking! The semester is nearly over, and next semester I can basically cruise, since those grades won't be posted until well after college acceptance letters come back. Which of course means... more fucking! He chuckled to himself.

And how many guys get to ponder their problems while two sexy sisters use their talented tongues all over my dick and balls? Such endless sexual bliss!


Alan ran his hands through both Amy's and Katherine's hair. Then he reached over and stroked Susan's and Suzanne's hair as well. He wasn't in any hurry. Several more minutes passed that were filled with cocksucking joy.

But then a question came to his mind and he spoke it aloud: "Mother, we're still on for sleeping together tonight, aren't we?"

Instead of simply answering, Suzanne pulled her lips off Susan's nipple, stood up, walked around the cocksucking sisters, sat down on the sofa on Alan's other side, and cuddled up close to him. She ran a hand over his chest while also pressing her own huge globes against his bare skin.

Only then did she reply. "I wouldn't miss it for the world! You have no idea what it means to me. It's sort of the symbolic realization of a long-standing dream."

He smiled and nodded, then ran a hand through her curly hair. "I know exactly what you mean. I was just thinking how this is sort of the end of a long road for me."

She raised a curious eyebrow. "The end?"

"Well, not the 'end' end, obviously. The end of a beginning, let's say. And I suppose you could point out it's not been a very long road to this point. It just feels that way. Dang! So much has changed! Just two-and-a-half months ago, I was a total virgin!"

Suzanne smiled knowingly. "Indeed. And look where you are now."

He looked around. Susan had finally revived after her big orgasm. Now that nobody was latched onto her breasts, she scooted in closer to him and cuddled up exactly like Suzanne, except on the other side. He couldn't see much of her since Suzanne was kissing all over his face, but he certainly could feel her. He reached around and gave one of her enormous boobs a firm squeeze.

Susan Suzanne Amy Katherine

His attention went from his loving mothers to his two sisters. For the moment, they were both licking freestyle up and down his boner instead of taking turns bobbing. He could barely even see their bobbing heads with his mothers in the way, but he could definitely feel what they were doing to him. The pleasure was fantastic, and yet his dick was so "well-trained" to handle great stimulation that he didn't even have to think about squeezing his PC muscle; he could enjoy this level of stimulation indefinitely.

He briefly moved a hand from Suzanne's ass so he could run his fingers through their hair, first Katherine's, then Amy's. That caused them to purr contentedly.

His hand briefly bumped into Susan's since she was petting their heads too. She also had a hand slowly pumping up and down his erection, though she was being careful to avoid the area where the girls were licking. She whispered, more to herself than to them, "That's it, my sexy slave daughters. Lick that great big master cock just like hungry kittens! Mmmm.... So hot! Don't you just love it?"

Finally, he looked back to Suzanne. He actually put his hand on her chin and pulled her face back slightly because he couldn't get a good look at her while she was licking and kissing all over his face. His smile only grew, because he saw so much love in her sultry eyes.

He said to her, "Yep. This is where I belong. But I've got one kind of random question for you, Mother: what was the deal with that whole medical six-times-a-day thing, anyway? I didn't want to look a gift horse in the mouth, because I so obviously was benefitting from it. But now that our new life is settling down and it's kind of old news, what's the story there? Was that one of your wild schemes, or was it on the up-and-up, or what?"

Suzanne closed her eyes and leaned back in to lick and kiss his neck. That seemed innocuous enough, like she was just enjoying herself in a lazy way while she took her time to think about the answer. But in fact, she felt she had to do that to hide her face from his gaze, because she was in a total and sudden panic over that question.

She thought, Oh SHIT! Just when everything seemed perfect, he has to threaten everything I've accomplished with THAT! I want to tell him the truth, I really do! He deserves to know. I'm sure I could handle the fallout, especially after his proposing to all of us tonight. He'll forgive me soon enough, I'm sure. All of us have benefitted way too much from my scheme, with him benefitting the most. It IS ancient history at this point.

But... Susan! She's right here, listening to everything. The truth would break her heart! Oh, she'd get over it too, eventually. I'm sure it wouldn't be long before she thanked me, because it changed her life so dramatically, and for so much the better. But her trust in me will be broken in a major way. And that'll break MY heart too! Her friendship is so important to me that I can't even begin to say. She trusts me implicitly. Even after she forgives me, it's going to take a loooong time to rebuild her trust that everything I tell her is true, if it can ever be completely rebuilt at all!

Suzanne couldn't afford to take too long to reply, or Alan would get suspicious, and then the others would too. She said, quietly, while nuzzling up against him, "You know, it is a rather odd thing. In retrospect, it seems too good to be true. But remember, it could have gone another way. For instance, what if we'd gotten you a professional sex worker to help, like we discussed at one point? Or what if you'd asked Christine out and she'd said 'Yes' instead of turning you down? Then there would have been no harem, no marriage proposals tonight, no Glory, no Brenda, no Heather... nothing."

Susan was licking and kissing Alan's neck on the other side, mirroring what she saw Suzanne doing. As she did so, she said, "Suzanne, please! Don't speak of such AWFUL things! This has been a dream night for me, for my Tiger, for us all. Don't ruin it and make me see nightmares!"

Suzanne was relieved to be handed that excuse to shut down the conversation. "You're right. I'm sorry. But Master, one final thought on this. If you have questions, don't ask me, ask Akami. She'll know the full story better than anybody. Remember that nasty business with Dr. Fredrickson, and how he was trying to videotape us?"

"Yeah?" Alan asked.

"Maybe something curious was happening with your diagnosis and treatment, related to something he was involved in. Now that we've basically run him out of town, we can ask Akami and she might be able to tell us something new."

"Good point," he said. "Let's do that the next time we see her."

Suzanne nodded. She'd never looked him in the eye since this topic was broached, and she was glad. She figured she probably looked guilty as hell, so she kept on licking and kissing his neck and shoulder. XX45

She thought, PHEW! That was close! Too close! It's like I'm standing on a house of cards. The whole thing is going to come tumbling down just as soon as Sweetie or anybody else starts poking at it. Until now, I was protected by his "don't look a gift horse in the mouth" attitude. But with that fading, I'm screwed! My only choice is to come clean, and fast!

But not tonight. Definitely not tonight! It's gotta be gradual. I'll talk to Akami about this and we'll break the real story to him when Susan isn't around. Then immediately follow up with lots of hot threesome sex so he doesn't get too upset, knock on wood. Meanwhile, I'll start transitioning with Susan. Bit by bit, change the story, change her perspective, starting with this "maybe blame Dr. Fredrickson" approach. But soon, very soon, I'll have to tell her the full truth. It's the right thing to do. Besides, Sweetie will insist on it, I'm sure. Unfortunately, her trust in me is going to take a hit no matter what. But if I can control the process, I should be able to limit the damage.

With that resolved in her mind, she let herself relax again.

The five of them were continuing to just silently enjoy each other's company, cuddling, kissing, cock licking, and cocksucking. The only sounds were breathing, slurping, sloshing, and the crackling of the still roaring fire. Everybody was very relaxed and content, and at least somewhat aroused.

The only exception to that was Suzanne. She was still stressed out about the issues brought up by Alan's question, though she was trying to conceal it. A few minutes later, she asked for a change of position. That led to Susan and Suzanne kneeling between Alan's legs while Katherine and Amy took over their prior role, cuddling and kissing on either side of him.

Suzanne felt somewhat better while spending the next ten minutes taking turns with Susan bobbing on his cock in a lazy way, with lots of licking and stroking for good measure. She had a good excuse not to talk or make eye contact.

Meanwhile, Alan was getting sleepier by the minute. He tried to keep his eyes open and stare at the fire from time to time, since it happened to be within view, but it was a losing battle. He would have fallen asleep altogether if the combined blowjob action wasn't so stimulating.

He finally reached a point where he had to say, "Hey, my lovely ladies, as much as I've been enjoying this - and believe me, I have - I've got to head upstairs while I still can manage to stay upright. If this goes on too much longer I'm going to fall asleep for the night right here, and Mother is not going to like that one bit."

He looked down at Suzanne, who happened to be the one gobbling on his cock. "Mother, don't be fooled by my erection. As soon as we get to my bedroom, I'm going to be dead asleep in two seconds flat. You know that says nothing about you and your sexy, sexy ways. Nothing can keep me awake at this point, nothing. I'm afraid I'm going to be completely useless for the next twelve hours, at least. I figure that's how long I'm going to sleep. If not longer!"

Susan Suzanne

Suzanne pulled off to answer, letting Susan engulf him and take her next turn. "That's okay, Sweetie. I understand. That's what I expected. As much as I'd like to fool around, I love you and want even more for you to get your much deserved rest. However, when you wake up, I claim first dibs on your morning wood!"

He chuckled. "Definitely!"

She smirked sexily. "Beware! You may not wake until noon, but I'm thinking you may not make it out of bed until well after you're up - not if you're in bed with me!" She gave him a saucy wink.

Suzanne rose to her feet and stretched majestically, somehow looking and feeling fresh as a daisy in spite of all that had occurred. She then assisted Alan, who eventually managed to struggle upright, at least partially under his own power.

He considerately said goodbye to each of his new slave-wives with thoughtful words and passionate kisses. He was asked more than once if he didn't want a bit more help with his boner so he could cum before leaving, but he was insistent that he didn't. To make the point, his penis went flaccid before the good-byes were even over.

He and Suzanne started to leave the room together. He'd just put his robe back on and was wearing it very loosely, while she'd lost her skimpy nightie a while back, but she didn't care. He looked back to the others and asked them, "So what are you going to do now? Are you off to bed too?"

Susan said, "Speaking for myself, I'm dog tired and VERY sexually satisfied in every hole, thanks to you, Master. My son! But, that said, I want to at least take a peek at how the video of you fucking my ass turned out."

Katherine chuckled. "Uh-oh! I can see how that's going to turn out. A little peek is going to turn into a lot longer peek."

Amy added gleefully, "Then a certain big-titted mommy slave is going to get 'so hot!'"

Katherine continued, "And then we're all going to get super horny, and kiss and fondle and cum a lot!"

Amy smirked. "Yep!"

Alan smiled down at them, since by that time they were all sitting on the floor, basking by the fire. "Well, have your fun. Don't wear yourself out TOO much." He winked. "Again, you know how much I love you. Good night."

Alan turned to go, but not only did Suzanne not go with him, she dropped to her knees. While the conversation was going on, Suzanne was thinking. I need to say something more about the whole damned six-times-a-day secret! Sweetie is suspicious, and I need to start bringing Susan closer to the truth. I'm still not ready to tell the full story to everybody, but at least I can get part-way there. Then I'll be able to sleep soundly tonight.


"Susan, I have to confess something important," Suzanne announced. She was speaking from her knees to put herself in a symbolically vulnerable position compared to Susan, and also to get closer to her sitting eye level. "Earlier, our master was asking about his six-times-a-day treatment. There's one thing I need to come clean about. Not about the diagnosis, which we all know was spot on, but about the resulting treatment. Like I said at the time, there were different ways we could have gone with that. For instance, we could have hired a sex worker, or things could have worked out with Christine, or maybe even involved some other potential girlfriend."

She sighed heavily. "However, that's not what happened. Susan, my love, I pushed you into helping your Tiger with his sexual treatment. I discouraged the other options, and I was confident beforehand that Christine was going to say 'No' because Sweetie was too inexperienced to properly set the stage before asking her out. I could have helped him out with that to be successful, but I didn't."

She turned to him and mouthed the word "Sorry."

He just nodded. He searched his feelings. Hmmm. I can't say I'm that upset, since things worked out much, much better for me this way. In the end, in addition to the wonderful harem that has been born, I got Christine as a girlfriend anyway, and as a co-girlfriend at that. So yeah, I can't get upset at all!

Suzanne resumed telling Susan, "I wanted us to develop much closer ties as a loving family, as we now have, so I kind of nudged things in a certain direction. In part, that was because I wanted Sweetie and you as my lovers. And you too, Angel. Honey Pie, you weren't in my grand plan, but only because I had that misguided idea about you not being ready for sex. Thankfully, I've been completely cured of that."

Amy smiled at her in understanding.

Alan thought, A-ha! So she "nudged things." I'm not upset at that either, and I'm definitely not surprised. Such classic Suzanne scheming. I tried hard not to look too closely at how things started 'cos I had a gut feeling there was more to it than met the eye. Now I feel better, since that mystery is solved. Well, kind of. I wonder just what nudging she did.

Susan was upset by these revelations, but not that upset. Like Alan, she'd benefitted so much from how things had developed that she could scarcely bear to imagine any alternative. Besides, in recent weeks it had slowly dawned on her that Suzanne had consistently pushed her path in a more sexual direction. She had already decided to let that slide and not think about it too much. She didn't see that as a complete violation of her trust, if that's as far as it had gone.

She asked Suzanne, "I didn't know you even had a thing for him back then. When did that begin? And how?"

Suzanne explained, "My feelings changed gradually in the months prior to the diagnosis, with him turning from a boy into a handsome man. A key factor was when my Honey Pie kept showing me her sketches of a very hunky Sweetie, which she had drawn so enticingly. I already loved him in every other way, but that got me starting to love him in a potentially sexual way as well. I saw that, with proper training as a lover, he could be a dynamo sex machine, a partner that every woman would want and love."

She shyly continued, "So, when this opportunity came along, where he needed to cum an almost impossible six times a day, well... how could I resist helping him some myself? And that worked out so well, that right away I knew it was something you'd want in your life too, Susan. I knew how unhappy you were in so many ways, and felt your son could be the solution to all your problems and bring you true love and true joy. So I started encouraging you, and my enthusiasm kind of carried me away."

Then she asked nervously, "Are you mad at me?"

Susan stared hard at her. "A little. But I could see how you could get sucked in by a tempting situation like that. Also, I know you were looking out for me, even if it was in kind of an underhanded manner. You weren't being honest about it, but, if you'd been honest, I would never have... Ugh! I'm... conflicted. It's complicated." She sighed heavily. "We'll talk about it more tomorrow, okay?" XXX48

Suzanne nodded, tremendously relieved. She knew Susan's reaction could have been far worse. Susan might even have gone into full "mama grizzly bear" mode. Suzanne figured this relatively mild reaction boded well for the dreaded day when she'd have to reveal the rest of the truth to her friend. That would be the much more difficult part of the secret to reveal.

Katherine said, "That's a funny coincidence. Those same sketches that affected Mother, and all that time hanging out with him in skimpy swimwear while Amy was making them, had a pretty big effect on me as well. Come to think of it, Amy was also the one responsible for kind of turbo-charging my sexual feelings toward our master many years ago. Sometimes during our sleepovers she'd fantasize out loud about him as the ideal boyfriend and lover and husband."

Then she added, "Boy, if I'd ever imagined that there was any way to get us to become one big happy, fucky family, especially with the harem and our group marriage, I'd have gone to just about any lengths to make it happen."

Amy responded instantly with "Yep! It's all about family." XX49

Somewhat surprised at the speed and focus of Amy's reply, Suzanne glanced at her daughter and was startled to detect a subtle, satisfied smirk. She was profoundly jolted by the implications of Amy's body language response to her own and Katherine's disclosures, but delving into that would have to wait.

Some months earlier, Suzanne had initiated a scheme to transform the entire Plummer household into her personal sexual utopia. The end results were not what she had anticipated. Nevertheless, overall, she had succeeded beyond her wildest expectations. She intended to savor her triumph.

Christine Xania Susan Suzanne Glory Brenda Katherine Amy

She had a brief vision of what a future group wedding photo might look like, with all the women in topless wedding gowns. She included Brenda (who would undoubtedly want to wear something different and more revealing to reflect her special total-slave status) as well as Glory in her dream image, because they both already wore Alan's collar and ring. Having them in the family harem just felt right to her.

Rounding out her mental fantasy, she also included Xania, because she was hopeful Xania would fully join them someday. Her fantasy image even included Christine, even though she knew getting the frosty "Ice Queen" to join them would be a longshot at best. Still, she always relished challenges, and watching and helping Alan try to fully win both Xania and Christine hinted at just some of the many fun and sexy adventures still to come.

As she started to walk to the stairs, hand in hand with Alan, she felt completely alive and energized. She was tingling all over in anticipation of spending the entire night in bed with him. Looking back to her new family, she held up her new ring for everyone to see, and proudly announced, "You know, I've dreamed of a night like this for months. I needed a man. But not just any man... I've had my heart set on Alan, my Sweetie. Now, not only have I got him... but he's got me!"


NOTES: The illustrated version of Spacer X's long-running saga Six Times a Day ends here with the group marriage of the principal characters. Further developments will occur in the form of spinoffs by the original author, Spacer X, and fan fiction (fan-fic) by other authors. Those additions are expected to have few, if any, illustrations. The extremely laborious task of producing copious illustrations for the original saga, and of making additions and alterations in the story to enhance internal consistency, ends at this point.

The first draft of most of this part was written by IBT. He played a vital role as the co-author of this last part.

A big thanks to the suggestions and corrections of IBT, Sam.I.am, Hermit, Geezer. and greyshadow. IBT and Hermit did most of the picture proofing, and Sam.I.am helped extensively with editing the text. A special thanks to YamiBoy for helping with the pictures. And lastly, thanks to BamaPolyBiGuy1 for pointing out a logical extension of Amy's role.

XX01: A view from within the shower (part of Alan seen from the side), as we see a nude Katherine, one hand still holding the shower curtain she's just drawn aside, blushing and glancing slightly away from Alan (expression of embarrassment).

XXX03: A view of the living room, with a nude Katherine at the side of the image looking at Suzanne lying on the couch (possibly in the exact same position as in suzanne365c) talking to Glory on the phone.

XX04: A full view of Alan and Katherine, standing, in a full hug. Both of Alan's arms and hands are at Katherine's back, while Kat raises one arm to get a better look at her ring (a smile on her face).

XX05: A view of Alan (possibly Alan's own POV) reflected in a steamy bathroom mirror, having just hung up his towel (enough steam obscuring any reflection of his face), his cock now at full (or near-full) stiffness.

XX06: A side view of Susan, on all fours on the bed, totally nude except for her collar (no heels), face down with her ass raised up in the air (her hands reaching behind her to spread her ass wider), her head and shoulders on a pillow, her eyes closed and her mouth open (suggesting moaning) in anticipation.

XX13: A side view (close-up) of Susan's face as she is deep throating Alan, right down to the root ("nose to the pubes" and all).

XX17: A view of Susan on elbows and knees (I believe she's still on the bed), her ring hand raised to show the ring, her gaze turned upward towards Alan (off-screen).

XX18: As a counter-point to XX17 - a view of Susan (maybe more of a close-up), still on elbows and knees, this time looking intently at her ring.

XXX20: A close-up of Susan's face, gasping in pleasure at what Alan is doing to her rear.

XX22: A side view of Susan and Alan, with Alan Jr. DEEP (not visible AT ALL) into Susan's rear. Look of joy on Susan's face.

XX23: A view of Susan, lying flat on the bed with Alan on top of her, bone deep in her ass, with her eyes and mouth wide open as she experiences multiple high-Richter orgasms and aftershocks. (A side view is an obvious choice, but a frontal view showing Susan's face and reaction may also work well.)

XX25: A view of Susan, sitting on top of Alan (w/ his cock STILL in her ass - common location for this Part), facing him, her eyes wide open with an expression of shock on her face.

XX26: A view of Susan, still sitting on top of Alan as he pounds into her ass (similar to XX25), but since Alan is REALLY pounding hard into her, Susan goes through multiple orgasms with closed eyes and clenched teeth.

XXX31: A closer look at Susan's face (wincing) and chest (her hands still arranged behind her), with Alan pinching and pulling both of her nipples.

XX34: A view of Susan standing at the foot of the stairs, holding hands with Alan (who is mostly out-of-frame, wearing a bathrobe). Susan is wearing a see-through negligee that is open in front, leaving her tits "free" (other than the nipple clamps). The lighting is dimmed slightly, with perhaps a reddish glow (fireplace).

XX36: An image of at least three ladies in their negligees cheering with fists in the air.

XX37: An image of all four of the Family Four, still in negligees, hugging/glomping Alan.

XXX38: A view of the living room, with Katherine and at least one other of the Ladies visible in the pic, watching the television. On the screen: footage of Katherine getting royally fucked (as per Part 150).

XXX39: Susan, still in her negligee, nipple clamps still attached, sitting down on top of Alan, who is sitting on a couch. To her surprise (which shows itself on her face with wide eyes and mouth), she is being impaled by Alan's cock.

XX41: Susan sitting slumped on the couch, next to Alan, nearly passed out (certainly "zonked out"). Alan is leaning over to suck on one nipple, while Suzanne takes up position on the other. Katherine and Amy are now bobbing on Alan Jr.

XX43: A close-up of Suzanne suckling at Susan's tit, giving the Reader a "come hither" look.

XX45: A close-up of Suzanne kissing his neck, eyes closed.

XXX48: Susan, also sitting on a different couch, facing slightly towards the other direction (in opposition to the above.

XX49: Looking down at Amy and Katherine, on the floor (a glow coming from the fireplace), as they look up at Suzanne (her POV); a smile on Katherine's face, a smirk on Amy's. Both of their rings should be visible.

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