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The women who play a prominent role in Alan's life

Written and illustrated by Spacer X <>

Copyright © 2004 - present Spacer X; All Rights Reserved.

Where does the artwork come from?

A lot of people have asked me where the illustrations to this story came from. I'd never written an erotic story before, and I started writing this one mainly because I wanted to experiment with combining erotic stories and erotic pictures in a hopefully unique and pleasing way. I've used graphics from Japanese anime art to illustrate and inspire the story. The result is something halfway between a text story and a fully illustrated cartoon, with an average of about one illustration per thousand words of text and at least one illustration per chapter. Sometimes the story inspired me to find the right art, and sometimes a particular picture inspired a new part of the story.

Split picture: left half is anime source material; right half is transformed version, showing Amy doing Kat

The vast majority of the illustrations have been heavily edited for continuity and other reasons. More often than not one illustration is actually parts of several different source images stitched together: for instance, a head from one image attached to the body from another. So the art is somewhere between being original and copied. A couple of examples are shown here.

I originally conceived of writing a novel-length story, mostly because there were so many illustrations I wanted to include. I also wanted to throw in a whole bunch of archetypal sexual partners: the virgin, the mother, the sister, the mature sophisticate, the nurse, the psychiatrist, the cheerleader, the blonde bombshell, the teacher, the submissive, the goody-goody girl next door, and so on. Incest wasn't meant to be a major theme but ended up that way, probably because it's an easy way to create dramatic, forbidden-fruit tension. Please keep in mind that this is just a twisted fantasy and has absolutely nothing to do with the real world.

Split picture: left half is anime source material; right half is transformed version, showing Kat doing Amy

The artwork was taken from a wide variety of anime screenshots. I've taken advantage of the fact that a lot of anime artwork uses very similar artistic styles. I've gone through tons of different anime shows looking for artwork to use. Most of the main characters come from the animes G-Taste and Immoral Sisters. If you aren't familiar with Japanese anime, I suggest Immoral Sisters or Lingeries Office as good places to start. Other picture sources include Karen, Bible Black, Kokudo Oh, Shusaku Replay, Ai Shimai 2, Blackmail, Five Card, New Angel, Love is the Number of Keys, Soreyuke Marin Chan, Discipline, Waver (Behind Closed Doors), Step Sister, Maison Plaisir, Swallowtail Inn, Night Shift Nurses, Secret Desires, Wife Eater, and many more. I hope this isn't seen as a rip-off of anime, but rather a tribute that will inspire people to see the original videos for themselves. (Some are good; some I just liked for the artwork.)

You may note that the face of the main character, Alan, is never shown. This is so you can fill in his appearance with your own imagination. Plus, I'd rather see pictures of beautiful women instead. If any of the original artists have any problems with the use of parts or all of their images here, let me know and I'll remove the offending illustrations.

How did the images get colorized?

Final version of right half of first prior pic

In earlier versions of Six Times a Day, most of the images were grayscale. As I became more proficient with Photoshop, about the time I was writing what is now part 122, I started to colorize them. For a while parts were released in both grayscale and colorized editions, but readers soon made clear that they preferred the colorized ones.

When I started the prior massive cycle of revisions in 2012, correcting inconsistencies, filling in missing scenes, and making most of the characters more relatable, I realized that the existing illustrations needed to be colorized, as did all new ones that I was adding to accompany the new text. Initially I did those colorizations myself, but then Magicman helped with a few. Then YamiBoy volunteered to learn Photoshop and took over the task of colorizing all the remaining 1500 or so grayscale images in the original versions of what are now parts 001 to 121.

Final version of right half of second prior pic

I continue making improvements in the images as well as overseeing YamiBoy's progress. When all is done, takes the updated Photoshop files, creates the production JPGs and updates the servers.

Here are the final versions of the right sides of the above two images, which are found in Part 70 and Part 16, respectively. They are shown here at the same scale that they have in their respective parts.

Note the differences in each illustration between the originally-published grayscale version and the revised version, primarily in the faces of the characters. Many such improvements were made during the revision process.

Bonus versions

Some of the illustrations in parts of Six Times a Day have an alternate version where more of the character's skin is showing (or showing in a better light). These "enhanced" illustrations are designated by a surrounding black border. If Javascript is enabled, as it usually is in most e-readers and browsers, the alternate version can be seen by double-clicking once on the opening group illustration in a part, then mousing over any illustration later in the part that has a surrounding black border.

The alternate version will appear while the mouse is hovering over such an illustration, then disappear when the mouse moves elsewhere, including into any right-click popup menu. The alternate version will not show in printed versions of the part. To restore the default behavior of the page, relative to mousing over illustrations, simply refresh the page.

These alternate versions arise when creating the illustrations. When a source image is at least partially nude, but the final image is somewhat covered, the additions are made on one or more separate Photoshop layers. Those layers are turned off to make the alternate version.

Retrieving these alternate images increases the server load and the time to load a page, which is why it is not the default behavior.

Please send questions or comments to Spacer at

NOTE: A special thanks goes to for maintaining and improving this page and both of the Six Times a Day websites. This new revision would have been much more crude without his support.

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