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Backstory: Timeline and General Information

Written and illustrated by Spacer X <>

Copyright © 2004 - present Spacer X; All Rights Reserved.

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Genesis of this document

Here's a little history on what this is and how it came about. I've generally written 6TD on the fly without any outline or detailed master plan. (That has changed some with recent parts, where helpful Proofreaders have helped me work out an outline for the rest of 6TD Proper, and now a real floorplan for the Plummers' house, but those are the exceptions to the rule.) Because of my winging-it style, there are details I've put into the story that contradict each other or that I've failed to mention because they were hazy to me.

A few years ago, WD40 wanted to see more of the backstory of the 6TD characters fleshed out, especially Susan and Suzanne. We worked together but he did most of the work, assembling a timeline detailing their past lives back to childhood. The resulting timeline, as well as several related files, were posted on the 6TD forum where people chimed in with comments.

Unfortunately, that forum disappeared when the prior site went down, and it still hasn't been resurrected. Then ProxyAccount began working on a wiki for 6TD and kept asking me questions that I knew had already been detailed on WD40's timeline. Luckily, I eventually found a copy of the timeline in an old e-mail, so began working on it to create a more thorough backstory timeline that covers all the main characters. Using the earlier material (mostly written by WD40) as a basis, I've probably tripled its size, mostly by including the backgrounds of Xania, Glory, Brenda, Christine, and so on.

At the same time, I've also been working on revising many of the early 6TD parts. These often are substantial revisions, because with this timeline at hand I've been able to fix contradictions and mention a little more of the backstories here and there when relevant. In many cases this has resulted in a part being split in two, due to the increased amount of text from the rewrite.

In summary, the timeline below exists for several purposes. One is to help me keep things straight as I continue writing and updating the story. Another is to help proofreaders detect inconsistencies. Still another is to help other authors who are interested in writing fanfic and want their stories to fully fit what happens in 6TD. And finally, it's being published here for anyone who's curious enough to read it. A lot of the info here has not been mentioned anywhere else, from some little things like birthdays to bigger things like some important events in people's lives that have not shown up in 6TD proper.

Note that minor characters like Akami, Kim, Janice, Joy, Ginger, etc. aren't really mentioned in the timeline unless they have some interaction with the more pivotal characters. I don't want to have the timeline fill up with an overwhelming amount of detail.

There has been an attempt to keep major spoilers out of this material, but that can only go so far. Reading this before reading the relevant parts may reduce your surprise at some turns of event. You are forewarned.

Backstory: Timeline and general information

Eric Pestridge is born.

Ron Plummer is born in Gopher Prairie, Nebraska. His family is easily the wealthiest and most powerful in the small town.

December 18, 1962
Xania Tsakicheretakis is born in Boston, Massachusetts. Her parents are recent immigrants from Greece. She has a brother and a sister.

January 17, 1963
Suzanne Payton (later Pestridge) is born in San Diego, California. She has no siblings.

June 22, 1965
Susan Walton (later Plummer) is born in Gopher Prairie, Nebraska. She has five sisters and one brother. One sister, named Mary, will later be married with children and live in Idaho. Another, Jane, will be single and live in Sacramento, California.

May 2, 1967
Brenda Dunbar (later Hunter) is born in San Francisco, California. She is an only child, and is terribly spoiled by her rich parents. She has her own personal maid, Anika, a recent Austrian immigrant in her 30s, who waits on her hand and foot.

April 19, 1975
Gloria (Glory) Rhymer is born in Laguna Beach, California. She is an only child.

Fall 1978
17-year-old Ron Plummer starts his senior year in high school in Gopher Prairie, and 13 year-old Susan Walton starts her eighth grade class. Their families belong to the same narrow-minded, strait-laced, and strict church. Ron is seen as the most desirable catch in the town. Not only is his family the wealthiest, but he excels in school, is polite and kind, and does not party or even date. (No one yet realizes this is because he is not interested in girls, and is struggling with his homosexual desires although still unwilling to act on them.) Susan is also seen as a top catch, because her extraordinary beauty is already evident, and it is common within their families' religious circles for the boy to be older than the girl. Both sets of parents begin plotting to set them up to marry. Susan's parents start discouraging her contacts with any other boy, but she and Ron do not begin to date yet.

Brenda is twelve, and entering puberty. Her parents have believed in corporal punishment, and spanked her regularly for her misdeeds since she was a baby. Normally, such spanking would have stopped well before a child reaches this age, but her spankings continue. Her mother Anna generally spanks her once a week, the severity of her misdeeds dictating how severe the spanking is. Her father is rarely at home, and leaves virtually all the parenting to Anna. He isn't even aware that the spankings continue, and both Anna and Brenda tacitly plot to keep him in the dark about them. For, even though neither will admit it to each other, much less to anyone else, they both secretly enjoy the spankings.

Fall 1979
Ron Plummer becomes a freshman at a tiny college affiliated with his church's denomination which is within easy weekend commute distance of his home. Susan enters her freshman year at high school in Gopher Prairie, Nebraska. Ron's parents make it known that they want him to come home frequently not merely to see them, but to see Susan Walton at church functions.

Fall 1980
17-year-old Suzanne Payton enters UCLA as a freshman. (She skipped a grade in school earlier, going from seventh to ninth.)

Fall 1980
The Plummer and Walton parents throw Ron and Susan together at every possible opportunity.

Brenda turns 14, and her body is already startlingly curvy and busty for her age. She takes after her mother Anna, who has a small rib-cage with H-cup boobs and looks very much like an older version of her daughter. Their spankings continue and grow much more sexual in nature. Brenda begins to completely strip for her spankings. The spankings are no longer tied to particular misdeeds, but Anna says a weekly spanking helps keep Brenda on the "straight and narrow." The lesbian lust continues to increase between mother and daughter, but neither are willing to overtly cross the line to any directly incestuous act. Both typically get hot and bothered by the spankings, and then masturbate to orgasm in private. Anika eventually becomes aware that the spankings are continuing, but pretends not to know, and manages to find excuses to be gone during their regular spanking time. She knows that Anna is very unhappy with a sexless marriage and nearly nonexistent husband, and that the spankings are the highlight of both Brenda's and Anna's lives. She doesn't see any harm in them.

Fall 1981
18 year-old Xania Tsakicheretakis enters UCLA as a freshman. She lives in the same dorm as Suzanne, and the two of them quickly become best friends. They are united by their wild, partying ways, similar tall and busty bodies, and exceptionally long tongues.

Fall 1981
Susan turns 16 and is allowed to date, but only with Ron Plummer during his visits home from college. They both know their parents expect them to marry. Their dates remain surprisingly chaste (especially since Ron is secretly homosexual). Neither of them have dated anyone else, and Ron still has yet to act on his homosexual desires in any way.

Summer 1982
Ron and Susan agree to marry, but not for another year so they can both graduate from their schools first.

Fall 1982
Eric Pestridge enters a Masters of Business Administration program at USC.

Fall 1982
Suzanne and Xania become roommates off-campus at UCLA - Suzanne is a junior and Xania is a sophomore. Their social life grows even more wild and scandalous. The sexual exploits of the "Two Tongues" become nearly legendary within the school. They have sex with men and women, oftentimes teaming up on the same person, and even take part in orgies.

Winter 1982
Playboy is preparing a "Coeds of the Pac Ten" pictorial, and both Suzanne and Xania try out for it. Not surprisingly, both are chosen, and both take part in nude photo shoots. However, Suzanne gets cold feet after her parents find out what she's done. She is able to find the photographer, seduce him, and steal her pictures back. Xania appears in Playboy, but only with a single picture, since the pictorial features many girls from the Pac Ten colleges. She is invited to try out to be a Playmate, but she has to decline when her parents learn of the one photo and threaten to cut off her financial support.

Brenda is sixteen, and is clearly the most beautiful and busty girl in her entire school. She dates some boys, but finds dating a frustrating experience. Invariably, the boy is mainly interested in her for her looks and especially her tits, and she does not like to be treated like an object. She loses her virginity and has sex sometimes, but no serious relationships develop. Brenda's main sexual interest remains focused on her mother Anna. She doesn't consider herself a lesbian, but her weekly spankings are far more arousing to her than even intercourse with any boy. By this time, the spankings have evolved to the point where mother and daughter are both completely naked, and openly masturbate and orgasm in front of each other. Anna usually fondles Brenda's ass and pussy until orgasm, yet that is still considered part of the spanking ritual, and neither are willing to take the next step to a full sexual relationship. For instance, despite all their shared orgasms, they consider kissing forbidden, and only Anna is allowed to touch Brenda, while Brenda cannot touch Anna at all. Such strange habits give Brenda powerful and lasting spanking and submission fetishes, plus a lust for incestuous and lesbian sex.

June 1983
Ron Plummer marries Susan Walton in Nebraska right after he graduates from college, and she graduates from high school. Susan changes her last name to Plummer. She is still a virgin until her wedding night, as is he. She finds sex to be disappointing. Since she has never been with anyone else, she does not have any clue that this is because Ron is secretly gay and his heart is not in it. He genuinely likes her, but does not truly love her, even in a platonic way. His family has railroaded him into the marriage in a years-long process, and he never seriously considered fighting that pressure and opposing his parents. On some level he realizes the marriage provides a good cover for his homosexuality, even though he is still struggling to admit it to himself and still has not been intimate with other males yet.

Summer 1983
Ron and Susan Plummer move to Orange County, where Ron starts his first post-college job. He gets the job through the business connections of his rich parents, but soon shows that he is fully capable. They immediately begin trying to have children.

May 1983
Suzanne and Xania have a serious falling out. Xania is having her first serious long-term romantic relationship, with a fellow student named Jeffrey. Suzanne and Xania have a playfully competitive relationship, and often steal each other's boyfriends. This is not a problem, since the boys are easy come, easy go. But Suzanne does not realize that Xania has fallen in love with Jeffrey, and when she steals him away, Xania is crushed. They remain roommates for the last few weeks of school, but rarely speak to each other. They cancel plans to be roommates for the next year as well. Ironically, Suzanne has little interest in Jeffrey, and quickly breaks contact with him. She even tries to get Jeffrey and Xania back together, but the damage cannot be undone.

Summer 1983
Suzanne Payton attends a summer abroad program in France. She meets Eric Pestridge there, and is pleased to discover he also goes to college in L.A. They begin to date, and their relationship develops quickly since they don't know many other people in their French town and don't speak French. Their relationship continues when they return to L.A. at the end of the summer.

October 1983
Xania is still hurting from how Suzanne stole her boyfriend Jeffrey. She finds out Suzanne has been dating Eric for a couple months, and appears to be falling in love with him. She attempts to get revenge by seducing Eric. But he resists her considerable charms, and tells Suzanne about it. This leads to a final falling out between the two women, and they won't see each other again until 1992. Suzanne also is impressed with Eric's fidelity, and they grow closer.

Fall 1983
Ron and Susan Plummer buy their first house in Orange County. Ron's parents provided a very large down payment.

Fall 1983
Ron and Susan Plummer begin regularly attending a very conservative church near their new home that is almost exactly like the church they'd left in Nebraska. In fact, many of the people in it are transplants from the Midwest. Susan is delighted by this reminder of home, and becomes very active in the church community. However, Ron is secretly gay, and now that he is freed from small town life where it is virtually impossible to keep secrets, he begins having secret homosexual affairs. Susan remains completely oblivious about this.

Fall 1983
Susan attends a community college not far from her Orange County home. She is very unhappy living in California, and Ron hopes that college will help her mood, or at least distract her. Susan's conservative and narrow-minded Midwestern background makes her appear and feel like a country hick among the upper middle and upper class suburbanites of wealthy Orange County. But college doesn't help, and she will only break out of her funk when she meets Suzanne and, more importantly, is able to adopt Alan.

November 1983
Eric Pestridge impregnates Suzanne while she is still in her senior year at UCLA. Suzanne is using birth control pills but they have a small percentage failure rate, and she is unlucky.

December 1983
An unnamed woman becomes pregnant with Alan.

January 1984
After missing her second period in a row Suzanne discovers that she is two-months pregnant. She has already settled her wild ways some, and has been steadily and exclusively dating Eric for months, so she knows he's the only possible father. They had been getting along well, but their relationship grows much more serious after the pregnancy is discovered.

February 1984
Eric Pestridge marries Suzanne Payton. Suzanne's pregnancy spurs the decision, but they keep her condition a secret from everyone except their respective parents. They will graduate from their respective graduate and undergraduate programs in early June. The marriage is hastily arranged so it can take place before she is showing. Suzanne changes her last name to Pestridge.

May 1984
Brenda's mother Anna dies suddenly and unexpectedly, of a brain aneurysm. Brenda is seventeen at the time. She is devastated, and this will have profound emotional effects on her for the rest of her life. Luckily, Brenda is almost ready to graduate from high school and move out on her own, because her father travels constantly and is almost never there for her, especially in any meaningfully emotional way. Anna had been spanking Brenda with increasing frequency and steadily increasing the sexual intimacy. Brenda believes that Anna was trying to restrain herself until Brenda was a legal adult, and the two of them would have become full lovers had Anna lived a little longer.

May 1984 and After
Anika has been the maid in Brenda's family since Brenda was born. With the death of Anna, Anika continues to serve Brenda, even when Brenda doesn't have money to pay her. Anika will not consciously admit it to herself or anyone else, but she effectively considers Brenda her own daughter, since she raised her as much or more as Anna had. For various reasons, including her unattractive appearance, Anika considers herself a spinster, and focuses all her efforts on keeping Brenda happy, instead of on her own happiness and possible romantic relationships.

June 1984
Suzanne graduates from college. She is quite visibly pregnant at the time.

July 1984
Eric and Suzanne Pestridge buy a home in an Orange County neighborhood, on the same street where the Plummers live.

July 1984
Suzanne and Susan meet a few days after Suzanne moves in. However, they seem to have nothing in common at first (aside from their extraordinary and voluptuous looks), and they initially are merely friendly neighbors.

July 23, 1984
Heather Morgan is born to Frank, a young Marine Second Lieutenant, and Helen Morgan, the daughter of a wealthy Orange County family. Frank is stationed at the nearby Camp Pendleton base at the time. They soon will be forced to move when Frank is re-stationed, but they will return to Orange County just before Heather starts kindergarten.

July 27, 1984
Brad Pestridge is born.

August 1984
Suzanne is out walking Brad in a baby stroller, and Susan sees her and walks over to gush over the baby. Susan is very desperate for a child of her own, and soon is eagerly helping Suzanne take care of Brad. The two women quickly become good friends.

mid-evening on August 22, 1984
Alan is born. The facts about his birth and his real parents will remain unknown to all who are later involved with raising him, except for Suzanne.

September 1984
Brenda begins going to college at UC Berkeley, just a short distance from her San Francisco home. She had already been accepted there before her mother died, and that means a lot to her. She chose that school partly because Berkeley does not require incoming students to live in a dormitory their first year, like most colleges do. That would be a come-down from the opulent lifestyle Brenda is accustomed to.

September 29, 1984
Simone Hendrix is born to a young, wealthy couple in Orange County.

December 1984
An unnamed woman becomes pregnant with Katherine.

December 1984
Suzanne becomes pregnant again. At this time, Suzanne and Eric are very much in love and having sex constantly. Suzanne is not on birth control this time, so the pregnancy is less of a surprise.

December 1984
Susan is still unable to conceive after almost two years of trying. Susan thinks it is just because she and Ron don't have sex all that much, falsely believing that he has a low libido. But Suzanne convinces her there could be a problem, and she and Ron should get examined by doctors. They do, and Susan is heartbroken to find out that she is unable to have children on her own. She immediately begins exploring other medical options, to no success, and adoption options.

December 22, 1984
In an Orange County hospital, Lars and Olga Anderssen, an immigrant couple from Norway, give birth to a baby girl whom they name Christine.

February 1985
Suzanne pulls off her first major scheme to enable the Plummers to adopt Alan. Details of what Suzanne does exactly remain a mystery to Susan and everyone else. However, it saves Susan from having to endure a long wait time to adopt. Suzanne was compelled to act after seeing how devastated Susan was about being unable to conceive. The fact that Suzanne got pregnant again right when Susan was having such trouble made her feel extra bad and helped to goad her into taking drastic action.

February 1985
Suzanne hands over Alan to Susan. Susan is beyond delighted. However, Susan does not know who the father or the mother are, what Alan's real last name is, or even what state he came from. Suzanne says she's been sworn to a vow of secrecy about all this as part of the terms of arranging the adoption.

February 1985
Susan drops out of community college in the middle of the semester so she can focus on raising Alan full time. She does not consider this a big loss, as she was mostly just marking time until she could be a mother.

Spring 1985
The Pestridges sell their house in Orange County and move to France for two years. They live in Paris, due to a business opportunity Eric has there. Suzanne is enamored with French ways, and learns to speak French. Susan is distraught, but keeps in frequent contact with Suzanne via phone and letters.

Mid-1985 and After
Suzanne had figured that Susan would spend less time with her now that she has her own baby to take care of, instead of helping her with Brad, but the opposite happens. Susan is so grateful to Suzanne for helping her adopt Alan that she acts like Suzanne is her savior. She makes herself practically inseparable, and the two become best friends. They go through many of the trials and travails of raising babies together.

Mid-1985 and After
Ron has been obliged to have sex with Susan sometimes since they got married. He has forced himself to do it because he does want children. But after finding out Susan was infertile, and adopting Alan, what limited sex life they had with each other drops down to next to nothing, even though Susan wants more children. This causes them to grow more distant to each other, although they remain civil and rarely overtly argue. Susan is too submissive to overtly challenge her husband, but she expresses her displeasure in subtle, passive-aggressive ways. Ron responds by spending less time at home, and more time with his secret homosexual affairs. Susan's already low self-esteem about her looks plummets even more, despite her extraordinary beauty.

August 4, 1985
Katherine is born. The facts about her birth and her real parents will remain unknown to all who later help raise her, except for Suzanne.

August 15, 1985
Amy Pestridge is born in Paris, France. Suzanne is only eight-months pregnant at the time, but Amy is born healthy. Suzanne and Eric decide that two children are all they want, so she has her tubes tied a few months later.

Brenda marries for the first time to a man named Quintin Ross. She is 19 years old. She changes her last name to Ross. Like Quintin, Brenda is a student at UC Berkeley at the time, but she does not live a typical college student lifestyle. Anika continues to follow her and live with her as her "maid" (but really her de facto mother). Brenda and Quintin lived in a rented house in an upscale neighborhood in the Berkeley hills, paid for by Brenda's family fortune.

April 1986
Suzanne returns to the US for Easter vacation. While there, she enables the Plummers to adopt Katherine too. Details on how she does this also remain a mystery to all who later help raise Katherine.

April 1986
Suzanne hands over Katherine to Susan. Again, Susan is not told basic details about Katherine. Suzanne again says she's been sworn to a vow of secrecy about such things as part of the terms of arranging the adoption. Susan suspects Alan and Katherine might be related somehow, since they are both relatively swarthy in color, but she is also doubtful because they are born so closely together. Suzanne says she can say nothing aside from their birthdates, and gives Susan no hints or suggestions that they could be related - then, or later.

June 1986
Xania graduates from college. This is two years after Suzanne graduated. She started one year after Suzanne did, and took an extra year because she had trouble choosing her major. She ends up getting a BA in psychology. Xania loves the partying college life and her friends, and continues to work at UCLA at odd jobs for another year while trying to figure out what to do next.

September 4, 1986
Brenda gives birth to Adrian. She and Anika share the duties of raising him.

1987 and After
Glory enters her teen years. She is a late bloomer physically, and is seen as a tomboy type by her friends. Her father Fred is a gambler and an alcoholic. Luckily, he is mostly a private drunk and gets quietly depressed instead of lashing out at his wife or daughter. Fred keeps a good job and a typical middle-class home, but his bad habits keep the family on the edge of bankruptcy. Starting with delivering newspapers, Glory is forced to help the family earn money, even though Fred drinks and gambles most of it away. The older Glory gets, the more she is forced to earn money. She has no time for dating or even much time for friends. Yet she sees school as a happy respite from her home life troubles and she manages to do well academically despite having little time to do her homework.

Spring 1987
Brenda discovers she is pregnant. This was not planned, but her birth control was not 100% effective. She soon drops out of UC Berkeley to focus on her child. Quintin continues to go to college.

Summer 1987 to Summer 1991
Xania joins a Peace Corps-like volunteer program, and lives and works for two years teaching English in Malaysia. She enjoys her time there, but the experience doesn't help her figure out what career path she could take. She ends up staying two extra years working as an administrative assistant for a director of a multinational oil company. She does little more than simple secretarial tasks, but thanks to overseas "hardship" pay, she makes nearly $200,000 a year. And because she lives more like a local than a rich expat, she is able to save nearly all of it.

Winter 1987
The Pestridges return from France and settle back in Orange County for good. At the same time, the Plummers are also ready to move, having outgrown their first house. Both Pestridges and Plummers move to a newly built neighborhood, selecting houses next door to each other. This is mainly because Suzanne and Susan remain close friends, as they have remained in contact while Suzanne was in France. Both families are already doing very well financially, and so they can buy big houses with very large lots and swimming pools.

Suzanne arranges to have a tennis court built in the most remote part of her large backyard. Soon, she, Eric, Susan, and Ron all become good at tennis. For a time, this helps bond all four of them together, although Eric and Ron don't click with each other very well. Later, the children of both families will also play tennis and become quite good at it, since they have their own court to use at any time.

Late 1980s
Ron continues to rise in his company. He is competent and hard-working. He happens to be put in charge of some key Asian accounts, which will have a big impact on his life later. He becomes very knowledgeable concerning his company's Asian market, and an important company asset. His salary soars, and he even gains an equity interest in the company. He starts to frequently travel to Asia, but still spends most of the year at home.

Late 1980s
Susan and Suzanne have very flourishing social lives. While Suzanne was in France, Susan stuck closely to her church's social network. But Suzanne is not religious and thinks the arch conservative zealots at Susan's church are not healthy for Susan or her children. She launches a major effort to get Susan to fit into the Southern California culture and lifestyle better. Suzanne is very popular, thanks to her charm, intelligence, and beauty, and constantly takes Susan to parties and introduces her to new people. This "friendship offensive" has an impact. Susan still attends her church religiously, but it's no longer the center of her social life and she no longer feels like a fish out of water in Southern California.

Spring 1988
Brenda's first husband Quintin can't handle the responsibility of being a father at such a young age, and he divorces Brenda less than two years after she gave birth to Adrian. He skips town (and quits college), and has no contact with her or Adrian again. However, he is reasonably wealthy, and she manages to get steady alimony payments from him until her second marriage. Anika naturally remains with Brenda and Adrian.

September 1989
Brad starts kindergarten. He is five years old. But he will have trouble in school, and will be forced to repeat the first grade. From that time on, he will be in the same grade as his sister Amy (and Alan too).

With Adrian now a two-year-old and mostly taken care of by Anika, Brenda resumes attending UC Berkeley. However, she takes a light schedule of classes so she can juggle school with being a mother.

Brenda marries Bob Hunter. He is a fellow student at UC Berkeley, and they started a whirlwind romance almost as soon as she returned to college. She'd changed her last name for her first marriage, and changes her name again, to Hunter. Brenda doesn't really love Bob, and he doesn't love her (although he definitely lusts for her). She knows full well that she will become a "trophy wife." But he is a multimillionaire, and she feels Adrian needs a father and a stable family life. Bob is not happy to have Anika move in with Brenda, but he tolerates the maid. Both Brenda and Bob continue attending college.

Early September 1990
Alan and Amy start kindergarten. Amy is five years old and Alan is six. Alan was held back the year before, because Susan felt he wasn't ready. For similarly overprotective reasons, Katherine is held back from entering kindergarten, despite being slightly older than Amy. (Susan had been told by her parents that new research suggested kids did better all throughout their education if they were amongst the oldest in their classes.) Christine, Heather, and Simone start attending kindergarten at another elementary school despite living nearby, due to the vagaries of school boundary lines.

Early 1990s
Bob and Brenda become scuba diving aficionados. They spend several months a year traveling, usually to tropical resorts, and will continue to do so until the late 1990s when their marriage slowly fizzles out.

Early 1990s
Heather and Simone become best friends. They happen to sit next to each other in class, and they also live only a couple of blocks away from each other. For many years they are practically inseparable. Even at a young age, Heather is selfish and demanding, but somehow Simone has a knack for getting along with her and curbing her worst excesses.

Eric and Suzanne have a dramatic falling out, after Suzanne discovers Eric has been having a long-term affair with his secretary. They remain married for the sake of their children, but begin to constantly fight with each other. He buries himself in his work instead of trying to face his marriage difficulties. This makes them wealthier, but it also causes their marriage problems to grow even worse over time until they are barely even speaking to each other.

Summer 1991 and After
Xania returns from four years in Malaysia, nearly $400,000 richer than when she'd left. She moves to Santa Monica, California, near where many of her old UCLA friends still live. This also puts her close to Hollywood, and her goal is to "make it" in the movies or TV. Unfortunately, she is not driven to become a talented actress, and coasts on jobs she picks up purely from her gorgeous looks. But her looks also limit her, because she looks so sexy and buxom that she is too distracting for most roles. She also is considered too old to have a serious chance of making it big. However, she soon finds a niche with minor roles in "Animal House" type B-movies high on showing women in bikinis and low on plot. She also regularly appears in commercials and in titillating TV shows like "Married... with Children." She gets many offers to appear in porn films, but turns them all down. She gets just enough work to pay the bills, and thanks to her savings from Malaysia, she doesn't have to worry much about money. She also has just enough Hollywood connections (and beauty) to be able to party with and sometimes date celebrities. In fact, she spends more time partying, exercising, going to the beach, and generally "living the good life" than acting. She continues this easy and happy lifestyle for many years. However, she has a strong aversion to making romantic commitments, which means even her romances with famous celebrities and "great catches" other aspiring actresses would kill for don't last long.

September 1991
Katherine, the youngest of the four Pestridge/Plummer children, starts kindergarten. She is six years old. She was held back the year before, because Susan felt she wasn't ready.

Suzanne gets a part-time job with a securities broker because she is bored, and wants to spend more time away from Eric. She turns out to have a knack for the work and quickly develops significant expertise.

Ron's job increasingly takes him to Japan. He rents an apartment in Tokyo, and starts a long-term affair with a college-aged Japanese man. He is becoming increasingly reconciled to his homosexual nature, and increasingly frustrated with his lie of a marriage. He seriously considers "coming out," but his parents are still alive, and he remains very emotionally close to them, particularly to his mother. But his parents are militantly anti-homosexual, and he decides to wait until they pass away. His parents will remain alive in 2002, and many years after that, so he continues to live a secret life.

Bob and Brenda Hunter both graduate from UC Berkeley at the same time. Brenda gets a double BA in History and Art History. However, she has no plans to actually use her education to get a job since both she and Bob are so rich (and this is reflected in the majors she chose). Over the next months, they (and Anika and Adrian) move from Berkeley to a vast mansion that Bob's rich parents have been building for him in Orange County.

1992 and After
Anika becomes the head of all the servants in Bob and Brenda's vast mansion. She takes her job seriously, and continues to ignore her own social life. She is paid very well, but rarely spends any money on herself. She also never takes a vacation, since she has no family of her own to visit, or other interests. However, Bob and Brenda travel frequently all over the world, and she usually accompanies them.

Summer 1992
By chance, Suzanne and Xania run into each other at a party in Newport Beach. Suzanne is considered a member of Orange County's social elite, and there is some crossover between that group and the Hollywood elite that Xania is a fringe member of, including at this particular party. Suzanne and Xania at first are delighted to see each other, and they get caught up on what they've been doing since college. Suzanne visits Xania in L.A. several times. However, it soon becomes clear that they have issues. Xania is still resentful about Suzanne stealing her boyfriend away from her in college. Also, their lifestyles are very different. Xania is still living the wild party and sex filled life of her college days, and expects Suzanne to want the same. But although Suzanne goes to parties and has the occasional affair, she is mostly focused on a suburban lifestyle centered on raising her children. She doesn't want to get pulled back into her previous lifestyle, so she doesn't invite Xania to her Orange County home, and they gradually drift apart again.

Brenda is frustrated by the amount of sex she has with Bob. He had lots of time to spend with her when they were both students, but now he has a growing role managing properties and investments for his very wealthy family, as well his own ample personal inheritance. Brenda has no interest in committing adultery, and the Internet hasn't become widely popular and easy to use yet, so Internet porn isn't an option. She ends up turning to pornographic books, videos, and magazines, and starts developing an extensive collection. From the very start, she is drawn to submissive themes, and especially spanking. She tries to get Bob to spank her, and he does occasionally, but he can't get into the proper spirit of it. He doesn't understand her fetish and pokes fun at it. As a result, she keeps her porn collection, and her other submissive desires that they reveal, a secret from him.

Suzanne and Eric give up trying to save their marriage. To Suzanne's total disbelief and dismay, she discovers that Eric had secretly resumed having sex with his now ex-secretary. That is the final straw for Suzanne. The two of them stop fighting, but only because they also stop emotionally connecting with each other. They become little more than roommates, only seriously talking to each other when it concerns their children. However, while they remain outwardly civil with each other, they undermine each other in subtle ways. Their children feel the discord and tension, and react in different ways over the ensuing years. Brad becomes surly and quiet and sides with his father in almost everything, while Amy adopts a cheery, outgoing persona and sides with her mother in almost everything.

Partly in response to the increasing alienation of her parents, Amy starts to sketch birds and other animals. Thus begins her lifelong interest in art.

Fall 1993
Xania is in Orange County for several weeks because she has a role in a B-movie being filmed there. She looks up Suzanne and reconnects with her again. They get drunk at a bar, and wind up having sex in Xania's hotel room. A torrid affair follows, until Xania goes back to L.A. They reconnect on better terms this time, but ironically this results in Suzanne growing more distant, because she is afraid she won't be able to control herself around her sexy friend. Her reputation is already in the dirt due to word getting out about her affairs, and she's scared how much worse it'll be if it comes out she's having lesbian affairs too. From this point on, they communicate mostly through phone calls and yearly Christmas cards, but even this limited contact will peter out as their lifestyles continue to diverge.

September 1993
Glory begins attending college, going to UCSD in San Diego. Luckily, it is a public institution and she is an in-state resident, so her tuition is not that high. However, due to her family's continuing financial troubles, she not only has to work at a variety of jobs on campus to pay for her tuition and all her living expenses, she also feels obliged to send all she can home to keep her parents from going bankrupt. As a result, she still has very little social life. However, she has one joy: she takes a surfing class as an elective, and soon discovers a great joy for the beach and for surfing in particular. Physically, she has been a late bloomer, but she finally turns into a beautiful woman. As a result, she does date some, and soon loses her virginity, but her heavy time commitments make it nearly impossible for her to form any serious long-term commitments. She graduates with an undergraduate degree in history in 1997, but she stays at UCSD two more years to get a Master's degree in education and a teaching certificate.

Late 1993
Suzanne receives an inheritance of over $300,000, and invests much of it in emerging technology stocks, including $15,000 of it in a little-known (at the time) Silicon Valley startup called Yahoo. She also has her first affair.

Suzanne becomes a serial adulterer. She chooses short-term affairs so she doesn't get too emotionally involved. She confides in Susan, in detail, about all of her affairs as they are going on. Susan's sex life with Ron has dwindled almost to nothing. And while her libido more or less shuts down, she also finds herself living vicariously through Suzanne's exciting descriptions of her affairs.

Suzanne's local reputation has been seriously harmed by her many affairs. She has been totally discreet about her cheating (aside from telling Susan everything), but her partners have not always been. As a result, she starts being much more careful. She starts a business relationship with a local detective agency, and has them closely investigate the men she is potentially interested in. She has fewer partners, and no more spontaneous encounters. She also avoids having any affairs with women, for fear of more societal disapproval. But her local reputation is already set, and she can't change that. She develops a good relationship with the detective agency, and also uses them with many of her other schemes.

Amy's bubbly, easy-going personality slowly morphs into an "airhead" one around this time. She's not actually an airhead, but she finds it easier if people think that she is. She is not interested in school work, except when she is able to take art or P.E. classes, and this reinforces the perception of others that she is mentally slow. She prefers to doodle in notebooks during class and secretly listen in on other people's conversations.

Brenda's marriage to Bob, which had started okay, slowly loses steam around this time. Bob is particularly frustrated to discover that he is infertile, so Brenda cannot bear him any children. Brenda is still terribly spoiled, due to her spoiled upbringing, and Bob finds her increasingly difficult to live with. He also is increasingly successful making money, so devotes more and more time to that. They argue with increasing frequency. Bob never fully bonded with Adrian, mostly because he knew he was not Adrian's real father, so he grows most distant from Adrian as well. Bob tries to make up for his failings as a father by plying Adrian with many gifts while ordering and bullying him to behave. But this only leaves Adrian spoiled and timid. Frustrated, Bob spends more time living hedonistically in exotic locales around the world. Brenda, Adrian, and Anika are forced to stay at home except during the summer because of Adrian's schooling, which suits Bob just fine. Brenda strongly (and correctly) suspects that Bob has other lovers on his vacations, but she doesn't really want to know for sure.

Suzanne naturally exudes sexuality, and most other women are jealous and see her as a potential threat. As word of her many affairs slowly spread, she is seen as even more of a threat. As a result, most of her female friendships wither and die. The only exception is Susan. Susan has difficulty enough getting Ron to have sex at all, and he's rarely around, plus Susan is too innocent and naïve to worry about Suzanne much. Most importantly, they are already best friends who trust one another. As a result, the two women grow even closer. Eventually, Susan becomes the only other woman Suzanne can truly confide in. Also, Susan is a natural stay-at-home type if left to her own devices, and Suzanne had been her main motivator to go to parties and other social events. So as Suzanne's social life collapses, Susan's does too. Susan still retains some other friends, especially those she knows through her church attendance and events, but thanks to Suzanne's worldly influence on her, she doesn't fit in with that crowd as well as before.

Yahoo has its initial public offering, and Suzanne's earlier investment pays off at almost a hundred to one. Her other inheritance investments had been pretty successful, thought not as fantastic as the Yahoo one. She has more than a million dollars of her own separate property, and quits her part-time job to manage it. This allows her to be financially independent from Eric if they were to ever get a divorce. Her affairs continue.

1996 and After
Alan turns 12 and enters puberty. Ron has been a good father and genuinely loves Alan and Katherine. However, Ron has also discovered that he is particularly attracted to teenage boys, and it disturbs him that he might find himself attracted to Alan, especially since it is becoming increasingly obvious that Alan is becoming handsome. He already is deeply involved in his company's business interests in Asia. So, to prevent himself from even being tempted, he rearranges his career so he can spend all but one or two months of the year overseas. He successfully prevents himself from being attracted to Alan, but the cost is that he almost never sees his own family and his emotional ties to them steadily weaken over time. His long term affair in Japan has ended by this time, and he buys a house in Bangkok, Thailand. It is a convenient regional hub, as his company is growing rapidly in Southeast Asia, but he also lives there because it is very easy for him to have sex with teenage boys. But he is already mindful of AIDS and other sexual diseases, and other dangers of the notorious sex industry in Thailand. He takes precautions, including staying exclusive with just one boy for a couple of years at a time until the boy becomes a mature adult and leaves his age of sexual interest.

1996 and After
Since Suzanne had her falling out with Eric in 1991, she has had a sham of a marriage, and has been happier in the Plummer house than her own. The more Ron spends his time overseas, the more this process accelerates, and she effectively becomes a second parent for Alan and Katherine in all but name only. For several years, Brad, Alan, Amy, and Katherine are practically raised like one set of siblings, and are all close friends, until their interests start to diverge as they grow older. Brad in particular distances himself from the others. Both Alan and Katherine increasingly call Suzanne "Aunt Suzy," and think of her just like a real aunt, or even closer. Amy sees Susan in the same way, so calls her "Aunt Susan," though Brad no longer does so.

1996 to 1997
After happening across an episode of the 1970s Wonder Woman TV show, Christine begins her fascination and identification with Wonder Woman. She sees Wonder Woman as a physically strong and highly intelligent female role model when there are few other female role models, fictional or not, that seem worthy of admiration. She begins to enjoy all the Wonder Woman comics, books, and TV shows she can, and collects related memorabilia. On a subconscious level, she sets her sights on becoming someone like Diana Prince (Wonder Woman's mundane persona).

September 1996
Alan, Amy, Heather, and Simone enter the same middle school. Christine enters a different middle school due to school boundaries. Alan finds himself in the gifted tracks, and gets excellent grades without too much effort. He does not date at all, or even have serious crushes. He has other "nerdy" interests, and is late in developing a big interest in girls. Additionally, with the likes of the voluptuous Susan and Suzanne in his home, the girls at school seem underdeveloped and boring to him.

Alan is a bit slow to develop an interest in sex, but he nonetheless begins masturbating daily. He finds Susan and Suzanne to be extremely arousing, but because one is his mother and the other is his "aunt," he forces himself not to fantasize about them, and mostly succeeds. Still, on a deeper level they represent his ideal of feminine beauty. As a result, he develops a particularly strong big-tit fetish and an attraction to older women.

Heather and Simone are completely sexually inexperienced, but they begin experimenting with each other. Before long, they are their firsts in everything that doesn't involve a real penis. Both soon discover they prefer sex with men, but sex with each other is a very close second. They will keep their sexual relationship a secret from their parents over the next few years, mostly by only having sex in Heather's room when her parents aren't around, which is often. Despite their preference for heterosexual sex, both will have sex with each other much more than sex with all their other partners (male and female) combined. From this time forward, both of them will be more in lust and in love with each other than they're willing to admit, even to themselves. Heather also will never forget that Simone was intimate with her well before she got her boobs and her blonde bombshell looks.

1997 to 1999
Suzanne is a blazing success at aggressively riding the bull market up, and increases her separate property's value to almost three million dollars. Even though Eric does not get along with her, he recognizes her financial acumen, and gives her control over their community investments. Her continued success convinces Ron Plummer to have her manage some of the Plummer's investments too. Suzanne gets a limited power of attorney to do so while avoiding the necessity of registering as a financial manager or broker. Her affairs continue.

September 1997
Katherine starts middle school, a year after Alan does. She is put in the gifted track, because she is smart, but she does not seriously apply herself to school work and regularly only gets middling grades.

Fall 1997
Amy's burgeoning interest in sex leads her to get a number of books on life drawing and anatomy for artists. She starts to use her neighbors, Kat and sometimes Alan, as life models, drawing them from her bedroom window while they are sunning themselves below by their backyard swimming pool, or when she can get them to pose for her. As her technique improves, she puts her best drawings on the walls of her room, where her mother notices and appreciates her increasing skill.

December 1997 and After
Christine has been taking ballet and gymnastics classes for five years, but she is already too tall and busty to continue to do well as either a ballerina or a gymnast. She stops her classes and looks for something similar, where her growing physique will not be too problematic. For her thirteenth birthday she badgers her parents into giving her a training program prepared by a professional physical trainer. Her parents agree to her request for formal martial arts and women's self-defense training, out of concern that her great physical attractiveness (which is already evident) will make her a target for male predators. Christine is already known as a self-driven person, but the intensity with which she pursues her practice and physical conditioning surprises everyone involved, especially since she is already heavily involved in sports at school. On a subconscious level, she pours her idealistic, heroic, and romantic dreams into the objective of becoming a real-life Wonder Woman (though obviously one lacking the magical powers and special equipment). After researching various martial arts, she selects Aikido - often called "the ballet of the martial arts" - for her primary study. For the next year or so, her training occurs in twice-a-week evening and occasional Saturday classes. Taking a cue from Wonder Woman, who kept knowledge of her fighting ability from the people she knew in her mundane life as Diana Prince, Christine decides that she too will separate the two, not telling her classmates of her new skill unless it becomes necessary.

Suzanne has long strongly suspected that Ron is gay. Susan has subtly and not-so-subtly complained about Ron's lack of interest in sex, and Suzanne doesn't see how any man with a wife looking like Susan wouldn't love having sex a lot. After years of describing her own affairs, Suzanne finally manages to get the very prudish Susan to describe details of her sex life. The details she learns reinforces her suspicions that Ron is gay. For instance, Ron frequently has trouble getting an erection, doesn't like to touch Susan's amazing breasts, and only gets intimate with her in total darkness and silence (the very rare times they get intimate at all). Suzanne figures Ron can only get aroused if he can imagine he's with a man instead of Susan. Wanting to help her friend, she uses her detective agency contacts to spy on Ron. But she finds no evidence whatsoever that he's gay. (It so happens that Ron restricts all his homosexual activity to when he's overseas by this time, and that is beyond the reach of Suzanne's investigation.) Suzanne gives up the spying effort, but remains deeply suspicious of Ron.

For seven years, Xania has been living on the fringes of the Hollywood elite lifestyle. She hasn't had to work at all, aside from her occasional acting jobs, and yet she has lived a very expensive lifestyle. She has done this mainly by having rich boyfriends or girlfriends who pay her way, plus going to parties and events where everything is free. She also has avoided excessive drinking or drug use. However, she is feeling increasingly depressed that she is wasting her life trying to "make it" in Hollywood, when she's getting older and her chances are going down each year. Her savings from her time in Malaysia have slowly been dwindling as well. She starts drinking and using drugs more heavily, which quickly wipes out the rest of her savings. Hard up for money, she stars in a porn film entitled "Lesbian Spank Inferno," and does some nude photo shoots as well, including a centerfold pictorial in Penthouse. However, she soon learns that porn doesn't pay nearly as well as she'd thought, and it makes it much more difficult to get regular acting jobs. So she finally gives in and gets a job as a cocktail waitress. She also quits taking drugs and cuts her drinking way down. Her fortunes rebound some when she begins dating another celebrity, and she is able to quit her waitressing job. But with her savings gone, she is forced to return to waitressing from time to time, especially since her acting career, such as it is, is slowly fading.

As Brenda's marriage slowly falls apart, she has sex with Bob less and less, until their sex life together stops completely. Bob isn't too bothered by this, since he is already having affairs. For some time, Brenda had been pretty certain that he'd been cheating on her, but she'd been in denial about it. But with Bob not having any sex with her at all, she finally hires a private investigator and gets proof. Her resulting anger inspires her to get an IUD and have several brief affairs of her own. However, she decides not to reveal her affairs to Bob for various reasons, including the worry that Bob could make hay of it in a future divorce. She also feels guilty and unsatisfied about adulterous sex and stops having affairs after a few months.

Brenda meets Susan and Suzanne at a party. However, they don't really click and just remain at the level of remembering each other's names (mostly because their respective exceptional beauties makes them stand out from the crowd). Since none of the three women are big party goers at this stage in their lives, they only briefly cross paths a couple of more times until late 2002.

Katherine has slowly been falling in romantic love with Alan. It has been a long and gradual process, but by this time her feelings are so strong she has trouble dating boys, and the boys she does date are unable to get very intimate with her. One day this year, Alan discovers Katherine's diary and reads a couple pages of it. She is horrified, because she has detailed her lusty, incestuous dreams in it. However, by chance, the pages he happens to see have no sexual content. Her secret crush remains undiscovered.

Glory's parents, Fred and Svetlana, are divorced. Svetlana can't take Fred's drinking and gambling anymore. Shortly after this, Fred is forced to stop drinking for fear that he will wind up homeless without Svetlana protecting him. However, he is unable to stop his gambling, and so he continues to teeter on the edge of financial ruin. As a result of the divorce, Glory no longer has to financially support her parents. (Svetlana no longer has a financial burden with Fred gone, and Fred is too proud to take Glory's money directly - in the past she'd given money to her mother.) Glory is able to cut back on the number of hours she works, and she is able to finally start to have more of a social life.

1999 and After
Since Brenda's marriage with Bob has effectively fallen apart, and because she gave up on having affairs after trying that for a few months, she turns to Internet pornography for masturbation inspiration. Her interest soon turns to spanking pictures and stories, and from there she becomes fascinated with all sorts of BDSM material. Eventually, she even buys a considerable amount of fetish gear, especially submissive content. But these remain private fantasies only, and she does not let anyone else know of her secret sex life, not even with anonymous others on the Internet. She tries to keep at least a semblance of a marriage together for Adrian's sake, and in the meantime, her submissive fantasies actually leave her more sexually satisfied than when she'd been regularly having sex with Bob.

Summer 1999
Glory gets a job teaching history and social studies at the Orange County high school Alan will later attend. She has almost no money saved, and moves into a simple apartment near the school. Her interest in teaching is partly driven by an interest to experience high school life, since her teen years passed her by with very little fun or social life. She made sure to pick a job near the ocean, and now that she is finally completely freed of her financial burdens, she spends much of her free time surfing and hanging out at the beach. She also gets more serious about dating. She is truly happy for the first time in many years, and loves her teaching job.

Summer 1999
Heather has always been a leader amongst her classmates. However, she feels her appearance is limiting her social climbing. She figures that the summer before going to a new school is an ideal time for a drastic make-over. She dyes her dark brown hair blonde, and grows her hair from shoulder length to a pony-tail going far down her back. She also starts exercising regularly with Simone, and spends a lot of time working on her tan. When school starts in the fall, her friends are barely able to recognize her. Her new "Baywatch babe" look allows her to quickly rise to the top of the school elite at her new high school.

Early September 1999
Alan starts high school. He remains in the gifted track, and continues to get excellent grades. He has a US history class taught by Gloria Rhymer (in her first year of teaching), and he develops his first serious crush on her. He soon develops a "teacher's pet" relationship with her. He makes sure to have a class with her the next two years as well, and his crush steadily deepens. Glory soon realizes he has a crush on her, and is flattered, but considers it a harmless, passing phase for him. She likes him, but only platonically as one of her best and most interesting students, and wouldn't imagine in a million years that she would ever get physically involved with him.

Early September 1999 and After
Christine starts high school in the same school as Alan. Subconsciously, she still longs to become a real-life Wonder Woman, so she chooses her sports accordingly: archery and javelin. Eventually she becomes the champion of all Orange County high schools at both, while excelling in other sports as well. Her breast size is such that she wears a plastron for archery. However, she is in denial and embarrassed on some level about her close indentification with Wonder Woman, so the only public display of identification with her fictional heroine is that she occasionally wears a Wonder Woman T-shirt at school.

Early September 1999 and After
Alan has unwittingly developed a big tit fetish, due to seeing the gorgeous and busty mothers Susan and Suzanne so much. As a result, no girls his own age interest him, until high school starts and he notices a "new" girl in all his honors track classes named Christine. (She and he had attended different middle schools and not met before.) By the end of her freshman year, at age 15, Christine already has a D-cup chest, which makes her seriously endowed compared to other girls her age at school. She also is easily the smartest, most talented, and most overall beautiful girl in class. Not surprisingly, Alan develops a serious crush on her. Although he is initially far too shy to talk to her, they eventually become school friends on account of being intellectual equals. This doesn't lessen his crush on Glory though.

Autumn 1999
Heather Morgan is finding her monthly periods, and the occasional PMS leading up to them, to be a hindrance to both her sex life and her desire to become top dog in her school's social scene. She talks to her mother Helen about it, and learns from her mother that some women skip the placebo week's birth control pills, instead taking only non-placebo active pills every day, which suppresses their periods and all the other unwanted side effects of menstruation. With her mother's help, Heather gets her OB/GYN to prescribe birth-control pills without placebos for both herself and her best friend Simone.

Suzanne's interest in extramarital affairs has largely ended by this time. She still has some affairs, but only because of sexual need, due to her high libido. She is no longer interested in 'the thrill of the chase' and conquest and so forth, and becomes very jaded about sex and relationships. She sees the men she's with as arrogant, macho assholes, and longs for true love. But no one seems worthy - all the "good ones" seem to be taken, and she doesn't want to cheat with married men. As a result, she turns more to "benevolent scheming" to get her kicks. She's always liked to secretly perform good deeds, mostly as a good excuse to scheme and make things happen, but she does this more often. The greater the challenge, the more she likes it. She buys partial ownership in the detective company she's been using so they'll have no option but to help her with her sometimes outlandish schemes.

Christine attends some Aikido martial arts workshops on holiday weekends in the spring and during the summer. As a result of some specialized training, she begins to shift her focus to the more esoteric and spiritual aspects of her arts, learning to quiet her mind during combat, making it possible for her to better sense an opponent's intent, and to respond instantly when they are next momentarily distracted and thus vulnerabile. By the end of the year, she starts to broaden her focus to pick up selected techniques from other martial arts, as well as learning how to teach other young women to defend themselves against predators. She begins to meditate for 20 minutes on most mornings.

2000 to 2001
The bull market ends. Suzanne gets herself, Eric, and Ron into conservative investments with minimal losses. Her separate property is more than three million dollars by now.

2000 to 2001
Up until this point, Alan has been skinny and undersized for his age. (Susan constantly attempts to beef him up, but he seems to burn the calories off effortlessly.) As a result, he is shy, avoids sports (except for the tennis he can play in private with his family), and sticks with the "nerdy" crowd. But he begins a growth spurt that lasts two years, and leaves him as one of the tallest in his class. However, he is still skinny and gangly, and so he remains shy, and especially shy with girls.

Summer 2000
Heather has her father pay for a boob job. She increases her boobs from a B-cup to a C-cup, then goes into hiding for most of the summer so she can claim she had a growth spurt. The increased breast size increases her sex appeal, and she uses that to increase her power and influence at school.

Early September 2000
Katherine starts high school. She continues to stay in the gifted track, and does well on standardized tests, but she keeps performing below her abilities in doing her homework and getting top grades.

Late 2000
Suzanne's affairs have long become boring for her, and she only continues them because she needs an outlet for her high sex drive. Her marriage has been an empty sham for years, Brad and Amy are growing older and rely on her much less, and she has been ostracized by most in the community due to her many affairs. As a result, she is terribly lonely, although she is too proud to admit it even to her best friend Susan. Susan and Susan's children have long been a bright spot in her life, and since she's at the Plummer house nearly every day, she can't help but notice how Alan's mind and body is developing. She begins to have fantasies about him and even masturbates to thoughts about him. However, she is terribly embarrassed about this, since he is still only 16, and she tries her best to fight her attraction to him. She focuses more of her energies on her affairs, hoping to find someone who can take her mind off Alan, but she only finds herself more annoyed at the emotional emptiness of her affairs. Her interest in Alan steadily grows, and her resistance to fantasizing about him weakens. However, outwardly, she shows no sign of this, and she is careful not to flirt with him in any way.

Early September 2000
Katherine starts high school. She continues to stay in the gifted track, and does well on standardized tests, but she keeps performing below her abilities in doing her homework and getting top grades.

Fall 2000 to Late Spring 2002
Amy's artistic skills are growing by leaps and bounds, in part due to the art class that she takes in school each year. Using as an excuse her need to improve her ability to draw both male and female anatomy, she recruits both Alan and Katherine to pose for her on numerous occasions. They are happy to do so, since Amy makes it a fun experience each time, with lots of talking and joking. Although sometimes Amy's sketches of them are related to what she is learning in art class, or are even actual homework assignments, her real main interest is sexual, which she keeps well concealed. She gets to see Alan in tight shorts or Speedos and nothing else, during which she invariably wears a bikini, since she always sketches him near the Plummer backyard pool when Susan isn't home (since Susan wouldn't approve due to her religious conservatism). Between Amy's skimpy bikinis and her playful flirting, Alan's penis is erect nearly all the time, and she happily draws him that way. Katherine is often there with them, or just as Amy's model during solo sketching sessions. Amy requires Katherine to wear a bikini as well, which Amy lends her so that Susan won't be the wiser. Those scantily-clad posing sessions give Alan a rare chance to check out his sister's rapidly maturing body. Throughout their many posing sessions, and during other sexy "incidents" that Amy creates, she hopes to get Alan to realize that she's romantically interested in him. Unfortunately, he doesn't catch on; he continues to view her as simply a member of his extended family. Amy finally gives up on this approach in the late spring of 2002, when the end of another school year also ends her art class excuse. However, these numerous posing sessions have a major impact on Amy, Katherine, and Alan, causing each of them to see the others in a new, more sexual light, as well as strengthening their friendships through all the hours that they hang out and talk together while Amy was sketching. Suzanne also sees many of Amy's sketches, including those of Alan with impressive, anatomically-correct, barely-covered erections, which adds lust to Suzanne's complex feelings about him.

June 2001
During one of Ron's rare visits home, he and the entire Pestridge and Plummer families attend a California Angels baseball game together. During the game, Suzanne sees Ron gaze at a teenage boy in a nearby seat longingly and lustily. This convinces her that her strong suspicion that he's gay is correct after all. She has him investigated again, and again discovers nothing locally. But this time she realizes he's probably having sex in Thailand, and gathers enough circumstantial evidence to satisfy herself that that is true. She considers telling Susan, but by this time her desire for Alan is strong, and she increasingly desires Susan and Katherine too. Rather than break up Susan's marriage, with hard to foresee consequences, she starts plotting to forge intimate relationships with all three Plummers, and only then ease Ron out of the picture. But she is forced to wait, since Alan and Katherine are still too young.

Fall 2001
Glory finds herself increasingly attracted to Alan. She is mostly in denial about this because he is her student, but she begins to have arousing dreams about him. She realizes that he has a big crush on her, but she pretends to be oblivious, keeping her feelings for him a total secret. She is determined not to ever have a sexual relationship with a student, so she doesn't flirt with him at all. However, she allows him to spend more time with her outside of class on a variety of class-related pretexts, such as their mutual love of history. For instance, they go to history museums together several times.

Fall 2001
Glory begins seriously dating a man her age named Garth. Garth is a good match for her in many ways, but there isn't a passionate sexual spark between them. She's never been in a long-term relationship before, and she's partially motivated to get serious with Garth so she'll stop fantasizing about Alan.

Fall 2001
Suzanne has been very protective of Amy and has not let her date boys. This has suited Amy, since her main romantic interest is Alan, yet he only thinks of her in a sisterly way and so she waits for his attitude to change. But a persistent boy named Jack Johnson eventually talks both Suzanne and Amy into letting him take Amy on a date. However, the date goes disastrously. Jack thinks Amy's airhead persona means she'll be an easy lay, and he gets very aggressive with her in the back seat of a car. Luckily, Suzanne's cautiousness pays off. She'd given Amy a beeper to use in case of trouble, and Amy uses it. Suzanne is nearby and rushes to the rescue. In fact, Jack had only managed to get his hands on Amy's bra-clad breasts before Suzanne ripped him out of the car, but rumors of the incident are wildly exaggerated, and it soon becomes "common knowledge" that Amy was raped, or nearly so. Amy's friends become extremely protective of her and keep other boys away, which suits her just fine since the close call with Jack makes her even more attracted to Alan, the only boy she loves and trusts.

December 2001
Christine goes far in the Siemens Competition in Math, Science & Technology national science fair. As one of twenty national finalists, she wins a $10,000 college scholarship. But while this is an academic triumph, it is a local social disaster. Other students are envious or awed and she loses friends. The award cements her "ice queen" reputation as someone who is imposing and even scary. Alan is one of the few who is not scared off, and they grow a bit closer. But even he is too daunted to ask her to do things together outside of school.

Bob and Brenda's marriage has totally fizzled out by this time. Bob has been gone so much that he already has a new life and a new woman elsewhere. This other woman is younger than Brenda, and very beautiful, and Bob intends to make her his next trophy wife. Bob and Brenda mutually agree their marriage is beyond saving, and start divorce proceedings. The only difficulty is a fight over how to split Bob's millions in the divorce settlement. As a result, the divorce will drag on for many months. But Bob is already living in another city, and mostly communicates with Brenda through lawyers. They have been on the outs for so long that they haven't had sex with each other for two years.

Alan's growth spurt slows down, and his body starts to fill out. He is turning into a very handsome and muscular boy, but due to low self-confidence, he doesn't really understand this yet. Girls are increasingly interested in him, but he ignores their flirtations since he has crushes on Glory and Christine, with eyes only for them. His confidence does grow some, though, and he begins to talk to Christine more often, as well as finding every excuse he can to spend more time with Glory.

Eric Pestridge and Ron Plummer continue to save lots of money, thanks to their high-income jobs. Suzanne continues to adroitly manage the investments of both families. By this time, the Plummers are worth about five million dollars, plus a home equity of over a million dollars. The Pestridges are worth nearly ten million dollars, plus a similar home equity. Suzanne also has about three million in separate property stemming from her inheritance that she would not need to share in a divorce.

Spring 2002
Suzanne has the last of her affairs. This is because she is focusing her sexual interest on Alan, and also Susan and Katherine. For a woman with such a high sex drive, to go completely without is very tough (although masturbation helps). However, she plays it cool, and doesn't show any outward sexual interest in Alan, much less the other two.

June 13, 2002
Brenda's divorce settlement goes through. Now, she and Bob only have to wait a mandatory six-month period before the divorce is completely finalized.

Summer 2002
Heather has had two boob jobs, increasing her breast size from an A-cup to a C-cup. In recent months, her breasts have had a natural growth spurt. This leads her to go to her plastic surgeon yet again, for an adjustment as well as a size boost. She ends up with an E-cup size, making sure they're a bit larger than her best friend Simone's natural D-cups. This annoys Simone greatly, since she knows Heather will constantly gloat about her larger size. Simone gets her own breast implants, ending up with E-cups of her own that are slightly larger than Heather's. However, Simone's breasts still look and feel natural, while Heather's don't. Heather is tempted to one up her friend again, but decides that if her breasts got any larger they would look too artificial.

August 2002
Even though Brenda's divorce settlement is still dragging through the courts, she has mentally moved on and so she resolves to start dating again. She starts to go to more social functions (where she sees Susan and Suzanne once again), but has yet to go on any actual dates. On a subconscious level, she is looking for someone dominant to fulfill her submissive fantasies, but she has no idea how to find anyone like that, since she keeps those fantasies so closely guarded. The prospective suitors she is introduced to seem "nice" and "normal," and she doesn't want that.

Early August 2002
Katherine and Amy turn 17. Amy is entering her senior year, as is Alan, but Katherine will only be a junior because she started kindergarten a year behind the others.

Late August 2002
Xania's acting career has been slowing going downhill. Now that she is nearing 40 years old, she's not even being invited to the A-list parties anymore. Her long-time party friends have mostly married and moved on to other things. But her continued inability to form long-lasting relationships means she can't settle into married life. She realizes that she's become more of a cocktail waitress than an actress, which greatly depresses her. That job barely pays her bills, and her savings are gone. She feels like she has let her beauty squander her considerable intelligence, especially since her brother and sister both have "respectable," high-paying jobs and are married with children. As a result, she decides it's time to finally "get serious" and find a "real job." She enrolls in classes to become a dental hygienist. She has no real interest in doing this, but she figures it's better than waitressing.

August 24, 2002
Alan turns 18. Now that he is a legal adult, Suzanne is tempted to begin her seduction of him. However, she still has big qualms about his young age. She decides to wait until he's graduated from high school as well, just to be on the safe side, especially since she ultimately wants Susan's approval.

Early September 2002
Alan begins his senior year in high school. Suzanne had planned to wait until he graduates before beginning her seduction scheme, but she's very sad and lonely (although she still doesn't show any outward signs of it), not to mention extremely horny. She decides that Alan's starting his senior year is good enough and she kicks her scheme into motion. Since Alan is now an adult, Suzanne convinces Susan to change his doctor from his childhood pediatrician to a new primary care practitioner that she recommends. The new doctor is Dr. Fredrickson, who has been co-opted by Suzanne into assisting with her scheme due to his susceptibility to her feminine wiles. Alan's medical records and last blood-test results are sent to the new doctor's practice.

Early September 2002
Heather Morgan becomes captain of the varsity cheerleading squad, beating her arch-rival Donna Giovanni for the leadership role because Donna's friends on the previous year's squad were two seniors who graduated, leaving just Heather and Donna, together with two other now-senior cheerleaders named Janice and Joy who are not particularly fond of either Donna or Heather. Heather secures Janice's and Joy's votes in advance, then convinces the coach that it would be better to go with the votes of the girls still on the squad. Donna resigns from the squad in frustration, leaving Heather in undisputed control of the other girls since there is next to no teacher supervision.

Amy joins the varsity squad, since she's a busty senior who likes to dance. Amy's best friend Katherine, who is a very tall junior, joins it also, as does a younger, shorter 'out' lesbian named Kim.

Early September 2002
Upon taking over the cheerleading squad, Heather immediately tells each of the other girls on the squad that she doesn't want their practice or performances on the field to be marred by menstrual accidents, cramps, bitchy PMS or anything else. She tells the girls that it's possible to safely suppress menstruation, and that as long as they are on the squad they are to use birth control pills continuously, replacing the placebo week of pills with more active ones. She relates how she and Simone simply got an extra prescription by telling their doctor that their sports required 'no periods', and recommends that the other girls do the same. On her advice, the girls go to the county health department or the local Planned Parenthood clinic to get tested and then get an appropriate formulation of pills that will work for their bodies, all without their parents being the wiser. She emphasizes that they have to request a prescription that will provide the extra non-placebo pills needed for continuous daily use.

When Amy and Katherine learn of this approach, they talk privately to Suzanne to get her opinion. Suzanne tells them that the method works and is safe, and that Suzanne herself has used it for years to avoid her menses (even though she had her tubes tied shortly after Amy was born). She offers to work with the OB/GYN that she and Amy see to get the needed prescriptions for both girls, without letting Katherine's religiously-conservative, moralistic mother Susan know what her daughter is doing. Suzanne says that she will pay for both girls' pills. She cautions them that the pill must be taken at the same time each day to be most effective, and suggests taking it just before brushing their teeth every morning.

Two weeks after Heather's demand, during a cheerleader practice, it becomes clear that all the cheerleaders were able to follow through on her requirement. Heather is very pleased with the result and starts to slowly implement her plans to corrupt the entire squad for her enjoyment.

Early September 2002
Through her training and effort, Christine's physical conditioning and endurance has reached an impressive peak of physical ability. The discipline, focus, time management, and sheer hard work required to achieve all this has become second nature to her. She addresses most endeavors with the same energy and focus, limited only by her available time. She spends little to no time on what she considers "frivolous" activities, such as watching TV, playing video games, reading magazines for teenage girls, shopping, and so on, and has little social life of any kind away from school or the dojo. She avoids going to parties for the same reason, but also to eliminate the possibility of someone putting a date-rape drug in her drink. Aside from her 20-minute morning meditation, if her time isn't spent on academics, martial arts, or sports, she usually considers it time wasted. Her intensity, drive and perfectionist nature generally scare away others her age, so she has no real friends.

September 16, 2002
Alan has his first appointment with Dr. Fredrickson and his nurse, Akami Fubuki. Suzanne's six-times-a-day scheme begins.

NOTE: Thanks to WD40 for his role in assembling this backstory, especially in getting it started in the first place; to ProxyAccount for the wiki that stimulated me to recover, organize and expand this information; and to for making it a web page and using this 'history' to enforce consistency in 6TD Proper.

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