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6TD-aDifferentPath Part 000
6TD: A Different Path
  An e-novel by Silent Assassin

Timeframe: The days immediately after the end of 6TD Proper.

This is a Fanfic spinoff of the epic e-novel Six Times a Day (6TD) by Spacer X. The events described here, by a first-time fiction author, fork 6TD Proper, taking A Different Path from any potential spinoffs by Spacer X as well as from other similar Fanfic based on the illustrated original e-novel. Enjoy!

Codes: The following codes are for the story as a whole:
        MF Mf FF ff Ff M F f m mF mult cons rom reluc bi humor inc mother son bro sis dau
        group harem poly 1st oral anal toys lac exhib voy size doct BBr slow

Book  1: Introduction; 1 – 5 December 2002 (Days 6TD+1 to 6TD+5)

  • Part  0: Introduction (start here): The genesis and goals of this story.
  • Part  1: Knocking On Heaven's Door: One of Alan's lovers has a very close life-or-death experience not long after making a life-changing decision. The experience pulls Alan and his Harem closer together as a family as Alan steps further into his role as their master. A nurse takes notice of Alan and his slaves.
  • Part  2: Kiss Me Deadly: Alan and Christine return to school and are met with a bevy of rumors. Glory continues to recover from her injuries while the rest of Alan's harem continue to work together to make sure that she gets even closer to them than she had planned.
  • Part  3: Naughty Girls (Need Love Too): Alan meets his busty substitute teacher, who quickly decides to learn all she can about him. Heather makes a very unexpected announcement that causes Alan to end her punishment, though not in the way she had hoped for.
  • Part  4: We Will Rock You: As Glory continues to recover from her accident, Alan has some very special quality time alone with Amy and Christine. Later Christine and Heather meet to agree on a way to handle the fight rumors. After getting back to the hospital, Alan asserts his position as master to reduce the tension in his harem.
  • Part  5: Never Tear Us Apart: Glory and Suzanne have a tag team effort of sorts that causes sparks to fly. Shortly afterward, while allowing the others to listen in, Alan makes a call to Heather to set up the time for him and Amy to meet her. Suzanne and Glory make a bet on Alan seducing Judy. Amy finds her own unique way to get in on the bet.
  • Part  6: Bad Medicine: Heather meets with Alan and Amy, with Simone tagging along. Amy sets down rules for Heather to adhere to if she wants to gain the trust of Alan's other women. Judy gets her first "hands on" experience with Alan Jr.
  • Part  7: Sweet Child o' Mine: The second day after the fight begins with Alan making a proposition to Glory before heading off to school. Once at school, Alan is met with a multitude of girls willing to walk in the school with him to show their support. Mark makes another attempt to get under Alan's skin and partially succeeds.
  • Part  8: Eye of the Tiger: Susan and Brenda go on a girl's day out to get the kids their cell phones. Judy has a run in with a stranger that Alan already knows. Some sexy fun begins with Judy and the others as soon as she goes to work. Sheila makes a pivotal move in her attempt to seduce Alan and begins the process of bringing in help to ensure that she gets what she wants.