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6TD: A Different Path – Part 4
We Will Rock You
Day +2: Monday, December 2

Timeframe: The days immediately after the end of 6TD Proper.

Story codes TBD

Written by Silent Assassin

Copyright © 2015 Silent Assassin; All Rights Reserved.

This is a Fanfic spinoff of the epic e-novel Six Times a Day by Spacer X.


Nurse Judy went straight to Glory's room as soon as she started her shift. She could hear that Glory was awake and talking to Suzanne since the door was partway open, so she stopped outside to listen.

"Suzanne, I can't thank you enough for coming to my house the other day and talking some sense into me," Glory said.

"What do you mean?" Suzanne asked.

"It was tearing me apart being away from Alan. But breaking up with him was the only way I could see my way out, because I was SO afraid of getting hurt. I watched my parent's marriage fall apart over the years, and it was awful. That, along with my other failed attempts to find true love, made me afraid to really trust anyone." Glory waited, trying to read the expressions on Suzanne's face before continuing. "Then Alan came along, swept me off my feet, and showed me a love that I could never have imagined possible. It scared me so much that I panicked."

Suzanne stood up and walked to beside the bed. She reached down and put her hand on Glory's thigh. "Glory, I've watched Sweetie lust after you and love you for SO long that I couldn't just sit back and watch you make a choice that would have adversely affected his life like that. You don't have to thank me. Besides, it was an easy sale. You were already so in love with him that I didn't have to do too much convincing. I just hope that you're ready for when our master asks you and me to suck him off together."

When Judy heard that, she dropped the tablet that she always carried around with her, causing a loud noise. She was in a total state of shock and lust. Suck him off together?! Oh... my... Gaaawwwd! It makes me so damn horny, just thinking about it!

Glory and Suzanne heard Judy's tablet hit the floor. Suzanne jumped up and rushed to the door to see what had happened.

Suzanne was shocked when she opened the door and saw Judy standing there, but she tried not to show it. "Hi again, Judy. I hope our little conversation didn't shock you too much."

Judy and Glory didn't realize that Suzanne had already learned a lot about Judy the night before, after seeing her for the first time. After some small talk with Judy, she realized that one of Suzanne's friends was friends with Judy's mother, so she called her friend to learn all she could about Judy. Suzanne was mainly interested in whether Judy could be trusted after learning about Alan's relationships with his women, and also about Judy's former relationships with men.

Her friend had informed her that Judy was completely harmless in every way. Unless you happened to be a young, hot, busty babe, that is. Then she might "attack" you for sex. But Judy had always made a point in keeping secrets because she had always hidden from her family that her primary interests were lesbian.

Suzanne had also learned that Judy was always "in between" boyfriends. Judy had always used the excuse that she couldn't find a decent guy with a sex drive to match hers, but her closest friends knew that it was also because she leaned more towards girls than guys."

Embarrassed, Judy replied, "No, ma'am. Sorry about that. I just couldn't help myself. That had to be one of the hottest conversations that I've ever overheard, and I didn't even hear all of it."

Glory knew that she was going to be put in embarrassing situations like that from that point on, so she answered, "It's okay, Judy. You can come in. If it bothers you, we can wait until you leave to finish talking."

Seeing that as a possible opening to learn more about these women and their remarkable lifestyles, Judy entered the room fully, making sure to shut the door behind her. She replied, "No ma'am. It's fine. Don't let me stop you. In fact, I kinda like it; it makes me kind of envious."

After an awkward pause, Suzanne said, "We're sorry for making you feel that way. I can only imagine how uncomfortable it is for you. It's just that we both love our man so much and the sex is SO great that we can't help but have little daydreams here and there. I mean, when someone you love can have sex with you that's so great that it gives you a whole body orgasm, it just blows your mind."

Suzanne thought, I think I'm going to see how far I can push her. We might be able to use her to get a little privacy with Sweetie while Glory's in this place. Plus, she's quite a hottie. That opens up lots of possibilities. She's definitely Alan-worthy, not to mention Suzanne-worthy! She snickered to herself.

So Suzanne continued brazenly, "I hate to imagine what you were thinking, hearing us talk about both of us sucking our master's erection at the same time and all."

Judy was embarrassed, but not shy. "Well, to be honest, yes. I mean It's not everyday one hears two awesome-looking ladies like yourselves talk about sharing the same guy. It's none of my business but, may I ask a question?"

"I don't see why not," Suzanne answered.

'It's just that I'm pretty sure I've heard you both call him 'Master'?"

Glory and Suzanne looked at each other as if trying to see how to handle that, as well as which one was going to answer. Finally, Glory spoke up and said, "Yes. We call him 'Master'. It's a long story." She blushed, since she was still getting used to having a master.

"Well, what about the black collars that Ms. Rhymer and the other girls are wearing?"

Suzanne said, trying to act sad. "Oh, those things? I lost a very close friend recently and I started wearing one in memory of her. Another mutual friend saw it and wanted to wear one for the same reason. Then it kinda took off from there. Now, all of us who knew her and loved her wear one in her memory to show that we're in mourning."

"Oh... okay. I thought... I mean... Well it's just that they look like slave collars, like one sees in porn films. Since I'd heard the two of you call him your master, I thought..."

Suzanne forced a hearty laugh and said, "Slave collars? Really? Do you think that I'd let anyone put that kind of thing around my neck?"

Judy was very skeptical of Suzanne's answer given the "master" talk she'd overheard, but she didn't want to accuse Suzanne of being a liar. Therefore she shook her head 'No.'

Suzanne could she that she wanted to say something else. "Is there something else you wanted to ask?"

"Yes, ma'am. Mmmm, well I notice that you don't have a collar on. Why's that?"

Glory answered that one, explaining how Suzanne had let her borrow her collar since Glory's own collar had been cut off by the paramedics.

Suzanne appeared resolute and unaffected. Trying to change the subject, due to being reminded of the discomfort of not wearing her own collar, Suzanne asked, "Does that bother you that we have a master?"

Judy was embarrassed in her own way. "Well... no. I've just never met anyone who called someone their master, and yet here you two are, not just calling someone 'master' but calling the SAME someone master! I've watched porn and read erotic novels based on harems and all, but I always thought that was just fantasy or ancient mid-East history. Never in my WILDEST imagination did I think I'd meet someone in this country like that."

Suzanne smirked, "Well, now you have. Welcome to our daily life!"

"Wow! Just wow! Jealous doesn't begin to describe how I'm feeling. I have so many questions. Have you two actually done what I heard you talking about to him at the same time?"

Glory found it hard to talk, since she was much more embarrassed than Suzanne by the whole subject, especially now that she was certain that Judy had heard their talk of a double blowjob. Nevertheless, she bravely answered, "No. Not yet. But Suzanne is right; it's bound to happen eventually. When we're with him, we often find ourselves in situations that other people normally wouldn't be in."

Suzanne boldly added, "Unlike Glory here, I actually have given him a double blowjob with someone else. In fact, it happens rather often!"

Even more curious, Judy asked, "Someone else? You mean there are others?!"

Glory and Suzanne both laughed before Glory answered, "Yes, there are others. Several, in fact."

"And you're okay with that?"

Glory shyly admitted, "Well, I admit it took me a little bit, but yes... I'm okay with it now. We're actually kind of like one big family."

Suzanne could see the shocked yet lusty look in Judy's eyes, so she extended a hand towards Judy and said, "Let's start over. First, I guess I should introduce myself. I'm Suzanne Pestridge. You can call me Suzanne, and you already know Gloria Rhymer here."

Judy smiled and shook Suzanne's hand. "Hi Suzanne. I'm Judy Vincent."

Suzanne replied, "Nice to meet you, Judy. Well, you already know about our man and some of our shocking sex life, so there's no point in being shy with each other. Why don't you have a seat and tell us all about yourself?"

"Well there's not much to tell, actually."

"Oh nonsense, Judy. Come on. You've overheard some of our juicy conversation. Spill the beans already. Have you got a good man in your life, so you can give us some steamy stories?"

"No, ma'am. I'm not so lucky. I can't seem to find anyone willing to put in the effort."

That piqued Suzanne's curiosity, so she spoke up. "Judy, what do you mean? I'll bet, with your looks, you have guys throwing themselves at your feet!"

"Well to be honest... sure, I have guys following me around, but they're all just kind of... well... dull. I was already rather unhappy with my sex partners, but after hearing the two of you talk, I'm REALLY aware of what I've been missing. If I can be frank, hearing the two of you gets me so damn horny I can't stand it! I probably shouldn't say this, but after hearing some of your conversations... I may have to turn to a girlfriend of mine to get some needed satisfaction. In fact, I think I'm going to give her a call right after my shift tonight! Honestly speaking... I've always enjoyed my girlfriends more than most guys."

That caused Glory to blush even more.

But Suzanne had a sneaky little grin, like 'The Grinch that stole Christmas'. A-ha! My friend was right! She IS bisexual! Bingo! That makes things veerrrrry interesting!

Suzanne shrugged her shoulders and said, "Hey, a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do! But seriously, that's one of the reasons we love our master so much!"

Judy scratched her head for a moment like she was thinking of the proper thing to say. "Well I must say, judging by the looks of you two... I'm not sure who's the luckier: him for having you two, or you two for having someone as loving as you say he is. Because if that's the case and he really is like that, that in itself is almost a miracle."

The three ladies shared a nice laugh.

Glory spoke proudly, "We're pretty lucky. And he's even luckier!"

Suzanne pried a little more. "So Judy, have you ever been able to find someone that you were serious about? Any kids?"

Judy answered, "Kids... no. I know it sounds selfish, but I don't really plan on having any. As far as someone serious goes... yes. There've been a couple of times that I've let myself get pretty serious about someone, but it always ended in heartache for one reason or another. Can you believe one guy actually broke up with me because he said my sex drive was too strong for him to deal with?"

Suzanne thought, This is getting better and better! She could be quite a hot little fuck. Definitely Alan-worthy! She told the nurse, "Oh honey. It's a good thing that it was you instead of me. My sex drive is so high that Alan has been the only person to ever keep up with it." Then she winked at Glory before finishing, "When he's too busy, there are always other lovers of his that I can enjoy."

That set Glory's body on fire. Oh, why doesn't she just go ahead and do it to me already?! I can see it now: the two of us lying on my bed completely naked. Our arms wrapped around each other. Our breasts pressed firmly against the other's. French kissing! Maybe even her hand on my ass... No, make that definitely with her hand grabbing my ass! Dear Lord, I wonder what it would feel like to have Suzanne going down on me! Oooooh, or maybe even Alan going down on Suzanne while she's going down on me!

Judy's eyes went wide in disbelief. She was highly aroused to hear that Suzanne was apparently bisexual as well. "You mean you two... you all... are lovers as well?"

Glory was still so lost in her daydream that she didn't pay attention to Judy's question, or immediately catch on when Suzanne said, "But of course!"

Glory had no time to prepare herself when Suzanne leaned in after that and started kissing her. All Glory could do was open her mouth and let Suzanne do what she wanted.

Glory had never had an orgasm from kissing another woman, but already being lost in her horny fantasy about a threesome between her, Suzanne and Alan, she felt her body start to tighten up and knew that she was about to climax. All she could do was grab onto the bed rails and pray that no one noticed. She was fairly certain that Suzanne would, and she could live with that, but she wasn't comfortable with Judy realizing that she'd just orgasmed.

Luckily, Suzanne could sense what was happening, so she kept on passionately kissing Glory. The way their lips were locked together muffled the noises that Glory made.

Judy almost fell out of the chair she was sitting in when she saw Suzanne and Glory kissing like that. You've GOT to be kidding me! Alan is the master to both of these hot numbers? How lucky can one little bastard be?! I wish either one of them would let me have my turn next! I'd love to stay in here with these two, but if I don't get back out on the floor soon, it'll be my ass.

When the kiss finally ended, Suzanne winked at Glory again, reassuring her that she knew that Glory had just climaxed, and to imply that she didn't think that Judy had caught on.

Glory was somewhat relieved by that, but thought, Oh my! Did that really just happen? It couldn't have! I am NOT a lesbian. Suzannesbian, maybe. Damn, it felt SOOOOO good! I can't understand why I'm so attracted to her. Is it solely because of our mutual bond to Alan? That has to be it! But she's just so sultry and sexy! I can already tell when the day comes that we are involved in a threesome... I'm going to be a blithering idiot. Between the pleasure of feeling Suzanne's body against mine and our master tending to both of our needs... Girl, you'd better stop thinking about that or you're likely to have another climax without anyone even touching you!

Suzanne was a little more composed, even though she felt like she was on Cloud Nine just knowing that Glory had climaxed while they were kissing. She didn't know what Glory had been daydreaming about, and didn't care at that point. She says she isn't into other women. Damn, she sure could have fooled me. One of these days, I'm REALLY going to have to thank Sweetie for bringing her into all of this. It makes me miss the good ol' days with Xania and me.

Judy had noticed that something had happened to Glory while the two of them had been kissing, but thanks to Suzanne's quick thinking she wasn't sure what it was. Maybe Glory had moved a certain way that had caused her some pain.

Judy asked, "Ms. Rhymer, are you okay? I saw you tense up when she was kissing you. Were you hurting? Or was it just that I was in the room?"

Not wanting to admit to Judy anything about her orgasm, a still-blushing Glory just answered, "It hurt a little bit. I was in la-la land and when Suzanne started kissing me, she startled me and I guess I jerked the wrong way. But I'm okay now."

"Oh, okay. I wanted to make sure that I didn't need to see about increasing your medication or something. I can't believe the two of you kissed like that in front of me. That was so damn HOT! I think I've only been kissed like that once or twice my entire life. I don't know which one of you I am more jealous of."

Glory blushed from embarrassment, but Suzanne said to Judy, "I think you should be jealous of her. Glory is a fantastic kisser and has a great body. She's very athletic and keeps her body in shape by surfing."

With Glory lying on top of the sheets, Judy slowly ran her eyes up and down Glory's body. The hospital gown that Glory was wearing was made of really thin cotton that only covered her front and sides. The soft fabric being blown by the air conditioning kept her nipples constantly erect. The gown was mostly open in back except for where it was tied. It didn't do much for concealing her fabulous body.

Judy finally responded to Suzanne by saying, "I can tell. Unfortunately, that's what also caused her to end up in here."

Looking at the time, she continued, "Well, Ms. Rhymer, I better go check on my other patients. They don't have someone as nice as your friend here to make sure they're alright. I'll be back around later though.

"Judy, please call me 'Gloria', or 'Glory'. 'Ms. Rhymer' makes me feel so damn old."

Smiling, Judy said, "Absolutely, Glory. I'll be back later."


Alan made sure to find Katherine before going to meet Amy and Christine. He found his sister walking down the hall at school, heading towards the side parking lot where Susan normally picked them up. Not wanting to waste too much time, he told her that he was meeting the other two and was going to do whatever was needed to make up for missing their date the night before. He told Katherine that he would use Glory's phone to call home when he and Amy were ready.

Katherine was upset by knowing that she would be missing out, but she agreed. So once they said their good-byes, Alan continued back to the theater room to wait for Amy and Christine, only to find them already there. He could already see the excitement on their faces, since they'd been trying to figure out why he had chosen that particular spot to meet.

"Hello to you two lovely ladies!"

Amy and Christine were embarrassed at hearing that said out loud, but their feelings quickly shifted to curiosity. Christine's nostrils flared and Alan could tell she was sniffing the air.

Seeing what Christine was doing, Amy said, "Yep C, I smell it too! You know what that is, don't you?"

Confused, Christine replied, "I'm not completely sure. It kind of smells familiar and it also kind of turns me on. I smelled it earlier on him when I caught up with him after fifth period." Looking at Alan, she asked, "Are you wearing some new cologne?"

Alan and Amy both laughed.

Amy answered for him, "I guess you could call it that, but a very special kind. He's wearing Eau de Sex! I smell it on him, like, ALL the time. It seems like someone here has just been poking around in someone's warm twat!" She was amused, not annoyed.

"WHAT?! Alan, is that true?" Christine was furious and hurt to hear that.

"I'm not going to lie to you, Christine. Yes, it's true."

"How could you?! I should just walk away right now," Christine complained. Damn it, I can't believe he would do that. And yet it's also really arousing! Gaawwwd, he's such a damn stud, having sex right here at school! And that's even with Ms. Rhymer gone. I wonder if he'll tell me who it was. I just hope it wasn't Heather, but it probably was. Fuck!

Oh God, what if he expects to fuck me one day during school?! I couldn't ever do that, but how could I refuse, once we start fucking elsewhere? I can't let some little bimbo give him something that I won't. And I ESPECIALLY won't let Heather out-do me! Like Amy said, we have to out-slut her!

"Come on ladies, shall we step inside?" Alan took out the key to open the door. He knew that they should be completely safe with all of the students gone. The other people still left in the building would probably be a few teachers plus the janitor.

Amy and Christine both were shocked that Alan had the key. Amy asked, "Beau, where did you get that?"

"I really can't say, Aims. Just trust me, okay?"

"Well duh, O.B.! Of course I trust you. This wouldn't actually be where you recently finished boning some busty young babe, would it?"

"Mmmm, yeah," he said, dropping his head. "Actually, it is. This is sort of my den of iniquity."

"Too coolio! Come on C, let's wreck this joint. Maybe he'll fuck us in here today too!" Amy said, pulling Christine inside.

"Aaaiiiiiimyyyy!" This time it was Christine's turn to be embarrassed. She knew that Amy was just teasing her about getting fucked. At least, she hoped that Amy was just teasing her.

Once they were inside, Amy wasted no time in starting to take off her clothes.

Alan said, "Whoa there, Aims. Hold your horses for a minute. I never said we were going to do anything in here. Besides, we have important things to get out of the way."

"Yep! Clothes things," Amy said with a happy grin as she returned to stripping.

He grinned at that, but said, "Amy, seriously. Please wait a minute. We really do need to talk about a few things first. First off, I can't ever tell either of you where I got this key, so there's no need to ask again, ever. Is that understood?"

The two sexy teens nodded.

"Yes, this is where I go to have sex during lunch, quite a lot in fact. I hope we can fool around a lot in here from now on, but in order for that to happen, it has to remain a complete secret. So nobody can say anything about what happens here, or even mention this place, period. Agreed?"

They nodded again.

"Good. The third thing is, Christine, I need you to talk to Heather sometime today."

Seeing that Alan was looking only at Christine at the moment, Amy resumed removing her clothes. She was naked in a flash.

Christine was too preoccupied to notice at first. She spoke to Alan with narrow, angry eyes. "No way! That stupid-ass bitch thinks that she can get away with making out with my boyfriend and then claim to be his slut in front of everyone!"

He spoke calmly. "I know how you feel about her, Christine, but I need you and her to put together a story that you can both agree on, about the fight on Friday. We ALL know that you're the true hero, but she did help at the end, even if it wasn't necessary. Besides, remember what Simone told us at lunch, before all hell broke loose? We have to get our stories straight to defeat the version of the fight the football players are putting out there, which will lead to me getting attacked again. Don't you agree that's important?"

"Well, yeah..." She finally happened to glance at Amy, who was standing a few feet to the side. "Hey! You're naked!"

Alan looked too and then sighed theatrically. "Sorry about that. Once you get her in private, trying to keep clothes on her is like trying to balance a car on the top of a flagpole. I suppose it might be possible, in theory, but it's very, very difficult."

Christine remembered that she was still wearing her jeans and pink shirt. She unbuttoned her jeans and slid them off, leaving her standing there in her shirt and panties. She then thought back to her private encounters with Amy over the past couple of days. She said with chagrin, "I've noticed."

Amy walked to Alan and gave him a hug. "Hey, what can I say? This is nature's way. Especially if we've got the bodies for it, why keep all covered up?"

Alan tried to keep the fight-related conversation going, despite enjoying the sight and feel of Amy's naked body. He told Christine as he idly fondled Amy's ass, "Anyways, you've got your Goody-Goody network. Heather's got her Blondies. If both groups put out the same story, it'll drown out the football player version for sure. Let Heather toot her own horn a bit. That's harmless. Just so the story gets out that we didn't luck into victory, and that it was mostly your fighting skill that stopped it."

Christine growled, "But she's going to want to take ALL the credit!" She was trying to ignore the way Alan was groping Amy's ass cheeks, but it wasn't easy, since Amy was purring erotically.

He said, "Of course she will. But she can't. Politics is the art of compromise. Besides, it might be best if all of the credit didn't go to you. We want the other students to know that you're bad ass, but not TOTALLY bad ass."

Christine grinned at that.

He asked, "Isn't it true that your best weapon is others not knowing what you're capable of?"

Christine pouted, "Well yes, but that's beside the point. She'll never agree to anything I say."

He resolutely maintained eye contact with Christine, even though Amy had started kissing all over his face, as well as running her hands under his T-shirt. "I've already talked to her and told her that I was going to talk to you. If you put aside your feelings about her for a moment, you'll see that I'm right. She understands that I want it to be emphasized that you and I put up a very good fight and the football players didn't just get lucky. So that gives you the upper hand. She gave me her word that she would try. Please do it for me?"

"Okay, I'll do it." Christine grimaced. "But dammit, you're going to owe me BIG time."

Alan smiled. "Thank you. I already owe you big time. I'll make it up to you somehow." Then, looking at Amy, with her naked body wrapped around him, he said, "Aims, you and I are going to meet with her later today too. I told her that I want her, you and me to discuss what actually happened today and see where we go from here."

Amy easily replied, "M'kay!"

Christine heard something. She asked suspiciously, "Um, is that the sound of a zipper unzipping?" She couldn't see Alan's crotch because Amy's nude body was in the way, but she could guess what Amy was starting to do.

Amy said happily, "Yep! Guilty again! You can't expect me to be this close to my O.B.'s thingy and not stroke it, can you? At least not when we're in private. It's kinda totally habit-forming."

Christine smacked her forehead in frustration.

He looked at Christine sheepishly. "Sorry. Technically, I'm supposed to be in total control of Amy. But in practice it's kind of the other way around sometimes."

Christine couldn't help but grin at that. "Why am I not surprised?" She knew that Amy had started jacking him off. She couldn't see his erection directly, with Amy's body in the way, but she could see the motions of one of Amy's arms. She was surprised that she didn't feel annoyed. She realized that her arousal level was soaring.

Amy looked up at Alan's face and asked, "Are we done talking about serious stuff yet?'Cos there's a lot of cock that needs stroking, and sucking, and titfucking, and all around lovin'! And I feel selfish if I'm doing it all by myself." She turned her head to Christine and smiled invitingly.

He muttered, "Um, almost."

But before he could resume with his next point, Amy asked, "By the way, Beau, was it Heather that you were nailing in here earlier? I bet you had her suck your cock real good, didn't you? Not that I can blame her, mind you. I think about doing that, like, totally all the time!"

He replied, "Clever girl. Yes, it was Heather. And yeah, she sucked me some, but mostly it was just a lot of fucking." He gave her a fairly accurate description of how things had played out with Heather because he knew it would only add to Amy's level of arousal. Even though he was speaking to Amy, he was mainly concerned at how Christine would take that news. He intentionally left out the part about binding Heather's hands, since he assumed correctly that Christine wasn't ready for that yet.

Christine balled her hands into fists and clenched her teeth. HEATHER! I knew it! She's such a slut! She'll drop to her knees to suck his cock anytime, anywhere, I'm sure! Somehow, she even got to him between lunch and now. How can Amy and I "out-slut" her? Crap! I'm going to be constantly bobbing on Alan's boner just to keep up, especially since I'm not ready to get fucked yet!

With a start, she searched her feelings and realized she didn't exactly mind being "forced" to do that. In fact, she was eager to start bobbing right away.

Amy shrugged at Alan. "Whatever. There is no such thing with you as 'just a lot of fucking'. You absolutely make it mind-blowing, every time. If you fucked her like I know you can, I'll bet she can't even remember her way home as we speak." She giggled.

Christine was still fuming. When is he going to fuck me? I want it so bad that I can't stand it! All I hear is how fucking great it is. Dammit, I want to find out for myself. But at the same time, I know I'm not ready for it yet. I'm not even close. I want it and don't want it really badly, both at the exact same time. That sucks! And why am I salivating so much when I'm angry? I wish we'd hurry things up here. I'm tempted to just start stripping like Amy did. Gaawwwd, I can't wait to get my hands and mouth on his big dick!

He said to both girls, "The fourth thing is our date. I want it to be really special, to show you both how sorry I am for having to ditch on our last one. We've already agreed to Friday, but what time and where?"

Amy and Christine shared a look. Clearly, they wanted to do some talking on their own.

Amy finally pulled away from Alan. In so doing, she visually exposed the fact that her hand was wrapped around his erection. She looked at it and said, "Alan Junior, be a good boy and stay stiff! I'll be back soon, and with reinforcements!" She giggled, and then walked to Christine.

Christine asked her, "'Alan Junior?'"

Amy just giggled some more, since that didn't need much explanation. But she did say, "Don't worry, it's cool if you call it that too."

The girls turned to each other and began discussing their options quietly so Alan wouldn't hear. Christine found it odd that she was fully dressed and Amy was completely naked, but she was determined not to be weirded out by whatever happened.

Finally, Amy looked back to Alan and spoke up. "Oh, it's going to cost you. We want to go to that five-star Thai restaurant; you know the one, the really fancy one. Your treat, of course. Maybe a movie after that. A chick flick! We get to pick, and you get to suffer with all kinds of sensitive, girly, talking stuff." She winked at him. "Then maybe somewhere nice and quiet for some good ol' loving, and plenty of slurpy cocksucking and squeezy titfucking!"

Christine hadn't discussed that last point with Amy, but she tried to ignore it, and added, "Yeah! And we want some flowers too. The full nine yards! Dress up to the max! I want it to be the most romantic night of my life, now that we don't have to pretend they're practice dates anymore."

Alan thought, Well, that's easy enough. I love that she doesn't seem to mind that the date is going to be with her AND Amy. "Sounds good. Let's say that Amy and I pick you up around six, Christine? That way we can get an early start and make a long night of it."

"Six will be fine. I was supposed to have Aikido practice, but I'll skip it. If you don't take me on this date soon, I'm going to help the football players hurt you!"

He nodded. "It's settled then. Six it is. Now for the final objective: let's get naked!"

Amy playfully shook her bare ass. "I beat you both! You snooze, you lose!" She giggled.

Alan removed his clothes quickly. But looking at Christine, he could tell that she was uncomfortable and undressing slowly. He'd guessed from recent experiences with her that she could turn into a raging fireball of lust once she got aroused, but it took her a while to get there.

Trying to make light of the situation, he thumbed in Amy's direction. "Looks like we have an eager beaver here."

Amy replied, "Well you're right about that, there's one beaver that's definitely eager. Come here and let me show you. You might just have to slap your big thingy right on my beaver to teach it a lesson!" She giggled again.

He said, "Aims, you're embarrassing Christine. She isn't ready for this like you are." Turning to Christine, he asked, "Are you okay with this? I'm afraid she won't stop until she gets what she wants."

Although Christine was embarrassed and blushing, she had finally taken off all of her clothes. She was determined to keep up with the other two. She stood there with her hands at her sides, showing off her incredible, voluptuous body. "That's fine."

She looked to Amy. "It makes me horny as hell just to think about you giving Alan a good fucking. But... I have to confess, I'm afraid it's still going to be a long time before I'm ready for that myself. My body says that I am, but my mind still isn't sure."

He walked to Christine and wrapped his arms around her curvaceous, naked body. He ran a hand up and down her bare hip. "I understand. I don't want to rush you into anything that you aren't ready for. I'm sure it'll happen when everything is just right. You'll know when that time comes."

Then he gave her a kiss on the lips. He could tell from her kissing style that she was feeling increasingly aroused, yet still shy and reluctant. So, although he necked with her for a couple of minutes, he was patient and didn't do much with his hands. And despite the fact she could feel his hot erection pressing directly against her skin, she was still too shy to deliberately touch it.

Amy had to wait patiently, but she didn't mind. She knew it was important for Alan to get Christine in the right mood.

By the end of the kissing, Christine was starting to really get into it. She was frustrated when he pulled away.

Alan made his way over to Amy and reached out and caressed her face. He then gently and slowly let his hand continue down until it massaged her fantastic breasts, then on down to her firm tummy, until it finally rested right above her slit.

Amy purred lustfully. She got goose bumps just from the softness of his touch. "O.B., have I told you lately that I love you?"

He replied with a warm smile, "Come to think of it... no. Not for the past few hours, anyway."

She giggled at that.

He said more seriously, "I love you, Aims, and you too, Christine. In fact, Christine, can you come here for a minute?" He waited for her to come up to him, then he followed her gaze down to the sight of his own erection. He asked knowingly, "Something caught your eye?"

Christine bit her lip and nodded. She was still frequently salivating and licking her lips, thinking non-stop about when she could start cocksucking him.

Even though Amy was in a loose embrace with Alan, she was deliberately holding back from touching his hard-on, in order to tempt Christine to do something with it.

He prodded the blonde beauty, "Don't be shy."

Amy added, "Yeah, don't be shy! Go for it, C! Remember, we're going to be a cock-pleasuring co-girlfriend team!"

Christine reached down and took his hot pole in her hands. She began jacking him off while he was still rubbing his hands all over Amy's body and kissing her.

As soon as Christine started to stroke his already hot and throbbing erection, it was as if some switch had been flipped inside her brain. She didn't completely shed all her inhibitions right away, but they faded into the background. In fact, within seconds, merely stroking his dick didn't seem enough for her.

While Alan and Amy necked, Christine thought to herself, What are you waiting for, girl? You know what you've been thinking about all day, and most of yesterday besides: sucking it! Sucking and slurping and bobbing on his great fat cock! Hell, it's getting to be a real problem for me, thinking about that too much. I'm having trouble concentrating in class. More than anything else, I imagine myself naked and on my knees, with my lips sliding back and forth over it, and my tongue dancing up against it! That magical time we shared on Saturday was the absolute best! The wait to do it again has been excruciating!

This is my big chance! What am I waiting for?!

She shyly asked, "Alan, can I... mmmm... can I... suck on it too?"

He broke the kissing with Amy to say, "If you're comfortable with it, then yes. You don't ever have to ask me, just do it."

Amy added, "Cool! Go for it! Totally! I'll take care of his lips and you take care of his cock!" She went back to French kissing him.

Christine knelt down in front of him and quickly took his cockhead in her mouth. She felt chills race down her spine as her lips slid down past his thick knob. Aaaah! That's more like it! This is what I've been waiting for for two whole days! I know it's not how a beautiful "Ice Queen" like me is supposed to behave, but I think I'm going to get totally addicted to this. It's just as good as I remembered!

She started bobbing back and forth over his sweet spot. Her tongue quickly came out to play. She began stroking the rest of his shaft for good measure. She spoke to herself mentally as if speaking to Alan out loud. Today has been a kind of slow, endless torture. You don't know how hard it's been trying to act like you're not my boyfriend. The first thing I wanted to do this morning was run up and give you the best kiss you've ever had. But, to be honest, if we were totally alone, the second thing I would have done was drop to my knees, fish your big cock out, and start bobbing on it just like this!

Is that fucked up? Yes, yes it is. I know this isn't how normal girlfriends behave. But then again, you're no normal boyfriend. You make me do crazy things! Hell, you make all of us do crazy things!

Her lips suddenly froze as a disturbing thought came to her: The last mouth on this was Heather's! Just an hour or so ago, she was the one naked and kneeling and sucking this cock! The residue of her saliva must be all over his thick pole! No, it's worse! Her saliva AND her cum! Her pussy juices! This was just in Heather a little while ago! He FUCKED her with it! Ewww! Gross!


Christine was truly disgusted by that realization. But, to her total shock, she realized that she was greatly aroused as well. Far from stopping, she resumed bobbing. Not only that, she started bobbing with much more speed, suction, and passion. Her entire body swayed with energy, with her big tits in particular bouncing wildly.

As she sucked, she thought hotly, FUCK! This is fucked up! Alan is a cad, a total cad! I'll bet Heather's cum isn't the only strange bodily fluid still lingering on this damn cock right now! Who else has he impaled on this damn thing since he woke up this morning?! Whose mouth? Whose tits? Whose cunt?! Oh God! That's so damn fucking HOT! He's such a STUD! I'm outraged and disturbed, but horny as hell!

I may not have the most loyal boyfriend in the world. Ha! Loyalty, from him? That's a joke! But I sure as hell have the most virile one!

She slowed her bobbing down, but only because she wanted to increase her suction and concentrate more on her tongue work. Well, I'll show you! I'm not the first mouth on your cock today, nor will I be the last. But I'm going to try my damnedest to give you your BEST cocksucking of the day!

She was embarrassed at how humbling that vow was, but that embarrassment fired her up even more.

Alan was over the moon at how aroused he felt, but he tried not to let on too much. He wanted to give Christine the impression that this was standard procedure. He was still playing with Amy's body with one hand, mostly clutching at one of her ass cheeks, but he used the other to start running it over Christine. He started by just rubbing her back, since that was all he could easily reach. But he soon managed to bend down some, allowing him to play with her huge orbs.

That caused Christine to shiver in delight, causing her to suck with even more passion. The loud sounds of her fervent slurping further inspired all three of them.

With their kiss broken when Alan bent down, Amy said as she watched Christine bobbing on his erection. "You go, C! Just look at you. I knew that you could do it! You blow him good, so he'll blow a good load in me!"

Oh God Amy, shut up! You're going to make me cum just from thinking about it, Christine thought.

Amy put a hand on Christine's head and stroked her blonde hair. "Isn't it fun? Don't you just love it? We're going to rock his world!"

Christine had an ultra-tight lip-lock on his boner, which she wasn't about to give up for anything. But she managed to murmur, "Mmmm-hmmm!"

Amy said, "Trust me; it just gets better and better. As his only co-girlfriends, we should get special privileges. I think it's only fair if we get to suck him off together every single day!"

That idea aroused Christine so much that she could feel her pussy gushing. Every day? That sounds unbelievably decadent. That would be like getting to eat an entire pint of Ben and Jerry's ice cream every day! Except cocksucking isn't fattening, so why NOT do it every day?! She was racing towards orgasm already, even though she hadn't touched herself. One of her hands was still jacking off the rest of Alan's boner, but her other hand wasn't doing anything, so she started diddling her own clit.

Time passed. Christine sucked Alan's cock for at least ten more minutes, while he continued to neck with Amy and play with her body.

Christine was unused to prolonged cock-pleasuring activity, and started to get tired. After a while, she stopped stroking his shaft and simply held it. Amy saw that and replaced Christine's unmoving hand with her own active one.

Knowing that Amy was helping gave Christine a second burst of energy, so she bobbing on him for another five minutes, continually trying out new techniques, constantly learning what he liked best. But then she began to tire again. She wasn't used to prolonged cocksucking, and she didn't know how to pace herself by going slower most of the time; she'd been going all-out nearly all the time.

Alan had to use every trick in the book not to cum, including non-stop PC-muscle clenching. Luckily, he had developed an incredible stamina in the past couple of months. Otherwise he would have shot his load after just a few minutes of Christine's intense sucking.

But even he could only last so long. She had gotten Alan hotter than the sun when he finally told her, "Christine, please! Ease up, or you're gonna make me cum soon!"

That actually inspired Christine to try harder to make him cum. She wanted him to cum in her mouth so she could taste every last drop of his seed. She'd been working on him for a long time, and felt she deserved her spermy reward. She could sense she was right on the cusp of victory.

After nearly another minute of Christine's loud slurping, Amy finally spoke up. "C, one of the biggest things about constantly servicing our boyfriend's big cock is that when he says stop or ease up, we have to do it, m'kay? I know you want his sweet cum to shoot down your throat or splatter all over your face, but so do I. He promised me earlier this morning that he was going to have to get back at me for the way I was teasing him this morning."

Christine decided that if she couldn't get him to cum just yet, at least she could have a powerful climax of her own. She'd been right on the verge for several minutes already, so it didn't take herself long to go over the edge. Just a little more clit play did the job. She would have screamed in orgasmic triumph, except her mouth was still stuffed full of Alan's cock. She did moan loudly and continually as her body twitched and trembled in erotic ecstasy.

Amy broke yet another kiss with Alan to point out to him, "Hey, check it out! C is totally cumming!"

Alan just replied with an "MMMM!" because he was already kissing Amy again. Besides, it was so obvious that he didn't need Amy to point it out. He could tell Christine was cumming just from the way her lips quivered and hummed on his hot boner.

When Christine's big orgasm petered out, she finally made herself pull her mouth off his thick shaft, but she still wouldn't let go of it with her hands. She was tired, so at least she could give her overworked jaw a rest. Now that her mouth was freed, she immediately complained, "If I did all the work, shouldn't I get the reward?"

When the next kiss ended, Amy said, "A lot of the time, sure, but not all the time. Remember, being one of Alan's sluts isn't a fair situation. In fact, it's totally unfair. But don't worry; you'll have non-stop fun and plenty of big orgasms always. In fact, didn't you just have a massive one?"

Christine nodded shyly.

Alan finally spoke up, while he fondled Amy's cunt with one hand and her ass with the other. "Sorry, Christine, about the unfairness thing. I feel bad about it, but it's kind of a brutal supply and demand situation. Unfortunately, I can only cum so many times in one day. I promised Amy I'd give her a big fucking after school. If I let go and cum in your mouth, I wouldn't have anything left to give her."

Christine nodded with understanding. "That's cool. I get it." She looked to Amy. "But next time, when we work on him together, I call dibs on his cum load!"

Amy giggled. "M'kay! Cool. You got me there!"

Then Amy suggested to Alan, "Beau, what if you let C hold your thingy and guide it into me? I'll bet she's curious to watch from up close."

Alan thought about that, and replied, "Absolutely, if she's okay with doing that."

Alan pulled Amy closer and had her lean forward with her arms holding the back of one of the chairs. He didn't have her completely bent over it like he had done with Heather earlier. He figured this position would give Christine enough access to do as Amy had suggested.

Sure enough, Christine held onto Alan's shaft while he slid it into Amy's pussy. She was totally fascinated and totally aroused. She stared from mere inches away as Amy's body swallowed him up. Her heart was racing as if this was the first time she herself was being fucked.

She thought with awe, That's going to be me! I don't know when. Next week? Next month? Longer? Who can say at this point? With things changing so rapidly, even I don't know how I'll feel in a week. But I know that Alan is the one who's going to fuck me and he's going to fuck me good! He's the only one I love. He's going to take my virginity!

She looked at what her hand was holding, and thought, That's a pretty fucked-up thing to be thinking when I'm actually guiding his cock into another girl! But such is my life, now that I agreed to Amy's deal.

She told herself that she was only going to hold his hot, wet pole until he had enough inside Amy that he didn't need help anymore. But she found herself continuing to hold it even after he had started working his way in deeper. Actually, she slid her hand back and forth as best she could, despite the limited room. She used her other hand to resume massaging her own clit.

She was shocked when Alan had pushed in deep enough to cause her hand to touch Amy's soaked pussy lips. Gaawwwd! I just touched her pussy, and they act like they didn't even notice. I can't do that. It's so wrong, but oh so hot. I'm basically continuing to jack him off while he fucks her! She kept sliding her hand back and forth, but she was running out of room to do so.

Alan could have pushed into Amy balls-deep at any time, but he didn't, because he was getting a kick out of feeling Christine giving him a handjob at the same time.

Christine's hand bumped into Amy's wet, stretched-out pussy lips a few more times before she finally resolved to simply stop worrying about it and jack him off as best she could, despite the limited room. She loved the fact that she was providing extra excitement for Alan, even though she knew it was small potatoes compared to the joy he was feeling from fucking Amy.

Amy most definitely noticed what Christine was doing, especially when she bumped her hand into Amy's pussy lips. She couldn't stop smiling about it. "C, good job! We're making a good cock-pleasuring team! Heather won't be able to keep up with the two of us. But don't stop there. Why don't you use your other hand to cup his balls?"

Christine immediately removed her other hand from her own clit and brought it to Alan's balls. She started fondling them tenderly. At the same time, she asked, "Shouldn't he be going deeper? I keep expecting him to push all the way inside you."

Amy said, "Of course! Normally, he'd have done that by now, for sure. You think sucking his cock is great? Well, you've never felt REAL pleasure until he's boning you deep, all the way in and all the way out! But this feels pretty awesome too. He's taking short strokes just to make sure you have room to keep jacking him off. Isn't that right, Beau?"

Alan grunted in agreement. He was trying not to think because he was straining with all his might not to cum. By itself, the limited fucking into Amy wasn't enough to get him to cum, nor was Christine's handjob doing much, since she was stroking near the much-less-sensitive root of his shaft. But the mere fact that Christine was eagerly jacking him while watching his cock slide in and out of Amy's hot, tight cunt from mere inches away kept him incredibly aroused. When one factored in that he had already been right on the edge before the fucking even started, due to Christine's great, prolonged cocksucking effort, it was a wonder he was still alert enough to listen and grunt at the right times.

A couple more minutes passed like that. Christine did all she could to stroke his shaft and fondle his balls. She held his shaft in a special way, touching it only with her fingertips to make the most of the limited space. She was amazed at how aroused this was making her, even though she was just helping out. She was frustrated that she didn't have a third hand to play with her own clit and wet pussy lips some more. She knew she'd have another big orgasm almost immediately if she could do so.

Eventually, curiosity got the best of her and she asked, "Alan... is it true that... that... you were fucking Heather in this very room earlier?"

He grunted in agreement.

"Did you wash your cock off afterwards?"

He grunted again, but somehow it ended up sounding more like a negative.

Amy picked up on that right away. She exclaimed, "Oooh! Kinky! C, that means you were sucking Heather's pussy juices right off his cock!"

Christine wailed in distress, "I know!" She kept right on jacking Alan off, and fondling his balls too.

Amy asked her, "What do you think about that?"

"I hate it, of course! So gross!"

"And..." Amy prodded.

Christine spat angrily, "And nothing!"

But Amy had a good hunch that wasn't the full story. There was something in Christine's voice and the pauses before her answers. "C, don't lie! Alan is your boyfriend, true, but he's much, much more! You'll see. He must be obeyed. You can never, ever lie to him!"

Christine thought those words were very strange, but she was so very horny that she quickly cracked anyway. As she continued to play with his cock and balls, she said, "Okay, fine! I hated it, but it was kind of... also... well... weird!"

Amy prodded again, "'Weird?' Don't you mean 'arousing'? As in totally super ultra arousoriffic?"

Christine couldn't help but laugh at Amy's invented word. That broke the tension. "Fine. Whatever. Maybe."

Amy giggled. "'Maybe?' Come on! You're getting warmer!"

Christine growled, "Don't make me say it, okay? This is Heather we're talking about here! Leave me SOME dignity!" She had another thought, and also wanted to dodge Amy's probing questions, so she asked, "At least I think it was Heather alone. Alan, has anybody else been on your cock since lunch?"

He huffed and puffed, because the short-thrust fucking was continuing non-stop. But he managed a one-word reply. "Simone!" That was technically true, even if she'd only jacked him off a little bit.

Christine wailed, "OH GOD!" She thought she was about as aroused as she could possibly get already, but hearing that nearly doubled her arousal yet again. He's had TWO sexy, busty girls suck his cock just since lunch! Damn, that makes me want to suck him even more. I wish I could have his entire cockhead in my mouth right now! Or maybe he fucked 'em both?! Oh GOD! Holy hell! How many more busty beauties does he fuck over the course of an entire day?! It's unbelievable!

She would have swallowed Alan's cock as deep as she possibly could if she'd had a chance, but he was still halfway buried in Amy's tight slit. Lacking any other obvious option, she attempted to at least lick around the base of his shaft some. Dammit! I'm so damn addicted to this damn cock! It tastes delicious!

Unfortunately, Alan felt her head there and had to stop even his short thrusts. He didn't want to repeatedly cause Amy's ass and Christine's head to bump into each other.

Amy could also feel Christine's head in the narrow gap between their bodies, with her hair brushing up against Amy's skin. She immediately said, "C, I totally know how you feel: you need to suck his cock with all your might, don't you?"

Christine practically screamed, "Oh God! So much!"

Amy went on, "But there just isn't room. I've got a better idea! Don't just fondle his balls; suck on them too!"

Christine thought, Ooooh, that's gross. I can't do that! However, she was far too horny to resist.

The conversation came to an end when Christine's mouth was full of one of Alan's balls. She decided she really liked doing that, and soon chose to reposition altogether so she could fully focus on it for a while. She moved her entire body around to Alan's back side. Then, with his legs spreading wider to accommodate her, she pinned her head between his inner thighs, allowing her to suck on his balls from the opposite side of the usual way. She fondled whatever testicle she wasn't currently sucking.

That repositioning had advantages for everyone. Now Christine had a free hand. She immediately got busy fingering herself to another climax. And she deliberately left all of his cock untouched and unimpeded. She knew that would allow him to push himself all the way into Amy.

Both Alan and Amy appreciated that very much.

Amy asked, "C, I can't see or feel you anymore. Are you working on his balls still?"

Christine let out an affirmative mumble. "MMMM! Mmmm-hmmm!"

"Awesome! We make a pretty good team!" Then Amy asked Alan, "Beau, what do you think of your two co-girlfriends now?"

But the only answer she got was a loud erotic groan from him. With Christine out of the way, he was already starting to thrust into Amy deeper and deeper.

Amy giggled some more. "It seems I'm the only one left capable of speech! This is way super cool! But see there, C, you've got him on the ropes now, so to speak. Don't let up! He's starting to bone me deep! Suck his balls good! Let's make sure he cums hard!"

Amy began thrusting her hips back to make sure that Alan pistoned as deep inside her as he possibly could. She really wanted to put on a loud and sexy show for Christine, even as she enjoying a great fucking.

With Alan pushing into Amy all the way every single time, it wasn't long before Amy lost all control. She screamed for dear life as a massive orgasm ripped through her. She tightened her grip on the chair so much that she was sure she was going to break it. She was dripping wet with sweat from head to toe.

Alan, seeing what was happening to Amy, didn't want Christine to be left out. He reached down and back, trying to help her cum. But with her directly behind his ass, all he could manage was to briefly touch the top of her head.

Somehow Christine understood what he was trying to do, and she very much appreciated the gesture. Paradoxically, Alan was a selfish lover, especially when it came to giving and receiving oral sex, yet he always made sure his women had lots of continual pleasure, ending with big orgasms for them as well as him.

Alan was eager to cum, especially since his usual style would have been to cum at the same time his fuck partner Amy did. But he held on a little more, because he sensed that Christine was close but she wasn't quite there. He could feel from her quivering mouth around his balls that she wouldn't be long. He was frustrated that he was unable to touch her effectively, or even see her, so all he could do was hold back his cum with all his might.

Luckily for him, since Christine was fingering her privates again, it didn't take long. About a minute after Amy finished her orgasm, Christine started her second big one.

Christine actually screamed into his balls, because she kept right on sucking one of them all through her orgasm.

To his surprise, when he started to release his control, he still didn't cum. He'd been clenching his PC muscle for so long that it was as if his body couldn't stop clenching up even when he wanted it to.

Once Christine finished her orgasm, after about a minute, she was filled with a sudden curiosity to check out what was happening on his front side. She was still fully energized. She quickly brought her entire body around to the front, so her face was just inches from his cock again.

He looked down and saw Christine's face right there, staring at his sliding pole with total rapture. That was the final straw. He shouted, "I'm cumming!"

He grabbed Amy's head with both hands as he started unloading his cum inside her. He pushed in until he was fully sheathed in her, and held that position as his entire body trembled with orgasmic euphoria.

Amy had been fairly inert after her orgasm, even though he had continued to thrust in and out. But when she felt him cumming deep inside her vagina, she screamed some more and had another, smaller climax.

Christine's head drew closer and closer to the action. Oh my God! He's cumming! She's cumming again! I just came! Everybody's cumming! This is awesome!

Amy's such a lucky slut! FUCK! GOD! I can't imagine how good it must feel to get fucked by him like this! He must be filling her up with his cum! I want that! I want him to FUCK ME! Deep! However, while Christine felt that way in the heat of moment, she knew she'd be more reluctant once she calmed down.

Alan's orgasm finally came to an end. His dick was still stiff, but he knew it wouldn't stay like that for long. He slowly started to pull out of Amy.

As he did so, Christine saw that his cock was now wet with his cum as it oozed straight out of Amy's cunt. She didn't think. She just had a primal urge to taste and consume that cum. Her face was only inches away. She stuck her tongue out and started to lick the cum that had been in Amy mere seconds before.

Alan looked down and couldn't believe what he was seeing. Christine! Holy shit! She's licking my cum nearly straight out of Amy's cunt! Holy hell! I think I'm gonna pass out!

Amy couldn't see what was happening, but she could feel Christine's hair and even part of her face up against her body. She could tell from the position that Christine had to be licking Alan's cock. That aroused her to no end. However, she didn't say anything, because she didn't want to draw attention to it and spook Christine into stopping.

Alan also wisely stayed quiet about it. The mere sight and feel of it was enough to blow his mind several times over.

Alan had unloaded into Amy what seemed like enough cum to fill a small bucket. Once he was finished, he felt his legs start to get weak. He reached around, hoping to prop himself up on another chair just as he had with Heather, but there wasn't any chair nearby. He ended up slumping down onto the floor instead.

Naturally, that forced Christine to stop her licking.


Alan closed his eyes and tried to mentally cope with what had just happened. Holy cow! That was fantastic. I can't believe Christine was stroking me and even sucking my balls while I fucked Aims! Heck, just a couple of days ago I would have said that would be completely impossible. She even licked my cum nearly straight out of Amy's cunt at the end! How wild is that?! It takes her a while to get going, but once she gets started, she's like this totally wild sex vixen! So awesome! At this rate, I'm certain that it won't be long before I'm fucking her too!

The three of them sat there in complete silence for several moments, trying to recover. Amy and Christine wound up sitting on the floor, while Alan just lay flat on it, face up. They all rested with their eyes closed.

Amy was the first to open her eyes and talk. "Beau, I know I speak for myself, and I think I speak for Christine as well, when I say that you just made up for skipping out on us on Sunday."

Christine nodded in agreement, although she was too weak to speak or even open her eyes. She thought, And how!

He opened his eyes and looked over at the two busty babes. He couldn't help but focus on the amount of his cum, and Amy's, that had ended up on Christine's face. How could life ever get any better than this?! Any guy would be extremely lucky to have just either one of them as a girlfriend, but to be sexually involved with both of them and at the same time, not even counting the others... it's absolutely mind-shattering! To think that I fucked Heather in this very room only an hour or so ago, and that was a mind-shattering great time too!

No wonder all those other guys want to kick my ass. It IS totally unfair. I feel guilty sometimes. But what can I do? It's not like I could EVER give this up!

Alan asked, "So is Miss Pussy satisfied then?"

Amy replied, "For now anyway, but with her you just never know how long that'll last."

"Don't I know it!" He chuckled. "She's such a demanding little Miss Pussy. I think she runs more than the Energizer bunny."

Alan and Amy shared a knowing laugh, but Christine didn't understand since it was an inside joke between the two of them.

Christine asked, "'Miss Pussy?'"

Amy giggled, "Yeah, that's what I call my cunnie."

Christine's face turned a deep red from embarrassment. Damn! I should have known it was something like that. It seems like everything between these two has something to do with sex!

Amy scooted over to Christine and gave her a nudge. "Hey, C. Pretty awesome, huh?'

Christine responded by opening her eyes and smiling knowingly.

Amy said, "See why we don't get hung up on the fairness issue? Yeah, technically, it's totally unfair. We basically worship his cock as much as he wants, whenever he wants it, in every possible way. And I do mean 'worship.' That's the kind of attitude you've gotta have to do it right. And there are many others doing the same thing to him, all day long! So many busty and beautiful sluts, in his harem and out of it. But it's like I told you before: the more you give, the more you receive. I noticed you had at least two big orgasms, didn't you?"

Christine nodded. She didn't like the use of the word "worship," but she let it slide.

"Expect that every single time!"

"Are you serious?!"

Amy admitted, "Well, maybe not EVERY single time. There could be the rare exception. But then there will be other times when you cum more! Much, much MORE! So much that you actually pass out sometimes! And yeah, that really does happen. It's happened to every one of us!"

"Wow!" Christine was amazed. "Why doesn't this kind of thing happen to other people?! It must not, because if it did, I'm sure I would hear other girls rave non-stop. Hell, nobody would even go to school or work anymore! We'd just fuck all day long!"

Amy laughed. "Probably true. I don't know about other people. All I know is it works for us. There's a special, magical combination of things that work together just right. You're one of the special few now. Don't question it too much; just enjoy it, and love it!"

Alan was listening, and felt the need to say something. "Come on. It's not all that. You're making me out to be some kind of, I dunno... wonder guy. Super man. I'm not. If this can happen to me, I honestly don't understand why it can't happen to anyone else. I guess most guys just don't work on improving certain sexual skills, like their staying power."

Amy said to Christine, "Don't listen to him. He likes to be modest. We just humor him." She joked, "I think having too many orgasms has permanently damaged his brain!"

Christine had a good laugh at that.

Now that Christine and Amy were fully roused again, Amy put a hand on Christine's shoulder. "I'll bet you think the fun is all over now."

"It's not?"

"Nope! We of Alan's harem have a special tradition, and that's to thoroughly lick his cock and balls clean after each time he has an orgasm. I know you're not an official part of the harem now, but you may be someday. Besides, there's no reason you can't take part in some of our better traditions anyway. Let's do it together! You'll see. It's fun!"

So Christine and Amy crawled over to where Alan was sprawled out on the floor. The knelt down over his crotch and got busy licking him clean.

To help make sure Christine fully enjoyed herself, Amy let Christine lick Alan's penis. It had gone flaccid by that point, but it still had lots of his sweet cum on it.

Christine was coming down from her erotic peak, but she remained aroused enough to thoroughly lick his penis, despite knowing that the cum on it had just been in Amy, as well as the fact that even more of the cum on his penis was actually Amy's own pussy juices. Actually, those facts helped keep her arousal level high.

Alan was amazed at the sight of the two of them, lapping at his crotch like two cats at a bowl of water. He wished he could have a photograph of their flawless naked bodies in that pose.

After a while, Amy asked Christine, "So what do you think? Good tradition?"

"Mmmm," Christine muttered approvingly as she licked. "VERY good tradition."

Amy spoke in a whisper, but still loud enough for Alan to obviously hear. "Here's a couple of little secrets about it. Secret number one: the point isn't to really lick him clean. It's just to have fun licking! And secret number two: if you do it long enough, sometimes his thingy gets stiff again! Then we can have a LOT more fun!"

Christine moaned lustily. That sounded almost impossibly wonderful, even though her jaw was still sore from earlier.

Amy added, "Just think: Alan's cock is in high demand, but if I have my say, we'll be doing this to him every single day before long! And to the victors go the spoils. If we can get him stiff again, we might get to suck and titfuck and generally play with his cock for a really long time! He's gonna cum on your face, and my face, and your tits, and my tits, so often that it'll seem weird when we're NOT basted and soaking in his cum! We're going to be total cum sluts, fully dedicated to serving his cock!"

Christine didn't say anything to that. She just kept on licking his flaccid penis. But she thought, That sounds pretty amazing, if true. I don't even mind how demeaning that sounds, if I have orgasms like that every time. But it can't be true, can it? Having sex with him can't always be THIS great. There's no way. And even if it is, there's no way we're going to get to spend that much time with him. He's got a lot of other girls. I'm not even a part of his harem, and who knows how big that is?!

At least now I understand why he has a harem. It doesn't even surprise me anymore. It would be surprising if he didn't! And Amy says that fucking is even BETTER than cocksucking?! My God!

Now, my worry is how can I balance having an active sex life like this with all the other things I do. I had a totally full daily schedule already. I can't let my studies slide or my martial arts slide, especially not with my sho'dan (first degree black belt) exam coming up next Spring. I can spend less time on sports and a couple other things, but those two things have to remain top priorities, no matter how awesome sex with Alan and Amy is!

Eventually, the three of them were able to compose themselves enough to get dressed.

Alan said to the girls, "Again, I'm sorry we had to miss our date. I hope that you know that won't happen unless it's an emergency like it was yesterday."

Both Amy and Christine nodded.

Then Christine said, "We forgive you, don't we Aims? I understand better now that you were only taking care of your loved ones as any good man should. It makes me love you even more and feel even more proud to be your second official girlfriend."

He gave her a quick hug.

She asked shyly, "Can we do this again tomorrow after school? Please?!"

There was a long pause before he said, "I'd love to. You must know that. But I'm not sure. For the next couple of days, I want to spend all the time I can with Glory. I hate hospitals and I'd never want to be alone in one, so I want to help cheer her up as long as she's stuck there. I'm even planning on spending the night there with her. Therefore, at this point, all I can say is: we'll see. Let's play it by ear."

The girls nodded at that.

Christine asked him, "You must really love her, don't you?"

"Yes, I do."

"Does she do this kind of thing, where she 'worships' your cock for long stretches of time, until you and she end with massive orgasms?"

"I'm not at liberty to talk about that kind of thing. But I'll make an exception this time. She does, and we do. She's an awesome lover all around, and a particularly incredible cocksucker. But don't ask me more about the details of our love life, okay?"

"Okay. But your relationship with her isn't just about really incredible sex, is it?"

"I can answer that too, I suppose. The sex is a part of it, of course, but there's so much more! I love her and she loves me. That's the main thing. You know that I've been good friends with her for a couple of years before this started. We were held back by the student-teacher relationship for a long time. Now we've gotten past that limitation and our friendship and love is growing day by day. It's great!"

Christine nodded. She felt jealous, very jealous. But she forced herself to keep quiet about it.

Everyone hugged in a loving embrace before they finally agreed to leave.

Amy and Alan had to go back to the hospital.

Christine turned her attention to the task of talking with Heather. She didn't want to, but she had promised Alan that she would. Plus she was hoping in doing so, it would bring her and him closer together.


Once the three of them were finished and made sure the coast was clear, Christine left with Alan and Amy, walking back towards the front of the building. When they got to the parking lot, Christine left to go find Heather, while Alan used Glory's phone to call Susan and tell her that he and Amy were ready to go to the hospital whenever she could pick them up.

Alan and Amy used the next few minutes alone to talk. Part of it was just casual talk about school and such, but eventually it turned to a serious discussion about Heather and her confession earlier.

"So, Aims, what do you think about what happened today?"

"Oh, I thought you were going to fuck me to death and let Christine watch!"

He shook his head and replied, "Not that! I'm talking about with Heather, at lunch."

Frowning, Amy answered, "I knew what you meant. It's not my place to tell you what to do with her."

"Aims, you're my girlfriend and one of my... well, you-know-whats."

She beamed, knowing he was referring to her new slave-wife status.

"If there's anyone that has right to voice their opinion about it... it's you. So now please be honest and tell me what you think. I would like for us to figure some of this out before we talk to her later."

"Well, m'kay, you asked for it. I'm not a fan of your relationship with her, as you know. Of all your other lovers, she's the one that concerns me the most. I just feel like you can't trust her. She's already proven that she sneaks around behind your back and does mean, selfish stuff."

"That's true, but I really think she's trying to change. She took a REALLY big risk today. I think she meant it when she said that she loves me, but she knows she can never take your place. It's true that the more I am with her, the more I seem to care about her. But... she's done so much to hurt the ones I love... that it's going to take a lot of work on her part before I can believe most of what she says."

"I know. I trust you and your judgment." Amy propped her hands on her hips before she continued. "That said, make sure that you understand that I'm going to make sure that you don`t fall so deeply in love with her that you let her take you away from the rest of us."

Alan pulled Amy in for a loving embrace and said, "Aims, I wouldn't have it any other way."

"Beau, I do have one request when it comes to Heather though."

"You name it, my cutie, and I'll do my best."

"You're not going to... I mean, are you going to... ask her to marry you too? Are you even going to try to call her another official girlfriend?"

"To answer your first question... no. Absolutely not. If she does end up wanting to devote herself to only me, then I might get different colored collars and offer one to her and the other regular members of our little group. At least to show some type of unity and bond between us. But for your second question... that certainly isn't on the horizon right now. If that ever changes and it becomes a possibility, I'm going to leave that up to you and Christine to discuss and have veto power over."

Amy nodded in understanding before answering, "Well I can tell you as far as right now, we'd vote NO! We don't want her to be an official girlfriend, period!" She was unusually emphatic. But she did add, "If she ever earns our trust, then maybe one day. Maaaybe. But a whole bunch of things would have to happen first."

"That sounds fine to me. In fact, why don't you tell her that later? Maybe it will give her more of an incentive to further her change and ditch that bitchy person we all hate. A slim chance is better than no chance, even if it's really slim."

"Are you sure? 'Cos we're talking really, really slim! What if she doesn't agree?"

"Well then we'll both know that she's not as committed as she says she is."

Amy was all smiles again. "Super-riffic! Now that we've gotten the bummer-y stuff out of the way, I bet she was putty in your hands when you were fucking her, wasn't she?"

He couldn't help but laugh because it was just like Amy to switch gears and start talking about something sexual so quickly.

"I don't know about that. It's true that she had a good time. I guess you can ask her about the rest of it later, if you can stand to talk to her."

— — —

Katherine jumped out of the minivan as soon as it came to a complete stop.

As soon as she looked their way, Alan and Amy could both tell that she was frustrated.

Alan thought, Oh crap. It looks like I'm gonna have some major damage control to do here.

Seeing Katherine's mood, Amy asked in her usual bubbly style, "Hey Kat, why are you all sad and pouty?"

Gritting her teeth, Katherine replied, "WHY? Grrr! I'll tell you why! I'll bet the two of you were off somewhere with him where he was nailing the shit out of you. Right?"

Alan said, "Kat, please, keep it down. We're in a very public place. Even though we're in the parking lot, someone could still walk by."

A little softer but with just as much frustration, Katherine replied, "Fine, but you still didn't answer my question."

He dropped his head and answered, "Yes, Kat, we were. Sorry."

Not thinking any thing of it, Amy added, "Well yeah! It was super-duper-incredofantasterrific! You know how it is to need some master cock and have to wait for hours to get it!"

Feeling even more left out, Katherine suddenly started crying.

Alan nudged Amy and told her, "Aims, I don't think that you're helping anything. Sis is rightfully upset. I know she feels left out because there is only so much that she can do in public with me."

Amy walked to Katherine and gave her a loving hug. "I'm sorry, Kat. You know how excited I get when Beau fucks me silly. I wish you could share him in public with me. I wish there was something that I could do to make it easier for you."

Alan looked around to double-check that they were still alone. He whispered, "Sis, you know I love you. No matter what we can or can't do in public, you are always going to be my uppity number-one slave-wife fuck-toy. We just have to continue to be discreet about it until we move somewhere else after the school year ends and we've had our weddings."

Katherine still had tears in her eyes, but she stopped crying when he said that. "Bro, I'm sorry. It just hurts to think that everyone else gets to love you openly every day, except me! Well, me and Mom. And then I end up hearing about your little lunch adventure from all these kids whispering about 'Alan this' and 'Heather that.' The one damn day that I have some stupid homework to finish because of having to be at the hospital last night. Just what did I miss?"

The three of them climbed back into the minivan and shut the door. Susan was still sitting in the driver's seat, so there were more greetings all around.

Katherine and Susan had lowered the minivan's back seats and tossed a couple of pillows back there. They'd even included a blanket, just in case someone needed to quickly cover up for some reason. That way, there would be plenty of room for sexual shenanigans. So that's where Alan, Amy, and Katherine ended up.

As the teenagers were getting settled, Susan asked, "Tiger, between all the fight talk and Glory being gone, I'll bet you had a horrible day today, didn't you?"

"Honestly Mom, it wasn't too bad." Alan went on, giving his mom a summary of what Principal Connors had said during their meeting that morning. He knew that the girls were going to spill the beans any minute, so he continued, "But other than that... it was pretty uneventful."

By then, Alan, Katherine, and Amy were laughing. He said, "Mom, I think that Aims and Kat have some things they need to get off their chests. If you know what I mean!"

Amy lit up as if someone had turned on a lightbulb. She immediately took her shirt and bra off, feeling protected by the tinted windows in the back of the minivan. "Oooooh, great idea, Beau!"

Katherine followed Amy's lead, removing her top and bra as well. She reached her hand inside Alan's shorts and pulled his newly erect penis out. She giggled, "Ooooooh, looks like Alan Junior wants to come out and play." She immediately leaned over and engulfed his cockhead, then started to bob on it in earnest.

The minivan was still sitting in the same spot where Susan had stopped. Alan gave Katherine and Susan a fairly detailed description of what had happened between him and Heather during lunch, with Amy nodding in agreement while sitting beside him.

Susan was getting too horny just watching what the girls were doing to her son in the back. She was afraid of doing anything to herself while sitting right in front of the school, so she drove the minivan to the far end of the parking lot and parked again. Although she was careful to keep her clothes on, as soon as she shut off the engine, one hand instantly went to her massive melons while the other made its way down and underneath her skirt.

"Tiger, I'm SO proud of you for finally taming that big-titted bitch. I knew it wouldn't be long before she was on her knees begging to be fucked by you. Just give any woman time and they'll be begging for their turn!"

"Mom, please be realistic. Just how many women do you think one man can handle?"

Amy said, "I don't know, Beau. If they ever get a chance to experience what we do on a daily basis... we'll have to start taking numbers to stand in line!"

As usual, Katherine was extremely jealous of and unhappy about Alan's sex with Heather. This time however, she was in such a lusty fog from being aroused by his story that she didn't care. Since she still had her mouth crammed full of cock and she didn't want to take it out long enough to answer, she just high-fived Amy in agreement.


When Alan finished the details from lunch, he asked with some embarrassment, "So I guess I shouldn't tell you what happened during fifth period when I managed to get a pass out of class?"

Katherine pulled off his boner long enough to ask, "Fifth period? What happened? Did you and Aims meet up then too? You KNOW that you're going to have to tell me now." She was getting a little more playful as her mood improved, but then she looked over and saw Amy shaking her head negatively.

Alan could see that Amy was bursting at the seams to tell Katherine everything she knew. He said, "Well, it started with Simone jacking me off through my shorts in the hallway, but I think maybe I should just let Amy tell you two what she knows first."

Katherine playfully slapped her brother's arm. She was compelled to pull off him again. "Are you kidding me? Just hearing about what happened at lunch is enough to make me want to fuck and suck you for hours on end!" She engulfed him again and sucked even more enthusiastically.

Amy smiled as she saw Katherine sucking Alan off with such passion. She finally started going over the events of fifth period that Alan had told her about. She told the others about how Heather had sent for him to meet her in a place they had obviously used before. She went on to include how Alan had told her that he had fucked Heather senseless. She added some drama for effect just to see how hot she could get Susan.

Susan had been able to maintain some degree of composure while listening to Amy's description of Alan's events of fifth period, thanks to the orgasm she'd had while playing with Brenda earlier. However, she eventually lost control. She generally refrained from playing with her big tits, due to the danger of someone looking through the minivan's windows, but that meant she gave even more attention to her hot pussy. Since her hand was already under her skirt, she moved her panties to the side and began rubbing her clit directly. "SO HOT! Tiger, is that true?"

Alan just nodded, because he couldn't resist the temptation to reach out and fondle the two wonderful, bare racks within reach. Ahhhh, this must be what Heaven is like.

He said, "Aims, there's one part that I haven't even told you yet. I didn't feel like it was right to mention it with Christine there. I don't think she would have handled it very well."

"What's that, O.B.?" Amy asked curiously.

"Do you remember seeing that strip of fabric on the floor near where we were at?" he asked.

Amy nodded.

He continued, "I used it to tie Heather up to the chair." Normally he tried to abide by his self-imposed rule of not telling the details of sex he had with others, but he knew that his mother would really get off on hearing about this time, so he went on to tell them the rest of the details Amy had missed, such as how he'd made Heather wait until she wasn't able to take any more stimulation before he allowed her to cum. He even went back and finished explaining what Simone had done to him in the hallway and how she'd practically begged to get fucked right then and there.

Susan had gotten so excited that she surprised herself when she didn't have a climax on the spot. Oh my! What a stud our master is! He really did tame Heather. And even tied her up! Damn it! That just makes me so hot! And then to have Christine doing all of that while he was with Amy. Oh God, those two girls were SO lucky!

Katherine looked at her brother. "You go, Bro! I can't believe that bitch let you tie her up like that. Too bad I can't go tell all my friends that my brother tied up the head cheerleader and fucked her good like that! Can you imagine the shock on people's faces if they knew?"

Amy pumped her fist triumphantly. "Oh yeah, Beau! We are definitely going to have to try doing that one. I'm not, like, super into bondage stuff, but I totally can't wait until you tie me up and fuck me good like that!"

Katherine pulled off his cock just long enough to chime in, "But Mommy, that's not all of it. Alan just finished fucking Amy before you got there!"

Amy looked at Katherine and added, "Not exactly, Kat. Even you don't know the half of it! Christine was there with us the whole time! He had her down on her knees, sucking him before he fucked me. She bobbed on his thingy for a good, long time while he kissed and fondled me! Then she actually licked and mouthed his balls while we were doing the deed!"

Katherine practically couldn't breathe. She was frustrated to pull off his erection yet again to ask a question. "Wait! You're saying that Christine, the infamous Ice Queen Christine, licked and mouthed his balls while he was fucking you?!"

"Yep! She fed his thingy right into my cunnie, and so much more! Oh, there's so much sexy stuff I have to tell you!"

Katherine eagerly resumed her bobbing. She was so horny that she couldn't believe it.

Amy proceeded to give a detailed description of what had happened in the theater room. She also tapped Katherine on the shoulder to get her attention, then grabbed the base of Alan's shaft to jerk him off while Katherine continued to suck on him. They were able to work their way into a good rhythm, to where Amy's hand was moving in synchrony with Katherine's head.

Katherine and Susan listened to every word Amy had to say about how Alan had not only fucked her in the same room where he had been with Heather an hour earlier, but all about what Christine had done there too.

Amy spent several minutes explaining how the two of them had worked together to make sure Alan's cock was well taken care of and how she'd made sure to explain the proper "cleaning" technique to Christine as well.

Susan was extremely frustrated. Since she was sitting in the front seat, she couldn't pull her top off and freely fondle her big tits. She didn't even feel she could cum, because she knew she'd scream like a banshee. As she continued to finger her pussy, she said, "You got her to learn how to clean his cock and balls? That's so important! Step by step, it's like she's already on her way to joining the harem! That's so hot too!"

Alan said, "Mmmm, I hate to be a party pooper, but shouldn't we really be heading to the hospital? I told Glory I was going to be late, but I'm sure she was expecting me before now."

Susan simply couldn't take it any longer. She was fed up with sitting in the front by herself, unable to do much due to the non-tinted windshield. So she said to Amy and Katherine, "I'm sorry girls, but I've GOT to have his cock in my mouth this instant! Angel, you or Amy can drive!"

Katherine became upset rather quickly. She pulled her lips off his shaft yet again and yelled, "MOM! No fair! You took his cum on your big tits this morning. He fucked Heather and then Amy at school. What about me?"

"Sorry, Angel, but I'm using my 'mommy privileges' again if I have to. Either way, I'm sucking his cock right now. I'm dying here! Please! Have mercy! I need my master's cock in my mouth!"

Katherine was obviously upset, but said to Amy with a heavy sigh, "I'll do it, Aims. You had to drive this morning."

Katherine gave Alan's cockhead a good-bye kiss, then wiped the saliva and pre-cum from her chin. She slid her top back on, but left her bra off. Then she and Susan swapped places, moving through the middle of the minivan to do so.

Alan noticed how upset Katherine was. "Sis, I'll make it up to you, I promise. It probably won't be tonight because Aims and I have to meet with Heather sometime later, and I want to spend every minute I can with Glory the few days that she's in the hospital. But tomorrow, I'll find a way to have some quality time with you even if Glory's still hospitalized. Plus we have Thursday coming up, and you know what that means!"

Katherine just nodded as she began to pull the minivan out of the spot where Susan had parked. I'm going to have to get him and Aims off alone later at the hospital and we are going to have to talk about Mom. She's always such a cock hog, always using her 'Mommy privileges' as an excuse. It sucks! At least I've got my own very first special day on Thursday to look forward to.

The minivan hadn't made it out of the parking lot before Susan had her top off and was bobbing on her son's throbbing erection. She kept her skirt on, knowing it wouldn't interfere with her masturbating and it would be much easier to cover just her breasts if she needed to than if she were fully naked. Finally! I thought Angel was going to hog him all to herself forever! Doesn't she realize how we big-titted mommies need to suck on our master's cock? Oh Gaawwwdd, this is truly where I belong. On my knees with my mouth stuffed full and cum running down my throat.

Alan said, "Dang, Mom! You just saw me this morning, but the way you're blowing me... you'd think it's been a year or more! You're going to have to slow down or the fun is going to be over before it gets really good."

Then to Amy he said, "Aims, how about sliding up here to help distract me from getting too excited about what Mom's doing?"

Without hesitating, Amy moved up so her bare breasts were pressing against his arm and started aggressively French kissing him.

The touch of Amy's breast on his arm along with her kiss was like an electric shock through Alan's body, causing him to jerk, thrusting his hips forward. He thought, Me and my big mouth! What the hell was I thinking about having Amy trying to distract me with even more sexiness? That's like throwing gasoline on a fire to put it out!

When he thrust like that, it forced more of his cock into Susan's mouth than she was expecting, making her choke and gag until he realized what he was doing and pulled back.

"Sorry, Mom."

Not wanting to stop her constant bobbing, she just moaned in acknowledgment. Since she thoroughly enjoyed choking on her son's shaft, she continued to go down far enough to gag herself. To her, that confirmed her status as a cock-slave to him.

Amy was already on her knees beside Alan, so he reached out, unfastened her shorts, and pulled them down. Since she was wearing a thong, he was able to easily move her panties off to the side and began fondling her wet pussy lips.

Amy's entire body trembled from the stimulation. She pulled her lips off his mouth and purred, "Oh Beau! Please don't stop! Make me cum, please!"

Amy's pussy was already so wet that he was able to slide a finger inside her tight twat without much resistance. He began sawing his finger in and out at a fairly slow but constant pace.

Amy was so over the moon that she fervently kissed and licked all over his neck and ear.

Unlike the ride to school earlier that morning, the minivan was fairly quiet except for the moaning and slurping noises. Katherine was in a lousy mood after being forced to drive, so she didn't make any joking comments about someone looking in, the way that Amy had teased when she'd driven that morning.

Alan and Amy noticed that Katherine wasn't saying anything, but Susan was so wrapped up in her cocksucking joy that she was oblivious to Katherine, as well as to just about everything else.

The only thing Susan was paying close attention to was Alan's every movement and moan, to make sure she was keeping him right on the edge of a nice climax without letting him cross the point of no return. She was a cocksucking demoness.

Amy and Alan were in their own little world during their make-out session, but it didn't help Alan stay as far from the edge of orgasm as he had hoped. He thought as he admired Amy's remarkable features, I wonder if Aims knows how perfect her body is. Every square inch of it radiates sex, from her flowing hair to her tight pussy. I'm going to have to find a way to let her know without hurting anyone else's feelings. I hear all these people talk about Marilyn Monroe being a sex goddess, but they've obviously never met my sweet Aims!

While increasing the speed of fingering Amy's cunt, Alan asked, "Aims, are you my little slut? Are you my sexy little slut-slave that I'm gonna marry?"

"Mmmm! Oh God yes!"

"Are you always going to obey me and strive to pleasure me in every way, like a good wife-slave should?"


"Yes what?" he asked.

"Yes I will obey you and pleasure you! And I'm gonna totally love every minute!"

He was pleased, but pretended to stay stern. "Sorry, Aims, but I don't believe you. You're going to have to prove it. From this point forward until we get to the hospital, you are not allowed to cum until I say so. Do you understand? Remember, I promised you this morning that I was going to get back at you for all the comments you were making while Kat and Mom were back here attacking me. Consider this your punishment."


Amy was in such an erotic state, she didn't even care that she normally didn't get off on being Alan's slave. She grabbed her left breast with one hand while the other grabbed the hand that Alan was using to finger her. She tried to pull his hand away to force him to stop.

Amy said softly, "Yes, Beau. I understand."

"Not good enough. You act like you think I'm playing with you."

"Well... in a way you are, Beau!" She looked at what his hands were doing to her.

He couldn't help but laugh before telling her, "Aims, see, it's comments like that that are why I think I'll make you suffer for the rest of the ride without giving you permission to cum."

"But Beau... you're such a meanie!" She made it sound like that was going to be torture. To some degree she knew that if he kept fingering like he was, it actually would be just that.

"No buts about it, Amy." Turning his attention to Susan, he said, "Mom, you will obey me, won't you?"

Susan nodded as she kept on sucking and bobbing on his cock, even though she was unsure what he had in mind. She wasn't sure if he understood her nodding, since she was bobbing a lot already, so she loudly moaned, "Mmmm-hmmm!"

"Good. Mom, I want you to take Amy's bra that she took off and use it to bind her hands behind her back. I want you to tie them good and make sure that no matter how hard she tries, she won't be able to get them loose. Can you do that for me? If you do as you're told, I will reward you with the spermy load that you've been craving."

Susan pulled her lips off his raging boner and answered confidently, "Yes, Master." So fucking HOT! He's going to pump gallons of his spermy goodness down my throat while he teases poor Amy. This is what the harem life is all about!

Amy was fully aware that she had brought this on herself because she'd told him not long before that she wanted to be tied up like he had Heather.

Katherine now understood how difficult it had been for Amy to concentrate on driving when she and her mother had been back there with Alan. She was dying to pull off somewhere and find a safe place to masturbate along with them, but she chose to wait and make him keep his promise of making it up to her later. Besides, somebody had to get them to the hospital. Undoubtedly, not knowing about his sexy distraction with Christine and Amy, Glory had been expecting Alan to be there already.

As Susan began restraining Amy's hands, Alan pushed a second finger into Amy's hot cunt. He told her, "Okay, Aims. You just remember that this is your fault. Under NO circumstances are you allowed to cum until I say that you can."

Amy had done just as Alan figured she would. She tried to twist her arms and wrists to get loose from the bra that was restraining them, but with no success.

Susan knew that they were getting closer to the hospital with each passing minute, so she went right back to sucking on Alan's erection, but this time with a new urgency to ensure she'd get the cum load she craved.

Amy cried out, "Oh God, Beau! Please don`t do this to me! My whole body is on fire. Please just let my hands go! I can't take it. I'm not strong enough! It's SO GOOD!"

"Sorry, but no. If you think your body is on fire now, just think how sore your pussy is going to be if you don't do something soon. If you cum before I tell you to, I'll spank your little ass until it glows in the dark. Do you understand?"

Amy begged, "At least take your fingers out of my slit. PLEASE!" But when Alan didn't do as she had asked, Amy turned so her head was facing the seat back and buried her face in the headrest as she screamed from a mixture of lust, desire, and frustration.

She cried out, "Alan! Please? You're being such a meanie!"

Susan was pacing herself so that if Amy was allowed to cum, she would be able to get Alan off shortly thereafter. Yet she couldn't help but think, Poor Amy. I can't imagine what she must be going through. I can see on her face that she loves it but she's torn about what to do.

Alan was determined to win this playful battle with Amy, so he told his mother, "Mom, I want you to take your free hand and play with Amy's breasts. Massage them, fondle them, and pinch her nipples. In fact, I want you to hold one of them up to my face. I have something I want to do first."

Susan took her mouth off his throbbing rod long enough to finally take her bra all of the way off. Then she moved one of Amy's boobs as close as she could to Alan's face.

He leaned the rest of the way until his lips were about to make contact with one of Amy's erect nipples.

Just his breath alone on her tit was adding to Amy's erotic agony. She knew that at any second he was going to start suckling on it. She held her breath as she saw him slowly open his mouth and start to move in closer.

To everyone's surprise, just as his lips closed around her nipple, he started biting on the tip of it.

Amy shrieked in shock. The bite sent her mind and body into sexual overload. It didn't really hurt though, since Alan had made sure not to bite down hard.

Katherine had been constantly watching all that she safely could in the rearview mirror. Her body felt as though everything she was overhearing Alan do to Amy, he was doing to her. Since she was still having to focus on driving, she wasn't able to grasp that it was all role-play and an attempt to give Amy something that she was actually wanting. Concerned for her friend, she finally spoke up, "Come on, Bro. Can't you see how she's suffering? Have a little mercy on her."

Alan stopped biting on Amy's boob and replied, "No Kat, I can't do that. This is her choice. She can end this at any time. If you don't like it, just remember this could always happen to you at any time."

Katherine pleaded with Amy, "Aims, it's killing me! Just cum already! Please!"

Amy was only capable of shaking her head 'No' in response to Katherine's plea.

Alan said, "Aims, you can end this right now. Do you want to admit defeat and beg me to stop?"

Amy was shaking her head and biting her lip, but finally dropped her head and nodded. Her typically bouncing copper-colored hair was soaking wet with sweat. She fought to catch her breath and then whispered, "No... Master... I... can take it!"

Amy's breathing was becoming more and more ragged. Her energy reserves were dropping rapidly. She felt as though she could pass out at any moment, but she made up her mind that she was going to show him that she could take as well as she could give.

Both Susan and Katherine were in awe over Amy's sheer determination to hold on.

Alan didn't want to actually do anything to hurt Amy, so he kept a close watch, making sure that she was enjoying herself. Finally, when he felt like she had reached the point that any more stimulation would be too much, he said, "Thank you, Aims. You may cum now."

Amy didn't wait a moment longer to get the much-needed relief that she desired. She screamed so loudly that the other three thought she was trying to shatter the windows in the minivan. She was certain that it was the most powerful orgasm she'd ever had.

Once the initial part of her orgasm had passed, she collapsed against Alan's shoulder. Her eyes were completely closed. If it hadn't been for seeing her shoulders and back rising and falling from her breathing, they might have thought that she was dead.

She continued to have several smaller climaxes with much less intensity, but she was basically unconscious, so was unaware that they were continuing.

Alan, seeing the state that Amy was in, gave up on trying to hold back his own need to cum. He filled his mother's mouth with so much cum that she couldn't keep up with swallowing it all.

The cum began running out of Susan's mouth and down her chin. She felt it dripping off her face onto her cleavage. She loved that, and relished the opportunity to lick it up or rub it into her skin later.

When Susan was sure that he had unloaded all that he was going to, she pulled off and swallowed what remained in her mouth. Then she used her fingers to wipe all she could off her ample cleavage and swallow that as well.

She wiped one glob off that was running down her breasts and kept it on the tips of her fingers. She moved close to the front seats while making sure that she couldn't be seen by passing traffic, then stuck her hand out. "Here Angel, a present for you."

Katherine saw what was on her mother's fingers and opened her mouth, waiting for her tasty treat. As soon as she had her mother's fingers in her mouth, she sucked on them just as if she had been sucking on Alan fuck-stick.

Susan tried to take turns feeding their master's cum to Katherine and Amy in between eating plenty herself. Amy was too far out of it to take much. Once they had most of the cum cleaned up, Susan took some extra napkins that she had in the minivan from the last time they'd gone to a drive-thru to eat, and finished the job.

After Alan recovered somewhat, he reached up and ran his fingers through the hair of a semi-conscious Amy. When he felt her body reacting to his touch, he asked, "Aims, can you hear me?"

Amy just nodded.

"My sweet Aims, I'm sorry. You do know that I love you very much, don't you?"

This time, Amy managed to whisper, "Yes. I love you very much too. With all my heart."

Alan continued to lovingly caress her as he asked, "Are you okay? I didn't really hurt you, did I?"

Amy shook her head and answered, "No. In fact, when are we gonna do it again? Now's okay with me if it's okay with you."

Alan could tell that she really wasn't in any condition for that, so he said, "Aims, if I EVER do anything that truly hurts you, or that you don't like... please tell me. Because if you don't enjoy it, I don't either. You know that the reason I tied you up was because you'd said earlier that we were going to have to try that. You know that I don't usually get that controlling with you, but I wanted you to see something similar to what I do to Heather. The last thing I ever want to do is truly hurt any of you. Turn around and I'll untie you."

"It's okay, Beau. I know you'd never hurt me. That's why I trust you so much. And no, don't untie me yet. If you don't mind, can you leave me tied up when we get to the hospital, but find some way to help me hide it until we get to Mother so I can show her?"

He laughed and said, "Sure thing. I'm not exactly sure what you have in mind, but two of us can walk closely behind you and that should keep most people from being able to see your hands."

"Thanks, O.B.," Amy said. She gave Alan a soft kiss, and then the two of them slipped off into a short nap before the minivan arrived at the hospital.


Alan had made sure to give Heather's phone number to Christine before Christine left the theater room.

As much as Christine would have preferred doing almost anything else to talking to Heather, she called her enemy and made plans to meet at a local Baskin-Robbins ice cream shop. Little did she know that it was the exact same shop where Heather had begun her seduction of Alan, right in front of Rock.

Heather, however, was very aware of that fact and planned to use it to unnerve Christine, in hopes of getting Christine to agree to whatever she wanted. She made sure to get there early so she could even get the same table she'd sat at with Alan all those weeks earlier.

By the time Christine got there, Heather was already waiting. Christine couldn't help but scowl when she saw the head cheerleader sitting there with a devilish grin.

"Hi Christine," Heather said as she stood up and extended a hand to Christine.

Christine just sat down without acknowledging Heather's attempt at pleasantries. She glared menacingly. "Don't 'Hi Christine' me, Heather. We both know we can't get along, but if Alan wants us to do this, then I promised him that I would try."

Heather sat back down and tried to act casual and sociable. "Fine by me. Look, we both know that you were the one that actually did the fighting to protect Sir... I mean Alan. What no one seems to realize is that I did a lot more stuff behind the scenes that probably helped."

"Why did you just call Alan 'Sir'?"

"Mmmm... honestly... because he told me to. It's kind of my special name for him." Heather was both embarrassed and proud of that at the same time.

"Whatever! What exactly did you do to help the fight anyway? Screwing all of the football jocks doesn't count!"

"Tell me, Christine, did you know that this is the very place where I played with Alan's big, hot cock for the very first time? Not only that, but it even happened right here at this table!"

"Yeah, right, bitch. Stop your lies already and get on with it."

"What, you don't believe me? At first he was sitting at the table behind me. Rock was sitting where you are. As soon as I convinced Alan to join us and sit down next to me, I put my hand on that magnificent pussy splitter of his. I gave him a nice little handjob before I got him to go back to my house with me. Then he was on me like an animal, fucking me into some other-worldly dimension or something! It was obvious that he'd never fucked anyone with a body that looked as good as mine before. Nor with the sexual talent that I have."

That infuriated Christine to no end. She clenched her fist and slammed it down on the table. "You little slut!"

"My, my, my. You seem to be forgetting that Alan is Amy's boyfriend... not yours. Surely you don't think that you would have a chance with him on your own? A complete virgin! You wouldn't know the first thing about pleasing him. Besides, as you know, Amy approves of Alan sleeping with others. It's only natural that he would choose to fuck only the most beautiful girls in school, like me and Simone."

Christine thought back to how Alan had seemed to enjoy their encounters, including the blowjob she had given him just before he had fucked Amy a little while earlier, and how she had continued to lick his shaft as he was pounding Amy's hot box. Ha! I wonder what little Miss Slut over there would think of my chances if she knew that. I'm not so sexually inexperienced after all, not anymore. Maybe I should tell her... but that's my secret. It can also work to my advantage if she continues to underestimate me.

Christine stood up to leave. "That's it! This was a complete waste of time. I should've known better than to even try to talk to you. I'll tell him that you were completely uncooperative, just like I figured you'd be!"

Heather reached out and grabbed Christine's hand just as she was starting to walk off. "I'm sorry, Christine. I really am. Please sit back down. Sometimes I just can't control my bitchy side. I'm really trying though. It's just that I've been like that for so long that it's hard to change. Please? Regardless of how we feel about each other, we need to cooperate for Alan. I'm not saying this to hurt you, but I really do care a lot about him."

Christine looked down and saw that Heather looked like she meant what she was saying. So she sat back down, but not before jerking her hand loose from Heather's grip. "You're right. Alan is my very good friend and I'm willing to do whatever I can to help him. Even if it means having to speak to you."

Heather tried harder to stay focused and serious. "You may not believe this, Christine, but I actually had the football team pretty well divided before the fight even happened. You don't understand yet, but sex is a VERY powerful motivator. Once I got the girlfriends of certain players to start withholding certain pleasures from them, well it didn't take much convincing after that. Most guys aren't like Alan; they think with only their little head."

"Just exactly how did you do that? Blackmail them like you've tried to do him?"

"No... well... maybe to a certain degree. But to me that was definitely a case of where the end justifies the means. Would it have been better to have not done anything and have the two of you taking on practically the entire football team? I figured that if I could find a way to turn the players against each other, then they would be less likely to act together at the game. So what if I had to start a few new rumors about some of them. I made dozens of calls in the days before the fight, cutting the number of guys willing to stand with Rock and Ryan. I might have stretched the truth a little, but they weren't exactly all lies. Look, I can't go back in time and undo all the stupid things I've done to hurt him, but I can try to do better going forward."

Christine huffed, "Yeah, and while you were doing all that, I was visiting Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny. You may have him fooled by letting him fuck your skanky little hot box whenever he wants, but you're going to have to do a LOT more than that to convince me."

Heather tried not to react to the insult. "If you give me a chance, I'll try to show you otherwise." Seeing that she had Christine's attention again, she continued, "Don't get me wrong. I know that you were the one that protected him physically, and I do thank you for that."

"That's right. What was it exactly that you did?"

"It was actually fairly easy. You know that most of my clique, or friends of my clique, date the football players. I called each of them and made them offers they couldn't really refuse. As you'll learn one day, a girl's pussy holds a lot of power. I even had to get a couple of girls to threaten to dump their boyfriends if they didn't agree to help. Ask around if you don't believe me. Most of it will be hushed up, but you'll be able to learn enough to find out that I was doing something."

"So you used sex as a deterrent to divide the attackers?" Christine asked in confusion, since she still didn't fully understand how that was possible.

"To put it bluntly... yes. BUT... I never touched any of them. That's the thing about Alan. He made me promise to not have any more sexual contact with any other guy. He said I could fool around with Simone and a couple of other girls, but explicitly made sure that I understood there would be no other guys."

She added with more than a touch of pride, "I belong to him now. My Sir. I was upset about it at first, but now I wouldn't have it any other way."

"Oh, I..." Christine started feeling nervous, because she could kind of see that happening when she thought about how addicted to sucking Alan's cock she had gotten in such a short time.

She was jolted back to reality when Heather asked her, "You really are lusting after Alan, aren't you?"

"What? No way!"

Heather could instantly tell that she had guessed right, that Christine was also head over heels in love with Alan. "Oh come on, Christine! You can't bullshit me! I'm not faulting you in any way."

Christine dropped her head, not knowing how to respond to that. Plus, she didn't want Heather to see how embarrassed she was.

Heather reached out and took Christine's hands and squeezed them supportively. "Look at me, Christine. Why do you think I did the things I did to get Alan to commit himself only to me? Granted I went about it totally the wrong way, but once he gave me a taste of what he's capable of... I just knew that I had to have that in my life as often as I could get it. So relax. At least you're showing that you're human."

Christine blustered, "You don't understand. I don't allow myself to feel those kinds of things."

Heather had a hearty laugh at Christine's idea that she could completely control those feelings. She knew that having Christine as an ally was key to keeping Alan in her life, so she figured that since they shared the desire to be fucked by him, maybe that could be the one thing that they could use to bond over.

"The Pristine Christine is hopelessly in love! To make it worse, it's with Alan, who seems to be fucking just about any girl he wants, including me. That's front page news, for sure."

Christine's face turned red with anger and embarrassment.

Heather picked up on it instantly. "Wait just a minute! You've already done stuff with him, haven't you?"

"No." Christine couldn't meet Heather's eyes.

"Come on Christine. It's written all over your face!"

Christine realized that she'd given herself away with her embarrassed face. "Fine, Heather! Fine. Yes! Is that what you want to hear?"

"Hey, calm the fuck down already. Sheesh! It's okay."

Christine was breathing heavily, seriously upset that she'd been forced to reveal that to Heather.

Realizing that she needed to calm Christine down, Heather said in a more relaxed and approving manner, "I say good for you. I pretty much knew that already anyway. Let's put aside our differences for a second. Girl to girl, has he fucked you yet?"

"Heather! I can't tell you that." Christine looked around nervously. She wanted to escape.

"Really?! You know about the stuff he and I do. Please tell me. I promise I won't judge you; I might actually be able to help give you some advice."

Christine just shook her head 'No.'

"Okay, fine. How about I tell you some of the stuff we've done just in case you don't know already. Well, do you know that he makes me call him 'Sir'? Even in public and in front of other students at school. To make it worse, I actually can't imagine not calling him that now. Another thing: I found out that I enjoy anal sex much more than I ever did vaginal."

Heather continued, "He even made me realize that giving blowjobs can be just as pleasurable for me as it is for him. I used to hate doing that, and I pretty much refused to do that for any guy. But with my Sir, it's gotten to the point that I actually love sucking him off. It's such a thrill when he has me strip naked, kneel before him, and bob on his cock for a long time. It's totally humiliating, but somehow that makes it even MORE thrilling! You know what I mean?"

Christine again shook her head 'No.' But she thought, I do! I know exactly what you mean! Dammit, I sucked him just a little while ago, but hearing her talking about it is making me salivate and long to do it all over again. Why am I getting so hooked on such a demeaning act?!

Heather added, "Plus, the taste of his cum is absolutely delicious. It's totally worth it, having to bob on his thick cock-meat even until I feel my jaw is going to break, just so I can guzzle down another load of his sweet, sweet cum. I don't even mind when he cums on my face or my tits. Or better yet, on my face AND my tits! You know what I mean?"

Christine tried to look stern and irritated. "No, I don't!"

However, Heather could tell that Christine wasn't being honest.

Christine found herself becoming aroused from Heather's admissions of what Alan had done to her. Damn that little slut! Sitting here talking about how it's SO good to suck the cock of MY man! I should reach across this table right now and smack the shit out of her to let her know that she needs to back the fuck off, but instead I'm too busy getting horny! Why the Hell does sex have to be so damn confusing?!

She's right that his cum IS incredibly delicious, but she doesn't deserve any of it! I can't wait until I see him again. Amy got his cum load this last time, but she promised I'll get it next time. I want him to cum all over my face and breasts, just like Heather said. That really is the best!

Christine's facial expression slowly changed, telling Heather that she had hit on something.

Heather smirked knowingly. "Oooooh, that's it, isn't it? You've been sucking his cock, haven't you?"

Christine's face turned an even darker shade of red. She was unwilling to admit anything, but she knew that Heather could read the answer on her humiliated face.

Heather smiled in triumph. "Oh my God! Do you have as hard a time fitting that huge thing in your mouth as I do? I swear, after only a few minutes, I feel like my jaw is going to fall off!"

Shyly, Christine answered, "Yes."

Heather's eyes lit up. "It IS the best, isn't it? You know, we can kind of bond over this. We don't have to be enemies. What's your favorite part of sucking him off? I love how he's got such incredible stamina. Every time I suck him, I know it's going to be this really difficult, prolonged ordeal. I've got to go all out and use every trick I know if I'm gonna have any chance to get him to cum. It sucks. It's really frustrating! But then, when I do get him to cum, somehow all that work makes his cum taste even better! It's like I totally lose myself in the struggle. I lose all my inhibitions! And I always cum SO HARD!"


Christine was very reluctant to comment to her enemy about her experiences, but she nodded in agreement. She quietly muttered, "It's the same for me."

"Now come on, tell me... what all has he done to you? Please!"

Christine squirmed in her seat with lust and embarrassment. "We can't talk about this kind of thing in a public place!"

Heather looked around too. "We can't? It sure looks like we are. Don't worry; nobody's listening. Now, come on. I've told you lots of stuff. It's your turn."

Christine closed her eyes. Her face was still cherry red. "Obviously, I've done some things with him, but I'm not ready for him to... well you know."

"Fuck you? Oh! That's the best! If you think that sucking him is fun, just wait until he sticks that big, fat cock inside you! No offense to you, but I'll be surprised if you don't cum before he even gets it even part way in. I know that it's hard even for me to not drop to the floor in a major orgasm as soon as I feel the tip of it just touch my pussy lips."

Christine couldn't resist saying more, since she so rarely got any chance to talk to anyone about this. "So Amy keeps telling me! I'm just not ready for that yet. One part of me is SO ready that I want to go find out where he's at, rip my clothes off and demand that he does it right there! The other part of me is scared of giving in to those kinds of urges."

Christine was reminded of how Amy constantly went on and on about how great it was to actually fuck Alan instead of just being limited to blowjobs and titfucks. She added, "But anyway, I guess you're right. I'm sure I'm missing out."

Trying to give Christine some reassurance for when the day would come that she was ready to let Alan fuck her, Heather told her, "Guess I'm right? Whatever! You'll see one day. But I've seen how Alan treats you, so I'm sure he won't be as demeaning to you as he is to me. That's one of the places you and I are different. He knows I'm a shameless, wanton slut, and he treats me as such. I bet he'll be the perfect, caring gentleman for you when that time comes."

Seeing that Christine was getting a certain lusty glaze in her eyes, Heather went on, "You should see how he takes control of me though. Damn him sometimes. He knows exactly which buttons to push and when to push them. Hell, he even has Simone helping him out as his assistant. Oh Jesus! When the two of them team up on me..."

Heather realized she was getting overheated and carried away. She added a bit more calmly, "But I'm sure he'd never do any of that to you. Well... unless you wanted him to!"

Christine looked around nervously, even though nobody was near. "I hope you're right. But that's another one of the issues that I have. I'm still not sure that I can get used to the whole idea of sharing. The more I give in to my urges for him, the more I want exclusivity."

"I completely understand. I was the same way. I've done some bad things, some things I regret, because I kept trying to separate him from his other lovers, at least the ones I knew of, so I could have him all to myself. I finally came to the conclusion that he simply has too many other lovers! It's like playing Whack-a-Mole. He's too studly and irresistible. If I got him to break up with someone like Ms. Rhymer, he'd just fuck someone else in her place. So all I was doing was alienating him."

Heather continued, "Look at you. You know I don't like you and you don't like me. To say the least! But even so, I can't deny that you're one of the most beautiful girls in school. Yet it's obvious that he's even got you addicted to serving his cock, even with your prudish, virginal ways! If he can seduce you, he could seduce anyone. So how could I possibly win? I can't!"

Christine protested, "I'll admit that I'm attracted to him, and I am involved with him, but I'm hardly 'addicted.'"

Heather rolled her eyes. "Oh, shush it. I've seen your look when I mentioned blowjobs. Either you're lying or you're in denial. What if he snaps his fingers, points to the tent in his shorts, and says 'Suck it'? What are you going to do?"

Christine looked away shyly. "Well..."

"A-ha! That answer right there tells me all I need to know! You'd do it, wouldn't you? Of course you would!"

But Heather quickly went from triumphant to thoughtful. "But I'm not trying to play 'gotcha' with you. I'm exactly the same way. Hell, I'm probably worse. That's why I've had a change of heart. I need to try to stop fighting him and be happy with whatever time I can get with him. I'm not going to lie to you and tell you that's going to be easy for me, but I really do plan on trying. Maybe we could help each other out with that. Plus maybe you could help me learn to keep some of my unwelcome ways in check."

Christine replied tentatively, "I think I'd like that. Maybe this could be the start of some sort of friendship between us."

Heather joked, "Hey, I never said anything about us being friends." Making sure that Christine knew that she was only kidding, she added, "Only joking, Christine. I think we might even actually become friends if we give each other a chance."

Christine nodded thoughtfully. Wow. Me, friends with Heather? No way! But if we could at least not be enemies, and even on reasonable speaking terms, that would be a big help. Now that we both love the same man, I'm sure this is just the start. He's going to insist that we get along to some degree.

Heather said, "Let's get down to brass tacks. Christine, why don't we share the role of who helped in the fight?"

"Why should we do that?"

"Easy. Both stories are already out there. Most of the students that believe one version don't believe the other. If we tell them they're both true, that'll confuse them. Can you imagine how that could help our situation?"

Christine thought about that briefly before realizing that maybe Heather was right. "Okay, let's say that you're right. If we do that, no way the others would believe any story the football players could come up with, if you and I are saying the same thing. They know that we don't usually get along, to put it mildly, so seeing us together on this would make a really strong impression."


Heather was curious as to why Christine hadn't said much about what had happened at lunch, so she asked, "By the way, before we continue with that, aren't you going to ask me anything about what happened at lunch today?"

"I want to, but no. For a couple of reasons. First off, if Alan wants to keep seeing you, I can't stop him. As you point out, he's got lots of lovers and it's futile trying to fight that. The other reason is, I don't know that I could handle knowing certain things. I get jealous. But I did find out about your little meeting during fifth period."

This time it was Heather who was embarrassed. She hung her head and asked, "How did you find out?"

"Alan. He actually met Amy and me there after school. We kind of had our own fun in there as well." She couldn't help but smirk a little bit at that.

Heather was worried. "So are you going to tell on us for using that spot?"

"I think if Amy hadn't been with me, I would probably have gotten more pissed off than I did. But no, your secret is safe with me. In fact, Alan told us to stay quiet about it, so of course we will. Plus, he's explained how he's used that room to have sex with you, and others, and now he's going to have sex with Amy and me in there sometimes too. So it's a secret we've all got to share. If one person blabs, that could ruin it for everyone."

Heather nodded grimly at that distressing prospect. "It's not like we'd be able to easily find another place to have sex in school." Then she asked, "You're not going to try to make me stop seeing him, are you?"

"No, because I know that's his choice, regardless of whether I approve or not. If I try to make him stop seeing you, I'm only going to lose points with him. I admit that I don't like it, and I've made that abundantly clear to him, but he hasn't listened to me. So you don't have to worry about me as a potential threat to you. We're both just going to have to accept and deal with the fact that he's intimate with both of us and there's nothing we can do to change that. Agreed?"

"Agreed." However, Heather pointed out, "But... we are going to be in competition to some extent. For instance, to put it bluntly, if he were to spend tomorrow's lunch fucking my ass, that's time that he won't be fucking your face."

"That's true," Christine grimly agreed. "I'm sure we'll bump elbows sometimes. But ultimately that's HIS decision. It's frustrating as hell, but I'm starting to realize that I basically have zero power in this relationship. You're right: if he snaps his fingers, I WILL drop to my knees to suck him! It's humbling and humiliating, but it's true."

Heather sighed. "You got that right. Gaawwwd! I get so humiliated with him sometimes." She thought to herself, And yet, it's super hot! I love it when he treats me like that!

Christine admitted, "Me too. It seems I'm always blushing whenever I'm with him in private lately. In fact, I'm probably blushing right now from just talking about it, aren't I?"

Heather smiled and nodded, because Christine was.


Christine was chagrined. "Anyway, he apparently has many busty beauties, and he picks and chooses who he wants to be with at any given time. There's not much I can do to control that, except try harder to please him, sexually and otherwise. I'm sure it's the same with you. I figure that he's going to try to spend time with me most every day, so if I don't see him at lunch, maybe I'll see him later. Whereas if I do see him at lunch, it'll be less likely that I see him later. So, although we're likely to bump elbows, like I said, it's kind of futile to get upset about those arrangements."

Heather nodded. "By the way, when you say 'see him,' what you really mean is some of this, right?" She lewdly pumped her curled fingers back and forth right in front of her mouth, obviously miming a blowjob.

Christine's blush turned redder, giving her unspoken answer.

Heather said, "I thought as much. What about titfucks, by the way?" She blatantly ogled Christine's chest. It was completely covered by her shirt, but there was no way for her to hide the sheer size of her F-cups. "With breasts as big as yours, and all natural to boot, I'm sure he must love fucking your chest all the time!"

Christine thought, I wish! He's only fucked my tits once, but I hope you're right and he starts making a regular habit of it. Especially since I'm able to crane my head down and suck on his fat knob at the same time. Apparently I can do that better than any of his other lovers, maybe due to years of Aikido neck-stretching and flexibility exercises!

She looked around the shop. She remembered where she was, and who she was talking to. Dammit. Why am I having this kind of discussion with Heather?! It's crazy! At least I kept my thoughts on that to myself.

Trying to change the subject, she said, "Enough about that. Right now, I'm more concerned with figuring out our best plan of attack."

"Okay, so what is it you need?"

"I think that we need to show that we're united behind Alan. I know you're good with school politics, but I'm good with strategizing thanks to my martial arts training. If we put on a show of full unity behind him, it should not only help squelch the majority of the rumors, but maybe show anyone else intent on attacking him that we all support him."

Heather's eyes narrowed suspiciously. "How do I know that you won't double cross me?"

"Like I said, Alan's my friend, and obviously as you've figured out, my lover too. I care about him... a lot! If I double cross you, I'd be double crossing him too. I promise you that I'll keep my end of the agreement if you do."

Heather thought about that for a few moments, and then agreed. "Okay. The same logic applies to me. I've been in his doghouse the past few days, and believe me, I don't want to go back there. Trust me, you don't want to either! Or worse!" She shuddered. Then she got visibly frustrated. "Talk about humbling. It's so fucking humbling! The way he treats me! ME! Heather Morgan! I'm the queen of this school!"

Christine simply said, "Yes, but you're also just one of his many sluts."

Heather visibly deflated. "FUCK! I know! God, it pisses me off!" She shook her fists.

Christine grinned. She couldn't help but feeling some schadenfreude (pleasure derived from the misfortune of others) at seeing Heather like that. But it was tempered by the fact that she knew she was in the exact same boat. That little slut thinks she better than everyone else, but look at her! She's as hopelessly addicted to Alan as I am. She's no better than anyone else!

Now that they'd agreed in principle to get their stories to match, they had to work hard to get their details synched up. The two of them argued a long time over just exactly who was going to get credit for what, which points to emphasize, and how they were going to get their story out there.

Each time one of them would point out what they'd done. Then the other would counter with their actions being more important. Both of them were jockeying to come out on top, as if that would somehow force Alan to choose between the two of them.

The other customers in the ice cream shop would constantly stare at them like they were little kids fighting over the same toy. Occasionally, the customers would have to move to a farther table, hoping to get some peace and quiet while they were enjoying their treats.

One family with small kids in particular had sat down behind them when they were discussing their sexual adventures with Alan. They quickly became uncomfortable trying to cover their children's ears so they wouldn't hear what was being said. The mother had gotten so embarrassed by the talk about fucking someone's tits that she stumbled and almost fell to the floor when she stood up to move to another table.

Every so often, the teenage boy behind the counter would walk up to their table, asking them if they could try to keep it down. Every time he did, he would be met with evil stares from both Heather and Christine. He'd seen Heather in there many times before, so he was familiar with who she was and her reputation of being a bitch.

Since neither girl was willing to budge and allow the other to have more credit, they finally had to agree that they would share everything fifty-fifty. That was good in theory, but it was hard to work out in practice. They spent over half an hour arguing until they finally came up with a version that they both could live with.

Then they discussed how they might get the agreed-upon version out. They mutually came to the decision to have their cliques assist, to spread the word even faster. They also agreed to make phone calls that evening to try to personally persuade key opinion makers.

Heather suddenly switched gears. "I have an idea, Christine. You say you want a show of unity and force. What if I get the cheerleader squad and my Blondies, and you get your Goody Goodies, and we all walk into school with him tomorrow morning? Maybe even before school and then after school as well. How do you think that would work?"

"I think that's a great idea. If the students see us all appearing to be as one on this, it would go a long way. I'm sure I can get my girls to go along with it. What about yours?"

"Well, the cheerleaders are guaranteed, since Amy and Katherine are part of the squad, and the other girls will do whatever I tell them to do."

"Good." Christine admitted with mixed feelings, "Besides, there's the fact that he's fucking almost all of them."

Heather winced. "There is that. I must admit, the whole squad basically thinks he walks on water."

Christine shook her head in amazement. "It's pretty crazy, isn't it? That he's got all of us in the palm of his hand. How does he do it? Why don't other guys do much the same thing? I'm new to sexual relations, I must admit. I really don't understand. Do you have any answers?"

Heather pondered that. "It is remarkable. The bottom line is... yes, I'm a slut. I know you call me that as an insult, but I don't care much because it's true. I really like sex. So fucking what? Anyway, as a slut, I've had sex with many guys. Many, many guys. Plenty of girls too. He's head and shoulders above ALL of them when it comes to great experiences and incredible orgasms. The only one who even comes close in my book is Simone. But since he has a dick, it's not fair to compare them."

She paused for a moment before continuing, "For me, I think one of the biggest things is his sexual stamina. He lasts so DAMN long that I cum and cum and cum, and then cum some more before he even gets close. Every other guy I've been with is finished before I know that he got started good. Then they're ready to jump up and go watch some stupid game on TV. But not Alan; he always makes sure that I've had multiple orgasms before he cums. There are times that I swear he has the little Energizer bunny in him and could hold off indefinitely."

Christine knew Heather was telling the truth because she'd already seen that in her few experiences with him, plus seeing how he had fucked Amy earlier.

Christine grumbled, "TMI. Too much information! But I still don't get it. Why don't other guys do that? He makes it seem so easy!"

Heather answered, "I guess they just don't really care enough. That would be answer enough right there, but there's more! It's not just the great sex. He makes me have all kinds of other feelings for him too. Powerful feelings. Feelings I don't understand. How does he do that when he has so many other lovers? That's what I don't get."

Christine nodded. "I don't either." She thought, It's good to confirm that he really is that much better as a lover. So maybe I'm not so crazy getting so addicted so fast. This is not a normal situation. Like I told him, if everybody was that good at sex, society would collapse because nobody would do anything else!

Christine pointed out, "We'll have to get to school a little early so we can all be waiting for him when he gets there. Plus, we need to take steps to prevent the remaining disgruntled football players from taking revenge on him. I can help with that by protecting him with my martial arts skills."

Heather said sourly, "And then you get to hang out with him all the time."

"A lot of the time, yes. But think what would have happened to him in the fight if I hadn't been guarding him when they attacked. It would have been four on one, and you couldn't have gotten there in time. He would have been a bloody mess."

Heather shivered in dismay. She truly cared for him. She decided not to fight the bodyguard idea.

Christine added, "I'm also thinking we need to do something to help watch over Amy and Katherine too."

Since Heather already had her incest suspicions about Alan and his sister, she asked, "Oooh, you don't think he's fucking Katherine too, do you?"

"Eewww! That's gross. No way!"

But Heather prodded, "Come on, could you really blame her? You know how tempting he is, and how addicting he is."

"True, but she's his sister! Just thinking about it makes me sick. Yes, Alan is a total stud, as we all know. But he's also a good, moral guy. He's not going to do something completely morally despicable and even illegal like that!"

"Yeah, you're right. It's just that I don't know how she stands it. The poor girl must be in Hell having to live with him and not fuck him. With her body, her face, and her nice rack, she's just the kind of girl he'd want to add to his stable of sluts."

Christine sighed sadly. "I know. She's shared some of her frustrations with me. She sees all kinds of impossibly beautiful bombshells come and go from his room. How could she not be dying of curiosity?"

Heather replied, "Thank God I'm not her. Anyway, you're also right about watching out for her and Amy. Now, granted those two would be easier for me since they're on the cheerleading squad. Everyone has already seen you in your 'bodyguard' role next to Alan, and I'll grant you'll probably do that better than anybody. So what do you think if I mainly watch over those two while you continue to watch him, and occasionally between classes and at lunch... we rotate out?"

Christine asked testily, "What do you mean by 'rotate out?' How are YOU going to defend him against a gang of burly football players trying to beat him to a pulp? With some choice insults?!"

"Yes, actually. Public shaming does help, as well as shouting for help. But you can't be with him all the time. Besides, what if it's not just me? What if Simone is with us too? I'll admit that I'm a lover, not a fighter, much like Alan. But Simone is pretty kick ass. She doesn't have your martial arts training, but she's a star in any sport she chooses to play. So I think she could at least physically fend them off for a while."

Christine said grudgingly, "I suppose there's some value to that. They certainly would think twice about hurting her. Like you said, I can't be with him all the time, so that's better than nothing. We really won't know for sure about anything until we put it into effect and see how everyone reacts. It might not hurt for the time being if we all sit together during lunch. There's safety in numbers."

Heather nodded at that. Then, looking as if she wasn't sure that she really wanted to say this to Christine or not, she finally said, "What if Alan wants to meet one of us in the theater room during lunch?"

Christine replied, "Let's be realistic: not 'if' but 'when.'"

Heather nodded again. She gleefully again mimed giving a pretend blowjob.

"In that case, at least one of us would still be with him and the other one would be with Katherine, and with Amy if she's not also with him. I can promise you this though: if you think that it will be you going there with him every time, you're sadly mistaken! Amy and I have already talked about doing it with him there on some days. What if Amy and I agree to take turns with you?"

"I think I can handle that."

"The other thing is that I think we need to add to our story that we've actually worked together to plan all of this, so that way it doesn't come across as spur-of-the-moment. I think it would add a lot more believability to it. Don't you?"

"Sure, if you think that's best. If nothing else, it'll cause some of the students to wonder whether our cooperation is made up, since they're used to seeing us not get along, or alternatively that us being at each other's throats all the time was a sham and we've been working together behind the scenes the entire time."

Christine nodded and said, "Hey, whatever keeps them off balance is good."

"Christine, I'm honestly not trying to pry, but I keep hearing you say 'Amy and I' when it comes to things involving Alan. What does that mean exactly?"

Christine didn't want to admit that she was so ignorant when it came to sex that Amy was having to help her learn even the basics.

Seeing that Christine didn't want to answer, Heather said, "We're going to have to learn to trust each other eventually. What's up with you and Amy?"

Finally an embarrassed Christine said, "Let's just say that she's helping me get past some of my inhibitions. She doesn't mind sharing him with me sometimes."

Heather thought, Fuck me! That really is a strike against me right there. Christine has Amy helping her, which REALLY puts me at a significant disadvantage. I've got to figure out how to get Amy over to my side. Maybe not completely, but at least where she doesn't see me as an enemy. There's one thing I can offer Alan though that they can't: Simone. He knows Simone and I come as a complete package and she's already hot to trot over him. The way he sounded when he told me about her 'warming him up' in the hallway, when she was supposed to bring him to me, sure sounded like she'd fuck him at the drop of a hat! Speaking from experience, who can blame either one of them?

Heather finally said, "Oh, okay. With the way Amy goes on and on about Alan, I guess no one knows more about him than she does." Knowing that she still always had her blank permission slips to turn to if she needed them, she continued, "To answer your question about sharing, I can't expect anything anymore. Like I said, it's really up to him. I'm supposed to go meet with him and Amy later to discuss what happened at lunch today. Maybe I can get their opinion on it then."

Both of them were still uncomfortable being that close to the other, plus they felt they had come up with the basics of a workable plan.

Christine was the first to stand, but this time she was the one that extended a hand for Heather to shake. "Deal?"

Heather stood up as well. She reached out and shook Christine's hand and said, "Deal."

"Heather, please forgive me, but I have to be honest. I still don't know how this is going to work between us. We've been against each other for so long, but I will admit that I think the progress we've made over this shows that maybe it's time we change that."

Heather replied, "I know. It's funny how having feelings for the same guy can bring us together when it usually puts women more at odds with one another. I guess that it's the same for his other lovers as well."


Katherine managed to drive the minivan to the hospital parking lot without any further incident.

She, Susan, Amy, and Alan got out of the minivan after double-checking to make sure they were presentable. As Susan started walking towards the hospital door, Katherine grabbed Alan and Amy by the arms and said to Susan, "Mom, why don't you go on in without us? I need to talk to these two for a few minutes."

Susan replied, "I can stay out here with you three, Angel, if you want." She wanted to be near her master and she didn't have anything to do if she went first into the hospital.

Alan could see that his sister wanted to talk to him and Amy about something important, but that she didn't want to hurt their mother's feelings. So he said, "Mom, Kat has her reasons. Don't worry, you go ahead and we'll be along in a little bit."

"But Tiger, you need my help to keep others from seeing how Amy's hands are tied. The more people you have to walk behind her, the better your chances of it not being noticed."

"Thanks, but we've got it covered. If Kat says she wants to talk, then we'll make do somehow."

Susan pouted and started to protest, but decided, If they feel like they need to talk in private then I should let them. My son is my master now, and he needs to be obeyed. I wish I knew what they want to talk about though.

Alan waited until Susan had walked far enough away that she wouldn't be able to hear what Katherine wanted to discuss. He made sure that Susan kept on walking to the main hospital building.

They stayed beside the minivan so Amy could stand with her arms against it to prevent anyone from seeing her bindings. Plus, that way it would all but eliminate anyone hearing what she might want to say.

"Okay Sis, what's up?"

Katherine had stopped with her back turned towards Alan and Amy, but turned around when Alan asked that. She had tears rolling down her cheeks. "It's Mom. I can't believe she wouldn't let me get you off to completion this time. It was bad enough this morning, but at least that made some sense. It's not like I could walk into school with your cum all over my face. But this time, I could have gotten cleaned up to the point that no one would have noticed. At least until I could get to a bathroom and finish washing up."

Alan hugged Katherine. "I'm sorry, Sis. You know how Mom is. I agree she's been too much of a cock hog lately. It's unfair to you."

"It's not just me that it's unfair to. It's all of us! Mom is way too much of a cock hog and it needs to stop now. I can't keep being shoved aside like that. It's pure torture. Plus, we're going to have to stop having rides like that if we expect Mom to drive us anywhere. No way would we get there alive with her always getting 'so hot' all the time. Hell, it was hard enough for me to drive safely while listening to you three back there!"

"Come on, Sis. Really? It isn't that bad, is it?"

"What? You don't believe me? It's not just me being overly jealous this time, I promise. Ask Amy! That's why I wanted her out here too. I know she sees and feels the same thing and can back me up on this."

He looked to Amy. "Aims, be honest. Is Kat right?"

Amy said, "Yes, Beau, she is. I don't think you see it because Susan's your mom. I wasn't going to say anything, but Kat's right and it does hurt. My mother feels the same way, but she'll never just come out and tell you because she and your mom are best friends."

She added, "It's not like Susan does it on purpose. She means well, she really does. She loves us all a super duper way lot, not just you. We all know that. It's just that she gets 'so hot!' as we all know. It's like she starts salivating and licking her lips, and she gets so hungry to suck your thingy that she can't think straight."

Alan shook his head like he couldn't believe that he hadn't let himself see that fully before. "I'm so sorry. I've often felt that she was getting a little too carried away, but I thought that it was just my imagination or something. I've chided her a few times about being a cock hog, but I guess not enough. Why haven't either of you said anything before now?"

A teary-eyed Katherine replied, "Because, Big Pussy Pounding Master, we love you and we know you love Mom. We didn't want to make you mad at us, but today was more than I could stand. So as your official uppity fuck-toy, I finally had to say something."

Alan corrected her, "Don't you mean uppity NUMBER ONE fuck-toy?"

Katherine beamed from ear to ear and threw herself into his arms. After crushing him with a bear hug, she asked, "So you're not mad at us?"

"Mad? No way. I'm disappointed that you felt like you couldn't bring this to me before it reached this point, but it's my fault that I ever let it get this far. Don't worry; I'll come up with some changes that will be fairer to everyone. Why don't we go on in? I'm going to speak with Mother about this too before talking to Mom."

Katherine quickly wiped her face, trying to make herself presentable.

As they turned to go inside, Alan asked Amy, "Aims, are you sure you don't want me to untie your hands? I can do it here so no one will notice if you like."

"Umph! Are you kidding me? I can't wait to see the look on my mother's face when she sees that you tied me up and then I tell her how you made me obey you!"

Alan slapped his forehead and said, "Okay. If that's what you want. Sis and I will walk close enough behind you, like I said, so no one sees how you're tied. How come I feel like I've created another monster?"

"Grrrrr!" Amy and Katherine both growled playfully, in their best monster voices.

Alan remembered the small throw blanket that was in the back of the minivan and retrieved it. He draped it over Amy's hands and lower arms in such a way that it would appear to anyone that saw them that she was hiding what might be a gift for someone. Plus, with him and Katherine walking closely behind her, it was possible that no one would notice the blanket on Amy's lower back at all.

Alan was still nervous about leaving Amy bound like that as they started towards the hospital and through the front door. He looked around, trying not to appear suspicious to anyone, hoping not to alert the police. How in the hell do I get myself in these situations? I can see myself now being hauled down to the police station and having to try to explain that my kinky-ass girlfriend wanted her mother to see that I had tied her up. Then on top of that, I'd bet Suzanne would tell me that her price for bailing me out is that I tie her up too!

The three of them were sweating bullets, hoping that no one would notice the odd blanket covering Amy's hands. Alan and Katherine walked really close behind Amy, hoping to make it harder for anyone to see and even question why she had her hands behind her back. Occasionally they would readjust the blanket.

When they got to the elevator to go up to Glory's room, a nurse stepped into it with them. Because of the way they had to turn once inside, she was able to see the blanket and commented to Amy about how nice it looked.

That left Alan too nervous to answer the nurse, so Amy was polite enough to acknowledge her and thank her for her comments when she got off at the next floor, leaving the other three alone on the elevator.

Alan said to Amy, "Whew, that was close!"

Amy seemed the least afraid of the three of them. She brazenly teased Alan a little bit, 'What's the matter, Beau? Feeling a little hot under the collar?"

"I sure am! That was too close for me. We're gonna have to find ways to ensure we won't get caught if we ever plan on doing anything like this again!"

Katherine was silent, but she was very surprised at how cool under fire Amy was.

The elevator made another stop on its way up, allowing another elderly gentleman to get on. As he did, he spoke to Alan, Amy and Katherine, but they only nodded in return. When they saw him push the button for his floor, they saw he was going up further than they were.

Once they got to their floor and the elevator stopped, Alan tried to make sure that the blanket was still completely covering up Amy's bindings.

As they walked out the door, Amy being playful as she usually was, adjusted her arms just enough to allow the old man to see her bra showing above the blanket. That left the man completely speechless.

Alan saw what she was doing and quickly covered her bonds back up.

Walking down a hall, a very frightened Katherine whispered, "Geez, Aims, it's like you have no fear! Aren't you scared shitless?"

Amy replied, "Yeah, but it's fun, like riding a roller-coaster! Come on. That guy was harmless. Who's he going to tell?"

Katherine shook her head. She couldn't wait until this was over.

As they were getting close to the door to Glory's room, Alan stopped and asked Amy, "Do you really want to do this right?"

Confused, Amy asked, "What do you mean 'do it right'?"

Alan pulled them in so he could whisper his plan. "Just before we go into Glory's room, I'm going to hold onto your wrists. I want you to make some subtle sounds like you're struggling to get free. Then, just as we make it in, I'm going to let go. I want you to act as if I am tossing you over onto the empty bed in the room. That should really get those ladies talking."

Katherine and Amy both squealed with excitement before Alan reminded them to keep quiet.

Amy was bouncing on her heels in anticipation. "Oh Beau, I love that idea! I'm gonna win an Oscar for this performance."

Checking to make sure the hallway was clear, he pulled the blanket off Amy's lower arms and handed it to Katherine to fold as they walked.

When they got to Glory's door, he quickly looked in to make sure it was just Glory, Suzanne, and Susan in the room. Once he was certain they would be alone, the three entered and made sure that the door was completely shut behind them. Then he did just as he had said he would: he grabbed Amy by her wrists and gently tossed her over onto the empty bed.

Amy being Amy, she added a LOT more drama to her fall. She grunted and moaned like she was truly being held captive. Thanks to her "ordeal" during the ride over, she didn't have to do much to make her hair look disheveled. She made sure to land face down with ass stuck up in the air, making her tied hands obvious to everyone. She also hoped that with her face turned away from the others, they wouldn't be able to see just how aroused and excited she was.

Glory and Suzanne were left completely speechless. It took some time for it to register in their minds what they had just seen.

Even Susan, knowing that Amy had been bound in the minivan, was stunned, thanks to Amy's dramatic flair.

Once Glory saw how Amy's hands were tied, she gasped out loud, trying to figure out what had happened.

Suzanne rushed to her daughter, thinking something really was wrong with her before she noticed the bra tying Amy's hands together. "Honey Pie! Are you okay? What's wrong?"

Neither Alan nor Katherine said anything.

Amy, staying in damsel-in-distress mode, acted like she could hardly answer. Finally she forced out, "It... it was... Alan! He tied me up and sexually tortured me! ... He...he made me do things... and say things... sexy things!" She paused, still acting like it was a struggle to hold on. "He wouldn't let me cum or suck his big stiff thingy until I agreed to be his obedient little slave!"

Glory was on the edge of her seat, still believing that "poor Amy" was truly suffering. Luckily, she no longer had any tubes in her arms, so she was sitting with the head of the bed raised up, enabling her to turn and get a better view.

By then, Suzanne had caught on to the act and helped ham it up. "Oh my dear Honey Pie! What did you have to suffer through?"

Amy answered dramatically, "Mother, it was horrible! He dominated me thoroughly! He made me cum so hard that I couldn't breathe! He made Susan use my own bra to tie my wrists!"

By that point, Glory's concern had started slowly changing to arousal.

Suzanne petted and pretended to tend to Amy. "Go on, dear, my sweet Honey Pie. Tell me everything."

Alan and Katherine secretly gave each other a high five, since Katherine was standing behind Alan and nobody was paying attention to them.

Amy went on to give a VERY detailed description of her so-called "torture." She acted as if she was describing a terrible, painful experience, but her actual words described an extremely arousing sexual experience, with lots of talk about how Alan had driven her wild with the need to cum without giving her permission, and how Susan was recruited to help fondle her even as Susan continued to steadily suck on Alan's cock. Amy also emphasized how all this happened in a moving vehicle, hyping up the danger of getting caught without mentioning the tinted windows.

Suzanne looked at Alan while still trying to act upset. "Sweetie, is what she said true? Did you really do all that to my little girl?"

Alan answered Suzanne while looking right at Glory. "Yep. I cannot tell a lie; I sure did. And if she doesn't do as she's told... she'll get worse next time."

Suzanne couldn't play along any longer, because hearing what Amy had been through got her hotter than a firecracker. "Oh, thank God! It's about time you put that little cunt in her place. My only question is, when's it gonna be my turn?"

He stared at Suzanne with fire in his eyes. "Take your bra off and turn around. We can do this right now if we need to."

Suzanne purred in her sultry, scratchy voice, "Don't tempt me, Sweetie! Remember, we're in a hospital and people are coming and going in this room all the time. But rest assured that I'm going to take you up on that real soon."

He grinned. "Sounds like a plan. Now, if you don't mind... I need to check on my darling surfer girl over there for a minute." Walking past Suzanne and up to Glory's bedside, he asked, "And how are you, my love?"

Glory was still in a kind of daze from seeing Amy and hearing her story. It took her a few moments to answer, "Well, I was doing great until that little stunt! What the heck just happened here?! She really IS tied up, isn't she?"

His grin grew. "Oh yeah. That part was real. It all really happened, exactly as she described. It's just that she's being a drama queen about it."

Amy smiled at Glory and said brightly, "Guilty as charged!"

Glory asked her, "So you didn't mind?"

"Mind? I practically ordered him to do it! He told us how he tied Heather up before he fucked her earlier today, and I made VERY clear that he could do that to me too, anytime. So he did! Right away!"

Glory was stunned. "He fucked HEATHER when she was bound with rope too?! In school?!"

"Yep! Well... not a rope exactly. He said he used a strip of fabric."

Glory groaned needfully and lustily. "Now I want my turn too!" She stuck her lips out like she was pouting. She started to roll over and put her arms behind her back until she remembered she was still wearing the hospital gown that didn't have a back to it. She still wasn't completely comfortable having Susan, Amy or Katherine seeing her naked.

Alan told her, "Be careful what you wish for, my lovely slave! It could happen when you least expect it. Remember, we have the rest of our lives together, so you'd better watch out, 'cos it's just a matter of time! But, switching gears, I do really want to know how you're feeling with your injuries."

Glory said, "I'm fine. The nurses say that everything is still looking great. The pain is still there, but I imagine it's supposed to be to keep me from doing anything like that again anytime soon. How was your day at school? I hope you got some old, ugly guy for my substitute."

"Not hardly. She's actually rather sexy. Nice skin tone and a great body. If you don't get better soon, I may just have to move on to another teacher for a sex pet."

She knew that he was playing with her and really wouldn't do that, but she still picked up one of the pillows on the bed and threw it at him. "Young man! You'd better behave yourself if that's true! Or you may find yourself tied up like you did to poor little Amy there."

Alan answered, "Yes, ma'am. I remember the little 'Michelle' incident and I have no desire to repeat that. By the way, you're still going to have to tell me just who that other voice belonged to one day. But I promise to be on my best behavior."

Katherine had been lingering back, but she stepped forward and said, "By the way, it's true. I've seen her, and she's a hottie. Her name is Sheila and she's definitely Alan-worthy. She's got naturally dark skin, and tits big enough you could use them as ski slopes. Plus, it looks like her ass is firm enough that you could break a two-by-four across it."

Glory furrowed her brow. "Uh-oh! Shit! What are the odds?!"

Katherine shrugged and raised her hands questioningly. "I know! I swear, my brother must have a powerful guardian angel, and a super horny one!"

Everyone in the room had a good laugh at that.

Alan asked Suzanne, "Can I see you out in the hall for a minute?"

Suzanne was confused, but said, "Sure, Sweetie."

Alan and Suzanne started towards the door when Alan saw Susan start to get up to go with them. He said to her, "No, Mom. No offense, but I need to talk to just Mother about something."

Susan was hurt by not being able to be included in this conversation either. "Tiger, why can't I come too? I don't understand."

"Mom, you know how much I love you, but this is something that I really need to ask Mother in private. Why don't you, Kat, and Aims give Glory the run-down on how the day went? We'll be back in a minute."

Susan nodded, but she wasn't smiling.

Suzanne followed Alan out in the hall and away from Glory's room. He reached back and took her hand in his as he led her to where he felt like they could talk in private.

Suzanne was over the moon by his public display of togetherness.

Amy and Katherine had barely allowed the door to close completely before they began to tell Glory about all that had happened. They started from the very beginning with their meeting with Christine, continuing all the way until they got to the hospital. However, they intentionally sugar-coated and only lightly touched on the whole Heather situation, thinking it was better for Alan to tell her about that himself, given Glory's well-known hostility towards Heather. Plus, they'd noticed that Glory hadn't reacted well when he'd mentioned he'd tied Heather up and fucked her.

Glory felt relieved that there hadn't been any other forms of retaliation from the fight, but she couldn't shake the comments about his startlingly-attractive substitute teacher. However, she ultimately decided not to worry about it. She felt certain that he wouldn't seek out anyone new after all the serious commitments he'd recently made, plus she figured he was so overextended that he would be downright foolish to get involved with anyone else at this point. She wouldn't have minded nearly as much if it had been somebody else, but she felt it would be a personal insult if he fucked her substitute replacement. She trusted that he respected her too much to do that, especially if it was done behind her back.

But where she was most concerned was whether he could turn down another hot, busty babe if she threw herself at him. She knew that he'd already had issues turning away the likes of Heather and Simone. What am I going to do if he does leave me for someone else because I'm laid up and not at school every day? Okay, I know that's irrational. He just proposed to me, for God's sake!

She looked to her ring for reassurance, and touched her collar too. But still, I don't feel secure. He was just teasing me about this new teacher, but I'm jealous as hell! I need to talk to Suzanne. I need to discuss these feelings.

I know I'm going to have to learn that I can trust him, trust that he can fuck lots of other sexy women and still keep his love and desire for me. He can; I know that. But I can still know that and feel insanely jealous. How do I just turn off this jealousy? That's hard to do when I haven't always had the best experiences with relationships, to say the least!


Out in the hallway, once Alan felt like they wouldn't easily be overheard, he said to Suzanne, "I want to ask you something and I want you to be completely honest with me, okay?"

"Sure Sweetie, if I can."

"Before we came up here, Amy and Kat wanted to talk to me about Mom. They're getting fed up with her being a cock hog all the time. It really hit the fan today when she kept Kat from helping me cum on two different occasions, and it's not even Mom's special day. I think I always sensed that things haven't been totally fair lately, but just never let myself acknowledge it, or did much about it. Is that how you feel as well?"

Suzanne wasn't sure exactly how to answer. She didn't want to risk hurting Susan's feelings, but she knew that she felt the same way. She walked past Alan, putting her back to him so he couldn't see the conflict on her face.

Finally she answered, "Yes Sweetie, I do. Please don't get me wrong. I love Susan and I can fully understand where she's coming from. I have to make myself stop sometimes, because I get so carried away."

"But why can you stop, but she can't?"

She turned back around to face him again. "Your mom has never had that kind of pleasure before, so she doesn't have the experience to know how to control it. Plus, her lack of experience means her feelings are even stronger and thus harder to control. She's so addicted to the endorphins released in her body that it's just like a very powerful drug. I don't see her ever changing on her own. I just kind of accepted that fact and was trying to make sure I got my time in with you where I could. In fact, I'm feeling kinda left out myself. Your mom has already gotten a cum load from you twice today. Plus, you already took my sweet Honey Pie to within an inch of her life."

"Well, that's not exactly all of it, Mother. That was the second time I got Amy off today. She and I had sex at school today too, with Christine helping out."

"WHAT?! Damn, now I do feel left out."

He grinned impishly. "Not counting the fucking I gave Heather at school too."

She stared at him with a hungry, lusty look. "Well, gee thanks, you little bastard! Grr! Now you're really gonna have to fuck me soon!"

"Sorry Mother, I will. I promise. But let's get back to our other conversation, please. So you really do see Mom as pushing everyone out of the way?"

"Yes. Sure, we do get our share, but she gets the bigger share, pretty much every single day. It's far from an unbearable situation, but it is unbalanced."

He said with new resolve, "Well, that can't continue anymore. I'm determined to love each of you equally. I can't allow one to feel any less important than another. I'm going to sit here for a little bit and figure out how to handle this. You might want to head back and catch the rest of their story. But if they haven't said much to Glory about what happened today with Heather, please tell them to let me do that. I really need to have a talk with her about Heather stuff. Also, I'd appreciate you not mentioning this to anyone else until I get there."

"Okay, Sweetie. I'll be in there when you're ready."

Standing in the hallway all alone, Alan took a good while to figure out the best way to address the problem of Susan's "cock hog" habits. Finally, he came to the conclusion that he was just going to have to tackle the issue head-on and hope that Susan could understand. Then he went back to Glory's room.

All eyes turned to him as soon as he walked in. Suzanne was just finishing introducing Judy to all the other ladies. She used their first names only, making sure not to let Judy know that Susan, Alan and Katherine had the same last name. Even though she was fairly sure Judy wouldn't be a threat, she was smart enough to not want to risk it until she learned more about the nurse.

He saw Judy standing beside Glory's bed, where he assumed she'd been doing one of her routine checks. Then he noticed she wasn't actually doing any nurse tasks. She was politely shaking everyone's hand as the introductions were wrapping up.

Glory could see the seriousness on Alan's face, so she asked, "What is it, my love? Is everything okay? Amy's been detailing how eventful your day really was before Judy came in. Poor thing. You must be worn out." Glory hoped he caught on that the sexy conversations had stopped once Judy had entered, and that she had shifted to speaking only in vague terms.

Judy had asked Amy and Katherine how they had met Alan, and was only told by both of them that they went to school with him. When she had asked Susan the same question, Suzanne spoke up for Susan, informing her that she and Susan were great friends and that she met Alan that way. She also told Judy that Susan was shy around new people and didn't talk much. He replied to Glory, "Yes, I'm fine, my love. Something has been brought to my attention that all of us need to talk about. I would rather do it in private though." Then he said to Judy, "No offense, ma'am."

Judy looked at Glory and Suzanne and said, "Wow. Not only is he lucky enough to have the two of you for his very own, he's polite as well. I can see why you're holding on to him so tightly."

Then she answered Alan directly, "None taken. I've actually been done for a few minutes now; if I stay any longer, I'll get in trouble for sure. Also, it's not fair to the other nurses to have to pick up my slack. I'll be on my way and give you some privacy."

Suzanne gave Judy a furtive, sexy wink as Judy started towards the door.

Judy was a bit startled, but she smiled in return. It was impossible for her not to be extremely attracted to Suzanne, especially now that she knew Suzanne was bisexual. Then she locked her eyes on Alan's crotch and saw the large tent his cock was pitching as she walked past him to leave. She felt even more aroused by the possibilities.

Once Judy shut the door, Alan addressed his ladies, "Okay, so can somebody please explain to me why in hell you all were openly discussing those things with her in here?"

Amy spoke up and reassured him, "We weren't. As soon as she walked in, we stopped. The only thing that happened was Mother introduced her to everyone."

Suzanne answered, "It's okay, Sweetie. As far as she knows, Susan and Kat are nothing more than two more of your lovers. And we're all going to be careful to keep it that way, including you. So no 'Mom' or 'Sis' in front of her, right?"

He nodded. "Good idea."

"Everyone made sure not to say anything that could cause any trouble. Secondly, I've already done some checking up on her, and she's completely harmless."

He asked, "Just how on earth did you do that so fast?!"

Suzanne smirked knowingly. "You know I have my ways. Besides, I can't give away all my secrets."

"Mother, you are too much. Come on, you've gotta do better than be all mysterious like that. This is too important to kid around!"

"Very well. If you must know, talking to her last night, I realized I have a friend who knows her mother. It's a small world after all, just like Walt Disney says. I talked to the friend and learned lots of interesting things. Most importantly, Judy checks out; she can be trusted with a secret."

He grumbled, "Well, that's something, I guess. But I still don't think it's wise to give her any secrets to keep. We don't know her at all. Besides, have you taken into account that this time your scheming might not work well with Glory here?"

Glory spoke up. "I'm not excited about it, but if you flirt with Judy some, I wouldn't really mind that. I don't see you getting too attached to her. I believe you when you say that you're not really interested in her. Suzanne seems to think she's harmless. I trust Suzanne, but personally don't know enough about Judy to trust her. Whatever happens, I hope we'll talk about it first and you'll be completely honest with me. I don't see Judy as a threat who might come between us."

He nodded in agreement.

Glory continued, "My biggest concern is with that sexbomb of a substitute teacher that you've got. How fucking unlucky could I get? Just thinking about me being laid up while you have some hot new woman to tempt you at school is almost unbearable. I'm sorry my love. It just reminds me that's how we met and look where we ended up. No one is going to be there to keep you from doing whatever you want with her. I mean, I'm your teacher and you fell for me. I can't get that thought out of my head. Sorry, I just can't!"

He replied, "My love, that will NEVER happen! When will you all realize that I'm perfectly happy with the women that are in this room and do not need, nor want, any more?"

Amy spoke up and said, "Ms. Rhymer, don't worry. I'll do my best to make sure she doesn't get her claws in him."

Katherine added, "That's right. We know what kind of a doofus he can be sometimes! But if he tries anything with her, he'll see just how uppity I can be."

Glory smiled. "Thank you, Amy and Katherine. If the two of you watch over him, it'll make me feel a lot more comfortable."

Amy told her, "We'll get Christine to help too!"

Finally, Alan was able to get back to what he needed to talk about. "Okay, I have something really serious I want to discuss. Glory, I hope none of this bothers you, because I know that you're just now trying to get used to all of this harem stuff, especially anything sexual dealing with me, Mom, and Kat. But I need to do this and I think it needs to be a group discussion. You're an integral part of the harem now, which means you're family too."

Glory smiled in understanding. "It's okay, my love. You say whatever you have to. If it's that important to you, then I think I speak for everyone when I say it's important to all of us."

Amy, Katherine, and Suzanne knew what the conversation was going to be about, but they were worried about how he would deal with it. They hoped that he hadn't decided that Susan would be allowed to get whatever she wanted whenever she wanted it, like some type of "queen" status. They also hoped he wouldn't hurt her feelings too much.

Alan looked around. When he saw everyone was paying attention, he began, "Okay, here it goes. Now, I'm going to employ my 'master' role here, which I seldom utilize. You all can ask all the questions you want, but please wait until after I'm done. It was brought to my attention today, and I've seen it for myself repeatedly, but I've just been denying it. Several of you feel left out way too much, because one of you seems to demand, and usually gets, more sexual attention than the others."

Right away Susan knew he was talking about her, and she dropped her head in shame.

"I love each and every one of you. Probably even more than you realize, and more than I can convey with words. Each of you deserves to feel that love equally, and there is only one of me. To be honest, this is exactly what I was afraid was going to happen with a harem situation, and I'm surprised it took this long. I just want to take care of it now, before some start getting way too jealous of others and it ends up causing hard feelings."

He walked over to his mother and put his hands on her shoulders. "Mom, I will always love you and love the sexy and fun things that we do together. I'll always want a lot of that every single day! But I can't allow you to hog my attention in the future quite as much as you have been. There needs to be fairness and balance. Sex with you is great, always, but you're going to have to accept that I have to treat all of my lovers with roughly the same amount of passion and time."

Susan knew that he was telling the truth, but it still hurt to be told that. She hugged him, pulled her face into his chest, and began to cry.

"I'm sorry, Mom. This can't continue to work any other way. Furthermore, your 'Mommy Privileges' are only to be used in rare situations and not just whenever you feel like it."

Susan thought, Oh no! Not my Mommy Privileges too! But she stayed silent and took her punishment.

He then turned to face the rest of the group before continuing, "I didn't want to have to set any rules in place, but I don't see how we can get past this any other way. Now, two of you have special days, which mean that you get priority and can choose to do whatever you want on those days. I'm not going to go back on that. But from here on out, those are the only days that you get that special treatment."

He looked each of the four of them in the eyes in turn. "Each of you are going to be guaranteed one sexy situation per day with me. Whether I cum or not, I will make sure that you do. The five days are going to split up equally, with someone other than Mom or Kat getting more of that time than the others. But that will be rotated daily so no one feels shorted."

Katherine spoke up and asked, "When you say 'sexy situations', what do you mean?"

"Well, it can be any combination of alone time with just me or it could be that some of you are having to share me with one or more of the others. But basically, it means more than kissing and hugging. It means some kind of sex act. Blowjob, titfuck, fucking, that sort of thing."

Seeing that he had everyone's attention, he continued, "Now, that's not saying there won't be plenty of double blowjobs or double titfucks and the like. Heck... maybe even triple blowjobs or titfucks! I'm certain there's going to be plenty of sharing in our future."

Glory winced at the thought of possibly one day sharing his cock with Susan or Katherine because she wasn't sure if she was ready for that. I'm going to have to get over that eventually. Somehow I have to stop seeing them as his mother and sister, and start seeing them as fellow slave-wives.

Katherine jumped up and shouted, "Wait! Why can't I get extra time with you on those other days? That's not fair."

"Kat, Thursdays are your special days. On Thursdays, you will always have more time than anyone else, just as Mom will on Tuesdays. To balance that out a bit, I may spend a little extra time with some of my other lovers the rest of the week. I'm not going to be anal about it, but the general goal is to spend roughly the same amount of quality time with each of you over the course of a week. Don't you agree that's fair?"

Katherine reluctantly nodded and sat back down.

He continued, "There are two more caveats to this rule. Some of my spare time is also going to include me spending time with my other lovers. Things are NOT going to be equally fair and balanced with them, because they're not full members of the harem. I am not planning on bringing on any new full-time members into our group. Crazy things could happen, true, but I'm determined not to let things spin out of control."

Amy asked, "Wait. Just who is and isn't considered a full member who gets fair and balanced treatment? For instance, what about Brenda?"

Rather than answering that question directly, he said, "Glory, I think it's time that you know the names of all my other lovers. Because we need to talk frankly and honestly about whoever and whatever comes up. Can you handle that?"

She nodded. "I can."

"Good. Right now, I'm just talking about all the ladies I've had sex with, not counting those in this room. You already know most of them. I'm sure you've heard of Brenda. You know of Heather and Simone, but yes, I'm fucking the other cheerleaders: Kim, Joy, and Janice. There's also Xania, Suzanne's friend from college who lives in L.A., and Akami, my nurse."

Glory dropped her head, weighed down by so many names. "Is that it?"

"There's Christine too, but I haven't fucked her yet. She's not ready for that at this point, but she's indicated she will be."

Glory asked, "Are you going to keep fucking all of them?"

"No! As far as full members of my harem, I consider Brenda to be one. Things are a bit different with her for various reasons which I won't get into right now, but she's very deeply involved, for sure. And Xania is kind of an associate member right now. She's on a six month trial period, kind of like you, except you switched to full commitment quickly and she's still on the fence. It could be she'll decide she wants to be a full member too, in which case we'll have to decide what do to about that. As a group. Obviously, as the master I have the most say, but I want us all to love each other harmoniously, so everyone should be on board in the hopefully rare case of someone like Xania potentially wanting to join. Agreed?"

The women all nodded.

Glory thought while she was listening, Just how many damn lovers does he have? There's five of us. Whoever Brenda and Xania are make six and seven. Christine, Heather and Simone make eight, nine and ten. Whoever this Akami person is makes eleven. The other cheerleaders make it fourteen. Holy SHIT! No wonder he talks about being too tired for any more!

Amy raised her hand. "So... should Xania be treated to the fair and balanced thingy at this point?"

He replied, "When she's in town, she should be treated as a member of the harem, yes. She's trying it out to see if that's what she wants. But she's not in town most of the time. I figure she'll mostly be here on the weekends, and maybe a middle-of-the-week visit too sometimes. We'll see. Does that sound acceptable to everyone?"

They all nodded again.

Suzanne said to Glory as an aside, "You'll like Xania. She's great. Very busty and beautiful, of course, and sexy as hell. But she's also quite smart and interesting to talk to. Actually, Brenda is a lot more than just a super busty bombshell as well. I hope you'll become friends."

That only enflamed Glory's jealousy, but she forced herself to keep quiet about it.

He went on, "Now, Christine, she's another special situation. I'm not afraid to say that I love her, and I'm pretty sure she loves me back. But she doesn't know about the incest and I don't think she could handle knowing about it. So right now, I'm going to put her in her own box. I'd like to spend a lot of time with her, probably with Amy there most of the time, but she's not a part of the harem. Let's see how the situation with her continues to evolve, okay?"

The women all nodded yet again. This was mostly old news to everyone but Glory. Glory, though, was having a hard time not crying.

He resumed, "Now, regarding Heather, unfortunately... she may be in it for the long haul. At least to the end of the school year. It's complicated. Glory, you and I need to have a serious discussion about her and things that happened with her today. Things that hopefully the others haven't told you already, because I really wanted to wait and do that tonight while we're alone. Amy and I are supposed to call her and meet her somewhere later to start that discussion. Since Amy is my official girlfriend, and is such in public, I've asked her to help with that, as it seriously affects her."

No one was really happy hearing how Heather might be a part of their life for the indefinite future.

Glory appeared to be the most upset about it. She said, "All Amy said about Heather is that she did something drastic today, and that was separate from how you tied her up and fucked her. So I figured there's something pretty important I don't know yet."

Alan replied, "Yes, that's true. Since we promised no more secrets, I'll tell you everything later."

He went on, "Next is Simone. I imagine that Simone will be a part of things in some fashion. She's Heather's best friend, as you know, so they're kind of a package. But Heather and Simone most definitely are NOT part of the harem, and I can't imagine that changing. So no, I'm not going to try to spend equal time with them. As for the rest, I can't promise there won't ever be anyone else for a 'quickie,' but I'm going to try to limit that. Kim and Akami both know the incest secret, and we may invite them to larger gatherings from time to time, such as the weekly poke-her parties. But I don't expect or want any serious attachments developing between me and them. I'm way too over-committed as it is."

Amy spoke up, "Don't forget about Judy!"

Alan was growing extremely frustrated at the others for constantly bringing Judy up as a potential lover. "Will you all stop it about Judy already?!"

Suzanne spoke up, "Come on, Sweetie. Wouldn't it be nice to have another nice young slit to fuck whenever you wanted? I mean just think... young, hot, tight, and always wet pussy just for you."

Katherine added, "That's right, Big Javelin Brother. Or, you could just take my hot, tight and always SUPER wet pussy any time you want!"

Amy shouted, "Oooooh, mine too! Mine too!"

Everyone in the room burst out in laughter at Katherine's and Amy's eagerness.

Everyone but Glory, that is. Glory winced at the painful reminder of the incest between Alan, Susan and Katherine. She reminded herself, I'm going to have to get over that because I'm sure that I'm gonna be faced with this sort of thing on a daily basis. Besides, I promised to do whatever I had to so I can be a part of his life forever. I just have to change my attitude, and fast. But how?! Saying that is one thing; having a real change of heart is another.

Then he concluded to the group, "So that's the situation. My heart belongs to you all here. Plus the unique cases of Brenda, Xania, and Christine. I want to be fair that I have quality time and sexy fun time with all of you. It's harsh, but the others are kind of an afterthought, so let's not worry too much about them. I don't want to play favorites in the harem, or there will be too much resentment and jealousy."


Susan stood up with tears flowing freely, and said to the group, "I am so VERY sorry. I have to apologize to each of you. I really didn't mean to be that way. I'm so ashamed. I let my lust get the best of me too many times. I feel so bad about it! You should have told me that I was like that before it got this far. I never wanted to hurt anyone or make them feel left out or neglected. Can you forgive me?"

All of them ran up and embraced her in a tight group hug, except for Glory who obviously couldn't leave her bed.

Glory was the one to speak first. "Susan, its okay. I think we all can understand. I haven't really been affected by this, since I live apart. But even if I were, I'm sure I'd forgive you, because it's clear that you're so full of love for everyone and you mean well. I'm certain, judging by that hug, that the others forgive you too."

Suzanne nodded knowingly to Susan.

Susan then went to the bed and wrapped Glory in as tight a hug as she felt was safe, given Glory's condition. "Glory, you've made me so very happy. I have only one request."

"What's that?" Glory asked.

"That you promise to keep my Tiger happy."

"That's an easy promise to make! I love him more than life itself. Nothing is ever going to keep me from spending the rest of my life loving him and pleasing him. I know he'll do the same for me. Besides, now we all share the role of slave-wife, don't we?"

Susan was touched by Glory's comment. She replied, "We sure do!"

Glory saw that as an opportunity to show that she was trying to accept Susan as another lover. She suggested to Alan, "My love, why don't you give your mom a kiss for us?"

Alan, not knowing the full extent of Glory's intentions with that comment, just leaned in and gave Susan a quick peck on her cheek.

"Young man! That's not a kiss! I want you to kiss her like you kiss me, and I mean now!"

Alan was shocked. But he was willing to play along. He and Susan locked lips in a passionate kiss.

Glory wanted to encourage them to keep going. She exclaimed, "That's what I'm talking about! Young man, show her just how much you love her, and how much you're in love with her. And Susan, show him what a good and obedient mommy-slave you are!"

Mother and son were highly inspired by those comments. They continued to kiss for several minutes.

The others watched in complete silence at first. However, after Glory continued to make the occasional encouraging comment, the others got into the spirit of things and gave encouragement too.

Glory appeared to be brave and going along with seeing her lover and his mother kiss so passionately, but she was torn inside because it still upset her very much. Even though Alan was adopted, she still saw it as incest. Come on girl, you can do this. She's just another lover, right? But... a lover that raised him! Yuck! It's so gross and so wrong! And yet, how can I blame her! He tames everybody with that fat cock of his, so how could she resist? And with the way she looks, how could a virile young man like him resist her?

Ugh. I can't take it! I can try to justify it all day long, but I just don't see how his own mother could want to do that. I know I could never do that to my kids if I had any. UGH! What a terrible thought!

Suzanne had gotten to know Glory well enough to see the conflict on her face. She leaned in close enough for only Glory to hear and whispered, "I'm very proud of you for doing that. It took a LOT of guts and courage. I can see that it still bothers you and I'm sure it will for a while, but at least that shows how committed you are to being a part of this family and this harem."

Glory nodded as Suzanne backed away. That made her feel a little better, but only a little.

Even though Alan couldn't hear what Suzanne had said, he could see out of the corner of his eye that she had just said something reassuring to Glory. He figured correctly that Glory was still bothered by seeing him in a lip-lock with his mother, regardless of how unaffected she was attempting to appear.

He reached down for Glory's hand and squeezed it to let her know that he knew what she was thinking and that it would be okay. He thought, Note to self: I'm certain this is still not easy for her, and hell it may never be. Later tonight, I'm going to have to tell her how much what she did by suggesting and encouraging this kiss meant to me. She has to know that I love her very much, and I don't want to see her hurting over this kind of thing.

Once the kiss broke, Glory said to Alan, "Okay, now don't forget about the others in the room too. As Master, it's important to show there are no favorites."

Katherine quipped, "Only hard nipples and hard cocks!"

Each of the others walked up and shared the same type of intense kiss with Alan.

After he finished, he said, "There's still one more lovely lady who needs a kiss too." He then leaned in and gave the same kiss to Glory.

As the kiss went on Glory thought, So GOOD! So much passion! Thank God Suzanne and I talked on Saturday night and she talked some freaking sense into me. What in the hell was I ever thinking? I couldn't live without him, just as I can't live without air to breathe. If I have to put up with some damn incest, then so be it! I'll get over that eventually, right?

After they had necked for a couple of minutes, he pulled back and said, "Thank you."

Seeing that his newest bride-to-be and his mother were bonding in such a wonderful way, Alan walked up and placed one hand on Glory's shoulder and the other on Susan's.

He was followed by Suzanne and Amy. Katherine joined last because she was crying tears of joy so hard that she tried to compose herself before joining in. As usual, she was the freest with shedding tears.

Alan spoke up and said, "Okay, here's caveat number two to the rules I was talking about earlier. This is partially due to Glory's current injuries. If at any time any of you are in any kind of situation where we cannot have some type of sexy fun, you can offer your turn up to someone else in the harem. Plus you can always invite one or more of our little group to join in!"

All of the girls' eyes went wide with excitement when he said that.

Katherine was first to say, "So we can switch or give our place to anyone we want at anytime as long as it's between us five?"


Suzanne, seeing her chance to get a reaction, asked, "So let's say hypothetically it's my turn, but I want to share it with Glory... I can do that?"

Alan saw a fire ignite in Glory's eyes. Mmmmm, I don't think I've ever seen Glory get so excited over Suzanne saying anything like that. What did I miss today?

Finally he answered, "Absolutely! In fact, I'm counting on that one."

Suzanne and Glory looked at each other with pure passion in their eyes until Glory turned away from embarrassment.

The room erupted in cheers. It was so loud that Judy came running in when she heard the commotion, thinking something was wrong.

Judy asked while trying to catch her breath, "Hello again. Is everything okay?"

Glory answered, "Sure Judy. Everything's just fine. My fiancé here was just giving us some good news about some things."

"Whew! Okay. I heard all of the yelling and it scared me to death. I'll just come back later to check up on things. By the way, Glory, in about an hour or so, we're going to start getting you up and about some. You're going to have to start getting used to crutches. You need to regain the muscle tone that you've lost just by being laid up here in bed. Plus, if you want to have someone bring you some shorts or sweatpants and a loose-fitting top, we can get you out of this gown."

Embarrassed at the other way those words could be interpreted, Judy continued, "I meant out of the gown and into some more regular clothes."

After Judy left the room, Alan said, "Umpfh! You were talking about Judy eyeing me, but from what I can tell she totally has the hots for you! I'll bet she can't wait to get you out of your hospital gown so she can REALLY check out your smokin' body."

Embarrassed, Glory replied, "Young man! If you know what's good for you, you'll hush right this instant!"

He said, "Well maybe it's just me. I'd sure love to watch!"

Suzanne chimed in, "I know I sure would too!"

Glory was shocked and thrilled by Suzanne's comment, but tried hard not to show it, or even acknowledge it. She pretended to be upset at Alan instead. "You little bastard! I've told you to stop, and you better do it if you ever want to see my smokin' body again!"

Alan laughed. He would have been bothered by that answer, except it was clear from her non-verbal language that she was just teasing. "Yes, my love. I can see it's going to take a whole lot more work on my part before this whole 'master' thing means what it should. But back to our other conversation. Is that agreeable to everyone?"

The others all nodded in unison.

"Good. Now, I have one more thing to talk to Mom and Aunt Suzy about. If Glory is okay with it, maybe Aims or Kat can sit with her for a while after school tomorrow."

Susan said, "What do you have in mind, Tiger?"

"Well, if she agrees, I want to see about getting me my own car and a phone. I would like the two of you to go with me. I think it's time. Especially if I'm truly going be the master of this wonderful harem."

Susan started to answer, but Suzanne beat her to it. "I think that's a great idea, Sweetie. In fact, I think its past time."

Then Susan said, "Tiger, Suzanne's right. It's long overdue. I didn't let you have a car because I was trying to be tough on you, so I wouldn't spoil you. But I guess to some degree I also thought that if you ever got your own car, you would be gone a lot more and I wouldn't get to see you as much. But I now know that's not going to happen. So yes, let's get you a phone tomorrow after school. Then we'll plan on looking for a car for you some day later this week. Is that okay?"

Alan nodded. "I want to do some research first about prices and models, so that'll take a few days anyway."

Katherine asked, "What about me? Do I get a phone and car too?"

Susan thought about Katherine's question for a few moments before answering, "I'll make you a deal... we'll get you a phone tomorrow too, but getting you a car will depend on how well your grades are coming up in school. Deal?"

"But MOM!"

Alan spoke up and said, "Kat, we ALL know that you don't apply yourself fully to your schoolwork. This could give you the motivation you need."

Katherine pouted for a second before finding a light at the end of the tunnel. "Oooh, on second thought, Big Tree Trunk Brother... that's fine! That just means that you'll have to drive me wherever I need to go!"

Suzanne turned to Amy and said, "Honey Pie, you and I can talk about the same things later. I've been intending to get you a car for graduation anyway, 'cos you'll need it to go to art school. Tomorrow I'll get you a phone.

Amy smiled brightly. "M'kay! Woo-hoo!"

With those issues settled, and everybody happy again, Susan remembered that she had Glory's collar still in her purse. She reached in and took it out, keeping it well hidden in her hand. "Tiger AND Glory, I have kind of a combined gift for you. I hope that you're okay with it since I didn't ask you first." She held out her hand and opened her fist, revealing the piece of cloth.

"Is that my collar?!" Glory shouted. She was shocked at how overjoyed and even emotionally overcome she was to see that little strip of cloth. She was also surprised that she easily recognized it as her own, since one black collar looked much the same as another.

Susan nodded with a big smile. She handed it to Glory to examine. "I took the liberty of sewing it back together. I know it's not the same as a new one, but I hope that you'll like it okay."

Glory was so excited that she felt like her insides were shaking. "Like it? It's perfect! I can hardly tell where it was cut."

Suzanne was very relieved, knowing that she would be getting her own collar back too. She was happy to have loaned it to Glory, but she had been really missing it and couldn't wait to get it back on her own neck.

Glory held the collar out towards Alan and asked, "Master, will you do the honors?"

He took the collar from her. "Of course, my love. Same as before?"

Glory thought, You damn well better believe "same as before"! What kind of wife-slave would I be if I wasn't willing to suck your monstrous cock while you collar me? I still haven't gotten over the embarrassment from having to kneel in front of you while deep throating you when you put my collar on me the first time. It was the most embarrassed and the most aroused I've ever felt. God it was SO great!

She finally nodded and pulled his erect penis out of his shorts. She surprised everyone when she started openly jacking him off. She was extremely embarrassed and started blushing, knowing all the others were staring at her. But she was determined to not let that stop her from showing off some of her sexual skills.


Glory's condition was improving rapidly. She still had a lot of physical pain in her broken leg, and some minor pain from her other bumps and bruises. Luckily, the pain meds they had her on were taking care of most of it. She was no longer dizzy or having a constant headache from her concussion, but the bandage and pain around the gash on the back of her head still bothered her. For that reason she was more comfortable lying on her side than her back.

She realized that merely jacking him off wasn't enough. Plus it didn't match what had happened when he'd collared her the first time. She stared at his thick pole lustfully before readjusting herself in the bed, bringing her head to the edge above the lowered bed-rail. That allowed her to engulf his bulbous cockhead in her mouth, causing him to let out a primal groan. Okay, girl... it's time to show the others that I mean business. She sucked her way halfway down his shaft pretty easily, but was finding it impossible to go deeper due to being in the bed.

The others stood there in shock that Glory had made such a bold move. They were so aroused that there wasn't a dry pussy amongst them. Without needing to talk about it, they all quickly moved to where they were basically forming a tight line between Alan and the door, just in case someone started to enter. That could give Glory and Alan a precious few seconds to uncouple and make themselves presentable.

While Glory continued to bob on his cock, she tilted her head so Alan could unfasten Suzanne's collar from around her neck.

As soon as he had that one off, he placed her original collar back around her neck where it belonged.

Glory's entire body trembled as she felt the black fabric starting to touch her skin. Oh thank you, thank you, thank you! I don't think I'll ever be able to go another day without having this around my neck. Forget my ideas of having it off while at school. I don't care anymore if the other kids notice or not! Realistically, maybe I can find a better way to hide it. Like maybe wearing shirts with higher collars or even a scarf. I'm damn sure going to figure something out before I have to go back to work.

Glory knew it wasn't really practical for her to wear her collar in public all the time. With her neck covered or not, people would notice and get curious before long. But she was riding so high on excitement that she wasn't thinking clearly. She was just so happy to finally have her collar back that at that moment nothing else mattered.

As Alan did that, he said to her, "My love. My wife-slave. Just as the ring on your finger binds us together as husband and wife, this collar binds us together as master and slave. I will always do my best to be the best master and the best husband that I possibly can. I am counting not only on you, but on all of you, to make sure that I never forget how lucky I am for having all of you in my life."

Seeing the way she was beaming, for not only being reminded of becoming his wife but at also of being his slave, he said to her, "Now, don't forget, once you are well we are going to have a proper ceremony. Not only for your collar, but for our engagement as well."

Glory tried her best to nod, even though that didn't really look different from her continued bobbing. Good! I hope it's like the last ceremony, and involves lots of deep throating!

As Glory continued to do her best to blow her lover's raging erection, Susan and Katherine found themselves so horny that their hands made their way to their own snatches.

Susan thought, "Oh God, that's so HOT! Damn I wish that big, fat cock was in my mouth! Besides, I really love how he's asserting his ownership over her! She brought her free hand to her neck and fondled her own collar. These collars mean so much! It's so much more than just a piece of cloth; it's proof that my Tiger is my master and I'm his sex slave! We all are!

Finally, Glory had struggled all that she could and had to pull off. "Sorry, my love. I need a break for a bit."

"Glory, you don't ever have anything to apologize for. There's gonna be plenty of time for that later."

She reached out and caressed his boner from top to bottom. "Is that a promise? Later tonight, you mean?"

He smiled. "It is. And later tonight is possible. Assuming we can figure out how to overcome the privacy issue."

Glory finally let go of his hard-on. She thought, Shit! That is a problem. I'm going to have to do something about that. But hopefully Suzanne can help me.

He then asked Suzanne once again, "Mother, are you ready?"

He leaned in and gave her a kiss that made her body so hot that she felt as if her clothing was going to burst into flames.

Since he was standing there with his stiff dick poking out of his shorts, Suzanne immediately got busy jacking him off, not minding that his pole had just been in Glory's mouth.

Glory beamed at Susan, thanks to having her collar back in its proper place. "Oh, Susan! How can I ever thank you?!"

Susan answered, "You already have! Just seeing the excitement in your face was more than I could ask for. Plus, seeing how happy you make my Tiger. Remember, I'm one of his sex slaves too, pledged to serve him and his cock for the rest of my life. I know just how much his collar means... to each of us!"

Glory nodded in understanding.

Knowing what was coming next, Susan got Alan's attention. She had been holding Suzanne's collar once it had been removed from Glory's neck, so she helpfully handed it to him.

Alan took Suzanne's collar from Susan. He mouthed at her, "Thanks, Mom!" Then he asked, "Mother, are you ready to get yours back?"

Suzanne was visibly shaking with joy. "Oh God, yes!"

Suzanne was already hugging him and jacking him off, but now she knelt down in front of him. Since his cock was still lewdly sticking out of his shorts, she got busy sucking it.

Mindful of someone possibly walking in, Susan, Katherine and Amy stood strategically to block the view from the door.

Suzanne made sure to position herself so that her eyes and Glory's were locked on each other as she slowly bobbed on the fantastic piece of man-meat hanging in front of her. She let her tongue slip out past her lips and wrap as far around his shaft as possible. Let's see what she thinks about that!

Glory saw that and thought, Holy shit! Did I just see that right? That has to be the longest tongue I've ever seen. Gaawwwd, she looks so sexy, sucking him off like that! And with that tongue, she has to be a truly incredible cocksucker! Our master is so lucky. Mmmm, I bet I know something else she can do really good with it too!

While Suzanne continued to work on his boner with great suction, Alan looked down at her and said, "Mother, I cannot thank you enough for making the sacrifice that you did in allowing Glory to wear the collar that binds you to me as my slave, and me to you as your master, and us to each other as a loving family. What you did will never be forgotten by any of us."

Then he held Suzanne's original collar out to her and continued, "Do you once again agree to be bound to me in all ways? To share our love for the rest of our life as master and slave?"

Suzanne pulled her lips off his cock long enough to answer, "Yes Master, I do. I belong to you and promise once again to do my best to serve you in every way." She bowed her head as if waiting to be granted a royal title by the Queen of England.

But then remembering what she'd just seen Glory doing, she decided that she much preferred cocksucking to bowing when the moment came for him to put her collar back on. She immediately resumed blowing him.

Alan reached down and fastened the collar around Suzanne's neck.

Her whole body was shaking from joy and lust, knowing that she was once again wearing her master's collar. She continued to eagerly suck on his shaft. YES! Now, that's what I'm talking about! It was nice being able to wear a collar, but it's worlds better wearing MY own collar! Sometimes I'm too proud to say much about it out loud. Hell, I'm too proud to call him 'Master' most of the time. But the truth is, I love being his slave! I love my collar so much!

Seeing all this was almost more than Susan could stand. She had a special love of sucking her son's cock, but after the dressing down she'd just gotten over being a cock hog, she couldn't ask to take a turn as well. She was still furtively fingering her pussy. She felt that if she didn't get out of the room soon, she was going to have to start cumming, and in a very loud way.

Since she was still feeling ashamed about what she'd done and having it pointed out publicly, and because she also had some errands to run, she said, "Excuse me, everybody. I need to go to the grocery store and Angel has homework to do, so I think we need to get going."

That was true. But she was also thinking that first she really needed to use the hallway bathroom to have her loud orgasm!

Alan was struggling not to cum, but he somehow managed to look at Suzanne and Amy before asking his mother, "Did anyone ever take care of getting our cars from the beach?" Then he put a hand on Suzanne's bobbing head and asked, "Mother, can you pull off just a second?"

Suzanne did as he had requested, but stayed kneeling there with her mouth only inches from her target.

Susan waited until she saw that Alan could focus on what she said before answering, "Yes Tiger, we did. We have both of them at our house."

"Okay, good. Mom, can you let Aims ride home with you? Then she can drive the car I still have of Xania's back over here. That way, we'll have it if we have to go any distance to meet Heather later."

"Sure, I guess."

Hoping to ensure that his mother knew how much he loved her no matter what he had needed to do to make things more equitable for everyone, Alan told her, "You're the best Mom in the world and I love you!"

Susan was overwhelmed. She replied, "I love you too, Tiger. I'll see you tomorrow." She stepped forward and gave her son a big kiss on the lips.

She then told Suzanne, "Make sure to tend to that thing properly like a good big-titted slave should!"

Everyone said their good-byes and shared hugs before Amy, Katherine, and Susan left. As they walked out the door, Susan whispered to Katherine, "Angel, did you get as hot just then as I did?" When Katherine nodded, Susan continued, "Good! I think you and I need to find a way to take care of that when we get home."

NOTES: I would like to thank Spacer X for his suggestions that improved continuity of the characters with those of STD Proper, and Sam.I.am for his detailed editing.

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