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6TD: A Different Path – Part 5
Never Tear Us Apart
Day +2: Monday, December 2

Timeframe: The days immediately after the end of 6TD Proper.

Story codes TBD

Written by Silent Assassin

Copyright © 2015 Silent Assassin; All Rights Reserved.

This is a Fanfic spinoff of the epic e-novel Six Times a Day by Spacer X.


Now that it was just Alan, Glory, and Suzanne in the room, Alan could tell that Suzanne was impatiently waiting to start back sucking his boner. He said, "Mother, I'm not so sure this is smart with no one here to watch out for us."

"Too bad! You can't just get me that worked up and tell me to stop!"

He rolled his eyes. "Fine! At least let me pull the privacy curtain that separates the beds around us. That way if anyone barges in, like Judy, as she's already demonstrated she's prone to doing, it'll buy us a little more time to get decent."

Suzanne asked, "Glory, I'm sorry. Are you okay if I do this to him?"

Glory was completely lost in lust thinking about what Suzanne was about to do. "What do you mean 'YOU' are about to do? I think you mean 'WE' are about to do to him!"

Alan and Suzanne were shocked, but neither tried to talk her out of it.

Alan said to Glory, "Okay, if you're sure. Tell us how we can position ourselves to make it easier for you."

Glory told them how she thought they should place themselves. She used the bed controls to make it flat, then did her best to roll onto her side, right up to the edge of the bed. Naturally, that left Alan standing near her head, but turned at an angle to give Suzanne space between him and the bed.

Having to kneel on the floor between Alan and the bed wasn't very comfortable for Suzanne, but she saw Glory's enthusiasm as major progress towards more fun among the three of them. So it was pretty easy for her to set her mind to doing whatever was necessary to further Glory's involvement and aid her in losing her inhibitions and fears.

Alan tried to stand as close to the bed as he could while allowing Suzanne the room that she needed. Dear God, is this really, finally about to happen? Either I have a really horny guardian angel watching over me or God has an amazing sense of humor.

Knowing that it was still going to be difficult for Glory, Suzanne took her hand and moved Alan's fuck-stick towards Glory and began sliding her tongue along the nearer side of his dick. Luckily, the height of the bed placed Alan's erection close enough to Glory's face that she was able to reach it with only a little effort. The position was somewhat awkward and uncomfortable, but Glory was determined to make the best of it.

Glory immediately followed Suzanne's lead and began licking the other side of his dick. At first, both of them were mindful of giving the other as much space as possible. Occasionally, Suzanne would push Alan's cock more towards Glory, facilitating them taking turns licking his sweet spot.

Glory thought as she licked, What in the hell am I doing? I shouldn't be helping her give Alan a blowjob. Why can't I just have a normal relationship with a normal guy?! Not like that's an option anymore, now that I've gone full sex slave. Damn that Suzanne! She knew if she did this in front of me that I'd get so fucking hot that I would have to join in!

Meanwhile, Suzanne was thinking, Just like a kid in a candy store. She can't resist. Having her as a lover for me may be easier than I thought. All I have to do is make sure that Sweetie is involved, and I think she'd agree to almost anything. I'm sure he's loving every minute of this!

Suzanne was right; Alan was in seventh heaven. There was no way for him to ignore how great it felt. He was having to fight off the urge to cum just from knowing which two of his ladies were sharing his penis. He made the mistake of looking down and seeing both of their beautiful faces, one on each side of his crotch. That led him to moan in pure pleasure. He had to hurry and close his eyes to avoid losing control.

Suzanne had intentionally kept her tongue on Alan's sweet spot. So when it was Glory's turn to pleasure him there, she found Suzanne's tongue there as well, waiting for her.

Glory thought, Oh shit! Now what am I going to do? Damn Suzanne. I know she did this intentionally, knowing this would happen. Oh well… too late to worry about it now. Then again, this would be the perfect chance for another one of those scorching kisses like earlier. She slid her tongue around a little further to let Suzanne know that it wasn't an accidental contact.

Suzanne knew that Glory had fallen into her trap, so she moved her head around closer to Glory's side of Alan to make sure their lips locked. Then their tongue duel was on. Their earlier experience during the day led Glory to commit herself fully to the kiss.

Suzanne felt movement near Alan's groin, so she opened her eyes and could see that even though Glory was fully involved in their kiss, she was still jacking him off. Dang girl, I'm starting to wonder if you're not MORE addicted to him than even I am! Good job!

Alan noticed that the contact with his cock had changed, so he looked back down and saw the female lip battle going on in front of him. Oh sweet Mary, Mother of God! Now that's the most perfect sight I've ever seen! If they're not careful, I'm gonna be painting both of their faces white! Of course now that I think about it… that's not a bad idea either.

He stood there and watched as Glory and Suzanne lost themselves in the kiss.

Glory was so horny that she found herself kissing Suzanne back with as much passion as Suzanne was kissing her. Finally, realizing that Alan's cock was being left unattended, she broke the kiss and started back licking his throbbing rod. Damn that re- headed vixen! I bet even he didn't expect that!

Alan was already fighting a losing battle to not cum. Soon he said, "Can we please stop for a minute? For one, I need a break, and for another I want to talk to you two about Heather, while we're alone. Plus, I think the three of us could enjoy this better when Amy gets back. I'm sure she won't mind standing guard for us as long as we keep the noise down."

Just hearing Heather's name caused Glory to pull off immediately, but Suzanne took a few seconds longer.

Once Suzanne had removed her lips from Alan's erection, she said, "I agree that's a subject we need to address." Then she immediately began jacking him off in hopes that he would change his mind about needing a break.

He said, "Um, Mother, shouldn't you stop doing that now? I want to talk about some serious stuff. Plus, we don't want to overwhelm Glory with our sexual antics."

Suzanne just smirked. "No, I shouldn't. Glory needs to be a little overwhelmed, so she can catch on quicker to how we do things. Glory, it's kind of a tradition in our harem to stroke his cock, or more, even during serious conversations. We call this 'penis tending' or 'stealth stroking.' He's used to it, so pay no mind to his griping."

He laughed, but asked, "What about security concerns though? Literally anybody could walk in at any time."

Suzanne replied as she lovingly rubbed his sweet spot, "That's why we have the privacy curtain around the bed. I'll admit that would be a concern if we were both fully distracted sucking or licking you, but we can easily make ourselves presentable as soon as we hear the door open. Sorry, you'll have to come up with a better excuse than that!"

He laughed again, and said to Glory, "Sorry, my love. Welcome to the never-ending task of convincing Suzanne that when I ask for a break, I need a break."

Suzanne completely ignored Alan's comments, continuing to stroke his shaft in front of Glory.

Alan just shook his head at Suzanne's determination to keep him aroused. Not surprisingly, the pleasure felt so great that he didn't feel like protesting that much. He'd been brought right to the edge of climax through their double licking efforts, and Suzanne was expertly keeping him on that edge.

Glory stared with fascination at Suzanne's stroking fingers. After a long pause, when no one spoke, she said, "Suzanne, I understand that you can still do that to him without much chance of getting caught. But I'm curious: why do it? He said he wants to talk about 'serious stuff.' Wouldn't it be better to have him focus fully on that?"

Suzanne proudly replied, "For normal men, sure, but he's not normal. We're kind of training him to be able to handle some 'penis tending' through just about any situation. Remember, we're his sex slaves; it's our duty to pleasure him as much as possible. That doesn't change just because there's a conversation going on."

Glory didn't reply, but continued to stare at the on-going handjob. Wow! She's serious. I can't forget what I've gotten myself into. It seems kind of outrageous, but if Suzanne thinks it's okay, I'm not going to complain. I do need to be 'a little overwhelmed' so I can learn fast.

Alan went through giving Glory and Suzanne a very detailed description of what had happened with Heather and all of the confessions she had made.

All the while, Suzanne made a big production of fondling his cock and balls. She was doing it more to put on a visual show for Glory than for Alan's sake.

When he finished his account, he said, "Glory, my love, I'm sorry. I'm just not sure where to go with Heather anymore. She told me to make sure that I told you that she was sorry for ever trying to come between us and that she hopes that one day we'll forgive her."

Glory was steamed. "That'll be the day! Forgive that little tramp? Yeah, right! If she hadn't started her little shenanigans, then all of the trouble you've been caught up in at school would have never happened."

He resolutely made eye contact with Glory, trying to act as if Suzanne wasn't still busy jacking him off. "I know, Glory, but I think she really means it. This wasn't some talk during sex where she wasn't thinking clearly. She said all of that before we fucked. I've been around her enough to sense when she's being conniving or being honest. One of the things that pisses her off is knowing that I can sometimes see what she's thinking."

Glory thought, This is outrageous! We're talking about him fucking Heather while Suzanne jacks him off! But, dammit, this is the life I chose. I just have to grin and bear it.

She complained, "Whatever! You just don't want to stop fucking her!"

He dropped his head and said, "To some extent, that's true. I do enjoy having sex with her. I can bring out a side in me that I can't do with any of you. I admit that the more she lets her 'good Heather' side out, the more I see myself having sex with her." He then looked Glory dead in the eye and continued, "But, if ANY of you ever tell me that you really want me to stop... I will. It will be hard, but I would do it to make you happy."

Glory's anger started to diminish after hearing him say that.

Suzanne asked him, "Sweetie, this is very serious. She could be a real threat to all of us. Do you really think that you can trust her?"

"Yes Mother, I do. I mean, I'll know more once Aims and I go see her later today, but right now I'd have to say that yes, I do. I think she's finally understood that trying to keep me away from the ones I love only forces me away from her. I think she'd even be willing to accept the whole incest idea."

Suzanne immediately interrupted, "Whoa there! Don't even THINK about mentioning that to her! You should make completely sure to keep that a secret from her, at least until and unless things with her somehow change drastically. Even then, we'd need to have a very serious talk first. I can't believe that you would even think that she could handle that! All of us know how she's tried to screw you and Glory over. We're nowhere close to trusting her sufficiently to have her find that out. Do you have a death wish, wanting to screw up the good thing you have going here?"

Alan replied, "Relax, Mother. I said I think she could handle it, not that I was going to tell her about it. I agree that it's crucial that we don't tell her that specific thing yet. I'm not stupid. I'm just saying that, by way of example, I think that if she did know that secret, she wouldn't totally ruin my life over it. She's turned a corner. But obviously I'm not going to test that, 'cos the risk is way too great."

Suzanne huffed unhappily, "Good. Don't!"

To Glory, he said, "My love, I know how you feel about her. I'm not going to ask you to see her while you're in here, but one day soon I would like for the three of us to sit down and you hear her out. As part of her atonement, I want her to tell you to your face that she's sorry. Then you can judge her sincerity."

Glory crossed her arms and turned her head away from Alan. She tried to ignore the squishy sounds of Suzanne's fingers sliding up and down his shaft. Those sounds were making her horny, and she wanted to come across as angry, not horny.

He asked, "Please? For me? I think she could be a great ally to have if the shit hits the fan again. You know as well as I do that no one else is as tuned in to school politics as she is."

Glory looked at Alan and answered, "Don't you mean a great ally between the sheets?" She found herself staring longingly at Suzanne's sliding fingers, and she unconsciously licked her lips. Then, a little calmer, she continued, "I'm afraid that if I tell you 'No' and that I want you to stop seeing her, that you'll pick her over me."

Alan looked at Suzanne as if pleading for help, so Suzanne answered for him, "Glory, excuse me for being blunt, but that's nonsense! Can't you see how much he loves and respects you? He's here right now asking you about this instead of just taking it upon himself and doing whatever he wants. Most guys in his position wouldn't do that and wouldn't care what either of us thought. I know that from experience. Furthermore, he's our harem master! He really can do anything he wants regardless of what we say or how we feel. But he's not like that."

He said, "Glory, you need to trust me. I'll NEVER hurt you like that. It should be proof enough that you are the only one that I want to marry that wasn't already family. Not Christine, not Simone, and not Heather. You, and only you!"

Glory stared at Suzanne's stroking fingers some more, paying particular attention to Suzanne's new ruby engagement ring as her hand slid back and forth. She idly stroked her collar. Damn! It's crazy, but even though he's getting a handjob from a sex goddess while we talk about him fucking the head cheerleader, I do truly believe that he loves me deeply. It's just as deep a love as if we were a married couple, only he has his other women too. I shouldn't have said that since I didn't really mean it, but I guess I let my jealousy and anger towards that blonde bitch get the best of me.

She nodded and said, "I know, but it's still hard to accept. I'm willing to share you with all of the others, except for her."

Suzanne interjected, speaking softly and tenderly, "Glory, I know this is hard for you to accept, but being a sex slave, you don't have the right to make ultimatums like that. Yes, you can suggest, and even coax and plead, but in the end, he's the master. What he says goes."

Glory sighed. "I know, but... ARGH! It's just that I hate Heather so much! If she had had her way, I'd have lost my job, my lover and best friend, and who knows what else." She turned to Alan, "But if it means that much to you, then yes, I will sit down and talk with her."

He told her, "Good. I'll let her know when I talk to her. Thank you. I know that isn't easy for you; none of this is. Just like when you had Mom and me kiss earlier. I could see how you wee hurting inside from seeing us kiss, but you survived. I want you to know that you're one of the strongest people that I know, bar none. Thank you for doing that. You have no idea how much that meant to Mom and me."

"You're welcome. I meant everything I said about doing everything I could to show you that I want to be a part of your life forever, to be a good wife, and a good slave. That's why I'm agreeing to meet with the 'Blonde Bimbo' herself."

Without thinking about it first, Glory reached out and started fondling Alan's balls. She realized after the fact that she was doing that in part because she was frustrated and horny. But also, it was kind of a peace offering, showing that she was accepting the whole situation.

Suzanne was pleasantly surprised to see that. Wanting to encourage Glory, she moved her stroking hand to the back of Glory's hand and guided it up his long shaft. Once Glory got a steady stroking rhythm going on his throbbing boner, Suzanne switched to fondling Alan's balls.

Alan had to resist the urge to laugh out loud. Man! My life! Where the utterly bizarre is commonplace, as long as it's sexual. Dang that feels good.

Even though he still had Glory's cell phone, he asked Suzanne, "Mother, I'm going to call Heather and I don't want her having Glory's number yet just in case she hasn't changed. May I use your phone for a minute to call her?"

"Sure, Sweetie," Suzanne replied. She retrieved it from her purse, handed it to him, then resumed fondling his balls.


Alan sat down on the bed beside Glory, but he stayed positioned between her and Suzanne, allowing Glory to continue to stroke him. He dialed Heather's number and placed Suzanne's phone on speakerphone so the ladies could hear what was being said. "Now, I want you two to hear what she says for yourself. That way you can form your own opinions about her honesty."

Glory felt a thrill run down her spine as she realized she'd be jacking him off while he talked to Heather on the phone. Ha! I love it! Take THAT, Heather! I'm here with him, loving every inch of his thickness, and you're sitting somewhere alone. True, he still fucks you, but he's made me one of his slave-wives! Try to top that!

When the phone began to ring, she switched to simply rubbing a couple of fingers against his sweet spot, because that made virtually no noise.

Heather answered after the third ring. She spoke grumpily, "Hello?"

"Hey, Heather, it's Alan."

"Oh, Sir! I'm sorry. I didn't know it was you. I've been waiting for you to call and was afraid that you'd changed your mind."

Glory and Suzanne's faces turned white when they heard Heather call Alan 'Sir'.

Glory thought to herself, Did I just hear that right? She just called him 'Sir'! The infamous, almighty Heather Morgan calling someone 'Sir'! Damn, this could be worse than I thought!

He replied calmly, giving no indication that he was having his cock and balls fondled by two different women. "No, Heather, I haven't changed my mind. That is unless you give me reason to. Are you saying that you've done something that would make me change my mind?"

"No Sir. I went and met with Christine just like you asked me to and we worked out a plan that I would like to wait and discuss with you in person. Other than that, I've just been sitting here, bored out my mind, waiting for you to call."

Glory thought, A-ha! I win! I've got his cock in hand and she's got nothing!

He looked down and watched as Glory and Suzanne continued to fondle his privates. He said, "Sorry, Heather, but I've had other important things to do." He thought, It's a good thing that I keep getting better at multitasking while being stimulated in some manner. If Heather knew what Glory and Mother were doing to me while I was talking to her, this conversation would go very differently!

Heather thought, Damn him! Acting like something could ever be more important than me! Wait a minute. I can't think like that. That's exactly the kind of attitude that was keeping me from getting him to fuck me in the first place. I'll bet he's with Ms. Rhymer now.

She said, "That's okay, Sir. If I may ask, did you tell you-know-who what I said about being sorry?"

'Yes, I did. But you're going to have to understand that it's going to take some time for her and others to be able to believe you and trust that you're really willing to change. I'm supporting you when they tell me that I'm crazy. Don't make me look like a fool to them, or there will be absolute hell to pay."

"No Sir. Not going to happen. I'm going to ask Amy and Christine to help keep me in check and keep me from being my bitchy self. As a matter of fact, I've already asked Christine for help, and I plan on asking Amy for her help as well when I see you two later."

He grunted, "Good." He was finding it difficult to controlling his breathing, because Glory was rubbing his sweet spot very effectively.

Banking on her idea that he was with Glory and wanting to see how he would respond, Heather asked, "So how is she?"


"Ms. Rhymer. I assume you visited her in the hospital?"

He was careful not to let on that he was still with Glory as they were speaking. "She's doing well. They're supposed to get her up and have her start walking with crutches shortly."

"Sir, may I come see her? That way I can tell her that I'm sorry instead of having you do it for me. Presumably with you there, to keep the peace."

Glory thought wickedly, Let her come right now! Not so we could talk, but just so I could see the look on her face when she sees me doing this! She was too tired and afraid of getting caught to resume giving him a blowjob, but she briefly bent over and gave his cockhead a few kisses and licks, as if taking possession of it.

He felt a surge of pleasure from seeing and feeling her do that, so had to carefully stifle the urge to groan out loud. Still looking at Glory, he told Heather, "No. Not yet. I would love for the two of you to come to some type of understanding, but let's wait a few days at least. But back to why I called: do you know where the little sandwich shop is across from the hospital?"

"Yes Sir."

"How about you meet Amy and me there tonight, say around 8 o'clock? We can have dinner together and figure out where everything stands. Is that okay with you?"

Not wanting to miss this chance to get some more time with him, even if Amy did have to be there, she quickly said, "That would be perfect."

"Good. We'll see you then."

"Okay, Sir. Bye."

"Bye, Heather."

"Sir..." There was a long pause. Do I tell him that I love him? I told him earlier at school, and I want to tell him again, but I've got a hunch that he's at the hospital right now with Ms. Rhymer. It would be just like him to spend all kinds of time with her while she's recovering. If she were to hear me, I'm sure she'd flip her lid! But then again, surely she won't be able to hear what I'm saying with him holding the phone up to his ear. Dammit, this sucks! No wonder I never let myself fall in love with anyone else before! Come on, you're Heather fucking Morgan! Act like you've got some guts.

"What is it, Heather?"

There was another, even longer pause. Finally, Heather spoke in a near whisper, "I love you, Sir."

WHOA! I wasn't expecting her to say THAT! Alan didn't know how to react. He wasn't sure how Suzanne or Glory would handle hearing him tell Heather that he loved her too. After a couple of seconds, he just answered her by saying, "I know. I'll talk to you soon." Then he hung up the phone.

His nerdy side got a kick out of that, because he remembered that when Princess Leia told Han Solo in 'The Empire Strikes Back' that she loved him, Han replied with "I know," instead of the expected "I love you too."

Suzanne said, "Damn, that was weird, hearing Heather tell anyone that she loved them."

Glory was furious. Shit! I'd hoped he was just a passing phase for her, but now I can't help but wonder if she really does love him. It's just so hard to fathom that Heather Morgan, the head cheerleader and head bitch, could love anyone other than herself. No fucking way am I going to let that little tramp take my man away from me without a fight. That's right, Heather. I'm the one jacking him off right now! What do you think about that? I'm the only person outside of his family that he proposed to - not you and your slutty ways!

He said, "I told you two that she seemed serious enough. That's why I wanted you to hear everything she had to say. Plus, Amy will be with us later so she can report back if Heather says anything to contradict herself."

Both Glory and Suzanne nodded.

Now that the call was over, Glory resumed a more active up-and-down stroking motion on his erection. Her jealousy and anger over Heather didn't affect that at all.

Suzanne was curious, so she asked, "Sweetie, why did she call you 'Sir'?"

He scratched his head for a moment and then shrugged his shoulders as he answered, "Mmmm, weeellllll, to be honest, it's because I told her some time ago that she had to."

Suzanne laughed and then added, "Because you told her to? Since when does Heather Morgan ever do what anyone else tells her to do? Knowing what I know about her, I never thought I'd see the day that she would obey anyone other than herself."

Glory felt her jealousy rising again, but her curiosity was sparked as well, so she asked, "How exactly were you able to pull that off, Young Man?"

He went through explaining how he had given Heather her ultimatums and the things that she had been told to do, such as calling him "Sir." He explained that it was only supposed to have been done in public as a way to bring her ego down several notches, but as time had gone on, she was basically calling him that all the time.

He concluded, "There's more to her training than that. I've enlisted Simone as my helper in keeping her in her place and handing out certain punishments when I'm not around. The three of us call it her 'Bitch Training'. For now though, I'd rather not go into many more details than that. I do still try to provide a certain level of privacy for each of you."

Glory said, "That's interesting that Simone is caught up in this. She's very pretty and built really nice. Why couldn't you have just fallen for her and left the bitch out of it?"

"I wish it were that simple sometimes. I really do. But don't misunderstand me; even though I may not love Simone, she's someone that I easily could."

Suzanne added, "Well, isn't it our luck that it didn't turn out the other way around. Still, if Simone is that involved, perhaps that indicates more hope that Heather will actually behave herself. I've gathered that Simone is just about the only person who Heather really listens to."

Glory told him as she kept on sliding her fingers up and down his shaft, "I still don't like it. I don't trust her. She's just so used to always getting her way with whoever she wants that she'll do whatever it takes to get it."

He answered, "That's true. But when you say 'whatever it takes', that could also mean realizing that she's been going about all of this the wrong way and trying to change. I'm not saying that I fully trust her either, but somehow I feel like Heather is who she is because somewhere in her childhood, others let her know that they didn't have any faith in her and didn't try to support her."

Glory thought, If that's the case, I can fully relate. The difference is that I tried very hard to get to where I am and fought for every step of the way. I didn't try to stab other people in the back just to get the things that I wanted. But maybe he has a point. Not that that makes me hate her any less though!


More determined than ever, thanks to her frustration from overhearing Alan's phone call with Heather, Glory removed her hand from his boner and asked, "Suzanne, would you mind letting go of his balls for a little bit?"

Suzanne did as she was asked. Then Glory continued, "Young man, you get over here this instant!"

He asked, "What do you mean?" He figured he was already as close to her as he could get, since he was sitting on the bed right next to her.

Glory blushed with embarrassment, "For some reason, I really need to suck your cock right now. Please don't ask why. But while my mouth is willing, my body in general is tired. So I want you to straddle me and stick your cock in my mouth, then let me take care of things from there!"

He looked around, suddenly nervous about getting caught. Yet that sounded very tempting.

Suzanne could guess his thoughts well enough, so playfully pushed him towards Glory. "Go for it, kid! Don't worry about Judy or anybody else catching you. If someone comes in, I'll get up immediately and intercept them before they can open the curtain. That'll give you time to get off the other side of the bed."

He was skeptical if that would work, but he was also very, very aroused. He'd been forced to restrain himself for many minutes, not even allowing himself to breathe heavily while talking to Heather. He just wanted to luxuriate in unrestrained sexual pleasure for a bit. So he nodded and then eagerly got on the bed on all fours and got into the position Glory wanted.

Glory sighed loudly with satisfaction as she felt his thick cock filling her mouth. She immediately began sucking with a renewed vigor. Her jealousy of Heather helped fuel her passion. Sure I'm jealous of Heather, but my future husband is man enough to take the bitch out of the bitchiest girl in the school! He's literally mastered me, Suzanne, and many others. He can do the same to Heather too. If he says that I should trust him with her, then I will. I'm just going to have to make sure he remembers than I'm the one he loves more than her. She says she loves him, but she doesn't know what love is. I don't think she's even capable of love!

It didn't take long before her body was letting her know that she simply didn't have enough energy for her task. Her mind was strong, but her wounded body was still weak. However, she tried her best to persevere. I'll show you that I'm far more superior sex-wise than that bitch. I'm going to make sure that you know it too. In fact I might have to do this in front of her one day, just so she can see what real sexual talent is and how much you love what I do to you! If I was feeling my usual self, I'd deep throat you right now. I'd love to see her face if I did that in front of her!

"AAAAAH! Mmmm ..." He moaned loudly with joy and satisfaction. "Glory, you have no idea how good that feels. But you don't have to do that. The love that I have for you isn't just about sex and blowjobs. I love you for you; sex is just an added bonus."

That turned Glory's motivation for the blowjob from one of jealousy to one of love and pride. She bobbed on him with increased speed and even more suction. Young man, if my mouth wasn't full of your delicious fuck meat, I'd kiss you! That's precisely one of the reasons why I fell in love with you and continue to love you every day. No one has ever loved me like you do and I'm going to do my very best to show you the same kind of love in return, every day for the rest of my life!

A song came to her mind, "Never Tear Us Apart" by INXS. She thought, Exactly, that's it! She found herself singing the words in her head as she continued to vigorously try to get him to cum.

Don't ask me;
What you know is true.
Don't have to tell you;
I love your precious heart.

I was standing;
You were there.
Two worlds collided;
And they could never tear us apart

Yep, that song's about right. I'm never going to let Heather or any other woman tear us apart!

Suzanne closely observed Glory's energetic cocksucking. She couldn't help but think, Gaawwwd, that's hot! Look at her sunken cheeks! That shows she's using a tremendous amount of suction. And that expression on her face. Even with her eyes closed, I can tell she's seriously into it! There's no way I'm going to let her stop now. She's gotta keep going until he drowns her throat in cum. Then again, if she does stop sucking, I'm sure she's so far out of it from lust and desire that she wouldn't notice if I took over.

Finally, Alan had to say to Glory, "Please, I can't take anymore right now." He began to scoot back from where he sat straddling her chest, in order to remove his cock from her mouth.

But Glory craned her head forward so his cockhead remained inside her busy mouth.

Suzanne saw that Gloria was refusing to stop, so instead of just sitting back watching, she moved closer and put two hands on Alan's back to hopefully keep him from pulling away from Glory's very effective sucking. She growled to him, "Where do you think you're going?"

He was seriously worried that he could cum at any second. He exclaimed urgently, "Oh God. Please, you two! If she doesn't stop, I'll be filling her mouth up before long!"

Suzanne laughed, and said, "Sweetie, I think that's the idea. She deserves it, don't you think?"

Glory just moaned in acknowledgement and increased her efforts, seeing that she was getting help from Suzanne.

Suzanne crawled up on the bed so that her body was right behind Alan's. That helped block him from pulling back any further. But she also took advantage of the intimacy and slid a hand into to back of his shorts so she could fondle his ass cheeks. She reached around him with her other hand and placed it on Glory's head as she was bobbing back and forth, mostly to help encourage her to keep going.

Suzanne was still mindful about them getting caught, but she figured that as long as she remained fully dressed, she could still get off the bed and intercept whoever entered in time. Besides, she figured it wouldn't be long before he shot his load.

The position that Glory was in was starting to take its toll on her, but her determination to get him to cum never wavered.

Talking was too much of a chore for Alan, given the amount of sheer pleasure he was receiving. Plus, he figured that if he stopped concentrating on not cumming, he'd start unloading in her mouth before he was ready.

Gloria knew it wouldn't be long before he came, so she braced herself as best she could, given the limits the bed was putting on her position and the pain and tiredness she was feeling. She was still thinking of Heather, which gave her motivation to keep going. You take that, you little tramp! This is MY man, and while I don't mind sharing him with the likes of Suzanne, I'm going to damn make sure he'll never turn his back on me for the likes of you!

As soon as Suzanne saw Alan getting close to his point of no return, she moved off the bed and stood right next to the head of the bed. She pulled him in for an aggressive kiss, knowing that would help keep any loud moans muffled when he shot his load.

Sure enough, within a matter of seconds, he began shooting a load of warm cum into Glory's mouth.

It wasn't as large as some of his recent ejaculations, but with Glory's unorthodox position, it still caused her to choke and gag. However, she was a trooper and took it all, swallowing his cum almost as fast as he was emitting it.

When he was done and Suzanne finally stopped French kissing him, he said, "How come I feel like I just got tag-teamed? Sheesh! Do either of you understand what 'I need a break' means?"

Glory smirked as she wiped away the cum that had dribbled down her chin. "Of course we do, Master. Now that I'm done, and you're done, you can have as much of a break you need."

Suzanne quickly got back off the bed, wanting to be in a more ready position in case anyone came in. She knew nurses and interns checked the room fairly frequently, and that they'd been pushing their luck that to have been uninterrupted for as long as they had.

He stayed on the bed for the time being. "That was very risky, my love, but dear Lord it was really good. I suppose I needed that, since I'd been building up to that for a while. Still, I'm not sure if I should be mad at you or kiss you."

Suzanne knew that it was time to introduce Glory to Susan's tradition of "cleaning" Alan's cock after each orgasm. "I'm sorry Glory, but you're not done yet."

"I'm not? I just got him to cum. What else is there?"

"Well, see, Susan insists we adhere to a tradition of cleaning him properly each time."

Glory asked, "Cleaning? What do you mean? It's not like I can get up and give the poor boy a shower. Of course if I could, that would only lead to more fun."

Alan said, "Mother, please. She doesn't need to do that. We all know it's a stupid tradition that only leads to more sex anyway."

Suzanne said, "Oh well. It's better she learns this from us than if your mom has to tell her." Then she gave Glory instructions on how Susan believed Alan should be cleaned. She pointed out that it was less about actual cleaning and more about reconfirming the master-slave relationship.

She concluded by pointing out, "Plus, sometimes if you're lucky, all that licking will get Alan Junior standing up stiffy at attention again. Which of course leads to even more sexy situations!"

"Mmmm, very interesting, " Glory said.

Alan could see the look in Glory's eyes as it hit her how it could lead to more fun, so he quickly put his penis back in his shorts and cut in before she had a chance to think about it much longer. "Not right now, okay? For once, can I not just cuddle without all of the so-called cleaning?"

Glory answered, "I don't think so. How am I ever going to impress your mom, if I let you slide on something that important to her? She'd never let me anywhere near you again. BUT, I think I'm too sore and tired from the position that I had to lie in for so long. My injuries are still bothering me."

He wiped his brow, thinking he was out of the woods. "Whew! Thanks."

Glory added, "Not so fast. I said I was too sore and tired, but I'm sure that Suzanne would be more than willing to pick up my slack this time. Isn't that right, Suzanne?"

He looked over at Suzanne and saw her eyes go straight to his crotch as she licked her lips.

"Mmmm-mmmm," Suzanne answered enthusiastically. Thank you Glory. I owe you one for this!

Glory spoke in her no-nonsense teacher voice. "Okay, Young Man, you heard her. I want you to go to her and let her clean you. This way she can show me how to do it in the future."

He quipped, "If you two keep this up, I won't make it to the future. I'll die of sexual exhaustion first."

She smirked as she smiled, "Poor you. We'll just have to take that chance."

Suzanne wasted very little time getting started on the task that Glory had assigned her. She had Alan stay standing near the head of Glory's bed. Then she scooted her chair up closer to him, unzipped his fly again, and began her duties of cleaning his privates.

That gave Glory a prime position to be able to watch what Suzanne was doing. She wasn't really focused on learning how to clean him properly, as she figured it was pretty straightforward. She was mainly learning how aroused she got each time she saw Suzanne sexually involved with him.

Alan was nervous about the possibility of someone walking in on them and catching them in the act. Damn, this is too dangerous, but after what just happened I can't tell them 'no' now.

Glory was lying there, enjoying the sight of Suzanne performing the "cleaning." That is just SO FUCKING HOT! I love this tradition. There's something compelling about seeing him thoroughly licked even when he's flaccid. I should be pissed that the man that I love is getting his dick licked by another woman, especially by someone as stunning as Suzanne. But Gaawwwd, how it turns my ass on! How fucking twisted am I?

Glory still had Heather on her mind. Finally, after watching Suzanne finish up her task of cleaning Alan, she told him, "Well, you just remember all this when you go see that bitch later. You remember that I'm here for you, and I'm always going to be. You're right; our love isn't based mainly on sex, but don't ever forget that you can use me for sex anytime you want. That's part of what being a slave-wife is all about."


Judy occasionally stopped outside Glory's door when no one was looking to see if she could hear anything of what was being said in the room. Unfortunately, most of the time she couldn't make out anything except for the faint sound of indistinct voices; the door was designed to reduce noise.

However, curiosity got the best of her. She came back holding a cup in her hand, because she knew of a trick with the cup to amplify the sound. She held the cup up to her ear and the door, allowing her to catch part of Alan's phone call with Heather. It helped that he'd raised the volume of the call on speaker so Glory and Suzanne could clearly hear Heather.

Judy didn't realize that a speakerphone was being used, so she assumed at first there was another female visitor in the room. She could tell that it was a different voice from either of the two ladies in the room, and didn't sound like any of the other women she'd met a short time earlier. She heard most of the phone call, and her mouth flew open when she heard the other female voice tell him that she loved him. Only after hearing him tell the other woman "Bye" did she realize that he had been talking to someone on the phone rather than another person in the room.

She thought, What the fuck?! Another one? No fucking way! Earlier, when I met the others, they were all introduced as his lovers. That was five total babes right there! Now I hear another girl telling him that she loves him, so that alone makes six. Jesus fucking Christ! How many women does that kid have? And how in the hell can he completely satisfy each and every one of them? He must be the kind of guy who cares enough to make sure that they cum repeatedly each time he fucks them. Otherwise, why would they be so moony over him, if he's a bad lover?

She thought about her last statement and then shook her head. Let's see, I've met Glory and Suzanne, of course. I've been introduced to Katherine, Amy and Susan. That alone makes five extremely sexy women. Then I hear this phone call, so that makes six. And chances are there are others I don't know about yet. That's crazy! How can he keep them all sexually satisfied? Total bombshells aren't going to be satisfied by getting fucked just once or twice a week. There's no way he can be the one making them cum enough to keep them all happy. Guys can't cum that many times in a week, much less in a day! It's just impossible. There's just no fucking way!

She started to walk off, but then thought, Or is it? Everything else with these three seems too good to be true. Shit! I can't see any of those women staying with him if they had to completely rely on each other the majority of the time. I'm guessing he'd need to cum four or five times a day, bare minimum, to keep that many women satisfied. Probably more! Especially if he has even more lovers, as he probably does. I just don't understand how he could have learned to cum several times a day when none of the other guys I've been with have.

Shortly after she had finished her cleaning ritual, Suzanne said that she needed to stretch her legs for a few minutes and go to the restroom. She didn't really need to do either, but wanted to go talk to Judy in private. Once she got out in the hall though, she realized that stretching her legs wasn't a bad idea after all. She began to walk while on the lookout for Judy .

As she walked, she considered, I keep dropping these little hints to try to get Sweetie to seduce Judy, but that's not enough. He seems pretty determined not to get involved with more women. That's a nice sentiment, but Judy's too hot for us not to take advantage. Dammit, I want to enjoy her sexy body too!

Somehow, I've gotta get Glory on board with my new Judy scheme. If I can get her to go along with it, then no doubt Sweetie will go along with it too. The thing is, Glory's no pushover. I don't want to risk pushing her too far. Yet she did just blow him in a public hospital with me in the same room, and we did share tonguing his sweet spot together, so maybe she's more willing to roll with our wild lifestyle than I've previously believed.

My friend already assured me that Judy was definitely leaving the area, moving to the East Coast in less than two month's time. So there's no reason for there to be any concern about something long-term with her. Then again, plans do change, depending on opportunities.

The more I can get Glory to go along with my scheming about Judy, the more open I think she'll be to having more fun with me. Then, the more fun she has with me, the more accepting she'll be of the harem and our whole sharing lifestyle.

I don't think it would be wise for Sweetie to actually fuck Judy. Not yet, at least. I would have to insist that she get tested for STDs first, at the very least. Plus, what birth control is she using? There are lots of questions that would need answers. BUT I don't see any negative consequences of her giving him a handjob, or a blowjob, or even a titfuck. I need to go find her, since I guess this is as good a time as any to take this to the next level.

God, I love it when a good scheme takes shape!

Suzanne found the nurse coming out of another patient's room. "Excuse me, Judy. Can I talk to you for a moment? Possibly somewhere where we can be alone?"

"Sure, Suzanne. There's a waiting room just down the next hall that is almost certain to be empty. I know for a fact that it was just a few minutes ago."

Judy led Suzanne down to the empty waiting room. Once they were both inside, she asked, "Okay, what's on your mind?"

Since Suzanne was the last one to walk in, she shut the door and locked it behind her. "I know what you said about mostly preferring girls, but I'm pretty sure I've seen you eyeing Alan. What I want to know is, just how attracted to him are you?"

Judy wasn't sure how honest she should be in her answer. She did prefer girls to the guys that she'd had in the past, but she couldn't deny that there was something about Alan that interested her. "Do you want me to be honest? After all, you're involved with him, and Glory is too." She added in her thoughts, And that's just for starters!

"Of course I do. I'm not asking because any of us are upset about it. For now, let's just say that I have my reasons for asking."

Judy replied carefully, "If you're certain that you're okay with this, of course I'm attracted to him. I don't know what it is, exactly. Most guys bore me to death, but he's different somehow. I don't know if it's the way he acts, the fact that those of you that I've met are drop dead gorgeous, or a combination of both."

"Right! I'm sure the massive tent he pitches in his shorts has absolutely nothing to do with it."

Judy blushed, but replied, "Well of course I've noticed that. I'd have to be freaking blind as a bat not to!"

Suzanne teased, "If you think it looks big in his shorts, it doesn't even come close to how it is when you pull it out. Just trying to get your mouth around it is a chore in itself. Deep throating him is really tough. And when he shoves it in your hot, wet, tight little cunt, it feels like he's splitting you in two!"

Judy gasped, both at Suzanne's overall audacity and at her specific words. "Holy shit! How in the hell do you fit that thing inside of you? Surely you're not able to take it all in?!"

Suzanne proudly replied, "It does and I do. We all do. A few of us have even learned to deep throat him." After a well-timed pause, she added, "Including me."

Judy's eyes went wide trying to imagine that. His dick is so thick and long! How does she manage that?! God, just picturing it is making my panties wet!

Suzanne continued, wanting to capitalize on Judy's state of shock, "That's why I'm asking. I'm wondering if you'd be up for allowing us to share our master with you. No big commitment, mind you, just a chance for you to give him a try and have a little sexy fun. There is ALWAYS more than enough of him to go around."

Judy was already in a lusty fog from her previous trips in and out of Glory's room. Plus, overhearing parts of their conversations and much of the phone call with Heather made her want to see if it was possible that Alan really was as good as the others claimed. Every time she walked into Glory's room, her heart raced and her breathing sped up thinking about all of the possibilities that might happen with either of them if she only had a chance. She didn't know that was what Suzanne had been setting her up for, and planning since shortly after meeting her.

Judy said, "But I don't understand. Why would you want to share him with me? If he's as great as you all act like he is, wouldn't you want to keep him all to yourself?"

Suzanne laughed, "Trust me, he's not as good as I act like he is... he's even better! I can't even describe to you his stamina and energy. Plus, he has an ability to make you feel like you're the only person in the world while he is with you."

Judy stared suspiciously, trying to maintain eye contact and not ogle Suzanne's massive breasts. "That doesn't answer the question."

"If you must know, well, it's complicated. But we don't have a normal relationship with him, obviously. He's our master, and our job is to sexually pleasure him about as much as humanly possible. Part of that is variety. If a beautiful and available woman like you happens to come along, it's kind of a shame if he doesn't have at least a little fun with you."

Judy narrowed her eyes even more suspiciously. "Doesn't he have enough variety already? How many other lovers does he have?! Normal people have to make do with just one sex partner."

Suzanne spoke with pride, "He's obviously not normal. And yeah, he has a lot of regular lovers. It's not for me to say just how many. We keep him plenty busy most of the time. That's why this would just be a brief fling with you." Actually, Suzanne was thinking of more possibilities, but her plan was to take it step by step and not raise expectations too much.

"That sounds kinda odd to me. Are you trying to trap me into something? I don't like being played like a fool."

"Judy, you're no fool and you're not being played. Look, just try it once and if he doesn't completely rock your world... you never have to see him again. Can't you just go along with me for a little bit here and see if you like it or not?"

"I don't know. It still sounds kind of strange, but the way you hype him, I'd be stupid to not at least see how good he is."

"Good. Here's what I want you to do. I want you to go ahead and openly start flirting with him. Trust me; he'll love it. Once he starts flirting back, you'll see just how caring, sexy, and fun he can be. But I still want you to pretend to be somewhat hard to get, just not impossible. Think you can do that?"

"Are you sure I'm not going to get in trouble for this? I can't afford to lose my job."

"Don't worry about your job or anything else. Just have some fun. I promise you that you'll enjoy it. I do have one other request though."

"What's that?"

"No one outside of this room is to know about what we've talked about in here. Plus, Glory has no idea what I'm planning and I want it to come across as her idea when she realizes it."

Judy nodded reluctantly.

"Oh, and one other thing: no fucking! Nothing vaginal or anal, please. That might come later, if you want it and he wants it, but we'd need to sort out issues about STDs, birth control, and such first. But feel free to do anything short of that. Especially oral. He loves a good blowjob!"

Judy's head was reeling. This is the strangest conversation I've ever had, bar none! "Suzanne, may I ask you a question?"

"Sure, what is it?"

"How exactly does he really keep up with that many women?"

"First off, his stamina is truly unreal. I know for a fact that I have never been with another guy that can last as long as he can. Secondly, once he cums, it doesn't take long before he's rock hard again. Both of those things help explain how he's able to give each of us multiple orgasms. I'm not just talking about twenty seconds for a small amount of pleasure. I'm talking about orgasms that seem to last forever! Not only that, but a few of us have even had a whole body orgasm. You ever had one of those?"

Judy was speechless when she heard that. As a nurse, she knew a lot about the human body, and she'd heard of such a thing, but she'd never experienced one. All she could do was shake her head no.

"Well let me tell you, that's one experience that you'll NEVER ever forget! But those are very rare. Luckily, even 'ordinary' orgasms with him usually are fantastic! Even if you just suck his cock, I'll bet that you'll end up cumming so intensely and for so long that you'll think that you've died for those several minutes while your body recovers from it!"

"From just a blowjob?! How is that possible?! I've never had an orgasm, period, from one of those."

"Trust me, sex with him is very different. Look at the number of women willing to share him as proof. Forget what you think you know. Oh, and he has threesomes with us all the time, and that's just part of the fun with him. Like I've said before, he's not a selfish lover. True, he is the only man that any of us have sex with, but as far as us ladies go... we get to enjoy each other whenever we want to. There are times when he's busy with one of us, or possibly one of his other sluts that he keeps on the side, so we have to take care of one another."

Judy was flabbergasted. "One of his other sluts?!" A-ha! He does have lots of other lovers! This gets more unbelievable all the time! Except it must be true! I've seen too much evidence that his harem does exist!

Seeing that she had Judy pretty well convinced, Suzanne added with an extra sultry purr, "Let's say for example that you became one of his regular lovers but he was tied up with another one when you wanted some time with him. You could always come to me and I would make sure that you stayed well pleased in more ways than one."

Judy was stunned speechless as she looked up and down Suzanne's voluptuous body. She finally gasped out, "Sounds pretty good!"

"So then, what'll it be? Are you in or out?"

"Okay, I'll go along with this for now. I'm willing to flirt with him and see what happens."

"Good. So do we have a deal?"

"Not yet, we don't. We haven't discussed what's in it for me if I help you."

Suzanne had noticed how Judy kept ogling her body, despite her occasional efforts not to. She knew Judy would be hot for her, especially since it was hard to find anybody, man or woman, who wasn't hot for her. "Oh, so it's like that, is it? Well, your prize is the best sex you've ever had! Even without fucking, the orgasms you'll have will blow your mind. Just you wait and see!"

"How is that possible?!"

Suzanne gave a devastating "come hither" look. "Besides, if that isn't incentive enough, remember how I told you that not only are we Alan's lovers, but how we also are each other's lovers?"

Judy nodded. Her heart beat fast as she contemplated what that could mean.

Suzanne walked up and wrapped her arms around Judy's waist. She moved quickly so as to not give Judy a chance to resist. Then she pulled her in and began kissing her, causing her massive breasts to press up against Judy's.

At first, Judy's lips were shut since she was caught by surprise. What the hell?! She's kissing me on the lips?! But as soon as she realized what Suzanne was doing, she opened her mouth and let Suzanne's tongue slide inside.

Judy became easily lost in the moment and went all out kissing Suzanne back with lots of tongue. But it didn't stop there. Soon, they went from sharing a passionate kiss to a full make-out session. Suzanne was the first to let her hands start roaming over different parts of Judy's toned, curvy body. Her hands were mainly focused on Judy's breasts, but occasionally she would allow one of them to slip down and either squeeze Judy's ass or rub the front of her pussy on the outside of her scrubs.

It didn't take long before Judy followed suit and found herself with her hands firmly grabbing Suzanne's ass. Her mind was running wild with thoughts of what was happening and what more could happen if she agreed to help Suzanne with her bet.

Judy thought, What the fuck? So this would be what I have to look forward to? Hell yeah, I'm all in! And what in the hell is up with her tongue? It's really fucking long and dexterous! I think she could stick it so far down my throat that it would almost be like deep throating someone's cock. Well, not HIS cock of course! That freaking monster almost frightens the shit out of me, but at the same time I want him to shove it so far up my pussy that when he cums, I can taste it in my mouth!

As their bodies moved due to their kissing becoming more passionate, their globes were soon not just pressed together but were aggressively grinding, with their erect nipples poking deeply into the other's ample tit-flesh. Suzanne even brought a hand up to play with Judy's impressive rack for the first time. It was all so erotic that it was easy to forget they were both still fully clothed.

While Suzanne was locked in her tongue duel with Judy, it gave Suzanne a chance to think about Judy's body. This is great. It's almost like it was back years ago when it was just Xania and me. Judy's body isn't just hot to look at; it feels hot too! You can easily feel the heat radiating from it through her scrubs. She's the definition of "Alan worthy." Her body is firm and built to be used for sex! By Sweetie or by me, or heck, even both of us at the same time!

Suzanne saw that Judy wasn't trying to resist her attack, so she took the hand that she had been allowing to carefully roam over Judy's butt and pelvic area and slipped it inside her scrubs, where it made its way down to her cunt. She slowly slipped her hand inside Judy's panties and ran a finger right along her slit. However, she didn't let her finger penetrate any further; it just slid along the outside of Judy's pussy lips.

Occasionally, Judy brought one of her hands up and fondled Suzanne's "sweater puppies." Granted, she was only touching them on the outside of Suzanne's blouse, but it was still adding to Judy's arousal. This was all so exciting that Judy's knees gave way as her body began to tremble.

Lckily, Suzanne had been prepared for that, so moved her hand from Judy's breast in time to wrap her arm around Judy's waist to provide support.

As she swooned, Judy thought, What the heck is happening to me?! Does everything move this fast with them? She doesn't know it yet, but I'm already hooked on Alan. It's not like it was that hard to get interested in him after seeing how erect and thick he was last night, and that was even before I really started hearing some of their stories. Those just made it that much easier for me to want to get close to him. Well, maybe close should be defined as having him fuck me! It sucks that Suzanne says we can't do that yet, but there's plenty we still can do!

Another minute or more of passionate necking and fondling passed. Judy was growing increasingly concerned about being discovered. What am I going to do if I get caught in here, making out with one of my patients' visitors? I'm definitely in no condition to go back to work after this! My pussy is going to be dripping like a leaky faucet for the rest of my shift! What am I going to do? Glory isn't scheduled for release until Wednesday, and Suzanne seems to be visiting her more often than not. How am I going to be able to do my job, knowing that I'm going to be so close to either of those two total babes? Or Alan?! Gaawwwd! Alan! He's such a STUD! Dear Lord, I'm on the verge of cumming already! If she doesn't stop, I'm gonna cum and end up screaming like a fucking banshee!

Suzanne didn't want to bring Judy to orgasm just yet, so she removed her hand from Judy's wet pussy and stepped a few feet away. She instantly switched from sultry back to a very professional tone.

"See, Judy, that's the kind of thing that happens when you find a loving and caring master like we have. We get to share in all kinds of fun. You have to promise me that our little conversation will stay between us, and only us. If you're able to do that, there's plenty more where that came from waiting for you. But remember, this is our secret. I'm not going to tell anyone and I expect the same from you."

Judy nodded as Suzanne left the room.


Judy had gotten so hot from her brief encounter with Suzanne that she went straight to the nurse's lounge to try to regain her composure. Luckily, nobody else was there. Holy shit, that woman is unstoppable! Suzanne is SO sultry, with her red hair and those green eyes. She just takes charge without even asking. Damn! I've never let anyone do whatever they wanted to me before. Especially not without asking first.

On the other hand, she's too fucking sexy to refuse! What is it about her, that I allowed her to do that? I'm not submissive at all, but the way she took charge made it even more arousing! I'm too fucking confused to think straight.

Then there's Glory, with her toned body, her blonde hair, and her blue eyes. She had her accident surfing, which means she's gotta be a good surfer. That's further proof that she's got a very fit and firm body. As if I hadn't noticed that already, through her flimsy gown! Yow! I can't wait to return her clothes to her and watch as she changes. Fuck me! Just let both of them lie down on the bed and pin me in the middle! Damn, these thoughts aren't helping matters any! I need to calm down and get back to work!

However, instead of thinking about non-sexual matters, Judy's thoughts switched to Alan. Let's not forget their 'Master'! He seems too good to be true. Young, handsome, with a huge cock, and apparently he really knows how to use it. It has to be freaking massive if he can tempt those two total stunners like he does, not to mention all the other sexy vixens I've seen with him! Earlier, when Suzanne found out that I'd been eavesdropping, she even admitted that she and another person had given him a double blowjob. You just can't do that with most normal penises. But with him, I could imagine there's room for two busy tongues AND two stroking hands! I wish I could be a part of that, licking him with Suzanne! Or Glory! Or both of 'em, even!

She realized that her time by herself wasn't helping clear her head. In fact, it was only making matters worse. She found herself rubbing her clit through her scrubs. She could feel her pussy getting wetter and wetter. Damn this! I need some relief, and now! But I also need to do some actual nursing work. I guess I've gotta get serious, before I get in trouble.

She forced herself to remove her hand from her crotch. Fool! What if somebody were to walk in? I have to act professionally and get back on the job. There's just one thing I need to do first.

She took out her cell phone and dialed the number for the girlfriend that she often turned to when she wasn't sexually happy with a guy.

"Tiffany? Hi. It's Judy. Do you have any plans for tonight?" After giving her friend time to answer, she continued, "Good. What do you say you come over tonight and we'll order in? Maybe something simple like pizza and wings?"

Once Tiffany agreed, Judy said, "You already have a key; just let yourself in. I'll be home about 12:15 or 12:20. Be sure to pack some clothes and plan on spending the night. Naturally we'll be out of our clothes most of the time and I think you already know what I want to eat for dessert."

As soon as Judy hung up the phone, she left to make a quick check on the rest of her patients. She didn't want to do rounds, but she knew that she'd been missing for a while and didn't want to make the problem even worse. Once she was sure everyone was as okay as they could be, depending on their specific issues, she went quickly to the private bathroom set aside for female staff. She knew that would be her best place to go to masturbate with the least chance of getting caught.

Whew! Now that I know that everyone is okay, it's time for me to take care of myself or they'll be admitting me for a heart attack!

Once she was in the bathroom, it wasn't long before she had her scrubs down to her ankles. In fact, she was pulling her panties down as she was locking the door. Her mind raced with thoughts of Glory, Suzanne, and Alan, in various combinations, as she began rubbing her clit. She wasn't sure which of them was making her hotter. She didn't normally get that turned on over guys, but something about Alan was different.

Her heart was beating so fast that it felt like it was going to hop out of her chest. She made the mistake of placing her free hand over her chest as if she could slow it down, but instead once she touched her breasts through her top it beat even faster and harder. She quickly moved her hand under her top and pulled her bra down to expose her ample breasts.

She immediately began groping and fondling her breasts, then moved to pinching her erect nipples. Oh Lord, that feels good. I can't believe I'm doing this at work, but I can't help myself! The only way it could feel better would be if Suzanne or Glory were the ones doing it!

Or Alan! What is it about that damn kid? He's nice looking, but still there are guys that look better. It does look like he has a nice-size package to work with! Granted, I've only seen it through his shorts, but the way his shorts always look like they're about to rip at the seams, it has to be fucking huge! Maybe part of it's because of overhearing those two sexpots talk about sharing him and each other. Mmmm, a lesbian fuck sandwich, with a big slab of sausage in the middle!

As she finally slid a finger into her tight twat, she was thinking about why she was always so unhappy with the guys that she'd been with. None of them cared about anything more than their own feelings and getting their own sexual satisfaction. Remembering the size of the bulge in Alan's shorts, her whole body shivered as she tried to imagine him filling her pussy, stretching it to the max.

Suzanne says he's not only got size, he's got talent AND stamina! I can easily imagine getting fucked by him through endless orgasms, until I simply have to cry mercy! Hot damn, that would have to hurt! But dear sweet Jesus, that must be the kind of pain Queen sang about in their song "Pain Is So Close to Pleasure". That would have to be about as pleasurable a pain as one could get! I remember the first night I saw him and that incredible bulge of his. If he stays hard like that all through a good long fuck session, I bet those are some very happy ladies!

She went ahead and crammed a second and then a third finger up her slit to try to give her a closer feeling to what she imagined being fucked by Alan would feel like. Fuck! Three fingers isn't enough. It's not even close! But it's not like I can fist myself in the middle of my shift! I bet getting royally fucked by him would feel like being fisted, every single fucking time!

She felt her climax approaching. Since she knew that she couldn't stay away from making her rounds for long, so she took her free hand and diddled her clit with it while continuing to finger herself with her other hand. She had to bite her lip to keep from screaming when her orgasm finally hit her. Luckily, she had thought to make sure to sit on the edge of the toilet as she felt it her orgasm approaching or she would have collapsed to the floor.

She forced herself to stop touching her clit as the orgasm washed through her, so hopefully she could get back out onto the floor as soon as possible. However, she continued to have small orgasmic aftershocks while she sat there trying to recuperate.

She was finally able to stand back up even though her legs were still weak. She got some paper towels and used the sink to carefully clean herself. Then she used even more towels to dry off before pulling her panties and scrubs back up. She also dampened a few paper towels and washed her face, hoping it would help her calm down before starting back out to check on her other patients.

Okay, now I just need to avoid that damn room like the plague for a while. Gotta give myself some time away from them or else I'm liable to rape any of those three. Or maybe even all three at once! Or, have THEM rape ME! That would be even better! It's bad enough when it's just Gloria and Suzanne in there alone, but when Alan is in there with them... the sexual fog in that room is so thick you could cut it with a fucking knife! At least I have some time with Tiffany after work to look forward to.

Now to work on seducing Alan. I'd like to think that it would be easy. With most guys his age, you show them a nice set of tits and they're ready to cum at the drop of a hat. Somehow though, I don't think he's like those other guys when it comes to that. I mean, just consider Suzanne's ridiculously large bust. Normal guys probably cum in their shorts just seeing her walk by, even when she's completely dressed. But he's gotta be used to her. I've gotta compete with that sort of thing. I think that I'm just going to start being a little more playful with the things I say around him. Possibly let him slip up and say something that I can use to get him off balance.

First things first, though. I'm going to need to find somewhere to try to calm down and get away from all three of them for a few minutes. I'm REALLY going to have to thank Tiffany later. I doubt she has any idea what's in store for her when I get home. I'm going to completely ravage her like I never have before!

Judy had been a nervous wreck, worrying that someone would need her out on the floor and come looking for her. She considered herself lucky that she'd been able to get the relief she needed and get cleaned up before that happened.

She went to find two other nurses and asked them to check on Glory for her. She didn't need to explain why, because both of them knew of her primary sexual preference and they'd seen how luscious Glory and Suzanne looked. It was easy for Judy to hint that she didn't want to get too tempted. The other nurses knew nothing about her growing attraction to Alan, and she wanted to keep it that way.

As a result, Judy was able to avoid going back into Glory's room, instead focusing completely on her other patients. She found herself more and more tempted to go back to Glory's room each time she got close while doing her rounds, but managed to force herself to stay clear. She just made sure that it wasn't obvious what she was doing, so no one would start asking questions.


Judy looked at her watch and saw it was 5:40 PM. Her curiosity about what was happening in Glory's room was growing by the minute. I'm tempted to listen in again. But I can't keep using the cup-against-the-door trick; I'll get caught. I could see myself trying to explain that to an administrative board! "Well you see, my patient was totally hot, but her friend slash lover was even hotter. Plus they both belonged to the same guy who, according to them, fucks their brains out multiple times a day."

Besides, I can't let those other nurses cover for me forever. Glory and Suzanne will get suspicious and feel offended that I'm trying to avoid them. I need to at least stick my head in and say "Hi." I'll just be careful not to stay long, or I'm bound to get overheated all over again.

She paused outside the door just before opening it. All right, here goes nothing. At least my shift is almost halfway over. I don't know how much more I can take of dealing with those three. On the other hand, the sooner I go back in there, the sooner I can find out what their "master" is really like and hopefully start seducing him. She opened the door and started in.

Suzanne pulled the divider back when she heard the door open. She took a look at Judy and commented, "Well, there you are! I figured we'd embarrassed you to the point that you didn't want to come back."

Judy responded nervously, "No. Quite the opposite, in fact." She was even more nervous because she saw that Alan was in the room too. She was trying to avoid saying more.

A smile crossed Suzanne's face as she said, "Oh, REALLY? So that's why I could smell your arousal when you walked in. Is that what that smell is?"

Alan and Glory were completely shocked that Suzanne said that.

Judy's face reddened from embarrassment. She looked at Glory sitting up in bed and then at Suzanne sitting in one of the chairs before her eyes locked on Alan's crotch. She finally replied very quietly, "You have no idea."

Glory thought, I smell it too! She's obviously hot to trot for someone in here and judging by where her eyes are locked, I'm banking on it being Alan. But what's new about that? He affects all women like that. I'm just going to have to come to grips with having to share him with a LOT of other lucky ladies.

Glory and Suzanne saw where Judy's eyes were focused, but Suzanne acted like she didn't notice.

However, Glory said, "Suzanne, I'm not so sure it was us that got her that turned on."

That caused Judy to blush even more, as she finally realized where she was staring and managed to look away. She tried to figure out a way to recover from being caught in such a blatant stare. "Oh God! I'm sorry! I just... I'm having a hard time wrapping my head around how he can keep all of you so satisfied."

Suzanne told her, "Oh, that's easy. Would you like for him to pull it out and show you?"

Alan was stunned when he heard Suzanne suggest that.

Judy yelled "NO!" She turned and quickly exited the room.

Even Glory was shocked that Suzanne would make that suggestion. She knew that Suzanne could be rather bold at times, but that comment had seemed too outlandish even for her.

Amy was right outside the door and about to walk in when Judy ran out of the room. Judy had rushed right by her without saying anything. Once Amy was in the room with the door closed, she asked, "Wow! What did I miss?"

Alan smiled and said, "Welcome back, Aims. I see you changed clothes. You look really HOT!"

"Thank you, Beau. I hoped that you would like it." In fact Amy had taken a few minutes to freshen up when she'd gone home to get Xania's car. She'd put on a pair of blue-jean shorts that were cut very short, together with a tight white T-shirt.

He added, "But back to your question, your mother here was being rude and teasing Judy." Then to Suzanne, he said, "Mother, I can't believe you said that!"

Suzanne burst out laughing and said, "Oh come on! I just thought I'd have a little fun with her. She seemed capable of handling it. You know you're safe; she generally prefers women."

Amy got even more curious, so she once again asked, "Will somebody tell me what I missed?"

Gloria and Suzanne gave Amy a brief recap of what had been said to Judy.

Then Suzanne said to her daughter, "Honey Pie, don't you think it's a good idea for Sweetie to tease her like that? There's nothing wrong with a little fun and games, right? It's not like he'd ever have a chance with her or anything. She just recently ended a difficult relationship and she strongly prefers women."

Amy replied, "Of course Beau can flirt with her. She looks sexy and fun, but if what you say is true about her being kind of mostly lesbian, then she's harmless enough."

Alan tried to look irritated at the others as he said, "You three are incorrigible! I swear you're going to be the death of me yet. I'm going to go get something to drink and get away from all of you for a minute or two. I'll bring something back for you two. Come on, Aims; let's get some fresh air."

By then none of them could hold a straight face any longer, so they all had a good laugh over what had happened.

After Alan and Amy left, Glory said to Suzanne, "Here I was thinking that you were perfect, but you must be blind."

Being the notorious schemer, Suzanne saw this as a way to possibly get Glory to allow some type of physical contact between Alan and Judy. The thing was that she wanted to have Glory think that it was her own idea. She decided to play it by ear and act curious. "What do you mean?"

"You saw the way she was looking at him and where she was looking. With the way she was ogling his crotch, I'm surprised she didn't rip all her clothes off right then and beg to get fucked."

Suzanne pretended to be oblivious. "Glory, you heard her say that she preferred girls to guys."

"Whatever. You know as well as I do that she wants him to nail the shit out of her!"

"No way. He wouldn't have a chance with her. She's not the slightest bit interested in him. Sure, she was looking hot and bothered, but that's because it's the two of us that she wants."

Glory felt her temper start to rise. "So you don't believe all of this hype about Alan yourself then! I thought you were the one saying he could have any girl he wanted, but he chose us."

"Well that's true, generally speaking, but Judy is mostly lesbian."

Glory hotly insisted, "'Mostly' means she's not completely lesbian. That's enough of a foot in the door for him to barge all the way in!"

Suzanne insisted, "Not him. He's great at nearly all things sexual, EXCEPT the seduction of a stranger. Frankly, he sucks at that. True, he has lots of lovers, but he didn't seduce a single one."

Glory felt like Suzanne was betraying Alan and the rest of the harem with her lack of confidence in his sexual skills. She felt like she had to do something to stick up for him, not realizing that she was falling right into Suzanne's scheme. "Let me tell you something. Alan is more than enough man to seduce her!"

Trying to act hurt by Glory's statement, Suzanne said, "No way. I have full faith in Sweetie and his abilities, but let's be real: Judy's into women. Not that anything's wrong with that, but he would be fighting a losing battle. Not only that, but she recently ended an intense relationship and is determined not to leap back immediately into another one. Remember how she told us about that?"

"Sure. But so what? If you think that would slow him down, just look at what he did to Brenda. And she's still married!"

Suzanne replied, "You don't know the story there yet, but I basically arranged for everything to happen between him and Brenda. Besides..." - she briefly lowered her voice to a near whisper - "don't forget that this whole six-times-a-day thing was my idea. None of this would have happened if I hadn't started that."

"You're nuts! That helped jump start events, sure. But things were bound to develop anyway. For instance, I cared for him way before any of that ever started."

"Okay, so you CARED for him. Maybe you even loved him. But you weren't about to actually have sex with him, were you?"

That was true, but Glory was reluctant to admit it. "Well... there was the whole student/teacher taboo..."

"Of course. Plus, let's face it, he wasn't as sexually tempting then, back before he started developing his sexual self-confidence. But then everything changed. You never would have had a chance to act on those feelings if he hadn't been trying to cum as many times a day as he could."


Glory got hot under the collar, even though she knew deep down that Suzanne was mostly correct. Now that she was Alan's willing sex slave, she looked back on events differently, as if everything had been inevitable. "Bullshit! I've always known that he lusted after me! I just kept trying to ignore that and keep it at a student/teacher relationship. Sure, his bizarre 'medical treatment' gave me the opportunity, but he was the one that charmed his way into my heart and swept me off my feet."

"Well, maybe he did, but it was only because you'd already been attracted to him over the previous two years. Your situation is skewed because of that. Remember that I said he sucks at seducing a stranger. You were hardly a stranger, you must admit."

Glory was miffed. She had no good answer to that.

Suzanne continued, "Think about it. In every case, he either got involved with women he already knew well, or THEY were the ones who came to him and basically seduced him. For instance, Heather. I hate to bring her name up with you, but she's a classic case where she heard all about his sexual prowess and decided to try him out for herself. She was like a force of nature and he stood no chance. It's been either of those two things in every single instance. He's NEVER seduced a stranger the way normal people are often forced to do!"

That wasn't entirely true, since he had more actively seduced some of his lovers, such as Brenda, where he'd definitely had a big role to play. But Suzanne figured that Glory didn't know about those cases. Suzanne was embarked on one of her schemes, so she was willing to bend the truth.

Glory replied in a huff, "Okay, maybe so, but that was then and this is now. He's changing, practically day to day. He's brimming with sexual self-confidence."

"That's true, but so what? There are plenty of guys who go to bars and clubs and are all macho and confident but get brutally shot down time after time just the same. He needs to have some good seduction skills too. He's so used to having his cock sucked every time he turns around that he doesn't know the first thing about how to seduce a girl in the normal way. It's kind of a problem, actually. We've sort of warped his normal development."

Glory had to admit that there was a lot of truth in that. However, she remained supremely confident in his sexual abilities. "Maybe so, but it doesn't matter. He's very good at rolling with the punches, as we all know. Throw a tough challenge at him and he'll rise to the occasion, especially if it's something sexual. He may not be a smooth operator with a total stranger, but he'll bluster his way through and get the job done just the same. Judy wouldn't stand a chance with him."

Suzanne shrugged dismissively. "Nah. I'll concede that could be the case with one of the girls in school. Say, some pretty girl who is a seven or eight on the one-to-ten beauty scale. Judy is different. For one thing, she's not just another pretty girl. She's at LEAST a nine on that scale, if not a ten. Don't you agree?"

Glory replied, "Okay, fine. I'd say she's a ten. She is a real head-turner. It's a wonder she's working as a nurse and not as a model or something like that. But so what? ALL of his main lovers are just as beautiful! Hell, in a few cases, such as you, a mere 'ten' doesn't do it justice. You break the scale!"

She blushed as she realized what she'd just said.

Suzanne smiled widely and took Glory's hand. "Awww. That's sweet! Thanks! Just for that, I think you need to be rewarded with a kiss!" She suddenly and unexpectedly leaned over and held Glory's head in place with both hands. Then she planted her lips right on Glory's.

Glory was in complete shock. She hadn't anticipated anything like that, and hadn't even considered them to be in a sexual situation. However, her lust for Suzanne was always simmering whenever the two of them were in close proximity, so she opened her mouth and welcomed Suzanne's tongue before even realizing what was happening.

The two of them necked for about a minute.

Suzanne loved it. She could feel the passion between them rising ever higher with each passing moment. She was tempted to let her hands wander and take things to another level, but she was mindful that they were in a hospital and didn't want to get caught. Furthermore, she didn't want to lose the momentum of her conversation.

She broke the kiss and sat back as if nothing had happened, except that she couldn't resist commenting, "Nice! It's too bad we're where we are. I might have to get seriously frisky with you the next time you give me a compliment!"

Glory was shaken, not to mention extremely aroused. She exclaimed with a mixture of fear and lust, "Well then, I'll have to be careful to never compliment you again!"

Suzanne laughed at that. Then she said, "Getting back to Judy, my point was, Sweetie might be able to seduce SOME women, even with his total inexperience, sure. But not a 'perfect ten' babe like Judy. Plus, there are those other factors I mentioned. Do you remember how she told us that she's planning on moving away soon? She's not on the prowl for a man."

Glory was still reeling from the scorching hot kiss. Shit! I can't let Suzanne kiss me like that just whenever she feels like it! If that happens, I'm going to kiss back and love it! It's too intense and arousing! I'm not lesbian, that's for sure, but I do have this strange Suzannesbian urge. I can't help myself with her. I really need to say something and put my foot down before she gets the wrong idea!

But how can I avoid complimenting her? She's so beautiful and wonderful! And what if she compliments me? Now, I'm going to feel the urge to kiss her like that in response. Damn! I have to resist!

Glory had to keep the conversation going. Trying to put that intense kiss behind her, she huffed, "She doesn't have to be on the prowl if HE'S on the prowl! Are you forgetting who we're talking about here? This is Alan, our MASTER! He's turned you, me, and many other beautiful women into his willing personal sex slaves! If he can do that, he's capable of literally ANYTHING when it comes to sex! Hell, I don't care if she's 100 percent lesbian; if he sets his sights on her, she's a goner! She'll be sucking his cock, and with gusto, before she has any idea what just hit her!"

Suzanne was very glad to hear that, because it played right into her hands. But she pretended otherwise. "It's nice of you to say that. I'm sure he'd appreciate that vote of confidence. But just between you and me, we have to be realistic. He's good, but he's not THAT good, not when it comes to strangers. He actually gets quite shy."

Glory was beside herself with frustration at Suzanne's attitude. "WHAT?! Maybe the old Alan; okay, I'll concede that. But he's completely changed since the days he was a total virgin. Besides, didn't you see the way she was gawking at his crotch?"

"I did, but that doesn't mean anything. When I'm walking down a busy street, I appreciate the sight of a good-looking man, even now that I've sworn off all other men and dedicated myself to serving my Sweetie for the rest of my life. It's just looking; everybody does that. With the size of his bulge, she'd be weird NOT to look. That doesn't mean she'd drop to her knees and suck him off."

Glory's face turned red in anger as she said, "Fine! I'll make you a bet. I'll bet you that Alan CAN seduce her. He'll show you that no one is out of his reach. I mean, get serious. With your attitude, you insult him, you insult his harem, and you insult everyone in it! He's no ordinary man! Look at me!"

She briefly raised her hands dramatically. "Not only have I gotten involved with one of my own students, a total taboo, but that damn young man has made me throw away ALL my pride and dignity, causing me to ENSLAVE myself to him! Furthermore, I know that I'm going to be humiliated on a daily basis from now on due to the indignity of having to share him with everyone else in the harem. But I DON'T CARE! Actually, I do care, a lot, but it doesn't matter. That's how strongly I feel about him! And even though I'm fully aware of all of this, I still wouldn't change a thing, because he's made me love him and lust after him that much!"

She concluded dramatically, "Given all that, do you really think a girl who's more attracted to women could turn him down if he truly sets his sights on her? Give me a BREAK!" She crossed her arms below her breasts defiantly. She found herself in even more uncharted waters because she knew how much she hated sharing him, especially with someone other than the harem members. Nonetheless, she was so worked up that she decided it best to not give in to those emotions and prove to Suzanne that Alan was more than capable of seducing Judy and anyone else he wanted.

Suzanne was secretly delighted, but she tried hard to maintain a stern face. She also crossed her arms below her even more ample rack. "I'm sorry, but I refuse to believe he could seduce Judy. The only way I'd believe it is if he actually did it, and even then I'd be doubtful. In fact, I'd have to actually see her kneeling naked between his legs and sucking his cock!"

Glory huffed, "Well then, we'll just have to make sure he does that, and you're there to see it!"

Suzanne was even more secretly delighted, since that was exactly what she wanted Glory to say.

Even Glory was stunned by her own words. Wait! Did I really just say that?! Do I really want him to seduce Judy?! I'm supposed to get jealous about that kind of thing! She searched her feelings. I DO feel jealous, but so what?! I want him to do it anyway! What Suzanne is saying is an outrage! I think she feels like she's the real reason for all of his sexual success, due to her six-times-a-day scheme and everything else. Sure, she had a role, but he's no bump on a log! He needs to teach her a lesson! My master is no ordinary man, and she needs to understand that!

Suzanne still acted disparaging. "Oh, come on! Like that would ever happen. Okay, maybe, eventually, if he had a few weeks to work on her. Maaaaybe. But you're only in here for two more days or thereabouts. There's no way he could work THAT fast! Especially since she's a professional nurse who has to do her very busy job!"

Glory waved her hand dismissively. "Bah! Mere details! Have you never felt his sexual charisma? Have you never seen him stare intently at you, like you're the only person in the world and he's radiating pure lust with his laser beam gaze? No, it's more like he's a hungry lion and you're a wounded antelope. You stand no chance! My panties get wet every time, just from his LOOK!"

She pointed a finger at Suzanne. "I guarantee you, if he makes it his goal, he WILL have Judy fervently bobbing on his cock before I'm released from this hospital!"

Suzanne rolled her eyes dismissively while she secretly tingled with glee at her manipulative abilities. However, she knew that tricking Glory was much tougher than tricking Susan, and she reminded herself that she wasn't done yet. "Okay, if you're that confident in him, what would you like to wager?"

Glory thought about it for a few moments. Then she said, "I'm so confident that he can do what I say he can, that when I win, I want one entire night alone with him. I'm thinking I would like a nice romantic dinner somewhere of my choice. Then maybe we could do our night alone somewhere at a nice hotel."

Suzanne considered that. She didn't want to part from him and his other slave-wives for too long, or there would be trouble. But she decided one evening and one night would be okay. "I think that's fair. But what about if you lose?"

"That's not going to happen!"

"That's easy to say now, but it's not a fair bet if I don't get anything if I win. Here's the deal; take it or leave it. IF you win, you get your night alone with him. If I win, you join me and him in a threesome. And I do mean a real threesome. That means that I would be touching you just as much as I would be him, and vice versa."

Glory thought, Shit! I'm not into women! What happens if I do lose? Why in the hell does it have to be that? But also, how can I resist her? I have this Suzannesbian weakness. I know she felt my orgasm when we kissed earlier, and this latest kiss was possibly even hotter!

Finally, she said, "But I'm not lesbian. I've never been with another woman except for our few kisses. Isn't there anything else you want?! Please!"

"Well, sure. I'd settle for some one-on-one time alone with just you and me, but I figured it would be more fun with Alan there. So that's the deal. It's up to you."

"I see your point. The latter would definitely be my choice if I had to lose. Which I'm not going to lose, by the way."

Suzanne challenged, "If you're so certain of that, then what does it matter what my reward would be if I win?"

Glory said, "I have to be careful, since anything is possible. For instance, he might simply not get enough time with her to have a fair chance. He doesn't have much time at all."

Suzanne conceded, "Look. You and I are going to be in a threesome before long. Lots of them! If it's what our master wants, and I'm sure he does, our duty is to obey. We're his sex slaves. If he wants us to sixty-nine each other, that's what we'll do. This is the life you've chosen."

"Yeah. but-"

Suzanne cut her off by waving a hand. "Hold on. Happily, he's a very kind and caring master. He's not going to make you do something you really don't want to do. But you should at least try it. Who knows, you might like it! I'll tell you what. If it comes to a threesome, I'm not going to be pushy. Sure, we'll be naked and kissing and touching each other to some extent, but our main focus will be on HIM. As it should be, since he's our master. So you don't have anything to worry about. If you say 'No' to me if I get too frisky with you, I'll fully understand that means no. I'm not going to be cruel or pushy with you either. I really want us to have a loving, strong friendship."

Glory was relieved to hear that. But she thought, God! That actually sounds pretty good! I'm almost hoping he'll fail and I'll lose, just so I can be in a threesome like that! But wait. What am I saying? She's right: that situation will be coming in any case, but I'm definitely not ready for it yet. I need time to get used to all the craziness of this harem lifestyle. Lots of time! Seeing him and Susan kiss was almost more than I could take. Things are moving way too fast for me!

She said, "Okay, let's say we do agree on a bet like that. What would the terms be? For instance, how would we define a successful seduction?"

Suzanne responded, "If you're so certain about his skills, then of course he needs to prove it by fucking her. What else could it be?"

"WHOA!" Glory held both hands up in a "stop" gesture. "Let's not go that far! If he fucks her, there's no telling what may happen. You know as well as I do that sex with Alan is a VERY powerful bonding experience. It's not like ordinary sex with an ordinary guy at all. Those massive orgasms that he gives us change us in a big way. I just want to prove that he can seduce a sexy stranger like her; I don't want yet another woman to possibly join the harem!"

Suzanne didn't want Judy to get that involved either. But she wanted to stake out that position at first so she could make concessions. Therefore she persisted. "Give me a break. That's not going to happen. If nothing else, you know that she's planning on leaving Orange County in a couple of months. There won't be any danger of them getting involved long term."

"So you say! What about this Xania that I keep hearing about? Doesn't she live out of the area but travels in to fuck Alan on weekends?"

"True, but Xania only lives an hour away. Whereas we know Judy is planning on moving across the country."

Glory was silent as she considered that.

Seeing that she had Glory thinking about it, Suzanne decided it was time to make her big concession. "Look, he doesn't have to actually fuck her. You're right that could cause complications, and there are issues like STDs and even possible pregnancy to consider. Maybe a blowjob would suffice."

Glory was grateful Suzanne had backed down some, but she was still having second thoughts about the whole matter. The talk of fucking sobered her up and caused her jealous feelings to surge. She muttered, "I don't know... Even that could be dangerous... Once she gets started with him, why would she want to stop? She could be underfoot and taking up some of his precious time and even more precious cum for months, until she finally leaves town."

Suzanne said, "Well, that's why we need to keep it in this hospital. Let's face it: once you're discharged, we probably won't see much of her again, if at all. Besides, she's very busy with her job and doesn't have a lot of time on her hands like some of us do."

Glory grunted unhappily but didn't dispute that.

Suzanne said, "Let's return to what I said a while back. You mentioned that you'd want to see her bobbing on his cock 'with gusto.' I similarly said I would have to see her naked and kneeling between his legs, sucking his cock, to fully believe it. Wth my own eyes, no less. Don't you want to see that too?"

Glory was startled, because she realized she did want to see that. As a matter of fact, YES! That would be seriously hot! I'd love to see him completely seduce her like that! Especially if he could manage it right here in the hospital. He's such a total stud that he can do even that if he puts his mind to it!

She grew a bit more serious as she considered the issue, Besides, as long as he doesn't fuck her, things should be fine. He's got lovers who haven't fallen hard for him. For instance, I understand that's the situation with this nurse, Akami. That's a very similar situation, because he doesn't know Judy that well, just like he apparently was never close to that other nurse. I'm sure it takes love PLUS lust in order for a woman to really fall for him, and there's no possible way Judy can fall in love with him when she barely knows him. If this is a pure lust situation, it's totally safe.

Suzanne added, trying to push Glory past her hesitation, "Look, I'll even make it sweeter for you, as a kind of bonus. If you can get him to have her get him off with a handjob, a blowjob and a titfuck, I'll talk the rest of our fellow slave-wives into letting you have two nights in a row alone with him. Just the nights, mind you. Not the day in between as well, or the rest of the harem will die of lusty frustration."

Glory asked, "And if he doesn't manage all that? What's my extra penalty then?"

"No extra penalty. I'm just curious to see if you're right and he really can seduce her and get her to do all that in such a short time."

Glory finally said, "Well, okay. I suppose I can agree to that. She's gotta suck him off just as you described, and we both have to see it with our own eyes to make sure it really happened. So that means that whatever happens, it's going to have to happen between tonight and Wednesday afternoon."

Suzanne thought, Excellent! I love it! Scheming is such fun!

Glory was so confused by the combination of her confidence in Alan and her lust for Suzanne that it seemed like the room was spinning. Even though she didn't want to admit it to Suzanne, she looked at both outcomes as a win-win for her. So, not trying to sound too excited, she said, "Okay, deal! We'll discuss this with Alan when he gets back. As long as he agrees to the terms of the bet, you're on!"

Mainly, she was focused on have a night of being completely alone with Alan. She thought, I can't wait to have an entire night or two alone with him! Just to be able to wake up still lying beside him the next morning would be worth what this bet costs me. Hell, at this point I almost don't give a shit if we get to have sex or not!

Nah, who am I kidding? I'm probably gonna get royally fucked for most of the night! Phew! That's too hot to even contemplate! In fact, there probably won't be much sleep going on for me to wake up beside him. This is going to be great!


Alan and Amy walked back in just after the discussion about the bet had wrapped up. He handed out the drinks they'd brought for Suzanne and Glory.

Suzanne decided there was no time like the present to explain what had been agreed on. She explained the bet discussion and what had led up to it, but intentionally left out what each of their winnings would be.

Once she was done, Alan said, "Whoa, whoa, whoa, wait just a minute! I never agreed to be a part of any bet. Why am I the last to hear about this?"

Suzanne said, "You're not. This happened literally two minutes ago. It's something that just arose spontaneously." That last part wasn't true, since she had carefully started and directed the conversation, but she didn't want anyone to know that.

Suzanne asked Amy, "Honey Pie, what do you think?"

Amy said, "Mom, I have to agree with Glory. Beau can have any woman he wants. Take Kim for example. She's mostly lesbian, but she'll drop to her knees and fuck him before he can even say 'Hi' to her."

Suzanne felt she still needed to firm up the bet to make sure that Alan and everyone else would agree to it. So she maintained the same skeptical attitude that had worked so effectively with Glory. "Amy, you must be mistaken. Judy's into women, not guys. Our master doesn't have a chance with her."

Glory interrupted, "It seems that your mother doesn't have the confidence in Alan that we do. I've made a bet with her that Alan can seduce her. If I win, I get an entire night alone with him, maybe two." She belatedly realized that Amy might not approve. She asked sheepishly, "Is that okay with you?"

Amy asked, "Well, what does Mother get if she wins?"

Suzanne spoke up, "I get to have a full-on threesome with Sweetie and Glory!"

Amy smiled widely. "Super coolio!"

Glory said, "We were going to talk it over with you when you got back." She looked to Alan. "So what do you think about it, Young Man? Wouldn't it be nice to have an ENITRE night alone with just me at a romantic restaurant and a fancy hotel? Now granted, I would want to wait until I'm feeling better so I can fully enjoy my prize."

Suzanne added, "Not so fast! Sweetie, wouldn't it be extra nice to have a wonderful full-on threesome with me and her? Just think about how much fun we'll have together!"

Alan shook his head in disbelief. "Okay, let me get this straight. If I seduce Judy, I get dinner and a night alone with Glory at a fancy hotel. If I don't, I get a threesome with both of you. What exactly is the downside for me?"

Everyone in the room laughed, because they knew it was a win-win for Alan either way.

Suzanne said, "Don't get ahead of yourself, Sweetie. Judy has told us pretty plainly that she prefers girls to guys. So even if you choose to try to seduce her, she's not going to go for it."

Glory said, "See? Alan, that right there is why I agreed to the bet. She has no faith in you, but I do! I know you can do it. The entire night alone with you is going to be just as much a reward for you as it will be for me."

Suzanne added, "And since I seem to be the only one here that is on my side, if by some miracle you do win... I'll be the one to pay for the dinner and the hotel of your choice."

He couldn't resist Glory's eagerness, so he said, "Okay, why not? You're on, both of you. When you say seduce her though, just how far are you am I supposed to go with her? A kiss, a handjob, a blowjob, or full-on sex?"

Suzanne and Glory looked at each other. They figured he would want to fuck Judy, and they didn't want to be the one to break the "bad news" to him.

Suzanne finally replied, "Well, neither of us are too fond of you having full-on sex with her. Not right away, at least. Among other things, she would have to be tested for STDs before that could even be considered. She's not currently in a relationship with a guy, but she still has sex with other girls, and who knows what they might have. So that's out."

Glory said, "It MUST be at least a blowjob. Furthermore, you have to get her completely naked and kneeling between your legs for it to count. That's what Suzanne and I agreed on. Oh, and you'll also need to arrange it so that Suzanne and I can peek in and see her blowing you to confirm you've fulfilled the terms of the bet. And all that has to be occur before I check out of the hospital."

He exclaimed, "WHAT?! All that?! That's impossible! That's in two days, right? Maybe less, if you get the doctor's all-clear to leave!"

Glory just grinned. "Well then, you'd better work fast. Don't worry; I have complete confidence in you."

He was surprised to hear that. He could have believed it from Susan or Brenda, but not Glory. "You do? I don't!"

Glory said, "Believe in yourself! This will be a great confidence-booster for you. You'll see. Furthermore, Suzanne and I agreed to a sort of extra-credit condition. If you're able to get her to give you a handjob, a titfuck, AND a blowjob while I'm still in the hospital, all at separate times, then I get two nights alone with you instead of just one. But not the day in between. And there's no penalty if you don't manage all that."

Alan told them, "Well, I think I'm going to have to put my foot down and take out any option of full-on sex. I'm not going to have sex with her, and that's that. I really do want to focus on my slave-wives. The other ideas, we might work with."

Glory was secretly relieved. She asked him, "So, you'll do it?" Strangely, she'd gone from being reluctant to downright eager to see him succeed with Judy, at least if it wasn't actual fucking. By that point she wasn't feeling at all jealous.

"Um... I suppose so. I mean, I'm trying to narrow my focus to just the women I truly love. So this goes directly against that."

Glory said, "Yes, I agree completely with that narrow focus... in general. But I think you need to make this one exception. I don't mean to put pressure on you, but Suzanne doubts your ability to seduce a total stranger. She seems to think you're not as responsible for creating this harem as I know you are. You need to prove her wrong! And prove it for yourself, so you can believe in yourself. Let's see just what you can do with your newfound sexual abilities!"

He was reluctant, since he feared this was a trap, perhaps one to test his commitment to his slave-wives. It seemed too win-win for him to be true. However, he couldn't resist. "Well, if you put it that way, I guess I can't refuse."

Suzanne asked Amy, "What do you think, Honey Pie?"

"That's easy, Mom! I'm siding with Glory on this! I know that Beau is going to rock Judy's world! Mom, when we win, and we WILL win... I need something from this bet too."

He could feel his dick engorging as he realized their discussion was on the level after all. Still, he was acting cautious, not wanting to appear too enthusiastic. He asked, "What do you have in mind, Aims?"

"Easy, Beau! When Glory and I win, I want a threesome with you and Mom."

He asked, "And if Glory and you lose?"

"Even easier! I want a threesome with Mom and you instead."

The others had a good laugh at that, though there was a slight delay as they mentally confirmed that Amy's reward for losing was the exact same thing as her reward for winning.

Alan asked Suzanne, "How do you feel about that? Are you that sure of yourself that they won't lose?"

Suzanne answered, "Absolutely! Let's do it!"

He grinned. "In that case, let's make this a little better for Aims. When we win, the threesome with her and you, Mother, will be just like my time with Glory. It will be an exclusive, all-night event. Maybe even somewhere outside the house, if you can swing it."

Suzanne thought for a few seconds. Oooh! I like the sound of that! "Okay, but when I win, instead of Amy joining us for the entire night, she'll only be allowed to join us for an hour; two at the most. Then the rest of the night will be just for me."

The three ladies looked at each other and nodded in agreement.

He stood back and thought with amusement, What a miserable life I have. I'm doomed to a life of constant intense pleasure and love from many sexy women. I know that one of these days this whole thing is going to blow up in my face. But until then, once more into the breach, dear friends! Once more!

He asked Suzanne, "Okay, Mother, you were saying earlier that Judy could be trusted, right? How exactly do you know that?"

Suzanne went through telling him about how she had talked to her friend that knew Judy's family and found out more than enough to know that she wasn't any danger to them or the harem. She mentioned how Judy was planning on leaving the state in a couple of months, so the odds of long-term entanglements were very low.

He asked, "Okay, so how long do I have to accomplish this? Let's be very specific here."

Glory said, "You have the rest of the night and tomorrow, since I am supposed to be discharged on Wednesday. But I guess technically your time lasts until the exact moment I'm discharged, whenever that is. That may well happen before you get back from school though, so I wouldn't count on accomplishing anything on Wednesday."

He whistled. "Phew! Man! That's going to be tough. Less than two full days?! That's not much time. Especially for the 'bonus' condition. But I'll try. To be honest, I don't know if I can do it. I've never really seduced someone from scratch before, much less a total hottie like her. But since I win either way, I've got nothing to lose."

Suzanne spoke up. "Oh, there are a couple more things to consider. One, Judy can't know about the bet. If she does, it won't be a natural seduction situation. And no tricks, like you offering her money or some other reward for doing something. You have to literally charm her out of her clothes. Agreed?"

Everyone nodded in agreement, including Alan. His boner was firm and fully engorged as he considered the delightful possibilities the bet offered, but he was hiding his bulge. He truly felt he couldn't lose, even if he technically "lost." Still, winning would be much better, because he wanted to have fun with Judy.

Suzanne looked around. "That goes for all of us. Nobody can tell her she's part of a bet. Among other things, she might be offended by the entire notion."

They nodded at that too.

Of course, Suzanne had already privately encouraged Judy to seduce Alan, which wasn't exactly fair. But even she didn't want to tell Judy about the bet. She merely wanted to tip the scales a bit to make sure that sparks would fly.

Then Suzanne said, "The second thing is, how is a blowjob defined? It seems an easy question, but is it really? For instance, Sweetie, if she just licks your cock once, does that count? Or just licking but no sucking? Or what if she's into it, but gets interrupted and has to suddenly leave to do her nursing job? I say, in order to be completely sure, she needs to stimulate you all the way to completion."

Surprising even herself, Suzanne added, "AND, just for shits and giggles, you need to cum on her face or tits for good measure! I suppose into her mouth is good too. And ditto with those rules for possible handjobs and titfucks too. She's gotta go all the way with it, until you cum on her or in her."

Glory and Amy cheered. It was curious that Glory actually liked that addition, because it made it harder for her to win the bet. But she was so caught up in lusty anticipation that she wasn't exactly thinking clearly. Besides, she also mostly considered it a win-win scenario, so extra sexiness sounded like extra fun.

Alan groaned. "Oh, man! Is that all? Why don't you add that I have to be patting my chest up and down while rubbing the top of my head in a circular motion? And standing on one leg as well?!"

Suzanne playfully teased him, "Poor baby! You've really got it tough!" She winked and smiled.

He thought about it some more, and said, "Okay, it's a bet! But since either outcome also affects Mom and Sis, I want to get their approval before we start this crazy idea."


He took Glory's cell phone out of his pocket, called his home number, and placed the phone in speakerphone mode.

When Susan answered, he told her that he needed to get her and Katherine's opinion of something and for both of them to be on the phone at the same time.

Susan told Katherine, "Angel, wake up. Tiger has something he needs to ask us."

Alan could hear his sister moaning, and asked his mother, "What is Sis doing? taking a nap with you?"

Susan replied, "Mmmm, well Tiger, we were both so hot and horny by the time we left the hospital earlier that we ran into the house, tore off all our clothes, grabbed the first dildos we could find, and tried our best to resolve that problem. We're lying here gloriously naked, thinking about our studly master!"

Suzanne spoke up. "That's sounds just like you two!" She chuckled.

Amy commented, "Boy, the ride back home must have been super interesting."

"It was!" Susan said. "I did the driving, which turned out to be kind of a mistake. We tried to stay calm and not touch each other, or even talk about sexy things, but it was hard. I got SO HOT!"

Everyone laughed at that except Glory. Glory didn't yet know that "so hot" was Susan's most common catchphrase.

Finally, Katherine roused enough to pick up the other phone in Susan's bedroom. "Hey Bro, what's up?"

Alan went through explaining the entire bet to both of them.

Katherine easily agreed to all the terms, as long as none of the rewards happened on Thursday. As a result, it was agreed that the reward phase would happen over a weekend.

Susan, not knowing that it was all a trick orchestrated by Suzanne, got mad when she heard that Suzanne didn't believe in her son. "I admit, it'll be hard to give Tiger up to Glory for one or two nights, but I'm completely on her side. Suzanne, I'm totally insulted and ashamed at your attitude! I can't believe you could ever doubt our master like that! That kind of attitude is not how us big-titted slave-wives treat their master. For SHAME!"

Susan's voice started cracking as she was getting choked up with emotion. "Suzanne, I thought you were my best friend - and you are - yet you hurt me by questioning Tiger's sexual powers like that. I can't believe you! I thought you loved him too!"

Suzanne thought, Damn, here comes the "mama grizzly bear" again. I wish I could explain to her that I'm just playing with Glory to set up this fun bet that we all can get a kick out of, but I can't do that with Glory listening in. If Susan only knew how much and for how long I've loved him!

Suzanne knew she had to say something to calm Susan down but not give away her secret to the others, so she said, "Susan, we'll talk more about it when I get home later. It's not something that can be explained quickly or easily."

Susan huffed, "Very well, then. But just you wait; I'm going to give you a piece of my mind!"

She addressed her son in a sweeter voice. "Tiger, I'm going to make the pot a little sweeter for you. Let's see, your current car budget permits you to spend up to $10,000. But when you seduce Judy and help Glory win the bet, I'll double it! Sound good? You could get a really nice used car for that, but remember you'd be responsible for making the payments on the balance."

Alan knew exactly the car he wanted. He had seen it several times while driving back and forth to Glory's apartment. It was a black 1994 Toyota 4Runner. That would be so perfect. It already has the roof rack for carrying Glory's surfboard. Plus there's a ton of room in the back, especially if you let the back seats down. The only thing I'd have left to do to it would be to get the windows tinted for private sexy fun, just like what we've been doing in the back of Mom's minivan. I think it was around $14,000, and that would give me plenty of money left over for the window tinting and the insurance and other things.

Then it dawned on him that if he didn't win, he'd have to settle for something that he knew he wouldn't be happy with. I have to win! That 4Runner is perfect for my situation and family. If I don't, I'll have to settle for something probably much smaller and a lot older. That wouldn't be good for any of us. This definitely raises the stakes.

He asked, "Mom, are you sure?"

"Yes. I have complete faith in you. Now, go work your sex magic on Judy and don't let me down. I'm going to be VERY disappointed if you don't have her worshipping your cock with her lips, tongue, fingers, AND tits by tomorrow evening!"

He chuckled. "Yes, ma'am!" His erection was still throbbing with anticipation.

She added, "Judy is a busty hottie. Don't think I didn't notice. I was already thinking about how fitting it would be if you tamed her at least a little bit with your big, powerful cock, but I didn't want to say anything, because you've been talking about focusing on us, your very favorite sex pets. But I'm glad this bet came up, because it's better if you do focus on us AND let her choke and gag on your cock a little bit too. Since Alan Junior is almost always stiff and throbbing, there's enough cock-meat for her to have a taste as well."

Suzanne thought, Exactly! That's why I arranged this bet in the first place. Judy IS such a busty hottie that it would seem wrong for him to not have at least a little fun with her. It's like she dropped into our laps as some kind of divine gift. How many nurses look like professional models? It would almost be criminal and unjust NOT to take advantage! And since she's more lesbian than straight, the rest of us may end up having fun playing with her too. I just wish I could tell Susan all that! Oh well, I'll straighten it out with her later.

Alan ended the phone call soon thereafter. He said to the others, "Well, it looks like I've got my 'work' cut out with Judy. But first, Aims and I have to get moving if we're going to go by Glory's apartment and get more clothes for her before we meet with Heather. We'll figure more of this out later. You two try to keep any more of these ideas from creeping into your dirty little minds. I've told all of you that I want to focus my attention on my future wives, so we need to agree that you two will stop making plans for me to hook up with anyone else. At least not for the time being. Now let's all shake hands and consider the bet a go then, okay?"

Amy said excitedly, "Shake hands, my ass! The best bets are sealed with a kiss! Except, since we're all involved, we all need to kiss each other"

Amy naturally threw her arms around Alan and kissed him first since she was standing right next to him. Their kiss was hot enough that the four in the room felt like someone had turned the heat up to full blast.

Then Alan went to kiss Suzanne while Amy went and kissed Glory. Alan's kiss with Suzanne was hot and passionate and lasted for a couple of minutes just as his had with Amy.

Amy, on the other hand, didn't want to risk pushing Glory too far, so she just gave her a quick thoughtful kiss on the cheek. It wasn't that she didn't want to lock lips with Glory; she just wasn't sure if Glory would be willing yet. As a result, the two of them stood there and watched Alan and Suzanne neck for a while.

Then they switched places for what Alan thought was the last time, so he could kiss Glory while Amy kissed her mother.

Alan leaned in and kissed Glory so lovingly that Glory felt like she was floating on air. She had gotten so focused on Alan's kiss that she didn't pay any attention to the fact that Amy was kissing her own mother.

When their kiss ended after a couple of minutes and Alan backed away, Glory's eyes went straight to the other two. At first she was shocked because she had assumed that their kiss would had ended quickly, like the peck on the cheek she got from Amy. She was surprised to see that the kiss between Suzanne and Amy was still going, and had turned into a full-on make-out session.

In truth, Suzanne and Amy hadn't meant to kiss that long. But they saw that Glory was fully absorbed in passionately kissing Alan, so they figured she wouldn't noticed if they kissed a little in the meantime. Unfortunately, once they got started, they also got so carried away that they lost track of the time.

Glory thought, That should make me sick. I know that Alan's situation isn't REAL incest, but theirs is! How could a mother want to make out with her own daughter? But on second thought, who in their right mind wouldn't make out with Suzanne if given the chance? The truth is, it doesn't really bother me that much. Maybe because I'm so hot and bothered from just kissing my man. But it seems like this is going to be part of my everyday life, so I've gotta grin and bear it in any case.

Alan saw the look in Glory's eyes, so he cleared his throat loudly enough for the others to get the message. Once Suzanne and Amy broke free of each other, he said, "Well, that's that! I guess it's a done deal now."

Suzanne looked at Glory like a tiger about to pounce and replied, "Not yet." Then she walked up to Glory and leaned in.

Glory knew what was coming. Oh God, oh God, oh God! Not here, not now, right in front of Alan and Amy! But I can't resist! Like I said, who wouldn't want to make out with her?! She then leaned up and met the taller Suzanne on the way down.

As soon as their lips touched, the heat was intense. This time it wasn't just for Glory, but even the mighty Suzanne felt her knees getting weak.

Suzanne thought to herself, What the hell? It's supposed to be me seducing her, not the other way around. The way she's kissing me back this time, it's like we've been lovers forever!

Alan was stunned to see how passionately Glory was returning Suzanne's kiss. He had seen them kissing before, but then it had seemed like Glory was uncertain and shy. This time it was totally different; it actually looked like she was the one who had been lusting after Suzanne all along, instead of the other way around.

When their kiss finally started to end, Suzanne started to stand back up. Glory, not wanting it to end just yet, leaned up even further, following Suzanne's lips as they retreated. Eventually, Suzanne was too far out of reach for Glory to continue, but they both continued to stare deeply into each other's eyes.

Finally, Amy said, "Wow, Mother! That was super HOT! I feel like I need a do-over kiss with her now, after seeing that!"

Suzanne laughed, but said softly, "Not right now, Honey Pie. She's making a lot of gigantic steps forward to accepting her place in the harem, but let's not push her too far in one day, okay?"

Amy pouted, "M'kay, I guess."

Now that the kisses were finished that sealed the bet, Alan went to get the key to Glory's apartment from the hospital-room drawer that held her belongings.

Glory asked Alan, "Hand me my bag for a second, please?"

"Sure," Alan said as he handed it to her.

Glory fumbled around in her bag for a few moments before removing her hand with it closed around something. "Here, I want you to have this." She unfolded her hand and revealed a key.

"Thanks. I was looking for that. That's your apartment key, right?"

"Yes. But I don't think you understand. I want you to keep this key. It's a spare that I normally carry around with me, but I want you to have it. To me, my place is your place and you can come in and out as you like."

Alan stood there looking at it, not sure what to say. Finally he said, "Wow, Glory, are you sure? I mean, you know that I'll take good care of it and not lose it."

Glory smiled and nodded. "Yes, my love, I want you to take it. After all, you're my master AND my husband-to-be. Since you basically own me now, what's mine is yours."

His heart leapt to his throat, he was so emotionally moved by that. "WOW! Thank you very much! I know that must have been a big decision for you. I'll keep this key until either you tell me that you want it back or until I can find a way for all of us to live together."

Glory thought, That would be wonderful. At least then our marriage would seem a little more normal. Plus, then he could fuck me silly just by walking down the hall. The downside of that is that I'd also know when he was having sex with his mom or Katherine. But I'm going to have to get used to that in any case.

Suzanne was also thinking about Glory moving in someday. If and when that day ever comes, I'll be the happiest woman in the world. To have my family all together, and the man that I love sharing the same house, will be perfect! Plus, I love her attitude: "You basically own me now, so what's mine is yours." I had my doubts that she could fully integrate with the rest of the harem, but it seems she really is coming to grips with that fact she's a sex slave. That gives me a lot of hope that his "family four" could become the "family five" in every possible way!

Alan leaned over and passionately French kissed her again. However, he kept it relatively brief. Then he and Amy started out of the room to go get Glory's things and meet with Heather.


As soon as Alan left Glory's room with Amy by his side, he saw Judy just down the hall. He could tell from the way she was turned and dealing with a rolling cart that she hadn't seen him and Amy walking towards her. He took advantage of that and started trying to scope out her body. Even though the scrubs she was wearing did nothing to flatter her amazing figure, he could tell that she had the body of an athlete.

Amy saw the way he was looking at Judy and whispered, "Pretty nice, isn't she? Even from here you can see how hard and toned she is. She looks pretty darn 'Alan worthy' to me. Just think: between now and tomorrow night, odds are good that she's gonna be naked and kneeling and bobbing on your fat thingy!"

Alan nodded absent-mindedly as he continued to check her out. He was mindful that he still had an erection, and Amy's comments were not helping him get flaccid. That was a problem now that he was up and walking around.

In any other time and place, I'd be drooling over how good she looks. But I'm far from living in a normal world. She's definitely fuckable. Amy's right: I'm going to enjoy seeing her naked body kneeling in front of me with that pretty face stuffed full of my cock. IF I win the bet, that is!

He carefully adjusted his bulge, hoping to hide his lewd tenting. However, there wasn't much he could do about it. Finally, he decided that was for the best, since showing off the size of his erection could help with the planned seduction.

He walked closer, with Amy following right behind. He remembered Judy's last name. "Nurse Vincent?"

"Yes?" Judy said as she turned around to see who was calling her. When she saw it was Alan and Amy, she got panicky. Her face showed unusual shock.

Once she realized it was him and he was walking up to her, her nipples instantly went rock hard. Shit! Here he comes now, and with one of his lovers. Suzanne did say that he fucks plenty of women during the day and would fuck them so long that they practically beg him to have mercy on them. Look at the way Amy follows him and stares adoringly at him. She's obviously head over heels in love with him. I can easily picture him lying on top of her, fucking her hard, pounding her like a jackhammer!

Oh God, I can't think! What am I going to do? I'm supposed to start seducing him, and this is a good chance to flirt, even with Amy here, but my legs are turning to jelly and my brain to mush! I can't run the other way now because he'd know that I was trying to avoid him. Dammit, now my pussy's getting wet again. My only hope is to act normal and pray that he doesn't realize that I want him to fuck me like that.

She forced herself to recover. She managed to smile, and said, "It's Judy. Please just call me Judy."

He said, "Okay, Judy. I just wanted to find you and apologize for what Suzanne said in there. She was way out of line."

"It's okay. I'm the one that should be sorry for running out of there like I did. I doubt that made matters any better, did it?"

"No. With her, I can assure you that it didn't."

Judy responded, "Oh, great. That's just my luck. I hope I didn't offend you by running out. She just kind of caught me off guard when she said that. It's not like I'm against being with guys, and from seeing your multitude of women, you must really know how to use that thing."

Then she remembered that Amy had walked up with him and she got nervous that she had just said something to really piss Amy off. She glanced Amy's way, but Amy merely smiled back like she wasn't even slightly bothered.

Alan didn't want to admit it, but he had started seeing why Glory was somewhat jealous of Judy. She did have a fantastic body and seemed genuinely nice. Even though she had her scrubs on, he could easily see she had a nice rack and was probably well put together everywhere else as well. He said, "Looks like you have a great body hidden under those scrubs."

Judy blushed but said confidently, "Thanks. I work really hard at staying in shape. I used to spend hours on end playing volleyball. My dad is the famous volleyball player Rollo Vincent. There were days that we'd spend the entire day together when he was teaching me how to play."

"Oh damn! I knew I'd heard that name before. I remember when I was a kid, that he and his teammate were considered the kings of the beach, they were so good! No wonder I thought I recognized you. Weren't you trying to become a pro yourself at one time? I saw a few of your matches back then."

She was extremely flattered that he remembered her, but yet also upset because it brought back all the memories of how much she missed competition volleyball. Dropping her head, she said, "Yes, but that was a long time ago." However, when she dropped her head, it caused her to notice how erect he was. She'd been caught so off guard when she'd seen him and Amy walking towards her that she hadn't checked out his package until that moment.

He asked, "What in the heck happened? I seem to remember that you were really good."

"Well, that's what they told me all the way up until I hurt my leg during a match. I messed up my ankle and knee so bad that they told me that my days of playing pro ball were over." She made a point to look down again when she mentioned her leg injury, enabling her to catch another glimpse of the monster trying to escape from his shorts. From that point on, she used every excuse she could to glance at his crotch.

She thought, Jesus H. Christ, would you look at that thing?! I don't know if it's really as big as it seems, or if I'm just so fucking horny from wanting him to spear me with it that it appears so large. It's hard to stay upset about past memories when I've got THAT monster on my mind!

Amy said, "I'm sorry. It must be tough."

Judy replied, "It was, and it still is sometimes. I run and jog on the beach every day. It's okay until I go by and see others playing; then it hits me pretty hard. I still play an easy match or two with a few of my girlfriends. I think that helps ease the fact that I miss it so much."

Amy asked her, "How did you end up working here?"

"I thought about coaching little league volleyball, but the money wasn't that great. It helped that I fell for my physical therapist after my accident. We ended up moving in with each other and all she could do was talk about how great being a nurse was. So I went back to school and here I am."

She acted as if she was beginning to cry over being reminded of the life that she had missed out on. She tried to turn away, as if she was wiping away tears that were starting down her cheeks. What the others didn't know was that she was only faking her distress, to see whether she could get some type of emotional and physical response from Alan.

Alan moved closer to her and wrapped her in a very loving hug. He could instantly feel the firmness of her breasts as he pressed against them. These are nice!

He said, "It's okay. I'm sorry that we brought it back up. Please forgive me. I didn't mean to upset you."

As soon as he hugged her, she could feel his erection pressing against her pelvic bone. Oh yes! If we were only naked and somewhere else right now, I'd jump into your arms and let you slide that monster inside my cunt! I've never wanted a guy's dick in me as bad as I want this one. God, please let him fuck me!

He could definitely feel her nipples erect as soon as she thought that.

Amy added, "Yeah, Judy. What he said. We're sorry." Then she walked up and added herself to the hug as well.

Judy replied, "Thank you. I know that neither of you meant anything by it. Sometimes I just miss it so much, you know?"

He nodded sympathetically, showing genuine empathy.

She thought, I'm starting to see the other side of him that they keep talking about. He's not just some sex stud; he truly is a nice guy. He's compassionate and caring. They're so lucky to have a guy like that. I always end up with the jerks who would make me get up from my death bed and walk past them to go to the refrigerator and get them a cold beer. One day, I hope to find someone like him. I'm sure my parents would prefer it be a guy, but I'm to the point that I don't care just as long as I've got someone that cares that much for me.

Amy's a real sweetheart too! She could be cold like most girlfriends would be, but instead she's hugging me too, like a long-lost friend.

Alan thought as he continued to feel her breasts pressed up against him, I sure don't remember her breasts being this big when she used to compete. She must have had implants. She always had a great ass, but her breasts left something to be desired. Maybe I should pick on her about it and see how she reacts.

He figured he needed to try to lighten the mood, so he told her as he looked down at her firm tits poking into him, "You know, when I think back to seeing you in some of your matches, I don't remember certain body parts being as nicely shaped as they are now."

She saw him staring at her breasts and knew that was what he meant, so she answered, "That's because I took some of my winnings from my matches and bought them after I was forced to retire."

She struck a pose, sticking her chest out to make the size of her breasts even more obvious, and said, "34D. What do you think? Worth the money?"

He thought, They definitely feel like they were worth her money, but I'm not going to be certain until I feel them naked in my hands and mouth. And that very well may happen, thanks to that crazy bet! Hell, I might even end up fucking them! He playfully acting uninterested, then grinned as he said, "Well I'm not completely sure without seeing them. It's hard to feel them through all these clothes, but I guess they're all right."

He thought, All right, my ass! They look every bit as good as Heather's, if not better! I really need to try to play this out and see how soon I really can touch them.

She could tell he was teasing, so she teased him back, "Just all right, huh? I guess I might just have to let you see them one day to convince you otherwise. I don't know if they'd live up to your high standards though, judging by the racks of your other lovers that I've seen. Just look at Amy here. Hers are bigger than mine and I bet hers are all natural too, aren't they?"

Amy thrust her chest out and said cheerfully, "Yep! But Beau doesn't care if they're natural or augmented, just as long as there's plenty to go around and he gets to play with them. By playing, I mean groping, fondling, sucking, fucking, or any combination thereof."

She made a point of making sure that Judy caught her looking at Judy's breasts as if comparing them. Then she continued, "Yep, I think yours would be perfect for him to slide his big, throbbing boner between!"

Alan spoke apologetically, worried that Judy might freak out from them being too forward. "Sorry. You'll have to forgive Amy. She gets carried away when it comes to talking about anything sexual. I'm sure she's not trying to claim her breasts are better or anything like that; she just gets very enthusiastic."

Judy replied, "That's okay. I don't mind. And don't worry, I'm plenty proud of my own breasts." She thrust her chest forward dramatically.

He grinned again at her assertiveness. "All the more reason to let me see them. With all the perfect boobs that I'm around on a daily basis, I think that qualifies me as a breast expert. This way I can give you a true, accurate comparison, and you can tell everyone that an expert has confirmed their quality."

Amy chimed in, "Ooooh, good idea, Beau! We can get you certified as an expert breast tester. Then we can have women lined up for hours on end, waiting to let you examine theirs!" She giggled.

He said to Judy, "Sorry. She gets carried away sometimes. I think we need to get back to the topic of how to address Suzanne's comment about me showing my penis to you. By running out, you REALLY opened the door for her to keep ragging you about it."

Judy shook her head again and said, "Great. Now what do we do?" If he only knew how bad I want him to show it to me. Wait, not show it to me, but fuck me with it.

He acted like he was trying to think of a plan and then told her, "Hey, I have an idea. You could always go back in there and tell her that you made me show it to you somewhere else. What do you think, Aims?"

"Absolutely, Beau! How about I go ahead and pull it out right here and show her?" Amy then moved her hand towards his crotch as if she really was going to free his pocket monster.

He chuckled. "I don't think that'll be necessary, Aims, but thank you."


Judy was feeling more at ease being around him. She thought, This kid's really smooth. He's so full of confidence that he's flirting with me with one of his lovers right beside him and two of his OTHER lovers right down the hall! Yet he stands here and he acts like it's nothing. Mmmm, I'll rattle him some and see what he does.

But... what about Amy's presence? It just doesn't seem natural to be discussing these kinds of things with the guy's girlfriend standing there with him. It's like she encourages it at times! She seems harmless enough and seems to not only approve of him flirting openly with other women, but with them flirting with him.

Finally, Judy shook her head 'No' and said, "No way!"

He asked, "Why not? She was messing with you. Why not get her back?"

Judy smiled before answering, "Because I wouldn't want to tell her that until I actually DO get to see it." She was holding her breath, thinking, Oh yes! Pull it out now! Hell yeah I want to see it! I want to hold it! I want to feel it deep inside me!

Amy could see that her suggestion was having its intended effect on Judy, so she tried to see if she could stir the pot a little more. She leaned up and licked Alan along his neck, up to his ear. "Master, I really need you. I want to show you how much!"

He laughed, "I think that's a good idea, Aims, but not here, not now. Let's not embarrass Judy any more than we have already."

Then he looked at Judy and said, "Like I said, it looks like you have a pretty nice body under your scrubs, Judy. I'm not sure that it's any nicer than my sweet Amy's here, but it's still very nice." Then he possessively placed one of his hands on Amy's ass, making sure that Judy could see what he was doing.

Judy wasn't sure if she wanted to be mad or horny at that. Damn little fucker! What does he mean that he's not sure it's "any nicer than my sweet Amy's?" My body's got to be way hotter than hers! What kind of damn confidence pill does this asshole take?

Alan stepped a little closer to Judy and said, "In fact I have half a mind to rip your scrubs off right now just so I can compare you two. I know Amy would strip completely before I could even finish asking her to, but with you... I think I'd prefer a more hands-on approach."

He reached his arm around her and again pulled her tight up against him so he could feel her amazing rack.

Judy panicked at first. Shit! Not again! Why does he keep doing this to me in the hallway? I could get in real trouble if I get caught! Plus, doesn't he have any respect for Amy? I can't believe that she's just standing there letting him do this! The problem is that I want him to fuck me so bad that I can't resist letting him do it.

While still keeping Judy in a loose embrace, Alan turned to Amy and asked, "Aims, is it just me, or does Judy resemble Carmen Electra? You know, that girl from Baywatch?"

"Yeah, Beau, I think she does."

He turned back to Judy, pressing close so her erect nipples were poking into his chest. "You know, I've always had a thing for Carmen. I'd love to fuck her a few times. Or, if not her, someone who looks a lot like her."

Judy was shocked at how brazen he was acting, but found herself getting more and more aroused. What the hell?! Other guys have come on strong to me, plenty of guys. But none of them have affected me like this. It makes me almost want to tell him to go ahead and rip my clothes off right now! Shit, if I did, I'd probably drop to my knees and beg for him to fuck me right here in the hall! Is it the fact that one of his girlfriends is right here listening, and I know he has about five other lovers at the very least? I'm sure it is. That changes everything. He's no ordinary guy, that's for sure!

Trying to change the subject, Judy asked Amy, "Why are you not mad at me for what I said?"

Amy replied, "Mad? No one is mad at you. Trust me, that kind of stuff happens with him, like, all the time."

"It does?"

"Sure! He fucks lots of women. You can see my boyfriend's big dick if you want to, and if he wants you to. Whip it out right now, or give it a good feel. I don't mind. That's no big deal at all."

Judy was shocked at Amy's casual attitude, to say the least. "But I thought he's your, uh, boyfriend?!"

"He is, silly. He's my boyfriend, my lover, my master, AND my best friend. But it's not like I have any exclusive hold on him. Not hardly!" She giggled. "He fucks whoever he wants. That's part of the deal of being a master. Masters do what they want."

Judy was even more stunned. She was panting hard, causing her tits to heave up and down some, even though they remained pressed against Alan's chest. "But... but... what about you?! Do you have sex with other guys too?"

"Oh, gosh no! That's crazy talk. He's my master, remember? Of course I can only have sexy fun with him. I wouldn't even kiss another guy. Geez Louise! Yucko! That's the deal with all of his, um... women."

Judy was stunned still further. She was also extremely aroused, to the point that she was tempted to reach out and fondle the bulge in his shorts. Holy Mother of God! What kind of man inspires that sort of imbalanced loyalty? He gets to fuck whoever he wants, and they have to stay only with him?! Jesus Christ! I've never heard of such a thing. He must be a total stud, for sure!

She also noticed that Amy was about to say something other than "women," but edited herself at the last second. I wonder what that was. "Sluts," maybe? I'll bet it was "sluts." She's probably proud to be called one of his sluts! Gaawwwd, these people are too fucking arousing. It's like none of the usual rules apply to them. It's all SEX!

Alan was trying his best to keep from showing his embarrassment over what Amy was telling Judy, since he tried to stay modest. He kept silent, because he knew that what Amy was doing was helpful for him to be able to win Glory's bet with Suzanne.

Since he really wanted to play it up and do whatever he could to seduce Judy, he brought a hand around to Judy's ass and brazenly caressed it over her scrubs. He said, "You know Aims, since you're agreeable, I'd be more than happy to let her see it if she asks to."

Judy looked around in a panic. This can't be happening! We're out in the hallway, where anybody can see! What if somebody comes by and sees us hugging like this, with him possessively caressing my ass?!

Due to her fear of getting caught, she finally managed to pull away from him. She breathed a big sigh of relief.

Amy smiled encouragingly, showing no jealousy at all. "See what I mean, Judy? But I warn you, once you see it, you'll be wanting either your hands or mouth on it like ALL the time!"

Alan turned his head to keep Judy from seeing how he was silently snickering when Amy said that. I think I'm going to have to reward Aims for this. I don't think I'd even have to try to seduce Judy. It looks to me like Aims is doing much of it for me.

With Alan no longer hugging Judy, Amy moved in to take his place. She brought her mouth close to Judy's ear before continuing in a whisper, "Plus, I think we both know why you said what you did. You've caught a glimpse of that big, fat, constantly wonderriffic bulge in his shorts, haven't you?"

Judy dropped her head and nodded as her face turned even redder.

Just as Judy dropped her head, Amy glanced carefully around to make sure no one was nearby to see. She knew that every time Judy looked down, she was looking at Alan's crotch. This time, once she was sure the coast was clear, she reached down and playfully squeezed his boner.

Judy's head shot up and her eyes were wide because she knew that Amy had been aware of where she'd been staring. Oh God! I'm so embarrassed! But I'm even more aroused! She just squeezed his big cock! Apparently, she really doesn't mind sharing him with me. AND, Suzanne challenged me to seduce him. Fucking is off limits, for now at any rate, but I could easily end up sucking that big, fat thing!

Alan said to Judy just before turning to walk away, "Now that I think about it, if you're still on the clock when we get back, I think you'll need to let me see your breasts. You can do it in Glory's room. I'm sure Amy here would be willing to stand guard for you for a couple of minutes while I give them a proper inspection. Won't you, Aims?"

Amy said cheerfully, "But of course!"

Judy was flabbergasted. "See my breasts?! Proper inspection?!" Are you kidding me?! I'm supposed to seduce him, but he's going to beat me to it! And Amy doesn't care! At all! In fact, she APPROVES!

Amy's smile grew bigger as she started to walk off. She said to Judy, "If you think that's something, that's nothing to how it feels to be fucked by that thingy for hours and hours." She then led Alan away from Judy to keep him from disagreeing.

Judy just stared in awe as they walked away. Did she just say 'hours and hours'? No fucking way! She can't be serious, can she? If that's true, it's no fucking wonder he has so many smoking-hot women eager to screw at the drop of a hat! A guy like that might be able to even turn me straight. Well, maybe not completely straight, but definitely less likely to turn to elsewhere.

Of course that's almost exactly what Suzanne said earlier too. If they really are that willing to share him, why in the hell wouldn't I want to fuck him at least once?

Just thinking again about the possibility of having sex with Alan was arousing her. She could feel her nipples getting hard and her cunt starting to lubricate. What added to the effect was the fact that her bra was a thin cotton material, so when her nipples got hard, the movement of her breasts as she walked caused them to rub against the top of her scrubs. That only added to her arousal.

To make it even more tempting, according to Suzanne, he often has multiple partners at the same time, during which they also mess around with each other. So maybe I really could end up in bed with Suzanne, Glory, or even his sweet yet oh-so-sexy girlfriend Amy! Here I was expecting my comments to cause him to shy away from casual flirting, but instead he's found a way to keep me more off balance than I have him.

Shit, it just isn't fair! He just doesn't seem to get unnerved about anything. I've gotta give it to him: he has the confidence of Superman. That does it; if he comes back before the end of my shift, I'm going to have to step up my game. I'm going to rise to Suzanne's challenge and stroke and suck that big cock of his, even if I have to do it somewhere in the hospital. Hell, why stop there? Suzanne might not realize it, but I'm going to find a way to have him buried deep in my pussy eventually! I want that! Bad!

As soon as Alan and Amy were out of hearing range, Amy whispered to him, "Wow, Beau, I think you've got someone drooling for a good fucking. I can't wait to watch her bobbing on your thingy by tomorrow night! And, just like Mother and Glory, you'd better believe I'm gonna watch! Plus, to think that she's not just some nurse - my boyfriend's gonna seduce a professional volleyball player. Just wait until I tell the others that!" She giggled.


Alan and Amy didn't say much while walking the rest of the way out of the hospital and out to the car. They were mindful of all the other people in the sober hospital setting. Additionally, Alan in particular had a lot of startling developments to mentally process.

Alan decided to drive, so Amy got in the front passenger seat. Once they started out of the parking lot heading to Glory's apartment, Alan asked, "Aims, I want your opinion about Judy, and please be honest. What do you think of her?"

"M'kay. I'm totally rooting for you to win the bet! Especially the bonus bet, so you can fuck her face AND her tits! Like I said, I think she's harmless enough, AND she's totally fuck-worthy. I don't see any real danger of her coming between you and us. Mother said that she's moving away in a few months. But even if she doesn't, I've always told you that I'm okay with you occasionally having extra girls to fuck on the side for fun, so long as you don't try to add them to the harem. It's up to you to judge whether you can handle it."

"I know, but I want to be sure. I want you to know that I will always respect your opinion when it comes to these matters. You're often my voice of reason, because let's face it; we know how Mom and Sis are, and we both know how Mother will do things to work some kind of scheme. Not that it's bad, but it's often hard to know if she's being totally honest. Then we have Glory. She's usually another one I can go to for solid advice, but it was kinda obvious a few minutes ago that she was letting her competitive side do most of her thinking."

"True, but we all love you. When we feel like you're really in need of our advice, since as our master you don't have to follow it, we'll be as honest with you as we can. Did you know that when you called Mother yesterday and told her about Glory's accident and that you needed our help, she was probably about as scared as I've ever seen her? I don't think any of us four have ever been as seriously worried in our entire lives."

"Really? I was so out of it worried about Glory, and blaming myself for so many different things, that I honestly didn't notice."

"We knew that. At first I was concerned that maybe it implied that you cared more for Glory than any of the rest of us, but it was Mother that sat me down and told me that you loved each of us that much and would do exactly the same for any one of us. I think that just made me love you even more. Knowing that you have that much love in your heart is almost unimaginably awesome!" She beamed brightly.

He responded, "I do love each of you that much! That's why I'm always uncertain about bringing any new people into our group. I feel guilty when I can't love them like I do the rest of you. Granted, I care a lot about Christine and Xania, and even Heather. Then Brenda, well, she's a special case. I also like the others: Akami, Simone, and the other cheerleaders, but I don't have the love for them that I do for the five of you. That's why I asked each of you to marry me."

"I know, but now I want to ask you something and I want you to be honest."

"Anything, just ask."

Amy grew more serious and even lost her smile. "Just how close are you planning on getting to Heather? It's obvious without you having said it that you care about her or you would have dropped her already."

With the car at a stoplight, he sat there in silence for a few moments while he thought about what Amy had asked. "I honestly don't know for sure. I've had times when I was ready to tell her to go to hell and not have anything else to do with her. Somehow, when that's happened, she's always let the 'good Heather' out to play long enough that I'd let whatever I was mad at her about slide. Plus, of course, we have a special sexual connection. That's hard to walk away from."

Amy asked, "Can you be totally honest with me? Just how special is this special sexual connection? I mean, you've got like a dozen other lovers, and they're all busty and willing sexpots. Can't they do whatever Heather can do for you?"

He resumed driving as he said, "Actually, no. I can get mean with her. I vent my anger and frustration with her. I let my 'Bad Alan' side run wild, call her all kinds of nasty names, and say all kinds of extreme things. I can't do that with anyone else. I don't want to do it with anyone else! The very fact that she's so bitchy is what allows me to be like that."

Amy said, "Hmmm. Weird. I don't really get that, but maybe I kinda do, a little bit. Anyhoo, it's good for me to know that before we talk to her. So I guess that means we're all really stuck with her, huh?"

He nodded.

"Hey Beau, I've got an idea. Let me work the stick for you while you shift."

"Mmmm, Aims, this car is an automatic, which means it doesn't have a stick shift and a clutch."

"Oh really? Well, what is this then?" She reached over and began jacking him off through his shorts.

Alan just laughed and replied, "I stand corrected."

"I thought you'd see it my way." She giggled. Seeing that he didn't object to what her hand was doing, she unzipped his fly and then resumed jacking him off, skin-on-skin. "But back to my question about Heather. We're kinda stuck with her for now, aren't we? What are your thoughts on that, and not just a nod?"

He paused to think for a bit longer. Between trying to drive the car and Amy jacking him off, it took him a while to organize his thoughts. "Unfortunately, it's like I told everyone earlier, Heather is probably going to be around for a while. Especially if she's able to continue to improve her behavior, but I still meant what I said about only if the rest of you agree to it."

Amy nodded. She was staring straight ahead, giving no outward sign to the other cars that she was giving him a secret handjob. "I think that's fair enough. I'll go along with it as long as she doesn't do anything stupid to mess it up. I think the others feel the same way. I mean, you are our master, so I suppose we have to obey you, even when you do something we don't like. Of course I'm not happy about it, but I understand that's how harems work. There has to be an undisputed leader."

"I guess. This is all pretty weird for me too. I don't really feel like the natural leader type."

"Beau, don't worry about it. You'll do fine. Just keep poking us in all our naughty holes with this big thing and you'll do fine." She gave his erection an encouraging tight squeeze, then resumed her rhythmic stroking.

He felt like laughing out loud. Dang, that feels good! As long as she keeps it to just a handjob, I can drive pretty safely. This is the perfect level of stimulation for driving.

She added, "By the way, just so you know, I plan on having a stern talk with Heather later. I hope you'll allow me to set guidelines that I think the rest of us will be okay with. Then, if Heather agrees, I'll give her every possible chance to continue to do right by you."

He said, "Sounds like a plan. Speaking of plans, are you already as excited as I am for when I win the bet with Judy, so you and I get to have a threesome with Mother? I mean Jesus Christ! If that wasn't reward enough, then I get to have at least one entire night with dinner and a hotel room alone with Glory!"

"Yep! I get to have a threesome with Mother and you either way. Or did you forget my part of the bargain? But if you win, our little threesome gets to last all night!" She pumped up and down his shaft with increased enthusiasm.

"Man, if Heaven is any better than this, I don't think I'll survive it."

Amy fell over in the seat laughing before saying, "You big doofus! You'll already be dead if you're in Heaven and won't need to survive it!"

"Yeah? Well it's a good thing I'll be dead or I'd die from pleasure!"

Amy playfully punched his arm with her free hand, jokingly saying, "Just shut up before I have to REALLY hurt you!"

He took the arm that she had just punched and placed it around her shoulders. He pulled her closer to him as he drove towards Gloria's apartment.

She sighed contentedly. "My beau! I love you so much!"

"I love you too, Aims."

The new position made it even easier for her to jack him off, since she didn't need to reach across the middle of the car. She kept at it, sometimes even using her other hand as well. But she was careful never to use her mouth on him. She knew that could easily get him too aroused to be safe.

Occasionally he would let his hand slide down and rub the side of her breast through her top, causing Amy to purr and moan lustfully. He saw the look in her eyes and thought, Is there any question why I love Aims? Forget the on-going handjob for a minute, which is awesome enough. Just look at her sitting here beside me with that look on her face and listen to how she moans every time I slide my hand down. If I pulled over right now and told her that I wanted to fuck her, I think she'd be ready and even fully impaled on me before I finished the sentence. Man, she's so beautiful, especially when she's aroused.

It took about thirty minutes for them to drive to Glory's apartment. After he parked the car, she bent over and gave his cockhead a quick "good-bye kiss." That quickly turned into a good-bye suck. She bobbed on him for about a minute. But just when it seemed she was bound to keep going until he blasted his load down her throat, she pulled off, tucked his boner away, and zipped him up.

He groaned needfully. "Aims! You can't leave me like that! I'm soooo horny now!"

"I just did!" She giggled. "Don't worry about it though. I've got other ideas. Just hang in there for a little while. I'm not done with you yet!"

He reluctantly decided to be patient. They lovingly held hands as they walked into Glory's apartment building and up to the elevator. Once the doors shut, Amy threw her arms around him and began kissing him passionately.

They were so involved in their kissing and hugging (as well as some not-so-furtive crotch fondling over clothes) that they didn't notice when the elevator stopped and the doors opened to let another woman on. She saw the way Alan and Amy were kissing and let out a loud gasp, causing them to break away and look at her.

Amy laughed, and said to the shocked woman, "Sorry, ma'am. This car is kind of full." Then she hit the button to close the doors before the woman could enter, and picked right back up where she'd left off in her kissing attack on Alan. In fact, she stroked his needy erection through his shorts even more blatantly than before.


Once the elevator doors opened on the floor for Glory's apartment, Alan and Amy stopped their kissing and fondling and walked to her door.

Alan removed the newly-gifted key from his pocket and unlocked the door. He was resolved to do what needed to be done as fast as possible, so he could get back to having more fun with Amy's luscious body.

He stared down at the key in his hand before putting it back in his pocket. Man, I can't believe Glory gave me my own key to her place. I'll have to talk to Mom about it, but I'm going to see if she'll let me get a spare key made for our house and give it to Glory. We are engaged after all. So since she is going to be my wife, I think she should be able to come and go as she pleases. Especially since she's my slave-wife. That's an even tighter bond than just a wife.

When they got inside, Amy asked Alan, "Her apartment's nice, but where's her bedroom at? I wanna see where the two of you make love."

"It's over here. Come on; we have to go in there anyway to get her clothes. I'm just going to get a pair of her sweatpants and a T-shirt. Don't you think that she'd be comfortable in that?"

Amy said, "Step aside and let a woman do that. You men NEVER pick out the right clothes for us."

So they went to Glory's bedroom and Alan let Amy pick out some stuff.

Amy did as he had planned as far as picking out some sweatpants and a T-shirt, but she also picked out a pair of khaki shorts and a sleeveless shirt to give Glory the option of what to wear. Then she took a pink, lacey thong out of one of the drawers and held it up. "I think we should take this for her and see how long you stay hard looking at her wearing it."

"Naturally that works for me, but I'm not sure if she'd be willing to or not."

"I think she would be, but I also think that she'd feel better naked!" She started taking her top off as she finished saying that.

"Come on, Aims. Not here, not now. We can't do this in Glory's bedroom."

Undeterred, Amy already had her top off and was halfway out of her bra. Once she had the bra completely off too, she ran her hands along the front of her nearly bared boobs. When her hands reached the underside of them, she pushed them up and together and asked, "Beau, don't you want to play with these? You know you wanna!"

He looked at her wonderful bare globes and answered, "You know I do, but we don't have much time. We have to get done here so we can get back to the sandwich shop to meet with Heather."

She started running one of her hands up and down between her breasts like she was titfucking a nice big cock. She kept her big globes pressed together with her upper arms. "Please, Beau. I need it!"

His penis had just gone flaccid after the excitement in the car and then the elevator, but it suddenly re-engorged all the way. "Dammit, you're almost too hot to resist. I'll make you a deal. I'll eat your pussy until you cum, but then we're going to have to finish up and leave. I've already cum more times than I had planned on today, plus I may have a surprise for you in a little while. That's the deal. What do you say?"

"No way, José! I'm supposed to be the one pleasing you, not the other way around. I'm one of your sex slaves, remember? Geez Louise! I have to remind you about everything!" She giggled.

"Okay. Your loss." He turned back around and went to get a duffle bag for Gloria's clothes. When he returned to the bedroom to pack the stuff, he found Amy completely nude and lying on Glory's bed.

He asked, "What do you think you're doing?"

"Phew! You win, m'kay? I'm so wet from our ride over here and our kiss in the elevator that I'll take whatever I can get."

He said, "Okay. Wait right there; I'll be right back." Then he went into the kitchen and grabbed a piece of peppermint candy from the bag he had seen in there before, and stuck it in his pocket.

He went back into the bedroom, then walked over and gently slid Amy over to the side of the bed to where her legs were off the bed and her ass was right on the edge. He knelt down between her legs, lifted them up and placed them over his shoulders so that they rested on his back.

Her body visibly shook in anticipation of what he was about to do.

He took the candy out of his pocket and put it in his mouth while making sure she didn't see him. Once it started to dissolve a bit, he moved closer and softly blew a tingly breath of air right across the lips of her pussy.

The shock of feeling the different sensation caused Amy to moan very loudly as her body jerked in pleasure. "Oh my God, Beau! Oh God, that feels amaaaaazing!"

He continued to allow the peppermint to rest on his tongue and then moved it to the side of his mouth as he moved in to lick her pussy. He started by gently and slowly licking on her outer lips, running full length from her perineum to just above her clit.

With each stroke of his tongue, her body would buck and tremble. Luckily, with the way he had her legs over his back, he was able to keep her in the perfect position with her pussy right in front of his face.

After several licks of just her outer lips, he let his tongue penetrate inside her hot box. Then he pulled it back out, but left enough of it inside so he could lick her inner lips. He ran his tongue up to her clit and traced circles around it before going back down her pussy. He continued to alternate his moves at random.

He began using one of his thumbs to keep her little button stimulated while his tongue was buried deep in the opening of her vagina. His thumb pressed right on her clit, moving in a counter-clockwise motion. He would vary speed, intensity, and pressure at different times to drive her crazy with lust.

Nothing about what he did was rough or demanding, like the way he had teased her earlier on their ride from school to the hospital. All she could feel was his love and passion for her. Her body felt like someone had taken a match after pouring gasoline all over her, setting her on fire. She could tell that he was getting better and better at cunnilingus with each time he did it.

He increased his speed and intensity. He also changed the tempo of how often he would switch from her clit to her pussy to her perineum.

She reached down and found his head and ran her fingers through his hair. Once she felt herself about to cum, she pulled his head in so tight that he thought she was going to pull his entire head up inside her twat.

Right on the cusp of climax, she suddenly exclaimed, "O.B., I love you so very much! Call me a bad slave, but please promise me that you'll do this to me more often. It totally rocks! Now, please, make me cum!"

He didn't want to let up because he could see that she was almost there, so he just nodded. The extra stimulation from his nod was almost enough to take her to that happy place, but somehow she managed to hang on a bit longer.

When she did start to cum a few moments later, she could feel her toes curling inward. She did her best to not scream really loud, because she wasn't sure if Glory's neighbors would hear it or not. She moved her hands from his head to her mouth to muffle any screams or loud moans.

When it was over, he slowed his movements and resumed licking her outer pussy lips while pausing from time to time over her clitoris. He wanted to make sure her sexual high didn't end too quickly, so he made sure to keep decreasing his motions just as subtly as he had increased them previously, in order to bring her down gently.

She was totally exhausted. She just lay there enjoying that he was being so courteous and loving to her. He'd made her more than happy; she was sexually satiated. She didn't want to say anything that might remind him that they still had to go meet Heather, because she was in no hurry to leave.

He thought as he continued to lazily lick her, Seeing how Aims enjoyed that is all the more reason that I need to concentrate on being a less selfish lover. I can almost kind of understand why they love blowing me, because if they get the same feeling that I do when I make then cum by going down on them... then it's no wonder they all want to do it. Oooh, I think when I win this silly bet and get my threesome with Aims and Mother, I'm gonna have them lying down on top of each other. Then I'll go down on both of them at once and lick them from anus to anus!

When he finally did stop and pull off, she had been able to lie still enough that a lot of her energy had returned.

She almost thought about trying to find another way to get him to play around some more, but instead she said, "Thank you. That was absolutely fantastic."

He joshed, "Oh, you mean absofantastasmorgasmorific?"

She laughed and replied, "It was so good that I don't care what you call it. It blows my mind to think that you still don't understand why all of us are so in love with you."

"It sure does. I'm just one ordinary guy with no special skills."

She groaned with annoyance. "O.B., there's nothing ordinary about you. Your most prominent special skill is how you always are concerned that we are happy and well taken care of. You just don't understand how hard it is to find a guy that does that. If you don't believe me, just think about Mom and Ron, or Mother and Eric. Look at Gloria and her past boyfriends. Why do you think Kat and I didn't want the guys in school? Let's not even discuss Heather, Simone, and now Judy. We've all been looking for just one good guy like you. Luckily, most of us have found him: YOU!" She giggled.

"Thank you for that. I hope to stay that way and promise to try my best to be that special guy you deserve. I'm asking you to help keep me that way from now on."

"Of course, you silly billy."

"Good. Let's finish up here and go eat. I'm getting hungry."

Amy, seeing her chance, playfully lay back down and spread her legs. "Here you go. You can have all of this to eat that you want. Especially after how good that was."

He couldn't help but laugh. "Not right now, thanks. I'm kinda in the mood for something with more calories. Maybe later though. We'll have to see how things go."

"Okay, Beau. I guess you're right this time. We don't want to be late."

Amy went to the bathroom to freshen up. She made a point to put her clothes back on in as provocative of a manner as she possibly could. She expected that Alan would be watching, and she knew that she'd been right when she looked over and saw his boner trying to burst free from his shorts.

She teased him, "Gee, it looks like somebody wants to come out and play. Hi there, Alan Junior! You would think that would only happen when I'm taking my clothes off instead of putting them back on."

"Yeah, right! It's not like you could be any sexier while getting dressed, is it?"

"Whatever do you mean? Me? Surely you must be kidding," Amy said this while striking a sexy pose and batting her eyes at him.

She continued with her best sexy purr, "Shouldn't we at least let Alan Junior have a quick conversation with Miss Pussy?"

"As tempting as it sounds, and as much as I'd love to, I'm going to have to insist on saying not right now."

"M'kay, but what about now?"

He asked, "What? Didn't you just hear what I said? Gee, I must have made you cum so hard that it damaged your hearing."

"Yeah, but you said 'right now' which was right then. Now is now. So, how about now?" She giggled, and winked.

He chuckled and grinned. "You're too much sometimes. Let's wait, okay? We'll see what we might have time for later."

Amy stuck her tongue out at Alan and pretended to pout. Then she said, "Fine, but you're no fun. I might have to just go find me another master who wants to fuck me."

"Now there's a great idea! That way I could have a break once in a while."

"As if! You know that no other man is going to touch me. My body and soul belong only to you, my one and only master."

"I figured as much. Okay then, come on, you sex-crazed slave."

Amy laughed and then finished dressing normally.

Once he had gotten everything together, they made sure to turn off all the lights and lock the door on their way out.

Alan's mood changed once they were back in the car and starting towards the sandwich shop.

It didn't take long for Amy to notice, since he was being very quiet. She also noticed that his penis was flaccid, so she didn't attempt to give him another furtive handjob. "Hey O.B., what's wrong?"

Trying to force a smile, he answered, "Not a thing. Just thinking about my life and how lucky I am that I have you for a girlfriend and future wife."

"You better not forget that either, you big goof." But when she saw that his demeanor didn't change, she said "It's Heather, isn't it?"

"Is it that obvious?"

"Unfortunately. What are you thinking about?"

"I'm worried about how to handle her. One part of me wishes she would finally get tired of me and move on, but the other part of me really does care about her and wants to see her continue on her path of becoming a better person."

"Well, I bet I know one part of you that wants to see her stick around!"

"Of course, but I'm being serious here."

"M'kay, being serious then, if she's truly as addicted to having sex with you as you say, then we may as well find a way to accept this and make the best of it. You know I have your back no matter what happens."

"I know, Aims. You're too good to me."

"Right again!" She giggled some more. "Hey, you're pretty smart, aren't you?"

He laughed, and said, "I'm not too sure about that, but smart enough to grab ahold of you and hold on with both hands."

"Awwww, Beau, I love you! I have an idea about Heather. I want you to follow my lead, at least at first."

"Okay. What do you have in mind?"

"I'm going to be all over you from the time we get out of the car. I want her to see from the very beginning that she takes a back seat to me. I promise that I'm not going to get too out of hand, but you know how arrogant she can be. Hopefully, that will throw her off her game enough for her to listen to me."

"I think that's a good idea, but I'm also going to ask you to not be too aggressive with her if she doesn't fight back. I guess that's all due to the part of me that does care about her."

"We'll have to see about that. I'm not going to make any promises that I might not be able to keep."

"Fair enough, Aims. Fair enough."

They played and flirted with each other the rest of their trip to meet with Heather. Occasionally, Alan would reach over and place his hand on Amy's inner thigh, causing her to purr and moan just from the close proximity of his hand to her pussy.

It was approximately a thirty-minute drive back to the sandwich shop, since it was right next to the hospital. Amy jacked him off through his shorts for nearly the entire trip. Like before, she unzipped his fly and directly stroked him. However, she was careful with her arm and head movements so other drivers would be unaware of what was going on.

She also was careful not to get him too aroused. She didn't want him to cum before they got there; she just wanted to keep him riding an erotic high so that his cock would stay rock hard. Luckily, he'd gotten used to so much stimulation that a "mere handjob" had no chance of getting him to blow his load.

Amy knew that if Heather was as horny as she guessed she was, then as soon as Alan got within eyesight of her, Heather's eyes would lock instantly on his boner. That would cause the momentum to tilt towards Amy from the very beginning.

Amy wanted to make sure to give herself every advantage she could over Heather. She knew that no matter how easy this meeting went, the overall battle with Heather was going to be a long, rough war. Unfortunately, she also knew that, even though Alan had not admitted it to himself, he was falling for Heather just as much as she was falling for him.

They didn't talk much, instead listening to classic rock on Xania's car radio. Alan was grateful, because he needed a mental breather before dealing with Heather. No matter how well behaved Heather was, he always had to stay on his toes around her.

However, at one point, he asked, "So, what's with this 'stealth handjob while driving' thing? Is this going to be a new harem tradition?"

"Yep! You betcha! I'm gonna spread the word. Of course, most of the time, if there's more than just two in the car, you'll sit in back with one of your women so you can get properly taken care of. But if it's just two, this'll have to do. Sadly, a blowjob would be just too dangerous."

He asked, "What about me just not being stimulated at all, like a normal guy?"

She gave him a discouraging look. "I'm going to pretend I didn't hear that." She giggled. "Seriously, don't you enjoy it?"

"Of course I do!"

"Well then, let us make you feel good. There's a bunch of us and only one of you, so if I get one-on-one time with you, I'm going to want to take full advantage of it. If you need a rest, please say so. Otherwise, why not have fun with something we both totally enjoy?"

He quickly glanced at her. "Well... just so long as you enjoy it. I don't want it to become an expected tradition where you do it even when you're bored with it. So don't say anything to the others about it just yet, okay? We have enough traditions already."

"M'kay, if you insist. But I'll bet they'll come up with the same idea on their own. We all signed The Pact, you know. This is sorta what we do. And we like it. A LOT!"

Eventually, the car pulled into the parking lot at the sandwich shop near the hospital. Although Amy had been silent for several minutes, she looked at him and, with her hand still pumping up and down his wet shaft, said, "O.B., I just wanted to tell you again how much I love you."

With the car coming to a stop, he glanced over at her and responded, "I love you too, Aims. I hope you know how much I love you and how excited I am that we're going to be spending the rest of our lives together."

"O.B., I swear you know how to say the right things at the right time to melt my heart." Then she smirked impishly. "Now, let's get this thingy hot and throbbing so you'll give Heather a BIG, STIFF impression!" With that, she bent over his lap, engulfed his cockhead, and began bobbing on it.

NOTES: I would like to thank Spacer X for his suggestions that improved continuity of the characters with those of STD Proper, and Sam.I.am for his detailed editing.

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