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6TD: A Different Path – Part 6
Bad Medicine
Day +2: Monday, December 2

Timeframe: The days immediately after the end of 6TD Proper.

Story codes TBD

Written by Silent Assassin

Copyright © 2015 Silent Assassin; All Rights Reserved.

This is a Fanfic spinoff of the epic e-novel Six Times a Day by Spacer X.


Alan and Amy had a pretty nice drive from Glory's apartment to the sandwich shop. Quiet, but nice. They found a parking spot close to the door. Alan had made Amy stop bobbing on his cock before they had gotten close enough to the building for anyone to see.

Since the entire front of the building was windows, they were able to see everyone inside. It wasn't long before they recognized Heather, who was sitting towards the back with Simone.

Amy asked him, "What's Simone doing here with her?"

"No idea, Aims, but it's okay. You know Simone; she's Heather's best friend, and she's nice."

"Yeah, nice eye candy for you."

"What's with the change in attitude all of a sudden?"

"I was hoping to be able to corner Heather alone. I feel that my odds would be better getting her to see things my way if it's just her."

"Don't worry, Aims. Simone is usually on my side when it comes to issues with Heather. I think you'll find that she'll be more of an ally than an enemy."

"M'kay, I guess."

"Come on, future wife of mine. Let's just stick to our plan and see how it goes."

Alan got out of the car, walked around to the other side, and opened the door for Amy.

She immediately threw her arms around his waist and pulled him in for an intense kiss and embrace, because she assumed that Heather and Simone were watching.

Heather thought, Fuck, that should be me he's hugging and kissing! Why does she get hugs like that and not me?

Simone was also thinking, Mmmm, if he hugs and kisses me like that, I might end up finishing the handjob I was giving him earlier today in the school hallway. I wanted him to fuck me then and there, and the bad thing is that now I want it even worse. Sex with him is mighty powerful stuff and I find myself needing it more and more. Other guys just aren't as good. No wonder Heather is so addicted to him.

After allowing their embrace to go on for several minutes, Alan finally broke it and started for the door. Amy stayed glued to his side, so close that the other customers almost couldn't tell if they were two separate people or just one body with two heads.

Alan was thinking to himself, Nice Aims, real nice. Keep this up and she'll agree to anything that you want.

Amy kept her arms intertwined with his and kept snuggling her face into the crook of his arm. She was making her point, laying it on thick, which did not go unnoticed by either Heather or Simone.

Simone was somewhat jealous of the love she saw Amy and Alan sharing, but her dominant response was envy.

In contrast, Heather's jealousy was turning into anger as they continued their close embrace. Dammit! She's doing that intentionally to rub it in that she's his official girlfriend and I'm not. Does she realize how much that hurts? It's like she stabbing me in the chest with a dull knife, trying to cut out my heart!

Simone could see how her friend was gritting her teeth, so she said, "Hang in there. You need to calm down. We both already know that she's his 'Official Girlfriend,' so this is nothing new."

Heather growled, "Yeah, but it fucking hurts!"

Simone suggested, "Maybe this was a bad idea. Do you want to leave?"

"Hell no, I'm not leaving. I love him and I'm determined to do whatever it takes to prove that to him."

"Fine by me, but have you really thought that through? You should know by now that love with him will never be like love with someone else. If you're going to stay with him, you're going to have to accept the fact that he has those other women and that he's made it pretty clear that he will choose them over either one of us."

Heather thought, Simone's right as usual. Sometimes I wonder why she stays friends with me, because she really is a great friend. I don't deserve her. The thing is, I don't want a normal relationship if I have to have it with someone else. I love HIM, dammit! It's not like I can switch my feelings to someone else. No one else has ever made me see that love can be far more satisfying than being selfish and domineering.

Alan and Amy finally got to the table. Before they sat down, Amy leaned in and gave him another well-controlled kiss. Then she sat down and scooted over to where she was sitting facing Heather.

Before Alan sat down he took Simone's hand, bought it up to his lips and gave it a gentle kiss. "Hi, Simone. I'm glad you're here, even though I wasn't expecting to see you so soon after our encounter in the hall this afternoon."

Simone was blushing, but managed to act unconcerned as she replied, "Yeah, well you know how it is. Once we ladies get that close to you, we can't turn down a chance to be with you again."

Alan and Amy each laughed when they heard that.

Then Alan walked over to Heather and did the same thing to her hand that he had done to Simone's.

Simone said as she was eyeing his massive bulge, "Just look at how he's such a perfect gentleman. A true knight in shining armor that comes with his own lance for jousting. I might have to act like a damsel in distress so he'll come rescue me."

Alan and Amy laughed at that too, but Heather was in too determined and serious a mood to be amused. Although Simone and Heather were best friends, Heather often failed to appreciate Simone's humor.

A mere kiss on the hand wasn't good enough for Heather. So she stood up and moved her arms to wrap Alan in a hug like Amy had done. I'll show her that I can have him hug and kiss me like that too. She thinks she's so special. I'm the head cheerleader, which means she's subordinate to me. Besides, I AM the best of the best. Head cheerleaders ALWAYS get whichever guy they want.

However, before their lips could meet, Amy jumped up and growled, "Just what do you think you're doing?"

Alan took a second to notice that Heather was wearing tight black shorts with a tight neon pink tanktop. The neck of the tanktop was low enough that it allowed him to see plenty of cleavage. He was half tempted to run his tongue up to her ear from where her tanktop ended and her neck began.

Heather spat back, "What do you mean? I want him to hug and kiss me too. Is that so fucking wrong?" She thought, Damn, it's like sweet little Amy is about to turn into the Incredible Hulk. Sheesh, take a chill pill or something. You have to share him sometimes, you know!

Amy huffed, "No, but next time you need to wait until we've come to some type of agreement on how I'm going to allow you to be a part of his life. I'll allow it this time though."

Heather shot daggers at Amy with her eyes, even as she continued to wrap her arms around Alan. Once she did, she found him not returning the hug or initiating a kiss, so she pulled back and asked him, "What the hell is wrong now, Sir? Can't you hug me too?"

"Sure I can, but you seem to have forgotten your place." Then he turned to Simone and said, "Can you please come here and let her see what kind of hug she can have when she understands how to act."

Simone stood up like she'd been shot from a cannon. She ran around and stood in front of Alan, then waited for him to nod, giving her his okay to continue. She threw her arms around him and could instantly feel the heat from his body warming her soul. She said, "Oooooh, is that a hot, fleshy vibrator in your pocket, or are you just glad to see me?"

He replied, "It could be both."

Simone and Amy both laughed.

He further joked, "Or it could be that lance you were warning us about, so you might want to steer clear."

Simone flirted back, "No, that's one lance I wouldn't mind getting impaled on!"

Heather was annoyed, because while she had her own effective seduction techniques, she wasn't good at jokey flirting.

Alan saw that Simone was wearing white denim shorts with a tight fluorescent green top. The neckline of her shirt wasn't cut as low as Heather's tanktop, but he knew the sight of Simone's breasts well enough that he could easily imagine how they had to be shoved together, given how tightly the top fit her.

His erection had gone semi-flaccid during his walk to the meeting but, after feeling Simone's breasts and erect nipples against his chest, his cock began to engorge once again.

Simone closed her eyes, recalling the handjob that she'd been giving him at school. She could feel his penis getting harder, thanks to its pressure against her lower abdomen. I've gotta be careful. I'm afraid I'm going to start falling in love with him too. If Heather thinks she can't handle it, I'll be a hundred times worse. I just don't think that is what I want out of life. Not yet at least. Plus, I know that I wouldn't be content to be only one of his many lovers. Sure, it's nice for now, but I would need exclusivity before I could get REALLY serious.

They hugged for several moments before she widened her smile and opened her eyes, finding Amy looking at her and smiling too. Then she said to him, "Will you watch that dangerous lance already? You're going to have to keep that pointy thing under control or you might poke my eye out or something!"

He smirked as he replied, "I was thinking of poking you a little lower than that."

Simone replied in a very sultry, teasing voice, "How much lower?" She licked her lips enticingly, suggesting one spot where she might want to get "poked." But then she looked at Amy, to see whether she was upsetting his official girlfriend.

As though Amy had read Simone's mind, she said, "Go ahead. It's okay."

So Simone moved a hand from around Alan's waist and placed it on his crotch. She commented, "Yep. Still hard as always." She then leaned up and kissed him for a few seconds before letting go and turning around to return to her seat.

As she did, Alan reached out and took her hand, letting it slide slowly away from his as she retreated.

Heather was thinking, Some fucking friend! Here I was saying how she was great. Now she's taking advantage of my stupid mistake and making out with the only guy I've ever loved. Someone please just shoot me now and put me out of my misery. What the hell has happened to me?

Heather was furious, but she also knew why he had done what he had. She knew that he still held the upper hand, and that she had let her jealousy of Amy cause her to act too aggressively. She dropped her head and said, "Sir, I'm sorry. It's just that I saw how lovey-dovey the two of you were being and I want that for me. I guess I just can't control my jealousy when it comes to you."

He said, "You're going to have to learn to do better. You can't let your jealousy cause outbursts like that with the others in my life. If you can't behave, then you should walk away right now. If you do though, there won't be any coming back. The one thing that everyone understands is that I'm not making them stay. Each of them are with me because that is what they choose."

"I know, Sir. This is just much more difficult than I thought."

He asked Amy, "What do you think? Should I let her slide this time and give her the hug she's obviously wanting?"

Amy didn't answer right away. Finally, after giving his question time to register with everybody, she replied, "Yeah, Beau. I think she really does need you to hug her."

So Heather stood back up and approached Alan in a leery manner, since he hadn't hugged her when she'd attempted it before. This time though, she was met with a completely different outcome.

He allowed her to encircle him with her arms, then he wrapped his around her, making her feel like she'd been wrapped in a blanket of love. That caused her to let out a loud breath. Finally! Aaaah! This feels soooo good! I swear, if anyone had ever told me that I'd be in love like this, I'd have broken them in half. But it's so nice and feels absolutely divine. I even love the way he smells.

Their hug went on for several minutes before she started to back away to sit down.

As she did, Amy gave her the same non-verbal go-ahead to touch Alan's erection through his clothes as she had given Simone.

Heather smiled and wasted no time doing that. She had to force herself to not let her hand overstay its welcome, since Amy had already shown a surprising degree of possessiveness. Finally, Heather removed her hand and said, "Thank you, Amy."

However, Alan wasn't quite satisfied with that. He pulled her in for a quick kiss before they both sat back down as they had been earlier.

As soon as she was back in her seat, Heather put her head and arms on the table and let out a long slow sigh.

Simone asked, "Better now?"

Heather just nodded.

The table that Heather and Simone had picked was near the back of the sandwich shop, which put them a good distance away from the few other customers there.

Heather and Simone were sitting facing the front of the restaurant, leaving Alan and Amy facing the back wall. The tables were arranged so that the wait staff could easily still maneuver around them to serve their customers. Alan was sitting across from Simone and Amy was across from Heather.

Alan said to the others, "I must say that you three ladies look fantastic. In fact, all of you look almost good enough to eat."

Amy snickered when he said that because of how he had just gotten her off by going down on her in Glory's apartment a short time earlier.

He nudged Amy to get her to stop, then added, "I don't know about the rest of you, but I'm starving. Dinner's on me, okay?"

Simone joked, "Now you tell us! If we had known that you were paying, we'd have made you take us to a nice place to get a tube steak. There's nothing better than a big, thick, juicy piece of meat in your mouth."

All the others laughed, except for Heather. She still had her arms stretched across the table, with her head down, resting on top of them.


Amy said to Alan, "If you and Simone will excuse us for a few minutes, I'd like to talk with Heather. It's kind of a private-y, personal thing."

Although Alan and Simone were both quite curious, they just nodded. Alan wanted to be clear about his permission, so he said, "Sure, go right ahead."

Heather looked up at Amy and saw her rise from her chair and wait. So Heather stood up and followed Amy, who walked back outside to the parking lot.

Once they were outside, Heather asked, "What's this about, Amy?"

Amy turned around and glared at Heather as she said, "Well, it's about you fucking my boyfriend and why in the heck I should let you keep doing that."

Heather asked, "I thought he has carte blanche to fuck whoever he wants?"

Amy replied, "He does, within reason. But if I see someone like you as a danger to him, I'm going to step in and protect my man!"

Heather sneered, "I think he's a big boy and can decide for himself who he fucks and who he doesn't."

Amy was steely-eyed as she spoke with unusual resolve, "I'm not trying to be your enemy. I never have been, but I will fight you tooth and nail before I let you hurt him any more. You may think I'm just a pushover, but I have ways of getting what I want, you know. "

Heather just rolled her eyes. Give me a break! Amy is the definition of a pushover! She's such a puffball that it would feel unsporting to even fight her.

Amy gritted her teeth at Heather's dismissive expression. "See? It's arrogance like that, that makes me want to... to... well, do mean things!" She paused briefly before saying, "But I promised Alan that I would try to go along with him on this and do my absolute best to make it work."

"Oh, okay. Then it's settled."

"No, it's not! I want to know why I, or any of Alan's other girls, should trust you. All I've ever known you to do is be selfish, doing whatever is best for you. Other than today, I've never seen you do anything for someone else. So please tell me why this time is any different."

"It just is, okay?"

"Not good enough. You don't want to get on my bad side!"

Heather couldn't resist replying in a mocking, sarcastic tone, "Oooh! I'm so scared!"

Amy was having trouble keeping her cool, but she did. "Look. I don't fight the same way you do. But I have a lot of sway over how Alan feels. He loves me and listens to me. If that's your only answer, then he and I are going to leave now and call this whole thing off. So tell me, why should we trust you?"

Heather realized it wasn't wise to continue being so dismissive. She started to answer, but when she opened her mouth she found that she couldn't force the words to come out. Finally she said, "I can't. I just can't! What is it that you want me to say?"

"Simple. I want the truth. But I guess that you're not even able to admit that to yourself, let alone to me. This is nothing more than a waste of time." Amy turned as if she was going to walk back inside to get Alan and leave.

Backed into a corner, Heather suddenly shouted, "I love him, dammit!"

Amy turned back and stared hard at Heather, as if questioning her sincerity.

Heather blushed, precisely because she'd meant what she said. "I love him! Is that what you want to hear me say? Huh? I fucking love him, okay? It's like he can see into my soul and see exactly how I like to be treated and then he exceeds my expectations."

"So, it's really all just about how great sex is with him, right?"

"No. If it was, then it wouldn't be any different than it has been for me with anyone else. I admit that, yes, it started out that way. I figured sex with him would go one of two ways: either he'd be just like I'd always pictured him - a complete loser - or he'd actually be as good as you were boasting and I'd use him until I was bored with him and then cut him loose. Then I started having sex with him, and yes, it was all about the sex. But somehow, I don't know how, my lust began to turn into love! Don't ask me to explain it, 'cos I'm not good at this love stuff at all. But it just happened, okay?"

Amy stared hard.

Heather went on, prodded by Amy's questioning look. "You're wondering how I know it's love. It's really hard to explain... I guess... I started to feel strange feelings I've never felt before. For instance, when I started suspecting him and Ms. Rhymer, I got jealous. Sure, I'd been jealous before about various things, but this felt like an entirely new emotion. My feelings were so intense! I was afraid she would take him away from me. I couldn't stand it!"

She paused, as if waiting for Amy to tell her that she'd explained enough. When that didn't happen, she continued, "The sad thing is that even then I couldn't admit to myself that I was falling for him. Maybe it's because I'd never felt that way before, or maybe I thought I was better than that. Either way, I was wrong! I was already beginning to accept my feelings for him, but as it got closer to the day of the fight, I started realizing how wrong I'd been. I can't ask either of you to forgive me for all the things that I've done, but I am asking you to give me a chance to prove that I mean what I say. What can I do to get you to give me that chance?"

Amy replied carefully, "I'm not like you, Heather. I don't extract things from other people for my own advantage. For me to give you that chance requires only that you say you're sorry, and then show me that you mean it."

"Amy, I AM sorry. I don't want to be that person anymore. I promise that I will try my best to not let either of you down."

Then, as if she had flipped a switch, Amy went right back to her usual bubbly self. She said, "M'kay, cool. I accept your apology, but don't forget that those are just words. You're still going to have to show us that you can continue to do better. Now, we'd better get back in there." She grinned knowingly as she added, "If we leave those two alone for very long, there's no telling what might happen. But be sure you understand that I'll be watching you. If you slip up just once, that's it! All of this will be over with, so you need to be careful. I could be observing you when you least expect it."

While Amy and Heather held their discussion outside, Alan and Simone had remained sitting inside, talking and flirting back and forth.

Shortly after the other two left the table, Alan had said to Simone, "You really do look amazing! I swear that, as hot as you look, it would be possible to burn someone's eyes out." He'd playfully shielded his eyes, as if they were in danger of damage.

Simone had grinned at that. "You know, I do have more than one place below my eyes for you to use your lance. Would you have any idea about which place you'd like to stick it first? Then again, if you have three lances hidden under that tent, you could poke all three places at once."

"Mmmmmm. Sounds like a very exciting idea, but unfortunately I have only one. I guess we'll just have to do those places one at a time. But if I did have three, I'd probably be more popular with the ladies."

Simone had scoffed. "As if you could be more popular! Maybe you do have three, and you've been replacing them like disposable razors when one gets tired out."

He'd snickered at that. "I wish. Anyway, I guess one approach would be the ol' faithful sixty-nine. That way, I could use the lance to poke one place and my tongue to poke another. At least that would be two of the three at the same time." Mentally, he added, She has no idea how bad I'd love to bend her over the table and use my lance on one of her places right now!

"Ooooohhh! I think I like the sound of that! Promise me that we'll try that one day soon."

"Now sounds like too long to wait for me, but I guess we should be a little more courteous to the others and wait on them."

"Damn! I was ready to pull my shorts off and bend over the table, but if you say that we need to wait... then I will. Speaking of getting poked, I was wondering if it's possible that tonight's meeting could end with a little pokin' and strokin'?"

He'd grinned at how eager and willing Simone was acting, then answered, "We might be able to do something, but I'm not going to promise anything until I see how well this little meeting works out and what time it is when we finish."

That was when Amy and Heather walked back in and sat down. Indiscernibly, Amy took control by asking, "Okay, Beau, let's eat. I'm starved!"

Alan asked, "Sure. Is everything okay?"

Amy looked at Heather and then answered, "Yep, everything's cool. We're good. Right, Heather?"

"Yes, we are."

The waitress came over and took all of their orders. She'd been paying attention to them for a while, and had noticed all the hugging and kissing. I don't know what's going on here, but why is this kid getting to hug and French kiss all three of these girls?! The way they're all talking and cutting up, it's like he's dating all of them at once. That's so very wrong! Then again, who am I to judge? I've definitely slept with more than one guy at a time, but not with them all sitting down and eating together! This kid must have balls the size of Mt. Rushmore to pull that off.

As the waitress was walking off, Amy nudged Alan and playfully asked, "What do you think, Beau? Is she Alan-worthy?"

He gave the waitress a closer look while she attended another table. The waitress was about 5'6" (168 cm) and seemed about 20 years old. She had a slim build with perhaps 34C breasts. They weren't that big by Alan's standards, but with her small frame they were nicely proportionate to her entire figure. The rest of her body was firm and toned, making it appear that she took really good care of herself.

He finally replied, "I'm not interested, Amy. Remember our talk from earlier."

"M'kay." She seemed almost disappointed.

Simone asked, "'Alan worthy?'"

He said, "It's a long story."

Amy didn't want to let her comment drop that easily, so she added, "It's how the rest of us assess any new hot babes for him potentially to fuck."

Heather replied dryly, "Great! That's all we need is more competition."

Simone cheerfully said, "Well, I hope I measure up! Speaking of measuring up, I think there's one thing here that I'd really like to re-measure. I seem to remember it being a perfect fit in my mouth and my hot cunt, but I'm not completely sure. I think I need someone to remind me."

Heather gave Simone a withering look and said sarcastically, "Very subtle. Why don't you just have him hump you right across the table?"

Simone gleefully replied, "That's my plan, but I was going to wait until after we finished dinner and the table was cleared. But hey, I could do it now if you'd prefer?"

Heather rolled her eyes unhappily. "Ha-ha. You're a real laugh riot."

Simone poked Heather and said, "Gee, cheer up already! You got the hug you were wanting and Amy let you feel his dick right in front of her. What in the hell else do you want?"

Heather looked up at Alan and asked, "Have you ever heard of the song "Bad Medicine" by Bon Jovi?"

"Sure I have. Why?"

"Because your love truly is like some bad medicine. I don't know if you know the lyrics or not, but from the very beginning it describes exactly how I feel! Look, the first few lines are:"

"Your love is like bad medicine;
Bad medicine is what I need.
Shake it up, just like bad medicine;
There ain't no doctor that can cure my disease."

"The problem is that I sometimes wish I could find a doctor who could cure me of my feelings towards you."

Amy asked her dryly, "So you DO want out? Here I was thinking that you meant everything you said about being in love with him!"

Heather replied, "No, Amy, it's not like that at all. Please understand, I'm not the sweet person that you are. Before I seduced him, I had never felt like this with anyone! This is all completely new to me. I still don't fully understand all of these emotions. Just like how my jealousy got the best of me again a few minutes ago. It's almost as if, instead of me seducing him, it was him that seduced me, and that has never happened before!"

Amy reached out and took her hand and said, "I don't mean this to be condescending-y, but I feel sorry for you. It's a shame that no one has ever shown you the kind of love that Alan gives. Unfortunately for you, he's my boyfriend, and all of his lovers consider him the master of our family."

Heather winced when she heard that, but asked, "So just how many are there, Sir?"

Based on what had happened with Heather at school earlier in the day, he decided he could reveal a bit more, as long as he didn't name names. He figured it didn't matter if Simone knew too, since Heather would probably share the information with Simone anyway. He replied, "I can't tell you the names of all of them yet, but there are six primary members. Then there are a few others that I'm seriously involved with on a regular basis. Each of them knows about you and me, and most of them aren't happy that I continue to see you. Luckily for you, since they see me as their master, they may not be happy with it but they accept whatever choices I make. I will say this though, when it comes to any woman outside of my group, if you will, I discuss all other lovers with them."

He waited for that to sink in for a few seconds before continuing, "What you need to be worried about is that each of them also knows that if they ever came to me and said that I had to choose between them or you... well, let's just say you don't want it to come to that. Right now, I'm the only one you've got that wants you to be a part of this, but the others are willing to give you a chance to see if you're truly capable of changing. Starting with Amy, you will need to show them all that you mean what you say."

Heather raised her head and asked, "Sir, is Ms. Rhymer a member of that group?" Six?! What the fuck? I already know I'm not one of them. Hell, I'm probably not even close to being on that list! I'm sure that other busty bombshell he brought the last time we met near the beach is one of them!

His temper flared, "That shows you can't watch what you say! Simone is sitting right here and yet you still say things like that!"

Simone spoke up, "Easy, Alan. Even though you haven't admitted it to me yet, I already knew. You didn't have to say a word, but I've seen the look that you get in your eyes every time someone either mentions her name or you see her. You really love her. I've also seen that same look in her eyes when she sees you, and I think she really loves you. I think it's great, and don't care what anyone else says about it. I'm happy for both of you."

Alan calmed down slightly after Simone's words of assurance. Then he said, "You're right. I'm sorry. To answer your question, Heather, yes, she is one of them."

Heather spoke with sad resignation. "Well, Sir, I'm screwed no matter what I do then. She's never going to forgive me for the things I've tried to do to you two. I know she'll tell you to cut me out of your life."

He told her, "That's not true. She and I had a talk before Amy and I got here. She's probably your biggest opponent, yes, but she is also a very understanding person. She'll allow you time to show that you're sincere, which will also give you enough rope to hang yourself."

Heather was relieved to hear that, although she still had her doubts. She joked playfully, "He's got it bad, bad, bad! He's hot for teacher!" It was a play on Van Halen's song "Hot for Teacher." She figured correctly that he had heard the song and had probably even sung the lyrics to himself while thinking about Glory.

He tried to keep from laughing and remain serious, though wasn't entirely successful.

She noticed he was amused, which secretly pleased her. She thought smugly to herself, Ha! Simone's not the only one here who can joke and flirt.

He said, "Well, yeah! Haven't you seen how freaking hot she is? Not only does she have a great personality, but she's got one of the best-looking fit and curvy bodies that I've ever seen!"


Earlier, when Alan and Amy had walked away from Judy, Judy had quickly returned to Glory's room. Glory and Suzanne were there, so she asked, "Where was your stud heading off to in such a hurry? It seemed like the two of them were needing some alone time."

Glory told her, "They left to get more of my clothes, and then to meet another of their friends for dinner."

"Oh. Another female friend I assume."

Suzanne said, "As a matter of fact, yes. He's a busy boy. I bet by now he's got them both bent over the table and he's fucking them for dessert."

Judy was amazed. "Really?!"

"No, not really. He usually takes it slower than that. But I'll bet he'll be up to some hanky-panky before they're done. In fact, I'd be surprised if he doesn't, since she's a busty, blonde beauty."

Glory shivered at the thought of him fucking Heather, then tried to calm down by reminding herself that she was going to have to accept such things if he chose to keep seeing Heather. Come on, girl. If that's what he wants to do, you're gonna have to get used to it. He's already told you that you are far more important to him than she is. Besides, you were the one that was jerking him off while he was talking to her.

Judy mumbled, "I can only imagine how good that would feel."

"What was that, Judy? I couldn't hear you," Suzanne said.

"Oh, nothing. I was just thinking about something." Yeah, thinking about him ramming that big, fat log of his deep in my twat! Pounding me mercilessly until I collapse from sheer exhaustion.

Glory asked her, "What was it? Was it Alan?" Not knowing of Judy and Suzanne's earlier conversation, and wanting to improve her odds of winning the bet, she added, "I've heard him talking about how he thinks you're totally hot."

Judy blushed and asked, "Really? He seems like a sweet guy. He kinda hit on something a minute ago when he was talking to me before they left that kind of upset me. Can you believe he hugged me when he saw that I was upset? Most guys don't care."

Glory said, "Of course, because he is a sweet guy. He's the most caring person that I've ever met."

Suzanne asked, "Do you mind if I ask what he said that upset you?"

"I guess not. We were talking, and when I told him who my dad is, he remembered that I used to be a pro beach volleyball player. It just brought back a lot of memories that always get me upset. He didn't mean to."

Glory asked, "Who's your dad?"

Judy told them what she had told Amy and Alan about her father and how she had been forced to quit playing because of a leg injury. She concluded, "Alan shocked me when he remembered me from my playing days. In the past, that was the only reason guys wanted to have sex with me: they had seen me in competitions and were only attracted to me because I was famous."

Suzanne asked, "Come on. What about your looks?"

"Okay, it was always either that or my looks that attracted them, or some combination. I used to not mind too much, but it finally occurred to me that they didn't really care about me and the whole scene got to where I wasn't really getting anything out of it."

Glory told her, "He's not like that, I assure you. If he was, none of us would be with him."

"Oh, I know that. He's nothing like all of those other losers I've been with who only cared about me for one of those two reasons. It was always either sex or money. Back in my competition days, I always had money from matches rolling in or from sponsors. Unfortunately, I used that all up while studying to be a nurse. Anyway, enough of that. Let's check a few things and I'll be out of your way."

Judy did the usual medical checks on Glory. It went quickly, once she got down to business.

She was just about to leave the room when Glory said, "You don't have to rush off. You can come in here and talk as much as you like. Besides, you'll come back around after they get back, won't you? I'm sure he'll be disappointed if he doesn't get to see you again before you leave."

Judy thought back to Alan's telling her that he expected her to show him her tits when he got back. I hadn't planned on actually doing that, but maybe I should. I wonder if he'll let me see his dick then too. If Amy is truly willing to stand guard as he said she would, as soon as he has that monster out, I'm going to play with it. God, I'm getting so fucking hot thinking about having all of that big fucking pole in my hands!

However, then she reconsidered. Eh, that's crazy. It was all just flirty talk and playing around. No way he could really expect me to show him my breasts, and no way would I do it if he did. I could lose my job! Still, the thought of such a wild thing happening is getting me seriously hot and bothered. Dammit, my pussy's starting to get so wet, I'm sure the two here can smell it.

Finally, Judy answered, "Absolutely, Glory, as long as he gets back before my shift ends at midnight. I'll come back soon, but I don't have time to chat further right now. Unfortunately, I do have to work; I need to go check on my other patients." After some good-bye pleasantries she walked sedately out of the room, but once the door was shut, she leaned back against the wall beside the door trying to calm herself. Shit! Why do I keep getting so horny when we're talking about him? It's like I'm still a virgin, knowing any second that he's going to pop my cherry.

She took off as quickly as she could to go back to the nurses' lounge and dry her pussy and inner thighs. She didn't want to risk having any other patient or visitor smell her arousal. I've gotta stop this, but the bad thing is there is only one way to really stop it and he's off fucking someone else! I can't believe I'm all worked up like this over some guy who's fucking all of these babes! Hell, as anxious as I am, he's going to have to be Superman to not disappoint me! At least I can look forward to my time with Tiffany when I get home! She's going to be lucky if she's still conscious by the time I finish with her!

As soon as Judy left the room again, Glory seized the chance to say to Suzanne, "See, what did I tell you? She's so hot for him that if he were here and pulled his shorts down, she'd pass out! No way you're gonna win this bet, so I hope you're ready to pay up."

Suzanne pretended to be disdainful. "Yeah, right. He hasn't even touched her. Besides, Sweetie shot himself in the foot by mentioning her volleyball career. Now she's going to see him as being like all of the other guys that just wanted to sleep with her because of her fame."

Glory defiantly crossed her arms under her boobs and huffed "You really are nuts. You know that?"

Suzanne just laughed and thought to herself, That's right, Glory. You keep this up and I'll have you sharing him with Amy, Angel, and even Susan. You're so determined to prove your point that once your resolve is mixed with your lust for him, it can't be stopped.

"Glory, you have way too much confidence in him. Sure, he's a great lover, but he can't get every girl he wants. No guy can."

"We'll see about that when I win the bet!"


Back at the diner, the four teens changed subjects. They were content to talk about school politics and each other's homework loads and such matters. That continued until the pretty waitress came back to bring them their food.

Alan noticed that the two top buttons of the waitress's shirt were unbuttoned. When she leaned over the backs of Simone and Heather as she placed his food down in front of him, naturally his eyes went straight to the small amount of cleavage being shown. (Small compared to his usual taste in women, at least.) Her breasts were nowhere close to the size of the other three ladies that he was with, so he assumed they were a C-cup at best. However, they were still nicely shaped.

When she stood up she asked, "Is there anything else I can get any of you?"

Alan looked for her name tag, which also provided another excuse for him to look at her breasts. When he didn't find one, he answered simply, "No, ma'am. I think we're good for now, but thank you."

She knew that he had looked at her breasts as she had bent over, so she just smiled and walked slowly away, wondering whether this time he was checking her ass out as she departed. Unfortunately for her, he was already back talking to the others, but her actions weren't missed by Amy.

Amy said to Alan, "Looks like someone is actually trying to catch your eye. And judging by the way you looked down her shirt just now, I think it worked."

He replied, "Well, she's the one bending over showing them to me. What can I do about it?"

Amy just smiled, and said, "I know. You're in such bad shape."

He finally said, "Simone, I hope none of this offends you, but I think Amy here is going to be rather frank with Heather about some rules."

Simone replied, "It's fine by me. I just tagged along to see you."

Heather looked up, "Amy? Why is she the one who's making the rules? God, can you make this any harder for me?"

He responded, "Because I told her that she could. She's the one that will be seen in public with me the most and especially at school. She and I have talked it over and she's going to call the shots on this."

Heather thought, Damn him! How embarrassing does he have to make this? I'll be the laughing stock of the entire school if they find out that I have to get Amy's permission to fuck him!

Simone asked, "Does this apply to me too?"

Amy answered, "Yes and no. To my knowledge, you have never intentionally tried to hurt him or any of his other lovers like Heather has. That's why none of us trust her, except for him, kinda. So these rules apply mainly to her."

Simone added, "I understand, and no, I've never tried to, nor will I try to hurt any of you. But I want to say something for the record on behalf of my friend. I've known her a long time and I've never seen her like this. When she says that no one has ever shown her the compassion that he has, she's telling you the truth. So I do think that she means what she says, but I see your point as well. She definitely has done some things that she shouldn't have, and I've told her so. Alan also has me in charge of handing out her punishments when she does something that he doesn't like."

Amy nodded and said, "Thank you. I'll make sure that everyone else involved is told what you said." Then, to Heather, she continued, "Are you willing to let me make the rules for you being with him?"

Heather answered hotly, "No! But I'm not willing to give him up either. So do I have any choice?"

Amy said calmly, "No, you don't. Not if you want us to go along with him continuing to fuck you."

Heather was infuriated. If she ALLOWS me to! I'll have her doing the shit work for the cheerleading squad for the rest of the year! Amy is a total nobody puffball! What the hell gives her the right to think she can ALLOW me to do anything?!

Amy could see the frustration and even anger in Heather's eyes. "I see how aggravated you are. From the looks of it, I'd say it's safe to predict that you're not going to stick to any of the rules for long and then we won't have to worry about you anymore."

Heather panicked and said, "Hang on, Amy. I never said that. You're already assuming things and I haven't heard any of the rules yet."

Amy looked at Alan for his approval. When he nodded for her to continue, she said, "Okay, first and foremost, you are still allowed to fuck him only because he wants it. On his say so, not yours. But I'm sure you already knew that. Second, if we ever find out that you're trying to interfere with him or any of us, then we'll advise him that he needs to cut you loose, and I think you know by now that's what he would do if we told him that. You're on really thin ice here. Do you understand that so far?"

There was a pause while Amy waited for the waitress to pass by. Each time the waitress would walk up to do something such as refill their drinks, the conversation would come to a pause until she had walked away.

Heather nodded, so Amy continued, "You will NOT hog all of his lunch periods by having him meet you in the theater room. You can have two days out of the week with him during lunch if he wants it as well. You can choose the participants that are there, but again only if he agrees."

Heather shouted, "Two days?! I can't go with seeing him only two days a week!"

Simone noticed that Amy's full attention was focused completely on Heather. Since she was sitting directly across from Alan, she slipped her right foot out of her shoe and raised it, navigating it to Alan's boner.

Alan felt a foot arrive at his crotch and looked at Simone to see her smiling from ear to ear. Nice move, Simone. Bet you had that planned all along! Keep that up though and we might have to excuse ourselves and finish what you started.

Since he didn't tell her to stop, she began giving him a nice, slow footjob. She tried her best to make it as inconspicuous as possible because she knew Heather would hit the roof if she found out, but she correctly assumed that Amy wouldn't mind. She said, "Looks like the shoe is on the other foot, don't you think, Alan?"

He was amused, because he knew it wasn't a coincidence that she used a foot-related idiom while fondling him with her foot. He just nodded, since he didn't want to clue Heather in to what Simone was doing.

Amy interrupted Heather. "Let me finish. I'm not limiting you to only two lunches a week with him; I'm giving you two lunches of just you and anyone that you want to add, as long as he approves. Those two are just for you to do whatever you like. Then there will be two days a week where Christine and I will use that room to be with him. Those days, you are not allowed to meet him during lunch."

"Okay. I think I see your point. That's only four days though. What about the fifth one?"

"Since I'm his girlfriend, that day belongs to me."

Heather once again let her temper get the best of her. "That's not fair. That's you getting three days at school plus all the time you get with him outside of school."

"Can't you keep your mouth closed for even a few minutes? You're not letting me finish. Let's say the fifth day is always on a Friday. I will rotate between you and Christine every Friday. So one Friday, it'll be you and me. Then the next Friday, it'll be her and me."

Heather thought for a minute, Okay, so that's a minimum of twice per week and then a third time every other week. I want him to fuck me several times a day, every day! But I guess anything is better than nothing, which is all I'm getting right now. Where in the hell did this new, bossy Amy come from? Sheesh, I miss the old pushover Amy.

Amy added, "Also, you need to cut out your use of those blank passes that you've been using to get him out of class."

Heather's mouth flew open because she'd been hoping that would be the ace up her sleeve. "What? How do you know about those?"

Alan chimed in, "I told her. I've already told you that I'm not keeping secrets from her or the others."

Simone asked Alan, "I agree that honesty is the best policy. I think it's always a good idea for a person to put their best foot forward, don't you?

He managed to nod in reply. However, he had a hard time not chuckling or at least smirking at that. Oh no! That's the second foot-related play on words she's made since she started her footjob, and I suspect it won't be her last!

Amy waited until Heather got past her initial shock, then continued. "If you care about him as you say, then you should also care about his grades. He does really well and needs to continue to so he can get into the university of his choice. How can he do well if he's frequently skipping class for some hanky-panky? So for now, since I'm agreeing to share the lunch period with you, I want you to stop using those passes all together. Next semester, we'll see about starting to use them again, but for both of us then, not just you."

Heather decided not to contest that, since she would look selfish for putting his grades at risk. She asked, "What about me having any time with him outside of school? Is that even a possibility?"

Amy wasn't really comfortable with that idea, but she thought about it and answered, "Yes, that's possible. For now though, you're on probation to see if you're able to keep your word."

"What kind of probation?"

Amy had noticed that Simone had been smiling for some time, but wasn't sure why. She saw that her gaze was locked on Alan, so she looked down for a second and noticed Simone's foot action. She smiled at Simone, then answered Heather, "For now, you can only see him outside of school when I'm with him. However, I'll let Simone be a stand-in if, for some reason, I can't be there. Do you think you can agree to that?"

Amy surreptitiously reached under the table to Alan with her left hand, adding a handjob to Simone's footjob. She had already been positioned possessively at his side as much as their adjacent chairs allowed, so it was easy for her to slide her hand into his lap. She was content to just rub his bulge through his shorts, at least for the moment.

Simone felt Amy's hand, and adapted. She adjusted her foot to allow Amy to fondle him closer to the base of his shaft while she took the top. "I don't know about the rest of you, but my feet are dragging today."

Alan smiled, while Amy and Simone giggled.

Instead of answering Amy right away, Heather turned to Simone and asked, "What's so funny?"

Simone had been so eager to make that play on words that she had said it even though it didn't really fit the conversation. She didn't want Heather to know about the hanky-panky going on under the table, because Heather would certainly be miffed, especially since Heather was the only one sitting too far out of range to reach Alan. She tried to cover her tracks by saying, "Oh, you know, Amy said I could be a stand-in, but then I said I'm dragging my feet, so it's kind of a joke. Anyway, I do like the idea of Amy lending a hand when I'm having fun with Alan's cock, don't you?"

Alan and Amy had a very hard time not snickering or giggling at that, because of course that described what Simone and Amy were doing at that very moment.

Heather replied with mild annoyance, "I guess." Then she looked to Alan and asked, "Sir, are you going to sit there and let her make these rules? I thought you liked fucking me. I even thought that you cared about me."

Alan answered sternly, "Yes, I am and I do, to both. The only reason we're here is because I do care and I do enjoy fucking you. Amy and I and the others have already discussed this. What she says, she says with my approval. Either you're in or you're out. I'm hoping that you'll choose to go along with what she has to say, but if you don't, I won't hold it against you. I know this can't be easy for you. But that's how life is going to be if you stay with me. For me, what it comes down to is: Are you truly worthy of your Bitchslut title?"

"So then why in the hell are you two even asking for my agreement with these rules, if I don't have any choice? Sir, if I didn't care about you so much, I'd walk away right this second and fuck any other guy I wanted. You know I could have my choice of any one of them."

He said, "To be completely honest, I've been too overtaxed sexually lately. I'm cutting down on the number of women outside of my core group that I continue to have sex with. I don't mean to brag, but plain and simple, there's just too many. I don't want to promise you anything that I can't deliver. Amy already understands my limitations. A lot of what she's offering you will be taking time away from what I could be spending with her."

Amy said to Heather, "You can walk away if you want, but once you do, there will be no coming back after that. If that's what you want, then why not go do it?"

Heather was silent, ruing her limited options. Being in love sucks! I wish I could just walk away, but I can't. I hate being weak!


Back in the hospital, Glory and Suzanne heard a knock at the door. Glory asked, "Who could that be? If it was Judy, she'd knock and then come on in after a few seconds."

Suzanne said, "I agree. Let me go see." When she opened the door, she was surprised to see Brenda standing there.

"Hey, Brenda, what are you doing here?"

"Hi, Mistress Suzanne. Mistress Susan told me about Ms. Rhymer's horrible accident, so I wanted to come and let Master Alan know that I hope she gets better soon, and to see whether there is anything I can do to help."

"He's not here. He and Amy have gone to get Glory some clothes and something to eat. But come on in and let me finally introduce you two. I think it's high time."

In typical fashion, Brenda was dressed to kill. She had on a tight-fitting, dark blue dress with matching purse and heels. "Mistress Suzanne, I shouldn't. Master Alan might not like me meeting her without him knowing about it in advance and giving his approval."

"Nonsense, Brenda. I'm sure he'll be fine with it. The two of you are going to have to meet sooner or later. You're both part of his harem now. Why should this be delayed any longer?"

Glory couldn't see what was happening at the door, but she could hear them talk. She said from inside the room, "Suzanne, did I hear you say that's Brenda? Please bring her in; I've really been looking forward to meeting her."

Suzanne asked Brenda, "You heard that, right?"

Suzanne thought, Brenda's kind of shocked me by coming here. I was hoping that we'd have more time before these two met. Talk about polar opposites. Brenda is as submissive as they come, whereas Glory isn't. I need to try to keep this meeting short to hopefully control how much each of them finds out about the other, at least right now. There'll be plenty of time for them to bond later, but I'm especially worried about overwhelming Glory when she's still getting used to the idea of being part of a harem.

After a pause, Brenda nodded shyly. "Well, okay, Mistress Suzanne, but I can't stay long. Adrian is home and I don't want to be away from him for very long."

Brenda looked outwardly calm, but she had butterflies in her stomach. Oh God! I hope this isn't a disaster! She's going to think I'm a freak: an overly busty, far too submissive freak. I was counting on Master Alan being here when I met her for the first time. At least then she'd act like she accepts me even if she doesn't.

Brenda could see Glory as soon as Suzanne had opened the door. She was glad to see that Glory wasn't connected to any type of machine and was sitting up from where she and Suzanne had been chatting before Brenda arrived.

Brenda knew the details of Glory's injuries, thanks to Susan and Katherine, so she was surprised that, other than Glory's hair being messy from lying in the bed, she looked okay. She's so beautiful. I can only imagine that she's in a pretty bad condition due to her injuries, but she looks like she could easily get up and go win a beauty contest. Master Alan only picks the best-looking women. No doubt he's aware of what a gem she is. No wonder he asked her to marry him.

Glory saw Brenda walking in and her eyes went straight to Brenda's massive globes. Holy mother of God! Those damn things are huge! I knew they were big, but not THAT big! She makes my breasts look like those of a child! Hell, I'm going to have to make sure he doesn't smother to death between those monsters! And she's beautiful all over to boot. No wonder Alan has her as one of his slaves.

As soon as Brenda was inside the room with the door closed behind her, Suzanne said, "Glory, this is Brenda, Sweetie's full slave. And Brenda, this is Glory, who you already know is engaged to become one of his wife-slaves."

Brenda was nervous, but tried to be very polite. "It's nice to meet you, Ms. Rhymer. I've heard so much about you. Master Alan is always talking about how great you are." She continued to eye Glory, carefully sizing her up. She knew that Glory would eventually be one of her mistresses as well, so was afraid that Glory might not approve of her, or that they wouldn't get along.

Brenda thought, What am I going to do if she doesn't like me, or thinks that I'm not good enough to continue to serve Master Alan? I've never heard anything to indicate that she'd be an unreasonable mistress, but how can I be sure that I'd be able to do enough to please her? The stakes are so high. She's a total stranger to me, but it's nearly certain that we'll be serving our master together for decades to come!

Glory was still in a trance from comparing her tits to Brenda's. She snapped out of it when Brenda spoke to her. She replied, "Thank you, Brenda. Please call me Glory. I've heard a lot of amazing things about you too. I'm glad we finally got to meet one another."

Glory didn't show it, but she too was feeling very nervous, knowing how important Brenda was likely to be in her life. She also was thinking about the decades to come.

Brenda was encouraged that Glory wasn't reacting badly. Her enthusiasm surged, and she broke into a big smile. "Okay, Glory. Wow! If I may say so, Master Alan is right. You are very pretty."

Brenda was feeling daunted by Glory's looks, despite her own extraordinary appearance. Since she'd fully given in to her submissive side she tended to be in awe of those she considered her superiors, and Glory fell into that category. I can't compete with her. She's absolutely gorgeous and Master Alan loves her very much. Plus, it seems to me that Mistress Suzanne has her eye on Glory too. If I do something that Glory doesn't approve of, Mistress Suzanne might punish me for it.

Glory blushed but said, "Thank you. So are you." With tits the size of a freaking Volkswagen Beetle, you wouldn't need to be pretty. Heck, her nipples are probably bigger than my boobs! I've heard the others mention her being REALLY into this slave/master thing, and now I think I see what they mean. "Mistress Suzanne?" "Master Alan?" She's so deferential, even with her body language. Alan IS my master, but if he ever thinks I'm going to refer to him as "Master Alan" when I'm talking to others, he's sorely mistaken!

Brenda smiled and replied, "Thank you. So how are you feeling? Mistress Susan told me that it could've been a lot worse."

"I'm feeling much better now, thank you. And-"

Glory was just going to be modest about her injuries, but Suzanne interrupted and answered. "Susan was right, Brenda. Glory could easily have died if it weren't for Alan. The paramedics that responded said that he saved her life, because she was left unconscious under the water after she hit her head. So she would have drowned."

Since Suzanne had cut her off, Glory was thinking, I can tell just by looking at her that she has plenty of money. She's probably thinking that I'm not good enough for him. I'm sure she knows that, as a teacher, I don't make very much. There are times when it's hard to pay all the bills and have some money left over for extra stuff. It makes me wonder just what Alan sees in me. His family has lots of money and so does Suzanne's. Now I see that Brenda does too. What would she think of me if she knew that I'm not rich, nor is my family? Is Alan with me because he feels sorry for me? If I ever found out that was his real reason, it would kill me.

Brenda responded, "Oh no, that would have been horrible! He makes no secret in the harem of just how much he loves you. He would have been devastated, and the rest of us would have been affected too. We're so lucky to have such a great master."

She thought to herself, Isn't that the truth?! I'm so glad that Suzanne introduced me to such an AMAZING master! Not only is he caring and smart, but he's incredibly brave for risking his life like that. People think being a sex slave is a bad thing, but being owned by him means we're going to be VERY well taken care of. Maybe I should speak to Susan about having a small party to show how much we appreciate him being a hero and saving the life of one of my future mistresses.

About that time, Judy walked back in. As she entered the room, she said to Glory, "Sorry, I just have to ask one more question..."

Then she saw Brenda standing there. Her eyes went immediately to Brenda's massive globes. Judy's mouth dropped uncontrollably. Holy fuck! Who the hell is this?! What did her parents feed her growing up - some type of all-natural breast fertilizer?

Suzanne asked, "What did you want to ask, Judy?"

Judy snapped back to reality and said, "Mmmm, what? Oh, never mind. I didn't know you had company. I'll just come back later."

Suzanne said, "Was it about Alan? It's okay; we're all family here."

Judy looked up and saw the collar around Brenda's neck that matched all of the others'. She asked with astonishment, "Wait a minute. You're wearing one of those collars! You're one of his lovers too, aren't you?!"

Hearing Judy mention the collars caused both Glory and Suzanne to reach up and rub their fingers along the ones they were wearing. Each of them found that very comforting.

Suzanne answered for Brenda, "Yep! Judy, please meet Brenda. Brenda, please meet Judy; she's one of the nurses taking care of Glory. She knows a little bit about how Alan has a harem, and she's okay with it."

Brenda extended her hand and said, "Nice to meet you, Judy."

Judy shook Brenda's hand and replied, "Nice to meet you too. But I must say, just when I start thinking there's nothing else about this kid that can shock me, you all take it to a whole different level!"

She thought, Shit, there's another one to add to the list. That makes how many now? At least seven women Alan's fucking. Seven! And each one is more stunning than the next! Not to mention busty. I might just be the only good-looking, busty girl for hundreds of miles that he isn't fucking. That's a shame, and something I need to rectify soon. I think the only thing left that could shock me now would be if he was also fucking some porn actress.

Confused, Brenda asked, "'Kid?' Oh, you mean Alan. Trust me, dear, there's a LOT about him that can shock you, if you know what I mean." She was careful not to say "Master Alan" for fear that Suzanne wouldn't approve of that in front of Judy. Even though the harem had been overtly mentioned, she didn't know what was prudent to say, and she wanted to err on the side of caution.

Judy thought, So I hope to learn! He must be Don Juan reincarnated or something! Just look at those fucking boobs! Big tits must be the key to getting in with this kid, but Glory's are kinda small in comparison to the rest of these women I've met so far. It must be something different with her. Although it's not like she's chopped liver when it comes to looks. She's got such a fit and curvaceous hard body, she could easily be a Playboy centerfold, just like his other lovers!

Finally, Judy said, "The reason I came back is that I was just wondering if either of you have any idea when Alan is returning. My shift ends before much longer and I kinda want to see him again if he gets back before I leave."

Glory told her, "Unfortunately no, but if he's doing what I think he's doing right now, I assume it's still going to be a little bit longer. What is it you want to seem him for anyway?"

Judy was super nervous, but tried her best not to show it. Then she said, "It's not important right now. You all go ahead and spend time with your visitor and I'll be back a little later."

As she started to leave the room, she said, "It was real nice to meet you, Brenda. Maybe I'll see you around." Then she left, presumably to check on her other patients.

Once she was in the hallway, she thought, How am I supposed to tell her that he wants me to show him my tits? The fact that he said that is embarrassing enough, but to have to tell any of those three that is too much. But it's also really fucking arousing to think about telling some of the women that he's engaged to that he wants to see me topless.

I mean, not that I'd actually show them to him, especially if Glory and Suzanne are there, but at least we'd get to flirt about it. I hope! Gaawwwd, if we do, I'm gonna be so hot and bothered by the end of my shift that Tiffany won't know what hit her when I see her and rip her clothes off!

Suzanne said to Brenda, "By the way, whatever you do, if you see Judy again, don't say anything to her about the incest part of all of this. I think she'd be okay with it, but I don't want to take that risk just yet. A general rule is to never say anything about that to anyone who doesn't know all about it already. Period! We couldn't help but reveal the harem secret to her, since she sees so many of us coming and going with our collars and whatnot, and that's bad enough. But it's a hundred times more important to keep the incest secret a secret."

Brenda bowed her head and replied, "Yes, Mistress Suzanne. You can count on me to stay quiet about all of this. Does anybody else in the hospital know about anything?"

"No. So far, we've dealt nearly exclusively with Judy during Glory's waking hours, and especially during visiting hours. We caught a lucky break with that."

Glory said to Suzanne about Judy's behavior, "See! I told you that I was going to win the bet! She can't wait to be with him again."

Suzanne shot back, "Don't count your chickens before they hatch! We don't know for sure why she wants to see him. It could be something as simple as getting him a fresh blanket or an extra pillow. She must know he's going to spend the night here again, and maybe she has an idea about how he could be more comfortable doing that."

Glory yawned because she could feel exhaustion creeping up on her, but even so she snickered. "Yeah, I'll bet she's hoping he could use HER as a comfy pillow!"

Brenda didn't understand what they were talking about, so she asked, "Did I miss something?"

Glory answered, "I would say so! It seems Suzanne doesn't think that Alan is good enough to seduce Judy, and I think that he can seduce anyone he wants if given the opportunity. So we have a little bet going to see just who's right and who's wrong."

Brenda was intrigued. "I see. I'm going to have to agree with you, Miss Judy. Master Alan is such a talented lover and a caring master that he can seduce whomever he chooses. What are the stakes?"

Suzanne quickly outlined the basics of the bet.

Brenda was all smiles. She proclaimed proudly, "That Judy should consider herself lucky. I have no doubt that before tomorrow night ends, she'll be naked and kneeling and bobbing on Master's great cock! And then she'll begin to understand what true sexual pleasure is!"

The three of them talked for a while longer, mostly about the bet. Suzanne insisted Alan wouldn't be able to seduce Judy, while Brenda and Glory argued that he would. Suzanne was glad to see this dynamic, because it helped bring Brenda and Glory together.

Finally, knowing that she wanted to keep this meeting short, Suzanne asked Brenda, "Do you have to go home and tuck Adrian in? Or is Anika going to do it for you tonight? Also, Glory's been yawning for some time now, which tells me that she's probably going to need to get some sleep pretty soon."

Brenda answered, "You're right, Mistress Suzanne. I'm going to have to go home shortly, because tucking my son in is something I should do. Glory, it was such a pleasure to finally meet you. I'm sure I'll be seeing you around the house. I already consider you almost like a sister, because our futures are entwined together, as I'm sure you realize."

Glory nodded, then couldn't help yawning again.

Brenda concluded, "I look forward to talking to you some more. There's no denying that Master Alan loves you deeply, which makes you a very special person to me. I know that one day you'll accept the role of being one of my mistresses as well. I just hope that you'll think that I'm worthy of being one of Master's slaves."

"Thank you, Brenda, I agree. Since Alan's accepted you into his life, then I'm sure I will too. We'll cross that bridge when we get to it, okay? In the meantime, we'll be seeing a lot of each other, I'm sure. Thank you for stopping by. I just hate that you had to meet me here for the first time, in the hospital like this."

Brenda smiled and said, "Bye, Mistress Suzanne. You were right. I'm glad I came in and met her."

"Bye, Brenda."

Once Brenda had left the room, Glory said, "WOW! It's obvious why Alan has something to do with her. Other than maybe Katherine, all of you put my boobs to shame! I might have to get mine enlarged to be able to keep up with the rest of you."

Suzanne grinned as she replied, "Or get pregnant. That would make your breasts grow! Seriously though, I don't think the idea of getting them enlarged is a good one. You're fine the way you are. Remember that Alan loves you as much as he does with your body the way that it is now. It's not your breast size that he cares about; it's the whole package, and what's inside of you, that he loves." Then she smiled and winked, "But pregnancy shouldn't be ruled out!"

Glory frowned. "Don't say that, because it isn't funny. He's fucked me bareback so many times already that I think about the possibility of that all the time. Don't get me wrong, I would love it and wouldn't ever want to have anyone else's child but his. It's just that from some comments he's made to me, I don't think he's ready for that yet."

"I know, but it's always a possibility. No birth control method works 100 percent of the time. We have to be aware that it could happen to any of us at any time, especially if he keeps fucking us bareback."

"Tell me about it. All of us have taken a lot of risks, but once he's inside me, there's just no turning back! Plus I'd be lying if I said that it didn't add to the pleasure when I feel his cum flooding through me."

Then switching back to her curiosity about Brenda, she asked before yawning again, "So what was up with Brenda calling him 'Master Alan' and you 'Mistress Suzanne'?" She added, "I'm sorry about yawning so much. I'm just getting sleepy all of a sudden."

Suzanne told her, "It's okay. I understand. Sleeping a lot helps your body heal faster. But as far as Brenda goes, she's very different from you and me with her submissive attitude. Where we still enjoy being independent and consider ourselves more wife than slave, she is all slave and actually loves it! That's why I introduced her as being his one 'full slave.' Or you could call her his 'total slave.' She takes the enslavement idea to the next level, and then some. I've never seen someone take it as seriously as she does."

She went on to briefly explain to Glory how Brenda had gotten involved with Alan and how she had gone from being somewhat difficult to a "total slave." Then Suzanne said, "You do know that she won't be happy until you let her start addressing you as 'Mistress Glory' and treating you as such, don't you?"

Glory asked, "I don't think that I'd get off on being called Mistress like that. Maybe I'll be able to get her to tone that down for me."

Suzanne snickered mirthfully. "Good luck with that."

Glory was eager to change the topic, because she didn't like thinking of herself as anybody's "Mistress." "So why didn't he ask her to marry him too? She definitely has the type of body that he likes."

Suzanne could see Glory struggling to keep her eyes open. "Simple: he doesn't feel the emotional connection with her like he does with us. Plus, she'd never go for it if he did. She really is only interested in a master/slave relationship. To be honest, I don't think he'll fuck her as regularly in the future as he has been."

"Why not?"

"He's been letting her be intimate with another guy as well... her son!"

Glory sat up in shock. "Wait! What?!"

"It's a long story. I'll have to tell it to you later, 'cos I can see that you're fading fast. Suffice to say for now that she's the only one of our harem that has permission to do that. It's because he's not as serious about her. We'll have to see how things develop in the future, but the fact that he'd willingly share her with another guy indicates he doesn't really love her, at least not yet. I think he'd rather gnaw off his own arm than share you or me with another man."

Glory breathed a sigh of relief. "I'm very glad to hear you say that! If he wanted to share me with another man, I'd have to rethink everything about being in the harem. I don't think I could do that, even if he ordered me to. Frankly, I'd be completely crushed if he even suggested that!"

Suzanne held her hands out in a placating gesture. "Don't worry. That's never going to happen! I can guarantee it. Like I said, he would rather lose an arm than share you. I brought that up not to worry you, but to point out how very different Brenda's relationship with him is."

Glory slumped back in her bed, relieved. "Don't scare me like that!"


Glory let out another big yawn. She was struggling to keep her eyes open.

They talked about Brenda some more. Glory had lots of questions, and Suzanne figured it was time to give more answers, since Glory's first meeting with Brenda had gone relatively well.

Then they heard another knock at the door. To keep Suzanne from having to go answer it, Glory yelled, "Come on in; it's open."


Back at the restaurant, Alan, Amy, and Simone were just about finished eating dinner, but Heather had hardly touched her food. Finally, she took a few more bites, making it appear that she was stalling for time before acceding to Amy's demands.

Since Amy and Heather had been doing most of the talking, Alan and Simone had finished their meals first.

Simone said, "I think I could go for some ice cream. I try not to eat lots of sweets, but ice cream is my Achilles' heel."

Alan had to cover his mouth and fake a cough to stop himself from noticeably laughing out loud. All through dinner, Simone had peppered her conversation with deliberate foot references. His cock had stayed hard for the entire meal. Even though Amy and Simone had to focus on eating much of the time, they had generally taken turns - Simone with a foot and Amy with a hand - to keep him constantly erect and buzzing with pleasure.

Heather was still apparently clueless about what had been going on under the table. Simone and Amy were careful not to be obvious with their movements, and Simone was very good at delivering her double entendres about feet with a straight face. It helped that she knew Heather didn't have much of a sense of humor, so would be rather slow to catch on.

Simone saw their waitress coming their way, so she motioned for her.

When the waitress walked up, instead of standing behind Simone and Heather as she had previously, she stopped at the side of the table next to Alan but behind him at an angle.

"What can I get you?"

Simone answered, "Some ice cream, if you have any?"

"Sure thing. We have strawberry, vanilla, chocolate, rocky road, and chocolate chip cookie dough."

"I'd like strawberry, please."

The waitress turned to Alan, "Would you like anything?" When she turned his way, she caught a glimpse of what Simone was doing with her foot. She was able to see exactly what was happening because of the angle at which she had chosen to stand. She had a clear view of everything.

Alan laughed because he realized that they'd been caught. "Yes ma'am, I'll take one too. Make mine chocolate, please. Amy? Heather? Would either of you like one? Remember, the meal is on me."

Simone quipped, "If the meal is on you, don't you think you should wipe it off?"

Heather smiled tolerantly at that joke. Then she said to the waitress, "Sure, thanks. I'll take vanilla, please."

Amy excitedly said, "Duh! You think I'd turn down ice cream? I'll take vanilla too, please. Oooh, no, wait. Chocolate chip cookie dough! That sounds extra yummy!"

Simone asked the waitress as she was about to walk off, "Ma'am, you wouldn't happen to have any extra napkins, would you? Just in case we have a mess to clean up soon."

The waitress knew what she was referring to, so she giggled as she turned and walked off.

Amy still hadn't received any kind of agreement or refusal from Heather of her demands about Alan. She waited until the waitress was gone, then she turned her attention back to Heather because she knew that Heather was killing time. "So what's it going to be? We still have issues we need to resolve tonight, but you're acting like you're trying to run out the clock. It seems to me that with you waiting so long to give any response to my conditions, that it's a sign that you're not serious about changing or being in Beau's life. I promise you that we can provide him with more pussy than he'd ever be able to get from you, so if you want to walk away he won't be missing out at all."

Heather's face turned red as she thought about what Amy had just said. Fucking bitch! Acting like she can just tell me how it's going to be and I'll just go along with it. What fucking choice do I have though? The only way to keep Alan deep in my ass is to bend over and kiss hers!

Finally Heather said, "I don't see myself as having a choice. Is there not some way that I can salvage a little bit of my dignity?"

Amy replied, "It depends on what you're asking for."

"Is there some way we can agree to not let all the other students know that I have to kowtow to your rules? If I agree to do as you ask, can't you at least allow me to act like Alan and I are just close and you're cool with me sleeping with him?"

"I don't know, Heather. That's giving you a lot of wiggle room. How about I talk it over with the others and let you know tomorrow at school?"

Heather dropped her head. With a heavy sigh, she asked, "Again, do I have any choice?"

Amy responded, "Heather, if you do this, you will earn all of our trust back. If Beau says he believes in you, then he must see something inside you beyond the kinda mean persona you show the rest of us. I have faith in him and he has faith in you. If you can show us that he's right and we're wrong, you'll have all of our blessing to fuck him as much as he has time for, depending on what he may have going on with those of us that are his core group."

She paused for a moment, before continuing, "I'm even going to throw a really far-fetched option out there, because I know you'll never go for it nor will you be able to change enough to earn it."

Heather asked, "What's that?"

"If you ever prove that you can do what you say that you want to, I'll talk to the others about one day bringing you in as an honorary member of our harem."

"What would I have to do? Shit gold bricks?"

"No. All you have to do is abide by the rules, including having no intimacy with any other guy, and prove that you care for him as much as you say you do."

Heather replied with surprising speed, "I could do that."

She thought, Shit! Did I really just say that? I can't believe those words actually came out of my mouth so easily. I wonder exactly what it would involve if I were a part of his harem. At least then I'd know who all the other members are. I've never been able to be faithful to any one guy before. Could he actually be the one that could make me devote myself to just him? One good thing is, I'm sure if I were to get that far, it would almost certainly include more sex. I'm going to have to set my mind to doing whatever she tells me to and surprise them. Hell, to surprise myself!

Simone thought, Hmmm. I wonder if she really could be a part of their group. It would be completely different from the Heather that I've known all these years, but I've also seen her do things to stay with Alan that I never, ever thought that she would. It would be interesting to see if she can pull that off.

Notably, Simone didn't give any thought to the possibility of joining Alan's harem herself.

Alan cut in, "Do I have any say in this matter?"

The three girls all spoke as one: "NO!" Then they shared a good laugh over that.

He said, "Very funny. Seriously, Amy, you're stepping over the line to even suggest that as a possibility."

Amy said defensively, "Sorry. I wasn't saying IN the harem. I was just saying an honorary member, sorta maybe. Kind of like a junior varsity cheerleader instead of varsity. Or even a notch below that."

He chided, "Even so, you can't just throw that out there without talking it over with me first. You and I are going to need to discuss this further later on. Heather, pretend you didn't hear that. I'll concede it might be a possibility way down the line, but it's not even remotely on the table at this point."

Heather nodded obediently. She didn't want to say anything that might discourage him even more on this. She thought, I should be offended by this whole "honorary member" idea. What does that even mean? And being the junior member to anything is an insult to a proud Morgan like me. But still, it would be a foot in the door, and it might mean more guaranteed sex with Alan. My needy ass tells me I can't scoff at that!

For now, I'll just play it cool and pretend like I didn't hear that. But I definitely heard it, and I'm not going to forget!

Amy continued, "Now, like I said, you're on probation. These rules are only in effect as long as Glory is unable to return to work. When she gets back, we'll have to sit down again and figure out where we go from there. If you've done as you've been asked to between now and then, I think I can convince the others to end your probation status."

"You promise? You all know that I have issues trusting people. Can I trust you to keep your word?"

Alan spoke up and said, "I promise. And if they say they'll end it, then you have my word on it."

"Then I'll agree. I can't believe it, but yes, Amy, I'll go along with your rules. When I talked to Christine earlier today I asked her to help me control the 'bad Heather', and I want your help too. Because I know if I can't, I'll lose any chance of keep Alan in my life. Will you help me too?"

Amy smiled encouragingly. "I'd be glad to, but only if you're willing to accept it when I talk to you when I see you doing something that's 'bad Heather-y.'"

Heather nodded.

Simone had switched tactics with her footjob. She'd managed to shift Alan's erection so that it was angled down his right leg. She used her right foot and pinned it between his thigh and the arch of her foot. Then she managed to push his shorts back up his leg with her foot, exposing most of his erection. Now that she had skin-on-skin contact, she started sliding her foot back and forth along the length of his shaft.

Amy has known what Simone was doing, but once she saw Simone push his shorts out of the way with her foot, she reached over and added her left hand to the foot action beside her. She smiled and winked at Simone without Heather seeing.

Alan was in seventh heaven. It's a damn good thing that they picked this table way back here out of the way like they did. How in the hell would we ever explain this if we were to get caught? I'm definitely not a huge fan of our waitress seeing what they're doing, but how do I tell them to stop? It feels way too arousing, and I've gotten kind of addicted to this sort of thing. Of course if they don't stop soon, it's gonna get real messy really fast!

Amy could see the waitress's reflection in the window as she walked their way, so she slid her hand out of the way, leaving the part of Alan's erection exposed that wasn't covered by Simone's foot.

The waitress came to deliver the ice cream. She noticed that the footjob was still underway and that Alan's cock was now almost completely out of his shorts. She made sure to take a good, long look before smiling. She thought, Shit, just how long has she been doing that to him now? And how in the hell is he able to just sit there like nothing's happening? Weird! Not to mention how he's just sitting there with that monster out of its cage like that.

I know the girl sitting beside him has to know what the one across from him is doing. I mean, how could she not? If I can see it, there's no way she's missed it. Hmmm, maybe she knows and is cool with it. But the other blonde doesn't act like she knows. From where she's sitting, I guess it would be hard for her to notice unless one of the other three says something. Now I can see why, when I offered the first two a table up closer to the front doors, the one girl insisted on it being somewhere out of the way.

Simone was the first to take a big lick of her ice cream cone. She said to the waitress, "I don't know about you, but I have the whole world at my feet. This ice cream is the best!"

The waitress snickered as she was walking away.

All four teens had started eating their ice cream cones, but Simone was the first to start licking it seductively. She began by licking on the scoop itself, as if she were licking Alan's cockhead. Then she would switch to licking from the base of the scoop to the top as if she were licking from his sweet spot to his pisshole.

Amy and Heather saw what she was doing, so they joined in. Amy continued to just lick her cone, while Heather, not wanting to be outdone, placed her lips on her cone as if she might be kissing his cock.

Amy placed her hand back on Alan's cock. She used her fingers to trace roughly the same motions on his cockhead as Simone was making while licking her ice cream cone.

Simone's footjob, Amy's handjob, and all of them basically fondling their ice cream cones started to take its toll on Alan. He found himself having to use his PC muscle to keep from cumming. Dammit! Thanks to Aims keeping me well stimulated on the ride over and now all of this, I'm gonna blow my load before much longer if I don't do something soon!

He managed to ask Heather, "Speaking of your meeting with Christine, how did it go?"

Heather finally thought she had something to talk about that would show him that she meant all of this. Once I tell Sir how Christine and I came to a deal that we think will work, I'm sure he'll show me how much he appreciates it! He knows that the two of us can't get along, but he'll be proud of me when I tell him how I agreed to work with her.

So while everyone finished eating their ice cream cones, Heather perked up and began giving the other three a detailed description of what she and Christine had came up with about how everyone was going to rally around Alan in a show of force. Naturally, she omitted any description of how she and Christine had disagreed many times before reaching that consensus.

She knew that most of the others' attention was focused on her, so she took advantage of that time to add extra effort to her licking and sucking on her ice cream cone, to make it look even more blatantly sexual. She licked the entire circumference of the scoop of ice cream. Then she opened her mouth wide enough to stick most of the scoop inside, and sucked as she pulled the cone back out. She had sucked hard enough that the others could see how her cheeks were concave from the suction. She paused once she got to the tip of the cone, spinning it around while her lips were still against it.

After that short show was over, Heather got to the part where she described how she and her Blondies, along with Christine and her Goody-Goodies, were all going to walk in together, basically surrounding Alan, Amy, and Katherine at school the next day as if they were being escorted by the Praetorian Guard.

Simone spoke up and said, "Hey! I didn't hear my name mentioned as one of the ones showing that I support him!"

Heather looked at her best friend and replied, "Sorry. I didn't want to speak for you until I had a chance to ask you."

Simone stopped her foot "attack" on Alan's cock and folded her arms across her chest. "Look. He's my friend too, just as you are. There's no way I'm going to let the rest of you show that you're united behind him and leave me out. In fact, if it's okay with Amy, tomorrow I want to walk next to him on whichever side she doesn't."

Amy smiled widely. "M'kay by me! But you know that if you do that, if one of his other protectors isn't around, you may have to help keep him safe."

Simone replied, "I'm purely a lover, not a fighter. But I wouldn't just stand by and let something happen to him."

Amy said, "I know you're not, like, all martial arts-y like Christine is, but you do really well at whatever sport you play. Don't you think you could at least keep the bad guys at bay and call for help if there's an attack?"

Simone replied modestly, "I suppose I could try."

Alan asked her, "What makes you think that Amy and I are going to be walking into school side by side?"

Simone looked at him and said, "That's easy, if you only knew how many times we've seen her lately and she's ALWAYS so giggly and bubbly about her boyfriend. I swear, one day she's going to be sailing on cloud nine so high that she'll really be floating on air down the hallway." She waved her hand around kind of whimsically and continued, "She's always saying 'my boyfriend this' and 'my boyfriend that'! What do you say, Amy; maybe we could help him out hand and foot?"

Amy giggled and said, "Sure. Why not." She was amused by Simone's references to what they were doing covertly, under the table, so was having a hard time not laughing about it.

Heather gave her best friend a look that let her know that she'd interrupted more than enough. She then went on to describe how she and Christine were going to take turns being with him, Amy, and Katherine throughout the school day. That would also show that the two of them were working together and functioning as one to make sure no one else tried anything stupid with Alan, Amy or Katherine.

Heather also included the details on how they were going to get their respective cliques to spread the identical story about the fight. That way, with all of them appearing to agree on everything, it would shut down any contrary stories the football players tried to spread.

He told her, "Wow, Heather, I'm really impressed. I honestly didn't think you'd do it. It sounds like a pretty good plan. What do you think, Amy?"

"I think it might work, Beau. I sure didn't expect all of that, so I'm all for it. I'm kinda surprised to be saying this, but good job, Heather."

Heather felt like a heel letting them tell her that she'd done a good job, when she knew that most of it had been ideas put forward by Christine and not by her. Fuck me! All I've thought about is how proud I wanted him to be of me when I told him that, but now it doesn't feel as good as I'd hoped it would. Do I let him keep thinking that I was the one who came up with that, or do I tell him the truth?


Alan looked at the clock on the sandwich shop wall and saw it was almost 8:45 PM. "What do you all say, wanna go outside for a while? It's nice and pleasant out there right now."

The other three replied, "Sure."

Alan made sure to tuck his uncovered erection back into his shorts and try to make his bulge inconspicuous before getting up to pay. Then he walked up to the register.

The waitress came up beside him and asked, "Was everything okay? I hope you liked it."

He'd been facing the register, waiting for someone to take his money. When he turned to answer, he once again found himself looking down her top, which was still unbuttoned a bit. "Yes, ma'am. Everything was great. I tried to look for your name tag to see what your name is, but never did find it."

She gave him a knowing, sly look. "Oh, is that what you were looking for? My name's Erica."

"Hi, Erica. My name is Alan."

She looked down at the enormous bulge that seemed to be always present in his shorts and said, "Hi, Alan. It's nice to meet you. It looks like something else is happy to meet me too."

Alan nervously shifted in place, trying to better hide the bulge before replying, "Yeah. Sorry about that."

"Oh, it's no problem. With a gift like that, there's definitely nothing to be sorry for."

He tried to change the topic. "Anyway, thanks for the great service."

"It was my pleasure, but somehow I doubt it was as great as the service that the foot of the girl sitting across from you was giving you."

He blushed in embarrassment. "You saw that? Sorry if that bothered you. It's often hard to tell either of those two to stop."

She made a point to make sure that he saw her looking down at his erection, which seemed to be trying to break through his shorts. "Oh, really? Just how often does it get hard? Seriously though, it didn't bother me at all. I just couldn't believe how bold you must be to allow that to go on with those other total babes sitting there as well. They must have known what was going on, right?"

"Yeah, kinda." He didn't want to explain how Amy knew but Heather didn't. He just wanted to leave, but politeness compelled him to stay engaged in the conversation, especially since he hadn't yet paid the bill.

"Are all three your girlfriends?"

He scratched his head for a second, then answered, "Well the one sitting beside me is my girlfriend. The others are friends of sorts."

Erica giggled, "Yeah. Some kind of friends they must be."

He shrugged his shoulders, and said, "Welcome to my world."

"Seeing you with those three, and the one girl's foot massage that she gave you for so long, you must have Jedi mind powers. I could almost expect to see you in a hooded cloak carrying a light saber." She then looked back down at how his erection was still struggling to break free from his shorts and said, "In fact, if I didn't know any better, I'd swear that you were trying to smuggle one in after all."

Seeing the obvious Star Wars reference, he said, "Mmmm, The Force is strong in this one."

"Anyway, hope you come back again."

"I'm sure I probably will. I've got a friend across the street in the hospital, so I'll be there until Wednesday at least. Maybe I'll be back tomorrow. Are the hot dogs good here?"

"I think they're my favorite." She glanced down at his crotch to take another look at his big bulge. Wow! No wonder he has those three all over him. I wonder if the 'friend' that's in the hospital is another such friend. Yum! I bet that hot dog of his would be fun to eat!

She decided to ask, "Is that friend just like these three?"

He grew slightly embarrassed because he still wasn't used to admitting to having so many beautiful lovers. He decided he could be honest about this, since he figured he wouldn't see Erica again after Glory was out of the hospital. Finally, he answered, "Yes."

She winked before she said, "I see... You really should come back for as long as she's in there. Give the hot dogs a try tomorrow." She paused for a second and then asked, "Just curious though, do you supply your own weenie for the buns? You may not know this, but we work hard to provide the best buns in town." She then turned around to give him a nice view of her firm ass in its tight skirt.

She was thinking, Okay, I've seen these three girls, so now I wonder what kind of stunner the one in the hospital over there is. I know a couple of nurses over there that come in here to eat regularly. I bet if I snooped around some, I could find out.

He smiled as he answered, "I've been known to, yes. I may have to try just eating the buns minus the weenie then." There's nothing wrong with this, is there? I mean, it's just a little harmless flirting. She doesn't know me from the next guy, so there's no way that she's really attracted to me. I don't see any harm in having a few good laughs, and surely the others feel the same way.

She replied cheekily, "Oh, definitely not! There just not as good without the meat crammed up in them." She walked around the register and rang up his bill.

He was surprised, "Wait a minute! You mean you could have rung this up for me when you first walked up?"

She winked and replied, "Sure I could have, but then you wouldn't have had a chance to find out what my name is."

He handed her the money for the bill, and extra for a generous tip. "That's true. Keep what's left for your tip. Bye for now then."

"See ya, and thanks!"

Erica thought, Oh yes, please come back, and bring your sexy friends. Watching the four of them, and especially that footjob, was the most excitement I've had at work in a really long time.

He headed off to rejoin the others, who were just heading to the door. This time he lingered behind just enough to admire the three extremely sexy asses walking in front of him. That's an AMAZING sight! I REALLY need to line all three of them up in a row naked and on their knees. I can see myself now taking turns fucking each of them side by side. I could even finger one or two of them while fucking the third.

Once outside, Amy asked him, "What kept ya, Beau? It wasn't some young waitress with her shirt partially open, was it?" She grinned knowingly, showing she didn't mind at all.

"Guilty as charged, but she was just making small talk."

Amy snickered and giggled. "Right! With that bulge, I'm sure she wasn't talking about anything small!"

Alan and Amy paused, letting Heather and Simone walk ahead of them. When they realized that Alan and Amy had stopped, they stopped as well and turned around to see why.

They saw Alan and Amy whispering to each other with Amy smiling and nodding a lot. Then Alan pulled out a cell phone and made a call.

It was Glory's phone and he was calling Suzanne. "Hey. I was just calling to see if the two of you needed us to bring you anything to eat."

Suzanne replied, "Thank you, Sweetie, but I don't think so. I walked down and got something out of the machines, and when I got back Glory was already asleep. She's had a rather busy evening."

"Really? Like what?"

"I'll tell you all about it later. No need to worry, so why don't you go ahead and have a little fun for a while? We'll be here when you get back. Remember the nurses wake Glory every hour or two when they check on her."

"Okay, I guess. I was kinda planning on having some fun with Amy and Heather, plus Simone since she showed up as well."

"Okay, Sweetie. Run along and have a good time. In fact, since you're out with them and Glory's asleep anyway, why don't you make it a REALLY good time, if you know what I mean?"

He merely replied with a "Hmmm..." as he thought that over. He'd already been hoping to do something like that, but he'd wanted to get back to Glory. With Glory sleeping, nothing was stopping him from having more fun, so he began to plan how he could make some sexy fun happen.

After Alan finished the call, he and Amy walked up to where Heather and Simone stood. He asked, "What are your plans for tonight?"

Heather looked at Simone and then answered, "Nothing really. The only thing on my agenda was to meet you two here to talk and have a bite to eat. Why?"

"Well, there's a hotel right around the corner, within walking distance. The four of us could get a room. I was thinking that we need to seal this agreement with some good old-fashioned fucking. What if you call your parents and tell them that you're going to stay out kinda late with Simone?"

Heather nodded eagerly.

Simone also smiled and nodded.

But Amy pouted and said, "Make that the three of you. I'm really wiped out from all of our fun earlier today, so I think I'm gonna sit this one out."

He asked her, "Amy, are you sure? I thought that all of us could go."

"Yep, I'm sure. You three go ahead and have a good time. I'm just super-duper tired."

He told her, "Okay, but only if you're good with it. If you're going to leave, you go ahead and take the car back to the hospital. It's almost just across the street. I'll simply walk over when we're done."

Amy nodded as he handed her the keys to the car.

Alan looked back to Heather and Simone. "So, do either of you need to call your parents to get an okay about staying out later?"

Heather said, "I'm pretty sure they wouldn't mind, so I don't see any reason to ask." Thank God!! I'm going to fuck him and leave him begging for more just as he does me. Now that I think about it, my needy ass has practically been begging for seconds anyway since earlier today!

He responded, "While that might be true, that's not how the person that you're becoming does things. Call them and let them know. If they're cool with it, then we'll go get a room. Simone, are you okay with that?"

Simone answered, "No, I'm not; I'm freaking ecstatic! I'll call my parents, but I'm sure they'll let me stay out for another hour or two. That'll give me time to finish what I was doing earlier!"

Heather asked her, "What? Are you talking about the warm-up in the hall that you gave him earlier before bringing him to me?"

Amy answered, "I doubt it. I think she's talking about the footjob she was giving him basically the whole time you and I were talking."

Heather gritted her teeth at her friend as realization finally dawned on her. "You were doing what?! So THAT'S why there were so many comments about feet the whole time. I was starting to wonder about that. You were playing me for a fool! I can't believe you two! I thought you were my friend."

Simone simply replied, "Hey, it wasn't about you at all. I was just continuing my duties of keeping his cock well-tended since you two were pretty occupied. Of course, you know me; I couldn't help make some knowing foot references along the way. Amy didn't mind, did you?"

Amy smiled widely. "Nope! It's a tough job, but someone's gotta do it!"

Alan could see that Heather was pissed, so he told her, "I'm sure there was no offense intended. But just to make sure there are no hard feelings, I'll make it up to you by fucking you first. Deal?"

Heather got a dreamy look in her eyes and nodded her agreement. Then she asked, "Wouldn't it be awesome if the three of us could just spend the night here together?"

He replied, "Unfortunately, that's not possible. Even if all of our parents would okay it... well, since it's not much of a secret between us anymore... you know that I'm staying mostly at the hospital. I've promised to spend every night with Glory until she gets released, which should be Wednesday."

Heather thought, I should've fucking known! She's laid up with an injury and she still gets most of his time! It's not like she could be much good sexually right now. If we just had the opportunity, I'd fuck him all night. I'd fuck him so much that he wouldn't need all of those others.

"Oh, okay," Heather replied, dropping her head in disappointment.

"Hey, if you continue to prove yourself to the others, maybe there will be a time where they'll let us have a night all to ourselves. But please understand, that's not going to happen anytime soon. Just look at it as something to strive for and it might help you continue to do better."

"What if I want to use a different reward as something to help keep me trying?"

"Like what?"

"To be honest, I'm hoping that one day we can also be seen as a couple just as you and Amy are now. That way no more hiding that I'm just some lover of yours while you leave me to go home to your actual girlfriend."

Seeing that Alan and Amy both were about to put Heather in her place, Simone asked him, "So how much time do we have?"

He said, "It's gonna be a lot less if we keep standing out here talking about it. In all seriousness though, I'm thinking an hour or an hour and a half."

Amy said, "Don't forget about the other things that you have to do before midnight."

"Yeah Amy, I won't. But thanks for reminding me."

Heather asked, "What things?"

He answered, "That's not for a Bitchslut to know. Now, do you want to do this, or not?"

Heather pulled out her phone to call her parents. She told them that she was going to stay out rather late with Simone but would be home before too late and they readily agreed. When she was done, she asked Alan a bit snarkily, "There, are you happy, Sir?"

"Yes I am, and thank you. Simone, will you please so the same?"

Simone was so eager to get to the hotel that she jerked the cell phone out of her friend's hand. She quickly dialed the number to her house and got permission from her parents to be out late.

Alan paused briefly before asking the two of them, "So can we go now? I would like to get balls deep in one of you, and fast! If not, I might end up facing rape charges or something. "

Simone said, "Sorry, Alan, but you can't rape the willing!"

As Amy got in Alan's car to head back to the hospital, she blew him a kiss and said, "By the way, Heather, remember that he's only allowed to cum inside of Simone."

Heather responded with great annoyance, "What? Why?"

"Mainly because I said so, but partially because he's already cum inside you today and I think Simone deserves it."

Heather pouted, "Fine!"

Amy added, "I mean it, Heather. I'll ask each of them later so I can be sure that you followed my instructions."

Heather rolled her eyes as she replied, "Okay, Amy. I got it already." So she's trying a power game on me; she wants to make clear that she's in control. Well, two can play that game! I'll make her regret ever crossing a mighty Morgan! She sighed to herself, and then thought, Wait. No, not tonight. It's not the end of the world, and I don't want to get on Amy's bad side for no good reason. I'll try to behave. Grrr!

They waited until Amy was out of the parking lot before walking to the hotel.


When they got there, Heather and Simone waited just outside the door as Alan went inside to rent a room.

The desk clerk was a man in his early fifties. When he saw Alan, he asked, "How may I help you, son?"

Alan felt like his insides were moving at a hundred miles per hour, he was so keen to start fucking. He tried to stay calm as he said, "We'd like to get a room, please."

The clerk looked suspiciously at the three of them, obviously wondering what their relationship to each other was. "Just one room?" When Alan nodded, he asked, "I assume that you'll need two queen-size beds?"

"Yes sir, I think that will be just fine." Alan thought, If he only knew. We aren't going to be doing much sleeping, and I'll bet we won't be touching one of those beds at all. But I don't want this guy getting too suspicious.

The clerk said, "Okay, I've got a room for you on the first floor, just down the hall. Is that alright?"

Alan replied, "Sure. Thanks." Then he handed the clerk his credit card to pay for it.

Once back outside the door, Alan led the other two around a corner, out of view of the office. He waved the key in front of the horny ladies and they attacked him to reach for it. "Okay, you two, you all act like we've never done this kinda thing before." He was attempting to criticize them for being too excited but, as soon as they appeared to calm down, he laughed and took off running towards their room.

That took the other two by surprise but, when they saw what he was doing, they took off running after him. They finally caught up with him just after he got to the door, while he was still trying to unlock it.

Once he got the door unlocked and they'd gone inside, clothes came off so fast that they ended up scattered around the room.

Simone was the first to complete undressing, so she headed towards the bed.

Alan saw what she was doing and said, "Please don't do that yet. You have such an amazing body. Can you just stand there and let me look at it for a little bit?"

Simone blushed, answering, "Sure, if that's what you want."

Once Heather was out of her clothes as well, he added, "Same goes for you. Let me just admire how sexy you both are and then we'll get down to business."

Simone, being the flirt that she was, moved to stand closer to the bed, then turned to face away from Alan. She bent over at her hips, keeping her legs straight and putting her hands on the bed, which gave him a perfect view of her ass and pussy.

Alan liked that new position so he walked up behind her, grabbed her ass with both hands and began massaging it, causing her to purr like a kitten. He looked at Heather, who was still standing where he had asked her to wait, and said, "I want you to line up over here beside Simone, bent over the same way."

Heather moved into position as he instructed her to do, allowing him to grope both of their asses at the same time.

Heather thought, I can't believe he's making us stand here like we're models just here for his amusement! I should flat-out refuse to keep letting him treat me this way, and I would too if it didn't make me so damn horny! Just look at Simone. She's acting like it's no biggie. Maybe I'm making too much of it. I mean, if I was going to do this for anyone, it would be him. So what's really the difference if I'm doing it because I thought of it first or because he told me to do it? None! That's the old Heather's way of thinking. Actually, him telling me to do it gets me even more aroused.

He moved his hands and began fingering their wet cunts. Shit, it isn't just Simone; it's both of them. They're so ready to be fucked that it isn't funny. Just think: mere minutes ago I told myself that I was going to have to get the three of them lined up like this. Now here I am with two of the three lined up, practically begging to be fucked! And Aims would be in line too if she wasn't too tired. There's no way that anyone deserves to be this damn lucky!

Simone felt his face when it stopped at her thighs, placing it near her pussy. She moved her hips, putting her slit within reach of his tongue. Oh God, yes! Do it! Please do it! As she felt his tongue slide up and down her wet outer lips, her whole body trembled. She bit down on her lip to keep from crying out in pure ecstasy as a mini-orgasm hit her.

He felt the flood of her juices running down his chin, so he asked her, "Did you just climax?"

"Yeah, sorry. With all the build-up from the restaurant and everything, I just couldn't stop it."

He told her, "That's okay. I'm sure there will be plenty more where that came from." His boner was throbbing from just thoughts of the possibilities of what might soon happen. He ordered Heather, "Bitchslut, I think you've stood there long enough. I want you to get down on all fours in front of me while I continue to feast on Simone here. Then, if you do as you're told, I might let you suck me while I work on her."

Heather attempted to protest. But before she could get a word in, he said, "That wasn't a request; it was an order. Now do it!"

"Yes Sir. Sorry." She knelt down and got on her hands and knees just as he had ordered her to do. That put his cock right in front of her face.

Even as she salivated and licked her lips, she thought, Damn him! I know that I get off on being humiliated, but it seems like he gets off on putting me in these types of situations. Especially if someone else is around to witness it. There has to be something seriously wrong with me for me to enjoy this as much as I do. But I do, dammit!

He saw her start to lean in to lick his shaft, so told her, "I haven't given you permission for that yet, have I?"

Heather replied with her voice shaky from lust, "No Sir. Sorry."

"You're damn right you're sorry. I guess the only way to teach you some respect is through force. Open your mouth, because I'm going to fuck it like the second cunt that it is! Is that what you want, you little slut?"

"Yes, Sir!" Her heart was pounding with excitement.

"Good. Now open your fucking mouth!"

She opened her mouth as she was told.

As soon as it was open enough, he slid his erection in. He wasn't trying to hurt her, since he knew that she really hadn't done anything wrong. He figured that this was the kind of stuff that she got off on and he wanted to make it enjoyable for her as well.

Once the head of his cock was inside Heather's mouth, he went back to licking Simone's clit.

Simone moaned lustfully as he went back to work on her.

Heather probably would have moaned a lot as well, if her mouth hadn't been stuffed full of his manhood.

He pulled off of Simone to admire her beauty. When he did, he could tell she was totally into what he was doing. He thought, Hell yeah! Seeing her so worked up like that is enough to make me want to unload in Heather's mouth, but I've already cum so many times today that I really need to wait for one big finale.

He could feel that Simone was already riding constant waves of mini-orgasms. Since he knew Heather had been diddling her clit once he made her start sucking him, he pulled his tongue off of Simone long enough to tell Heather, "To show you that I'm not a completely inconsiderate guy, I will let you cum. But one time only. Is that understood?"

Heather nodded slightly. Then, without waiting any longer, he felt her struggle to keep her mouth on his shaft as a very nice climax washed through her. Once it was finished, she said, "Tthhhhhannnuuuu!" He recognized that as "Thank you," which had come out muffled because her mouth was stuffed full of his cock.

It wasn't long before Alan needed a break, thanks to the build-up of Simone's earlier footjob and Heather's ongoing blowjob. He finally said, "Okay you two, time to change positions. Simone, I want you lying on the bed face up. Bitchslut, I want you lying face down on top of her. I like to think of that as a 'fuck sandwich.' The two of you feel free to make out for a minute."

The two of them happily did as they'd been asked.

Simone jokingly said, "Hey look! It's not a sandwich; it's a Heads and Tails Oreo! Chocolate on the bottom with golden vanilla on top. Now all we need is the double stuffed cream filling that goes in the middle!"

Alan whistled in appreciation. Seeing their bodies and their impressive racks mashed up against each other was an amazing sight. He thought, Now is when I need my own cell phone, so I can take a picture of that. Damn, that's a fantastic view!

He got behind Heather and Simone. After admiring the inspiring view for several seconds, he scooted up and slid his throbbing boner deep in Heather's twat. He stayed fully sheathed inside her but remained completely still. He flexed his erection a few times, causing her to moan in approval.

He taunted her, "Is this what you want, you little slut? Your cunt is still nothing more than my personal cum dump, isn't it?"

"Yes, Sir! I don't just want it, I fucking need it! My cunt IS your cum dump and only yours. Please fill it with your cum!"

Heather was incredibly aroused, but frustrated too. How is it that he knows just when to say those things to me to humiliate me the most and yet make me hotter than a firecracker? If anybody else had ever attempted to call me such things, I'd have crushed them and never looked back. But with him, the more he does it, the more I want to be with him. This is all screwed up!

Simone cried out, "Heather, is he fucking you?"

Heather was winded and overwhelmed, giving Simone time to think. I guess that would explain the name-calling. I know he's done that to her before, so I guess that's their thing. I just hope he doesn't insult me like that! But I'm pretty sure he won't. He truly makes a point of giving each of us what we need, and never lets it affect how he treats others.

Alan saw Heather's delay in answering as another opportunity to tease her. "Answer her, you fucking bitch! Answer her now or I'll take my cock out of your cum dump and give it to someone else."

Heather finally answered breathlessly, "Y-y-yessss!" Dear God, yes he's fucking me! So fucking GOOD, and we've hardly even gotten started yet. It's going to get better and better! There's no way I can ever give this up! I've got to find a way to be the "good Heather," just as I was the "bad Heather" for all those years. I can't risk losing the possibility of having him fuck me like this on a regular basis.

Simone's body started to move in response to Alan beginning to thrust into Heather in earnest. She said, "Damn, I can feel it! It's like he's fucking me at the same time!" She thought, I can't see how that's possible. He's nailing her, but I feel everything just as if he was fucking me. I don't know if it's because of his size or just my imagination, but it's cool either way. I love this 'fuck sandwich!'

Alan began moving in and out of Heather at a constant pace. When he would thrust forward, it would cause both her and Simone to yell out in pleasure. He did that for a few minutes before pulling out of Heather and shoving his cock into Simone. He found her sopping wet, so his boner went in more readily and more deeply than he had expected.

He was fucking Simone at a faster pace than he had been fucking Heather. But, not wanting Heather to feel left out, he ran his thumb across her pussy to get it wet and then slowly pushed it into her anus.

At the same time, Simone happened to jokingly cry out, "Hey! That's not a cream filling! That's more along the lines of a large Polish sausage!"

Heather's mouth flew open, so Simone shoved two fingers into her friend's mouth to suck on. Heather was shocked at first, but in her lusty fog began sucking on the inserted fingers as if they were Alan's cock. She thought, Yeah! Thanks, Simone! Now it's like Sir is fucking me at both ends at the same time! As if I could ever be with another guy when he makes me feel this good. I feel like I'd climb Mt. Everest completely naked, just to be able to keep fucking him!

He saw how Heather was sucking on Simone's fingers, so he asked, "So... What? You think you deserve to have my cock in there? You'll know when you deserve it, because I'll tell you. Until then, you're going to have to take whatever you get."

Then Alan began to switch back and forth between fucking Simone and fucking Heather, slowly picking up the pace of his thrusts.

Heather defiantly replied, "Sir, why the hell should I do that? I want it just as much, if not more, than she does." She knew that wasn't the prudent thing to say if she wanted to stay on Alan's good side, but lust was taking control of her brain.

He could tell that Heather wanted to protest more, so he pulled out of Simone, grabbed Heather's long blonde ponytail with his free hand, and shoved his cock deep inside of her while gently but firmly pulling her head back. He still had his thumb wedged in her ass.

She lunged forward, fighting the urge to cum without receiving permission. Sweet Jesus! He's using my ponytail as if he's pulling on the reigns of a horse. Damn that hurts, but it also feels so good! I wonder what it would be like to have a collar with a leash attached to it, then have him yank back on me like that. Then I'd be his bitch horse, and he'd ride me like an animal!

Dammit, now I'm starting to think of more ways for him to humiliate me. Like I wasn't already having a hard enough time not cumming. If he does that again, I'll absolutely pass out from pleasure!

"Sir, please don't do that again. Please!"

He could easily tell that while her words were saying one thing, her tone of voice was saying the opposite. Clearly, she got off on having her ponytail pulled, and wanted him to do it again, even if she didn't consciously realize it. He waited for a few minutes to make her think that he was taking her complaint seriously, then he yanked back on her ponytail even harder, driving her crazy with the need to cum.

She screamed loudly in erotic ecstasy as he yanked her head back again. Thank you, Sir, for knowing what I need. But if he doesn't let me cum soon, I'm going to explode! That just goes to show the type of connection that we have. He really is the best!

As he pounded harder into Heather, he said, "See, it's things like you thinking that you deserve my cum that cause Amy to insist that I don't cum in you. What did I tell you about forgetting your place? You're absolutely worthless. I want you to know that I take no pleasure in fucking you."

He paused briefly before adding, "Simone, I'm very sorry that you have to hear me discipline this hard-headed bimbo. She seems to think that the world revolves around her pleasure, forgetting that she is MY personal cum dump. But with you, you're so beautiful and so grateful for what I give you, that it's a pleasure to fuck you. Maybe I should give up on her and take the time that I give to her and give it to you."

Heather shouted, "Sir, no! Please. I'm trying to be good. I'll do better."

Simone thought, He's almost too smart. He knows exactly how to treat her and yet he treats me so differently. He can tell that kind of insult crap doesn't do anything for me, but it drives her wild. He's always so polite and caring about my needs, yet he acts like he could care less about hers. I've got him figured out though: I know he really does care about what she needs and if she's happy or not. It's all an act to make her want him even more.

He thought, Gaawwwd, if Mom and Mother could be here to see this, they'd lose their freaking minds! I wouldn't be able to contain them, they'd be so aroused. I'm going to have to make a fuck sandwich with them one day very soon! Likewise with Aims and Sis. So many possibilities! For instance, what about getting Mother and Glory in a fuck sandwich?! That'd be awesome!

Heather was so delirious from her lust that she found herself leaning down and making out with Simone, since they were lying face to face. It wasn't easy with all the vigorous fucking action going on, not to mention the heavy panting, but they managed a series of short yet very passionate kisses.

Simone had managed to slide her hand between her and Heather, so she could fondle Alan's balls while he was fucking Heather. That caused his erection to flex some more, deep inside Heather.

Heather could feel Simone's hand fumbling around near her crotch. She wasn't exactly sure what her friend had done, but stopped kissing her long enough to say, "Whatever you just did, please do it again!"

So Simone happily did as her friend had requested, because each time she did that Alan would flex his cock just as he had done seconds before, giving her mini-climaxes as well.

Alan was nearing the point of no return. He knew that he'd be cumming soon, so he slid his cock out of Heather and back into Simone. He told her, "Simone, I just wanted to tell you that, unlike this little, worthless blonde bitch here, I enjoy fucking you. I don't think I deserve the right to be able to have this much fun with you. You're extremely sexy and could have any guy you want." Then he asked them both, "Do you think that each of you are close enough to cumming that when I say that I am, the three of us can cum at nearly the same time?"

Simone shouted, "Oh, absolutely!"

Heather loudly grunted her agreement.

Alan told them, "Okay, hang on; this might get intense!" He began drilling Simone hard and fast. He was also sawing his thumb in and out of Heather's anus in the same rhythm with which he was fucking her friend.

The intensity of the motion was causing the headboard of the bed to bang against the wall, making quite a ruckus. But none of them cared at that point.

Simone's pussy was getting sore from all the hard fucking, but it also felt so good that she was determined to deal with it. She thought to herself, Easy, girl! You'll feel much better once he floods you with his spermy goodness. His cum will wash all of the soreness right out of you. Just hang on for a few more minutes!

Sure enough, Alan made one final shove deep into Simone and, with a very primal roar, yelled, "Cumming now!" He came so hard that Heather could feel it too, even though she knew that it was her friend that was getting it all.

Within seconds of each other, the two ladies followed his lead and began having major climaxes of their own.

With their orgasms fading, Alan rolled over and collapsed on the bed beside Heather and Simone.

Simone was lying face up underneath Heather, so when Heather's arms gave way, Heather collapsed on her friend, leaving them lying together with their heads alongside each other.

Simone was pretty much motionless due to sheer exhaustion, but Heather was still extremely worked up thanks to the name-calling and especially from when Alan had pulled her ponytail. She knew that Alan's cum was pooled inside Simone's cunt, and figured that the only way to get some for herself was to go down on her friend while Simone was still pinned underneath her.

Heather slid herself down until her face was right above Simone's crotch. She knew that Alan had to have shot a large load into her friend, so she leaned in and started licking the cum out of Simone's twat.

The whole time, she thought, I can't believe that I've been reduced to licking his cum out of Simone, but it tastes really good. Besides, I'm still so fucking horny that I don't care. Next time we do a fuck sandwich, I want to be the one he cums in, so she can eat it out of me! And, dammit, next time, he HAS to cum in ME! Not this "cum in Simone" bullshit. That's total crap! I'm Heather fucking Morgan! He needs to treat me with some damn respect!

Simone was thinking, Gaawwwd, he fucks so damn good! And it's not just that I'm fucking him; it's that we all get to enjoy one another! Why the heck don't I want to be a part of what he has with Amy and the others? They are SO happy with it that it makes me jealous.

I know that we'll all go our separate ways one day, and it'll end up just being Heather and me again. But why not get the full benefit of the here-and-now? Dammit, me and my stupid ideas of wanting exclusivity with someone. I may not really love him like they do... or do I? Part of being in love is companionship and passion. Lord knows we have plenty of both of those! I enjoy his company and he seems to enjoy mine.

But still, I don't feel that loving spark. Not really, I guess. The fact that he has so many other lovers kind of ruins it for me. Even so, if he were to ask me to join his little group, what would I say? And if I said 'No,' what reason would I give? Would I even want to say 'No?'

Heather saw her friend start to tear up and whispered, "What is it? What's wrong?"

Simone shook her head and told her, "Nothing, but that's the problem. Everything is so right."

Heather looked at her friend, but didn't want to push the issue with more questions. Something's not right with her. She tries to act like she's not falling for Alan too, but I can't help but wonder if that's what this is about. We've been friends far too long for her not to come to me with anything that's bothering her.

Finally she told Simone, "Okay. I'm not going to ask any more questions for now. But you know that when you're ready to talk, you can tell me. Lord knows that you're always listening to my problems enough."


After resting with for a little while with eyes closed, Alan opened his eyes and saw that the three of them were all hugged up together with the two sexy girls asleep. How much more perfect can my life be? I'm living the kind of life that any man dreams of. Any other guy would be happy to be here in bed with just one of these beauties, yet I get to be here with both of them and have others as well.

He gently slid out from in between them to go take a shower. Once he got in the shower, he just stood there for a few minutes, letting the hot water run over his head with his arms propped up on the wall. The only problem with intense sex like that is, how in the hell am I going to be able to keep up this pace much longer? God, I wish I could, but I don't see just how it's physically possible. I'm going to have to do some research for supplements and foods to increase my energy and libido. I mean, those two in there are insatiable enough as it is, but I've got FIVE slave-wives waiting for me elsewhere, and the likes of Brenda and Christine to keep happy too! Yikes!

Just then he heard the bathroom door open. He heard the rustel of the shower curtain open and knew that someone had stepped inside. His head was still hung between his outstretched arms, but when he felt a hand grab his flaccid penis, he opened his eyes.

It was Simone. She began fondling his penis.

However, he said, "I'm sorry, but I don't think that you're going to be able to get any sign of life out of it."

Simone still didn't say a word, but used her other hand to start massaging his balls.

Even though he didn't think it would be possible, he felt a little bit of life return to his cock, though still nothing close to an erection. Then he saw another hand reach around and start rubbing his chest, and the color of that hand showed it certainly didn't belong to Simone. Then he felt two sets of lips start kissing his back.

Surprised that there were two of them in there with him, he spun around and saw that it Heather had entered with Simone. "What are you two doing?"

Heather answered, "We felt you get up, so when we heard you start the shower running we decided to come join you."

"I appreciate the thought here, ladies, but I'm going to have to insist that this be nothing more than a shower. I'm tired and I think that I've had just about as much sexual fun today as I can handle."

He thought, I can't tell these two, but I've got to save some strength for Judy when I get back to the hospital. I have a feeling that she might have thought that I was joking about getting topless for me, but she'll see soon enough that I meant every word of what I said. Besides, I'm going to make her do it right in front of Glory, Aims, and Mother, assuming they're all there and awake. I've got a bet to win, and that's step one!

Simone replied, "That suits me fine! My pussy's so sore, I don't think I'm going to be able to tolerate anyone touching it for quite a while. You fucking pounded me back there. I mean it wasn't just normal for sex; it was really INTENSE!"

Thinking that he had hurt her too much, he said, "Oh no, Simone. I'm sorry. I didn't mean to hurt you like that."

She contorted her face as if she were in excruciating pain, but then smiled and said, "Don't worry about it. It'll be just fine. That was some really great sex! You can spear me with your lance anytime!"

Still worried, he asked, "Are you sure? I wouldn't want to hurt you."

She leaned up and gave him a scorching French kiss, then said, "I'm sure. I'd tolerate a lot worse than that just to keep you fucking me."

Heather chimed in, "Trust me when I say that she means every word of that too! I don't think she'll admit it, but I suspect that she's as hooked on you as I am."

Simone playfully slapped Heather's arm. "Hush your mouth! Or I'll make him stuff it with something to keep you quiet."

Heather laughed heartily. "Wait, was that supposed to be a threat? Talk about an epic fail. Especially if he stuffs my mouth with his 'lance.'"

The two girls shared a good laugh at that.

Alan chuckled too, but then said, "Ladies, please, I'm more than excited for us to take a shower together, but if we're going to do that, we need to get started. I've already told you that I need to get back to the hospital before too late."

The two buxom teens reluctantly agreed, so the three of them began washing each other in the shower. Simone and Heather both took their sweet time while washing around his penis, hoping to stir it back to life and convince him to stay. However, it was recalcitrant and stayed stubbornly flaccid. Even so, they all had a lot of fun generally fondling and kissing each other.

When all three were done, the two girls stood completely still, waiting for Alan to dry them both off. But then when it came time to dry him off, Heather looked at Simone and winked. Then they both dropped to their knees and started licking his penis and balls as if somehow that would get them dry.

He groaned lustily. Even though his penis stayed flaccid, their laving felt good, especially because they were licking his balls just as much. "I admit that you two are making it really hard for me to leave. Unfortunately I really do need to go."

Simone said, "Well at least we're making something hard! It looks like we killed this damn thing!"

Heather laughed, then added, "Oh no! We'll have to get it a casket and have a funeral for it."

Simone said, "Yep. I can see the tombstone now. 'Here lies Alan Junior. The biggest and best cock around. Died from being fucked to death. What a way to go.'"

Alan replied, "Sorry ladies, but it's been an eventful day. I promise that we'll do this again soon."

Heather lapped on his half-hard dick as she asked him solemnly, "Sir, do you think Amy will keep her promise?"

"Trust me; she'll keep her promise. She'll give you just as even a chance to succeed as she will a chance to fail. The big question is, will YOU be able to behave yourself?"

Heather asked, "Sir, what about the others? If I do succeed, will they accept me too?"

"I'm not going to lie to you. None of this is going to be easy. You've developed quite a bitchy reputation. As you've seen, Amy is a very loving and giving person. Virtually everyone else will be much harder to convince than her, no matter what you do. All you can do is keep at it, keep striving to be good, and hope they'll come around eventually."

Heather just nodded because she wasn't sure what her chances were of actually changing like he wanted her to. She switched to helping Simone lick his balls. Shit! What am I going to do if I can't change like I've been saying that I would? If I fuck this up, Amy will never give me another chance and neither will any of the others. Others! ARGH! How fucking annoying. I still want to know who his other girls are.

No matter how hard I try, I can't shake the feeling that he's fucking Katherine. Even though neither of them will admit it, I'm almost 100 percent sure about it. She's got the looks and the boob size, even if she is a bit of a prude. If I was her, and sleeping right across the hall from him, I know that I'd be sneaking into his room every single night!

Heather was startled out of her thoughts when Simone looked up from licking his balls and asked, "So, Alan, how long is Ms. Rhymer going to be away from school? Or have they even said anything about that yet?"

He ran a hand through Simone's wet hair and made eye contact with her as he replied, "They haven't said a word, but I assume it will all depend on how well she recovers, and probably on how soon she gets used to using crutches. I know they've said she should be released on Wednesday, but I'm not certain of anything else. Still, I imagine it'll be weeks, if not months, due to her broken leg. I'd be really surprised if she gets back to work before Christmas vacation starts."

Heather said, "Oh, I bet she's happy that she'll be released soon." She sucked on one of his balls as she thought, I really should be glad for her that she wasn't hurt worse, and that Sir was there to save her. As much as I hate her competition for his attention, I still hate to see someone hurt that bad.

At the same time, I'm happy that she won't be at school for a few weeks. At least I'll have that long without having to share him with her. I don't want to be selfish and mean. I suppose that Ms. Rhymer isn't as bad as I make her out to be. But how can I not feel giddy over the fact that I'll get to play with my Sir's big cock that much more? While all the other clueless peons will be eating lunch, I'll be choking and gagging on Sir's delicious cockmeat!

She moaned lustily. She wished with all her heart that his penis would engorge all the way, but she could tell that just wasn't going to happen anytime soon.

He looked down at both of them as he said, "You two can stay as long as you want. You can take time to take a proper shower or whatever you'd like to do, just don't stay so late that your parents get pissed off and ground either of you. That could put a serious crimp in our fun, at least for a while."

Simone told him, "Yeah, I think we're just going to finish getting dressed and head on out. I'd rather get back home before too late; that makes it more likely that we can have more fun later this week."

"Okay. Cool. I'll make sure that we get checked out tomorrow before school. Then we can meet up in the parking lot to get Heather and Christine's plan underway. You two lovely ladies have a good night. I had a great time and I hope you did too."

Both of them answered in unison, "Absolutely!"

"Good. I'll see you both in the morning." Then he left the bathroom, with the two of them still kneeling there.

He quickly dressed. Soon, he was out of the room and walking back towards the hospital.


As Alan walked through the front door of the hospital and to the elevator, he thought, Thank goodness for the stamina training Mother has put me through. I know that's the only reason why I'm still awake. I can only imagine how tired Aims is.

As soon as he walked out of the elevator onto Glory's floor, he saw Amy sitting there in the floor's main waiting room, just reading a magazine. Obviously, she was waiting for him, since she was the only one there. He walked up to her and said, "Hey, Aims. Wow! You're absolutely stunning. Did you know that?"

"Awww, you're just saying that to make me forget that you were nailing that little hussy." However, her big smile showed that she was just teasing him.

He laughed, "Well, no, but it does sound like a good idea. Seriously though, Aims, you're perfect in every meaning of the word."

"O.B., you're always telling us how you don't feel like you deserve all of the love that we give you. But I don't think that you realize how great you make each of us feel and how I often don't feel like I deserve you either."

"That's nonsense. You are by far the most caring and forgiving person that I know. No one else would have given someone like Heather half the chance that you did. Or even a tiny fraction of half a chance! You truly do have a heart of gold and I love every bit of it. Come on; let's get back to Glory's room."

They didn't say much as they walked from the waiting room towards Glory's hospital room. In the empty hallway, Alan told her, "I love you, Aims. I want to thank you for being you."

"I love you too, Beau, but I don't know who else you think that I would be." She giggled.

"So then why did you really not join us when we went to the hotel? I don't believe it was just because you were tired."

"Honestly, I really am very tired. It's been a long day. But I also just didn't feel comfortable being in there with Heather. I know that we've played around some in front of her before, but this time it just felt different. Besides, I already know that it's going to happen on Wednesday during lunch, since that's what we agreed on. I think I just felt like I needed the next couple of days to get my mind right. Dealing with her is mentally tiring."

"I can understand that. I feel completely drained mentally after spending time with her, pretty much every single time."

It was 11:15 PM when they got to Glory's room. They opened the door gently because Alan had assumed (correctly) that Glory would still be asleep. As soon as they walked in, they noticed some flowers and some cards that were sitting on the table beside Glory's bed.

He whispered to Suzanne, who had been reading a book, "Mother, where did all of this come from?"

Suzanne stood up quietly and walked over to meet them near the door. She answered softly, "A student brought them to her a couple of hours ago. The cards are signed by practically all her students. Isn't that sweet? It was right after Brenda left." She looked over at her daughter and said, "Jesus Christ, Amy. I don't know what kind of fun you two had, but it looks like it must have been amazing. You look like you're half asleep just standing there."

Amy beamed brightly. "Mother, I'm totally exhausted. It was wonderful."

Alan remembered that someone had gotten him to sign one of the cards during the school day. He wished he'd been directly involved in that effort as well. "Brenda was here? How did that go? I'm sure Glory was shocked by how slave-ish Brenda is."

Suzanne answered, "It went relatively well, surprisingly enough. I tried to keep it short by reminding Brenda that she should go home and tend to Adrian. Plus, Brenda had the smarts to tone her usual behavior down. So Brenda didn't really show her submissive side, except for calling everybody 'master' and 'mistress.' Glory seemed to handle it well."

"Who was the student who came by with all the stuff?"

"I'm not sure. I think she said her name was Olivia, but you'll have to ask Glory when she wakes up."

He stared at Glory lying in her bed and whispered, "So how long has she been zonked out?"

Suzanne whispered back while also looking at Glory, "Most of the time since you left. An hour at least."

Glory woke up at that moment, as if she had sensed that the others were staring at her and talking about her. She opened her eyes and said, "I'm awake." She looked at the clock and saw the time, then rubbed the sleep from her eyes. She asked, "Young man, do you know how late it is? Were you out with the bitchy blonde bimbo all this time?"

He moved to the edge of her bed, took her hand, and kissed it. "Yes. Sorry. When I spoke to Suzanne earlier, she said that you looked like you were out for the night."

"No such luck! I can't rest well, knowing that you're out with her. Besides, the nurses and orderlies wake me up what seems like every half hour, all night long. You'd think they'd want sick patients to get a good night's sleep, but no." She sighed. "How did it go, anyway? Judging by how worn out Amy looks, I'd say it went pretty well for you."

He said, "Yes, everything went well, and yes, we had sex, but I'm afraid that Amy was worn out before we went to meet Heather."

Glory asked quizzically, "Wait a second. You said 'Amy was worn out before'? How is that possible?"

Amy kind of dropped her head and spoke shyly, "Mmmm... well... we kinda had some superrific fun while we were at your apartment getting your clothes."

Glory spoke with obvious chagrin. "Nice. I send you to my place to get some clothes for me and you end up having sex while you're there!"

Amy's face turned red from embarrassment, "Mmmm, yes. Kinda sorta. Your bed's really comfortable. But we really didn't have sex on it. Don't get me wrong; it wasn't for the lack of me trying to seduce him. Hard-head over there refused, but I did finally get him to go down on me. That's all we did, I swear! We didn't mess up anything at all!"

Suzanne laughed, "That's my Honey Pie. You give her a prosaic task and she finds a way to turn it into some type of sexual encounter."

Alan looked at Glory and added, "Sorry about that, my love. I swear I went in with my mind set on just getting your clothes, but before I knew it, Aims was already on your bed with her clothes lying in a pile on the floor."

Glory replied, "I guess I couldn't expect anything less. I can promise you that if it had been you and me in an empty house, you'd have been doing a LOT more than that. I wouldn't have expected anything less from you if it had been me."

Glory thought, He actually used my own bed to have sex with another girl. Damn him! Shit, why couldn't it have been me that he went down on in my bed? Couldn't he have at least used the floor or the couch? Hell, if it had been me, I'd have let him use the kitchen counter or table. I'd have served myself up like filet mignon. Fuck, I'm too horny to even think straight: I can't keep straight whether I'm thinking about him and Amy or him and me.

Finally he spoke up and said, "As for the rest, you must have known that was going to happen between me and Heather."

Glory replied, "You're right. I'm sorry. It's not my place to question what you've been out doing. After all, you are my master."

He responded, "Glory, if it's not your place, then whose is it? Any one of you five can ask me anything about whatever, at any time, and I'll be honest with you. Since you are going to be one of my wives, you always have the right to ask whatever you want. Within reason, at any rate. But as far as how the meeting went, it went really well."

He gave Suzanne and Glory a rundown on how Heather had brought Simone along, and that they pretty much had a plan of action in place for school the next day, especially since Heather had coordinated efforts with Christine.

When he was finished his explanation, he said, "And Mother, you should be really proud of Amy. She laid out her rules for Heather in terms of how to earn our trust, and she didn't back down. She handled herself really well. I'm very proud of her." He looked towards Amy and gave her a thumbs-up and a big smile.

Amy smiled back but then bashfully turned her head away.

Suzanne said, "Judging by her exhausted look, I'd say it appears that you handled her very well as well! Seriously though, I'm glad to hear that you stuck to your guns, Honey Pie. I bet Heather wasn't really happy about that, was she?"

Before a bleary-eyed Amy could answer, the door opened and Judy walked in. She said to Alan, "Well, look who finally decided to come back and see us. Here I was planning on doing what you'd asked me to do, but it looks like you missed your chance."

Glory said to him, "She came in here earlier and said that she was looking for you, but we told her that you weren't back yet. What's going on anyway?"

Judy giggled nervously before answering, "Nothing now. He missed his chance."

Alan said very sternly to her, "Says who? I meant exactly what I said, and since I'm back now... I think you should do it right here and now."

Suzanne asked curiously, "Do what, Sweetie?" I wonder what he's up to. He hasn't had much time to make too much headway on the bet yet, has he?

Judy was getting nervous because to some extent she had hoped that he'd just been playing mind games with her, but now she could see that he was serious. Oh shit! He can't really expect me to show him my titties with these other three in here, can he? No way! I thought he was just joking around. Well, not that I'm completely opposed to the idea. Suzanne did give me a green light to have some fun with him, after all. But he has to earn it. He has to work up to that after charming and seducing me. I'm not just going to take my clothes off at the snap of his fingers! Especially not here at work, with others watching. No way!

Alan walked closer to Judy and said, "I think you should answer that question. Tell them what it is that I asked you to do, and why you came in here looking for me."

Judy fidgeted in place, then asked, "You were joking, right?"

"Absolutely not. Do I need to take your shirt off myself? If any of my women, including these three, disobey me after I give them a clear order, they usually get a spanking. So please tell Suzanne and Glory what I asked you to do."

Judy looked around nervously. "But I'm not one of your women. You can't just order me around!"

He stepped into her personal space. "I'm not ordering you; I'm telling you."

Judy was puzzled at what the difference might be, or why that mattered. It didn't seem to make any sense. She felt curiously intimidated by his unexpectedly confident and aggressive approach, especially now that he was silently staring into her eyes from such a close distance.

Finally she said to the others, "He told me that he expected me to show him my breasts when he got back. But that's not all of it. I... mmmm, I..."

Glory said, "Spit it out already."

Judy mumbled something, but none of the others were able to hear it.

So Suzanne said, "I'm sorry Judy, but we couldn't make out what you said."

Judy spoke louder, "Well, to be honest, if he insisted on actually doing that, I wasn't completely opposed to the idea. But I had planned on the two of us being somewhere private and I was going to take him up on seeing his penis in return. I mean, fair's fair, right?"

She thought, Why am I confessing all this? This is crazy! I don't owe any of them any sort of explanation. Perhaps I just wanted to see his monster cock. Nothing wrong with women being sexually attracted to guys first. If that thick, long pole of his is as wonderful as they proclaim, I'm probably going to want to be seeing it a lot more. But not here and now, dammit! I'm sure that with all of these women, they're used to seeing each other in some rather awkward situations. But not me. I'm not part of his harem; I'm just an ordinary nurse!

Suzanne said, "Oh, I'm sorry dear. There's no such thing as privacy with us."

Glory knew that she really wanted to win the bet with Suzanne, so she kept her jealousy in check. She told Judy, "Good! I think you should be able to see his penis. I think that would be more than fair. But I don't understand why you're so worried about privacy. It's not like the three of us haven't seen it many times already. And trust me, it's a fantastic sight, one that you'll probably want to see over and over again."

Alan turned to look at Glory while she was talking to Judy.

Suzanne saw Alan's shift in attention, so she capitalized on the opportunity, mouthing a question to Judy so the others couldn't hear: "Are you okay with this?"

Judy saw that she only had a matter of seconds to answer, so she quickly nodded slightly, reassuring Suzanne that everything was still going according to what they had discussed when they'd been alone together in the waiting room. I'm going to have fun letting him seduce me. I'm anxious to find out just how far things are going to go. Hopefully I'll get a chance to ride that monster cock of his a few times.

Still wanting to put on the charade of being hesitant, she told him, "I have to check on my other patients, so I probably need to be going." Please don't let me down. If you're the man that I think you are, you'll stop me and won't let me leave. It would be great if you'd grab my arm and demand that I show you my titties! I'm so damn horny! My anticipation has been building for hours. If you insist, we'll go somewhere private and play a little "show and tell"!

She was counting on him stopping her and she was right; as soon as she turned around to head toward the door he said, "No you don't. I think you need to stay right here until we're finished."

Her eyes widened. "Here?!"

He crossed his arms and spoke in a no-nonsense tone. "Here."

She looked around nervously and stammered, "But... but... my job! What about my patients? I don't want to get in trouble. Most of the money from my volleyball days is long gone, so I can't afford to lose my job. What if another nurse or someone walks in here and catches us?"

She thought, Shit! He can't be serious! I've got to keep my cool. My body is already betraying me. I can feel my pussy getting wetter and wetter each second that I'm in here. I'm so fucking horny that I'm half tempted to do what he wants, right here in front of the others. But I can't!

He spoke sternly. "I think you already know that's not going to happen."

He looked at the others, then asked, "Amy, why don't you come help me pull Judy's top off?"

Amy cheerfully replied as she walked to where they were standing, "M'kay." She'd perked up from her sleepy state due to this intriguing situation with Judy. "Are we safe from anyone walking in?"

Alan said, "I think Judy already knows the answer to that, don't you, Judy? In fact, I'd be willing to bet that she already made sure that we'd be relatively safe before she bothered coming in here. Isn't that right?"

Judy reluctantly replied, "Yes. It's getting so close to the end of shift that no one will come looking for me." She thought, Why did I just admit that? It's like I'm helping myself get sexually harassed! Almost like I... I want it!

He asked, "How can you be sure that none of the other patients will need you? You were somewhere watching for me, weren't you?"

"Yes, okay? Yes! I saw you come back and went to do my final rounds with my other patients before I came in here. I wanted to make sure that we wouldn't be disturbed. My only concern is Nurse Tyler. She'll be arriving pretty soon and she might come looking for me. I would feel a little more at ease if there was a little more privacy. From the door, at least."

He suggested, "Suzanne, can you move the room divider again, to give us more privacy? Would that make you more comfortable?"

Judy nodded. She noticed the large bulge in Alan's shorts had returned. That's what I'm looking for! I want it so bad... Come on girl; keep your cool. Just look at how that thing is trying to get to me. I think we need to go ahead and set it free. Let it find a new warm and cozy place to stay... right in my soaking wet cunt!

"Absolutely, Sweetie!" Suzanne quickly moved the room divider.

That left Alan standing next to Glory's bed, with Judy standing right in front of him. Amy was behind Judy, while Suzanne stood next to Amy.

Alan said, "Okay, now there's nothing to worry about. Amy, please, would you do the honors?"

Amy started to lift Judy's shirt, but Judy pleaded, "Please. If anyone besides myself is going to take my shirt off, can it at least be Alan?" Most of her act was just that, an act. There was a part of her that was uneasy about doing this in front of everyone, but she was far too horny to resist. Plus, she always prided herself on being open-minded about anything dealing with sex.

Her bigger concern was about why she was really going along with all of this. She hoped that it was nothing more than just how she enjoyed sex and playing around, but that if they ever came be completely sure. She knew that she was starting to find herself attracted to Alan, or at least to his enormous cock, and to Suzanne as well. She kept telling herself, That's got to be it. It just lust that's really making it so easy for me to give in. But lust for whom? Him? Suzanne? Glory? Fuck! Someone please touch me now! But if you do, I'll cum so hard that I'll fall to the floor!

Suzanne thought as she was watching, I can't wait to see her breasts. She looks pretty fit and toned, so I'm sure they're really nice. Sweetie did notice the difference between her rack now and the way it was back in her volleyball days. Let's see if she got her money's worth. If things work out the way they are right now, I might even be able to spend a little more one-on-one time with her myself. Maybe finish our little encounter from earlier in the waiting room. Not right now, unfortunately, but soon.

Glory was sitting there deep in thought about what was happening. I want him to succeed so very much, but I still can't believe that I'm going along with him doing this with someone else. And right in front of me to boot. Somehow I feel like I got tricked into this whole bet by Suzanne, and I probably did. Thankfully, she made my reward for winning good enough that I'm willing to not dispute it. One day after it's all said and done, I'm going to let her know that I'd figured out that she'd tricked me.

It's so fucking arousing thinking about him with Judy though. Seducing a total stranger like her! Hell, I think I'd be ready right now, if he were to ask me to have a threesome with him and Suzanne! When I think about how she and I were kissing earlier, I can't help but get aroused. Now, seeing him take complete control over Judy in just minutes is more than enough to make me want to finger myself. But unfortunately, I can't - not in a crowded room like this.


Alan said, "Good. Now please raise your arms over your head. Close your eyes and try to relax. I'm not going to do anything that you don't want me to. All you have to do at any time is tell me to stop, and I will."

Judy looked around and saw how the other three ladies were staring at her. Even though she knew that she really wanted to have her fun with Alan, the way the others were watching her every move was making her nervous. Not so much because she was worried if they would approve or not, but more about whether she would be able to live up to their expectations.

She thought, No fair! I'm too horny! I shouldn't have come in here so close to the end of my shift. If only I could get Tiffany's help in cumming BEFORE this, I'd be in control! But I'm tired of always being in control. I want a real man that knows how to tell me what he wants, not plead for it like some pussy-whipped boy. A real man! Someone that can control me and put me in my place.

She pouted, "Why can't this be done in private? Please?!"

He felt a surge of confidence and replied firmly. "Because I said so. This is where we are, and this is where we can do it. The others will help make sure we don't get caught. So just go ahead and do it, and then I'll see about upholding my end of what's fair."

Judy closed her eyes as she slowly raised her arms. Dear God, what am I doing? It's as if, when he tells me to do something, I have to do it. Not because he's forcing me to, but because I'm forcing myself to do it. Gaawwwd, my entire body is so fucking hot right now that I think I could melt steel just by touching it! This is so humiliating, but so damn arousing at the same time! I should have never come in here feeling so incredibly horny to begin with. It's like my body is in charge of my brain!

Glory saw that most of the attention was on Judy instead of her, so she stuck one hand under the sheets and started rubbing her clit. What the heck am I doing? How would I explain that I'm masturbating while he's having fun with her? I sure as hell hope nobody realizes what I'm doing. Maybe if I'm really careful not to move the sheets very much, no one will notice. But this is too arousing for me to resist! He's actually getting her to show him her breasts!

Alan let Judy stand like that for a few seconds, then slowly starting to lift her top. He paused once he got it above her bra, letting him enjoy the view of her nipples trying to poke through the fabric. Damn, now that's a nice view! They look perfect for doing all sorts of fun stuff. I hope that Glory's right and I can get Judy to get me off all three ways before time runs out. I can't wait until I get to fuck those magnificent tits. I'd love to bury my face between them right now, but I think that might be rushing things a little too much. If I allow myself to do that, I'll end up with her bent over the other bed here, fucking her like there's no tomorrow. I've gotta stay in control.

Once he had her top free, he handed it to Amy and said, "Here, Amy, I don't think she'll need this for a little while." He could see goose bumps all over Judy's cleavage and stomach, so he leaned in and gently blew right where her cleavage and bra met.

Judy shivered as she felt chills run down her spine. Shit! Here we go! Who would have thought that a breath of air could turn me on so much?! Now I just hope I can keep from passing out from excitement. Come on: breathe. You can do it, Judy; you've made it this far. I've got news for Suzanne. I doubt that I'm going to be able to stop having something to do with Alan after Glory is released. I've got almost six weeks before I'm scheduled to leave for my new job on the East Coast. Until then, I'm going to try to get to know his monster cock really well!

He then reached around and unfastened her bra.

As he was starting to pull it away, she instinctively dropped her arms as if to cover her breasts. Okay. I've gotta remember to act like I'm not really into all of this. If he only knew that it's taking everything I have in me to keep from ripping my own clothes off and bowing down in front him, offering myself up for him to do with as he wishes! I probably would too, if it weren't for his three other women watching my every move! I've never been so exposed and so embarrassed in my entire life!

He asked her, "What do you think you're doing? I didn't tell you to cover up. Raise your hands above your head and leave them there until I tell you otherwise. Understand?"

Judy wasn't used to someone taking such an authoritative tone with her, so she nodded and did as she'd been told. Fuck me! This is so embarrassing! I've got to find some way to get through this without dying of shame!

Judy looked over at Amy and saw that she was standing there with a smile on her face, looking as happy as she could be. I don't get it. How can she be so happy that I'm doing this with her boyfriend? It's like she thinks that this is all completely normal.

Suzanne was doing her best to keep from smiling openly. She told herself, Things are working out great with Judy. If he's gotten this far with her, this fast, I'm sure he'll be able to go all the way with her. It almost takes some of the fun out of it, knowing that she'll be leaving California soon. I'm going to have to learn to control my ideas about getting him involved with too many more women though. It's all fun, but I know that it has to be extremely taxing on him: not just physically, but mentally as well. At least with Judy, it won't have the chance to be anything long-term.

He stood there admiring how perfect Judy's bare breasts were. "Wow, Judy. Nice breasts! They're impressive."

Glory felt a twinge of jealousy when he complimented Judy on her breasts. What are you doing, girl? Why feel jealous? You know that's just how he is. He always finds a way to make a woman feel like she's the most special person in the world. Why should he treat Judy any differently than he does anyone else? I know that's one of the things that I like about him. Even though he is my master and I'm one of his sex slaves now, he doesn't make me feel bad about it.

She noticed that she was idly caressing her collar. She smiled and looked down at the ring on her finger. Yep, my master and my husband! It might not be perfect by some people's standards, but it's perfect for me.

Judy said bitterly to him, "Yeah, right. You're probably just saying that to make me feel better about how you're embarrassing me. I've seen the enormous racks on most of your other women, so there's no need to lie to me."

She thought, Especially with the beauties that he seems to attract. Every single one of them that I've met so far are beyond supermodel beauty. Shit, a couple of them could easily be porn stars with their fantastic bodies. I can't help but wonder, why in the hell is he interested in me?! Is it just a game for him to see how many beautiful women he can bag? Probably. He must be having a hell of a great time!

Amy chimed in, "He's right, Judy. They look very nice. Beau doesn't care that much about the size; that's just one part of the total package. And it's not just about looks. He cares about the people that they're attached to too."

Judy was slouched over, not from embarrassment, but because after reminding herself of just how gorgeous his other lovers were, she felt intimidated.

Alan noticed her posture and told her, "Stand up straight. Be proud of yourself and how amazing your body looks. You have a lot to be proud of."

Judy could feel his sincerity, so she straightened herself, but she still left her head hanging down out of embarrassment over the other three staring at her topless body.

Alan reached forward and placed his right hand under her chin, gently lifting her head until she was looking directly at him once again.

She forced herself to be brave and maintain eye contact with him. Plus, she hoped by staring intently at him she'd forget about the others being there.

He said, "There. Much better." Then, without asking, he reached out and cupped his hands under her breasts.

That caused Judy to complain, "Hey! You never said anything about touching. You said show them to you. I never agreed to do more."

Suzanne looked at Judy again.

Judy knew that Suzanne was still just checking to see if she was okay with what was happening, so she gave Suzanne a knowing wink.

Alan began fondling Judy's big, impressive tits.

Judy thought, Yeah, I'm okay with it, but I still can't believe how fast he took control of the situation. Took control of ME! I'm not used to not being in control of everything that's going on around me. I've always fantasized about what it would be like to have a lover that knows how to take charge. I was almost about to give up on finding someone like that, and accept the fact that people like that only exist in erotic novels and porn flicks. Having a living, breathing person that knows how to do that to me actually doing so makes me hotter than lava!

Now I'm just standing here letting him play with my tits like this without really trying to make him stop. It's not like I want him to stop, but I must be coming across as super easy and that's not what I want. This is supposed to happen in private, dammit! And only after he's properly seduced me. But his hands feel so good! How can I make myself try to act annoyed with what he's doing? I'd be just about willing to let him do whatever he wants to me and not complain, except maybe when he stops! Dammit, I'm losing control. If I let him do this much to me, do I have the power to tell him 'No' about anything?!

Alan was gently caressing both of her breasts. He was rubbing his hands around the outsides of and underneath each one. Sometimes he would tweak one of her nipples, or slide his full hand through her cleavage. He would also lean in from time to time to blow another breath of air on her erect nipples, one at a time. Each time, he would see more and more goose bumps appear, as his breathe repeatedly triggered jolts of pleasure to shoot down her spine

Suzanne watched all of this and could feel her nipples getting hard just from the way he was teasing Judy. I think maybe I taught him too well. Watching him work has gotten me so horny, I'm ready to go over there and push her out of the way so he can do that to me! It's been just over 36 hours since we fucked last, but I'm hopelessly addicted to it. I'm a slave to my cunt and a slave to him. I need to see if we can work out something for me to have some time with him tomorrow.

I also need to see if I can find out what hotel he took Heather and Simone to. If he hasn't checked out yet, maybe I'll pay for another night and see if we can run over there for some sexy fun tomorrow. I'll get with Susan in the morning and ask her to run by and get their cell phones before they get out of school. That will free him up a little bit more. Since I don't think he's planning another meeting with Heather, that might allow me to have some time with him. I'll make Amy stay here with Glory while we're gone. I really need him to fuck me!

He said, "Now Judy, it's true that you didn't agree to it, but you and I both know that you wouldn't have bothered coming back in here if you didn't expect this." He leaned in and kissed her nipples, one after the other.

She replied, "Oh God! I know I didn't say that you could do that." She wasn't used to this kind of arousing technique from a man. She was impressed at his talented touch.

She thought, What was I thinking, coming back in here like this, feeling this horny?! I'll admit that I was hoping for this, and more, but only in my fantasies. I really wasn't expecting all of this to happen in reality! Especially not here, with the others watching! I feel like I'm making a terrible mistake giving in this quickly and easily, but I'm so damn horny that I can't help myself! I made pretty sure that no one would walk in and catch us, but if they were to tell anyone about this it would cost me my job. It's a good thing that I'm too damn horny to think straight.

Amy said with obvious pride in her voice, "You may as well get used to it, Judy. When Alan wants to do something with a sexy lady, he doesn't have to ask for permission... he just does it."

Glory got Amy's attention and motioned for her to pull Alan's shorts down. If Judy's not going to take the initiative, then I'll make it so that she has no other choice. I'm going to make sure I win this bet. We need to bring his cock into the picture to take this to the next level. I'm hoping that she'll see it and it'll make her want to find some way to make him cum all three times so I get the two nights alone with him. There's only about 24 hours to accomplish all that, so it would be good if she can get him to cum at least once tonight.

Amy knew what Glory meant, so she walked around Judy and pulled Alan's shorts all the way down to his ankles.


Since Alan's stiff dick was now in plain sight for everyone, he moved in close enough to make sure that his cock was pressing against Judy's thigh.

She thought, Is that what I think it is?! Damn! It's about time! But also I wonder if he'll let me reach down and touch it. Should I? With all these people watching? All I hear is how fucking great this kid is and I really want to find out for myself, but I have to at least act like I'm playing hard to get. Oh God. I really want to touch his cock, but if I let this get too far out of hand while here at work... I'll be in real trouble!

She whispered to Alan, "Can you put that back away, please? I... I... I'm afraid of not being able to act rationally if you keep pressing it against my leg like that. I'm already so keyed up that I'm letting this go further than what's safe. If I actually get my hands on it, I may not be able to let it go!"

He whispered back, "Hey. You were the one who said that you really did want to see it. I'm just giving you what you wanted, aren't I?"

"Yes, but I'm already so horny that I can't stand it! I won't be able to take much more before I'm going to be all over it! I'm losing all control!"

He replied boldly to that, "If you lose all control, then what if I feel like fucking you?"

She blushed and bit her lip while staring wantonly at his exposed erection.

"Mmmm, I bet you'd love it if I ripped your pants off right now in front of everyone and shoved my cock up your hot, tight cunt, wouldn't you?"

She wanted to nod, or even scream out her approval, but forced herself not to.

He was emboldened by the sultry, needy look on her face. "Maybe I'll bend you over the bed and spank your ass before sliding my pole all the way into you. Or lift you up and prop you against the door and fuck you so hard that the patients three rooms over can hear you scream!"

She forced herself to stay silent, but in her mind she was screaming, Fuck yes! Fuck me! Fuck me now with that huge cock! I don't care how you do it, just fuck me. Ram that big cock in my needy cunt!

Trying to slow things down a bit, he didn't say a word. Instead he leaned over her and started suckling her right breast. He stopped long enough to say, "If you need me to stop, just say so."

He reached into her pants and went straight to her soaking wet slit. He didn't let his finger penetrate her outer lips, but just allowed his fingers to rest there, applying pressure to her whole pubic region.

Judy moaned lustfully when he touched her pussy. Sweet Jesus! I can't believe he simply stuck his hand in my pants like that! He's so dominating. How can anyone resist?! If he doesn't move his hand soon, I'm gonna cum all over it! If I cum, it'll be the most embarrassing day of my life, what with it happening in front of his other women. At least I managed not to admit that I want him to fuck me, although it's probably written all over my face. I can't move because, if I do, it might cause one of his fingers to slide inside and then I'll be done: I'll scream my head off and end up passed out on the floor.

Glory was still masturbating under the sheets. She sat with her legs bent at the knees, hoping that position, plus the sheets, would hide what she was doing. But just to be on the safe side, when she noticed someone turning to look her way, she'd stop playing with herself until the coast was clear again.

Suzanne had had to stop herself several times from playing with her own pussy. There also had been a couple of times that she'd caught herself with one of her hands grabbing one of her own breasts. Naturally she'd quickly moved it, and then found herself fighting the urge to touch herself some more. Unfortunately, she didn't have bedsheets, like Glory did, to hide what she wanted to do.

Judy was worried that the way he was touching her clit and wet pussy lips would cause her to cum in a very loud and embarrassing manner. Finally she panted, "Please don't. Stop!" But anyone could easily tell that she was really wanted more.

He knew that she didn't mean it, but pulled his hand back out of her pants anyway.

She asked with irritation, "What in the hell did you do that for?"

He answered, "Because you told me to. I told you that if I did something that you didn't like, that all you had to do was tell me to stop. You did, so I did."

She dropped her head again. Damn this kid! He's playing me like a fiddle. No wonder he has a harem of such beautiful, busty women. It's like he's playing grand-master chess and I'm just a beginner. Fuck! Sensing that she really was putty in his hands, she asked, "Am I going to be just some conquest for you to brag to others about?"

He placed his right hand under her chin and lifted her head. Looking her right in the eyes, he said, "No, I'm not like that. You can ask any of my women and they'll all confirm it. If that's truly how you feel, then maybe it's better if we stop now."

She answered, "I'm sorry. It's just so confusing to me. I can't understand why, given the types of women that you're already involved with, you would want anything to do with me. I already heard how you went to meet another one of your lovers when you left."

He brazenly fondled Judy's tits with both hands as he replied, "Yes, I did. Amy and I met up with two of them, in fact. One of them is a busty, blonde, head cheerleader, and the other is her gorgeous and equally busty, black, best friend. Amy and I had dinner together with them in a nice restaurant, and then I fucked them both together at a local hotel."

Judy looked around the room in shock. Her eyes finally settled on Amy. "Is that true?! It can't be! No way!"

Amy proudly replied, "Of course it is! I didn't stick around for the fucking, 'cos I was pretty well fucked out from the way he pounded my pussy earlier. But I was there when they were making their plans. And through much of dinner, I was like this." She was standing behind Alan, so she reached around and began stroking his cock with one hand.

Judy was so astonished and aroused that she was afraid she might start hyperventilating. She gawked at Amy's fingers sliding up and down Alan's long shaft. "WHAT?! You did THAT?! In the restaurant?!"

Amy explained with a triumphant smirk, "Sure! One of the other girls got it started by playing footsie with him under the table. She did a really good job stroking his bulge with just the underside of her foot. But one thing led to another and we ended up freeing his erection so she could play footsie with it that much better while I helped out with a hand. She and I worked together to pleasure him right there in the middle of a crowded restaurant. It was way fun!"

Judy thought, I don't believe it! But, with him, I have to. He's unstoppable! Look what he's doing to my breasts right now, while she jacks him off! She continued to stare at Amy's stroking fingers. As she did so, she exclaimed, "Glory! Suzanne! Please! Tell me she's lying!"

Suzanne said, also with a smirk, "Sorry. No can do. I wasn't there, but I'm sure it's true. Things like that happen to him every single day. I knew he was going to meet those two, and he fucks them a lot, often as a team."

Judy stammered, "But.. but... but... he said one of them is the head cheerleader! That must mean she's a stunner! Don't tell me she's in his harem too?!"

Suzanne said, "Nah. In addition to the women in his harem, there are lots of others he simply likes to fuck from time to time. She's one of those. Only the best of the best get to wear his collar."

Glory thought, Normally, I hate the fact that he fucks Heather, but right now I'm loving it, just to see the shocked expression on Judy's face! My master is a total stud!

Hearing what Suzanne said about Alan having sex with lots of women outside of his harem drove Judy to think, Holy fuck! Just how many women does this kid have sex with? That makes eight I know of now! That's eight freaking women that he fucks. Nine, if you count when he gets around to fucking me! And he will. I have no doubt of that anymore!

She looked down at his fingers, which were tugging on her stiff nipples. She asked him anxiously, "Just how many women do you have sex with?"

He answered, "I have to abide by the same rules with you that I do with the others. I will not name names except for those that you already know, but I will tell you how many. The six that you have met personally are the ones that I fuck regularly. There are seven more favorites I have that I fuck from time to time."

Judy gasped, "That makes thirteen women!" How in the hell is that even possible? Thirteen lovers over a certain time span is one thing, but thirteen at the same time is un-fucking-believable! What makes me think that he'll have time for me once Glory is released? He'll probably forget all about me after Wednesday. I just hope that doesn't happen. Just being in the room with this group of people is like a shot of pure adrenaline! Pure lust!

Alan saw that she was lost in thought, so he let one of his hands roam elsewhere over her body while the other continued to play with her breasts. He didn't directly play with her pussy again, but he would let that hand rub her pelvic area, although outside of her pants.

He saw that her eyes never left his boner. so he continued calmly, "Judy, the thing to do is to be calm. If you're worried about what the others in here think about you, reach down and take my cock in your hands."

Having heard that, Amy let go of his boner so she wouldn't be in the way of Judy taking hold of it.

Judy laughed nervously, then asked, "How exactly is that supposed to help?" Her heart was thumping wildly already, so she figured that if she did as instructed, she might pass out altogether.

Glory told her, "Trust me, Judy; just try it. Think about nothing except how his big cock feels in your hand and all the fun things you could do with it."

Judy looked at Suzanne and Amy for their approval and, once she got it, she did just as he'd instructed. She reached down with both hands and grabbed his erection. Then she let out a loud sigh of relief and thought, They're right. This feels SO good. I can feel every muscle and vein in it. It's just weird knowing that he just fucked someone else a little while ago, apparently even more than one girl, and yet he's this hard again already. That seems almost impossible. I'm starting to understand what Suzanne means about his stamina.

Amy asked her, "Now doesn't that feel better?"

Judy just nodded and, without realizing it, started sliding her hands slowly up and down his hot and throbbing shaft. By this point her face was getting very flushed. My heart is beating so fast that it's unreal. I can't get over how arousing all of this is. My pussy is soaking wet! I feel certain everyone in the room can smell it. She glanced down and saw her nipples were rock hard. Holy shit! I bet I could cut diamonds with my nipples! I never get this aroused, especially not with guys. What is he doing to me?!

Glory thought, Too freaking easy! Mrs. Red-headed Sex Goddess thinks that my Alan can't seduce anyone he wants, but look at Judy jacking him off right here in front of us! We're going to win the bet, for sure!

At the same time, Suzanne was thinking, Excellent! It's like putting a kid in a toy store and telling them they can play with whatever they want for as long as they want. When I got Sweetie started down this path I had no idea, that he'd gain so much confidence. I'm pretty proud of myself, and of him.

Amy said, "Look at what you're doing, Judy. Nice! Your hands are getting to know his thingy pretty well, I think."

Judy realized what she'd been doing and blushed, but she didn't have any desire to stop her handjob. Instead she smiled shyly and increased the pace of her hands sliding on his thick pole. I still can't get over the fact that they said he was getting a footjob in public without getting caught! Then Amy said that she added a handjob to it. Shit, to top that off, he ended up fucking two girls at once, and neither of them was Amy!

He hasn't made any mention of wanting to fuck me yet, but I hope he will! All I hear is how wonderful it is and how long this kid can last. Plus, they say that he's a caring lover, so maybe he won't be one to get his rocks off and leave me hanging. I would love to have a multiple orgasm like he's supposed to be able to give. That would easily go down in my book as close to absolute bliss.

He said to Judy, "Why don't we make ourselves a little more comfortable?" He walked over to the chair that he'd been sleeping on the night before and sat down. "Now you can finish what you were doing."

Judy was frustrated, because she'd been forced to let go of his stiff pole when he moved. She asked, "What do you mean finish? I was just playing with it for a while."

"I think you know exactly what I'm talking about. I'm not going to ask you to give me a blowjob, since this is the first time we've really been together, but I think a handjob until I cum on your tits should work just fine."

Judy was shocked again at how bold he was to suggest such a thing, yet it also turned her on even more. Who the hell does this kid think he is?! How does he have all these bombshells falling all over themselves for him?! The audacity! But the fucking scary thing is, I think I'm going to do it, all of it! Even in front of these other stunners, even with the risk of losing my job. Already, I can't wait until he cums on me!

She tried to act upset, and said, "You can't be serious. I can't do that while I'm still on the job! Especially not with the rest of them in here watching!" She gesticulated wildly towards the others. Inside, she was on fire, wanting to finish her handjob, and maybe even more, if he'd just let her. She was so excited that she could feel her entire body shaking.

He replied with soaring confidence. "Sure you can. Amy, how about kneeling down there beside her and kind of comforting her. I think the problem is that she thinks that you three will be mad at her if she does it."

Amy quickly moved over and knelt down beside Judy. "We're not angry at all. Alan's a special guy with very special sexual skills. It would be unfair not to share the joy. We share the joy a LOT! In fact, earlier this afternoon, you should have seen the way was screwing me bent over a chair while another one of his lovers was licking on his shaft. She's a Scandinavian-blonde, fair-skinned, super-busty beauty. Oh, and I won't even begin to tell you about how he had nailed a different lover before that on the same chair even earlier in the day. Except with her, he had tied her hands to the legs of the chair while they were going at it."

That sent a jolt of arousal surging through Judy's body. Fuck me! Two girls over the same chair. One of the times was with two girls at once. The other was with the one girl's hands tied. Hell yeah, he can tie my hands anytime he wants. Bend me over a chair and fuck me senseless too! How does he convince all of those women to do what he says and them just do it? I mean, just look at me! He's already making me do whatever he says and I haven't even been fucked by him yet!

Suzanne knew that, before the action started, she was going to want a good birds-eye view for when Alan blew his load all over Judy's breasts.

Judy took his thick hard-on back in her hands. But she was nearly as worried as she was aroused. She looked up at the clock and saw that it was 11:30 PM. "I don't have long before I have to leave. My girlfriend and I are going to spend some time together."

He said, "You just do your part, and I'll make sure that you leave pretty close to on time."

Glory was steadily diddling her clit while still trying to make sure to not move the covers enough that it alerted the other as to what she was doing. She thought, Something has to be seriously wrong with me! Who in their right fucking mind would encourage another woman to give a handjob to a man she loves with all her heart? It's a good thing that I have faith in him that he'll win this bet for me. At least that way I know that the reward that I'm gonna get far outweighs having to encourage this.

Let's not even get into how hot it is watching her do that. I wish that was my hand sliding up and down his shaft, instead of hers, but that wouldn't win me two nights alone with him. Once I win that, we'll have those two nights to do whatever we want, whenever we want to do it!

Judy blushed as she slowly returned all of her focus to her handjob effort. She refused to look anyone in the eye, not only because of how embarrassed she felt, but also in the hope that she could hide how eager and horny she was. This is so fucking humiliating that I can't stand it! But the sight of all that damn thick cockmeat right in my face makes me want to go even further and swallow the whole thing! I bet that deep-throating him would be one hell of a challenge. But not here, not now. I need to save at least SOME tiny shred of my dignity!

She kept her eyes glued to Alan's cock and increased the speed of her sliding fingers. They were sliding easier and easier thanks to the copious amount of pre-cum that was oozing from his boner. She tried to block out awareness of the others, focusing entirely on Alan and his thick cock.

That caused Amy to comment, "Look. I think she's finally starting to get into it!"

Judy briefly looked at Amy and smiled, even though that was a painful reminder that she wasn't alone with Alan.


Alan was basking in the erotic joy of Judy's handjob. But he thought, I don't have time to enjoy this fully like I want to. She's actually pretty good at this. For us to win the bet, I have to find a way to get her to make me cum two more times before Glory leaves the hospital, which could be tomorrow. I have that to look forward to. Judy definitely has the body to be someone that I'd fuck regularly, but I just don't know if I can fit any more women into my schedule. I don't see how I could do it and give her the attention she would need. For now, let's just concentrate on these next couple of days and see where we end up.

Judy was thinking, Okay, we're going to have to speed things along. I've already promised Tiffany some fun, plus I know that the other shift is going to arrive and start doing their rounds. I'm really looking forward to having lots of fun with him. Now that I've wound up doing this much, why try to resist? However, the last thing I need is to get caught. At least I kept my pants on. If someone comes barging in unexpectedly, hopefully the others can stall for time until I get my top back on too. It's around here somewhere, isn't it?

She looked around but didn't see her top. Dammit! Now I'm really fucked! Maybe if I play with his balls at the same time, it'll help get him there quicker.

Suzanne moved so that she was standing beside Alan, alongside Judy. Excellent! There's nothing like a great scheme coming together. There's just something about watching him have his way with some woman who didn't even know him before yesterday. He's taken complete control of the situation, and of her.

For the next few minutes, Judy worked on stroking Alan's cock. She'd been extremely impressed with him, so she was striving her very best to show that she was worthy of his lusty attention. He didn't touch her much in return, but she made sure to keep her bare boobs in nearly constant motion to hold his visual attention.

At one point, Alan had told her that he'd warn her before he started firing his cum all over her. After a few more minutes of increasingly arousing stimulation, he said, "Okay Judy, I'm getting close."

Judy was getting very close to an orgasm of her own. She moved her head back out of the way and sat up on her heels enough to aim his cock right at her chest.

Almost immediately, he started firing ropes of cum onto her breasts. She was shocked when it happened, because she had never let any of her other male lovers do that. Her upper body jerked, causing some of his cum to land on her neck and face.

As soon as his orgasm started, she stopped holding back and let her own orgasm begin. She fought hard not to cry out, remaining as focused as she could on her handjob. I'm already embarrassed enough. I can't let them see me succumb to my own climax when I'm supposed to be giving him one. How is it that I'm having an orgasm just by jerking him off? I didn't even know that was possible! It has to be from the sheer amount of sexual energy from everyone in the group. I could easily see myself getting addicted to this if I'm not careful.

Although he didn't cum nearly as much as usual, thanks to all his fun earlier with Simone, Heather and Amy, his cum load was still as large as, or slightly larger than, than the full emission of most normal guys.

Even after it was over. she was still jerking him off. Suzanne said , "Girl, I think you've milked it about as much as you're going to."

Judy realized what she was doing and smiled shyly at Suzanne. "Sorry. I kinda got carried away there for a while." She found herself thinking, Judging by all of the creamy sperm splattered all over my chest, I'd say that I was a complete success. The down side is that I'm not sure I want it to end. It's like my hand has a mind of its own and refuses to let go of his dick. Not that I can really blame it; I'm sure my pussy would feel the same way.

Amy saw the cum running down one side of Judy's face and asked, "May I?"

"May you what?"

Amy didn't say a word. She just reached her hand out and wiped the little bit of cum off Judy's cheek, then put her fingers in her mouth and sucked off the cum. Then she belatedly responded, "May I do that."

Judy laughed and answered, "Well I guess it's kind of late to ask now, but yes it was fine." She looked down and saw all of the cum that was on her chest and neck. "Well now, that's a hot mess. Just how am I supposed to get cleaned up to leave?" To everyone's surprise, she scooped up some cum as Amy had done and also sucked it off of her fingers.

She scooped up some more and ate that too. She looked even more shocked as she asked, "Okay ladies, what's the deal? Why does his cum taste so amazingly good?"

The three women laughed before Suzanne said, "We can only assume that it's his diet. He eats a LOT of fruits, which counteract the acid in his body, making his cum taste super sweet. And he avoids cruciferous vegetables, whose sulfur would make his cum bitter. Look it up on the Internet. It happens to other guys too, if they eat right."

Judy looked at Alan and said, "You really need to find a way to bottle this and sell it! You could make millions! I'm starting to see now why so many women are flocking to you."

He asked her, "You said that you're going to spend time with your girlfriend right after your shift ends, right?"

Judy nodded. "Yeah. Why?"

"Well, it seems to me that it would be generous of you to share it with her, don't you think?"

She stood up as she asked, "You mean leave your cum on me until I get home? You've gotta be joking." But her thoughts told a different story. Damn, that's a brilliant idea! Why in the hell didn't I think of that? I'm sure Tiffany will be beside herself when she tastes how good this stuff is.

He looked at her amazing body and she stood right in front of him. He reached around her hips and pulled her closer to him. He put his hands on her ass, but then found himself annoyed that her pants were in the way. Even though their sexual fun was mostly over, he simply pulled her pants down, taking her panties down as well.

Amy saw that and helpfully pulled the pants and panties all the way down Judy's legs to her ankles.

Since Judy didn't try to back away, he started rubbing his hands all over her firm ass and up and down her legs, while admiring how firm and toned her body was. She might be retired from competition, but she obviously still takes care of herself. Her body is so toned, yet still so feminine. It's a perfect combination of muscles and curves.

Finally, he said as he got busy exploring her bare butt, "That's exactly what I mean. You can use the bathroom in here to clean your face and neck area, but I'm asking you to leave it on your boobs for your girlfriend. Can you imagine the look on her face if she goes to suck on them and tastes me?"

Judy thought things over for a minute. I can't believe I'm standing here completely naked while I'm supposed to be working, letting him have his way with me! Yeah sure, I thought he and I would fool around some, but not like THIS! I was supposed to stay in charge and make him work to impress me. Instead, I've been completely overwhelmed and dominated! And... I kinda think I like it!

She finally answered, "Well, I guess that the top to my scrubs would cover it up and I could hide my bra inside my purse. I usually take a shower as soon as I get home, but I guess I could give Tiffany a quick taste before then, if that's what you want."

He said firmly, "That's exactly what I want."

She nodded obediently.

Then she thought, Now, this is truly embarrassing, just standing here buck naked with his cum all over my chest. Nobody has EVER treated me like this! I've been completely sexually conquered and I'm actually loving it!

I've never seen anyone who can take control of a situation like he did. Look at him sitting there. What a great cock, even if it's flaccid. It may not be the biggest I've ever seen, but it sure feels like it is, because... well, I don't know why! Maybe it's his stamina. Good Gaawwwd, I bet he really can keep fucking for hours and hours. It's almost as if the more he gets, the more he wants. He's gonna keep on pushing me. He's going to be getting more than just another handjob from me tomorrow!

After a thoughtful pause, he added, "But make sure to tell her that the only way she gets to taste it is directly by licking it off of you. None of this 'straight from the source' stuff. I don't want to take on anyone else right now, so what happens between you and me stays that way. Okay?"

"No problem, but does that mean that you're going to expect me to get it straight from the source, as you put it, next time?"

"Maybe, maybe not. How about we play it by ear and see how things go tomorrow once I get here? Sound okay?"

"Sure, sounds good." I don't want to let on how eager I am, but dammit, I'm eager! I'll bet he's gonna make me suck his cock tomorrow! Although how can he force me if I'm already totally willing?

Then she switched to a more business-like mentality. "Especially since it's almost midnight and I'm already late for briefing Nurse Tyler during shift change. I'd better be going. Nurse Tyler is probably already waiting for me. She should be in shortly after midnight to check on you. Alan, is there anything that you need to be more comfortable sleeping in here?" She took her hands and rubbed the remaining cum into her skin, then put her top back on.

He answered, "Well, a real bed would be nice, but I seriously doubt that there's much that can be done to make these fold-out hide-a-beds enjoyable to sleep on."

Judy laughed, "No, I guess not." As she was walking out the door to brief Tyler during shift changeover, she squirted hand sanitizer in her hands to help cover the smell of Alan's cum and said, "Bye you all. I'll see you tomorrow. Glory and Suzanne, is it okay if I come in and talk with you before my shift starts tomorrow?"

Glory looked at the two of them and answered, "It's fine by me, just so long as it doesn't get you in any trouble."

Suzanne was glad to see Glory be assertive like that. She nodded in agreement.

Right after Judy left, Suzanne announced, "Amy and I need to be heading home as well. Come on, Honey Pie; let's get going. Give everyone a quick hug before we go."

Amy knew that it was already going to be difficult to get up for school the next morning, so she didn't try to resist. She walked over and gave Glory a warm embrace, then went to Alan and wrapped her arms around him very tightly. She said to him, "Thank you for all the fun times today, Beau. It was hands down one of my most favorite days of our life together thus far."

"You're welcome, Aims. I love you. I'm hoping this will become our new normal and we'll have tons of great days like this. Now go home and get some rest." He paused, and then tried to act very stern as he continued, "And that's an order, young lady!"

Amy giggled and mock-saluted. "Yes, sir!" Then she hurried out the door and into the hallway.

Suzanne followed with quick but warm hugs for the pair. Even though she really wanted to hug them both much longer, she decided it was just too late and that she would make up for it when she came back in the morning. She turned and started for the door as she said, "Bye you two. Sleep tight."

Once the door was shut, Glory said to him, "I really want to talk to you about all sorts of things. For instance, what just happened with Judy. Not to mention, I'd love to hear exactly what happened with Heather and Simone. But they're right. It's really late and I'm tired. Plus I overheard you asking about the cards and flowers. I'll explain it all in the morning; right now you need to get some sleep so that you'll be awake in school."

He readily agreed. He leaned over Glory and they shared a warm, loving kiss. Then he went and unfolded the chair he was using as a bed. "Good night, my love."

She replied, "Good night, my love. See you in the morning." With a big smile on her face, she too closed her eyes.

NOTES: I would like to thank Spacer X for his suggestions that improved continuity of the characters with those of STD Proper, and Sam.I.am for his detailed editing. I'd also like to thank bdgv for his help in brainstorming and making suggestions for this part.

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