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6TD: A Different Path – Part 7
Sweet Child o' Mine
Day +3: Tuesday, December 3

Timeframe: The days immediately after the end of 6TD Proper.

Story codes TBD

Written by Silent Assassin

Copyright © 2015 Silent Assassin; All Rights Reserved.

This is a Fanfic spinoff of the epic e-novel by Spacer X.


Heather bounced down the stairs and ran into the kitchen. Her parents were sitting on opposite sides of the table eating breakfast like they normally did. She went straight to her father, Frank, and gave him a big hug. Then she went over to where her mother Helen sat and gave her a kiss on the cheek. She stood back and cheerfully said, "Good morning Mom and Dad!"

Helen smiled and said, "Have a seat, dear, and I'll get you some breakfast."

"No thanks, Mom. I'll get it myself; you just stay there. I'm not helpless. In fact, I'm gonna have to start doing more for myself, I think."

Frank was in shock over his daughter's behavior. He looked at Helen and shrugged his shoulders. That can't be Heather talking. She's never offered to do anything for herself. Ever! Even her sunny disposition is suspicious, to say the least. I sure don't remember aliens coming into our home last night and abducting her!

Helen assumed rightly that Heather's new attitude was because of Alan. She could tell that Frank was sitting there clueless, so she reached across the table and grabbed his hand. She said to her daughter, "Someone sure is in a good mood this morning. It wouldn't have anything to do with the new boy in your life, would it?"

Heather spun around, showing a big smile on her face. "Mom, I can't even begin to tell you." She finished getting a bowl of cereal and sat down at the table between her parents.

"Why don't you try, dear?"

Heather answered while eating her cereal, "Mom, he's so wonderful! Too wonderful, in fact! I can't believe I'm acting like this about him, but he's just nothing like any guy I've ever dated." But then, as her smile slowly morphed into a frown, she added, "I know I like him, but I also feel like I'm losing control. I don't know what these feelings really are."

Frank, growing a little concerned over how hard she seemed to be falling for Alan, asked, "Princess, just how serious is it getting between you two? You've never carried on about another boy like this before."

"Daaaad! It has EVERYTHING to do with him, and yes, it's getting serious. I think for the first time, I'm actually starting to think that I'm falling in love with someone." And not just any old someone. It has to be someone that has all these other super sexy women throwing themselves at him, as if they all belong to some group of sex-starved girls lusting for Mr. Hot and Sexy! Gaawwwd, it's so fucking frustrating. How did I let myself get this attached to him?

Her father interrupted that thought. "Wasn't that the same boy that was in the fight Friday night, the one who was getting kissed on by that other cheerleader? He got beat up pretty bad."

Heather was starting to sense that her dad wasn't completely happy with her choice. "Yes, that's him, and yes, he did. But you don't understand all of what happened. He got beat up because of some stupid things that I did. Instead of letting me take the rap for those things and them damaging my reputation, he stood up for me. I'm proud of him and I want both of you to be so also."

Heather thought, Well, that's mostly true. It was my fault that he got beat up, partly at least. Granted, he wasn't really defending me in a literal sense, but he kinda was. The main thing is, I have to make them believe that he risked himself for me.

She continued, "If that had been anyone else, except for Simone, they'd have let me get hurt and just turned their back on me." She got up from the table and took her bowl to the sink. Instead of just placing it in there for someone else to wash, as she usually did, she took time to wash it thoroughly, dried it, and then put it back in a kitchen cabinet.

Frank appreciated what he considered honorable behavior, and Alan's qualified as that in his mind, so he replied, "Well I guess that does put a different spin on things. Especially if he confronted those other guys knowing that he was probably going to get beat up. It takes a brave soul to put himself in harm's way for someone else."

Helen said to her husband, "I think he could easily be the one." I'm going to have to meet this young man in person! He must be something spectacular to put up with Heather's attitude.

Confused, Frank asked, "The one... what?"

Helen shook her head, "Can you not be totally clueless right now? I mean THE one! Maybe not the one she'll marry, but her first serious, real, long-term boyfriend."

Frank was intrigued. "You really think so?"

"Yeah, I do. Think about it Frank: you said yourself that you've never seen her act this way. We must admit that our darling little Princess is typically more of an executioner when it comes to boys. I've lost count of all the guys that she's dated and dumped after only a date or two. Even then, she's never been willing to say much of anything about them to us. Especially nothing good about them. Besides, have you ever seen any of them able to accept her challenges, so to speak." Then turning to Heather she added, "No offense, dear."

Heather said abruptly, "None taken, Mom. If I could just be so lucky! With all the girls he could end up with, I seriously doubt that he'll let me be a part of his life for too long."

She thought, I told Mom some of how he has other lovers, but Dad would totally flip out if he hears even part of the truth! I can't tell him that yet, particularly not until I've had a chance to talk to Sir about this. He's going to be pissed at me for needing to come to my house and deal with my parents. I just hope that Dad doesn't drill him too much with questions, or Sir might never have anything to do with me again.

Frank replied, "Princess, any young man would be lucky to have you in his life. I'm sure he really isn't all that fantastic. You shouldn't down-play how special you are like that."

Heather gritted her teeth, "DAD! You just don't get it! Sometimes I wonder how you and Mom even ended up together."

Helen smiled and added, "Me too, dear. Me too." She looked at her husband and playfully winked.

Frank turned to Heather and said, "Princess, if this young man means so much to you, I think it's time you invite him over for dinner. Your mom and I need to be properly introduced."

"Sure, Dad. I'll ask him at school if he wants to come by later, and what time would work for him. Is that okay?"

Heather appeared calm on the outside, but inwardly she fretted. Dammit! It's not that I mind them meeting my Sir, but how can I tell them that I have to make sure that he's not tied up with one of his other lovers? He's probably busy fucking his women every night of the week, if not seducing new ones! I've got a feeling that I'm really going to have to do some begging and pleading with him and Amy to make this happen.

Shit! There's another problem that I haven't thought about yet. What if Sir says something about any of his other lovers? Dad will have a heart attack! He'd probably beat Alan to death because he'd see it as cheating on me. That could be a serious problem. If Sir agrees to come, I'm going to have to ask him to try to watch what he says around my parents.

Dammit, I'll bet I'm going to owe him big time. He'll probably make me do all kinds of sordid, sexual things, like recruit some new curvy beauties for him to fuck, and then make me fuck them with him. She grinned wickedly as she contemplated having to go through that "ordeal."

Frank responded, "Yes, Princess, that will be fine. Try to make it one evening this week, or this weekend at the latest, if you can."

About that time, they all heard the door open and saw Simone walk in. Heather was glad to see her friend, hoping that would move the discussion away from Alan. Since Simone lived quite close by, it was fairly common for her to show up at the Morgan's house and eat some breakfast before school.

Simone said, "Morning, everyone. How are you doing today?"

Helen answered with a playful tease, "Not as good as our beautiful daughter here. It seems the love-bug truly does have a grip on her."

Simone said, "I guess you could say that, if the love-bug that you're referring to is Alan. He's definitely got a good grip. Whew, those hands can work magic."

Heather's face turned bright red because her friend was embarrassing her. "Hey! No one has a grip on me! I have final say on whose hands do what to me and when."

Simone laughed at her friend and said, "Yeah, right. If he walked in here right now and said 'Heather, I need you to come with me', you'd knock the table over trying to get to him."

"But... but..." Heather looked toward her father, showing great embarrassment.

Simone folded her arms under her ample rack and said to Helen and Frank with a knowing smirk, "I rest my case."

Heather huffed, "Fine! But it's not like you're any different. Especially how I saw you acting last night!" Realizing she might be giving away how Alan was having sex with Simone too, she belatedly added, "You're just as bad with YOUR guy."

Simone dropped her head and replied, "Heather, please don't..."

Heather instantly knew that she had hit a nerve with her friend and felt bad for going there. "I'm sorry, Simone; I really am. I shouldn't have said that."

Frank asked, "What's Simone talking about?"

"Nothing, Dad. Just girl stuff."

Frank was clueless, but knew that he wasn't going to get any more information on that subject. That led him to ask, "What do you mean: 'good with his hands'? Is he some sort of amateur magician too?"

The three ladies at the table all laughed.

"What's so funny?"

Helen spoke up, "Never mind, husband of mine."

That caused Frank to realize what Simone must have meant, so this time it was his turn to be embarrassed. "Mmmm. Oh, sorry. Now I get it."

Helen looked at her daughter and said, "At least you say that Alan is really smart. I hope he has common sense as well."

Simone answered with a playful smile, "Uh, oh. I don't know if we can say that or not. I mean, he does have a thing for your daughter, so he can't be all that smart."

She thought, Good thing he was smart enough to get involved with Heather or else I'd probably never have had a chance to enjoy him too. I'm gonna have to get some advice from Amy or Christine. Heather's my best friend, but she'd be totally unreliable on anything dealing with Alan. Maybe they can help put my mind at ease on a few issues.

Heather rolled her eyes at her friend. "Very funny! You're just one big bag of jokes lately, you know that? Come on, dear friend, we need to finish getting ready for school and then head on over there."

She thought, I've got to make sure that we get there well ahead of Sir and Amy and Katherine. I know that I'm not allowed to do anything devious or underhanded to show him just how much I care, but they didn't say anything about me not doing it a proper way. They'd never expect me to do that.

Simone told Frank and Helen, "Do you see how she treats me? No respect. I swear, she's lucky that I'm still her best friend. But Frank, I hope you take this as a compliment… there aren't many men in the world who are as good a guy as you are. Alan is one of the few. He truly does know how to treat a lady the way she deserves to be treated.”

Heather looked over at her friend and gave her a knowing wink. She thought, Boy, don't I know it! Again and again he takes me to places that must be as close to death by ecstasy as one can get. I'm pretty sure he takes Simone and the others there as well.

Her thoughts turned slightly sour as she thought, I'm sure that includes Ms. Rhymer too. I mean, I guess if he gives her as much pleasure as he does me, how in the hell can I blame her for wanting to have sex with him?! If I were in her shoes, I'd probably be willing to do the same thing. God knows I'm already willing to risk my reputation and leadership position over him, so why should her job be any different to her?

I'm slowly learning different things I was trying to achieve by going about them the wrong way. Maybe I've been too quick on judging her as well. I just can't understand why, if he could spend more time fucking me if he cut her loose, he'd want to keep her. I mean, I obviously have a much better body and I'm more of a catch than she is. Not that she's ugly, but she'd definitely not a Morgan either. I'm the head cheerleader and future Homecoming Queen, dammit!

The two girls got up from the table and raced upstairs to finish getting ready.

Before going very far up the stairs, Heather turned around and asked, “Mom, Dad, whichever night Alan comes over for dinner, can Simone come over too? Maybe she can spend the night or something?”

Frank answered, “Sure, Princess, if she wants to. She's always welcome.”

The two girls turned to each other and smiled before running the rest of the way to Heather's room.

Once they were far enough away from Helen and Frank, Heather whispered, "Thank you for putting in some good words for him with my parents. I'm scared they won't like him and will try to make me stop seeing him." She paused for just a second and then added, "Plus, I AM sorry for what I said about your feelings for him. Sometimes I speak before I think."

"I know. We're friends so you're allowed a few mistakes."

Helen thought as the girls walked off, I'm really not sure just how much of what Heather is telling us is the truth, but I've never seen her so excited. Even if part of what she and Simone are saying about Alan is true, then I'm going to do my best to make sure they stay together for as long as possible. Having a serious boyfriend is bound to be a positive experience for her.

My only concern is that I remember her saying something about him having several other girls that he was with as well. I'm not too enthusiastic about that, but I also can't deny the positive way she says he treats her. I suppose if he's the big catch that she says he is, she'll have to fight to get him to go steady with her. Fortunately, I have no doubt she can accomplish anything that she puts her mind to. After all, she's a Morgan woman!


Glory awoke before Alan. She raised the head of her bed so she could sit up and just look at him as he slept across from her on the other side of her hospital room. I'm very lucky to have him in my life. God, he's my future husband and my master! That's a humbling thought to wake up to. Will I ever get used to the fact that I'm one of his sex slaves? I don't know which would be worse: if I do or if I don't.

She sighed silently. Even so, this is my life and I'm happy. Happier than I've ever been, to be honest. Heck, I'm lucky to be alive, period! Suzanne and Brenda are correct: if he hadn't cared enough to meet me at the beach, he wouldn't have been there to save me. I'm so thankful that, even though I'd told him it was over, he didn't give up on me.

I know Mom wouldn't understand the situation we have here, but then again, how could she? I don't think she and Dad ever cared for each other the way Alan and I do. I finally had to decide whether it was better to have a small part of him and share him with others, or not have him at all, and I simply couldn't go on without him! He's my heart, my soul, and even the air that I breathe. For the first time in my life, I know what really being in love is like. I'm so glad that I listened to my heart this time and not my head.

She lay there watching him sleep as his chest rose and fell with his breathing. I feel like I'm the luckiest woman on Earth, even with the sharing. I know without a doubt that we'll end up spending the rest of our lives together. I've spent too many years afraid that what happened to my parents would happen to me, but I know in the deepest part of my soul that now that I have him, divorce will never happen. He wouldn't let it happen.

Sure, it rankles sometimes to call him "Master," and it rankles even more to know that I'm one of his sex slaves. Even "slave-wife" isn't a whole lot better. But that's a small price to pay. I'm sure that any other woman in my shoes would make the same choice. I even have proof of that, because even the amazing and mighty Suzanne willingly accepted his collar.

She fondly reached to her neck and fondled her own collar. She was finding that the simple act of touching it always seemed to give her comfort. Plus I know that if I ever fall, he'll be there to catch me. What more could any woman want in a man? He deserves nothing but the best from me and I'm going to live every single day trying to give it to him.

Dammit, even if that means having that bitch Heather in our lives. He's told me before that he doesn't treat her like he does the rest of us during sex. Something about it allowing his "Bad Alan" to come out. I swear that I'd love to see him embarrass the shit out of her. Just once! Hot damn, I'd love to see the humbled look on her face! Glory chuckled to herself.

Sure, it would kill me to see the two of them fucking, but if it would give me a chance see him humiliate her, I'd almost be willing to suffer just that one time. It would almost be regal if he was fucking her and told her that he was sorry that she didn't make him feel the way that I do and then have him walk over to me and fuck me while making her watch. God, she's such a conniving bitch!

Wait a minute, what am I saying? I can't keep dwelling on her. She's got me to where all I can think about is making her pay for causing those football players to hurt him and almost costing me my job. Now that I've agreed to join the harem, what does that mean for me continuing to teach when we are supposed to move to somewhere that no one knows us? Thank God he graduates in six months!

Then what? Where will we live? Wherever it is, the good thing will be that we'll be able to be openly affectionate in public. Then everyone that sees us will know how deeply in love we are. I might even get to wear my slave collar in public. That would be great. I wish everyone could know that it's sort of a second wedding ring, showing how we're bonded together forever. I love him so much!

A short time later, Alan woke up. Once he opened his eyes and rolled over, he saw Glory sitting there just looking at him with a warm smile on her face. He grinned as he thought, God, how did I get so lucky? Even in a hospital bed, with her hair out of place, she's by far one of the most beautiful women that I've ever seen! I can't wait until we win this stupid bet so we can enjoy the victory prize and fall asleep after a good fucking. Better yet will be when we'll wake up in each other's arms and do it again.

Glory was still lying there, unthinkingly fondling her collar, when she made eye contact with him. She sat up in bed, revealing that she was still wearing her hospital gown. "Good morning, Lover. Did you sleep well?"

He got up, walked over to her bedside, and gave her a very passionate good-morning kiss. Then he sat down on the side of her bed and answered, "Yes. How about you?"

She reached out and took his hand in hers. "I slept okay, I guess. I don't remember being woken up as much as the night before, and I was always able to go back to sleep right away. I'm sick of being in this bed. When I get better, we may have to fuck standing up for a while because I'm so tired of lying down!"

He was gently caressing her face as he laughed and replied, "Sounds like a lot of fun. I can't wait to get started. So how long have you been awake?"

"Don't know for sure, but a while. I was just sitting here enjoying watching you sleep."

"You should have woken me up, so we could spend more time together."

"Nice idea. I considered it. But I decided it was important that I got a good night's rest, so I can heal that much faster. You need your sleep too." She didn't say it, but she was thinking with some chagrin that being a harem master was undoubtedly a tiring duty as well as a source of great pleasure.

He nodded. "By the way, I've been meaning to ask you something. Who is Olivia? I think Suzanne said that was the girl's name that dropped off the cards and flowers."

She smiled and said, "She's just another of my students, but I have her during second period. I'm sure that you've seen her around. Especially with the way that you notice big boobs; hers are every bit as big as Amy's. She's kinda cute with light brown hair. I think it was nice of her to get all of the students to sign those cards that she brought to me."

He got a thoughtful look on his face. Olivia? I only know a couple of Olivias at school and only one that really matches that description. If it was the one that I'm thinking of, she is cute. Glory's right; her boobs are about the same size as Amy's, which is impressive. She just has darker hair and skin. If that is her, I tried talking to her long before I asked Christine out, but she always seemed too shy to say much and would usually turn and walk away.

I just always assumed that she was a little snobbish, but now I'm wondering if she could have been the one playing Michelle. She's a year younger than I am and a grade lower, so I don't really know her very well. Granted that doesn't mean much now, thanks to the reputation that I've gotten around school lately. I wonder if I need to have Aims or someone else check and see if it could have been her. Hmmm.

Finally he smiled again as he remembered what Glory had said, He replied, "Absolutely. We miss you. Don't forget that I looked up to you as my teacher long before we ever became lovers. Your students really think the world of you. Especially me!"

She squeezed his hand, which she had been holding. "Thanks, I guess I never realized just how much. I mean, I know that you do, but that's because you're special to me."

Trying to dig out more information about the "Michelle incident" of several weeks earlier, he said, "Well, I'm hurt that it was Olivia somebody and not Michelle that brought them. You would think that after she spanked me like she did, she'd at least have been willing to bring those cards to you."

She laughed, because she knew that she still had him confused about that role-play. She raised an eyebrow and put on a deliberately mystifying face. "Who's to say that she wasn't the one that played Michelle?"

"Wait a minute! Was she the one that was there when you did that? I knew I should have checked the closet to see who it was."

Sounding more like she was trying to convince herself than him, she said, "Young man, I told you that I played both parts that day. There was no Michelle."

He frowned, because he thought she was being coy. "I would like to believe you, but I know that wasn't your voice. I've spent a lot of time running that incident over and over in my head. When you can't see, your hearing really picks up the slack, so I know that it wasn't you that said those things. I also know that I do know that voice from somewhere; I just haven't been able to place who the voice belongs to. What I'm wondering is, did you have her record it prior to our time that day and was it you doing all the touching? Or was she still there helping with the spankings, but then hid in the closet after the two of you came up with the tape recorder as a way to throw me off track."

Glory's smile grew bigger as she replied, "Well, I guess that's for me to know and for you to find out. End of discussion."

She thought, If he really did know who it was, how would he feel about it? I just hope that if he ever figures it out, that he doesn't get too mad at me. Maybe I should just go ahead and tell him that it was someone else's voice, but that she wasn't in the room when it happened. Maybe he'd let it drop if I did. At the time, I wasn't at a place where I could have accepted sharing him with anyone. One day, I know it will come out into the open. I just hope he can understand.

He thought, Mmmm, well for once she didn't flat-out deny that at least it was someone else's voice. I knew that it wasn't hers; I just can't figure out who it belongs to. I guess I could pull my master card and make her tell me.

The problem with that is that could send me down a path that I don't want to start down. The last thing I want is to start treating any of them like actual slaves. Why can't she just tell me who it really was? Can't she see how much it bothers me by not knowing?

He laughed and tried to change the subject by saying, "So Suzanne told me that Brenda stopped by. I'm sure that was a shock to your system."

Glory nodded. "I had no idea just how into all of this slave/master stuff she was. It was pretty obvious that she was holding back to not scare me, but it was still intense. That, along with those impossibly large globes of hers, helps me see why you keep her around. I admit that I got jealous when I saw her, but Suzanne and I had a talk after she left and it helped calm me down. I saw her as major competition for your heart and time, until Suzanne explained why you didn't ask her to marry you along with the others."

She thought for a minute and added, "I'm still not super keen on her. Don't get me wrong; I'm sure that she's nice enough. But her body and her willingness to completely be your servant scare me. What if you decide that you want us all to be like that? I'm willing to do an awful lot to be with you, but I honestly don't know if I could do that!"

He rubbed her hand soothingly as he replied, "Glory, the others don't want to listen to me when I tell them that I'm unsure of my feelings towards her. She'll always be welcome at our home and as a part of the family, but I don't care about her like I do the rest of you. I don't love her, at least not yet, and that's huge. Plus, she's having sex with another guy. It's not that she isn't a good person, but she's almost too submissive for me. I'm having a hard time figuring out how to deal with her. I may have finally started accepting that I'm the master of a harem of drop-dead gorgeous women, but I still like to keep something on a level playing field. I feel bad when things get out of whack, because I know I'm not all that. She puts me on a pedestal that's hard for me to handle. With her, it's either all or nothing."

Glory nodded thoughtfully as he continued, "Her desires for the whole slave thing go far beyond me and what I can give her. I'm sure that on some level, I'll always be her master, but I'm just not sure how I want to continue with her. I never really planned on things with her lasting for very long, but yet I hate to ask her to break her commitment to me. Even though I'm sure that she doesn't love me either, if I were to tell her that... there's no telling how that would affect her."

He also told her, "Plus, another thing about Brenda is that I almost felt like I had no choice but to seduce her. Early on, Mom started talking and said way too much, including about the apparent incest in our house. Even though it legally isn't incest, I couldn't risk her telling someone that might not see it that way and get my family in trouble."

Glory pouted sarcastically and replied, "Poor, pitiful you."

"No that's not what I mean. Look, it's not like it is with the rest of you, where I chose you because I wanted to. Mom and Suzanne basically left me no other choice; then put me in a situation in which I felt like it was forced on me."

Glory frowned and stared off into space. "That brings up another point. Suzanne said that Brenda probably expects me to become one of her mistresses as well. I mean: can you see me being Brenda's mistress?"

"Well, yes. After the spanking you gave me... I could see you going beyond just being someone's mistress, on to becoming a full-blown Dominatrix."

"Very funny, young man! Seriously though, you know I can't do that. Especially if it means having sex with her. You know I can't do that. I won't rule out any playing around if there is someone else with you and me, but I can't do that with her by myself."

She thought, Now Suzanne is a different story. I could easily see myself involved with her in some kind of sexy mischief. Especially if it was getting each other worked up for when he got home before he nailed us both! I still don't, and might never, know what it is, but there's definitely something different with how I feel about her.

He said, "I knew you were going to say that. Don't worry; I'll explain it to her before we get to that point. Sex with her isn't a requirement for being one of her mistresses. Mainly, it has a lot to do with how she gets told what to do and gets punished for not doing it." Well that's not completely true, but I won't make Glory do anything that she's not comfortable with.

"Mmmm. If you say so. But more importantly to me, how did things go with the blonde... bimbo?" She was about to say "bitch" but decided to tone it down a bit.

"Things went fine, surprisingly enough. I told Amy on the way over there that she could be the one to make the rules for Heather, because I knew that Amy wouldn't make any that the rest of you wouldn't eventually agree to. But just so you know, because I know what you're thinking, I told Heather that it wouldn't be easy."

"What was her answer?"

"She agreed to everything. She still says that she's willing to do whatever it takes to convince all of you that she's totally committed."

Glory was frowning. "Well, I guess that remains to be seen. I'm sorry, but I don't trust her. It's gonna take a lot more than words to convince me."

She thought, I know why he's so blinded by what she says. She just walks up, shakes her little ass, flashes him her overly tanned, fake tits... and he'll believe whatever she says. Even though I'm sure he has some inkling, I'm not going to tell him just how much I'm going to be keeping an eye on her when I get back to work. She'd better watch herself!

Then she asked, "On a different subject, did you all come up with a plan for how things are going to play out at school?"

He told her exactly what he had found out about the plan that Heather and Christine had devised. He concluded by saying, "Simone felt left out, and got irked at Heather for omitting her. She's going to join in as well. Heather and Christine are going to take turns guarding me, Amy and Katherine. One of those two will be with us three at all times except for when we are in class."

"I'm sure that'll make you happy! Do you realize how lucky you are to enjoy all those threesomes, and more?! Just having any one of those near you at all times will involve their lips constantly wrapped around your cock." The bitterness in her voice couldn't be disguised.

Glory thought, Now that I'm not there every day, that's going to free way too much time for him to spend with Heather. As soon as I can get clearance from the doctor, I'm going to have to get back in there and see about controlling it some. Besides, I want my fair share of cock! I'm in his harem now, and membership has its privileges. She grinned at that.

He said, "I know Its more luck than deserving, but it is what it is. I really don't want to spend what time we have before I have to leave for school talking about Heather, but yes, I'm sure I'm going to be very happy at all the special attention. One of the things that Heather had to agree to was a limit on how many times she and I could have sex per week. I wanted to talk to you about something related to that. It's just something for you to consider, but I want you to think about it."

Curiously, Glory asked, "Okay, what?"

This time, he took his free hand and wrapped it around her hand where she had it wrapped around his other hand. "I want us to have a discussion about moving most of our time together outside of school."

He could see that she was starting to get mad, so he continued, "Hang on. Before you get like that, let me explain. I don't care much about what people think about me if they were to find out, but I'm really worried about you. I don't want you to lose your job! I could tell by the look on your face when you came running up after the fight that it was getting harder for you to not show your feelings for me. And I'm sure that's true for me as well."

Seeing that she was listening to him, he went on, "I'm not saying that we have to stop at school, just cut back. It used to be we hardly ever saw each other outside of school, even after we started getting intimate. But now that you've agreed to be my slave-wife and you've joined the harem, everything has changed. We can spend plenty of time outside of school. Even out in public if we can find somewhere to go away from these people around here."

Glory's mood started to lighten some as she thought about that. "That does sound pretty reasonable. I'm probably going to have about a month before I can go back to teaching. With the holidays coming up, that will put it after Christmas break. Let me think about it until then, but you did make a convincing argument and a really good offer about the time outside of school. We have been pretty reckless. In the meantime, maybe we can spend a few days together somewhere and see what it's like to be openly affectionate in public, but like you said, somewhere away from here. Sound okay?"

He nodded firmly. "I think that will be great. One other thing that I want to ask, well more like insist... Tomorrow, when you're released you are going to stay at my house."

Glory's mouth flew open in shock. "What? I can't do that! I'm not the type to intrude like that."

"Glory, that's not an offer. Remember, I'm your master now, and this means a lot to me, so I'll play the master card if I have to. I'm not going to let you go back to your apartment alone. In fact, I'm hoping that once you're there, you won't want to go back. I'm sure that Mom and Sis will be more than okay with it."

Now she was even more shocked because she hadn't expected him to suggest anything like that so soon, but she was extremely happy at hearing him refer to himself as her master. "You mean live with you permanently? Are you serious?!"

She thought, I don't think there's anything that could make me much happier. I'd be with him at school and at his house too! The downside is that I'd inevitably see him with either Susan or Katherine. Actually, that's a BIG downside. Damn! I don't know how ready I am for that yet. If I agree to stay there after I'm released, but just on a temporary basis, maybe that'll give me the opportunity to see if it will work. I don't want this to end up like all my other relationships. I did agree to marry him, but I think some part of me thought that we'd all have our separate homes and we would just visit each other a lot.

The flip side of the coin is that I might get there and see him with one of them and it totally freaks me out. What would I do then? How could I go back on my word to try to make it work if after seeing that I realized that I couldn't go through with it? I need time to cope. Maybe it's best to insist that I just go back to my apartment.

I know, I'll bring it up with Suzanne later and see what she has to say. Or not... that will also put me right next door to her and that might get a little uncomfortable. Especially if she runs around in one of her little bikinis like she had on when she visited me that time. Just thinking about that makes me wonder about the odds of seeing her without the bikini on! Whoa!

He got a very serious look on his face. The tone in his voice let her know just how serious he really was when he said, "I've never been more serious. I want you with me all the time. What better way to do that than to have you living with me?"

She smiled and said, "Young man, that would make me very happy, but I don't want to promise anything just yet. I have my issues with the you-know-what that happens in your house, and I have no desire to see that sort of thing up close. I'll agree to go and stay with you until I can take care of myself, but let's agree that it will be a trial to see if it will work before making any more of a commitment."

"I suppose, if that's the only answer I can get, but I want you to know that I'm going to do everything in my power to make sure that you'll never want to leave. I want to be with you every second of every minute that I can."

He thought, If I can just get her there and show her that we would have a LOT more time together, I think that she'd be much happier. I know that I'd be a lot happier anyway, just knowing that I have her at my house where I can see her whenever I want.


Glory's smile widened. "Let's wait and see, okay?"

"Okay. But remember that I reserve the right to use my master card if I think you're being unreasonably stubborn. On a different note, how are you feeling this morning?"

After hearing him once again refer to himself as her master, she started unthinkingly caressing her collar again. "Like I want to jump up out of this bed and rape you! I can't believe how hot that was watching you take control of Judy like that. My body was so on fire that I thought I was gonna literally set the bed ablaze! It just seems impossible that it was that arousing and I wasn't even the one getting to touch you."

She thought, Sure, I was touching myself, but that's not the same as touching him or having him touch me. I was so turned on from watching what he was doing that it still felt mighty good.

He said, "That sure doesn't sound like the Glory that was so unsure about our relationship that she broke up with me, or the one that wanted a six-month trial period to see if she could stand being a part of my life."

He thought, Who am I kidding? She's still my Surfer Girl and always will be. I'm still going to spend every day for the rest of my life being thankful that she changed her mind about breaking up with me and that she didn't die from her accident.

She replied, "Tell me about it! Part of me would feel a LOT safer if I knew where that Glory ran off to. But I think I'm finally starting to accept that you'll never do anything to hurt me and that we won't allow our love to wane like my parents did. I guess it was so arousing because I knew the more that you got her to do, the better our chances of winning the bet. Plus, I don't feel so jealous since I consider Judy a total non-threat when it comes to your time and attention. She's just a wild lark. But despite all that, I have to admit, I was awake for some time after you went to sleep last night second-guessing this thing with her."

He became very worried that maybe he had pushed Glory too far by doing the things to Judy the night before. "What's wrong? Do you want me to stop? I don't want to continue working to win the bet if it upsets you."

"Well, I was upset for a while. I'm still trying to get used to having to share you with so many other women. To make it worse, somehow I found myself being the one pushing you to seduce her. I would never forgive myself if I pushed you to her and you decided that you didn't need me anymore. It would literally kill me if that happened, especially if it was me that had talked you into it."

He reached his other hand up and caressed the side of her face and shoulder. He made sure to refrain from allowing his hand to make its way down to her gown-covered breasts, because he felt that at this particular moment she just needed to be comforted, rather than worrying about sex. He thought, My precious Glory. Playing with Judy is fun, but that's all it is, fun and games with a little sex thrown in. She'll never be able to take the place of any of my women. I wish that you would finally get enough confidence to know stuff like that will never happen.

Then he spoke in a heartfelt voice. "Glory, my love, I will never be able to change what happened to your parents, nor can I change how other guys might have treated you in the past. What I can do is spend every day of my life showing you how much I love you and that not all relationships have to end up that way. I'm sorry for all that bad stuff from your past; I really am. But don't give up on true love because of the insecurities of others."

He paused to make sure that he had her full attention before continuing, "You are my true love and my soul-mate. True, there are a few others I feel that way about as well, but that doesn't lessen my feelings for you one bit. I know it can't be easy for you seeing me with the others, but I hope that you understand that none of them can take away my love for you."

She beamed from hearing him say that. In an instant he had put her mind at ease... for the most part anyway. Finally she nodded. "I do know that, but sometimes I just need a little reminder."

She thought, Even though I did start letting my jealousy creep up on me last night after all the fun was over, my biggest concern is still that damn porn-star substitute teacher that he has. Sheila! If she looks as good as they say she does, he'll start taking notice. Besides, it won't take long for her to start taking some interest in him, now that he's brimming with sexual confidence. I'll bet she'll see the likes of Amy, Christine, and Heather hanging all over him and wonder how it's possible that all the most beautiful girls in school are involved with the same guy. If she's the bold type, she might even come on to him! She may have taken my job, temporarily, but I'll be damned if I'll let her take my man too!

That's another good reason for me to take him up on his offer to stay with them for now. At least if I'm around every day he won't have a chance to start filling what was our time together with her.

He said, "Well, I'll gladly remind you of that anytime you need me to. I can't wait until we get our nights alone together. I hope that you're not expecting much sleep."

She asked playfully, "Don't you mean that I hope that you don't expect much sleep? Why don't you let me give you a proper good-morning kiss?" She stretched her arms out towards him invitingly.

Alan started to stand up and turn towards the head of the bed when the door opened behind him. When it did, it reminded him that the room divider had been moved back to its normal spot, so he quickly pulled back.

He glanced up at Nurse Tyler and forced a smile. Shit! That was close! If she'd come in just half a minute later, there's no telling what all she'd have seen. Somehow, I don't think she's been as easily impressed as Judy has been.

Nurse Tyler walked in to do some of her routine checks on Glory. "Oh. I'm sorry. I hope I wasn't interrupting you two."

Alan said, "No ma'am, you're fine. Let me just get back over there out of your way." He turned around and walked back to where he had made his temporary bed.

Glory gave him a quick wink before he turned, then thought, Damn good thing that she wasn't a few minutes later or she'd have caught me with my lips wrapped around his cock! I wasn't about to be satisfied with just a kiss or two. I have a craving for some serious, prolonged cock-loving. Freaking scheduled check-ups! Now I'm going to have even less time to suck him off before the others get here to take him to school. So much for getting any privacy in here.

Nurse Tyler asked her, "So how are you feeling this morning? Are your pains any better?"

"I think so, but I suspect that once I get up and start moving around, it'll start hurting worse."

"Funny thing about that. I'm supposed to get you up to have you walk with your crutches. Were you able to get some regular clothes?"

"I did." She nodded gratefully at Alan.

"Good, how about we get them on you before we start walking?"

"You mean we're going to do the walking now?" Glory was crestfallen and it showed. Fuck! I could just scream! I had it all worked out to give him a nice blowjob this morning, and now this! Son of a BITCH!

Cluelessly, the nurse asked, "Sure, why not? I mean, since you're already awake, we should go ahead and get started. You want to be able to get out of here tomorrow, don't you?"

Glory just nodded sullenly.

Tyler turned to Alan and said, "If you don't mind, could you step out while I help her get dressed?"

Alan had started to walk out, but was stopped by Glory when she said, "No ma'am, he's fine. It's not like he hasn't seen it all before." And now I'm not getting to see some things myself, thanks to you. Grrr!

Tyler shrugged her shoulders and said, "Okay, that's fine by me then. If he's going to stay, he can help me get you out of this bed once we get you dressed." She uncovered Glory and got the clothes from the cabinet beside the bed.

Alan was standing on the opposite side of the bed, so when Glory turned and sat up with her legs hanging off the side near Tyler, he could see her bare back thanks to her standard-issue backless hospital gown.

He thought, Dang, she looks amazing. Her nicely tanned back, and just look at the back of her neck too. It's a good thing that the nurse is in here, or I'd be up there now rubbing and kissing her all over the back of her neck and shoulders. How any other guy wouldn't give his right arm to keep her happy is beyond me.

Glory was well aware of where he was standing, so when it came time to remove her gown she reached around with one hand and untied it at the waist. She glanced over her shoulder and give him a flirty smile before releasing the gown where it was tied at the back of her neck. She moved very slowly, using her right hand to slide the gown off her left shoulder, keeping her left arm close enough to her chest to not allow him to see her breast. Then she turned to her right to keep her left breast out of sight and proceeded to slowly repeat the process as she removed the gown from her right arm. Again, she kept her right arm close so as to block his view.

Once she had the gown completely loose from her upper body, she moved both arms away from her body, allowing the gown to fall to the floor.

That left Alan completely speechless. He thought, Leave it to Glory to find a way of taking off a hospital gown that turns it into a striptease! And with a nurse here too, no less. God, she's absolutely gorgeous.

He looked down and noticed the bulge in his shorts. He tried to cover it up the best that he could, before the nurse would notice, but he was too late.

Tyler saw how Glory was teasing Alan and thought, She really knows how to drive him wild. The sexual energy radiating from these two is intense. If they carry on like this with me here, I can only imagine how much steamier it must get in private. But it's obviously more than just sex with them; I can feel the love that is intertwined with the sexual energy.

Tyler scrunched her eyebrows as she reminded herself, Unfortunately, it's very unlikely that they'll be able to sustain that kind of passion for too many years to come. It just doesn't seem to happen anymore with today's youth. I really do hope that they're different, but I seriously doubt they will be. I see it way too often with patients here at the hospital. As soon as the road gets a little rough, they're ready to bail out.

Nurse Tyler looked at Glory and commented, "Well, Ms. Rhymer, judging by the expression on his face, I'd say that you got the result you intended. In fact, we may have to get another doctor in here to check and make sure that he didn't just have a heart attack." She chuckled. "Now, let's finish getting you dressed."

Glory snickered and thought, He'll be remembering that for a while, I think. I'd love to get him over here and yank that thick, hot pole of his out of his shorts and stuff it in my mouth, but now he'll just have to suffer. Unfortunately I'm suffering just as bad knowing that he's hard and I can't do anything about it while the nurse is here.

Tyler helped Glory put on the sweat pants and T-shirt that Alan and Amy had brought, because Glory knew that clothing choice would be as comfortable as was possibly with a cast on her leg. After Glory was completely dressed, Tyler demonstrated how Glory would need to hold the crutches to stand up and begin to walk.

Once Glory thought that she was ready to try it for herself, Alan and Tyler helped hold her steady as she got out of bed. He noticed a few tears starting to trickle down Glory's cheeks, so he asked, "What's wrong, my love?"

Glory replied with more tears starting to flow, "I'm ashamed that I have to have you help me stand up. Not only is it embarrassing; it makes me feel like I'm crippled and that I'm a disappointment. It makes me wonder how I could expect you to love me, if you had to do this for me every day for the rest of my life."

He replied firmly, "I would do this and more for you, for however long you needed me to. Remember, we're going to be joined together forever from now on."

After hearing him, Glory thought, Why did it take me so long to see how much he loves me and that I love him? I must really be an idiot. He was willing to wait for me to make up my mind, and I almost blew it! What would I have done if he'd told me to go fuck off when I asked him to give me some time? He's such a caring and loving person. I kept denying the growing attraction that I had for him, but this is exactly why I feel this way. He gives and really doesn't expect anything in return.

Nurse Tyler overheard Alan's comment to Glory and was thinking to herself, What a nice young man, even if I have my doubts about that kind of "true love" sentiment. His parents must be really proud of him. I would love to meet them so I could tell them what a good job they did raising him and teaching him to be a sweet, considerate guy.


After Alan and Tyler were finally able to get Glory to the doorway, Alan dropped back and let Tyler do most of the instructing on how Glory should use the crutches.

He watched Glory struggle and fight to stay steady as she tried to get used to using the crutches for balance, since she couldn't put weight on her broken leg. She's such a strong and determined person that I think she doesn't even know just how much.

Glory was obviously getting frustrated. I can't do this! It's too hard! My husband-master is going to think that I'm weak and worthless, but I just can't do it. I don't deserve to have him or the others care for me. Maybe my mom and dad were right when they called me a failure.

About then, she lost her balance and stumbled. Before Tyler was able to stop her from falling to the floor, Alan rushed forward and caught her.

Glory was shocked, not only by the sudden fear of being about to fall, but also that Alan had gotten to her so quickly. Even after Tyler and Alan were able to stabilize her, she was still shaking very visibly.

Holding on to Glory's right arm, Alan moved in front of her. "Hey, look at me. You're okay. I've got you and I'll never let you go. I'll never let you fall."

A smile crossed Glory's face as she realized that he meant every word of it. Realizing how much he cared sent a wave of comforting warmth and confidence through her, of a kind she'd ever felt only with him. She leaned towards him and gave him a loving kiss, heedless of the fact that the nurse was right there watching and waiting.

Glory's heart soared as she and Alan passionately necked. My husband, my hero, my master! I'm the luckiest girl in the whole world. I mean, where did he even come from just then? It's like he literally came out of nowhere just like he did when he pulled me out of water when I got hurt. I owe him my life. When I compare him with Garth... shit, it's not even a comparison!

Tyler smiled when she saw them kiss. Maybe I was being too cynical. Those two look like they are going to have a long and very happy life together. It's easy to notice when people look at each other like that. Reminds me of how my husband and I look at each other every time we're near one another. Maybe I was wrong earlier in jumping to conclusions. All I can do is wish them the best of luck. They're sure gonna need it!

When they finally broke their lip-lock, she looked at him and said, "I love you. Now let's do this thing, okay?" She looked to the nurse and said, "Sorry about the delay. I'm ready this time."

Tyler said, "Great, Ms. Rhymer. Let's do it. Just take it slow and easy, okay?"

Glory was growing more confident with her abilities on the crutches and was starting to pick up some speed. After a while, she grew tired and sore from using the crutches, with which she was still unfamiliar and unpracticed. Even so, she was determined to learn to walk with them. God, I feel like a little schoolgirl with her first real crush. How ridiculous is that? It seems so silly, but so right.

Alan was thinking, That's my girl. I knew she could do it. She can be completely relentless when she wants to be. After her near fall, he avoided leaving her side, instead continuing to lightly hold her waist.

Glory had walked to the end of the hallway when Tyler asked her, "Would you like to stop and take a break?"

Glory shook her head fiercely. "No way. I wanna keep going so I can get out of here tomorrow as I've been planning to do. I've got to get started in enjoying my engagement!"

Tyler replied, "That's right. The two of you have a lot to do. Have you even thought about wedding plans? Or a date for the wedding?"

Alan answered, "Not a lot yet, no. As far as a date is concerned, we're thinking sometime this coming summer."

Tyler smiled, unaware that their plan was for a multiple wedding of his slave-wives. "That's good. That'll give you plenty of time to fully recover from all of this, so you'll be able to enjoy your honeymoon."

Glory starting thinking about her wedding day with Alan, If she only knew what our wedding day would be like! She's probably imagining me in a long, flowing white dress while being walked down the aisle by my dad. Just our friends and family there to support us.

What if I told her that I could easily see me being completely naked during our wedding except for the white veil and bouquet? Instead of the priest giving him permission to kiss the bride, he'll probably tell me to drop to my knees and give my husband-master a blowjob. Sealing our vows with some nice deep throating and him painting the back of my throat in cum! Maybe when I throw the bouquet, if any of the other five haven't had their wedding yet... it'll be whichever of them that catches it that will get to marry him next.

Once they walked about halfway down the second hallway, Tyler said, "I think we should start heading back. We don't want to overdo it and get you too tired."

Glory thought, Whew! Sounds good to me. These stupid crutches are making my underarms really sore. Plus I could really go for something to drink right about now. I hope there's enough time left after she leaves to give him a nice long blowjob!

When they turned the corner to start back down the first hallway, which led to Glory's room, Alan saw Amy and Suzanne at the other end of the hall start to walk towards them. Amy was carrying a small bag. He thought, Shit! That reminds me. I've still gotta get ready for school! And I haven't even eaten breakfast. I was so wrapped up in helping Glory that I completely forgot about it.

He waved at his sister and mother and said, "Good morning, you two!"

Amy ran up and gave Alan a big hug and kiss. "Here, Beau. We went by and picked up sausage, egg and cheese croissants for you and Glory for breakfast."

Suzanne simply said to him, "Good morning to you too." Then to Glory she added, "I see they've got you up and walking around on crutches. Better you than me!"

Glory smiled and said, "At least it puts me that much closer to getting out of here and going home."

Tyler was watching Amy hug and kiss Alan. She thought, Why is she hugging him like that? He's engaged to Ms. Rhymer, but that sure looks like more than just a friendly hug that she's giving him. I wonder if this kid is running around on Ms. Rhymer with this other girl. Surely she's not so blind that she can't see it. Especially if they're hugging like this right in front of her and everyone else! What the heck?! I need to ask Judy if she knows what might me going on with them. I figure she's likely to have noticed some strange things as well.

I might overlook it if my husband was hugging another woman, but being kissed by her like that... no freaking way! Just when I thought that they were going to be a happy couple and that she had found herself someone who seemed to be a good guy, I see this. I'm going to try not to jump to any conclusions before I talk to Judy, but I can't see any reason for him to be carrying on with that other girl like that.

Suzanne could almost deduce Tyler's thoughts based on the expression on her face, so she said, "Come on, lets help Nurse Tyler get Glory back to her bed so she can rest."

Amy responded by breaking her hug with Alan. She moved to his side, opposite Glory, and wrapped an arm around him.

Tyler and Alan got Glory back into her bed and made sure that she was comfortable. Once Tyler was certain that Glory was okay, she left to go check on her other patients.

Amy handed Alan a clean change of clothes. He went into the bathroom in Glory's room to shower and change clothes. He figured that he'd risk using the patient bathroom since Tyler had just left and it seemed unlikely that any hospital staff would be back for a while.

While he was showering, he was thinking, Okay, I should be able to wash up and get dressed in a matter of a few minutes. But why are Mother and Aims here without Mom and Sis? I can't believe that Mom isn't here trying to do whatever she had to do to fuck me, particularly since today is her special day. If this has anything to do with what I said to her yesterday, I just hope that I didn't hurt her feelings too much.

While he was gone, Suzanne asked Glory, "So how are you this morning?"

Glory pouted, "Not as good as I had planned to be! I had it all worked out that I was going to give him a real eye-opening morning blowjob, but by the time he woke up and we talked for a few minutes... He was just coming over this way when Nurse Tyler came walking in, before we even started. I guess it's a good thing, because I probably wouldn't have been able to stop if I'd been able to get my lips around his boner."

Suzanne nodded, "Tell me about it! It's only since Sunday and yet I feel like it's been forever since I had him inside me. I can only imagine what it's like for you. Especially since it's been longer than that for you and it's probably gonna be a while longer before you're able to really get wild with him."

Amy frowned and added, "That sucks, and not in a good way."

Alan came out of the bathroom after showering and getting dressed. He asked, "So where's Mom and Sis?"

Suzanne answered, "Funny you should ask. They're running a little late this morning. Amy brought us here in Xania's Corvette. Susan is going to bring Angel to meet with you two at school."

"Why are they running late?"

"Well, they kinda fell asleep in bed together last night. Which in turn, meant they woke up in bed together... and I'm sure you can imagine how that ended up." Suzanne smirked. "Your mom was feeling really bad after you pointed out how she's been such a cock hog. She decided to let you have a break this morning and limit herself to some mommy/daughter alone time, even though it's a Tuesday. I can almost guarantee you though that'll she'll be here when you return here after school."

"What makes you so sure?"

"Well, it IS a Tuesday, for starters. You know what that means." Suzanne winked and licked her lips.

He nodded and grinned widely.

"So she'll only be able to remain in cock-hog purgatory for so long. Furthermore, I told her that I wanted her to go pick up the cell phones for the three of you, so she's going to want to deliver them to you. I even told her which ones to get. I had to convince her to get the newer ones; she was leaning more towards the older, cheaper models. I kinda have something in mind for later that you're just going to have to wait and see."

He replied, "Oh really? I guess I will. Thanks for getting Mom to go ahead and get the phones. It will free up a lot of time after school. I've kind of got something I'm supposed to do later myself."

Glory looked at him and asked, "What is it that you're supposed to do later?"

Before he could answer, Amy spoke up. "For some reason, I think what Beau is talking about has to do with a pretty, young waitress."

Glory and Suzanne both asked in unison, "What?"

Glory thought, What in the hell does she mean, "a pretty, young waitress"? She has to be joking. How much more competition do we need? He needs to explain this to me right now!

She tried to remain calm, but inside she was ready to spit nails. She asked with a narrow gaze, "Young man, what is she talking about? Who is this waitress?"

He thought, I'm not sexually involved with Erica. It's just a little friendly, fun flirting, so there's no reason to deny anything. I haven't done anything wrong or out of bounds here.

He answered, "She's nobody really. She was our waitress last night at the sandwich shop across the street. I told her that I'd probably be back over there tonight to try their hot dogs."

Glory asked suspiciously, "So you're trying to get in her pants too?"

"No, it's nothing like that. She was just being nice. Sure, there was a little harmless flirting going on, but that's all it was. Neither one of us did anything out of the ordinary. The food was good and I plan on going back. It's not like she could have done anything if she even had wanted to, thanks to Simone's foot and Amy's hand on my dick the whole time we were there. The entire meal was basically one great big hand-and-foot-job."

Glory felt reassured to hear that. She didn't so much mind him having sex with the women she already knew about, but she didn't want him to get involved with anyone new. Judy was an exception - Glory figured that didn't matter much in any case, since Judy was due to move away from the area soon.

Suzanne asked, "Was she cute?"

Amy answered for him, "Cute? Cute isn't the word for it. She's definitely Alan-worthy, but he's right, they really didn't take anything too far. I was just giving him a hard time. It actually seemed more like they were just becoming friends than anything."

Glory thought, Of course I'm relieved. But actually, having him becoming friends with her could be even worse. He was friends with Amy long before they were boyfriend and girlfriend. Best friends often make the best lovers. It has to be that he just hasn't taken that much notice of her, because there's no way that she couldn't be interested in him! Luckily, I'm only stuck here for another twenty-four hours or so. Once I'm out of here, surely he'll never see her again and she won't end up being another girl that I feel threatened by.

Suzanne was thinking, Mmmm... I think that when I go and pay for that room one more night, I may just have to go over there with him for dinner. That way I can see for myself who this girl is, and how they act around each other. I'm getting a kick out of seeing him seduce Judy, but I don't want him to spread himself TOO thin. I'll talk Amy into staying here with Glory while we're gone. I've got to have him fuck me tonight, plus I know he said something about wanting to try to learn to dance before Glory gets out of here. So this evening is going to be his only chance. I still wonder what he has planned that makes him want to learn to dance.

Everyone else had finished eating their breakfast while Alan was getting ready and during the ensuing conversation. However, after getting ready, Alan had spent the majority of his time talking and so hadn't yet touched his food. Realizing this, Suzanne said, "You two need to get a move on or you'll be late for school."

Alan looked at the clock and said, "Shoot, she's right, Aims. We need to have left like five minutes ago. I'm just going to have to eat my breakfast in the car on the way there. Mother, can you go over to the hotel down the street in front of the hospital? Its right around the corner from the sandwich shop. We need to check out so we don't get charged for another night. The key and room number are sitting on the table beside that chair that I've been sleeping in."

"Sure, Sweetie. I'll do it during one of Glory's naps."

He walked over to Suzanne and gave her a scorching kiss goodbye and then went to Glory's bed where he leaned over and gave her a similar steamy kiss. As he was walking towards the door, he added, "Bye you two. I'll see you both after school. I shouldn't be late getting here today like I was yesterday."

Amy waved her farewell to the other two and walked out of the door with Alan.

Once they were gone, Suzanne said to Glory, "Looks like it's just you and me again."


When Alan and Amy got down to the car, he told her, "I think you should drive this time."

"Me? Why?"

"Because I remember your idea of working the stick last night and the effects that it caused. I would just as soon not show up at school, with all that is supposed to happen, with a boner. Plus, I'm STARVING! I can't wait to eat this biscuit. It smells so good that I can hardly stand it!"

"Darn! You take all the fun out of everything! But I'd be willing to let you eat something else as well."

Soon, they were making pretty good time driving to school. Luckily for them, traffic was pretty light, which made the drive a lot easier and helped them recover somewhat from their delayed departure.

As they drove through town, Alan asked Amy, "How did you sleep last night? You looked pretty worn out before you left."

Amy answered with her usual cheerfulness. "I slept great! Mother had to wake me when we got home because I was sound asleep. She said that I'd been out before we pulled out of the parking lot. How about you?"

He said, "Glory and I talked for a few minutes, but not for long. We were both exhausted. When I finally got to sleep, I slept great but I don't think Glory did. She told me that she was awake for a while before I had awakened. She said she was lying there thinking about Heather and me having sex."

Amy responded, "Yeah, I can kinda see that. She's really jealous of Heather. She's going to be the primary advocate for getting Heather out of your life. I mean, who can blame her? Heather couldn't have gotten her in any major prison-y kind of trouble, thanks to you being eighteen, but she still could have cost Glory her job. How would you've felt if Glory had gotten fired because you were continuing to sleep with Heather and Heather got all vindictive-y? Glory might have blamed you along with Heather and you could have lost her. So put yourself in her shoes and imagine how you would have felt if someone you loved cost you not just your job, but also the ability to see your lover anymore. How would that make you feel?"

He was startled. "Gee, Aims, I never thought of it like that. I guess that does explain why she resents Heather the way that she does."

"Don't get me wrong. If Glory cares for you as much as I believe she does, then she'd give up her job without regret if it meant choosing between it and you. But she'd never forgive either of you if your screwing Heather had caused her to lose you. I think that's why she jumped at the chance to join the harem like she did. She saw that you were willing to give her the time she asked for, but that you really weren't going to postpone your relationship with the rest of us while you waited for her. I think she feared that if she made you wait as long as she had asked you to, you would have forgotten about her and moved on."

"I'm not going to forget her, no matter what! What are you saying? That she doesn't love me enough to be one of my wives?"

"Absolutely not! She loves you every bit as much as the rest of us do. Maybe more in some ways. If I had to guess, I'd say each of us love you more than the others in certain ways. I'm just saying that she realized how much she loves you and knew that she couldn't risk losing you. I can almost promise you that she really does mean it when she says that she'll go along with whatever you need from her, just so that you'll keep her around."

"Okay, I can sort of see that with Glory, but isn't that the same thing that's happening with Heather?"

"Yes and no. Heather says all of those same things, but unlike Glory who has never tried to hurt you, Heather has. She may mean every word of what she says, but she's going to have to prove that she can be trusted this time. No more wiggling her way into your life and then stabbing you in the back. I will NOT let that happen again!"

Amy looked at him and could see that he was thinking over all that she had just said. Then she added, "Look, Beau, I have no idea what has been done to Glory in the past, but I think that's something that you need to sit down and have a nice long talk with her about. There's some reason that she doesn't fully trust people and the power of love. Maybe it was her parents, or maybe it was a boyfriend or two from her past. But I think that she needs you to help her get beyond all that. I know that you care enough about her to help her through it."

He was still trying to finish his breakfast, so had refrained from answering while he ate. Finally he replied, "I hope so, Aims; I really hope so." He thought, I really do hope that I can. I've noticed that she really seems insecure about many different things. Maybe I can get Mother to help me talk to her. Surely Mother can assist me in figuring out how to keep Glory calm and make her comfortable. I don't want her to feel pressured or be upset.

But Amy said, "What do you mean 'hope'? I know you are. Just look at how caring you were to help me check for bumps and all the fluids leaking out of me! You name one other guy that cared enough to be willing to do that!"

They both started laughing hysterically, since it was now common knowledge that Amy had known at the time that Alan and Katherine were messing with her when they'd teased her like that.

He said, "Yep, I guess I'm the only one who would be willing to do that. I guess the old saying of 'it's a dirty job, but somebody has to do it' really is true."

He thought, Not like it's a chore or something. I think that I'm the one that benefits the most from all of it. I wonder what's the full extent of what Amy really knows and the things she's figured out. I knew that with all Kat and I were doing to her, she really would have had to have been clueless to not suspect something. I think that's a topic that she and I need to discuss one day soon.

He told her, "Aims, you are almost too smart for your own good. I'm gonna have to keep a close eye on you."

Her eyes sparkled with delight. "Ooooooh, is that a promise? I know one part of me that you'll be keeping a real close eye on during lunch today. Remember, today is my and Christine's day to meet you in the theater room. " She took her right hand off the steering wheel, spread her legs slightly, and ran that hand down between her legs.

He watched her rubbing her pussy and knew that he was going to have loads of fun later at lunch. "Trust me, I remember, and I'm looking forward to it. The thing is, that means tomorrow's lunchtime is with you and Heather. Do you think that you're really up for having full-on sex with her and me? I know that you two have had some fun here and there, but tomorrow's going to be completely different."

Amy spoke firmly. "I'm not really sure, but I'm not going to let her know that. If I give her any indication that I'm not firm on my rules, she's likely to think that she doesn't need to stick to them. One thing that I do know is that I refuse to let her think that she's going to get off the hook too easily. Thanks to her, you could have been seriously hurt, or even killed, by those guys on Friday."

He nodded. "That's true, minus the killed part. I could have been really hurt, but I wasn't."

He thought, She does have a valid point. If I'm going to be a good master to all of my lovely ladies, I can't rely on having 9-1-1 on speed dial to protect them or myself. I think I'll talk to Christine about maybe teaching me some of her martial arts moves. That would be a good excuse to spend more time with Christine and the others anyway.

He found himself daydreaming about having Christine as his martial arts sensei. In his dream, he could hear her barking orders for kicks that she wanted him to do. Then out of the corner of his left eye, he saw her walking around him. He was right in the middle of one of his kicks when he realized that she had been completely naked during his training.

His eyes focused on her huge breasts as she was standing in front of him, causing him to lose his balance and fall down. He looked back up towards the ceiling as she walked over to him and leaned over. He saw her reach her hand down to help him up, but he kept reaching up, trying to grab for the enormous breasts that were now hanging above his face.

Amy giggled as she chided him, "Beau! Oh, Beau! Alan!"

He jumped as he snapped back to reality. "Sorry, Aims. I kinda got lost in thought there for a minute."

"Well I don't know what you were thinking about, but judging by the increasingly large bulge in your shorts, I'd say it was something pretty hot. Could it have been... Viagra Woman? The Christine Effect in action again?" She giggled some more.

Luckily, he had already swallowed the last bite of his breakfast, because he probably would have choked on it from laughing. He bashfully admitted, "You know me too well. I'm sorry."

"Don't be. I think it's cool! Remember, Christine and I are kind of a 'deadly duo' now, so if the mere thought of her always gets you super stiff, then I'll be guaranteed a TON of spermy goodness!"

He chuckled. "There is that."

"So much for not wanting to show up at school with that." She nodded at the bulge in his crotch. "You should have just driven and let me assist you like last night."

He shook his head. "Not hardly. We probably wouldn't have made it to school if I had."

She grinned and asked, "What do you mean 'not hardly'? It looks pretty hard to me! Make sure to keep it that way until lunch. I'm sure Heather and Simone are both going to try to push the limits. I mean, who can blame them? I know that I would if I were in their shoes!"

She thought for a minute and added, "Oh, plus you've got that hot substitute teacher to drool over right before lunch as well. That'll get your motor running!"

He shot daggers at her as he said, "Trust me, if Glory's substitute does anything for me, it'll be the complete opposite of arousal. Sure, she's got a body that's smokin' hot, but something about her rubs me the wrong way. I'm going to avoid having any more to do with her than I need to until Glory comes back to work."


Just after Alan and Amy left for school, back in Glory's hospital room, Suzanne picked up the receipt for the kids' hotel room and said to Glory, "Normally, with Susan, I would just scheme different ideas and sneak off with Alan to do whatever I wanted, but I want my bond and trust with you to be on a deeper level than that. I want to ask for your permission for something."

Glory still had the head of the bed raised, which made it easier to carry on a conversation with Suzanne, at least for a while. She had an inkling of what Suzanne might be intending to ask, because she could easily relate to Suzanne's desires for Alan and knew that if she was in Suzanne's shoes, she'd do the same thing. "Sure, what's that?"

"Sweetie used the hotel room last night to have fun with Heather and Simone..."

Glory tried her best to hide her smile, because she knew that she had guessed correctly about what Suzanne had wanted. However, she still wanted to see if she could make Suzanne work for it. "Okay, what's your question?"

Suzanne was embarrassed, so she turned around to face away from Glory as she said, "Oh, nothing really. I just figured that you wouldn't want to see it and be reminded of what he did." Shit! Here I am, the mighty Suzanne, asking for permission to fuck the man of my dreams. That's really messed up, but I want to earn more of Glory's trust and respect.

"Oh, if that's all, then that's very thoughtful of you, Suzanne. Why don't you go throw it in the trash over there near the door?" Glory had to resist the urge to snicker. She thinks she's fooling me, but this time I've got her off guard, thanks to her lust for him. She's not getting off the hook either, not until she comes out and tells me what it really is that she wants.

Suzanne started walking towards the trashcan, but never took her eye off the receipt. When she got to the can, she just stood over it while still holding the piece of paper.

Secretly amused, Glory pretended to be bitter. "Good riddance to that thing! At least I won't have that reminding me of that blonde bimbo for a while. I bet that hotel clerk will be glad if he never sees Alan walk back in there again."

"Yeah, I'm sure you're right." Then Suzanne let the paper fall from her hands into the wastebasket. As she stood there watching it descend, she added, "You know, it's kind of a shame."

"What is?"

Suzanne put on a pouty face. "Well, it's just that the poor hotel clerk probably won't be able to rent that room out tonight... it's already sort of out of the system for availability. It's just a shame that he won't have that income coming in tonight. I'm sure it's not like they do a lot of business anyway..."

Glory crossed her arms, trying to act defiant. "Come on now, Suzanne. You said you wanted us to be close, opening up to each other. I know what you're wanting and you know that I know it. Just ask already. The answer might surprise you."

Suzanne walked back over and sat down in the chair next to Glory's bed. It was obvious that she was sad due to not knowing whether she could use that same room later for a meeting with Alan. "The problem is, I'm certain that you'll say 'No.'"

"You won't know if you don't ask, now will you?"

Suzanne hung her head in shame because she thought that Glory would be angry at her for asking what she was about to ask, and that would cause Alan to get mad at her for upsetting Glory. Still, her desire for sex drove her on. "I wanted to ask your permission to see about using the same hotel..."


Suzanne continued talking because her mind hadn't yet registered what Glory had said. "...and possibly have some alone time with..." Suzanne's head shot up, looking straight at Glory. "What did you say?"

"I said 'Yes.'"

"But you don't even know what I was going to ask for!"

Glory smiled, "Yes I do. I would feel exactly the same way and I'd be willing to ask the same thing. Trust me, lying here like this and not being able to really be involved with the sexual fun is pure torture. So my answer is 'Yes, you may try to see if you can use the same room for some time with Alan later.'"

Suzanne beamed from ear to ear. "Oh my God! You've just made my day! I promise that I'll have him back here to spend the night again."

"I know you will. That's why I don't have a problem with it."

Suzanne wasn't thinking about what she was doing, because all she could think about was Alan fucking her. She jumped up and started aggressively French kissing her friend. It was only a matter of seconds before it turned into a full-on make-out session.

Glory soon had her arms rubbing up and down Suzanne's back. She thought, Damn, I wasn't expecting that kind of gratitude. I would have made her suffer even more if I'd known that she was going to act like this. Gaawwwd, she's such a good kisser! Also, it feels like her soft breasts are complete enveloping my chest. If Alan could be here to see this, his cock would rip right through his shorts!

Suzanne and Glory were so involved in their make-out session that they didn't hear Tyler when she opened the door and walked in. She saw them and stopped just inside the door as soon as she entered.

Tyler's mouth flew open as she thought, What in the hell?! That's wrong on so many levels! Not only does that guy Alan kiss other girls, but the women make out with each other too. Just seeing those two going at it like that is almost enough to make me sick!

I mean, just look at the way their lips are locked together like that. Ewww! Plus, look at the way their hands are touching the other one and rubbing everywhere. It has to be a sick individual who can enjoy the idea of two women making out like that.

Suzanne was using her left hand to brace up against the bed, while her right hand was rubbing slowly up and down the outside of Glory's right thigh. By then, Suzanne was kissing her way down below Glory's neck, though she was still above Glory's breasts. Suzanne wasn't worried about being caught or that she would be told to stop; it was only a matter of time before she would move Glory's hospital gown enough to kiss the top of Glory's cleavage.

Glory had her head firmly pressed back against her pillow with her neck and shoulders slightly arched, thinking, Damn, not again! She's gonna make me cum again like she did yesterday. I need to tell her to stop, but how can I when it feels this good?

I have half a mind to grab her hand and make her rub my thigh or even put it smack dab on my needy pussy. If I do that though, it would be as if I really was a lesbian, and I'm not. However, if she were to move it there on her own, I definitely wouldn't stop her!

Glory and Suzanne were so enthralled in their own little world that they still had not realized that someone else was in the room. That changed when Tyler had collected her thoughts enough to turn and start out the door. The door had been slowly closing behind her, so as she tried to exit it knocked the clipboard out of her hands, causing it to fall to the floor.

Both Glory and Suzanne jumped at the noise, looking towards the door where they saw Tyler standing there with her back to them, looking down at her clipboard.

Tyler quickly spun around to face the other two. Shit! I know I'm caught. They'll know that I've been standing here watching what they were doing. I've got to come up with something fast to explain why I hadn't walked back out, or I could get in real trouble if either of them report me to my supervisor.

Tyler said, "Oh God, I'm so sorry. I was coming back to make sure that you were okay after using the crutches and to get some idea of how you felt about using them. I didn't mean to walk in on you doing whatever it was that you were doing."

Glory's and Suzanne's faces were deep red with embarrassment. Neither of them knew exactly what to say.

After a long pause, Suzanne replied, "We're the ones who are sorry. Glory here had just given me some good news and it made me so happy that I kinda got carried away."

Glory just nodded to show her agreement with Suzanne. Oooops! I would say "carried away" might not be completely accurate! I can't believe that neither of us heard her come in! My lust for Suzanne is getting worse.

Suzanne continued, "I'll step out to make a phone call and be back in a few minutes." She walked back over to the wastebasket and picked up the receipt that she had put in there, before quickly exiting the room.

After Suzanne had left, Tyler told Glory again how sorry she was for intruding on their privacy.Tyler nervously checked that Glory was okay before hurrying out of the room.

Glory was still embarrassed. She told the nurse, "Don't worry about it, okay? I'm still getting used to that myself."

Tyler thought, Oh shit! That was awkward. I don't believe that "good-news kiss" excuse at all. Just wait until Judy comes in! I'm going to make her tell me everything she knows about those people. I've heard the rumors about Judy being more lesbian than straight. After what I just saw, it seems really likely that she'll know something. Ms. Rhymer and her boyfriend may act all lovey-dovey, but then they're each all over someone else the first chance they get!


Suzanne came back in shortly after Tyler had left. She was smiling but still embarrassed after being observed by Tyler while she was making out with Glory.

Glory asked her, "So, were you able to get the same room?"

"I was, and everything is all set. I still can't thank you enough for letting me do that."

"You're very welcome."

Suzanne bowed her head contritely. "Glory, I'm really sorry about what happened when Tyler came in. I got carried away by my excitement."

"I'm the one that's sorry. As much as I seem to be, I'm just not ready for that yet. Deep down, I know that it'll happen one day, probably pretty soon."

Realizing what she had just said, she thought, Shit! I didn't mean to say that! It's true enough, but I don't need to be putting those ideas in her head, or my own head. If she really sets her mind to it, she won't stop until we're both naked and eating each other out!

Suzanne looked Glory in the eye and asked, "You do realize that you said 'yet', don't you?"

Glory turned away because she was embarrassed and knew that Suzanne was well aware of exactly what she'd meant. Just knowing that Suzanne knew and recalling how great it had felt made her hotter than a firecracker. She was half tempted to tell Suzanne that she wanted to do it again right then, but finally managed to pull back. "What I meant is that I know one day we'll both be with Alan at the same time. Hopefully by then, I'll be ready."

Suzanne could see how red her friend's face had become. She smiled but avoided pointing out that Glory had seemed pretty ready just a short time earlier. "Oh, of course I knew that's what you meant. Just so you know that I'll be waiting for you whenever you're ready."

Glory turned back to Suzanne and said, "I know, and thanks."

Suzanne tried to assume a real serious look before saying, "I think we shocked Nurse Tyler. You saw how fast she left the room. But look at the bright side: after Wednesday you'll never have to see her again, so it really doesn't matter what she, or anyone else here, thinks."

Glory laughed and nodded. "Yeah, that's a good point. I hope we didn't upset her too much though. She's really nice. Just a little while before you and Amy got here, we were talking to her about the wedding and she told us about how happily married she was."

Glory was thinking about Tyler, The more she's around us, the more shocked she's likely to get. I can kind of relate to how she must feel. It wasn't very long ago when this sort of lesbian kissing would have been something that would have made me sick. I know that I can't tell her everything, nor would I want to, but she deserves some type of explanation. I'll try to talk to her a little later on today, or possibly tomorrow morning before Suzanne arrives.

Glory asked Suzanne, "So, what did you think about Alan taking control of Judy last night? Didn't I tell you that he could get any girl he wanted?"

Suzanne tried to brush it off, at first by saying, "Big deal! Although I do have to admit that it was kind of hot how she jacked him off until he covered her tits in cum. Warm, sticky, delicious cum! In fact, that was really damn hot!"

Glory's face lit up with lusty enthusiasm. "I know! Did you see the way she scooped some of his cum off with her finger, then licked it clean? I mean, Jesus Christ, was I the only one jealous that I wasn't getting to have some as well?"

Suzanne chuckled, "Absolutely not. I wanted him to let me have some of it too. That's why I was afraid you'd say 'No' when I asked whether I could have some alone time with him this afternoon. I don't know how you're handling things like you are, cooped up in here without being able to let loose with him. I would have gone completely mad with frustration by now."

Suzanne was thinking, I really am learning that I'm not as strong as I thought I was. I told myself over and over that I wouldn't allow myself to become addicted to having sex with him, but look at me. I don't just want it every single day; I have to have it! I've gone for months without having sex with Eric and not missed it, yet I can't go two days without sex with Sweetie before I go into withdrawal.

Glory replied, "It's freaking killing me! Hopefully once I'm outta here, that'll be something that can be fixed. Can you believe that this morning he insisted that I come to live with him at his house? And not just until I'm better, but from now on!"

Suzanne was both chagrined and pleased. That little bastard! He beat me to it. He couldn't have known that I was going to try to have the hospital suggest that she go somewhere where others could help her during her recovery. I should've known that his love for her would impel him to ask her on his own. I've gotta start having more faith in him.

Suzanne quickly sat down on the bed beside Glory, grabbed her hand, and asked, "Well, what did you say?"

"I told him that I would, for the time being, but under the condition that I wouldn't commit to staying there after I was better. I figured it really would be impractical to live by myself as long as I'm injured like this. Do you think that Susan and Katherine will mind?"

"They'll be more than happy to have you there. Besides, it's going to happen once we're all married anyway. They understand that slave-wives need to stick together." She playfully pushed at Glory's shoulder. "You lucky bitch! I would do anything to have the chance that you have: to move in there with him and live with him every day. But until I get my divorce from Eric, I'm stuck with just visiting their house. You, on the other hand, have no one stopping you from doing it but yourself."

"I know, but I'm still not sure if things will work out. I'll probably take him up on it for a few days anyway. Right now, I figure that will let me see whether I really can handle seeing him with either one of them sexually, even if it's just flirting. I know that I've said that I will cope, and I'm going to do my damnedest to do so, but maybe the time that I'm there will let me adapt to it gently. I'm just afraid that when I do see him with either of them, I won't be able to handle it. Then what am I going to do?"

Suzanne spoke reassuringly. "I'm sure Kat will be more than willing to help ease you into it. Don't be afraid to ask her for help. Susan, on the other hand, when she gets her mind set on doing something with him... Let's just say that nothing's going to stop her. So if I were you, I'd seek Katherine's help as soon as possible, and ask her to keep Susan in check. Also, I'll try talking to Susan and see if I can't get her to be a bit more understanding and considerate."

Glory liked the sound of that. "I may ask her before I get there then. Will she be coming by after school today with the rest of them?"

"I'm sure she will. I assume that she'll ride back over here with Alan and Amy, since she's going to go get their new phones today."

Glory replied, "Okay, good. Perhaps I'll ask her to help me once she gets here."

Glory thought, I know I've sensed a lot of jealousy from her since I got involved with Alan. Maybe asking her for help will show her that I'm more threatened by her than she is by me. It may also help us bond and become much closer.

Suzanne added, "I don't mean this to sound bad towards Susan. She's a great friend, but if you're gonna ask for Katherine's help, I'd suggest you do it without Susan there. She can be kinda funny about different things and might interpret your request as meaning that you're not really willing to accept the harem. She's VERY big on harem harmony."

Suzanne thought, I love Susan to death, but she is still bull-headed. There's no doubt that she'd take that as a sign that Glory's not fully committed to Sweetie.

Glory nodded. "Good idea. I still don't know her nearly as well as you do, so thanks for the suggestion. I'll try to catch Katherine by herself. I'm okay with most everything else; it's just going to take me a bit longer to get used to seeing him with his mom and sister. At least now I'm at a place where I'm willing to try to deal with it. Before all of this, there's no way I would have even considered it."

"I know, and trust me, Sweetie knows that too. He loves you as deeply as one person can love another. He hasn't told me that in so many words, but I know him well enough that I can see it on his face every time he looks at you."

Glory blushed and smiled. She looked down at her ring while bringing her other hand up to touch her collar. She knew that Suzanne must have caught her minor slipup about the two of them making out, so she said, "Thank you, and yes, I did say 'yet'."

Suzanne's body was on fire after hearing Glory all but admit that there would be a day that the two of them would be very intimate with each another. Finally! She may not have said when, but just knowing that it's going to happen is good enough for me, at least for now. I've got to tell Sweetie about this when we're alone later and get his opinion. Having him think about her and me together will keep his dick hard for hours, I'm sure. He'll be able to fuck me like a relentless non-stop machine!

Glory yawned, "I'm sorry, Suzanne. I think I need to take a short nap, if you don't mind."

"Is everything okay?"

"It's fine. I've just been awake a lot longer than I let Alan know this morning."

"Why? Were you hurting? You could have just rung for the nurse. I'm sure she would have brought you something."

"Oh, no, it's nothing like that. The pain really doesn't bother me that much anymore. It's just that I keep having the same nightmare over and over every time I go to sleep, and it scares the hell out of me. But right now, I'm exhausted and need to rest. Again, I haven't mentioned anything to him about this, so please promise me that you won't tell him."

"Sure, no problem. Do you want to talk about it at all?"

"Not right now, if that's okay? I just want to get some sleep without having to worry about it. So hopefully if I don't say much about it, it'll finally go away." Glory thought to herself, It has to go away eventually, right? Surely I can't have the same dream every time I close my eyes from now on!

"Okay, if you think that's the right thing to do. But if it's that bad and scares you that much, I'd consider talking to someone. I'm always available for you. Even if it isn't with me, please don't keep it bottled up inside yourself."


When Alan and Amy pulled into the school parking lot, he had her drive around until they saw Heather's car. They saw Simone and Heather standing next to it, and since there was an empty parking spot right beside it, he told Amy to park there.

Simone was dressed in a tight, yellow T-shirt with a low-cut V-neck and a pair of loose-fitting white shorts. Alan thought, Damn, she looks great! She's just as sexy dressed as she is undressed. The clothes she wears accentuate her fabulous curves. Granted, I've seen every square inch of her, so it's not really that hard to imagine her standing there naked. Yeow!

Then he looked over at Heather and saw that she was wearing a super-tight denim top that was unbuttoned well down her cleavage, along with a pair of black shorts. Her top was so tight that he easily noticed how the buttons were straining from being closed around her more than ample breasts.

While he was looking at her, he thought, Shit, I'd be hard pressed to decide which of those two looks the best! To think, I had both of them naked last night and I fucked them both. I need to find some way to fit in some more time with them, especially Simone. She's such a nice person and she's definitely a great fuck. Somehow I get the feeling that she's been holding back with me, and that our sex could be even better.

It's almost like she's afraid of getting too close to me. She and I have never really discussed where our relationship stands. Maybe next time we're alone, I need to bring it up and see how she feels and what her plan is for how she wants to see us play out.

He snapped out of his musings when he heard Amy say, "Howdy! What's up, you guys?"

Both of them replied, "Hi, Amy."

Once he and Amy got out of the car, he walked over and gave each girl a nice hug. Knowing how competitive Heather was, instead of trying to hug them both individually, he wrapped one arm around each of them so they couldn't claim that he was showing favoritism to one or the other. He said, "Wow, you two look great."

Simone pulled away from the hug so that Alan could check out her entire body. She smiled, put her hands on her hips in a provocative manner, and said, "Of course I do. We'll just ignore Heather, since we all know that I have the better body."

Heather was furious. She knew that her friend was attempting to joke but it still sent a surge of anger through her when she heard Simone imply that she had a better body than hers. "What did you say? You better take that back right now! Did you forget who you're taking to?! I'm not the head cheerleader and soon-to-be Homecoming Queen for nothing!"

Alan spoke up, "Easy, Heather. You know that Simone's just messing with your head. I think that you both look amazing. No way would I be able say which one of you had the best body. What do you think, Aims?"

Amy looked at the other two while pretending to make an assessment. Then she finally said, "Mmmm, well if I have to choose... I'd say that I have the best body, with those two tied for a close second!" She giggled.

Heather wasn't completely happy, since Alan hadn't said that she was sexier than anyone else, but she still considered it a small victory since he did say that her friend wasn't better looking. Plus, she figured that Amy was just being cheeky. Even so, she rather childishly crossed her arms and stuck out her tongue at Simone.

Simone looked at Heather and said, "Hey, be careful with that thing! Don't stick it out unless you're willing to use it!"

Alan and Amy laughed at that.

Finally Heather, realizing that it all had been a joke, stuck her tongue out again and replied, "Who says I'm not willing?"

All four of them couldn't help but laugh that time. Finally Heather asked Alan, "Where's your sister at?"

"She's running behind, but she should be here any minute."

"Okay. We'll give her a few more minutes before we start heading in."

Alan nodded and looked towards the school. He saw all the other girls that were in on the plan walking in their direction. Christine was in the lead Following right behind her were Kim, Janice and Joy. The rest of Christine's and Heather's cliques were behind them as well. He thought, Fuck me! It looks like an entire all-female battalion coming in, ready to fight.

Christine was wearing her Wonder Woman T-shirt since she knew how big an effect it had on him, plus it seemed fitting to the occasion. She also wore a pair of tight, light denim jeans.

Her face showed little to no emotion. It wasn't because she was upset at seeing Alan talking with the other three. She had made a promise that she was going to try to get along with Heather and she meant it. It was just that she was completely focused on the task of putting on a show of unity behind Alan. Plus, she was trying not to let her lust and love for him show in such a public situation.

He noticed her shirt and thought, Yep, Wonder Woman to the rescue! Woo-hoo! And she's leading a bunch of other superheroes into battle. The bad thing is, with her wearing that, how am I supposed to think straight? So much bouncy goodness. Every time she takes a step, her huge tits swing back and forth!

Amy giggled and sang as if she was listening to the theme song, "Wonder Woman!"

Just before Christine and the rest of the crew could get there, Alan saw Susan pulling her minivan into the parking lot to drop Katherine off at school. He signaled for Katherine to get dropped off next to where they were standing.

Alan knew that he needed to be careful not to tip off Heather to the incest, so when the minivan stopped to let Katherine out, he walked around the driver side so he could talk quietly to his mother.

Susan dropped her head and avoided eye contact because she was afraid that he was still upset with her.

He whispered in a friendly tone, "Good morning, Sex Cow."

Susan raised her head and turned to face him. She was being very careful, knowing the others were nearby. She was also dressed very prudishly. "Good morning, Tiger. You're not still upset at me?"

"Mom, how could I be? We all understand, but things have gotten to the point that I had to put my foot down. It's partially my own fault; I have to start making stuff more fair and balanced between each of you. But don't forget what day today is." He smiled knowingly. "When I get out of school, your ass is mine. I hope you'll be ready, because I'm going to have to show you who's who and what's what!" (He was confident nobody else was close enough to listen in, and he was speaking quietly, but just to be safe he had phrased that in a way that could be interpreted in multiple ways.)

Susan gasped and then smiled when it hit her that he really wasn't upset and that he was going to have some time later to give her the grand fucking that she so badly needed. "Oh Tiger, I can't wait! Now hurry on in to school. I'll see you later. I don't know if Suzanne told you yet or not, but she told me to go ahead and get the new cell phones and bring them to the hospital after school."

"She told me, and I'm glad. That should free up even more time later." As he started to walk back to the others, he turned around and said, "Bye, Mom. I love you."

"Love you too, Tiger." Susan raised the minivan window and drove off with a big smile on her face.

Katherine joined the group about the same time as Christine and the rest of them arrived. She quickly greeted everyone there but made sure not to be too affectionate with Alan. She had been advised by Suzanne just as Susan had been about how much they should allow Heather to see, so she just walked up and playfully said, "Good morning, doofus!"

Christine, however, knew that Heather had already figured out Christine's feelings for Alan, so after the casual greeting with Katherine and the others, she wanted to wrap her arms around him too and kinda of awkwardly did so. It wasn't the full-on hug that she really wanted, but even though Heather knew, Christine still didn't want the rest of them to know anything yet. She knew there would be trouble if more sexual rumors about Alan started at this point.

Her modest hug caused Alan to stand there for a few seconds before patting her on the back. He was careful to hug her from the side so he wouldn't feel her enormous breasts pressed into his chest. However, even a partial hug secretly confused and distressed him. What is she doing? I thought we weren't going to let anyone else know yet that we're this close! Not that I'm complaining, but I thought she was going to be more careful than this. "Ice Queen Christine" doesn't even do half-hugs, so just that much contact is going to raise red flags.

Christine was thinking to herself, What the hell? Can't he give me a real hug too? Maybe I just need to show him that I want him to hug me. I bet if I tore off my clothes and dropped down to my knees and started sucking on him, he'd know how much I want him to show me some affection!

Hot damn! To think that just a week ago I barely even knew what a blowjob was. Now, my mouth starts to water whenever I so much as think about getting near him! But I can't think about that now. Gotta keep my poker face.

But then again, why the hell shouldn't I let them see me being at least a little bit affectionate with him? The whole plan was to keep Heather from knowing, but she already knows. So why shouldn't I go ahead and hug him in front of her and whoever else is around? However, Christine knew that wasn't prudent so she was careful not to do anything more.

When she finally pulled away, he quietly asked so that only she could hear, "Did I miss something? I thought we weren't going to do that yet at school."

"We weren't, but when Heather and I were talking yesterday, she figured out that I'm in love with you. I pretty much admitted to the rest of it after that. So now I don't see as much need in trying to hide it, and I want to hug you even more. But I figured it would cause more rumors and possibly more trouble, so I kind of half-assed it just now at the last second."

"Good thinking, "Alan said as he turned to speak to the others. He had planned on just casually saying hello to the ones he knew, one by one, which he did for a while.

But when he got to the remainder of the cheerleaders, they had other plans. Janice and Joy ran up to him on both sides and wrapped their arms around him. That left his front for Kim, who took the open spot and did the same.

Kim thought, I may not normally be into dicks, but I'm ready to fuck him anytime he's willing. My pussy has been missing him at the S-club meetings. I hope he'll be able to keep his promise about us hanging out soon. It's been so long now that I'm probably going to cum before he even gets started good. That's okay though, because I'm sure that'll only be the first of many more cums just like it.

Simone walked up to him and spoke quietly so only the three cheerleaders hugging him could hear. "I think they have a good idea. Why don't we all just stay out here and make out all day instead of going to class? I know I'd be more than happy doing that."

Alan looked at the expressions on the faces of the Blondies and the Goody Goodies, before answering just as quietly, "Now Simone, I barely know half these girls. We can't do that. Please don't get me into more trouble."

Simone got close to him and whispered teasingly, "Oh, don't worry about the ones you don't know. Let them get one hand on your cock and they'll get used to you REAL quick."

Janice, Joy, and Kim could hear that, so they all murmured their agreement. Each of them were tempted to fondle his crotch but they all resisted due to all the others standing nearby. Nevertheless, they continued to give him an unusually friendly triple hug.

Heather had moved in close enough to hear. She couldn't believe that her best friend was trying to get him involved with even more competition. She stomped her foot on the ground and said, "Didn't you hear him? He said that wasn't going to happen!"

She fumed, I've got enough competition already. If any more girls get involved with him, I may as well go hide in a fucking closet somewhere, because that'll be about as much as I'd get noticed.

Katherine saw that it was almost time for school to start and that there were a LOT of students still gathered around the entrance. She said, "If we're gonna do this, I guess it's about that time."

Alan agreed, so he broke free of the triple cheerleader attack. Then he addressed the entire group. "Okay, everyone, I want you to know that I'm grateful to all of you for coming here and being willing to take this stand against bullying. Most of all, I guess I have Heather and Christine to thank for coming up with their plan. I know that I don't know all of you, but thank you nonetheless. Now, if we're all ready, someone please lead the way."

Everyone formed a circle around Alan and started walking towards the front door of the school. Amy was walking on his left side, while Simone was on his right. Heather and Christine walked side by side in front of him and Katherine walked behind him. Kim, Joy, and Janice led the group. It ended up being a group of twenty people walking towards the front door.

As they started forward, Alan was thinking about Amy and kept hearing in his head, "Sweet Child o' Mine" by Guns n' Roses.

She's got eyes of the bluest skies
As if they thought of rain
I hate to look into those eyes
And see an ounce of pain
Her hair reminds me of a warm safe place
Where as a child I'd hide
And pray for the thunder
And the rain
To quietly pass me by

Katherine knew that everyone was looking forward, so thought about playing with his ass. She concluded that was too risky: even a quick ass pat might raise questions. Still, she felt tempted, because seeing him actually being treated like a harem master with so many beautiful girls surrounding him was driving her wild with lust. Of course these weren't his real harem women, but in her lusty imagination it looked like he was leading his women in a very blatant, public manner.

She thought, Dear Lord, please give me strength! This is the kind of scene a fuck-toy sister lives for, even if it's kind of an illusion. Gaawwwd, he's such a stud, even if he hasn't fucked most of them yet. Yet! He'll probably plow his way through most of them before the year is up. All I can think about is that I'm going to fuck my brother-master-husband the first chance I get! Besides, I have to make sure he still knows who his number one fuck-toy is!

The group walked forward slowly and methodically, making sure that everyone still lingering outside the school saw them. One of the people there was Donna. When Heather saw Donna watching them, she locked her eyes on her rival and kept them glued to her the entire time.

Heather was thinking, That's right, bitch! Watch out! This is my man and my choice. I know you think that you're going to use this against me to win Homecoming Queen, but you're too stupid to realize that being with him and the support that I'm going to get from him and Christine all but guarantees me the win.

Donna saw the mass of girls walking her way and that they were all encircling Alan. What the hell are they doing? I see all the cheerleaders, including Heather. I see Simone and some of Heather's flunkies. But surely I must be seeing things. Christine and some of her Goody Goodies are in that group as well?

No fucking way! I know Christine and Heather can't have become friends all of a sudden; they absolutely hate each other! I'm willing to bet that Heather has some angle she's working here. I don't give a damn how good some guy fucks; I'm not going to play along with my worst enemy just to be able to screw him!

Donna looked around to see if she could spot Brad anywhere, but he wasn't there. After our talk yesterday, I'm going to have to find Brad to see if he's been able to learn anything new. I'm also curious to get his opinion on all of this.

Heather and Christine had secretly worked out another surprise for the other students. They waited until they were right in the middle of the crowd at the doorway and stopped so suddenly that Alan, Amy, and Simone almost walked into them.

They paused briefly, then turned to face each other. While everyone was still in shock, they shook hands in front of everyone to make sure that there would be little doubt that the two of them were working as a team.

Alan was standing next to them. Even though he wasn't aware that they had planned it, he placed a hand on their closer shoulders and nodded. "I'm very proud of both of you. I really didn't think the two of you would be able to work together, but you proved me wrong. I promise you this will not be forgotten."

Both girls beamed when they heard that. Heather thought, Cool. More brownie points! I actually wasn't thinking that gesture would impress him that much. I'm going to have to come up with other things to impress him. He keeps telling me that I'm smart; maybe that can be something that I can apply myself to.

Unfortunately, the real kudos for this whole morning march go to the Ice Queen. Hopefully she won't tell him that and he'll continue to give us both credit for it. I'm not thrilled about it, but I would MUCH rather share credit with her than have her get it all for herself.

Naturally it had been Christine's idea, so she was thinking, I know him too well. I may have to share this moment with that skanky bitch, but that's okay. It's still something in my favor that gets me closer to him. When the day comes that I'm ready to have sex with him, he won't hesitate. Plus maybe if I keep this up, I might be able to find out who the rest of the girls in his harem are.

Donna walked up to Heather and asked, "So what is this, Heather? It's real funny seeing you and the Blondies walking with 'Pristine Christine'. You must be making her do your homework or something. If you keep being seen talking to her, your reputation will be shot."

Heather didn't reply immediately, so Donna turned to Christine and asked, "So why is the Virgin Queen talking to Heather the Super Slut?"

Before Christine could answer, Heather replied, "Take that back. I've been getting to know Christine and she's nothing like that!"

Alan, not wanting to let the girls have more time to get into an argument, nodded towards the door and asked the group, "Ladies, shall we?"

Kim understood what he was suggesting, so she opened the doors and led them all inside.

As they entered as one mass, they filled almost the entire width of the hallway. Other students had to walk away from them and stand in spots between the lockers to give the large group room to pass. Most of the students were too shocked to say anything, though Alan did notice a few of them whispering to each other.

When they got inside, as Donna followed behind she thought, What does Heather think gives her the right to lay claim to him? She acts like fucking him is such a life-changing experience, but she'd fuck anybody! Just wait and see. I'm far sexier than that tramp. Maybe I should steal him away from her and rub her face in it.

Sheila had been walking to the Principal's office when she saw the group walk past. There's Alan now. Who are all of those girls with him and why are they walking together like that? I recognize a few of them from what happened during lunch yesterday, but who are the others? Surely that kid isn't involved with all of them. Those have to be most of the hottest girls in the school! Well, except for me, of course, but I'm not a student.

Sheila looked over and saw Donna standing outside the door. She remembered thinking the day before that she needed to talk to Donna to learn what she knew about Alan and the various rumors that were circulating about him, and also what Donna might know about why the attack on Alan had happened on Friday night. So instead of going to the Principal's office as she had intended, she walked over to Donna to speak to her one-on-one.


Just before the warning bell rang for first-period class, the group broke into three smaller groups. One was centered around Alan, another around Katherine, and the last around Amy. That way it still allowed all the girls to provide the protection they had agreed upon and also get the three protectees to their respective classes.

The group around Katherine consisted of Kim, Joy, Janice, and most of the Blondies. Alan had told Christine that he would feel better if she and her Goody Goodies escorted Amy to her class. However, Amy and Christine both stood their ground since that was illogical, because Christine and Alan shared a first-period class. With time running out, Alan finally relented and sent Heather and Simone with Amy.

Once the groups broke up and went their respective ways, he quietly said to Christine as they walked down the hallway, "You surprised me when you almost hugged me in front of everyone, even if it was a side hug. I'm sure that's going to start some tongues wagging, because you've never been known to hug anybody. Maybe we need to consider speeding up the timeframe that we discussed about letting everyone know. Especially now that Heather knows."

"Maybe, but we need to talk to the others again to see what they think. Even though no one wants to hear me say it, Heather needs to be the one we talk to the most. She can predict how her clique would react and that could give us an idea of how others will react. I think I can control rumors from my girls. I really wanted to just go all out, until I talked myself out of it."

"Cool, and you're right, but everyone is going to know soon enough. Isn't the best defense a good offense? It just kinda seems to me like that, since Heather knows, it would be better for the others to learn it directly from us instead of hearing about it from someone else who doesn't know all the facts."

"You might have a point," she conceded.

He added, "Mind you, I'm not talking about right away. We need to see how these recent developments shake out first. But I don't want to wait a whole month either." He was going to say more about wanting to express his feelings for her, but he held his tongue since they were in a public place.

Christine nodded, deep in thought as she considered that.

Wanting to lighten the mood, he said, "Hey, I've got a joke for you."

She dropped her head and said, "Oh no, not again."

"Yep. So a sexy, busty blonde orders a pizza. The waiter asks the blonde, 'How many slices do you want it cut into?' The super-hot blonde replies, 'Only six, please; I can't eat twelve.'"

"Really?" She looked to make sure no one was close enough to hear before adding, "I bet you'd like me to show you how much I could eat!"

He laughed and held his hands up in defeat telling her, "I surrender. You win."

She smirked, "That's what I thought."

"Then again, if you're willing. I definitely am. Maybe we should just skip class and head somewhere more secluded."

Christine wasn't prepared for him to be ready to take her up on it, so she wasn't sure what to say. Fuck him! He just has no idea how bad I'd love to do just that. It pisses me off and yet turns me on so damn much that I don't know what to do anymore.

Seeing that he had her speechless, he added, "Later then. Possibly later at school. We'll just wait and see."

Christine immediately felt her nipples get hard and her heart start racing. Her palms were sweating and she could only imagine how great it would be. She asked, "By the way, why is the blonde in the joke 'sexy,' 'busty,' and 'super-hot?' How is that necessary?"

He grinned impishly as he responded, "I suppose it didn't help the joke. But for some strange reason, I seem to have a sexy, busty, super-hot blonde on my mind." He gave her a quick leer up and down her body as they continued to walk.

She immediately blushed. Dammit! Why does he have to say that now, just as we're going into class?! And why do I feel all hot and blushing? He used to tease me like that and it only made me feel flattered and slightly amused. But now, I have this almost irresistible desire to kiss him, hug him, and more! Much more!

She furtively glanced down at his crotch. Hmmm. I don't see an obvious bulge, but there's no telling with him. He's erect nearly all the time. I have this curious craving... to touch it. Even, even... to suck it! Mmmm, yes. Especially that! But I can't do anything right now. It's so frustrating!

Things had calmed down slightly as they were nearing their class. Luckily, they still had some time to spare, thanks to everyone in their group arriving at school early. Both of them realized they were only going to make each other more sexually frustrated when first period began.

Unfortunately, Mark stepped out from beside the last set of lockers before they reached the door.

Christine saw the threat and immediately moved in front of Alan. She immediately clicked into a fighting mode without being too obvious with her body posture.

Mark sneered at Alan, "Well, well, well. I see you're still trying to hide behind a girl. Still not man enough to fight your own battles, huh?"

Alan said, "Mark, please just go away and leave me alone. I still don't know what I did to you to make you hate me so much. The only thing I can figure is that you must have wanted one of these girls for yourself, but got rejected somehow." Little did Alan know, but he had hit the nail on the head.

Mark gritted his teeth and stepped towards Alan, but Christine's stance made that impossible.

Christine growled, "Butt out, Mark! You've gone far enough!"

Mark's anger seemed to be growing. "Mighty feisty, aren't you? You do realize that you're all alone and it could be too late before help arrives."

Christine replied, "What are you talking about? We're almost to class and the bell is going to ring at any moment. If I scream, at least one teacher will come running in a flash."

Mark couldn't deny that. "Yeah, well, you can't protect him all the time."

Christine subtly struck a more menacing pose. "Maybe not, but rest assured that if something like that were to happen... I would come looking for you. You have no idea who you're dealing with! Please make sure that you think that through before you do something stupid."

Mark looked Christine up and down and decided that discretion was the better part of valor. "That's fine. Just remember that Alan's punishment doesn't have to just include a physical beating. In fact, I think just continuing to embarrass him will do more harm. If I can ever prove certain rumors that I've heard, I assure you that NO ONE in this school will want to have anything to do with him."

Alan chimed in, "Look, if you think you know something that you can use, go ahead. The one thing that you fail to understand is that most of my lovers know exactly who all of the others are. So while it's true that you may cause me some discomfort and prevent me from attracting anyone new, you won't break up what I already have. Actually, you'd be doing me a huge favor because I really can't afford to take on anyone else."

Mark's face darkened. "You arrogant little shit! Maybe I should just got find your airhead girlfriend and fuck her for myself. Show her what a real man can do. She's so dumb, it's no wonder she fucked you. Her IQ probably doesn't go above 30. Everyone talks about how ditsy she is. Or maybe I should flirt with your slutty excuse for a teacher. It's obvious if she flirts with you, she'd fuck anybody."

Alan wanted to hide the fact that Mark was getting under his skin, but wasn't doing a very good job of it. Mark could see it too, so added, "Or maybe I should go find that smoking hot sister of yours. She's such a virgin that her tight little cunt will hurt as I stretch it out with my cock. She'll be screaming in agony and I'll just leave her lying there in a pool of her own blood."

Mark was on a roll, seeing that he was having an effect. "Or better yet, once I have her pinned down, maybe I should just let the rest of the football team run a train and fuck her over and over, breaking that little virgin pussy in thoroughly."

Still standing behind Christine (because she wouldn't get out of the way), Alan sputtered, "Hey! What the hell is your problem?!"

That didn't slow Mark at all. "You think that you're something special now that you're fucking Heather. She's made a fool of herself by saying that she loves you. News flash! Everyone else in this school has been on that ride already. That bike has been ridden so much that I can't believe the parts still work anymore. Her pussy is so stretched out that I'm surprised some pencil dick like you hasn't gotten lost in there."

Christine could see that Alan was getting more and more agitated. So, to keep things from getting too far out of hand, she said to Mark in a no-nonsense tone, "Enough of this. You heard what he said. Either put up or shut up. Now if you'll excuse us, we have a class to get to. Unless you think that you'd like to try something further."

"No thanks. Not right now. Maybe we can have a little fun later though. I think wrestling you to the ground could be fun. Be sure to keep you confidence intact so I can enjoy crushing it even more. It'll make it even more enjoyable watching you squirm while I pop your little cherry too." Then he smiled a toothy grin and walked down the hall away from them.

Alan and Christine didn't realize that Brad had been just down the hall behind them, watching the confrontation. He had followed them, trying to learn more since his conversation with Donna had increased his interest. He thought, Interesting! Dang it, I couldn't hear everything that they were saying but it doesn't exactly look like Mark is a fan of Alan either. Maybe Donna is right and there's still more going on with him than we know about. I'm going to need to think this through carefully, but I think it's about time that Amy and I have a little talk. And I'm going to have to talk to Mark too.

Before Alan and Christine made their way into the classroom, Alan said to her, "God, I'm so pissed off! He can insult me all he wants, but when he insults you, and Amy, and my sister, he crosses the line! Even his comments about Heather made me see red, and I've been known to insult her more than a few times myself!"

Christine replied, "Don't let that get to you. He was just trying to provoke you."

"Unfortunately, it worked. Mark was right about one thing: you can't be with me all the time. I didn't like standing behind you. I understand why you did it, but it made me look like a wimp. I really want you to teach me some ways to protect myself. I'm not looking to become the next Bruce Lee, but just have the ability to keep myself from being pummeled into a pile of dirt."

Christine stood at the door to the classroom as she said, "For me, training is either all or nothing. I train to be the best that I can possibly be, not just enough to get by. However, I think that you're right. Maybe we should see if Katherine and Amy want to join in as well. I seriously doubt it could hurt if they learned a few ways to avoid being a victim."

They entered the classroom and went to their seats. Since the teacher and other students were nearby, they couldn't really discuss what had happened with Mark.

Christine was sitting there glancing at her new lover and thinking, Mark might have found a bigger weakness in our plans than any physical attack. He definitely ruffled Alan's feathers. I can't say that I blame Alan for being upset by what Mark said to him.

Alan really cares about Amy, Heather, Ms. Rhymer, and me. Plus, with Katherine being his sister, it's natural he would be especially protective of her. I really need to find out who his other lovers are so I can start making contingency plans to ensure they're all safe. I wonder why he's still so afraid to tell me who the rest of them are.

Is he trying to protect me somehow by not telling me? For Christ's sake, if I can find a way to deal with him having sex with Ms. Rhymer, Amy, Heather, Simone, Kim, and Amy's mom, why wouldn't I accept the others? I'm pretty sure that Joy and Janice either are his lovers or want to be, judging by the way they were all over him in the parking lot.

That's nine girls right there, counting me, and it's all of the cheerleading team except for Katherine! Wait a second... surely he isn't! No way they're...! Is that why Mark said what he did about Katherine? I just assumed that he was saying it because of her being his sister, but could I have been wrong?

Ewwwww! That would be too gross and sickening for me to accept! I couldn't continue to see him or be friends with either of them if that were true. Surely if it was, Amy would have told me about it and I KNOW that Ms. Rhymer wouldn't be having sex with him if he was. She feels the same way about that as I do. And Heather would have already told the entire school before now.

Heck, what was I thinking with that sort of suspicion? I guess I'm just rattled after seeing how easily Mark got to Alan by talking about all of us. At least now I'm over my lusty mood, thanks to that confrontation with Mark, which should let me actually focus on class. That's a pretty small consolation though.

Alan thought as he sat there in silence, Gaawwwd, I'm still really pissed! I can't stand the idea of any of them getting hurt. I really appreciate Christine protecting us, but she can't be with all of us all the time. I would still prefer to have her walk with either of the other two than with me, but we do have the same first-period class. Maybe if we got to school a few minutes earlier, Christine would have a chance to walk with them and make it back here in time. I could go with her the whole way, so I'd be covered too.

I don't really want to insist, but I will if I have to. I do enjoy her company, but I have to think past that to the safety of Sis and Aims. Especially with the way Mark seems to keep getting more and more into the role of being my adversary. If he were just threatening me, it wouldn't bother me so much, but he's threatening everybody. Either I'm going to have to find a way to make sure they're safe or I'm going to need to find a way to talk some sense into him.

Maybe if it's that he feels like he's not getting the girl of his choice, some girl he's got a thing for, I can get Heather and Christine to ask around to see who it is and maybe I could find a way to help. Not that I want to help him, but I've got do whatever it takes to protect those I love.

In an attempt to lighten the mood, just after the bell rang for the class to start, Christine turned to Alan sitting next to her and whispered, "My turn to have a joke for you. There was this brunette boy in school who walked up to his teacher and asked what time it was. The teacher told him that it was 1:45. The boy got this puzzled look on his face and told the teacher that he'd been asking that question all day and everyone gave him a different answer."

"Ha. Ha. Ha. Very funny." Alan forced a smile, but he was unable to laugh, because his mind was occupied with his worries.

NOTES: I would like to thank Spacer X for his suggestions that improved continuity of the characters with those of STD Proper, and Sam.I.am for his detailed editing. I'd also like to thank bdgv for his help in brainstorming and making suggestions for this part.

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