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6TD: A Different Path – Part 8
Eye of the Tiger
Day +3: Tuesday, December 3

Timeframe: The days immediately after the end of 6TD Proper.

Story codes TBD

Written by Silent Assassin

Copyright © 2015 Silent Assassin; All Rights Reserved.

This is a Fanfic spinoff of the epic e-novel by Spacer X.


Judy woke up with Tiffany lying in her arms, both of them still naked from their fun after she had arrived home after work. She stayed completely still and thought back to the fun the two of them had before passing out.

Judy had done just as Alan had asked her to and left his cum on her chest. She didn't warn Tiffany about it being on there, so as usual; they hadn't been eating the pizza long before Tiffany had started removing Judy's top.

Since they usually crashed on the floor when they were eating something quick like that so late at night, Tiffany had edged closer to Judy's side after eating just over one slice of pizza. She had grabbed Judy's top and Judy raised her arms to allow her to easily pull it over her head.

Tiffany had noticed there was something on her chest at that point, but didn't really start getting curious as to what it was until she had Judy's bra off and moved back around to sit so they could face each other. She always loved just taking time to gaze at Judy's bare breasts, and that night wasn't any different.

Finally, she asked Judy, "What's that on your skin? Did you get some type of new lotion to use and that's how it looks when it's dried on there?"

Judy laughed and replied, "You could say something like that. Except for this is an edible lotion."

Tiffany grinned. "Oh really? What flavor?"

"Some type of fruit, I think. Wanna taste?"

"Absolutely!" Tiffany had crawled back over to Judy and started kissing her neck. She slowly made her way down to her breasts.

Judy had been afraid that Tiffany would have been grossed out by licking her like that without her having had a shower first, but instead she saw Tiffany appeared to be enjoying herself as she started sucking on her nipples.

Judy remembered thinking, Gaawwwd, it's like the more she tastes of his cum, the more aroused she gets! I don't recall ever seeing her so focused when we've been together. Usually I have to take the lead and end up doing most of the work.

Tiffany pulled her lips off of Judy's nipples long enough to say, "You're right! I do taste sort of a fruity taste to it, but it's not really strong anymore. I guess it's because it's been on there so long and has mostly dried up. If you'll tell me where it is, I'll go grab it real quick and put some more on you and me both. That way we both can take turns licking it off!"

Judy was forced to say, "You can't. I don't have any more with me." Not tonight at least, but maybe I can bring some more home tomorrow night. I don't know if it'll be splattered all over my chest again or where, but I'm sure going to try getting more of it for myself!

Tiffany sighed sadly. "Bummer. We'll have to go to the store tomorrow to pick up some more then."

"We can't do that either." Judy frowned with genuine frustration.

"Why not? Was it on clearance somewhere?"

"Not exactly. See, it really isn't lotion at all. It's... a guy's cum."

Tiffany's eyes opened wide in surprise. "What? No way! Cum doesn't taste like this. This is like... dessert! Very funny, Judy, you almost had me there."

"No, I'm serious. You know how my fantasy is based on reading all those submissive novels and stories? Well, I've actually met some people that really live like that. Somehow, I've kinda gotten involved with a boy who... well let's just say he has a hot babe for a girlfriend that doesn't mind sharing."

Tiffany had sat back in awe and said to her partner, "Wow! I need details! A boy?!"

"Um, more like a young man."

"Whoa! That still is amazing. You have to explain to me how a guy's cum ends up on your tits."

Judy couldn't help but grin. "You won't believe it when I tell you. Actually, he has TWO hot babes for girlfriends! We're talking 'perfect ten' knockouts that make you and me practically look like old hags. The whole thing practically defies belief. But I saw it with my own eyes!"

Tiffany sat up, striking a sexy nude pose. "Okay, you have my full attention. Tell me everything!"

Judy went through and explained how she had met Glory, Suzanne, and Alan. She explained to her friend that it had been made very obvious that they were more than willing to share. She even went into very explicit details on how things had physically progressed with Alan and Suzanne.

However, she omitted certain details because she didn't know how much he would want her to reveal and she didn't want him to get mad at her. She kept the story simple by focusing on just Alan, Glory, and Suzanne and not mentioning his other lovers or those she suspected of being his lovers. She also skipped other details, such as the way his women called him "Master."

Judy was able to tell that Tiffany was already getting super turned on just from being told that it was jizz on her breasts from the way that she wasn't able to sit still. She couldn't help but to giggle at the way her lover was squirming about on the floor. So she continued by explaining how Alan seemed to be able to take control of the situation without being a jerk and how it made her feel like that was what she had been missing in her relationships with other guys.

Most importantly, she made sure to explain in great detail how she had ended up on her knees with her top off giving him a handjob, and how it had been a rollercoaster ride of embarrassment and arousal. Especially when he had made her do all of that with the other three that had been in the room.

She didn't tell Tiffany, but remembered thinking to herself, If the four of them only knew how close I had come to putting that big monster in my mouth and sucking him off! If given a chance today, I'm going to see if I can do just that. Why the hell not? I'd want to do it even if it tasted bad, because he's a handsome, nice, and yet dominant guy with the perfect-sized cock. The fact his cum tastes like sweet candy makes it a no-brainer! I'm going to be nice enough to ask for permission from Glory and Suzanne before I just do it since they are nice enough to be sharing their man with me.

Gaaawwwd, I can't wait! I'm gonna suck that fat cock like my life depends on it! Talk about a sweet, sweet reward to help motivate me. Phew! I still can't believe that Tyler didn't smell it on me when we went over our patients last night before I left. Either that, or she smelled it and didn't know what it was since his cum doesn't taste or smell like other guys. That has to be why she didn't question it! If she had known what it was and how it ended up on me, she'd have turned me in for sure. Then I would have lost my job. Maybe whatever fun we have tonight can happen early enough so that I can get partially cleaned up.

Or better yet, maybe I'll see if he can just cum in my mouth. That way, there won't be anything to clean up. Plus, I'll get the benefit of being able to taste every last drop! Suddenly, work is going to be so much fun!

By the time she got to the part in her story to Tiffany of describing how Alan had shot his cum all over her chest and neck area, it wasn't just Tiffany that was worked up, but her pussy was soaking wet again too. It helped that she knew that her and her female slut were going to wind up with an intense fuck from all of it. When she got around to describing how some of it had landed on the side of her face and she had wiped it with her fingers and then sucked them clean, she rubbed her finger back across the same spot and promptly started sucking on it again.

Trying to distract herself just enough to allow herself to finish telling Tiffany what had transpired, Judy crawled closer to her and slowly started sliding her hands up Tiffany's inner thighs; allowing her body to come up between Tiffany's legs. She stopped as both of her hands were on top of Tiffany's cunt and she had her clit caught between her thumbs. As she gently began rubbing her thumbs together with the already engorged clit right in the middle, she placed her face just inches from her partner's soaked outer lips.

Tiffany adjusted herself on the floor to allow Judy easier access to her tight little box.

When she did, Judy moved the panties out of her way and used her fingers to spread the waiting lips apart. Judy wanted to get Tiffany so hot that she would almost explode, so she leaned in the last couple of inches and drove her tongue deep into Tiffany's twat.

Tiffany's body jerked from the extreme increase in arousal. Her hands were gripping the sofa so tightly to keep from falling over, that her knuckles were completely white.

Seeing that she was succeeding at making her friend crazy with desire, Judy backed off so she could finish up the story. "To make it even more amazing, he has SEVERAL current women chomping at the bit to have sex with him! And you wouldn't believe me if I tell you how busty and beautiful they all are."

Tiffany asked eagerly, "Are they perfect tens too?!"

Judy was strangely boastful. "To call them perfect tens doesn't even do them justice. It's like they're movie stars! It's almost as if he truly is a master of a harem of sex slaves. It's all like something out of one of my most arousing fantasies, but right here in the real world!"

Tiffany was out of breath, but managed to reply, "Come on, Judy, I think your imagination might be getting just a tad carried away, don't you?"

Judy was sure if she should tell Tiffany that she knew for certain that he was indeed such a master, but didn't want to risk Suzanne or Glory getting mad at her. She also realized that she was letting her lust take over and she shouldn't have mentioned his other lovers without permission. She decided it best to let it drop until she discussed it further with those two. So she just muttered, "Maybe so. I mean, I don't know if these other women are actually involved with him. They just seem to look at him in a... hungry manner. It could be just in my mind. You know me, I can get pretty emotional."

Tiffany wasn't thinking clearly from the short lived tonguing that she just received, but was starting to come around. She still was happy for Judy and told her, "Even so, there's no denying that this cum is amaaaaaazing! I've never tasted cum that tastes this good. I think the next time you see him, you're going to have to invite him back to the house so we can share. I'd love to guzzle several loads of this as he shoots it straight down my throat!"

Judy frowned. "That sounds seriously hot. Unfortunately, it's not going to happen. It's not that I wouldn't be willing to share, but he has made it perfectly clear that I'm not allowed to get anyone else involved other than allowing you to lick it off of me."

Tiffany was visibly upset to hear that. "Oh, damn! That's a cruel tease. Can't you at least ask and see if he's willing to let me join in?"

"I'm sorry, but I'm still not even sure how I'm able to do what I'm doing, let alone try to get him to let you join in. I can ask, but I just hope that they don't get mad at me and stop me from having a little more fun with him until his girlfriend gets released from the hospital on Wednesday. Be patient, okay?"

"Okay. Do what you can. Maybe you can get to be his lover, or at least one of his lovers, and then slowly work me into the picture. If he has two lovers already, then they obviously have some kind of sharing arrangement. So why not have three? Or even four?"

July giggled. "You'd especially like 'four,' wouldn't you?"

Tiffany giggled too. "You know it! That would be great, if he's even half as amazing as you say he is! Plus, the proof is in the pudding, so to speak. I've only tasted his cum just this one time and I think I'm already addicted!"

"Me too," Judy said as she high-fived her friend.

After that, Judy and Tiffany made love on the floor in the living room, before Judy went to take a shower. When Judy was finished, Tiffany was waiting for her in the bedroom ready for round two. And that round wound up being even more fun than the first one.

Judy couldn't remember the last time she had so much fun and enjoyment with any of her lovers.

As Judy was lying there remembering the previous night, she looked at the clock and saw that she needed to get up to take another shower before heading in to see Glory and Suzanne before her shift started.

She gently slid out from underneath Tiffany and stood beside the bed looking out the window, marveling at how it was another pretty day. Judy's apartment was anything but extravagant, but it was the one thing that she had spent a nice chunk of her earnings on from her volleyball days.

What she liked most about it was that the entire side facing outdoors was nothing but windows. That gave her a superb view of the beaches. On her days off she could sit out on the balcony and watch fantastic sunsets out over the ocean. Since she was several floors above the ground, she would roam the apartment naked most of the time because she knew there wasn't any way that anyone could see her.

As she was looking out the window, she thought, I've still got a few hours before my shift starts. It's so pretty outdoors, I think I'm going to go ahead and fit my morning run in. Gotta try to stay in shape regardless of the sexual fun that might be in store with Alan or any of his sexy lovers. Plus, I can use that as motivation. I thought I was pretty hot stuff, but I'm going to have to raise my game to keep up with his busty beauties!

She grabbed a pair of black spandex running shorts and a black sports bra. As typical, she didn't put any panties on under her shorts. She left a note for Tiffany to let her know where she had gone.

As she took off out the door, she thought, At least going for a good run will help get my mind off of how horny I am and how I'm looking forward to seeing Alan's cock again. Damn, that guy has really affected me in a strangely powerful way, considering I didn't do much with him. But the way he controlled the whole situation and embarrassed me in front of the others... I don't know what it is, but I think that was the hottest thing that's ever happened to me! And to think that a mere handjob was better than any royal fucking! What'll happen when I get to blow him?! IF I get to blow him, that is!

Dammit, I have to stop thinking about it. I have to be realistic. I might not even get another chance with him. It's better if I just focus on my running. Whatever will be will be.

However, once she was outside and jogging down the sidewalk, she conceded to herself, Like running is really going to keep me thinking about getting my lips wrapped around his fantastic cock! God, I haven't even sucked him once and it's like I'm obsessed. I've never felt so totally aroused after just giving a guy a simple handjob. Somehow I'm afraid that I'm going to end up hopelessly addicted to his large sausage. No wonder he has all those stunning lovers, and they're willing to share. I can't put my finger on it exactly, but there's something special about him. I feel so giddy. Like a serious teenage crush!

But I can't let myself feel like that. I can't! I have to keep my priorities straight and not lose sight of my move to the East Coast coming up soon. I'm already going to have to break it off with Tiffany as it is, there's no need for me to get too close to anyone else. It'd just make it that much harder to leave if I do.

If only I had met Alan or the others months ago before I applied for the job at Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center, or at least before they called me to come out there for an interview. Who knows what might have happened then? But it's pointless to play the "what if" game.

She had already jogged a couple of blocks when she stopped in front of another apartment building to readjust her iPod. Once she finished making sure that it was securely in place, she was jogging in place and checking her watch making mental notes as to how long it would be before she would get to see Alan, Gloria, and Suzanne again. Unfortunately, she started jogging forward again without looking to see where she was going and was almost knocked over by the door bursting open.

"Oh my God! I am so sorry!"

Judy regained her balance, but once she saw the person that was apologizing to her, she was almost speechless. Since she had been looking down when the door had been opened, when she looked to respond to the apology, her eyes slowly made their way up taking in every inch of the woman's impressive body.

"Are you okay?"

"Oh, yeah, I'm fine. It was entirely my fault. I wasn't pay attention to where I was going," Judy replied as she was staring at a pair of near hot pink running shorts and a white top. She noticed the girl's light brown hair had blonde highlights in it. The girl was a few inches shorter than she was, and was basically smaller all around. But none of that took away from the fact that her body was very fit and toned.

The girl asked her, "Going for a run this morning?"

Judy recovered her wits and answered, "Yeah, it's too pretty of a morning not to. Plus I need to clear my head for a bit and running helps me do that."

"Same here. Well, the running part of it anyway. Would it be okay if I join you?"

"I'm not sure how good of company I'll be, but sure I guess it'd be okay. So, uh, sure."

"Cool. That way if you wanna talk, we can talk as we run."

Judy just looked at the other girl standing there in front of her before answering, "No promises, but we'll see."

"No worries. By the way, my name is Erica Stevens. What's yours?" Erica asked this as she extended her hand to shake.

Judy shook the smaller female's hand. "Judy. It's nice to meet you, Erica."

As they began jogging, Erica asked, "So what were you listening to?"

"'Eye of the Tiger' by Survivor. It was a pretty big hit back in the Eighties. You probably don't know it."

"Are you kidding? Everybody knows that song. I love Survivor. I have their greatest hits."

That left Judy stumped. The two ladies put their ear buds back in and started jogging down the sidewalk. Damn! First I meet Alan and his sex bombs and now this girl. Did I hit the "super hot friends" lottery and no one told me? I don't think she looks as hot as I do, but damn! Her breasts are definitely smaller, but anything bigger on her petite frame would almost too much.

Judy slowed down to let Erica get in front of her. She hoped that it appeared as though she was just choosing to run single file to keep from taking too much space away from the other pedestrians. What she was really doing, was getting lost in nice sexual dream as she watched Erica's firm ass muscles pop and contract as she was jogging. Well, maybe this is going to be a good day after all! The scenery really looks great anyway.


Susan had gone back home after dropping Katherine off at school to pick Brenda up. Her mood had improved significantly after having Alan tell her that he wasn't still upset with her. In fact, she was feeling so much better that she was going to take Brenda with her to grab the phones and maybe spend the day out shopping together.

When Brenda arrived at the Plummer house, she was wearing a form-fitting light orange skirt paired with a white blouse. She assumed that she would just be changing into another one of her French maid outfits, but Susan was standing just inside the door waiting on her.

Brenda bowed submissively, causing her gigantic globes to sway downwards. "Oh, good morning, Mistress Susan. You surprised me standing there like that. I'll go change and get started working right away."

Susan had changed out of the casual top and pants that she had worn to the school and was wearing a red silk blouse with a black skirt and her usual high heels. "Not today, Brenda. You and I are going to go do some girl stuff. We'll go pick up the phones for Tiger, Angel, and Amy. Then who knows after that. We'll just go where ever we want to and do whatever we want to do, to help pass the time until we can see our master again. Maybe we can grab some lunch somewhere nice while we're out."

Brenda's face lit up as she said, "Mistress Susan, that'll be fantastic! We can go get the phones first and then we can go pick up some new lingerie to wear for our handsome master. What do you think? Can you picture the look on his face if he comes home and sees us kneeling side by side, dressed in nothing but matching frilly see-through nighties?"

Susan licked her lips. She imagined her son standing tall above her with a large bulge in his shorts. She practically drooled as she imagined unzipping his fly and cramming his cockhead into her mouth while Brenda helped out by licking his balls. "Mmmm! That does sound good."

Brenda spoke with growing enthusiasm, because her thoughts were almost identical to Susan's. "Wow! I'm getting all hot thinking about how you and I could slurp and feast on his cock together! We might even swing by Stephanie's sex shop and see if they have any new stuff in for the poke-her party tomorrow night."

"Oooooooh, that sounds like fun." Susan's blissful smile turned to a frown. "But I'm going to warn you, I haven't talked to Master to see if there is even going to be a poke-her party this week."

Brenda moaned like she'd just been told a friend had died. "Awww! Don't say that, please! The poke-her party is one of the highlights of my week. Maybe THE highlight! Those completely changed my life and turned me into the submissive big-titted slave I am today!"

"I know, but-" Susan started to say.

Brenda continued passionately, "Why, to go a whole week without a poke-her party... I can't even imagine it! It would be like going all week without the Sun. Just dreary clouds and rain. Traditions are VERY important! Please, tell me the tradition isn't ending!"

Susan was finally able to talk. "Of course we'd all love to continue the tradition, and I'm sure we will. I love it as much as you do. Nothing makes me happier than seeing the whole harem get together to serve our master as one."

"Damn straight!" Brenda said, raising a fist in dramatic support. "Nothing puts me in my place more than being reminded I'm just one of his many sex slaves, thanks to a group event like that. We need to do that MORE often, not less!"

Susan went on, "I completely agree!" She stared off into space wistfully. "I love it so much looking around and seeing all his other slaves, each one of them naked, horny, and eager to serve. Why, just thinking about it gives me chills!"

Brenda added emphatically, "Just hearing you talking about thinking about it gives me chills! And it's making me all hot and bothered!" She flopped her arms up and down in frustration. since she wasn't able to act on her lust.

Susan nodded. "But this week is a special case. I'm not sure what's going to happen this time since the last I heard was that Glory will be discharged on Wednesday. So that's why I'm giving you fair warning."

Brenda became obviously depressed about the possibility about not having the routine party, but tried to hide it. "Well, that would be understandable, I guess. But let's get some new stuff just in case. We definitely don't want to let our master down if we do get to have the party. Besides, with any luck, there will be other occasions to serve and slobber all over his cock even before then. I don't know about you, but I could really use a good titfucking!" She hefted up her massive boobs from below.

Susan smiled widely. "I like where your mind is at. But if we just stand here talking about the endless spermy joys of getting our big tits fucked, we'll never get anything done. Let's go. We'll take my van. That way we'll have plenty of room for our stuff!"

Brenda was wearing a blue satin dress. She stopped just before going out the door and said to Susan, "Uh, Mistress Susan, I just remembered that I didn't put on any underwear under my dress. I assumed that I'd be coming out of them as soon as I got here anyway, so why bother."

Susan turned around and replied, "That's no problem. We're both sluts so it's good if we keep that mindset going as much as we can." She reached under her skirt and pulled her panties down and off her legs. Since her top was fairly conservative, and she didn't see any danger of showing too much skin if she were to remove her bra, she reached under her blouse and removed her bra as well. Then she tossed both under garments into the bin there near the door.

Seeing that Brenda was looking a little doubtful, Susan explained, "There's a lot we can do to serve our master even when he's not around. If we keep ourselves at least somewhat aroused, we'll serve his cock with that much more passion the next time we see him."

Naturally, with Susan's hyper sensitive nipples, as soon as the silk blouse started rubbing across them, they were instantly erect. As she started walking to leave, the feeling of the soft, smooth fabric was visibly increasing her arousal already, as shown by her heavy breathing.

Brenda could easily see that. She after a pause, she reluctantly told her, "Mistress, forgive me, but I think it might be best if you put your bra back on."

Susan had to stop and turn around again. "Why? Is it that obvious?"

Brenda was forced to nod. "Even if I was standing several hundred yards away, I could tell. Remember the trouble we had in the supermarket not that long ago? We have a hard enough time when we're together in public and all bundled up. You already look like you're in heat. The main thing is we need to stop it from getting any worse, or all anyone will smell in the stores will be your pussy."

Susan gazed longingly at Brenda's ample chest. "But you're clearly not wearing a bra."

"I know, but I can't with this top. However, it squeezes me tightly and keeps my 'babies' from bouncing around too much. Besides, I'm just one of Master's slaves, and I'm already corrupted due to the Adrian situation. You're his mother. It's more important to keep your total purity. Remember, you live to exclusively serve your son and his great big cock! You're still his PERSONAL cocksucker, and so much more! Other men shouldn't even get a good look at your curves. If we're in a pinch, I can serve as sort of a distraction for wandering eyes."

Susan giggled. "Okay, I guess that might be a good idea. BUT you are going to get a spanking later for telling me what to do."

That sent Brenda's heart racing. She squealed, "Oh, thank you, Mistress! God, I love this lifestyle. I am such a disobedient slave! I need to be punished a LOT!"

Susan just gave her wink as she removed her top to put her bra back on. She saw Brenda staring at her briefly exposed bare breasts and could tell that Brenda was thinking about doing something to them. "Don't you dare! As much as I'm sure that I'd enjoy whatever you're thinking, we need to go run these errands. I'm pretty sure that Master is still kind of upset with me and I want to show him that I can be good."

The sexy servant dropped her head like a whipped puppy as she said, "Yes, Mistress."

With that, the twosome left for the cellular store first.

Brenda looked down at her enormous breasts and how obvious it was that she wasn't wearing a bra thanks to the way the fabric of her dress was stretched from her erect nipples. Not to mention, the neckline of the dress was cut so low that any sudden movement would reveal them entirely to anyone within looking distance. However, she felt somewhat better knowing that Susan didn't have any panties on. It was like they were secretly partners in crime.

It was only about a twenty-minute drive from their house, so they filled their time singing along to Christmas songs playing on the radio.

Since Susan was driving, all she was doing was singing and occasionally glancing over at her friend who was moving her entire body in time with the music, causing her massive globes to sway back and forth. It was a wonder Brenda's extra long nipples didn't pop free at any moment.

"My... my... my! If Master was here to watch you now..." Susan said as she glanced over at her servant's mammoth breasts swaying.

Brenda smiled proudly. "You think?"

"I know! He'd be hypnotized by all your rhythmic bouncing. His cock would be so stiff and thick!"

Brenda licked her lips as she fantasized about slurping up and down Alan's shaft while he was fully dressed in the back seat and she was buck naked and getting aggressively groped by him. She put even more movement into her rocking motion. "Hee hee hee, I bet he'd have a heart attack caused by excessive titty flaunting!"

Susan laughed so hard that she snorted because she knew just how much her son liked big breasts. For once there wasn't an ounce of jealousy over Brenda's boobs being as large as they were. "Heaven forbid if Tiger would lean in and try to suck on one of them while they were moving like that. He'd probably get knocked out cold."

Brenda smiled knowingly. "Of course, he has the same problem with you. Out of all his women, we're definitely the titty-est!"

Susan had a good laugh at the word "titty-est." "That's true! You know, I used to be so jealous that yours are slightly larger than mine. And I still am, sometimes. But mostly I just happy that my son owns a gorgeous busty slave like you. Sharing IS better, and I love that I get to share him with you."

Brenda reached over and took Susan's free hand while Susan's other hand still held the driving wheel. Even with Susan having to drive, their eyes locked and they shared an emotional moment. Brenda smiled widely and said, "Me too! You're so much more than just my mistress and the mother to my master. I feel like we've become best friends. And when we're both naked and kneeling and lapping on his yummy thickness together, that's when I feel the closest to you of all."

Susan smiled widely too. She was about to say something, but then she realized the car was drifting out of its lane and she had to refocus on the road. The emotional moment was broken, but she still said, "Me too. Me too. Those really are the magic times, the perfect moments I wish could last forever. God, how I wish we could be licking on his sweet spot together, right now!"

Brenda sighed longingly. She wished with all her might that he was there with them and they were doing exactly that. But he wasn't, so she refocused and let go of Susan's hand. "We'd better change the subject before we get into an accident."

Susan also sighed longingly. "True." She reluctantly kept her eyes on the road.

Brenda tried to sound upbeat as she asked, "So what kind of phone are you going to get them?"

"I have no idea. I'm totally clueless when it comes to technology, but Suzanne gave me a task and I'm going to do it one way or another. I was actually hoping that you might help once we get to the store. I don't really want to get them the most expensive phones until I see how responsible they're going to be with them. After all, I don't want to spoil them."

Brenda snickered.

Susan blushed slightly. "Okay, I'll admit they get spoiled in certain ways, especially Tiger. But I'm his big-titted mommy and one of his sex slaves. It's kind of what I do. That just makes it all the more important not to spoil them in other ways. But I also want to get one that the other kids won't make fun of."

Brenda briefly patted Susan's nearest upper arm. "Don't worry; I fully understand about spoiling; especially when it comes to spoiling his great big cock. As for the phones, just leave it to me. I'll take care of everything and we won't tell Mistress Suzanne any different. Is that okay?"

"That would be great! Thank you Brenda, and just for that... I'm going to have to spank you even more for being so devious." Susan glanced over and saw how just mentioning the possibility of that happening was making Brenda squirm in her seat. She wanted to make her even more restless, so she added, "Now that I think about it, instead of using just my hand, I'm going to use that new rubber dildo to spank you and then my other hand to finger both of your holes."

Brenda's body started to obviously tremble as she unexpectedly fought off an orgasm, and she could feel the inside of her thighs becoming damp due to her pussy getting wetter than it already was. She grunted and growled for some long moments until she finally staved off her orgasmic urge. "Mistress Susan, please don't tease me like that when we're out and unable to do anything about it. That's too cruel."

While Susan was stopped at a red light, she reached her hand over to the other seat and placed it on Brenda's leg. At first she made it appear that it was a gesture of compassion for her friends concern, until she started sliding her hand up underneath their skirt. The more her hand moved, the more Brenda went from being still to trembling to all out shaking.

Brenda was trying to find the resolve to beg her mistress to have pity on her, but found herself sliding down in the seat instead, allowing the intruding hand an easier path to its intended target. Oh God! So hot! Even out here, right in the middle of a busy street, I'm nothing but a slave for my mistress! I'm born and bred for sex and she knows it! She's torturing me, knowing I can't let go and scream and cream, but I love it!

She bit down on her lip to keep from shrieking out of pleasure caused from the experience of the slow and gentle movement on her leg. The closest she could relate it to was as if someone was gently pulling a silk scarf across her skin, but it felt many times better than that ever could.

Susan knew that Brenda had removed her panties, like she was told to, before they left the house earlier. So when her fingers made contact with Brenda's damp slit, she rubbed them over the outer lips of Brenda's wet cunt.

But right when it seemed that Brenda couldn't resist from giving in to her desire to scream, the stop light turned green.

That forced Susan to remove her hand and place it back on the steering wheel.

She did it such a nonchalant fashion that Brenda was almost disappointed that she had to stop. In fact, Brenda moaned and groaned in obvious frustration.

Susan smiled impishly as she drove on from the stop light.

Brenda pouted, "You're mean!"

Susan snickered, "You love it though."

Brenda smiled from ear to ear, because she knew that was true.

The two of them stayed quiet for a while after that.

Brenda lost the energy to keep singing to the radio. For the rest of the ride to the store, she sat there motionless and had her eyes closed, still slouched back in the seat just as she was when Susan was teasing her. She hadn't quite climaxed, due to her resolve not to, but she was still relishing the buzz from the close call. Plus, she had a lot of fantasies floating around in her head. Most of them involved threesomes with Alan and Susan in the back seat of the car.

Susan couldn't help but thinking, It's so hard to comprehend all of the sexy fun that I let my dull, prudish ideals keep me from having over the years. God has blessed me with such a very fortunate life, not to mention this body, which clearly is meant for lots of sex. The Big Tits Theory was correct after all!

I need to be more grateful, not to mention thankful. Now that things are settling down and I've fully embraced my glorious sex slave life, there are several people that I need to thank for showing me just how wrong my ideals were. But Suzanne is still the first. I owe her the most for not only helping push me past my boundaries, but even for helping me find Tiger and adopt him in the first place.

She sometimes scares me a little bit though. I used to trust her implicitly. Lately, I've realized she can be very secretive and conniving to the point that there could be more that she's done that I don't fully understand yet that has helped me find my happiness and sexual desires. One day, I need to try to have a serious talk with her and try to find out what I might not already know.

First, I'd have to let her know that whatever it is, I'm not going to be mad at her... only grateful. I know that she's been looking out for my best interests, because she loves me. The downside is that it seems like every time I think we can have that kind of talk, somehow things always take a sexual turn and I no longer care about what it was that we were talking about. She always knows that she can distract me like that.

Just before they pulled into the parking lot at the cell phone store, Brenda started straightening her clothing and making sure she didn't look like someone that had just had an exhilarating sexual experience. She had been more coherent than Susan had thought, but still chose to relax the rest of the trip and enjoy what had happened.

True, it hadn't been full-on sex, or even a decent orgasm, but it was her first time doing anything like that in a moving car and in public with anyone from Alan's harem. Because of that, it still gave her the same amount of pleasure as a good old fashion fucking from a normal person.

As Brenda checked her make-up in the mirror on the sun visor, she giggled and told herself, My, my, my, what a little slut you've become. So many people always thought I was so prim and proper, and they were right too! Now here I am, in this van with Susan, who is one of my mistresses by the way, and I was only seconds away from an Earth-shattering orgasm.

Not to mention all of the other wild and enjoyable things I've done with a few of the other ladies in his harem, or with Adrian, and especially directly with Master Alan. I'm so baaaad! And it's so goooood!

She giggled to herself. Luckily for me, the worse I am, the more I get my ass spanked. The more I get my ass spanked, the hornier I get. The hornier I get, the worse I act. Tee hee hee, it's a never ending cycle! To think that the rest of my life is going to be like this, getting fucked in my pussy, my ass, my cleavage, and most often in my mouth! I literally could scream my head off with joy!

"Are you okay over there?" Susan asked.

Brenda smiled blissfully like she'd just been royally fucked, which wasn't far off from how she was feeling. "Who? Me? Absolutely! In fact, I've never been better or happier. It's a good thing that I've pledged myself to only having sex with only Master Alan or Adrian, or the first young boy that asks if he can help us once we get inside would probably get raped right there in the middle of the store. Ooooh, can you imagine how many spankings Master would give me for that? Or how he would have to sexually punish me?"

Susan was suddenly aghast. She sat up stiffly and gave Brenda a stern look. "WHAT?! You know you can't do that! EVER! I can't believe that you said such a thing! That's no how this works. If you did something like that, I'd be forced to tell him and there would be SEVERE consequences!"

Brenda had been exaggerating in order to express how very aroused she was. But she realized that wasn't something one could even joke about with Susan. She immediately tried to think of a way to downplay what she said. "I know, Mistress Susan. It was just a bad joke. I know we're not allowed to do those kinds of things. Obviously!"

"You're damn right we're not allowed! I'm shocked that you would even say something like that! Or even THINK it! Hasn't Master been good to you? Doesn't he make sure that you're more than satisfied with your new slave life?"

"Yes and yes. I was just joking. I didn't mean it... honest! There's no way I'd ever do that, ever!"

But Brenda thought to herself, Obviously I wasn't about to do anything with anyone else, but I sure feel that way. I'm so damn hot and wet right now from her touching me that I'm ready to explode! I really should have let myself cum after all. I'd feel better if I could just get off just once. Too bad we have to go do normal errands.

The whole time they were getting out of the van and walking to the store, Susan kept giving her friend a mean look. I need to discuss this with Suzanne. Brenda might have been joking, but I can't tell for sure. We need to make sure that she never even remotely considers doing anything like that. It's true that we've become best friends, but it's also true that we're still getting to know each other in many ways, such as understanding our senses of humor. I try to be tolerant, but that kind of humor is NOT acceptable!

I'm already not happy that Tiger lets her fuck her own son when her body should belong solely to him. But I suppose that's a necessary evil, for now... Poor Adrian. We can't leave him in distress. Maybe we should do more to help him, so Brenda won't have to feel conflicted. Like get him a worthy girlfriend. No good sex slave can serve two men at once!

As soon as they entered the store, one of the clerks started walking towards them. He was only about half way to them when Brenda spotted a sign that pointed to where the restrooms were located.

Brenda said, "I'll be right back. Don't let him talk you into buying anything until I get back," she told Susan as she walked away.

Susan nodded and tried her best to prepare herself for dealing with the male salesperson approaching.

Brenda shut the door quickly behind her and locked it. She reached into her purse and pulled out a mini vibrator, stuffed a handkerchief that she kept in there as well in her mouth, and clamped her teeth down on it. Her cunt was still wet from being teased by Susan and she figured she had to find some way to get some relief, but couldn't let anyone outside hear what she was doing.

She sat down on the toilet, closed her eyes, and started rubbing the vibrator over her moist pussy lips. She knew that she shouldn't leave Susan out there long, plus she didn't want to tie up the bathroom for too long.

As quick as she brought the small vibrating toy to her clit, she had to grab onto the hand rail there that was normally used to help people keep their balance when standing out sitting. She was certain that the railing was going to break free from the wall any second as she had a nice orgasm.

When it was over, she regained her composure and used the sink to freshen up and to wash off any juices that might have been running down her legs. Once she was sure that it would be hard for someone to tell what she had done, she decided it was time to rejoin her mistress.

She saw the sales clerk standing as close as he could to Susan and could tell that he was trying to position himself to where he could look through the buttons on her shirt. So she walked up behind him and cleared her throat, causing him to jump back. It was apparent to her that he had been also trying to feed lines of crap to Susan to trick her into buying more than she wanted.

Brenda spoke sternly. "Young man, I think you need to get us a manager over here. I know that they can work out a deal that you cannot, so I don't see any need for you to waste our time. Besides, I think it'd be in your best interest to convince them to offer us a REALLY good deal unless you want my friend here to sue you and this store for sexual harassment."

The young clerk was dumbfounded and started stuttering, "B... b... but, I... I... I didn't... do... anything!"

"I saw how you were staring at my friend's chest and trying to look in her shirt."

He held his hands up defensively. "But how could I not?! She's so..." He glanced down at Brenda's even more ample rack and gulped. "And you are... Oh GOD!" His voice cracked with emotion. He finally managed to avert his eyes, but it took all his willpower.

Brenda gave him another stern look. "Go get the manager already."

"Yes ma'am," the young sales clerk replied as he scurried off to find a manager.


Three periods passed at school for Alan and the gang without any issues. When the bell rang indicating third period had ended, Heather, Simone, and Amy met Alan and Christine right outside the door to the classroom.

Heather said, "Okay, Christine, it's my turn to walk with Alan for a while. You've had him long enough." She was trying to revert back to her old ways of demanding others give her what she wanted.

Christine put her hands on her hips, striking an almost imposing stance. "I don't know if that's a good idea, Heather. We've already had one run in with Mark this morning and... well let's just say that he's found a new way to get under Alan's skin."

Heather crossed her arms across her near perfect chest and said, "I don't care! I deserve the right to walk with him too! I didn't agree to all of this only to be left out and not get to spend time with him. I may not be the expert fighter that you are, but even I can yell for help if something were to happen."

The entire time that Christine and Heather were debating about who was going to escort Alan to his fourth period class, Simone and Amy had been standing aside while mostly staring at Alan's crotch. He wasn't visibly erect, but they could use their imaginations.

But then Simone grew impatient. She walked past her best friend and locked her arm with one of Alan's. "Come on, stud. Why do the two of us find somewhere a little less crowded while these two figure out who's supposed to do what? Besides, I've heard there's some great tasting sausage around here somewhere and I've haven't had breakfast yet. You wouldn't know where to find it, would you?" Simone said seductively to Alan.

"You know, it seems like I've heard K..." He was about to say "Kat" when it dawned on him who he was talking to and where he was, so he stopped just in time. After a very brief pause, he continued, "Kim, Amy, and a few others talking about that same sausage lately. I bet if you ask Aims, she can tell you where to find it."

All four of the girls had stopped and turned towards Alan when he stopped midsentence, but only Heather continued to give him a curious gaze when he finished talking.

When no one questioned him, he thought, Dang that was close! I can't believe that I almost mentioned my sister. True, the actual sentence wasn't really incriminating anyway, at least after I caught myself, but I've got to be sharper than that. I know that Christine couldn't handle finding out that I'm fucking Kat, and that would be a disaster. But if Heather were to get a hold of that information... that could be even worse! There'd be no way to stop her

Amy caught the near slip and knew that she needed to act fast just in case any of the others felt like asking too many questions. She smiled and once she joined Simone on the other side of Alan, she replied, "Oh, I know EXACTLY where to find it. In fact, I've been thinking a lot about how I was in need of a snack as well. Follow me and I'll show you where to find it."

Just as Amy started leading Alan and Simone away, Heather cleared her throat, causing them to stop and turn around. "Aren't the three of you forgetting something?" she asked impatiently.

Alan pulled the two ladies beside him in even tighter and said, "Not that I can think of. I figure if the two of you are going to take all day trying to convince the other which one should walk with me... I'll just go with the two that want to do more than walk."

Simone and Amy hammed it up even more by kissing both sides of his face. They would have done more, except they had to be careful in school. They wouldn't have even tried that much had they noticed anyone looking their way.

While Heather stomped her foot, Christine knew that she was doing exactly what she had promised not to. She reminded herself, I may not like working with Heather regardless of what she's actually supposed to be helping, but I promised Alan that I would make the best of it. How can I convince him to keep letting me hang around with him and Amy if I don't? I never thought that even sexual pleasure could get me to agree to work with that bitch.

Heather was just about to return to her disagreement with her rival when finally Christine said, "You're right, Heather, I have been keeping him all to myself this morning. You and Simone go ahead and take over for now. Amy, you just come on and go with me."

Amy looked at Alan and asked him with puppy dog eyes, "Do I have to, Beau?"

"I'm afraid you do, Aims. Fair is fair."

Amy lightly kicked her foot against the bottom of a nearby locker. "But I can't have any fun with the popular sausage if I go with her!"

Alan laughed, "It's not like we have time for that anyway. I've got to go deal with this new substitute teacher. I swear, I don't know what her problem is, but I hope that she doesn't just sit there giving me the same look as she did yesterday."

Amy remembered hearing about it, so she playfully asked, "What look was that? Was it the 'I want to have Alan for lunch' look?"

"Not funny, Aims. I'm the first to admit that things have been pretty weird around here lately, but she gives me the creeps."

Christine had been standing there in total silence thinking, Why do Amy and Simone get to openly flirt with Alan like this but I can't? I'll give him whatever he needs to keep him happy too. Those two should be ashamed of themselves carrying on like that! Plus, calling his penis a sausage. Whatever! Sure, it's fun to suck on, but why call it a sausage?

What a weird thing, to suck on a man's penis. I never imagined I'd end up doing something so bizarre and lewd. And yet I find it actually enjoyable. Heck, who am I trying to kid? I love it!

She pictured herself on her knees back at Suzanne's pool, completely naked and with Alan's thick erection in her mouth. God dammit, that was fun! I wouldn't mind sucking some more on his "sausage" right now. Although that name still bothers me. Nobody sucks on sausages; they eat them. If anything, call it a delicious Popsicle that was made to be licked and sucked on. Mmmmm... one that's loaded with a yummy, face covering cream filling.

She remained in her fantasy, but also looked around at the other girls in the hallway. Why should they have all the fun? I have an iron willpower that can't be matched. If I put my mind to being the best, then I'm going to become the best! If I can learn to suck and generally pleasure Alan's penis better than any of his other lovers, it's only natural that he'll want to spend more time with me, and we'll get closer and closer. When I get home this afternoon, I'm going to practice on my dildo some more, so maybe next time I can show that I'm determined to get better and better at it.

Christine was a very quick thinking, but time was passing as she shivered lustily while vividly imagining giving Alan another blowjob. Finally, Heather coughed impatiently.

When it dawned on Christine that everyone else was silently waiting on her response, she said, "Then it's settled. Heather, watch out for Mark. He's still trying to start trouble, so I expect to hear you yelling from the other side of the building if he tries anything." She said this as she started walking away with Amy towards her class.

Christine still had oral sex on her mind. If I'm lucky, Amy will let me tag along with her if they go back to the auditorium again. That would be great. She and I are developing a special connection. If we can get really good at working as a team on his penis, why, he'll practically forgot all about Heather. The bitch!

Heather was still upset, so after looking around to make sure nobody else but Simone could hear, she quietly asked Alan, "Sir, are you going to let her talk to me like I'm some type of child? I'm trying really hard here and I don't appreciate her talking to me like that. You need to make her stop!"

Alan thought it was comical, but wanted to try to act serious in front of Heather. He dropped the tone of his voice much lower and said very sternly, "HEATHER. Are you trying to tell me what I need to do? Surely you're not forgetting your place, are you?"

Heather was caught off guard, because she still was used to him having the upper hand. Trying to argue her case, she said, "No, Sir!" She automatically stiffened her posture, like a soldier that had just been chastised for standing at ease without permission.

She looked around again, because she was always afraid of being heard calling him "Sir" in public. Then she bowed slightly in his direction, even though it embarrassed her even more to do so. She was relieved to confirm that only Simone was within hearing distance, and the few other students in the hallway were too busy hustling to their next classes to pay attention. "B... but... she doesn't have the right to do that! I'm much sexier than she is and my body is definitely more fuckable than hers. Just because she wants to act like she's some goddess..."

Amy had heard Heather still voicing her opinion and turned around just in time to see Alan yank Heather in for a scorching kiss. Amy whistled as she pulled Christine around with her. "Dang, Beau, I want you to kiss me like that when we get together later," referring to when they were to meet in the auditorium.

Amy and Christine were far enough away to where Alan couldn't hear Amy's comments about the kiss, but Christine heard them and simply whispered to herself, "Me too, Alan. Me too."

Once Christine was walking in the other direction again, she couldn't keep herself from thinking, That fucking bitch! What in the hell gives her the right to think she's allowed to be kissed like that by MY man?!

But then she was forced to rethink, Boy, that's a joke! With all of the women he has... he'll never be just "my man". Why in the hell did I have to turn him down when he asked me out? For someone that's supposed to be so smart... I really am stupid when it comes to this sort of thing!

If I hadn't turned him down, I wonder how different things would be. He always came across as someone that was uncomfortable around girls, and had very little experience with dating. Plus, he rarely talked to many of the girls here at school. Is it possible that if I had taken him up on the date, that he'd been content with just me and none of these others? True, I'm not sexually experienced as someone like Heather or Simone but if he'd just given me a chance... I would have come around. Given how naturally sexually skilled he is, he could have shown me the right ways to enjoy sex and what it takes to physically please him. Now that I think about it, between him, Amy, and Katherine, they're still showing me what to do.

Christine laughed at the irony of her situation loud enough for Amy to ask her, "What's so funny?"

Christine explained as they walked, "I was just thinking about our little situation here with us and Alan. I seriously have a hard time understanding why he needs to have some many lovers when he could have the two of us."

Amy's perpetual smile disappeared briefly as she fought down her frustration. "You need to understand that he's not an ordinary guy. He has a special gift. It's like... if he was a super awesome singer, should he always sing for just an audience of one? No! He can make a lot of girls experience the greatest sexual pleasure of their lives. Not only that, but he's so darn insatiable that even you and me together wouldn't be enough to satisfy him! M'kay? You see what I mean?"

Christine was frowning. "I suppose so. I understand that on a rational level. I've seen and felt it myself. But I'm having a hard time accepting it emotionally. I suppose it would be a lot easier for me to deal with if his other girls didn't include... HER!"

Amy was pretty sure she knew who "HER" was, but she asked just the same, "Who do you mean?"

Christine gritted her teeth. "You know. Her. Heather!"

Amy quietly explained as they kept walking along, "You need to really try to understand that Heather is a necessity for him and not just for the sex. Lord knows that he has more than enough of us that are willing to fuck him whenever he wants without keeping her around. She allows him to release a primal side of him that, honestly, I don't think I could handle. He's given me a small taste of it, and while it was enjoyable... I was completely exhausted afterwards. I know that I couldn't hold up to that for long periods of time and I already know from talking to him about it, that it's a hundred times more intense with her."

Christine just nodded thoughtlessly, while Amy continued, "What I'm about to say, I say with the most love and respect for you that I can possibly have. I'm a LOT more sexually open and understanding than you and if I can't handle it when he's in one of his super aggressive sexual moods, then there's no way that you could. That's one of the things about him; he can sense how much we can handle and when to pull back even if we think we want more. It may take longer with you, because he won't push you any further than you're ready to be pushed, but it'll get there."

Christine nodded, and then asked thoughtfully, "What if I need him to push me past the limitations that I put on myself? I've tried and struggled with these stupid boundaries but I can't seem to get past them. I do enjoy the stuff that you and Katherine have helped me with, and I love the new stuff that I'm doing with him. I want him to be the one that I lose my virginity to. I know that for a fact, I just can't make myself take that last leap of faith and do it. I think part of it is because I just haven't accepted the fact that if I make that commitment, I'll have to accept him as my master."

She patted herself near her heart. "I mean, me! To have a master!" She looked around carefully, making sure nobody had heard that. Then she continued more quietly and carefully, "The very idea is so absurd! But that's what it would pretty much be. He has a de facto harem. I can't wrap my head around it!"

Amy smiled brightly, and joked, "You can started by wrapping your lips around it, if you know what I mean." She giggled. "The more you do that, and all kinds of other fun and sexy stuff, the more you'll fall for him."

Christine's frown deepened. "You're probably right, and that's a problem. The other part of it is, I don't know that once we do actually have sex, that I'll be able to accept sharing him with anyone else. The more emotionally committed I get, well... it's a dangerous situation all around. If only he didn't have HER! And the others."

She looked to Amy, as if judging her for the first time. "You... you, I could handle, when it comes to sharing him. But her? GRRR!"

Amy patted her friend on the shoulder. "I'm sorry, C, but I can promise you that the odds of you ever being in an exclusive relationship with him are zero. He does care about you, but I know him well enough to know that he won't give the rest of us up just for you. And that's nothing against you, so please don't take it that way. He loves all of us, that's either a fact that you're going to have to accept or let drive you to the point that you choose to give him an ultimatum. When you do, you'll lose him forever."

Christine shook her head, because she knew Amy was right. She felt she was in a no-win situation. She was too hooked to give him up, but she couldn't handle sharing. It wasn't just Heather, but it was easy for her to personalize her problem in the form of Heather, since she hated her already.


Meanwhile, Simone was standing there in awe, because she still couldn't get over how deferential Heather acted around Alan. Playing off how Heather had to always refer to Alan as "Sir," she told him, "Sir, her legs are so limber they look like they're filled with Jell-O. You might want to stop that before you have to carry her to her own class before walking by yourself to yours."

Alan finally broke the kiss, after literally leaving Heather panting for more. He eased up and answered, "Yeah, you might be right. Besides, I'm not real fond of the idea of being late to Ms. Johnson's class. Somehow, I just know that she's going to be another issue that we're going to have to address before long."

Heather tried to quickly recover and act like the kiss hadn't affected her, even though it had rocked her. As part of that effort, as the threesome started walking to Alan's next class, she casually asked, "How so?"

Simone joked, "Awww, come on stud. All you need to do is ram her pussy several time like you do ours and you won't have anything else to worry about."

Heather clenched her teeth and almost stumbled as she pictured Alan fucking the new substitute teacher. Over my dead body! I'm sharing him with too many others already. With Ms. Rhymer gone, this is supposed to be MY time!

Alan forced a smile, but was still very serious when he said, "I can't really explain it. Maybe I'm being ridiculous, but there's just an uneasy feeling that I kept having yesterday when she was around. Part of it, I think, it's like she had already heard a lot of the rumors that are going around and was trying to get a reading of what was true and what wasn't. The last thing we need is anyone else trying to figure any of this out."

Heather replied, "Sir, don't you mean that 'YOU' don't need them figuring it out? As far as we're concerned... we're just two extremely hot gals fucking an extremely talented and well-endowed guy. Just to be safe and so that I can possibly ward off any issues, maybe you should tell us who the rest of your women are. I'm sure if she found out before we did, that would be what she'd try to use against you."

He stopped walking and turned to face Heather. "Now, how in the hell do you figure that?"

Heather dropped her head and answered, "Sir, because that's what I would have done if I were still the old Heather. It's really obvious that is the one secret that you're really worried about others finding out the answer to. In doing so, you're also making that the one secret that everyone that's out to harm us is going to try to figure out."

Simone chimed in, "Besides, inquiring minds want to know who our competition is. How do I know that one of your other sexy women doesn't look better than I do? If we knew who they were, we could go kick their ass so they wouldn't look as good then." She was trying to make it like a joke, but mostly she was just curious who his other lovers actually were.

Alan looked at Simone and told her, "Trust me, all of you are very sexy, but all of you are very special in my eyes. Each of you have traits that I enjoy more than I do with any of the others, but that just means that each of you have something special that the rest do not."

That comment left the two girls smiling from ear to ear as Alan started leading them back down the hall.

He thought about what Heather said, and then continued, "You make a really good point, Heather. And I know that's one thing that's really been eating at you too. Please understand that I just can't tell you that right now, but things could change. Hopefully one day, we'll reach a point where there won't be any more secrets between any of us and we'll actually be like one big family. Or that's my dream anyway."

He mused to himself, Imagine... Heather in my harem! Could that ever happen in reality? Well, without disaster, that is?

He didn't have time to pursue that thought, because a few seconds later they were almost to the Ms. Johnson's classroom door. He added, "I still think you might be on to something there with Ms. Johnson and the others. It's the not knowing that's killing them. I'm going to ask a few of the others and see if it might help to really make it like a formal announcement of most of the ones that are part of our group. I still won't tell everyone's name, but maybe if we kind of put it out there that these are the ones of us that are together... then maybe they'll leave us alone for a while."

He was thinking that he would lie his head off. Obviously, he couldn't tell the full truth about who all of his lovers were, but if he mentioned the known or suspected girls at school and then left it at that, perhaps that would stop the speculation.

Simone dropped her usual joking and flirty persona to tell Alan, "Alan, I know that I'm usually all for getting more and more attention from these last few weeks, but I'm not so sure that's a good idea."

"You don't? Why not?" he asked.

"I don't want you to be mad at me and make you think that I'm over stepping my boundaries or anything, but it's already known that you and Amy are a couple. That, along with everyone knowing that you're fucking Heather and the others, is what led up to that fight. None of us want to go through that again. Now, thanks to our favorite blonde bombshell dramatically announcing at lunch about her feelings for you..." - she gave Heather an amused smirk - "...that removed what little doubt anyone still might have had that you're intimate with two of the most desirable girls in school. If you confirm you're involved with the school's other wet dream blonde bombshell, think how many more guys will want to beat you up out of jealousy and frustration."

She didn't mention Christine's name on the very remote chance someone would overhear, but it was clear who she was referring to.

She went on, "Add to that revealing the name of MORE lovers? You might as well ask for a pitchfork-carrying angry mob. I just don't see telling everyone about how serious you are or are not with others right now as a good idea. We already know that Mark is out to start trouble. Now you've got this uneasy feeling about Ms. Johnson. Plus we can't forget about Brad, Amy's brother. We still don't really know what side he's on with all of this."

Alan replied, "You also make a good point. Although... just a minute ago you were saying I should name names."

"Yeah, but that's just because I'm curious. You can tell ME, and Heather, but not everyone in general!" She laughed heartily.

Heather chuckled along, although she was miffed because her curiosity was greater than her worry about him being reckless.

Simone continued, "I just think that you really need to think this all the way through and talk it over with whoever the others are before making your mind up. Don't get me wrong, I really want to know who they are. Not to cause you, or them, any trouble but... I don't really know how to explain it. It's almost like a sisterhood. A family. I hope that one day you will trust me enough to tell me who they are."

He thought, Duh! What the fuck was I thinking?! I guess I was literally thinking out loud with whatever random musing popped into my head. I've got to be smarter than that if I'm going to manage to maintain a harem. How could I forget about the whole "jealous and angry guys who want to beat me up" problem?!

He said, "I hope so too, Simone. I want you to know that it's not just my safety that I'm worried about, but I have to worry about theirs as well. Plus, I have to honor their wishes if they ask me to keep it a secret. But I'll let you know what I can as soon as I can. I promise." He figured that was a good way to dodge the issue without having to admit that he'd made a dumb suggestion.

All the while he was thinking, Boy, she doesn't know how right she is about it being a family! I know that we're not going to be able to keep it hidden forever, but how will I know when the right time will be to tell everyone? Or would a slow reveal be better? Or could we keep the secret permanently?

Sigh! This is all part of why I don't think I'm quite ready to be everyone's master. If I were, I'd know the exact time and the right way to do whatever needed to be done.

Heather and Simone nodded and started to walk away, feeling that they had successfully escorted Alan to class without any trouble.

But he turned and said to them, "Wait a minute! Just where do the two of you thing that you are going?"

The two bombshells abruptly turned around and saw Alan standing there with his arms folded over his chest.

Simone told him, "We're going to our class now. You're at yours, and without incident, I'm glad to say."

He spoke with extra authority. "While that might be true, it almost seems to me like the two of you thought that you were just going to leave without telling me good-bye. Surely you weren't going to do that, were you?"

It was a bit of a risk, since any more public displays of affection could only increase his troubles. But he'd looked up and down the hall and didn't see anyone else, since the bell was about to ring.

Simone and Heather looked at each other before hustling back to him. Both of them threw their arms around him and kissed his cheeks. Simone wasn't sure who was actually happier, her or Heather, that he had called them back instead of letting them walk away.

As both she and Heather hugged and kissed him, Simone was thinking, What am I going to do when all of this comes to an end? I know that it will. Right now, Alan's just having fun with Heather and he's letting me tag along. Once all the fun and games are over, I'm sure he'll drop her like a hot potato and then it'll go back to the way it was when she was a constant bitch and used people; including me.

I guess that's part of why I'm so worried about making a commitment to him any stronger than we already have. At least when it's just me and Heather, I know where I stand and I know that she's not going to ever give me up for one of those blockheads that she uses. On the other hand, I enjoy Alan's company and he really knows how to rock my world, but I just don't see him keeping us around long term. What he's got going with Amy seems much more sustainable. Probably ditto with Christine too, since they're obviously getting into each other.

Simone was jolted out of her thoughts when Ms. Johnson walked up behind Alan. The hall was clear, but Alan hadn't anticipated someone coming out from the classroom door only a few feet behind him.

Ms. Johnson said, "Young man!"

Alan, Heather, and Simone pulled apart like they'd all been poked by electric cattle prods. Each of them was grateful they'd only been kissing on the cheek and not on the mouth.

The teacher smirked as she continued while staring directly into Alan's startled eyes, "I still don't know what's going on here, but unless the three of you have accidently been glued together by some misguided science experiment... I suggest that these two ladies go to their class. And you! What you need to do is get into mine and quickly get in your seat. Do you understand me?"

Heather was secretly rattled, but she wasn't about to show it if she could help it. She backed up and glared at the substitute teacher while gritting her teeth. "I know that you're new, and probably don't understand how things work around here. See, I'm Heather Morgan; no teacher in this school tells me what to do! If I want Alan to stay out here in the hall with me for the rest of the day, there's nothing you or anyone else can do to stop it!"

The teacher folded her arms under her chest. "Well, Miss Morgan, maybe it's YOU who doesn't know how things work around here. Let me try to bring things down to a level that you might understand. I'm a teacher and you're a student. Not to use words that are too large for you, but in the hierarchy of things... that puts me in charge. Sure, you stroll around here and shake your ass for everyone to see, but honey, I don't care how many of the other teachers you might have wrapped around your finger. Regardless of what you might think, I'm in charge around here!"

The class bell rang, forcing Alan to stop Heather just as she was about to let loose on Ms. Johnson. When Heather made eye contact with him, he shook his head, letting her know that she needed to let it drop for now.

When Ms. Johnson didn't get any type of response from Heather or the other two, she continued, "Now, the two of you need to be on your way and Mr. Plummer needs to do what I told him. Do the three of you understand?"

When they only nodded instead of verbally answering her, Ms. Johnson said, "Sorry, but that doesn't cut it. I expect you to say 'Yes, ma'am' when you answer me from now on."

Alan, Heather, and Simone all responded correctly in unison with a glum "Yes, ma'am."

Once Alan was through the door way to her room and the girls hustled off to their class further down the hall, Sheila thought, I think Mr. Plummer and I are going to have to have a nice talk after class. For crying out loud! He's got two of the most desirable girls in school kissing and hugging him together, right in the middle of the hallway! There's obviously something special about him if he can have those two all over him like that. True , neither of them were kissing him on the lips, but I could tell they have before. They were rubbing all over him like cats in heat!

God, this kid must be something else! I've been here for such a short time, and already it's obvious he's fucking ALL the most gorgeous girls in the entire school! I want to have a piece of the action. I've always had a rule of keeping my work and fun separate, but I think Mr. Plummer will be my first exception. I'll take him to my fun room and show him the correct way to treat a woman. HA! That'll show him who's in charge!


When Donna saw the spectacle of Alan and his supportive gang walking in the school together, she made up her mind to follow them every chance she had. She was even more curious after seeing how everybody paired up to go to their classes. Donna might not have been as smart as Alan or Christine, but even she could tell that certain ones were escorting others. As much as she hated it, she had admitted to herself that it made a lot of sense. Safety was always more likely in numbers, so she knew that this might keep her from doing whatever necessary to make sure that Heather didn't win Homecoming Queen.

When she witnessed Mark confront Alan and Christine, she made sure to stay out of sight and watch to see what would happen. Donna was slightly disappointed that Mark hadn't beat Alan into a pulp. The one thing that she didn't want to let herself admit was that there was a part of her that was also jealous of the Alan's girls. She couldn't understand why any of them would stay with him knowing that he had the others. None of her boyfriends really paid her the type of attention that it appeared Alan did to his girls, and part of her wanted that too, especially if everything that Amy had said about how sexually satisfying he was and how large his penis was.

Donna had been lurking in the shadows just down the hall from Alan, Heather, and Simone when Ms. Johnson gave them her little speech. What Donna didn't know was that Sheila saw her there and was playing it up a little more than she had planned on in hopes to let her see that they could possibly work together.

Naturally, Donna smiled as she heard the substitute teacher put Heather in her place. Oh my God! It's about damn time that someone said that to Heather! I'd love to be right beside her and see the look on her face! I bet it's priceless. I 'm going to swing back by here before I go eat and talk to this great new teacher. Maybe, we can work together. If I have a teacher as an ally, there's nothing I can't do, even if she is just a substitute. I could get Alan kicked out of the school, for starters, just to break Heather's heart. Then I'll make her wish she'd never gotten involved with him.

That stupid blonde bitch isn't the only one that can skip class whenever she likes. I'm going to go find Brad and talk to him some more.

Donna ran to go catch Brad and maybe even Mark before their classes started.

Sheila Johnson continued to watch Heather and Simone until they were fully out of sight. As soon as they had turned to head down the next hall, she finally made her way back into her classroom. Even though all the other students were waiting for class to begin, she walked over to Alan's desk and stopped right in front of him.

Alan had been looking down, not paying much attention, but he couldn't help but notice when Sheila's bright red high-heels stopped right where he was looking at the floor. As he started moving his eyes up, he saw that she was wearing white slacks that if you looked hard enough almost seemed transparent. Actually, that wasn't really true, but he could clearly make out her toned legs. But was somewhat taken aback when he realized that she was standing so close to him that he was able to see that she had red, lacey panties on.

Trying to stay cool, he continued raising his head, taking what he thought was a long time, until he finally felt his cock shoot straight up painfully in his shorts when his eyes locked onto her amazing breasts. Her red blouse was unbuttoned just enough for him to see that her bra was just barely being covered. He almost felt sorry for the buttons on Sheila's top because of how hard they were straining to keep it pulled together.

Distracted by his lust, especially his breast lust, he temporarily forgot he was supposed to be wary of her. He smirked to himself as he thought, If she were to sneeze right now, there would be noting to keep those titties from bursting out of there. To top it off, they'd be right in my face.

Then, trying to speak to his boner he said to himself, Down boy. Those aren't the only tits around. You have plenty more to get excited over and I'm sure you'll be seeing some of those later. Think of Brenda, for instance. Her boobs are prefect and literally twice as big!

Unfortunately, it really had taken him an awkwardly long time to make it that far, and when he finally broke his gaze away from her rack, he saw her staring down at him with a knowing smirk. In reality it only took a few seconds, but that seemed like an eternity considering that all the other students were watching and waiting.

"Did you take a good look?" Ms. Johnson quietly asked Alan. She was checking to make sure nobody else was paying close attention.

He was startled out of his reverie, but that reminded him who he was dealing with. He tried to play dumb. "Um... What do you mean?"

"Don't say another word! I believe that you are going to have to stay after the class is over. You and I need to have a talk about certain things that I've noticed going on around here."

He was still getting a very uneasy feeling about the substitute teacher, and he didn't want to spend any time alone with her. He replied, "But, Ms. Johnson, that's my lunch period. Shouldn't I be allowed to go eat?"

"I'll let you eat in here, if we're not done in time. For now though, you just need to plan on spending your lunch period in here with me. Understood?"

"Yes, ma'am," he answered as he dropped his head again. How in the hell am I going to be able to get a message to the others that I have to stay in here? Surely, she'll let me tell whoever comes to the door to walk with me what's going on.

"Good." Sheila walked back around Glory's desk and grabbed some papers before walking back towards the students.

She spoke in a loud "teacher" voice, getting everyone's attention. "Okay, sorry about the delay. What I have here is a pop quiz of sorts. It's to let me see just where each of you are in your understanding of this subject. I'm sure that some of you will be further along than others, and that's okay. But since we're not sure when Ms. Rhymer will be returning, I need to know what to expect from all of you."

Even though Alan had tried to "explain" to his cock that it needed to calm down, it hadn't worked because he was young and easily aroused. He couldn't resist thinking up different ways to see if he could tell if his surprisingly sexy teacher's red panties that he had seen were thongs or just high cut French style panties. Luckily for him, she happened to be facing away from him when she handed the papers to the student sitting next to him, so he was able to see that the red lace started down from her lower back and disappeared between the cheeks of her ass. The down side to that was, it caused his erection to throb even more.

She was already secretly hoping to get another glance at his crotch after what she had seen the day before. To her delight, she was able to see his bulge trying to rip a hole in his shorts when she looked down between him and his desk. For a few long seconds, she didn't break her eye contact with the tenting in his shorts while she handed him his quiz. Niiiiice! He's not hung like a freakish porn star, but then again I don't like them THAT big. It definitely is a big one though.

She would have been more brazen still, but she was mindful of the other students, so she started down the row behind him.

As she walked to the other students, she thought, Look at that shocked expression on his face. Perfect! I knew that if anyone would be able to notice these particular panties through these slacks, it would be him. Something told me that he'd be the one to notice certain details and it looks as though I was right. But of course he's a natural horndog. How could he not be, with all those girls hanging all over him? If his dick is that hard and I haven't let him see more than I have thus far... as soon as I show him what he's missing out on, he'll be begging me to let him lick the polish off of my boots.

Naturally, she made sure to catch another glance of Alan's hard-on as she walked back up beside him on the other side of his desk. Oh joy! I'm going to have such fun with that meaty monster!

Once all of the students were working on her quiz, she let her thoughts drift off and imagine her breaking Alan to her will. She could see Alan tied up on her bondage rack known as the Berkley Horse. It was an "A"-frame of sorts and made from wood. She had read somewhere years ago that it was invented by Theresa Berkley back in the early 1800s to control her submissive men.

In her mind, she had Alan tied on it at the wrists and ankles while facing towards the wooden platform.

She and Alan were all alone down in her fun room which was basically her basement that she had redone. She had even made sure to soundproof the walls and the ceiling leading to the first floor of her house to prevent anyone elsewhere in her house to have any idea what she might be doing down there.

While Alan, was tied up completely naked and facing away from her, she was dressed in her super tight, red leather body suit with her red leather, knee high boots. Across the top, in the front, the red leather was cut into strips which allowed for the majority of her stomach and breasts to show through. One strip was specifically placed to go right across her nipples, but thanks to the enormous size of her breasts, that was the only part of that was covered by any of the straps.

She walked over to a black, glossy cabinet and pulled two different types of floggers out. One was very soft to the touch and was meant to cause a sensation of someone gently rubbing their hands over someone. The other was made of black leather and it was obvious what it was meant for. Sheila could feel her cunt getting wet as she was standing there behind Alan in her daydream trying to decide which flogger to start with.

To her, there wasn't much debating to be done, because the way she saw it, she wanted him and she didn't want to lose any more time trying to slowly bring him under her spell. But she also wanted to see just how far she could push him. She believed that he would be the one that she could have as her full time slave; unlike the other men that couldn't hold up to what she needed to get her off. She thought most of them were just pansies and didn't really get off on being controlled like a real man would. A real man such as Alan Plummer.

She decided to slowly drag the softer flogger down across his back and smiled as she saw him quiver from the faint touch. She was waiting for just the right moment, to see when she thought that he was lost the most in what she was doing. As soon as she was certain that he wouldn't be any more ready than he was, she raised her arm back that held the tough, black leather strap and brought it down hard across his ass. She whipped him three more times with the leather flogger before walking around him and kneeling down on the floor.

She pictured herself saying to him as she gawked at his stiff erection, "What is your cock doing hard without my permission? Are that desperate for me to punish you?" Then she saw how his boner was covered in pre-cum. She rubbed her left index finger up the underside of his cock and sucked the juices off of it. Then she added, "You like it when I spank you, don't you? You want to cum, don't you? Don't you realize that you don't cum until I say so. I wanna hear you beg me to allow you to cum. Beg correctly and I might allow you to have a teeny bit of pleasure, but only after you make sure that I've been more than satisfied."

He begged, "Please, Mistress Sheila. Please, let me cum, but only if it pleases you."

She brought the soft whip up the underside of his rod, then she brought an empty hand down across the head of his boner and slapped it causing him to flinch. "Very well, slave. I will give you the reward that you ask for, but only after I untie you and you crawl over to me."

Sheila was so deep into her thoughts about controlling Alan, that she didn't realize that her thong had become soaked with juices from her pussy.

Finally, she snapped back out of her little daydream when she caught herself starting to reach her hand down to her wet cunt. She looked around the classroom and saw all of the students were still focused on their assignment, so she let her right hand slip below the desk and find its way to its desired target. She smirked because her index and middle fingers were now on top of her outer lips outside of her slacks.

I'm going to make that boy pay for all of this! I can't wait until the first time I can have him in my little room of pleasure. Once I get him tied up, I may not let him out for a week! I'll give him the biggest case of blue balls, until he'll be begging me to let him cum. But if he thinks that he's gonna cum in me, he's crazy. I'll make him shoot his load on the floor and then make him clean it up just for disappointing me.


Suzanne asked Glory, "What do you say that I run across the street to the sandwich shop that Alan and them went to last night and get us something to eat for lunch?"

"Is it really that close?" Glory asked back.

"Yep. I had to go past it when I went to the hotel earlier. Which I still can't thank you enough for letting me do, by the way. Sweetie's going to be caught completely off guard when I get him over there tonight. Just so you know, I'm going to make sure to tell him how you were all for this idea. Or better yet, I'm going to tell him that it was entirely your idea! I'm sure he'll be more than willing to show you how thankful he is."

Glory smirked and asked, "How come I get a feeling that you're wanting to go there for an entirely different reason?"

Doing her best Scarlett O'Hara impression, Suzanne placed her hand over her forehead and asked, "Why, Glory, what on Earth do you mean?"

Glory didn't immediately answer, so after staying in the pose for several seconds, both of them started laughing.

Nurse Judy was in the hallway and about ten feet from the door when she heard them laughing, so she stopped in her tracks to see if she could tell what was so funny.

At the same time, Nurse Tyler was also heading to Glory's room to do one of her final checks before her shift ended.

Tyler thought something was wrong, but when she saw Judy standing there in the hallway with a blank look on her face, she asked her, "What are you doing here so early? Your shift doesn't start for another hour."

Judy snapped out of it and tried to act as if she hadn't just been trying to eavesdrop. "Yeah, I know. I told them that I'd probably come by and hang out with them for a while before started work."

Tyler disapprovingly looked at the clothing that Judy was wearing, or lack thereof, and said, "It would have been nice to not show up at work still dressed in your running clothes. It's not very professional to have your patients see you like that."

Judy defiantly replied, "I don't see why not. If they were to see me outside of the hospital, they'll see me in clothes other than my scrubs. I mean, it's not like I'm on the clock yet or anything."

Tyler let the discussion drop because she could tell that she was going to change Judy's mind. Plus, since she still wasn't keen on some of the stuff that she had seen going on between all of them, especially the kissing of Suzanne and Glory. She told Judy, "Well, good. You can go in there and see what's up. That'll give me more time to go check on my other patients."

"That's cool. I'll be glad to."

Judy made a point not to knock because deep down she was hoping to catch the two ladies inside in a compromising position. She just opened the door and walked right in. "Hi, ladies! How are both of you doing today?"

She was disappointed, since the two buxom beauties were just sitting and talking.

"Hi, Judy," Glory answered in a friendly way.

Suzanne replied with a smile, "Well there she is. We were almost afraid that what happened last night might have scared you off. Not that we could blame you, I mean that was a brave move you did. Not to mention how gross that must have been for you."

Judy's heart was beating hard just to be back in the presence of Suzanne and Glory, and talking about last night's event made her more excited still. She had to struggle to appear relatively restrained as she responded, "Not even close! Last night was fantastic, especially after I got home and had to explain to Tiffany what it was that was on my chest, but that's a conversation for later. I couldn't help but hear you two laughing before got to the door. What was so funny?"

Suzanne just flashed a knowing smile. She could tell that Judy was more hooked on Alan than she was letting on. That promised more fun in the future.

Glory told Judy, "Just Suzanne trying to be coy. It all started when she was asking if I wanted any lunch from the sandwich shop across the street."

"Yum, that place is good. I haven't had anything there yet that wasn't good to eat."

"Pussy too, I bet," Suzanne muttered, not realizing that the others might hear, thinking about Alan's comments about Erica.

Judy gave Suzanne a puzzled look, since she wasn't quite sure she'd heard what she guessed she'd heard. She brushed it off and continued, "Hotdogs, hamburgers, fries, ice cream... all of it. Oooooh, they also have a fantastic chicken salad sandwich. That's probably my favorite. I get it with light mayo, lettuce, tomato, and on toasted wheat bread. They make everything fresh, including their bread."

Glory thought about it for a minute. "Suzanne, that does sound good. I think I will have one of those for lunch instead of this hospital food."

Suzanne nodded. "Yeah, I think I will too. Judy would you like one? My treat?"

"I couldn't let you do that." Judy almost blushed. She felt something like she was in the presence of royalty, and it seemed wrong to have one of them do her a favor.

Suzanne waved a hand dismissively. "Nonsense, I go get us three of them. Is there a number where I can call in the order? Or do I have to go over there?"

Judy wrote down the phone number and handed it to Suzanne. "I still don't see what's so funny about going there to get some lunch?"

Glory answered, "Because Suzanne doesn't just want to go there to pick up some food." When Judy gave her a confused look, Glory added, "You know how we've talked about how there are several of us that share Alan?"

"Yeah, so?" Strangely, just being asked that made Judy's heart race even faster.

"After Alan and Amy returned last night, Amy informed us that some waitress over there was flirting with him. She said that she was really pretty. So now Suzanne wants to go see if she can see her for herself and see if she's what we call 'Alan worthy.'"

Suzanne knew that Glory was telling the truth, so she told Judy, "She's right. Amy said that this waitress was really pretty and had a great body. She also told us that this girl apparently saw Alan's erection while she and Simone were playing with it."

Judy was too interested to find out who Simone was for it to even dawn on her that they might be talking about the girl that she bumped into while jogging earlier that morning. She also was thinking, "Alan worthy?" Am I worthy?! That's the big question! If I gave him a handjob, that must mean I passed the test already, right?! Doesn't that mean I can do more? But I've gotta play it cool and hard to get.

So she let those thoughts simmer, and instead asked, "Okay, so I know who Amy is, but who is Simone?"

Glory replied, "Simone is a friend of the girl that Amy and Alan went to meet up with last night. She's a stunner too, just like her friend. Maybe even more so."

Judy's heart kind of sank. "So, this Simone is yet another one of his lovers?!"

Suzanne instantly picked up on Judy's unhappiness and answered, "Oh hell yes. In fact, from what we found out last night, they had one heck of a foursome before you and he had your little fun."

Judy was beyond shocked. "Wait a second! You mean to tell me that he had sex with Amy, Simone, and the other girl last night before I did what I did to him? That's impossible! No young man can handle having that much sex and then come back here only to end up unloading that much cum on me!"

She belatedly realized just what she'd said and how loud she'd said it. She looked around nervously and especially at the door behind her, worried some other nurse might have heard that.

Glory and Suzanne both laughed hysterically before Glory finally said, "Welcome to our world, Judy. Welcome to our world. We've tried to tell you that Alan is no ordinary young man. If either of us were to tell you exactly how many women he has sex with... I'd probably have to get Suzanne to resuscitate you."

Judy wasn't sure why, but instantly an image popped into her mind of her lying flat on her back and Suzanne kneeling over her preparing to give her mouth to mouth. For some reason, both her and Suzanne were completely naked. She was glad that she had propped herself up against the wall while she was talking because she felt her knees begin to buckle.

She was affected not only by the number of women in question, but also by the prospect of locking lips again with Suzanne. Damn, what a thought! Not just with Suzanne, but what if Glory were to get involved too? Girl, can you imagine what a threesome between the three of us would be like?

I'm sure that the two of them have probably already gone down on each other. I can see it now, me going down on Glory while Suzanne is eating my little cunt. I bet her pussy has to taste good! Wait, they were just talking about Alan fucking three women at once. What if we could get a foursome going between the three of us and him? He'd probably have all three of us on our knees and sucking on his huge log! Fuck yeah! Or knowing him, he might march in here tonight even and tell all of us to drop our pants and bend over the bed so he can fuck us like total sluts! And I bet it would happen! God, these people must live their lives like they're in a non-stop porno!

Judy didn't realize it, but she was panting hard and her face was flushed red from arousal.

Suzanne walked past Judy to leave and said, "Glory, judging by the look of euphoria one Judy's face, I think you might have just made her day. I think that she needs to tell us what she's picturing in that pretty little head of hers. Or better yet, maybe she can tell us what happened between her and Tiffany when she got home last night. But first, I'm gonna run and grab those sandwiches real quick. They should be ready by the time I get there. Now don't you two do anything too exciting, or get started telling any good stories until I get back."


Once Suzanne was gone, Judy asked Glory, "Is it okay if I sit down?"

"Of course. You don't have to ask me anything like that."

For the first several minutes, Glory and Judy sat there making some awkward and meaningless small talk. If nothing else, it gave Judy some time to recover.

Finally, Glory asked, "What's on your mind, Judy? I can tell you're distracted."

Trying to act like everything was alright, Judy answered, "Oh, nothing. So how are you feeling today? I understand from looking at your chart, that Nurse Tyler had you starting to walk up and down the hallways."

"I'm feeling really good. Thanks for asking, but that's not what is bothering you. I don't know exactly what it is, but my intuition is usually pretty good and right now it's telling me that there's more to it than that, so spill it."

Judy sighed. "Sorry, I guess a part of me was just afraid that you might be mad at me after last night. Anyone can see how much you love Alan, and I guess I still can't understand how it works with the two of you... and him. Years ago, when I was serious about one guy , there's no way that I could have sit there and watch him getting a handjob from another woman. Then to see him cum all over her breasts like that. You're a lot stronger than I am because I don't think that I could have done it."

Glory thought about it before responding, "To be honest, there was a part of me that wanted to tell you to stop. A big part, in fact. But I have to get used to sharing him. For Suzanne and the others, it's no big deal to them. They're already used to sharing him, and they're happy as long as he gives them enough attention and love. For me, getting into that mindset is taking a lot of work. You're right, I do love him, and now I owe him my life. There are days that I can accept our situation better than others, but I'm determined to accept it completely."

She went on, "This is good practice for me. It helps if I just let my feelings flow and I get so horny that my objections and jealousies fade away. I know that it may seem like I'm using you and to some degree I guess I am, but I am going to do whatever it takes to deal with this because I plan on spending the rest of my life with Alan as long as he'll let me."

Glory sighed and her face turned sad. "I don't know how much he loves me. I know he does, and he means well, but with all his other women... he's kind of spread out. But as for me, I have no idea that I'm kind of hopelessly in love with him. So I'm stuck. I just have to make the best of the situation, because the heart does what it wants."

Judy replied, "Trust me when I say that you don't have anything to worry about. There's no mistaking the amount of love he has for you either. If you had seen how upset and worried he was about you the first night you were brought in... Let's just say that I don't see husbands that have been married to their wives for fifty years that upset when they're in here. I can only dream about one day finding a guy who cares that much for me."

That visibly brightened Glory's mood. She flashed an appreciative smile.

Judy paused briefly because she wasn't sure how well Glory would take what she was going to say next. "Suzanne, too."

"'Suzanne, too' what?" Glory asked.

"Pardon me for saying so, but Suzanne looks at you like that as well. And please don't be mad at me when I say this, but I can see how much you care about her too."

Glory gasped. She thought, But, but... we hardly know each other! I mean, sure, I've known who she was for years now, but we only started being friends in the last few weeks. She can't possibly feel that strongly for me already, can she?! And how is it I feel so much for her? Alan is the one I love!

Judy ignored the obvious gasp, and continued, "Actually, I'm kinda jealous. I'm not completely sure which of you is the most desirable, and both of you have certain traits that are more attractive than the other. I'd give just about anything to be in either of your shoes, and not just over the passion you share with each other, but with Alan as well."

Glory didn't know what to say. She was sort of ashamed that someone else knew that she had feelings for Suzanne, but she was also glad that it was Judy that said something and wasn't having a problem with it. In fact, she was acting like it was perfectly normal.

She calmed herself down and thought, Maybe it's not as twisted to be attracted to another woman like I've always told myself. I mean, hell who wouldn't be attracted to Suzanne? You'd have to be dead and buried - face down! Granted, I haven't done a lot with her yet, but what I've done with Suzanne has been great. I'm pretty sure that it is only going to get better. I need to accept it and roll with it!

She told Judy, "Please understand, my feelings for Suzanne are new to me. All of my life, I've made a point to think that sort of thing wasn't normal." She gesticulated, "I mean, I don't consider myself bisexual at all! And I'm not. It's just that I'm so very attracted to her! How could I not be?! I mean, look at her!" She gesticulated even more, as if she was waving towards Suzanne's body elsewhere in the room.

Judy smiled knowingly. "Believe me, I get it. She's quite possibly the most sexually appealing woman I've seen in my entire life! And I've seen a lot of people. There's just something about her that's... extraordinary."

Glory huffed in agitation, "You see what I mean?! How could I resist her?! Now, I've found myself in totally uncharted territory and honestly I'm scared to death that people might think that something is wrong with me if they found out that I'm attracted to another woman."

Judy gave her a sympathetic look. "I understand where you're coming from. When people first found out that I also enjoy having sex with women, I was just as scared as what you're talking about. I was out with a couple of friends one night when one girl that I had been sleeping with walked up and started talking to me. She was well known for being lesbian, so when one of my friends asked her how she knew me... she told her. Trust me when I tell you that I was devastated! I thought everyone was going to make fun of me. I was so embarrassed that I jumped up and ran out of there."

Glory could feel her heart racing as she imagined herself in a similar situation. She asked, "What happened?"

"At first, I was too ashamed to leave my house except to go to work. My friends would call me, but I wouldn't answer the phone. Eventually, one day both of the friends that I was out with that night came to my house and knocked on the door until I let them in. After talking to them for a while, I was shocked once again when they explained to me that both of them were bisexual and had always known that I was at least curious about women. Then to top it off, they made out right in front of me. They both had boyfriends, but were also lovers. To this day, I still can't believe that I was that blind to not see it."

Glory frowned, because she couldn't imagine being rescued by a similar event. "Yeah, I can see where that could come as a shock. But it's different for me. My parents were real strict about that kind of stuff. They were so religious that they saw anything like that as a sin..."

"Okay, but would they think that you having a master and belonging to a group of lovers like you do any less of a sin?" Judy interrupted.

"No, and that was part of my reluctance to get involved with them the way that I am. My heart told me to do it, but my head kept fighting back. Now, I know that there's nowhere else that I want to be. I've never felt so much love in my life as I do with all of them."

She added with a rueful chuckle, "Besides, it's not like I have any choice. I tried to break up with Alan, I really did. But that lasted all of a few days. When you're in love, and I mean well and truly deeply in love, you have no choice but to follow your heart." Glory stared into space, pondering. "And he's a package deal, due to his other lovers who are as attached to him as I am. I suppose in a way I'll be married to Suzanne for the rest of my life too."

Judy nodded decisively. "Then it's settled. You need to do what makes you happy, and what makes the ones you love happy. Damn everyone else! I would trade places with you in less than a heartbeat if I could. What you have is exactly what I've always wanted. The problem is, it just doesn't come around very often and when it does... the guy is usually a jerk. So I guess I'm stuck living the life that I currently have and it's not going to change."

Glory reached out and took Judy's hand. "Sure it will. You're a great person and you look even better. I know it will happen for you. And at least as long as you're with Alan, he'll make sure to treat you accordingly."

Judy was overcome by what Glory said and wasn't thinking clearly when she stood up and leaned over Glory. To her surprise, and Glory's too, she didn't stop until her lips were pressed firmly against Glory's.

Sure, Glory was shock and her eyes flew open wide, but surprising her even more was the fact that she wasn't pushing Judy away.

The kiss finally broke when they heard the door open and someone walk in. They both turned quickly to see Suzanne standing there holding a bag of food in each hand with her arms folded over her chest.

Suzanne spoke with obvious mirth and delight, even as she pretended to be annoyed. "I thought I told the two of you not to do anything exciting until I got back but look what I walk back in to. I can't believe that the two of you started without me."

Glory was too embarrassed to answer, but Judy spoke up. She was very apologetic, and almost panicky. "Sorry! It wasn't what it looked like."

"That's right! It's not what it looked like!" Glory added after swallowing real hard. She was just as apologetic and panicky, if not even more so.

Suzanne was stone-faced at first. "Do either of you take me for a fool? Of course it is what it looked like!" But then she broke into a grin. "Now that I'm back, I expect my kiss from both of since I wasn't here to be included in that one."

Suzanne waltzed over to Judy, making sure to stay close to Glory's bed. She wrapped her arms around Judy's waist as she went in for her kiss.

Judy's legs went limp from the amount of lust she was feeling, so Suzanne used that as an excuse to move her hands from Judy's back and cupped her ass, making it seem like that was her only option to keeping her upright.

Glory tried to close her eyes to keep from seeing the heated lip-lock, but found herself wanting to watch. She was burning with jealousy towards Judy for getting to kiss the desirable Suzanne like that, but also imagined herself in both of their positions, being kissed by Suzanne and then being kissed by Judy.

Glory's jealousy and even rage rose higher and higher, but his lust soared sky-high as well. With watching Suzanne's hands carelessly making their way all over Judy's firm butt, she could barely refrain from reaching her hands under the cover and rubbing her clit.

Suzanne opened one eye and saw how Glory was watching. She let go of Judy's ass with her left hand, then reached down and grabbed Glory's right hand. She brought Glory's hand up with hers and placed it back on Judy's right ass cheek; trapping it between her hand and Judy. She squeezed Glory's hand, causing it to tighten around Judy's round and firm cheek.

Glory gasped and slid her hand free from Suzanne's grip as she looked up to see Suzanne winking at her.

Seeing that she wasn't going to get more than that out of Glory, and not wanting to push her too far too fast, Suzanne decided it was time to stop kissing Judy and move on to Glory. She wanted to entice Glory, but leave her wanting more. With Glory sitting up, it was a short lean in before Suzanne's lips were touching Glory's.

This time, instead of the extremely passionate kiss like she gave Judy, Suzanne's kiss with Glory lacked a lot of luster. It was still very loving, but far from passionate and lasted less than half the time. Her plan was to leave Glory wanting more, a lot more.

Suzanne knew that she had succeeded at teasing Glory when she started to lean back to break the kiss but Glory leaned up, trying to make the kiss last a bit longer. "There, that's much better," Suzanne said, as if those scorching hot kisses hadn't just happened. "Now, how about we eat this delicious smelling food?"


When the bell for the end of forth period rang, students flooded the hallways, either heading to class after lunch or heading from class to lunch.

Alan stood up to leave, but Ms. Johnson barked, "Where do you think you're going? I'm pretty sure that I told you that you and I were going to have to talk. Have a seat. The sooner we get started, the sooner you can go join your little girlfriends at lunch."

Alan gritted his teeth because not only did she say "little girlfriends" derisively, she did so while other students were still getting up and leaving the room. He thought that was very unprofessional for any teacher to say. Luckily, there was so much talking all at once from the other students that he doubted anyone had heard that dig.

Still, he knew she held all the power, and didn't want to provoke her. As bad as he wanted to say something to her, he bit his tongue and sat back down in his chair. He stalled for time, waiting for the others to leave. Finally, he asked, "What would you like to talk about?"

Sheila walked over and shut the door behind the last student that was leaving. Instead of sitting back in her chair behind the desk, she hopped up and sat in the edge of the desk right in front of him. Changing the tone in her voice from barking orders like a drill sergeant to soft and very seductive, she said, "Well, for starters, I'd like to know more about you. You seem to be very popular with the young ladies around here. Not to mention other rumors that I've been hearing."

He suddenly got very wary. "Wait. What does that have to do with anything? What does that have to do with my schoolwork? You can't ask me about personal stuff like that."

She just smiled. "Watch me. I'm asking. What's your secret?"

He looked around, as if searching for escape routes. "I'm nothing special. If you want to know what any of them see in me... then maybe you should ask them," he said sheepishly.

"Nonsense, Mr. Plummer. Look, let's not beat around the bush here. First, can I just call you 'Alan?'"

"Sure, Ms. Johnson, I guess. You're the teacher, so you can call me whatever you want," he answered. His arousal was rising, because he was alone with his teacher and he was growing. But his wariness was growing too.

She was in some lusty limbo between nervousness and excitement. She was a supremely confident person, and with good reason, since she almost always got her way. So she wasn't nervous about getting caught. But she did worry she might be disappointed if Alan rolled over too easily.

"Okay, good. Alan, why do you just call me 'Sheila,' instead of Ms. Johnson? That just sounds too formal." Once he nodded, she continued, "Can I trust you not to tell anyone if I tell you a secret?"

He wasn't sure where she was going with this, but figured it best to play along for now. "Yes, ma'am. I think there are plenty of people around here that can tell you how good I am at keeping secrets." As soon as he said that, he instantly started regretting it because he realized that could come across as is he was game for whatever she was wanting to do.

Even though she had on her white slacks, she knew that Alan had already noticed how easily one could see through them if one was close enough. So she spread her legs, making the wet spot over her cunt from her daydream really obvious. Thanks to the already thin material, and it being wet, she knew that he'd be able to see the skin of her outer lips since her pussy was desperately trying to eat her thongs.

Once she saw his eyes move to see what she was exposing, she smiled. "Pardon me for being blunt here, but let's just say that I've only been around you for two days, and I've already seen what they see in you. Yesterday when I saw how your shorts were bulging out, I almost thought that you had something hidden in there and were trying to play a trick on me. Then today, I noticed the same thing. Except for today, it wasn't like that when you first walked in, but after you looked down my blouse... it didn't take long for it to appear!"

His face turned red with embarrassment and his heart started to race. Oh, crap! Busted! Why do big boobs get me, every single time?! It's almost unfair. What's she doing being a substitute teacher?! She should be a famous model!

"Ms. Johnson, I..." He had tried to wipe his hands on his shorts because his palms were sweating so much. A part of him was happy that she caught him looking at her, and wanted to see more. He just couldn't shake the thoughts of how he promised Glory that he was going to try to strictly focus on her and the other women he truly loved.

Her confidence was in full force because she knew that Alan was a smart young man and with the ultimatum that she was going to give him, he'd never tell a soul what she was doing. He couldn't juggle having several hot girlfriends at once if he wasn't clever and discreet. She smiled seductively. "I thought you were going to call me 'Sheila' from now on?"

"Sheila, you're my substitute teacher. I can't be discussing things like that with you!" He made sure to stare only at her face. Unfortunately, his erection betrayed him because it only grew harder from the thoughts of where this could lead with her and her stunning body. He was certain that she could tell as well.

As the conversation continued, her arrogance grew stronger because he wasn't jumping up and trying to run out of the room. "Come on, we're both adults here. You're eighteen and I'm not too much older. Teacher or not, are you going to admit that you were looking at my breasts at the beginning of class?"

"Yes, but you put them right in front of my face," he protested. He conceded to himself, She is right about part of this. Her body easily rivals Xania's and if my situation was any different... I'd probably give her everything she's asking for and then some! It's obvious how horny I am thanks to my penis betraying me like it is. There's a couple of problems with doing that though.

First, I don't really want to take on anyone else. I already have more than enough wonderful, sexy ladies to occupy my time and keep me very happy. I'm way overextended in my love life, and I need to spend all the time and energy I have on the ones I truly love. Second, she's creepy in her own way. Not serial killer creepy, true, but there's something about her confidence that rubs me the wrong way. She's coming on way too strong, especially since she's a teacher!

Smiling like she had him in her grasp already, she asked him, "Were you not checking out my ass when I walked by when I was handing out the quiz? Did I not see you looking hard enough to see my red, lacey thongs? Were you not looking at where you made me wet just then?"

He almost shouted from the frustration. "Yes, to all of those, but..."

She aggressively wagged a finger at him, chiding him. But she also knew that would set her heavy breasts wobbling. "But nothing, Mr. Plummer. You're obviously lusting after me, and from what I've seen... I'm pretty sure that you have more than enough to work with!" She stared knowingly at his bulge, which showed no signs of going down.

She unconsciously licked her lips. I've got the perfect job. It lets me meet so many handsome young guys... and conquer them! And every now and then, I find a raw diamond!

Smirking, she continued, "Take in account how all of the young ladies here are the school get all weak in the knees when you walk by, you must know how to use it. My Lord! In just two days, I've connected you with literally ALL of the very most desirable girls in school! You must be absolutely incredible! What's your secret?"

Oh shit! How could she know that much?! He tried to play dumb. "Secret? No secret. And most of those girls are just my friends."

She scoffed, "'Friends,' right." She paused for a second and lifted her body up enough to more overtly gawk at Alan's lap over the edge of his desk. "Yep, there it is. Standing in full attention. What would it take to get a chance to see it outside of your shorts?"

Before Alan could answer, someone started banging at the door.

Sheila bounced up off of her desk and whispered to him, "I bet you that's one of your little sluts now. Why don't we go over to the door together and you can let them know that you're having a meeting with me. Don't move unless I tell you. You can tell them that you shouldn't be much longer and will join them shortly."

Nervously, he asked, "How much longer am I going to have to stay? I mean, I know that they're going to ask me, so I need to have some type of answer for them."

"It all depends on you, Mr. Plummer. Get rid of them first and then I'll explain. If you do what I tell you, then it will only be a matter of a few minutes," she said in a very serious tone. She had no intention of keeping that promise.

He casually got up from his desk and walked over to the door. He was shocked when he realized that Ms. Johnson was walking behind him.

Just as he started to open the door to see who was out there, Sheila moved to get behind the door and control just how much Alan was allowed to open it; which was only enough for the other person to see part of his face and right shoulder.

Alan wanted to scream out for help, because he saw Christine and Amy, and he knew that Christine would make sure that he got out of there, but also knew that he couldn't afford to cross Ms. Johnson. He tried to fake a smile. "Oh, hi, girls. What are you two doing here?"

"Well, duh, Beau. We kinda thought that you might be joining us for lunch. Come on, I'm hungry," Amy answered.

He frowned. "Mmmm... Sorry. I can't right now. Maybe in a little while though. Ms. Johnson is making me stay after class for a meeting, but she said that it shouldn't last much longer."

About that time, he flinched as he felt a strange hand grab his boner through his shorts and heard Sheila softly whisper directly into his unseen ear, "Sshhhhh!" He also could see her, without glancing too much, that she had unbuttoned more of her top and was standing there with her free hand under her bra; massaging her breasts!

Even as uncomfortable as he was, the sight of her touching her massive titties, and knowing that she was holding onto his stiff cock, caused his erection to jerk several times. Damn it! Now I know how Heather must have felt when her dad came to the door on Thanksgiving when I was fucking her in her room. Nerve racking, but very arousing at the same time. Except her dad wasn't trying to seduce her. This is way worse!

Christine had a gut feeling that something was wrong, especially with knowing the things that Alan had already told everyone about the substitute teacher. "Are you okay, Alan? You seem to be acting weird."

"Yeah, weirder than normal anyway," Amy added. "Come on, I'm STARVING!"

"I'm fine. You two go on ahead without me and I'll join you as soon as I can." He had a hard time keeping a straight face. His shorts were loose enough that his teacher was basically jacking him off, and quite effectively. He knew he shouldn't have allowed it, but he was. Frankly, the fact that it felt so good was a big reason he wasn't trying harder to leave with his lovers.

"M'kay. See ya soon." Amy hadn't picked up on something really being wrong, so she just pouted and started walking off.

Christine, however, knew that something wasn't right. "If it's not going to be much longer, why don't we just wait here on you and we'll all go together," she suggested.

Sheila tightened her grip around Alan's boner, letting him know what he needed to say.

He was annoyed, but also highly aroused. "No, no. I'm good, honestly. I'll be there soon enough. Besides, there's no need for Aims to be that hungry and have to wait on me," he said as he unsuccessfully tried to swat his teacher's hand away just out of sight.

Christine nodded. "Okay. We'll see you in a few minutes then, I guess."

With a false sense of cheer, he replied, "Yep."

Christine turned to go. She felt that because she knew that even if she was right and something was wrong inside the classroom, she had to trust him and hope that he knew what he was doing. If he'd just give me some kind of indication that my gut is telling me the truth... I'd shove my way in there and take care of it. But he keeps insisting that everything is alright, so I don't really have a say in the matter.

Once Christine and Amy started walking to the lunch room, Alan shut the door and looked down at the hand that was running up and down the length of his shaft. True, he had his shorts on, but not his underwear, so it didn't feel much different than if she was stroking him directly. "Ms. Johnson, please, we shouldn't do this!"

Sheila was even more aroused and intrigued by Alan after showing his ability to act like everything was normal even though she was still sliding her hand up and down his shaft. His voice hadn't even betrayed that something odd was happening. Even more surprising was the fact that he hadn't cum in his shorts yet, like most other boys his age would have. A-ha! I was so right to select him. Big cock and excellent stamina! He'll make the perfect boy toy!

She let her voice turn extra sensual, while making clear she wouldn't take no for an answer. "Young man, we have a problem. I want to see what's in your pants. and you're going to pull it out and show me!"

Defiantly, he asked, "If I don't?"

That startled her. She'd seduced many young guys, and virtually every single one completely crumbled by this point. Given her bombshell looks and naturally sultry aura, that wasn't hard to explain.

Alan's stubbornness was turning her on so much that she felt like she could have an orgasm of her own. She stared into his eyes, but her hand stayed busy sliding up and down the bulge in his shorts. "Seriously? You're going to play hard to get? How does THIS grab you?"

With her free hand, she finished unbuttoning her blouse, exposing her bra-clad breasts in all their sizable glory.

He was impressed. Even with all the other impressive and massive pairs of tits in his life, his penis knew no loyalty and lurched and twitched in response to the sexy sight. Still, his mind felt otherwise. Trying to let his brain say what his cock couldn't, he said, "I'm impossible to get, and I'm not playing. I have a girlfriend, AND you're a teacher!"

She smirked. "First off, you have girlfriends. Many! So what's the problem with having fun with one more? I promise that you won't be disappointed. As for me being a teacher, I hear that didn't stop you with Ms. Rhymer."

His heart raced even faster. He felt like he was falling into a trap. Oh shit! She knows that too?! What does she know about me and Glory?! How could she know anything about that?! Hopefully it was just some vague rumor. I specifically told Glory I wouldn't be interested in her sexy substitute, and now I stand here with her effectively jacking me off! This is bad!

Gathering his willpower and swallowing real hard, he said, "First off, I don't know what you're talking about. Ms. Rhymer and me are just friends. But regardless, again, I've gotta ask, what if I don't?"

Sheila continued to work his hard-on while staring seductively into his eyes. She'd honed in on rubbing his sweet spot, and that was driving him crazy. Yet the words coming out of her mouth didn't match her sultry tone. "If you don't, I'm going to tell the principal and others that you were making unwelcome sexual advances towards me. I might be able to convince them that you're doing the same with these young girls that you're hanging around with. In fact, I bet all of these rumors that I keep hearing about you and the poor Ms. Rhymer are exactly the same. I bet that you've made those same unwelcome advances towards her as well. Do you know what would happen to you if that were to get out?"

"I don't know what you're talking about!" Alan said, getting increasingly flustered. He tried hard not to look at her big breasts threatening to burst her bra clean off, since her top was no longer aiding in keeping them under control. But most importantly he was concerned with extent of what she knew about him and Glory, including how she knew it. He suspected someone had to have tipped her off, but who, and why?

She knew now that regardless of what he said, she had him right where she wanted him. "Maybe not. Maybe they're just rumors, but what I do know is that even if the wrong people get wind of those kind of rumors... neither of you will be at this school much longer! Plus, with your girlfriend Heather's attitude and smart mouth, I'll get her kicked out of the school so fast it'll make your head spin. Just show you me what I want to see and you can be dismissed."

With that, she finally stopped stroking him and disengaged altogether.

She was saddened to have to let go of his bulge, but she needed to use two hands to undo her bra. She rightly pegged him as a "tit man," and she hoped that once he saw her hefty globes bouncing free, his resistance would crumble. She was overly pleased that Alan hadn't tried to put more space between the two of them while his cock was free.

While she was doing that, she tried presenting a carrot to go along with her stick. "But look. I don't want to threaten you. It's just that I feel so strongly that you and me should get together that it's making me crazy. To be blunt, you're the most studly sex stallion I've ever come across! I know you're fucking Amy, Heather, Christine, Simone, Ms. Rhymer, AND who knows who else!"

She mused out loud, "As far as I can see, about the only 'perfect ten' girl you're not involved with is your sister Katherine! I bet it has to be killing that poor girl to know that she has such a sex machine for a brother but can't do anything about beyond dreaming of fucking you. You RULE this school! We both know I'm the kind of woman you want."

He was getting panicky. How the hell does she know about all that?! Even if those are educated guesses, they're too accurate! Crap! It's a good thing I've had such frequent practice keeping a straight face in times like this, or I'd give everything away!

With that, she freed her bra and dramatically let it drop. Her impressive globes bounced and wobbled before settling into position.

He couldn't resist gasping in wonder and appreciation. Fuck me! Those are some world class tits! She's up there in the same league as Suzanne and Xania, for sure! He tried to force himself down from his excitement. But are Christine's, or Amy's, or Heather's, any less amazing? And Mom's and Brenda's are the all-time size winners! God, I'm one lucky son of a bitch when it comes to magnificent racks. So these particular tits shouldn't affect me.

Sheila smirked, knowing that she had been right about his interest in breasts. She went right back to stroking his bulge, without facing any resistance. "You see? How could a lady killer like you turn down a body like this? I don't mean to be so pushy. It's just that we both know we're going to end up fucking. So why waste time?"

He thought, Oh man! I can't let my dick do all my thinking. She looks like a dream, and her fingers feel so good, but all my alarm bells are going off. It's like my "Spidey-sense" is tingling BIG TIME! She's basically blackmailing me, and that can never be good. I have got to get out of this somehow!

Growing more and more frantic, and hoping to appeal to some common sense, he said, "Sheila, do you really want to risk your job by doing this? Even if I don't tell anyone about what you're wanting me to do, someone else my find out and they might tell on you."

Her eyes flashed with annoyance and danger, even as she kept on rubbing his sweet spot. "First off, Alan, don't threaten me. It will only increase any type of punishment you will receive. Secondly, I'm not worried about losing my job over anything because I know that you will make sure that no one will EVER find out. I've had sex with a student or two before, and it was never a problem. Now that I'm going to be here for a few weeks, I need a new boy toy, and I pick you. Why would you have a problem with that?"

She used her free hand to press up against each of her breasts and then let go. The resulting wobble action made him gasp out loud.

She smirked at that. She loved that he was still trying to resist her ample charms, but she was also getting frustrated and ready for action. She brought a second hand to his crotch and started to unzip his fly, even as she kept on jacking him off through his shorts.

But he brought a hand to hers and stopped her from unzipping. "Hey! What do you think you're doing?!"

Her eyes flashed dangerously again. "What does it look like? I want to see your penis. Do not underestimate how willing I am to make sure that all of the rumors that I just told you get to the school board and... well, I'm pretty sure that we both know what would happen, don't we?" She still held his zipper, although she hadn't been able to move it much, due to his firm grip on her wrist. "Here, just let me take a look."

He asked suspiciously, "Just look? You won't try to stroke it directly?"

She nodded and smiled hungrily. "If that's what you want, okay. Just look." She had no intention of keeping that promise. She figured he was near his breaking point, and once she had her hand directly on his raging erection, he wouldn't be able to resist her.


Alan was still contemplating if he should just give her what she wanted or not. What the hell is it going to hurt if I show her my penis? It's not like there aren't others here in the school that haven't seen it. And she's been giving me a world-class handjob for a while now anyway. It's kind of dumb that she can stroke and fondle it this much but she can't see it.

But then again, there are those alarm bells going off... The whole weird blackmail thing, for one. Why would she even feel the need to do that, with HER remarkable looks?!

I'm kind of stuck on this one. If I do show her, then there's no telling what she's going to expect next time because I'm sure that if I give her this... she's not going to stop there. But she's also right, she could easily get Heather expelled and could cause all sorts of trouble for Glory. I know she couldn't prove anything between Glory and me, but those rumors would destroy her career and I don't want that.

Sheila spoke again as she continued to drive him wild with her talented fingers and bare breasts. "Look, I see that you're weighing your options. You're right in thinking that you can't trust what I may do if you do show it to me" - she smiled seductively as she admitted that - "but I promise you that you can take what I said about what would happen if you don't straight to the bank. You don't even have to pull it out yourself. I'll do it for you, if that'll make you feel better about it."

Knowing that she had the upper hand and feeling the defeat setting in, he anxiously asked her, "I have your word that none of those rumors will get out if I show it to you? And you swear that I can leave freely once I do?"

"Yes and yes, damn it," she responded impatiently.

"And you'll just look, right? No more touching. I'm going to stand out of range so all you'll do is look. Okay?"

She didn't like the idea of him standing out of range. That suggested he might still have some real willpower left. But she figured the key was to get his cock out. "Fine! Whatever!"

Alan stood there frozen in place as she slid his shorts down and she didn't stop until they were down to his knees. But at least he finally had enough willpower to take a couple of steps back so she couldn't immediately resume stroking him.

He couldn't help but take note of how different his ladies seemed to feel towards being forced to do something than he did. He conceded that the biggest difference was because they enjoyed it and he made sure to make it worth their while to do so. It was all part of a game that they all enjoyed playing, even if part of the game was having his women convince themselves on some level that they were being "forced" to do something against their will. On a deeper level, they completely trusted him.

Whereas with Sheila, he could tell that something was seriously wrong with her, and he certainly didn't trust her. To him, he felt almost as if he was about to be raped. That wasn't exactly accurate, but he felt as if he was being coerced, and that ruined the mood, to say the least. His stiff dick didn't care, but his heart and his head certainly did.

He thought as he watched her lick her lips and stare hungrily at his exposed hard-on, which was practically poking straight out, This sucks! I've never been so aroused and yet unaroused at the exact same time. I don't see myself as having any other choice but to do as she asks. By giving in, I feel like I'd be cheating on the others, but if I don't... she's said that she'll make sure that she ruins all of our lives.

And I believe her! She's got some kind of dangerous edge, like she'll do anything to get her way. She may hold all of the cards right now, but she doesn't know me very well either. One of the things that I've learned during all of this, especially dealing with Heather is strategy wins the war.

Sheila sat back in delight and admired the near perfect cock that was right in front of her. My, my, my, that IS nice. It's not the biggest in the world, but with that kind of size and his following of young little sluts... it would fit my needs nicely. He's definitely strong willed, so my guess about him not being easy to break is correct. The perfect combo; a strong will and a cock that's plenty big enough. I'm going to have soooo much fun at this school!

Sheila's pussy was soaking wet. Not just because she was looking at Alan's rampant erection, but because he put up a struggle before doing as he was told. She pondered breaking her promise to him and forcing him to do more, but figured it best to not push it too far too fast.

Instead, she crouched down as if to get a closer look, and while doing so, managed to scoot in closer. At the same time, she kissed her hand and then brought it down as if to plant the kiss on the tip of his cock. She wanted to see if she could get him to fold purely through her sexual appeal, not more threats.

But Alan quickly took another step back, keeping his crotch out of range just before she could made contact with it.

Her eyes briefly flashed with anger and annoyance again, but she quickly recovered and forced a smile. She decided he would be a harder nut to crack, so she needed to be more patient and rethink her strategy.

She stood back up and seemed friendly again. "Okay, that wasn't so bad, now was it? The least you could have done is let me kiss it 'good-bye'. But a promise is a promise. You can tuck that away and go join you're friends for the rest of your lunch period."

He quickly jerked his shorts back up. Man! That was close! Too close! One "kiss good-bye" would have led to another, I'm sure. She'd end up licking and sucking it and my willpower would have been shot to hell! Realizing he still wasn't entirely out of the woods, he turned to leave.

But before he could make it out the door, Sheila firmly reminded him, "Don't forget what I said, kid. If anything gets out about what happened, you and all of your little tramps will regret it. Do I make myself clear?"

"Yes, ma'am," Alan said. He was glad that he'd resisted her somewhat, but he still felt like he'd been defeated. She still held all the cards, and tomorrow she could pick up where she left off.

He reluctantly turned back to look at her and immediately regretted it, because she was still effectively topless, with her top loosely hanging on either side of her magnificent breasts.

Damn! I can't believe I'm walking away from a body like that! But what good is a great body if she doesn't have a personality to match? I have much, MUCH better options! Dammit, I have FIVE slave wives, and other great lovers besides! All my wildest dreams have come true. I should never be tempted by anybody else! I shouldn't have let things go as far as they did!

Sheila was back in seductive mode, with a voice dripping with erotic temptation. "I know that I promised to let you go, and you are free to go, but I want to ask you one question before you do."

She waited until she had his full attention, and then continued, "How were you able to keep from unloading your cum in your shorts this whole time? Most guys your age wouldn't have lasted two seconds." She cupped both of her bare boobs from below, lifting them up enticingly.

He shrugged his shoulders. He was tempted to boast about his stamina, but he decided that would just make matters worse. What he really didn't want to let her see was how much he wanted to walk over to her and suck on her amazing mounds. "I don't know. Lucky, I guess."

She snickered. "'Lucky.' Yeah, right. I basically jacked you off for five minutes non-stop, and I have talented hands. Any other guy your age would have cum in no time. I'm beginning to see why you have all the most beautiful girls at your beck and call."

He tried to play dumb. "I don't know what you're talking about. I told you, most of those are just my friends."

"I'm sure they are," she replied in a way that made clear she didn't believe him for a second. "Now, go on and I'll see you again tomorrow. Just to be safe, you might want to plan on staying after class again. Better to be safe than sorry," she told him with a devilish grin.

Then she added with a little wiggle, "And who knows, if you're a bit more cooperative, you might get to play with these." She cupped her big tits from below again, as if there was any doubt what she was talking about. Then she finally pulled her top back across her breasts and started buttoning it, since he was about to open the door.

Once he was on his way, she stood at the door and watched him as he walked away. She'd desired him already before that just from things that she had heard and knew about him, but the fact that he'd managed to resist her made her want him twice as much as before. She loved a good challenge. She couldn't wait to break him.

She inaudibly whispered to herself, "Right, you are, about not being like these other boys. I'm going to get to the bottom of your secret soon enough. Right now, I'll let you get away with simply calling me 'ma'am' for now, but before long you'll be referring to me as 'Mistress Sheila.' Tonight when I get home, I'm going to have to start laying out my plan on how to really get your education started!"

Mark had hidden a few classrooms down in hopes to make another attempt at getting to Alan, so when he saw him walk out of Ms. Johnson's classroom, and alone... he was super excited. Perfect! That little punk is all alone. I don't know what I did to get so lucky, but I'm certainly not going to let it pass.

Sheila was still in the doorway when Mark passed by and she recognized him from seeing his confrontation with Alan yesterday at lunch and again earlier that morning. "Wait a second! YOU! You need to come into my room for a few minutes."

Mark was miffed, to say the least, but he couldn't disobey a teacher.

Once Mark was inside the door, she shut it behind him. "What's your name?"

"Why should I tell you? You're not my teacher," Mark said sarcastically.

"Easy, I'm not asking because I'm out to cause you any trouble. In fact, I think that we might be able to work together. How would you like to get Mr. Plummer out of the picture?"

That startled Mark, to say the least. But he was in a hurry and didn't have time to think about it. "Trust me, lady, that's my plan." He turned to walk back to the door. "If that's what you want, I have to leave right now, or he'll get away!"

"Maybe so, but if you continue on the way you are, you'll just end up in jail like the others did."

Surprised that she knew anything about the fight from Friday, he suddenly stopped and asked, "How do you know about that?"

Sheila laughed, "I know a lot more than any of the rest of you. What would you say to helping me get Alan?"

"What's in it for me?"

"The enemy of my enemy is my friend."

"Huh?" Mark asked completely clueless.

Shaking her head at Mark's lack of intelligence compared to Alan's ,Sheila sighed before saying, "Never mind. As far as what's in it for you... well, for one with you being a real man, you'd be able sweep right in and have your choice of his girls."

She stepped in closer and reopened her blouse, exposing her perfect tits. "For the other, you can have all of the fun with me that you want as long as you do as I say and don't ask any questions."

Mark was dumbfounded staring at her impressive breasts. Alan got to see breasts that large and perfectly formed multiple times a day, and even larger ones beside. But for Mark, it was literally the most arousing and awe-inspiring sight he'd ever seen in his life! So all he could do was nod as his brain practically melted.

She dropped down to her knees in front of him. "I take it that we have a deal then?"

"Absolutely!" Mark said as he was reaching down to fondle her closest globe but he didn't make it.

She slapped his hand out of the way and reminded him, "Like I said, you do as I say and I did not give you permission to touch me, did I?"

Mark might have wondered what on Earth this teacher wanted with him, or why she was so eager to get Alan, especially considering she was a newly arrived substitute teacher. But he wasn't a deep thinker in the first place, and his brain basically shut down due to her bare breasts right in front of him.

He finally managed to pout, like a child being denied his toy, "But... I just assumed since you had them pulled out , that it was okay."

"Don't assume anything. Just do as I say and I'll make sure that you're taken care of. Meet me in here before school starts in the morning and I'll tell you what I want you to do to Alan."

Seeing how she at least temporarily had him doing as she said, she forcefully unfastened his pants and slid them down to his ankles. That was quickly followed by his boxers. Within seconds, she had his entire cock in her mouth.

As she started bobbing on him, she thought, Damn! What a disappointment! Alan's cock is a lot bigger than this one. That just makes me want him more! But I like a good challenge, not like this loser. Hell, once I have him under my control, I may give up on my other little "boy toys" because I'm pretty sure that I'm going to have plenty of fun breaking him.

Sheila quickly performed a blowjob without putting any special effort into it. She knew Mark was so excited that he'd cum soon no matter what she did.

As expected, it was only a matter of minutes before she could tell that Mark was about to cum, so she pulled off just at the last second. Then, still holding his hard-on, she aimed it away from her body.

Mark was in a state of shock and lust when as he shot his load all over the tile floor. When his orgasm came to an end, he complained, "What the hell did you stop for?!"

As she stood back up and refastened her blouse, she replied, "Because you haven't done anything yet to earn the right to cum down my throat, or even on my skin. That was just a sample of what's to come if you help me."

She reached in her desk drawer, pulled out a small roll of paper towels, and tossed it to him. Then she did the same with a small water bottle.

"What do you want me to do with this stuff?"

Confidently, she answered, "I expect you to clean up the mess that you just made."

Mark was angry and said, "You're crazy! You can't really expect me to do that?"

"I can, and I do. Now get to cleaning. Don't make a lot of noise either; I have some work that I need to do before the next class comes in."

Then another thought came to her. "Oh, and before we do anything more, you'll have to prove to me that you can be trusted and that you can keep your mouth shut." She lied, "Yes, I'm new here, but I have good friends here already. That's how I know so much. So if you tell ANYONE what happened here today, I'll make your life hell, and no one will believe you. But if you can keep your mouth shut, there's more where that came from."

He quickly replied, "Okay, already. God, I'm not a total idiot! Of course I'll keep my mouth shut to get the experience THAT again! You'll see!"

"Maybe I will." Then she looked down at her desk, signaling the conversation was over.

He was still angry, but now also embarrassed as he knelt down and started to unwrap a few of the towels. Fucking bitch! How humiliating! But I have to give it to her, that was the best blowjob that I ever had! Plus those damn tits are awesome. God, her whole body is awesome! Alan thinks he has all the real hotties, but now I've got a hottie of my own! HA!

I'll definitely work with her as long as I get to tap that ass! And hell yeah I can keep a secret. Wow! Today's my lucky day! Plus, knowing that once she has that little prick... I'll line all of his girls up in a row and fuck them until they beg me to stop and then I'll fuck them some more!

His thoughts were more notable for all the things he didn't think about. For instance, he never even bothered to ask her why she was trying to ruin Alan, or why she wanted his help. He disliked Alan so much that he took it as a given that everyone else would too.

Back in the courtyard where Alan usually ate lunch, Christine, Amy, Heather, and Simone were gathered around off in a corner.

"So, what do any of you think that's keeping him so long?" Amy asked.

Heather answered Amy, "I don't know, but it can't be good. He's told all of us about how he doesn't feel comfortable around her. Maybe the four of us should go back down there and demand that they let us in!"

Christine was silently running over every possible scenario in her mind, but didn't want to speculate. She had a bad feeling, based on her interaction with him at the door. How can he do this to me? Not only do I have to share him with all of these girls that I do know about, AND the ones that I don't, but now he quickly adds another to compete with! I'm pretty sure that I can hold my own against Amy and Heather, but she's got the perfect body for him.

Well, okay, admittedly people say I've got a great body, and God only knows my breasts are way too big. But he loves them at that size, and she's got breasts that are just as big as mine! Worse, she's a teacher. How can I compete with that? I don't even want to think about how he has a thing for teachers! I bet he's in there right now using the same charm on her that he uses on me. In which case, how can she resist?!

After quickly running through her thoughts with her fast mind, Christine spoke up. "Has it dawned on either of you that maybe they're in there having sex and it's by his choice?" She continued sadly, "We all know what he's like. He's not exactly monogamous! If he sees a really beautiful and busty woman like her, can he resist her? Maybe he just told us those things to throw us off track."

Amy huffed emphatically, "No way! Beau wouldn't do that to us! If he wanted to have sex with her, then all he'd have to do is tell me, but if he says that something's not right around her, then he's telling the truth."

Simone told them, "I agree with Amy. It's true that I haven't really known him all that long, but he doesn't seem like one that would lie about something like that. Plus, Christine, you're right about one thing. She does seem exactly like his type. Hell, she's such a stunner that she's every guy's type. But why wouldn't he at least be honest with Amy about his intentions? I'm sure that she would have given him permission to play around with her if he wanted to. After all, she lets him-"

Before Simone could finish, they saw Alan walking through the doorway.

NOTES: I would like to thank Spacer X for his suggestions that improved continuity of the characters with those of STD Proper, and Sam.I.am for his detailed editing. I'd also like to thank bdgv for his help in brainstorming and making suggestions for this part.

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