A Very Bitchslut Xmas
(no sex)
Written by Jimmy the Saint

Copyright © 2012 Jimmy the Saint; All Rights Reserved.

This is fanfic based on the epic e-novel Six Times a Day by Spacer X.

Part 1: Prelude

CHAPTER 1 (Tuesday, December 24, 2002)

Susan woke up with a start at 7:43 a.m. She'd finally gotten to sleep well after midnight with both of her children at her sides, nursing her to sleep. But now she was sitting up, all alone in her bed. Where are my children?

She rushed out of her room and went to Katherine's room. Hearing nothing at the door, she entered unannounced, only to find it empty. Susan's heart started beating faster as she went across the hall to Alan's door. She'd had a lot of practice listening at his door during the past two months, but now she didn't hear a thing. She burst through his door and found both Katherine and Alan in bed, with Katherine trying to spoon up against Alan's back.

Both were absolutely motionless except for the slight motion caused by their breathing. Susan's dramatic entrance had not awoken either of them. She stood there for a full minute, now quite certain her kids were safely asleep. Her motherly concerns satisfied, she quietly left the room, closing the door almost all the way but leaving it slightly ajar, so she could enter again without any noise.

Back in her own room, she sat down on her bed and realized that she was quite sore from the festivities of the night before. My studly son fucked all of Mommy's holes very hard. It felt great last night, but I'm paying the piper now. She realized a shower would not do - a long, hot bath was what she needed.

While she soaked, she worried that all she might be able to do for Alan today would be to suck his hard cock, because her pussy and asshole might be too sore. Wait! My breasts are always ready to receive him. They don't hurt, although I do need to have them drained again. She luxuriated in the bath for a full half hour, trying to loosen her muscles. When she rinsed off, she realized that she felt better but that her groin was still sore, and for some reason she had a slight limp. After drying off, Susan lubed her rectum. She knew it needed a break, but for how long? If my gorgeous son wants to have my ass, who am I to say no? Good mommies don't say no, ever!

She emerged from her bath wearing a robe and headed back to Alan's room. She peeked in and saw that both kids were still in the same positions they been in an hour earlier. She moved to Alan's side of the bed, opened her robe, and knelt in front of his face. Then she lifted her left boob and placed her nipple at Alan's lips.

For a moment nothing happened, but then he reacted to her presence and started sucking, helping to drain his mother's milk.

Susan sighed because she was so happy to be feeding her baby.

After a minute he stopped suckling and, while clearly still asleep, muttered, "Thanks, Christine," then nodded off again.

Susan was startled. Is my boy dreaming or confused? She looked at his closed eyelids and could see his eyes shifting back and forth. He's in REM sleep, obviously dreaming about Christine while suckling me! He'll have to tell me this dream later; it's making me so wet!

Satisfied that she had fed her son and drained one breast, she went to the other side of the bed. She rolled her daughter over and tried to feed her the other breast. But like a fussy baby, Katherine wouldn't suckle. Frustrated, Susan tried to rouse her, but Kat knocked her breast away. Susan pressed the nipple back against her lips, only to have Katherine spit it out. Susan decided to wake her daughter.

"Waa? waa? what?" Katherine muttered, fluttering her eyes only to see a large breast in her face. "Mom?"

"Angel, wake up a little and have some milk from Mommy."

Still in a daze, Katherine latched onto Susan's nipple and started to suckle. After a minute, Katherine muttered "Thank you, Mommy," and tried to go back to sleep. Susan shook her, but Katherine said, "Mom, there's no school today. Let me sleep next to Big Brother."

"Come on, Angel, wake up and I'll make you breakfast."

She was answered with "Mmmm... goway... lemme sleep..."

Giving up on Kat, she turned to her son and said, "Tiger, do you want breakfast?"

That prompted a grumpy, slurred, "Whatimeizzit?"

"Why, it's eight-forty-"

He complained, "Mom, it's too early... was long night... let me sleep an hour more at least. Okay?"

"We could have so much fun today..."

But she only got a "Rrrraaaa" from both her children in response.

Sadly, she realized that teenagers who don't have to go to school are going to sleep in, even on Christmas Eve. So, reluctantly, she left the room.

She went back to her room, put on some makeup, and went downstairs to make coffee. She had to go down slowly, because her groin was sending messages of soreness from getting fucked so frequently. The refrigerator was well stocked, but she took a moment to write down a few items she needed to buy for the holidays.

Susan decided, Since Angel and Tiger are snoozing, I'll serve them breakfast in bed. Boy, will they love that! Maybe Tiger will reward me with a nice long cocksuck, and Angel can join in!

She sliced some fruit, put the coffee in a carafe, then realized she'd have to make a couple of trips up the stairs. She decided pancakes would be the way to go. She listened at the bottom of the stairs but heard nothing. If they had woken, they would have smelled her cooking and come downstairs. She decided to feed herself first, giving them more time to sleep. At nine-thirty, she took the first of three trays upstairs. Once she had all the food, drink and utensils in Alan's room, she began to assemble a serving tray to present her children with breakfast in bed, then realized that they were still sound asleep, snoring even.

"GOOD MORNING AND MERRY CHRISTMAS EVE!" she shouted. "Breakfast is served. Wake up, you sleepyheads!"

Katherine bolted up, the bed sheet falling away to show her in a black nightie. She saw Susan holding a tray with pancakes, a fruit cup of pineapple, blueberries and strawberries, and a side of sausage.

Alan's eyeballs were still fluttering. "Mom, you're not going to let me sleep, are you?"

Katherine purred in reply, "Big Brother, get up and sit up. Look! Mom has breakfast for us." She rubbed his chest to rouse him.

Alan sat up, shook his head back and forth while mumbling a growl, then stretched his arms. That caused Katherine to jump back lest she get accidentally popped in the jaw. "Good morning Sis. Good morning Mom. Merry Christmas. And no, I'm not quite awake yet."

Katherine suggested, "Put your back against the headboard, Bro, just like I'm doing."

He slowly got into position as Susan brought the first tray up to Katherine.

She assembled the second tray as Alan rubbed his eyes and tried to get the cobwebs out. "Tiger, are you ready?"

He nodded, so she brought the tray to his waist.

Susan next poured their coffee, giving the first cup to Katherine and the second to Alan.

While Katherine was digging into her pancakes, Alan remained motionless until he smelled the coffee with cream and sugar. Then he took a big gulp and opened his eyes to look down at his food."Mom, I'm not sick, but this is very nice of you. Thank you very much." He recalled that in the past she had used this tray only when he was sick and had to be absent from school.

"Mom, thanks very much for breakfast, and Merry Christmas," chimed Katherine.

"I'm glad you like it, Angel. Sorry, but when I went to sleep last night you were both nursing at my breasts, so when I woke this morning with an empty bed my first thought was that my children had been stolen. When I found you, I tried waking you up by feeding you my breasts. Tiger, you suckled, but didn't wake up. Angel, you pushed me away repeatedly, so I had to wake you up."

Katherine recalled, "That's when I told you to go away. Sorry about that, but I was so sleepy."

Alan said, "I don't remember the milk, though I sort of realized that I'd had something milky in my mouth before I sucked down this coffee. Can I have another cup?" He held the cup towards Susan, who took it for a refill.

With his hands free, Alan succumbed to his hunger and started to manhandle the triple stack of pancakes.

"Easy, Tiger. Eat more slowly; you'll enjoy it more," chided Susan.

"Mom, you've never said that to Big Maple Syrup Bottle Brother when he's eating YOU out" giggled Kat.

"Maybe so, but eating food isn't the same as feasting on yummy cum. Eating food at a reasonable pace leads to better digestion and greater cum production. I don't have any studies to validate that conclusion, but I certainly hope it's true." She winked.

Then she asked what she was dying to find out. "By the way, Tiger, when I was feeding you my breast milk you said, 'Thanks, Christine.' What were you dreaming about that Alan-worthy blonde, who's still withholding her virginity from you? Tell me, Loving Son!"

Alan put the fork down, and mused, "Mom, Sis, this was a really intense dream. It took place years from now. Sis and I were thirty and we had kids, along with Amy's kids. But Christine was this super scientist and she'd figured out how to prove Einstein's Unified Field Theory. So she was getting the Nobel Prize for Physics, and also a newly created Nobel Prize for Cosmology - she had to have interstellar observations as well as particle collider evidence to prove it. She called me and asked me to accompany her to Norway for the presentation. I had to leave you girls behind to take care of the kids."

"So I went to Norway with Christine, where she met the King and Queen and received her two medals. And every night, after the parties, I would slip into her room and we'd make love. Turns out she was very fertile, but she'd lied to me, saying she was on the pill. Then we were back in the US and she was eight months pregnant and asked me to taste her milk! I said 'Thank you' to her for feeding me her milk. Then she delivered triplets. And then somebody tried to wake me up and the dream faded. Bummer."

He hadn't even had time to take his next bite when both women exclaimed in stereo, "That is SO HOT!!"

Susan added, "My son is such a stud, even in his dreams! He waits twelve years to knock up that girl, and then he gives her enough at once to delay the rest of her career!"

Katherine pointed out, "But at least he gave me and Amy kids before he put Christine in a family way! Big Load Brother, don't you dare knock her up in real life until you take care of me first!"

He smiled. "Hey, Sweet Hips Sister, it's only a dream. Sleep-time is over, and I have some real-world thoughts today. For starters, I don't think we are going to see Amy or Suzanne today."

Susan said, "Make that definite, son. While I was in the bath, Suzanne left a message on the machine saying that all four Pestridges were leaving for Disneyland for the day, after which they have dinner reservations in Irvine. Are you ready for some more pancakes and coffee?"

"Yes please, Mom." Susan gave Alan the coffee first, then another stack of pancakes, while Katherine had to wait for her second servings.

During that wait, Katherine asked, "Would somebody explain what is happening to our Master's harem? I don't understand what Eric Pestridge is doing to Alan, and why, Brother, are you letting this happen?

Alan sighed. He wasn't totally pleased at the current state of events but he didn't feel like explaining it again. Fortunately, Susan was in a very motherly mode with this breakfast and had no problems explaining again till Katherine fully understood. So as she handed pancakes and coffee to her daughter, she took a deep breath and started.

"Angel, while we have thrived as the core four with Alan, there is still the fact that in their house, there is still a marriage. Setting aside the relationship between Eric and Suzanne, they are still the parents to their children. And maybe it will fade, but Eric Pestridge has woken up to the fact that his children have grown up and will soon be graduating high school. He's been distant emotionally to his children, especially Amy."

"I haven't talked much with Suzanne, so I don't know what triggered it, but Eric suddenly realized that his little girl was not so little. For instance, that she had a very mature boyfriend who could easily become his son-in-law. I think the light went on in his head that if he didn't start spending time with his little girl, he just might not get an invitation to the wedding, even though he should be very involved in the planning and be right there to give his daughter away. If he just continued acting the way he was, Amy was going to be out of his life well before that. Do you understand this, Angel?"

"Sort of. What I don't get is how quote 'the light went on' unquote in his head that he was losing his family."

Alan finished his second stack of pancakes, then took a couple of bites of fruit, chasing it down with more coffee. Then he chimed in. "Katherine, remember on Friday how our dinner plans changed when Aims told us that their family was going to go out to dinner at Ruth's Chris Steakhouse to celebrate a huge bonus that Eric had earned at work?"

"Yes. That's why just the three of us went to that Italian place for dinner, since we had to wait for Amy to get back before we could all go to that ill-fated party."

He continued, "Right. Then I picked up Amy, and she was kind of quiet, and you pressed her, and she clammed up about why she was quiet, so you dropped that and we talked about what Christmas presents we still had to buy for everyone. Then we got to the party, we made a lot of small talk with a bunch of people..."

Katherine said, "Including Heather and Kim and the other cheerleaders... and Sean... and-"

But Alan interrupted. "Right. Then you went to the bathroom, and that's when Aims told me what happened when the Pestridges went to dinner. Everything was nice at Ruth's Chris, and they were waiting for the entrée when Brad left for the bathroom. That's when Eric asked Amy for the second time 'Is Alan treating you right?' That time she replied that Alan treated her like a mature woman, whereas her first answer to the same question when Brad was there was that I treated her nicely, with respect and manners. See the difference?"

"Explain it to me, Big Empire State Building Brother," said Katherine as she pushed the tray away. She was clearly finished with breakfast, and was now finishing her coffee while making a hand gesture to Susan to not refill her cup.

"The first response was, in effect, 'Alan is a nice boy'. The second response told Eric that - Alan made quote marks with his hands - "'I, Amy Pestridge, am a woman now, courtesy of Alan Plummer, and your little girl is getting it from him regularly.'"

Alan turned Kat's head so he was looking her straight in the eye and continued, "Then Aims said, 'Daddy, he is so good that he could marry me tomorrow and I would be a happy woman.' Aims said that their entrées arrived five seconds later, and that her dad at first didn't have much of an appetite for his rib eye, but then he absolutely destroyed it. So I said to her that she must have freaked out her dad about getting married, even though she also told him she's too young to get married right now and that marriage wasn't on my mind. That's true, but it's also true that I can see Aims and me married someday, but not for a few years at least. I asked what Suzanne said to all this, and all she replied was 'Looks like our little girl is not so little anymore.'"

Susan had been listening intently, and harrumphed, "That's not what Suzanne would say."

"I don't think so either, but that's what Aims told me. Regardless of what Suzanne said or not, that must have hit Eric like a ton of bricks. Not only was I fucking his daughter, but it seemed that there was a plan afoot to take her away from him, and he wasn't ready for that. But Eric was cool enough to not behave emotionally. And now he wants to stay close to his daughter, which is why we didn't see much of them yesterday, because his response was not to get testy with me but instead to reassert his position as Amy's father."

"I think Amy said that on purpose to get a rise out of her dad. She didn't tell me that, because she saw you coming back from the bathroom and didn't want to include you in this conversation just then. I think at that moment she just wanted to share her intimate thoughts with her boyfriend."

Katherine asked, "Bro, I think I'm getting it, but why would she try to get a rise out of her dad? What if he got mad and decided to hurt you?"

"Sis, it's not Eric's nature to be hostile. But look at the bigger picture. First, we all underestimate Amy, but she's got her own agenda that happens to coincide pretty much with mine. Specifically, I think Aims has seen what effect an absentee father has on a family. Yes, we've had a good few months here in Casa Plummer, but all these years with one de facto parent hasn't been kind to the three of us emotionally, if we really think about it. I think Amy has seen that, and she didn't want her dad to slip away. So she baited him. And look, Eric has been trying to be the head of that family. I think he's trying to figure out if he wants to put in the effort to be a father again to Amy, and Amy wants her dad close emotionally, because you can never know what will happen. It's just better to have a full family unit."

"Even if Suzanne and Eric aren't sleeping together anymore?" queried Katherine.

"ESPECIALLY if they're not intimate. You can still have a functioning family unit without sex, but it takes more work."

"But Eric is definitely keeping you away from Suzanne too often these days!" said Kat excitedly.

"That's up to Suzanne and Eric to figure out. Look Mom, Katherine, I'm a human being. Moose, elephant seals, lions - with species like that, males fight to establish dominance over other males. I'm not going to tussle with Eric. I don't need to. Look, last year at Christmas, what, they came over here for a half hour with presents, and the year before that we went there and spent a grand fifty minutes with them. We'll get together this year to exchange gifts, and we'll see them during the holiday season. I'm not worried about losing either my O.G. or Aunt Suzy."

Katherine sighed. "Bro, I guess you're right... but it just doesn't feel right without the rest of your harem here. I've gotten used to having Amy and Suzanne around all the time, and I feel there's someone missing when they're not here. But why didn't Aims tell me that later that night?"

He smiled. "I'm sure she wanted to, but if you recall, right after you came back from the bathroom, things got strange, and then all hell broke loose."

Susan grabbed a stray strawberry as she soaked this all in. I'm amazed that Tiger has such a mature perspective on this situation. I would expect this analysis from Xania. I guess he's really decided to be the man of the house, including taking responsibility for how we should proceed. But I certainly have to agree with Angel: I hope Amy and Suzanne aren't out of our orbit for too long.

She asked, "Would you like any more breakfast, my darlings?"

Katherine shook her head.

Alan said, "Let me help you get this all back to the kitchen; then I'm going to shower." He took his tray straight downstairs, followed by the two women bearing the other trays.

He then went to the downstairs bathroom to empty his bladder and bowels. He was trying to envision how the day would go, but one thing was certain: if he wanted his family to have their space unhampered by outsiders, he would have to be proactive. As he sat on the toilet he reexamined what he had been considering and preparing for.


Alan emerged from the bathroom to find an empty ground floor. He bounded upstairs to the upper-floor bathroom ready to take his shower, but found his sister blocking his path. "Big Italian Bread Brother, how about you take care of your number one fuck toy and THEN hop in the shower to clean off?"

"Sis, do you and mom want to have a holiday season uninterrupted by a certain Bitchslut?"

"Well, it's always better to not have unexpected visitors here at Casa Plummer, especially since we haven't put the stripper pole away yet," she pointed out.

He nodded. "Yet another thing on our to-do list. But today, I'm going to implement Project Heather, and for that I'm going to need my balls fully loaded if all goes as planned. If it doesn't, I'm sure I can count on you or Mom to take care of any excess that's left over."

She replied, "You can always count on your Number One Fuck Toy. I don't know if you've noticed, but Mom is walking with a limp today. You really wore her out yesterday, but she won't admit that to you. Even so, she's very ready to keep practicing how to deep throat your massive cock, or to let you fuck her tits. Can I at least suck you off in the shower?"

"Kat, let's just lather each other up and get clean and dry." He stepped into the shower and let the water flow.

Katherine was right behind him. She lathered up his back (and his balls) and he did the same to her back and her asshole. After getting totally clean, she started to jerk Alan off. then got on her knees to suck him off.

He was sufficiently hard, and amused. But he was on a mission today, so pushed her away, then gave her three quick swats on her ass. "Now behave, my fuck toy, or I will have to discipline you."

She smirked, "I've never minded the discipline. Will you tell me what you've planned for the day?"

He stepped out of the shower, grabbing a towel. "I'll tell you and Mom together downstairs."

He opted for briefs, shorts, and a T-shirt. He knew he would have to change again, but the next phone call would tell all and determine what he needed to wear. He looked at the clock and it was 10:25 a.m.

He came downstairs to see his mom in a short skirt and a T-shirt that had the chest area cut out so her boobs could be seen unencumbered. (It was his favorite "bring out the big guns" shirt.) His sister had a towel around her hair and nother under her butt, but was otherwise naked.

Susan came up to him and gave him a brief hug. "So, my son, please explain what your plans for Heather today."

"It's pretty simple. I'm going to call her, then go over to her house with some presents that will seem to her parents as pretty normal for a kid with a nerdy reputation. Then I'm going to schmooze them to convince them to lift her grounding. If that succeeds, I'll tell them that we'll be going shopping and then to a movie. What I will actually do is take her to a motel and screw her brains out. Hopefully that will keep her satisfied and at bay for the rest of the holiday season. What do you think?"

"If you can convince her parents, Heather will be in your debt. But if they say no, then what?" asked Susan.

"Then I'll call you up and join you two for shopping. You do both have some last minute Christmas shopping to do, don't you?"

Katherine said, "Yes, but we'd rather you stayed at home. Right, Mom?"

He responded, "Whatever. You know I have to satisfy ALL the women in my life, not just the two of you. Please get me Heather's home number, Sis."

Katherine knew Heather's number by heart since they had to stay in touch as cheerleaders. She realized that she hadn't actually used the number in a long time, but wrote it down for Alan.

Alan took it, then grabbed the wireless phone and started dialing.


He heard two rings before someone at the Morgan household picked up and said, "Hello. Merry Christmas." He was certain it wasn't Heather, so since it was a woman's voice, it had to be her mother Helen.

Alan knew the polite approach was essential to realiing his plan. "Hello, Mrs. Morgan. Alan Plummer here. May I speak to Heather please?"

Helen replied, "Alan, Heather has been grounded. I'm sure you understand; this is for her own good."

"Does the grounding mean that she can't speak to her friends, Mrs. Morgan?"

"What do you wish to discuss with her?" replied Helen coldly.

Well, I can hear where Heather got the Bitch part of her personality. I'm a friggin adult now; I shouldn't have to put up... but stay on point, Alan.

He continued politely, "Mrs. Morgan, I have a couple of Christmas presents for your daughter. I would have invited her over to my house, but since I know she's grounded, I'd like to bring them over to your house instead. I was hoping I could come over around lunchtime, because you might have plans to go somewhere with her for the evening and holidays. Besides, I'd like to chat a little bit with you and your husband. Would an hour from now be alright?

"One moment, Alan. Let me check with Colonel Morgan." It sounded to Alan as if Helen put the phone down and walked away.

He thought, She didn't say Mr. Morgan, or my husband, or his first name, so she's trying to impress me by using the authority angle. I think this is going to work. I mean, if they say no, then I'll have to take a more aggressive approach.

While he waited, he turned to his two women and said, "Mom, could you press my dark blue pants and light blue shirt? And Sis, would you check my nice shoes and see if I need to shine them? I will if there's even one blemish."

He was still waiting for Helen Morgan to return when he heard the phone pick up and then, "Alan is that you?" It was Heather.

"Heather, I'm trying to get you out of jail. Now put the phone down. I'll talk to you shortly".

Heather did as he had asked.

About twenty seconds later, Helen came back on the line. She replied, "The Colonel has decided it will be all right for you to come over. An hour from now is fine. What do you want for lunch, Alan?"

"Thank you Mrs. Morgan, and Mr. Morgan as well, for letting me come by. Ah, for lunch, just some fruit and water. You know how easy it is to overeat during the holidays, so I'll be light on your pantry. Would you please give the phone to Heather, I'd like to chat with her briefly before I come over." He thought, Damn, how tight is Helen wound up?

There was a significant pause before she replied, "Well, OK. But don't take long because Heather has to clean up down here before you can come over. Understand, Heather?" She had clearly turned away from the phone and toward her daughter. He could hear the hand-over of the phone. "Stay right here while you talk to him, Heather!" Helen snapped.

Heather said eagerly, "Hi Alan! I'm so happy to hear from you. So you are coming- MooooOOOoooom!" The volume level dropped as Heather continued, "If I'm going to have to talk in the living room, would you please give me a little space?!"

A few moments passed while Heather waited for her mother to move out of earshot. Then Heather said to Alan, "I'm back." Her voice turned to alarm. "Oh wait, I can't exactly do my usual ritual!"

"Heather, for this call only, you don't have to get naked for me. That doesn't mean I'm not envisioning your lovely body in my hands right now". He thought, That will get her moist!

He went on, "I'm coming over with your Christmas presents. There are a couple of presents that I don't want your parents to see, so I'd like to put them in the trunk of your car. Find a way to leave it open a little so I can sneak them into the trunk before I come to your front door and ring your bell. Then after I'm gone you can sneak them into the house and open them in private. When I arrive, I'm going to come in with presents that will seem appropriate for who your folks think I am. It's going to be a nerdy, geeky approach, so you may be surprised at what I have for you. Now, I want you to have modest makeup, a dark blue or purple blouse, and a cream or tan long skirt. Wear stockings, panties, a bra and a half slip."

"Alan, you want me to have a 'good girl' look, right?"

"Correct. And most importantly, no ponytail today."

She complained, "That's my trademark!"

"It makes a statement. Then, after I've given you the presents and a somewhat chaste kiss, I'm going to ask your parents to let me take you out of the house for a few hours. We will go shopping, quote unquote. Do you get me, Schweetheart?" He put that last line in a very poor imitation of Bogart. "It's the best bet I have to get some alone time with you. Like the plan?"

"I love it! I think... " She choked, almost saying 'I think I love you' but didn't.

"Heather, you have a lot to do for your mom as well as me. Don't forget my wardrobe request. Don't fret about the car trunk. If you can't pull it off, I can leave those presents in my car. Now, be a good little Bitchslut and get to work! You have an hour to get ready. Bye, Heather!"

If Alan could have seen Heather, he would have seen her mouth open wide, look at the clock and realize she had to hustle. So she moved to the pantry to get a spray bottle and start cleaning the living room.

Alan put the phone back on its cradle in the kitchen. He went upstairs and got Heather's presents out of his closet. He was glad he'd taken the time to wrap them the day before. He saw that his sister was seated at his computer table, buffing his shoes to a nice shine while she herself was in the buff. He took the presents downstairs and put them in the "nice" car that was now his, putting the covert presents in the trunk and the "nerdy" presents in the front seat. He took a quick look at the gas gauge to see that he had enough for the day.

He came back in to see that his mom was downstairs. She told him, "Tiger, your shirt and pants are fine. Are you getting dressed now?"

"Not just yet. I think I need a shave. Does my hair look okay? I mean, I got a haircut before the Homecoming dance. Do I have any nose hair or ear hair, Mom?"

"That kind of hair happens to middle-aged and older men. But I'll check." A quick look around his head revealed nothing. "Son, there are a couple of hairs out of place. Let me take care of them; just close your eyes."

When he complied, Susan yanked his pants down. She caressed his cock and smoothed his slight pubic hair.

He chuckled at her eagerness. "Mom, there's nothing wrong with THAT hair. That hair is not going to be seen by Heather's parents."

"But there are so many hairs out of place. I know: I will suck you and my saliva will mat you hair down and then it'll all stay in place. And then you'll need a long cock cleaning afterwards."

"Mom, I just showered. My cock is clean. I can't smell of sex when I'm at the Morgans." He moved his mother's hands and lips away from his crotch. What he didn't see was Katherine sneaking up behind him. Suddenly his ass cheeks were separated and he felt her hot breath on his rectum.

"Let's see if there's any hair around his butt!" she cried.

He chuckled some more. "Ladies, please get with the program and leave my goodies alone! I'm on a mission today!"

"OH, POO!" cried both disgruntled Plummer females.

He broke away from them and went upstairs to change. He went to the bathroom to shave, taking his time. When he got dressed, he selected some argyle socks and a red Ivy League tie. He opted not to wear a jacket, but took one along just to appear stylish. Sifting through his wallet, he checked to see what he didn't need to take along, to make his pockets seem thinner. He figured $300 in cash would be enough for any jam he might encounter that day, including renting the hotel room. He looked at the cell phone he'd be taking and realized that he should have charged it the day before. He knew he could charge it in the car, so decided to leave shortly and then take time driving around, giving him time to really think through his plan while the phone was charging.

He came downstairs to be greeted by wolf whistles. With clear approval for his attire, he kissed his women, then backed the car out of the garage, waving at them both as he left.


Alan knew it would take him only ten minutes to get to Heather's house, but he had twenty-five minutes to kill. He was strangely drawn to the high school, so ended up in the school parking lot. He shut off the engine but left the car's ignition switch in the AccessorY position to charge his cell phone, while going over in his mind how the mess of Friday had occurred. The party had been held at Lucy and Gary McClendon's house. It was a mansion similar to Brenda Hunter's; in fact it was only two streets away from Brenda's. Lucy and Gary were twins but went to different schools. Gary went to a prep school up north while Lucy was a senior at Alan's high school. Lucy wasn't that studious; she mostly wanted to be popular; it was she who invited the whole cheerleading squad to her party.

Alan hadn't been keen on attending the party, but Amy really wanted to be seen with her Official Boyfriend so he went along. He told Amy and Katherine not to get a drink without him being there. The three of them got there around nine p.m., which was fashionably early, but then waited outside until Kim showed up.

"This should be an unofficial SA Club meeting!" Kim exclaimed when they finally met. They all laughed, remembering all their 'Service Alan' meetings at Kim's house.

They waited for Sean to show up. He wasn't invited, but Kim thought he could crash if he entered with the three of them. Then Alan got a call from Heather, asking them to wait till she got there with Janice and Joy; that way they could all make a grand entry. So that's what they ended up doing.

One person absent from the entourage was Simone, who had gone to Stanford University to get an on-campus interview. Therefore Alan took it upon himself to spend some time with Heather, asking her what was she going to do. She said she was going to have some drinks and have some fun, but not act like a slut the way she had previously, because she was quite aware that if she wasn't true to Alan, he would dump her. Heather was too addicted to Alan for her anal fun to risk that possibility.

Heather found herself like a fish out of water that night. She was at a party, but she didn't know how to have fun the way she had in the past, since she knew she was NOT going to get laid that night unless it was Alan laying the pipe. Also, without Simone as her wing girl, Heather was hanging in a different space. She tried to get Alan to dance with her, but he wasn't dancing with anyone.

Alan was just kicking back, watching other people having fun. What became apparent after a while was that most of the women at the party were people from his high school, but most of the guys at the party were not. It was as if Lucy and Gary had asked their same-sex friends from their respective schools to a mixer. In fact, that turned out to be the whole point of the party. As the evening went on, and the alcohol continued to flow, Alan could see a lot of hooking up occurring between people who didn't seem to know each other.

The cheerleaders kept coming back to the couch where Alan had deposited himself. Sean had found the girl that he had gone with to the homecoming dance, AND another girl whom he had been seen hanging out with in the lunchroom.

Heather was drinking, but not seemingly enough to cause any problem. She was flirting with a number of guys, but she was consistently shooting them down when they tried to get physical. She kept saying, "I'm a born-again virgin tonight, so hands off!" which kept most of the guys at bay.

The party eventually started to really pick up steam about 11 p.m. Alan recalled pressing Amy about why she had been so quiet when he picked her up for the party. That's when she told him about what had happened at dinner at Ruth's Chris steakhouse. He remembered telling Amy that everything would work out all right, at about the same time that Katherine had returned from the bathroom. Which led him to recall the following unexpected turn of events.

Amy had said it was time to mingle and see what everyone was up to, so the three of them left the couch and started wormimg their way through the throng. It took about twenty minutes for them to go through the whole house and the pool area, after which they returned to the living room.

It was at that point that Alan saw Heather. She was talking with Janice, but had her drink on the table behind her. A small guy who had been hovering around all evening suddenly poured something into her drink, then the twerp backed away and Heather turned, picked up her drink and downed it! She was completely unaware that she had just been given a Mickey Finn.

Alan said, "Amy, did you just see what just happened?"

Amy nodded.

Alan was angry. "Look, Aims and Kat, stay with Heather while I try and find the little shit who just dosed her." He stormed towards the twerp, but the guy eluded him in the crowd. The guy had expected to be able to do as she pleased with the blonde bombshell, but thanks to Alan's and Amy's sharp eyes, she was safe, at least for the moment.

So Alan headed back to Heather, Amy, and Katherine. He told Amy and Katherine not to drink or eat anything else, to stay together, and to find Kim, Janice, and Joy. Meanwhile, Alan started talking to Heather to assess her condition. Even at that point he could hear her slurring her words. He knew he had to get her away from the party, but what then? Should he take her to her home, his home, or the hospital?

Finally, the quintet of cheerleaders returned, so he asked each their opinion. They each tried to talk to Heather to assess her state. Unfortunately, there hadn't been a consensus on where he should take her.

Alan asked if Kim, Janice, and Joy would be all right heading home. They agreed they would have Kim drive them all, since she had had the least to drink.

Alan decided that the best thing to do would be to take Heather to her parents and let them know what he had seen. He told Heather that everyone was leaving to go to another party, and she was all for that. She was having trouble walking so he held onto her, put her in the back seat with Amy, and they drove to Heather's house. By this time, Heather was really groggy.

When they arrived, Alan and Katherine rang the bell. Frank Morgan answered the door. Alan explained what he had witnessed, and said he had been unable to locate the twerp to find out what Heather had been given. Frank thanked Alan and kat for taking care of her and bringing her home, telling them that he was going to take her to the Emergency Room.

The next day, Frank Morgan called Alan to tell him that the guy had slipped roofies into her drink. Heather was okay, but she was going to be grounded for her own protection until further notice. He thanked Alan and Kat again for making sure his daughter was safe.

Alan took a look at his watch and saw it was 11:30 a.m. - time to redeem Heather. He started the put and headed for the Morgans' house.

Part 2: 'Twas the midday before Christmas...

CHAPTER 5 (Tuesday, December 24, 2002)

Alan turned his car into the cul-de-sac where the Morgans lived. He could see Heather's Mustang parked next to a Mercedes 280 SEL. Nice car. I'll bet that's her mom's.

He backed his car into their driveway behind the Mustang. He popped the trunk, got out of the car quietly and went to the back to see if the trunk of the Mustang was unlocked. Since it was, he put a large Christmas present in her trunk and closed it. Hmm, I'm figuratively stuffing her ass by putting this in the trunk, heh heh!

Closing his trunk, he decided not to take the three presents from the back seat just yet. He walked up to the front door and rang the doorbell, which gave off an eight-note bell chime: 'E-B-C-A, (half rest), A-D-E-C'.

The wood-grained door opened to reveal a smiling Heather, dressed exactly as he had specified on the phone, with her long blonde hair flowing freely instead of in a ponytail. "Hello Heather, Merry Christmas!" he said.

Heather leapt into his arms and gave him a big smooch on the lips. "Merry Christmas, Alan! Thanks for coming over!" She gave him a big squeeze.

As Alan held her close with his strong arms, he could feel her equally strong arms holding him in return. He whispered in her ear, "Follow my lead, my sweet Bitchslut." Then he pulled away to plant a soft but powerful kiss on her lips, holding it for half a minute. "Let go of me. We can get a room later."

As they disengaged, Alan could see a blonde-haired woman, who could only be Heather's mother Helen, approach and stop three feet behind Heather.

Seeing Heather and Helen together, it was clear that Heather had all of Helen's best physical features. Helen had opted for a black knee-length skirt and deep red blouse, in contrast to the light mocha below-the-knee skirt and blue blouse worn by Heather. Helen had taken pains to have her makeup perfect; she had dressed to impress.

Heather could feel her mother behind her; she turned her body sideways to make introductions, but looked at her first. "Mom, this is my friend and savior from Friday night, Alan Plummer." She gestured with her hand. "Alan, this is my mom, Helen Morgan."

Alan had expected a quick, firm handshake but Helen held on. He said, "Merry Christmas, Mrs. Morgan. I believe the last time I met you was a tenth grade parent-teacher night." He was specifically excluding the scene at school the day after Thanksgiving, where Alan and Christine had been attacked by Rock's gang during the football game. He was also trying not to admit to having been in the Morgan house before, since his entrance and egress were supposed to have been surreptitious.

"Merry Christmas, Alan. Please call me Helen. I have to thank you for rescuing my daughter from the would-be rapist at the party who slipped a hypnotic into her drink."

Without warning, Helen used the handshake as leverage to eliminate the gap between herself and Alan. Her left arm wrapped around his back while her right, still in a handshake, moved below his waistline. This put the back of her hand against his crotch, leaving the back of his hand some inches above hers. Simultaneously she planted a kiss on Alan's right cheekbone and said, "I would have gone insane if my baby had been hurt that night." She moved her right hand up and down three times across his crotch, causing his hand to slide against her crotch too.

"Thank you again. You're a godsend," she added, squeezing him with her left arm. Then she broke the intimate hug (and grope) and stepped back. She appeared ready to cry, so said, "Please excuse me." She turned, leaving Alan and Heather in the foyer.

Alan thought, Whoa! What was that?! She was genuinely appreciative, but she copped a feel too?! That's a new greeting, even by Casa Plummer / Pestridge standards. He was perplexed by her actions, to say the least. Weird! That was part thank you, part grope. What the fuck is up with that?!

Heather was equally confused about what she had just seen. She whispered to Alan, "Am I seeing things or did she try to jack you off?"

He whispered, "I don't know. It was with the back of her hand. I think she was just checking out my package. Totally weird! She doesn't greet people like that everyday, does she?"

Heather frowned and narrowed her eyes, replying angrily, "Of course not." But then her attitude brightened as she realized that Helen had left her alone with Alan. "Come into the house, since you've never been here before, (wink-wink)" she said softly.

They moved to the living room, which had a decorated Christmas tree with presents underneath.

Helen had retreated to the kitchen. Judas priest! I'm so glad Frank didn't see that! I fucked up big time. I did want to thank him, but I also wanted to check him out. I can see that he's much more than a boy...

But I should have kept my distance, even though I would like to know why Heather is so agog about him. Fuck, I tried to check out his dick. He wasn't hard, but it's no small one - I can tell that much - and my god he smells nice...

Fuck, his scent is on the back of my hand, barely noticeable, but it's sweet. I've got to get my act together. Get back into Mother Mode, Helen. Total American presentation now! She got out cheese and crackers, putting them on a tray with similar edibles.


Alan and Heather had moved to the living room. Heather ushered him into the love-seat, then tried to grind herself into him.

Alan muttered, "Bitchslut, this is not the time for that; we need to play it cool! By the way, your hair looks great! Thank you for following my instructions."

Heather wiggled her ass away from Alan's crotch. I can feel the Christmas present I want right now! But I better stay with Alan's program. "Alan, can you fill in the gaps from Friday night? I mean from the time you saw me and saved me."

"Sure. But first, I heard there was something else in your toxicology screen than just roofies and alcohol, correct?" he asked.

Heather looked around to make sure they were alone. "OK, but understand that since I've been trying to avoid punishments from you, I don't know how to have fun at parties. I'm used to being able to do anything without consequence. Now I don't know how to behave. I mean, I couldn't just go and bang some guy in a bedroom, because you would find out and tell me goodbye for good. And even if you didn't, I still wouldn't want to." She turned her head away, embarrassed by the admission that she was interested in sex only with him.

She continued, "So I was trying to be just a social butterfly, but that's not easy when I'm used to being the ringmaster. And then my wing-girl Simone wasn't with me, which was a factor. Anyway, I had gone through most of the house when I stumbled into a bedroom, and these people were doing lines. I didn't recognize them. That should have been a warning right there. But those lines were saying 'Come on. Do one. Start having fun.' Then there ws only one line left, and one of the two girls said, 'Go ahead. This line's for you,' so I grabbed the straw and snorted. If it was coke, it was stepped on, and it felt a little harsh. But I didn't want to be rude to somebody who was giving me a line, so I just said, 'Wow! Haven't done this in a while. Just a bit harsh, but thanks.'"

Alan gave her a disappointed look, since he disapproved.

She ignored that and continued, "Those people left the bedroom, which left a couple who was making out. The girl said, 'You want to watch or join in?' And in the past, I would have been down with joining in. But I was, like, out of my element, so I said, 'I'll take a rain check, but let me know how it goes' or something like that, and headed out and went downstairs. That's when I saw you. But then I saw Donna and wanted to keep tabs on her. Then I finished my drink-"

"That's the drink that worm dumped the roofies in," interjected Alan.

Heather nodded. "And from that point you have to fill me in until Saturday noon, 'cos the pages are blank."

He pointed out, "You haven't answered my question about the tox' screen."

"Right. Yeah, the doctor told me that there was more ketamine in that line than cocaine. And he told me that the combination of the alcohol, ketamine and Rohypnol could have cause a lethal reaction. My breathing could have stopped!"

Alan was waiting for more, so on hearing nothing complained, "Heather, don't you understand? You could have died!"

Heather replied, "Well, maybe the doctor was just trying to scare me."

Alan countered, "You should be scared! Pot is one thing, but cocaine? That's serious. How about you try that chemical combination again, only I'm not there, and see whether you wake up or not. And don't give me the 'Well, it was an accident. Well, I didn't take the roofies deliberately. Well, it's not my fault' crap. Heather, if you die, it won't matter what the cause was; your parents, your friends and I will all be going to your funeral!"

He took a huge breath, exhaling for effect.

She grimaced. "I woke up in a hospital, not knowing how I got there! You think that didn't scare me? I've been grounded since I got home, supposedly because my folks want to protect me. I've had plenty of time to replay what happened, and no, I don't intend to screw up again. OKAY?"

He gave her a big hug. "Look, I just don't want you to minimize what happened. I've heard you say 'I live a charmed life.' It's just dangerous to put that to the test too often, OK?"

She looked into his eyes adoringly, then cast her gaze downward. "Okay, I'll be more careful. I'm just so embarrassed by this. This Homecoming Queen's popularity is going to take a big hit next year." She shook her head sadly.

"Well, that's going to be better than reading in the paper, 'HOMECOMING QUEEN DIES ACCIDENTALLY,'" he said.

"Game, Set, Match, Mr. Tennis Stud. Now, in between the time I passed out and when I woke up, what happened?"

He quickly recapped the fruitless search for the creep, his taking her home, and her father's deciding to take her to the hospital.


As he finished, Frank Morgan appeared in the living room, entering from the den.

Alan stood up to greet him. "Merry Christmas, Colonel Morgan. Glad to meet you again."

"And in a place not connected with going to or leaving the ER. Merry Christmas, Alan. Thank you again for taking care of my little girl here," he said, smiling down at Heather.

"My pleasure, sir." She may be your little girl, but she's all Woman, Daddy-o! Surely you must know that.

In an attempt at small talk, Frank asked, "How are your college applications coming along?"

Alan replied, "Slowly. I have quite a bit of work to do over the holiday break to get them all in. Otherwise things are fine." He figured he had to keep up the small talk. "I understand you're retired. What's that like?"

"I'm not retired; I'm just not an active soldier. I do some volunteer work connected to the Corps, and keep my golf game to a 13 handicap. I'm also part of the Marine Corps Reserve. That means two weeks of training in the summer. All these things keep me out of the house and out of my wife's hair. Now, didn't you say you had some presents for Heather?"

Glad he's moving things along; time to get the presents. But Alan didn't rise from his seat, because at that moment Helen appeared with a tray of snacks.

She said, "Alan, please have something to eat before you bring the presents in. And what would you like to drink? Soda, iced tea, water, apple or orange juice?"

"If I turned down a request to eat, it would get back to my mom and she'd think I was ill. She might even give me one of her 'Don't embarrass me by poor manners in public' look or speech. So thank you; I will take a glass of O.J., and some water too, please."

Looking over the tray of snacks, he thought, Perfect. Some wheat thins, some Triscuits, some Brie, some cheddar, Gouda, grapes... And this is nice, it's-

"What are these little red things in the little cup?" asked Heather.

Alan smiled, because he knew the answer. "That's Ikura caviar, from salmon. You usually see them as sushi, but Russians love this stuff." He finished his second cheese and cracker pairing. "Look, you put it on a cracker, crush it with your tongue, and voila! It's gone. Delicious. Come on Heather, try a little," he urged. That's just the first slimy bit going down your throat today, Bitchslut!

Heather put some fish eggs (which are also called roe) on a Wheat Thin and slowly and daintily put it into her mouth. Her movement was right out of a charm school class as she assembled the quivering mass and consumed it. She chewed slowly, pulling her cheeks in as she swallowed as if it was a sour lemon. But that was for effect, because she could see that her mom was returning with drinks and didn't want to let on that she really liked it. "Oooh, it's really squishy. It's salty like black caviar but not crunchy like flying-fish roe. That's a very delicate egg," she claimed.

"Thank you, Mrs. Morgan," said Alan as he took his drink and swallowed some water. "Hmmm. Guess I didn't have enough for breakfast; I'm starting to chow down here!" He ate another chunk of brie on a cracker, followed by another round of Ikura and cracker. He cleared his palate, got up, and said, "Excuse me while I bring your presents in, Heather."

She nodded, and he went outside to get all three presents.

As he came back in, he placed them under the brightly lit Christmas tree, which was nicely decorated. "Do you have stockings that you stuff?" he asked.

Heather replied, "We don't have a fireplace or mantle, so we hang them off the knobs on the doors of this cherry cabinet."

He got up and placed the smallest gift into the stocking labeled, "HEATHER." Looking at the size of it, Helen turned and whispered into Frank's ear, who nodded in agreement. As Alan returned to the couch, near the tree, he said, "You can open that stocking stuffer with the rest of your gifts, tonight or tomorrow."

Heather smiled, and said softly, "I'm sorry I don't have a gift for you, Alan, but I hope to get one soon."

"That's allright. Why don't you open this one?" He handed a larger, neatly wrapped gift to her.

She quickly ripped off the paper.

"Guess you don't recycle wrapping paper," he commented.

Helen chimed in, "I'm always amazed at families that do that."

Alan wasn't pleased at Heather's actions, because even though his family was rich, they were frugal. To tear the wrapping paper to shreds so that none of it could be used again seemed a waste. But he was careful just to smile and keep his mouth shut.

Heather opened the box to reveal a purple dress and blouse. She picked up the blouse to hold it against her chest, checking the size and feel of the material. She did the same with the skirt, which would come to just above her knee. "Oh Alan, I love it. Thank you so much!" She folded the pieces back into the box, then bent towards him to kiss him on the lips. She was genuinely pleased by his thoughtful selections.

She was also pleased to be able to kiss him in front of her parents. When the kiss ended, she asked, "Who helped you get the size right?" Like I couldn't guess!

"Well, it was your best friend. She was more than happy to help," he answered, clearly implying Simone (who did in fact help him out).

"Alan, did you get a gift for Simone as well?" said Helen in a snooping fashion.

"Mom!" exclaimed Heather.

"Maybe I did, but I don't kiss and tell. But you did guess correctly as to who helped me out." Alan couldn't help but note a similar pattern of thinking and speaking between mother and daughter.

"I see there's one more gift for you from Alan. Looks like a skinny book to me," said Frank, finishing with a sly grin.

Looking at her father with a similar grin, Heather replied dryly, "Well, Alan knows what a good student I am." She took the small present and tore off the wrapping paper. It was a DVD, but not one she would ever have expected to receive. She showed it to her father, then her mother, and then, holding it out to Alan with a look of absolute puzzlement she read the name on the DVD. "'Workout, Starring Jane Fonda.' Wow, uh Alan, I don't know what to say, but thank you. But I don't understand the meaning of this present. Could you clue me in?" She remembered this was going to be a "nerdy" gift, but she was eager to hear the explanation.

Alan took the DVD from her and said, "This is the classic 1982 workout video that was a huge hit back in the day, well, back in the days before we were even born. Now, this isn't a gift to help you work out. I know you keep yourself in pretty good shape, what with cheerleading and all. But let me ask you this, Heather: Have you decided what you want to be when you grow up, or what you want to study in college?"

"For right now, I will say 'No,' and 'No,'" she replied, still wondering where he was going.

"Well, from what I've seen, you have a pretty good passion for looking good and working out. Maybe you might want to consider that as a career. Maybe you could star in the next awesome workout video. It's something you might be able to do while in college, maybe go into TV or be a spokeswoman for some exercise club chain like L.A. Fitness. You've got the looks, the fit body, and the drive to succeed." He had rehearsed this pitch for quite a while. Whether or not Heather liked the idea didn't matter that much; his main objective was to impress her parents that he did indeed care about her well-being.

Heather replied, "But Jane Fonda was Jane Fonda. She'd already won Best Actress twice, as well as having a famous father, so she had a name that could be marketed. Besides, with her movie connections, she knew how to find the best producer, makeup people, advisors, marketers in the industry, and so on. It's not like this hasn't been done again by lots of others since then. If I wanted to do this, I'd be fighting uphill the whole way. Am I right?"

Alan smiled, sighed, then smiled even more before speaking. "Heather, even though you haven't looked at the video yet, you already KNOW what it takes to get something like that produced. Since you know all that, all you need is the determination to do it, which you have if you want to. Then you'd need to figure out the angle that other exercise videos have missed. Maybe even a new concept that looks beyond this." He sat back, stretched his arms out along the top edge of the couch and crossed his legs, looking very satisfied.

Heather looked straight into Alan's eyes, thinking, I see where he's going with this, and I can see this come together. I could make something even better than that Buns of Steel jaggoff Greg Smithey put together. I'd have to make a name for myself locally. But the angle is that I am Heather, Master of your Ass. I'd be able to show women how to get an ass that will make them forget about having to get a boob job. I'd convince them that having an ass like mine is like gold! I could do it!

But of course the real secret to my ass is that I have Alan to fill it up. Do I tell them about Alan? Well, I don't tell them about him specifically. But I might tell them that they have to learn how to take a REAL MAN really DEEP in their Ass! That would be on my second or third video. Never give all the secrets out on one DVD, or one show on TV. But I could teach them how to make their ass RIPPLE on the cock of a real man, that they can have the BEST ORGASMS that way. But they'll have to find their own ass men; they're not going to get my Alan, my ass master!

That sounds like fun, and it'd be profitable too!

How is it that Alan could have figured out what my calling in life should be? He's fucking brilliant, and he calls it a Christmas present. This might be the best one I've ever gotten. Well, maybe having his large cock DEEP in my ass, filling me with his CUM would be even better. Shit, this is getting me damp and my parents are just five feet away. Got to find a way to chill. I wanna see if he can convince my folks to let me go out with him this afternoon so he can give me the present I REALLY want and NEED!

Alan kept on smiling; he could see that this gift was having a positive effect on Heather.

There was a long silence, which continued until Helen turned to her husband and said, "So this is not a gift about a DVD; it's the gift of a starting career for my girl?"

Frank tapped his fingers twice on Helen's wrist. It was an old signal that he used to indicate to his wife that she should pay careful attention to his words. "Much more than a career, Helen. Alan has given Heather something to think about."

Now Frank and Helen were sitting on the bottom of J-shaped couch, facing the Christmas tree. They could see Alan seated on the long side of the same couch, viewing his left side while Heather was in the love-seat across from him. Frank continued, "I can see the smoke coming out of her ears as she tries to figure out how to make it happen!" He paused, then continued, "But of course the first step will be to give up the Cherry Garcia and Chunky Monkey ice cream from Ben & Jerry's!" He chuckled.

Heather turned to her father to give him a look of annoyance, with her eyes slightly squinted and her lips drawn together. Dammit Daddy, how is it that you can read me and make such a snide comment that hits home. Normally I would blow up at this, but I can almost taste getting out of the Casa Morgan jail later today, so I'm not going to blow it. But I hope you see that I'm not totally pleased by you! It's true that I've got about five to seven pounds that could be turned into muscle. For a video career like that, I'd have to get in shape and have a TOTALLY CUT body, not just a perfect ass! Damn, I'm really getting into this. Alan, rescue me; I've got to get out of this place and FUCK!

"Alan, I..." Heather's voice stumbled. "Come here." She gestured for him to come over to her.

He stood up, but waited for her to stand too.

She planted a huge French kiss and hug on him, driving her body into his. She would have gotten much more intimate with him if they hadn't been standing in front of her parents, who were watching closely. It was all she could do not to start stroking his cock.

Twenty seconds later she released him. "Alan, thank you for these wonderful Christmas presents. I don't know what to say, but Merry Christmas!" She gave him another smooch for good measure.

She tried to pull him into the love-seat, but he remained standing as she slid back down. "You're welcome, Heather, and Merry Christmas."

He went back to his seat, ate more of the snacks, then took a big gulp of orange juice. He did this very deliberately, building up anticipation as the others saw he was working up to saying something. He interlocked his hands, brought them to his face, waited, and then put them by his sides. He looked at Heather. Here we go. Hope for the best. He turned toward Helen and Frank, took a deep breath, and delivered his request.


"Colonel and Mrs. Morgan, thank you for your hospitality. It's been a pleasure meeting you. Now, I understand that you are disciplining Heather, but I'm requesting that you lift her grounding so that I can take her to do some shopping, have a snack, and see a movie this afternoon. Would you please consider that? I promise I'll take good care of her, and keep her very safe." He was amazed that his request came out so smoothly.

Heather's eyes lit up as she looked at Alan.

Alan turned one eye to her, then looked back at her parents.

Frank and Helen looked at Alan, then at Heather, and then at each other. Frank stood up and said, "Alan, Helen and I will discuss your request privately. Stay here." With that, he took his wife's hand and led her into the den, closing the door behind them.

Both Heather and Alan let out a huge sigh, since they were anxious to find out what the verdict would be. Tapping her feet, Heather pointed out, "Well, Daddy didn't say no straight out, so there's hope. Maybe he has to convince Mom."

"Do they usually huddle in the den like this?" asked Alan.

"No, they usually discuss things right in front of me," she replied.

"But I'm here, so that changes things." He took another cracker with some more Ikura roe. He inhaled three of the fish eggs, then took a fourth and rolled it between his tongue and his top front teeth. He ate that one egg, then repeated the tongue act with another egg.

"Alan, what are you doing with the caviar?" she asked.

"Practice, my pet; I'm trying to keep enough pressure on the egg to keep it up against my teeth, but not enough to break it. That's the amount of pressure I intend to put on your clit later today," he replied with a smile.

"Okay, let me try that," was her comeback. Boy, that would be really hot. I so need to be eaten out. Oh god, I can feel his tongue on my clit right now! I can feel my nipples getting perky! She put a couple of eggs on her tongue, but she wasn't as skilled as Alan, who was already showing off his tongue's dexterity with more eggs.

Alan was hungry, like most teenage boys, so started munching the goodies on the tray. He suspected that he'd need the energy later. But then he took a cracker with some Ikura roe, sat himself next to Heather on the love-seat, and motioned for her to open her mouth.

She did, at which point he extended his tongue, gesturing for her to do the same. She stuck out her tongue as well, after which he surprised her by wiping the roe on her tongue but keeping the cracker.

He looked her in her eye, trying to mentally force her to bend to his will. Swallow it.

She crushed the caviar against the roof of her mouth, opened it to show him the gooey remains, looked him in the eye, and swallowed. Oh my, I so want one of his creamy loads! I want to have it on my tongue, then take it down my throat, to show him what a good Bitchslut I am!

"More please. Please Sir, I want some more," she gasped, recalling the famous line from Dickens' 'Oliver Twist'.

He obliged her and watched a repeat of the ritual with the roe. She really wants to play. I hope I get the chance to play with her. "You should have something else down your throat," he said with obvious double meaning.

"That's my plan." She licked her lips ostentatiously. But she was too anxious to flirt much. She wondered aloud, "What are they talking about?"

Then they heard the sound of the door opening. Heather and Alan became attentive, each eating one more cracker without any sexual innuendo.

Helen came out first, but turned to go upstairs.

Frank entered the living room and looked at the young people. "Alan, come into the garage. Give me a hand with my car. Heather, go upstairs with your presents and wait there till I call you down." Frank spoke without anger, but in a voice used to command.

Heather whined a little as she said, "Daddy, does this mean no going out today?"

"It means doing what I said. Go and enjoy the presents you've received today."

"Upstairs, Heather," commanded Alan. I don't know what's happening, but let's keep it going.

Heather fumed for a second, looked at her father, and then looked at Alan as she said, "Yes, Dad." Although she was defeated for the moment, she chose not to lash out, hoping that good behavior could still get her what she wanted. She picked up both presents and started walking upstairs, but halfway up, changed to a sashay.

"Follow me, Alan," Frank said as he strode towards the garage door.

Alan followed on command. He's not going to beat me up. If he was secretly pissed he wouldn't have let me in his home in the first place. This must be some form of Marine Corps male bonding that's about to happen. Whatever it's about, I've got to appear confident no matter what!

Part 3: Little Red Corvette


Frank led Alan into the garage, turning on the lights. Unlike most American garages, this was a two-car garage that actually had adequate space for two modern cars; it was not just an oversize storage shed. There was only one car in the garage, a red 1967 Chevrolet Corvette with a standard transmission.

Alan said enthusiastically, "Whoa, you're hiding a classic, Mr. Morgan! They don't build them like that anymore. How long have you had it?" He thought, Wait, doesn't he have a blue BMW? Maybe it's in the shop, or he sold it for this gem.

Frank smiled at the eager nature of Alan's exclamation. "Let's just say it's been in the family since it rolled off the assembly line." He reached to the shelf above him and grabbed a couple of waxing clothes. "Catch!" he said as he threw one at Alan, who caught it easily.

"First I'll dust it off and see if we need to wax it." Frank took a large dust-mop-type brush that one would see used by limo drivers to keep their vehicles clean. He started slowly at the top, then looked at Alan. "There's a refrigerator to your left. Grab me a beer and help yourself to one as well. "

Alan had already opened the door of the mini-fridge halfway when he heard the offer of a beer. As he did a double take, he thought, After what happened Friday, he's offering me a beer? I guess it's best to go with the flow and not ask about the BMW. He retrieved two bottles and looked for an opener; he found it on top of the fridge. He put both bottles down, closed the door, then opened one very deliberately and handed it to Frank. He did not open the other beer.

"Thanks Alan. You don't drink?" asked Frank.

"Well, sometimes my Mom will allow my sister and me to have a glass of wine with dinner, but it's only on occasion." No sense talking about alcohol consumption at the Halloween party, or that dinner with Christine.

As Frank dusted the Corvette, he continued. "What, your old man doesn't drink beer when he's doing work around the house? Or doesn't he let you drink beer when you work with him?"

Alan couldn't help rolling his eyes. "Well, my father's business has him traveling outside the country most of the year, so we just get a contractor or service to fix things around the house. I've never had a beer while doing odd chores around the house. As a matter of fact, my father hasn't been much of a dad to me, at all. Man, that's embarrassing, but it's so true.

Now it was Frank's turn to roll his eyes and shake his head. His father's name is Ron, right? What the fuck is wrong with him? That's not the way to raise a young man. Is Ron gay or something? He said, "Alan, open the beer and have a sip. It's what men do."

Frank added in his thoughts, How could this kid be banging my daughter and not know about having a beer? Well, guess it's up to me to teach him about BEER!

Alan thought, Damn, I've earned this beer! He nonchalantly popped the top off the beer as if he did it every day. He took a sip, swished it around his mouth, then swallowed it. "Thanks." He took a larger swig, savored the flavor, then put the bottle down. "So this is beer. Hmmm... strange. Maybe I'll develop a taste for it."

"Alan, what you have is a Sierra Nevada Pale Ale. There are many styles and brands of beer in this world. In my various postings around the globe with the Corps, I've had the pleasure to sample many of the best beers."

Frank took a swig from his bottle, put it down, and returned to his dusting. "And some of the worst swill as well." He put the dust mop down and opened the paste wax can, then took a dab and started applying wax to the left front fender. "Unfortunately, some of the worst beer on this planet is made right here in the USA, so many people drink shitty beer just because it's marketed well. Even people in other countries, where they have good beer, want the American swill.

Frank continued to pontificate for several minutes about various types and brands of beer. He finished polishing the left rear fender, then handed the paste wax can to Alan. "Apply the wax to the right side just like I did the left." I'll Bet this kid doesn't know how to wax a car. Didn't his father teach him anything?

Alan took the can and started to put the wax on in a circular motion. He thought, Just like The Karate Kid: "wax on; wax off". Mom and Sis will be in stitches when I tell them what happened in this garage.

Frank concluded his beer sermon. "Alan, there are imported beers such as Becks and Heineken which are good beers, but they are better in their home countries of Germany and Holland. The reason is that, by law, they cannot introduce preservatives into their domestic brews. But they have to add it to their exports so that the product will be drinkable when it gets to America. Seek out those local beers when you travel abroad and you'll taste the difference. You'll also find that there is a higher alcohol content abroad than you usually find here. Bottom line, Alan, is that a man should enjoy beer, but it's better to drink a little less of a good or great beer than it is to drink a lot of a bad beer. Oh, and don't let me catch you with a Coors or Miller or Bud in your hand." Frank took a look at Alan's waxing and liked what he saw.

Alan was still waxing the right rear of the Corvette. "Thanks for the primer. Glad to learn it from an authority." He put the can down and took a swig of his beer before putting the bottle down. "Not that I'm working too hard, but I see why people cool down with a cold beer after working up a sweat." He continued his waxing until he finished waxing the trunk.

"That's the American Way," said Frank. He abruptly switched topics. "Alan, that was a strange present to give Heather - a Jane Fonda workout video. Don't you think she would be happier to get something a young girl would expect, like some perfume or bath salts? Scented candles, maybe?"

Ah, the tactical thrust by the Colonel! Time to avoid eye contact. Alan made smaller circles with the dauber. "Well, I like Heather but, honestly, I'm not in love with her. She might have taken gifts like that as a sign that I was in love with her, and I didn't want to confuse her. And I really did give her the video with the hope that she would think about her future and not just live in the moment. I don't know what her goals are in life, and maybe she doesn't either. So this was a way to give her 'food for thought' and suggest a possible career direction. Maybe it will work; maybe it won't."

Alan had been crouched over for the last minute of waxing. Now completed, he stood up and asked, "Did I miss a spot, Mr. Morgan?

Frank took the can and dauber and circled the car looking for spots that needed a touch-up. "Well, Alan, I guess you're sincere about this gift for Heather. But I suspect you got her this gift to impress her parents. And I think you really care about Heather a bit more than you're admitting."

Alan was unsure where this was going. "What makes you say that?"

Triumphantly, Frank countered, "Because I saw that you put another large present in the trunk of her Mustang." He could see that look of "BUSTED!" on Alan's face. "I've had her car keys since that Friday night fiasco, and just before you came over she begged me for them to get some cosmetics from the trunk. I knew it was a bullshit excuse, but I gave her the keys and she promptly returned them to me. I could see from my den that she didn't close the trunk. I could also see that YOU put the present in there. So I need to know, what is that present in her trunk? Should I open it now to make sure it isn't something dangerous?" He kept his eyes on Alan as he addressed two spots that Alan had missed.


Alan thought, Damn! I should have kept the present in my car. Crap! I'm totally busted. I might as well fess up. Well, I guess I gotta at least tell him the minimum.

He heaved a heavy sigh. "You got me, Mr. Morgan. I got her this present before Friday. Simone helped me with the shopping, because she knows Heather's measurements and tastes. It's a full set of intimate lingerie. It's really quite nice, but I wasn't sure that you or Mrs. Morgan would be amused by seeing that gift. Heather will love the gift, but wouldn't have enjoyed receiving it in the presence of her parents. Was I right?"

He reached for his beer and took a big gulp. Hmmm, having a beer gives your hands something to do when you're under the gun!

Frank thought, This kid does have some moxie. He didn't fidget or try to lie to me. He went on, "I appreciate that you were honest with me. Also, you were pretty savvy in not bringing that gift inside. You may not know this, but you can't give a really nice present to one woman and not give equally-nice presents to the other women who are present. I speak from experience; I have TWO WOMEN in my household. But why put it in Heather's Mustang?"

Alan returned, "Well, I don't know you or Mrs. Morgan that well, and I thought it would be easier for Heather to find the right time to get her present inside without me being there."

"And get it past us while we weren't looking," added Frank.

Alan replied, "That would have been her task."

"Are you in love with Heather, even though she says that you're involved with a number of other women?" Frank asked bluntly.

Alan explained, "I can say truthfully that I AM NOT in love with Heather, but I do like her. And since she is the Homecoming Queen and maybe the most powerful girl at school, it's good to have her on my side. A nice present will help with that."

He thought, But that's not my only goal. However, I can't be TOO forthcoming here, especially about sexual stuff! So he added, "It's very difficult to figure out what makes her tick."

"Well, you've figured out enough to make her respond to you instead of me," said Frank.

Alan was puzzled. "What makes you say that?"

Frank spoke, "When I told Heather to go to her room, she didn't budge. When you told her to do as I said, she said 'Yes, Sir' and went right upstairs. I just about had a heart attack, hearing her call anyone else 'Sir!' At Thanksgiving, she said that you had rocked her world. Furthermore, Simone told us that Heather's in love with you, but won't admit it to us, or even to herself. So I'm curious about what your hold on her is."

Alan strained for an answer. This is not what I expected to talk about when I came in here! I can't exactly say, "Mr. Morgan, your daughter likes me because I fuck her up the ass!" He took another sip of beer, stalling for time, then took another. "Well, it seems that I have a knack for being able to pleasure her."

"Sexually?" Frank asked.

"Well, err, yes, I do please her sexually," stammered Alan.

"How exactly? How is it that she's so enthralled by you, Alan Plummer? No offense, but she's had boyfriends more handsome and more experienced than you, and she's treated them with nothing but contempt. So you can see why I'm puzzled. And has this happened at my house?" demanded Frank.

Alan looked down at his sneakers. Oh crap! There's no way to run away, and I can't lie to him with him looking at me like that. I have to tell him enough to satisfy him. The only way to do this is to be bold, just as I was when I turned the tables on Heather in the theater room. "Mr. Morgan, Heather is quite resourceful. She's found a place in school where we can have sex."

Seeing no reaction, he continued, "I had been avoiding her, but I got manipulated into going to this area that she'd found. I have to admit that it wasn't that long ago when I hadn't even kissed a girl, so I'm still figuring out how girls tick. But with Heather, I noticed that I've had pretty good results doing the unexpected, keeping her off-balance and keeping things interesting. Most of all, I've been careful not to let her walk all over me."

Frank laughed knowingly. "Yeah. Good luck with that. She's been willful since she was born. You must be doing something right, because you're the first boyfriend I know of who she doesn't have following her like a whipped puppy."

Alan smiled, glad to see that Frank wasn't too upset. "Yeah, she definitely tries to push me around. But I decided that I wasn't going to let her get away with that. In fact, I told her that..." - he struggled to finish the sentence - "...that I would not pleasure her in the usual way because of her selfishness. So I decided that I would give her pleasure... anally. Much to my surprise, and hers as well, she liked it, a lot. Now that's what she always wants from me." He let out a huge breath, and took another. Now the shit's going to hit the fan, and I'm going to get my ass kicked!

Frank's eyes opened wide when he heard the word "anally". However, he didn't demonstrate any hostility toward Alan. Did he just say what I think he said? Shit, this kid has balls! "So... whenever Heather wants sex from you, she prefers it-"

"In the ass," finished Alan. He took another swig of beer. "She gets off on it in a big way. I know it's a strange thing, but somehow the anal sex has brought us a lot closer. It's like we've bonded somehow."

Frank turned to the left, facing the door. Helen told me that when she gave Heather "the talk" about sex, she specifically told her not to engage in anal sex. Maybe it was only a matter of time before she experimented with it. Alan's description sounds like the genie is out of the bottle. This may explain what happened yesterday. It took Frank some long moments to process those and other thoughts.

Meanwhile, Alan continued, "But there's another aspect to my apparent control over her. If it were up to her, I wouldn't have any other girlfriends. I've let her know that isn't going to happen - that there are women in my life that I loved before her and I won't discard them just because she thinks she's number one. Also, I've told her that if she wants any time with me she can't be with anybody else."

Frank asked, "You expect me to be okay with you treating Heather as just one of your many conquests?"

Alan tried to explain, "It's... necessary. What I mean is, having those other girls is the only way I can have any kind of normal relationship with Heather. It's kind of a supply and demand thing. She knows that she's on thin ice with me, and if she doesn't behave I'll drop her like a hot potato. That wouldn't be possible if I wasn't involved with some other girls just as beautiful and impressive as she is."

Frank narrowed his eyes and stared at Alan suspiciously. "Where are you going with all this? Are you just some 'love 'em and leave 'em' player? One of those guys who happens to have a special way with women and leaves a trail of broken hearts wherever you go?"

Alan held his hands up defensively. "No, no, no! That's not me! I'll admit that I am a 'player', in the sense that I'm having a lot of success with girls and I don't want to settle with just one any time soon. But I'm the opposite of 'love 'em and leave 'em.' I get emotionally involved. I LIKE Heather a lot, even though she's very hard to handle. It's not just the sex, I swear! I wouldn't be here and giving her gifts and stuff, such as the present that's in her trunk, if I didn't feel something special for her."

Frank stared hard at Alan. He thought, This kid takes the cake. He just comes out and tells me that he's seeing a bunch of other girls at the same time as my daughter, and I'm supposed to be okay with that?! But perhaps that's the only way any boy can avoid getting crushed by her. I could see that supply-and-demand logic working. It's bizarre, to say the least, but Heather has never been so happy.

Frank said, "Consider me... wary. If you mistreat her, you'll have me as an enemy and, believe me, you don't want me as an enemy. But I recognize that my daughter is not exactly... typical, so some unusual methods could be forgiven. With her, it's either eat or be eaten."

Alan said with relief, "Exactly! Every time I'm with her, I feel like I'm in a battle. And that if I slip up, she'll eat me alive. Despite all I do, she's constantly scheming to control me. But I see through her attempts and then I punish her."

Frank raised his voice, "How are you administering this punishment? If you hurt her..."

"Mr. Morgan, I don't lay a hand on her! Literally! When Heather displeases me, I WITHHOLD pleasure from her. She wants me to have sex with her, but I deny her what she really wants, which is the anal sex." He wiped his brow, hoping that Frank wasn't going to kick his ass.

"Okay. I thought you were employing some corporal punishment on her." Frank turned away from Alan as he said that. Of course he isn't going to really hurt her, but I might have lost it if he said that he spanked her or inflicted pain. Hmmm, maybe he does spank her, and she likes it. In that case neither of them would consider it punishment. Let me think about that. That might explain something. Let me keep probing.

Frank turned back to Alan. "So now that you've figured out what makes her happy sexually, do you know what else makes her tick?"

Alan shook his head. "I wish I understood her better, but the answer is 'No'. I've had some success, but I feel like I'm stumbling around in the dark. Maybe you can tell me what she was like when she was growing up."


Frank looked up at the ceiling. "I can't tell you about the younger Heather without telling you about myself. I grew up in Downey. I was good in school, not because I like learning but to please my parents and teachers. So when I graduated high school, instead of going to college, I started working in my uncle's service station. At night, I'd go down to the beach and hang out with the punk scene - this is 1978, when punk rock was all the rage. The next morning I'd be back at work. I did this for about a year."

"One morning I showed up for work with a hangover. My uncle said, 'Isn't getting wasted every night with those kids downtown getting old?' and sent me home to sleep it off. I didn't go back to the beach that night, and showed up the next day at work. I asked him if this was some way to convince me to join the Marines - 'cos he had been a sergeant and put in his 20 years. He told me the Marines didn't need me, but that the question was whether I needed the Marines. Well, I did some soul searching for a few weeks, with a little less partying. The punk scene was getting old and stale, and now heavy metal was the new music. I saw it in a new light, as a change of fashion, and I had never been driven by fashion. Uh, Alan, take that rag I tossed you and start wiping the wax away in little circles."

"Wax on, wax off," replied Alan in his attempt to imitate actor Pat Morita. He followed the instructions, starting to remove the wax.

Frank ignored the humor attempt, continuing with his life story while also working his side of the Corvette with a clean rag. "I still didn't want to go to college, and I also knew I didn't want to be a grease monkey for the rest of my life. So I asked my uncle what Marine life would be like. He told me it was a tough career, but I would know after my first enlistment if it was a life for me. I joined the Marines as an enlisted man. Surprisingly, I was made a squad leader shortly after boot camp, and I did well as a leader. My superiors called me in and made a recommendation for Officer's Candidate School. So less than a year into the Corps I was in OCS."

He continued, "I met Helen Sherman Clayton, and then she became Mrs. Frank Morgan. I got my commission as a second lieutenant. I was still posted in California when Heather was born in 1984. Then I got posted to Hawaii, Japan, and Germany. Fortunately, for each posting my wife and child were able to come with me. We were back here in Southern California in 1989 and barely unpacked when Iraq invaded Kuwait. It was time for Desert Storm." He stopped waxing and took a long drink from his bottle.

Alan took another swig. He noticed that the alcohol was affecting him, which is to say that he had a beer buzz.

Frank set his bottle down and continued waxing and talking. "By then I had been promoted to Captain, so I would lead a company into battle. Before we deployed, my two girls - Helen and Heather - didn't want to let me go. They were so convinced that they would get widowed and orphaned, respectively. I'm not going to tell you any war stories today. I will say that in the course of duty I saw men - Iraqi soldiers - die from my commands. But we were victorious, and no one was happier than my girls when I came back home."

He continued, "Even better, I was promoted to Major. The only problem was that my regiment was broken up after Desert Storm. So I basically created my own job, which was to review the performance of Marine units in the Southern California area. I became the Corps version of a management consultant. That didn't make me very popular with the units I reviewed, but the brass loved my recommendations."

Frank was now working the chrome on the back bumper. "What this meant was that even if I was at the Navy Yard in San Diego for three months, or up in Barstow for a few weeks, most nights I would be able to come home to my family. At worst I would be gone all week but would be back on the weekends. These were the years that Heather was in primary school, and she was proud to let her friends and teachers know that I was a Marine officer. She was not only a 'Daddy's girl'; she would claim to be my personal soldier. She would do anything to please her daddy, and she would always do her chores. She didn't mind the discipline from their parents against which most kids rebel."

Alan thought, Ah, this might explain something about Heather. Deep down, she wants to respond to authority. I must have accidentally stumbled on that when I started giving her all sorts of orders! He took another swig from his beer, but discovered it was empty.

He asked, "Mr. Morgan, are you saying that Heather was something of a tomboy back in grade school?"

Frank was now finished with his waxing, so started to review Alan's side of the car. "Not exactly. Heather and I would do things together, horseback riding, archery, baseball games, the same things as if I had a son. But Heather liked her Barbie toys and girly clothes, and was as much a girl as a boy. Simone moved into the area in the middle of first grade, and they've been joined at the hip ever since. If anything, Simone has more tomboy aspects than Heather. But I digress. As a little girl, Heather was the perfect child. But things started to change around 1997."

Sensing a sensitive topic, Alan quickly interjected, "Mr. Morgan, you don't have to tell me details of some family trauma. I respect your privacy."

Frank found a spot that Alan had missed and wiped it away. "Oh no, it wasn't anything dramatic. What happened was that some friends of mine in Washington found a position for me, with a promotion to Lt. Colonel. I would be doing some classified work. The crux was that the post was in D.C. I tried to convince my wife Helen that it would be great to have a change of scene and try living on the East Coast, but she was adamant that they stay put. She didn't want Heather to have to be the 'new girl' at a new school when she was 13 years old, and lose her sidekick Simone at the same time."

He went on, "I enjoyed the pride and prestige of my rank, but I didn't want to retire as a major. I wanted to go further, and it wasn't just for the money or the better retirement pay. Alan, in the military, once you stop going up the ladder, you find there is no ladder to go up! That's probably true for many organizations, because it becomes a 'who do you know?' game."

Alan nodded.

Frank continued, "I got posted to Washington, and at first I tried to come home every weekend. But the demands of the position didn't allow me to leave most Fridays at five. Plus, the red-eye back to D.C. Sunday night will kill you. So I tried to make it every two weeks, and then it became once a month... and then it got to be once every two or three months. Gradually, I became a visitor instead of a staple in their lives. " He paused to take a big breath. "Maybe somewhat like your father."

"Uh, Mr. Morgan, do you want me to get you another beer?" asked Alan.

"No, but you may have one more, since you're not going to be driving anytime soon, okay? Just sip it. Make it last," directed Frank.

Alan went to the fridge, took out another Sierra Nevada, popped the top, and took a sip. Wow, I wonder where this is going. I never thought I'd get chummy with Heather's dad! But I better take it easy with the beer. He set the beer down on the workbench and walked away.


Frank resumed talking. "Now, why have I just bored you to death with all this ancient history? Because when we were living here in Orange County and Heather was in grade school, she was Daddy's Little Soldier. She loved to do anything I told her, and I would give her anything. When I went to Washington, all that changed. Looking back, I think Heather resented that I took my career three time-zones away, because all she saw was her mom. It was if I had abandoned her. When she saw me, there were a lot of demands and not a lot of love. And she started acting out. She started pushing the envelope. Somewhere along the line, she lost her virginity and her fear of consequences."

He thought, And I would give her anything she wanted, including bigger boobs because she was my little girl and she wanted it.

He said with growing sadness, "Heather became quite adept at getting anything she wanted from me since I couldn't give her my time. I wasn't there to supervise, or direct her. When I retired and came home, I wasn't moving back to my own home with my wife and child. I was moving back into a house with two women, with women's needs. And yet, Heather is still the little girl who wants attention, and wants to be told what to do. Somehow, Alan, you've stumbled across how to get her attention, in an unorthodox manner to be sure."

Alan looked at the beer that he'd opened, sitting on the counter a few feet away, but didn't move to get it. He spoke up. "Well, I don't know much about psychology, but I do seem to be able to push the right buttons." I wish Xania were here listening to this, so I could turn to her and she could suggest what I should say next!

He asked, "Mr. Morgan, you're looking at me as if I don't understand you. Is there something I can do to help you?"

Frank gave Alan a puzzled look. "Didn't I tell you about what's gone on here the past couple of days?"

Alan replied, "Maybe you meant to, but instead you've been telling me about your career and how that helped shaped Heather's behavior."

Frank chuckled. "I guess I got carried away puffing up my medal-covered chest. Well, while I was with Heather at the hospital, Mrs. Morgan went to search Heather's room for drugs. She found some, along with quite a collection of sex toys, and confiscated them all. When they released Heather on Saturday morning she was still pretty out of it, so we let her sleep most of that day. It was Sunday that we laid out what we found and gave her a big lecture on using drugs. She was pretty unresponsive to that."

Alan interjected, "If I may ask, what drugs were found?"

Frank continued, "There was a little baggie of pot and a couple of Percosets. There was also a glass pipe and rolling papers. We made her watch me flush the pot and pills down the toilet, then I smashed the pipe with a hammer and set the papers on fire. Then we explained that she was grounded through the holidays, plus two weeks into the New Year. Her reaction was 'Fine. Whatever.' Then she stormed off upstairs. She was quiet for a while, then she came downstairs and became surly. This went on most of Sunday. She was mostly complaining that we weren't allowing her to call out, not letting her talk to Simone, who did call. I told her we would inform Simone when she would be allowed to have visitors, and that the two of them would be allowed to exchange Christmas gifts."

Frank concluded, "My wife and I discussed how we were going to deal with this grounding, because it effectively grounded one of us as well. And that was Sunday."

"And how did yesterday go?" asked Alan.

"Well, Heather changed tactics. She was totally silent at breakfast, just replying to our questions with a 'yes' or 'no'. Then I went out for a few hours to get a break. When I came back for lunch, I saw Heather reading in the living room, totally naked. I asked my wife how long this had been going on, and she said it had started about an hour after I left. So my wife went out, and then I started telling Heather to go upstairs and put on some clothes."

He said, "And the conversation went something like this. Heather said, 'Well, Daddy, if I'm not going to be let out of the house, I might as well be comfortable.' I replied, 'This is not about your comfort, Heather; this is about following rules. You broke the rules Friday night, so now there are additional rules to follow. But wearing clothes in the house was a rule BEFORE Friday. Now, upstairs young lady.'"

"Heather said, 'You're treating me like a baby, so I might as well look like a baby and be in my birthday suit.' While averting my eyes, I said, 'Well, you certainly are acting like a baby. UPSTAIRS!' But she merely replied, 'What are you gonna do, Daddy? You can't ground me, and I don't think you're going to dress me. So there!'"

Frank sighed. "I was in a fix. I told her, 'You're living in your parents' house, and you will follow the rules that your mother and I have set for you. Put on some clothes NOW!' But she remained petulant and said, 'I don't think so.' I insisted, 'Heather, for the last time. Go to your room and put on some clothes or...'"

He sighed again. "She taunted me, 'Or what Daddy?' I was starting to lose control. I yelled, 'I'm going to discipline you!'"

Frank continued. "Her response to that was to put the Cosmo magazine down, stretch out, walk to the stairs, stop, twirl around and then come back toward me. Then she said, 'I don't think you're going to discipline your adult daughter, Daddy.' She went back to her spot on the couch and started reading her magazine again. I was furious." He went and found his beer and finished it.

Alan was on pins and needles. Oh no, he didn't do what I think he did? Did he?

Frank shook his head in disbelief over his recollection, and continued, "For a few moments, I was holding back. In the previous days I'd told her she would have been molested and raped if her friends - YOU - hadn't been there for her. I wasn't going to beat her up, but I was at my wit's end how to make an impression on her. Then I did something to her that I haven't done since she was four years old."

Frank paused. "I sat down on the couch next to her, and I pulled her across my knees and told her I was going to give her a spanking since she was acting like a little girl. She turned her head, stuck out her tongue and went 'Pfft!'. Since I really didn't want to hurt her, I slapped her butt lightly with five strokes. She didn't flinch, but turned to me and said, 'So when is your discipline going to start, Daddy?' I gave her five harder swats on each cheek, figuring she'd start crying. She turned her head to me and said, 'Daddy, Alan spanks me harder than that when I'm bad. Can't you?'"

Frank said with growing embarrassment, "Her defiance absolutely pissed me off, and I started to wail on her ass. After the fifth hit she said 'Ow!', and then she started with louder and louder 'Ows'. And suddenly the count was up to twenty-five and she started to whimper. I continued but slowed down. Then I paused to ask her if she was going to 'do as I say'? When she didn't answer I gave her a few more swats. Finally, she cried out, 'Yes Daddy, I'll do whatever you say!' I gave her a couple more swats and told her 'No hesitation going forward', she said 'Yes' and I gave her five more swats to emphasize my meaning. Then she completely freaked me out!"

Alan had walked over to where he had put down his beer. Something tells me that this may be the moment when I should have a chug of beer ready. "What?! "

Frank looked to the heavens and took a big breath. "She got up from my lap, took a few steps, turned away from me, and then turned back to me and said, 'Thank you, Daddy, for showing that you care for me. When I come downstairs I'll have clothes on. Permission to be dismissed?' That left me nearly speechless, but I managed to say, 'Dismissed' and she ran upstairs to her room. She didn't come down until dinner, but when she did she was dressed and even had a bra on. She's been pretty quiet all day today. I can't believe she THANKED me for the spanking; that's what's so freaky. It's like she enjoyed it!"

Alan took that big swig of beer, then set the bottle down and walked back to his former position on the passenger side of the Corvette. "Mr. Morgan, you're undoubtedly correct: she did enjoy it. She has a very sensitive ass and she loves stimulation there. When you spanked her, did she ever say 'Stop' or 'You're hurting me'?"

"No. She whimpered a lot, and panted a lot, but I thought she was just trying to be tough and take it like a man" said Frank.

Alan had to ask the obvious follow-up question. "Don't be offended, Mr. Morgan. But did you notice whether she had an orgasm while you were spanking her?"

Frank scratched the side of his head as if it would spark his memory. "Well, I was trying to see if I was hurting her. I didn't consider that she might be getting off on it."

Alan decided to be bold. "Is it possible that she climaxed, stifled her voice, but might have wet your pants with" - he took a breath - "her juices?"

Frank's eyes did a roll, and then his jaw dropped. "I sat in that chair, wondering if I'd hurt her. Then, I noticed that my right pants leg was wet. I was sure that she'd peed in response to the intensity of the spanking. I went and changed my trousers. But I didn't smell urine, now that you mention it." He paced back and forth for a few seconds.

The wheels had been turning in Alan's head, and he realized that he had to alert Frank to another probable outcome. "Mr. Morgan, that might have been only the first orgasm she had. I'd guess that she went upstairs and jilled herself off at least twice more. She might have even reveled in the surface pain on her butt because it may have stimulated her deeper inside. That's what she likes."


Frank turned to Alan. "This is very bad, Alan - bad on a couple of levels."

Alan answered, "I'm not following you, sir. You were trying to discipline her. It wasn't like you were trying to get her off. Don't feel bad about it."

Frank shook his head. "Alan, you need to look at the big picture from my viewpoint. I'm trying to protect my daughter, not stimulate her. I also want to show her the importance of limits. But the only thing that seems to make her obedient is also stimulating to her BY me. And if I try to enforce this grounding, she might decide to get satisfaction from me. That's something I hadn't intended and don't want."

Alan thought, Far be it for me to suggest that incest is a bad thing! But would Heather actually go that far? Wait, this is Heather; if there's a boundary, she's going to try and cross it. She's just never thought of this as a boundary to cross.

Alan tried to mollify the situation. "Mr. Morgan, as much as I'd like to think that wouldn't happen, it's entirely possible that Heather would consider doing it. She just loves to push the boundaries if she sees a potential reward on the other side."

Frank took his time before speaking again. His back was against the wall, both literally and figuratively. He avoided looking at Alan as he spoke, "I know there's a lot of erotic literature about fathers having sex with their daughters. It may sound hot when you read it, if you are into it. But the reality is something different. If you sleep with your child, you take real risks of screwing up the relationship between parent and child. Not to mention what that will do to a marriage. So I'm not going to have anything to do with stimulating my daughter. You understand, Alan?"

Alan nodded. Incest sure as hell works for me! But, honestly, I know that it's not what's best for all families.

Frank continued, "Yet at the same time, I can't reject her, because I am rebuilding the relationship with her as her father, now that I'm here and retired from the Corps. I want her to seek me out for guidance. I don't want to lose her a second time. And yet, because I spanked her, she may identify me with some source of sexual satisfaction. So I ask myself: what is the way out of this dilemma? First, I need to be able to trust that she will be safe outside the home, including her awareness that she can be vulnerable the way she was Friday night. Second, as I said earlier, she's a woman with the needs of a woman. I can't give that to her. Somebody has to fulfill that role. Third, she needs to be disciplined. So I am asking you to help with all of that."

He added, "It pains me to say this, but it sounds like you have better luck with controlling her behavior than I have."

Alan thought about it. The only way discipline can be instilled in Heather is through her ass, or through denial of her pleasure. Looks like the Bitch Taming process is becoming a Soviet Union Five Year Plan! But one step at a time.

"Mr. Morgan, it's true that I've had some success, but that's because I can resort to things that you can't. Heather is a VERY sexual girl. She will respond to the absence of pleasure from me if she understands she's being punished for her behavior. But it's a carrot and stick method. In order for her to respond to discipline from me, she needs some expectation that she will get pleasure from me later."

He continued, "So to get back to my original request, if she and I could have the afternoon together, I'll make sure she understands about your limits. Then, while she is still grounded here, you can tell her that if she messes up I'm going to hear about it and she'll end up suffering from ME."

He stared at Frank as he grew more serious. "I told you that I'm not just 'love 'em and leave 'em' with Heather, and I mean that. I'm hoping that my relationship with her lasts a long time, and that it can help free the loving inner Heather from the mean, selfish bitch that she projects to the world. As long as we have that relationship, I'd be happy to help you in restoring your relationship, including disciplining her when that is necessary. If she gets out of line with you, you can tell her that you're gonna hand her over to me for her punishment."

Frank asked, "Do you think that'll work?"

"I think so. To be blunt, she loves sex more than anything, so the threat of taking that away is the ultimate trump card. Together, we can provide her with the discipline and structure she needs. As for disconnecting her pleasure receptors from associating with her daddy, I'll have to play that by ear."


Frank looked at Alan and said, "I don't think you should take Heather out. You won't mind staying here with her for a few hours, will you? The missus and I will take a drive. Maybe we'll be back by seven or eight o'clock. Can you make sure she doesn't get into my liquor or is otherwise destructive? And that she is sufficiently satisfied that she'll be more cooperative?"

Alan had to stifle a chuckle, but his mouth was hanging open. Talk about getting total license! This will work out even better than I thought possible. But I will have to let Mom and Sis know that I'm going to be late for supper.

He smiled and replied, "Well, you've made me an offer I can't refuse. I'll make sure Heather is well occupied while you folks get some time away from the house." Now I have to figure out how to keep Heather coming and going in such a way that I hold the strings all the time. Better question is what to do first.

Frank shook his fist. "I'm counting on you, Alan. And by the way... I'm literally putting my precious daughter in your hands. If you feel you have to spank her as part of whatever you do to somehow get her to call you 'sir,' well... I can understand." He added with growing passion, "But there's a limit to what I'll tolerate!"

Alan put his hands up defensively before Frank got too angry. "Mr. Morgan, don't worry! I'm not into weird S-and-M stuff. To be honest, I have a hard time even delivering a strong spanking. My parents taught me well, and that includes NEVER hitting a girl."

Frank nodded. Alan did look like a nice, trustworthy kid, and he didn't have a lot of alternatives. He used a phone to make plans for the evening. Alan overheard the one-sided conversation.

"This is Colonel Morgan. Please connect me to the B-O-Q." (pause) "Hello B-O-Q, this is Colonel Morgan. Do you have any units availabile this afternoon? Good. ... Isn't unit 127 on the end? What are its current amenities? ... That will be acceptable; please hold it for me. I expect to arrive within 45 to 90 minutes. Thank you".

Frank hung up the phone and turned to Alan. He reached into his pocket and held out a set of car keys and a cell phone. "This is Heather's cell phone. If there is any change in plan we will call it and I expect you to answer. I'm going to move the 'Vette outside now. Please put Heather's car in the garage since you two aren't leaving the house. Any problem with those directions?"

Alan couldn't help but reply, "No sir!" He resisted the urge to snap his heels together and salute.

"Alan, I need you to explain one more thing to me." Frank reached into his pocket and held out Heather's "BITCH SLUT" necklace. "While Heather was lying in the hospital bed, I decided to take her necklaces off just in case we were separated and someone might decide to steal her stuff. I took off three chains and this was what I found. Something tells me you'll know what it's about."

Alan gulped, then decided to continue being honest. "It's a term of endearment to her when I speak it, though it wouldn't be if someone else said it to her. She liked the term so much that I decided to have a custom necklace made for her. So if she's on her good behavior I call her Bitchslut, but when she displays bad behavior I just call her Bitch. Sorry if that offends you, but it's the truth."

Frank thought, I know the 'bitch' part all too well, and I suspected the 'slut' part just because of all the boys I've chased out of this house. But it shows that these two do have some kind of special relationship. Maybe Alan really can help her shape up.

Frank hit the garage door switch and the door opened.

Alan went to Heather's car, started it up, and backed it out of the driveway into the cul-de-sac. Then Frank fired up his Corvette and pulled into the street, after which Alan pulled the Mustang into the garage, turned off the motor, hopped out, and hit the garage door switch.

Alan thought of getting the present that was still in the trunk, now that Frank knew what it was. But he realized he should wait until Mr. and Mrs. Morgan had left, to avoid having to explain to Heather's mother what the present was. He exited the garage by going back into the attached house.

The platter of food was still on the living-room coffee table, so Alan helped himself to some more Ikura and crackers. As he waited he thought, So Mr. and Mrs. Morgan are going to take a drive somewhere. Perhaps it's best not to inquire where. But they've just gotten themselves a free sitter for their daughter, leaving me to do the dirty work. Heh! Colonel Morgan is pretty smart. But this gives me all sorts of ideas.

Frank came through the front door and went straight upstairs. Thirty seconds later, Helen Morgan came down the stairs with a suitcase. She walked straight up to Alan and said, "Hi there. Would you be a dear and put this in the trunk of the Corvette along with that picnic basket?" She pointed to a square wicker box while handing him a set of car keys.

"Certainly, Mrs. Morgan." Alan took the suitcase and wicker basket to the trunk of the Corvette, opened the trunk, put them neatly inside, then closed the trunk.

I can understand the picnic basket, which looks really cool, but I wonder what she needs all this other gear for, for just a drive? Well, I guess they're going to have some fun while they're away from Heather, so maybe they're preparing for anything.

He went back into the living room. As he approached Helen, he could hear Frank say, "Heather, come downstairs right now."

Frank came down the stairs. He had changed into a full dress USMC uniform with the royal blue pants and dark blue (almost black) tunic with gold trimmings. He was clearly a full bird Colonel with the eagles on his epaulettes. He held his hat in his right hand. He extended his left hand to Alan and said, "The keys, please."

As he put his hat on, Heather came down the stairs, still wearing the clothing that Alan had specified.

"Front and center, young lady," Frank barked.

Heather stood right next to Alan, clicking her heels together. She thrust her tits forward outrageously while giving Alan a sly look.

Frank continued like the Marine he was, "Now your mother and I have decided that your grounding will continue, so you will not be able to leave the house today."

Heather exhaled sharply and slumped slightly when she heard that.

"Straighten up, Heather! Your mother and I will take a drive this afternoon. We don't expect to be back until after six tonight, at the earliest. Your mission is to keep your guest here entertained in the way HE wishes to be entertained."

Heather's eyes went wide upon hearing that. She was speechless at first, but then she asked, "What if he wants me to serve him hand and foot?"

Frank said firmly, "Then you will. If he wants you to crawl around naked then you'll do that too. He's in complete control."

Heather's eyes opened even wider, if that were possible. She shot Alan a 'Fuck me NOW!' look of pure passion.

Frank continued, as if he hadn't said anything unusual, "Your mother has written some instructions about the food that is slow-cooking in the oven. That's part of your responsibilities as well. Now, you will be a superb hostess, or your punishments will increase. Is all of this clear, Heather?

"Yes, Daddy!" Heather almost shouted. "One question. May I be allowed any other visitors today?"

Helen stepped forward to look her daughter straight in the eye while waving her left index finger at her. "Only one. Simone may come over, but that will be at Alan's invitation, not yours. And if she does, she has to understand that Alan is in charge. Is that clear, daughter of mine?"

Heather let out a huge sigh, which was not surprising since she'd been holding her breath. "Yes, mo-THer," replied Heather in an equally defeated tone while still tonguing a hard "th" in Mother. "Where are you and Daddy going?"

Frank said dismissively, "Never you mind." Then he moved to the front door to open it for Helen. "Come, my bride; the open road beckons. Oh, Alan, is everything in the trunk as Mrs. Morgan requested?"

Alan said loudly, "Yes, Colonel."

Helen walked up to Heather and gave her a big hug. While hugging her, she whispered very quietly in her ear, "Don't displease Alan. He's your 'Sir.' Is that clear?"

Heather was totally floored by that. It also made her horny as hell. I can't believe it! That means Alan must have told Daddy a lot, and then he told Mom, and yet my parents are okay with all that! God, that makes me even MORE fucking AROUSED! They both know that he's my Sir, and not only are they okay with that but they're leaving him in "complete control?!" Alan, you're gonna get so damn lucky as soon as we're alone!

Her heart pounded wildly as she whispered back, "Yes Mom!"

With her parents walking away, she stared at Alan's crotch. When she caught his eye, she winked at him and licked her lips lasciviously. Sir, as soon as that front door closes, you're gonna get the fucking blowjob to end all blowjobs! God DAMN! I can't wait to get that fuckin' huge cock in my mouth! and then my ASS!

Alan saw that, but pretended not to notice, since Heather's parents were still nearby.

Frank walked to the 'vette's passenger door and held it open for Helen, who got in and let her husband close the door. Then he got in the driver's seat and started the car. Seeing Heather and Alan in the doorway, Frank yelled, "Bye-bye, kids!" Then he put the car in gear and roared away.

Heather and Alan waved silently.

They turned to each other with puzzled looks on their faces. Earlier that day each of them would have given million-to-one odds against what had just happened, if they'd even dreamed that such was possible. And yet it had happened - they were alone together.

They looked at each other again, and the puzzlement drained away as they realized without speaking that her parents had given them a wonderful opportunity that afternoon, although they had very different motivations and goals.

No matter. Their mouths opened, their arms embraced, and they brought their lips together for an impassioned kiss that seemed to last forever.

– – – To be continued – – –