The Joys of Janice, Chapters 1-10

Timeframe: One week before the Orange County school district Spring Break the week of 17-21 March 2003. Note that Friday, 14 March, was also a student (but not teacher) holiday.

(FF, Ff, oral, lac, rom)

Written by Jamielynn

Copyright © 2013-present Jamielynn; All Rights Reserved.

This is a Fanfic spinoff of the epic e-novel Six Times a Day by Spacer X.


"Kim, can I talk to you for a bit?"

The latest S.A. Club meeting had just ended. Joy had remained behind as Kim thanked her other friends for attending and escorted them all, looking both thoroughly fucked and exhausted, out the front door. Kim looked back at Joy and saw a pensive, worried expression on her friend's face.

The latest meeting had been one of the largest yet. Both Sean and Dean had attended. Even Alan had made an appearance, but left early so he would have energy for his double date with Amy and Christine later that night.

"Sure, hun. What's on your mind?" Kim led Joy back to her bedroom. The others had helped clean and freshen the rest of the house, but she still needed to get rid of the lingering sex smell from her bedroom before her mother came home. The smell of the room was reminiscent of a cheap whorehouse, not surprising since most of the sexual fun had occurred in there. She went about the room lighting scented candles and opened her window.

Joy sat on Kim's bed but remained silent as Kim continued her cleaning efforts. Kim looked over and thought, If there is anyone that deserves a thoroughly-fucked look, it's Joy. I'm surprised she can even keep her eyes open, much less walk. She really went all out with the sex today, more than she ever has before. I still can't believe that less than two hours ago she had a cock in every hole at the same time. No one has ever done that at an S.A. Club meeting before. In fact, now that I think about it, she had a cock in at least one hole from the minute the meeting started till it was time to clean up.

Realizing that something was troubling Joy, Kim finished cleaning the cum and pussy stains off a lounge chair next to the closet and sat on it. She looked at Joy expectantly but noticed that Joy had a look akin to fear on her face. Joy remained silent and looked as if she was ready to run from the room any second.

Kim gently murmured, "I can tell something is bothering you. What is it? Was it the sex? Do you think you went too far? You sure seemed like you were enjoying yourself. I think you came more than everyone else put together." Joy looked ready to cry when Kim said that. Kim worried that Joy might be thinking of herself as a slut after the wild time she'd had. "Was the meeting too much? Did I invite too many people? Alan wanted us to have a nice big orgy before Spring Break. So many of the members will be out of town next week that he wanted to make sure everyone had a great time." (Alan had decided that the next week's meeting should be canceled since none of the guys would be able to attend.)

Kim realized she was talking too much, so simply waited to hear what Joy had to say.

"It's not... I... uh..." Joy paused, closed her eyes tightly and blurted, "What's it like? How do you do it?"

When Joy said nothing more, and the silence stretched on seemingly interminably, Kim finally spoke up, "What's what like? What did I do?"

Joy had a single tear rolling down her cheek, "En... (clears throat) How do you... How do I... enjoy sex?"

Kim was shocked. She thought, No way! NO fucking way. She couldn't possibly have faked that many orgasms.

But Joy wasn't finished. "With a... a... a woman... I don't know how..." By this time her tears were flowing freely.

Kim jumped from her chair and hugged her friend tightly. She was confused but could see that Joy needed comforting. She thought of Susan, Kim's ideal image of a loving mother, and tried to channel that love into her friend. As she stroked Joy's hair she said, "Don't cry, Joy. Calm down and tell me what's wrong. You looked like you were enjoying yourself immensely today. You certainly had enough orgasms. What's really bothering you?"

Joy dried her eyes and continued, "I... I... don't get off when a woman touches me. I can't figure out why. I want to, but I just can't."

Kim was floored. "What are you talking about? I know you had a nice big orgasm when you sat on my face. You flooded me; I swear I thought I was going to drown. I still have some of your pussy juice up my nose. And what about when Simone and Heather double-teamed you? You can't tell me you faked that screaming orgasm as they took turns licking and fingering you. Heck, when you ate Janice, I thought you were trying to get your whole hand in her so you could rub her entire inside and not just her G-spot. You and Janice had your tongues and fingers in each other every chance you got. When you weren't with her you were licking someone else. I'm pretty sure you gave all the other girls at least one cum each. Hell, girl, Alan crowned you today's 'Queen of Cum.' You know he wouldn't have done that unless you'd earned it."

Joy saw that Kim didn't understand, so she tried to clarify, "You don't get it. What else was happening when I had all those orgasms? When I sat on your face, Dean was ramming his cock down my throat. Alan had his dick up my ass when Heather and Simone attacked me. When I was trying to fist Janice, Sean was pounding my sore little kitty into hamburger. Don't you see? Every time I came, I had to have a cock to focus on. I can't cum without a cock in me or on me. If I don't have a cock to focus on, I can't maintain the mood. When I'm only with a girl my pussy dries up and I don't want to be touched. That's why I was such a cock-whore today; I lost all control. I need a cock in order to cum. How do I get turned on by girls? What do I need to do?"

Kim thought back to other S.A. Club meetings. For the last month at least, Joy had been throwing herself into pleasing the other girls. Kim was beginning to see a pattern. Joy had been making sure she gave every female member at least one orgasm per meeting. In recent meetings, Joy would always be pleasuring one of the other girls whenever she had a cock in her. She seemed the most dedicated to making others cum. One girl stood out as the focal point of this action: Janice. Kim had thought it was because Joy loved giving pleasure to others but now she wasn't so sure.

Kim had a suspicion but she wanted to know more. The problem was that Joy still looked like she wanted to run away, so Kim was afraid to just ask if her suspicion was correct.

Kim used the friendliest, most comforting tone she knew. It wouldn't have surprised anyone who knew them both that she sounded almost exactly like Susan. "Why do you need to be turned on by girls? You don't have to be 'bi' to be in the S.A. Club. You know that. Why do you feel you have to enjoy contact from a woman?"

This line of questions was not what Joy had expected. She was hoping that Kim could help her overcome her inability to enjoy lesbian sex. Kim's lack of understanding made her just feel more lost and alone.

Joy had a look of desperation in her eyes. She said, "I don't want to be different. I feel so selfish. I hogged all the cock today! All. Of. It! I even pushed Sean's new girl away from Dean's cock so I could suck it alone. I was a total bitch. I stole Dean's cock right out of Michelle's mouth. I'm surrounded by beautiful, sexy, loving women and they just don't excite me, no matter how hard they try. I don't want to share and I only let them touch me if I've got a cock to please at the same time. Even Heather - Heather, of all fucking people - has been sharing for months! I want to be able to have sex with other women without always becoming a cock-hog."

Kim didn't know what to say, but she did know who to talk to. She explained to Joy, "I know a sex therapist who might be able to help you. She's a 'special' friend of Alan's, if you know what I mean, and I know you do." She kissed Joy on the cheek as Joy got ready to leave. "She lives in L.A. but comes down here at least once a week. Let me talk to her and see what she thinks you should do."

Joy was pleased and hugged her friend. "Thank you, I knew you could help. No one else I talked to seemed to understand or care."

Kim walked her to the door. They exchanged more non-sexual hugs and kisses. Kim was pleased that she had been able to put Joy in a better mood.

Once Joy had left, Kim ran to the phone and dialed. It rang a few times and then she heard her second favorite voice in the world, "Hello. Plummer residence."

"Hi Brenda; it's Kim. Is Xania still around?"

"Oh, hi Kim. Sorry, she went shopping with Mistress Suzanne about an hour ago. They should be back around dinner time." Brenda's voice was always bubbly and happy these days. Just the sound of it wrapped Kim in a warm embrace. There was only one other voice that could make her feel that way.

"I really need to talk to her. It's kinda important. Do you know how long she'll be in town?" Kim was concerned; if she didn't manage to talk to Xania that day she might not get another chance until the following week's "poke-her" party. Xania and Kim had permanent invitations every week and rarely missed the event. However, Kim wanted to help Joy immediately. As president of the S.A. Club, she felt it was her duty to help any member in need.

Brenda put Kim on hold while she went to check. When she came back on the line she said, "She told Mistress Susan she was leaving right after dinner. Mistresses Katherine and Susan both told me to make sure you know you're welcome to come over for dinner anytime. You are Mistress Katherine's official girlfriend, after all." The smile in her voice was evident.

It had been decided weeks earlier that Katherine would "come out of the closet" and be Kim's girlfriend in public. That would end the constant stream of date requests that Katherine received, and also eliminate any suspicion that she and Alan were getting it on. Kim had grown to be loved by the harem, but everyone knew it wasn't Katherine that Kim truly loved.

With a giggle in her voice, Brenda said, "If you hurry, you might even make it here in time for the early evening feeding." Hearing that got Kim instantly wet and aroused. She even licked her lips.

After ending the call, Kim rushed to shower and dress. She selected a loose blue spaghetti-strap summer dress and a crotchless lace thong. She had no need for a bra as her breasts were high and firm. She briefly debated adding thigh-high stockings but decided against them. She preferred sneakers over high heels and Alan would not be home very long in any case. She lovingly placed a white silk collar around her neck, wrote a quick note to her mother, and was out the door before the ink had dried.


<Bing, bong>

Kim had arrived at the Plummer residence almost exactly at 6 o'clock. She was hopping up and down in excitement as she waited for someone to answer the door. The collar around her neck meant she was authorized to simply walk in. She even had a key, but she refrained. The tradition of a full-court greeting at the front door had become ingrained into the family over the months since it began. Kim had come to love the tradition. The other "white collars" - the honorary members of the harem - had taken their cue from Kim.

Since Brenda's car was in the driveway, Kim knew who she expected to answer the door, but even so when Brenda opened the door Kim got even more excited. Brenda rarely stayed for long after the evening feeding. She had to get home to feed her own son, so usually didn't linger when her daily duties were complete. If she was still at the Plummers' then Kim knew she could still join in. She got wet just thinking of her favorite activity.

In her excitement Kim threw her arms around Brenda, barely taking note that Brenda was still in one of her sexy maid outfits, and kissed her full on the lips. Not surprisingly, Kim had Brenda's breasts out of her top and in her hands within seconds of their embracing. Brenda smiled, because she'd anticipated that would happen. No matter how often Kim came over, the first thing she did was pull down Brenda's top and fondle her breasts.

Brenda's reaction to this was no less predictable. She sighed with pleasure and arched her back a little bit so as to press her magnificent breasts into Kim's reverently groping hands, encouraging Kim to "manhandle" her possessively.

Which of them enjoyed Kim's greeting more was questionable, as they both enjoyed it immensely. If Kim were to ever stop this particular greeting ritual, Brenda would become concerned that she had somehow offended Kim. But while the kissing and groping was as passionate as always, this time it was quite brief. From their earlier call, Brenda knew the real reason Kim had rushed over. Breaking the kiss, and without even saying hello, Kim entered the foyer further and said, "Where is she?"

Kim fondled Brenda's breasts so often that Brenda didn't even bat an eye as she made a lasciviously teasing show of putting her breasts back into the minimally-restraining confines of her top. She thought, Kim has often made the claim that "as president of the S.A. Club, I have to follow tradition at all times, both to set a good example and to prevent chaos at the meetings." The silly girl probably still thinks no one has noticed, or failed to be amused, that she isn't nearly so strict when the ritual doesn't involve Susan. Oh well, at least I know she loves me nearly as much.

As a present to Kim at her recent birthday party, Alan had decided that Kim should have total access to Brenda, and especially her breasts, whenever she was in the house. With a big smile on her face, love in her eyes, and the deepest cleavage a girl could want rising and falling enticingly in front of her young friend, Brenda demurely answered, "The Mistress of the house is in the living room this evening."

As Kim entered the living room she was surprised to see Christine on her knees suckling on Susan. She had never seen Christine openly drink straight from Susan's breasts before. Christine had only recently accepted full admission into the harem. The rule about helping Susan drain herself was one of several that Kim knew Christine had resisted. When she learned of the practice, Christine had reacted with outright disgust. She couldn't have hurt Susan's feelings more if she'd stabbed her in the heart. Even Alan had been hurt when Christine had made her opinion known. As often happened, it was only the quick thinking of Amy that had saved the day.

Christine had known about the sexual happenings between the Plummer women and Alan. Amy had eased her into that knowledge so gently that, before Christine had fully realized it was happening, she had already come to accept it. However, acceptance was not approval, at least not initially, even though she had already fallen madly in love with both Alan and Amy, and had even come to accept and eventually join in sexual acts that also involved Amy's mother Suzanne as one of Alan's lovers.

Christine had been made fully aware of the sexual goings-on of the family, except for one minor detail. By that date no one had considered Susan's breastfeeding the harem to be anything exceptional. Because of that, no one had thought to explain it to Christine.

Christine knew that Susan used her milk in her cooking. It was almost impossible to eat in the house without sampling at least some of her milk, because Susan had so much that she used it in at least one dish per meal, pointing out repeatedly that "everything just tastes better with real milk, rather than yucky cow's milk." Christine had never witnessed someone directly feed from Susan's breasts before, so, while others had implied it, she hadn't realized that direct feeding really occurred. While she was shocked the first time she saw Katherine suckle, she refrained from comment.

The near disaster occurred when Susan offered her other breast to Christine. The look of horror and disgust on Christine's face was unmistakable. While many see breasts as sex objects and breastfeeding can sometimes be a sexual act, most of the time it is not. Breastfeeding is simply a loving act. Susan, being the loving person that she was, saw her milk as the ultimate gift of love, so having those she loved suckle from her breasts had become an emotionally transcendental experience for her whenever it occurred.

Christine lacked the empathy to understand how much the breastfeeding act meant to Susan. She had not yet seen the love that streamed from Susan along with her milk. She misunderstood the caresses she had seen Susan give Katherine, interpreting them as sexual instead of simply loving.

Susan would have happily accepted Christine's desire to limit her sexual camaraderie to only the two Pestridge women. It had never been Susan's intent to push Christine's boundaries on that subject. But the major difficulty, above all else, was that Christine had not yet come to realize that Susan had extended her love to Christine as if she were Susan's own daughter.

If Amy had not been there to explain each woman's viewpoint to the other, the encounter would likely have been disastrous.

All of those thoughts ricocheted through Kim's head in a matter of seconds. She continued to stare at Christine as the buxom blonde lovingly suckled. Susan would never let someone she didn't love suckle her. The only time Kim was ever jealous of anyone was when she watched someone else suckle on Susan as Susan stroked that person's face or hair, just like she was doing for Christine at that very moment. But Kim need not have been jealous. Aside from Alan, Katherine and Amy, of all the people that Susan had fed, Kim was by far her favorite.

Susan felt someone's eyes on her and looked up. The love in her eyes grew when she saw who it was. She smiled at Kim, but then looked beyond her to Brenda and said, "Brenda, since Kim has arrived, your services will not be needed the rest of the evening. You are dismissed."

To an outsider Susan's words might have appeared cold, but to those who knew them both this was a nightly ritual between women who loved each other dearly. Brenda could never imagine going home early without ensuring that Susan's needs were well taken care of. In that Kim agreed completely.

Brenda entered the room and walked over to Susan in a way that made her uniform swish and sway enough to grant provocatively fleeting glimpses of her charms. She bent at the waist so that one of her breasts just barely touched the top of Christine's head, then kissed Susan lovingly on the lips. She stood and moved to where Christine, who had not ceased to suckle, could not see. Smiling, Brenda curtsied, exposing her smooth, slippery wet muff. "Yes, Mistress." She turned and bent over, exposing her freshly spanked red butt cheeks. "Thank you, Mistress." Finally, she stood, then provocatively exposed and hefted her heaving breasts, lifting them out of her top and presenting them to Susan in submissive offering. "Goodnight, Mistress." When Susan smiled and nodded her approval, Brenda swiftly turned around and left, with a noticeable spring in her step.


Kim stepped into the room after Brenda withdrew. As she approached Susan and Christine, she looked them over. Kim was surprised to see how Susan was stroking Christine's hair. She couldn't see much of Christine's face due to the amount of Susan's tit-flesh in the way.

Susan's breasts had grown considerably since she'd begun to lactate, to a degree where now only Brenda came close to matching her in size. It had reached the point that all of Susan's tops and bras had to be special-ordered to accommodate the enormous size she had grown to. Even though everyone knew she hated confining her breasts inside a bra, it always seemed to please Susan that her bras had to be custom made, because that meant that her size and shape was exceedingly uncommon.

In fact, Susan was currently wearing an outfit that had been a Valentine's Day gift from Suzanne. She wore a mouth-wateringly sexy leather corset with a silk lining, very large removable breast cups, and ivory ribbing. The leather had been tanned to a deep purple that perfectly matched her silk skirt. To Kim's biased eyes, Susan looked like a queen - an impossibly sexy queen! Kim still didn't know that for the last few months, whenever she knew Kim was coming over, Susan would change into clothing she knew would impress Kim.

Kim was struck with the thought, Susan truly looks like a queen with Christine kneeling before her in supplication. Or would that be sucklication? HA! Even the knee pillow Christine was using added to the effect.

Kim let her gaze drift down to what Christine was wearing. She knew that Christine was going on another date with Alan and Amy that night, but because of the way that Christine was positioned, Kim couldn't see her dress very well. Aside from the obvious facts that the dress was not backless and was cut rather long, Kim could discern nothing about it except its navy blue color.

Kim stopped a few feet behind Christine and waited.

Susan looked up as she continued to stroke Christine's hair. She gave Kim a welcoming smile as she thought, Kim looks so beautiful today. Her body seems to be filling out a little more every day. I wonder what size bra she would be in now, if she were ever to wear one here?

Kim had started bouncing up and down on her feet. Susan knew she was impatient, but didn't think Christine was ready to have someone feed right next to her. She gave Kim another smile but also held up her hand in a "wait" gesture. She mused, Anyone but Kim would have already asked or, like Angel always does, just pulled my breast out and popped the nipple into her mouth. I'm so glad that Kim likes to adhere to the rituals. I'm certain Christine is embarrassed but she's doing very well; it's almost as if she's been practicing. That's an interesting thought, since it wasn't until today that Xania talked her into experiencing a suckling. Christine even knows to massage my breast to ensure that all the ducts are open.

Susan didn't want to keep Kim waiting too long, and she also didn't want Christine to be so embarrassed that she wouldn't suckle again, so she gently patted Christine on the head to indicate she should stop.

Instead of stopping immediately, Christine sucked harder a few times before releasing the nipple. Then she rose on her knees, leaned forward, kissed Susan on the lips and pushed the remaining milk from her mouth into Susan's. Pulling her face away, she looked Susan straight in the eyes and said, "Thank you for the gift of your body's milk."

Susan, trying desperately not to shed any tears, completed the ritual by saying, "My milk is made for those I love."

To say that Kim was shocked would be the understatement of the year. Her mouth hung open as she considered, Christine of all people... I never, ever, in a million years would have believed it if I hadn't seen it myself. Not only did she suckle Susan, but she performed the gratitude ritual perfectly. Christine HATES the harem rituals. What the hell has been going on? I MUST find out what happened here while I was at the S.A. Club meeting.

Christine got up and started to head upstairs, but Susan stopped her by saying, "Christine... Thank you."

Christine turned back around because she considered it rude not to face a person when speaking with them. She looked over at Kim, then back at Susan. Obviously embarrassed and with a slight blush in her cheeks, she said, "You're, uh, welcome. Um... Would you tell Xania that she was right? About everything?" Blushing deeper, and without waiting for a response, she turned again and hurried up the stairs.

As Susan turned back to Kim she was amused to find Kim gaping like a fish. Unable to speak, Kim simply pointed dumbfounded at the stairs where Christine had just vanished, silently begging for an explanation.

But Susan didn't want to embarrass Christine further, and knew she might overhear when she came back downstairs with Alan and Amy. She told Kim, "Not now. I'll tell you later." Susan covered her nipple with a leak pad, adjusted the corset cups to cover her breasts, and stood up. Then she gave Kim what appeared to be a stern look. "Where's my kiss?" she demanded playfully, with a twinkle in her eye.

Kim rushed into Susan's arms. Susan was always amazed by the passion Kim put into her greetings. While the others had mellowed over the last few months, Kim had not. That was especially true when she greeted Susan or Brenda. Susan made sure to take hold of Kim's wrists until she'd had time to enjoy the kiss a bit. She knew from experience that if Kim were free to grope, the kissing would end too soon because Kim would want to finish draining her. Once that started it wouldn't take long before the two of them were too hot to keep their clothes on.

Ordinarily Susan would have been just as eager as Kim, but Christine was still in the house. She had come a long way very rapidly and Susan didn't want her to go through the kind of backsliding that Susan knew too well. Susan was determined to limit the rapidity of Christine's exposure to different aspects of the harem. Walking in on her boyfriend's mother having sex was one of them.

The resulting struggle was a common occurrence between Susan and Kim. They both were giggling within minutes. Kim made it appear as if she only wanted to fondle Susan's chest pillows, but Susan made her pay for the privilege with kisses first. Kim couldn't kiss Susan properly with them both standing, due to their difference in height, so she nudged Susan back toward the couch that Susan had just vacated. Once Kim had Susan seated, she straddled Susan's thighs and continued to "make out," showering Susan's face and neck in kisses and licks.

Every woman has one or more spots somewhere on her neck that, when caressed properly, whether with fingers, tongue or lips, will drive her wild with lust. Kim knew Susan's sensitive spots well. She started by gently stroking each spot with the tips of her fingers. Then when one hand moved to another spot, she would kiss and lick the one that her fingers had just vacated. Kim had mastered the art of necking, so before long Susan was in heaven. Kim started by alternating between closed-mouth kisses and licks. Before long Kim had begun opening her mouth and gently sucking as she continued to lick.

She was intentionally staying away from the spot where the top of Susan's shoulder met her neck. That spot was Susan's greatest weakness. Kim continued her tantalizing assault for what seemed to Susan to be hours, but was really only a few minutes.

Kim knew that she had driven Susan nearly insane with lust when Susan started to gasp and mutter, "Hot... Too hot... Oooohhhhh... Soooo gooooodd... Ungh..."

Kim rose up slightly while continuing to make love to Susan. Placing one hand on the end of Susan's shoulder, she twisted the fingers of her other hand into Susan's hair and gently but firmly pulled away, to better expose the base of Susan's neck. Then she dove on her target. She kissed and licked, then opened her mouth and bit and sucked at the join of Susan's neck and shoulder.

Susan exploded into orgasm. She buried her face into Kim's neck to try and muffle her moans.

Susan's hands had not been idle during Kim's lip assault. She had pulled Kim's dress straps down her arms so that Kim's dress pooled at her waist. Susan loved fondling Kim's breasts, which were each the size of a small handful, but she knew that what Kim really enjoyed was having her nipples pulled and smashed. Once Susan's orgasm started, she yanked Kim's nipples so hard that it seemed she was trying to rip them off. While Kim did not quite reach orgasm, it was very close.

When Susan started to come down from her climax, Kim switched back to gentle caresses and kisses.

Susan decided Kim had been denied her boobs for long enough. She moved Kim's hands to her breasts and within seconds Kim had both of Susan's breasts exposed. She mushed them together, pulled them apart, lifted them, clapped them, and even lightly slapped them around.

Susan dribbled milk throughout the groping, and Kim rubbed it all over Susan's chest. She knew that Susan's nipples had become extra sensitive, especially to pain, ever since she had started lactating, But that did not stop Kim from gently pulling on them. She had learned the proper holds and exactly how much pressure to apply to prevent any significant pain. As Susan's breasts began to squirt, Kim aimed Susan's nipples at her own face and chest. She continued expressing Susan's milk on herself until she had completely coated her upper body with Susan's love.

Susan giggled as it occurred to her, Kim knows my breasts better than anyone else, possibly even better than I do. It's as if she instinctively knows which one is the fullest. Now it looks like she's decided her milk bath is over, 'cos there goes her head back to my chest.

Susan grabbed Kim's head just before her lips would have reached Susan's nipple. "Stop", she said. "Wait till the kids leave on their date. I'm not in any danger of engorging, thanks to you, you little minx. Anyway, I need to get dinner started."

When Kim pouted, Susan smiled and said, "And DON'T give me that sad puppy-dog look. If you can hold out just a little longer, I promise I'll make it worth your wait. Now let's clean this mess up before Christine sees it."

Kim reached out with her tongue. She could just barely reach Susan's nipple as she licked at the milk still dribbling from it. Susan laughed at the expression on Kim's face and pushed her away.

The two lovers quickly cleaned up the mess, adjusted their clothing to be presentable and, holding hands, walked to the kitchen.


As Susan went about the kitchen preparing dinner, Kim set the table. Kim had attempted to help Susan in the kitchen during previous visits, but Susan didn't really want the help because she was very possessive of her kitchen. Furthermore, she realized that Kim was not a very skilled cook - she lacked much of the basic knowledge necessary to make any meal that didn't come out of a box. Susan had jokingly told Kim that she was "one of those rare people that could burn water." Kim had not taken offense. She knew the limits of her culinary skill, so had countered that Susan's claims weren't true, because the only thing that she cooked which could burn was toast.

Kim finished setting the table and sat at the counter. She asked, "So what are you making tonight?" She, like most people, loved Susan's cooking. Kim was especially interested because of the mother's milk that Susan so often used in her cooking.

Susan opened the oven and began basting something that Kim couldn't see from where she was sitting. "Well, since my Tiger won't be home tonight, I decided we should have some meat for a change. I've had a bottom roast cooking for a bit. I added some red potatoes and carrot slices. I also plan on some creamed corn, made with your favorite cream, of course." She was, naturally, referring to her own milk. "I made some Hawaiian sweet rolls earlier today and set them out to cool. I'll warm them again once the roast comes out of the oven."

Susan hid a smile. "I also have a surprise for desert. I'm so glad you came over tonight because it's my first time making it and I want your opinion." She loved Kim's enthusiastic critiques of her cooking. All of her regular diners, particularly her children, were long used to her great cooking. Kim, as someone who grew up eating mostly pre-packaged food, was extra appreciative of the great taste of Susan's made-from-scratch meals.

Just then, they heard people coming down the stairs. Then Kim saw Alan, Amy, Christine and Katherine walking through the living room towards where she sat at the kitchen counter.

Alan led the way, wearing a black-and-white pin-striped sports coat and slacks over a white dress shirt. Amy followed, wearing a cherry-red strapless A-line dress that came to mid thigh. She'd paired it with white thigh-high stockings, the lace tops of which were just barely visible as she walked. The dress had a V neckline, which showed her substantial cleavage in a way that Kim definitely appreciated.

Christine had on the dress she'd been wearing earlier, but now Kim could get a better look at it. While it had straps, it also had an even deeper neckline. From where Kim was sitting she could see the curvature at the base of Christine's breasts, making it obvious that she wore no bra underneath the slinky fabric. Seeing her dressed so provocatively sexy, Kim once again felt a swift stab of jealousy towards Alan that he and Amy were free to play with Christine's fantastic rack, leaving her panting and breathless, while Kim could only long to do so from afar.

Katherine was last down the stairs, She wore a burnt-orange knee-length bobby gown with a sweetheart neckline, paired with black fishnet stockings.

"Hey kids, are you heading out on your date?" Susan was referring to Alan, Amy, and Christine's date that night. "What's your plan for the evening? Gonna paint the town red?"

Alan walked over to Kim and, mindful that Christine was watching, hugged her and gave her a quick peck on the lips. Looking over at his mom he said, "I don't know about painting the town or anything that exciting, Mom. We're planning on dinner and dancing, and maybe we'll go see a movie later. Kat has decided to go with us after all." Looking back at Kim, he said, "You're welcome to come too. My treat. The more the merrier, as they say."

Kim looked as if she would have loved to go, but her obligation to her friend Janice and her duties as S.A. Club president won out over her desire to join in what sounded like a really enjoyable evening. "Oh... I wish I could, but I need to talk to Xania and she's going to head home long before you guys will get back. Besides," she gestured sadly at her summer dress and sneakers, "I'm not exactly dressed for dinner at some fancy restaurant, or for dancing afterwards." She realized though that staying with Susan promised to be just as enjoyable an evening, if not more so.

Christine's ears perked up at the mention of Xania. Curious, she asked, "What do you want to talk to her about?"

"Oh, um, it, uh, has to, um... It's S.A. Club business. It's kinda private between members." Seeing Christine's skeptical look, Kim evaded with the truth. "Honest, you wouldn't wanna know." Flustered, Kim didn't feel comfortable talking about sexual matters in front of Christine, particularly since Christine had a reputation for being rather vocal and critical in her opinions.

"Oh. Uh, never mind then." Christine was aware of the weekly orgies that Kim hosted for her friends. In an effort to fit in with her new social group, Christine had decided to restrain her curiosity and opinion about such matters. She was still uncomfortable with the thought of orgies, so the occasional participation of Alan, Amy or Katherine in them was still a problem for her even though she knew that all those involved were friends. She consoled herself with the knowledge that at least there was no coercion going on - they were just friends in a sexual way. The fact that orgies occurred more often in this very house was not lost on her, but she felt different about those.

While Christine and Kim had become friends, they were not yet very close. Always aware of the social status of others, and of Kim's importance to the harem in particular, Christine made the decision to try and smooth over the awkwardness caused by her question. She told Kim, "I've recently had the pleasure of talking out a few of my own problems with Xania, so I was, you know... curious."

Christine glanced at Susan and gave her a tentative smile. Returning her gaze to Kim, she continued, "She gives good advice. In my opinion, she's probably the best person I know to talk to about... uh... intimate things." She stumbled at the end but smiled gently at Kim.

Katherine walked over to Kim and gave her a much more passionate greeting than she had experienced from Alan. Christine had become accustomed to such kisses between the two young female lovers, but she looked away as they began to grope each other.

Meanwhile, Amy walked into the kitchen, got Susan's attention, and twirled in place. Her dress flared out and rose high enough to show her upper thighs. She asked, "What do you think, Mom? Good enough to be seen in public?"

"Good enough to... uh, dance the night away." Susan had nearly said "Good enough to eat" but she stopped herself in time. "You three will definitely make some girls very jealous tonight. You all look so lovely."

Amy ended her twirling, then hugged and French kissed Susan. Susan was of the opinion that Amy wanted to keep such kisses with Brenda and the Plummer women commonplace when Christine was present, to end Christine's resistance to intimacy with the non-Pestridge women in the harem. While uncomfortable with pushing Christine so rapidly on this point, Susan didn't resist Amy's intimate kisses and caresses, returning them instead.

While the woman-on-woman groping was an arousing sight, Alan decided that things had gone far enough. He knew how quickly clothes came off during such events. Acting exasperated, he said, "Okay ladies, shall we go?"

That set off a fresh round of kisses and gropes as the usual Plummer house goodbye ritual played itself out. Thankfully, in Alan's opinion, no one was taking things too far with Christine present.

When it came time for Christine to perform her own goodbyes, Alan pulled Amy and Katherine out of the room and towards the foyer. To Christine he said, "We'll meet you at the car."

Seeing that Christine was uncomfortable, Kim moved in first. She wrapped her arms around Christine and leaned in to kiss her on the cheek.

Christine turned her head and instead kissed Kim quickly on the lips. She said, "Can I have a few minutes alone with Mrs. Plum... I mean with Susan?"

"Sure. I'll just go powder my nose." Kim looked at Susan and said, "Back in a few, my love." With that she headed to the downstairs bathroom.

The harem knew that Christine was still embarrassed to kiss any woman other than Amy or Suzanne. Even with those two, Christine tried to keep her kisses chaste in front of others - not that Amy or Suzanne ever let her. As usual, Susan waited until Christine was ready.

Christine warred with herself over what she should do. She thought about Susan: They really love her. All of them: Kim, Amy, Suzanne, Brenda. Even Xania and Gloria love her. She makes it so easy. Alan may be the reason this crazy harem came together, but Susan is the glue that keeps it working. I've never felt anything like what I felt as I suckled her earlier. I felt... content... loved... as if I belonged, truly belonged HERE. I felt like I was part of the harem - an important part - and not an outsider with delusions of grandeur. She has a way of making me feel welcome that can only be matched by Amy. I could literally feel this woman's love pour into me along with her milk. What am I going to do?

Snapping herself out of her musings, Christine stepped forwards and wrapped her arms around Susan. She looked into Susan's loving eyes and, almost too softly to hear, whispered, "Susan, may I kiss you?"

Susan returned Christine's hug, saying softly, "You hardly need to ask, dear. We've done it dozens of times before."

"No, I mean... a real kiss."

When Susan said nothing, Christine leaned in to her. When their lips met it was as if an electrical current arced between them. Shocked, neither of them moved at first. Slowly, Christine opened her mouth. Her tongue took a tentative swipe across Susan's lips, which then parted. Slowly, ever so slowly, the two women continued to kiss. Their tongues began a dance as old as time.

Surprisingly, the kiss went on and on, and got better and better. After a few minutes, Christine noticed herself shaking and attempted to bring her body under control. She couldn't understand why she failed.

Christine thought, What's wrong with me? I feel such... trepidation. Susan would never hurt me, and I can FEEL her love, so why am I afraid? She racked her brain to try to explain the unusual feeling. Do I fear what this kiss represents? Am I finally giving in? Will I soon want... more?

Christine's thoughts continued along that line until Susan broke the kiss. Susan lowered her arms and said, "Go on now. The others are waiting. When you're ready, we can talk about what just happened. Okay?"

Unable to speak, Christine just nodded, turned and walked away. In a moment she was out the door. As she walked toward Alan's car she noticed wetness on her cheeks. She was not sure whether they were Susan's tears or her own.


Kim returned to the kitchen and hugged Susan from behind while she was adding ingredients to a strange-looking appliance. Kim had never seen it before and had no idea what it was. She asked with a giggle in her voice, "Whatcha doooooin'?"

Susan looked back and said severely, "None of your business. I noticed you weren't in the bathroom after Christine left. I also noticed that the camera in here is turned on AND you just came from the door to the basement. Were you spying? Perhaps watching a certain local TV show whose set looks remarkably similar to the interior of this house?"

Kim thought, Uh-oh. Busted. She tried to make an excuse. "I just wanted to know when it was safe to return. I kept the sound off. I just didn't want to interrupt in case you were discussing something important."

Susan was not mollified; instead she was visibly upset. "You know how Christine feels about those cameras. What if she noticed that you'd turned them on? I don't want her feeling uncomfortable in my home."

Kim had never upset Susan to that extent before. With her eyes beginning to tear up, she kissed the back of Susan's neck and began to plead, "Please don't be mad at me, Susan. I didn't mean to spy; I really didn't. I didn't even watch that long. By the time I got down there your kiss was almost over."

Susan replied, "Be thankful Christine has gotten me in a very good mood. But that doesn't mean you're off the hook. I expect you to tell her what you did. In addition, you'll have to be punished after dinner... by Suzanne." She let that linger in the air. They both knew what kind of punishment that would be.

Susan finished fiddling with the appliance and turned around while still in Kim's arms. She said, "I'm not going to ruin dinner by staying mad. I love you both and I know you won't do it again. Besides, you're too darn cute for words. STOP with those sad puppy-dog eyes already. You know when I see them I have to kiss you."

Susan kissed her lightly, then said, "Okay, I'm done in here for now. We have about thirty minutes before Suzanne and Xania should get back. Dinner will be ready shortly after that."

Susan nuzzled Kim's neck and asked playfully, "Whatever will we do with so much free time?"

Kim stepped away and slipped the straps of her dress off her shoulders. This caused her dress to slide down her body and pool on the floor. Stepping out of it, she said in a sexy, wondering tone, "Hmmm, I don't know. Can you think of anything?"

As if they were two properly-oriented magnets, they were once again drawn into an embrace. Susan lifted Kim in her arms and covered her smaller breasts in kisses. Carrying Kim through the dining room to the living room, she remarked, "I'm sure we can figure something out."

Susan laid Kim out horizontally on a couch and began to kiss and lick down her young friend's body. She stuck her tongue in Kim's belly button and left a trail of saliva down to the top of her mons. She smiled when she reached the top of Kim's crotchless panties. The two of them had recently discovered the wonderful heightened sensations caused by the feel of lace across the skin down there.

Susan could hear Kim gasp as she drew closer to Kim's tiny slit. Bringing her hands into play, she stroked and spread Kim's thighs, then kissed and licked all over Kim's nether region while avoiding any direct contact with her slit. She could see the area darken and engorge with blood as Kim became increasingly aroused.

Kim, struggling to speak, started to plead, "Susan, my love, ... Don't tease me. I need you... I need your touch... your tongue." She began wriggling her body uncontrollably, desperate for release.

Susan pushed Kim's thighs up so that they would rest on her older lover's shoulders, with Kim's calves pressed against Susan's back. With one hand she spread Kim's nether lips, better exposing her unhooded clit. The fingers of Susan's other hand began rubbing against the opening of Kim's love hole. Taking a deep breath, Susan attacked Kim's clit with her tongue at the same moment that she plunged two fingers into Kim's pussy, reaching for her G-spot.

Kim immediately locked her ankles behind Susan's back. Grabbing Susan by her hair, she pulled hard, smashing Susan's face against her pussy. Her thighs clamped around Susan's head, completely immobilizing it (with the exception of Susan's very talented tongue). Kim was rapidly approaching heaven.

Susan had known how Kim would respond when she began her clitoral assault. She had prepared herself on the chance that she would be unable to breathe. As it so happened, this time Kim's reflexive clutching embrace had not covered Susan's nose, so the older woman continued to breathe with little difficulty.

Susan stroked Kim's G-spot while fluttering her tongue across, around, and over Kim's clit. The crushing force of Kim's muscular thighs and Kim's pulling of her hair got Susan incredibly aroused. She could feel what seemed to be a never-ending river of her own juices flowing down her thighs.

As Susan's licking tongue and thrusting fingers continued their assault, Kim struggled to reach for the bow on Susan's corset, to untie it and free Susan's remarkable boobs. Her fingers had just managed to locate it when she could no longer restrain her climax. Just as the bow came undone, Kim threw her head back and screeched in orgasmic release. Her straining grip on Susan's head ended abruptly as she collapsed in bliss.

Susan stood up, allowing her corset and skirt to fall from her body, leaving herself completely nude. Smiling down at an exhausted Kim, she commented, "Done already? We still have plenty of time, you know."

Kim could barely move; she needed a few moments to catch her breath. Once she could speak she complained, "YOU didn't just come from an orgy that lasted almost two hours. I was exhausted before I got here. I need a few minutes to rest."

But Susan was having none of it. She pulled Kim to her feet and moved to the coffee table. Susan lay on the table and had Kim lie on top of her in a sixty-nine.

Kim sucked Susan's clit into her mouth and hummed while she licked, setting her tongue to vibrating. She could tell that Susan was enjoying the sensation when Susan's hips began bucking her clit against Kim's tongue. Kim tried valiantly to continue but she was extra sensitive and still tired from her many orgasms that day. It soon became a contest between the two as to who would give in and orgasm first.

Kim was determined to "win" by giving Susan an enormous orgasm to repay the excellent one she'd given Kim. She rose on her knees, trying to keep her clit out of Susan's reach. Kim could tell that Susan had caught on when the older woman relented and relaxed, allowing Kim to focus all her attention on what she was doing. Kim had learned that when Susan was highly aroused Kim could nibble on her clit, so that's what she did. Susan's bucking returned with even more vigor than before, nearly bouncing Kim's mouth away from her target.

Kim used strong suction to hold on without having to bite harder. She could hear Susan mumbling but couldn't make out any words. Kim knew the signs that Susan was approaching orgasm and took full advantage. She wet a few fingers from each hand with Susan's juices, then plunged three into her puss while plunging one from the other hand into her anus. Then Kim began sawing at both holes, alternating her thrusts to force Susan to constantly shift focus back and forth.

Susan could feel the pressure building and didn't fight it. As her orgasm began, she reached up and pulled Kim's puss to her lips. She moaned as she licked, trying desperately to bring Kim to a mutual orgasm. She didn't succeed, but only because Kim was already so tired.

When they were finally both able to move again, Susan relocated to the couch nearest the dining room. She intended to finish pumping her milk to drain herself before dinner, as she usually did. The arrival earlier of Christine and then Kim had interrupted that ritual. As she began setting up her pumping gear Kim stopped her.

Kim lay down on the couch and rested her head in Susan's lap. She asked, "Susan, my love, may I have some mommy's milk NOW? Pleeeeeaaasssee?" She playfully batted her eyes, causing Susan to smile.

Laughing, Susan adjusted her left breast and fed her nipple into Kim's mouth. As Kim started the short, rapid sucking necessary to open Susan's milk ducts, the sexy MILF said, "Not too much, dear. We've used quite a bit of my milk in the last few days. I need to have some left to pump out for breakfast in the morning."

By this point Kim had closed her eyes. Susan watched as Kim reached over and patted Susan's other breast, then pointed in the direction of the pump. Taking the hint, Susan attached the funnel and bottle to that breast and turned on the pump, then held the funnel in place with one hand as she stroked Kim's belly and chest with the other.

Getting comfortable, Kim turned her body and placed one hand under Susan's breast. She placed her other hand atop it and began massaging the breast over each milk duct to ensure they opened fully. Once she felt a good stream of milk fill her mouth on each suck, she switched to the long slow deep suckling needed to drain a breast. She slowed her massage and her sucking to the point that Susan barely felt them. After a few minutes they slowed even more, because Kim was fast asleep.

When Susan realized that, she stopped stroking her young lover. She could feel that her other breast was not draining properly. Trying not to disturb Kim, she reached over and attempted to massage the breast being pumped. Eventually she managed to drain it properly. Awkwardly, she turned off the pump, unscrewed the bottle from the funnel, and screwed a lid on it. Looking at the measure on the side of the bottle, she saw that she had pumped only four ounces.

She considered, Christine suckled that breast earlier and Kim had squirted a good deal from it after that. I suppose I can be happy with getting that much for breakfast. I doubt Kim left enough in my other breast to bother with pumping it.

Looking at a clock on the wall, she continued her thoughts. I really should get back to the kitchen, I need to put this milk in the fridge and start the corn, but I also don't want to disturb Kim. The poor thing must be exhausted.

That decision was taken out of her hands when she heard the front door open.

"HONEY, I'M HOME!" said a scratchy female voice.


Another voice said, "I bet you really get off whenever you get a chance to use that horrible old line."

Suzanne replied with a dramatic pause after every word, "Every. Single. Time."

Suzanne and Xania entered the foyer. Xania was the first to spot the two lovers in the living room. Noticing the sleeping form, she said in a low tone, "Well, well, well, what have we here? It seems when the cats are away the mice will play."

Susan smiled at the two women and made a shushing gesture. Suzanne approached and helped move Kim enough that Susan could stand up. But when Suzanne tried to embrace her mammoth-breasted lover, Susan motioned for the three of them to head for the kitchen instead. Suzanne covered Kim with an afghan as Susan picked up her bottle of pumped milk and together the three moved to the kitchen.

Susan placed the bottle in the fridge and retrieved a sexy apron from a nearby drawer. Once she'd put it on she turned and greeted her friends.

Watching the other two women kiss and grope in the now-common household greeting, Xania commented, "I wasn't aware that anyone else would be joining us for dinner. I assume that with Kim here, Katherine is also around somewhere?"

Susan looked up as Suzanne continued to kiss her upon the neck. Susan's apron had come untied and Suzanne was rapidly losing clothes. Aware that dinner was not yet ready and not wanting their roast to dry out, Susan broke away from her neighbor and explained, "Nope. You assume incorrectly. Angel went with Tiger and the girls. It's just the four of us tonight."

Before Xania could move in for her greeting, Suzanne asked, "Not that I mind, 'cos I'm rather fond of Kim, but why is she here? Could it be that she just can't stay away from your big bouncy milk-makers? I must say, I'm surprised the two of you have never asked Sweetie to trade in her white collar for a black one."

Suzanne's comment reminded Xania of her own white collar. She fingered it as she mused, Suzanne is smart, but not that smart. I don't believe Susan would ever ask Alan for a favor like that. You gotta love that big-titted sex cow, but she still foolishly believes that Alan is the leader of the harem. In reality it's these two buxom beauties that run things around here. Susan plays the obvious role of the mother, the lover, the nose wiper, the cook and the head maid. Suzanne is stuck in the role of the father, the disciplinarian, the bread winner and the rule maker. Of course, she is happiest in a role where she can dominate everyone else, so in the end it all works out.

The others had continued talking while Susan had set about seeing to the final details of preparing to serve dinner. Xania was brought out of her thoughts when she heard her name mentioned.

"... said she needed to talk to Xania. Brenda made it sound rather important. In all the excitement we were having I completely forgot to ask Kim about it."

Xania moved up to Susan and embraced her. She leaned in for a kiss and said, "Hold that thought."

The two women kissed and before long Susan's apron somehow became untied once again. Like Suzanne earlier, Xania lost a few articles of clothing in the greeting. Seeing an opportunity, Suzanne moved in and joined the other two. Before long the three women were all nearly nude.

Again Susan was the one to end what was rapidly turning into more of an orgy than a simple greeting. Removing Suzanne's hand (or was it Xania's) from her slit, and Xania's hand (or was it Suzanne's) from a breast, she said, "Okay, that's enough. At this rate dinner will be cold long before it hits the table. Suzanne, would you please go wake Kim? Xania, you can help me carry dishes to the table."

Xania asked, "Shouldn't we get dressed first?"

Susan was going to say 'yes', but before she could Suzanne mused aloud, "I don't see why we should bother. We're just going to get naked again before long. Besides, you know how Kim gets around big breasts like ours." She glanced around before continuing, "That reminds me, Susan, I hope you don't mind, but since Xania doesn't have anything to do this weekend, I've asked her if she would stay in town for a few more days. Since tomorrow is a school holiday and next week is Spring Break, Brad has gone out of town with some friends. I don't expect him home until the end of the week. Eric has already left on vacation as well, probably with his secretary, so I was wondering..."

When no one interrupted, Suzanne took a deep breath and pushed on with her question, "What would you say if I wanted to spend the night with you? In your bed? For once, just you and me. No one else to suck and stroke and pleasure." She was worried about how Susan would respond to that, so she continued before Susan could answer, "We can lock the door so no one will bother us."

Suzanne was worried for nothing. Susan squealed and launched herself at her best friend. Between all their kisses she exclaimed, "Oh my god!" <kiss> "YES!" <kiss> "I thought you would never ask!" <kiss> "To have you in my arms all night..." The two women became lost in their enthusiastic embrace.

Xania, amused at the sight, watched and wondered how cold dinner would get after all.

But all the noise had woken Kim. She entered the kitchen and stepped up next to Xania, saying "What did I miss?"

Xania turned to the petite newcomer and pulled her close as she replied, "Well, it seems those two are going to share a bed this evening. And it looks like I'm going to be spending a few more days sleeping on that overgrown orgy bed. Susan said that you have something you want to talk to me about. And I have a payment to extract from you in return." She pulled Kim's head into her breasts and said, "You think you can get permission to spend the night? I get awful lonely sleeping alone. I know you'd rather cuddle up to the delicious milk maker over there, but am I big enough?" As she said this she slapped her breasts against Kim's face.

Between Xania's greeting to Kim, Suzanne's greeting to Kim (once she was pulled away from Susan), and the four women completing another round of kisses and gropes, dinner got quite cold before it was served.


Dinner was reheated and served. The four women chatted about their day as they ate. Suzanne and Xania went first, talking about their shopping trip and the new outfits they'd purchased for the weekly fashion show.

"Susan dear," Suzanne explained, "since Xania will be in the show it makes sense for her to stay at least until then. You and I aren't able to fit in the same tops anymore, for obvious reasons, but I saw a pair of really sexy school-girl uniforms and Xania had the idea that we could be twins for the show, just like we sometimes were during our college days. But don't worry; I found a few outfits for you that I know you'll love. We even found three matching outfits that the three of us can wear together, sort of as triplets."

As they continued to eat, the two old friends talked about the various toys they'd picked up, occasionally throwing in hints that one of those would be a big surprise for Susan.

Xania chimed in with, "We also picked up a few spanking toys that could be really useful. Suzanne picked out a really pretty whip with eight-inch neon-pink rubber strands on the business end. I can't wait to try it out unexpectedly on someone's ass."

Susan looked at Kim and commented, "You may get that opportunity sooner than you think." Suzanne and Xania both noticed Kim's frightened expression.

When Susan said no more, Xania turned the conversation to Kim and her problem, thinking that Susan's hint and Kim's problem might be related.

"So, what did you want to talk to me about, Cutie?" Xania asked, using the nickname she'd recently begun calling Kim (which had its genesis in Susan's constantly describing Kim as "too darn cute"). While the nickname had caught on among the younger harem members, the two mothers didn't use it very often.

Kim told the others about her conversation with Joy. She left out most of the details of the S. A. Club orgy, including the names of the participants, but she did describe Joy's behavior during the last few "meetings." She was concerned that the older woman might become angry with her again if she went into too much detail, fearing that Susan would consider it another violation of trust.

When Kim had finished, Susan looked flushed and excited. To no one's surprise she said, "That's SO HOT!"

But Xania reprimanded her with, "No, it isn't. YOU are mature enough to handle rough sex without going too far beyond your boundaries. You stretch your boundaries, but only when you're in a controlled setting with people you TRUST. With people you know would never harm you. And you also enjoy slow, loving sex. You have the mental stability to switch back and forth between the two."

Seeing that Susan understood, Xania said to the group, "It sounds as if this girl has an unhealthy focus on sexual gratification. She doesn't seem to care what is done to her as long as a cock is involved. Her need to please others and be pleased by them is causing her to escalate into rougher and rougher sex. If she continues at this rate, it won't be long before she gets herself seriously hurt. Tell me, Cutie, is the sex always so rough at your orgies? Do the other girls that attend all enjoy such rough treatment?"

Kim was quick to reply, "Not really. I mean sometimes Heath... uh, I mean, one of the girls really enjoys being called bad things, and she does like it rough, but not always. Most of the girls like sex kinda like Amy does. You know, without mixing pleasure and pain." Realizing that these three MILFs all enjoyed giving and receiving rough sex on occasion, she quickly added, "Not that there's anything wrong with that kind of sex." Kim looked down, hoping she hadn't gotten herself in any more trouble with Susan.

Susan realized why Kim had looked away. She reached over and held her young friend's hand, saying, "It's okay, Kim. Not everyone is made to be spanked or to do the spanking. And we know all about Heather. This doesn't leave this room, but Heather has been a special project of Xania's for some time now."

Xania interjected, "It's good to know that your orgies aren't getting out of hand. I'm staying here for a few days so let me think about it. I'm sure I can come up with something for you to do to help her. Actually, we can brainstorm together if you can get permission to stay overnight."

Seeing Kim just sit there, Xania leaned across the table to give her a mouthwatering view of dangling boobs. She whispered, "That's what's called a subtle hint, Cutie. Go call your mom and get permission. I've been wanting to get you in my clutches for some time now and I intend to do so." She added a cackle just for good measure.

Blushing from her forehead down to her nipples, Kim excused herself. As she got up, Susan told her to use the phone in the living room. "Make yourself comfortable in there and we'll join you in a minute with dessert. And no more spying!" Kim's blush grew deeper as she left the room.

"What was that? Spying? In this house? How SHOCKING!" said Suzanne, making a jokingly ironic reference to the built-in video recording system. She was thinking, There's some kind of tension between Susan and Kim tonight. I've noticed it all evening. This looks like a good opportunity to learn what it's about. Obviously it has something to do with Kim spying. Susan's love for Kim has been growing really deep. It's not the love for a daughter that she has for my Honey Pie or with Wonder-Girl Christine. That probably means that Kim was spying on Christine. Come to think of it, what probably happened was that she was jealous and watched Wonder Girl when she was with Susan. Looks like I'm going to have to step in again and be the problem-solver. Damn! Sometimes I wish those stupid cameras had never been installed. I guess while I'm making wishes, I can wish that Xania would give up her resistance and move down here permanently.

As it turned out, Suzanne's concern would have to wait. Xania had noticed the tension as well, so cut in before Susan could respond. "Never mind that. How did things go with Christine?"

Susan didn't answer immediately; instead she got up to prepare dessert. As she fiddled with her new appliance she said, "Well, I still don't know what you said to her, but when she came over we had a pleasant chat. She told me that you'd explained how breastfeeding could be a loving act - that it wasn't always sexual. She apologized for misunderstanding my intent when I offered to have her suckle me. Amy had already taken Tiger upstairs by that time so we could be alone. I had no idea where Brenda was, but judging by how red her ass was when she left, I suspect she'd been with Angel for a nice spanking session."

Suzanne and Xania got up and begin clearing the table. Susan went on, "We talked a bit more about the mechanics of lactation, the health benefits of breast milk versus cow's milk, things like that. I was surprised to find out how much she already knew about the subject."

Suzanne interrupted with, "I'm not. Honey Pie has told me about Christine's drive to learn a lot about any area that interests her. It wouldn't surprise me at all if she's already researched everything she could find about breastfeeding and lactation. Remember how much information we found on the Internet when we started looking into the subject. Take how much we looked at, then at least double it for Christine. She undoubtedly knows a lot more than we do about using the Internet."

"Okay, okay. Enough about that. Susan, get back to your story." Xania was excited to know more details. She had hoped that the conversation with Christine would go well, thanks to the talk she and Amy had had with Christine earlier that day.

"Well, let's take dessert out to Kim. She already knows most of this next part and I want her present when I tell you what happened in the kitchen." Susan carried a large bowl that she had removed from her strange new appliance while having Suzanne grab some smaller bowls and spoons. The three MILFs headed for the living room.

They found Kim bent over the CD player. She was swaying her ass cheeks as the Brian Adams song '(Everything I do) I Do It For You' had just finished playing on the living-room surround sound system. She replaced it with another disc so that 'Emotions' by Mariah Carey began playing as she joined the others who were already seated. Susan and Suzanne were together on the love seat, so Kim joined Xania on the nearest sofa.

Susan scooped ice cream into each bowl, then passed the bowls and spoons around. She simply said, "Enjoy."

Xania was the first to comment, "I swear, Susan, you are determined to ruin my girlish figure." That earned her a round of laughter. Smirking, Xania asserted, "I'm serious."

Suzanne explained, "I think you'll find this particular ice cream is lower in fat than most. It happens to be slow churned and made with a special ingredient." She turned to Susan and kissed her quickly on the lips.

Kim was faster on the uptake than Xania. She exclaimed, "It's made from your milk!" She quickly placed a spoonful in her mouth. The expression on her face showed obvious enjoyment, but if that wasn't enough to express her delight, the "mmmm" noises she made would have left little doubt.

Confused, Xania said, "Well of course it's made from...." Her voice died and her eyes snapped to Susan. She saw a huge grin on both mothers' faces and Susan simply nodded. Eyes wide, Xania took a bite. She found it interesting. It was obviously vanilla, but the texture was extra smooth, almost like frozen yogurt. She was delighted by the sensational taste; she didn't think she 'd ever had ice cream like it. For a second she thought she was still hearing Kim's "mmmm" noises, until she realized that she was making them herself.

They continued to eat almost silently until Susan finally gave up in exasperation and asked, "Welllllll? What do you think?"

Xania thought, As if the answer wasn't obvious. But she swallowed what was in her mouth and said, "Susan, if this is the kind of dessert you're going to be making from now on, I'm going to need to start sleeping on the ground floor when I visit. Because I'll be so fat I'll break the stairs." She looked down and realized she'd already emptied her bowl. She begged, "Please ma'am, can I have some more?" That won her a new round of laughter from the other adults, who recognized the line from "Oliver Twist."

Susan had a few scoops left, so refilled the bowls of those who wanted more. Then Suzanne asked her to continue with her story. "Well, like I said we had a pleasant talk, but then Christine asked me something that honestly shocked me. She said, 'Mrs Plummer ...'. Of course I stopped her there and told her to call me Susan. Anyway, then she said, just like this, 'Susan, would you permit... that is may I... um, drink from you?' I tell you, I was so dumbfounded I couldn't answer. I think she thought I was offended. She said, 'I'm sorry; I shouldn't have asked.' Then she got up in a hurry, presumably to leave. But I grabbed her hand and said, 'Wait. Please sit.' She did, so I asked her why she had changed her mind."

Susan looked at Xania and continued, "Apparently you'd told her that she would never understand why everyone did it until she experienced it for herself. Something about tasting my love in my milk?"

Xania explained, "What I told her was that we could feel your love pouring into us with your milk." She fingered her collar as she said, "We've all talked about it - the rest of the harem that is - and that's exactly the description that fits best."

Kim cut in with, "It's true; we have. No one that suckles you could NOT feel it."

Susan looked at Suzanne, who nodded her agreement. That made Susan sit up proudly as she continued with her story, "Well, Christine said she wanted to experience that feeling for herself. I was more than willing, of course. I sat in the spot you're in right now, Xania dear. I put one of the knee pillows that Angel and Amy bought for everybody on the floor for her. Speaking of those, they were a brilliant idea; I was getting tired of rug burns on my knees."

Suzanne was getting exasperated at Susan's habit of going down tangents to her story, digressing from the important parts. Like everyone else, she wanted Susan to get to the central issue. She put her arm around her friend and said, "The story, love. Get back to the story."

Susan, feeling playful, responded with, "Ooooo, what are you going to do if I don't? Spank me?" Everyone laughed at that. They all knew that Susan loved a good spanking, and that she loved Suzanne's spankings best of all.

"No. But if you don't, you won't get your present later."

"Oh, well in that case, where was I..." Susan drew out the sentence until Suzanne stomped her foot. "Okay. Sheesh! Anyway, Christine got down on her knees. I could tell she was embarrassed, so I told her to close her eyes, to make it easier on her. Once she had them closed I removed the cup over my breast." Susan put action to words, removing one of the cups from her corset. "I asked Christine to lean forward..."

Kim interrupted, "Oh! Can we do this as a role play? I want to be Christine."

Susan replied sternly, "No. You're still in trouble." To the other women she said, "I'll get to what she did in a bit." But the sad look in Kim's eyes melted Susan's heart, so she said in a friendlier tone, "Cutie, you did a good job draining me earlier, but I need to make more before I get drained again. It will take at least another two hours before I have enough to be worth suckling. You don't want my boobs to get lopsided, do you?"

Kim did not miss the fact that Susan had used Xania's nickname for her for the first time. She was pleased by that, so apologized again. "I said I was sorry..."

Once again Susan continued, "Then stop with the sad puppy-dog look already. Now as long as there are no more interruptions..." She looked at each woman to ensure their silence, then said, "I asked Christine to open her mouth and told her I would place my nipple in it for her. I didn't know she already knew the proper holds, not that it mattered. If I had asked her to hold my boob, that would probably have ended everything right there."

"I rubbed my nipple down her lower lip just like I would with a baby. She opened wider so I gently fed it in. You all know that you need to take as much of the nipple and areola into your mouth as you can, but Christine didn't. I had to instruct her to to take it deeper so that when she suckled she wouldn't hurt my nipple. Once I got her latched properly, I asked her to give me a few quick short sucks."

Xania, noticing that Kim was getting restless with Susan's breast exposed and no one suckling it, decided to help her out. She pulled Kim to her own breast and fed her own nipple into Kim's mouth.

Susan saw this and considered, I'm starting to think Xania may want to breastfeed as well. This isn't the first time she's had someone suckle her. The poor thing has no children of her own. Perhaps she's more like me than I ever thought.

Susan continued with her story, "I think Christine was afraid she might hurt me. Her suckling was very weak and tentative. Honestly, it was pathetic, particularly compared to the human vacuum cleaners around here that are usually attached to my breasts. I got the idea to stroke her hair to encourage her. I think I frightened her at first, but I kept encouraging her and she seemed to get the hang of it. Before long, and this was another shocker, she reached out and began massaging my breast. Can you imagine that? She went straight for my milk ducts and massaged them till most of the mammary glands had opened. All in all, the whole process took about five minutes."

She could tell that she had her audience's attention. Although Suzanne had begun massaging the glands under discussion, it was more caresses than anything else. Xania was on the edge of her seat stroking Kim's hair as she knelt on the floor before her young friend, in exact imitation of Susan's description.

"At that point I instructed Christine to switch to the deep slow sucking we all know I love... I mean, um... the kind of sucks needed to uh... needed to drain me." Susan tried to go on but Suzanne had begun stroking her thigh while kissing and nibbling at her neck. Over on the couch, Susan could see Xania lean back as Kim climbed half on top of her. Kim then started stroking two fingers up and down Xania's slit. Distracted by Suzanne as well as the sight before her, Susan asked, "Um, Xania dear, did we lose you?"

Xania made a great effort to reply, "No... Go on... Slow sucks... Drain you... Oh, Cutie..."

Suzanne whispered in Susan's ear, "You have no idea how hot this story is making us, do you? This is Christine you're talking about. On her knees. Suckling on your breast. Tell me she made you hot. Deny it if you can. Even when she isn't here she's made everyone horny." Suzanne pushed Susan back and ran her fingers over Susan's pussy. "Were you this wet when Wonder Girl drank your milk?" Suzanne returned her hand to Susan's slit and pinched and stroked her love button.

Susan was getting hotter by the second. Suzanne continued her assault, adding her other hand and tongue to Susan's exposed breast. Within minutes Susan screamed as she orgasmed, "YES!" Gasping she continued, "God help me... God forgive me... I wanted her..."

Kim brought Xania to a slightly less powerful orgasm just minutes later.

The four women decided to take a short break while two of them were recovering from their orgasmic bliss. Xania and Susan, too tired to move, remained seated while Kim and Suzanne headed for the kitchen for refreshments. In desperation, Kim took the opportunity to whisper to Suzanne.


Once everyone was again seated Susan continued her tale. She told the MILFs everything from the time of Kim's arrival up through the kiss with Christine in the kitchen and Kim's subsequent spying. She said, "So you see, I think Kim should get a spanking for breaking the rules." She looked at Suzanne expectantly.

Suzanne sat back and asked, "Just so we are clear, what rule, exactly, did Kim break?"

Susan looked at Kim sharply and said, "She was blatantly spying on Christine and me. That's a violation of Christine's privacy. You know I'm no good at punishing people, so I want you to give Kim a spanking for this."

Suzanne patted Susan on the thigh and replied, "You want ME to spank her? I don't think so. I don't spank people that don't enjoy it, and we all know Kim doesn't. Besides, our young lover here watched you share an intimate moment with Christine. You've watched Sweetie, Honey Pie, and me all share similar intimate moments with her. How is what Kim did any different?"

Susan was shocked by those words. She had been certain Suzanne would see Kim's transgression and be just as upset. She turned to her and said, "But everyone knows that Christine doesn't approve of the cameras. We all agreed to keep them off when Christine is here."

Suzanne had mentally prepared herself after Kim's desperate words a few minutes earlier, so she was ready for this argument. She said, "The harem agreed to keep them off when Christine is being sexually intimate. What you two were doing was not sexually intimate. Loving, yes. Sexual, no. Christine knew that Kim could return at any moment. She must have acted with that knowledge in mind. But that's besides the point; we've also agreed that house rules only apply to a full harem member. Kim is an honorary member of the harem, which means that the rule really doesn't apply to her.

Suzanne let that sink in, then hurriedly continued before Susan could interrupt. "And need I remind you about last week? You begged me to turn on the cameras the night Sweetie and I made love to her. You were quite upset when I refused."

Susan had been about to argue, but that last comment forced her to stay silent. It was all true. Susan felt ashamed when she was reminded of that night. It's not my fault. I'd been in the middle of a spanking session with Brenda when I learned that they were making love in Tiger's room. Everyone knows I go wild with lust sometimes. I can't help it.

Suzanne waited for a reply, but when Susan said nothing she gave a furtive wink to Kim.

Suzanne knew she'd won the argument. She was feeling playful, so said, "If anyone should be punished here, I think it should be you dear. After all, you ARE a full harem member. I think I should sleep at home tonight. That should teach you to obey the house rules."

Susan was horrified. Grasping Suzanne's hands she pleaded, "NO! Please don't punish me. I'm so sorry. I really am. Don't go." Susan was nearly in tears. She wanted to wake in Suzanne's arms almost as much as she had ever wanted anything in the world.

Xania was amused by the interaction. Suzanne had been talking about her plans to spend the night with Susan all through their shopping trip. She was well aware that wild horses probably couldn't drag her old college friend away from sleeping in this house that night, or all week for that matter.

But Kim didn't think it was funny at all. It wasn't what she'd expected to happen when she'd gone to Suzanne for help. Kim simply wasn't accustomed to Suzanne's sense of humor. She knew how much Suzanne spending the night would mean to her idol and was devastated that her thoughtless spying might have interfered with that plan.

Kim went to her knees before Suzanne and begged, "Please don't do that. That would break her heart into a million pieces."

Suzanne had correctly guessed both women's reactions to her game. Using an authoritative voice, as if passing judgment, she said, "Very well then. If Susan will forgive you for spying, then I will forgive her."

Susan went to her knees and threw her arms around Kim, mashing her breasts against the diminutive teen's side, and began to kiss around her face. Between kisses she exclaimed, "I do. I forgive her."

Xania interupted with, "Do you still want me to do the um... thing we discussed earlier today? About your having to discipline everyone?"

Unknown to the two women still kneeling on the floor, Suzanne's smile turned evil. "Yes, I want you to do that very thing."

Speaking to the group, Suzanne said, "That's settled then. We'll have no more talk about this spying on Christine." Suzanne was pleased with herself; she'd managed to turn Susan's anger at Kim around on its head and had a bit of fun in doing so. It wasn't often that she could get out of the role of house disciplinarian.

Kim was pleased that she seemed to have gotten away with her spying. She didn't notice the hungry look in Xania's eye or the smirk on Suzanne's lips. She'd completely missed Suzanne mouthing the words "both of them" and "Kim tonight, Susan tomorrow" to Xania.

Susan and Kim's kissing was rapidly turning into make-out sex. If that began for real then Suzanne might never get to the surprise she'd purchased for Susan.

She tapped each of them on the shoulder a few times to get their attention, which accomplished nothing. So she turned to Xania for help. Eventually they managed to pry the pair apart long enough for Suzanne to inform Susan that she needed to get changed.

Susan was confused, "But what am I changing into? And why should I be getting dressed in the first place?"

Smirking, Susanne told her, "You need to put on one of the outfits I bought for you today. But don't change in your room. Put it on in Tiger's room, then wait there till we come to get you."

Xania handed Susan one of the shopping bags. Once Susan had disappeared up the stairs Xania put her arm around Kim and said, "Come on, Cutie, get your clothes on. We're going to need your help. We need to go out and get the surprise; that dang thing is heavy."


Susan was excited beyond belief. The outfit she wore suited her perfectly. It began as a velvet bikini in a black-and-white cow pattern. The bottoms were typical bikini bottoms with a hole in the rear. The purpose of the hole was obvious.

Also in the bag was a butt plug with a fuzzy cow's tail that easily fit through the hole in the bikini. Susan was currently wagging the tail by swaying her hips from side to side. It went well with the cowbell collar that Alan had given her as a Christmas present, that went over her black silk harem collar. The cowbell's clapper had been removed because the others had found the constant ringing too annoying. Susan hadn't initially minded the clapper sound too much, but after a few days she too had found it annoying.

The bag also contained a leash that attached to the cowbell collar. All in all, the bikini top was her favorite part. It was somehow a cross between a bikini and a nursing bra and must have been custom made. She wore four-inch high heels that had a two-inch-tall platform with the split-toe shape of a Holstein hoof. She also wore satin thigh-high stockings, also in a black-and-white cow pattern, that came almost all the way to her pussy. The pressure they created on her inner thighs was exquisite and was making her deliciously wet.

Susan was unsure about the other items that were in the bag. One was obviously some type of gag, but she didn't know whether to wear it immediately, and she didn't even know how to put it on. It had an odd clasp that would rest at the back of her head, of a type she'd never seen before. The other item seemed to be some odd, padded long-sleeve mittens. She was trying to figure out how to put them on, but she couldn't see how to get the straps closed without help from an extra hand. It was obvious to Susan that her busty lover Suzanne had special-ordered the entire outfit, probably with the help of the dominatrix Ginger.

Xania walked in while the milky mother was still trying to figure out the gag clasp.

Susan looked up and the gag was quickly forgotten. She noticed that Xania was wearing a blouse tied to look like a bikini top, together with tight jean shorts that showed a visible camel toe. Susan quickly spun around, exclaiming, "Look at me! This is fantastic! Amazing! It's even wonderifitasticmazing, as Amy would say."

She rushed to Xania and wrapped Xania in her arms. "Did you help pick it out?" she asked.

The two women French kissed as Xania took the gag from Susan's hands. Susan, being in an extremely excited and horny mood, quickly had Xania's top untied, letting her kiss and fondle her good friend's breasts.

Chuckling, Xania backed off before things got out of hand. She needed to finish getting Susan ready before Suzanne arrived. She explained, "Suzanne picked out most of it two weeks ago, but I helped a little. Most of the outfit is special-ordered and we didn't know whether it would be ready so soon. It's a good thing it was, because your surprise was also finished a day early. Suzanne is getting into her own outfit but she figured you would need some help with a few of these things here."

"This," Xania said as she held up the gag, "is my gift. I had it custom built just for you. There is no other gag quite like it in the world. See this clasp here? It fits together like this." She put action to words; they heard a light click.

She continued to demonstrate the function of the gag as she said, "The clasp is called a 'panic clasp.' Press right here, and the clasp pops open so you can quickly spit out the gag. Now, see this hole in the gag here? Put the gag in your mouth and blow hard into the hole like you're blowing up a balloon."

Susan did as she was told and heard a long low <Mooooo>. Before she could spit out the gag and exclaim how much she loved it she heard the click of the clasp as Xania snapped it together. Susan began to reach for the clasp, but Xania intercepted her hands.

"Sorry, beautiful, but you're going to be wearing that thing all night. Suzanne told me to make sure you had it on before she got here." She held Susan's hands and hugged her from behind. Running her hands over Susan's exposed stomach, she continued, "You will find that you can breathe easily through the hole if you take slow breaths. It's the fast, hard ones that make it moo. Now, give it a hard suck like you're trying to get the last drop of seed from Alan's cock."

Susan did, and heard a high-pitched unpleasant squeal. Confused, she turned in Xania's arms and gave her an inquisitive look.

"That is the equivalent of a safe word. Just suck hard if you ever feel the need to pause the fun. Okay?" Xania waited for Susan's nod before releasing the hug and picking up the mittens.

She helped Susan put them on and buckle them in place. As she did, she warned Susan, "You need to enjoy yourself as much as you can tonight. Tomorrow, something is going to happen to you that you won't enjoy very much."

Seeing the confused yet inquisitive look on Susan's face, Xania explained, ""You didn't expect there to be no consequences to violating Christine's privacy, did you? But I can't say anything more about it now. You'll find out when the time comes."

Xania was amused by the pleading look she saw in Susan's eyes. She changed the subject by redirecting Susan's attention back to the mittens as she finished buckling them on Susan's arms.

Susan realized that the mittens were actually hooves. Cow hooves. The pads would enable her to easily crawl or rest on all fours. She began to squeal in joy, but all that came out was another long <Mooooo!>  She began to emit several quick moos while bouncing up and down, trying to convey to Xania how much she loved everything. She was becoming even more aroused, but now she could neither kiss Xania nor touch herself.

Xania attempted to hold her in placed as she laughed.

Susan's breasts jiggled and crashed into each other with her movements. She even popped a breast out of her top before Xania could quiet her.

Once Xania had calmed the pretty cow, she said, "Susan, One moo for yes. Two moos for no. Do you love it?"


"Are you ready to be a pretty cow tonight?"


"Then let's get your outfit back in place. Suzanne should be here any minute to "purchase" her new milker. Oh, and remember, your name tonight is 'Bessie the cow'." Xania's voice took on an exaggerated Southern drawl.

Xania led Susan by her leash over to Alan's bed. She directed Susan to sit while she knelt before her so that she could suckle for a bit. Not knowing Suzanne's plans, this might be the last time she could drink directly from the pretty cow tonight.

Susan repeatedly mooed with delight, which Xania found adorable.

She had just placed Susan's breast back into her top when there was a knock at the door, followed by a scratchy Southern drawl that the two women knew well.

"Betty Sue, I've come to see you about this calf I bought from you."


Xania directed Susan to get down on all fours and whispered, "Remember Bessie, cows don't walk or act like humans, and that's what you are tonight: a very pretty cow."

Susan quickly sat on her lower legs, with her arms at her sides pressing her big breasts together and out. She looked like the perfect docile cow. She could feel the milk begin to flow from the pressure of holding her boobs this way. It was a waste of her precious milk, but she didn't care. Leaking milk while in a cow role-play was highly arousing for her. Besides, she wanted to appear perfect for her lover.

Stroking Susan's hair as if she was petting her, Xania called, "Come on in, Suzy Anne. The door's open."

Susan expected Suzanne to be wearing her Daisy Duke outfit but, as Suzanne walked in, the pretty cow saw she was wrong. Suzanne wore a pair of farmer's overalls with no shirt, a straw farmer's hat, and four-inch high-heeled cowgirl boots. Suzanne's large breasts swayed as she walked, causing her nipples to peek out the sides of the overalls. This unexpected sight sent Susan's arousal level even higher. She could feel rivulets of her juices running down her thighs and soaking the tops of her stockings. Her bikini bottoms had been soaked long before Suzanne arrived, but it seemed that somehow they were getting still wetter.

Suzanne was holding another leash as she walked in. Susan was shocked and pleased to see Kim crawl in on the other end of that leash. Kim was wearing a white bikini, but makeup or some kind of body paint had been applied to her skin to give her a distinct mottled cow pattern. Although she had a regular ball gag in her mouth and no cow-tail, it was obvious that she was also acting like a cow.

Susan noticed a look of discomfort on Kim's face. She quickly crawled to her young lover, pulling the leash from Suzanne's hands. Up close she could see Kim's eyes were red and puffy, as if she had been crying. Concerned, she used her gag to emit a long, high-pitched squeal.

"Time out," Suzanne said. She knew why Susan had squealed, so said, "Kim is not feeling very happy right now. We decided to begin her punishment early."

She saw the look in Susan's eyes. No doubt Susan had thought that Kim wouldn't be punished after Susan had forgiven her.

Suzanne continued, "I said I wasn't going to spank her, and I didn't. Before Betty Sue here came to check on you, she had a little spanking session with our young friend." Suzanne looked to Betty Sue, a.k.a. Xania.

She directed Kim to turn and show her red butt cheeks. Reaching down, she pulled Kim's bikini to the side, revealing what looked to be a pink jewel sticking out of Kim's butthole. Suzanne explained, "All I did was add a princess plug to her ensemble."

Susan was horrified. She knew that Kim did not enjoy spankings or anal penetration. She put her arms around Kim in an attempt to protect her from the two meanies. The thought of what those two must have done shamed her. She raised her hands to remove Kim's gag but her hooves prevented her from doing so.

Xania was more amused than concerned. "Look, Suzy Anne, Bessie is protecting her calf from us. That's true love right there."

Suzanne gave Xania a sharp look, because they were supposed to be in a 'time out' from the role play. She knelt next to Kim and, fighting to get around Susan's hooves, popped the clasp on Kim's gag.

As soon as the gag came free Kim exclaimed, "Susan, I'm okay." Between plastering kisses all over Susan's face to reassure her, the young woman continued, "I'm fine with the spanking. It hurt, but they're right: I broke the rules. Suzanne promised me that if I wear the plug all night my punishment will be over."

The look Susan gave Suzanne was one that promised dire consequences if Kim was punished further.

Kim regained Susan's attention. "I really am fine with this. Let's not ruin the night. I really want to get to the sexy fun. It's going to be awesome!"

Susan was mollified, but when Suzanne went to replace Kim's gag Susan batted her hands away with the hooved mittens. She gave Suzanne a stern look and blew hard twice on her gag. <Mooo mooo>

Suzanne got the hint, unclasped Kim's gag and set it aside. She said, "I get it. I get it. Kim doesn't have to wear it. But Kim, you're a calf tonight so no talking unless you really need to, okay?"

Kim's response was a simple, "Mooo."

The sexy mood quickly returned as they got back into the role play. Susan was still upset, but Kim's willingness to continue had set her more or less at ease.

Suzanne turned to Xania and said to her in a scratchy southern drawl, "Betty Sue, you sold me a bad calf. I paid for a prime breeding calf. This one here has been mounted dozens of times by my prize Sweetie bull, and she still ain't preggers."

Susan's ears perked up at that. She had a mental picture of all the harem girls dressed as sex cows. She thought, They would have to be tied up in a stable, of course. All his big-titted slave-sluts, dressed up like I am right now! My Tiger would mount them one after another! He'd impregnate them all! There'd be swollen bellies and milky tits everywhere the eye could see. Oh, so hot!

Xania had picked up Susan's leash. She responded with, "Have you done lost your mind, Suzy Anne? That there calf came from my prize milkin' cow here. Ain't no way her calf is sterile. Maybe your bull is shootin' blanks."

Suzanne complained, "MY BULL?! My prize-winning blue-ribbon stud bull? Why everyone knows that my Sweetie bull is the best breeder in the whole cotton-pickin' state! Only problem with him is he likes to cum on the cow's udders or down their throats. Ain't a dang one of them cows that mind, though. Hell, I done caught you with his cum all over you a time or two." She added a naughty, knowing smile.

Xania replied heatedly, "And? I happen to know you get mounted by that thar' bull a hell of a lot more often than me. Why, many a night I swear I can hear your screams all the way out to my farm." After saying this, Xania struggled not to laugh. This was a ton of fun for her. Life in the Plummer house was always a blast.

She fingered her white collar as she thought, This much fun is way too addictive. If college wasn't so far away, and I didn't have bills to pay, I could easily take them up on the offer to move in. I could trade in my collar for that black one that I covet and live this life forever. Damn it!

The argument between "Suzy Anne" (Suzanne) and "Betty Sue" (Xania) continued along this route for some time. They made a point of emphasiziing the prowess of the bull (Alan), while still debating why he hadn't yet impregnated the calf (Kim). Both women knew that any mention of Alan's sexual prowess would help return Susan to her previous aroused state. The two of them stepped closer towards each other until they were pressing their huge breasts together.

While this was going on, Kim began to stroke Susan's exposed skin and fondle her breasts, helping to raise Susan's lust even higher.

Susan's attention had been focused on what Kim was doing to her. She refocused on the role play when she heard Suzanne say, "Fine! You take back the calf, but I want five gallons a week from your prize milker Bessie here."

"Five?! That's almost half of what she produces. But... if you promise not to mention to anybody 'bout yer problems getting the calf preggers then it's a deal, ya ornery bitch."

Susan was getting very horny thanks to Kim's attentions, but the idea of her producing ten or more gallons of milk a week shot her arousal to new heights.

Suzanne was having a great time with the fake argument, but she wanted to get on with the fun. She grabbed Susan's leash and exclaimed, "Okay, but in that case I'm taking Bessie for a milkin' now. I ain't waitin' to start gettin' my milk."

Xania found herself holding Kim's leash as "Suzy Anne" led "Bessie" out of the room. She had been wanting to play with Kim alone for months, but they never seemed to have the opportunity. She wanted to continue the conversation about Joy as well, but she also wanted to see Susan's reaction to her surprise.

Making a quick decision, she called, "Wait up, Suzy Anne. I need to make sure you don't damage my Bessie." Pulling Kim's leash, she said, "Come along, little heifer."

Then they all went out the door and down the hall.

Chapters 11-20

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