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  2. It is Russian. Angliski Ruski English to Russian.
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  4. May be, but... Link from "main" page (story - 6 times) to all chapters (exept 0 intro) shows this error.:( For example. Link to 19 chapter (from http://six.clubetchi.com/6td/6td.htm ) transferd me to page: http://six.clubetchi.com/index.php?/6td/part-019/ With error message in my 1st post.
  5. Just a quick guess -- the "Next" link in that part doesn't match the actual address of the part. I tried the "Next" link in the previous part -- same error message (minus the Google auto-translate). But by going to that part from the link on the main Forum page -- the part comes up.
  6. I've some troubles in readind six times a day. When I tried to move to next chapter - I saw this message. What does it mean?:(
  7. Storiesonline.net has this story hosted so it's available there. But the actual website links don't seem to work. Also, is there a sequel series? Because... we never see Christine losing her virginity to Alan. And it seems to hint that Christine is going to try and maneuver her way to the top of the harem after they both move to SF.
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  9. That would be useful. I uploaded the big file in a hurry. Maybe I should have sorted some stuff more before uploading. I did not ever think I would be uploading the stories. Some the stories are the same story at different dates when they was being updated with more content. I try to keep in-competed stories separated from competed stories, that why you see some files with ---inc at the end.
  10. Thanks. I pulled that file, unzipped it and dropped everything to my google drive so people can grab the ones they don't have instead of pulling everything. Sam, i sent you a link that should allow you to edit the contents of the story folder and add anything that's missing.
  11. Yours welcome, I hope to see more reasonable demands stories. Even if it's fillers or side stories that don't even add to the main story. But seeing any new stories are good.
  12. Here is the site stories in other formats like epub. All stories in one big file. Not sure how long it will be up. http://www.mediafire.com/file/3md5gbspp2ppmi1/www.SpacerXStories.com.zip/file
  13. I am very much thankful for that link. I wish I get the NSFW file too.
  14. Or upload files to Google Drive and share the link.
  15. My suggestion is, download Telegram app. It's free. Create a channel. Then upload all files. Send a link here to join that channel. It's completely free and user friendly. It will take hardly 2 to 3 minutes to do this.
  16. Neither of us has our own FTP server. MegaUpload requires an account to upload to
  17. So what are either of you waiting for? As I wrote two posts above in this thread:
  18. Yeah a Mega link would be usable by everybody, not just private use.
  19. You can create an account at mega.nz. You can have at least 15 GB (up to 50 Gb). I believe that it is more than enough.
  20. Since the website hack, everyone is in the "Members" group, so I no longer can upload to the forum website. I've requested the site admin to rectify this situation, but don't even know if they are still alive and functioning. Not surprisingly, as Spacer's editor and the site content maintainer, I have all the published stories. I could upload them in zip format if someone wants to provide a publicly-accessible repository that can also serve as a download source for others. That person can send me private FTP upload details at Sam.I.am@sisna.com. (Note the changed domain, as the old isp.com no longer exists.) The download information for such a repository will be posted on the forum. I'm not interested in going to the effort to zip and upload the stories just for someone's private use.
  21. Multi, if you check my earlier post, there's a link to my google drive. Most of his stories are there in mobi format.
  22. What about the Un-illustrated one? Does anybody have that? Even epub
  23. Any word on update of stories from spacerx???
  24. Please post under an appropriate thread category, such as Troubleshooting, rather than hijacking this Announcements and Updates category. The SpacerXStories.com domain was not renewed by its pseudonymous donor, who was also donating the server resources. It thus ceased to exist.
  25. The site's Kindle editions are .mobi files. The Kindle edition for illustrated 6TD is years out-of-date due to creation problems with Caliber.. The unillustrated NSFW edition was relatively up-to-date when the donated SpacerXStories.com domain was not renewed (and thus ceased to exist). If you want the illustrated version, your only real choice is the top-of-page drop-down menus, which will permit you to retrieve each part separately even though the inter-part links probably no longer work.
  26. I was wondering if the spacerxstories.com website was affected by this and when it's going to be back up?
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