Written and illustrated by Spacer X <paul_t_22@yahoo.com>

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"Ah, Ryan!" Jack smiled and reached out in greeting towards Ryan. "Glad you could make it, buddy." Jack motioned to the bouncer at the door. "Don't worry, let him in. He's with me."

Ryan was standing at the door of the Kappa Kappa Gamma (KKG) sorority on his university campus, where a typical sorority party was in swing. Ryan had never been to such a party before, and it showed. The attendance list was very exclusive, composed almost entirely of KKG girls and their boyfriends and friends from the Sigma Alpha Epsilon (SAE) fraternity. Ryan was on the attendance list, but he looked like he didn't fit in, so he hadn't been able to get in until Jack rescued him.

One problem was that it was a warm Southern California night in early October, but Ryan was wearing a three-piece suit. He was way overdressed for the occasion. He was handsome, but rather pale and thin. He didn't look "cool" for this type of crowd.

Jack put his hand on Ryan's back and ushered him into the house. The party had only recently started but the main lobby was already filled with people. Seeing the trouble Ryan had been having at the door, Jack said, "Don't worry about those security guys. You're with me, so everything's cool. Come, get a drink. The keg is that way, and the bar is over there." He pointed towards the keg and the open bar.

"Thanks, but I don't drink alcohol," Ryan replied. His face was strangely expressionless, like he was an anthropologist studying a fascinating foreign culture and not another party-goer.

Jack responded, "You don't? Well, you say that, but you might want to start tonight. It'll help calm the nerves. That'll make it easier to talk to Kate. You're gonna need it, believe me."

"I'll be fine," Ryan said with a curious confidence. In truth, he was uncommonly confident, especially for someone his age. Almost nothing fazed him.

Jack responded, "Hey, whatever. It's up to you. The bar has non-alcoholic drinks too."

Ryan nodded.

After some more small talk, Ryan left by himself to get a soft drink from the bar.

Once he was gone, Vince walked up to Jack. The two of them were good friends and SAE fraternity brothers. KKG had the reputation of being the most exclusive and desirable sorority on campus, by far. It was obvious that the main criterion to getting accepted to KKG was looks, but also social status and breeding. SAE was the male counterpart. At this university at least, KKG and SAE were almost like a stereotypical exaggeration of the snobby and elitist Greek societies depicted in the movie "Animal House."

Similarly, both Vince and Jack looked and acted like the elitist jocks in that movie. Naturally, they were big and burly as well as handsome, and they played college athletics. Jack was uncommonly friendly and charismatic, but only to his elitist friends or people he felt he could get something from.

Vince asked Jack confidentially, "So, who's THAT guy?"

Jack replied, "His name is Ryan. I invited him here."

"You did? Why? I've never seen him before. He looks okay, but kind of geeky. Is he one of us?"

"No, he's not. And no, there's nothing special about him. He's just this guy I know from one of my classes." Ryan was a freshman and Jack was a junior, but the two of them both attended an advanced archeology class that was limited to a dozen students. So they'd gotten to know each other in the small class setting, which required the students to talk and ask questions and not just listen.

Vince asked, "Then why the hell did you invite him? Don't tell me you want him to pledge." It was still early in the school year, well before the pledge process for Greek societies began.

"Of course not," Jack replied. "Like I said, he's not one of us." His face lit up with excitement. "I'm playing an April Fool's trick on him tonight. It's going to be epic!"

Vince asked, "April Fool's? But that's not until spring!"

"Close enough for horseshoes," Jack chuckled. "Besides, he's a smart guy. Too smart. If I tried it on the actual day, he might get wise."

Vince nodded in understanding. He smiled maliciously, since Jack was known for his creative and brutal pranks. "So what are you going to do, this time? And what did he do to deserve your wrath?"

"What did he do? Nothing. He just kind of annoys me with his smarts and his personality. He's a total nerd, but it's like he doesn't know it. He has no clue whatsoever. Just look at him."

The two jocks stared at Ryan, who was lingering near the bar and talking to a small group of partiers.

Although Ryan didn't realize it, he stood out from the crowd like a sore thumb. Most obviously, he had miscalculated what to wear to such a party. He was the only guy in a three-piece suit. He looked like he was heading to a wedding or a funeral, while most everyone actually dressed down. The guys were muscular and the girls were curvaceous, and both sexes were trying to show off as much of their bodies as possible.

Jack continued, "See? He's acting like he belongs, when he should know that the only reason I'd ever invite him here is some sort of prank. Somebody needs to put him in his place."

Vince grinned. "And you volunteered for the job. Excellent."

Jack grinned back, with a wicked gleam in his eyes. "Hey, I'm just trying to be helpful."

"So what's the prank this time? I assume it'll end in his total humiliation."

"But of course! As all my better pranks do. But rather than tell you, why don't you listen in when I talk to him? It'll be more fun for you that way. I haven't told him much yet, so I'm going to do that in a few minutes. If you hang back and discreetly listen when I take him aside and tell him what he's got to do, then you'll understand. All he knows is that it involves Kate Middlefield."

Vince whistled in appreciation. "Kate Middlefield?! No way! The Kate Upton look-alike with curves that Christina Hendricks would envy doing something with HIM?! I love it already!" He laughed. "Wait. Don't tell me: he thinks he has a chance with her!"

Jack chuckled too. "He does! She's in the same small class as him and me. So even though the school year is just getting rolling, he gets to see her three times a week, and he's even spoken to her some. Naturally, he's totally smitten."

"Naturally!" Vince laughed some more.

It was no surprise at all that Ryan would be smitten by Kate, because she was unquestionably the most beautiful girl in the entire university. And that was saying a lot for a university with over twenty thousand undergraduates. Just as Jack was the stereotypical handsome and athletic frat boy, Kate was the stereotypical beautiful blue-eyed, blonde-haired sorority girl.

Not only was she in KKG, because of course she was, given her looks, she was the president of the chapter. In the same way that the largest and most muscular man might become the Alpha male of a primitive tribe, Kate had become president of KKG without an election or even volunteering for the job. Her beauty was so off the chart extraordinary, and social status at KKG was so determined by beauty, that it was just assumed she would be the next president when the previous one graduated at the end of the last school year.

As Vince had noted, Kate was often compared to Kate Upton, due to their very similar looks and same first name. She had the same sort of incredible voluptuous body as the famous model, except that her breasts were actually even larger, much larger. While Kate Upton was believed to have a 36D or 36E bra size, Kate Middlefield's was an incredible 36G! It was easily her most defining feature, especially since she was generally thin most everywhere else, with a narrow waist. She had an ass that turned heads as well.

And she definitely turned a lot of heads. Only a small percentage of students at the university knew her by name, since the student body as a whole was so large, but she was widely referred to by strangers as "that super stacked blonde babe" or "that stunning busty blonde," or the like. Everyone, male and female, had to look at her when she walked by.

Needless to say, Jack and Vince could only snicker at the thought that Ryan believed he had any chance to get anywhere with Kate. And it wasn't just her looks. She was as snobby and elitist as could be. She also was frequently compared to Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, in part due to their similar names, but also because she had a regal bearing, as if she had been born to be a princess.

She came from a very wealthy upper class family, and it showed. It was taken as a given that she would only date the very most eligible men, also from rich and elite families, and they had to be devastatingly handsome and charming to have any chance with her. That is, when she deigned to date anyone at all. It seemed as if no one in the entire university was worthy of her.

Ryan was no troll. Although he was undeniably seen as a nerd, he was surprisingly handsome and personable. However, he was socially clueless. As a freshman one month into the school year, he was a total nobody. He had been home schooled for the last six years by his highly religious parents, so he was a babe in the woods when it came to trying to be popular. Furthermore, he didn't really care about being popular with the in crowd, or even having many friends. He was going to college to actually learn. Plus, he'd never so much as kissed a girl.

Jack had a rough idea about Ryan's personality, as well as Kate's, from being in the same small class with both of them. He couldn't have imagined a more unlikely or laughable pairing. Kate was well known for being brutal and cruel to those who tried to befriend her or merely talk to her. Her great beauty and privileged upbringing had turned her into a spoiled bitch. She not only looked like a princess, she acted like one, and she was treated exactly like one by the select few who were able to interact with her.

After some more small talk, Jack and Vince parted. Jack went to go get Ryan, while Vince slipped back into the shadows so he could overhear the upcoming conversation.

Jack took Ryan to a quiet corner of the otherwise crowded large room on the main floor of the KKG sorority house. Vince stood a few feet away, nursing a beer and pretending to be listening to a nearby group of people talking, when in fact his full attention was on what Jack and Ryan would say.

Jack had his arm around Ryan, like they were good friends. "So, buddy, are you ready to see Kate?"

"Sure! I can't wait!" Ryan replied. He truly had no clue what he was in for. He only knew Kate from the small advanced archeology class he shared with her, and she was forced to tone down her bitchiness to a more tolerable level due to her desire to impress her teacher and get a good grade. So she seemed nice and friendly enough, even in her limited direct interactions with him as part of the class.

Jack smiled, though it was nearly a sneer. "Good, good. So, you're really interested in asking her out?"

"Sure. Why not? She seems great."

"Oh, she is, she is. Like I told you before, she and I are pretty good friends. We go way back."

That wasn't true. Kate was a junior, like Jack, and they were taking classes in some of the same subjects, so they knew each other from that. Plus, as the two most elitist Greek societies on campus, KKG and SAE held many events together. But, while Jack and Kate were on speaking terms, they certainly weren't friends.

In fact, Jack had tried to ask her out the year before, but even with his good looks and outwardly friendly persona she'd shot him down in no uncertain terms. He still held a grudge about that, and that's partly why he'd involved her in this prank he was planning. His main target was Ryan, but he wanted to tweak her too.

In his previous conversation with Ryan, Jack had acted as if he was Kate's close friend and secret confidante. He'd given the impression that he had all the secret answers on how Ryan should approach Kate if he wanted to have a good chance with her.

With his arm still around Ryan's back, Jack pulled him in closer and lowered his voice. "I happen to know that she's still up in her room. She'll be coming down soon. This party is the perfect chance for you to make your move. Don't worry, buddy, this is basically a done deal. Like I told you before, she's got the hots for you in a big way."

Jack had a hard time keeping a straight face as he said that. Kate did know Ryan's name, due to their shared class, and she had discussed him briefly with Jack when he'd asked her privately for her opinion of him. But far from wanting him, she'd scowled and called Ryan a "creep," no doubt due to the fact that Ryan was smitten by her beauty from day one, and he spent as much time as he could in class staring at her instead of at the professor. Since Ryan had so little experience interacting with girls his age, he didn't fully get that he was supposed to stop staring once she'd caught him doing so. He didn't seem fazed at all.

Ryan was all smiles. He'd never been rejected by any girl, since he'd never tried to ask one out before. He was brimming with optimism and confidence. He'd been kept away from girls his age by his overprotective parents, but he felt he was ready to date. Plus, he knew he had a "secret weapon" that nobody was aware of but him in the form of an exceptionally large penis. He felt he could do no wrong, even with the likes of Kate.

Jack continued, "However, there's a catch. She's assuming you're a certain kind of guy. If you're not, I don't think this is going to work."

Ryan frowned. This set-up had seemed too good to be true, even with all of his naïveté. "Uh-oh. What's the catch?"

"Well..." Jack seemed to hesitate. He looked around carefully to make sure they weren't being overhead (while deliberately ignoring the snooping Vince). "Buddy, this is just between you and me, right? What I tell you from this point on, you have to swear to keep a total secret, no matter what happens. Agreed?"

Ryan nodded firmly. "Agreed."

"Good. You see..." Jack looked around again, and then dropped his voice. "Kate is submissive. Sexually submissive. The reason that she's interested in you is because she's picked up on a vibe that you're a naturally dominant kind of guy in bed. That's probably due to the way you stare at her possessively in our class. Even when she gives you the evil eye, you keep on staring, like you just don't care. She thinks that's hot."

"She does?!" Ryan was flabbergasted. He'd had no idea Jack was going to tell him something like this. He hadn't noticed any flirty vibe from Kate whatsoever.

"Sure. Why else would she be interested in you? Sorry, pal, I don't mean to be harsh, but you know what she looks like and what you look like. She could have her pick of any guy she wants, period. You're not some ugly dog, but come on. She's Kate fucking Middlefield! She could do a lot better than you."

Ryan was humbled. He muttered, "Yeah, I was kind of wondering about that. Why me?"

"But don't worry. Like I've told you, she and I go way back. We're like brother and sister, so I know absolutely everything. That's why I'm setting this up. I want her to be happy, and I know she totally wants you, but she's way too shy and submissive to ask you out herself. Besides, that's the man's job."

Ryan furrowed his brow. "She doesn't... she doesn't exactly come across as the submissive type. In fact, it's kind of the opposite." Although he'd seen her on her best behavior in the small classroom setting, her bitchy and demanding ways still came to the fore from time to time. For one thing, it was hard to miss that she had an entourage of girl friends who followed her around and obeyed her every whim in an attempt to impress her and be like her.

Jack replied, "But of course. How submissive a person is in bed has very little to do with how they behave elsewhere. Surely you knew that already. Don't you pay attention to porn and that kind of stuff? There's nothing more arousing than breaking taboo. That's why practically every porn story has some kind of forbidden twist to it, like a princess getting it on with a farm boy, or a racist Southern belle fucking a vulgar black guy or whatever. The high and mighty like to be taken down low!"

He continued, "Sure, she seems kind of arrogant and commanding, and she is. But that's exactly why she wants to be treated the opposite in bed! It's that taboo thrill kind of thing. And buddy, again, I don't want to be mean, but that's a big reason why she wants you. She's the elite of the elite. She's practically a celebrity for everyone on campus. But you're a nobody, and kind of nerdy. It's just like the princess getting it on with the farm boy."

Jack was saying all this in order to give plausible justification for Ryan to walk into the trap he was setting. But it so happened that Jack's words rang very true with Ryan. Ryan had next to no interaction with girls his age, largely due to his overprotective parents. But he had plenty of exposure to pornography on the Internet. His parents would have been appalled if they had known how often he masturbated to erotic stories on-line.

Furthermore, Ryan particularly enjoyed the very sort of taboo stories Jack was talking about. Like many, he got a particular thrill from stories where he could imagine he was a dominant-master type who got it on with a beautiful woman was submissive and eager to serve his every desire. But unlike nearly everybody, Ryan didn't realize that those were just stories and very rarely happened in real life. To him, they were a useful guide on how he should behave with the girls he desired. He had been too sheltered to really understand girls his age.

Jack added, "Don't expect her to want you to be a boyfriend in the normal way. She just wants hot, taboo sex! Do you think you can handle that?"

Ryan was riding on an emotional roller-coaster, seeing his prospects with Kate seemingly rise and fall. But he was trying to hang in there and be brave. He said, "Um, yeah. I guess. But... well... to be honest, I'm not that sexually experienced. Especially with that whole submissive thing you were talking about. I've never treated a girl like that before."

Of course, he'd never been with any woman, period, but he was unwilling to confess that to his "friend" Jack.

Jack suspected that Ryan was a total virgin, and most certainly had no experience with dominance and submission. But he acted like everything was fine. "No worries, buddy! It's like falling off a log. I used to be like you, but when I had my chance with a submissive girl like her, I rose to the occasion, no problem. It's simple: just act like a total asshole! Seriously. Just be as confident and demanding as humanly possible, like you're the king of the world and she's your servant. How hard can that be?"

"Well..." Ryan thought to himself that it did sound easy to do.

It helped that he didn't lack confidence at all. He lacked friends not because he was shy, but because he had a "take it or leave it" attitude towards most people. He hadn't suffered enough social rejections to learn to be shy and afraid. Maybe due to the loving and supportive way his parents raised him, he was just one of those people who was nearly totally unflappable. Had Jack known that, he might have played his trick on someone else.

Jack heartily patted Ryan's back. "Come on, pal! No worries. It'll be a piece of cake. She tells me all her secret feelings. She's told me repeatedly that she wants a guy who literally won't take no for an answer, who just takes what he wants. If you show ANY hesitation or doubt, she's going to pounce all over that. She can be brutal. The only way to avoid that is to go balls-out from the get-go. You've got to make clear from the very first words you say to her that you're in charge and she's there to sexually please you, period. If you take that approach, she'll turn into a pussy cat. But if you hem and haw, she'll turn into a fucking tigress and rip your throat!"

Ryan stared wide-eyed. Despite his pornography-based "education," he hadn't expected things to really work like that. He'd watched plenty of TV shows and movies too, and he had been planning to act in the typical socially accepted manner of a boy trying to woo a girl. At the very least, one had to date a girl for a while before things had a chance to reach the pornographic, sexual stage. But now he was thinking that the pornographic dominating fantasy approach was definitely the way to go from the very start. That was both thrilling and terrifying. The stakes couldn't be higher. He'd either succeed beyond his wildest hopes or fall flat on his face.

Of course, that was part of Jack's set up. Jack wanted an escape route for himself, so Ryan wouldn't come after him to get revenge for his inevitable total humiliation. Jack's plan was to claim that clearly Ryan hadn't been domineering and aggressive enough, so Ryan could only blame himself, not Jack.

From a few feet away, Vince chortled and snickered. He could see utter disaster looming for Ryan, and he loved it.

Ryan was too busy ruminating about how he should behave to notice Vince at all. After a long pause, he stared intently at Jack, and asked, "So, do you have any specific advice on what I should do? Is there anything else you can tell me that would help?"

Jack slapped Ryan's back again. "My buddy, my friend, there sure is." He looked around the crowded room. "Once she comes downstairs, you don't want to seduce her here. You want to talk to her in private to get her total attention without strangers watching." He nodded towards a closed door. "I suggest you take her in there."

"There?" Ryan looked at that door with worry.

"There. That room is a great seduction spot. You can lock the door behind you and have total privacy. It's totally sound-proofed, so no one will know what you two get up to in there."

In truth, Jack wanted Ryan to use that room because Jack had already set up a couple of hidden cameras to record his prank. He was going to have lots of fun watching Ryan's humiliation with his SAE friends later.

Ryan nodded with resolve.

Jack continued, "Once you've got her there, like I said, make clear from the very start that you're in charge. Her role is to sexually serve you, period! She'll eat that up, believe me. Remember, that's the entire reason she's chosen you, because she thinks you're that kind of man. Treat her like your personal slut as much as you want!"

"Really?!" Ryan thought, Kate? The incomparable Kate Middlefield, MY "personal slut?!" Wow! How lucky can one guy get?!

Jack smirked. He decided to go for broke, since Ryan seemed so gullible. "Really. I hope you've been taking your vitamins, because your relationship is going to be entirely sexual. You should make that clear in the first minute by unzipping your fly and telling her to give you a blowjob."

Ryan frowned with shock and alarm. "You're kidding me!"

Jack responded, "No, I'm not. If you really must know, pal, she's told me about her greatest secret fantasy. She wants a guy who treats her like his personal slut from the word 'go.' No compliments, no fawning, no attempts to impress, not even socializing. Nothing! Just straight sex. Total sexual domination! Hell, don't even act like you like her or want her that much. Pretend you have other girlfriends and that you just want to fuck her, because what the heck, why not. She has big tits!" He chuckled at that.

Jack added, "She has VERY big tits, as you, me, and everyone else on this whole damn campus knows! It figures that a girl that curvaceous just has to love sex, and of course she does! The naughtier the better! She'll actually get off on the idea that you fuck around. Remember, the high and mighty get a secret thrill out of being brought down low."

Jack stared at Ryan critically. "Do you think you can handle that? I'm taking a risk here, guessing you can from the way you always look at her in class. But maybe I'm way off."

Ryan hastily waved his hands. "No, no! You're not way off. It sounds good to me. In fact, it sounds great! I can't believe it! I mean, Kate Middlefield?! She wants me like that? How can I turn that down?!"

Jack patted him on the back again, and smiled widely. "You can't! Nobody can. Good. I know I have the right guy for the job. So go for it, pal! Have the time of your life. You're going to have a night you'll never forget, that's for sure!"

Jack meant that last statement, but not in the way Ryan thought he did. Jack couldn't wait to watch Kate totally gut Ryan and leave him emotionally shattered. He hoped that Ryan made it as far as taking his penis out before Kate exploded and the worm turned.

Ryan felt very hopeful. He had no clue that Jack was setting a trap for him to be humiliated. He actually liked the idea of exposing his penis right off the bat, because he considered his penis size to be his "secret weapon." He figured he couldn't fail after she saw how endowed he was, since she had a crush on him already.

However, he did have some worries. He asked, "What if I start doing just as you suggested, and she flips out? What if she curses me or punches me or something? Even if I fulfill her fantasy exactly as you say, she might be shocked, or confused, or just acting out of instinct."

Jack smiled, because he figured she was going to curse and punch and probably more. He replied, "Oh, that'll probably happen. Like you said, it's only natural for her to freak out at first. She'll probably scream at you and tell you to 'fuck off and die' and the like. That's where it gets tough for a little while. You've gotta get through the rough part by showing no fear. It's like a mean dog that barks and snarls at you. It's testing you, testing for weakness. You can't show any weakness. Keep on keeping on with what you're doing, waving your cock in her face and whatnot. She'll break and crumble when she sees you're the exact dominant man she's looking for."

Of course, Jack didn't think for a second that Kate would ever "break and crumble." But he gave that advice in hopes that it would help prolong the confrontation. That would give him and his friends more to laugh about later.

Jack and Ryan talked some more after that, with Jack trying to give Ryan confidence to ensure he actually would go through with this. He knew that most guys would be too daunted by Kate's beauty and personality, and would give up before even starting, or chicken out quickly. But a big reason he'd selected Ryan was because Ryan seemed curiously confident and oblivious. Plus, Jack hoped that sheer horniness would drive Ryan on. His main concern was that Ryan didn't drink, a fact he hadn't known about until tonight. He had planned to get Ryan thoroughly drunk first. However, he figured Ryan was so horny that it wouldn't matter.

Jack had no idea just how confident and horny Ryan could be.

Eventually, Jack finished talking and Ryan walked off to go to the bathroom.

Once the coast was clear, Vince came up to Jack and shook his hand. Vince was wearing a shit-eating grin. "Congratulations, you sick and twisted bastard! Well played. Well played! Talk about a lamb going to the slaughter! I assume you're going to videotape his downfall?"

Jack's grin was even bigger than Vince's. "But of course. As always. What's the point of helping a poor guy get a 'date' if I can't share my 'act of kindness' with others?"

Jack and Vince shared a malicious laugh.

After Ryan finished using the bathroom, he started walking up the stairs to the higher floors where all the KKG bedrooms were. He appreciated Jack's suggestion to use a certain room after Kate came downstairs to join the party, but he felt he couldn't wait that long. Jack had hyped him up with his talk, and Ryan wanted to strike while the moment was hot.

Furthermore, he didn't know anybody else at the party and he didn't like mingling. True, the girls were incredibly beautiful, as well as very sexy in their revealing outfits. Being scientifically minded, he guessed that if he could magically select the sixty most objectively beautiful girls out of the ten thousand female undergraduates on campus, all thirty of the KKG girls were from that group of sixty. They all were nines or tens on a one-to-ten normal curve scale. But he wasn't interested in those other girls. His mind was on Kate alone.

Ryan didn't know which room belonged to Kate. However, he did happen to know that she was the president of KKG. He also was well aware that she was the most beautiful of the KKGs, and it was obvious even to him that the social status in the sorority was closely linked to looks. Plus, even though she tried to check her behavior in class, he knew she was a spoiled princess type.

(Needless to say, with her face and body, he wasn't interested in her mainly for personality, at least not yet. Despite his odd background and social persona, he was just as horny as any guy his age. In fact, he was more lusty than most.)

As a result, he figured she would have the best room the house. The sorority was housed in a three-story Victorian mansion, as opulent as one would expect considering that the girls' parents were usually very wealthy. (After all, rich men tend to marry beautiful women as trophy wives, and the resulting good genes and advantageous environmental factors can make for very beautiful daughters.) So he walked up to the third floor, figuring the best room would be there.

He passed a door leading to the second floor stairs, and then another one continuing up to the third floor. He got the feeling that he wasn't supposed to go through those doors, but there were no keep out signs, and the doors were open.

Along the way, he passed a couple of girls walking down to join the party, but he walked on with confidence and purpose, like he belonged there and knew where he was going. As a result, he wasn't stopped and questioned. It helped that boys often went upstairs to visit their girlfriends, especially on party nights. KKG didn't have a stern house mother enforcing curfew and other rules. As the privileged elite often do, they didn't worry much about rules at all.

There were far fewer bedrooms on the third floor than the second, which helped. But still, he had to figure out which door to open, and he counted eight to choose from. From the hallway, it was nearly impossible to tell which room was the largest or had the best view. He decided to simply knock and ask for Kate until he got the right room.

It's true that he was feeling nervous, very nervous, but compared to nearly any other guy in his situation, he was shockingly calm and assured. An unnatural and almost inexplicable confidence was a part of his odd personality. He figured that if he completely fell flat on his face it didn't matter much, since he barely knew Kate or anyone else here in the first place.

He also was greatly reassured by his unusually large penis. It was nine inches long, with a curved shape. But its best feature was its unusual thickness. Being scientifically minded, he had checked the few studies out there on penis size, and determined that a penis of his thickness was even rarer than one of his length.

He had never asked any girl out until now because, between his strict, religious parents and his home schooling, he'd never had a decent chance. But he was confident that he could do well sexually despite his total lack of experience, if only from sheer penis size. Plus, he hadn't just frequently masturbated willy nilly; he'd deliberately trained himself for such a day as this. If nothing else, he was sure that his sexual stamina was far greater than normal.

Unfortunately, his penis was flaccid at the moment, due to his nervousness.

He knocked on one door and didn't get an answer. So he tried another, and didn't get an answer there either. That wasn't totally surprising, since many of the Kappa girls were downstairs already, even though the party was just getting started.

He knocked on a third door, and heard a brusque and irritated "WHAT?" come from inside the room. His heart started to beat faster because he guessed from just that one word the voice belonged to Kate.

He knocked again.

The rude voice barked, "Who is it already?"

He considered announcing himself, but he decided he needed the benefit of the element of surprise. So he stayed silent and knocked again.

Then, since he was listening carefully and the third floor hallway was dead silent, he just barely managed to hear a voice say, "YOU get it."


The door was opened by a shockingly beautiful girl. She had a curvy body, very large and impressive bust, and a pretty face, just like Kate. She was tall too, just like Kate. But unfortunately, she wasn't Kate. The biggest difference was that her short, pixie-cut reddish hair was nothing like Kate's feathered blonde mane going down to the bottom of her shoulder blades. Also, her eyes were green instead of blue, and her skin was significantly lighter, with more of a pinkish glow.

She griped with a scowl, "Who are you and what do you want?"

Ryan was going to apologize and ask her which room was Kate's, but he happened to catch a glimpse of blonde hair off to the side of the mystery redhead's right hip. He moved his head and took a closer look, and realized that Kate was there, sitting on the floor.

His heart soared from seeing even just a little bit of her, and from the back side. She truly was an extraordinary beauty. Gathering his resolve, he said, "Hi there. I'm here for Kate."

The redhead turned her head and said into the room, "Kate, do you have a date tonight or something?"

Kate complained, "NO! Definitely not!" But she also stood up and turned around to see just who was at the door. She walked up to the redhead and nudged her slightly to the side, so she could get a good look.

It took a few moments, but recognition finally dawned on her. It took her some extra time because he was wearing a formal dark blue suit with a red tie, instead of the casual shorts and T-shirt he always wore to class. She showed annoyance and surprise. "You! You're that guy. That staring guy from class! Ryan, right?"

"Right." He was heartened that she at least knew his name.

"What the hell do you want?! And how the hell did you even get here?!" She knew there was a party going on downstairs, but she also figured the security would never let someone like Ryan in. Plus, a stranger like him couldn't just walk to the third floor without getting questioned.

Ryan held a hand out, indicating they should make way, since the two of them were blocking the door. "May I come in? It's important."

Kate and the redhead parted, and he walked between them into the middle of the room. It was a remarkable room, much larger than his dorm room. Even at night, one could tell it had a great view. The decor was tasteful and girly, and very expensive. It put the dormitory room Ryan had to share with a roommate to shame.

Kate let him in to her room because she assumed he had come to tell her some important news. Perhaps the professor of the class they shared had died or quit or something equally important that meant all the students of that class needed to be immediately notified. His dark blue suit reinforced that impression - he looked almost like a government agent on official business. She never would have let him in in a million years if she had known what he was intending to say and do.

She walked to where he stood and folded her arms under her humongous rack. She stared at him like he was a worthless peon and he'd better have a very good reason for bothering someone important like her. She glared at him as she asked, "What happened? Did something happen to Dr. Peterson?" That was the name of the professor of their shared archeology class.

The redhead closed the door and wound up standing just behind Kate. She was curious.

"No, nothing like that," Ryan responded with a dismissive wave of his hand. He was feeling extremely nervous, but he also felt he was doing well, relatively speaking. He knew that most guys would crumble just from being in close proximity to this blonde goddess. More guys would fold and flee when subjected to her wrathful glare brought on by disturbing her privacy. But he was standing firm.

Luckily, Ryan simply didn't know the extreme pain of rejection. Furthermore, he believed every word Jack had told him. He really believed that Kate had "the hots" for him, and she longed for him to prove that he was the dominating man of her dreams.

He thought, Steady, boy! All I have to do is stick to Jack's script, get through this awkward part, and then I'll get to find out what real sex is like with an almost unimaginably sexy girl! Remember what he told me: "Just be as confident and demanding as humanly possible, like you're the king of the world and she's your servant." I can't let her intimidate me!

The promised reward was so great that he was willing to take a great risk.

He looked to the redhead and held his hand out. "Hi, I'm Ryan. What's your name?"

The redhead started to reach for his hand, and said, "I'm Erin." She was skeptical but polite.

But before the two hands could meet, Kate, who was standing in between, slapped his hand away. "Forget that! What is going ON?! What's the big news already?!"

He was slightly trembling in his shoes, but the suit he was wearing hid most of his nervousness. He was mindful that he was supposed to expose his penis. He didn't want to do that with Erin there. So he said to Kate, "I do have some news, but I need to tell it to you in private. Erin, do you mind?"

Kate testily replied, "Yes, she does mind! Erin, don't you dare leave me alone with this creep! Now, you, tell me what you've got to tell me and get out!"

He was struggling with all his might to keep his eyes open and looking into Kate's face. He remembered Jack's advice that he couldn't show any weakness whatsoever, or she would pounce like a wild animal. However, the pressure was getting too much, even for an unflappable guy like him. The entire situation was beyond surreal.

He closed his eyes and winced. Surprisingly, that helped a lot. It enabled him to pretend that he wasn't really there. He told himself that he was merely speaking to a simulation of Kate's voice. Keeping his eyes shut tight, he said, "Kate... I know this may sound strange to you... even unbelievably bizarre... but I've come to claim you."

Kate exploded, "'Claim me?!' 'Claim me?!' Did you just say 'claim me?!' What the fuck?! What the hell does that mean?!"

He figured that was the worst part, by far, revealing the true intention of his visit. With that out the way, he could relax, if only just a little bit. He forced himself to open his eyes. He found himself staring at her great rack, since he couldn't bear to make eye contact.

Plus, it was quite a captivating sight! She was wearing nothing but a loose blue tank-top and brown shorts, as well as a pearl necklace and earrings. She was planning on going to the party, but not for a while. It was still early in the evening and, as the de facto "queen" of KKG, she naturally wanted to make a dramatic fashionably late entrance. She hadn't been expecting visitors, at least not anyone outside her small circle of girl friends on the third floor, so she wasn't even wearing a bra.

The lack of a bra was obvious, not just due to the absence of visible bra straps or bra lines, but also in the way her nipples poked out and how her enormous globes swayed with any movement she made.

However, he was far too nervous to be aroused. He replied, "It means what it means. I know your secret. I know what you really want. You want a strong and dominant man who will take full sexual control of you."

Kate stared at him hard, with her hands now on her hips. "What is this, some kind of joke?! Either it's a joke or Erin you need to call the police, because this guy is some kind of psycho stalker or something!" Due to her extraordinary looks, Kate had dealt with unwanted attention many times before, including from a wide variety of strange people. She'd even learned some basic martial arts defense to protect herself from aggressive advances.

It was the same for Erin, who was one of her main friends. (Kate didn't really have true friends that she could completely trust, but Erin was about as close as she got.) Erin also knew some self-defense, since her similar great beauty also resulted in lots of unwanted and potentially dangerous attention. As a result, neither girl was that scared of having Ryan in the room, since they were confident they could take him in a fight.

Ryan's heart was thumping hard and fast. He'd tried to think things through for a few minutes after talking to Jack, and this was roughly the kind of response he was expecting to get. He'd been tricked by Jack to think that things would be bad before she finally "came to her senses," when in fact Jack really thought things would just get worse and worse for him until he slunk away with his tail between his legs, utterly humiliated.

He repeated Jack's words in his head: "You've gotta get through the rough part by showing no fear." No fear! So he clung to hope. However, it was very, very painful to experience.

He forced himself to say, "I can assure you... it's no joke."

Kate looked like she was ready to clobber him. She asked incredulously, "Then what is it, then?!" Seeing how exposed her jiggly breasts were in her tank-top sans bra, she crossed an arm over her immense rack. "And be careful what you're looking at, mister!"

Ryan could hear the quavering in his own voice. He knew that was a bad sign of weakness, but he couldn't help it. Even though he truly (but mistakenly) believed Kate secretly wanted him, she was so intimidating that he was rapidly losing his resolve. He sensed that it wouldn't be long before he would give up and flee.

But also, he felt he had his secret weapon keeping his confidence up: his large penis. He hoped to simply unzip and show it off, and thus turn this whole situation around. The problem was, he was so extremely nervous that his penis was flaccid. It looked nearly normal-sized whenever it was in that state, so that wouldn't help. Worse, he didn't see how he could get aroused in this tense and painful situation so he could bring his "secret weapon" into play.

He said, "I promise you, I'm not some kind of psycho. You know me from class. Give me a minute, okay? And then I'll explain everything."

Kate huffed, "This had better be good! I'll wait because I'm looking for a good laugh!"

She thought about what she remembered about him from class. She had rarely talked to him one-on-one, but they had interacted as part of freewheeling discussions between all the students and the teacher, Dr. Peterson. She had been slightly unnerved by the way Ryan lustily stared at her, but she shrugged that off because such things happened to her absolutely all the time. She couldn't walk from one spot to the next on campus without drawing many stares. Some guys would even stop and gawk sometimes.

In the last few years, as her body fully matured, she had tried harder to understand the guys who lusted after her, in order to dispatch them more quickly and easily. She figured that Ryan was definitely an odd one, but he didn't seem like a full-on psycho. Previously, she'd given him little thought because she'd taken him for just another horny but harmless nerd with a crush. She'd seen a lot of those.

She had to admit that at least he seemed very smart and knowledgeable. It was highly unusual to have a freshman like him in a third year advanced archeology class, and yet he more than held his own so far.

That mattered to Kate, because she was a surprisingly good student. Outwardly, she pretended she didn't care much about her studies, because that was part of the stereotypical role a gorgeous Kappa Kappa Gamma president was supposed to play. But she actually chafed at her societal role and was "secretly smart." She was very interested in topics like archeology, history, zoology, paleontology, and anthropology, and she even happened to be working on homework with Erin when he came in. But she let only a few of her friends know that.

While she was sizing him up, he decided to look at Erin's body instead. He wanted to get aroused so he could show off his impressive erection, but he was too intimidated to be inspired by Kate. No matter how busty and curvy she was - and he definitely loved a voluptuous, stacked body! - he couldn't forget that she was scowling at him like she was pondering which weapon to kill him with.

So he forced himself to pretend that Kate wasn't there, and looked at Erin exclusively. There was no doubt that Erin's looks were a "perfect ten" as well, just as most of the KKGs were. It helped that she looked more amused by his intrusion than angry and scowling. (She had seen Kate cruelly dismiss many love-struck admirers, and she considered it almost a kind of entertaining performance art.) Still, he avoided her face and looked at her body in his attempt to get aroused and engorged, and fast.

Erin's face was beautiful, for sure, but not literally jaw-droppingly arresting like Kate's. However, her body was very nearly as impressive as Kate's. He estimated her breasts as F-cups instead of G-cups. To Ryan, both girls' racks were so crazy big that the slight difference didn't matter. Her body was similar to Kate's the rest of the way down, past her sleek (and partially uncovered) tummy, wide hips, down her muscular and sleek legs, to her toes. Both girls were classic hourglass shaped "hard body" types. Clearly, they had to exercise religiously to look that good.

It helped that Erin was just as skimpily dressed as Kate. In fact, their clothes were interchangeable. Erin wore a blue tank-top sans bra, while Kate's tank-top was red. Erin's black shorts were even tighter and shorter than Kate's brown ones, which meant they were very tight and short indeed. And that was it, except for the pearl necklace around Kate's neck. Even their feet were bare.

Their lack of substantial clothes was in sharp contrast to the three-piece suit he was wearing. He longed to at least take his jacket off, because he felt like he was burning up. He definitely was sweating from nervousness.

As a result of seeing a fantastic body such as Erin's with so little covering it, Ryan's penis started to engorge. He forced his mind to go blank and just enjoy one of the most arousing sights he had ever seen in the flesh.

He knew he had to act fast, before Kate started cursing him. So, the moment he felt his dick reach its full size in his slacks, he resumed eye contact with Kate, and said, "Okay, now, don't be alarmed. I'm about to expose my penis. And no, I'm not a weirdo! There's a good reason for this. You'll see."

To his surprise and even relief, Kate laughed heartily. "You're kidding me, right?! This is some kind of joke. This has GOT to be a joke!" She'd experienced countless unwanted advances and gropings in recent years. She'd even fended off a couple of attempted date rapes. However, none of those incidents had ever been as strange as this.

Ryan thought, Am I really going to do this? Fuck, I am! Remember, Jack said "go balls-out from the get-go." This is what I have to do to make all my dreams come true!

Ryan unbuckled his pants and then unzipped. That caused her slacks to slide halfway down his thighs, suddenly exposing all of his sizable cock and equally sizable balls.

Both Kate and Erin gaped in amazement, not to mention total shock. Luckily for Ryan, they were more interested than alarmed.

Erin even unthinkingly exclaimed, "WHOA!"

Since the two girls were amongst the most desirable girls in the entire university, they had been courted by many very impressive men. However, these men came from just a small pool of possible suitors. First, they had to be strikingly handsome (much more so than Ryan, as in "male model handsome"). Second, they had to be from rich, elite families. Third, they had to be notably successful themselves, such as being athletic stars, academic standouts, and the like. Four, they had to have the nerve to talk to and ask out very intimidatingly beautiful girls. Further, it helped greatly if they were debonair, charismatic, outgoing, funny, and so on. Very few men qualified at all. The odds of one man being all of those things AND unusually well-hung were extremely small.

Girls like Kate and Erin had reputations to maintain, not only to their far away families, but to their sorority sisters and others who knew them. This was especially true for Kate. The downside of expecting to be treated like a princess was that she couldn't let her hair down and go wild. She had to be on her best behavior at all times. She had never "slummed it" with some "bad boy" stud or taken part in orgies or even sex games like strip poker or spin the bottle.

As a result, neither Kate nor Erin had ever seen a penis as large as Ryan's. Erin, who was less selective and much more sexually experienced than Kate, had seen a couple that approached Ryan's length, but none that were in the same league as Ryan's when it came to width.

Unfortunately for Ryan, the sight did not particularly arouse either girl. At least for now, they were more surprised and interested, like watching a freak show. However, his penis did change how they felt about his intrusion into the room. Each of them independently assumed that someone they knew must have sent him here as a kind of joke, much as if they'd been sent a male stripper. They didn't pay any serious attention to his statement that he was here to "claim" Kate.

After some long moments where Kate simply gaped at Ryan's erection, she looked back up to his eyes and asked in a far less threatening way, "Okay, WHO put you up to this? Come on, you can tell me. And what's the occasion? Is today some kind of special day that I don't know about?"

Erin similarly said, "Yeah! You've got me dying of curiosity too. Is it one of my friends or one of Kate's? Can you at least tell us that much?"

Ryan was chagrined. He was very glad that the hostile and tense atmosphere in the room had evaporated. But this wasn't what he'd been expecting instead. This didn't fit with what Jack said would happen. He realized, They're acting like I'm some kind of male stripper! That's flattering, I guess, although I'll bet they'd change their tune if they saw my fair-skinned and rather thin body. But it's not helping me by being badly misunderstood. If Kate thinks I'm some kind of prank sent by a friend, how is that going to help me claim her?

So he tried to restate his original intention, and more boldly, now that he was no longer trembling in fear. "I'm sorry, ladies, I can't tell you that. I can't tell you who let me in or why. But I CAN tell you that I'm serious about what I said before. Kate, I AM here to claim you! I expect you to sexually satisfy me. And no, it's NOT a joke. You're going to belong to me from now on. I know that may seem hard to believe now, but it's true!"

He frowned. Even he realized that sounded lame and unbelievable. He worried his erection would start to wilt. He tried to reassure himself, Remember what Jack said: "You've got to make clear from the very first words you say to her that you're in charge and she's there to sexually please you, period." She's secretly submissive AND she has a crush on you! She'll eat that up! Forget Erin and BE the man of her dreams!

Kate looked at Erin with a very puzzled look on her face. "Is he trying to be funny? Because that's not funny, and he says he's not joking."

Erin was just as befuddled. "You got me. Maybe it's part of some act? You know there are a lot of pranksters in our group." Her gaze went back down to his crotch. "But I do know that is a very, very, VERY large penis! The largest I've ever seen, for sure! What about you?"

"Um, yeah." Kate was so unattainably beautiful that she actually hadn't dated much, since few men ever got the nerve to approach her. And when she did date, she felt obliged to maintain her aloof "princess" persona, which meant she was startlingly sexually inexperienced. She held nearly all the power in her relationships, which meant she left some boyfriends go down on her, but it was very rare for her to so much as touch a penis. To her secret shame, she actually was still a virgin.

As a result, she was surprisingly prudish. She had a hard time even talking about penises.

Erin was much more uninhibited. Although she also had a reputation to maintain, she wasn't a campus-wide celebrity like Kate was, with the added pressure of being sorority president. She was freer to go sexually wild. Plus, she loved sex. She suddenly realized she had been presented with a rare opportunity. She started to get aroused, and in a hurry, as she realized there was nothing stopping her from sampling Ryan's extraordinary cock.

She brought a finger up to his protruding hard-on, but didn't quite touch it. Instead, she reached down and swung her hand with a curved motion from just a couple of inches away, imitating its shape. "Look at how it curves, like a banana! Have you ever seen one curve this much?"

Kate was panicky and didn't care about the curved shape. "Watch out! Don't touch it! You're almost touching it!"


Erin ignored that. She said, "I don't know what's going on here, but I DO know that guys love handjobs. And blowjobs! And I'd love to give this freakish beast a try!" With that, she dropped to her knees in front of Ryan's crotch.

Kate held her hands out in a stop gesture. "Erin, NO! What the hell do you think you're doing?! You don't want to encourage this guy! We have no idea what's going on here! This could be some kind of trick or something!"

Erin thought about that. Then she looked back to the enormous phallus in front of her, and shrugged. "So what? The way I look at it, this is like having a fortune drop into my lap." Still just kneeling, she looked up at Ryan and said, "I don't know who you are, and I don't really care. Would you mind if I give you a hand?"

"Um, no!" Ryan didn't even think before saying that. Sure, he'd been crushing on Kate for the past month. But his feelings for her weren't deep, since he still barely knew her as a person. It was all about lust at this point. And as an exceptionally easily arousable teenage boy, he couldn't think straight in a situation like this.

He still believed what Jack had told him, and he still very much wanted to "claim" Kate, but in his suddenly raging lust he selectively recalled Jack's words to justify allowing this. He said something about how I should give Kate the impression that I have lots of other girls. "Pretend you have other girlfriends," he said! That's right! Act like I just don't care much about her. Play hard to get and all that. I can do that right here with Erin! I'll get Kate horny and jealous, so she'll want me!

Besides, hell, if things don't work out with Kate, I couldn't imagine doing better than Erin! Kate may be submissive and crushing on me, but then again maybe not. Whereas Erin DEFINITELY wants to give me a handjob! WHOA!

He was about to eagerly agree, but thinking about playing hard to get made him realize he could try to improve his situation. Jack's advice was on his mind again: "Just be as confident and demanding as humanly possible, like you're the king of the world and she's your servant." If that works with Kate, then why not Erin too? It's worth a shot!

So he said to Erin, "Kate doesn't seem to take me seriously. Maybe if she sees what I can do with you, she'll change her mind. So, sure. But only on one condition: you have to take all your clothes off first."

Erin was surprised that he'd think to ask for that. But she was increasingly horny and eager. She figured she wasn't wearing much in the first place, so it didn't matter. She shrugged, and nodded. "You drive a hard bargain. Okay!" While still on her knees, she pulled her tank-top over her head.

His jaw practically dropped to the floor as he saw her huge tits bounce into view. And bounce they did. The act of pulling her top off had set them wildly wobbling and swaying. Actually, the view wasn't that much different than when she'd been wearing her tank-top. He'd even seen some titillating jiggling then, due to her being bra-less. But the fact that she was actually topless in front of him - and on her knees before his exposed erection, no less! - totally blew his mind.

However, he only had a few seconds to enjoy the greatest sight he'd ever seen when Kate's shrill voice complained, "Erin, STOP! Don't you DARE touch that penis! Think about what you're doing! This guy could be some kind of psycho! Please don't!"

Then she belatedly remembered her position of authority over the other KKG girls, both formally and socially. She said more forcefully, "I'm ORDERING you to stop! Right now!"

Erin was Kate's friend. However, one might have called her a "flunky" instead, since it was an unbalanced relationship. Erin normally obeyed whatever Kate said. It was hard for her to break the habit of following Kate's direction, and she was very reluctant to start now. So she stopped stripping for the moment and kept her hands from Ryan's penis, even though her desire to touch it was rapidly growing.

She looked up at Kate, and pleaded, "Pleeaaase?" Realizing that a puppy dog look wouldn't work on the bitchy Kate, she tried to reason with her. "You know and I know that a dick this big doesn't come along every day. You and I, we're kind of stuck, with everyone watching us and judging us all the time. We can't just let our hair down and have sex with just anybody. Nobody in MY world of prospective boyfriends has a cock HALF this size!" (That was an exaggeration, for effect.)

She continued, "Just once in my life, I'd like to throw out all the rules and fucking go wild! And this is exactly like a fortune that fell out of the sky! I can find out what it's like to touch a penis like this, and nobody else will ever know. It's my one chance!"

She looked up at Ryan, "You're not going to tell a SOUL about this, are you?" She stared at him hard, as if willing him to say the right answer.

He didn't need to be persuaded. "Not a soul! No way! What, you think I'm some kind of idiot?! Guys who blab don't get second chances."

Erin grinned at that. "Smart kid!" Acting on impulse, she reached out and grabbed his erection with one hand.

He gasped in shock at that totally unexpected development. His entire body bucked, like he'd just been punched it the gut.

Then Erin remembered that getting confirmation from Ryan that he wouldn't talk was far different from getting approval from Kate. She didn't want to risk Kate's great wrath, so she quickly let go. She looked up at Kate apologetically. "Sorry! I didn't mean to do that. Like I was saying, sometimes you just have to say 'fuck it!' I don't care what people think. I'm gonna have fun for myself. This is one of those times!"

That argument actually had great appeal for Kate. She didn't let it show, but she had been profoundly unhappy lately. For years now, if not her entire life, she'd felt like she was a puppet in someone else's play. She had been straight-jacketed into a very predictable role from a young age. When Kate was five, if her mother had been asked if Kate would ever be the president of a Kappa Kappa Gamma, her mother would have nearly taken it as a given that that would be the case. After all, she'd been the president of her chapter when she'd been in college.

All of Kate's life was like that. Her incredible beauty just made matters much, much worse. She felt like she couldn't go anywhere or do anything without people judging her. She was always on a pedestal, with a bright spotlight shining in her eyes, blinding her. Sometimes, she longed to give it all up and run away so she could be "normal."

Spending an unusual amount of time actually studying and caring about her education was a way for her to rebel a little bit, even if she did it mostly in secret. She didn't want to be just a beauty queen. She hoped to have a real career of her own choosing. Yet, at the same time, she was addicted to her power and adulation. She couldn't give it up.

Kate found herself increasingly interested in Ryan's erection. Seeing Erin grasp it, if only briefly, had sent an unexpected jolt of pleasure up and down her spine. She felt her nipples growing erect. She wondered what it would be like to hold and stroke a penis that unusually thick. She longed to go wild, and this did seem a great opportunity to do that in secret without anyone else finding out. But still, old habits die hard.

After a long pause spent staring at Ryan's boner sticking straight out towards Erin, she said in a pissy voice, "You do what you want. I don't care. It's your life. But you won't catch ME touching that... that THING!"

Erin was ecstatic, because she hadn't expected Kate to say that. She liked Kate, since she knew that Kate had unexpected emotional depth and intelligence, but she knew that Kate was bitchy and tightly wound up nearly all the time. She squealed with glee, "Goody!"

Then, remembering her deal with Ryan, she said, "Oh, wait. You want me completely naked first, don't you?"

He nodded breathlessly. WOW! Jack is so right! Being aggressive works, and how! This super stacked bombshell is going to jack me off... naked! Oh my GOD! Kate, I don't know. She's turning out to be kind of shrill and mean. I'm not sure about her. But Erin? Whoa! She's so hot!

The mention of taking clothes off also gave him the idea to take his jacket off. He quickly did so and then tossed it to a sofa that happened to be a couple of feet away.

Erin noticed that, and grinned. She purred, "You naughty boy!" She waited until she had his full attention, and then pulled her panties and shorts off her legs, even as she managed to remain kneeling.

Ryan didn't pay nearly the attention to Erin stripping completely nude that he would have wanted to, although he did notice with lusty interest that she'd shaved her bush off. He was trying to memorize every detail, but the problem was his head was dizzy and his whole body was reeling.

When he'd knocked on Kate's door, he had been full of confidence that he would soon be having sex with her. After all, Jack had told him that Kate wanted him and she was sexually submissive, and why would Jack lie? (In his innocence, he didn't realize how senselessly cruel a seemingly nice guy like Jack could be.) And yet, now that it looked like sexual contact was going to actually take place, he was incredulous that things had really gone this far. It was even more incredible that the contact was going to happen with Erin, a busty bombshell he'd never even met before.

So he was so woozy and dizzy that he felt like he could pass out at any moment. And that was before she really got started with him. As soon as she had her panties and shorts off, she grasped his stiff hard-on with both hands.

She thought, YES! I'm actually getting to do this, right under Kate's nose! It's so fucking GIGANTIC! She must be stunned into a stupor, kind of like I am. I should take full advantage and play with this big boy before she comes to her senses!

Ryan stared in disbelief for a few seconds. He could see and feel what she was doing, but it was too incredible to be real.

Then he wobbled and swayed, and nearly fell over! Since Kate was standing right next to him, he unthinkingly reached out, wrapped an arm around her waist, and pulled her to him. It was an entirely involuntary move, pure self-protection, because he was desperate not to fall over and then probably pass out altogether.

Thanks to that move, he managed to remain standing. His thoughts were focused entirely on Erin and the amazing feeling of her hands on his cock. He didn't even think about his arm around Kate's waist, or that it was the supposed object of his desire that he was touching for the first time. She could have been anybody, or even a piece of furniture. Erin's hands on his erection were completely blowing his mind to the exclusion of everything else.

However, Kate most certainly noticed how he'd grabbed her, and it annoyed her to no end. Nobody grabs me and gets away with it! She was going to curse him out and push him away. However, she had seen him wobbling just beforehand, and she knew he either had to do that or fall over. So she decided to cut him some slack.

Besides, she was very nearly as fascinated by his nine-inch erection as Erin was. Her problem was that because she felt she had a "princess" persona to maintain, she wasn't allowed to show her sexual interest at a time like this, much less actually do what Erin was doing and touch him there. But she figured she could live vicariously through Erin. So, in a matter of seconds, she practically forgot about the way he was holding her. It just didn't matter much compared to what Erin was about to do.

Kate was starting to get aroused, very aroused. Her pussy was getting wet, and her stiff nipples were tingling, poking noticeably through her tank-top. Good God! Creep or not, I have to admit he's got one seriously big penis! I kinda envy Erin for getting to touch it!

Luckily for Ryan, Erin felt the need to simply hold his boner and revel in its sheer size before she even considered starting to stroke it. That gave him a chance to recover somewhat and even regain a firm footing - although he still didn't let go of Kate. He may not have been consciously thinking about her, but on some level he was enjoying the feeling of her scantily-clad soft-yet-firm body pressing against his side.

Erin stared in wide wonder at her hands and what they were holding. She said for Kate's benefit, "Check it out! I have two hands on it, and there's still room at the top! And I can't even get my fingers all the way around it!" Sure enough, she was trying to touch the tip of her middle finger to the tip of her thumb, but she couldn't quite reach.

Kate saw that, and was amazed. She was so very horny now that her lust was starting to take over. She knew that was highly unusual - certainly she never felt like this simply by looking at any of her boyfriends' penises. She wondered if her fingers would touch if her hand was holding Ryan's shaft. She asked unthinkingly, as if she'd never touched a penis before, "What does it feel like?"

Erin gave it a few experimental squeezes. "It's hot! Really hot! I mean that literally. It's sexy hot, sure, but I mean it's really, really warm too! And it's soft and spongy, but it's stiff as a steel pole at the same time!"

Since Erin was much more sexually experienced than Kate, she'd touched many more penises than the handful Kate had touched. But even she was so excited that she was acting and feeling as if this was the very first penis she'd ever seen or touched. In actual fact, Ryan's penis felt much the same as any other typical penis, only much larger. But due to its great size, Erin felt like this was an entirely new experience.

Nonetheless, a super hot and bothered Kate reacted as if Erin had told her something startling. She simply exclaimed, "Wow!" She continued to gawk as her arousal level rose.

There might have been some truth to his penis being unusually warm, because Ryan felt like his entire body was on fire. Even taking his jacket off hadn't brought him any relief from the overwhelming heat. He loosened his red tie considerably, and wiped the sweat off his forehead with his free hand.

Erin ran one finger from the base of his cock to the tip while still holding it firmly with her other hand. "Look! See how I was saying about how curved it is? It really is like a banana, except no banana is THIS big! I hear it's better to get fucked by curved dicks like this, because they rub against your clit that much better." She kept running just the tip of one finger up and down it.

That alone was incredibly arousing for Ryan. He was far more stimulated that in any masturbation session. He gasped heavily, worried already about cumming too soon.

Kate thought, "Get fucked?!" Girls actually get fucked by a penis like that?! Impossible! It would split me in two! Her arousal continued to climb. Her pussy was getting seriously wet.

Then Erin began to stroke his massive member. She was subtle about it at first. She kept one hand still near the base of his shaft, and just moved her other hand near the top.

But that's where all of his sensitive spots were located. Even the smallest movement practically made him swoon. He wasn't on the verge of cumming just yet, but if just this much caused him this much extreme pleasure, he had no idea how he could handle an actual blowjob if it came to that.

Ryan was what could only be a called a "masturbation expert." Living with two strict, religious parents, no siblings, only a few friends, and home schooled most of his childhood to boot, he spent a lot of time alone in his room. His parents prohibited him from playing video games or even watching much TV, but at least they left him alone when his room was locked. They had no clue about all the pornography on the Internet. Lacking almost any other form of entertainment but reading, he regularly masturbated four, five, or even six times daily. He'd gotten quite good at it, especially at delaying his orgasm for uncommonly long amounts of time.

Masturbation was easily his favorite way to pass the time. But once Erin started jacking him off, even subtly, he quickly realized that a female hand was far, far more arousing that his own. He thought, This is INSANE! It feels SOOOOO awesome! Even if she's doing the exact same thing I do, it feels ten times better somehow!

He looked down at her and practically drooled. And that's only considering the physical effect on my boner. The visual effect more than doubles my pleasure! Erin is a "perfect ten" hourglass-shaped sex bomb, with absolutely gigantic boobs, dream boobs, and she's kneeling completely nude in front of me! God, I love every last inch of her! Even her belly button and her taut stomach around it is too sexy to look at!

Furthermore, those massive breasts of hers were starting to sway back and forth in time to her stroking. It was the sexiest sight he'd ever seen in his life, bar none.

And the cherry on the top was that now he could pay more attention to the rest of her body as well. He correctly guessed from her name and reddish hair color that she had an Irish ethnic background. Like most Irish, her skin was very fair, but it was surprisingly free of blemishes or even freckles. He loved that silky smooth look, almost like porcelain. Furthermore, he could see her shaved crotch, and the pink of her pussy lips. He noticed the wetness of her slit, and even saw that her clit was unhooded and erect.

He tilted his head back, overjoyed and overwhelmed. Good LORD! I'm in seventh heaven! This is the ultimate! It was no wonder that he was barely even aware he had a hand on Kate, just above her far hip. He had plenty of amazing distractions, to say the least.

Then Erin changed what her hands were doing. She'd looked up at Kate a couple of times and saw her lust-glazed eyes as well as her mouth hanging open and her huge tits rising and falling on her chest with her heavy breathing. Those signs let her know that she didn't need to worry about Kate stopping her any longer.

As a result, she felt free to do what she wanted. Her hand near his tip began exploring his cockhead. She rightly considered herself a talented cock-pleaser, so she knew the most effective technique was stimulating the frenulum, the "sweet spot" just under the bottom side of his crown. She began rubbing that nearly all the time. Then, her other hand began exploring everywhere else.

She thought, Excellent! Kate has been such a stick in the mud about sex. I don't even think she masturbates. I've peeked in all her drawers and I've never seen a sex toy. But look at her now. She's getting seriously horny! I should encourage that. The more aroused she gets, the more she'll let me do with Ryan!

She soon exclaimed for Kate, "Oooh! Check it out! The pre-cum is starting to really flow now. That makes everything slippery and soooo much better. Oooh, look! My hands are covering all of him with the pre-cum, so now I can really start to slip and slide!"

Kate moaned lustily without realizing it. She was utterly fascinated now. Like Erin, she no longer thought about or even cared how Ryan got here or what his purpose was. The only thing that interested her was what Erin's hands were doing. She wished those could be her hands.

But her sense of propriety was so deeply ingrained that she felt that was something she could simply never do by herself. It would break all the rules. She hated those rules. She felt like she lived in a gilded cage. But she didn't dare try to break free.

However, she did one thing to him: without consciously realizing it, she put her arm around his waist, in the same way he had his arm around her waist. It felt more comfortable that way.

He noticed that, briefly. It made him feel happy and reassured, though in terms of physical pleasure it didn't even register compared to what Erin was doing to his throbbing hard-on.

Erin continued to occasionally narrate what she was doing, mostly to help arouse Kate even more.

He wanted to praise her to the high heavens for making him feel so good with every move of her hand. However, he forced himself not to. He thought, Remember Jack's wise words: "You've got to make clear from the very first words you say to her that you're in charge and she's there to sexually please you, period." His advice got me this far. He said that for Kate, but it's working on Erin too! I need to play hard to get!

Soon, one of Erin's hands migrated to Ryan's balls. She found them so fascinating that she brought her other hand there too. She hefted them up together, and said to Kate, "Now, look at THIS! His balls are just as ridiculously oversized as his cock is! These are BIG balls! Just think how much cum must be stored up in there!"

So far, she had been talking to Kate as if Ryan was blind, deaf, and dumb. But her curiosity caused her to look up at his face and directly ask him, "Ryan, tell me, would you say that you cum more than most guys do?"

Ryan was startled out of his blissed-out reverie. He realized an answer was required, and answered honestly, "Um, maybe. I don't know! I don't know how much other guys cum."

Erin was quickly becoming a big fan of his cock and balls. She suggested, proudly, "Well, I'm sure you must cum more, a lot more! How could you not? Damn! These are bigger than baseballs!" (That wasn't actually true, although they were much larger than average.)

Seeing that his long boner was untouched while both of her hands were playing with his balls, Erin looked to Kate and said, "You want to try touching his cock while I'm busy down below?"

Kate reacted like she'd been slapped in the face. "What?! NO! No way!" In truth, she was dying to touch it, but she didn't want to admit it. "You just... you keep doing whatever. Don't mind me."

Erin resumed rubbing his sweet spot with one hand while still fondling one of his balls, gingerly hefting it up and down. She looked up at him again and eagerly asked him, "How many times do you cum a day? You can at least answer that."

He prided himself on being honest, but he also tried to be modest. Furthermore, he wanted to impress these incredible girls. So he decided to answer honestly, but it was a way to emphasize his sexual capability. He said, "I guess I cum a lot, more than most. Four times a day, at minimum. Five or six more often. But sometimes more than that. Seven or eight times a day, occasionally."

As previously mentioned, he really did masturbate a great deal. Although his parents home schooled him, the reality was they had to work and run errands most of the time, leaving him alone in his room to read books, watch educational videos, do his homework, and so on. He'd learned that if he could quickly finish his assignments and always get straight A's on his tests, he could spent a remarkable amount of time masturbating.

Erin was suitably impressed. "WHOA! Wow! Kate, did you hear that?!"

Kate didn't reply, but she had most definitely heard it. She didn't say anything because she was panting hard with arousal. She believed it, and yet she couldn't believe it. She was extremely impressed.

Erin asked him, "Do you have lots of girlfriends? You must if you have that much sex!"

Ryan was glad to be asked that, because he realized that could help him advance his true agenda, of seducing Kate. However, he decided on the fly, I can tell Kate's getting pretty horny. That's a good sign! But I should go for broke and seduce Erin too! Why not? The opportunity is too good to pass up! He stared down at her body. Fuuuuuck! She's so hot!

(He didn't realize that Erin already had a boyfriend. He was so very horny that that possibility didn't even cross his mind.)

After a pause, he managed to reply, "Oh yeah! Lots of girlfriends! Lots!" He hoped his total sexual inexperience wouldn't show and reveal that for the lie that it was. He thought, Good! Remember, Jack said, "Pretend you have other girlfriends." But I shouldn't stop there. He also said I should act like "her role is to sexually serve you, period! She'll eat that up." I need to be even bolder!

His great lust was definitely affecting him, and causing him to speak his mind boldly and recklessly. Plus, due to his unexpectedly great success already, he was treating Jack's advice like it was the absolute truth.

As a result, he said with conviction and determination. "The two of you will be my next girlfriends. Together! I'm going to make both of you my sluts!"

Had he said that even a few minutes ago, the reaction would have been very harsh, especially from Kate. But the two busty babes were so very aroused as well that they just tried to brush it off. Neither one of them actually believed him for a second. It was one thing for them to have secret fun with a big cock one evening; it was an entirely different matter to consider him as boyfriend material. They had reputations to maintain, and they knew he would never meet their high qualifications.

But still, they found it a fun and thrilling idea to at least briefly contemplate. Erin defused the issue by joking, "My oh my! Kate, we have a cocky one here. A VERY cocky one!" With that, she tilted her head forward, pointed his cock up towards the ceiling to expose his sweet spot to his face, and then puffed air right on that very sensitive spot.

Not surprisingly, he moaned loudly, lustily, and helplessly at that unexpectedly pleasurable sensation. He thought, What the FUCK?! That feels even better! I'll bet I could blow air on my own erection and it would hardly do anything. But when she does it, I practically see stars!

His gasping and moaning helped both Kate and Erin relax, because he'd been making bizarre and grandiose claims ever since he'd walked into the room, and they didn't know what to make of that. But his intense reaction to a puff of air strongly suggested that he wasn't the unstoppable stud that he was claiming to be. The girls figured they could dismiss those claims as ridiculous and simply enjoy playing with his freakishly large cock.

Seeing the powerful reaction breathing on him got, Erin cooed, "Oooh! The beast likes that!" She puffed air on his sweet spot again, while her fingers started sliding up and down the rest of his shaft instead of just holding it. She still had his cock poking nearly straight up.

Erin chuckled with glee, because she noticed his erection actually twitched and throbbed in response to her blowing air, plus everything else, including the continually sexy sight of her own naked body. Now that she was leaning towards him, her big globes swelled forward and down, making it hard for him to even remember to breathe.

She puffed air on and around his sweet spot a couple more times, to great effect. Then, since her mouth was just an inch or two away anyway, she gave that spot an experimental lick.

"ACK!" His body seized up, and he grimaced and groaned so intensely that it looked like he reacting to being sawed in half. But he was reacting to incredible pleasure, not pain. It wasn't just the physical sensation; it was the entire situation. This was exactly like one of the exciting and improbable erotic stories he loved masturbating to, except it was happening in real life. That was such a heady thought that he tried hard not to think about what was happening.

Kate laughed with delight, like she was a kid impressed with having just seen a clever magic trick. In her great lust, she was forgetting how someone of her stature was "supposed' to behave. She cheered to Erin, "Cool! Did you hear him? Do it again!"

Erin was similarly acting with child-like wonder, though she was definitely looking all woman. "Okay!" She licked his sweet spot again.

That didn't get another sharp and loud reaction from him, since he'd been expecting it this time. Still, he loved what was happening. He was glad he was holding onto Kate and she was holding on to him, because the incredible rush left his legs feeling like noodles. His entire body was trembling with erotic joy.

Erin thought, I can't even believe it's happening, but it looks like I may be able to lick and even suck on this, this BEAST, right in front of Kate! This could be a real breakthrough for her. Maybe she'll learn just how much fun sex can be by watching me mouth-fuck this monster! It could even be kind of a weird bonding experience between us.

But the question is, can I manage to get it in my mouth?! Will I enjoy it if I do?! I don't even know! But at least the licking will be no problem.

She gave him another lick, and then another. She playfully teased in response to the way his cock was continually twitching, "The beast awakes! It's aliiiive!" She giggled at that.

Soon, she was freely licking him non-stop. She still had his hard-on pinned up towards his belly button, which meant all of her attention was on his extra sensitive underside. But she angled his cock straight towards her again, so she could explore all parts of it with her tongue, from every angle. Plus, she knew that would give Kate a better view of what she was doing, and that was important if she wanted to continue. She had a hand continually jacking him off as well.

His mind had gone completely blank. He was surrendering himself entirely to physical pleasure. During one rare lucid moment, he thought, I never knew that ANYTHING could ever feel THIS good! It's unreal! Soooo much better than masturbating! One thing I know for sure is that no matter how this evening turns out, I'll never be satisfied with mere masturbation again. And furthermore, if even Kate and Erin are so fascinated by my large penis, it's possible I could have so much success with girls that I shouldn't have to masturbate ever again!

This changes everything! God, life is GOOD!

Because he wasn't thinking, just reacting, he didn't even realize that his hand on the far side of Kate's waist had started to move. At one point, Erin began stroking her hand from the base of his long cock to the tip and back. While his mind was on that, he imitated Erin by sliding his hand up and down Kate's side, down her hip. And since he had a firm grip on her, that caused her shorts and panties to slide down her hip some.

Kate had been lost in a lusty reverie, just staring at Erin's busy mouth and hands, but the sensation of her clothes tugging down snapped her out of it. Her surly side came to the fore again, and she griped, "Hey! What do you think you're doing, pervert?! Get your hand off of me!"

That snapped him out of his deep erotic fog too. He quickly took his hand off her. "Sorry!" He didn't want to have her angry with him; he just wanted to focus all of his attention on Erin's great cock licking and stroking.

With him taking his hand away, Kate was obliged to take her hand off his waist too, and then move away. She barked with a mean glare, "You should be!" However, she had been enjoying cuddling up against him. It almost made up for the bad view of his crotch she had standing at his side. She kind of wished she could go back to how they had been, but she felt she couldn't after her sharp reaction.

His legs had been feeling weak and wobbly already. Now that he didn't have Kate helping to keep him standing, he worried that he could simply fall to the floor. That was an even more urgent problem than having to cum. He didn't want to lose face, since Jack's advice not to show weakness always remained in the back of his mind.


Happily, he realized he could do something about it before he did crumble. He looked down at Erin and said, "I'm going to go sit down." Then, once she pulled back, he staggered to the sofa a few feet away and plopped down in the middle of it.

He sighed heavily and contentedly, and practically melted into the sofa. He really needed a break, both mentally and physically. Phew! Too intense! What an endless RUSH! To go from never so much as kissing any girl in my life to having my cock licked and stroked by a sex goddess like Erin - and with Kate watching - whoa! It's more than I can handle!

Erin stood up and stretched her arms high in the air, limbering up her body after being on her knees for a while. "Wow! This is great!"

He quietly and helpless moaned to himself, because seeing her do that was such a sexy sight. What a naked body! How is she not famous?! What that body, she should be famous! I almost shudder to think what Kate would look like naked. She'd probably be even HOTTER! I can't even think about that or my brain will explode like a hand grenade!

He decided he needed to shut down for a while or he was likely to cum soon, so he closed his eyes. He also decided to distract his mind from all the sexiness by taking more of his clothes off. Keeping his eyes closed, he removed his shoes and socks by feel, and then pulled his slacks and underwear all the way off his legs and tossed them aside unthinkingly.

Slumping back into the sofa again, he yanked his red tie all the way off, and unbuttoned his dress shirt all the way down his front as well. He considered taking that shirt off too, especially since he was still quite sweaty. But he worried he might be too bold to get completely naked, especially since he couldn't gauge their reaction to what he was doing with his eyes closed.

He needn't have worried, especially from Erin. She was having a grand time. In fact, she felt this was more fun and arousing than getting fucked. Just playing with such an immense penis was a total blast, but having Kate there and watching everything took it to an entirely new level. She couldn't wait to see what could still happen, especially if Kate got directly involved.

She was still thinking of Ryan like a professional male stripper who had been gifted to her to play with. Ryan was reasonably handsome and fit, mostly thanks to his habit of going on long runs every day, but he wasn't bulging with big muscles. He was on the thin side, since he was still growing into his body. Plus, he was fairly pale due to spending most of his time in his room aside from his running, and his short, dark brown hair emphasized that. But while he didn't have a stripper's body, he did have a penis even most of them would envy.

Erin figured this was probably a one-time freak event. She might get to have more fun with Ryan's penis some other time, but she highly doubted Kate would lower her guard like this more than once. She'd never seen Kate lower her guard like this, not even once.

Erin didn't understand how this had happened exactly, but as long as it was happening, she wanted to take full advantage. Her plan was to do everything to his penis that she could think of, including get fucked by it. She had been planning to go down to the party and socialize, especially since her boyfriend would be there, but this took priority.

Her main obstacle was Kate. They were in Kate's room, after all, and she naturally deferred to Kate's authority and forceful personality. Furthermore, she knew how sexually restrained Kate had been, with Kate treating sex like a weapon. The more Kate controlled her own lust and gave her dates only occasional sexual favors, the more power she had over them.

Erin considered this a golden opportunity to get Kate to loosen up. She definitely planned on having lots of fun with Ryan herself, including possibly getting fucked by him, if her pussy could handle such a thick invader. But it was nearly as important for her to see Kate get involved. She felt sorry for her friend, trapped in her own gilded cage, and wanted her to experience total erotic ecstasy at least once in her life.

Plus, there was the very crucial fact that she had a secret crush on Kate. If Kate lost all her sexual inhibitions with Ryan, who knew what else might happen before the evening was over?

So, while Ryan was recovering and taking most of his clothes off, Erin went to where Kate was standing and wrapped her arms around her. That caused her huge bare rack to press into Kate's even more massive clothed one. That was intentional, because although the two of them had never been intimate, she figured it would help keep Kate hot and horny.

Erin stared into Kate's eyes from mere inches away. "I'm having fun! Isn't this fun?"

"Um, I guess." Mindful of her princess persona, Kate had trouble admitting that she was enjoying herself at such a "forbidden" event. But she knew it was impossible to deny that she was getting something out of it, due to her flushed face, heavy breathing, and other obvious signs. So she was trying to act noncommittal.

"'I guess?'" Erin rolled her eyes. Wedging her hand between their curvaceous bodies, she playfully poked at Kate's belly button. "Come on! You can do better than that! I'm going play with his cock some more. Don't you want to join me? It'll be fun!"

Kate looked away, feeling unusually weak and shy. "Um, no. No thanks."

"Touch it! Just once! It won't kill you."

Kate's blush deepened. She was flustered and conflicted. "N-n-n-no! I... I can't! But I won't stop you. Just... just leave me alone!" With that, she tore away from Erin and turned her back on her.

Erin shrugged. "Okay. Whatever. Your loss." She looked to Ryan's erection, jutting up impressively from his crotch, and longed to go back to him. But she wasn't done trying to convince Kate to join in.

She spoke to Kate's back, "Kate, I know you. I'm closer to you than maybe anyone else here. And I know that you're not happy. You're wound up tightly, like one of those old-time hand-wound watches. But instead of unwinding as time passes, you just tighten up more and more! I know that you feel trapped. Everyone calls you 'Princess Kate,' and you feel like you have to act accordingly. You REALLY need to let your hair down, for just once in your life! You know what you need? A great big motherfucking orgasm! That'll unwind you for a couple of weeks, I'll bet!"

Kate longed to turn around and say, "YES! Great idea! Let's do it!" But she didn't.

She hardly even knew what a good orgasm felt like. Her big reward she gave to the dates she got serious with was that she would let him go down on her. If he did a good job, she might even briefly deign to stroke his penis until he came. That was very unusual though, and when it happened it was invariably brief. Her dates would get so very excited due to her great beauty, plus the pussy licking, that it usually only took a minute or two of stroking before they came. She was an expert at being a cocktease, arousing with words and visuals, so she wouldn't have to actually touch her boyfriends that much.

But the problem was Erin was exactly right about her being too wound up, and she knew it. Part of that was that she controlled her sexual desires so tightly that she had trouble orgasming in any situation. It was rare if any of her boyfriends could lick her to climax, even if they went at it a long while. And she hardly ever bothered to masturbate, because she was much less likely to get herself off. She was always too uptight and tense.

Kate might have been tempted to do more if she'd been alone with Ryan, but she didn't want to possibly lose control of her sexual desire with Erin there. She didn't fully trust her. She didn't suspect Erin had a crush on her, since Erin carefully concealed that she even had any attraction towards girls period. But Kate was so high on a pedestal that she had to be constantly on guard for the envious who tried to knock her down in various ways. For instance, what if she did all kinds of wild things with Ryan, and then Erin couldn't resist telling some of the other girls in the sorority? That would seriously dent Kate's carefully manufactured persona.

Kate sighed silently to herself, and took a couple of steps away from Erin. She waved a hand behind her, like a princess dismissing a servant. "You do what you want. Don't mind me."

Erin was disappointed by that, but at least it wasn't a total loss. The night was still young. She hoped to excite and arouse Kate even more by playing with Ryan's cock extensively.

She turned back to him to consider the situation. She decided that while he looked very comfortable plopped in the middle of the sofa, that was not a good position for her purposes. If she knelt between his legs, Kate wouldn't be able to see much of what was going on, and thus wouldn't feel tempted.

She decided to let him in on her thinking to get his help. She went to the sofa and cuddled up next to him. She purred, "Hey, stud."

That definitely got his attention. He opened his eyes, and saw her looking at him from mere inches away. He was staggered, because her face was so very beautiful.

She brought one hand to his still very erect cock, and resumed jacking him off. She asked him, "So... enjoying yourself?"

He laughed, because the answer was obvious. "Yeah! You bet!"

She flashed her pearly whites at him. She had a great smile. "Good." With her free hand, she took his nearest hand and brought it to her tits. "By the way, you can touch me too."

"I can?!" His face lit up like a child being told it was time to open Christmas presents. But then he remembered he was supposed to be playing the part of the jaded and sexually experienced dominator of many beautiful girls. So he tried again, attempting to act less enthusiastic, "Um, cool."

But his giddy glee showed through, especially once he started to caress and fondle. He quickly brought his other hand to her chest and repositioned slightly so he could explore both of her F-cups at once. It was such a thrill that he almost forgot about the way she was jacking him off (although his pulsing hot erection definitely didn't forget!).

She smiled brightly at his youthful joy. But she had a purpose in getting close to him, and it wasn't to cuddle and fondle. She brought her mouth right to his ear and whispered into it, so Kate couldn't hear, "Ryan, you seem to have some special interest in Kate, don't you?"

He whispered back, "I do. Although I've just met you, and you're great too!" He sank his fingers into her tit-flesh, kneading her great orbs perhaps a little too vigorously, due to his sheer enthusiasm.

She carefully whispered, while she kept on jacking him off, "Thanks. I don't know what your 'claiming' talk is all about, but if you want to have sex with her, you've gotta be smart and strategic. She's a tough nut to crack. We need to work together. I believe she's reaching a breaking point. She wants to run wild, but won't let herself do it. I want to make sure she at least has some fun tonight, with you. I don't think she even knows what a real orgasm is! But you can fix that."

"Sure! I'll be glad to help!" Realizing he was probably getting too carried with Erin's soft tits, he tried to simply caress them from below.

Smiling from ear to ear, Erin leaned in and rewarded him with a brief peck on the cheek. Ironically, even as she made that quaint gesture, she was rubbing his sweet spot with one hand and reaching inside his unbuttoned dress shirt to explore his chest with her other hand.

"What should I do?" He was slowly running his hands all over her huge knockers, even as he tried his best to pay attention to her important words. Simply exploring their immense size with a light touch was as fun as sinking his fingers into them.

Erin glanced over at Kate, and saw that she was sitting on a chair directly in front of them, but about ten feet away. Clearly, Kate was dying to hear what they were whispering about. Plus, Kate's eyes seemed glued to watching Erin's fingers dancing on his hard-on.

Erin licked his ear a little bit, making him shiver. Then she continued her whispering, "The main thing is, we need to put on a good show for her. I'm going to get back to licking your cock and maybe even sucking on it, in a minute. Do you have any objection to that?"

He spoke out loud, "Definitely not!" He laughed.

She laughed too, and replied just as loudly. "I thought not!" But then she was careful to resume whispering. "But we need to do it at a good angle, so she can see absolutely everything. Can you help with that?"

"Of course!" Again, he asked, with a whisper again, "What should I do?"

"That's easy. Just slide down to the end of the sofa. I'll lie face down on it, with my face in your crotch. Keep your legs spread open and your cock pointing up so she can see absolutely everything. How does that sound?"


"I knew you'd like that." She chuckled. "And your beast seems to like it too." She brought her other hand from his chest to his cock and lavishly jacked him off with both hands.

Kate had been trying to keep silent and remain unnoticed, since she was embarrassed that she was even there and watching. She couldn't get enough of seeing his pre-cum dripping down Erin's busy fingers, and she was taking mental notes so she could capably stroke him too. A part of her was still resisting the idea of even touching his penis, but that part was losing.

All the mysterious whispering was driving her crazy, and she was used to being demanding. So she complained, "Hey, you two! What's with all the whispering over there?! Are you two talking about me?"

Erin looked at Kate and said sarcastically, "Yes. We're plotting your assassination." Then she managed to extricate herself from Ryan and stand up. She was sad about that, because she was having a great time. She particularly liked the way he was playing with her big tits. She sensed he didn't have much experience with that, if any, but he seemed to have a natural touch.

Kate griped, "Ha ha, very funny. What are you really whispering about?"

She walked over to where Kate sat and stood in front of her. She figured she needed to get off the sofa to better justify getting back on it in a completely different position. She told Kate, "Not everything revolves around you. As it so happens, what I'm doing is called 'seduction.' I was telling Ryan how much I love his big banana cock, and telling him what I want to do with it. I don't know if my lips will manage it, but I really want to try sucking him off! What do you think? Can I fit The Beast into my mouth?"

She had casually called his penis a "beast" a couple of times, and she decided on a whim to give it that nickname. It seemed fitting.

Kate had a deer-in-headlights look. She was just sitting there, still wearing her tank-top and shorts, but she had a very strong desire to masturbate. She wished she could expose her privates so she could freely touch herself everywhere, but she felt she wasn't allowed to do that. She was in the habit of resisting her sexual desires as much as possible, since she was afraid of losing control and power.

Erin's question forced Kate to think about the possibility of sucking Ryan's cock. Kate's sexual urges were talking over, causing her to unconsciously salivate and lick her lips at that prospect. She quietly spoke her thoughts out loud, hoping Ryan wouldn't hear. "It's so big! It's too big! I can't even imagine!" She seemed to lose hope, and her face soured. "No way! No way! It's impossible!"

Erin smirked. "I'll see about that." She loved that Kate opposed her not as a matter of principle, but due to practical concerns. She could work with that and prove her wrong.

The whole time they were talking, her bare tits were still pressing into Kate's clothed ones, arousing them both. Erin considered herself mostly straight, and in fact she'd never really been intimate with another girl. (She had her reputation to think of, and didn't want to be seen as "slutty.") However, one reason she'd put up with being one of Kate's friends despite Kate's usual uptight and bitchy attitude was due to her secret crush on her, so she delighted in this "accidental" contact. She even brought her hands to Kate's ass cheeks and kept them there. It was disappointing for her that Kate had her shorts on, but just being able to hold her bubble butt for the first time in any circumstance was a total joy.

Kate also was being affected by being pressed up against Erin, especially since she was highly aware of the fact that Erin was naked from head to toe. She carefully kept her hands wrapped around the middle of Erin's back, but she was tempted to slide those hands down to Erin's bare ass cheeks. She was losing control over her libido, slowly but surely.

Like Erin, Kate considered herself mostly straight. However, there had been times she found herself getting aroused by Erin or some of her other gorgeous friends and flunkies, especially since they often wore very little when it was "just us girls." Ryan had lucked into just such a situation when he'd arrived.

Erin intended to talk to Kate some more to further tempt her, but she was feeling too tempted by Ryan's cock herself and was eager to get back to it. She concluded, "I'm going to get him in my mouth. Just you watch!" That word choice was deliberate, because she wanted to make clear that she wanted Kate to watch everything.

With that, Erin let go of Kate and turned around to go back to the sofa.

However, she was surprised to find it was unnecessary, because while she'd been talking Ryan had pulled up a desk chair on rollers and wheeled it across the carpet to a spot right behind where the two girls had been hugging. He was so close that Erin almost stumbled over him.

Being a clever guy, hhe'd thought that while Erin's idea for a new position on the sofa was an improvement, that would still leave him and Erin on one side of the room and Kate on the other. Kate would have a much better view if they could cut that distance in half or more. So he had pulled the desk chair as close to where Kate would be sitting as he could.

Erin caught on to his intentions right away, deciding that this indeed was better than anything on the sofa. She acted unfazed, and just happily said, "Oh, there you are!" She dropped to her knees before him, but she was careful to remain on the outer side of one of his legs. She also slightly changed the angle of the chair to give Kate the best possible view from her chair.

Wasting no time, Erin reached for Ryan's dick. It was starting to flag somewhat, so she started stroking that problem away. She immediately brought her face to it, practically enveloping his nearest thigh with her big knockers as she did so. She puffed air on his sweet spot, stimulating his cock to engorge fully again.

Then she cheekily whispered to it, "Hey there, big boy, did you miss me? Because I missed you!" She kissed his sweet spot, then started fervently kissing his boner all over. That soon turned into licking, coupled with lots more stroking. Clearly, having her body on the other side of his leg wasn't proving to be an obstacle.

Kate drifted back to her seat and fell into it. She didn't have to go very far. If she and Ryan had tried to reach their hands out for each other, they would have been able to touch. That closeness disturbed her. But she was so extremely horny that her normally very demanding demeanor was dulled. She merely complained, "Do you two have to sit so close to me? Why don't you use the sofa?"

Erin replied as she licked and kissed around Ryan's cockhead, "This is better. More comfy. Besides, I want you to see from up close when I swallow him, so there can be no doubt that I did it."

That was a very weak excuse, but Kate wasn't thinking clearly anymore so she didn't question it.

As planned, Erin had his boner pointing straight up so Kate could have a clear view of all of it.

Kate was already staring wide-eyed. Her face was flushed and her body was hot all over, and Erin was just getting started. Seeing Ryan's penis fully engorged was breathtaking in and of itself. But seeing Erin's fingers dancing up and down it and her tongue actually kissing and licking it was like an endless head rush. She stammered, "Well... just... fucking... get on with it already!"

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