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Erin decided that was for the best. She briefly looked up into Ryan's eyes, and gave him a smile. "Is The Beast ready for me?"

He laughed. He never would have imagined his penis would gain such a flattering nickname. "He is!"

She smiled. "Okay, here goes nothing!" Craning her mouth wide open, she suddenly engulfed all of his cockhead.

Ryan was grateful that his penis had just experienced a couple minutes of rest, because he knew he was going to need it. He felt such a great surge of arousal that he repeatedly gasped for air like a fish out of water. His eyes bugged out, staring right at Kate in front of him. Even (scantily) clothed, she was an incredible, sexy sight.

Kate was gasping with wide eyes, exactly like him. However, her gaze was locked on what Erin was doing with her mouth. She had an ideal side view, allowing her to see everything. She was close enough to see a fine sheen of sweat on Erin's face. Her own mouth ached in sympathy from seeing how widely Erin's lips were stretched open.

Ryan could have seen that same sight too, and from even closer up, but he deliberately avoided doing that. He justifiably worried that seeing his thickness plunging into Erin's gorgeous face would make him cum on the spot. So he kept on staring at Kate. But that was a dangerously sexy sight as well.

Kate was thinking as she stared, How can she do that?! I could never do that! That's the equal of three normal cocks put together, and longer! That would be just like cramming my entire hand in my mouth and keeping it there! It's not right!

But it's hot! Too hot! That has to be the hottest thing I've ever seen! Don't give up, Erin!

Kate finally sensed that he was looking at her. She looked up to his face and confirmed it. Her face was red with embarrassment as she complained with great annoyance, "Don't look at me! Look at her! I'm just... I'm just..." She didn't want to admit that she was watching. So she lamely claimed, "I'm just sitting here to make sure you don't harm her or something."

The truth was, she really was annoyed, because she wanted to masturbate more than ever before, but she was too embarrassed to do it with Ryan looking right at her. She was so hot and bothered that she was tempted to at least play with herself some through her clothes if he would only look away.

He didn't realize how she really felt. However, he was too distracted to think about it much. Having Erin take his cockhead into his mouth was so thrilling and arousing that he was forced to shut his eyes tight and clench his teeth for good measure. He even clutched at the sides of Erin's head unthinkingly, fighting hard not to cum.

So far, Erin was merely keeping his cockhead in her mouth. Just doing that much was a struggle. She thought, For fuck's sake! I've sucked some thick penises here and there, but this one takes the cake! This is a fucking jawbreaker! Literally!

She fought to breathe through her nose. Even though that gave her the oxygen she needed, her body still had a compulsion to eject his cock from her mouth, because it was unnatural to have something that large filling one's oral cavity. But she wasn't going to give up easily. She figured she had to keep going, and even try to pretend that what she was doing was easy, so Kate wouldn't get skittish about doing it later.

Erin's difficulty was a lucky break for Ryan. He was so very excited that he'd been nearly on the edge of hyperventilating. Getting his cock sucked by any girl for the very first time was plenty thrilling enough. The fact that it was a total stunner like Erin was so great that he had trouble believing it, even as it was undeniably happening to him.

Luckily, the fact that he'd become something of a masturbation "expert" helped greatly. He didn't just cum many times a day; he had learned every trick in the book to delay his orgasm, from squeezing his PC muscle (his most important trick) to breathing exercises, and more. Whenever he climaxed, he considered that a disappointment and a defeat, because it ended in mere seconds and then his prolonged fun was over.

With Erin merely adjusting to his cockhead in her mouth for well over a minute, he was able to come down from his close orgasmic call and start to mentally cope. He decided to keep his eyes tightly shut, because as much as he wanted to stare at Kate's voluptuous body, he worried that could push him over the edge. He was even more eager to look down at Erin's mouth, crammed full of his cock, but he still didn't dare do that either.

He thought, I can't look! I just can't! That would definitely be tempting fate. He was trying to act like a sexually experienced dominant, not the total virgin that he really was. If he came in just a minute or two, he would be "blowing it" in more ways than one.

Erin's heart was thumping hard and fast, just like his and even Kate's were doing. She thought, Fuck me! Fucking hell! This isn't getting any easier! I don't know why... but this is a total blast! It's like, it's fucking EXTREME cocksucking! Forget what I knew before, with other guys. This is a whole new thing!

Feeling inspired and energized, she started to slide her lips back and forth. She kept her eyes shut, since she was intensely concentrating on what she was doing. Merely keeping his cockhead in her mouth was like a non-stop battle. That had never been the case with any other cock she'd experienced before, not even the thickest ones she'd known.

Ryan moaned and groaned loudly. The pleasure was incredible. He knew he was in for the ride of his life. He was squeezing his PC muscle non-stop. Even though his pleasure was an order of magnitude greater than any of his previous masturbation sessions, the squeezing seemed to be working.

Reacting to his groans, Kate asked, "What? What?!" She knew "what," since she could see the side profile of Erin's mouth starting to move back and forth. But she was so out of control horny that she wasn't thinking before speaking.

Thinking that she wanted a real answer, he kept his eyes shut as he responded, "She's... she's starting to... to... suck!"

Of course Kate knew that, since she could see it in great detail. Erin's face wasn't close enough for her to reach out and touch, but she felt like it was. There was a line of drool out of the visible corner of Erin's mouth, and Kate felt like brushing it with her finger.

Kate squealed, "FUCK! That's hot!" She was reacting like she'd just been told the most amazing news in the history of the world, and it kind of felt like that to her in the heat of the moment. She IS starting to suck! Look at her lips sliding back and forth over his crown! It's too hot! I can't even bear to look. I'm going to burst into flames!

Kate's massive G-cups were heaving up and down on her bra-less chest so much that she had to bring her hands to them to slow their wild motions. Once her hands were there, it felt too good to let go. She had noticed that Ryan had kept his eyes closed tightly even while talking to her, so she figured he wasn't going to open them any time soon. She began caressing and fondling her great globes through her effectively useless tank-top.

She knew she was taking a big risk of getting caught, but her libido was in the driver's seat now. It was like she had no choice. In fact, after just one minute of fondling her great G-cups, and seeing that both Ryan and Erin were keeping their eyes closed, she brought her hands under her tank-top to directly tease and pull on her erect nipples.

That was an even bigger risk, obviously. But she was so far gone she was quickly forgetting to be afraid. Watching Erin's lips slide back and forth over Ryan's immense shaft was the sexiest thing she'd ever experienced in her life. Her open mouth gaped as wide open as she could manage while she fantasized that she was the one doing the sucking.

Kate wasn't completely sexually inexperienced, just uptight and controlling.

Once, the year before, she'd had a boyfriend named Mark that she liked more than most. He was better at licking her pussy than most, and they'd dated for several months, which was longer than most. She liked him so much that, a couple of times, she not only jacked him off to orgasm, she even licked his erection. Being a selfish lover, she was more interested in seeing if she liked it than wanting to please him. But she had decided it did nothing for her, and she'd refused to do it anymore. They broke up not long after that. (Generally speaking, her boyfriends didn't last long because they grew tired of her bitchy persona and her extremely limited sexual willingness.)

Yet, despite coming to that conclusion about licking Mark's average-sized penis, she couldn't wait to find out what licking Ryan's cock was like. During her sexual experiences with Mark and all her other boyfriends, she had been in complete control, and she held onto the proverbial reins very tightly. As previously mentioned, she saw her sexual allure as a means to control men, but that also meant she had to severely control her own desires to keep them in a "pussy-whipped" state.

She found herself thinking, Okay, this is... interesting. I'll give her another minute, just because I'm curious to see if she really can keep going. But then the fun has to stop. I mean, this has to stop. I can't let that creepy guy have a good time! Not on my watch!

However, at that moment she felt as if everything was out of control. She literally had no ability to control what Erin and Ryan were doing to each other. She was so insanely horny that even telling them to stop wasn't an option anymore, and despite her conscious thoughts, she knew that on some deeper level. She watched not knowing what might happen from moment to moment. It was exhilarating and liberating. She was starting to realize she didn't even like being in control over her boyfriends. It sucked all the fun out of sex. She longed to experience the kind of intense fun and joy that Erin clearly was having.

Another minute passed, and then another. Kate grumbled to herself, Okay, one more minute, and that's it. I can't believe she's STILL doing it! But her intent to tell Erin to stop was fading rapidly.

Meanwhile, Erin was taking things step by step. Cocksucking Ryan was much more difficult than she'd ever imagined when she'd eagerly announced that she was going to suck him. Already, she could feel a few streams of tears rolling down her cheeks from the sheer effort of it all. She started sliding her hand up and down his long, soaked shaft, but that was about all she could manage. Although she considered herself a very talented cocksucker, she wasn't doing any special moves or even using her tongue at all.

Kate naturally saw the tears rolling down the side of Erin's face that she could see, and that profoundly affected her. She's crying! But why?! Is she sad?! No, even with her face all scrunched up in agony I can tell she's not sad. In fact, she's fucking loving it! Her whole naked body is humming with energy; I can see that! So maybe they are tears of joy. But she really does look like she's suffering too. Maybe they are tears of, I dunno, the sheer difficulty of it? If I kept something that huge in my mouth, I'd probably cry too! It must be torture!

So why the fuck does that look so tempting?! Why does she keep going, for the pleasure of some random guy?! What the fuck is wrong with her?! With me?!

Kate realized with a start that she was licking her lips and salivating. She came to an epiphany. I WANT that! In MY mouth! At the very least, I could touch it and even lick it! It looks so hot and ALIVE!

Ryan's enjoyment was steadily growing but, remarkably, he was actually finding it easier to stave off his orgasm. The initial novelty of his first blowjob had nearly been too much, but somehow his body was coping, adjusting, and even thriving. He thought, Just feeling Erin briefly licking my cock earlier blows masturbation out of the water, but this blows what she did then out of the water! Shit, I'm never going to masturbate again in my life if I can help it, not if I have busty babes like Erin helping me!

Kate was transfixed. With Ryan and Erin both keeping their eyes firmly closed, she had forgotten all about getting caught. Any idea of calling a halt to the proceedings was out of her mind too. Not only did she kept directly fondling her gigantic tits, as time passed, her tank-top rose up until those twin beauties were fully exposed. Her body felt the exposure, and she loved it, and yet her mind didn't consciously realize it.

But she didn't stop there. Eventually, one of her hands slid down to her crotch. At first, they had slid inside her shorts and panties, and she started to diddle her clit. But that was bothersome, because her shorts were rather tight. She unbuttoned them and pulled them down a bit, and that felt better. Soon, she was fingering her clit and slit with gusto.

She most certainly did notice that, and thought, I'm so ashamed! I'm soooo baaaaad! I shouldn't be doing this. I don't even LIKE sex! But for the love of God, I have no choice! Just look at Erin's sliding lips! All that cock! I'm not a bisexual in the slightest, but I can't deny that Erin is absolutely beautiful! Just look at her bare breasts swinging in time to her bobbing head! Gaawwwd! They're so BIG! Is this how guys feel when they stare at MY chest? I'm going to cry from being too horny and overjoyed, just from watching!

She couldn't believe how wet she was down there. Because she controlled her lust like a miser hoarding money, she'd had trouble getting her pussy wet with her boyfriends, even when they'd gone down on her. Oftentimes, the boyfriend had to add lube or spit just to keep going. Whereas now, Kate's fingers and panties were getting soaked. She hadn't even realized she was capable of this level of wetness or arousal. She didn't understand why it had never happened to her before, because she had dated some very handsome and charming men.

What she didn't yet realize was that looks and charm were just two arousal factors out of many, and in her case they clearly were not the most important ones. Earlier, Jack had been bullshitting Ryan when he'd said, "There's nothing more arousing than breaking taboo," but although his motives were foul, he had made a good point. In Kate's case, losing control of her carefully maintained princess persona was her greatest fear as well as her secret desire. Ryan was unwittingly tapping into those powerful emotional currents simply by getting her uncontrollably horny with his oversized erection and impressive stamina.

Erin continued to suck. At times, she wanted nothing more than to pull off and take a breather, but she knew if she did that, it would be an ordeal getting him into her mouth again. Instead, sometimes she just stopped all her movement and concentrated on breathing through her nose for a while. That seemed to help.

Out of the blue, Kate asked in a near whisper, "Are you... are you enjoying yourself?"

"MMMM! Mmmm-hmmm!" Erin couldn't speak coherently with her mouth entirely full, but she tried her best to show her affirmative answer with her tone of voice, as well as her wide eyes and wiggling eyebrows.

Kate thought, Sweet Jesus! She IS enjoying that?! But how can that be?! I hate having to touch a penis, much less sucking on one like that. But maybe there's something I've been missing?! I wish I could feel as ecstatic as she looks right now! There's something... captivating about her slurping on something that large. It's so lewd and debauched! She's suffering so much for the pleasure of this totally strange guy!

Gradually, Erin started to grow accustomed to the unnatural feeling of having her mouth stuffed way too full. She was determined to bring her considerable cocksucking skills to the fore. At first, she just concentrated on using her tongue against his sweet spot inside her mouth while her lips continued to slide back and forth.

Ryan practically flipped out the first moment he felt that. He suddenly shouted, "Whoa! WOW!"

Kate unthinkingly asked, "What?! What now?!"

He opened his eyes to reply, "She's using her... tongue..." His voice trailed off, because he was stunned by what he saw. For starters, he could see Kate's immense tits completely uncovered for the first time. Yes, she still had her tank-top on, but it was pulled up high under her armpits, so that didn't concern him.

Her great globes were just as awe-inspiring as he'd imagined. Better, even. She had a nice light tan on her body, and he was delighted to see that there were no tan lines across her tits, although they were a tad lighter than the skin elsewhere. Her erect nipples were neither unusually small nor large, and ideally centered on her firm globes.

He thought, HOLY SHIT! Incredible! Simply incredible! So BIG! And the shape of her tits is just as impressive as their size. If I were to Photoshop a topless picture of her, there's nothing I would want to change. Her chest is like a work of art!

But that wasn't all he saw. Kate had her hands on her left tit and appeared to be pinching her nipple there. Also, her shorts and panties had slid down her thighs in the past couple of minutes due to her vigorous fingerbanging action. As a result, he could see two of her fingers were digging deeply in her soaked slit, pumping in and out. He also noticed that her pussy mound was completely shaved, just like Erin's. It looked as smooth and hairless as a baby's.

He only had a few seconds to take all that in though, because Kate realized he was looking at her and she belatedly came out of her erotic stupor. She covered her nipples with an arm and cupped her pussy protectively, and then even tried to curl up into a ball in her easy chair. She shut her eyes tightly, as if not seeing him meant he couldn't see her, and she blushed profusely. She screamed, "DON'T LOOK AT ME!"

That message couldn't have been any more clearer, and he didn't want her to freak out. So he said, "Okay! Sorry! I'm not looking at you!" He shut his eyes even tighter than before. Then, since his hands weren't doing anything, especially since he'd stopped clutching Erin's head a couple of minutes ago, he covered his face with both hands for good measure.

There was no way for Erin not to notice Kate's screaming. She was reluctant to pull her lips off Ryan's cock to turn and see just what was going on, since it would be such a bother to engulf him again, but she opened one eye and peered out the corner of it to check out what Kate was doing. She was too late to see Kate masturbating, since Kate had already covered up as best she could, but she immediately saw how Kate's tank-top was pulled up and her shorts and panties were pulled down, and she guessed easily enough what Ryan must have seen.

She was bummed that she'd missed that sexy sight. At times, Erin and Kate had been naked around each other. (Kate severely limited what she'd do with her boyfriends, but she knew she had a fantastic body and she liked to flaunt it, at least around certain trustworthy people.) However, Erin had never seen Kate masturbate. She would have given a lot to see that.

More seriously, Erin worried that Kate might freak out and leave or even call a stop to the fun. She wondered if she should engage in some damage control by talking to her to calm her down. But instead, she decided the best thing to do was pretend like she hadn't seen anything and just keep on sucking Ryan's cock. Hopefully, Kate would be too distracted by that jaw-busting sight to stay upset.

Happily, that's exactly what happened. Kate remained covered up and curled up, and even ready to bolt, like a frightened deer. She muttered in her mind, I can't believe I let this pervert see my body. Nobody gets to see me like that. Nobody!

But Ryan kept his hands over his face, so she noticed she had nothing to complain about there. And she saw Erin's lips resume their lewd sucking motion. Erin's lips were still improbably stretched around Ryan's thickness, and the tears were still flowing down Erin's gorgeous face.

Kate was simply too fascinated and aroused to remain spooked for long. A minute passed, and then another. Kate would have thought that merely watching someone else suck cock would get boring for her after a while, but in fact it was the opposite: the longer Erin's sucked, the more enthralled Kate felt.

After a couple more minutes, Kate was sitting exactly like before. She even resumed fondling her nipples and her pussy, because she simply couldn't help herself. She thought, I have GOT to give that a try! Maybe not the sucking part. Hell, definitely not that part! Erin deserves a god-damned gold medal for doing that. She hasn't even pulled off once! But definitely the touching and the licking part!

And not with him either. No way! He's not worthy of my body. Not even close. I'll have to find some other guy, some high-bred, high-class guy, with a dick that large. But at least I can learn from watching Erin so I'll know what I'm doing.

Kate didn't realize it, but she was bobbing her head in time to Erin's bobbing. She even had her mouth craned wide open and she was salivating copiously as she tried to imagine what it would be like to be in Erin's place. Her heart race and her body burned with lust.

She's right: I do need to let go and live life! Who am I trying to please? Everyone else, or myself? I'm making myself miserable maintaining this fake personality. I don't want to be the fucking queen or princess of Kappa Kappa Gamma anymore! Much less the fucking beauty queen of the whole damn university! I want to let my hair down and have some fucking FUN! Like Erin's having right now!

Sex must be much better than what I've experienced. I can see that truth written on her suffering but euphoric face! Why the hell is everyone so sex-obsessed if it isn't much, much better? I want to know, and Ryan's cock could be the key to set me free!

Erin occasionally peeked at Kate, just to make sure things were back to normal. She longed to take a longer look, now that Kate was masturbating again, but she knew Kate was staring right at her face, and while the attention was on her busy mouth, it would be all too easy for Kate to notice Erin's eyes were open and thus freak out all over again.

Instead, the sexy redhead concentrated on taking her cocksucking to the next level. She went back to using her tongue on his sweet spot, as well as maintaining her sliding lip-lock and keeping her hands busy on his shaft and balls (but not in a way that blocked Kate's view!). Once she had all that down, she started varying up her licking technique, as well as her sucking motions and rhythms.

That felt so wonderful for Ryan that he had no choice but to lower his hands and hold the sides of his chair. He clenched whatever part of his chair was at hand like he was scared shitless on a wild roller-coaster ride. He had to use all the tricks mastered through his frequent masturbation in order to delay his climax.

Unfortunately, now that Erin was effectively using her hands, lips, and tongue all at once, even his best wasn't good enough. There was one very special technique he used in emergencies, which was sharply squeezing the base of his shaft. But out of the blue he realized he was starting to cum already, so it was too late to use that. He shouted, "Cumming! Gonna cum!"

Erin reacted fast and pulled her lips off his shaft with a loud popping sound. Then, with both of her hands stroking and yet also aiming his cock, she shut her eyes tightly and braced herself. She wanted him to cum on her face not because she loved it (in the past she had tolerated it with some of her more eager boyfriends), but so Kate could see it.

Sure enough, he started to fire his cum towards her. Due to years of having to hide his masturbation from his parents, he had gotten very good at cumming quietly. But this time his arousal was so off-the-charts sky high that he moaned and groaned most emphatically.

Erin carefully aimed his cum this way and that to make sure her face was thoroughly covered in his seed. Porn videos show lots of facials for a reason: it may or may not be more pleasurable for the people involved, depending on their attitudes, but it's much more visually interesting for the viewer.

To Erin's surprise, his erupting cock splattered cum all over her forehead, nose, eye sockets, cheeks, chin, opened mouth, and neck, and yet there was more still cum blasting out. So she acted decisively and sat up higher on her knees, so her tits weren't pressed against his thigh. Then she re-aimed his hard-on towards her chest and let the last third or so of his load fire all over her massive F-cups.

For her grand finale, she let go of his cock altogether as his last ropes petered out, and then fingered her clit and slit at the same time. She hadn't played with herself at all up until this point, because the blowjob had been taking up all her attention. But her own need to cum had steadily grown, and so it only took a little bit of touching before she sailed into blissful orgasm-land herself. She screamed loudly and without restraint for a good minute until she was all done.

Mindful that her face and tits were soaked with cum, she sat back on her heels instead of resting against his leg.

Kate was close to orgasm too. In fact, since she'd been masturbating while red hot with lusty need for a good while now, she was even closer to the edge than Erin was. WOW! So much cum! SO MUCH CUM! Incredible!

Kate could have climaxed any time she wanted, except she had been holding back with all her might. Her habit of tensing up and stifling her lust was hindering her even now. But after seeing Ryan cum so copiously all over Erin, and then watching Erin cum too, she couldn't hold out one second longer. She kept right on fingerbanging herself, but she winced and opened her mouth wide as she let out a silent scream.

She was fighting with all her might not to make any noise, for fear that would cause the other two to notice that she'd climaxed.

Unfortunately for her modesty, she had waited too long before giving in. Ryan's orgasm was over and done and he'd recovered enough to open his eyes to gawk at his cum thoroughly covering Erin's face, with plenty more on her great round tits too. He immediately decided this had to be the sexiest sight ever, even better than some other sights from earlier. It was even better when he got to witness her screaming and cumming.

He'd thought that was the end, but then he'd heard just enough from Kate to look her way and realized she was starting to cum too. As a result, he witnessed all of her silent but very sexy climax.

Furthermore, since Kate had the best climax of her life, a multiple orgasm that went on for nearly two minutes, even Erin recovered and had time to wipe her eye sockets clean enough of cum to be able to catch the very end of Kate's silent but wide-mouth and trembling scream.


Then Kate opened her eyes and realized to her horror that both Ryan and Erin knew that she'd had a big orgasm. She suddenly stood up, as if ready to run out of the room. However, she couldn't do that, both because her clothes were pulled off her privates and because she was still woozy and nearly delirious from her powerful orgasm. She was even regretting trying to stand.

Erin wanted to jump up and give her a reassuring hug to prevent her from bolting. However, she was so very cummy that she worried bringing Kate into close contact with her splattered skin might just freak her out even more. Instead, she nodded to Ryan and motioned that he should go to Kate and help her.

Ryan got the message. He stood up in a flash, rushed to Kate, and wrapped her in his arms. He was not a moment too soon, because she needed his support to stay standing.

Kate thought, Oh no! I can't let him hug me! I'm naked and he's a nobody! This is all wrong! However, the ultra-busty blonde practically melted into his arms, heedless of the fact that he was only wearing his dress shirt, wide open in front. Furthermore, it was questionable if she was really wearing anything at all, since her tank-top was rolled up to her armpits and her shorts and panties were well down her thighs.

Her body felt fantastic, but he simply held her like a loving parent comforting a scared child. He even said "there, there," and slowly stroked his hand up and down her back.

He was very mindful of the fact that her amazing G-cups were pressing against his chest. Since his dress shirt was opened wide in front, it was skin-on-skin contact all the way. He could feel her stiff nipples poking him directly, just below his nipples. It was difficult, but he managed to simply keep his hands on her back.

Kate thought, I shouldn't let this happen! I need to push him away. But I really need a hug! It's all too intense! What the hell just happened to me?!

She wanted to cry. Then she actually gave in and started to sob. It wasn't that she was sad. And although she was shocked and embarrassed, it wasn't that either. She was simply emotionally overwhelmed from her orgasm and everything else that had happened. She wasn't used to losing control and letting her libido run wild. In fact, she'd never experienced that before in her life. It was exhilarating and frightening at the same time.

Meantime, she was thinking about what she'd just witnessed. She had her head resting on one of Ryan's shoulders, and that left her looking right at Erin. Erin had stood up too, but she hadn't done anything about the fact that her face and tits were covered in Ryan's cum. In fact, Erin walked right up to Ryan's backside, putting her face directly in front of Kate's. She wanted to be sure there was nowhere else for Kate to look.

Astonished, Kate exclaimed, "So much cum! So much fucking CUM! Ryan, how is that you came THAT MUCH?!"

As if Kate wasn't overwhelmed already, she jerked and twitched in his arms because she started to feel his dick rise up against her thigh, just above where her shorts and panties had slid down. It was moving on its own, engorging and seemingly heading for her pussy lips like it had a homing beacon trained on her hot gash.

She exclaimed, more in awe than distress, "RYAN! Are you getting erect again?!" She brought a hand down between their bodies and touched his cock for the first time. It was still soaked from Erin's saliva and his cum and pre-cum, but she was too horny to care much. It was her intention to carefully steer it above and to the side of his slit, and she did. She was tall, but he was slightly taller, so once his hard-on was poking straight up and was pressed against the bulge of her lower abdomen, she figured she was safe.

However, once she'd taken his cock in her hand, she simply didn't let go. She felt repeated chills and thrills race up and down her spine as she fondled his cock all over for the first time. Okay, this doesn't count. I'm not doing this! This is a time out from reality, because I have to see just how big he feels!

She tried to touch the tip of her thumb to the tip of her middle finger, but she couldn't quite manage, just as Erin had failed. That aroused her to no end. She whispered in awe, "My God, Ryan! Your cock is so big! It's so fucking big!"

Since Erin was standing behind Ryan, she couldn't see what was happening between him and Kate. However, she was close enough to hear Kate's whispering, and she happily commented, "It is! That's why I call it 'The Beast!'"

Kate was going to be annoyed, but then she decided to keep her complaints to herself. She was way, way too horny. And anytime she looked at Erin's cummy face and tits, it was like another jolt of electric arousal. It went without saying that Kate had never allowed any of her boyfriends to cum on her, anywhere. If they didn't cum onto their own hands or a cup or something like that, and then quickly and completely dispose of the mess, that probably was the last date.

But that was then and this was now. Kate was looking at everything sexual with brand new eyes. And seeing all the cum on Erin was almost too sexy to take. She would look at her, then get too overwhelmed and look away, only to give in and look again and repeat the process. Shit! I have to stop! I have to let go! But I've never felt like this before. The feeling is so intoxicating, so wonderful! I'll just have to pretend I'm with one of my GQ boyfriends instead of this total nobody, because I can't stop holding his penis!

Erin was secretly delighted. She thought, This is working out far better than I could ever have imagined! I've secretly desired Kate for ages, but I never thought anything would actually happen. (Erin was a junior, and she'd lived on the third floor near Kate all last year due to looks taking precedence over seniority.) But tonight, it seems anything is possible. It looks like Kate is actually fondling his cock!

Erin moved to get a side view of Ryan and Kate. That allowed her to get an occasional peek between their bodies, enough to confirm that Kate did indeed have her hand on Ryan's boner. Yep, she IS! Incredible! I didn't know she had it in her. But she's crossed some point of no return, I think. As long as we can keep her in this super horny condition, who knows what'll happen next? Maybe I can get her to lick the cum right off my face!

She went back to where she had been standing before, to make sure Kate got a long look at the cum dripping down her cheeks, forehead, chin, and more.

With Kate's attention mostly on Erin and thinking about how virile Ryan must be to cum that much, she was surprisingly inattentive about the very important fact that her hand was on his newly stiff cock. She told herself that she was still merely moving it to a safe spot, even though she was taking a suspiciously long amount of time doing that. But then she realized her hand had somehow started pumping up and down his wet shaft. It felt so good that she didn't want to stop.

In fact, she was so excited about what her hand was doing that she loudly exclaimed, "Oh my God! It IS 'The Beast!' I'm jacking him off and I fucking love it! Erin, I swear, this thing is just TOO FUCKING BIG!"

Erin smiled knowingly. "You said it, sister!" She walked around the hugging couple until she stood directly behind Kate. Then she said, "By the way, I think you're overdressed. Here, let me help you." With that, she yanked Kate's shorts and panties down below her knees.

This distressed Kate, but not enough to break the hug with Ryan and do something about it. She didn't even stop stroking his cock. She had very angry thoughts for Ryan. You have no idea how lucky you are. I never do this for anybody, much less a nobody loser like you! And I never let anybody see me or touch me naked like this either. I don't even understand how this is happening to me!

The others had no idea what she was thinking, except for some angst on her face. All she could manage to convey was when she loudly complained to Erin, "What the hell do you think you're doing?!"

Erin replied, "I'm taking the rest of your clothes off. Duh." By this time, she had Kate's panties and shorts at ankle height.

The anger of Kate's last comment seemed to vanish. She merely meekly griped, "You shouldn't be doing that." But the far more important fact was she helpfully lifted one foot and then the other so Erin was able to get the shorts and panties all the way off.

Now, the only clothes still left on any of them were Ryan's dress shirt and Kate's tank-top. Erin was determined to get them just as naked as she was. She believed that Kate had crossed some point of no return after her big orgasm, and she figured if Kate were completely nude, that would help prevent her from cooling back down.

So Erin stood up and tugged at the pulled up tank-top. "Come on, raise your arms. This goes next."

Kate was surprisingly meek. She pouted, "I don't wanna." She thought, What's wrong with me? It's like I had frontal lobotomy. I sound like a pouty toddler. I can't think, I can't breathe, and I certainly can't resist! Ryan's cock feels too good in my hand! So hot and alive! Hell, everything is too arousing!

Ryan had been silent, with his hands merely wrapped around Kate's bare back. He was extremely aroused again (not that he'd ever really stopped being so), but he had figured he had to restrain herself so he could just hug her in a reassuring manner. Not anymore, though! Like Erin, he sensed Kate had crossed some crucial tipping point. It didn't take a genius to come to that conclusion, given the vigorous way her hand was sloshing up and down his hot and wet boner.

So he decided it was time to return to Jack's advice and try to be the dominant kind of man Jack told him she secretly craved. He slipped one hand down to her left ass cheek and gave it a firm and possessive squeeze.

"OH!" Kate's eyes and mouth opened wide with surprise.

Then he brought his other hand up, and even though her huge tits were pressed against his chest in the most delightful way, he managed to bring his hand between their bodies and give her right tit a firm and possessive squeeze too.

"OH!" Kate gasped again. Her eyes went from wide to narrow as she stared at him hungrily with bedroom eyes. I don't know who you think you are, Ryan, but nobody treats me like a piece of meat! I'm the most desired girl in this entire university! Yet those words only aroused her more as she reconsidered, He IS treating me like a piece of meat! And it's too hot to be believed!

As Kate's hand kept on pumping on his throbbing cock, he said to her, "Listen to what your friend says. I want you naked! Completely naked for me. Can you do that?"

She stared into his eyes in a different way than she had ever looked at any man before. She had always been the one in charge in any relationship. Even with her domineering father, although she tried hard to be a good daughter and live up to his expectations, in another sense she had him wrapped around her little finger. No one was immune from being charmed by her great beauty.

But this situation was different and even unprecedented. Ryan seemed confident and in control. Furthermore, she was astonished to realize that she liked having him in control. She wasn't thinking long-term at all. She simply knew that he had a strange, insistent manner that caused her to do things she'd never done with anyone else. She wanted him to liberate her all the way, so she could discover just how pleasurable sex could be.

So, with Erin still insistently tugging on her tank-top, Kate nodded like a shy girl. Then she took one hand off his cock and her other hand off the middle of his back, and raised her arms high up into the air. God, this is so humiliating! I must be blushing like crazy! I shouldn't allow this. I'm getting the sinking feeling that I just lost all control over this situation!

She was right. But she was discovering that the more crazy and out of control things got, the more irresistible it got too. She'd fallen far down the rabbit hole, and she knew it.

While Kate was in that pose, Erin was able to quickly and easily take the tank-top all the way off and toss it carelessly away.

Erin instinctively sensed a shift in the power dynamic. The mean and spoiled Kate was gone, replaced by a surprisingly meek one. To test that, Erin patted Kate's back while Kate lowered her arms back down, and then said, "Good girl." She had never said something slightly condescending like "good girl" to her before.

Normally, Kate would have been all over her in a flash, loudly complaining and bitching about being called that. But now, she didn't say anything at all. She was mostly thinking about getting her hands back on Ryan's hot and wet erection.

That confirmed something important for Erin. Wow! This is great. I feel so happy for Kate. Other people don't know, because her bright smile dazzles convincingly, but I know she's been secretly unhappy for a long time. She's been living behind a mask, living in a self-imposed cage. This is really important for her psychologically. Maybe she's taking the mask off and we'll see the real Kate for the first time. I've gotta help make sure she gets hotter and hotter, until all her inhibitions are completely blown away!

With that in mind, Erin took one of Kate's hands, as if Kate was a toddler incapable of doing much on her own, and brought it back to Ryan's cock. With her hand still on Kate's hand, she helped Kate stroke up and down. She muttered, "That's a good girl, a very good girl. Jack him off, just like that!"

Kate didn't know what was going on with this "good girl" talk and being practically ordered to take the rest of her clothes off as well. But whatever it was, it made her extremely, extremely horny. She pumped that hand up and down Ryan's boner with renewed vigor, even as she panted and gasped for air. UNGH! HRRG! This is wrong! So wrong! Why can't I stop?! I don't want to encourage him! Only the select few should ever be allowed to touch my naked body, and he sure as hell doesn't qualify!

Erin took her hand off Kate's and then held his shaft right above Kate's hand. The two of them started to pump up and down together.

Paying particular attention to Kate's hand, Erin noted, "I see you can't quite touch your thumb to your fingers either, can you?"

"No, I can't," Kate shyly admitted. She had to admit she found that really hot.

Ryan was over the moon. He never knew life could feel this great.

However, there were three problems. One, at nine inches long, even Ryan's cock wasn't long enough for there to be enough room for two hands to comfortably slide up and down like that. If the hands belonged to the same person and didn't move very much it might be doable, barely, but hands from different girls couldn't get properly coordinated. Secondly, Kate was so highly aroused that she didn't want to jack him off just a little - she longed to stroke him fast and vigorously. She couldn't do that with Erin's hand in the way. And thirdly, it was awkward for Erin to reach in between their bodies.

As a result, Erin let go. But she spoke her thoughts to Ryan in a sultry purr. "Do you like that, Ryan? The two of us stroking 'The Beast' together? I hope you do, because there's going to be a LOT of that tonight!"

He moaned loudly. Already he was having to squeeze his PC muscle to stave off another climax. Now that Erin had let go, Kate's hand was practically flying up and down his shaft.

Erin fondled his ass from behind, while carefully keeping her upper body away from him since her massive tits were so cummy. She added, "And we're not just going to stroke! We're going to lick and suck, and more! Before the night is over, we're going to get to know your cock in every possible way!"

Those words were addressed to Ryan, but were also intended to inspire Kate. To even her own surprise, she spoke her thoughts out loud. "We will! Tonight is the night! It's the night I free myself from all my self-imposed chains! I don't want to be a bitchy queen or princess anymore. And I want to learn about SEX! Real sex! Good sex! GREAT sex!"

She thought, I don't care if he's not one of those well-bred, GQ Magazine types. They never affected me like this, and he does! Looking intently into his eyes, she added with more passion, "And Ryan, I want you to teach me! Can you do that? Can you make me cum again and again, like you did before?"

As if he needed any persuading, which he didn't, she pulled her upper body back slightly, until just the tips of her erect nipples were lightly touching his bare chest. That gave him a great view down at her awesome rack, a view she knew no straight man could resist.

He still had one hand on her right tit. He brought his other hand up from her left ass cheek and gleefully fondled and even kneaded both of her massive globes at once.

Then, while she kept on stroking his similarly oversized cock, he said, "I can and I will!"

As this was happening, Erin moved back around to Ryan and silently worked to get his dress shirt off him. She was soaring. A-ha! It's just like I thought. Kate, this IS the night you free yourself from all of your "self-imposed chains!" And I'm going to help!

When Erin tugged, he duly took a hand off Kate's rack so Erin could pull his sleeve down his arm. Then he did the same on the other side. It only took a few moments, and his hands were back on Kate's fun bags soon enough.

That little interruption was well-timed, because it gave him a few moments to think about what else to say. He continued telling Kate, "But you have to understand. I'm going to claim you. I'm going to own you. You AND Erin!"

Kate had dismissed his earlier claiming talk as weird mumbo jumbo before. But now, she actually seriously considered what he was saying. Given what had happened already, with the potential for much more wildness to come, it would be foolish to dismiss anything out of hand at this point, no matter how outlandish.

So she asked suspiciously, "'Claim me?' What do you mean?! Do you realize how absurd that sounds?!" Due to her confusion, she'd stopped her frantic pumping on his shaft, but she was still rubbing his sweet spot.

He looked back and forth between the gorgeous blonde's tits and face. He couldn't get enough of the two sexy sights. He said with surprising confidence, "It's simple: I'm going to OWN you, both of you. You're going to be my personal sluts! I'm going to fuck you whenever and wherever I want!"

The term "personal slut" came to his mind because it was something Jack had said. Somehow, he felt that it fitted perfectly.

Erin frowned and thought, Shit! He's getting weird again. I hope he doesn't blow it for all three of us. This could be the one and only chance to break Kate out of her spoiled princess prison. I wish I could tell him to shut up! Sadly, he must have a giant ego to go along with his giant cock.

Kate thought, as if lost in a deep fog, I should be mad at him. I should be fucking pissed! Own me? Nobody owns me! Hell, he's lucky I'm letting him touch me. He's so far out of his depth and his proper place that he probably doesn't even realize it. But he seems pretty insistent. And I do seem to love his cock.

She mentally checked what her hand was doing. I can't even stop stroking it! It seems clear that we're going to have SOME kind of sexual relationship after tonight. If this "claiming" talk floats his boat, then let him think that. What's the harm?

Her excitement grew, and her fingers stroked more vigorously. Besides, it sounds kind of sexy to me too! It's just so WRONG! So absurd! I mean, to have HIM own ME! What a joke! I'm the most desired girl on this entire campus. I'm the elite of the elite! He's a nobody. A well-hung nobody, sure, but still a nobody. Obviously, he can never be my boyfriend, much less whatever extreme thing he's thinking. That would totally destroy my reputation.

But, we could secretly get together from time to time, and have nights like this. Why not? Hell, Erin could join us too. She seems to add something, helping me be more uninhibited. I can use him as my "boy toy" to find out what real sexual pleasure is all about. But if he thinks I'd ever let him go beyond that, he's in for a rude surprise!

There was a long pause without any reply from Kate while she thought this over.

He took that for tacit though maybe reluctant agreement. At the very least, she didn't disagree, and that was an important step. He was operating on "porn logic," mistakenly thinking that people regularly behave like they do in porno films and erotic stories. By that logic, it was nearly inevitable that a girl was going to sexually submit, and the more busty and beautiful she was, the more likely that would happen.

So he was soaring with lust and triumph, and yet he was curiously unsurprised. He opened his mouth and brought his lips towards hers.

Kate unthinkingly responded in kind, and met him halfway. Their lips locked for the first time.

Although Kate didn't do much heavy petting with her dates, she felt obliged to at least do something sexual with them, so she'd done a lot of French kissing. Over time, she'd come to enjoy it and even got fairly good at it on a technical level. However, she suppressed her lust in any kissing session, because if she didn't then the kissing could lead to much more, and she maintained power in her relationships by playing hard to get and leaving her dates always wanting more.

But this was an entirely different experience for her. Thanks to everything else that had happened up until now, her guard was down. She was no longer trying to hold back and clamp down hard on her emotions. Ryan had never kissed a girl before, and it showed. He didn't know what he was doing. However, between the way he was fondling her tits, she was stroking his cock, and the general sky-high sexy atmosphere, his lack of kissing talent was a moot point.

Kate kissed him like she'd never kissed anyone before, and all he had to do was hang in there and try to kiss back. She thought it was the greatest kiss she'd ever experienced, and it was. But it was mostly due to her liberated attitude and everything else that was happening, including his strange yet thrilling talk about wanting to "claim" and "own" her.

A couple of minutes passed. Ryan was improving his kissing in record time. It was surprisingly easy, because he also was feeling uninhibited, not to mention triumphant. His confidence was soaring, so instead of feeling timid and embarrassed for not kissing well, he just kept trying different things until he and her were more in sync.

The only snag was that Erin was feeling left out. She wanted back at his cock, but it was pinned tightly between his body and Kate's, with Kate's hand pumping up and down it for good measure. But she decided, It's good for Ryan and Kate to bond through kissing, so I'll just have to wait. Yes, I'm having great fun with Ryan and his Beast, but my real goal tonight needs to remain helping Kate break her chains and discover true sexual joy. Perhaps when they're done kissing, I could have a turn with him, kissing and cock-stroking, with lots of fondling of my tits and everywhere else. Actually, that sounds fantastic!

The foxy redhead considered wiping her face and tits clean of Ryan's cum. However, it still hadn't been that long since he'd blown his load on her, so the cum was still fresh. She could tell the sight of the cum was having a big impact on Kate, and she was getting a thrill from it herself, so she decided to keep it on longer.

Erin was much more sexually experienced than Kate, and she didn't have the same problem of being so tightly wound up, bitchy, and sexually repressed. However, she also had her limitations, due to her own attempts to keep her reputation and climb up the social ladder. She never would have wound up being amongst the handful of Kate's friends if she was known for being "too slutty," and being close to Kate was the very top of the social ladder for the entire female university student body, at least for those with values compatible with the sorority system.

As a result, Erin had had boyfriends and she'd gotten fucked many times, and she'd had a great time, but she'd never done anything too wild or unorthodox. If she did, there was a danger that word would get around and she would be knocked for being too slutty. She most definitely had never been in a threesome before. So the mere fact that she was standing with Ryan and Kate, with all three of them now completely naked, was an endless thrill for her.

And there were many other taboos keeping her panting with desire. She'd never sucked a cock with another girl watching, for instance, or seen another girl kiss and jack off another guy. The fact that the girl was the ultra-desirable yet sexually repressed Kate tripled her thrill, at least. She had experienced facials, occasionally, but she'd always washed the cum off soon thereafter. It seemed crazy to just stand there with her face and tits dripping with cum, especially since Ryan had shot a cum load at least the equal of two normal loads.

So Erin certainly wasn't getting bored, even though she was just standing and waiting. What was even more exciting was thinking about what might come next. With Ryan AND Kate, it seems the sky is the limit. Something that might feel ordinary to do with one of my boyfriends becomes extra special with Ryan. I don't know what it is. He's just confident and insistent enough to make me do things I didn't want to do. But regardless of everything else, that ordinary thing will become truly extraordinary if it's done with Kate watching!

Who knows? Maybe tonight he'll "make" Kate and me become lovers! If things are going in that direction, I'll gladly put up with all his "claiming" and "personal slut" bullshit! Once Kate and I kiss, we may never stop, not if I can help it!

After a few minutes though, Erin was getting antsy. She tapped on Ryan's shoulder, and then Kate's shoulder. "Hey, it's great that you're having such fun, but what about me? Can I get a kiss too?"

The two of them opened an eye to see her, and looked at her apologetically, but they were too carried away to stop.

Seeing that, Erin thought of a playful way to change the situation. She took a big gob of cum on her cheek, swiped her finger though it, and then wiped that cum on one of Kate's cheek. She sensed that, at least for now, her relationship with Kate had changed enough so that she might complain, but she wouldn't get really upset.

Kate obviously noticed that, but she seemed helpless to say or do anything. She couldn't talk because she didn't want to end the nuclear kiss. Already, Ryan was necking with her like a pro. And she couldn't shoo Erin away because she had two hands on Ryan's cock now and she was having the time of her life jacking him off.

She had given handjobs to her boyfriends before, sure, but she had done that with all the enthusiasm of being forced to go to the dentist. She depended on her extraordinary beauty to do most of the work, and she generally just pumped up and down in a steady rhythm for a minute or two until the guy came. She wasn't going to keep going if it took much longer than that.

Everything seemed different with Ryan. Already, she'd been jacking him off while making out with him for five minutes, and jacking him off still more even before that, and yet she could tell from the kissing that he didn't even seem winded. She knew she'd be at it for much longer before she could make him cum, and that kept her heart wildly thumping with delight. Using two hands instead of one, she had the freedom to experiment with different rhythms and methods, as well as simply exploring every inch of his cock and balls.

She was just as fascinated by his balls. She remembered that Erin had claimed that they were bigger than baseballs, and she had to agree. As mentioned before though, they were big, but not that big. However, in her mind they were, and that opinion mattered. She was endlessly impressed by everything about Ryan.

However, she was getting the sense that he was getting the upper hand in their relationship, and already she was thinking she would want to have many more secret encounters with him. She was feeling strangely subdued, but she still felt it was important for her to take a stand and remind him of his place. She broke the kiss, and attempted to frown at him, without much success. She started to chide him with an arrogant face, "You should consider yourself lucky that I'm letting you kiss me, you know."

Erin could see where Kate was going with this. She wanted to stop her before she worked herself up into a righteous huff. So she quickly said, "You should consider yourself lucky that he's kissing YOU!"

Kate glared at Erin with annoyance. "What are you talking about?!" She pulled back while keeping him in a loose embrace and with a hand still on his cock, so he could have a good look down her fantastic body. She preened, "No offense, Erin, but everybody knows I'm the most desirable girl in this sorority. Hell, in the entire university! Just look at me!"

Seeing she had Ryan's full attention, she used one hand to cup one of her enormous bare breasts from below. Its round, full shape was ideal, with just the right hint of sag. "And look at these! Ryan, you may have had a lot of other lovers, because you're a confident and well-hung guy, but I'll bet you've never enjoyed breasts this big and this round!"

But before he could even reply, Erin said, "Maybe so, but big cock trumps big tits."

"Does not!"

"Does too!"

"Does not!" Kate thought, That had better not be true, or I could be in big trouble!

Erin laughed. "Look at you! Even as you're arguing about this, you can't even take your hand off it! You're stuck to his huge boner like glue!"

Kate was embarrassed by that. She'd never been in this sort of situation before. "Not true!" She took her hand off his erection. "See?" She brought that hand to her chest as well, and hefted up both of her tits enticingly. "Look, Ryan, these are G-cups! Can you even believe it? I don't know why I even let you touch me at all."

Erin tried another tack. "Oh, good. Don't, then. More cock for me!" She reached between Ryan and Kate and took hold of his turgid and soaked erection.

Kate saw that and felt a great surge of jealousy. She growled, "Oh no you don't! That's MINE!" She let go of her boobs, causing them to wildly wobble, and attempted to take back control of Ryan's erection with both hands.

Erin let go as Kate's hands made contact, because she wanted Kate to win. She waited a few moments until she saw Kate sigh with relief and resume stroking. Then she said triumphantly, "See? Big cock trumps big tits. A cock this big trumps everything! Ryan, if she ever complains just let me know, and I'll be glad to do anything she won't."

Kate sighed in defeat. "Some friend you are! You completely undercut me!" She was tired of having power over everyone, and yet it was a heady drug and hard to give up.

She thought, Tonight has been surreal. I never lose to anyone ever. And yet I'm losing and liking it! I'm totally humiliated. I can't even imagine how red my face must look. But I'm totally horny too! I'm hooked to the feeling like a drug!

Ryan brought his hands back to Kate's enormous globes and resumed fondling them. He was delighted that he didn't have to say anything since Erin was doing all the talking for him. He didn't understand her motives, but he knew it was much more effective that way.

Erin swiped another cum gob off her face and held her finger up towards Kate's face. She said, "No, I'm helping you from deluding yourself and doing stupid things because of your pride. Have fun! Live life! So what if you're not in control, as usual? That'll help you try new things, like this."

With those words, she slid her finger into Kate's slightly open mouth. She was pleasantly surprised when Kate's lips closed around her finger and slowly sucked the cum off it.

Kate was even more surprised she did that. To willingly suck his cum into her mouth at that particular moment completely undercut everything she'd just been arguing. (That was Erin's intention.) Her shame grew that much greater. Not for the first time tonight, she felt like her body was acting on its own and not obeying orders from her brain. It was aggravating, and yet oh-so-arousing.

She tested and tasted his cum before swallowing it all the way down. It wasn't delicious, but then again it wasn't distasteful either. She didn't know what to think. But considering she'd previously treated her boyfriends' cum like merely touching it would give her some dread disease, that was a major development. Hmmm. I don't know. I can't believe I just swallowed his cum, or anybody's cum, for that matter! How can I judge the taste when the entire experience shouldn't be happening in the first place?!

Sensing that her attempted argument had completely backfired, she decided to cut off the discussion before making matters even worse. She went back to French kissing Ryan and playing with his cock. Surprisingly, she hadn't said a word about the way Erin had been smearing his cum on her face.

He was tickled pink that he still hadn't needed to say a single word. He didn't even know what he would have said if Erin hadn't stepped in.

Erin figured the way Kate sucked Ryan's cum into her mouth and swallowed it was all the approval she needed to continue to swipe cum off her face and smear it on Kate's face. She had great fun doing so. She would have preferred to wipe more cum directly into Kate's mouth, but that was occupied with Ryan's mouth again. It had been a great erotic thrill to have her finger sucked by her secret crush, if only briefly.

She also would have loved to smear the cum onto Kate's massive tits, as well as generally fondle them, but Ryan had her beat there too. Kate's tits generally were either pressed tightly against his bare chest, or being fondled by his hands, or both at once. Occasionally he let go of them to explore her ass, but that was rare.

He still hadn't touched Kate's clit or slit except for accidentally brushing against them. That was true for Erin too. That was one area where his sexual inexperience showed. He was a bit afraid of doing that, because everything else seemed way too overwhelming already. He also wanted to save it for later, when he'd be able to concentrate on just that to the exclusion of everything else. He didn't want to expose himself as a novice.

Erin thought her cummy game would eventually cause Kate to break the kiss to complain, but Kate never did. So Erin kept on smearing the cum all over Kate's forehead, nose, cheeks, and chin. She even walked around to the other side of the kissing couple to make sure the cum didn't all end up on just one side of Kate's beautiful face. In a way, it was as if Kate was getting her first facial, but slowly, via hand painting.

Things were continuing like that when, out of the blue, Ryan broke the kiss and said to Erin, "Sorry for ignoring you. It's just that Kate is so hot! She's going to make a great personal slut! But you're a total hottie too. It'll be awesome having you as one of my personal sluts as well."

Both Kate and Erin groaned inwardly upon hearing that. They were well aware this was the second time he'd dared to use the term "personal slut" and claim that's what they would become to him. They felt annoyed at this kind of talk. But neither were feeling strongly enough about it to speak out and complain. They hoped he'd shut up about it on his own, even though they were almost certain that he wouldn't.

Needless to say, things had changed drastically since he'd first showed up. Kate in particular felt completely lost and confused. It was as if everything she'd ever thought about herself and sex was wrong.

While he'd been talking, he took one hand off Kate's G-cups and brought that hand to Erin's chest, since she was standing within easy reach. Mindful of the cum on her, he caressed her sensitive undersides. All of his cum was above her nipples, due to the way she'd been sucking him over his leg. So he was careful to keep his hand on the lower half of her fantastic orbs, since he loved seeing his cum on her.

But that was just a sideshow, relatively speaking, because he also opened his mouth invitingly towards Erin, expecting her to lean in and kiss him, and she did. Within seconds, they were necking.

It was awkward, to say the least, because he was still in Kate's embrace. Kate still had both hands on his cock and balls, and she didn't want to let go for anything. Plus, he continued to fondle her with one hand.

Kate thought, This is outrageous! I really shouldn't be allowing this. The whole situation is beyond laughable. But I'm not even going to try to resist because I know I'll fall flat on my face again. It's like puppet strings are controlling my body. I AM in control, but I keep doing all these crazy things! I'm going to pretend it's all just a dream. But I know it's NOT a dream! I've been completely disgraced, and it's like I don't even care!

She sighed to herself. Maybe if I have a big orgasm, I won't be so very horny. So I suppose I should do MORE until that happens! She stared eagerly at her hands on his cock and balls. Maybe if I make him cum, he'll make me cum!

Ryan redirected most of his attention to kissing Erin for the first time. Kate was an unbelievably great catch, and that was putting it mildly, but he figured Erin was about 99 percent as awesome. Already, he was determined to possess them both.

Thanks to his recent kissing with Kate, he kissed Erin practically like he was an old hand at it. Once again, he was helped greatly by the entire situation. Except that was even more the case than before: the fact that he dared to French kiss Erin while still fully engaged with Kate shocked and aroused both girls more than they even realized.

The two gorgeous girls clearly sensed what was happening here was far different than having a mere boyfriend. They didn't know what it was, and they still weren't paying much mind to his talk about "claiming" them, but they knew they loved it and wanted a lot more of it. Kate in particular sometimes told herself otherwise, but she was lying to herself, badly.

Erin had one hand on the backside of Ryan's head to keep him in place since she was leaning in rather awkwardly. At first, she tried not to touch Kate, since she didn't know how that would go over, but after a couple of minutes she gave in and wrapped an arm around Kate. It made things much more comfortable for her and she got a little thrill out of it, knowing her hand was on Kate's perfect naked body.

Seeing that went over without even a peep, despite the fact that Kate was free to speak, Erin decided to press her luck. Okay, here goes nothing! She let that hand slip down until she was firmly cupping one of Kate's ass cheeks.

That finally got Kate to speak. "Hey! You can't touch me there!"

Erin wasn't sure if she should just pretend she didn't hear that and keep on gripping Kate's ass. She suspected that Kate had succumbed to her lusts to such a degree that she would give in if Erin was persistent. But she also considered at least briefly breaking the kiss to quickly say she was sorry. She remembered how mean Kate could get.


Erin was still thinking what she should decide when there was a knock on the door. "Kate? Erin? Are you in there?"

Both Kate and Erin pulled away from Ryan like he'd just turned into a hot stove. Their eyes bugged out and they suddenly felt very naked and ashamed. They immediately covered their privates.

Ryan was greatly alarmed too, though the fact that it was a girl's voice helped a lot. That was much better than a jealous guy coming to beat him up. He also noticed that the voice sounded curious, and even aroused. He whispered to the other two, "Who's that?"

Kate replied nearly inaudibly, "That's Monica!"

Just then, Monica knocked again, and shouted through the door, "I know you're in there; don't try to deny it. What's going on?! Who's Ryan?"

That puzzled Ryan, Erin, and Kate greatly. They couldn't possibly understand how Monica knew Ryan's name or anything about him.

Realizing they must have been heard and it was pointless to deny it, Kate shouted back, "Yeah Monica, I'm here, but GO AWAY! That's an order!" Monica was another one of her third floor friends, and she hoped that if she acted in her usual bossy way, Monica would get the message and leave them alone.

However, Monica wasn't so easily deterred. She said, "Not so fast! I've got questions, lots of questions!" Monica's voice changed to knowing and triumphant. "For instance, what do you mean by stroking 'The Beast?' Who is Ryan, and is his penis really that big? I want to see it!"

Kate was horrified to hear that. Clearly, Monica must have been listening for five minutes or more to have picked up that much. Probably, she had heard all of their occasional loud outbursts. Kate didn't remember the details, but she knew a lot of very embarrassing things had been said.

The bombshell blonde shouted back again, "I said, GO AWAY! GET LOST! FUCK OFF! Or I'm going to get REALLY mad!"

But Ryan whispered to Kate, "Not so fast! She knows too much already! You can't just send her away. If you do, she'll gossip with everyone downstairs!"

Realizing that he was right, Kate shouted, "Hold on! Scratch that! Just hold your horses for a minute! Understood?"

Monica could be heard laughing. "Okay!"

Kate, Erin, and Ryan huddled together. The girls were no longer covering their privates since they were protected as long as the door was closed. Even the cum on Erin's face and tits, not to mention the cum smeared on Kate's face, was temporarily forgotten. Ryan, with his odd manner and confidence, certainly felt nervous, yet he hadn't bothered to cover up in the first place.

Erin whispered the question on all their minds: "What are we going to do?!"

Ryan was still soaring with confidence due to his great sexual success. He felt like he had at least de facto "claimed" Kate and Erin now, whether they verbally agreed to it (or even understood it) yet or not, or even understood it yet or not. Something magical and amazing was happening between the three of them and nobody wanted it to stop. So he felt the need to take change of this situation, just like the dominant lover he was supposed to be.

He quietly asked, "Just who is Monica? Friend? Foe? Nice? Mean? What?"

Kate whispered back, "She's my, uh, friend. Kind of. Her room is right next to mine, which is how she heard, I'm sure. And for nice, well... mostly."

Erin clarified to him, "Girls can be pretty mean to each other. A lot of petty fighting and jockeying for position and that sort of thing. Plus, she'd kind of new here so we don't know her that well."

He asked Kate, "But she's basically your friend, right?'

Both Kate and Erin nodded. Kate was the main issue for Ryan, since she was the sorority president and obvious "queen bee." But Erin knew Monica just as well as Kate did, since the three of them lived on the third floor with only three others.

He said authoritatively, "I'm going to make a command decision. Do you trust me?"

Kate and Erin looked at each other. They didn't really trust him, since they still barely knew him. However, he did seem to know what he was doing and they had no idea what to do. Furthermore, they had bonded in a strangely powerful way with their sexual fun over the last hour. So they both nodded, if a bit uncertainly.

He said, "Good. I'm going to go to the door and talk to her through the door. Sit tight and stay quiet."

With that, he strolled to the door. His penis had gone flaccid due to the Monica crisis but he was seemingly unconcerned about being totally naked.

Kate and Erin looked at each other again and were afraid. Now they really didn't know what to do. They looked down at their nude bodies and were ashamed all over again.

When he reached the door, he said, "Monica, it's Ryan. Can I open the door a peek and speak to you that way?"

"Sure. Hi, Ryan. Nice to meet you! I've heard a lot about you!" She giggled, because while there was truth to that, it was clear that everything she'd heard about him had been through the door in the last five minutes, or maybe more. She added, "I can't wait to see what you look like."

He didn't have any direct experience with alcohol, but he guessed from her voice that she had to be at least somewhat drunk.

He looked back to Kate and Erin. They couldn't hear what he was saying, since he was speaking quietly, but they could hear Monica since she was practically shouting through the door. They were frantically waving their hands and shaking their heads, clearly urging him not to open the door under any circumstance.

But he just waved his hands back at them, motioning that they needed to find cover if they didn't want to be seen. They started to scamper.

He opened the door, but did it in such a way so that all of his body was behind the door and just his craning head was peeking out. He held the door so it was only opened a couple of inches.

He peered through the crack to judge just who Monica was, and what he should do about her. He had an audacious idea in mind, but he wanted to gather more information first.

Monica was standing there smiling and looking friendly. Seeing his eyes peek through, she waved. "Hi, Ryan! Nice to meet you!"


He didn't say much since he wasn't interested in talking just yet. He wanted to carefully look her over first. It was just as he had suspected and hoped: Whoa! Monica is another bombshell babe!

From her brown skin and black hair as well as her name and accent, he guessed that she was Mexican, or at least Latin American. She was wearing a stylish and very low-cut and revealing shiny red dress held up by two thin straps.

He was more interested in what was inside the dress, but the dress was so revealing that he didn't have to guess very much. He had figured since she was one of Kate's friends and lived on the very exclusive third floor right next to Kate, the odds were very excellent that she would be a stunner, and she was.

She had a sultry face with a narrow gaze he liked a lot. Like Erin's and Kate's, it was the kind of face one might find on a magazine cover. She looked passionate and intense and quite possibly angry, even when she wasn't. But he was more interested in her body. She was voluptuous and stacked. However, she was also very short, maybe only five feet high, give or take a couple of inches. That was a full foot shorter than his six feet one inch, and Erin and Kate were nearly as tall as he was. He guessed that both of them were about five foot ten. So Monica was a pixie in comparison.

He guessed that she had an E-cup bra size. Although that was less than Kate or Erin, proportionally speaking she might look MORE stacked than even Kate, since she was so short. The rest of her body was nearly as impressive. The dress showed off that she had a narrow waist and wide hips. It was a very short dress, revealing a pair of powerful thighs on her nicely tanned legs. Then again, she was nicely and deeply tanned all over.

He opened the door slightly wider, so he could look all around the short hallway. He confirmed that nobody else was there. Then he said, "So, Monica, we have a problem here. Kate, Erin, and I, well, we've been up to some naughty business!"

Monica leered knowingly. She dropped the volume of her voice considerably, now that door was open. "I noticed! I heard screams at first from my room. Loud, passionate, sexy screams! From time to time, I kept hearing more screams, as if some naughty girls were having VERY powerful orgasms!"

He replied a bit sheepishly, "Yeah, well, that may have happened." He didn't recall that many screams, but there had been some. He was glad the other two probably hadn't heard Monica's comment, since they were freaking out enough already.

"I'll bet! Anyway, curiosity finally got the best of me and I put my ear to the door. Then I heard even MORE things! Such very, very interesting things!"

He suspected she was either drunk, or very vivacious and bold, or both. He said flatly, "Okay, Monica. I get it. You know too much. What do you want?"

"Not much, actually! I just want to have fun. Remember that classic like from the movie 'When Harry Met Sally,' after Meg Ryan's character fakes a loud orgasm in a restaurant?"


"Another woman points to Meg, and says, 'I'll have what she's having.' That's what I want! I want IN!" She rocked back and forth on the balls of her feet, causing her huge tits to sway and wobble enticingly. Clearly, she wasn't wearing a bra. She looked through the door towards where she guessed his crotch was, as if she had X-ray vision.

He asked, "What makes you think we've been doing sexual things in here?"

She glowered at him in a way that only made her look sexier. "Oh, come on! For one thing, I can guess you're naked, from the way you're carefully holding the door open just a bit. But also, with my room right next door, I've been listening for what seems like an hour! I couldn't hear as well as when I put my ear to the door these last minutes, but I heard enough. I've been masturbating like crazy! But then I decided: why not join in?! I especially want to see 'The Beast!'"

He considered all that, and decided to go ahead with his audacious idea: The best way to keep her from blackmailing or blabbing is to have sex with her too! If she knows about things like 'The Beast' nickname, she must know a hell of a lot. She seems so eager, not to mention drunk, that it's a no-brainer. I'm unstoppable tonight!

His flaccid penis started engorging in a hurry.

However, he wanted to be careful, as well as take full advantage of her eagerness. He said, "If I let you in, there are rules. You have to obey all the rules, no matter what."


"But I haven't even told you the rules yet."

"Hey, I'm up for whatever. Clearly, you have a big dick and you know how to use it. I heard a lot of sexy screams to that effect." She teased, "I'm just a poor, horny little señorita, all alone on a Friday night with nothing to do. And no one to do!"

She folded her hands together and looked to the ceiling, as if she was praying up to God. "If only there was a handsome big-cocked man to come along and, oh, say, fuck me silly! I wonder where I could find such a man?" She looked back at him and winked.

He was incredibly aroused by that. His penis was fully engorged again already, thanks to the view of her remarkable hourglass-shaped body. However, he tried hard not to show that she was affecting him. "Okay, okay. You've made your point. But these are the rules. First off, you can't say a WORD about what happens in here! Not a word to anybody!"


His cock was throbbing with arousal and anticipation, and that was driving him to be bold. "Wait, I'm not done. Secondly, what I say goes. Period! If I treat you like a sex slave, you have to obey me like a sex slave. You can't say 'no' to anything!"

Her eyes flashed with fiery delight. "Done, and done! Kinky! I'm so there already! Let's get started!"

"Wait! There's more!" He thought things over, and sheepishly said, "Rule number two pretty much covers everything, I think. If I come up with anything else, I'll tell you that, and you'll have to do that too."

She was still bouncing enticingly on her feet. "I can't wait! Let's do it!"

He thought, Holy cow! I'm going to fuck this sexy señorita tonight! Why not?! I don't think Kate or Erin will complain. If they do, I can claim it's necessary to keep her quiet.

Hell, I've never had sex yet, and tonight I very well may end up having sex with THREE of the sexiest girls on campus! I can't blow this chance!

Another thought occurred to him, a way to test her to make absolutely sure this wasn't some kind of trick. Plus, his libido was in charge and it sounded like lots of sexy fun. "Hold on. You have to prove yourself first. I want you to take off all your clothes, right now!"

That surprised the heck out of her. She frowned, and looked all around. "What, right here in the hallway?!"

"Yep. Right there where you stand. And those will be the last clothes you'll be wearing for a long time."

To his pleasant surprise, she considered that for a long moment. She knew there were only six girls who lived on the third floor, all of them in their own singles, and she was nearly certain all the others had already gone down to the party. The odds of any of them, or someone else, coming up at this hour were very low.

So she took a gamble. She liked taking sexual risks anyway, especially if they involved public exhibitionism. She boldly exclaimed, "Well, fuck! How can I turn THAT down?! I just have to find out what's going on in Kate's room, especially what The Beast is like! Here we go!"

With that, she slid one shoulder strap off her shoulder, and then the other one. She was trying to tempt him with a sexy striptease. And yet, due to the fact that she was standing in the hall where anyone in theory could come by, she wanted to get it over quickly. So she started wiggling her red dress down her body. Despite her dark skin, a red blush could be easily seen on her humiliated face.

As her huge tits came into view, it became obvious that he had been right in surmising that she wasn't wearing a bra. Her tits were fantastic! They were high on her chest and round as they could be, just like Erin's and Kate's. He especially liked how they were as dark as the rest of her skin, with no tan lines whatsoever. Clearly, that was her natural skin color. In contrast to Kate and Erin's pinkish nipples, Monica's looked like chocolate Hershey's Kisses.

From directly behind him, Ryan heard a gasp, and then, "WOW!" He felt a hand on his shoulder, and realized that Erin had joined him at the door.

Erin whispered to him, "You work fast!"

He just nodded in reply. He didn't look around to see because he didn't want to miss a second of Monica's quick striptease.

Sure enough, curiosity had gotten the best of Erin and she was peeking through the crack from behind him. As soon as she saw what was going on, she didn't want to miss any of Monica's striptease either.

Monica kept on silently pulling her red dress down her body, writhing her wide hips in a sexy way to get past them. She was nervous, of course, but not that nervous considering she was stripping naked in a public place.

Ryan had already guessed, correctly, that she had had more than a little alcohol to drink, and doing that had given her "liquid courage." There was no way she'd be doing this otherwise.

Monica's unusually wide hips had been the main obstacle to getting the dress off, and once they were below that, they suddenly fell the rest of the way to the floor. She bent down to pick the dress up, and clutched it to her tummy. But before she did so, he noted she had a very luxuriant black bush, and no panty tan lines either.

She said with growing nervousness, "Ta-da! That's all of me. Can I keep my high heels on? I don't feel quite so short in them." She looked towards the stairs. She felt lucky there was a closed door at the bottom of the stairs, so if someone started to come up from the second floor, she at least would have a few seconds to try to get into Kate's room.

"Sure," he replied. It didn't pass his attention she hadn't been wearing panties in the first place, so the high heels were all she was wearing.

He was having the time of his life. But things got even better when he felt Erin brushing her big tits against his bare back.

Erin had gone from deathly worried to horny as a billy goat within seconds of seeing Monica standing naked in the hallway. She knew Monica was a talkative, emotional ball of energy. She didn't know much about Monica's private life except for some gossip, but her behavior made perfect sense if she was a firecracker of sexual energy too. She decided they wouldn't have to worry about her anymore, assuming she had some good orgasms with Ryan.

Erin was suddenly so aroused that she was tempted to reach around and stroke Ryan's boner even while he talked to Monica through the crack in the door. But she was still a little too shy to do that, since she wasn't sure when the door might open. That's why she rested her tits against his back instead. With the cum on her upper slopes, she had to be careful to angle them. Luckily, he was bending over slightly, allowing her to just press against him from below her nipples.

Doing that much emboldened her. She sensed that anything was sexually possible with Ryan in charge. She decided to test him by whispering quietly in his ear so Monica couldn't hear, "Don't stop there! Take it to the next level!"

He wasn't sure what to do, since having Monica standing naked in the hall was so extreme already. Then he had an obvious idea. He opened the door wider and stuck his hand through the crack. "I'll take the dress."

Monica was shocked. "What?! Forget it! What if you just grab it and leave me here like this? No way!"

He said, "If we do that to you, you'll be totally embarrassed. But you'll also tell all your sorority sisters what's happening in here and what we did to you, and we'll be in a world of trouble. Remember, I'm testing you, to see if you're worthy."

She considered that, and then sighed heavily. "Fuuuuck!" She handed the dress over. But then she covered her nipples with an arm and her pussy mound with her hand. Clearly, she was growing increasingly nervous at getting caught completely naked in the hallway. Her face was as cherry red as Kate's had been most of the time this evening.

As he took the dress from her, he opened the door still wider, and Monica looked past him enough to see Erin's head peering back, compete with a copious amount of cum still dripping down her face.

Monica exclaimed, "¡Hijo de puta! ¡Me cago en la madre que te parió! Ryan, where the hell have you been all my life?!" Her massive bare breasts were heaving up and down due to her labored breathing. They were wildly swinging and swaying even though she was just standing there. "You're the most interesting thing to happen to the third floor of this sorority in, well, EVER!"

He grinned widely at that, even though he didn't speak any Spanish. (Her words meant "Son of a bitch! I shit on the mother who gave birth to you!") He decided that he was ready to let her into the room. However, he also was reveling in the total power he had over her, and he wanted to impress Erin some more. So he said, "Drop your hands to your sides and slowly turn around so I can see all of you. Then you can come in, when I say so."

She hissed in amazement, "Fuuuuuuck! ¡Tu puta madre!" ("Your whore of a mother!") She gazed at him even more intensely and angrily than before, as if she was contemplating punching his face. But instead she dropped her hands to her sides, and started to rapidly spin around.

But he said, "No! Slower! VERY slow! And when you're facing away, bend over some so I can see what I'll be fucking."

Monica hissed, "Fuuuuuck! ¡Tú estás loco!" ("You're crazy!") But she started again, and turned much slower this time. Her entire body was trembling with lust and fear. She kept looking towards the stairs, fearing the worst.

Erin was blushing too, both in sympathy with Monica and because of her own embarrassment when Monica saw her sperm-covered face. But she was horny as hell too. In fact, she was so inspired that she finally dared to reach around Ryan and take his stiff hard-on in hand.

Within seconds, she started stroking it too. She was so carried away that a part of her actually wished the door was open wider so Monica could see what she was doing. Fuck! Things are crazy and getting crazier all the time! Ryan seems to have NO fear! He's making me feel totally reckless too! I can tell that Kate's been having some kind of sexual revelation tonight, but so am I!

Erin had never desired Monica before, but that was because her "forbidden crush" energy was focused on Kate. However, she wasn't blind. Monica was one of the sexiest girls in the KKG sorority, which meant she was one of the sexiest in the entire university. If Monica was up for some secret lesbian loving tonight, Erin was eager.

Monica slowly rotated in place. Her eyes kept darting here and there, and especially towards the top of the stairs. She was starting to get panicky. She muttered to herself, but loud enough for Ryan and Erin to hear, "Fucking shit! This better be fucking worth it! I want the best fucking of my life!"

Since Erin was hot to trot and emboldened, she replied, "Oh, it's worth it! I've got his cock in my hand right now! It's hot and thick and alive! I can't stop stroking it!"

Monica was nearly halfway through her turn, but she froze, and turned back. She stared intently past Ryan to Erin. "You're lying! ¡Maldita hija de PUTA!" ("Damned daughter of a WHORE!") She glanced towards the stairs. She was so nervous and humiliated that her face was turning cherry red despite her dark skin.

Erin teased Monica as she stroked Ryan, "No, I'm not! You'll see!"

"Prove it!" Monica demanded. "Open the door!"

Ryan spoke up. "That's not going to happen. Too risky. Do your turn around and bend over, and come inside. Then you'll see."

Monica cursed, "¡Eres un jodido cabrón!" ("You're a fucking asshole!") But she resumed her turning. However, her fear was steadily rising, making her move faster than before.

She soon reached the point where she had to bend over and show off her pussy. So she grabbed her legs just below the knees, and quickly bent over. She muttered to Ryan, "I swear, if you don't fuck me within an inch of my life, and make me cum buckets, I'm gonna chop your balls off!"

Erin purred quietly in his ear, "Don't worry, she says things like that all the time. She's harmless. You're going to be fucking her soon! Tonight!"

Erin had no trouble saying that. She didn't feel possessive towards Ryan, since she'd basically just met him. She figured Monica was a wild one who could help make the evening even wilder. That would help loosen Kate's inhibitions some more. Perhaps it would end in an orgy, and maybe she'd even have a chance to get intimate with Kate. It was all too exciting to even contemplate - as long as nobody else found out.

Ryan was so thrilled that he was close to cumming. With Monica bending over, not only did he get to enjoy the sight of her unusually round and protruding brown ass, but he had a clear view of her pussy between her legs. Her pussy lips were surprisingly pinkish colored, considering how dark the rest of her was, including her nipples. But what he liked best of all was that he could easily see her pussy lips were swollen and wet. Not only did they glisten and shine, but there was a long strand of cum dripping straight down.

She hissed, quietly and desperately, "Please! Let me in! Isn't this enough?!"

Between Erin stroking his hard-on and her sexy words, but most especially the sight of Monica's fantastic naked body in the hallway, he knew he was going to cum at any moment. He could feel the urge welling up inside him uncontrollably. But he had one trick of last resort that he'd learned during all of his masturbation, and he used it now: he gripped the base of his shaft below Erin's stroking hand, and he squeezed it so tight that it hurt.

With his other hand, he stilled Erin's hand. Then he bent over more, while clenching his teeth and holding on for dear life.

Sure enough, his urge to cum welled up but then passed in a matter of seconds. It was a very effective technique. The only problem was that it was a minor ordeal. Sometimes, it left him just as wiped out for a while as if he had really ejaculated.

Monica was on the verge of crying. She remained bent over lewdly, praying in Spanish in her mind. She was starting to fear that he would never let her in. She begged, louder, "Please! Have mercy!"

He hadn't been able to speak for some moments due to his orgasmic close call. He realized he'd been keeping her hanging too long. So he finally did have mercy on her and said, "Okay, that's enough. Good job. You can come in." He opened the door just enough for her to slip in.

Monica never moved so fast in her life! She was up and through the door in a flash.

He quickly closed it again without having to expose any of his own nudity.

Now it was her turn to stare. The anger on her face was wiped away in an instant, replaced by lusty curiosity. Completely ignoring Erin for the moment, she gave him a quick once-over. But her gaze soon locked on his very stiff erection. "¡Qué cabrónazo! ¡Tu PUTA MADRE! ¡Me cago en tu PUTA MADRE!"

He had no idea what that meant, but his heart swelled with pride, because she was clearly impressed. (Her words roughly meant: "What an asshole! Your whore of a mother! I shit on your whore of a mother!")

She was disappointed to see that Erin wasn't actively jacking him off after all. But she realized they probably had been forced to disengage while the door was open. She noticed his cock and even his balls were absolutely dripping wet with pre-cum, so she figured it really had happened after all.

Suddenly, her demeanor changed. She went from gawking at his boner to smiling nicely to his face. She held a hand out to shake. She spoke with exaggerated normality, even though her entire body was still trembling. "Hi there. My name is Monica Lopez."

He chuckled at the formality, and shook her hand. "Hi. I'm Ryan, Ryan Sullivan." He was extremely horny and excited too, but he was trying to match her pretend normality.

He could feel her hand was trembling, and even her entire body was visibly trembling. Her face was still cherry red. He loved that.

She smiled almost wickedly. "Well, hello, Ryan. That was the most arousing and exciting time I've ever had! I don't know whether to thank you or punch you!"

Erin quipped, "Punch him!"

Monica suddenly had an idea. "Oops, we're doing this the wrong way." She let go of his hand, then reached out and boldly grasped his jutting erection. She didn't even flinch when she felt how wet and hot it was. She shook it up and down. She spoke directly to his erection with a big smile on her face. "Hello to you too. I think we're going to be fast friends."

Erin laughed at that. Monica certainly lived up to the stereotype of the hot-tempered Latin woman. Erin had been worried that Monica was going to be pissed off once she got through the door, but she wasn't worried anymore. Clearly, Monica was overcome by lust, just like she was.

Monica exclaimed as she "shook" his erection, "It's absolutely HUGE! And it's curved like a banana! No wonder I heard so much screaming!"

Monica glanced at Erin again while she continued to "shake" Ryan's hard-on. She saw the cum on Erin's face and tits, much more clearly this time, and that seemed to send her already great arousal soaring into the stratosphere. She screamed, "¡JODER!" ("FUCK!")

As if Monica wasn't astounded and aroused enough already, Erin silently held the palm of her hand up to her, showing how wet and cummy it was. There was no doubt she really had been stroking him a short time ago.

Taking Ryan completely by surprise, Monica jumped at him and wrapped her arms around him. Her goal was to kiss his mouth, since she was so overcome by sexual desire. However, since he was at least a foot taller, the only way she could get high enough to his face was by jumping up to it.

However, since he hadn't been expecting that, she basically just knocked him backwards. Her huge knockers acted like a car pumper and pushed him back even more. She tried to wrap her arms around him, but ended up just sliding down him until her feet were back on the ground.

But her attempt wasn't in vain. She knocked him back so much that he fell to his knees in a sort of controlled collapse. That was better than having an uncontrolled fall all the way to the floor. Once he was on his knees, that made her much more accessible to him, so she tackled him again, so he could be fully accessible to her too.

This time, she got him all the way to the floor. She was on him immediately, like a hungry predator leaping on its prey. Her lips met his and she left him breathless with a scorching kiss. Meanwhile, one of her hands found his cock again, and she began tightly sliding her fist up and down it. Her grip was much tighter than either Erin's or Kate's. It was a little bit painful, but a lot arousing.

She thought, And to think I was almost about to give up. I didn't believe he'd really let me in. But he did, and boy was it worth it! I have no doubt he's going to fuck me into another dimension!

Normally, his penis needed time to recover after his orgasm-denying squeezing trick. But he didn't have that luxury this time. Trying to stop the flushed and fiery Monica in her lusty mood was like trying to stop a tornado!

Overwhelmed physically and mentally, his hands wound up on her bare ass cheeks and he began happily fondling them. Her ass jutted out to a surprising degree, making her ass crack quite deep. His hands were soon probing that crack.

Erin didn't want to be left out. However, with Monica's naked body writhing excitedly all over Ryan's, there wasn't much she could do. She dropped to her knees next to him and wondered what she could do to help excite him.

She didn't know what to do at first. Touching his boner was out of the question, since it was under Monica and her entire body was humping up and down. In fact, the only part of Monica that was nearly still was her head, so she could keep kissing his mouth.

Then Erin had an idea. She put her hand on top of his closest hand. That was a very dramatic move, because that hand was full of one of Monica's ass cheeks. She purred to him, "Looks like you've found yourself another hottie. Are you going to 'claim' her too?"

He'd been kissing and fondling Monica for a couple of minutes already by this point. He broke his latest kiss and turned his head so he could look past Monica's head and make eye contact with Erin while he answered her question.

He simply said, "Probably." Then, thinking it over a bit more, he added, "I'll have to wait and see if she's worthy."

He couldn't believe how cocky he was acting, or how well it was working out. It seemed the more he dared and pushed his luck, the better things got. Even though he was lying down, he was heady and dizzy from this turn of events with Monica.

Once again, his "porn logic" was working like gangbusters. There was a self-fulfilling prophecy effect going on: he was acting as if he was a porn star in a porn film, where everything ends up highly sexual. He was so confident and determined about it that the girls were picking up on the vibe and starting to behave like they were in a porn film too.

Erin thought, It's funny. He's cocky and bold, and even dominating. What he made Monica do in the hallway certainly proves that! But he doesn't really seem like a scary guy. I get the feeling that he's basically nice. He can be the catalyst for all kinds of wild and great things without me having to really worry about him.

Erin couldn't help but ask Monica, "How did you DARE to do that?! Stripping naked in the hallway?! I couldn't do that! Why did you trust Ryan, a guy you'd never even met before?"

Monica slowed her wiggling and stroking so she could proudly reply, "It was a risk, believe me! But I figured if he was with you two, he had to be okay. You two are basically safe as houses. You don't take big risks. Heck, he couldn't even get in the house if he were some weirdo, right? And if he screwed me over, he wasn't going to get OUT of the house without me kicking his ass twelve ways to Sunday!"

Erin and even Ryan laughed at that.

Monica continued, "It helped that I was soooo fucking horny! Like I am now, almost! I heard all kinds of sexy screaming coming from in here. Erin, just knowing that you and Kate were naked and getting it on with some guy was driving me wild! I came so hard! Quietly, but hard! I downed a whole bottle of... well, it's embarrassing to say. Let's just call it 'something strong.' That made me stupid and reckless.. and thank God for that! Finally, I couldn't take it anymore and I had to throw a dress on and put my ear to the door to find out what was going on. I'm soooo glad I did! Even though I fucking almost died of fright!"

Erin chuckled mirthfully. "We're glad you did too. We're going to have lots of fun tonight. LOTS of fun!" Acting on impulse, she slid her hand off Ryan's hand and firmly gripped Monica's ass cheek just below where Ryan continued to grip it.

As if that message wasn't obvious enough, Erin stared at Monica's face with bedroom eyes and said, "You've gotta be open to anything though. Anything! It's gonna get wild!"

Monica got the message. "Oh, I'm open for anything, believe me! Besides, it's not like I have a choice. I'm basically Ryan's sex slave for the evening. We already agreed. He's going to make me do all kinds of naughty things, I'm sure!"

Erin's heart pumped fast as she imagined herself in a sixty-nine with Monica, both of them licking pussy. She brought her hand over to Monica's untouched ass cheek and sensually caressed it. "I'll bet!"

Monica then asked Erin, "What's the deal here, anyway? Are you two sharing him as co-girlfriends or something?"

Erin replied, "No, not co-girlfriends. It's complicated, not to mention mysterious. The truth is, we barely even know him. He's said some crazy stuff about wanting to 'claim' us and that he's going to make us into his 'personal sluts.' But the real situation is still undefined."

Ryan had caught the flirting between Erin and Monica. He didn't say anything but made a mental note.

Then he happened to see Kate come into view a ways behind Erin. That startled him, because he'd completely lost track of her while he had been focused on Monica at the door.


Kate had gone through a strange transformation while Ryan had been talking at the door. At first, she was horrified. She didn't trust Monica, and she thought she was ruined. Monica had just moved into the sorority at the start of the school year, but she'd already secured a room next to Kate's on the highly exclusive third floor due to her extraordinary looks. So Kate didn't know her well, and she felt wary.

Fearing the worst, Kate immediately found a towel and wiped her face clean of the cum Erin had smeared on her. Then she went to her wardrobe and found some "normal" clothes to put on. She quickly dressed, including wearing a bra and panties. While she was doing that, Erin had disappeared. The next time Kate looked around, she was surprised to find Erin at the front door, still completely naked. She thought the others had to be crazy.

Then Kate sat in a chair and nervously prepared for the worst. She couldn't hear what was being said at the door, but guessed Monica was threatening blackmail and Ryan was trying to talk her out of it.

Having Monica knock on her door reminded her that other Kappa girls were likely to come looking for her soon if she didn't show up at the party before long. She didn't know what was going to happen now, but the last thing she wanted in any case was to get more people involved. So she found her cell phone. She had the ringer set on "vibrate," so she discovered she'd missed a number of recent calls and text messages. She didn't want to call anybody, but she texted some of her closest friends in the sorority (in as much as she had close friends), and told them not to look for her, as she was feeling sick and was likely to miss the party altogether.

Then she put her phone away, keeping the audible ringer off. She didn't want to be reminded of the world outside her room.

Kate was puzzled when she saw Ryan move into the hallway and pull back some kind of ball of red cloth. But she was utterly flabbergasted when she saw Monica slip through the door totally naked! Her jaw just about hit the floor when Monica proceeded to "shake" Ryan's erection after shaking his hand.

At that point, Kate grew extremely irate. She thought, Ryan is MINE! I found him first! Fuck off and die! Go find your own big cock! But she didn't dare say that out loud. For one thing, she figured they were still on thin ice with Monica. She could still resort to blackmail at any time. Furthermore, she couldn't claim that Ryan was hers, since Erin had been there the whole time too. Claiming that "Ryan belongs to Erin and me" would sound weak and embarrassing. Plus, even she could scarcely believe she was thinking that, since she'd been calling him a "nobody" and a "loser" in her mind not that many minutes ago.

While she was trying to sort out her confused thoughts, she saw Monica tackle Ryan to the floor and then wind up on top of him, wildly humping him and kissing him.

She stood up, incensed, and thought, Okay, that's IT! This shit stops now! What is Monica trying to do?! Ryan is MINE! (Even though she'd just dismissed that thought, it came back again, and stronger than before.) Get your hands off him, you SLUT!

She glared in Monica's general direction, but nobody even knew she was there. They were so busy with each other that she doubted they'd pay her any mind even if she shouted and cursed.

She sat back down, completely deflated. SHIT! Shit, shit, shit! This is NOT going well! I suppose Ryan is doing that to Monica on purpose. If he seduces her, then she won't be a threat. But at what cost?! It's bad enough having Erin here. I don't want Monica to get involved too! This is turning into a disaster!

She searched her feelings, and realized, I want Ryan! Not in a loving way, oh no! Not even as a boyfriend. There's no chance of that. But in a purely carnal way! Yes, yes, yes! In that way, I want him all for my own. I don't want to share him with anybody. And with my looks, I shouldn't have to! He should be kissing my feet and worshipping the ground I walk on, like all my boyfriends have!

She sighed, more confused than ever before. I don't get it. Who IS he, really?! He came in here unannounced, boldly announcing that he was going to "claim" me, whatever the hell that means. I thought it was a joke! He was just some guy from one of my classes who stared at me a lot! But now, now... I want to go over there and pull Monica off him, kick her tiny ass, and then sock Erin's jaw for good measure! So I'll have him all for my own!

What I'd really like is to have him alone for the rest of the evening and kind of use him as my human blow-up doll, so I can find out how much fun a blowjob can really be. If I can get my lips around his shaft, that is! Gaawwwd, that's gonna be tough! And I'm certainly not ready to lose my virginity tonight, especially not to a mysterious stranger like him. But there are other things we could do. He could go down on me, we could sixty-nine... Hell, I might even be willing to try a titfuck for the first time! I don't get this horny very often, so I should take full advantage while I still feel inspired.

But none of that is going to happen, not at this rate. In fact, he's probably forgotten all about me. Here I am, fully dressed and acting like a sourpuss, while Monica is on the verge of fucking him and Erin looks like she's trying to figure out how to join in. Well, I'm not just going to sit here like an idiot and lose to them!

Feeling newly determined, she stood back up and began rapidly removing all the clothes she'd just put on. She felt strangely relieved and very, very horny once she was completely naked again. She wandered over to where the others were, but she stopped a ways away, feeling too shy and nervous to come closer.

That's when Ryan happened to notice her. He was going to say something to her, but he didn't get a chance, because that was right when Erin said, "He's said some crazy stuff about wanting to 'claim' us and that he's going to make us into his 'personal sluts.' But the real situation is still undefined."

Monica had something to say to that. With her face looking down at Ryan from a couple of inches away, she said to him, "I don't know what you're talking about with all this 'claiming' talk. In fact, I have no fucking idea whatsoever what's going on in the room, or even who the hell you are!"

She had a hand on his boner, but she brought her other hand to his face and pointed at his nose so close that she repeatedly poked it. "But I'll tell you one god damn thing! A couple of minutes ago, I heard you doubt that I am 'worthy' of you. I sure as hell am worthy! And I'm going to show you just how motherfucking worthy I am right now, you gilipollas! So let's FUCK!" ("Gilipollas" roughly means "bastard.")

Hearing all that, a completely naked Kate finally rushed to where the others were, clutching her massive boobs to prevent them from swinging. "Wait a minute! Wait just one minute! Nobody is going to fuck anybody!"

Monica turned partly on top of Ryan so she could look at Kate. (Unfortunately, that meant both Ryan and Erin had to let go of her ass.) With her small body now on its side instead of face down over him, his erection came into full view. She resumed jacking him off, and casually said, "Oh, hi Kate. There you are. I was wondering what happened to you."

Monica was being remarkably brazen, considering she didn't know much about what was going on, and Kate had a reputation for being quite bitchy and difficult. However, she had heard both Kate's and Erin's voices screaming in ecstasy while she'd been masturbating and listening through the wall. She assumed there had to be a previously unknown sexual side to Kate that was fine with sharing a man, and much more.

But mostly, she was so very aroused that she didn't want to stop.

Kate gasped in lusty dismay to see Monica's small hand sliding up and down Ryan's oversized cock.

To make matters worse for Kate, Erin was still naked and kneeling near Ryan's crotch, trying to get more involved. With Ryan's cock finally uncovered, Erin reached for it, wanting to stroke it too.

Monica didn't want to get on Erin's bad side, since she knew she was an interloper, so she let go and moved her hand down to Ryan's balls instead. Thus, within seconds, Erin was jacking off his long cock while Monica was fondling his balls. And it all happened easily, without anyone saying a word.

Kate was so horny, jealous, and desperate that she wanted to cry. UGH! Fuck! That's so wrong! That's so hot! Gaawwwd! I wish I could bend down, somehow take his cock in my mouth, and show both of these shameless sluts that Ryan wants ME! I'm the one he came for in the first place!

Ryan looked to Kate, seemingly unfazed by this penis hand-over that had just taken place. He said, "Yeah, hi Kate. Where HAVE you been?"

Kate recovered quickly, since she was forced to speak. She pointed deeper into her large room. "I was sitting over there, thinking that we were going to get in trouble. But that's not going to happen, is it?"

Ryan smiled. "No, it's not. Monica has agreed to be my slave, at least for the evening. We'll see if she qualifies for a permanent position." He looked up at Monica and smiled at her too.

Monica smiled back. "You ARE a gilipollas! I knew it!"

"What's that mean?" he asked.

"Bastard, basically."

Kate sank to her knees next to Ryan, since that's where the others were. But she practically exploded at Monica, "How can you just sit there just causally talking while fondling his balls?! Didn't you hear him? He just said he's going to make you into some kind of sex slave!"

Monica rolled her eyes. "Yeah, right. Like that'll ever happen. We're just playing around and flirting. He said that in order to join you guys, I had to agree to obey his every command, so I guess I am his sex slave. But just for the evening! That's a big, big difference. It's just a role-play thing. Nobody is going to make me do something I don't already want to do, that's for sure."

Kate pointed out, "But, if you agreed to do anything he says tonight..."

Monica smiled wolfishly. "What can I say? I like to do a lot of things! Especially if it involves the two of you, and this!" She looked to his cock with her hand pumping on it right when she said "this!".

Kate and Erin were staring at it already. Erin was salivating and licking her lips, remembering the blowjob she'd given him before.

Kate said with a worried look, "I don't know anything about him. I don't know at all. He's dangerous!"

Monica asked, "Dangerous how?"

Erin fielded that. "Dangerously sexy! Once you get started playing with his cock, you just can't stop! Isn't that right, Kate? In fact..."

Erin came up with an idea on the spot to help make sure Kate stayed horny and willing. Since Kate was now kneeling right next to Erin, and within easy reach of Ryan's crotch, Erin grabbed Kate's nearest hand with her free hand and brought it to his cock. Then she let go of his pole and let Kate take over.

Kate was very embarrassed, and didn't know what to do. But her cock-lust was too strong. She began stroking, sloshing her fingers up and down his soaked hard-on. This isn't happening! I swear, I'm not here! I'm not doing this!

Erin was victorious. "Good girl, Kate. Very good. See what I mean, Monica? It's kind of addictive. We call it 'The Beast.'"

Monica grinned wolfishly. "'The Beast?' I like that!"

Kate was thinking as she stared at her hand sloshing all over Ryan's cock, I hate this thing! It's making me lose my mind. All I can think about is "cock, cock, cock!" Look at me, totally humiliated, again! Naked and pleasuring him, again! Erin even just called me "good girl" again. Doesn't she remember I'm the president of this sorority? Nobody tells me what to do. I tell them what to do. I AM Princess Kate! This is an outrage!

But she kept those thoughts to herself, because lust won again. Monica was no longer blushing from her doorway adventure, but now Kate's face was cherry red.

Oblivious to Kate's frustrated thoughts, Monica asked Erin, "So is it as incredible to get fucked by him as I think it is?"

Erin put her hand on Kate's since she was feeling left out again. That forced Kate to stop stroking since Erin's hand wasn't moving. Erin replied, "We don't know. He hasn't fucked us yet."

Monica was astonished. "You're kidding me! Why not?! What are you waiting for?! Clearly, you've gone way, way off the reservation with this guy, and by the way, I fully approve. I'm especially surprised at you, Kate. I thought you had a stick up your ass. But it turns out you know how to get it on. You go, girl!"

Kate forced herself to smile at that, even though it increased her red-faced embarrassment. "Thanks." She was no longer moving her hand, but since she still held the prime real estate at the top of Ryan's cock, she was happily rubbing his sweet spot.

That left the rest of his shaft to Erin, and Erin took advantage. First, she took her hand off of Kate's. Then, using just the tips of her thumb and fingers since there wasn't much room, she started stroking up and down as many inches of Ryan's shaft as she could.

Monica noticed the change of hand positions, and said, "Hey! Check it out! I'm fondling his balls, Erin, you're stroking his cock, and Kate, you're rubbing the best part! That is so wild! I've never seen that! And to think that I thought I'd have to be on my best behavior here at KKG!" She laughed.

Kate said while she also stared at the three hands from different women, "Actually, this kind of thing NEVER happens here. I'm a junior as you know, and I've never heard of anything even remotely like this. I've never done this with anyone, anywhere!"

Erin gladly added, "But don't worry, Monica, the times they are a-changin'! And Ryan here got it all started."

"Cool!" Monica responded happily enough. Then she asked, "So why is it you two haven't fucked him yet? Are you scared of his size? Hell, I'll take him on and I'm way smaller than you!"

Kate said a bit sheepishly, "It's not that. It's that all of this just started up in the last hour or two. Ryan walked into my room like he owned the place and proclaimed some bullshit mumbo jumbo about how he was going to claim us."

"WOW!" Monica exclaimed. "¡Joder! Ryan, you move FAST!" She looked down at him and flashed a sexy smile. Then she turned her head to Kate. "But I don't know about that being bullshit. Just look at what he's got the THREE of us doing!"

Ryan had been silent for a while, but now he spoke up. He had a plan of action that had been forming in his mind. "Speaking of doing things, I love the triple handjob, but there's too much talking and not enough action. Erin, you've had my cum on your face and tits for a while now. It's time for it to come off. Monica, I told you that I'm going to test you, to see if you really will keep your vow and obey my every command, and that starts now. I want you to lick all my cum off Erin, every last bit of it. And while you're at it, give her a good orgasm."

Monica was astonished. "¡HIJO DE PUTA!"

Ryan chuckled. "What does that mean? And what's 'Joder?'"

Monica explained just as emphatically, "'Son of a bitch,' because that's what you are! And 'joder' means 'fuck!'" She looked to Erin and Kate. "Who is this guy?! Is he the Devil? I think he must be the Devil!"

He chuckled some more. "I'm not the Devil. I'm not even a minor demon. Does my plan sound acceptable to you?"

Monica panted, "Like I have any choice! What I don't understand is how you found out I'm bisexual. I've been keeping that a secret from most people since I moved here last month."

Kate and Erin gasped in astonishment.

Erin had hoped that Monica was open to playing around, but she hadn't been sure. She thought, YES! Tonight is the night that everything is going to happen! It'll be a sexual free-for-all!

Kate had no clue, so she was totally surprised. She was perturbed.

It dawned on Monica, "Oooh! Maybe you didn't realize..." She was embarrassed at what she'd just accidentally confessed in front of the other two girls. She had consumed a fair amount of alcohol earlier while masturbating from her next door room, in order to build up her courage to listen at the door and even invite herself to join in. So she wasn't carefully guarding what she was saying.

Ryan said to her, "I don't know anything about you except for what I've learned tonight. However, I saw you and Erin flirting a few minutes ago, so I figured you and her would at least be open to a little bit of that kind of playing around."

Kate was even more astonished, if that was possible. She looked at Erin accusingly. "You're bisexual too?!"

Erin replied honestly, "No! Definitely not! I've never been intimate with another girl in my life! But... if she happens to look like Monica does, well... some people are so very beautiful and sexy that nobody can avoid being affected by them!"

That calmed Kate down somewhat. But it definitely occurred to her, If she says she can't help but be affected by Monica, then what about ME?! I'm the most desirable girl in this sorority, which means I'm the sexiest and most wanted in the entire university. I'm not being egotistical; that's just a fact. Everybody says so! And Erin and I have spent lots of time together wearing next to nothing, or even nothing at all when we're dressing sometimes. Hell, that's true to a lesser extent with Monica as well!

Oh God! Maybe Erin wants me! Maybe Monica wants me! Ryan? Oh boy! There's no question HE wants me! He might even try to fuck me tonight! He's so damn odd and confident that there's no telling. I'm in a lot of danger here!

Those thoughts alarmed her, but they aroused her even more. In truth, although she considered herself completely straight, sometimes she got aroused while just hanging out with Erin, especially when they were in their underwear or bikinis or something like that.

(The KKG had an indoor pool in the basement. It looked like most any sorority house from the outside, and even from most of the inside, but it really was a "spare no expense" mansion for the beautiful daughters of the very wealthy and elite.)

Kate had had those feelings for some particularly stunning sorority sisters prior to tonight, back when she strived with all her might to restrain and control her sexual desires. Now that she was in thrall to those same desires, there was no telling what could happen, even with other girls. She was becoming aware of those feelings, yet even so she liked walking on a wire. The danger and the taboo was keeping her flying high.

She had been living a very controlled and predictable life up until now, and she was discovering that she craved more danger and excitement, as well as great sex.

Kate nervously asked Monica, "When you say you're bisexual, what does that mean, exactly? I mean, I know what it means, but, you know. What does it mean in YOUR case?"

Monica replied, "I generally prefer guys. I love a good cock, especially a big cock!" She smiled at Ryan. "But I also date girls sometimes. I've been keeping that on the down low around here because I don't know what people will think. I know there are some 'out' lesbians, and others just like to fool around a little bit, but sometimes people will have trouble with actual bisexuals. We're hard to put into a tidy box, and that makes people nervous."

There was a prolonged silence as the others registered that.

Guessing that line of discussion was done, Ryan spoke up. "I'm not done describing my plan. May I continue?"

The three girls nodded.

"Kate, while Erin and Monica are busy cleaning my cum, I don't want you to feel left out."

Kate stared at him in wide-eyed alarm. "Please! I suppose it's none of my business to tell those two what to do, but leave me out of it! I don't swing that way! And... and... your cum... I don't know..."

Her pussy tingled and her mouth watered as she recalled how Erin had fed a gob of his cum into her mouth. She was feeling highly confused and conflicted. She both loved and hated in nearly equal measure the idea of being "forced" to do more of that kind of thing.

He frowned at her. "Hey, I haven't even explained my idea yet. I'm not talking about having you join them. You haven't gotten to know my dick nearly well enough. While those two are keeping busy, I want you to lick my cock, and suck it."

Kate looked even more pole-axed. She was very much looking forward to licking his boner, but the cocksucking sounded like a wet dream and a nightmare rolled into one. "I... I... I don't know if I can do that! The sucking part, I mean! You're too thick!"

He shrugged. "Give it a try. See what you can do. I'm sure you'll get the hang of it. It's pretty important if you want to be one of my personal sluts."

He had decided that he liked the sound of "personal slut" and he was going to use it as a sort of official title from now on. The brazen approach seemed to be working like gangbusters, so he was pushing himself to be even more brazen.

He insisted, "You WILL try, won't you?"

Kate stared at him in disbelief, her massive tits heaving up and down. Her blushing face finally nodded slightly.

Monica sat up on him, basically sitting on his tummy. She finally let go of his balls as she repositioned. She was even more astonished now, after hearing him say that to Kate. More remarkable than his words was how he somehow got the notoriously bitchy Kate to respond so meekly. "Somebody tell me who this guy is! Seriously, WHO. IS. THIS. GUY?! I've never seen him before. Is he the boyfriend for either of you? Is that how this got started?"

Kate was embarrassed to explain, "He's... a guy... in my advanced archeology class. I barely knew him from Adam... until tonight! Like I said, he just strolled in my room over an hour ago, and basically took over!"

Monica whistled. "That's astonishing! And super hot! ¡Muy, muy caliente! ¡No manches!"

Ryan figured "muy caliente" meant "very hot." But he asked, "What's that mean, 'no manches?'"

Monica explained, "Basically, 'No way, I don't believe it.' I've gotta say I love it though! Being a Kappa girl just got WAY more interesting!" She laughed.

He asked her, "Do you always use so many Spanish terms when speaking with us gringos?"

"Only when I'm left fucking speechless in English, which almost never happens, except for tonight!"

He looked down to his crotch, where Kate and Erin were still jointly fondling his cock. He asked Monica, "While we're at it, what was all that stuff you said when I made you strip in the hallway?"

Monica blushed at the memory of that sexy humiliation. "I don't remember. It was a lot of stuff, and I was a little bit distracted at the time!" She gave him the middle finger, but in a playful way. "Oh yeah, I just remembered something. One thing I said was 'Me cago en la madre que te parió.' That roughly translates as, 'I shit on the mother who gave birth to you.'"

Erin and Kate had a hearty laugh at that.

Ryan was more chagrined, but he did smile. Nothing could faze him on this glorious night.

Monica added, with heat, "He deserves it, for what he made me do! You fucker!" She gave him the evil eye, but with a grin on her face. It quickly turned into a "come hither" stare. Thinking about the hallway incident got her so horny for him that she began sliding her hands all over her outrageously large tits.

As she did that, she said to the two other girls, "Yet I would totally do it again. I'm still hot as a firecracker from that! I'd do it assuming I wouldn't get caught, that is!" She laughed.

He reached out and felt up Monica's massive tits, causing her to drop her hands. He kicked himself for not doing that sooner, since they were in easy reach now that she was sitting up on him. The way she was feeling herself up gave him the idea. He said to her, "I think you're hot as a firecracker, period!"

She glared at him as if she was pissed. But she said, fiercely, "You're going to fuck my tiny little body so hard tonight that your big cock will bulge out right here!" She ran a hand over the middle of her tummy. "It'll stick out so much that I'll be able to jack off your cockhead right over my belly button! That's how deep you're going to fuck me tonight with The Beast!"

Kate couldn't help but laugh at that. She was starting to relax some, because sheer lust was steamrolling over all her concerns. She said to Monica, "You have some interesting ideas on anatomy. I take it you're not a pre-med."

Monica gave her a chagrined look. "Very funny. I say, less talking and more action! Ryan has given us our marching orders, and we're his sex slaves tonight. So let's get to it!"

The three girls stood up, allowing Ryan to stand up too.

As they did so, Kate clarified to Monica, "You're his sex slave tonight. I'm not! That's your stupid agreement with him."

Ryan, still mistakenly believing all of Jack's advice, was fully convinced that Kate was sexually submissive. What the actual truth was about that, not even Kate knew at this point, since she was discovering she hadn't really known anything about her true sexual feelings at all. Regardless, he saw this as another chance to assert his domination over her.

However, he knew he needed to get her worked up first. So he walked to her, put her arms around her, and kissed her.

She liked that a lot, and eagerly kissed him back.

Naturally, his hands got busy fondling her big tits right away. He thought, Amaaaazing! Mere seconds ago, I was groping Monica's big tits. They sit up on her chest so firm and high, like they're fake, but they're definitely not. And so round! I love the dark skin tone too. And now I'm fondling Kate's even bigger ones! True, they sag more. How could they not? Gravity is practically crying uncle! But they feel soooo good! I could play with these all night!

He looked over at Erin. Then there's the super stacked Erin. She's sucked my cock and I don't even know her last name! This is big titty heaven, for sure! Talking about having a lucky night! I can't wait to thank Jack for giving me the courage and advice to make this all happen!

Ryan was just getting warmed up with Kate. He pulled back so there was a clear gap between him and her, allowing Erin and Monica to see everything. Then, with one hand, he caressed the underside of one of her incredible boobs. With his other hand, he went straight to her pussy mound. He was still so sexually inexperienced that not only had he never touched her there, he'd never touched any girl there. But due to all of his success so far this evening, he felt that he could do no wrong. He began diddling her clit.

She didn't expect it, since she'd noticed he'd been avoiding that until now. Her arousal was sky-high already, but his touch there had her on the verge of a climax already. She found this extraordinary because, as previously mentioned, when she had been repressing her sexual desires, she had found it extremely difficult to ever have an orgasm.

She pulled herself closer to him and squeezed him tightly, mashing her massive mammaries against his bare chest in the process. (He brought a hand there around to her ass instead.) She found her hand stroking his cock again. She exclaimed, "Ryan, what's happening? What are you doing to me?!"

But he didn't have a chance to answer that, or say anything else, because she brought her other hand to the back of his head and pulled his head in close for an even more fiery kiss.

The two of them necked with a fiery passion. It was all about lust, but their sexual desires for each other were so strong that they were bonding emotionally in a strange way. Meanwhile, he continued to have the time of his life playing with her clit. He loved doing it, because he could easily see and even feel the great reaction that caused to her entire trembling body.

By the time they broke the kissing off, he was beginning to explore her wet pussy as well as her clit. He was still hesitant to put a finger in it, but he greatly enjoyed sliding a couple of fingers up and down her wet and swollen lips. His heart pumped hard as he considered that his penis might end up in there soon, maybe even before the night was over.

What he didn't know was that she still had an intact hymen. She was so out-of-her mind horny that she wasn't thinking about how close his fingers were to finding that out.

She panted breathlessly and whimpered, "Please!"

He asked, "Please what?"

She actually didn't know the answer to that. A part of her was struggling mightily not to cum. To her, that represented a total loss of control over her body, and she didn't want that to happen while Erin and Monica were standing and watching. She still had an ingrained habit not to lose control, ever. But a part of her wanted to cum desperately badly. Finally, she just whimpered again, "If this keeps on, you're gonna make me cum again!"

He didn't see the problem with that, and said, "Cum if you want to. You have my permission."

Her humiliation deepened as she realized the implication was she was expected to ask permission from him before cumming from now on. The power was shifting to him by the minute.

He thought things over, and then told her, "It's true you're not my sex slave tonight. But you ARE one of my personal sluts, tonight and every other night from now on! And that's different, but it still means you have to do everything I tell you. Is that understood?"

That was such an audacious claim that she couldn't breathe. "Personal slut?!" I don't want to be his sex slave or even his personal slut! I value my freedom! And how the hell are those two things different if I have to totally obey him in either case?! Why am I even asking such a stupid question?! ARRGH!

And yet, she was so extremely hot and bothered in general, and hot for him and his cock specifically, that she didn't know what to say. She was so close to orgasm that even his audacious and unsettling "personal slut" comments very nearly tipped her over the edge.

Seeing her hesitation and confusion about his bold words, he said, "Look, that's a lot to take all at once. We'll save discussing some of that until later. But tonight, when I tell you to do something, you need to do it. Clear?"

She couldn't believe it even as it was happening, but she nodded shyly. She was blushing furiously. She never knew anybody could affect her like this. She realized that his wild "personal slut" idea was starting to actually sound a little bit appealing, because he seemed to be the catalyst for her sexual awakening, and the key to her future sexual pleasure. When he was in charge, very thrilling things happened.

For instance, she hadn't said anything about it, but the way he'd made Monica strip naked in the hallway remained very much on her mind. The mere idea that he might make her do something like that too practically made her hyperventilate. In her highly sheltered world, where only very few men of a certain type were even eligible to date her, she doubted she would ever find another man who might treat her like that, and thus give her almost unimaginable sexual pleasure.

After getting her limited agreement, he matter-of-factly added, "And if you don't, I'm going to have to spank you."

That made her indignant, even with her imminent orgasm threatening to overwhelm her. "What?! No way! You go too far! Fuck you! And fuck your big cock up your ass! I'm done!"

However, despite those harsh words, as well as an angry look on her face, she didn't let go of his boner. She didn't even slow down stroking it. She definitely felt he wasn't letting up on fingering her slit and clit either.

Ryan was acting not only according to Jack's advice, he also was continuing to base his behavior on how dominant men acted in the erotic stories he read and masturbated to. Those stories, as improbable as they were, had a certain logic to them. He felt he knew just what to say now, according to that "porn logic." Sexy spankings were a common theme to the kinds of stories he liked the most.

While fondling her ass crack with one hand and diddling her clit with the other, he said, "You realize now of course that I'm going to have to punish you, don't you? I'm going to have to give you a good spanking tonight."

She looked all around her room while her blush deepened. She saw Erin and Monica both naked and standing side by side, just staring at her. She gasped and looked away, then buried her face in Ryan's chest.

Strangely, she seemed even more aroused than before. It wasn't just that her body ached for imminent orgasmic release. Given that she was so very spoiled and privileged, spankings were practically the ultimate taboo, which meant that even the idea of getting spanked was as sexy as hell to her. Jack had stumbled on an astute insight when he'd told Ryan, "The high and mighty like to be taken down low."

She had two hands on his erection now, and she was rubbing his sweet spot with one hand and rapidly jacking off the rest with her other. She was hoping that if she could make him cum soon, that might make him forget about the spanking idea.

He let her do that for a few moments, but then he held her chin and tilted her head back until she made eye contact with him again.

But she looked down into his chest, unable to meet his gaze. She was distraught, because she bossed around everyone she knew with ease, and yet she seemed helpless to disobey him. She hated having to play the role of the spoiled princess, but she was accustomed to the power that gave her, and she was loathe to give it up to anybody.

She finally forced herself to make eye contact again, and asked pleadingly, "Do you have to?! Here?! With everyone watching?! Please! Have mercy!"

He replied, "I'm afraid so. You disrespected me. A personal slut can never do that to her owner. But, since you asked nicely, if you suck my cock until I cum on your face, I may go easy on you."

She exhaled with relief. She hadn't even realized that she'd been holding her breath, waiting for his answer. "Thank you! Thank you!"

Unfortunately for her, or fortunately, depending on the point of view, her relief meant that she relaxed. And that meant that she slightly eased her intense struggle not to cum. That's all it took, since he was still fingering her, and she began to cum, hard.

She looked into his eyes like she'd just been shot in the back. She exclaimed, "I'm... I'm CUMMING!" She suddenly wrapped her arms around him and squeezed like she was an anaconda.

She shut her eyes tightly, clenched her teeth, and hung on for dear life while her body shook and trembled with spasmodic convulsions. She had had some orgasms previously with her boyfriends, though rarely, and while masturbating, though much rarer still. But those experiences had been nothing compared to this. The pleasure now was on an entirely different order of magnitude.

She knew that Erin and Monica were watching and listening, and that greatly increased her humiliation. But her sexy humiliation magnified the intensity and duration of her climax.

She was standing naked in the middle of her room, feeling Ryan's hands firmly holding her ass cheeks on her back side and feeling his huge cock pressing up towards her tummy on her front side. She felt exactly like his "personal slut," completely hooked on him, and completely controlled by him, at least for now. That fed her humiliation and thus her arousal, and kept her orgasm going and going.

She'd had a multiple orgasm earlier (the first of her life) that lasted a good two minutes. This one lasted just as long. She hadn't even known it was possibly for her body to cum this long. Every second seemed like a lifetime of total erotic ecstasy.

It was a powerfully transformative experience. Between those two orgasms, she knew she wanted a lot more of them. Clearly, she would never experience one-tenth of that with the kinds of boyfriends she had been dating, even with the more sexually talented ones. Only Ryan appeared to have the equipment and the mentality to drive her absolutely out of her mind.

She realized that in little over one hour, he had become one of the most important people in her entire life. That was scary, because he still was a mysterious stranger with insistent claims that he was going to turn her into his personal slut. She couldn't let that happen, or even reveal some kind of relationship with him, or she would be publicly scandalized.

Her multiple orgasm finally ended... mostly. From time to time, she felt minor orgasmic aftershocks. She continued to cling to him with a vice-like grip. She also continued to keep her eyes shut tight, because she couldn't bear to think about Erin and Monica being there.

However, Monica didn't have nearly the problem with cumming while someone else was watching, so she didn't understand Kate had that problem. Out of the blue, she spoke. "Wow! Amazing! That looked like the mother of all orgasms!"

Kate winced upon hearing that. It confirmed her worst fears about being watched. She whispered to Ryan, even though it was blatantly obvious, "I just came so hard! So very, very hard! So... too much!"

He didn't really understand her feelings about that orgasm. But her hug-grip finally loosened enough for him to pull back enough to see her blushing face and closed eyes. That gave him a clue, and he asked, "You're embarrassed, huh? It's humiliating for you to cum like that in front of your friends, isn't it?"

She gave him a wordless and very slight nod. Just talking about it was embarrassing for her, especially with those friends still listening.

Erin commented, "She has a big fear of losing control. Control is really important to her. And power. She's used to running roughshod over everybody. We call her 'Princess Kate.'"

With her eyes still shut tight, a red-faced Kate sarcastically complained to Erin, "Thanks a lot! What a good friend you are!"

Erin replied, "Hey, I'm just stating the obvious. He'll figure that out soon enough."

Kate groused in her mind, Fucking bitch! When this is all over, I'm going to make her pay for that!

Because Ryan was looking at this situation through the prism of his "porn logic," he considered Erin's comments very useful. He figured that the more humiliated a girl got, the more aroused she got (though only up to a certain point, and only a certain kind of humiliation). So, far from stopping her humiliation, he wanted to continue it. Now, he had a better idea how to push her buttons.

He suggested to Kate, "I've got an idea. Why don't you drop to your knees and lick and suck my cock? Then you won't have to look at them or even think of them. They'll be busy with the cleaning task I gave them."

Kate was emotionally and physically exhausted after that orgasm. She felt like her willpower was utterly destroyed. If he told her to lick and suck his cock, that's what she would do. Besides, her orgasm had given her great physical satisfaction, but it had hardly dented her overall horniness at all. The idea of licking his cock in particular made her salivate. She could hardly wait to get started, at least once her body had recovered enough. Even kneeling sounded much better than having to remain standing, after her orgasm had wiped her out.

So she wordlessly nodded again. Then, with her eyes still tightly closed, she started to slide down his body. The mere submissive act of getting on her knees before him sent lusty shivers up and down her spine.

He put a hand on her shoulder and helped push her down slightly.

Even that little gesture thrilled her to no end. It reinforced that he really was in control tonight, and reminded her that if she didn't obey and please him, she would get spanked.

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