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Kate quickly dropped the rest of her way to her knees. That put her face to face with his big cock, and she finally opened her eyes to look at it. She stared at it in total amazement, even as one of her hands unthinkingly reached out and slid up and down it. She was staggered by its sheer size all over again.

She thought, God have mercy on me! It's like he's brainwashing me, but with his cock instead of a swinging watch! Every time I look at it, I get too horny! And hungry! I want that in my mouth, dammit! What's happening to me?! This isn't me. This is why I've repressed my sexual feelings for so long, because giving in to lust is scary! Where will it end?! WHEN will it end?!

Erin and Monica were watching everything, but they had no idea how powerfully affected Kate had been by her latest orgasm and other events. The two of them had experienced many orgasms, even very big ones, so such an experience wasn't a dramatic revelation like it had been for Kate. As a result, they were more immune to Ryan's charms than Kate was.

Ryan looked over at Erin and Monica staring back at him. He asked them in a matter-of-fact manner, "What are you two staring at? Don't you want to get started on your tasks?"

Erin said, "Oh, we will, we will. It's just that we simply can't wait to see Kate suck your cock!"

Monica added, "Yeah! Not to mention when you cum on her face! Esta fiesta está de puta madre!"

He asked, "What's that mean?"

Monica translated for him, "This is a fucking good party!"

He laughed.

Kate fretted, Dear God! They're going to watch when I suck on his cock! I'll probably choke on it and make a total fool of myself. And they're going to see him cum on my face too! Does the humiliation never end?!

Of course, she simply could have stood up at any time. But deep down, she loved being "forced" to do this. She was salivating so much she was practically drooling.

Monica said to Kate, even though Kate was looking away towards Ryan's privates and probably trying to ignore her, "Kate, I just have to say, you continue to amaze and impress me! I thought you were the classic cocktease. You had all your boyfriends on a string. You promised everything, but delivered practically nothing. Hell, every man around you was seduced by your charms! Shit, I thought you might still be a virgin."

That was a jolt of further embarrassment to Kate, because she still was a virgin. Erin knew her long enough to know that. Kate hoped and prayed Erin would keep her mouth shut about it tonight.

Monica continued, "But I had it all wrong! Turns out you DO have a sexual side. It's just that you keep it under wraps for special occasions like when a stud like Ryan comes along. Clever! You have the best of both worlds: you can cum over and over again bouncing on Ryan's Beast, while still leaving your date with blue balls and peck on the cheek. Brilliant!"

Surprisingly, those words actually cheered Kate greatly. She thought, Yeah! Why didn't I think of that already? I CAN have the best of both worlds! Of course I could never publicly go out with Ryan. I knew that. I'm sure he doesn't come from the right kind of background, or I would have heard of him already. I'll bet he even lives in one of those big dormitories with all the common folk. But there's no reason I can't continue to secretly see him AND still date my usual kind of guy. I shouldn't think of those dates as having anything to do with sexual pleasure; those are to maintain my princess persona on top of the heap.

I can do both things easily! Ryan can be my secret, well-hung "boy toy." Except for Erin and Monica, who obviously have been sucked in at this point, my friends never need know that Ryan even exists!

Ryan didn't like Monica's suggestion one bit, and he would have liked Kate's thoughts even less. But he was willing to bide his time, for now. Instead of saying anything about it, he said to Erin and Monica, "I have an idea. If you want to watch Kate suck, why not watch her WHILE you lick the cum clean?"

Monica tapped Erin's shoulder. "Good idea! Make that a great idea! No?"

Erin just smiled widely with approval.

Kate was unhappy, and thought, Oh no! This is turning into a nightmare! But on some deeper level her body was starting to understand that a certain kind of humiliation resulted in tremendous erotic pleasure. So she decided to stay silent and tough it out. Her hope was that Erin and Monica would soon get so into each other that they would forget about her.

Some repositioning ensued. Ryan decided he would be more comfortable sitting on the sofa he'd briefly sat on earlier. He sat on one end of it, in case Erin and Monica wanted to sit on the other end.

Kate was fully focused on the upcoming task of licking and sucking his cock, so she repositioned between his legs. She was humiliated beyond belief. But the wilder and crazier things got, the more willing she actually was. Her habitual restraint was falling away the more the situation went past the simple kissing and fondling and such that she had done with her boyfriends.

Her humiliation was greatly increased by the fact that Erin chose to sit in the middle of that same sofa, close enough to Ryan that her shoulder was almost bumping into his. She wanted to see Kate's oral efforts from as close-up as possible.

Monica sat on Erin's lap. She seemed up for anything, and had no hesitation getting very comfy with Erin. Now that the others knew she was bisexual, and Erin had revealed her interest by flirting, there wasn't much holding either of them back.

Still, they were somehow shy to start out, as they tested the other's feelings and intentions. Monica started in on licking Erin's face clean.

Erin liked that a lot, and she liked the fact that she could run her hands all over Monica's small yet voluptuous body without Monica blinking an eye. Still, much of her attention was on Kate, who was holding and stroking Ryan's cock, but looked daunted by the prospect of licking it, much less sucking it.

She tried to be encouraging. "Kate, I can see from you face that you look daunted. Don't be! Start with licking. You'll enjoy that, I guarantee it. It's like stroking him but better, and it's clear you already love that."

Kate found she was able to respond with her eyes open as long as she just stared ahead into Ryan's crotch instead of making eye contact with anyone. She admitted, "That's not the problem. I'm worried about... the sucking part! Don't you remember? You were crying when you sucked him, actually crying! I saw you!"

Erin responded, "Yeah, but those were tears of joy."

"No. Maybe some of 'em, but not all of 'em. You were suffering and struggling, big time!"

Erin decided simply lying wouldn't help. "Okay, you're right. It's not easy. In fact, it's damn difficult. But you'll get the hang of it, I just know it. You're no powder puff."

Kate just sighed heavily. She felt discouraged. Why do I want to do this anyway? This is crazy! I hardly even know Ryan at all. He still could turn out to be some kind of psycho or something. And he's too big! Some things simply are not meant to fit inside a human mouth!

However, she continued to jack him off while thinking about licking him - and more. She knew that Erin had managed to suck him, and Erin's mouth didn't look any larger than hers. Her feelings for Ryan were growing strong without her fully realizing it, since her body credited him with her non-stop amazing sexual pleasure this evening. If Erin can do it, I can do it! I'm not about to be outdone by anybody when it comes to pleasuring him!

Those thoughts were another sign that she was getting emotionally attached to him in a hurry.

Erin suggested to Kate, "I'll tell you what. When the time comes, I'll be there to hold your hand and give you some advice, okay? That way, you can't fail."

Kate was conflicted about that. She wanted to do her cocksucking in private, not with Erin hovering over her. But she also was fiercely determined to be a talented cocksucker for him, and she realized Erin could be a big help, since she'd done it already. She finally just winced and said, "Okay."

Thinking her discussion with Kate was over, Erin asked Ryan, "By the way, were you really going to spank Kate's ass?"

He responded, "Was I? More like 'Am I.' I certainly will, unless she does something extraordinary to change my mind. But don't worry, I'm sure she'll enjoy most of it. I'll be surprised if she doesn't cum at least once."

Actually, he had no idea if that was true since he'd never spanked anybody in his life. But he was going by his favorite erotic stories, and in those, the girl always ended up cumming a lot. "Porn logic" was guiding him some more.

Erin asked him, even more puzzled, "But how can you say that?! For all practical purposes, you just met her tonight! How can you make all these claims on her, like saying you kind of own her?! We kid about her being 'Princess Kate,' but that's what she effectively is around here. Don't you know what a rare privilege it is for any guy to even talk to her? She's dated guys for MONTHS before she ever let them see her naked ONCE!"

He chuckled. He looked to Kate, kneeling completely nude between his legs, and ran a hand down her long blonde hair. "I do things a little bit differently than those guys." Then, leaning forward, he gave one of her great melons a possessive squeeze.

Kate shivered lustily. She was embarrassed, feeling like she'd been claimed as a prize. She knew for sure the power had shifted in Ryan's favor, and she didn't like it. That problem seemed to be getting worse all the time. But she still didn't stop playing with his cock, or salivating at the thought of sucking it.

Monica was thinking like Erin. She paused in her cum licking to ask, "How can you be so sure of yourself? We joke that she makes Kate Upton look flat-chested and ugly. NOBODY treats our Kate like you do and gets away with it! Nobody!"

Kate thought, Yeah! You tell him!

He quickly replied, "Clearly, she hasn't been spanked enough."

Kate moaned erotically, like he'd just plunged a finger into her pussy. She didn't understand it at all, but she was getting off on the idea that he had the right to spank her at will.

Erin exclaimed, as a scary thought hit her, "And what about ME?! Are you going to spank me too?!"

He stated flatly, "Of course! If you're bad, that is. I consider you one of my personal sluts now as well and I expect you to behave as such. Don't break the rules and it's no problem."

Erin wailed, "Oh God! I shouldn't say this, but that's making me soooo horny!"

Erin wasn't feeling nearly as affected by Ryan and his strange and domineering ways as Kate was. However, she was being affected too. The key difference was that Kate was trying hard to resist him and failing, whereas Erin wasn't trying to resist much in the first place. She considered this a kind of sexy game. She didn't take him that seriously.

But Kate did take him seriously. She felt there was a real power struggle going on, and it was one she was losing, badly.

Monica had a similar mindset to Erin, only even more so. This was a fun and sexy game too, and talk of being a "personal slut" and the like was part of that. Because she had agreed to be Ryan's "sex slave" for the evening, she didn't have to think too much about what things meant. She figured that tomorrow that deal would be over and she would have a clean slate with him.

Still, Monica was amazed at the overall situation, especially by the way Ryan had gotten Kate to change so dramatically in such a short time. She looked up into Erin's face and asked, "Does he have mind control powers? Or magical powers? How is he making us do all this, and enjoy it?! Seriously! Sheesh!"

"I don't know!" Erin exclaimed. "Maybe he does! I wouldn't be surprised by anything at this point. He must have a LOT of experience with other girls! And to think: when he started fondling me this evening, I kind of suspected he was a virgin!"

Of course that was true, and he still was. But he wasn't about to admit that to anyone now.

Erin turned to him and asked, "Just how many other 'personal sluts' do you have, anyway?! DO you have others?!"

He replied confidently, "That's for me to know and you NOT to find out. It's none of your business."

Erin turned her head down to Monica again, and said, "See?! Like I told you! He has a lot of other lovers, no matter what he calls them! And look at the three of us. They all must be raving beauties!"

He chuckled inwardly at how they were jumping to conclusions, because of course the correct answer to how many other lovers he had was zero. He was flying by the seat of his pants, except he wasn't even wearing pants.

Kate had been occasionally looking at Erin and Monica, waiting for them to stop talking. She was mentally ready and eager to start licking his cock now, but she was a prima donna type, and she wanted his full attention first.

Monica resumed licking Erin's face. The two girls were freely fondling each other's naked bodies with increasing boldness and enthusiasm too.

Then Ryan looked back down at his crotch, and Kate's gorgeous face up close to it. Her nose was practically touching the tip of his cockhead. Recalling what Erin had done, she was puffing air on it, as well as rubbing his sweet spot.

Seeing that she had his attention, she smiled up at him and said, "Ryan, I'm ready to start licking you. To lick The... The Beast!"

He was somewhat concerned that he was getting close to cumming before she even got started licking. But he was trying to appear have endless stamina, and he figured his orgasm-delaying tricks could save the day for him. "Good. You may ask permission to do so."

Kate was so very, very horny, as well as so far gone into accepting that he had some sexual power over her now, that she didn't even pause to question why she should be asking permission from him, instead of having him beg her to do so. She just wanted to get started licking already.

Nevertheless, it embarrassed her greatly, especially since she knew Erin and Monica were listening and at least Erin was perfectly positioned to watch as well. Her cheeks were burning red again as she asked, "Um, may I... may I... please... lick your cock?"

"Yes, you may."

He felt goose bumps all over from seeing her face light up with delight upon being given permission. He was certain that Jack had been right she was submissive, and that seemed to be the greatest news in the history of the world.

She felt an electric thrill race through her from hearing that he'd given permission. She immediately brought her head forward and her tongue made contact with his sweet spot. She remembered exactly how Erin had done that for the first time, and she wanted to have a big effect just like Erin did. Except she had been waiting a while to get started, and while Erin had slowly teased him with only giving the occasional lick at first, Kate couldn't wait. She immediately began lapping his sweet spot like a dog licking water from a bowl.

Ryan was secretly thrilled by absolutely everything that was happening. Kate, the girl of my dreams, is naked and very horny, licking my cock like it was the world's most delicious lollipop! This is really happening!

Not only was she licking his most sensitive spots, she still had a hand stroking the rest of his shaft for good measure.

He thought, WOW! That feels SO good! Apparently, life is great if you're a young guy with a big cock. It's just like all those erotic stories said it would be! And I kinda feared they were wild exaggerations and pipe dreams. The only bummer is that I wasted so much time simply masturbating. I should have gotten with girls years ago. I can't change the past, but I'm going to make up for lost time. I'm going to make Kate, Erin, AND Monica mine, all mine! Why the hell not? I couldn't do any better than them! This is a dream come true!

He turned his head to Erin and Monica on the sofa next to him, and smiled at what he saw. Monica was ardently licking his cum from Erin's face, and she was doing a good and thorough job at it. It looked like she was having a fun time with his cum.

Monica also was fondling Erin's giant F-cups with her small hands. Like he had done with Erin's cummy tits earlier, she was being careful just to caress from below, so as to not smear his cum that had been splattered on the top sides. It seemed that she wanted to save licking them for last.

Erin, meanwhile, was having a blast running her hands all over Monica's small but perfect brown-skinned body. In particular, she seemed just as fascinated by Monica's big tits as Monica was by hers. Although they were slightly smaller than her own, they certainly didn't seem that way, since they jutted out dramatically from Monica's slender frame.

Neither girl seemed to want to talk about what was happening between them, perhaps because of Kate there (since Kate might tell things to the other girls in the sorority). However, they were developing a good non-verbal understanding with each other. Already, each of them was independently thinking this could just be the beginning of a great "friends with lesbian sex benefits" relationship.

At the same time all that was happening, Erin was occasionally staring down between Ryan's legs at Kate's licking tongue. She was amazed and impressed to see the "mighty spoiled princess" Kate kneeling naked and licking cock. It took her breath away.

She thought, Things will never be the same on Kappa Kappa Gamma's third floor, that's for sure! But I still don't know what the future will hold. Kate is the big wild card. Will she go right back to her spoiled princess ways tomorrow, or will she permanently change somehow? I wish I knew! Regardless, Ryan is the best thing that's happened to her in ages. She seriously needs to be taken down a few notches!

Erin soon sensed Ryan was looking at her, and she made eye contact with him.

He remembered something Erin had said to Kate a couple of times earlier in the evening. Patting Kate's head and stroking her hair, he muttered, "That's a good girl."

Erin practically flipped out upon hearing that. She remembered saying those condescending words to Kate a couple of times, just to see how she'd react, only to get no reaction at all except Kate's embarrassment each time. The same thing was happening now, only more so. Erin simply couldn't believe how much Kate had changed over the course of the evening, and it thrilled her to death. She really hoped Kate would change permanently, and for the better.

Kate couldn't believe what was happening to her either. As she fervently lapped against Ryan's sweet spot, she thought, How dare he say that to me?! Who does he think he is?! And he's going to spank me too! Just because he has this humongous, gorgeous cock, he thinks he can get away with murder!

And you know what? He's right! Gaawwwd, I'm loving doing this to him! I don't know what it is, exactly. Why am I so uncontrollably horny?! I remember when I licked my boyfriend Mark's penis a couple of times. That was... bleaugh! Yuck! That did nothing to me. What could be worse? Licking a sweaty armpit? A hairy ass crack? Ugh! But THIS cock, it's different!

She lapped right on his sweet spot, her heart singing with joy, her pussy leaking and tingling with endless arousal. Mmmm! This cock NEEDS to be licked! By me! Mmmm! I can't get enough of it! I want to lick it everywhere at once. Thank God I've got ten fingers to stroke him with too!

A couple of minutes passed. She was starting to get the hang of things. That allowed her to experiment with different licking techniques, including coordinating that with her finger work. Yet, instead of growing bored, her interest grew and grew.

She absolutely loved it when she did something particularly effective and was rewarded by hearing a moan or groan from him. Even better was when he patted her head in approval. Sometimes, that gave her chills or tingles all over. Better yet was when he clenched at her head with both hands. That showed she was really getting to him. She hoped she could get him to cum on her face even before the blowjob started. She had no doubt he'd get erect again right away, so the fun could keep on going. That seemed like a given for a big cock like his.

But a part of her was frustrated, because she didn't understand what was happening to herself. She thought, Let's look at this logically. I did lick Mark's penis a couple of times, and I hated it. What's so different about Ryan's cock? If I was given a blind test and had to lick just a little bit of both of them so I couldn't sense the size, would I really be able to distinguish which was which? Probably not!

That's disturbing. Sure, it's great to know that Ryan's cock is the best of the best. Which I deserve. But I think my different reaction is mainly due to all the other stuff, the mental stuff. I don't know how he does it, but he knows exactly how to treat me to make me hotter than I've ever been before in my life, by a long shot!

Obviously, all this mumbo jumbo about him claiming me is total bullshit. Nobody has the right to claim ME! Especially him. He's just a guy, nobody special. But when he calls me his "personal slut," and treats me as such, Jesus Christ! It does something to me! Something powerful! It's unlocked a sexual side I didn't even know I had! So why not play along, at least for the evening? Maybe longer! The thought of doing that makes me too horny to breathe! He could practically KILL me with more orgasms like those two I've had earlier! It's all so WRONG! So fucked up and backwards! He should be kissing my feet, but somehow he's got me licking his cock!

Those thoughts increased her arousal. It seemed that absolutely everything that was happening somehow turned her on in some way. She channeled her passion into trying to lick him with more skill than before.

Ryan had been on the verge of cumming even before her tongue had touched his boner. After all, he had been stroked nearly non-stop for a long time by the hands of three extraordinarily sexy girls. The mental pleasure from the sights and sounds around him were possibly even greater than the physical ones. But he had his orgasm-delaying tricks honed from his masturbation "expertise." He had been squeezing his PC muscle non-stop all through Kate's several minutes of licking.

However, he could feel his orgasmic control slipping away. Erin and Monica were busty bombshell beauties, and they aroused him greatly, but he felt something special for Kate. He had been sheltered from girls up until going to college and freeing himself from his conservative and prudish parents. Then he'd seen Kate in one of his classes and fallen head over heels in lust with her. (He hoped the love would come later, but right now lust was the main thing.) For the past month, he had masturbated endlessly fantasizing about exactly this kind of moment.

As a result, he simply couldn't control himself. He very much wanted to hold out until her cocksucking began, but there was simply no way that was going to happen. He lost control all at once, and shouted, "Gonna... gonna cum! Get ready!"

Kate immediately pulled back, shut her eyes tightly, and braced herself. She wasn't sure what to do with her mouth but at the last second decided to keep that closed too.

He had already passed the point of no return. But realizing that the great and unobtainable "Princess Kate" was readying herself for a facial from him was such a heady rush that it was like he was having an orgasm on top of an orgasm.

He planted a hand on the sofa on either side of him, ready to grip it as the cum blast began. However, on one side his hand hit Monica's body instead then slid down to firmly grasp Erin's leg. That, in and of itself, was a pornographic fantasy come true.

With a great shout, he gave in completely to his urges and let his cum fly.

Kate still held his shaft, so she actually was the one "painting" her own face. However, she was so astounded by what was happening that she just held it firmly as rope after rope hit the middle of her face.

She hadn't even been thinking about an orgasm for herself since she'd have a very big one not that many minutes ago and another one earlier. She couldn't even remember ever having two orgasms in one day. But having this strange freshman shower her face with cum was such a complete and utter humiliation that her arousal soared into the stratosphere in a flash. She reached to her clit and began cumming too.

She still didn't think to move her hand around. However, she'd lost control to such an extent that she was jerking and convulsing all over. She couldn't keep the hand around his thick shaft still, which meant that his cum no longer just rocketed towards her nose, but splattered all over, hitting her chin, forehead, cheeks, and even her blonde hair and her neck.

He was releasing another unusually copious load again, and while in actual fact his climax only lasted for a few seconds, to Kate it seemed to go on forever.

But he eventually started to lose steam.

Thinking he was done, and fully preoccupied with her own continuing orgasm, she let his boner droop down. However, he wasn't quite finished, and he let out three last ropes, each one weaker than the last. Due to the new angle, those squarely hit the top slopes of her big tits instead.

Ryan felt so overwhelmed that his eyes rolled to the back of his head and he briefly saw stars. However, he didn't want to miss a second of this incredible event, so as soon as his climax started to subside, he refocused his vision and looked down to see how the facial had turned out.

Kate was a sight to see. She hadn't deliberately aimed his cock at all beyond the middle of her face, yet she couldn't have covered herself in a sexier manner. It looked as if three men had shot a load on her face, not one. The cum was everywhere, but especially on and around her nose. There was an impressive pearly mess on her bouncing G-cups too.

However, what he loved even more was that her orgasm wasn't over. In fact, due to the way women can cum for far longer than men, it was just getting started. Some cum gobs flew off her face because she was shaking so much. However, her G-cups jutted out from her torso so much that they were natural "cum catchers," and much of what fell off her face landed down there, possibly making her look even more breathtakingly slutty and debauched.

Kate was astounded to discover that this orgasm was just as powerful and prolonged as the previous two she'd had this evening. She continued to diddle her clit, keeping her at the very summit of pleasure. But what affected her even more was the sensation of so much cum on her face and tits, and thinking about what that meant. She had never been so utterly humiliated in her life. Even all her previous embarrassments this evening didn't compare. If someone would have asked if she would ever let any man cum on her face, she would have simply laughed. And yet here she was, with Erin and Monica watching with rapt attention, no less.

Previously, Kate had treated the cum of her boyfriends like it was snot instead: she went out of her way to not touch any of it, and if some did get on her, she demanded the boyfriend clean it up right away. But her extreme arousal made her see cum in a brand new way. As her orgasm kept on going, she actually found herself basking and reveling in it like it was raining manna from Heaven instead.

She had kept her mouth shut tight when Ryan's cum began to shoot. However, her own orgasm hit her like a ton of lead immediately thereafter, causing her mouth to gape wide open as her screaming began. As a result, some of the cum did fire directly into her mouth.

She was too distracted to think much about that as it was happening. But when her climax started to subside, she turned her attention to the cum on her tongue. She'd tasted Ryan's seed earlier, when Erin slid a finger's worth into her mouth, and she hadn't known what to think about the taste. Ryan's cum hadn't changed since then, but she had. Now, it seemed positively delicious. She savored the cum on her tongue, swirling it around her mouth and then swallowing it down with satisfaction.

As soon as she was done, she stuck her tongue out of her mouth and licked her lips, looking for more.

She had let go of Ryan's boner when his orgasm finished, but now she took him in hand again. It had been about two minutes, but she was impressed to discover that his shaft seemed as stiff and huge as ever.

Her two previous orgasms had left her feeling as weak as a lamb, and that was partially true this time. She was glad she was kneeling, because she didn't believe she would be able to stand on her own. However, despite her physical exhaustion, she was mentally energized like never before. Even before she fully recovered her breath, she resumed stroking his erection, and licking the tip too. She was fiercely determined not to let him go flaccid, because she was having far too much fun when it was stiff and throbbing with life.

Erin and Monica had stopped their playing around with each other to watch the cum bath on Kate's face, and then the unexpected bonus of Kate's shaky multiple orgasm after that. Kate trembled and screamed for so very long that Monica actually spun around in place on Erin's lap to get a better view.

When it was over, Erin briefly commented to Monica, "You were wrong: THAT was the mother of all orgasms!"

Monica laughed. "I stand corrected! Good God! I call dibs on him next!"

But there was no talking after that, because Erin and Monica were so inspired and turned on by what they'd seen and heard that they truly French kissed for the first time. With the short Monica sitting on much taller Erin's lap, it turned out she was at an ideal height, once she was turned around again.

Now that both girls were "out" with their lusty desires for each other, there was no holding back. They necked with the intensity of newly reunited long lost lovers.

They didn't stop with kissing, either. Seeing the orgasmic ecstasy on Kate's face made both of them want to cum too, and right away. So Erin touched Monica's clit and slit for the very first time, and Monica did the same to Erin. Within seconds they were diddling with the other's clit, fingerbanging the other's hot slit, and sometimes both at once. They were going all out to achieve orgasm NOW.

And that wasn't the end of it. The two of them had been greatly enjoying the task of "cleaning" Ryan's cum. After what they'd just seen, they had his cum on their minds even more than before. So whenever they would stop to take a breath with their kissing, one or the other girl would swipe some cum off Erin's face and then feed it into the other's mouth.

That drove both of them crazy. They had been close to cumming already, and they were spiraling up to the heavens. However, they independently decided to hold off as long as possible so that when they came it would be just as epic as the orgasm they'd seen Kate experience.

Ryan was more than a little distracted by the sight of Kate's cummy face plus the way she was already passionately licking and stroking his cock again. He decided that he had never wanted any physical object in his life as much as he longed to have a photograph of his facial and pearl necklace on Kate now. Then he decided a short video clip would be even better, to capture the way her humongous tits were dangling down and swaying due to her constantly moving head, from the way she was seemingly trying to lick all parts of his cockhead area at once. He had to satisfy himself with the mental image instead. He knew it would be a sight he would never forget.

He thought, Something has changed with Kate! I'm getting the impression that she used to be a prudish cocktease when it came to sex, and that she's having the best time ever with me tonight! She's never done any of this kind of stuff before! I'll bet this was her very FIRST facial! Wow! That really blew his mind.

That means we've got something special going on. I wasn't sure I could manage when Jack told me I needed to try to dominate her, but it turns out it's easy as pie! Maybe it was all that Internet porn I've read, but this seems right and natural. Trying to act like a normal boyfriend, that would be the tough part. So, we're made to go together! Which means we're going to do this again! Maybe again and again and again! WOW! And she hasn't even sucked me yet!


So Ryan was understandably distracted. His physical orgasm may have ended, but he was essentially experiencing a mental orgasm that seemed to go on forever. He couldn't wrap his head around the fact that Kate Middlefield, the most desired girl in the entire university, was naked and kneeling between his legs, her face and tits soaked with his semen, and stroking and licking his hard-on like she couldn't wait for him to plaster her with another load.

As a result, it was easy for him to forget that Erin and Monica were sitting right next to him and presenting a dick-stiffening sight of their own. However, after a few minutes, the two of them got so worked up that their increasing lusty and loud moans and groans drew his attention.

His brain was blown right off his head all over again as he gawked at Monica's dark-skinned "hard body" bouncing and writhing on the lap of the peachy and very fair skinned redhead Erin. All at once, he took in the way they were deeply fingering each other's wet pussies, kissing, and occasionally feeding HIS cum off Erin's face into each other's mouths!

And it had to be off Erin's face. Erin had carefully preserved the cum on the upper slopes of her tits through several close calls, such as when she'd rubbed the lower slopes against his back. However, Erin and Monica had turned into beings completely consumed by sexual desire, and with all their rubbing and fondling, that cum on Erin's huge rack had been smeared away. In fact, Ryan noticed just as much of a pearly sheen on Monica's tits now as Erin's. He wished he'd paid attention when their hefty globes had smeared his cum into each other.

His joy was never-ending, because as soon as he was staring to cope with all that, Monica and Erin actually began to cum. He couldn't tell who started it, but within seconds they had to end their latest kiss and shut their eyes tight as they started to scream and wail.

With two voices instead of one, they were even louder than Kate's screams had been. They were much louder, actually. Monica might have been physically small, but you would had never known it from the way she practically shook the walls with her screaming.

It was such a racket that even with so many sexy distractions, including Kate's continued cock licking, Ryan had to worry about the possibility of someone overhearing them and coming to find out what was going on. He had gotten very, very lucky with Monica, but lightning wasn't likely to strike again. However, he decided that if someone were to knock, he would just have to deal with it then. He certainly wasn't about to say or do anything now.

Kate couldn't see what Erin and Monica were doing to each other, but she certainly could hear their screaming, and after her own orgasms, she had no doubt what had brought that on. She didn't consider herself biased against homosexuals, but in her sheltered and "proper" social world, it wasn't something she'd had much personal contact with. So it staggered her to realize that Erin and Monica had obviously climaxed like that strictly due to what they did to each other. For once, Ryan's long boner wasn't to "blame," since it had been right in front of her face the whole time.

Although it was weird to think that Erin and Monica were having a sexual experience, she didn't begrudge them for that. In fact, it sounded rather thrilling and she wished she could have a good look. (She could have, by lifting her head up, but she was totally focused on pleasuring Ryan's boner.) However, like Ryan, she was very worried that someone else would hear those screams, and maybe her own recent ones too, and come to investigate.

She knew the walls of the sorority were very thick, and one couldn't hear much unless one put an ear the wall, as Monica had in her next door room earlier. However, even "sound-proofed" rooms aren't really sound-proof if there are windows and doors, and screams as loud as theirs. She worried that Monica's screams were so piercing that even people from the second floor might hear and be curious.

However, Erin and Monica finally stopped cumming and screaming, and all was quiet again, except for lots of very heavy breathing, plus her own ardent and slurpy licking. Kate figured they had dodged a bullet.


Ryan had been riding a dangerous roller-coaster. Between looking down at Kate lapping on his boner with her cummy face and still more cum on her enormous swaying jugs, and then looking over at Erin and Monica making out and then climaxing together, only the intent clenching of his PC muscle prevented him from cumming again already. And that wasn't even considering the incredible feelings in his crotch caused by Kate's tongue and fingers. It was a near miracle he managed to hang on.

However, with Erin and Monica finishing their mutual orgasm, things calmed down some. Ryan closed his eyes and did a couple of mental exercises to help control his breathing. That helped a lot.

But what he didn't realize was that while he was cooling down, Kate was heating up. Due to her recent epic orgasm, her mind had been willing but her flesh weak. However, enough time had passed for her body to feel as energized as her nearly delirious thoughts.

Out of the blue, she had what she thought was a brilliant idea. She had been dreading the idea of sucking Ryan's cock. Actually, her desire to do it was great, but she didn't know how she was going to get past the main obstacle of fitting him in her mouth. She had been planning to wait for Erin to help out. But it occurred to her that Erin couldn't really help except to give encouragement. It was up to her. She decided to act on impulse and just give it a try before she became too anxious from over-thinking things.

So, without warning, Kate stopped her licking, craned her mouth open as wide as she possibly could, and then lunged forward.

Ryan gasped in shock. His heart stopped for a surprisingly long moment as he realized the enormity of what had just happened.

Kate was triumphant, because she managed to get all of his cockhead in her mouth in one fell swoop! Actually, it wasn't nearly as difficult as she had feared. Certainly, it wasn't something she relished - her lips stretched so widely that it hurt. But she realized it wasn't an act to be feared. She could do it again and again if she had to.

And that was important, because she already knew sucking Ryan's cock was something she was going to do a lot more of. All of his baffling "personal slut" talk aside, she knew she was hooked on his huge cock and the pleasures it gave her. Already, he had rocked her world three times with her three incredible orgasms, and she wanted to return the favor by rocking his world with a great blowjob.

However, Kate soon realized that while getting his cock into her mouth was one issue, keeping it there was another. It was all she could do to keep still with his cock knob filling her mouth while breathing through her nose. She started to get panicky, worried that she would soon be forced to give up and begin again. Her entire face ached with the struggle.

Erin and Monica had been tenderly kissing and caressing each other in the wake of their orgasms. There was still some cum on Erin's face, although not much. Now that the mood was relaxed and lazy, they continued to feed his cum to each other, but in a different way. Monica would swipe up a streak of cum onto her index finger and then slowly feed it into Erin's mouth. Erin would then suck on Monica's finger like it was a very big clit or a little penis. She might take a minute or two before the finger was completely "clean" and was pulled out. And all the while, the two of them would stare at each other with lust and desire in their eyes. Then it would be Erin's turn to swipe some cum from her own face and do the same for Monica.

So the two of them were very content and comfy. They looked at each other as if they've been intimate lovers for a long time already. However, that mood came to an end when they heard Ryan yelping and gasping. They looked to him to see the cause, and soon found themselves staring at the unbelievable sight of Kate with all of Ryan's cockhead in her mouth!

Erin and Monica gasped and squealed with even more noise than the racket Ryan was making!

The two girls knew that Kate was basically a nice person; just spoiled rotten from birth by her wealth, privilege, and most especially her extraordinary beauty. They felt sad she was so uptight and unhappy behind her cheery exterior, and they were especially frustrated about the way she treated her unlucky boyfriends, causing Kate to never enjoy true sexual pleasure. But they didn't see how that could ever change.

And then it did, tonight. Erin in particular realized that Kate managing to get Ryan's cockhead into her mouth was a very pivotal event. Kate had been a very selfish lover, leaving her dates with blue balls night after night. Kate had let her hair down in a big way and enjoyed intense orgasms for the first time of her life, which was awesome. But this latest development showed that Kate was willing to give as well as receive.

Furthermore, it was another sign of how the power dynamic had shifted dramatically. Kate very much wanted to do this, but she also knew she was expected to do this. Ryan sexually controlled her now, though to what extent was still to be determined. Erin figured that was a very good thing for Kate, because without someone pushing her and even spanking her for being disobedient, she was highly likely to fall right back into her spoiled princess ways. Ryan could be a catalyst for not only tons of sexual fun for everyone involved, but also a significant personality change for Kate.

Erin was eager for that to happen. In addition to truly wanting Kate to be happy, she also hoped they could get intimate and would both become Ryan's long-term lovers as he "forced" both of them to do all kinds of wild and crazy things.

So, as much as she was enjoying playing with Monica, she apologetically motioned for Monica to get off her lap, which she did. Then she knelt down next to Kate. There wasn't much room between Ryan's legs, so she simply pushed one of his legs to the side to make room. Then she scooted in right next to Kate, shoulder to shoulder and hip to hip. It was a very tight fit, but Erin welcomed that intimacy.

Kate was distressed. Her seemingly constant humiliation had faded after a while, but now that feeling came roaring back. Her face blushed as red as ever, due to the others seeing her "compromised" position. She thought, What happened to the "old" Kate, the Kate of a mere two hours ago?! I've totally changed! That Kate could never have possibly imagined this situation happening, unless maybe a murderer had a gun to my head. But no, I'm doing this of my own free will. Oh God! He's just TOO THICK! I can't believe I got him in my mouth and I'm keeping him there! But this is all I can manage to do. I suck at sucking!

Giving a blowjob broke all her rules. This actually felt much more taboo than if Ryan fucked her pussy, because it was so undignified and demeaning, at least in her eyes.

She whimpered and moaned helplessly, the sound muffled around Ryan's massive fuck knob. Her eyes were already shut, and she was determined to keep them that way. That lessened her shame perhaps a tiny bit. Then, to make matters worse, tears started to leak from her eyes due to the great difficulty of her oral task, plus the frustration of her total humiliation. She realized the other two probably didn't notice her tears due to the many long strands of cum splattered across her cheeks. But that didn't make her feel better, since it reminded her of her facial and pearl necklace humiliations.

Erin put a hand on Kate's bare back, but tried to do it in a supportive, non-sexual manner. "Congratulations, Kate! You did it! I'm impressed! There's no need to feel alarmed. I'm not harshly judging you. Remember I did this too a little while ago. In fact, I'm PRAISING you!"

Just then, Kate sensed something on her other side. Just out of the corner of her eyes, she realized that it was Monica. There wasn't room for all three of them to kneel between Ryan's legs, especially since all three ladies were so outrageously stacked. But Monica didn't want to miss out, so she knelt on the outer side of the leg on the opposite side of where Erin was kneeling.

That put her very close. Monica wasn't shy, even though the effect of the alcohol she'd drank earlier was wearing off, so she rested her round E-cups on top of Ryan's thigh and put a hand on Kate's bare back too.

Kate wasn't happy about that at all. Monica might be becoming a friend, but she didn't know her nearly as well as she knew Erin. Furthermore, Erin at least had sucked Ryan's cock and had promised to help with advice. Kate worried that Monica just wanted to gawk.

Then Monica joked, "Mind if I put my hand on your back too? It's about the only part of your body not basted in your cum or his." She giggled at that.

Kate was not amused, and wanted to complain. But obviously she couldn't say anything, due to the way her mouth was crammed full of cock. It was so very full that she knew if she tried, the result would be unintelligible, muffled mumbling. That was extremely frustrating. But it was also extremely hot. Virtually every indignity she suffered only aroused her more. She'd never felt more slutty and used in her life.

Having heard Erin's encouraging words, Monica tried to say something similar. "Don't worry, I'm not harshly judging you either. And yeah, obviously I haven't sucked his cock yet, but I will! I definitely will. In fact, I want to be next, as soon as you're done! So color me VERY impressed! I didn't think you had it in you to be a cocksucker, but I was wrong."

Kate felt better hearing that, strangely enough. She still couldn't say a word, but she made a "Mmmm!" noise she hoped sounded approving.

Erin then said to her, "How are you holding up? I'll bet you're finding that it wasn't as tough as you thought to get it in your mouth, but it's more difficult than you thought just keeping it there."

Kate wanted to scream in frustration from the sheer humiliation of not being able to talk due to the outrageously thick cock in her mouth. But then she realized she had the use of her hands. She had been cradling Ryan's nine inches with both hands, enjoying the pulsing heat. But she briefly took one hand off and made a thumbs up gesture.

Erin chuckled in understanding. "Indeed! Don't give up! You've made it this far, you can keep going!" She stroked Kate's bare back supportively. "I've got some advice. It may sound counterintuitive, but you should start bobbing on him already! I know you're thinking: how can I possibly take another inch in my mouth, and how can I do that when I can barely manage doing this much?'"

Kate tried to nod, because that was exactly what she was thinking. Uncertain if her slight nod was understood, she gave the thumbs up sign again.

Erin said, "I know. You're suffering. I can see the tears running down your sperm-splattered face. You're thinking you can't take any more of The Beast." She brought a hand up to the back of Kate's hair and gently stroked her blonde hair. "But if you try what I said, it'll distract you. You'll be too busy to worry about giving up altogether."

Kate was uncertain, but she decided to give it a try. She already knew that she'd been keeping Ryan's cock in her mouth without any movement much longer than Erin had. She didn't want to be badly outdone. Gathering her courage and willpower, she started to slide her lips back and forth.

Ryan immediately let out a loud and lusty groan. He did that unthinkingly. He certainly wasn't faking it just to encourage her. Her lips had been locked just beyond his crown, so when she started sliding, that meant she was going repeatedly back and forth over his sweet spot. Kate had an even tighter lip-lock on him that Erin did, and the pleasure was intense.

Erin smiled widely. "Great! See? He loves it! Keep doing that!"

Monica asked Erin from the other side, "Does she know about the frenulum?"

Erin replied, "I think she knows the basics of a penis."

Kate wanted to harshly gripe, "Give me SOME credit," but she couldn't. Not being able to talk continually humiliated her, which inspired her to suck with greater determination.

Erin continued, "Kate, if you don't, you should focus nearly all of your efforts on the 'sweet spot' on the underside of his shaft, just beyond the ridge of the crown. That's where your lips are sliding now, and that's why he's loving it so much!"

Kate gave another thumbs up. Encouraged, she kept right on sliding. I can do this! Hell, I'm doing it already, and Ryan's loving it! I'll show these two I know what to do to a cock! She brought her hand back to his balls instead of his shaft. That way, her hand still on his shaft had lots of room when she started to stroke.

Erin was even more delighted. "Monica, check it out! She's started stroking him AND she's got him by the balls too! And her lips aren't slowing down either! Wow! That's the way to do it, Kate! We're going to make a great cocksucker out of you yet!"

Monica chimed in, "You GO, girl! Rock on! You're blowing my mind! You hear him still moaning? That means he loves it!"

Kate basked in the praise. She had never been concerned about sexually pleasing her boyfriends before. As far as she had been concerned, they were there to please her, and they should feel grateful for the opportunity. But Ryan's feelings meant the world to her now, and it wasn't even because of his threat to her if she failed to do something "extraordinary" to impress him. In fact, she'd forgotten all about that.

They had been speaking as if Ryan was incapable of speech, but of course he was. Erin remembered to look up towards his face and ask, "So... big stud, what do YOU think? Is Kate doing a good job?"

He immediately exclaimed, "Oh God! So good! It's amaaaaazing!"

Erin smiled widely in triumph. "See? He loves it!"

Kate tingled with delight all over. She even took a hand off his balls to briefly pump a fist in the air. YESSS!

Erin saw that fist, and laughed. She was impressed that Kate quickly brought that hand back to Ryan's balls and got busy gently fondling them. She brought her hand back to the middle of Kate's back, and felt goose bumps there. She felt happy that her friend was so happy.

Her face was only a few inches away from Kate's. She had been prioritizing getting Kate in a cocksucking groove. But now that things were looking encouraging, she couldn't resist saying to her, "By the way, I must say, you look sooooo sexy! I'm talking about the cum on your face."

Monica immediately chimed in from the other side. Her face was nearly as close to Kate's as Erin's was. "Yeah! Kate, I wish you could see how you look right now. So wanton and lewd! Your lips are strained to the breaking point with this unbelievably fat cock crammed in your mouth. Meanwhile, your face is simply DOUSED with pearly sperm-cream! And I adore how your tears are trying to make their way down through all the cum. You look super sexy and slutty!"

Erin hastened to say, "Don't take that in a bad way. Monica means that in a good way."

Monica said, "Yeah, I do! I'm envious. I've never seen anyone CRY so damn much from sucking cock! It must be intense! I'm absolutely drooling, dying to have my turn gagging on The Beast!"

Kate thought hotly, Wait your turn, bitch! For now, this is MY turn, and I'm just getting started! So there! She wasn't really mad at Monica, just gloating.

Erin worried that Kate would take offense at Monica calling her "slutty." So she said, "Remember, maybe before tonight you thought 'slutty' was a bad thing, but with Ryan it's a very, very good thing. You are his personal slut now, after all. I'm sure he's going to have you suck his cock all the time from now on. It's good to let go and have a totally slutty and sexy mindset so you can get really good at pleasing him."

With those comments, Erin was taking a calculated risk. She wanted Kate to feel happy and free, and that meant preventing her from sliding back to her spoiled "Princess Kate" ways. She knew there would be a tough battle ahead, because a backslide was inevitable once Kate came down from her great lusty high. She figured the best way to counter that was to keep her horny as much as possible with the help of Ryan and his big cock. Erin had noticed over the course of the evening that Kate was showing signs of being sexually submissive. So letting Ryan run wild with his "personal slut" idea could actually be exactly what was needed to change Kate for the better, permanently.

Erin figured she may well get pulled in and sexually dominated by him too. But if that meant having lots of sexy fun with his big cock, she wasn't exactly upset by the idea. And if Monica could get permanently involved too, the four of them could have endless great orgasms.

Erin's words startled Kate, but only slightly. She was so occupied sucking Ryan's cock that the words registered, but she didn't have time to really think them through. It was akin to her being told that while she and Erin were in the middle of skydiving. Even so, the fact that Erin was treating the idea that Kate was Ryan's personal slut like it was a done deal had a big effect on Kate on some level.

Erin felt greatly encouraged that Kate didn't pull her lips off and loudly complain. Kate didn't even give a thumbs down signal. The "old" Kate of two hours ago would never have stood for that kind of language. But everything was different now for all of them, but most especially for Kate, so she wasn't that surprised.

Sensing that Kate got off on a certain kind of humiliation, Erin decided to test her a little bit. She reached out to just below Kate's neck where her pearl necklace made of actual pearl was dangling. The necklace had been tight around her neck, so it only hung down about an inch. Erin rang her fingers from pearl to pearl, lightly pressing them against Kate's neck. "Ryan! Monica! Check this out. Ryan, you gave Kate a spermy pearl necklace, but she already has a real one!"

Monica had a hearty laugh at that. She hadn't noticed that until Erin brought it up.

Ryan didn't laugh or speak, because he was fully consumed reveling in extreme pleasure, as well as squeezing his PC muscle to stave off orgasm.

Kate was miffed and further humiliated. Her blush had spread well down her neck, and seemed to be growing to her chest. But Erin's guess was right, and such treatment did arouse her tremendously. Jack's passing comment that "the high and mighty like to be taken down low" was proven to be astute yet again.

Monica also picked up that Kate was getting off on being teased, so she said, "How precious! We should take a picture of that. There's even a cummy gob right on one of the pearls. It's right next to your hand, Erin."

Erin hadn't noticed that until now. "There is!" She swiped a finger though it and sucked the cum into her mouth. "Mmmm! Yum!" Then she teased, "I think Kate's going to be wearing TWO pearl necklaces at once a lot from now on, don't you, Monica?"

Monica caught on. "Oh, definitely! Can you imagine the looks on people's faces when she walks across campus with a low-cut top, showing off one of the new, creamy pearl necklaces Ryan likes to give her? That'll turn some heads!"

Erin chuckled. "It will! Especially since she'll be proudly showing off her brand new 'facial' too!"

Kate wanted to shout, "Shut up! Shut up!" But of course, she couldn't. She whimpered and moaned loudly around Ryan's shaft, because the idea of her walking around campus with cum on her face and visible cleavage had her so hot and bothered that she felt like she would pass out. She could practically feel the gaze of hundreds of pairs of eyes on her as she sauntered along in a tight tank top, skin-tight miniskirt, high heels, and no bra or panties, her huge and cummy globes bouncing wildly with every step she took.

She seriously wondered if it was possible for her to climax at any moment, mainly from exceedingly arousing thoughts.

In a celebratory mood, Erin cheekily swiped a finger across the side of Kate's nose. That nose was absolutely covered in cum, with gobs dangling down from the tip like icicles. Erin sucked that cum into her mouth and swallowed it down with a satisfied sigh.

Kate tried to give Erin the evil eye out of the corner of one eye, but she was far too horny and happy from her continued blowjob success to look mad. Sliding her lips back and forth over Ryan's huge erection at a steady pace was all she could think about, not to mention fondling his shaft and balls on top of that. Her pussy was soaked and actually dripping cum to the carpet, even though she hadn't touched herself there since the blowjob back.

Erin said, "Aaaah! Yummy! He really nailed you good! I suggest you keep on going. Don't pull your lips off for anything. The more you keep at it, the more your jaw will relax, and the easier it'll get." She brought a finger to Kate's nearest cheek and cleared a spot just below her tear ducts. "See? You're hardly leaking any tears now. It's getting easier already, I'll bet. If you stop, even for a minute, it's like you'll be back where you started."

Erin brought her cum-soaked finger back to her mouth and sucked it in.

Kate wanted to bitch, "Hey! My face, MY cum!" But she couldn't.

Erin added, "Then, when he cums, you should take that on your face too!"

Monica immediately chimed in, "Definitely! That'll look really hot! It's like you're his cum slut already! Actually, it's better if you have him cum on your tits! Hold your tits up and let him thoroughly paint you there too! Then you'll be his big-titted cum slut!"

Monica didn't have a secret agenda like Erin did. She was horny and having fun speaking her mind. But her words were exactly the kind of thing Erin would have wanted her to say. That said, if Monica talked to Erin about her idea to change Kate's personality through lots of submissive sex with Ryan, she would have approved.

Kate moaned and groaned around Ryan's great thickness. "Cum slut?" Am I turning into Ryan's cum slut? I probably am! I must be out of my mind, because hearing that doesn't even bother me! In fact, I don't know why, but thinking about him cumming on my face AGAIN makes me too hot! It's so WRONG! So sexy! So deliciously depraved!

Oh God! Oh GOD! I love this thick cock so much! MMMM! UGH! YESSSS! He's gonna break my jaw, but I love that too!

She suddenly started sucking with greater vigor. More significantly, she knew that the tongue was supposed to get involved too, so she started to flick her tongue against his shaft as it slid by.

Ryan practically roared his approval, he was so happy to feel that. "UGH! UNH! Oh, sweet Jesus!"

Erin eagerly looked up and asked him, "What?! What caused that?"

He'd been keeping his eyes closed, but he looked down at Erin to respond. His head jerked back like he'd been punched in the face, because he couldn't believe what he saw. Just seeing Erin topless between his legs, and with some smears of cum still on her face, was already too much to take. But then to see Kate pressed next to her, with his cum covering her face like a mud mask and her lips sliding back and forth, really was too much. He knew where Monica was, but he didn't dare look her way too, for fear that he would have to cum right away.

He shut his eyes again and tried to let his mind go blank.

He was in no condition to explain about Kate's tongue. Actually, she wasn't doing much with it, just flicking it haphazardly against his shaft from time to time. Her tight lip-lock sliding continually past his sweet spot was the main thing driving him wild. But there fact that Kate was trying to use her tongue at all excited him to no end.

He simply panted, "Too much! Gonna... gonna cum soon!"

Erin's eyes were locked on his. "If you do, give her ample warning so she has time to pull back! And, if it's okay with everyone, I want to do the aiming this time!"

Monica moaned with frustration and arousal. "Awwww! I totally wanna do that!" She was tempted to take control of his shaft right now, but Kate's hand was pumping too fast on it.

Erin giggled. "Too late! I called it!"

Monica was furtively fingering herself. "Okay, but only if you target her tits!"

"Deal! Especially since that'll give her a THIRD pearl necklace!"

Erin and Monica shared a good laugh over that.

Erin was secretly masturbating too. She actually loved Monica's pearl necklace idea, and was thinking about what it would be like to be "forced" by Ryan to lick Kate's mighty melons clean afterwards.

She thought, If that's the kind of thing he'd regularly order me to do if I was one of his personal sluts, then... fuck! Sign me up! I can put up with a lot of indignity and being bossed around if it means THAT much fun! I could easily see becoming full-time secret lovers with Kate, Monica, AND him! Kate wouldn't be willing to get it on with me if it's just the two of us, at least not at first, but I'll bet she would if he orders her to!

Ryan could sense he was getting dangerously close. He was squeezing his PC muscle with all his might. He didn't know what to do with his hands, so he was clutching his fists in the air, right in front of his chest. His head was tilted back, with eyes shut tight. He would have liked to clench his teeth, but he was panting too hard for oxygen to do so.

Out of the blue, there was a knock on the door. A female voice spoke loudly, "Kate? You home?"

Kate moaned with great frustration around Ryan's thickness. She knew that voice well.

It belonged to Nancy, who lived in one of the rooms across the hall. Like all the Kappa girls on the third floor, she was remarkably beautiful. However, she and Kate didn't get along well. She didn't like Kate's difficult and demanding ways, but unlike almost everyone else in the sorority, she didn't try hard to hide her feelings about that.

Kate didn't want to stop her sucking for anything, especially not now when she sensed victory was at hand. She knew Ryan would be cumming soon. She could feel it in the heat of his throbbing fuck organ, and hear it in his ragged and loud breathing. She could hardly wait to feel his hot cum rocketing onto her bouncy G-cups.

But her need to get Nancy to go away was the top priority. She didn't want Nancy to get sucked into the sexy shenanigans like Monica had been. Three was enough, especially giving the low-level feud she had with Nancy. Her feelings for Ryan were growing by the minute, and she didn't want to have to share him with anyone else.

As a result, she pulled her lips off Ryan's massive boner, and sighed. She wiped her chin of drool, and winced in frustration. Then she raised her head and shouted, "Nancy, I'm here, but I'm busy! What is it?"

Nancy shouted through the door. "Oh, nothing. It's just that I'm surprised that you haven't gone down to the party yet. I'm heading down now. And... I could be mistaken, but I thought I heard some pretty strange sounds coming from this room. Is everything okay?"

Kate barked back with irritation, "YES! Everything is FINE! I'll be going to the party, but later! So please, just go!" She looked to Erin and rolled her eyes, showing her annoyance at Nancy.

Nancy shouted back, "Okay, but what about the screaming? I'm pretty sure I heard screaming. And it sounded kind of... sexual."

Kate let out a long and loud sigh, but not loud enough for Nancy to hear. She muttered, "Fuuuuuuck!" Thinking fast, she said, "It's none of your god-damned business, but I happen to be on the phone with my boyfriend, and it's gotten pretty intense. So if you could leave me alone, I'd appreciate it!"

"Okay. If you say so. Sorry. I'll see you later, downstairs. Bye!"


Kate lowered her head and slapped her forehead in frustration. She muttered, "What a fucking buzzkill!" Then she realized that her forehead was splattered all over with Ryan's cum. She pulled her hand back and stared at it in amazement. Much of the cum had gotten on her hand, leaving it a spermy mess. Gaawwwd! He's so VIRILE! Look at all that cum!

Erin laughed at that mishap, but quietly, just in case Nancy wasn't gone. "Oops!"

Kate wasn't amused. In fact, she suddenly was in a surly mood. Dealing with Nancy had put her back in somewhat of a "Princess Kate" mindset. Not only was that a rude interruption from her cocksucking fun, but it reminded her of how unhappy she was playing that role. And yet it was a role she couldn't force herself to stop playing, because the perks, especially the power, were too tempting.

She sighed again. I hate my life! I hate having to deal with bitches like Nancy. I hate being the biggest bitch of them all. But at least now I have Ryan and his wonderful cock. She was annoyed beyond words at having to pull it out of her mouth, but at least she still had her face right up to it.

She kissed the tip lovingly. She liked that so much that she did it again, and even spoke to it. You and I, we're going to get away from all this mess aren't we? Go somewhere far away, where we can fuck and suck for days! Maybe I need to look out for MY pleasure instead of worrying what people like Nancy think.

Ryan actually was grateful for the interruption. He thought he was on the verge of cumming for sure. Nancy had inadvertently given him a second wind. He slumped way back on the sofa with his eyes closed. He was listening to everything, but he was effectively out of it for a while as he recovered. He was panting hard.

Monica still had her hefty E-cups resting on Ryan's thigh. She looked to his cock, which was still erect but currently untouched. She spoke quietly. "Kate, that was unfortunate, but don't stop now! You were, like, moments away from getting that cum bath on your tits! Engulf him again, right now, or you'll lose all momentum!"

But then Erin said, "I'm afraid it's not that easy. Nancy could be a problem. She definitely suspects something. Did you hear her say 'If you say so' at the end? I'll bet she heard more than one voice. Hell, now that I think about it, she must have heard when both you and I were screaming in ecstasy together, Monica! SHIT! How would a phone call to a boyfriend explain that?!"

"Fuuuuuuccck!" Kate sighed heavily again. "Fucking NANCY! I hate her!" She stared longingly at the saliva-soaked cock she wanted to resume sucking. Then she looked at her cummy hand. She didn't know what to do with that, but then she brought it to Ryan's shaft and resumed stroking. She wanted to keep him erect until this problem was resolved, and she figured she could effectively wipe the cum off with her sliding motion.

Erin quietly cautioned, "Shhhh! Keep your voice down! Nancy could be listening. If you take Monica's advice and suck until Ryan cums, what if he cries out loudly? What if we all do? I don't know about you, but I feel like I'm on the edge of orgasm all the time. It wouldn't take me much to set off again."

"Me too," Monica noted. "Everything is too arousing! Did I mention the beauty of Kate's spermy face?"

Erin chuckled. "You did. I did too. But we've gotta deal with this quickly. I don't want to see Ryan go flaccid. So I'll volunteer to throw a robe on and take a peek out in the hallway to see if Nancy's still there. Heck, I'll even knock on her door to make sure she's gone."

Kate turned to Erin and flashed a brilliant smile. "Thank you! You're a lifesaver!" She was used to other people doing things for her. But then she realized, "Actually, maybe I should do it myself. It is my room after all. Seeing that you've been in mere with me will only double her questions."

"True," Erin replied. "I realized that already. But you're in no condition to do anything but make love to The Beast with your mouth. Remember the sperm frosting covering your face?"

"Oh shit!"

That's right. You could clean up, but what a waste that would be! Besides, you'll still smell of his sperm. As it should be, now that you're one of his personal sluts. But Nancy would sniff you out, for sure."

Kate groaned with frustration. "UGH! You're right. Dammit!" Erin's words rankled and humiliated her greatly, but they aroused her even more. She loved the idea of smelling of Ryan's sperm. It seemed deliciously naughty, especially if she could get someone like Nancy to smell it without figuring it out. However, she tried to put that kind of thought out of her mind and focus on the problem at hand.

Then a worrisome thought came to her. "What if she is in her room, and comes to the door? What'll you tell her?"

Erin frowned. "Shit! What WILL I tell her? And I'll bet she IS still in her room. I'll bet she made a point of telling you that she was going down to the party so you might lower your guard and scream some more."

Monica said, "Hey, I know! You can tell her you two have been watching a porn film. That could explain two screaming voices at once." She looked further into the room at Kate's home entertainment center. "You do have a big-screen TV. Tell her you're sorry the volume was up high, and you'll turn it down."

Kate thought that over, then said, "Hmmm. That's kind of a lame story, and it'll make me look bad, watching a disgusting porno movie. But it probably is the best of our bad options. I can't think of anything better."

Erin looked up at Ryan. He seemed totally zonked out, but she thought she'd try to get his input. "What do you think, Ryan? Do you have any ideas?"

After a long pause, Ryan spoke like a dumb caveman. "Ryan dead. He no can talk."

The girls chuckled at that. That helped ease the tension.

He resumed his normal voice, keeping his eyes closed. "Seriously, I'm dead. I need to kind of check out for a while. I'm listening, but I'm too out of it to think. Sorry."

Erin nudged Kate with her shoulder, since she was still shoulder to shoulder with her, with a hand on her back. "Did you hear that? That's YOUR doing! You nearly killed him with your licking and sucking!"

Kate beamed. "I did, didn't I? Cool!" She was like a kid opening presents on Christmas morning.

Erin nudged her again. "You did! He's gonna love your mouth. I'll bet he'll have you suck his cock all the time!" Hoping to prevent Kate from replying to that provocative comment, Erin stood up. "Let's not waste time. Kate, can I borrow your robe?"

"Sure. You know where it is."

Erin quickly strode her sexy nude body across the room to the closet where Kate kept her robe.

Kate sighed yet again, and thought, "I'll bet he'll have you suck his cock all the time." I wonder if that's true. Hell, I'm sure it is. Cocksucking him is unbelievably difficult, but I can't deny that I love it. Still, the indignity of it all! He may have lots of other lovers, but how many of them can compare with me? None! No one can match my beauty, and if I can develop the sex skills to match, I should become his favorite in no time. But is that something I want?! Just where is all of this going?!

And what about all of this "personal slut" talk?! I have to admit I'm pretty horny for Ryan right now, but how will I feel tomorrow? How will he feel? What about Monica and Erin, where do they fit in? What about his OTHER lovers? Could I keep a "boy toy" relationship with him a secret from the rest of the sorority and the outside world? Would he even agree to that?!

She sighed still again. UGH! Too many questions!

She decided it was best not to think about such issues right now. She let go of Ryan's hard-on and stood up.

Monica was surprised. "Where are you going?!"

Kate explained, "I've gotta talk to Erin some more. We can't half-ass this Nancy problem, or it'll turn into a much bigger problem." She scowled, "I'm not going to let HER ruin everything, not right after I discovered..." - she waved her hands around, unable to put her feelings into words - "...all this."

Kate searched her feelings and realized she couldn't remember the last time she'd felt this happy. And that was even with the Nancy problem weighing on her mind, not to mention the fact she was standing naked in a room with three other people, cum dripping down her face and breasts, and a seemingly permanent blush on her face due to non-stop humiliation.

She spoke towards Erin, who already had the robe on and was waiting for her. "The robe's not going to cut it. Put lots of clothes on. Bra and undies too. You can use mine. Oh, and wipe your face! I can still see some cummy smears on it from here!"

Erin nodded, and then shucked off the robe.

Even Kate had to suck in her breath when she saw Erin's nude hourglass figure dramatically revealed again. Wow! She's a serious hottie! I can see why Ryan's going to claim her too.

Then she looked down at Ryan, who was out of it and oblivious, with Monica still resting against the outside of his leg. Okay, so things are not exactly ideal. Hell, far from ideal. But if I had to do it all over again exactly the same or not do it all, of course I'd do it again! THIS is what it means to be living! THIS is what I've been missing all my life! I wish I could wake up tomorrow as just Kate, normal student, instead of "Princess Kate," with all these expectations around my neck like a noose.

I could wake up tomorrow in bed with Ryan! We could be boyfriend and girlfriend without all his other lovers. Just two normal people living normal lives. I could fade in the crowd and just be... normal! Happy and normal. We could fall in love! Unfortunately, THAT'S not going happen!

She sighed heavily, and stared longingly at Ryan's face. He's kind of handsome, actually. I'll bet he's got a lot of good qualities besides his big dick. He's smart, for starters. I know that already from class. I'll bet I could fall in love with him easily. Too easily! I don't think I've ever really been in love before, except maybe with myself.

Then she started to walk to Erin, who was busy dressing.

But she only took a couple of steps, when Monica said, "Wait!"

Kate stopped and looked back. In just a few seconds, Monica had moved around Ryan's legs and was kneeling directly in front of his crotch, exactly where Kate had been.

Monica leaned back a bit, allowing Kate to see the condition of Ryan's penis. "Look! It's going flaccid!" Sure enough, his penis was half-hard at best.

That distressed Kate to a surprising degree. Her heart leapt to her throat. She wanted to rush over and take him in her mouth to fix that. She also felt a sharp pang of jealousy over Monica's close kneeling position.

Monica added, sheepishly, "Since you're going to be talking to Erin for a few minutes, can I keep him warm for you?"

Kate exhaled like the weight of the world was on her shoulders. Fuuuuuck! That should be ME! Fuck Nancy! Fuck her to Hell! However, she pushed her jealousy and frustration to the side, and grumbled. "I suppose." But she quickly added, "No sucking though! And as soon as I get back, I'm taking over!"

Monica saluted. "Yes, ma'am! And... thank you! You continue to surprise me! The old Kate would never have said that."

Kate spoke dramatically, standing naked in her cummy splendor. 'Yeah, well, the old Kate is dead! She died about an hour ago!" But then, being more realistic, she added, "At least, I'm trying to kill her. She's one tough bitch. She won't go down without a fight."

Monica beamed, happy for her friend. "Yeah, well, at least you're on the right track. We'll all be rooting for the 'new Kate.' I could see myself being a good friend to her."

Kate beamed too. "Thank you! I'd like that. But let me go speak to Erin." She resumed walked away.

"Okay." Monica turned her head back to Ryan's crotch. She immediately took his increasingly flaccid penis in her hands. Even though she'd played with it extensively by the door, she was all excited, acting exactly as if she'd never touched it before.

Kate paused, unnoticed. She stopped to watch when she noticed Monica was starting to stroke Ryan back to life. UGH! That sucks! Not so much what she's doing now. I actually kind of appreciate that she's keeping him stiff and warm for me. What bothers me is what that represents. Ryan is a well-hung STUD! What did Erin say to me earlier? Oh yeah: "big cock trumps big tits." I guess that must be true, because look at the three of us Kappa beauties now. Which means I'm going to have to share him a LOT. Fucking hell! But what choice to have but to grin and bear it? It's better not to think about it too much. I'm going to go deal with this Nancy crap before I get really depressed.

She walked the rest of the way to Erin, who was just finishing getting dressed.

Kate and Erin weren't in a big hurry. They figured that Nancy either was there or she wasn't. If she wasn't, then they would have to deal with that. But if she was, it wasn't likely she'd be leaving in the next few minutes.

The two busty babes talked for a little bit about what Erin would say. They had to get the details of their porn film story straight, in case Nancy tried to catch them in an inconsistency later.

Kate's humiliation soared sky-high again, due to the fact that she was buck naked and covered in cum while Erin was fully dressed. She felt extremely slutty. But that was becoming par for the course. A part of her didn't mind, because it kept her entire body tingling with erotic delight.

Finally, Erin was all set, and Kate double checked to make sure her face was clean of cum and wasn't smelling noticeably strange. Then Erin slipped out the door into the hallway.

It was clear at least that Nancy wasn't in the hallway. That was a good sign, since it meant she wasn't being outrageously nosy.

Kate closed the door after that. She was torn between staying at the door or going back to Ryan and Monica. She decided to stay at the door. She figured Erin would only be away a few minutes at most, and she didn't want to resume having fun with Ryan and his cock only to be interrupted by Erin and her report back from Nancy.


Kate leaned her back against the wall next to the door. There were no chairs at hand, so she slid all the way down until her ass was on the carpet and her back was still against the wall. She wanted to bury her head in her hands, but she couldn't because she didn't want to mess with the cum on her face. She even had to be careful not to sit with her knees against her chest, because she didn't want to smear the cum on her huge tits.

She thought, Now that I'm all alone, I can finally think clearly about all this... craziness! What the HELL is happening?! I feel like I just got run over by a truck. No, make that a whole fleet of trucks. But I LIKE it!

She sighed heavily. I really must be mad. But now's not the time for a pity party. I'm sure I'll be feeling plenty regretful tomorrow. For starters, I DO want Ryan! It's not just his cock. Although, God, his cock! But it's not just that. He has a kind of quiet, commanding confidence that makes my panties wet. Oops, scratch that. I should say 'keeps my pussy wet,' because I'm not wearing panties and I'm never dry enough to get wet in the first place!

She shook her head in wonder and she was reminded all over again that she was wearing nothing but the real pearl necklace around her neck and the cummy pearl necklace and facial Ryan had squirted onto her.

But she was determined not to get distracted. So I want him in my life one way or another. I would just die if this was just a one-night stand! That said, the one thing I know I DON'T WANT is to be his "personal slut!" Whatever the hell that means! I don't even know what that means, and I probably don't want to know. So we'll have to figure out some kind of compromise that will allow us to have lots of molten hot sex while letting me keep my dignity. That may be tough, since he seems pretty determined, and he holds all the cards. It's like Erin said, "Big cock trumps big tits."

But... is that really true?! I have no doubt all the girls fall all over him once they find out what he's packing. But I'm not just ANY busty beauty. I'm Kate Middlefield! I'm special! I could be a professional model or even a movie star, everybody says so. And I've had plenty serious offers of both! EVERYBODY says I'm an extraordinary beauty, the most desirable girl on campus. Hell, if I had a dime for every time people told me in the last year that I'm hotter than my namesake Kate Upton... well, I can't say I'd be rich since my family's already fucking loaded, but it would be a good pile of money!

So, that being the case, I have some leverage here. Yes, there's only one Ryan... um... Hell, I don't know his last name! How embarrassing is that?! I've sucked his cock, and I don't even know the most basic facts about him. What a slut I am! He's turned me into a wanton, shameless SLUT!

Ugh! Anyway, there's only one him, and there's only one Kate Middlefield. We belong together. The best of the best! Only he can rock my world, I have no doubt of that. I'll need to confirm with Erin and Monica, but just from the looks on their faces I can tell he's something absolutely extraordinary. Gaawwwd! Just thinking about him is making me too horny! She started to bring a hand to her breasts, but stopped in part due to the cum there, but also because she wanted to keep a cool head during her deliberations.

Nevertheless, he's simply not boyfriend material. My parents have plans for me, big plans. I can be a CEO, governor, or senator someday. Whatever I want! "Princess Kate" gets everything her heart desires. But! BUT! That's only true if I maintain my reputation! I'm a member of the upper crust. I'm not always thrilled about that, but it's a fact. I can't date just anybody. My parents would have a hissy fit, for starters. One look at that shabby suit Ryan was wearing earlier proves he's not one of us.

It's a shame, because I could see myself having a lot of fun with him. Hell, I might even fall in love with him, if I let my feelings flow. At the very least, I'm sure he knows I'm smart and he respects my intelligence. We've already had some great, freewheeling discussion in Dr. Peterson's class. I wouldn't have to pretend to be a dumb blonde with him. GOD, wouldn't that be great, getting to date someone and getting to have a serious, intelligent conversation with him instead of just playing the hard-to-get cocktease? I'm so fucking TIRED of that. And not only that, but the mere fact that he's in Dr. Peterson's class shows he shares at least some of my interests. We could have great sex, and then, cuddling afterwards, we could talk about deep and meaningful things! I could be his personal slut in bed and his intellectual equal out of it!

Wait! Did I just say that? Scratch that! I don't want to be his personal slut, period. I don't care how sexy and exciting it would be. For one thing, nobody has the right to spank ME, not even him! So there!

Besides, it sounds like I'm trying to talk myself into having him for my boyfriend. I need to talk myself OUT of that. I mean, I need to convince him not to push for that. Look, I know I kind of secretly hate being "Princess Kate," but it is what it is. It's too late the change the trajectory of my life. I could be a lot happier in that role if Ryan was secretly fucking the hell out of me on a regular basis! A HELL of a lot happier! I could have my cake and eat it too. It's just that he needs to understand that.

How do I convince him to drop this "personal slut" talk and agree to be my secret boy toy? That's the challenge. Hell, I don't even mind sharing him with Erin and Monica. It's annoying and humiliating as all get out having to share him with them, but I have to admit there's some kind of intangible benefit too. For one thing, having them around makes everything that much more arousing. We get each other worked up and it kind of spirals out of control in a super sexy way. Besides, it's fun to share the experience with them. I feel like we're actually bonding and becoming better friends than ever before. It's really great, to be honest, and that alone makes up for the sharp jealous pangs I feel. Plus, as long as he has them too, he can't demand to be my boyfriend, can he? Ha!

Then of course there are his OTHER girls. Ugh! I wonder how many of them there are. A guy like him, he probably gets his cock sucked four or five times a day, from a different girl each time! Well, maybe not, but it's possible. He certainly seems to have an incredible stamina and libido!

She moaned out loud with frustration, and tilted her head back against the wall. Mr. Ryan Whatever-You-Last-Name-Is, I kind of hate you! You just strolled into my life and turned my world upside down! I'll bet you do this to all your busty sluts. All you have to do is get them to suck your cock just once, and they're hooked for good! Just like me! What am I going to do?!

Meanwhile, Monica relished having Ryan and his enormous cock all to herself. She continued to act as if she'd never touched his privates before, because she was in awe.

She hefted his balls up and down while continuing to stroke his dick back to full size. "Wow! These are big, big balls! There must be a gallon of cum in here!" (Clearly that wasn't true, but she liked to exaggerate.) "What's the story? Did a genie grant you your wish of giving you the cock and balls of a giant?"

He chuckled at that while keeping his eyes closed. He was starting to stir from nearly falling asleep, thanks mostly to Monica's vigorous fondling. "Nope. Just lucky, I'll guess!"

"I'll say! Santa Madre de Dios!"

"What does that mean?"

"Oh, sorry. That's 'Holy Mother of God,' because I'm continuing to fondle your balls in sheer disbelief. I've had some boyfriends who were well-endowed, but you're like two of them put together! Do you mind if I lick you some?"

He had been trying his best to play the role of the hard to get dominant master type. But he was still sleepy and out of it, so he let out his real feelings. "Are you kidding me?! Hell yes!" He opened his eyes and sat up straight so he could see what she was doing.

Noticing he was looking down at her, she took the hand on his balls and caressed the underside of one of her big melons, lifting it up and then letting it fall, setting off a tit-quake. Then she did the same to the other one, setting off another tit-quake that even caused the two round knockers to bonk together several times.

All the while, she kept jacking him off with her other hand while giving him her best "come hither" narrow gaze. Her dark brown eyes flashed with fire and desire. Needless to say, his cock was fully engorged by now.

"WOW!" he exclaimed in response to her little titty show. He was still somewhat drowsy and thus forgetting to guard his enthusiasm.

She grinned knowingly. "You like that, do you?"

Monica asked, "Do you like to titfuck your other girls?"

"Oh, yeah!" Of course, he had no other girls and he'd never experienced a titfuck before. However, he had no doubt whatsoever that if he did he would titfuck them all the time. Like most guys his age, he loved big tits. He leaned further forward to get a better view of Monica's dangling rack through the gap between his legs. He even spread his legs wide, like they'd been before when both Kate and Erin were between him, to reduce the obstruction.

Monica smiled at his repositioning. "It looks like someone here loves big titties! ¡Tetas grandes!"

He smiled widely, easily understanding that phrase. "Yes, I love tetas grandes! May I ask... how big yours are? And... are they real?"

She still was bowling him over with bedroom eyes, even as she drew her face closer and closer to his cockhead. She started blowing on it, right where her fingers were rubbing his sweet spot. "Yes, you may. I'm your sex slave for the evening, remember?"

"Oh yeah!" He was waking up fast. In fact, he was feeling much better after his mini-nap. He had really needed to check out for a while, not just to give his penis a break, but to give himself a mental break. His brain had been blown over and over again with incredible developments, and he could only take so much.

Monica added, "Besides, I get asked if they're fake all the time because they LOOK fake, don't they? They sit up and round high on my chest. But believe me, they're all real. Here, feel. That's the best way to check."

She let go of his boner altogether, confident it would say stiff and throbbing with arousal for a while. She sat up much higher on her knees so her chest was above his crotch. Then she pushed her breasts towards each other from the sides. They mashed together tightly, creating a deep line of cleavage, yet they were so firm they still retained their roundness for the most part.

He reached out in wonder like a kid just given ownership of a candy store. Sure, he'd touched her tits earlier, but this was different since he was able to focus his entire attention on them. "WOW!" he exclaimed as he made contact with one hand and then the other. "WOW!"

"You said that already," she teased him with a friendly smile. Now that he was starting to eagerly fondle her, mostly from below to test their weight and size, she was able to let go. That in turn allowed her to resume fondling his cock and balls with both hands, which she did.

Then she said, "By the way, I forgot to answer your other question. I wear a 32E bra. How does that compare to your other girls? And in fact, while we're at it, just how many other girls are there?!"

He was alert enough now to reply in line with his overall plan. "Sorry. Like I said before, I can't share that. I do love my girls busty though! They've gotta be busty!"

She smiled at his enthusiasm, even while she was frustrated with his lack of specifics. "I'll bet. But what's all this 'personal slut' talk? Not to mention the spanking talk? Like your claim that you're going to spank Kate later tonight. Is that just something said to arouse, or do you really mean it, or a little of both?"

He was grateful for that reminder. He'd been so carried away with his erotic euphoria that he'd forgotten all about it. However, he kept that to himself and was careful to stick with his false narrative, even though Kate wasn't here. "Oh, I definitely mean it. I guess that's the perk of having a penis like mine. The girls kinda stand in line to give it a ride. And I do plan to spank Kate tonight. When you have a lot of girls you need to spank them from time to time to keep them in line. But I value quality over quantity. That's why I sought out Kate and decided she should be my next personal slut."

"So you basically strolled in here and claimed her, just like you said you would? Just like that?"


Monica couldn't help but be impressed. She didn't want to be anyone's "personal slut," not even his, but she liked the idea of him taking control of Kate. Her personality had been highly unpleasant, yet Monica had sensed there actually was a very nice person buried under the spoiled princess persona. Ryan might end up being a very good influence on her, using his sexual power over her to change non-sexually too. He certainly couldn't make things any worse.

She exclaimed, honestly, "That's really hot!" Then, unexpectedly, she grasped the sides of her big tits again and leaned forward.

He pulled his hands off her nipples in confusion.

He was glad he did, because she trapped his boner between her perfectly round and very brown E-cups! Then she squeezed.

He grunted, with his eyes bugging out, "UH! ARRK! UNT!" He'd been buzzing with great arousal already, but now he practically flew into the air with joy because he realized he was starting to experience his very first titfuck.

She continued to stare up at him with a smoldering narrow gaze. She didn't have to fake anything, because she was as turned-on as he was. She purred with an extra-sultry voice, "I suppose that, since I'm your sex slave for the evening, you're going to fuck my tits with your crazy huge cock!"

His confidence soared. "As a matter of fact, I am! Except that you're going to do the work. Slave, start to fuck!"

She immediately began sliding one tit up while sliding the other one down, alternating them up and down in a steady rhythm. (She didn't have to worry about lubrication, since his shaft was drenched in Kate's saliva and his pre-cum.) "Oooh! The big bad master is going to fuck the SHIT out of his horny little slave, starting with her tits! Isn't that right?"

"That's right!"

She had no interest in being under his thumb on a long-term basis, but she certainly enjoyed a good role-play. And she was somewhat sexually submissive, though still a feisty hellion, so she was familiar with master and slave type role-play fun. That was a big reason why she'd been so quick to agree to be his sex slave for the evening. Mostly though, she just wanted to get fucked by his big cock, and she hoped this kind of temptation helped ensure he wouldn't forget her when he undoubtedly wanted to fuck Kate and Erin too.

A minute or two passed while the two of them enjoyed her titfucking motions.

However, she was eager to get her tongue involved too. So she reduced her sliding to just an inch or two up and down each time, then craned her head down. That put her tongue in contact with the top of his cockhead, and started to lick.

He was continuing to lean forward, thrilled at everything he saw and felt. He'd been keeping his hands to himself, but then he reached out with one hand and began caressing her face in a surprisingly tender manner.

She liked that a lot. She purred, "So... big bad master, I'll bet you're not going to stop with just a titfuck, are you? I'll bet you're going to fuck my mouth, whether I want it or not!"

Clearly, she wanted it, a lot. Even as she said that, she was lavishly lapping in swirls around his cockhead, and giving him a limited titfuck too. But she got off on the idea that she was being forced. It was part of the role-play fun.

He understood all that too, but he also was getting off on the idea that she was a slave doing all this against her will. He boldly proclaimed, "Yes I am! I'm gonna fuck your mouth so hard and long that my cum will dribble out of your nose and ears!"

She giggled at the absurdity of that, temporarily losing her role. But she quickly got back into it. "Oh, big bad master! That sounds so NASTY and NAUGHTY! I guess I'll just have to suck my very best then, like a good slave, until you fill my tummy with a lake of your yummy sperm!"

He grunted loudly at that. His mini-nap had allowed his penis to nearly fully recover from the close call Kate had given him with her cocksucking just prior to the Nancy interruption. However, Monica was so arousing and inspiring that he was already having to fight his orgasmic urge again. Once thing he particularly loved was that while Kate and Erin had kept their eyes closed nearly the whole time while working on him, Monica was endlessly staring into his eyes with a devastating sultry "come hither" stare. She had very sexy and exotic eyes, even though the irises were so dark brown they almost looked black.

Monica was starting to get a little more ambitious with her mouth. She began licking further down, even reaching the ridge of his crown at times. At the same time, she continued the titfuck, but with increased pressure.

He was flying high, relishing every moment. Already he was convinced that titfucks were even better than handjobs, and possibly as good as blowjobs. That was especially true with Monica's added tongue action.

Plus, Monica's sex talk took things to an even higher level. She very much had fucking on her mind, even though she was definitely loving the licking and titfucking too. She spoke with a sultry and husky voice that positive oozed with lust. "And I suppose you fuck all your sex slaves."

"I do!"

"So that means you're going to fuck me!" she squealed with pretend distress. "Oh, big bad master! You're so baaaad! And you're definitely BIG!" She let his boner fall free from her cleavage so she could lick her way all the way down to the base of his shaft, and then back again, to emphasize how very big he was. She had such fun doing it that she did it again.

Trapping his soaked boner between her huge, dark jugs again, she resumed her titfucking motions, as well as licking around his cockhead. "Are you going to bust my cherry tonight? Is that what you're going to do? Are you going to take my virginity and make me a woman?"

He practically roared with desire. He hadn't thought she was a virgin.

She stared up at him with a pretend angry gaze, even as she lavishly lapped in circles around his cockhead. "I warn you! If you do that, I'm probably going to belong to you forever! I promised my mamacita back in Oaxaca that the first man to fuck me would also be the last! Soon, you'll not only own my body, you'll own my heart and my soul! And my CUNT! So take responsibility, you brute! I hope you fuck my tight little cunt every single day!"

He was huffing and puffing and gasping and groaning because her words were so arousing. His urge to cum was starting to turn into a desperate crisis.

She'd worked herself up with her inspired talk as much as she'd affected him. She needed to do more to his cock, much more, so he'd cum on her face and even down her throat. She kept her titfuck going, but even more vigorously than before. At the same time, she began sliding some of the tip of his cockhead into his mouth. First, it was an inch or so. Then she pulled back. But she went right back at it, taking two inches this time.

It was a struggle. Not only was just the top third of his cockhead thicker than most knobs at their widest point, but she had to crane further and further down while keeping the titfucking going. She doubted she would be able to get his entire cockhead in her mouth while titfucking him at the same time. But that was her goal now. In her cock-lust frenzy, she'd forgotten the promise she'd made to Kate not to suck him.

She kept struggling with her task, trying to take more and more of his cockhead in with each pass, but she wasn't making much progress. She was starting to think she would just have to give up on the titfucking aspect altogether, enabling her to take him much deeper.

However, she didn't get a chance, because right then there was a voice from on a couple of feet above and behind her. "Well, well, well. What do we have here?"


Monica immediately froze and turned her head to find out who had said that.

As she'd thought, it was an annoyed looking Kate, and Erin was by her side. The funny thing though was that Kate looked like a horny slut with her body naked from head to toe except for her real pearl necklace, plus all the cum on her big tits and face. Even the way she had her hands on her hips in irritation made her look that much more desirable. By contrast, Erin was dressed in everyday clothes (a T-shirt and shorts, plus underwear), as if she was about to pick up her backpack and head to her next class. She was smirking with wry amusement.

Kate's voice was dripping with sarcasm. "It looks like you've gone above and beyond the call of duty helping to keep Ryan's cock warm. Gee, I sure don't remember giving you permission to FUCK HIM WITH YOUR TITS! Furthermore, I EXPLICITLY told you NOT to suck him! But you've got a good two inches of his cockhead in your mouth as we speak, and it looks like you're going for more!"

Monica sheepishly tilted her head back, freeing Ryan's boner from her lip-lock. She let go of the outer sides of her tits as well, causing his long pole to slide out of her cleavage. However, she kept her body were it was, since the other two girls were angled so that she could look at them merely by turning her head. (They were to the side, not behind, because they wanted a good look at the action.)

Monica spoke with her best apologetic face, "Gee, I'm really sorry! But it's not like that! I was just... well, I got a little carried away."

"I'll say!" Kate complained. Knowing that Ryan was looking at her, she switched her pose to folding her arms under her massive rack. That allowed her to still look irate at Monica while emphasizing the size of her already enormous melons for Ryan's sake. "Not only did you do all that, but what's with all this talk about you being a slave?!"

Erin chimed in, "Yeah, and I'm confused. You can't POSSIBLY still be a virgin, can you? I could swear I remember you talking about having sex with your boyfriends, complaining about their stamina. Was that part of your cover when you have a girlfriend or something?"

Monica replied, "No, I'm definitely not a virgin, I can assure you of that! Who's still a virgin in college at this day and age?! Sheesh! Only total losers!"

That hit Kate hard, since of course she still was a virgin. Luckily, she was good at hiding her true feelings from having to fake her emotions so often as part of her princess persona, so she didn't reveal that with an embarrassed look.

Ryan was very disappointed to hear that. He hadn't known what was reality and what was fantasy, especially since his reality had turned into a kind of a non-stop fantasy all evening. He'd been convinced that Monica really was a virgin. He was looking forward to busting her cherry later in the evening, since she was his sex slave tonight.

He tried hard not to show his disappointment and act cool.

Monica continued, "We were just role-playing, that's all. You know, a role-play. Since I really am Ryan's sex slave, but only for the evening, I kind of went off, pretending like I was his real slave, forever. Total fantasy stuff. So why not go a little further and talk about being a virgin?" She turned back to Ryan. "You got off on that, didn't you?"

He was startled to be addressed. But he quickly recovered. "Oh, uh, yeah! Definitely! Good job!" To take some of the heat of Monica, who hadn't done anything really wrong in his opinion, he gave Kate an unhappy look. "Too bad we were rudely interrupted, just when it was getting good."

Kate looked away sheepishly. Normally she could stand her ground against anybody, but with Ryan she felt curiously powerless. She tried to redirect the focus back to Monica's mistakes. "Sorry about that. But that doesn't change the fact that you were about to swallow his entire cockhead! We got here just in time!"

"I was not!" Monica complained, even though she very much was.

"You were too! You were slobbering all over him like you couldn't get enough. And I explicitly told you not to!"

Erin rolled her eyes. "Can we not bicker? Besides, doesn't anyone want to hear what happened with Nancy?"

Ryan very much wanted to hear that. However, he also saw this as a good opportunity to assert his growing control over Kate, and hopefully the other two too. He said, "Of course. But, before we get to that, I have to make a couple of things clear."

He stared resolutely into Kate's cummy face, avoiding the temptation of ogling her massive tits, pushed forward with her arms underneath. "Monica is my sex slave for the evening. As such, she'll do exactly as I say and will be punished if she fails me. As such, whatever she does with me is my business only, including titfucks and the like. As for you, Kate, remember that you're my personal slut now. You're in no position to tell Monica what she can and cannot do to me."

Kate was very horny, and yet not that horny relative to how insanely horny she'd been before the Nancy interruption. As a result, she was feeling more assertive, and said, "Wait. When did I ever agree to be your personal slut? I certainly didn't tell you that!"

Ryan was startled to hear that. It didn't fit with his "porn logic." However, he quickly recovered to say, "No, you didn't, but then again it's not up to you. I claimed you, remember? Anyway, this is exactly why spankings are important. Monica, you disobeyed when Kate told you not to suck my cock, so I'm going to give you a spanking right now."

Monica was startled and upset to hear that. She'd never been spanked as an adult, and she certainly didn't want to start now. "What?! Wait! No! For one thing, you just said Kate was in no position to restrict what I was doing to you in the first place. And besides, I didn't REALLY suck you. I didn't even reach the crown."

She added with pride, "You'll know when I start sucking you for real, believe me! And La Bestia - The Beast! - he'll know too! I'm gonna fucking suck you so good and long that you'll see stars, and then your stars will see stars!"

He chuckled at that. "Those are valid points. That might help you in a fair debate. But remember, you're my sex slave tonight. I'll spank you if I feel like it, and I happen to feel like it. But, since you did make some valid points, I promise I'll go easy on you. You'll probably have more orgasms than smacks."

He didn't know if that last comment was true, and he highly doubted it was even possible. However, he could see that Monica was bristling against the spanking idea. Technically, she was his sex slave tonight, but it really was just an extended role-play. She could up and quit at any time if she wasn't having fun, and he knew that. So he was trying to indicate that it would be a very enjoyable experience for her.

It was a good thing he'd done that, because Monica had been about to put her foot down and demand that if he was going to spank her, she was done. However, she was intrigued, very intrigued. She'd heard of sexy spankings meant to arouse instead of punish. She was willing to give it a go if it was one of those.

As a result, she just remained quiet. That was very unusual for the talkative Monica.

Ryan patted his upper thighs. "Monica, please get up on my lap. I'll spank you while Erin delivers the news. As for you, Kate, you already have a big spanking coming. It just got bigger, due to your untimely interruption."

He was a nice guy at heart, and normally he never would have said these sorts of things to Kate and Monica. But he was trying to operate by "porn logic." He had to push himself to be more demanding in order to get Kate to accept her new role.

Kate's mouth fell open. "But... but... that's unfair!" Her hands went back to her hips, making her look sexier than ever. "Besides, what about my blowjob?! You said if I did that, you'd cancel the spanking!"

"No, I said if you did something 'extraordinary,' I'd cut you some slack. Your blowjob was good. But still, it was your first, and that showed. I'll expect much better from you in the future. And you didn't suck me to orgasm. So I guess I can cut you a little slack, but the spanking is still on."

He wished he didn't have to be so harsh. He wanted to praise Kate's first blowjob to the high heavens. As far as he was concerned, the mere fact that it was Kate who had done it had made it one of the greatest blowjobs in the entire history of the universe. But he felt he had to maintain his hard-to-get dominant persona.

While he was speaking, Monica had crawled onto his lap and laid face down. She muttered to herself, "No me puedo creer que esté haciendo esto. Lo juro, él debe ser El Diablo!" ("I can't believe I'm doing this. I swear, he must be the Devil!")

Kate wanted to complain more, and assert that he didn't have the right to spank her at will. But she was awestruck and breathless by the sight of Monica laying across his lap in preparation to be spanked. Monica's body was startlingly beautiful in and of itself, especially given the way her brown-skin contrasted with Ryan's much fairer skin above and below. But mostly, she forgot to breathe for a long moment because she realized, That's going to be ME! Later, maybe as soon as he's done with her, he's going to take ME across his lap and smack the hell out of me! Oh God! Dear God! Have mercy!

Erin could see Kate was on the verge of putting up a serious protest as soon as she gathered her wits together and recovered from the sexy yet scary sight of Monica. Erin didn't want that to happen, since she was trying to get Ryan to assert his control over Kate for her own reasons. So she stepped forward and said, "Okay, I'm ready to give my report about Nancy. Ryan, may I?"

"Yes, you may." He was secretly thrilled that she'd asked him permission.

He put both hands on Monica's ass, which was presented as if on a platter in his lap. He noticed once again just how much her ass cheeks jutted out, creating an especially deep ass crack. It was a very close call, but he decided that out of the three hourglass-shaped beauties, Monica had the best ass.

He said to Erin, "I don't want to interrupt you with lots of distracting ass smacks, so I'll just warm her ass up until you're done." Already, he was freely fondling Monica's ass. He even pushed her upper thighs slightly apart in anticipation of playing with her pussy in between.

His dick wasn't being stimulated in any way, which was practically unprecedented for this evening. But he was plenty happy to let it be and enjoy fondling Monica's ass and pussy. That was such an arousing prospect that he wasn't in danger of going flaccid anytime soon.

Erin nodded to him, like a soldier about to give a report. "Very good. Now, fiiiinally, I can reveal that Nancy wasn't in the hallway, but she was in her room. And that's very suspicious in and of itself, because there's a party going on downstairs, and she loves a good party. Why would she just sit alone in her room when normally she would be downstairs having fun?"

Kate, who had talked this over with Erin already some while Monica had been busy titfucking and licking Ryan's cock, chimed in, "I agree. That's very unlike her." She was glad to put her difficult issues with Ryan aside for a while to focus on the Nancy problem.

Erin continued, "We must logically conclude she was lingering around to try to see if she heard more suspicious noises coming from this room. So we definitely have a problem on our hands. Anyway, I knocked on her door and she answered it. I gave her the whole watching-a-porn-film excuse that we'd worked out. I thought I was pretty convincing. As you can see, I look convincingly normal, don't I?"

She waved a hand down her body, showing off her clothes. But then she said to herself, as if startled, "Hey! What am I doing still wearing clothes?! That's stupid!" She began to strip. She started by dramatically pulling a green T-shirt she'd borrowed from Kate over her head.

She acted as if she'd just thought to take her clothes off, but actually she had cleverly chosen to wait until she had Ryan's full attention before doing so. Monica, Kate, and her were far from enemies, but they were in a friendly, unspoken competition for his attention.

She tossed the T-shirt away and started working on removing her bra. "The problem is, I don't know if she was convinced or not. She sounded like she was convinced, but what's she really thinking? How can we know? It's a big problem."

She finished quickly with the bra and tossed that aside too. Then she bent forward, putting her hands on her knees. Pretending as if she were getting closer due to interest in Monica's situation, she asked Ryan, "Hey, I thought you said you were going to warm her up?" She was a bit interested in that, but mostly she just wanted to bend forward to show off her massive bare breasts dangling forward.

He was distracted by that mouth-watering sight to such an extent that he was temporarily struck speechless. (That secretly delighted Erin to no end.) But he quickly recovered to say, "Good point."

His hands had merely been resting on Monica's ass, because he was distracted by Erin's words and especially her sexy striptease. But now he gave Monica a sharp smack on her nearest ass cheek.

Monica immediately yelled, "HEY!"

But he ignored that. He immediately reached between her powerful thighs and slid two fingers up and down her pussy lips. Detecting they were wet and swollen, he pushed those fingers into her slit. He went slowly just in case she really was a virgin and she still had her hymen, but that was not the case.

He was struck immediately by how hot and tight her pussy was. He'd read countless erotic stories using "hot" and "tight" to describe pussies. However, it was one thing to read it and another to actually feel it. Besides, he could easily imagine a pussy being tight when a stiff penis was in it, but he was surprised by how much Monica's clenched around just his two fingers.

He muttered, "God, that's a tight one! Monica, how am I going to fuck you when you're this tight?" It was a serious concern for him.

Monica was glad to hear that. Her annoyance at his ass smack was already forgotten, especially since her head was filled with thoughts of getting skewered on his huge cock. She said, "That's a VERY good question! Since I'm only exactly five feet tall, I'm smaller all over. And I DO have a tight cunt on top of that, plus you have an absolutely GIGANTIC cock! It's going to be a real adventure! I'll probably scream my lungs out until I'm hoarse!"

He was extremely aroused to hear that. His boner even twitched so much in response that it poked up against her bare tummy all on its own. His fingers moved in and out of Monica's pussy, and he hadn't even consciously started that. His super aroused body had done it on its own.

She giggled in response to his cock twitch. She reached between his legs and found his erection. She purred in her extra husky voice, "Somebody likes the sound of that! I think it could be The Beast that's talking!" Her fingers quickly found his sweet spot and managed to rub it, despite the awkward positioning.

Erin coughed on purpose. She'd stopped her striptease after getting topless because Ryan was looking at Monica's ass instead of her. She was regretting reminding him he wasn't "warming" her up.

He looked up at Erin apologetically, only to get a jolt of arousal from seeing her still bending towards him with her huge tits swelled forward, plus Kate standing next to her looking fabulously sexy with her perfect nude body and her cummy skin. He completely forgot what he was going to say.

But then he remembered, "Ah. Sorry, Erin. I got a little distracted there. I want you to continue. But first, I have to mention that Monica's talk of screaming reminds me we need to be extra careful making noise with Nancy possibly nearby. For instance, Monica let out a pretty loud 'hey' after I smacked her ass like this." He smacked Monica's ass again, but on her other ass cheek this time.

Monica started to yell "He-" but she caught herself. That was frustrating.

He sweetened that pill by resuming his fingerbanging, with more deliberate intent than his rather mindless effort until this point.

Then he added, with a happy smirk, "We can't have that sort of thing. Monica, remember, you're my slave tonight. No matter what I do to your ass, you have to stay quiet."

Monica muttered, "¡Qué bestia!" ("You beast!") But she did resolve to try a lot harder to be quiet, no matter what he did to her.

Kate definitely noticed those two smacks. She was unhappy that she was standing naked right in front of Ryan with her hands at her sides because she'd wiped her pussy clean a few minutes earlier when she'd been talking to Erin elsewhere in the room, but already the prospect of Ryan spanking her was making her pussy leak new rivulets of cum down her inner thighs.

That was nearly impossible in her mind. She recalled the many times her boyfriends had to use lube when going down on her, because she had such trouble getting wet. And now she was practically gushing, due mostly to thoughts about getting spanked. That was humiliating, and that was arousing her still more. She thought about covering her pussy mound with her hands, but that felt like admitting defeat.

Ryan said to Erin, "Sorry. Please continue."

Erin stood back up, only to resume her striptease. She slowly pulled her shorts down her legs, deliberately leaving her panties behind so she could continue her show with them. She said, "What you just said is a problem. I think the odds are highly likely that you're going to fuck at least one of us tonight, quite possibly all three of us! Furthermore, Monica is spot on: you're gonna have her screaming bloody murder as you impale her tight little cunt with your enormous Beast! But will Kate or I really be better off? Won't we scream to the high heavens as well when you relentlessly pound us with your gigantic tool? What do you think, Kate?"

Erin did have a legitimate point in there somewhere. But mainly she was just having fun getting everyone, including herself, still more aroused with fucking talk.

Kate was on the spot. The timing was unfortunate for her, because Erin's words aroused her so very much that she had just brought a hand to her pussy mound. She wasn't trying to cover up her embarrassing leakage, she had just started masturbating. Due to still having her hymen she couldn't push her fingers in, so she was rubbing two fingers up and down her wet slit, and pinching a nipple for good measure.

She was a classic deer caught in headlights. It was a long, awkward silence before she remembered to say anything at all, and then she only managed, "Um, what?" Her face was turning red as she belatedly took her hands off her privates. She lied, badly, "Ah, uh, I wasn't masturbating just now! Really, I wasn't!"

Erin had no idea the trouble she'd cause my asking Kate that simple question, since she wasn't even looking her way. But she was secretly delighted. She bent over outrageously to take her shorts all the way off, doing so in side profile to help Ryan see. Then she stood back up to watch the Kate train wreck.

Ryan was having great fun with Monica's body, especially since she was still rubbing his sweet spot under her body. He had one hand fondling her ass cheeks and his other hand was alternating between diddling her clit and rubbing her pussy lips. He unexpectedly raised a hand up and then smacked the middle of Monica's ass, harder that before.

Monica gasped, but managed not to cry out.

Then he resumed fingerbanging her. His smack was actually intended more to unnerve Kate than being directed at Monica. He said to Kate in a stern voice, "Kate, don't lie to me! You just lied to me, lied to all of us. Didn't you?"

She knew when she'd been caught red-handed. She looked shamefully to the ground. Then she shut her eyes tightly altogether. Her blush was growing deeper. That latest smack had unnerved her a lot, especially as she noticed it was significantly harder than the two previous ones. She was tempted to rub her bare ass in sympathy.

She meekly replied, "Yes, yes I did."

"Did what?"

"I lied."

Erin was extremely delighted, even though she'd had to put her striptease on hold again because Ryan was ignoring her again. Yes! This is EXACTLY the kind of thing Kate needs. She never listens to ANYBODY. I get the impression that even her parents can barely control her. But look at how she's obeying Ryan! All in less than two hours! Just think what he'll accomplish in two weeks! He's capable of remolding her entire personality, I think!

We DEFINITELY need her to agree to be his personal slut! And he needs to spank her. A lot! She had a startling, appealing thought. Oh! It would be so cool if I could secretly tell him what to spank her for and what the punishment should be. Monica could be on guard too. Then she'd have to behave with all the other Kappa girls, and beyond! No more bitchy "Princess Kate!"

He said in a stern voice to Kate, "You're a smart girl, very smart. I've seen you in Dr. Peterson's class, you're about the smartest, most knowledgeable student there. So I don't think I have to spell out that one of my personal sluts is never allowed to lie to me. Do I?"

Kate unthinkingly pinned her arms behind her back to show her obedience. It did wonders to her titanic tits. Furthermore, those tits were starting to heave up and down as her humiliation, and thus her arousal, grew and grew. She said, "No, you don't."

"Look at me when you're speaking to me. Never close your eyes at a time like this. Don't try to hide."

Erin thought, Oooh! He's good!

He was good. Even he was surprised at how he was taking to this like a duck to water. All those years of masturbating to erotic stories helped a lot, of course. The "porn logic" told him what to say. But it turned out he had a natural knack for this kind of thing too.

Kate opened her eyes and forced herself to make eye contact with him. It wasn't easy.

Seeing that Kate was looking, he unexpectedly smacked Monica's ass again.

Kate's body visibly jerked in shock. Even as she was being chastised about masturbating, she felt an almost uncontrollable urge to masturbate some more, and right away. She was glad her hands were pinned behind her back.

Monica, though, was getting smart. She'd noticed he had paused fingerbanging her each time just before smacking her ass again. Plus, of course, he had withdrawn the hand fondling her ass in order to deliver the smack. So this time she was able to grit her teeth and brace herself. As a result, she didn't have to cry out.

Ryan said to Kate, "Since you're so smart, tell me what happens to personal sluts when they lie to their man?" He was tempted to say "master," but he didn't want to push his luck at this point.

"They... they... get spanked?"

He nodded. "Very good. Like this." He smacked Monica yet again, and it was the hardest one yet. But he immediately resumed his fondling of her to make up for it. Then he said to Kate, "You already are due to get spanked later, so I'll just have to smack you more. But there's still time between now and then for you to impress me and reduce your punishment by doing something extraordinary."

She started to say, "What-"

But he cut her off. "And don't ask me what 'extraordinary' means. Give me a pleasant surprise. That's part of what every good personal slut does for her man."

Kate nodded. She felt like her submission, as well as her humiliation, was total. DAMN! I just got OWNED! Ouch! And my ass is going to be paying for it! I wish I just could suck his cock some more right now. Then maybe I'd have half a chance to reduce my spanking to something reasonable!

After she said those words to herself, she thought them over in her mind. Oh God! What's happening to me?! I AM his personal slut now! I haven't admitted it as such, but it's a done deal because I've accepted it in my mind! Gaawwwd! I'm his personal SLUT! That means I'm going to be breaking my damn jaw every fucking day sucking his cock! And more! I'll walk funny all the time because he'll fuck me bow-legged! My tits will smell of his cum from all the pearl necklaces and titfucks!

Oh God! That sounds HOT! That sounds so fucking AWESOME!

I meant, uh, do I really want that?! It's bad too, right?! I still have time to fight this. I'm special. I'm a one-of-a-kind beauty. I still can say no. It's just that I need to suck his cock so bad!

Ryan was going to say more to her, but he noticed she was lost in thought. So he waited until she refocused again. Not surprisingly, her gaze went back to the way his hands were caressing Monica's ass and pussy. He asked Kate, "What are you thinking right now? You seem to be having some intense thoughts."

She admitted honestly, with a very red face, "I'm thinking about... sucking your cock!" It was tough for her to admit that, but once she did, the rest came easily. "I wish Erin would shut up with this whole fucking annoying Nancy problem, Monica would get out of the damn way, and then I could drop to my knees, engulf your huge cock in my mouth again even though my jaw is still sore from earlier, and then I'll suck your cock exactly the way it needs to be sucked! The way it deserves to be sucked! That's EXACTLY what I'm thinking!"

Of course, she felt even more humiliated and aroused after saying that, but she was also proud of herself for honestly speaking her thoughts (at least some of them). She licked her lips and salivated as she looked him over like a hungry steak.

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