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Ryan was secretly blown away by the intensity of Kate's desire and passion. He tried to keep his cool though. After a long pause while he gathered his wits, he said, "I see. Very good. I like that attitude. In that case, you have my permission to masturbate."

Kate's beautiful face flooded with relief. She had forgotten that, a couple of minutes earlier, the problem wasn't that she didn't have permission to cum, it was that she was too embarrassed about getting caught while doing it. That didn't matter much anymore because she was far too horny to stop herself now.

He watched her begin rubbing her clit and rolling an erect nipple between her fingers. Then he added, "However, I haven't given you permission to cum yet. I consider you kind of on probation, so you'll need to ask me about that when the time comes. Understood?"

She nodded. In her mind, she was thinking, Aaaaah! Help! It's just getting worse and worse by the minute! How dare he tell me when I can cum?! But God help me, that's hot! I can't even CUM now?! Gaawwwd!

Both Monica and Erin were impressed. Monica thought, I remember earlier that Kate warned me that he's dangerous. That's so true! And she said he was "dangerously sexy" as well. That's too true as well! El Diablo!

Erin thought, Whoa! He might be a little TOO good! I want him to control Kate, but I've gotta watch out, because I could easily get sucked in too! In fact, I kind of feel it happening already. I've REALLY gotta watch out!

Ryan loved looking at the rapturous look on Kate's cummy face as she played with herself. But he turned his attention back to Erin, who didn't exactly look half-bad either. "Sorry about that lengthy interruption. I don't think it'll happen again. Can you continue where you left off?"

"Certainly." Erin tried to think back to what she'd been saying, and remembered going off about the noise danger of getting fucked. She also remembered her striptease. Now that she was just in her panties, she bent over outrageously at a side-profile to him while she started to pull them down her thighs. "As I was saying, you're probably going to fuck us all, and it's going to make a hell of a noise! Not only that, but what about all this spanking talk?"

She wiggled her ass outrageously as her panties inches down her legs, going way slower than necessary. "It's already a done deal that you're going to spank Kate later tonight. And she deserves it! I'm sure we all can agree to that. She's been needing a good spanking for a long time now, hasn't she, Monica?"

Monica had been moaning lustily with her eyes closed. Ryan was still steadily fingerfucking her and generally fondling her incredible body, and she was getting very close to orgasm. She was discovering that even his occasional smacks were merely stimulating her nerves. The pain passed quickly, and the intensity of her pleasure was magnified.

She had stopped rubbing Ryan's boner, and then let go of it altogether. It was too hard for her to keep doing it when her need to cum was becoming so urgent.

He didn't mind much though. Everything was so outrageously arousing that that was just one small thing, relatively speaking. Plus, he didn't want to have to constantly struggle not to cum some more.

Monica didn't want to be disturbed from her bliss, but she realized fixing Kate was an important issue, and she could help. So she said, "Definitely! Kate, I'm sorry to say this, but you've been a real bitch."

Erin put a hand on Kate's nearest shoulder. "She's right, you have. And we're saying that as friends. Believe me, we like you. We want you to be a better, happier person. Nobody's been telling you 'no' about anything!"

Still with her eyes closed, Monica said, "I second that. Kate, you need a serious attitude adjustment. Is it possible to become nicer through lots of fucking, cocksucking, and spanking? I don't know, but I actually think it is!"

Erin added, even as she continued to wiggle and writhe her way out of her panties, "I think the same. Don't you dare resist! When Ryan says it's time to spank you, I'll be glad to be the one to hold you down to make sure you don't weasel out of it!"

Monica said, "Me too! Heck, I'll give you a few whacks for good measure!"

Kate groaned lustily. Already she was flirting with climax as she continued to stand there and play with herself. "Oh God!" She had a vision of the two other buxom beauties forcibly holding her down while Ryan first spanked her and then fucked her. She'd had a lot of incredibly arousing thoughts in the last two hours, but this one took the cake. She was on the verge of dropping to her knees from being overwhelmed by it all.

Erin decided to get back to talking about Nancy some more. Or at least that was a good excuse for more outrageous flirting. She was bending over ever more dramatically as her panties slipped down below her knees. She resumed, "So... all this spanking could be a problem... with Nancy. For instance, look at me."

She suddenly bent over at a right angle, quickly pulling her panties all the way to her ankles. "Imagine you're spanking me too! Imagine I'm bending over like this and you're standing behind me, right about where Kate is right now, and you just start wailing on my ass!"

Though the focus was on her ass now, she lifted up one foot and then the other, allowing her to leave her wet panties on the floor. "Naturally, I'm just going to scream and scream! I'll probably cum and cum too, and scream even more! How can we do that with Nancy right across the hall?"

Despite the fact that there was much more outrageously arousing flirting and talking than actual discussion of the Nancy problem, Ryan realized Erin had stumbled on a very valid point. He didn't want to miss out on all the spanking and fucking likely to come because of some nosy neighbor. So he asked, "What can we do about that?!"

Erin stood back up. She was getting really hot and bothered too, but she wasn't as far gone into lust as either Kate with her masturbating or Monica getting fondled. So she realized that continuing to the discussion was largely on her at this point.

She said, "I don't know. But it would help a hell of a lot if she wasn't there in her room! I don't even know if she's still there or not. She told me as I was leaving her that she was going to go down to the party shortly, but could that be a feint? She said that before, and we know that she stayed in her room. She might even be lurking in there with the lights down low, not answering her door, in order to really catch us off guard!"

Ryan took his fingers out of Monica's cunt and his hand off her ass.

She wiggled her ass needfully, like a bitch in heat. "Awww?"

He gave her nearest ass cheek a good smack. "Shush! This is serious."

Monica humped her bubble butt up at him, inviting him to smack her again. She even teased him in her sultry voice, "I dare you to do that again!"

Her attitude towards being spanked had done a near 180 already. She was having a more fun and arousing time than almost any time she could remember with any of her boyfriends or girlfriends. Or course, she might have thought very differently if he was trying to seriously punish her instead of getting her to cum, but that possibility wasn't on her mind at the moment.

He said to her, "I'll smack you more later. But we really do need to focus here." Then he looked to Kate. "I'm afraid you need to stop masturbating now."

Kate kept right on, tugging on a nipple and pushing a fingertip just a little bit into her slit. She had to be careful with her hymen, but she could push in some. She asked through sex-glazed eyes, "Can I cum first?"

"Actually, if that'll get you to rejoin our discussion, then yes." His attitude suddenly switch, and he stated forcefully, "In fact, I order you to cum! Now!"

Just like that, Kate started to cum. It seemed as if he'd waved a magic wand at her, but actually it was no magic at all. She'd been holding back, hanging on the very cusp, so it was no surprise she came immediately as soon as she had permission.

She dropped to her knees, because her legs gave out from under her.

Erin fell to her knees too, to make sure her friend had a safe landing. She wrapped an arm around her to steady her.

Kate started to cry out.

But Ryan said, "HUSH! This is the very problem with Nancy, remember?! We have to be quiet!" Even he wasn't that quiet, in order to get Kate's attention, but he figured if Nancy was still in her room across the hall, she probably hadn't heard Kate's outburst or his response. Still, he wasn't sure.

Somehow, through sheer willpower, Kate managed to stay relatively quiet. She had another powerful climax, though maybe not quite as powerful or prolonged as her last three. Still, it was remarkable for her to have such an orgasm, considering that she was only masturbating. She actually clamped her teeth down onto a half-formed fist in order to stifle her screaming urge.

Kate's climax finally came to an end about a minute later. Erin continued to hold her afterwards because she was even more unsteady on her knees.

Monica had opened her eyes to watch Kate's silent scream. She was in the exact same condition Kate had just been in, teetering on the very edge of orgasm. Once Kate was done, and had been successful staying quiet, Monica decided she could stay quiet while cumming too, and had an intense orgasm of her own.

Ryan couldn't see Monica's face, but he could see and feel her body trembling as she hit her orgasmic peak. He didn't even have a hand on her due to his attempt to get things serious again, but he couldn't resist: he resumed pumping two fingers in and out of her hot and surprisingly tight cunt to heighten her climax that much more.

She appreciated it. She was beginning to realize that Ryan was even more than just a big cock. A girl didn't necessarily have great orgasms merely through penis size; there were many other important factors. But Ryan delivered. She would have been incredulous to find out just how inexperienced he was with girls, because he certainly didn't act like it.

A couple of minutes passed, with Monica still sprawled on his lap and Kate and Erin kneeling a few feet away. Finally, he said, "Okay, now that we've gotten THAT out of the way, what about Nancy?"

Erin seriously replied, "I hate to say this, but I think one of us needs to check if she's really gone downstairs to the party. First off, if she's there, then we can make a lot more noise, at least for a while. But maybe more importantly, if she sees one of us there, that'll go a long ways towards putting her suspicions to rest. But it's gotta be Kate or me, since she doesn't know you or Monica are even a part of this."

Ryan replied, "Right. And we should keep it that way." He looked to Kate and asked her, "Now that you've rejoined us, what do you think about that?"

Kate was feeling better and more sexually under control after that cum. She replied soberly, "I think that's a good idea. Maybe it should even be both Erin and me. She hasn't seen me in a while, which is suspicious, so it'll be good if she talks to me. And I don't want to go alone. Plus, if she sees me with Erin, we can keep our stories straight when she razzes us about watching a porn film, which she inevitably will, now that she knows about that."

He said. "Good. What do you think, Monica? And by the way, I think it's time you get off my lap."

"Awww. You ARE a big bad master."

That playful tease gave him a jolt, because it reminded him of their earlier master and sex slave role-play and all the extreme arousal they'd enjoyed then. He stared off into space, as if pole-axed.

She slid off him, but somehow wound up kneeling between his legs. That most definitely wasn't an accident. She flashed a toothy smile when she saw the reaction her use of the phrase "big bad master" caused. She made a mental note of that.

She noticed his penis was flaccid at the moment. She didn't want to stroke him now while he was insisting on having a serious talk, but she was in a prime position for when any sexy fun might resume.

Wanting to make a meaningful contribution to the discussion, Monica said to Kate and Erin, "I think it's good if both of you go downstairs."

Kate said with chagrin, "I knew you'd say that. By total coincidence, that'll leave you all alone with Ryan and The Beast."

Monica was pointedly facing Ryan and his crotch already. But she turned her head back to look at Kate an gave her an impish grin. "Hey, everybody's gotta make sacrifices."

Then she added more seriously, "But honestly, you KNOW it's the right thing to do. It just so happens that I'll get a spermy, slurpy, jaw-busting benefit. Gaawwwd! I can't wait to try him on for size! But anyway, even if you DO go down there and you DO totally convince Nancy there's nothing to worry about, how is that really going to help anything?"

Kate was practically incredulous. "What do you mean? That'll help everything! If Nancy knows, she's going to make my life totally miserable! She'd love to ruin me. Sure, I'm the queen of the hill at Kappa Kappa Gamma right now, but I'm vulnerable."

She paused, and then bravely pushed ahead with her self-critical thoughts. "I've been a bitch. You're right. Both of you are right. I know I'm spoiled rotten, and lately I've been kind of depressed as well. I'm just so tired of being Princess Kate, you know? The higher you rise, the more everybody tries to tear you down. So I've been kind of mean to everybody. Let's face it: the only reason I'm president of this sorority is due to my looks. Which is stupid."

Erin said, "Stupid, yes, but that's life. For instance, did you know that in every US presidential election, the taller candidate always won, except once or twice? It's true. People are influenced by looks way more than they even realize."

Monica added, "Yeah. And it's not like it's always a bad thing, at least for us. The three of us benefit from that, like, 99.99 percent of the time. We wouldn't even be here secretly wondering which one of us is going to be the lucky bitch who gets to suck Ryan's cock next if we didn't have tits out to Toledo and faces fit for a catwalk in Milan. And, by the way, just so there's no dispute, I AM next! I called dibs way back, and I haven't even gotten to do it yet!"

Kate replied hotly, "No way! I'll agree that you're next, but only after I get to finish my turn! It doesn't count if I don't get to make him cum all over my face!"

Erin joked while raising an eyebrow and staring pointedly at the cummy explosion still on Kate's face, "I think he got that covered already." She swiped a finger through the cum near Kate's nose, like she did before. She swallowed it down, but said to Kate, "By the way, I hate to break it to you, but your cum is starting to dry."

Kate was emphatic in her reaction. "Then I'm going to have to wash it off, but that's all the more reason why he NEEDS to paint my face all over again! And my tits too!" She sat up stiffly, proudly showing off her huge, cum-covered rack.

Monica and Erin chuckled, amused at Kate's drastic turnabout on her feelings about cum.

Ryan spoke up. "Can we get back to Nancy? If we keep talking like this, I'm going to get an erection again."

Erin said, "He's right. As much as we all would love that, there will be time enough for that later. Monica, what did you mean when you said you don't think it means anything if we convince Nancy not to worry? I agree with Kate that that's super important."

Monica replied, "Of course it is, TONIGHT. But what about tomorrow and beyond? I don't know about you two, but this is NOT my last time with Ryan! Not if I have any say in the matter!" She looked up at Ryan, since she was still facing his crotch instead of the other two girls, and playfully wagged a finger at him.

Seeing that his penis was in fact at least half-hard due to the sexy talk, she held his dick and said, "Last time? Hell, I haven't had a proper first time. Ryan, you WILL fuck me tonight with this Beast, and that's an order! An order from your sex slave!" She flipped his penis up and down like she was shaking it in anger.

He laughed along with the others, and said jovially, "That's not exactly how the sex slave concept works, Monica."

"I know, but you know what I mean." She resumed stroking him to full size while she looked back to the other two. "Am I alone here? Don't you all want this to continue? With the four of us, preferably?"

Kate huffed, as if she was miffed, "'Want?' What does 'want' have to do with it?" She hefted up her massive hooters with both hands, and said, "Ryan kept staring at these babies in class, and decided he was going to claim me. And now, apparently, I'm his personal slut! Not that I have any say in the matter or even know what that really means. So you damn well better believe this is going to continue!" She finally smiled widely at him, showing she wasn't miffed at all.

Ryan's penis was newly stiff again, thanks to Monica's fingers. But hearing Kate all but admit that she had accepted she was his personal slut now thrilled him so much that he very nearly stood up to cheer. In fact, the only reason he didn't do that was because of his habit all evening of trying to play hard to get.

Monica noticed the joy and lust on his face though, and responded by honing in on his sweet spot and rubbing it vigorously. With everyone knowing what she was doing and nobody complaining about it, she even brought a second hand to his cock to help with the stroking.

Erin knew it was her turn to say something. She didn't know what to say because she didn't know how she felt. She wanted to have a serious talk with Ryan about the "personal slut" idea, because she didn't know what it meant beyond the fact that it sounded sexy and aroused her a lot. But now was not the time for that. She also wanted to give all of this some carefully considered thought, but now wasn't the time for that either.

So she tried to stay vague and not commit herself much. "Look. I think it's obvious something special and magical is happening here. Ryan, I'll bet your other sluts, they don't treat you as well as we already do, do they? And I'll bet you can't enjoy three of them at once."

"No comment," he replied. Since there were no other "sluts," he figured the easiest way to keep that a secret was to not say anything specifically about "them" at all. Besides, keeping the mystery going about his supposed other girls was vital to his "playing hard to get" approach.

Erin, Kate, and Monica all sighed in frustration together.

Erin continued, "In any case, I don't know what's going on here, like, AT ALL. Everything is still up in the air for me. But of course I don't want this to be a one time thing. This has been fantastic! And it's like Monica said, we're just getting started on our FIRST night together! It's only gonna get better and better!"

Ryan had noticed that with Kate, he realized she had to be sexually submissive, because mainly by repeatedly and brazenly insisting that she was his "personal slut," that fantasy was slowly turning to reality. But he suspected the same approach wouldn't work with Monica or Erin. He would have to bide his time with them, as well as consider what his ultimate desired and realistic end goal with both of them really was.

Monica nodded. "Agreed. So, my point is, what's going to happen the next time we get together? Or the time after that? Or the time after that? Is there anywhere we can meet?"

There was dead silence. Ryan lived in a dorm with a roommate he didn't even like, and Monica and Erin lived on the third floor too, so their rooms weren't any better when it came to avoiding the likes of Nancy.

Furthermore, the point Monica was trying to make was starting to seep in.

Monica said, while continuing to jack Ryan off, "See what I mean? Next time, we'll have to worry about Nancy too! And each time after that! And what about Brandy and Jordan?"

Kate helpfully explained to Ryan, "Those are the other two girls with rooms on this floor."

"Ah." He nodded. He loved how Monica was obviously jacking him off, but nobody seemed to mind or even find it worth mentiong.

Monica pointed out what all four of them were already thinking. "If things continue with us like I think they will, with lots of fucking and spanking and screaming most every time we get together, Nancy, Brandy, AND Jordan will all figure out what's going on before too long. And what are we going to do about THAT?! I agree we should quell Nancy's suspicions tonight, but all that does is buy us a little time, maybe."

There was an unhappy silence. Yet even through this difficult moment, the sloshing sounds of Monica's hands slipping and sliding up and down Ryan's cock could be heard.

Ryan was loving the handjob, but it was in the back of his mind compared to the problem they were discussing. He said, "I'd like to make a bold suggestion. What if I... well... what if I just seduce them?"

He was surprised he'd had the balls to say that, especially since he was seriously considering it. Since everything had been working out wonderfully all evening according to his "porn logic," that same logic suggested further sex with more busty beauties was the obvious answer to additional problems.

But Kate, Erin, and Monica spoke emphatically as one: "NO!"

He was surprised at the vehemence of their response. Monica even let go of his boner and put her hands on her hips while she glared up at him.

Erin, who was the most articulate of the three now that Kate was still in a deep sex fog, spoke for all three of them. "No, no, and NO! No way! Look. We don't mind this little situation that's developed. In fact, our foursome could turn out to be a really good thing." She was thinking of all the hot lesbian sex that could happen, as well as the orgy potential. "But, that said, three is the MAX! Four would just ruin everything!"

Kate figured he needed more reason than that. So she said, "You've been really lucky tonight. First, to find me with Erin, who happens to be my closest friend in this sorority. Then, to have Monica, of all people, find out about us. As you can see, not only is she a sexy and feisty little fireball, but she's a total sweetheart. Whereas Nancy, NO! She would ruin everything!"

Monica spoke passionately. "I completely agree! There's group unity, and a group dynamic. Nancy would ruin all that. So just forget that idea, okay?! Forget it!"

He held his hands up defensively. "Okay, okay, I'll forget it, at least as far as Nancy. But what about the other two? Brandy and Jordan, you said?"

The three girls simply stared at him crossly. One by one, they put their arms under the hefty racks to show their displeasure (and show off their bodies a little bit at the same time).

He was astounded at how the three girls seemed to operate as if they had one hive mind. In response to his first suggestion, they'd all shouted "NO!" at once. Then, when he limited his suggestion to just Brandy and Jordan, he figured they'd shout "NO!" again, but all they simply glared. And they didn't even look at each other to coordinate first.

He still thought seduction might be a viable option, but he didn't want to deal with the buzzsaw of their combined opposition. "Okay, okay," he said again. "Let's table that idea for now. I'm just talking out of my ass. But where does that leave us, then, in terms of a long-term plan?"

Kate said, "You probably guessed this already from my room..." - she waved a hand through the air, gesturing at all her opulence - "...as well as from the way I dress and so on, that I'm pretty rich. Money isn't really a problem for me, since I was born into wealth. Maybe, given some time, I could find some place nearby we could rent or something, and then we could meet there. Or we could thoroughly soundproof this room. Who knows? We'll have to think over all the options. But in the meantime, we've gotta get Nancy's nose out of OUR business!"

"Yeah!" Erin and Monica agreed as one.

Ryan said, "Okay, then. Let's do that. We should start out by finding out just where Nancy is now, including checking downstairs at the party."

The three of them agreed to that, and began working out the details.

Monica had been "punishing" him for his "seduce everybody" suggestion by letting go of his erection. But now that he'd given up on that idea, she resumed jacking him off.


Ryan kicked back on the sofa with his hands behind his head. He was savoring the joy of his new life. He didn't have any specific thoughts in mind, but just let the enormity of everything that had happened repeatedly wash over him.

Wanting to take advantage of the situation, Monica moved in closer and started lapping on his sweet spot while stroking the rest of his cock. She wanted to do more to his fat pole, but she sensed the time wasn't right, given the talk of going down to the party.

Ryan lightly held Monica's head while she licked him. Aaaah! This is the life! It's exactly like Jack said it would be, but better. I don't know if Kate really had a secret crush on me already, since she seemed pretty shocked and even unhappy when I first arrived. But he was spot-on that she's secretly submissive, and it's obvious that she was waiting for someone like me to come along. I really need to thank him! He's such a great guy, doing that for me when he hardly even knows me.

Except I'll bet even he would be surprised, because now I've got Kate PLUS Erin and Monica too! And they're total BABES! Just look at Kate and Erin talking to each other. Completely naked! Phew! Could their bodies be any more perfect? True, Kate's tits are a little larger, and maybe her face is a little more stunning and sultry. Plus, I like her blonde hair. But that's just quibbling. Erin is ridiculously fit AND voluptuous too!

He looked down at Monica, who was already staring back up at him as she lapped on his cock. She had his cock pointed straight up so she could lick on his sweet spot and make eye contact with ease. And then there's Monica. Whoa, it's unnerving how she looks so intently into my eyes as she does that, but it's kind of cool. It shows she's carefully watching my face to check for signs of what I like the most. But I like everything she does to my dick the most! Gaawwwd! And she's a total babe too! Sure, she's short, but what's wrong with that? She's just a smaller and darker version of the other two. So fucking fit and voluptuous too!

Is life really this awesome for all big-cocked guys?! It can't be. For one thing, there's only one Kate on campus, and it's obvious that no well-hung guy got to her before I did, and she's been here two years already. The same must go for Erin and Monica. I guess I'm just really lucky, thanks to Jack's inside scoop!

As he looked over at Kate's cummy tits and face again, he thought over his plan to seduce the other girls on the third floor. Too bad they don't like that idea. But is it because it's a bad idea, or they just don't want to share me? Probably the latter! I mean, if I could seduce Kate, Erin, AND Monica with my big dick in less than two hours, I should be able to seduce anybody! Right? At least it's worth a try. I should go downstairs to the party and find Brandy or Jordan. It's probably best to avoid Nancy for now, since she seems like trouble. But what's the harm of just kind of showing off my boner to the other two and see how they react?

I've been keeping my special endowment a secret from everyone. It's not like I had a chance to get it on with any girls at home anyway, with my crazy parents watching me like a hawk. I've spent the past month getting settled in to college life, and now I'm settled, so it's time to finally start living life!

A thought occurred to him as he pondered the mysterious other residents of the third floor. Not wanting to distract Monica from her cock licking and stroking, he asked, "Um, Kate and Erin?"

They turned to him and smiled. "Yes?" they asked simultaneously. Then they did a double take, because they noticed how Monica was intently licking his cock. But both of them decided not to complain about it. That was the new normal now.

Kate in particular felt a jolt of arousal race up and down her spine. She didn't understand how she could be even more turned-on than jealous. But there was something inspiring about the intense and lusty look in Monica's eyes as she stared up into his eyes.

He asked, "There are six girls living on the third floor, each with their own singles, right?"

Kate and Erin nodded.

"So why are there eight doors? Or did I miscount?"

Kate explained, "No, there are eight doors. One is to the balcony."

Thinking about privacy issues, he asked, "Can just anybody use that?"

"In theory, yes, but in practice, no Kappa girl goes to the third floor unless they're invited up. It's like of a special status thing."

Erin pointed out, "Plus, the door before the stairs leading up to this floor is almost always locked, and only the six of us have the key. Now that I think about it, how did you get past that door anyway? Who let you in?"

Ryan was wondering that himself. He couldn't have gotten into the KKG sorority without Jack's help, but Jack hadn't known he was going to be proactive and seek out Kate's room. He figured he just got lucky. He said, "I'll explain that later. But what you say is crucial, because that means we really only have to worry about the girls on this floor!"

Kate said, "Yeah, them, plus the girl directly below me. She's never complained, but she might be able to hear through the floor if we're really loud. But, to answer the rest of your question, the other door is for the bathroom."

He hadn't carefully looked around the room he was in, since he had much better things to look at in the form of the three busty beauties, but he was mildly surprised that Kate didn't have her own bathroom. He asked her, "You don't have a bathroom of your own?"

Kate's spoiled princess side came to the fore. She complained with indignation, "I know! Right? Isn't that outrageous?! Apparently, some of the previous presidents who get this room looked into getting them installed for this floor, but it seems there's some kind of plumbing or structural issue or some such bullshit. All six of us have to share just the one bathroom, like commoners!"

He was surprised and somewhat amused at her use of the word "commoner." He didn't know people actually used that in everyday speech, except maybe for actual royalty. It brought home just how privileged Kate thought she was, and almost certainly actually was. He thought about the dormitory he lived in, which had more in common with a housing project building than this sorority mansion. The idea of anyone in it having their own private bathroom was absurd. Nobody even had singles.

Erin could see the look on his face. She said, "You'll have to forgive Kate. Especially since Kate Middleton came along, she thinks she really is the Duchess of Cambridge."

Kate groused, "I do not!"

He asked, "So, is that how you're going to clean up, by going in there?"

Kate frowned. "Yeah, I've been thinking about that. True, it's only like ten feet away, but what if one of the other Kappas sees me on the way there?! Or worse, is in the bathroom when I get there?! What am I supposed to do, wear a hood and a mask?!"

He grinned as a naughty idea came to him. "That's a problem. Luckily, I have a solution. We're not in any rush to go downstairs, are we?"

"No, I suppose not," Kate responded. "We should leave soon, but as long as we don't scream or shout we should be alright. Why?"

"Because the obvious solution is that, while Monica is having fun with me, Erin should lick you clean first."

Kate's eyes bulged out and her jaw dropped. The seemingly permanent blush on her face had finally faded, but it came back in seconds. "But... but... NO! I don't swing that way!"

Erin looked just as surprised. But she was as overjoyed as Kate was distressed. YES! Awesome! I am soooo loving Ryan taking control of Kate!

His extreme arousal was giving him extreme confidence again. "No buts. Remember, you're one of my personal sluts now. 'No' shouldn't be in your vocabulary. Besides, I'm not asking you to go down on her."

Kate still looked pole-axed. "But... but... when Monica cleaned the cum off Erin, they totally got into it, kissing and fondling all over, and then they had big orgasms at the end!"

He responded, "That sounds like fun to me, but if you don't want to do that, you don't have to. It's up to you and Erin to work it out. But since we're all in agreement that what we're doing tonight is going to become a regular thing, the three of you are going to be swallowing and wearing my loads regularly. Cum disposal is going to be a constant issue. Each of you should get used to licking my cum off your skin a lot."

Surprisingly, Kate didn't challenge that at all. Instead, she looked at Erin with a narrow gaze and wagged a finger at her. "I am NOT going to do any funny stuff! Is that clear? Cum licking only!"

Erin happily said, "Sure, whatever you want. But we'll have to get used to touching each other quite a lot, even in intimate places." She looked down significantly at all the cum still splattered on the top of Kate's great globes.

She didn't mind having Kate put some limitations on what they did together, since she was beyond delighted to be getting intimate with her at all. She hoped to make it a great and highly enjoyable experience for Kate so the blonde bombshell would be open to doing more further down the line.

Kate looked down at her own tits and realized Erin would have to be holding and even extensively licking her there. Her blush turned cherry red.

Ryan had another arousing thought. "Oh, but there is one thing. Erin, don't just eat all my cum yourself. It's time for Kate to start learning to love the taste of my seed. Now that she's one of my personal sluts, she's going to be sucking my cock pretty much every day, just like you will, often together. So make sure you feed as much cum into her mouth as you consume yourself."

He was taking a risk saying "just like you will, often together," since Erin's status was still undefined. He didn't think he could simply say she was going to be his personal slut too and make it so, as was happening with Kate, but he figured setting expectations would be good.

Erin didn't respond to that at all, and in fact she barely paid attention to that part, because she was so thrilled by the idea that she would be "forced" to feed cum into Kate's mouth. She knew that was a very intimate act with lots of potential. She thought, YESSSS! Yes, again! Ryan, I could just kiss you! Best idea EVER!

She had definitely enjoyed getting intimate with Monica, and she looked forward to doing more with her, but she didn't have a strong crush on Monica for a long time like she did with Kate. This was much more thrilling to her.

Daring to push her luck, she asked Ryan while staring at Kate's massive, cummy breasts with lusty eyes, "And should I slurp some of the cum into my own mouth, or should Kate do that?"

He hadn't thought about that, but the sexier choice was obvious. Acting as if Monica wasn't busy licking and stroking his cock and balls, he replied calmly, "Oh, definitely have Kate do it. Unless you're alone, it's kind of rude to eat the cum off your own skin. It's always better to share with my other sluts."

Erin was so delighted to hear that response that she wanted to tackle Kate to the floor and French kiss her while fondling her everywhere at once. She had to consciously keep her hands to herself, and try to control her heavy breathing.

Kate couldn't miss the excited and lusty look in Erin's eyes. Her blushing face frowned again. "I don't know... This is getting kind of weird."

He said, "It's not for you to know. Kate, now that you're one of my personal sluts, for most things, your life will be the same as ever. But when it comes to sex, you belong to me now. So don't fret about it. The decision isn't up to you. In fact, there's no time like the present. Why don't you two come closer and kneel or sit on the floor right in front of me so I can get a good view? Then let's get started. Time is wasting!"

Kate fretted, Is he right?! Is that really how it's going to be?! He can't be right. He just can't. But I'm having some kind of a sexual breakthrough. I need to keep playing along with his craziness for a while.

Monica had been listening to every word while continuing to lick his erection and look up at his face with almost unnerving intensity. "Ryan?"

"Yeah?" He directed his attention back to her. He nearly swooned as he took in the sight of her naked, brown-skinned body, with her huge tits just in view. Even better was seeing his cock sticking straight up, with her face right behind it. He couldn't actually see her tongue lapping on his sweet spot, but he most definitely could feel it, and he was loving life! Her hands fondling his cock and balls were the icing on a very sweet cake.

Monica said as she stared up at him, "It sounds like those two are going to be cleaning for a while. There's so much cum on her face in particular that it could be a long while indeed! So... is now a good time for me to suck your cock for the very first time?"

That gave him goose bumps. It was a thrilling idea in and of itself, but he especially loved her "for the very first time" aside. That implied there would be many more blowjobs to come. He was struck speechless, and just nodded.

"YES!" She took both hands off his privates and pumped them into fists near her shoulders.

His delight soared still higher seeing her tremendous enthusiasm. He added, "Just so long as we can keep talking some. I've got more to say about going downstairs to the party."

Monica was already repositioning. "Fine! Talk all you want, but don't ask me to, because my mouth will be fucking jam-packed full of The Beast! ¡La GRAN Bestia!" ("The BIG Beast!")

While Ryan and Monica were talking, Kate and Erin were still standing face to face. They started quietly whispering to each other.

Kate asked uncertainly, "Are we really going to do this? All this... cummy cleaning?"

Erin replied as if asking such an obvious question was silly. "Of course we are. You belong to him now. It's like he said; you don't have any say in the matter."

Kate was still in shock and blushing. Hearing Erin agree with Ryan in such a casual way shook her up even more. "But... how did that happen?! Two hours ago-"

Erin was insistent. "Two hours ago was a lifetime ago. You're a different person now. You're a slut! You're HIS slut! You're his PERSONAL slut! The old Kate is dead and buried!"

"I know, but... it's just so much to take! I mean... it's humiliating! Utterly humiliating! I mean, ME! I'm not just anybody, you know."

Erin tried to comfort her while giving her no wiggle room whatsoever. "I know. You're special, very special. And now you have the very special privilege of being one of his personal sluts. How many girls on campus can say that? We don't know, but it can't be too many. After all, he's only been here a month."

Kate felt like she was falling down a rabbit hole, with her entire world turned upside down. "Erin, do you hear yourself? That's crazy talk! It's bad enough having to totally submit myself to him, but then having to share him with God knows how many others?! That's an outrage!"

Erin shrugged. "Yeah, but what'cha gonna do? Look at it the other way. There are ten thousand girls at this university, and only a handful get to submit to the biggest and best cock! Word about him hasn't gotten out yet. When it does, all the Kappa girls will envy you!"

"You think?" Kate was still distraught and blushing. She looked down at her amazing bust and caressed her G-cups from below. She couldn't help but think she should be doing better than having to share.

"I know. Besides, what does it matter what we think? Our duty is to serve and obey. Speaking of which, we'd better get on our knees and start eating cum or he'll be spanking BOTH of us tonight!" With that, Erin swiped at a cum gob right above the top of Kate's deep cleavage, and drew it into her mouth. She just couldn't resist, knowing what was about to come.

Erin certainly didn't agree with comments like "what does it matter what we think" or "our duty is to serve and obey." Her attitude hadn't changed much in the past two hours, and she thought that his entire personal slut conceit was total bullshit. However, she was willing to play along, because the potential benefits were so great.

She genuinely thought Kate would be much better off with Ryan controlling her and reshaping her personality. She could gain a very close friend if the "real" Kate could emerge from behind the mask. She also saw Ryan as the means to developing a sexual intimacy with Kate, and having Monica thrown in was a great bonus too. Furthermore, she loved having sex with Ryan. She hadn't even been fucked by him yet, but she knew it would be astounding, far better than any sex she'd had before.

Then there were the potential combinations. She already could envision countless foursomes with herself, Kate, Monica, and Ryan doing just about everything physically possible with each other. And that didn't even count Ryan's other (supposed) lovers. Judging by his three lovers in the room, he had great taste. Erin figured that soon she would have a sex life many times better than she ever thought possible!

Kate sighed in defeat and humiliation as she thought about getting spanked by Ryan. Deep down, she knew she would obey him even without that threat. I feel utterly helpless to resist him and I don't understand why! Just thinking about it is making me hotter than an oven! I mean, what an outrage, that a commoner like him could seriously think he could control me! Hrmph! I call bullshit. Erin doesn't know what she's talking about. I'm just playing along because it's all so extremely arousing. But tomorrow, everything will go back to normal.

The problem was that she didn't really believe that last thought. She was hooked and she knew it on some level. She tried not to think about it too much. Already, she was getting excited about the cum eating idea, if only because she needed to release her sexual desires somehow and Ryan's cock was going to be occupied for a while.

However, before she moved into position, she whispered extra quietly to Erin, "What about you? All the focus seems to be on me, but where do YOU stand? Are you his personal slut now too?!"

Erin seriously pondered that. Then she replied, "I don't know. I'm fighting it, for sure. But already I kind of feel that it's a done deal and I just haven't accepted it yet. So... to be honest... yes! I am!"

Those words startled Erin because she realized she wasn't just bullshitting Kate this time, she really meant it. She thought, Did I really just say that?! I guess I did! I certainly don't WANT to be his personal slut! No way! But the benefits are so incredibly great that how could I say no? On one hand, frequent sex with the four of us, orgies and orgasms beyond count and beyond description! And on the other hand, no sex, period, except with lame regular people. I'm still mostly straight, and after knowing how great Ryan's cock can be, no other cock will do! I imagine he's going to royally fuck my head off later tonight, and then it'll be a done deal. How can I say no to that? It's impossible!

That said, I haven't fallen for any of the hype, like it seems Kate is starting to do. That's actually good in her case. Let her bow to someone else for once in her life and actually mean it!

But I'll be happy to play along, enjoy the out-of-this-world sex, and not let his "personal slut" talk really affect me. Why not obey his commands when it means I'll get to do things like eating cum right off Kate's perfect naked body? It reminds me of when I was in the Girl Scouts and put up with all the rank and badge bullshit just so I could go on the outings and hang out with a great bunch of friends. Same deal here. I'll be his personal slut, but a pretend one!

She felt better after coming to a firm decision on that. She wondered what Monica would do. She guessed it wouldn't be long before Monica weighed the same pros and cons and came to the same decision to be a pretend one. She hoped that would be the case, because Monica added a lot to the group.

Kate was absolutely staggered to hear Erin state that she would be Ryan's personal slut soon as well, if she wasn't already. It ripped away her pretense that she was actually still in total control. That thrilled her beyond belief, and gave her goose bumps all over. It also took a load off her mind. She was feeling like she was truly going insane by accepting her new role as one of Ryan's personal sluts. But if Erin accepted that same role too, then it made it a much more reasonable and even logical thing to do.

That, in turn, made it all more real. She stared into space, amazed. My GOD! He's got Erin now too! This really is a done deal! My life HAS changed forever! I'm one of Ryan's personal sluts! HOLY FUCK! I really will be sucking his cock every day from now on. That's happening! That's an actual thing! And MORE! There will be titfuckings, and spankings, and lots of fuckings too! I can't even IMAGINE how incredible it'll feel to get fucked by him! Gaawwwd! This is so wrong, so fucked up, but so very, very arousing!

Unexpectedly, she took Erin's hand and pulled her along towards Ryan. She wanted to get started on the cum eating right away. She desired to suck his cock some more until he blew another heavy load all over her body, but she glanced at Monica and saw clearly that wasn't going to happen any time soon. So eating his cum off Erin would have to tide her over for now.

Kate and Erin sat down on their asses with their legs crossed. They were so close that their bent knees touched each other, putting their huge racks so close their erect nipples nearly touched as well.

Erin could sense Kate's extreme arousal, and even her obvious cum hunger. She didn't waste time. She swept two fingers along the side of Kate's nose, since that's where the greatest concentration of cum still was, and then she held those fingers right in front of Kate's face.

The lusty and even starving look on Kate's face made her heart soar. She took those two fingers and fed them into Kate's mouth.

Kate sucked Erin's fingers clean with her lips as she'd just tasted the most delicious food on the planet. She moaned orgasmically, as if she was going to cum right then and there, and actually that wasn't far from the truth. But that was just for starters. Then she savored the cum on her tongue and rolled it around in her mouth, and moaned even louder.

The taste of Ryan's cum hadn't changed. In truth, it was rather bland. It was neither bitter nor sweet. But to Kate it tasted like the food of the gods because her attitude had changed. For starters, she was so extremely physically aroused that her entire body was trembling with desire. Already, she was having to actively resist the urge to cum at any moment. But more than that, the reality that she was one of Ryan's personal sluts now was rocketing around her brain. She simply couldn't wrap her head around that concept. It was so taboo, so thrilling, so extreme, so wrong, that she felt dizzy enough to seriously worry she could pass out.

She hadn't completely accepted her new role, not by a long shot. But that conflict, the battle between what was "right" and sheer lust, was part of what kept her gigantic tits heaving with excitement. As Jack had said, "The high and mighty like to be brought down low." In Kate's case, she hated it and loved it in nearly equal measure, and that kept her horny beyond belief.

At the same time Kate and Erin were getting started with their cum eating, Ryan had just told Monica she had his permission to suck his cock.

Unlike Kate and Erin, Monica hadn't given much thought about the long-term future. She felt her deal to act as Ryan's sex slave for the evening had freed her from such worries. She already knew she wanted to continue having sex with Ryan in some form (and hopefully Kate and Erin too!), but she would deal with tomorrow tomorrow. She was very good at living in the moment, and right now that's what she was doing.

All her thoughts were focused on sucking Ryan's cock. She'd been very frustrated that the other two got to suck him while she could only watch. Now that her turn had come, she began to have second thoughts. Even though he'd just given her the go-ahead, she simply stared at the cock in her hands. She wasn't even stroking it.

He saw the worried look on her face, and asked her, "What's wrong?"

Monica huffed, "What's wrong? What's wrong?! That's easy for you to say! You're not contemplating sticking your entire foot in your mouth!"

He said, "Come on. That's impossible. Nobody's cock is as big as that."

She grumbled, "Maybe not, but yours is damn close! May I remind you that I'm just a teeny tiny little girl!" She took her hands off his boner and sat up higher. She ran her hands up and down her sides to show off her size. Somehow, her hands ended up on her E-cup tits and she hefted them up while continuing to stare at him with intense bedroom eyes.

He said, "You're small, but you're not 'teeny tiny.' God, just look at your tits! They're absolutely enormous! They're practically the size of two separate people right there!"

She laughed. "No they're not!"

"Okay, maybe not. But they practically look as big as Kate's!" That was true, in a proportional sense.

Monica pouted, "Yeah, but how does that help me suck you? Those two are almost six feet tall. I'm five feet even. Let's do the math. One divided by six is seventeen percent. That means I'm nearly twenty percent smaller all over, including my mouth! I saw how they were suffering and crying. Crying actual tears from struggling with your sheer size! How the hell am I going to manage this?! Can I fit The Beast all the way in and even suck it on top of that?! ¡Ni madre!"

He didn't know that "ni madre" meant "definitely no," but he could guess the general gist well enough.

He didn't know what to do or say. Although he was acting in a dominating fashion, he considered himself a nice guy. He was pushy because he was operating from the "porn logic" assumption that all three girls were sexually submissive and would be happier having lots of hot sex with a dominant man. But he didn't want to force Monica to do something she might really hate doing.

Erin had just fed some of Ryan's cum into Kate's mouth for the very first time. And as much as they both loved that experience, with Kate in particular teetering on the edge of a big orgasm, they heard the obvious distress in Monica's voice, and they were concerned. It wasn't hard to miss since they'd positioned themselves so close to Ryan they could touch his nearest leg, which meant they could touch Monica's bare back too.

At first, they tried to ignore what Ryan and Monica were saying and doing.

After Kate swallowed down the cum Erin had fed her, Kate swept up another thick wad of cum from the other side of her nose and fed that into Erin's mouth. She was surprised at how very arousing that was. She'd loved sucking Ryan's cum off Erin's fingers, but she thought that was because of her great desire to suck his cock, and this was a poor substitute for the real thing. But she found she loved having Erin suck on her fingers nearly as much.

Erin loved it even more. She wasn't that big on the taste of Ryan's cum, since her senses hadn't been distorted by her feelings to the extent that Kate's had. But the joy of sucking on two of Kate's fingers in a blatantly erotic manner more than made up for that. She stared into Kate's eyes with wanton desire as her tongue licked Kate's fingers clean in her mouth, and Kate stared back with lusty intensity too. (In Kate's case, she thought that was because she was so very horny in general, but a lot of it was actually directed towards Erin specifically.)

However, this intense bonding experience was marred by the fact that they could hear Monica talk as easily as if Monica was speaking into their ears, and they could hear Monica's worry about Ryan's penis size growing to serious alarm.

Once Erin licked Kate's fingers clean, she nodded towards Monica's naked body and whispered, "We should probably help her out, don't you think?"

Kate hated being interrupted. She had been afraid of the cum eating task, especially because she feared she might "turn lesbian" if she got carried away doing it. In fact, she was starting to really enjoy it already, so much so that she didn't want to stop. But she whispered back, "Yeah, I guess we should."

The two stone cold foxes repositioned. Kate knelt just outside Ryan's left leg, clinging to it with her hefty boobs resting on it, while Erin did the same to his right.

Erin put a sympathetic hand on Monica's back, just as she had done to Kate earlier. She tenderly asked, "Hey, Monica, how are we doing here?!"

Monica had just made the "twenty percent smaller" argument to Ryan. She glanced Erin's way, and said with a sour face, "Not good."

Erin responded, "I heard you making that twenty percent argument just now, and I've got to dispute that. For one thing, Kate and I are only five foot ten. Plus, I don't think all body parts expand at the same rate with size."

Kate added from the other side, "I agree. Do basketball players have freakishly huge heads? No. The head doesn't change that much."

Monica huffed expressively, "Okay, fine! Let's say my mouth is ten percent smaller then! ¡Santa Madre de Dios!" ("Holy Mother of God!") "You know how absolutely enormous The Beast is! That could make all the difference between fitting it in or failing!"

She still had her hands on her chest, but she grasped Ryan's cock again and resumed stroking it. "Look! See how tiny my hands are? I can jack him off two-handed style, with room to spare!" Indeed, her two hands were sloshing up and down his long erection with ease.

Kate and Erin stared in amazement. Their big tits were heaving up and down, even as those great globes rested on the top of his legs.

Monica noted to both of them, "I noticed how your fingers can aaaalmost reach around and touch when you're jacking him off. But not mine! It's not even close!" She seemed weirdly proud about that fact.

Kate reached out and took Ryan's balls in hand. "She's got a point. Look how big his balls are, even!"

Erin was annoyed by that. That comment didn't help, and she knew Kate just said that because she was so very turned-on that she wanted an excuse to fondle his balls. She tried to be more encouraging. "Maybe so, but so what? It's really not THAT hard to suck him. Yes, it stretches the lips painfully, and yes the jaw aches painfully too, and yes we suffer and cry with effort, but the mouth is an amazing thing. It can stretch some if need be. I'll bet I could suck him if he was ten percent larger, so that means you can suck him too!"

Kate added along similar lines, "Besides, it's totally worth it! It's hard to explain, but the pain somehow adds to the pleasure! I've only done it to him once, and not even to completion, but I'm totally hooked! If you're gonna chicken out then just say so. I'll be glad to take over!" She licked her lips eagerly and unconsciously.

Monica saw those licking lips and bristled. She complained hotly, "I am NOT a chicken! No Lopez chickens out on a challenge! I'm just... I'm psyching myself up!"

Erin griped, "Well then, try to be more positive! Trust me, the pleasure is simply indescribable! And you may kind of like it too!"

Monica and Kate laughed at that, realizing Erin was just joking with the twist that Ryan would be the only one to love it.

Ryan was sweating and clenching his teeth and his PC muscle already, since once Monica began sliding both fingers all over his hard-on, she didn't stop. Furthermore, Kate hadn't let go of his balls either, and she was caressing them in a wonderfully arousing manner. Plus, there was the mind-blowing fact that Monica and Kate were pleasuring his privates together for the first time. It was even more soul-stirring to realize this time almost certainly wouldn't be the last. With all that going on for him, he was in no condition to laugh.

Erin quickly added, "No, seriously, you'll love it! The pleasure will be amazing for him, sure, but it'll be equally great for you too, right Kate?"

"Right. Definitely!" She added to Monica as an aside, "You know, you'll do better if you stop slipping and sliding your hands all over his cock and just focus on the sweet spot. Erin taught me that, and you can hear it in the quality of his moaning."

Monica rolled her eyes. "I know that. I was just having fun because it's so fucking gigantic, and my hands are so small. Doesn't that contrast kinda take your breath away?"

That was literally true for Kate, because she was panting hard as she stared. She just grunted, "Uh-huh!" She wasn't sure if she had permission to cum or not, but seeing that Ryan's leg was blocking the view, she began furtively diddling her clit.

Erin was impressed too. She commented, "It does! And I especially love that he's rather fair, almost as light-skinned as me, and you're so dark. It's almost like seeing black-on-white interracial porn!"

Monica wasn't offended because Erin had a point, and she got off on the skin contrast too. She said, "Yep! My ancestors were Spanish colonials, but I've got a lot of Aztec blood in me too, for sure!" She stopped her fast double-fisted stroking and concentrated more on just rubbing his sweet spot.

Kate fondled Ryan's balls with one hand and played with her wet pussy with the other. She thought with amazement, The Spanish colonized Mexico, and now Ryan's colonizing US! He's going to own our bodies and plunder them for his pleasure! It's already happening to Erin and me, and Monica is next! Just as soon as she cums from sucking his cock, she's going to be hooked too! She thinks she's pretending to be his sex slave for the night, but no! He's going to make her one of his personal sluts forever!

She was nearly delirious with arousal. Those thoughts horrified her and thrilled her almost equally, reminding her of her own helpless fate.

Monica asked uncertainly, "Are you sure it's gonna be worth it? I've sucked dicks before, and it was good, but not great. And that's without the crying and the suffering."

Erin wanted to secretly masturbate too, but she was focused on trying to encourage Monica first. "It's like what Kate said: the pain does add to the pleasure. Just try it! You won't regret it, I guarantee it!"

Monica thought back to the spanking she'd had a little while ago. It wasn't much of a spanking, but he did smack her ass a few times. She thought she'd hate it, but she wound up enjoying it, and the pain did seem to enhance the pleasure somehow. She figured this might be the same thing.

Despite being nearly insensible with lusty desire, Kate wanted to help her friend. It didn't seem right if she and Erin could suck Ryan off while Monica could only watch. So she pulled herself together, briefly stopped masturbating, and said, "Monica! Look at me!"

Monica turned to look, although she mostly feasted her eyes on the sexy sight of Kate's tremendous G-cups resting on top of Ryan's thigh.

Kate said, "Do I look like the cocksucking type? No! When I gave my boyfriends the occasional handjob, it was an ordeal, but the bad kind. Sucking Ryan's cock is an ordeal too, but the very BEST kind! Think about how much you're enjoying licking and stroking his enormous boner, and multiply that by TEN!"

Feeling very inspired, Monica said, "Okay! I'm gonna do it!"

Kate and Erin actually cheered and hollered. Erin exclaimed, "You GO, girl!"

Ryan's head was swimming from so much arousal, both mental and physical. Hearing Kate and Erin being so encouraging was a trip, and Monica was driving him crazy with her pumping and rubbing fingers. He could handle all the stimulation now, but he wondered how long he'd last once Monica started to suck.

Monica spoke with renewed determination. "I can do this! My mouth may be smaller, but that just means that, relatively speaking, I have more cock to suck!" She quipped, "I came here to suck cock and chew bubble gum, and I'm all out of bubble gum!"

Kate and Erin laughed heartily at that. Even Ryan, as tense and overwhelmed by arousal as he was, couldn't help but laugh too.


"Okay, here we go!" With that cry, Monica suddenly craned her jaw open as wide as it could possibly get, and lunged her head forward.

Kate and Erin gasped and then lunged their heads forward too, but only to get a closer view. They stared from only a few inches away on each side as Monica's lips inexorably slid over more and more of Ryan's bulbous knob.

Monica did very well for the first seconds, but when her lips neared the widest point, at the ridge of his cockhead's crown, she struggled. Her eyes opened extremely wide, and then she shut them tight. Clearly, her mouth was smaller, and this was more difficult for her.

She started to despair. She attempted to say something in Spanish - "¡La Bestia es demasiado grande!" which means "The Beast is too big!" - but her voice was so muffled and her mouth so unnaturally stretched open that the others didn't even know what language that was.

But she was a feisty and determined fireball. She simply would not be denied. She pushed forward mightily, and a few seconds later, her lips slid past his cockhead altogether. The "neck" beyond that was noticeably narrower before his shaft thickened again a few inches further down.

That was a fortunate fact for Ryan, because that narrow region was exactly where his frenulum (sweet spot) was.

Kate and Erin cheered again, and louder this time. At least they did for a few seconds until Erin remembered to say, "Shhhh! Nancy!"

"Oh right!" Kate whispered. "Sorry!" Suddenly overly concerned about being overheard (she was too horny to think straight), she rubbed Monica's straight black hair on her side in an "atta-boy!" manner so as to not make any noise at all.

Erin was going to say more encouraging things, but a startling new development kept her mouth silent and hanging open in surprise.

Monica paused after achieving the "victory" of getting her lips past Ryan's crown. Her nostrils flared as she breathed heavily through her nose. Her lips stretched painfully, and her jaw ached all the way up to her ears. But she knew that if she had managed this much, nothing would stop her now except for a lack of willpower. She recalled Erin's advice to Kate that it was better to start sliding one's lips instead of keeping still, so she started doing that just as soon as she had her breathing under control.

Erin finally found her voice. She exclaimed none too quietly, "Look! She's doing it! She's sucking him off!"

Kate had stopped her furtive masturbation for a while, but seeing that sexy sight, with Monica's lips stretched impossibly wide around Ryan's fat pole, his boner seeming to dominate and practically dwarf Monica's small face, was too much for her. She resumed her clit and slit play with more vigor than before.

She still had a hand on Ryan's balls, but she was too distracted to fondle him much. She pulled that hand away to pinch and caress her nipples, because they needed attention.

Erin was trying harder to control herself, but even she couldn't resist using one hand to start secretly playing with herself. Since she didn't have an intact hymen like Kate did, she didn't hesitate to plunge two fingers into her burning hot cunt. She let out a lusty growl as she did so.

She tried to cover for that by saying immediately thereafter, "That's the way to do it, Monica! Right on! Don't fuck around; just SUCK!"

Monica was realizing that Erin's advice to Kate had been spot on. As long as her lips were in motion, she wasn't thinking so much about how tough it was to simply keep him in her mouth. She slid her lips back and forth relentlessly over his sweet spot.

Ryan winced and unthinkingly clenched the sides of Monica's head. He grunted several times. "UHN! UH! UGH! Oh! Oh, man! AAAARNUGH!"

Erin chuckled. "You hear that, Monica? You've sucked him stupid! He can't even speak!"

Monica appreciated that levity, but she was suffering. She started to shed tears of exertion, just like Kate and Erin had done, except in her case it wasn't just the occasional tear pooling under an eye or sliding down her cheek. She began to cry in earnest, the tears freely flowing down her face.

Erin noticed that and grew concerned. She stopped her masturbating again and brought a hand to the side of Monica's face she could see. "Uh-oh! Monica is crying, and not just a little!" She swiped a finger back and forth across the track of one tear stream, but the tears just kept on flowing past her fingers.

Erin said to Monica, "Remember, this is just for fun. If it gets too much or you're not enjoying it, just pull off! We won't think less of you! Right, Ryan?"

Ryan was huffing and puffing like he'd just run a long race. Monica wasn't using any tongue, but her lip-lock was so very tight and her lips were sliding so relentlessly that he sensed all his PC muscle squeezing wasn't going to stop his impending cum explosion. Despite all that, he managed to gasp out, "Um, right!"

Kate wanted to help Monica and show her concern. The problem was that she'd been flirting on the very cusp of cumming for several minutes now. And seeing Monica struggling and crying so much was actually arousing her still more.

She thought as she kneaded one tit and diddled her clit, Oh God! Have mercy! Dear God, why does this arouse me so?! Monica's crying SO MUCH and it's making me HOOORNNYY! It's like his super fat cock is totally overwhelming her, conquering her, defeating her with its sheer size! But she's a trooper, she's not gonna give up! She's sucking him with passion, determined to give him maximum pleasure, even if it dislocates her jaw! How can I not be inspired by THAT?!

Indeed, Monica was going all out. She was a bisexual, not a lesbian. She loved sex, and she loved cocks. She didn't always enjoy cocksucking, but she figured she'd learned how to be very talented at it. She opened her now bloodshot red eyes and stared intently up at Ryan's eyes, like she'd been doing nearly non-stop when merely licking him earlier.

She thought challengingly, So what do you think of THIS, you devil?! You monster-cocked devil! The Beast is a bitch, but it's not going to get the best of me! I may be small, but I more than make up for it with WILLPOWER!

She still didn't use her tongue, but she started twisting and turning her head this way and that, which varied up her bobbing style in unexpected ways.

Ryan clenched his teeth while clutching Monica's head too tightly. He wasn't thinking about what he was squeezing, because he was fighting with all his might not to cum. But he could tell it was a losing battle.

Right then, Kate started screaming. She'd been frantically masturbating, on the very brink. The lusty and determined way Monica was staring up into Ryan's eyes was like the final straw for her, and she was hit with another big orgasm.

Erin was appalled. With Monica's head bobbing down and forward from her own, Erin reached over to Kate behind Monica's back and clamped her hand over Kate's mouth. Or at least she tried to; it was hard because Kate was a moving target due to her spasmodic orgasmic shaking and even flailing about.

Erin hissed at Kate, "What are you doing?! Shut up!"

But those words weren't necessary since Kate had already gotten the reminder about the need to keep quiet due to Nancy possibly being near from the way Erin had tried to cover her mouth.

Kate kept right on screaming, but somehow she managed to turn it into a "silent scream" for the most part. Her mouth was wide open and gasping, but not much sound came out. She really, really didn't want Nancy to hear her!

Even as Kate's fifth multiple orgasm of the night continued to smash its way through her body, Erin chided her, "This is no time to cum! Monica is CRYING! Doesn't that mean anything to you?! Were you playing with yourself? You should be trying to help her!"

Erin was hypocritically playing with herself even as she said those words. She didn't want to, but Kate's body was shaking like she was having an epileptic fit, and Kate's immense tits were swaying up and down, sending some of Ryan's cum on them flying. That sight alone was too arousing to resist. But if she looked away from that, she was presented by Monica's brown face bobbing fast over Ryan's relatively light fat cock, which had turned reddish from so much friction and stimulation.

However, Erin still felt justified to masturbate because she told herself she had things under control and she wasn't going to cum uncontrollably like Kate was.

Kate had had her final straw, and now the sights and sounds of Kate cumming was looking to be Ryan's final straw too. His PC muscle trick wasn't getting the job done. However, he had his even more effective trick of squeezing the base of his shaft painfully tight when climax was imminent, and that's what he did now.

Sure enough, the trick worked, just like it had earlier in the evening. He felt a surge of orgasmic need, but it peaked and then receded and nothing came out of his piss hole.

But there was a price to pay, because the body wasn't really meant to do that. He groaned with exhaustion and slumped back against the sofa like he'd suddenly fallen asleep.

Monica felt gypped. She could sense he was on the verge of climax. She had a hand on his shaft, just holding it, but she'd brought that to his balls and felt them tightening up. She knew there was no coming back from that point of no return.

And yet, he didn't cum! She didn't understand it. This had never happened before with any of her boyfriends. She wondered if maybe he was simply out of cum. That was plausible, especially if one remembered the copious amount still on Kate's face and tits. Maybe he'd squirted out a rope or two and she'd blinked and missed it.

She half-expected his cock to start going flaccid soon. She slowed her bobbing down, expecting the experience to peter out.

Except that it didn't. Although he looked like he was napping, slumped down on the sofa, his cock was just as enormous, hot, and stiff as ever. She wanted to pull her lips off and ask the other two girls what was going on, but she worried that if she did that she'd have too much trouble getting them back on again.

So she decided to take a mental breather and consider her experience so far. She kept her lips sliding back and forth over his sweet spot, because she remembered Erin's advice that it was easier to cope with his size while in motion, but she went very slowly.

Whoa! That was... weird! I thought for sure he was going to cum! But I was wrong. All that fucking hard work, for nothing. What a rip off! Well, maybe not for nothing. This is kind of... fun? Huh. I don't know if I'd call it "fun." It's painful! My lips feel like someone grabbed my bottom lip and stretched it over my entire head! But for both of them!

And yet... I kind of like it! I don't even know why, but it is really intense! This is like the extreme sports version of cocksucking! The novices and faint of heart need not apply! Only the true cocksucking queens can cope with The Beast! HA! La Bestia, you're a brute and a monster, but I SHALL tame you!

Feeling a renewed burst of enthusiasm, she resumed her efforts more actively, but in a different way. With Ryan's eyes closed, she couldn't lock her gaze with his as she preferred to do. So she kept her own eyes closed and concentrated entirely on what she was doing. Instead of focusing on the speed and suction of her bobbing, she continued in her much slower style. That allowed her to focus on using her tongue for the first time. She started to flick it here and there against his sweet spot.

That caused Ryan to react. He remained sprawled out on the sofa, feeling half dead. Yet he started moaning and groaning approvingly.

Erin noticed that. Still masturbating, she was getting close to her own big orgasm. As a result, she wasn't really thinking about manners when she reached out and wrapped her fingers right around his shaft. It was in the gap between where Monica's lips were sliding and where she was holding him near the base.

She just felt like holding and stroking him, but she realized after the fact that this might annoy Monica, so she came up with an excuse. She said to Monica, "Did you just do something new to him? I'll bet you did, because listen to him moan! You're probably using your tongue, aren't you?"

Monica didn't even open an eye to look Erin's way, since she was trying to ignore her. Licking and bobbing on such an extraordinary cock was taking all of her concentration.

Erin got to her excuse. "That's good, but now that you're getting the hang of it, there's no reason why you can't use a hand on him, like this." She started to stroke him. Actually, she couldn't do much, since her hand only had some "real estate" in the middle of his shaft, but she did her best with what she could, with a rubbing motion.

Monica heard Erin say that despite trying to block her out. She thought, No shit, Sherlock! As if I didn't know already how one strokes a cock! Sheesh! But still, it's kind of hot she's so horny that she comes up with some lame excuse just to touch him.

Actually the more I think about it, the more I'm starting to really like this! You can kind of tune out the pain after a while, and the pleasure takes over. So much of it is mental. That's the thing! I mean, it's fucking hot that I'm busting my jaw on The Beast while Kate and Erin watch! Kate just had a big cum, and I hear squishy sounds from Erin's side - she's masturbating too! But what really gets me is when I get to make Ryan moan! That's a total RUSH!

It's weird! I've sucked a lot of guys off, but I've never felt as psyched about it as I do now! I think the fact that it's so fucking TOUGH is actually a really big plus! It's like I'm a fairy or small elf with nothing but a knife, up against a giant ogre swinging a huge axe! All I can do is prick him here and there with my knife - my tongue! There's no way I can win, right? But if I keep at it, eventually I'm going to fell The Beast! And when I do, the victory will be a thousand times sweeter because the battle was so hard!

With that in mind, her attitude improved even more. She continued to use her tongue, doing it nearly non-stop now. But she started sliding her lips back and forth more intently, and resumed her head twisting as well. Sometimes she staggered her sucking rhythm for good measure, to keep him on his heels.

Kate was out of it for a while, recovering from her orgasm, but she never stopped staring at Monica's efforts. She was continually impressed. And with Monica's cocksucking happening so close to her face, it wasn't long before she was hot as an oven yet again.

But at least she was feeling much calmer, and she didn't have an unstoppable urge to masturbate. Instead, seeing how Erin was "helping" with the stroking, and seeing that Ryan's balls were currently untouched, she reached out and caressed them from below.

Erin noticed Kate's hand, of course, and turned her head to her friend. "Why, hello there! So you're alive after all, huh?"

Kate nodded sheepishly.

Erin looked back at Ryan's crotch. "Do you see what's happening here? The three of us are stimulating his cock and balls all at once! Isn't that hot?"

Kate finally spoke for the first time since her silent scream. "Super hot! Gaawwwd, it's so fucking hot! Do you know the hottest thing about it?"

"What's that?" Erin asked.

Kate asked, "Well, we're all his sluts now, right? Maybe it's not official yet for you two that you're his PERSONAL slut like I am, but it's still clear that you're his sluts, right?"

Erin nodded. She was intrigued. She could tell Kate was actually showing pride at being his personal slut. Her transformation was remarkable.

Kate continued, "So, as we've all agreed, we're going to be doing this kind of thing a lot more, together! Which means that what you see now with our three hands and Monica's mouth - this kind of sharing is going to happen all the time!"

Erin was impressed, and aroused. "You're right! Does that disturb you?"

Kate replied, "Disturb me? Hell no! Sure, I'm fucking jealous as FUCK! And I'm burning with humiliation too! Am I blushing?"

Erin teased her a little, "It's hard to tell because your face is still caked in cum, but yeah. In fact, when were you NOT blushing, pretty much since the minute he walked through the door?"

Kate chuckled. "Yeah, I know what you mean. But the way I figure, if you're a personal slut, jealousy and humiliation kind of come with the territory. You just gotta learn to deal."

She thought, I just admitted that I'm his personal slut. We all are! What the hell does that even mean? I have no idea! I'm sure I'm going to end up sucking his cock a lot though, and that's too hot and arousing to be believed!

She continued, "But even with all that, I'm soooooo horny! I mean, look at us! We're the elite of the elite! Are there three more beautiful girls in this entire fucking university than us?"

"I don't know," Erin replied honestly. "Maybe. But there can't be three more beautiful AND BUSTY girls than us!"

Kate chuckled again. She looked down at her immense tits resting on Ryan's leg, and ran her hands over there. She was ably caressing his balls with her other hand. "Ain't that the truth! Anyway, look at us. We're ridiculously gorgeous, and yet we're working together to get him to cum! Isn't that fucked up? Isn't that wrong? It's so WRONG! But that makes it so HOT too! So god damned motherfucking HOT!"

Erin teased, "Princess Kate! I believe you have a bad case of potty mouth!"

"Ha ha. But shut up a sec and look at Monica! God DAMN! What happened to Ryan? Did he die? I think he died like five minutes ago, around the time I was cumming for the motherfucking FIFTH TIME tonight! You don't know how amazing that is! Anyway, he died - look at how he's sprawled on the sofa like a dead man - but The Beast lives on! And Monica, did she give up when he all but passed out? NO! Look at her suck and suck and suck! It's twice as hard for her than us and you know it, but she doesn't give up! Monica, you're my new heroine!"

Monica didn't know what to say to that. She took her hand off the base of his shaft since it wasn't doing anything there anyway, and held both hands up in a gesture that tried to say, "Who me? I don't know what you're talking about."

With Monica's hand removed, Erin began sliding her fingers up and down the full length of Ryan's shaft, minus the couple of inches taken up by Monica's sliding lips.

Then Monica realized that she could be using her hands to masturbate. The only reason she wasn't doing that already was because the cocksucking was taking up absolutely all of her attention. But now she was mastering it enough to start fingerbanging herself too. That sent her pleasure to another level.

Meanwhile, Kate continued enthusiastically, "Do you know WHY Monica's sucking with all her might, non-stop? Because she's determined to get him to CUM! She's not going to stop until she does! That was the pleasure which was denied to me, but she's going to keep at it until he splatters his seed all over her face!"

Erin looked over that Kate. "True, that! But that reminds me, the cum on YOUR face is getting to the crisis stage. It's getting dry, plus we need to eat it up before we have any chance to go join the party. But I have an idea."

"What's that?"

"Since it looks like Ryan is not about to give up his cum load without a prolonged fight, why can't we help Monica with his cock and balls AND eat his cum off your face at the same time?"

Kate actually giggled with glee. "Erin, you're a fucking genius!"

So that's what they did. As they did only briefly before, Erin would swipe some cum off Kate's face and then feed it into Kate's mouth. Then Kate would swipe cum off her own face and swipe it into Erin's mouth. They took regular turns.

It wasn't the intimate and almost romantic action it had been before. Then, they had been staring deeply into each other's eyes as they sucked and tongued the other's fingers clean. Whereas now their eyes were on Ryan's cock and balls or Monica's bobbing head more often than not. But it was still as arousing as hell for both of them.

Plus, they were able to go fairly quickly and finally make significant progress cleaning Kate's skin. The two of them were thinking about how much they wished they could be in Monica's place, about to get a fresh cum load blasted out of Ryan's cock onto their bodies. Those thoughts made them hungry for his cum, but luckily there was plenty to be eaten.

Meanwhile, Monica was continuing to suck. She was getting into a joyous groove. It seemed that, with each passing minute, her enthusiasm grew. Now that she was fingering herself, there was a positive feedback loop between her mouth and her pussy. Both actions kept her arousal rising higher and higher.

However, there was a problem too. At first, sucking him was almost unbearably difficult, then she'd gotten used to the discomfort and it was almost forgotten. But now she'd been at it for over ten minutes, and since her mouth barely fit around his shaft in the first place, she was tiring fast. She sensed it was a race to get him to cum before she had to pull off and admit defeat. If that happened, she hoped at least one of the other two would take over and finish him off so all her hard work would not have been in vain.

As a result, she upped her efforts even more. She slurped and bobbed deeper down his shaft, towards his thicker middle. She was more aggressive and active with her tongue. She recalled all the tricks she'd done on normal-sized penises and tried to do them on Ryan's Beast as well.

But the most effective thing she did was that she briefly took a hand away from her privates, put it on Erin's hands and physically guided her to stroke faster. She brought her hand back to masturbate more, seeing that Erin had gotten the message.

Erin said to Kate, "I think she wants us to help her go all out! Ryan must be close to cumming!" She had been more lovingly caressing his shaft than anything, thinking she had lots of time. Half her attention had been on feeding cum to Kate. But now she started to stroke much faster.

Remembering Kate's thumbs-up from the earlier blowjob, Monica briefly gave a thumbs-up in response to Erin's words.

Kate perked up. "He IS! He must be close! We've gotta help! But what can I do?! I've only got his balls."

Erin tried to think. "I don't know, why don't you try to suck them?" But she realized there were logistical problems with that, especially with Kate sitting outside of his leg. So she said, "Wait! Scratch that. Forget his balls, I'll take over there! You sit up on the sofa and kiss him!"

"Okay!" The cum eating was forgotten. Kate immediately got up and cuddled into his side. She made sure to press her immense bare tits against his bare chest as she brought her face right up to his.

But she didn't attempt to kiss him just yet, in part because she could see he was already huffing and puffing in response to Monica's tireless efforts and probably didn't want to be forced to breathe through his nose at this critical moment. She was an excellent cocktease and flirt, and knew there was much else she could do.

She purred in an ultra-sultry voice, "So... Ryan... Are you glad you decided to stop by and visit?"

He groaned needfully.

She smirked. "How's that working out for you?"

He groaned again. He thought he was going to actually lose his mind from too much arousal. He didn't understand why he wasn't cumming already, especially since Monica was sucking him with more and more suction and speed with each passing minute. Erin's fist pumping up and down his shaft was just the cherry on top at this point.

Kate caressed his chest with a hand while making sure to rub her big tits against him. That meant he was being lubricated by his own cum getting smeared from her skin to his, but in the heat of the moment that was a very good thing, because it allowed her to slip and slide her stiff nipples all over him that much better.

Kate was in full-on seduction mode with her bedroom eyes and her sexy tone of voice. She licked along his jaw line. "So, are you going to cum for us already? Cum for Monica? She's been working soooo hard for you! She wants to prove she can be a GOOD slut for you! Is she? Is she a good slut? Do you like how she sucks your cock? Are you going to make her do it for you every single day?"

Kate was working herself up too. Realizing his hands were just clenched into fists at his sides, she took one hand and brought it back to her ass. She guided it until he was firmly clenching one of her ass cheeks. Then she used her other hand to help his other hand to her pussy. She considered her tits, but she realized he couldn't really do anything with them given the way they were vigorously sliding all over his chest now.

As she did all that, she continued to purr, "And what about me? Am I a good slut too? Your PERSONAL slut?! Are you going to make me suck your cock every day too? Because I will! You don't even have to ask, because I love it! Maybe Monica and I can suck it together! And Erin too! Three tongues on you at once!"

She'd quickly given up on licking his jaw line because her tits were moving around too much on his chest, keeping her head in motion. But even with all that movement, she tried her best to lock her gaze with his.

He was totally astounded. Kate's face truly was the most beautiful face he'd ever seen in his life. She not only had the same first name as Kate Upton, she looked startingly like her as well. Furthermore there still were some smears and streaks of cum here and there, because Kate and Erin hadn't quite managed to finish cleaning up. It blew his brain completely off his head to realize that was HIS cum!

He didn't understand what took so long, but he finally started to cum. He was so overwhelmed by everything that he didn't think to give Monica a warning.

It turned out that wasn't much of a problem though. Since Monica had his cock knob in her mouth, she wasn't in danger of getting an unexpected cum blast in her eyes. She wanted his cum on her face and tits, not down her throat, so she pulled off as fast as she could while closing her eyes too.

Erin's hand was still pumping up and down his shaft while she "secretly" masturbated with her other hand. (Nobody cared at this point!) So it was only natural for her to control and do the aiming while his cum shot out onto Monica's face.

Monica had been holding back and holding back, trying with all her might not to cum. She didn't want to get distracted by that and lose all her progress getting him to cum. But now that he was cumming there was no need for her to hold back, and she started to cum too.

It was epic.

Luckily, there still was a corner of Monica's mind that remembered the looming problem with Nancy. So she gritted her teeth and managed not to scream out. At least, not much. All the while, she was cursing like a drunken sailor in Spanish in her mind, saying things like "¡Qué Bestia! ¡Santa Madre de Dios! ¡La Bestia es demasiado grande!" ("What a Beast! Holy Mother of God! The Beast is too big!")

Erin had been close to cumming too. That urge receded when she redirected her efforts to helping Monica get him to cum, but with that accomplished, she resumed masturbating with her other hand. She set off in orgasm too, about a minute after Monica, but while Monica's prolonged climax was still on-going. She took her lead from Monica and managed to keep quiet, more or less. Maybe her orgasm wasn't as epic as Monica's, but it was still much better than the ones she'd been used to.

Monica wanted a facial, but she really wanted a pearl necklace too. So, part way through Ryan's orgasm, she sat up much higher on her knees.

Erin immediately got the picture and re-aimed Ryan's cock towards Monica's chocolate-colored nipples and especially her deep cleavage. Unfortunately, in terms of seconds, a male orgasm doesn't last very long, even the prolonged ones. Monica had wasted time taking his cock out of her mouth and then more time sitting up for the pearl necklace. As a result, there wasn't much cum left by then. But at least there was some, which was symbolically important. She felt satisfied.

Ryan had been half-dead even before his orgasm began. He'd gained some energy and opened his eyes when Kate rubbed her tits against his chest and teased him with her sex talk, but now that his orgasm was petering out, he quickly went back to half-dead and then nearly all dead. He sank into the sofa like he'd passed out altogether.

Kate was eager to French kiss and get (more) frisky with him. Since she was the only one not cumming, she was still raring to go. However, she could see her efforts would be wasted on him in his current condition.

She kissed his mouth, briefly. Then she pulled back, and whispered in his ear, "How did you like that, Ryan?"

He showed no sign of a response.

She pulled her head back and spoke louder so the others could hear. "I've got a question for you before you pass out on us."

He didn't respond to that either. It was a good thing that he was panting heavily or she would have been concerned.

But she persisted. "Ryan, what's your last name?! I think it's only fair since you've fucked our faces, and Monica's tits, and claimed me as your personal slut, and so much more, that we should at least know your full name. Don't you think?"

His brain shattered into a million pieces all over again as he realized how crazy it was that they didn't even know such a basic fact about him. He somehow managed to mumble. "Suh... Suh... Sul... Sullivan."

"Ah! Thank you!" Kate kissed his mouth again as a kind of reward, even though he was in no shape to kiss back. "That wasn't so hard, was it? Did you hear that, girls? His name is Ryan Sullivan. Huh."

She pondered that name in her mind, since she knew he was going to play a very important role in her life from now on. Ryan Sullivan. I like the sound of that.

She imagined herself downstairs at the party, mingling as usual. "Hello, my name is Kate, Kate Middlefield. I am the personal slut of Ryan Sullivan." She pretended there was a response. "Oh, what does that mean, to be his personal slut? It means I'll do anything he tells me to do. Absolutely ANYTHING!"

The way she said "absolutely ANYTHING" in her mind would have given even a marble statue an erection if she'd said it out loud.

Erin was resting up against the sofa. She had recovered enough to say, "Ryan, if you can hear me, since we're getting formally introduced and all, my full name is Erin Taylor. And Monica looks to be in no shape to speak, so I'll remind you her full name is Monica Lopez."

He grunted to make it clear he'd understood. But his brain was shutting down fast. He immediately fell asleep.


"Wake up, honey!"

Ryan felt his shoulder being gently shook, so he started to come out of a very blissful sleep. In fact, he couldn't remember ever feeling so good. He had a smile from ear to ear as he opened his eyes. But he was confused too, because he didn't know of anyone who called him "honey."

He lifted his head up from where he was lying down on a sofa, and he got the shock of his life: Kate, Erin, and Monica were all standing over him, smiling and looking at him expectantly.

He bolted up in a flash. His smile disappeared due to his total shock. It all started to come back to him, the wild and crazy events of the past two hours. He was convinced it had to have been a dream, the best dream he'd ever had. But then he looked around and confirmed the three buxom beauties were looking down at him, and they didn't seem upset.

Furthermore, he realized with a jolt that he was completely naked while they were fully dressed and cleaned up, and they didn't seem the slightest bit upset about that either. Even just glancing at them briefly, he was blinded by their beauty.

He covered up his privates and tried to shrink into the sofa, but there was nowhere to hide.

Erin quipped, "NOW he doesn't want us to see his big cock."

Monica piled on, "He sure wasn't so shy when he had The Beast halfway down my throat!"

The three girls all giggled gaily about that.

His mind was reeling, trying to catch up. He was grateful for the nap, since both his body and his mind needed to check out for a while, in order to process the extraordinary events of the greatest evening of his life. But it almost wasn't worth it because of the heart-stopping shock when waking up.

Kate knelt down in front of him and put a hand on his knee. "Your brain's still trying to rejoin us, isn't it, honey?"

He nodded. He noticed that Kate was dressed in a very elegant and expensive dress, just as the other two were. He also noticed that Kate's red dress was dramatically low-cut in front and she was leaning towards him even more dramatically, causing her massive G-cups to swell forward.

Somehow, despite everything, he also noticed in passing that it was the second time she'd called him "honey." He thought that was extremely odd.

He stared at her huge melons, exposed nearly to the nipple, like he was watching aliens casually stroll out of a flying saucer.

Seeing him look, she purred saucily, "See something you like?" Then, without any apparent hesitation or embarrassment, she slipped one shoulder strap off, and then the other. That let her dress slip down to her tummy. She used her upper arms to push her big orbs together, creating a long line of enticing cleavage.

"WHOA!" was all he could say.

Kate spoke in a husky, lusty voice. "Go ahead, touch them! I am your personal slut now, aren't I? One of them, at any rate." There seemed no doubt in her mind anymore about her new status. If she was still somewhat regretful or conflicted though, he couldn't tell.

He reached forward and touched, but he only brushed her left tit lightly. He just wanted to confirm they were real and he wasn't still dreaming.

In the process of repositioning to reach out, he inadvertently revealed that his penis had just fully engorged.

Kate's eyes zoomed in on his rising tower of cock and clapped her hands like little kid who had just been showing an impressive magic trick. "Oooh! Is all of that for me?!"

Erin said in a weary voice, "Kate, please. Don't get started all over again. We JUST got cleaned up and dressed. Cover up your gigantic slutty tits before you give the poor boy a heart attack. Can't you see he's still waking up?"

Kate hesitated, and looked to him for guidance.

He nodded, indicating he agreed with Erin.

Kate sat back and pulled her dress straps back in place, making herself publicly presentable again, if only by the narrowest of margins. She pouted, "Erin, you're no fun. We SHOULD have woken him up with a blowjob, like I suggested!"

Monica was grinning madly. She pointed out wryly, "SOMEBODY around here seems to have had a rather radical personality adjustment!"

Kate stood back up. She said defensively, "Yeah, well, FIVE mind-shattering orgasms in one evening will do that to a gal. FIVE! Do you know how impossible that is?! I never came five times in a single MONTH!"

Erin said, "We know, we know. We were here the whole time too, remember? At least I was. And I had some pretty great orgasms too. But we didn't spend the last half hour getting dressed and freshened up just so he could cum all over our faces again."

Kate bit her lip. Clearly, she considered that a very tempting idea.

Monica jovially grabbed Kate's arms with both hands and held her like she was trying to stop her from charging forward. "Whoa, Betsy! Hold your horses! Let the poor boy at least fully awake before you rape him with your mouth!"

Just then, he stared adoringly into Kate's eyes, and said dreamily, "Your face is so beautiful! You're just as beautiful like this as when you're covered in my cum!"

Kate's nostrils flares with arousal. She jerked foward, and would have rushed him had Monica not been holding him back. But then she controlled herself. She even took a step back to show she had restraint. She said to Monica as she stook herself free of her grip, "I'm not going to rape him. Sheesh! But can't I get a little bit excited?"

She smiled at him like someone deeply in love as she asked Monica, "Did you hear what he just said about my face?!"

Ryan was glad the girls were talking amongst themselves for the most because that gave him a chance to get properly oriented again. He remembered his plan to play the part of the confident dominant type. That was a role he was slipping into so easily that he wasn't even sure if it was acting anymore.

He casually and deliberately spread his legs open, showing off his stiff and insistent erection poking up. Then he stood up just as casually, as if he woke up in unfamiliar rooms all the time. He stretched his arms out. "That was a nice nap! Thanks for letting me sleep. How long was I out?"

Erin's eyes were locked on his boner, which was sticking straight out. The other two girls were transfixed by the sight too. Erin muttered, "Um... uh... about forty minutes." She spoke haltingly, since she was distracted by his hard-on. "We were going to let you sleep more, but we're raring to go to the party. We can't push off dealing with Nancy forever, can we?"

"No, we can't," he agreed. "Where are my clothes, by the way?"

Kate said, sadly, "You probably should put those on. Otherwise..."

Monica noted with glee, "Otherwise she's likely to ravish you, is what she's saying. And act fast before she drops to her knees and opens her mouth wide!"

Kate said crossly, "Hey! Don't tell me you're not thinking the exact same thing!"

Monica put her hands on her hips. "Maybe I am! But at least I have SOME restraint. We all agreed we'd behave when we woke him."

Seeing the two of them were about to start arguing, he said, "Ladies, please. Let's be efficient and get this thing done. The faster we do, the sooner we can come back up here and have some REAL fun!"

Monica raised her hands up high in a cheer. "Including fucking! Yeay! Please tell me there's gonna be fucking! Lots of fucking!"

Kate grinned wryly. "So much for restraint."

Erin said to Monica, "You really are a glutton for punishment. You spent the whole time he was napping griping to us about how much your face was sore from the extreme cocksucking you just endured, although it sounded more like gloating to me. You do realize that if your mouth is ten percent smaller, your pussy's going to be ten percent smaller too, don't you?"

Monica stuck her tongue out at her. "Hey, I'm a BIG little girl. I can handle it. In fact, I'm kind of counting on it! He's going to skewer me just like a shish-ka-bob!"

She turned to Ryan and struck a sexy pose, cocking a hip out with a hand on that hip. "Remember, I'm your sex slave until midnight. You need to take FULL advantage!"

Kate scoffed, "Give me a break! As if you're not going to eagerly bounce on his huge cock after midnight too!"

Monica shivered all over thinking about that bouncing. She cheekily replied, "Maybe he should fuck me before midnight and after too, and see which is better, to fuck me when I'm a slave or free!"

Erin couldn't hide her excitement when she commented, "Somehow, I know it's gonna be exactly the same: he's gonna drill and pound you until you pass out! And he's going to do to same to Kate and me too!"

He decided not to react to that kind of talk, since he was trying to keep the group focused. He was secretly very delighted with all the enthusaism though. He thought, I AM going to fuck them all! Why not? Unless my penis isn't up for it. But, damn, how could I not be inspired by THESE sexy foxes?!

They noticed his attitude and simmered down.

He hadn't been told where his clothes were, but he noticed them gathered together, folded up, and neatly stacked on a nearby chair. He went to the chair and started dressing. He noticed curiously that not only were the girls all fresh as daisies, with their hair combed and touches of make-up and perfume on them, but he was just as clean as they were. Before, he'd been very sweaty and cummy, but now it was like he'd just finished drying off from a shower. He could only figure that they had washed him down with a wet cloth while he was sleeping.

He looked back and forth between the three of them.

Seeing that he was giving them a thorough look-over, they stood at attention, and in a line, no less.

He whistled in appreciation. Their dresses were all similar, showing off lots of cleavage and lots of leg. They looked like they were about to depart to a fancy ballroom dance, with outfits designed to scandalize all the other dancers. The main difference was that Kate's dress was bright red, Monica's was royal blue, and Erin's was a deep green.

He commented with genuine enthusiasm, as his gaze roamed all over the three of them, "You ladies look ravishing tonight! Simply ravishing. I love the outfits. You look good enough to eat!"

The girls were pleased as punch to hear that. They beamed with pride.

Monica teased him, "That's big talk, but maybe you should back that up with your tongue!" She started to lift the hem of her short blue dress up, as if she was ready for him to eat her out then and there.

Erin chided Monica, "Behave!"

"Drat!" Monica let her dress drop back into place. She hadn't actually exposed her pussy, but it had been close.

Kate snarked, "See? It's not just me. We're all still super horny for him, aren't we? Even you, Erin. You act all, 'Hey, he doesn't affect me much,' but it's just a pose and I know it."

Ryan was busy putting his pants and dress shirt back on, just so he wouldn't be too tempted. "Ladies, please. No bickering."

He was going to get down to the business of discussing going to the party downstairs.

But before he could say more, Monica stepped forward. She had her hands pinned behind her back, looking both shy and eager at the same time. The pose emphasized her big breasts, which looked like they were about to burst free from her low-cut blue dress at any moment. "So, did you enjoy the blowjob I gave you?! Did I do a good job?!"

His eyes twinkled with delight as he recalled what she'd done to him before his nap. "Are you kidding me? You did a GREAT job! I'm sorry I didn't say anything afterwards, but that's because you basically made me pass out."

Monica's entire face lit up. She even rocked on her heels with delight, despite the fact that she was now wearing very high heels, just like the other two were. "Thanks!"

He said, "The question is, how do YOU feel afterwards? I could tell you were really suffering for a while. Are you okay? Did you enjoy it?"

Monica gesticulated with passion. "Did I enjoy it?! Oh my God! It was great! At first, it wasn't so good. I was enjoying it, especially the satisfaction of actually being able to do it! But I didn't see why Kate and Erin were obviously so thrilled with their blowjobs. But then... it just kept getting better and better! And when I started playing with myself, it got MUCH better! Suddenly, I GOT IT, you know? And then it got better still! But the BEST part was when I finally got you to cum. Such a feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction! UGH! It totally blows away all other blowjobs! Once you've felt your lips sliding on The Beast, why bother with a normal cock?"

She looked back at Erin and then Kate. "By the way, thanks for the assist. I don't think I would have made it without you."

The three girls high-fived, like they were members of a sports team celebrating a victory.

Their blowjob camaradie caused him to shake his head in wonder. And Monica's bubbly enthusiasm over the blowjob was even more unexpected and thrilling. He asked her, "That's good to hear. But does your jaw hurt? I feel bad that you were crying so much, but I didn't know what to do."

She held her jaw. "Oh yeah! Definitely! It hurt, big time. My face feels so well fucked, but in a GOOD way! You know what I mean? Maybe you don't as a man, but trust me, it's actually a good thing. And as for the tears, don't sweat it. That just shows what an extreme and INTENSE experience it is for me! I can't wait until I can take you deeper and deeper, like this!"

She had her head tilted back and a hand in front of her mouth, gesturing what she'd look like. "Of course, deep throating is out of the question, but I want to at least get deep enough to choke and gag on your cock! Then you'll REALLY see me cry!"

He stared at Monica like he couldn't comprehend her. He finally simply said, "WHOA!" Then he admitted, "Damn! I'm so horny!"

Erin wryly noted as she stared at the obscene bulge in his slacks, "We noticed." The lust was in her eyes when she asked him, "Are you sure you don't want to free The Beast?"

He was very, very tempted, but he said, "I'd better not." He adjusted his bulge, trying to make it look less obvious. (He didn't have much luck with that.)

Kate said to him, "I'm glad that you enjoyed Monica's blowjob so much. But I want to remind you that she's had experience with lots of lovers. I haven't. Tonight was my first time cocksucking in my life! I'm going to get better, a lot better, I promise. Just you wait and see!"

He held his hands up defensively. "Whoa! I'm sure you will. But this isn't some kind of contest. We're all having fun, right? It's all good." He was secretly thrilled that Kate seemed so eager to please him, not to mention the fact that Monica had really enjoyed her oral experience, despite her difficult size troubles.

He wanted to play it cool and act hard to get, so he returned back to the ostensible topic at hand. "Now, what's the plan of attack as far as going down to the party?"

Erin explained, "We thought two of us should go downstairs while one of us keeps you company."

Monica eagerly chimed in, "And The Beast needs to be kept warm! Pick me for that!" She waved her hand like an eager student wanting to be called on.

Kate quickly retorted, "Hey, you JUST got to suck him off to completion, something I have yet to do!"

He smiled at that, but looked to Erin expectantly.

Erin explained, "We couldn't decide who has to go and who gets to stay, so we figured we'd all dress up and let you decide."

"I see. Well, that's easy then. We should all go. Including me."

The girls were shocked at that, very shocked.

Kate said, "YOU?! You can't go!"

"Why not?"

She looked sheepish, but admitted, "You don't fit in. The people down there, they're ruthless. I know all too well, because I've been ruthless too. They'll see that you're different and they'll eat you alive. You won't like it, believe me. Especially if those are all the clothes you can wear." She looked him up and down with a sour face.

He replied, "Obviously they are. It's not like I have a spare outfit hidden in a hollow leg. I walked here from my dorm, and I don't want to go there and back right now. What's wrong with my clothes?"

Kate threw her head back and raised her hands in exasperation. "What's wrong?! Everything! For one thing, guys don't wear three-pieces suits to parties like this. But how much did that suit cost you anyway?"

He thought back. "Um... about four hundred dollars."

Kate exclaimed, "FOUR hundred dollars?!"

He asked earnestly, "Is that too much?"

Erin chuckled, and Monica did too.

Erin explained, "If it was four THOUSAND dollars, that would be more in her price range. I may be rich, and Monica is too, but Kate is filthy rich."

Kate waved a disgusted hand at Ryan's clothes. "We'll have to burn that, all of it. In fact, now that you're my man and I'm your personal slut, I'm going to have to buy you all new clothes. I've seen what you wear in Dr. Peterson's class, and I am NOT impressed. You look... plebeian." She looked like she'd just sucked on a lemon as she said that last word.

Monica chuckled. "Ryan, I'll bet you have noooo idea what you've gotten yourself into taking ownership of Kate."

He chuckled too. "Probably not." He thought, I've taken ownerhip of Kate! "Ownership!" She just said that word, and nobody blinked an eye! How fucking amazing is THAT?! I can't let my feelings show though. I'm only having this success because I'm taking Jack's great advice to heart.

Kate asked with a snobbish voice, "Where do you even LIVE?! Who are your parents? What do they do? Where are you from? I don't know the most basic things about you! As a freshman, you probably live in one of those ugly concrete dormitories. Please, please tell me that you don't!"

He saw no point in being anything but completely honest. "I do. In a tiny room one-fourth the size of yours. And I have to share it with a roommate."

"UGH!" Kate brushed her hair back, clearly displeased. "We're going to have to do something about that too! If you're my man, I can't have you embarrassing me!"

He had finished dressing, leaving his suit and jacket aside, at least for now. He said, "Those are some big issues you're bringing up. We'll deal with those later. First things first. Let's get back to talking about the party. I don't care if people look at me funny or even talk down at me. I don't let the opinions of people I don't even know bother me."

That was true, for the most part. Due to his unusual upbringing, especially his home schooling, he was an odd duck. But he'd never been tested much in very trying social situations either.

Erin spoke her thoughts out loud. "This is going to be fascinating! Very fascinating indeed! Kate, Ryan is going to try to control you and remold you through the power of his cock. And Ryan, Kate is going to try to control and remold you through the power of her money, charm, class, and other things. I have no idea what's going to happen, but I can't wait to watch the battle royale!"

He replied with surprising bravado, since his great sexual success with the three of them had sent his confidence soaring, "It's not going to go down like that, because I'm not easily swayed. However, to save the three of you from embarrassment, I'm open to suggestions for what to wear to the party. Any ideas?"

Kate had her hands on her hips. "Wait a minute. Why should you even go to the party in the first place? What's the point? I think we should discuss that before we do anything else."

He responded, "We will, but one thing at a time."

Kate huffed, "Well, I don't have anything you can wear, obviously. I've got tons of clothes here, but you don't want to dress like a girl. And your suit is NOT acceptable!"

Monica said, "I can't think of anything in my room either. What about you, Erin? Perhaps your boyfriend leaves some clothes in your room for when he stays the night?"

Ryan exploded in shock, "WHAT?! BOYFRIEND?! Erin, you have a freaking BOYFRIEND?!"

The three girls were surprised by the passion of his outburst.

Erin looked down to the floor in embarrassment. "I... I do."

"Oh shit!" he exclaimed. "Hold the phone! Hold everything! This changes absolutely everything!"

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