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Ryan's emotional pain was immense. He felt like this wonderful new reality that had been created was collapsing like a house of cards. He plopped down in a near chair, too distraught to even stand. He buried his face in his hands.

He was terrified of the answer, but he had to ask, "Is it serious?"

Erin was feeling awful. Clearly, Ryan had strong feelings against cheating. "Um... No! Not really!"

He spoke from behind his covered face. "But obviously serious enough for him to be spending the night in your room."

"Yeah," she sadly admitted. Strangely, she felt like she'd cheated on Ryan with her boyfriend, when it had been the other way around.

He pulled his hands down as a potentially even more horrifying thought came to him. "Kate! Monica! Please tell me you don't have boyfriends too!"

Kate was quick to reply, "I don't!" The look of tremendous relief on her face was obvious. "I've been dating, of course, but I'm between guys!"

Ryan could tell she was being sincere due to the quickness of her reply and the look on her face. Plus, neither Erin nor Monica seemed the slightest bit surprised or doubtful.

However, Monica didn't look so happy. She said, carefully, "I DO have a boyfriend, but don't freak out! We only went out a few times, so it's nothing serious. We're not going steady or anything. Honestly!"

Ryan was very relieved to hear that too. He asked her sternly, "Would you be willing to break up with him, right away? I don't share my girls with any other guy! And I don't approve of cheating in any form, either. If you've made a commitment to somebody, you need to keep it or break it."

Monica wasn't certain. She didn't care much about her current boyfriend. She was being honest that she hadn't dated him long and it wasn't serious. However, if she broke up with him for Ryan, that implied a serious commitment to Ryan.

She thought, Uh-oh! This is tricky! Look at how quickly he claimed Kate as his personal slut. I don't want to be anybody's slut, not even his! I'm a free spirit, dammit! But I'm feeling strangely attached to him already, and what'll happen after he fucks me later tonight? I might find myself even MORE hooked! And what if he keeps fucking me after that, as he almost certainly will? I could easily wind up like Kate! This could be my last chance to escape with my freedom intact!

But then again, can I say NO to getting fucked by The Beast tonight?! How could I pass that up?! I can't!

His wording had caught her attention, and she wanted to question him on it before she made up her mind. "You said you don't share your girls 'with any other guy.' Fair enough. But what about other girls? I don't like to be tied down to anybody, not completely. College is the time to run wild. What if I drop my boyfriend, and commit to you on some level, not as a personal slut, but just as a friend with benefits, and kept on dating other girls?"

He immediately shook his head no. "Sorry, that won't work. The issue of you dating other girls, that could be negotiable. We'd have to talk about it and think it over. Plus, there'd be no problem with you having sex with my other sluts. I'm sure there will be a lot of that. But 'friend with benefits' isn't going to happen. Either you're one of my personal sluts or nothing at all. That's just how I roll."

He was taking a calculated risk. He had a good feeling from her recent behavior and enthusiasm that she wanted to be a part of this group. The benefits were too great to resist, even if Erin wasn't going to be a part of it, which was still an open question in his mind. He could tell Monica was hell-bent on getting fucked by him tonight, and after that happened she'd be even more tempted to join him for the long term.

Monica thought, SHIT! I really want him to fuck me! That blowjob was incredible, and getting fucked by The Beast is going to be even better! And Kate! Gaawwwd, Kate! Hell, I'd give up all other girls, and gladly, if Kate is bisexual. It looks promising so far, but I don't know that for sure. Just look at her tetas grandes (big tits) in that tight red dress! I'm going to embarrass myself and start drooling. And Erin! She's so sexy and stacked as well! What's up with her? If she's in, that could tip the balance!

Erin could see that Monica was still undecided. She wanted this foursome to work out, because it could end up being absolutely amazing for her. It wasn't just Ryan; the possibilities with Kate and Monica were mind-boggling. She didn't want to be one of Ryan's personal sluts, but she figured she could put up with being ordered around and called that name to get what she wanted. Besides, she wanted to be a big part of remolding Kate's personality for the better.

So, before Monica could say more, Erin shouted, "I'M IN!"

The others were startled, since they all had been waiting on Monica. Ryan looked at her and asked, "What?!"

Erin repeated to him, "I'm in! I'll be your personal slut too! So Monica, consider that before you say anything. As for my boyfriend, he's history! We haven't been dating THAT long, just this first month of the school year. And yeah, things got kind of hot and heavy, but he doesn't mean anything to me. I can break up with him just like that!" She snapped her fingers.

Kate's heart thumped so hard that she felt it would burst out of her chest. Hearing Erin say "I'll be your personal slut too" gave her such a great rush of arousal that she nearly toppled over on her high heels.

Ryan's heart was racing with hope and fear as well. He knew this could be pivotal. "Are you serious?! Because I don't put up with cheaters. You've cheated on him already tonight. Shit! I don't know about that!"

Erin flailed her arms in agitation, setting her massive orbs jiggling in her low-cut green dress. "Come on! He and I never made any formal commitment! Ask him yourself! We were only dating four weekends. Give me a break! It was like Monica's situation!" Erin was using the past tense because her relationship with her boyfriend was already in the past in her mind.

His heart was doing back flips and he couldn't have been more ecstatic. But he was trying to play hard to get, to take best advantage. "Hmmm. I don't know. You don't seem as keen as Kate is, or my other sluts always are. I have my doubts."

Kate pointed out, "Erin, isn't Chip at the party tonight?" Clearly, Chip was the name of Erin's boyfriend.

Erin's eyes bugged out. "OH SHIT! He is! I totally forgot about that! But that's a lucky break. I can break up with him tonight. You can even watch on the sly, to make sure I'm on the up and up." Seeing he still didn't look enthusiastic, she added, "And yeah, maybe I'm not that keen on the whole 'personal slut' thing, but I just met you! Can't you cut me some slack?"

She ran a hand down her curvaceous body, pulling her dress even tighter against herself. "A girl like me isn't used to be the personal slut of ANYbody. It's kind of humiliating, to be honest. Besides, you haven't even fucked me yet. Why don't you fuck me and THEN ask me again?"

He decided that was actually a good idea, since that almost certainly would help seal the deal with her. He said, "Okay, I guess I can wait a little longer, since I'm gonna fuck you tonight. But you need to break up with Chip before then, as soon as we go downstairs."

"No problem! We were going to break up soon anyway." She stared off into space, thinking deeply. "I just hope he's there. Fuck! A scary thought just came to me. What if he came up here and knocked on my door, looking for me? True, I'm not in my room, but that could have been trouble! He could have even recognized the sound of me screaming!" She shuddered, even though that scenario was extremely unlikely.

Erin's words had changed the situation for Monica considerably. Monica was much more keen now, but still uncertain. She wanted to work on a deal for herself to have freedom to play around with girls while still getting regularly fucked by Ryan's huge cock. Already, the blowjob and other activity tonight had convinced her that sex with Ryan would be much better than sex with any other guy, so she didn't mind giving up other guys. However, she bristled at being called anybody's "personal slut." That seemed like a ridiculous joke to her, yet she knew he was serious.

Monica asked Ryan, "Since you just offered to give Erin time until after you've fucked her, can't you do the same with me? And then we'll have time to talk about certain details too. I'm a bisexual you know, so it's kind of a special situation."

He was flying high, since it looked like foursomes could happen on an on-going basis after all. But he was good at masking his emotions when need be. He pretended reluctance. "Well, I suppose. Since I told Erin that, I guess it's only fair to say the same to you."

"Great!" Monica rushed over to him to give him a hug.

Since he was sitting down, he stood up.

She practically launched herself at him, nearly knocking him over.

Kate and Erin also hurried to him.

Within seconds, he was enveloped by hugs from all three of them. Hugs quickly turned to kisses.

The only problem was that since Monica was a full foot shorter than Ryan, her mouth couldn't hope to reach his, not even when wearing five-inch high heels. She had the prime spot with her big tits pressed directly against his chest and Kate and Erin kissing him from over and behind her, but that didn't help her much.

She ended up lowering her head down his chest some so the other two could kiss him without her head being in the way. She kissed his neck a couple of times, but had to stop when her mouth ended up in front of his dress shirt instead. Like the other two, she'd put lipstick on, and she didn't want to leave obvious lipstick traces all over his white shirt.

Being the first to hug him did have one big advantage though: she had "sole possession" of his privates due to the way her body was pressed up against his. She quickly gave up on kissing him and reached a hand into his slacks. He hadn't put his underwear back on when he dressed, because he wanted to show off his bulge to his ladies as much as possible. That made it that much easier for her to start jacking him off.

Kate, Erin, and Ryan were so carried away with the kissing and general fondling that they were too busy to speak or pay much attention to what Monica was doing. Monica took advantage of that to slide down almost unnoticed until she was on her knees. As she moved down, she grabbed his slacks with both hands and pulled them down with her.

But, to Monica's great frustration, the act of yanking his slacks down awakened Ryan from his lusty reverie. She was just starting to lick and stroke him in earnest when he pulled away from all three girls with surprising resolve. While they were still trying to figure out why he had done that, he pulled his slacks back up and tucked his erection away.

They stared at him in confusion, disbelieving that he had the willpower to disengage from their combined sexy attack.

He was panting hard as he said, "Girls, please! I love your ardent enthusiasm, but now is not the time! You just spent half an hour getting dressed up. Let's not undo that in a matter of minutes. I really want to take care of this Nancy problem. Then we can come back here and spend the rest of the evening fucking and sucking the night away, while screaming to our heart's content! Doesn't that sound better?"

The girls recovered from their shock and nodded one by one. All three of them were bra-less, and their similar dresses were held up only by two thin shoulder straps. The straps on Kate's and Erin's dresses had come down due to all the heavy petting going on during the necking, so they reluctantly pulled their dresses back up and made themselves presentable again.

There was still a lot of heavy breathing, and thus sexy tit heaving, making even Ryan wonder if he was crazy for resisting them.

Monica was rather embarrassed as she stood back up. She thought, Shit! I do NOT want to be this guy's personal slut. ¡Ni madre! (Definitely not!) But I'm falling in love with The Beast! My jaw is still suffering from bobbing on him just a little while ago, but I'm ready and eager to suck on him again!

She took a deep breath, and then another. I need to calm the fuck down! He IS dangerous! I refuse to be anybody's slave! Then, remembering she was acting as his sex slave for the evening, she added, Well, except as a sexy pretend thing, of course. The problem is, he's not taking full advantage. Grrr!

The four of them were all on the same page now. The girls worked on reapplying their lipstick and generally looking devastatingly sexy for the party.

Ryan wiped the lipstick off his face easily enough. But he was still in a fix about his clothes.

Kate in particular wasn't happy about it, but she conceded that the only option was for him to wear the dress shirt and slacks he had on, while leaving his "dreadful" jacket and tie behind. She lamented that his plain white dress shirt in particular was "boring," when she wanted him to make a big impression on everyone. But at least boring was better than something others would take notice of and look down on.

After a couple of minutes, the four of them were ready to leave together. But before they did, Kate said, "Uh-oh! We can't just go down there willy nilly. Ryan, if you're coming with us, we need a new plan."

He nodded.

"First off, please don't be offended honey, but we don't want you to be seen with us. That distresses me, because I have an urge to show you off to all my Kappa girls. But the whole point is to make them less suspicious of you being here, not more so. I suppose you could be seen talking to Erin and Monica some, but it's better if they don't even realize you're connected to me."

The others nodded in agreement with that. It was sensible.

Kate continued, "Erin and I will talk to Nancy, as previously planned. Assuming she's there, of course. If not, we'll have to come back upstairs and find her in her room. We have that talk all worked out already, from before. And Erin, it goes without saying that you need to talk to Chip and make clear that you belong to Ryan now."

Erin was startled. "Wait! I don't have to do that, do I? The 'belong to Ryan' part, I mean. All he needs to know is that we're breaking up. If he thinks I'm already with some other guy, he's going to get really pissed off." She looked right at Ryan. "He might even come after you!" She concluded to the group, "I think it's better if I just vaguely tell him things weren't working out. There's no point in making him feel any worse than necessary."

Ryan nodded, since that seemed sensible too.

Kate said, "Right. Sorry, I wasn't thinking."

Ryan spoke up. "What about the other two, Brandy and Jordan? Even if we somehow solve the problem with Nancy for tonight... If she's not suspicious anymore, she's probably going to stay down at the party until late, right?"

"Right," Kate said. "She loves a good party, which is why it's so weird and suspicious she's been in her room in the first place. Since it's a Friday night, I'd expect her to stay downstairs until two in the morning, maybe even later. And with the music and all the noise, there's no way she or anyone else could hear us, even if you're fucking me to sweet oblivion!" She gave him a "come hither and fuck me" look that nearly knocked him off his feet.

He thought, WHOA! Kate is such a BABE! And she's so horny for me! I can't even believe it! But we need to deal with this first. Fuck later! He continued, relatively calmly, "That's good. But even if that happens, we'll still have the problem of Brandy and Jordan hearing. What if one of them comes back from the party and hears all manner of wailing and screaming coming from this room? Couldn't we have the same problem with Nancy all over again?"

Kate thought that over, and said, "He's right. It wouldn't be AS bad if one of them were to find out, but still it's better if no one finds out."

Ryan nodded, and continued, "So what I'm thinking is, what if we deliver a kind of preemptive strike? Kate, you could take them aside one by one and tell them you've found a hot new guy and you think you're going to get hot and heavy with him later, so don't be surprised if you hear some loud noises coming from your room. Then they won't suspect."

Kate carefully considered that too, and then said, "That would be a good idea, except for one thing: they know I'm nothing but a cruel cocktease! Or at least I was before YOU came along and forced me to love your cock!"

She gave him another devastatingly sexy look. His penis was still erect in his slacks, and that wasn't going to change as long as he kept looking between the three of them in their gorgeous, revealing dresses. His erection visibly lurched and twitched in his slacks in response to her hungry stare and titillating words.

She continued, "The sad thing is, if I tell them I'm going to get loud with some guy, that will backfire and make them super suspicious instead. That's way too out of character for me. Remember, I used to be the cruel cockteaser."

Monica said in a naughty voice, "You still are! Except that now you're the cruel cockteaser, immediately followed by turning into the cool cock-PLEASER. There's nothing wrong with getting The Beast worked up before you go to town all over it!"

Kate stared into Ryan's eyes with a positively wicked expression. Then she looked down and was actually disappointed to find his bulge still there, because she clearly was scheming about different ways she could flirt and tease to get him hard. Yet with her hourglass-shaped body and the sleek, tight red dress she was wearing, she didn't have to do anything at all.

Erin volunteered, "What if we switch to my room then? I could be the one to tell them that I'm going to be loud with some guy. Hell, I wouldn't even have to tell them anything since they already expect that kind of thing from me with Chip." She winced at that, and broke eye contact with Ryan. She was surprised to realize she felt disloyal to him just talking about what she'd done with her soon-to-be ex-boyfriend.

Kate said, "Yeah, but if you break up with Chip downstairs, which you will, they could easily get word of that tonight. You know how quick juicy gossip spreads. Then, if they hear the sound of sex coming from your room, what are they going to think? You must have broken up with Chip due to a new guy. And even though that's true, we don't want anyone to think that."

Monica said, "Then it's up to me. True, I was dating a guy too, but it's not serious, like I said, and he's not here tonight. Plus, I've been keeping my relationships on the down low, so they don't even know about him. But a snag is that I haven't been bringing my lovers here, so this will be the first time. Maybe I should give them some advance warning, and Nancy too. I DO get very vocal when fucked. I can't imagine how much louder I'll be when my cunt is pillaged and destroyed by Ryan's BEAST!" She flashed him a sultry and hungry look.

She continued, "So it would only be polite and prudent to warn the others in advance. He can fuck all three of us, one by one, and they'll just think it's me the whole time. And as long as we're not all screaming simultaneously, and sneak him out of the house unnoticed later, we should be fine."

Kate chuckled. "Okay, that could work. But I'd love to see the looks on their faces if they're in their rooms and listening. They'll think you got fucked to within an inch of your life three times in a row!" She chuckled some more, and the other girls did too.

Monica was all smiles. "Already, I can't wait to smirk in satisfaction to them tomorrow! He IS going to fuck me to death, even if it's just the one time. I think I'll walk funny in front of them just to rub it in!"

Erin noted, seriously yet with breathless desire, "You may not have a choice with the walking funny. None of us will!"

Ryan's heart swelled with pride. He thought, Wow! They're already acting like I've fucked their brains out, and it hasn't even happened yet! I just hope I'll be up for it with all three of them, and I'll live up to their expectations. Not to put more pressure on myself, but a lot is riding on my performance tonight.

After some more talk, the four of them agreed on a plan. Each of them had specific people to talk to and things to accomplish... except for Ryan. Just as the four of them were at the door and about to leave, Monica stopped and said, "Ryan, who are YOU going to talk to? I know you want to see what Nancy, Brandy, and Jordan look like, but aside from that, wouldn't you have more fun up here with one of us entertaining you and keeping you happy?" She brazenly cupped his balls through his slacks.

Before he could answer, Kate said to him, "I've gotta alert you that the three of them are VERY good looking! None of them are as well-endowed as any of us." She seductively caressed her tits through her dress. "You definitely lucked out with us there. But still, they're all extremely fuckable. You promised not to seduce them, right? In fact, it would be better if we point them out to you right away so you'll know not to talk to them at all."

Monica didn't let go, since no one seemed to even blink an eye at her cupping his balls. She quickly switched to stroking his erection through his slacks instead.

Ryan was overjoyed at the surge of pleasure that caused, especially since he wasn't wearing underwear. She'd tilted his boner to the side so the zipper wouldn't get in the way of her stroking.

However, as part of his playing-hard-to-get strategy, he tried to act unaffected. He spoke to Kate in a no-nonsense tone, "I never promised not to seduce them. Maybe I will, maybe I won't. We'll see. You're my personal slut, not my girlfriend. You have no say over the other girls I fuck, is that understood?"

Kate immediately blushed. The conflict was written on her face, because planning what to do downstairs had gotten her back into her usual confident and domineering mode. His words hit her like a punch to the gut, reminding her that everything had changed and that being his personal slut didn't only consist of the joys of big orgasms and licking and sucking his cock, it could be very frustrating and humiliating at times too.

Erin could see that Kate was on the verge of trying to take a stand on this point. But Erin wanted Kate to fully submit to him. That was essential to Erin getting her goals realized.

With that in mind, Erin hooked her arm in Kate's and leaned into her. She spoke quietly into Kate's ear, but loud enough for the others to hear. "Don't fight it! I know it sucks and it hurts, but you ARE his personal slut now. You're powerless to resist him! Remember, 'big cock trumps big tits.' Look at what Monica is doing to him right now."

Kate stared in wide-eyed amazement at Monica's sliding fingers. She hadn't been that affected by that sight so far, but she was looking at it in a new way thanks to Erin's words. Gaawwwd! Look at him just standing there, like he doesn't even realize a hot little Mexican slut is jacking him off through his slacks! He's such a STUD!

Erin asked her, "Does that make you jealous?"

"Yeah!" Kate really was burning up with jealousy.

"Don't you wish that was you?"

"Of course! Except I wouldn't be content to just rub him through his slacks. I'd unzip his fly, drop to my knees, and start to lick! And SUCK!" Kate was having to swallow repeatedly because she was salivating so much. Something seemed to have snapped inside her, and her desire for Ryan and his cock was seemingly boundless now.

Erin switched to holding an arm around Kate's back. "I'm sure you would. And that's good, because that's how a good personal slut behaves. It's your duty to keep his cock throbbing with arousal!"

Kate thought, It is! Oh, I'm going to be so good to you, Ryan! So good! I'll be such a SLUT! Such a total shameless slut!

Erin brought her far hand to Kate's nearest tit and pinched the erect nipple through Kate's dress.

Kate was grateful, though embarrassed and red-faced. She was about to do that to herself had Erin not beat her to it.

Erin said, "But that's NOT you. Monica got to him first. You're not his only personal slut, you're ONE OF them. You're going to have to get used to sharing!"

Monica sensed what Erin was trying to do. They hadn't talked about it yet, but Monica understood that they shared a similar goal: if they could get Kate to fully submit to Ryan, they probably would get to enjoy sex with the unbelievably desirable and beautiful Kate too. So, wanting to contribute to that as well as have more big cock fun, Monica unzipped Ryan's fly and began stroking his boner directly. She angled it in such a way to make sure Kate got a very good view of everything.

Erin rolled Kate's nipple between her fingers, the dress's silky fabric only adding to their mutual pleasure. "So yeah, he's going to fuck other girls, girls you don't know and girls you do. Will you feel helpless and humiliated? Sure. Will that seem outrageous and unjust, given how highly desirable you are? Of course. But that's part of what it means to be a personal slut, one of HIS personal sluts!"

Erin astutely realized Kate actually got off on feeling "helpless and humiliated," based on all that had happened so far this evening. So while it sounded like she was being discouraging, she actually was inflaming Kate's lust. But she didn't want to take chances. Therefore, to help seal the deal, she said, "Monica, let her hold it with you. I think she needs to be reminded about the importance of sharing."

Since Monica could see what Erin was trying to do, she slid her hand down to the base of his cock, ceding the best part to Kate.

Kate stepped forward, with Erin still clinging to her and playing with her nipple through her dress. Her face turned redder still as she grasped his cock and immediately started rubbing his sweet spot. She looked down at her hand over Monica's, and sighed. She felt totally defeated. And yet that somehow aroused her still more.

Erin switched to fondling Kate's far nipple, to give both of them attention. Her hand on Kate's back slipped down her ass and she gave the far ass cheek a good squeeze. "There! Now, doesn't that feel much better? Tell me, are you going to complain when he's off seducing and fucking other girls?"

Kate didn't answer. One could see the conflict written on her cherry red face, as her dignity fought with her lust. She was panting hard as her his pre-cum leaked down her sliding fingers.

Erin pressed, "Are you asking to be disobedient so he'll spank you until your ass is as rosy as your cheeks are right now?"

Kate finally spoke. "Well, no! Obviously not. It's so HARD!"

Monica deliberately misunderstood. She could only pump up and down an inch or so with Kate's hand in the way, but that was enough for her to say, "It IS! And thick! And HOT! Can you feel how hot it is already? And wet! I think you should go downstairs with your hands sticky from his pre-cum!"

Kate moaned lustily at that idea. She griped, "That's not what I meant!" She was alternating between looking down at her hand stroking above Monica's, and straight ahead at Ryan's face. (She actually was slightly higher than him now, since she was wearing five-inch high heels.)

Erin asked her again, "Are you going to complain when he's off seducing and fucking other girls?"

Kate started pumping on his throbbing hard-on faster and faster and her arousal seemed to skyrocket by the second. "Oh God! That's so... too hot!"

"Answer the question!" Erin demanded.

"YES! Fuck! YES! I will complain! But... but that's all I can do, complain. I can't stop him!" Kate's big tits were threatening to bounce clear out of her low-cut dress, and her pussy seemed to actually be burning, it felt so hot and tingly. She very nearly climaxed again as she actually basked in the bliss of surrendering to him.

Seeing the needy look in Kate's baby blue eyes, as well as hearing her answer, set his body on fire as well. He reached out, pulled her closer to him, and plastered her with a steamy kiss.

She was even more worked up than he was, especially since Erin was freely fondling her tits and ass through her dress now. She kissed back with the heat of burning lava. Oh God! Dear Lord! What did I just agree to?! It's so wrong, so unjust! Why does agreeing to that make me even MORE horny?!

The three of them continued like that for the next couple of minutes. Not much changed except that Erin managed to slip Kate's straps off her shoulders so that both she - AND Ryan - could play with Kate's huge tits directly. Plus, Kate slipped a hand into the back of Ryan's slacks to fondle his ass cheeks with her free hand, and Monica got busy fondling his balls with her other hand as well.

Eventually though, Ryan realized they were getting too carried away again. He broke the kiss and said, "We need to stop this, now, or we'll never make it downstairs."

Kate stared adoringly into his eyes with lust on her mind. "Would that be so bad? If I'm your personal slut, I think you need to prove it by fucking me! Fuck me now!" Her hand switched from rubbing his sweet spot to wildly pumping up and down some more, heedless of bumping her hand into Monica's.

Unfortunately for her, he disengaged altogether. He sensed that if he didn't stop right away, he WOULD end up fucking Kate in a matter of minutes. He didn't want to mar that experience by having to constantly worry about Nancy overhearing them and maybe even plotting against them.

He staggered further back and whistled. "PHEW! The three of you are... too much! Insatiable! Let's get this fucking Nancy thing done with already, so we can really get down to some fucking fun!" He pulled his slacks up, since they'd wound up halfway down his thighs, and then zipped up.

Erin let go of Kate, because she didn't want to draw attention to the way she'd been fondling her now that the others had let go of her.

Kate had hardly seemed to notice Erin's hands letting go of her. Even now, she was staring at the bulge in Ryan's slacks like a starving animal.

Ryan found himself examining Kate's face for the first time. He said to her, "You know, you really do have a face of a goddess. It's so perfect that I wouldn't change a thing. But, incredibly enough, you look even MORE beautiful when you're humiliated like this. So cute and sexy! I think I'm going to have to humiliate you a lot, just to see your face blushing red like this."

She'd thought she couldn't get any more turned-on, but his words proved that idea wrong. She imagined him putting her in countless humiliating situations for years to come. Her nostrils flared and her massive G-cups heaved as she imagined him making her suck his cock in all kinds of crazy places, from a restaurant to a car to the beach, and more. She could hardly wait!

In fact, she wanted to get started right away. She stared longingly at his bulge and licked her lips. She asked him in a growling, husky voice, "Are you going to go to the party like that? With no undies and your cock poking up obscenely?"

Erin couldn't resist putting a hand back on Kate's nearest ass cheek and briefly caressing it. "Who are you to talk? I notice you're wearing no bra AND no panties!"

Kate glanced at Erin and gave her a withering look. "I'll deal with you and your insolence later!" Kate was coming to accept that she was Ryan's personal slut now, but she still considered herself the natural superior to everyone else, including Erin and Monica.

Ryan held his hands up defensively. "Let's just... head on out the door, okay? I feel like I can't keep my hands off any of you, and with the looks I'm getting, I guess you probably feel the same about me. But being in a public place will force us to behave. Otherwise, we're NEVER going to leave!"

The girls chuckled at that, but they saw that he had a point. After checking themselves one last time at a mirror that happened to be near Kate's doorway, they finally left the room together.


Once they were out in the hallway, Ryan tried to move their talking to something non-sexual to help him get out of his very aroused mood before they reached the party in just a couple of minutes. He quietly asked Erin, "Is your boyfriend really named 'Chip'? That seems like such an upper class cliché."

Erin grinned at him. "Yes, he is. And yes, he's exactly as you imagine. His daddy owns a yacht. A big one."

"Of course." Ryan sighed. Coming from a middle class background, he sensed he was going to have to deal with a continual class divide between himself and the rich sorority girls. He had no doubt the incredible sex would make it all worthwhile though.

"Of course," she replied. But then, just as all four of them were gathered in the hallway, she spied Nancy's door, and whispered, "Shhhh! You three go ahead. I'll knock on her door, just to test if she's there. We need to split up anyway. I'll see you downstairs in a while."

The others nodded. Then they walked down the short hallway and started down the stairs.

Kate immediately clung to him and deliberately slowed his walk considerably. She spoke quietly to him, with Monica on his other side. "Since we've got a couple of minutes before we reach the party and have to split up, I have some questions I'm DYING to ask you!"

"Such as?"

Even though her face was still red from embarrassment, she seemed to have put the issue of his other lovers aside, at least for now. "Who ARE you?! I still know so very little about you. Let's start with the basics. Where do you come from? What are your parents like?"

He frowned as he said, "I'm not going to try to guild the lily here. There's not much about me that's likely to impress the likes of you except for my penis size and sex skills. I'm just an ordinary Joe from a regular middle class background. As for my parents, there's not much to report about them except that they got converted into a pretty hard-core Christian church a few years back and became die-hard Bible thumpers. Because of that, I was home schooled by them from the start of junior high school until coming here. Thank God they live far away, because they certainly wouldn't approve of my sexual lifestyle."

He thought to himself with chagrin, The one that started just two hours ago!

The three of them walked down the stairs very slowly, with the girls wanting to give him a chance to talk. Monica asked him, "How did you manage to have your own stable of personal sluts while you were being home schooled? That must have been difficult."

He was relieved to see from her tone and her face that she wasn't doubtful of his story, merely curious. That was a lucky thing for him because although he was trying to be as honest as possible about his home schooling and such, he was lying through his teeth about having any previous sexual experience. "You have to keep in mind that I didn't claim my first personal sluts overnight. Luckily for me, although my parents home schooled me, they did it mostly in a hands off fashion. They had me read books, watch videos, write essays, do homework, and so on, which all are things I could do by myself. They had to work five days a week like normal people do, so I was left on my own most of the time."

All of that about his home schooling was true, but then he lied, "I went to the places kids my age hang out without my parents knowing it, and made sure to prominently show off my bulge. Naturally, the girls were very interested and they pretty much seduced me. It was hard keeping things secret from my parents, but it helped that they didn't even know enough to suspect. They think I'm just as 'devoted to God' as they are, which means sex for procreation only."

The only true part of that was his parents' prudish attitude towards sex. Ironically, the more devout they got the less he believed, until finally he was just putting up a front of having faith in God to make them happy.

The three of them were walking slower and slower, nearly coming to a complete halt. The girls wanted to hear the rest of his story.

Just as they reached the second floor, he looked back up the stairs and noticed that Erin was just a couple of feet behind them and listening.

Seeing that she had been noticed, she said, "Don't mind me. Nancy wasn't there, and you all are 'walking' slower than snails. Please keep going, Ryan. I caught most of it."

He said, "There's not much more to say. As my sexual experience grew along with my penis size, I wound up with the very most beautiful girls in school. They were so enthusiastic that I eventually realized I didn't need to limit myself to just one girlfriend or even typical romantic relationships. Sometimes I feel kind of like a jerk about it, but the sexual pleasure is so great that I can't help myself."

Monica said, "To be honest, I can't really blame you. Well, I'd blame you because I love to bitch" - she smirked impishly at him - "but if I were in your shoes I'd probably do the same thing. I love sex so much, I know that if I had a big cock I'd fuck the shit out of every beautiful girl I could!"

The other two girls laughed at that, but they could see her point.

Kate was still clinging to Ryan's arm as she asked him, "Could you PLEASE tell us how many other personal sluts you have already?! I'm dying to know!"

He realized he needed to tone down his vague, grandiose claims, because it wouldn't be hard for them to do a little investigating and find out he probably didn't have any girls at all. So he said, "To be honest, you caught me at a weird time. Moving far from home, I had to pretty much leave my sluts behind. It's not fair to keep them hanging all year, although I'll fuck them if I can when I'm home for the holidays. Moving here, I thought I'd give myself a month to settle in and get the lay of land before pretty much rebuilding my stable from scratch. Kate, since I had you in one of my classes and you're as hot as you are, I decided to start with you."

Kate stopped, since they were already on the stairs between the second and first floors and nearly to the party. They had to speak up to be heard over the loud music and general commotion, even with the closed door at the bottom of the stairs blocking out most of the noise. She said, "Hold your horses! Stop right there! You have the best now - me! Why settle for less? If you want variety, you've got Erin and Monica too. We all live within a few feet of each other, which means it'll be easy for you to fuck the three of us at once whenever you heart or cock desires. So just stop right there at three! I promise you, we'll keep you completely satisfied! Won't we, girls?"

Erin and Monica nodded. They both were thinking about working out better deals with him, perhaps where they could retain more freedom and dignity. But they knew they were hooked on him, and they knew it was obvious to everyone.

In truth, that was much better than his best possible scenario when he'd started the evening. He'd thought that if he got very, very lucky, and even with Jack's help, Kate might consent to date him. But the very fact that he'd won these three hourglass-shaped bombshells so quickly and easily made him think he might do even better and take another lover or two on top of that. It was worth a try at any rate, since they seemed unlikely to get upset with him fucking other girls, given what had just transpired upstairs.

He said, "Well, that's something to think about. But now isn't the time to discuss this. Somebody might come by at any moment. Let's split up now."

He thought they would immediately split up. However, Monica said to Kate and Erin, "While you two go look for Nancy, why don't I stick with him for a while? I'll introduce him to some of my friends. That way, he'll get a warmer reception."

However, Ryan said, "Don't worry, I'll be fine on my own. It's best if I'm not closely linked to any of you, for now." He meant that. Although his parents were far too religiously obsessed, they had been very loving and supportive, giving him an almost unshakable confidence. Now, with the events of the evening fresh in mind, he felt completely invincible. He wanted to test out his new cocky persona on others, especially tempting girls, and see how it went over.

He added, "Besides, it's not like I don't know anybody. I can't wait to talk to Jack from SAE. He's the one who let me in and helped me approach you, Kate."

Kate stared at him with shock and alarm. "Jack?! You mean Jack, the jock in Dr. Peterson's class?! That Jack?!"

"That's the one. Isn't he a nice guy? I hear he's a long time friend of yours."

Kate's devastatingly beautiful face was replaced by a mask of fury. She could barely control herself. "No, he's NOT a nice guy! Don't you see what happened?!"


"He tricked you! He only knows you from class! He doesn't know that you're secretly a well-hung super stud with your own stable of busty beauties back home! You didn't tell him any of that, did you?"

Ryan started to get a sinking feeling. "No, I didn't tell him any of that. I've been keeping a low profile."

"A-HA! I knew it! He IS tricking you!" Kate looked around to confirm again that they were alone. Even though the coast was clear, she lowered her voice and tried harder to control her anger for fear others might overhear them. "He's no friend of mine! He may seem like a nice guy on the surface, but he's an asshole and a trickster! He thinks you're just a normal, nobody, nerdy loser! He's assuming I'm a vicious bitch and I'll make sure to reject you in the most public and humiliating way!"

Monica was convinced. She started swearing at Jack in Spanish, forgetting the others couldn't understand. "¡El muy perro! ¡Hijo de mil padres! ¡Montón de mierda! ¡Esto significa la guerra!" ("That dirty dog! Son of a thousand fathers! Pile of shit! This means war!")

Ryan didn't know what Monica was saying, but he knew he never wanted to get on her bad side.

He continued to stare at Kate in disbelief. "Oh... SHIT! But... but... it can't be!" The plus side to Ryan not having much contact with kids his age was that he hadn't been battered down by rejection and disappointment. But the negative side was that he didn't understand just how mean kids could be, and he was far too trusting. Even now, he still clung to the hope that Kate was wrong.

Kate spoke decisively, with fire in her eyes and smoke practically steaming out of her ears, "I'm NOT wrong! I know it! I feel it in my gut! Tell me: did he tell you to go up to my room, or to meet me in the middle of the party?"

Ryan explained honestly, "Going up to your room was my idea. I wanted to act right away, and I didn't bother to mention that to him. But he didn't want me to meet you in the middle of the crowd. He pointed out this one room to the side where you and I could talk in private."

Kate grabbed his shoulders and shook him. "Don't you see?! Don't you see?! He was setting a TRAP! I'm sure he's got that room wired for sound, and probably set up to record video too! Then he could record your humiliation and share it with his scummy friends! And the worst part is that I would have played my part to a 'T'! Back then, I was mean! I was evil, bitchy, and vindictive! I would have taken pleasure making fun of you!"

She suddenly wrapped her arms around him and squeezed him tightly. "I'm so sorry! So, so sorry!" It looked like she was ready to burst into tears.

However, he tried to push her away as he looked around frantically. "Not here! We're, like, twenty feet from the party! If somebody comes through that door, they'll see!"

Erin put a hand on Kate's shoulder. "He's right! Control yourself, Kate! We're too exposed! If somebody sees you with him, what'll they think?"

Kate wailed, "I don't care! People should know! I want everybody to know that I'm his MRRPH!"

She didn't get to say more, because Erin could guess what she was about to say, and quickly and firmly covered her mouth.

Seeing this was a crisis situation, Monica stepped into Kate's view and said, "Erin's right! Kate, don't you want to get back at Jack? ¡El muy inocente! ¡Sucio y rastrero malnacido!" ("The fool! That dirty and despicable swine!")

In her passion, she didn't realize she'd lapsed into Spanish. Luckily, she continued in English, "You need the element of surprise! Don't let him find out what's really going on yet. Then you can turn the tables on him!"

Kate had been on the verge of sobbing, but that changed her mood on a dime. She felt terrible at the part she'd almost paid in humiliating Ryan, but her desire for revenge was stronger than wanting to feel sorry for herself right now. She forced herself to pull away and then look away. She took a couple of steps back from Ryan on the step she was standing on and tried to compose herself.

She slapped a hand on her forehead and shut her eyes tight. "I'm so ashamed! To think about what a terrible person I used to be!"

Ryan was reeling, because it was sinking in that she had to be right and Jack had been playing a cruel trick on him. But some of Kate's words seemed almost comical. He pointed out, "But that was only TWO hours ago. It's not like you're a different person."

She suddenly spun around and stared at him with her eyes blazing with emotion. "But I AM! Can't you see? I'm totally different now! You changed me! Oh, sure, I'm still that spoiled vicious bitch I hear people whispering about. I can't completely change THAT fast. That's in me, and you're going to have a lot of trouble with me, for sure. You'll probably need to spank me constantly! But at least now I have the DESIRE to change! And the willpower to change! The truth is, I was hating my life, but I was too addicted to power and privilege to do anything about it. I was stuck in a rut! And then you came along and showed me a taste of what I was missing, how I was on the wrong track!"

She continued with a quieter yet even more passionate voice, and with a few tears leaking from her eyes, "I know this sounds bizarre, even to me, but sex with you has changed everything! You forced me to devote myself to YOUR pleasure, instead of just my own! And you know what happened? I had the best time of my life, not to mention the greatest orgasms EVER! They say 'It's better to give than to receive,' but I always thought that was just something losers say to each other to make themselves feel a little better when the more powerful always rip them off. But it turns out it's TRUE! The more I focus on licking and stroking your cock, and even sucking it and loving it, the better I feel! ME! That's a total mind blower!"

Erin was extremely heartened to hear all that, as it confirmed she had been on the right track. Kate sexually submitting to Ryan could be the best possible thing that could happen to her. Only somebody with a strong and dominant personality like Ryan, plus the tools of his big cock and his threat of spankings, could hope to keep in line a strong-willed and spoiled girl like Kate.

Monica was similarly inspired. "¡Así se hace, chica! ¡Con ese espíritu!" ("You GO, girl! That's the spirit!") She was so worked up that she didn't even realize she was speaking in Spanish.

Seeing the confused look on the others' faces, she sheepishly explained in brief, "Um, I was just saying, 'good for you!'"

Despite the seriousness of the situation, Erin couldn't resist making a joke. "Kate, you're like The Grinch Who Stole Christmas, except with lots of sex and spanking and blowjobs."

Kate decided to take that seriously. She thought back to that Dr. Seuss cartoon she used to watch most every Christmas season. "You know what? You're probably right. His heart grew three sizes that day, and I kind of feel that happening to me right now. Ryan, I CARE for you! I'm not used to caring for anybody, but I like it! It makes me feel all warm and tingly and happy!"

She suddenly stepped forward and hugged him tightly again, no longer worrying about who else might see. "I might even be falling in love with you! Maybe it's just my pussy talking, maybe it's my raging hormones talking, my desire to get fucked by THE BEAST! Hell, I know that's a big part of it. But I don't care! My feelings are real! That's why I feel so bad at what I almost did to you, and I'm so PISSED at Jack!"

With that, she pulled away from Ryan. She turned to stare at the closed door at the bottom of the stairs, knowing Jack had to be in the crowded party beyond. She shook a fist and stared at that door with pure hate. "I will get my revenge! OUR revenge!"

Monica shook a fist in sympathy, feeling nearly as hot blooded and vicious as Kate was. She thought, Ese cabrito de Jack, el muy chupapollas, maricón, pichafloja, pedazo de estiércol, pinche bastardo... ¡Lo vamos a HUNDIR!

("That asshole Jack, that cocksucker, queer, impotent, piece of shit, despicable bastard, we're going to SINK HIM!")

Kate turned back to Ryan, her anger suddenly replaced by a friendly smile. "Don't worry, honey. I almost did a terrible thing to you, but I didn't. As your personal slut, I feel it's my duty to not only sexually serve you, but to protect you." Her anger returned as she clenched her teeth and narrowed her gaze. "I'm going to make Jack rue the day he ever tried to mess with MY man!"

Monica was all fired up. "I pity Jack, the fool! He has no idea who he's messing with!" She shook her fist some more.

However, Erin grabbed Kate's shoulder and shook it. She'd never seen Kate like this, not even close, and she worried Kate would go way overboard. She wanted to cool her down, not fire her even up even more like Monica was doing. "Hold on! Just what are you thinking? You don't want to do something that could get you in trouble, or even Ryan in trouble. Think it through first!"

Kate turned to Erin and smiled. She reluctantly dropped her fist. "Don't worry. Revenge IS a dish best served cold. I'm not going to do anything rash. The four of us will talk it over and agree on a plan first, after gathering more evidence. Agreed?"

Erin breathed a big sigh of relief. "Agreed!"

Monica said to Kate, "Agreed too. But I gotta add that you're one scary bitch! I thought I could be feisty and hot-tempered, but you take the cake! Remind me to never get on your bad side!"

Kate was all smiles again. "That was the old me. There was nobody to keep me in check, and I can see now I need somebody to keep my in check. My parents, God knows I love them, but they spoiled me far too much. Monica, if I ever get too bitchy with you, just tell Ryan. He'll spank all the bitchy right out of me and then force me to suck his cock!"

Monica chuckled, "Sounds good. Except you can't force the willing!"

Kate looked down at Ryan's crotch and then back into his eyes. "I need you so bad, this very minute! I want you to take me, right here and now! Take my virginity! Make me your slut! All the way, in every way, for good!"

She stepped towards him like she was going to consume him whole.

He was so overwhelmed by the intensity of her desire for him that he stepped back.

Both Monica and Erin stepped in between, keeping the two apart. Erin said, "Whoa, babe! Remember where you are?! We're in a fucking stairway, twenty feet from the party!"

Kate looked down at the door and then all around. She deflated and calmed down. "Oh yeah. Fuck!"

Erin laughed, now that crisis had been averted, at least for the time being. "Ryan, I don't know how you do it, but you've certainly got yourself a keeper! Somehow, I think she's going to put all your previous personal sluts to shame."

Kate exclaimed with great frustration, "Don't even say that! The 'PS' words, I mean. They make me too fucking horny!"

Ryan thought, WOW! I don't know how I do it either! This night is getting stranger and stranger, but I love it! I can't wait until I fuck her! I'm definitely going to fuck her first, as soon as we can get back to her room! (In his excitement, he forgot they were supposed to go back to Monica's room instead.)

Erin made eye contact with Kate again. "Tone it down before you up and rape the poor guy! Focus on Jack and his treachery."

Monica had been trying to hold back, but she enthusiastically added, "Yeah, let's find him and rip his balls off!" Seeing Erin give her an unhappy look, she reluctantly added, "Metaphorically speaking, I mean."

Erin looked to Ryan. "Tell me. You mentioned how he said you should proposition Kate in that one room. Did he give you any more specific advice on what you should do?"

Ryan realized he needed to be careful, so as not to reveal that he was completely sexually naive "way back then." But in this case, he decided honesty was best. "Yes, he did. He said I should be bold and just whip out my penis and show it to her."

Erin asked, "And did he have ANY idea that you have an extraordinarily large and especially extraordinarily THICK penis?"

"No, he didn't. We never talked about that kind of thing at all. I think you're right, Kate. He was setting me up to take a big fall."

Kate slammed a fist into her open palm. "MOTHERFUCKER! That little SHIT! He needs to PAY!" She was seething.

Monica tried to get Kate's attention. "Look at me! Look at me!" Once Kate looked, she continued, "From one hot tempered girl to another, let me tell you something. I've learned to control my temper, well, most of the time. You're no good when you're like this. You've gotta calm down! The LAST thing you should do is go find Jack and talk to him. Avoid him at all costs! Calm down first, or you'll lose the element of surprise!"

Kate stared towards the door to the party again. She struggled to contain her emotions, and then said, "You're right. You're right. I'll... I'll be good. It's just that when I think about how easily things could have worked out differently, I get so mad!"

Ryan said to her, "Look at it this way. Sure, his motives were bad, but he actually did us a big favor. In trying to totally humiliate me, he urged me to be bold and literally go 'balls-out'. And it worked! We got lucky. I'm not totally sexually unstoppable, you know. If things had gone a little bit differently, you could have turned me down flat. Thinking back, had Erin not happened to be there, I probably would have fallen on my face. So yeah, let's be mad at him, but not TOO mad."

Kate was still seething. Her face was red, as it had been nearly all evening, but from anger instead of sexy humiliation this time. "That's big of you to say that, and I guess you have a point, but I'm too steaming mad to cut him much slack! And don't even tell me you might not have succeeded!"

She poked his chest playfully, but also forcefully. "That's too scary for me to even contemplate. I realize now I was near the end of my rope, deeply unhappy with myself. Then you came along and saved me! It's not just the sexual pleasure. There is that, definitely, but it's so much more! I'm realizing that you're my opportunity to get out of the dead end I was heading towards. I don't have the willpower to break my spoiled brat habits by myself, but I can with you guiding me and keeping me in line! I know this sounds crazy, but I think the path to me becoming a better person lies with you fucking me, spanking me, and making me suck your cock a lot!"

While she was talking, her mood seemed to shift from "extremely pissed" back to "extremely horny." She looked like she was on the verge of dropping to her knees then and there, and in fact that's exactly what she was thinking. But the sounds of the party through the door reminded her this wasn't the time or the place. Frustrated, she bit her lip and turned away, causing her huge tits to sway inside her dress.

Erin pulled Kate further away, and gave her a supportive hug. At the same time, she said to Ryan and Monica, "You two, go ahead on your own. I'll try to calm Kate down before she either fucks you in front of everybody, or murders Jack in front of everybody, or both!"

Ryan chuckled a bit nervously. "Thanks!" He stepped towards Kate and put a hand on her shoulder, while she was still being embraced by Erin with her back turned. "Kate, thanks for sharing all that with me. I feel honored and humbled by your strong feelings for me. I'm making you my personal slut, there's no doubt about that. And let's face it, that's a sex slave by another name."

She suddenly turned in place in Erin's arms so she could make eye contact with him.

He boldly continued, "From now on, I expect you to spend many hours naked and kneeling, sucking on my cock. Your jaw will probably feel permanently sore, and your pussy will too!"

Far from being upset at that, she brought a hand up to her face and rubbed it adoringly. "My jaw still hurts now from before, and it's wonderful!"

"Good. That said, my feelings for you are growing stronger all the time. I didn't realize it since I never really knew you as a person, but it's clear to me now that you had a lot of problems in your life and you were deeply unhappy, despite appearing to be the perfect, smiling princess on the outside. Hopefully with Erin and Monica helping to guide me, I'm going to do everything I can to make you the better person you long to be and deserve to be, someone who is more caring and considerate, and less selfish and vain. And if we happen to fall in love along the way, so much the better! How does that sound?"

Tears started to pool in Kate's eyes as she was overcome by emotion again. "Wonderful!" Had she not been in Erin's firm grip, she would certainly have rushed to Ryan and done very naughty things to his body. After a moment's hesitation, she asked, "If we do fall in love, will I still be one of your personal sluts? Will you still spank me and control me and fuck me, and especially make me suck your cock all the time?"

He smiled widely. "But of course!"

She positively glowed and beamed with joy. "Thank God for that!" But she suddenly turned stern, or at least tried to. "Go! Go now! Quick, before I say all kinds of mushy stuff to you!"

He laughed. "Okay, I'm going. And it's a good thing, 'cos I feel like saying mushy stuff back!"

With that, he took Monica's hand and resumed walking down the stairs. They left Kate and Erin hugging tightly.

As Ryan and Monica reached the bottom of the stairs, but just before they opened the door to the party, Erin shouted to them, "Oh, hey! Ryan, when you go in there, try not to speak to you-know-who!"

"Right!" He thought that over, and then asked, "But what if he seeks me out? I'm sure he will if he sees me."

"Just be vauge and non-committal. Or, better yet, tell him you haven't even spoken to Kate yet."

"Oh, good idea. Thanks!"

He looked back to Monica, ready to push through the door into the party.

However, Monica quietly said to him, "¡Hijo de puta! ¡Eres un afortunado hijo de puta!"

"What does that mean?"

"Oh, sorry. That means, 'Son of a bitch. You're one lucky son of a bitch.' Because I think she's fallen in love with you already!"

He stroked his chin as he contemplated that. His stomach was doing back flips with excitement, and his boner was threatening to split his slacks wide open, but he was doing his best to keep his face looking relatively unfazed again. He was very good at that. "Hmmm. You really think so?"

"I do!"

"Good. Because I think I'm falling in love with her." It made him feel really happy to say that and realize he meant it. "And that'll be interesting, because I've never really been in love before."

Monica laughed. "'Interesting?' That's the understatement of year. You're a weird guy, you know that?"

He was all smiles as he pushed through the door and walked into the party with Monica by his side. "Maybe I am."


The party was going strong when Ryan and Monica walked through the door into the main room where most of the people were. Monica knew most of them by name. There were about thirty KKG girls there and thirty SAE guys. There were around forty others as well, most of them the dates of those from KKG or SAE. A good majority of those were in the vast main room they had just entered, although some spilled into nearby rooms or the backyard. There was a large empty space in the middle of the room for dancing, and dozens were dancing to the latest rap and pop hits.

Nobody seemed to notice the two of them arrive. The lighting had been turned way down from when Ryan had been there last, and the music had been turned way up, making it hard to talk unless one got close and spoke loudly. As a result, Monica was able to walk with Ryan to a dark corner where they could observe without being observed in return.

Monica started pointing people out. "A-ha! There's Nancy! She's the sultry looking one in the skimpy black dress. She IS here. That's a good sign. I wonder how long she's been here, since we were dawdling such a long time."

Ryan looked Nancy over. She was easy to make out in a crowd due to her light, flowing long blonde hair. Given his great and unexpected success with Kate, Erin, AND Monica, he figured he could at least be open to the possibility of seducing Nancy too. He didn't have plans to, due to their insistence that she was trouble, but he figured circumstances could change.

Not surprisingly, Nancy looked very enticing. She wasn't as full-figured and voluptuous as Ryan liked, like Kate, Erin, and Monica were, and her breasts looked to "only" be about C-cups. However, she looked very fit and hard bodied, and her face was nearly as stunning as Kate's. That was saying a great deal. It helped that she was wearing a very revealing black dress that showed off lots of cleavage and a nearly scandalous amount of leg. The dress contrasted well with her blonde hair and fairly light-colored skin.

Speaking into Monica's ear, he asked, "Are you SURE I shouldn't seduce her?"

She laughed. "I knew you'd say that. And yes, I'm sure. I can't get into it right now, but she's trouble. Trust me, okay?"

"Okay." He decided to trust her on this, at least unless and until he got good evidence to believe otherwise. He didn't want to just think with his dick and possibly ruin the really great thing he'd developed with his three girls tonight.

Monica looked around and spotted Brandy. "There's Brandy." She pointed. "She's the one with the white top and pink miniskirt."

Ryan scoped her out. Brandy was dancing in the middle of the dance floor, making her hard to check out amongst the moving bodies. He decided that she was beautiful, but not a jaw-dropper like any of his three girls. Like Nancy, he rated her a "mere" nine on a one-to-ten scale. (Naturally, Kate, Erin, and Monica were all tens, with Kate threatening to ruin the scale.) Brandy had short dirty blonde hair and fairly tanned skin. He estimated her breasts were in the C- to D-cup range.

He nudged Monica, and asked, "Can I fuck her?"

Monica laughed again. "NO! Besides, not even you could seduce her. She's a confirmed lesbian."

"Darn!" He was seriously disappointed. He liked the idea of fucking his way through all the girls on the third floor, to help keep their secret. He said, "Well, at least she won't talk if she finds out what we're doing, right?"

"Not necessarily. Why would she?"

"Because, as a lesbian, she doesn't care what us straights are up to?"

"Sorry, it doesn't work like that. Anyway, she's nice, a lot nicer than Nancy, so I'm hopeful just the same that she won't cause trouble."

He asked, "Are you going to talk to her now, about the whole cock-and-bull story of how you'll be screaming your lungs out later?"

She turned to him and locked her gaze with his. Her eyes were alight with sexual desire. "First off, don't you EVER say the word 'cock' where I can't drop to my knees to express my oral admiration for The Beast! And don't say 'bull' either, since that's making me horny too! It's clear you're a bull and you're turning us into your little herd of busty beauties!" She looked down at the bulge in his slacks like she was seriously considering going down on him on the spot.

Actually, she was. She was a sexual fireball to begin with, but Ryan had sent her libido in overdrive tonight. In particular, seeing what had transpired with Kate on the stairs had left her pussy soaked and pulsing. She was trying to stay calm, but her sexual urges were slowly winning.

Then, seeming to return to normal in a heartbeat, she added with almost comical normality, "As for Brandy, I'll talk to her later. She's busy dancing." She smirked.

After another minute or so, Ryan asked, "Where's Jordan?"

"I'm looking. I still don't see her."

"Uh-oh!" He was looking around too.


"I see Jack. He's over there." Ryan pointed to a bunch of guys clustered around the open bar.

Monica frowned when she recognized Jack. "Shit! Steer clear of him!"

"I know! I was trying to appease Kate, but I'm pretty pissed at him too. I don't know if I could keep my cool near him, at least not right now."

She asked, "Where's the room he wanted to videotape your humiliation in?"

He replied, "We don't know for sure if he was going to videotape anything, but the room he mentioned is over there, though that door." He pointed to a door across the large room.

She nodded. Then she suddenly took his hand and started leading him around the edge of the room, away from Jack.

"Where are we going?" he asked.

"Away! Outside! To get away from Jack, and to see if Jordan's out there." She thought to herself, That's it! I can't take it anymore! I have to do something to quench this burning itch!

He let Monica lead him through a door to an outside patio. There were some space heaters on it, and a group of around a dozen people clustered around them. It was much easier to converse there, further from the music and the dancing.

But Monica went right past that group after confirming Jordan wasn't one of them. There were some people scattered beyond the patio, especially on the large lawn just adjacent to it. It looked like most of them were couples who wanted to talk or even kiss in relative privacy and greater darkness.

Monica let Ryan past the lawn too, still holding his hand all the way. There were many trees and bushes further into the darkness. All the vegetation was designed to create a ring of privacy around the sorority's mansion.

When she started leading him along a narrow stone path through the heavy greenery, and much deeper into the darkness, he asked, "Where are we going?"

"You'll see. We have kind of a hide-out where Jordan likes to go. We should check it out."

It was very dark now, with only the light of the moon helping a bit. He was following the sound of her high heels click-clacking on stone as much as following the shape of her very shapely body.

A few moments later, Monica stopped at the base of a particularly large tree.

Ryan noticed a ladder leading up it. He looked up and saw the bottom side of what looked to be a large tree house high up in the tree. "This sorority has a tree house?!"

She chuckled, "Baby, this sorority has EVERYTHING. You'll see. Come on up."

She led the way, crawling up into the darkness. He heard her knocking on the bottom side of the tree house. Then, when there was no response, there were some rustling sounds. He couldn't see what was going on, since it was nearly pitch black this far from the lights of the sorority. But then she opened a trap door and climbed up higher into the tree house. He followed.

Soon, the two of them were standing up - there was plenty of room to stand - and she had closed and latched the trap door shut. Then she went to a lamp and turned it on. It wasn't a lot of light, but it was enough to look around.

He exclaimed while looking all around, "A tree house? More like a tree mansion!"

She laughed. "I told you we have everything."

Actually, it was far from a mansion. There was only one room that he could see, and it wasn't a very big one. But it had a proper roof, floor, and walls, complete with closed glass windows. It was well furnished too, with chairs, a sofa, a bookshelf, a small refrigerator, a heat lamp, and even a laptop computer on a desk. It was much like a tidy, rustic cabin. While it wasn't close to being a mansion, it was nothing like the kind of tree house he was imagining either, the type crudely cobbled together by children.

She turned the heat lamp on. That created a reddish glow that more than doubled the lighting in the room, but still left it mostly dark. She said, "I told you we have everything. You should see the view from here in the daytime. I could turn on more lights, but I kind of like it intimate like this, don't you?"

With that, she slid the shoulder straps off her shoulders. Then she started wiggling out of her blue dress altogether.

He exclaimed, "What are you doing?!" He was incredulous, but his penis started engorging in response to seeing more and more of her fabulous and flawless brown-skinned body coming into view.

She replied with a smirk, "Isn't it obvious? I'm seducing you!"

"But what about Jordan?"

She finished taking her dress off. She tossed it on the floor, right at his feet. "Awww, she's somewhere or another. We'll find her later."

He was puzzled why she would toss her obviously expensive dress to the floor like that, but it became clear as she knelt where he was standing. As she unzipped his fly, she explained, "I don't want to get splinters in my knees." Although the tree house was unexpectedly luxurious, it was a tree house, and it was made out of unpainted wood.

He was seemingly helpless to her charms, and failed to act in response to her movements. As she gripped his newly engorged erection and began stroking it, he said, "You don't have to seduce me, you know. I thought I seduced you already."

She looked up at him, grinning impishly. "I know, but just to be on the safe side. Besides, I'm still your sex slave until midnight. Kate got you really worked up back there, mere minutes go. Isn't this the kind of thing sex slaves do to help their masters?"

"Well yeah, but..."

She laughed because she had him so tongue-tied and surprised. She immediately started licking her way around his cockhead.

He asked in sheer disbelief, as well as rapidly spiking arousal, "What are you doing to me?!"

She replied cheekily while she continued to lick, "For being such a studly guy, you should know what this is called already! If you must know, I'm doing this for me! I'm putting out the fire!"

"'The fire?!'"

"The fire you lit in my body! It started in my pussy and nipples, when I saw how you treated Kate upstairs! Can you believe she really said, 'If we do fall in love, will I still be one of your personal sluts?' And do you remember what she said next?"

"Hell, yeah!" he replied suddenly breathless and sweating. "'Will you still spank me and control me and fuck me, and especially make me suck your cock all the time?'"

Monica was tilting her head this way and that, trying to lick him everywhere at once. She was pumping on his long pole with two hands for good measure. "Can you believe it?! I mean, KATE! You have no idea what a frigid cocktease she was until you came along! And then, everything that happened on the stairs?! ¡Santa Madre de Dios!" ("Holy Mother of God!")

She was working his erection so intently that her entire body was swaying with her rhythmic effort. But still she kept talking through her licking. "By then, the fire had spread and spread! I tried to act normal when we got to the party, but I realized it was useless! You've given me no choice, you big-cocked bastard! I just have to do this!"

She started to slide her lips over his cockhead. But her lips reached the ridge of his crown and she had to stop. She realized she hadn't opened her mouth wide enough, or fully prepared herself. She had to pull off and try again.

She exclaimed, "¡Me va a desencajar la mandíbula!"

"What does that mean?" he asked between ragged breaths.

"I'm talking about The Beast! 'He's going to dislocate my jaw!'" She took a couple of deep breaths, as she prepared herself more carefully this time.

He glanced to the side and noticed a full-length mirror going nearly down to the floor. By luck, he happened to be standing right in front of it, giving him the perfect view of his body and especially Monica's brown-skinned naked body. He thought it was one of the most incredible, and incredibly arousing, sights he'd ever seen. Not only was her body flawless and hard bodied, but the heat lamp was casting most of the light on her nudity, bathing her in a reddish glow, just as if she had been kneeling in front of a raging fire.

To top it all off, her huge tits were bouncing and swaying on her chest, due to the breathing exercises she was doing to ready herself to suck his cock.

It was all so inspirational that he actually felt he was going to cry tears of joy.

Just when she seemed ready to go, she looked up into his eyes, and said, "It's a good thing I couldn't manage your size just then, because I have something VERY important to say!" She continued to lick and stroke him, actually pumping his shaft faster than ever. "I'm not just going to suck your cock! NO! I want you to FUCK MY FACE! ¡¿Me comprendes?!" (Do you understand?!")

She went on, "I would have you fuck my cunt, because that's what I really need right now, but the three of us girls made an agreement that we'd be there for each other during our first time with you. So you're going to fuck my face just like it's my second cunt until I cum and cum and cum, just like you keep making Kate cum! And that's an order!"

He laughed, overwhelmed with desire and delight. "You don't sound very much like a sex slave!"

"No, I guess I'm a bad slave! But you'll see that, despite my size, I'm going to be a GREAT cocksucker for you!" She had a flair for the dramatic. So as soon as she said that, she took a huge breath, opened her mouth as wide as humanly possible, and lunged forward.

Just like that, in a matter of seconds, she managed to get all the way past his cockhead!

But she wasn't about to rest on her laurels. In fact, she wasn't going to do anything at all, because she expected him to take charge. She briefly took her hands off his boner and waved them in the air, as if saying, "Come on! Come on! What are you waiting for?!"

It dawned on his sexually overheated brain that if this was meant to be a face fucking, then he needed to take the lead. A rush of arousal swept through his body as he realized, Whoa! A face fuck! A FACE FUCK! That means I get to fuck her face! Her incredibly beautiful face!

He took another look in the mirror and nearly passed out as he saw a side view of her jaw craned open wide and her lips stretched around his thick cock as if she'd fit the thick end of a baseball bat in her mouth. His legs nearly buckled out from under him and he felt a surge of feeling to his head akin to an "ice cream freeze," except it was pure pleasure.

He realized he'd better not look in the mirror anymore if he wanted to last longer than a minute or two before cumming.

Gathering his wits and his willpower, he started to thrust in and out of her mouth in earnest.

Unfortunately, the experience wasn't all he'd hoped, at least not at first. He soon realized that since it was a near miracle she'd gotten her lips around his cock at all, it was an exceptionally tight fit and sliding would be hard going. Luckily, he was a little thinner just beyond his cockhead, right where his sweet spot was. He'd been expecting to wildly and quickly slide many inches forward and many back with each thrust, but he realized that wasn't going to happen. He would have to be more careful.

He started slowly thrusting forward and back just an inch or so each time. He had to look down, despite the almost unbearably sexy sight below him, to keep an eye on her facial expression and make sure he wasn't pushing her too far.

She seemed just barely capable of handling even that much. She looked up at him with obvious fear and worry in her eyes to go along with a great deal of lust. Clearly, she was starting to have second doubts about what she was getting into. In her unquenchable desire to suck him, she'd forgotten just how very difficult it was. Already, less than a minute in, she was starting to shed tears.

That disturbed him. But it also reminded him of how she'd fervently sucked him last time even while she was sobbing, her face soaked with tears, and that inspired him even more.

Their eyes remained locked in a kind of deeply erotic understanding, as was becoming her style with him. It thrilled him to no end. He loved how Kate got too embarrassed to look at him, but he equally loved how Monica got so bold that she would look nowhere else.

He kept on making slow, short thrusts, just an inch or so over his sweet spot each time. It may not have looked as dramatic as what he had been envisioning, but in terms of sheer pleasure it was hard to beat, since that was his most sensitive region.

She thought, Fuuuuck! There I go, thinking with my pussy again! He's just too fucking thick! Why didn't I remember the sheer difficulty of it all? There's a good reason it's called The Beast!

However, she was determined, and very, very horny. Since he was only moving a little bit, and slowly at that, she started using her tongue on him too. All the way, she kept looking up at him with an intense gaze of boundless lust.

It was unnerving for him, but very thrilling. He started to wonder if it might actually be less arousing if he kept an eye on her through the mirror instead. He took another glance at the mirror and decided, No, that's too much! That's like looking at Medusa's head, except instead of turning to stone, it's like my body turns into one giant hot and throbbing boner that's fucking hard as stone! Jeeeesus! Just look at her dark-skinned body in the reddish glow of the heat lamp! No tan lines, no blemishes, nothing! Salma Hayek and Penelope Cruz would both weep in envy at her much more voluptuous body! Seriously! Why are they famous and she isn't? Fuuuuck!

He closed his eyes for a while, since her tongue work showed she had to be doing okay. He concentrated hard on simply trying not to cum just yet.

Without realizing it, he started to thrust faster and deeper. Many minutes of excruciatingly incredible pleasure passed, so it was hard for him to tell. But by and by, he noticed that while she definitely could slip her lips past the wide ridge of his cockhead, she was making it much further down his shaft. He figured she was near her limit, since deep throating was obviously out of the question with his size and her extra small mouth.

She was enjoying herself more and more as the initial agony faded away due to the sheer pleasure. It helped greatly that she remembered one important lesson from the last time, and began fingering her pussy and clit continuously almost from the start. In fact, since he was leading the way and holding his own shaft, that allowed her to use two hands to play with herself, increasing her pleasure still more.

He couldn't resist taking a look at her through the mirror from time to time. The sight was even sexier than before, now that she had one hand on her tits and another at her crotch most of the time. Wow! She's like a sex goddess come to life! In the dim light and with that reddish glow on her, it looks like she's almost inhuman, like her burning passions are actually lighting her body from within! But the scary thing is, as sexy as she looks, Erin looks just as good, and supersized! And Kate looks even better! I'm the fuckingest luckiest fuck in the history of this whole damn school!

The problem with looking into the mirror was he couldn't take it for long. It was almost like staring into the Sun. It was just too much to take!

After more than ten minutes of this erotic torture, he decided he simply couldn't cope. He needed a rest. However, he knew it was extremely difficult for her to get him back into her mouth once she'd pulled off, so he decided to simply rest standing there by stopping all of his movement.

That worked for about a minute.

As he huffed and puffed, he looked down at her and saw her gesticulating up at him with her usual intense gaze. He couldn't read her mind, but he didn't need to, because it was clear she was essentially saying, "Hey, what's with stopping? Let's get the show on the road!"

She could tell he was dying to take a break, but she was feeling devilish. She simply took over. She yanked his hand off his shaft and took hold of it with both hands. Then all ten of her fingers started to slide and stroke at the same time her lips back to bobbed back and forth over his sweet spot. Even after this many minutes, the tightness of her lip-lock felt simply out of this world.

He cried out, "Uh! No! Gotta... gotta rest!"

But she wasn't hearing it. She wanted his cum, and she wanted it now. Even though she'd stopped masturbating for the moment, she knew she was right on the verge and she could cum just as soon as he did. She loved the idea of having him cum all over her face and tits and then going back to the party after only the most cursory clean-up, so she would reek of his cum.

He hoped she was just teasing and would stop soon, but she didn't. She purred like a contented kitten, slurping and moaning around his jaw-busting meaty pole, bobbing her head back and forth that one crucial inch like a maniac.

He suddenly got angry that she wouldn't honor his obvious desire to take a much needed break. He actually got very angry, all out of proportion to her "crime," because the lines between lust and anger were crossed for him, and he was about as horny as he could possibly be.

He suddenly roared, "Oh, so THAT'S how it's going to be, is it?! Well then, we'll just see about that! You WHORE! You SLUT! What kind of insatiable sex slave are you when you can't even stop sucking cock for one freaking minute?!"

Now it was his turn to yank her hands off his long shaft. He immediately resumed his thrusting, and even more aggressively than before. Since she was trying to get him to cum when he didn't want it, he decided to "punish" her by getting her to cum first. He still was very limited in how far he could thrust up and down his erection, but he made up for that with speed and intensity. His eyes were alight and his face was livid as he pumped his cock in and out of her mouth relentlessly.

He grabbed the sides of her head, which changed the equation considerably. Given how thick his cock was and how much trouble she had breathing through her nose, that upped the danger to her considerably. That's why he'd been avoiding holding her head, but now he was so very turned-on that he couldn't resist.

He shouted, "Fuck you, you cum whore! If you're not my personal slut, then what are you? You're my personal whore, that's what!" Of course he didn't mean that literally in terms of someone who trades sex for money; it was just something nasty and sexy to say.

But she loved it just as much as he did. She was back to masturbating herself, focusing on her clit and slit with both hands as her orgasmic need grew extreme and unstoppable. She wasn't cumming yet, but it felt to her like she was. The ripples of pleasure radiating from her hot wet core were growing in strength with each passing second. Her heart was racing and her pussy was quivering and dripping as she endlessly moaned around his sliding thickness.

He slammed his cock into her face, over and over. He thought exultantly, So THIS is real facing fucking! I like!

He humped her mouth with abandon and real anger. He worried he might be too rough with her, but he glanced at the mirror yet again and saw how she was fingering herself with a passion, so he figured she couldn't be too upset.

She was anything but upset! In fact, she began to cum, and she could tell right away it was going to be bigger and longer than any climax she'd ever had before. She moaned and groaned, feeling utterly helpless that she wasn't even able to scream. Her mouth was so stuffed full that all that could be heard was a long muffled noise that hardly sounded human. She desperately breathed through her nose, petrified that she'd pass out at any moment, but unwilling to pull her lips off to take the necessary deep breaths. That sense of danger was rocketing her orgasm into orbit.

Halfway through her climax, he suddenly cried out, "Oh, FUCK! NO!" He began cumming too. He really didn't want to. He knew he could only cum so many times in one evening, and he was trying hard to save his cum for later, so he could cum into Kate's, Erin's, and Monica's pussies, probably in that order. His goal was to get Monica to cum so hard that she'd been too overwhelmed to keep the blowjob going, allowing him to save that precious cum load until later. He was frustrated and even angry at himself, because he could see the finish line in sight when he suddenly lost control.

Despite the fact she was going out of her mind due to her own on-going orgasm, she did all she could to heighten and prolong his. At first, she let him cum straight into her mouth. The feel of his thick hard-on crammed deep in her mouth and spurting straight down her esophagus and into her stomach was mind-boggling. Her entire curvaceous body shivered and shook as she gagged and moaned around his cock.

But then, halfway through, she recalled her naughty desire to have him cum on her face and/or tits so she could wear his cum to the party. This inflamed her lust so very much that she moved like lightning. Taking control of his shaft with two hands again, she pulled her lips off and aimed his cum blasts this way and that.

Unfortunately, half of his cum load was already down her throat. But she managed to evenly divide what was left between her face and her tits.

With that accomplished, she took several deep breaths, finally getting enough air to put her worries about passing out from lack of oxygen to rest.

But her climax wasn't finished, not by a long shot. Like a glutton for punishment, she craned her mouth open wide again and swallowed all of his cockhead and more! She knew his orgasm was done and his dick would probably start going flaccid shortly. But as long as it was stiff, she was determined to suck him to the very last.

She briefly wiped her eye sockets with a hand, enabling her to resume staring up into his face. She'd been doing that nearly non-stop for the entire cocksucking session, even when he had his eyes closed or was looking into the mirror. Her hope was to suck him with such gusto that he wouldn't go flaccid at all, and they could do it all over again. Her entire face positively hurt from so much sucking and face fucking, but her desire for more of his cock trumped everything.

Sadly for her, her multiple orgasm eventually came to an end, with several sharp mini-orgasms following for the next couple of minutes. Then, even worse, she began to feel him going flaccid in her mouth.

She finally conceded defeat and pulled her lips off for the second time. Heaving for air again, she kept on staring into his face unnervingly. "God, that was good! Mmmm!"

He looked down at her. Dribbles of spittle and cum drooled from the corners of her luscious lips. He loved that look, but even more inspiring were the strands of cum splattered here and there on her face and her dangling tits. True, it wasn't nearly the heavy cum load he'd blasted all over Kate, but it was still impressive given that he knew half of his cum had gone straight down her throat.

His anger with her was finally satiated. He realized he needed to sit down, and fast. Luckily, he managed to make it to the sofa before his legs gave way. His slacks had remained down around his knees the whole time, so he had to awkwardly shuffle his way there. Luckily, it was only a few feet away.

However, it seemed like her anger at him was just beginning. She remained on her knees, but turned somewhat in place to continue to face him in his new position. She put her hands on her knees and leaned forward, allowing her cummy tits to dangle down even more enticingly.

It was an outrageously sexy pose. So he was shocked when she narrowed her eyes angrily, and shouted, "You bastard!"


"I hope you're happy with yourself!" She seemed really pissed off. "I was loving your cock too much already, and now you've turned me into a whore! You called me a whore, and you were right, because I AM a whore! But not someone who'll have sex with just anyone for money. No, you've made me your exclusive cocksucking whore! I need to suck your cock, for free, just for the sheer god damned pleasure of it!"

He chuckled, relieved that she wasn't really angry at him after all.

However, she looked it. She rose up higher on her knees, striking another ridiculously arousing pose, made all the more so by the heat lamp's red glow. "What's so funny?! Do you find it amusing that you've turned me into an insatiable cocksucking cum slut, constantly hungry for your ridiculously massive Beast?! Is that amusing to you, turning me into your exclusive, cum-starved, dick-gobbling whore? Are you going to laugh when I have dreams of burying your thick pole balls-deep inside my throat, so you can grind your throat-clogging cock-meat into my face?! Well, fuck you!"

He realized she wasn't just trying to arouse him for another round; she was genuinely upset.

She continued, "This is a problem, a real problem! I don't want to be one of your personal sluts! Fuck that! Nobody can make a slave out of me! But, apparently... you can! And that really pisses me off! How can I say no to being your personal slut now?! I can't! You haven't even fucked me yet, and I know I'm going to need you for the cocksucking alone! Gaawwwd, you have no idea how incredible it is! How INTENSE! The struggle and the pleasure and the sheer difficulty of absolutely everything about it - what a pure RUSH!"

She suddenly stood up, and spread her legs wide, striking yet another exceptionally titillating pose. "It's like you're a heroin dealer and you just turned me into a junkie! I hate you! I'll hate you forever!"

He didn't know what she really meant and what was hyperbole. He asked worriedly, "Really?!"

She shook her head and rolled her eyes, and then sighed heavily. "No, not really. But kinda! But not really. God, I don't even know!"

She brought her hands to her round E-cups and began rubbing his cum into her skin. "Look at me! You know what I'm doing?"


"I'm wishing that Kate and Erin were here, that's what! If they were, I'd lie down somewhere comfy and have the two of them lick the cum off my tits like thirsty kittens! And then they'd lick more off my face, and snowball it back and forth between the three of us-" she stopped to ask, "Do you know what snowballing is?"

"No, what?"

"As a guy with your own fucking stable of personal sluts, you really oughta know! It's when one of your sluts feeds your cum into the mouth of another one of your sluts with a long and sloppy French kiss! So there'd be a lot of that, and fingerbanging, and cunt licking, and all-around fondling and loving! But since I'm here without them, I can't do any of that!"

His penis was down for the count, but his mental arousal was off the charts. He pointed out, "No, but there will be other times, many other times. All that will happen and more, I'm sure."

"I know!" She wailed in lust and frustration while she continued to smear the cum in. "That's why it's so fucking unfair! I can't say no to your personal slut offer no matter how great the shame and humiliation, because the pleasure potential is too great! I'm too fucking horny!"

She began smearing the cum into her face too. "It's like you fucking BROKE me, you bastard! Do you know what I'm doing?! I'm smearing cum into my skin so it can't really be seen, but it's definitely still there, and it can be smelled! And this is ALL I'm going to do! I'm going to put my dress on, sans bra or panties, of course, and go back to the party like this! And you know why?"

He was panting again. "No! Why?"

"I don't know why!" She looked like she was on the verge of another orgasm from just rubbing the cum into her face. "Because you broke me! Because you're The Devil! Because you're a big-cocked bastard! I seriously don't know why I'm doing this except because I feel like I have to!"

She took a couple of steps forward until she was standing above him. She went back to rubbing her tits, though it seemed like she was more interested in just enjoying fondling herself and putting on a great titty show for him than smearing the cum in more. "Okay, you sexy FUCK! I'll be your personal slut! ¡Hijo de puta!" ("Son of a bitch!") "But I have demands! Big demands!"

"Okay, what are they?"

She brought her hands together and began counting by resting one straight index finger across her other straight index finger. "One! I reserve the right to fuck other girls!"

"Agreed," he quickly replied, "but only on one condition. They have to be bisexual girls that I approve of, and if you fuck them, I fuck them too!"

She groaned in lusty frustration. "UGH! That's so fucking... HOT! Unfair, but too fucking hot to say no. Okay, agreed. Two!" She rested her index across two fingers on her other hand. "I get to suck your cock, a lot!"

"That's a demand?! From you?!"

"You bet your ass it is! You've created a craving in me that won't go away. I've heard Kate boast how she's going to want to suck your cock all the time, and Erin plays all hard to get, but I can tell she totally wants it too. And then there are your other personal sluts as well. So, given all that, I could easily be lost in the shuffle. I demand satisfaction!"

He had a hard time keeping a straight face. He loved how these "negotiations" were going. He said, "I'm afraid I can't help you there. The whole idea of being my personal slut is that you must obey my every desire, and submit totally to my authority. I can make a special exception about your point number one due to you being bisexual, but that's it!"

He quickly continued, "But let me say this: your cocksucking skills are fantastic! To be honest, the best I've ever had so far. And that's saying a lot!" He figured throwing that little lie in there wouldn't hurt. In truth, he'd never had any so far, before tonight, but he figured that if he did, Monica would almost certainly be the best anyway. "If you keep going like this, then of course I'm going to want you to suck me off every day!"

On a roll, he added, "For instance, how would you like to meet me deep in the bowels of the main university library? I'll want a study break, and I'll call you on my cell phone for a suck. You'll find me in a certain spot between rows of books, and take off ALL your clothes! All of them! Because my personal sluts need to suck me naked! You'll kneel before me and unzip my fly, and ask my permission to suck!"

She put her hands over her ears and shut her eyes tight. She wailed, "Shut up! Shut up! Just STOP!"

He stopped. "What?"

She took her hands from her ears and looked at him again. "Damn you! I don't even consider myself submissive, but I find that so fucking hot that I can't wait to do it already! Don't even say another fucking word about it because I'm going to get angry with you for making me too fucking horny!"

He smirked. "But I haven't even mentioned the part about Kate being there too, naked and kneeling and sucking and slurping with you!"

She slapped her hands over her ears again. "You BASTARD! I told you not to do that! That just makes it worse! We need to do that, like, fucking tomorrow!" She pointed a finger aggressively at him. "As soon as the library opens!"

He chuckled. "I can see you're going to be a very difficult personal slut, aren't you?"

She put her hands on her hips, striking yet another sexy pose. And that wasn't even considering the red glow of the heat lamp or the sheen of his cum not thoroughly smeared into her face and tits. "Yes, I am! Is that a problem? Because that's just how I am. I'm a fiery hot tamale. Nobody can tame me, not even you!"

His smile grew. "Hmmm. We'll see about that. It's gonna be a fun challenge, for sure. You're going to have a lot of spankings coming your way, I'll bet."

She threw her head back. "Awww, fuck! Don't get started with that, or I'm going to have to make you spank me right here!" She bent down and picked up her dress. "Come on. Let's get out of here before The Beast gets stiff again. I'm going to have no choice but to impale myself on you and churn and bounce and grind on your cock all night long! And if we do that, Kate and Erin are gonna be super pissed at me. So let's go!"

He chuckled some more. "I think you misunderstand how this whole personal slut thing is supposed to work."

She grinned impishly. "Well, I think it's going to work a little differently with me. You'll see. But trust me, you're gonna enjoy yourself."

She finally pulled her dress down over her head. Then she tried to straighten the fabric out. She turned to him again and struck a pose with a cocked hip. "There! How do I look?"

He got up and pulled his slacks up. "Not good. To put it simply, you look... fucked! Like you've just been ridden for hours."

She replied hotly, "Well, I have been fucked! It's just that you fucked my face this time. You rode my face like a cowboy whooping it up on a bucking bronco!"

He tried to ignore that, and said in earnest, "It's a serious problem! You can't go back to the party like that! Your hair is a mess, your dress is a mess, with dirty smudges here and there, and your face and tits are shiny with cum. I'm sure the smell will be totally obvious to anyone close enough to talk to you. I can even see a few cum smears to you missed here and there!"

She smiled wickedly. "Perfect! Let's go!"


Monica began to have second thoughts about what she'd said and done as soon as she left the tree house. As she started walking with Ryan across the lawn back towards the party, she began to have especially strong doubts about the wisdom of being seen by the party-goers looking like she did.

She started walking slower, hoping to delay her return. ¡Debería darme vergüenza! ¡Estoy dejando que mi coño piense por mí! (Shame on me! I'm letting my cunt do the thinking!) I've really gotta get my act together. But it's like I can't stop myself!

Ryan was worried for her too. He said, "Do you really want to do this? I think it's rash and unwise."

She replied testily, "Of course it's rash and unwise!"

"Then why are you doing it?"

She stopped walking altogether, for fear they were already getting too close to the well-lit patio where about a dozen people were still gathered. "I blame you! You and your delicious big fat cock! You're causing me to make stupid decisions!"

He pointed out, "Then just don't make them! We can still go back to the tree house. We'll get you properly cleaned up."

She stood there and bit her lip. They were standing in the middle of the grass field, so she was only lit by the moon light.

He sensed she didn't want to do that either. She didn't want to move forward or go back. He asked, "What's wrong with that idea?"

"Well, I suppose it's the smart idea, the rational idea. But then again, who cares about smart, rational ideas when you're going to make me suck your impossibly fat cock while naked in the middle of the library every day from now on?!" She grinned, clearly relishing that idea.

"Wait! Hold on. For one thing, I never said 'every day.' If you do risky things a lot, you're just asking for trouble. And when we do that, I'm going to take special precautions to make sure it's not really THAT risky." He had some ideas along those lines already, such as having someone like Kate or Erin secretly stand guard, but he didn't want to tell that to her because he knew reducing the received risk would take some of the fun out of it for her.

He continued, "But anyway, don't confuse that with this. You're reluctant to go forward, for obvious reasons. But why don't you want to go back either?"

She bit her lip as she admitted, "I really don't want to return to the party like this. I get the creeps thinking about some guy leaning in close, smelling my face, and realizing what the cummy smell is. He'll think I'm an easy lay!"

She gave Ryan the evil eye, sensing what he was about to say. "Yes, I am, capullo, it's just that I am for YOU and not for HIM, the piece of shit!" She seemed really angry at some guy who only existed in her mind.

He asked, "What's 'capullo' mean?"

"Nice guy." She gave him an irked look.

He chuckled, because he knew it didn't mean that. In fact, it probably meant the opposite of that. (The word translates as "asshole.")

She looked down at herself. "Look at me! No panties! No bra! The shiny glaze of your cum on me, driving me wild with lust every time I breathe in. I might as well be totally naked!" She ran her hands over her remarkably round brown tits, and found herself tempted to yank them out of her low-cut dress.

She forced herself to calm down. "I don't want to get caught and have all the Kappa girls think I'm the super slut of the century. All I REALLY want to do is have Kate and Erin see me like this, and especially smell me like this! They'll totally flip out! It'll be brilliant!" A big smile spread across her face as she thought about that. "Just think of the fun we might have if they help me clean up - with their tongues!"

But then she looked at Ryan and frowned. "Or am I just way too horny and letting my cunt do all of my thinking for me?"

"There's some of that, I'm sure," he said. "The problem is, you can't just magically appear in front of them. What about everybody else at the party, especially when we don't even know where they are? You're MY personal slut now, and I'm not willing to share you with other guys!"

"Thank God for that!" she exclaimed sincerely. She remembered that just a little while ago she chafing at not being able to date other guys if she surrendered to him, but after the tree house she realized she much preferred it this way. She resented the loss of freedom, but other guys held no interest for her anymore.

He added, "Plus, you're still supposed to talk to Brandy and Jordan, and warn them about all the screaming you'll be doing when you're bouncing on my cock later tonight. Remember?"

"Oh yeah. Shit! What a comedown, having to talk to girls like them. I liked it a lot better when you had me choking on The Beast back in the tree house."

Trying to lighten the mood, as well as give her time to calm her raging lust some more, he asked, "What's up with that tree house, anyway? I've never heard of such a thing, except for kids. And how does it have all that stuff in it, including a laptop? Why doesn't somebody just up and steal all the expensive stuff?"

She replied, "You've gotta understand, we're kind of a college country club for rich girls. Nobody allowed on our property is going to need to steal a laptop or anything else. And as for strangers, we have EXCELLENT security. The tree house is part of it, with security cameras on the outside of it. And all the trees keep going to our high-security fence, providing privacy from peeping Toms too. We had trouble with those in the past, which is why we moved the pool and hot tub to the basement."

"You have a pool and a hot tub? In the basement?!" His dormitory didn't have anything except for common rooms containing sofas, TVs, and ping pong tables.

She grinned triumphantly. "We have everything! It's great to be a Kappa girl. And now I have you." She tenderly ran a hand across his face.

"Might I remind you, I'm the one who has you now."

"You might," she smirked. "But if you think you're going to dominate me instead of the other way around, you're going to have to stay on your toes. You'll have to keep me well fucked in my mouth AND my pussy, and well spanked, for starters!"

He smirked right back. "So, you liked it when I spanked you, huh?"

She replied coquettishly, "Maaaaybe!" Then she started to slowly turn around. "Maybe I do, maybe I don't. Who can say? But I do know that you should check with your hand to see if I'm still warm and red where you spanked me earlier."

As she said that, she flipped her dress up, exposing all of her fine brown ass to him.

He looked around, suddenly trembling with fear. After all, they were standing in the middle of a wide open field. But he realized they were protected by the moonlight. There was just enough light for him to enjoy the sight of her jutting round ass cheeks, but not enough for others to see what was going on. Furthermore, she was careful enough to stand facing away from the porch where some people were still gathered. If anyone looked their way, it would just look like she was standing there, fully clothed, with him standing behind her.

She quietly hissed, "Touch me! Touch my ass!"

He felt his penis getting hard again. He griped, "Some docile sex slave you are. You'll be the death of me!" Flush with all his sexual success tonight, he reached out and cupped one of her ass cheeks from below. It was so full and round that it almost felt the same as cupping one of her huge tits.

She snickered, "I might be your sex slave tonight, and I guess, well... far beyond, since that's basically what a personal slut is, but I never said I was docile! Now, spank me!"

"What, here?!"

"Yes! You ruined me. I already loved sex, but you turned me into a sex maniac in just two hours! It's as bad as what you did to Kate! Take responsibility and keep my ass hot and red!"

He was very tempted, but instead he took his hand from her ass and tugged her dress back down. "Hold on. This is nuts! Remember what you said about how you're making bad decisions tonight? If I smack you hard, the people standing right over there in front of us will definitely hear the slapping sound of your firm ass getting smacked."

She groaned in lusty frustration. "Oooh! You're no fun!"

"I've got another idea. I'll take you back into the mansion."

"We like to call it our house."

"Whatever. I'll take you in, kind of shielding you from other people. Remember how dark it is in the main room. Nobody can get a good look at you unless they're right in your face, trying to talk to you. And with the music playing so loud, it's hard to talk at all. If you tell me where, I'll guide you straight to the nearest bathroom. You can work on freshening up, like combing your hair and getting those dirty stains off your dress. Meanwhile, I'll go look for Kate and Erin. If I find either of them, or better yet, both of them, I'll send them your way. As long as you haven't cleaned up your shiny cum smear look by then, you can have a great time letting them touch you and smell you. How does that sound?"

"Fucking fantastic! Let's do it!"

So that's what they did.

His plan to get her to a bathroom unnoticed went off without a hitch. In fact, both of them were almost disappointed at how quickly and easily he was able to get her to safety without any close calls. But they also both knew it was for the best. The only trouble they had was when they left the large main room and went down a hallway to the bathroom. The hallway was well-lit, and if there had been a line for the bathroom it could have been trouble. But there was nobody waiting at all.

Ryan had to be very careful when they reached the bathroom. It would be all too easy to end up in there with her, behind a locked door. If that happened, he figured he wouldn't come out for a while, probably not until she'd coaxed another cum load out of him one way of another. So he essentially pushed her inside and then quickly hustled off.

"Hey!" she complained as he moved out of reach of her grabby hands. Clearly, she was hoping to get him in there with her too.

"Sorry! I'll see you later!"

She cursed, while shaking a fist, "¡Astuto bastardo!" ("Sneaky bastard!") But she laughed too, being good-natured about getting outsmarted this time around.

He didn't know which exact words she had used, but he could guess the general gist. He loved that he was repeatedly getting her so emotional and flustered that she kept using Spanish without even realizing it. He particularly loved that she was often shaking a fist while doing so. That resulted in an inspiring bouncy titty show nearly every time.

Looking back at her as she stood just inside the bathroom with the door half open, he said, "I'll try to find them fast, but it could take a while, so please be patient, okay? Make up some bullshit story to keep the bathroom to yourself if you have to."

She looked back at him with her sexy "come hither" stare. "I'll try to. But don't take too long! I need you... here!" Knowing that he was the only one in the hallway, she suddenly pulled up the bottom hem of her dress, showing off her very wet pussy.

Seeing that she had his full attention, she spread her legs wider. Her voice became husky and sultry. "You know what you have to do to me! The Beast is going to go right here!" She pointed directly at her pussy lips, swollen from her big orgasms.

He nodded, but then shook his head. Jesus H. Christ! She's one hot mama! She's gonna be so fucking TIGHT! Ungh! I can't wait!

He hustled down the hallway, but also away from the main room. He just wanted to get away from everyone for a while. Monica was such a fireball of sexual energy that he needed to rest and recover mentally, even after he was already feeling physically recovered from his orgasm in the tree house. His penis was very erect, and it bounced lewdly in his dark blue slacks.

At the end of the hallway, he opened a door and found himself in a game room. He'd never seen anything like it before. It had everything. There were many classic video game machines, like the kind found in coin-operated video game arcades in the 1980s and 1990s. But there also were pinball games, foosball tables, billiards tables, ice hockey tables, and much more, including many things he didn't recognize.

He wandered around with a look of wonder on his face. There were two different couples in the room, but they were so busy with their games that they paid no attention to him. Wow! Frogger, Galaga, Q-Bert, Pac-Man, Mrs. Pac-Man... I've heard of these, but never actually played any of them. These are way before my time. Heck, that means they must be before the time of any of the Kappa Kappa Gamma girls too. Half the stuff in this room doesn't seem very girly to me at all. But hey, maybe they're connoisseurs of the classics or something. Plus, a room like this must be a "guy magnet."

He sat down on a chair in front of an ice hockey table. He wasn't particularly interested in ice hockey, but it was one of the few chairs in the place, and it was away from where the four others in the room were. Whatever. Who cares about these games? Although I am envious as hell. The one ping pong table on my dorm room floor seems pathetic now.

He sighed, more from sexual exhaustion than frustration. Anyway, the main thing is, this is a good time to rest and regain my bearings. I can't even believe how incredible this evening has been! And the best thing is, now that I know how much girls love my big cock, the fun never needs to end! I should have gotten busy fucking lots of girls from the very day my parents dropped me off and left me alone at this university. Hell, I should have started fucking way back when, years ago! But then again, if I had done that, I probably would have been too distracted to actually get into a good university like this.

Oh well. I can't change the past. There's no point in ruminating over what-ifs. The main thing is the future. And whoa, what a great future! It's just like I discovered tonight that I have genuine, functional super powers. Mind control powers, or magical powers! Except my power is simply having a really long and thick penis. It seems to work the same on girls as mind control. All I have to do is show off my size and they go wild!

It turns out that Jack was bullshitting me all along. I'll bet he didn't even know Kate is submissive. Hell, I'm sure he didn't know. If he did, he would have made a play for her himself! How stupid and naïve could I be?! Sheesh! But the joke on him is that she IS submissive. How amazing is that?! Either that or she gets so horny for my cock that she just acts that way, which would be even MORE amazing! I was blustering about having my own stable of personal sluts. I must have been out of my mind to be that audacious. But the thing is, I really CAN have one, and I can take my pick of the very most desirable girls! It's kind of like being a rock star or movie star and getting my pick of groupies every night. This is AWESOME!

Although... I kind of wonder what I'm getting into. I mean, Monica in particular has totally amazed me at how sexually energetic and insatiable she is. She really is a spicy hot tamale! And Kate's not far behind! Kate friggin' Middlefield, the girl who actually outdoes Kate Upton in every way, especially when it comes to sheer tit size! Phew!

Erin's more restrained, but that may be a good thing. If all three of them were as eager as Monica, I'd probably end up fucked to death within a week! Hopefully, Erin can help stop all of us from going overboard.

The thing is, I COULD go wild with my newly discovered "super power" and fuck dozens of girls all over this campus just for the heck of it. But why should I? With each new girl, there's the chance of sexual diseases, pregnancy, jealous boyfriends, and more. Besides, I have the best of the best already. I seriously do! Why not just devote all my spare time to being with them?! Gaawwwd, that'll be so great! I'll have my own little harem on the third floor of this sorority, and spend half of my time up there.

Heck, maybe I could even sleep there sometimes. Wouldn't that be cool, waking up to find Kate sprawled naked all over me? That, seriously, is a total dream come true! And it's happening! Fuck Jack, but thank God for his spot-on advice too!

Hell, why stop there? I could find her cuddling up against me with Monica AND Erin starting my day with a glorious double blowjob! Why not?! Why the fuck not?! Two of them have agreed to be my personal sluts already, and I'm pretty confident Erin will agree too, if only to be a member of our group. Not only could that happen, it WILL happen! I could even order it to happen! Except I won't have to, since they'll want to do it on their own! Fuuuuucck! Forget adding more girls, 'cos these three are gonna run me ragged!

He was smiling from ear to ear as he stared into space, the game room around him completely forgotten. The only snag is dealing with the other three on the same floor. What to do about Nancy, Brandy, and Jordan? Especially Nancy. If we could at least keep those three silent, then the third floor could be like my own little private pleasure palace. How unbelievably great would THAT be?! Shit! I'm getting way too hard and horny from just thinking about it.

The key is Nancy. The girls don't seem too worried about the other two. And now that I think about it, since Monica and I were gone for a long time, Kate and Erin probably found Nancy and have finished talking to her by now. I've gotta go find out what happened. This could be critical! Plus, it's my duty as Monica's... what? Master? That seems rather grandiose. I don't want to get too full of myself. Well, whatever I'm called, it's my duty to help her out by sending Kate and Erin to her. So it's time I get cracking!

He stood up with a new determination.

As he started walking out of the room, he thought, I'll be back here later. There's no doubt that, after tonight, I'll be spending a LOT of time at Kappa Kappa Gamma. Heck, Kate might even make me a key, if that's allowed. I doubt it, but hey, you never know since she is the president. Anyway, I'll be able to come back here and enjoy all these games at my leisure. It's like there's a secret elite club hidden right on the edge of campus, and now I'm on the inside!

He began looking around for Kate, Erin, and/or Nancy. He started by carefully looking all over the main room, where most of the people were, but he didn't see them there. However, he discovered there were many other hallways and rooms on the first floor. In fact, as far as he could tell, all the rooms on the first floor were common rooms. Plus, he knew there was access to a basement with a pool and a hot tub in it somewhere. He had many places to search.

At one point, he found himself walking down a narrow hallway when a beautiful blonde girl came towards him from the other way. She obviously was a spoiled type like Kate, because she stood in the middle of the hallway without saying anything, expecting him to walk around. However, Ryan had a stubborn streak in him and didn't like to be pushed around, especially by her, so he just stood in the middle too. There was plenty of room for one or the other to go around, but several seconds passed with neither of them budging.

Finally, the girl seemed to take notice of him for the first time. With a disdainful look, she asked, "And who are YOU?!"

He confidently reached his hand out to shake her hand. "My name is Ryan. Who are you?"

She looked at his hand like it was covered in fish guts. "I don't care about your name, silly. I mean what are you doing here at this party? I don't remember seeing you here before. You're not in SAE, are you?"

"No, I'm not."

"Then what are you doing here? Don't tell me you're dating a Kappa girl!" She tilted her head back, allowing her to literally look down her nose at him.

"Why is that so hard to believe?"

"Oh, please! Just look how you're dressed!"

Now that he felt he had newly discovered sexual superpowers, and still operating according to the "porn logic" of his favorite erotic stories, he decided to test just how far having a big penis could take him.

Happily, he was still erect from thinking about waking up in bed with Kate, Erin, and Monica, and other similar thoughts of all the future fun he could have with them that had been filling his brain all through his search. This unnamed girl, though unpleasant and snobby, was a hottie in the classic aristocratic, well-built, blonde-haired, blue-eyed style, and that was helping to keep him aroused. Actually, she looked a lot like Kate, but she was a "mere" nine instead of a perfect ten.

He said, "It's not what you wear, it's what's under the clothes that counts." As he said that, he brought two hands to his slacks and pressed them up against either side of his erection. That tightened the fabric considerably. He already was sporting a large bulge, especially since he wasn't wearing underwear, but the girl had failed to notice it since she wasn't looking down. Now, she could see things so clearly that even the ridge of his cockhead was visible through his slacks.

She gasped and her eyes went wide. "HUNH! AH! No way!" She clutched a hand to her ample chest. She wasn't outrageously stacked like Kate, but she had an impressive pair of breasts, tanned and on display due to her low-cut top.

He continued to hold his hands there, showing off his full length. "Yes way. Can't you see?"

She stammered, "Of course I can see, you idiot, but that's some sort of trick! You, you, you... have some kind of fake dildo in there!" She recovered from her shock as she warmed up to that idea. "That's it! You took some kind of oversized, novelty dildo and hollowed it out, and then stuck your, your thing in one end of it to make it look like that's all you! Like, some kind of freak banana dildo!"

He was pleasantly surprised at how calm he was during this whole experience. It helped considerably that the hallway remained empty except for her. "Lady, I assure you, it's not some dildo. Can a dildo do this? Using his hands pressing from either side, he managed to bend his erection some without really directly touching it through his slacks. It was already noticeably curved to begin with, which is why she'd called it a "freak banana dildo," but now it curved even more.

Her eyes grew bigger still, and her mouth gaped. "That... that can't be!"

He took his hands from his crotch because he liked to gesture with his hands as he talked. "It is. Can't you see?" With his hands removed, his boner was no longer pressed closely against his body. It swelled forward, creating a tenting in his slacks that was roughly as lewd a sight as what he'd been doing with his hands. She wouldn't have noticed since his slacks were dark blue, but she certainly did now that she was alerted to look there.

She was nearly speechless. "My God! It's... it's... even bigger!"

"No, it isn't. It just looks that way." He brought his hands back to his crotch and tightened the fabric again, showing off his size in the exact same way as before. "See? Same size."

Feeling happy and carefree, he asked, "If you don't believe me, why don't you feel for yourself? If you really want to be sure, stick your hands inside my slacks and touch it directly to make sure it's real flesh and blood."

She looked like she was about to pass out. She brought a hand to her pussy mound, but then thought better of it and moved that hand up to clutch at her chest with the other one. She was panting hard. She just kept on staring going back and forth between his face and his crotch, but mostly his crotch.

He removed his hands again and held out a hand for a handshake once more. "Let's start again. Like I said, my name is Ryan. What's yours?"

She looked so flummoxed that it seemed she'd forgotten her own name. Finally, she seemed to remember to look from his crotch up to his face, and even shake his hand. "I'm... um... my name is... uh... Tiffany!" Then she bit her lip and stared at his bulge again.

Suddenly, she turned around and ran away down the hall. "Sorry! Gotta go!" She disappeared through a door and out of sight.

Ryan was left just standing there, smiling from ear to ear. Boy, THAT was fun! It really IS like I have a super power! BEAST power! He chuckled out loud. Wow, she sure was frazzled! That was great. She was acting totally snooty, like I was some kind of human cockroach that had defiled the purity and sanctity of her precious sorority. Then, when she saw the size of my penis, she basically freaking lost her mind! You know what? That's exactly how I've seen most guys react when they get close to a classic, busty, bombshell beauty like Kate or Erin. They get all tongue-tied and stupid. Thank God I don't get affected like that.

He resumed walking. He still was trying to find Erin and Kate, but he also was on the lookout for other girls who might be standing alone in a relatively private spot, so he could try his "new super power" on them as well.

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