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As it so happened, Ryan didn't get a chance to have any more Tiffany-style encounters, because he found Kate and Erin about a minute or two later. By chance, it turned out they had just moved to the same game room he'd been ruminating in. It looked like they were using it for privacy away from all the noise and people in the same way he did, because they were standing very close to each other, locked in a quiet and intense conversation.

Seeing that he hadn't been recognized, he quietly approached them from one side so he could find out what they were talking about. He figured the odds were very good it had something to do with him. They were so focused on looking straight ahead at each other that they were completely oblivious about his presence. It helped that many of the games were making humming or buzzing noises or playing songs, even when they weren't being used, creating a lot of background noise.

Kate was saying, "My bedroom is best! He totally can sleep there, at least three or four nights a week. Maybe more! If he wants, you can join us there sometimes. Remember, it's up to him."

Erin replied, "That's not realistic, and you know it. If Ryan starts sleeping in your bed most every night, we won't just have Nancy and the other third floor girls to deal with; everyone in the sorority will know! And it won't stop there. You can't keep thirty Kappa girls from talking. Juicy gossip like our president sleeping with some totally unknown freshman will spread like wildfire all up and down sorority row!"

Kate was pouty, as well as nearly breathless with desire. "So what? Let it spread. What do I care? Can you just imagine?! Getting DRILLED by The Beast every night?! And then getting to wake him up with a sloppy blowjob every morning? My jaw aches in the best way from just thinking about it!" She smiled from ear to ear.

Erin griped, "Hey! What about me? Monica and me?"

Kate spoke with a preening pride. "I'm sure he'll want to fuck you two a lot as well, in every orifice. With his great libido, I'm sure each one of us will be sucking him every day, probably in twos or threes more often than not. Do you remember what he said not long after he came to me and started to claim us?"


"He usually cums four, five, or six times a day, sometimes seven or eight!"

Erin was amazed. "Oh my God! You're right!"

Kate preened, subtly thrusting her enormous rack forward, "But clearly, he likes me the best! He sought me out specifically, and you and Monica just happened to luck in on things. So it's only natural that he sleeps in MY bed in MY room! That's MUCH superior to his dinky little plebian dorm room, I'm sure."

Erin complained, "But then everybody is going to think you're his girlfriend. What about your plan you were telling me earlier to keep him as your secret 'boy toy' on the side, and continue to date your usual preppie boys?"

"Well, things have changed. I said that before it really sank in that I'm one of his personal sluts. Obviously, my body belongs to him now. So, just as obviously, those other dates of mine have to stop. Can you imagine how harshly he'd spank my ass if I kissed another guy?! No way am I going to do that! Besides, why would I want to? Those guys are total losers to me now. My heart belongs to my honey, along with my tits, my cunt, my ass, and my cocksucking lips! All of me!" She straightened up with even more obvious pride.

Then a new thought hit her. "Oooh! Can you imagine what it would be like if he were to fuck your ass?! Or my ass?!"

Erin pushed a hand against Kate's shoulder. "Don't even talk about that! You just made my ass cheeks clench up in fear from the very idea! There's no way! With HIS size?! No way! That's the one time I'd wish The Beast was a little smaller."

Kate asked anxiously, "Oh, shit! What if he insists?! Have you ever been fucked there? In the ass, I mean?"

"No! And you haven't either. Let's get back to the topic at hand. If you start openly going out with Ryan, then your precious princess reputation will be ruined!"

Kate practically spat, "Let it be ruined! Good riddance, I say!"

"You say that now, but do you really mean it? I think not. You loooove being the spoiled rich diva princess. You hate it, but you love it too!"

Kate just bit her lip. She couldn't deny that.

Erin added, "Besides, Nancy might even be able to depose you and take your place as president. Do you want that? You might even lose your special room and have to get a regular one on the second floor. And what about your parents? What'll they think when they find out? You know they would NEVER approve of Ryan. I still don't know much about him, but I know enough to understand he would never qualify in their eyes."

Kate knew Erin had brought up some legitimate, difficult issues. But she said defiantly, "Well, maybe if my mom got fucked by a seriously huge cock, she'd start to see things in a different light!"

Erin complained, "Kaaaaate! That's not helping! I'm trying to help you with some serious problems here!"

Kate sighed. "Crap! You're so right that I both love and hate my life. I tell myself I can't wait to change, but I never do. Change is hard!"

Erin said, "That's why Ryan is good for you. What if he FORCES you to change? For instance, what if when you're pissy and bitchy to us Kappa girls on a given day, he gets told about that and then no bobbing on The Beast for you the next day?"

Kate bit her lip with worry. "Oh shit. Please don't tell him about that suggestion. That could be TOO effective!"

They both laughed at that.

But there was a serious undertone too. Clearly, Kate really didn't want Erin to tell him about that suggestion. She tried to change the subject by asking, "What is it about his cock that's just so... I dunno... addictive? Do you feel it too, the pull?"

"Of course! But heck if I know! Maybe I need to suck on it again later tonight. Then I'll give you a full report."

The gorgeous girls shared another laugh.

Ryan had only intended to listen briefly, just enough to deduce what they were talking about. But he was so fascinated that he couldn't stop himself from listening some more. He was still to the side of both of them, just within hearing range. He realized it would be embarrassing for everyone involved if they knew he'd been listening for a while. So he quietly slunk back until he got to the door of the game room.

Then he made a noisy show out of "coming in" again. He banged the door open, and then said, "Hello, ladies!"

Kate and Erin turned in surprise. Their reaction clearly showed that they had been completely fooled and thought he'd just walked in right then.

The same four people - two couples each - who had been in the game room when he was there a short time ago were still there now. Each couple was absorbed with the video game they were playing. One guy briefly looked up when he heard the door bang, but lost interest as soon as he realized it wasn't anybody he knew. The other three didn't even look.

He was unexpectedly delighted to see both Kate and Erin straighten up stiffly and try to look their best for him. What was even more arousing and delightful for him was that Kate immediately started blushing again.

He had to stop and take a moment to admire them. Fuck me! Just look at them! So sexy in those dresses, and yet I know they look even sexier naked! I get so fucking horny knowing they're not wearing bras or panties! I didn't even ask them to do that. They did it on their own, for me. Monica did too!

He walked up to them, but stood just out of reach. "Kate, what are you blushing about?"

She quickly thought about that, and realized, "I don't know!" Then as she thought some more, she realized, "It's just that... when I see you I'm reminded of all the crazy and utterly humiliating things that happened to me tonight, and then I get embarrassed all over again!"

"Good!" He stepped forward. But, mindful of Kate's boast that she was his favorite, he wanted to make a point of kissing Erin first. So he did.

He took Erin in his arms and whispered, "You're so beautiful to me!"

Her face lit up with delight.

Within seconds, he and Erin were happily necking. With a mind to the way Monica had flashed her bare ass at him outside in the moonlight, he even brought both hands to Erin's ass, flipped her short skirt up, and began fondling her ass cheeks. Just as he'd hoped and expected, she wasn't wearing any panties.

Kate was scandalized, due to the fact that there were four other people in the room. One of them was a Kappa junior named Amelia whom she knew fairly well. Kate tapped Ryan's shoulder and hissed, "Not here! We're not alone!"

He was well aware of that fact, of course. And he would have been prudent, except that given what he'd overheard of Kate and Erin talking to each other, it sounded like his relationship with Kate would soon be well known within the sorority anyway. Plus, he was convinced the four others in the room were totally absorbed with their video games and highly unlikely to pay any attention in any case. However, as the necking continued, he realized that probably only his relationship with Kate would become known, if things happened in the months to come as he hoped they would. Thus, it was still wise to keep his relationships with Erin and Monica a secret, so the three of them wouldn't get slut-shamed.

With that in mind, he stopped kissing Erin and switched to making out with Kate instead. He was going to do that anyway, but he was a little quicker about moving over.

When Kate saw him break free of Erin and set his eyes on her, she started to say, "But... Bu-bu-but..." But she was so totally horny for him now that, even with her fear of being seen by the others, she was reaching for him with her lips parted and her tongue ready well before his face reached hers.

Mindful of what he'd spontaneously said to Erin, he whispered to Kate, "You're so beautiful to me too!"

She seemed over the moon to hear that. She practically attacked him with her lips. He and Kate shared a sizzling kiss, just like the one he'd just shared with Erin, but maybe even hotter.

However, Kate was so worried about the others in the room that she tried her very hardest to control herself otherwise. She longed to rub his stiff boner through his slacks, or even reach inside his slacks to stroke it directly. And that was doubly so when she felt his bulge press against her dress-covered upper thigh and she realized that he was fully erect. But she behaved herself. She even resisted fondling his ass, and simply kept her arms wrapped around the middle of her back.

Ryan didn't feel such need to be restrained though, now that he knew she was leaning towards giving up her secret boy toy idea and letting the rest of her sorority know that she belonged to him. He considered the secret boy toy idea a complete non-starter anyway, because he wasn't about to allow her to continue to date other guys. With the power he had over her now, he didn't have to.

So, once he was comfortably embracing Kate, with his tongue engaged in a fierce battle with hers, he casually slid his hands down, flipped the back of her dress up, and began fondling her bare ass cheeks.

It was exactly the same as what he'd just done to Erin, except there were a couple of key differences.

One was that it was much easier for Ryan to embarrass Kate than embarrass Erin, and he was helped by the fact Kate was already feeling embarrassed before the kissing and fondling began.

The second was that Erin was expecting him to play with Kate's bare ass before he even started to kiss her, since he'd just done the same to her. Knowing now that Kate got off on sexy humiliation, Erin whispered to her, 'Uh-oh! Kate, your bare butt is showing! What if the others see? Isn't that Amelia over there? I think she's looking this way!"

Amelia, the girl in the room who was in the KKG sorority, was most definitely not looking Kate's way, and didn't even have a direct view if she wanted to. But with Ryan's face blocking Kate's view, Kate didn't know that. Feeling panicky, she tried to pull her dress down her back side. But Kate's dress was so short to begin with that with Ryan deliberately positioning his arms and hands in such a way to make it impossible for her to tug her dress all the way back down, there wasn't much she could do.

Kate's arousal soared and soared. Soon, her pussy was gushing and her body was trembling with need. Oh God! Not only will my secret relationship with Ryan come out, but everyone will know that I'm really a shameless slut! My reputation will be ruined. But I'm too hot and horny to stop him!

Ryan had anticipated this sort of thing would happen. He broke the kiss, and said to Erin, "Kate is feeling embarrassed. She needs our help. I've got an idea. Let's move over here." He nodded towards a spot just a few feet behind them where a row of video game arcade machines came to an end. That left a little corner where they could stand without being seen by the four others in the room.

Kate panted, quietly, "Thank you!" She heaved a great sigh of relief, setting her great melons wobbling in her low-cut red dress.

She immediately shuffled back to that spot, with Ryan moving with her with his hands still on her bare ass, like they were a porno version of competitors in a "three-leg" race.

Of course, it would have been far easier for Ryan to simply stop fondling her, but Kate was so very aroused that that option didn't even occur to her.

Erin was secretly disappointed that Ryan was being relatively lenient with Kate. She was getting a big kick out of seeing Kate get so horny and humiliated, even though something similar often happened to her as well when Ryan turned his attention on her.

But she'd underestimated him, because he just wanted to take things to the next level without any serious chance of getting caught. Once Kate was literally backed into a corner, with one shoulder pressed against the side of a Dig Dug video game machine on one side and her other shoulder pressed against a wall, he took one of her hands and slipped it into the front of his slacks.

She looked down at her hand in sheer disbelief, even as her fingers curled around his erection and she started to rub his sweet spot. She whispered, "Please! No! I beg you! Not here!"

Erin smirked and smiled, delighted to see he wasn't cutting Kate any slack after all.

He ignored Kate's plea and continued to fondle her ass cheeks, which were even more exposed than before. She had to hump her lower body towards him to prevent her bare skin from touching the wall or the machine.

Giving her almost no time to recover, he said, "Okay, it's time to talk. I assume you managed to talk to Nancy?"

Erin, seeing that the cherry red faced Kate was trembling and biting her lip and in no condition to talk, replied, "We did."

"Good. So how did it go?" He brought a hand from Kate's ass to her tremendous rack, and he started playing with one of her erect nipples through her dress.

Erin thought, I love this guy! I don't mean "love" love; I mean he's so damn entertaining! She quickly replied, "It went about as well as we could expect. We gave her the whole cock and bull story about how we were watching a loud porn video..." Her voice trailed off, because Ryan's body jerked spasmodically. "What?"

He jerked like that because when she happened to use the words "cock and bull," he remembered Monica's lusty reaction to that exact same phrase back in the tree house. And that brought back all kinds of highly stimulating memories, including the view through the mirror of Monica's kneeling, nude, brown-skinned body as she sucked on his cock. He very nearly climaxed unexpectedly. But luckily for him, Kate was just getting warmed up with jacking him off.

He shook his head, trying to shake off his horny urge. He said, "Uh, nothing. Just enjoying my personal slut. Please continue."

Erin went on, "Yeah, so, we gave her that story and she seemed to buy it. She seemed very interested in the idea that the prudish Kate would actually watch a porn film, and she tried to get her goat by asking her all kinds of questions about it."

Ryan slipped a strap off Kate's left shoulder, causing her dress to sag enough on that side to fully reveal her massive round left tit. He immediately began fondling and caressing her there. "Is that true, Kate? Are you 'prudish'? Would you say that's accurate?" Her pulled her erect nipple towards him slightly.

She looked down at her hands on him and his hands on her. Then she stared intently into his eyes and hotly whispered, "I WAS! Until tonight, you fucking asshole! You ruined me for normal sex! I'm getting hooked on your special treatment and I hate it! Look at what you're doing to me now!"

He was all smiles, knowing full well that she didn't really hate it. "What, you mean this?" He pulled her other strap off. With that, her dress slipped nearly down to her hips. He immediately began fondling her great melons with both hands.

Kate aggressively wiggled her ass, which allowed her dress to fall back down behind. But that was small consolation, because she was far more worried about the others in the room noticing her bare knockers, complete with Ryan's hands caressing them. She couldn't even rest her ass against the machine or the wall, for fear that her dress could get dirty.

She asked him with desperation, "When will my humiliation ever end?"

He smiled as he responded, "That's an easy one. Never! Literally never! It's my new goal to try to humiliate you every single day!"

"Oh God!" She was panting hard. "Every single day?!" My life will never be the same! This can't be happening! I've never even given a real blowjob until tonight, but it seems I'm gonna spend more time kneeling and bobbing from now on than anything else! AAAARGH! Why does that make me even more aroused?! It's no fair! She was fighting the urge to cum just from those words and thoughts. Then she remembered she wasn't allowed to cum without his permission, and that both humiliated and aroused her still more.

Erin was jubiliant. Did I say I love this guy? Because I love this guy! Nothing arouses me more than seeing him humiliate her in a sexy way like this! Well, okay... I can think of a few things, including getting to directly humiliate and fondle her myself. Almost nothing, then!

After mastering the urge to cum on the spot, barely, Kate whimpered, "Why are you doing this to me?!"

"Because I can! You're my personal slut, remember? This is how my sluts get treated," he replied in a no-nonsense tone. "I know you're a very good student, much better than most people think, just from the way you speak in Dr. Peterson's class. No matter how much time I spend playing with your ripe body, I still expect you to get excellent grades. In fact, I demand it! But your top priority from now on is serving my cock."

She looked down at her hands, and it was hands now, because she had brought her second hand forward to help jack him off. She'd even unzipped his fly to better get at the full length of his shaft.

She whimpered again. This isn't happening! Somebody tell me this is just a nightmare! Or a really fucking arousing wet dream! My "top priority from now on is serving his cock?!" He's going to make me cum from words alone. Just hearing him say that makes me want to serve it that much more!

Sensing Ryan was done talking for now, Erin continued, "It was a good thing we got our story straight, because Nancy asked all kinds of detailed questions, such as the title of the film and what kinds of scenes were in it."

He replied absentmindedly, since he was more focused on playing with Kate's enormous jugs at the moment, "Oh yeah? And what was the title?"

Erin snickered. "'Lesbian Spank Inferno.'"

He laughed. "You're kidding me!"

Kate shut her eyes tightly, as if she was hoping that would take her far from this humiliating situation. She remembered the painful moment when Erin had said that. She'd blushed profusely then too, just like she was doing now.

Erin replied, "No, I'm not! The plan was to go with the bland title 'A Doctor's Visit.' The idea was to explain that it was one of those soft-core types developed for women. The plot would be a patient falling in love with her young, handsome, and very well-hung doctor. Lots of blurry lens shots and passionate kissing - just the kind of porno the old Kate would watch if she ever watched one, which would be HIGHLY unlikely. But at the last second I kind of got inspired and came up with that title instead."

Kate gave Erin the evil eye. "I could fucking kill you! That was so mean!"

Erin chuckled. "Yeah, but you have to admit it was pretty funny. You should have seen the look on your face!" She continued with Ryan, "Anyway, in case you run into Nancy and she asks you, I went on to explain how it had some great sex scenes, lesbian and otherwise, as well as all kinds of fucking, sucking, and licking, with some men involved too. So it wasn't all lesbian or all spanking."

Kate growled at Erin while she continued to pump and rub on Ryan's cock. "I hate you! I hate you so much! Now she's going to totally think I'm lesbian, or at least bisexual!"

Erin hoped she didn't have to respond to that, since she was hoping very much that Kate actually would soon discover she enjoyed having sex with girls too.

Ryan said to Kate, "Now, you don't really hate Erin, do you?"

Kate sighed in frustration. It was clear she didn't hate Erin at all. In fact, they were bonding more and more in a very weird way.

He continued, "But anyway, Erin, it's not like Nancy can question me, because she's not even supposed to know I exist."

"Oh yeah." Erin was so transfixed watching all the tit fondling and cock stroking that she'd forgotten that. She also was slightly distracted from periodically keeping guard on the other four people in the room. But so far, the others were glued to their machines like video game addicts, so she didn't look their way that often.

He asked Erin, "So... what else? Are we safe to scream our heads off tonight, at least?"

"I think so," Erin replied cautiously. "The party was going on all around us while we were talking to her, and she seemed pretty into it. I noticed there was this one guy she was talking to a lot, and they seemed to be into each other. So hopefully she won't be returning to her room until late. But that still leaves things up in the air with her after tonight."

"True. But let's tackle one thing at a time." He was occasionally licking Kate's neck or jaw line as the conversation went on. She was tilting her head back to make that easier for him to do. "Erin, did you break up with your boyfriend yet? What's his name, Chip?"

Erin winced at that painful topic. "Unfortunately, no. He is here and I talked to him briefly, but we wanted to take care of the Nancy thing first, and we ended up talking to her for a while. Kate has kind of a 'frenemies' relationship with her: on the surface, they couldn't be friendlier to each other. But just below the surface, they're looking for ways to stab the other in the back. So we had to put in some pretend friend time."

He nodded absentmindedly. "I see." He brought a hand down Kate's body and flipped the bottom front of her dress up.

Kate whispered in disbelief, "No! Please! Not there!"

Ignoring her, he started running a finger up and down her wet pussy lips. He was about to push two fingers into her for the first time.

But Erin was watching closely, and when she saw him reposition his hand, she urgently whispered, "NO! Don't do that!"

That hand of his froze, even as his other hand idly pinched Kate's right nipple. "What? Why?"

Erin asked Kate quietly, "Can I tell him? I have to tell him!"

Kate slumped down in defeat. She looked truly ready to die of shame now. But she nodded slightly.

Erin whispered even quieter than before, "Ryan, you can't put your fingers in like that because... because... she still has her hymen intact!"

He stopped all his movement altogether and withdrew his hands from Kate's body. Wait! That means she's still.. a virgin?! Impossible!

He stared back and forth between Kate and Erin. "You're kidding me! Right? Is this a joke? Oh, I get it. It must be midnight already. This is an April Fool's joke, isn't it?"

Erin continued to whispered, "No, it's not midnight yet, and it's not a joke. She really is a virgin! Try pushing your fingers in just a little bit and you'll see. But be careful!"

Kate was in denial mode. Her hands had stopped jacking him off and withdrawn from his body too. Her eyes were shut painfully tight as she was trying to shrink deeper into the corner, dirty walls be damned. But, of course, there was no escape.

Curiosity got the best of Ryan and he did tentatively and carefully push a little into Kate's vagina. But he couldn't go far because he indeed discovered that there was a hymen there for real. He whispered, "Well, I'll be damned!"

He could tell Kate was feeling extremely humiliated now, but it was the emotionally painful kind of humiliation she hated, not the sexy kind of humiliation she was coming to secretly love. He definitely didn't want her to feel like that. So he spoke tenderly to her while letting her keep her eyes closed. "Kate, don't worry. I don't think any less of you. You've been in a fucked up situation, and everything you thought you knew about sex was wrong. You know, it wasn't that long ago when I was a virgin too."

Kate opened her eyes in stunned disbelief. "You?!" She fully believed that he was an unstoppable super stud.

True, he was well on his way to becoming more like that, but that all had transpired in just this one evening. He was painfully aware of the fact he was still a virgin too. He didn't want to ruin his new studly reputation but he did want to make Kate feel better, so he came up with a creative lie. "Me. Think about it. Those high school girls I was with, they were terrified of the size of my penis. They were willing to suck me and stroke me and everything else, but they were afraid to get fucked by me. And I'm not a monster. Believe it or not, I can actually be a nice guy most of the time. So when they said 'no,' I went along with that. It was only in the last year that I had sex for the first time, and then things admittedly changed drastically after that. So, overall, I'm not that different from you."

Kate whined piteously, "But you HAVE had sex! And I'm sure you've had TONS of it in the last year. And you're a freshman and I'm a junior! I should have had sex years ago!"

He replied, "Maybe so. But most people, when they're virgins, that's because they can't find anyone who wants to have sex with them. That's clearly not the case with you. You could snap your fingers and ANY guy would crawl on burning coals to have sex with you! Even the gay ones!"

She tried to chuckle at that, but she was too miserable. "True, but that just shows what a total fucking stupid idiot I was! How could I deny all sexual pleasure to myself just to keep my boyfriends desperate to please me to get even a tiny taste of my body? How selfish and cruel was that?! I was such a BITCH! And I still am, I'm sure! It's just masked tonight by all this crazy lust!"

He replied calmly, "That last problem you mentioned, we're going to take care of that. It's my firm belief that there isn't a problem that can't be solved with lots of fucking, spanking, and blowjobs! Soon, you'll be sweet as an angel, and happier than you've ever been in your life. When you're selfish you get what you want in the short term, but you lose out in a big way in the long term. We're gonna break that vicious cycle."

She looked at him in renewed wonder. She was starting to think that actually might work, as crazy as it sounded. Gaawwwd! Such a stud, and wise too!

He continued, "As for the rest, look on the plus side: I'm going to take your cherry tonight. Furthermore, the only cock you're going to know is MY cock! You can boast to Monica and Erin and all my other lovers that your cunt belongs to me and me alone!"

Kate's expression slowly changed, from mournful, to hopeful, to outright lusty, then even to proud. Her entire mood perked up dramatically. She smiled, "That's true. That's true! It really is true, isn't it?"

Erin was trying to cheer her up too. "Besides, what good are those other puny cocks? Those are like the cheap knock-off brands. You'll get the real deal and nothing else! You're going to look back and thank your lucky stars you managed to save your purity for your man!"

Kate was so inspired that she threw her arms around Ryan's back. That changes everything! I'm GLAD I'm still a virgin! My cunt will stay PURE, for his cock alone! "Oh, honey!" She squeezed him tight.

He wondered again where the heck "honey" came from, but he didn't mind that nickname at all. He thought it was very endearing, and a good sign that she was starting to develop strong feelings for him.

Her heart was soaring. What if his cock is the only cock that'll EVER go into my cunt?! Or my mouth, or even my hands? Or my tits? My asshole, even?! Oh Gaawwwd! I love it! She belatedly remembered she had touched the penises of some boyfriends. That makes me his VIRGIN slut, except for the few handjobs I've given. But those hardly count, since I didn't really put any effort into them. I'll bet none of his other sluts can claim that!

The Kate of two hours ago would have found it utterly inconceivable to know how drastically her opinion of Ryan would change in that short period of time. But to Kate now, two hours ago felt more like two years ago. She hated that old Kate, even though she knew her bad attitudes and habits were still a very big part of her.

He further encouraged her, "Erin's right. Plus, we're going to make up for lost time. I'm going to fuck you tonight and keep fucking you constantly. You'll practically be living on my cock! You'll bounce and grind so much that you'll feel dizzy and confused those rare times when you're not impaled on me and just standing still!"

Her hope was soaring. "Really?! Do you really mean that?!" So much fucking! Yes, please! Even when I go to class, I'll have his cum dribbling out of me!

"Well, pretty much. Maybe a BIT of an exaggeration there." He grinned, and she grinned back. "You'll see." Sensing he'd turned her mood around, he gave her another searing French kiss, just to make sure.

Then he stepped back, disengaging from her completely. He quickly tucked his erection away and zipped his slacks up. He glanced around the room now that he was out of the corner, and confirmed that the four others were totally absorbed in their video games and couldn't have cared less about what anyone else was doing.

Kate whispered urgently, "What are you doing?! I need to get back to your cock!" She reached for his crotch.

He shook his head. "Not now. There's been something I've been meaning to tell you. Monica is in a certain bathroom, and she's been waiting for you." He went on to explain which bathroom that was.

As he did that, he tried to guess in his mind just how long Monica had been waiting there. Although things had been extremely eventful for him, he decided not that much time had actually passed. He hoped that it had only been fifteen minutes, maybe twenty.

He said, "You two need to go see her there, right now! I've kept her waiting too long. She has something important to show you."

Erin asked, curiously, "Show us? You mean tell us?"

"No, I mean show you. Although I'm sure she'll have interesting things to tell you two as well. Ask her about the tree house, and don't let her dodge the issue until she tells you the full story. She'll know exactly what I mean. But Erin, don't take too long! You need to break up with Chip, remember? In fact, why don't you go do that first? If it doesn't take that long, then join Kate and Monica in the bathroom. They'll be there for a while, I imagine."

Erin was growing more confused all the time. "But why meet her there? And what's this about a tree house?"

Kate, meanwhile, seemed focused entirely on Ryan's crotch. She was licking her lips repeatedly. He hasn't even fucked me yet, and I already know it's going to be the best thing EVER! I hope getting his cock into my cunt is as much of an ordeal as getting it into my mouth!

He actually took a couple of steps back, because he was concerned she was raring to launch herself at him.

Then he decided to just start walking away altogether. "Don't ask, just go."

"Wait!" Erin said, waving a hand at him. "What are you going to do?! Where will you be?"

"I'm just going to mingle. Don't worry about me. I'll come by that bathroom by and by, okay? Otherwise, we'll find each other in a matter of minutes anyway, I'm sure. And I'm not going to talk to Jack if I can help it at all, so don't worry about that."

Erin nodded.

Kate wrapped her arms around Erin and squeezed tight. She was emotionally overwhelmed from the roller coaster ride she'd just been on and needed a good hug.

Then she realized, My dress is still pulled down to my waist! OH SHIT! In a panic, she freed her arms and then pulled her dress back up. She looked around and realized the other four were still lost in their own video game worlds. With that crisis averted, she went back to hugging Erin.

Erin stroked Kate's blonde hair comfortingly while chuckling at that close call. She whispered, "Some people miss out on all the interesting stuff, don't they? If only the two guys in this room right now knew what they just missed! How much do you think they'd pay to see your bare breasts?"

Kate proudly whispered back, "They're not going to get to see my tits, not at any price! The only man who ever gets to see me naked is Ryan!"

"Damn straight!"

Kate sighed with satisfaction. Everything seemed well in her world for seemingly the first time ever, despite her near constant humiliation all evening (or maybe partly because of that, although she couldn't admit that to herself). She was practically glowing as she fantasized about Ryan taking her virginity in the very, very near future.


With Ryan gone, Kate's mood started to change. She paced around the open space in the gaming room, tugging her dress to try to cover up a little bit better.

After more than a minute of this, Erin, who was just standing by and watching, asked her, "What are you doing?"

Kate continued to pace. "Trying to calm the hell down!" She finally stopped, and asked plaintively, "Do you have any suggestions? Specifically, how do I stop feeling so horny?! We've got serious things to do. We have to help Monica with some mysterious thing, and you still need to break up with Chip. Plus, we have to look normal moving through the party. But I'm just... so... horny! Does it show up on my face?"

Erin admitted, "Yeah, kinda. Well, maybe not that you're horny per se, but your face has been blushing red basically all evening, pretty much from the minute Ryan walked into your room and whipped The Beast out. It's just it flares up and gets redder sometimes. And that's noticeably weird, because I don't even know if I've seen you blush before. You're the one who gets others to squirm in nervous embarrassment!"

Kate flopped her arms up and down. "But now it's happening to me! And the problem is, merely thinking about that makes me horny. It reminds me of all the naughty things he did to me. In fact, everything I think about somehow tends to lead back to thoughts about him and his big..." - she was going to say "cock" but she edited herself after remembering the four others in the room - "...Beast. It's like I'm locked in a vicious cycle and I don't know how to get out of it. That's why I need your help!"

Erin said carefully, "Well, okay, but do you really want to be helped? Aren't you having fun? Aren't you having the time of your life, even?"

"Well yeah, of course, but I need to take a breather! I feel helpless. Everything is spiraling out of control! I'm falling deeper and deeper under Ryan's spell. Look at everything that's happened in just two hours, and I don't even know how that happened!" Kate looked around. "Can we sit down somewhere? Maybe if I sit down and relax, that'll help me."

They looked around, found two chairs, and pulled them together. They sat down, facing each other.

"That's better," Kate muttered.

Erin said, "Let's not get too relaxed. Remember that he said Monica had been waiting too long already."

Kate sighed. "Fine. We'll go in a minute. I just need to take a breather. Is this REALLY happening to me?! To us? Erin, am I losing my mind, or did I just somehow wind up Ryan's personal slut?! Or is it that I'm his slut AND I've lost my mind?!" She sighed again.

Erin replied, "You haven't lost your mind, and yes, you're his personal slut now. I suppose I will be one too, by the end of the evening, and Monica will as well. But don't think of that as a bad thing."

"What?! Of course it's a bad thing! I've just lost ALL of my freedom! Look at me!" Kate held her hands up dramatically near her head, showing herself off. "This shouldn't be happening to me! With my face and my body, not to mention my brains, I should be writing my own ticket to anywhere I want! It's the same for you. Ryan's not even worthy of us. My parents would totally freak out to hear I went on a date with someone like him, much less... Well, let's just say they'd better not find out what's actually happening, or they'll both die of heart attacks on the spot!"

Erin spoke patiently. "Listen to you. That's the old Kate. The one we call 'Princess Kate.'"

"Old?!' I would have said that a mere two hours ago!"

"I know, but a lot can happen in two hours. Since we live in Southern California, an earthquake could hit us at any moment and change everything. The whole sorority could come crashing down! More to the point, 'love at first sight' is real. It happens. In your case, it's more like 'lust at first sight,' and 'total submission at first hour,' but it's a similar kind of thing. Stop trying to think like 'Princess Kate' and think like 'Slut Kate.'"

"'Slut Kate?!' Erin, you're not helping!"

"No, I am. You didn't even like yourself before. This is a golden opportunity to remake yourself. Sure, you've got problems, like your parents, and Nancy, and people finding out your sexual submission generally, but we'll figure that out. We'll work together as a team to overcome all obstacles."

Kate grumbled, "That sounds like some kind of cheesy, inspiring 'Brady Bunch' episode. The problem is, you conveniently fail to mention that I'm his de facto sex slave now!" She belatedly looked around with worry to hear if the others had heard that, but they were still oblivious. Luckily, she hadn't spoken too loudly, and the ambient noise of all the video games made it hard to hear much from more than a short distance away.

Erin responded, "Come on! You act like you don't want that, but you luuuuuve it!" She grinned impishly. "Think about it. Be honest. Picture yourself a few days from now and Ryan ignores you the entire day. You don't even get to have one nice, long cocksucking. I'll bet you anything you're going to be totally pissy and hard to deal with until he's got you kneeling and naked with The Beast halfway down your throat!"

Kate stared off into space as she considered that. Finally, she said, "Okay. That sounds like me. That sounds exactly like me, in fact. You're right, that's totally going to happen." She looked back to Erin with ire. "But that just proves I must be certifiably insane! Or brainwashed! Maybe he brainwashed me?"

Erin rolled her eyes. "No, you're not insane OR brainwashed. You're just discovering a new side to yourself, a sexual side, a submissive side. There's nothing wrong with that. It's just very different for you. You'll adjust. Now, we should probably get going. We're not going to resolve these issues of yours quickly, and Monica's waiting. Are you feeling better? Are you ready to go?"

Kate grumped, "Well, I was, until you mentioned me naked and kneeling and bobbing on The Beast. That's dangerously horny territory." She abruptly stood up. "Come on, let's go. It sounds like Monica's got some kind of problem. If I focus on helping her, that'll keep my mind preoccupied and help me calm down so I can regain some perspective."

"Good idea." Erin stood up too. Actually, she was rather hoping Kate didn't calm down too much, but she figured they were obliged to help Monica in a timely manner in any case.

The two of them walked out of the game room together. Soon, they reached a spot where Erin had to go one way to find Chip and break up with him, and Kate had to go another to get to Monica. They said good-bye to each other and walked on.

— — —

Meanwhile, Ryan found himself at loose ends. He really wanted to spend more time with Kate, Erin, and/or Monica. In fact, he realized there was nothing else he would rather do. But he wanted Kate and Monica to bond for a while, hopefully with Kate licking his cum off Monica's face and tits, and Erin had to break up with Chip. So he decided to just pass the time wandering around the party.

He went back to the main room. He thought he could lurk unnoticed and just watch people dancing for a while. However, he soon decided that was too dangerous because he spied Jack on the other side of the room.

He came up with a new plan. He was intrigued by Monica's mention of an underground pool and hot tub, but so far he hadn't seen any way to go down to the basement. He decided to go searching for it in a more systematic manner. That would keep him away from the main room and Jack.

Furthermore, he remembered the little encounter with Tiffany in one of the hallways. Even though she'd run off in the end, that had been a big boost to his ego. It reinforced his idea that his large penis was his "secret weapon" as well as his "new super power." So, as he walked around, he had an eye on creating further incidents like that to test out this power.

The problem was, it was hard for him to "break the ice." He was unflappably confident, yes, but he wasn't an arrogant asshole. He didn't have the gumption to just walk up to a strange girl and proudly draw attention to his erection. Tiffany had been a unique case because she had rudely complained that he didn't belong at the party and he'd seized on that to show there was something special about himself, namely, his penis. It wouldn't be easy to recreate that series of events, especially if there were other people around, which there usually were.

As a result, he was content to simply explore the vast mansion for a while and enjoy the eye candy. There was plenty to explore, since the entire first floor turned out to consist of common rooms, such as a dining room, kitchen, laundry room, computer room, and other practical rooms. But there were many rooms that surprised him, such as a library/reading room that looked elegant and old fashioned, like a reading room in the British Museum.

There was plenty of eye candy too. Not all of the guys were handsome, but all of the women were beautiful, without exception. He figured there was a self-selection process through which no girl would dare enter Kappa Kappa Gamma, even as a party guest, unless she reached a certain threshold of beauty, for fear she would be looked down upon and maybe even mocked. It was probably cut-throat and ruthless for the girls, but it was endless sexy splendor for him. Plus, the girls all dressed as if there were some kind of competition to see who could show off the most skin without resorting to full-blown nudity.

He felt relatively subdued compared to when he was around Kate, Erin, and/or Monica. Things tended to get hot and exciting with them in a hurry, he had noticed. It was good to take an extended breather from that. But every girl he saw was so gorgeous, and often quite busty, that he had an erection in his slacks more often than not. He felt like he was in some sci-fi utopian future where everyone was physically perfect due to advanced genetic engineering.

After about ten minutes of quiet wandering, and with no luck finding the way to the basement, he came to a room with just three girls in it. The room didn't seem to have any special purpose, and just seemed to be one of several rooms to hang out in. Its chief feature was a large fireplace built into a wall. A fire was raging, and the three girls were sitting on chairs in front of it. They didn't need the warmth, since the mansion was well-heated and it wasn't even that cold outside, but they had turned all the other lights off and were enjoying watching the flickering flames as they chatted with each other.

Ryan probably would have turned around and let them be even though the fire looking tempting to sit near, but when he walked into the room the girls looked towards him and one of them exclaimed, "It's HIM! Oh my God, it's HIM!"

He was startled, but not too surprised, because he recognized that girl as Tiffany. He wasn't sure what Tiffany or the other two would make of him right now, so he decided being caution would be the best policy. "Uh, if you'll excuse me ladies, I'll just be going. I was just looking around, so don't mind me."

However, it wasn't so easy for him to leave. Tiffany stood up and urged, "No! Don't go! They don't believe me. Please! I need you to prove to them that I'm not lying!"

He didn't know what to do. He'd gotten a bad impression of Tiffany during his brief interaction with her. She'd seemed spoiled and bitchy, much like he kept hearing how Kate was supposed to be. She even looked similar to Kate with her blonde hair and blue eyes, although she wasn't as beautiful and certainly not nearly as busty. He saw no reason to help her out.

But then again, the situation had potential. While Tiffany only had average looks by Kappa Kappa Gamma standards, she was more beautiful than any of the couple hundred girls in his large dormitory complex. Plus, the other two were stunners, although he hadn't really had a chance to scope them out yet, especially since the room was dark except for the fire.

The decision was effectively taken out of his hands though, because the three girls gathered around him and guided him towards the fire. One of them closed the door behind him. Tiffany led the way, saying, "Come on, please! I know I was kind of rude earlier. I'm sorry about that. It's just that this place is more than just a sorority to me, it's home. It's freaky to see a total stranger wandering around inside your house, you know? I got defensive."

He asked, "Even during a big party like this?"

Tiffany replied, "Yeah. It may seem like a lot of people, but it's basically the same crowd from month to month and week to week. I don't know everybody by name, but I pretty much know everyone by sight."

By the time she finished saying that, he'd been led to a spot in front of the fire. It was much better lit, though the lighting flickered and shifted with the fire's flames.

However, before he could look around and check out the other two, a girl behind him said to Tiffany, "Enough of that. I don't care. I want to see this PENIS you're talking about!"

The other girl said, "Yeah!"

He briefly looked around. Both girls who had just spoken were blonde, and Tiffany was too. However, the first one to speak had platinum blonde hair in a short boyish haircut. It really stood out, especially compared to her fairly tanned skin and her ruby red lipsticked lips. The other girl looked much like Emma Watson, except for her blonde hair, with a face that looked both cute and sultry. They were stunning in their own ways.

However, his attention turned back to Tiffany, because she was standing right in front of him, saying, "Pleeeassse! Can you please show them your penis? They laughed at me when I told them I saw a foot-long penis tonight, but now they can see what I mean!"

He started laughing heartily. "A foot long penis? Twelve-inches?! Are you kidding me?!" After he got his laughter under control, he said, "Nobody has a penis THAT big! Maybe a few people in the entire world. My penis is only nine inches long."

The platinum blonde groaned. "Awww!"

But Tiffany wasn't easily deterred. "Okay, so maybe it's not a foot long, but it's HUGE, I tell you! It's absolutely HUGE!"

Naturally, he was very flattered. He thought, Cool! My secret weapon strikes again! Things could get VERY interesting here! Actually, this is exactly the sort of situation I was looking for. Just because there's three of them, that doesn't mean I can't have fun.

He spoke, trying to sound modest. "Well, people do say it's unusually thick..." He did the same thing he'd done with Tiffany earlier: he brought both hands to his crotch and pulled on the fabric on either side of his erection, drawing dramatic attention to the shape of it.

The two unnamed blondes were impressed. One of them even exclaimed, "WOW!"

Tiffany seemed to have gotten over her earlier shyness and shock. She knelt down right in front of him. "Come on! Check it out! Was I right or was I right?"

He was surprised that the other two immediately knelt down as well. Within seconds, it was very crowded near his crotch, because all three of them leaned in for a closer look.

However, the other two were skeptical. The blonde Emma Watson type said, "That can't be real, it can't! It's just so thick! AND long!" She looked up at Ryan. "Are you sure it's only nine inches?"

He chuckled. "Believe me, I'm sure. But nine inches is a lot. Still, it's the thickness that's really unusual."

The three girls got to arguing with each other. At first, the two unnamed blondes insisted that his penis had to be fake, while Tiffany defended him. But soon, all three of them were looking up at him and insisting that they had to see it directly to be completely convinced.

He had to laugh, because this was going so well. I DO have a new super power! If things are going this easily in just one night, my possibilities are virtually endless! All I have to do is somehow get in a position like this to show off my penis, and I can have sex with a different hottie each night! Or I can go for quality over quantity and just stick with the three total hotties I already have. I'm feeling surprisingly attached to all three of them, actually. But, either way, it's going to be totally awesome!

The three girls stared up at him expectantly. They thought he was thinking hard about whether he'd expose his boner or not. The tension was growing.

He remembered how things got started with Kate and Erin, and specifically how he'd made a deal that resulted in her taking off all her clothes. He said, "Sorry, girls. I'm not about to just pull my slacks down, just like that. It's one thing to look through my slacks. It's another thing to get partially naked."

The three girls deflated with disappointment.

He continued, "However! I don't want anyone to get the wrong impression and think this is somehow a fake. So I'm willing to make a deal: I'll expose my penis if the three of you get naked."

The "blonde Emma" immediately said, "What?! No way! That's not going to happen! In your dreams! Right?!" She looked to the other two for confirmation.

However, the other two were on an entirely different wavelength. They were shocked too, but clearly didn't rule out the possibility.

Tiffany pleaded, "Come on! I've gotta see this! I'm sorta obsessed about it now. I won't be satisfied until I really know what it looks like." She looked up to Ryan. "What if we just go topless? Isn't that fair? Isn't that what you really want to see?"

He would have agreed to that, except he surmised from the look on the face of Tiffany and the platinum blonde that curiosity had gotten the best of them, and they would agree to most anything. Lust had gotten to them too. They were breathing hard, and the expressions on their faces could only be described as "eager."

He wasn't so sure about the third girl though, the blonde Emma Watson type.

Before he even had a chance to reply, she stood back up and said, "I can't believe what I'm hearing! Sure, I'm curious too. Damn curious! But I'm not about to take my damn clothes off! I've got a serious boyfriend, you know!"

He sensed that this girl was on the verge of bolting. So he said to her, "I didn't realize you have a serious boyfriend. That changes things. If I were that boyfriend, I wouldn't want you to get naked in front of a strange guy. So I suppose you can keep your clothes on if they still take theirs off."

She looked at him skeptically. "All of them?"

"All of them."

She seemed disgruntled, but stayed silent. She remained standing.

He turned his attention back to Tiffany and the platinum blonde, both of them still on their knees in front of him. "Now, let's do this! Just to show that I'm not playing around..." He unzipped his fly and pulled his slacks down. His dick was still very stiff, and pointing down along the side of a thigh. He carefully pulled his slacks down just enough to show off some of his erection, but not all the way to his cockhead. By stopping there, it looked like his hard-on could keep going even longer. Then he pulled his slacks back up.

That was the incentive the other two needed. Tiffany looked to the platinum blonde and said, "Jordan, are we really going to do this?!"

Jordan replied, "Hey, it was your idea in the first place. Besides, we're half-naked as it is, with these dresses we have on."

Tiffany still hesitant. She looked up to Ryan. "Could we... Uh, sorry, but what's your name again?"


"Oh yeah. Ryan. Sorry! I'm just kind of nervous. Really nervous! Ryan, could I at least keep my panties on? Please?"

"Yeah, I suppose." He didn't want to push too hard and ruin everything.

Tiffany started to remove her dress, even as she stayed kneeling in front of him.

Jordan said, "Shit! That doesn't help me. Of all the times not to be wearing panties!" She started stripping too.

Tiffany laughed. "You're such a slut!"

Suddenly, the blonde Emma Watson look-alike threw up her hands and said, "I can't do this! If I stick around I'm gonna get too horny and get sucked in. My boyfriend will NOT be happy. Besides, I've seen enough to know it's real. You two do whatever and tell me about it later, okay?"

She quickly walked out of the room. She opened the door, closed it, and was gone. Apparently seeing the two others getting naked was the final straw for her.


Tiffany and Jordan looked at each other as if to say, "Should we keep going?" Then, by some mutual non-verbal decision, they giggled nervously and kept on stripping.

Ryan thought, Bummer that what's-her-name left. But it's probably for the best, especially since she has a serious boyfriend. Whoever that boyfriend is, he's got a keeper with her. Still, it would have been cool to see her naked. I guess there are limits to my new "super power" after all.

While all this was happening, and even while he was thinking about the girl who had just left, something else was nagging at him. Then it occurred to him: "Jordan!" Tiffany said the platinum blonde's name is Jordan. How many Jordans could there be in a sorority of only thirty or so girls? That's gotta be the same Jordan who lives on the third floor, the same one Monica was trying to talk to earlier!

Inspired by this insight, he asked in order to confirm, "Um, Jordan? Excuse me, but that's your name, right, Jordan?"

Jordan was just finishing undressing. Her body looked spectacular, as he'd expected, but he wanted to sort this out before he stopped to really take a look. "Yeah. What of it?"

"Nothing, it's just that I'm wondering if you're the Jordan who lives on the third floor here."

"Of course I am. There aren't any other Jordans here that I know of."

He thought, Awesome! What a great coincidence! The question is, what can I do to take advantage of this?! However, he tried to keep a poker face.

She asked, "But what difference does it make? And where did you hear that?"

He lied, "Oh, it's no big deal. It's just that, not five minutes before I came in here, I overheard some guys talking, and one of them said, 'That Jordan, she's a real hottie. You can see why she lives on the third floor.' So it's just a funny coincidence."

Jordan smiled at the compliment. "Cool! But what do you think?"

"About what?" Between looking at two naked girls at his feet (or nearly naked in Tiffany's case, since she'd kept her panties on), and thinking about his luck at bumping into Jordan in this way, he was having trouble keeping track of what she meant.

She sat up higher on her knees and struck a sexy pose. "Is he right? Am I a hottie?"

He finally was able to take a good look at Jordan in all her nude glory. In fact, she was practically demanding that he do so. His first thought was that, although he'd made that quote up, it was obvious why Jordan lives on the third floor, if the social status for that privilege was based on looks. She was one of the most attractive Kappa girls he'd seen so far, which was a high compliment.

He thought, Hmmm, didn't Kate and the others say that the remaining three third floor girls weren't so stacked? True, Jordan isn't super stacked like Kate or Erin, but then again she isn't tall like them either. But she's a lot like Monica: about five foot tall, even, and E-cup sized boobs, I'd guess. Maybe even slightly larger than Monica's! So they kinda lied to me!

But in any case, she IS a hottie! I'll bet some guys really did say that tonight. Nice sultry looking face! Those seem to be a third floor thing. And I love the platinum blonde hair. So fair! So white! It's really exotic looking. I love that she's totally naked. I can see everything! She shaved her bush off too. That seems to be a popular third floor thing too!

While he was looking Jordan over carefully, Tiffany started to get annoyed. She finally protested, "Hey! What about me?! I'm basically naked too. Am I a hottie too?"

He redirected his attention to Tiffany, which changed her mood immediately. She smiled and struck a sexy pose on her knees as well. He had to agree that, indeed, she was a hottie as well. However, he was far more interested in Jordan. Tiffany wasn't quite as beautiful, and her personality turned him off, due to her initial snooty behavior towards him.

He just gave her a smile. He didn't want to be too encouraging. Strangely enough, even though both girls in front of him were in the top small fraction of the top one percent most beautiful girls in the entire university, he found himself thinking more about Kate, Erin, and Monica. He was aroused, but not wildly aroused like he had been with any of those other three.

Tiffany was mollified by his smile. Seeing that he approved of her and Jordan, her interest returned to his penis. "Okay, we've done our part of the bargain, now you have to do YOUR part of the bargain!"

He had no problem with that. He was horny and two beautiful girls wanted to see his stiff cock. So he unzipped his fly again and pulled his slacks down. He stopped just where he had stopped last time, with his cockhead still hidden.

The two girls purred happily as his boner came into view, but groaned unhappily when he stopped. Although they were kneeling right in front of him, they weren't leaning in, apparently because they felt a bit daunted.

He snickered to himself. So this is what it must feel like to be a Chippendale's dancer! This is fun! I can do a male striptease. Too bad my three beauties aren't here to see it.

After a suitably frustrating pause he pulled his slacks down a little more, just enough to pass the bottom of his cockhead. Once he did that, his boner sprang forward, glad to be released from its tight confines. It bounced around wildly until it finally settled down, sticking out ahead very stiffly while drooping a little bit due to gravity.

The two girls jerked back at first, like it was a weapon attacking them. But once it stopped its bouncing, they moved back, and even brought their heads closer than before. They obviously were extremely fascinated.

Jordan asked Tiffany while staring right at Ryan's cockhead, "Oh my GOD! Have you ever seen one that big?!"

Tiffany replied, "Are you kidding me? That's the size of my boyfriend's LEG!"

The two girls laughed at that, knowing of course that was a wild exaggeration.

Tiffany asked, "What about you?"

"Pretty much the same. I've known some guys who came close to the length or even matched it, but it's the width that really makes it stand out. I didn't know they could even get that thick!"

Tiffany teased, "And that says a lot coming from you, Miss Sluttypants."

Jordan took that good-naturedly just joking back, "Hey! Look who's talking!"

Ryan was having a good time. It was hard not to enjoy two beautiful girls gawking in admiration at his stiff boner. However, he was only having a good time, not a great time, because he was distracted by thoughts of Kate, Erin, and Monica.

He thought, This is fun, but I wonder what the others are doing now. I wish I could have been there to see the look on Kate's face when she saw the gleam and the sheen on Monica's face and tits, leaned in to take a whiff, and recognized the smell of my cum! I'll bet she totally flipped out! He chuckled to himself.

I wonder what happened after that. Did Monica cool down while she was waiting all that time, or heat up? Did Kate get all mad at Monica for "stealing" a load of my cum? Did she ask about the tree house, and did Monica tell the whole story? I'll bet that if she did, the two of them got all hot and horny. Hell, I'm sure they did anyway! What I REALLY want to know though is if Kate got so very turned on that she succumbed to licking Monica's face, and even tits, and what happened from there! That's the main reason I set things up like that, to help Kate get more into girls. Just think how much MORE fun the four of us will have if she does!

Hell, wouldn't it be awesome to go back there and find the two of them totally naked and lezzing out, kissing and fondling with abandon? Better yet, the three of them! With any luck, it won't take long for Erin to break up with her boyfriend... which she's doing for ME! What a power rush that is! Anyway, by the time I get back, the THREE of them could be naked and going wild in a mini-orgy, right there in the middle of the party!

Tiffany had said something, but he was so preoccupied thinking about Kate, Erin, and Monica that he didn't pay attention. So Tiffany cleared her throat to get his attention, and repeated herself, "Ryan, I said, is it okay if we... touch it?"

That caused him to snap back to the here and now. Hmmm. Touch it? I don't know. Normally, I'd say yes, hell yes. These two look super sexy, especially with the way they're being lit from behind by the fire. But I've gotta admit I'm way more interested in what's happening in Monica's bathroom. Not to mention, I can look forward to spanking Kate and fucking all three of them as soon as we get back upstairs! Hell, what am I even doing here, when I could be making that happen faster instead?!

This is great as a proof of concept. Clearly, having a big cock IS almost like having a super power, a sexual super power. If one of them touches it, we know what's going to happen next: things are going to escalate. It won't be long before one or both of them are licking my cock, at the very least! And that IS pretty damn exciting! But Kate! And Erin! And Monica! I really should get back to them. The more things escalate here, the longer it'll take for the upstairs fucking to begin!

Realizing he was taking a long time thinking, and Jordan and Tiffany were eager, he said, "Hold on. I'm thinking."

Jordan complained, "Come on! You know you want it. You're just torturing us!"

But he didn't reply to that, because he was still thinking things through. He looked back and forth between Tiffany and Jordan and their spectacular nude bodies. What's my purpose here? Unfortunately, Tiffany just doesn't do much for me. I would have thought she was the hottest thing ever a few hours ago, but that was before my success with Kate. The problem is, she looks a lot like Kate, but she's a notch below her, or more. Especially with her boobs. What are they, a C-cup, maybe? Kate has freaking G-CUPS! And I get so fucking horny just thinking about my Kate blushing with embarrassment. Why waste time with a lesser Kate when I can be with the real thing?!

He looked back to Jordan. Then there's Jordan. She looks a lot like Monica, body-wise and tits-wise, but she's totally different too. The short platinum blonde hair couldn't be more different than Monica's longer raven hair, for starters, and her light skin and pink nipples are worlds away from Monica's dark, brown skin and even darker nipples. Plus, I like the talk about how slutty she is. She's no prude, that's clear. I could totally get into Jordan, for sure!

But what's my overall plan here? She's Jordan of the third floor! That's a lucky break. But how can I use that to my advantage, to get her to at least not tell others about what I'm really doing to my three special beauties? That's obvious: take advantage of her interest in my cock! I can use that like a tempting carrot, holding out the promise of letting her play with it if she plays ball with keeping silent.

With that in mind, he said, "Sorry if I'm taking so long. I'm still thinking about how that other girl ran off. What was her name again?"

Tiffany said, "Eloise. Or just Ella." She was distracted and licking her lips.

He thought, Ella? That even sounds similar to Emma. She totally is the blonde Emma Watson! He chuckled in his mind. Then he continued, "Yeah, Ella, she said she had a serious boyfriend. And Tiffany, I heard you mention that you have a boyfriend too. Isn't that right? Remember how you said my dick looks like the size of your boyfriend's leg?"

She looked busted and very disappointed. "Yeah, but I was just kidding!"

"Maybe so, but I don't want you to cheat on your boyfriend. Looking is okay, but touching isn't, don't you think?"

"Dammit!" Tiffany was frustrated.

He looked to Jordan. "What about you? Do you have a boyfriend?"

"No! So I can touch it, right?" Jordan eagerly reached her hand out.

But Tiffany immediately said, "Liar! You totally do!" Apparently, if Tiffany wasn't allowed to have fun, she didn't want Jordan to either.

Jordan gave her a look to kill. "Thanks a LOT, Tiff! But I'll have you know that we broke up just last week, so there!" She stuck her tongue out.

Tiffany shot back, "Yeah, and I'll bet it was because you were slutting around, AGAIN!"

"HEY!" Jordan glared at Tiffany, ready to say more.

But Ryan interceded, holding his hands down between them like a referee getting between two overheated players. "Hey, both of you! If you two are going to bicker, then I'll just leave."

"Wait! No!" both Jordan and Tiffany said at the same time.

He looked down at them like a scolding teacher staring down disobedient students. "Let's hope that's settled. Jordan, if you wish, you can touch it. But just you. Tiffany, you can stay there and watch, but that's it. And behave! No more bickering! Understood?"

The two girls nodded.

Jordan brought her hand close to his boner again. She looked up at him hopefully. "Can I...?"

He grunted affirmatively.

She brought a hand to his shaft, going straight for the narrowest area just beyond his cockhead. She immediately exclaimed, 'Hey, Tiff, check it out! I can't even touch my finger to my thumb!"

Tiffany was very impressed. "No way! That's so cool!"

Jordan brought her other hand up and started to explore while keeping her other hand firmly wrapped around. She mostly just rubbed her fingertips here and there in her exploration. "Gaawwwd! Look how tiny my fingers look, in comparison!"

Tiffany pointed out, "But you have small hands, since you're short in general." She looked up to Ryan. "Can I at least just put my hand near it, to compare? As long as you don't touch it?"

He nodded. "Near. But don't touch. If you touch, we'll have to call the whole thing off."

Having heard that, Jordan growled at Tiffany, "Don't you DARE touch, or I'll kill you!"

Tiffany brought her hand up until it was just a couple of inches away. She ooohed and aaahed at the size comparison.

Meanwhile, Jordan's fingers began to subtly rub his sweet spot with the hand she kept wrapped around his shaft. Clearly, she knew what to do to pleasure a penis, and just as clearly, she was trying to ease him into allowing her to do more.

But, as good as that felt, he still was thinking more of Kate, Erin, and Monica. I wonder what they're up to now. I'll bet Erin's joined them, and Kate and her are busy licking Monica's tits of even the slightest trace of my cum smears! Oh, man! What an embarrassment of riches. It's pretty awesome to have Jordan starting to stroke me now, but still, I'd much rather be in that bathroom with the other three.

So why am I still here?

He looked down, first to Tiffany. She had brought her hand back down, and now she was staring at Jordan's hands with undisguised longing. Clearly, she would join in in a heartbeat, if he gave the word. That was a pretty exciting thought, imagining four hands jacking him off at once, with four sizable bare tits bouncing around in time.

Then he looked over to Jordan. She looked especially good in the fire glow. Her hair was so white-ish that it actually had an orange or sometimes reddish huge due to the fire raging behind her. She had a very nice face, with beguiling grayish-blue eyes. And he confirmed yet again that she had a huge rack, easily as large as Monica's on a similarly short frame.

But his thoughts and gaze were mainly focused on her hands. She was taking full advantage of his permission to touch. Since she didn't see or hear any opposition from him, she'd quickly switched to a full-blown handjob. She had one hand almost exclusively focused on rubbing his sweet spot, while her other hand slid up and down his long shaft repeatedly.

As she did that, she said to Tiffany, "It's too bad you can't touch it too. A big cock like this could use three hands at once, if not four! I'm not even doing anything to his fat knob at the moment."

Tiffany exclaimed, "It's the size of an apple! For real, no exaggerating!"

"I know! And look at those balls! That's some serious testicle power! The next time I see my boyfriend's balls, I'm going to think he's hung like a chipmunk!"

Tiffany laughed. But she couldn't help but point out, "Hey, I thought you said you broke up with him."

Jordan replied, "I did. I just mean whoever my next boyfriend is gonna be."

Ryan was paying more attention now, since her handiwork was starting to feel really good. She didn't sound very convincing with that last statement. He guessed she probably was still with her boyfriend from before, and that upset him. He didn't want to be a party to cheating.

He was about to say something, but then Jordan leaned her face in closer and asked, "Can I lick you too?" As soon as she finished saying those words, she started lapping her tongue around his cockhead.

He winced and closed his eyes. Fuuuuck! I really need to stop this! For one thing, she still has her boyfriend. I'm ninety-nine percent convinced. I was kind of dubious already, but she didn't even try to lie believably that time. Furthermore... the bathroom! I totally need to go there now! I can't wait! Not to mention upstairs. Fucking! That's going to be the ultimate! So much better than this. And my goal was to hook Jordan on my cock. Maybe it wasn't clear before, but now that she's licking too, we've definitely crossed some kind of line. I can pick this up with her later. Mission accomplished! So let's get out of here!

He glanced over at Tiffany. She was starting to freely play with herself, even slipping a hand inside her panties to finger her slit. Then he looked to Jordan again. She wasn't playing with herself, but that was only because she was using both hands on his enormous erection. And her tongue was doing wonderful things already.

He unexpectedly took a step back. And then another. The first step took Jordan's tongue off his cockhead, and the second one caused her to let go of his hard-on as well.

She quickly scooted forward again, bringing her back into range.

But he was already pulling his slacks up and tucking his erection away.

She complained, "What are you doing?! Don't stop now! It was just getting good!"

He smiled down at her. "It was. But it sounds to me like you have a boyfriend too, you just won't admit it."

"I do not!" Jordan looked over to Tiffany. "You! You're the one who put the doubt in his mind!"

Tiffany shrugged. She looked conflicted. It seemed she was getting some pleasure from cock-blocking Jordan, while simultaneously being disappointed that the fun was coming to an end. She said sheepishly, "Sorry."

Jordan looked up at Ryan again. "So you're just going to stop like this?! With the two of us naked and eager?!"

"I am." He continued to button up.

"That's impossible! Nobody does that!"

"Well, I do, obviously. What's your boyfriend's name? The one you're still dating. Come on, don't try to deny it."

She looked away in embarrassment. "Vince."

In fact, that was the very same Vince who was the sneaky friend of the duplicitous Jack. However, that name didn't mean anything to Ryan, since he had never been introduced to Vince.

Ryan then asked Jordan, "Do you have your cell phone with you? And do you communicate with him via text messages and such?"

"Yeah, somewhere. I left it in my purse, which I checked when I arrived. And sometimes, sure. Why?"

"I'll probably see you later. If you break up with him, and there's proof on your phone in the form of text messages back and forth about it, then we can continue where we left off. Otherwise, it's better if we don't, if you're serious about him."

Jordan was flummoxed by that. Now that his slacks were pulled up, she covered her big tits unthinkingly. "Well, I'm not SERIOUS about him. He's just the flavor of the month, to be honest. But then again, I'm not going to break up with him this very minute just to play with your cock some more. You should be asking, nay, BEGGING, for me to continue!"

He smiled wanly. "That's not how it works when you have a dick this size. Anyway, you two girls wanted to see it, and you got to see it and more. So are we good?"

Tiffany was miffed. "No, we're not good! You can't just leave like that!"

"Why not? Both of you have boyfriends, clearly. You two are both really sexy and stunning, and normally I'd be all in favor of continuing, but I don't want to be 'the other guy.' Since this was pretty brief and all, let's pretend this didn't happen, okay? No hard feelings?"

Tiffany looked glum. But she muttered, "No hard feelings." She quietly muttered, "Not like I got to touch you anyway."

Then, with the spotlight on her, Jordan said, "No hard feelings."

He smiled again, wanting to make sure they weren't offended. "Like I said, you two are super sexy. Your boyfriends are lucky to have you. I'll see you around." He gave a little bow, and then turned to leave.

Before he got out of the room, Jordan rushed over and clung to him, despite her total nudity. She whispered in his ear, "If I want to see you later, where will I find you?"

He considered that. Hmmm. That's a tricky one. Do I want her to know about what the four of us are gonna be doing later? Maybe even have her join in? Make it five?! Nah. Kate, Erin, and Monica are way too much for me already. I'm sure they're going to completely drain me dry, and I can't wait! One more would be total overkill. But then again, it would be good if I could at least string Jordan along. My original plan was to seduce the other three into silence. Apparently, Nancy is a bitch and Brandy is a lesbian, but at least I can do that with Jordan, maybe some other day.

With that in mind he whispered back, "I don't know where I'll be for sure. Maybe we'll run into each other somewhere at the party. If not, let me give you my info so you can e-mail me or text me." He gave her that info.

She nodded. She didn't have any way to write it down or input it into a mobile device, but she seemed determined to remember. Knowing that Tiffany was paying attention and no doubt would grill her about this secret communication later, Jordan just whispered, "See you later. And I WILL see more of your big cock later too. You'll see!" Then she gave Ryan a kiss on the cheek and pulled away.

After he left the fireplace room, he had a big smile on his face. Well, THAT worked out well! Today definitely has to be my lucky day, for my entire life! After all that's happened with Erin, Kate, AND Monica, and then two more hotties want me, and one of them happens to be Jordan! Too bad about the other one, Ella, but I guess not even super hung guys can win 'em all.

The really cool thing is that if I can do this one time at this party, I can do this any time at any party! I don't need to be suave or funny or charismatic. All I have to do is show off my erection through my clothes and I can seduce anybody! Well, okay, maybe not anybody, but a lot of sexy ladies. How cool is that?!

He started to walk faster. But what's even cooler is what must be going on in Monica's bathroom! Finally! I just hope enough time has passed for Erin to break up with what's his name, Chip, so the four of us can finally get back upstairs and get to fucking! I have a cherry to pop, for starters! Holy shit, how exciting is that? I get to take Kate's virginity!


Ryan quickly made it to the bathroom he'd left Monica in. He'd kept his bearings while wandering through the sorority, and he had made particular note of where that bathroom was, because he was so very keen to get back to it.

He got to the right hallway quickly enough. Just looking at the door to the bathroom made his heart thump wildly. He checked to make sure the hallway was completely empty. Once he saw it was, he rushed to the door. But instead of knocking, he put his ear to it. Sure enough, he heard the sound of panting, lots of panting.

His heart soared to the sky. He was already greatly aroused from the anticipation, but his arousal soared even higher. A-ha! I knew it! I totally knew it! There are at least TWO of my sexy sluts in there, if not THREE! I'm absolutely positive they must be naked and having fun! MY sluts, my personal sluts! God, why does that make me so happy, that they're getting intimate with each other? I don't know, but it does. My dick is so hard and stiff right now that I could knock the door down with it!

Practically trembling with glee, he knocked on the door. He put his ear back on it to hear as much as he could.

There was some excited whispering and gasping, and then dead silence. He could picture their reaction just as if the door wasn't there, and he loved it.

Then he heard Monica state, loudly, "Um, sorry, but this bathroom is being used for a while. I have, uh, explosive diarrhea. I suggest you keep going straight down the hall and to the left, and use the bathroom there!"

The way she rushed out that pat answer made Ryan believe that a number of people had already come by and she'd told them that each time. The odds were very good she had no idea it was him this time.

He considered himself fairly unflappable as a general rule, but he was practically bursting with anticipation and glee. He spoke in a firm, low voice, "Monica, it's me. Ryan."

Monica's tone of voice was completely transformed, and he heard other gasps of surprise and delight. "Ryan?! Thank God! We've been waiting for you! Is the coast clear?!"

"Is it right now. Open the door, fast! I want to see you, each of you! All of you!"

Kate's voice sounded deliriously happy. "Ryan! Oh God! You're back!"

Then Erin said, "We'd like to, but we're not presentable!"

He thought, Sweet! Erin IS there too! Awesome! He said, "I don't care about that. In fact, I hope you're all naked and cummy and sweaty. Now, open the door this instant, or I'll have to spank you all, right here!"

He heard a mad scramble after that, and the door opened just a crack.

That was enough for him to tell that his best-case scenario had been happening in reality, due to the fact he couldn't see much through the crack except bare flesh. SWEET! They're all completely naked! This is so awesome!

At least one of the girls on the other side was carefully holding the door open only about an inch or two, no doubt for fear of strangers seeing in.

But he wasn't having any of that cautiousness, especially since he was able to look up and down the hallway and confirm nobody could possibly see into the bathroom from any angle, not unless they were in the middle of the hallway like he was. So he pushed the door all the way open, forcing whoever was trying to hold it to let go.

He stared triumphantly at his three busty beauties, all of them completely naked, and all of them shocked and wide-eyed. It appeared that Monica had been sitting on the toilet, with the toilet seat down, while the other two had been kneeling facing her, with their heads up close to hers. They were mostly still in those positions, although they all had rotated to face the door.

They would have screamed, except they knew doing so would only make it more likely for someone to come and check them out. They were completely unprepared for what he'd done with the door, and they covered their privates as best they could.

He loved the fact that Kate was already blushing and her blush was deepening by the second, while Erin and Monica were quickly catching up with blushes of their own.

He spoke, but quietly, "What are you covering up for? This is me! Show your bodies to me, like good sluts!"

Kate protested, "Bu-bu-but... but anybody could see!"

"They could, but they won't, because I'm here protecting you now. Uncover yourself this second or the harsh spanking you're already going to get upstairs is going to be even harsher!"

He was speaking directly to Kate when he made that spanking threat, but all three women moved their hands from their privates with alacrity.

He stood and stared for some long moments, totally overwhelmed by erotic euphoria, as well as a rush of power. He didn't have a physical orgasm, but he certainly had a mental one, as much as anyone can.

While he stared the three managed to get into a line inside the bathroom, so they were all facing him, shoulder to shoulder. It was cramped, but there was just enough room for him to see their spectacular faces, enormous racks, and wet, shaved pussies.

He was practically tripping out just from the sexy sight before him and the overall situation, plus the awesome future it portended. While he kept on staring, they seemed to stiffen with pride, thrusting their chests forward and pinning their hands behind their backs as if he'd ordered them to do so. But the greatest part was that he hadn't. Their faces were all as red as Kate's got at her most humiliated (a face he'd seen a lot of this evening), and they were nervous as hell, yet it was clear they were very happy and horny too.

It was all so much for him that he felt dizzy and he worried he might stagger and swoon. He sharply jerked his head to the left as if surprised by someone there, and said in an urgent whisper, "Quick! Close the door!"

He didn't see who did it, but the door closed even faster than he thought possible.

In fact, nobody was coming. There were a couple of other bathrooms closer to the main party room, so this one wasn't used much. Even the hallway didn't seem to be used that often, since the rooms beyond were mostly utilitarian, such as the dining hall. He just pretended like someone was coming because he needed to recover from the overwhelmingly sexy and exhilarating sight.

He actually slumped up against a wall while remaining standing. He closed his eyes and tried to control his breathing. God DAMN! Their bodies are so fantastic! And they... they belong to ME now! Why didn't I do this before?! I should have taken advantage of my "super power" since the first day of the semester!

After about a minute, he recovered enough to whisper, "Hey, girls, start putting your clothes on. Make yourselves presentable." He still wasn't ready, but he figured it would take them at least a few minutes to do that.

Monica whispered, "Is the coast clear again?"

"Yes." He decided not to correct her, leaving them with the impression that somebody had just walked by. That would help keep them horny and on edge - not that they needed any help with that.

He heard the sound of rustling and very quiet whispering from inside the bathroom. But because he was leaning up against the wall instead of having an ear to the door, he didn't know what was being said. That was okay though, since he figured he probably wouldn't be able to recover if he heard.

After about another minute, he recovered enough to speak more, while continuing to rest against the wall. He really was as wiped out by his seeming mental orgasm as if it had been a real physical one, although his dick was still as hard as a steel bar. He spoke just loud enough for them to hear, "Erin, did you break up with your boyfriend yet?"

"I did."

He thought, Incredible! How great is that?! He calmly asked, "How did it go?"

"Not bad, thank God. Like I told you, we weren't very serious to begin with. Plus, we were on the down slope already."

"Good. So how do you feel now? Sad? Wistful?"

"Are you kidding me?! Horny! So very, very horny!" Then Erin added, "I don't care about him at all. All I care about is you! It's such a relief, knowing that I'm exclusively yours!"

He thought, Whoa! Cool! That's Erin talking, the most reluctant of the three. But she sounds sincere. Why would she say that if she didn't mean it?

In fact, she was sincere. She surprised herself both for saying that out loud to him and for realizing that she meant every word. She still had big, big issues with being called his "personal slut" though. She was resigned to having to fake her enthusiasm for that, in order to get along with the group. But when it came to sheer sexual desire, her feelings for him were off the charts compared to how she felt about her now ex-boyfriend Chip or any of her other previous boyfriends.

Kate said with urgency, "That's how I feel too! Both parts, but especially the 'very, very horny' part!"

Monica giggled as she said, "Me too!"

He moved away from the wall and brought his face close to the door again, so he could lower his voice some more. "Are the three of you busy getting dressed?"

Erin said, "We are, but it's kind of hopeless. We have that horny look, like we're ready to fuck absolutely anything. A lamp post, even!"

Monica joked, "We ARE going to fuck a lamp post! At least I am, and VERY soon. Have you forgotten how big The Beast is?!"

Kate groaned loudly and lustily. Shit! It IS impossibly big! I can barely fit it in my mouth. I can't even imagine the mixture of pain and pleasure when he'll bust my hymen!

Erin chided, "No talk about getting fucked, or we'll never get even halfway presentable!"

Kate moaned needfully, "But I'm so hooooornnyyyy! He's going to fuck me! If we go straight upstairs, he could be splitting me in two in just a matter of minutes! His going to take my virginity!"

Monica commented, "You lucky bitch! You sexy SLUT!"

"SHHHH!" That was Erin. "Would you two shut up? You're not helping! And Kate, use some sense. Do you want the whole world to hear he's going to pop your cherry?"


The three girls laughed at that.

Ryan was enjoying their rapport, but he felt the need to chime in. "Seriously, sluts, listen to Erin. Calm down and dress up. Comb your hair and put your make-up on and all that. We just have to make it through the crowd and up to the third floor, then we'll be golden."

Kate whispered to the other girls, but just loud enough for him to hear, "Did you hear that? He called us 'sluts' just as easily as saying 'hey you.' That makes it true!"

Erin whispered in a voice as lusty as Kate's, "Shut up! Please! Even I'm getting too worked up from that kind of talk!"

Then Monica spoke through the door in a teasing, sultry tone, "Ryan, should I put some lipstick on? In other words, would you like it if I make a nice red ring about four inches down your thick cock?"

Both Kate and Erin moaned at that like they were having mini-orgasms. Then he heard another quiet "Shut up!", almost certainly from Erin.

Monica's ring of lipstick comment had shaken him, making him remember her expert cocksucking in the tree house and before. He said, "Yes, please. Everybody just shut up for a while, okay? Otherwise, we're never going to make it upstairs."

"To get fucked!" Kate exclaimed joyfully. But then she added, "Sorry!"

He chuckled.

Some moments passed, making him hope there would be silence for a while. He thought, God, I love 'em! Kate, Erin, AND Monica. I could seriously fall in love with all three of them at once. God knows they have the bodies. Oh my fucking God, what bodies! If they're not the three sexiest girls in the whole damn university, then I don't know who is! But not only that, we're developing this kind of fun rapport. I can tell already we're going to have great, sexy, fun times together, for a long time to come.

No wonder that half the time I was with Jordan and Tiffany, and what's-her-name, Ella, I was wishing I could be with these three instead. Sex, fun, and lots of gigantic orgasms - what can beat that? Oh, and getting to see Kate blush too. That has to be the sexiest sight in the whole universe! I hope she doesn't ever get immune to being humiliated, 'cos I want to see her blush every damn day. Somehow, I can tell she's never going to stop blushing around me, which is too cool to be believed.

With the talking stopped, it sounded like the progress in getting ready sped up. He heard a lot less moaning and panting, and more rustling.

After a couple of minutes, he decided to tempt fate by talking some more. "How's it going in there, girls?" He deliberately used "girls" instead of "sluts" so as to not provoke them.

Monica replied in a gleeful, teasing voice, "You can't wait to stick your big fat cock in our tight, tiny little cunts, can you?"

He replied, "You know somebody else was in hearing range when you said that, didn't you?"

Monica whispered in alarm, "¡No me jodas!"

He didn't know what it meant ("Fuck me!"), but he could guess well enough. He chuckled. "Just kidding."

She hissed, "¡Astuto bastardo!"

He didn't know "astuto" meant "sneaky," but "bastardo" was similar enough to "bastard" for him to guess the overall meaning.

He chuckled again. "I'll take that to mean you're still working on it. While we're waiting, Monica, did you ever manage to talk to Brandy or Jordan and tell them about how there would be screaming from your bedroom later?"

Monica replied in her passionate way, "Are you kidding me? How could I do that? First you made me wait forever in this stupid little bathroom, and then you sicced your two big-titty succubae on me! Half tits, half succubus, and all sexy evil!"

He laughed at that. "Sorry about that. I can see how you never got around to finishing off your task. So that raises the question: should we wait until you go find them and talk to them, or should we just go straight upstairs?"

Monica almost immediately replied, "The three of us just took a vote with our faces and our eyes. The vote was an immediate: Hell no! Of course we've gotta go straight upstairs! If you don't fuck the three of us half to death, like, five minutes ago already, our pussies are going to boil over with heat and need until they spontaneously combust! Do you want all that on your hands?!"

He laughed again. "The three of you expressed that much in two seconds flat with just your faces and eyes?"

Monica replied in a voice that was less exasperated and more teasing, "What can I say? We have very expressive faces."

He chuckled some more. "True. Kate? Erin? Do you agree with that?"

Erin said, "I speak for both of us when I say that we agree a thousand percent. I actually have no choice but to speak for Kate and me because Kate is biting down on her hand to stop herself from cumming. I just spent the last five minutes trying to get that 'desperate to suck your cock' look out of her face, and now I'm gonna have to start all over again."

He was all smiles. "Sorry. But actually... not. Look, the three of you have your clothes on, right? You don't have to prepare like you're going to a beauty pageant. We're just going to go through the crowd and up the stairs. It'll take, like, three minutes, tops. So let's do it! Open the door already, now."

Kate took her hand from her mouth and complained, "But we're not ready. I'm sooooo horny!"

He spoke insistently. "I have a feeling you're going to be that horny half an hour from now, or close to it. Open the door, and that's an order! You're my personal sluts now and you must obey."

The door opened, and all the way this time.

To his surprise, the three gorgeous girls did look presentable and relatively calm and collected. Kate's face was still nearly cherry red, but he figured that couldn't be helped. He was struck yet again by their curvaceous beauty.

Erin said with chagrin and amusement, "Did you have to add that last comment? We're lucky Kate didn't scream in climax and drown in a lake of her own cum."

"Sorry, couldn't help it." He was still grinning madly. He motioned at them. "Anyway, come on, my pretty sluts, let's get in the hallway. I want to see the three of you line up like soldiers on parade." He was more aggressive with his language now that he saw they were restrained enough to handle it.

The three of them quickly exited the bathroom and formed a line in the hallway. They stood up against the wall opposite the bathroom door in case somebody wanted to walk by.

He briefly stuck his head into the bathroom and took an obvious whiff. "Phew! It smells like someone was having SEX in there! I'm shocked! Shocked, I tell you!"

As he turned around, Erin said to him in a droll voice, "Very amusing." Then she added with real frustration, "What are we supposed to do about that tell-tale smell? We were able to scrounge up some make-up and hair brushes from the drawers, but we didn't luck into a can of air freshener too. We washed up some, but our pussies are dripping wet again."

Monica complained hotly to him, "I blame you! Seducing the three of us with your humongous cock, then locking us in a tiny room together. How were we supposed to NOT cum and cum? It was a trap, a sexy trap! Frankly, I'm amazed we somehow managed not to scream our heads off! It was only the total fear of getting caught that stopped us!"

"Sorry about that." He stood in the doorway of the bathroom to give him some distance to look them over.

The three of them stiffened proudly again when they realized they were being inspected.

He looked over Kate in her red dress, Erin in her green dress, and Monica in her blue one. Whoa! Wow! Whoa! Amaaaazing! I'd almost say they look more mouth-wateringly tempting with their dresses on than with them off, except I know how much better still they look totally naked. Now, the question is, what am I going to do with them?!

He had ideas of getting them extremely hot to trot by a combination of provocative language and possessively running his hands all over their voluptuous bodies in an exposed place like this hallway. He knew the danger would really get their blood pumping.

However, on second thought, he decided that wasn't a good idea. They were barely keeping it together from so much excitement as it was already, and they still had to make it through the crowd. Besides, there always was the danger that somebody could come walking by, perhaps to look for some food in the kitchen.

So, after a long silence, he nodded. "Good. Very good. Now it's time to bust a move. Let's walk separately - at least me, so they won't know I'm with you - but still stay kind of close to each other. No talking, no stopping, let's just go. Agreed?"

They nodded grimly, like they were agents about to embark on a potentially deadly secret mission. They may have seemed over the top with their attitudes, but each girl was extraordinarily aroused, and they knew it would be a challenge just to get upstairs without drawing unwanted attention to themselves.

Kate bravely led the way. Even though she was the most affected by Ryan, and usually the most embarrassed and horny, she still had a tremendous pride and felt she was the natural leader of any group she was in (unless that group now included Ryan). With Ryan hanging back, she felt it was up to her to lead the others through the crowd.

Erin quickly caught up to her and walked by her side. They were known to be friends, so there was nothing surprising about that. She hoped she could help deflect attention from Kate's still blushing face and overall horny vibe, and keep Kate moving.

Monica carefully walked a safe distance behind them, like she just happened to be moving in the same direction at the same time.

The girls did fine until they reached the main party room. The problem there was that Kate was still "Princess Kate," the undisputed social queen, and even people who didn't like her were constantly trying to suck up to her. She didn't get far into the room before her presence was discovered and friends, flunkies, and suck-ups gravitated towards her.

Another problem was that Kate was vain and a sucker for all the attention. Even in her eagerness to get upstairs and get fucked, it was as easy as breathing for her to slow down and bask in being treated like the star of the party.

Luckily, Erin had foreseen this. She had her arm linked in Kate's, and she continued to propel Kate forward as best she could.

Monica saw the problem and decided she needed to assist as well. She attached herself to Kate's other side, also linked arm in arm, and helped Erin move Kate along. Erin and Monica were so determined to get upstairs that they would have lifted her feet off the ground if need be.

Kate found herself apologizing to the people she was passing by, muttering that she was urgently needed somewhere else. Luckily, she didn't have to explain where that was or why it was so urgent, since nobody insistently asked. The people who wanted to talk to her knew that she usually "held court" right in the middle of the party, and they figured she'd be back from whatever it was soon enough.

In this way, with Kate half walking and half sliding along, the three girls managed to make it across the large room in only about five minutes. They could have done it in a minute or two without all the people getting in the way wanting to talk to Kate.

Sometimes Erin or Monica were the targets of attention too. A few girls came up wanting to talk to Erin about how she'd just broken up with her boyfriend.

Ryan was close enough to get the picture, confirming for him that she really did break up.

The three bombshell beauties finally made it through the door on the other side that was at the bottom of the stairs that led up to the third floor. They breathed a collective sigh of relief.

Ryan had a tough job getting across the room too. He was trying to hang back so he wouldn't be associated with them. But they were moving so slowly that they often stopped altogether, forcing him to frequently stop too.

At the same time, he had to avoid being spotted by Jack. He hadn't figured out where Jack was, if Jack was in the room at all, so he was terrified that Jack could walk up to him and start speaking at any time. Surely, Jack had to be looking for him and be very curious where he had gone to. He hoped Jack had assumed he had chickened out and left the party a long time ago. That was a logical assumption.

After a couple of minutes of this torturously slow progress, with the danger of Jack looming with every step, Ryan finally had a better idea and briskly walked around and past the three girls and made it to the door to the residential area before they did. However, the door was locked. Now that the party was in full swing, it made sense the door stayed locked so total strangers couldn't sneak in and get up to no good.

As a result, he lurked by the door with his arms strategically blocking a view of his face until his three busty beauties reached the door. Once they unlocked it and walked through, he slipped in after them before the door closed. He still hadn't seen Jack, but he didn't have to worry about that anymore, at least for now.

After the girls sighed with relief, they turned around, expecting to wait for him to knock, only to see him standing right there.

Kate opened her arms for a hug and kiss as she stepped towards him. "Ryan, honey! We did it!"

However, he held his hands up defensively, and then brought a finger across his lips. Once that stopped her, as well as the other two, he spoke quietly. "Not yet! We won't be home free until we're, well, home. Quick, let's keep moving!"

The four of them began walking up the stairs together. He knew he wasn't supposed to be seen with them, but it seemed silly to separate when he would have to wait for them to unlock the door at the top of the floor anyway. He figured there wasn't much danger since the residential hallways were probably very little traveled at this hour.

Kate quickly unlocked the next door and let the others through.

Now, Ryan felt like he truly was home free. The only people likely to pass through that door tonight were Kate, Erin, Monica, Jordan, Brandy, and Nancy, as well as any friends or lovers they might have with them. Three of those women were here. He felt he could take care of Jordan if he saw her again, due to the way she'd "fallen" for his big cock already. Brandy and Nancy were still problematic, but he figured it still wasn't even midnight yet, and if they were having a good time at the party, it made no sense for them to leave early.

The four of them quietly and carefully moved up the stairs until they were standing in the third floor hallway. The door to Kate's room was in sight, and presumably Monica's and Erin's too, although Ryan didn't know which doors those were specifically.

Kate let out another big sigh of relief. "Aaaaah! We did it! I don't remember ever being that scared to just move through a crowd."

Erin struck a relaxed pose while she waited for Monica to get out her room key. "Ah, it wasn't that bad. What's the worst that could have happened?"

"Lots! I was worried about getting stuck, unable to go forward or move back. I had this nightmarish vision that I'd find myself thinking more and more about getting fucked by The Beast, dreaming about losing my virginity to my honey, until I'd finally drop to my knees and cry out in orgasm right in the middle of the crowd! It could have happened!"

Monica was at her door and unlocking it. It was right next to Kate's room, just before it as they walked down the hall.

Ryan realized he should have known that, due to the way Monica had gotten involved to begin with from hearing all the sexy screaming from Kate's room through their shared wall.

Monica said to Kate with a big smile, "Don't worry, all that is over. Let's all step into what will be known tonight as our fuck palace!" She opened her door wide and gestured for the others to come on in.

However, Ryan said, "Stop! Not so fast!"

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