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Kate, Erin, and Monica froze in surprise. Monica looked at Ryan suspiciously. "Did you just say 'Not so fast?'"

"I did," Ryan confidently replied. "Come on, sluts, line up. Just like you did downstairs in the hallway. It's time for you to be inspected."

Erin asked pleadingly, "Do you have to keep calling us 'sluts' all the time?"

"Yes. In private, of course. In public, I won't always shame you." His confidence was surging, and it felt great.

The three girls huffed in frustration. They could tell from his "always" that they would have many humiliating times in public ahead. Yet they couldn't get mad, because they sensed he was a nice guy, and if he humiliated them it was to greatly arouse them and himself, not to be mean or cruel.

Kate thought, My reputation is in tatters! Not yet, but it will be. I might as well enjoy the last few days or hours of being seen as the regal and respected 'Princess Kate.' Soon, word will get out that I've fallen in love with Ryan's cock and will slurp and suck on it anywhere he wants. People are going to point and laugh at me. UGH! I hate what's going to happen, but what can I do? Dammit, just thinking about my new cocksucking lust is making me salivate. I repressed my lust for too long, and now it's taken total control of my body!

Monica started to head into her room. "We'll line up just as soon as we're safely inside my room, right? Come on, girls."

But Ryan said, "Freeze! Whoever goes through that door first is going to get fucked last."

That stopped them in their tracks. Monica quickly hopped back and let go of her door handle.

He tapped his wrist, as if he had a watch there. "I'm waiting..."

The three girls quickly got into line, even though they were completely confused.

Kate couldn't resist from asking, "Why here?! We're practically inches away from safety! Nancy, Brandy, or Jordan could come by at any time!"

Erin added, "Others too! Their boyfriends, maybe!"

He spoke confidently. "I'm aware of all that. I have my reasons." His real reason was that he thought it would be fun to get them worked up beyond belief before they started in on fucking, and he knew that the threat of public exposure would help with that. He figured that the chance of anyone coming along in the few minutes he kept them there were way less than one percent. Even if someone did come, he would hear the door opening down the stairs, and they could move through Monica's open door with lightning speed before that person walked all the way up the stairs to see them.

He didn't want to admit any of that though, as that could take some of the mystery and danger out of the situation. So he just said, "Consider this a test, of bravery and loyalty. I have to decide who I'm going to fuck first. I don't want to play favorites, so I'll let you decide by how well you do in this little hallway test here."

Hearing that, the three of them stood up stiffer and prouder than ever, with their big tits thrust forward. Each of them felt extremely scared, but the desire to get fucked first was foremost in their minds. Although Erin in particular had big issues about being one of his personal sluts, she was just as eager to get fucked first as the other two were.

He stood in front of them with his hands clasped behind his back, like a general inspecting his troops. "Better. Better. Now, before we continue, I want to ask you some questions. And don't try to lie or shade the truth because you're embarrassed. Remember, this is a test. I may know more than you think, and if I don't, I'll find out soon enough from the others. Understood?"

The three girls nodded. They were beyond nervous, desperately wishing he would just hurry it up already. They kept on glancing towards the stairway.

"Good. Now, mainly, I want to find out just what happened in the bathroom while I wasn't there. Monica, did you masturbate while you were waiting?"

Monica looked away shyly. "Well, no... not at first. I just tried to clean up as best I could, while keeping your cum sheen on my face and breasts. But my dress was smudged and dirty here and there, and the easiest way to clean it was to take it all the way off and dab some water on it, right on the dirty spots."

"And...?" he prodded. A part of him couldn't believe what he was hearing, or how lucky he was.

Her face turned redder, and she stared at him with her narrow, angry glare. "And... once I was done, there I was, completely naked in a locked bathroom with nothing to do!" She seemed to get genuinely angry at him. "How could I NOT start thinking about you and your big cock?! How could I not start playing with myself a little bit?! I'm not some miracle worker!"

He raised an eyebrow. "'A little bit?'"

She huffed, "Okay, FINE! A lot! There, are you happy?!"

He grinned. He actually loved it when she got angry like this. She looked extra sexy when her passion flowed through her, especially since she was blushing through her dark skin. "So what were you doing when Kate finally came by?"

Monica's chest was heaving up and down as she recalled the time. "I was sitting on the toilet, with the seat down, fingering my pussy with my eyes closed and my head tilted back! Thinking about The Beast! Thinking how it would feel when you ravaged my poor pussy for the first time. I was soooo close! I was relieved to hear Kate had arrived, but I was soooo frustrated too!"

He stepped up to Monica and yanked the bottom edge of her short blue dress up. "So, you were doing some of this?" He began running his fingers up and down her wet slit.

Monica's eyes bugged out. She was painfully aware that she was in the hallway and anyone could see her cunt and the way he was playing with it.

If anything, Kate and Erin were even more alarmed. After all, Monica had gotten completely naked in this very hallway earlier, but the other two never had done anything like that. They sensed that if he was doing this sort of thing to Monica, their turns would be next. Their hearts raced much faster, but their pussies throbbed and leaked too.

"Well?" he asked Monica. He continued to run two fingers up and down her engorged, wet lips.

Monica had her eyes shut tightly. She forced herself to go along with whatever he wanted, determined to be the one who would get fucked first. "Y-y-yes, there was some of that."

"Any of this?" He pushed those two fingers into her gash and started probing.

"UNGH! HNNG!" Monica was starting to sweat from the tension and arousal. "Can't... can't we do this in my room?! Please?!" Fucking hijo de puta! He's gonna make me cum in front of the others!

"Of course we can," he replied easily. "I didn't know you quit so easily though. I expected more from you."

She decided she wasn't about to quit, not after he challenged her like that. She spoke through gritted teeth, "Yes! There was some of that!"

"What about breast play?" He kept on pumping her cunt, while occasionally brushing his thumb against her clit.

"There... there was some of that too!"

"Let's simulate that, then." He started to grope at her luscious breasts with one hand through her dress, but then had another idea. "Take your dress all the way off and give it to me, so it won't get in the way."

She stared at him in sheer disbelief, and her eyes opened even wider. "What?! You can't do that to me here!" She quietly hissed, "Motherfucker! ¡Hijo de puta!" ("Son of a bitch!")

"Why not?" He was already "helping" her by sliding the straps of her dress off her shoulders. "You were totally naked for me in this very same hallway earlier, remember?"

"I know! How could I ever forget?!" She stared at Kate and Erin in embarrassment, even as they stared back at her in shock. "But I was fairly drunk and super horny then, and I'm stone cold sober now."

He continued to take Monica's dress off while she just stood there, letting him. "You're stone cold sober now, and a stone cold fox too."

She couldn't help but flash a big smile at that. "¡Bastardo! ¡Hijo de puta!"

He knew "hijo de puta" meant "son of a bitch" since she'd called him that several times this evening, and "bastardo" was obvious enough. He didn't mind the insults at all, since he knew they were just signs of how aroused she was. As he pulled her dress down her legs and then off her altogether, he could tell she was extremely aroused indeed.

She was blushing red while she stared at the floor, too embarrassed to look at Kate or Erin. Why am I always the one who has to get naked in public?! Why can't he pick on them?! And why the hell is it affecting me so strongly?!

He balled up her dress and then tossed it through her open door, deep into her room.

Kate and Erin gasped at that. Both were sensing, correctly, that they would be completely naked next, and that he'd want to do the same thing to their dresses. They were torn between masturbating to climax and running to the safety of Monica's room. They also were very tempted to loudly complain that he was going too far and taking too much of a risk. However, they were both determined to be the one who got fucked first, or at the very least second, so they stayed silent and stock still.

Or at least they tried. They were panting and moaning, but forcing themselves to be quiet about it, and their bodies were fidgeting and their big tits heaving, despite their best efforts. They kept their hands at their sides, but it wasn't easy to resist the temptation to masturbate. Kate felt a strange urge to take her dress off immediately, if only to have total access to her nipples and pussy.

Monica, meanwhile, wasn't trying hard to control her lust anymore, although she was still struggling not to make too much noise. She shut her eyes tightly out of embarrassment. She actually sighed blissfully as he brought both hands to her bare, brown E-cups and began fondling them. Diablo! That feels sooo good! I swear, he really is the devil!

Resuming his "interrogation," he asked her, "So, were you playing with your tits like this, before Kate came in?"

"Yes, but just with one hand, and mostly pinching my nipples. I love that! My other hand was needed for playing with my cunt!"

"Like this?" He began pinching a nipple with one hand and brought his other hand back to her pussy. He resumed probing in with two fingers.

"YES! Like that! Just like that!"

"Good!" He grunted with satisfaction and profound arousal. His boner was threatening to burst his slacks open. "And by the way, look at me when I'm talking to you."

Alarmed, Monica forced herself to open her eyes and make contact. Her blush deepened.

Erin thought, SHIT! I just know he's gonna do that to Kate and me soon! I keep acting like he doesn't affect me, but that's a LIE! UGH! HNNG! I hate it, but I love it!

Kate had very similar thoughts. We're all going to end up naked here in the hallway, aren't we?! Except maybe him. Monica is right: he's a "bastardo." FUCK! But it's so hot! Too hot!

He asked Monica, "So what happened when Kate knocked on the door?"

Monica closed her eyes again; it was easier to deal with her sexy humiliation that way. "I was too horny! So horny! I-"

He interrupted, "Hey! Look at me!"

She reluctantly opened her eyes again, and even relucantly resumed eye contact. "I know I should have put my dress back on and stopped playing with myself, but I couldn't! Just thinking about Kate coming in and looking so gorgeous and being your personal slut and everything, I couldn't stand it! So I opened the door just enough to let her squeeze in!"

He prodded as he pinched a nipple, "So, do you find the idea of Kate being my personal slut arousing?"

Monica panted, "FUCK! I hate to admit it, you motherfucking devil, but yes! YES, dammit!"

Kate was so staggered that she nearly fell over. She was hit with an epiphany: Me too! Me too! I hate it, but I love it! So much! So fucking HOT! Even if it means he owns me... it's the hottest thing I've ever heard in my life!

Seeing the shocked yet lusty expression on Kate's face out of the corner of his eye, Ryan moved over. Luckily, Kate was standing next to Monica, with Erin on Kate's other side, so he positioned himself between Kate and Monica, allowing him to easily fondle both. He immediately started fondling one of Kate's enormous tits through her red dress with one hand while still fingerbanging Monica's cunt with his other one.

He turned his laser-like focus on Kate. "So what happened when you came in?"

Kate looked around nervously. "Do I have to answer this here?!"

"Yes!" He stared at her blushing face until she closed her eyes and bowed her head obediently. He got a big rush out of that.

Kate thought, SHIT! I'm next! He's gonna make me strip right here in a public place! It's such an outrage! I'm scared shitless! But there's a part of me that kind of... kinda of wants to do it!

He figured that, as long as they were doing this much out in the hallway, he might as well go all out. He also knew that Erin wouldn't be involved in the story for a while, so he looked at her equally blushing and nervous face, and said, "Unzip my fly and jack me off while you wait until you show up in this account."

Erin glowered with her own sexy and angry narrow glare. He doesn't even ask "please." Shit! But then again, why should he? He sees how we're all blushing and squirming and panting. He knows I'm falling under his god damned spell too!

Without even waiting to see if Erin would do it, he returned his attention to Kate. "You were saying what happened?"

Kate just stared down and around incredulously at the way he was playing with Monica's cunt, fondling her own tits, and most incredibly, how Erin had just moved out of line and unzipped his fly. She very nearly fainted when she saw his stiff erection come into view and Erin start to stroke it with both hands.

Kate was too overwhelmed to speak. Oh GOD! That cock! THE BEAST! She knew Erin's lusty, needy, and blushing face must look similar to hers, and that alone was just about the most arousing thing she'd ever seen. Then she tried to say something, but her desperate gasps for air were taking precedence, so nothing coherent came out. Oh, fuck! Fuck, fuck, fuck! I'm too horny, again! What's going to happen when he fucks me with it?! Somebody, please, have mercy!

Ryan looked back to Monica with surprising calm, despite her great arousal. "Kate seems to be at a loss for words. So why don't you tell me what happened next?"

Monica was blushing and panting too as she stared at Erin's sliding fingers on his huge tool, but she'd had longer to adjust to this situation, so she was able to reply, "She made damn sure the door was closed and locked, I know that!"

"I did!" Kate managed to gasp out. This was like a double whammy for her, as the current hot situation combined with her hot memories of discovering Monica in the bathroom to make her nearly delirious with lusty desire.

Monica added, "Then she looked at me in sheer amazement! Total disbelief! I guess she was surprised to see that I was completely naked except for my high heels. Right there in the middle of the party!"

Kate was recovering her ability to speak, even though Ryan was already pulling the straps of her dress down her shoulders so he could fondle her immense tits directly. "You bet your ass I was! But more than that, Monica, I could see this horny, hungry look in your eyes! And even at the very start I could see the spermy sheen, the glistening look of smeared cum on her face and tits!"

He was very pleased to hear that, not to mention extremely aroused. Erin was now happily pumping her hands up and down his erection, seemingly heedless of getting caught, which made his arousal soar still higher. He asked Kate, "And what did you think of that?"

Kate panted, "Soooo sexy! UGH! So hot! HNNG! Just so... so... much! TOO much! I nearly fainted, for real! I came in there thinking she had some serious problem to talk about. Instead, it was like two hundred degrees in there! UNH! UGGH! The smell of sex filled my nostrils, making it impossible to breathe!"

Erin was listening closely and spoke her thought out loud. "That was the smell of Monica's wet pussy!" Her fingers were sliding faster and faster on his shaft.

Ryan was pleasantly surprised to see even Erin was getting carried away. He grinned down at the short Monica. "That was, wasn't it? You were a naughty little girl, playing with yourself in a strange bathroom, with all kinds of people walking by!"

Monica's embarrassment doubled, even though he was just pointing out the obvious. "I was!"

He was having fun caressing Kate's emormous bare tits now. He left her dress hanging down just below. But he wasn't neglecting Monica either. He brought his hand from her pussy up to her dusky tits, just so he could play with the tits of two different busty girls at once.

He asked Monica, "What did you think of the way she was looking at you?"

Monica replied hotly, "What do you think I thought, you fucker?! ¡Pinche idiota!" ("Fucking idiot!") "I was so embarrassed that I would have flushed myself down the toilet bowl if I thought I could really have escaped that way!" She remembered actually having throughts like that at the time.

Somehow he didn't feel an urgent need to cum yet, despite Erin's excellent handjob. He asked with almost unnatural calm, "So what happened next?" He looked back and forth between Monica and Kate, eager to get an answer from either one of them.

However, Kate just looked away, her red face somehow turning a little redder.

Monica was nearly as red and embarrassed, but she replied with horny anger. "¡Chíngate!"

"What does that mean?"

"'Go fuck yourself!' If you must know, you cocky motherfucker, she kind of, somehow... well, I don't know how it happened exactly, but after just staring at me for what seemed like ten hours but was probably only a few seconds, we rushed at each other and kissed! God, how we kissed! GAAWWWD!"

"UNNGGH!" That long and passionate groan came out in stereo as both Monica and Kate responded while they relived the moment. Then they shared a look, filled with lust for each other, and turned away in blushing embarrassment.

Monica quickly recovered, and added, "Since I'm shorter, she actually lifted me off my feet and held me up off the floor so our lips could meet!"

He looked down at Erin's stroking fingers and then to her face. He could tell that what was being said was news to Erin, since she hadn't been there and there obviously hadn't been any time to talk about it since. She was just as interested and aroused as he was, and she was channeling her passion into her cock stroking, while she remained standing so she could look at Kate's and Erin's faces.

In fact, Erin was possibly even more aroused than he was. What she was hearing was very big news for her. She had learned from what had happened once she'd entered the bathroom too, that Kate definitely enjoyed kissing and fondling other girls. But Kate losing control and kissing Monica of her own free will meant Kate probably had even more attraction towards other girls than she'd previously believed. Erin thought, YES! YES! I knew it! I knew it!

Actually, Erin hadn't "known it" at all. Prior to tonight, she hadn't gotten any vibe that Kate had bisexual tendencies, which is why she'd kept her crush on her a deep dark secret. But in the heat of the moment, she wasn't a stickler for accuracy.

Ryan looked closely at Kate's face. He was almost afraid to, because seeing her blush in lusty humiliation affected him powerfully. Her regal face was breathtakingly beautiful at any time, like that of a classy movie star, such as Grace Kelly or Ingrid Bergman. He didn't feel the need to cum just yet, but with Erin's talented fingers rubbing relentlessly on his sweet spot, he knew he was so highly aroused that he might spontaneously squirt out a load at any time. But he took the risk anyway.

Sure enough, Kate was just as inspiring as he had both hoped and feared. He looked from her beautiful burning red face down to her gigantic bare boobs (with his hand on one) and then back up again. Hot damn! I'm going to fuck this goddess! She's MINE! That thought was so arousing that he worried he would spontaneously cum.

However, he closed his eyes for a few moments to gather his wits, and that helped a lot. He finally managed to ask Kate, "Is that true? Did you really do that?"

Kate glanced over at Monica's open door. She was tempted to rush through that door, not so much for fear of being caught out (although that feeling of danger was ever-present), but in order to avoid answering this question. She balled her hands into fists and shook them just in front of her shoulders with her eyes tightly shut, like she was a toddler about to have a tantrum. That shaking caused a massive tit-quake, despite the fact he was actively caressing her left globe. "It's true, okay?! Can we PLEASE not talk about this, especially here?! It only gets worse and worse from that point on! If anyone hears us or sees us, my reputation will be totally ruined!"

While still idly fondling one of Monica's tits, he brought his other hand from Kate's still-quivering rack to her chin. He held her chin up in an attempt to get her to make eye contact with him.

Kate opened her eyes, but quickly looked anywhere but him. Oh God! The humiliation! The sexy humilation! So much fucking HUMILIATION! I'm going to cum, or scream, or both! But if I scream people will come running!

He decided to press ahead despite her defiant lack of eye contact. "Kate, look at me. What's more important to you: being my good and obedient personal slut, or your reputation?"

Her entire body was squirming with desire and fear, causing her dress to slide below her belly button. She nearly swooned as her desire swelled to new heights. To be your "good and obedient personal slut!" FUUUUUCK! Every single word of that is like a mini-orgasm for me! Shivers! Goose bumps all over! Why is this happening to me?!

She finally managed to stammer, "Do I... do I... have to answer that?!"

"Yes, you do. Whenever I ask you a question, you must answer it. That's part of what it means to be one of my sluts."

She looked all around, like a cornered rat. But rather than seeing any escape route, she seemed to notice only Monica, Erin, or Ryan, most especially Erin's hands sliding up and down Ryan's huge cock. "How... how can you be so calm?! Can't we go into Monica's room already?!" She gave him a sultry stare. "I promise, I'll make it worth your while!" But then she grew angry and frustrated as she returned her gaze to Erin's sliding fingers. "Why aren't YOU afraid of getting caught?!"

In truth, his heart was thumpingly wildly and he was extremely excited. But he was good at least looking unflappable. He replied, "Oh, but I am. Isn't life more interesting that way? Besides, I figure that if one of those other three come up, I'll just show them my cock. Do you know what'll happen next?"

Kate was so delirious with cock-need that she forgot about the fact that Brandy was lesbian and Nancy was just plain conniving and bitchy. Instead, she pictured herself coming up the stairs and seeing Ryan's erection for the first time. "She'll... she'll drop to her knees and suck! My God, she will!" Somehow, that other girl became her, because her cock need was so great. "I'll just... I'll... Oh SHIT! I'll open my mouth wide, so wide, and..."

She suddenly grasped his shoulders with both hands and stared right into his eyes with desperate, panting need. "Ryan, please! Help me! I'm too horny! If things keep going like this, I'm going to cum right here! I'm going to scream so loud that the whole world will know I'm your willing and eager slut!"

She was on the verge of exploding with sexual need and frustration. She started punching his chest, but they were more like slaps. "How can you do this to me?! You've turned my world upside down and made me your slut in just one evening!" She deliberately avoided putting the word "personal" in front of "slut" for fear it would push her over the edge. She seriously worried she could pass out altogether.

He pondered what he wanted to do, not minding her "punches" at all. He was strongly tempted to lift her dress up and finger her pussy until she came. He figured it wouldn't be very long at all. But he realized that if she really did scream, that could be disastrous. It was a great fantasy that he would pacify anyone who came running with the mere sight of his erection, but he knew it wasn't going to work like that in reality. That was especially true if a male showed up.

He said, "I don't want you to scream and embarrass yourself. So do this. Take your dress all the way off and toss it into Monica's room. Then help Erin out of her dress, and toss it in there too. While you're doing that, I won't touch you or ask you any more questions, so you can have a chance to calm down."

She was incredulous. "Calm down?! How can you talk about calming down?! That won't calm me down; that'll make me lose the last shreds of my sanity! Do you realize that'll leave the three of us completely motherfucking naked while you're still fully clothed?!"

"Not entirely true," he pointed out with surprising calm. He was horny as humanly possible. But he felt like he was in his element, as if he had been born to act like this. "Look at what Erin's doing to me."

"That just makes it ten times worse!" Kate's eyes were practically saucers as she continually stared at Erin's sliding fingers on Ryan's cum-soaked shaft. Lucky bitch! Why does she get to play with The Beast! I swear, I would KILL to have his thickness completely fill my mouth right now! I need it like I need air to breathe! But I have to be strong. UNGH!

She reluctantly started to take her dress the rest of the way off, but she was so worked up that her hands shook. In fact, her entire body was trembling as she shimmied the dress over her hips.

Kate continued to speak somehow, even though her ragged panting. "Ryan, please! You've won me, okay? You've made that point a thousand times over! I promise I won't rebel or backtrack later. You've broken me, broken my will! You've won me completely! You've won all three of us, even Erin! She acts all tough, but I can see from the look in her eyes that she's just as hooked as we are! So please! I beg you! Stop teasing us and just FUCK us already!"

"YEAH!" That was Monica.

He looked over to his Mexican firecracker. He got a jolt just seeing her fine brown body again. Given how aroused he was from Erin's continued handjob, he had to force himself to keep braving the danger of cumming at any moment.

Monica looked both angry and horny, which seemed to have been the case much of the evening. She was also busy playing with her own tits and pussy, even though he still had his hand on one of her great melons. "She's right! Ryan, this is overkill! You're making us suffer! We want to get fucked! We NEED to get fucked! NOW! So take your pick and fuck one of us already before I take your big fucking cock, wrap it between your legs, and shove it up your ass!"

He replied dryly, "So I take it you want to fuck."

"YES! UGH! ¡Me vuelves loca!" Realizing she'd broken into Spanish unthinkingly again, she explained in English, "You make me crazy!" She briefly let go of her privates to shake her fists up in the air in aggravation. Naturally, that set her bare knockers swaying.

He gleefully sniffed the air, enjoying the combined musk of three very wet pussies. "Okay, I'll try to speed things up. But we're not going into your room until all three of you are completely naked and I've heard the full story of what happened in that bathroom while I wasn't there."

Monica shook her fists some more, heedless of the tit show that created. "¡Bastardo! ¡Pendejo! ¡Me cago en la cara de tu puta madre!" ("Bastard! Asshole! I shit on the face of your whore of a mother!") She stared up at the ceiling, her temper being tested to the limit.

But, after taking some deep breaths, causing her round E-cups to heave enticingly even more, she managed to bring herself more or less under control. She wasn't nearly as upset at him as she sounded, just sexually frustrated.

Meanwhile, after Kate heard and saw that Ryan wasn't going to relent until the whole story was told, she knew there would be no quick or easy way out. Actually, being "forced" to stand naked in the hallway even longer was exactly what her lusty body was secretly craving. She already had just finished taking her dress all the way off, and now she held it in her hand, wrapped up in a ball.

Fuck me! she thought. Am I really going to take this dress and willingly toss it through that door into Monica's room so I can stand here, in the hallway, without even a prayer of having any clothes to wear?! And all the while, my big-cocked nemesis taunts me and teases me, driving me absolutely bananas from being so fucking commanding and sexy and well-hung!

How did it come to this?! Look at us! This is crazy!

Just look at Monica, standing there naked, blushing and trembling, just like me! And Erin! If she wasn't still standing up, I'm sure she wouldn't just be jacking him off with her clothes on, she'd be SUCKING him to the root with her clothes off! MMMM! What a good idea. I wish I could be stretching MY lips around his impossibly thick BEAST again! Right now! Just thinking about it is making my mouth water!

However, she frowned as she considered her soon to be ruined reputation. But it's a problem too. Everything is TOO arousing, TOO sexy! I have no resistance whatsoever. His big cock is going to take over my life and ruin me! Mere hours ago, I was on top of the world, a completely free woman. If I had known tonight would end up like this, I would have NEVER let Ryan into my room! Hell, I would have barricaded the door!

Although she certainly felt that way at the moment, she didn't really mean it. In fact, she was having the time of her life. Deep down, she knew the odds of someone seeing them were very small, certainly less than one percent. And if they were caught, it was highly likely they'd be able to smooth things over one way or another. If nothing else, she had plenty of money to throw around to keep lips sealed. Plus, the sheer outrageousness of what was happening actually made it more likely to stay a secret, at least for the short term, because nobody else in the sorority could possibly believe it.

But even though she knew all that on some subconscious level, she liked to consciously think the chances of getting caught were high. She was hooked on the endless thrill and seemingly limitless arousal of humiliating experiences like this. She knew she could cum at any time, even without touching herself, but there was no need, because feeling just like this was already practically the same as a non-stop orgasm.

Gathering her resolve, she tossed her dress into Monica's room. She winced as she watched it disappear. There goes my dress AND my dignity! Shit! I wonder when I'll get to wear clothes again. I'm totally at Ryan's mercy. I really am his personal slut now! I have no doubt that by the next time I put some clothes on, he'll have taken my virginity! GAAAWWWD! How fucking hot is that?! IF he lets me put some clothes on, that is!

Hell, I might not get to wear any clothes again until... when? Class on Monday?! FUCK! I might spend the entire weekend naked and covered in his cum, my mouth crammed full of hot cock, my lips stretched to their limit, slurping down load after load after load of his delicious cum! By Monday, I'll bet my jaw will be so sore from hours of cocksucking that I won't even be able to TALK! My breasts will be just as sore from being endlessly fucked, and then spermed on until my skin shines like a glazed donut! Not to mention the way he's going to wreck and ravage my poor, tight, little pussy! Oh GOD! Hell, I can't even breathe right now, thinking about what he's still going to do to me tonight alone!

That's my life now. That's what a personal slut does. And it's never going to end after that! Never! My whole life as I know it is OVER! From here on in, it's going to be all about endlessly pleasuring The Beast!

She was supposed to be making herself upset, but she wound up smiling from ear to ear.

With her dress gone, Kate started working on getting Erin's dress off. She was keen to do that in a hurry, since Ryan had mentioned that as a prerequisite before they could go to the safety of Monica's room to fuck.

Erin was eager to oblige, for the same reason. She took her hands off Ryan's cock briefly, raising her hands up in the air to help Kate pull her dress up and off her.

Meanwhile, Monica was attempting to settle down enough to quickly tell the rest of the story. She spoke with determination through gritted teeth. "Okay, this is how it happened. Kate took that long look at me, and then she kind of snapped. Neither of us had planned it, but somehow we wound up French kissing!"

Erin let out a loud gasp on accident, because hearing that literally took her breath away. YES! Sweet! She made a brief fist pump in the air and then stared at Kate's gorgeous face with undisguised longing. I call dibs on the next kiss!

Kate didn't notice though, since she was gazing at Ryan's at least momentarily untended erection and wondering if she should dare to stroke it. She held back only out of fear that she was losing control over her body and her mind.

Monica continued, "But I think that what really drove her wild was knowing I still had that shine of your cum on my face. All through our kiss, I could actually hear the sound of her nostrils flaring, as she kept taking these big sniffs while trying to breathe through her nose!"

He looked to Kate to confirm that, but she was so embarrassed that she turned her head away. She actually was having a kind of flashback, taking big whiffs of the air while vividly recalling the overwhelmingly arousing moment that was being described.

Monica continued, "And that guess was confirmed when she broke the kiss and just started licking my face directly all over, like some kind of hyper, friendly dog!"

Kate thought, I did! God help me, but I did! Just like a damn stupid dog. I couldn't stop licking her face! Shameful! I blame Ryan and his Beast. He makes me do stupid, sexy things, even when he's not there!

While Monica was talking, Kate finished taking Erin's dress off. Erin left her green dress in Kate's hands and immediately dropped to her knees to get busy licking Ryan's cockhead as well as stroking it.

Kate was disappointed, to say the least. FUCK ME! I just missed my chance! That could be MY tongue and lips loving The Beast right now! Fuuuuuuck! ARRGH! But you know what? I don't know if I could handle it. With everything going on, and in the fucking HALLWAY! I really might lose my mind! To total ecstasy!

Erin thought as she loudly slurped, I know this looks bad, like I'm one of his personal sluts already, but I'm not! I'm doing this of my own free will! Well, kind of. This cock is just too thick and yummy to resist! She lapped intently on his sweet spot, hoping to hear him moan erotically in response.

Kate was just standing there buck naked with Erin's dress in her hands, and she didn't know what to do with it. But finally, she just tossed it into Monica's bedroom too. Fuck! There we go! Now, we're all completely naked! Except for this smug and cocky motherfucker! She glared at Ryan resentfully. He thinks he's so cool and in control, just because he has a boner the size of my forearm. I have half a mind to drop to my knees and suck his big cock right now! Let's see how he can handle THAT!

She made it sound like that would be a punishment for him, when it fact it was just the opposite. She was too turned on to think straight.

To her surprise, she did drop to her knees shortly after Erin did. Once she was down there, she stopped to reconsider. FUCK! NO! What am I doing?! I was just saying that I can't handle this. If I were in my room, or Monica's, then sure! Yes! Hell yes! I'd lick and suck his cock all night long! He's broken me and I don't care! I may be the most beautiful girl on campus, but that doesn't change the fact that I've fallen in love with his cock! I can't stop thinking about it... and touching it. And stroking it. And licking it. And even, even... sucking it! Yes, especially that, even though he's gonna fucking break my jaw with that damn impossible width of his!

While she was thinking all this on her knees, Erin was busy licking, still focusing almost exclusively on his sweet spot, while her hands played with his shaft and balls.

Kate unthinkingly licked her lips in sympathy, salivating so much that she was almost drooling already. She moved her head closer, hoping Erin would be good about sharing. She was glad that Monica had taken over telling the story, because that freed her mouth up for what she really wanted to do, which was lavish her oral attentions on Ryan's stiff erection.

But as she leaned in, she happened to catch a glimpse of the hallway beyond, and that reminded her of her current line of thinking. Oh yeah! Like I was saying, IF we were in a private place, then sure, the three of us could lick and suck to our heart's content, at least when he's not too busy fucking us! But we're not! We're in the fucking hallway! That's too crazy and scary to be believed!

What if someone comes by?! Especially Nancy! She could RUIN me! Imagine if she came across us right now! Fuuuuck! If she survived the heart attack, she'd have us nailed to the wall! Ryan may have totally hooked me to his cock in just one evening, and humiliated me beyond belief, but I still have SOME willpower, SOME dignity! Somebody here needs to keep their head. With everyone else distracted or carried away, who's going to keep their eyes and ears open for somebody coming?! It has to be me!

She leaned in closer to Erin, so her tongue was almost in reach of the tip of Ryan's cockhead. She was continuously salivating and even gulping. Damn! I must look like a sight, naked and kneeling right next to Erin, who I must admit looks nearly as sexy as I do. I'm sure he's getting a kick out of looking down at the two of us and seeing our exceedingly large breasts actually bumping together. Maybe that's why his cock is so very large and thick right now, because he thinks such nasty and naughty thoughts of completely dominating us! But I don't care how horny I get! I'm not going to lick that cock! Let Erin do it this time!

While Kate was thinking these thoughts, she and Erin were also paying attention to every word Monica said. Monica continued, "So Kate kept on licking all over my face, trying to lap up every last bit of your spermy residue. But there was a problem with me being nearly a foot shorter than her."

Ryan asked in a normal voice, as if Erin wasn't devoutly licking and stroking his cock, "Was she still holding you up?!"

"Oh, no. She only did that for a few seconds. She was trying to lean down while I leaned up, but it wasn't working well. So, soon, I wound up sitting back on the toilet seat lid, with her kneeling next to me. That left us face to face, more or less. Much better."

He asked, "And what were you doing with your hands all this time? Did you grab her ass cheeks and give them a good squeeze, like this?" His hands hadn't been doing anything for the last minute or two, but now he reached behind Monica and used two hands to give her ass cheeks firm squeezes. He would have pulled her in close, but he couldn't with Kate and Erin kneeling in the way.

Monica giggled with glee at his ass play. She was forcing herself to keep her hands at her sides to prevent herself from overheating, so she could quickly finish her story. But it wasn't easy. She admitted, "Yeah, kinda."

"Kinda?" he raised an eyebrow.

Monica looked down. Holy FUCK! The two of them are starting to lick him and he's carrying on like it's no big deal! Damn!

In actual fact, Kate was somehow resisting the temptation not to join in licking Ryan's cock, but she was so close to it that she could breathe on it, and that's what she was doing, trying to puff air on it to arouse him as much as possible that way.

Monica didn't realize that from her vantage point, and was amazed at Ryan's ability to keep cool despite such extreme stimulation. She looked back up into his eyes. I wish I could tell him the truth, but I don't want Kate to know just how hot I was for her, and still am! I've gotta kinda play it down, like we were just carried away.

She said, "Yeah, well, I did grab her there, but it was just a good hand-hold, you know? I wasn't thinking. But after a couple of minutes, her dress rode up somehow, until it was sort of hanging up above her ass. I just... UGH! Once I had my hands on her bare ass cheeks, I couldn't let go!"

He asked, "And what about her massive tits? How long did they remain covered?"

Despite her attempt to try to play down her attraction to Kate, Monica couldn't help but giggle and reply, "Not long! I don't know how it happened, but pretty soon her dress was bunched up uselessly around her tummy." Actually, she did know, since her hands had helped with that. "And once she got to licking your cum off my tits while holding them in place, well, it only seemed fair that I could get to hold hers too!" Monica was doing a very poor job of hiding her lust for Kate.

Ryan winced, several times, because the pleasure of Kate blowing air right on his sweet spot even as Erin's tongue was lapping on it was nearly too much to take. But he recovered, and said, "Wait. Were you holding her ass or her tits?"

"BOTH!" Monica admitted, as she stared off dreamily in fond memory. "She has such a hot body! So firm and thin, but ample in the best places! How could I resist?! It kind of turned into a blur. We were kissing and licking, and fondling... I don't know! It was all so hot, so sexy! We were sweating, burning up! Somehow, I even wound up licking HER tits for a while!"

Kate could feel her resistance crumbling by the second. She was listening to Monica's words even more intently now, and the description of her "shameful" lesbian behavior was keeping her pussy burning hot, soaking wet, and trembling with need, even though she wasn't touching it at all. She vivdly recalled Monica's tongue on her erect nipples exactly as if was happening to her all over again.

Erin was aware of Kate's head right next to hers, and she was starting to get annoyed at Kate's continued reluctance to start licking. What are you waiting for?! Huffing and puffing on him just isn't enough. Lap on that thick fucker, girl! You know you want to. I may not be one of his personal sluts - yet! - but even I've gotta admit that licking The Beast is a blast! Come on, Kate! We need to do this together! I don't want you to gain some resistance to him now. That could be a disaster for my crush on you, and more!

So Erin simply brought a hand to the back of Kate's head and pushed her forward a couple of inches.

One moment, Kate had her mouth open, puffing more air onto Ryan's fat knob, and the next moment, her lips were latched to that same knob, like she was trying to French kiss it. Immediately, her tongue came out and started to lick, even as she kept as much of a lip-lock as possible. Her nostrils flared and her heart pumped hard. Oh God! NO! Erin, why did you do that to me?! I can't resist this damn thing! Now that I've started, I can't stop!

Just after a couple seconds of happily lapping, she very nearly climaxed. GOD, I fucking love it! Honey, let me make you feel good! HNNG! AAAAH! So good!

Ryan felt a great surge of arousal as he felt Kate start to lick along with Erin. Kate gave up on her lip-lock and began swirling her tongue all over his cockhead while Erin remained dedicated to lapping directly on his sweet spot just a very short distance away.

Erin smirked in triumph while letting go of Kate's head to resume stroking near the base of Ryan's shaft. Ha! I knew it! Once you start, you can't stop! How can you resist?! Even I can't!

Ryan closed his eyes tightly and clenched his teeth as wave after wave of pure arousal washing through him. He thought, Oh GOD! I've really gotta watch out! I don't want to cum now, not when there are THREE hot cunts to fuck! Maybe this is crazy, doing this much in the hall. This is way more than I planned. Am I asking to get caught?! It seems like I am!

Monica had to pause her narrative after seeing his eyes roll into his head just before he shut his eyes altogether. He still had his hands on her ass, and he was pulling her closer into him all the time, despite the fact that Kate in particular was in the way. Monica actually wound up straddling Kate's back with her hands on Kate's shoulders and her pussy dripping down to Kate's spine as she leaned forward to lick with the other two.

Monica thought, ¡Qué chingados! (What the fuck?!) This is crazy! We have GOT to get out of here! Even in this awkward pose and a lack of room, I can't resist drawing in closer and closer! This is totally out of control! The way things are going, we're going to have a naked orgy right here in the hallway! No, we ARE having a naked orgy right here in the hallway! Fuuuuuuck!

Ryan also started to realize things were spinning out of control. He'd been able to cope with the great pleasure of just Erin licking and stroking his cock, but with Kate joining in too, and Monica about to do so as well, it was quickly getting too much for him to handle. Even all his PC muscle squeezing and other orgasm delaying techniques could only do so much.

With Monica having lost the plot of her story anyway, he managed to pant out, "Okay! That's enough! Let's... let's go inside!"

Monica moved fast. She wiggled out of his firm ass-grip, straightened up, and stepped back and out of reach. ¡Santa Madre de Dios! (Holy Mother of God!) It's about time! Let's get the hell out of here!

But funnily enough, neither Kate nor Erin moved. They wanted to, but they were having too much fun licking.

Kate tried to talk herself into going, even as her tongue swirled around his cockhead like it was ice cream on a cone. Come on! Come on! I know this is a delicious dream come true, but there will be plenty of time for this later. In fact, from now on I'll probably spend more time licking and sucking this cock than doing my homework!

She very nearly climaxed as the probable truth of that thought hit her. And I'm a good student who does a lot of homework, but I'm just going to suck that much cock! FUUUUCK! And I'll probably be sharing like this more often than not, licking with Erin or Monica, not to mention all his other sluts! Wooooow! My college experience just got ten times better!

She kept licking, more aroused than before. But then she remembered, Oh yeah! The danger! The danger! We could get caught. We're out in the hallway, naked and acting like shameless, cock-hungry sluts! I really should go. But maybe it wouldn't be that bad if-

Her lapping and thinking was interrupted because Monica smacked the back of her head. It was light, but enough to be noticed.

Monica hissed quietly, "Come on, you two cock hounds! I love it just as much, but we can do it INSIDE my room! Besides, isn't it time we all get fucked?!"

That last comment finally brought action. Both Kate and Erin suddenly stood up. It was like they were coming out of some sort of deep dream state. They looked all around the public space in confusion and felt a new burst of shame and humiliation.

Seeing that Ryan was simply standing there, his eyes shut tight as he struggled with all his might not to cum, they carefully but firmly guided him along into Monica's room. They didn't say anything or touch him in a sexual way, because they could see his urgent need to cum and they didn't want him to "waste" that orgasm when they all needed to get fucked.

Finally, everybody managed to get inside Monica's room.

Monica took a quick look around the hallway to make sure nothing had been left behind and they still hadn't been seen. Phew! I don't believe it! We must be living a charmed life tonight. How did we not get seen?! I'm sure the hall must smell like a whorehouse but tough luck. It's time to get fucked!

She firmly closed the door behind them.


Ryan looked around Monica's room with an urgent need on his mind. At first glance, it looked much the same as Kate's room, except that it was noticeably smaller, and the decoration was less "girly" and more Southwestern/Mexican. But he didn't care much about that, because all he could think about was finding somewhere to sit down and rest, because he was so mentally and physically overwhelmed.

He noticed a long sofa, similar to the one in Kate's room that he'd sat on earlier. He bee-lined straight there and laid down on it. His need to cum was still very touch and go. He took the time to tuck his erection away and zip up his fly, but that was all. He laid on the sofa with his eyes closed, like a dead man.

He didn't get much of a chance to catch his breath though, because less than a minute later, Monica simply crawled up on him and laid down on top of him! He could immediately feel that she remained gloriously naked from head to toe.

He sighed. Actually, he was thrilled at her enthusiasm, but he was more worried about having to cum too soon. He ran a hand down her back and through her black hair as he asked, "And just what do you think you're doing, my hot pepper?"

He didn't see Erin and Kate, because he didn't dare open his eyes to look, but he heard them complain, saying things like "Yeah, get off him!" and "Move your ass, slut!"

Monica's seemingly default passionate narrow stare morphed into a big smile. "'Hot pepper.' Mmmm... I like the sound of that!" She settled down on his crotch, noticeably rubbing her ass on his bulge. At the same time, she started unbuttoning his dress shirt. "As far as what I'm doing here, I'm claiming home field advantage! My room, my rules! And my number one rule is, I get to be fucked first!"

He opened his eyes and looked up at her sternly. "Now, hold on. I'll grant that 'home field advantage' is a thing, but it's trumped by the fact that a personal slut always, ALWAYS obeys her man. And right now, I'm still so close to cumming that if you keep on churning your sexy bare ass over my boner, I'm going to lose it for sure! And that'll mean one less fucking tonight."

Kate and Erin were standing by, still gloriously naked too. As soon as they heard that, they immediately picked Monica up together and then dumped her onto the floor.

Monica looked up with a sour face. She rubbed her butt, since it had hit the floor rather hard. "Hey! Ouch! You can't treat me like that in my own room!"

Kate said, "Actually, we can. Did you not hear him? We're his personal sluts now. What he says goes!" She was surprised to realize that she meant it, even as it rankled her. His words "A personal slut always, ALWAYS obeys her man" lingered in her mind.

Erin added, "Besides, if you make him cum again, you'll have two sworn enemies on your hands! Don't think we haven't wondered how you got all that cum on your face and tits when he left you in the bathroom!"

Kate and Erin glowered down at Monica, their arms folded under their immense racks. Since the two of them were nearly six feet tall and were standing, while Monica was five feet tall and sitting on her ass, they seemed like Amazonian giants compared to her.

Monica stood up, trying to even up the difference some. She raised a pointing finger at them.

But before she could get going, Erin's comment caused Ryan to ask, "By the way, Kate and Erin, remember how I told you to ask Monica about the tree house incident? Did you ever do that?"

Kate and Erin were caught flat-footed. They remembered him mentioning that and even stressing its importance, but they'd forgotten.

Kate said shyly and sheepishly, "Um, we kind of forgot. But, in our defense, things were seriously distracting and arousing! We were so busy kissing and licking and just trying to breathe through all our heavy panting that there was no time to talk about anything!"

He grinned as he thought back to what must have happened in that bathroom. Boy, I'm miffed that I missed it. But I can console myself that there's bound to be many more lesbian love-fests I could witness them engaging in from now on, maybe even starting tonight. Wooo! Just look at the three of them standing there, and they belong to me now, for real. God DAMN!

He thought, Okay, I can't get carried away. They're only mine if I continue to play my cards right. Gotta maintain control and show 'em who's boss! He spoke evenly. "Those are good excuses, although of course you'll still need to be spanked for your disobedience. The top priority of any personal slut is to obey her man, even when the circumstances are extremely difficult. Understood?"

His three girls were standing in a line facing him now. They nodded, if a bit glumly.

He nodded, once. "Good." He thought, My God! They all accept that I have the power to spank them! That makes them my personal sluts in a very real sense, because they're expected to obey me and please me, and they've tacitly agreed they should be punished when they fail to do so. Wow! What a power rush!

He kept his excitement well hidden, and said, "Now, I really need to rest for a few minutes. I very nearly came, and that took a lot out of me. So I'm going to close my eyes and take a mini-nap. Meanwhile, Monica, I want you to tell the other two about the tree house. Okay?"

After Monica nodded, he glared at the other two. "No getting angry over lost cum, no incriminations, just enjoy the story."

They nodded obediently as well.

He finished, "Oh, and if any of you can get either of the other two to cum with your fingers, I might skip your spanking. Or, in your case Kate, lessen the severity of it, since you've got a whopper of a spanking coming already."

Kate's eyes went wide. She brought her hands back to her bare ass cheeks and unthinkingly rubbed them, as if she was trying to recover from a harsh spanking already. That caused her massive rack to jut out even more enticingly than usual.

He felt another jolt of arousal race down his spine. Luckily, he hadn't closed his eyes yet.

Erin asked him with surprise, "You're going to spank all three of us?!"

"Of course. If you don't even know the reasons why, I'll probably need to double your spanking until you do."

Erin winced at that. She raised her hands up in a time-out gesture. "Um, can I call time-out and ask a question without risk of yet more spanking punishment?"

He surprised even himself with his chutzpah by responding, "Nope. Being a personal slut is a 24-hour thing. You can't take a time-out from it any more than you can take a time-out from being female. But since you're new to this, I'll try to be tolerant. What's the question?"

Erin asked nervously, shifting from foot to foot, "Is all this spanking really necessary? Can't we just have lots of sexual fun and orgasms? Why do you have to assert such control over us? Isn't it enough for you to be able to have us sexually whenever you want?"

Before he could reply, Monica asked, "Hey, just a sec. Can I take the rest of your clothes off while we're talking?"

He nodded tolerantly. He watched her gorgeous nude body as she knelt right next to his crotch. She certainly took note of the fact that his dick was still very erect, but she didn't touch it. He lifted his ass off the sofa at the right time as she pulled his slacks down his legs.

Then he replied to Erin, "I'm not thrilled about some aspects of this lifestyle, but there's only one way this can work: I have to maintain firm control or else there will be chaos. That's especially true with you three, since you're a very willful bunch. Much more so than any of my previous personal sluts from back home."

He didn't miss a chance to mention his "other sluts." He wanted them to treat that as an established fact, so they wouldn't be suspicious and investigate.

He continued, "Besides, the spankings, although painful, are also usually very sexually pleasurable for the spankee. My spankings can be anywhere from sexy, to harsh, and all points in between, but I'd say it's the rare spanking where you, the spankee, won't get at least one orgasm. In fact, I've run into problems where my sluts deliberately get into trouble just to get spanked."

That answer took the air out of Erin's balloon, and prevented the other two from complaining as well. After all, it seemed odd to complain about something that could be orgasmic. That was especially true since they'd seen Monica get spanked earlier in the evening and obviously enjoy it.

Kate stared into space in wonder. Wow! Everything is different. It's like my life is starting over. I'm going to get spanked... A LOT! And surprisingly, that doesn't bother me much. Oh, it does on some level, for sure, but I guess I'm just too excited by it to speak up. Especially after seeing the way he spanked Monica. Phew! Hot stuff! Besides, there's something deeply thrilling about being OWNED like that! Somehow, it just feels... right! Even if I know it's wrong.

He concluded, "So now I think it's time you all go elsewhere in the room and listen to Monica tell you about the tree house story."

Monica was working on undressing him in record time. She had him naked from the waist down already, but she still had to finish unbuttoning his dress shirt. To stall for time until she was done, she said, "We'll do that in a minute. But first, have you given any thought about which one of us is going to get fucked first?"

He replied, "It's still up in the air if it'll be Kate or Erin. But I know it won't be you."

"What?!" Just then, Monica was in the process of pulling his dress shirt all the way off. She did so, but she wasn't too gentle about it. She stared daggers at him.

He said, "Remember what I said when we were out in the hallway? 'Whoever goes through that door first is going to get fucked last.' That was you."

Monica nearly exploded with anger. "WHAT?! That's so unfair!"

He held his hands up defensively, even as he continued to lie on the sofa. "Hold your horses! That's just one reason. There's a far more important reason: your size! Remember what you were saying earlier, about how your mouth was ten percent smaller than Kate's or Erin's, if not fifteen percent? Don't forget it was pointed out back then that it makes your pussy proportionally smaller too."

That quelled Monica's anger. She looked consternated instead.

"I know I've really just met the three of you tonight, even Kate for all practical purposes, but I already care for you a lot. That's what happens when people get intimate like we have. Yes, now that you're my personal sluts, I plan on taking full sexual advantage of you, over and over, to my heart's content. I know this sounds totally contradictory, but I believe I can do that AND be considerate to you at the same time. So, for example, I'm not happy unless you're happy and you get plenty of sexual pleasure and big orgasms. I want to see those big smiles on your faces all the time."

The three beauties couldn't help but smile at that.

He went on, "More pertinent to tonight, we can all watch and learn while I fuck Kate and Erin, so by the time I come to you, Monica, you'll know what you're in for and you'll be able to make a good decision about whether you want to go ahead and get fucked or not."

Monica replied, "Thanks for that, but of course I'm going to go for a ride on The Beast!" She nodded to his erection, which was sticking up with her hand sliding up and down on it. "How could I not?"

All of a sudden, Erin complained, "HEY! How did you get your hand there?! Stop that immediately!"

Kate also snapped out of her sex fog to say to Monica, "Yeah! That's way unfair! We already know the tree house story has to be about how you coaxed out another load from him unto your face and tits. So you're one up on us already!" She planted her hands on her hips.

Erin also put her hands on her hips defiantly. "If anything, Kate and I should get to take turns sucking and stroking him while you have to watch! That'll even things up."

Monica was still jacking him off. She knew she didn't have much of a leg to stand on, so she looked to Ryan's face, hoping he'd issue an order allowing her to continue.

He said, "Forget having some kind of even-Steven sharing thing. That's not going to work, period. That said, it's a moot point. You three need to do the storytelling for a while so I can build up my energy for the spanking and fucking to come."

Monica said, "Okay, fair enough" - even as she continued to slide her fingers up and down his shaft. "But I just want to say one more thing about my so-called 'size problem.' I know I'm shorter than most, but I've never used my height or size as a crutch or an excuse. I can do just the same as anybody else, or better! I know that my vaginal pain is going to be pretty bad for the first few days until my pussy resizes itself to be a perfect fit for your cock. But I'm not going to get scared or ask for special treatment."

Erin cut in, "Monica, that's all very touching, and I'm sure you mean it. But it also seems suspiciously like a stalling tactic, considering you're still jacking him off."

"Yeah!" Kate seconded that comment.

Ryan reached out and cupped Monica's nearest tit. He playfully pinched her nipple. "Listen to them. You don't want to get on their bad side."

Monica reluctantly let go of his stiff pole. "Okay. And I get why you want me to go last. But I'll show you that, in the future, you don't need to give me special consideration due to my size. You'll see!" She stared into his eyes with fiery determination.

He grinned. God, I could fall in love with her so easily. I love her spirit! He looked around. But then there's Kate. And Erin. Wow!

With those issues apparently addressed, at least for now, the girls went to sit on Monica's bed to hear her tree house story. Since Ryan had created the incentive of reducing or eliminating any spanking to whomever gave another an orgasm, they all desired to do just that. So they sat in a small circle, within easy and equal reach of the other two.

Ryan closed his eyes again and went back to taking a rest. But before he could really relax, he had some thinking to do. It's bizarre how this is turning out. I'll bet I sound like a really experienced dominant type. I think I have them convinced. Heck, I almost have myself convinced. But all I'm really doing is acting like guys do in the erotic stories I've read, plus following Jack's advice. Jack may be a total asshole who tried to trick me in the worst way, but for whatever reason, he gave me some damn good advice! And I know that part wasn't a trick, because his advice has already worked in spades!

For instance, his quote: "You've got to make clear from the very first words you say to her that you're in charge and she's there to sexually please you, period." So true! That's why I had to take the hard line there with the 24-hour comment and the spankings and the rest.

Especially with these three! I haven't seen much of Kate in her full-on arrogant "princess" mode this evening, and I hope I never do. Still, if I let up at all, that side of her will come roaring back, I'm sure. Meanwhile, Monica is a feisty ball of energy. I'm gonna have constant trouble with her, no doubt, but I'm kinda looking forward to it. She's super sexy when she's angry! And then there's Erin. Sometimes, she's kind of teetering on the edge of just walking out on us, I think. It looks like she doesn't buy into the "personal slut' thing much at all, but her sexual pleasure is too great for her to actually leave. So yeah, between the three of them, I really DO have to maintain firm control.

But the rewards if I can manage it? My God, man! Priceless! I'll be the envy of every guy on the whole damn planet!

He stretched out and sighed with contentment as he repositioned. He'd never felt so satisfied and confident.

One key is that I'm going to have to stress how sexually pleasurable and fun spankings can be. I'm totally winging it, but I did pretty well with Monica's sexy spanking earlier. I just need any ol' excuse to do that to Kate and Erin too. Make sure they love it. The important thing is to firm up the mutual understanding that I have the right to spank them at any time. Once they're fully hooked some point down the line, I'll administer harsh spankings if I have to. But I honestly hope that doesn't happen much, if at all. In just a short time I've developed real feelings for all three of them, and I'm sure those feelings are gonna grow stronger over time.

I'm kind of a sucker and a softy, I suppose. All bark and no bite. But just so long as THEY don't know that, I'll be okay.

He tried to let his mind go blank and actually fall asleep if at all possible. But between thoughts of the upcoming spankings and fuckings he had planned, he was still too worked up to relax enough to have a chance of sleeping. The girls had moved a ways away from him and spoke in low voices in order to help him rest, so he couldn't hear their actual words. However, he could hear the tones of their voices, and that was enough to keep him aroused and interested.

At first, they were very quiet indeed. But they had been extremely worked up from what he'd done to them out in the hallway, and they hadn't had much of a chance to calm down since then, especially since they remained completely naked. He could hear a highly emotional and excited Monica do most of the talking. Undoubtedly, she was telling the full story of how she'd lured him to the sorority's tree house and then gave him an excellent blowjob there.

He soon decided it was more interesting to just hear the tones of their voices than the actual words. At first, Kate and Erin sounded skeptical and even hostile with their occasional interjections and questions. But in just a couple of minutes, they were practically whipped into a lusty frenzy, and sounded just as excited as Monica did.

He was trying to keep his eyes closed. But he knew the bed was in his line of sight if he lifted his head, since he happened to have laid down in that direction. Eventually, curiosity got the best of him and he lifted his head up to look. He was slightly disappointed that they weren't fingering each other. But that was a big line to cross, especially for Kate. At least they were freely masturbating themselves in the full sight of the others. He even happened to catch Monica try to stuff her entire hand in her mouth in an apparent effort to convey some aspect of the blowjob she'd given him. She didn't actually get her whole hand in, but whatever she did and said resulted in lots of enthusiastic moans and groans from the other two.

On second thought, he was starting to regret that he couldn't hear the actual words being said.

After a little more of this, he thought, Okay, fuck it. There's no way in hell that I'm going to take an actual nap now. I'm too wired! Besides, I've already done what I needed to do. I de-stressed and physically recovered. Now, I'm ready for action!


He stood up and started to walk towards the girls. He was feeling frustrated, because he was eager to get involved again but he didn't want to interrupt them when they had finally just started to touch and fondle each other. They had to overcome a lot of social taboo, but the story was simply too hot and they couldn't help themselves.

Before long, he hopped up onto the bed and smiled. "How's it going, ladies?"

The three girls took their hands off each other in what seemed to be a mere fraction of a second. They all started blushing (or blushed more, in Kate's case - her face seemed permanently red this evening).

He put a hand on Erin's shoulder and another on Kate's, since he'd chosen to sit between them. "Don't stop on my account."

Unfortunately, now that he was there, they couldn't easily resume running their hands all over each other. They'd done that, and much more, downstairs in the bathroom, but it was different knowing that he could be watching from across the room. It was ten times more difficult with him sitting on the bed with them.

Sensing their mood, he said, "Oh well. There were be plenty of time for that in the days and months to come. I think it's time to get these pesky spankings out of the way so we can finally get to the fucking. Erin? Kate? Do either of you volunteer to go first?"

Kate and Erin looked at each other with great worry. Even though they had clearly seen how much Monica had enjoyed her spanking earlier, they didn't know if they would feel the same, or even if it would be the same kind of spanking.

Seeing the indecision, he announced, "Okay, I'm making a command decision. Erin, I'm going to spank you first. Let's see... Let's do it over there, on that chair." He pointed to an easy chair a few feet away from the bed. "Across the lap, of course."

Erin sighed to herself. Ugh! I would protest this except for the fact that I'm so damn horny. I've got to admit that he's pretty clever. He got us so worked up from what happened in the hallway, and then hearing about the super hot tree house incident, that he knows we'll agree to just about anything! Plus, I just had my hands on Kate AND Monia, with both of them naked. I would crawl across broken glass to be in that situation, and he's the one who makes it happen!

He pushed the easy chair until it was just a couple of feet from the bed, and facing it at a skewed angle instead of straight on. He sat down, and Erin laid across him. He'd angled the chair in a certain way so that Erin would have a good view of what was happening on the bed. She would still have to turn her head some, but not much.

Kate shyly covered her huge breasts, and asked uncertainly, "What are we supposed to do in the meantime? Just watch?"

He caressed Erin's fantastic bare ass as he replied, "You can do that, sure. But my offer from earlier still stands: if you can make another girl cum, you can have your spanking punishment reduced or eliminated."

Kate complained, "That's downright diabolical! You know I'm not even bisexual in the slightest! But you also promised an extra harsh spanking for me. I'm caught between a rock and a hard place!"

He immediately joked, "Or, you could say you're caught between a cock and a hard ass."

The three girls had to laugh at that. That included Erin, despite the fact that her fear was spiking as her spanking drew near.

Kate searched her feelings, then muttered quietly, "I can't!"

He said to Kate with a shrug, "Your choice. But given everything you've done with Monica tonight already, if I were you, I'd try to do a little more with her right now. Anyway, don't mind me. I promise not to look... much."

He decided to really avoid looking, at least until Kate was past another point of no return. He knew he wouldn't have any trouble with Monica participating. Indeed, one glance at her showed she was chomping at the bit to get her hands on Kate's flawless body again.

He looked down at Erin. "Are you doing okay? Ready for the spanking to begin?"

Erin thought, As if I'll ever be ready or okay for this. How humiliating! Here I am, a full-grown woman, and he's going to spank me across his lap like I'm a little girl! It's fun when he humiliates Kate in a sexy way, but not when it's me! Ugh. I don't know if pretending to be one of his personal sluts is going to be worth it, not if he spanks me all the time.

But then she turned her head and looked at Kate and Monica again. The two of them had obviously decided to try to lessen their spanking punishment. They already were trying to warm up by French kissing some. Then again... Jesus! How could I NOT be a part of this?! Hell, I really WOULD walk on broken glass just to be intimate with Kate, never mind getting to enjoy Monica and a super huge cock as well. So yeah, compared to that I can put up with a lot of spankings. I'm not happy about it though!

Erin gritted her teeth and said, "I'm as ready as I'll ever be. Do your worst!" She realized how that could be interpreted, and quickly added, "Scratch that! You know what I mean. Go ahead."

He chuckled at her slip up. With everything finally set, he started smacking her ass. But he remembered his goal wasn't really to punish her. In fact, at the moment he couldn't even recall a single valid reason to spank her at all. His real motive was to get her to cum while also submitting further to his authority.

So, to that end, he didn't actually smack her ass that hard. And he was very vigorous with playing with her voluptuous body. From the get-go, he pushed two fingers deep into her cunt and started fingerbanging her nearly non-stop. He'd read about the G-spot in erotic stories, but so far he'd never tried to find one in real life. However, he remembered from those stories how it was supposed to be a rough bump on the "top" of her inner pussy wall. Sure enough, his fingers found such a bump straight away, and he began making a point of rubbing her there.

She didn't say anything about it, but he could tell before long that he was getting a good reaction from his G-spot exploration. In addition, he used his other hand to fondle her elsewhere, at least when that hand wasn't needed to smack her ass cheeks. He often diddled her clit with one hand while fingerbanging her all the way to her G-spot with the other.

If that wasn't enough, his ace in the hole was how he'd arranged for Kate and Monica to put on a good lesbian show practically right in Erin's face. Kate was hesitant and deeply blushing about what she was taking part in, but her great embarrassment just aroused everyone even more, including herself. By contrast, Monica only pretended any reluctance, and didn't even bother to do much pretending.

Ryan wisely refrained from saying much. He'd started to understand Kate and Monica, and was beginning to have a good feel on how to push their buttons. But he knew that he didn't understand Erin like that yet. He couldn't treat her the same way as Kate and get the same results. Furthermore, he figured any talking would only distract her from watching Kate and Monica.

If the "porn logic" he was using could be said to have any guiding principle, it probably was "lust always wins." That was proving to be the case again, on several fronts which all reinforced each other.

One was that Kate was watching Ryan spank and fondle Erin, and that made her think about the fact that she was going to get spanked next, while also generally reminding her that Ryan had managed to totally sexually dominate herself and her two gorgeous friends in just a couple of hours. She could easily picture herself having another epic orgasm or two while her naked body thrashed around on his lap in response to the way his hand kept on smacking her ass cheeks with great force. That made her so hot and horny that she channeled that energy into fondling and kissing Monica. She was determined to get Monica to cum in order to reduce her spanking punishment to something that was more fun than painful, so she was going all out. Putting aside all her objections and restrictions, she even stuck her finger into another girl's pussy for the first time.

Kate was so carried away by sheer lust that she didn't even stop to think about what a pivotal moment it was in her life to cross this new boundary. In fact, at the time her mind was mostly preoccupied by cocksucking fantasies.

Monica, in turn, was greatly inspired by what Kate was doing to her, causing her to kiss and fondle back with greater passion. She didn't care much about getting Kate to cum in order to reduce her spanking punishment, since she'd come to realize that she'd very much enjoyed being spanked by Ryan. But she was extremely intent on getting Kate to cum to help Kate get over her girl-on-girl phobia and be more open to repeat performances. Furthermore, every time she heard Ryan smack Erin's ass, it was like she was being hit by another jolt of pleasure too.

One snag was that she had to be careful what she did to Kate's pussy for fear of busting Kate's hymen a little too early. She tended to avoid Kate's pussy lips much of the time, even on the outside, for fear that she would get carried away and forget. Had it not been for that, she knew she could have gotten Kate to cum much more easily. However, she had great success diddling with Kate's clitoris.

Erin was quickly discovering that she was positively enjoying getting spanked by Ryan, probably just as much as Monica had enjoyed it. The key was that he had no interest in using it as a tool for punishment, or even his own sexual gratification. It was all about getting Erin to cum loudly and cum often. Sure, he was having a great time and his cock stayed as stiff as possible. Simply running his hands all over Erin's flawless, curvaceous body was a constant thrill for him. But his boner wasn't even being touched, and he knew there were even more arousing things he could do if he wanted to be completely selfish about it.

Luckily for the girls, he took great pleasure in making them sexually aroused. Every erotic pant or moan from Erin's lips was like music to his ears, and feeling her sexy nude body writhe and wiggle on his lap was even better. Then, after about ten smacks, when he got Erin to cum for the first time from being spanked (plus extensively fondled), it really was just as good for him as if he'd had an orgasm himself. He knew that was an important breakthrough as far as her accepting his sexual authority over her.

It all worked like a positive feedback loop for everyone in the room. The more aroused one of them got, the more aroused the others tended to get as well. Before long, Erin had another orgasm, and then another. Ryan hadn't been spanking her that hard at all. But as she grew increasingly aroused, he began spanking her ass harder and harder. That took her to an even higher level, and made her orgasms more frequent and more intense.

Before long, it was like one endless orgasm for Erin. Already, getting spanked was more enjoyable for her than any previous sexual encounter when she'd actually been fucked.

With Kate and Monica, it was a slightly different story. Ryan had noticed already that it was a real challenge to get Kate to cum at all, but once she did, and if the conditions were right, her orgasms could be spectacular. She wasn't quite there yet, but Monica was working hard to push her over the edge. Monica could have cum on her own at any time, but she didn't want to, for fear that would distract and delay her from getting Kate to cum. So she was holding back with all her might.

Finally, the event Ryan had been waiting for happened: Kate started to cum. That in turn allowed Monica to give in and cum too. Happily, Monica was still being extra careful about Kate's hymen and just diddled Kate's clit to heighten the intensity of their shared orgasmic peak. Kate had fully given in to her "lesbian lust," and she was freely fingerbanging Monica with two fingers.

Erin had been watching Kate and Monica get it on more often than not, except when her own orgasms left her too distracted. One reason Ryan's spanking efforts were having such a great effect on her was because she was seeing one of her greatest sexual fantasies come true right in front of her eyes. It was an exciting sight in and of itself, but what really thrilled her was the realization that if Kate was willing to do all that with Monica, then certainly she would do it with her too. When she saw Kate and Monica were starting to cum, she let go with her biggest orgasm yet.

Ryan took Erin still higher by smacking her ass even harder than before while her body was still in the throes of orgasm, twitching and writhing spasmodically across his lap. He eagerly reached underneath her torso to fondle her huge tits with one hand while pumping his fingers in and out of her burning hot cunt with three fingers of his other hand.

Strangely, when the orgasms petered out, nobody was any more tired than before. Perhaps it was the anticipation of what would come next which kept everyone humming with energy.

Kate did feel ashamed of what she'd done with Monica, and she took her hands away. She brought one hand up to her face and stared in amazement at Monica's cum dripping down her fingers. Oh. My. God! I just fingered another girl to orgasm! With my fingers! But I'm no lesbian. What came over me?! I'm too horny to think, or even breathe! It's no fair! How can I resist, with everything happening at once?! Oh, Ryan, what have you done to me?!

But Monica wasn't ashamed or shy in the slightest. She exclaimed, "Thank you! Kate, you were great!" She fervently kissed Kate's lips and resumed playing with Kate's incredible G-cups.

Kate felt sexually satiated after her very big orgasm, but she was still extremely arousable. She found herself kissing back, even though her face reddened from knowing the other two were watching. Crap! Does the total humiliation ever end?! I give up. It's all too arousing. I should just give in. Ryan truly broke me! I AM his personal slut, maybe forever! And I don't care!

Erin got up but immediately sat on Ryan's lap instead. She wrapped an arm around him and pulled him in for a kiss, even as she began jacking his boner off with her other hand. Her feelings for him had shifted in a significant way, thanks to that spanking. The two of them shared a long, passionate kiss, full of very heartfelt emotion.

Erin found herself thinking, Good God! It's like... it's like... I'm falling for him! Yeah, I still think this personal slut stuff is bullshit, but he would make a dream boyfriend. If he spanks me like that, imagine how much better it'll be when he fucks me! I can't wait!

Eventually, Kate broke her kissing with Monica to exclaim, "Erin! My God, girl! Just how many times did you cum while he spanked you?!"

Erin broke her own kissing to proudly reply, "I don't know. Five? Six? I lost count. It was a lot! And the last one was HUUUUGE!" She momentarily took her hands off Ryan's cum-soaked boner to hold her arms out wide to emphasize how huge it was.

Kate spoke incredulously while she watched Erin resume her cock stroking. "Wow! Five was how many times I came with Ryan all night! And then twice more down in the bathroom, and once more with Monica just now. That's EIGHT times in one evening!" Her eyes bugged out as she let that realization sink in to her own mind. "Do you have any idea how impossible that is for me? That's totally impossible!"

Monica purred while staring into Kate's eyes from inches away, "Obviously not, since it just happened to you. And that doesn't even count how many MORE times you're going to cum once he starts to spank you!" She playfully slapped at Kate's ass, but it was more of a light slap on Kate's hip since Kate was sitting on her ass on the bed.

Kate was in awe. "My God! He IS going to spank me! And that's coming up next! And then he's going to FUCK me! I honestly don't know if my body will be able to handle it. Erin, tell me, have you changed your mind? What do you think about getting spanked now?!"

Erin started to slide down Ryan's body. But it was a very strategic slide, since her goal was to wind up kneeling between his legs. "Let's put it this way. Ryan, I kind of hate you now."

"You do?!" He was startled and upset, especially since they'd just been sharing some very passionate kisses. He'd been walking a high wire all evening long, doing audacious things and pretending to be someone he wasn't. He worried it was starting to crumble down on him.

Erin settled down on her knees between his legs and resumed jacking him off. "Yes, because you've made me love spankings now! If it's always like that, I'm totally going to have to be bad all the time, just to make sure you keep spanking me!"

He breathed a sigh of relief, seeing that she wasn't really mad at him. Not only was she smiling up at him in a very sultry manner, but she started licking his cockhead while stroking the rest of his shaft, and fondling his balls for good measure.

He stared down at her. Holy crap! Just look at her, nestled between my thighs! What a perfect ten BABE! I swear, she's just one tiny notch less gorgeous than Kate, probably the second most wanted woman in this entire university, and she's licking my dick like she adores it! He said, "If that's how it's going to be, no problem. I'll give you spankings as rewards instead."

"UGH!" Erin grunted.

"What?" he asked.

"I'm kind of joking about hating you, but I'm kind of not. You were wailing on my ass pretty hard there at the end, and I was... loving it! I can't deny it. It was fucking awesome!" She paused to swirl her tongue around his cockhead a couple of times, reveling in the fact that the others were almost certainly watching. She purred loudly and lustily, getting a thrill out of making them jealous.

Then she resumed talking while she licked, "But I don't want to be the kind of girl who gets off on being spanked. It's weird! I don't want to be your personal slut either. That's ten times weirder. But after everything you've done to me tonight, how could I not want to do it all over again, exactly the same?! I have this strange craving to please you, since you make me feel so good!"

With that, her talk came to a sudden end, because she craned her mouth wide open and engulfed all of Ryan's cockhead.

He grasped at her head with both hands and held on tight. "Oh God! No! Not again!"

Kate moaned and groaned like she was in Erin's place and teetering on the edge of another great climax. A-ha! Erin can't resist him either! I'm not to blame, because nobody can!

As the seconds passed, Kate gawked and gawked, like she couldn't believe her eyes. This was yet another mind-blowing moment for her. She'd lost count of how many of those she'd had this evening. Amongst other things, she was astounded at how quickly Erin had engulfed his entire cockhead. She finally exclaimed, "Erin just started sucking him! Just like that!" She snapped her fingers. "Like it's easy!"

Monica caressed Kate's great melons in a comforting manner. "I know, I know. I saw it too. I can relate, 'cos that's what I want to do this very moment. Doesn't it make you hot?"

Kate wailed lustily, "Everything makes me hot!"

Monica and Kate shared another French kiss because they were so very worked up, their faces were practically touching already, and they had to let all their passions out.

Meanwhile, Erin started to suck. Ryan's erection hadn't gotten any smaller, but considering all of her orgasms during the spanking, as well as the pleasure of being spanked itself AND the way he'd obviously deliberately arranged for her to watch the "Kate-and-Monica show," she had an almost delirious need to repay him with a great blowjob. She was going all out, despite her considerable discomfort and even pain due to his extreme thickness.

She found herself thinking, What is it about this thing, this Beast? It's twice the size of any cock I've sucked before. That should make it a chore, a barely physically possible ordeal. And it is. But I love it! Sucking normal cocks are a chore. This is a blast! It's like I NEED to do this, and I can't stop! And it's not just about repaying him for the spanking. This is FUN!

After a minute of glorious cocksucking, there was a knock on the door.

Kate broke her kiss with Monica and whispered in fear, "Except that!" That was a reference to her last comment, nearly forgotten after so much great kissing.

Erin's lips froze in place, but she was so keen on cocksucking that she wasn't going to pull off until she knew if this was a real danger or not. She knew that if she did, it truly would be an ordeal to get her lips stretched around his shaft again.

There was more knocking on the door. It was louder and more insistent this time. Yet nobody moved in response.

Kate whispered to Monica while still embracing her, "It's your room! They'll probably notice your light is on, if they haven't already. You should say something!"

Monica was so out of it, carried away exploring the glories of Kate's perfect body, that she'd forgotten she was in her own room. But she quickly recovered, and shouted towards the door, "Who is it?"

The voice replied, "It's me! Jo Ann. I'm just rounding up the lost sheep. Are you okay? People are wondering why you're not at the party."

Erin was greatly relieved. Her entire body was reeling from the shock of the interruption, but she resumed her talented cocksucking, figuring that there was no way Monica was going to open the door to expose what she was doing in such a compromising position.

Monica got up while Jo Ann was talking and started walking towards the door, butt naked. She loudly replied, "I'm fine! I was down there for a while earlier. It's just that, uh..." - she scrambled for an excuse - "I drank too much. I'm kind of resting for a while."

"Oh, I see," Jo Ann replied through the door. "Well, do you know where Kate or Erin are? I was knocking on their doors too, and there's no sign of them. I was kind of deputized to come up here and find out where everyone had gone to."

Monica came up with another excuse. "They're here with me, actually." Since neither Kate nor Erin were known to drink much, like she did, she said, "They're both feeling under the weather. So we're kind of commiserating together."

Jo Ann said, "Oh, that sucks." She wasn't speaking as loudly, now that she could hear Monica was closer.

Monica couldn't help but quip, "Yeah, it really sucks, especially for Erin. It's been sucky for her, big time. She's been on her knees all evening and worshipping the... well, you get the picture." She smirked, figuring correctly that Jo Ann would assume her phrased "worshipping the porcelain god," a popular college idiom for throwing up into a toilet.

Erin heard every word, and was spurred on by Monica's double entendres. She began bobbing back and forth with even more vigor. I can't believe she just said that! What fucking cheek! I love it! She was tempted to laugh out loud, even with her mouth crammed full of cock. Watch out, Ryan! Are you ready to have your cock worshipped? 'Cos that's what I'm gonna do now!

Within seconds, Ryan found himself clutching at Erin's head with both hands, trying to get her to ease up on him. But his clutching had little effect. She went all out with her tongue, lips, and fingers. Her only restraint was that she was careful not to make too much noise.

A clueless Jo Ann said through the door, "I thought I might have heard Kate's voice in there. Is that why she screamed, 'Everything makes me hot?'"

Kate hadn't moved from the bed. She yelled, "That was me! And yes, I've got a fever!"

Jo Ann said, "That's too bad. What about you, Erin? Do you have a fever too?"

Monica was at her front door. But she could look across her room to see that Monica was still kneeling between Ryan's legs. The view of her mouth was blocked due to one of those legs, but Monica correctly figured that Erin still had her lips tightly sealed around Ryan's shaft. So she said, "Yes, she's got a fever too. She's in quite a state. In fact, at this very moment she's on her knees with her mouth open wide."

Jo Ann exclaimed, "That sounds awful!"

Kate had a hard time not snickering or even guffawing out loud.

Even Ryan grinned. The fact that he was listening and understanding the double meanings was an accomplishment considering how distracting and arousing Erin's all-out oral attack was.

Luckily, Monica was careful to hide her own amusement. "I'm kind of playing the nurse to both of them."

Jo Ann asked, "While you're drunk? And you're not worried about it being contagious? You're like Mother Teresa or something."

That amused Erin even more. As she lustily slurped and bobbed up and down Ryan's shaft, she thought, Yeah, let's see Mother Teresa do THIS! HA! I swear, this is the most fun, ever! I hope Jo Ann stays at the door forever!

Monica decided she was pushing her luck and tried to play it straight. "I was hanging out with them already, so I figure either I've got it or I don't. It seems to just be a stomach ache for the both of them, so I'm not too concerned. Still, it's better to be safe than sorry. That's why I'm not opening the door. I don't want you to worry about getting it."

"Thanks for that. If there's anything I can do, let me know."

"Spread the word that we'll be skipping the rest of the party. We're just chilling out here, watching romantic comedies. I think we're all going to go to bed early."

"I can do that. I hope you all get better. Especially you, Erin, you poor thing. See ya!"

"See ya!" Monica rolled her eyes, relieved the conversation was over.

She hustled back to where the other three were.

Ryan had been holding back, but as soon as he as he felt it was safe, he quietly chuckled some. He continued to hold Erin's bobbing head as he whispered, "Who's Jo Ann?"

Monica sat down on his thigh while being careful not to get in the way of Erin's cocksucking. She hugged Ryan and tilted her head up, ready to make out with him. She whispered, "She's a Kappa girl. Lives on the second floor. She's nice enough, as you can guess from her coming up and asking about us."

Sensing Monica there, Erin looked up to make eye contact, and then held a hand up for a high-five. She also muttered, "You go, girl!"

It was nearly unintelligible due to Erin's tight lip-lock, not to mention her sliding lips and busy tongue work, but Monica understood from the context.

Monica slapped Erin's sticky hand and then cuddled her naked body into Ryan's and gave him a long French kiss.

He broke the kiss eventually to ask, "How did she get up to the third floor, assuming the door in the stairway was locked?"

Monica said, "Oh, some Kappas on the second floor have a copy of the key to go to this floor." She licked her way along his jawline. She was hot to trot, and frustrated that his erection was fully occupied, so she was biding her time until she could neck with him some more.

"How many?"

She planted small kisses across his face as she answered. "Not many. Just a few of our closer friends. Technically we're not supposed to make copies of the keys, but if you've got a friend who keeps coming to visit, it's just easier to give a key that'll unlock the door every time."

He was surprised to hear that. Had he known that before, he might not have gotten the girls naked in the hallway. This greatly complicated his understanding of trying to keep their sexual activities secret from everyone else.

Kate got off the bed and walked to Ryan's chair, since that was where the action was. "Even so, that was a close call!" She was whispering too. Like the others, she was being extra careful about making noise now.

Monica said, "It was! Kate, how lucky was it that you shouted out that everything was making you hot instead of 'Gaawwwd, I want to suck cock,' or 'Ryan, I need you to spank me and fuck me?'"

Kate couldn't help but laugh as she wrapped her arms around both Ryan and Monica. "Yeah! That wouldn't have been good!"

Ryan was more worried than amused. "Or what if she'd come by a couple of minutes earlier, while most of us were screaming in orgasm?"

Kate winced. "Yikes! That would have been bad too!" Then she leaned in and rubbed noses with Monica. "You're soooo bad! All that talk about Erin sucking and 'worshipping' on her knees. Risky!"

Monica's eyes sparkled with mischief. "Totally worth it, though! Wasn't that fun?"

Kate said, "I should be mad at you." But it was clear she wasn't, especially since she and Monica wound up French kissing each other, just inches from Ryan's mouth.

Ryan was flying high, mostly due to Erin's excellent cocksucking. She'd taken off right where she'd left off earlier, and even taken it up a notch or two, thanks to the inspiration of Monica's dangerous wordplay. As before, tears of struggle were leaking down her cheeks. But that didn't stop her from using her tongue and her lips to full effect, while fondling and stroking with both hands too. She really was going all out, and she hadn't let up with her "worshipping" in the slightest since Jo Ann had left.

Given all that, it was a remarkable thing he could speak at all. He said in a blissed out voice, "We've gotta do something about people overhearing us. What does Jo Ann look like? Is she beautiful?"

Monica replied proudly, "Of course she is. She's a Kappa girl. All Kappa girls are beautiful."

"Is she busty?"

Monica frowned as she sensed where this was going. But she answered honestly. "Er... yes... Again, she's a Kappa, and we kind of have a bra-stretching reputation." She couldn't resist dragging her hard nipples up and down his chest to emphasize her point.

"Well then, maybe I should fuck her. If that'll help keep her quiet." He smirked with delight at his new life, particularly luxuriating in Erin's enthusiastic and loud oral attentions. Now that Jo Ann was gone, she seemed to be making an extra effort to have her slurping and moaning fill the room.

Kate had been licking his neck and up to his ear, but she pulled back slightly and huffed with annoyance, "You can't just fuck your problems away. What are you going to do, fuck every single girl in the sorority?!"

He smiled from ear to ear. "Hey, there's an idea!" He was surgng with so much sexual confidence that that actually sounded possible.

Kate threw up her hands in frustration. "Arrrgh! What am I going to do with you?!" But the fantasy of him doing that made her really hot. Actually, at this point just about anything, including merely breathing, made her really hot. She was particularly frustrated that Erin was having a great time sucking him off and Monica was cuddling into him, still eager to kiss, while she was on the outside, barely able to do more than hug him.

She suddenly pushed on his leg, the one Monica wasn't sitting on, trying to widen his sitting position. "Open up and let me in! I need to help! I need The Beast!"

Ryan was enjoying Erin's oral work, and the idea of Kate joining in sounded even better. But that wasn't part of his plan. He figured there would be plenty of time for that kind of thing later. He was painfully aware of the fact that he was still secretly a virgin. It was time to fix that.

He said, "Sounds good, but I've got another idea. Erin, please, pull off. It's time that I fuck you."


There was a stunned silence. Then all three girls began talking at once.

He couldn't make out much, but the general gist was they were all shocked and incredulous. After so many delays, they couldn't believe the fucking was about to begin, nor that Erin had been chosen to go first.

Erin had pulled her lips off his boner to join in the general complaining. She was already about as aroused as she could possibly be, and hearing that he was about to fuck her with his enormous hard-on made her even more aroused. She was torn between wanting to talk and wanting to suck.

She compromised by kneeling up higher and sliding his curved cock between her fantastic F-cups. At the same time, she exclaimed, "You can't be serious!"

He just sat back and basked in the joy of this repositioning. Erin not only enveloped his hot boner with her round tit-pillows, she immediately started slipping and sliding them up and down either side of his shaft. His erection was so wet from her saliva and his pre-cum that lubrication wasn't a problem at all. As if that wasn't enough, she craned her head down and began licking the tip of his cockhead too.

This was the very first time she'd titfucked him, but she was very familiar with his cock by now, and sexually experienced in general, so she went at it like she'd done it to him many times before. He loved that, but what he loved even more was the knowledge that she'd be doing it to him many times more in the days and weeks to come.

So he had plenty to be overjoyed about. He had to frantically squeeze his PC muscle just to avoid cumming early.

Kate bit her lip with jealousy and complained, "No fair! Now she's titfucking him!"

Monica similarly griped, "He's gonna cum for sure, the way she's going. Look at her! It's like a switch got flipped inside her, maybe during the spanking. She's in love with his cock!"

Kate grumbled, "I know how that feels." She licked her lips and salivated copiously as she considered leaning in to assist licking his cockhead. But she didn't want to increase the chances that he'd cum before he could even start fucking Erin in earnest. That was frustrating.

The three girls quieted down after that, especially when he didn't say anything. Besides, Erin started to get into the titfuck, and the other two were fascinated watching. Kate and Monica wound up kneeling right next to Erin, on either side of her.

Monica whispered in awe, "Look at The Beast poking through those round melons! How is it he hasn't cum yet? What a stud! What a cock! It's just so big! TOO big! ¡Señor, protégeme de La Bestia!"

"What does that mean?" Kate asked, even as she licked her lips and stared hungrily at the way Erin was lapping against the inches of cock poking out through the top of her cleavage.

Monica translated, "'Dear Lord, spare me from The Beast!'"

Kate asked, "But I thought you're just as eager to get fucked by him as the rest of us?"

"I am, I am! But I can both fear it and love it at the same time, can't I? Just look at that monster, enveloped by so much tit-flesh. It's so big that it scares me! Don't you feel the same way?"

Kate exclaimed, "Oh God, do I ever! I've never been so afraid AND excited at once!" That reminded her of what Ryan had said. She tore her eyes from the titfucking action and looked up at him with an angry glare. "Hey, what's this about you fucking her first?!"

He was tripping out on the sheer pleasure of the titfucking. Somehow, he was riding right on the edge of climax without going over, and it had been that way for a good while now. He was in a groove, and it seemed like it would never end, so he was in no hurry to get to the fucking just yet.

However, it wasn't just the physical pleasure alone that was blowing his mind. That was great, but simply seeing the perfect-ten Erin naked and kneeling before him with his cockhead poking up through her massive globes was a trip in and of itself. Then there was the lusty look on her face. "Lusty" didn't even begin to convey just how passionate and intense she appeared. Seeing Kate's and Monica's voluptuous nude bodies on either side of Erin was like two sweet layers of icing on a most delicious cake.

He thought about how he should answer Kate's question. The real answer was that he wanted to arouse and thrill Erin so very much that she'd have no choice but to willingly agree to be one of his personal sluts. He knew she wasn't entirely sold on the idea yet, but he hoped that if the rewards were great enough, she'd be a fool to say no. He knew that the spanking had made her incredibly hot for him, as her fervent titfucking right now was showing with each passing second of pure ecstasy. He chose Erin to go first because wanted to strike while the iron was hot.

But he didn't want to admit that out loud, because it might cause her to rethink what she was doing. So instead he said, "Monica goes last because I'm concerned about her size, no matter what she says. And Kate, I'm worried about your virginity. You'll get to see what Erin goes through from close-up, and then you'll be able to better decide if this is really want you want to do. See how much it hurts. Like I said, I may be your de facto owner now, but I want to be a caring one, not a cruel one. Doesn't it make more sense doing it that way?"

Kate was touched, not to mention thrilled. He's my "owner"! My "OWNER"! He OWNS me, like a slave! How hot is THAT?! And he's going to be caring but firm!

Such thoughts scared and thrilled her so much that she could scarcely breathe. She tried to gather her wits, but she couldn't stop staring at the titfucking action, which kept her almost insensibly horny. Gaawwwd! Just look at his massive banana-shaped cock trapped in Erin's big breasts. No, her big TITS! Now that he owns me, he's going to fuck my big tits a lot too! Then he's going to cum all over my face and chest, over and over again, whether I like it or not! I should be mad that I'm his personal cum dump, especially given my extraordinary beauty, but I'm way too horny!

To the winner goes the spoils, and he's won me! He may not be the smartest, or the most handsome, or the wealthiest, and on and on, but by God, he's won me! It's time for him to claim his prize: my virginity! UGH! UNH! When I think about that Beast of his busting my hymen and sliding nine inches deep into me... HNRRRG! UGH! It's all I can do not to cum again, just from THINKING about it!

But she forced herself to calm down, because a response was expected from her. After a long pause, she managed to say, "I suppose..."

She was uncertain, because she was keen to get fucked first. Up until tonight, it didn't really bother me that I was still a virgin. But now it bothers the HELL out of me now, especially that Ryan hasn't taken my virginity yet! I'm one of his personal sluts. My parents will be pissed to find out a mere commoner took my cherry, but so what? That's his right and his privilege! I won't feel completely owned until he thoroughly fucks me, so that needs to happen already! But even so, I can't deny that it almost certainly is going to be VERY painful and difficult, at least at the start. So maybe going second would be more prudent. Shit!

But then a new thought came to her. "Hey! Maybe you have reason to fuck her first, but what about my spanking?! Don't tell me you're not going to spank me at all. What a rip-off!"

He laughed, both at her change of attitude about spankings and also due to the sheer euphoria brought about by Erin's continuing titfucking efforts. He was particularly tickled by the fact that he didn't need to most a muscle. His boner was staying still so Erin could lick and move her tits on him at the same time. From time to time, she even managed to cram a good half of his cockhead into her mouth, allowing her to bob on it a few times.

Before answering Kate's question, he watched her eyes staring at his wet cock with the top inch and then some once again in Erin's hungry mouth, and said, "It's an amazing sight, isn't it?"

Kate just licked her lips and nodded. My turn, already! I don't mind sharing, but only if I get my fair share! If I'm going to betray my parents' values and everything I believed in for this hot cock, I need a LOT of cock!

Monica did the exact same. She also thought about Erin's new attitude. Incredible! Her tits never stop sliding. I honestly don't know how he holds out for so long. She had been holding back most of the evening, I can tell, but not anymore. You can see the fire in her eyes. She's hot for that cock, and she can't get enough! But will she go back to normal when she calms down? Or has she changed in a permanent way, like Kate obviously has?

He said to Kate, "I hope tonight I'll get to fuck your tits too! I don't know if biggest is best, but damn, girl, you have some fine tits!" It occurred to him that he might be able to fuck the mouths, tits, and pussies of all three girls in the same night, if he had the stamina for it.

Kate shivered lustily as she rejoiced in that great news. She straightened up and proudly cupped her G-cups from below. "Thank you! Can you believe I've never let ANYBODY fuck my tits? Never, ever, ever. Hell, they've barely been fondled. But I'm psyched that you'll be the first. I can't wait until you take that virginity too!"

Monica reached a hand behind Erin and playfully honked one of Kate's huge, bouncy globes. "These puppies are unfucked now, but I'll bet by the end of the semester they'll be the MOST fucked tits on campus! Your cleavage is gonna permanently smell of his cock and cum!"

Kate moaned blissfully. "Mmmm! Aaaah! Don't even say that, Monica, 'cos you'll make me too horny!" I hope she's right!

She looked back up to Ryan with pleading puppy dog eyes. "But honey, what about spanking me tonight?"

He asked her, "I thought you didn't want to get spanked?"

"I don't!" she angrily replied. But then she realized she was contradicting herself, so she added, "But since you just made Erin cum five or six times doing it to her, I've gotta admit that I'm kinda curious." Now that she had her hands back on her tits, she couldn't stop fondling herself, yet she also managed to thrust her rack out invitingly. "Besides, I've been bad. Disobedient. I deserve it!"

Monica chuckled at that. She reached around Erin to playfully tickle Kate's side. "Come on, girl! You know you want it. You know you can't wait!"

Kate was blushing profusely again (not that she'd ever stopped blushing completely). "I do not!" She let go of her globes to feebly swat in Monica's direction, causing a particularly massive tit-quake.

Monica snickered. "You do too! You saw how red Erin's ass is. Don't you want your ass to glow red like that? Just like your face? Don't you want Ryan to put you in your place and treat you like a buxom personal slut needs to be treated?"

Kate was staring intently at Ryan's cockhead while she continued to grope at her enormous knockers, roughly sliding them against each other like she was the one getting titfucked. Erin's tongue was swirling all over his fat knob, even though at times one of her tits rose up and threatened to get in the way. Kate shyly muttered, "Well, maybe... a little..."

"A little?" Monica prodded.

Kate growled, "Okay, fine! A lot! There, are you happy?!" She wondered, Why does the thought of being put in my place arouse me so much? Just hearing those words gives me goose bumps! Is it because I was so insolent for so long and never got any pushback? Or it is just that Ryan is obviously a natural when it comes to taming busty beauties like me? Who cares, as long as it feels this great!

She looked up into Ryan's face with puppy dog eyes. "Ryan, honey, how can you spank Monica AND Erin and not me?! It makes me feel kind of hurt and unwanted. Didn't you say I was the one who deserves a good whacking the most?!" She even repositioned some, allowing her to jut a bare ass cheek towards him.

He was amused to be put in a position where Kate was trying to convince him to spank her. He knew he was going to do it before the evening was over in any case, to help firm up the nature of their relationship, but he wanted to see how much she wanted it. He pointed out, "True, but remember that I also said that if any of you made the other cum, then you'd be off the hook. And you clearly made Monica cum and she made you cum."

Ironically, at the time, Kate had felt she'd "debased" herself in front of him in order to get him to reduce or eliminate her spanking punishment. But now she was trying to argue otherwise, and quickly, knowing that Erin's titfucking/licking action could make him blow his load at any moment. "Yes, but you also said that I had a spanking coming to me in any case, and all I could do was reduce the severity of it. Remember?"

He chuckled. "So I did. You're right. Okay, we'll have your spanking, with points off for good behavior, but after I finish fucking Erin." That had been his plan all along. Seeing how worked up Erin had got from her spanking, he hoped the same thing would happen with Kate.

That reminded him that he needed to act fast. It sure looks like Erin is loving the titfuck, but is she cooling down relative to how lava-hot she was before? I can't tell, and I don't want to take that chance if she is.

So he ran a hand gently through Erin's short red hair, while her head bobbed slightly in time to her licking motions. "Erin, I'm loving this titfuck, especially with your bonus tongue work. Thanks! But let's get the fucking started before my need to cum gets too great! Let's do it now! Move to the bed and get started!"

Erin looked up at him with worry, his big boner still trapped in her deep cleavage. "Are you sure? Now?"

"I'm very sure."

She was afraid. She loved the idea of getting fucked by him in the abstract. But now that it was getting close in reality, she was having doubts. Titfucking was easy, fun, and worry-free, so she wished that could keep going indefinitely. She was too horny to worry much about the whole "personal slut" issue; her worries were all about the potential pain and difficulty due to his size.

Seeing her apprehensive look, he said, "Pick your position. Whatever you think would be best to accommodate my size."

She rocked back on her feet, causing his hot boner to fall free from her tits. Fuck! This is really going to happen! I sure as hell hope he fits! This could either be the best fuck ever, or a painful nightmare! But what position?! That could make all the difference!

She pondered that issue. "I don't know! I don't think any position is going to help much. But maybe doggy-style would be best."

He clapped his hands once. "Okay! Let's do it! Quick! No time for second thoughts. Let's just do it and get it over with! It's going to hurt for you at first, but we'll get past that quickly and then it'll be all pleasure. You'll see."

Erin looked doubtful, but she decided that it was going to happen anyway, and his approach of just getting past the unpleasant part as fast as possible was best.

Kate and Monica helped her stand up. They looked at Erin with new eyes, like she alone had been chosen for a highly dangerous but very important secret mission.

Kate took Erin's hand and said to her, "Don't worry. The worst will be over fast. Ryan's done this with lots of his sluts, and I'm sure it works the same way every time. Vaginas are incredibly adaptable. If you can give birth, and you can, you'll fit him in... eventually. Monica and I will be here for you, holding your hand and helping you every step of the way!"

Erin stared into Kate's eyes with genuine astonishment. "Thank you! You're... nice! What's amazing is that you really mean that, don't you? I can see it in your eyes."

"Of course I do!" Kate replied emphatically. "And you do too, don't you, Monica?"

Monica took Erin's other hand. "For sure! We're like a sisterhood of sorts now, aren't we?"

Erin nodded. She looked from Monica back to Erin. "Monica, I can understand. But why are you being so nice to me, Kate?"

Kate replied, "It's like Monica said, we're a sisterhood now. We're Ryan's personal sluts, bound by our devotion to his cock! We have to stick together and support each other."

She considered her own words. Incredible, because it's true! I should be mad as hell, but I LIKE it. This is so much better than playing the spoiled princess. And one nice bonus is how I'm bonding with my two "sisters." Why, just think about the endless hours we'll spend together licking and sucking his cock, sometimes all three of us at once. If that's not a bonding experience, then nothing is. We'll have to act in unison and practically think with one mind to do a really good job, like good sluts always do. MMMM! So much slurping and sucking and sharing! We're going to become best friends, I just know it! I don't know if I've ever had a real best friend before, and now I'll have TWO!

She added more thoughtfully, "I know this isn't the real me. The lust in me is talking. It's just like I've been high on drugs all evening, except this drug is lust. Tomorrow, I'll probably go back to being the bitchy and spoiled princess. In fact, I know I will." That saddened her. It wasn't easy to escape the past, especially such a very recent past.

Erin said hopefully, "Not necessarily. He could keep you high on lust all day by fucking you in every hole all over again."

"I hope so!" Kate felt thrills running up and down her spine as she imagined spending a good part of the day naked and kneeling between his legs, sucking, licking, and titfucking, with her face and tits splattered with cum. Wow! Is that really going to be my life from now on?! Because right now, that sounds INCREDIBLE! I must be a natural slut. I had no idea what I was missing out on!

However, she continued sadly, "But sooner or later I'll have to come down and return to my bad, old self, at least some of the time. Except that I hope that isn't the real me. Maybe THIS is closer to the real me, buried deep down inside." She waved her hands down her sweaty, cummy, nude body. "If Ryan can control me and guide me with his big cock and spanking hand, and with your help and Monica's help too, maybe he can fuck the bad me right out of me!"

Erin was elated. She had strong feelings even for the "bad" Kate, due to her strong crush on her. To have the bad parts of Kate's personality banished and replaced by better ones sounded too good to be true. She exclaimed, "That's the spirit!"

Then Kate and Erin shared a fiery kiss. Yes, there was a tremendous amount of sexual passion expressed, but there was also tenderness and care, reflecting the deepening of their emotional bonds. Their friendship may have been tenuous and problematic before tonight, but they knew that after tonight it would be a greatly changed and much stronger relationship.

Ryan was eager to get the fucking started. But seeing Kate and Erin neck with so much obvious feeling, and especially the way their absolutely massive tits rubbed together, kept him happy and horny.

Monica smiled on the two beauties benignly. She was happy for them, especially because she was certain that the more loving and physical they got with each other, the more loving and physical she could get with both of them too.

But she was also keen to speed things up and have Erin get fucked so her own fucking would come sooner as well. So, as the kiss seemed to be winding down, she smacked one of Erin's bare ass cheeks. "Come on, girls! Time is-"

She didn't get any further than that, because Erin screamed, "OUCH! Hell!" Erin turned her head, tenderly rubbed her smacked ass cheek, and glared at Monica.

Monica blanched. "Oh! Sorry! Sorry, sorry, sorry! I forgot you'd just been spanked there!"

"That's all right," Erin grumbled, seeing that Monica obviously had just forgotten.

Kate thought, That's so hot! Her ass burns in pain because he gave her such a severe spanking. Why does that arouse me? I don't know, but it does!

Although that smack smarted, it did remind Erin about Ryan's strategy to get the fucking started quickly. Clearly, the unexpected discussion had delayed that, but Erin hastened to get into position again.

She knelt next to Monica's bed and lowered her head over the bed. She wound up with her big tits pressed into the bed and her ass raised up above it.

Kate grabbed a pillow and put it under Erin's head. Then she sat on the bed on one side of Erin, and Monica did the same on the other side. The two of them tenderly stroked her skin, trying to help relax her.

Kate marveled at Erin positioned like that. Woooow! Soon, that's going be me! Good-bye to Princess Kate, the virgin. He's going to rip my hymen apart! The Beast is going to fill me up, all the way up to my neck! That's gonna hurt like hell, but I already know it'll be worth it. I wonder if he'll take me like this, doggy-style, or some other way. I hope we can do it face to face, because I want to stare into his eyes the moment he makes me a woman!

She squeezed Erin's hand in a supportive manner while Ryan positioned himself. "Don't worry, it's going to be just fine."

Monica squeezed Erin's other hand. "Yeah! Just think: if The Beast could fit into my tiny mouth, then it's gonna fit into my pussy, for sure. And if he can pound into my pussy, then he sure can pound into yours. Like Kate was saying, just think how much the vagina stretches to give birth."

Erin groaned, "Yeah, but think about how fucking PAINFUL giving birth is!"

Ryan already had a hand on Erin's pale, firm, bubble butt. He was holding his cock, ready to guide it in. "True, but I've done this many times before. All my sluts love it. You'll love it too." Of course that was a lie since he was a virgin with no "other sluts," but he wanted to reassure her. Besides, his "porn logic" said she would certainly love it before very long, no matter what.

He considered himself unflappable, and that was true in general. But even he was trembling with excitement as he found his cockhead pressed up against Erin's wet pussy lips. They were already red and sore from her numerous orgasms and frequent masturbation earlier in the evening. He would have been much more nervous and excited about this pivotal moment except that he'd had so many other incredible moments all evening, including coming from titfucking her just a couple of minutes ago. His confidence was sky-high, thanks to all those earlier successes.

Erin shut her eyes and clenched her teeth as she felt his cockhead in position. Oh God! Dear God! Here he goes! Can I handle it?! What fucking sucks is that I'm pretty sure it's going to be extremely painful at first, but then it'll get better and better and I'll end up fucking loving it! I'll get completely addicted to it! He'll probably ruin me for all normal-sized guys. And then I'll have no choice but to stay as one of his personal sluts! Maybe forever!

I could back out now! I could. But will I? Hell, no! I already know he's the absolute best. With my great beauty, I deserve the best. So bring it on! I can take it! Every last inch of his fucking Beast!

He wondered if he should say anything to mark the importance of the occasion. He decided to just get on with it. But then he did think to ask, "So, Erin, are you my personal slut yet?"

Erin's voice was strained and tight because her entire body already was clenching and tightening up in anticipation of taking his size. She said defiantly, "No way! Not yet! It may be inevitable, I know that, but you're going to have to fuck me into it first!"

As soon as she said that, she thought, God, what am I doing? Taunting him and challenging him? STUPID! I know he's going to fuck the hell out of me as it is! This is going to be the wildest ride of my life! Hold on, girl!

With those new thoughts in mind, she whispered, "Please! Be gentle with me!"

He didn't reply to that, but just started to push in. He had one hand on her incredible ass and another on his boner. He couldn't believe how sexy the sight in front of him was. He tried not to think too much and just push, because he was already worried about getting too excited and possibly cumming too soon.

Unfortunately, he pushed fairly hard, and yet only went in about an inch.

Monica sensed trouble. She couldn't see what was happening from where she sat on the bed, so she got off the bed and knelt next to it while still holding Erin's hand. Her mouth dropped open when she saw how big Ryan's cockhead was. Of course, it was no bigger than before, but the contrast with the size of Erin's already stretched out pussy lips was startling.

Seeing what Monica was doing, Kate also got off the bed to get a close look while continuing to hold Erin's other hand. Her pussy tingled urgently, as if it had eyes and was sensing how it would be stretched in the very near future.

Monica grabbed Ryan's nearest ass cheek with her free hand and gripped it tight. She exclaimed, "Push! Harder! Don't be gentle! You can take it, can't you, Erin?"

"I can!" Erin gritted her teeth, expecting the worst. Jesus! He feels bigger than any boyfriend I've ever had, and he's just getting started! This isn't natural. He's going to physically break me! Not all vaginas can handle huge cocks, you know. But I can't think about that now. I'm not a quitter!

Ryan pushed again, harder this time. He made it a little further in, but still not past the widest part, the crown of his cockhead.

He noticed he was getting a strong helping hand from Monica, who was pushing hard on the ass cheek of his she was gripping.

Kate saw what Monica was doing and tried to do the same on the other side. She knew that Monica was far stronger and tougher than her size indicated, so she pushed with all her might to match Monica's strong push.

Furthermore, Kate grunted, "Come on, Ryan! Do it, honey! Fuck her! Fuck her good! Make her one of your sluts, without a doubt! Forever!"

He had to laugh out loud, due to how amazing Kate's transformation had been. He knew that the Kate of three hours ago simply wouldn't believe the words coming out of Kate's mouth now.

But thinking about how great everything had worked out for him all evening energized him and caused his great enthusiasm to soar ever higher. He pushed again, with all his might.

Erin screamed, loudly. This was it, the crucial moment. She sounded like she was really giving birth.

But everyone was determined to play their role and make this work. Erin already had her eyes shut tight, and she was breathing hard. She gritted her teeth, at least when she wasn't screaming, and painfully clenched both Kate's hand and Monica's too. Sweat poured down her face.

Despite everything, she even managed to push back onto Ryan's cock forcefully. She hoped that would help make the worst part of it pass faster.

She felt some pleasure, but much more pain. She thought, UNGH! UGH! I can do it! Almost there! Fucking hell! Almost there!

Kate and Monica pushed Ryan's ass forward with their free hands. They knew their help was more a matter of moral support than much physical help, but they figured that every last bit counted.

Ryan wasn't there yet. But after taking a big breath, he made another great push. This one did the trick. He felt Erin's pussy lips stretch past his crown, and then he was free. He slipped another full inch deeper into her, now that he'd managed it past the worst part.

He yelled victoriously, "I did it! We did it!"

Kate and Monica let go of his ass to high-five each other behind him. There was no thought of jealousy. They considered it a team victory.

The two busty girls considered high-fiving Erin too, but they took a look at her face, mashed into the pillow Kate had put under her head, and they saw she was in no condition for that. Her eyes were shut tight anyway, with tears of exertion already leaking down her face.

Erin's heart was racing fast, and she was sweating profusely. Fucking HELL! He did it! We did it! That means his cock DOES fit me! That's big news, maybe for my entire future! But what a trial! Is it worth it to do that again?! His cock is just TOO big! He's gonna have to give me the best fucking of my life to make it worth it, considering the pain is far from over!

Monica spoke with warning, "Ryan, stop there for now! I know you want to go fast, but please, let her adjust to that much first!"

"I know, I know," he replied. He took a hand off Erin's ass to wipe the sweat rolling down his face. He didn't understand why he was sweating so much. This wasn't much physical exertion compared to his daily runs. But what he didn't realize was that while he seemed and even felt unflappable on one level, the stress of this massively important moment was affecting him on another level.

Kate redirected her body towards Erin's head. She gently caressed her friend's face. "You did it, girl! You did it! That's gotta be the worst of it. I'm sure it'll get easier from here."

After a long pause, Erin managed to reply, "I don't know... about that! UGH! I'm so FULL!" She was gasping heavily between every few words. "I can't even... imagine... how it'll feel... when... when he fills me up... all the way!"

Kate squeezed Erin's hand. "I know. It's tough. But soon, you'll be cumming so hard that you'll completely lose your mind!"

Erin thought, Shit! She's almost certainly right. But I'm screwed either way. If he fucks me into heaven and makes me lose my mind, then I'll wind up one of his personal sluts and I'll lose my freedom too. If he doesn't, then all this pain won't be worth it, and I might not end up joining their little group. And I really want that group to happen, and to be a part of it. I could put up with Ryan bossing me around just to get to frequently have sex with Kate AND Monica. But no matter how he screws me mentally, he's gonna fucking screw me deep physically! Jeeeesus! He's too thick. I don't know if I can take it!

Monica was still focused on the joining between Ryan and Erin. She continued to hold one of Erin's hands. But with her other hand, she reached out and held Ryan's shaft, just below where he was holding it.

Seeing that, he let go altogether. He didn't need to hold it anyway, now that he was part of the way in.

Monica whispered in awe, "It's so big! Gaawwwd! It's like you stuck a tree trunk up her!" She started to stroke her hand up and down his shaft, at least as much as she could. There was still well over half of his nine inches to pleasure, since he was only an inch past his cockhead inside Erin.

She announced to the other two girls, since they couldn't see, "I'm jacking him off, to help keep him warm!"

The two others grunted erotically. They knew there was no real reason to keep his erection warm, but the idea of Monica jacking him off greatly aroused them both. Clearly, this was no typical sexual situation.

Kate brought her head close to Erin's, and asked, "How does it feel?!"

Erin moaned miserably, "The pain! So much pain!"

Kate noticed tears leaking from Erin's eyes, which reminded her of the tears from blowing him. "Is it worse than when you had him in your mouth?"

"Way worse!" Erin had to pause frequently due to her heavy breathing. "I can stand it now, barely, but having him fuck me like this all the time?! Oh, Gaawwwd! I won't be able to take it!"

Monica said, "Don't worry! I've had experience with stretching. My tiny, tight pussy has had to stretch to accommodate even some lovers with cocks significantly smaller than Ryan's. But stretch it did. The body is amazing that way. Think about anal sex. Have you ever done that?"

"Nuh!" Erin grunt-answered. She was suffering.

Monica continued as she lovingly stroked Ryan's length, right up to Erin's stretched and wet pussy lips, "I haven't either. But I'll bet you've heard how women prep their asses by wearing butt plugs. You switch to larger and larger plugs until your ass can handle even a very big invasion. You can basically train your ass to be fucked by a big cock. I haven't heard of 'pussy plugs,' but I'm sure the same principle applies. He'll be doing much the same, except with The Beast. Once he breaks in your pussy, it'll be much, much easier, as long as he keeps fucking you on a regular basis."

Erin grunted again. Hearing that was highly arousing, yet also disturbing. Fuuuuuck! So it's all or nothing then, isn't it? I hope to hell this gets easier, much easier, because it sounds like he's going to be fucking me quite a lot!

All the thoughts of the three girls were focused on Erin and her pain, but Ryan was feeling pain too. However, they were right to focus on Erin, because while the sheer tightness of her pussy around his shaft hurt him some, his pleasure was much, much greater. That was especially true now that he had pushed just past his cockhead. That meant her pussy lips were rubbing directly against his sweet spot and other highly sensitive regions.

He was tempted to start thrusting, knowing that would make the erotic ecstasy absolutely explode for him. But he held out, trying to be considerate.

As he waited, he thought, So this is fucking! Well, part of it, anyway. At least I'm not a virgin anymore. Incredible! What's even more incredible is that they still have no idea just how inexperienced I am. And no way am I going to tell them, not now! I'm going to run with this dominant persona all the way. Maybe that'll become the "real me" after a while. It hardly feels like acting, to be honest. This is how it always happens in the porn stories, after all.

Monica was continuing to stroke the rest of his shaft. But since that was the much less sensitive part, he hardly even noticed. It would have felt great on its own, but it didn't compare to the vice-like grip Erin's pussy had on his cockhead and then some.

But then Monica bent down and started licking his shaft too. "Mmmm!" she moaned in a sultry voice. "Delicious! Ryan, can I guide it in when you fuck Kate next?"

"Um, sure!" He couldn't believe his great luck.

He looked down at Monica. Fuuuuuck! Just look at her perfect little brown-skinned body! She's super HOT! My hot pepper! Naked and kneeling and licking and stroking my cock, even as it's half-impaled in Erin! How cool is that?! Hell, she's even licking up to and over Erin's pussy lips. That's hot too!

And Erin! My God! Erin! He put both hands on Erin's ass, now that they weren't needed anywhere else. I may be biased since my dick is stuck in her pussy... - he chuckled out loud at that - ...but she's gotta be the second sexiest girl in all of Kappa Kappa Gamma, hell, all of the university! Behind only Kate, of course. It's a very close call with Monica, but I think Erin's got the advantage because she's almost a foot taller, so there's a lot more of her to love. Monica has more fire and gusto though, and I like that a lot!

Hell, this is a perfect situation. Why bother with anyone else?! I stumbled on the best possible situation on my very first night of sex. I should stand pat. It's like drawing a royal flush with my first hand. But if I stick with these three, it's like every other hand I ever have will be a royal flush too!

While he was thinking, he could feel the tight grip around his cock start to loosen. It wasn't much, but it was enough to be noticeable. He started to thrust backward and forward, just a little bit and very slowly, as a sort of experiment.

Erin loudly grunted and groaned at that, like he was fucking her fast and deep. But she'd had enough time to adjust some, and she was raring for more. She quickly recovered, and gasped out, "Like that! More! Deeper!"

"Are you sure?"

"No! But do it anyway!"

He suddenly thrust forward another inch, being mindful of the way Monica was licking only a couple of inches down his shaft. "How's that?"

Erin practically screamed, she grunted so loudly. "UGH!"

Kate was still looking closely at Erin's face while holding her hand. She said, "Let me translate. I think that means 'go ahead'. Is that right, Erin?"

"HNNG! Yeah!"

He slid back, until the ridge of his crown made it hard to go back any more.

Monica reluctantly pulled her head up and away, sensing things were about to get much more active. However, she kept on stroking near the base of his shaft.

Then he rested for a few seconds and thrust forward again. He didn't want to stake out any new depth just yet. He just wanted to see what thrusting back and forth an inch or two each time was like.

Sure enough, as soon as he started doing that, the pleasure doubled. Then it doubled again.

He could tell that Erin was at least starting to enjoy herself some, because she began grunting loudly. It sounded like suffering, but it was definitely the sound of great arousal as well.

He thought, Yes! This is it! I'm fucking! I'm a man now. I'm fucking FUCKING!

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