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Ryan realized that the time for waiting and adjusting was over. Erin's pussy was as adjusted as it was going to get, at least any time soon. This was the time to put his energy into thrusting.

So that's exactly what he did. Already, he was pushing in and out about an inch or so, sometimes two inches. It felt fantastic, even better than a blowjob. The fit was extremely tight, but just right. He realized that the male and female bodies were designed to fit together exactly for this. And Monica was still stroking the rest of his shaft, which was even more mind-blowing as a concept than physically arousing.

His energy level had been rising and falling all evening. It had been a wild ride. But he was in top form right now, about as energized as he could get. As he pushed in more forcefully with each thrust, he thought, Erin's my first! My very first fuck! I'm pretty sure I'm always going to have an extra special connection with her because of that, even if she never knows the full truth about my virginity. I don't want her to be reluctant. I want her to want me just as much as I want her! And the way to eliminate all doubts is to fuck her into sweet oblivion!

He continued to push harder and deeper. He was going back and forth about three inches with each pass by now. I can do that! I can fuck her good and hard! It's true that I don't know what I'm doing. I'm a total virgin, for crying out loud! But this isn't rocket science. Getting the hang of kissing was tough, and yet they never caught on to my lack of experience. But fucking? It feels totally natural, like breathing. I can do this with ease! Maybe I don't know all the special tricks and moves yet, but I think I can get things done just with my sheer size plus my stamina. I'm going to keep fucking her harder and harder until I'm all the way inside her!

That became his new goal. The resistance due to her tightness was tremendous. His cock was narrower just past his cockhead, but then it became fairly thick again before narrowing slightly once more for the last couple of inches near the base. Right now, he was trying to get her used to that thicker middle.

One factor that he didn't fully appreciate was the curved shape of his boner. It really did bend like a banana, although it was much larger and thicker than a typical banana. However, his penis bent up, which didn't work well with doggy-style. He started to realize his curve could be a limiting factor in their current position, and thought about doing something different.

He slowed down, and said, "Erin, you know, I think we could find a better position. What do you think?"

She grunted. "Yeah. Doggy-style is kind of my favorite, but I wasn't thinking about your curved Beast. Let's... let's try... missionary."

"Okay!" He was keen. He saw how he could use his curve to good advantage to hit her G-spot. He figured that was the bonus of having a curved penis.

She wasn't so keen, because it meant him pulling out, repositioning, and then pushing back in. That was going to be tough. Plus, she wasn't looking forward to lying on her freshly spanked ass cheeks. But she was willing to give it a try.

With Kate and Monica helping, Erin soon found herself lying on her back instead. She liked that they placed another pillow under her ass. That helped the angle, and it also was more comfortable for her, given that her ass had just been thoroughly spanked.

They even wiped the sweat and tears of exertion from her face. She appreciated that, although she figured her face wouldn't stay dry for long.

She grimaced and gritted her teeth when she felt him starting to push in once more. Here we go again! Gaawwwd, I'm soooo fucking FULL! Such a bizarre feeling. It's like this is my first fuck, a real fuck. Those other cocks were like practice dildos. UGH! Already I can feel more tears leaking from my eyes. What a nightmare! This is the supreme challenge!

However, she was pleasantly surprised to discover that it wasn't nearly as difficult this time. Her vagina had already adjusted considerably, and she was feeling much less tense and nervous. She was nearly relaxed. As a result, when he pushed past his cockhead, she felt much more pleasure than pain.

She thought, Aaaah! This is it! There's still some pain, but it actually heightens the pleasure, kind of like the spanking. And it feels weird as hell having such a massive intrusion in me, but I can cope. This is more like it!

As he kept pushing in to the same depth he had achieved before, she could feel his cockhead find her G-spot. The curve in his cock was definitely helping now. In fact, it felt so good that she forgot to breathe for some long moments. By the time she recovered, he had already pulled back and was pushing in again. When he hit her G-spot for the second time, she practically saw stars.

She thought, HOLY FUCK! That's good! I like doggy-style, but THIS is my new favorite position! Shit! He really has a magic cock! So thick, AND he reaches me right where it counts!

She held her breath at first, but then she let go and screamed out in total, unrestrained ecstasy. "AAAAAAIIIIIIEEEEE!"

Kate and Monica gave each other knowing looks, as if saying, "And so it begins." They felt shivers of pleasure, figuring that if it happened to Erin, it would happen to them too.

Seeing that his technique was working well, Ryan didn't try anything fancy, but just kept thrusting in and out.

Monica could no longer hold or rub the remainder of his boner. There wasn't much room, especially since he continued to steadily push a little deeper into Erin practically with each new push. But she continued to hold one of Erin's hands while Kate held Erin's other hand.

Without expecting it, Erin realized that the urge to cum was suddenly sneaking up on her and becoming an irresistible force, fast. She exclaimed, "Gotta... gotta cum!"

Ryan was very glad, because he was fighting hard not to cum before she did. He did have unusual stamina due to all his masturbation practice, but this was his very first fuck, after all, and he'd been stimulated an unusually long time before it even began. Now that they were finally in a good thrusting groove he knew he wouldn't last long.

He exclaimed, "Cum! You have my permission!"

Erin didn't realize that she needed his permission in the first place. She found that insulting, but also very arousing.

Kate and Monica were like cheerleaders. Kate said to her, "Go for it! Do it! Let go!" Monica similarly cheered, "Yeah! CUM! Cum hard!"

So Erin did. She clutched Kate's and Monica's hands for dear life, and just about literally screamed her head off. She was so transported and overwhelmed by the experience that she forgot all about trying not to raise a ruckus to make her hall mates suspicious. She simply screamed and screamed and screamed.

Ryan didn't want to cum yet. He'd only made it about four inches inside her so far, maybe five at most. The middle of his shaft was just as thick as the ridge of his cockhead, and he hadn't dared push past that yet. He was almost ready to, but then Erin started cumming.

However, he struggled with all his might to hold out, but he didn't have a choice. Now that he was fucking Erin missionary style, he could see Erin's super sexy and extremely aroused face, as well as the rest of her gorgeous front side, including her tremendous F-cups swaying and sloshing around on her chest. Then there was Kate and Monica sitting naked on either side, leaning in to Erin to offer words and looks of support. The visual spectacle was too much to take in and of itself, but the tight delight of the thrusting was impossibly arousing. Even his PC muscle control was no match.

The final straw was that when Erin started to cum, the ring entrance of her vagina tightened even more than before. It was such a squeeze that it was a wonder he could still thrust in and out at all. But it felt fantastic.

Then there was a second "final straw", because at the same time he realized he was starting to cum, he also realized that he most definitely was going to cum inside her. It was too late to pull out now. Her vagina was gripping him so tightly that he wouldn't be able to pull back out even if he wanted to. Right at that moment, it occurred to him that he hadn't given any thought whatsoever to wearing a condom or not. Would he impregnate Erin with his very first fuck? He had no idea, but in the heat of the moment, the possibility made him crazy with lust.

It also made him feel very possessive towards her, much more than before. So instead of screaming, "I'm going to cum" or something similar, he found himself screaming, "YOU'RE MINE!" That felt so good that he repeated it twice more as he started to shoot his first ropes into her. "YOU'RE MINE! YOU'RE MINE!"

Erin didn't want to belong to anyone, especially to someone she still barely knew. But his possessive, authoritative tone when he yelled 'YOU'RE MINE!' affected her profoundly. She was in a highly impressionable, transcendent mode as a very powerful orgasm ripped through her. His words struck her like a profound epiphany. I'm his! Yes! Yes, I am! Oh, Ryan! Take me! Again and again!

She'd never felt like this with any previous boyfriend. It was really just the start of their first fuck together, but already it was something new and profound for her.

Those words affected Kate just as profoundly. Even though she was merely watching, she felt like she was being fucked and those words were meant for her. It was as if her heart completely opened up for him in that moment. Oh, Ryan! My love! I AM yours! Own me and use me! Forever!

He continued to thrust in and out as best he could while his cock squirted wildly deep into her vagina.

Funnily enough, Erin had the same shocked realization that Ryan wasn't using a condom, except it hit her a few seconds later, as she felt his cum filling her vagina and realized that wasn't supposed to be happening. She was regularly taking her birth control pills, and that gave her some comfort that she wasn't likely to get immediately impregnated. But even so, she'd always made her boyfriends wear condoms as a second layer of protection.

However, she'd been so eager to get fucked by Ryan that the thought of condoms hadn't even crossed her mind. In the middle of her great orgasm, that both aroused and disturbed her, but since she was peaking with erotic euphoria, it aroused her much more. It wasn't so much that she was excited about being impregnated, because she wasn't ready for that in the middle of her college years. However, she reacted on some primal level to the idea that Ryan was such an unstoppable stud that he didn't even bother asking about condoms. He just fucked anyone he wanted, at any time, bareback.

That was just one factor that kept her huge orgasm going and going. Another was that as her climax entered into its second minute, the realization hit her that there was no turning back: after an orgasm like this, she had no choice but to become one of his personal sluts. This was already a much more incredible climax than any she'd had with any of her previous boyfriends. She'd had some real whoppers with a couple of them, but this was in an entirely different league.

Her body seemed to want to celebrate that conclusion by cumming and cumming forever. It was her longest orgasm ever, by far, as well as the most intense. Even when it ended, she was hit by occasional "minor" aftershocks that were as good as most of her usual orgasms.

Ryan had been standing the whole time, both when doing it doggy-style and missionary. When his orgasm came to an end, he discovered that he was no longer able to keep standing. He wanted to stay half-impaled in Erin, hoping he could stay hard and soon keep going. But he had to pull out in order to slide to the floor. He wound up sprawled out face up on the carpet, limbs akimbo, like he'd been shot dead.

Erin was so overwhelmed and aroused that she was surprised she hadn't passed out altogether. Her body was exhausted, but her mind was racing, keeping her wide awake despite her closed eyes. With her body still panting for breath, she said, "So... good!"

Kate and Monica were still holding her hands while waiting for some response from her. Upon hearing that, they both squealed with glee and squeezed her hands repeatedly.

Erin opened her eyes wide, very wide. She stared at Kate first, and then over to Monica. "He's right!"

Kate leaned over her, so her massive tits were dragging across Erin's nearly as massive ones. She didn't understand. "Right about what?"

Erin breathlessly exclaimed, "I'm his! He... he... made me his personal slut!" Her eyes were full of awe and joy.

"Oh, Erin! Yes!" Kate was so excited to hear that that she leaned in some more and started French kissing Erin. She did so even though Erin was still fighting to breathe.

The two stacked beauties shared a searing, prolonged kiss. Luckily, Erin just managed to get enough oxygen breathing through her nose.

Kate thought, YES! This means there's no turning back for her. It's only right if we're a team, the three of us! Now that Erin's on board, everything is going to be great!

Monica was in a similarly celebratory mood. She would have French kissed Erin too, except that Kate had beaten her to it. Nonetheless, she leaned over Erin as well, from the other side, so she had one tit pressing down on one of Erin's while Kate had one of hers pressing down on Erin's other one.

Monica exclaimed, "That's great news!" But seeing that Erin was too busy necking with Kate to respond, she tapped Kate's back and said, "Hey, can I have a turn too?"

It took about a minute, but Kate finally pulled her lips off.

Erin only had a few seconds to take a big breath before finding Kate's lips replaced with Monica's.

As Erin made out with Monica, she thought, Whoa! Bonus kisses. Nice! But I'm scared. When I said I'm his personal slut, that's not just sexy talk. I feel it deep down in my soul. It's a fact, like the sun setting in the west. After getting fucked like that, nobody else and nothing else will do! I'm addicted! Unless there are clones of him running around, I have no choice but to completely submit to the power of his cock. But what does that mean?! He has all the power and I have none, and that is VERY scary!

She decided to push those distressing thoughts out of her mind and just revel in the celebratory kissing for a while. She was mentally and physically overwhelmed anyway.

Kate was far too energized to just lie there and wait for another turn kissing Erin. She had lost sight of Ryan and figured he was lying on the floor, possibly passed out. She decided to get off the bed and congratulate the "victor".

Ryan was still splayed out on the carpet like a dead man. He wasn't unconscious, but he wasn't fully conscious either. He was deliriously happy and totally exhausted.

His penis had gone flaccid. It was also absolutely soaked with Erin's cum. Even his balls were wet from so much sexual activity.

Kate was entranced. Even the first time she'd started licking Ryan's erection earlier in the evening, she'd thought cum was gross. But her sexual inhibitions had been totally destroyed, at least as long as she was feeling this very horny. When she saw all the cum on his penis, her main thought was Yummy! even though she knew that was mostly Erin's cum. In fact, that's what made it so enticing. She hadn't tasted Erin's cum yet, but she was fully confident that it would be delicious.

She laid down between Ryan's legs. Luckily, his legs were spread apart, allowing her to bring her face right to his crotch.

He was so out of it that he hadn't even noticed when Kate held his privates in both her hands.

She whispered, "Ryan! Honey! Did you hear? Erin says she's going to be your personal slut too! Just like me. Isn't that great? Now it'll be as it should be, the three of us, serving you! Serving your cock!"

Kate's attitude had changed so much that she sincerely meant every word. In fact, far from being distressed, she saw this as an ideal situation. She had her frustrations about being one of Ryan's personal sluts, but if given the choice she wouldn't have had it any other way. Already, she considered it part of who she was, on a very deep level. She considered Erin and Monica nearly as essential as Ryan to her newly revised future plans. They were a team.

He grunted. He'd heard her words on some level of consciousness, but he wasn't sure if he was awake or dreaming. It sounded too good to be true.

Kate couldn't resist any longer, and took all of Ryan's penis into her mouth. It was very easy to do at the moment, since he'd gone flaccid. In fact, she was able to take him all the way down to the base.

She thought, Mmmm! Erin tastes delicious! Of course I'm not surprised. She's very careful with her organic, healthy diet, and it stands to reason that anyone that fit and gorgeous would taste good. Quality in, quality out. Mmmm. This actually IS delicious! And getting to lick it up right off Ryan's cock makes it taste twice as good!

She still had all of his flaccid penis in her mouth. The thought hit her, I'm deep throating him! Well, no, not really. Too bad. I wish I could though. That's probably going to be an impossible goal once he stiffens, especially with the way his shaft curves up. But I'm never going to stop trying!

She felt a chill of arousal all over due to that thought. She could also feel his penis starting to engorge a little bit, thanks to the way she was licking and sucking on him as best she could. No, I'm never going to stop. Never! I know that tomorrow, or soon, I'm going to go back to being a spoiled bitch. Habits ARE hard to break. But I've changed for good. For one thing, I can never go back to thinking about sex like I used to. There's no way! I don't care how pissy I get, I'm still going to be totally in love with Ryan's cock! Besides, if I ever temporarily lose my mind and forget how much I love all this, I belong to him now. He OWNS me! He'll straighten me out, with Erin and Monica helping him out. Probably with a solid spanking or two.

His penis was quickly growing in Kate's mouth, even though he was still so out of it that he wasn't fully aware of it. Kate wished she could have kept all of it inside her lips, but she had to pull back more and more as it continued to engorge. But she didn't mind much, because now that it was approaching full size, she could resume "properly" sucking on it.

Kate thought, Brilliant! I'll have to remember this little trick. I won't have to go through the ordeal of engulfing his thickness if he starts out flaccid. It's MUCH easier this way! I get time to adjust to his size. And, I get the bonus of cleaning Erin's yummy cum off him. I'll bet this is going to be a totally common thing from now on. Whenever he fucks either Erin or Monica, I'll call dibs and get to suck him back to full size!

It's true that Ryan has humbled me. I'm basically his sex slave now. But I'm still the president of this sorority. I still have pull and authority and charisma, like the natural leader I am. So Erin and Monica will still defer to me. Which means I'll get to suck his cock the most! She snickered quietly to herself as she reveled in that idea.

She put her hands on either side of his privates and began bobbing her head up and down, now that he was fully engorged. She was really getting into it, with most of her body off the floor, since she was up on her knees with her ass wiggling up high. That allowed her to put nearly her entire body into it, causing her huge, dangling tits to sway in time to her bobbing.

Excellent! He's super stiff now! This is the tasty thickness I crave. I wonder if he even realizes I'm doing this yet though. Hopefully, he's starting to come around. How could he not, with me doing this to him? I'm using my tongue AND my lips as much as possible, not just because I want him fully hard, but because I fucking LOVE doing it! I don't know if he's done with Erin yet. I hope he is. Then it'll be MY turn on center stage! He's going to spank me AND fuck me!

Meanwhile, Erin and Monica were having a great time kissing and fondling each other. Monica was on top of Erin, and although Erin was still wiped out from her enormous orgasm, Monica was making up for it by having the energy of two. She was rubbing and writhing her body all over Erin's much bigger one below her, while continuing to vigorously kiss her. Her hands were everywhere. The only thing she didn't do was touch Erin's pussy. She figured, correctly, that Erin was too sensitive there right now.

Erin's energy was slowly reviving, but she was feeling lazy and was content to let the ball of energy on top of her do most of the work.

From time to time, Monica would whisper between kisses. "So... how was it? Tell me, for real, how was it?!"

Erin smiled dreamily. She whispered back, "You know how it was! Just like you imagined, I'm sure."

"No, I don't! Tell me, already!"

"Good enough to realize I'm one of his fucking personal sluts now, and I don't even mind! Is that good enough for you?!" Erin was flabbergasted all over again to realize that she really meant that. Her eyes went wide and her mouth hung open as she pondered that new reality.

Monica had still been kissing all over Erin's face, but that made her stop and focus more on the conversation. She whispered even quieter, to make sure the other two couldn't hear. "Oh yeah. What are we going to do about that? Remember earlier in the evening, when we whispered we'd go along with that just to get Kate to sexually awaken?"


Monica whispered even quieter, "Well, she's woken up all the way! What are we going to do tomorrow and beyond, about all this crazy 'personal slut' stuff?"

Erin sighed. She whispered carefully, "I'm not thrilled about it, but that's what we are now. Aren't we?"

There was a long silence. Monica was reluctant to admit it, but she couldn't deny it either. Shit! Whatever the hell just happened to Erin is bound to happen to me once Ryan fucks me. I could just try to avoid getting fucked by him, but let's face it, there's no way that's going to happen. I have to know! Besides, I could do a lot worse than experiencing this sort of incredible pleasure on a regular basis. A LOT worse.

Erin understood that Monica's lack of an answer was a tacit agreement. That gave her the courage to admit, "I wish I could say I'm just going to pretend to go along with it, but the truth is, I'm totally hooked! After getting fucked like that? Sweet Jesus! And I'm sure that's only half of what he can do. He was just getting warmed up. I can't even imagine how it'll feel once he fully fills me up! Whenever he says 'jump,' I'm going to say, 'how high?' It kind of sucks, but that's the reality. Is it different for you?"

Monica thought that over before answering.

Before Monica got a chance to fully think things through, Erin whispered to her, "Forget it! Don't even try to tell yourself otherwise. You're one of his personal sluts too! If you're not, you'd better get the hell out of here while you still can, before he fucks you. Because then you'll be a total goner! Believe me!"

Monica stared intently at Erin, on the verge of proclaiming her independence and defiance. But then she caved. She quietly hissed, "Fuck! You're right. And what's worse is that I don't even mind that much. I'm trying to work up a 'good mad', but I can't. I kind of get excited about it, to be honest. And he hasn't even fucked me yet!"

Erin admitted, "I do too! It's not just him and his big cock. It's Kate! It's you! And who knows about others? Most girls our age just have a boyfriend. Boring! Been there, done that. We get to be part of something bigger and better. He said he's just starting to rebuild his second stable of sluts. What if we suggest one or two more Kappa girls for him to seduce, and help him to seduce them?"

"Oooh!" Monica's eyes lit up. "I like the sound of that! Then I'll be living in a bisexual paradise! With him fucking and spanking me a lot, I'll have you and Kate and who knows who else tending to my 'wounds!'"

Erin giggled. "Exactly! And you can tend to MY wounds! Actually that DOES sound like a bisexual paradise! We'll have so much fun every day that it'll be a wonder if any of us ever make it to class. So why not get excited about it?"

The two girls stared into each other's eyes with passion and restless energy. The more they thought about it, the more positively they viewed their new "predicament" of being one of Ryan's personal sluts.

Erin added, "Hell, I even get off on being spanked. And when he yelled, 'You're mine,' I felt... I don't know... some kind of deep connection. Hell, I was his at that moment, and it felt really good! This sense of belonging and even safety, somehow, all the way down to my toes. Sure, it's damn humiliating to think of myself as his 'personal slut'. And just one of them, no less. But if that's how he makes me feel... well... it might not be all bad."

Monica just raised an eyebrow. She sensed Erin was holding back.

Erin quietly admitted, "Awww, fuck! Okay! I'm getting off on it! It's damn arousing. But that's right now. I figure I'm kind of temporarily insane due to too much lust. Tomorrow, I'm going to resume resisting as much as I can."

Monica was curious about that. She was in a similar position, feeling incredibly aroused by the personal slut concept at the same time it frightened and disturbed her. She asked, "What does that mean? If he tells you to suck his cock tomorrow, are you going to say no?"

Erin frowned. "Well, no... Obviously not. I'm going to suck him and totally love it, I'm sure! Fuuuuuck! Don't even make me think about this, because it's too damn frustrating. But I'll be pushing back here and there, to make sure he doesn't take too much advantage of us. Kate's obviously fallen for him, big time. You and I need to stake out some independence, or things'll get way too weird."

Monica considered that, and then nodded. "Agreed. It's hard for me to think straight 'cos I'm so fucking hot with fuck-need, but that makes sense. I still don't think of myself as an official personal slut yet. He's got to properly fuck me first. But that'll happen soon enough."

"It will! Oh, Monica! It hurts bad at first. Real bad. But it gets soooo much better!"

Monica suggested, "Let's talk about things some more later when we're not... well... fuck-crazy! You're making me too excited!"

Erin chuckled. "Okay." Then she lifted her head slightly and tried to look around, despite Monica's small body on top of her. "By the way, where did Kate go?"


Erin and Monica both sat up. That allowed them to look beyond the edge of the bed to where Ryan was sprawled out on the floor. Seeing him there wasn't startling, but seeing Kate's flawless naked body with her head positioned over his crotch was. That was doubly true from the way her mane of blonde hair was bobbing up and down.

Neither girl could see any direct action, and they both felt the urge to change that right away. Despite still being in recovery mode, the two of them quickly scrambled off the bed. They wound up kneeling side by side on Ryan's right side. They checked his face, but he was still out of it with his eyes closed, so they turned their total attention to his crotch.

Now that they were in their new positions, and bent down low, they had a great view of what Kate was doing. Ryan's boner was sticking straight up, even though Kate's hands weren't holding it. It stayed in place, more or less, because she usually had all of his cockhead in her mouth. She was bobbing back and forth over the inch just past his cockhead, since that's where his sweet spot was.

Erin whispered to Monica, but still loud enough for Kate or Ryan to hear if they were paying attention, "Look at her! Look at him! I don't even know if he's awake, but The Beast is fully erect!"

Monica responded with her own whisper, "I know! It really is remarkable! It's like The Beast has a mind of its own!"

Erin's vision strayed from Kate's sliding lips to the rest of her body. Kate was in a truly breath-taking pose, given that she was on all-fours with her massive tits drooping to the carpet and her ass wiggling up much higher than her head.

Erin whispered some more, "Just look at Kate! I mean, really look at her, with her gigantic watermelons dangling and swaying, and everything! Have you ever seen a sexier sight? Did you ever think you'd see 'Princess Kate' like this?!"

"No way!" Monica emphatically hissed back. "She's like a totally new person! Just look at her! Forget her perfect body; look at that expression on her face. Pure bliss! She's not sucking that cock because she has to. Hell, Ryan may not even be aware of what she's doing to him. No, she's doing it because she loves it! She can't get enough!"

Kate basked in the praise, even though she was continually embarrassed and blushing too. She thought, I DO love it! And it's true that I can't get enough! This is the cock that's going to be fucking me soon! It's the cock that's going to take my virginity! How can I not love it?

"That's for sure!" Erin agreed. "She's not crying tears like before, but you can still tell she's trying hard. It's like she was born to suck cock, THIS cock!"

Kate was even more delighted to hear that. As she lovingly slurped with tremendous suction, she thought, Of course I'm trying hard. That's what a good personal slut does, every time. How can I not adore every second I get to bob on it? And maybe I WAS born to suck this cock. Who knows the mysterious ways of the world? I do know I'll never be tempted by another one. With each passing minute of lip-stretching, tongue wiggling pleasure, I'm falling deeper in love with my honey and his glorious Beast!

She was experimentally twisting her head this way and that while she kept bobbing up and down. She wanted to show off her new skills while she was being closely watched.

That soon resulted in some loud and lusty moans from Ryan. He even tried to reach out to hold her head and keep it still, because he didn't want to have to worry about cumming soon already. But he was still feeling too dazed and lazy, so his hands fell back to his sides.

Kate saw his arms move and she heard his erotic noises. Great! He's fully awake, just resting. So he can appreciate my efforts. That's key. But I don't like Erin's complaint that I'm not shedding tears. I like that sucking his cock is such a great struggle. Yes, my lips hurt from being stretched out like this, and it feels like my jaw is going to dislocate! But I'm not actually crying. I have to try harder! I'll show 'em!

With that, she began bobbing down deeper with each pass. It didn't take long until she realized she couldn't go any deeper. His cockhead seemed to completely fill her oral cavity. There was no possible way she could deep throat him, especially in this pose, with his curved cock pointing straight up.

Furthermore, she was deep enough to flirt with triggering her gag reflex. At first, this alarmed and confused her. But she kept on stubbornly trying to take more and more of his cock in her mouth, causing her to make lewd choking and gagging noises. Saliva flooded into her mouth, and she immediately started leaking tears.

Erin and Monica perked up. Monica was the first to comment, forgetting to whisper. "Ooooh! Check it out! She's choking and gagging on him, for real! So sexy!"

Erin added, "Yeah! And she's crying now too! Look at those tears of determination and struggle. That's HOT! She just can't get enough of his cock!"

Monica spoke louder still with her growing excitement. "She's putting us to shame! You'd never know she's brand new at this! She's taking to sucking cock like a duck to water!"

Erin exclaimed loudly as well, "She IS putting us to shame! Damn! She's STILL choking and gagging! She's totally beautiful AND a total slut! He's a lucky bastard, getting to own someone like her!"

Kate's heart soared at the continued praise. She was used to being praised to the high heavens due to her beauty, but she loved the novelty of being praised for her sexual skills as well. That was much more gratifying. As a result, she kept on flirting with the choking and gagging, deliberately being as lusty and loud as possible.

She loved going even deeper like this. Merely sucking Ryan's remarkably thick cock was not for the faint of heart. But to choke and gag on it as well was an extra challenge and an extra thrill. She felt fulfilled and proud, like she'd just aced a difficult test.

Ryan definitely noticed what she was doing. Her lewd noises thrilled him mentally, and the things she was doing with her mouth thrilled him physically. Within seconds, he was fully energized again.

He sat up, eyes wide open. "Holy SHIT!" he exclaimed. "That's... that's... INCREDIBLE!" An erotic thrill raced up and down his spine, and waves of pleasure washed through him down to his fingers and toes.

Kate felt goose bumps all over from his impressed words. She was loving this. YESSSS! He likes it! That makes it all worthwhile! HNNG! GOD, I love sucking him!

Erin teased him, "Looks like somebody's rejoined the living." She sat up stiffly, showing off her incredible upper torso.

Monica similarly teased him while striking a sexy pose, "Having a good time yet?"

He shook his head in wonder. "Fuuuuuck! Don't you know it!" He reached out and put his hands on Kate's head, trying to stop her bobbing. "Okay, that's enough!"

Kate felt hurt. Her initial reaction was that meant he didn't like what she was doing.

Luckily, he quickly clarified, "You're good, TOO good! If you don't stop now, I'm going to cum before I can fuck you! So let's get to it. Your spanking first!"

That changed everything for Kate. She was loving sucking his cock so much that she couldn't imagine wanting to stop for any reason... except that reason, once she'd heard it. She quickly pulled her lips off and sat up on her knees between his legs.

She wiped the slobber from her chin, and then struck a pose designed to please him. She arched her back with her arms pinned behind her, leaned forward, and thrust her enormous tits forward, causing a truly awe-inspiring amount of tit-dangle. "Did I please you, honey? Did you like that?"

He ogled her perfect-ten body in sheer disbelief. Fuck me! Erin's right: she IS totally beautiful AND a total slut! And she's so fucking STACKED! Jesus H. Christ! I AM a fuckin' lucky bastard!

His hands reached out before he even had a moment to think about it, and he held her big tits from below. "Liked it? Yes! I loved it! You're going to be a GREAT personal slut!"

Those words hit her almost like a mini-orgasm. She tingled all over from his praise. This was nothing like any of her previous intimate relationships. Her dates and boyfriends had complimented her lavishly and seemingly endlessly. But their words had meant next to nothing to her. However, when Ryan complimented her, it was like stormy clouds were instantly replaced by sunshine and rainbows.

Being called a "great personal slut" only increased her embarrassment, and of course she still hadn't stopped blushing for her continual humiliation. But in her mind, with her new attitude, it also sounded like the highest possible praise. At least in the heat of the moment, there was nothing she loved more than being a "great personal slut" for him. Her lusty side had seemingly completely taken over her mind and body.

She glanced over to Erin and Monica, still kneeling side by side. Their jaws were hanging open at her dramatic, sexy pose. She truly looked like a sex goddess, and she felt like one too. Eat your hearts out, girls! Has he called either of you a "great personal slut" yet? I think not. And he's feeling up MY tits, not yours!

As much as she was loving the moment, she was already breathlessly looking forward to getting her ass spanked. With that in mind, she suddenly repositioned, forcing Ryan to let go of her tremendous knockers. She did a 180 in her spot between his legs, so she wound up with her ass pointed towards him.

She pushed her ass up and back towards his face, like a stretching feline. At the same time, she purred, "Honey, I'm ready to get my ass spanked!" She wiggled her ass outrageously.

He laughed with pure delight, overjoyed that she was clearly having lots of fun and was looking forward to getting spanked. He reached out and fondled her ass cheeks with both hands. He even brought his face to it and rubbed his cheeks all over it, because her ass was practically in his face already. Erin and Monica were totally forgotten for the moment.

As he did that, he asked something he'd been meaning to ask Kate for a while now. "By the way, not that I mind it at all, but how is it that you've started calling me 'honey'?"

Kate was still slightly humping her ass backwards, right into his face. She answered honestly, "I don't know! I've never called anyone that before, or even any kind of name like that. It just feels right." Then she asked more shyly, "But since you kind of own me now, maybe that name isn't right? Should I call you 'Master'? Or maybe 'Sir'?"

He thought that over, while rubbing his nose into her ass crack. Hmmm! Tempting! But no. I've been incredibly, incredibly lucky tonight. I need to stay humble, or I might start to think that I actually did something to deserve all this.

So he said, "Nah. It's true that I do own you now. You're my naughty little slut!" With that, he started to push two fingers into her slit. But he felt the resistance of her hymen, and luckily stopped just in time. He quickly switched to sliding his fingers up and down her soaked pussy lips instead.

Her entire body surged and tingled with erotic pleasure. She was very nearly on the brink of another big orgasm, more due to the overall situation than any specific arousal. Oh God! This is so great! I'm his "naughty little slut!" I'm his personal slut! Who cares about anything else? Fuck all that princess bullshit! This is the real me. Humping my bare ass into his face while he plays with my pussy!

He continued, "But even though I own you, I want to be a kind and loving owner, not a mean and heartless one. And I don't want to get a big head. So 'honey' is fine, at least for now. I like it!"

Erin spoke up. "It's too late. You already have a big head. A VERY big one!" She happened to still be kneeling right next to his crotch. He was sitting up with his face literally in Kate's ass, but that left his still very stiff erection untouched. So Erin reached out and started jacking him off, making clear which "head" she was talking about.

However, Kate didn't know that, since it was happening behind and below her ass. She complained to Erin, "Hey! Don't talk about him like that! He owns you now too, you know. You admitted it a little while ago. He demands your respect, as well as your total devotion!"

Needless to say, since Kate had decided to accept being one of his personal sluts, she had gone all in with the concept. Even the words "personal slut" had come to have a very powerful meaning for her. Merely hearing that phrase made her tingle and shiver, every single time.

Monica quickly answered for Erin. She was kneeling closer to Kate's head, so she put a hand on Kate's back to get her attention. "You misunderstand. She's stroking his big cock. So she's talking about that head, his cockhead. Think about how it stretches your lips out. You have to admit it is a very big one!"

Kate felt an initial surge of jealousy from hearing that Erin was jacking him off. But that feeling was quickly replaced by lust as Monica reminded her about the joys of sucking on his fat knob.

Then Ryan, who still had his face in her ass, started licking in her ass crack. He was shy to lick right at her anus, but he licked right below it, in the perineum ("taint") between there and her cunt. He didn't know it, but that was a highly sensitive erogenous zone for her.

Kate didn't realize it either until he started licking her there. She was so surprised and aroused that she practically swooned. Luckily, she was on all-fours already. The physical sensation was great, but even greater was realizing that he would dare lick her in such a "naughty" place.

Good God! My honey is the best! She suddenly cried out, "I'm gonna cum! Again!"

But he yelled, "NO! You can't!"

Her wiggling ass froze, because her entire body clenched up in her sudden attempt to stave off her impending orgasm.

With his nose practically poking at her anus, he hastened to explain, "You need my permission each time, remember?"

That was both the right thing and the wrong thing to say. Being reminded that she wasn't allowed to cum without his permission aroused her so much that she immediately started to cum. She tried hard to fight it, but the fact that she was failing somehow only aroused her more and more. She knew that she would get spanked for being disobedient, and that aroused her too.

He had to pull his face back, and indeed his entire upper body back, because her ass began shaking so much in orgasmic ecstasy. He longed to plunge his fingers deep into her cunt to take her already great climax to an even higher level, but he reminded himself that he couldn't, due to her hymen. He couldn't wait to stab his cock through it, for multiple reasons.

He continued to hold her ass cheeks with both hands despite all of her writhing and even spasmodic convulsing. He was having a hell of a time watching her orgasm close up, especially since Erin was still jacking him off.

At first, Kate just screamed incoherently, feeling totally overwhelmed. But as her orgasm went on, she sometimes managed to yell "NO!" She yelled that many times over the next couple of minutes, because she was still trying her hardest not to cum. Even though she was in the middle of a huge orgasm, she hoped that if she could at least cut it off partway through, that would give her some credit in Ryan's eyes. But once it started, nothing was going to stop it. Feeling totally helpless to stop her incredibly aroused body only prolonged her orgasm still more.

Monica had never taken her hand off Kate's back. With Kate totally distracted by cumming, somehow that hand ended up fondling Kate's nearest dangling tit instead. She pinched Kate's stiff nipple repeatedly, helping to keep Kate almost insensible with lusty joy.

Finally, Kate's erotic high came to an end. Jesus fucking Christ! Was that my biggest cum yet? Maybe so. It's hard to tell, because each one is impossibly massive and prolonged. Once he starts regularly fucking me, it might even get BETTER! Heck, I'll probably feel that every single day! If I only knew how great sex is... I have so much time to make up for!

Yet she was still surprisingly energized. She managed to turn around in place again. She looked up into Ryan's eyes even as she lowered her head to his crotch. "I'm sorry! So, so very sorry!" She immediately began licking his cockhead.

Erin had never let go of his shaft, nor had she stopped stroking it. But she lowered her activity down his nine inches to give Kate room to lick all over his cockhead.

He marveled at the fact that Kate was licking his boner while Erin was stroking it. What was really startling to him was that nobody even commented on it. This was the new normal.

He asked Kate, "What are you sorry for?"

"For cumming without permission!" She slathered her tongue all over his cockhead, as if she wanted to lick everywhere at once - which she did. "I was bad, I know. But I promise I'll make it up to you!"

With that, she started to crane her mouth open wide, directly over his cockhead.

He could tell what was coming next. But he quickly brought a hand forward, covering the top of his boner. "Wait! Don't do that!"

She was uncomprehending, and frowned. "Why not? I know you're still going to spank me, and harder than ever! That's your right, and even your duty! But please, let me suck your cock some more first! I'm so horny for it! The Beast! For you!"

However, he didn't want that. He knew he was too close to cumming again already, especially since Erin was still jacking him off below his hand. He wanted to move on to spanking, and then fucking, while he still had some orgasms left to give.

So he said, "I appreciate the thought and the effort. But now's not the time. I want to spank you."

She looked up from his crotch with puppy dog eyes. She had such a beautiful face that her pleading look was devastatingly effective.

But he held firm, driven by his desire to fuck her soon. "Don't worry. There will be plenty of that later. Tomorrow and beyond."

She slowly licked her lips seductively, doing a full 360 around them. "You promise?"

"I do."

Erin thought, For fuck's sake! I think Kate's blown a gasket or something. She's fully submitted to Ryan's control! Worse, she loves it! She adores it! But I know how she truly is. She's still spoiled and pushy on some level. That can't change overnight. Only now what she's going to want is Ryan's cock, and lots of it. I can see it now. She's going to try to monopolize him. She's going to suck his cock so often that there will be precious little cum for the rest of us. This is a problem!

Monica was similarly distressed yet impressed at Kate's newfound devotion to Ryan. ¡Qué chingados! (What the fuck?!) Kate's so uninhibited tonight that it takes my breath away! I guess it's true that it's always the ones you least expect. She's always had a body built for fucking. Turns out she actually IS built for fucking, and Ryan's the lucky guy who'll get to dip into her honey pot and stir all around. Dammit, I'm jealous, of both of them! She's the only girl I've ever seen who makes me feel physically inadequate sometimes.

Ryan looked around. He knew he didn't want to spank Kate with his ass on the floor. He found the sofa in Monica's room that he'd sat in earlier, about ten feet away, and sat right in the middle of it. He patted his lap, right above his protruding boner. "Come here, Kate. You know the routine. Bad girls gets spanked."

Kate tried to stand, but she found that she was too delirious with lust to manage to get up. Oh God! Why did he have to say that, right when I'm trying to stand? "Bad girls get spanked," right across his lap! It's like I'm four years old again, except I'm in my grown-up, sexpot body! That's if my parents had ever spanked me. This is going to be my first spanking ever, but definitely not my last! I don't care how many other personal sluts Ryan has; my goal is to be his number one. And hopefully, good girls get spanked too! I'm not going to let him get away from me now!

Monica saw Kate's trouble getting up. Rather than offering a hand, she said with a sexy purr and a wicked smile, "Sorry, girl. I think that's a sign. You need to crawl to your man!"

Erin loved that suggestion. She was quick to chime in, "Definitely! You need to crawl on all fours! Show everyone that the arrogant, stuck up Princess Kate with her nose in the air is dead. Personal Slut Kate always crawls to her man! She crawls to The Beast, to serve it!"

Not surprisingly, Kate was both appalled and delighted. If she'd had a shred of restraint or dignity left, she would have refused to crawl. But she didn't. Her face blushed even redder than usual as she got on all fours again.

She shut her eyes tight as she contemplated what she knew she was going to do. What the hell happened to me?! This evening has been a non-stop nightmare! I suppose now my shame and humiliation will be complete, crawling on all fours with my two friends watching! And apparently I'll be crawling naked for him a lot from now on. Yet I'm sure he'll think of new ways to humiliate me even MORE! And I'm sure I'll love that too! Er, I mean, I'll hate that too! Fuck!

She started to crawl, but found it very hard going, psychologically. It felt like her entire body was glowing red with the burning shame. She stopped altogether after only moving forward a couple of feet. Good God. This is the worst, the worst! The absolute lowest point. Is there nothing I won't do for my man and his enormous Beast? Apparently there isn't!

Then she opened her eyes, and immediately saw Ryan's erection towering out from between his legs. She thought, Keep your eyes on the prize! and resumed crawling. She still had about eight feet to go, but she was surprised to realize she found it much easier going with her eyes open, as long as she stared only at Ryan's tempting, huge erection. She was very careful not to look up at his face or over to Erin and Monica.

She couldn't wait to kneel between his legs and resume cocksucking. She loved doing that so much now that she didn't understand how she'd ever gone without it.

However, he waved a hand through the air motioning for her to get up in order to lie across his lap.

She had trouble motivating herself to do that. After the humiliation of being made to crawl across Monica's room, she had an almost insatiable desire to choke and gag on his cock some more, as her much deserved reward. She had to psych herself up to do otherwise. Come on. There's more to being a good personal slut than cocksucking. Getting spanked will be awesome too! I'm sure he's going to make me cum again, probably more than once! Not only that, but once he's properly punished me, he can finally FUCK MY CUNT!

Okay, okay, I'm moving already. I honestly can't wait for that! Then there will be no doubt that he's fully broken me and made me one of his personal sluts. Besides, he promised there would be lots more cocksucking tomorrow, and beyond. I swear, I'm going to spend ALL my free time kneeling between his knees from now on, slurping and choking and stroking! With Erin and Monica helping too! It's gonna be epic!

With that new resolution in mind, physically impossible though it was, she mustered the energy and resolve to lie across his lap.

She was immediately glad she did. She still didn't understand herself, but if anything aroused her more than sexual submission, it was sexual humiliation. Lying naked across his lap allowed her to feel the buzz of both things at once. It was like a drug to her, a wonderful, powerful drug.

Meanwhile, Ryan was discovering that dominating her was a heady drug as well. He was giddy due to a power rush from feeling and seeing her outstanding, voluptuous body sprawled across his lap. He ran his hands up and down her back and ass with breathless wonder, just like he was touching them for the first time.

As if that wasn't great enough, Erin and Monica wound up sitting on the floor right in front of him. They stared up expectantly, like they were little kids and he was an adult about to read them a story. But of course they weren't little kids; they were bombshell beauties too.

Just seeing them sitting naked side by side, Erin's F-cups next to Monica's E-cups, practically made him forget to breathe. He knew his erection wasn't about to go flaccid anytime soon, even though it was currently untouched under Kate's body.

Erin commented to Monica, "Would you look at that? I've been there tonight, and you have too. That was pretty wild. But there's something special about seeing the mighty Princess Kate wiggling her bare ass on his lap, eager to get spanked!"

"There is!" Monica agreed. "And, boy, is she eager! He hasn't even done anything yet, but she's already humping her ass up, like she's trying to find his striking hand!"

"That's true," Erin noted. "Just look at her! I mean, LOOK at her! I know I'm pretty damn hot, and you are too, but she honestly has a face just as gorgeous as Kate Upton's, and an even better body!"

"Certainly a much bigger rack," Monica pointed out. "As hard to believe as that is."

"Definitely. But despite all her beauty and charm," Erin continued, "in just one night, she's been reduced to being Ryan's horny little slut! She lives to serve him! To suck his cock!"

Of course, a red-faced Kate was listening to every word, and even had her head turned towards them to see them speak. She suddenly spoke up. "That's true, but you're his sluts too! His personal sluts, just like me! Don't act like you're any different!"

Erin turned to Monica. She was chagrined, but not really upset. "She's got us there."

"She does," Monica readily agreed, not really upset either. "Even if it's not official for me yet. But let's shut the fuck up so the spanking can begin!" She looked up to Ryan expectantly, and Erin did too.

Ryan nodded, now that he had the floor. "Thank you, ladies."

So far, he'd been restraining himself, and keeping his hands at his sides. He was trying to cool down some (without much success), as well as waiting for dramatic effect.

He thought back to one piece of advice from Jack that had stuck in his head: "Just be as confident and demanding as humanly possible, like you're the king of the world and she's your servant." With that in mind, he reached between the sofa and Kate's upper body with one hand and started fondling one of her tits. At the same time, with his other hand, he resumed fondling her hard, jutting ass, and in a more probing and deliberate manner.

Kate sucked in her breath. Her heart was racing fast. Ooooh! This is going to be good!

He decided it was time for a little speech to help cement his authority over Kate. As he continued to fondle her privates he said, "Kate, things have changed tonight, to say the least. When I first saw you, two or three hours ago, one of the first things I said was that I was going to claim you. Do you remember that?"

Kate was already wiggling with horny need. This was close to heaven for her. Not only was she being fondled by her man, but Erin and Monica were watching from just a couple of feet away. It was deliciously humiliating. "Oh, yes! How could I forget?!"

He continued, "I'm sure you thought that was absurd and ridiculous at the time. Erin too. Understandably so. But what are you to me now?"

Kate was so excited to answer that she really was breathless. "I'm... I'm... your personal slut! One of them!"

"Do you have any doubt about that?"

She had no hesitation. "No way! None! Except... it won't be official until you skewer my cunt with The Beast! But I feel it in my heart already."

He was started by the obvious sincerity in her voice and her facial expression. He had to gather his wits to ask, "Any regrets?"

She realized that was a trickier question, and she thought it over. "Yes, actually. I'm going to regret my loss of freedom, for sure. My loss of dignity too. And I'm sure I'll burn with jealousy and frustration when you spend time with your other sluts instead of me! Especially the ones I don't even know."

He was surprised that she gave an honest answer instead of a sexy answer, but he capably rolled with the punches. "I'm sure that's all true. Do you want to back out? I own you, but only because you willingly give your body to me. You can back out at any time. Except if you do, there's no coming back to me."

She spat hotly, "FUCK THAT! No way! Don't even say that's an option! I'm not going to back out for anything! I can guarantee that!"

He smiled triumphantly. "Good!" He rewarded her by running his fingers up and down her wet pussy lips some, while also rolling one of her nipples between two of his other fingers. "So do you accept that I own your sexy body and you must obey my every command?"

"Of course!" She felt another thrill all the way down to her toes as she realized she really meant that.

He nodded as if he'd expected that answer all along, when he was secretly excited and even incredulous at his great fortune. "Furthermore, do you accept that you should anticipate my wants and needs even before I express them, and always do your utmost to satisfy me, sexually and otherwise?"

"Definitely!" The more he talked, the more her body writhed on his lap with sexy need. It was as if sex was a wonderful drug she'd just discovered that had no bad side effects, and he'd promised her an endless pile of it.

"And do you accept that it's my right to punish you however I see fit, whenever you're disobedient or bad? Or even if I simply feel like it?"

"Please! Pleeaaase! Punish me now!" She started humping her ass up and down so much that it was almost comical. She was trying to get him started spanking her already. "Even if I simply feel like it?!" God, that's too fucking hot! He knows exactly what to say and do. May his sexual domination and humiliation of me never end!

He grinned with satisfaction. "I'll take that as a yes." He wondered how far he could push his luck with her. "What's your top priority from now on?"

Her entire body stiffened with pride and determination. "Serving you and your cock!"

His grin turned into a wide smile, because he knew the future was almost impossibly promising and bright. Hot damn! Kate Middlefield just said that! The hottest babe in the entire university! This shouldn't be happening to me. But it is!

He maintained his calm, mostly - he was starting to breathe heavily. "Very good. And what kind of commitment are we talking about here? A day? A month? A year? What?"

She gave that very serious consideration too. She had a powerful epiphany, and realized there could only be one answer. "For as long as you'll have me! Forever! If you want me that long, and if I'm worthy!"

That was such an incredible answer that she was staggered by her own words. She started moaning, loudly. "Permission to cum!"

"Permission denied! And do NOT cum anyway, like you did last time! Do NOT displease me!"

"UNGH! UGH! HNNNG!" Her struggle not to cum was intense. Curiously, the threat of displeasing him was even worse than fear of the harshest spanking. That was especially true now, since she wanted to prove that she was a worthy personal slut. Any notion that he should consider himself (incredibly) lucky to do anything with her was completely forgotten. In her mind it was the total opposite, despite her great beauty. She wanted to be his very favorite. Thinking that he had several other personal sluts already, she figured she had a long way to go with that. Furthermore, it would be a battle with no end, since a "super stud" like him would always have many personal sluts at his beck and call.

Erin and Monica were carefully listening to every word. They figured that the rules that applied to Kate applied to them as well, so it was as if he was asking them those questions at the same time. Both of them were staggered to realize the kind of commitment they were making. Unlike Kate, they felt highly conflicted, but they also considered things a done deal. Simply walking away was not an option. Luckily, they were so highly aroused that sheer lust tended to overwhelm all their worries.

He still had his hands on Kate's tits and ass, but he stopped actively fondling her for a while. He didn't want to make it too difficult for her not to cum when he made that order clear.

As Kate wiggled and gyrated in his lap, clenching her teeth with her eyes shut tight, she stretched her arms far forward, as if looking for something to grasp hold of. But there was nothing there but the sofa, which didn't have any good handholds, so she just shook her fists, fighting with all her might not to cum. Don't cum! Don't cum! Pleaaase, Lord, help me! (She wasn't religious, but in such a moment she was ready to say anything to get help.) Oh God! I can't do this! Hang in there! Don't cum!

To her relief, her cum-need faded ever so slightly. It wasn't much, but it was enough to get her out of immediate crisis mode. Still, she knew she could face an emergency again if anything arousing happened, which was almost guaranteed.

She metaphorically breathed a sigh of relief, while she continued to pant and gasp with unrestrained lust. Phew! Close call! But I'm not out of the woods yet! Not hardly! I CAN'T think about what just happened, what I agreed to! I really am Ryan's personal slut now! Shit! I've already forgotten what his last name is, I know next to nothing about him, and he fucking OWNS me! UGH! That's so fucking HOT!

No! I can't think about that! Just breathe! Focus on breathing! Nothing else! Definitely don't think that I've pledged myself to him without limit! He could own and control me and fuck my face, tits, and cunt for years and years to come! Forever, maybe! Probably my ass too. NGGGH! So hot! But that's what I CAN'T think about. Just breathe. Just breathe. Slow breaths. That's better!

She was still gasping hard, but her breaths were longer and slower. Don't think about the fact that he's going to fuck me tonight, maybe in a matter of minutes, and once he does, my cunt will belong to him and him alone! Don't think about that! Think about breathing. Fucking breathe! Try not to think about the fact that once he spears me with his huge Beast, he won't stop there! He'll fuck me whenever he wants, practically all the time, unless I'm busy sucking his cock already! Or if he's with one of his other sluts! Oh GOD! Too fucking HOT! I'm too horny! Somebody, help me! Heeellllllp!

Ryan was amused and chagrined. He was keeping his hands still. But while he was waiting, Kate seemed to be getting more hot and bothered, not less. He wondered what he could do to stop her from cumming before the spanking even began.

Erin and Monica were patiently waiting. And although they were just sitting there, they stayed as hot as burning ovens from thinking about what Ryan and especially Kate had said, as well as from watching Kate's sexy body. She was writhing so much that it seemed possible she could flop off Ryan's lap altogether.

Erin thought, There's no going back from this! Sure, Kate's princess persona is going to reassert itself tomorrow and beyond. But something permanently changed tonight. She keeps saying that he broke her. I think he really did! Hell, look at what he's done to me, only it's effected her even more powerfully. Which means my wildest sexual fantasies about her may well come true too!

Monica broke the relative silence by asking Ryan, "Why is it you just kind of went through a whole ceremony with her, asking her all kinds of commitment questions, and maybe you're not even done?"

"No, I think I'm done," he replied. He did consider continuing the ceremony of sorts, but he figured that would be like pouring gasoline on a raging fire. He was seriously trying to get Kate to cool down, so he could start the spanking and then get to fucking her.

Monica continued, "Okay, even if you're done, why did you ask her all those questions, but not Erin or me? After all, you've already spanked us, and you've even fucked Erin." Curiously, she didn't want him to ask her those questions, but she was also kind of miffed that he hadn't.

He thought about how to reply. His first instinct was to say, "Because Kate is special." He certainly felt that. Erin and Monica were both amazingly beautiful and sexy, but Kate was off the charts in both aspects, especially given her new attitude. Plus, he was developing a special connection with Kate, no doubt helped along by the way she was transforming so radically and eagerly in just a short time.

But he realized that to say that would be seen as a slight to the other two. So he said instead, "Because she's ready. I'm sure you can see it with your own eyes: she's taken to being my personal slut right away. You two are willing, but still show more resistance. There are different stages of being a personal slut. If you're ever ready to take the next step, I'll ask you those same questions."

Monica was impressed. She wasn't entirely willing to agree to the things Kate had agreed to. Just being a nominal personal slut was good enough for her, at least for now. But at the same time, she felt a bit envious, like Kate was now a member of an exclusive group and Monica wasn't good enough to get in.

Erin felt the same way, even though she knew it was irrational. She both loved and hated the idea of being one of his personal sluts.

Ryan finally decided that he would have to wait a long time before Kate calmed down much more. He guessed, correctly, that she was continually arousing herself with erotic thoughts. So he said, "Okay, I'm going to start the spanking. Kate, I want to punish you because you have disappointed me some times tonight, including cumming when you weren't supposed to just a little while ago."

He had a vague recollection that she had done some other things that deserved punishment earlier in the evening, because he knew that he had said more than once that he was going to spank her much more harshly than the other two. But, thinking back now, all he could remember was endless sexual arousal and joy. However, it didn't really matter anyway, because he was mainly keen on getting her to love getting spanked by giving her lots of orgasms. He knew that all of her "crimes" weren't serious in any case.

Kate also tried to think back about what she'd done to deserve a spanking, and had the same "problem" he did: she could only remember the big orgasms and seemingly endless arousal and excitement. But then again, she didn't really care about the "justice" involved. If he said he didn't have any reason to spank her, she would have tried to invent one, to make sure she didn't miss the experience.

He continued, "However, tonight should also be a time of celebration. The four of us have come together in a lucky way, and I hope we'll stay together a very long time. So I'm going to be lenient. You may cum after just five smacks. Now, let's get to it."

He thought back to what he'd learned from reading many erotic stories on the Internet. One common theme was to have the spankee repeat a line and then the number of smacks after each new smack. He didn't do that with either Monica or Erin when he spanked them, but he figured that Kate was so "far gone" that he could get a little more daring with her.

So he said, "By the way, Kate, after each spanking, I want you to say, 'Thank you for smacking me once,' or twice, or three times, or whatever the number is, and then, 'please give me another.' Understood?"

She took a heavy breath, trying to mentally ready herself. She didn't remember that happening with the others, but it seemed fitting. She nodded.

"Good. Here it goes!" He drew his hand back. He momentarily paused, not for effect, but because he saw her ass cheeks flex as she tightened up in an attempt to physically brace herself. Her ass looked flawless and firm already, but when it was tightened up like that, the titillating sight almost made him woozy.

Then he remembered to continue. He brought his hand down fast, and hit her hard.

Kate cried out, "OOWWW!" She was surprised. She'd seen him spanking Monica and Erin, and she'd noticed that he'd never spanked Monica very hard, and he'd only spanked Erin hard near the end. But he was smacking her hard from the very start. She didn't understand why.

But she forced herself not to complain. Instead, she gathered her resolve and said, "Thank you for smacking me once. Please give me another."

"Good," he replied. "Here it goes again." He brought his hand back up but quickly swung it back down again.

"OOWWW! That hurts!" It was as hard as the first one, showing that wasn't a fluke. But Kate quickly recovered again, and said, "Thank you for smacking me twice. Please give me another."

Then, out of the blue, she exclaimed, "Sullivan!"

"Huh?" He was confused why she'd blurted out his last name.

She smiled with great satisfaction. "Sorry. I'd forgotten your last name, but I just remembered."

She thought, Huh. "Kate Sullivan." I like the sound of that! Wait, what am I thinking?! I can't allow myself to think like that. I've just met him after all. Besides, personal sluts aren't wife material, I'm sure. I'm just one of his busty sex toys, in the middle of getting spanked. Everyone would laugh if they knew I even had that fleeting thought. Still... a girl can dream!

The process repeated as he kept on smacking her ass cheeks, alternating with each smack. He didn't waste time. The third and fourth smack soon followed.

The three girls were puzzled, to say the least. They knew that with the two previous spankings, he'd done much more ass fondling and clit and slit fondling, than smacking. But with Kate, it was nothing but smacking. He wasn't taking the time to play with her body between smacks at all.

What they didn't realize was there was a method to his madness. He wanted Kate to feel proud of herself for holding out as long as he demanded. He also knew that she wasn't quite at a hair trigger away from orgasm, but she was close to it. If he fondled her like he wanted to, and she wanted him to, she probably wouldn't make it to the fifth smack. He was trying to hurry things up to get there first.

And so it went that he reached the fifth smack. He whacked her ass even harder that time.

Kate groaned in lust and pain, and then immediately proclaimed, "Thank you for smacking me five times! Please give me another!" She was saying those words with increasing volume and passion after each smack, because she was like a runner coming close to the finish line. She knew it wouldn't be long until she would be allowed to cum. Furthermore, she didn't understand why, but getting spanked like this was increasingly appealing and arousing to her, even though it was nothing but hard smacks. The pain and pleasure were intermingling and heightening all her senses.

After she said her line, he brought both of his hands to her ass crack and pussy. He said, "Good girl, Kate! Good girl!" (He recalled how he and Erin had used "good girl" on Kate to good effect earlier in the evening.) He started to diddle with her clit while rubbing his fingers up and down her red and pulsing pussy lips. "You have my permission to cum!"

And cum she did. In fact, knowing she'd reached the fifth smack, she was already starting to let go before he started talking. But the slightly demeaning "good girl" affected her in a strangely powerful way. That, and his busy fingers, pushed her over the edge. Technically, she was already starting to cum a few seconds before he gave his final permission. She hoped he wouldn't notice.

But soon she forgot that minor slip up, because her orgasm was so intense and prolonged. In fact, she forgot just about everything. Her eyes rolled up into her head and she saw stars. She screamed like she'd been violently speared clear through her torso, and shook and flailed around so much on his lap that he had to quickly resort to holding her in place, otherwise she almost certainly would have shook herself right off him.

Erin and Monica watched in sheer disbelief. So far, they'd simply been sitting there. But seeing Kate scream that loudly and flail her arms and legs around that much inspired them so much that they started masturbating. However, that didn't last long, because after another minute, with Kate still cumming hard, they wound up fingering each other's pussies instead. That felt even better.

When Kate eventually stopped cumming, her body went limp, as if she'd been instantly de-boned. It was all she could do to stay conscious and keep breathing.

Ryan was very pleased with himself. He felt his spanking strategy had paid off. He idly caressed her flawless bubble butt as he mentally recovered.

Indeed, Kate was not only extremely sexually satiated and satisfied, she also felt very proud of herself for lasting long enough to cum with his permission. That increased her confidence and determination to only cum when he allowed it in the future.

He couldn't help but gloat a little bit by saying in a deadpan style, "Very good, Kate. That's a good start to your spanking. Five. I think we'll need, oh, about another thirty." He didn't actually mean that, but he wanted to shock the three girls.

Kate let out a long, incredulous groan. Then, out of the blue, she did manage to gasp out one word: "TEN!"

Erin and Monica were still fingering each other, since they were late to the party and neither of them were close to cumming yet. Erin turned her head to Monica and asked, "'Ten?' What does she mean? Is it that she can't handle any more than ten more smacks?"

Erin asked back, "Or maybe just ten smacks total?"

Kate heard that, and between her desperate gasps for air, she exclaimed, "No! TEN!"

Erin and Monica looked to each other in confusion, and to Ryan too. But it was clear that none of them knew what she meant. However, Erin had a sudden flash of insight, "Oh, I get it: ten! She's been keeping track of her big orgasms all night. The last one was nine. So this has to be ten!"

Kate grunted to confirm that.

Monica said her thoughts out loud, "Ten?! Wow! That's a lot of orgasms! I haven't been keeping track myself, but it's gotta be something similar, and that's just if I'm counting the big ones. That's just crazy! I've never cum this much in one evening, and Ryan hasn't even fucked me yet!"

"Same here!" Erin responded. "But just think about poor Kate. I wouldn't be surprised if she hasn't had ten orgasms with a guy in her LIFE! No wonder she's falling head over heels for him."

"Well, I think it's hot!" Monica said.

"Me too!" With that, Erin and Monica started to French kiss.

Ryan silently chuckled at that. Man! Things just get better and better! I kinda wish my dick could get back into the game though. (His boner hadn't been touched since Kate had laid across his lap.) But then again, what's the hurry? I should let Kate-

His thoughts were interrupted because there was a loud knock on the door.


A female voice came through the door. "Monica?! Is that you? Are you all right?"

Ryan was startled. I know that voice! But how can that be?! I don't know anyone else here.

Erin and Monica stopped their kissing and looked to each other with alarm. Erin whispered to Monica, "This is your room! You've gotta answer! Say something!"

Monica cleared her voice, then spoke loudly, "Yes, it's me! Who else would it be? I'm fine. What's the problem?"

"Sorry for interrupting, it's just that... I heard a lot of screaming. And not just any screaming, but really crazy and intense screaming. Heck, it didn't even sound like your voice."

Ryan brought his head to Kate's, and whispered quietly in her ear, "Who is that?"

"Jordan," Kate whispered back. Kate was starting to rouse herself, due to the interruption, but she was still like a boneless blob.

Ryan thought, Jordan! A-ha! I do know that voice. He thought back to his encounter downstairs with the three beautiful blondes who wanted to see his penis: Jordan, Tiffany and Ella. It seemed like a million years ago already, but it started to come back to him.

He began trying to get out from sitting under Kate's still lifeless body. It was taking time though, because he essentially had to pick her up and put her back on the sofa without unduly disturbing her.

Meanwhile, Monica replied to Jordan, "If you must know, I'm not here alone. Okay? I'm fine, just... expressive. We'll talk tomorrow."

Jordan replied through the door. "Okay. I'm sorry for interrupting... whatever you're doing. I'm really, really sorry! Are you going to go back to the party? It's still going strong."


"Oh. Right. Sorry. Later!"

Monica breathed a sigh of relief upon hearing Jordan go away. She whispered loud enough for the others to hear, "That was close!"

Erin whispered, "She must have come up from the party. Is it that late already?"

Monica looked at a clock. "No. It's not even midnight yet. You'd think she'd be down there another hour or two, at least."

Erin continued, "Well, for whatever reason, she's here now. I'll bet she's going to be in her room, trying to sleep. How can we continue with the spanking and the fucking? It's just going to get louder and louder!"

By this time, Ryan had gone to where his clothes were. He started putting his slacks on.

Erin hissed at him with distress, "What are you doing?"

He quietly replied, "Sorry, it's just that I figure as long as we're kind of taking a forced break, this is a good time to take a pee. I'll finish the spanking when I get back."

Monica got up and walked to him. She put a hand on his shoulder. "You're going to go? Out there?"

He had his slacks pulled up already and started buttoning his dress shirt. "Sure. Why not? You're acting like there are zombies and werewolves out there."

Erin walked up to him too. "No, obviously not. But Jordan's out there! What if she sees you?!"

He spoke confidently. "She's not going to see me. I'll check to make sure the coast is clear first. I'll only be gone a minute. Besides, if I do see her, I don't have to say anything. Guys do come up here and spend the night sometimes, don't they?"

"Yeah, I suppose," Monica said with worry.

"I'll be fine." He'd finished buttoning up his shirt.

He looked to Kate, who was alert and looking his way, but still sprawled out where he'd left her on the sofa. He thought, Holy crap! Every time I look away from her for a while and then look back, it's like a slap upside the head! She's such a total fox! Just look at her sprawled out naked on the sofa like that. She really does look a lot like Kate Upton, only with much bigger tits, and wider hips to boot!

Before the other two could tease him for gawking, he said, "Take good care of Kate while I'm gone, won't you? Help revive her. Because the spanking must go on."

Erin asked, "But what about Jordan?"

He was his usual unflappable self. "Don't worry, everything will work out. This is a good time for a pee break, to let things settle down and quiet down for a few minutes."

With that, he started walking towards the door.

Erin and Monica followed him, heedless of their total nudity.

As he got to the door, he said, "I assume I'll have no problem getting back in. I'll just knock on the door, right?"

They nodded. Then they gave him kisses, big French kisses.

He loved fondling their firm, bare asses as the kissing went on. He had to bend over to make out with Monica, since she was much shorter. He actually briefly picked her up and spun her around, making her giggle with delight.

Just as he was about to open the door, he said, "Geez. You two are acting like I'm going off to war. I'll be back in a few minutes, okay? As long as I'm in the bathroom, I'll probably freshen up a bit."

He opened the door just a crack and carefully peered into the hallway, just to make sure there was no sign of Jordan. Seeing the hallway empty, he slipped through a wider crack and then closed the door behind him.

He started walking down the hallway to the bathroom. He really did have to pee, now that he'd thought about it.

However, he had a secret agenda as well. As soon as he got to the bathroom, he took his cell phone out of his pocket. He'd had his cell phone turned off since before he'd even come to the party, figuring there was no call important enough to take him away from Kate. (Back then, he hadn't even met Erin and Monica yet.) But hearing Jordan knocking on the door caused him to mentally review his earlier encounter with her, especially when she'd stroked and even licked his erection while Tiffany was watching. And one thing he remembered was that he'd challenged her to break up with her boyfriend and then text or phone him about it with the proof, if she wanted to play with his cock some more.

That's what he had on his mind when he turned his cell phone back on and checked for messages. He didn't want to do that where the girls could see, because he figured they'd be nosy about it. To his pleasant surprise, he had a couple of voice messages from Jordan, and some text messages too. He listened to the voice messages first:

"Hey Ryan, it's me, Jordan. Remember me? The platinum blonde who was getting up close and personal with your junk? Anyway, I did what you said: I dumped my boyfriend Vince. He's history. He didn't mean anything to me in the first place, just the flavor of the month. Check my forwarded text messages for the proof. So now I'm wondering if I can get even MORE up close and personal with you, if you know what I mean! Call me, 'kay? I'll be waiting!"

Then he listened to the second message from her:

"Hey Ryan, it's me, Jordan, again. I've been looking all over for you at the party. I don't see you anywhere. I'm really bummed! You kinda ruined the party for me. I really want to get to know you and your huge cock a lot, lot better! Like I said, Vince is history. So where are you?! Call me!"

He chuckled at that. Awesome! Having a big penis IS just like a super power! This is so sweet! My life is never going to be the same! And that's coming from Jordan. She's not just anybody. She's a total fox too! Both her AND Erin broke up with their boyfriends tonight for me, when they barely even know me!

He quickly checked his text messages from Jordan. They confirmed and repeated what she had said in the voice messages. Additionally, she forwarded the text messages between herself and her boyfriend Vince, confirming that she'd broken up with him.

He went to a toilet and had a pee. While he did that, he thought, Now, the question is, what should I do with this situation? I've got a perfect set-up with Kate, Erin, and Monica already. Why take any risk to screw that up? I've gotta be the luckiest guy in the entire university, especially since there's only one Kate. Between the three of them, I'm sure they'll always keep me completely sexually satisfied, and then some!

But then again, Jordan does live here on the third floor somewhere, and she's obviously close enough to Monica's room to hear what goes on in there. She's got to be addressed one way or another if I want to continue with the spanking and fucking, because we're gonna be LOUD! If I can turn her to our side to some degree, that could practically give us a lock on the third floor, no?

The other one, what's her name...? Oh yeah, Brandy. Apparently, she definitely is a lesbian. And maybe I'm way off, but I'm guessing and hoping that means she can just kind of be a neutral bystander in all this. So that only leaves Nancy to worry about. I'm still not sure what to do about her, but if we get Jordan on our side, that can only help. Maybe she'll back down if it's four against one. A guy can hope, at any rate.

Still, I don't want to get my three perfect sluts upset. Plus, I don't think I'll have any energy or cum left over after fucking both Kate AND Monica tonight. So what if I just invite Jordan to watch? Hopefully, she'll witness the passion and fun, and become a confederate. And if my big cock really is a "super power", I'll be able to fuck her to my heart's content some other time, when I'm not totally fucked out already.

Wow. What an embarrassment of riches! This is a whole new, wonderful world! Still, it's good to take things step by step. See how the others react to her presence. That's key. If they get too angry, then I'll just try to bring Jordan to our side without fucking her. I have to maintain at least the illusion of control, but I don't want to do something idiotic to fuck things up.

With that new plan in mind, after he washed up from peeing, he pulled his cell phone out of his pocket again and gave Jordan a call.

Happily for him, she answered after a couple of rings. "Hello?"

"Jordan? It's Ryan."

"Ryan?! You! I'd given up on you. So you got my messages after all?"


"And you didn't freak out by me being so forward?"

"Nope. I like a girl who knows what she wants."

"So then... what?!" The excitement was rising in Jordan's voice. "I really want to see you again!"

"Good. And I want to see you too. I'm on the third floor, in the bathroom. I have reason to believe you're in your room. If you want to meet me tonight, you need to come here right away."

"Wait, what? How'd you get there?!"

"I was in Monica's room when you knocked on her door a few minutes ago. That's how I know you're nearby. But hurry! Don't bother to dress or anything. Throw on a robe if you have to. Time is of the essence!"

"I'm confused. You, in Monica's room?!"

"Come here and I'll explain. I'm practically a few feet away."

"Oh, okay." She hung up the phone.

Ryan didn't have anything to do while he waited, so he poked his head out and looked up and down the hall. Just a few moments later, he saw Jordan walk out of her room, allowing him to see which one was hers. She was wearing a long, white night robe. They made eye contact, and he waved her over.

Once she was in the bathroom, she walked up to him and said anxiously, "Okay, I'm here. What's going on?!"

He spoke urgently. "I'm going to be straight with you and tell you some stuff that sounds pretty incredible. But you'll be able to see it's all true just by walking into Monica's room. You see, you know those really loud screams you heard?"


"I helped cause them. I've been with Monica all evening. And Kate and Erin too! I've been having sex with all three of them!"

She looked at him with disbelief. "Kate and Erin too?! I could believe the Monica part, but-"

He interrupted, "I know it seems unbelievable, but you can verify it easily enough just by going in their room, and I expect you will shortly. Here's the thing. Remember your interest in my penis downstairs?"

"How could I forget?!" She looked down at his crotch, but couldn't tell if he was erect or not, due to his dark slacks.

"Well, you're not the only one. That's a pretty common reaction girls have to it. Even Kate. I'm sure you know how she was before. Well, she's totally transformed. Actually, she was the one you heard screaming."

Realization crossed Jordan's face. She said forcefully, "I knew it! I KNEW that screaming wasn't Monica's voice! That's the main reason why I decided to knock and try to find out what was going on."

He grinned. "Good thing you did. I've been too busy fucking those three to check my phone, but hearing you at the door reminded me. Now, here's the thing: I'd like it if you want to join us, but only as an observer."

She was indignant. "What?! Are you kidding me?! I just broke up with my boyfriend for you!"

"I know. But I've made certain promises to them, promises I intend to keep. I've fucked Erin tonight already, but not Kate or Monica yet, so I've gotta save my energy for that. And I don't want them getting upset. If you stay and quietly watch, I think they'll tolerate that. Then, who knows what might happen, tonight, tomorrow, or beyond? I won't make any promises. But you've got to at least get your foot in the door. We're developing a fun, exclusive sort of group of sex friends, and this is your chance to be a part of it."

She was disappointed, but intrigued. She was fairly certain that the screaming voice she'd heard belonged to Kate, and she was dying to find out about that. "If I go with you right now to Monica's room, I'll get to see you fuck Kate?! Kate Middlefield?! THAT Kate?!"

"The one and only." His grin grew.

"And Monica?! And Erin will be there too?!"

He nodded.

She was breathless with excitement. "Fuck me! Count me in!"

He thought triumphantly in response to her "fuck me" exclamation, I just may do that! Why not? Let's see just what these big cock super powers can do! But he didn't let on. "Good. Let's go. There's no time to waste, no time to explain any more. They just think I'm off to pee for a couple of minutes. I'm overdue already. Just follow me, and follow my lead. Okay?"

She nodded.

He started walking out of the bathroom. He added, "Once in there, just act like a fly on the wall, quiet and undemanding. Let them get used to you being there."

She took a few steps behind him, but she wasn't willing to leave the bathroom just yet. "Wait. I've got all kinds of questions. How long has this been going on?"

He waved for her to move. "Not long. There's no time to explain. Let's go!"

"But hold on! I'm just wearing a robe. Nothing else! 'Cos you told me to hurry to see you, and I was already getting ready for bed."

He was tempted to demand that she open her robe and show him her nudity. But he realized he shouldn't push his luck with her, at least not until she was in Monica's room and realized that everything he'd said was true. Plus, he sensed she wasn't in a receptive mood for that sort of thing at this point. So he merely responded, "Good. You'll be overdressed compared to them."

He left the bathroom, hoping she'd follow.

Jordan did follow, and she was feeling excited, but she was too nervous and confused to feel very aroused. She'd taken a risk meeting a nearly totally unknown guy in a bathroom, and now she was taking another risk going to Monica's room where anything could be happening. She couldn't believe all he'd said, especially the part about Kate being sexually liberated and ready to get fucked. But it was so easy to check his story by looking into Monica's room that she couldn't resist doing just that.

He led her quietly down the hallway towards Monica's room. But just before they got there, he realized it would be good to explain a bit more to her. He whispered, "Now, before we go in, know that I'm in the middle of giving Kate a spanking."

She blurted out, "Kate?! A spanking?!" She put her hands on her hips indignantly. "Now you're putting me on!"

He put a finger across his lips, and spoke even quieter than before. "Shhh! You've gotta be able to roll with the punches. Can you do that?"

My God! What if he's being honest?! But Kate?! Getting spanked?! Come on. Anybody but her! Jordan's nervousness was rising, and her heart was beating fast, but she nodded.

"Good." He whispered some more, "Now, I've noticed that Kate in particular gets off on being sexually humiliated, in a certain kind of way. Spanking is a part of that. I'm not doing it to be mean; that's just what really arouses her. Can you roll with that too, and even help?"

She nodded, even though she remained highly skeptical. "Help? How?"

"Don't be mean or insulting to her. It's not about that at all. But if you could highlight her public exposure, that would help." He thought back to a quote from Jack, and he repeated it for Jordan: "'The high and mighty like to be taken down low.' Kate gets off in a big way on that kind of thing. Like when she's forced to be naked in front of others. It's not about being cruel; it's just exciting situations. Just having you silently watch whatever she does will heighten her arousal, I'm sure."

Jordan nodded again. She was starting to get a gut feeling that maybe Kate really was getting spanked, as improbable as that seemed.

He took a couple more steps to Monica's door and knocked on it.

He was going to announce himself, but the door quickly opened before he could get a chance. Monica was the one who opened it. He figured she was still completely naked because she only peeked her head through a little bit.

Monica's face lit up brightly when she saw him. "There you are! What took you so long?"

He started pushing the door open. "I ran into somebody. You'll see what I mean." He walked through the door after opening it more than Monica would have liked, and then motioned at Jordan behind him to follow him.

Within seconds, he was standing in the room with Jordan, with the door closed behind them. Erin and Kate had gathered with Monica near the door, no doubt waiting expectantly for him. Kate looked to be doing much better. She was fully alert and awake, as well as considerably cleaned up. The other two looked cleaned up and great too.

But he didn't have much time to look them over, because pandemonium broke out. True, it was relatively quiet pandemonium because they were standing near the front door and worried about being overheard, but it was pandemonium just the same.

Kate, Erin, and Monica had been acting cavalier about their complete nudity, but as soon as they saw Jordan with him, and covered in a robe, their hands moved at record speed to cover their privates. The three of them all spoke at once.

He didn't catch what they all said, especially since Monica was cursing in Spanish, but one of them exclaimed particularly loudly, "WHAT THE FUCK?!" There was no way to miss that.

He walked further into the room like there was nothing unusual going on. "Sorry about the surprise, but I ran into Jordan in the bathroom and I thought I'd invite her along."

His three girls just stood there in total shock. Finally, Erin recovered enough to say, "What?! You can't do that!"

"I just did." He was trying hard to act unflappable. "I'm not going to have sex with her. The plan is to just have her watch."

"'Watch?!'" That was Monica.

"Sure." He'd been forced to stop and turn around, since the others weren't following him deeper into the room. "We've got a problem, a noise problem, with the three others on this floor. If Jordan watches and sees that what we're doing is harmless and fun, I'm hoping she's going to take our side with any future noise issues."

The three girls turned to Jordan and stared at her suspiciously. None of them spoke it, but they weren't worried about the noise issue nearly as much as they were worried that Ryan would fuck Jordan before long and turn her into another one of his personal sluts. They liked Jordan well enough, but they all felt that three was just right and four was too much.

Jordan said a bit sheepishly, trying to justify being there, "Well, I might."

Kate stared hard at Ryan, trying to act intimidating. "Can I speak to you about this? In private?"

"No," he flatly replied. He felt it was important to maintain his authority. "But don't worry. I know what you're thinking. She really is here to watch. I promise you, I will not fuck her tonight."

That did the opposite of mollifying her. She glared at him. "A-ha! You said 'tonight'! But what about tomorrow? And what about something short of fucking her tonight?!"

He replied, "Look, I'm not going to rule everything out categorically. Most anything is possible. And as one of my personal sluts, you have to accept that. But I'm being completely sincere when I say my intention tonight is to just have her watch. I want to spend ALL of my sexual energy on you three."

Jordan thought, I must be hearing things! Did he just call her "one of his personal sluts?!" And she didn't slap him, or do anything at all! What the hell?! Is this some elaborate prank?!

Kate put her hands on her hips defiantly. But then she realized that was totally exposing her privates, so she quickly went back to keeping herself covered up. The blush on her face turned even redder. She still asked testily, "Maybe that's what you say about tonight, and you might even mean it. But again I ask: what about tomorrow? And beyond?!"

He shrugged. "We'll see. But to be honest, she would have to be really incredible to make me want to spend any time or energy away from you three. And I mean it."

He actually really did mean that. He figured he was in a win-win situation. He was perfectly content to keep all of his focus on Kate, Erin, and Monica. But if Jordan somehow proved that she was on their same level, not just in terms of sheer physical beauty but also sexual enthusiasm, sexual talent, and overall personality, he could get involved with her too. But he figured that was a future option only, because he knew that he only had so much cum and stamina for tonight.

That answer seemed to mollify Kate at least somewhat. She went from staring unhappily at him to glaring at Jordan.

Jordan was just as shocked as the other three girls, if not more so. She'd figured that something funny was going on in Monica's room, but she hadn't really believed what he'd said, especially his claims about what he was doing to the super repressed Kate. Yet the mere fact that Kate, Erin, and Monica were standing around and talking to him while completely naked strongly suggested that he had been honest all along. Furthermore, hearing the other three casually referred to as his "personal sluts," without them taking offense, shook Jordan to her core.

If Ryan and the other three had unzipped their faces, revealing that they were lizard people inside of human costumes, she admittedly would have been more shocked... but not by much. Unbelievable was unbelievable, and this situation was totally unbelievable for her.

Erin was mostly staring at Jordan in her long white robe. She asked Ryan incredulously, "What does she know?"

"Not a lot yet," he replied. "I didn't have time to explain. She can learn as we go. I didn't want to take too long, because I've only just started Kate's spanking and I want to finish that up first. Let's go." He nodded to Kate, and took a few more steps towards the sofa he'd been sitting on before going to the bathroom.

But Kate didn't move. She was continuing to carefully cover her nipples and pussy as her face turned redder and redder.

The four girls seemed to be competing to see who could look and feel the most shocked.

Jordan asked Kate with sheer disbelief, "He's spanking you?! He mentioned something about that, but I didn't really believe it!"

Kate tried to cover her face, but that exposed her privates again. She turned her back on Jordan and then covered her face again. Crap! Fuck! Shit! I could just die! I swear, I'm going to die of shame, right now!

Jordan's mouth dropped as she stared at Kate's flawless and completely exposed ass.

Ryan realized that Kate was far too freaked out to simply walk back to the sofa to get spanked some more. Having Jordan there was taking her shame and humiliation to a brand new level. That was reflected in her blush, which was redder than ever before, and spreading down her chest to her huge breasts.

He walked back to her and wrapped his arms around her.

She squeezed him in a tight bear hug, desperate for support. She was relieved the hug also covered her nipples and pussy, although her bare ass remained exposed. She moaned unhappily, "Why are you doing this to me?! Haven't you humiliated me enough for one evening?!"

Rather than reply with words, he kissed her lips.

At first, Kate was reluctant, very reluctant. She tried to punish him by not actively kissing back. Her resistance didn't last long though, because she was still extremely aroused and eager. It was just that her arousal was temporarily masked by her shock and fear over Jordan's arrival.

She went into a kind of denial mode, trying to forget about Jordan and everything else by totally focusing on making out with Ryan. She quickly went from not kissing back at all to channeling a nearly overwhelming amount of sexual energy at him.

Yet she couldn't simply ignore her surroundings. One painful fact was that Ryan was still fully dressed while she was completely naked. That embarrassed her greatly, especially when he slipped both of his hands down to her bare ass cheeks and squeezed and kneaded them possessively.

She thought, Fuck! God! Jordan's standing just a few feet behind me! She can totally see everything! Why did he have to invite her in here?! He's so mean! I hate him! But God, I still want him and need him so much! Mean! Why does he make me so fucking horny when he's such an asshole?!

She didn't want to do it, knowing full well that Jordan and the other two were just standing and staring, but she truly couldn't control her hands: she unzipped his fly, pulled his dick out - it was erect already, not surprisingly - and started jacking him off. She hoped the way their bodies were pressed together would prevent Jordan at least from realizing what she was doing. Somehow, she felt less nervous simply from having his thick shaft sliding through her fingers.

After just a few seconds of that, though, she got an idea. He thinks he's so smart and in control, standing there fully clothed while I'm completely naked. I'll show him! What if I pull his slacks down? Ha! Then he'll be embarrassed too!

With that in mind, she yanked his slacks down forcefully. They slid down to his knees. Then she resumed jacking him off. Her plan to do that in a way that Jordan wouldn't notice was thrown right out the window.

Actually, he didn't mind at all. It helped that now that his privates completely exposed, she fondled his balls as well, arousing him even more.

Stroking his thick cock felt strangely reassuring to her. She was still humiliated beyond belief, but at least her heart didn't race quite so fast. She was better able to put Jordan out of her mind by concentrating on how her fingers were stroking him. She had her back turned to the others, and her eyes shut tightly for good measure.

This isn't happening! Gaawwwd! Please tell me this isn't happening! This evening has been one endless nightmare! She was being overly melodramatic, because she knew that she would have done it all over again if given the chance. At least I have his cock in my hand. It feels like... home. I know that sounds corny, but it's true. This is where I belong, serving my honey's cock! I almost don't care that Jordan's there, as long as I can feel these hot, wet inches sliding through my fingers. Aaaah! And I love fondling his balls almost as much!

But she couldn't ignore Jordan for long, because the room was deathly quiet. So she heard every word when Jordan simply stated the obvious in a disbelieving voice, "She's... she's... jacking him off! She's giving him a handjob!"

Erin replied wryly, "Yeah, what else is new? She's been like that all evening. I think she's going to be permanently attached to The Beast from now on." She chuckled at that.

"'The Beast'?" Jordan asked in confusion.

"That's what we call his huge cock," Monica explained. "The Beast. La Bestia. ¡La Bestia es demasiado grande!"

"What does that mean?" Jordan queried, quietly. Her arousal was steadily rising from seeing Kate jacking off Ryan's immense boner, and in such a public manner. Plus, the nude bodies of Erin and Monica were jaw-dropping. She felt totally naked in her loose robe, and worried that her newly erect nipples were poking through.

Monica gesticulated with her usual passion. "'The Beast is too big!' And you have no idea how true that is! Just wait until you have it in your mouth and you're bobbing on it! You'll cry actual tears from the sheer effort of it. We all do!"

"Wow!" Jordan was in awe, both at what Monica just said plus the entire situation.

Kate thought while she kissed Ryan, Cry? I'll show you crying. I'm about to cry right now! How can my honey do this to me?! If I wasn't actively stroking his cock, I think I'd totally fall apart. Mmmm... The Beast! So hot and alive in my hand... Aaaah! It's bad enough having to share him with Erin AND Monica. I swear, if Jordan so much as touches it, I'm gonna kill her!

Kate was agitated, angry, and totally humiliated, but she was also feeling extremely aroused. Ryan was not only passionately kissing her, he was running his hands all over her nude body. Not surprisingly, he paid special attention to her tits and ass. Kate knew that Jordan and the others were paying close attention to what he was doing to her and what she was doing to him, at least when they weren't watching her ongoing handjob. That got her so very, very hot that she felt like she could seriously spontaneously burst into flames.

Ryan realized he had the situation in hand again. Kate was far too aroused to seriously oppose Jordan being there, and Erin and Monica seemed unwilling to put up a stink about her presence. His thoughts raced as he tried to figure out what he should do next. The possibilities were breath-taking.


He decided that he needed to take advantage of Kate's extreme arousal to get everyone more used to Jordan's presence. So he stopped kissing Kate, and whispered in her ear, "Don't worry about Jordan! Right now, I want to focus on YOU. Spanking you, and fucking you. Do you want that?"

Kate whispered back, "So much!" Her fingers were relentlessly sliding up and down his long shaft with increasing obviousness. Now that Jordan knew exactly what she was doing, she wasn't even trying to stay pressed against him to hide what she was doing.

He nibbled at her ear while he whispered, "Then don't mind her, 'cos she won't get in the way of you and me. In fact, show her! Show her that you've got what it takes to maybe someday be my very favorite personal slut!"

Kate's resistance to Ryan was completely and utterly shattered by this point. At least when she was highly aroused like this, there was nothing she wouldn't do for him. And in her current mindset, nothing sounded more appealing that being his "very favorite personal slut." She asked with wonder, "How do I do that?!"

"You can start by showing her how much you love my cock. Not just with your hands, but your mouth too." With that, he gently but firmly started to push her shoulders down.

Kate could think about resisting him, but couldn't actually do it, not after experiencing so many brain-melting orgasms in one evening. Her mind thought, Oh no! Not that! No! God knows I love it and need it. So much! My mouth is starting to water already. But not in front of Jordan! Please!

But her body started to sink down to her knees.

She was so totally humiliated that she didn't open her eyes for a second, even though she knew the others were standing behind her and wouldn't able to make eye contact. But she never let go of his boner while kneeling, so once her mouth was close enough, she started intently lapping on his sweet spot.

She felt like she was on the verge of crying. Why?! Why can't I resist this incredible cock? Why do I love licking it so much?! Well, that's obvious. She chuckled in her mind. It's too thick and delicious to resist. But what about my dignity?!

However, while she was grateful that she couldn't see the others, she most definitely could hear them.

And Jordan was still in such shock that she didn't think, but just blurted out whatever came to her mind. As soon as she saw Kate drop to her knees in front of Ryan, she exclaimed, "Look! Look! It looks just like she's going to give him a blowjob!"

Erin said wryly, "That's because she probably will. In fact, I'll bet on it. She can't get enough of gobbling on his extreme thickness. Monica, that'll be what, her third or fourth cocksucking of this evening?"

Monica replied benignly, "It depends on how you define it. But I'd say the fourth."

Jordan exclaimed even louder, "The FOURTH?! Are you kidding me?! She shouldn't be doing that at all!" She waved her hands in agitation over the sheer surprise of this news. "She's Kate! She's, she's... the princess! The queen!"

Erin said, "Yeah, well, he has a way with her. With all of us, to be honest. Seeing is believing. Let's get a closer look. Then you'll have no choice but to believe your 'lying eyes.'"

Kate winced, and tried to shut her eyes even tighter, even as she kept on licking, right over his sweet spot. Oh no! If they look in from a side angle, they'll be able to see everything, absolutely everything! I have nowhere to run, nowhere to hide! But he's too yummy and manly too resist. What kind of "queen" am I now?! Queen of the cock-hungry, shameless, busty sluts, maybe!

Yet, despite hearing the others draw near, she kept right on licking on and around his sweet spot, and stroking his shaft too. Mmmm! It's so delicious! Damn you, Ryan, for having such a perfect cock! How long can I hold out before I cram it back into my mouth?! Please, let me at least resist doing that in front of Jordan and everybody. I've got to retain at least SOME pride and dignity!

Jordan walked up with Erin and Monica to one side, just as Kate had feared. Up until now, she'd been too shocked by everything to get that aroused. However, now that she saw Kate licking Ryan's immense erection, as well as stroking it and his balls with two hands, she stared to get very horny in a hurry. The fact that she was naked under her robe certainly contributed to those lusty feelings. She could easily imagine that she was in Kate's place, completely exposed to everybody.

Still too stunned to censor herself, Jordan exclaimed the obvious: "She's licking him!"

"But of course," Erin replied, with a touch of pride in her voice.

Jordan continued incredulously, "But... but... this is Kate we're talking about! Kate Middlefield! She's the ultimate cock tease. I've heard about her so-called dates with her boyfriends. She never does anything with them!"

That was especially true from Jordan's perspective. She was on the third floor due to stunning looks and popularity in the sorority, not due to particularly close friendships with anyone else on the floor. She got along okay with the others, but she had a lot of secret contempt for Kate and her sexually repressed power plays. Jordan was the opposite. She made no secret out of how much she loved sex. She was stigmatized by the other Kappa girls for this, and was even nicknamed "Miss Sluttypants."

Monica said with great understatement, "That's how she used to be, before Ryan came along. As you can see, things have changed."

"I'll say!" Jordan exclaimed. "God! Just look at her lick! Her face is burning red with shame, but she doesn't stop. In fact, she's totally into it. She's got so much passion! I never suspected. I thought she was a cold fish. Beautiful on the outside, but selfish and cold as ice on the inside."

Monica commented, "She sure as hell is beautiful on the outside! AND it turns out a lusty fire burns inside her too. Just look at her naked body!"

"I know!" Jordan practically shouted, while looking around to remind herself the other two beauties were just as naked. Her arousal was skyrocketing by the second as she returned her attention to Kate's busy mouth and hands. "His cock is just so HUGE! Her hand seems positively tiny stroking up and down it. And her face! Such a stunning face to begin with, but to see it blushing so red, with such a tortured expression... she's totally humiliated, isn't she?!"

Monica nodded with a knowing smirk.

Jordan continued, "But that doesn't stop her one bit. In fact, I think it spurs her on! And I thought she looked fantastic clothed, but naked, she's even MORE ridiculously gorgeous! I mean, come on! It's so unfair. Look at those breasts! That ass! Her narrow waist! Her taut tummy! Her long legs! Everything!"

She concluded, "I don't consider myself lesbian, or even bisexual. But if anyone could 'turn' me, it would be her! My GOD!"

Kate basked in the praise. She didn't even mind the criticisms, such as being called "selfish and cold as ice on the inside", because she knew it was true. She optimistically felt that was the "old Kate," and she wasn't that person anymore. Being talked about and looked at like that was making her still more aroused.

In fact, she was so inspired that she couldn't continue simply licking and stroking his erection. She put her mouth on the top of his cockhead and started spreading her lips wider and wider, taking in more of it in anticipation of sucking him some more. Oh no! Here we go again! I can't even control what my body is doing. So much for pride and dignity! His cock is too thick and delicious to resist!

But that wasn't part of Ryan's immediate plan. Of course he knew more oral work from her would be fantastic, but he was keen to get through the rest of spanking her in order to get to fucking her. So he put his hands on her head and said, "That's nice, but not right now. Don't you want to get to the spanking and fucking?"

She pulled her lips off and replied, "Of course! But I'm still freaked out! Especially about Jordan watching. Please, just let me suck it for a while? It'll help me relax." She went back to lapping on his sweet spot while waiting for his response.

He asked, "So those things will embarrass you but cocksucking won't? I don't get that."

Rather than reply with words, she gave a quick nod and engulfed his cockhead. She let out a long, satisfied "Mmmm!" as she took him all the way in.

His eyes rolled to the back of his head and he tightly gripped the sides of her head as a great surge of arousal washed through him.

Licking him comtorted and relaxed Kate, but that went double at the very least for sucking him, Aaaaah! Yesssss! This is what I need! Honey, let me show you what I can do!

However, she again was faced with the difficulty of merely keeping his hard-on in her mouth. She remembered Erin's earlier advice to keep her mouth busy to divert her attention from the physical challenge, and she immediately started bobbing back and forth on him.

He gasped, "This... this is not... good!"

Seeing his reluctance, Erin walked up to him and wrapped her arms around him. She managed to position herself so she could more or less fully embrace him from the front, despite Kate kneeling in front of him as well. She was somewhat embarrassed to be naked like this in front of Jordan, but she figured it wasn't so bad since nearly all of Jordan's attention was on Kate's busy mouth.

Erin pressed her big tits into his chest and said, "Give her a break, will you? She needs this. Yes, it's humiliating for her, of course. Especially with Jordan watching. But she's used to this level of humiliation from you by now. She actually kind of relishes it, don't you, Kate?"

Kate was totally absorbed with cocksucking. She was using her lips and tongue and fingers all at once, heedless of his size. But she still managed to reply with a positive "MMMM!" That was deliberately noncommittal, because she didn't want to honestly face that issue. On some level she knew that she did relish the humiliation, but she also felt that it would take some of the thrill out of it to fully admit that to herself or others. It was best not to try to analyze it too much.

Erin was running her hands all over Ryan and looked to be on the verge of kissing him. "See? You said that you were going to own her, own us, but that you'd be a nice owner. You don't want to humiliate her TOO much. Let her get used to Jordan by doing what she loves most: sucking your cock!"

He was nearly insensible with arousal. "'Loves most'?! How can that be?!"

Kate thought that over as she sucked. God, it's true! What would I rather do than suck this great big cock? Nothing! My bobbing on my honey's Beast is all I crave. Well... maybe getting fucked by him would be even better. We'll soon see. In fact, once he resizes my pussy to perfectly fit his cock, I bet I'll love that even more! But I can't say for sure just yet, and I know for a fact I love this! Even with Erin and Monica watching. Hell, especially with that! Gaawwwd! And now Jordan too! Oh God! UNGH! He's really putting me in my place! How many more of his sluts or strangers will I be forced to perform for? Naked and on my KNEES!

In her mind she suddenly saw herself in the sorority's main common room, naked and on her knees before The Beast. A bright spotlight shone down on Ryan and her. Circled around them, thirty Kappa girls watched with avid interest, and further back, in the darkness, she could make out dozens of other beautiful girls she didn't recognize. She covered her face, trembling in distress.

Overcome by fear and shame, Kate pulled her lips off Ryan's shaft and sat back, despite knowing how difficult it was to engulf him again. She was on the verge of crying, overwhelmed by her new sexual lifestyle.

Erin broke her hug and dropped down to Kate's side. Heedless of her nudity or her pose, she spoke encouragingly, as if she were Kate's coach, "Relax! Remember, it's all about attitude. Don't forget that, except for maybe going to classes, you're going to be naked most of the time. Often in front of his other sluts. You need to get used to it. But don't worry about that, worry about Ryan's cock, because that's your chief duty as one of his personal sluts!"

With that, she firmly guided Kate's hands and mouth back onto The Beast. Keenly feeling the many critical eyes upon her, Kate went through the ordeal of taking his cockhead back into her mouth. She turned her full attention to diligently servicing him. hoping that would help her forget her predicament.

But Kate couldn't turn her worries off completely and shivered in fright and great arousal as she recalled her brief vision of fellating him in front of the entire sorority and then some. What if he makes me do something like that in real life?! Knowing him, he probably will! Then everyone will know my true nature. My shameful dedication to endlessly serving his cock! I'm gonna.. gonna cum! UNH! HNNNG!

She didn't actually cum, but that was only because she had both of her hands on his cock and balls and didn't get a chance to play with herself. Plus, she didn't want to scream and shake with Jordan watching. But she was close, very close.

Erin didn't immediately answer Ryan's questions about Kate's newfound love for cocksucking, because she'd stood back up to resume her hug and her face was steadily drawing closer to his. He was silent and willing, so she finally kissed his lips. Meanwhile, she slid her big tits against his chest, but she was annoyed by his dress shirt. So, while she kept on passionately making out with him, she used her hands to unbutton him.

As the necking - and cocksucking - went on, he looked over to Monica and Jordan. Both of them were so worked up just from watching that they were freely masturbating. But the difference was that Monica was completely and unabashedly naked, while Jordan was still wearing her white robe. He was very pleased to see that she had started furtively masturbating. However, although her robe had opened up slightly in front, she was managing to play with her tits and pussy without exposing much of herself.

He didn't like that. So he broke his kiss with Erin to say, "Monica, Jordan is overdressed. That's not helping Kate, I'm sure. Help her take her robe off please."

"Gladly!" Monica yanked Jordan's robe off before Jordan had much of a chance to react.

Jordan's eyes seemed to be the size of small plates, and her mouth gaped open. She quickly covered her privates and blushed furiously. She was doubly upset to realize that Ryan must have noticed her masturbating motions. She simply couldn't control herself, mostly due to the sight of Kate's passionate cocksucking.

Seeing how very embarrassed Jordan was, and uncertain how she would react to that, he waved a hand dismissively. "Don't worry, Jordan. You're just going to watch tonight. That's the plan. But you've got to admit that it's kind of rude for you to be clothed when everyone else is naked."

He made a point of turning his head away and closing his eyes. However, he did get a look at her nude body before he did that. He wanted to jump for joy, because she was a total stunner too. He remembered the other girls saying something about how the remaining girls on the third floor weren't busty, but that clearly wasn't true with Jordan.

Monica asked him, "'Everyone?' What about you? You're way too overdressed too. Let me help you."

"Sure," he replied. He had no problem getting completely naked, even though it was a kick getting blown in clothes while Kate was buck naked.

Erin already had his dress shirt unbuttoned in front. Monica came over and worked with Erin to get his shirt off altogether. That was quickly done. Then Monica had the more difficult task of getting his slacks all the way off, and his shoes and socks off too. She wound up kneeling behind him to do that.

With his mouth freed but his eyes still closed, he said to Erin, "You never did answer my question about how you'd know that blowjobs are Kate's favorite. But never mind. Obviously, a blowjob is happening now, and I can't do much to stop it!"

Erin snickered and giggled. "Nope!" She had almost entirely forgotten about trying to resist him, and was just having a great time.

One minute passed, and then another. He was reveling in the endless sexual ecstasy.

Jordan felt awkward at her nudity at first, and she used her hands to cover her privates. But with Kate continuing her talented oral work, it wasn't long before Jordan mostly turned her attention from her own situation to Kate's. Slowly but surely, she went from merely covering her pussy and nipples to playing with them.

Jordan was so aroused and impressed that out of the blue she exclaimed to nobody in particular, "My God! Not only is she sucking his cock, on and on and on, but she's really good at it! She's putting so much passion into it! And she's so loud! Is she always this loud?"

Monica was still helping take Ryan's clothes off, although truth be told she'd effectively finished with that and was just having fun running her hands up and down his nude body. She decided to field that question. "I think she's kind of showing off, to be honest. She knows that she's got The Beast and we all want it. But it sounds sexy, doesn't it?"

Jordan exclaimed, "Oh, so sexy! It's driving me crazy! And the visuals are crazy too. She loves that cock so much! I've never seen anything like it. She's got such a ridiculously perfect face, and to see it stretched out and bobbing like that... like, like... her life depends on it! I've been in a lot of sexual situations, but I think it's the hottest thing I've ever seen!"

Since Monica was right there, she approvingly ran a hand through Kate's blonde hair. "She is quite the talented cocksucker, isn't she? Can you imagine what it must feel like to be Ryan right now?"

Jordan moaned lustily as she pulled on her nipples and fingered her pussy. "Oh Gaawwwd! I'm not a guy, but I can only imagine! Just look at his blissed out face. How is it he's not cumming like a fountain already?!"

Monica laughed. "I don't know!"

Ryan was blissed out with his eyes closed, but he was listening to every word. Jordan's question forced him to think, Okay. Erin said I should allow this to help Kate calm down. She's definitely calm now. She's purring like a contented kitten, even as she bobs with great suction like some kind of supernatural succubus! If I let this go on, I really am going to cum like a fountain soon. I simply can't allow that. I want to finish spanking her, and fuck her too. Plus, fuck Monica. Wow! And I didn't get to fuck Erin for very long. I'd love to get back to that.

Then there's Jordan. He peeked through narrow slits to check out her naked body. She was so transfixed by Kate's sucking that there was little chance she'd notice he was looking. Whoa! What a babe! What is it with these third floor Kappas?! Each one is more beautiful than the next. I swear, she's in the same league as Monica and Erin! And she's so hot and bothered that she can't stop playing with herself, even though she knows we can see!

Wow! I could totally fuck her if I want, I'll bet. I'm so fucking high on sex! God, this feels great! Oh God! Kate really is a stellar cocksucker. But, when it comes to Jordan, the truth is, the odds are good that I simply won't have the cum or energy to do anything with her tonight. But still, maybe at least a taste?! Damn, so many great options! But I can't do all of them or even most of them if I cum into Kate's mouth. So I've gotta stop!

With both hands on Kate's head, he gently but firmly pulled her mouth of him.

She whined unhappily, but didn't try to resume.

Monica and Erin had finished taking his clothes off, so he was left standing there, untouched. Okay. Perfect timing to do something else. But what next? So many enticing options!

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