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Ryan opened his eyes all the way and brazenly looked back and forth at the four nude beauties in the room.

Realizing that he was looking, Jordan was blushing just as much as Kate was. She quickly and carefully stopped playing with herself and covered her pussy and nipples again. But he was most interested in her anyway, since he had yet to get a really good look at her naked body.

However, he also realized that the other three would be offended if he showed too much interest in Jordan at this point. So he focused his attention on Kate and said to her, "Okay slut, it's time to resume your spanking. I've only given you five smacks. If I recall, I've got about thirty still to go."

Kate was aghast. She was still kneeling in front of him, just out of touching range. She felt a nearly irresistible desire to cover her privates, since Jordan was there and she didn't have the blowjob taking up her attention anymore. But she resolved to be brave, to show that she had what it took to be a good personal slut. She resolutely kept her arms pinned to her sides.

However, she didn't think she could handle thirty more smacks, if they were as hard as the first five he'd given her. She pleaded, "Honey, please! Thirty more? Does it have to be that much? Didn't I earn a reduction due to good behavior?"

He'd repeated the thirty number because he remembered having said it before, but he didn't really mean it. He figured it was best to start with a high number so he could reduce it and have her feel grateful with the number he ended up giving her. So he said, "Hmmm. That's true, you have been fairly well-behaved recently. Okay, let's call it twenty instead."

Kate was relieved at first, only to realize that twenty was still a big number, if he spanked her as hard as he did with the first five. She was torn, because she wanted to plead for mercy and an even more reduced number, but she also wanted to prove her worth as one of his personal sluts. As a result, she just stared up at him with pleading eyes without actually saying anything.

He took her silence for acceptance. "Well, then..." He nodded towards the sofa where he'd been spanking her before.

However, before he walked there, Erin stepped forward. "Wait. I've got an idea. Twenty is still an awful lot, given the way you were doing it. What if you agree to reduce that by another five if she agrees to be spanked in an even more humiliating way?"

He was puzzled, because he couldn't think of a more humiliating way than spanking her nude body across his lap like a disobedient child.

Seeing his confusion, Erin clarified, "Here, let me show you. Kate, get down on all fours like you're some kind of sex cow, grazing on the grass. Oh, and with your ass pointed towards him as if he's going to fuck you doggy style."

Kate was uncertain and embarrassed. Her face was redder than ever, especially from knowing that Jordan was watching closely. But she was willing to try most anything if it meant fewer smacks. She got down on her hands and knees and scooted back towards him.

He had been in something of a trance, staring with wanton lust at Kate kneeling before him. He simply couldn't get over her sheer beauty, not to mention the enormity of her natural breasts, and seeing her kneel submissively was practically more than his mind could handle. But her repositioning finally caused him to look up and around, as if waking from a dream.

He was so out of it that he was startled to see Jordan there, even though he'd been looking at her less than a minute earlier. Jordan was standing next to Monica, blushing profusely with her own nude embarrassment while staring down at Kate in great fascination. Oh yeah! Jordan! I keep forgetting she's with us. Damn, she's even sexier when she's covering up and looking all embarrassed like that. I guess I've got a thing for blushing beauties. And seeing her standing side by side with Monica shows how similar they are. They're both really short! But damn, they're seriously stacked. Even with her hands covering her nipples, I can see that Jordan's tits are about the same size as Monica's. However, they couldn't be more different when it comes to hair color or skin-

His thoughts were interrupted by Erin, who sidled up to him and gave him a nudge. "Hey, stud, now it's your turn. I want you to kneel behind her, like you really are about to fuck her doggy-style. Heck, rest The Beast against her ass crack if you want. There's no reason to be shy at this point."

That stirred him to action. He dropped to his knees directly behind Kate's ass. In fact, he was pressed up so close behind her that he decided to take Erin's advice and rest his erection against Kate's ass crack.

Kate liked that a lot. She thrust her ass back slightly and squeezed her ass cheeks, partially trapping his pole in the valley between her protruding cheeks. But she was frustrated too. Good God! It's so close to a fucking position. When is he going to fuck me?! I'm dying, literally dying, of anticipation! And I can't wait to get spanked some more, even if he's going to smack me way too much. Twenty or fifteen, either way it's still too much! My ass is going to be cherry red for days!

However, she wasn't as distressed as her thoughts made it seem. Sure, she was apprehensive, but there was also a part of her that relished receiving a harsh spanking. She was tired of her princess persona and that entire spoiled life, and it was like she was being spanked into an entirely new way of living. She welcomed that with open arms.

Ryan was still so very horny that he wasn't thinking clearly. He was having moments of lucidity and times when he was totally spaced out, overwhelmed by the entire incredible situation. He looked to Erin for direction, since she seemed to have something very specific in mind. "Now what?"

Erin gesticulated encouragingly, swinging a hand through the air several times, as if starting a spanking of her own. "Now, you spank her some more! This is going to be even more humiliating for her, because each time you smack her good, her entire body is going to sway forward and back, causing her huge, dangling tits to swing back and forth too, like jostled cow udders. And Jordan and the rest of us will be standing in front of her, watching everything!"

While he was still thinking that over, Monica rushed over to him while saying with her usual passion, "Erin, no seas tan pendejo!"

Erin rolled her eyes. "Mon, you know I don't speak Spanish."

"Oops, sorry. That means 'don't be stupid.' You're missing out on the best part of this arrangement!" Monica quickly got on her knees just to the side of Ryan, while facing Kate's ass in the same way he was. She quickly took hold of his erection, freeing it from Kate's clenching ass cheeks to do so. "If La Bestia isn't trapped underneath and out of reach, like it was for the spanking on the sofa, then one of us can jack him off the whole time!"

Erin was amused and a bit chagrined. She grinned as she spoke sarcastically, "Hmmm. I wonder if we can find any volunteers to do that though."

Monica was already starting to stroke his shaft. "Me, obviously!" Then, seeing Erin's expression, she said, "Ah. An attempt at sarcastic humor. Well, be a puta if you want, I don't care." She looked to Ryan with a seductive glance. "You don't mind if I help out like this, do you?"

He chuckled, since she was already steadily pumping her fingers up and down his long shaft. "Knock yourself out!" He did a mental calculation on how aroused he felt, and decided he could probably handle a moderately stimulating handjob for a while, but no more than that, such as oral work. He said, "My only concern is that I don't cum too soon. So take it easy on me, okay?"

Monica gave him a mock salute with her free hand. "Si, señor!" She kept on sliding her fingers up and down, but slower and with less pressure. There wasn't much room, and her hand sometimes brushed against Kate's ass.

Feeling that handjob action was driving Kate crazy, but she remained silent. She kept her eyes closed so she wouldn't have to see Jordan. Shit! Tell me this isn't happening already. When is he going to resume spanking me?! I'm not thrilled about getting seriously whacked with everybody watching, but feeling nothing but Monica's hand lightly bumping into me is ten times worse! That should be ME having fun with his cock!

Ryan looked around again. Now, Jordan was standing all by herself and directly in view of all the others. That made her feel even more exposed and embarrassed, since she was completely naked too. She was still carefully covering her privates as best she could, but that wasn't helping reduce those feelings. Wanting to make sure she wouldn't freak out too much and bolt, he suggested to Erin, "Why don't you go stand by Jordan, so she won't feel so weird?"

Erin decided that was a good idea. "Okay, sure. Especially since it looks like Monica has things well in hand, so to speak."

Monica smirked up at the tall redhead. "I sure do! And if we don't hurry up, I'm going to lose control and have him well in mouth!" She leaned over and gave his cock a long lick, from base to tip.

He shivered lustily, due to that unexpected escalation. "Phew! Hang on, Monica. What did I say about taking it easy on me?"

There wasn't much room for Monica to lean into his crotch, and her black hair brushed against Kate's ass.

That caused Kate to shiver too. Kate's entire body jerked forward, setting her dangling knockers swaying some more. She thought, Dear God, now she's licking him! Ryan, honey, spank me already, so we can finish this and I can get back to your cock! If you don't fuck me, and soon, I'm going to have to suck it some more! It's a MUST!

While that was going on, Erin had walked back around Kate so she was standing about five feet in front of her, right next to Jordan.

With that repositioning sorted out, Ryan gave Kate's ass a light slap. He quickly clarified, "That didn't count. I was just getting your attention. Are you ready to go? Do you remember what you're supposed to say after each smack?"

Kate replied, "I definitely do. I'm ready!" She wiggled her ass back at him, bumping it into Monica's stroking hand.

"Okay, then!" He swung his hand down, making solid contact on Kate's left ass cheek.

Kate was determined to do an even better job of getting spanked than before. She resisted the urge to cry out, despite the fact that it was a hard smack, and then she exclaimed, "'Thank you for smacking me six times! Please give me another!"

Jordan's eyes were bugging out with disbelief. She'd been watching events with a growing feeling of total amazement, but she'd finally reached some kind of breaking point. Unthinkingly taking her hands from covering her privates, she made a T-shaped "time out" gesture with both hands while saying, "Wait! Time out! Time out!"

Ryan looked from Kate's perfect ass up to Jordan's entire naked form. He was struck by her curvaceous beauty all over again, now that she wasn't trying to cover up. WHOA! She's a BABE! Hot damn! I especially love her platinum blonde hair. It's so unusual, almost white. But he quickly recovered, at least enough to ask her, "What is it?"

Jordan raised both hands up in an incredulous gesture. "Somebody needs to tell me what's going on here! Ryan didn't explain much, and I've tried to just be a fly on the wall. But I can't stay silent any longer. This is FOR REAL! Isn't it?!" She pointed accusingly at Kate on all fours. "I mean, he really is spanking her! This isn't just some kind of elaborate prank! Is it?!"

Erin put a hand on Jordan's shoulder in a comforting gesture. But in fact it caused Jordan to flinch a little bit, because she was so wired on lust and shock. Still, Erin calmly explained, "This is NOT a prank, believe me. Have you noticed how Kate's ass cheeks are already slightly reddened? That's from the spanking he was giving her before you showed up."

"I know!" Jordan exclaimed, sounding almost despondent. "I saw that redness, and it totally freaks me out! If this was just a joke, Kate wouldn't let herself actually get spanked like that. Much less while she's on all fours like some kind of dumb grazing animal!"

Erin grinned. "Yeah. Pretty awesome, don't you think? Just look at her! Remember regal, snotty 'Princess Kate'? Did you ever think you'd see Her Royal Highness like this?"

"NO!" Jordan exclaimed. "No way! Not in a million years! And yet it's happening, and apparently it's not some elaborate put-on! That's why somebody needs to explain to me what the hell is going on! How did THAT happen?!" She pointed at Kate on all fours. Then she swept a hand dramatically in a circle, to indicate all the general nudity. "How did ALL of this happen?! This is the most amazing thing I've ever seen. My mind is completely blown! I'm freaking out!"

Ryan said, "No time for talking, I'm getting antsy. I can't afford to just kneel here doing nothing, or Monica is going to make me cum too soon."

He didn't explicitly mention it, but Erin and Jordan could see even from their front view that Monica was leaning in towards his crotch. They had no doubt she was taking advantage of the lull in the spanking action to lick as well as stroke.

Jordan practically shouted, "That's another thing! What's Monica's doing stroking and even licking your erection like it's the greatest thing in the world?!"

Monica giggled gaily. "Because it is!" She wished the others could have a direct, close-up look at her face so she could make a big visual production out of what she was doing. But their view was blocked by Kate's voluptuous body. She kept on keeping on, with a particular focus on lapping on his sweet spot.

Ryan was still drifting in and out of a lusty daze. He decided he needed to gather his wits and take firmer control of the situation, so he could get through the rest of the spanking and hopefully manage to start fucking Kate before Monica made him cum. He gave Erin his best commanding look, and said to her, "Erin, I'm putting you in charge of explaining things to Jordan. However, do it quietly please, because I'm going to keep going with this spanking. Kate, are you ready?"

Not only was Kate ready, she was even looking forward to it, and she humped her ass back at him encouragingly. "I'm very ready, sir! The only thing is... can I ask a favor?"

He replied, "Sure. And please, best not call me 'sir'. Like I said, I don't want to get a big head. I prefer 'honey' from you anyway. It can be our special thing."

"Oh, goody! I do too! I love that... honey!" She squealed with joy. "Anyway, Monica, whenever there's a pause in the action like this, can you kind of rub The Beast against my ass? It's soooo close to me! I can't stand it! I can almost feel it when I hump back, but I tend to bump into your head or hand instead."

Monica had no problem with that. "Sure thing. How's this?" Monica surprised Kate by going beyond her request and aiming the tip of his cock directly at Kate's pussy. His wet cockhead brushed along her even wetter lips and then slid just underneath it.

Kate reacted as if she'd been hit with an electric cattle prod. Her entire body jolted and then shook and trembled. She yelled loudly and incoherently, although at one point "OH SHIT!" could be heard. Her jaw dropped, and her eyes bugged out for good measure.

Jordan grabbed at Erin's nearest arm, since it was right there. "What?! What's happening?! I can't see!"

Erin was extremely aroused, just like Jordan, but she was far less excitable since she'd come to expect this sort of wildly sexual situation with Ryan. She said, "I can't see either, but I'm guessing that Ryan's huge Beast touched Kate's hot pussy. But hey, instead of speculating, why don't we move closer and to the side, so we can get a better view?"

"Okay!" Jordan was trying not to show it, but she was about as hot and bothered as she'd ever been in her life. Ever since she'd raised her hands in a "time out" gesture, she'd given up on trying to cover her privates. It seemed pointless and prudish, given the others were completely nude and doing sexual things to each other.

Jordan and Erin did move to the side, standing about five feet away and on the opposite side from where Monica was kneeling. This allowed them to see all the action between Ryan's and Kate's bodies. But by the time they got there, Monica had tilted Ryan's cock down and away from Kate's pussy, because she could tell that he was raring to spank some more.

Sure enough, he said, "Okay, Kate, brace yourself. Here comes another!"

Kate clenched her ass cheeks tightly.

It was a good thing she did, because he didn't hold back with his next smack. If anything, it was even harder than his last one. He didn't know why he was using so much force, but he couldn't seem to help himself when it came to Kate. It was like his passion was magnified with her, making everything more intense.

However, Kate was brave and again managed not to cry out. She did grunt and hiss, but that showed a lot of resolve, considering the situation. Then she said her line: "'Thank you for smacking me seven times! Please give me another!"

Jordan clutched at Erin's forearm like it was an armrest and she was on an airplane in a turbulent storm. "Look at that! She likes it! He's totally wailing on her ass, but she seems to be getting off on it anyway!"

Ryan liked hearing that. And to make sure that was the case, he paused before the next smack to rub his fingers up and down Kate's wet and swollen pussy lips. He wanted to plunge a couple of fingers into her hot gash, but he remembered that she still had a hymen. That reminded him that his cock would soon be busting through that, and that excited him beyond belief. It also encouraged him to hurry the spanking up.

Kate moaned and purred in a most erotic manner in response to his touch. Fucking hell! I've cum so many times tonight, and he's going to make me cum even MORE! I swear, My honey is more arousing than all my previous boyfriends combined! And he's not even my boyfriend. He's more like... I dunno... my owner! Oh God! My OWNER! I'm effectively one of his sex slaves! Though he's too modest to call me that. I can't get over that shocking and oh-so-sexy new reality!

Seeing and hearing Kate's lusty reaction made Jordan even more incredulous. "Erin, look! Kate's moaning like a bitch in heat! She's on all fours, like a total slut! I can't get over that simple fact. I've never even seen her naked, and now to see her like THAT, on her hands and knees... My God! And Monica's tiny hand is slipping and sliding all over Ryan's huge cock! It's just so HUGE!"

Erin spoke proudly. "That's why we call it 'The Beast'. It's quite a mouthful, believe me."

Jordan stared up at Erin's face with a gaping mouth. "You've sucked on it?!"

Erin nodded with even more pride.


Jordan was sorely tempted to play with her privates some more, but she resolutely resisted, since Erin was standing right next to her and paying attention. Fuuuuuck! I came in here mostly because of curiosity. I was curious about Ryan's massive cock, and I was even more curious to see if he'd really cracked Kate's icy cold persona. And hell yeah, he has, but this is so far beyond that! This is the most amazing thing I've ever seen in my life, but also the most AROUSING thing too! And I'm pretty sure they're just getting warmed up!

Thanks to his own reminder about wanting to fuck Kate, Ryan tried to speed up the spanking. It helped that Jordan decided to stay quiet and just watch for a while, and the other two weren't keen on interrupting him either. As a result, he smacked Kate's ass three times in relatively quick succession. Then he paused to fondle her pussy lips and clit a lot more.

Each time, Kate said her required line. And each time, she did so with more obvious enthusiasm. Despite the pain, when she said the "please give me another" part, she really meant it. Spoiled as she was, she was completely unaccustomed to feeling such pain. But it somehow caused her arousal to grow even more.

Erin had been right that this spanking position was better than the sofa because it put all of Kate's incredible body on display, and in a totally humiliating manner. She also was right that it resulted in Kate's enormous tits swinging back and forth. Unfortunately, Jack and Monica couldn't see that from where they knelt, but Erin and Jordan stood back enough to get a great side view of Kate's body. Kate was so very aroused that she was panting heavily non-stop, which meant her dangling globes were swaying at least somewhat even when Ryan was pausing between smacks to just play with her pussy and/or ass.

Jordan whispered to Erin, "Tell me! Tell me everything! How did this all start?!"

Erin whispered back, "Believe it or not, it's all happened this evening, in just the past few hours! All of it, for all three of us!"


"It's true! Ryan knew Kate from one of his classes, but they'd hardly ever talked. Then, he simply walked into her room around the start of the party, when she and I were hanging out, whipped out his huge cock, and announced that he was going to turn us into his latest conquests, his latest personal sluts!"

"NO!" Jordan was trying to whisper, but she was so thrilled by hearing that, as well as witnessing everything else, that she was losing control. She was sorely tempted to resume masturbating, even with Erin talking to her, but she held out.

They were interrupted when Ryan gave Kate another hard smack, the eleventh overall and the sixth since he'd resumed after inviting Jordan in.

After Kate said her required line, in an increasingly breathless and lusty voice, Jordan and Erin resumed their whispering. They had some more time to talk because Ryan was spending more time between smacks just playing with Kate's overheated body.

Erin attempted to tell Jordan the basics of how things had reached this point. She wasn't trying to lie, or even shade the truth, but she was so extremely hot and bothered that she skewed her account to make it even more arousing. As a result, Ryan was presented as an unstoppable sexual force. Details that didn't fit that, such as Jack's role in getting Ryan started with his malicious prank, were temporarily forgotten.

But the whispered discussion between Erin and Jordan was intermittent at best, because the two of them were even more interested in watching the spanking taking place in front of them. They generally only talked while Ryan was taking short breaks to fondle Kate's privates. Still, bit by bit, Jordan was getting a general picture of what had happened over the past few hours, skewed though that account was. It was all so arousing that she couldn't resist caressing her big boobs with both hands, even though Erin obviously could see that.

Erin wasn't thrilled to have Jordan join their little group. But in talking about Ryan, her enthusiasm got the best of her, and she framed the story just as if she was trying to gain a new recruit. Before long, she couldn't resist fondling her pussy and tits as she talked, which made Jordan much more comfortable about playing with herself as well.

Ryan was tempted to quickly smack his way through the rest of the "required" number, but he wanted to give Kate at least one more big orgasm before he was done, to help ensure that she would think of spanking in a positive way, and thus be more willing to accept that he had the "right" to spank her in the future.

He needn't have worried. Kate was already sold on spankings after just the first five he'd given her. Everything else was like more icing on the cake, until it seemed as if there was more icing than cake. She even liked that he was spanking her significantly harder than he'd spanked Monica or Erin. He had been planning to do that only at the start, based on some vague hunch or urge, but he was experimenting as he went along, and he'd noticed the harder smacks got an even bigger lusty reaction from her than the lighter ones. Since he couldn't directly see her face he mostly paid attention to how loud and prolonged her sexy moans were, but he noticed other signs, such as how she'd frequently tilt her head back or hump her ass up and back towards him.

Kate truly tried her hardest not to cry out, as she considered doing so a sign of weakness, and she was still determined to show him she could be a worthy personal slut. However, it wasn't long before she was far too horny to hold back. After the twelfth smack (including the first five from earlier), her resistance crumbled and she went from loud panting and moaning to screaming like a stuck pig. Then on the fourteenth smack she started cumming.

It was a truly awe-inspiring orgasm, especially for Jordan, who had never seen such a thing before. (Although Jordan had her slutty "Miss Sluttypants" reputation, she'd taken part in typical heterosexual sex, and she'd never been in an orgy-type situation.) Kate had been sexually restraining herself for years, and now that she was letting her sexual feelings run free, it was like water rushing through a newly broken dam, creating a torrent that washed away everything in its path.

The whispered conversation between Erin and Jordan came to a halt. They couldn't have kept on even if they'd wanted to, due to the sheer volume and duration of Kate's screaming.

Jordan had been trying to stick to her "fly on the wall" role only, no matter how aroused she got. She'd never considered a spanking as a sexual thing, and she didn't want to change her feelings on that now, no matter how thrilling and arousing Kate looked, especially with the way her entire body swayed back and forth after each smack, with her huge tits constantly swaying too.

But watching Kate experience her screaming orgasm was the final straw. Hoping that the others were too preoccupied by Kate to notice, she resumed fingering her pussy, even though she knew that would make her cum in very short order. Sure enough, she began climaxing mere seconds later. However, she successfully struggled with all her might not to scream out loud.

Erin wasn't needing to cum. Jordan's arousal had been building and building pretty much since she'd entered the room, while Erin had experienced many erotic highs already, and had some satisfying orgasms not that long ago. Still, she was riding a nice buzz as she played with herself. She looked to Jordan and smirk-smiled to see the platinum blonde let out a silent scream of ecstasy.

Erin thought, Ha! She's caught, like a fly in a spider web. How can she resist? Nobody can! It's all too sexy! She's going to be one of us before long!

That was a sobering thought, causing her to reconsider her attitude. Shit. She probably IS going to be one of us before long, what with her voluptuous body and her well known sexual ways. But three's a crowd already, and four sluts is one too many. Still, what can I do? I've been too horny to even remember to discourage her. It's like we've been racing along on a runaway train, all night long. Just look at Kate cumming endlessly, for crying out loud. So intense! Where will it all end?!

Kate was so overwhelmed by her orgasmic peak that her elbows gave way and her upper body slumped to the floor, with her face mashed against the carpet. The only reason her ass didn't slump down too was because of Ryan and Monica being right behind her, blocking her from stretching her legs out.

Kate screamed for two solid minutes, if not longer. One reason her climax was so prolonged was because Ryan alternately diddled her clit and fondled her pussy lips all the while. It was a close thing that he didn't plunge a couple of fingers into her hot slit and puncture her hymen, but luckily the fact that he would soon be taking her virginity stayed on his mind and reminded him not to do that just yet.

Once she finally started to quiet down, he spoke loudly to her, "Slut! What are you forgetting?!"

Kate just moaned and groaned unhappily, because she knew she was forgetting something, but she couldn't remember what it was.

Monica had to stop her handjob for the duration of Kate's orgasm, because she didn't have much room to work with between Ryan's and Kate's bodies, and Kate's entire body had been convulsing and trembling, causing her ass to sometimes swing back with considerable force. So she'd been paying particular attention to Kate while she just knelt there, protectively holding Ryan's cock. Feeling bad for Kate forgetting, she said, "Think! Your line. The line you say after each whack!"

Kate sighed with relief as she remembered. "Oh yeah! Thanks! Thank you, honey, for smacking me... uh... what is it? Um... Fourteen times. It is fourteen, right?"

He didn't want to interrupt her, so he just grunted affirmatively.

Kate's voice was filled with lust and wonder. "Wow! Fourteen times! And I came SO HARD! And I deserved it! Oh, honey, I've been BAAAD! But I'm going to be soooo goooood to you!" She began humping her ass back at him, even though most of her body was slumped down to the floor. "Please give me another! Punish me! Do what you will! You OWN me! I'm your personal slut and I love it! Spank me some more, and then fuck me! Oh yes, FUCK ME! Put me in my proper place with your magnificent cock. Take my virginity! Please!"

Jordan was staring with wide eyes as she continued to masturbate. With each passing minute, she was even more astounded by what she was witnessing. She whispered to Erin, who was still standing there watching and masturbating right next to her, "So she IS a virgin! Still!"

Erin whispered back, "Yeah, but that's not going to last long! He's already fucked me good tonight, and she's next in line! Then he's gonna do Monica!"

Jordan whispered in awe as she aggressively fingerbanged herself, "Holy shit! No way! All in one night?! That's super hot!"

"It is!" Erin had been watching the way Monica had resumed stroking Ryan's boner, now that Kate's unpredictable orgasmic jerking had stopped and she was mostly still and slumped over. But then she glanced over at Jordan and noticed the way she was still fingering her cunt and nipples, even though her orgasm had wound down. She smirk-smiled. "I see you finally gave in!"

Jordan quickly withdrew her hands from her privates.

Erin put a hand on Jordan's back and caressed her skin in a friendly and encouraging manner. "Who cares? I saw you just had a big cum, and there's nothing wrong with that. Enjoy yourself!"

Jordan felt very abashed to be caught like that. But then she thought, Fuck it! She's right. Why fight it?! I'm just too horny! Within seconds, her hands were back at work. She whispered sheepishly, "Yeah, well, can you blame me?"

Erin chuckled. "No. Definitely not." She knew that Jordan had noticed that she was masturbating too. So she resumed playing with herself, and in the exact same way, steadily working on her pussy while occasionally switching from nipple to nipple.

Jordan saw that, and just shook her head in wonder. She whispered to Erin, "I can't believe it. I just came, and it was a biggie. But I'm still so worked up that it's like it didn't happen. I can't stop playing with myself!"

Erin chuckled some more. "Welcome to our world. It's been like that all evening, for all of us. I've got some concerns about where this is going, and how he's turning us into his personal sluts, but it's like I can't even put up a fight because it's all so fucking amazing and arousing!"

Jordan wondered about that, especially about the "personal slut" term she kept hearing. But she didn't ask for more clarity, at least not yet.

Meanwhile, Ryan's mind had been completely blown off his head yet again due to Kate's words. Not only had she said the words required after each smack, her latest comments had gone far beyond that. And there could be no doubt that she was completely sincere. He was so astounded that he just stayed there on his knees, doing nothing except panting hard. He hardly even noticed the way Monica had resumed jacking him off, although his cock was throbbing with great arousal and he was dangerously close to cumming.

He was particularly astounded by the end of Kate's comments, which he repeated in his mind: "You OWN me! I'm your personal slut and I love it! Spank me some more, and then fuck me! Oh yes, FUCK ME! Put me in my proper place with your magnificent cock. Take my virginity! Please!"

He thought, FUUUUUCK! Fucking hell! Did she really just say that?! The great and incomparable Princess Kate?! I'm so horny that I just can't take it anymore! True, I still have six more smacks to give to reach twenty like I'm supposed to. But fuck it! Who cares if I'm a little short? I want to fuck her, NOW! Why wait? She IS my personal slut, and God knows she's as eager as I am!


He looked around, trying to figure out how the logistics of getting the fucking started would work. As he did, he happened upon the sight of Erin and Jordan standing side by side, and that was like a sucker punch to his gut, because he'd forgotten they were even there. DAMN! Just look at them! Erin, and Jordan too! One tall redhead and one short platinum blonde, and both of them so very busty and beautiful! And they're totally masturbating, without even trying to hide it. God, just look at the desperately horny looks on their faces.

He looked down and smiled. Then there's Monica too, still stroking my cock. My hot pepper. The pleasure is so constant, so intense, and this is just a "down time" handjob. Fuck me, man! This is so great!

Jordan had a deer-in-headlights expression, because she realized he was looking her way. And even though his gaze didn't stay on her long, she was terribly embarrassed to have been caught masturbating, on top of being embarrassed for her nudity. Shit! Shit, shit, shit! I think he saw me doing that before, but there's no doubt now that I've just been totally busted! What am I going to do?!

Worse, what is he going to do to me?! If he wants to fuck me right now, would I say no?! NO! Hell no! I would scream "YES!" at the top of my lungs, even though his enormous cock would probably kill me. He'd literally split me in two! Even with this disturbing "personal slut" talk. It's like I can't resist anything. Hell, I'd even let him spank me if he wants to. I want an orgasm like the one Kate just had!

Jordan's hands had frozen when she'd made eye contact with Ryan, but her thoughts were so hot that she resumed playing with herself. She didn't want to know if he was still staring her way, so she turned her attention to Kate instead.

Oh, fuck! Kate! Just look at her. Even slumped over and sweaty, and possibly passed out, she's still ridiculously beautiful. I can't believe how wrong I was about her. I thought she was a cold fish, but she's a HOT SLUT! Damn! The only problem is, I don't think she wants me here. Ditto with Erin and Monica. I've kind of crashed their private party. I'd better stick with being a wallflower, because I don't want to get on their bad side. If Ryan wants me, he's got to make the first move. Then it won't be my fault.

I wonder if he's still looking at me. I can't bear to check! I've been in a lot of wild sexual situations, but nothing like this. This is literally better than most fucking, and all I'm doing is playing with myself and watching! I wonder what it would be like to get fucked by that scary monster. So thick, so long. No wonder they call it The Beast! It must be the ultimate sexual pleasure! I can start to see why the three of them are willingly submitting themselves to him, even though they look like goddesses.

A couple of minutes had passed since Kate had spoken in the wake of her massive orgasm, and it looked like she had passed out since her eyes were closed and her body was relatively still, aside from the heaving caused by her continued heavy breathing.

Ryan had yet to say anything in response, since he'd been so blown away by her words. But he finally spoke. "Okay, everybody, that's enough! We're a few smacks short, but that's okay. The point has been made." He wasn't sure what the point was, unless it was that he greatly enjoyed spanking Kate to orgasm, and she clearly relished being spanked. But he figured it didn't matter much anymore, with everyone obviously very hot and bothered.

He concluded dramatically, "It's time for the fucking to begin!"

It turned out that Kate was still awake, and just resting and recovering, because as soon as she heard those words she opened her eyes wide and gasped loudly. OH! OH YES! Finally! He's going to FUCK me!

Her emotions suddenly flipped as that sunk in. OH NO! He's going to FUCK me! How will I be able to cope?! His cock is just too big! The spanking alone practically killed me from that last orgasm, and we didn't even get to finish! I swear, I could DIE from too many awesome, gigantic orgasms! He's dangerous!

He considered moving the action to the bed, but he decided to simply start fucking right where he was. However, there were problems with that, such as the fact that his boner was still in the grip of Monica's sliding hand, and Kate was slumped over in an uncomfortable position with her face on the carpet. So he said, "Um, Kate, my lovely slut, can you get back up on all fours? I'm thinking I'd like to take you doggy style right here."

Kate didn't verbally respond or move at first. But she was having intense thoughts. NO! No way! I'll admit that sounds really hot, especially with everyone watching. I love the way he put that, that's he's going to "take" me. He already has me, heart and soul! "Doggy style" sounds wonderfully animalistic and nasty, but for our very first time it's gotta be on the bed, face to face! When he plunges deep inside me, I want to see his face, and for him to see mine. It's the only way!

She thought that she was too wiped out to even get back on all fours any time soon. But she was so determined to get fucked in the manner she most longed for that she managed to silently crawl over to the bed. However, actually getting up on the bed looked too daunting to her. So she asked between heavy breaths, "Can I... can I get some help here? Gotta... gotta... do it up on the bed!"

Ryan was feeling energized and excited. Not only had the resumption of Kate's spanking been a big success, but he could hardly wait to fuck her. So he figured he'd help her onto the bed, where they could be more comfortable. He looked down at Monica's sliding fingers. Now that Kate had moved and given Monica more room, she was using two hands on his hard-on, and pumping more vigorously. He muttered, "Um, Monica, thanks for the, uh, help, but..."

"Oh, right. Let's move!" Monica helped him stand up while she stood up herself. The two of them walked to the bed side by side, and then worked together to help Kate onto it. They even positioned her in the middle of the wide bed.

Jordan was still masturbating while standing next to Erin. She was already heading for another orgasm, but she was fighting it with all her might for fear of making too much noise when she did. She figured it was going to be even more powerful than the last one, and she doubted she'd manage to get by with a silent scream again. Even after Kate's orgasm, when not much was going on for her to watch, she was endlessly aroused by the entire situation. She whispered to Erin, "Look! Kate crawled to the bed, like a total slut. But Ryan stands and walks like a normal person. Somehow, the contrast really turns me on!"

Erin whispered back, "You don't know the half of it! He's really good at humiliating her, and she loves being humiliated."

Jordan nodded. She recalled how Ryan had tried to explain his style of sexually humiliating Kate, just before they walked into Monica's room. I didn't get it then, but I'm starting to get it now. He said it wasn't about being mean or cruel, it was to get her really excited. Boy, can I see that!

Erin put her mouth right to Jordan's ear to make sure the others couldn't hear. "I love it! And I'm going to help, as often as I can!"

Jordan whispered back, "Help what? With sexually humiliating her?"

"Exactly. I know that sounds weird, but she really enjoys it, I swear. And I do, and he does, so it's all good."

Jordan recalled how Ryan had asked her to help humiliate Kate, again just before he'd led her into the room. She didn't know what to think of that, now that she was giving it serious consideration for the first time. This is too bizarre! I had no idea. When I think of Kate, I think of a spoiled, elitist, selfish bitch! And that's saying a lot, considering that most of us Kappas tend to be more than a bit spoiled and elitist too. Heck, even me. But "Princess Kate" is in another league altogether. And now, to see her spanked on all fours... that's a sight I will never, EVER forget!

Furthermore, Erin tells me Kate gets off on being treated that way, and I can easily see that's true by the rapturous look on her face. I swear, I'd be less surprised to find out that Kate was secretly a man all along. Or a space alien, even! This is too weird! I don't even know what to do or say.

Although... I must admit... if Ryan is going to be treating her like this on a regular basis, I wouldn't exactly mind if I could watch some more of it! I don't want him to treat ME like that. No way! But seeing what happened to Kate was better than getting seriously fucked myself, and that's just from watching a spanking! I'll bet seeing him fuck her will be even hotter!

Thinking about his suggestion that she should help increase Kate's sexual humiliation, she realized, I kind of blew it, because I haven't really said or done much to help with that. But I hope at least that my being here and watching helped kick things up a notch. Maybe I'll get invited back, if only to be another pair of eyes on her.

Ryan wound up kneeling between Kate's legs while she lay there in the middle of the bed with her head on a pillow. Kate's eyes were open and she was looking up at him, but she was so blissed out on an overdose of arousal that it was more like she was looking through him.

That concerned him some. He waved a hand in front of her face. "Kate? Are you okay?"

She managed to focus her gaze on his hand, and then back to his face. "Yes, of course! In fact, I've never been better! What are you waiting for?! Let's do it! I'm ready! Ready for you to FUCK ME!" She spread her legs invitingly.

He looked at her wet pussy lips, slightly open and red and sore from so many recent orgasms, and gulped. Crap! This is it! I'm really glad I fucked Erin first, or I'd be totally freaking out at my complete lack of experience. Everything with Kate is more intense. The others are extremely hot and sexy, but there's something about Kate that makes my heart rise to my throat. I think I could be in love!

He was about to say something in reply, but he was distracted by the feel of a hand wrapping around his still exceedingly erect cock. He looked down and saw the hand belonged to Monica. She'd stayed on the bed after helping him get Kate in position, but she was kneeling to the side.

She saw him staring, but brazenly resumed jacking him off anyway. She said a bit sheepishly, "Um, is it okay if I help guide it in?"

He chuckled. "It's okay by me, but you've gotta ask Kate for permission too."

Kate didn't have to think. She immediately exclaimed, "Definitely!"

As Monica sloshed her hand up and down Ryan's cum-soaked shaft, she asked, just to be on the safe side, "Are you sure?"

Kate replied with complete sincerity, "Sure I'm sure! I feel like we're all in this together. It actually would feel wrong to have him all alone for my first time, since we're going to be sharing him so much. Except it wouldn't be right if it's only you. Erin, what are you waiting for? Get on the bed!"

Erin pointed a finger at her own bare chest, right between her massive F-cups. "Me?"

Kate laughed gaily. "Yes, you! Get your ass up here already. I want you and Monica to both hold The Beast as it punctures my hymen. It'll be so fitting, so symbolic. We're in this as a team, aren't we?"

Monica was happily sliding her fingers up and down Ryan's impressive shaft. She raised her free hand triumphantly. "Like The Three Musketeers!"

Kate nodded. "Exactly. Only we're The Three Personal Sluts. And as for you, Jordan, don't think I'm forgetting about you. I don't know what my honey is going to want to do to you, though I'd guess he's almost certainly going to fuck you. At the very least, you're going to have a special link to all of us because you're a witness to this our pivotal, life-changing first evening together. You may even become one of his personal sluts."

"What is that?" Jordan asked. She kept hearing that term, and she couldn't contain her curiosity anymore. She was still standing by the bed, even as Erin was climbing up on it.

Kate said, "No time to fully explain. But it's pretty much self-explanatory from the name. I have to submit myself to him and him alone, and devote my heart and soul to keeping his cock throbbing with pleasure! Always!" She actually smiled widely as she contemplated living that future. "Anyway, you're a third floor Kappa and I'm sure he's going to fuck you, so you should be a part of this. Why don't you get behind him and have fun with his ass?"

Jordan furrowed her brow. Her emotions were all over the place, especially since Kate gave that extreme definition of a personal slut and then implied she might become one too. She didn't know what to say or do, and just stammered, "H-h-his... his ass?! What do I do with his ass?"

Erin answered that, even as she got into position, kneeling on the other side from Monica. "Whatever you want. Be creative. Or, if you're weirded out about anal stuff, reach between his legs and play with his balls." She playfully cupped his balls in her hand and hefted them up and down a little bit, as if to demonstrate what Jordan could do.

Jordan was uncertain. Despite her nickname "Miss Sluttypants," her slutty reputation, and a fair amount of sex with a variety of guys, she hadn't taken part in that many unusual or creative sex acts. Most relevant, she'd never had anal sex, or even taken part in much anal play. But she was glad to be included instead of forgotten, and she was horny as hell. She resolved to give this "promotion" of hers a try and worry about future implications later. So she climbed up on the bed too.

Erin moved a hand from Ryan's balls to his shaft. She stroked up and down near the base while Monica rubbed his sweet spot higher up. She proclaimed, "Okay, all systems are go. Let's do this thing!"

Monica and Erin looked at each other, grinning ear to ear. Together, they gently but firmly pulled Ryan's erection towards Kate's pussy lips. Interestingly, neither of them were feeling much jealousy, if any at all. Like Kate, they really did feel as if they were part of a team now, a team forged in the incredible shared sexual pleasures of the past few hours. They were especially hopeful that having Kate get fucked for the first time would help permanently change her persona for the better.

Kate was still tired from her last orgasm, but she was increasingly energized too. Somehow, she could feel a general weariness in her bones, but also an electric thrill coursing through her at the same time. She lifted her head up because she didn't want to miss the sight of being penetrated for the first time.

Ryan was beyond delighted. Not only am I about to fuck the incomparable, unbelievably gorgeous Kate Middlefield, but my dick is being guided in by TWO total babes! When I showed up at Kappa Kappa Gamma earlier, I NEVER would have imagined things could work out THIS great! No way! But I guess it just goes to show that those porn stories are right! I need to stop listening to the "no" voice in my head, and let myself be fully guided by the ways of the porn story!

Monica and Erin guided him closer in, but it wasn't close enough, because he was kneeling on the bed while Kate was lying down. So he gently laid down on top of her, with Jordan helpfully pushing his ass from behind. However, his two main assistants didn't want to be left out, so they kept on holding his boner anyway, even though that was becoming a challenge. They kept their fingers wrapped around his shaft despite their arms being squeezed between two bodies.

Kate loudly sucked her breath in when she felt his cockhead rest up against her swollen pussy lips. Oh my fucking GOD! This really is it! This is going to be one of the biggest moments of my life, especially since I could end up being one of his personal sluts for who knows how long. Maybe forever, if he'll have me!

He looked deeply into her eyes and caressed her cheek with one hand. "Kate, are you really sure you want to go through with all this? I know you're a virgin. Giving up your virginity is a really serious thing."

"YES!" she exclaimed, unexpectedly fitting that response in while he was briefly catching his breath.

He was amused, because he definitely wasn't done talking. He resumed, as if she hadn't agreed already, "You could kind of say we've just been playing around up until this point. But once I penetrate you, there's no turning back."

She was even more emphatic. "DO IT already! Please! Trust me, I'm 100 percent on board. Just DO IT, or I'm going to scream in frustration! I've never wanted anything so much!"

Despite her answer, he was content to let his cock just rest there for a while. He was trying to be considerate, but he was also stalling for time. He felt that he was already on the verge of orgasm before he even got started, mostly thanks to the way Monica had been stroking and even licking his shaft during the thrilling second half of Kate's spanking.

However, his attempt to delay was unlikely to help, because both Erin and Monica were stroking him now. They could no longer see his cock, since his body was on top, but they were still valiantly holding it and lovingly sliding their fingers up and down it.

He closed his eyes and winced due to the intensity of his arousal. Crap! The last thing I want to do is cum as soon as I enter her. My worst fear is that I'll be exposed as a virgin too. And, worse, one with a quick trigger. But what can I do? I can't just let things continue like this, 'cos the whole situation is far too exciting! I'm just going to get more and more worked up, even if Erin and Monica aren't stroking or even holding my boner. I have Kate fucking Middlefield underneath me, for crying out loud!

Damn, I can't even think about that. I'd better act fast, or I'm going to cum even BEFORE I stick it in. Okay, here we go!


Ryan finally started to push in.

His plan was to go slowly and gently. However, he didn't count on the fact that Jordan, Erin, and Monica were all eagerly assisting. Jordan in particular could sense him moving forward and helped him with a big push on his behind. As a result, he pushed right through Kate's hymen.

"Oh no!" he cried. "I'm so sorry!"

Kate winced, clenched her teeth, shut her eyes tightly, and moaned and groaned a fair amount. However, she managed to avoid screaming out loud. His unexpectedly fast penetration hurt, for sure. However, the spanking she'd just experienced had helped her cope with such moments, and she didn't want to discourage or slow him down by showing a lot of pain.

With his body on top of hers, just like he was doing push-ups on her, he was unable to see where their privates met. He was grateful, because he was fairly certain that she had to be bleeding. He resolved to stay like he was, with his cockhead only starting to enter her, in order to help her adjust.

A minute or more passed while Kate recovered, and got her heavy breathing more under control. She finally opened her eyes and spoke through her clenched teeth, "Thanks, but I'm okay! Really!"

"Really?" He looked at her with great concern. His face was directly over hers, and only about six inches away.

"Really! In fact..." Kate thought twice about what she was considering, and then decided to do it. Having him only partially starting to stretch me is kind of like being half-pregnant. I might as well get it over with. Jesus Christ! Soon, I'm going to have The Beast all the way in me! It's hurting me already, and he's barely gotten started. It's just TOO BIG! Girl, be brave! We can do this! It's a MUST! How can I be his favorite slut if I'm too tight for him to even fuck me?!

Unexpectedly, she reached around him with both hands, gripped his ass cheeks tightly, and suddenly tried to pull him deeper into her. Her plan was to get all of his cockhead in her, so she could rest for a short while after crossing that major milestone.

However, his cock was so thick that it wouldn't slide in that easily. In fact, he didn't move much at all - only a fraction of an inch.

So Kate urgently explained, "Everybody, help! Push! Push him in deeper! Especially you, Jordan! PUSH!"

Because Jordan was directly behind him and with her hands on his ass, she had much better leverage than Kate did. She responded by pushing with all her might. Kate helped, with her hands on his ass too. Monica and Erin each helped by putting a hand on his lower back (his ass was "occupied" by four hands already) and pushing hard too.

Ironically, the only one who didn't do much was Ryan, because he was concerned that they were trying to do too much too soon. Plus, he was staggered by the whole situation. However, with all of the others working as one, he finally unthinkingly pushed in some as well.

There was much more moaning and groaning and teeth clenching, especially on Kate's part, but on his part as well. Finally, it was done. There was a moment of euphoria as the thickest part of his cock knob passed through, causing the rest of his cockhead to rush in, plus another inch of his cock besides.

Kate screamed incoherently in exultation. "AAAIIIIEEE! AAAH! AAAIIII! YEAAAARRGH!" She was overcome by joy, which drowned out the pain, at least for the time being. Just knowing that Ryan was starting to fuck her was an even greater joy than the considerable physical pleasure.

Ryan was alarmed, since he feared those were screams of pain. His eyes went wide, and he hastily tried to pull out.

But the three "helpers" noticed that, and even anticipated it, and they kept him in place.

Erin exclaimed to him, "Don't! Relax! Give her a minute to adjust!"

He reluctantly froze in place. He felt a tremendous sense of relief as he watched Kate settle down.

However, Kate was still wide-eyed and astonished. OH DEAR LORD! HOLY FUCK! He's absolutely HUGE! He stretches me even more than with my mouth! Dammit, this is not pleasant at all. I'm in PAIN! But I have to hang in there. Hang in there! I've heard about this. The pain will wear off before long. I just have to hang on! I have to be a good slut. The best slut! It's a must!

Erin and Monica had the same idea at the same time: they let go of Ryan's shaft and redirected their attention, and their hands, to Kate's body. They stroked her here and there in a calming, caressing motion.

Erin cooed, "There, there. It's okay. You did it! You made it this far. Don't give up now!"

Monica chimed in, "Yeah, don't give up. It's all downhill from here!"

Kate nodded grimly. Her head was swimming over the enormity of what had just happened. But she was still in such shock and pain that she could hardly think. It was as if she was parachuting out of an airplane - she was in no shape to have deep thoughts or an articulate discussion about her feelings. She simply told herself repeatedly the likes of, Hang in there! Don't give up! It'll get better!

Ryan, on the other hand, was in better shape to think, even though he was still right on the edge of orgasm. Oh God! I'm fucking KATE! I'm not into her that far, but it's enough to say I just took her virginity! FUCK! This is beyond incredible! Kate Middlefield, the total babe who makes Kate Upton look ugly and Christina Hendricks flat-chested!

But I need to be patient! Let her rest and adjust. This is good for me, because I can come down a bit from my crazy erotic high. By the time she's ready, I'll be calm enough to thrust without cumming. At least, that's the plan. Except that she's so damn TIGHT! It's such a fucking arousing squeeze! Gotta keep cool!

One minute passed and then another. Erin and Monica continued to coo at Kate while caressing whatever part of her was in reach, which generally meant her sides.

Jordan was still manning her position behind Ryan. However, she felt shy about playing with his ass, especially since she'd had such a strange adventure getting to where she was. It felt strange to touch his privates when they hadn't done the normal things first, such as hugging and kissing. So she just idly fondled his ass cheeks in a massage style while leaning forward and keeping her focus on what the others were doing, especially Kate.

Eventually, Kate recovered enough to look at Erin and say, "Could you... could you... clean up the blood? I hate blood. I don't want to see it."

Erin smiled encouragingly. "Sure thing."

Monica said, "Actually, I think I should do it, since I know where everything is kept." So she got up off the bed and went to get the needed supplies.

A few more minutes passed while Erin and Monica worked together to clean Kate's body, and Ryan's shaft, of all the blood they could see. They were careful to do it in such a way that he didn't have to pull out of his hard-won depth, with his entire cockhead in Kate's pussy. This was an embarrassing moment for Kate, but in a bad way, not the usual sexy way, so she just kept her eyes closed and was grateful that the others didn't try to make any conversation.

Finally, with all the supplies out of sight and Erin and Monica back in their previous poses, Erin announced, "It's done. Everything's good now."

Kate smiled and opened her eyes. She stared at Erin and then at Monica. "Thanks. You're the best." Then she had an idea. "Who's holding his cock and balls? I can't see."

"Nobody," Erin replied. "There's not much left to hold."

"But there's still some," Kate insisted. "A good four inches, at least. Please, hold it and stroke it some more, both of you. That would mean a lot to me. I like that we're all united in this key moment, bound together by his cock."

Erin and Monica nodded in understanding. They immediately resumed fondling his privates, making sure to brush against Kate's stretched out pussy lips to reassure her they were there.

Then Kate looked up at Ryan.

He ran a hand gently across her face. "How are you feeling, my love?" He hadn't consciously meant to say "my love," but staring at her face from close up, he felt so emotionally overcome that it just slipped out.

Kate didn't visibly react to that at first, although she definitely noticed. "My love!" He just called me his love! Oh my God! That's HUGE! I can't believe how great this all is! She felt a joyous jolt of pleasure rush up and down her spine.

Before she addressed that, though, she felt the need to address his question. "I feel fine now. Really!"

He still caressed her face in a tender manner. "Are you sure?"

"Sure, I'm sure. It hurt a lot at first. It hurt like hell! But the body has an amazing ability to adjust. It almost feels normal now. Although, once you start moving, it's probably going to really hurt some more. But I'll adjust to that too. Just, please... take it slow and easy with me, okay?"

He smiled and nodded. "Of course."

She nodded in return. Then she grew shy, and asked, "Ryan... honey... I know this is kind of too late to ask, since you're already halfway in me, but... before you start fucking me in earnest, please... please... tell me that you feel something for me. Something more than just a hot body, ready and willing to serve your pleasure. I am that, but... I want to be more! Good friends out of bed too, at the very least. I know that for all practical purposes I only met you tonight, but I already kind of have strong feelings for you, and they're growing all the time! I worry that you're just going to use me and toss me aside!"

He kept smiling and squeezed her hand. He was trying to focus on her face and ignore the pleasures coming from his tightly squeezed shaft, not to mention all the fingers sliding back and forth on it. "Don't worry. That's not going to happen. First off, everyone knows you're the most beautiful woman in this entire university. Even the other raving beauties in this room have to concede that. Am I right?"

Jordan, Erin, and Monica all nodded. They knew that was an undeniable fact.

He continued, "And now that you've discovered your sexual side, I'd be a fool to ever let you go. But that's not even the most important thing. You see... I have strong feelings for you too. Yes, I have my other sluts and that's not going to change, but I already can tell that something special is growing between us. Trust me, I plan on keeping all your holes sore and constantly leaking with my cum, probably for years and years to come. I am going to treat you like the personal slut you are, spanking you, fucking you, controlling you, and all around using you for my sexual pleasure. But I also CARE about you! I really do! I also want this to be about more than just great sex. And I'm going to treat you like that because it makes me feel good, but just as important is that it makes YOU feel good. That's what you want, isn't it?"

She nodded. Then she added emphatically, "So much!" She felt like a heavy weight had been lifted from her shoulders from hearing that he cared and he wasn't going to fuck and run.

However, his smile turned into a frown as he noticed tears start to leak from her eyes, even though her face also seemed to be glowing with delight. "You... you're crying! Why?! I thought you just said it didn't hurt?"

He ran a finger down each track of tears dripping down her cheeks, wiping them away. But that didn't help for long, because she suddenly burst into much more emotional sobbing. "It doesn't! Well, not much. But... but... I was thinking about what you just said, and it moved me, practically to tears. And then.. and then... I realized! A minute or so before that, you called me 'my love'! I don't even know if you realized it, but you did! And... and... that hit me like an arrow straight to my heart and it's making me cry, because I... I... I think... I love you!"

Her eyes opened almost comically wide as she realized what she'd just said. She was embarrassed to confess such an intimate thing, especially with three others listening. She also was stunned to realize that she really meant it.

He was stunned as well, to say the least. "Whaaaat?!" His cock seemed to pulse with a life of its own, even as it stayed buried in her tight slit, with Erin and Monica stroking the rest.

She shut her eyes tightly and blushed profusely. "Oh God!" She worried that he would disapprove, and that fear caused her to sob even more. At first, she had been crying tears of joy, but that was quickly turning into a mixture of joy and sadness or worry, because she feared rejection.

She thought, SHIT! I fucked up! I'm just his personal slut. And one of many, no less. Even if he has feelings for me, I'm not allowed to fall in love with him! That'll mess up everything! He may not even want to finish fucking me now! I'm sure he doesn't want some stupid, love-struck idiot bothering him with all of her lovey dovey feelings. Shit!

However, he didn't complain at all. He just gently caressed his hand on her face some more. He was trying to wipe away her tears, but that was a losing battle, given how hard she was crying. He spoke urgently but quietly. "Hey! Hey! Why all the crying? You're acting like saying you love me is a bad thing."

She wailed, "It is!"

"Why?! I think it's great!"

"You do?!" She shyly opened her eyes and looked up at him. She dared to hope.

"I do. Actually, it's a big relief, because I'm kind of falling in love with you too." He didn't know if that was the smart thing to say, and he suspected Jack would disapprove, but he meant it and found that he couldn't avoid confessing it.

"You ARE?!" Her heart was already beating fast, and now it seemed like it would thump right out of her chest.

He smiled and nodded.

She was incredulous, not to mention nearly delirious. This was beyond all possibility in her mind. "But... but how?! That's not possible!"

He chuckled. "Sure it is! Why not? I can do what I want."

"Bu-bu-bu-but... but you're this great cocksman. You fuck many but love none. I can feel feminine fingers brushing against my pussy lips even as I speak. You have all kinds of personal sluts wherever you go!"

His heart soared with delight as this was starting to sink in. "Hey, like I said, I can do what I want. Yes, I do have other personal sluts, most especially Erin and Monica here, but I mean it when I say you're something extra special to me."

Her heart was starting to soar as well, but it didn't rise very high because she still couldn't believe it. "But, but... we hardly even know each other! Everything is happening so fast. A few hours ago, I thought you were a nobody! I was ready to say all kinds of mean things to you!"

He shrugged. He was amazed they were having this conversation as if his cockhead wasn't still sheathed inside her tight slit. Plus, the fingers wandering all over his cock and balls were too mind-boggling to even contemplate. "Yeah, but so what? What matters is how we feel now. Remember, I'd been watching you for weeks. Sure, I was struck by your beauty first and foremost. And I love that you're remarkably smart as well. But I feel like I can see beyond the surface. Not just your surface looks, but beyond your princess persona too. Underneath all that, I see someone beautiful on the inside too, someone with a heart of gold."

Her heart was really soaring now, but she still tried to hold herself back because it seemed too good to be true. "Me?! No, I've got a heart of coal. I'm a selfish, spoiled bitch. Everybody says so."

"Yeah, sure, on one level, but I see beyond that level. And I kind of like that you're 'Princess Kate', because princesses always need to get rescued, don't they? I want to sweep in and rescue you from your own worst tendencies. Sure, you're my personal slut, and that's not going to change. Like I said, I plan on fucking you like you're my personal property, and I'm not about to stop fucking my other sluts either. You're going to have to accept that."

Kate was burning with jealousy, but she gathered her resolve and spoke forcefully. "I do! It won't be easy, but I understand that's part of who you are. A well-hung stud like you craves to spread his seed."

"That's true. And I'll be pumping my seed into other women quite a lot. Especially Erin and Monica. I feel like I've made a special connection with both of them tonight too that's sexual, sure, but it could grow into something more."

Even though he was only intently staring into Kate's eyes, he was mindful of the others listening and didn't want to offend them. He didn't feel as strongly towards them as he did Kate, but he really did feel a special connection that was based on sex but was also growing into even more.

Erin and Monica were both relieved to hear that. Each of them sensed that this "personal slut" talk was much more than just talk. At the very least, they would be having lots of sex with Ryan from now on and none with any other man. It was only natural that they hoped their relationship with him could evolve into something meaningful, even though they knew they would have to share him and Kate was bound to stay his number one.

He concluded to Kate, "But there's no reason I can't sexually dominate you AND love you at the same time, is there?!"

She was so astonished that she forgot to breathe. She just stared up at him with wide eyes. Her tears had come to a sudden halt, but her face was still wet and her eyes were red. She whispered in awe, "Oh my God! No! NO! That's... that's... perfect, actually! That's exactly what I want!"

Without thinking, she began spasmodically clenching her pussy muscles. She wanted to be reminded that he was snugly fitting into her already. The sheer pleasure that gave her was almost more than she could handle.

He beamed with true joy, even as he was forced to clench his teeth from the erotic tsunami caused by her squeezing. "Good! Because that's what I want too!"

It was a good thing she was lying face up in bed, because she was so emotionally overcome that she would have collapsed if she'd been standing or even sitting. I can't believe it! This IS perfect! I want him to dominate me and use me as one of his sexy sluts, but I want him to love me too! I want to serve him and his big cock more than I've ever wanted anything in my life! But now I can be his personal slut AND his sweetheart! It's the best of both worlds!

She suddenly exclaimed, "Ryan! Honey! I love you! I do! I was afraid to say it or admit it, even to myself. But I can feel it, so strong! I can feel it with every fiber of my being!"

He replied with complete sincerity, "I love you too!"

Both of them wanted to say more, much more. However, her face was only a few inches away from his, and he couldn't resist leaning in and kissing her on the lips, so he did.

With such powerful emotions surging through both of them, it was no surprise that their kiss was as hot as molten lava. They necked with wild abandon, channeling more passion into it than any kiss either of them had ever experienced before.

Kate had just stopped crying, but she was so overtaken by her feelings of love and desire that she resumed sobbing without restraint. However, before, that sobbing had been due to mixed emotions, whereas now it was nothing but tears of pure joy. She'd never felt so good in her entire life.

All through this discussion, the two of them had tried to ignore the fact that his cock was part-way into her pussy. Due to his sheer size and her virginal tightness, it wasn't something either of them could completely put out of their minds, but they had tried to put that on hold while very important words were said. As a result, they'd been careful not to move at all, with the exception of her series of spasmodic squeezings.

However, now that the kissing started, things changed. As they switched to physically expressing their newfound love for each other, it was natural for their entire bodies to get into it, including their private parts. In truth, both of them had been antsy to start fucking for a while. Enough time had passed for Kate's vagina to adjust in a significant way to his thick intrusion. She was raring to go for more, even though she knew that would bring more pain too, at least for a while. And he'd been even more eager, and had been merely waiting for a sign for her to take the next step.

Neither of them planned it, but as they both squirmed around to kiss with better and/or different angles, their hips began to move too. He began thrusting into her. It was sporadic and unplanned at first. However, she showed her approval by humping back enthusiastically. In just a minute or two, he found himself thrusting in and out about an inch each way. It wasn't much, because it remained an extremely tight squeeze, but it was a start.

Meanwhile, Erin and Monica reluctantly let go of his privates, since they knew the fucking motion was about to get a lot more vigorous. They just sat and watched along with Jordan (although in Jordan's case she had wound up lying on his back). Each of them were trying to process what they'd just witnessed.

At first, Erin felt annoyed and jealous to hear Kate and Ryan express their love for each other. She thought, But of course he has to fall in love with her. What a cliché. She's the most beautiful girl around and the social "princess", so of course she gets all the breaks. What about me?! I'm not exactly chopped liver. I may not be as beautiful as her, but I'm a close second. Why can't he fall in love with ME?!

But then, after some reflection, as she watched Ryan and Kate make out, she thought, But then again, it's probably for the best. Am I in love with him? No, I'm not. I'm definitely in LUST with him, to the point that I don't even mind the "personal slut" crap all that much. But love is an entirely different thing. I can easily see Kate falling for him. He's completely overturned her world and revealed sides of herself that she didn't even know she had. He's like her savior of sorts. Sure, they barely know each other, but there's such a thing as love at first sight. This is more like love at first suck and fuck, but it's the same basic idea. I believe something special has happened between them that goes beyond just carnal desire.

So it's petty of me to want him to love me when I don't love him. And this is good all around, because I'm certain that Kate isn't nearly as changed as she seems to be right now. She's having this sexual epiphany, sure, but she's still spoiled beyond belief. She's going to need a strong hand to get her onto a better path. The more the two bond together, the more effort he'll put into controlling her and bettering her, and the more she'll actually listen to him.

Besides, he said he thinks Monica and I are pretty special too. He made clear he's not going to stop fucking us, no matter what happens. So it's all good. The fact that Mon and I were holding and stroking his cock up until a minute ago IS highly meaningful, especially since we did it with Kate's approval and even insistence. We ARE kind of a team. I should feel happy for her, for them. And, you know what? I do!

Monica had very similar thoughts. She started out feeling jealous and resentful, but she made the same transition, for the exact same reasons. The only difference was that she expressed herself more passionately, due to the way she wore her emotions on her sleeve.

And she had one line of thinking that Erin didn't. After also concluding that the four of them were a team (with Jordan's role still unresolved) and that she should see this as a very good thing overall, she thought, The only problem is, I don't love him now, but what if that changes? I don't do things by half measures. If I end up spending a lot of time with him, I'm probably going to end up loving him or hating him. And it's a fact that having lots of sex with a person changes things. If he fucks me as well as I'm sure he's going to, and then he keeps on doing it, how can I NOT end up falling in love with him? There's all kinds of chemical and hormonal things that happen in the brain, I'm sure.

In fact, I can kind of feel it happening to me already. He was a total stranger to me mere hours ago, but I can sense growing feelings for him that go beyond lust for his big cock. Stronger feelings than how I felt about my last boyfriend, even! Ugh!

So, what then? I don't want to be second fiddle to Kate or anybody else! But how can I avoid that? Kate is pretty damn extraordinary. How can anybody not be second fiddle to her? It's like we're all in a movie but she's the star and we're the supporting characters. She's so sexy and physically perfect that it's ridiculous, and she's got a strong personality on top of that. Plus, she's taking to this personal slut thing like a duck to water.

But what can I do? I'm hooked. He says he's going to keep fucking Erin and me no matter how strong his feelings for Kate are. That's a big relief! As long as he's fucking me into oblivion, I don't think I'll be able to walk away. I guess I'll just have to take a wait-and-see attitude and hope for the best.

Actually, Erin was having similar feelings on some level. She realized that she could fall in love with him too. At the very least, she'd developed strong feelings for him already, especially after he'd spanked and then fucked her. She might even have started falling in love with him, at least a little bit. However, she was trying hard to deny that, and she certainly didn't want to consciously contemplate that tricky possibility.

Jordan, by contrast, was feeling mostly just puzzled. As she rested with her sizable tits pressing into Ryan's back, she thought, Things are getting curiouser and curiouser all the time. When was the last time a guy told a girl that he loved her while another naked girl was pressing into his back? And that's ME pressing into him! Add to that two other serious stunners sitting nude on either side.

I have no idea what's going on. I guess I should just be happy to be here. I wish I could have been involved from the start though, because I'm so confused about everything! It's strange enough to hear Princess Kate profess her love with obvious sincerity to someone she hardly knows. I thought she would never let her guard down enough to even feel love. But then there's all this "personal slut" stuff that keeps getting mentioned. Is that really on the level?! It sounds so hard to believe. He actually told her, "You're my personal slut, and that's not going to change. I plan on fucking you like you're my personal property, and I'm not about to stop fucking my other sluts either."

I still want to know more about what that really means and how serious they are about it. But I guess I don't need a lot explaining after all, since that pretty much says it. Jesus Christ! Why would Kate put up with that degrading situation, much less Erin and Monica too?! Sure, he's got a huge dick, but so do a lot of other guys. I've enjoyed big dicks before, even if I've never felt quite that thick. It's nice, but not enough to make me want to be somebody's "personal slut"! Give me a break!

And yet... I do want to try him on for size. I'm willing to put up with a lot of freaky and bizarre things tonight, because I'm thinking that if I hang in there, eventually he's going to want to fuck me too. I've got the looks. I may not be as appealing as Kate, but then again, who is? I AM a third floor Kappa, and that says a lot! I have almost the exact same dimensions at Monica, from head to toe. There's no way he's NOT going to want to fuck me. I'm sure that's why he's dragged me into all of this.

But... is it safe? I don't want to get sucked into this whole "personal slut" thing. I don't want to get carried away into some kind of crazy submissiveness due to sheer, overwhelming lust. What I need to do is talk to either Erin or Monica in private and try to fill in the missing pieces. Until that happens, I'll just keep on hanging on, literally! She squeezed her arms around Ryan's back.

While the other three girls were preoccupied with their thoughts, Ryan and Kate continued their passionate kissing, and increasingly, their fucking.

Kate continued to be emotionally staggered by their mutual declaration of love. That was completely unexpected. She hadn't realized she had fallen in love with him until she said those words out loud, but now that her feelings had been reciprocated and the whole situation was sinking in, she couldn't have been more euphoric.

On top of that, he was finally starting to rhythmically thrust with depth and power. Each time he pushed in, it seemed he penetrated a little deeper. He still hadn't gone past the thicker part of the middle of his shaft, but even going that deep meant there were a lot of very thick inches plowing into her. Since this was her very first fuck, pretty much everything happening felt beyond amazing.

She did feel a fair amount of pain, but it wasn't as bad as she'd feared. She had taken a long time resting with just his cockhead in her, and her vagina had adjusted to a startling degree. The pleasure far outweighed the pain already. The feeling of extreme fullness was strange, but she actually got off on it. If nothing else, it was a constant reminder that she was getting fucked by the biggest and the best. She hadn't climaxed yet, but she could sense her next orgasm was coming soon, and it was going to be a whopper.

Eventually, they broke their fervent French kissing, as their focus centered on the fucking instead (and they were having an increasingly difficult time breathing enough). She opened her eyes and stared up at Ryan with joy in her still teary eyes. "Honey! Look at us! We're fucking now. You've taken my virginity!"

He opened his eyes and just smiled and nodded. He was trying not to speak, because he'd been on the verge of cumming for a long time, and now that they were fucking in earnest, it was becoming an even more intense struggle for him to hold off his orgasmic urge.

She exclaimed in wonder, "I've lost my cherry to the man I love! And it's true: I love you! So much!"

He continued to smile and nod. His face was straining with the effort of delaying his climax. His ass was humping up and down, a task made more difficult due to Jordan essentially lying on top of him. He was sweating profusely.

She felt like she'd completely opened her heart to him and given herself to him without reservation. But that left her in a vulnerable position, and even with what he'd told her, she wanted more reassurance. She asked shyly, "Do you love me?"

He grunted affirmatively and nodded some more.

"Please, if you do, say it! My love! My honey!"

He blurted out, "I love you!" Merely saying three words wasn't too tough, but he was thinking, Crap! This is all too arousing. I'm gonna cum soon, if this keeps up. It's all too arousing! Her pussy is so tight! So intense! UGH!

She beamed like a blazing bright light, and squeezed him tightly with her arms around his back. He loves me! Dear God! How could my life change so much in one night? My owner, my love, my master! I'm going to put my entire self in his hands. He's the key to my happiness!

The tears of joy were continuing to pour down her face. She was feeling very winded, but there was much she wanted to say, so she spoke between heavy breaths. "Say it again, please! I love to hear it so much. Honey, I don't care how many other girls you fuck. You're a big-cocked stud. That's what you do. I love being ONE OF your personal sluts! Even though it will hurt to share sometimes, it would be too much to have you all for my own. I'm gonna suck and titfuck your cock SO MUCH! Just you wait and see! But I love that you kind of own me AND you love me! It's the best of all possible worlds! You'll take me on romantic dates with a dozen roses and fancy clothes and all that stuff, won't you?"

He nodded. That sounded really good to him too. He'd never dated anybody before, and he wanted to enjoy all that too. One couldn't have sex all the time, after all.

Somehow, her face beamed even brighter. "Goody! Oh, God, I'm so happy! We'll go on dates together, like to a five-star restaurant and a movie. Only, at the dinner I'll secretly jack you off all through the meal, and in the movie theater I'll choke and gag on The Beast from the previews until the credits, because I'm one of your personal sluts, and that's what we do!"

He thought he'd had his urge to cum under control, if only just barely. But her words were the straw that broke the camel's back. He suddenly started cumming, without even having time to shout out a warning. All he managed was a belated, "UNGH!"

Kate's face went from beaming to alarmed as she felt his cum squirting deep inside her. The exact same thing happened as it did when he'd fucked Erin, which was that nobody had given any thought to birth control until the moment he started cumming, when it was too late.

She thought, OH NO! He's cumming IN me, which means no condom! And he didn't wear one for Erin either. But of course, that's his right! A total stud like him fucks his sluts bareback. UNGH! That's HOT! It's up to us not to get pregnant. But I could! He could be fucking a baby into me right now! Oh God! Oh God!

In fact, like Erin, Kate had been regularly using a birth control pill for a long time now. She hadn't had any plans to get fucked by any of her boyfriends, but it was a precautionary measure. In particular, due to her great beauty, she faced a serious chance of getting raped, and birth control was but one of many steps she'd taken to try to deal with that (including learning some basic self defense techniques). She had no desire to get pregnant until after her college years were over, and probably not until well after then, once she was married and secure in her future career.

But despite all that, the possibility that Ryan could knock her up with the sperm flooding into her was a great thrill. She'd been working herself up to a big climax for a while now, but she'd been holding out. She'd learned over the course of the evening that the longer she held out, the more intense the orgasm was when it eventually arrived. Furthermore, the long, arousing build-up was possibly even more enjoyable than the "main event". However, she knew that since he was cumming, it was smart to let go. And with the pregnancy thought on her mind, on top of her intense feelings about love, it was as easy as pie for her to let her orgasmic urge take over. She started cumming mere seconds after he did.

Ryan was over the moon about what was happening. I'm cumming into Kate! Princess Kate! I'm shooting my cum into the most beautiful and amazing girl in the world! I could be pumping a baby into her, as we speak! He experienced about ten seconds of pure bliss and total orgasmic ecstasy, first for the duration of his climax and then for a brief afterglow.

But as the seconds passed after his load was spent, unpleasant thoughts started to take over. First and foremost was his disappointment that he came so quickly. Dammit! I'm supposed to be a "great stud". Technically, it was in her for a long time, fifteen minutes at least, but nearly all of that was just waiting. Once we started to actually seriously kiss and fuck, I didn't last very long at all. Five minutes at most. Not even that, I'll bet. She's just too exciting! It took a titanic effort just to hold out that long. Some stud I am!

As if that wasn't bad enough, he had been too distracted during orgasm to worry about birth control issues, but that changed just afterwards. Oh, shit! I forgot to use a condom again! Hell, I don't even HAVE any condoms. How stupid is that?! I really COULD have pumped a baby into her just now! I mean, sure, it's an arousing idea, but what if I actually got her pregnant? My college career would be over practically before it's begun. Not smart. I'm thinking with my dick.

Luckily for him, Kate didn't notice the concern on his face, because her orgasm was so massive that, after a minute or two of wild screaming and thrashing, she passed out altogether!

He simply laid on top of her, sweating like a pig. Damn. And now she's passed out. I was going to see if I could just stay erect and keep on fucking her, but I guess that's not an option. Not that it mattered, since my dick is starting to go flaccid already anyway.

But, I swear, this is not done! I can't leave things like this! It looks like she had a pretty big climax, especially if it knocked her out. Still, I don't want her to think that I'm some kind of quick trigger guy who can't control myself. I need to do better. I'm down for the count right now, unfortunately. And when I get hard again, I've promised Monica to fuck her. I'm definitely looking forward to that!

But if I have anything left in me at all when that's over, I'm going to fuck Kate again. And properly, the way it should be. Heck, I only got about half of my dick in her. I want to pound her deep, all the way, until I'm completely bottomed out in her! Unfortunately, it was kind of a trial puncturing her hymen and all that followed. She was still in a lot of pain, I could tell. Hopefully, that's behind us now, and she's adjusted to my size. It was great, there's no doubt about that. But next time should be way better!

He continued to simply lie on top of Kate with his eyes closed, while Jordan rested on him. All that aside, the main thing is that she says she loves me! And I've realized I love her! What an unbelievable night this has been! I remember the nasty look in her eyes when I first walked in on her and Erin. And now, this! She's in love with ME! How incredible is that?! And she worries that I'll leave her. Ha! I'm going to hang onto her for dear life, there's no doubt about that. Nobody could possibly top her.

I meant what I said about seeing a heart of gold somewhere inside her. Of course she's a spoiled princess type. How could she not be, with her looks? But that's not who she really is. That's what society basically made her be. Just like a super tall, athletic guy is almost certainly going to be pushed into becoming a basketball player, she's been pushed this way and that to fit a stereotyped role. I wouldn't be surprised if not even she knows who the "real" Kate is yet. It'll be a great thrill for the two of us to find out, together!

I do know that the real Kate loves sex, and she loves being sexually dominated and humiliated. That's awesome! But that's not all. I'll bet she's smarter than me, for starters. We could be great for each other, in AND out of bed.

He gently kissed Kate's neck, because his mouth happened to be close to it. He subtly ran his hands up her sides while being careful not to wake her. God, what a woman! This is too great to be believed. I've never even been in love before, and now, this! I only hope I'll be able to rise to the challenge and keep her loving me. I'm kind of tempted to drop all the "personal slut" stuff and treat her in a more equitable manner, but to be honest, I think that's pivotal to why she's so into me.

It's hard to tell though. I wish I had someone I could turn to for advice. Kind of like Jack before I realized he was pranking me. Unfortunately, I'm all on my own.


"Okay! My turn!" That was Monica, bouncing eagerly up and down on the bed. Several minutes had passed with nobody doing anything but resting.

Ryan opened his eyes and looked skeptically in Monica's direction. Luckily, she was sitting up in the direction his head was already facing. "You're kidding me, right?"

"No, I'm dead serious. You promised! Remember? You said that you'd first fuck Erin, which you did, then Kate, which you did, and now, ME!"

He groaned wearily. He performed a mental check on his current sexual potential, but came up empty. "I know. I did say that. And I totally want to. But I've had a lot of wild sexual activity all evening long. I don't think that I have any more cum or sexual energy to give. I'm sorry!"

Erin could see that Monica was not happy. She spoke quickly, before Monica could react badly. "Hey, I've got an idea. Ryan, you say that now, but what about an hour from now? Couldn't you recover by then?"

He was uncertain. He rolled over and off Kate so he could lie face up and make eye contact with Erin too. (Jordan had gotten off his back shortly after his climax, enabling him to make such a move.) "I suppose... maybe. In theory, at least. But I don't want to make any promises I might not be able to keep. I'm not the kind to stay up really late. This is past my bedtime already. Plus, I'm totally wiped out from all the sexual activity. An hour from now, I want to be deep asleep." He looked up at Monica with a pleading look. "I really want to, but I just don't know."

"Understood," Erin said, getting to the crux of her idea. "However, we still have a big unresolved issue: Jack! And he really needs to be dealt with tonight, one way or another. What if we turn our attention to that, while he's still awake and at the party? That'll keep you awake and mentally engaged. Then, once that's done, we can check again to see if you're up for fucking Monica. Maybe by then you'll be sexually recharged."

"BRILLIANT! ¡Me encanta!" Monica gave Erin a high-five across both Ryan's and Kate's bodies. (Nobody asked what she meant because they were getting used to her frequent excitable outbursts in Spanish and her tone of voice conveyed the general gist, but "Me encanta" means "I love it!")

Ryan was silent as he considered that. Man, I really, really want to fuck Monica later tonight, not to mention maybe even have another round with Kate. But I can't go around making rash promises. It would be great if I could rise to the occasion, but surprise her about it. That way, she won't be that disappointed if I flake out instead.

Before he was forced to reply, Jordan spoke up. "Excuse me, but who's Jack?" She was sitting up on the bed too, but had moved down near Ryan's feet.

There was a collective groan from the others, as they realized Jordan didn't know a thing about the Jack situation and would need a lot explained.

Even Kate groaned, showing that she'd woken up. She was managing to pay attention to the discussion, despite the fact that she was still practically comatose.

Erin reached out and playfully ran her fingers through Kate's blonde hair. "Hey, look who rejoined the world of the living!"

Monica tapped Kate's shoulder on her other side. "So how was it, getting fucked by The Beast? Losing your virginity, even? Was it everything you'd hoped for?"

Kate kept her weary eyes closed, but smiled. "It WAS! It was great."

Ryan coughed, then spoke up. "Um... I'm sorry I didn't last very long. I'll do better next time, I promise! It's just that the whole situation was way too arousing, especially after you told me you love me and everything."

Kate opened her eyes in order to look at him and do her best to reassure him. "That's okay, honey. I feel the same, especially when you told me you love me. That much fucking was about all I could handle, anyway. I already can't wait until next time, now that you've taken care of my hymen!" She reached out and held his hand.

They shared another intimate moment just staring into each other's eyes.

The others were content to wait on the discussion about Jack, glad to see them having such a moment.

Kate had rolled onto her side to face him, while he'd rolled onto his side to face her. So their noses were practically touching when she shyly asked, "Tell me... did you really mean it when you said you love me, or was that a heat-of-the-moment thing?"

He spoke sincerely and without hesitation. "Oh, I definitely meant it! I know it's crazy, considering how little we know each other, but that's how I feel. I can't help my feelings. What about you? Did you really mean it?"

"Of course! I mean it with all my heart and soul!" She fumbled around for one of his hands, found it, and gave it a good squeeze. "I love you. I honestly love you!"

Monica noted with amusement, "Those are the words to a cheesy soft rock song from the 1970s, you know."

Kate said fiercely, "GOOD! I feel cheesy, and sappy, but in the best possible way, if you know what I mean. I've never told anybody I love them! Never! Well, not counting my parents, of course." She stared up dreamily into Ryan's eyes. "And that's because I've never felt that way about anybody else, until you came along and crammed your huge cock down my throat! You've made me so happy!"

Ryan and Kate shared another prolonged and passionate kiss. It wasn't as intense as their last necking session, since they were both recovering from their orgasms, but it was still magical and heartfelt. They were too tired to fondle at the same time. Kate did reach out to test if she could fondle his flaccid penis back to life, but she quickly gave up after sensing how stubbornly flaccid it remained.

Ryan didn't want to admit it, but he'd never told anyone he'd loved them, not counting family. There was much more he wanted to say but felt that he couldn't for fear of revealing that he wasn't the experienced and unstoppable sex stud that he pretended to be.

He found himself thinking, Having sex with Kate is great. Easily the best thing I've ever experienced in my entire life. And sex with Erin and Monica is right up there too. But I've got a feeling that falling in love with her could ultimately be even MORE rewarding! I can't wait to see what develops. And not just her. What if I fall in love with Erin and Monica as well?! Hell, maybe Jordan too. Is it crazy to even think that? Who knows. Right now, I'm feeling anything is possible.

After a couple of minutes, Erin said to Monica and Jordan, "You know, the two of them could be at that for a while. Monica, why don't we start explaining the whole Jack story to Jordan while we wait?"

However, Kate heard that and broke the kiss. "Don't worry, we're here. We're listening. Right, honey?"

He happily nodded.

For the next few minutes, Erin and Monica worked together to give Jordan a basic understanding of how Jack had tried to play a prank on Ryan, only to have it work out astoundingly well for Ryan. It turned out Jordan knew Jack fairly well already, since he was a good friend of Vince, who had been her latest boyfriend until she'd broken up with him an hour or so ago.

Ryan and Kate mostly just listened. They couldn't resist kissing and touching each other a lot as well. They weren't that frisky, but he couldn't help but play with her enormous tits a fair amount. It seemed they were falling deeper in love with each passing minute, and it showed with a new intimacy in the way their touched each other.

Once the explanation was finished, everyone looked to Jordan for her reaction.

Jordan said, "Jack is an evil motherfucker! To be honest, I never liked him much. He seems nice on the surface, but it's all on the surface, like a used car salesman. We've gotta get back at him, big time! This outrage can't stand!"

The others were impressed with Jordan's passionate, pro-Ryan attitude on this.

Ryan thought, I like how she said "we". I'm not sure what's going to happen with her. Will I fuck her? He looked her over carefully. Hell, yeah! Damn, she's a BABE! But will she join our small group in a permanent way? I don't know yet. But the mere fact that she said "we" shows I was right to bring her in to watch tonight. That shows that she's already joined our side. That's pretty key. Just two more, and the third floor will be secured!

Surprising everyone, Kate managed to sit up, in order to look around at all the others. "I agree! He needs to PAY! Yes, I suppose none of tonight's incredible, wonderful events would have happened had it not been for Jack's bullshit. But that doesn't get him off the hook, in my book. I don't think we should cut him any slack whatsoever, just because things happened to work out so wonderfully for all of us. What he was trying to do was pure evil, just like Jordan said! We have to rally and really stick it to him!"

Kate clearly remained wiped out from the fucking, but she even managed to briefly pump a fist at the end of her passionate spiel. Then she went back to cuddling and caressing her new lover.

Erin commented, "Wow, Kate. I'm surprised you're even conscious, much less saying all that so articulately. Are you feeling better?"

Kate was still in pretty bad shape. Her face was bathed in sweat, with her bangs matted to her forehead. But she clenched her teeth with determination. "True, I may not look my best, and my pussy feels like it was just filled with a Mack truck, but I've never felt better! But I'm outraged at the same time, because Jack has threatened my honey! I don't care that Ryan just fucked me for the first time, or that I barely even knew him until a few hours ago. The fact is, we're bonded together tightly! He owns me, body and soul, and I'm one of his personal sluts! I'm in love, and I don't care who knows!"

She smiled warmly and lovingly at him, causing him to smile back. She cuddled into his chest and ran a hand up and down whatever she wasn't pressing against.

She continued, directly to him, "Ryan, honey, you're MY man." She looked down at his flaccid penis and held it in her hand. "True, I have to share you with Erin and Monica, and probably Jordan now too, and who knows how many other buxom and gorgeous personal sluts you have?" She paused significantly, hoping he'd answer that question with a specific number.

However, he didn't take the bait.

So she continued, while she continued to caress his flaccidness, "The Beast certainly gets around, and I'm okay with that. But that doesn't change the fact that I belong to you now in a powerful way! I know that, on one level, I'm merely one of your many big-titted and sexy fuck pets. I wouldn't be sitting here naked, with your cum slowly oozing out of my pussy, if I didn't have this body, this face, and especially these big breasts." She pulled back slightly and seductively ran both her hands up and down her upper body, as if trying to sell herself.

Even though Ryan was flaccid and sexually satiated, he was awed at the ravishing sight before him. Holy fuck! That face. That body. Those tits! I swear, I'll never get used to her breathtaking beauty!

She grinned slyly, pleased at the expression on his face. She cupped her massive globes from below as she continued, "It's frustrating that, with my looks, I can't have you all for my own. But, like I said, I'm okay with that. Given what you can do with The Beast, I would expect nothing less. Look at how quickly you turned my entire life upside down. I feel a deeper connection with you that both frightens me and thrills me. Yes, I'm one of your personal sluts, and I'm only starting to know you, but I'm totally in love with you just the same! And since you're MY man, anybody who fucks with you fucks with me!" She longingly reached her hand towards him again.

He saw that, reached for that hand, and gave it a powerful squeeze. They shared another loving look. He said, "Thanks! I obviously don't know you that well yet either, but I feel what you feel too. It's early days, but I hope those feelings between us will grow and grow. There's no reason we can't both fall madly in love with each other, so long as you understand I'll always have my other women. Especially the ones you see here." He briefly nodded towards Erin, and then Monica, but his wording left open the possibility that he was referring to Jordan too.

Kate stared up at him dreamy-eyed and almost teary-eyed. "Of course! I'm going to be constantly jealous and embarrassed in having to share you, but it seems that being frustrated and humiliated is kind of a big part of being one of your personal sluts, and I'll just have to deal with that. In fact, as long as you fuck me a lot, and let me suck and titfuck your cock a lot, I actually PREFER sharing you!"

She turned her gaze from Ryan to the others, looking at them one by one. "Especially with Erin and Monica. I get a special tingle thinking about all of the countless blowjobs we'll share together. I already know it's even more fun and arousing that way. And it's not just the sexual pleasure. We've ALL grown a lot closer tonight, haven't we? Something special has happened tonight to all of us, together!"

Erin reached out and clasped Kate's other hand. "I hear you, sister!" She thought to herself, She acts like she has to endure being sexually humiliated, but I think that's actually her favorite part!

Monica similarly nodded and said, "Amen! Especially about all the shared blowjobs to come." She winked playfully.

Kate smiled encouragingly at Erin and then at Monica, but then her face turned hard and mean. "That said, let's not talk about that right now. We need to deal with Jack! Like I said, he needs to PAY! For all we know, he still thinks his prank is in motion. We should use that to our advantage. We can play along for a little while, if need be, then turn things around and make the joke on HIM!"

Monica reached out to give Kate a high-five, only to realize that Kate wasn't looking her way and was too out of it to easily notice. But still, she hissed encouragingly, "YESSSSS!" and gesticulated wildly. "¡Jack es un tarado! ¡Cara de verga! ¡Deberíamos cortarle el rabo a ese escurridizo bastardo y metérselo en la garganta hasta que se atragante!" ("Jack is a douchebag! A dickface! We need to snip off the cock of that sneaky bastard and shove it down his throat until he chokes!")

Seeing the others were staring at her with blank faces, she said, "What? Okay, obviously, I don't mean that literally, I'm just saying. That's how he makes me feel!"

Realizing that Monica didn't realize she'd just been speaking in Spanish, Erin smiled and said, "English, please. You were just talking in Spanish again. Something about a 'tarado'?"

Monica replied a bit sheepishly, but still very passionately, "Oh, sorry. A 'tarado' is a douchebag, and a 'cara de verga' is a dickface. The rest, I got a bit carried away. It's probably better I don't translate that. The thing is, now that you've brought it up again, I'm SO ANGRY! Jack is such an... UGH! ¡Astuto bastardo!" (Sneaky bastard). "Ryan, I may not have completely fallen for you like Kate has, but I still feel very strongly for you. And since you're my... well, not boyfriend exactly..."

"Owner," Kate helpfully suggested. "He owns your sexy ass."

But Monica didn't like the sound of that, even if she wasn't willing to deny it. Instead, she just said, "Well, whatever one calls it, that makes it especially personal. I can't stand by and let this injustice stand!"

Erin said, "Hear, hear. I feel the exact same way. But let's not just vent and shake our fists. We need a PLAN! What's our plan? Jordan, I know you may be feeling a bit like an outsider right now. Hell, you haven't even properly licked or stroked The Beast yet. But you feel the same way we do about Jack, so feel free to join us in putting our heads together and not only come up with a plan, but put it into action!"

Jordan spoke with some relief. "Thanks. I'd be glad to, and I'd be honored. We third floor Kappas should stick together. Well, except for Nancy, perhaps."

Kate grumbled, "Ah, yes, Nancy. We're going to have to deal with her, one way or another. But that's a problem for later."

Ryan and the four women spent the next ten minutes brainstorming about what to do with Jack. The problem was that they lacked up-to-date information. They weren't even sure if he was still at the party, although they figured the odds were very good that he was. They also didn't know if he'd given up on his prank, if he'd looked hard for Ryan, and other important factors.

So they decided the first thing to do was gather some more information. Jordan felt like she was only on the fringe of the group, and she wanted to ingratiate herself with the others so she could be more accepted. She hadn't had any sort of sex with Ryan yet, but after what she'd seen and heard, she knew she wanted that to happen, and soon. As a result, she volunteered to be the one to go back to the party and find out what was happening with Jack. Since she wasn't known to be closely associated with Kate, she could talk to Jack without any hint of his prank on Ryan coming up. If he did bring it up, she intended to act completely clueless about it.

Jordan put her robe back on and then went to her room to freshen up and change into clothes for the party.

While she was gone, the others stayed on the bed, arguing about what to do. Kate was feeling better all the time, and she managed to sit up like the others.

Their main idea was to catch Jack saying something so awful that he'd get in trouble. Kate had a tape recorder that easily fit into a pocket, which she used to record lectures. At a minimum, they figured they could use that. But they preferred finding a way to record him with a video camera as well, just to make sure the evidence against him was completely incontrovertible. They also toyed with the idea of getting him to say something damning in front of other witnesses.

Kate had a small video camera as well, but it was no spy camera, so using it could be risky. Furthermore, there was the problem of figuring out what they could get Jack to say that would be seen as truly damning. They presumed it would be easy to get him to confess his prank against Ryan to Kate, if Kate played along with disliking Ryan. However, that wouldn't mean much at all to others in the Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority or Jack's SAE (Sigma Alpha Epsilon) fraternity. In both groups, Ryan was a total non-entity (except for his new friends Kate, Erin, Monica, and now Jordan), and nobody would care much if someone like him was pranked. Jack had done worse to outsiders like him, and people just laughed.

So they discussed other options. They hoped they could get him to say or do something to at least piss off the other Kappas, enough so that he'd be banned from future KKG events, at a bare minimum. SAE had a reputation both locally and nationally as a particularly misogynist fraternity. For instance, people often joked with dark humor that SAE stood for "sexual assault expected". Jack seemed to be the stereotypical womanizing macho jock, so they figured the odds were good they could catch him saying or doing something offensive to women that would anger the other Kappas.

They came up with a variety of different scenarios that seemed promising, but they didn't know for sure what he'd say or do. As a result, they thought up various fall-back plans. If one approach didn't work, they'd try another. They figured they had a lot of latitude as long as he didn't suspect that they were out to get him, and right now he had no reason at all to suspect that.

Jordan came back from her mission less than ten minutes later. She knocked on Monica's door, and the others got up off the bed and let her in. She was dressed in a sexy, revealing white dress. (She knew white emphasized the surprisingly light shade of her platinum blonde hair.)

As soon as the door was closed, and with the other four standing around her, she announced with a fire in her eyes, "Good news! Jack is still at the party. I found him in the basement pool, with his friend Vince and some other SAE friends of that ilk. There were a few Kappas there with them. About eight people in all. I figure it should be easy for one of us to peel Jack off for a one-on-one conversation if that's the plan."

Erin asked, "Are any of them using the pool or the hot tub?"

Jordan replied, "Nah. But most of them are in bathing suits. Maybe they were in the water before, or using the sauna, or perhaps they haven't gotten to it yet. Or it could just be they like having an excuse to show off their bodies in skimpy bathing suits."

Monica pointed out, "That could help us. If we want to get Jack to attempt to commit some sex crime, it can only help if he sees one of us in a bikini first. Get him too horny to think straight!"

Ryan butted in, "By the way, what's the deal about the basement pool area? I tried to go there earlier, but I couldn't even find the door."

Kate spoke with a haughty tone and waved a hand dismissively. "Yeah, we make it hard to find, in order to keep out the riffraff. The door is locked and unmarked." Then she remembered who she was talking to. "Um, not to imply that you're riffraff! From now on, you can go there whenever you like. I'll make sure of that!"

She sat up stiffly, striking a sexy pose. "Consider that you have free run of this whole sorority building, just like you have free run of my entire body!" She thrust her bare tits out at him enticingly.

He grinned at her newly apologetic attitude. He was trying not to react to her sexy come-on, so they could stay focused. "Don't worry about it. I know what you mean. It makes sense you'd want some security there so your sorority sisters will feel free to wear bikinis or whatnot."

Kate scooted closer to him and put her hands on his chest. She was mostly recovered from the fucking, and easily arousable. She purred, "Emphasis on the 'whatnot' part. We often go topless or even bottomless there, not to get a tan obviously, since it's the basement, but just because it's naughty and fun!"

He furrowed his brow, trying to imagine the "old" Kate doing that. "But I thought that you were very sexually restrained up until tonight?"

Kate caressed his bare chest. "Oh, I was. I never went topless there, or anywhere else. Others did. Heck, I rarely went to the pool at all. But now that I'm one of your personal sluts, that's all changed! I can't wait to reserve some private time down there. We'll be able to swim in the nude, play around, and have fun. It'll be an extra thrill for me to suck your cock down there, in such a large room, where there's an extra sense of danger! Mmmm..."

She unthinkingly stretched her jaw as her mouth began to water. That definitely needs to happen, and soon! I wonder if it's possible to suck him underwater, even? I can't wait to find out!

She slid a hand down to his crotch. She could see that he was still flaccid, but she hoped a little bit of fondling would change that. She got up on her tip-toes and whispered huskily in his ear, "I'm going to suck your cock SO VERY MUCH! You definitely picked the right busty beauty to tame and own! I can hardly wait to st-"

Kate was cut off, because Erin tapped insistently on her shoulder. "Kate, please. Not now. For one thing, I can tell that The Beast is sleeping and you're not going to wake him up that easily. But also: Jack! Can we focus on that problem and deal with him first?"

"Oh, right. Sorry." Kate pulled away from Ryan and then surprisingly got off the bed altogether. She was feeling increasingly frisky, and she wanted to remove herself from temptation. She stood a couple of feet away with her hands at her sides, as if at attention. She looked around. "Where were we?"

Monica said, "Let's get Jordan up to speed on what we've been talking about while she was gone. Then let's come up with a very specific plan, and put it into action!" She clapped her hands. "Come on, people! Let's get this show on the road!"

Kate responded, "You're just in a big hurry because you're eager for your turn to get fucked."

Monica grinned impishly. "Damn straight I am! Even though he's probably going to wreck my poor, tiny pussy with his huge Beast. But so what if I've got my motives? We all want to get this Jack crap over with, don't we?"

With Monica leading the way, the group quickly got Jordan up to speed. Jordan also told them all she could about her "recon" to the party, although there wasn't much to tell since she'd chickened out and didn't actually speak to Jack. She admitted that she'd chickened out because he was with several SAE friends.

Taking into account their new information, the group soon came up with a refined plan. The only remaining issue was figuring out who should put it in motion.

Kate, who had settled into a chair next to the bed, said, "I should do it. I feel partially responsible. This might have never happened if Jack didn't assume I'd go along with his prank. And to my great shame, I probably would have gone along with it had I not had my world turned upside down."

Monica took Kate's hand and squeezed it supportively. "Don't blame yourself. This was entirely Jack's doing. You never would have done a stunt like that on your own, right?"

"True, but only because I had a stick way up my ass. I was so uptight that I had no sense of humor at all. Now, I feel... loose!" She wiggled her body and shook her hands in the air, as if she were discovering how her body worked. "It feels good!"

Erin said, "I'm very glad for you about that. But be that as it may, there are some big problems with you taking the lead. Most crucially, I'm concerned that your feelings for Ryan have grown so strong in such a short time that you'll quickly blow your cover. When Jack starts insulting Ryan - and you know he will if Ryan's name comes up at all - you're bound to go ballistic!"

Kate dramatically stood up and then put her hands on her hips, causing her immense round tits to sway. "Give me some credit. I'm a great actress, if I do say so myself. And I should know, because becoming a princess doesn't come naturally, you know. My whole life has basically been an act, a pose." She struck a sexy pose, more to titillate Ryan than to demonstrate the obvious fact of what a "pose" was.

Erin got up off the bed and stood up. She also put her hands on her hips and stared at Kate critically. "Really? Because I doubt that. Maybe your snotty princess pose started out as an act, but after doing it so long, didn't it more or less become you at some point?"

After a long pause, Kate said sadly, "Maybe so. But even so, it's basically been a fake life, and I have to say not what I really want to say, but what I think people want me to say, or what I'm expected to say. And I've had to put on lots of different faces. For instance, what about my previous dating life? I had to act like a real life Barbie doll. I'd be all smiles and charms and flirty moves while never letting my lust take control, never letting the guy get anywhere. That takes a lot of acting ability, a lot of self-control!" She looked around challengingly.

The others didn't dispute that.

She continued, "Or what about when I'm with my parents? You don't even want to know the full story there. But let's just say that I put on a whole different kind of act when I'm with them. Believe me, I'm very, very good at hiding my true feelings!"

Erin continued to stare at Kate critically from close up. "Hrm. You make some good points, I'll grant, but this has got to be a completely brand new situation for you. You've never been in love before. Your hormones are running wild, I'm sure. You have no idea how you'll really behave in this novel situation until it happens. And if you show your true feelings for Ryan, you'll screw everything up. We'll lose the element of surprise!"

Kate sighed. She stepped back, took her hands off her hips, and slumped slightly where she stood. "Ugh! I suppose you're right. But it's got to be me. He's not going to talk about his prank with anyone else. Besides, who's to say that you won't be strongly affected by your new emotions about Ryan too? Or you, Monica?"

Monica raised a hand from where she still sat on the bed. "Um, I think I'd better sit this one out. I'd love to nail that motherfucker to the wall, and then shit down his throat, but I wear my emotions on my sleeve way too much. If you want some kind of attack squad to literally kick his ass, just say the word and I'll be the first to sign up. But if you're talking about subtlety and lots of sneaky lying, it's better not to rely on me."

Jordan, also still on the bed, said, "What about me? I'm on your guys' side, but haven't been very affected by Ryan or The Beast yet. I can keep my cool."

Erin said, "That's true, but I'm not entirely sure that you can be counted on, for that very reason. You're not yet one of the converted. I'm thinking you'd do better as 'the bait', if it comes to that. You'd still have a role, but you wouldn't have to talk to Jack much, if at all."

"I could do that," Jordan said, stiffening up proudly. "I definitely want to help out in some way. I'm totally with you guys. And given my Miss Sluttypants reputation, I'd make good bait."

"True," Erin replied. "Thanks. But hopefully it won't come to that." She looked back to the others. "Anyway, I don't mean to toot my own horn, but I'm the ideal choice. It can't be denied that I have been powerfully affected by Ryan. I'm one of his personal sluts now; there's no doubt about that. And yet, I'm kind of known as the more level-headed one, the voice of reason, at least compared to you and you."

She looked at Kate and then Monica to make clear who she meant. She added, "I'm not saying I'd win the world series of poker with my poker face, but compared to you two, it's a no-brainer. Monica, you're hot-headed in general, and Kate, you're moony and star-struck about Ryan right now. It's really hard to hide that, even if you are a great actress. For instance, you have a sort of 'just fucked' glow on top of a 'head over heels in love' glow, on top of a general redness in the face due to blushing for most of the night. That'll start him wondering what's so different about you, and why, from the get-go."

Jordan said to Kate, "Erin makes a good point."

Ryan nodded. "She does. Can we agree that Erin should take the lead in talking to Jack downstairs?"

Kate, Monica, and Jordan nodded with varying degrees of reluctance.

He clapped his hands, "Okay, then. Let's go! It's time for some payback!"

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