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With Erin gone downstairs to talk to Jack, Ryan requested that the other girls put on some clothes. He pointed out that he felt sexually wiped out, and seeing them naked while he was in that state would make him feel more frustrated than pleased.

The girls didn't share the male biological limitation of only being able to cum a limited number of times a day. Furthermore, they were more used to staying up late than Ryan was. They felt somewhat tired, but they still were feeling somewhat frisky too. However, since he requested it, they agreed to put on bath robes. Kate briefly went back to her room to get her own robe, and she brought back a spare one for Ryan to wear. Jordan had already arrived in a robe, so she simply put that back on. Naturally, since they were gathered in Monica's room, Monica got her own robe from her closet.

Then Kate, Monica, and Jordan got busy with what they could do to help trap Jack. Each girl had a video camera of some kind, in addition to various digital cameras, cell phones, and tape recorders. Kate and Jordan brought their equipment back from their rooms, and Erin also left her video camera for them before she went downstairs.

Their preferred plan was to trap Jack somewhere private and then secretly record him saying and/or doing incriminating things. They didn't know where this would happen yet, but one possibility was to have Jack come up to one of their third floor bedrooms.

Ryan wished he could have helped with the equipment, but his dorm room was far away, and he didn't own a video camera anyway. He did have his cell phone on him, but they had a glut of cell phones already. He mostly just rested on a sofa and offered occasional suggestions to the others.

Just thinking about his dorm room was startling. Whoa! To think, I could be in my small, basic room right now, sitting alone. Maybe doing homework. But no! I'm here. This is a palace by comparison. Everything has changed, because I dared to go after the girl I wanted. Fortune really does favor the brave!

It was generally agreed that recording Jack on video was essential, and getting footage of him from more than one angle was even better, so it would be very difficult to dismiss their evidence as a fake. Since they happened to be in Monica's room already, they practiced hiding the video cameras around the room. They tried hiding them in dark nooks and covering all but the lenses with carefully arranged clothes. Then they had to test to see how the recording came out. They found some good spots that were virtually undetectable, including between the leaves of a large potted plant Monica happened to have in the middle of her room.

However, they had the problem of not knowing what part of the room needed to be the focus of their recording. They experimented with various arrangements of the four video cameras they had. Two cameras were secretly positioned to shoot sweeping views of nearly the entire room, while two more cameras focused in on the most likely spots for people to linger. They also contemplated using their cell phones to cover any gaps, especially when it came to recording sound. They could hide the phones here and there and have them record video as well.

The gist of their planning only took about five minutes. Then there was a lot of fiddling and honing to make sure they got the details just right. As they worked, Monica commented, "You know, this should work fine if we trap him in my room. But what if he gets lured somewhere else, like Kate's room? Or, even worse, somewhere downstairs? And what if we don't have much time to prepare for some new location?"

The others nodded grimly.

Kate said, "I think we could scramble in just a few minutes if we have to use my room or Erin's or Jordan's room. We've all got similar rooms, with lots of excellent hiding places. But downstairs, there's no telling. And if it takes place in a party atmosphere, the background noise could be loud and we might not get good audio. I'm counting on Erin to be smart: either she'll give us a plan to lure him up here, or she'll give us enough time to properly set up somewhere else."

Monica nodded. "True. Now, go to him." She pointed in Ryan's direction.

Kate looked at Monica in confusion. "What? What do you mean?"

"You know exactly what I mean. Ever since Ryan popped your cherry, you've been staring at him with a look that's a combination of 'lovestruck' and 'ravenously hungry.' The love bug has bit you hard, and I think that's cool. I know he's not up for more sexual fun at the moment, and even if he were, I have dibs on getting fucked next! But why don't you two lovebirds just hang out and start to get to know each other better?"

Kate had only been intermittently helpful with the video cameras because her gaze and attention kept drifting over to Ryan much of the time instead. She would have loved nothing more than to hang out with her new love. She felt incomplete if she wasn't at least touching him. However, she felt obliged to help out. She asked, "What about getting things ready? I don't want us to ruin our chances through a lack of planning. Getting revenge on the man who tried to humiliate my honey is VERY important to me!"

Monica said, "Don't worry about it. Jordan and I have things covered. If Erin were to come here with Jack in the next minute, all we'd need to do is hit record on each camera before we open the door. Knock on wood that she won't do that without adequate warning, but still, we'd cope. I've got more to say to Jordan to get her up to speed on what happened with Ryan tonight before she got involved. So while we do that, and maybe fiddle around with the cameras a little more, that leaves you a chance to get to know Ryan in a non-sexual way."

Kate was torn. "Thanks, but... I don't want to fall back into my Princess Kate ways. And that sounds like the kind of preferential treatment I'm sort of addicted to."

Monica rolled her eyes. "Go for it, girl! It is special treatment, but you and him obviously have a special love connection developing. It's okay if you want to hang out for a while. I won't hold it against you. Will you, Jordan?"

Jordan had been standing by and listening. She shook her head. "Definitely not."

Monica smiled. "See? There you go. Now, if The Beast awakens, that's a different matter! Call me so I can help out right away!"

"I can do that. Thanks!" Kate practically flew across the room to the sofa where Ryan was resting.

His eyes were closed, but he was awake and paying attention. It was a good thing, because his blonde bombshell practically tackled him. Within seconds, they were passionately necking.

However, Kate knew that he did need a sexual break, so she soon disengaged and sat back on his lap. "Sorry, honey. I couldn't help myself there."

He grinned. "That's all right. I'll only dock you five for that."

She frowned with concern. "Dock me five? What do you mean?"

He blithely explained, "Five smacks on your ass, of course."

She stared in shock and dismay. She was suddenly very mindful of the lingering soreness in her ass from her spanking earlier.

He continued calmly, "For trying to arouse me while you know I need to recover. But don't worry, you won't have to get spanked until tomorrow, since your ass is red already. I figure I'll be spanking you at least once a day for a good while until you're cured of your spoiled princess ways. So it's not a matter of if your ass will get whacked, just how many."

She was stunned. "But... but all I did was kiss you! And I know you really liked it. I could tell from the way you were passionately kissing back, as well as the way you were playing with these." She dramatically opened the white terry cloth robe she was loosely wearing, and enticingly hefted her big tits up and down.

He grinned impishly, and fondly recalled how he'd pinched and tugged on her erect nipples during the kiss. "True. It's a pretty weak excuse, but I just like spanking you. And since you're one of my personal sluts, I don't really need a valid excuse at all."

She thought, FUUUUCK! It's not just sexy talk. He really IS going to spank me daily, and totally dominate me in general. I should get upset, but I kind of like it. In fact, just thinking about the ways he's going to use me is making me all hot and bothered. But I can't let that show and get all horny on him, or he'll dock me another five, or more!

After a long silence, the conflict left her eyes and she meekly nodded. She reluctantly tugged her robe closed. Then she tried to start over. She slid off his lap and onto the sofa next to him, and said, "Monica says you and I should try to get to know each other as just friends, and I think that's a good idea."

He nodded. He looked her up and down. Mere seconds after she'd closed her robe, it had "accidentally" opened again as she repositioned. The gap went down nearly to her navel, coming dangerously close to exposing her nipples. Gaawwwd, she's such a buxom fox! How could I ever interact with her in a non-sexual, "just friends" manner? I feel sorry for all her previous boyfriends. They must have suffered near permanent blue balls, even if she wore a potato sack wrapped in a burlap burka inside an Eskimo jacket!

But hey, I'm not them. It is a good idea to just talk. I just need to keep my gaze focused on her face. Her sultry, passionate, seductive face. Huh. That's not going to help much. But still, I have to try. It seems neither of us can stop ourselves falling in love with each other, and despite all the sexy talk about non-stop blowjobs, most of our time together is going to be out of bed, interacting like normal people do.

He said, "I agree. Let's do it. You want to get the ball rolling and tell me more about yourself? There's so much I don't know yet."

She replied bashfully and nervously, "Um... can you go first? I'd be pretty embarrassed to talk about my life. Everything I can think of somehow is going to come back to how I'm a spoiled bitch. I really need to change, well, almost everything! Can we talk about you instead, for starters?"

"Sure. What would you like to know?"

She breathed a secret sigh of relief. "Well, to keep it on safe ground, how is it that you're already in a third-year advanced archeology seminar? You must really be into archeology."

He grinned and relaxed, because he enjoyed talking about that sort of thing. "Kind of. But actually, I'm more into paleontology. But there are only so many of those classes to take, and I did a whole bunch at my local community college while I was still in high school. So I'm taking classes in related fields."

Kate said with obvious interest, "Paleontology? No way! I'm really into that too. I like it all, actually, history or pre-history. Anything to do with animals or people and the past, basically. But how are you so far advanced as a freshman? I mean, yeah, I know what you just said about getting those college credits in high school, but how did you develop such a strong interest in the first place?"

His grin grew, because that question brought back happy memories. "That's easy. When I was just eight years old, I was walking in an undeveloped canyon near my house and I happened to spot a weird rock in the dry creek bed. I bent to pick it up, and realized that it was some kind of fossil, like some ancient pill bug was trapped in the rock. I took it home and soon found out that it was a trilobite. You know what that is?"

She playfully pushed at his chest, causing her nipples to be briefly exposed. "Of course! I'm more than just a pretty face and G-cup breasts, you know. How old was it? Trilobites went extinct during the Permian mass extinction, so that means it had to have been at least 250 million years old!"

He was secretly pleased by her knowledge. Cool! She does know her stuff. A G-cupped, blowjob-loving, total fox who knows her trilobites. I've really hit the jackpot! Grinning madly, he continued, "As it happens, I took it to a science teacher at the local high school, and he was really impressed. He said it was a large and remarkably well preserved specimen."

"How large?" she urgently asked.

"Six inches long, and you could see the whole topside."

She whistled in appreciation. Then she grinned and said, "You know, until today I thought six inches long was pretty large, but now I know better. Besides, it's the thickness that really matters."

He gave her a discouraging look. "Are we still talking about trilobites?"

"No!" She laughed good-naturedly.

He couldn't help but laugh. "Very funny, but let's stay on track. He directed me to an actual paleontologist at the local museum and we had it properly analyzed. Turns out it was from the Carboniferous period, specifically the Baskirian subperiod."

He was going to say more, but she eagerly interrupted, "Awesome! I love the Carboniferous! I like to think of it as the age of the anthropoids, when all the insects were super-sized. So the Baskirian, that's what, 320 million years ago, give or take?"

He nodded, even more impressed that she knew the age of the Baskirian subperiod. He was tickled pink that she "loved" that era, because he did too.

Her face beamed with delight. "WOW! How great is that? I can just imagine. You must have been blown away. I mean, here you are, an eight-year-old kid, and you're holding a fossil that's 320 million years old! A piece of the Pangaea supercontinent in your hand! That must have totally blown your mind!"

His face beamed too. He truly loved paleontology but he rarely discussed it with anybody, because all he got back were blank or bored looks. But it was easy to see that Kate was genuinely excited, and he was feeding off her energy. "It did! Especially since the paleontologist let me keep it and even helped me exhume it out of the rock. And when I did, it was unbelievable! It was in such good shape that it looked like it could up and walk away!"

"Oooh!" Kate was so happy that she was leaning towards him with hands clutched together, on the edge of her seat. That caused her robe to open nearly to her nipples and her huge globes to swell forward, but she wasn't even thinking about that at the moment.

He couldn't avoid being affected by the sight of her busty and tanned body, but he valiantly tried to maintain eye contact and continue his story. "And not only that, but I went back to the canyon and found more! They weren't as big or as well-preserved, but still, they were trilobites from 320 million years ago!"


"And things just spiraled from there and I started collecting all kinds of fossils. I eventually found a rock face in that canyon and sort of started my own private dig. It kind of became my passion, from then until now. While other kids my age were out playing soccer or video games or whatever, I was probably in my room brushing the dirt off another fossil I'd found."

Kate said sympathetically, "That sounds great, but I guess that didn't make you too popular."

"No. Although it didn't matter much since I was home-schooled most of my childhood anyway, as I told you already. What sucked though was that my parents were indifferent. I think I mentioned to you that they're Bible thumper types. They had a hard time believing the world is more than six thousand years old."

Kate groaned in sympathy. "God, that sucks!"

He grinned impishly, while stealing glances at her nearly fully exposed rack. The robe had continued to open, exposing all her nipples and then some. He could see nearly all of her long, tanned legs too, up to the edge of her pussy. He knew she was trying to tempt him, and it would have worked had he not been completely sexually wiped out.

He pressed on, "It worked out okay. I talked and talked so much about my fossils and related topics that I eventually wore them down and got them to see the light. Plus, it helped me mature fast. By the time I was in junior high, I was doing volunteer work with some good scientists, and by high school I was actually being paid to do what I love to do for free, and I got to be mentored by some really great, smart guys."

"That explains a lot." That voice belonged to Monica. She'd been talking to Jordan at first elsewhere in the room, but their conversation had died out when they sensed how excited Ryan and Kate were getting, and they'd started to eavesdrop. Monica had just walked over to them and stood above them in another white terry cloth robe, with her hands on her hips.

Kate looked at her with irritation, and barked, "Hey Monica, what do you want?" But then, trying to turn over a new leaf, she added in a nicer tone, "Can I help get things ready?"

Monica replied, "No, we're good. Actually, Jordan and I are just waiting for Erin to come back, so we've been kind of listening in. I just had to say that really does explain a lot. Think about it. Ryan's a couple years younger than the rest of us, but he kind of acts our age, or even older. He certainly doesn't come across like the typical clueless freshman. Now we know why. While the other kids were wasting their time on their X-Boxes, he was doing some serious science shit with mature adults."

Kate considered that, and nodded. "Good point. It does explain a lot." Something clicked for her, and she asked him, "Hey, is that how you got into Dr. Peterson's advanced seminar? Did you know about him from earlier?"

Ryan nodded modestly. "Yeah. While looking for ancient fossils I came across some Native American remains, and that started a dialogue with Dr. Peterson, since it related to his area of expertise."

"Cool!" Kate thought, Wow! I'm seriously impressed, especially since he's just a freshman. He's got a huge dick AND a sharp mind. And he seems to respect my intelligence, but he also treats me like a slut, his personal slut. It's the best of both worlds!

Monica waved a hand towards Kate's upper body. "By the way, your... everything... is showing."

Kate flashed Monica an annoyed look. Kate was enjoying the conversation, but she wasn't so carried away that she was oblivious about her wide open robe. She was hoping to coax Ryan's penis back to full size soon. But after Monica's comment, she was obliged to lean back and pull her robe closed, at least enough to cover her nipples. She muttered sarcastically, "Thanks."

Looking up at Monica, Kate was tempted to say something about the pot calling the kettle black, since Monica's robe was nearly as wide open as hers was. In a way, Monica's was even more revealing, since less of her breasts were showing, but the gap continued all the way down to the bottom of the robe, showing off all of her pussy. But Kate decided to take the high road and keep her mouth shut, especially since she appreciated any visual assistance in getting Ryan's penis erect again.

He looked back and forth between the two stone foxes. Yeow! So much cleavage! And that's MY cleavage now. If I had any energy let in me, I could take my pick and titfuck one of them. Or hell, both of them!

Kate looked back to Ryan, hoping to keep the interesting conversation flowing. "That must have been a great experience, working with real scientists from a young age." She felt a strange surge of jealousy, and asked, "Tell me, were many of them women? And, if so, were any of those, well... sexy?"

Monica cut in to ask him, "More to the point, did you make any of them your personal sluts?"

Kate wasn't at all annoyed by that interruption because that would have been her next question.

For a second he toyed with claiming that one or two were, but he figured that the less he had to lie the better, so long as they believed the basic conceit that he'd had previous personal sluts. He chuckled. "Definitely not! Yes, some were women, but they were either married or not that good looking. I have yet to meet any seriously hot paleontologists."

Kate was still showing a dramatic amount of cleavage, and he couldn't help but look. That gave him an idea. He told her, "Until you, that is. In fact, you could make a killing."

Kate furrowed her brow. "What do you mean?"

"I mean, with your looks, your charismatic personality, your smarts, and your interests, you'd be the ideal host for documentaries and science shows and the like. Anthropology, paleontology, history in general... heck, whatever discipline you want."

She suddenly and dramatically leaned forward, causing her enormous globes to fall out of her robe altogether. "What about my breasts? Aren't they TOO large? People have told me they're actually too large for TV or the movies."

He gave up all attempts to maintain eye contact and just gawked at her extraordinary curves. "Well... um... I don't know about that. Maybe so. But you could bundle up or something. Besides, they're the perfect size in my book." Even though his penis stayed flaccid, he couldn't resist reaching out and hefting both her melons from below.

She shivered in delight, tilted her head back, and sighed contentedly.

Trying to keep the conversation on track, he spoke as he fondled, "Uh, but getting back to science documentaries and whatnot... Man! Once you get your degree, the producers will be falling all over each other to get you."

She suddenly hugged him, while making sure to keep his hands on her bare boobs. "Well, tough shit! Nobody's going to get me but you! I'm taken!" She knew she was deliberately misinterpreting his "get you" comment, but she felt a strong need to reassert her sense of belonging to him.

He smiled widely as he reached around her and hugged her back. He was touched by her attitude, and wound up French kissing her again.

He didn't want things to get carried away, but her robe kept on sliding down her body and he wound up clutching her ass cheeks with both hands.

Monica rolled her eyes and put her hands back on her hips. "¡Madre de Dios!" ("Mother of God!") "I can see the future already. We're going to need a crowbar to pry these two apart at any hour of day or night!" But she was mostly teasing. She was a little bit jealous, but she also was glad that Kate had finally found a man who seemed a good match for her. As she could clearly see, their conversation indicated they were connecting intellectually as well as sexually.

He broke the kiss with Kate and looked past her head to see Monica where she stood. He was startled to realize her robe had opened up even more, leaving her effectively naked from the front.

Seeing that she at least had his visual attention, Monica ran a hand down her body in an enticing, snake-like pattern until she reached her pussy. Then she purred, "I know you and Kate have a special thing going, but don't forget that you have THREE new personal sluts. And you haven't fucked this one yet." She spread her pussy lips open. "You think you can fit The Beast in here? In my teeny tiny cunt? It's going to be SUCH a TIGHT fit!"

He groaned in frustration and closed his eyes. "Man! If only my dick was hard right now!"

Kate told Monica, even though she was facing the other way, "I've got his penis in hand, and believe me, I'm doing all I can to coax it back to life. But no dice!"

Monica sighed sadly and dropped her arms back to her sides. "Ah well. Can't say I didn't try. But I've got a good feeling he IS going to impale me and pound me hard before the night is over. Between the four of us, he'd have to be literally dead not to get aroused again."

Kate giggled with glee as she moved in for another kiss. "That's true!"

Monica went back to hang out and talk with Jordan. She still had more to get her caught up on, and figured it was better to let Ryan and Kate have more one-on-one time.

When Ryan and Kate finished necking, his penis still wasn't erect, despite the fact that she continued to hold and fondle it. He teased her, "I'm docking you another five for that, you know. Teasing me when I'm in this condition."

She smiled from ear to ear. "It was totally worth it! In fact, you want to help me try for another five?" She deliberately slid out of her robe altogether, leaned back, and pressed her G-cups together from their outer sides, creating an incredible cleavage display. "I know that you love my big tits, Ryan. I love that you love them. Since you own me, you own them too. What kinds of nasty and naughty things are you going to do to them?"

Then she let go, wrapped her arms around him again, and leaned in for another kiss.

However, his hand blocked her mouth from reaching its target. "Whoa! Sorry. If you keep that up I'm going to get erect again, and I have to save that for Monica, once we take care of Jack. Let's talk about you some instead. Can you put your robe back on so I can concentrate?"

She looked at the robe, which was pooled on the floor next to her. "Nah. It's kind of... itchy."

He smirked. "Itchy. Right. You're asking for another five smacks, aren't you?"

She smirked too. "Maybe I am!" She broke the hug and repositioned to show off the redness of one of her ass cheeks. Then she grew contrite. "I'm sorry. It's just... it's like I've discovered sex for the first time, and I'm head over heels in love, and all I want to do is get fucked by you, in every hole." She licked her lips seductively. "I really am interested in what you're talking about as well though. Forgive me?"

He rolled his eyes. "Let's try again. Here's a question for you. How did you develop your love of pre-history and history and whatnot?"

She sat back and frowned, not-so-accidentally striking another sexy pose. "Unfortunately, I don't have a cool story like you. I come from a very different background from you, and nearly everybody else, for that matter. I was kind of like the female Richie Rich. When I was eight years old, if I wanted a six-inch long trilobite, all I had to do was snap my fingers and my dad would make one appear in a day or two. You have no idea how insufferably spoiled I truly am."

She looked down sadly, temporarily forgetting about her not so furtive attempt to arouse him with the gap in her robe. "And it sucks, because if you can buy anything, it kind of takes all the fun out of getting things. It's funny. Everybody wishes they could have all that I have. But I'm seriously wishing I could have been in your shoes walking that canyon and finding all those fossils on my own. I'll bet that trilobite meant more to you than any gift I ever got, and I got some doozies."

He gripped her shoulders with both hands, causing her immense melons to squeeze together enticingly, due to how her arms were positioned. "Why don't you? Walk in my shoes like that, I mean. There are all sorts of local digs around here, you know. This is a very geologically interesting area. We could volunteer together. That could be a great way to get to know each other more, and I'm sure we could get college credit for it too."

She looked down towards her legs, seeming shy and reluctant. "I don't know."

"Why not?"

"It IS a great idea, I'll admit, but there's a problem."


"How am I going to be with you for hours at a time without sucking your cock?" She looked back into his eyes and grinned impishly, revealing that she'd just been teasing with her pretend reluctance.

But then she spoke seriously, "That would be like torture for me. I really mean it! And you might claim that I'm just going through a phase and I'll get tired of it, but I don't think so. To me, it's like discovering something great, like pizza or ice cream. I know I'm NEVER going to get enough of your hot, throbbing cock!" She opened her mouth to a perfect "O" shape, closed her eyes, stuck her tongue out, and started wiggling it around. She looked to be in ecstasy just fellating empty space.

He shook her shoulders slightly in exasperation, since he still had his hands on them. He couldn't help but appreciate the resulting tit-quake, which at least distracted him from her pretend blowjob. Phew, boy! I've got a total vixen on my hands. She's as sexy as she looks, which is really saying something!

He waited until her face returned to normal. Then he said with a smile, "Don't worry. It doesn't matter if we're out in the open or even surrounded by other volunteers, you'll still have no choice but to drop to your knees and suck whenever I get an erection. And near you, I'm going to get a LOT of erections. Those others will just have to get used to digging over the sounds of your constant slurping and moaning."

A thrill raced down her spine and she stared at him wide-eyed. "Are you serious?!"

He shrugged. "Maybe. We'll see." He winked. He had been merely teasing, but then he thought, Hey, who knows, for real? Not in front of others, obviously, but maybe we could find a private spot and fool around some, even if we are outside. Wouldn't that be awesome, having Kate fucking Middlefield drop to her knees and suck whenever I feel like it, even out in the great outdoors? Damn, this is going to be a great year!

She felt goose bumps all over. Gaawwwd! He is SUCH the man for me! If only his penis had any hardness in it at all, I would give him the cocksucking of his life right now! I hope he IS serious! We could have fun as intellectual peers most of the time, but if The Beast gets stiff, then this personal slut will still have to drop to her knees and do her duty! It truly IS the best of both worlds. Gaawwwd! Ryan, where have you been all my life?!

She was tempted to French kiss him some more, but she didn't want to add to tomorrow's smack count. So even though she remained naked, she toned down her flirtation and continued to talk to him about their mutual love of paleontology. She even put her robe back on at his insistence, to help make sure she'd behave.

They discussed trilobites for a while, but somehow that turned into a heated debate on what exactly caused the Permian extinction, the largest mass extinction of all time.

He was very impressed with her intelligence and knowledge, just as she was with his. He'd already been impressed hearing her talk and ask questions during Dr. Peterson's anthropology seminar, and that was a key reason why he'd fallen for her. But he was gratified that she seemed to know just as much about paleontology, since that was his main passion.

He thought while peeking at the immense orbs between her increasingly open robe yet again, Talk about a keeper! Erin and Monica are great, and Jordan's got potential too, but Kate is something else altogether. How could anybody be such a total fox and be so smart? It's a downright unfair trouncing in the genetic lottery of life. And just look at these gigantic, perfect tits! And we have so much in common, including geeky interest in the Carboniferous period AND my love for dominating her and her love for being dominated.

He chuckled to himself at that bizarre juxtaposition of interests. I'm never gonna let her slip away if I can help it, that's for sure!


After about five more minutes of a lively extinction event debate, Erin returned. She knocked on the door and Jordan quickly let her in.

Ryan, Kate, and Monica also rushed to the door and gathered around Erin in their robes.

However, Erin just stood there smiling for a few long moments. Finally, once she absolutely had their undivided attention, she dramatically thrust a hand up in the air and announced, "Success! We got him!"

Bedlam followed. More specifically, there was a lot of cheering and a group hug centered on Erin. A considerable amount of kissing occurred too, with a number of different mouths on her face at once.

Erin kept her arm up high, but slowly pulled it down, drawing the attention of the others to it. She opened her fist, revealing that she was holding a pocket-sized tape recorder. She exclaimed, "I got him with this! However, the job's not done. We need to act fast!"

The redheaded fox was keen to quickly explain her story. One the initial hubbub ended, she broke free from the group hug, and said, "In the interest of time, I'll tell you the short version of what happened as it happened, giving just enough for you to get ready for what I consider phase two of our revenge."

The others stood around her in a semi-circle and nodded impatiently.

"On my way to find Jack in the basement, I happened to see Nancy in the main room, and I was thinking about the looming problem with her as I was pushing through the crowd and the noise. Then it occurred to me that she'd had a bad experience with Vince last year, and it also occurred to me that Jordan told us Jack and Vince were hanging out together. I didn't know what happened between Nancy and Vince, but she seemed all keen on him until she actually went out on a date with him, and then she never seemed to miss a chance to say bad things about him."

Kate pointed out, "But she says bad things about a lot of people."

Erin continued, "True, but she seemed to have a special axe to grind with him. You know what they say about how SAE stands for 'sexual assault expected.' It seemed pretty likely to me that her night with him ended with a date rape or something terrible along those lines. So, acting on a hunch, I decided to wing it and talk to Nancy. I was able to corner her in private. I started out by asking her if she wanted to get revenge on Vince. Hoo-boy! You should have seen her reaction. It was like throwing a raw steak to a pack of wild dogs. She couldn't agree fast enough."

Erin looked from face to face, seeing how they were reacting. They were hanging on her every word. "To make a long story short, I know I didn't have permission to do this, but I decided to throw caution to the wind and offer her a deal. Kate, I told her in very guarded terms that you and I had just gotten involved with the same guy and there was bound to be a lot of loud hanky panky noises on the third floor from now on."

Kate muttered, "Oh shit!"

Erin nodded. "I know. It was a risk. But I figured I wasn't really risking that much, because how long would we be able to keep our sexy shenanigans a secret from her? A day? A few days? A week, at most?"

Kate said, "But my plan is to do all that elsewhere. We could rent a place off campus and have all our fuck-and-suck sessions there. Money is no object for me."

Erin said, "That's good in theory, but come on, there's bound to be a lot of action on the third floor just the same. For instance, what if Ryan knocks on the door and you can see The Beast bulging and throbbing in his shorts? Are you really going to be able to wait until you get to some off campus apartment before you drop to your knees and choke and gag on it?"

"Well..." There was a long pause while Kate thought that over. She glanced at Ryan's crotch to check if he had an erection yet. Erin's brief comment about choking and gagging made her salivate hungrily.

Even though she didn't see a tell-tale bulge, she thought, The truth is, I wouldn't be able to get his fly unzipped fast enough. I would definitely engulf him then and there! I'd probably wind up naked before I was done, especially so he could cum on my face or chest. And once I was naked, it would be such a drag to put any clothes back on. Besides, even if I was alone, Monica or Erin would probably come in to get in on the action. We'd spend the next few hours titfucking and cocksucking him together until-

Erin coughed deliberately, since everyone was waiting. "We don't have all day."

Kate snapped back from her fantasy. "Sorry. And... okay, you've got a point."

Erin continued, "Just think how much better if would be to be able to do whatever we want with him on the third floor, at any time?" She grinned, and even licked her lips. Kate wasn't the only one having furtive blowjob fantasies.

But Erin was on a mission, and she resumed, "So I figured it was worth the risk. I offered Nancy a deal. I told her that we had something on Jack and Vince, and we were considering getting back at him, maybe even later tonight. But we weren't sure, and we could use her help. But if we were to go through with it, she would need to stay quiet about any and all sexual activity on the third floor, and at least stay on the sidelines if any controversy about that breaks out amongst the Kappas. Again, she couldn't agree fast enough. She REALLY has it in for Vince, and she had absolutely no problem targeting Jack too. In fact, she seemed to relish that part nearly as much."

Erin continued, "Then you should have seen the reaction when I told her that the plan was to try to trap Jack and Vince into attempting sexual molestation. It was almost scary. He must have hurt her bad. That all but confirmed my suspicion that he date raped her. We didn't overtly talk about it, but when I told her that it would be fitting revenge for what Vince did to her, she didn't disagree and even nodded grimly. So, knowing how strongly she felt, I tried to firm up and improve the terms of our deal. I don't have time to go into it, but I got her to freely speak into the pocket recorder I had with me on how she wouldn't oppose any sexual anything on the third floor, no matter who does what to who. I even got some collateral of sorts from her to guarantee she wouldn't stab us in the back later. I can't really say what that is, but trust me, it's good."

Jordan exclaimed, "That's great! But does 'no matter who does what to who' include even, say, me? For instance, if I were to get involved with Ryan too?" She looked to Ryan in a way that was both sultry and shy.

Erin chuckled. "Don't worry, I think we can all see that things are headed in that direction. Best enjoy the last time your pussy and asshole isn't sore and your breath doesn't smell of his cum." She winked. Her opposition to having Jordan join them was fading fast. It seemed inevitable and it made a lot of sense, especially when it came to third floor intrigues.

Jordan gasped. She looked to Ryan again and blushed.

But Erin quickly resumed, "I didn't name names, since this plan could still go south, but believe me, I made her give a vow that was wide enough to encompass everything. We could have an orgy with all of us right in the middle of HER bedroom, and she wouldn't be able to say 'boo!'."

Ryan rubbed his chin, as if pondering. "Hmmm... Interesting idea..." However, he grinned impishly to show that he was just kidding.

Monica playfully smacked him. "You! Eres un lobo con piel de cordero." For once, she realized she was speaking in Spanish again, and explained. "You're a wolf in sheep's clothing. You would, too!"

Erin waved her tape recorder through the air. "So I've got her verbal agreement right here. But that's not all I recorded. With that unexpected success boosting my confidence, I pressed on to find Jack and Vince. By the way, I take it that nobody has any objection to widening our revenge plan to target them both?"

Kate raised a fist and said fiercely, "Definitely not! They're like two peas in a pod. Let both those fuckers burn!"

Ryan asked, "What does Vince look like? Is he big and burly, just like Jack, and with the same buzzcut, except more, well, kind of a ginger?"

Jordan said, "That's him, no doubt. And I should know, since I was dating him until you talked me into breaking up with him an hour or so ago. Not like my heart is breaking, by the way."

Ryan nodded at that. "The reason I ask is because when I arrived at the party, whenever I wasn't talking to Jack, it seemed he was talking to Vince. Kind of conspiratorially, with their heads close together while looking all around. And then both looked my way several times in a weird sort of way. Now that I know what was really going on, I'm almost certain that Vince was in on the prank and they were talking about it."

Kate spoke even more passionately, with more fist shaking (and plenty of resulting tit shaking). "Then both of them need to burn! Burn, baby, burn! Let's take 'em DOWN! Nobody messes with MY honey! They're gonna be sorry!"

Ryan's heart soared. He loved hearing how possessive Kate felt towards him already. It was truly amazing how quickly everything had changed.

Erin said with slight chagrin, "They won't be sorry until I get to finish explaining things. Time is of the essence! May I?" After Kate nodded, Erin resumed, "So I went to the basement pool where we knew they were. But before I approached them, I did a mental double check on what I was going to do and say. I decided to make a slight alteration to our plan. Remember, we were thinking that Jordan would make good 'bait' to trap them." She nodded towards Jordan.

Jordan nodded back.

"However, it occurred to me that if Vince was going to be targeted too, that wasn't ideal." Erin addressed Jordan, "What if Vince later claimed that he hadn't really broken up with you a short time earlier, so in fact what he wanted to do was consensual?"

Monica scoffed. "Likely story! Especially with Jack there too."

"True, but it could muddy the issue. That's why, Monica, I decided to go with having YOU be the bait. What do you think of that?"

Jordan was secretly relieved. She was willing to play the bait role, but it was a scary prospect.

Monica merely raised an eyebrow as she considered that. Finally, she said, "Hrm. Interesting. Actually, I'm okay with that. Right now, I've got the same 'burn, baby, burn' attitude Kate does. I would be honored to play a larger role in the demise of those motherfuckers!" She turned her head and pretended to spit, as if she was spitting on them. Her face showed intense hatred and contempt.

Ryan thought, Man, I love the fire of my hot pepper! I just hope she never turns that anger on me! Of course, she will eventually, but that's all part of living life to the fullest.

Monica added more calmly, "Besides, I have formal self-defense training. It's not like I'm some martial arts expert, but if things go horribly wrong and I'm left alone with their molesting hands, I'll be able to handle myself until help can arrive."

Ryan asked with worry, "Are you sure? They're pretty big and strong. And it would be two against one."

Erin cut in before Monica could answer. "It's not going to come to that! We're going to be right there, right next door, and with a key to go in if need be. No way will we let any harm come to Monica. And boy am I relieved you've agreed to be the bait, because that's a key part of the story I told them. I hope you don't mind?"

Monica waved a hand dismissively. "Nah. You did what you thought was best. We're all in this together, and we'll all do what we can to make it work."

Erin smiled with relief. "Agreed."

Kate pointed out, "Plus, that has the advantage of the fact that we've already placed recording devices all over this room. Now, all we'll have to do is turn them on when the time comes, assuming you told them to come up here."

"I did, so you're right, that's good. But I don't want to reveal things out of order or it'll get all jumbled up and confused. Can I finish explaining what happened so we'll know how the rest of our plan is going to unfold?"

The others nodded.

"Good. I'll try to wrap up my story faster, because like I said, time is of the essence! Long story short, I found Jack and Vince together by the pool, as expected, and I was able to get to talk to them in private. With my secret tape recorder running, just to be on the safe side, I told them that I had a problem and I was coming to them for help because I knew they were nice guys who could be trusted and also had the necessary strength. Then I said that Monica had apparently been 'roofied' by who-knows-who at the party. I claimed that she was okay, but she was completely zonked out in one of the main floor rooms. It looked like she was going to be dead to the world for a few hours, at least, and we didn't know what to do with her, with the party going on nearby."

Erin continued, "Then I hit them with our plan, though modified a bit. I begged if they could help get her back upstairs to her bedroom. I praised their strength and said two big, muscular guys like them could certainly get her all the way up there, especially since she's rather petite sized."

Monica cut in with a proud smile, "Petite in size, maybe, but big in spirit!"

Erin smiled back. "Indeed. Anyway, I further claimed that she seemed to have gotten away from her assailant without harm, but her keys were missing. So I was hoping they could stay in her room with her until the party ended, to make sure she was safe, because the person with the keys might try to get into her room. Meanwhile, Kate and I would be searching the party looking for the keys and talking to people, trying to find out what happened to her."

Erin went on, "It went just as we'd expected. You could almost see the horny dawning on their faces as they realized this would be a 'fox guarding the hen house' situation. It was pretty gross. Even as I was praising what trustworthy, considerate guys they were" - she coughed derisively - "it was like you could see the scheming in their eyes. Then I told them not to rush their decision. I'd go check on Monica and then come back and see what they'd decided. Of course, as planned, by then I'd secretly stashed the tape recorder nearby. Then I went back to the main floor and waited a few minutes, making sure I wasn't followed. When I returned, they told me that they'd agreed, but they pretended to be reluctant. They said that it would be a drag to miss out on the rest of the party, so Kate and I would 'owe them one,' whatever that means."

Kate asked angrily, "What DOES that mean? No way will I let them so much as touch me or kiss me! I belong to Ryan now! You know that!"

Erin said, "Don't worry. Remember, we're never going to owe them anything, since we'll be busting them shortly. But even if we did, it would be something like inviting them to a cool, exclusive party, I'm sure. You're Kate fucking Middlefield, and nobody gets to touch you much, period."

Kate grinned impishly. "Oh yeah." She directed a sultry gaze at Ryan. "Except for one special guy. And he can touch me anytime, anywhere."

Erin coughed, trying to get Kate's attention before she got too moony. "Anyway, I was careful to secretly pocket the tape recorder and then I told them that I would confer with you, Kate. If Monica still seemed totally passed out, then after about ten or fifteen minutes I'd come back and get them for their help."

She grinned wolfishly as she continued, "Here's the kicker. After that, I went to one of the more out of the way bathrooms and played back the last couple minutes of the tape recording, from when I left them on their own. Sure enough, they ARE scum! I could play the recording for you, but in the interest of time I'll just summarize. Once I was gone, they were both like, 'Are you thinking what I'm thinking?' BOTH of them independently came up with the idea of going along with helping so they could be alone in Monica's room with her passed out body for the next hour or more. I don't even want to repeat the stuff they said they were going to do. Let's just say that on the basis of this recording alone, we've got them by the balls. They admitted to their plans to rape a sleeping Monica in the most clear and graphic terms possible!"

Monica suddenly erupted, "¡HIJOS DE LA GRANDÍSIMA PUTA!" ("Really big sons of bitches!") "MOTHERFUCKERS! Jack and Vince had better watch out! ¡Les voy a pisar la cabeza!" ("I'm going to stomp on their heads!") "¡Les voy a cortar los huevos!" ("I'm going to cut their balls off!")

Kate snickered, and nudged Ryan who was standing next to her. She muttered, "I don't know what all that means, but I do know woe be to Jack and Vince. I wouldn't want to be in their shoes right now!"

Ryan snickered back, and muttered, "You got that right. Nobody messes with my hot pepper! I love her passion."

Monica heard that, and it suddenly turned a lot of her anger into lust. In fact, she abruptly walked a few steps to him, held his head with both hands, and planted a nuclear kiss on his lips.

He hadn't been ready for that at all, so he was left gasping for air. "What... what was that for?"

There was a lusty fire in her eyes as she explained, "For saying 'nobody messes with my hot pepper.' I especially love the 'my' part. Let's burn these shitheads at the stake so we can go back to more fucking! I can't wait until you FUCK me like I've never been FUCKED before! They'll hear my hoarse screams for mercy in the next state! Hell, you've even got me itching to make this official personal slut crap official!"

Erin teased, "I thought you weren't keen on the personal slut thing?"

"I'm not! Well... mostly." She pointed at Ryan challengingly. "But if he keeps calling me 'my hot pepper,' he may find that he's stuck with me. I can't leave Kate as the only one drooling to choke and gag on The Beast all the time." She flashed a naughty grin towards Kate, and told her, "By the way, don't think I didn't notice the hungry look on your face when Erin mentioned that term."

Kate stood straight and tall, defiantly thrusting her G-cups forward. "Guilty as charged!" She leered at Ryan's crotch as she opened her robe in front a little more. "In fact, I'm feeling rather peckish right now." Even though she could see his dick still wasn't erect, she ostentatiously licked all around her lips, just to rile him up a bit.

Erin sighed impatiently. "Okay, you two. Keep your clothes on a little longer, until this is done. And Monica, I appreciate your passionate anger, and I share it too; I'm just not as demonstrative as you are. But we've got to keep our cool. We can't physically harm them or they could have a case against us. Remember that physical wounds heal quickly, but legal problems can linger for years. We want to screw them over in a long-term way, and not just be satisfied with a punch or kick or two. Agreed?"

Monica nodded, but her face was furious and agitated again, now that Jack and Vince were being discussed some more. She muttered darkly, "¡Malditos bastardos!" ("Damn bastards!") She asked, "Can you at least give us a hint of the kinds of things they said, to get us properly motivated?"

Erin carefully considered that. "I don't know. I worry that you in particular could be too motivated already. Once you're dressed, I'm going to have to pat you down for weapons!"

Monica smiled proudly and wickedly, as if she was already thinking of which knife to use.

Then Erin relented, and said, "Just to give you a hint, to show how red-handed they've been caught already, Jack said that the assailant had fine taste in women and tried to speculate on who it was. The two of them even tossed out some names of their SAE brothers who were known to use roofies and liked 'dark meat.' So if we're successful this time, I can already see a follow-up sting or two to purge that damn fraternity of the rest of their ilk."

"Definitely!" Monica said. The others nodded or grunted in agreement.

Erin continued, "Vince then said that, whoever it was, it was a shame that his 'fine work' had been interrupted, and it was up to them to 'finish the job.' So they're both as guilty as hell! And keep in mind that I'm passing on the less objectionable comments, so Monica doesn't spontaneously burst into flames!"

There were some chuckles in response to that, but the room was simmering with anger as well. Quiet but irate muttering followed.

Ryan was as angry as any of the others, with the possible exception of Monica. He felt extremely protective towards all the women in the room, despite the fact that up until a few hours ago he'd only known Kate slightly and the rest not at all. He even felt surprisingly protective towards Jordan, despite not having really gotten intimate with her yet. In his mind now, all four of them were "his girls" and he wasn't going to let anyone harm any of them.

Erin waited for the hubbub to quiet down. "So, now the question is, do we stop here and just go with what we have on tape, or do we move to what I like to call phase two, where we catch them in the act, on video?"

A chorus of voices broke out. It soon became clear that everyone was on the same page. They felt the audio recording wasn't enough and wanted to proceed to phase two.

Erin nodded. "Good. That's how I feel too. Those two guys are as slick and slippery as eels. They'd argue the tape was doctored and probably get off scot free. Remember, the SAE fraternity protects its own. We need more, to make it an airtight case. But with this, we know exactly what they're going to do, so all we need to is spring the trap. Like I said, time is wasting. The sooner I can get back to them, the better. What if they go looking around and don't see Monica passed out anywhere?"

Ryan pointed out, "You could just say you moved them from one room to another, trying to get her closer to the stairs or something like that."

"True, but it's better if questions like that don't come up! Let's get into gear. Monica, are you ready to play the victim? I'm worried that, well, to be blunt, you can be kind of a hothead and let your emotions rule you. Can you successfully act like you're tranquilly sleeping?"

Monica replied, "Sleeping? Sure. Tranquil? I'm not so sure. But then again, I don't think it matters much. I can carefully tilt my head so they can't see my face. I can even subtly let the hair fall over my face without using my hands. And if they do see an angry scowl on my face, I can act like I'm in the middle of an agitated dream. Besides, are they going to be interested in my face when they can play with my body? I think not!"

Erin said, "That's true. But still, do your best to play dead, okay?"

Monica grimly nodded.

Ryan asked anxiously, "What exactly is she going to suffer through? Are they going to have a chance to fondle her?"

Erin said, "It's hard to say. Maybe some. Remember our plan: we'll be listening in from the next room by having an open line with one of the cell phones, so even though we won't be able to see, we'll have a very good idea of what's going on. Hopefully, they'll wait a few minutes to make sure nobody is coming back before they really start to fondle. But if they do start too soon or go too far, Monica, the same plan will hold for you as what we were thinking with Jordan: just grunt or make some other loud noise and we'll immediately stop the sting and come rushing in. Hopefully by then they'll have said and/or done enough to make their rape-y intentions clear."

Monica said, "I don't mind a little bit of fondling, if it's for a righteous cause. I have to put up with some grab-ass at most every party as it is, although the grabbers usually end up facing my wrath. Obviously, it makes sense they'll start taking my clothes off before they really get down to business, and I can handle that no problem. I'll be thinking about Nancy and all their other likely rape victims, and how much better we'll all be to get rid of them. That will give me the strength to stay silent. But I'm not going to let them actually do anything awful to me! Believe me, once they start touching my privates, I'm going to grunt and groan clearly. Worse comes to worse, I can pretend to wake up."

Kate smacked a hand into her open palm. "Gaawwwd, I can't wait to burn these motherfuckers! Let's do this! Monica, just remember, once this unpleasantness is over, you can reward yourself by getting the royal fucking of your life! Ride The Beast!"

Monica smiled. "I know. Believe me, I know! That is VERY good motivation for me. It's nice to have something that thrilling to look forward to." She gave Ryan a sultry smile and provocatively opened her robe to her nipples, proudly showing off her pussy. She even spread her legs some. "Are you ready to wreck this? Is The Beast going to ravage my tight, tiny, little cunt?"

Erin held both hands up with a stop gesture. "Whoa! Let's not even get started with that, okay? Need I remind you that Jack and Vince are downstairs and waiting for me to return at this very moment? Monica, you need to dress up and get into your passive, sleeping mindset. It might help to wear an extra layer or two, to slow them down with their fondling."

Monica switched back into revenge mode. She closed her robe and nodded firmly.

Erin then gave instructions to the others on what they needed to do, including dressing back into their party clothes. Everybody had a role to play, though some were bigger than others.

At one point, she explained, "When we close the trap on them, we're going to need the safety of numbers. Hopefully, by the time they realize the gig is up, we'll have safely whisked away most or all of the recording devices. But regardless, what if they decided to simply try to fight their way out? Monica, I know you've had self defense classes, and some others of us have, including Kate and me. What about you, Jordan?"

Jordan shook her head.

Erin said, "You should. A stunning girl like you, you never know if some creep might try to get forceful on you. Anyway, what about you, Ryan?"

He said, "I can try. I certainly feel protective towards all of you, after what's happened tonight. I'm feeling really pissed at them, and I think I would fight tenaciously until I drop. But I've never been in a fight before. I don't know what I'm doing. Given that each of those guys outweigh me by fifty pounds or more, I don't have any illusions that I can beat them single-handedly."

Erin nodded. "So we're not exactly Seal Team Six here. And those two are big and strong. That's why we need to make up for it with numbers. Right now, we're five on two. Nancy plans to join us, so that'll make it six on two. But I'm thinking that maybe we should recruit Brandy as well."

Ryan had to think back to who Brandy was. He thought he knew, but so much had happened in such a short time that his brain was frazzled. He asked to confirm, "Brandy? She's the sixth girl living on this floor, right? The lesbian?"

Monica said, "Right. I pointed her out to you in the party downstairs, remember?"

"Oh yeah." He kept a poker face, but thought, She's a busty hottie too! Not as busty or as hot as these four, but still, "third floor of KKG worthy," which is pretty damn hot! Too bad she's lesbian.

Erin said, "So I'm thinking kind of the same as with Nancy. Brandy's gonna find out about our sexual fun sooner or later. I don't know of any personal grievances on her part, but it would buy us some good will to team with her to take down a couple of scummy sexual predators. It could help bond us all together and get some third floor camaraderie going. I don't think we'd push to make a deal with her, like with Nancy, but just rope her in to make it seven on two odds, instead of six on two. With overwhelming numbers, there's no way those two bastards could think they could just fight their way out of it, especially if we show off that at least three of us do have some actual martial arts skills."

Everyone nodded at that.

However, Kate said, "Just to be clear though, I have some very basic self-defense training. It's not like I'm some black belt karate expert."

Erin nodded. "I know. Same here, and same with Monica. But we have righteous anger on our side, and that counts for a lot. However, the key is to not let it come to fighting in the first place."

Ryan said, "Erin, I like the way you think. You've taken a kind of half-assed plan and turned it into a really good plan, like what you did with Nancy. That was brilliant. And you're riding herd on us to make sure we promptly carry it through. Have you done this sort of thing before?"

She replied with good-natured sarcasm, "What, a convoluted, crazy, ad-libbed scheme to entrap two would-be rapists? Oh yeah, I do that a couple of times a week, at least."

He said, "In any case, I'm impressed. Keep up the good work."

"Thanks. Now, about that riding herd part, let's get moving, people!" Erin clapped her hands several times to spur the others into action.

Ryan finished dressing quickly, since a man had less to do than a woman to dress up nicely. He went to Erin, who was conferring with Monica about the placement of the video cameras and cell phones around the room. (Kate and Jordan were changing clothes in their rooms.) When there was a break in the conversation, he said, "I have an idea for you guys."

Monica had been dressing while talking to Erin, since this was her room after all. She had been in the process of putting on a bra, but she stopped, stood up, and pushed her bare breasts in from both sides. She spoke with a cheeky, flirty smirk, "'Guys'? Ryan, are you blind? Do I look like a guy to you?"

Erin spoke testily, "Monica, not now. Time is ticking, remember? I told them I'd be back in ten to fifteen minutes, and I'm trying to stick to that."

Monica sighed and growled. "Getting angry makes me horny."

"Save it for later!" Erin looked to Ryan, since he was still clearly waiting to speak to her. "What is it?"

"I was thinking about the potential violence problem. Seven on two is good, for sure. But maybe what would be better is if we had a couple of handcuffs on top of that. While Jack and Vince are still reeling and confused, we could slap the handcuffs on them. That'll guarantee they won't be able to lash out."

Erin furrowed her brow. "Maybe... I don't know. Getting the handcuffs on them might cause them to react violently."

He said, "True, but I'm just saying it would be good to have them on hand, as an option. For instance, what if they do decide to fight and we subdue them with our strength in numbers? Handcuffs will help make sure they stay subdued."

Erin said, "That's a very good point. The only problem is, where the hell do we get handcuffs at... what time is it?" She looked around for a clock, but didn't see one. "Nearly one in the morning?"

Monica cleared her throat. "Um..."

Ryan and Erin looked at her. He asked her, "What?"

She looked unusually shy and bashful, as well as sexy as hell in her topless state with fire still burning in her eyes. "Um... This is pretty embarrassing to admit, but... it so happens that I have a pair of handcuffs right here in my room."

Erin replied in a shock tone. "What?! Are you serious?! How is that possible?!"

Monica's face quickly turned red. "I'd rather not get into it. Let's just say that, in the past I had a kinky lover who was into that sort of thing. They're pink and kind of furry in places, but they're made of steel and fully functional. They only open with a key, and I have it."

Erin gave Monica a brief hug. "Thanks for sharing that. Even after all that's happened tonight, with all that spankings and everything, that must have been hard to admit. So definitely, thanks! But still, that's only one pair. We really could use two."

Ryan asked, "Why don't you ask Nancy to find at least one more? I'm not saying she has a pair; I don't know her from a hole in the ground. But she's very keen to help, keen enough to embarrass herself some. She could ask around at the party and say it's for a party gag of some kind. If any of the other Kappa have one, we could easily get it in time, while the rest of us are taking care of other things. Even if she fails, I think she'll appreciate being more involved."

Erin's face brightened. "Nice! I like!"

Monica nudged him playfully, and smiled his way too. "Erin, looks like you're not the only one who can come up with brilliant ideas on the fly. Our man has more impressive surprises than just what he's packing in his pants."

"Indeed!" Erin, who had been fully dressed the whole time, took her cell phone out of a pocket. "I'm going to call Nancy right now so she can get started."

Monica was still just holding her bra. With Erin taking a few steps away to make the call, Monica resumed dressing.

Ryan stood in front of her and eyed her partially naked body up and down. "Now, I've gotta figure out what to do with you. The fact that you own handcuffs, that's a VERY interesting tidbit. Did your boyfriend put them on you or did you put them on him?"

She dropped the bra back to her side and struck a sexy pose with a hand behind her head. "Wouldn't you like to know? And who says it was a boyfriend? I said 'lover.' So it might have been a kinky girlfriend."

"Oooh! Even better. Now I'm really curious! Maybe I'll just have to spank the full story out of you."

She lowered her raised hand and cupped her pussy mound with it. "Maybe you should. Or, even better, you can fuck it out of me!"

He could feel his penis threatening to stir. "Not a bad idea. Even better is if I fuck it out of you while your hands are cuffed behind your back, just so you don't forget what it is we're talking about."

She gave him a smoldering look. "Hmmm. You just might have to do that... repeatedly! In fact, you just might..." Her voice trailed off and her eyes showed alarm as she looked over his shoulder. "Uh-oh!"

"What is it?" he asked.

"Erin is giving me a look. One of those 'stop fooling around and get back to business' looks."

He glanced over to Erin. She was still on the phone with Nancy, but she made eye contact with him and gave him a disapproving look too. He said, "Ah. Well, you have to admit she has a good point. Still, don't think I'm going to forget about you owning those handcuffs, or what I could do with them."

She replied with a sultry purr, "I hope you don't! In fact, my pussy is counting on you to remind me about it, one thrust at a time, all night long!"

He nodded, and then quickly walked away. With his back turned, he thought, Sheesh! I had to get away before I really did get a chubby. She's too sexy! Hell, they all are!


With everyone dressed and all the hidden cameras turned on in Monica's room, it was time to start phase two.

All the girls went downstairs to play various roles. The first step was to find an empty room and have Monica lie down in it, as if she'd been there for a while. Kate then had the role of staying with Monica and "guarding" her. Erin went down to the basement to find Jack and Vince. She had told them she would be back in ten to fifteen minutes, and she was still within that range, though closer to fifteen.

Jordan had to be careful. Her task was to find Brandy and Nancy and bring them to the room where Kate and Monica were. Then she and Kate were supposed to lead the effort to convince Brandy to join them, as well as confer with Nancy and make her feel more involved. But Jordan would have to leave quickly, before Erin arrived with Jack and Vince. Since she had broken up with Vince earlier in the evening, it was felt that it would be better that her involvement not be known until after the trap had been sprung.

That left Ryan alone in Kate's room. He wanted to help out downstairs, but the girls all agreed that if Jack and/or Vince saw him too soon, that would be even more of a problematic distraction. As a result, all he could do was twiddle his thumbs and wait.

To pass the time, he wandered around Kate's room. He'd spent a considerable amount of time in it earlier in the evening, but he hadn't paid much attention to the decor due to the fact that he had been overwhelmed by Kate and Erin's raw sexuality from the moment he'd first walked through the door. He'd only been stuck with the general impressions that it showed she was feminine, tasteful, and very wealthy.

Now that he had more time, he stopped to examine the various posters, paintings, and knick-knacks scattered around the room. He was blown away. Upon close inspection, the decorations were much more valuable than he'd realized. For instance, he knew enough about art history to realize that one painting of a busy Renaissance street scene had probably actually been painted in the Renaissance. But he was even more amazed by the fact that some historical artifacts were scattered around the room, including a few that looked to be at least more than a thousand years old, from cultures all over the world.

He was yet more stunned and impressed by her fossils, since he knew more about them. For instance, she had an entire bookshelf devoted to sea shells. The actual sea shells were impressive enough. For instance, there was a perfectly preserved, shiny, and colorful conch shell. But amongst the shells, he spied an ammonite fossil. He knew that the last ammonites had died out with the dinosaurs 65 million years ago.

He was so astounded that he had to sit down. Holy Toledo! This room is unbelievable! It's like she has her own private museum! Hell, if I were a thief, this would be my number one target! Damn!

He held his head in his hands. What the heck am I getting into?! I thought I came from a solid middle class family, but compared to her I must look like a peasant or a serf or something. I'm kind of falling in love with her, but how could any relationship between us last? We'd have so little in common, except for the sex. Jesus! I'm in waaaay over my head! Talk about someone being out of my league. Hell, she's from an entirely different planet!

He lifted his head up and looked around. It's a good thing I didn't pay close attention to her decorations when I first came in, or I definitely would have lost my nerve. And now I have the audacity to try to claim three, if not four, of these elite and wealthy raving beauties as my "personal sluts"?! Why? Just because I have a big dick? I must have been barking mad!

He settled down and tried to be more optimistic. No, I can't think of things that way. The fact is, the personal slut thing is a done deal already for Kate, Erin, AND Monica. And Jordan is like a ripe fruit just waiting to be picked. It's all downhill from here. No matter what happens with Jack and Vince, I've already won. So it would be ridiculous to lose my nerve now. So what if Kate is ridiculously wealthy? I obviously fulfill some kind of deep need for her, and it's not just my big dick, because we're developing a strong emotional bond that goes beyond sex.

He sighed. Speaking of Jack, damn him to hell! It's fucked up, because we're in the middle of pranking him, yet I wouldn't be here in the first place if it hadn't have been for his attempted prank. I wish I could get in a time machine and hear that lecture he gave me to psych me up. Obviously he wasn't on the level, but his advice worked! What did he say? "Just be as confident and demanding as humanly possible, like you're the king of the world and she's your servant."

He mulled that over in his mind. You know what? That's just as true as ever. I know it doesn't seem fair, but that's how things always work in the porn stories I've read. It's about mutual pleasure and they're having as much fun as I am, so what's the harm? One can be poor in wealth and vice in spirit, or vice versa. It's all about attitude. I just have to keep acting like I AM the king of the world, and it will kind of become a self-fulfilling prophecy!

He was still thinking along those lines when there was a knock on the door. He went to the door and asked in his best imitation of a high-pitched female voice, "Who is it?"

He heard a giggle. "Ryan, it's me, Jordan. Can I come in?"

"Sure." He opened the door.

She walked through the door with a big smile. "Hey."

"Hey." He wanted to hug her, but felt awkward about it. He was still having self-confidence issues, and he was feeling daunted by her extraordinary beauty.

She closed the door behind her and said, "Don't quit your job to become a female impersonator."

He forced a grin. "I was just playing it safe. What's the news from downstairs?!"

"Not much to report yet, but things are going according to plan, as far as I know. Remember, all I was supposed to do was get Nancy and Brandy and try to get them to join us. I did that, but I didn't do much talking. I was antsy to get out of there before Jack and Vince showed up, which I did. But the good news is, Brandy told us she was willing to help us pretty much from the moment she heard we were out to catch a couple of date rapists."

By this time, Jordan had crossed the room and sat in a chair. Ryan remained standing because he was feeling antsy. He said, "I don't know how to ask this without sounding like some kind of male chauvinist jerk, so I'll just go an ask it anyway: is Brandy one of those male-hating kind of lesbians?"

"Oh no, not at all. She's really nice to everybody. She's one of those 'smiles all the time' kind of people. So I was kind of surprised to see her get sort of grim and resolute when we explained what we were planning. Maybe there are sides to her I don't know, since I'm still getting to know her. But even so, I know she's not a man hater. In fact, she has some male friends from her classes who stop by to visit from time to time."

"Ah. That's a relief. Sorry for asking. I feel kind of dumb. But there are those kinds of lesbians, aren't there? I'm kind of a small town kind of guy, and pretty much all I know about lesbians come from TV and movies."

Jordan waved a hand dismissively. "Don't worry about it. Anyway, the only other news I can report is that Nancy is fully on board and keen to help. In fact, she actually found not one, but two pairs of handcuffs!"

His mouth opened in surprise. "No way! Really?!"

She coquettishly ran a hand through her short, platinum blonde hair. "Really. In fact, I dropped them in my room on the way here. I have all three of them together, ready for action."

"Cool. That's good news."

Jordan said, "Other than that, I guess all we can do is sit and wait."

"Yeah." He ran a hand through his hair unthinkingly as well as he worried about what the others were doing. He had a lot of questions he wanted answers to. But he knew that the best thing he could do was sit and wait.

Jordan nodded at a chair next to hers. "Sit down. Relax. You look stressed out."

"That's 'cos I AM stressed out."

She'd been on the verge of trying to sexually tempt him, but she decided against it because he seemed too upset to get aroused. She suggested, "Well, I don't have to ask what you're stressing out about. I'm worried about the same things too. I think the best thing we can do is talk about other things and try to keep our minds occupied until we hear more."

"Yeah, good idea." But he was frowning, just as he had been most of the time since well before Jordan arrived. "What do you want to talk about? I guess we could talk about anything, because I know so little about you and you know so little about me."

She put a hand on her chin. "Hmmm. There's so much I'm just dying to ask you about, starting with this whole 'personal slut' idea of yours. It's true that I've heard some about it, but the more I hear, the more I find it impossible to believe. But you know what? Let's not talk about that, or any of the other likely topics. I know what will put you most at ease: talking about paleontology."

He raised an eyebrow. "You know about paleontology too?!"

She chuckled. "No, unfortunately not much. I've watched a few documentaries about dinosaurs, but that's about it. But I do know a lot about biology and zoology, because I'm studying to be a chemist, so I take classes in related fields."

"Chemistry?! Really?!"

She grinned. "Really. Is that so surprising?"

"YES! You don't look like a chemist, like, at all!"

"What do I look like?" She shifted her position in her chair, subtly moving in a sexier pose.

He looked her over carefully. Hot damn! She's such a babe! She's almost like Monica's twin, which is a very high compliment. Same exact E-cup sized boobs. I can't wait to play with those! Same short size. Even their faces have a certain similarity. Except their hair and skin couldn't be more different. Now, what does somebody who looks that sultry do for a living that doesn't actually involve sex?

He finally said, "A fashion model, maybe. Movie star, perhaps? I don't know!" He flapped his arms helplessly. "You do whatever the super beautiful people do. Lifestyles of the rich and famous and all that."

She giggled with obvious delight. "You flatter me. I'll give you all night to stop! The truth is, I'm kind of a science geek."

He thought, Science geek? First Kate, now Jordan. I thought the "beautiful people" stayed away from geeky fields, but I guess not. God, I'm starting to really love college!

She said, "So tell me about YOUR geeky passion. I overheard some of what you and Kate were talking about earlier and it sounded really interesting. Is it true what you were saying about the 'age of the insects'? Was there really a time like that?"

His face lit up, like seeing a familiar friend. "Oh yeah, sure! That's just what it was. Back in the Carboniferous period, all the anthropoids were much larger. For instance, there was a scorpion, the Pulmonoscorpius, that was over two feet long!" He held his hands out to estimate the size.

"Wow! Seriously?"

"Yeah. And there was a predatory dragonfly, the Meganeura, with a wingspan of almost three feet!" He widened the distance between his hands to show that size.

"No way!"

"That's not all. There was a millipede-like creature, the Arthropleura, that grew up to eight and a half feet long!"

Jordan gave him a discouraging look. "Okay, now you're just making shit up."

"No, I'm serious! They were all bigger. Everything was bigger."

She quipped, "So, is your penis from the Carboniferous era too?"

He chuckled. "No. But I'm serious about things being bigger back then. You should have seen the cockroaches." He wiggled his eyebrows suggestively.

"Ewww!" Jordan lifted her feet up and curled up in her chair, as if a giant cockroach was running around the floor.

He chuckled at that. "In fact, we even sort of have proof in this very room." He strode across the room to where Kate had some objects captured in amber. He picked one up and brought it back to Jordan. "Take a look at this. That's an ant. Now, this isn't from the Carboniferous. It's about two hundred million years later than that, from, oh, I'd guess about one hundred to ninety million years ago. But it's bigger than any ant today, isn't it?"

Jordan held the amber encased specimen with wonder. "Wow! It definitely is! Is this Kate's? How did she get it?!"

"I have no idea. She's got a mini-museum going on here, it seems. It's pretty amazing. But as a chemist, you'll be interested in why insects were larger back then. You see, in the Carboniferous period, the oxygen level was about 33 percent of the atmosphere, way more than the 21 percent today. Even in the Cretaceous period, which is when that ant you're holding is from, the oxygen level was still high, at about 30 percent. And it turns out that oxygen is the limiting factor on insect size, due to different circulatory systems."

He proceeded to explain more on why insects were larger back then. He made a particular point to emphasize the chemical aspect, knowing that Jordan would have a special interest and understanding of that.

Jordan was fascinated, partially due to the chemistry angle, but mostly because giant-sized insects made for a very interesting discussion. She was impressed by Ryan's level of scientific knowledge, as well as his scientific passion. She also was secretly pleased, because her goal had been to distract Ryan from his worries by getting him talking about something totally unrelated to their current situation. Clearly she had succeeded in spades, and she'd distracted herself from those same worries.

The two of them were talking up a storm when they heard a thump on the door, and then the sound of a key turning in the lock.

Ryan and Jordan froze, and all their worries came flooding back.

Kate slipped into the room. She looked somewhat agitated, but she also had a smile on her face. She bee-lined to Ryan, whispering, "It's happening! Everything is going according to plan!"

Nothing was said for a while after that, because Kate reached Ryan, enveloped him in a hug and began French kissing him. It was an important kiss in their rapidly evolving relationship, because neither of them were aroused at all, and it was all about emotional bonding and reassurance instead. Even though things were going as planned, Kate wanted to feel safe and comforted, and she felt that in Ryan's arms and in his tender kiss.

Neither of them said anything, but they both could sense that this was sealing the fact that they were falling in love with each other. Their kiss and their touch said more than words ever could. They were both grateful that each of them was fully dressed, because that helped them from letting their lusty urges spin out of control.

When the kiss finally ended, Kate looked dreamily up into Ryan's eyes. "Mmmm! Honey! I really needed that!"

He'd been in a dreamy, loving fugue, but now that the kiss was over, his worries returned with even greater force. He whispered, "Me too. But what's happening?! Where are Jack and Vince?!"

Kate remained in his arms as she explained, "You're behind the times. They've been in Monica's room for a while now."

"A while?!" He felt a sense of panic welling up in him.

She squeezed him reassuringly, while subtly pressing her massive melons into his chest. "Relax! We're on top of it. Erin is monitoring things from the cell phone in her room, and Brandy and Nancy are in there too. We decided not to worry you two since there wasn't anything for you to do, and you would just freak out with worry."

"Thanks, I guess, but now I really am freaking out!" He broke the hug and started pacing around. "What's happening to Monica?! Is she okay?!"

Kate spoke reassuringly while still whispering. "She's fine. Erin and I helped Jack and Vince carry her up the stairs, although the two of us mostly just watched them carefully to make sure they didn't try to cop any feels. Monica makes a surprisingly good passed-out body, at least so far. She can't let go with her fiery temper if she's supposed to be sleeping."

He grunted affirmatively, too stressed to talk.

Kate went on, "We put her on her bed in her room and left her with the two creeps, to 'protect' her. As expected, they decided to wait a couple of minutes, just to make sure we went back down to the party. I went to the bathroom, lingered a little bit, and then went back to bother them about some little thing, just to spook them a little bit. And that pretty much gets you up to date. They were starting to talk about taking her clothes off, so I came in here to get you ready. Also, Jordan, where are those handcuffs? We could really use them now."

Jordan had been listening to every word, and snapped to attention like a soldier. "They're in my room! Can I get them? Is it clear to go into the hallway?"

Kate replied, "It is, but don't linger. Just grab 'em and go straight to Erin's room."

"Will do!" Jordan was already heading to the door, and was gone in a flash.

With only Kate and Ryan left in the room, Kate looked down at his crotch, and asked, "So how have you been? How is The Beast doing? Has he started to wake up yet?"

"Unfortunately, no. How can it, when I'm all stressed out?!"

She resumed eye contact. "So what have you been doing? I was half-expecting to walk in here and find Jordan naked and kneeling, bobbing on your cock. Haven't you started seducing her to being your next personal slut?"

"Actually, no. In fact, we've been talking about oxygen levels in the atmosphere during the Carboniferous period."

She did a double take, and frowned. "You're kidding me!"

"No, I'm serious. In fact, I was showing this to her a few minutes ago." He picked up the amber-encased ant that Jordan had been holding. "I've got questions about how you..." But then he did a double take of his own. "Wait a minute! What are we doing, just making small talk at this critical moment?! What about Jack and Vince?!"

She shyly admitted, "I'm stalling for time, because they're probably taking Monica's clothes off right now, and I could see how possessive and protective you were getting towards her. That's nice, and I'm not THAT jealous about it, but we don't want you hulking out in some anger frenzy. In fact, we want you as your usual 'cool as a cucumber' self. You see, Erin and I were talking in private a couple of minutes ago, and we decided that it would be good if you go in there first, all on your own."

"What?! Me?! I thought the place was that we'd go as a group and overwhelm them with sheer numbers?"

"Yes, but the problem is we need to whisk all those recording devices out of there and start making back-up copies of all the relevant files ASAP. And that's tricky, because what if they catch on right away and try the violence route? If YOU go in there, alone, Jack in particular is going to be so shocked that he won't know up from down. 'What the heck are YOU doing there'? Right?"

She went on, "So you should distract them by whatever means necessary. Play along with his original prank for a while, if that floats your boat. Then Erin and I will come in a minute later, and that'll further blow their minds, to see that we know you and actually like you. We'll keep distracting them, and more of our team will come in, further confusing them. We'll be able to pick up the recordings without being noticed in all the commotion, I'm sure."

He said, "Okay, but why me alone first? Why not, say, you and me?"

"Ah! That's the brilliant part of the plan. I came up with this part, I'm proud to say. If you go in there alone, you're going to find them AND Monica's naked or nearly naked body. If it's just you, they'll try some bullshit excuse and try to cover up her nudity. They won't know that you know they're supposed to be 'guarding' her. But if Kate or I come in too, they'll know what we know, and they'll realize the gig is up. So your goal is to prevent them from realizing that as long as possible. Hopefully, by the time they do, they'll be surrounded, the recordings will be gone, and we can use the handcuffs on them if need be."

She belatedly added, "Oh! And a key thing is that you need to knock on the door and say who you are. If it was me, they'd know I have the pass key and can get in any room. Or maybe they'd worry we found Monica's keys. With you, they can stall and make Monica's body presentable. That'll make them think they got away with it. You understand?"

He furrowed his brow. "Well, kind of. That's a pretty dramatic change of plan, this late in the game. And shouldn't that be happening, like, NOW, already?!"

"It should. As we-"

He interrupted her by asking, "What about Monica?! I'm getting really worried about them undressing her! At this very second, while we stand here doing nothing!"

Kate soothingly ran a hand across his chest. "Don't be. We've dressed her in more layers than a Russian babooshka granny. And the capper is that she's wearing a corset that takes ages to get off. Even so, as we've been talking, I've been waiting for a knock on the door. But since there isn't one, let's go to Erin's room and see what's up."

Ryan's mind was running a mile a minute as he walked with Kate towards the door. Oh, fuck me! I have to face those assholes alone, and act like I don't know what's going on?! I'm no actor. Actually, it's probably a very good thing I didn't learn this twist until now, because I would be way too stressed out. I'm still playing catch up.

And what about Monica?! Dear God! It doesn't take THAT long to take her clothes off, no matter how many layers she's wearing. What if they're... oh my God! What if they're raping her already?! How can everybody be so calm?! We need to go in there and save her, NOW!

As soon as Kate and Ryan walked into the hallway, Erin opened her door a crack and made eye contact. She pointed toward Monica's door and mouthed the words, "Ryan! You're up!"

Ryan brought a hand to his chest and made a plaintive look as if to ask, "ME?! Are you sure?!"

Erin nodded, and gave him the thumbs up.

Kate patted his back and then rushed to Erin's door. She disappeared inside and Erin closed the door.

He found himself standing in front of Monica's door. SHIT! Scary! But I can't stand here fretting like Hamlet. Monica could be on the verge of getting raped, or they could be raping her right now! Every second counts!

He boldly knocked on the door. "Jack! It's Ryan. Some guy downstairs told me you were up here and you've been looking for me all night. I've been looking for you too. Are you there?"

There was a long pause without any response. Ryan's heart seemed on the verge of thumping right out of his chest. He was starting to sweat from sheer nervousness.


Finally, he heard Jack's voice from what sounded like a long ways away. "Ryan?! Is that you?!"

"Yeah, it's me! Finally. Hey, can you open the door? I'm probably not supposed to be here."

There was another long pause. "Um... yeah. I'm here... with my friend... Vince. We're... doing a favor... for a friend. Can you come back later? Or, uh... we can just talk tomorrow." Jack's voice was slow and filled with pauses. No doubt, he was stalling for time.

Ryan said, "No. This is it. I'm going home soon." He knocked on the door insistently a few more times. "Come on, man! Open up!"

Jack replied, again after a pause, "Okay, okay. Hold on. Is it just you?"

Ryan had the frightening thought that Jack might be asking "Is it just you" because he and/or Vince were so keen on raping Monica that they were planning on knocking him out as soon as he entered the room, so they could keep on doing what they were doing. Thinking fast, he replied, "Yeah, but I think I hear someone in the bathroom. I'm worried I'm not supposed to be here, so please, open up already!"

A few seconds later, the door opened and Jack was standing there. Suddenly, he was all smiles. "Heeeey! Ryan! Dude! Man, I certainly didn't expect to see you here now. Wow! What the hell is going on?" He opened his arms, ready to crush him in a bro-hug.

But Ryan didn't want to be hugged, because he was still worried about being attacked and knocked out. So he remained standing in the hallway and held a hand out for a handshake instead. He forced a smile. "Jack! Boy oh boy! What a night! Do I have a story to tell you!"

Jack was miffed about the handshake instead of the hug, but he quickly adjusted and gave a firm handshake instead. He was in full-on charming mode now, smiling from ear to ear. "I'll bet! To be honest, I gave up on you hours ago. I thought you'd skipped out on me. But hey, come on in."

Ryan was still wary. He peered into the room and saw Monica lying on her bed, fully dressed and seemingly sleeping. Vince was lingering nearby. So Ryan decided to risk it and go on. He figured that if worse came to worse and he was knocked out, the others would hear that and come quickly pouring in, since they had a room key. As he walked in, he was careful not to turn his back on Jack.

Jack slapped his back, which was startling, but it was just one of his overly friendly touchy-feely gestures. He said, "Man, I can't wait to hear what happened with Kate. Did you get to talk to her?"

Ryan still forced a smile. He briefly noted how handsome Jack was with his "All American" blonde haired, blue eyed looks, and wondered why on Earth he would ever resort to raping anybody. The same held for Vince, who was handsome and athletic as well.

But he put that aside, and said, "I sure did, and boy do I have a story for you. That's why I wanted to find you. Who's this?" He asked that, because Vince came into full view, once Ryan was into the room.

Jack said, "Oh, you two haven't met yet? Ryan, this is Vince. Vince, Ryan."

Ryan walked to where Vince was standing, next to Monica's bed, and they shook hands. But they hardly made eye contact before Ryan pretended to notice Monica lying there for the first time. "And who's this?"

Jack said, "Oh, that's Monica. I said we're doing a favor for a friend, and that's what it is. We're keeping an eye on her until she wakes up. Apparently she had too much to drink or something, and she's sleeping it off. We've just been hanging out here and talking. But enough about that. What I really want to know is what happened with you and Kate! Did you actually, did you actually... ask her out?!"

Ryan assessed the situation. He decided that Jack and Vince had quickly clothed Monica enough to be presentable, and presumably hid her underwear and any other unnecessary clothes. They seemed slightly excited and energized, but they also were doing their best to act calm. Clearly, they thought they had successfully managed the situation so he wouldn't ask awkward questions. Jack even seemed keen to find out what happened to him asking Kate out.

Ryan also thought, Phew! Thank God! Monica couldn't have been raped, because she's no pushover. If they went too far and help didn't come fast, she would have "woken up" and punched them or something. What a relief that is! And if they wanted to knock me out, they would have done that already. I'll bet Jack is sincerely dying to find out how his prank went, and then he probably figures he can shoo me out and resume his rape plan.

I've gotta stall for time!

So he said, "Actually, I DID! And I have to say, thank you SO MUCH for all of your wise advice. I swear, every word you said was true. I followed ALL of your advice. And it worked like a charm!"

The smile fell from Jack's face. "All of it?! And it WORKED?! You're kidding me, right?"

"No. Why would I be kidding you? By the way, Vince, do you know what we're talking about? Did Jack tell you about how he's been giving me dating advice?"

Vince cleared his throat and said, "As a matter of fact, we were talking about that earlier. Jack was looking for you high and low, and he finally explained to me why. You actually dared to ask Kate out?!"

"I did!" Ryan was still smiling, except the smiling was genuine this time because he fondly recalled how amazingly well things went when he found Kate in her room and started talking to her.

Jack stood next to Vince in front of Ryan. They were strategically standing between him and Monica, blocking a good view of her body. Jack asked, "So, what happened already?!"

Ryan thought, When are the others going to get here already?! What are they waiting for?! But he was all smiles as he continued, "I followed your advice, just like you said. Confidence! That's the key. I remembered some of your advice verbatim. Like when you said, 'You've got to make clear from the very first words you say to her that you're in charge and she's there to sexually please you, period.'"

Jack and Vince snickered. Clearly, they thought Ryan was either completely bullshitting, or he had really talked to Kate but completely misunderstood her reaction. Jack put a hand on his chin, in part to stop his jaw from laughing. "You... used that?!"

"Yep! And so much more! Like your advice to mention that I have other girlfriends. That was key, because when I found Kate, her friend Erin was there too. By the way, do you know her?"

Jack and Vince shared a significant look. They were still on the verge of snickering, if not outright laughing. "Oh, yeah! We sure do."

Vince asked, "So, you asked Kate for a date with Erin right there too?" He didn't say it, but his facial expression clearly showed a "this is going to be good" amusement.

Ryan spoke brightly. With each passing moment, he was gaining in confidence and his fears were receding. It looked like the plan was proceeding exactly like it was supposed to. "I sure did! And that worked out well, because I was able to ask her out too."

With that, neither Jack nor Vince could completely contain themselves and they started laughing. But they covered their mouths with their hands and made a valiant effort to maintain at least some seriousness, because they wanted to hear the rest of Jack's story. Clearly, they thought a key punchline to their prank was coming. For instance, maybe Kate and Erin harshly dissed Ryan, but he was so socially clueless that he didn't even realize it.

As the two of them were trying to restrain themselves enough to ask another question, there was a knock on the door.

Ryan couldn't help but silently sigh with relief. Finally! The cavalry is here to save the day!

The laughing, smiling faces on Jack's and Vince's faces turned serious in a heartbeat. They didn't know who was knocking, but the odds were good that it meant trouble.

They didn't have long to react, because just after the knock, Kate's voice could be heard. "Hey, guys! Guess what? We found the keys! We're coming in!"

Then the door opened, while Jack, Vince, and Ryan were still standing by Monica's bed.

Kate came strolling in, smiling and full of confidence and verve. She was immediately followed by Erin and Brandy. Kate and Erin were dressed to kill in stunning outfits, while Brandy was wearing something much more nondescript.

Ryan thought, Phew! Yeah! Kate and Erin are a sight for sore eyes. But Brandy too?! That's unexpected. I guess that's another last minute change of plans. Talk about whipping up a scheme on the fly! But hey, I'm willing to play along. I'll bet she's here to see if she can scoop up the video cameras already. That was a good guess, because Brandy had a large purse slung over a shoulder, and her unremarkable clothes were intended to keep attention away from her.

Kate walked right up to the three guys and said to Jack and Ryan, "Great! It looks like you two finally connected. Jack, Ryan was telling me all evening how he's been wanting to find you."

Jack was deeply puzzled by that, and asked, "Wait. You were talking to him? For real?! All evening?!"

"Sure! He's a great guy. Let's see. Are any introductions necessary? Jack, Vince, you know Erin and Brandy. But Brandy, do you know Ryan?"

Brandy shook her head.

Kate waved a hand in Brandy's direction. "Ryan, this is Brandy. She lives on the third floor too. We figured she could check on Monica's condition. She knows a little bit about how to deal with people who have passed out."

Then Kate waved a hand in Ryan's direction. "And Brandy, this is Ryan, my honey. He's my new boyfriend, the one I've been telling you so much about."

Brandy had looked worried, but with that she broke into a wide grin. No doubt, she was secretly amused thinking about how Jack and Vince would react to that. She stepped forward and shook Ryan's hand. "Hi, Ryan! Nice to meet you. Kate can't stop talking about you. Erin can't either."

Ryan's smile was a mile wide. He knew the hammer was about to fall on the two failed pranksters. "Good things, I hope?"

"VERY good things!" Brandy withdrew her hand.

Ryan couldn't help but check Brandy out some. He'd seen her downstairs, but not really up close. She had short, dirty blonde hair, bright blue eyes, tanned skin, and about C- to D-cup breasts. Wow! How do they determine who gets to live on the third floor of this sorority? Do only beauty contest winners apply? Too bad she's lesbian, 'cos she's another total babe! Bummer that her breasts aren't super-sized like the others though.

Brandy said, "Anyway, I'll leave you all to chat. I'm going to check on Monica, if that's all right. How's she doing?"

That question was addressed to Jack and Vince, but they were too shocked to answer at first. Finally, Jack said, "Um... good. She's fine. But wait." While Brandy nodded and then walked off towards the bed behind them, he turned his attention to Kate. "Wait a second. What's going on here?! Kate... did you...? Wait..."

He was so confused that he didn't even know what to ask.

Vince stepped into the breach and asked, "Hold on! You're not telling us that he actually asked you out?! This guy?!" He pointed contemptuously in Ryan's direction.

Kate's beautiful face beamed. "He sure did! And boy am I glad! I've never fallen for somebody so fast. Ryan, kiss me!"

Ryan pretended to be reluctant. "Right here? In front of everybody?"

She held her arms open. "Sure. I don't care who sees!"

So he stepped towards her. She met him halfway and wrapped her arms around him. They began French kissing like their lives depended on it.

Jack and Vince looked to each other with great confusion. Clearly, they had been thinking that if Kate claimed that Ryan really had asked her out and she really had answered yes, then it was some kind of prolonged joke, taking the prank to new heights. She couldn't possibly be serious. But the kiss suggested that she was serious. It looked extremely sincere and passionate.

Yet that couldn't be. The two pranksters simply couldn't understand. And the kiss went on and on, steadily increasing their confusion.

Ryan had been far too worried and nervous to feel aroused, almost as much as when he'd gone to Kate's room for the first time early in the evening. But now he was feeling much better. With Kate's voluptuous body in his hands and her G-cups against his chest, he could feel his penis start to engorge. He boldly slipped his hands down her back and firmly cupped her ass cheeks.

While the kiss was going on, Brandy was rounding up some of the recording devices and putting them in her purse. She was deliberately leaving a couple of the less well-placed ones behind. That way, on the off chance she was caught, all their eggs wouldn't be in one basket - her purse.

But that precaution didn't matter, because she was working behind the backs of Jack and Vince in a literal sense, and they couldn't stop gawking at Kate and Ryan necking. They both knew that Kate was a notorious cocktease, and she didn't kiss any of her boyfriends like that in public, ever. For her to kiss Ryan like that, of all people, simply didn't compute. The fact that Ryan was freely fondling her ass without getting smacked was equally unbelievable.

Kate and Ryan were so busy tongue-dueling that they couldn't see the reactions of Jack and Vince, although they were both dying to do so.

However, Erin was standing to the side, and she certainly did. She couldn't have been more secretly amused and delighted. She had a very hard time not breaking into uproarious laughter, especially since she knew what she planned to do next. This is so precious! Look at those poor suckers. HA! Little do they know that their troubles are just beginning! And their jaws are scraping the floor merely from seeing Kate kiss. Imagine if they'd been here earlier to witness everything else, including her royal highness getting royally fucked! Ha!

A full minute passed, and Kate and Ryan were still locking lips like it was the greatest kiss of their lives. (And in some ways it was.) Finally, a pouty Erin tapped on Kate's shoulder. "No fair! My turn!"

Neither Kate nor Ryan immediately responded to that, giving Jack time to ask, "MY TURN?!"

Erin looked at him with a big smile, seemingly completely clueless. "Oh, didn't anybody tell you? Ryan asked out Kate AND me. And we both said YES! We decided that he's such a great guy that we have to share him!"

Jack's stunned expression turned into a severe frown. He stepped forward and put his hands on Erin's shoulders. He was too rattled to pretend to be charming anymore. He quietly hissed, "Can I speak to you in private?"

"Sure. What is it?" Erin was having a ball playing the clueless innocent.

Jack walked a few steps away from the kissing couple with Erin. He didn't realize it, but Erin was carefully leading him to a certain area, to make sure he kept his back to Brandy and Monica's bed, and in fact increased the distance from it.

Vince was dying to find out what the hell was going on, so he joined Jack and Erin, standing right by Jack's side.

Once they were far enough to whisper with privacy, Jack quietly hissed at Erin, "Okay, can you please tell me what the hell is going on?! If this is some elaborate ruse, can you let me in on it? Because right now I'm just confused."

Vince chimed in. "Yeah! That kiss looks real! Really real!"

Erin was smiling from ear to ear. "Oh, I assure you it is. There's no ruse going on here. Ryan asked us both out and we said yes. He's VERY persuasive. And apparently he partly has you to thank for that, Jack. Weren't you the one who told him to simply unzip his fly and show off his penis?"

Jack ran his hands through his hair. He was seriously distraught. "Wait. Don't tell me you're saying that he ACTUALLY DID THAT?! This has to be some joke! The joke is on us now, right?! Very funny!"

Erin grew somewhat more serious. "Boys, I can guarantee you this is no joke. You see, what apparently you didn't know is that..." - she looked around cautiously and then lowered her whisper even more - "This is embarrassing to admit, but you're probably going to be mighty confused until you hear it. You see, Ryan happens to have a penis that is absolutely ENORMOUS! I mean, gigantic! Like a baseball bat!"

She held her hands at least a foot apart, as if that was his actual length. "I swear, that thing is a foot long! And you're guys, so you don't know what that does to a girl. To be honest, we were ready to throw him out on his ass for daring to talk to us, but then, whoa! Everything changed. And then he showed what he could do with it!"

She smiled almost wickedly. "You see, it turns out Ryan is a VERY nice guy, and also very modest. He probably didn't mention to you that he's had a bunch of gorgeous girlfriends back where he comes from. Not only does he have a massive cock sent straight from Heaven, but he knows exactly what to do with it! So now you can start to see that when he asked both of us out, we both said yes! And I've gotta pat you on the back, Jack, because apparently he was lacking confidence, being new to college life and all, but you gave him the pep talk he needed to get back in the swing of things. Anyway, enough talk. Look at those two go!"

Erin looked towards Ryan and Kate, so Jack and Vince naturally did too. The two "lovebirds" were still tongue-dueling like there was no tomorrow. Additionally, they were engaged in some heavy petting too. Ryan had his hands inside Kate's clothes. The action was taking place under the clothes, but it was clear he had one hand fondling an immense boob inside her top and another hand squeezing an ass cheek inside her skirt.

Furthermore, Kate had one hand inside his slacks and there could be little doubt from her hand positioning and arm motions that she was jacking him off!

Jack and Vince were so stunned by that sight in particular that their jaws nearly hit the floor. They actually staggered back several steps as if they'd been punched in the gut.

Erin looked all around the room. She noticed that there was no sign of Brandy anymore. That was a relief, because that was part of the plan. At the last minute, Erin had decided that Jack and Vince would probably never be more distracted than shortly after Kate and herself arrived into the room, so that was the ideal time for someone to gather the recording devices and leave. She knew that Brandy had just done so, and the two jocks were so flabbergasted by the handjob action and everything else that they hadn't even noticed she'd left.

Erin then looked to Monica lying on the bed. To her immense amusement, Monica was lying there but she wasn't even trying hard to pretend to be sleeping anymore. Her eyes were wide open and she was enjoying the scene of Jack and Vince reeling in dismay and confusion. She gave a big smile and thumbs up at Erin.

Erin gave a furtive thumbs up back. She wasn't too worried about that being seen, because Jack and Vince were staring at Ryan and Kate as if they'd just sprouted tails and antennas and were turning into strange aliens from another planet. Erin even mouthed the words "Are you okay?" to Monica.

Monica mouthed back, "Never better!" Then she nodded towards the kiss, and mouthed, "Your turn!" She also made a jacking off motion with a hand through the air, encouraging Erin to continue the handjob Kate had started.

Erin was having the time of her life. This is so great! Now that Brandy's escaped with the evidence, we're practically home free! We can toy around with those shithead rapists, like a cat playing with its prey before it eats it, before we really lower the boom on them. Let's totally blow their minds right off their heads so they'll be too stunned to resist when we present terms!

With that in mind, she went to Kate and tapped on her shoulder again. "Okay, it's definitely my turn now. We're both his girlfriends now, remember? Share and share alike."

Kate finally pulled away. She would have been happy as a clam to kiss her "honey" all night long, especially since she was getting to jack him off at the same time, and in front of two hated enemies, no less. But she knew Jack and Vince would be even more distressed to see Erin give him a similar kiss, so she pulled away.

However, as she pulled her hand out of Ryan's slacks, she patted his prominent bulge, and purred to him, "Honey, have fun with Erin, but not TOO much fun, okay? Save some of that gigantic cock for me too, please?"

He just nodded. He was flying high. He was truly having the time of his life, and he knew it was only going to get better.

Erin didn't waste time. As soon as Kate stepped clear, she moved in and got started on some scorching hot kissing of her own. More shocking still was the way her hand immediately went into his slacks and immediately resume what Kate had been doing. In fact, she got busy with an even more overt stroking motion.

Jack gawked and whispered in awe as he watched Erin's arm piston up and down, "Fuck me!"

Vince quietly moaned, "Fuuuuuuck!"

Now it was Kate's turn to play the clueless innocent. She turned towards Jack and Vince with a great big smile on her face. "Hi, guys! Isn't he the greatest? Ryan, my honey. What a kisser!"

Jack and Vince were in shock, almost in a very literal sense. They simply couldn't believe what they were seeing. It was slowly dawning on them that their prank had backfired spectacularly. Even if Ryan was the target of some elaborate ruse thought up by Kate and Erin to continue their prank, it didn't matter anymore because Ryan was the clear winner getting to kiss and fondle Kate and then Erin. Plus, if they really were taking turns jacking him off, if only for show, he'd be the envy of any man on campus. Any amount of humiliation would be worth it, because everyone knew Kate was the hottest, sexiest girl on campus, and while there were several candidates for number two, Erin had to be on anybody's short list. If word of this got out, Ryan would be a legend in his own time.

Furthermore, both jocks were conflicted, because they were feeling about as frustrated, shocked, and confused as they could possibly be, but they were also feeling increasingly aroused. Seeing what Kate had been doing to Ryan, especially the way she was obviously stroking his erection in his slacks, was arousing enough, but then to have Erin replace her and get even more aggressive with his cock was like a porn film come to life.

Yet their penises weren't erect, because they were simultaneously very aroused and unaroused. It was confusing as hell.

Kate couldn't wait to tease and torment them some more. She had all kinds of ideas of things to say to them that would stick the dagger in deeper and increase their frustration that their prank had backfired in the most spectacular way possible.

However, before she could say more to them, there was another knock on the door. She spun on her heels and went to answer it.

As soon as Kate opened the door, Jordan, Nancy, and Brandy came in like they belonged there already. All three of them were carrying purses.

Jack and Vince were even more confused by that, especially because they thought Brandy was already in the room, probably tending to Monica, so it didn't make sense that she was entering the room again. But that was very small potatoes compared to the simply unfathomable sight of Ryan and Erin making out in front of them.

Furthermore, it would have been shocking enough to see Erin all but openly jack Ryan off knowing that they and Kate were watching, but Ryan and Erin kept right at it, even after the three new entries walked right up to them and clearly made contact. Nothing made sense anymore.

Obviously, everybody knew that a handjob was taking place, even though it was covered by Ryan's slacks, but none of the new girls seemed to think this was worth commenting on or paying special attention.

Instead, Kate performed more introductions, while Erin kept on with her blatant stroking motions a few feet away. "Hey, everybody! Looks like we've got our own private party forming here. All the third floor Kappas, together! Let's see... Jack, Vince, you know these girls, you know all the Kappas. And they all know you. And Brandy, you just met Ryan a little while ago. Where'd you go, by the way?"

"Oh, to the bathroom," Brandy lied convincingly. She subtly nodded at Kate, indicating her efforts to take care of the evidence was proceeding smoothly. She'd been given Kate's master key, allowing her to stash the cameras in different bedrooms. She'd also started downloading the files onto computers.

Kate nodded calmly while secretly exulting at that signal. Then she said, "So that leaves you, Jordan, and you Nancy."

As soon as Kate looked towards Jordan and Nancy, everyone else did as well (except for Ryan and Erin, who were too busy kissing to look anywhere.) As a result, Jack and Vince didn't notice when Brandy wandered away from the group and further into the room, in order to collect the rest of the recording devices, the less important ones.

Jordan quickly corrected, "Oh, Ryan and I met already, down at the party."

"Then it's just you, Nancy," Kate said. "Erin, can you stop kissing our boyfriend and stroking his huge cock long enough to let him properly meet Nancy?"

Jack and Vince felt like they'd definitely entered The Twilight Zone by now. The Kate they knew was a prudish cocktease who would never stand for such behavior.

Erin broke the kiss just long enough to mutter, "Nah. Later!" Then she went right back to dueling tongues with him. And she wasn't trying to hide the way her hand was pumping up and down his shaft in the slightest, despite all the people watching.

(Brandy and Nancy had been warned in advance that this sort of intimate contact was likely to happen. They didn't mind because they understood it was part of the revenge against Jack and Vince. They were already secretly enjoying how it was driving the two jocks crazy.)

Jack had truly been in a daze, as had Vince. But Jack stirred enough to shout at Kate, "Hey! You just said... 'stroking his huge cock!'"

Kate coyly put a finger on her chin. "I did, didn't it? Well, it certainly is huge, and it definitely is a 'cock,' no mere 'penis.' What part of that do you disagree with?"

Playing the foil, Jordan commented, "You and Erin keep telling us how huge it is, but we're having trouble believing you. Maybe you should show us."

Kate pretended to ponder that. "Show you?! Hmmm... Well... I would, in a heartbeat, because I want all the Kappas to know what a total stud my new boyfriend is. I wouldn't even mind dropping to my knees and sucking him off in front of all of you, just to proudly show off his magnificent horse cock, and how much I love bobbing on it. But I can't exactly do that with Jack and Vince here. They're guys. It would be weird. There's no telling how they'd react."

Jordan smiled benignly, as if that was the sort of thing Kate normally said. "Well, luckily, I do happen to have those handcuffs from that earlier gag in my purse here. What if we make them wear them? Then they won't, oh, I dunno, get overheated and forcibly demand a turn with you or something."

Kate looked to the two jocks. "What do you say, guys? Do you want to see me suck on Ryan's cock for a few minutes? And do you mind wearing some silly handcuffs for the duration? Then you'll be able to see just how big his cock really is. That should clear up a lot of things for you."

Jack and Vince had suffered through so many unbelievable shocks ever since Ryan entered the room that they were too dazed and confused to put up much resistance to anything. Furthermore, they still were in a strange condition of being highly aroused and unaroused at the same time, due to their great disappointment mixing with the sexy sights before them. But they certainly weren't about to miss a chance to see Kate suck someone's cock. The very idea of her willingly doing that in front of them and others was the greatest shock of the evening so far, and that was saying quite a lot.

They were in such a state of disbelief that such a thing was possible that they didn't dare to speak. They merely nodded, eagerly.

Jordan and Nancy quickly walked behind them and silently got the handcuffs out. Nancy was allowed to put the handcuffs on Vince, and her scowling yet triumphant face showed that she was getting a great deal of satisfaction doing so. She also made a point of picking the pink and fluffy pair that Monica owned. Meanwhile, Jordan put cuffs on Jack too. Then, since they had three pairs of cuffs in total, they used the third one to cuff Jack's cuffs to Vince's. Now the two jocks would have a very hard time doing much of anything with their bodies, except maybe carefully walking in tandem.

The two sorry date rapists were so out of it that they barely even noticed that their handcuffs were being cuffed together. They didn't pay it much mind, because all they could think about was getting to see Kate give a blowjob. Even if they weren't the lucky recipient, both of them figured that merely being able to say they had seen "Princess Kate" do such a thing would be the story to end all stories.

Whetting their appetite for Kate's performance, Erin unzipped Ryan's fly and tugged his slacks down. In one fell swoop, all of his cock and balls were revealed to the whole group.

Ryan's erection immediately soared forward, sticking nearly straight out. That showed that he was about as stiff and aroused as he could possibly be, because his extra large cock weighed a lot and tended to point down.

Curiously, showing off his extraordinary dick didn't shame him in the slightest, but actually excited him tremendously. Normally, he would have felt particularly awkward and ashamed to reveal his private parts in front of two other guys, but in this case he felt like he was emasculating them, and they deserved it.

Jack and Vince were stunned all over again. Jack shook his head back and forth repeatedly, as if he was witnessing horror beyond human comprehension. Vince simply stood there slack-jawed, with comically wide eyes.

Both of them realized at that moment that the last shreds of any chance that Kate and Erin had picked up on their prank and run with it to further humiliate Ryan were destroyed. Clearly, the two perfect beauties really were "dating" Ryan, together. If nothing else, they were "dating" his cock. The look of hunger and even need on their faces as they stared at it said it all.

That meant the joke was on them instead. Their prank had backfired so dramatically that neither of them could wrap their heads around what had happened exactly. And to make matters worse, their feelings of being both highly aroused and the exact opposite at the same time only intensified by what they saw next.

Erin dropped to her knees and languorously stroked one hand up and down Ryan's long shaft while she fondled his balls with her other hand. All the other girls watched with undisguised wonder and lust, even Nancy and possibly Brandy. (At the very least, Brandy wondered at the sheer size of it.)

Jack and Vince felt emasculated and humiliated. They'd thought they had good sized penises, and they did, especially Jack's, which was significantly longer than average. But looking at Ryan's, Jack was convinced it was at least double the size of his own. So neither of them were able to get an erection, even though they were practically drooling from watching a perfect ten busty bombshell like Erin jack Ryan off. It was true that she remained fully dressed, but she was doing it with such passion and lusty desire that it couldn't have looked any more erotic if she'd been buck naked.

Then Kate knelt down right next to Erin.

Erin shifted over to make room. But clearly, she didn't want to let go.

Kate smirked at that, and said to her, "Friend, I've got an idea. Why don't we share?" She put a hand on Ryan's long cock as well, just above where Erin's hand happened to be. "We can take turns sucking him off."

Erin happily replied, "Sure! It'll be more fun doing it together!"

That was the final straw, at least for Vince. His knees had been wobbling as shock after shock left him too feeble to stay standing. Finally, his legs gave way altogether, and he fell backwards to the ground.

Jack was made of slightly sterner stuff. He wanted to remain standing, but since his handcuffs were cuffed to Vince's, when Vince fell back he had no choice but to fall back too.

The two of them landed with one loud thud and then another. They were lucky at least that the room was carpeted, because they were unable to brace their falls at all. They lay there, staring at the ceiling and smarting from the pain, wondering what the hell had just happened.

Then, a face appeared in their view, directly above them. It was Monica. She smiled down at them, but the smile was mean, even feral. She said, "Good evening, 'gentlemen'! I'll bet you didn't expect for ME to be awake, did you? Well, I have news for you: I've been awake the whooole time!"

Without seeing what the other was doing, Jack and Vince both closed their eyes at the same time and kept them tightly shut. They'd thought falling backwards to the floor was bad, and they were beginning to wonder what kind of predicament they were in with their hands cuffed behind their backs. But having Monica awake and fully aware was ten times worse, or even a hundred times worse.

Jack whispered with utter dismay, "Oh, fuck! The whole time?!"

Monica smiled wolfishly. "The whooooole time! I got to hear it all, all your plans to rape my sleeping body, you filthy scumbags! I had to suffer through you taking my clothes off and then putting at least some of them back on again. Oh, and remember how annoyed you were at how many layers I was wearing, and how very frustrated you got at how difficult they were to remove, like the corset that was next to impossible to get off? Well, that was done on purpose, you motherfucking wanna-be rapists! You see, we set you up for a fall. All of us here in the room now. ALL of us!"

She stood back up straight, but continued to boom at them, "You think you're fucked? You have noooo idea, you motherfucking, cocksucker shitheads! ¡Hijos de la grandísima motherfucking PUTA!"

Everyone else in the room, including Ryan, Erin, and Kate, stood facing Monica and began to loudly clap in support for her.

Monica started to cry with relief, knowing the worst of her ordeal was over.

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