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"Get a blindfold!" Monica barked. "Actually, make that two!"

After a long silence, Jordan asked, "Two blindfolds? What for?" She responded because nobody else did. Normally, Ryan, Kate, or Erin would have taken the lead with this group, but they were distracted by seeing Jack and Vince lying there in defeat, while the two stone foxes were getting started on a dual handjob, since they were holding his very insistent erection already.

Monica explained, "These two pendejos have seen quite enough of our beautiful bodies, thank you very much! In particular, Kate and Erin, I don't want them to see one more second of the sexy way you're handling The Beast."

Many of the others had never heard the nickname "The Beast" before. It wasn't explained, but it didn't need explanation. All were continually impressed at the sheer size of Ryan's erection.

Monica continued, "Let their imaginations run wild! Let them suffer, wishing they could see if you really are taking things to the next level!"

Ordinarily, Jack and Vince would have tried to lift their heads to at least see some of the handjob action. In their minds, anything sexual whatsoever involving both Kate and Erin would beat the highest quality pornography, even if the two bombshells were fully clothed. However, their spirits had been completely crushed by the revelation that Monica was awake and knew everything, and furthermore, that the others all probably knew everything too. They didn't even try to open their eyes.

Jordan pointed out, "That sounds like a great idea, except this is your room, after all. If anybody knows where blindfolds would be, it would be you, right?"

Monica said, "Right. Hmmm, let's see. I don't have blindfolds per se, but I have a couple of bandanas. Everybody, hold everything!"

She had been standing over the two jocks, but she rushed to a dresser, got out her bandanas, and carefully folded each to make it into a thick, wide blindfold. Then she went back to the jocks and tied the bandanas around their heads. Normally those would have been fairly easy to take off, except that was impossible for Jack and Vince to do so, since their hands were cuffed behind their backs and they had been left lying down for good measure.

It was clear that Monica wanted to lead the proceedings for a while, and the others were fine with that. They felt she deserved it, since she'd had the hardest job in the sting operation. So the others just waited for Monica to get ready.

That's not to say there wasn't activity while they waited. Kate and Erin got very busy stroking Ryan's exposed boner. Earlier, they had warned Nancy and Brandy that there would probably be a certain amount of sexual activity with Ryan once the two jocks were subdued. At the time, Nancy and Brandy said they were okay with that, but now Erin thought it would be considerate to double check.

So, while Monica was busy with the bandanas, Erin waved Nancy and Brandy over and whispered to them, "I know that you said you were okay with seeing some sex action. But now that it's happening, is that still the case?"

Nancy and Brandy looked at each other, not wanting to step on the toes of the other one.

Then Brandy shrugged and said, "Personally, I don't care. You know I'm lesbian. It does nothing to me."

Nancy said, "I do care, and it does affect me. Normally I would mind, a LOT!" Her face was suddenly twisted with anger. "But in this case, I want you to do MORE to Ryan, because it'll help those two criminal fuckwads suffer! Torture them mercilessly with the hottest sexual show they'll ever hear, but never be able to feel, or even see!" She seemingly caught herself and calmed down. "So don't worry about me."

Kate thought, Whoa! Poor girl. She really has issues. Erin must be right, she really was raped by Vince and she hasn't gotten over it. Who would? That must be terrible. She's a bit on the skinny side, but with her stunning face and long blonde hair she really should have found a nice boyfriend by now. But I think she's still too traumatized to even be seriously dating.

I'm so lucky. I've lived the ultimate privileged experience. Sure, I've had to put up with more than my fair share of leering and cat-calls and even groping, but that's gotta be a completely different thing.

Erin had similar thoughts, although she didn't feel so privileged - she also came from a wealthy family, but she knew Kate's was in a different category altogether. She nodded, and said, "Fair enough. Buckle up and tighten your seat belts then, 'cos things are likely to get pretty wild!"

Nancy couldn't stop staring at all the moving hands on Ryan's privates. At the moment, that sight was capturing her interest even more than enjoying Jack and Vince lying on the floor in defeat.

She was continually astounded by the sheer size of Ryan's erection. Kate had the top position and was steadily rubbing his sweet spot, while her other hand was fondling his balls. Erin was slowly pumping a fist up and down his surprisingly long and thick shaft with one hand while using her other to tickle his perineum (the "taint"). Nancy had had a reasonable amount of sexual experience, but it had all been one-on-one.

Nancy asked Erin, still in a whisper, "By the way, why are you asking Brandy and me about this and not Monica or Jordan?"

Erin waved Nancy in closer, causing Nancy to lean in and down, and Brandy leaned in too. That put them surprisingly close to Ryan's fully exposed crotch. Then Erin whispered up to them, "To be honest, we haven't been entirely honest with you. You see, Ryan doesn't just have two girlfriends on the third floor, he has three. The truth is, Monica's gotten very intimate with him too. I don't have to ask her anything because she's fine with sharing. And I don't have to ask Jordan anything either. She's not one of his girlfriends yet, but I stress 'yet.' I think it's coming."

Nancy and Brandy were astounded.

Nancy stared some more at the way Kate and Erin were stroking Ryan's long, thick pole. She thought, I haven't had sex in nearly a year, ever since... the incident. But seeing that is doing something to me. Waking up feelings I'd nearly forgotten. But still, I wouldn't want him to actually DO anything to me!

She whispered, "Four girlfriends?! At once?!"

Erin admitted, "I use the term 'girlfriend' loosely. Maybe we could call it 'friends with benefits.'" She didn't want to admit the "personal slut" aspect to them because it was too embarrassing.

Nancy asked nervously, "Is he... is he going to want to... do things to all of us?!"

Kate had been focused on the handjob, since she had the prime position holding the cockhead. But she decided to field that one, even while she endless rubbed two fingers against his sweet spot. Despite Nancy in particular watching closely (or maybe because of it), she couldn't resist leaning in and giving that spot a loving kiss as well.

Nancy and Brandy gasped at that. Both of them would have been loath to admit it, but they were getting quite aroused watching the dual handjob. In Brandy's case, she was much more interested in the sheer passion on Kate's and Erin's faces.

Kate finally responded, "Oh, no. Don't worry about that at all! He fully understands that you-"

Kate got interrupted because Monica had finished securing the bandanas around the heads of Jack and Vince. Monica was standing above them, down by their legs. She clapped her hands together loudly, indicating she was ready to speak.

The feisty Latina had had a lot of time to think about what she wanted to say while pretending to sleep, and now she couldn't wait to get it all out. "Okay! Ladies and gentleMAN" - she strongly stressed the "man" to make clear there was only one man in the room worthy of respect - "and pendejos. It's time to explain to our two pendejo guests exactly what they did wrong, and how we're going to punish them for it!"

Ryan was having a hell of a great time. Not only were Kate and Erin using four hands on his cock and balls, but now that the bandanas guaranteed Jack and Vince couldn't see anything, they'd started to lick his cock as well.

Kate started it first. As she began her lapping, she thought, I'm soooo baaaad! Especially with everyone watching. My face must be burning red with shame. But how can I NOT lick? It's like The Beast needs even more tender loving care!

Once Kate started in, Erin quickly followed, only a little further down his shaft. If anything, she was even more red and embarrassed, since she thought she had the willpower to resist only to find out she didn't. She tried not to think about what she was doing or who might see.

Despite all the highly arousing stimulation, nobody else was asking, so Ryan felt obliged to ask, "Excuse me, Monica, but what's a 'pendejo'?"

Monica gleefully replied, "I'm glad you asked. And by the way, forgive me if I break into Spanish from time to time, because I'm feeling pretty worked up right now. A 'pendejo' is a shithead, an idiot, a moron! And these two losers below me are definitely pendejos to think that they could try to rape me and get away with it! Though really, this isn't about me at all, because I'm sure they would have been glad to rape any of us. They don't care about feelings or personality in a woman. It's just a matter of fucking a tight hole!"

Ryan thought, Oh boy. I've gotten pretty carried away with my language and even my behavior tonight. It's been great, but I need to be careful that I don't let my big dick turn me into a total jerk like these two. God knows I love dominating my sexy sluts, but to me they're people with feelings, not merely "tight holes." I'm even falling in love!

Jack felt completely helpless and defeated. He was frustrated that he couldn't see or move. But he could still speak, and he figured he needed to start using his "silver tongue" to get out of trouble. So he asked, "Excuse me, but can I say something?"

"NO!" Monica barked him. "You're going to shut up and listen! Right now, we do not plan on getting physically violent with you; we have other ways to get our revenge. But if you try my patience by saying ANYTHING unless you're asked a direct question, that policy may change. I can think of lots of ways to make you hurt! If you understand, just nod you head and shut the fuck up!"

Jack and Vince nodded their heads.

Monica crossed her arms under her ample rack, pleased at their silence. "Good. I don't have to tell you what you were planning on doing, since you know. But you don't know just how much WE know, and how much we've recorded!"

She considered telling them that they'd even recorded them first making their date rape plans in the basement pool, but she decided against it because she knew they'd revealed the names of other date rapists in their SAE fraternity, and she didn't want them to possibly tip those guys off about that later.

Instead, she said, "We have you two on video from the moment you entered this room, and from multiple angles! We've got clear audio and video of you talking about how you're planning on raping me, and bickering over who gets to go first. We've got you on camera taking off the clothes of a clearly passed out woman, and taking your clothes off too! You were all set to get started when there was a knock on the door!"

Ryan felt like he was on the verge of going out of his mind, thanks to the way Kate and Erin were going to town all over his cock with their busy tongues, and their fingers covering even more territory. But he was determined to stay engaged in the conversation. He spoke up. "Monica, please tell me they didn't actually do anything to you, aside from taking your clothes off." He worried he'd been too slow getting into the room.

Monica beamed. She could easily see what Kate and Erin were doing but acted as if everything was normal. "Don't worry! Remember, Erin was in charge of the timing, and got it just right. They spent forever trying to get my corset off, and once they did, they were arguing over who got to go first when you knocked on the door. My savior!"

Ryan didn't feel like a savior, but hearing that took a big worry off his mind. Meanwhile, he continued to thrill to all the cock licking and stroking.

Jack, being the bolder of the two jocks, spoke up. "But that's the thing. We didn't actually DO anything!"

Monica bellowed, "Bullshit! What you did was a crime, attempted rape, and you know it! Hell, you even used the word 'rape' yourselves, more than once! It's as open and shut a case as there can be! Furthermore, you're such shithead morons that you've already forgotten about my strict instructions not to speak out of turn! You will be punished!"

She looked around and found Nancy standing by. "Nancy, do you want to do the honors? You're probably even more angry at them than I am. Why don't you give Jack, oh, I don't know, one swift kick in the balls? Maybe then he'll start to learn that we're not to be messed with!"

"Gladly!" Nancy said, her face filled with rage.

But Erin, even though she was busy licking up and down Ryan's shaft, was listening closely, and she lifted her head up and shifted positions to look past Ryan's body to the others. "NO! Wait!"

Nancy had already taken a couple of steps towards Jack, but she stopped.

With her hand still outrageously pumping up and down hot cock right below Kate's still active tongue, Erin said, "I know it's tempting, but let's not lower ourselves to their level. Remember what I was saying to some of you earlier: physical wounds heal quickly, but legal problems last for years. We don't want to give them any grounds to complain they were victims. We have far better punishments in mind that will last much longer!"

Nancy sighed with frustration, but she nodded. She found the whole situation surreal with the double cock licking going on, but she focused her attention on the two jocks and her desire for revenge. She reminded herself that the sexy noises filling the room were part of their punishment.

Monica also nodded. "Fair enough. You may need to remind me of that from time to time, 'cos they're right at my feet and they're just so kickable." She looked back down at the two bodies at her feet. "So, you douchebags, I suppose you'll get off with a warning this time. But if you two so much as say a single word, remember that we're wearing high heels with pointy tips!"

Jack and Vince nodded obediently. Jack could feel the urge to verbally fight back leaking out of him. Clearly, he wasn't going to be able to talk his way out of this.

Monica continued, "You two shitheads can look forward to going to jail for a long time. And don't expect to get any leniency for being a first time offender or having a rich daddy or some crap like that. You're so STUPID! Such pendejos! Even as you were getting ready to rape me, you freely confessed to past crimes! Like when you struggled to get my clothes off and compared that to how difficult it was to stripping some of the other knocked-out girls you drugged."

She shook a fist at them, despite the fact they couldn't see. "MORONS! And don't think you can slip free with lawyers and influence. Our parents are even richer and more influential than yours, especially since we've got Kate on our side. You've fucked with the wrong people. This is your worst nightmare!"

Monica was right that Nancy in particular was the angriest of the group. Indeed, just as Erin had speculated, Vince had taken Nancy on a date nearly one year ago, gotten her quite drunk, and then raped her. She'd clearly told him "no" and tried to fight him off, but she was no match for his size and strength. She'd been emotionally suffering from it ever since. In fact, it had only been in the last few weeks, with the start of a new school year, that she'd made some tentative efforts to begin dating again.

So Nancy couldn't keep quiet anymore, and she yelled at the two prone bodies, "What do you have to say for yourselves?! How the hell can you justify your behavior?!"

There was a silence, and then Jack spoke meekly. "Monica, can I answer that?"

Monica chuckled. "This time, sure. Good luck!"

Jack said, "I throw myself, us, at your mercy. We were stupid and inconsiderate."

Nancy interrupted, "'Inconsiderate?!' It's not like you fucking cut in line at a bank! Rape can ruin a woman for LIFE!"

Jack winced. He knew he was sunk. "I have no excuse. We have no excuse. We're just young, dumb, and... full of ourselves, I guess. We didn't think. Like I said, we're throwing ourselves at your mercy. However you want to punish us, punish us. Just please... we don't deserve a long prison term! Right, Vince?"

Vince was startled, since he expected Jack to do the talking. But he managed to say, "Right. We beg for your mercy. Yes, we did wrong, but we're not like real rapists. The girls we did it with are hardly lily-white. They-"

Jack and Vince were touching from shoulder to elbow, since the handcuffs cuffing together kept them close, even lying down. Jack did his best to nudge Vince, since he figured making that argument would only make matters worse. But he was too late.

Nancy threw her hands up in exasperation. "Oh, great! Blame the victim! That's what scumbags like you always do, blame the victim! But you're wrong, dead wrong! You're to blame, 100 percent! Vince, just because I agreed to go on a date with you didn't give you permission to fucking RAPE me! For fuck's sake!"

A shocked silence followed. The other girls knew that was the first time Nancy had ever admitted her date rape to anyone in the sorority, and Ryan guessed as much. In fact, even the dual handjob came to an end because it didn't seem right to continue in the circumstances.

Monica walked to Nancy and gave her a hug. "I'm so sorry! I think it's a good thing you just said that. We, the rest of us in this room other than those two scumbag motherfuckers, we feel your pain. We want to help you. We can't change the past, but maybe we can help make the future a little brighter."

Nancy squeezed Monica tightly in a heartfelt hug and started to cry.

Kate suddenly stood up and rushed to Nancy. She wrapped her arms around her too, and said, "Listen. I know I've been kind of a bitch the whole time I've known you. We've had our issues with each other. But I'm starting to experience a new kind of joy with Ryan, and even love! And it's opening my eyes. I want to turn over a new leaf and put our past squabbles in the past. We should be friends! I want to help you get over whatever demons are haunting you."

"Thanks!" Nancy repositioned her arms to better include Kate in the hug too. She kept on crying, but she was pleasantly surprised by Kate's support. Ryan hadn't been told the full story, but Kate and Nancy had butted heads quite a lot, especially since they had been the two major candidates to be the next Kappa Kappa Gamma president at the end of the last school year.

Erin had already gotten up as well and was standing by. Once Kate finished talking, she joined the group hug and said, "The same goes for me. I've had a kind of change of heart too. Us third floor Kappas should stick together!"

"Damn straight!" That voice belonged to Monica. She flung herself at the group hug and squeezed tight.

At the same time, Jordan joined the hug from the other side. "Me too!" she said. "Ditto to all that!"

Then Brandy joined in. "Me too, too! Nancy, each of us wants to be your friend and support you."

Nancy was still distraught over her confrontation, especially with Vince, but she was overjoyed at the support too. She found herself crying tears of sorrow and joy at the same time. Trying to lighten the mood, she joked, "Hey, everybody, don't hug me to death!"

Ryan felt awkward. He walked to the group hug, and tapped on Erin's shoulder. "Sorry, this is kind of weird, but is it okay if I join the hug too? I know I'm a guy, and an outsider to this sorority, but I have a heart and I want to lend my support too."

Erin asked, "What do you say, Nancy? Can he hug too? In a platonic way, of course?"

Nancy responded, "That depends. Does he have his fly zipped up?" She was in the center of the hug, so she couldn't see much.

Erin looked down to check. She was relieved to say, "Yes, he does. The Beast has been put back in its cage, for now."

Nancy chuckled through her tears. "Then sure. Why not?"

Ryan joined in the hug, but tentatively. He stayed on the outside of the large mass of bodies, and in fact didn't make any contact with Nancy in the middle at all. He also was careful to always keep an eye on Jack and Vince. He worried that they would try to escape when they hoped everyone else was distracted.

Jack did start to wiggle a little bit, but he realized it would be supremely challenging to even stand up.

Ryan was about to bark a warning at Jack, but before he could, Jack gave up. He realized that there clearly was no way they could escape, even if they were standing. Just trying to open a door with bandanas over their eyes and their wrists cuffed together and to each other would be next to impossible.

The group hug continued for a couple of minutes while Nancy cried herself out. As Nancy's tears started to run out, but with the hug still going, Kate said, "I have an announcement. Everybody calls me Princess Kate. I'm the natural leader of this sorority, and its president. So far, I've used my powers for, well, not bad exactly, but not really good either. Basically, I've been selfish and uncaring. But no more!"

She broke the hug and took a few steps back in order to make eye contact with the others. "From now on, I'm going to run this sorority in an entirely new way, striving to make ALL the Kappas happy. And furthermore, starting this very moment, I say we start a new group, kind of a sorority within a sorority. I call it... the Third Floor Club! A special group of the seven of us. And yes, I'm including Ryan in it. I know that might be controversial, but please, take a 'wait and see' approach on that. In a week or two you'll see why. Okay?"

There were a few affirmative grunts and nothing said in opposition, so Kate continued, "Anyway, we've had a history of kind of sniping against each other, jockeying for status and power. Enough of that bullshit. We should work together! To help Nancy heal. Hell, to help all of us heal. We all have our problems, including some we've never admitted to, I'm sure. I've got MY share of problems, there's no doubt about that!"

That got a lot of chuckles and giggles. The group hug was breaking up as all the others repositioned to face Kate.

Kate continued, "We ARE the elite of the elite in this sorority for lots of reasons, such as our unusual beauty, charisma, social wiles, and general smarts. We should use those special gifts and talents for good. For instance, once we're done with those two losers" - she thumbed in the general direction of where Jack and Vince lay - "we should keep going and clear out the rest of their ilk until us girls can start to feel truly safe on this campus!"

Nancy was beaming, even though her eyes were red and her face was streaked with tears. "Hear, hear!" Her hope and optimism soared. She'd been feeling all alone with her rape issues, since she never shared her secret with her sorority sisters.

Monica said, "I second that! Let's all join hands to make it official. And yeah, Ryan is a guy, but I think everyone here will soon realize that he's no ordinary guy and he belongs with us. Kate isn't the only one who's kind of fallen for him tonight." She winked in his direction.

Ryan thought, Whoa! What does that mean?! But the conversation was moving quickly and he didn't have time to ponder.

Brandy said, "That nice, but... I don't want to be a downer, but can we at least vote on this? It would feel very different if it was an all-girl group. I think it would be more empowering that way."

Monica said, "We could, but I'm pretty sure he's already got a majority of four votes, and that's without him voting. Kate, Erin, me... and what say you, Jordan?"

Jordan spoke firmly. "Oh, I'd vote for him 100 percent. Nancy, Brandy, please don't judge him until you know him. He's not just a well-hung guy; he's a NICE guy. I can tell already. What if we include him, but as a provisional member for the next two weeks, so you DO get a chance to really know him? Then he can join permanently if the vote is unanimous."

Everyone nodded in agreement at that reasonable suggestion. So, without further ado, they stood in a circle and all held hands.

Kate was thrilled. Feeling bold and impulsive, she decided to express her genuine thoughts out loud while they were all linked together. "This is great! I feel like really am turning over a new leaf, and maybe the rest of us are too. Why do we squabble with each other when we could be good friends? We have a lot in common. And why don't we even join forces to make the world a better place?"

She continued with infectious enthusiasm, "You know, I've had one big epiphany tonight, realizing that I've been living my life all wrong and that I've been missing out on great sex and true love. But now I feel like I'm having a second epiphany: helping others IS its own reward! I feel really good about taking down those two rapists over there, and I feel even better supporting Nancy in her struggle to regain her dignity. A group victory feels soooo much better than an individual one! Don't you all agree?"

The other six people standing around her nodded and murmured in agreement. There was a special mood in the air.

So Kate slowly raised her hand, causing the other six connected hands to rise up together until their seven arms formed a cone shape pointing to the ceiling. "I now pronounce us the Third Floor Club, dedicated to making the world a better place, AND having fun together!"

"YEAY!" A general cheer rose up. Only Jack and Vince remained silent and sullen.

Suddenly, Monica was all business. "That's great, but before we really start celebrating, we need to take out the trash."

She walked back to the two date rapists and lightly kicked their ankles to get their attention. "Hey! Pendejos! Don't think we've forgotten about you. Consider yourself lucky that little group unity thing just happened, because maybe now we're not feeling so angry and vengeful. But that doesn't matter, because we came up with a plan for you and we're not going anywhere until we see it through. ¿Comprendéis?" ("Do you understand?")

Jack and Vince nodded.

Monica continued, "I'm sick and tired of hearing your excuses. We ought to double your punishment just for that sorry attempt to blame the victim. But it's your lucky night, because we ARE willing to offer you an alternative to prison."

An idea came to her, and she motioned for Brandy to come near. Brandy did so, then Monica whispered in her ear, "How's the copying of the evidence coming?"

Brandy whispered back, "I haven't been able to get away, but everything from the key video cameras should be recorded to our computers by now."

"Good. Why don't you go start making back-up copies, and then bring back an audio snippet of some damning stuff they said, just to prove to them we have it all recorded. Okay?"

Brandy nodded. Then she bashfully said, "But... I don't want to miss any of the smack down."

Monica whispered, "Don't worry. We've already talked in detail about what I'm about to tell them, and you should only be gone for a couple of minutes, right? Hurry back! Besides, we've kept a couple of devices to record all this too, so you can watch that later."

Brandy nodded again and then rushed out of the room.

Monica looked back down at Jack and Vince and said, "I like that you're still silent. Maybe you're not totally incapable of learning. Here's how it's going to go. We want you gone! Immediately and permanently! That means you're going to quit this college immediately. As in tomorrow!"

Jack and Vince groaned. Jack was going to complain, but then he realized that scenario was much, much better than spending years in prison.

Monica went on, "Furthermore, we don't trust you. You could swear up and down that you've learned your lesson, but we have no reason to believe you. So, at a minimum, we need to take you away from society, and put you somewhere far from women where you're less likely to do harm. So you have one option and one option only!"

She paused dramatically, then said, "Join the military! Immediately! And not just any military branch. We want you to join the Navy. Hopefully, you'll spend most of your time on ships with other men. And yes, we know there are some women in the Navy now, but those are some tough characters. You won't be able to catch them off guard, and if you do they're liable to get their own revenge on you."

She continued, "But that's not all! We did a little Googling. It turns out the statute of limitations for rape in this state is six years. However, since there were two of you working together, that makes it aggravated rape, and there's NO statute of limitations on that! So we have you by the balls... forever! That said, we realize that it is possible for people to genuinely change for the better. So here's what we're going to do. For the next six years, you two will be completely celibate. And I do mean completely! We're going to keep an eye on you two. You foolishly targeted some girls who are FILTHY rich. Kate alone could afford to pay private investigators to keep watching from now until the end of time."

Kate was standing back with Ryan and Erin. Each of the girls had their arms around him, but they'd stopped the sexual hanky panky for now. She said, "That's true, and I will! Gladly! And I won't even feel a financial pinch. That's chump change for me."

Monica nodded approvingly at Kate, and continued, "So, for the next six years, no dating, no hook-ups, no nothing. No exceptions! I suppose you can masturbate, if you're sneaky about it. But don't worry, it's not as bad as it sounds, because you'll be spending the next six years in the military anyway. If you quit, fail out, go on a date, or do ANYTHING to displease us, we've got the evidence, and we're ready to give it to the authorities at any time. We recorded this room with audio and video from multiple angles. We're in the process of making copies of copies already. We're e-mailing it to friends, secretly posting it in the Internet cloud, and much more. We're being VERY careful, and there are a bunch of us. There's no way you can get out of this except to do what we say!"

She continued, "Furthermore, you will tell no one about what happened here tonight, or these terms we're telling you, or anything else! AND you have to pay restitution to all your victims! We've got a few names already, since you foolishly mentioned them out loud, and there's Nancy here. Furthermore, you'll tell us the rest right now. If you don't, remember, we've basically got bottomless resources, and we have a lot of ways of finding out. Moron pendejos like you have a foolish habit of bragging to your frat buddies. Oh, we'll find out! We'll compare the list you tell us and match it against what we find, and if there's any discrepancy, we'll sic the police on you!"

She snapped her fingers. "Does somebody have a cell phone? I don't want to take the bandanas off their faces, so let's record them confessing. We can get it on paper later."

Ryan's cell phone hadn't been used for their surveillance efforts, so he went to get it, knelt next to the two jocks, and started recording.

Jack and Vince were so beaten down that they didn't even put up a token resistance. They quickly confessed to all the times they'd ever drugged and/or raped any girls. They were reminded to include any arguable or borderline cases, just to be sure. It turned out that Jack had done it to four different women and Vince to eight.

Once they were done, Ryan stood back up and returned to the arms of Kate and Erin. He said to them as he hugged them, "I don't get it. I just don't get it. Why? Why?! Okay, I could understand if some social misfit, some total loner, would try to rape somebody. Obviously, it's just as bad, but that's how the stereotype goes. You wouldn't expect guys as handsome and as popular as these two would rape anybody. Especially Jack. He's like the poster boy of the square jawed, blond haired, frat jock. He could probably sleep with a different girl every night if he really tried. I just don't understand!"

Ryan had been talking to Kate and Erin, but since nobody else was speaking, everyone heard.

Nancy asked, "Yeah, you shitheads, why? I really want to know why! Why not fuck somebody else who IS willing? Why?!"

Jack sighed. He said, "I don't know why. I certainly don't think of myself as a rapist. But.. there were a few times when the temptation was there. It was easy. Other guys were doing it. I didn't think there would be a problem. Maybe, maybe I thought I was invincible. I just... I'm sorry, okay? It was stupid. I didn't think!"

Ryan thought, There's a cautionary tale. He thought he was invincible and he lost all sense of right and wrong. With my newfound big cock "super power," I'm going to have to be very careful not to fall into the same trap. Luckily, although my mom and dad have gone overboard with their Bible thumping, they raised me right, with good moral values. I'll never be like them!

Nancy kicked Vince, and none too lightly. "What about you?!"

"The same," Vince whined. "I'm sorry! Especially to you. I really am! You were really hot and I wanted you really bad. I didn't think it mattered. I didn't know it would haunt you so long. I basically forgot about it a few days later and I figured you would too."

Nancy held her head in her hands and sighed.


Ryan sighed sadly as well. "That's so fucked up. I've been sexually aggressive tonight, but consent was clear. If I'd ever heard 'No. Stop,' I would have stopped, no question." He sighed again. "I feel bad just for being a man."

Monica suddenly turned to him and said, "Don't feel bad. In fact, what the hell is wrong with you people?!" She waved her hands in the air towards Kate and Erin in particular. "What happened to the sexual fun? Why'd you stop all that licking and stroking?" She looked pointedly at his crotch, where there was no sign of a bulge in his slacks. "Where'd The Beast go?"

Ryan was incredulous. "You're kidding me, right? He's taking a nap."

Monica gesticulated even more earnestly. "Tell him to wake up! Kate, Erin, as co-girlfriends, you should do your duty. I know we kind of ruined the mood with a lot of serious talk, but I want the ultimate revenge here. I want these two douchebag pendejos to suffer! I want them to hear all the sexual fun that they're missing out on, and that they are going to miss out on for the next SIX YEARS! I want them to hear how good it can be to enjoy consensual sex. That's a million times better than fucking some lifeless, passed out body!"

Nancy suddenly came to life. "Yeah! Kate, Erin, do it, please! For me! I liked it when you were stroking and licking him, before. Somehow, it made seeing those two brought down low that much more satisfying. But don't stop there! Suck him too! Suck him good! Most importantly, suck him LOUDLY! I want to see them literally gnash their teeth and weep tears of frustration!"

Kate and Erin looked at each other. There was an unspoken "Should we?!" between them. Then big smiles crossed their faces as a non-verbal "Why not? Sure!" enthusiasm was conveyed. They were already standing next to him, so they simply dropped to their knees.

Nobody was making any noise, but Kate loudly shushed anyway. Then she said, "Hey, you two pendejos!" She giggled at her first use of that word. "Listen to this! You know what this sound is?" She followed that by dramatically unzipping Ryan's fly. Just to make sure they heard, she rezipped it and then unzipped it again.

Jack and Vince groaned with frustration, because they heard the zipping sound and they knew what that meant. They were ruminating on having to be celibate for the next six years, at least.

Unfortunately for Ryan, his penis had gone flaccid by the time he joined the group hug. The mood had turned so serious that he leaned down and whispered to the two vixens, "I'm sorry, but how am I supposed to get aroused in these circumstances?"

Kate and Erin were holding his penis, but since it was flaccid there wasn't much for two hands to hold. They realized they had a problem if they had to fake fellating him.

But within seconds, Kate came up with an idea. She spoke aloud. "Uh-oh! We've got a problem. It looks like Ryan is a normal, moral man and he finds talk of date rape to be the very opposite of arousing. We're going to have to do something extra special to get him hard."

She was going to say more, but she stopped because she noticed Brandy reentering the room. Since Brandy had a key, she'd let herself back in.

Knowing that the two jocks didn't know what was going on, Kate explained for them, "Ah, Brandy, I see you're back. How are things going?"

Brandy walked to where Kate and Erin knelt in front of Ryan and stood there. She said, "Good. What's been happening here?"

Kate explained, "We finished explaining our terms to the two pendejos. They've already made some important confessions. We haven't asked for their reply to our offer yet though. First, I want them to listen to some of our recordings so they'll know we're not just bluffing. How's your recording work coming along?"

Brandy had been reluctant to say anything with Jack and Vince listening, but she realized Kate wanted them to know. So she said, "Everything's proceeding according to plan. All kinds of copying is taking place simultaneously. Soon, we'll have everything backed up in multiple locations."

Kate smiled wolfishly. "Excellent! Do you have a sample for them to listen to?"

"But of course." Brandy smiled triumphantly and held up her phone. "I've selected a couple of choice selections, right here on my cell phone."

"Good. Let's play that before we get their response. But before we do, I think it'll be more fitting if they have to listen to it over the sound of sexy slurping and moaning. As you can see, we're about to resume having fun with Ryan's cock after things got a little serious, but he needs some more inspiration. I was just about to ask if anyone would mind if I take my clothes off. I'm sure that'll straighten him out right away, so to speak."

Brandy was surprised. "Your clothes? All of them? In front of all of us?!"

Actually, Kate had only been planning on taking her top off. She knew how much Ryan loved seeing (and feeling) her enormous G-cups, and she also knew he wouldn't be able to see much more of her below her jutting rack while he was standing above. The "old" Kate would never have even gone topless in these circumstances in a million years. But she'd changed in a profound way over the course of the evening, and she decided to go for broke.

She didn't consciously realize it, but she longed to feel the kind of sexual humiliation she'd been feeling nearly constantly for most of the evening, prior to having to dress for the sting operation. She actually liked being exposed to others, as long as they were safe, like the other third floor girls. It would have been totally different had Jack and Vince been able to see.

She boldly said, "Yes, as a matter of fact. All of them. Does anybody have a problem with that?" She worried that Brandy might, so she non-verbally motioned towards where Jack and Vince lay, trying to suggest this was being done as part of their punishment.

Brandy didn't object, because she understood the ostensible purpose.

Nancy didn't either, because she was eager to see the two date rapists suffer. Since she wasn't allowed to physically hurt them, she figured this was the best alternative.

However, Erin said, "I object! Why should you be the only one to get naked? What about me?"

Kate smirked with relief. "Fair enough. Let's strip together!" She was secretly very relieved not to be the only one, because this was a big and scary step to take. In truth, the only reason either of them were willing to try was because they'd done even more embarrassing things for Ryan earlier in the evening and wound up having the times of the lives.

The sound of rustling of clothes followed. The two sexy coeds tried to be as loud as possible so Jack and Vince would know exactly what was happening and kick themselves for not being able to see.

Brandy couldn't believe what was happening. She didn't have a secret crush on either Kate or Erin, but that was only because she'd consciously tried not to. She loved big breasts just as much as Ryan did. Her heart raced wildly as she watched first Kate expose her G-cups and then Erin expose her F-cups.

She clenched her teeth and clutched at her own ample chest as she thought, Holy mother of God! They're magnificent! Both sets at once! Pinch me, I'm dreaming! But I can't let on how excited that makes me. Shit! What delicious torture! And look, now they're unveiling the rest of their perfect bodies!

By the time Kate and Erin were naked from head to toe, Brandy was on the verge of crying from a mixture of joy and frustration. She knew she'd never see them the same way again, even when they were fully clothed.

Nancy also was powerfully affected by watching the two busty beauties strip. Although she considered herself completely straight, the two vixens were so outrageously gorgeous that just having them naked seemed to raise the heat in the room. She'd been far from aroused for a while, since anger and hurt relating to her rape was foremost on her mind. But her lust began to rise, especially as she recalled what she'd seen them do to Ryan's oversized erection.

Jordan had never been intimate with another girl, aside from the odd playful French kiss or grope here and there. But as she watched Kate and Erin undress, she thought, I consider myself mostly straight, but if anybody could bend me to at least dabble in a little lesbian action, it's those two! Good God! Are you kidding me?! They make even the rest of us third floor Kappas look ugly in comparison! Look at those asses! Look at those breasts! I swear, I wouldn't mind touching and kissing the both of them, everywhere!

I can't let on though. I am mostly straight, and it seems they belong to him. Damn!

For a while, Monica had been fully focused on dealing with Jack and Vince. She'd let her anger flow and her temper rise. She was still very emotionally worked up, but she was discovering that anger could quickly turn into lust. Her heart pounded even faster as she stared at the flawless bodies of Kate and Erin with unrestrained desire. She thought, I've started to have fun with them tonight, but that's just the beginning! We'll ALL be lovers, loving and fucking each other as well as Ryan. I can't even believe how lucky I am, to wind up with those two, AND the biggest and best cock in town!

Kate and Erin made sure to be especially noisy as they took their clothes off. The two jocks groaned and even whimpered in response to the tantalizing sounds. Despite their defeat, they couldn't help but start to get aroused from just imagining what Kate and Erin looked like kneeling naked in front of a guy with his pants down.

Ryan got erect even faster than they did. He was an unashamed "tit man," so it was no surprise that his cock shot up and out just as soon as Kate and Erin got topless. The rest of their undressing was just a bonus to him. He got a triumphant thrill knowing they were fully naked in front of everybody because of their lust for him.

Kate didn't waste time. After a sexy walk to Ryan, undulating her ass cheeks all the way, she quickly dropped to her knees in front of Ryan. She moaned loudly and enthusiastically once she got busy licking his sweet spot. Aaaah! That's more like it! She could feel her cheeks reddening as the delicious humiliation she'd felt earlier in the evening came flooding back.

Then it was Erin's turn. She was blushing even more furiously as she walked to where Ryan was, because she could feel the eyes of Monica, Brandy, Jordan, and Nancy on her. Yet her humiliation was boosting her lust to the high heavens before she even reached him.

Once she was on her knees next to Kate, she closed her eyes, firmly gripped his shaft, and stuck her tongue out. She tried hard to block out all thoughts of the others and just concentrate entirely on pleasuring his cock.

However, there was a problem at first because both Kate and Erin naturally went straight for licking all over his sweet spot. As a result, their tongues soon touched.

The sensation was electric for both of them.

Kate felt shivers and goose bumps all over due to that tongue contact. Gaawwwd! Look at us! We're such sluts! His personal sluts! She felt an extra jolt of arousal from reminding herself of the "personal slut" title.

Erin felt shivers and goose bumps as well. She was tempted to stop licking and just French kiss Kate's beautiful mouth, at least for a little while. But she didn't dare with the others watching. Instead, she imagined an invisible line right down the middle of Ryan's shaft, cutting straight through his sweet spot, and she tried to keep her tongue on her side of the line.

Kate quickly got the gist of that idea, and focused on "her half" of his boner. However, both of them wanted to lick on his sweet spot more often than not, and it wasn't very big, so the tongue contact continued intermittently. Actually, neither of them minded at all.

Kate was in seventh heaven. She truly adored licking and stroking Ryan's thick cock, and getting to do it with Erin doubled or even tripled her pleasure. She found herself thinking, This is the future! It's such a joke now to think about the "dates" I had with my "boyfriends." I was the worst kind of cockteaser. But look at me now! I'm going to be the world's best cock PLEASER! Especially because I actually LOVE sharing The Beast like this. It's like, I wish I could have more than one tongue so I could lick it everywhere at once, but I can't, but with Erin helping it's like I can!

However, despite her euphoria, she couldn't forget her shame of public exposure. Several minutes passed of dead silence, with nobody talking at all. Eventually, her curiosity got the best of her and she furtively looked around to the other girls as she licked. SHIT! She wasn't surprised to see they were all staring her way, but it was distressing just the same.

Her tongue bumped into Erin's yet again as they both loudly slurped on his sweet spot. But she was busy mulling over all those eyes on her. Why should I be afraid of what they're thinking? They're all wishing they could be in my place. I don't have to wonder what Monica's thinking! She's fallen in love and lust with The Beast, and I couldn't be happier for her. I think it's great that we'll be personal sluts together. It's kind of like we'll be best friends or even sisters, united in our love for serving cock!

As for Jordan, who does she think she's fooling? I saw that lusty look on her face. She can't wait to choke and gag on this monster too! Miss Sluttypants is a natural slut, just like the rest of us. I suppose she's going to be one of his personal sluts before long as well, and I can't say I mind that much. MMMM! This cock is just too much! It needs so much tender loving care. I don't know if the four of us will be enough! Mmmm... YES!

She'd mostly caught glimpses of Monica and Jordan the first time, but she dared to take another furtive peek, and this time she carefully eyed Nancy and Brandy. They were staring with rapt interest, but their faces were less obviously lusty.

As she went back to bumping tongues with Erin, she thought, I wonder what those two are thinking. I'm sure they must be shocked. They've never seen the like, no doubt. Not just the sheer size of The Beast, but the fact that Erin and I are acting like this, and buck naked too. They must be thinking, "What the fuck is Princess Kate doing? I thought she was a cruel cockteaser." Not anymore, girls! Now, I'm all about pleasuring my honey's cock!

I wish I could convey to them the sheer, overwhelming joy I feel when I hear him grunt or moan in response to my tongue work. Although now I can't tell if he's responding to me or Erin, or both, and that's just TOO HOT! Gaawwwd, I love it! He's put me in my place, shamelessly worshipping his cock despite everybody watching. This is the ultimate in sexual wantonness! And we're getting to torture those two asshole rapists as a bonus!

With that last thought in mind, she was reminded to make more noise. She was already slurping loudly, but she augmented that with more sexy panting and moaning.

Another minute or two passed without anybody speaking. Although Kate was loving life, she couldn't entirely rid herself of her worries. I'll bet Nancy is cool with this, due to her need for revenge. I just hope Brandy doesn't rain on our parade. I'm sure we're safe with Jordan though. In fact, knowing my studly honey, it won't be long before she and I are bumping tongues on his sweet spot! Oooh! More shivers! And Monica of course is no problem at all. We'll definitely be bumping tongues a hell of a lot, and maybe not just while licking his cock!

I swear, if the others weren't watching, I could cum so easily. It might just be the biggest one yet. Sharing cock with Erin gets me so hot! Especially with all this tongue contact. But I have to hold out. I don't want to shock them too much at once, especially with Brandy on the fence. Imagine if they saw me shiver and shake and scream my head off!

Erin's feelings were nearly identical to Kate's, though maybe a bit less intense. Like Kate, she was exhilarated by licking and stroking Ryan's thick cock, and being "forced" to share made everything that much more naughty and thrilling. She also loved all the tongue touching, as well as the way their fingers often made contact. They'd both had to switch to more of a fingertip holding style for there to be enough room. But sometimes they interlocked their fingers together to stroke as if their two hands were one. It wasn't as effective, but they both loved doing it for the symbolism and the emotional bonding. They felt united in their dedication to serving his cock.

But Erin remained very embarrassed too, and her face stayed just as red. She tried to keep her eyes closed, but she couldn't help occasionally peeking to see how the others were responding. Like Kate, she noticed Jordan's very obvious lust, and she suspected that Monica was actually furtively playing with herself through her clothes. But due to her more frequent peeks she could see that Nancy and Brandy were horny as well. It's just that they were being much more careful trying to hide their feelings.

She also checked on Jack and Vince from time to time, just to make sure they weren't trying to escape. Every time she did, she was reminded to be loud with her slurping, moaning, and even breathing. Of course that was driving the two jocks crazy, but she didn't realize how much of an effect it had on everyone else. With her and Kate's head so close to Ryan's cock all the time, it often was hard to see the action. But everyone could hear their very sexy noises, causing imaginations to run wild.

Not surprisingly, Ryan was having the time of his life. His pleasure was incredible and unending, like experiencing the total rush of orgasm, except for minutes on end. And yet he didn't feel the urge to cum just yet. It was as if his body had cum so many times over the evening that the climax trigger had broken and shut down. But what really blew his mind was the idea that the two lusty vixens were actually holding back on him. He couldn't imagine how much better it could get if they sucked his cock instead of "merely" licking it.

In fact, Kate was feeling very tempted to switch over to sucking. Pretty much since she started licking him, she'd been craving the sensation of having her oral cavity crammed full of his hot, throbbing pole. She didn't want to be selfish and cut Erin out of the fun, but she figured they could take turns, with one bobbing while the other licked whatever was left over. In fact, she very nearly lost control and had a big cum just from thinking about all the many hours they would spend taking turns bobbing on him. She couldn't wait to get started, and the humiliation of having the others watch only increased her eagerness.

But she was mindful there was some business to attend to first, before she lost the ability to speak. So as she kept right on licking with her eyes closed, she said, "Hey, everybody, I just had an idea. Brandy, please play that recording you've got. And Monica, you can take charge of the discussion. I want to go in!"

Monica had been standing back, which allowed her to furtively finger her pussy through her clothes without the other observers seeing. Everyone was fully focused on the cock licking anyway. But she snapped out of her lusty reverie to ask, "'Go in?'"

Kate gleefully clarified, "Sorry, I mean swallow his entire cockhead! So I can bob on his great fat knob. In short, I want to SUCK COCK!"

Monica giggled. "Ah. I definitely get your meaning now. Cool. I say go for it!" Then, taking her hand off her privates, she looked around and asked, "But what above everyone else? Does anybody have any objections to that? Speak now or forever hold your peace!"

Jordan, Brandy, and Nancy stayed silent (except for their heavy breathing). In truth, the three of them were very eager to see the cocksucking begin, but they didn't want to reveal their true feelings to everyone else. Even Brandy was excited. As a lesbian she wasn't interested in the actual cocksucking, but she couldn't get enough of Kate's and Erin's nude bodies, and she figured the new activity would mean more movement and repositioning.

Monica said, "There you have it. Go for it, girl! Jack and Vince, eat your heart out! Oh, but Kate, I hope you save some of that piping hot cock-meat for Erin."

Kate looked to Erin. She actually pulled back a bit to do so, since their noses were nearly touching right over his sweet spot (which was the case more often than not). She whispered, quietly, "Can I? Please? I need it!"

Erin chuckled. She whispered back, "Very well. But when I tap your shoulder, I get MY turn. Okay?"

Kate nodded. Then she craned her mouth as wide open as she could manage, took a deep breath, and engulfed his cockhead from above.

There was a collective gasp from all those watching, including Ryan looking down. Most of the others actually moved in closer to get a better view.

Kate sighed with profound satisfaction as his thickness filled her mouth. Aaaah! Soooo good! I can't get enough! Damn, I'm really showing myself to be a total slut, but I can't help it. God, it's just SO THICK! But I love the way my jaw stretches almost to the breaking point. This cock is too delicious! What's more, it was just in my pussy. It took my virginity! How exciting is THAT?! I think it needs to be rewarded with a nice long cocksucking!

She briefly glanced at Jack and Vince where they lay on the floor. Forget those two losers. Forget everything and everyone else. I don't even care if Nancy or Brandy are offended at this point, because I can't stop!

Nancy was watching Kate's oral work intently, but she wasn't offended. At first, she was astounded. Ryan's erection looked to be twice the size of any of her own boyfriends'. Even though it had been out in the open for a while, she simply couldn't get over that fact, especially now that she'd moved in for a closer view. But Kate's behavior was even more startling. The sheer passion of Kate's every movement was obvious and it left Nancy breathless in amazement.

As she continued to watch, Nancy was startled to realize just how horny she was feeling. She had resumed dating in the last month, but her heart hadn't been in it and she hadn't done more than a little obligatory good-night kissing. She still felt affected by Vince's date rape many months before, and that left her unable to enjoy herself. So she was surprised to feel real, intense arousal for the first time in a very long time. She knew she wouldn't be able to act on it until she overcame some of her issues, but just being able to let those feelings flow was invigorating and encouraging.

Brandy was interested in the cocksucking action, but in a more clinical way. She'd never seen a blowjob on any kind of real penis, much less such an exceptionally sized one. It was an impressive physical feat, as if someone managed to fit one's entire hand in one's mouth. But as a lesbian, her true interest remained enjoying Kate and Erin's nude bodies. Her pussy pulsed and leaked as she imagined they were licking her pussy instead.

Jordan was standing close, and her reaction was very lusty indeed. She had already seen much, for instance when Kate got fucked, and she was tired of just watching. She couldn't wait to try sucking Ryan's cock herself. But she didn't know how or when to get started. It seemed ridiculous to imagine that she could just tap on Kate and take her place. She was suddenly annoyed that she was fully dressed, and she longed to be buck naked just like Kate and Erin. But she was shy to do so, with all the others in the room.

As a result of such feelings, her pussy and nipples felt like they were on fire. She longed to masturbate, perhaps furtively under her clothes, but she was afraid to do that too.

Again, Monica was bolder. Like before, she was careful to stay a little further back than the others so she could basically fondle herself through her clothes to her heart's content. She was confident that nobody was about to turn around to look her way.

As the minutes passed, nobody said a word. Everyone was endlessly fascinated by Kate's fervent cocksucking effort. Even Erin pulled back and just watched for a while, salivating and licking her lips while taking mental notes on the things Kate was doing that she wanted to try on him too.

All the while, Jack and Vince were practically dying of frustration. They repeatedly lifted their heads off the carpet, hoping against hope to be able to see through their bandanas. But Monica had been careful in how she'd covered their faces and they still couldn't see a thing. Still, they kept lifting their heads, hoping that would at least help them hear the bobbing and slurping noises a little better.

As soon as Kate started sucking, she all but forgot about the two jocks. She had intended to suck extra noisily to twist the knife in them that much more, but she was so captivated and overwhelmed with cocksucking joy that she forgot all about that. However, due to her great enthusiasm and effort, she couldn't have sucked any louder if she'd tried.

Monica was keen to resume leading the group after Kate had told her to do so. However, curiosity got to her too. She had been standing near Jack and Vince. However, she walked to another spot in the room where she had a better view of Kate's talented cocksucking, while still lingering back enough to continue fingering her pussy through her clothes. She bit her lip longingly and salivated copiously. Dammit! I want in on that. She's having so much fun!

Then it occurred to her that she could watch and lead at the same time. She said, "Hey pendejos. You stupid motherfuckers. Do you know what that sound is? That sexy, slurpy, sound? Yes, it's what you think it is: Kate is sucking Ryan's cock like the princess that she is! Yes, she is a princess, but not the kind people think. She's the princess of cocksucking! No, make that the queen! She's going to town with her lips and tongue like you wouldn't believe! And you should see her fingers sloshing and sliding all over his endlessly long shaft, along with Erin's. Together, they make such a great cock-pleasuring team."

Her furtive fingering was bringing her dangerously close to climax. That's why she unexpectedly exclaimed, "OH MY GOD! His cock is SO THICK!" She forced herself to calm down a bit, but continued enthusiastically, "Just how does she even fit all of it in her mouth?! Who would believe that she could act like such a shameless slut?!"

Jack and Vince moaned and groaned in tortured agony. Their dicks were erect, painfully so, but they could find no satisfaction. They kept on lifting their heads up, also to no avail.

Monica looked back at the two jocks in response to their moaning. She smirked when she saw their obvious sexual frustration. She decided to play things up even more. "Oh, so that idea arouses you, does it? It's such a shame you can't see, because Kate is totally naked! Yep, she's in her birthday suit! And Erin is too. My God, it's just about the sexiest sight imaginable! But I'll tell you what's REALLY sexy! Tears are leaking down Kate's face. Not because she's sad. No! Those are tears of joy AND exertion. I know, because I've felt that strange mix myself when I was sucking on this same cock earlier. It's such a non-stop battle just to keep it in your mouth that you can't help but leak tears of struggle. But the reward and pleasure of mastering it is so great that you shed more tears of ecstasy as well!"

Remarkably, every word was true. Kate really was leaking tears, and for the two reasons Monica just gave. Although Kate continued to blush cherry red with great humiliation, she also beamed with pride. To her, those tears were a sign of a cocksucking job well done.

Monica eventually turned her attention to Ryan's face. His eyes were closed and he wore a blissful, dreamy expression. He seemed lost in a world of his own. She was highly impressed that he hadn't climaxed yet and didn't even seem to be struggling with holding on. She asked, "What do you think, Ryan? Are you enjoying yourself?"

He was startled out of his erotic reverie. He even pointed at his own chest and asked, "Me?" He was riding such a great wave of arousal that he hardly knew up from down.

Monica chuckled. "Yes, you." She knew he was looking her way, but since it was him she didn't bother to stop playing with herself.

Ryan tried to mentally recover. He thought, Crap, I've gotta manage this. I've got a reputation to maintain now, of the studly, er... stud. I need to draw on Jack's advice, and present myself as totally in charge, and king of the world, and all that.

He looked down at Jack, lying there with a bandana across his face. Wow. It's so ironic. Not that many hours ago, I thought he was a really impressive guy. I looked up to him. I trusted his advice. But now look at him! He's a scummy rapist and was really awful to me too. Ironically, he was a key part of making my successes tonight possible, but I can't admit that to him now. Hell, it's probably better I never fully admit that to anybody.

Monica pressed, "Ryan? Hellooooo? Something got you a little distracted?" She giggled at that, since she had to speak up to even be heard over Kate's passionate slurping and bobbing. Plus she noticed that Erin had resumed licking lower down his shaft while she waited her turn. She was impressed that Ryan even managed to remain standing.

He finally focused on answering. "Um, yeah. Obviously. Just look at me. But I'm good now. What's up?"

Monica smirked. "You're VERY good. I was asking if you're enjoying yourself, but I don't think you need to answer. It's pretty self-evident, isn't it?"

He nodded with a great big smile. "Yeah!"

Then he groaned loudly, because Erin had just tapped on Kate's shoulder, and Kate had responded by pulling her lips off his shaft. Then, seconds later, Erin engulfed his thick shaft and started bobbing with the exact same rhythm Kate had been using. Kate didn't want to be completely left out, so she gently took one of his balls in her mouth.

Monica said, "For those who can't see, Kate and Erin just traded places. Now Erin is sucking his cock like there's no tomorrow!"

She thought, Dammit! Erin is one lucky slut! I want me some of La Bestia too! And not just more blowjob fun - I want to get fucked! Unfortunately, I've got these two pendejos to deal with first. I could toy with them a lot longer, and make them feel shitty, and God knows they deserve it. But let's speed things up so they can get out of here. Then we can have some privacy, and my fun can REALLY begin!

She looked to where Nancy, Brandy, and Jordan stood. As for them, luckily, it seems the threat of them telling all the other Kappas about our private business has been neutralized. Even with Nancy, which I didn't think was going to happen. It's pretty evident that they're all enjoying this show more than a little. If they thought they could get away with it, I'd bet they'd be masturbating too. Even Brandy, which is a bit surprising. Just look at the expression on HER face! Yeow! She's a total fox with that wanton look! Only she seems to be staring at Kate's jiggling G-cups instead of the oral action. I can't say I can blame her.

So that's all good. They can stay and watch, or not. I don't really care. One way or another, I'm getting fucked, and soon!

With that in mind, Monica said, "Brandy, do you have something for us? Before we hear from if these two want to make a deal or not, let's show them that we're not just fooling around. What have you got?"

Brandy was reluctant to tear her gaze away from Kate and Erin, but she knew certain things had to get done. She stepped towards the two jocks, so they'd be able to hear clearly. She said, "I've prepared a few choice selections. Here's one from when they were undressing you." She hit "play" on her cell phone app.

Vince's voice could be heard. He griped, "God dammit! How many laces does this damn corset have anyway?"

Jack was heard replying, "Why is she even wearing a corset in the first place? She's got a fine, hourglass figure. One I can't wait to fuck!"

Vince replied, "Yeah, seriously. It's about time for some good old fashioned raping!"

With that, both Jack and Vince could be heard laughing.

Brandy hit stop, ending the recording.

Monica said, "Thanks, Brandy. Of course, that's just the audio. We'd let you see the video too, but we don't want your rapey eyes uncovered. And we've got a LOT more of that. We could play more right now, but what would be the point? Clearly, you two morons seemed to go out of your way to incriminate yourselves."

Hearing the two jocks confess their rapist intentions cooled Ryan's lusty desire to the point that his boner started to soften a little bit. But Erin felt that in her mouth and wasn't about to let that happen for long. Like Kate, she had been pacing herself because their goal was to keep him endlessly tripping on erotic delight, not making him cum. But now she stepped up her efforts, using more suction and motion than before. It worked.

Jack and Vince thought they were in a bad predicament already, but hearing their own voices saying such things caused them to reach a new low. Even with their eyes covered, one could see the despair on their faces.

Seeing those faces, Monica said to them, "So... we finally come to it, pendejos. What's it going to be? The Navy or prison? I'll give both of you a chance to reply individually. And no soapboxing, no trying to cut a better deal. Straight up, Navy or prison. Those are your only two options. Jack, you first."

Jack let out a long, sad sigh. "Like I have any choice. The Navy."

Monica asked, "And you, Vince."

Vince sighed in a similar way. "Yeah. The same. The Navy. God, this sucks so bad!"

Monica said, "It sure does, but you're lucky you're being offered a deal at all. Now, remember, no telling ANYTHING about what's happened here tonight. For instance, if I ever hear talk about Kate and Erin sharing a blowjob, we'll know you blabbed and we'll go straight to the police. The only way you're going to get out of this is if you do EVERYTHING we say, exactly as we say. Is that understood?"

Jack and Vince grunted affirmatively. Already, both of them were reeling from not being able to tell their buddies about the double blowjob. That was much more salient to them at the moment than the far greater penalty of joining the Navy, because they could hear Erin's loud slurping and they were horny as hell.

By this time, the "crisis" of Ryan starting to go flaccid had passed so Erin had eased up some, but even her "slow and easy" mode was like a symphony of constant erotic noises, especially while Kate was working his balls in her mouth too.

Those sexy sounds were very nearly driving the jocks crazy. The much more important longer term consequences seemed more like something happening to someone else.

Monica said, "Good! Now, let's get these two out of here! I feel dirty just being near them. Let's purge all of this unpleasantness out of our systems by having a celebration!" She didn't want to mention it in front of the two jocks, but getting herself fucked by Ryan was at the top of her list. (She forgot that while they were listening she'd mentioned she'd sucked him off earlier, but then again they wouldn't know if she really meant that or not.)

She looked around, and asked, "Just to be clear, does anybody else want to say anything to these two bastards before we kick them out of here?"

Nancy complained, "No, except good riddance! Get them out of my sight!" Her arms were cross and she had a very sour face, like the two of them even smelled terrible. Like Monica, she was finding that it was a thin line between anger and lust. Her anger was flowing freely now, but her body kept on buzzing with lust as well.

Then Brandy said, "Unfortunately... not so fast. Remember that I'm in the middle of making back-up copies in various nearby rooms. I worry that if we let these two out of our sights, they might try to sabotage those efforts."

Monica groaned unhappily. She didn't want to wait another minute before she got fucked. "Oh, fuck! How long until you're done?"

Brandy replied, "Oh, I'd say about ten minutes. We'll have more to do after that, but by then all the really important recordings will be backed up in physical form and on the Internet."


Monica thought, Ten more minutes?! I can't wait that long! And what about Ryan? The way Kate and Erin are sucking him, he might cum before my fucking can begin. This is bad!

She walked to Ryan and tapped him on the shoulder. He'd been blissed out with his eyes closed. Once she got his attention, she whispered, "Hey, stud. Enjoying yourself?"

He just smiled and nodded.

"That's great, but remember your promise to fuck me tonight. We've got ten more minutes to kill, at the very least. I don't want you to start fucking me while those pendejos are here. But I'm worried that you might not make it until then, with the way those two succubi are treating you. If you cum before the fucking can begin, I'm going to tear my hair out in frustration!"

He looked down at Kate and Erin. Erin kept on steadily bobbing on him while Kate was still working one of his balls in her mouth. Their hands were fondling and caressing any parts of his privates left over. The combined pleasure was off the charts.

He thought, Hmmm, she's got a point. Even though I don't have the urgent need to cum this very minute, I'm not going to last long at this rate. What surprises me is how good Erin is. Kate and I are in love, and she's developed a real passion for expressing her love through cocksucking. But there's been no let up in the passion since Erin took over. Her tongue is so active, and her sliding lips are relentless! Aaaah! And I love what Kate is doing to my balls. I've gotta tell her how good that feels, so she'll do it a lot more!

Monica tapped his shoulder again. "Ryan?"

He'd been drifting back into a dreamy reverie, but he said in a careful whisper, "Oh, right. Sorry. Um... that's a good point. What should we do? We want those shitheads to suffer with all the slurpy noises, right?"

"True. But can't they at least take it easy on you for a while?"

"Um... good idea." He looked down at the two voluptuous nude girls below him. "I don't know though. They seem kind of... inspired right now."

Monica frowned, because she knew that was an understatement. Between the humiliation of being naked in front of everybody, especially Nancy and Brandy, the victorious mood of defeating Vince and Jack, and the general euphoria of the entire evening, Kate and Erin were on fire. Erin definitely wasn't taking it "slow and easy" anymore, and Kate's ball sucking was doubling his pleasure. Maybe they weren't going all out, but it was close. To get them to ease up would be like trying to slow a runaway train.

Just then, Kate tapped on Erin, wanting to take the prime spot again. The two of them could hear some quiet whispering going on above them, but it was too quiet for them to make out any words, so they were content to keep doing their thing.

As Erin pulled her lips off, she whispered with gusto, "So good! So delicious!"

Kate merely licked Ryan's sweet spot for the moment, because she had a little bit to say before she took her next bobbing turn. "I know! Do you realize, this is the FIRST time you and I have shared sucking his cock?"

Erin also got busy lapping all over his cockhead. "I know! I've been thinking about that. Definitely not the last!"

The two buxom beauties giggled at that, figuring that was the understatement of the year. They both assumed sharing his cock would be a daily occurrence from now on.

Kate's fingers slid up and down nearly all of his shaft, while Erin fondled his balls. As the sultry blonde loudly slurped, she managed to say, "Do you love it as much as I do? I've been thinking that tomorrow we could do this for hours!"

"MMMM!" Erin moaned approvingly while she licked. "Definitely! Together! Together is better!"

Kate let out an even louder "MMMM!" of agreement. I hope she knows I mean that in a very literal sense. Hours! I've been searching for a passion, something I really love doing for my career. Okay, it doesn't help with my career, but I think I've found that in sucking my honey's big fat cock!

Erin wasn't quite that fervent about it, but she was operating on the assumption that she and Kate really would spend at least a couple of hours learning to share licking and sucking his cock tomorrow. She also assumed that would be the new normal from now on. She had high hopes that they'd become his favorite cock pleasuring duo.

Ryan and Monica had been listening the whole time because while they'd been carefully whispering in order not to be heard by anyone, Kate and Erin hadn't been so quiet or careful with their whispers.

Monica suddenly put her hands on the shoulders of both Kate and Erin to make sure she had their attention, and then whispered for them to hear, "Hey! That's all well and good, but what about the rest of us? What about me?! I want in on that too!"

Kate had been on the verge of engulfing Ryan's cockhead, since she'd figured her little discussion with Erin had ended. She'd craned her mouth open wide and was starting to slide her lips down the very top of his bulbous knob. But with Monica's interruption she was forced to delay that in order to reply.

She sighed with frustration at the delay. Then, without looking up, she replied, "Don't worry, Mon. There's plenty of cock for all three of us. Look at aaaaaalll this cock..." Her voice trailed off because she ran her fingers from the base of his shaft nearly up to the top. (She couldn't go all the way up because Erin had resumed licking around his cockhead, since Kate delayed the start of her next bobbing turn.) Clearly, Kate was celebrating the sheer length of Ryan's hot and throbbing pole. But merely stroking it wasn't enough for her, and she followed that by slowly licking from top to bottom and then back to the top again.

Monica growled with frustration. She knelt down to get closer to the action, but that only increased her agony at being left out. Her nostrils flared with the smell of sex and her mouth watered, but what really killed her was the way her pussy pulsed with need. With her hands on the backs of Kate and Erin, she whispered, "So, are you saying that the three of us will equally share in all the cocksucking tomorrow, not to mention the titfucking and just general fucking from now on?"

Kate finally finished her long lick back to the top, and spoke while still totally focused on the cock her nose was touching instead of Monica right behind her. "Well, I don't know about totally equal. Remember what our owner and master said, about how things can't always be 'even Steven'."

Erin didn't like terms like "owner and master" but she was so very horny that she let it slide. She paused in her talented slurping to add, "Besides, it's up to him to decide whose face he's going to fuck next."

"MMMM!" Kate moaned passionately. "I love the sound of that: whose face gets fucked next. I want my face to get FUCKED! And I'm not just talking about another blowjob, as great as those are. I mean really fucked, like a second cunt!"

With that, she couldn't restrain herself any longer. She quickly engulfed as much of his cockhead as she could. She had to pause before reaching down to his crown though, because Erin was still lapping right along the ridge. But when Erin moved her tongue action down a couple of inches to make way, Kate was able to get all of his cockhead in her mouth. She immediately began bobbing with a steady rhythm.

It was Ryan's turn to moan passionately next, because of the surge of overwhelming arousal caused by Kate's oral efforts. He clenched his teeth and even clenched his fists as he struggled with all his might not to cum just yet.

Monica sighed heavily. Not only was she frustrated that she was missing out on the on-going cocksucking fun, but she was increasingly worried that he would cum before he got a chance to start fucking her. ¡Maldición! (Dammit!) Those two are just too relentless and unstoppable! It's a miracle he hasn't cum already. But look at them go! How can I stop them or even get angry? They're so inspirational. It's like pure lust in action!

With the fiery Latina lacking anything else to do at the moment, the fact that she remained fully dressed was annoying her, so she took her clothes off. She thought about Jack and Vince elsewhere in the room, but she was so confident that they couldn't see with their blindfolds on that she quickly dismissed them from her mind.

The four of them were so wrapped up in their little cocksucking world that they'd lost track of what the others in the room were doing, or often even that there were others in the room. In fact, when Monica disrobed she didn't even consider that Jordan, Nancy, and Brandy could see her naked body too.

But even though the four of them were unaware of it, they remained the center of attention for everyone else.

In fact, slowly but surely, Jordan and Nancy had drifted closer and closer, like moths to flame. Eventually, they were standing right behind where Monica was kneeling. And Monica's newly nude body was practically plastered between the bare backs of Kate and Erin.

Brandy probably would have done the same, despite being a lesbian, since it was a very curious sight indeed. Besides, it was more of a chance for her to watch Kate and Erin buck naked and totally lost in their raging lust. However, she'd left the room for a while to take care of the data copying. She didn't mind leaving that much, because she had no doubt that once she was alone in a room and she had all the file transfers going, she'd masturbate herself silly to one of her greatest climaxes.

Jack and Vince continue to lie on the floor side by side, suffering. Even if nobody paid them any mind there was no way for them to get up, much less leave the room, considering their handcuffs were handcuffed together. Plus, all the fight had gone out of them, so they'd long given up trying to escape. With their blindfolds on, they could only imagine what it would be like to see or even feel the sexy slurpy sounds they were vividly hearing. They were filled with the uncontrollable desire to masturbate, but their hands were trapped behind their backs. It was a strange kind of torture, since they hated and loved it at the same time.

Although Ryan, Monica, Kate, and Erin had been whispering, Jordan and Nancy had moved in so close that they could hear everything. It was all they could do not to kneel down and make contact to get closer still. They'd been listening in pretty much since Kate and Erin started talking. They might have gone unnoticed for a good while longer, but when Kate engulfed Ryan's cock again, both of them gasped. Even with Ryan's simultaneous erotic moan, they were clearly heard.

Kate was too busy with the cock in her mouth to do anything, but Monica and Erin turned their heads to see who was right behind her. Even Ryan soon recovered from his pleasure surge enough to open his eyes and look down in confusion.

Suddenly, the attention shifted to Jordan and Nancy. Both of them had a "busted!" look on their faces as they tried to force apologetic smiles.

It was an awkward moment. Happily, Monica broke the tension by laughing heartily and good-naturedly. She smiled at the two newcomers and asked them, "Couldn't keep away, could you?"

Jordan smiled in relief, and said, "Hey, it's the only show in town." She swept her arm out, directing attention elsewhere in the room. She knew her sexual desire and interest had to be clearly written on her face, but she was too shy to admit it point blank, especially with Nancy there. So she said, "Brandy went somewhere, to deal with the evidence, I guess. That leaves those two bums, and who wants to watch them squirming?"

Nancy said, "Actually, I DO enjoy seeing them squirm, but I have to admit that this is even more... captivating." She used that word in her continued efforts to hide just how much watching this sexual activity was arousing and affecting her.

Monica noticed that while Kate had all of Ryan's cockhead in her mouth and Erin was licking along the side of his shaft just below Kate's lips, there was a big part of his shaft on the opposite side of Erin's mouth that was currently untouched. So she reached out with one hand and began sliding her fingers up and down the cum-soaked skin. As she did so, she spoke proudly. "I'll bet you've never seen one THIS big, have you?"

Relieved that she wasn't going to be chided for watching from close-up, Nancy scooted in even more, until she was actually touching Monica's leg and back. She spoke with obvious rapt interest, "It's not just that. Now you all know my... well, what happened to me... It's been a long time since I've had any sex at all. But even I remember that guys don't last nearly this long. He should have climaxed by now! Especially with the two of them working together."

Monica nodded while she kept on stroking his shaft. (Kate and Erin had sensed her hand there by now and were giving her room.) She said, "That's true. And, to be honest, he didn't have this much stamina earlier in the evening. But you know how guys last longer after they cum?"

"Uh-huh?" Jordan asked with great interest. She'd scooted in closer too. She even had a hand on Kate's bare back now.

"Well, except that he's cum a whole bunch of times tonight," Monica explained. "And after each time, he's lasted a little bit longer. Actually, it's kind of amazing that he's stiff right now at all. You have no idea all the different things we've done to him. He MUST be running on fumes at this point."

"Wow!" Jordan muttered while she watched three different girls stimulating his ridiculously thick shaft.

Monica continued, "Truth be told, he promised me that he'd fuck me before the night is over. But I don't know if that's going to happen. Look at those two go! They're like sucking succubi. They're going to suck his very soul out of him, at this rate."

Nancy asked hesitantly and quietly, "So... are you his girlfriend too? I don't really understand how this works and who's dating whom." Like Jordan, her eyes stayed glued on the cocksucking action.

Monica chuckled a bit ruefully. She remembered Jack and Vince were there, and dropped her voice to a whisper. "Well, I don't know about terms like 'girlfriend' and 'dating.' Put simply, Ryan has wowed us with his big cock and sexual prowess, and we're eager to have sex with him and no one else. So maybe it's more like we're fuck buddies." (She was mindful not to use the term "personal slut," for fear it wouldn't go over well, particularly with Nancy. Also, she didn't want Jack and Vince to hear that, just in case they could hear her whispering after all.)

Also mindful of the two jocks, Nancy whispered when she asked, "The three of you share?! Without trouble?!"

Monica snorted with laughter. "Just look! Doesn't that answer your question?" She figured that between Kate's bobbing, Erin's licking, and her own stroking, the cooperative sharing was obvious.

Nancy said with sheepish amusement, "Dumb question, I guess." She turned her head from the action to look at Jordan, who continued to stare with a lusty expression. She continued her whispered questions. "And what about you, Jordan?"

Jordan looked around in startled confusion. "Me?!"

"Yes, you. What's your role in all this? Are you sharing him too?!"

Jordan was even more taken aback, because she was in a delicate position. She didn't know what to say. "Um..."

Suddenly, Monica had an idea. "Hey! Let me answer that. Jordan's kind of on the verge. Things have been moving really fast, to be honest. Jordan, why don't you take a crack at him right now? Would you like to suck on The Beast? Think you can get it in your mouth?"

Jordan's eyes went wide, very wide. She clutched a hand to her chest. "What, me?! Now?!"

"Yep!" Monica nodded firmly. All of them were still whispering, mostly, but they were getting a bit careless since they figured it probably didn't matter much what Jack or Vince knew at this point.

The fear and indecision fled from Jordan's face, replaced by daring and sexual hunger. "Okay!"

Ryan had been listening all along, despite floating in a sexual seventh heaven. He cleared his throat and asked, "Hey, isn't anybody going to ask me about this?"

"NO!" Monica replied, and then laughed heartily. Then she added, "Okay, we'll ask you, but as if you're going to say no!"

He considered that and smiled from ear to ear. "Good point!" He knew the combined oral work of Kate and Erin couldn't be matched by only one mouth. But he figured it was much more important to get Jordan truly involved for the very first time.

Kate and Erin had been carefully listening all along as well. They didn't want to stop their cock pleasuring for anything. They truly loved what they were doing and couldn't get enough of it. Sharing the experience made it that much more enjoyable.

But after hearing Ryan give his approval, Kate reluctantly pulled her lips off his cockhead in order to speak. She looked to Monica testily. "Excuse me! I don't mind Jordan joining us... eventually. Between her looks and her involvement already, we know it's inevitable. But not right now!"

Kate turned back to face Ryan's erection, and she found an area between Erin's tongue and Monica's fingers to at least resume licking. She spoke in a sultry purr. "There's just so much cock to love. And I looooove this cock! And all the rest of him!" After some more licking, she muttered, "Jordan, you can have a turn later, okay?"

But Monica responded, "Actually, it should happen now. Two mouths are more effective than one, and I'm worried he's going to cum before he gets a chance to fuck me. We've got some time to kill before those two rapist pendejos are out of here. If Jordan gets her first shot right now, he might actually last long enough to fuck me!"

Neither Kate nor Erin replied immediately. They kept on licking. They sensed they were on the losing end of the argument and they were stalling for time, trying to enjoy the hot and throbbing Beast for as long as possible.

Monica urgently asked, "Pleeeaaaase? It would mean SOOO much to me! Kate, Erin, think about how eager you were to get fucked, just a little while ago. Don't you remember how you felt, the anticipation, the fear, the desire? And then the sheer joy once you adjusted and he pounded in and out of you? Can't you let me experience that too? And aren't you serious about sharing?"

Kate let out a world-weary sigh, and pulled her head back. "Okay." She sighed again. "You especially got me with the sharing thing. I don't want to be the spoiled princess anymore. I really want to make this new lifestyle work, and generously sharing his cock is going to be absolutely essential to that."

Erin finally pulled her tongue away also, after giving his sweet spot a final kiss. She sighed heavily as well. Then she looked around at the others (except for Ryan up above her). "Ugh! Sorry. Once I get started, it's so hard to stop. But at least there will be tomorrow, and so many days of endless cocksucking after that. Besides..." - she smiled right at Monica and put a hand on her shoulder - "it'll be nice if all three of us get fucked by him for the first time on the same night. We'll all have that common bond."

Monica beamed. "That's true!" Without thinking, she leaned in and shared an emotional French kiss with Erin. It was an especially delightful kiss for her because she could taste Ryan's cum in Erin's mouth.

Nancy was shocked and amazed by the kiss. When it finally came to an end, she asked in an urgent whisper, "You two just kissed... like that! What gives?! Are you lovers?!"

Erin looked around, especially at the two jocks lying about ten feet away. She realized they'd been getting careless about continuing to whisper, and she wondered what they'd overheard. She figured they were probably slowly going insane, whether they believed it all or not.

To be on the safe side, she resumed whispering. "Oops!" She giggled. "You probably weren't supposed to see that. But I guess the cat is out of the bag by now. I'll explain, but let's keep our voices down because I don't want those guys to know more than they have to." She nodded towards Jack and Vince.

The others nodded. They all renewed their resolves to stay quiet, especially when it came to talking about something like lesbian activity.

But then Jordan asked in whisper, "Um, it sounds like a lot of explaining is going to happen. And while I'm interested, I'm MORE interested in getting to know The Beast up close and personal. Plus, look at it just sitting there, all soaked and twitchy, but completely untouched."

The girls all turned their attention back to Ryan's enormous pole. Actually, it wasn't "completely untouched" at all, since Monica was still idly pumping a hand up and down it, but it was practically untended in comparison to all the recent fervent oral attention it had been getting.

Jordan then asked, "Is it okay if I start my turn already?"

Kate, falling into her natural leader role, fielded that question. "It's okay by me. But you don't want to do it like that." She nodded at Jordan's body, drawing attention to the fact that Jordan was still clothed.

"Oh, right." Jordan stood up and immediately began stripping.

Nancy quietly asked Erin, "What about my question about that kiss?"

"We'll get to that in a little bit," Erin replied. Actually, she hoped what Jordan was about to do would be so distracting that Nancy would forget about the question for a while. She had the strong feeling that Nancy was on their side now, but she didn't want to push her too far with too many shocks.

Looking up, Erin whispered, "Hey, Ryan, you're not going to want to miss this."

Ryan's eyes opened and he quickly noticed Jordan, just as she was starting to disrobe.

His attention changed matters greatly for Jordan. For one thing, her embarrassment and nervousness shot through the roof as she realized she wasn't just going to be taking her clothes off, she was effectively going to be performing a striptease for him. Her face blushed red and her heart raced. But she was brave and determined, and she even looked forward to impressing him. She took a few steps back so he could easily see her entire body.

Before she could get started, Monica muttered to no one in particular, "Here, I'll help keep The Beast warm." Then she lunged forward and swallowed all of Ryan's cockhead before anybody could object. She sighed blissfully as her oral cavity was filled up and her lips stretched to their limit. Then she immediately started bobbing. (She'd taken Erin's advice to heart that the best way to cope with his size was to stay very active, from the very start.)

Monica was working at cross purposes. She longed for another cocksucking turn after seeing Kate and Erin having cocky fun up close for so long. But she also was determined not to make him cum so she could get fucked soon. Thus, she was careful from the get-go to take it slow and easy on his boner.

Not surprisingly, Ryan was flying high. He couldn't wait for the "show" to begin, especially with Monica's slurpy help to make sure he enjoyed it.


Unlike Kate, who would get embarrassed and blush at the drop of a hat (and even now was still red-faced for no special reason), Jordan was rather brazen. Despite her own blushing face from being put in a very difficult situation, she was determined to show her stuff and prove that she belonged to the group. She particularly wanted to prove to Ryan that she could be as sexy and desirable as Monica. (She was realistic and knew that trying to compete with Kate or Erin was a little out of reach.) So she began a very sexy striptease almost from the start.

Jordan's body was the same as Monica's in all measurements, but even fitter because Jordan exercised even more often. It was a perfect example of a "hard body," with the exception of her big, soft, E-cup breasts. As a result, Jordan knew she had a body to be proud of. One reason she was known as "Miss Sluttypants" was because she was more daring than most Kappas when it came to wearing revealing clothes.

Thus, she didn't suffer a confidence crisis as she started to strip. In fact, the more clothes she lost, the more confident and even relaxed she became. It helped greatly that she could see Monica slowly bobbing on Ryan's shaft. She figured, correctly, that he would be riding so high on lust that he couldn't be more positively predisposed to enjoy her sexy show.

Despite her slutty reputation, Jordan had mostly just engaged in the most common sex acts. She'd never done a striptease for anyone before, and now not only was Ryan watching, but Kate, Erin, and Nancy had fallen silent and were watching too. (Monica would have been watching as well, but her head was in the wrong direction and her attention was mostly focused on pleasuring Ryan's cock.) Yet Jordan didn't let all those eyes bother her much. True, she was blushing and embarrassed, but she kept her fears in check by locking eyes with Ryan and steadfastly staring only at him.

That was just as well, because it fit with her thoughts and attitude. In her mind, she was performing for him and him alone. She thought as she grooved in place, Okay, girl! This is the big time. This is my chance! Clearly, sucking Ryan's cock has to be the greatest thing since sliced bread. I can tell from the rapturous looks on their faces. I want in on that. I've got the body for it and I love sex. I just need him to see that. Hey, Ryan! Want a piece of this? It's all yours, kid!

She suddenly turned so she had her back to him and pulled her skirt down, revealing that she hadn't been wearing any panties in the first place. She thrust her ass out in his direction and gave it a good wiggle. How 'bout that ass? That's a world class ass. I've worked like a devil to make that rock hard. You want it? You want to put your hands on it? Come and get it!

Then she turned back around and pulled her top up to her shoulders, revealing that she hadn't been wearing a bra either. She cupped her big tits from below, pushing them up and together. How do you like these puppies? I know they're not as big as Kate's or Erin's, but I'm only five feet tall. Proportionally, I'm just as stacked as they are! She slid her tits against each other while her hips grooved to music that was only playing in her head. What matters is there's plenty of tit here to fuck! I loooove a good titfuck. In fact, it might be my favorite sex act. I can't wait to envelop your Beast with my tit-pillows and squeeze and rub until you blow a hot, creamy load all over my face!

Jordan's striptease continued like that. She constantly talked to herself in her mind, which increased her enthusiasm and confidence. That in turn enabled her to put on a very sexy performance indeed. It wasn't long before she was completely naked, but she was in a groove and actually having a lot of fun, so she kept on going.

She got so into it that eventually she dropped to her knees and began wantonly fingering her clit and pussy lips in front of everybody. She stared at him with "come hither and fuck me" eyes while thinking thoughts like, All this blowjob talk is well and good, and I can't wait to wrap my lips around your ridiculously thick motherfucker. But what I really want is to get FUCKED! From the moment I saw your cock downstairs, I knew I just had to have it in me! Are you ready to ravage my tight cunt? Are you going to show me who's boss? Don't ask; just take! You know you want it! Fuck me, you stallion!

She worked herself up to such a fever pitch that she knew she had to cum hard, and right away. But in order to maintain at least some pretense of self-control, she turned around on her knees until she was on all-fours with her ass pointed at her audience. Then she fingerbanged herself even more blatantly while humping her ass back and forth. It looked and sounded exactly like she was getting fucked doggy-style. She kept on grunting and moaning loudly right through a very powerful climax.

But, to her surprise, when it was over she wasn't sexually satiated at all. In fact, her desire only grew and grew. In fact, she'd never felt so sexually liberated and exultant in her life. She turned back around and got back on her knees so she could fondle her tits and pussy while staring into Ryan's eyes with all the lusty desire she felt for him.

One effect of such an astonishing performance was that Nancy forgot all about her lesbian kiss question. In fact, Nancy had trouble even masturbating ever since her date rape, but watching Jordan's fingerbanging, she was certain she'd be climaxing over and over once she was back in her room with her dildo. In a curious way, all this rampaging lust was helping her sexual healing.

Kate watched Jordan with a growing mixture of lust and concern. Seeing that Monica had Ryan's long pole completely covered with her mouth and her hands, but Monica had left his balls untouched, she reached back and fondled them for reassurance. As she did so, she kept staring at Jordan and thought, Uh-oh! There's a new kid in town. Jordan's not just some wallflower or also-ran, that's for sure. I already knew she was a total hottie. It's hard to miss that fact when she walks around half-naked all the time, and her platinum blonde hair is a real attention getter. And she has that slutty nickname. But that's not just talk because she definitely has the sexy spirit too. I can already tell that she and The Beast are going to get along like a house on fire.

And you know what? That annoys the fuck out of me! I want my honey to be all mine! But that's not going to happen, ever, is it? How many OTHER personal sluts does he have already?! That's the big question that he carefully dodges. In any case, I've gotta be realistic. I suppose I don't mind sharing him with Erin, Monica, AND Jordan. After all, as Erin and I just showed, a double blowjob is double the fun for all involved. But more than that would be too much.

However, I need to think strategically here. I have no doubt that most of the really hot girls at this university are Kappas, and the very sexiest of those are on the third floor. And in this very room, in fact! So, right there we have a big leg up on his other sluts. We ARE the best of the best! Plus there's a big advantage in having us all in one place and working together.

For instance, he can just spend the night here tonight, in my bed, and I'll wake him with a nice, long blowjob. No, better, he can sleep with Erin and me, and we'll wake him together! We'll slurp and suck and choke and gag for an hour or more, and that's just for starters! With Monica and Jordan joining in, we'll be able to keep The Beast constantly stiff and throbbing with pleasure, all day long! I'm making a vow right now that by the end of tomorrow we're going to drain his balls dry. And I do mean completely dry! As a team, working in harmony!

Then, if we keep that up on a daily basis, why would he go anywhere else?! His other sluts might be enthusiastic too, but they can't possibly match us for our busty beauty in the first place. If we keep his cock in a hot, tight hole most of the time and simply drown him in endless pleasure, he'll end up effectively living here with us. He'd be a fool not to. His other sluts will naturally take a back seat until maybe he'll drop them altogether. With Jordan joining us, and Nancy and Brandy at least tacitly accepting what's going on, we'll have a field day! My room will be an endless orgy!

Gaawwwd, I love sex! I love my honey. And I love The Beast. Sure, I'm still going to have to go to classes and do my homework. That's fine. I LIKE my classes. But there's time for that AND many, many hours of sex a day. I could totally picture Ryan and me lying side by side in bed, actually reading our textbooks. But while we do so, I'll hear the sweet sound of Jordan endlessly bobbing on The Beast while Erin has fun with my body. It'll be paradise!

She gave his balls a gentle squeeze, feeling even more reassured now.

Interestingly, Erin had very similar thoughts. She also quickly decided that Jordan had the stuff to be "one of us." Jordan had a love of sex that was all but written on her face, and she had a hard body to die for, with firm, high, and wonderfully round E-cup breasts. Erin also made roughly the same calculation that having the four of them working together would keep Ryan on the third floor of Kappa Kappa Gamma most of the time, effectively shutting out the competition of his other lovers (who actually didn't exist, at least not yet).

Monica would have had the same thoughts, but she wasn't thinking much at all. Even though she was trying to take it slow and easy on Ryan to prevent him from cumming, she was having a grand time with her solo blowjob. She did tilt his cock to the side from time to time, allowing her to peek at the progress with Jordan's striptease, but that didn't hold her interest for long. She was all about bobbing on his cock.

After a couple of minutes, Jordan ended her "striptease," which by then had become simply posing, grooving, and masturbating while naked. She was discovering that she was a natural exhibitionist. It was just that she'd never dared to be this bold, for fear of worsening her already slutty reputation.

But this was a night of firsts and letting go. After seeing how uninhibited Kate, Erin, and Monica could get, she was letting her lust run wild for the very first time in her life. She had no fear of being seen as "too slutty" here, since being a slut was encouraged and celebrated. She would have been happy to keep going with her naked performance, but she was also keen to get to the "main event."

As a result, she finally came to a halt. She was rewarded with a lot of clapping, from Ryan and the others, even including a highly distracted Monica.

Erin gleefully whispered in Kate's ear as the clapping petered out, "Let the two rapist assholes wonder what the hell THAT applause was for."

Kate whispered back, "They have no clue, do they?"

"No," Erin responded. "I don't think we said anything loud enough about even who was doing what. Although I'll bet they can hear a lot of moving about as well as Mon's loud slurpy noises."

Kate whispered, "Good. God, I love this new lifestyle! Don't you?" She looked to the balls she was still fondling.

"Hell, yeah!" Erin would have said more, especially about how pleasantly surprised she was by Kate's dramatic transformation from cold princess to hot slut. But she didn't get the chance because Jordan was standing naked above them, clearly hoping they'd get out of the way.

So they did. Erin moved to one side and Kate to the other. Then they both tapped on Monica's back, indicating that her blowjob fun had come to an end.

Monica pulled her lips off his pulsing boner and moved her body to the side. But she wasn't completely done, because she kept on stroking her fingers up and down his long shaft. She waited until Jordan knelt down and moved in close. Then she whispered to her, "Nice dancing! I didn't see much, but I saw enough. But that was just the warm-up. Are you ready for the real spotlight?"

Jordan was feeling anxious, with butterflies in her stomach. But her lust was peaking and she felt emboldened by her successful striptease. In fact, she'd probably never been more sexually eager and uninhibited in her life. She nodded.

"Good!" Monica continued to pump Ryan's boner as she talked. "Now, I should warn you this is no easy thing!" She checked her face with her free hand and realized there were no tears there. "I guess my face is dry now, but most of the time we cry tears of effort just from the sheer difficulty of fitting The Beast in our mouths and keeping it there."

Kate put a hand on Jordan's bare back and chimed in, "It's true. She's not exaggerating."

Jordan was chomping at the bit. "I know. I saw earlier when you were bobbing and crying. I don't care. Let me at it!"

But Kate said, "Hold on. Not so fast. You need to know what you're in for. It's like fitting an entire Coke can in your mouth. It's unnatural. Your mouth wants to reject the massive invasion. And you never get used to it."

Erin also added her input. "And not only that, keeping it in your mouth is just the start. You've gotta actively use your tongue AND slide your lips or you might as well not bother. Step aside to let someone else do a better job."

Jordan concern was rapidly rising. She whispered, "That sounds really hard! Then why do it at all? Why do you enjoy it so much?"

Nancy was right there with them, although kneeling a little further away from Ryan's crotch. She whispered, "Yeah, why? I don't get it."

Kate looked at Nancy curiously, and asked, "Before I answer that, where do YOU stand? Do you think you'd like to be one of us?" She stuck her tongue out and briefly bobbed her head in the air, indicating that a very big part of joining would be lot of cocksucking.

Nancy carefully considered what to say. She was aroused and very intrigued, while also firm in feeling that she was not going to be a part of the group's sexual activities. She was still recovering from the trauma of her rape nearly one year ago, and she still had a ways to go before she could let herself go sexually. She was looking forward to masturbating later to thoughts of what she'd seen and heard and even smelled, but there was a vast distance between that and being intimate with someone else. Vince's rape had stolen that from her.

She finally answered, "I don't... disapprove. And that's a big deal for me. You have no idea. I promise I won't say a thing to anybody, especially after you all helped me get my revenge on that motherfucker." She nodded in Vince's direction. "But you know my secret, you know what happened to me. I just can't be uninhibited like you all. Not yet, at any rate. So please just treat me like... an interested observer, okay?"

Kate nodded. "Okay. I figured as much. You have that vibe, and understandably so. But don't worry, we're a team now. The seven musketeers. The Third Floor Club? Remember that? Our vow to help each other out?"

Nancy smiled. "But of course. How could I forget?"

Kate continued, "So we're going to help you heal, until you can enjoy sex just as much as we do. I promise. But in the meantime..." She looked back to Ryan's huge boner and Monica's hand sliding up and down it. "To answer your question about why we enjoy it so much, I can't explain it with words. I could say 'the greater the challenge, the greater the reward', but that's just a part of it. You have to experience it to understand. Sucking a normal cock doesn't even begin to compare. This is a completely different thing!"

Erin and Monica nodded in agreement.

Nancy said, "But what I don't get is that this all started really recently. Tonight, even, right? How can you possibly love sucking his... penis... that much? Maybe in a week or two it'll lose its luster."

Kate responded, "That's a good question, but sometimes you just know, right from the very start. Think about ice cream. It's the most universally loved food in the world, by far. I love it too, although I've gotta watch my weight for my honey." She looked up at Ryan and gave him a playful smile.

Unfortunately, he was too blissed out with his eyes closed to notice. He was thrilling to Monica's handjob, even though this was almost a sexual rest time for him, relatively speaking.

The foxy blonde continued, "Think about some guy in the Amazonian jungle who's never had ice cream before and then gets his first taste. Is it going to take him ten times or more to decide he likes it? No! That sweet, cold treat is going to blow his mind from the very first second it hits his tongue! That's the same with me here."

Nancy mulled that over. The metaphor made sense to her, though she still strongly doubted if such passion could be sustained indefinitely. However, she realized that to even retain a significant portion of such enthusiasm would be very impressive.

Kate added, "We can talk more about this later, but I think Jordan is keen on giving it a try." She turned to Jordan. "Are you? Do you think you're really up for it?"

Jordan nodded with firm determination. "I am! I'm scared and... daunted... but... I see your faces when you're doing it and I want to feel that kind of joy too. Plus, I've never been so horny. Please, give me a shot!"

Kate smiled approvingly. "Sure thing." She looked back at Ryan's throbbing pole, and Monica's hand on it. "Mon, could you let go so that Jordan has a free..." But her voice trailed off as she changed her mind. "Wait. Scratch that. I think it's good if you keep holding and stroking him. That way, Jordan will have to understand from the very start that this is a cock that needs to be shared. It's so thick, so long, and so demanding that one girl, one mouth, just isn't enough!"

She stared hard into Jordan's eyes. "Do you agree with that? That's VERY important, because I imagine you'll be sharing most of the time."

Jordan nodded and licked her lips. She was eager to get started.

Kate continued to stare deeply, as if trying to see Jordan's soul. "Do you think you can handle that? Be honest!"

Jordan nodded again, since she figured sharing wasn't so tough. Then she scooted in still closer and then took Ryan's shaft in her trembling hands. (Monica temporarily moved her hand down to his balls to make room.) She muttered in awe, "Woooow! It's soooo big!"

Kate, Erin, and Monica all chuckled at that. Kate whispered good-naturedly, "Believe me, we know. We know. When you're sucking on it especially, that thought never leaves your mind."

Jordan finally looked up towards Ryan's face.

He'd been spacing out, keeping his eyes closed but still listening to the girls talk. Yet somehow he sensed Jordan was looking up at him. He opened his eyes and smiled back down at her.

He felt a great thrill race down his spine as he saw the nearly white-haired beauty holding his erection with both hands. Even from his limited vantage point, he was practically in awe at her athletic hard body. Hot damn! She's a total stunner too. Her striptease just proved that of course, but she looks twice as sexy with my cock in her hands and that lusty expression on her face. I seriously can't believe my good fortune. I'm going to have FOUR of the sexiest girls in this entire university blow me in one evening, some of them more than once! Hell, it's the rare moment when there isn't at least one mouth on me. They all seem to love my dick a heck of a lot.

What a GREAT night! Things literally could not have worked out any better, minus the Jack and Vince crap. But I guess that had to happen for me to wind up like this. My only regret is all the lost time. I've had my big cock "super power" without even knowing it. I could have been enjoying this sort of thing for the past couple of years, at least!

Jordan was considering how she wanted to tackle the nine-inch monster in front of her. She tilted her head in and gave his cockhead a few licks as a warm-up. Hmmm. Tastes just like any other dick. I wonder why they're so into it. Is it all psychological, or does the size really make such a difference? Well, there's only one way to find out. I'm going to go for it all while my arousal is peaking, before I start to chicken out!

She craned her mouth open wide as much as physically possible. She closed her eyes and readied herself for the struggle to come.

However, just before she was about to lunge forward and engulf it, there was an unfamiliar voice from somewhere behind her, with an urgent whisper. "WAIT!"

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