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That voice surprised the hell out of the others, because nobody could figure out who that could be. It would have been next to impossible for it to be Jack or Vince, especially since the voice sounded female. All heads craned around to find out who it was, even Jordan's.

The voice belonged to Brandy. The others had all forgotten about her, since she'd been gone for a while and she'd been low key prior to that. (Actually, she hadn't been gone much longer than the ten minutes she said she'd be, but the others had lost track of time.) She was kneeling fully clothed right behind them. She smiled benignly, showing that she wasn't upset or alarmed.

However, everyone else was startled and shocked. They stared at her in confusion. Jordan even took both hands off Ryan's boner, and Monica let go of his balls as well.

But before anyone could say anything, Brandy put a finger across her lips and then nodded to where the two jocks were lying on the floor. She whispered, "I like how those two are completely clueless about everything. Let's keep quiet so it stays that way, okay?"

Kate was the first to recover, her natural authority asserting itself again. She whispered back, "Okay, but what are you doing here?" But she was thinking fast and she remembered how Brandy had left to take care of securing and sending off all the data, so it made total sense for her to finish that and come back. "Wait. Scratch that. Um... how did it go with, uh, everything? And aren't you... uh..." She looked down at her nude body, and around at how everyone else was buck naked too, with the notable exception of Nancy. "Aaaah, aren't you kind of shocked and disturbed by what you're seeing here?"

Brandy smiled tolerantly. "First off, things are good. It took a little longer than expected, but everything is set. So there's no reason why we can't throw out the trash right now." She nodded towards Jack and Vince again to indicate the "trash" she meant.

That was all true, but it wasn't the full story. The main reason she'd taken longer than expected was because she'd been more interested in masturbating than copying files. Once she had the data transfer going, she'd taken all her clothes off, brought out her favorite vibrator, and buzzed herself through one orgasm after another. All the while, she'd fantasized about Kate and Erin. She hadn't had a crush on them before, but she definitely did now. However, she was determined to keep that a secret.

Brandy responded, "As for your second question, I WAS shocked and disturbed for a while. I let myself in a couple of minutes ago, and the first thing I noticed was Jordan dancing naked, for some reason. But nobody heard me, saw me, or noticed me whatsoever, so I had some time to recover. I finally crept up on you guys and said something because I saw Jordan was about to get started with her, uh, oral activity and I thought we should get rid of those assholes first."

Again, that was true but it wasn't the full story. The fact that she'd gotten so very aroused watching the events in this room made her much more tolerant than she otherwise would have been. Coming back to find Monica and Jordan naked as well confirmed for her that she in no way wanted to discourage all the sexual activity amongst them, even if it was centered on Ryan. Although she figured she could never be directly involved, she could enjoy and secretly lust to the visual splendor.

As Ryan stared down at her, he quietly asked in amazement, "Wait! You've been here for 'a couple of minutes'?!" He was particularly stunned by that, since he'd been looking down at Jordan and he hadn't noticed Brandy at all.

Brandy replied, "Yes, but I was a ways off up until just before I said something."

Nancy was feeling embarrassed to get caught with the others. She hastened to say, "By the way, I want you to know I'm not really a part of this. I'm just watching. Things are really weird here, and... well... how can I not watch?!"

Brandy spoke with understanding. "Don't worry; I feel the same way. I'd be watching too if I didn't have something to do. 'Cos how could you NOT watch? This has to be the most interesting thing to EVER happen on the third floor! And I say that as a lesbian who gets no arousal out of this. Well... almost no arousal." She looked from body to body. "I can't help but notice that most of you are naked and looking pretty good, to say the least." She smiled.

Kate, Erin, Monica, and Jordan all felt the urge to cover up, but then realized there was no point. If Brandy wanted to look, she could look. That was small potatoes compared to everything that had happened and was still happening.

Ryan looked down at the mass of mostly naked, kneeling girls. His penis was starting to go flaccid due to the lack of direct stimulation, despite the sexy sight before him. He didn't mind much, since he figured it needed a real rest for a while anyway.

He took the time to give Brandy a particularly close look over. He thought, From the first time I checked her out when she was dancing downstairs at the party, I'd decided she was beautiful, but not a jaw-dropper like my three girls. That's still true, though I now have four, with Jordan! Sweetness. But still, Brandy is a third floor Kappa. Need I say more? She would break the scale in most places. I like her short dirty blonde hair and tanned skin, and upon reflection I'd say her boobs are D-cups and not C-cups. She's got nice exotic eyes as well.

It's too bad she's a lesbian. I wonder if I should ask if she wants to get naked too? After all, the rest of us are and at least I'd get to ogle some more great eye candy. But nah, bad idea. I'm just being greedy.

He whispered to her, "Thanks, Brandy, for being so understanding. I'm sorry things have gotten so weird. We've probably got a lot of explaining to do. But before we do that, can we please get those two creeps out of here?!"

There were approving nods all around to that idea. Even Nancy, who enjoyed seeing them suffer, was ready to have them go.

Seeing that everyone was in agreement, he whispered, "So how do we do that, logistically speaking, I mean? I haven't been privy to all the details of the plan. What are we going to do with them now?!"

Kate fielded that, quietly. "That is a problem. Frankly, we didn't really work this detail out yet. I guess we're all a bit surprised that everything has worked out so well and we CAN get rid of them already. But I have an idea. I think it's time to call in reinforcements."

She looked up at Ryan and added cheekily, "And no, that will NOT involve another sexy babe whose face you'll end up fucking. I have a few guy friends. Well, more like guys who wish they could date me. But that's good, because they'll jump through just about any hoop hoping they can win some brownie points. I'm thinking I could have one or two of them escort our rapist scum far, far from here."

Erin whispered, "I like that idea, but I won't feel comfortable until the two of them are off this campus and even out of town altogether. Out of the state is better. They know too much!"

Monica added, "Yeah. Once they get their handcuffs off, who knows what they'll do? Maybe they'll try to run. Maybe they'll claim they were kidnapped and your friend or friends will feel sorry for them and let them go. Plus, they know we're in the middle of an orgy of sorts here, even if they don't know who's doing what. They could try to come back and take photos in order to have some leverage on us."

Kate considered that. "Hmmm. Good points. Although they're not idiots. They should know that if they try to blackmail us they'll be in a world of hurt. If they did take pictures, we'd be scandalized, true. But they'd find their asses in prison for years to come, probably discovering what the other side of being raped is like. Which is worse?"

Erin said, "Yeah, that's a no-brainer. But even so, it creeps me out to think of them uncuffed and on the loose, at least until they're far, far away. And will we uncuff them before your friends show up? If not, how will we explain that?"

Kate nodded, ruefully. "True." She carefully pondered the situation, and then said in an even quieter whisper than before, "Okay, I have a secret to tell you, one that I've hardly told anybody. I'm rich. I mean really rich, from a really well-to-do family."

Monica rolled her eyes. "That's no surprise."

But Kate continued, "And when somebody is from a family like that, especially with my looks, the danger of being kidnapped never goes away. My parents were determined to still protect me when I moved away, but I didn't want to have a bodyguard or two hovering by my side for my entire college career. It would affect absolutely everything. So we came up with a compromise. I do have a couple of... protectors... who are never far away. Security guards, you could call them. I have a secret way of signaling them if there's any trouble, and they'll come with surprising speed."

Ryan was very interested to hear all this, since he figured it would influence all his interactions with Kate from now on. He looked up and down her flawless body and asked, "You can even signal them when you're naked?"

She nodded. Then, she reluctantly added, "I'd rather not say how. Sorry."

He looked her over and realized that while it was true she was naked in a general sense, she still had a tight necklace around her neck and a couple of rings on her fingers. She even had a toe ring on one small toe. It occurred to him, Those aren't just there for fashion; that's part of her security set-up! I'll bet she can press one of those rings and her bodyguards will come running! The toe-ring might be a back-up. Heck, I'll bet one of those things is a GPS tracker too, so they'll know where to linger nearby. It all makes sense. Incredible!

Kate said, "So here's the new plan. I'll give my guys a call. It's better to call them in the normal way when it's not an emergency, so they don't freak out and bust the door down or something. We'll have to put up with our rapists for a few more minutes. Then they'll take them away and stay with them until they're safely out of town. How does that sound?"

Erin replied, "Pretty great, actually. But what about the handcuffs? Should we take them off now, before your guards see them?"

Kate smiled widely. "Definitely not! One great thing about being really rich and having your own people is that they can take care of ANYTHING, no questions asked. Mind you, I would never, EVER do this, but if I wound up with a dead body and a knife if my hand, they'd find a way to make that problem go away, I'm sure. A couple of handcuffs will be no sweat for these guys, trust me."

Jordan spoke up. "Wow! That's kind of scary." She looked up at Ryan's face. "Hey, Mr. Big Cock, you'd better watch out. Don't get on her bad side!"

The others all laughed, even though they knew there was an element of truth to it.

Kate stood up, which set her glorious G-cups bouncing. She continued to whisper, "It's settled then. I don't like playing this card, but I kind of feel like I have no choice. Please, remember, not a word to ANYONE about this, okay? Remember, we're a team now, the Third Floor Club. And by protecting me, my security guys are also generally protecting all of you. Agreed?"

The others nodded, including Nancy and Brandy.

Then Erin stood up and whispered in Kate's ear. The others couldn't hear, except for Ryan, since he was the only other one standing. He just barely managed to catch Erin mutter, "I know how you feel, because I have my secret security too. I'm not exactly poor either, but I hide it more than you do. It's not half the set-up you seem to have, but still, we might want to combine efforts somehow, to streamline things. We'll talk about it later, okay?"

Kate was startled to hear all that, but she nodded. Then she walked away to find her cell phone. As she did so, she spoke loudly, not caring if the two rapists heard this part. "By the way, everyone should make themselves presentable. Robes, at least. My guys will be here in less than five minutes, possibly well less than that. We can put the fun on hold until they're gone."

With that, all those kneeling stood up and began looking for something to wear. They all put on robes since that was fastest and easiest (except for Brandy and Nancy, who were fully clothed already). Nobody said anything directly to Jack or Vince, since they were just going to keep on lying where they were anyway.

Ryan's flaccid penis was still resting and recovering, so he didn't mind the more prolonged break in the action. As he went to put the white robe he was wearing earlier back on, he mulled over the whole security issue. Pretty strange, but I guess I've gotta live with it. If Kate really is that rich, it makes sense to have an arrangement like that. Heck, if I were her dad I'd probably insist on it. Actually, I should say Kate and Erin, because it sounds like Erin has the same thing!

How bizarre. But then again I shouldn't be too surprised since the KKGs are generally known as the daughters of the very rich. Gorgeous trophy wives generally have gorgeous daughters, and when they get the best of everything, including medical care and free time for sports and exercise and such, they can wind up even MORE beautiful. I wonder if any of the others here have their own secret extra security as well. Hmmm. Who knows? But now that I think about it, I'll bet this sorority as a whole has some extra hidden security measures. There are just too many daughters of the elite for that NOT to be the case. Hmmm...

But what does this mean? For one thing, there's going to be a big imbalance. I'm just one of the "commoners", and Kate and Erin at least are super rich. It's a lucky thing I've taken total control and made them my personal sluts, or they'd probably be able to lord over me with all their money. Not that I'm really interested in being wealthy, but money has a way of getting into all kinds of things, like with this security stuff.

Oh shit! What if these security guys find out about our new sex life?! And they will before long. Heck, they'll see something is up as soon as they find us in our robes in a matter of minutes. What if they're paid to report anything strange to the parents? I could be fucked. But then again, what if they're sworn to total secrecy, like with Kate's dead body example? I sure as hell hope that's the case! I should talk it over with them later, just to be safe.

Two strange men did show up, and in less than five minutes. Ryan noticed that they both looked younger than expected, and they were strong but not that obviously burly. He realized that made great cover, because they could easily fit in as college students.

They were silent and no-nonsense in doing their business. They went straight to Kate and chatted quietly with her for a couple of minutes, no doubt to get an appraisal of the entire situation. Then they went to Jack and Vince and took their handcuffs off, only to replace them with less obtrusive handcuffs of their own. However, they gave them hooded sweatshirts with pockets in the front, and had them put their hands in the pockets before cuffing them again.

Ryan realized this was very clever, because it meant that the guards could escort Jack and Vince out of the building and it would look like the two jocks were just keeping their hands in their pockets the whole time. There was no visible sign they were wearing handcuffs at all.

Jack and Vince had nothing to say. They hung their heads down and obeyed the few orders the guards gave them. Clearly, they just wanted to be gone from this embarrassing situation.

But with the two of them standing near the door and ready to leave, Kate walked up to them and said, "Remember our deal. As the sudden appearance of these two men shows, I have vast resources at my command. You messed with the wrong people! Do exactly what they tell you and don't try anything funny and you may yet avoid prison. Understood?"

They nodded while keeping their heads down.

She added, "Forget everything that's happened here tonight, except for the terms of our deal. If you try to spread any gossip about certain noises you may have heard, there WILL be consequences! If you mention some tidbit to a friend back here in an e-mail or phone call or something like that, we WILL find out! Hell, just forget your entire time at this university. Start your life anew in the military and thank your lucky stars that you got a second chance. It's more than you deserve, but we mainly want you gone forever!"

Again, Jack and Vince nodded and stared at the floor.

Then Nancy stepped in front of them. She stared intently into their faces with all the hate she could muster, causing them to look up and then look away with even greater shame. After a long pause, she said, "I so much want to punch both of you right now! In the face or in the gut. Hell, I could just spit in your faces. But that would be sinking to your level. I'm not going to do it. Instead, just remember me. Look at me!"

They snapped their heads up and reluctantly made eye contact.

She continued, "Look at this hateful face. You made me like this! Think about the way I've been suffering for the last year, just so you could have ten minutes of pleasure." She stared right at Vince as she said that. "Think about all your other victims who never got a chance to show you how much they suffered too! Think about all that, and then try to spend the rest of your lives redeeming yourselves!"

Surprisingly, Jack dared to speak up. "I will. I swear I will. Tonight has been a real wake-up call. I don't think of myself as a bad person, but somehow I got lost. Drunk on success and power and charm, I thought I could do no wrong. But... I was wrong. I know words don't mean much now, but I really am sorry!"

Vince was still too ashamed to lift his head again, but he mumbled, "Me too. I'm sorry too. We fucked up."

Nancy looked them over careful and considered what to say. She doubted their sincerity, especially since Jack was known for being such a smooth talker. Finally, she just looked to the security guards and barked, "Take this trash out of here!"

The two guards shuffled them out the door. Obviously they'd heard everything that had been said and they looked at the rapists like they were more inclined to toss them down their stairs than walk them down it. But the guards stayed silent, merely giving a nod to Kate as they closed the door behind them.

Kate immediately rushed to Nancy and enveloped her in a big hug.

She seemed to know exactly what was needed, because Nancy squeezed back with all her might and burst into tears.

The others didn't know what to do, and just stood by and watched.

Ryan found himself thinking, Kate really is an extraordinary girl. Look at how well she's managing this whole difficult Nancy rape situation. No wonder she's the sorority president. She's a natural leader, way more than I am. And yet... she's totally sexually submitted herself to me tonight, and gladly. She seems positively eager to devote a big portion of her time from now on to doing nothing but pleasuring my dick, while having to share that duty, no less. WOW!

It's strange, though. This shouldn't be happening. It makes way more sense for her to be the spoiled, pushy princess type she was until mere hours ago. Is a big dick really THAT transformative? I don't think so. I guess she was ready for a change, and I happened to be in the right place at the right time. They say that sometimes the bossy types in the outside world are secretly submissive in the bedroom, and I can kind of see that. In Kate's case, she's spent her entire life getting everything she wanted. It probably feels good to her in some weird way to have everything flipped around and be totally helpless for a while.

He looked around at the other girls, most of whom wore white robes like he did. And maybe that's the case for some of the others, at least to some degree. Pretty much all these third floor Kappas are in the same boat, aren't they? So beautiful and rich that they've been spoiled rotten their entire lives. Probably even their parents can't control them much. So to be totally controlled, especially by a lowly guy like me, is like the ultimate taboo, the ultimate turn-on.

That, plus my big dick! He chuckled to himself. That does have to figure into it too. It looks like we're all having the best sex of our lives, and it seems size DOES matter. Of course, in my case it's been the ONLY sex in my life as well, but they're never going to know that. I can't believe I'm pulling this crazy caper off!

He decided, I may not be a natural leader, but I can at least try to live up to my role as being the dominant sex stud type. I think I've been falling into this role pretty easily and convincingly, but are they still buying it? This is a good time to show some authority.

He gathered up the other girls who were just standing around and uncertain what to do, and wordlessly led them deeper into Monica's apartment. Since it was a big apartment and Kate and Nancy were hugging by the door, they were able to get out of hearing range.

Monica had a table with a few chairs around it, so they settled there. However, there were five of them - Ryan, Monica, Erin, Jordan, and Brandy - and there were only four chairs. Asserting himself, Ryan took care of that by sitting down and pulling Jordan into his lap.

Jordan didn't mind at all, and happily cuddled against him.

That went over so well that he was emboldened to go further. He said to the others, "Don't mind me. I don't plan on getting all sexual, at least not yet. But it looks like Jordan is going to be my new slut, and I'm going to treat her accordingly." With that, he took advantage of the fact that Jordan was wearing nothing but one of the white robes, and he shucked her robe all the way off.

Jordan was slightly alarmed at first, but she was still aroused from before and decided to roll with it. She was embarrassed to look at the others, so she simply closed her eyes and kissed Ryan's face instead. Within seconds, they were happily necking.

Brandy laughed from where she sat directly across from him. "Jesus! This guy works fast, doesn't he? It's a good thing I'm lesbian, or he'd probably have me doing who-knows-what already."

Erin was amused, even though she was also jealous at the special attention Jordan was getting. She was sitting on the same side of the table as Ryan (and Jordan in his lap), so she could see everything. She couldn't resist lightly teasing him, "There's no 'probably' about it. As for the 'who-knows-what', somehow I imagine it would involve your mouth and his cock."

Brandy didn't seem bothered by that, and said, "There's a lot of that going on, isn't there? I heard some about what you were saying to Jordan, when you were psyching her up right before it was to be her turn. I guess for the first time."

"Yep," Monica confirmed. Like the others, she was staring at Ryan and Jordan (who were diagonally across the table from her), even though Brandy was talking. It was hard not to look at Jordan when she was the only naked one at the table. Even Ryan still had his robe on and closed in front.

He also was starting to explore her body with both hands. Naturally, he'd started by sizing up her hefty E-cups. So far he'd been able to see a lot of Jordan's hard body, but this was the first time he was really free to fondle her everywhere. His dick was growing erect again, although he was keeping it in his robe for now.

Jordan was blushing and embarrassed, but she was growing increasingly hot and bothered. Even if he'd kept still, she was bound to have a lusty response to the bizarre exhibitionist situation.

Trying to change the topic to something less sexual, Brandy said, "So... too bad about Nancy, don't you think? Poor thing. I can't imagine how awful it must be to get raped."

Monica said, "Me too. But I like how Kate has been handling it. Just look at her over there, hugging Nancy and telling her comforting words, I'm sure. I hope she follows through with the Third Floor Club idea, especially the part about using that to support each other and Nancy in particular. And even using that to get rid of the other rapists. Especially in SAE! UGH!" She pretended to spit. "¡Cabrones! ¡Malditos bastardos! ¡Todos ellos son unos hijos de la grandísima puta!" ("Motherfuckers! Damn bastards! The whole of them are such sons of bitches!")

Nobody bothered to ask for a translation since her angry tone of voice said it all. But Ryan wryly quipped, "I take it you don't like them."

"NO!" Then Monica realized, "Ah. A joke. I see. But seriously, I don't understand why we practically treat them like our partner Greek house, like with this party. Just because most of their parents are rich too? Fuck that! I hope that, after tonight, we can start by cutting all Kappa ties with them."

Erin said, "I second that. Especially since those two accidentally revealed how many other rapists are in their ranks."

Brandy nodded. "I third that, wholeheartedly!" She looked at Ryan. "And no, just because I'm a lesbian I'm not some kind of man hater."

He responded, "I never said you were. Actually, you seem like a really great person from what I've seen so far. And you know it's bad when SAE is known nationwide to stand for 'sexual assault expected'. Something is very wrong there."

Despite being naked and actively groped, Jordan said, "I totally support taking action too. We make up the entire third floor, including Kate and Nancy over there, and I'm sure they'd agree. If we can unite on something, I think that'll carry the day with the others."

Monica couldn't help but smirk-smile. "Well said, considering the way he's playing with your nipples and your face looks like you're inches from a big 'O'."

Jordan sighed. "I AM close to a big 'O'. But speaking of being close, it's soooo frustrating! Brandy, why did you have to speak up right as I was about to take his cock in my mouth?!"

Brandy said, "Sorry, my bad. But there didn't seem to be a good time to make my presence known. Anyway, speaking of doing that, I don't get it. Everyone seems so keen on it here, including you. As a lesbian, of course a blowjob means next to nothing to me. But I thought that even straight women aren't really into that. For instance, you hear the jokes about the husband who wishes he could get more than one blowjob from his wife every five years, or whatever."

Erin glanced across the room, and confirmed again that Kate and Nancy were still hugging and crying. In fact, it looked like Kate was crying in sympathy now as well. Deciding it was best to just let them be for a while, she replied, "That's true; that is the stereotype. But it's obviously not true for everybody. For me, I kind of got into it if I really liked the boyfriend. Other times, it was a chore. But like we were telling Jordan, when it comes to Ryan and his Beast, it's an entirely different thing. Throw away all your preconceptions. Really!"

Brandy asked, "Is it just the size? Is that it?"

Monica spoke up. "That's a big part of it, literally and figuratively. But I think that's not even the most important part. I mean, look at Ryan and Jordan right now."

Everybody was staring at them already.

Brandy thought ruefully as she focused her attention on Jordan, I am! I am! It's REALLY hard to just sit here and pretend to be unaffected. She's like a perfect sex pet, bouncing her busty hard body all over his lap. And with her narrow waist, and ample hips, and no tan lines to speak of... UGH! I need to shut up. Thank God I at least had a chance to masturbate a while ago and take the edge off!

Monica went on, "How weird is it that we're all sitting here in our robes while he's fondling the naked hottie in his lap? How utterly bizarre is that?! You'll probably never see such a sight again... unless you're around him. With him, that's just the usual. Look at him! He's all devil may care, like this is totally normal and to NOT have a naked girl squirming in his lap would be weird. And in his case, that's TRUE! His life is like a non-stop porn film! Around him, everything is super sexual and arousing. If you're near him, you either have to join in the porn film or walk away."

Ryan was secretly amused. How cool is that? I've built up this big legend for myself, and since none of them know me from Adam, they've accepted that as reality. And in some weird way it's becoming a self-fulfilling prophesy, I think. It's like they find the legend of the super stud so arousing that they get horny before I can even start in on trying to play around with them. Seriously, how cool is that?!

Erin was thinking this all over. "You know, Monica, I think you hit the nail on the head. I guess most of it is psychological. He just makes everything really arousing somehow. But then again, I've heard that the mind is the most important sex organ, by far. There's nothing wrong with that. There's just something about him that IS like a non-stop porn movie. For instance, this all started early this evening when he walked in Kate's room where Kate and I were studying, whipped out his big stiff dick, and told us to get licking it!"

Brandy was astounded. "You're kidding me! No way! Are you serious?!"

Erin grinned widely. "Very serious." Actually, it had been more complicated than that, but she was starting to believe the more exciting streamlined version. "Just look at him now. Look at the effect he's having on Jordan."

Again, the others were generally looking at Ryan and Jordan all the time already. So they could see that Erin had a good point. Ryan and Jordan had been kissing and fondling pretty much from the moment they sat down together, and that was still the case. But there was a noticeable change in their energy and attitude. Jordan had been very aroused to begin with, thanks to getting whipped into a frenzy with her striptease and the rest, but her lust had steadily risen even higher in the minutes since. Her entire body was writhing with excitement.

Furthermore, every touch he made on her body seemed to elicit a louder and more passionate moan than the last one, especially when he touched her breasts, ass, or pussy. In the last minute or so he'd mainly been playing with her pussy, and it looked like she was quickly spiraling to a big orgasm.

Erin continued, "See what I mean? I don't know how he does it. It's like he's got magic in his fingers and his lips. And once you get your hands or mouth on his penis? Oh boy! It's all over!"

It was true that Jordan was having a very strong reaction to Ryan. But what nobody but he realized was that nearly all of that was due to the situation. Although Jordan was a self-confessed "slut", she'd never been any situation remotely like this before. Sitting naked in his lap while three other girls sat and stared and watched her every move was easily the most humiliating experience of her life. The only events that came remotely close happened to her earlier in the evening, such as her striptease. Once Ryan got this situation going, he could have had stone hands and she still would have thrilled to his every touch. The fact that he was starting to understand how to properly fondle a woman was just a very big bonus.

He wasn't sexually experienced whatsoever prior to this evening, but he was smart. He'd learned a great deal about sex from reading a lot of porn, and he was boldly implementing that "porn logic" into real life. Due in large part to his boldness and confidence, even though porn had given him a very skewed attitude about sex, everything he tried was working like a charm.

Additionally, he was listening and learning all the time. For instance, he paid heed to the on-going discussion and especially the idea that psychological factors were the most important, by far. He'd already discovered that there was a certain type and level of sexual humiliation that drove at least Kate, Erin, and Monica wild, and now it was working on Jordan too.

One thing he'd decided was that when something was working well, it was worth a try to step things up a notch. Getting more outrageous had worked for him virtually every single time so far. His dick had been aroused for a while now, but he'd been biding his time. However, with such ideas in mind, he finally parted his robe over his lap, exposing his fully revived erection.

The others generally couldn't see that, due to the table being in the way. Even Jordan didn't notice, since she was so busy kissing him. But he took one of her hands and guided it to his shaft.

Sure enough, she began stroking her hand up and down on his remarkably thick pole. And she was so very hot and bothered that her earlier skepticism that her penis seemed like any other, only larger, was forgotten. She was starting to fall for the legend that his dick was something very special and even "magical". Her entire body hummed with sexual energy, and she slid her fingers up and down with so much enthusiasm that even she was surprised by it.

She was so worked up that she didn't consider how her arm motions would immediately clue the others in as to what was happening, even if the table was in the way. She thought she was being sneaky, but she was dead wrong.

Sure enough, since all the usual social barriers seemed to have fallen down, it wasn't long before Monica and Brandy leaned way over the table to get a direct look at what was happening. Since Erin happened to be sitting on the same side of the table, she only had to lean forward slightly to get a good view.

Monica whistled in appreciation and sat back. But she was uncertain of Brandy's reaction, so she asked her, "What do you think of that?"

Brandy sat back too. "Given everything else that's happened, I'm not surprised. You're right, there seems to be something special happening here, almost magical. I swear that I'm 100 percent lesbian, but even I'm getting aroused by the way Jordan's hand is pumping up and down on his shaft. Although I think that's pretty much all from the lusty, blushing look on her face plus the way that arm movement is affecting the rest of her body."

Actually, that was dramatically understating her horny feelings. But she felt she had to at least admit something, since a total denial would be scoffed at. She figured it was impossible for anyone to sit across from what was happening to Jordan and not be affected. Even a gay or asexual man would have been transfixed by the way Jordan's perfectly round boobs were rhythmically bouncing in time to her stroking.

Jordan's eyes were closed and stayed that way, but her considerable humiliation at least doubled when Brandy's words revealed that the others had all noticed how she was stroking Ryan's cock. The blush on her face grew much redder, but she was so far gone into lust that she felt she was incapable of stopping.

She thought, This sucks! Now I'm starting to understand why the others are acting so wanton and wild. It's happening to me too! God, I love his cock so much! I just wish I could make him cum. But first, I'm about to cum - yet again! I've never been so embarrassed in my life, but I feel so ALIVE!

Deciding that she was busted anyway, she actually brought her other hand over to stroke him too. She liked that much better, and her entire body bounced up and down in time to her excited pumping. She was amazed that there was enough room for both of her hands to comfortably slide up and down.

After watching Jordan reposition into her even more provocative pose, Monica belatedly spelled Brandy's answer out a little more explicitly. "I couldn't agree more, Brandy. It is... captivating. Especially the way that's making her big breasts constantly quiver and bounce. Am I right? And when you see his hands running all over her bare skin, it's not hard to imagine that could be your hands too, don't you think? For instance, the way he's cupping that breast from below, and pinching her nipple..."

So far, Monica had been behaving and even keeping her robe closed, due to Brandy being there. But after saying those words, she couldn't resist slipping a hand inside her robe and pinching one of her own erect nipples a little bit. She was confident Brandy wouldn't notice, since she was sitting further away from the action.

Brandy closed her eyes and bit her lip, because she could sense her arousal spiking even higher. She admitted, "That's... that's true... But... I'm only human..."

She thought, Damn you, Monica! It's like you're reading my mind! That's EXACTLY what I'm thinking. And I didn't even think of Jordan in "that way" prior to tonight. But now? Good grief! I want her! She's such a goddess! So exotic, with that short, nearly white hair... I would LOVE to be in Ryan's place right now!

She couldn't resist temptation and opened her eyes again. And that's not all. I'm totally creaming in my pants! I'm so WET! And that's after I changed panties back in my room just a little while ago. I didn't have a crush on anybody on this floor prior to tonight. You don't pee in your own backyard, after all. But now I've got a crush on them all! They're all so hot and sexy! Oh my God, Kate?! Forget it! She IS female perfection! And Erin too. She's a perfect ten as well! I will NEVER forget the sight of those two kneeling naked. And Monica's such a passionate, busty hottie. I would do her in a heartbeat! Thank God at least Nancy has stayed fully clothed, or I'd be crushing on her too!

Brandy had been staring exclusively at Jordan for a while, but Erin was sitting across the table too, and since Erin's gaze was glued on Jordan and Ryan she could stare at her without much fear of being caught. And it was quite a sight, because while Erin, like Monica, was trying to restrain herself for Brandy's sake, her robe had opened dramatically, nearly to the nipples. Furthermore, she had one hand inside her robe and was obviously caressing one of her enormous F-cups. And while Brandy couldn't see what Erin's other hand was doing under the table, the angle and tell-tale arm motion suggested she was doing something to her pussy.

Brandy was incredulous. Holy Christ! Looking at her is even worse! So hot! TOO hot! I've gotta get out of her before... I don't know what! With Ryan ruling the roost, it's not like I can make a move on any of them. But if I don't go, and now, I'm going to say or do something stupid and reveal just how strong my lust is. Plus if I go I can masturbate a hell of a lot more! Then maybe I can sleep it off and get back to normal tomorrow.

She made up her mind and stood up to go. "Sorry, I just realize that I've gotta..." She belatedly realized that it was well after midnight on a weekend night and she couldn't think of any plausible reason for her to leave. Feeling sleepy would have been a good one, except that she was visibly alert and energized.

After a very long pause, she finally thought of something. "Um... ah... I have to get up early tomorrow morning. Yeah, that's it!"

Erin looked up at her from where she sat across the table and laughed. She pulled her hands out from inside her robe but didn't bother to tighten up, leaving a jaw-dropping amount of cleavage on display. "Yeah, right! I might have believed that if there wasn't like a half-minute pause first." (That was an exaggeration, but not by much.) "Face it, you're just horny and you don't know what to do about it."

Brandy realized there was no point in trying to lie. "Okay, fine. I am! Who wouldn't be?! I don't care about Ryan and his Beast, but the rest of you..." She closed her eyes. Even you! Especially you! Such obscene, wonderful breasts! I'm about to drool, I swear!She gathered her wits enough to add, "Anyway, I've gotta go. I don't belong here. We'll talk tomorrow. Don't worry, my lips are sealed about all this, this... strange stuff."

With her eyes closed, she turned around and walked away. However, after walking a ways way, she couldn't resist turning back around to take one last look. From her longer perspective, she could see under the table, and thus watched Jordan's hands sloshing up and down on Ryan's throbbing boner. Dammit! Lucky motherfucker! I don't want him, but I sure as hell wish I could be in his place, with Jordan sitting on MY lap!

She shook her head as if to shake away that sight, and then turned back around and resumed walking to the door.

But before she got there she had to contend with Kate and Nancy, who were still hugging right by the front door. One could see they had stopped crying a while ago, because their cheeks were dry and the redness was fading from their eyes. However, they were talking quietly while remaining in a loose embrace.

Even Brandy in her lust-addled condition could easily see that it wasn't a sexual hug, but just a friendly, intimate one. Clearly, Kate and Nancy were no longer "frenemies." Just one look at them made clear they had reached some kind of new, sincere understanding.

Kate happened to be facing Brandy's way, so when she saw Brandy coming and trying to walk past them to the door, she broke the hug and got in the way. "Hey, girl. Where do you think you're going?"

Brandy lowered her gaze and muttered, "Uh, gotta go. Have to get up early tomorrow." However, she immediately regretted lowering her gaze, because she found herself staring at Kate's chest and she was well aware that Kate was wearing nothing under her white robe. Enough cleavage was showing to make her want to cry in sexual agony. Trying to stay strong, she closed her eyes altogether.

Then, to her great distress, she heard Monica shout from across the room, "She's lying!"

Brandy winced and covered her face with a hand. SHIT! I've been exposed!

Monica was already up and moving across the room. She said, "Sorry Brandy, I don't mean to be a bitch, but you're a part of our new Third Floor Club. Let's stop with all the lying and games and assorted bullshit." As she got closer, she was able to lower her voice. "The truth is, she's feeling really horny and she doesn't know what to do about it."

Kate and Nancy looked past Monica to the table on the far side of the room. Even at that distance they could see a naked Jordan sitting on Ryan's lap. From the positioning and motion of Jordan's arms, they could guess fairly well what she was doing to his boner.

Kate just smirked and asked, "Oh? And why would that be? Is my Ryan being his usual Ryan self?"

Monica was all smiles. "You know it! He's busy breaking Jordan in. It's super hot! I swear, that guy is unstoppable! I'm not upset at Brandy at all. Even a lesbian can't help but be affected. I just want all of us to be a little more honest around here."

Brandy took the hand from her face and opened her eyes, but she still avoided direct eye contact. Actually, she was secretly relieved. She'd already confessed to being somewhat horny. She didn't mind if Kate and Nancy knew that too, so long as they remained obvious to how very truly horny she actually was. She felt that if she didn't leave the room, and fast, she was liable to rip her clothes off and start kissing and fondling any girl that happened to come within reach! She'd never felt this way before and it frightened her.

She sighed. "Okay, fine. I'm horny. I'm gonna go back to my room and abuse the hell out of my vibrator. Okay?! Can I please go now? I don't really belong here. We'll talk tomorrow. Like I told the others, my lips are sealed. I won't tell anybody about anything." She hoped and prayed the others wouldn't notice how frazzled she was.

Nancy calmly said, "You know what? I think I should be going too. I don't feel like I belong here either. It's obvious that the four of you are about to get all freaky on Ryan, and I don't have problem with that." She looked to Kate. "I'm VERY grateful to what all of you have done for me tonight. You especially."

Kate and Nancy shared a warm smile.

Monica hadn't quite gotten to where the others stood. She didn't want to be around for good-byes, so she turned around and headed back to the table.

Then Nancy went on, "Everything's changed for me, at least as far as third floor stuff goes. To be honest, I was kind of, well... jealous. Especially towards you, Kate. You have absolutely everything. Smarts, looks, wealth, power, charm... heck, even your own security detail! It's really hard NOT to be jealous. But tonight I've come to realize you also have a kind heart. I really hope we can be friends from now on... true friends."

Kate took Nancy's hand and squeezed it while smiling brightly. "Of course! I'd love that. Like I've been telling you, I've got your back. We all do. We're a team now, the Third Floor Club. We stick together!"

Nancy smiled back. "That sounds good to me. And, God, I can't believe that Jack and Vince are gone! Permanently, I hope!"

Kate said, "Trust me, I can guarantee you will NEVER see either of them ever again. If nothing else, my security guys will make sure of that."

"That is SUCH a load off my mind! But anyway, like Brandy, you can count on me to keep my lips shut. If nothing else, I feel like I'll be in your debt forever. I don't care how freaky things get. Scream your head off all night long for all I care. I won't say a word."

Brandy, recovering from her embarrassment but still trying to secretly contain her raging lust, added, "Ditto. Except with the 'screaming your head off' part. Please be reasonable about that."

Kate took Brandy's hand also and squeezed it as well. (She noticed it was trembling slightly, but she diplomatically refrained from mentioning it.) "Of course. Although I've gotta warn you that it may get particularly loud for the next hour or so. Ryan is probably going to fuck Monica for the first time, and you can imagine the physical difficulty of that."

Nancy put a hand over her mouth and her eyes went wide. "My God! He'll kill her! He'll rip her in two!"

Kate replied, "He will, but in the best possible way, if you know what I mean. I promise you, the screams you're gonna hear will be screams of the utmost pleasure. Trust me, I'm not about to let Monica get hurt right in front of me."

Nancy and Brandy reluctantly nodded at that.

Kate concluded, "Thank you both for your patience and understanding about everything. I do have more to talk about, so much more, but I guess I've gotta let you go. We'll catch up tomorrow, I'm sure. Hug?"

The three of them came together for a brief, friendly hug. Then, after some good-byes and kisses on cheeks, Nancy and Brandy left together.

As soon as Kate closed the door, a big smile returned to her face. Goody! That was nice, helping Nancy with her serious problem and hopefully starting a friendship, a REAL friendship. She's a lot nicer than I thought. I think getting raped has been affecting her, making her lonely and bitter. Especially since I don't think she's had any good friends to rely on. No wonder she's been lashing out.

Anyway, I'm glad, but I'm also glad she left. Brandy too. I like them, but I've been missing my honey and his wonderful Beast! I know it's getting late, but I'm not tired in the slightest. I say it's time for some more jaw-busting, slurpy, cocky fun! Yum!


When Brandy left the table area, followed by Monica, Ryan realized that his immediate situation was likely to change. He saw from across the room how Brandy stopped to talk to Kate and Nancy, and that further convinced him that a change was coming soon. He didn't know what it would be exactly, but he figured that he should take full advantage of what he had going with Jordan in case something disturbed it.

Namely, Jordan was hotter than an oven. She'd been on fire even before she found her naked ass sitting on his lap with her hands on his cock, but since then she'd been a raging inferno of lust. Being too horny to think straight, she didn't realize how much her arousal was due to the exhibitionist situation, and instead she assumed it was caused by Ryan and his enormous boner. She'd just had another tremendous orgasm (though a mostly silent one, for fear that those on the other side of the room might hear). She wanted to repay the favor, and she was frantically pumping on his shaft with both hands, desperately trying to get him to cum.

Ironically, all that pumping motion wasn't that effective, since she wasn't paying much attention to his highly sensitive sweet spot. It looked dramatic, but most of his thick inches didn't have a lot of nerve endings. However, he didn't mind because he didn't want to cum too soon, especially since he still had fucking Monica to look forward to. He was riding a nice erotic buzz, but he wasn't teetering on the edge of climax.

Erin did understand how Jordan's humiliation at being exposed and watched was contributing to her burning sexual heat. She'd been mostly restraining herself as long as Brandy was sitting with them - give or take a little masturbation. But once Brandy (and Monica) left, she started teasing.

Erin said, "Boy, Jordan, just LOOK at you. I can see why they call you 'Miss Sluttypants'. You really are a total slut, aren't you? Have you no shame?"

Jordan's face was still blushing red, but upon hearing that it got redder still. She wanted to let go of Ryan's fat pole to show she had some self-control, but all she managed to do was greatly slow down her stroking. Ironically, that was much more effective stimulation, because she knew her way around a cock very well and as soon as she calmed her stroking frenzy, she naturally honed in on rubbing his sweet spot.

But Erin was just getting warmed up. "Look at you, sitting naked on his lap with the rest of us fully dressed. Why, even Ryan has his robe on." The phrase "fully dressed" was a stretch since Erin only wore a loose robe, and it already had been slowly opening up with Brandy there. Now that Brandy had left, she'd opened it even more than before and resumed fondling her pussy and clit with one hand and her round F-cups with her other. But Jordan was facing the other way in order to expose her entire body to Ryan's hands and eyes, so she still hadn't noticed.

Jordan thought, I'm so bad! Terrible! I thought I was a slut before, but I didn't actually do much. This is the real deal! So intense! So scary! It's like I'm losing all control over my very own body!

Erin continued, "And you don't care who's watching; you can't get enough of his huge cock! It's so big and thick you need to pump on it with both hands. You were skeptical earlier, but you're not anymore, are you?"

Hoping that was a rhetorical question, Jordan stayed silent, other than her heavy panting and near-constant moaning. She looked down at her hands, which were starting to speed up a little, and thought, She's right! I can't stop myself! Goditssobig! So THICK! This has gotta be the best cock ever! I love it!

However, Erin hadn't been asking a rhetorical question. She prodded, "Well?" When there still was no answer, she repeated, "I said, you were skeptical earlier, but you're not anymore, ARE you?"

Jordan reluctantly grunted out, "N-no! No, I'm not!"

Erin was having fun pushing Jordan's buttons. "You shameless SLUT! You might as well sit on that fat thing while you're at it. Impale yourself on it!"

Jordan looked down. She was tempted to do just that. She knew it wouldn't take much for her to shift positions and really sit on it. But she recalled how the others had warned her about the difficulties of sucking on it, and she figured it would be equally problematic to get fucked by it, if not even more so. She wasn't ready for that great challenge yet, especially since she was having the time of her life already.

"You know what?" Erin mused. "It's inevitable that you'll become one of his personal sluts, just like the rest of us. Do you know what that means, to be a 'personal slut'?"

Jordan didn't speak, or even turn her head towards Erin, who actually sat next to her. But she did shake her head negatively.

Erin's earlier skepticism had largely vanished. At least when she was as horny as she felt at the moment, she got off on the personal slut idea, and she wanted Jordan to feel the same way. She explained, "It means you're going to devote yourself to serving his cock, 24-7! Anytime, anywhere, he'll fuck you in any hole he wants! Even in your ass, if he feels like it. Can you imagine, having that gigantic BEAST up your ass?!"

Jordan cried out, "OH MY GOD!" She had tried anal sex a couple of times, but she'd had difficulties and she wasn't very keen to try again. She didn't realize that the problem was that she and her partner were inexperienced and hadn't properly prepared.

The others didn't realize it, but Monica had already finished making her point to Kate and Nancy about wanting Brandy to be honest. She'd been sitting at the table for a little while, all alone on the other side, trying to get back into the spirit of things. She had a good grasp of what was happening and she was loving it. She chimed in, "And Erin, don't forget. It's not just about serving his cock. It's also about being exclusive. You'll serve his cock and his cock ALONE!"

Erin was slightly startled to find Monica had returned, but she welcomed the teasing assistance. She didn't even bother to pull her robe closed. "Good point! And you know what that means, for the most part? Blowjobs! Lots and lots of delicious, jaw-busting blowjobs. So much cocksucking! Like us, you're going to spend most of your time bobbing on your knees, breathing through your nose!"

Erin was extremely hot and bothered as well, especially since she was masturbating without restraint. She didn't realize that while she was trying to shock Jordan with her exaggerated description of how a personal slut behaved, she was talking about herself just as much, since she was one too. But she was in such a feverish mood that all she could think about was how hot completely improbable things like spending most of one's time bobbing on one's knees sounded.

Ryan had been silent, since he loved hearing all the provocative teasing coming from Erin's lips. But he'd been meaning to step things up before the situation changed ever since Brandy had left the table. He'd been delayed by Erin's sexy talk, but Erin's comment about bobbing on one's knees gave him an ideal opening for what he wanted to do next.

He cleared his throat to get the attention of the others, and tweaked one of Jordan's nipples to get her attention in particular. Then he said, "Speaking of kneeling, Jordan, I think it's time for you to get on your knees right now."

Jordan had generally been looking down at his hands kneading her fat tits or at her own hands sloshing all over his hot, pulsing shaft. But upon hearing that, she looked up pleadingly into his eyes. "Do I have to? I'm having such a great time just like this."

Surprising even himself with his brazenness and authority, he replied, "Yes you do. Obey your new master. Erin is right: sucking cock, MY cock, is going to be a big part of your life from now on. It's time you get started!" (He was trying not to use self-aggrandizing words like "master", but he was so very, very horny at the moment that he couldn't resist.)

Monica's eyes lit up. All right! Hot damn! That's my man talking. What a stud! She was tempted to yank her robe off her shoulders, especially since Erin was mostly exposed by now anyway, but she figured Brandy and Nancy hadn't left yet.

Jordan was so awed and intimidated by Ryan's comments, and especially by his steely stare that accompanied them, that it was like she melted right off his lap. In a matter of seconds, she found herself kneeling on the floor between his legs. She didn't even understand how that happened so fast.

She took his erection in both hands again. She stared at it with new wonder and appreciation, now that it was once again mere inches from her face. Holy fuck! What have I gotten myself into? He means business! I've always been A slut, but now I'm going to be HIS slut! This is my second chance to prove myself, after that ill-timed interruption. But... I don't know. I just don't know. I mean, I like him a lot. But he has so many other lovers. And this cock! This naughty, naughty cock! Mmmm!

She leaned forward and gave it a good long lick, nearly all the way around his crown. MMMM! I do love this cock. In fact, I love it a lot! But how am I going to get it in my mouth?! I remember what the others were saying before. All the crying and struggle. It sounds really hard. Shit, Kate was crying real tears, and she's had practice on it! And I'm supposed to do that every day?!

Monica could sense Jordan's hesitation and indecision and that she was an impulsive, energetic girl. Besides, sitting across the table, she couldn't see much. So she quickly dropped under the table, pushed chairs out of the way, and wound up plastered right against Jordan's back. While she was at it, she easily shucked her robe off and left it on the floor behind her. She couldn't resist being naked around her man. Besides, she figured if Brandy and/or Nancy were still around, they wouldn't look down there from way across the room.

She muttered near Jordan's head, "Did you not hear the man? It's time for you to SUCK COCK! Trust me, you'll love it. What are you waiting for?" She placed both hands on Jordan's head, indicating that if Jordan didn't act fast, she would act for her.

Actually, Monica was merely bluffing with her head-hold, since she knew his cock was far too thick for anything less than a perfectly planned entry. To try to force it could get someone hurt.

But the gesture did the trick. Jordan figured she needed to act quickly while she was still in full control. She tossed her worries aside, closed her eyes, took a big breath, craned her mouth open ridiculously wide, and then said a very brief prayer. She wasn't religious, but she felt a sudden need to plead to a higher power. Dear God, help me please! Give me strength to do this and do it right. Amen!

With that, she lunged her head forward and swallowed all of his cockhead in one fell swoop.

Monica kept her hands on Jordan's head, but gently. She still didn't want to actually force her to do anything, but she figured keeping her hands there would help give her the sense that there was no turning back.

Erin peered under the table and saw that Monica had just gotten naked, so she pulled her robe off her shoulders the rest of the way and let it drop to the floor. She was surprised at how good it felt to be completely naked again. My God! I tease Jordan about being a slut, but I'm one now too. His PERSONAL slut, and one of many! Practically his sex slave, for crying out loud! Fuck me! I was trying to resist that for most of the evening, but come ON! Ungh! At some point after having so many orgasms and so much fun in such a short time, you just have to go with it and see how far it takes you!

Which means I'm going to be naked most of the time from now on, I'll bet. Probably, Ryan is going to set up shop with Kate in her bedroom, since she's the princess still, plus they're in love. Then Monica, Jordan, and I will spend most of our time there too, with a tongue or two or even three lapping on his cock more often than not. Or four, at times!

And you know what? I LIKE that! Frankly, as long as I can swallow my pride, that sounds like a great way to while away the hours. So far, I've been getting my fair share of sucking his cock, but that's just part of it. I'm sure there will be lots of fucking and spanking and titfucking as well, not to mention sexy humiliation and massive orgasms and just general, all-around fun! And that's not counting the lesbian sexual possibilities, of which there are many! My tongue might even spend just as much time licking sweet pussy as lapping on The Beast.

Sure it's horribly unfair with him getting to order us around and generally have all the power, and I still don't like the term "personal slut". But who the fuck cares, so long as we're all having a great time? I love sex, and that much high-quality sex sounds like sexual nirvana to me. Sure, we'll still have to put on clothes to go to class, or to eat, or to exercise, but then it'll be right back to romping around naked in bed!

Erin found this line of thinking disturbing yet thrilling. She quickly decided that sitting there naked wasn't enough. She realized that all the action was happening at a lower level and she was missing out by staying in her chair. She dropped to her knees as well, not to get directly involved but just to get a much better view of the coming action.

At first, Jordan's mouth merely stayed frozen in place. Her lips had slid just past the crown of his cockhead, and it seemed there was no way for them to go back or go forward. It was all she could do to keep the absurdly large intrusion in her mouth while continuing to breathe. So far, she wasn't finding this fun in the slightest. In fact, it was a painful ordeal. She couldn't believe how much her lips had spread open, and that hurt. But she was determined not to give up, at least not yet.

For the next minute or so, she focused almost entirely on merely breathing through her nose. It was a constant battle not to give up and pull off.

Ryan could sense she was struggling. He thought back to how difficult it had been for Kate, Erin, and Monica the first time they blew him. That looks REALLY tough. Frankly, I don't know how they manage. I remember how each of them cried their first times trying it. Hell, they've done it a few times since and they still cry those tears of struggle more often than not.

With that in mind, he put his hands on Jordan's head (but on the top of her head while Monica's hands were towards her neck). He merely rested them there and even petted and stroked her hair a little bit. Then he spoke in a low voice. "You can do it, Jordan! I know you can. The other girls went through this exact same thing, but they got past it. And do you remember the joyous looks on their faces later?"

Monica realized she'd been remiss by staying silent and leaving it to Ryan to be encouraging. She tried to make up for it by cooing, almost directly into one of Jordan's ears, "That's right! It's soooo good! It's the best! Better than fucking. You just have to get through this hard part. Then it's all Bliss Road. You CAN do it!"

Erin similarly realized she'd been too silent as well. She cooed into Jordan's other ear, "That's so true. We all did it, so you can too. But I don't recommend you staying like that. You're stuck in limbo right now. The only way out is forward. I know it seems impossible, but start sliding your lips forward and back. Use your tongue too. The busier you are, the less you'll be thinking about pulling off."

Jordan was right on the verge of pulling off, and doing more did seem impossible. But she figured she should at least give Erin's advice a try before giving up. Steeling her resolve, she slid her lips forward until Ryan's cockhead just about completely filled her oral cavity. She didn't see how there was any room for her tongue to do anything, but she knew his sweet spot was right where her tongue could reach easily, so she lapped against it a bit.

She was surprised to realize that doing all that was really no more difficult than just keeping his extreme thickness in her mouth. So she pulled back and then lunged her lips forward again.

With her hands on the back of Jordan's head, Monica could feel as well as see Jordan's motion. She stroked Jordan's short platinum blonde hair and cooed, "That's it! That's it! You're doing it! Just keep doing it!"

Erin similarly spoke from the side, "You GO, girl! You see? The more you do, the easier it gets! Well, not easy exactly, but it gets less difficult. Oh, but try to do more with your hands than just hold his shaft, if you can manage. That actually helps distract you even more."

Even Ryan chimed in. "Right on! That feels fucking AWESOME!"

Encouraged and emboldened, Jordan tried going faster and deeper. She pushed forward, hard, until she thought for sure his cockhead would hit the back of her throat and make her gag. But it didn't. So she pulled her lips back to the crown ridge and then did it again.

Over the next minute or so, she found that all her new activity helped. As Erin pointed out, it never really got easy, but she was so distracted trying to keep her tongue active and her lips moving that she had no time to think about pulling off. She still found it a bit too much to stroke his shaft as well, though.

Ryan took his hands off Jordan's head and sat back in his chair. He figured Jordan had passed some point of no return and he could kick back and luxuriate in the joy. It was true that her cocksucking technique was bad so far, at least compared to the recent efforts of Erin, which had become his gold standard. But then again, even bad cocksucking was good cocksucking, especially for an erection as big as his. His sheer thickness meant that any lips that managed to get all around it couldn't help but create a very tight seal.

He slumped down in his chair a little bit and put his hands behind his head. Aaaaah! This is the life! She's starting to get the hang of it now. I swear, nobody-

"Well, well, well. What do we have here?"


Startled, Ryan opened his eyes.

It turned out the voice belonged to Kate, who towered above him in all her naked glory since he was slumped in his chair.

He started to straighten up in his chair, only to find he had to be careful with any quick movement due to the way Jordan's lips were tightly locked around his shaft. With the shock of surprise still causing his heart to race even faster than its existing "extreme lust" accelerated rate, he just stared up and down Kate's voluptuous form as he tried to regain his bearings.

She smirked, with her hands on her hips. "Aren't you going to ask me what I'm doing here?"

He dumbly asked, "What are you doing here?"

"Looking for a comfy place to sit!" With that, she abruptly sat on his lap. She was glad the chair he was in had no arms on it, because that allowed her to straddle him while directly facing him. Of course, she was careful to scoot up enough to avoid planting her ass on top of Jordan's still bobbing head.

Knowing that she had him completely discombobulated for the moment, Kate rattled him even more by planting her lips on his before he had a chance to say anything intelligent.

That quickly turned into a very heated lip-lock.

He decided to stop wondering how Kate had seemingly materialized right next to him and just enjoyed her presence and her ridiculously curvy body to the fullest. So in addition to melting into the scorching kiss, he happily ran his hands up and down her back. Within seconds, he was kneading a lot of ass cheek instead.

Kate eventually broke the kiss to poutily tell him, "I'm upset at you, you know."

He couldn't tell if she was serious or not, especially since he was just starting to know her. He played it safe and asked, "Why is that?"

"Three reasons. First, I leave you for like five minutes with a fully dressed bunch of girls, only to come back and find them all naked and kneeling under the table, focused on your cock! Is that how it's always going to be from now on?"

He'd recovered his wits by now, so he grinned and replied, "Yep!"

She grinned too. "I figured as much." She knew they were joking around, but she knew there was also a lot of truth involved. There were three naked girls under the table at that very moment with one of them sucking his cock, after all. She searched her feelings and was surprised at how little jealousy was there. She'd had to share him from literally the very start, since Erin got to his cock for the first time even before she did, and it seemed like that was the way it would always be, so fighting it was futile.

It didn't occur to her to think that, as the most highly desired girl in the entire university, she could be the one making all the demands. From her point of view there was only one Ryan Sullivan and nobody else could come close to making her feel the way he did, both to her body and her heart. She would consider herself lucky if he kept her as one of his personal sluts for the long-term.

She continued, "Secondly, I'm sitting on your lap and you haven't so much as touched my G-cups yet."

His grin widened quite a lot. "I can fix that." He brought his hands from her ass up to her chest and began caressing her giant orbs from below.

She purred contentedly. "Aaaah. That's better. I love how you love my tits! Play with your favorite body part of mine!"

He maintained eye contact with her and stated firmly, "Hold on. I do love them dearly already, but they're my third favorite body part of yours, at best."

That startled her. She stared at him with a narrow, skeptical gaze. "What do you mean?"

"Well, your heart is number one, obviously. Somehow I could tell from pretty much the first day I saw you that your princess persona wasn't really you. You've got a kind heart, a big heart, as the way you just helped Nancy proves. I can't wait to see you flower the more you throw off the chains of your gilded cage."

Her heart soared, "Oh, Ryan! My honey!" She threw her arms around him and gave him the biggest, best, and most intense kiss yet.

While they smooched, with his hands still fondling her tremendous melons, she thought, This is why I love him so much already! Of course I'd give my body to him anyway because I've fallen in love with The Beast, but I'm giving him my heart and soul too because I love the rest of him as well! I've come across more than a few smooth-talking charmers trying to get in my pants, and I've shot 'em all down. He's different because I can tell he means it!

Meanwhile, he was thinking, Okay, that was kind of corny, but I had to tell her how I really feel! She's not just tits and ass to me. I really do mean every word! She's special, that's for sure!

She eventually broke their fevered kissing to ask, "What's number two?!"

He smiled from ear to ear. "That's easy: your eyes! Your piercing blue eyes. Not only are they arrestingly beautiful, they're like windows to your soul. They reveal so much. They show how smart you are, for one, what with the way you're always looking around intently and taking everything in."

Kate moaned and groaned loudly like she was in the middle of yet another huge orgasm. "Oooooh! HNNNG! You! You! Gaawwwd, I love you!"

Monica chimed in from below the table with a mixture of amusement and chagrin, "He's a silver-tongued devil, isn't he? He's the devil, I keep telling you. The scary thing is, I think he's really being sincere!"

Erin similarly spoke up. After having a good chuckle, she quipped, "We'll never get rid of him now!"

Kate suddenly leaned back with her hands behind her and arched her back to thrust her great globes forward. She stared at him with so much lusty heat that her eyes were practically glowing like furnaces. "Honey, I want and need to suck your cock so much right now, but someone else beat me to the punch! So instead I need you to play with your THIRD favorite body part!"

"Gladly!" He stared down at her chest in wide wonder, like a kid who'd just been given a key to the candy store. He'd already been holding and caressing her massive melons through their kissing, but now he did so with renewed vigor. I swear, this can't be happening! It's like I'm the star of my own porn story. She's a big-titted, bombshell beauty with a heart of gold, and she's all mine! DAMN! These things are almost improbably huge, especially for someone with a stunning face like hers. And not only that, look at how she's tilting her head back with her chest heaving from her heavy breathing. She's seriously getting off on just having me fondle her like this!

He was definitely right about that, although his words had excited her even more. In fact, at that very moment she was thinking, Boob fairy, thank you thank you thank you for dumping all your fairy dust on my chest! Without these, I might not be here, owned and tamed by the man I love! Mmmm! He has such the magic touch! I swear, he's gonna make me cum just from tit play if he keeps it up! But what I love even more is that he's doing this while Jordan sucks his cock. That's just TOO HOT! It proves he really is the ultimate super stud!

After a minute or two, he finally got around to asking her, "By the way, what's your third complaint?"

"Ah, yes. I thought I'd mentioned it, but it's that your cock is totally occupied with Jordan's hot little mouth!" She pouted again, but in a playful way. "Don't get me wrong. I'm not upset at her or you. In fact, I'd been silently watching for the past couple of minutes before I spoke up, and I'm proud of how she swallowed your whole cock the first time and didn't give up. She's going to be an excellent hot slut for you. Seeing her there reminds me of my first time worshipping your cock with my mouth, and that makes me so hungry! I was checking her out just as I sat on you and did you know that tears are streaming down her face?"

Hearing that hit him like a bolt from the blue. He found it curiously arousing. He sheepishly replied, "No. I've kind of had my eyes closed the whole time."

"Well, you should look. It's so sexy! And that reminds me of my first time even more, and all the times since. I love it when you make me cry from the sheer size and difficulty of The Beast!"

"Really?!" He wasn't sure if it was sexy talk or if she actually meant it.

"Really." She actually meant it.

And it was true, tears were flowing freely down Jordan's face. But Jordan wasn't about to give up. In fact, with each passing minute she was enjoying it more and more. It helped greatly that she'd just discovered diddling her clit and pussy at least doubled her fun and kept her teetering on the edge of a climax almost continuously, just like him. She'd even gotten to the point where she was ably stroking his shaft with her free hand as well as doing different things with her tongue and lips.

As a matter of fact, at the same time Ryan and Kate were talking about her blowjob, she was thinking, Strange. Everything they said is coming true. They warned me that it would be a real struggle, and it sure as hell is! They said that I would cry tears, and I definitely am. But they also said it would get better and better until it was "Bliss Road", and that's coming true too!

I don't know what it is. The sheer physical difficulty hasn't gotten any easier at all. But I've kind of gotten used to it, enough to really go to town with my tongue. And I'm even twisting my head this way and that and doing different things with my lips, almost like I was working a normal cock. And there's so many inches left over to stroke with my hands! It's like everything is super-sized, and the pleasure is super-sized too.

And whenever he lets out an extra moan of pleasure... Gaawwwd! That's the best! Although, now I can't be sure if that's because of something I'm doing or what Kate's doing. It's so bizarre and demeaning having to share him with another girl, especially someone as gorgeous as her. I sure as hell never thought I'd find myself fellating a guy while he told another girl sitting on his lap how much he loves her big heart! But that alone makes doing this seem ten times as naughty, at least.

I've never just totally given my entire self over to lust like I have now. With a cock this massive, you have to go ALL OUT or give up. Maybe that's what makes it so intense and satisfying!

Meanwhile, Kate was squirming in place in response to the way Ryan was possessively exploring her body. He'd moved on from just adoring her tits, at least some of the time, and she loved that she never knew where he'd fondle her next. But even with all her squirming, she remained careful not to slide back enough to get in Jordan's way.

And despite all the squirming and playing around, she managed to ask him, "By the way, are you going to raise her to the status of 'personal slut'?"

His first thought was, Of course! How ridiculously lucky am I to have a total babe like her wanting to be one?!But he held his tongue and pretended to ponder that. He took a hand from Kate's outrageous tits, reached behind her, and ran his fingers through Jordan's very short hair. God, I'm such a fucking lucky bastard! I think I could actually die of a pleasure overload right around now.

Finally, he responded, "That depends."

Kate had switched to subtly moving her hips, causing her entire body to rise up and down slightly against his. She was doing that in part because it felt good, but mainly so she could drive him to distraction by rubbing her massive tits against his chest. With all that movement going on, she asked, "Depends? On what?"

He replied, "She's got the body. That can't be denied. She's nearly Monica's twin, and she's about as fit and firm as she could be. And she's got a sexy, sultry face. I like her as a person too, even though I'm just starting to get to know her. I do know she's a chemistry major, but I don't even know her last name!"

Kate found that fact delicious. He already effectively owns her, even if neither she nor he fully realize it yet, because he moves that fast! He just saw her sexy body and he took her! Now that she's discovering the joy of sucking his cock, there'll be no going back for her, I guarantee it. Just like me. In fact, he's tamed all four of us in one evening! Incredible!

Monica couldn't resist budding in from below the table. "You do know about her big sports accomplishments though, don't you?"

He asked, "Whose, Jordan's? No, I tell you, I'm really clueless."

Monica added, "She's like number one in whatever sport she tries, and she does 'em all. She's a fitness freak. That's how she has such a tight little hard body."

He grunted, "Huh. Well, uh... that's good to know." How odd, to be talking about her like she's not even here, when she's bobbing on my dick with total abandon! UGH! So much suction! I swear, she's gonna make me cum soon! But I can't, for Monica!

Kate playfully rubbed his nose. "Hey, stud, don't get too distracted. Where's the rest of your answer, about making her one of your personal sluts?"

"Oh yeah." He struggled to think, when the pleasure was practically like an endless orgasm. "But, uh... but still, does she have the attitude and the stamina? Especially when it comes to cocksucking. As you know, any personal slut of yours has to love a good long blowjob."

Jordan had been listening to every word being spoken for a while now. Even as her lips slid back and forth relentlessly, she thought, UGH! Blowjobs! So many blowjobs with this guy. I'm loving it, no doubt, but it's like running a race. How long can I keep it up? My tongue is getting tired, and my stretched out lips aren't doing much better. Can I really do this every single day? And do I really want to be one of his "personal sluts" anyway? That sounds so demeaning. It IS demeaning! I'd have to obey his every whim. Plus, we all know Kate is always going to be his number one.

And yet... that sounds so strangely appealing! What a life! To just totally give in to my inner slut and my submissive desires, and to do nothing but serve this great cock, night and day! I kind of like the sound of that! It would be the ultimate in sexual debauchery, like a non-stop orgy party. And to do that with Kate, and Erin, AND Monica! That would truly make me one of the sexual elite. The best of the best! In a weird way it would be almost like being enslaved, but in another weird way it would almost be attaining the highest sexual honor, not to mention living the most debauched and pleasurable life imaginable!

So which way will I go?! I don't know! It's such a big decision to make. I can't talk now anyway. I'm just going to keep on sucking and sucking this fat log and see how things go.

While Jordan was thinking, Ryan and Kate were continuing to talk and play around. Kate kept on sliding her immense tits up and down his chest as she leaned in and alternately licked and kissed her way around his face. In response to his comment, "As you know, any personal slut of mine has to love a good long blowjob," she purred, "Lucky me then, because I absolutely ADORE it! Honey, you make me want to suck your cock all day long!" Her pout returned. "And that's really what my third problem is."

"What's that?"

"I don't mind her sucking your cock, and I'm definitely not asking you to get her to stop. In fact, I INSIST she keeps going. It's good that she learns her proper place, on her knees, between your thighs. Except that I totally want to be doing it right now too! Whenever you cram my mouth full of hot cock, I feel so deliciously dominated! Half the time I was talking to Nancy by the front door, I was salivating and licking my lips over and over, thinking about all the things I was going to do to you with my mouth!"

He grinned impishly. "She must have thought you have the driest lips ever."

"Seriously! I especially have this deep CRAVING to choke and gag on The Beast! Do you like it when I do that?"

He was incredulous. "Duh! I love it! It feels great, and the sound is like an aural orgasm."

She wrapped her arms around him and squeezed him tight, as if he'd just told her the best news in years. She even squealed in delight, right before planting a nuclear kiss on his lips.

He thought, UNGH! I'm flirting with disaster! Her kiss is so hot, and although Jordan's sucking my dick, in my mind Kate is doing that to me too! I swear, if I don't cum, my brain is going to melt!

But the kiss didn't last long, because the blonde bombshell broke it to say, "That's great, because I love doing it so very, very much! It's like the ultimate in cocksucking submission, at least until I learn to deep throat you."

He reluctantly said, "Um, I don't know if that's even physically possible, with you or anybody else. That's the downside of having a really thick one."

But she was undaunted. "Never say never. We'll see. At the very least, I'm going to work on losing my gag reflex so I can take you deeper. By the way, I must say I'm endlessly impressed at how you keep your cool. Here you are talking to me like a cool cucumber even as I rub my body all over you AND while Jordan bobs on your great big cock like a mad woman! How do you do it? Aren't you even close to cumming?"

He stared to admit, "Actually, I am very close to cumming-"

However, he didn't get to say more, because there was a very loud "Uh-oh! No you don't!" from under the table. The slight Spanish accent gave it away as Monica's voice.

Monica had been "guiding" Jordan for a while. But there really hadn't been much to do. She had been holding the back of Jordan's head, but she didn't want to push since that might do more harm than good. And Jordan took to sucking his thickness so quickly that Monica felt like more advice was unnecessary. She'd been left with nothing to do except to idly run her hands through Jordan's short platinum blonde hair.

Luckily, Erin was under the table too, and in the exact same boat. Both of them were hot to trot as well. They'd leaned towards each other in order to whisper, but somehow wound up kissing instead. Since then, it had been all lesbian kissing with a lot of tit-play to boot. They had only briefly stopped a couple of times to make comments on the conversation they were hearing above the table.

But Monica was constantly mindful of her desire to get fucked by Ryan before the evening came to an end, and when she heard him mention he was "very close to cumming," she broke from the kissing and cried out her "Uh-oh! No you don't!"

However, she decided that wasn't nearly enough, and it was time to get insistent. She quickly got out from under the table, making sure to emerge on the side Ryan was sitting on. She stood up above him with her arms folded under her tremendous E-cups. (On her short body, they looked nearly as big as Kate's G-cups on her taller and larger body.)

She glared down at him with a scowl. "What do you think you're doing, mister?! Yes, I'm one of your personal sluts now, and yes, technically that makes you my master. My owner, even. Technically, I have to obey your every command."

He rolled his eyes, knowing that a "but" was coming. "But you're not going to, are you?"

"No! Not when you're being a pinche idiota, which by the way means a 'fucking idiot'! And not when you break your promises! You promised to fuck my cunt tonight! Not tomorrow, not next week, but tonight! Given all that I've given up for you, pledging to be one of your personal sluts, totally devoting myself to serving your cock for who knows how long, maybe even the rest of my life, don't you think I at least deserve that much of a reward?!"

He was secretly amused, because he thought, Prior to this evening, if I'd offered to fuck her, she would have given me the finger and a few choice words. Now, she's demanding it, even as the sounds of Jordan's sweet slurping fill the room. Crazy! He started to reply, "I-"

But he didn't get past that, because Monica was on a roll. "But noooOOOOOooo! Instead, here you sit like a king, with Kate squirming on your lap and rubbing her big tits all over you, and Jordan of all people getting to suck your cock! Jordan! Now, I don't mind her joining us, but she hasn't even pledged her body to you yet."

Monica was gesticulating wildly, causing her bounce and even swing in circles. "Yes, she's been working hard bobbing on The Beast for the very first time, and she's done an admirable job, I must admit. But I don't think it's fair if she gets your last cum load of the evening, splattered all over HER face or down her throat! What has she done to deserve your precious cum, compared to the rest of us?! Did you make any promises to HER, like you did to me? No! I don't think so!"

Ryan just laughed as he held up a hand in a "stop" gesture. "Okay, okay, okay. Okay, already! I surrender. You're right."

"I am?" Monica stared down at him suspiciously. She was surprised he gave in so easily.

"You are. I did make a promise to you. I wasn't sure if I'd get erect again, but there's been no doubt of that for a good while now. Which means that it is time for me to fuck you and I do want to do that. But then again, how could I turn down Jordan when she wanted to blow me for the very first time?"

Kate interceded. "Honey, wait a second. She does have a point, and you should fuck her now. But you can't agree with her that easily."

"Why not? When she's right, she's right." He thought, Aaaggh! I want to scream! I'm clenching hard, trying my damnedest not to cum, and they expect me to keep talking like this?! Isn't Jordan going to stop yet?! She's getting to be too good!

Kate replied, "I know, but there are other factors than just right or wrong. She's got quite a temper, as we all know. If you give in after she blows up like that, she's going to become completely incorrigible."

Ryan just wiped the sweat from his face. He was panting hard, but nobody seemed to notice or care. I swear, I'm slowly losing my mind! I have to tell Jordan to stop before I blow my load and this becomes a moot point. But it feels sooooo damn goooood!

Erin had got up from under the table while the others were distracted talking. She now sat in the same chair she'd been sitting in before, next to Ryan's. She said, "Kate's got a point. As master or, uh, leader, of this, uh... harem? What do we call this group, anyway?"

Not getting a quick reply to that, and seeing Ryan merely straining and clenching her teeth, she went on, "As top dog, you have to rule with a firm hand. I know that affects me too, but if you get all soft on us there'll be chaos."

He carefully considered that, even as he huffed and puffed while Jordan continued to noisily bob on him under the table. She was growing tired, but she was nonetheless stepping up her efforts, figuring from the conversation that she would be forcibly stopped before long.

He thought, Hmmm. They have a good point. I can't be too soft. And what DO we call this group? I don't like "master" or "harem," because that's going to make my head swell. And if I let myself go like that, I could wind up a heartless asshole like Jack or Vince. But I'll deal with terminology later. Right now, I've gotta figure out what to say to Monica before I cum hard or my brain melts! Hmmm...

He decided enough was enough. He clenched the sides of Jordan's head again and growled, "Please! Slow down, at least! You're getting too good!"

To his surprise, that only delighted the others. Kate couldn't do much due to the way she was sitting on him face to face, but both Erin and Monica leaned down to Jordan, patted her shoulders, and offered their congratulations.

Jordan was psyched. YESSSS! I'm starting to feel like I belong. I may always be an also-ran compared to Kate, but I can hold my own with the others! And sucking his cock is FUN! With my athletic skills, I'll have an edge. I bet it won't be long before I can suck him longer than anyone else!

He was greatly relieved when she finally heeded his words and clutching hands. She wasn't about to pull her lips off, but at least she noticeably slowed down.

For the next minute or two, he bowed his head with closed eyes and concentrated on controlling his breathing. It was touch and go for a while, but he eventually felt the imminent urge to cum subside.

Finally, he looked back up at Monica, who at least had calmed down a bit and had her hands at her sides. "Mon, like I said, when you're right, you're right. It IS time to fuck you, and I'll be very glad to do it. But when you talk to me with disrespect like that, there's a price to pay. Tomorrow, I'm going to have to give you a really harsh spanking. And I'll have to think up some other punishments to make sure you learn your lesson."

To his chagrin, Jordan resumed her usual bobbing pace almost as soon as he started talking. She'd had a bit of a rest too, so she started pumping her head back and forth with renewed vigor. Oh no! Here we go again! But it feels too good to tell her to stop!

Monica dropped her head in defeat, and muttered, "Fuck!" Then she resumed eye contact with him and said in a more regretful tone, "I'm sorry, I really am, but that's just kind of how I roll. I do have a fiery temper. I can't help it. It's just part of who I am.'"

He said, "I can see that, my hot pepper..." - he grinned as she lifted her head up and beamed at him in surprise and delight - "but people can change. I can cut you some slack, but we'll be working on that temper of yours. Look at the drastic personality change Kate has gone through in the course of one evening. If she can change, you can too."

Monica sighed. "I don't know about that, but... I'll try. I suppose my ass is gonna be spanked cherry red more days than not."

He was secretly amused, noting how she seemed much more enthused than dismayed at that prospect.

She continued, with more hand-waving agitation, "Anyway, can Jordan please stop sucking you already?!" She waved her arms around frantically. "I can see that she's going full speed ahead again and I worry that you could blow your load at any time. You're tired and probably losing your will to resist. And she's getting better by the minute."

The feisty Latina ducked her head lower, making a quick check in Ryan's lap. "Look! Look at how her cheeks are sunk in. Her suction must be incredible. And she's pumping your shaft in perfect time to her sliding lips. Most telling of all, fresh tears are STILL flowing down her cheeks. She's DEFINITELY going all out. In fact, I'm sure she's bobbing even faster than before your little rest. You could unexpectedly blow your load at any moment, and then I'll be left high and dry all the way until tomorrow!"

He sighed, and briefly closed his eyes. She's completely right again, of course. Jordan's gone from "bad" to "excellent" over the course of her very first blowjob! But at the same time my hot pepper is being too demanding. Staying in charge of these four hotties is going to be tricky! With my new big cock "super power" I'm sure I could win even more top-notch recruits, but I'd better stand pat before I totally overdo it. What if these four gang up on me in some argument? I'll be a goner for sure. Technically I'm in charge, but am I really?

Looking up at Monica again, he said, "Right you are. But that's not how you should talk to your, uh, man. By the way, just call me that for now, okay? All of you. I don't want to get a big head with a title like 'master' or 'owner'. And if you say 'my man', it won't sound weird if some stranger overhears you."

Monica replied anxiously, "Okay, fine. But could you please tell Jordan to stop already? Like, now?! I'm getting really nervous! I can tell she's listening. She knows her time is almost up and she's being a sneaky little slut because she keeps bobbing faster and faster!"

He thought, Dammit. Monica is right again. Jordan IS bobbing faster, and I AM getting dangerously close to the edge. And it feels soooo good! I don't want to stop her, but I have to. God, it's going to be hard to handle this bunch if I keep ending up being wrong like this.

He'd been caressing Kate's ass cheeks, but he moved his hands back to Jordan's head. "Jordan, you heard what she said. Great job, but..." He clenched his teeth yet again as another lusty surge wracked his body. "It's time to stop. Please. Now!"


Jordan reluctantly pulled her lips off and sat back.

She was conflicted. On one hand, the more she sucked Ryan's cock, the more she loved it. She'd been having a great time since shortly after she'd started sliding her lips, and once she'd begun playing with her privates at the same time, her arousal had soared to dizzying heights. Since then, she'd had two quiet orgasms and she'd been closing in on a third. At the same time, she'd been striving hard to get him to cum and she could tell that she'd gotten tantalizingly close.

But on the other hand, her mouth had been getting very, very tired. She could hardly lick another lick, and her lips were ready to cry "uncle" as well. Merely having his enormous shaft removed from her oral cavity was a tremendous relief.

She ultimately decided that she was glad she'd been told to stop at that time. That way, she could maintain the illusion that she could have gone on even longer. Okay, close call. But what about next time? And the time after that? Am I the only one who ran out of gas?

She looked at the three other girls. What about them? This is their first night cocksucking him too, and they don't have my athletic stamina. Sucking normal-sized cocks is an entirely different thing and doesn't help at all. They can't be veterans at it already, can they? Shit! I'm going to have to redouble my efforts not to be left behind!

In truth, the other three suffered the same stamina problems Jordan did. But, like her, they were careful to hide it. And it didn't take long before they felt fully recovered and were ready to go again.

That was well illustrated by the fact that as soon as Jordan pulled her lips off Ryan's cock, Kate got off his lap. She wanted to kneel between his legs, but Jordan was still there so she kneeled to the side of his chair instead. The key was that she faced his crotch and she immediately wrapped her fingers around his shaft and began stroking, before the others could think to do it.

Monica saw that and threw her hands up in the air. "Oh no! Arrgh! Now Kate's got you. I'm NEVER going to get fucked! What does it take for a girl with a teeny tiny, needy, tight little cunt to get fucked around here?!"

Ryan chuckled at that colorful language. "Don't worry, Mon. It's going to happen, and very shortly. But give Kate a minute or two to get reconnected with my dick, okay? From the look on her face I can tell she needs this."

"I do!" Kate exclaimed. "In fact, this is what I really need!" She suddenly dropped her head down and began to lick, right on his sweet spot. But as she did so, she hastened to say, "Don't worry, Monica! Just licking, I promise!"

Monica sighed again and ran a frustrated hand through her raven black hair. "Grrr! 'Just licking,' she says. 'Just licking.'" She glared at Kate's stroking fingers. "So what's your hand doing, then?!"

Erin was trying to stay out of this little argument, but she couldn't resist commenting, "She had to hold The Beast in order to lick it properly. You know that. And once you're holding it, how can you not stroke it some too, especially when it's all wet, throbbing, and hot, like it is now?"

Monica sighed once more. "I suppose. I swear, La Bestia is going to be the most loved, sucked, and licked cock in the entire universe!"

Erin chuckled at that. "That's probably true."

Monica sighed yet again. "Ugh! I hope being a personal slut isn't going to always be as frustrating as this. There are four of us in this room alone and only one of him, you know. How many others will we have to share him with?! We talk a big game of sucking him for hours on end, and I'm sure there will be some of that, but even The Beast needs a lot of recovery time. We're going to have to wait for our next turn a lot of the time."

Erin thought, We will. Which is where the lesbian loving comes in! I need to find out if Jordan has bisexual potential. If she does, she definitely will have my vote to join us. Ryan thinks he's going to have a third floor sexual utopia, and he will, but so will the rest of us! I especially love the prospect of making love to Kate. She can use her new tongue licking skills on me too!

Monica's eyes locked on Ryan's as an important thought came back to her. "Hey! Ryan, you keep dodging the question of how many other personal sluts you have already. But now that you've converted all four of us, don't you think it's time to hit us with the truth?! We deserve to know!"

He stroked Kate's hair over his lap as he carefully considered how to answer that. "Good point. But have I actually converted all of you? I'm not so sure. I'd say only Kate has fully accepted her new role at this point. Erin, you and Monica are warming to the idea, but you're still partially holding back. And Jordan, I don't know where you stand at all."

The focus suddenly shifted to Jordan as all the others looked her way. She was still kneeling between his legs, mostly because it was hard to get out with the table above her. Nonetheless, she looked up at the others and replied, "Um... that's a hard question. I must admit that I still am kind of on the fence."

She stared up into Ryan's eyes. "I like the idea of being your slut, even exclusively. I'm psyched to be a part of this group. We could have so many great times together! But I don't know about the 'personal slut' title, with the total devotion and obedience aspects. Is it kind of an 'all or nothing' deal?"

"It is," he said firmly. He was mindful that he had a role to play. He had to act tough.

She frowned and bit her lip. "Can I still... think that over?"

"Of course you can," he quickly replied. "And that goes for you two as well." He looked at Monica and then at Erin.

They nodded in understanding.

He ran a hand through Kate's hair, since her head was right in his lap. She was eagerly "reacquainting" her tongue with his sweet spot in particular, but it wasn't so arousing to make him worry that he was going to lose control. Aaaah! Nice! Kate really is something. How many drop dead gorgeous girls love licking cock this much?

He looked back to Jordan between his legs. "I don't want to press anyone to do anything they don't want to do on their own, especially something as important as this. We're not just playing around here. This is a big, big commitment. We're all going to be students here for years to come. But it could well go beyond that. Once I have you, I might not EVER want to let you go!"

Kate had been planning on sticking to her promise to merely lick, but she was so excited to hear his "years to come" commitment talk that she couldn't help herself. She immediately engulfed his cockhead once more and began to bob with all the love and devotion she could express through her busy lips and tongue. She brought a second hand in to help stroke his long shaft as well.

Monica saw all that and slapped her hands against the sides of her head in frustration. "AGGGH! Kate! You promised!"

Erin said, "She did, but Mon, I think you could cut her some slack. She's fully committed to the personal slut lifestyle now, and she's fallen hard for our man on top of that. I'm sure she's feeling like she wants to serve him and his big cock forever. And now she just heard him say that he might feel the same, and he might want to own and control HER forever, maybe literally decades and decades to come! How could she resist sucking his cock after that?! That's a big part of who she is and what she does now, you know. Her head is probably filled with visions of the countless thousands of hours she'll spend naked and kneeling, worshipping and loving The Beast with her lips and tongue."

Kate was thinking, Thanks, Erin! You're so right! Aaaah! So much jaw-breaking joy! I love how this never gets any easier. "Countless hours" - I love the sound of that!

Monica griped, "I know. And I'm glad for her, I really am. A part of me is also thrilled, to think that that could happen to me as well." She stared longingly at Kate's sliding lips, and found herself licking her own lips. Dammit, why does she have to suck so loudly? It's making me hungry! Hungry to have MY turn getting my lips stretched!

She continued, "If I fully commit, that could also be a permanent thing! That's pretty damn amazing and exciting, don't you agree, Erin?"

"Oh definitely," Erin replied. "I must fully confess... Something kind of broke inside me tonight, and I don't mean that in a bad way. What I mean is that I was fighting hard against the very idea of something like being a 'personal slut'. But after he spanked me, and I came and came with the biggest orgasms of my life, my resistance more or less broke. And then when he fucked me so good and so hard, what resistance was left broke again! So when I heard him say that, I find myself wanting to be like Kate, to totally submit to him, forever. Frankly, if I'd been the one licking him at the time, I'd be passionately bobbing on him right now too, all promises to the contrary be damned!"

Monica sighed yet again. Me too! I can't even stop salivating, from just watching.She glared at Erin almost angrily, but she was much more lusty than angry. "Aaaah, fuck! Damn you for saying that, because I feel the same way! I'm a proud and strong woman. I never thought I'd feel like this, but... A part of me still resists, but another part wants to completely break, completely give in!"

She thought, There! I said it! It's too late to turn back. He's going to own my ass!She continued in a dreamy, inspired voice. "Can you imagine, if the three of us or even the four of us all decided to go all in with being his personal sluts? It would be endless sexual ecstasy! All those hours of cocksucking, every single day, until our lips fall off! Well, practically, anyway. And then getting fucked! Can you imagine getting fucked in the cunt, and the ass, by The BEAST?! Screaming your head off in utter rapture pretty much every single day?! The more I think about it, the more I like it!"

Jordan still felt like a latecomer and a bit of an outsider, so she didn't speak her mind. But she thought, I know exactly what they mean, because I feel like something broke inside me tonight too. And it's not a bad thing! I'm having the time of my life, so of course I want more, more, more. Sure, it's disturbing to be dominated by him and his Beast. I definitely never thought something like this would happen to me. But it really could be the doorway to "endless sexual ecstasy", just like Monica says!

Monica added with growing enthusiasm, "That's why I'm so frustrated that he hasn't fucked me yet. I feel my resistance breaking too. And I'm thinking that if getting fucked by The Beast is as good as I hope it'll be, and even as I expect it'll be, he'll smash through the last of my resistance just like he'll plow deep inside me, and I'll completely succumb to the power of his cock! I have to admit I WANT that to happen. I want him to fuck my indecision away. Then I'll wind up just like Kate, living a happy, care-free life of an endless sexual paradise, right here on Earth!"

She suddenly looked down at Jordan, just beyond Kate's bobbing head. "Sorry for my mad rambling. We must sound totally crazy to you. I mean, I'd never even MET Ryan before tonight, and now I babble on about permanently committing to him. And I have to speak up to be heard over someone else slurping on him! Tell me honestly: do I sound crazy?"

Jordan chuckled. "Monica, look at me. I'm still wedged in between his thighs after giving him a prolonged blowjob. I'll bet there's cum and drool on my chin and tears on my cheeks. Is there?"

"There is," Monica admitted.

Ryan leaned forward in his chair to see Jordan's face over Kate's bobbing blonde mane. Wow! She's got a sexy face to begin with, especially framed by that almost white hair of hers. But she looks even sexier with the cum and tears, not to mention her fine sheen of sweat. And I love her blushing red cheeks too. The classic "freshly fucked" look!

She made eye contact with him, making her feel abashed. She brought a hand to her face to wipe it clean.

So he said, "Don't wipe anything, please. You look even more beautiful that way. You truly belong here, with the very most gorgeous girls in the whole university!"

Jordan smiled widely. She'd been feeling uncertain about even being allowed to be a part of this, and that reassured her a lot. She withdrew her hand and whispered, "Thanks!"

Then, looking back to Monica, Jordan went on in a normal voice, "I might have thought you at least partially crazy a mere half hour ago. But since then I've sucked him off for the first time, and it was one of the most intense and arousing experiences of my life! I've kind of fallen in love with his cock too, just from that. I'm thinking that although that was my first time bobbing on The Beast, it definitely won't be my last!"

Monica smiled and held a hand up. "Give me five!"

"Just a sec!" Jordan crawled out from under the table and then stood up. She'd been meaning to do that for a while now, and the high-five was a good reason to motivate. She slapped Monica's hand up high.

But it turned out that wasn't the end of the mini-celebration. Monica enveloped her in a big hug, despite the fact that they were both naked.

Since Jordan and Monica were the same short height, their big racks were pressing directly into each other, with their stiff nipples actually touching. Jordan was trying hard to ignore that, but she was still so horny that her body loved it.

Monica seemed oblivious to all the tit rubbing, even though she was secretly enjoying it. (In fact, it wasn't an accident that she'd started the hug in the first place.) As they hugged, she told Jordan, "Congratulations! I totally know how you feel, because you're where I was, oh, a couple of hours ago."

Jordan asked, "Does it get even better?"

Monica was all smiles. "Oh, it gets better. MUCH better." She couldn't resist sliding her hands down and cupping Jordan's bare ass cheeks as she talked. She was impressed at how round and firm they were, even firmer than her own.

Jordan sucked in her breath in surprise. But since nobody said anything about Monica's ass grab, she decided to act cool and not say anything either. Besides, their mutual tit rubbing was even more arousing and distracting. She kept her hands on Monica's back though.

Monica continued, "For instance, think about the next time you blow him. You can take everything you learned from the first time and basically hit the ground running. You'll be cumming hard in a matter of minutes!"

Jordan beamed. "Wow! I can't wait!" She added in her mind, And not just one orgasm either. It's hard to believe, but I think I'd rather go down on him than have him go down on me. Bobbing on him while playing with myself makes me cum again and again!

Erin quipped, "You're not the only one. In fact, do you hear those lewd noises? It sounds to me like Kate is practicing her choking and gagging even as we speak."

Monica hadn't noticed, because Kate was generally loud with her cocksucking style anyway. But she broke the hug, came around Jordan to look, and clenched her fists in the air when she saw and heard that Erin was right. "ARRGH! Stop that, Kate! Please! I swear, it's like there's some kind of conspiracy against me! WHEN the hell am I going to get FUCKED?!"

Once again, Ryan had mostly stayed silent (not counting for his lusty panting and moaning) because he loved to hear the girls talk like he wasn't there. But Kate was working on her choking and gagging technique, and it was highly effective indeed. He knew she wasn't trying to be selfish and she simply couldn't contain her cock-lust and general enthusiasm. But he also knew it wouldn't be fair to Monica if he did cum in her mouth. And he was getting very, very close.

So he decided it was time to be decisive. He grabbed the sides of Kate's head and held tight. "Okay, my love, that's enough. I love it, but it really is Monica's turn. Please! Stop already!"

To his great relief, Kate did quickly stop. But she wasn't entirely done with him. As soon as her lips were free, she exclaimed, "My love, you just called ME 'my love'! That makes me so happy! I would suck your cock so much more, but out of respect to Monica I'm gonna kiss you instead!" With that, she plopped her bare butt back in his lap, threw her arms around him, and began smooching him like a woman possessed.

Monica was pleased that at least the cocksucking stopped, but also slightly chagrined. "Damn. That's better, but still... are we EVER going to see him again without Kate on his lap or between his knees?"

Erin quipped, "Oh, definitely! There will be all those times she'd lying under his humping ass in bed or riding him cowgirl style. Not to mention lying across his lap getting spanked."

Kate's eyes lit up hearing that, and she kissed him almost fiercely. Ryan, honey, where have you BEEN all my life?! It's like you're my savior. You're going to fuck and spank all the spoiled princess right out of me, even if it takes decades! And I'm going to love every second of it!

Monica shook her head. "Sharing him is going to be tough, isn't it? By the way, I noticed how he somehow dodged having to answer how many other personal sluts he has. I'm still dying to know!"

Ryan tapped on Kate, indicating he wanted to speak.

Very curious about what he'd say on that vital question, she relented and broke the lip-lock.

Looking back and forth between the other three naked girls, he said, "I don't mind answering that. In fact, I thought I'd answered it already. I think you all know I'm new to this university. I've only been here a month. I've been waiting and observing, wanting to be careful and very selective about whom I choose to be my personal sluts. Tonight was the first time I'd made a move. So the answer is: NONE! I don't have any other personal sluts at the moment."

The girls were all very relieved to hear that. In fact, there was an audible, collective sigh of relief.

Kate immediately asked, "But what about the ones from before?!"

"As for the ones back home, I sadly let them go. True, we had a great time, but the brutal truth is that I could tell that I could do a lot better. I only had a couple hundred girls to choose from there, and here I have over 10,000 with the female undergrads alone. So you've caught me at a time when I'm basically starting anew."

Of course, his entire answer was a careful mixture of lies and truth. He felt he'd maintained his studly reputation while also clearing the deck so he wouldn't have to keep lying about other girls who didn't exist.

Kate exclaimed, "Finally! That's the best news ever! Honey, you did kind of explain that, but we all had the feeling you were holding something back. But aren't you at least fucking SOME girls? A total stud like you, you can't go a whole month without, can you?"

He lied, "Of course. I've been fucking a few hotties here and there. But they're just to pass my time. I haven't even mentioned the personal slut idea to any of them, because they wouldn't qualify. Frankly, I've been living a very low key life, watching and observing, waiting to make my move. Most people think I'm just a normal guy."

He added to himself, That's because I AM a normal guy! At least I was until tonight. With my new big cock "super power", anything is possible!

Kate exhaled with great relief. "PHEW! I can't tell you how relieved I am to hear that! But the other important question is, are you going to stop with just us?! Or do you have some other targets in mind?!" She added sadly, "A stud like you, you must fuck so many girls..."

He considered how honest he should be. In the end, he decided on another careful mix of truth and lies. "If you must know, there are a few other sexy girls I've been keeping an eye on, and my plan was to seduce them soon too. But Kate, you were my number one target, so I started with you. And after what's transpired tonight, I'm not so sure. You all keep talking about endless hours of fucking and sucking. If you're really THAT into it, it could be I end up so sexually satiated that I won't have the time or energy for anybody else."

Kate stated very, very firmly, "GOOD!" She looked to Erin, Monica, and Jordan in turn. "Did you hear that? That's the best news ever! Girls, it's up to us! If we can keep him totally satisfied at all times, we won't have to share!"

Erin was secretly very glad to hear all that news too. But she couldn't resist teasing Kate a little. "I don't know. I've gotta warn you, that means there's going to be a LOT of sex, every single day. Think of all the countless orgasms, the spankings beyond number. All the sexual humiliation. The incredible pounding and impaling of his fat cock in all your orifices, in every possible position. The glorious titfucks and handjobs, plus so much cock-licking. And, of course, the blowjobs. So very, very many blowjobs! Girl, you talk a big game about spending half the day on your knees with your mouth full, slurping and bobbing on The Beast, but if you're serious about keeping those other hotties away, you're going to have to actually live it!"

Kate was incredulous. "You call that a warning? That sounds more like the promise of an ideal sexual utopia to me! I've had at least ten huge orgasms already, and since then I've lost count. And I've found the first man I've truly loved. So of course I'm serious! This whole night has been the greatest thing that's ever happened to me. I proudly call myself my honey's one and only official personal slut at the moment! At least until you get your sexy asses in gear." She grinned and wagged a teasing finger at the other three.

Then she grew more serious still as she looked at the other girls in the eye one by one. "But I sincerely hope that the three of you will fully join me. Call me a dreamer, but I think we have the perfect situation here, for all of us. The Beast is like an endless orgasm machine, for US even more than him! And we have such fun together too, don't we? I feel like I've found new friends and new love and so much more. I'm sure I'm not the only one to feel that way."

The others girls nodded thoughtfully.

Kate added, "I think we've successfully silenced Brandy AND Nancy from gossiping about us, so we can do whatever we want in our rooms and nobody else will know!"

Erin was more skeptical about that. "We hope."

"True, we hope, but I'm optimistic. My life has been such a bummer lately, trapped in my gilded cage and falling for all that Princess Kate crap. Now that everything is coming up roses I'm not going to let anything or anyone fuck this up. There's a lot we can do to help make this work. What if we end up growing closer and closer to each other, and make our sexual servitude a permanent arrangement? I'm confident that if we work as a team, we will be able to keep him fully sexually satisfied!"

Ryan was secretly extremely gleeful. Pinch me, I'm dreaming! The truth is, I'm sure Kate could keep me fully sexually satisfied all by herself. She's insatiable! But with the other three joining in, I truly will be the happiest and most highly sexed guy on the planet!

His erection was currently untouched, but it remained as stiff and excited as ever, thanks to all this talk about their promising shared future.

Surprisingly, Monica growled impatiently, "That all sounds well and good. but it's something we'll have to talk about later. Right now, do you realize what's happening? Our man is just sitting there without anybody touching The Beast at all! If we're really going to work as a team to keep him satisfied, that starts now. And I've got a cunt that desperately needs fucking and he's got a cock that's softening and in danger of going flaccid altogether!"

She smirk-smiled as she knowingly asked, "How can we solve both of those problems at once? Hmmm!"

Actually, she didn't see any visible signs of his hard-on softening, because the enthusiastic discussion was keeping him very excited. But she hoped saying those words would help spur some fucking action.

Kate giggled. "Okay, I get it! You're dying to get fucked. And you're way overdue. Look at me. I'm getting off his lap." She gave Ryan another scorching kiss and cuddle, but she kept it relatively brief. Then she really did get up off him.

Monica tilted her head up and raised both hands high in the air. "Dear Lord! Did you see that? It's a miracle!"

Kate rolled her eyes, even though she was smiling. "Don't be so funny or I just might sit back on him again."

Even though Monica figured Kate was teasing about that, she nonetheless acted fast. "Oh no you don't!" She moved like lightning, plopping down on his lap and wrapping her arms around him. "A-ha! I've got him! Maybe now I actually will get my turn!"

Jordan began clapping. "Yeay! I'm glad for you, Monica. It sounds like you've been very patient, and you deserve it. I'm kind of late to the party. Why HASN'T he fucked you already?!"

Monica said, "It's a long story. Let's not worry about it. The main thing is it can happen now." She looked right into Ryan's eyes from close up. "Right? Please say 'yes!'"

Staring back at her, he replied, "Yes! But."


"Don't worry, it's not a big 'but'. It's just that I was pretty darn close to cumming, especially when Kate did that incredible choking and gagging thing. My dick needs a little time to recover, or I'm liable to blow my load just as soon as I enter you. I know you're going to hate this, but I need at least five minutes of no stimulation, no sexy talk, no nothing." He looked pointedly at her naked body cuddled up against him. "That means no touching at all."

"Aaah, darn! Really?! But I just got here."

"I know. But look at it this way. My dick IS pretty worn out and my resistance IS low. If I go straight into fucking you, I'm only going to last a minute or two, at best. But, if I genuinely recharge, then I can make a proper fucking out of it."

Monica hopped off his lap like he'd turned into a hot stove. She started waving her arms to move the others away. "Okay, people, stand back! There's nothing to see here! Stand back!"

Kate put a hand on Ryan's shoulder and smiled benignly at him. "She's a riot, isn't she? Such passion!"

Monica turned around and saw Kate's hand on his shoulder. "Hey! He said 'no touching'. I call that touching!"

He said, "Mon, I appreciate your efforts, but let me handle this. I want you and Jordan to go to the other side of the room. Take the time to get better acquainted. Meanwhile, there's something I need to discuss with Kate and Erin. And don't worry; it's NOT sexual in nature, and there will be NO touching."

The raven-haired babe folded her arms under her round E-cups and stared at him skeptically. "Do you promise? Especially about the 'no touching' part?"

"I do. Believe me, my penis DESPERATELY needs a break!" He looked around, and added, "Note how I'm sitting on this side of the table. I'll make sure they sit on that side of the table. Okay?"

Monica grumbled, "Well... okay." She was secretly miffed that he didn't want to include her in whatever the conversation was about, but she felt she didn't know him well enough to press the issue.

He seemed to sense that worry in her, and added, "And by the way, don't read anything into the fact that I'll only be talking to Kate and Erin. I swear it's just about a logistical thing that right now only involves them. We are a team, and nearly everything will be discussed freely amongst all of us."

Monica nodded, and she felt relieved. But she also thought, He says that, and I think he means it. But even so, it's as plain as day that Kate is going to be his favorite. And it's almost as certain that Erin is going to be his second favorite, if only for purely physical reasons. Just look at her body AND her face. She could be a supermodel or famous actress if she wasn't so ridiculously busty. She would be the unquestioned hottest girl in the whole university had it not been for Kate being here too. She's a lot bigger and taller than me too. There's more of her to love.

Normally I'd try to make up for that with my sheer passion, but I think they're just as passionate about him! I suppose I'm always going to be third place at best, maybe tied with Jordan. Which I wouldn't mind that much if it were just about sex, but I think I'm falling in love with him! That's a problem. When a guy rocks your world as much as he's rocked mine, how can a girl not start to fall in love? It's probably hard-wired biologically, since sex is an emotional bonder. It sucks! What a wild night. My whole life has been thrown into confusion!

After a little more small talk, Monica and Jordan did go to the other side of the room, well out of hearing range. But Monica made a mental note to keep an eye on the others to make sure the 'no touching' promise was maintained.

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