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Kate and Erin duly sat in the chairs on the opposite side of the table from Ryan. Of course, they remained gloriously naked.

Ryan closed his eyes and slowly counted to ten, just to calm down a little more and recover his wits. Then he said, "Okay, the reason I want to talk to you two and you two alone has to do with the security guard situation. Erin, I wasn't intending to, but after Kate told us about her security arrangement and then you whispered something in her ear, I heard you. You see, I was the only other one standing and I have very good hearing."

Erin frowned and sucked in her breath. "Ooooh! ... Shit!"

"Why?" he asked. "That's not a bad thing. In fact, it's a good and necessary thing. I was just saying that I don't consider you one of my personal sluts yet, but the key there is the 'yet.' Don't you agree that it's just a matter of time before you fully accept that I own you?"

Erin didn't think, but just checked her gut feeling. She replied, "I suppose so. No, I know so. It's just that... hearing that sort of talk sounds distressing to me. Especially when I've calmed down some like now. I mean... I certainly don't mind the exclusive part, and I don't even mind much that you have your other sluts, but... to be wholly OWNED by another person... and to fully dedicate myself to pleasuring your cock... It's just so extreme!"

He nodded. "I understand. That is a shocking situation to accept, and it's all happened so fast. But I firmly believe you will accept your fate in time and you WILL be one of my exclusive sex pets. Both of you, and Monica and Jordan too. Do you disagree?"

Erin stared searchingly into his eyes for some long moments. Then she bowed her head slightly and muttered, "No."

She thought, Damn! The benefits are way too great! Hell, I'd do it just to be Kate's lover. I'm totally addicted to his cock and it's pointless to pretend otherwise! Yes, it's demeaning and unfair, but the reward will be an unbelievably amazing five-person sexual nirvana. Frankly, I don't know how anybody offered that could turn it down!

He nodded again as if he'd been expecting that all along. In fact, he was secretly overjoyed, but he hid it well. "Good. The reason I point that out is because that means we can't have secrets between us. Especially since I will be the one owning and controlling you, I'm going to need to know everything about you, including your security arrangements."

He forced himself to stare into Erin's eyes, even though her bare F-cups were a mouth-watering temptation. "It's not all about sex, you know. We'll still have to live the rest of our lives, and that takes up a good part of the day. The way I look at it, being your owner - a GOOD owner - involves a lot more than just getting my cock blown a lot. I expect to look after you, care for you, and even love you."

Kate excitedly said, "That sounds like you're talking about a very long-term arrangement!"

He looked her way. "I am. I thought I'd made that clear. Unless I'm sorely mistaken and there's something important I'm missing, I figure that both of you will be my personal sluts for years and years to come. I know this is our very first night together, but we've already been through a lot together, thanks to the whole Jack and Vince problem."

Kate enthusiastically seconded that notion. "Yeah! First we were bound together to each other and you through the power of your cock, and then our bonds have grown from overcoming a crisis. I barely know you, but I've already seen the kind of good man you really are."

He thought, It's odd. In a way, I have Jack to thank again, for him and Vince being such evil bastards. First his prank, then his advice, and now this, a crisis that binds us! Not that I'm going to thank him.

He continued, "Besides, sometimes you just know who or what you love right off the bat. It's like Kate's metaphor about ice cream I overheard earlier. I don't need to take weeks or months to decide I'm going to want to keep and own the both of you. Once we've got a good thing going, why should we ever end it?"

Erin's heart soared and her heartbeat raced. I've been hoping against hope it could be something like that! Sure, he's in love with Kate, but can't he find it in his heart to love me too? I must admit, I think I'm already half in love with him already. I know it's only been a few hours, but I'm finding that lust THAT intense can very easily lead to other strong emotions!

However, she was shy to confess her feelings, especially since they were still evolving. So instead she merely said, "Monica and Jordan really need to hear this too!"

He responded, "Don't worry, they will soon enough. But I want to focus on the security issue with just the two of you."

He turned his head in surprise, because he noticed Kate had left her seat and was walking around the table. Just watching her nude body in motion was a visual delight.

She quickly took the seat next to his. The sudden movement caused her huge globes to jiggle and bounce.

He asked her, "What are you doing?"

Her face was beaming brightly. "Sorry, I guess you're going to have to spank me later, because I can't stop misbehaving. Whenever you talk about owning me for the long-term like that, my heart fills with so much love that I absolutely have to kiss you!"

She'd wrapped her hands around his neck while she was saying that, and as soon as she'd finished the last word she planted a supernova kiss on his lips.

Erin rolled her eyes and silently sighed. Typical.

Meanwhile, Monica and Jordan had moved to the far side of the room, near the front door. Since there were no interior walls in the apartment they could see clear to the table, though some furniture in between blocked part of the view.

Monica's intention was to position herself strategically to view the table in order to make sure that Kate and Erin behaved. She figured she and Jordan could chat about unimportant things so she wouldn't be too distracted from keeping watch.

But that wasn't what happened at all. Jordan walked all the way to the wall near the front door and rested her bare ass and back lightly against it. She was a bit tired out from all her cocksucking. She sighed wearily, and asked Monica, "So he said we should 'Take the time to get better acquainted.' What do you think he meant by that?"

What she was basically asking was, "What kind of things do you think he'd want us to talk about?" Monica understood that. But, looking Jordan's fit yet curvaceous nude body over, Monica had a devilish idea. She'd secretly loved hugging and even fondling Jordan's hard body a little while ago, and she wanted more. Like Erin, she'd been dying to know if Jordan had bisexual tendencies. If she did, then all four girls could freely love each other as well as Ryan. She impulsively tried to find out.

Monica put a hand against the wall on either side of Jordan's upper body, effectively pinning her against the wall. Then she leaned her face in until she was most definitely violating Jordan's personal space. She purred, "That's code. It means we need to start getting intimate. It's a no-brainer that all personal sluts have to be at least a little bi."

With that, Monica moved her mouth in for the kill. However, she wanted Jordan to have some say in the matter, so she kept her mouth hanging open an inch or two away from Jordan's and waited to see if Jordan would close the gap.

She didn't have to wait long. Normally, Jordan would have been conflicted about what to do, not to mention distressed by Monica's pushy manners. Jordan had kissed and even fondled other girls a few times, but that was just playing around, mostly to titillate guys. She had never engaged in any serious lesbian activity, and it wasn't something she was looking for. But she was still very, very aroused by all that had happened to her up to this point. It hadn't been that many minutes since she'd been sucking on Ryan's erection. Besides, the entire evening had left her feeling more sexually liberated and adventuresome than she'd ever felt in her life.

As a result, she didn't even seriously think about what was happening. She just closed her eyes, opened her mouth, and let her lust take control.

Monica was delighted and thrilled when Jordan's lips met hers, but she wasn't that surprised. She had seen the burning fire of lust in Jordan's eyes, and she figured correctly that Jordan would be up for almost anything, at least until that fire went out. However, she was having second thoughts about being so pushy. So decided to merely kiss gently for a while and see how Jordan reacted.

Jordan was confused, to say the least. She didn't understand why she so willingly kissed Monica, without even thinking about it first. And she was surprisingly relaxed about the whole situation. Even after their lips met and their tongues started to tentatively explore, she didn't feel particularly alarmed or distressed. It almost felt like the natural thing to do, especially after Monica had been fondling her ass a short while earlier. She decided it was best to continue to put her rational thinking to the side and let her lusty desire lead the way.

For the first minute or two, the kiss was tender and loving. But the heat started to rise, because both girls were hot as ovens. Monica was very worked up about the prospect of finally getting fucked by Ryan for the first time, and she had plenty of sexual energy to burn. Whereas not only was Jordan still riding the orgasmic high of sucking Ryan's cock, she was still experiencing a general euphoric epiphany about the events of the evening as a whole.

It helped greatly that the two of them were buck naked as well as just a bit over five feet tall. With Jordan pinned to the wall, it wasn't long before Monica moved in enough for their breasts to be touching. Their skin had a fine sheen of sweat all over, and they quickly discovered the pleasure of sliding their sensitive tit-flesh against the other. Whenever their erect nipples touched, which was often, it set off a special jolt of pleasure for both of them.

Monica was confident that Jordan was having a great time, but she wanted to be sure, especially since she'd started this in a pushy way. So after a while, she broke their lip-lock and purred, "What do you think?"

Jordan was half-lost in a horny reverie, and could only ask in reply, "About what?"

"About what we're doing. Do you like Ryan's idea that we get to know each other a little better like this?"

Jordan smiled almost wickedly, and the fire in her eyes burned like a bonfire. "I think it's a great idea!" She brought her hands up to Monica's E-cups and held them for the first time.

Since Jordan started doing that, Monica gladly did the same to her. Then they shared another brief but scorching kiss. A lot more tit-fondling and rubbing ensued while their tongues dueled.

Jordan thought, I can't believe it! It's like I'm in a dream, a hot, wet dream! I don't think of myself as bisexual, but Monica's body feels sooooo amazing! Kissing her is just as great as kissing a man, and I love all this tit-on-tit touching! Okay, maybe I'm a little bit bi!

Then Jordan said, "Besides, it's not like we have a choice, is there? We're his sluts now, his personal sluts! What he says goes. If he wants us to get all naughty and sexy with each other, what choice do we have?"

If Monica thought Jordan was asking that question in a concerned way, she would have replied that, all sexy talk aside, they always had the freedom to do what they wanted, even if that meant simply walking away. She was confident that while Ryan would definitely own and control them, he cared for their feelings and was arranging events in a way that ensured great sexual pleasure for all. Certainly Monica would have made clear that Ryan hadn't insisted on any girl-on-girl play.

However, Monica understood that Jordan didn't want that kind of answer. The platinum blonde was getting off on thinking she was "forced" into doing new things, when she wasn't really being forced at all. So Monica said, breathlessly, "We have NO choice, of course! Like most any straight guy, he gets off big time on seeing two hot girls kiss and fondle each other. But unlike most guys, he gets what he wants! We must be TOTAL SLUTS, for him!"

Jordan nodded enthusiastically. "Even now, it's like his big cock is controlling us from afar! It's making me too hot! I can't even breathe!" She added to herself, "Total sluts" have no inhibitions, not even with other girls!With that, she brought her hands from Monica's tits to the back of Monica's head and held her for another kiss that surpassed the previous ones in duration and intensity.

Monica was thrilled by Jordan's hot lips and voluptuous hard body. With their two sets of round tits and even their nipples rubbing together on their own, she lowered her hands and started to explore the rest of Jordan's body. She loved how Jordan had a taut tummy with just the slightest hint of a muscular "six-pack."

But Monica was chagrined at the same time, because Jordan's comment about how Ryan's "big cock is controlling us from afar" reminded her that she was completely neglecting her intention to keep an eye on Kate and Erin to make sure they behaved. With the way Jordan was holding her head and probing her mouth with her tongue, she couldn't even turn around and check yet.

She thought, I'm loving every second of this! This proves Jordan has plenty of bisexual potential. Soon, we'll all be lesbian lovers with each other, at least when we're not getting impaled in this or that orifice by The Beast. But, that said, if Kate or Erin make him cum before he can fuck me, I am going to KILL them! I wanna look over at them, but I can't even bear to look!

Ironically, she had those thoughts at almost the exact same time Kate moved to a chair right next to Ryan and began kissing him.

That would have annoyed Monica some, but steam would have poured from her ears if she'd seen what happened next, because once Kate's kiss got heated, she found Ryan's erection in his lap and started stroking it yet again.

That was such a violation of Kate's promise to Monica that Erin felt like she had to say something. So Erin leaned forward across the table and tapped Kate's nearest arm. She hissed, "Hey! You can't do that! Monica, remember?!"

Kate broke the kiss to talk, but she kept on stroking Ryan's hard-on while staring into his eyes. "Don't worry. I'm doing this FOR Monica."

Ryan was highly doubtful, to say the least. He said, "I'm with Erin on this one. Please! Be respectful. We're all part of a team now, remember?"

Kate said, "No, really, I mean it. Think about it. We were having a serious conversation and it was about to get even more serious. Honey, you're tired in more ways than one. The Beast was bound to get flaccid soon, and I can't bear to see that happen. I'm not going to go overboard; I just want to help Monica by keeping it nice and stiff until it's time for you to fuck her."

Erin rolled her eyes. "You're so selfless."

Kate rubbed two fingers on his sweet spot, secretly delighting in the fact she wasn't getting stopped. "Okay, I'll admit that I'm enjoying helping more than a little. MMMM! I love how my hands are so tiny compared to The Beast. And it's still hot, wet, and throbbing from before."

Kate's hands weren't actually small, but she got off on imagining that they were. She put one hand on top of the other while still holding his shaft, and said, "See? Look how much is left over! Isn't that incredible?!"

Erin moaned lustily and bit her lip. Already she was changing her mind and wishing she'd been to one to think of "helping him stay erect" first.

Kate added, "But still, you have to admit it IS helping Monica. Honey, what if you got flaccid and you couldn't get it up again tonight?"

He looked at Kate's goddess-like body as she leaned from her chair into his. Not so accidentally, she was leaning forward in a way that highlighted her dangling G-cups. UGH! Can't look that way. Too sexy!

Then he looked across the table. But he didn't have to look far because Erin was leaning his way and also showing off her F-cups in a dramatic fashion. They were actually hanging down to the table top. AGGH! That's just as bad!

He muttered, "Fat chance of THAT happening! Not when you two are here."

Kate smiled from ear to ear. "Honey! You have my permission to compliment us like that anytime you like!" She didn't say more because her lips mashed against his again and they resumed necking like long-lost lovers.

Then he heard Erin mutter, "Screw this!" But he didn't know what happened after that, since he couldn't see beyond Kate's kissing face.

However, he found out what Erin had in mind a few moments later. There hadn't been a chair on his other side, but then one appeared because Erin brought it over and sat down in it. Then she'd reached towards his lap and began stroking his boner as well.

Kate immediately felt a hand on one of hers, since Erin reached for the prime cockhead area. She broke the kiss to complain, "Hey!" But she immediately decided it was better to have Erin on her side. So she slid her hand down his shaft, conceding even the vital sweet spot, and removed the other one.

She briefly looked Erin's way. "Okay, but remember that we're just keeping him from going flaccid. He's taking a break. We can't arouse him too much."

Erin smirk-smiled. "But of course." She already knew they were going to "arouse him too much," and she was loving it.

Kate added, "And... we're talking about serious stuff. We have to keep doing that. Honey, what were we talking about again?"

He replied, "The whole security issue. But do you seriously call this giving my dick a break?!"

Kate managed to maintain a straight face as she said, "I do. This is your new life, honey. This is how it's going to be. With at least four busty and beautiful personal sluts eager to serve you, you're going to have to get used to a certain amount of nearly continual... affection."

Erin gleefully added, "That's right. You're going to have to build up your stamina. You might as well start practicing that now."

Knowing that he was likely to complain and maybe insist they ease up or even stop, Kate suddenly changed the topic to distract him. "Now, getting back to the security issue, I agree that it's a very good thing you overheard what Erin said. That'll get it out in the open and allow us to coordinate our efforts that much better."

He took the bait, and responded, "That's what I was thinking. If you're serious about us being a team, it would make sense to expand the security to cover all of us. I'm not worried about me, but I mean Monica and Jordan. Actually, it would be good to include Nancy and Brandy as well. For instance, can you imagine how terrible it would be if Nancy got raped again?"

"That would be terrible!" Kate replied emphatically. "I am NOT going to let that happen, I promise you that. Don't worry, I completely agree with you. We all should be covered, the whole Third Floor Club. That includes you."

"Me? I'm a guy. Nobody's going to try to rape me."

"No," Kate countered, "but the main danger to us rich girls is actually kidnapping. And you can't think of yourself as being safe from harm. If it gets out that I'm 'dating' you, and it will, then any would-be kidnapper who wants to get to me and receive a big cash payment from my family could try to do so by getting to you. The more entwined we become, the more of a target you'll be."

"I didn't think about that," he muttered. Shit! If Kate and I get as serious as I hope we'll be, that's a problem that'll never go away. I'm gonna lose some of my freedom.

Erin said, "Kate's right. You'll need to be covered too."

Kate briefly let go of his boner to hold it up to her face. "Speaking of getting covered, don't you just love how leaky The Beast is? Look at my hand. It's soaked! My fingers are practically sticking together."

"That is cool," Erin said. "Ditto with mine. But what I really love is how he splattered his heavy cum all over our faces. We should make that a daily tradition."

"DEFINITELY!" Kate practically shouted with enthusiasm as she resumed jacking him off. "That's super hot! I wish my face was sticky with his pearly seed right now!"

Erin cautioned her, "Hold your horses. Remember Monica. We're just keeping him stiff, remember?"

Turning from Kate to Erin, he was flabbergasted all over again by her busty beauty. Fuck me! She's so sexy and STACKED! Kate's tits are the biggest, but Erin's are a close second. I could just reach out and grope them, if only... Heck, why not?! I think I will!He used one hand to "honk" Erin's nearest globe.

Erin just smiled and giggled. Clearly, she welcomed his attention. She used her free hand to hold that boob up for him. "Uh-oh! It looks like our man wants to claim one of his prizes."

Kate looked up from her fingers sliding on his lower shaft and saw that. A jolt of arousal shot up and down her spine. How odd. I get off on seeing him fondle her as much as I'd get off if he was fondling me. And I love being his prize, his possession. I think that's further proof that this sharing thing is going to work like gangbusters!

The busty blonde smirked. "Hey, titty boy, I approve of your groping, but let's stay on topic." She'd resumed the security discussion to distract him from stopping the dual handjob, but now that they were into it she was keen to keep going, despite her growing arousal.

He nodded, and tried to focus, despite the way Kate and Erin's hands were working in harmony to stimulate him. "Right. First thing is, I should know just what we're dealing with exactly. For instance, Erin, just what is your security set-up?"

Erin tried to refocus and stay on topic too (although she certainly wasn't about to stop her stroking or get him to withdraw his hand from caressing her tit). "It sounds like it's similar to Kate's except that she got the 'deluxe plan' and I got the cheap one. I just have one guy, and he only works part time."

Ryan furrowed his brow. "Part time? How does that work? It seems to me you'd need to have full coverage or not even bother."

Erin explained, "That would be the case, except that Kappa Kappa Gamma has its own very extensive and largely secret security protection. As long as I'm here in this building, I'm safe, trust me."

"Really? But I managed to get up here from the first floor party and nobody tried to stop me. What if I was a bad guy or even a kidnapper?" With his arousal kicking into a higher gear, he was feeling frisky.

He added, "I mean, Kate, what if I came to you with bad intentions?" While continuing to play with one of Erin's boobs, he brought his other hand over to Kate's side and started fondling one of her boobs too. "For instance, what if I was determined to selfishly ravage and plunder your body?"

Kate squirmed in her chair, leaning in towards him to make it easier for him to play. She squealed with joy, "Then I guess I'd just have to let you! While I continue pumping your magnificent fat cock!"

Erin couldn't help but grin. I love seeing her like this. She's got the face of a world-class beauty, but she's even more beautiful when she's bursting with joy. This is how she deserves to be: happy! It's ironic that when she was in her "Princess Kate" mode she got everything she wanted and she was desperately unhappy, and now that she's going to be one of Ryan's de facto sex slaves and face constant spanking, frustration, and humiliation, she's going to have the best time of her life.

Of course that's true for me too. I'm similar to her in so many ways. It's just that I'm better at moderating my behavior and downplaying my wealth and privilege. I'm having the time of my life too!

However, after having those thoughts, Erin realized that the conversation had come to a stop as the tit play fun took precedence. Kate's eyes rolled back into her head and she looked like she was on the cusp of another big orgasm. So Erin said, "I hate to be a buzzkill, but what about our discussion? Ryan, you were talking about how you managed to get up here unnoticed."

Kate snapped back to attention. She even pushed his hand away from her chest, knowing she couldn't think straight as long as he was caressing her G-cups. "Um, yeah. Thank you for keeping us on track. Remember we're just keeping his cock warm and stiff. Ryan, that is surprising, but we have to be somewhat lax when a party's going on. Still, you wouldn't have made it out of the building if you had bad intentions. Trust me on that one."

She frowned as she considered what to say next. "I'd like to tell you about our building-wide measures, but I'm not sure I should, since us Kappa sisters are all sworn to secrecy about that. Do you mind if we at least keep that part a secret for now?"

Erin answered before he could, "I agree about keeping that a secret. Ryan, please don't ask us to break our sorority vows. You'll get the general idea about the building security before long anyway, if you effectively live here."

He was startled by the casual "if you effectively live here" comment, especially since Kate didn't even blink an eye in response. Geez! We've only gotten intimate tonight, and they're already assuming such a big thing. But I guess I am too! Wow!

However, he didn't have more time to think of that, because Erin continued without pause, "Instead, let me tell what I mean by 'part time.' I'm in the sorority for most of each day and all of the night, so it's kind of pointless to have a security guy hanging around then. But he knows my schedule and whenever I have to leave for class or something like that, so he can be close by without being noticed. And if I leave for some reason not on the schedule, I give him a heads up a little in advance so he can be ready. With smart phones and other technology, it's relatively easy to work things out."

Ryan noted, "Even so, that sounds like it would make it tough to be spontaneous."

"That's true. That's why it's the cheap plan. I must admit, sometimes I just blow him off altogether if I'm going to go somewhere safe, kind of like Audrey Hepburn in 'Roman Holiday.' To be honest, my family isn't THAT rich. I don't think I'm that much of a kidnapping target in the first place. It's more than I'm an only child and my parents are ultra-protective."

Kate said, "Me too! My parents drive me crazy because I'm the only one. But tonight it feels like I not only found a man to love me and own me, but it's almost like I've found three sisters at the same time. I so look forward to seeing our friendships grow. Especially with you!"

The two ridiculously gorgeous girls shared a warm and loving look. Erin's heart swelled with joy and she mouthed the words, "Me too!"

Ryan was very glad to witness the touching moment. But then he was distracted: he looked down at their hands on his erection and confirmed that Kate and Erin had just switched places, with Kate's hand on top. She had her other hand fondling his balls as well.

He shook his head in wonder. Fucking unreal! They spoil me! But I have to give them credit. Even with the two of them stroking together, they're taking it relatively easy on me. I'm nowhere close to cumming and they are keeping me erect. Monica wouldn't be too upset by this, would she?


That thought reminded him to look across the room to see what Monica was doing. Now that he thought about it, he was surprised she hadn't come up to the table to very vocally complain. He was even more surprised to see Monica and Jordan at the far wall, with the two of them fondling and kissing each other!

He thought, You're kidding me! Talk about "fucking unreal!" That's a totally unexpected bonus. It looks like they're already taking their new "friendship" in a very interesting direction!

He was about to tell Kate and Erin to turn their heads and check out the lesbian intimacy, but then he thought, No. If I do that, they're liable to get all excited and start talking about super sexy stuff. It'll probably spiral out of control and end up with me cumming down one of their throats! Or on their faces. Fuuuuck! Just thinking about their faces splattered with my cum again is almost enough to set off the trigger. But I can't let Monica down, especially because I really am dying to fuck her tonight. No, it's better to finish talking about this important issue first.

So he merely said to Erin, "I see. I'm sure your cell phone does all kinds of things, but do you also have a secret alarm ring on you, like Kate does? And a GPS locator too?"

Erin sighed in frustration. She looked to Kate. "He's not supposed to know all that!" But she did a rethink and added, "I know, I know, it's for the best. It takes some getting used to, is all. Things are moving so fast. Isn't it incredible to think how much has happened in the past few hours? Before the party began, I'd never even MET him before!"

Kate replied, "I know. Believe me, I know. I imagine this'll go down as the most important night of our lives, probably for all of us. But to stay on topic, Erin, when you whispered in my ear earlier, you mentioned the idea of combining our security efforts. That makes sense to me. So let me make it simple: you can discontinue your guy and let my guys cover you."

Erin asked, "But what if I'm going one place and you're going another? And then Ryan goes somewhere else, not to mention the rest of the Third Floor Club going in different directions on top of all that? That could easily happen if most of us have different classes at the same hour."

Kate shrugged. "No problem. I'll just hire more guys. Don't worry, I'll pay for it. Money is no object."

Erin was shocked. "Jesus! That could get expensive. And I thought I was from a rich family!"

He asked, "By the way, speaking of family, that reminds me of a question that's been bugging me: who really do these security guards report to? You, or your parents? Because I'm thinking that if it's your parents, we're all in big trouble! They're going to know about your VERY unorthodox sex life before long, and I would imagine they'd go all out to try and stop it."

Kate frowned. "That's true. My parents WOULD be serious trouble for all of us if they knew, but they won't know. Don't worry, I'm ahead of you on this one. When I made a deal with my parents for this security arrangement, I was also worried about being constantly spied on, so I took steps to guard against that. It's even in the contract the security company signed that they report to ME and me alone! And luckily, my parents would meddle if they knew what I was doing, but they're so busy making even more ridiculously huge gobs of money that I could join a crazy cult and show up at Christmas with a shaved head and robes and they wouldn't notice."

Erin said, "Sadly, that's kind of the case with me too, though perhaps not as extreme." She thought, That seems to be a running theme. Apparently, Kate and her family don't do anything halfway!

He asked Kate, "So, both of your parents work?"

"Oh yeah. They've both big VIPs. Major power players."

He thought, Hmmm, sounds dangerous. People like that can throw their weight around.

Erin commented, "To put your worries to rest, Ryan, I have the same sort of contract that guarantees my privacy, even from my parents. Don't worry, these companies are renowned for their discretion."

"Well, that's a big relief," he said. He stared into space pondering, while the pleasure continued to radiate from his stimulated boner. Even so, it sounds like I'm going to butt heads with their parents before long. Especially if things get really serious. I mean, what if I were to even contemplate marrying Kate eventually? I know it's way, way too early to think about that, but the idea has crossed my mind that I couldn't possibly do any better than her. But I suppose it could never be. Even if our sex life stayed secret, her parents would NEVER allow her to marry a mere "commoner" like me!

Kate looked intently into Ryan's face, even as her fingers continued to rub his sweet spot. "You're pondering something pretty intensely, aren't you? I know what you're thinking: 'Just how rich is she?'" She sighed heavily.

That hadn't really been on his mind at all, but he figured it was better to say it was than open the whole can of worms about her certain-to-be-disapproving parents at this early stage. So he said, "It's true, I was thinking that. But for once in your life, you don't have to worry that somebody is after you for your money. I'm definitely after you for your body!"

Kate and Erin chuckled at that last comment, since they both knew girls usually hated to hear that.

He added, "When I took ownership of your sexy ass, I figured you were well off, but I didn't think it would be much different from anyone else in your sorority. Since then, we've started to fall in love in a big way, and that also doesn't have anything to do with your money. I would love you just as much if you lived in a cardboard box."

He really meant it too.

She used her non-stroking hand to take one of his hands and squeeze it. "Awww! That's so sweet!"

He added dramatically, "Let me tell you right now: I can promise you that I don't want your money and I won't take any of it if you try to give it to me." He looked the other way to Erin as he added, "Ditto with you and anyone else."

Then he switched back and forth between them as he went on, "The last thing I want is to be a kept man. Besides, I'm not really interested in money at all, besides having enough to reasonably get by. I want to be a paleontologist, for crying out loud. That's not exactly the smart path to the big bucks. So forget about this money thing. Kate, my love, I'm not even going to ask how much you have or how much your parents have. I don't care, so don't tell me! I'm interested in YOU, not your money!"

Kate was all smiles, and her heart soared again. How lucky am I, to have him fall into my lap?! I still barely know him, and yet I know him so well already. I knew he was going to say something like that, because he's a good man. He couldn't be more different from all the rich preppie phonies who have been trying to woo me.

Erin also was impressed by his words. She tried harder than Kate to hide her wealth and live like a normal person. But even so, she also was surrounded by suck-ups, sycophants, and phonies. Ryan's attitude and obvious sincerity was a breath a fresh air.

While staying in her chair, Kate managed to lean over and give him a big hug and brief kiss while he remained in his chair. "Thanks for saying that. And even though I still know so very little about you, I believe you."

Erin tapped Kate's arm. "Hey! I want to hug and kiss him too!"

Kate laughed. "Go ahead!"

Erin leaned in from her chair and aggressively kissed him. It was a much more prolonged kiss than Kate's quick one. She practically stuck her tongue down his throat.

While she waited for the kiss between Ryan and Erin to end, Kate looked from their lips down to her fingers stroking his shaft just above Erin's hand, and then back to their lips again. It's funny. I've been such a notoriously spoiled and selfish "princess," but I don't mind sharing him with Erin at all. I was feeling jealous before, but now I think I actually prefer us as a threesome! She's so similar to me that it's like I've cloned myself so I can give him double the loving. I know we're going to become the best of friends, forged in the intimacy of countless shared blowjobs. What a great night!

Eventually, Ryan remembered to break the kiss, because Erin seemed content to kiss (and stroke) him forever. He sheepishly looked at Kate. "Um... you were saying?"

Kate giggled. "Don't worry; I love that sort of kissing, because it bonds all of us closer together. Erin, rock on!"

Erin smiled with pleasant surprise. She was continually impressed by Kate's startling change of personality in the past few hours. Not only had Kate changed dramatically sexually, she'd instantly become a much nicer person now that her new loving feelings and sheer happiness had lifted the big "spoiled princess" weight from her shoulders.

Kate got back to the serious discussion, not counting her cock stroking, of course. "Returning to the wealth issue, honey, I appreciate what you said, but it's not as simple as that. We can't just hide our heads in the sand about such an important matter. The plain fact is, my parents are VERY wealthy. I won't go into details about it, but let's just say that, combined, they have an eight-figure fortune. Working on getting to nine!"

Erin whistled. She realized that meant a fortune in the high tens of millions. "Phew! That trumps my family, by far. Okay, we'll use your security team." She laughed.

However, Ryan just sighed. So much for her not telling me how much. Man! That much money spells big trouble!

Kate rubbed his chest soothingly with her free hand while she continued to stroke his cock. "What's wrong, honey?"

He explained, "The more I think about it, the more I'm starting to see how your wealth is going to cause problems for us. Ditto with me and you, Erin. Kate, much earlier in the evening I heard you derisively use the word 'commoner'. But that's what I am, a mere commoner. We come from different worlds, and that's going to be a frequent source of friction. For instance, if we fly somewhere, you'll travel in first class and I'll be in the back of the plane in economy class."

Kate quickly replied, "Nonsense! You'll be in first class with me. I'll pay for it, don't worry." She grinned widely and almost wickedly. "How else am I going to be able to secretly suck your cock for most of the flight, if you're not sitting next to me?"

He felt a mixture of arousal and worry from that answer. Trying to ignore his lust, he said sadly, "You see? That's the problem. I already fear those words: 'I'll pay for it, don't worry.' I really mean it when I say I don't want to be a kept man."

Erin looked past him to Kate. "He's got a good point."

Kate frowned. A long silence followed, with only the sound of the girls' hands sliding up and down his pulsing shaft to be heard. Crap. Of course he needs to travel in first class in that example. I don't want him to be a "kept man" either, but there's no reason both of us should suffer just so he can make a prideful point. I'm going to have to work on getting him to change his mind about benefitting from my money, but slowly. I'll play along for now.

Finally, the nude blonde said, "Okay, true. But I'm sure we'll work something out. After all, true love conquers all, right? I guess I'm a romantic at heart, because I really believe that. I just never thought it would happen to me." She smiled and stared lovingly into his eyes.

He thought, The same! Sheesh. To think that when I came to this sorority tonight, my best case scenario was having her agree to go on a date with me. I wish I could tell her how overjoyed I am at falling in love with her, but I need to maintain my "dominant sex stud" persona. I can't get all gushy. Hopefully, I can work on changing that over time, to slowly reveal more of the real me.

Then her smile widened as another thought came to her. "Besides, one advantage of you owning me, owning us" - she smiled past him at Erin - "is that when there's a dispute, you can just lay down the law. Force me to ride with you in economy class, for instance. I'm sure there's a way for me to throw a blanket over the two of us so I'll be able to suck your cock without being noticed. There. Problem solved!"

She thought, Actually, that wouldn't be that bad. So long as I get to be next to him... and I get to bob on The Beast! Mmmm! I can't wait for us to have many adventures like that. It'll be an extra blast slurping on his thickness on a plane!

He chuckled. "I noticed you made blowjobs a big part of this hypothetical flight."

"But of course! Honey, look at me!" She let go of his hard-on so she could sit back in her chair and strike a sexy pose. "I'm one of your personal sluts now, and I take that status VERY seriously. You OWN me! If you DON'T take advantage of that at least several times a day, I'm going to be disappointed! I figure that cocksucking will be a very big part of my life from now on, and I have to start thinking accordingly, for instance to plan out future opportunities."

He was amazed. My God! She seems to be serious! Dead serious! He looked to Erin in hope she would say something to temper Kate's enthusiasm.

But Erin said as she monopolized his erection with both hands, "She has a good point. That IS what a personal slut does most of all, is it not? I'm sure you're going to fuck us a hell of a lot, but that can't be sustained for hours on end. Fucking is intense and tiring, especially when The Beast is involved. I suppose you could stay sheathed inside one of us for a very long time if there wasn't much movement, but think how frustrating that would be to your other sluts. And I have no doubt there will be plenty of titfucking too, but it's harder to share that experience. Whereas cocksucking is a way for us to worship and adore your cock together."

Kate laughed at the unexpectedly strong support, especially since she could tell Erin really meant it. "Exactly! What she said!"

He complained to Erin, "'Worship and adore?' You sound as bad as she does!"

Erin just smirked and shrugged her shoulders, causing her great F-cups to bounce and sway. "Hey, you made us this way, and there's no harm in some enthusiasm and colorful language. Kate's not the only one who loves to suck The Beast, you know."

The sexy redhead stared longingly at his boner, even though it was mostly covered with her own sliding hands. "In fact... I just had an idea... Don't you think that if it were to suck on it a little bit right now, that would do an even better job of keeping it warm and stiff for Monica?"

He barked unhesitatingly, "NO! No way! Don't even think about it! My dick is supposed to be getting a serious rest right now, and it's a shame that's not happening. I shouldn't even be allowing this much." Despite the great, constant pleasure he was feeling, he was determined not to allow an escalation. He wasn't going to miss out on fucking Monica if he could help it.

Kate leaned towards him like before and resumed stroking, causing Erin to move one of her hands to his balls. Her massive jugs swayed towards him as she purred, "Since it's not getting a real rest anyway, then you might as well-"

He cut her off. "No to that too! Behave, both of you! Seriously!"

Erin pouted, "Drat. You're no fun." But of course she kept right on jacking him off along with Kate.

He insisted, "Please, be reasonable. I have a feeling that you two are going to be a really difficult handful. And Monica, with her passion and her temper, will be even worse. I hope at least Jordan will be more obedient."

Kate said sincerely about his last comment, "HA! Don't count on it. She's been a mostly quiet follower tonight because she's been uncertain of her place in our group and playing catch up. Her world has been spinning out of control, just like ours has. Once she regains her balance, watch out! She knows how to get her way. Remember that we're ALL spoiled princesses, and getting our way is what we're really good at."

He could only ruefully laugh at that, since he could sense it was all true. "Good grief! What am I in for?"

Kate said, "Honestly, you're gonna have a real battle on your hands. Of course we'll love you and serve you, but at the same time we'll be trying to manipulate you. That's just human nature. After all, we can't switch off a lifetime of being spoiled and selfish in a single night."

He asked, "Manipulate me? Like for what?"

"To get more of what we want. For instance, more of your love and attention, more time sucking on your cock. But sometimes somebody needs to say, 'No, enough is enough.' That's a big reason why I'm so in favor of you taking total ownership of us. You're going to need every advantage to keep us in line!"

Erin cooed, "Amen to that. That's my thinking too." She looked at Kate as she said, "Girl, the truth is, I'm nearly as incorrigible as you are. I figure our naughty asses are going to be glowing red most of the time, for months to come!"

Kate's eyes sparkled with joy as she added, "Indeed! And we'll have spermy breath and sore jaws most of the time too! Not to mention cum leaking from our cunts!"

The two busty vixens used their free hands to high-five each other right over his lap.

Erin teased, "We won't be presentable in public, even if we wear two pairs of panties and sit on a pillow. Which means we'll have to stay inside for yet more sucking and fucking!"

"YESSSS!" Kate high-fived Erin's hand again. "I love the way you think."

Erin gleefully replied, "And I love the way YOU think!"

He rolled his eyes. I swear, they're sex maniacs! God, this is going to be a wild roller coaster ride of great sex. I've built up this legend of being the great super stud, and now I have to live up to that. Thank God I'm kind of a sex maniac too, if you look at the frequency and duration of my masturbation sessions. I just hope I can keep up with them.

He thought again about Monica and his desire to fuck her before going to sleep. He growled testily, "Can we get back on track, please? I really like talking to both of you, but the hour is growing late. We've lost track of the security issue, not to mention the wealth issue, and my dick isn't getting a real rest either."

Kate said, "We can't resolve everything at once. It's good those things are out in the open now so we can talk more about them later, but I for one am getting pretty antsy. Whatever happened to Monica and her craving to get fucked? Maybe it's time for that." She looked up and around the room for the first time since the discussion between the three of them began.

Erin did so as well.


Kate started to ask, "Doesn't she want to..." But her words trailed off when she looked across the room and saw what Monica and Jordan were up to. Her mouth dropped open and she raised her free hand to cover it up. "OH MY! Oh my goodness!"

The two girls stared and stared.

It was quite a sight, even from across the big room. Jordan still had her ass against the wall, and Monica was still all over her. But they were doing more than just kissing and tit fondling. They'd gotten increasingly hot and bothered until all their restraints flew away.

Monica had avoided touching Jordan's pussy for a while, but in the heat of the moment that had been forgotten and she was rhythmically pumping two fingers into Jordan's hot box. No girl had ever done that to Jordan before, or anything even close to it. But not only did Jordan not mind, she did the same right back. Even from across the room, and with furniture partially in the way and Monica's body covering up most of the view of Jordan, Ryan, Kate, and Erin could tell from the arm positioning and motion that the two of them were very busy fingerbanging each other. They were frequently kissing and otherwise fondling with their free hands as well.

Both short girls had cum twice apiece, and they had big climaxes each time. However, they'd also been quiet ones, because they were very keen on not alerting the other three people about what they were doing. Monica had gone from wanting (and forgetting) to keeping an eye on the others to wanting not to been seen by them.

After nearly a minute, Kate muttered, "That is so smoking HOT!"

Erin mumbled affirmatively, "Mmmm-hmmm!"

However, neither bombshell girl was in the mood to say more just yet. They were still sliding their fingers all over Ryan's thick shaft, and seeing Monica and Jordan go at each other like that caused them to slide faster and with more pressure. In fact, they got so excited from watching that they started to finger their own pussies with their other hands.

They were also busy contemplating what this sight meant. Erin thought, This is GREAT, and for so many reasons! I had no idea Jordan was bisexual. Actually, maybe she didn't realize it either before tonight. Good on Monica for testing her and coming up aces! Assuming their intimacy continues and even increases... and why wouldn't it? Look at them go! Phew! Mercy! Assuming that, it makes Jordan AND Monica that much likelier to become Ryan's personal sluts! And with all of us serving him together so often, we'll be naked and horny around each other most of the time. It's a no-brainer that I'll be able to get it on with both of them as well!

Oh my God! That's so great! I wish I could scream and jump and dance around the room!

She briefly peeked at Kate sitting on the other side of Ryan. She could see her staring across the room with intense arousal and interest. Better still, if the rest of us girls are having sex with each other, how could Kate not join in too?! Even if she resists, our master could just order her to get with it. Oh God, I have a master and owner! Every time I hear or think that, it's like a slap across the face. And yet I ultimately approve, and this is a good example why. Frankly, we're a bunch of spoiled sluts who NEED to be controlled, at least until we grow up some. And when it comes to our man and his Beast, being punished has never been such a pleasure!

Gaawwwd, I can only imagine my incredible future. Getting to have sex with Ryan, Kate, Monica, AND Jordan on a daily basis! I would never have dreamed ANY of that was possible, and yet it's all coming true at once!

Kate was having similar thoughts at the same time. She also applauded Monica's apparent seduction of Jordan because it would help bind both Monica and Jordan into their group. And she was happy for them, since they were clearly having tons of sexy fun. But she was reluctant about what it meant for her own possible bisexual activity.

Oh dear. I guess the pressure is on. On ME! I still vividly recall how Erin and I licked our man's cum off each other while Monica was busy trying to suck The Beast. We kind of shared a special moment, a romantic moment. I think she wants me, sexually! And prior to tonight of course I would have laughed at the very idea. But now? Who knows?! Anything is possible. Especially if our man wants it. And he probably does!

Double oh dear! I can't disobey my man! Sure, I can pressure him and try to sway him, but obeying and serving him is like the central tenet of my entire new life. If he gives me a direct order, I can't refuse.I honestly don't think he'd force me to do something I really don't want to do. He's not that kind of guy. He's a kind, good-hearted man. But the problem is, what if I DO want to do it, deep down?!

Erin is just so very beautiful. I keep eyeing her naked body, and I must say it arouses me, even on top of how horny I've been all evening. I would love to lick more of his cum off her sweet skin. Heck, I might be open to snowballing it back and forth between our mouths! God, that would be really HOT! But here's a big gulf between that and actually licking her pussy or something like that. I'm not ready for that.

And what about Monica and Jordan? Just look at THEM! Even though I can't see much more than Monica's backside - what a fantastic bubble butt! - I can practically feel the heat of their passion from way over here. They're total stunners too. They're third floor Kappas - need I say more? We're going to be spending a LOT of time together, naked and touching each other. I'm probably going to end up getting sexually intimate with them too! Is that really how I feel, or am I just too horny to think straight from all this stroking and sucking of The Beast?!

I kind of feel like I've gone slightly insane all evening from so much arousal, and I wonder if I'll ever get back to "normal." Frankly, I hope not!

Ryan also was heavily considering the implications as he watched Monica and Jordan all but fuck each other while standing up. He quickly leaped to the conclusion that all four of his girls would soon be very intimate with each other as well as him, and thought, I couldn't be happier about it. That'll help bond them together. And what sexy scenes I'll get to witness! Plus it'll help give me a break when the girls leave me totally sexually worn out. I'm definitely never going to share them with another man, so hopefully they'll burn off excess sexual energy with each other.

But he decided not to say much about it, because he sensed Kate in particular was still struggling with her attraction to the other girls. He didn't want to press her when so much had already happened in one evening. So, after more than a minute of the three of them staring, he broke the silence by asking, "That's quite a sight, isn't it?"

An awkward silence followed, now that they were talking again. Kate finally managed to mumble, "Yeah. Quite."

He carefully said, "You know, we could be in hot water with Monica, big time. I was supposed to be giving my dick a break, but that didn't really happen at all. Think about how she'll go ballistic and curse you to the high heavens in Spanish. That is, if she notices what you two unstoppable sex addicts are STILL doing to me!" He looked down at their hands pumping on his shaft and tried to frown, but found himself grinning instead.

They saw that and giggled with glee.

He pressed on, "Like I just said, that'll only happen IF she notices us. But if we were to stop the hanky panky now and go over there first, she won't have to know. If I don't cum, then 'no harm, no foul', right? It's good we've started talking about the security issue, but we can continue that later now that it's all out in the open. I'm sure we'll be able to work out an arrangement that keeps us all safe without ruining our privacy and freedom. And even though I didn't have a real rest just now, I figure waiting longer won't help since I've got you two insatiable vixens on either side of me. I'm as ready as I'm gonna get to give Monica the fucking she so very much deserves!"

Both Kate and Erin were secretly pleased to avoid discussing what they were seeing Monica and Jordan do, since many difficult unanswered questions about bisexual intimacy hung in the air. So they readily agreed to his plan. They even stopped jacking him off. (Kate tried to insist on giving his cockhead "one good-bye kiss," but he firmly disagreed, since he figured she wouldn't be able to stop there.)

Thus, the three of them soon walked across the room together. They remained unabashedly naked, with Ryan's dick bouncing along proudly erect and dripping a few drops of pre-cum on the carpet.

Monica and Jordan were still going at each other with such fervor that they were totally oblivious to everything else. Ryan had to tap on Monica's bare back to get their attention.

He knew they'd be shocked and embarrassed, and this was a rare time he figured it was better to reduce their embarrassment instead of increase it. So, a second after he got their attention, he held his hands out and said, "Don't be alarmed! Yes, we've noticed what you're doing, and no, we don't have any problem with it. In fact, we think it's great! So relax and take a break."

Despite his words, Monica and Jordan were shocked and distressed anyway. They just stared with wide eyes, first at him and then at Kate and Erin standing slightly behind him. They began blushing furiously while covering their privates, even though their nudity wasn't what they were embarrassed about.

However, Ryan was determined to help them out, so he acted decisively. He quickly moved in and enveloped the two of them in a big hug. His intentions were non-sexual, so he was careful to only put his hands on their backs. As he did so, he said, "Relax! We're not judging you. There's nothing to be ashamed about!"

Once Monica got over the sheer surprise, she wasn't that distressed after all. But her heart had already been racing from the sexual fun she'd been having with Jordan, and it raced even faster from the added shock. She was glad to find comfort in his arms.

Jordan was a trickier case. As long as it had only been Monica and her, she'd essentially dropped her inhibitions altogether. But upon being discovered, she was suddenly questioning what she'd just done. She was almost panicky.

Ryan sensed this, and realized that Jordan needed much more comfort and support than Monica did. So although he continued to loosely hug Monica, he went face to face with Jordan and directed most of his attention towards her.

One tricky aspect for him was figuring out what he should do with his raging erection. It definitely wasn't about to go down while he was hugging the fit and curvaceous naked bodies of Monica and Jordan, despite his caring, non-sexual intentions. He didn't even think about that physical problem at first, since these sorts of situations were new to him, to say the least. As a result, his boner wound up angled straight up, pressed tightly against Jordan's body and pointing towards her belly button. He couldn't miss noticing that contact, but he decided to ignore it and continue to comfort her in a non-sexual way.

At the same time he physically focused on Jordan, he continually spoke to her so she wouldn't have any time to drown herself in worried and embarrassed thoughts. He repeated a few simple comments, like, "Relax, relax. There's nothing to stress about. We approve. So you and Mon are having some fun together. So what? That's a good thing."

He was surprisingly effective. Jordan practically melted into his hug, and she found her shock and worry melting away as well. His boner inadvertently actually helped a lot, because she had an immediate lusty reaction to it, reminding her that she was much more attracted to male anatomy. After just a minute, she recovered enough to joke to him, "Is that a hot and wet baseball bat pressing against my tummy or are you happy to see me?"

The others girls all chuckled and smiled, sensing from that that Jordan wasn't going to stress out that much.

He didn't know what to say and just squirmed uncomfortably.

She apparently liked the squirming idea and deliberately rubbed her lower abdomen back and forth against his hard-on, and then up and down on it. It actually felt just as arousing to him as if she'd been using a hand.

Then, with a twinkle in her eye, she looked up at him and said, "If you want to distract me, here's a way to do it." She took his hands in hers and brought them to her breasts. Her remarkably round E-cups were already pressed against his chest, but there was still room for him to fondle his way to her nipples.

He didn't know what to do, because he sincerely was just trying to be caring and helpful. But then again he could see the logic of distracting her from the bisexual action with ordinary heterosexual playing around. And despite his noble intentions he remained extremely aroused, especially since she continued to effectively massage his boner with her body.

Without really thinking about it, he began caressing her big globes from below.

Jordan smiled and purred with a sultry, lusty voice. Clearly she was recovering quickly.

She thought, Okay, he may not be the most handsome man, or the most muscular. But he really knows how to turn me on! I could rub against this throbbing steel bar all day! I wish I could hold it and stroke it and more, but I suppose I need to look distressed.

Kate whispered to Erin as they both closely watched, "Do you see that? Look at how he's distracting her with his hot cock and all his titty play. Do you see how well he's handling that?"

Erin whispered back, "I do. Impressive!" And in more ways than one. The Beast looks even larger up against her smaller body. Wow! It must be burning her flawless skin like a red-hot branding iron!

Kate's immense breasts were heaving up and down so much she had to steady them with her hands. "I'm so WET right now. My pussy can't take it anymore. Just look at how he's physically dominating her with his hands and his cock! I tell you, he's like my savior. OUR savior. He's exactly what we all need. Sexually, yes, but not just that. He has the power to make us better people through the carrot and stick of his delicious cock and spanking hand."

Erin nodded. She's got a good point, even though that sounds more like a carrot and carrot to me, after the way he spanked me. We've all been so spoiled by our beauty that nobody has been able to control us, not even our parents. But he has the power of sex, and that's a huge power that's never been used on us before! If he uses it wisely and kindly and not just entirely for his own sexual gratification, he really could change us for the better.

Seeing that Jordan's mood was improving, he shifted positions to include Monica more directly in the group hug.

Monica liked that, and she put a hand on Jordan's back as well to pull them all in tighter. She was in a good mood, and commented to Jordan, "You know, you can fool around with girls from time to time, but we all know you're mainly interested in guys. Same as me. For instance, tell me you're not enjoying that hot iron bar pressing against you."

Jordan smiled at that and brought a hand to where his shaft was. She lightly brushed her fingertips against it, teasing his cockhead. "What, you mean this one?"

Monica smiled too. "Is there another one somewhere?" She giggled. "Come on, go ahead. Hold it! Stroke it! You know you want to."

Jordan seemed shy and uncertain, but she went from merely touching it to firmly gripping it. Two fingers went straight to his sweet spot and began furtively rubbing it.

He thought, Oh man! Is this really how to help her? Seems like it's more helping me. If I get much more "help," I'm gonna end up painting her belly with my cum! And I can't seem to stop playing with her tits!

He didn't realize it, but it was nearly one o'clock in the morning. That was way past his usual bedtime, but thanks to all the non-stop excitement he wasn't feeling sleepy at all.

Monica encouraged Jordan, "That's it! Tell me, what's better than holding a hot and throbbing manly cock? Does a woman with a dildo compare?"

"No way!" Jordan said with a smile. She eased back from him a little bit, giving her room to begin stroking his hard-on in earnest.

"There you go, my point is made," Monica said approvingly as she watched Jordan's fingers start to expertly slide up and down his boner, which was still resting against her tummy. "Sure, as Ryan's personal sluts, we're going to be naked and touching each other a lot. And it's pretty darn likely that we'll get intimate with each other sometimes too. But mainly we're all about serving his cock."

Jordan was seriously pondering those words. So far, she'd been having a great time and she was looking forward to more, but she'd felt ambivalent about the "personal slut" aspect. However, she thought, Would that really be so bad, to serve his cock? I don't just mean to have lots of sex with him; I mean to seriously devote myself to his pleasure. The others are all eager to do so, and I can see why. It sounds like it's all about him, but it's really not at all. The more I give in to my lust, the more incredibly aroused I feel! I keep having one big orgasm after another. In fact, I'm blushing like mad knowing all the others are watching and judging me, but I can feel another big orgasm coming on already!

Kate could see where Monica was going with her encouraging words, and she heartily approved. She stepped forward and said, "It's true! He OWNS us now. Maybe not officially just yet for all of us, but you know that's coming. You know you can't resist! Which means that serving his cock is going to be the most important thing in your life from now on! So don't worry about a little inter-slut kissing and fondling here and there. We're all basically straight, but he gets us so hot that sometimes we lose all control!"

Despite her shock and alarm, Jordan had hardly cooled her ardor at all since she'd been playing with Monica, which meant she was still about as horny as she could possibly get. So she easily transitioned from stressing about being "too bisexual" to having fun with Ryan and his raging boner. She looked up to his face and smiled wolfishly. She quickly pumped one hand up and down his long shaft while using her other hand to exclusively rub his sweet spot.

The stunning platinum blonde said, "I see what you mean, Monica." Realizing that she was having too much fun to stop, she decided to pretend to be more distressed than she really was. "I'm feeling better already. Stroking The Beast is kind of... soothing me. And the way he's playing with my nipples is helping my anxiety, I must admit. But still, I worry. I didn't even consider that I was bisexual until tonight. But now, I don't know. What does it mean? I'm afraid!" She was hamming it up very effectively.

Monica completely fell for Jordan's act. She still had a hand on Jordan's back as well as one on Ryan's. She looked down at Jordan's two-handed handjob and said, "I tell you what we did doesn't mean anything at all. You want a reminder of how straight you are? Just keep on stroking that fat cock! Would a true lesbian do that? No way!"

Jordan played dumb. She muttered uncertainly, "I... I see what you mean. Kind of. I mean, if I was gay, would I be doing this?" She looked down at her pumping hands, which already were soaked with his leaking pre-cum. "It's so hot and huge! I really like stroking it... But then... I think about what you and I were doing. I really liked that too. I'm confused!"

"Don't worry about it," Monica said. "Here, I have an idea. Drop to your knees in front of your new owner, like a good slut! It's time for you to really show him just how much of a cock lover you are!"

Monica definitely still wanted to get fucked by Ryan soon; there was no doubt about that. But she was getting off on the new thrills of sexual submission and humiliation. She was experiencing those things directly, but she got a special kick seeing others submit to him. She was having so much fun with Jordan that she didn't want to stop just yet. It helped that Ryan's dick had been erect for so long that she assumed that nothing Jordan could do was going to change that.

However, Jordan worried she'd gone too far. She was having fun manipulating Monica a little bit, but she also felt bad that Monica obviously had been wanting desperately badly to get fucked, only to have it delayed for one reason or another. So she asked her, "Are you sure? What about the plan for him to fuck you? Isn't that still happening?"

Monica replied, "Oh, that'll happen, for sure. I'm not going to let THAT chance slip away. In fact, I want to get started right now. But there are some things we need to discuss first. So I figure while we're talking, you can give him a little titfuck to remind you just how much you love cock, HIS cock."

The Latina vixen looked up to Ryan, since he was significantly taller than her or Jordan. "How does that sound? You're not about to cum, are you? You did have a prolonged break, didn't you? I figure that a little bit of titfucking is no problem at all for The Beast when he's well-rested."

He thought with amused chagrin, "Well-rested," my ass! This is NOT how I thought comforting Jordan would go! But hell, everything seems to be coming up sex tonight. Who am I to fight it? It might be touch and go since I didn't really give my dick any rest at all, but I think I can handle it. It's "only" a titfuck, right?

He said, "Ummm... you know... it's up to you. It you think it's for the best..." He stared at Monica's bouncy E-cups while playing with Jordan's.

"I do," Monica said confidently. "I remember my confused feelings when I first started to... well, let's not get into a big story here. Jordan, what are you waiting for? When your owner wants you to service his cock, you get to it fast!"

Jordan thought, So strange. I thought Monica was a righteous feminist. At least she doesn't take shit from anybody, especially a man. And yet she seems to actually get off on this "owner" language. That applies to you too, sister! I don't want to be "owned" by anybody, even if that's just sex talk. I'm way more conflicted about that than the bisexual thing. However, I DO love a good titfuck, and I'm not going to turn this chance down!

She dropped to her knees and got into position. She brought her hands up to her breasts and pressed them together, trapping his pulsing erection between them. Within seconds, she was sliding one tit up while the other went down, and vice versa. But that wasn't all. She craned her head down and started diligently licking his cockhead too.

Jordan loved all the sex acts she'd tried in her life so far, even though she hadn't tried many. (For instance, she hadn't attempted anal sex yet.) However, she had a special love for titfucking, since her body seemed particularly well-built for it. Her breasts might have seemed on the small size compared to the gigantic melons of Kate and Erin, but that was only true in a relative sense, since she was shorter and even a bit thinner due to her near fanatical exercise regimen. Her E-cups stood out dramatically on her body, to an almost improbable degree. (The exact same was true of Monica and her E-cups, since the two girls were nearly the exact same size in every dimension.)

As a result of her extremely prominent boobs, Jordan attracted the sort of guys who had particularly strong feelings about huge tits. Her boyfriends invariably loved titfucking her and had done it often. That was like a match made in heaven, because she had extra sensitive nipples AND her tit-flesh was extra sensitive all over. So she'd gotten very, very good at titfucking, and she was putting that expertise to use.

Ryan was impressed from the very start. He quickly realized that he would have a fight on his hands to simply avoid cumming. Her tit-flesh felt soft and pillowy, and yet she used a lot of pressure against his shaft. But it was her tongue work that took her effort to another level. She had a long and flexible neck, allowing her to suckle on much of his cockhead with her lips nearly continuously, while constantly using her tongue on him as well.

Kate and Erin stood a few feet away, still carefully taking everything in. Once Jordan got in a good titfucking rhythm, Kate whispered near Erin's ear, "Look at that! Our owner is no ordinary guy. Look at how he handles that level of stimulation without batting an eye!"

Erin had her doubts about that. She could see the way he was straining and clenching his teeth, as well as breathing heavily, after just one minute of Jordan's titfucking and oral action. But she held her tongue.

Kate was still holding her gigantic melons due to her very heavy breathing, but she was more caressing than holding. She was afraid to touch her soaked pussy for fear that she would make a shrieking spectacle of herself. "You see? You see the healing and transformative powers of cock? And not just any cock. It takes the extra thickness and length of The Beast! That's why it's the only cock for me. Jordan was all stressed out, but see how quickly she's calming down? She's being tamed by The Beast!"

The continually blushing blonde giggled as she realized how those words worked together. "Ha! Isn't that fitting? People talk about 'taming the beast,' but no, it's the other way around. You get TAMED by The Beast!"

"I get it," her redheaded friend said with some chagrin. Erin was chagrined because she had doubts about Jordan's apparent distress. She suspected that while Jordan almost certainly really was confused and uncertain about her new lusty desires towards other girls, there was a great deal of acting going on to allow the titfucking to happen. She was surprised Monica didn't notice, because Monica usually had a good bullshit detector. However, she also figured there was no harm done as long as Ryan didn't cum too soon, so she didn't speak up.

Meanwhile, Kate was just getting warmed up with her furtive whisperings. "Look at how she's practically sucking on the tip of his cockhead. It looks like she's trying to give him a hickey there!" She giggled at that. "I'll bet her tongue is really busy there at the tip too, lapping up all his pre-cum as soon as it leaks out. And look! She just brought a hand over to directly rub his sweet spot! How is she managing to do that and keep a tight squeeze around his shaft with her big tits?"

Erin explained, "She's using her upper arms for that. See the way she's holding them forward and pressing them in from the sides?"

Kate was wide-eyed with interest as she continued to stare at Jordan's technique. "Brilliant! I'm learning so much. I can't wait to try that out on him. You know another great thing about him having four personal sluts? We can learn so much from each other. Jordan seems like she's REALLY good at titfucking. I'm definitely going to have to tap her knowledge for when I finally get my first crack at it."

Erin thought, That is a good point; we will learn from each other. I can't wait to see him titfuck Kate! I may not learn any new technique, but it sure will be a sexy sight! And she's also right that Jordan has a special titfucking talent. Sheer breast size isn't everything. I'm going to have to step up my game!

Kate continued, with the lust swelling in her voice, "And just look at him standing there, like a proud, strong oak tree, while she kneels before him in panting supplication! He's stoic and cool while she's naked, humiliated, and blushing. Devoutly pleasuring his huge cock with every body part she can manage! Doesn't that sight drive you wild?!"

Erin grunted affirmatively, because it did. She was letting her lust rule, and in her current mindset she actually got off on the power imbalance, well symbolized by the way Ryan was standing and Jordan was kneeling. She blushed sympathetically, imagining herself in Jordan's place.

Kate went on, "Damn straight! So sexy, so right! Especially with Monica's naked body draped over him too. Just looking at that sight PROVES to me that he's the right man to lead us and own us. He's so dominant and confident. And his stamina means endless hours for you and me bobbing on our knees too! Plus, now I'm thinking of all the titfucking we'll do!"

Before Erin could reply, Kate added in a shy, extra-quiet voice, "I'm soooo horny! My entire body is on FIRE! Especially my pussy. If I touch it, I think I'm going to explode!"

Erin quipped, "Better not explode, then. We like you in one piece."

At the same time, Ryan thought as he was basking in erotic pleasure, Hmmm. I titfucked Monica first, and then Erin. Now Jordan. She definitely puts some extra oomph into it, especially with the way she constantly slides her tits up and down with just the right amount of pressure. But surprisingly I have NOT titfucked Kate yet! Talk about a missed opportunity! Even my big dick would get lost in the chasm of her cleavage! On the plus side, that means I'm saving the best for last. Too bad it'll have to wait until tomorrow, because I'm near the end of my rope. Fucking Monica has got to be the end of the line.

Erin was quite possibly as extremely hot and bothered as Kate was, and Kate's submissive talk both disturbed and further aroused her. She couldn't resist reaching for Kate's nearest round melon and caressing it. Then she gave herself an excuse for doing so by asking, "What about your tits? How do they feel?"

Kate panted, "So, so, very... tingly! Tingly all over! I look at Jordan kneeling and see myself, even though he hasn't even fucked my tits once yet. It's TOO HOT! I can't control it! I can practically feel the heat of his cock-meat in my cleavage! More than that, I see my future."

She whispered confessionally, "Erin, I love sex! I didn't know it until tonight, but I do! At least if it's sex with my man, my love. My owner. My master! I can't wait for him to fuck my tits for the first time tomorrow, and so many times after that. But that's not all. I want what I'm seeing in front of my eyes to be me, ten or twenty years from now, or more! I want him to plow my tits and then cum on my face as a regular part of his daily routine!"

Kate frowned and tore her gaze from Jordan's titfuck to look into Erin's eyes. "What do you think? Honestly now. Am I crazy? Am I obsessed? Still I barely know him at all. We JUST met, and I'm already thinking years ahead. This isn't normal! I shouldn't feel this strongly for him in such a short time, especially since I have to share him with at least you and the rest of the third floor. But I do! And sharing him actually makes me want him MORE!"

Erin realized she needed to give some kind of intelligent reply. But she was extremely horny and mostly just wanted to play with Kate's fantastic body, or watch the on-going titfuck, or preferably both. So she unexpectedly walked directly behind Kate, pressed her immense tits into Kate's back back, and rested her chin on one of Kate's shoulders. That left both of them facing Jordan's titfuck.

One of Erin's hands had still been caressing Kate's nearest boob, and although she removed it when repositioning, she immediately upped the ante by clutching at the sides of both of Kate's breasts from behind. She whispered, "Put a hand in your cleavage."

Kate was very puzzled by the redhead's actions and words, but she did it.

Erin then pressed Kate's enormous G-cups together from their outer sides, trapping Kate's hand between them. Then she quietly cooed, "That sight before you, that IS you! Clump your fingers together and imagine that your hand is his cock!"

Kate squealed with delight as she adjusted her hand. She immediately tilted her head down and started licking the tips of her fingers to better imitate what she was seeing Jordan do. She whispered her thoughts to Erin as they came to her. "Brilliant! It's like he's titfucking me even as I watch myself kneeling a few feet away getting titfucked! I swear, BEST. NIGHT. EVER!"

Erin smiled widely, pleased her plan was working. She was able to freely fondle Kate's incredible globes, and Kate didn't mind at all. She added in a sexy purr, "Now, consider that that will be you not just tomorrow, next week, and next month, but ten years from now! And more! Yes, this is only our first night all together, but when you know, you know."

Kate thought, I do know! Everything is so right, like it was always meant to be. No wonder I had such disdain for all my previous suitors, not to mention my entire "princess" lifestyle. Deep down, I was waiting for my honey to come along and tame me and take me away from all that!She mouthed her thoughts as if she was speaking directly to Ryan. Fuck my tits, please! Take your pleasure! Fuck me hard and then splash my face with your pearly seed!

With Kate lost in her titfucking fantasy, Erin was free to explore Kate's incredible breasts with both hands, and she did so. However, she generally maintained pressure from the outer sides to maintain the illusion of an on-going titfuck of Kate's hand. What a dream come true! And it's as great as my fantasies. Soon, we'll be doing even more with each other. I'm so horny, I could cum at any moment, and I'm not even touching myself!

As Erin's excitement grew, she was forgetting to keep her voice down as she continued to advise and encourage Kate. "Don't worry that he'll lose interest in you. You are the NUMBER ONE most desired girl in this entire university! Hell, this entire city, I'm sure! Now that he owns you, OF COURSE he's going to keep you! Ten years from now, you'll still be in your twenties. You'll still be prime big-titted sex pet material. I have no doubt that he's gonna fuck your face every single day if his flesh is willing! Again, he'll be a fool not to! You'll spend countless hours slobbering and slurping on his cock. It's what you'll do best, because you love it so. It's your favorite! Isn't it?"

Kate moaned, "Oh God, yes! Except maybe when he fucks me. That was pretty awesome. But I think more about sucking his cock! Like right now, looking at Jordan. I'm salivating nearly all the time!"

Erin was subtly sliding her erect nipples up and down Kate's back, even though more of her attention was on the tit fondling. "Excellent. Keep that attitude and you'll be the best fellatrix in the entire country!"

Kate's arousal was soaring. "Fellatrix." I like that word! "Kate Middlefield, eager sex slave and expert fellatrix."She asked breathlessly as her huge tits heaved in Erin's hands, "You think?!"

"I know! And not just that. Think of all the times he'll cum on your face and your tits! Often after he fucks your tits or spanks you! And don't forget fucking. He's going to fuck you just as much as your hot, tight cunt can handle! By then, I bet he'll be regularly fucking your ass too. Your entire body will be devoted to keeping his Beast throbbing with extreme arousal all day long! He'll love you so much for it that he'll never let you go!"

Erin knew she was getting carried away, but her lusty feelings were flowing freely and she didn't want to check herself. Although she was talking about Kate, she was talking about herself just as much.

Kate was almost delirious with joy. Since falling in love and lust with Ryan, her great worry was that he wouldn't want her for long. Erin's words were putting that worry to rest. And between those words and Erin's tit fondling fingers, she was rapidly skyrocketing to a tremendous orgasm. Had her pussy been touched in any way, she would have been a goner.

Still, Kate managed to say, "Oh, Erin! Thank you so much! You've made me happier than words can say! I know it would sound bizarre to any stranger, but that's what I want. Now that I've submitted to him, I want to go all the way! It's actually selfish of me, because I have such incredible, frequent orgasms. The more I give, the more I receive. I've felt more sexual joy tonight than the rest of my life combined! But... but... what about you?! Where will you be in this vision?! I want you there too!"

Erin responded, "Don't worry; I'll be right there too. I'm the number two most desired girl in this university; everybody knows that. I don't even mind that, by the way, because to be number one would be too much attention and pressure. So of course he'd be a fool to let me go too. We lucked out. He came to us first, and now that we've got him we're not about to let him go either! With our famous beauty we deserve the very best, so why should we settle for anything less than him and his Beast?!"

Erin kneaded Kate's enormous tits with increasing vigor as her own words, plus the sight of the titfuck before her, sent her arousal skyrocketing still higher. "Which means that ten years from now, I'll be right next to you! Literally! At any given hour on any given day, the odds are we'll both be naked and kneeling and taking turns bobbing on his cock! Gagging and choking on it, deep throating it, even! For hours on end! Sure, we'll probably have jobs and friends and hobbies and such, but serving his cock will always remain our true passion!"

She did a double take. Holy shit! That's all true! That's what I want to have happen, and that's what will happen! It's like a crystal clear vision before my eyes!

Naturally, Kate was overjoyed by every word Erin said. But one phrase stuck out in her mind: "Our true passion." She's so right! I've never enjoyed doing anything so much as sucking his cock! MY true passion! I'm going to work on making it my special talent. Then he'll definitely never leave me!

Erin focused on playing with Kate's erect nipples as she went on, continually surprising herself that she really meant every word. "Even though we're all new to each other, I can see it plain as day, because why should it be any other way? For instance, most girls don't even LIKE to suck cock! We love it! And he loves to get sucked! That sounds like a win-win to me. So why should we not practice our passion as often as Jordan plays sports?" (Jordan typically played sports many hours a day, a fact both of them knew.) "I almost get teary-eyed when I think about all the countless hours we'll spend hip to hip, kneeling between his thighs, licking his cock as one!"

Kate whispered back, "Stop! Please! I think I AM starting to cry! Tears of joy! If you keep going I'm going to totally lose it! I'll be a blubbering mess! Worse, I'm going to cum! I'm gonna cum so hard I'll scream my head off!"

Erin urgently rolled Kate's nipples between her fingers as she whispered in a provocative tone right into Kate's ear, "I think you SHOULD cum! Cum and scream uncontrollably! Why not? That's what it's all about, letting go, letting your lust take you and consume you. That's why I'm saying all these crazy, crazy things, things I wouldn't have believed even an hour ago, because I've completely let go of ALL of my inhibitions and decided to do what I secretly really want, deep down! Fuck what society thinks! Fuck that it's demeaning and wrong! I want to be one of his personal sluts, and dammit, I want to be a good one! No, a GREAT one! I want to experience sexual pleasures and ecstasies that few people on Earth will ever even get a chance to know! And I want to do that on a daily basis, cumming more times than I'd ever dreamed was physically possible! Don't you?"

Kate's knees were shaking and she stared at Jordan's titfucking with saucer-sized eyes. "YES! OH GOD! YES! SO MUCH!" That's my new goal too, to be his favorite slut!

Erin hissed as she licked Kate's ear, "Then cum! CUM!" Right then, Erin let go of one of Kate's breasts and dragged that freed hand down Kate's tummy to her pussy. She quickly found Kate's clitoris and started diddling it.

Kate eyes bugged open wide. She cried out, "No fair! How can I resist that?!" But that was the last coherent thing she said for a while, because she really did start screaming uncontrollably, just as she'd feared. But she barely even knew it was happening, since this orgasm actually topped all of her previous ones.

She continued to stare at Jordan's tits and mouth moving all over Ryan's erection, but in her mind Jordan's body truly was her body ten years from now. It was exactly like an out-of-body experience that completely blew her mind. In her orgasmic fantasy, her place as Ryan's favorite personal slut was secure, and absolutely everything Erin had predicted had come true, exactly as she'd said. What's more, the love between him and her deepened every year, even as he continued to own and control her. Even after ten years, she didn't mind being sexually enslaved by him at all. In fact, she wouldn't have had it any other way. He felt he'd finally reformed her "spoiled princess" personality, and he had, but she still insisted that he spank her ass every day.

This vision was so wonderful and incredible to her that her orgasm kept on peaking and peaking. Just when she thought she'd reached the very height of how much arousal was physically possible, she broke through to a new level. And again and again.

It was all too much for her mind or body to take. Despite the fact that Erin was partially holding her up by the way she was still kneading her gigantic tits, Kate couldn't stop herself from dropping to her knees. And when she did so that aroused and excited her still more, since so much of her future vision involved her spending hours on her knees. She leaned back against Erin's legs and kept on screaming and wailing.


While all that was happening to Kate and Erin, the others certainly hadn't been idle. In fact, Jordan's unexpectedly talented combined licking and titfucking skills gave Ryan a renewed urgency to finish this off quickly so he could finally, finally, get to fuck Monica.

Gathering his wits, he asked Monica, who was still hugging him from behind, "Okay, so apparently this titfucking is helping Jordan relax or something. Fine. But I warn you that we need to speed things up because she's TOO good. Talk fast. I don't know how long I can hold out without cumming!"

Monica repositioned so she could better face him. With Jordan kneeling right in front of his crotch, she leaned in from the side so her upper body was over Jordan's and her face was inches away from his. "Don't worry, I have confidence in you. I've seen your stamina improve dramatically all night long. I might be worried except I know you just gave The Beast a nice rest. Still, if it gets too much, let me know. Because you WILL be cumming in me next!"

He thought, Uh-oh! I shouldn't have lied to her. Now, I've just gotta grin and bear it! Too fucking arousing! Jordan has magical tits, and she's practically giving me a blowjob on top of that! I'd better not cum or I'm gonna be really pissed at myself!

Jordan was so relentlessly stimulating that he decided he had to do something, and fast. He didn't want to let Monica down. He grasped the sides of Jordan's head and gently but firmly pulled her back so her lips and tongue were just out of range of his cockhead.

Jordan mewled and moaned with annoyance. She already loved sex, as her "Miss Sluttypants" nickname indicated, but she'd decided that Ryan and his cock was something else altogether. Once she'd gotten started titfucking and licking it, she didn't want to stop.

However, he kept his hands in place, showing he was serious about keeping her mouth away.

Her frustration lessened when she realized that she still had her E-cups wrapped around his shaft, so she concentrated her efforts on that. So far, she'd been just steadily and rhythmically sliding her tits up and down, sometimes in unison, sometimes opposite each other. She'd been focusing most of her attention on her lip and tongue work. But since that was no longer allowed, she began varying up her tit motion and pressure in unexpected ways.

She thought, Whatever has happened to these three beauties, it's happening to me too! I've known for a while now that I'm going to agree to be one of his personal sluts, as shocking as that sounds. I've had a strong gut feeling about it, probably ever since I started cumming repeatedly while blowing him. I thought I'd agree to his demands just for the world-class sex and to be part of this special group, and hold my nose at the rest. But something is changing in me. I heard Erin mention how her will had been broken tonight. Mine is breaking right now, minute by minute, and I don't even care! It feels great because it feels like freedom! No holds barred sexual abandon! Total ecstasy!

While Jordan was having her epiphany of sorts, Ryan asked Monica, "So, what do you want to talk about first?"

Monica replied, "So many things. For starters, what position should we use? I've been thinking. Normally, I'd prefer doggy-style or cowgirl. But due to the banana-like bend in The Beast, as well as my smaller body, I feel missionary would be best. I saw what happened with Erin when you fucked her, so we should learn from that. Besides, if we do it missionary style, I'll be able to look you in the eyes at the very moment you enter me and fully enslave me!"

He was tripping on non-stop arousal. It turned out Jordan's titfucking was very nearly as arousing even without her mouth. Monica's words excited him even more. He simply couldn't get over how lucky he'd been to wind up in this situation.

But he remembered that he was playing the role of a dominating stud, and according to his porn stories he needed to remain somewhat aloof. So he shrugged. "Whatever. That sounds smart, I must admit. But I'm curious about what you said, about me 'fully enslaving' you. I try not to use that kind of language, but I suppose it is what it is. Does that bother you?"

Monica was still clinging to him, with her big tits pressed against his chest and her head tilted up towards his. "Yes! Of course it does! I still think you're the devil. El diablo! But it is what it is too. I know I can't resist and it would be futile to even try. The benefits are too great, especially the non-stop extreme arousal I've experienced all evening long."

She looked all around, considering the entire situation. "Hell, even when I'm just standing here talking to you, it's like my pussy is being licked by a talented lesbian, due to the overall sights and sounds, and even smells. If it's not something, it's another, like knowing I can just put my hand on Jordan's head and make her lick."

Sure enough, without even looking, Monica put a hand on Jordan's head slightly behind her. That's all she did, but Jordan's face was still tantalizingly close to Ryan's cockhead and she'd been listening, so Jordan tilted forward and resumed licking.

However, Ryan put his hands back on the sides of Jordan's head and moved her off him again. Monica didn't realize how close he was to cumming, but he did, and he knew he was pushing his luck as it was.

Monica didn't notice that or didn't care. She continued, "The mere fact that I'm talking to you while buck naked and rubbing my breasts against your chest, knowing the two greatest beauties I've ever seen with my own eyes are buck naked as well and a willing part of this, and watching everything from just a few feet away... it does something to me! Just sharing this experience with them and Jordan is a constant erotic buzz that NEVER goes away."

Her eyes burned with delight. "And it's always something like that, from the first moment I saw you. Like the whole tree house incident! Gaawwwd, that was incredible! Or what happened in the first floor bathroom while I waited, even. Or when you spanked my ass and made me cum so hard. Or when you had me strip naked in the hallway!"

Her growing excitement caused her to wildly gesticulate, despite the fact that half her body was pressed up against his. "I'm practically cumming just from thinking about it all, and this is actually a relative down time. I already know that it gets waaaaay better, and that's before you've even fucked me yet! So the bottom line is, you bet your ass I'm addicted! Willingly addicted! ¡Vete a la verga, culero!" ("Fuck you, asshole!) "You've won me already, you big-cocked bastard! So don't you worry about me! Getting fucked in a few minutes will just seal the deal."

He smiled widely at that. He especially enjoyed how she was worked up enough to curse at him when in fact she was way more horny than angry. Wow! This is really working! I've been using Jack's advice and letting general "porn logic" guide my words and deeds. Like Jack advised, I've asserted total control from the very start. And it worked, which is incredible enough. But I never expected it to work THIS well! I came up with the "personal slut" idea on the fly. It was a crazy, audacious thing and didn't even know what it meant exactly. And now it's coming true!

Monica started to say, "Now, let's finish off the other issues on my mind so you can get down to some serious pussy pounding! Another thing we have to address first is birth control. It's my opinion that... wait." She cocked her head and stared off into space, distracted.

"What?" he asked. He didn't notice anything worth mentioning. True, Jordan was still engaging in the titfuck, and even pushing things by blowing air on his sweet spot more than a little bit, but that hadn't changed for a while and Monica clearly had something else on her mind.

After a long pause, Monica whispered to him, "Do you hear that?"

He whispered back, "What, already?"

She explained, "Kate and Erin are talking. And yeah, I know you're going to say you know that already. But listen!" After another pause with her ear cocked, she added, "I can just make out what they're saying, and it's really interesting. You need to check it out!"

With that, he pricked up his ears and tried to carefully listen. Kate and Erin were only standing a few feet away, almost within arm's reach, so he'd heard their whispering for a while but he'd put it out of his mind because it was too quiet to make out. However, one could tell from their tone of voice that they were growing increasingly aroused and excited, causing them to forget to keep quiet.

Jordan decided to listen in as well. She even froze her titfucking motions, because she was making continual wet noises between his shaft and her cleavage.

As a result, Ryan, Monica, and Jordan were all listening in time to hear Erin say to Kate, "Don't worry that he'll lose interest in you. You are the NUMBER ONE most desired girl in this entire university! Hell, this entire city, I'm sure! Now that he owns you, OF COURSE he's going to keep you!"

Ryan thought, Uh-oh! It's not good that everyone heard that "number one" comment, even though it's pretty much an accepted fact. I don't want them to get jealous and fight against each other. Maybe I should...But his thoughts trailed off because Erin kept saying interesting things and he realized he didn't want to miss any of it.

From that point on, Ryan, Monica, and Jordan were quiet and still because their attention was completely diverted to hearing the startling things Kate and Erin were discussing. Jordan kept his boner trapped in her cleavage, but she hardly moved her tits at all for fear of making too much noise.

He knew it wasn't sporting to eavesdrop, but with Kate and Erin talking about things like their vision for their lives in ten years' time, he knew he couldn't resist carefully hearing every word.

As a result, Ryan, Monica, and Jordan heard many interesting things, things that could affect all of their futures.

Kate and Erin were so into their discussion that they didn't even realize that the titfucking right in front of them had come to a complete stop. Although they were looking that way, their eyes had glazed over and they were more staring into their visions of their shared future.

Furthermore, as their arousal grew and grew, they effectively lost all connection with the world around them. By the time Kate started her massive orgasm, neither her nor Erin noticed that the others had repositioned and were staring in amazement right at them.

Ryan kept on staring, with his mouth hanging open in awe, as Kate's great climax eventually faded to an end. For a couple of minutes afterwards, Kate was still hit with the occasional orgasmic aftershock. Each one shook her round melons as if they'd been slapped.

Kate appeared to be wrecked. It was surprising she hadn't passed out altogether. Her hair was tussled, and her breathing still very labored as she stared vacantly into space. But there was a great big smile on her face.

Erin appeared to be in a better state, even though she'd dropped to her knees right behind Kate and had a tremendous orgasm of her own. She was holding Kate up by leaning her body forward or Kate would have slumped all the way to the floor.

Ryan, Monica, and Jordan watched for a good two or three minutes until Kate and Erin started to revive a little bit. Jordan's titfuck had been completely forgotten, and Ryan's dick, while still very erect, had left her cleavage altogether when they'd turned and repositioned for a better view. It was a good thing he wasn't being stimulated at the time, since he came dangerously close to cumming just from watching.

Each one of the watchers were lost in thought, busy considering the implications of what they'd just seen. All three of them realized that, clearly, both Kate and Erin had gone "all in" with the "personal slut" concept and the two bombshells were dedicated to it and to Ryan for the long haul. That was a dizzying prospect for everyone involved, including Monica and Jordan. In fact, both Monica and Jordan felt as if they'd just had a sneak preview of how they would be acting and feeling in the very near future. That was frightening and exhilarating at the same time.

Ryan was so astounded that he didn't think much at all. Things had gone so far beyond his very best case scenario that he worried he would jinx himself by presuming anything. Instead, he just let what he'd witnessed wash over him and sink in.

Eventually, Erin regained enough awareness to refocus her vision and notice that she was being stared at by the other three. She frowned and closed her eyes as a red blush returned to her face. "Oh, shit. You saw all that, didn't you?"

Monica couldn't resist replying, "Not just saw it, but heard it. VERY interesting stuff, especially about your ten year vision."

Erin groaned and blushed. She even covered her face with her hands. Oh no! I really let my thoughts run wild. I mean REALLY wild! Ten years? That's a long time. I don't even know if I believe that, now that I'm no longer too horny to think or breathe. And they heard it all!

Trying to help, Ryan said, "Hey, I'll have you know that's my vision too. Ideally, I want all four of you permanently. So there's no shame in any of that."

Kate was still seemingly unresponsive, but that didn't turn out to be the case, because the life returned to her eyes like a cyborg turning on. She looked up at Ryan, blearily made eye contact, and asked, "Really?! Do you mean that?!"

He smiled from ear to ear, both at her response and the fact that she'd recovered enough to respond at all. "Really. Like Erin told you a couple of times, 'I'd be a fool not to.' Let's face it here, folks, I'm living the dream! Any guy would kill to be in my shoes. So I'm afraid you're stuck with me for a long, long time."

That resulted in big smiles all around.

Erin was relieved, yet also concerned. Okay, so they don't think I'm weird. But I am weird. I'm going to let him OWN me! I still can't believe all this is happening.

Kate again rallied to say, "If I wasn't nearly orgasmed to death, I would so get up and kiss you! A soul kiss!"

Monica clapped her hands, suddenly all business. "Okay, people! This is all very touching, but there are pussies needing to get fucked. Namely, mine! Let's organize and get this show on the road. I'm slowly dying and I can't wait any longer! ¡Vamos, démonos prisa! ¡Estoy realmente cachonda!"

Jordan asked, "What's that mean, the Spanish part?"

"Oh, sorry. 'Let's go, already! I'm really horny!' I kind of have a habit of breaking into Spanish when I get really worked up."

Jordan grinned and rolled her eyes. "You don't say. I hadn't noticed."

Monica was not amused. "Oh yeah. Anyway, let's move this whole gang to the bed, my bed. I'm going to go there now with our man and get started. Since Kate and Erin are still orgasmic blobs of Jell-O, Jordan, you're in charge of getting them up and walking. And please be fast about it or you're going to miss out."

For the next few minutes, the group tried to get reorganized. Ryan and Monica went the short distance to Monica's bed. He laid down on it with his head on a pillow, while she sat up on it next to his upper body.

He considered the upcoming fuck and finally admitted, "My hot pepper, it turns out that I didn't really get the stimulation break you thought I did. Kate and Erin were worried I'd go flaccid altogether and kind of helped to make sure that didn't happen."

"How?!" she asked aggressively.

"By, uh, stroking my dick a lot. Together." He winced, dreading her reaction.

Monica smacked a fist into her open palm. "¡Esas zorras rastreras! Lo juro por Dios..." ("Those sneaky bitches! I swear to God...") However, she quickly controlled her temper and avoided making dire threats. She just stewed in her juices and gritted her teeth.

He added, "Blame me, not them. I'm having too much fun to know when to stop. Plus, Jordan's titfuck was waaay more effective than what I'd expected. She's really good at that! So I'm thinking that maybe... while we're waiting for the others, I could just close my eyes for five minutes and use that time to give my dick a real rest."

"No," Monica said flatly.

"Excuse me?" Now that his personal slut concept was working so well, he didn't expect such direct defiance.

She grinned with a naughty twinkle in her eyes. "Hey, just because you own me now, don't think I'm going to be easy to control. No way, José! Spank my ass until it glows if you must, but I'm NOT going to miss out on being fucked by you tonight! You probably don't realize it since I don't have clocks on my walls, but it's after one in the morning. You've told us that you're not used to staying up late, so I worry that if you close your eyes, you might drift off altogether. At the very least, you'll get sleepy. And if you slow down at all, your cock is likely to go flaccid, and then what if it doesn't recover?!"

He frowned. "Good point. I am going to have to punish you tomorrow for that rude 'no', but you made a good point just the same. That is NOT how you should talk to your master, ever." He didn't want to use the word "master," but he couldn't think of anything better at the moment. He figured "owner" was just as bad.

She bowed her head sheepishly. "Sorry."

He reached out and stroked her bare leg. "That's okay. Actually, I just decided that your punishment won't be so harsh because the rules are only becoming clear as we go along. And I understand your frustration. That said, what do you recommend I do now?"

Her smile immediately returned, and she reached out to his crotch. She found his still stiff boner and began stroking it. "First off, I'm not going to let La Bestia go to sleep! If I just do this much, maybe you'll at least get something of a reprieve. Is that okay?"

"Sure. I suppose that's wise, not to mention enjoyable. Now, what do I do about resting the rest of my sex-weary body?"

"Rest there just like you're doing, but don't close your eyes. Just chill out while we talk some. It'll be good for us to get to know each other anyway." She was rubbing his sweet spot with two fingers, but not particularly intensely.

He grinned. "Those are good ideas. You know, it's going to be hard to discipline you if you end up being right all the time."

She beamed. "I AM right all the time! I'm even right when I'm wrong. All women are, by the way." She winked saucily.

However, they didn't get a chance to talk any longer then, because they looked up to see Jordan, Kate, and Erin all standing and walking their way. It wasn't far to go since Monica's bed was in the middle of her room, but it was encouraging to see them walking so soon just the same. Both Kate and Erin were even managing to walk without Jordan's assistance.

He raised a fist in the air, cheering them on. "Yeay! You're alive!"

Kate tried to smile, but it came out more like a grimace. "Barely. Curse you! You practically killed me with another brain-melting orgasm, and somehow you did it without touching me or even knowing it was happening!"

Erin surged ahead, allowing her to collapse on the bed. She took a prime spot, cuddling up to Ryan on the opposite side from Monica. She commented, "That's the power of ideas." She mock-punched him on his nearest arm. "Curse you again, though! In just a few hours, you've warped our pure and innocent minds to the point we actually get off on the idea of sexually serving you for years to come. I don't know how you did it, but you sure as hell did it!"

He grinned as he said, "I don't know how 'pure and innocent' you were. It seems to me you were quite the sexy vixen already."

Erin's face lit up, and she struck a sexy pose. "Yeah, maybe a little bit. Before you made me all sweaty and cummy. But still, you're a corrupting influence." She teasingly stuck her tongue out at him.

Monica spoke testily. "Blah blah blah. This is all very interesting, but are we going to just talk forever?!" She nodded towards her wet pussy lips. "There's a teeny tiny cunt here that needs to get filled! Now that we're all here, my fucking can finally begin! I'm going to grab the bull by the horns or it may NEVER happen. UGH!" She briefly let go of his boner and waved her hands in frustrated agitation.

Jordan sat on the bed near Monica, with Kate doing the same. Jordan quipped, "Oh, is that what you're holding him by, his horns? I thought it was something else." For most of the evening Jordan hadn't said much because she considered herself lucky to just be there. But now that her sense of belonging was increasing, she was more inclined to speak her mind.

Erin also teased, "I only see one horn. Where's his second one?"

Monica made a displeased face. "Very amusing. Although I do like the implication that he's our bull. Anyway, I'm going to lie down now so my man can finally enter and deflower me!"

She looked all around, and then said to Ryan, "I'm thinking I should scoot down towards your feet so my ass is nearly off the bed and my feet are on the floor. That way, you can kneel on the floor and hopefully the height will be just right so you can thrust in and out of me with ease. How does that sound?"

He perked up, realizing this long-delayed fucking really was about to happen. "Sounds good! But... did you just say that I'm going to 'deflower' you?! I thought you weren't a virgin."

"I'm not." She struck a sexy pose as she sat on the bed, while also managing to keep stroking his boner. "But I'm a BEAST virgin, and that's basically the same thing. As far as I'm concerned, those other cocks were like toothpicks. They don't really count."

Erin sat up. "Amen, sister! As the other Ryan-fucked non-virgin here, I have to say you're right. It really is no comparison. Mon, you have no idea what you're in for. Kate and I are babbling like crazy with all this 'ten years in the future' talk because we've both been fucked by The Beast!"

Kate quipped, "Once you've had The Beast in you, no other cock will do."

Erin said in surprise, "Nice rhyme! Talk about recovering your wits. That's exactly how I feel."

Monica practically bounced on the bed, she was so keyed up. "What are we waiting for, then? I want to feel that too! Come on! ¡Vámonos!" ("Let's go!")

A thorough repositioning of everyone followed. Monica did take the position she'd described, resting face up with her ass and upper body on the bed but her feet on the carpet. The others helped move a few pillows down the bed so they'd be under her head. Ryan moved into the position she wanted, kneeling on the floor, ready to line up and thrust in. The girls even put pillows under his knees to increase his comfort and help get the height level just right.

Then the other girls crowded around. A couple of them were going to sit up on the bed to be close to Monica's head, but Monica said, "If you don't mind, I'd prefer if you all kneel next to him, at least at the start. That way, all three of you can hold and stroke his cock as it enters me! Now that we're all going to live in servitude to our man and his cock, possibly for many years to come, it would mean a lot to me if we're all symbolically linked together like that."

Kate was almost overcome with emotion. "That's a beautiful idea! I wish that had happened to me, but Jordan wasn't on board yet. At least I had hands from two of you helping. So of course we'll do that! But I have a better idea. We should stroke it AND lick it as it goes in! That'll be even MORE symbolic, since cock licking and sucking is going to be such a big part of our lives from now on."

Monica considered that, and said, "Okay. I agree. Just so long as you stop when I say 'stop.' Don't get carried away!"

Picking up on the group's infectious enthusiasm, Erin said, "We can do that. We know how long you've been waiting. But I have another idea to add: photos! We were lax before, but we should start documenting these pivotal moments for later, since we're all in this together for the long haul. And Monica losing her Beast virginity is a very big moment!"

The others girls all thought that was a fantastic idea, especially Monica. They soon decided that video cameras were even better.

Jordan had taken all the video cameras to another room for data transfer purposes relating to the Jack and Vince incident, so she was tasked to go get at least a couple of them. She quickly got up, threw a robe on, and rushed to the door. As she hurried across the room, she shouted, "Don't you dare start without me!"

Monica groaned in agonized frustration. "More delays!"

Kate looked to Erin, who was kneeling on the other side of Ryan. "I don't know about you, but I'm ready to start my part!" Holding Ryan's boner, she positioned it so his cockhead was actually resting against Monica's sopping wet pussy lips. Then she bent down and started to stroke and lick "her side" of his shaft.

Seeing that, Erin scooted in and began doing the same on "her side." Within a matter of seconds, their tongues met on his sweet spot. That caused them to giggle with glee.

Ryan's heart hammered and his arousal shot to the sky. He moaned, "Take it easy, ladies! Don't get me too excited!" Oh shit! I can't blow it now. Literally blow my load!

Kate and Erin eased up on him, but only a little bit. They were too excited to control themselves much now that they were stroking and licking him again.

Luckily, Monica didn't mind their enthusiasm because all their motion on his erection was causing the tip of it to rub up and down on her pussy lips. She could even feel him pressing forward a little bit, although not enough to really start to enter her.

She gasped, "Before... before we get started, I need to make one thing clear! Ryan? Mi salvaje semental? Are you listening?"

"Definitely!" he replied. "By the way, what was that you just said?"

"'Mi salvaje semental.' That means 'my wild stallion'. Or 'my great stud!' Anyway, I don't know if you've given any thought to wearing a condom-"

His eyes bugged out, and his heart practically stopped. Oh, crap! I forgot! Again!

Not being able to see him due to the way she was lying down, Monica assumed he didn't react and thus she continued without pause, "-but if you have, forget it! I noticed that you didn't wear one with Kate or Erin, so if you use one with me, I'll never forgive you! I may not be quite as gorgeous as they are, but I'm going to be one of your personal sluts just as soon as you enter me, and I demand equal treatment on this! Don't even try to convince me otherwise! Besides, if there isn't a general rule already that The Beast can never be sheathed in any of us, then there should be!"

Erin paused in her licking to say, "Hear, hear! The Beast cannot be tamed! It is The Beast that does the taming! Gaawwwd, that sounds corny. But Kate, you said that a while ago, and I have to agree! Especially on this matter!"

Kate was already pausing her licking to respond to that, but before she could, the front door opened.

Jordan burst back into the room, closed the door behind her, and shucked her loose robe off. (Luckily, she'd thought to bring the room key with her so no one had to help her in.) As she quickly strode to the bed with two video cameras in her hands, she exclaimed, "Okay! Camera obtained! What did I miss?!"

Ryan was dangerously aroused just from watching Jordan walk across the room. Damn, that girl has a body! I love to watch those bare hips sway. And my dick is getting stroked as I feel it pressing against Monica's hot cunt!

Monica excitedly explained, "These two are warming The Beast already and he's all lined up and ready to thrust in! But as we were waiting for you, I was just saying that he damn well better not even think of using a condom on me, or I'm going to be offended!"

Jordan was already setting up the video cameras. Her intention was to position them on nearby furniture so they could capture the whole scene without anyone having to handle them the entire time. As she did so, she asked, "Has he said anything about wanting to use condoms?"

Monica replied, "Thank God no, but I just want to be absolutely clear."

"Good!" Jordan stated emphatically. "Condoms are an insult to what we're all about, which is completely surrendering to our feelings, to our lusty abandon!"

Kate said, "Well put! I couldn't agree more. We have to serve his cock without any limits or restraints whatsoever! Of course, I assume none of us are ready to be mothers yet in the middle of our college careers, but it's up to US to provide protection! Our man fucks who he wants, when he wants, without restraint!"

Clearly, she found this topic very thrilling, because she licked his cockhead with even more energy than usual. That put her tongue very, very close to Monica's pussy lips, but she didn't seem to notice or care.

Jordan excitedly added, "Besides, I doubt they even make condoms in his size!"

Ryan knew that wasn't true, but he realized the girls all wished that it was and they didn't want to be told otherwise. He was finding it prudent to stay silent about this topic in general.

Erin's tongue brushed against Kate's again, right over his sweet spot. She was very worked up, and cursed with venom, "FUCK condoms anyway! Fuck them to hell! Kate, I think we're going to become the best of friends because I find myself agreeing with you on practically everything. I definitely don't want to get pregnant yet, but preventing that is entirely up to me. Luckily, I'm already on two kinds of birth control already. But every time he fucks me, I'm gonna take that risk!"

Clearly, she was getting off on the danger. Everyone else was too, even Ryan, since they were all too aroused to think straight.

Monica was squirming in place, with her ass particularly active. She was trying to push her pussy lips against Ryan's cockhead, but she didn't have the traction to do it. She all but yelled, "So fuckin' HOT! Ditto to all that! I'm using two kinds as well, but he could knock me up TONIGHT, for all we know! Ryan! Master! Fuck me already! Push it in!"

"Wait! Wait!" That was Jordan. She'd just finished hastily setting up the video cameras and turning them on. With that done, she rushed to where Ryan was kneeling. She was eager to join in the ceremonial cock licking and stroking, but with Kate pressed in closely on one side of Ryan and Erin doing the same on the other, it would be difficult for her to even get close enough to help out.

But then she had a novel idea and crawled right between his legs head first, pushing those legs out wider as she went to make room. She finished lying face up under him, but with her elbows propped up on the carpet to give her head the necessary height. That meant she couldn't use her hands, but it also meant her tongue had easier access to the sensitive underside of his shaft than either Kate or Erin did.

She immediately began licking. After a few long slurps, she announced, "Okay, Monica, we've got three tongues on him and lots of sliding fingers besides! We're good to go. And I just have to agree that I totally agree with you all on condoms. FUCK condoms!"

The other girls laughed at that. They shouted in near perfect unison, despite not being able to see each other's faces, "FUCK condoms!"

Ryan's head was spinning from this latest development. Shit! I've really created a monster. First I forgot to use a condom twice, and then I didn't say anything this time. I've gotta say I love the "no condoms" attitude - assuming none of them have any STDs - just because it shows such unbridled enthusiasm. But what about pregnancies?! Are they really protected? I mean, no protection method is perfect. Even a tiny chance is still a chance! I'm not about to become a father at this age, not if I can help it!

But... damn! How can I insist on condoms now? I have to maintain my studly persona. THAT me would never wear a condom. And porn logic pretty much demands the same. I'll lose face, big time, if I start to tone things down now. Aaaah, fuck it! I don't even HAVE a condom with me. Even in my wildest dreams I didn't think I would ever get to fuck Kate tonight, much less Erin and Monica as well! This is so incredible! I'll just have to take a risk and pull out before I cum. Yeah, that'll solve it, for now.

Having decided that, he asked, "Hey, isn't anybody going to actually ask my opinion about this?!"

The girls all laughed, since they realized they'd skipped that very important step.

Then Monica growled aggressively, "Okay, we'll ask you, but don't you dare disagree! And please impale your cock into me already! I'm ready! Do it, dammit!"

He laughed at that. Man, she's going to be a cheeky handful, for sure! But I kinda like it. Then he said, "Here's my answer!"

With that, he started to push in.

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