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Ryan wanted a dramatic reaction, and he expected to hear Monica's screams and wails as he plowed deeply into her, but in fact he only made it about an inch, perhaps two after he kept pushing and pushing. The problem was the widest part of the crown of his cockhead, which simply refused to go in.

At least Monica did scream her head off quite a lot, though more from the mere fact he was actually starting to attempt to fuck her than a reaction to the physical sensations. She gripped the edge of the bed as best she could and tried hard to push back. But even with that help, he wasn't making any headway after his relatively easy initial success.

He decided to pause his pushing and regroup. He thought, Fuuuuuccck! I forgot all about her being extra tight due to her being shorter and smaller. I guess that must be true because her cunt is definitely tighter than Kate's or Erin's. I thought I'd learned my lesson with them and I was going to get it over with quickly by using lots of force. But I'm stuck! Shit! This could end up being a prolonged ordeal.

His thrust took Kate, Erin, and Jordan by surprise. They had to pull their heads and hands back from his boner, not knowing how successful he'd be. But when they saw he was stuck without going very far into her at all, they immediately resumed their licking and stroking. However, they kept their heads further away from his cockhead, just in case he made another sudden movement deeper into Monica.

Kate announced the obvious: "Monica, he's in you! Not by much, but it has begun!"

"I know!" Monica screamed. "God, do I know!" So far she wasn't in much pain and was screaming more from excitement. But his thickness hadn't really entered her yet.

Kate added, "And think about what he said: that's his answer about condoms, thrusting into you bareback! That means that's his policy! He's gonna fuck us all bareback, every time!"

Erin cheered as she switched to licking his balls, "Fuck condoms!"

More cries of "Fuck condoms!" arose from the other girls, including Monica, who was the loudest of all.

He thought, Jesus H. Christ! These girls are serious about sex!

But he didn't have more time to think, because Monica cried out, "Girls, help me! He's stuck! I don't mind the pain. Help him push in, violently if he must! Just DO IT!"

With that, Kate and Erin repositioned. Given the way Jordan was positioned, there was nothing she could do to help. But Kate and Erin abandoned his boner altogether and put their hands on his back, and especially his ass.

Then Kate, assuming her usual leadership role, became coordinator. "Okay, honey, on the count of three we'll all go forward. You heard what Monica said, so don't hold back! Okay?"

He grunted affirmatively.

Kate yelled, "ONE! TWO! THREE!"

Ryan pushed forward again, with even more force this time. He didn't like this "battering ram" method, but with Monica being so tight he suspected it might be the only way.

He was surprised how much the assistance of Kate's and Erin's hands actually helped. Had he just been kneeling there with nothing in front of him, he would have toppled over from their well coordinated shoving. With their added effort, he could feel the widest part of his cockhead sliding in.

Then Monica's screaming began. It wasn't the mere lusty screaming from the sheer excitement of the moment that she'd been doing already, but screaming from genuine physical pain. It sounded quite different, and much more urgent. Monica was suffering.

Ryan immediately stopped, grateful that all of his cockhead was inside her. He didn't dare push further in, but he also figured it wasn't good to pull back. He was stuck like that.

The other girls all immediately had the same fear that one or more strangers would come running and demand an explanation. Monica had been screaming very loudly already, but this new pained screaming was probably twice as loud as that. Worse, one could hear the pain in her voice.

Happily, her pain rapidly decreased once his boner stopped pushing in. The hurt was still there, but it wasn't overwhelming. After about a minute, Monica was able to recover enough to stop screaming altogether. However, she was breathing hard and tears were streaming down her face. She yelled, "FUCK! That hurts!"

Ryan didn't know what to do. He definitely didn't want to hurt her, and he'd heard that extra large penises like his could cause tearing and bleeding in some extreme cases. He earnestly asked her, "Do you want me to pull out?!"

Monica lifted her head and made a feeble effort to reach for him. "NO! DON'T! That'll be worse!"

Kate and Erin were still holding his shaft and balls, but nothing more, since they were in crisis mode. Kate urgently told him, "Just stay as you are! She needs time to adjust. We can make this work. Nobody panic!"

Ryan wasn't panicking, but he was starting to seriously worry. Shit! What if I'm simply too thick for her?! Forever?! It happens sometimes. And if that's true, I could be too thick for Jordan too. She's the exact same size. Fuck, fuck, fuck!

Just then, there was a loud pounding on the door. That was quickly followed by a voice, "Monica! Is that you?! Are you okay?!"

Everyone recognized the voice as belonging to Brandy. That was a big relief, since she knew about their situation and was on their side.

Monica managed to shout, "I'm okay!"

Kate nodded to Erin, indicating Erin should go deal with it. Kate knew Monica's shout wasn't going to be nearly enough to satisfy Brandy, and she wanted to stay and comfort Monica.

Some quick repositioning ensued. Erin got up and rushed to the door. Kate also got up, getting on the bed and scooting close to Monica's head. That left Jordan lying directly under Ryan, with her body still between her legs. She'd started regretting that awkward position, so she scooted back through his legs and got on her knees. Then she reappeared at his side, cuddled into him, and regripped his shaft. She figured that with Kate and Erin out of range, it was up to her to help with it.

Erin got to the door, enabling her to speak through it with a normal voice. "Brandy, remember how we said there might be some loud screaming later? Well, it's happening! He's finally, um... you know."

Brandy knew from what she'd been told earlier. She understood Erin didn't want to be too explicit talking through the door about him fucking Monica. But she asked to confirm, "He's starting to fuck her?"

"He is."

Brandy asked, "Can I come in? Quick! I'm naked!"

"Naked?!" Erin couldn't help but picture the beautiful Brandy without a stitch of clothing. She was still extremely horny despite the crisis.

Brandy explained, "I thought someone was seriously hurt or even dying! Please, quick, or I'll have to leave!"

Erin opened the door a bit, and Brandy rushed through it.

Ryan glanced over and sucked in his breath as he caught a glimpse of Brandy's nude body. Dammit! She's a total hottie, as if I didn't know that already. A Kappa third floor babe all the way. Why does she have to be lesbian?!

But before the door closed, there was another shout from the hallway. "Me too!"

With the door still partially opened, Erin peeked her head through to see who had said that. She saw Nancy in a short pink nightie rushing right at her. Sighing, she opened the door again and let Nancy in as well. Then she closed the door all the way.

Erin didn't get time to say a word to Nancy, because Brandy was rushing further into the room. Brandy was practically doubled over and clutching her privates in an attempt to hide her nudity. She exclaimed, "Quick, where are one of those robes?! I need a robe!"

Erin didn't need to do anything, because there were robes on the floor here and there from where they'd been last used. Brandy went to the nearest one and immediately started putting it on. Erin was disappointed Brandy didn't stay naked, but she figured it couldn't be helped.

Ryan also took a moment to check out Nancy in her nightie. I'm so bad. I shouldn't be looking at her, especially while my dick is getting all this stimulation. Of course, she's third floor worthy too. Maybe though it's a good thing she and Brandy are off limits. Four girls as sexual and energetic as they are will totally run me ragged!

Heedless of her own nudity, Erin turned back to Nancy, who lingered near the door.

Nancy explained, "I heard all that, and I had to come too! It sounded like she just got impaled by a spear! I had to make sure everything's okay!"

Erin couldn't help but smirk a little at that. "Actually, she IS being impaled by a spear, Ryan's spear. That's the problem. He's too thick."

Nancy's face was full of concern. "Then he has to stop!" She looked past Erin and deeper into the room, where Monica's bed could be seen.

Erin sighed. "You might as well come in, but there's no turning back now. The thickest part of his erection is already in her and it would be worse if he tries to pull out."

Brandy and Nancy stared with fascination at the sex scene before them while they walked towards the bed with Erin. Monica still lay on her bed with her ass near the edge and her feet on the floor. Ryan was kneeling between her wide open legs, holding onto her thighs. His cockhead was swallowed up inside her, which was quite a sight.

Kate was lying next to Monica and holding one of her hands. She was whispering words of encouragement with a soothing voice.

Jordan was kneeling to the left side of Ryan and actively stroking the five or so inches of his shaft still outside of Monica. Not only did she refuse to stop despite the two skeptical arrivals, she fondled it even more possessively, as if she was worried they were going to try to replace her hands with their own.

Monica lifted her head briefly to observe Nancy and Brandy. She dropped her head back on a pillow and groaned unhappily. "Sorry for the screaming. I'm better now. I'm fine. Really!"

Brandy spoke as she walked closer. "That may be, but I couldn't just stay in my room. I figure we're all friends now, all part of a team. I don't want to be a pervy voyeur, but I couldn't just lie in bed tossing and turning, worrying that you were getting torn apart by The Beast!"

Nancy looked even more concerned. "Me too! Is this consensual? Monica, if it hurts too much, just say so! You don't have to go through with this just to prove some kind of point."

Monica groaned in frustration. She appreciated their concern but she also was annoyed. She felt their arrival was spoiling the mood and the momentum. She said, "Thanks for looking after me. I really appreciate that. But I'm just fine, and I WANT this. In fact, there's nothing I want more!"

Erin hurried the rest of the way forward and knelt next to Ryan, on the side of him not already occupied by Jordan.

Nancy shyly edged forward, staying just behind Brandy. She exclaimed, "You don't look fine! You're crying! Your face is contorted in pain!"

Monica tried to put on a brave face. "Okay, I'm in some pain, I'll admit, but it's to be expected. I know it's gonna get a lot better. Please don't meddle."

Kate turned to the new arrivals and said, "I also am really glad you're here. It shows we ARE a team and we've got each other's backs. The Third Floor Club! But this is a false alarm and there's absolutely nothing to worry about. We warned you there would be a lot of screaming. He fucked me earlier, and then Erin. We screamed our heads off too! It hurt a hell of a lot, I must admit. But then the pleasure took over and soon it was the best feeling ever! I swear, it was life-changing, it was that great. Monica just needs a few minutes for her body to adjust. We're already past the worst part."

Nancy put her hands on the sides of her face as she stared where Ryan and Monica were joined. "I don't know. This seems traumatic. He's too big and she's too small. It'll never work!"

Kate wanted to stay where she was and continue comforting Monica, but she realized she needed to do some damage control to prevent the two newcomers from ruining things. So she got up from the bed she'd only recently gotten on, and stood with Brandy and Nancy.

She put a hand on their shoulders confidentially, and spoke in a low voice. "Okay, here's the deal. Brandy, since you're a lesbian, I worry you won't be able to relate to her pleasure and you'll only fret about her pain. And Nancy, given your own sexual trauma, it'll be easy for you to see her struggling and think that she's being traumatized. But this is an entirely different thing, a consensual thing."

She continued in a no-nonsense tone, "You can stay if you want, but there have to be some rules. Comfort and encourage Monica all you want, but don't try to stop this! Don't try to talk her out of continuing. Don't act on your own. If you feel like things are getting too much for you to bear, talk to me or Erin first. Understand?"

Brandy and Nancy both nodded. Nancy, knowing that she was being especially scrutinized, said, "Don't worry, I'll be good. Of course I know she's not being raped. But I kind of need to see it with my own eyes. If I was in bed in my room and only hearing her screaming, my imagination would run wild and I'd fear the worst. I would toss and turn, almost like I was reliving the horror. If I'm here, it's like how turning a light on chases the imaginary monsters lurking in the darkness away."

Brandy said, "It's kind of the same for me. Sure, it's quiet now, but those screams of hers were bloodcurdling. I'm surprised the whole sorority didn't come running!"

Kate replied, "I get it. Thank God for thick walls and thicker floors, plus most everyone being down at the party. Here's the plan. I advise you two to get on the bed and comfort Monica. Hold her hand, stroke her hair, and tell her that everything is gonna be okay. I had been doing that already, but it's something you two can do."

Brandy and Nancy nodded again. Then Brandy asked Kate, "What are you going to do?"

"I'll be helping where the action is, giving encouragement and helping him to push in. And, I know you probably won't understand our ways, but I'll be helping to stroke his erection. The four of us are bound together by our lust for his cock. It's kind of symbolic if we all hold it as he keeps pushing it in."

Nancy's face soured. "Uh. Whatever. Count me out of THAT!" She had been very aroused by what she'd seen before, but that mood had passed. Currently, she was only interested in helping Monica from having something bad happen to her.

Brandy was of a similar mindset, though she certainly secretly relished getting to see the other girls completely nude some more.

Brandy and Nancy got on the bed and laid on either side of Monica. Each of them took a hold of one of Monica's hands and they both muttered words of encouragement. They also wiped the tears from her face and soothingly stroked her hair. They avoided touching any other part of her body though, since they were trying to be non-sexual and she was completely naked.

Seeing that the situation was apparently taken care of, Kate wanted to return to kneeling at Ryan's side. However, she was miffed to realize that Jordan had taken the spot on one side of him and Erin had taken the other. She didn't want to lie face down underneath him as Jordan had been, so instead she knelt directly behind him with her chin resting on one of his shoulders and her huge tits pressed into his back. That gave her a great view of the action while allowing her to coo sweet nothings in his ear.

She reached both arms around him and brought her hands to his crotch. There were only about five inches of his erection left to fondle and Jordan and Erin were already busy doing that, so she fondled his balls instead. That was fine with her since she enjoyed doing that too.

Once everyone was settled in their new positions, Kate muttered to Ryan's ear, "Crisis averted. I like this better anyway, so the three of us can resume contact with your cock and balls. That said, the interruption has given Mon a couple of minutes to adjust. Don't you think you should resume pushing in?"

He muttered back, "Should I? I'm not sure. I've kind of lost my confidence. I'd pull out if I could. What if Nancy is right and I'm just too big and Monica is too small?"

Knowing that Monica hadn't heard their quiet words, Kate asked him, "Why don't we ask her?" Then, in a much louder voice, she asked, "Mon, can you hear me?"

"Of course," Monica replied. "I'm lying here with my eyes closed, but I'm not dead."

"How are you doing?"

"Much better, thanks. As long as The Beast stays still, it's not bad at all. I have a feeling of incredible fullness, but I can cope with that."

"Good," Kate said. "Do you think you could handle it if he resumes thrusting in?"

Monica paused before answering, since she was carefully thinking it over. She was determined to make this a success, but she wondered if her body needed more time to adjust to his size.

Nancy stepped into the silence to say, "Monica, please! Be careful! He could permanently injure you with that thing!"

Monica squeezed Nancy's hand. "Thanks for your concern, but I'm a big girl. Don't try to discourage me; help give me the strength to get through it!"

Nancy said, "Even if you do, what then? You'll still have the same problem next time. I don't want to hear you screaming like a murder victim every time he pokes his billy club into you. I didn't sign up for that when I said I was okay with all this."

Monica responded, "Don't worry; it's just this first time that's the worst. Each time after will get better as my pussy adjusts to his size. Before long, his cock and my pussy will make a perfect fit and he'll be able to fuck me with wild abandon!"

Seeing that Nancy was looking doubtful, Brandy said, "I think she's got a point. I'm a lesbian, and even I know that much. Her body will adjust if they don't wait too long between sessions. In fact, I'll bet she's already adjusted a lot in the past few minutes. So let's do as she wants and try to be supportive, okay?"

Nancy sighed, but said, "Okay."

Monica then raised herself up some, propping her upper body up by her elbows so she could make eye contact with Ryan. She said, "Good. Now that we're all on the same page, let's do this!"

Ryan looked back at her with worry in his eyes. "Are you sure? 100% sure?"

"Absolutely! I know it's gonna get loud and difficult, but I can handle it. If anyone here can't handle the heat, then get out of the kitchen!" She looked at Nancy and then at Brandy as she said that. Then she looked at Ryan again. "Do it! What are you waiting for?! DO IT!"

"Okay, if you say so. Here we go!" He gathered his resolve and then resumed pushing in.

As Monica felt his cockhead sliding in deeper, she immediately cried out, "¡Oh, Dios mío! ¡Santa Madre de Dios!" ("Oh, my God! Holy Mother of God!")

Ryan was erring on the side of caution, so he stopped again after pushing just a little.

Nancy looked across Monica's body and gave Brandy a worried look. "I don't speak Spanish. What did she just say?! It sounds bad!"

Brandy shrugged. "I don't either."

In fact, nobody in the room spoke any Spanish at all except for Monica. But Erin raised her head from her cock stroking efforts and lied, "I do! Don't worry, it's not bad at all. She said, 'Oh, so big! I love how big and thick it is!'"

Monica couldn't resist laughing, since she knew how wrong that was. She lifted her head enough to give Erin a furtive wink. Then she said, "That's right! I'm loving how thick it is! Ryan, what are you stopping for? Keep pushing!"

Ryan hadn't noticed the wink and he assumed Erin and Monica were being truthful. Feeling encouraged, he resumed pushing, and with much more force this time.

Monica couldn't help herself, and screamed out, "¡Señor, oh, Señor! ¡Protégeme de La Bestia!" ("Lord, oh Lord! Protect me from The Beast!")

Then there was silence, not counting the heavy breathing all around. Ryan had made it in another inch, but now he was getting to the middle of his shaft, which was just as wide as the widest part of his cockhead's crown. He wanted to gauge how things were going.

All eyes turned to Erin for a translation, except for Monica, who had her head back on a pillow.

Erin lied, "It's still all good. She just said, 'Lover! Lover, I love your Beast so much. It's the very best!"

Brandy raised a curious eyebrow. "Really? The number of words don't seem to match."

Erin just smiled. "That's how it is with translations sometimes. One word could be a whole sentence. Isn't that right, Monica?"

Monica grunted affirmatively. She was liking this situation. She could find some emotional release while saying her real feelings in Spanish, which she knew she tended to do the more her strong feelings came to the surface. Erin's false translations would help assure the skittish others that there was nothing to worry about. Plus, she was finding Erin's made-up translations amusing.

Mostly, she just wanted to get through this difficult part so she could get to the total ecstasy part. She was still feeling a lot more pain than pleasure, but she could feel her pussy walls had adjusted a lot to his size already. She was confident it would get much, much better after he was completely sheathed inside her.

So she said, "Ryan, what are you waiting for? ¡Deprisa! That means 'Hurry up!'"

Emboldened, he pushed in much harder. It was a long, slow thrust, and Kate, Erin, and Jordan helped with hands on his back and ass. Progress was slower than pouring molasses, but he could gradually sense the thickest part of his shaft entering the passionate Latina.

Monica was trying hard not to scream out, because she didn't want to give Brandy or especially Nancy any ammunition to claim the fucking needed to stop. She gritted her teeth and shut her eyes tightly, and managed to keep quiet for a few long moments.

But then it became too much and she screamed at the top of her lungs, "THICK! TOO THICK! ¡Oh, Dios mío! ¡La Bestia es demasiado grande! UNNNGH! ¡Este hombre va a ser mi fín!" ("Oh, my God! The Beast is too big! UNNNGH! This man is going to be the end of me!")

But Ryan was more determined to keep going this time. He could tell things were much, much better than when he'd first entered her and she'd let out her prolonged "bloodcurdling" screams. He really wanted to get past the worst part, and he could sense they were almost there.

With one more strong push, the thickest mid-section of his shaft made it through. Suddenly he was able to slide the last two or three inches until he was fully impaled in her.

Monica nearly lost her restraint with that great push, and she screamed incoherently for a little bit.

Kate, Erin, and Jordan all still had one hand on his shaft, more symbolically touching it than stroking it because there wasn't much left. With that final push of his, they had to let go of it altogether.

Nancy and Brandy sat up on either side of Monica, grimly gritting their teeth and clutching her hands. They were at a loss over how to help her any more, and just hoped and wished for her suffering to end soon.

Finally, Monica stopped her screaming and triumphantly yelled, "¡Gracias a Dios! ¡Alabado sea el Señor! ¡Si! ¡Si! ¡Si! It is done!" ("Thank God! Praise the Lord! Yes! Yes! Yes! It is done!")

Then she simply lay there with her eyes closed and a weary but big smile on her face. Her breasts heaved up and down on her chest as she panted hard.

Nancy turned to Erin and urgently asked, "What did she say that time?!"

Too much had happened at once for Erin to fake translate Monica's previous and more anguished outburst, so she just tried to make something up for the more recent one. "Um, she's overjoyed! She says it feels so good. Such a joy. The Lord be praised. Yes, yes, yes. He's all the way in me."

Despite everything, Monica started laughing.

Brandy saw that fresh tears were streaming down Monica's face. While still clenching one of Monica's hands, she used her free hand to try to wipe away the tears. (Nancy did the same on the other side.) Brandy asked her, "What's so funny?"

It took a little bit for Monica to recover her breathing, but she finally managed to answer, "I'm just amused that she almost got some of it right that time. You see, Erin doesn't speak any more Spanish than you do!"

That led to some hearty laughs all around.

Erin griped, "Awww, why did you have to tell her that? I was enjoying being bilingual."

Nancy stared searchingly into Monica's face while leaning over her. She alone was too worried (and miffed) to be amused. "Then how are you feeling really?!"

Monica managed another smile as she searched her feelings. "I'm fine. I'll live." Realizing Nancy might take that the wrong way, she clarified, "Yeah, it hurt a lot at times, but it's done and he's all the way in me. It's what I want! It'll only get better from here."

Nancy nodded, but still worried, "What if it doesn't?"

Surprisingly, Jordan spoke up. "Nancy, don't be such a downer. She's not you. It clearly IS what she wants, so please be happy for her."

Nancy sighed. "Sorry. This is really difficult for me. I shouldn't be here, but I would be in worse shape hearing your screams from my room." She ran a hand gently through Monica's hair. "I consider myself your friend now, and I don't want to see you suffer. Can you at least tell me you're feeling more pleasure than pain?"

Monica searched her feelings some more, focusing on the sensations inside her pussy. She realized that most of the joy she was experiencing was purely mental, based on euphoria from the fact that Ryan was finally, actually fucking her for the first time. She was still too unconformable from her vagina being stretched to feel much physical pleasure at all.

She assumed it would get a lot better once he began thrusting in and out. But in the meantime, rather than directly answer Nancy, she focused on her positive thoughts. With her eyes closed, her smile grew and grew until she was beaming like the Sun. "Hey, everybody! You know what? Ryan, now that you're all the way in me, it's official! I'm one of your personal sluts!"

That caused a big celebratory reaction from everyone but Nancy and Brandy. Ryan's mind was blown all over again, and he stared at where his cock disappeared into Monica with his mouth agape. Kate, Erin, and Jordan squealed and cheered like Monica had just announced she'd won a multi-million dollar lottery.

Kate came out from behind his back and leaned forward over the bed enough to tap on Monica just below her breasts. That caused Monica to open her eyes, allowing Kate to make eye contact. Kate exclaimed, "Congratulations! This is HUGE! If what we talked about before will all come true, this is kind of like your wedding announcement! He OWNS you now! You belong to him!"

"I know!" Monica's face had never gone completely dry, despite lots of wiping from Nancy and Brandy, and now she was crying even more than before, but these were unabashed tears of joy. It's crazy! What will my parents think if they ever find out?! But it's what I want. I think I'm in lust AND in love!

Erin also excitedly leaned forward over the bed to make eye contact. She ran a hand up the other side of Monica's body. "Yeah, congratulations! We're all gonna have such fun together. I'm so happy for you! Any regrets though?"

"Yeah, lots!" Monica laughed, because that was true but she didn't really care at this point. "But so the fuck what? I can feel it deep in my heart that this is what I want!"

Erin tried to squeeze Monica's hand nearest to her, even though Brandy was still holding it. "That's good to hear! That means we're going to be a team, enslaved in endless ecstasy!"

Nancy let go of Monica's hand and slapped her own face. "Ugh! Brandy, did you hear all that? Does that make any sense to you?!"

Brandy replied, "No, but who are we to judge? The main question is, will this make them happy? Only time will tell."

Nancy griped, "But they only just met him THIS EVENING! And there's FOUR of them! This is madness!" She sighed heavily.

Then, realizing that she was spoiling the group's euphoric mood, she tried to be more diplomatic. She took Monica's hand again and squeezed it encouragingly. "Don't listen to me. If it's what you really want, then you should go for it. I guess." She forced a smile, but she felt like she was in a Twilight Zone episode.

Jordan was just as happy for Monica as Kate and Erin were. She also leaned forward over the bed, and said, "Hey, Monica, you know what else? This proves that he can fit inside you, which means he'll be able to fuck you at will! You'll adjust to him more and more until your pussy is a perfect fit! You'll never have to suffer like this again!"

That idea really perked Monica up. Her entire body wiggled and writhed in anticipation. "Ryan! Master! What are you waiting for?! Fuck me! Fuck me good! Plow me, in and out! Ram me! DEEP!"

Like the three girls at his sides, he leaned forward to make eye contact. "Are you sure?!"

"Hell yeah! What are you waiting for?! Show no mercy! ¡Vamos! ¡Ándale! ¡Ándale!" ("Let's go! Go on! Go on!")

Ryan was exultant, almost out of his mind with arousal and joy. Tears of joy leaked down his face too, because he felt as if all of his wildest dreams had come true. He yelled, "My hot pepper!"

Monica unexpectedly had a small orgasm despite not feeling much physical pleasure yet. She was rapturous over everything that was happening, and hearing him call her "hot pepper" was too much for her to take.


Ryan smiled at her latest ebullient scream as well at the way her body trembled and shook. All right! That's more like it! He remembered that she'd said she liked the missionary position so they could look into each other's eyes, and sure enough, she was staring intently at him. He felt a thrill race through his body from the lusty, passionate look on her face.

Then he started to pull his erection back.

To his surprise, sliding out was difficult, but not as bad as he'd feared. She was still tighter than Kate or Erin had ever been, but he could make way and she wasn't loudly screaming in distress anymore.

He kept withdrawing until just his cockhead remained in her. Then he immediately pushed back in. He was careful to go slowly, but his cock steadily progressed all the way.

Monica grunted lustily, and she clenched her teeth. "UGH! YES!" Her arousal suddenly surged as soon as he started steadily thrusting. She dearly wished he would have started earlier, but she also realized her body had needed the time to adjust first.

Encouraged, he kept on going. He pushed all the way in and then pulled out just as much as last time.

Monica moaned, "So deep! So deep! No one's ever been that deep inside me before!"

Nancy breathed a sigh of relief and visibly relaxed. Despite the sweat rolling down Monica's face and the seemingly pained expression there, she no longer had any doubt that Monica was enjoying herself. She kept on holding Monica's hand, since she still wanted to be supportive.

Brandy also relaxed. She wasn't that worried about Monica's physical issues, at least not anymore. However, she had major concerns about Monica and the others declaring themselves to be Ryan's "personal sluts" and even freely referring to him as their owner. She couldn't understand how anyone could feel that way about someone else, no matter their sexual orientation. This concerned her much more than when she'd been in the room earlier, because she'd gotten extremely aroused then and wasn't thinking too clearly. But she was willing to stay quiet about it... for now.

Kate, Erin, and Jordan were left at loose ends. They no longer could hold his boner or even his balls, since he was starting to move a lot and they knew he'd be moving even more. They also didn't need to help him push since he was doing fine on his own. They could see that Nancy and Brandy were taking care of comforting Monica.

So mostly they just knelt on either side of him and watched, with Kate and Erin on the same side so they could touch and comfort each other. They all kept at least a hand on him, usually on a thigh or the back, to help them feel connected to him and thus symbolically to the fucking. However, now that his thrusting was starting to pick up speed, their concerns went away and their arousal soared, causing all three of them to begin masturbating.

Ryan had been so worried about Monica's well-being that he hadn't been paying attention to much else. Even though he was surrounded by five other beautiful women, three of them naked, he had hardly looked at any of them for a while. He hadn't been able to enjoy this fucking much so far, because he'd been so worried that this would end badly, for instance Monica getting hurt or deciding he was just too big to ever fuck her.

Now that those worries were rapidly fading, he felt a weight lift from his shoulders. God, it's all too great! I'm able to fuck Monica after all, and it's awesome! He looked to either side, where Kate, Erin, and Jordan were kneeling. And I get to fuck these three beauties too! It's unreal! Too good to be true! Oh God! I'm tripping balls! I'm so high on lust and love and all-around awesomeness that it... oh shit!

He suddenly went from feeling like king of the world to panicky because he was overwhelmed by the urge to cum. He'd been dangerously close to an orgasm for a long time, well before he even started to enter Monica. All of his difficulties fitting in her had given him a mental respite of sorts, but it wasn't much of a physical respite because her pussy walls had been squeezing his shaft tightly all the while. So now that he was starting to thrust to his heart's content, the pleasure soared out of control, taking him by surprise.

This was very distressing for him, because he felt pressure to impress all the girls. For the last hour or more, that hadn't been concerning him much since everything was coming up roses. He'd almost forgotten how much of a liar and an imposter he was because his new role seemed to fit him comfortably. But he remained keenly aware of the fact that he not only was trying to wow Monica with his sexual skills, but wow the five other watching girls as well. He'd only really started fucking Monica for the last minute or two, so he figured that cumming at this point would be a real embarrassment.

He struggled with all his might to resist. He froze his thrusting and clenched his groin muscles, but he'd already passed the point of return. He knew he could delay shooting his load for a few seconds, but that was all.

With a loud, frustrated growl, he gave up and began blasting his cum into her. Once it started, he decided that there was no point in continuing to resist, so he resumed his thrusting and tried to enjoy the moment to its fullest.

But then another distressing thought hit him: he'd resolved to pull out before cumming since he was fucking her bareback and didn't know how effective her birth control methods would be. But obviously it was too late to do anything about that now. By the time that dawned on him, he'd already squirted at least half of his load into her.

He wasn't able to dwell on that line of thought though, because Monica started screaming and cumming like she'd been possessed by an angry demon. It hadn't been long since the sensation of his boner in her had gone from mostly painful to mostly pleasurable, and she normally would have had a ways to go before she even got close to another climax. But although he didn't give any sort of verbal warning about what was happening, she most definitely felt it when he started to blast his cum deep inside her. That was so thrilling for her that her arousal level shot to the stratosphere, and she found herself cumming hard before she could even process what was happening.

In all honesty, the physical sensation of the moment didn't do that much to her. Like nearly all women, the vast majority of her nerve endings were at the entrance to her vagina, not in the far depths of it. It was the mental realization that he was cumming in her that really got to her. She'd been fucked by other guys, and some of them had been lucky enough to (eventually) fuck her bareback. But she had made a profound emotional connection and commitment to Ryan in just the past couple of hours, and this moment was full of meaning for her. If there was any lingering doubt that she had fully committed herself to being one of his personal sluts, it was gone. Yet, as her orgasm ripped through her and practically blew her brain to bits, she didn't have a doubt in her mind about that commitment.

Ryan decided to put aside worries about making a bad impression or the effectiveness of Monica's birth control and just focus on fucking Monica hard and fast in order to give her the greatest orgasm he possibly could. The seconds passed, and he kept on vigorously thrusting in and out while Monica screamed and writhed on the bed. The longer it went on the more carried away she felt. At first she practically crushed Nancy's and Brandy's hands with her fierce grip, but eventually she had to let go of them due to her wild flailing about.

She had been wailing incoherently for well over a minute when she unexpectedly switched to Spanish: "¡Oh, Dios mío! ¡Me encanta! ¡Dame toda tu leche!" ("Oh, my God! I love it! Give me all your cum!")

Kate, Erin, and Jordan were still on their knees, watching and masturbating to the inspiring sight. It was easy for them to imagine they were in Monica's place. Even Jordan felt like she was getting royally fucked, despite not having been fucked by Ryan yet.

As Monica's huge climax finally began to trail off to grunts and heavy breathing, Erin said, "Okay, so my Spanish isn't exactly the best. But still, let me translate that for you: 'Holy fucking SHIT! Too fucking huge! This huge cock has stolen my soul!"

Kate reached over and gave Erin a slap. "Liar!" But she was smiling from ear to ear. She still enjoyed Erin's "translations," even though she knew they were completely made up.

Monica thought, "Stolen my soul?" An exaggeration, but not by much. Good fucking GOD! What's happened tonight has changed me, permanently! I think I'm in love! It is possible to get fucked so good that you can't help but fall in love? I think it is!

Ryan had been half out of his mind due to his own climax and then the sheer excitement of seeing and hearing Monica cum so hard. As things started to calm down, he was able to take stock of the situation, and he thought, I did that to her! Me! I was the one who made her thrash all over the bed like she'd lost control of her body. I swear, a big dick really is a super power, and it's the best one ever!

Then, after some more moments, he realized, I'm proud that I was able to keep on pounding her all the way through that. The build-up didn't last long, but the payoff was still pretty cool. But here's the thing: I'm still thrusting in and out! My dick is still stiff! Shouldn't it have gone soft by now? What if I can keep going like this? I'll redeem myself from embarrassment!

A new resolve filled him as he kept on thrusting. Okay, I'm going to stay stiff and keep on fucking her. Period, end of story! It's true that I'm tired and getting sleepy, but when have I ever been more sexually aroused and inspired? Never, that's when!

He looked to his left and right, to check out Kate, Erin, and Jordan. My hot pepper is as hot as erupting lava, but it's not just her. Gaawwwd, just look at my beauties! MINE! Forever! AAAARGH! What a heady thought! How could I not stay stiff as a board from seeing them and thinking about them?! I swear, so fucking great! I'm going to fuck all four of them into oblivion from now until the end of time!

Those thoughts revived him even more, until he realized that his dick had definitely "survived" his orgasm and he was in no danger of going flaccid any time soon. Yee-haw! So great! I swear, what a night!

It finally dawned on Monica that he wasn't going to stop fucking her because he wasn't going to go flaccid. This totally floored her, because she'd had such a great climax and she was ready for a rest. She cried out, "¡Que alguien me pellizque! ¡Esto no puede ser real! ¡¿MAS?! ¡Imposible!" ("Somebody pinch me! This can't be real! MORE?! Impossible!")

Then she was silent for a while, aside from her heavy breathing, because she concentrated all her thoughts and energies on "surviving" Ryan's continued pounding. She gritted her teeth and clutched at the sheets, and her face was filled with a kind of high-spirited determination.

Even Nancy, who was watching everything with great curiosity, couldn't find any reason to get worried again. Clearly, Monica's pain had turned to great pleasure, just as the others had predicted.

Kate turned to Erin. Even as both of them continued to finger themselves, Kate asked, "Okay, Señorita Erin, what do you think she said this time?"

Erin started by working back from the two words she thought she recognized. "Hmmm. Im-poh-see-blay. Sounds like 'impossible' to me. And 'más' is more. Ergo, the rest must mean, 'What, they're having a huge sale down at the mall? Everything fifty percent off? Or more? Impossible!"

Everyone else heard that and had a good laugh, even Ryan and Monica. But Monica was panting and so distracted by Ryan's pounding hard-on that she was unable to make a correction. She figured her tone of voice carried the gist of her feelings anyway.

Jordan leaned in closer to where Ryan's cock was sliding in and out. She said, "Erin was right about those two words though. Just look! 'More?! Impossible!' I'd be screaming the same thing! Just a few minutes ago, he could hardly move The Beast in her at all, but now it's sliding in and out with ease!"

Monica was nearly delirious with lust. When she heard "The Beast" mentioned, she cried out without thinking, "¡La Bestia! ¡Oh, La Bestia! ¡Señor, protégeme de La Bestia!" (The Beast! The Beast! Dear Lord, spare me from the Beast!")

Kate said in wide-eyed wonder, "All I know is she's going on about The Beast. Whatever it is, I agree!" She briefly closed her eyes and gritted her teeth as another wave of extreme pleasure washed over her.

She turned to Erin kneeling right next to her and tapped her shoulder. She urgently whispered, "Erin! Erin! I don't know if I can stand it! Everything is TOO HOT! I look at The Beast plunging deep in and out of her tight cunt and all I can think about is how much I want him to fuck me, like five minutes ago already! I neeeeeed it!"

Erin looked up and down Kate's fabulous nude body. She particularly loved the way Kate's hands were running all over her curvaceous form and wished those were her hands instead. Then she got an idea and whispered back, "Don't look too long or you'll go crazy! You need to distract yourself with something else. Here, let me help you."

With that, Erin repositioned somewhat to better orient herself towards Kate. Then she put her hands on the backside of Kate's head and pulled her in for a kiss.

Kate was emotionally overcome. She was about as lusty as she could get before the kiss even began. Then not only did she feel Erin's sweet lips on hers, their tremendous racks also rubbed together. She kept on fingering her slit with one hand, but used the other hand to explore Erin's incredible body.

As she did so, she thought, I don't know how helpful this is. It's like out of the frying pan and into the fire. But so what? I'm so overjoyed that I could just die! I mean literally die! And it's not just the pure pleasure of it all either. I used to be so lonely. The most wanted and desired girl in the entire university, and I basically had no friends, no real boyfriend, no love at all. Tonight I've found my man, my master! My love! I could die of joy from just that. But I've also found a whole bunch of new friends... especially Erin! She's really nice AND she's really sexy!

Kate shivered all over as she realized, I want her! Carnally, sexually! I do! Oh my God! She's too hot to resist! This is not helping me cool down AT ALL, but I don't care!

While it was true that Kate's sexual desire just kept on soaring to the skies, Erin at least had been right that such kissing was distracting. The two of them practically forgot about everything else and focused on caressing and kissing each other, although the sound of Monica's panting and grunting was always in their ears.

If anything, Erin was even more aroused and excited than Kate was. It's happening again! I'm making out with Kate! The great Princess Kate! No, make that Goddess Kate! And not only did she not resist in the slightest, I can tell she loves it! Such passion! We'll be doing this ALL THE TIME from now on! I can't even believe how happy I am. I could cry!

Since Jordan was kneeling on the other side of Ryan, she didn't even notice what Kate and Erin were doing to each other. But she was happy as a clam masturbating while watching Ryan fuck Monica. Due to her remarkable physical similarity to the Latina sexpot, it was almost like having an out-of-body experience watching herself get fucked. If she avoided looking up towards Monica's head, about the only thing to give away the fact that it wasn't actually her lying there was the significantly darker skin tone.

She was confident that since Ryan's cock managed to fit into Monica, he would be able to fit into her too. In fact, it looked like an ideal fit, with just the right amount of pressure. All in all, she was happy as a clam.

That left Nancy and Brandy without anything to do except watch. They weren't even able to stroke Monica's hair or hold her hand anymore, since she was writhing and clutching at the sheets.

Brandy had remained relatively unaffected by the intense fucking going on within arm's reach of her. But when she noticed Kate and Erin kissing and fondling each other, that changed dramatically. She became acutely aware of the fact that she was wearing nothing but a borrowed robe.

She felt a great urge to reach inside the robe and start fondling herself. But she thought, I can't do that! I have to be mindful of where I am and who I'm with. If I let myself get carried away, there's no telling what could happen. I've seen what's happened to these others, Nancy excepted. There's a kind of group insanity going on, like a feeding frenzy. Sure, I'd love to get intimate with everyone here... if only that didn't include him! If I don't watch out, even I could end up getting fucked by The Beast!

She looked to Nancy. Since Nancy was so engrossed watching Monica get fucked, she had to reach over Monica's body and touch one of Nancy's arms to get her attention. "Hey."

Nancy looked up and around, startled. "Um, yeah?"

Brandy whispered, "I'm thinking we should get going. I mean, what are we doing here in the first place? Sure, we had reason to worry about Monica's agonized screams, but that's all over. She's doing fine now."

Nancy looked back down at Monica's body. Her gaze roamed from Monica's lusty face to her bouncing breasts and finally to where Ryan's oversized erection was sliding in and out of her. She muttered, "Um... yes." Then she seemed to forget about Brandy altogether as she kept on staring.

Brandy thought, Sheesh, now Nancy's getting infected. She's totally horny too! If she wasn't still emotionally damaged from her rape, she'd probably be raising her hand to get fucked next. Good grief!

Brandy snapped her fingers. "Nancy, you hear me? Don't you think it's time for us to go?"

Nancy resumed eye contact with Brandy and considered that. She was very aroused, and yet she knew she wasn't psychologically ready to act on it yet, even if Ryan wasn't occupied. That was extremely frustrating. She reluctantly replied, "That... would probably be a good idea... but..."

"But what?" Brandy asked impatiently. She wanted to get out of there before the urge to masturbate was too strong to resist, and she was near her breaking point.

Nancy shyly admitted, "But I worry I'll have the same problem as before. As long as I see Monica with my own eyes, I can easily tell that she's enjoying herself. But if I'm alone in my room in the dark, trying to get to sleep, her screams will sound more life suffering. Then I'll toss and turn all night and have more nightmares."

Brandy quietly sighed, feeling sorry for Nancy's damaged psyche. She pointed out, "Monica is hardly making a peep right now, other than the usual gasping and moaning."

"True. But this isn't like normal sex between normal people. Do you really think this is going to end without building up to another great scream-fest? I don't."

Brandy couldn't deny that. But she was determined to leave right away before she got caught up in the "feeding frenzy," so she said, "I can see your point. I've got an idea though. What if you and I just hang out and talk for a while, until things calm down here? We could go to your room, or my room, or even back down to the party if you'd like."

She turned her head to look at Ryan's face, and then commented, "Besides, look at him. Look at how he's straining and struggling. I don't think he'll be able to last much longer in any case. It's good to leave now before things get awkward and cover-your-ears-loud anyway."

Nancy nodded. Then she and Brandy got up off the bed.

Brandy clapped her hands a couple of times, which only partially got the attention of some of the others. "Hey there, if you're listening... Nancy and I think everything is hunky dory now. We're going to leave now. Don't worry, like before, we won't say a word. Oh, and I hope you don't mind, but I'm gonna borrow this robe until tomorrow."

Kate and Erin were engaged in a passionate lip-lock and they weren't stopping for anything, but Kate managed to give a thumbs up towards the general direction she thought Brandy's voice was coming from.

Jordan was the one paying the most attention to Brandy, since she was on her own. She smiled and responded, "Don't worry, it's cool I'm sure. We'll see you both tomorrow, right?" She raised a fist up. "The Third Floor Club!"

Nancy and Brandy both smiled at that and somewhat reluctantly raised their fists too. Then they walked to the door and let themselves out.

Once the front door was closed behind them, Jordan cheered, "Woo-hoo! They're gone, which means we can let our hair down and REALLY go wild!"

Ryan looked down at where he and Monica were joined with vigorous thrusting, and then to Kate and Erin necking, and then to Jordan masturbating. He commented, "Um, I don't know how things could get much more wild than this."

Jordan chuckled. "I know. I'm just kind of joking. Actually, there's more I could think of, but I don't think you'd be up for it at the moment. To be honest, I don't know how you lasted all this time without cumming. It's amaaaazing!"

He slowly brought his thrusting to a halt, because he'd been going at it for a while and he was getting tired. He noted, "The truth is, I did cum a while back, inside my hot pepper. But she's such an inspiration that I stayed hard." He figured he could be honest about that, since the fact that he remained erect cancelled out the fact that he'd climaxed so soon.

Indeed, that answer only impressed Jordan more. Seeing that the fucking action had temporarily halted, she crawled up onto the bed and laid face down next to Monica. "That's so cool! Mon, his cum has flooded your insides. How does it feel to be thoroughly spermed by your man?"

Monica didn't mind him wanting to take a break, because she needed it too. In fact, she was far too winded to answer and had to hold up a hand indicating she was going to get to it.

Jordan repositioned so her hands and upper body were on top of Monica's upper body, allowing her to look down at her from only a few inches away. She gently brushed the bangs off Monica's forehead. Some of them were matted down with sweat.

Finally, Monica calmed down enough to smile and respond, "So great!"

Jordan smiled almost wolfishly. "I'll bet!" Then, figuring that if Monica had recovered her breathing enough to talk that she could kiss as well, Jordan planted her lips on Monica's.

Monica was still having trouble getting enough air, but she couldn't resist kissing back. Luckily, it wasn't a raging kiss, and she was still able to recover.

Although the kiss was a mellow one, it was full of meaning. With it, both girls were acknowledging the intimacy that had transpired between them by the front door wasn't some kind of fluke. Clearly, they were going to be sexually intimate with each other a lot from now on.

The kiss also gave Monica a renewed burst of energy. She suddenly broke the lip-lock and exclaimed, "Ryan, what are you waiting for?! Don't let this hot pepper turn cold!"

He smiled at that. Then he realized non-verbal gestures were useless since Jordan's body was draped over much of Monica's. So he said, "That's never going to happen, I'm sure. You'd be hot at the North Pole. The problem is me. Your pussy is such a fiery, tight inferno that I'm already in danger of cumming again. And worse than that, I'm tired. Really tired. This is way past my usual bedtime and I've had a LOT of energetic fun tonight. It's all catching up to me. I'm gonna need another five minutes, at least."

"No, you don't," Monica replied. She gently but firmly pushed Jordan off her, and then sat up on her elbows so she could make full eye contact with him. "I say it's time for a change of positions. In fact, I insist! I can't wait to ride The Beast cowgirl-style!"

Jordan pointed out, "I don't think that's possible, not unless he pulls out for the repositioning. And we all know how tough it is to get him back in again."

"True," Monica replied, "but I'm ready for the challenge. It's amazing how much my pussy has adjusted. I'll bet we can do it without any screaming."

Jordan very much doubted that, but Monica was insistent.

For the next minute or two, a lot of repositioning took place. Ryan laid on the bed where Monica had been. Monica wasted no time straddling him and lining his cock up for reinsertion. It was like she was counting each second until he was fully sheathed inside her again.

Kate and Erin had been listening, and they were very interested in the cowgirl idea. They were curious to see how well that would work, in hopes that they'd be trying that soon as well. As a result, once the others started moving, they broke their embrace and sat up on the bed. However, it was notable that they both sat on the same side of where Ryan lay, opposite where Jordan was sitting, so they could continue to touch each other.

Monica was all set to resume, with her hand holding his shaft and his cockhead lined up with her pussy lips directly above, but she was taking a few moments to psych herself up for the coming struggle.

As a result, Ryan had a moment of calm, and as he looked all around he noticed the way Kate and Erin were sitting next to each other with their hands casually caressing the other's body here and there. He commented, "You two sure seem to have gotten friendly with each other."

They could tell he meant that in a positive, non-judgmental way, so they didn't feel abashed. Kate bravely replied, "Yeah, well, a lot of things are changing tonight... for the better. It's like the floodgates have opened." She already had an arm around Erin's back, and she gave her a visible squeeze.

Erin looked like she'd died and gone to Heaven. She gushed, "Up until this evening, I tried to be guarded with my feelings. But now I'm letting it all hang out. I hope all of us in this room, we'll all come to love each other in every possible way!"

Jordan cheered from the other side, 'Hear, hear! If I was over there, I'd kiss you both!"

Erin was nearly dizzy with delight, and she had a great idea to make her even happier. She gave Jordan a come-hither look, and said, "We're not so far. Why don't we meet halfway?" With that, she leaned forward over Ryan's chest.

Jordan loved that idea and leaned forward too. Within seconds, she and Erin were French kissing with passion.

Kate's restraint was gone, even for lesbian activity. She practically swooned at the kiss, knowing that she'd get to kiss Jordan soon too. She exclaimed excitedly, "Lord, have mercy!"

Jordan had placed a hand on Ryan's chest to brace herself for the kiss, but with Erin firmly holding her that hand wasn't needed. So she slid it down to his crotch and worked her way up to his shaft. Within seconds, she was stroking it, despite the fact that Monica seemed primed to sit down on it at any moment.

Kate noticed that, and practically burst at the seams, she was so thrilled. "What a great idea!" She immediately dropped down and brought her head in close to his shaft.

Monica hadn't been waiting that long to psych herself up, but events were moving fast. She realized that she needed to act right away or else Kate was liable to start stroking and licking as well, blocking her own fun.

So, picking up on Kate's last comment, she muttered, "¡Por favor, Señor, ten piedad de mí!" ("Dear Lord, please have mercy on me!") Then she began forcefully pushing herself down on his thickness.

Jordan's fingers were busy sliding up and down his shaft, and when she felt Monica starting to move down, she let go. She was still mostly preoccupied necking with Erin anyway.

However, Kate's hand quickly replaced hers. Since Kate was lying on Ryan with her chin almost in his pubic hair, she figured she could simply keep an eye on Monica's movement and pull her hand away when there wasn't enough cock left to stroke.

Monica had promised herself that she wasn't going to scream this time, and she kept to that. However, it wasn't easy. She clenched her teeth and her entire body tensed with the strain of feeling his massive phallus entering her again. It helped greatly that she had gravity on her side. She kept on pressing down, slowly impaling herself on him.

After less than half a minute, she managed to get all of his cockhead inside her again. She knew that was a big accomplishment, and cried out, "UNNNGH! ¡Santa Madre de Dios! ¡Tan jodidamente grueso!" ("Holy Mother of God! So fucking THICK!")

Once she managed that much, she knew the rest would be a piece of cake, relatively speaking. Sure enough, it took another half a minute and she was completely impaled on him. She yelled, "¡Serás bruto! ¡Menudo esfuerzo! ¡Pero lo conseguí! ¡Síííííí!" ("You brute! What a struggle! But I did it! Yessss!" She raised her fists high in the air, like a triumphant boxer.

Kate pulled her hand away in the nick of time, but she remained where she was, staring from very close up (while Erin and Jordan kissed directly above her). She was in awe, and only managed to mutter, "God!"

Monica had made sure to face Ryan when she straddled him. She looked down at his face with a lusty face that looked angry from so much passion. She spoke challengingly, "Okay, mi hombre. Mi salvaje semental ¡Mi dueño! ¡Sí, sí, incluso eso! ¡Mi dueño! HNNNG!" (Okay, my man. My wild stallion. My owner! Yes, yes, even that! My owner!")

She looked like she was ready to cum on the spot, and that's exactly what she did, although she was relatively quiet about it this time. She let out a long, satisfied groan through her clenched teeth.

Ryan hadn't bothered to ask what Monica meant with her last couple of Spanish outbursts, since the context made the general gist clear enough. But this time he couldn't resist saying, "My hot pepper, I'm not sure what you mean there."

She grunted even louder, because hearing him call her "my hot pepper" was a rush in and of itself. She remained fully impaled on him as she tried to gather her wits.

Finally, after more heavy breathing, she managed to explain, "I was calling you, 'My man. My wild stallion. My owner!' And you've fucked my mind as well as my body so thoroughly that hearing those words from my lips - mi dueño, my owner - set me off on yet another lusty frenzy. So fuck you! You ARE the devil!"

She was venting some genuine frustration, because she was humiliated at submitting to him. She didn't think of herself as submissive and never would have imagined such a thing happening to her. But even though she followed that by shaking her fist at him, she did it in a playful way, showing that she wasn't really that upset.

That fist shaking caused her big boobs to shake as well. That had been inadvertent, but once she felt it happening she decided to highlight it, since she needed a few more moments to readjust to him thoroughly filling her.

Erin and Jordan had just broken their kiss and pulled back to their respective sides, making it easy for Ryan and Monica to see each other. Monica cupped her hands under her round E-cups and pushed them up and out. She sneered, as if really pissed off, "Look at me, you fucking bastard! ¡Bastardo! This proud and defiant body belongs to you now! You've won me with your motherfucking cock and made me one of your willing personal sluts! Does that make you happy?"

He couldn't resist replying with a big smile, "Actually, yes. Yes, it does."

"GRRR! ¡Bastardo!" But she continued to enticingly clutch and even caress her huge tits, knowing how much he enjoyed that. And at the same time, she began experimentally clenching her muscles around his shaft. She prided herself on her Kegel clenching power, but that had been with normal-sized erections. She was having to adjust her style to deal with his larger size.

The effect was immediate, and took him by complete surprise. His eyes bugged out and his head even briefly lurched forward off his pillow. "Whoa! What was THAT?!"

She smirked in triumph. "You like that, do you? Well, there's a lot more where that came from, mi hombre. ¡Mi dueño!" Just like before, calling him "my man" inspired her to call him "my owner," and then the reminder that he owned her caused her arousal to suddenly spike. But she recovered quickly after a brief yelp, and then squeezed his cock several times in quick succession.

He grunted and moaned like he'd been punched in the stomach, but it was just another surge of pleasure overwhelming him.

That response delighted her. "Ha! I've got you now! You may have made me a slave to your cock, but I'm going to make you a slave to my cunt!" With that, she started lifting herself up, as if she wanted to pull all the way off him. But she only went as far as the ridge of his cockhead and then she pushed back down.

Both of them greatly enjoyed that, and it showed in their lusty sighs. Naturally, Monica immediately did it again. And then again and again. It seemed that each time she managed to impale herself a little faster than the last time, even though the fit between them remained almost painfully tight.

Kate pulled back and then resumed sitting next to Erin so she should have a full view of everything happening. She and Erin embraced each other again, but did so in a way to make sure they were both facing Monica.

Kate muttered to Erin, "I want that! I want a lot of that! I can already tell that impaling myself on The Beast is going to be one of my very favorite things!"

Erin chuckled. "Me too. It looks amaaaazing! Check out that rapturous look on her face!"

Kate nodded in wonder. "Gaawwwd! I'm gonna do so much of that! Tomorrow morning, I'm gonna ride him cowgirl style until my pussy can't take it anymore!"

Erin's chuckled turned to full throated laughter. She pointed out, "Need I remind you that you were a virgin until, oh, about an hour ago?"

Kate smiled almost wickedly. "That just means I have a lot of lost time to make up." She suddenly pointed. "Oh! And look! She's starting to churn on him at the same time. Look at how her hips are gyrating even as she goes up and down on him like riding a merry-go-round. I want that too! I want to ride my master just like that!"

Erin's hands were roaming all over Kate's flawless body while the two of them stared at Monica's bouncing and churning. So far, she'd mostly avoided touching Kate's pussy for fear of taking things too far too fast. But she couldn't resist bringing a hand down and sliding her fingers up and down Kate's soaked pussy lips as she said, "Don't worry, you will. Your naughty little pussy is going to be split wide open on a daily basis. This is what you do now. You live to serve that cock!"

As Erin said the word "cock," she pinched Kate's engorged clit.

That set Kate off, and she began cumming and screaming incoherently. The thought of serving his cock rocketed around her brain as she nearly swooned from an orgasmic overload.

Jordan was dividing her attention between watching Monica's gyrations and what Kate and Erin were saying and doing. She felt left out all alone on the other side of Ryan's body and decided it didn't need to be that way. She got on all fours and crawled her way just to the top of Ryan's head until she was sitting on Kate's other side.

With Kate still reeling from the tail end of her big orgasm, Jordan wrapped her arms around her. She licked Kate's nearest ear while Kate tried to recover her breath, and then whispered, "Erin's right! You're going to get really, really good at that! We all will. We're his personal sluts now. And that's not just sexy talk; it's the truth! Look at Monica, because that's you tomorrow, and next year, and the rest of your life!"

That was such an intoxicating thought for Kate that she actually did swoon. Luckily, both Jordan and Erin were holding and fondling her, so all she did was slump in place a little bit. She thought, It's all too much! I'm so happy, I'm going to cry even more tears of joy!

As aroused and euphoric as Kate was, Monica was feeling even better. She was having the time of her life churning and riding Ryan's oversized erection. She could definitely understand why they called this "cowgirl-style," because she felt the thrill of riding a bucking bronco. Technically, she wasn't cumming - she wanted to hold out for the great finale to come. But it hardly mattered because it felt like an endless orgasm to her.

The only problem with such fantastic fucking was that Ryan didn't know how to handle it. He thought he'd built up stamina through his frequent masturbation, but this felt a thousand times better than his best masturbation session. Plus, he was worn out and sleepy. As a result, he could only cope with a few minutes of Monica's exquisite churning and grinding. It was all he could do to give her a little warning. "Oh no! Gonna cum soon!"

Surprisingly, Kate suddenly shouted, "Monica, please! Pull out so he can share it with all of us! Please!"

Even more surprisingly, Monica decided that was a good idea. He'd already blown one load into her vagina, and although she'd loved that, she wanted to try something different this time. Besides, she figured that if she pulled off she'd get a lot of points with the other girls. Since she was practically pulling off him each time she bounced her body back up, after her next thrust down she simply pulled all the way up and off him.

The other girls couldn't believe their luck. A mad scramble ensued, as Kate, Erin, and Jordan, positioned themselves across the middle of his chest.

There was no time for Monica to get in range, since she was on one side of his cock and the other girls were on the other side. So instead she held his shaft and had fun aiming it.

She was just in time, too, because he yelled in ecstasy as he passed the point of no return right as she firmly grasped his shaft. His first rope of cum shot just over the heads of the other girls. But his second rope splattered right down the middle of Kate's face. (Since Kate had acted first, she'd gotten the prized spot between Jordan and Erin.) Kate tilted her head slightly back in delirious rapture as his hot seed blasted all over her beautiful facial features. Her eyes were shut tight, but her mouth was opened wide.

Luckily, Monica figured that since Ryan had climaxed way more than normal, he probably didn't have much cum left. So she was quick to aim some of his cum towards Jordan's face, and then towards Erin's face. It was a good thing too, because his cum load was well less than half of the loads earlier in the evening. It helped that their three faces were pressed up close cheek to cheek, so there was no cum lost after that first errant rope.

Happily, the symbolism was more important than the actual amount of cum. Each girl got at least some cum on their face, and that made them happy. Kate actually got twice as much as either Jordan or Erin did, since Monica had to swing her aim across Kate's face to get from Jordan's to Erin's. But the three girls were far too overjoyed to quibble. And even though Monica didn't get any of the cum on her face, she figured she was the real winner since she got thoroughly fucked and a full cum load in her to boot.

She hadn't had her "big finale" climax yet, because of the need to act upon Kate's request. But she'd been right on the cusp, and once her aiming task was done, she simply stopped resisting, and had a great screaming orgasm. It would have been even better if she'd still been bouncing and churning on his cock at the time, but she was glad to spread the pleasure. There was more than enough to go around.

With Ryan's climax over, his will to stay awake and alert collapsed. He closed his eyes and started to drift off to sleep right away, not caring that there were four bodies draped over him.

However, before he completely lost consciousness, the girls wanted to revel in the visual splendor of their cummy faces.

Kate said, "Monica, THANK YOU for that! So much! Best friends forever, after that!"

Monica was delighted, but bashful. "Awww, it was nothing. You should see how you three look. So sexy! It was worth it, just to see your spermy faces!"

That excited Kate even more. "Oh my God! Did we record all this?! We did, didn't we?!"

Jordan pulled her head away from the other two and said, "Don't worry, I've got it covered. With two cameras. Monica, you're right. That is a super sexy sight!"

It dawned on Erin, "But our man can't see it. All he can see is the back of our heads!"

With that, the three cummy girls turned around in place to get Ryan's reaction. They were upset to see that his eyes were closed and he wasn't paying attention.

Although Kate was loving her new sexually submissive lifestyle, she still was used to getting her way. So she began shaking his shoulders without even thinking if that was what he wanted. "Ryan! Master! You can't go to sleep yet. You need to see this!"

He blearily opened his eyes. He was startled to see Kate staring down at him from only about a foot away, with Jordan's face on one side and Erin's on the other. Seeing their three gorgeous faces lined up like that, and with his cum splattered here and there, was simply too much. He muttered, "Sweet Jesus!" and then passed out together.


Ryan slowly awoke to a combination of very curious sensations. Mostly, he felt intense, incredible pleasure coming from his crotch. He'd never woken up feeling that good and he didn't understand what could be causing it. But that wasn't all. He felt a bright glare on his eyes, causing him to shut his eyes tighter instead of opening them. Furthermore, there was a heavy pressure on his chest, as if someone was partially lying on top of him. And he was hit by a strange smell that combined femininity and perfume with raw sex. He heard some unusual slurpy noises as well.

He'd been having a fantastic and extremely arousing dream when he'd been fully asleep. Slowly but surely, his mind started functioning enough for him to remember some snippets of what had happened last night. But he was lost in confusion, thinking that those memories had to be just a great wet dream and what was happening to him right now had to be another great dream in progress.

Eventually though, the pleasure from his crotch became too much for him to believe it was just a dream. If it was, it was far more stimulating than any dream he'd ever had. As the seconds passed, he realized he could clearly sense real lips tightly wrapped around his shaft and sliding up and down it. There were fingers on his lower shaft and balls as well - seemingly too many fingers to make sense. He gasped when he concentrated on the pleasures caused by a very busy tongue lapping on his sweet spot.

It finally came to him: Holy shit! Holy SHIT! Last night was all real! It all happened! I had sex with Princess Kate! AND Erin! AND Monica! AND Jordan too, although I haven't fucked her yet! But I sure as hell will today. All of it is REAL! Which means that one of them must be sucking me off right now! No fucking way!

He searched his feelings and tried to recall more of what had happened last night. Seriously, no fucking way! That can't be. It's totally implausible! Impossible! To score like that with FOUR girls at once?! There's just no way! No fucking way!

And yet... someone IS giving me a blowjob! Either that, or this is the best fucking dream ever. I'm afraid to open my eyes. What if I wake up?! GAAWWWD, that feels so good!

Another minute passed. He was giddy and dizzy as he became increasingly convinced that he actually was awake, which meant last night really happened.

Then he heard a female voice from a few feet away ask, "What's the verdict?"

He wasn't sure who asked that, but he recognized the responding voice as Monica's. She spoke with a normal volume, "I think he's awake! For real, this time. His eyes kind of shut tightly and they've stayed that way for a couple of minutes now. That's new. He gasped once, and now he's breathing heavily. And there have been all kinds of emotional expressions on his face. Just look at that huge shit-eating grin he's sporting right now. Don't tell me he's dreaming. I don't see the rapid eye blinking, like before."

The other voice asked, "Hmmm, maybe so. But what if he wants to stay like that? Shouldn't we let him? I've never had a master before; I don't know how these things work."

It took him a moment to catch on, but he finally realized, A-ha! That's Jordan! She's such a babe. And she's standing a few feet away, I can tell. Plus I feel more than ten fingers on my dick and balls, so that means Kate AND Erin must be sucking me off together! Taking turns, I'll bet! Oh, for fuck's sake! This is too great! I MUST be dreaming!

The location of Monica's voice gave away that she had to be responsible for the feeling of a body pressing down on his chest. It appeared she was lying on him and staring into his face in order to detect signs of him waking. She replied to Jordan, "I've never had a master before either. None of us have, obviously. Would he want us to wake him up? Is he going to be upset that we let him sleep past noon? Will he spank us for that? Or will he spank us if we do wake him up? Unfortunately, we just don't know enough about him to know what he wants."

Jordan said with a tinge of alarm, "It sounds like we're all going to get a good spanking, no matter what we do."

"Yeah, probably," Monica said in a nonchalant voice. "Does that bother you? Because being spanked is a big part of being a personal slut. You don't even have to do anything wrong. He OWNS us. We have no free will. We have to obey his every whim, and pleasure his big cock constantly. He can make us do literally ANYTHING!" She was trying to sound alarmed, but her tone of voice suggested she relished that prospect.

Jordan responded, "I know. You've only told me that a thousand times in the last hour alone. It seems like it, anyway. Don't act all superior just because you've gotten spanked and I haven't yet. I can't help that. I'm dying to lie naked across his lap and get my ass properly broken in, but I just have to wait. Oh, and by the way, Erin, it's time."

A muffled but loud moan of frustration came right from the mouth sucking Ryan's erection. He could feel the vibrations of the moan as well as hearing it.

Jordan chided, "EriiiIIIIIiiiin... Don't make me have to get pushy. Remember, we're a team. Weren't you the one lecturing to us just a little while ago about the virtue and importance of sharing his cock in our new lives going forward?"

There was another loud and frustrated moan, and then he felt Erin's lips slide off his cockhead with a loud popping noise.

But he didn't get any respite from the non-stop pleasure, because just a couple of seconds later he felt another pair of sliding lips envelop his cockhead. There was another muffled moan, but this one was more like a blissful sigh.

Even with Ryan still coming to full consciousness, he could figure out the mouth that had just been on him belonged to Erin and the new mouth was Kate's. Both of those facts were so incredible that he let out his own loud, lusty moan.

He had a few moments to recover while Kate took some time to adjust to having his thickness in her mouth. Kate! The great Kate! And Erin! And those definitely are Monica's big tits resting on my chest! And Jordan must be standing there watching Kate suck and wishing it was her turn! Hot damn, those sweet lips are really doing a number on me, and her tongue is fantastic! How can something this awesome really be real?!

He could feel Erin's breath on his lower shaft as she purred to Kate, "It never gets any easier, does it? We both have tears on our cheeks. But that just makes me love it even more. Don't you agree?"

Kate let out an "MMMM!" of hearty agreement. Then she started sucking in earnest.

That felt even more incredible to him, especially since he realized with delight that he could detect her personal style from her various sucking efforts the night before - she had an unusually active and dexterous tongue. And that reinforced the seemingly impossible realization that everything that happened last night was really real and not just a crazy, wonderful dream.

He was so overcome by a rush of arousal and realization that his entire body jerked, just like he'd been hit with an electric shock.

Jordan commented, "Okay, I saw that. He's awake for sure. There's no way anybody could sleep through that!"

He muttered, "I'm up." The glare of the Sun was still in his eyes, so he flopped one of his arms over his face. God damn! She's using so much tongue. And she sucks with such suction! UNH! I'm on the verge of cumming already, and my day has barely started!

He heard Monica hiss, "Yessss! Finally!" She got up off him altogether, now that her checking on his status was done. He was bummed to feel the pressure of her hefty tits lifting from his chest.

But strangely there was no other immediate reaction to his comment that he could detect, except that Kate began sucking him with even more vigor. He'd thought she was going all out already, but it turned out she could do even better. He seriously thought he might start seeing stars just like he was in the middle of a great orgasm, even though he didn't need to cum just yet.

He had to take the arm from across his face so he could clench the sides of his head with both hands, just like he was suffering from an overwhelming ice cream freeze. His hands ran though his hair, as if that would somehow help him cope with the great arousal without cumming. But he quickly realized that wasn't helping whatsoever, so he said, "Kate, my love, please take it easy on me. Way easy. What you're doing is going to make me cum in just a couple of minutes!"

He heard the other girls giggling. At the same time, he heard and felt a loud "MMMMUNMPH!" from Kate's mouth, but he didn't know what that meant. So he asked, "What's that about?"

Erin responded just as she began licking his balls. "The giggling comes from you thinking we've only been at this for 'a couple of minutes.' The truth is, we've been taking turns trying to stroke and suck you into consciousness for at least half an hour now. You missed out!"

There was more giggling from all the girls. Then Jordan commented, "Don't worry; there's a LOT more where that came from. We already have plans to basically spend all day-"

She was cut off when Erin said, "SHHHH! Don't tell him too much, or he'll get a big head. Remember what we talked about?" After a pause, it became evident she was directly addressing him again. "Anyway, as for why Kate made that big 'umph' noise, I think she's kind of flummoxed because you told her to take it easy on your cock at the exact same time you called her 'my love.' How can she not want to suck you with even more vigor after that?"

Kate immediately responded to that by making another loud and unintelligible noise. Then she apparently said a word that sounded like, "Muuum-maaaah-meeee!"

Ryan couldn't make heads or tails of it. All he could figure out was that it was three syllables long.

Monica said, "If I could hazard a guess, I'll bet she just said, 'exactly.'"

"MMMM!" Kate moaned approvingly. And though Ryan couldn't see it, the others noticed her making a thumbs up signal.

Ryan thought, Man alive! Today is going to be some kind of day! A crazy, incredible, impossibly great day. But still, I really need to put my foot down, or they'll drain my balls completely dry in the first hour. So he said, "Kate, I love your reaction, but I really must insist. Please take it way, way down, more than a few notches, or I'm going to blow my load down your throat or all over your face at any moment!"

Kate let out another loud noise that was both lusty and exasperating. Her cheeks caved in and she sucked with even greater vigor.

The other girls giggled a lot more. Jordan mirthfully explained, "You just did it again. You told her to slow down and then said something guaranteed to redouble her excitement!"

He sighed. Oh, man! So good, but so bad! I'm getting way too horny! He said, "Okay, I'll make it simple: please slow down! Please!"

That desperate plea finally got through to Kate. She almost stopped her lip and hand movement altogether, although she kept his cockhead in her mouth and her tongue kept on lapping at his sweet spot. Erin also gave up on licking his balls, though she continued gently fondling them.

He sighed with relief. He was loving the pleasure too much to have the two vixens stop altogether, so this level of stimulation was a good compromise.

With his arousal crisis passing, he finally dared to open his eyes and look around. He almost immediately regretted that, because the sexy vision he saw made his heart leap to his throat and also seemingly thump right out of his chest. His entire body twitched, several times.

Monica and Jordan were standing side by side at the foot of the bed, looking almost like twins with their identical height and bodily proportions, except for their vastly different skin and hair colors. Both of them were wearing very sexy lingerie, although his lust-addled brain couldn't figure out why, since all of it was see-through and barely covered any vital parts of their bodies.

He thought, God DAMN! So sexy! They're my sexy, slutty little twins. What sultry faces, what curvaceous hard bodies. So fucking STACKED!

He would have shamelessly gawked at them for a good while longer, except he caught the motion of Kate's bobbing blonde head out of the corner of his eye. He couldn't see much of her since he was lying flat on his back and she evidently was lying very low on the bed between his legs, but just seeing that much shook him to his core. He knew that if he lifted his head off his pillow he'd be able to see a lot more of her, and some of Erin lying next to her, but he figured he wouldn't be able to mentally handle all that just yet. Plus, he was still dangerously close to cumming.

He sighed from emotional exhaustion and closed his eyes again. Jesus Christ! What the hell did I DO last night?! How did I win them, all four of them?! Man! I must have really been at the top of my game with the whole pretending-to-be-a-dominant-stud thing. But can I fake that today, and tomorrow, and beyond? Oh, man!

He felt someone repositioning, and he couldn't resist opening his eyes again to see what was happening.

It was Erin sitting up while remaining on the bed and between his legs. She was wearing a revealing see-through nightie. Not only did it utterly fail to cover her tempting F-cups, it had a shelf underneath them that actually thrust them up and out a little bit. She looked into his eyes while she reached down and resumed fondling his balls with one hand. "Okay, now that you're up and alert-"

"In more ways than one!" Jordan happily chimed in, staring at his throbbing erection. "He's VERY up!"

"Yes," Erin said impatiently. Her tone turned prideful as she added, "But when is that not the case with our man?" She added in a breathless whisper, "Such a fucking STUD!"

She spoke boldly as her pride in his sexual prowess soared ever higher. "This is the cock that's going to rule my pussy for years to come. And it's halfway buried in the mouth of Princess Kate!" She tickled her fingers up and down his shaft with her free hand, and then moved that hand up to Kate's face to wipe away some fresh tears. "Look, girls. Look at how she's crying tears of effort even while she's taking it totally easy on him."

Monica pointed out, "Simply keeping The Beast in her mouth is a constant struggle. In fact, it's probably harder to keep it there without the distraction of moving her lips."

"True," Erin said with dreamy distraction. She noticed that Kate had just resumed her lip sliding due to Monica's comment. She licked her own lips, wishing she was choking and gagging on his thickness. But then she regained her focus. "Anyway, Ryan, we got a lot of things to talk about. To start with, we're VERY upset with you."

Oh fuck! He felt panicky. "You are?!"

"VERY!" Erin said firmly. "First off, we want to know if you're for real."

He tried his best to hide his panic, even as his pleasure continued to soar from Kate's slow but effective oral attentions. "'For real?' What do you mean?"

Monica sat down on the bed and cut in to say, "We mean, were you sincere about all that you said last night? Claiming us as your personal sluts, possibly forever, and all the rest? Are we not good enough and tempting enough to keep your attention?" With that comment, she struck a sexy, provocative pose, with one hand behind her head. One strap to her nightie slid down a shoulder, although that didn't matter much since she was topless already.

He licked his lips like a starving dog. It took him some long moments to remember to respond, "You are! You are!" He reached out and caressed one of her muscular thighs.

Monica smiled with satisfaction, but only for a second. She pouted as she continued to pose and preen, "Or are we just the latest conquests you'll fuck and dump once we start to bore you? And were you honest when you said we really are your only personal sluts at the moment, or do you have others?! In short, are you serious about claiming us and owning us, and using us for your personal pleasure for many years to come?!"

She abruptly dropped her sexy pose and stared into his eyes with surprising emotional vulnerability. "Or was that just a lot of hot air and empty promises? We're dying to know, because you have us all... well... very emotionally worked up!" She looked away, shy from expressing herself so directly.

His brain reeled from hearing all that. "Hot air and empty promises?!" That makes it sound like she WANTS me to own her and "use her for my personal pleasure for many years to come," and she'll actually be crushed if I don't! Wow! Again, what the HELL did I do last night that led to all this?! Damn, I really do have a super power! Big dick power is AWESOME!

Jordan continued to stand, and she folded her arms under her bare rack, causing her round E-cups to swell forward enticingly. "Well? Please answer the question! Everything hinges on that!"

His head swam with amazement, because Kate unexpectedly raised her upper body by resting her weight on her elbows, revealing that she was buck naked. His cockhead never left her mouth, even as his shaft went from pointing straight forward to pointing straight up. That allowed her to continue as before, except she could look down his body just enough to make eye contact with him.

It felt like a lightning bolt when he saw her face come into view. For starters, her face was literally breathtakingly beautiful, the kind that belonged on billboards and magazine covers. He could see her lips wrapped around his remarkably thick shaft, with fresh tears of effort rolling down her cheeks. He had serious trouble breathing, and only belatedly gasped and panted when his body demanded oxygen. The other three girls were all stunners, but Kate was in a class of her own. On top of that, after repositioning she kept her lower legs tucked under her body, bringing her flawless ass into view as well. Her entire body seemed to bounce in time to her rhythmic bobbing, with her ass in particular in constant motion.

He felt like he was on the verge of a heart attack. Had he been standing or even sitting, he would have swooned to the ground due to that mind-blowing sight. And looking elsewhere wasn't any help, since Erin, Monica, and Jordan filled most of the rest of his view.

Unfortunately, this wasn't the time for gasping, gaping, or swooning, because all four girls were eagerly awaiting his answer. He rallied his wits and said heatedly, "Of course I'm serious! What do you take me for? I've never been more serious about anything in my entire life!"

He was somewhat disappointed to see no dramatic reaction to that. Then he realized they were all still doubtful and afraid to get their hopes up.

Finally, Monica asked with extra fiery passion, "Do you really, really, really mean it? Or are you just jerking us around? Because if you're playing with our hearts, I'm going to be so fucking mad! God have mercy on your soul if that's your game! Some of us are developing really strong feelings for you, you know." Again, she turned her head out of shyness for letting her feelings show.

He was shocked all over again to see Monica not just turn her head, but also try to wipe away the tears that were suddenly leaking from her eyes. Oh God! Oh God! Monica's really fallen for me. I think maybe they ALL have! Even Jordan looks like she's about to get a bit teary-eyed, on top of her already streaky cheeks. I need to man up, to rise up and become the kind of great guy they all think I am!

He held his arms wide open while he continued to lie there. "Monica, Jordan, please come here so I can hug and kiss you. I really, really, REALLY mean it! I've developed shockingly strong feelings for all four of you too. I'm afraid you're stuck with me for the long-term, if I have any say in the matter!"

The look of joy and relief on Monica's and Jordan's faces were priceless. Both of them immediately began crawling up the bed towards him.

He turned his attention to Kate and Erin. The shocks kept on coming, because he saw fresh tears flowing freely down Kate's cheeks, even as she resumed bobbing on him with great vigor. The resulting loud slurpy sounds helped his heart thump even faster.

Unfortunately, he couldn't see Erin's face at all, because she'd suddenly dropped back flat on the bed with her face in his crotch once more. Clearly, she longed to suck his cock too, but since Kate was already busy doing that, she tried licking as much of his lower shaft as she could manage. However, after just a few seconds of doing that, she came up with an additional idea: she took one of his balls in her mouth and began sucking on it as a sort of cock substitute.

He was amazed at how good that felt, especially since Erin fondled his other one at the same time. Overall, Kate's new burst of sucking energy doubled his arousal in a flash, and what Erin was doing to his balls doubled that again. Between Erin's two hands and mouth and Kate's mouth, his cock and balls were completely covered. Once again, his heart thumped so hard that he worried he'd have a heart attack.

He was going to reassert that they take it easy on him, but he didn't get a chance because Monica and Jordan were on him like hungry lions pouncing on their prey. He found himself French kissing one and then the other, while his hands seemed to be drowning in big tits to play with. It was all too bewildering and wonderful to take. He could feel his resistance to letting go and blasting his cum load into Kate's mouth slipping away by the second.

In desperation, he forcefully broke the kiss and shouted, "STOP! Everybody stop!" He was too overcome by their combined lusty attentions to even know who he'd been kissing.

That was such a shocking surprise that the girls all complied right away. Monica and Jordan lifted their bodies partially off his chest. Kate and Erin even pulled their mouths and hands all the way off, leaving his privates completely untouched.

Kate quickly wiped her cheeks of tears and her chin of cum, then bowed her head slightly. "Master, I'm sorry! Did we displease you?"

Hearing and seeing that level of obedience even from the remarkably desirable Kate blew his mind all over again, and very nearly caused his boner to shoot off. "Master!" She calls me "master" and she means it! Fuuuuuuck! He clenched his teeth and shut his eyes tightly as he struggled to resist the temptation to let his cum fly.

At first the girls saw the pained look on his face and grew even more worried that he was upset with them somehow. But after just a few seconds they all realized he was merely struggling mightily not to cum.

Thinking fast, Erin gripped the base of his shaft and squeezed very tightly.

That helped greatly. But still, he continued to hang on for dear life. "Master?!" Are you kidding me?! That's Princess Kate, the only girl who could make Kate Upton look plain and flat-chested in comparison! Fucking hell! She thinks I OWN her, which makes it true! And she totally loves it. If the guys on campus found out, they'd either kill me or build a giant statue in my honor. Pinch me, I'm dreaming!

Finally, the latest crisis passed. He was able to ease his breathing and open his eyes. He looked to Erin and muttered, "Thanks! That helped a lot. How'd you learn to do that?"

Erin smiled knowingly. "Hey, last night wasn't my first time with a penis. I've got a few tricks up my sleeves."

He took a heavy sigh of relief. "Thank God. Anyway, what's this about you all being 'very upset' with me? Tell me what the problem is so I can fix it." He put a hand on his forehead as he continued to recover from the close call. "And please, let's do it without any cocksucking or that sort of thing. If it's serious, let's talk without distractions. You're all so sexy and arousing that I can barely think straight."

That made all four girls smile.

Kate looked to Erin (who was still holding the base of Ryan's shaft) and got the non-verbal okay to take the lead in the discussion. She said, "We WERE very upset with you. Now, not so much, if you're really sincere about making a serious commitment to us."

"I am. I swear I am. But please continue."

She went on, hesitantly, "You see... it's like this. You obviously were very tired after being the center of a lot of affection and attention all night long. So you slept and slept the whole morning away. But we didn't. In fact, the four of us were all awake by nine."

Monica cut in, "And we were totally freaking out!"

He furrowed his brow. "'Freaking out?' Why?"

Monica gesticulated wildly as she sat there on the edge of the bed near his crotch. "Why? Why?! Oh, I suppose it's an everyday occurrence in your world for a girl to wake up and realize she'd pledged her body and soul to a guy she hardly knows?! To realize that she's a 'personal slut' and she's actually owned by someone else?! And worse, that she's got to share that 'honor' with at least three others! I'll tell you, that's a real kick in the head! It's like a whole bunch of kicks!"

He looked from girl to girl, from Jordan sitting on one side, to Kate and Erin between his legs, and then finally to Monica on the other side. They all nodded with dead serious faces. He didn't know what to say.

Before he was forced to speak, Kate resumed, "It's true. We were freaking out. It wasn't long before the four of us gathered together on Monica's balcony in our nighties to sort our feelings out while we let you sleep. We ended up having a big discussion."

He was startled to realize that Monica's room had a balcony. He glanced around the room and saw that was true.

Monica interrupted Kate again. "More like an argument. It almost came to blows a couple of times!"

Kate nodded. "That's true." She told Ryan, "If you had been up, we would have turned our anger and frustration on you. That's why it's lucky for you that you kept on sleeping through it all. Eventually, we finally came to grips with our new reality and sort of talked each other out of doing anything rash."

Ryan suddenly realized that Erin had gone from merely holding his shaft to actively stroking it. She'd even brought her hand up to rub a couple of fingers against his sweet spot. He wanted to remind her to stop. But she was taking it easy on him, relatively speaking, and he couldn't get a word in with Kate talking.

Kate said, "It was a real blessing that the six of us all live right here so we can help each other out. In the end, we kind of came to some acceptance and understanding, thanks to our new friendships."

Jordan added, "Well, that plus the fact that we all got increasingly horny. At least that was the case for me. It was a miracle we could talk at all, given the way you had morning wood pretty much all morning." She pointed a finger at him. "And with the sheet kicked off. Talk about distracting. Even being out on the balcony didn't help, knowing it was poking up in the air just a short distance away. It was a kind of torture!"

Kate sheepishly admitted, "Okay, I'll admit there was some of that going on. We did get more than a bit distracted there at the end. Anyway, we still have issues to sort out with you. Lots of issues!" She stared at him almost accusingly. "This isn't just fun and games, you know. The way we figure, being a personal slut is a major, major commitment."

Erin chimed in while staring at him intently, "And not just for us. For you too! We expect you to take full responsibility!" She put a hand on her hip to emphasize her point, while her other hand stayed busy stroking his boner.

Ryan tried to digest all that. It was a lot to take in, especially the fact that they were all taking this very seriously indeed. However, between staring at their gorgeous faces and their curvaceous bodies, it was a struggle for him to think at all. Then something occurred to him, and he asked, "Wait. Did you say all six of you are helping each other out?"

Kate had been resting a hand on his thigh, but it had somehow gradually slipped to his erection. She began subtly stroking his hot pole just below Erin's hand as she said, "Sure. Naturally, that includes Brandy and Nancy as well. Obviously, they're not sexually involved with you, nor do they want to be. But they're part of the Third Floor Club and we've got each other's backs. We wanted to consult with them and get a cautionary voice, since we realize our lusts are kind of running our brains when we think about you. They weren't entirely opposed to the four of us enslaving ourselves to you, but they wanted to be sure that we carefully thought it through first and were completely determined to follow through."

He unthinkingly blurted out, "They weren't?!" He couldn't imagine how anyone could approve of someone "enslaving" themselves to someone else, not unless they were totally overcome by lust.

She patiently continued, "Like we said, things got pretty heated at times. But they saw what happened to us last night. Even though it didn't happen to them, they could understand how we've discovered powerful new feelings and experiences we very much want to explore. In the end, they agreed to accept and support our new lifestyles provided that YOU are serious about committing to us too. Furthermore, they're going to play a kind of watchdog role, to make sure you don't take advantage of us."

Erin corrected, "Well... you are going to take advantage of us, obviously. You own us, after all. In fact, we'll be really bummed if you don't. But what Kate means is taking advantage in a bad way, like beating us or stealing our money, or generally turning into a raging asshole."

Kate quickly corrected Erin's correction. "Of course that doesn't count getting spanked or other physical punishments you may come up with. It's hard to explain or define, but I think there's a right way to punish your sluts and a wrong way that could turn into domestic abuse. That's one thing they can help with, to make sure this doesn't turn ugly somehow, if you get mad with power or something. We want to keep the emphasis on fun and love and lots of orgasms."

He nodded, since he was in complete agreement. He noticed that Kate and Erin switched hand positions so Kate could stimulate his sweet spot for a while. But the pleasure level was just right, so he didn't try to stop them.

Instead, thinking on the fly, he said, "Understood. Trust me, I have no intention of ever hurting any of you. In fact, I'm thinking of making the spankings a reward instead of a punishment, even though we can continue to pretend they're punishments if we want to. I have other options for punishments if need be, like extended time-outs."

Jordan asked, "What does that mean?"

He explained, "It means that if you're being bad, you won't be part of the sexy fun the rest of us will be having. That'll give you time to think about the bad thing you've done."

The eyes widened on all four girls as they contemplated that. They immediately understood that would be a very big disincentive.

He went on, "Keep in mind that I plan on being a dictator of sorts, but a benevolent dictator. The way I figure, this isn't about me, it's about US. If the four of you aren't happy, then I'm not going to be happy. Yes, I'll dominate you and yes you'll submit to me and serve me, but we'll mutually enjoy that and benefit from it. We're all going to have lots of fun and love and orgasms, as you put it, Kate."

He spoke emphatically, "And yes, what I say goes. Period! This isn't a democracy at all. But I do want feedback and input. The way I figure, dominance and submission is a two-way street. There are plenty of ways for you to get your wants and needs across to me while remaining totally obedient to my every command. In fact, I said last night that you all are going to be a real handful to deal with, and I'm sure that'll be true."

He nodded to his erection. "For instance, didn't I say to leave my dick alone? But did you listen?"

Kate smirked unrepentantly. "Technically, you said 'let's do it without any cocksucking or that sort of thing.' The way I figure, this is a very different thing."

He rolled his eyes, but he couldn't stop smiling. "There you go. Case in point. The thing is, I'm just getting to know all of you, but I already treasure and respect each and every one of you. I'm sure our feelings will only grow stronger the more time we spend together. I want this to evolve into something very magical and special, something that you're damn proud to be a part of, even if you can't tell anyone else about it."

They were all unthinkingly nodding in understanding and agreement.

He continued, "Yes, technically I 'own' you now, but not exactly, not really. You're always free to walk away. There's no way I can keep you locked in chains against your will, and I wouldn't want to if I could. I want you to be a willing and enthusiastic part of this because you're enjoying it and loving it so much. If you're not, then we've got to talk and sort things out until you are."

The girls all looked and felt glad to hear him say that.

Monica said, "Thank God! I can't wait to tell Brandy and Nancy that, 'cos that should put some of their concerns to rest."

Kate spoke while she idly ran her fingers all over his cockhead, "I'm really delighted to hear that too. But what about your promise to cure me of my Princess Kate ways? Cure us, actually. We're all spoiled rotten from our beauty and wealth, though I'm probably the worst."

Jordan teased her, "'Probably?'"

Kate sighed. "Okay, definitely. But still, it's just a matter of degree." She looked intently into Ryan's eyes. "What about you helping me to reform my selfish 'princess' ways with your huge cock and firm spanking hand? I must admit, that's a big part of why I get so excited to be a part of this. I figure I'm going to have the best sex humanly imaginable AND overcome all the things that were making me miserable at the same time!"

He finally sat up, so he could reach out and take Kate's hand. "Don't worry. There will be plenty of that. I'm not going to put up with you being a spoiled and selfish bitch, that's for sure. The spanking thing is complicated; we'll have to work that out. But trust me, I have plenty of ways of keeping you in line and headed towards being a better person while keeping a smile on your face and the cum dripping down your thighs."

Kate beamed brightly as she squeezed his hand with one hand while slowly jacking him off with her other one. "Thank you! That's exactly what I needed to hear!" She added more soberly, "We're all taking a big leap into the unknown with you. It's very scary. And yet... I trust you. We all do. I don't know why, maybe we're dumb since we still hardly know you at all, but it just feels... right. Like, like... you really do care for us and you really will make good on your promises. That's why we all eventually came around after a couple of hours of hand wringing and arguing, because we have a strong gut feeling that you'll be the man we all hope you are."

He nodded, like he'd expected to hear that. In fact, he was secretly jubilant. "Good. Look, there's a fine line between being a good owner and being a bad one. I know I'm young, even younger than all of you, but I'm confident that I have what it takes and I know what I'm doing. I'm sure I'm going to make some mistakes along the way, especially as we get started, but I ask you to trust me and give me a chance to prove that this is a lifestyle we'll all come to love and want to continue down through the years. How does that sound?"

The four girls were all smiles. Those were just the kind of words they'd been hoping to hear.

However, he thought, Yikes! I sound pretty good saying all that. I could almost convince myself with the way I project supreme confidence. But I'm REALLY flying into the unknown! I've never had any relationship with one girl, and now I'm going to try four at once! I'm running on little more than porn logic and chutzpah. Oh, and my big cock "super power." Thank God for that!

Somehow though, I think I really can make this work, mostly through lots of great orgasms for everyone. I DO feel strong feelings for all of them, and they're growing stronger all the time. I really meant every word I said. Especially "If the four of you aren't happy, then I'm not going to be happy." That's key. As long as I stay true to that, and keep them all very sexually satisfied, I'm pretty sure everything will work out.

He continued with forced bravado, "Okay, so it's good to get all that clear. Are any of you still upset with me about anything? If so, let's get that sorted out too."

The girls looked back and forth between each other. Nobody had anything to say.

Finally, Kate looked back at him, and said, "I think this is going to be an evolving conversation. We're all feeling much, much better after what you just told us. There are a lot of other issues to go over, but those can wait. Time marches on, and we have things to do. For instance, did you realize that it's after noon and you haven't had a bite to eat yet?"


He was startled as he mentally checked his hunger level. "Shoot! I hadn't thought of that at all, but now that you mention it, I'm starving all of a sudden."

Kate smiled widely. "Good. Because we can help you with that. Monica? Jordan? You want to help out here?"

Monica and Jordan nodded eagerly. Then Kate and Erin let go of his cock and even got off the bed and stood up.

He used the opportunity to reposition himself. He scooted back to the bed's headboard and sat up against it. He put a couple of pillows behind his back to make himself more comfortable. This way, he could better watch what was going on all over the room.

Kate asked, "Honey, do you have to pee or anything like that?"

He checked his bodily needs and realized he was okay since he'd gotten up to pee a couple of times in the middle of the night. "No, not really. Although it would be good to brush my teeth."

Kate smiled widely again. "Indeed it would." She nodded to Erin, who walked away. Then Kate walked off in a different direction.

As that was happening, Monica and Jordan were lying between his still spread out legs.

He was blissfully distracted watching Kate and Erin stand and walk around. They looked fantastic from any angle, especially since Erin was wearing just a tiny see-through nightie and Kate was wearing nothing at all.

As a result, he didn't really pay attention when Monica and Jordan carefully took his erection in hand and began holding it together. But when they both started licking up around his cockhead, it felt far too pleasurable for him to fail to notice.

He looked down and asked in surprise, "What are you doing?!"

Erin appeared at his side, kneeling on the bed right next to him. She had a bowl of water in one hand and a toothbrush in the other. The toothbrush already had toothpaste on it. She handed him the toothbrush as she explained, "They're doing what they've been dying to do all morning: pleasure The Beast! It's true they did play with it a little bit while you were sleeping, but that's not the same thing."

Good God! They spoil me rotten, to say the least! But I should play along. I'm supposed to be used to this kind of treatment. Then he did a double take at the toothbrush in his hand. "Wait. What? What is this?"

Erin smirk-smiled. "What do you think it is? It looks like a toothbrush to me. I know it's not yours, but we can't have you go all the way back to your cruddy little dorm room."

Before he could answer that, he sensed a presence on his other side. He turned, and sure enough, Kate was getting up on the bed too. She carefully carried a tray full of food, covered with a lid.

As she scooted into position sitting up against the headboard next to him, she said, "Honey, please. Hurry up and brush your teeth so we can properly feed you."

"Feed me?!" He was trying to act unfazed, but this was more pampering than he ever would have imagined. His head was spinning just from seeing her huge melons swinging and swaying as she moved into her new position.

Erin snickered while she pushed his hand holding the toothbrush up to his face. "Feed you. Breakfast in bed, served to you 'personal slut' style." She nodded towards his crotch. "Girls, he seems slow on the uptake. I don't think he's fully awake yet. Can you help with that?"

Monica and Jordan smiled almost wickedly. They answered as one: "Gladly!"

After checking with Monica, Jordan took sole possession of his boner and suddenly engulfed his cockhead. She moaned and groaned as she struggled with his sheer thickness, but within seconds she began capably bobbing on him.

Ryan gaped in surprise, because he was surprised all over again at how fantastic that felt. But almost simultaneously, Monica sat up on the bed, pulled a white glove from somewhere, and dramatically fitted it onto her hand.

His mind reeled as he tried to figure what the glove was needed for. He couldn't think of anything good.

Within seconds, Monica was lying down on the bed between his legs again. While Jordan bobbed on his pulsing shaft mere inches away, Monica brought her mouth to his balls and got busy licking them. That left him puzzled about the glove. But a few seconds later he felt her gloved hand squeezing under his body and moving up along his ass crack.

Seeing the worry on his face, Erin said, "Relax. She's just going to play with your anus a little bit. Have you ever had your prostate stimulated?"

He shook his head while continuing to dumbly hold the toothbrush.

Erin said, "None of us have ever tried to do it before, but apparently it's guaranteed to drive a man wild. You fucked us all into oblivion so many times last night that we kind of want to go the extra mile with something new to show our appreciation. Why don't you see if you like it?"

He thought, "Show our appreciation?" Geez, they act like I did them a big favor. I hope they know I loved it too! In fact, there's nothing I love better than fucking their tight cunts. I can't wait to take Jordan's for a spin in a little while. She's gonna be so tight, just like Monica's. Yeow!

Monica spoke while she licked his balls, "Don't worry. I'm going to take it slow. I'll just explore your ass crack to get started." In fact, she already was running a gloved finger up and down his perineum ("taint") and up his ass crack, sometimes as far as his anus. She asked, "How does that feel?"

"Good!" he practically shouted. "Weird, but good. But how am I supposed to brush my teeth with THAT going on?!" He wildly waved his hands in the general direction of his crotch.

Kate grabbed his hand holding his toothbrush, since he was unthinkingly waving it around enough to cause the toothpaste to fly off. She said, "Carefully. But please, hurry it up. There's a lot we want to do and talk about."

He nodded, and tried to calm himself down. DAMN, man! Gotta keep my cool. I've totally lost my cool, that's for sure! This isn't just pampering; this is crazy! What if this kind of thing becomes normal, with the four of them constantly trying to outdo each other to please me? That COULD happen! WHOA!

He decided not to think too much and just direct his attention to brushing his teeth. So he did that for the next minute or more. Kate and Erin watched him intently from either side. He hoped against hope they didn't notice how his hand was trembling slightly.

Before long, he had his mouth rinsed out, and Erin put the bowl and toothbrush away. He was going to take stock of his situation, but he didn't get a moment's break because even as Erin was doing that, Kate said, "Good! Now, we have to test your breath." She leaned in and started French kissing him.

The kiss was prolonged and scorching hot. Somehow, he found himself playing with Kate's nipples on one side and Erin's clit on the other side. The only reason the kissing joy came to an end after about a minute was because Erin tapped on Kate's head and said, "Hey! I want to do some 'testing' too!"

Kate giggled as she pulled back and let Erin take over. Noticing the tray of food she'd put on the bed, she said cheekily, "Honey, I hope you're not that hungry, because Erin and I are going to require a LOT of testing!"

Ryan took turns making out for the next five minutes or more. He lost track of time, and got so carried away with pleasure that he often lost track of who he was kissing as well. He made a point of playing with their pussies and clits most of the time in hopes of getting them to cum. He couldn't tell if he was successful or not, but their wet slits and constant sexy moans indicated they were having a great time in any case.

Meanwhile, Jordan kept on bobbing on his boner while Monica licked or sucked on his balls and also explored his ass crack with her gloved hand. Luckily, Jordan didn't want him to cum just yet since that would almost certainly end her cocksucking turn, so she was careful to keep him just shy of going over the orgasmic edge.

All was well until Monica took her anal probing too far. She'd toyed with the entrance to his anus from the very start. By and by, she pushed her index finger deeper and deeper. At times, he forgot what her finger was doing and at other times it freaked him out. But he couldn't deny that it felt very, very arousing. Eventually though, she pushed all the way to his prostate and began directly stimulating it.

Within seconds, he realized he had to take decisive action if he didn't want to cum right away. It was truly an overwhelming level of stimulation. He rather forcibly pushed Erin's sweet lips off his and shouted, "Stop! Everybody stop!" After some heavy gasps, he added, "Especially you, Monica! What you're doing with your finger in my ass, it's like two blowjobs going on at once!"

Monica withdrew her finger, and Jordan stopped her bobbing. Even so, it was all he could do to just sit there panting hard.

Kate had been licking his ear while whispering sweet nothings into it. She kept on doing that, but spoke louder so the others could hear. "Did you hear that, girls? 'Two blowjobs going on a once!' Looks like we all are going to be doing a lot of prostate stimulation from now on."

He whimpered helplessly. He was so overcome from extreme arousal that he was downright frazzled. He muttered, "You spoil me too much. All of you."

With his mouth unoccupied, Kate looked to his tray of food. She lifted the lid on it, revealing a plate with a greenish-looking omelette, buttered toast, and hash browns. All of it had been cut into bite-sized pieces. There also was a bowl of fruit on the side, mostly strawberries, plus orange juice in a plastic water bottle so it wouldn't spill. Kate picked up a fork, speared a piece of the omelette with it, and brought it to his face.

As she fed him the bite of egg, she said, "Nonsense. We are your personal sluts, after all. The thing is, we don't entirely trust you. The Beast is so mighty and unstoppable that you can easily get any girl you want. I'm sure you could even seduce a sexy married professor like Dr. Hawkins and have her crawling naked, begging and pleading to suck your cock some more. You do have her teaching that basic anthro class, don't you?"

He just gulped and stared across the room as he envisioned what Kate had just suggested. He told himself, Never! As tempting as that would be, she's married and I'm committed. Four times over, in fact. Besides, even my big cock "super power" has limits, doesn't it?

Kate went on, "So we made a vow while you were sleeping. We're going to go all out, all the time, to convince you that four of us is enough. You can't do any better, so you shouldn't even try."

He contemplated that as he chewed his food. Mmmm! Yum! What is that, pesto? That explains the green color. And mushroom and cheese. This is way better than the dorm food, even if it's gone cold.

As for her comments, I suppose I should play it carefully. I want them to know I'm committed to them, but if they're still worried I might stray, that'll keep them on their toes.

When his mouth was clear, he asked, "And how long are you going to keep up that special treatment?"

Kate smiled almost wickedly as she answered, "Forever, of course! A personal slut's job is never done. Even if your cock goes flaccid, which hardly EVER happens, it's up to us to get it stiff again." She was trying to sound nonchalant, but she was obviously brimming with excitement, as well as pride at his considerable sexual stamina.

He silently muttered, Jeeesus! He glanced at Kate's flawless G-cups on one side and then at Erin's awesome F-cups on the other side, and added, Jeeeeesus! Sweet Jesus! What else can I say?!

Kate already had another forkful of egg and fed it into his mouth.

Erin asked him from the other side, "How do you like your omelette? We were going to add bacon and sausage, but we don't even know if you're vegetarian. Or vegan, for that matter." She suddenly remembered the cheese and egg in the omelette and worried about him being vegan. Then she breathed a sigh of relief, realizing he wouldn't be eating the omelette if he was.

That was an implied question about him being vegetarian in her comments, but he was still too frazzled to notice. Instead, he exclaimed, "It's delicious!"

Pleased, Erin licked his ear in the same way Kate had been licking his other ear. She purred softly, "Good! Sorry it's cold, but we had to improvise. Tomorrow we'll have you eating hot food while sitting at a proper table while at least one of us sucks your cock. And the day after that, and the day after that, and so on. Without end!"

Kate cooed in his other ear, "Unless you prefer eating in bed. We're flexible on that part. But the cocksucking... I'm afraid we MUST insist!"

Erin quipped, "It's an essential part of a good breakfast!"

Kate and Erin giggled at that. (Monica and Jordan couldn't hear their whispering over Jordan's loud slurping.)

But Ryan was too stunned to be amused. He even felt goose bumps all over. HOLY FUCK! This is happening! All of it! What started last night as a wild idea is turning into reality! The only reason I mentioned the "personal slut" thing at all was because I was so fucking horny that I was pretty much out of my mind. But now... THIS! Fuck me! Incredible!

They spent the next twenty minutes like that, with Kate and Erin cooing sexy things at him while he finished eating his breakfast. Jordan was the only one to suck his cock, because Monica was the only one with a glove and changing mouths was never easy.

However, Jordan eventually grew too tired to go on, and she switched to a titfucking-cock licking combo instead. She preferred doing that anyway, since she knew she had a special talent for it. That enabled Monica to help out with licking his cockhead even as she continued to stimulate his ass crack and anus. He remained dangerously close to the edge, but somehow managed to make it through the entire meal without cumming.

Near the end of breakfast, there was a knock on the door.

Erin said, "I'll get it. I'll bet it's Brandy and Nancy." She got up off the bed and went to the door.

She confirmed that it indeed was Brandy and Nancy and had them make sure the coast was clear. Then she let them in.

Brandy and Nancy were fully dressed, which was a stark contrast to everyone else, despite some frilly see-through nighties. They seemed somewhat chagrined but not at all surprised when they checked out the scene of Ryan getting pampered to the extreme. Neither Monica nor Jordan stopped their cooperative titfucking and cock licking just because of the new arrivals.

After walking nearly to the bed, Brandy put a hand over her face to avert her eyes. "It's just what I figured, more or less. I take it this means he answered all your questions to your satisfaction?"

Kate spoke proudly. "We are VERY satisfied! He confirmed from the first that he wants us and only us. And he said all kinds of great things about how he's going to treasure us forever!"

Nancy was also averting her eyes, but she couldn't resist peeking between fingers. "And did he agree to your non-negotiable demand?"

An awkward silence followed.

Finally, Erin sheepishly admitted, "We kind of forgot to mention it."

Brandy sighed. "Don't forget! I thought you might forget, which is why I came in here. That, and to make sure he at least said the right things to reassure you. Ryan, I don't want you to think of Nancy or me as your enemy. We're cool about this... unique arrangement, because we can see that your four girls are deliriously happy. As long as you can keep them like that, I suppose submissive language like 'personal slut' doesn't matter much. But we are going to remain watchful. These four cuties are our friends and we feel it's our duty to prevent them from doing anything they'll later regret."

He was just finishing up his food. Doing his best to pretend Jordan's highly arousing titfuck wasn't happening, he cleared his throat and said, "I understand. And I think that's a good thing. I hope you'll accept me into the Third Floor Club, despite my gender and whatnot, and we'll all become good friends. And that means watching out for and helping each other. I'm very glad that you're both open-minded enough not to reject this strange arrangement out of hand. I know it must look pretty wild and unfair at a first glance."

Brandy lowered her hand and dared to take a closer look at the orgy-like scene on the bed. "It does, definitely. But I can also see the ridiculously huge smiles on their faces, even from across the room."

Nancy added, "Just as long as you keep them smiling like that, you won't get any gruff from us. That's what it's all about, finding happiness." She thought to herself, I wish I could be a tenth as happy as they are!

After a little more small talk, Brandy and Nancy let themselves out.

Once they were gone, Ryan commented, "That was weird, having them wander in and out like that, while we're... well, you know. Do you think that's going to be kind of common from now on?"

"Probably," Kate replied. "We're going to be at least partially naked and doing something to The Beast for a good part of the day, every day. If they can't handle that, it'll be tough for our friendships if we can't spend much time with them. But let's not worry about that right now. You heard about our 'nonnegotiable demand.' I suppose it's time we deal with that."

He nodded. "Yes. Let's. And since it seems important, I should have my head on straight. Mon and Jordan, please stop what you're doing so I can think. I could really use a prolonged break anyway."

Some repositioning ensued. All four girls got off the bed altogether. They took off the rest of their nighties and stood in a line in front of the bed. They had him stand in front of them as well.

Just seeing them stand in line, stiffly and proudly, like soldiers on parade, was almost more than his heart could bear. He felt like he was losing grip on reality and he had to consciously struggle to keep his shit together. He was tempted to spontaneously cum without even touching his boner as a kind of salute to their combined beauty.

Kate, standing in one of the middle positions in line, took the lead. "Okay, here it is. We had a really big discussion about this before you woke, and we're of one mind on this. We're making a really, really big sacrifice by agreeing to this new lifestyle. We're all excited about it, but we're afraid too. We bound to have all kinds of troubles with our families and friends and all sort of other things. We think it's only fair that you make a sacrifice too. Namely, we feel very, VERY strongly that four is enough! We're happy sharing you amongst each other, since we're fast becoming friends, but we don't want you to have any other personal sluts."

She reiterated more forcefully, "Four is enough!"

The four of them looked at him with great worry. Kate even winced after she said that, as if she expected a harsh reaction.

He stood there with a relatively neutral facial expression. But he was secretly shocked at what an easy demand that was. That's it?! Seriously?! I'd agreed to that already! I have no problem with that whatsoever. Sure, I'm gonna be tempted to use my new "super power" on others here and there. But why? Quality over quantity, I say! I'd much rather develop deep relationships with these wonderful girls right here than have bunch of one-night stands. It seems they're determined to sexually satisfy me beyond my wildest dreams, and developing a true loving bond will make the sex a million times better. Even the porn logic of my favorite stories indicates that.

That said, I need to be prudent in how I respond. I've gotta maintain my dominant stud persona no matter what. And I don't want to give in too easily, or they'll take me for granted.

After some more careful consideration, while the girls waited with bated breath, he finally responded with a nod. "I understand. First off, you need to understand that you are in no place to EVER give me demands, much less non-negotiable demands. If you take being owned seriously, and I hope you do, you should know that goes without saying."

Kate started to say, "I know, but-"

He cut her off with a wave of his hand. "Let me finish. That said, you're taking a big leap into the unknown, and it's only natural to have that sort of concern. I expect total control over all of you at all times, but I also want to make sure all of us are very happy. I'm sure those two things will come into conflict in the future sometimes, but luckily in this case there isn't really a problem because I already told you that you four are all I want or need. I consider myself very blessed to have you, because you're special." He carefully looked from face to face, to make sure they all felt equally included.

The girls were all very pleased to hear that. Their tensed bodies visibly relaxed. They were extremely emotionally worked up and hanging on his every word.

He raised a hand. "That said, I reserve the right to have other lovers. I probably will get tempted from time to time. But I'll make a promise to you: I won't fuck anybody else unless I get permission from all four of you first. Furthermore, if you're really serious about keeping me totally sexually satisfied, I don't even see that as being much of an issue. I find myself rapidly falling in love with you, all four of you! I can already tell that each one of you is truly extraordinary. Not just physically, but in every way. Why should I have sex with a stranger when I can spend more time with you instead?"

He was going to say more, but the girls were all so emotionally overjoyed and overcome that they rushed him all at once. Within seconds, he was enveloped in a group hug. All the girls talked to him at once, so he couldn't make sense of any of it, especially since Monica was the loudest and was speaking in Spanish. But it didn't matter, because the tone was one of great relief and total approval.

Moments later, talking seemed superfluous, because all four girls took turns French kissing him. After each girl had their turn making out with him, that girl dropped to her knees and got busy licking and stroking his still very stiff erection. Not surprisingly, Kate went first. But it wasn't long before all four of them were on their knees and licking him all at once.

He was flying high. He looked down in sheer disbelief at the four bobbing heads at his crotch, and was particularly struck by the variety of hair color, from platinum blonde to blonde to red to raven black. Hoo-weee! Talk about problem solving! I think I handled that pretty well, if I do say so myself. I think I've put that issue to rest without ceding any of my authority. That's key. And damn! Look at me now! I have the four most desirable girls in this whole damn university licking my cock at once! I would be a fool to ask for more! There's only so many hours in a day, after all. I wouldn't be able to sexually handle any more, even if I wanted to!

He was feeling so triumphant that he decided he'd held out more than long enough and it was time to let go and enjoy a powerful orgasm. But before he did so, he said in a very excitable voice, "Girls, to help seal this new understanding, I'm gonna cum all over you! So I want you to press your faces together! And if you're not playing with yourselves, do so now. Let's try to all cum together!"

The girls quickly sat back on their heels and pressed their faces together just as he'd asked. He stroked his shaft all by himself as he felt the rush of an incoming climax. His sexual euphoria soared to the heavens while he aimed his cock and carefully "painted" his way down the line of stunning faces. Since it was his first orgasm of the day, he had a particularly copious load to deliver. After reaching the "end of the line" of four faces, he still had some cum left, so he went back the other way, squirting all over their bountiful tits.

Exhausted, he staggered back to the bed and sat on it. He remained alert enough to watch as the girls all erupted with glorious orgasms of their own. If their own fingers didn't trigger their climaxes, the cum on their faces pushed them over the edge.

He sat there and watched for the next few minutes while the girls French kissed each other and fed cum gobs into other mouths. There was a lot of rubbing of cummy tits as well. It was a truly mind-blowing experience just to watch. He particularly enjoyed seeing them lick each other's breasts and sometimes even suckle on a nipple.

As the girls began running out of cum, he thought, Yep, there's no doubt about it, I've made the right choice. Quality over quantity! Between the four of them, I'll NEVER get bored! In fact, they're gonna run me ragged. What a life!


Eventually, the five of them wound up lying on the bed together, with Ryan in the middle of a big tangle of bodies. Everyone was tired from their orgasmic release, and all the girls wanted to simply cuddle with him for a while. He was overwhelmed with bodies all over him, but in the very best way. He was totally satisfied.

He got a particular kick out of the fact that there were still stray smears of his cum on them here and there, and all the girls seemed fine with that. In fact, he got the impression that they purposely left themselves a bit messy as something akin to badges of honor.

After a while, Kate said, "You make us so very happy! I can safely speak for all of us when I say that. I promise you, you won't regret this. We're all going to work hard every single day to make sure all your sexual fantasies are satisfied with just the four of us."

He smiled and ran a hand through her long blonde hair. He muttered, "I don't doubt it. I'm gonna fuck the hell out of all of you until I collapse, I'm sure. But that's not all. I want to love and cherish you too. Even with your outlandish visions of endless blowjobs, which can't possibly be sustained, we're bound to spend more time out of bed than in it. I hope we can become best friends and lovers, and really create something special that'll last long after we all graduate."

Monica sighed blissfully. "Amen to that!"

After many minutes of cuddling, it became clear to him that the girls were waiting for direction from him. So he said, "It seems to me we need a plan to the rest of our day. Do any of you have specific time commitments?"

Jordan said with an unhappy wince, "I do. In fact, I've kind of blown off a couple of things already."

Monica clarified, "If you remember from last night, I think we told you that she's very busy with her athletics. She's on a number of teams. Actually, we all do lots of things to stay in shape. I blew off a tennis match already, for instance. And none of us have done any of our daily exercising."

He frowned. "Hmmm. That's not good. Life must go on. Today is special, but in the future I want everyone to continue with all your normal commitments. Is that clear? Sex is great, but like I said, we're gonna spend more time out of bed than in it. Besides, we need to keep up appearances."

Kate flashed a toothy smile. "I like that. We have to keep our bodies in tip-top shape to be the perfect personal sluts for you. I can't just coast on my superior genetics." She briefly lifted her upper body on her elbows to show off her stunning G-cups. "I'm going to have to exercise hard every day to be your ultimate sex toy!"

He was flabbergasted. Jesus Christ! I remember last night when I first walked into her room and she looked at me like a piece of old gum stuck to her shoe. Talk about a dramatic change of attitude! It's crazy! He clarified, "Um, actually, I was talking about keeping up appearances with the neighbors and such. You know, so they don't find out too much and freak out."

Kate was chagrined. "Oh. That too." After a long pause, she added, "Although I assume the other meaning is true too. That'll give me good motivation to be more diligent with my exercising."

Jordan said to him, "I get your point about not showing a drastic change, but I'm going to drop a few things. I've got more commitments than anyone else, and I don't want to miss out on all the sexy fun. Besides, I don't need to play sports that much if I'm going to be burning lots of calories gyrating and humping on The Beast!"

He looked from face to face and realized the other girls were having similar thoughts about changing some of their time commitments. "Well, I suppose you're free to rearrange your schedules a bit, but please be reasonable about it. Don't stop doing things you enjoy on the expectation that we'll be having sex 24 hours a day, because that just isn't sustainable. Agreed?"

They all nodded.

"Good. Is there anything else on today's schedule I should be aware of?"

Erin said, "As a matter of fact... we've got a couple of professional movers on call, all ready to go. We made some arrangements while you were sleeping."

He was amused. "That's awfully presumptuous of you. What if I didn't say the right things when I woke up?"

Erin replied, "We pretty much knew you would. We can tell you're basically a nice guy. Studly and dominant, sure, but you've got a good heart. Plus, let's face it, we're the elite of the elite. You'd be a fool to fuck and run, when it comes to the likes of us. And if you insisted on having other lovers, well, we figured we'd have ways to get you to come to your senses." She playfully stuck her tongue out at him.

He chuckled. "I guess I'm stuck with you no matter what I do."

"Damn straight!" Erin smiled brightly, as did the other girls. Then she got serious again. "Anyway, with a word, the movers can start to move your stuff. All you need to do is give them the key to your dorm room and they'll take care of everything."

He furrowed his brow, since he was very confused. "Wait. What? Move? Me? Where?"

Kate rose up so she could look down into his eyes. "Don't even say that! It's all arranged that you're going to move in with us! Specifically into my room. It's the biggest and has the best view. Plus, it has me in it." She playfully pecked his lips after saying that.

He looked from face to face. "Hold on. IF I agree to move, why is it assumed it'll be to Kate's room?"

Erin said, "She's right, it is the best room. Besides, we appreciate how you're trying to be diplomatic and treat us all equally. We've definitely noticed and we hope you keep it up. But even so, it's clear that Kate is first among equals. It's not just that she's the hottest girl on campus. You've got a special thing for her and she's got a special thing for you. We understand and we're okay with it."

He looked around carefully. "Really?"

The other three girls all replied as one: "Really."

Monica said, "Please don't fight the moving idea. We girls talked about a lot of things while you were sleeping and it's something we all STRONGLY agree on! How can you be a part of the Third Floor Club if you live in a different building?"

He pointed out, "But that's my assigned student housing."

Erin said, "Oh, for fuck's sake! Who cares about that? There are lots of students with significant others who all but abandon their dorm rooms. They technically and officially 'reside' there but use it as a storage room at most. If you've got a roommate, I'm sure he'll be psyched to have the place all to himself."

Ryan replied, "I do, and he won't miss me, I'm sure. But I can't just move into a sorority! I'm a guy!"

Jordan took his flaccid penis in hand as she quipped, "We noticed, believe me. And believe me, we all love this sleeping, well, Beast. True, you can't officially move in, but you can spend ALL your nights here if you want. There have been a few other cases like that in the past. The problem is getting 'the powers that be' to turn a blind eye. But it so happens those 'powers' reside on the third floor. If you win them to your side, you're in like Flynn." She winked.

Kate snuggled closer to him and also held onto his flaccid penis. "And it goes without saying that you've charmed the pants off of all of us, literally. How can you turn down going to bed with me every night? I sleep in the nude, naturally. All of us do, I assume, or we will with you. And we're already talking about working out some kind of rotation system, so you'll always go to sleep with at least one of your personal sluts on either side."

Monica eagerly added, "And how can you turn down ALWAYS waking up to a hot mouth bobbing up and down on La Bestia? Always, I promise! I'm a morning person, so I hope a lot of the time it'll be MY mouth!" She also brought one of her hands to his penis, only to discover Jordan and Kate were already holding it. There wasn't much of it to hold in its flaccid state, but she put her hand over theirs anyway.

Erin finally noticed the action at his crotch, and brought one of her hands there too. But after discovering his penis thoroughly covered, she cupped his balls instead.

Monica was chomping at the bit for an answer from him. "So what do you say?!"

He took a full minute or two to carefully consider that issue. He tried to play the devil's advocate, but he couldn't see any downside. While he was thinking, he could feel his penis start to slowly engorge, thanks to their sheer lusty enthusiasm, and decided that resistance was useless. He finally answered, "I suppose we can give it a try. A trial period, maybe."

"YES!" Kate kissed his lips like it was the first time all over again.

An amused Jordan muttered to Monica, "Famous last words."

Monica muttered back, "I know! Trial period, my ass! Once we've got him, we're never going to let him go!"

He had a strong gut feeling she was going to be completely right about that. But he didn't mind in the least.

"Damn straight, sister!" a jubilant Jordan replied. "And I mean that in a very literal sense too." She was referring to the fact that since she had been the first to hold his flaccid penis, she had the best grip on it. Now that it was engorging, she was leading the way in stroking it.

Trying to lock him in to his decision, Erin said, "So it's agreed then. I'll give the movers a call and get things rolling. I suppose you'll need to at least go to your room and tell them what to put in what box, but believe me, they can and will do nearly all the work. That'll leave you with most of the afternoon to enjoy." She added with a sultry purr, "Can you think of any way you'd like to spend the time?"

His eyes lit up. "I can! In fact, I have kind of a to-do list already. For starters, Jordan, it's high time I fuck you."

"Sweet!" Jordan pumped a fist in the air, even though she was lying in the middle of a tangle of bodies. She was careful not to let go of his dick with her other hand though, since he was nearly full engorged already. "I'm soooo glad you said that. I can't wait! I'm going to scream in ecstasy until my voice goes hoarse!"

Kate and Monica had definitely noticed his growing erection. They didn't try to replace Jordan, but adjusted their hands to stimulate the limited room above and below her hand. Meanwhile, Erin was happy to have his balls all to herself.

He was incredulous that he was essentially getting a handjob from four different girls at once, and nobody even considered it worth mentioning.

However, he was determined to stay focused on the conversation. He added to Jordan, "Furthermore, things won't be complete until I give you a good spanking. Do you have a problem with that?"

Jordan was brimming with anticipation. "Definitely not! I can't wait! My only problem is which one do I want first, the spanking or the fucking? Can we do both at once?"

He chuckled. "Unfortunately, no. But we'll get to both, for sure. And you, my love." He looked back into Kate's eyes. "I'm dying to give your tits a good, long fucking. In fact, I'm thinking we can do that next, to kind of warm me up for Jordan."

"YESSSSS!" Since Kate's face was close to his, she showed her approval with another great big kiss.

In fact, he had more items on his "to-do list," but he wasn't able to explain them because Kate kissed him for a long time, and the second she was done, her mouth was replaced on his by Jordan's. Then it was Monica's turn, and then Erin's. The multi-handed handjob continued all the while.

Kate would have taken a second turn at kissing him, but by then she'd slid down his body towards his crotch. Now that his dick was fully engorged, she was determined to give him her first titfuck right then and there.

The others mostly moved off him in order to make way. They knew this was a big moment for Kate and they were happy to give her the spotlight.

Kate started to put his cum-soaked boner in her cleavage, but then she had second thoughts. "Wait. Let's do this right. I've never done a titfuck before, but I don't think it's optimal to do it lying down. Master, can you please sit on the edge of the bed? I'd really like to do it while kneeling naked on the floor. That'll be extra humiliating for me."

He raised a curious eyebrow. "And you like that?" He knew she did, but he didn't know if she had that self-awareness.

She shyly responded, "Well, I don't know if 'like' is the right word, but it's definitely fitting. It'll better symbolize my total submission to you. And I DO like that." She hesitated, and then proudly admitted, "In fact, I kind of love it!"

A minute later, Ryan found himself sitting on the edge of the bed with Kate kneeling between his legs. The other girls gathered around just out of reach to watch. Jordan used a cell phone with video recording capabilities to help document the big moment.

He felt shivers race up and down his spine while Kate enveloped his shaft with her immense G-cups. The sheer physical pleasure of it was tremendous, but the sight of it at least doubled his arousal. It was staggering for him to consider that he could do this anytime he wanted from now on. Then he looked to her face and saw such love and devotion in her eyes that it took his breath away.

Kate's eyes were locked on his for a long time. She breathlessly muttered, "Master!"

He was tripping on pure pleasure. But still, he felt obliged to say, "I told you not to call me that."

"Sorry, but you'll just have to punish me until you come up with a better term, because that's what you are. You OWN me, and I fucking adore it! Master, please! Use my body to your total satisfaction!" With that, she started sliding her tits up and down. She also craned her head down and licked as much of his cockhead she could reach.

She thought, I'm not nearly as good at this as Jordan. She definitely has a special skill. But my tits are the biggest and I'll catch up with her through practice. Lots and lots of practice! I have a great feeling that Erin's ten year vision will come true, for all of us. In ten year's time, we'll be exactly like this. I'll be kneeling naked between his legs, titfucking or cocksucking him for hours on end! But I won't be alone, because my three slave-sisters will be watching or helping.

And it won't stop there. I can feel it in my bones that this is the man for me. My one and only Mr. Right! We're going to grow old together, mark my words! I may never have the honor of officially marrying him, but I don't mind as long as we're all together. All five of us!

Being practical minded, Erin noted, "If you don't like us calling you 'master,' you're going to have to think up a better word. It's kind of awkward for us to keep calling you 'Ryan' now that we've developed such intimate bonds with you. And you said we should call you 'my man,' but that doesn't work for all situations, like when we're directly addressing you."

He nodded. "Good point. I'm going to have to work on that. Maybe we can come up with special nicknames for each other. I already call Monica my 'hot pepper,' and Kate calls me 'honey.' I really like that sort of thing. That's the kind of relationship I want to have with each of you, a loving one. Not some harsh and distant 'master and slave' sort of thing."

He could see consternation on the faces of most of the girls, as they tried to come up with a nickname on the spot that they would be happy with for years to come. So he added, "But let's not worry about that right now. That's something that should evolve naturally when the right moment comes, like the way 'hot pepper' just came to me."

The girls nodded at that, relieved.

A couple of minutes of happy titfucking followed.

There wasn't much talking. But at one point, Monica muttered, "It feels kind of weird to just stand here and watch. I want to get involved! But there's only one Beast."

Jordan noted, "Yeah, between Kate's mouth and her huge tits, he's totally enveloped. I can barely see even an inch of it."

Ryan spoke up. "That's true. However, we're ALL intimate with each other now. Why not masturbate? Or better yet, kiss and touch the girl next to you. And just look at Kate's gorgeous naked kneeling body. Don't you just want to caress her all over too? So go for it! I'm sure she won't mind."

The girls liked that a lot. Jordan and Monica immediately began kissing and fondling each other. They'd developed a special sexual connection after what they'd done to each other by the front door last night. It helped that their short heights made French kissing each other easy.

Not surprisingly, Erin had her eyes set on Kate's luscious body. She knelt right next to her, which allowed her to fondle Kate all over, just as he had suggested. She also got somewhat involved in the titfuck. For instance, she held and moved Kate's enormous tits up and down his shaft, allowing Kate to do other things with her hands, including fingering herself and sometimes fondling Erin.

After a few glorious minutes of this, Erin whispered in Kate's ear, "You and I, we're going to have so much fun! Can you imagine the two of us going to bed together, but with Ryan's naked body between us? I get shivers just thinking about all the hot, cummy, sweaty nights we'll share!"

Kate had been trying to suck most of Ryan's cockhead into her mouth, and she'd stretched her lips nearly down to the ridge of the crown, even as her tits actively slid up and down (with Erin's assistance). She pulled off to say, "That sounds divine! I can't wait. The only thing is, we'll probably do a lot of sleeping because we're going to be tired out from fucky fun all day long."

Erin giggled. "That's true. It'd be a wonder if we'll have time or energy for anything else."

Despite enjoying the awesome titfuck, Ryan said, "That reminds me. Speaking of other things, what else are we forgetting? This all seems too good to be true. What other problems might come up? We should be proactive, to stop anything from ruining our wonderful new life together."

Monica sighed. "Well, there are my parents. Specifically my dad. I keep thinking about him, off and on. If he were to ever find out that I've fallen in love with a guy who's made me one of his four personal sluts... well... let's just say I inherited my temper from him. He would fly into a mad rage that would last for years! He'd probably disown me."

Kate had resumed nursing her lips on the tip of Ryan's cockhead, but she pulled off to sadly say, "That reminds me of my parents. Luckily, they're oblivious and far away. Frankly, I'm more worried about the rest of the Kappas finding out. Or even beyond this sorority. We could turn into quite the campus-wide scandal, if someone really got the goods on us."

That sobered the entire group. Kate more or less stopped the titfuck while they all contemplated that.

Jordan muttered, "My parents wouldn't exactly be happy to find out about this either. Not so much a 'mad rage' as they would shame me to death."

Erin muttered, "Same here. Let's face it: what parent would be happy to hear their daughter has become someone else's sex pet and even sex slave? Because that's what we are, even though we're totally willing and enthusiastic about it. They couldn't possibly understand, unless maybe they were female and they rode The Beast. There's just no way to put into words what it does to you! And then to have our man be a really great guy on top of that? I dare anyone to not feel the same as us!"

Kate said, "Yeah, I guess we have no choice but to keep this a secret from our families for as long as possible. But that's a long term problem. I worry about the other Kappas finding out. Some of that is bound to happen sooner or later. Can we trust the Sister Code to protect us?"

Ryan was feeling bummed (though not so bummed as to lose his erection, which was still snugly squeezed between Kate's huge knockers). He asked, "What's the 'Sister Code?'"

Kate looked to the other girls, who had gathered around. (Erin stayed kneeling where she was, while Monica and Jordan sat on the bed on either side of Ryan.) "I probably shouldn't even tell you this much, but what the hell. It's kind of a secret pact between us Kappas. Kind of a 'what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas' thing. We can gossip and talk shit about each other all we want within the sorority, but we close ranks when it comes to what outsiders know."

He said, "Ah. I see. That could help us."

Erin said, "Except if the gossip is this juicy. Who could resist sharing that the famous 'Princess Kate' is part of some random guy's mini-harem, if they knew that much?"

He pondered that. "Okay, then we can't let them know that much. I feel kind of awkward about the whole Kate is 'first amongst equals' thing, but I guess that's the reality. What if we just tell all the other Kappas that she and I are head over heels in love and seriously going steady, and that's why I spend all my time on the third floor? If Brandy and Nancy can keep quiet, how will they know otherwise?"

The four girls carefully considered that. Erin said, "I suppose that might work. We'll have to be extra careful though and not tell a soul about anything outside of the Third Floor Club. And we'll have to keep our activities only on this floor, behind closed doors."

Monica groaned unhappily. "Are you kidding me? That sucks! I've already been thinking about having a repeat of the tree house incident from last night." She looked right at Ryan as she said, "I was hoping that that could kind of be our special place, since that's kind of where you first tamed me. And maybe even later in the afternoon you and I could go there and you could give me a long, hard fucking. My pussy still feels thoroughly fucked from last night, but I crave more!" She smiled enticingly. "Mi hombre. Mi salvaje semental. ¡Mi dueño!"

Kate said, "That sounds great, in theory, but we have to be realistic. To have him fuck you, there? His massive Beast in your tight cunt? Think about the screams that would be heard for miles around! That can't happen. A blowjob or titfuck, maybe, but even that would be really risky. Maybe if one of us stood guard, but even then I don't know."

Monica was seriously disappointed. But she was determined, and the tree house had a special place in her heart. She was sure she'd find a way to have sexual fun with Ryan there.

Jordan asked Kate, "What about using the indoor pool? I was there last night when you talked about having a private party down there. Please don't tell me we can't have a suck and fuck fest down there!"

Kate answered hesitantly, "Well, if we reserve our time, and the door is locked, I suppose that should be okay. Don't you think?" She looked to Erin, since Erin was usually more level-headed.

Erin nodded. "I suppose that would be okay. We have to be careful, but let's not get fanatical about it."

This talk about sex acts was arousing Kate despite the serious nature of their discussion. She tilted her head down and resumed licking the top of his cockhead. Erin had taken her hands away from Kate's huge tits since the titfucking had stopped, so Kate took hold of herself and resumed gently sliding her immense melons up and down.

Ryan tenderly ran a hand along Monica's chin. "Generally speaking, I have to agree with Kate. I love the idea of making the tree house our special place too, but we should cool it for a while and keep all our activities on this floor, at least until we figure out what's happening with the other Kappas and if word is going to spread or not. Maybe we could make the underground pool an exception to that, I don't know, since I've never even seen it yet. But by the way, my hot pepper, don't think I didn't notice what you said a little ago."

"What's that?" Monica asked in confusion. "The Spanish? That means 'My man. My wild stallion. My owner.'"

He smiled. "No. I like that, all of that. But I'm referring to when you were talking about your dad and you said, 'If he were to ever find out that I've fallen in love with a guy who's made me one of his four personal sluts...'"

Monica suddenly blushed profusely as she realized what she'd just admitted. She covered her face in her hands. "Oh God! Did I really say that out loud?! You weren't supposed to know that!"

Ignoring Kate's ongoing titfucking, he moved Monica's hands from her face and cradled her chin. He stared deeply into her eyes. "Don't worry! It's okay. Maybe I haven't made it clear enough, but I'm falling in love with you too. All of you." He glanced around at the others. "Not just Kate, but all of you. Really." His eyes locked on Monica's again. "Which means you, my hot pepper. I love that you're falling in love with me, because I'm falling in love with you too. Is it possible for one guy to love four girls at once? I say yes!"

With that, he planted his lips on Monica's. The kiss that ensued outdid all of the other kisses they'd shared since they'd met, which was saying quite a lot.

Jordan even quipped, "Whoa! Look at the steam rising from those fiery lips. Get a room, guys!"

Monica finally broke the lip-lock to say with a big smile, 'This is my room! YOU all get a room, so I can show my man how much I love him! And yes, I just said that. I love him!" She noticed that Kate had her head tilted up away from Ryan's boner to watch the lava-hot kiss, and she realized that gave her an opportunity. She suddenly bent down and to the side, and dramatically enveloped her lips around his cockhead, which was still poking up out of Kate's cleavage. She kept sliding down until she had all of his fat knob in her mouth, and then immediately started bobbing on him.

Kate was chagrined at first. She even had to loosen up her titfucking hold to make room for Monica's actively moving head. But she quickly changed her feelings as she mentally put herself in Monica's shoes. She let go of her titfucking pose altogether in order to tenderly stroke Monica's hair. "That's it, girl. Show him how much you love him with your talented mouth! I love that you just freely admitted that you've fallen in love with him. I'm in love with him too, and I have no problem sharing him with you. With all four of you. Suck his cock good! That's it, cave your cheeks in! Worship his cock with all you've got!"

Erin pushed one of Kate's big breasts back into place while Jordan did the same with Kate's other breast on the other side. They began sliding the tits they were holding up and down against his shaft, moving to their own rhythms.

Then Erin commented, "Check it out! We're all working together as one, as a team. I think that's great. Plus, we've found out that we can do a blowjob and titfuck at the same time."

Ryan clenched his teeth and tilted his head back as the incredible pleasure threatened to overwhelm him. "Holy crap! This is amaaaazing! You spoil me! Too much!"

Erin tapped on Monica's head. "Hey, hot pepper, take it easy on him. I can tell he's about to blow. We want him to last all day. Remember the plans?"

Monica soon eased up. In fact, after about another minute she pulled her lips off him altogether and resumed her sitting position. She couldn't continue her sucking indefinitely due to the awkward way she'd been bending over. She wiped the drool from her chin and said, "Thanks, you all. Thank you especially, Kate. I just couldn't help myself there."

Kate smiled at Monica, and even winked. "No problem. I can totally relate. I love how we share like this." She tilted her head back down and resumed licking his cockhead, while Jordan and Erin kept the titfuck motion going.

Ryan tried to recover his wits after that. He even shook his head to try to help himself, since he was practically swooning from the sheer sexual euphoria of the whole situation. Eventually, he eased his heavy breathing enough to ask, "What's this about 'remember the plans?'"

Erin grinned at him enigmatically. "Oh, you know. While we were waiting for you to wake up, we were talking about some of the things we're hoping you'll do with us later today. A little bit of this and that."

"Such as?"

"Such as, we all definitely want to get fucked again, once you take care of Jordan's neglected pussy first. And spanked! That was surprisingly fun. We all agreed more spanking is a must. And we were talking about all the possible cocksucking combos. There are so many between the four of us. Twosomes, threesomes, and all four of us together. We want to try them all!"

Jordan boldly admitted, "We're thinking about a cocksucking marathon to last the entire afternoon, once you fuck and spank me, of course."

Kate was so inspired by that talk, plus what Monica had just done, that she managed to slide her lips further and further down his cockhead until she nearly had her lips down to the ridge again. It was quite a strain to reach that far, but she managed to slide her lips back and forth like that while the others ably squeezed his shaft with her huge melons.

He shook his head. "Oh, man! You four are definitely going to be enough for me, if you have plans like that. You'll be more than I can handle, even. But I do want time to get to really know you, without all kinds of sexual distractions going on. In fact, I'm thinking we could all go out to dinner together tonight at a fancy restaurant. Or something like that. What do you think?"

Kate pulled her lips off and looked up at him with almost frightening intensity. "HELL YES!" She looked from face to face. "Girls, are you with me?"

Bedlam ensued, because the girls all thought that was a truly fantastic idea. They immediately began making detailed plans, down to the exact fancy, sexy clothes they would be wearing. But, mindful of the danger of rumors getting started, they decided to pick a restaurant far from the university so there would be no chance of anyone they knew seeing them. That in turn got them thinking about the long car ride and the logistics of having sex in the back, which led to them deciding to rent a limousine.

Ryan couldn't get over his incredible fortune. About five minutes later, with the restaurant talk finally dying down but the titfucking fun still going strong, he mused out loud, "You know what's incredible? How little I know any of you. Today, let's spend a lot of time talking, even before the restaurant. I want to learn everything about all of you. Hell, I don't even know where to begin."

Kate lifted her head up from her cock licking to make eye contact with him again. "While you're thinking that over, how are you enjoying your first titfuck with me?"

He groaned lustily to express his approval. "What do you think?! I love it! Totally love it! This is the stuff wet dreams are made of. But how are YOU enjoying it? It's your first titfuck ever."

"I know, believe me. But already it feels so natural. So right! I can easily see doing this all the time, maybe nearly as often as blowjobs, even. Especially since it involves a good amount of cock licking and even sucking." She tilted her head back down and resumed licking all over his cockhead.

He asked, "That's great, but do you enjoy it?"

She lifted her head up again, incredulous. "Are you kidding me?! I love it!" She clenched her enormous boobs and tried to heft them up, even though Erin was already holding both of them. (With the restaurant discussion over, Jordan and Monica had repositioned to sit side by side so they could resume kissing and fondling each other.)

She explained, "It's like my big tits were MADE for this! Gaawwwd, kneeling naked between your legs, licking The Beast with my friends helping out, totally submitting to your sexual power... I don't think I've ever been happier! This is what being a personal slut is all about! I know I'm not as good as Jordan when it comes to titfucks, but I promise I'm going to practice and try to make up for her dexterity and flexibility with enthusiasm. Practice, practice, practice!"

Thinking about how Jordan was able to fit all of his cockhead in her mouth while titfucking, Kate craned her head back down and tried to do just that. But the wide ridge of his crown was just too daunting, and she couldn't manage it. However, she was tantalizingly close, and she swore she would eventually succeed if she kept at it.

Ryan didn't know how to respond to her titfucking enthusiasm, so he just remained silent. He continued to luxuriate in the seemingly endless erotic joy. It occurred to him, This is just the beginning of the beginning, isn't it? Even after sleeping in so long, there are many hours left in the day. Every minute is going to be fantastic, even if it's just talking at the restaurant. But the totally mind-blowing thing is that this is just day one, our first full day together! I'm falling into this dominant stud role like this was the real me all along, and they obviously love their new roles. There's no reason this can't go on forever!

He looked down at Kate's stunning face and gorgeous long blonde hair, with her lips nursing on the tip of his cock again. God. Kate! Fucking hell! She's taken to this new lifestyle like a fish to water. I don't fully understand it, but obviously I'm fulfilling some kind of deep-seated need she has, as part of her wanting to totally change her life.

I'm glad the others are understanding about the "first among equals" thing, because I love them all but I have a special thing for my sweet Kate. How could I not? She's a dream come true! I just hope I can rise up to be the kind of man and master that she so very dearly deserves. I swear right now I really am going to use my sexual power over her to permanently cure her of her spoiled habits and bring her heart of gold to the fore. Then I'll end up loving her even MORE!

He ruminated some more about how to get to know them better as people, in a hurry. He wanted to know everything about them right away, and he worried they might not always see eye to eye on some things.

Then an off the wall idea came to him. "Hey, this is kind of strange, but Kate, what would you say if I were to say to you... I didn't expect the Spanish Inquisition?"

Kate beamed. She lifted her head up from her cock licking to reply, "NOOOOOoooooobody expects the Spanish Inquisition!"

But her answer sounded like a chorus because the three other girls said the same thing at the same time. Then they all burst into laughter.

He was pleasantly surprised, to say the least. "Wait! You mean that all of you are familiar with Monty Python?!"

With Kate fully focused on the titfuck again, Erin replied, "Our chief weapon is surprise. Surprise and fear. Our two, two weapons are fear and surprise and ruthless efficiency. No, make that our three weapons. Our three weapons are fear, surprise, ruthless efficiency, and an almost fanatical devotion to the Pope. Ah! Four! No. Amongst our weaponry are such elements as fear, surprise, ruthless- I'll come in again."

Ryan had a hearty laugh at that. "No way! You totally nailed that."

Kate quipped, "No, she didn't. She forgot the fifth weapon: nice red uniforms."

That left him even more amazed, since "nice red uniforms" were part of the famous Monty Python skit. "Whoa! You really know your stuff. Maybe better than I do."

Erin said, "But of course! Maybe when you're a rich, spoiled princess type, you have even more absurd bullshit to put up with than most people. And nobody is better at poking fun at absurd bullshit than Monty Python."

He smiled from ear to ear. "Cool. I pulled that out at random to check if we had anything in common. It looks like we do. If you all enjoy Monty Python, I'm sure there's a lot of things we'll be able to enjoy together."

Erin was all smiles too. "One can't exactly base an entire relationship on a love of Monty Python, but I agree it's a good start. It shows a certain kind of humorous sensibility, at least." She looked to Monica and Jordan. "What do you think, girls?"

Monica said dramatically, "Cardinal Biggles, bring on the soft cushions!"

Jordan added just as dramatically, "Not only that. Cardinal Fang, bring the... COMFY CHAIR!"

Everyone broke into laughter over those further references to the Spanish Inquisition skit, with lots of cries of mock anguish about the comfy chair. It was such an uproar that Kate had to temporarily pause her titfucking.

As the group settled down and Kate resumed her wonderful titfucking and cock licking effort, Ryan closed his eyes and thought with serene bliss, What perfection! I know Monty Python is a small thing, but I think it indicates we'll have a lot of good times together even when we're not having sex. These four beauties are the greatest. I can't even begin to imagine how great life is going to be for me from now on. No, make that for all of us.

And ironically, none of it would have happened without Jack and his vicious "April Fools" prank. Who's the real fool now, Jack? I don't believe in karma, but mean people usually make enemies who give them trouble later, and nice people make friends who help each other later. I know I'm lucky as hell, but I vow to use this position wisely to make all five of us deliriously happy until the end of time. And amen to that!


NOTE: Thanks to the suggestions and corrections of YamiBoy, Akhtariel, Silent Assassin, and Ecchi Spud, and the reformatting of Sam.I.am. A special thanks to YamiBoy for help with Spanish.