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Part 1
(MF, FF)
Written by The Shadow Rising and Spacer X (

A note by Spacer X:

I've been a fan of George Tasker's pulpy, over-the-top styled stories. He's kindly given me permission to write a story set in one of his universes, using his Agent Hooter and Agent Slut characters. The gist of the below story came to me in a dream and I felt obliged to write it and flesh it out. Thanks a lot, George!

Thoughts are marked with italics. Thanks to DD, Dhin, and OmegaZone for proofreading. This is a fantasy story and should have no relation to the treatment or behavior of women in real life.

Part 1

"Sorry, Hooters, that's unacceptable again."

The sexy spy put her hand on her hip in a huff. "But Chief, what do you want? How could I possibly dress any more like a whore?" She jiggled her big tits enticingly.

"That's the problem. You went too far this time. You have to find the right balance. I'm afraid you need more remedial practice. Come here."

Agent Hooters was in the Chief's office. For the past week he'd had her come to work at the intelligence agency dressed like a whore, claiming it was so she could perfect her disguises for when she went undercover. Her undercover assignments almost always had her play the role of a whore, and some male partner, usually fellow agent Jimbo Bond, would play the role of a john. Each day until today, the Chief told her that she hadn't dressed enough like a slut, and she had to make up for it by giving her boss a blowjob. As he put it, this would help her "be more convincing in her undercover slut role."

Tired of blowing her boss every morning, she decided this time to dress as slutty as humanly possible, to finally get the Chief off of her case. So she'd come in wearing a black leather tank top that was more like a string bikini. The one thin strap of leather that wrapped around her upper torso was so insubstantial that the pink edge of her nipples could just be seen above the top, and her heavy tits hung out on the underside of the top as well. It was more like a thin band of leather covering her nipples, and nothing more. Her matching black leather miniskirt was even more shockingly revealing - it hung low on her hips and on the bottom side it didn't even hide her cunt lips if she bent her legs at all. The Chief had just spent several minutes of his "outfit inspection" fingering those pussy lips while she stood at attention, before he'd declared the outfit was too slutty.

She sighed as she unzipped the Chief's pants. It started to grow hard in her hands. "But Chief. How can someone look too much like a whore?"

"Because, Hooters, this outfit is simply unacceptable for undercover work." He twirled her strap of a top around a finger, since he'd taken it off her for a "closer inspection of the fabric" several minutes earlier. "You wouldn't be able to walk fifty feet down a city street without getting gang raped. You obviously need a lot more practice in knowing the right thing to wear. Hopefully you can make up these deficiencies by further honing your admittedly excellent cocksucking skills. As I keep telling you, all the best international female spies are great cocksuckers. Let's see what you can do."

She sighed, brushed her long blonde hair away from her face, and assumed her usual position between his legs. Most of the time, it seemed the Chief found one excuse or another to get her completely naked, but this time her strip of a miniskirt hung uselessly around her waist. Her practiced lips got to work doing what they did best.

The Chief sighed with contentment as her lips slid up and down his shaft. Aaaah. Now this is a great way to start the morning. How many days in a row have I tricked Hooters into giving me a blowjob? I've lost count. And later on I'm going to have to give Agent Slut a literal "dressing down" for her supposed poor performance lately. It's a good thing that Slut heard the expression "dressing down" but didn't know what it meant, heh-heh. The only problem is I'm not getting any younger and I just don't have the physical stamina to fully enjoy the ripe fruits of my two best agents. Agent Bond gets a fair share of tail as well, but that slob is hardly deserving of these two perfect ten babes. With all the lonely men in the world, the woman is too good to keep ALL to myself. I really should spread the wealth.

He thought about all the potential people he could call, men who might enjoy some "attention" from Agent Hooters. The name of an old college friend popped into his head. He picked up the phone. "Hello? Doctor Johnson? I have a special agent here who needs a yearly medical examination. Today is your lucky day."

Beneath his desk, Agent Hooters slurped and sucked as she contemplated the embarrassment of having the wear her nearly non-existent outfit for the rest of the work day. Without a doubt, her fellow agents would poke fun at her, not to mention literally poke at her. Both males and females loved to play with her perfect body. She dearly regretted her choice of clothes and pondered what she could wear tomorrow that would finally satisfy the Chief.

Meanwhile she listened as the Chief talked about some slutty agent who needed a medical check-up. Hooters chuckled inside as she sympathized with the unfortunate woman the Chief was describing, never realizing the "sexy slut" mentioned was herself.

As she licked her way around her boss's purple knob, she thought, Sheesh! When I signed up to be a spy, I never thought there would be so much sex involved! I know a beautiful woman has a big advantage and can use her looks to fight crime, but this is ridiculous! I mean, after a while, you'd think they'd teach me how to use a gun or something. I wonder if Chief is even gonna give me my top back today. But even if he does, I'll probably end up bent over someone's desk getting royally fucked, er, I mean "practicing my seduction skills." How much more practice on that do I seriously need?! And when it comes to practicing blowjobs and titfucks, I must be the most practiced spy in the entire world!

But despite her annoyance, she couldn't help but love what she was doing as she bathed the Chief with her swirling, loving tongue. That was her problem: she absolutely loved sex, and everyone in the office knew it. She just couldn't say no.

She brushed her curly blonde hair out of her face as she tilted her head to approach licking the Chief's pole at a new, and even more arousing, angle.

"Oh God!" the Chief suddenly shouted into the phone. "I'm gonna have to call you back!" Slamming down the receiver, he reached out and grasped Agent Hooters' full orbs with both hands. "Damn! If only I were ten years younger!"


A week later, Doctor Johnson sat in his office, worried to death about the imminent arrival of a Miss Hooters for her medical examination. He had been repeatedly assured by his friend, the Chief, that nothing could go wrong and that he would have the time of his life if he chose to take full sexual advantage of the "exam."

But the doctor was almost ready to call it off. He was in his fifties, just like the Chief, and while he'd stayed in good shape, he suffered from a weak heart. There were too many ways to get in trouble, if he really tried to take advantage. He peeked out into the lobby for what seemed to be the thousandth time, and saw his receptionist there along with several patients. His receptionist, Rhoda, was a fuddy-duddy woman with a bee hive hairdo and owl shaped glasses. She was older than he was.

He thought, Rhoda is NOT going to like this. And who knows what Debbie will think. That is, if anything happens at all. This "Hooters" woman might not even show up! Maybe the Chief was putting me on? Certainly that was a joke name, wasn't it? He looked at the clock again and chewed on a fingernail.

Debbie was Doctor Johnson's only nurse. She was young and pretty, though not stunningly beautiful like Anna Nicole Smith, a.k.a., Agent Hooters. She also had blonde hair, but it was very short and spiky. The doctor was too embarrassed to tell her what he hoped might happen with Agent Hooters' examination. In fact, he himself didn't know what would happen, though he had many fantasies about the wildest possibilities in the past week. He only knew that Hooters was supposed to be drop-dead gorgeous and dumb as a brick. She would fall for any trick in the book, as all the males in the intelligence agency knew very well.

Doctor Johnson was busy with another patient when Debbie brought him the good news: a Miss Hooters had finally arrived. He couldn't finish his work fast enough, and hurried over to his other examination room to see if this woman was half as gorgeous as the Chief had made her out to be.

He walked into the room where she was sitting and Debbie wordlessly handed him a clipboard. Agent Hooters stood in front of him. The doctor nearly had a heart attack on the spot, because no words could do justice to just how mind-blowingly beautiful his new patient looked. Once his heart resumed beating, he thought to himself, Dear God! She looks EXACTLY like that actress. What's her name? I saw her in that Naked Gun movie. ... Anna Nicole Smith! That's it! Crap. She's a perfect double! I've never seen anything like it! I mean, I've seen some sexy people in the movies or on TV, but I have a real flesh and blood GODDESS sitting right in front of me!

His heart was beating; pounding actually, and his hands trembled so badly he nearly lost hold of the clipboard he'd been given. He managed to shut his gaping mouth, and walked further into the room, turning away from the bombshell momentarily so he could recover somewhat. Still standing facing the wall, he said, "H-h-hello, umm, Miss Hooters. G-g-g-good d-d-day."

She replied cheerily, "Good day to you, Doctor... uh... um... I know this... Your name..."

"Doctor Johnson," he answered. He turned to her and his eyes nearly bugged out again as he confirmed that, yes, she was really there and really real. She was wearing a stylish hat and a long tan fedora jacket, but one could tell she was gorgeous just from her face, plus the way her jacket bulged out over her chest.

He stammered, "Um, did uh, anybody ever tell you, that, uh, you look just like, uh, Anna Nicole Smith?"

She rolled her eyes. "Yeah. I get that every day." With a shrug, she handed her hat to him and took her jacket off.

His eyes bulged out as he focused on her awe-inspiring tits.

It was obvious why she'd had to wear the long jacket over her other clothes in order to get travel without causing a riot. She wore a hot pink tank top that wasn't terribly larger than the leather strap of a top she'd worn for the Chief the week before. Below, she wore a blue miniskirt (sans panties) and high heels. She was still trying to "perfect" her undercover whore outfit, and still wound up with the Chief's penis in her mouth every morning for getting some detail or another wrong. The tank top was made out of a nearly see-through mesh that fitted her so tightly one could see the exact outlines of her nipples even when they weren't hard.

His eyes drifted up to her smiling face and he almost felt like he was literally blown back into the wall behind him, such was the power of her gaze. She wasn't in any particularly horny mood, but her standard facial expression was such a "come hither and fuck me" beckoning that he'd never seen the like in his life.

Then he noticed her luscious red lips were moving, and saying words. "...Johnson? Doctor Johnson? Are you okay?"

He eked out an "Um, yeah," as he continued to gobble her up with his eyes. His focus on her face didn't last long as his eyes naturally drifted back down to her protruding chest. His eyes briefly went further and glanced at her tight miniskirt and her sleek, long legs. As if they didn't already show enough skin, the skirt had numerous slits cut in it as if some deranged individual had attacked the thin, sleek fabric with a knife, except all the slits were near the bottom of the garment and went straight vertically up. A couple of them were so revealing that he could tell she'd shaved her bush off. The doctor had never seen the like. He momentarily pondered how anyone could walk the street in a skirt actually showing pussy hairs without being arrested before getting very far.

His gaze was interrupted by Hooters' voice asking, "Doctor? Are you looking at my slits?"

He looked up guiltily, but then realized with great relief she'd put an "S" at the end of "slit." She didn't mean THAT slit. Phew. That's just about the only thing on her whole body that I CAN'T see directly. At least not yet!

She now looked to be the bashful and guilty one. "I didn't really don't want to wear this outfit, but my boss made me. He makes me dress like this every day! It's a long story. It's so unfair!"

He muttered "That's quite alright," and was going to say more to assure her, but then his eyes returned to her tits and his capacity to continue rational thought nearly came to an end.

Agent Hooters stood patiently. She was used to this type of reaction from most men, and a good percentage of women. She was lucky that she had such a sultry face or she never would have made eye contact with men at all. She was relieved that at least he wasn't openly drooling, like many of the men she ran into while shopping, running errands, and the like.

The nurse Debbie still stood in the room as well. She too had been openly gawking. She considered herself pretty, possibly even beautiful, but she'd never seen a woman as stunning as the one in front of her now. She coughed and said, "Doctor? Do you still need me for anything?"

He turned with shock, as he'd forgotten her presence. Then he recovered and said, in a trembling voice, "No, Debbie, thanks. I'll, uh, take it from here."

The door closed and he was left alone with the blonde bombshell secret agent (he knew that she was a secret agent of some sort since she worked for his friend the Chief, but he wasn't supposed to let on that he knew). He waited until he recovered a bit more, and said, "Miss Hooters. Should I call you that? That's a rather, um, unusual name." He gawked at her protruding rack. He didn't mean to act so rudely, but he simply couldn't help himself.

Hooters laughed. "Yeah. I get a lot of comments about that. Especially because of these." She hefted her massive knockers with both hands and then let them go. They jiggled and bounced for what seemed like forever.

The doctor's eyes bounced up and down like a dropped ping pong ball slowly coming to a stop. It was touch and go if her tank top would survive the bouncing or if her full boobs would escape. But finally the bouncing came to an end, more or less.

He rubbed his salt and pepper beard in contemplation and continued to gawk. He was like a kid in a candy store - there were so many perfect body parts to look at that he didn't know which one to ogle at next. He thought, God bless you, Chief! You've already made my day. My year! If she's as impressionable as you said, this is going to be the greatest day of my life! Where to begin? I can't imagine that I might actually be TOUCHING this body in a matter of minutes! Dear God! She desperately needs a thorough breast exam! Most thorough!

His eyes managed to wander down her muscular legs under he noticed her high heels. "My goodness! Those heels must be five inches high, at the very least! As a doctor, I have to warn you that those are terrible for your feet."

"Tell me about it! These are such a pain." She bent way over, while also lifting a leg, so she could idly rub her black heels. In the process, her tube top gave up the fight and slid down below her bust. "They don't hurt me anymore, though. I've gotten used to them since my boss make me wear them every single day. Do you think it's right a boss should be able to decide what to wear? And don't even get me started about the daily strip search inspections!"

However, the doctor hadn't heard a word since her boobs had bounced out of her top. He was practically trembling with excitement and the desire to reach out and touch them.

She finally noticed that he was staring even more intently than before, and looked down at her exposed bosom. "Oopsie! Dang. That happens to me, like, ALL the time!" She somehow managed to squeeze her mountains of tit-flesh back into the tight tube top.

He'd nearly spaced out fantasizing and gawking, but her success in covering back up caused him to snap back to reality. He sat down, simply overwhelmed. I've heard of women oozing sex appeal, but this is ridiculous! This must have been what it was like during the heyday of Marilyn Monroe or Jayne Mansfield or some starlet like that, except they never would have worn an outfit this revealing! My God! It's like being punched in the face by a wall of sex!

Then he realized he'd rudely left her still standing, and pointed at the examination chair just behind her. "Please sit down, Miss Titters." He didn't even realize he'd gotten her name wrong.

Agent Hooters sat like any woman wearing a pair of pants, except she wasn't wearing pants. The doctor had almost been able to see her pussy through the slits when she was standing, but it hadn't fully registered in his mind that meant she wasn't wearing any panties. There was no doubt about it now.

The doctor stood staring at her exposed crotch so long that she finally noticed what he was seeing, blushed, and crossed her legs. Again, she apologized. "The Ch-, I mean, my boss, he won't even let me wear any underwear day or night until I perfect my uniform. Not even the G-string type I love so much. Isn't that mean? You should have seen the commotion when I rode on the bus last week. This one guy, he started to finger my pus- well, never mind about that."

Doctor Johnson was so aroused he wondered if his erection would burst right through his under shorts AND pants. "I can imagine," he said as he nearly drooled, imagining the bus scene. Again, an uncomfortably long pause followed.

Coughing, he finally looked at the clipboard as if reading her records (he was in no mental condition to actually read) and said as authoritatively as he could muster, "Yes. Now, Miss Slitters, UH!" He both groaned at his mispronunciation and a near climax in his pants. "No. Uh... Miss Hooters. Sorry." He coughed and started again. "Your boss told me that you need a complete medical examination. You must pass all aspects to remain in your current job position. I'm qualified to perform all necessary work, including OB/GYN. So, if all goes well, I'll be able to sign off on all the forms you need by the end of the day."

He was sitting somewhat askew from where she was, so she swung around to face him. Her tits in their light hot pink covering swayed and bounced long after she stopped turning. He was afraid of making the slightest movement for fear that the rubbing of his pants' fabric against the tip of his erection could push him over the edge.

She asked with a pinky in the corner of her mouth, "Excuse me, doctor, but what does OB/GYN mean?"

He answered excitedly, "It means gynecological. You know, that means I get to play with your pussy." As soon as those words left his mouth he gasped, because that was what he was thinking but not what he was intending to say. He was so excited that he could barely think straight.

But to his immense relief, she didn't seem to blink an eye at his faux pas. She just replied, "Oh." She would have been offended, except that people said things like that to her on a daily basis.

Encouraged, he continued in a deep baritone, "Perhaps it's better to say that I will be, uh, examining your pelvic region, including the general, uh, vaginal, uh, zone. I'm fully trained in that type of work." In fact he wasn't, but the Chief had suggested this ploy as an example of the kind of set up Agent Hooters would fall for. "Let's begin. Why don't you take off your clothes and put on one of our hospital gowns?"

She stood up and started to drop her shorts. But just as the top of her pussy came into view, she paused and said, "Doctor, do you have to watch?"

The doctor realized he was more than watching - he was gaping in wonder, and in fact hadn't really stopped blatantly staring since entering the room. He tore his eyes away from her, feigning disinterest, and said, "Miss Hooters, I'll be examining you from head to toe, so there's no reason for modesty. I've seen thousands of naked women over the years." He added to himself, That's true, but I've never seen one that could even hold a candle to you. If my wife looked one tenth as hot as you do, I would have been death by fucking a long time ago.

She found that a reasonable explanation and continued to undress. She was so used to getting naked in front of people that this kind of thing was no big deal. In fact, over the years just about every (male) doctor she ever had insisted on watching her undress during her examinations. None had gone further, aside from the usual groping she constantly faced, as none of them realized just how far she would go.

Doctor Johnson put his hand to his forehead and stroked his balding head. He couldn't believe the new sight before him. Agent Hooters' exposed tits stood out straight and firm, in seeming defiance of the laws of gravity. Her curvy hips drew the eye to her pink, juicy lips. He adjusted his bifocals nervously and counted to ten in his mind to calm his racing heart.

He tried to make some small talk to give his body a chance to calm down. "You know, I've seen thousands of naked women over the years-"

She cut in. "You just said that."

"Oh. Right. But my point is, I've seen so many bodies that seeing another has become ho hum, but your tits, er, uh, body, it's uh, given me such a... such a..." - he had a hard time not saying "erection" - such an appreciation of the, er, female form..."

"Why, thank you. That's really nice." She blushed shyly at the compliment, and crossed her arms together over her front, causing her upper arms to squeeze her tits up and out.

He gasped.

"Now, let us begin your examination," he said excitedly as he drew close and reached for her tits. His weathered hands shook with excitement.

She sat forward in her chair to give him better access but simultaneously complained, "What about my gown?"

"Oh, yes," he recalled, as he groped her mammaries with both hands. "Later. Right now a gown would interfere with my probe of your tits!" He fondled them vigorously for a few seconds, but then some semblance of sense returned to his brain. It occurred to him that a doctor didn't normally say "tits" and didn't normally yank at a patient's nipples as if trying to pull them off. He stilled his hands (though he didn't let go) and said, "Uh, that is to say, I need to thoroughly examine your chest region for signs. I'm very concerned."

"Concerned?" She was worried that there was something medically wrong with her. (She didn't pay much attention to the fact that he was once again groping her tits in a very excited and unprofessional manner – after all, her boss did that to her most every day).

"Yes," he huffed as his tried to control his breathing. "Concerned. Based on the sheer size of your jugs, I mean your breasts, and given what your boss told me, I have suspicions you may be suffering from a very rare malady."

"What did the Chief tell you? I like a good melody. I can't think of any song that would make me suffer."

"No. Malady. That means disease. The Chief told me that you have an overactive sex drive. He said you could hardly tear your mouth away from his penis every morning."

"That's so untrue!" Hooter pouted, even as she thrust her chest out in response to his groping. "I've been trying for weeks to stop sucking his cock, but I never get it right. There's always some reason." She meant that she was trying to get her undercover outfit right so she wouldn't have to endure the Chief's blowjob punishments, but the doctor misunderstood. Her words reinforced his impression that she simply couldn't resist giving her boss blowjobs. She completely forgot that this wasn't the kind of thing she should tell to a stranger.

"You see? An irresistible desire to suck cock, uh, er, to, uh, perform fellatio upon the male sex organ, is one classic symptom of this disease."

"What disease?" she asked with rising concern. "Everyone always says how healthy I am. Especially my lungs. People are always telling me what a healthy set of lungs I have."

"That's true. You certainly have the healthiest body I've ever had the pleasure of groping. Uh! I mean, examining. But I fear you have, uh..." he was fixated on twisting and gawking at her hardened nipples, and found the word "nipplitis" come out of his mouth. "Yes. That's it. You have nipplitis."

"What's that? I've never heard of that." She moaned in involuntary delight as he continued to aggressively fondle her chest.

"Nipplitis, is uh..." Doctor Johnson drew from some of his more outlandish fantasies he'd had for the past week since his conversation with the Chief. "It's, uh, basically, it's having too much female hormones in your body. Your sexuality is all in overdrive. That's why you have such huge tits, wide and shapely hips, and pouty, kissable lips. That's why you have such a high sex drive. Within reason, it's not a problem, and in fact it can be a very pleasant condition, if you enjoy sex. But if left untreated for years, you can become so sexual that you will in fact slowly go insane."

She stood up in shock. "Insane? Oh no! Doctor, I've had big tits for years; ever since I was a teenager." (This was true, though a freak incident later in life caused them to grow to a remarkable size F. But that's another story.) "And I seem to get fucked at work several times a day for one reason or another, not to mention all the blowjobs and titfucks I have to do. But that's not my fault! My coworkers are always making me do it. They always seem to have a good excuse."

The doctor just grunted, since he was mostly focusing on playing with her tits. The fact that she'd stood up didn't slow him down in the least. He stood up too, and in fact this allowed him to move in closer for even better access. She was still wearing her high heels, putting her body at about the same height as his.

Realizing an answer wasn't coming, she thought about what he said. Finally, she conceded, "I think I may be in the advanced stages of this ... nipplitis. What do I do?"

"Don't worry. This is only my hypothesis at the moment. We don't know for sure if you have it. We need to conduct more tests." His hands finally left her chest, but only because he wanted to explore the rest of her body. His fingers snaked their way down her belly, pausing to poke into her belly button. One hand followed the contour of her hips and another reached behind her to explore the top of her butt.

"What'll I do?" She didn't seem to mind the hands - again, she got felt up so often, especially in the last few weeks at work by all her coworkers ever since the Chief had made her dress like a whore every day, that she didn't pay much mind to aggressive fondling. And now, with this disease idea, she wanted the doctor to examine her body as thoroughly as possible, so she didn't resist or complain whatsoever.

The only problem was he was so close to cumming, and he didn't want to blow a wad in his pants while she was so willing. So, most reluctantly, he tested her knee reflexes for a few minutes while generally keeping his eyes closed. That didn't bring his erection to an end, but brought it back to manageable levels.

Satisfied he could handle more stimulation, he returned his attention to her chest. "MY GOD!"

"What?! Is it that bad?! Am I gonna die?!"

"No, sorry. It's just that I love these tits! Er, I mean, breasts. What are these, E-cups? F?!"

He was cupping the undersides of her ample globes, and she was extremely sensitive there. She gasped, "Doctor, please! When you heft them up like that, it makes me all... well, tingly! Look how wet you're making me!"

He looked down at her bare pussy, and saw a couple of rivulets starting to flow down her thighs. Lord have mercy! Screw professional ethics – I have to fuck her today! There's just no human way I can resist! I don't care if I lose my job and my marriage – it would be worth it! Her body is built for sex. It would be WRONG NOT to fuck her!

He pulled his hands away from her momentarily, forcing himself to calm down. But that only lasted a few seconds. "As you can tell from the name, it's especially important to examine the nipples." He couldn't resist, and threw his face into her cleavage. He buried his nose deep in her chest and luxuriated in her lovely feminine smell. Then he moved to a nipple and began to suck most enthusiastically. He grabbed her other nipple and pinched and twisted it. He even bit down lightly on the nipple in his mouth.

That resulted in a very audible groan of pleasure from Agent Hooters. Her arms waved behind her back, which was something she did when she was extremely aroused. She asked naïvely, "Doctor? Is what you're doing thoroughly, um, medical? It reminds me of what people do to me when I'm having sex."

He pulled away to answer. "You see? You have this fixation on sex. Everything reminds you of sex. Even someone sucking on your nipple reminds you of sex instead of breastfeeding. It's not healthy." He dove back into her chest, and used a free hand to grope at her ass. He was barely able to control himself and at least somewhat maintain the charade.

This brought their bodies closer together, and she could feel his erection poking her through his pants. But again, she was remarkably tolerant, and said of his nipple play, "Oh, doctor! Oooh! Careful there. Those are really sensitive. Yes, I guess you're right. I'm having very horny feelings even as we speak. I must be a bad patient."

Doctor Johnson was so excited by her revelation that she was getting aroused that he decided to throw caution to the wind and go for the gold. He regretfully pulled his head from her chest, and said, "Yes, uh... It appears your tits are all, uh, in order. At first glance. And your ass! My God, what an ass!"

He pressed himself against her curvy front side, allowing both his hands to cup her ass cheeks. "Sweet Jesus! You're so fit!"

"Thank you. That's from uh... I exercise regularly." She thought about the daily exercise regimen she and her bombshell friend and fellow spy Agent Slut were required to do, and was about to describe it in more detail. But then she thought about some of the rather embarrassing details, such as the dildos attached to their exercise bicycle seats, and decided to skip it.

The doctor found himself rubbing his erection against her lower tummy. He hoped she didn't think about the wet spot on his pants pressing against her bare skin. Worse, he knew that he was liable to shoot his load if this level of stimulation continued much longer.

In the throes of a near climax, he decided to throw caution to the wind. As he continued to grope her perfect ass, he said in a shaky voice, "But we need more testing. One good way to tell if your condition is serious is to examine your blowjob technique. Would you mind doing that? I could, you know, volunteer a penis." He coughed nervously. "My penis, in fact, if you need one."

His hands finally left her body (to his great disappointment, as one hand had just reached the top edge of her pussy and the other had been exploring her butt crack). He positioned his hands on his belt buckle with great hope in his heart.

"Well, of course I need one, silly, to give a blowjob. Bring it over here." But then she thought twice and asked, "Wait a minute though. How will a blowjob show if I have this nipplitis or not? Shouldn't you be doing something with my nipples instead?"

"Um, well, yeah, we'll do some more 'testing' with those shortly. But, uh, you see, there's no easy way to measure this disease. The best we can do is to try to gauge your level of sexual excitement by performing some sexual acts."

He mentally crossed his fingers, praying she'd buy it. He was too horny to come up with a more involved explanation.

She pondered that for some moments. His "nipplitis" story would have been utterly absurd for just about anyone, but it was quite plausible in comparison to the many absurd stories her coworkers would regularly give her that usually led to blowjobs. For instance, she'd lost count of the number of times she'd been required to give "breathalizer examinations" most anytime her male coworkers drank alcohol. Since she invariably got very aroused sucking cock, she rarely said no.

So, completely trusting the doctor, she asked, "Okay, how do I pass the test?"

Doctor Johnson could hardly believe his own boldness. Asking for a blowjob was wildly out of character - he'd never even asked his religious and prudish wife to give him one. But he'd gone a bit crazy, much like an archeologist who stumbles across a large golden treasure and immediately jettisons all professional ethnics due to gold fever. He was even more amazed that this buxom beauty was actually going to follow his commands. He'd never fully believed what the Chief promised about this opportunity, because it just sounded too improbable and exaggerated. But already the reality exceeded his wildest fantasies.

She was standing in front of him, buck naked, but she suddenly dropped to her knees.

Just seeing her kneeling there, reaching a hand out to unzip his fly, was nearly too much for the overstimulated doctor. He grimaced and closed his eyes, as he struggled not to cum.

Knowing that his regenerative powers were limited at his age, he didn't want to blow a load too soon. So, summoning up all his willpower, he said, "Um, I have to, uh, go to the bathroom first. So just, uh, hold that position, and I'll be back in a minute."

Then he left the examination room. As he walked into the hall, he was mentally and physically reeling so much that he was staggering about like a drunkard.

Unfortunately for the doctor, this particular room was directly across the hall from the main waiting room, and the door to the waiting room was always kept open. As a result, nurse Debbie and a couple of the waiting patients happened to look up and see him.

He was a mess. His eyes were wild, sweat was pouring down his forehead, and he stood at an angle like he was in danger of falling over. He took a couple of steps down the hall, just far enough so those inside the waiting room couldn't see him anymore, and then he leant against the wall to recover.

As he stood there panting, nurse Debbie walked up to him.

She looked at him with puzzlement and concern. She spoke in a low voice, so those in the waiting room couldn't hear. "Are you feeling well, doctor? You look... uh..." Her gaze had dropped down to his crotch, where she noticed a large wet stain on his light brown pants.

Shit! he thought. I should have worn black! "Um, I'm feeling fine. Just, I, uh, I've overexert-, uh, my heart is acting up. I'll be fine in a minute." He rushed to the bathroom, now more to get away from the nurse and her questions than to recover.

He sat on the toilet for several minutes, frantically trying to think about what he could say to Debbie to explain himself. But his mind was so full with lusty thoughts about Agent Hooters that his brain could barely function. He was stumped. Knowing that the most gorgeous woman he'd seen in his life was naked and on her knees waiting to give him a blowjob, he was in no mood to ponder his problems for a long time.

Finally, he walked out of the bathroom, hoping he could sneak down the hall back to the examination room before Debbie saw him again.

But he had no such luck. As a matter of fact, Debbie was standing in the hall with her arms crossed, blocking his way.

Again speaking in a low voice, she growled, "I hope you have something to explain all this."

He wasn't sure exactly what she meant or what she knew, and stuck to a simple answer: "Nope."

She wouldn't let him get by. "I'll have you know, I peeked in, to see how our sultry patient is doing. Imagine my surprise to see her kneeling-"

He cut her off, for fear of others hearing. "Ssssh!" Then he whispered, "You're not going to tell anyone, are you?"

"What are you going to do? Wait. I don't what to know. Is that really Anna Nicole Smith, or just an incredible doppelganger? And what about your wife?!"

He dropped his head in shame. "I know, I know. All my life, I always been good." He suddenly looked up and whispered passionately, "Just once, ONCE, I wanna be bad! ... Please! Please, be like Sgt. Shultz?!"

She stared at him long and hard for some agonizingly long moments. Then, in her best imitation of the character from the Hogan's Heroes TV show, she said, "I know nothink! Nosssink!" She even grinned a little. But then she added, sternly again, "But you're gonna owe me. Big time!"

He'd been holding his breath, and exhaled with great relief. "Yes. Whatever you want. Anything! I don't care. Just so long as I can get back in that room!"

She let the suddenly eager doctor pass.

The one advantage of all this delay was that his penis had a decent chance to recover. In fact, he'd even gone flaccid while his entire career and life hinged on Debbie's reaction. But now he opened the examination room door and quickly slipped inside.

He took one look at Agent Hooters, still naked, and still kneeling in the exact same position as before, and... BAM! His penis engorged back to full size in what seemed like a single second.

His eyes went wide again too. "Excuse me. Sorry for the long delay, but I..." His attention drifted. "My goodness, you certainly are good at taking orders."

She smiled up at him, not at all bothered by the wait. "Thanks! My boss tells me that all the time." Her focus dropped to his crotch. "Oh my! It looks like someone here is pretty excited to give the examination." Her smile widened.

His lust soared. "Ah, yes, the examination. Let's do that without further ado, shall we?"

She crawled on all fours to where he stood, her milky jugs swaying lewdly as she went.

In his excitement, he was having trouble undoing his belt buckle, but she said kindly, "Allow me."

As they worked together to take his pants off altogether, she asked, "So, doctor, there's one thing I don't understand. How do I pass this test? Am I supposed to try to do a good job and suck your cock with great passion, or do a bad job and resist my feelings as much as I can?"

"Good question, Miss Boobers. Er, Hooters. I'd say, act naturally. Don't even think of it as a test. Think of it, like, uh, a driver's exam. If you take a test to get your driver's license, you just drive like normal, right?"

"Right." But, like everyone, Hooters did her best to pass her driver's test. So she concluded she should try to give him the best blowjob humanly possible.

He shuddered and shivered with excitement as her soft hands cradled his stiff erection.

She said sincerely, "You have a nice cock, doctor. Especially for someone your age. Nice and fat. And I can see you keep fit." She started to lick her way around the bulbous head.

Since cocksucking was a big part of her daily "spy" duties, her talents were simply incredible. And she didn't need to warm up and get into the mood. Within seconds, she had all of his fat cockhead in her mouth and she was lightly bobbing over his most sensitive spot.

"Oh GOD!" he moaned. He was very glad that the room had been fully soundproofed. "Um, don't uh... Not so intense! If you go on like that, I'm gonna blow in a minute! Try to keep it going a long time, so we can, uh, get a, uh, a good sample size."

"Mmmm-ooo-kaaayyy...." she said in a muffled voice from within her penis-stuffed mouth. Her tongue was busy exploring even as her lips slid up and down relentlessly.

Doctor Johnson stood in complete awe. He was rendered nearly insensible with amazement and pure joy. It seemed like his penis was completely enveloped by her very active, probing tongue, because it was seemingly everywhere at once. The additional sensation of her lips tightly grasping his shaft like a virginal vagina was nearly too much to take. Holy shit! It's true! Everything the Chief told me is completely true! This woman has got to be the most sexy AND gullible blonde on the planet! This is completely unreal! How am I so lucky to be on the receiving end of such an INCREDIBLE blowjob? Hell, I imagine even a normal blowjob would be fantastic, but I must be in the mouth of a real master!

Fuck! She is sucking my penis down into her stomach like her mouth is an industrial-sized Hoover vacuum cleaner! I don't know if my heart can take it. Who knows? I may even be able to fuck this woman before the day is out. No. I can't even dare to hope that. But maybe? Who knows? God yes! Suck it! Like that! YES!

At first quietly he whispered "yes," more to himself than anything. Then his voice grew louder. And louder. "Yes!" Soon he was shouting, "YES!" She sucked and licked like there was no tomorrow. Her tongue seemed inhuman - it danced around inside her mouth like a lithe snake. Doctor Johnson had dutifully fucked his frumpy wife on a near daily basis for years, but he'd never experienced half the pleasure from any fucking as he had from this blowjob, and he hadn't even cum yet.

But to his horror, the door to the examination room opened. He turned his head around and saw his nurse Debbie standing there, shocked at what she was seeing.

"Doctor! You need..." was all she could say.

To the doctor's greater horror, he found he could look past Debbie and see a number of patients waiting in the waiting room. They had a direct view into the room and were all staring at Agent Hooters bobbing on his crotch. The doctor and patient happened to be at an ideal angle for all the people in the waiting room to clearly see what they were doing. Luckily, Hooters had her eyes closed and she was too preoccupied giving her all for the blowjob to notice that the door had opened.

Doctor Johnson waved his arms wildly in an attempt to gesture the door closed and shouted, "Nurse! Please come in!" The interruption almost caused him to go soft, but no penis could remain soft long in the secret agent's mouth, so it had the pleasant effect of prolonging the experience instead.

Debbie stepped in further and closed the door behind her. Even though she'd already confronted him about his behavior earlier, she was such a professional that she'd gone about her duties as always. And she'd mindlessly opened the door to respond to his call, momentarily forgetting what might be happening in there.

Besides, it was one thing for her to imagine what the doctor might do alone with Miss Hooters. It was another thing altogether to actually see it. Only now did it start to feel real, that this moral and honorable man would throw all his ethics out the window to sate his lusts.

He tried to say something to help the situation, but he was at a loss. He had a hard time thinking at all, given that a human vacuum cleaner continued to suck and lick his penis like her life depended on it.

While Agent Hooters continued her close-eyed cocksucking, he looked at Debbie with a desperate pleading in his eyes. He put his hands together as if praying and tried his best visual begging gestures. Then he brought a finger to his lips and motioned for the nurse to at least stay silent. He continued to plead, though his face periodically broke into expressions of pure euphoria instead, when Hooters did something unexpectedly pleasurable with her tongue or lips.

Debbie calmed down from her initial shock and just rolled her eyes in disgust at his unprofessional behavior and abject begging. But she remained silent. Finally, in a monotone, she asked him. "What did you want me for?" The doctor gave her a puzzled look, so she explained, "I thought I heard you calling, so I said, 'Doctor, do you want me?' and you answered, 'yes.' Obviously, there was a miscommunication, to say the least." She rolled her eyes again.

Given the continually mind-blowing cocksucking, the doctor responded surprisingly coherently. "Nurse, uh, I need to talk to you for a minute in private. About Miss Hoovers' condition. I meant, uh, Miss Hooters' condition. I worry that she's in a very dire state."

The nurse looked down at the naked cocksucker and couldn't help but feel a pang of lust. This buxom blonde was going at it with such a passion that it seemed to be she was born to suck cock. But the nurse's arousal was overwhelmed by her exasperation and disappointment in the doctor. She replied, "Sure. I'll be outside. Let me know when you're, uh... finished up in here. And remember what I said before, about you owing me. Now that goes double!" She was careful not to open the door wide this time, but she slammed it as she left.

Seeing the nurse reminded him all over again about the immorality of what he was doing. In particular, her question from before asking about his wife hit him like a sharp, stabbing pain.

But within seconds, his guilt was washed away by an overwhelming wave of sheer pleasure. Even with Hooters taking it easy in order to prolong the experience, this was, hands down, the most pleasurable experience in his entire life.

Holy Toledo! She's incredible! It's like she was born to suck cock! I had some experiences before I got married, and I dated some pretty sexy women back in my day. But all that put together is NOTHING compared to this!

He grabbed her curly blonde hair with both hands and stroked her head gently while she continued to work her magic.

The minutes continued to pass, as if in a wonderful dream. He realized in the back of his mind that he had other patients waiting. Had he taken the Chief seriously, he would have done things very differently, and certainly would have arranged it so the patients weren't there. But since they were there, his attitude was simply, Let 'em wait! Hell, I wouldn't stop this blowjob for anything, not even if the building was burning down!

Hooters tried her best to take it slow, but the fact was, she simply loved cocksucking. She'd done it so much that it was like she was addicted to it. And faced with a nice cock like the doctor's, she couldn't control herself. Before long, she completely forgot about his request to take it easy. She used every trick in the book (and in her case, it was a very big book.) She even brought up a hand to play with his balls while her other hand continued to jack off the base of his shaft.

The doctor simply couldn't hold out long from Agent Hooters' all out ministrations. In fact, it was a miracle he lasted this long. No longer could he simply stroke her hair. Instead, he gripped it tightly as he held on for dear life.

He was just about to give up when she pulled her mouth off to catch her breath. As she went back to mere licking around his head, she said, "Boy, doctor, you're good at this testing stuff! Not many guys at work can last this long. But I'm gonna get ya! Watch this!"

She stuffed his cockhead back into her mouth and started bobbing up and down over his most sensitive spot just below the head. Before long, her head was practically a blur as she bobbed with frantic speed. Yet she managed to stiff jack him off at the base using a different rhythm.

But that wasn't all. She snaked a hand between his legs, and probed around with her fingers until she found his asshole. Then she plunged her index finger in it.

He knew all about the stimulation of the prostate, but he didn't realize it could feel this good. Further resistance was simply impossible, and he knew it.

As he unclenched his muscles, he grunted, "Gonna cum!"

His cum suddenly gushed into her mouth without warning. He was delighted that she swallowed it all up. In fact, she seemed to eagerly devour his ropes, as if she lived only to consume loads of cum. He'd been told that his cum was bitter, but she didn't mind. In fact, she treated it like it was some godly nectar.

When it was all over, she sat back up on her chair, with her legs casually dangling from each side, which had an effect of opening her cunt and putting it on prominent display. She was obviously very wet, much wetter than his wife had ever been. But what turned him on even more was the cum that dribbled out of the corners of her mouth and ran down her chin.

She smiled at him with a face that had even more of a naughty, "come-fuck-me" look than usual. Then she slouched in her chair, recovering from her effort.

He thought to himself, That's MY cum! I can't believe this Anna Nicole Smith look-alike just guzzled down my cum as happy as you please! Wild! And the Chief says he gets this treatment every single day. I think, no, I know, I would be dead of a heart attack already if I got this kind of excitement that often. Crazy.

She felt the cum dangling on her chin and swept it up into her mouth. She seemed to revel in swishing it around her mouth before the movement in her Adam's apple indicated she swallowed it all down. Then she asked, "How did I do, doctor? Am I infected?"

He said in an ecstatic voice as he hastily put his pants back on, "You did wonderfully! Thank you! And yes, you're very infected! I'll be back in a minute."

For Agent Hooters these were very conflicting comments, so he left her in considerable confusion. She was puzzled why he appeared so ecstatic that she was infected. As he opened the door to go, she said, "Doctor, what about my hospital gown?"

Her eyes opened wide because, in his delirious joy, he'd completely forgot about the need not to keep the door open. She was now able to look out into the waiting room and see the people there looking back at her. There were some young children and their mother, an older couple, and a gangly teenage boy. The boy's eyes popped out at the naked beauty, Roger Rabbit-style. She attempted to cover up her chest, but one arm across her tits didn't do enough to hide all of her ample and bouncy charms. The other arm reflexively went to cover her cunt as she snapped her legs closed for good measure.

To the boy's even greater surprise, he saw her remove her arm from her tits while her hand explored the area around her mouth. She found another long white dribble and quickly scooped it into her mouth to get rid of it. She blushed profusely.

The boy wondered if, incredibly, that was semen she'd just consumed. Even though he was in high school, he'd never been on a date, but he could guess well enough that it was cum, from the porn he'd seen.

She refused to make eye contact with him, which allowed him to drink in her beauty without fear.

The doctor stood there for a while, still trying to process her question about wanting a hospital gown. He remained in a state of bliss from the blowjob, and he couldn't understand the strange repeated raising of her eyebrows. He remained unaware that people were looking into the room. He finally answered, "Oh yes. The gown. Don't worry. I'll pick you up one in a minute."

And he walked away, she frantically waved both arms up in the air, causing a massive boob-quake for those in the waiting room to enjoy. "The door! Doctor, the door!"

He belatedly remembered the door that he'd just walked through. He walked back and closed it. He looked into the waiting room and saw virtually everyone there staring in stunned silence at the now closed door. The few people who hadn't originally been in a position to look into Agent Hooters' room had already changed chairs so they were, after the earlier sneak peek. He looked at the one teenage boy sitting on the edge of his waiting room chair and thought, Now there's one happy kid. I'm glad I could make his day. I forgot to close the door, but maybe next time I'll keep it open on purpose, just to please him. I remember when I was his age. I would have murdered people for this kind of opportunity.

He was so blissed out that he paid no heed to the danger of so many people knowing what he obviously had been taking part in with a patient. He strolled on down the hall, happy as a clam, until he remembered the nurse Debbie. He went to look for her and found her sitting in his private office on the edge of his desk, obviously waiting for him. Thinking about her, he finally remembered his position and his morality. It all came flooding back, and he felt profoundly ashamed all over again.

He burst into his own office and threw himself at her feet (making sure to close the door behind him). "Debbie, please! Forgive me! This patient is crazy! I mean, look at her! She started sucking me off at the drop of a hat! What could I do? How could I resist? I'm only human. Did you see the way she looked? How could I resist her? Seriously! Please don't tell! Please! You know I'm not a bad man. What do you want? I'll give it to you!"

Debbie was pleasantly surprised. She left him hanging with a long pause, and then answered, "No, you're not a bad man. I know you've been very loyal to your wife, so I'll let it go this one time. But I'll expect you'll take another look at that raise I asked for a couple of months ago. And I trust you won't do this with any other patients."

"Oh, thank you, Debbie. Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you! Of course. Consider the raise a done deal. Now if you'll excuse me, I have to get back in there with her. Oh, and by the way, I told her she has a disease called 'nipplitis' and the cure is lots of sex. So if you talk to her, just kind of play along with that."

She rolled her eyes in disgust and disbelief.

"Thanks so much!" His morals were already crumbling again as he imagined Hooters naked and waiting. He flew out the door.

Debbie sat on his desk and pondered this new revelation. "Nipplitis?" I guess the doctor is a bit more horny and daring than I thought. Looks like he's going back in for a second helping, too. Who would have figured? Oh well, let him have his fun. He IS a good man, and I'm not about to blackmail the kindest and best employer I've ever had. Well, aside from getting the raise that's way overdue anyway.

"Nipplitis?" Ha! That woman in there must be the most brain dead slut the world has ever seen. And there's the way she dressed back when she actually bothered to wear clothes... Even her name... Hooters. What's the deal? That's like a joke name, especially with her boobs. Plus, how could she look so much like Anna Nicole Smith? What if she really IS...? Nah. Impossible.

I can't say I blame the doctor at all. She's one hot piece of work!

Doctor Johnson hurried back to the room containing Agent Hooters, but along the way he remembered her request for a hospital gown. He stopped by a supply closet to get one. He went through several gowns, trying to find one that could fit her very ample chest, but then the thought came to him, Why don't I see how far I can go? Let's give her a child-sized one and see if she falls for it. She doesn't seem the type to storm out if she doesn't believe my excuses, so what do I have to lose? The guilt he was feeling mere moments before when speaking with nurse Debbie was now completely gone, as his lust overrode all other emotions.

He found Hooters waiting patiently, her legs still spread obscenely wide. He made a point to close the door this time. He gave her the gown, and she immediately complained, "Doctor Johnson, how am I supposed to put this on? I mean, can you imagine me fitting this little thing over my chest?"

The doctor nearly drooled imaging the sight of her trying to wiggle the tiny gown over her tits, but outwardly he kept his cool and said, "I'm sorry, but we seem to be all out of gowns except for that one. Can you make do for a short while until I find something better? We've never had a patient as busty as you before, so it'll take a while for us to scramble."

Agent Hooters grumbled, "Everyone's always saying that. It seems EVERYTHING I wear is far too tight." She thought about the "official spy uniform" the Chief had personally designed for her and Agent Slut to wear. It was like a pornographic version of the already very revealing outfit Wonder Woman wore. Neither she nor Slut could understand what the point of the uniform was, since spies were supposed to go undercover. So far, the both of them had only worn it inside the Chief's bedroom, usually when they were tag teaming him.

Slightly annoyed, she put the gown on. The doctor's penis grew erect again as he watched her struggle with it. The gown was so small that it didn't even come down to where her bush would have been.

If she stayed still, it covered both nipples, but as soon as she moved the fabric got caught up in her deep cleavage and left all of her tits but the cleavage completely uncovered. In the back, only the very top of her butt had any coverage at all. But, again, her history of being forced to wear scanty clothing wore down her urge to protest, and she was especially reluctant to complain to the dignified and concerned doctor who seemed to be going out of his way to conduct unorthodox tests to help diagnose her condition.

The seemingly staid, bespectacled doctor was in fact a raging cauldron of hormones by now. For some reason, the sight of the woman repeatedly trying to cover up her privates and repeatedly failing turned him on even more than before. He looked at her and thought, I'd been a bit disappointed that she wanted to wear the gown, but actually this is better than having her barefoot all over. More importantly, with this disease excuse, I can do anything I want! It's like having a flesh and blood Barbie doll to play with, except this one is completely anatomically correct! Ha!

As if to test this idea, he looked at her with a feigned concern and said, "Miss Hoov-, er, Hooters, mind if I check something for a minute?"

"Please do. You're the doctor."

He stepped forward and inserted two fingers into the secret agent's cunt. He was pleased to see how lubricated she was - his fingers slid in as smooth as butter. The doctor had rather long and bony fingers, and he probed as deep as he could. He marveled that this was something he couldn't even do with his wife, since her idea of sex was the missionary position with the man on top, and anything else was practically satanic. He'd read about the G-spot but never had a chance to put his knowledge about it - until now. His probing fingers quickly found it and he aggressively diddled with it.

She cried out, "Doctor Johnson? What are you DOING?!"

He huffed, "This is an, um, important medicinal, er, medical, procedure. More testing." He reached up and groped at one of her tits with his other hand.

"Oh. Well, I don't know. It's making me feel really... OoooOOOOoooh! DOCTOR! That feels so good!" Sadly, despite all her sexual experience, no one had ever stimulated her G-spot. Doctor Johnson realized this from the surprised look on her face.

She asked, tentatively, "Um, doctor? What was that you were saying, that I have the nipple-malitis, or whatever it's called?"

As much as he enjoyed what he was doing, it wasn't enough. His only thought was fucking this beauty, immediately. His brain went into overdrive inventing an excuse. He explained, "Miss Hooters, based on your cocksuck-, um, your oral stimulation test earlier, I'm afraid that you do have the dreaded nipplitis."

"Oh no! What did I do wrong? Was my blowjob not good enough?"

"Don't think that you did something wrong. It's just that you're showing your true nature. You're like a nymphomaniac, plus. You love sex, don't you?"

"Well, uh, not really. It's just that, everybody's always forcing me to do stuff!"

"Yeah, but when they do, you love it. You get lots of big orgasms every day, right?"

She pondered that while he continued to pump in and out of her slit and pinch her nipple. She dropped her head and whispered, "Yes."

"Did you cum while you were blowing me?"

She nodded, and held up two fingers. Then she looked up at him pleadingly. "I'm sorry! I didn't want to, I didn't want to fail the test, but your cock was just so fat and yummy!"

He was pleased. "Never mind about that. However, there is good news. There is a treatment. What you have is an overabundance of female hormones. The cure is to fill you with more male hormones, to balance it out."

"So you have some kind of pill?" Her hips wiggled and her chest heaved as he continued to poke at her G-spot.

"Not exactly. Your condition is too rare for there to be a pill. To be honest, in all my decades in medicine I have never seen another such case in the uh, er, flesh." He pulled his fingers out of her cunt so he could talk coherently, since the both of them were starting to pant together. "After all, how many highly sexed, big-titted, gorgeous women are there these days? But luckily you can get the hormones straight from the source: any male. The substance commonly known as semen or cum is filled with the hormones you need. In fact, I'd guess the reason that your case hasn't developed into the debilitating phase is because you've managed to get enough cum on a near daily basis to stave off the worst effects. But apparently you haven't gotten enough to have the disease go into remission."

"Oh, wow. Doctor, that's so amazing. And so scary! To think that I've been angry at the Chief and Jimbo for making me suck them off and even fuck them so incredibly often. ... Oh no! But what about Agent Slut? If I have it, she's bound to have it too! And doctor! I feel all creepy, with the disease crawling all over inside of me. What will I do?"

"If I may be so bold, I suggest immediate treatment. One method is to find some cum and rub it deep into your skin. It's best to rub it into the face, chest, and or ass." One of his hands had never left her chest, and now he rubbed his palm all over her sweaty, fleshy tits as if to illustrate how the cum should be rubbed in. "Or you can ingest it in the mouth or put it up your anus. But the best way is to get a deposit straight into your vagina. That's where the disease is most active, so you need to frequently coat the inner walls of your vagina with cum."

He held his breath to see if she would buy this absurd story. He wiped his sweaty forehead, as he was perspiring with excitement and fear.

She gratefully put her hand on his hand resting over her left tit, and gave it a friendly squeeze. "Doctor Johnson, thanks a million. I feel better already knowing a trustworthy man like you is on top of things." She looked at him in a funny way, and continued, "Forgive me, doctor; I don't know if I'm crossing some kind of line into sexual activity, but... Well... I was wondering, could I ask you to, uh, you know what you were saying about immediate treatment? Since I already sucked you off, do you think it would be too much if you fucked me? Like, right now? I feel all icky, thinking about those nipplinoidy disease-y things inside me! I need a hot cum injection!"

The doctor thought, I just died and went to heaven. She's completely falling for it! ... She's even eager to fuck. What a fool! Calm. Don't overtax the heart. ... Count to ten.

Once he had his emotions somewhat under control, he said to her, "Um, well, I think..."

She stood up and grabbed his shoulders. She asked in a much more pleading tone, "Please, doctor! Please! I feel so infected! It's so gross to have those nipplitis-oids or whatever they're called running all around inside my CUNT! It's like a commercial I saw as a kid that had Crest toothpaste killing all the bad plaque monsters and keeping my teeth clean. Only, I need you to bathe my pussy walls with your cum!"

She dropped back to her knees and clasped her hands together in a begging posture. "Fuck me please? Just this one time?"

The doctor could barely keep up his pretense - having HER beg HIM to fuck was almost too much for his weak heart. He tried to sound reluctant as he answered, "Okay, I suppose." But the tone of his voice was excited, and at the same time his hands nearly tore his pants open.

His six-inch penis sprang out. While he wasn't endowed with a particularly long member, he was proud of its considerable width. He hoped that he would be up for the task and adequately please his extraordinary patient. He had no doubt that she would rock his world, but he wanted to make it good for her too.

There was no point in having Agent Hooters take off her gown since it didn't impede access to any of her erogenous zones and he really did prefer seeing her so insufficiently dressed instead of completely naked. But the trouble was finding where in the room they could fuck. The floor was cold and hard. But then it occurred to the doctor that the examination chair could be brought down into a table position. He attacked the controls and frantically spun the knob that brought the chair down.

Agent Hooters meanwhile playfully fondled his swinging erection. She knew that she may not have been the best secret agent, but she recalled that everyone back at the agency seemed to agree that she was great with penises. She had such a magical touch in knowing where and how to rub that the doctor worried he would blow his wad just before he could have a proper fuck.

As she licked her way around his head, she said, "You know, in a way, I'm kinda happy. In my current job... Uh, sorry, but I can't tell you what that is."

"Don't worry. The Chief and I are friends from way back. Since I know he's in the intelligence business, I can guess what you do."

"Oh, good! I hate having to remember all that secret-y stuff all the time. Anyway, since you know I'm a spy, you know how female spies use their sex appeal to help catch the bad guys?"


"Well, the Chief and some of the guys at the academy fuck me, like, practically ALL THE TIME! And it bums me out, because they hardly ever let me out to catch the bad guys. I've been kinda thinking they've been taking advantage of me. I mean, you have no idea how embarrassing it is to be bent over, getting royally fucked at your desk, while everyone else is doing paperwork all around you. They always say it's to help me hone my seduction skills, but how much honing do I need already? But now it turns out it's okay. They've been saving me from this disease the whole time!"

"Yes, that's true," the doctor replied, barely able to keep a straight face. "In fact, you'll probably need to get fucked even more than before. Speaking of which..."

While they were talking, she had laid down on the table while he laid on top of her. He could hardly wait a second, and plunged his penis deep into her soaking wet snatch.

As he slid in to the hilt, he thought, JESUS! That feels GOOD! Given how much she gets fucked, how it is possible for her to still be so TIGHT?! Damn!

She immediately moaned and mewled with pleasure. "Oh, doctor! You're so big! I just know I'm gonna love this!"

He pulled back, and slid back in all the way with another deep thrust.


He paused to say, "Uh, this room is soundproofed, but try not to scream, just to be on the safe side, okay?"

She nodded. Then she purred sexily, "Whatever you say!"

The doctor thought, DAMN! Talk about a woman who really is born to be fucked! Look at that expression on her face – she seriously loves it! Even though she looks like a porn star, there's no pressure on me to perform to some high standard because she's already in ecstasy just from having any ol' penis in her. She's trembling with delight, and I've barely started! And I'm shaking too, just to get my hands back on all her ample but firm goodies. Shit, these tits are too much! But these thrusts deep inside are better! She's thrusting right back! ... My heart! Don't overdo it. I can't die now!

They sawed back and forth. Agent Hooters was even a better fucker than a cocksucker. Doctor Johnson still couldn't get over her beauty - he touched one body part after another, thinking, She should be studied in medical school because every inch is the perfection of the human form! She's so soft, and yet so muscular! Her body seriously deserves a case study.

Back in the day, his wife had been quite a looker, and he still maintained an elderly handsomeness like a middle-aged Sean Connery, but Hooters simply oozed sex and beauty. She could put just about any Playboy Playmate to shame, both with her looks and with pure fucking talent.

She seemed quite pleased with his thrusting, and moaned and groaned in utter delight each and every time he dug into her. The fact was, despite her world class looks, there were few men in her life who could give the kind of quality fucking that she so richly deserved. Compared to the likes of her coworker Jimbo Bond, the doctor's fucking skills seemed pretty good.

And she didn't hold back in expressing her sincere admiration. "Doctor! You're so good at this! I love the way you stop and churn."

He grunted back, "And your churning hips! Amazing!"

"This is sooo much better than when Jimbo gives me his 'strip search inspection' fucks. I'd be happy to be fucked by you anytime, even without the nipplotis!"

Unfortunately, it was all too much for an older man like the doctor to handle. He barely lasted five minutes going in and out of her steamy box. But at least when he came, he really came. With a loud groan he trembled and quaked, and he filled her vagina with his creamy seed.

Just after it ended, she moaned in surprise, "Doctor! That was sooOOOooo nice! Can we do that again? ... Oh dear. Is that the nipplitis in me talking? Oh no! I'm afraid it is! Please heal me, doc. I'm so worried. I need more male cum!" She stroked his chest and purred sexily, "Mmmm. YOUR cum."

Doctor Johnson was far from worried that she would be lacking cum anytime soon. He lay collapsed upon her and remained there with closed eyes. He felt like he could stay that way forever. His only concerned thought was, I've set up this perfect situation. I can have blowjobs and fucks by the score before the day is over, if only my body is capable. But I'm an old man with a weak heart. I can't handle much more of this. If I can get it up twice more today, that'll be above and beyond the call. What a rotten shame. ... If I can't fuck her much, at least maybe I could get my rocks off by watching. Too bad I don't have someone here like the Chief to help. ... Plus, I do have those other patients in the waiting room to consider...

You know, it's a crazy thought, but what about the teenaged kid I saw out in the waiting room? He must still be there since I haven't gotten to see him or any other patient since this monster-titted hussy arrived. With him helping, we just might be able to keep Miss Hooters well fucked all morning long. My other patients can go to Hell! This is a once in a lifetime opportunity!

She added, dreamily, "You know what? I can actually feel your cum coating my pussy walls, killing those evil disease-y things. I feel soooo satisfied... Hey! I just had an idea. If you keep fucking me over and over, until my pussy is completely filled to the brim with your cum, could that kill off the disease completely? ... Doctor?"

But he was so blissed out that he wasn't paying attention. He continued to lie on top of her with his eyes closed and a big smile on his face.

She got up from underneath him and stood next to the table. She seemed to think he was passed out, which he very nearly was. He wasn't paying attention, so he made no effort to stop her as she walked to the door and opened it just a crack.

She said, "Nurse? Can I get some help here? Nurse?" Then she closed the door again.

Before the still-dazed doctor could react or speak to stop the nurse call, Debbie opened the door and came in (this time, she was careful to slide in without opening it wide).

The nurse gasped. Not only was the patient standing in front of her, for all practical purposes naked and obviously glowing with that freshly fucked look, but her beloved and trusted doctor and boss was lying face down on the table, naked as the day he was born. She looked at his hairy butt with more than idle curiosity.

She thought, HE fucked HER? Well, I'll be. Either she's even more of a slut than I realized or there's more sex drive and boldness in the doctor than I ever imagined. Probably some of both. He's actually more handsome without his clothes than I figured. Not a bad butt at all. But her gawking was interrupted.

"Nurse? I'm worried. Is the doctor okay?"

Debbie looked at her boss and raised an eyebrow. "Okay? Somehow, I guess he's never felt better? Isn't that right?"

The doctor managed an affirmative grunt.

Hooters sighed with relief. "Oh, good. It's just that he was so still, and that wouldn't be the first time a guy had, uh, heart problems, after, uh... Geez! This is so embarrassing!" She futilely tried to cover her voluptuous charms.

Debbie waved a hand dismissively. "Forget it. I've seen it all already."

Hooters rebounded quickly. After all, she was used to embarrassment. "On a different note, is there a telephone I can use? I've got a friend I need to warn right away!" She looked at the nurse with great concern.


"About the nippilo-whatever! The disease!"

"Oh. Right." Debbie rolled her eyes. "You know, you shouldn't tell anyone else about your disease. Just think how people could take advantage."

"That's true. But she's my best friend, and I think she has it too! I just HAVE to say SOMEthing!"

Debbie tried not to look down, but the glistening juices and the overwhelming smell of cunt made it difficult to think and maintain eye contact. Also, she wasn't sure how to respond, since there was no phone in the room or anywhere nearby, except for the one on the wall of the waiting room, and another where the receptionist sat. The doctor also had a phone in his office down the hall. She didn't want to get too involved in maintaining the disease charade, and looked to the doctor to say something.

He had been listening, and he finally sprang to life. He got up and walked toward Debbie, shocking her with his casual nudity. He didn't even attempt to cover his penis with a hand. He said, "Debbie, let me handle this. Can you go tell Rhoda to take a fifteen-minute break? Make it a good half hour, in fact. No, what am I thinking? Hell, send her home for the rest of the day. Then please take her place out front."

Debbie couldn't figure out why the doctor wanted her to take Rhoda's office receptionist role, but she wasn't thinking clearly on the point. Her eyes were glued to the doctor's crotch. She was surprised at the thickness of his penis, even while flaccid. But her view of it was brief. She nodded dumbly and fled the room, too confused to attempt any understanding.

He added, "Oh, once and please get rid of the other patients. Tell 'em... I dunno... Tell 'em that my wife came in to surprise me on our anniversary. You know, playing the role of a patient and all that, and things got out of hand."

Debbie thought about that. "Clever. That is, if anyone could seriously believe your wife could look like THAT." She nodded towards Hooters, who was standing right next to them, still in her undersized gown. "But still, there will be a lot of unhappy grumbling."

The doctor thought about that. "Good point. Let's call in some favors. Redirect them to my trusted colleagues for appointments later today. Then tell them we'll pay all their expenses today, and for their next visit too."

Debbie whistled appreciatively. "That'll quiet the grumbling for sure, but it'll cost the big bucks."

"Tell me about it," he replied, "but it'll be worth it." He looked over at Hooters lustily.

Debbie shook her head in disbelief. This is so fucking WEIRD! Standing here, casually talking, while some nude centerfold slut is twiddling her thumbs, reeking of sex. Whatever. Not my problem!"

As the nurse turned to go, the doctor added, "Oh, and clear the schedule for the rest of the day. Call 'em up and reschedule. And if any new patients come in, please send them away with some excuse. I've taken ill with a stomach virus. Oh, and one more thing. You know that teenager who's here for the fungal infection on his foot?"

"Thomas Ricks?"

"Right. Have him stay. When the others go, hold him back with some pretense. Tell him he needs to fill out some paperwork, In fact, give him a bunch of insurance forms to fill out, to keep him busy."

"Ooookay," the nurse responded, the doubt obvious in her voice. "Whatever you say. But you're gonna REALLY owe me big time. Everything is so very unorthodox!"

"I know, I know. But just look at Miss Juggs here. She has just about the worst case of nipplitis I've ever seen. I would be remiss as a doctor if I don't go all out to help her."

Debbie rolled her eyes again. Geez, doc, do you think you're laying it on a bit thick? 'Go all out'? More like 'go all in,' over and over. But hell, I just work here. I wonder what he wants with Thomas, though.

Hooters butted in. "I'm so GLAD you're clearing your schedule doctor. You see, I have this friend-"

He waved her off. "Not now, Miss Juggs. Let me finish with the nurse first."

"It's Miss Hooters, actually," Debbie pointed out.

"Oh right." He turned to the sex bomb to apologize. "Sorry. It's just that with your name, and your, uh, ample endowments. How did you get that name, anyway?"

Hooters tried to dismiss his question with a weird look, like she was attempting to say, "I can't say with the nurse here. Secret spy stuff."

He nodded. "I see." Turning back to Debbie, he said, "I think that covers all the bases. Can you think of anything else?"

She joked sarcastically, "Condoms? Viagra? Air freshener?"

His eyes went wide at the mention of condoms. As soon as Debbie left a few moments later, he turned back to Hooters.

But she could guess what he was going to ask. "Don't worry about it. I'm TOTALLY protected. And as for disease, the Chief has VERY strict rules. Plus, everyone in the office gets tested once a week."

"Phew! That's a relief! I wasn't thinking."

She sidled up to him. "Don't worry about it. In fact, I much prefer bareback. And speaking of doing it..." She took his penis in her hands and started to fondle it back from flaccidness.

It occurred to him that even though he'd fucked her, he hadn't really kissed her. He pulled her closer and unexpectedly locked his lips onto hers.

Her "spy work" rarely involved kissing, perhaps because her male coworkers couldn't forget the other penises that were in her mouth over the course of any given day. So she was pleasantly surprised at this unexpected intimacy and responded eagerly.

Before long, the two of them were getting quite hot and bothered all over again, especially since she never stopped stroking his penis back to full size.

But then she stopped the kissing, but not the stroking, so she could speak. "Doctor? I have a big favor to ask. I'm still feeling all icky and diseased. Do you think you can fuck me again?"

"Certainly! With pleasure. But remember, the nipplitis isn't just in your pussy. You'll need cum injections in all your holes."

Her eyes widened. "Oh! Then doctor, maybe you should see the nurse about that Viagra after all. And that reminds me. I really, really, REALLY need to use the phone."

"Miss Knockers - HOOTERS! Sorry. Miss Hooters." He suddenly began laughing, realizing how silly it was that "knockers" was wrong but "hooters" was correct. "I have bad news about the phone. You see, the only one is in the waiting room..."

Debbie managed to get rid of her coworker Rhoda and the patients in a matter of minutes. There had been some fuss, but there were only five to dismiss, and she had managed it. Finally, only the teenager Thomas was left, and she kept him busy filling out unnecessary forms.

The doctor poked his head out of the examination room and asked, "Debbie, is everyone gone?"

Debbie couldn't see him, but she could hear him easily enough, with the door open. "Yes. Everyone but Thomas Ricks. He's still filling out some forms."

The doctor replied, "Oh. Well, it can't wait. Thomas, if you're there, please close your eyes." Then he closed the door again.

Less than a minute later, Agent Hooters came out into the waiting room still dressed in her woefully inadequate child-sized hospital gown.

Debbie looked at the all-but-nude sexpot and then over at Thomas. Thomas had ignored the doctor's request to close his eyes, assuming it was some kind of joke he didn't get. He was busy filling out forms. But he looked up, and his jaw practically hit the floor.

Debbie couldn't figure out at first how Doctor Johnson could have forgotten the phone in his office, or the fact that Thomas was still here, but then it dawned on her that the doctor didn't forget. Holy crap! He's kept the kid here just for this kind of thing! This busty slut is gonna be soooo embarrassed! And a geeky kid isn't gonna complain about a free show. Heh-heh!

As she watched Hooters shyly cross the waiting room, looking for the phone, she thought, The ol' doc continues to surprise! He's so NICE all the time. But maybe he has some kind of naughty streak in him after all. And he certainly is a horny bugger! I swear, if you told me what would happen at work today, I would never have believed it in a million years!

Hooters couldn't fail to notice the gawking teenage boy. She tried her best to cover up as she walked, but there were too many strategic spots to cover and not enough hands. The problem got much worse once she reached the phone. She had to use one hand to dial and another to hold the receiver, leaving her no hands to cover up her exposed ass, tits, or cunt.

She was blushing furiously. It was one thing to be embarrassed in front of her coworkers. That happened to her and her friend Slut all the time, and everyone knew the score. No one blinked an eye if the Chief chaired a meeting while Hooters or Slut were sucking his cock, or even if they were both sucking him together. But this boy was different. He seemed very innocent, and it was a good guess he was still a virgin. She felt like she was horribly corrupting him just by standing there naked.

What was even worse was that the doctor explained that she shouldn't wipe up his cum or her juices now dripping down her thighs if she wanted to be cured of the nipplitis. So when she nervously rubbed her legs together, her wet thighs made lewd, sticky, slurpy noises. On top of it, the cum made her smell like a whorehouse.

Thomas was blessed with a chair right next to the phone. He could smell her cunt as well as if he had his nose buried in it, and he could clearly see the folds of her cunt lips. His shorts tented dramatically. He was forced to clutch his groin, mortified that he might shoot off at any second.

Agent Hooters tried to ignore him, and the nurse as well. She stood with one hand ineffectually attempting to cover her tits and the other hand holding the phone. She leaned close to the wall and kept her legs locked together, hoping that would keep her pussy blocked from view. "Hello? Agent Slut? ... I'm so glad to reach you! Listen. I have a big problem. You do too. I'm at the doctor's office, and he says I have a nasty disease. From the symptoms he explained I'm almost positive you've got it too! ... No, it's not an STD. It's unlike anything you've ever heard of! ... Symptoms?"

She looked to the gangly teen, and dropped her voice way down low, even though he was so close that he couldn't fail but hear anything she said. "You know, things like big tits and itchy pussies and penis-hungry mouths. The doctor says those are all signs of the disease, so I figure you're just as infected as me. ... I think you need to have the doctor check you out. Drop what you're doing and tell the Chief you just have to come here immediately! ... Okay? ... Good. I'll see you soon. Bye."

Doctor Johnson had been peeking in from the examination room, mostly to see how her appearance in the impossibly small gown went over with Thomas. But he could hardly believe his ears. Don't tell me there's ANOTHER woman like this one? Named "Agent Slut," no less? My heart! I can't take it! ... There's no way I can handle one woman like this, much less two. Now I'm beginning to understand why the Chief told me he had more pussy than he knew what to do with. I really WILL have to recruit this kid sitting in the waiting room to help out. I don't know if even he and I combined will be able to handle it, but we've got to try.

The phone was on the counter to the receptionist desk where Debbie was sitting, so Debbie had just as good as view as Thomas, if not better. She thought, I swear, this vixen is starting to get to me. Seeing her blush and tremble in front of this kid – who could avoid getting turned on from that? Not to mention finding out that Doc has a pretty damn impressive body for a guy pushing fifty. I'd pay some serious money to watch him fuck her, which he'll be doing in a matter of minutes, I'll bet. Hmmm...

Agent Hooters walked back to the examination room and closed the door behind her. The whole time, she'd pretended the boy wasn't there, and she'd been too ashamed to even look in his direction if she could help it.

Thomas watched with a mixture of sadness and awe as the agent's incredible and firm naked ass wiggled and swayed across the room and then disappeared beyond the door. He figured he would probably never see another ass as perfect as that in his life.

But once Hooters was inside the room, Doctor Johnson opened the door again. No one had noticed him before, since all eyes were on Hooters, but now he projected a "Pssst!" toward Thomas.

The boy pointed at himself with a "Who? Me?" expression. When the doctor nodded yes, the shocked teenager stood up and came over into the hallway.

The doctor was quite shaky and excitable, but the kid was even more so. The doctor said, "Let's see. I've had you here before. You're Thomas. Right?"

Thomas had a deep blush before the doctor even started talking to him, but he blushed even more, expecting to be chastised. "Yeah. I'm sorry! I didn't mean to look at her like that..."

The doctor interrupted. "Shut up, kid. Don't worry about it." He smiled a smile of benign generosity. "In fact, today is your lucky day."

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