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Part 2
(MF, FF)
Written by The Shadow Rising and Spacer X (paul_t_22@yahoo.com)

Part 2

The middle-aged Doctor Johnson sat in the examination room, talking with a teenaged patient named Thomas. Although Thomas had come in so the doctor could look at a fungal infection on his foot, that wasn't what the two of them were discussing. They were discussing the patient with the curious name of Agent Hooters, who in fact was sitting in the same room, wearing nothing but a ridiculously undersized hospital gown. Even sitting there with her legs crossed and her arms crossed, she was the sexiest sight Thomas had ever seen.

"So, let me reiterate," the doctor said. "Hooters here has a disease, a non-contagious disease, that requires her to have lots of sex. Think of nymphomania, if that helps you. That's basically what this is, for all practical purposes. You know what that means, don't you?"

"Yes, of course."

"And I need your help with an emergency. It's kind of like an operation. In a nutshell, you and I need to cum on and in her as many times as possible, and this will help control her disease."

The boy stammered, "You said that already, but I still... It's just too unbelievable! Why do you want ME! I just some kid!"

"Because you happened to be here, and this is an urgent emergency. I can't do it alone."

"But, but, I don't know what I'm doing! ... I mean, what if I'm... no good?"

That confirmed it to both the doctor and Hooters that the boy was a virgin. He wasn't ugly by any means, but he had an innocent, deer-in-headlights look around Hooters that made it obvious he would have a hard time holding a conversation with her, much less fucking her.

She piped up. "I'm sure you'll do just fine. Sex is as easy as dribbling a basketball. Easier. You just stick it in and thrust in and out. What could be easier than that? You're a cutie. You'll be great." She flashed him a big smile, and uncrossed her arms, showing off most of her boobs (her gown covered her cleavage, but not much else).

That sight did perk him up, but he was still confused. "I just... I just don't understand." He looked at Hooters. "For one thing, you look like Anna Nicole Smith. I don't mean kinda sorta, I mean EXACTLY! How can that be? And what's with your name? Hooters?! And your job? You're saying you're NOT a call girl or porn star?!"

The doctor knew her spy job prevented her from answering those kinds of questions honestly, so he said, "Do you want to ask a lot of questions, or do you want to touch her?"

"Well, duh! But I'm... shy." He blushed and turned away.

"Awww, how cute!" Hooters smiled and got up. She knelt down in front of the boy and said, "Here, let me take care of him. I'll cure his shyness fast."

The doctor nodded, so Hooters took Thomas's hand and brought it to her shoulder. "Here. Touch me. I don't bite. How does that feel?"

He was only running his hand over her shoulder, but he exclaimed, "GREAT! AWESOME! ... Your skin is so... well, silky smooth. It's fun to touch."

She sat up. "Sorry, the doc is looking eager, so we're gonna have to have the rapid course. Here, bring your hand down here. How does that feel?" She took his hand and guided it down to her nearest breast, allowing him to cup it from underneath. Then she brought his other hand to the same spot on her other breast.

He was literally speechless, but he mouthed the word "WOW!" as his eyes bugged out.

"Good," Hooters said encouragingly. "Now, they're not made out of glass. Heft 'em up and down. Squeeze 'em. Do whatever you like; it all feels good to me."

So Thomas spent the next couple of minutes playing with her boobs. She still wore her gown, but it was bunched up in her cleavage and no impediment at all. As he explored, he slowly relaxed.

Meanwhile, she was playfully running her hands all over him, even though he remained clothed in a T-shirt and shorts. He wasn't paying much attention to what she was doing, until he heard the sound of the fly in his shorts being unzipped.

"Whoa! What are you doing?!"

But she was fast, and managed to get his erection in her eager hands before he really could fathom what was happening.

"Relax," she cooed. "Don't take your hands off me. Just keep playing with my tits. I just happen to be holding your cock. Nothing to get worked up about."

"'Nothing to get worked up about?' Oh God! God! God! Sweet Jesus! ... Aaaa aaack!" He was so shocked that he made some strangled yelps.

But after a couple more minutes, he got used to what was happening. Before long, she was lightly stroking his penis while he continued to fondle her body, especially her huge globes.

She was extremely careful not to stimulate him too much, though, since she knew he was on a hair trigger and probably had zero control over his penis. All the while, she cooed encouraging things to boost his self-confidence.

Doctor Johnson just waited patiently, though it wasn't easy. He consoled himself that he had all afternoon, since he'd sent everyone else home but his nurse, who more or less fully understood what was going on. Besides, he figured that his body needed the chance to recover, since he'd climaxed twice in less than an hour. Plus, it was arousing watching Hooters slowly seduce the boy.

But the relaxed atmosphere was broken when Debbie, the doctor's cute, spiky blonde-haired nurse, came in.

Thomas immediately froze up, and then hunched down, trying to hide his exposed erection.

The nurse said, "Doctor! You won't believe it. Today is your lucky day."

The doctor smiled, glad that his nurse was at least tolerating his behavior. "Don't I know it?!" He winked at Thomas. "Can you believe her? She's just about the most-"

The nurse interrupted. "I know, I know. But I'm not talking about her. There's another woman in the waiting room who's practically her double!" Her hands traced an hourglass shape in the air. "She must be the one Miss Hooters called a short time ago. The one she called Agent Slut." She looked incredulous, as if she couldn't believe what she'd seen with her own eyes.

"'Agent Slut?'" The doctor stood up in a flash. He put his hand over his heart. "She's here?! Be still my beating heart. What a day! Debbie, is she as beautiful as Miss Hooters?"

Debbie wasn't happy to be asked to judge another woman's beauty. In fact, she was extremely uncomfortable with just about everything that had happened from the moment this "Hooters" woman had walked into the doctor's office several hours earlier, but she'd been essentially bought off by the doctor with the promise of a quick raise. She said as grudgingly and derisively as she could, "I suppose if big tits, long blonde hair, tanned skin, and an overall 'fuck me now' bimbo look is your idea of beautiful, then she's very beautiful."

But despite this tone, had Debbie been pressed she would have had to admit that this new patient, Miss Slut, was just about the most gorgeous woman she'd ever seen, equaled only by Miss Hooters. The nurse was more than a little bit jealous, as she'd always been proud of her C cup breasts, but no one paid the slightest attention to those if she stood near Misses Hooters or Slut.

Hooters was annoyed at that answer - she'd wanted to find out if the nurse that Slut was more or less beautiful than her. But she was too modest to press the issue.

Doctor Johnson rubbed his hands together in glee and gave Thomas another wink. "You see, Thomas? TWO long haired blonde, bodacious babes? ... Wow. I never thought I'd actually use the word bodacious in a sentence to refer to someone I actually know. You see why I need your help? Are you up for this?"

Debbie spoke before Thomas could. "Her name is Slut, for crying out loud! What kind of woman has the name 'Slut'?" She was indignant and frustrated.

"Yeah!" Thomas added, still blushing and covering his groin. "What's up with that?"

Doctor Johnson answered sensibly but with a sense of humor, "Why, I do believe a slut would have such a name. What do you think, Thomas?"

Thomas was shy and nervous, but he couldn't help but smile. "I think you're right, sir."

"Of course I'm right. And by the way, those happen to be nicknames and not real names, in case you hadn't guessed. I can't say anything more than that. But trust me, they're NOT prostitutes or porn stars, despite their looks. However, they ARE slutty. Hooters, I assume Miss Slut finds herself in as many compromising situations as you do?"

She thought back to when she'd come in to work that morning. Agent Jimbo Bond already had Agent Slut bent over her desk and was giving her a thorough fucking while another agent had his penis in her mouth on the other side. She blushed slightly. "Um, yeah. I guess."

The doctor stood up. "Excellent. I'm glad to hear that. Thomas, I want you to put on a nurse's outfit. There are lots of male nurses these days, you know. Slut may be confused by your presence, so we'll have you play the role of one of my assistants until she warms up to the whole situation. Is everyone agreed with that?"

The others all nodded.

Then he said, "Let me just take some more of my heart medication here because looking at this Miss Slut for the first time no doubt is going to be another severe test for this weak heart of mine. Oh, and I'd better take some Viagra while I'm at it. What a day so far, and apparently it's just begun. I can hardly wait!"

Debbie rolled her eyes and put on her most contemptuous frown. But as she turned to leave, she looked at Thomas and grinned. "By the way, nice penis, kiddo!"

He'd been covering himself up, but he correctly figured she'd seen his erection before he realized she was in the room. He blushed profusely.


Meanwhile, Trish Stratus, a.k.a. Agent Slut, stood in the doctor's empty waiting room, tapping her toes impatiently. She was dressed in a skin-tight black leather jumpsuit that she'd been using during a 'training exercise' earlier in the day. She'd been hoping the exercise would be an obstacle course or something like that, but instead it had been a role play. Her boss the Chief played an evil henchman and her job had been to sexually seduce him. Since the Chief hadn't exactly played hard to get, she'd sucked his cock in a languid fashion for over an hour before she had to go to her morning workout at the agency gym. Then she'd been stuck with the outfit for the rest of the day.

The jumpsuit was so tight that she had to keep the zipper down her front unzipped all the way to her belly button so her giant tits wouldn't get squeezed too tightly. The black all over drew all eyes to the one exposed area: her cavernous cleavage. It seemed that back at the secret agency, she and Agent Hooters always had the problem of being given outfits that were far too small for them.

Funnily enough, Agent Hooters had the same problem at that very moment. She was dressed in a child-sized hospital gown that utterly failed to cover up any of her private parts. There was a little piece of pale blue fabric buried deep in her cleavage and then widening out to cover up some of her stomach before running out of fabric long before reaching the top of where her blonde bush had once been. A few spaghetti straps connected that to another piece of fabric that covered up most of her back but just failed to reach the top of her ass.

Peeking out of her room, she spied Agent Slut out in the waiting room. She double checked that no one else was around, and then rushed out to greet her. "Trish!" she said excitedly as she rushed across the room and gave her friend a big hug.

Agent Slut hugged back, tentatively, but she looked past her friend and eyed Doctor Johnson and Debbie as they also walked into the room. She spoke in a quiet yet formal whisper. "Hi, Miss Hooters. Please call me Miss Slut when we're in public, like right now. Remember that we don't want to use first names or the A word." She meant the word "Agent."

She nervously looked around the room, very aware two people were watching them. The collision of Hooters' tremendous tits into her own remarkable rack strained her tight jumpsuit to the breaking point and caused the zipper to zip down. That allowed her boobs to spill out and then rebound into Hooters' tits, resulting in a mammoth tit flesh earthquake as the collision continued to ripple between them.

Slut eyed the two strangers looking at her and Hooters hugging (the strangers' eyes all bounced up and down in time to the four tits slowly returning to rest). Their outfits made it clear they were doctor and nurse. They were hanging back for the moment to let the two friends greet each other, but their presence nonetheless made her nervous.

Agent Hooters was less fazed by the reactions because she already felt so familiar with Doctor Johnson. Even though she barely knew Debbie or Thomas, she trusted them since they were linked to the doctor.

"Quick. Come into my room," Hooters suggested. She pulled on Slut's arm, and the two of them soon found themselves in Hooters' examination room. The others let them be there for a while, so Hooters could update Slut on the situation as only a trusting friend can.

Slut tried pulling her front zipper back up, but the task was difficult. She gave up the effort when she looked again at Hooters and noticed that her friend was naked for all intents and purposes, since the gown only had a front side, and that was mostly bunched up in her cleavage. It wasn't even long enough to cover her pussy. Furthermore, a closer look revealed copious steams of cum flowing down Hooters' thighs.

She put her hands on her hips. "Hooters! That doctor just fucked you, didn't he?"

"He did! And it was great!" She struck a sexy pose, flaunting her just fucked appearance. "Thanks so much for coming, Trish. Believe me; you'll be glad you did. You and I were THIS CLOSE to losing our minds!" Hooters held two fingers very close together to illustrate the "THIS CLOSE" comment.

"What are you talking about, Anna? You're babbling."

"No. It's really serious! The good doctor, Doctor Johnson, he says I have a very rare disease called nipplitis, or nipplosis, or something. It means too much female hormone, I think. He didn't really explain, actually. But women who have it get big tits, wide hips, and an overactive sex drive. You'll GO INSANE if you don't treat it! Luckily though, the cure isn't bad at all: you need more male hormone to match up. It turns out semen is the perfect cure."

Agent Slut was extremely skeptical. She wasn't necessarily any smarter or less gullible than Agent Hooters, but having the whole scenario explained bluntly was much different than the way Doctor Johnson slowly broke the idea to Hooters. Seeing Hooters tell it while dressed in a ridiculously undersized hospital gown with her tits hanging out in every direction didn't give Slut much faith in the doctor's trustworthiness, either.

Slut asked in a voice almost dripping with sarcasm, "My, isn't it convenient that the 'good doctor' helped you out by giving you some of his own semen to help you get all better?"

Agent Hooters clapped her hands with glee, causing her twin orbs to shake and the gown helplessly trapped between them to rustle. "IT IS! Isn't that wonderful?"

Slut put her hand on her friend's shoulder. "Anna, I hate to break it to you, but I don't think there's a disease called nipplitis, or whatever it is. We've talked before about how we let guys walk all over us. I think this is another example."

Agent Slut took a holier-than-thou attitude with Hooters, but in fact she'd just come from a "dressing down" back at intelligence agency headquarters. Thanks to her misunderstanding of that expression, she again found herself doing a striptease on top of table in front of a large crowd of both male and female agents. This tended to happen every time she made a mistake, or someone claimed she made a mistake. She was glad at least that she'd been called away before the obligatory spankings and blowjobs that always followed her striptease performances.

Hooters frowned. "You think it's a scam? Noooo... Wait. You're just saying that because you haven't seen the doctor. He's very trustworthy. Did you see his grey beard? How could you not trust a guy with a beard like that? And doesn't it freak you out to think these nipploids could be running around everywhere inside you? Oooh! Gross!"

Just then, Doctor Johnson came in. He tried to act casual as he looked at Agent Slut for the first time, but failed miserably. His eyes soaked in the lovely, skin-tight sight of Agent Slut's black jumpsuit. Naturally, his attention zoomed to the deep cleavage on display - Slut's front zipper was zipped so low that her entire boobs were hanging out. He thought, Holy cow, those have to be at least Double D's! They're not as big as Agent Hooters', who has to wear an E if not an F bra size, but still. Wow! I can see clear down to her cute little belly button. Nice all over tan. Hot. Scorching!

He eventually worked his way up to her face. Holy fucking cow! What a sultry face! Nice long blonde hair, but she's got even more of a "come hither and fuck me" face than Hooters does. I didn't think that was humanly possible! Why, she just looks like a total ... slut. ... Hey! I get it. Hooters has huge hooters and so that's her name. This woman is sluttiness personified, and so that's HER name. The Chief is a genius, if he's the one handing out the names. I wonder if I'll be able to fuck this one today, too. ... Calm down, now, calm down. Don't even think about it when your heart is beating this fast.

"HelloooOOOooo?" Agent Slut waved her hand in front of the doctor's face. She appeared irritated, and crossed her arms over her exposed boobs.

"Oh. Yes. Sorry. Hello. My name is Doctor Johnson. Miss Whore, I presume?" He held out his hand to shake Slut's, but she looked at his sweating palm and didn't want to touch it. However, politeness took over and she briefly grasped it. Truth be told, the doctor was sweating all over. While his mind had somewhat adjusted to the presence of Agent Hooters at least, his body had not. Just one look in Hooters' general direction, and now Slut's, and his heart pounded like he just ran a marathon.

"The name is Miss Slut," she answered, greatly annoyed at his mistake.

"Oh. Right. Sorry. I'm really bad at names."

She eyed the doctor in a way that made him nervous and almost afraid. Her act of reaching her hand out to shake exposed most of her boobs again, and in fact caused more tit-flesh to escape from its skin-tight black leather prison.

But unlike Hooters, she took the time to pop them back in. When that didn't work, she attempted to zip her zipper back up, but that wasn't successful either. In fact, all she was doing was putting on a tremendously arousing show of jiggling tit.

After about a minute, with her dignity in tatters, she let out a heavy sigh and dropped her arms to her sides, giving up any effort to cover her exposed nipples. She had a defeatist attitude about such things since it was a rare day where she didn't have to put up with sexual humiliations at work.

He stammered, "Um, um, I, uh, you don't want us to know your first name? Is that correct?"

She turned to her friend and asked testily, "Is that what you told him, Anna?"

"Yes, Trish. That's what the Chief said to do."

The doctor almost cackled with joy on the inside as both of them used their first names while discussing if they should use their first names. Ha! Obviously this new one isn't exactly a rocket scientist either! Maybe they won't find me out after all. Dumb, horny sluts! THOSE are the women spies protecting our nation? That's either the stupidest or the most brilliant thing I've ever seen.

Trish opened up the conversation. "Miss Hooters has been telling me some pretty incredible things. Something about a disease called nipplitis? I find this very hard to believe. And look at her thighs! They're covered in cum. You obviously had sex with her, which isn't what doctors are supposed to do to their patients. What's going on here?"

The doctor gave the same explanation he gave Agent Hooters, which wasn't very convincing since he'd made the whole thing up on the spot earlier in the morning. He knew he'd need more support for the skeptical Slut, so he called in for reinforcements. He opened the door and shouted, "Debbie? Can you and Thomas come in here?"

His nurse, Debbie, walked in, followed by Thomas. The shy teenager was somewhat gangly and pimply, but overall he was fairly handsome and athletic. He'd been in the bathroom the past few minutes, ostensibly to pee, but mostly just to emotionally and physically recover from the extreme stimulation he'd been enjoying.

Doctor Johnson, remembering how Agent Slut's bare tits had shook delightfully when he shook her hands, motioned so that Slut had to shake hands with both Thomas and Debbie as polite formalities.

Slut used one arm to cradle her tits, but while that reduced their wobbling, it also pushed them out as if on a plate.

Seeing everyone stare at her bust, even Debbie, she made another attempt at zipping back up. She was partially successful, but the task grew increasingly difficult the higher the zipper went, until it reached the upper slopes of her huge rack. She gave up once she'd more or less covered her nipples. She privately cursed her Chief, and the fact that he'd made her wear this outfit that was seemingly designed to come open and stay that way. Just taking some deep breaths could cause the zipper to unzip far below her belly button.

Debbie again tried her best to act bored and even disgusted, but Thomas trembled all over and looked like he could faint dead away at any moment.

The doctor said, "Debbie? Thomas? What do you think about Miss Slut here? Could she be ill?"

Thomas, though shy and quick to blush on the outside, was actually quite brave once he put his mind to something. He spoke up, and said in a wavery voice, "Um, sir, I think she might have the nipples. Just like Agent Hooters. She has all the signs."

Agent Slut reacted testily. She unzipped her zipper dramatically, causing her tits to spring completely free of the tight black outfit. She heaved her tits in both hands and said, "Of course I have nipples! Can't you see them? Doctor, what kind of idiot assistant do you have who doesn't even know that all women have nipples?!"

Then she cursed herself, since she'd just accidentally undone all her progress with the zipper. Fuck it, she thought. She didn't see much point in covering up, since Hooters was standing there effectively naked.

Thomas stammered, "No, miss. I meant the nipplitis. You know - the disease." His eyes remained wide because he noticed that Slut had unzipped her zipper all the way to the top of her pussy. He could see a bit of pink.

The outfit was so tight that it was a chore to zip the zipper back up over the small, upper abdomen bulge below her belly button. But seeing the boy stare at her there, she felt obliged to try to cover up some more.

Once again, all conversation came to a halt as everyone else stood and watched Slut's inadvertent jiggly tit show. Each attempt to pull it up caused her tits to bounce and heave in ways that made Thomas feel dizzy.

Finally she gave up for a second time. Fuck! Why do I even bother? I have half a mind to take this stupid outfit off altogether. I'll bet this horny doctor would like that. Grrr.

She was deceiving herself. Deep down, she got off on being gawked at and at being embarrassed. She really did want to take off her outfit, and had to fight the urge to do so.

Attempting to restart the stalled conversation, the doctor asked, "What do you think, Debbie?"

Debbie chimed in, though in the most bored and reluctant voice she could conjure. "Yes, doctor. I have to agree."

The nurse looked like she wanted to escape this silly charade, but it was her duty kept her standing there and saying what the doctor wanted. She told herself that she was merely fascinated and amused by the two busty blondes. But that was just a façade. In fact, she was growing more than a little aroused. She'd never been with another woman in a sexual way, so she was surprised and confused by her strong urge to reach out and grope Slut's bouncy bosom with both hands.

The doctor said to Agent Slut, "As you can see, these two agree with my tentative hypothesis. I'm almost positive you have nipplitis. Either Hooters infected you, or you infected her." Making a daring guess based on their sluttish behavior, he asked, "Have you two ever, ummm, engaged in lovemaking acts with each other?"

Agents Slut and Hooters looked up at each other and blushed. The red spread all the way down their necks. The others could easily see this since both women were topless.

Hooters grumbled, "Yes, but it's not fair! I can't tell you the number of times Trish and I have been sent on missions together with only one sleeping bag. And when Chief put the strap-on in Slut's pack, that was just adding insult to injury. And there was that one time Jimbo got a hotel room with only one single bed for the three of us. What a jerk!" (As her increasing arousal distracted her thoughts, she forgot that she wasn't supposed to mention intelligence terms like "missions" and also forgot the doctor wouldn't know who Jimbo was.)

Thomas asked, "Doctor, I thought you said the disease wasn't contagious?" He immediately regretted that, but it was too late to take the words back.

Luckily, the doctor was able to think quickly. Without even batting an eye, he said, "Yes, but I was saying that you can't get it from Hooters. I should have clarified that the disease only affects women, so of course you have nothing to worry about. After all, there's no such thing as a male nymphomaniac."

Agent Slut found that plausible. In fact, as she stood there topless in front of two males, her lust was rising and her critical thinking was lessening. She was starting to find the idea of the disease plausible after all. He does have a point. Anna and I are pretty darn slutty. Maybe this is the reason. And how could the doctor have known the stuff she and I have done? The male and female nurses don't look like the types to lie. The doc looks extremely respectable and trustworthy too. His trimmed salt and pepper beard reminds me of that actor in that submarine movie. "The Hunt for Red November" or something. Actually, he's pretty handsome for an old geezer. He's got to be at least fifty. Plus, he uses big words like "hypothesis." I have no idea what it means, but it sounds pretty medical.

But still... He DID fuck Anna already. So that's pretty fishy right there. I get so tired of guys tricking me. Like that pizza delivery boy the other day. I still don't understand how he talked me into giving him a titfuck. I dunno...

She frowned, and the doctor picked up on her continued doubts right away (luckily, her tell tale frown coincided with one of the doctor's very rare glances up from her cleavage).

He said expansively, "Don't worry. You must be wondering who's going to administer the treatment today. I'm too old for that kind of thing. Happily, we happen to have my new male nurse, Thomas, who will be providing you with all the, uh, erm, curative fluid you'll need. Think you can handle that, kid?"

Thomas gulped and blushed. But he eked out, "I think so. Sir."

Agent Slut laughed on the inside. THAT kid? Why, he's harmless as a pussy cat. If all I have to worry about is this guy, then what's the problem? I suppose I can humor Anna just this once. If the boy's gonna do the fucking, then it's not like the doctor stands to gain. So he's probably legit. Heck, he's a DOCTOR! Why am I even doubting him?

Agent Hooters looked at her friend with a near pleading in her eyes. "Trish? The nipploidians? Don't you want to get rid of them?"

Agent Slut bobbed her head back and forth indecisively as if uncertain to nod yes or no, then finally gave in. She still strongly doubted the nipplitis idea, but found herself saying, "I suppose..."

Doctor Johnson was so happy he pumped his fist into the air. Luckily Agents Slut and Hooters were looking at each other and didn't see.

Debbie did though, and she suppressed a snicker.

The doctor thought, I have no idea what nipploids or even nipploidians are, but thank God for them!

He turned to Thomas. "Are you ready, son? Care to defeat the nipploids in Miss Slut? I think to be on the safe side, we should start with a blowjob."

"Blowjob?" Thomas, Debbie, and Agent Slut all said this at once, in shocked tones.

"That's right," the doctor said confidently. He knew the best way to carry this off was to sound decisive and convincing, even if the lingo was a bit crude. "As I'd explained, male semen helps defeat nipplitis. The more you get, and in more different locations, the better."

Hooters helpfully added, "It's just like toothpaste getting rid of plaque, Trish."

Slut looked over at Hooters, who looked back hopefully. Slut sighed with resignation. "Fine. What's another blowjob, anyway?"

Debbie saw the look between the two of them and muttered, "I'm out of here. I don't need to see this." She said out loud to the doctor, "I should go tend to office work. I'm still trying to reach a number of the patients, to reschedule. You do remember your other patients, don't you?"

Doctor Johnson sighed, reminded of his real world responsibilities. "Just a minute. Let me make sure Thomas can handle this. Thomas, why don't you get started so I can make sure everything is in order before I go?"

The nervous boy looked around at the four faces staring at him. To say that he was facing performance anxiety was an understatement. He was handsome enough, but due to his slightly pimply face and shy nature, he'd never done more than kiss girls and make a few boob gropes while necking. But on the other hand, Agents Hooters and Slut were so mind-bogglingly sexy that he was more aroused and erect than he'd ever been.

Agent Hooters had her legs spread wide open and her gown did nothing to hide the lips between her legs. She had a wild tossed-hair look that accurately conveyed how aroused she looked. But Slut was a different matter. She looked like she could barely tolerate the whole scene, and unfortunately she was the one he had to interact with now. Wild lust drove him, overriding his shyness.

Agent Slut took pity on this obviously innocent kid. She said, "Maybe you could use some inspiration," and unzipped the rest of her jumpsuit. The front zipper was already pulled down to the top of her pussy, but it kept going down until it exposed her cunt lips to everyone. Then she kept pulling the tight black leather down her legs until she was free of the frustrating outfit altogether.

She thought, Looks like I'm gonna get fucked. Again. But at least I'd rather give this nice kid a special experience instead of fending off Jimbo's groping hands back at work.

There was a chorus of oohs and aahs from everyone but Agent Hooters.

Agent Slut eyed Debbie with distain and wondered why she was still standing and watching with the others. (In fact, Debbie talked about leaving, but she found Slut's naked body so extraordinary that she couldn't tear herself away.).

Slut turned to the doctor. "Do you have some kind of gown? Presumably larger than the one Anna is wearing?"

Doctor Johnson nodded at Debbie. "Nurse, can you go find something?" As soon as the others looked away, he held two fingers nearly together to indicate that whatever the nurse found, it should be really small.

Agent Slut noted that Thomas' eyes now appeared on the verge of popping out of their sockets and he was practically on the verge of hyperventilation. But he wasn't moving. So she reached forward and unzipped his zipper. She was pleasantly surprised to see a seven or eight inch penis spring out. It was quite wide as well.

Before Thomas could react to that surprise, Agent Slut started licking her way around his cockhead. Like Agent Hooters, Slut told herself that she disliked blowjobs, but she didn't mean it. No matter what the situation was, as soon as an erection touched her lips, her arousal level shot through the roof and she devoted her entire attention to pleasuring it. Oftentimes, she'd finger her pussy or clit as she sucked, but that wasn't necessary for her to enjoy the act.

"OH GOOD LORD!" Thomas cried out. "FUCK! Doctor, uh..."

"Johnson," the doctor reminded him.

"Yeah! Doctor Johnson! She's sucking my dick! Holy fucking cow! And it feels so good!"

Sure enough, Agent Slut was now on her knees, her whole body sliding forward and back while Thomas and his penis remained still as a statue, since he was too shocked to think about actively participating.

She slid all of Thomas's cockhead into her mouth and started to bob back and forth on it.

She was enjoying this blowjob even more than usual. She was rather delighted at how painfully shy this kid was. That, at least, was an endearing novelty. She loved making him passionately grunt and moan.

But also, she was really getting off on the fact that the doctor and nurse were standing there watching. (Having Hooters watch wasn't such a big deal, since she saw her naked nearly every day.) She was putting on a show for them as much as for Thomas, and she made sure to exaggerate her movements for their sake.

Debbie was entranced. She happened to be standing next to Doctor Johnson, and somehow found her arm around his back as they gawked together. She started to wish that she was the one giving the blowjob. Only, in her fantasy, it was the doctor that she was blowing. She'd had a little bit of a crush on him for a long time now.

But Hooters was another. She was horny as all get out, and simply watching Slut suck cock wasn't cutting it. She struck a sexy pose, which wasn't hard to do given the tiny gown she was still wearing. "Um, Doctor Johnson? Now that those two are getting settled, maybe, would you like to play with me?" She shot a nasty look at Debbie. "And you. Don't you have some paperwork to do, or something?"

Debbie suddenly snapped out of her trance, coughed to cover her embarrassment, and made her way to the door. She muttered, "I'll go get the gown for the slut. I mean, for Miss Slut." However, she didn't want to leave the doctor in the room with Hooters, as she knew what they'd be up to before long. She was feeling possessive towards him. She stopped at the door and suggested, "Doctor, I need to speak to you in private about a few matters."

Doctor Johnson also snapped out of his intense gawking. He surveyed the room, though his eyes didn't get much farther than Agent Hooters and her especially huge bust. "Um, Thomas, you good? If you need me for any reason, just, uh..." The doctor's mind fogged over with lust as his focus returned to Slut's face and he lost himself again in staring at the blowjob.

"Yeah, I'm good. Great!" Thomas closed his eyes. He clenched his hands into fists as if he was hanging on for dear life on an intense roller coaster ride.

He would have climaxed pretty much from the moment the blowjob started, but Slut was a real expert. She could tell he was a virgin in all things, and she had a great intuition on just how far she could go before setting him off. She was keeping him on a deliriously high edge.

Debbie grabbed the doctor's jacket and more or less pulled him out of the room.


Back in the examination room, Thomas was having the sexual experience of his life. He continued to stand still while Miss Slut repeatedly threw her whole body back and forth over his penis, even as her tongue slid all around it. He figured that if looking down at the head repeatedly flying into his groin wasn't visually exciting enough, looking over at Miss Hooters was even better. She was clearly getting more excited, and her outrageously large tits heaved with anticipation. Hooters' size F tits made Slut with her impressive double D's look practically flat-chested in comparison.

But Hooters was miffed at being left out on all the action. She was too horny to just sit and watch. After a couple of fidgety minutes, she asked Thomas, "Is there room for two there? Mind if I help suck?"

Thomas couldn't believe his luck. He somehow managed a nod.

So Hooters crawled over, which was quite a sight to see in and of itself. Her tongue began sharing his penis with Slut's.

As her tongue slathered its way up and down "her" side of his stiff pole, she thought ruefully, The doctor's right: both of us are totally infected! Just look at us now. We're totally hopeless. Cocks are just too much fun to resist. The thing is, I don't know if I want to be cured. What would be nice is if I could just cut back some, so I could do some more real spy work from time to time.

Slut had been very careful not to let him climax, but with Hooters helping out, she couldn't control that anymore. After only a minute or two, the double attack was all too much for the kid and he gave up a big load.

Agent Slut pulled back, somewhat disappointed at his haste. Hooters, concerned for her friend's health, got out of the way so Slut could take in all the "healing" cum. Most of his load hit Slut square in the mouth, and she dutifully swallowed down as much as she could, as the doctor had recommended.

Thomas was still in a daze. He finally moved, staggering back a couple of steps. "Wow, Miss Slut. Thank you. Miss Hooters, ma'am, thank you too. That was so great! So great!" He looked like he'd been whacked upside the head by a baseball bat, and stared towards the ceiling.

Slut was somewhat intrigued by the kid - it wasn't every day she sucked the cock of one so wide eyed, naïve, and wholesome looking. "So. Thomas. Was that your first time?"

He blushed. "Yes, ma'am. I'm a virgin." Normally, he would have been mortified to admit that, but he was too out if to care much at the moment.

Slut purred sexily, "Don't worry. You won't be for long."

A shit-eating grin spread across his already blissed out face.

Some of his cum had missed Slut's face and wound up dribbling down her chin or falling onto her chest. She began to wipe it up when Agent Hooters spoke up. "No, Trish. That's part of the treatment. You have to keep it there, or get some guy to rub it into your skin. That's why I've kept my thighs all slicked up."

These words greatly excited Thomas, especially after he looked at Hooters' thighs and saw all the cum drying there. His arousal shot up even higher as he realized Slut was actually going to keep his cum right where it hung, on her chin and tits. Then he imagined the two of them completely drenched from head to toe in cum, and got even more excited.

Agent Hooters pointed excitedly at his engorging penis. "Look, Trish! With a rebound like that, he won't be a virgin for long!"

Hooters nudged her friend aside and grabbed a hold of Thomas' penis. "Wow. Not only is he hard again, he never even really got soft. He's at his sexual peak. What a great age, don't you think, Trish? Hey Thomas? Can you help me get rid of my nipplitisonians too? Would you like to squirt your yummy cum all over my face?"

She said this with such a sexy and coy voice that Thomas thought he would melt. Then she held her mouth wide open expectantly, like a baby bird waiting for a mother bird to feed it food.

He gulped and nodded, because he was too stunned to speak. He thought, It's incredible enough that this kind Miss Slut wanted my help in ... that way. But this woman too? And I thought it was cool when Becky let me fumble at her bra in the car after the game. This Miss Hooters is mostly made out of tit! And she wants to suck my... Oh my God!

His nod was all Agent Hooters needed. She began sucking just as intently as Agent Slut had. Thomas's penis was sensitive as all get out, but he certainly wasn't going to ask her to stop. She'd been disappointed that he'd climaxed after she'd just started to get into the blowjob, so this was a chance for her to get fully in the swing of things.

Agent Slut sat back and tried not to watch. She pretended not to care, but found herself surprisingly jealous. Just my luck. I get him when he's all excitable, and now Anna is going to enjoy a much longer blow. I do all the work and she gets all the cum. Dammit! Since Anna butted in on my blowjob, I'm going to butt in and join hers!

But she was too late. Thomas' youthful voice cracked as he asked, "Miss Hooters? Ma'am? Can I make love to your chest? And then cum all over your face?"

"Certainly!" Hooters turned to Slut. "Isn't he a cutie?"


Out in the hallway, Debbie wanted to have a serious talk with Doctor Johnson.

She stood in the hallway, blocking his path. Knowing that no one else was around, and the door to the examination room was sound-proofed, she didn't hesitate to speak loudly. With her hands on her hips, she growled, "Just what the HELL is going on?!"

"What do you mean?"

She stammered, incredulous. "What do you mean, asking what I mean? Within the span of an hour or two, our respectable doctor's office has practically turned into a brothel! Those two women are evil!"

He rolled his eyes. "They're not evil. They're just sluts. I'm sure this kind of thing happens most anywhere they go. Just look at them! Never mind their bodies; have you ever seen two faces that are more sultry and, well, sex-starved, even?"

"I know, you're probably right," Debbie conceded, folding her arms under her breasts. "So maybe they're not evil, but they're corrupting you. You've been acting like a completely different person!"

He pondered that, stroking his salt and pepper beard. "You know what? You're right, but maybe I need to be corrupted. I'm having a hell of a good time, and it's made me realize how unhappy I've been. I've been doing everything I should, trying to be the best doctor I can be, and making a ton of money. But is that all there is to life?"

She was taken by surprise, and dropped her arms. "What do you mean? And what about your wife? You just committed adultery, you know."

"I know. But the thing is, I'm looking into my heart, and I can't get worked up about that. Even standing here, away from the overwhelming charms of those two... Hey, do you mind if we take this to my office?"

As they walked to his office down the hall, he continued, "My wife is attractive and nice, but back in the day, things were a bit different. At least, they were for me. We didn't have sex before marriage, which turned out to be a big mistake. In short, she's a cold, dead fish in bed. She's got all kinds of religious hang-ups, and pretty much takes a 'close your eyes and pretend like you're enjoying it' attitude. Not only that, but she's so uptight that she's never been very emotionally open, either. I've just kind of accepted that as my lot in life, but after what's happened today, I'm thinking: why should I settle for so little?"

She sat down next to him at his desk. "Doctor, I'm so... That's the biggest shock today! I can't believe it!"

"Are you disgusted at me?"

"Hardly! Since we've being completely honest, I have to admit that I've never really liked your wife. She struck me as a stuck-up, gold-digger type, using your doctor salary as the easy path to the good life."

"You're probably right," he sadly agreed. "I don't see how she can fit into my new life. I suppose a divorce is all but inevitable."

"New life?"

"Sure. I'm not gonna stop now! For starters, I'm gonna insist on a lot of 'monitoring' and 'treatment' for Hooters and Slut, if you know what I mean. In order not to disrupt things around here, I'll probably do the 'monitoring' at my house once I'm living alone, which will be damn soon."

"Wow," she replied. "You sure are making some big changes. But what if those two don't fall for your 'monitoring' scheme?"

"Are you kidding me? They're so gullible, they'll believe anything I tell 'em. I'm surprised some other doctor hasn't beaten me to it. Besides, I particularly like Hooters, and she already told me that she'd be glad to fuck me anytime, even without the disease."

Debbie waved her arms in the air in agitation. "But those sluts! They're not real!"

"What do you mean? Of course they're real."

"Technically, yes, but they're like cartoon characters come to life. They're like... pure sex objects. You couldn't possibly imagine MARRYING either of them, could you? Or how 'bout just having long and deep conversations with them?"

"Okay, point taken. But now that the scales have fallen from my eyes, I'm not gonna limit myself to just them. I'm not yet fifty, I'm in great shape, I'm reasonably handsome, I'm rich, and I'm a decent, kind guy. A lot of women will be interested in me, once I put myself out on the dating scene."

"Don't do that!" she said, aghast.

"Why not?"

"Well..." She was stumped. The truth was, she wanted him for herself, but she couldn't get herself to admit it out loud. He really was all the things he'd just said he was, and she knew all that better than anybody. Even though she was twenty years younger than him, she would have been happy to be his "trophy wife."

Finally, she managed, "Those women you'd date, they're sharks. Gold diggers, all of them! I don't care about money. That's not what I'm about."

"What do you mean?"

She blushed, realizing she'd said too much. "Um, just, since I'm not the gold digger type, I can see them for what they are. But we should, uh, we should check on the others! I wonder how Thomas is doing. Those two are probably gonna kill him with pleasure, before too long!" She stood up and rushed out of the room.

Doctor Johnson was more than eager to go back to the examination room, but he remained behind for a minute, stroking his beard. Hmm. Very interesting. I've kind of suspected that Debbie might have a thing for me, but this pretty much confirms it. And truth be told, she would be a pretty great catch. True, she doesn't look like Hooters, but there's no way an ordinary guy like me could ever marry someone like that. There would be a million reasons it wouldn't work, even if Hooters wasn't a total slut. But Debbie! ... Hmmm...

He walked down the hall, only to find Debbie standing at the door to the examination room, like she was waiting for permission to go in.

He asked her, "What are you waiting for? Aren't you curious what they're doing to Thomas?"

"Yeah, but it's just so... weird! Out here, I can still pretend things are more or less normal. But if I open that door, I'm sure I'm gonna see something completely bizarre. I'm almost afraid."

"Well, I'm not. Let's see." He opened the door.

Just one look took care of his worry that he might have trouble getting hard again. Hooter, Slut, and Thomas were all completely naked. Hooters was lying naked on the examination table and Thomas was sitting on top of her. His erection was deep inside her cleavage, and he was thrusting merrily away. In fact, he was plowing in and out with gusto. He even threw up his arms and let out a whoop, like a cowboy exalting in riding a wild stallion for the first time.

Agent Slut meanwhile stood to the side with arms folded and a cross look on her face. She couldn't see how she could meaningfully join in the titfuck. Besides, she was jealous of Hooters' larger tits.

Thomas was facing the door so he looked right at the doctor and said, "Doctor Johnson! Good to see you, sir! Man, I can't thank you enough for hiring me today. Sir. Wow!"

Doctor Johnson was surprised at Thomas' change in attitude. The shy boy was almost totally gone and his face was glowing with pure joy. "Thomas? What are you doing?"

"Oh. I'm giving Miss Hooters here another titfuck. Isn't it great?"

"Another?" the doctor said with great surprise.

"Yeah. I came all over her tits a few minutes ago, and I loved it so much I wanna do it all over again! ... And then they gave me a blowjob together before that."

"Wait. You had a dual blowjob? You're telling me that the first blowjob of your life was a dual blowjob by this incredible duo? Pardon my French, but that's fucking amazing!"

Thomas let out an ecstatic laugh. "I know! Isn't it great, sir?"

The doctor was still absorbing all this information. "Wait a minute. You're working on your SECOND titfuck already? Miss Boobers, is this true?" But he looked closer and realized it was true by the amount of cum spilled all over Hooters' chest. By comparison, Slut only had a little bit of cum dribble on her chin and a few gobs on her tits. He wondered if Hooters getting the lion's share of the cum was why Slut looked so cross.

Agent Slut muttered underneath her breath, "Her name is Miss Hooters already." She rolled her eyes with great annoyance.

He turned back to Thomas. "You just came again? For a third time? And you're still going?"

Agent Slut complained, "Isn't it annoying? All he wants to do is fuck her tits and occasionally change it up by fucking her mouth. Meanwhile, I'm standing here like some kind of potted plant. He was a minuteman with me." She was practically steaming with jealousy.

The doctor said reassuringly, "Don't worry, Miss Slit." He made an honest mistake with the name because he happened to be staring at her gash as he said it. He noticed that it was open and wet, even though Thomas had obviously not yet fucked it or even touched it. That led to a surprise realization and he said with surprise, "So wait. He hasn't fucked either of you two yet?"

Thomas suddenly froze. There was a big pause. Then he asked the doctor, "Fucked? Did you say fucked? You mean, I can fuck them, too?!"

"Well, of course," the doctor said as if that was a given. "That's your most important job. They need to be cured in the pussy more than any other place. Deposit as much cum in both of their vaginas as you possibly can."

Thomas looked down. Agent Hooters' tits were so big that his penis couldn't reach her mouth during a titfuck, but she took advantage of the lack of movement to lean forward and greedily lick the cum at the tip of his penis. He enjoyed that enormously, but longed for a fuck even more. He said, "Um, excuse me, ma'am. Miss Hooters? Would you mind if I, uh..."

Suddenly Slut strode over to him and grabbed his arm. "Now, wait one cotton-picking minute. If you do something, it's my turn. Do you think I'm chopped liver over here?"

He stammered, shy again, "I'm sorry, Miss. But you're kind of intimidating."

Slut grabbed his penis with both hands and tempted him by stroking. "Oh. Sorry. I think I'm just needing a solid fuck to put me in a good mood. Looks like you have the equipment to help." She gave Thomas a sultry look that not even Hooters could match in intensity, and his knees nearly buckled and sent him sprawling. He was drowning in sweat.

It looked like Hooters was going to object to potentially losing Thomas to her friend, but the doctor spoke up. "Don't worry Miss Hooters, I'd be delighted to fuck you a second time."

"Oh. Okay." She knew fucking the doctor wouldn't be nearly as much fun as taking the teenager's virginity, but Trish did seem quite testy and in need of a really good fuck. Besides, she'd had a surprisingly good time getting fucked by him earlier. The men at work took her for granted and treated her like a cum dump, with little to no regard for her pleasure. But the doctor was obviously a caring lover. He'd even kissed her, and she'd loved it.

Hooters crawled out from under Thomas and walked over to the doctor. As she smeared the cum into her chest, she asked, "Doc, could you kiss me again? I really liked that. I'm kind of messy..."

"I couldn't care less. Doctors aren't squeamish about bodily fluids." He swept her nude body up in his arms and gave her a passionate kiss.

As the kiss went on, Hooters scrambled to get the doctor's clothes off. Before long, his pants and underwear were down around his ankles, and he was otherwise left wearing only his undershirt.

Hooters started to slither down his body. Her eyes were locked on his stiff erection. "Oh, doctor! Is all this cock for me?"

But with the kiss broken, he was able to look around, and he noticed Debbie for the first time since he'd entered the room. Her arms were crossed. She was looking surly and more than a bit uncomfortable.

Seeing him look her way, she glanced down at his erect pole, and then quickly glanced away, trying to act like she hadn't just seen that. Talking to a wall, she asked, "What on Earth am I doing here?"

Hooters had just started to lick her way around his erection, but he gently pushed himself away from her and took a few steps to where Debbie was standing.

Then, without any warning, he swept her up and kissed her hard on the lips.

She was shocked at first, but within seconds she melted in his arms and kissed back eagerly. She was a good kisser, and made sure that he knew it.

As the kiss went on for a couple of minutes, Hooters was once again the one left out. She was surprised at just how much the kiss between the doctor and nurse bothered her. She thought, What's the matter with me? I barely know this guy. I don't even know Doctor Johnson's first name! It's not like I'm falling for him or anything. Just because he's so sexy, dignified, caring, and well-hung... Hell, he's twenty years older than me, at least! So what if he's such a good kisser? ... Dammit, it should be MY turn with him!

He was delighted to see Debbie responding so passionately to his kissing. He was being bold and ambitious. Debbie was suddenly looming large in his future, especially if she could tolerate him having sex with Hooters and Slut on a regular basis. His goal was to get her used to that from the very start. So even as he continued to kiss her, he worked at taking her clothes off.

Finally, she was naked, and he pulled away. He'd stepped out of his pants already, and finally pulled his undershirt off, leaving all five of them buck naked (not counting the high heels on Hooters and Slut). He said to Debbie, "I know this is awkward, to stay the least. You and I have a lot to talk about, and I plan to wine and dine you properly. But today, sex is in the air, and I just promised Hooters that I'd fuck her."

Debbie crossed her arms over her chest, feeling very inadequate with the two blonde bombshells in the room. "Wait, you're just gonna leave me standing here?"

He replied, "Don't worry, I took some Viagra a while ago. After I'm done with Hooters, then I'm going to turn my full attention to you."

"But, but... where do we stand?" she asked him anxiously.

"I don't want to make any big promises yet, because I'm kind of delirious with lust at the moment. But I want you to be a part of my life." He stepped forward and kissed her again until she melted in his arms again and fully relaxed.

But he was juggling a very tricky situation, trying to keep her and Hooters happy. He would have loved to make love to Debbie for hours, but now wasn't the time. He pulled away again and smiled at her.

Hooter was feeling much better, knowing the doctor was about to come to her. Seeing Debbie stand there looking shy and embarrassed, she gave her an obvious look over. "Not bad. Not bad at all. Slut, what do you think of Debbie here?"

Slut was busy. She and Thomas hadn't begun fucking yet, but Thomas was lying on top of her, enjoying and exploring her voluptuous body. His attitude towards her couldn't be more different than her coworkers. Her fellow spies treated he like a cum dump, just as they did with Hooters. But Thomas was rapturous, and practically worshipped her. He was kissing her all over, especially on the mouth. Just like Hooters, she wasn't used to that. And just like Hooters, she absolutely loved the tenderness and affection.

But with Hooters calling her, Slut looked up and around, and managed to get a good look at Debbie's naked body without having to get out from under Thomas. She also gave her a look over, and said, "Honestly, Debbie, I think you're very beautiful. Doc, you should definitely give her a good fucking."

Debbie beamed. "Really?! Are both of you serious? But I'm so ordinary, especially compared to you two."

Hooters had dropped to her knees, and was busy licking her way all around the doctor's erection. But she commented, "Hey, I can tell you've got C-cups, and those are nothing to be ashamed of. Besides, you've got a very pretty face, and you're fit and shapely all over. I definitely wouldn't mind fucking you. Doc, you're not fucking her already? You don't conduct daily strip search blowjobs of your employees?"

"No, but it sounds like a good new policy." He winked playfully at Debbie. He was soaring. He couldn't believe how great everything was going for him.

"Ha-ha," Debbie started to say. But then Hooters' words sunk in. Wait. Miss Hooters, did you just say that you wouldn't mind, uh..."

The doctor knew that Debbie had more than enough to adjust to without putting lesbian sex on the plate as well. She happened to be standing within arms' reach of him, even though Hooters was blowing him, so, to prevent her from talking or thinking about that any more, he reached out and pulled her close.

Debbie and the doctor began necking even as Hooters kept sucking him off. In fact, sensing the conversation was over, she crammed his bulbous cockhead into her mouth and started bobbing up and down on his shaft.

Debbie didn't know what to think. On one hand, kissing Doctor Johnson was a fantasy come true for her. But never in her wildest dreams would she imagined that she'd have to come at him at an angle to kiss him because a naked woman was busy blowing him at the same time.

Normally, she would have been outraged and refused to take part. But sex was heavy in the air, and her lust overtook her common sense. Not only did she keep kissing the doctor, but she even put a hand on Hooters' head, simply because it was in a good location to help her stand up.

Hooters meant what she'd said about wanting to fuck Debbie. After a minute or so, she sensed that Debbie had reconciled herself to her presence. Debbie's legs and hips were pressing into her side, so when she reached out with a hand and started to stroke Debbie's leg, Debbie barely even noticed at first.

But as a minute passed, and then another, Hooters grew bolder. Her hand ran higher and higher up Debbie's bare leg. Then she shifted her position a bit so she could bring her second hand over while continue to blow the doctor.

Finally, she simply grabbed Debbie's legs with both hands and pulled her down.

"Wha-what are you doing?" Debbie asked. She was frightened, as she'd never been with another woman, and wasn't sure what she wanted.

But Hooters put a hand behind Debbie's head and pointed to the doctor's stiff rod. Then she gently pushed Debbie closer to it.

Debbie was so insane with lust that she gave no resistance as her mouth was literally placed against the doctor's cockhead. Without thinking, she stuck her tongue out and began licking.

"See?" Hooters giggled, glad that her experiment had worked. "I like you, Debbie. Why should I get all the cock? We should share." Then she angled her head in and started licking her way around the doctor's balls and lower shaft.

Again, Debbie, was simply flabbergasted at what was happening. Dammit! These two are too much! I swear, maybe there really is something called nipplitis and I'm catching it, because I can't resist ANYTHING! In fact, I'm loving it! Gawwd, I'm actually licking Doc's cock!

Her tongue worked around and around the head, corkscrew style. Mmmm! Gawwd! So good! I'm gonna be Doc's girlfriend! I'll be able to do this all the time!

After another minute or two of increasing pleasure, Debbie came to a conclusion. Fuck it! I don't care! Fuck the rules, fuck manners. Fuck normality! Whatever the fuck happens, happens! I'm gonna do whatever, and love it!

It was timely that she made that decision, because a few seconds later, Hooters reached out and grasped Debbie's nearest ass cheek. Then, as she continued to lick her way all over the lower part of the doctor's shaft, she started fondling Debbie's ass without restraint.

Debbie was shocked at first, but she kept her resolution to go along with whatever happened. She was completely giving in to her lusts, and as a result, she was enjoying herself much more than before. In fact, she'd never really gotten much pleasure out of giving a blowjob, and had only done it out of a polite sense of reciprocity when a boyfriend went down on her. But now, she felt like sucking cock was absolutely the greatest thing in the entire world. Hooters' hand on her ass was an extra bonus, but the main thing was the cocksucking.

Meanwhile, things were getting increasingly serious between Thomas and Miss Slut. Thomas had never fucked a woman before, and normally would have been nearly insensible with nervousness. He could hardly imagine having the gumption to walk up and talk to the likes of Miss Slut, much less fuck her. But everything around him was so arousing, and Slut was so obviously eager, wet, and easy, that he didn't feel any nervousness at all. He'd just spent the last ten minutes kissing and fondling her, and they were bonding in a special way.

She pretty much stroked his cock non-stop, and he generally had at least one hand on her tremendous tits at any time, but that was only part of what was going on. They were entwined, and eagerly exploring every inch of each other.

He looked over at Doctor Johnson. The doctor was more or less facing him, and he caught the doctor's eye. The doctor looked back and gave a wide smile and an enthusiastic thumbs up to his new assistant.

Thomas shook his head in wonder. He was surprised to see Debbie and Hooter sharing the doctor's cock, but at the same time, he wasn't. It seemed like anything was possible.

He turned back and Slut looked up at him with loving eyes. "Thomas, I absolutely adore everything you're doing to me, but don't you want to take care of that pesky virginity problem?"

"What?! You mean I can just put it in?!"

She laughed. "Of course. You knew that, right?"

"Yeah, I guess I did, but it's just so... wild! I mean, I've been thinking about asking this girl, Jody Gibson. For weeks! But I'm too afraid. And she's all skinny and has braces, and nobody wants to date her. But then, somehow, I wind up lying on top of... YOU! You're the most beautiful woman I've ever seen!"

He turned back. "No offense, Hooters and Debbie. It's just that Miss Slut is so sexy and wonderful that my heart is bursting with joy!"

"So is mine," Slut replied giddily. "And by the way, since you're about to fuck me, you can call me Trish."

He grinned. "Okay. Trish. I like that." He kissed her.

But Slut was a slut after all, and she had a serious and urgent need to get fucked. The fact that she was starting to develop feelings for Thomas only increased her fuck-need. So, while he was busy kissing her and kneading her big tits, her hand stroking his dick simply positioned it on her soaked pussy lips and pushed it in.

Thomas didn't know what was happening at first. But Slut's slit was remarkably tight considering how frequently she had sex (then again, Kegel exercises were a big part of her and Hooters' daily "workout regimen" at work). So he definitely noticed as soon as her hole started swallowing him up, and squeezing his shaft like a vice.

"Whoa!" he shouted. "Doc, Trish just put it in! I'm gonna fuck her!"

The doctor laughed. "Good for you."

Down around the doctor's groin, Hooters pulled away from his shaft to say, "Sounds like someone has the right idea. What do you think, Deb?"

Debbie's lips were sliding back and forth on the doctor's shaft, reaching about a third of the way down. But she pulled off too and said joyfully, "Definitely!" She giggled. "Oh God, I'm such a slut, but I don't care! Doc, you need to fuck Hooters, and then me."

For the past minute or two, Hooters' hands had been getting increasingly bold on Debbie's ass. She was lightly fingering Debbie's anus most of time, which Debbie found surprisingly pleasurable. Debbie had even reciprocated a bit. Being nose to nose with Hooters in the doctor's crotch, kneeling side by side, it was only natural that she put an arm around Hooters eventually, and she did. By and by, that arm had slid down until her hand was cupping Hooters' ass, but that was as far as she'd dare to go.

But hearing Debbie suggest that the doctor fuck her first, Hooters replied with a happy "Thanks!" she punctuated it by sliding her index finger deeply into Debbie's asshole.

Debbie sucked in air and her eyes nearly crossed. She'd climaxed a couple of times already, but that brought on her biggest climax yet. She didn't scream, but her entire body visibly trembled.

Even as Debbie was still reeling from that, Hooters asked her, "So, are you into sharing the doctor with Slut and me? 'Cos it sounds like you two are gonna get really serious, and I totally like him."

"Um, yeah, I guess..." Debbie was having a hard time thinking, especially since Hooters wasn't letting up, but was pumping her finger in and out of Debbie's asshole. That felt so good that Debbie thought she might just pass out.

"Cool!" Hooters exclaimed, even as she lightly stroked the doctor's penis. "We're gonna have a lot of fun together! Trish and I share cock all the time, and it always rocks! Oh! By the way, since we're calling Trish Trish, you might as well call me Anna."

Debbie was stunned yet again. "Anna? As in Anna Nicole Smith?! Are you really her?"

Anna silenced that question by kissing Debbie on the lips.

After everything that had happened in one busy day, Debbie had lost her will to resist. She just closed her eyes and kissed back. To her surprise, she enjoyed it. (It helped that Hooters was an excellent kisser.)

Hooters and Debbie kept their mouths only an inch or so from the tip of the doctor's cock. Debbie held it and stroked it, and the two of them alternated between kissing it, licking it, and kissing each other. Meanwhile, Hooters had noticed Debbie's unusual anal sensitivity, and kept working her finger in and out of Debbie's ass.

Debbie thought she'd die of pleasure. Her entire body buzzed and tingled with joy.

Between kissing and licking, Hooters noted, "Just think. If we keep this up, the doc is gonna blow soon! Then he'll cum all over our faces, and we'll be able to lick it off each other!"

"OH GAAWWWD!" Debbie thought that was the absolutely most amazing thing she'd ever heard in her life. She practically came again, just thinking about it.

After she'd calmed down a bit, she thought, To think! When I first saw Hooters, er, Anna, and then Trish, I was disgusted. Good, respectable women don't dress like they do, or act like they do. Let's face it: they're as slutty as slutty can be. I hated that. I hated them. But now I love 'em! They know how to live. They probably have more fun in a day than I do in a year!

I don't care about anything! I don't even mind sharing Doc with them. I can see what he meant now, how his life was dull and useless before they came along. It's the same with me. I totally wanna slut out. Slut out for the doc!

Meanwhile, Thomas was busy fucking Trish. It had taken him some time to adjust, once his penis was all the way inside her. He'd rested there for a minute or two, trying to wrap his head around that momentous event.

But eventually he was ready to go, especially because Trish whispered encouraging things in his ear, like, "Thomas, I know you're gonna be a GREAT fucker. You have such a tender touch. You're special. But you also can fuck the SHIT out of me too, can't you?"

Thomas pulled back, and then pressed down. He found his penis sliding into Slut's vagina like a hot knife cutting through a soft bar of butter, yet somehow it was also a very tight squeeze. He thought, This is fucking incredible! Then, as he began pushing in and out, he thought, Holy shit. Incredible so totally doesn't begin to describe this. We're way beyond words here! No one will ever believe it. I'll have to somehow get a photo of Trish freshly fucked because in a week I don't know if even I will believe this! Fuck! Waaaa... Wow!

Within minutes, he found a good rhythm, and began to ride it. He held on and rode her like a wild horse that was seeking to throw him off.

She responded with loud exclamations like, "Hard! Fuck me HARD! Hurry! Fill me up!"

Since he'd climaxed twice in the last hour, he didn't have to worry much about cumming too soon, despite his lack of control. He was gonna ride her a good, long time.

A few feet away, the doctor was feeling as good as can be. Things couldn't possibly have worked out better for him. He felt completely reborn, and the physical pleasure coursing through him was like a never-ending orgasm. He loved the way Debbie was responding so well to Hooters' kisses and touches. The fact that they were spending as much time kissing each other as licking his cock was actually a plus, because it kept his lusty high just a little bit short of a climax.

His only concern was whether he should cum now, or try to hold out and cum later. The thought of shooting his cum all over Anna's and Debbie's faces was extremely appealing, but then so was the idea of fucking them both. He worried that he wouldn't have enough "gas in his tank" to do everything he wanted to do, especially since he'd hardly touched Trish yet, and he definitely wanted to do that too.

The issue was settled for him when Hooters pulled back and said, "You know, Debbie, I've been thinking. I really like you. I'm just getting a good vibe, ya know? I'm looking forward to fucking Doc a lot, and I don't want there to be any jealousy between us. But he's already fucked me once, and he hasn't fucked you or Trish at all! That's not fair. I think he should fuck you first."

Debbie grinned. "Anna! That's so nice. Aren't you sweet? But really, I can't. He's already promised to fuck you. I'd feel bad."

"Feel bad? Not when I'm around." Hooters giggled. She still had her finger in Debbie's ass, and she wiggled it around, which predictably made Debbie moan with intense lust. But then she took her other hand and brought it to Debbie's pussy for the first time. She swiped a finger up Debbie's pussy lips, then grabbed Debbie's unhooded clit and started to wiggle it back and forth.

Debbie screamed. "Aaaaaiiiieee! Yeaowaaaee! Don't, don't, don't do that!"

"What, you don't like it?" Hooters asked.

"Like it? I LOVE it!"

"Then I'm gonna keep doing that until you agree!" Like a shark closing in for a kill, Hooters went all out. She'd been lazily stroking the doctor's penis until she moved that hand to Debbie's pussy. But now she temporarily abandoned him altogether and pushed Debbie down to the ground. She laid on top of her, and relentlessly kissed her and worked her clit and pussy lips.

In less than a minute, Debbie was screaming and writhing like she never had before. Her arms and legs were flying about in a nearly comical way. Even Trish and Thomas paused in their fucking to see what was making her scream so loudly.

Huge orgasms washed over Debbie, one after another. Trish and Anna usually protested that they weren't bisexual, or weren't THAT bisexual, but in fact, they spent about as much time having sex with women as they did with men (especially since they spent so much time together). So Anna knew exactly how to reduce Debbie to a trembling, orgasmic pile of goo, and that's exactly what she did.

In less than two minutes, Debbie was screaming, "STOP! STOP! I can't take it! No more! I give in!"

Hooters could have kept going much longer, but she had mercy. She rolled off Debbie, looked up at the doctor, and grinned. "Hey Doc, I think Debbie and I are gonna have a lot of fun together. What do you think about that?"

"I like it!" he replied. "I was hoping to see you a lot to keep a close watch on your medical condition, but I'll be seeing you a lot more than that, won't I?"

"Yep!" She beamed. "That is, if you'll have me. In fact... You're married, right?"

"Yes, but not for long, that's for sure. Why?"

"Shoot. I'd love to sneak into your bed tonight and fuck you within an inch of your life! You're not like other guys. You're nice. You're not all" - her voice dropped, as she imitated a gruff man's voice, "'Fuck the bitch!' ... It's almost like you actually like me."

"I do like you. I know you're almost absurdly beautiful and physically perfect, and you have an extremely high sex drive, but there's a person with feelings inside. You've made me really happy, and I want to make you really happy too."

Anna gushed, "Oh!" She looked at Debbie. "I'm sorry. I take it back. I love this man. I just have get royally fucked right now!"

Debbie sat up. She looked as dazed as she felt. It took her some time to even focus her vision. "Uh, that's okay. ... I'm not up for it anyway." She lay back down. "I'm just gonna rest for a while."

"No, wait," Anna said, changing her mind again. "In that case, you really do need to be fucked first. When you're so out of it that you don't even know up from down, that's the very best time to get fucked! Just see what happens."

Debbie reluctantly sat back up on her arms. "Well, if you insist. My rule for today is 'never say no,' so I'm not gonna say no. ... But there's something I wanna do first."

"What's that?" The doctor asked.

Debbie scooted back so she was leaning against a wall. That made it a lot easier for her to remain sitting. "Um, Anna, can you come here and sit on my lap?"

"Gladly!" As she got in position, she noted, "Deb, you really are gorgeous. You just hide your beauty, like with your short, spiky hair. If you grew that out so it looked like mine, and dressed like me, you'd be fighting off the guys every day. Now, what do you want me to do?"

"Just one thing." She paused, still catching her breath. The sweat was pouring down her face, but it only made her look more sexy. Finally, she said, "I've never been with another woman, but I've always been... curious. I've especially wanted to see what it would feel like to rub tits together."

"Oh. Cool! No problem at all! That is totally fun." Anna scooted forward on Debbie's legs until their pussies were quite close. Then she cupped her huge tits with both hands and pressed them against Debbie's smaller, but still impressive, pair.

Debbie was too wiped out to do much except hold her tits up from underneath. But Anna made up for that by rubbing her tits all over. From time to time, she'd lean forward and kiss Debbie too.

Debbie sighed, but in a happy way. "What's happened to me? I'm totally lezzing out here, and loving it. ... By the way, Anna, are you really the famous Anna Nicole Smith or not? Honestly."

Anna just winked. "I'll never tell." Then she turned her head. "Hey, Doc? You know the only thing better than two women rubbing their racks together? Having a cock in between them all! Come over here and titfuck us both at once!"

"Later," he said, surprising them both. "I wanna fuck Debbie while she's still in that freshly fucked mode." He looked around. "Unfortunately, the one bed here is being used."

Sure enough, Thomas was still steadily plowing in and out of Agent Slut. Their fuck was lasting a long time, because they were doing more slow fucking than fast. Thomas had tried a rapid pace, but he was discovering that he preferred slow and gentle. In fact, he almost liked staying in her pussy perfectly still most of all, because she had incredible pussy control and could fuck him out of his mind just by squeezing her pussy walls.

Trish was a bit disappointed by that, since she liked to get seriously nailed. But she didn't want to discourage him, and she found the intimate style surprisingly enjoyable in any case. "Making love" was almost unheard of for her.

Debbie said, "I know. There are a bunch of towels in that medicine cabinet over there. We could lay them on the floor, and use 'em for pillows."

Anna said, "Good idea. Let me get 'em." She was the obvious choice, since Debbie was in no position to stand, and the doctor looked like he could use a rest.

In fact, he sat down against the wall next to Debbie, leaning into her, while Anna got the towels.

Debbie watched Anna bending over in front of the cabinet, more interested in that than the sight of Thomas and Trish fucking. "Look at her. How could you possibly be interested in me? She's perfect in every way. Look at that ass! No tan. No flab. No scars or marks anywhere. And those dangling boobs. God, I wish I was a guy so I could fuck her!"

He cooed in her ear, "She is pretty great, and Trish too. But don't sell yourself short. You have no idea how many times I'd get a boner watching you walk around, even in that awful nurse's uniform."

"Really?" she grinned.

"Really. And I can see lust turning into love. The only thing I ask is that you let me keep fucking these two."

"Oh? And what about me? Can I fuck other men?" She paused, but before he had a chance to ponder and respond, she said, "Don't worry, I'm not interested in other guys. I've been crushing on you a long time. But I might want to play around with 'em too."

He grinned, very relieved. "That can be arranged."

Anna was back with the towels, and laid them out on the tile floor. The doctor's penis had deflated during the lull in the action, but watching her repeatedly bend over and stand up had him back to full mast before long.

Debbie reached over and lightly stroked his cock. "I can see who turns you on."

"Yes she does, but so do you. And I'm gonna prove it right now." Summoning up reserves of energy, he pulled Debbie up and more or less carried her to the spot on the towels that Anna was preparing.

Then, without further ago, he laid down on top of her.

To his surprise, Anna more or less laid on top of him. Most of her weight was to the side, but she pressed her huge tits into his back and put her head right behind his, so she could easily coo into his ear. In fact, she started licking it as soon as she was settled.

The doctor held Debbie's chin in his hand and stared into her eyes. But he spoke to Anna. "Anna, I'm very glad if you want to join in. But keep in mind that I think I'm falling in love with Debbie. I like you a lot, but I still hardly know you."

"I know," Anna replied. "I'm not looking for love, anyway. Maybe I'm not built that way. I'm a very sexual creature, as you can see. But you respect me and like me, and I really like that. Nobody else really is nice to me except for Trish. I have this urge to make you happy like I've never wanted to make anyone happy before."

She slid down her body, licking and kissing her way down his back.

Debbie asked him, "Do you mean that, that you might love me?"

"I do."

"Then kiss me!"

They kissed, but he was eager to fuck, and he lined his erection up over her pussy lips.

When the kiss ended, she asked him, "What's she doing now? I can't see."

He grimaced with intense pleasure. "She's licking my asshole. Can you believe it? I don't know if I'll even be able to survive this fucking!"

But he was most definitely ready to try. He readied himself to push into her.

However, he didn't get the chance, because Anna's arm suddenly snaked between his legs and grasped his erection. "Allow me," she said. Even as she kept licking his ass, she guided him in, stroking his cock all the way until there was nothing left to hold.

"Wow, Hooters," he exclaimed. "Talk about service!"

He reveled in the feeling of bottoming out in Debbie's pussy. They made a very good fit. He thought, Talk about a good day! The Chief told me to prepare for a wild ride, but I didn't believe him. And Debbie! Until today, she was a total hottie I dreamed about fucking, but I never thought it would happen. I didn't have the guts, for one thing. Now, if all goes well, and if she'll have me, I'm gonna make her my wife!

Speaking of wives, my marriage is so dead. Sorry, honey. Even if you tried to change, there's just no way you could compare. Debbie would be just about the perfect wife. And Hooters and Slut on the side! YES!

He grimaced again, because Hooters was poking her tongue surprisingly deep into his anus. He was glad that he was a bit of a neat freak and was completely clean down there.

He started to thrust into Debbie in earnest. He wondered what would happen to Anna's ass licking once he built up a good rhythm. He couldn't see how she could keep going with all that motion underneath her.

Meanwhile, Thomas was getting close to cumming into Trish. He'd finally started going faster, as some sort of deep biological drive took over and told him what to do.

Trish was loving it. She'd liked the intimate stuff, but she lived for this hard driving pounding. She also liked his stamina, especially since this was his first time. He had a lot of potential.

He worked them both up to a nice peak, and then exploded into her with a banshee cry. "AAAAAIIIIIEEEEAAAAHHH!"

But as loud as he was, Trish outdid him with an ear-piercing scream.

Doctor Johnson just smiled. He didn't even pause in his own thrusting, because he had Debbie in a very vulnerable position now. She was like a rag doll, too tired to fight. Her body was just accepting everything he was doing to her, and what he was doing was wracking her with a seemingly endless series of orgasms. She'd lost count long ago, and in fact, she could hardly tell anymore, since everything was like one big orgasm now.

Thomas was practically comatose post-orgasm, and in fact he quickly fell asleep on the examination bed.

Trish carefully slipped out from underneath him and wandered over to Anna was. Indeed, Anna had to stop her ass licking when the fucking pace grew too intense, and there wasn't much she could do at the moment. She was mostly running her hands over the doctor's ass when she could.

Trish sat down on the other side of Debbie and the doctor, and also put her hand on his hand. "Nice butt. Look how fit he is for an older guy. You really like him, don't you?"

"I do. I can hardly wait for my turn. You'll like him too. He's a really good fucker."

"Hmmm. We'll see. I'm partial to Thomas, myself. He's such a sweetie."

"Yeah? How'd he do?"

"Great, considering he's a virgin. Okay, otherwise. But he'll get better. And I'm gonna teach him."

"You naughty girl." Anna leaned over the doctor's humping butt and necked with Trish for a while.

That's how they were, with Anna, Trish, Debbie, and Doctor Johnson in a humping, naked pile, and Thomas sleeping on the examination table, when the door suddenly opened.


The doctor froze in mid-stroke. He was very disappointed, because he was getting close to a great climax for himself, after spending a long time focusing on Debbie's pleasure. That was his initial reaction, frustration.

But as his critical senses returned, he realized this was a potentially devastating situation. In fact, there was no "potential" about it. His career was in extreme danger. And even though he complained, he did love being a doctor and couldn't imagine doing anything else.

He wasn't facing the right direction to even see who it was. But as he tried to extricate himself from the pile of bodies, he thought about the voice and pinned it down.

The intruder was a woman, and her name was Tanya Smythe. She'd been a patient of his for a few years now. He scanned his mind for what he knew about her, and remembered that she was married and had a pre-teen child. She was rather uptight, acting like she had a stick in her butt. She also was African-American, and quite dark-skinned too. In his frightened state, he couldn't recall much more than that.

It seemed like ages to him, but it was only a matter of a few seconds before he was able to stand up and face his accuser. Standing buck naked without even an attempt to cover up, he managed to say with a straight face, "Mrs. Smythe, it's not what you think."

Mrs. Tanya Smythe stood there with hands on her hips, sputtering to respond. She had so many things to say to express her indignation that she didn't say any of it. But now that the doctor had gotten up, she could see the identity of the woman he'd been fucking. "Debbie?! You too?! My God!"

Debbie shamefully tried to cover up. She was mortified.

Trish and Anna, however, didn't care much one way or another. People walked in on them having sex all the time. And it wasn't like their jobs were at risk.

Even though Doctor Johnson's fuck had been interrupted, and he was shocked and frightened, he was still about as horny as he'd ever been in his life.

He looked at Mrs. Smythe's scowling, angry face.

Then he looked down. His eyes came to rest at her breasts. Damn! I've never really noticed before, but Tanya is hot! The thing is, she totally covers up, like she's fuckin' Amish or something, and since she's usually here about her kid's problems, I've never seen her stripped down. In fact, she's seriously hot! She's a bit chubby, but even with her big sweaters there's no way to completely hide her curves. About thirty, I'd guess. I've never fucked a black woman before. Hmmm.

Finally Tanya regained her composure and exclaimed, "Doctor, I'm shocked! Shocked and appalled. Since when did your office turn into a whorehouse?!"

The still partly giddy doctor wanted to casually reply, "Oh, since about nine o'clock this morning," but he bit his lip. Instead, he figured that a strong offense was the best defense. "Mrs. Smythe, what I do here in my own private chambers is none of your business! How DARE you break in here and accuse us like this?"

"Are you out of your freakin' mind?!" She shook her head back and forth in a sassy style. "I'll have you know that I came here for my previously scheduled appointment. The door was unlocked, so I came in. I was surprised not to see anyone, and decided to wait. Then I thought I heard some muffled screaming, and I finally decided to investigate. So don't accuse ME of breaking into YOUR privacy! All I can say is, thank the Lord I happened to come here without my daughter. If she saw this depraved orgy, I'd be whacking you upside the head right about now!"

He didn't doubt that. But he merely turned to Debbie, who was standing and scrambling back into her clothes. "Did you forget to lock the door?"

"I guess I did. And she's one of the ones I couldn't reach to reschedule."

"Well, go lock it now! And call the others, before we get any more intruders!"

"Yes, doctor!" She rushed off half-undressed, clutching her remaining clothes to her chest as she squeezed past Tanya at the door.

With a hateful glare, Tanya said, "Are the three of you just gonna stand there naked? Doctor, do you realize what a world of hurt you're in? I'm gonna destroy you! You'll never work again!"

He was crushed that she was going to be that way. He had no choice but to try to defend his indefensible position any way he could. He suggested, "It'll just be your word against mine."

"You snake!" she thundered. "I don't know what I can prove, but I'm going to tell everyone I know that the 'good' Doctor Johnson is morally depraved! I'm sure your wife will love to hear that!"

He thought frantically. Damn! Why does she have to be such an uptight bitch?! Why is she always so uptight anyway? ... I'm screwed! She really can make my life hell. And just when everything was so perfect too. DAMN!

Well, there's only one thing to do. Fortune favors the bold!

He took several steps towards her, acting like he wanted to confront her face to face. He still hadn't made any effort to cover up his now flaccid penis, and she was covering her eyes with a hand.

But she was several steps into the room, and he kept walking towards her, backing her into a wall. "What... What are you doing?!"

Before she could say more, he held her by the shoulders and kissed her squarely on her lips.

She would have screamed, but she was so shocked that she had no idea how to respond. And once her lips were covered, she couldn't scream.

He had no interest in raping her or anyone else. His plan, if it could be called that, was to kiss her for a while, and see if she started to positively respond. If she did, then great. If she didn't he would end it there, and he wouldn't be in much more trouble for kissing her than he already was. It wasn't a brilliant plan, or even a particularly good one, but he was still so horny that his lust was overriding his common sense.

The kiss went on and on. Tanya's hands flailed about uselessly in the air at first, but then they went back to her sides. She made no effort to push him away. But on the other hand, she didn't seem to be responding to the kiss in a good way, even though he had his tongue in her mouth.

Trish and Anna drew in very close, one on either side of Tanya. They stared intently at her face, looking for any signs to her reaction. But Tanya remained stiff, and almost poker-faced, with her eyes shut tight.

Finally, there was a noticeable slacking of her posture, and her whole body slumped an inch or two down the wall she was pressed up against.

Trish said to Anna quietly, "Houston, I think we have ignition."

Ann asked, "What are you talking about? And my name's not Houston."

"That's just an expression. I think she's giving in."

Anna was still skeptical. "You think?"

Just then, Tanya brought her arms around the doctor and hugged him tight. She also tilted her head a bit as she came at the kiss from another angle.

Trish smiled. "I think."

Anna whistled appreciatively. "Wow. Doc's pretty studly for an old guy, isn't he?"

"I guess he is!"

The doctor pulled back from the kiss a little bit, giving Tanya her first chance to talk.

She immediately barked, "Just what do you think you're doing?!"

"I'm kissing you." He still was worried about her attitude, so he went right back to kissing her some more.

The minutes passed. Before, his penis had grown hard once he'd noticed her starting to positively respond, but he'd been careful to keep it away from her. Now, he pressed it against her lower belly, and kept it there. Eventually, Tanya dropped her hands down to his bare ass cheeks and squeezed them. Then she seemed to realize she shouldn't be doing that and brought her hands back. But less than a minute later, her hands were back on his ass to stay.

Encouraged by that, he brought a hand under her clothes in an attempt to reach her tits. But there were just too many clothes in the way.

He pulled back again and asked, "Christ, woman, what are you dressed for? A blizzard?"

She complained as she stepped towards him and away from the wall, "Well, I hardly expected my doctor to molest me!"

He raised her arms in the air, using his hands to position them up like she was under arrest. "Molest you? If you want me to stop, just say so."

"Well, I would, if I had half a chance to speak. Just what the fuck is going on in here, anyway?"

The doctor noticed that he'd given her a perfect chance to call it quits, but she'd rather awkwardly dodged it. He took that as a green light. As he talked, he started to pull her sweater up, and she just stood there with her arms in the air, letting him do it. "Well, it's a complicated story. When I got here this morning, I had no idea what would happen. That's why I didn't cancel your appointment or the others."

Since Trish and Anna were standing right there, it was easy for them to help the doctor pull the sweater off. And as soon as it was off, there was a thick blouse that also went over her head.

Acting like she wasn't in the middle of getting disrobed, she asked with a distasteful tone, "Who are your two... naked flunkies, and what happened exactly?"

"Well, it's a long story, like I said. Basically, Anna - she's the especially huge titted blonde on my left" - he nodded her way - "she came in for an appointment and one thing led to another. I had to clear my schedule."


However, the doctor and his two "spies" had removed yet another layer from Tanya, leaving her wearing just an industrial strength bra on top. He closed in again and resumed kissing her. Except his hands went straight to her bra clasp and made quick work of it.

He had both hands on her big tits before the bra hit the ground. He was so impressed by their size and shape that he broke the kiss again to exclaim, "Good God! Tanya, your tits are absolutely huge! And not much sag. They're amazing! I dare say, they're as big as Anna's!"

She looked down at his hands kneading her tits. A couple of his fingers were just about entirely enveloped in tit-flesh. She looked lower, at his stiff erection. Their bodies were separated a bit, so his cockhead was only lightly resting on her dress.

She said with bitterness, "I suppose you're going to rape me now?"

"Rape? Who said anything about rape? If you want me to stop, I will. I haven't heard anything like 'stop' from you yet."

"Maybe I'm just too stunned to speak."

He chuckled, because that was such a lame dodge.

Then, to his shock, she leaned forward and whispered, "Maybe I want to be raped."

He couldn't believe it. "Excuse me?"

She spoke up a little louder, loud enough for Trish and Anna to hear. She closed her eyes in embarrassment. "I said, 'maybe I want to be raped.' I'm gonna say it just this once, because otherwise it'll spoil my fantasy. If I say anything like 'no,' don't listen! I love what you're doing, and I wanna be taken forcibly by a strong man. Is that clear enough?" She opened her eyes.

"It is to me," he replied. He was already wildly excited, but now his heart pounded so hard he worried about his health. "Trish, please close the door. Debbie might overhear and not understand."

Trish closed the door.

The doctor had never been in this kind of position before, but he decided to wing it. "Okay, bitch! You come in here, yelling at me, saying you're gonna ruin me. Well, I'm gonna ruin you! Strip!" He thought he must sound fake and forced.

"Excuse me?!" She looked genuinely astonished.

He was almost fooled by her acting job, but he remembered her advice to keep playing his role no matter what. He went on with more forcefulness in his voice, "I said, 'strip!'"

Tanya leaned in close, and whispered, "That's good, but slap my cheek as you say it."

He had to suppress a laugh at the way she was ordering him to dominate her. "Strip!" He slapped her facial cheek this time, although not very hard.

"You beast!" Her eyes were fiery and passionate. "But if you're gonna be like that, I guess I have no choice." She was already naked from the waist up, but had all her clothes on from the waist down.

He stepped back, giving her room to take her dress off.

She was trembling with excitement as she took off one layer and then another.

Still trying to play his role, he said to Trish and Anna, "Look, girls. See what happens to disobedient, uppity bitches? They get fucked!"

Anna giggled. "I wanna be disobedient then."

But Trish shushed her. "Be quiet. Don't break the mood."


Once Trish pulled her panties down, she bent over and started to take her high heels off. But then she looked at Trish's feet, and then at Anna's, and said, "I suppose you want me to keep my heels on, like your other... what do you call them? Bitches?"

"No, these are my women. You, however, you're my bitch. But you're right about the heels. Keep 'em on, you slutty, sexy bitch."

He thought his words might be overdoing it, especially since she was black, and he'd come to be very careful about what to say for fear of being seen as racist. But she shuddered with obvious arousal, letting him know that he'd hit a bull's-eye. She stood back up and whispered lustily, "Yes, sir."

"Who said you could stand back up? Bend over again and touch your toes, bitch. I want to inspect my merchandise." He didn't know where that came from, and feared he'd gone too far.

She shuddered visibly and lustily at the word "merchandise" too.

With Tanya bending over and her huge tits dangling lewdly right in front of him, Trish and Anna cuddled up to him on either side. He asked them, "What do you think, girls?"

"Very nice," Anna replied. "She could stand to lose ten, maybe twenty pounds, but maybe not, because I think most of that extra weight went straight to her tits. And you're right: she's just as stacked as I am, even though she's shorter."

Trish added, "I agree. Very nice. And so is this." One of her hands had strayed down to his groin, and she started to stroke his cock.

"Oooh! Prime idea!" Anna also reached over and began stroking it too. She took the bottom half, and raised and lowered her hand in perfect time to Trish's. It was so wet that their hands slid around easily.

Tanya had been looking at the floor, but curiosity got her and she raised her head to see what was going on. When she saw the two buxom women jacking him off in tandem, she couldn't take it. It was just about the most arousing thing she'd ever seen.

She yelped. An orgasm surged through her, and she was completely unprepared for it. Her legs buckled, and since she was touching her toes, she fell forward into the doctor.

Luckily, she didn't have far to fall, and the two girls also stopped what they were doing and helped her back to her feet.

As they held her up, she said, "Time out, time out! Sorry, but that's just too hot to be believed! Good Lord, these are just about the two most fucking gorgeous women on the planet! What are they doing jacking you off?!"

He decided that it was better to keep the mystery going, at least for a while. So he replied mysteriously, "Let's just say that fortune favors the brave."

He was very pleased with that comment, since that was the same thing he'd said to himself just before he'd kissed Tanya, which led him to this great situation. He mused, It's true. It's so true! Fortune does favor the brave. I could be totally screwed by Tanya by now, but instead, I'm gonna be the one screwing her! I can't believe it. I guess dreams do come true sometimes.

However, he felt a guilty stab as he remembered that she was married. He said, "Since we're having a time-out, I want to ask you just one question: is it a problem that you're married?"

"Dammit, YES! It's a huge problem! Especially since I'm already having a hundred times more fun with you than I ever had with my husband. But don't worry about him. I've never cheated on him before, but I've dreamed of being taken by a strong man for so long. If it wasn't you, it would have been someone else soon, because I've been near the breaking point. He has no idea what to do with my body. You do."

The way she said "you do" was absolutely dripping with lust. She might as well have shouted "Fuck me now!" instead.

Seeing that she was standing on her own and panting with desire, he decided to strike while the iron was hot. "Bitch, stand with your arms and legs outstretched, like you're doing jumping jacks."

"Like this, sir?" She stretched out as much as she could, and even rose up on her tiptoes in her heels ever so briefly.

"Good. It's time for your inspection." He walked all around her, staying silent. Then he started to lightly brush her skin here and there. He continually surprised her with the locations of his feathery touches, and each one made her shiver with lust. He not only used his hand, but he also held his erection with his other hand and sometimes brushed her legs or ass with it.

He didn't realize just how much this was arousing her. But he got some idea when she asked, "Permission to cum, sir?"

"Permission denied."

"OH GAWWD!" That turned out to be the right thing to say, and she barely was able to hold back.

Just then, the doctor heard a voice behind him. "What's going on?"

He whirled around. But then he breathed a sigh of relief when he saw that it was only Thomas, finally waking up from his post-coital nap, and sitting up on the examination table. "Oh. It's you. Thank God. You gave me a scare."

Trish immediately broke away and went to Thomas's side. She stroked his chest and pressed her big tits into his arm. She kissed him, but only on the cheek. "Thomas, you cutie. How are you feeling? You must have slept the sleep of the dead to have slept through all that."

"All what? And who's she?" He pointed at Trish, who still stood there with her arms up high, suddenly looking tremendously embarrassed. "And where's Debbie?"

The doctor said, "You can get the long version later. In short, This is Tanya Smythe. She's a patient of mine who accidentally wandered in. One thing led to another, and here we are. She likes to be treated submissively, so I'm calling her 'bitch.' Don't be alarmed. But we lucked out, didn't we? If we're gonna be interrupted, it might as well be by a gorgeous, big-titted black lady. Oh, and as for Debbie, she's taking care of some bureaucratic stuff out front. She'll probably be back here soon. Right now, I'm giving Tanya an inspection. Care to join me?"

"Huh? Sure, I guess." Thomas stood up, and immediately found himself hugged by Trish. "What do I do?"

"You too, Trish, and you too, Anna. Actually, when we're in a situation like that I'm gonna call you two by your other names, Miss Slut and Miss Hooters. Tanya of course is Miss Bitch. All three of you, come stand around her here. Touch her everywhere. Inspect her. Do what you want. But keep in mind that she's completely helpless and she can't move until I tell her to."

Trish, Anna, and Thomas all liked that a lot. Thomas fully woke up fast, given the situation presented him.

The only one feeling conflicted was Tanya. She was going out of her mind with lust as two men and two women touched her everywhere, and yet she wasn't allowed to cum. And she loved being "molested," but hated it too.

The situation only grew more pleasurable and frustrating for her a couple of minutes later when Debbie returned.

To call Debbie stunned at the turn of events would have been the understatement of the year. But the situation was quickly explained to her, and when she found out what had happened, she had a long laugh over it. Then, with the others all having fun teasing and tormenting Tanya, she didn't want to miss out on the fun, and joined in too.

Now, there were no less than ten hands and two erect penises sliding all over Tanya. It actually was quite crowded around her. Everyone had to pick a spot and stay in it, because moving around led to lots of jostling elbows.

The doctor mostly stood back, happy for a minor respite from the non-stop sexually barrage. He was having a great time watching what the others were doing to her.

They certainly weren't shy, especially Anna. After a while, maybe five minutes since Debbie had joined in, she plunged two fingers into Tanya's boiling hot slit without warning.

Tanya yelped in exquisite agony. She begged to Doctor Johnson, "Please! Please! Please let me cum!"

As Anna pumped her fingers in and out, Trish commented to her, "Girl, you might want to go easy on her. She's like, freaking out."

"Why should I?" Anna replied. "I know inspections, and so do you, since we get inspected every morning. It's standard procedure to search the cunt and asshole for contraband."

Trish thought about that, and then grinned. "That's true." Then, since her spot was being Tanya, she plunged an index finger deep into Tanya's asshole.

That pushed Tanya over the edge and then some. She screamed, "NOOOOO! I can't stop! Gotta CUUUUUMMMM!"

She fell to her knees as waves of orgasmic joy washed over her.

The others stood back and watched her. She was the perfect picture of rapture and ecstasy. It looked like she was having a religious epiphany, on her knees and looking up as if to heaven.

Long after her climax ended, her giant tits heaved up and down while she struggled for breath.

The doctor wanted to hold and comfort her until she was fully recovered. But he remembered that wasn't what she'd said she wanted. He struggled to remain in his role. Finally, he said, "Speak, Bitch."

She looked up. Her face was forlorn. "I'm so ashamed! You told me not to cum, but I couldn't help it!"

His first instinct was going to tell her not to worry about it, but then he again remembered the role he was supposed to play. So instead he said gravely, "You will be punished, and severely. You can start by sucking my cock in front of all these people."

"But sir! That's so humiliating!"

Trish's ears picked up at that, since she got off on humiliation too. "Um, Doc? Maybe you should punish me too, 'cos I was, uh, well, I'm sure I did something wrong at some point."

He looked at her. Dang, I'm one lucky devil! Look at her! She's a busty bombshell, that's for sure. But he just said, "Don't worry, you will, but later. Right now, all eyes are on Miss Bitch."

Tanya crawled forward. She'd never been so ashamed, not even close, but she absolutely loved it. Her wildest fantasies were coming true. This was an ideal situation for her: humiliation in front of a "crowd," but without any real danger.

She grasped his thick rod with both hands. "Sir, your humble bitch will do her best to please you." She swallowed his entire cockhead and then some.

Her face was burning red as five pairs of eyes watched her every move. It had been years since she'd given a blowjob to her husband, but she put all her energy into this one, as if her life depended on it.

Meanwhile, Debbie and Trish gathered on either side of the doctor, while Anna cuddled with Thomas.

The doctor was a bit sad to see Anna with Thomas, but Trish explained that it was good for her to get to know him better, since she hadn't much time with him yet. He could see the logic in that, but he was hurt, especially when Anna started to jack Thomas off.

He told himself, I can't get too attached to Anna, or Trish. After all, they're sluts through and through. They need cocks like other people need water. Now, Debbie, I'm not gonna let her touch Thomas or any other guy. But with Anna and Trish, I have to let go. I should be thankful that they want to be with me at all.

But Tanya's blowjob was "too good." It had been a while now since the doctor had climaxed, thanks to interruptions, but he wanted to hold on longer to impress Tanya, so he was trying to hold out a bit more. As a result, he had her switch to a titfuck. It was still pleasurable, but it was less intensely stimulating than all the crazy wonderful things she was doing simultaneously with her tongue, lips, and hands.

By chance, a titfuck greatly increased Tanya's shame, which increased her arousal. With the blowjob, she kept her eyes closed and couldn't really see anyone even if she opened them. But with the titfuck, her face was further back, and she had to keep her eyes open, especially once she tried licking the tip of his cockhead whenever it got close. She was much more aware of the presence of the other in the room and the way they were all watching her.

From time to time, they made comments and suggestions to her, which served as further reminders of her shameful position.

The doctor was amazed at just how deep her cleavage was. His entire erection was swallowed up from time to time. He also really liked just how dark her skin was, and how that contrasted with his reddish penis. It was a shock to see the cockhead poke out the top of her tits sometimes. And then to see her tongue snake out and try to touch it blew his mind.

After a while, he commented, "You know, I find it really interesting how a mere twenty minutes or so ago... Is that right? Twenty minutes? Or thirty? Either way, it's amazing. Let's say a mere thirty minutes ago, Miss Bitch, you were standing at the door in what seemed like eighteen layers of clothes, yelling at me. Now, you're naked and on your knees, with my cock sliding through your tits, and you're calling me 'sir.' Funny how things can change, huh?"

She whimpered lustily at that reminder. She was doing all the work, sliding her tits up and down and all around his cock in unexpected ways, while he just stood there and basked in the intense pleasure.

He asked, "By the way, what's the deal with all those clothes, anyway?"

She confessed, "Since I was a teenager, I've been trying to hide my breasts. When people see just how big they are, their eyes bug out and the way they treat me completely changes. And I guess I've been trying to suppress my sexuality in general. I've never done ANYthing like this before, except in my fantasies. A big problem is that my husband has put on a ton of weight and no longer sexually interests me at all. I only allow my husband a 'mercy fuck' when I get tired of him pestering me about it."

"I see. My wife's like that too, so I can relate. Well, except for the putting on weight part." He pondered if his wife, too, had a raging cauldron of lust inside of her, and he'd just never found the right way to bring it forward. But it was a moot point now. He was already thinking of his marriage in the past tense.

He said, "You will continue to dress like that, except when you come to see me. Then I want you to dress like a shameless slut. No undies for sure, and your tits should be hanging out of a skimpy top. Is that understood?"

She hissed angrily under her breath, "You think you're going to do this to me again? Might I remind you this is a one-time role play?"

"That's how it started, but I've decided that I rather like having a bitch at my beck and call. I'm going to keep you. What do you think about that?"

She stopped sliding her tits all over his dick so she could think. "What about my husband?"

"Do you love him?"

She thought long and hard about that. "Yes... and no. I love him, but more as a brother than a husband. He's just so... fat! I mean, he weighs over 300 pounds! He has no sex drive any more, and to have him lie down on top of me, crushing me, and then trying to stick his little thing in..." She shuddered in disgust.

The doctor said, "Well, I don't feel good about cheating on him just the same, so it's your call. No, wait. You know what? You should talk to him, and tell him that you're going to divorce him or take an outside lover, his choice, unless he loses a lot of weight. Obviously, you're at the end of your rope sexually, and a woman as beautiful as you shouldn't go without."

She sighed. "Maybe you're right. I've been living in denial, trying to put off making any decision. But look at me." Her tits were still wrapped around the doctor's long erection. "Obviously, our marriage is having problems!" She laughed bitterly. "And no way is he going to lose weight. He's tried many times before, and he's hopeless. He loves food more than me!"

The doctor suggested, "Well, then, give him that ultimatum before you see me again. And if you're right and he won't change, then either way, divorce or outside lover, you're gonna be my bitch."

Tanya gasped, seemingly horrified.

Debbie coughed and stepped closer. "Um, Doc? Seeing as how you were talking about having some kind of commitment with me, shouldn't we talk about this first? First Hooters and Slut, and now this. I don't know what to think."

Tanya glared angrily, but at Debbie. "Hey, you skinny-assed chick, stay out of this! If the good doctor says I'm his bitch, then that's between him and me! It's not like you can get all judgmental. He is married, you know, and not to you! "

Debbie blushed at that.

As Tanya resumed trying to lick his cockhead every time it came near, she asked him, "So, what does that mean, if I'm your bitch?"

He explained, "You can still live with your husband, if that makes you happy. But when I call, I expect you to come running. When I give you an order, you only reply will be 'Yes, sir.'"

She gave him a look that could kill, but didn't reply. She kept sliding her big black tits all over his very happy dick.

He said, "You might think that you can say 'no,' but you really can't. I have to admit that this all started as a pure fluke. But obviously you have a deep sexual need, and I'm the only one who can fill it. You know this to be true. You know this can't be a one-time thing. Now that your defenses have crumbled, you can't go back to a sex-less life. Think back to that great orgasm you had a while back. Can you live without that?"

She didn't reply, and just kept the titfuck going. But she didn't need to, because everyone knew the answer.

He continued, "You'll either come back to me, or you'll try to find someone else to do the same. And if you try that, chances are the guy will be a weirdo who'll ruin your life."

She thought about that. "But all I wanted was a rape fantasy," she protested.

"Oh, you'll get that. I'll be 'raping' you right and left. Imagine if I stroll into your place of work, pull out my cock, and say, "Suck it, bitch!"

She shook all over with lust, and her eyes glazed over. Her head lunged forward and she began eagerly sucking on his cockhead while still keeping his shaft trapped between her huge tit-pillows.

He laughed. "Sounds like you like that idea, huh? Obviously, we've stumbled onto something powerful and good. When I called you 'bitch' the first time, you practically came just from that. You need a strong man who knows how to control you. Isn't that true?"

She thought about that, and then bowed her head. "Yes. Sir." She shivered.

Suddenly, a titfuck wasn't enough for her. She stood up and rushed to the unoccupied examination table. "Fuck me, sir!" She laid down and spread her legs wide. "Make me your bitch! I won't really be your bitch until you fuck me!"

The doctor was certainly amenable to that suggestion, and he went to the table too.

Debbie seemed very unhappy at this turn of events, and looked like she was going to cry.

Anna picked herself up from where she'd been sitting in Thomas's lap, and sidled over to where Debbie stood. She hugged her from the front, making sure their racks rubbed together in the process. Then she whispered in her ear, "Think good things. Tanya likes women, I can tell. You'll have as much fun playing with her as the doc will."

"Bu-bu-but, I'm not lesbian!" Debbie protested.

"I know. Neither am I," Anna replied. "Nothing beats a warm, hard cock. But that doesn't mean we can't have fun when the boys are busy." Then she kissed Debbie on the lips.

Debbie put up no resistance whatsoever. In less than a minute, Anna was lying on top of her, and having her way with her entire body.

Trish was standing there with nothing to do, so she said, "I want me some of that too!" She laid down right next to Anna so that the two of them were lying on either side of Debbie.

Now Thomas was the spare wheel.

The doctor was standing next to the examination table, but he still hadn't gotten on top of it, because he was curious to watch what was happening between Anna and Debbie. As he turned back toward a very impatient Tanya, he noticed Thomas just standing there.

Thinking quickly, he walked up to him and said, "By the way, I kinda want Debbie for my own, so please don't touch her, okay? Just between you and me, if all goes well, I might even marry her before long."

"Okay." Thomas was just happy to be there and would have said or done most anything to be able to stay.

"However, that doesn't go for the others. I'm not exactly young any more, and I know my limitations. So how 'bout this? Let me get Tanya warmed up with a little fucking in the position she's in now. Then I'll put her body across the middle of the table, with her tummy down, instead of having her lie on top of it like she is now. Then I'll fuck her doggy style on one side. At that point, I want you to come around the other side, and you can fuck her mouth. I'm sure she'll really get off on that, and I suspect you'll enjoy it too." He winked.

Thomas was completely blown away. True, Tanya didn't have a perfect body like Slut and Hooters did. There were some signs of her pregnancy and age here and there. But if those two were perfect tens, she was still a very attractive nine. Again, it was more than he could have ever dare dreamed.

He nodded his head eagerly.

The doctor fucked Tanya in the standard missionary position for a good while. Then, seeing Thomas getting a bit antsy, he switched to the position he'd described to Thomas.

Tanya was over the moon. She loved the way the doctor fucked her, and especially loved all the nasty things he said to her as he did it. Shivers shot down her spine pretty much every single time he called her "bitch" She felt very embarrassed about this, especially since he was white and she was black. But it was the very wrongness of it all that helped make it such an exciting taboo for her.

Then came the time for Thomas and Doctor Johnson to double team her. The doctor said, "Now, Tanya, since you're my bitch, it goes without saying that I have total control over who you have sex with. You may continue to fuck your husband from time to time if you stick with him. After all, we don't want him to get too suspicious. I'm not gonna slut you all over town; I'm kind of possessive. But you certainly are going to have lots of sex with everyone in this room, including Thomas."

She realized that not only was she going to have sex with Thomas, but Debbie, Trish, and Anna too. A wave of lust rushed over her and nearly made her faint. "Sir!" She didn't know what else to say. She'd never been with another woman before, but the doctor had correctly read her lusty looks at their naked bodies.

Such ideas aroused her, but the practice was even better than the theory. She found getting fucked in the pussy and mouth at the same more than twice as great as any single man fucking her before.

She was hooked. She knew she could never go back to "normal" now.

Then Thomas and Doctor Johnson came inside her, one shortly after the other. That seemed like twice as good again as even her highest high up until that point.

When the fucking was over, she sat up on the table and said, "Sir, I'm definitely getting off on this 'Miss Bitch' stuff. But I do have one very important thing to ask. Please, have you and Thomas double team me a LOT! That was a-MAZ-ing!"

The doctor chuckled. "Sure. Just wait until we break in your ass. I imagine getting double teamed in both holes down there is even better. But remember you need to work out your situation with your husband. I would never have seduced you in a million years except my hand was forced."

"Thank God that it was!"

"Well, be that as it may, we'll probably only be able to get together about once a week. I don't even want you to get together with Thomas and/or the girls much more than that, because your husband will suspect. Actually, the more I think about it, the more displeased I am with this whole situation."

"Don't be!" she said vehemently. "I'm obliged to remain married to him because I don't want our daughter to have a broken home. He's an okay father, but there's no fire at all. I mean, I haven't had an orgasm with him since... well, petty much ever! Not even back when he wasn't fat. I have to go back to when we were dating. It's not fair for me to live the rest of my life without any sexual satisfaction! Why do you think I've been such a sour puss? I know how people look at me, like, 'what's her problem?' It's because I need a good fuck from time to time!"

"And that you'll get," he said. "Just probably not as often as you'd like. Anyway, I'm old, and I have my limits."

He looked at Thomas, obviously pondering if the kid could help pick up the slack.

Thomas looked back with a "don't look at me like that!" expression.

Trish, Anna, and Debbie were still going at it, with Debbie still basically getting double teamed by the other two.

But Tanya announced that she had to get going soon, and the group started to wind down and break up. Everyone started to put their clothes back on.

Tanya left first, after kissing everyone else on the lips for a long time. She said to the other three women, "I look forward to getting to know you REALLY well very soon." She winked.

Debbie replied for all three of them, "Us too. Trish, Anna, we're all going to be great friends, aren't we? And not just in bed. I like ALL you guys!"

Surprisingly, their party ended up with a platonic and fully clothed group hug.

After Tanya left, Thomas was the next to go. He stood at the door leading from the waiting room to the outside world, and said to the others, "I don't know what to say. Today's been the greatest day of my life, like, times ten! Even if I win the Nobel Prize or something like that, it won't compare with the day I lost my virginity. I mean, I'm just a scrawny, pimply-faced geek, and I got to sleep with supermodels!"

Trish said, "Hey, don't sell yourself short. You're handsome in your own way. It's just that you lack self-confidence. After today, I'm sure that'll change, big time. The girls at your school will be throwing themselves at you soon, you'll see."

And Anna added, "And as for those pimples, don't worry. Trish and I know just about every skin product known to man. We'll get that fixed for you in a jiffy."

"Really? Wow! You're awesome! Oh, and doctor, I came in here for a fungal infection on my foot, but who cares about that?"

The doctor smiled. "Don't worry, we'll reschedule you really soon. Maybe on the same day that Slut and Hooters has to come back for a weekly checkup." He winked at the boy.

"Wow! Awesome! Somebody pinch me, I'm dreaming!" He left the room practically floating on air. Before he left, the doctor got him to swear not to tell anyone about what had happened.

"He's a good kid," Debbie said to the others once he's gone. "He'll keep his mouth shut. Besides, if he did blab, nobody would believe him."

Anna said, "By the way, his mention of his foot infections reminds me: what about my nipplitis? I almost totally forgot about that!"

The doctor was bummed. He'd hoped they had completely forgotten. He put his arms up in a futile gesture. "What can I say? There's no cure. There's no pill to take. It's so rare - there are probably less than a hundred cases in the whole country - that nobody's even doing any research on it that I know of. I'm afraid you're stuck with it."

Anna said, "Let me get this straight. We're cursed to have super high sex drives, and the only temporary cure is male cum. We're basically gonna have to get fucked a lot, in every hole, pretty much forever."

"That's about right," the doctor replied.

"I can live with that," Anna said to Trish. "Can't you?"

"Totally! Heck, that's what I was doing already. I just didn't have a name for it. I just hope, Doc, that you can help us with the cure on a regular basis. After all, you didn't even fuck me once yet!" She pouted sexily.

He shrugged. "I'll do what I can. And I definitely want to give you a special 'cure' very soon, Trish." He winked at her. "But even though I've got a bitch of my own now, I've also got a new 'ball and chain.' We'll have to see what Debbie thinks."

Debbie beamed at this new confirmation of her status. "Well, if you would have asked me even a little while ago, I would have felt jealous and protective of my new man. But after the way you two double teamed me, all I can say is: when can we all get together again? Is tomorrow too soon?"

"NO!" Trish and Anna replied together. Then all three women burst into giggles.

Trish and Anna left shortly thereafter, once they'd all given the others more good-bye kisses and hugs. Trish also made a point of getting Thomas's phone number from the doctor before she left.

Finally, just Doctor Johnson and Debbie remained. Both of them stood at the door, their arms lightly slung around each other, as they pondered all that had happened in a few short hours.

Debbie turned to the doctor and said, "Well, that was weird!" She chuckled.

He chuckled too. "Talk about an understatement! Yeah. Big time weird. I'm with the boy. That has to be the greatest day of my life, hands down. Not that I'm gonna win the Nobel Prize, but if I did, that would be a yawn compared to this."

Debbie looked at the clock. Well, the day is far from over yet. We've got the rest of the afternoon, and the schedule has been cleared. What say you and I go make some more special memories?"

"Okay, but keep in mind that my penis has basically cried 'uncle'. I'm not a spring chicken. It'll take a while for me to recharge. Why don't we just spend some time together, and get to know each other a little better?"

"Okay! Sounds great! What time do you need to get back to your wife?"

"Technically, about six. But I can easily push that back. Besides, the way I figure, I'm already with her."


"I'm gonna go home tonight and ask my wife for a divorce. Then I'm gonna buy a big ol' diamond ring, get down on my knee, and ask you to marry me."

"Really?! You're not joking?!"

"I wouldn't joke about something like that."

"Then I'm gonna say YES!" She threw her arms around him.

They kissed for a good while after that.

Later, she commented, half-jokingly, half-seriously, "You just wanna marry me 'cos I don't mind you playing around with Anna, Trish, and Tanya."

"I have to admit, that's pretty important to me. Now that I've started with them, I can't stop. I'm totally addicted. But I don't look at it like that. The way I figure, WE are going to have fun with them, as a team. Hopefully, it'll draw all of us closer, because we'll all benefit greatly."

"Sounds good." She kissed him again.


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