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Chapter 1
(mF, mult, cons, reluc, het, humor, cheat, inc, mother, son, poly, group, WM, WF, oral, pett, preg, BBR)
Written by The Shadow Rising and Spacer X (

A note by Spacer X:

By chance, I stumbled across a story called "The Halloween Party Dress" by The Shadow Rising. It was very obscure, apparently only existing on a personal blog that was active for a few months and hasn't been updated since 2005. I had lots of fun reading it, but I had lots of problems with it too. The formatting was all messed up, the spelling was bad, and the grammar was worse. For instance, dozens of sentences and paragraphs didn't even have any ending punctuation. So I copied and pasted the whole thing into a word processor and started to correct it as I read, mostly so I could make sense of it.

As I went on, I started to have more fun with it, and I went from just fixing it to making additions. Soon, things kind of got out of hand, and I wound up making some drastic changes and adding entirely new scenes. The story I found was 25,000 words long, and by the time I was done with it, it grew to 100,000 words! So, although I don't know The Shadow Rising and have found no way to contact him, this wound up as a story co-written by both of us. The vast majority of the ideas were his, and I mostly just fleshed things out quite a lot (although there are some pretty major changes in the second half). I've given it a slightly different title since it's changed and grown so much.

I must admit I didn't put much time or thought into the rewrite. I basically added 25,000 words in one massive day-long writing session while I was reading the original version for the very first time! Then I read it all over again in another big writing session, and added another 25,000 words, and then there was yet more added with a third and final pass. It's not a particularly exceptional, profound, or unique story; it's just a fun, incestuous, non-stop sex romp (once the action gets started, that is). I haven't thoroughly honed it like I have to some of my totally original stories, but I hope my expansion will help rescue it from obscurity and allow a new group of people to discover it. Please read it in that spirit, and may you get a good kick out of it.


Tommy Bryton heard the bell ring sounding the end to yet another boring day at school. He ran as fast as he could to his locker the minute he got out of the classroom. He only stopped just long enough to yank the denim bag from the metal locker before hurriedly relocking it and once again darting off into the crowd of students. Pushing past everybody in his way, he raced along the corridor until he bounded through the large double doors and into the freedom of the end of the school day.

Tommy ran down the large stairs outside of the entrance to the old building, ignoring the shouts of his teachers and didn't stop running until he reached the road at the end of the long grass banks in front of the school.

The banks were covered in flowers because of the warm air and sunlight that shone brightly in a cloudless sky, but none of it held his interest at all. All of his attention was on what lay right in front of his eyes.

"Hey Tommy." A female voice called from behind him.

He turned and looked. It was a very attractive girl named Roberta.

Frankly, he didn't know her and hardly cared about her. But just by observing her eagerness to talk to him, he knew he'd be fucking her soon. It wasn't that he was arrogant or egotistical, though he did have a little bit of both. It was just the way things were.

Tommy was an outstanding athlete. In particular, he was a star running back on the school's football team, much like his father Carl who had been on the same team years before.

Tommy was also tall for his age. He was only 16 years old and he was already six feet tall. He had short dark brown hair and brown eyes, and although he wasn't hugely built, he was definitely muscular in a defined and toned way. Everyone said that he was the spitting image of his father, just a slightly larger version.

Tommy wasn't a smooth talker, but he had some kind of indefinable charm that made him a big hit with the girls. He was handsome, smart, strong, and popular. But his secret weapon was his penis. Word had gotten around the girls in school that he was extremely well endowed, but even more importantly, that he knew how to use it.

As a result, he pretty much had his pick of the most beautiful girls in school, especially in the last year or so, as he'd grown into his body and became a local sports star. And it was the middle of football season, so his weekly heroics caused even more girls to lust after him.

He never stayed with any girl very long, but he certainly was having a hell of a fun time bedding a surprisingly large number of beautiful girls for his young age! He was so highly prized that he was mostly dating senior girls, even though he was only a sophomore.

"Hey, Roberta," he said with calculated disinterest.

She looked at him, obviously trying to gather up her courage. "Um, so... How's it going?"

"Good." He didn't want to be a jerk to anybody, but he wasn't saying much so he could test to see just how eager she was.

She stared at the ground. "Um, so... do you know what you're gonna do this weekend?"

"I dunno. The usual, I guess. Hang out with some friends, watch some games on TV. Hey, but you look really good today. Is that a new dress?"

She looked up, and her face broke into a big smile. "It is! You noticed!" She'd gone through a lot of trouble to find a dress she thought he'd like.

He smiled back. He liked to give out compliments, but in this case she really did look good. Roberta was a stacked senior, and her dress showed off a lot of creamy cleavage. He liked that a lot. "Hey, I've gotta run. I'll see you later, okay?"

Seeing the joyous look on her face, he decided as he walked away that he was most definitely going to fuck her soon. As usual, he'd probably fuck her a few times, even while he was dating and fucking some other girls, and then he'd move on. It wasn't that he was an asshole about it. In fact, he was always a gentleman on his dates, and later on as considerate as he could be about breaking up. But with his reputation as a stud and his surging teenage hormones, he was like a kid in a candy store. He wanted to fuck practically every pretty girl he met, and he had yet to come across any one girl who could hold his sexual interest for long.

All in all, life was very good for Tommy. And then it got even better.


Leah Bryton placed the receiver back down onto the handset and smiled broadly to herself. The customer had been tough to win around, but her charm never failed. Sure enough, she had just earned herself yet another fat amount of extra bonuses because of that deal.

Leaning back in her chair, she let herself relax with her hands folded on her stomach, and smiled down at the phone on her desk.

She heard a gentle knock on the door.

"Come in," she called. She looked up and saw Stella, her personal assistant, walking in holding a file in her hands.

"This came for you from head office," Stella said with a friendly voice. Leah was an exceptionally beautiful woman, and even other women tended to act very friendly around such raving beauties.

"Ah forget it for now," she said with a smile as she stood up and smoothed her stylish business suit. "It can wait until tomorrow. You get off and go home early. It's a holiday, so go and enjoy yourself." Technically, it was still a working day, but it didn't seem right to her to make everyone work a full day on Halloween.

Stella smiled back at her, and stopped walking towards the table. "You know, one of these days you're gonna get in trouble for being too nice to us," she said with a grin. Leah really was a great boss to her staff, firm but kind.

"Yeah, but hey, what's life if you don't break a few rules, eh?" Leah replied as she walked over to the coat stand to pick up her coat. "And besides, my bosses will let me get away with anything." As she said that, she gave her most innocent look while she also leaned forward and wiggled her extremely large and impressive bust.

They both burst into fits of giggling.

But it was true. Leah did get all kinds of slack, thanks to her stunning face and voluptuous body. She was a mouth-watering sight even in her conservatively cut business suit.

"Come on, then before we're caught," Stella said as they walked out of the office, "I'll buy you a drink."

"Sorry, not today. I've gotta get straight home. Carl and I are going to his office's Halloween party tonight, and I've got a special surprise for him." She closed the door behind her and locked it.

"Oooh! Really?" Stella asked with a knowing smile, "So you bought that scandalous dress you were telling me about then?"

Leah just grinned and began to giggle again.

Stella soon joined in. "So someone will be getting laid tonight!"

"Well, maybe," she replied more seriously. "You know the problems I've been having with my hubby about that. I swear, if even this dress doesn't do it for him, he's gone gay or something." She stared wistfully into space and tried to recall the last time she'd had sex with Carl. It had been weeks, if not months, and yet she was only 34 and sexier than most Playboy models. She didn't understand it.

"So Leah, are you gonna join me in my office before you go home?" Leah heard a new voice, and immediately recognized Dwayne Borhand, another executive she sometimes worked with, before she turned around.

"In your dreams, Dwayne," she answered back. She rolled her brilliant blue eyes as she looked at Stella and yawned.

Stella just smiled back at her. She saw Leah deal with this kind of thing every day, and was always impressed at how easily her boss kept the sharks and sleazeballs at bay.

"You're always in my dreams," he said to her and motioned to slap her on the ass.

But she quickly pivoted, forcing him to abort his slap (if he'd even been daring enough to go through with it in the first place). "You're always in my nightmares, Dwayne," she chided back at him and turned away to walk to the elevators with her assistant. "And besides, you couldn't handle me," she called over her shoulder at him.

He stood there gawking at her walk. "She's probably right about that," he quietly muttered to himself. "If she fucks half as good as she looks... Damn! And what an ass!" He shook his head and realized he would never get a chance with her anyway.


When Tommy got home, he went straight to the kitchen to get himself a drink. As usual, his mother Leah was there. Now that she was a highly regarded executive, she'd had the option of another raise or fewer hours, and she'd chosen the latter so she could spend more time with her one and only child before he grew up and moved away. She knew his football practice schedule, and almost always managed to get home just before he did.

But his father Carl was there too. That was highly unusual. Carl earned just as much as Leah did, but in recent years it seemed like he had to spend twice the number of hours at work to do that. Tommy figured the fact that it was Halloween probably explained this rare afternoon father sighting.

Carl was sitting reading the sports section of the newspaper at the large wooden dining room table, dressed in his usual shirt, slacks, and tie. Leah was leaning against the counter with her arms folded, drinking some orange juice and talking to her husband.

"Hey Mom, hey Dad," Tommy said as he threw his bag under the table and went straight to the fridge.

"Hey, kiddo," his mother replied.

"How's it hangin'?" Carl asked his son without taking his eyes from the paper.

That was typical. Unfortunately, a lot of the time when Carl was home, it seemed like he wasn't really there. The newspaper or his work papers seemed infinitely more interesting to him than his own family. His attitude wasn't as bad before, but it had progressively gotten worse over the past several months.

"So how did school go today?" Leah asked Tommy.

"It was cool. Coach told the whole team I'm the 'engine' of the offense, and said there's no stopping us if our line can do a better job opening up lanes for me," he answered back to her while reaching to bring out some orange juice and pour it into a glass. "He said there's no reason why we can't go all the way this year!"

"That's my boy," Carl said proudly, folding the paper down in front of him and reaching for his can of beer. His interest perked up quite a bit when it came to his son and sports, because he was a big sports fan in general and very proud of his son's local football heroics.

Tommy grinned happily as he put the carton of orange juice back in to the fridge and gulped the juice down.

Carl asked him, "How many girls asked you out today?"

"DaaaaAAAAAaaaad!" Tommy complained, even though he was secretly delighted. His parents certainly had noticed his recent success with girls. His mother jokingly called the seemingly endless stream of beautiful girls coming and going to Tommy's room on the weekends the "Miss Teen America Pageant."

Leah chided Carl, "Please, let him be." But then she beamed with a bright smile and innocently asked Tommy, "So, how many girls DID ask you out today?"

The three of them laughed, while Tommy blushed a little bit. It was weird for him whenever his mother showed any interest in his dating or sex life, especially because she was such a stone cold fox. And it had only gotten worse lately. Even as the three of them were talking and joking around, he had to hide the raging boner he got pretty much any time his mother was near.

"So what are you up to then tonight?" Tommy's mother asked him. "It's Halloween! The school's top running back and Don Juan must have big, big plans!" She was teasing him about it, but she also assumed he did have some big plans.

He leaned against the counter opposite her and sighed. "I dunno. You know I got in that big fight with John the other day. There is a big party, but he's gonna be there, and I just don't want to deal with him. I dunno, maybe I'll just hang out here."

While still reading the paper, Carl asked, "Who's John?"

Leah rolled her eyes. "He's only your son's best friend for like the last five years? I swear! You need to spend more time at home and pay attention. Sometimes I wonder if you'd even know if you HAVE a son, if he wasn't a football star."

Carl tore his eyes from the paper, but only because he'd been called out for not paying attention. "Well, I'm here now."

"Yes!" she replied with some exasperation. "I definitely noticed, and I'm pleased. I was worrying all day that you'd come up with some kind of excuse why you couldn't go to the party tonight." She smiled sexily, and wiggled her hips a little bit. "Just wait until you see my costume!"

But her smile died when she saw the embarrassed and contrite look on Carl's face.

"Uh babe, actually, I've got some bad news. I can't make it tonight, I've got a late night meeting tonight with Seers at his house about a new deal." He tried not to look at his wife.

She exploded, "Are you KIDDING me?! A late night meeting on Halloween?! I swear, you have your business meetings at the strangest times. Next, you're gonna tell me you've got a meeting on Christmas morning!"

He said defensively, "I know, I know! I hate it. But it is the middle of the work week, and you know how much of my business is with foreigners. Halloween is pretty much just an American holiday."

She exhaled loudly. Leah was an exceptionally nice and easy going person, so it took a lot to get her angry. But right now, it looked like steam was about to come out her ears.

Tommy understood why his father had to be feeling bad. Leah had been looking forward to this party for three months. She loved dressing up in costumes, and now she wouldn't be able to go. Carl's excuse sounded reasonable, except that he seemed to have an excuse like that every time Leah wanted to go out and do anything. Tommy strongly suspected Carl was cheating on her (although he couldn't understand why), but he didn't have any proof.

His parents had been getting in more and more arguments lately, and he didn't want to get caught up in another one. He turned gently towards the kitchen door and slowly began to move towards it, trying to silently sneak away.

But his hopes for a quick exit were dashed by what his father said next.

"Tommy could go with you instead. He just said he isn't doing anything."

Tommy froze on the spot and turned around to say something to stop him being involved, even if that meant exposing his stiff erection in his shorts. But his mother spoke first, and he knew better than to interrupt a woman who wasn't happy.

"Tommy can go? And drink alcohol? Carl, he's only 16!" she said, her voice dangerously calm and quiet.

Leah wasn't the type to yell, but Tommy had learned over the years that her kind of angry quiet could be worse than yelling. He looked longingly towards his exit, so close and yet so far.

Carl replied, "So? I was drinking when I was 16, and so were you, Leah. Anyway, one night of getting a little tipsy won't hurt the boy. Or he can just drink Coke. And so what if he's only 16 anyway?"

"So what? They wouldn't let him in anyway, he's underage, Carl!" his mother said, still not sounding calm. "I've been to your office parties. Things get pretty wild!" She particularly recalled having to go to the ladies room one year. She'd had to walk down a hall of offices to get there, but every office seemed to be occupied with very vocal and amorous couples.

Carl said, "He won't have any problems. Just give him my costume, and no one will recognize him. They'll probably think it was me. Hell, his voice even sounds just like mine."

He visibly relaxed, realizing that he'd just come up with a pretty clever solution to his problem. "Now that would be funny, if they thought he was me. They'll all be wondering how I had managed to party as well as make a deal." He chuckled to himself.

Tommy was still standing halfway to the kitchen door, but he watched his mother sigh and take a big swig of her orange juice.

Leah replied, "It's a moot point, because he wouldn't want to go anyway. He wouldn't want to spend time with his fuddy duddy ol' mother at some party for old people."

Tommy didn't know what to say. She was right, he didn't want to spend a night drinking with his father's bosses and workmates, but his mother really wanted to go. He secretly feared that he was in romantic love with her or something, because he always found himself utterly incapable of disappointing her or telling her no.

He didn't know about that, but he definitely was in lust with her. He remembered that she'd just mentioned something about having picked out an extra sexy costume for the party. Leah almost invariably dressed conservatively, like she was Amish or a nun. It wasn't that she was prudish, but with her smoking hot body, she didn't need to show cleavage or leg to get attention. The more sexily she dressed, the more leers, rude comments, and wolf whistles she got. She didn't want that kind of attention. Since she knew hormones ruled the brain of a boy Tommy's age, she was just as careful at home.

He had no idea what her costume was, but he decided it would be worth it to endure several hours of small talk with "boring old people" if there was a chance he could see his mother in something really sexy. His imagination ran wild as he imagined her dressed as a sexy nurse, or a sexy witch, or Wonder Woman, or Elvira, Mistress of the Dark. He didn't have any special interest in Elvira, a relatively obscure horror-themed pop character. But Leah had pale skin and jet black hair, just like Elvira did. And she had huge breasts, like Elvira. He longed to see her deep cleavage completely exposed in the type of outfits Elvira had always been seen in.

He thought, I would literally KILL PEOPLE to see my mother like that! His erection was suddenly so hard, it was downright painful.

He spoke up. "Hey Mom, I don't mind going if you still want to go," he said. When she looked at him doubtfully he said, "Honest! I got nothing better to do anyway. I can't go with my friends, and staying at home is only gonna depress me."

She looked at him curiously. "Why don't you call up one of your many girlfriends?"

He rolled his eyes with disdain. Actually, that's exactly what he would have done before he started thinking about the potential of her sexy costume, but he tried to mock the idea. "Mom, it doesn't work like that." He pretended that he was holding a phone. "'Hello? It's booty call time. Come over here in five minutes, girl, and bring your sister.'" He laughed. "Please!"

She looked him over, seriously considering the idea for the first time. "Look honey, you don't have to do this, okay? I can go on my own... or something." In truth, she didn't like that idea at all, because the guys at Carl's office were a randy and obnoxious bunch. They acted like they were from another age, before sexual harassment at the workplace became a big issue.

"Honestly Mom, I don't mind. Okay? It might even be fun." He was walking a fine line. He wanted to appear willing, yet not too eager.

"Well, only if you're sure, Tommy?" She asked, half relieved and half disappointed. She didn't think it was right to "steal" him like this, but she also looked forward to spending time with him, and she didn't have any other options. She really, really wanted to let her hair down and wear that dress. If not tonight, her new dress would have to wait until next Halloween.

"I'm sure," he said, watching for and seeing a big smile light up her face.

She walked over and gave him a big hug, and then she turned to walk out of the kitchen so she could go and get ready.

Hugs with his mother had grown very awkward lately, at least for him. Her face was nothing like Elvira's, but her breasts were as round and as firm, and almost certainly even bigger. It was pretty hard to engage in any kind of hug with her without feeling those huge globes pressing in. But he couldn't show his arousal whatsoever, so those hugs were kind of an exquisite torture.


Several hours later, Leah stood admiring herself in the mirror as she finished smoothing her new dress over her voluptuous figure. Yeah, I'm hot! False modesty aside, I know I look hot pretty much no matter what I wear, but who could resist me wearing this outfit?

She sighed. Carl, that's who.

That was why she'd bought the dress in the first place, so that Carl wouldn't be able to resist her and they could have gotten home and had great sex. But now when she got home she would be all worked up and horny and Carl would either be asleep or too tired from his meeting to have sex with her.

It was a story that had grown far too familiar for her in recent years. Sometimes, I can't help but even wonder if he's cheating on me. Or maybe he has some kind of hormonal imbalance? Am I getting too old? But I'm only 34, and I keep in perfect shape. If I exercised any more, I could probably qualify for the Olympics! What more do I have to do to catch his interest?!

She sighed as she looked at herself in the mirror. She was so horny tonight that she couldn't stand it. She'd been hoping at least that she and Carl could have sex before going out, but that hadn't panned out either, as he'd had to prepare for his important meeting.

Stop feeling sorry for yourself, Leah Bryton, she thought to herself in the mirror. She tried to forget the urgent cravings of her pussy. Things had been getting worse lately. She'd heard that men hit their sexual prime in their late teens, while women hit their prime in their mid-thirties. That had to be true for her, because in recent months it seemed as if she was thinking about sex all the time, every day. She'd just about worn out her vibrator, but that never really sated her deep need to get properly and regularly fucked by a real man.

Adding some small touches to her make up before taking one last look at herself, she smiled at how sexy she looked in the dress. Maybe at least Carl will be as sexually frustrated as I am tonight after seeing me come home dressed like this. It would serve him right!

That thought made her smile grow, and she turned and glided out of the room gracefully.

Tommy stood in the hallway and tried not to see how stupid he looked in his reflection in the mirror at the bottom of the stairs. He felt like a moron, and worse, he looked like one too.

His father had the worst taste in costumes that he had ever seen. Carl had gotten a Batman suit. How imaginative, Tommy thought to himself. But that wasn't the worst of it. The suit was of the old Batman style, like from the 1960s TV show starring Adam West, and was made of a gray spandex pants and shirt. Since he was bigger and taller than his father, it clung to his body like a second skin, making several areas of his body tighter and more prominently displayed than they needed to be.

Tommy could easily make out the big bulge of his cock. He regretted at the moment that his penis was so big even when flaccid, and he thought he looked positively obscene with the fabric stretching around its obvious shape. To anyone else's eyes, it would look like he was already packing some serious heat. He couldn't imagine how much worse it would get once he got an actual erection. Since he was going to be with his hot and busty mother, he'd inevitably have a raging boner pretty much the entire time.

He had a ridiculous black cape hanging down his back and an even more stupid small black mask that only covered his eyes and part of his nose. The only good thing to it was it showed his body tone, but he felt like a total fool. At least it was professionally done, and was complete with gloves, boots, a wide yellow belt, and a yellow and black bat-shaped Batman logo in the middle of his chest.

He turned his gaze away from the reflection and tried to forget what he was wearing. That didn't take long, because he saw his mother walking down the stairs as soon as he turned around.

Leah slowly came down the stairs wrapped in a black dress that clung to every curve and contour of her perfectly formed body. His doubts about going to the party with his mother were totally blown away. Tommy wasn't even sure his jaw was not on the floor.

Leah stood 5' 10", but with the black high heels on she stood 6' 1" when she finally stood in front of Tommy. There were long slits on either side of her dress coming up well past mid thigh level, showing off her long silky legs. She was the kind of woman who drove other women crazy with jealousy because her legs were so flawless and toned that she had no need for pantyhose. But she was wearing black fishnet stockings tonight, just to give some color to her ivory legs.

Her waist was small and her stomach flat, showing no sign that she'd once given birth. It looked like she was wearing a corset, but that was just how her body was naturally. Her long black hair fell down her back and around her shoulders in slightly curly waves, framing her beautiful face. It looked particularly pale because of the black eyeliner and dark red lipstick she wore. Her full lips looked inviting, like they were ready and eager to swallow a dick whole.

But Tommy's eyes rested on his mother's huge tits. He knew just how big they were, because he'd sneaked a peak at her bra a couple of years ago and read they were impressive E-cups.

The dress was cut at the front so that the neckline fell and showed almost all of her tits, and not just from the top, but a good side swath of the globes of flesh too. Most impressively, there was a positively huge V-shaped gap down the middle of her chest, going practically all the way to her belly button! Her twin globes were pushed together to create a formidable cleavage. It looked like her tits would pop right out of her outfit if she so much as exhaled too fast! The tightness of the dress and the amount of her tits showing make it was obvious that she was wearing no bra as well. The clearly visible shape of her nipples, even when they weren't erect, proved that.

Leah had simply never, EVER worn an outfit this sexy! Even her bathing suits (and never bikinis) weren't as revealing as this.

She was a total knockout, plain and simple!

Tommy suddenly felt woozy with an overdose of incestuous lust. It was a struggle for him just to remain standing. He felt like all the blood was draining from his big head to his little one, leaving him unable to think.

Resting a black fingernail under his chin, Tommy's mother raised his head from staring at her deep cleavage.

He expected her to get angry at him for gawking at her bulging huge tits with such obvious desire, not to mention all the rest of her. But instead, all she said was, "So you like what you see? You don't think it's too over the top, do you?" She dropped her hand from his chin and began smoothing the front of her dress down from her tits and over her stomach.

That hand motion alone very nearly caused him to cum in his pants.

"No," he managed with a squeak. He cleared his voice and tried to calm himself down. "No, you look great!" He managed to make his voice sound level this time.

He thought, What am I doing?! This is my mother I'm perving over! But I can't help it! Even though she's 34 years old, she looks 24 or 25, tops. She's just stunning. DAM! Those curves! How can I NOT lust after her, even if she is my mother? I'd have to be homosexual, a eunuch, or dead. As his heart skipped a beat, he added to himself, Or Dad.

She twirled around. "Can you guess who I'm supposed to be?"

His heart pounded hard. The answer he wanted to yell would have been something along the lines of, A MILF! An extremely smoking hot woman in a black dress, with big tits to die for! The outfit didn't fall into any obvious category that came to his mind, although it was kind of witch-like with all the black.

But before he could answer, she said, "Elvira! You know her, right? She was a TV host in the 1980s and 1990s, and she did a couple B-grade movies?"

One could have pushed him over with a feather. It was like a dream come true. He wanted to say, "Mom, between your pale skin, black hair, and huge rack, I've been thinking for years you should go as Elvira. And now you finally have!"

But of course he was too shy and tactful to say something like that. Instead, he blurted out, "I know! And it's AWESOME!"

She giggled giddily like a little girl. If her husband couldn't appreciate her looks, at least someone did.

She looked him over, and said playfully, "And you, Batman, you're looking pretty good! Where's Robin? What say we go to the Batmobile and..." but her words trailed away and she blanched like she'd seen a ghost.

She tried not to be obvious about it, but there was no way to deny the fact that she'd finally caught sight of her son's penis. It was standing at full attention, rock hard, and plainly visible through his skin-tight costume. But most obviously, it was BIG!

She thought, Holy Christ! I'd kinda guessed he was endowed by seeing glimpses of a bulge here and there, but that's just plain ridiculous! What is that, nine inches? Ten? Eleven?! But more than that, it's so damn thick! No wonder he's so popular with the girls! Who wouldn't want to spread her legs for a taste of that?! I mean, well, except for someone like me, of course. He's my son!

He was so transfixed by her deep valley of cleavage that he was totally oblivious to her ogling eyes sizing him up. He would have died of embarrassment otherwise.

She finally managed to look up at his face, and said, "Um, Son... That costume, it was really meant for Carl, right? It looks a couple of sizes too... tight... on you."

"Yeah. That kind of sucks. But it's not, like, uncomfortable. I'll be fine."

"Are you sure?"

"I'm good."

She was torn. She wanted to point out that his erection looked positively obscene straining against the skin-tight fabric, but there was no delicate way to bring that up.

I can't just say, "Son, it looks like you have a cucumber stuffed in your crotch. Only it's not a cucumber. I can practically see the veins. I actually CAN see the shape of the mushroomy cockhead! Everyone is going to know you're hung like a horse!" Obviously, talking like that was not an option, even though every word was true.

Tommy had only seen his bulge when he was flaccid. He'd grown erect after seeing his mother, and she was such a mouth-watering sight that he wasn't about to waste one second looking down at himself when he could be looking at her. He had no idea just how obscene his penis looked at the moment.

Leah thought back to previous Halloween parties at her husband's office. They always focused on dancing. One of the main rooms would be cleared of carrels and converted to a dance floor. But most importantly, the rooms were dark and dimly lit. She was hopeful that it would be too dark for people to get a good look at his crotch.

She sincerely hoped that, because she was utterly incapable of bringing up the embarrassing topic. Besides, what could be done? It was too late to change costumes now.

She tried to think about and discuss other things, anything but her son's massive bulge. The way his costume fit on him, it was as if it had been cut to emphasize, rather than detract, from how well-hung he was. She twirled her hair nervously between two fingers. "Has your father gone then?"

"Err, yeah, about ten minutes ago," he answered, trying to keep his eyes on her face, but not succeeding too well.

His mother smiled slightly, and said, "Well, maybe we should go as well."

He burst out laughing before he could stop himself, "Hell, yeah!" he exclaimed far too loudly, sounding like a fool. He didn't even know what he was laughing about. He could have slapped himself for being so flustered, but he couldn't help it.

As they walked to the car - Carl had decided to let them use his expensive Jaguar for the special occasion as one way to cushion the blow of not going himself - she stopped before she opened the door.

"Remember to only call me Leah tonight, okay? They can't think you're my son." She smiled warmly.

But what she said next made his heart jump almost out of his chest. "Oh, and, I think that costume will be fine. It fits you well." Her eyes flickered quickly towards the bulge in his pants.

He looked down and was shocked at what he saw. He wanted to run inside and hide, but it was too late now.

He didn't know what to say. Is Mom flirting with me?! Did she not notice how obscene my bulge looks?! Or does she LIKE that?! Or is it just my teenage hormones making me imagine things and lose control around a seriously smoking hot woman?

He couldn't believe the thoughts about his own mother that were running through his head. He had a vision of her lovingly running a hand over his outrageous bulge. Then the vision changed. His cock had come free. Leah held it with one hand and was bending over to engulf it in her mouth!

He tried to tell himself how disgusting it was to think that way about his mother, but it was hopeless. It was all he could do to stop himself from reaching out and squeezing her nearest tit like it was a ripe fruit. I have to get out of this situation before I slip up in a big way and really ruin our relationship! How could she not be angry about the visible size of my erection?!

He ducked quickly into the car without a response.

She laughed lightly as she got into the car with him.

She didn't know what she'd meant by her comment about his costume either. But she tried to tell herself that it was going to be a night of fun, and some playful teasing was a natural part of that, even if he was her son.

It was a long drive to the party. But they were able to talk easily like the close pals they were.

Tommy was able to relax after a while, and he even was more or less able to get used to her dress and jaw-dropping cleavage display, by staring at her constantly when she talked. But he never lost his erection.

When they reached the office building where Carl worked, Leah had to try hard not to smile at her son. His lusty looks were so blatant that they were downright amusing. For instance, he spoke to her chest nearly all the time. But she didn't mind, because normally he was so considerate and careful about that kind of thing. And with the way she was dressed, how could she blame him? After all, she'd chosen to wear this dress precisely to engender this sort of reaction (just for her husband, not her son!).

She felt flattered that she could turn on even her own son, and she knew he would never try to say or do anything inappropriate with her. Her problem was how much she was turned on by the size of the bulge he was packing into those overly tight pants. He was so busy constantly staring at her body, and especially at her buxom chest, that he was pretty much oblivious to all the sneak peeks she'd made at his bulge during the long drive.

She decided, Everything up until this point has been harmless enough, but now that we've arrived, I have to put those kinds of thoughts out of my head. I mean, I can't walk into a party wondering if I could fit my lips around my son's fat cock! I mean, not that I'm thinking about that, because I probably could do it, so it's not even an issue. And it would be fantastic, probably the best ever, but that's not the point. Awww, listen to me. Shut up already! Focus!

As she got out of the car and walked around to stand in front of Tommy she saw the intense look on his face, which made it obvious that he was desperately trying not to look down at her bouncy globes. She found it cute how hard he was trying to remain a gentleman. He was a great son, and she really loved him.

She said, "Now just you remember that you can't call me 'Mom' tonight. Not even once. Call me 'Leah' only, okay?"

He nodded gravely.

Leah couldn't help but smile as she spoke again, "Oh, and we might have to flirt just a little so nobody gets suspicious okay? Can you handle that?"

His eyes went as wide as saucers and he said, "But Mom, I can't flirt with you! You're... you're my mom!"

"Not tonight. Tonight, I'm your WIFE, and we love each other. That's what the other people have to think. So we have to show it with little hugs and kisses and so forth."

That thought was too arousing for him to handle. He thought his boner would simply rip through his pants. And given how thin and tight the fabric was, that seemed like a very real possibility.

She continued, "Look, I'm not asking you to do anything major, just something little, like a hug or an arm around my waist, or even a peck on the cheek. Nothing else, because you are my son, after all. You think you can do that? If not, then we might as well go home. We don't want people to think you're anyone other than Carl. That would be a disaster." She looked at him sternly.

"Yeah, I can do that," he said sulkily.

"What, are you ashamed to have people think you're with me? Am I not hot enough or something?" She asked pretending to be outraged. She already knew the answer to that question by the size of the bulge in his pants, not to mention the way he was practically panting already. But she was fishing for some compliments to boost her confidence before entering the party.

"No it's not that. Mom, you're totally... Well, you're a MILF!"

"What's that?" She knew damn well that it meant "Mother I'd Love to Fuck," but for some strange reason she really wanted to hear him say those words.

"It's... Well, never mind. I don't even remember what it stands for, but it means you look really sexy." That was a lie, but he was too embarrassed to spell out the meaning.

He lowered his head, although he jerked it back up quick enough when his eyes fell on her cleavage yet again.

She smiled again, trying to comfort him, but still a little tease came through. She liked turning people on, especially when they were shy about it.

He muttered, "This whole thing is too weird."

"Look, just pretend for now that I'm not your mother until you get a little more comfortable with everything okay?" She asked still wearing her smile. "It'll be fine."

"Okay," he said after a small sigh.

"Relax, and just enjoy yourself. You never know, tonight might turn out to be fun. And remember, whatever you do, don't call me 'Mom!' From this moment forward, I'm your wife!"

With that, she slipped an arm through his and they began walking towards the entrance. As they walked, she couldn't help but press just a little closer against his arm, gently pressing her tits against him. He fidgeted around and cleared his throat a couple of times as well. Yes he was flustered, and she found it very amusing indeed.

He couldn't help but notice how much her huge tits bounced up and down with every step she took, especially when she was stepping out, like she was now. He consoled himself that as obscene and ridiculous he looked with his cock on such blatant display, the odds were good no one would ever notice, because everyone would be so busy watching Leah's bouncing tits and especially her dramatic cleavage.


When they entered the party, they were shown into one of the two main rooms. The room they first walked into was really just a well-lit room, cleared of its desks and there were corridors coming off it leading to offices. There were quite a few people standing there, couples dotted around and odd people walking around on their own, but everyone was dressed up. There were Elvises, chickens, fairies, and many more different kinds of costumes.

The sounds of music were coming from the room next door. Leah was eager to get to that dimly-lit room before anyone got a good look at her son's outfit. Tommy might as well have had his erection and balls completely hanging out, they were shaped so clearly by the tight fabric.

Somehow, she found it hard to breathe whenever she thought about that. She wondered, If I'm his wife tonight, what if I snuck him off to the bathroom for a quickie? God, I would kill for a chance to suck on that monster! My husband's dick has doubled in size tonight, so I need to get it while it's hot! No, I can't think like that!

Suddenly, a giant kangaroo and an elephant came walking up to Leah and Tommy.

Her son went stiff as a post from fear, and Leah hoped no one would notice, especially these two.

"Ah, good evening, Leah, Carl." The kangaroo spoke with the voice of Harold Marsh, Carl's sector manager. "Glad to see you tonight."

"Harold and Lydia, so nice to see you," she replied with a bright smile, noting the older man's eyes had zoomed straight to her cleavage. "Thank you for the invitation."

Harold said, "Nonsense, nonsense! Carl here is our best worker; he's always welcome here. He might even become a partner some day." He still hadn't taken his eyes from her dramatic plunging cleavage. He wasn't trying to be rude, but he just couldn't help himself.

She felt Tommy tense and turned to smile at him. He was looking daggers at Harold Marsh, his own fear temporarily forgotten because he felt protective about his mother. She stroked his arm reassuringly, and felt him jump slightly in response to such an unfamiliar and intimate gesture. She hoped the other couple hadn't seen that.

Tommy spoke. "I'm going to get a drink." He quickly walked away, leaving Leah the choice to follow or be dragged along.

She smiled at the Marshes as she walked away on Tommy's arm, but when she was far enough away, she whispered in a miffed voice, "What was that all about?"

"He was ogling you, Mom," he answered.

"So? Every man will probably ogle me in this dress. Heck, even you have already. And don't call me 'Mom,' not even in private!" she said quickly and quietly.

"Sorry." He looked away shyly.

"Remember, I'm your wife. Period!"

He had to stifle a groan. Why does she keep saying that? It's too hot! If she's my wife, don't I get to fuck her any time I want? As if! UGH!

They headed into the other room before they had to talk to anyone else. All the desks and carrels had been cleared away here as well, but this room was about ten times as large as the other one. Corridors led to offices further in the building from a few directions.

Thankfully for Leah and Tommy, it was dark except for the flickering lights of a large disco ball at the far end of the room, opposite the door they had just come in from.

There were many places against some of the walls where one could be almost completely hidden in the darkness.

"I'm gonna go and get a drink." Tommy said when they entered the room. "Do you want one Mo- ... Leah?"

She smiled at him lovingly. "Okay, but I don't want you drinking too much, since you're driving home."

"Me?" He exclaimed loudly, but not loudly enough to be heard over the music. "You're gonna let me drive?"

"Well, I'm here to have a good time tonight, and seeing as you only want to mope about, then I don't see why I shouldn't drink. Now, please be nice and go fetch me a drink, baby." She gave him a little peck on the cheek.

She could've laughed, she was so delighted at his cute and innocent response to such a little kiss.

Because she never wore outfits like this, she didn't realize he wasn't really reacting to the kiss. He was mainly reacting to the way her big tits swelled when she leaned over, practically looking the size of basketballs, and the way they very nearly fell out of her dress altogether. Because she was bra-less, if her nipples had not been fully erect and tugging tightly against the fabric, they very well might have slipped free.

Oblivious to just how sexy and revealing she looked, she walked over to say hello to a few people before he returned.

Tommy left his mother to wander. He quickly darted out of the large room and into some nearby toilets that he had seen earlier. He looked around to see if anyone else was there, but they were empty.

Quickly he walked over to the sink and turned the cold tap on. He pulled his mask up his head, and then splashing the water on his face. Then he looked into the mirror.

He was so aroused that his dick was hard as steel and throbbing almost painfully. He seriously considered going into a stall and jacking off while thinking about his mother.

There's no escaping it now. After tonight, I'll never be able to think about her without thinking about that dress. She's a knockout, plain and simple! She's sex on legs. I can't deny that I want to fuck her. Hell, I'm gonna spread those long, sleek legs of hers, and drive in deep with every inch I have to give her!

He looked long and hard at himself in the mirror and tried to calm down.

She's only pretending, he told his reflection in his mind. She's not really flirting with me. She's just trying to make it all look real. She has to pretend to be my wife.

He told himself that over and over again, but he just didn't want to believe it.

She's not really my wife. If she was, I'd be able to go home every night and get in bed with her, naked, and lie down next to her. Her naked body! In fact, I could get on top of her, mount her, and fuck the shit out of her all night long! Because that's what married couples do. Fuuuuuck! If I really was her husband, I would probably die of starvation within a week. I'd never ever stop fucking her, never! I wouldn't even be able to get out of bed long enough to eat!

Those kinds of thoughts weren't helping, so he tried again.

Well, I can handle this, I can do this. Just stay calm and in control. Remember the truth and everything will be okay. She's just pretending. This is all pretend! Just go with it and remember to make it convincing!

He continued to tell himself similar thoughts as he left the restroom and went back to get a drink for her.

Leah stood talking with a couple that both worked with Carl who she didn't know. They were nice people, and also the first people she'd spoken to who had not openly ogled her dramatic titty display.

She wondered, Why is it the only man who can touch my breasts is the only man who works at this office but isn't at this party? Late fucking meeting on Halloween night. How ridiculous is that? Who is he meeting with? Some vampire who can only come out of his crypt once a year?!

She tried to tell herself that her aggravation and unease was caused by her annoyance at Carl, not horniness from thinking about her son's huge erection and what she could do with it.

As she made small talk, she looked around to see if she could see Tommy. He'd been gone a long time, just to get a drink. She hoped he hadn't got lost.

Suddenly, she felt an arm around her waist pulling her side against someone. When she turned her head to look, she was relieved to discover it was Tommy.

"Hey honey, where've you been?" she asked sweetly, but with questioning eyes.

"Oh I just went to powder my nose, hot stuff," he answered back.

Leah stared at him for a moment and was tempted to take the mask off to see if this really was her husband. Tommy had never spoken to her like that, and he didn't seem to be frightened of flirting with her anymore.

She looked down to his crotch. That's definitely him! Sweet Jesus! There can't be two Batmans packing heat like that in one party!

He smiled at her as he handed her a drink.

"I thought you might want this, seeing as you said I have to drive us home," he said with a smile.

Then he turned to smile at the couple they were standing next to. "Hey, how are you doing?" He asked that as if he actually knew who they were.

Leah took a gulp of wine and studied her son. He still had his arm around her as if this was all natural and normal. He even squeezed her arm once or twice as he spoke, acting like he did that all the time too.

So he's not flustered anymore, is he? She thought to herself, We'll see about that!

She moved closer to him and pressed her large tits tightly against him so his muscular arm buried itself between her soft yet firm orbs. And she ran a hand across his lips and rested her hand on his chest. She'd often seen how muscular her son was, but she'd never really felt it much. His muscles felt very impressive.

Smiling adoringly up at him, she spoke teasingly. "Hey sugar, I'm just going to get me another drink. I won't be long." She gently kissed him on the cheek, figuring that would fluster him for sure.

To her surprise, Tommy didn't move at all, or flinch, or seem bothered in any way. He simply turned to her and smiled.

Then, to her total shock and amazement, she felt his big hand fall down onto her firm ass and squeeze her hard. She looked at him as if seeing him for the first time. She was half-seriously thinking aliens must have replaced her son with an exact duplicate.

"I'll tell ya what sexy, I'll go n' get ya another," he said suavely. With another smile and a wink, he slapped her on her ass before walking off towards the drinks table.

She thought, What's gotten into him to make him no longer afraid to flirt with his own mother?! I should be shocked and disgusted, but I'm not going to let him get to me like that. If he wants flirting, he'll get flirting! I'm going to make him so flustered, he'll cry uncle. Yeah!

So instead of being worried about how events had turned, she smiled as her son walked off to get her another drink.

As Tommy wandered through the party, he thought, Wow, why did I do that? Was that slap too much? I can't believe I really did that! I'm surging with confidence, for some reason. I've never felt so damn cocky in my life. Maybe it's because I'm living the dream that my mom really is my wife. Who wouldn't be as cocky as hell with a wife like that? I would strut around like I'm King Kong or Godzilla. She's the sexiest woman I know!

When Tommy found Leah again, she was sitting down at a table on her own. The table was round with a white tablecloth drooping almost to the floor. She smiled up at her son as he came to sit down beside her on a chair with its back against the wall. The place was one of those darker spots, which didn't actually seem much darker to Leah when she was in it, but no one would be able to make much out beyond that two people were sitting there. There was no way they would be disturbed.

As Tommy sat down, Leah leaned forward a little and smiled at her son, and ran her fingernails of her left hand up and down his thigh under the table. That made him flinch, but he regained his composure quickly.

She leaned closer until their faces were inches apart. She could feel his warm breath and feel his body warmth. She could feel lust gently flowing through her veins; although she wasn't consciously aware it was really there.

"Thank you, baby," she said teasingly and leaned in still more to gently brush his lips with hers to show her thanks.

Slowly, she moved her head back a bit to get a good look at him. Her heart was beating faster, and knew that his must be too, but he still didn't show any sign he was flustered. She almost growled at herself in frustration - she wanted a reaction! She wanted him to blush and stutter, like he always did!

She was tempted to ask him, "What on Earth has gotten into you?" But instead she just smiled and then moved forward to press her lips against his again. There were no open lips or tongue, but this was much more than a simple peck on the lips.

However, neither one of them moved back. They were both playing a game of chicken, and neither one was willing to be the first to back down.

Electricity began to course through her body, and a kiss she was sure would last only a few seconds seemed to last forever. She hoped he wasn't noticing the way her nipples were crinkling and hardening.

Slowly, she moved her face away from his and looked into his brown eyes this time. He'd won the little power struggle, because she'd chickened out first. Her heart was pounding faster, but no thought came to her that this was wrong. We're cool. After all, I haven't kissed him improperly, in a sexual way. We were just playing around with an unspoken dare. The fact that he has a simply huge and perpetually erect cock has absolutely nothing to do with it!

Tommy barely looked shaken or flustered at all; he appeared as if this was all normal and ordinary.

This time she did growl.

"What's wrong?" Her son asked looking concerned

"What made you so bold and unconcerned about flirting with me all of a sudden?" She asked, sounding as irritated as she was.

"I'm trying for you! You told me to be Carl. But you're definitely not making it easy, not after THAT kiss! What was that all about?" He took a quick gulp of his beer to steady his nerves. He was psyched she didn't care he was drinking alcohol.

So I AM getting to him, she thought. That's a relief. I'll bet he's feeling pretty smug though, thinking he got the best of his mom. I can't let that stand.

She decided she definitely wasn't prepared to go any further, but she had an idea to make him squirm that would work on any man.

With a smile, she said to him teasingly, "This chair isn't very comfortable, I think I need to sit somewhere more designed for my body." And with those words, she stood up and plunked herself down straight onto her son's lap.

She grinned as she saw his eyes shoot open. NOW he's flustered, heh-heh! Take THAT! Game, set, and match! Never try to out-flirt your mother, kiddo. That's a game you're always gonna lose.

But she wasn't done. She put her arm around his neck and shifted around on him until her huge tits were right under his face and he had no way to avoiding staring at her cavernous cleavage.

However, everything changed when she suddenly realized what the hard lump underneath her was that was making her feel so uncomfortable.

Her bright blue eyes shot open and she tried to stand up, but his arm held tightly around her waist and he pulled her back down.

She was about to demand why, when she noticed two guys sit down opposite them and smile at Tommy. She tried to sit very still and look like she was comfortable, but her son's rampantly stiff dick was pressed hard against her pussy mound, and she was still horny from earlier. Holy shit! I'm sitting on a club, or a baseball bat! But it's all COCK! I can feel the veins on it! I can honestly feel the veins!

"Hey Carl, is this the lovely Leah we've heard you talk about so much?" one of the guys asked.

"She's even hotter than you said, man," the other taller one added.

Tommy said with some swagger, "Well you know me, I only go for the hottest women and there ain't no one hotter than my Leah." He smiled at her and bounced her on his knee a couple of times, bouncing her pussy against his still painfully stiff and throbbing cock.

She tried to keep a straight face. She felt like she was sitting on a log. A warm, fleshy, and throbbing log. She tried not to think about where it could go inside her, if she was naked. It's so damn long, he'd only be able to get half on it inside me, at best! And it would stretch me so wide, it would be like I was giving birth - to my son! Who I already gave birth to! Oh my God! What am I thinking?!

"Nice outfit, Leah," the first said as he leered at her.

"Yeah," the taller one added.

Tommy spoke again. "Yeah. She looks damn sexy, doesn't she? I can't wait to get her home and do her long and hard."

Uh-oh! She thought. I've got to get out of this! His words "long and hard" couldn't help but remind her of what she was sitting on.

And if that didn't surprise her enough, her sweet 16-year-old boy, reached his hand up cupped her enormous right tit and blatantly squeezed it several times.

Leah squeaked in surprise, but she tried hard not to show anything on her face. She wanted to stare with amazement at her son's hand freely grasping at her tit-flesh, but she couldn't even do that because he was supposed to be her husband. She couldn't let on to the others that this situation was odd, or Carl would be the butt of jokes until the end of time.

So she just let her son grope her ample tits. Her face turned redder and redder. She wanted to scream, but she felt she couldn't say or do anything.

Tommy had only been planning to briefly squeeze her tit like honking a car horn, as a playful thing to show she'd hadn't completely frazzled him with her escalating teasing. But these were the same awesome tits he'd been dreaming about and lusting after pretty much ever since he'd sprouted pubic hair. Once he was touching them, he simply couldn't let go. He worried that this was probably the one and only chance he'd be able to touch them so freely in his entire life.

To prolong the moment, he said, "So, did you guys see the big game last night?"

The taller one replied, "Oh my God! Was that inept coaching or what?!"

Happily for Tommy, all three of them had seen the game and knew a lot about football. The men fell into a passionate discussion about the sport.

Leah's face was cherry red. I swear, he's going to be so fucking busted! When we get home, I'm going to punish him so severely! I'll ground him for a month! No, make that a year! Even if he is my husband, he shouldn't treat me like a piece of meat in front of others! It's humiliating!

It was humiliating, but it also was extremely arousing for her. She could barely breathe, and she felt her pussy getting wet.

Tommy mostly let the other guys talk, because his thoughts were elsewhere. Mostly, they were focused on his hand exploring his mother's right tit. True, her dress was in the way, but the fabric clung to her skin so tightly that it didn't bother him in the slightest. In fact, in a way it was a bonus, because it had a silky smooth texture that was a delight to stroke and fondle.

That wasn't all though. He also couldn't miss that way she was sitting on him. She was askew, and his big cock happened to be poking right at the bottom of her pussy lips. Plus it ran all the way up one of her inner thighs. It felt incredible!

For Leah, the order of importance was flipped. Yes, I'm mortified he's freely kneading my tit-flesh now. The cheek! The gall! He's so busted! That's NOT how I ever imagined he would behave. And it's twice as bad that two strange men are staring directly at that groping hand, obviously wishing that it could be their hand. But, as bad as all that it, that's nothing compared to the danger and horror about what I'm sitting on! How can I think straight when I'm sitting on this much cock?!

What disturbs me most is how... interested I feel about it. I can't help it! I've only discovered tonight that my son is packing a baseball bat-sized dick in his pants. I mean, I knew he was big, but not THIS big! This is going to be the only time in my life I'll ever get to sit on it, because when would I ever wind up in such a crazy situation again? Not only that, because I'm married "until death do us part," this is my only chance in my entire life to ever feel ANY penis even close to this size! Carl's certainly doesn't measure up to it. I can't help but feel curious! Who can blame me?!

It was all I can do not to wiggle around on it, just to test it out and feel it better with my thighs. But he's my son, so there was no way I can do that. Ever! If I get started, I'll probably cum out loud, like a bitch in heat! But still... it's so tempting!

She actually knew as much about professional football as Tommy did. She was a big fan of the game, and had watched the very game they were discussing. But they could have been speaking Klingon for all she knew, because she was so distracted by the tit-fondling and the cock-log under her ass. Just about the only thought in her mind was, I'm sitting on a fucking baseball bat! And it's my son's penis!

She desperately hoped he wouldn't notice how her pussy was getting wetter and wetter, especially since his surprisingly stiff cockhead was pressing hard into her pussy lips.

She didn't think the situation could get any crazier, and then it did.

Tommy started bouncing his knees.

He didn't actually mean to do it. He looked calm on the outside, but he was frightened out of his gourd on the inside. His heart was pounding so loud that he felt like he'd need to shout to be heard above it. Strictly as nervous tension, he started to bounce a bit in his chair.

But the effect on Leah was immediate and electric. Oh God! OH NO! There's no way to deny it: I'm bouncing on my son's big cock! It's slid up and down the bottom inch of my pussy lips with each and every bounce! This is really bad! If he keeps it up, I'm going to cum hard in a minute or two!

She didn't know what to do. She was in awe of a man (a man, not a boy anymore) with a cock that big and powerful. It didn't ever occur to her to give him a subtle shove or an elbow in his ribs.

But then some words he said cut through her lusty fog.

"I don't want to be rude guys, but my girl and I here just want to have a bit of privacy for a while." A part of him realized he could have milked this situation a lot longer, but he was getting too annoyed at the way the two guys were leering at his "wife."

She felt incredibly relieved. He even replaced his hand back on her waist. But then he lifted his hand other hand and started groping her other tit! As if that wasn't bad enough, he resumed his bouncing, but he favored his other leg this time, and that caused a whole different series of pleasant tingles in her pussy, and upper legs and crotch area in general.

Her pussy pulsed and yearned for release of the tension within. Worse yet, she realized where her inner hunger and craving was directed. After all, she was literally sitting on it. Suddenly, she was even closer to cumming.

The two guys smiled and nodded. They said their good-byes to a still extremely distracted Leah, and walked away.

As soon as the two were out of ear shot, Leah stood up. She'd never been so relieved to stand up in her life, because it got her off her son's erection, as well as freeing her tits from his groping fingers. She'd just mentally dubbed his boner a "cock-log," because it felt exactly like she'd been sitting on a thick wooden log.

He stood up too.

She immediately rounded on him. "What in the fuck do you think you're doing?!" She demanded, "You can't touch me like that, I'm your mo-"

He gently laid a finger on her lips, shocking her into silence with the unexpected gesture. "Ssssh! Don't say that word! I had to! I saw those guys earlier and they were always trying it on with the women. I had to let them know that you're taken."

"You didn't have to..." she began, but again he silenced her with that finger on her lipstick-covered lips.

"No, I had to! We're pretending you're my wife, not anything else," he said, looking at her flatly and with firm resolve. "Remember? It's a territorial male dominance thing, okay? When other guys come sniffing around, you 'claim' your woman in front of them to show them they stand no chance of horning in. I've seen Dad behave like that with you, so I knew they'd buy it. I have to be like him!"

There wasn't much she could say. She knew he was right, but he was her son. How could he be so calm about touching his own mother like that? He seemed to have been enjoying it! Hell, I know he loved it, especially the way he played with my breasts, first the one and then the other!

UGH! I can't really punish him, because of this whole stupid situation. I wish there was some way I could at least chide him about bouncing me all over his cock-log, I mean his cock, I mean, er, his penis, but he probably didn't even realize what he was doing. If I mention it, it'll only draw attention to it. I need to let it slide.

NOT his penis! I'm not talking about his dick sliding against my leg, or in my hand! Or even all the way into me, balls-deep! I just mean I have to let the whole incident slide! Oh God, I'm babbling. I just have to shut up, and stop thinking about sliding, and especially about his inhumanly huge penis sliding all over me. I mean, all over the place. God! I have to SHUT UP! He's my son! Even though he just felt me up like I'm his slut!

She looked at him in his eyes and spoke with a lot more calm than she was actually feeling. "I think we should calm down, before anything gets out of hand,"

"Okay, we'll just flirt lightly and no one will know," he reassured her this time.

But she had enjoyed it too much; she'd enjoyed the feel of a hard cock actually pressing against her needy pussy. She missed it already, now that it wasn't there. There's no way I can keep flirting with him, not even a little bit. He's my son! I have to calm down and regroup. This is NOT what I thought would happen tonight!

He suggested, "Come on, let's get another drink."

"You read my mind," she said trying to smile. She had to calm down, and a drink or two could certainly help.

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