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Chapter 2
(mF, mult, cons, reluc, het, humor, cheat, inc, mother, son, poly, group, WM, WF, oral, pett, preg, BBR)
Written by The Shadow Rising and Spacer X (paul_t_22@yahoo.com)

For the next few hours, things between Leah and Tommy began to change. At first, they were still awkward around each other, with Leah not knowing what to do in case she gave the wrong signals to her son, and Tommy not knowing just how far or little he should go to help convince other people they were married.

But as the drinks began to flow and Leah grew increasingly tipsy, she began to relax more. Once again, they began to lightly flirt with each other, under the excuse they were just trying to prove to other people they were married, of course. Neither of them was enjoying it. Of course.

Tommy let her set the pace for a while. Had he steered her back to sit on his lap and tried to bounce her on it, or tried to pull something else similar, she would have immediately stormed out of the party. But he didn't, so she reassured herself that the "old" considerate Tommy was back, and everything was okay again.

She couldn't have been more wrong. Tommy was very suave and savvy when it came to girls his age. He could pretty much literally charm the pants off most any girl who wasn't already in a serious relationship. But he'd always mentally put girls like that in one box and his mother in another. He'd thought there was no way he could treat his mother like he treated girls like that. She had been completely off limits - he couldn't help but lust after her in his mind, but to try to DO something about it had been inconceivable.

For instance, he had a sort of mental map of the parts of Leah's body that he shouldn't touch. That basically included everything from her shoulders to her knees, with a few exceptions, such as the arms or the waist, or under special circumstances, like hugs. Normally, if she so much as cracked a dirty joke in his presence, his face would turn as red as a tomato, because he had an entirely different way of relating to her than to virtually all other women.

But ever since he'd psyched himself up in the men's room, he'd started to change. His special "Mom box" he'd always put her in was melting away, and she was rapidly moving to the "girls I want and am trying to fuck" box. As the minutes passed, he increasingly reconciled himself to the fact that he wanted to fuck her more than anything in the world, and he would use his considerable charm and seduction talent to make that happen this very night, because he'd never have a better chance.

He'd almost blown it by getting carried away by his lusts and going too far too soon when he bounced her on his lap and fondled her tits through her dress, but he'd recovered from that, and he was carefully biding his time and looking for other opportunities.

One thing he was keeping track of was her alcohol intake. He was deliberately drinking very little, because he didn't want to ruin his big chance by getting wasted. First and foremost, if he did manage to "get lucky" he wanted to be sure to remember the experience for the rest of his life, and he couldn't do that sloshed. But she was frustrated with her husband and wanted to blow off steam for the first time in a long while, so she soon had a nice tipsy buzz going on.

As they mingled and talked, mother and son grew increasingly touchy-feely with each other in general. Nothing really dramatic happened, just a lot of little incremental things. For instance, they held hands most of the time, or Tommy would hold her around her waist. She found herself hugging and kissing him more and more, which turned out to be more enjoyable than the drinks she was downing could account for. For instance, he'd get her another glass of wine, and she'd reward him with a hug and a peck on the cheek. Or he'd do a good job pretending to be Carl when talking to someone Carl knew, and she'd give him the same reward.

He found that he was getting rewarded quite a lot, and he loved it. Soon, if he so much as said "Hello" to someone, she felt he'd done a good job pretending to be Carl, and he deserved another kiss. Before long, these kisses were closed mouthed on the lips, or a series of kisses leading to his mouth.

Also, there were many other good-looking women at the party, and a lot of them were wearing sexy and revealing Halloween costumes, but Leah's beauty combined with her daring Elvira dress was in another league altogether. She was simply the hottest woman there, and because she usually dressed so conservatively in her business life, she was almost "new" and a fresh face (among other things) among the crowd.

As a result, guys were constantly trying to chat her up or even hit on her, even though she was obviously with her husband. Some men got drunk and really obnoxious. But Tommy was always there to "defend her virtue" - the irony of which didn't escape him - and keep them at bay. That resulted in even more reward kisses and hugs, as he "saved" her again and again.

After one particularly aggressive guy tried and failed to grope her breasts, she kissed Tommy on the lips again, and purred, "My hero!" Then, she acted all indignant. "Can you believe the nerve of that guy? If you hadn't swatted his hand away and growled at him, he was gonna take his hand and squeeze my breasts like they were some kind of ripe fruit!" As if helping him to understand this, she took Tommy's hand and placed it on her left breast.

Without thinking, he started squeezing her ample tit-flesh.

But she kept on acting indignant - regarding the other guy. "Exactly. Just like that. Can you believe it?"

Unfortunately, an older couple came by to talk to them just then, so Tommy was obliged to take his hand off her shapely globe. But, encouraged by that, he slid a hand around her back as they talked to the couple, and he slowly dropped it until he was caressing her ass cheek.

When the couple left, she playfully slapped his upper arm, and said, "Oh, you!" But then she kissed his lips again, and didn't say or do anything about the fact that his hand went right back to cupping her ass.

Funnily enough, just about the only other people to really notice his obscene erection were some of her most insistent (and usually drunk) admirers. He would stand up if they were sitting, or drop a hand to his crotch as if adjusting himself if they were already standing, or make some other movement drawing the other man's eyes to his straining boner. Every time, the man would blanch and soon wander off, obviously finding himself quite inadequate in comparison.

Eventually, she found herself kissing his face or rubbing her nose against his, or just remaining in a loose hug, for no reason at all. And while they didn't exactly kiss open mouthed, her tongue came out and licked his lips or entered a little bit into his mouth from time to time. Each kiss seemed to be a little more intense and sexual than the last.

Because there was a lot of drinking going on (alcoholic in her case, usually non-alcoholic in his), they had to use the restrooms from time to time. During one such visit to the men's room, Tommy felt the time was right to implement a bold idea. He'd been terribly embarrassed by the way his erection was on display in his cheezy 1960s Batman costume, but he'd come to realize it was a very lucky break. The room was dark enough that virtually no one had looked him over carefully enough to notice his lewd bulge (it helped that he was with such a beautiful woman, and all eyes, male and female, tended to focus on her even more obvious and prominently displayed attributes). But Leah remained by his side virtually the entire time, and she was constantly checking out his equipment.

So his bold idea was to take that to the next level. He'd been wearing a pair of briefs under his costume that kept his penis tightly constrained, but he changed out of them in a bathroom stall and threw them into the trash. Now, his bulge looked even MORE ridiculously obscene. But he didn't stop there. He figured out a way to loosen his waistband considerably. One might have thought that the looser pants would have better covered his penis, and that would have been the case if he still had underwear and/or if he was flaccid. But he had a raging erection. Now, it poked forward a few inches, causing the fabric to stretch and strain against it just as much as before. The difference was, when he walked, it bounced around wildly, just as much as Leah's bra-less big tits did when she walked.

He also found a way to hook his mask to his belt, so he wouldn't have to wear it anymore. He'd grown tired of having to keep half his face covered.

When he came back from the bathroom, Leah kissed him like she hadn't seen him for years. Their lips did open a bit, and they even took turns sucking on each other's lower lip, but there still was no overt tongue dueling. She had decided that as long as their tongues didn't stray into the other's mouth, the kiss wasn't really blatantly sexual (despite all the growing evidence to the contrary).

He was quite pleased at his own cleverness, because then he took her to a private, dark corner, and talked to her there. That's when she noticed his new look. He managed to shift his legs this way and that or pace around a little, constantly causing his stiff boner to move about in new ways.

She was so distracted by that, she was even worse than he'd been when he'd first seen her new dress and couldn't stop staring at her tits. Her eyes were wide saucers, and she forgot to try to hide her extended gawking.

What is going ON?! she thought. Did that thing GROW another three or four inches?! It sure looks like it. Is that even possible? Do certain rare penises have some kind of "turbo" or "supersized" setting?! I swear, it's gonna up and burst right through his costume! Gaawwwd! Staring at it makes me so... hungry! There's just no way I could fit all that cockmeat in my mouth and enjoy sucking on it... could I? I mean, it would seriously strain my jaw! Or would it...? What would it taste like?!

She was on the verge of crossing the line from tipsy to drunk when one of her favorite songs started to play.

She stood up and pleaded with her son, "Come on, we've got to dance to this. Come on hubby, you haven't danced with me all night." Over the last hour, she'd taken to calling him "hubby" a lot, and it secretly inflamed both their lusts every time she said it.

It was getting easier for Tommy to call her "Leah" after a couple of hours of pretending they were married. He wanted to call her "wife," but husbands usually didn't say things like, "Wife, would you like another drink?" However, in virtually every conversation with strangers they had, he proudly pointed out she was his wife, as she just as proudly pointed out he was her husband. This invariably led to more intimate kissing and hugging, and even some mutual ass fondling.

She tried to ignore the fact that her pussy and nipples tingled and throbbed every time either of them talked like that.

He looked up at her bending over to pull him up out of his chair with her hands, and stared straight at her large twin globes. Her deep cleavage was simply amazing, and it looked like it would be a very close thing if she had a serious "wardrobe malfunction" or not. It seemed like there were two fleshy, pale bowling balls pressing against each other on her chest. Except that description didn't do her justice, because her tits were all real and didn't look fake at all. The way her curves sloped up to her collar area was a true work of art.

He had some reservations about dancing with his erection essentially completely unsupported. That's why they hadn't danced yet, even though they were in a dance hall. But he couldn't resist her plea, she was just too hot.

"Okay, okay, come on then, sexy," he said as he let her pull him up.

Calling her by more and more intimate names had also come easier now; he barely had to think anymore. It was like this hot woman really wasn't his mother at all. He varied between calling her "sexy," "hot stuff," "babe," and the like.

But still, some part of both of them still remembered the reality, because if she had been anyone else, he would have taken his shot by now and he knew that he would have gotten it. True, she was getting much more kissy and touchy-feely with him, but he still had to fight the incest taboo to take it to the next level.

They walked up into the middle of the dance floor, which was quite crowded by other couples dancing away, and most of them not caring that their moves were far more than just suggestive.

The song was "This Magic Moment," a 1950's song by The Drifters. It was perfect for slow and romantic dancing.

So he gently placed his arms around his mother's waist and held her tightly.

She rested her head against his chest as they slowly swayed to the music. Her big E-cup-sized tits pressed and flattened deliciously against his hard chest, and her arms lightly rested around his neck.

His hands slowly moved down to cup her luscious ass cheeks. But just in case she was about to object to such a move, he murmured quietly to her, "This IS a magic moment, isn't it? I'm having such a great time with you. I love you so much. You're my mom, but you're also cool. You're not afraid to tease and joke around, and treat me like an adult."

She was a bit wary about such intimacy on the dance floor where the lighting was brighter and others were watching them, but could hardly berate him about holding her ass cheeks after he'd said that. However, she felt she had to say something, since the way his hands had started caressing her ass cheeks was so clearly not the way a son was ever supposed to touch her. "Yeah, but don't forget I am your mother."

They weren't worried about saying words like "mother" because they were a ways from the other dancers, and the music made it impossible to eavesdrop. Between her bouncy and unsupported tits and his equally bouncy and unsupported erection, they both had their reasons to stay in the darker corners as much as they could. They continued to drift further away from the well-lit center of the dancing action.

To her surprise, he replied firmly, "No you're not. Not tonight. Tonight, you're my wife. And I must say, I made a most excellent selection when I married you!"

She laughed. "Who says you chose me? I recall it was the other way around, buster!"

He just smiled at that, and sang along to the song:

"Sweeter than wine, softer than the summer night
Everything I want I have, whenever I hold you tight."

She felt powerful tingles shoot up and down her spine, and then all over her body. It wasn't a lusty thing; it was a loving and intimate thing. She couldn't help but pull him closer and hold him tight, just like in the song lyrics.

She'd been trying to keep her distance from his lower body as much as she could, due to his huge erection lightly bouncing between them. But caught up in the heat of the moment, she forgot about that until she felt its long and hot length pressing against her. His package was hanging away from his body so much that she could actually feel his balls brush against her pussy mound and the stiffness of his long pole snaking up nearly to her belly button. She had to remind herself that it still was covered by his costume.

Feeling the sheer girth and length of his package made her dizzy. She guessed it was maybe three or four inches longer than her husband's, but in terms of volume, it was more like triple the size. Good Lord! That damn thing is almost frighteningly thick. I wonder how his many girlfriends take it. I'll bet some of them pull his pants down, take one look at it, and say, "Sorry, but all I can manage with that is a handjob." God! Have mercy on the poor girl.

I keep thinking what a struggle it would be to suck on it. God, that would be hot! I meant, uh, difficult. Even to slide my fingers around it, would my fingers be able to wrap all the way around it? I don't think so! And to feel it in my pussy - it would split me in two!

Now she was in a really difficult spot, because his hands were still on her ass cheeks, and they were gripping her tightly. She'd only worn thong panties (something she normally never did, but she didn't want panty lines to ruin the effect of her outfit), and that meant it practically felt as if his fingers were directly grasping her bare flesh. But worse, his hold there pretty much made it impossible for her to pull back from his raging boner.

She wanted to say something to warn him about this, but in her tipsy state, she couldn't think of the right words. What am I supposed to say? "Son, could you please not rest your gigantic cock-log against your poor mother who hasn't been fucked in a couple of months and desperately needs it?" This whole thing is just so embarrassing. And he can't help if he gets an erection and it stays that way all night. I probably drove him to it, thanks to this dress. The way my big breasts are rubbing all over his chest is probably frazzling him just as much. Oh my God! How could he not notice how deeply my hard nipples are poking into his chest?! I've been thinking so much about his big hard cock, I didn't realize!

Er, I mean, I've been so busy trying to figure out how to disengage from his oversized engorged penis, that I'm overlooking some of the other ways we're touching. Like his hands on my ass! I would complain, but I don't want to ruin the mood. He looks so transported by the song.

He did look that way, and in fact he resumed singing:

"This magic moment, while your lips are close to mine
Will last forever, forever till the end of time."

In her highly impressionable state, she had to suppress the urge to kiss him deeply after hearing those lyrics. They did kiss on the lips, and their tongues danced a little bit in each other's mouths before she remembered where they were and who she was kissing. She reluctantly pulled her mouth away.

She was worried that others had seen that far too intimate kiss. Even though they were supposed to be husband and wife, she was mindful that they weren't, so she was extremely embarrassed. The problem was, her great beauty tended to make her the center of attention. But luckily, the room was vast, and she steered him further into the darkness, away from all the other dancers.

To her great relief, the next song was an upbeat one ("Let's Dance," by David Bowie). As a result, she was able to pull away without having to bring up the topic of his erection pressing into her body far too much.

The two of them started to boogie and "get down."

But she soon discovered this created two new problems for her. One, her huge melons really did have no support whatsoever. They began bouncing around crazily, and even crashing into each other like colliding basketballs. She couldn't dance as freely as she would have liked because of this. She had to keep her hands and arms on or near her rack most of the time, to contain the wilder bouncing. It wasn't so much a problem of other people seeing anymore, since they were so far off into their own dark corner by now (and for some reason she didn't mind TOMMY seeing), but her tits were so big that really unrestrained bouncing could actually hurt her a little, and it threw off her sexy dancing moves.

And two, as disturbing and arousing as it was for her to feel her son's erection burning into her lower abdomen, those feelings were just as bad watching it swing as he danced. Had he been naked, his dick would have bounced so much that it would have been more comical than anything. As it was, there was just the right about of give in his costume to make an obscene spectacle she couldn't tear her eyes away from.

By the end of the song, she actually welcomed the fact the next song was another slow one ("Take It to the Limit" by The Eagles), so she could escape all of their mutual erotic bouncing.

But in fact there was no real escape from the sexual heat, because she immediately found her son's hands back on her ass, his "cock-log" rubbing against her front like before, and her big tits sliding against his chest some more. Even her clitoris was engorging now, and she became even more aware of the way she could rub it against his balls even as his boner rubbed her lower belly.

Tommy continued to move his hands all over his mother's firm and tight ass, squeezing it at every opportunity. He even squeezed it in time to the beat. It just felt so damn good in his hands that he couldn't help himself. He knew he couldn't squander this chance, as it might be the only chance he got to knead his mother's soft and unyielding ass cheeks for so long.

He wanted to venture into more daring territory and play with her huge tits as well. The way they were rubbing on his chest, they were just begging to be squeezed and fondled. But he managed to restrain himself and confine his wandering hands to her succulent backside, at least for now. Ass grabbing was a common thing during the slow dances, but tit fondling would have been an entirely different thing for other people to see.

And so it continued. The songs often alternated between slow and fast, but either way, Leah was inevitably getting more and more turned on. They tended to kiss between each song, with more overt tongue dueling each time.

At one point, she realized with a start, I'm making out with my own son! We're swapping spit like two teens on a hot date! Gaaaawwwwd, he IS my date! And I'm acting like a totally easy big-titted slut! This is bad! This is over the line! It's bad enough that he keeps fondling my ass so much, and my breasts keep rubbing sensuously all over his manly chest, but I really have to stop this kind of kissing!

But she felt herself incapable of breaking the kiss, until she was "saved" by the start of the next song.

A couple of slow songs later, she found her hands on his ass too. She hadn't wanted to do that, but it just kind of happened. But once she did, it felt so good and so right that she kept them there nearly all the time, cupping him closely against her.

The next time they kissed between songs, their necking grew hotter than ever before. They got so into it that they kept on kissing for the first minute of the next song, until another couple came close and startled them into remembering where they were and that they were supposed to be dancing.

Another slow song or two after that, his hands weren't just grasping and caressing her ass cheeks, they were roughly kneading them. And again without thinking about it, she found her hands freely fondling and kneading his muscular ass cheeks as well. He even slid his fingers into her ass crack sometimes, ostensibly to get a better grip, but really to check it out.

Not to be outdone, she started doing the same to him.

All that ass groping pressed their bodies ever closer together. She thought, I have to stop this! He really DOES have a monster-sized cock-log, and I feel like I'm sitting on it! It's getting to the point I can actually feel the veins and the pulsing in his huge boner! Worse, things are getting out of hand AGAIN! I can't forget he's my SON! I've been acting like some kind of shameless slut all night! The passionate kissing especially REALLY has to stop! After this song ends, no kiss! Period!

But even as she mulled such thoughts, his erection slid up or down an inch or two on her each time he or she took another dance step, and her hands holding his ass kept him pressed against her so tightly, it felt like his hot shaft was practically welded to her front side. It was getting more and more difficult for her to remember why that was supposed to be a bad thing.

She was feeling dizzy and giddy all the time now, and she couldn't tell how much of it was from the alcohol and how much was from her sexy son intimately touching her everywhere.

Naturally, Tommy was totally loving his life right now. Simply dancing with and touching his mother was a more powerfully erotic experience than fucking any high school girl. His main difficulty was holding back from going too far, too fast, and spooking her.

But then he got another lucky break. Another slow song came on, "It's Now or Never" by Elvis Presley. Tommy couldn't have asked for better or more appropriate lyrics:

"It's now or never, come hold me tight
Kiss me my darling, be mine tonight"

Leah was totally lost in the romance of the song, plus the erotic and loving mood of dancing with and holding her son so intimately.

Their faces drew closer and closer to each other. The third time Elvis implored "kiss me my darling," Leah's lips lightly rested against Tommy's. Then Elvis sang:

"Tomorrow may be too late
It's now or never, my love won't wait"

Leah suddenly felt a great sense of urgency, that it had to happen now, or it would be too late. Her mind didn't know what "it" was, but her lips did.

Their eyes were open, and a look of love passed between them as they stared deeply from just a couple of inches away.

Their lips pressed tighter. As the seconds passed, it became clear that this kiss was no mere affectionate peck, or even the increasingly daring lip kisses they'd been sharing more and more, but was the kind of electric kiss that only two people madly in love with each other shared. She gave up and lingering restraint, and kissed him with all her heart and soul. She wanted him.

Electric tingles raced down their spines and all through their bodies. Their toes actually curled. All their previous kisses paled in comparison to this one.

At that point, Leah should have pulled away, but she didn't. She tilted her head some, and their lips started to explore and slide together in a very erotic and arousing way. Oh God! Help me! He's such a good kisser too! This is the best kiss yet! I swear, I'm gonna cum hard just from his kiss! I'm a wet and horny mess. Help! Why does my son have to be so irresistible?!

But then, after about another minute of non-stop dizzying necking, the captivating song came to an end and she suddenly realized that she was making out with her son while his big dick ground against her pussy mound, her bra-less hefty tits slid all over his chest, and their hands were kneading each other's asses like they were both naked.

He was terrified that she would "wake up" from her sexy dream, and thus put a complete halt to his seduction attempts. This seemed like the moment for that to happen, since the magical moment and extra magical and prolonged kiss had passed.

But although she was visibly alarmed, her big grin never entirely left her face.

Trying to distract her from thinking too much, he said, "You know what's funny? That's an Elvis song, and I can see Elvis right over there." He pointed through the darkness.

Sure enough, a man in an Elvis costume was dancing with a woman in a sexy black cat costume.

Leah said, "You're right. This is so weird! I keep forgetting that I'm in the middle of a costume party, and you're Batman!"

He grinned, and replied, "And you're the sexiest Elvira that's ever lived!" He couldn't help but leer at her deep and magnificent cleavage as he said that.

Pretending not to notice, but loving his leering all the same, Leah took him by his hand and said, "I'm pooped. We've danced what, ten songs in a row? Twenty? I seriously have no idea, it's all been one wonderful dream. But my high heels are hurting my feet. Let's go sit down."

He was relieved. It sounded like she was trying to take a step back from what they were doing, but she didn't want to walk away from it completely.

He went to get drinks for them both, and then sat next to her at a private table.

She was grinning more than ever, which was a very good sign. "So what kind of kiss was THAT, kiddo? There were too many, but you know the one I mean. I think you're trying to take advantage of me." But her tone was sexy and teasing, rather than accusatory.

His confidence was back after that close call, and realizing she was inviting him to play along, he nonchalantly replied, "That's how a husband kisses his wife, hot stuff."

"Whaaaat?!" Her voice and mannerisms were so exaggerated that it showed she was getting downright drunk. "You call THAT a real kiss? Pfffft!" She stuck her tongue out at him playfully.

He took that as the challenge it was. "Well then, what about this one?" His chair was already pulled right up to hers. He slid his arms around her and kissed her hard on her mouth.

This kiss started hot, and soon turned into a raging inferno. They channeled all their considerable passion and heat into it. For about two minutes, they made out like love-sick teenagers.

But she finally gained some measure of self control, and she managed to break the kiss and push him away. Giddy, and with her heart madly racing, she joshed, "Now, Carl! What's gotten into you?"

He stared at her hard, and said in a dead-serious tone, "The question is, what's gonna get into YOU, later tonight?"

She fanned herself, and posed like she was a scandalized Southern belle. "Why, Mr. Bryton! Are you suggesting what I think you're suggesting? Why, I NEVER!"

She batted her eyelashes, playing the temptress, even though she was supposed to be offended. She kept acting like she had a fan and was fanning her face with it. But while she was relaxed and teasing on the outside, her heart pounded wildly at his daring comment.

Now that he'd suggested it, her mind was already racing with enticing possibilities. After all, she'd been intending to get seriously laid tonight from the start, except she'd thought she'd be here with Carl rather than her handsome son.

Oh God! What if he really does "get into me?!" All the way, balls-deep! He'd fuck me so good! Like an animal! Like I need to get fucked! And I can't wait to get my lips around his great thickness! Er, I mean, if that were to ever happen. Which it won't!

Surging with confidence, he leered, "I'll bet you never have. But tonight you will! Tonight, we're gonna do it all!"

She suddenly stepped out of character, and dropped her "fan." She hissed in a whisper, "Now, Tommy, you go too far!"

She looked around to confirm the coast was clear, then added in an even quieter whisper, "Don't forget, you ARE my son!"

He laughed heartily, successfully acting like he'd been misunderstood. "Leah! You don't think I'm serious, do you? I'm just kidding around! Aren't you? I mean, come on!"

Taken aback and embarrassed, she stammered, "W-w-well, of course!"

"I mean, I AM your husband tonight, aren't I? This is how spouses tease each other. If you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen!"

Her competitive instincts flared up. "You want heat? Try THIS, kiddo!" She wrapped her arms around him, and kissed him again like their bodies were on fire.

The kiss went on longer than any of the others. Since they were sitting alone, there was nothing stopping them from making out to their heart's content. Five minutes of passionate spit-swapping ensued! It was the hottest necking either of them had ever experienced in their lives!

Soon, they were all but fucking while sitting. Tommy even slid one of his hands over her tits a little bit. Then, a little more. Then the other hand joined the fun.

A minute or two of hot kissing later, he was freely fondling both of her huge tits to his heart's content! His only restraint was he was careful to keep his hands on the outside of her dress, even though her dress made it easy if he wanted to slip his hands in from either side.

She was somewhat concerned about this new escalation. But she told herself, This is fine. Yeah, we're being a bit intimate, but it isn't "real." We're not "really" getting hot for each other, we're just pushing the envelope of teasing. Although that sure does feel like a real tongue sliding down my throat, hee-hee! And that hand of his "really" seems to have discovered my nipple through my dress!

Let's face it: things are getting a little loosey goosey around here. A little touchy feely. I know how much he loves my breasts. He stares at them all the time! I'm just going to have to tolerate a little bit of touching there. Besides, he deserves it for being a better Carl than Carl ever is!

The burning hot kissing finally ended and they pulled apart again, but Tommy launched right into saying, "Woman, you're so sexy! So desirable! I can't wait until I have you in bed tonight, with your naked body lying in my arms."

He suddenly leaned forward and whispered passionately, "I'm gonna FUCK you! I'll fuck you so hard and long and deep, you'll have my cum pouring out your ears!"

She was shocked, and even raised a hand up to her tits (although one hand could hardly even begin two cover those massive heaving globes). She was about to lay into him for going over the line, when he grinned and winked.

"Gotcha!" he said, laughing playfully. He teasingly poked her belly button, with was exposed due to the dramatic plunging dress between her massive globes.

She was both relieved and disappointed to realize he was still just teasing (or so she thought!). Her pussy in particular felt crushed. Gaawwwd! Why did he have to say that?! It's like a cruel tease. I need a good fucking so badly! It's been way too long. The real Carl keeps neglecting me. I almost could feel him inside me, stretching my pussy walls like they've never been stretched before in her life!

Even just imagining what that would feel like made her ache with need inside.

But again her competitive drive got the best of her. She wasn't going to be outdone. She taunted him, "So! You think you're Mr. Hot Cock now, huh? Well, let me tell you something: you couldn't handle me!"

Her face drew to just inches from him, and she said lustily, "My tight and hot CUNT will crush and grind your big fat cock to a meaty pulp, and then flame broil it like a sausage!"

She pulled back and suddenly acted like she was playing to the gallery. With a dramatic pose, she exclaimed, "You want the pussy? You can't handle the pussy!"

They both cracked up from that play on the famous "you can't handle the truth!" line from the film "A Few Good Men."

But Tommy was not to be outdone. His hands went to her ass cheeks and pulled her close, until she was practically sitting in his lap again. As his hands roamed over her dress everywhere, and especially over her still heaving tits, he growled, "We'll see who can't handle who! I guarantee that by the end of the evening, you'll be screaming my name as I drill you so hard, my cock will visibly bulge out on your backside!"

She was panting hard, and her heart was pounding wildly, but she tried to act like she was still in control of her body. Her pussy was absolutely soaked. She felt she could dissolve into a screaming orgasm at any moment, if she only let herself go.

She ran her hands all over his muscular chest. "Boy, someone here certainly thinks highly of himself!"

"Actually," he said, suddenly picked her up and deposited her in his lap, "I believe the word you're looking for is 'cocky.'"

There was no way for her to escape his throbbing erection. She was all smiles. Her hips churned wildly as her entire body ground down on his thick shaft. She said with wry understatement, "I stand corrected. That certainly is what you are!"

She bounced up and down on his boner. "COCKY! Yes..." She churned and gyrated her hips over his erection, trying her best to get him to cum on the spot. "Very, very cocky!"

With that, neither could resist the other, and their lips slammed together in an even MORE passionate kiss than the last two ones. With their bodies crushed together tightly, he had no room to reach in and play with her tits, so his hands ran all over her backside while her hands explored his.

It was blazing hot and passionate. In fact, the kiss was too intense, because she suddenly felt overwhelmed, and worried she'd lost the ability to control herself. She wanted to tear all her clothes off, and then tear all of his clothes off, and then...

A fast tune started to play, and she suddenly stood up. She grabbed his hand. "Oh! I love this one! Let's dance!"

He was in a lusty daze, but he managed to get up too.

The song was "Sex Bomb" by Tom Jones, and they started to dance to it.

It was jarring for Tommy to go back to dancing after making such progress, but he knew this was a two steps forward, one step back situation, and she needed some space to adjust for a while. He noticed that she'd pulled him into a dark corner again, so far from all the other dancers that it was almost comical.

It helped that he really liked the song selection again. When the song started he acted surprised by the words, and joked, "Oh my God! They're singing about YOU! What are the odds?"

She loved it, and playfully slapped his chest. Then, every time the lyrics "Sex bomb, sex bomb, you're a sex bomb" came around, he would sing along and point both fingers at his mother.

She loved being called that. She began dancing with much less restraint than ever before. She thought, I don't care about containing my big breasts anymore. Let 'em bounce free! If they bounce all over and even bounced clear out of my dress, causing my naughty son to cum in his pants, that's his fault for being too handsome, charming, and well-hung for me to handle right now!

She moved her hips sensuously to the rhythm of the music, shaking her ass and running her hands over her globular tits, even squeezing them up and together as she stared at him with a look of pure lust. Her nipples did pop free of her dress now and then, but as far as she was concerned, Tommy was the only other person there, and it was fun to give him a "little peek" "every now and then."

Her head was still reeling from all they'd said and done while sitting at the table. But she told herself, It's just playing around! After all, he IS pretending to be Carl tonight. How could he not joke about having sex with me? It's just harmless fun. Right? He even admitted it's all just joking. He's a good kid. It's not like anything is gonna happen for REAL. Why, if I so much as give him a tight hug, his face turns red. He's so cute, and yet he's such a hunk!

But she was in serious denial. She was trying to think about how he had been around her prior to this night, not how he was acting now. Furthermore she was forgetting how she was acting. After all, just a couple of minutes earlier, she had been dry humping him. They might have really fucked right then and there, if it weren't for the clothes in the way.

She was sweeping all their blatant and near non-stop sexual activity under a rug so she wouldn't have to confront where this was heading. Deep down, she desperately wanted to get fucked by her son now, but the only way to get there without her conscience flaring up too much was look to the side instead of staring directly into what was so obviously happening.

Dancing to fast songs helped, keeping her too busy to think.

Tommy happily danced with her, often matching her erotic moves. Sometimes, he pulled her close to his body by her waist and they both ground their pelvises into each other as if trying to fuck with their clothes on. She even gave up trying to hide the fact that she loved sliding up and down his big erection. It felt to her like it was as thick and tall as a barber's pole. She especially loved when it slid against her stiff clit, causing more pussy juice to gush out and drool down her thighs.

Other times, they would more or less stop dancing altogether, even if a fast song was playing, and just madly make out for a while. Inevitably, that included a lot of tit and ass fondling, as well as his big bulge rubbing enticingly against her.

At one point, she grabbed him tightly, and made a big show of sliding herself against his protruding boner. As she slowly slid up and down, it rubbed against her from her belly button to her clit and pussy lips and back again. At the same time, she deadpanned, "Uh-oh! It feels like someone is being terribly COCKY again!"

The next song was another fast one, "I'm Too Sexy," by Right Said Fred. Again, Tommy couldn't have picked a better song, because Leah seemed even more inspired to let her inhibitions go and dance with unabashed eroticism, just for him.

She yanked at his hair and then ran her hands down his chest. Her wandering fingers playfully stopped just inches above his lewdly bulging dick, as she suddenly disengaged and danced backwards. She wantonly ran her hands over her body, deliberately highlighting her heaving tits up and down several times as if offering them to him. Then she clutched him tightly again, smothering his chest with her tit-flesh.

And that was just in the first half minute of the song. It only seemed to get hotter from there!

When the line "I'm too sexy for my shirt" came around, she put her hands on her shoulders and teased like she was going to pull her dress down to her waist. For a moment, she actually was going to do it, until she remembered they were in a public place. She was bummed that she had to restrain herself.

He came right back and briefly lifted his shirt nearly to his nipples as he writhed around to the beat.

She loved it, and mouthed the word "cocky" to him as she danced provocatively, just for him.

He had never seen her dance like this. Then again, he had never seen anyone move so sensually and wantonly as his mother was right then. He hadn't ever imagined there was such a sultry and energetic tigress in his mother, even in his best wet dreams. He looked around occasionally to see if others were staring (they weren't, thanks to the darkness), and subtly danced her even farther away from everyone else, just to be on the safe side. They literally wound up on one of the abandoned corners of the vast room, like a dunce being sent to a corner for punishment.

Slipping one of her fingers into her mouth, she stared intently at him. Her gaze seemed to be giving off heat like a flamethrower and burning his face with her lusty desire. She sucked seductively on her finger, and then let it run down in between her heaving breasts and down her taut belly while her hips swung low to the beat of the rhythmic song.

She'd never felt this uninhibited in her life, and she absolutely loved it. A sad thought briefly crossed her mind that this was happening with her son instead of her husband. But she still denied to herself where this was all leading. She kept telling herself that her son was practically an adult now, so this was just a new kind of adult teasing game between them, and nothing to be ashamed of.

His cock was harder than ever now, and desperately needed some attention. A wet spot had formed at the tip so big that it looked like he'd climaxed in his pants. He could never forget the fact that he was with his mother, but that continually aroused him instead of repelled him. She was a gorgeous, busty, and lusty bombshell that he needed to fuck soon.

More and more, her thoughts turned to stroking or even sucking his cock. He must have the worst case of blue balls by now. Bless his heart. I really should do something to help! What if I took him to the bathroom for some desperately needed relief? I'd stroke him until he shoots off like a geyser!

But no, that would make too much of a mess. It's better if I use my mouth instead. YESSS! Much better! God! I can't wait to cram that cock-log in my mouth and show him just what a talented cocksucker I am! UNGH! I'd bob and suck until he blasts off and fills my mouth with his hot and creamy seed!

Er, if that were to happen. But, uh, it can't! Sorry, Son! You gotta hold out a little longer! Even though a huge cock like his needs a lot of extra special TLC!

They continued dancing.

A slow song was next, "Have You Ever Really Loved a Woman" by Bryan Adams. For once, Tommy wasn't pleased by the selection, as he thought that song was too cheesy and overdone. But it brought Leah back into her earlier romantic mood as hands, tits, and his boner all resumed their usual intimate slow dance positions.

Emboldened by the way she deliberately rubbed against his hard-on, he kissed her lips. As usual by now, there was tongue from the get-go. Their tongues danced and dueled as their bodies seemed to mold against each other from head to toe.

Leah began sliding up and down him while somehow maintaining the fiery kiss, going about six inches in each direction (she alternately straightened and slouched a little). It wouldn't have meant that much, except for the fact that she was very deliberately grinding her pussy mound against his raging cock. Her pussy mound rammed hard against his solid hard-on, over and over, for the entire song, while their kiss kept going and going too. Her suddenly soaked pussy was protected from penetration only by two thin layers of clothes as he squeezed tightly and kneaded her ass cheeks like he owned them.

The next song started, a fast one, but this time they weren't paying attention. They kept their slow "dancing," which was really more like dry humping while French kissing nearly all the time. Their feet didn't even move.

As the minutes passed, his hands gradually moved around from her ass to her tummy. He caressed her remarkably flat and firm front side as their tongues danced with each other and their bodies writhed in lust. The slight curves in her abs were proof that she religiously maintained a rigorous work-out schedule.

Normally, she would have had a little voice in her head telling her to watch out, and reminding her of inconvenient facts, such as the fact she was dry humping her very own son. But that voice seemed to have taken an early night and gone off to sleep. In fact, she wasn't really thinking at all, she was just instinctively acting in the moment.

His hands slid up to her huge mounds of tit-flesh yet again. Except this time, he finally brought his hands inside her dress. Within seconds, he was directly pinching one nipple while cupping her other globe from below.

That was a major escalation. But it didn't even result in a nervous twitch from her - she loved it. She just moaned and jabbed her tongue deeper into his mouth.

With all restraint now gone, he mauled at his mother's effectively bare tits with wild abandon, squeezing them hard and roughly, and pushing them together. He squeezed and pinched roughly at her thinly covered melons, all the while continuing to passionately kissing her kiss her breath away.

She thought, Finally! What took him so long?! My breasts need to be treated just like he's been treating my ass all night. They're jealous! She giggled, although he didn't know exactly why.

Besides, he's not REALLY just feeling up his mom's big breasts; he's HELPING them from bouncing around too much! So, really, he's being a very considerate gentleman. What a GOOD son! She giggled some more at her silly logic.

He was becoming desperate now to fuck this beautiful and voluptuous woman, and his hands began to pull at the top of her dress, trying to yank the front of her dress down to free her massive E-cup-sized tits altogether. He was so horny that he didn't care where they were, or who saw them.

She felt his pulsing lust, but made no effort to discourage him. In fact, she only churned her hips even more, continually dry humping him on the dance floor. His big cock jutted out so much that often the only contact they had below his hands kneading and stroking her tits was her pussy mound or lower abdomen rubbing against his thick shaft. She loved rolling side to side on it just as much as sliding up and down on it, or grinding against it in a circular motion.

Eventually, he stopped his skin-on-skin tit fondling for a while, because he felt he was neglecting other parts of her fabulous body. His hands squeezed and groped at his mother's fine tight ass, roughly pulling her against him, wanting desperately to fuck her senseless.

Her hands did exactly the same to him, which made his dick stroke so rough and hard against her silky dress, it was a wonder he still hadn't climaxed yet.

However, just as he was about to push his hands underneath one of the high slashes in his mother's dress to reach in towards her pussy, the song ended. There was some dead air before the next tune began, and that seemed to slowly wake her from her wonderful erotic dream.

She slowed her kissing down until she broke their lip-lock altogether.

Staring down at him with her bright blue eyes (she was a couple of inches taller than him at the moment, thanks to her high heels), she smiled dreamily. Her fingers still kneaded his relaxed ass cheeks like they were made out of dough.

Then everything seemed to dawn on her at once. Her eyes widened and her beautiful mouth fell open. She quietly muttered, "What the fuck have I done?!" She gasped as she stared at him as if she had never seen him before. She seemed to instantly sober up.

But he heard that, and replied, "Nothing, WE just did what WE wanted." He knew it was essential to reassure her as best he could. They had reached a pivotal point, and all could still be lost.

His beautiful mother just stared at him, her mouth working but no sound coming out at all. She looked down and saw she was effectively topless. She realized with horror that her dress's straps had slid far down her arms minutes ago, all the way to her elbows. The only reason she couldn't see her nipples was because her son's hands were covering them.

She looked around frantically, but at least she was relieved to discover that no one else had noticed. They'd been completely forgotten in their dark corner for a while now. They weren't the only couple getting more than a little amorous in some out of the way spot, but luckily the room was quite big and none of those couples were near them either.

With her heart pounding and her head spinning, she pulled her dress back into place. Suddenly, she said, "I... I... I'll be right back!" She ran off out towards the ladies room.

Tommy was left alone for a long time.

He stood there for twenty minutes waiting for his mother to come back, repeatedly thinking, What the hell just happened? All he knew was that he had wanted her so much that he would have fucked her right there on the dance floor. He had never wanted anything so badly in his entire life. It wasn't just that she was his mother, and he'd been lusting after her for years (although that certainly was a big factor). He knew being with her would blow away any other sexual encounter he'd ever had, even if she was a total stranger. In fact, that was already true.

He stood there contemplating everything over in his mind, replaying the entire scene. He clearly remembered the feel of her hot body pressed against him, the feel of her massive, soft, and exposed tits finally directly in his hands, and her mouth passionately fixed to his as their tongues danced enthusiastically. She wants me as much as I wants her, I know it. We love each other so very much. She's the best mom ever. Why can't we love each other in a new way? Every thought leads to the same conclusion: I need to fuck her! I've just got to fuck my own mother tonight!

But as the minutes passed, he grew increasingly depressed. It seemed like a sure thing that she'd "come to her senses," and their sexual fun was over. Probably, she'd never let him get her this worked up again, so his dream was dashed. His penis grew flaccid, practically for the first time since he'd first set his eyes on her in her Elvira costume.

He lingered in a dark corner that had a good view of the door to the ladies room. Had he not seen her go in there and then not come out, he would have figured she'd fled all the way to the car.


Leah ran into the bathroom. Her hands shook as she turned on the cold water tap and frantically washed her face.

As she lifted her head up to look into the mirror, she stared at herself. Water ran down her beautiful young face and even dripped down between her large breasts. Okay, I look pretty damn good, I must admit. Everyone says I'm a "perfect ten." But how could my own son think of me like THAT?! He's not just thinking, "Wow, my mom looks hot." He's thinking, "I can't wait until I get to slide my incredibly thick and long cock into her steaming hot pussy later tonight!" The problem is, I've been thinking pretty much the same thing!

What's WRONG with me?! Not only what am I thinking, but what have I DONE ALREADY?! So much endless kissing and fondling and grinding on his cock-log! Oh God! And Carl! CARL!

She tried as hard as she could to push the thoughts of the dancing, necking, and groping away, but it was no use. Her body was saying the opposite of her mind; it was crying out to be used by her son. She wasn't thinking about the run-of-the-mill fucking that Carl typically gave her. She longed to be royally fucked, and fucked hard. She wanted it and she needed it, and the thought that it was her son who craved to give it to her only turned her on beyond reason.

She'd figured she would cry as guilty thoughts overwhelmed her, but that wasn't happening. Yes, she was terribly distressed, but her lust was overwhelming and swamping all her other emotions. She tried hard to stop the incestuous thoughts, to think of something else, but everything somehow kept coming back to sex with Tommy and what it would be like to climb aboard and settle herself onto that "cock-log" of his he'd been rubbing against her seemingly all night long.

It's too bad we won't be having sex tonight, because I'm sure he'd clean my pipes! And God knows they need a good cleaning. What's wrong with my husband?! Why isn't he here? Why has he left me with a charming, well-hung, handsome, and cocky young man? And good God, is he cocky! I love how he told me flat out that I'd be screaming his name later. And I will!

She caught herself. I meant, I would. IF I was in some alternate universe where I wasn't married and he wasn't my son. But we're still in this universe, so obviously that's not going to happen. He's probably just playing around anyway. Sure, what virile and extremely endowed boy his age wouldn't want to play grab ass and even "grab tit" with a woman like me? But I'll bet he'd be offended if I were to slide up to him, blatantly stroke my hands up and down his hot cock, and suggest we go find somewhere to fuck or suck. He's a good kid! He really is!

Let's be real. It's not like he'd turn me down. Not after tonight. If I could get him to a truly private spot, just the two of us, my mouth would be halfway down his impossibly thick shaft faster than you can say "Boo!" Gaawwwd, that would be so hot! So yummy! I want him to stretch my lips and break my jaw with his sheer size!

But that can't happen tonight. Not now, not ever. This is reality!

She tried to convince herself, I'm gonna go out there and tell him that we have to forget everything, just go home, and pretend like nothing ever happened. Start over with a blank slate. A do-over. That's what I have to tell him. I have no choice!

She continued to consciously deny it, but deep down she knew that he really was going to fuck her tonight, and she was going to love every minute of it. The idea had been to get away from him and cool her ardor, but she wasn't cooling down. She was in heat, like a wild animal. All the justifications and excuses and promises she told herself didn't change that.

She took a deep breath, which almost pushed her huge tits all the way out of the top of her dress. In fact, her still-erect nipples did pop out, and they stayed exposed.

That made her laugh, as she saw what happened in the mirror. This is ridiculous! How could Tommy NOT want to fuck me tonight, after the way I've looked and acted? What we have here is a comedy of errors. Carl's been neglecting me even more than usual, and it's been so long since I've had a truly satisfying fuck that I've been absolutely going out of my mind! Tommy just happens to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. I'm sure tomorrow he and I will have a good laugh about this.

The truth is, we haven't really DONE anything. Okay, so I've been acting pretty slutty, especially since we started dancing. We've been kissing and fondling pretty much non-stop for at least the last hour. And I've had a couple of tiny little orgasms here and there. But they were tiny! They hardly count. I can hardly help the fact that my nipples are so sensitive, and he happened to be playing with them when his big cock-log was sliding against my clit.

But the main thing is that HE hasn't climaxed at all! Although you'd never know that looking at the wet spot on his pants, heh-heh! But I've been watching - Gaawwwd, how I've been watching! - and I know that's just a lot of pre-cum that collected over time. Phew! And what impressive stamina! If he keeps that up, he could batter my poor little defenseless pussy for hours! Just like a battering ram slowly smashing down a city gate for days. In and out! So hard and deep!

She caught herself from getting too carried away. But as long as he hasn't climaxed, we haven't REALLY crossed the line. Right? I mean, as long as we've kissed and touched a little bit, it wouldn't be the end of the world if we do it a little bit more. I kind of owe it to him for leading him on so much.

She licked her lips hungrily. In fact, I've been such a terrible tease, it would be downright cruel to leave him in his current state. I should say sorry for being such a wanton slut by sucking on his fat cock for a good long time, until he unloads it down my throat. Gaawwwd! Between the size of his balls and the size of his cock-log, I can't begin to imagine how big his cum loads will be! I'll need a life preserver, or he'll drown me in his cum! Heck, he did tell me his cum would be pouring out my ears, didn't he?

She chuckled. But then she thought, NO. I just said I can't let things go that far, and I need to stick to that.

Deep down though, she knew she'd be bobbing her lips up and down his thick shaft before the night was done. She let her cocksucking thoughts run wild, since at least that was slightly less forbidden than actual fucking. She licked her lips again in hungry anticipation.


Leah walked out of the ladies room with butterflies the size of houses fluttering in her belly. How had this all started? When did things go wrong? Or go right? She was terribly confused, and decided it was better not to think too much.

Suddenly, she saw "Batman" ahead of her, staring right at her. She could see the worry in his eyes, and the love for her. But most of all, she could see his lust for her, all but overpowering everything else.

Her demeanor instantly changed. Without consciously thinking about it, she stopped walking towards him and started sashaying instead. She swished her hips from side to side and let her unrestrained tits bounce up and down outrageously. She stared at him with such intense passion that it was a miracle he didn't burn to a crisp on the spot.

She stopped in front of him and stared into his eyes, not saying a word. I don't feel worried. Yes, I'm a little nervous, and horny like hell, but most of all, I'm confused. I want him so badly, yet I knew it's wrong. That hurts. I don't need protection from him, I know that. If I turn him down tonight, I'm sure he'll be a gentleman and let things slide. But that's the problem: I don't want to say no! I want him! I need him! I need his cock in my mouth, like, now already!

They stared at one another without saying a word for what seemed like an eternity, until finally she thought perhaps she had been wrong; perhaps nothing was going to happen after all. The strange thing was, she couldn't decide whether she was happy or sad about it.

Suddenly Tommy grinned, and then without any warning he reached around her waist and pulled her to him. His lips touched hers, and it was like an electric jolt between them. Their mouths separated and tongues danced, but softly and lovingly this time. They weren't in a hurry anymore, now they both somehow realized they'd passed the critical point.

She laid a hand on his chest as they kissed. Over the course of the evening, he'd had become so good at kissing her that he easily beat any of his father's amorous efforts. Her pussy tingled as she thought, Not only is a he a great kisser already, how much better will he be after even more practice with me?! And not just kissing! Oh God! I want to do so many things to his cock that I don't know where to start first!

She had a powerful epiphany: He's gonna fuck me tonight! He really is! It's gonna happen! Her heart practically pounded right out of her chest.

She was all smiles when they finally stopped necking. She looked at him defiantly, and said, "You call that a kiss? I thought you were supposed to be my husband!" She looked down at his hands on her waist. "And put your hands somewhere a little more... interesting, idiot!"

He loved being called "idiot," because it showed how much she was trying to goad him into action.

He kissed her again, but this time they went back to their now usual stance: hands on asses, and her tits and his erection sliding and grinding over thinly covered skin.

But that didn't last for long, because he was eager to get his hands back on her bountiful tits. At first, he thought about sliding his hands back inside her dress, but even that wasn't enough for him. Within seconds, her straps were back down her arms, and she was back to being effectively topless in his embrace.

She looked around with worry, but then she decided, Who cares? It was easier for her to say that because they were back in their dark corner. The chances were they just looked like another couple making out, unless one was five to ten feet away and able to see more than an embracing silhouette, but no one was nearly that close.

Her dress straps had slid down to her elbows, like earlier. Feeling a surge of wickedness, she slipped one strap all the way off an arm, and then the same with the other strap. That left her completely topless to the waist down! She pressed closely against him to at least try to hide that fact from anyone else who might see. She hoped that, from a distance, it would merely look like she was wearing a backless dress.

She thought, What a RUSH! I'm standing topless with my SON! In my husband's Halloween party! And he's going to fuck me! I hope we find time for him to fuck my tits too! In fact, that's a MUST! This might be our one and only night together, so we need to try and do everything!

It seemed that she'd been rubbing or grinding against his big cock for half the night, but there was something she did now she'd been longing to do for quite a while: she reached down and closed her fingers around it. His erection poked out from his costume so much that it was like it was encased in a thin sock, a very wet and cum-soaked sock.

She reeled as a new wave of dizziness nearly overwhelmed her.

Her justification that she could continue the fun and games just so long as he didn't cum went right out the window. It was like his thick and long cock was ruling her, dictating what she had to do. Getting him to finally cum had suddenly become her top priority. Dammit! This fuckin' cocky cock has been bothering me all night! I've gotta teach it a lesson or two. I'm gonna stroke and stroke and stroke until he cums hard! That'll show him, heh-heh! And then my tongue and lips are gonna take over and REALLY show him a thing or two!

But that was just the start. As she felt his heavy shaft sliding between her fingers, she knew with dead certainty what was going to happen now: I'm going to let my son fuck me tonight! For real! For abso-fuckin'-lutely real!

Chills ran through her. There's no stopping it! Only I can stop it, and I sure as hell won't do that! I'm still plagued with guilt, but not doubt anymore. I'm married, yes, but this isn't like an affair. It's so much more, because I think I love him even more than Carl! Not only do I want him, and need him, I know that she was going to fuck him back with all my heart and soul, and love every minute of it!

Just as quickly, he broke their latest kiss and smiled at her once again. This time, it was a cocky smile.

She loved his attitude. She happily recalled earlier, and just how cocky he'd been when she was sitting in his lap. Her hand stroked up and down on that very same "cocky" cock.

"You know, don't you?" He said smugly, "You know I'm going to fuck you tonight?"

She just looked at him and shyly nodded. She tried to hide the thrill of hot lust and electricity that shot through her when he said that, but without much success. I want him. No, I NEED him, and badly! But what we're going to do is so terribly wrong! So sinful, so immoral! In fact, it's downright illegal! If only it was right, but what can I do? He's got me. I can't even stop stroking his fat cock as I try to at least conjure up some willpower to resist him. I'm soooooo baaaaad!

She yearned to be able to convince herself it was right. But she knew she ultimately didn't care if it was or not, her lusty feelings were too strong to be denied.

She also answered him by continuing to slide her hand up and down his barely-covered shaft.

An even more powerful thrill shot through him, seeing her nod and then feeling her still jack him off. Fuck, yeah! Whoa! Unreal! I've seduced a lot of girls, but now I feel like a virgin all over again. This is so exciting, I could pass out!

He asked, "And you're okay with that, Mom? You know how much I love you and care for you. I don't want any regrets." He deliberately called her "Mom."

Once again she fought the hot lust and electricity coursing through her, and once again she nodded. She wished she could at least seem reluctant and torn about it, but she knew she looked as enthusiastic as she felt. Her husband had ignored and neglected her so long that she was almost looking forward to making a cuckold out of him.

Tommy's smile deepened and his eyes freely wondered over her body, taking in every part of her.

She struck a pose and thrust her round E-cup-sized tits out. She reveled in the fact that they were so big, and that her dress was bunched up below them, leaving them completely exposed for him. Let him look as long as he likes. He'd tricked me, seduced me, and outsmarted me, and now it's time for him to claim his just rewards!

He held her tits with both hands, running his fingers all over them possessively. He ran his fingers around and around her nipples before he finally pulled on them a little bit.

She just smiled and arched her back even more while her hands slid up and down his erection. I love how much we're saying to each other without words. Right now, I'm telling him, "I'm all yours. I'm your helpless, busty fuck toy tonight! I'm going to give your cock a night of incredible pleasure you'll never forget!"

She kept stroking him, with both hands now, until she was certain from the pained looked on his face that he was seconds from a climax. Then she let go. She was still a terrible tease.

She pulled the dress straps back up, so she could be publicly presentable. But that was just a very temporary thing. She knew the dress would be coming all the way off very, very soon.

He looked back into her beautiful blue eyes again and smiled widely, finally understanding what was happening. No matter how private their dark corner was, it wasn't private enough for what they needed to do next, so they had to move.

"What do you say to being... stuffed and mounted?" he asked, looking at her with bedroom eyes.

She licked her lips before replying, "I prefer to be mounted first... then stuffed." Her hands never relinquished his pole as she looked at him.

"As you wish, my lady." He took her hand and began to lead her towards the exit.

She stopped him after a few paces.

He looked at her questioningly. He didn't know where they were going to fuck exactly, but he assumed they'd find a hotel or something like that. Maybe their do it in the car, his father's Jaguar. There seemed to be some poetic justice to that, especially since he still had a strong gut feeling that Carl was cheating on her.

"Come with me," she said, her smile slowly becoming teasing. "I have a better idea."

Her 16-year-old son looked at her questioningly but he followed her, led by her hand and the promise of her sex bomb body.

Her smile deepened and the feeling of how wrong what they were about to do was rapidly dwindling. I know what I want and I know what we're going to do. The fact that I'm married is irrelevant. The fact that he's my son is irrelevant... but also hot! Our bodies are made for each other, because I'm a "babe" and he's a total hunk. I know we fit like a hand in glove as a fact already, just from our fondling and kissing so far. Now, we're going to fit like a cock in cunt! WOW!

She walked down one of the hallways, with many doors leading to private offices on either side. She grew less and less guilty the further they went. Passing by some of the offices, she could make out vague moans or groans from inside. How amusing. Obviously some other people have the same idea as me, although I doubt any of them are big-titted mothers eager to be fucked by their own handsome sons! Gaawwwd, every time I think that, it's like an electric shock to my pussy!

But still, there was a little voice within her crying out that this was wrong, that she could and should stop this all now. It tried to convince her that she was only taking her son to some private spot to try and talk him out of it. But that was a laughable lie meant to trick her conscience. She knew what really was going to happen, that the last thing she wanted to do was talk him out of it.

Her walking pace began to speed up, her body yearning for the pounding action she knew she was about to get. She was non-verbally begging for it, and it showed in the way she sashayed her ass and swung her heavy tits as her son looked at her. She'd never felt so delightfully naked while still (barely) wearing clothes.

As she kept walking down the hall, she was filled with a surge of last-minute doubts. I'll bet there's an exit from this building at the end of this hallway. I can just keep on walking out of here, all the way to the car. Tommy will be shamed and he'll leave with me. We can just forget this ever happened, and never mention it again. We never did anything beyond some kissing and some heavy petting. Well, not much more, so no harm, no foul. Right?

I'm just gonna keeeep ooooonnn walkin'... Yep!

I'm walking away. Right now. I'm gonna go back to my normal life, where my husband fucks me once a month, at best... And where he and I have a genuine conversation once a week, at best... Where I'm happy and everything's fine on the outside, but I'm secretly miserable on the inside.

Yep, that's what I'm gonna do.

She stopped in front of an office that she recognized. Turning to take both of her son's hands in hers, she walked backwards into the office. She bit her lower lip, knowing her eyes were glazed over with lust. She was embarrassed that not only did she want her son to fuck her badly, she was utterly incapable of hiding her desire.

As they went through the door, it hit her, This is it! I'm about to get fucked by my very own son! Right here, in my hubby's office! She shivered.

After they entered the office, she turned so that she could push the door closed with her ass, while he looked around the unfamiliar room. The butterflies in her stomach made her entire body tremble with anticipation. Any thought that this was wrong was now completely gone, swallowed up in her lust and the need for her pussy to be well and truly fucked.

She didn't bother turning on the light as she turned around and leaned back against the door, because the lights from the streetlights, the full moon, and the city outside gave enough light to the room. It was certainly dark, but she could easily make out the colors on her son's gaudy Batman costume. She shivered as she realized that soon he wouldn't be wearing any clothes at all. Although he was still growing into his body, he looked bigger and taller than his 16 years. He really was muscular and handsome.

Tommy gladly tossed his Batman mask aside. He hadn't worn it in a while, but it had been a bother to keep it banging against his hip as he'd danced.

He looked around the room. It wasn't small, but wasn't big either. At the opposite end to the door, there was a large desk with a big black leather chair. A big black leather sofa was off to the left of the desk, and filing cabinets were on the opposite side. Two tall plants stood in the corners nearest the door, and two smaller chairs were in front of the big desk. The desk itself was covered with the usual office things, like a lamp, computer, and framed photographs.

Pictures of various sports heroes hung on the walls, since Leah was a bit of a sports nut. Tommy's eyes lingered on photos of Joe Montana and Brett Favre staring at the camera. He thought it ironic that they were his father's favorite quarterbacks, and now they were going to "watch" as his wife got fucked by his son.

While he looked around, he began taking off parts of his costume, like his gloves, boots, and wide belt. Then he turned around to face his busty mother.

Her stomach fluttered so much, she worried she would be ill. This was it.

"Is anyone gonna catch us here?" he asked calmly, although he was quite anxious and excited on the inside.

She smiled teasingly at her son. "Nope. Everyone's busy partying or... having fun elsewhere. They won't come here."

"Why? Where are we?" He once again looked around. There was something about her knowing look that made him suspicious.

Her smile deepened and she lightly bit her lip. She always did that when she was extremely horny and teasing.

"Your father's office," she said matter-of-factly and huskily.

Tommy turned to face her quickly, a surprised smile on his face. Hearing that fact gave him shivers all over.

He then took time to stare at her body.

She gave him a very enticing view. With her hands behind her back and leaning against the door, her immense tits were pushed out towards him, stretching the thin material of her dress. A slit high up one side of her dress had opened wide and showed almost all of her thigh as she planted a high-heeled foot high up against the door.

Her eyes trailed down from his handsome face, down his hard, muscular chest, and straight to his large bulge, which was now almost comically poking forward in his pants. It looked like the central pole in a tent, a very wet and cummy tent. She could feel her mouth watering and her pussy throbbing and begging to be filled by that cock.

She slowly tore her gaze away from ogling his large bulge, and looked with her lust-glazed eyes at his equally lusty face. She licked her lips seductively. Saliva was gathering in her mouth as she thought about feeling his thickness slide down her throat.

Oh God! I know one thing: first, he needs to fuck me. That's top priority, for sure! But after that, I need to suck him off! I don't just want it, I need it. I'm gonna deep throat him, if I can! And then, he's going to fuck my tits! And then... who knows what?! But we've gotta do it all!

"Well, I don't think we came here to talk, so let's get started," Tommy said, staring at her with a desperate hunger that exposed his cool and relaxed act as just an act.

She smiled widely and her stomach did back flips.

He added huskily, "My dick needs action. Look how my hips are practically already thrusting on their own! It needs to be in you. Now!"

She slowly pulled the straps of her dress back down, exposing her huge tits to her son's hungry gaze yet again. They looked perfect, like those of a college girl. They sat so high on her chest, and stuck out so dramatically, they practically defied gravity.

"Oh God!" he moaned. He was amazed that they didn't sag more. He was near a desk lamp and he turned it on. He moaned again as he got a much better look, thanks to the light. "FUUUUCK!"

He'd seen her topless as their dancing had grown wilder and wilder, but this was completely different. She was posing and showing off. She was literally breathtakingly beautiful, because he struggled to keep breathing.

She lifted her leg higher, exposing her wet panty-covered mound. She playfully pretended shock. "Son! What are you doing? So naughty! Are you going to fuck your mother?"

"YES!" He made a move towards her, but she placed a hand on his chest before he could get his hands on her jiggling, tempting tits.

She smiled broadly and replied brightly as if he'd clarified a confusing point for her. "Well, okay then! Why didn't you say so earlier?"

They both laughed at that.

But then she purred saucily, "I think we should get warmed up first." She was still smiling as she moved closer to him. Her stomach fluttered insanely as she spoke her next words. "You do want a blowjob to get warmed up, right?"

There was no real need for the question, as he certainly wasn't going to say no (not that he needed to get warmed up in the first place!). He simply panted like the room had run out of oxygen.

She felt more insanely aroused with each passing minute, and she knew her son felt the same way. She thought that if she didn't get fucked soon, she was going to simply explode. Just a minute or two ago, she'd decided that was her top priority.

But she'd impulsively changed her mind, because she longed to get to intimately know his cock with her tongue and lips before they fucked. She had a good feeling it was a cock she'd be tasting and feeling deep inside her a lot from now on, and she wanted to explore every last inch of it. She figured that would make the fucking even better, and he'd probably last longer if he shot off a cum load first.

Tommy gulped and visibly shook with lust and anticipation. "Yes!" he managed to stammer out.

She smiled at her son and ran the hand she had used to stop him down his chest to cup the meaty bulge in his pants. She was pleased that her hand couldn't hold it all. Electricity instantly shot through every part of her body as she gave the solid rod-shaped bulge a squeeze.

"Mmmm, it feels so big. So very big! Son, are you going to fuck me with this?"


"Are you going to slide this fat thing between your loving mother's lips over and over again? Are you going to use my slutty, hungry mouth for your pleasure?"

"HELL yeah!"

She leaned forward to lightly kiss his lips. As she leaned back, she squeezed his package again. "Enjoy the view," she said, while gently shaking her big, bare tits. She'd never felt so wicked, wanton, and aroused in her life, and yet she knew they were just getting started. Already, she was more aroused than she'd ever been with Carl.

He smiled down at his mother's face. "I will," he said confidently, although his heart was pounding madly.

With her eyes locked on his, Leah slowly sank down onto her knees before her son. Knowing he was looking down at her face and rack, she stuck her tongue out as far as it could go, and then sensuously licked her lips.

She looked back up at him and smiled. She wanted to be sure that he wasn't just going to feel his mother sucking on his dick with his eyes closed; he had to watch every single depraved moment of it as well.

The thought of what she was about to do nearly made her swoon in anticipation. The mere fact she was kneeling topless between his muscular legs was almost too much to take.

She considered taking her dress all the way off, but she feared that if she did that, he'd wind up fucking her first. She thought it made more sense to start with a blowjob, to "take the edge off" for both of them.

She lowered her fluttering eyes and stared hungrily at the large bulge just inches from her face. As she raised both of her hands to the waistline of her son's pants, she wet her lips again in breathless anticipation.

The knowledge that she was about to see her son's naked cock in front of her, then suck it, and then let him bury it her pussy, made her stomach churn with more nervous butterflies. She'd touched it nearly constantly for the last hour or two, but she hadn't yet seen it in all of its fully exposed glory.

She pulled down his skin-tight pants all the way down to his ankles.

Tommy's hard cock immediately sprang from its confinement, and hit her in the face.

She laughed as it thwacked her nose and then bounced away.

Leaning back a little from her son's rock-hard member, she finally got her first uncovered look at what had been making that bulge all evening. She gasped loudly at its beauty. It had a slight upward bend to it, and she knew that would do wonders to her G-spot.

"Fuck me!" she said, amazed. "It's... HUGE!" Her eyes eagerly traced every vein and bulge.

She thought, I swear, my tongue and lips are going to get to intimately know every last inch of that cock-log! If I can manage its size, that is. It looks even bigger than it felt, especially up this close! And it's funny. I feel strangely proud that my genes are half responsible for creating this monster pussy splitter! I've never seen anything so magnificent. It really is three times the size of Carl's, and Carl wasn't small!

In the heat of the moment, she didn't realize how significant it was that she was already thinking of her husband in the past tense. She was deliberately trying not to think of what might come after the night ended, but deep down she already knew this couldn't be just a one-time thing.

She reached up to wrap her left hand around Tommy's thick shaft. A small light caught her wedding ring on her third finger. She noticed, briefly, but she was so horny that this little reminder of her marriage aroused her more than disturbed her. She considered taking her ring off, but she decided that she wanted to see it there as her fingers slid up and down her son's thick shaft.

That was a sign of just how far she'd gone from feeling doubt or guilt. She'd basically left her last hesitations at the door of the office, her husband's office. Besides, she figured if she was going to be wicked with incest already, she might as well go all the way.

Her longest fingertips barely met as they wrapped around its thickness, and even then she had to work to squeeze them around his girth in order for them to touch at all. She was so awestruck by his size, she felt like she was in a daze. "My God! It's so huge, it's crazy!"

"Bigger than Dad's?" he asked. His confidence surged as he watched her awed expression and her saucer-sized eyes.

All she could do was nod, as most of her concentration was on her hands wrapped around her son's dick only a couple of inches from her nose. She stared up at its curved length, and kept on looking up to his face.

"How long is it?" she shyly asked with an excited tremble in her voice.

"Almost nine inches," he said smugly as he stared down at her pale melons. Intentionally or not, her arms were pressing in on her rack from either side, keeping her cleavage tight and deep between her pink nipples.

"Nine inches?!" she whispered adoringly. "But that's not even the big deal. The shocker is its thickness! It's a monster! It's a fucking COCK-LOG!"

She slowly began to move her hands back and forth along the whole length of Tommy's dick, gently squeezing and caressing as she slid her fingers with a steady rhythm.

Her son began to softly moan, but she didn't hear any of it as her hands slowly moved up and down. She was totally transfixed.

Nine inches! She thought to herself. My son is a fuck god! No wonder all the girls at school line up to spread their legs for him and get fucked by this obscene monster!

She had never seen a dick that big in her life. Carl has a perfectly adequate average-sized penis, but compared to my son's massive pole, his dick seems like a toothpick! I slept with three people before meeting and marrying Carl, and I've never once dreamed of cheating on him, but none of those other penises had been significantly larger than Carl's. Tommy is simply huge, and he's only sixteen years old! It blows my mind that it could actually still grow even bigger! I almost hope it doesn't though, because this is plenty big for me.

I could learn to love this cock! So much! In fact, I already do! Gaawwwd! I need to take it all the way down my throat! I swear, I'm gonna do it!

She talked slowly, because she was panting and because she was so mesmerized by what her fingers were doing. "Son, I can't tell you... how... how HAPPY I am... to be... to be holding... to be holding your cock in my hands! ... I'm, I'm pleasing you... pleasuring you... It means so much to me that... that I... that I can, I can this for you! ... I love you! Love... holding you, holding IT... stroking you... so very much!"

He said, "Wow, Mom! I love you too!"

Her hands moved a little faster. She was much more breathless than he was, even though she somehow managed to control her panting a bit better than he could as she relaxed into her cock stroking role. It also meant her tits heaved so much that they constantly bumped into each other, like two cantaloupes hanging next to each other on a bumpy car ride.

"That's it, Mom, jack me off!" He stared towards the door, because looking down at her was just too arousing.

She hadn't realized that she had even begun moving her hands quickly, let alone pumping them furiously, but that's what she was doing. His dick was rock solid, and from the look of him, he absolutely loved everything she was doing to it.

As her ten fingers slid up and down in tandem, she thought how odd it was that she was jacking off her son in a Batman costume, of all things. A funny thought came to her. "So, you know what they say..."

"No. What?"

It was a twist on the notorious "once you go black" line. She said wryly, "Once you go Caped Crusader, it's your only invader."

He laughed loudly at that.

But the joke also reminded him that he was still wearing his cape, as well as much of the rest of his costume. While she kept stroking his hot pole, he managed to pull his top off, as well as his boots and then his pants. He felt a lot better, because that costume had been a pain in the rear to wear.

That left him completely naked, while her dress still covered her from her waist on down. He didn't mind that she was still partially dressed, since he couldn't really see much of her lower body at the moment.

His attention was all on his mother's huge bare tits as they jumped and bounced even more from the way her hands were furiously pumping up and down his rock-hard dick. He couldn't believe how good it felt; she really knew how to treat a cock right.

"You want Mom to suck you, baby?" she asked out of the blue, while still jacking her hands fast and hard.

All he could do was nod vigorously as he looked down at her stunning face. He knew it was risky, since he was on the verge of climax as it was, and how long could he hold out once she started actually licking and sucking it?

But he thought, How could I ever reply 'no' to that question?! Besides, I'm gonna cum soon regardless; everything is just too arousing. It's been a long time coming. What a way to go that'll be!

She opened her mouth and extended her tongue out to let him know what was coming. She slowed her hands down and kept her lust-filled eyes on his as she ever-so-slowly lowered her head down to her son's wide knob.

She thought, Oh God! YES! This is it! UUUUNGH! Already, I can tell it's gonna make sucking any other cock like sucking a pinkie! Including Carl's. Fuck him! He neglected me too long! And my son's the one I love the most!

She'd seriously doubted that she could even fit it all inside her lips, but she somehow managed after a great effort.

Having her lean forward gave him an even better view down to his mother's unbelievably luscious tits. But as enticing as that was, the sight of her lips slowly sliding over his cockhead was much, much better. The sexual pleasure he already felt was many times better than that!

He thought, Fuck me! Mom's doing it! I can't fucking believe it! I honest to God can't believe my eyes, except it already feels way too good to be a dream! Talk about a dream come true!

Bolts of electricity shot through his body and his knees nearly gave way as her lips kept covering his cockhead. Then those lips made it down to his sweet spot, and she paused there.

His pleasure level was off the charts by that point, and THEN her lips started to bob up and down with tight suction! He thought that he might cum on the spot just from looking at his beautiful mother's face while her lips slowly slid up and down his shaft, never mind how good those lips felt on his skin.

Her eyes and attention were totally focused on the thick piece of meat that was completely filling her mouth, because she wanted to give him the best blowjob he'd ever had. She knew a lot of girls had blown him, and the odds suggested that some of those had to be really good at it, but she was determined to outdo them all.

However, his dick had been erect for nearly the entire evening, and it had been rubbing against his mother for much of that time. He'd come close to the edge several times even before she started to use her hands directly on his shaft, and since then, he'd been fighting a valiant but ultimately losing battle to hold out a little longer. He'd already reached the end of his rope. So once she started bobbing back and forth over his most sensitive spot, he lost all control.

"AAAAAAARRRRGH! I'M GONNA CUM!" he abruptly cried out.

She didn't realize he meant that he'd already crossed the line and there was no stopping the oncoming flood of creamy cum. She pulled her lips off so she could speak and encourage him to hold out longer.

As a result, she was surprised despite his warning when his first rope splattered hard against her left cheek.

Normally, Leah was not into facials or swallowing. On the rare occasions she even gave Carl a blowjob, she would take his cum load in her mouth and then quickly spit it out in the sink. But she'd never been anywhere nearly as aroused those times as she was now. She was reveling in being a totally uninhibited slut for her son. She happily closed her eyes and turned her head, letting long streaks land across her nose to her other cheek.

To Tommy's total amazement, he saw her move her head this way and that, ensuring that he painted her forehead, chin, and even neck as well. Then her hand holding the base of his pole redirected it down to her bountiful chest.

He was already totally maxed out on pleasure as his orgasm totally consumed him, but it was like he had an extra mental orgasm on top of that just from watching his seed slide down her tit-slopes and disappear into the darkness of her deep cleavage.

As the greatest climax he'd ever experienced finally came to an end, he staggered backwards unwillingly because his legs were giving out on him. He would have collapsed to the floor, but luckily his butt crashed into the edge of his father's desk. Somehow, he regained his balance and managed to remain sitting there.

He just stared incredulously at his sperm-covered mother while he gasped for air like a fish thrown up onto dry land. As amazing as that had been, he was even more staggered thinking about what was to come next.

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