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Chapter 3
(mF, mult, cons, reluc, het, humor, cheat, inc, mother, son, poly, group, WM, WF, oral, pett, preg, BBR)
Written by The Shadow Rising and Spacer X (paul_t_22@yahoo.com)

Tommy wasn't the only one staring incredulously at his own crotch. A minute passed, and then another, before it dawned on Leah that his penis simply wasn't going to go down after his orgasm. Holy cow! Look at him go!

She licked her lips eagerly. Mmmm. More cock-log for me! Now I can REALLY go to town on it! What an incredible night!

She got down on all fours, because she had to crawl forward to get back up to him.

The sight of her like that, with her huge tits swinging low and her ass covered by what he had come to consider the greatest dress in the history of the world, would have caused his penis to spring back to life no matter what its condition. It would have given even a mummy a stiffy. As it was, his erection twitched and nodded with approval.

She crawled forward a little bit. As his cum dripped down her fine facial features, she begged in a sultry purr, "Son! Your cock! I need it. Can I suck on it some more? Please?"

He thought, I feel like I've fallen down the rabbit hole for sure. We never even used to flirt, and now she says that! How could I possibly ever turn down that offer?!

She could see he was too staggered to reply, so she just crawled the rest of the way, held all of his nine-inch hard-on with both hands, and engulfed his entire bulbous cockhead again in one fell swoop.

His penis was still in a super sensitive state from his climax, but he didn't care. He was in nirvana as she spent the next couple of minutes either steadily bobbing over the top of his pole, or just exploring it with her tongue.

She loved it just as much as he did. But she was frustrated by one aspect of what she was doing. I'm licking wherever I want, and I totally love it! No more am I a married, high-powered businesswoman - I'm a slut for my son's all-conquering cock-log! And I just can't get enough of bobbing on his big fat knob. But no matter what I do, I can only fit the top three inches of it in my mouth. That leaves far too many inches of cock I can only stimulate with my busy stroking fingers. This is an incredible shaft of man-meat that deserves better. In fact, it DEMANDS better! What more can I do to show how much I love him?

She'd never deep throated anyone before; she'd never even tried. She'd had some thoughts earlier in the evening about deep throating him, but that had just been her wild imaginings. She didn't seriously think she could manage that for him, due to his sheer size. But she took a deep breath, went down her usual one-fourth of the way, and then simply kept going.

It was a daring act, like she'd suddenly been inspired to try her hand at sword swallowing without any training. But it happened so fast, she was past her gag reflex before it could trigger.

He let out a loud groan as his thick dick reached far down her throat, and then she slowly began sliding her lips back up the length of his dick. A blowjob was incredibly awesome, but now it was like he had all that pleasure, PLUS his cockhead was being squeezed by what felt like her second tight pussy!

Because her air passage was being blocked by his throbbing thickness, she knew she had to act fast. She doubled down before she chickened out. His rod went down and down her throat, until she'd taken a full half of his big dick in her mouth.

She was exceedingly proud of herself. It was quite an accomplishment to deep throat anybody, but to manage to cram so much of such an exceedingly thick pole down her throat was practically a heroic athletic triumph! She felt like she'd just swallowed the top foot of a school's towering flagpole. But just like that flagpole, she was daunted by how long it was, and how far she still had to go.

She didn't know it yet, but she was the first to ever deep throat him. It wasn't that he hadn't been intimate with girls who knew how to deep throat, but none of them were willing to try it on his exceptional length and thickness. (He'd never been able to try anal sex either for precisely the same reason. Girls were just too intimidated by his length and especially his girth to consider the possibility.)

She bobbed up and down for a little while, with his cockhead bulging deep in her throat. But she had to come up to breathe before a full minute had passed. She made a satisfied popping sound as she pulled her mouth off. She smiled up at him teasingly. A few tears of struggle leaked from her eyes.

She asked, "You like that, baby?" She was gleeful, still reveling in her feat.

"Oh yeah! HELL YEAH!" was all he could manage to groan out.

"Want me to do that some more?" she asked as she still slid her hands up and down his soaked thick shaft. She knew she should give him a chance to recover a bit, but she couldn't stop stroking if her life depended on it.

"Uh-huh!" he groaned. Seeing her kneeling in front of him, her two fists pumping his erection, her beautiful face and heaving tits coated with his sticky sperm - he was too horny to say more.

She smiled at him again and leaned forward slightly to flick her tongue over the head of his cock. Her eyes stayed locked to his as she gently ran her tongue over and around the head, and then slowly licked all the way down the underside of his cock.

She thought, I did it! I can't even believe it! This is too much fun, even though it's a physical ordeal! I need a little rest before I try again, but just sucking him the regular way is such a blast. I love this cock so very much! I know I shouldn't think past tonight yet, but how can I ever give it up now?! I love how I've deep throated him but never Carl, even though Carl's is one-third the size. Serves him right, the ungrateful bastard! And a superior cock deserves superior service!

Her tongue frantically flicked over his sweet spot, while her lips sucked on it. Then she lashed her way much lower. She kissed each of his cum-filled balls, ran her tongue all the way back up his cock, and then once again swallowed his cockhead deep into her warm, wet mouth.

"Oh fuck!" he groaned as she gently bobbed over his sweet spot for a minute or so. That was all she was doing - with Carl, she needed to play with her clit or pussy to get any pleasure, but with Tommy, the mere act of licking and sucking was making her max out on pleasure. She didn't even want to orgasm, because any more would be too much.

She pulled his lips off his knob. She ran her tongue over it in slashes as she began descending down its length again. Her fingers stroked teasingly on his lower shaft.

She thought, I can't believe how much fun this is! Yes, I've given blowjobs before, but those were a chore. I had a hard time keeping going, even though I'd been frigging my clit all the while. Hell, there were times I was downright bored. I only did it 'cos I felt bad, since Carl was going down on me so much.

But this! THIS! This is something completely different! The more I do it, the more I love it. I can't get enough! I could suck on Tommy's fat knob for hours! I don't know what it is. Is it that it's so fucking long and huge and all but demands to be worshiped with my tongue and lips? Well, yeah, in part. Is it that it's such a daunting challenge? Yeah, there's that too. But I think the fact that he's my son is the biggest thing. God, what a thrill, to do something so naughty, so wrong! Not to mention so tasty! Heh!

Plus, it's my new attitude. All my barriers and hang-ups are gone, blown away like dust in the wind. I don't have to force myself to commit some unseemly and undignified act. That's how I felt when I was doing it with Carl. But now, I absolutely love it! I suck and lick with gusto! I literally can't get enough! In fact, there's far too much thinking and not enough cock pleasuring going on. I'm gonna go all the way down on him again! I can do it!

As she continued to steadily bob over his sweet spot, she thought, But that's not all. He's not a smug jerk or anything, but he has such quiet confidence. I'm so proud he's my son! He's excited by what I'm doing of course, like a little kid at Christmas, but at the same time it's like he already takes it for granted that I'm his personal cocksucker now. There's just something about his sure attitude - I don't even know what - that makes me make want to work much harder to pleasure him!

She felt chills and thrills race down her spine as she thought, What if I DO become his personal cocksucker?! WOW! Living in the same house, I could "pop off for a spermy snack" any time I want! Sure, he'd still have his girlfriends, but I'd get to enjoy his cock the most of all! That's almost too thrilling to think about. Let's worry about the future later. I've got cock to suck!

She looked up at him apologetically while she slurped clockwise around his cockhead. "I'm sorry, son."


Despite her attempt not to think about the future, much less talk about it, her mouth seemed to act on its own. "Your cock is so big, and it feels so good in my mouth, I'm afraid I'm gonna have to suck it... a lot... from now on. Every day! I need it! You don't mind if I do... do you?"

Knowing he was too far gone to answer, she went back to gleefully bobbing on him.

She thought, There, I said it! I honestly can't believe I just said that, but what's done is done! I all but declared that I want to be his personal cocksucker, and why would he turn that down? Which means he'll get to fuck me at will too! I'm not just going to be his personal cocksucker, I'll be his personal cum dump, taking his massive log in every hole, whenever he wants!

UGH! That's so wicked and wanton! I've totally lost my mind! But I don't care!

Her thoughts around her so much that "mere" cocksucking wasn't enough. She attempted to deep throat him again. She stroked the base of his shaft with her fingers as her lips slid further and further up his shaft, forcing his erection deeper and deeper down her throat. It was a struggle, and she loudly choked and gagged for a little bit, but she knew that if she managed it once, she could do it again.

Her spirits soared once she got past his gag reflex. She could feel it bulging in her neck, and yet she kept cramming more of it down. Her eyes never left his, even when he closed them from an overdose of pleasure.

He looked down at her with breathless awe. It was a sight he was sure to remember to his dying days.

Her mouth was stretched wide because of the thickness of his cock-meat, but still she looked insanely beautiful, with her long black hair spilling down in feathered waves. Her bright shining eyes surrounded by black eye liner. Her dark red lipstick contrasted against her pale face as she slid her mouth slowly up and down his throbbing spear until she got the entire top half all the way inside again.

She managed to keep him way down her throat for a full minute. She slid another inch further down, and then figured out to milk his shaft with her throat muscles.

His eyes bugged out, because that move caused his already sky-high pleasure to instantly double. He exclaimed, "What's that?! Do that! More of that! Please!"

She was so giddy, she was dizzy with delight. Seeing him react so positively increased her determination to deep throat him a lot more.

But that would have to wait for later. She ran out of air and had to pull all the way off and take a little rest. However, only a minute later, she was back and cocksucking him the regular way. They both loved that too.

Time passed. Since Tommy had recently climaxed, his endurance was much greater. He was gamely holding on, even though her amazing cocksucking would have caused nearly any man to blow in just a minute or two.

She'd started out intending just to blow him for a couple of minutes at most, until he shot his load. Then the plan was to switch to the main event, fucking. But she was having such a grand time that the cocksucking was becoming the main event, at least for a while. She almost entirely forgot about the fucking, because pleasuring his cock with her mouth became her entire world. She was way more into it than any sex act she'd ever had with Carl.

Naturally, Tommy was beyond delighted. Although he fully intended to fuck her later, he was in no hurry to get to that yet since he was literally having the best and most arousing time of his life so far.

She focused most of her efforts on deep throating. She did it about as much as she could physically manage, though that usually meant resting a few minutes between each effort.

She was surprised how little her gag reflex bothered her. She figured out the best method was just to act fast and take him straight down her throat in a matter of seconds. It was like diving in the deep end of a pool to get over the cold quickly, instead of wading in the shallows.

Far more annoying to her were the limitations on breathing. But she was nothing if not ambitious, and she immediately began working on staying down longer, as well as taking more inches. And there were plenty more inches for her to take - she could see them clearly under her nose.

As she continued to deep throat him over and over again, she began to grow more comfortable with the amount of thick dick in her mouth. Beyond easing her lingering sense of discomfort from opening her mouth and throat wide enough to take him, she began to derive a curious sense of being comforted by the thick and meaty inches sliding between her lips, over her tongue, and on down into her throat, even as she struggled to relax and accept them.

Although his hands weren't lovingly stroking her hair, the sensations of having her son's heavy penis stroking into and out of her mouth and throat began to take on the feeling of him giving her a loving caress. She found that to be curiously soothing and reassuring.

She thought, Who knew deep throating would be such great fun?! I've always heard it's a physically taxing ordeal. And it is. But I even like that part. It just feels so... right... to be on my knees, sucking my son's cock past her gag reflex and then savoring the taste of him in my mouth! There's so much to do, like massaging him with my throat muscles, tickling his shaft with my tongue, and sliding my lips some too! Plus keeping my fingers busy on what's left. I'm a full-service sucker! Maybe deep throating is my special sex fetish that I never know about until now. Or maybe it's just that everything is ten times better with my son. Either way, I could do this all night!

Before long, she was able to swallow three-fourths of him with each long pass up and down his shaft. She set herself a new goal of getting his entire "cock-log" down her throat before the night was done. She wanted to lick his balls while her throat swallowed around his prodigious girth.

And after just a little more deep throating practice, she also was able to bob her head up and down a little faster, and with better rhythm. Sometimes, she bobbed up around his cockhead where more nerve endings were as she rested between deep throatings. But mostly she took long and slow lunges from the tip down to where her lips nearly reached his pubic hair.

She was amazed he hadn't climaxed yet, because she'd been deep throating him off and on for over twenty minutes by now. Even though more of that was actually spent resting or with regular cocksucking, that was still a lot of deep throating, especially for a first-timer. Her throat hurt, and her cheeks were wet with the tears of effort. And yet she craved more!

She resolved to get him to blow a big creamy load down her throat, but she felt like it was a race against time, because her jaw and facial muscles were getting tired, and soon she'd need to take an extended break.

Her eyes left his and she turned all of her attention to pleasuring his dick. Releasing her right hand, she reached up and pressed it flat against his chest while pumping the base of his shaft faster with her left.

He thought about all the many girls he'd had sex with. I thought I knew what pleasure was. I was so wrong! Take Virginia. She had a rep of being able to suck a fender off a car, and she was good, damn good. But she can't hold a candle to Mom! She's the cocksucking queen! I'd say that even without the deep throating, but that takes her to an entirely new level. I'm in awe! Thanks, Dad, for skipping out on the party!

I swear, I'm totally maxed out on pleasure, like I'm at the height of climax, and she's keeping me like that permanently! How long can this go on, at such a high? Wow!

He smiled down at his mother as he saw her wedding ring glint in the light, that hand sliding up and down with a different rhythm than her busy lips. Incredibly, he watched her manage to get yet another inch down her throat the next time she dove down on him.

It felt so good that he could feel the pleasure in his toes and fingertips! His entire body was tingling and alive.

But then she gave up on deep passes in favor of focusing on his most sensitive spot near his cockhead. She was running out of oral energy. Doing that was less exhausting for her, and she knew that spot was the easiest trigger for his climax. She couldn't wait any longer - she needed more of his cum! Faster and faster she jacked his lower shaft while her head bobbed up and down with increasing fervor, delivering simply insane amounts of pleasure.

"Mmmmmmmph!" she moaned as his shaft glided back and forth between her lips and her tongue slashed back and forth across the rock solid cock-meat.

He groaned as she continued to suck harder and harder, ramming her face back and forth on his hot, throbbing pole. He loved the sight of his hard cock steadily sliding between his mother's hot lips and into her warm, wet mouth. Her cheeks repeatedly caved in with the effort. Her huge tits jiggled wildly as her efforts reached a feverish peak.

He tried to take a mental picture, for fear this might never happen again. However, he sensed that it was such a fantastic experience for both of them that it would have to happen a lot more.

He didn't understand why he hadn't climaxed again yet. Each deep throating effort she did was like ten minutes of normal cocksucking ecstasy condensed down to one positively brain-splitting minute. And she'd been doing that for a good while, at least seven times by now, but still he held on. She was doing simply incredible things with her tongue and lips, leagues beyond what any girl had ever done to him, and yet he still held on. The only explanation he could think of was that it was all so incredible and enjoyable that his body simply never wanted it to end.

Leah couldn't understand his endurance either. She really, really wanted him to cum, and she was using every trick she knew, yet his huge erection was still enduring. She'd lost all track of time and her son's mighty cock was still as hard as steel. She was getting worried, because she could be very competitive (that drive was the main reason why she was already an executive in her company at such a young age), but it looked like her son's impressive cock was going to "defeat" her if she had to take an extended break before he blew. Her jaw was simply getting too tired to go on.

She decided to put even more effort into one last deep throating before she would be forced to take that break. She would give it her all in a desperate effort to push him over the edge.

Thanks to her increased relaxation and determination, she was able to slide all but the last inch of her son's massive slab of fuck-meat down her throat. She couldn't believe she'd gotten that far, and yet she was incredibly frustrated that it still wasn't enough.

He couldn't believe what she was managing to do either. No girl had ever taken anything close to this much of his dick, as no girl had ever even deep throated him before. He didn't even know such a thing was anatomically possible, given his size. But here was his own beautiful busty mother, down on her knees in his father's office, sucking over seven inches of his pulsing shaft down into her tight throat.

He couldn't help but groan even louder as his cockhead pushed through her tight throat passage just like it was pushing through a tight cunt. "Oh fuck, Mom! Hell, yeah!"

She moaned just as loudly around his cock-meat, and her slurpy sucking became even more intense. She found herself actually hoping other couples having sex in nearby offices heard just how much effort she was making, even though that was very unlikely.

She was damn proud of her efforts, and wished she could have a photo showing how much cock she'd crammed down her throat. She had a crazy vision of hanging such a photo on the wall in the living room with other prized family photos.

Faster and faster, harder and harder, she sucked and sucked and sucked. She wasn't just playing around anymore, she was on a mission to take every last inch of him down her throat. At the moment, that was even more important to her than getting him to cum. She could sense victory was near.

Tommy's eyes grew wider and wider as inch after inch slid back and forth into his mother's hot mouth. He kept thinking that this must be it, she couldn't go any deeper, but her eyes never left his hard dick and she was slamming her face back and forth, hard and fast, and with each time it seemed she managed to work just a little more down her throat.

He knew what his mother's business motto was: "If you're going to do something, then do it to the best of your ability. Push yourself to your limit and then push yourself beyond it." But he never imagined in his wildest dreams that she'd use that same attitude to inspired herself to deep throat his entire nine-inch cock!

"Fuck, Mom! Suck it, babe! You HOT SLUT!" he groaned through clenched teeth. This felt better than anything he had ever felt before in his entire life, even better than when he'd fucked Julie, who knew all kinds of special pussy squeezing skills. "Suck it, Mom! Suck my cock!"

"Mmmmmmmmmmph!" She groaned loudly and rolled her eyes up into her head. She really loved this. She felt like she was addicted to cocksucking already, but only if it was with her son. In particular, she hoped deep throating his massive cock all the way to its root was going to be a frequent challenge from now on. Maybe even a daily one!

Clearly, everything had changed between them. They needed to talk about the future later, but it was already obvious there had been a drastic power shift. Even before he fucked her for the first time, she knew in her heart she was his slut. If he wanted to fuck her face, she couldn't imagine ever turning him down.

Her head slammed back and forth repeatedly, her black hair spilling down between her luscious tits. Those huge globes swung back and forth in time with her bobbing up and down his long length.

His eyes followed her swaying and jiggling boobs. I can't believe how incredibly large her fucking tits are! They're so big, but oh-so-firm, and they stand high and proud on her chest. I could play, grope and suck on her tits all day. In fact, maybe I'll try to do just that later. I mean, how can a woman that stacked and beautiful suck cock this good? It's almost unfair!

Her shining blue eyes stayed focused on the massive rod that was somehow crammed so deep inside her mouth that his cockhead visibly bulged in her neck. And yet he STILL didn't cum!

Tommy stood looking down admiringly and lustfully as her head bobbed back and forth and her hair flew in every direction. This is my hot mom, and it's really happening! Shit! She's like a non-stop cocksucking MACHINE! I don't know how much longer I can last!

Suddenly, she moved a hand off his cock and grabbed a hold of his hip instead. Then her other hand moved to his other hip, so she was gripping him firmly at his waist. She abruptly slid her lips all the way back up his cock, but then she pulled her mouth all the way off instead of diving down for another pass.

She looked up at him, her eyes completely filled with lust. She took some moments to recover her breath, and recover in general from all her exertions. Her jaw ached from stretching so widely around his thick fuck-meat, and she was sweaty and exhausted.

She was frustrated, because he somehow managed to defeat all of her most frantic efforts to get him to cum with that, her eighth deep throating effort.

But she only planned a short break. She wasn't the kind to give up easily. She wasn't ready to "concede defeat" just yet. She just had to get him to cum with her mouth before they switched to fucking. She was confident he had a lot more cum in his balls for that, and more. This was going to be an epic night before all was said and done, for sure.

She asked, "Have you ever had a blowjob like this before?" She returned her mouth to his boner only to lick around the head of his dick while still looking up at him lustfully.

"Never!" He growled down at her, irritated that she'd slowed down just when he was getting so close to cumming.

Once again, she pulled her mouth all the way off his dick. "Has any girl ever taken all your fuckin' huge cock-log in her mouth?" She crammed his fat pole back in her hot mouth, and then slid down to his most sensitive spot, then back up, before only returning to suck those few inches again.

It dawned on Tommy, She's teasing me! She knows that I'm close to cumming, and this way she can better control things to keep me right on the edge! God, I need to cum so badly, I think I'm gonna cry!

True, he knew he could simply give in and release his load at any time, but he didn't want to take the easy way out. He wanted to cum, but he wanted it to be epic. He wanted to see stars. She'd had him right there just a minute or two ago.

Ironically, he was wrong. She had been keeping him right on the edge for a very long time, so it was understandable that he'd reached that conclusion. But she'd long since given that up, and she was at her wit's end trying to get him to cum. She knew that he had to be so close that she could just ask him to let go and he would, but she didn't want to take the easy way out either. Her jaw was suffering, but her determination never wavered. Getting fucked was forgotten for the moment, because her entire being was dedicated to getting him to blow his load.

The longer he held out, the more aroused she was. She still hadn't even thought about touching her clit or pussy lips yet. It would have felt great if it occurred to her to do it, but she was having such a great time that it was still unnecessary. Her body was buzzing with lusty pleasure, all the way down to her curled toes. Orgasms weren't an issue for her, because it felt like one continuous climax all the time, at least as long as her lips were sliding back and forth on his shaft.

She pulled her mouth off his cock again and looked up at him, her face calm and waiting for his answer.

It took him some moments to recall she was asking if any other girl had sucked him so deep. "No, they haven't!" He growled again at her, "Now suck my dick, Mom! I need to cum!"

She grinned happily. "Oh, so you're going to start ordering me around now, are you?"

"YES! Suck it!"

She smiled from ear to ear, obviously pleased as punch at that answer. She kept her eyes locked on his as she took his thick dick back into her mouth. This time, she didn't move at first, she just held his dick a couple of inches in her mouth and slashed her tongue relentlessly back and forth across the head.

She thought, When it came to Carl, his penis was just a penis. But when it comes to Tommy, he has a COCK, and it all but demands respect, and obedience, and service! Lots and lots of service!

She was already starting to have thoughts about the future. Details were vague, except she envisioned herself naked and kneeling, happily sucking on her son's fat knob literally for hours at a stretch.

You see? That's what I mean about his attitude. Sure, most of the time he shows that he's totally excited out of his mind. I love that. But there are glimpses of what he'll become - the quiet confidence. I love that even more! And then when he ordered "Now suck my dick" in an angry growl - oooh! Goose bumps! Even though I'm a business executive who's gotten multiple offers to model for classy magazines, I can already tell that in the long term HE'S gonna train ME to be his perfect cocksucker! And I can't wait!

We're SO not done with this tonight! Tonight is just the start of something incredible! I'm so glad I all but told him that I want to be his personal cocksucker, because I do! Already, I'm so addicted that I can't imagine living my life without feasting on his thickness all the time!

Then, with her eyes still on his, she unexpectedly slammed her face forward and took his entire length into her hot, wet mouth and tight throat. She slid all the way down in one feel swoop. To her great joy, she didn't stop at seven or even eight inches, but she consumed the entire thing!

Oh God, oh God! I took all nine inches! My nose is deep in his pubic hair! Yes! This cock-log is fucking MINE! All mine! She pumped a fist up in the air triumphantly.

He almost came right then, yet still he somehow held on. On some level, he also saw this as a contest. He wasn't just gonna cum willy-nilly. He figured that she was an impressive woman, and he needed to impress her in return. (He had no idea how much he'd impressed her already.) He knew he was sliding inexorably over the edge, but struggled with all his might to prolong the joy just a little more, even if it was just a matter of a few seconds.

She paused with her lips right at the base of his cock, still looking up at him lustfully, and then her tongue madly flitted across the inches that happened to be within reach. Her grip tightened on his hips as she began to slowly move her head back up his shaft.

He couldn't believe it. What she was doing made all of his previous blowjobs with his teen dates seem like a peck on the cheek in comparison. Her cocksucking skill was simply unreal, both in terms of quality and seemingly never-ending quantity. But that inspired him to continue holding out. If she was giving this her all, he would too.

Her tits and hair began to bounce more furiously as she once again picked up the pace of her sucking and licking. Suddenly, she was like a woman possessed. It wasn't long until she was slamming her face up and down his entire length, his dick roughly forcing its way deep, deep down her throat, and then gliding back out again. It was as if her gag reflex simply didn't exist anymore (even though it did).

His breathing grew so heavy and desperate, he thought he'd simply pass out from lack of oxygen. He knew he couldn't take much more. The lewd noises of the incestuous blowjob filled his father's office as he moaned and groaned loudly through clenched teeth.

She moaned just as loudly around his cock, and the lewd slurping and sucking of his fat cock filled the entire room.

"Oh yeah, Mom, suck my dick! HELL yeah!" He groaned loudly, "Take it! Suck it! All the way down!"

Leah answered once again with a loud moan and a lusty look that nearly knocked him over. Her sucking intensified even more until he half-seriously thought that she meant to suck his cock off. He didn't know if such a thing was anatomically possible, but if anyone had the force and suction to do it, she did.

"Yeah!" He growled down at the beautiful woman worshiping his cock on her knees before him. "Oh yeah! Fuck! Fuck yeah! Hell yeah!"

Still, she kept bobbing relentlessly. She loved the way he was shouting so loud. She hoped all the other lovers in nearby rooms could hear and be amazed. For each second he held out, her love of deep throating his cock seemingly doubled. This was sex with an intensity and pleasure level far beyond anything she'd ever imagined.

"Oh fuck! Fuck! Mom! My own mom is... FUCK!" He groaned as her tongue slashed and teased around his cockhead. He finally felt his balls beginning to tighten.

"Oh fuuuuuuuuuuuck!" He reached down to grab two handfuls of her beautiful black hair, thrust his hips forward, and fucked her face as hard and fast as he could. He was about to cum after the best and longest blowjob he'd ever had, but better than that, he was about to cum into a hot mouth that belonged to his even hotter mother.

Leah felt his thick cockhead stretch her lips as wide as they could go while he slammed into her over and over. She still hadn't even touched her crotch yet, but this was easily the most arousing and erotic experience of her entire life. She didn't know if she'd climaxed yet, and she didn't care. All that mattered was pleasuring her son's cock with every fiber of her being. Besides, she was feeling such euphoria and arousal that it still was like one non-stop orgasm for her in any case.

She'd never worked so hard to get a man to cum. Nothing else was even close. But she knew that soon she would get her long-awaited reward when her son's seed shot down her throat. She couldn't wait, and it inspired her to keep going, despite the soreness of her overtaxed jaw.

Knowing her spermy reward was only seconds away, she went back to deep throating him. That meant she had to do all the movement, so he wouldn't accidentally hurt her. This was no time for massaging his cock with her throat muscles, because this was far too vigorous. Her cheeks caved in deeply, thanks to her intense suction, as she continuously bobbed her head with long passes up and down his impressive shaft. She repeatedly buried her nose in his pubic hair and then slid back up its length until nothing but the very tip of the head stayed in her mouth, only to slam hard back down again.

She thought, I love how hot and nasty this is! He's got me ready and eager to do anything he asks me to do, or better yet, orders me to do! I already know that once his thick meat is buried deep inside my pussy, I'll literally do anything for him. Anything! I'm his slut already, his personal cocksucking slut! FUCK the fact that I'm married I hope he'll "force" me to suck his cock a whole hell of a lot from now on, because I already absolutely love it when he uses my mouth for his pleasure! I'm almost there. So close. Just a little longer. Come on!

Suddenly, she heard Tommy groan particularly loudly, and then pull on her hair like he was trying to pull it out. She loved that too. She felt even better as suddenly he began thrusting his hips, literally fucking her face. Now that her deep throating had stopped, he was the one doing the vigorous movement. His dick rammed back and forth, in and out of her mouth as his hands held her head still. She couldn't have gotten away if she had wanted to, but this turned her on even more.

She had never been taken roughly like this before, and she couldn't help but groan at how good it felt. She was discovering some submissive tendencies for the first time in her life. Her own son was violently fucking her face and she loved it. She wished he'd started doing it ten minutes ago, and made a mental note to encourage him to fuck her face like this more often.

Such thoughts indicated that the idea of this being their only sexual encounter wasn't even on her mental list of possibilities anymore. She wanted to keep going badly, and she rightly knew he'd never turn down more chances with her, his gorgeous, busty mother, if she so much as crooked her little finger his way. So that meant they'd be doing this a whole lot more, hopefully every day.

Even though he repeatedly slammed his manhood into her mouth and down her throat, her lips still gripped tightly around his pistoning shaft and her tongue quickly darted around, sending tingles of extra pleasure everywhere it touched.

Leah shifted her eyes so she could look back up her son's face. She couldn't speak, but she hoped her eyes could non-verbally communicate how much she loved him right as he blew his load. His first orgasm with her was just a warm-up, and she knew this was an important moment for them both - one they would never forget.

He was staring down at her, his face contorted with lust so much that it looked like he was in serious pain, while his big dick kept ramming in and out of her mouth.

Her eyes teased and lusted for him as she went on sucking madly.

Suddenly, he grunted and he roughly pulled her face towards him, impaling himself in her mouth yet again. He snarled wordlessly and she felt his big dick finally shoot and explode deep within her.

She loved that he was using her in this way, but there was one disappointment amidst all the euphoria: she didn't like him cumming so far inside her mouth that he was all the way down her throat, because she couldn't even taste it. His cum was rocketing straight into her throat.

Happily, as soon as he started to shoot off, he loosened his firm grip on her hair. It was like he was turning from tiger to kitten as all his energy shot out the tip of his cock.

She immediately took advantage of his distracted, orgasmically overwhelmed state of mind, and pulled back so his cock slid back up and he could blow most of the rest of his load just inside her lips instead. Cum continued to shoot out of his cock and began to quickly fill her mouth. She swallowed into her belly as fast as he could, but still more flooded her oral cavity with what seemed to be an endless stream of cum.

She'd had some little tastes here and there already, but she truly tasted his cum for the first time now, since he'd deposited nearly his entire first load on her face and tits.

In truth, his cum wasn't anything special. But because it was his, and because she'd come to love sucking his cock so much just in the last half hour, she thought it tasted absolutely delicious. In her opinion, his taste was just one more reason why sucking him off daily was no longer just a want for her, but a need.

She continued swallowing her son's thick and creamy cum as it spasmodically jerked out of his piss hole while she knelt submissively below him. Her tongue kept tickling his sensitive spot and her hands juggled his balls as she went all out to make sure he experienced his best orgasm ever.

She didn't want him to get second thoughts about having his mother as his regular cocksucker, and she figured the greater his joy, the less likely that would happen. She felt like she had a lot of tough competition from his many girlfriends, so she had to try her absolute best to win him over (although in reality there was no competition at all, since she was simply that good).

Finally, after what seemed like endless minutes of his cum shooting into her mouth but which was in reality only a matter of seconds, the cum fountain began to slow. Then it sputtered down to just some weak, erratic, last spurts. She loved how his cream coated her tongue, and she swirled it around to savor the taste while still greedily swallowing much of the rest down.

She raised her left hand deliberately so she could see her wedding ring shining in the moonlight as she pumped the base of her son's cock with her fist in a desperate effort to coax even a few more last drops of his cum from his balls.

She swallowed the last of his cum in her mouth, but she didn't stop to take a well-deserved rest. She began to run her tongue around the head and shaft of his dick, cleaning the rest of his cum off him.

She'd never cleaned her husband's penis off after the rare occasions she'd given him a blowjob. The idea hadn't even occurred to her. But she instinctively knew that licking Tommy's cock clean would be an essential part of her cocksucking service each and every time she blew him. A magnificent cock demanded magnificent service. In fact, with Tommy, she very much took pleasure from cleaning his cock. It was like an homage, a way for her to thank and praise him for using her mouth.

She looked up into his now open eyes and finally slid his dick from her mouth, although she continued to hold it. She breathed heavily, utterly exhausted from the long and taxing effort. Her huge tits heaved alluringly.

"That was fucking amazing!" he exclaimed as she remained kneeling in front of him, her fingers still lovingly stroking and caressing his now softening dick.

"You liked that? I would never have guessed," she said teasingly as she smiled up at him with her big bright blue eyes.

He continued to rave, "That was the mother of all blowjobs!"

She replied with a sultry growl, "I am the mother of all blowjobs, literally! I'm your mother, and any time you want a hot busty babe to suck on your fat knob, you can and WILL come to me!"

She playfully poked him in his chest a couple of times as she said that. "Is that understood, Mr. Hot Cock?"

He looked at her cummy face, her cummy and heaving tits, his cock in her hands, and her black dress still barely clinging to her hips. Jeeeessuuuusss! I never thought it could be this good! He replied, "Yes, ma'am!"

She snickered. "That's better."

"Sorry," he said, suddenly feeling apologetic. "You didn't mind, uh..."

"What, you cumming like a bucket brigade in my mouth?" She interrupted with a teasing smile, "After I've sucked your dick so much, how could I not expect you to? You deserved that reward, for being such a mother-taming STUD! Besides, anywhere your cum goes makes me happy. Actually, I couldn't decide whether you'd want to rather cum in my mouth or all over me. And when was the last time you came?"

He replied, "I dunno, maybe about twenty minutes ago?"

She laughed as she remembered that. "Oh yeah!" She looked down at her perfectly round melons, and grinned to see the many long streaks and cum gobs still there. She swiped a finger up her left cheek, and then licked the collected large spermy blob into her mouth.

She said, "I forgot. You NAILED my face and tits with all this... pearly goo! You came that much then, and then came so much a second time? WOW! I know they say a guy only shoots out two teaspoons, or whatever it is, but I must have swallowed two or three pints of your cum!"

Saying it made another jolt of electricity shoot through her again. Okay, it wasn't that much, but my son is a real stud! With one long blowjob, I swallowed one load and got painted with another! How hot is that?! Carl could never have managed that.

Carl is pathetic! Forget him. He gave up on our marriage. I belong to Tommy now! She felt goosebumps as she had a profound realization of just how true that was.

She bent back down, and started casually licking his flaccid dick clean.

"Oooh! What are you doing?"

"Just cleaning you off." She said as if that was a given. She lapped and lapped. "When was the last time you came, prior to that?"

"This morning," he answered while smiling proudly down at her. "Twice. Oh, and once in the afternoon." His penis was limp, but it was still over five inches long and pretty thick. It almost hurt when she licked him, he was in such a sensitive state, but she was having so much fun with it he didn't have the heart to tell her to stop.

She couldn't help looking surprised at his answer. He came so much, yet he'd already climaxed three times today? He must really be a cum-making machine! I'd better not hear there's no correlation between scrotum size and cum production, because it only makes sense that a guy with balls as big as his would shoot buckets-worth every time.

"I've never cum that much in my life! Nowhere near," he said breathlessly. "It was because it was you, this special night, your busy tongue, your seriously hot body, your big bare tits, your dress... everything!" His eyes bounced between her spermy face and even more spermy rack, and her tongue lovingly licking him clean.

"You think I'm hot then, Son?" She asked him teasingly as she licked her way down to his balls.

"Do you even have to ask?!" he replied breathlessly. "Hell yeah!"

Things were quiet for a couple of minutes as she lovingly licked his balls completely clean.

At one point, she noted, "You know what just happened changes everything between us, don't you?"


She sensed he was tired out, so she said, "We'll talk about it later."


After a while, and after much more ball licking, he felt compelled to comment on the way she was lapping at his balls. "That feels so weird. Nobody's ever done that to me before. It's all... tingly."

"But it feels good?"

"Oh yeah! Hell, yeah!"

"Good," she mumbled determinedly. "Because I really like doing it, so don't even try and stop me. I prefer your balls, since I can tell you're enjoying what I'm doing to them. But I even enjoy licking your dick when it's like this. It's hard to remember it's flaccid, because it's still just as big and hard as most normal erect dicks."

She popped one of his balls in her mouth.

He groaned lustily as a new wave of pleasure shot through his body. "Shit, Mom! Everything you do is too sexy. YOU'RE too sexy to be believed! Every inch of you. And it's not just me. Everyone I know thinks you're totally hot! I have to keep telling the guys at school to shut up 'cos they keep saying how hot you are, how big your tits are, how long and silky smooth your legs are, how sultry your face is, how much they'd love to bang you, and on and on. We pretty much all get boners whenever your name comes up. They all wanna fuck you, big time. I'm always threatening to kick their asses if they don't shut up about what they want to do to you."

Her smile deepened. She had no sexual interest whatsoever in her son's friends, especially now she had Tommy right where she wanted him, but it was still flattering to be desired by young and handsome men. She could have kept licking him "clean" for a lot longer, but she was hoping he'd be ready to fuck soon. She kissed her way up and down his shaft, and then smoothly rose to her feet.

"So they think that, do they?" She stood up in front of him and smoothed her dress over her hips and lower tummy. She cupped the undersides of her bare breasts like a posing porn star. "Well, tough luck for them. You're the only one that'll get to fuck me."

She leaned forward and gently kissed him on the lips.

She frowned as she looked down at his shrunken penis. "But I think your cock-log needs to wake up first. Would you rather go back to the party? There's so many people we haven't talked to yet. Maybe we could dance some more. Talk about sports. Or... would you rather fuck your mother's hot pussy?"

She said this as she moved back and leaned against the office door, striking a particularly sexy pose with her hands behind her head.

"Hot DAMN! As if I have to guess what I'd rather do! Wow, Mom!"

He wished he could get up and run his hands all over her tits and then pull her dress the rest of the way down so he could play with her pussy. But he was still feeling so weak from the epic blowjob session that he could barely move. "If my friends only knew you suck cock as good as you look. Hell, better!"

She grinned at that. "By the way, Son, I've got a problem. I don't know what to do the next time I've got your big fat cock in my mouth and you're ready to cum. And it's going to happen SO OFTEN! We need to figure this out." She licked her lips seductively.

He gulped.

"Should you cum in my mouth? Or on my face? Or on my tits? So many options!"

His eyes bugged out. "Um. I don't know? They all sound good!"

"Well then, we'll need to experiment, won't we? Next time, you should paint just my face. I want you to douse me so well, it'll look like I'm wearing a thick mask of donut glazing. Then, the next time after that, paint my tits. Then, keep alternating, tits, mouth, face, whatever you want, over and over. After a couple dozen times, maybe you'll start to pick a favorite, and then we can do that more often." She grinned wickedly.

His knees nearly buckled out from under him, even though he was resting against the edge of the desk, as he contemplated getting that many incredible blowjobs from her amazingly talented mouth. "Oh man!"

He closed his eyes and grimaced, like he was suffering. But in reality, he was just mentally overwhelmed. I've hit the jackpot! The sex jackpot! Jackpot with my sexpot mom. If my friends only knew. Yes, her lips look like they were made to suck cock, and they ARE! And she's gonna do this to me again and again? Holy hell!

And we still haven't even fucked yet! How awesome is THAT going to be?! Since it's with Mom, I can already say "extremely awesome!"

She could tell he needed more time to recover. She dropped her arms and said, "I suppose it's at a time like this I'm supposed to calm down and suddenly feel overcome by guilt and despair. 'Oh no! We can't do this! Son, what have we done?!'"

She dramatically raised a hand to her forehead, like she was a refined Victorian woman about to swoon from distress. But of course her cum-streaked face and bouncy bare tits put a lie to that persona.

He was worried and confused. He didn't understand if she was being sarcastic or serious or what. He knew she was still feeling a buzz from the alcohol though, and he didn't want to fuck her just because she was drunk. So he asked, "Well, are you feeling that way at all?"

She'd just been playing around, but now she seriously contemplated her emotions. Finally, she answered, "No. Not at all. I'm sure some of those feelings are still there, but are just masked by my surging lust. I may feel bad tomorrow. But so what? We'll deal with the fallout later. Right now, all I know is, I want you and need you to fuck me more than I've ever needed anything in my life!"

The intense look of desire on her face hit him like a punch to the gut.

She added teasingly, "How's that cock-log of yours coming along? Is there anything I can do to help? Can I clean it some more?" She smiled and winked.

He shook his head; he really did need a breather. He contemplated her attitude. He thought back to a couple of hours ago, when they'd started to flirt heavily. If he'd considered all the possibilities of what could have happened, he never could have imagined this.

Even if I'd managed to fuck her, I thought for sure there was gonna be a lot of crying and tearing out of hair and "My God, what have we done to Carl?"-type talk after. But there's none of that! She's talking about giving me dozens of blowjobs in the future! Hell, I even noticed how she was looking wicked and delighted as she stared at her wedding ring while she was milking the last few drops of my cum out of my dick. She's not only not feeling bad about cheating, she's actually reveling in it!

Whoa. Does she know something I don't know about Dad or something? Does she have proof that he's cheating? I wouldn't be surprised. In any case, she's like a totally new woman. I always knew she was seriously hot, and fun and playful, but she somehow always seemed kind of sexually restrained. She's so sexually liberated tonight that it's breathtaking! I'm not gonna question my luck. I'm gonna enjoy every last second, before she goes back to her usual ways. ...

Or maybe she won't! Oh my god. She could STAY like this, a total sex goddess! What if she DOES?! That thought is so mind-blowing, I can't even go there!

Suddenly mindful of her turn of phrase, he asked, "Why do you keep calling my penis a 'cock-log?'"

She rolled her eyes. "As if I have to explain. Think one of those round logs you put in the fireplace. If it gets any bigger, I'll have to call it a cock-tree-trunk!"

She was too impatient to wait for him to recover. She hoped to speed things up by arousing him to the point that he had to act. She struck another pose, as her arm rose above her head to grasp hold of the door frame above. That did wonderful things to her huge tits.

"So, do you want to fuck me right here against the door?" she asked, her voice and face equally teasing and lusty. "I think you're gonna need to fuck me a lot tonight."

She slid her dress down, exposing her pussy... almost. There was one final barrier, in the form of the thong she was wearing. Still, she was exposed enough to make clear that there was no bush, because she regularly shaved it. He also noticed how very wet she was. Her inner thighs were swamped with cum.

She ran a couple fingers up and down her pussy lips, and then pumped in and out of them a little bit. "My pussy's so horny! It needs you! Your cock-log is so big it'll probably hurt me, but I don't care. You'll probably ruin me for all other cocks too, but I don't care about that either. I neeeed it!"

She bit her lip and gave him a beseeching look. Then her voice turned nearly angry, it was so aggressive. "You've started something pretty serious, that's going to change us forever. You need to finish it. I need you to FUCK me! All night long!"

Watching her athletic body stretch out like that, and her big tits jiggle in side profile, he was shocked to feel some stirring of arousal in his penis. Seeing so much of his cum on her face and fulsome chest certainly helped inspire him too.

She pulled her dress back up, so most of her pussy was covered, if only just. She looked at the door behind her. "I hope at least one of the times, you'll nail me to this door. BANG me on the door! Would you like that? You wanna nail your mother to the door of your dad's office with your big cock-log? You wanna hear her scream and beg for more?"

This was not the sort of language she'd ever used during sex with Carl, or her previous lovers. But incest with her son was so much hotter and better, it seemed perfectly natural to talk that lewdly. And she really did want to be "nailed" against the door!

Before he could answer her, she pushed herself away from the door and walked to him. Once again, she grasped his limp dick, while he sat up against the desk edge. She could feel it slowly engorging in her sliding fingers. She squeezed it playfully as she spoke, hoping to hurry it along.

She continued, "Or maybe right here on the floor? Would you like to fuck your mother hard, and pound her into the floor, like pounding a nail into wood?" This time her voice was more determined, and she yanked at his half-hard penis a bit more aggressively as she stared deeply into his eyes.

He moved forward as if to grab her.

But she let go of his newly twitching and growing cock and moved away from him too quickly for him to reach. She walked farther into the room, sashaying her sexy, tight ass as she went. She deliberately stopped and ran her hands down her ass cheeks, straightening the silky black dress fabric down to her thighs.

She smiled to herself as she walked towards the big chair behind her husband's desk.

"You know, Tommy, I've never cheated on your father," she said without looking back at him, "I never ever seriously considered it before tonight, despite all our problems. But I suppose if I am going to fuck another guy behind his back, who better than our own son? If I'm gonna be bad, I might as well go all the way!"

Then she turned her back to him, knowing that she was in a really sexy pose that spotlighted her bubble butt.

He watched as she repeatedly clenched and unclenched her ass cheeks under the fabric of her black dress, and then kept walking.

She reached the chair as she finished speaking and slowly sat down on the leather. It creaked as she sat down, but she made sure she bent a little lower than needed, so that he could get another view of her amazing bouncy tits as they swelled forward.

"Do you think it's wrong if I say that you've taken control of me, and my body now belongs to you? And I don't just say that as sex talk. I really mean it! Do you think it's cruel to Carl if I only want to get fucked by your wonderful cock-log instead of his rinky dink one? Is it wrong if I never fuck him again, because that would be cheating on you?"

She smiled as she looked at him, and saw his dick was beginning to harden. She knew her words and physical stance would drive any man wild, but it drove her son absolutely crazy because the incest factor made it even hotter.

She was willing to say anything to get his penis erect again sooner rather than later. But, as she swiped cum off her cheeks and chin and into her mouth, her whole body thrilled and shivered, because she realized those words could really be true if she wanted them to be.

He asked her, "Do you really mean all that?!"

"We'll see. Right now, I'm so horny, I don't know what's just my lust talking and how I'll feel tomorrow. But I mean it as I say it!"

My sex life has dwindled down to nothing as my marriage has slowly died on the vine. I've been practically asexual lately. But boy, has that changed tonight! This is the best and most alive I've felt in years. I want to have naked and naughty fun with my son all day and night!

He HAS taken control of me! I've always loved my son, but now I totally love his cock too! If I seriously think about what would make me happy, what would my ideal day look like now, it would have to include sucking and stroking that fat cock-log for a couple of hours, at least!

But once he fucks me with it, oh God! Shivers all over! My body probably WILL belong to him after that! His cock-log seems like it was perfectly designed for maximum pussy pleasure. That thing is gonna destroy me!

She raised her finger to her mouth and sensuously traced her lips with it. "Hmmm... Maybe you could make me cum on his chair?" She smiled when she saw his cock twitch and harden more. "Would you like that, to fuck the shit out of your big-titted mother on the very chair where your dad works hard all day to bring home the bacon?"

Tommy gasped, "Mom, you're so fucking hot! You're on fire!"

She licked her index finger and then swiped it across her shoulder. She made a funny burning noise, like her hot skin had sizzled the saliva off.

Her hips wiggled all the while, almost as if she was churning on his erection already. She just couldn't keep still, thinking about how great it would feel to get fucked by her son. No more of this mucking around. Teasing is fun, but I can't wait. I have to get him fully hard now!

Standing up, she quickly bent forward over the desk, giving him an unobstructed view of her dangling tits. She used her arms to press them together and give him an even more arousing view.

Resting on her elbows with her palms flat on the tabletop, she spoke in a deep husky tone. "Or maybe you want to fuck me over your father's desk," she said and groaned loudly, "Oh yeah! Would you like that? To fuck me hard from behind, while my big boobs mash into your father's desk? Can't you feel it, your huge cock splitting open my hot little cunt, pounding me hard and making me scream your name and beg for mercy right over your dad's papers?"

She smiled wider to see that his dick was continuing to grow. She knew she was a great flirt, and that soon he would be rock hard and ready to take her. She was having the time of her life. Her lusty side had completely taken over.

With Carl, she'd always held back for fear of being seen as too wanton, too slutty. But with her son, she reveled in being as wanton and slutty as she could possibly be. It felt fantastic to give in completely to her desires. Plus, even in their best years, Carl had excited her, but he didn't thrill her to the depths of her soul the way Tommy did now.

His eyes glimmered with lust. His energy was finally coming back, and with a vengeance. He held himself back from chasing after her though, knowing she would continue to move away from him until she was deemed the time was right.

This time, she straightened slowly, gently moaning as she pushed her large tits farther forward, and then she slowly walked round to the side of the desk and turned to lean back on it with her hands resting on the edge. She looked straight at the leather sofa in front of her, and then she turned her head to look at her son.

"Or do you want to fuck me on this nice soft leather sofa, baby?" She that asked lovingly. Her arm was casually draped under her rack, but it was no accident the way that made her bare globes swell up and out. "Can you picture lying on top of me right there, wildly bouncing up and down all over me and feeling my pussy expanding to take all of your thick nine inches? 'Cos that's what's gonna happen! If not tonight, we'll come back here on other nights, until there isn't a single spot in this office Carl can touch where you haven't fucked me already! The whole room will smell like your sperm!"

Tommy just stood there, his dick completely stiff again. He was shaking from the visible effort of holding back from ravaging her and fucking her brains out.

She smiled as she stood there looking at him. "Son, that is an extremely big cock. But I think I'd be your fuck slut even if it was smaller than your father's, just because it's yours. What we have is so powerful and so right, it can't be denied. Still, your huge horse cock seals the deal. I can't wait until you're nailing me, making me scream in ecstasy, even though you'll probably split me in two and literally fuck me to death!"

She thought back to their blowjob session with genuine wonder. "How on Earth did I get all of that in my mouth? Much less slide it so far down my throat? I can't even imagine what came over me!" She added, "Although I know who came ON me!" She laughed.

He said in wonder, "Mom, you're amazing!"

"I know," she winked. She let him wait a little longer, making both of them boil with anticipation. That's how much she loved teasing him. "But you're amazing too. Remember how you brazenly told me point blank earlier that I'd be screaming your name later tonight as your fat cock-log creams deep in my cunt? You were so right. We're almost there!"

He growled with lusty frustration. He longed to be there already, busting a nut while balls-deep in her.

"Maybe I should take this dress the rest of the way off," she said as she stood straight up and stretched her arms high over her head again, striking yet another insanely arousing pose. "Unless you want to fuck me in it?"

That was the final straw as far as Tommy was concerned.

Leah smiled as her 16-year-old boy hurriedly walked straight towards her and grabbed her. Their lips mashed together, and their tongues probed deep in each other's mouths roughly.

His hand reached up and roughly grabbed one of her heavy globes. He squeezed it harshly as he continued kissing her. His other hand went to her pussy finally, but he was frustrated by her dress. He stroked her pussy lips through her dress anyway. He could feel her hotness right through the fabric.

She moaned loudly into his mouth and her hands grasped his head, pulling him closer and deeper into her mouth.

Suddenly, she pushed his lips away. With her face still only inches from his, they both panted hard.

His hand kneaded her breast a little more, and then he used both hands to pull her dress down her hips.

They kept staring lustfully into each other's eyes even as she completely stepped out of her dress and tossed it on her husband's chair.

Then both of them stood still, feeling the calm before the storm. All the teasing had gone out of her, and all she wanted to do was to fuck and fuck and fuck.

For the first time ever, Tommy saw his mother completely naked. His heart thumped excitedly. He knew it was a big moment.

Almost completely, that is: she'd kept her high heels on because they made her feel extra wicked and wanton. She also kept a thong on, just to tease him a little bit and give him something to rip off, even though it was only a little wisp of cloth.

He was gobsmacked she even owned something like that. At the moment, she looked more titillating than if she'd been without it.

He gave her a thorough look over as he lightly stroked his stiff dick. Her body was essentially flawless. Her devotion to regular exercise had held back the ravages of time and wear so far. For instance, it was impossible to tell she'd given birth. She'd had some stretch marks, but they were long gone. In fact, she had an outstanding body for any age. She looked like she could have qualified for an Olympic volleyball team. The only "blemishes" on her were a few blue veins showing up here and there, because her skin was so pale. But Tommy even liked those, because they were a part of her.

"Fuck me!" she purred passionately and breathlessly while staring intently in her son's eyes. She pulled her thong to the side.

He'd gotten a glimpse of her earlier in just her thong, when she'd teasingly pulled her dress down for a minute. That allowed him to figure out she'd shaved her bush off, since the thong didn't exactly leave anything to the imagination. But now he could definitely confirm she was completely bare down there. He liked that a lot. Most of his girlfriends shaved too.

He'd never directly seen her pussy lips before. He was fascinated, even though he was very sexually experienced for his age and had seen and fucked a lot of pussies. This was his mother's, the very one he was born from!

Her pussy was puffy and swollen from so much arousal. It also was sopping wet.

Tommy wasted no time. His post-orgasmic exhaustion was totally forgotten, replaced by a burst of lusty energy. His mouth darted back onto hers, their tongues once again probing each other's mouths. His arms wrapped tightly around her, and he lifted her up from the floor as if she was a feather.

Her legs immediately wrapped around his waist, his hard cock pressing against her pussy. (To his great frustration, her thong had fallen back into place over it.) But instead of moving to the sofa like she thought he would, he moved forward and planted her down quickly on her back on the desk.

She moaned into her son's mouth as he reached up and once again began mauling her hefty tits. His body pressed her hard against the big tabletop, which was big enough for both of them to lie on with space to spare.

She felt his erection pressing hard against her pussy mound. Her thong was soaked over her slit, and his shaft slid back and forth against it. She was delightfully reminded of earlier in the evening, since she'd been rubbing against his cock in one way or another nearly non-stop for the past couple of hours, up until the cocksucking session.

They continued kissing, and he kept groping her huge soft globes. Then he broke the lip-lock and kissed his way down her cleavage. He occasionally kissed his way up her steep tit-slopes to her nipples, while his fingers distended her tits this way and that.

She moaned softly and unlocked her legs from around his waist. She was hot to trot. She needed his cock!

He reached down to take hold of the band of her thong. He roughly pulled It down.

He stopped kissing her hefty tits long enough to look deeply into her eyes. Her hair was splayed out across the tabletop, her chest was heaving as her breath quickened, and she was shivering with unbound lust. He was overcome by the sheer beauty of her face. It gave him chills.

He briefly considered whether he should stop before he actually stuck his cock in her and became a real motherfucker, but that thought was crushed like an elephant stepping on an ant. He paused a bit longer to consider whether what they were doing was wrong, but he immediately decided he didn't care. It was so meant to happen that the morality of it was irrelevant.

He smiled down at her as he continued to pull her thong down her legs until he couldn't reach any farther. He made a move as if to get up to completely remove it, but she pulled him back and just wriggled her legs until it hung on her high-heeled foot. Then she kicked them off. Neither of them paid any attention to where her thong underwear went.

He thought, Wow! Thong gone! Finally. Now, Mom is well and truly naked! This is it! We're really going to fuck!

As Leah looked lustfully into Tommy's eyes, she stroked his facial cheek with her left hand, and then took hold of his muscular arms with both hands. "Son, you've got your mother totally naked now. Naked and helpless in your strong arms! Your cock is literally poking at my wet pussy lips! What do you think you're going to do to your naughty and needy mother?"

"You know what I'm going to do!" he growled. He rubbed his cockhead up and down her pussy lips. She'd teased him relentlessly most of the evening, but now he had a chance to tease her back a little bit.

Her hips writhed as she tried to pull his cock into her hot gash. "Son, what about your father? What'll we do about him?"

Even saying that, she was having a hard time conjuring up any guilt. She was more worried about Carl getting in the way of them wanting to fuck pretty much every time Tommy got an erection. Her love for him had been slowly dying. He had no clue yet, but nothing was basically the last straw for her and her marriage.

Tommy replied, "You know, I love seeing that wedding ring Dad gave you when I'm just about to fuck you."

She brought her wedding finger to his cock and ran that hand up and down his thickness. All eyes were on that ring as she did so. She deliberately let the metal glide against his skin. His boner was dripping with pre-cum and saliva, so she made sure to wet the ring with his juices.

She noted, "We're pretty bad, aren't we? The funny thing is, I don't feel the least bit guilty, because I'm your fuck slut now. Your fuck toy. Doing this only turns me on even more, because this ring has no meaning to me any longer. I had an okay marriage, but that doesn't matter anymore. Does it?"

Tommy couldn't help but grin. "No. You belong to me."

She shivered all over as she heard that, and felt such a rush of lust that she actually climaxed. It helped that his cock happened to be rubbing against her clit as well as her pussy lips.

He felt shivers and goose bumps from his own words. Only after he said those words did it start to sink in how very sincerely and deeply he meant them.

"Well, I'm going to love being pinned to his desk by my son's big cock-log," she said as teasingly as she could, "Now be a good boy, Tommy, and fuck me!"

No more encouragement was needed. He smiled as he thrust forward as hard as he could. He slammed his entire length of his nine inches deep into her ready and wanton pussy, stretching and filling her completely.

Leah screamed at the top of her lungs because of the pain of being suddenly and deeply speared by such an uncommonly big and thick cock. She'd thought he'd just push in a little bit at a time, and hadn't expected that at all.

Her vagina could barely handle his size, at least without more time to adjust. She had never had any dick anywhere near this big in her before, and it stretched her in new ways. It almost felt similar to giving birth, except that was all pain, and this pain was completely overwhelmed by pleasure.

Slowly, as her head and back were arched from the shock of the initial penetration, the pain subsided and she felt nothing but joy and euphoria.

Waves of passion and pleasure shot through her body. She curled her toes as she felt another powerful orgasm wash over her. Her muscles clenched, her body shook, and she groaned like she'd been shot.

"Uuuuggghhh!" she groaned some more, with her head thrown back and her spine arched. She was unwittingly striking an even more erotic pose than any of her previous poses. She gripped his arms tightly as she continued to cum hard.

"I take it you like having my big dick buried deep in you, Mom?" he asked smugly as she came down slowly from her orgasm.

"I love it! I love it! I love it!" she cried in ecstasy. "I LOVE IT!" She'd never loved anything more. Already, this was heads and shoulders better than any sex she'd ever had before, except for their earlier cocksucking session.

It was then that she noticed that he wasn't fucking her, he was just holding his dick inside her. He was literally in her balls-deep, reaching places that had never been reached before. His cock had slid right alongside past her cervix and deep into her fornix. He fit her perfectly. Another inch or two of hard cock would have been a waste.

He was relishing the moment, enjoying the sensations, as well as the mind-blowing fact that his cock was all the way in his gorgeous mother's pussy.

But as much as he loved it, which was pretty much off the scale, she loved it even more. She was on the verge of hyperventilating. He was young and living in the moment, not thinking of the consequences. She was older and more experienced, and although she also was living in the moment, a part of her was mindful about the future. She knew this wasn't just the start of a great fuck, this was the start of an entirely new way of life for them both.

The feeling of incredible fullness only confirmed for her that she was her son's slut now. She was instantly and totally addicted to this feeling, and that she'd be spreading her legs for him anytime he as much as looked at her with desire in his eyes. She needed it like she needed food or water. She knew this was just the first of many, many incredible fucks. If a day passed without her son fucking her even once, that would be a day wasted.

Tommy could sense the power he now held over her, and he reveled in it. He didn't start thrusting, but just wiggled his cock around, finding an even more perfect fit. He was making sure she felt every inch of him with her snug pussy walls.

The feeling of her son fully impaled in her was simply amazing; she had never felt anything like it in her life. UUNNNGH! I'm absolutely stuffed full of cock! SO FULL! It was like she didn't actually need to get royally fucked with fast thrusts, because this alone was the living end.

Her pussy stretched tightly around the thick invading meat and squeezed it tightly. She felt like she was in Heaven, but in Hell as well, at least a little bit. That's because she wasn't entirely without guilt. This was her son's dick buried to the hilt within her pussy, the very son she had given birth to 16 years ago, and now he was about to fuck her on her husband's office desk. But whatever sinfulness she felt only fired her desire.

She moaned again as she lay flat on the tabletop and opened eyes she never realized she'd closed in the first place. She felt so good that she wanted to run and jump and shout. She was her son's fuck slut now, and that was a simple fact, as solid and undeniable as the sun rising and setting every day.

She thought back to how long she'd sucked her son's thick meat before he finally shot a creamy load down her throat. Thinking about sucking his cock every day literally started her drooling. Gaawwwd! I thought that cocksucking was the ultimate. Especially the deep throating. But feeling that same cock balls-deep in her pussy is ten times better!

The knowledge that the massive cock inside her, filling her completely, belonged to her son was absolutely essential.

Lust burned deep within her. She was torn, because it felt so great being completely impaled like this, she never wanted it to end. But she also couldn't wait for him to start thrusting.

"You feel soooo good, baby!" she said breathlessly. "You really are a motherfucker!"

She lifted her legs to wrap them around his waist. She thought he'd completely bottomed out at the back of her pussy already, but pulling him against her pushed him in another inch or so. She didn't think it possible, but that felt even better! "Please, Son, please! Fuck me!"

He smiled smugly. "Hmmm. Maybe."

She playfully punched him. "You meanie! But I suppose I deserve that. I teased you a lot earlier, didn't I?"

"Yeah, but I love it. I want you to tease me and dress sexily for me, and strip slowly for me, all the time."

Again, his confidence and ease with her made her lustily shiver all over. This was the voice of a boy who was going to take what he wanted whenever he wanted it.

"I will! But only if you fuck me!" She kicked her high heels off and dug her feet into his back, as if he was a horse and she was trying to get him to trot.

But he ignored her for the moment. In truth, he was on the verge of climaxing already, and needed some time to calm down a little bit. "You know what's odd," His hands were at either side of her head while her hands were gripping his muscular arms. "Sixteen years ago, I came out of your pussy and now all these years later, I'm back in here again."

She smiled back up at him. "Only this time you're bigger! I swear, I think your cock is bigger than all of you was back then!" She giggled, knowing what a wild exaggeration that was. But in the moment, with her vagina stretched out so much, it almost felt that way.

Still recovering and gathering his strength, he only rooted his cock around a little bit, just getting a little bit better acquainted with her pussy.

Clinging tightly, and poised for him to start thrusting at any second, she asked, "Son, do you think you could use me as your favorite fuck slut? I know you have your girlfriends, and I'd never ask you to stop fucking them, but your mom needs your cock too, you know!"

He grinned from ear to ear. "That could be arranged." He especially loved her comment that she wouldn't ask him to stop fucking his girlfriends. Pinch me, I'm dreaming!

She was digging her heels into his back, still trying to goad him to start. But at the same time, she grew a bit contemplative. "You know, I never gave a thought to incest. It never once crossed my mind as a real possibility before, well, a couple of hours ago. I knew you were handsome, very sexually active, and well-hung, but you were my son, and that was that."

"You knew I was well-hung?" he asked.

"I had no idea just exactly HOW big you were, but come on, I'm not stupid, or blind. I couldn't help but notice you had a boner pretty much all the time you were near me, and I was pretty impressed by the size of your bulges. I was flattered, but I thought it was just a phase you were going through, and I was extra careful to cover up around the house."

She marveled, "If Carl had gone to this party tonight, this probably never would have happened. But now, I already can't imagine NOT feeling this cock deep inside me all the time. If I don't get fucked by you at least once a day, I'm going to feel sad and incomplete. Isn't it amazing, how quickly things can change?"

He didn't answer with words. Instead, he slowly pulled his dick out of her tight pussy to the tip of the cock head, and then slammed his hard cock all the way back into her.

Leah screamed at first, like she'd been drawn and quartered. Yes, there were some new jolts of pain, but that only intensified her pleasure. She idly wondered if others would hear and come running for help. She decided no, since presumably the only other people nearby were also busy fucking in other offices.

He pulled back, and pushed all the way in again.

That resulted in another agonized scream.

But after only a slight pause this time, he thrust in again. And again. And again.

Soon her pussy became accustomed to the size of Tommy's big dick repeatedly slamming hard in and out of her. She stopped screaming and just moaned in continuous orgasmic ecstasy.

He continued to drill her with a regular, relentless rhythm.

Both of them were simply over the moon. True, Tommy had fucked other girls, and he'd had some pretty great experiences with many of them. But this was an entirely different thing. The fact that he was fucking his mother at least doubled his pleasure, for starters, but that wasn't all. Leah and he did have some kind of special spark. Their bodies fit together perfectly in every way. Neither of them were making any special moves, this was just a missionary position fucking with a steady rhythm. But even if he didn't know it was his mother, the sensations still would have been extraordinary.

They were quiet for a while, with only the sounds of her moaning, his moaning, and his balls slapping against her inner thighs breaking the silence. But their mutual pleasure steadily increased, and their moans, grunts, and groans grew louder and louder.

Leah in particular was overwhelmed with orgasmic joy, and unable to stay quiet about it. Soon, the lewd noises coming from her mouth turned back to screams of lust and incredible feelings of pleasure. She began screaming her son's name, just as he'd predicted she would earlier, back on the dance floor.

"Tommy! Tommy! Deeper! Deeper! So good! So good! Tommy! Oh God! Fuuuuck!"

She was free to let her feelings go. It was no problem if she climaxed, and in fact she did, over and over again, until she couldn't tell what was happening anymore, because it was like one endless, delirious orgasm.

But he had to be careful not to cum too soon, so he needed to remain in control and hold back to some extent. He looked like he was deep in thought as he pounded her hard and fast, but it was just him concentrating on not cumming.

The incestuous fuck had begun, and they were in heaven.

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