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Chapter 4
(mF, mult, cons, reluc, het, humor, cheat, inc, mother, son, poly, group, WM, WF, oral, pett, preg, BBR)
Written by The Shadow Rising and Spacer X (paul_t_22@yahoo.com)

Tommy continued to piston his rampant erection in and out of Leah's very welcoming pussy with strokes so powerful that the strong wooden desk creaked loudly. He thought, I'm actually fucking my own hot-to-trot mother! I swear, if I die and feel the greatest eternal bliss in Heaven, it could only be a come down from this! Well, unless Heaven is eternally fucking Mom! Which it probably is! Heh!

Her pussy gripped tightly to every inch of his thick manhood as it continued to plow relentlessly into her. Her arms were wrapped around his neck, her nails dug painfully into his flesh, and her face was contorted in absolute pleasure.

Even with her eyes squeezed tightly shut and her mouth continuously moaning and groaning in between her screams of ecstasy, she looked stunning. Her long black hair still fanned out across the tabletop, her big, pale tits shook from each of his ruthless thrusts into her body, and her legs were locked tightly around him like she was an octopus. She was trying to pull his thickness even deeper into her.

"OH FUCK! TOMMY! OH FUCK! FUCK ME, BABY! FUCK MY PUSSY GOOD, YOU MOTHERFUCKER, MOTHERFUCKING! UGH! HNNG!" She screamed at the top of her lungs nearly non-stop as his dick continued its assault. She'd never been particularly vocal during sex before, but then again she'd never been fucked by her son before.

It occurred to her that he'd promised she'd be screaming his name before the night was over. She had a good laugh at that, but not for long, because his continuous impaling forced her to scream some more. Mindful of his boastful prediction, she yelled, "TOMMY! TOMMY! TOMMY, you're fucking me!"

"Oh Mom! Fuck! Fuck yeah!" was all he could manage to grunt out in response. She was doing enough screaming for both of them. His face looked increasingly pained, but there was no doubt he was feeling indescribable pleasure.

"Come on, baby! UGH! Fuck me HARD, Son! GOD HOW I LOVE YOUR DICK! FUCK, I FEEL SO FUCKING GOOD! SOOO FUCKING FUUUUULL!" She was thrusting her hips upwards to meet his thrusts with equal force, doubling their pleasure.

He slammed even harder back into her, driving her against the desktop with a loud crack. The desk shifted and creaked with strain. He thought the thing might seriously fall apart before they were done because of how hard they were fucking each other. There was definitely no finesse or tenderness in what they were doing right now, just pure animal fucking.

"Your pussy's so fucking tight! Fuck!" he grunted between sharp breaths. Even though his hard-on slammed in and out of her smoothly, he just couldn't believe how tight she was, and how her pussy actively gripped his cock like a vice, trying to milk it for more cum.

"OH FUCK BABY, YEAH! NAIL ME TO THE FUCKING DESK, TOMMY! FUCK ME! UH! OH!" She continued to scratch at his neck as she screamed with all her might.

Their pace hadn't slowed for a second, and they had been fucking harder and faster each minute for what seemed like forever, but must have really only been five minutes at the most. He knew that the fact he'd climaxed twice recently was helping his endurance, but even so, this fuck was simply too fucking hot and he wasn't going to last much longer. Somehow he'd held out a surprisingly long time during the second part of her prolonged blowjob session, but he could feel this was different.

She suddenly opened her eyes to stare lustfully into his, and then she took her arms from around his neck and raised them above her head to grip onto the edge of the desk tightly. "Come on, fuck me! Fuck your hot mom for all she's worth! UGH! Motherfucker! You MOTHER! Fuckin' FUCKER! Make me fucking gush and cum all over your big, hard COCK-LOG!" She growled at him like an angry animal.

He'd never seen her like this. It was mind-blowingly arousing, but also somewhat intimidating. She was like an unstoppable force. Luckily, he was far too gone to be intimidated by anything.

He sweated with the effort of how hard he was driving his dick into her. He was still trying to pace himself so he wouldn't cum too soon, but as she continued to growl at him so sexily and passionately, he knew it was a battle he would lose very soon. He slammed even harder into her. The more she screamed and moaned, the harder he rammed his cock into her, and the harder he fucked her, the louder she cried in orgasmic ecstasy.

"OOOOH YEAH! Oh, yeah! UGH! UGH! Tommy baby, my baby boy, fuck your mother good! Oooooaaaaaiiiiieeee!" She screamed without restraint as his nine inches slammed home again and again.

"Come on, baby! We shouldn't be fucking doing this, so you'd better make it worth it! HNNNGG! I'm soooo baaaaad! OH! Letting my own son fuck me, and on my hubby's desk too! UH! So good to be bad! UGH! Yeah! OH! Oh! Yeah! MORE! I need MORE of your COCK-LOG!"

Her voice rose up and down with surprise, like every new thrust astounded her. There was no acting in that. Her pleasure was so insanely great that it did astound her each and every time.

He tried as hard as he could to fuck her faster and deeper as she continued to talk dirty to him, but he was already fucking her as hard as he could. Their breathing came in short, heavy pants: his because of the effort of continuous fucking, and hers because each time he slammed his cock back into her, he drove all of the air out of her lungs.

His hot boner continued to mercilessly ravage her as she threw her head around and desperately clutched him. Sometimes though she would pull back a bit like she was going to fall back to the desk, and then her tits would swing around wildly, like a plate of Jell-O being shaken back and forth.

Eventually, he needed to cum immediately, or slow down and catch his breath a little bit. He chose to do the latter, because despite all she'd said about how she needed his cock from now on, it seemed too good to be true. He was still afraid she'd "wake up" and go back to being the same loving but non-incestuous mother he'd always known. He kept thrusting in and out, but at a lower key and slower pace for a while.

After she caught her breath thanks to the change of pace, she was able to talk more freely. She pretended regret. "Oh baby, you know this is soooo wrong, I think you should..."

He started thrusting more vigorously, hoping he could fuck her worries right out of her.

She panted, "Maybe you should... Son, we can't... OH!... Maybe... OH FUCK! Baby, you should... Oh, you should..." She paused for dramatic effect, and then shrieked at the top of her lungs, "KEEP FUCKING ME! OH! YEAH! YEEEAAHH! OH! HNNGG!"

He snorted with laughter. Then he grinned down at her flushed face as they shared a knowing, amused look. It finally dawned on him that she'd just been teasing him with her supposed doubts. Even though he still needed to rest, he decided to "punish" her by fucking her even harder.

Just looking at her achingly beautiful face, with strands of hair plastered to her skin from the copious sweat, gave him a new burst of energy. A woman with a face like that needs to be FUCKED! A LOT!

Her entire body shook with each penetrating thrust, like she was on top of a wildly bucking washing machine. Her eyes squeezed shut again and her grip tightened on the edge of the desk. The desk itself was creaking loudly, but that noise was nothing compared to his moans and groans of pleasure, and her screams of ecstasy.

All of a sudden, Tommy heard a noise at the other end of the room - it was the sound of the door opening!

Leah obviously heard it too, but when he was about to stop his thrusting, she grabbed his chin. "Don't you dare fucking stop!" she growled aggressively. "Let the whole world see our beautiful love!"

By the look in her eyes he knew she meant it, so he continued to pound her hard as the door opened and someone poked their head into the room.

"Oh! Sorry, I thought this one might be empty!" the voice said.

Tommy briefly looked towards the door, and saw a fully dressed middle-aged couple standing there, gawking. He had no idea who they were, but then again he didn't know most people at the party.

"OH FUCK! SO FUCKING BIG! SO FUCKING HOT! SOOOO FUCKING GOOD! OHH DEEPER, BABY FUCK MEEEE! GIVE IT TO ME!" Leah screamed, obviously turned on by the fact someone was watching them fucking without knowing they were mother and son.

Tommy felt that same surge of lust fill him and renew his strength, so he began pounding her harder against the desk top. He was extremely proud to be fucking this bombshell, and he was glad at least two other people knew.

The couple didn't leave immediately, as one would have expected. No doubt, it wasn't every day a person got to see a woman as incredibly beautiful as Leah getting seriously fucked. Her black hair was flying everywhere with each new thrust.

"Sorry to disturb you!" the strange man's voice finally said after half a minute or so, and then the door closed again. The chances were they wanted their own private room for sex. Since Tommy and Leah weren't recognized and hadn't shouted anything incriminating, there wasn't anything to worry about, at least this time.

Tommy looked down at his mother; her hips were thrusting up at him faster than before. She was more turned on than ever, and she was losing all control of herself as her next orgasm was approaching. It was obviously going to be huge.

She flung her head from side to side, and tightly shut her eyes. Her arms flailed about, looking for anything to grab a hold of. She hit a lamp and knocked it over.

As she continued to flail around thanks to her rapidly approaching orgasm, her hand hit a photo frame and it flew from the desk to land on the floor. He had previously noticed it held a picture of his mother and father hugging each other, taken while on vacation a few years ago. The symbolism of the accident was obvious, although they were too preoccupied to think about it at the moment.

As his cock pistoned rapidly in and out of her, she reached around and held his back tightly. Her fingernails dug deeply into his skin. She was hanging on for dear life. Before tonight, she'd never dreamed a person could feel this much physical pleasure. It was just as great as the best moments of their deep throating session.

She began to climax. She braced herself like she was in a car about to slam into a wall.

He felt her pussy spasm and clench so tightly that it seemed as if she would seriously crush and injure his stiff dick, but he continued his assault anyway. He was intensifying her orgasm as it shot through her body, right down to the tips of her fingers and toes. He had to slow his thrusting before long though, because her pussy was spasmodically tightening even more.

"OH FUUUUCK!" Her scream began like that, but it finished in a long wordless cry of absolute joy.

His cock never stopped its deep and steady pounding as she convulsed underneath him, impaled lewdly on his fat pole. She shook all over so much that several times her entire body lifted from the desktop only to slam back down onto the hard desk. She hit her head hard more than once, but she didn't seem to even feel it in her torrent of ecstasy.

Her nails dug as hard as they could into his back, bringing a shout of pain from him. He was grateful her fingernails weren't long, at least, or she would have caused some serious bleeding instead of just scratching.

Then her back arched half a foot off the table and her head shot back with her eyes wide open. "UUUUUH! AAAAAH! Help me, God, help me! UUUUGH!" she groaned between her tightly clenched teeth.

He continued to fuck her as hard as he could, like a pistoning machine that wouldn't stop for anything.

Very slowly, she came back down to Earth again. Her back rested against the desktop, her legs loosened around his back, her fingers stopped digging into his skin, and her head came forward to look at him.

Her face was a mask of complete satisfaction and lust. She'd had the orgasm she'd craved, but she was far from finished.

She gently purred at her son as he continued to piston his dick in and out of her. He was moving slower than before, obviously weary from how much effort he had put in bringing her to orgasm, but he still kept on.

She thought, I absolutely love that he's not stopping for anything! Carl would have shot his load and given up a long time ago, but Tommy is relentlessly using me for his pleasure! His dick is completely unstoppable! There's nothing I could say or do. Begging for mercy is pointless. He's going to keep pounding my pussy to oblivion, and the only thing I can do is completely give in and love every fucking minute of it and every fucking inch he has to give me!

She couldn't believe how good she felt right at that moment, and how intense her latest orgasm had been. She had never cum that hard in her life, and to do so courtesy of her very own son made it all the better.

She knew before they'd even started fucking that it would come to this, that his fucking would completely blow her away. At some point while she'd been sucking his cock seemingly forever, she'd realized his combination of size and stamina would be utterly devastating when it came to fucking, and she'd been right. I'm hopelessly addicted to my son's cock now. There's no going back. I belong to him, full stop! I'm his fuck slut, now and forever!

Although she was feeling as boneless as a jellyfish, she smiled at him as he continued to raggedly drive his dick back into her. She was half-dead, gasping and sweating profusely, but her own lust was already returning. She could feel every inch of him stretching her inside; steadily reaching places she never knew existed, fucking her so completely and so thoroughly that she never wanted him to stop.

She still couldn't even believe that she managed to fit his thickness inside of her. It's like a baseball bat shoved inside me. It really is a cock-LOG! Like one of those big ol' Christmas logs I can barely lift up to drop onto the fire. But now that I've grown used to the intrusion, I know I can never go back to normal penises like my husband's. Never!

She briefly imagined her pussy permanently stretched wide thanks to getting fucked by her son daily. I'll be still tight for HIM, my wonderful son, but I'll be unable to feel Carl's little prick. That is, if I ever let him fuck me again, which probably isn't going to happen. Just thinking about it makes me cringe. Besides, I'm not about to cheat on Tommy!

Those ideas excited her so much, she would have climaxed again had it not been for the fact that her body was still reeling from her last one. She knew it was irrational, especially because Tommy had his girlfriends, but she was especially enthralled about the idea of only spreading her legs for her son, even though she was a married woman.

"Oh! Mmmm!" She moaned softly as the immense feeling of her orgasm lingered even as her arousal surged with new pleasures. She felt weak as a wounded kitten, and loved that her son was still using her roughly despite her condition. "That was amaaaaazing, my sweet motherfucker!"

He smiled down at her as he continued to feed his cock into her pussy, but he was beginning to tire and slow down. "I'm glad you like, you sonfucker." But it took a concerted effort for him to say even that much. His breathing was very labored, and his arms were shaking with the effort to hold himself up.

Her strength began to seep back into her body a little more now, but she still felt like jelly. "You're tired baby, maybe you should stop for a while," she said as she smiled teasingly up at him. "Even a powerful, energetic motherfucker like you needs to rest sometimes."

"Not finished... fucking you yet," he said with a strained voice between labored breaths. "Not... done!"

"Baby, I never said that we were going to stop having sex," she said, and her smile deepened as he looked up at her confused. "Heavens no! Your cock belongs in my cunt tonight. All night! I said YOU should stop, not me."

He stared at her for a moment, not understanding what she was getting at.

She almost laughed at his innocence. He was so talented and knowledgeable about many sexual things, but he was still sixteen after all. "Let me explain. You're tired but I'm recovering, and we both want to carry on fucking, so you just rest. Let Mom take care of your big cock-log for a while. I'm gonna to ride you until you cum deep inside me."

She felt a flutter in her stomach, and for once it wasn't wonderful sensations caused by his churning dick. She realized, I just told my son that he could cum inside me! He's not even wearing a condom! In fact, I don't have any, because no way did I ever think things would come to this. But I don't care! I might get knocked up, but I don't care! My son owns my pussy now, and it's wrong for such a strong and talented cock to ever be sheathed in latex.

These illicit thoughts turned her on even more, and she pushed herself up on her hands. She was on the pill, but she preferred not to remind herself of that fact, because it was hotter to think he had a good chance to knock her up tonight.

Tommy didn't have any condoms either, a reflection of just how low he'd considered the odds that he'd fuck his mother before the night was over. So much had changed in just a few hours. But it was a moot point, since she didn't even ask him if he had any.

He still lay on top of her with his dick buried deep within her but not moving. He was completely drained, and sweat was pouring down his face like he'd just finished playing one of his football games that had made him a local sports star.

"Well, are you going to help me or are we just going to stop?" she asked him a little impatiently.

Too tired to say anything, he reached around her waist and pulled himself back so that he could stand up. Her legs were still wrapped around him and his dick was still completely embedded in her pussy. She didn't want his wonderful tool to pull out, not even for a second.

But he hadn't realized just how exhausted he was. As he stood up straight with her in his arms, his legs buckled, causing both of them to fall backwards.

Luckily, they landed with a hard thud on the leather sofa. He wound up sitting on the sofa with her sitting on top of him. She was straddling his long cock, which had slammed hard into her as she landed fully impaled on his lap. For a moment, it really felt like it was going to slide up through her chest and come right out of her mouth, it drove into her so hard.

The rough accident was painful to her at first, but she adjusted. Once they were accustomed to their new positions, she looked down at his face.

He was staring up at her in wonder, and she smiled lustfully back down at him. Her legs were on either side of his, his hands were on her thighs, his boner was deep in her pussy, and her hands were resting on his shoulders.

"Well, I hadn't planned on having sex here, but it's as good a place as any," she said to him with amused chagrin. "And besides, I don't think your father's desk could've taken any more of that violent fucking you were giving me. We were about to turn that thing into a pile of splinters."

He grinned up at her smugly. He thought, I don't want to act like some jerk, but how can I not feel smug, with a knockout like her impaled on my dick, and my own bombshell mother to boot? Actually, my sex bomb mother. He reveled in memories of dancing with her while the "Sex Bomb" song played.

She said, gently and quietly, "I love you, Son. I always have, you know that. But that was just as a mother. Now I love you as a woman too. Your woman. Your slut. I know you're pretty successful with the girls, and why wouldn't you be? Has word of your big cock gotten around?"

"Yeah, kinda," he admitted proudly yet modestly.

"That helps explain why you've been bringing such hotties to your bedroom lately. I know I can't stop you from fucking your way through all the sexiest girls in school, but I'm your mother, and I think I deserve a share of your cock-log sometimes too. I've put in so many thousands of hours raising you to be a good kid, going all the way back to cleaning your diapers and even birthing you. Don't you think you could say 'thanks' from time to time by spreading my legs apart and burying your nine-incher balls-deep inside me until you squirt me full of your hot seed?"

"UGH!" he grunted with surprise at hearing that. It felt like his cock instantly grew another inch inside her tight sheath.

She snickered. "You like that idea, huh?" She clenched her pussy tightly around his cock, giving him an unexpectedly intense jolt of pleasure.

"Hell, yeah!"

She squeezed him again, making him groan even louder.

She said, "Now, I must admit, I'm not really great with this Kegel exercising stuff. You know what that is?"

He nodded, although he only had a vague idea.

"As a normal housewife, I never really had the need to gain total control over my pussy muscles. But now, as my son's fuck slut, things are gonna be different. I'm gonna go all out and learn everything there is to know about sex so I can pleasure you as much as any good busty and beautiful mother humanly can." She emphasized her point with another tight pussy squeeze.

He grunted. He had no idea women could even do that with their vaginas. He was beginning to understand the advantage of having sex with an older woman who really knew what she was doing.

She continued, "I know you'll stay pretty busy boning all those hot cheerleaders you love to seduce so much, but I hope you won't forget to keep boning your busty mother too! I'm not gonna lose you completely to some totally hot teen angel, not if I can help it! I'm gonna become the best son fucker and cocksucker there ever was! What do you think about THAT?"

She punctuated "THAT" with an even tighter pussy squeeze. Then, as if that wasn't enough, she continued to massage him with an unpredictable series of rippling spasms and squeezes.

He wanted to tell her that she was the best fuck he'd ever experienced, by far, and the best cocksucker he'd ever experienced, by far. It wasn't even a contest. But he realized it would probably be better if she stayed on her toes because of some imagined competition. She was a woman who thrived on challenges.

So he just grunted and moaned lustily while she continued to drive him wild with a random pattern of pussy squeezes.

It was amazing how much pleasure she was giving him, given that, on the outside, her body didn't appear to be moving at all. But then she started to churn her hips as well, and that brought what her pussy kept doing to an entirely different level.

Despite his brand new resolve not to praise her too much, her sexy churning felt so great that he couldn't help but confess, "Mom, God! Good God! I love you! And I love fucking you! You're soooo good! It's just... incredible! Nobody's ever done that to me before!"

She smirked, "So you like the way your mother's hot cunt is milking your big cock, huh? Do you like the way you've turned your mother into your own personal fuck slut in a matter of hours?"

"Oh God! I love it!"

"Do you like the way your mom talks like a filthy whore?"

"Hell yeah!"

She arched her back and thrust her chest out. "Do you like Mom's big tits?"

"God! Totally! Hell yeah!"

She boasted, "I'll bet no girl in your school has tits as big and firm as mine!"

But then she had the realization that probably wasn't true, given there had to be nearly 2,000 girls in his school and there always were some outliers. It was a big school. "Okay, maybe a couple do, but they're far off and I'm right here, squeezing your cock even as I ride up and down on it. Mmmm... And back and forth..." She made some incredible side to side moves with her hips. It seemed like she was double-jointed everywhere.

She goaded him, "Anyway, what are you waiting for? Don't you want to play with Mom's tits some more?"

She raised her arms and placed her hands behind her head. She knew that gesture would put her pale globes on an even better display.

"Hell yeah! Man! I love your huge, firm tits." He reached out and cupped her jutting E-cups from underneath. He kneaded them happily while she kept working his cock with her talented pussy.

She was still trying to sell herself, unaware that he was already completely sold on her. "Son, remember that your mom is the total package. Girls your age just don't have the curves that I do. A couple freaks of nature might have breasts as big as mine, or an ass as fine as mine, or a face as beautiful as mine. But I'll bet there isn't a single girl in your school who has all that combined into one hot and sexy package, not even the ones who are a couple of years older than you."

She was right, but he just grunted happily while she gyrated over his cock. He knew her well enough to know it was good to keep her a bit worried about the competition.

She added, "And not only that, but who's gonna suck your cock like I do? Your mother is a pretty talented cocksucker, don't you think? I just discovered how to deep throat tonight, but I promise I'll get a lot better at it. For you. Because a good fuck slut always must do her best to pleasure her man."

He was astounded by her talking. He never could have imagined this transformation.

She went on, "Plus, we live in the same house! Would you like to wake up every morning with my lips sliding up and down your thick fuck-stick? Would you like to come home from school only to find your mom already naked in your bed, drooling and licking her lips, ready for another fat cock snack? And what better way to go to sleep than after Mom has tucked you in with yet another nice long blowjob to help you relax?"

"Yeah! Hell yeah!" It was starting to dawn on the lust-addled boy that this might not just be a one night stand. Her words and actions couldn't be any clearer, but her behavior was so far from the norm he couldn't help but think this was just a freak event. However, she wasn't drunk or even tipsy anymore, not after all the calories they'd burned off together, and it was clear she was still dead serious. That realization brought his energy surging back with a vengeance.

She was a talented saleswoman, and she was just getting started on selling herself, not realizing how totally unnecessary that was. She was about to start describing the virtues of having a big-titted mother ready to get titfucked at a moment's notice, when he suddenly picked her up about six inches and slammed her back down on his shaft.

"UGH! UUUGGRRHHH!" Now it was her turn to grunt and moan without restraint.

He asked, "Mom, I love all this talking and grinding, but when are you gonna bounce on my dick like you should, you naughty girl?" His hands went right back to kneading her spongy tit-flesh and pulling on her nipples.

She looked into his fiery eyes, and shivered. Then she shivered once again just from the knowledge that she was thoroughly impaled on her son's dick. She slowly began to move her hips up and down as well as back and forth, causing his pole to root and churn around in her pussy in unexpected ways.

"Your wish is my command, Son," she said with a new burst of lusty desire. "I'm just your helpless fuck slut, so I have to do anything and everything you tell me!"

That was such an arousing concept, he nearly swooned. He felt giddy and light-headed.

She was really getting off on submitting to him. It was a brand new way of talking and thinking for her, so she was constantly surprising and arousing herself.

She began to repeatedly impale herself, rising up and slamming down over and over. Occasionally, she'd alternate that with some hip gyrating and churning. "Oooooh yeah!" She moaned lightly as she felt his hard shaft fill her again and again. She loved how it stretched her inside.

"Hell yeah! That's it, Mom, ride my cock like a slut!" He growled at her as he stared lustfully at her body. He was amazed at how his fingers were pretty much swallowed up in her soft tit-flesh to the point that he couldn't see his fingernails.

"UGH! UGH! Yeah!" she said breathlessly. "You like that, you nasty motherfucker? You wanna fill me up with your creamy sperm? You did promise me that I'd not only fuck you and call out your name, but that you'd fill me up and pump so much cum into me that it'd pour out my ears. Was that just a tease, or did you really mean it? My ears are still dry, so give it to me! Give it to me, thick and DEEP!"

He laughed at her "My ears are still dry" comment.

As she smiled down at her son, impaling herself hard on his nine-inch cock yet again, she discovered that she liked her own idea quite a lot. She was working her hips relentlessly because she couldn't wait for him to cum inside her.

He liked that idea even more. In fact, her words aroused him so much that he unexpectedly lost all control. By the time he started yelling "I'm cumming!" he was already shooting off inside her.

It was almost too late, but she began bouncing wildly up and down like she was on a pogo stick. She wanted to give him the very best orgasm, so he'd feel inspired to use her pussy again and again and again. "Cum for me, Son! Cum! Fill me up! Knock me up! Fuck your baby into me!"

"OH SHIT!" hearing those unexpected words, especially the "fuck your baby into me" part, brought out a new surge of energy that he didn't even know he had. He pounded up into her as best he could, even though he didn't have great leverage to drive in deeply, since he was beneath her.

But Leah's words inspired and aroused her just as much as they did him. She was already on the verge of another big orgasm, thanks to their grinding and repeated impalements, not to mention his insistent tit fondling. But the frenzied outburst of activity and the feeling of his cum squirting into the far depths of her pussy pushed her over the edge. Her comments about being impregnated were just icing on the cake, given everything else that was overwhelming her.


They held each other tightly and screamed and hollered incoherently as waves of orgasmic bliss threatened to overwhelm both of them. He was in seventh heaven, surging with triumphant pride that he was cumming into the forbidden depths of his bombshell mother's vagina. But she felt even better about it. There was a deep satisfaction from having one's pussy filled up with cum that couldn't compare to anything else.

They were easily able to go from wild bouncing to hugging and resting on the sofa. They basically kept their same positions, although he was able to lean back, and she could rest against him. His cock remained fully impaled in her, and they both liked it that way.

"Phew!" she said as she wiped the sweat off her forehead. "That's it! Son, you've really gone and done it. You're a real motherfucker now!"

He shrugged with feigned disinterest. "Yeah. That was okay. Should we go back to the party?"

She stared at him with disbelief.

He broke into a wide smile and his eyes gleamed with joy. "Kidding! Just kidding! That was fuckin' AWESOME!"

She kissed his nose. "That's better. Jesus Christ, kiddo, you scared me!"

"Sorry. But seriously, that was the best thing that's ever happened to me! That was EPIC!"

"I know!" she enthused.

She was secretly relieved he'd enjoyed it so much, because she was under the misunderstanding that he had much better sex with his girlfriends than he actually did. She mistakenly assumed her sex with Carl was unusually poor, and that Tommy's other fucking adventures were frequently like this.

She said, "I had no idea how great incest is. Is that why there's a taboo? Probably the economy would completely collapse if mothers could get fucked by their sons all day long, since they'd both be too busy to work. Or eat. Or sleep. I can't begin to tell you how happy I am that your dad was unable to come tonight! Little does he know how that totally changed our lives forever."

Tommy frowned. "Oh, man. Can you not mention him please? That's kind of disturbing."

She grimaced. "I know. I'm sorry."

Tommy's feelings about Carl were all over the place. At times, his dick swelled and hardened as he saw his mother's wedding ring on her finger while her hand slid up and down his shaft, but then minutes later he'd feel ashamed about that same event. Right now, he was struggling with a mild post-orgasmic funk, and trying hard not to think about his father at all. He reminded himself of his strong suspicions that Carl was cheating on Leah already, and tried to convince himself that made it all okay.

After a hesitant pause, he asked, "Mom, were you serious about what you said before? You know, about wanting to suck my cock every day? Or was that just sexy talk?"

She looked him right in the eye. Then she very deliberately ground her hips down into his crotch, forcing his dick as far into her body as she could. Then her pussy tightened up like a clenching fist and refused to let go. "I'm as serious as a heart attack, Son. And not just about that. You own me know. Period! My body, which actually is your body now, is yours to do as you please. So please, fuck the shit out of me!"

He felt shivers race up and down his spine from that confirmation of his greatest hopes.

But it was such a heady concept that he tried to make light of the situation. He joked, "So basically, you're telling me to go fuck myself." He clarified, "Because if your body is mine-"

She interrupted, "I get the joke, and it's a funny one, but not now. This is serious! This is our future. We can't turn back. I'm hoping you'll regularly fuck me in ALL my holes... including my ass! Nobody's ever done my ass before, but I can and will deny you nothing."

"MooooOOOOoooom!" he griped. "Stop saying all this sexy stuff. You're driving me crazy! And with your face all covered in cum, no less. You sound like some kind of cock-crazy porn star, but you're a wife and mother, and a serious business executive."

She replied defensively, "There's no reason I can't be a 'serious business executive' by day and a 'cock-crazy porn star' for my son by night, is there?"

"No, but... it's just... it's such a shocker. I love it, but I don't dare to dream it's really real. Do you well and truly mean all that?"

Her pussy finally released its death grip on him, but only because she was seriously thinking. But rather than relaxing outright, her internal muscles started rhythmically flexing, massaging him inside her as she contemplated her true feelings.

She admitted, "Well, to be honest, I might feel different tomorrow; I can't predict the future. But right now, I've never been so sure of anything in my life. Son, I know what you mean, because I'm totally shocked too. I should be mad at how you seduced me during the party, but instead I'm grateful, because you've shown me there are joys far greater than anything I'd ever imagined in all my life. And they're joys I only ever want to experience with you."

She pondered her feelings for a while, and then continued, "For a long time now, I've thought of myself as a mother, a wife, and a businesswoman. Maybe in that order, although all three were very important. Sex had moved down the list over the years, especially with Carl neglecting me so much. But you've changed me. Now I know that I'm a woman first of all, a woman with intense sexual needs. Again, maybe I'll feel different in the morning, but right now, nothing seems more important to me than pleasuring you and being fucked by you. I suppose I'll still be a mother, wife, and businesswoman, at least for the time being, but my top priority is to serve you as your fuck slut!"

She searched her feelings. Did I really just say that, and mean it?! Yes! Yes, I did!

"Mom! How can you say that? And so matter-of-factly, like you really mean it?"

Leah picked his hands up, and brought them back to her sensitive breasts. She held his hands against her chest until his fingers and palms cupped her abundance of his own accord. Then, looking him straight in the eye, she proudly told him, "Easy. Because I do!"

"See? There you go again. You're sending chills down my spine, because this is just so awesome. I mean, that's my sperm on your face!"

She'd pretty much forgotten about that, because it had been a while and she'd been so very distracted with the fucking. She was grateful for the reminder. She grinned wickedly, and swiped up a gob of cum into her mouth. "Yep!"

He insisted, "But you can't really mean it. God knows I wish it was all true, but I can't help but think you're just getting swept away in the passion of the moment, and tomorrow I'll be crushed when all this big talk is forgotten. I mean, just a few hours ago, I know the thought of having sex with me would have turned your stomach."

"That's true," she admitted. "And maybe I will come down some from my sexual high and have at least a few regrets, so don't take every word I say literally. But I know one thing: there's no going back! I don't know how it's gonna work exactly, but I need to feel your cock in me every single day! I need it like air to breathe! Son, you have no idea what you do to me! I feel ALIVE for the first time! Even as far back as when I started to suck your cock, I knew deep in my heart that I was your slut. I knew that you had me, totally, and I'd never be able to say no to you again."

"But how? Why? I need to understand, because I'm still frightened this will all vanish like some crazy dream. What changed so dramatically?"

"I can't explain it. It's like trying to explain love at first sight. This was lust at first suck." She giggled at that. "Things can change in the blink of an eye. Let's say you find out your best friend murdered someone. You'll never ever be able to look at him or her in the same way again. Same kind of thing here, except in a positive, sexual way. I was hit with the realization that my son is a well-hung super stud who's meant to control me and dominate me and use all my holes as much as he likes, wherever and whenever he likes. That's just how it is."

She stated resolutely, with supreme confidence, "The fact that I'm married? Doesn't matter. The fact that I'm a highly paid department head with my own staff? Doesn't matter. The fact that I'm a busty bombshell who can have her pick of men? Doesn't mattere. The fact that you're boning all kinds of teen hotties? Doesn't matter."

Tommy pondered that. She was starting to get through to him that it wasn't just sex talk. "Wow! ... Am I really that amazing?"

"Well, half of it at least is the fact that you're my son. A mere hour or two ago, that idea repelled me, but now it turns me on like you wouldn't believe. But yeah, you're pretty damn amazing. Like the way you didn't cum when I deep throated you, like, nine or ten times!"

He grinned. "Yeah, I still don't know how that happened. I guess I just didn't want it ever end."

She asked, "Have you not noticed that you're still as hard as an iron bar, and completely filling up my pussy? Even after you busted a nut in me, your damn fuckin' cock-log, nay, cock-tree-trunk, never went soft at all! That's impressive!"

He churned his erection around a little bit, making her visibly shiver. "Yeah, obviously, it's pretty hard to miss your tight squeezing. But how could I possibly go flaccid, when you're saying all that sexy stuff? And not only that, but your pussy is just as hot as ever. It's like a furnace!"

Now it was her turn to increase their mutual joy by gyrating her hips a bit. "Well, I did warn you that my oh-so tight and hot wet CUNT would literally crush and grind your big fat cock to a meaty pulp, and then flame broil it like a sausage. Did I lie?"

Tommy could only shake his head 'No' as her pussy relentlessly milked and massaged him.

She couldn't help but smile at the way she was affecting him. "But look Look who's talking, Mr. Hot Cock. I swear, your thing is like a red hot poker. And it definitely knows how to poke!" She laughed.

She added, "In fact, you know what I need? I need to feel your hot, thick shaft trapped between my tits. I want you to give me a good titfuck right now! Do you think you can do that?"

"Oh, hell yeah! Damn, I've been lusting after those tits of yours for YEARS!"

"But not that many years, right? I mean, you're only sixteen. Don't gross me out."

"I don't know when it started, but I've been lusting after you pretty much ever since I had my first hard-on. In fact, I'll bet my first boner was from watching you walk around the house. I don't know if that's gross or not, but that's how it is. You have no idea, the agony and suffering in having the hottest MILF mom around as your mom and knowing there's nothing you can do about it!"

She rose up off him, pulling his cock out of her tight gash in the process. She dropped to her knees and leered up and him. "Nothing? Nothing at all? What about fucking her tits? I think you can do that. Wouldn't that be fun?" She smirked.

"Oh yeah! HELL yeah!" He scooted forward in his chair.

"And by the way, remember earlier, when you called me a 'MILF?' I actually know what that means: a 'Mother I'd Love to Fuck.' But you can't call me that anymore. Call me a 'MIF.' A 'Mother I've Fucked.' Or better yet, 'Mother I'm Fucking.'"

He laughed. "Jesus, tonight is the greatest!" He sat back down on the edge of the sofa.

He was ready to slide his shaft into position, but first he asked, "Um, don't we need some lubrication?"

"Oh yeah," she agreed. "Good point. It's been ages since I've done this. Years and years, actually. But with you, I hope you'll be fucking Mother's big tits pretty much every day."

"Good God," he groaned. "Stop saying sexy stuff like that. You're gonna drive me crazy!"

She just laughed. "I'll make you a deal. I'll keep driving you crazy, if you keep pumping me full of your cum."

"Deal!" He shook his head, incredulous at his luck.

She looked down at herself. "As for lube, the answer is obvious, isn't it? It's written on my face and tits, and you wrote it." She slid her fingers over the upper slopes of her creamy melons, gathering up the cum there and smearing it into her cleavage.

In fact, so much had slid into her cleavage already the lubrication was a moot point, but she wanted his erection to literally bathe her in a bathtub of sperm. She even smeared more from her forehead and cheeks down into her deep valley.

He whimpered, worried she was TOO arousing. He complained, "If you keep doing that, I'm gonna add another fresh load of 'lube' in a few seconds!"

She looked up at him and pressed her firm orbs together. She slid them around like his cock was already trapped between them. "You would? And that's a BAD thing?"

He looked at her incredulously.

She laughed gaily. "Just imagine how glazed my tits will be, if you blast ANOTHER huge load right onto my nipples and all points between them! I'll smell like your sperm for weeks! Hell, I will anyway. I can just imagine my personal assistant Stella telling me all embarrassed and worried, 'Um, Leah, do you realize that lately you smell, like, uh, male ejaculate?'" She laughed some more.

"MoooooOOOOooooom! I'm serious! Stop being so arousing, or this titfuck will be over before it starts."

She sighed petulantly. "Very well."

He closed his eyes, hoping to block out all sexy sights for a little while. It didn't help much though, because the smell of sex was so heavy in the air. Plus, he couldn't forget some of the things she'd said or done.

When he opened his eyes again, he looked at her crotch with surprise. Her hands were moving between her legs.

She said, "Don't look at me like that. I'm not just playing with my pussy, I'm getting my fingers all wet. I figure it won't hurt to gather even MORE lube!"

He growled, "I think you're just so horny, you can't help but play with yourself."

"Guilty! But look what I'm doing." She raised both hands and smeared the inner sloping curves of her huge boobs with her pussy juice. It wasn't clear if that helped though, since her fingers wound up looking even cummier after she'd touched her tits, because there was so much there already.

But it certainly was arousing for him, knowing he'd be fucking her tits through that much semen and pussy juice. He sat up closer, practically falling off the edge of the sofa in the process. "Oh God! I can't wait! I can't wait!"

She reached back to her pussy for a second helping, and then smeared her tits with more of her own cum. Again, it was fairly unnecessary, but she was playing with herself while her son supposedly recovered as much as she was lubing up. She even coated her nipples in her own juices.

Once she was done, she said, "Hold your horses. Remember, these are your tits now. They belong to you. That means you can fuck them whenever you like. But it's not all fun and games; you have your responsibilities to take care of. If you don't cum on me or in me each and every time you fuck them, you're gonna make your mother very upset!" She winked at him.

"Fuuuuuuck!" he said, awed at her passion. "Then I need to fuck them now!"

She scooted closer. She pressed her massive tits together from the sides, and allowed her son to slide his thick pole right into her tight tit crack as soon as it came within range. He loved how his darker and more tanned cock looked surrounded by her nearly ivory rack.

"FUUUUUCK!" he exclaimed in astonishment. "Fuckin' fuck me! That feels SOOOOO good!"

She looked up at him curiously. "Haven't any of your teenybopper girlfriends let you fuck their tits? I've noticed you've been seeing some pretty well endowed ones who look perfect for titfucking."

He moaned lustily, "I do love the busty girls, even more than most guys do, which obviously is saying a lot. But that's because they remind me of you! How could I ever be attracted to anyone but some totally stacked gorgeous babe, after years of seeing you walk around the house? Oh God! And when you go swimming in your bathing suit...!" He worried he was going to cum suddenly, such memories were so titillating.

She smiled. "You flatterer. But you mostly avoided the question."

He closed his eyes and tried to ignore the fact that his dick was completely buried in his mother's spongy tit-flesh. He tried to control his ragged breathing, but with only partial success. "Uh... Um, I've done that a bit, but... not too often. Girls these days, they're perfectly fine giving handjobs and blowjobs, but a lot of them think titfucks are too demeaning or something. I could insist on doing it more, but it's not much fun if they're not into it."

She grinned wolfishly. "That's too bad for them, but great news for me! I hope that means you'll make up for your loss by fucking your mother's big tits as much as you can!"

She was ready to get started, but she could see him with his eyes closed and obviously gathering his energy and willpower, so she kept talking. "Actually, I find it demeaning too. Do you have any idea how humiliating it is to be naked and on your knees in front of your own hunky son, knowing that he's about to use your big tits like a second cunt and then splooge all over your face? But unlike them, I love it! That's 'cos I understand this is my proper place."

She purred quietly, more to herself than him, "Constantly serving my son's magnificent cock-log!"

He groaned with frustration. He desperately needed to calm down so he wouldn't blow his load in the first minute, but with her talking like that, he wasn't able to recover at all. It was still totally astounding for him that she was willing to fuck and suck him in the first place. But for her to be so enthusiastic and submissive about it really did just about blow his head off his shoulders.

She started to say more, but he waved his hand wildly, indicating he needed some silence. It was like every word she said was another deep thrust into a tight pussy; he simply couldn't risk her arousing him into a climax.

A minute passed as he just worked on calming his breathing. As his panting subsided, he was able to listen carefully to all the sounds around him. To his pleasant surprise, he heard the sound of distant erotic screaming. He realized that some of the people in other nearby offices were having a lot of fun too. He was glad to discover that while he could make out the general emotional gist, he couldn't hear individual words. He hoped that was true for his fucking neighbors listening to them, especially given some of the things his mother had screamed.

Finally, he was ready. He opened his eyes and smiled. "Okay, Mom. Let's go. And have I said how much I love you yet?"

"Yeah, but I love it whenever you say it again. Okay, Mr. Hot Cock, let's do this!" His erection was already in place, but she began sliding her big globes up and down on either side of it. Her movements were delightfully unpredictable, but generally speaking, when one went up, the other went down, and vice versa.

She cooed, "You just sit there, baby. Let your fuck slut do all the work for a while. That's what good fuck sluts do. Then, later, you can fuck my tits hard and fast if you want, just like how you fucked my face."

He was all smiles as he reveled in the unbelievable pleasure she was giving him. "You really love this fuck slut stuff, don't you?"

"I do! It's like something in me snapped or broke. Normally, a woman such as myself would feel terribly guilty and self-conscious about what we're doing. She'd try to deny the strength of her incestuous feelings. And that would be the normal me. But I'm just the opposite tonight. The more naughty, humiliating, and incestuous it is, the more I love it!"

"Well then, shut up and fuck my cock with your tits, you nasty slut!"

She laughed as her big globes slid up and down around his hard-on. "That really does make my pussy tingle, but don't push your luck! For one thing, I'm your fuck slut, not your slut. There's a world of difference. You still have to respect your mother in the morning."

He didn't understand that difference at all. But since it mattered to her, he said with theatrical politeness, "I beg your pardon, fuck slut."

She smiled from ear to ear. "Much better!"

To his surprise, he found he was able to enjoy the titfuck without getting excessively worked up. The urgent urge to cum had passed, and he was in a good place with that. It helped that she was doing all the work, so he didn't get winded.

At first, his cock slid straight into her cleavage, perpendicular to her chest. It seem just like it was impaling a pussy. But not even Leah's huge tits could come close to enveloping all of his nine inches that way. Before long, they readjusted so his boner was pointing straight up. This gave her more room to work with. Sometimes, she even briefly "titfucked" his balls too, just for fun.

Since he was easily able to converse while enjoying his endless erotic buzz, he said, "So, imagine tomorrow I come home from school. I'm hot and sweaty from football practice."

She interrupted, "Oooh! I love the idea of you all hot and sweaty. Just like you are now, in fact. Don't shower! Do you take your shirt off to show Mom your hunky chest?"

He grinned, but said, "Not yet. Dad is still at work, and you've just come home too. You're in the kitchen. I walk up to you and put my hand on your ass. What will you do?"

She was all smiles as she replied, "Well, I hope you don't just put your hand on my ass. I'll be wearing a short skirt with you in mind, and I hope you slide your hand right under it and clutch at my bare ass cheeks."

He grinned while watching his mother's massive melons rise up and down on either side of his shaft. "Aren't you wearing panties?"

She looked at him with pretend confusion. "Why the heck would I ever do that again? Tomorrow, I'm going to empty my underwear drawer. Okay, maybe not, 'cos that might make your father suspicious. But I need you to have easy access to my tits and pussy and ass at all times, so no more bras or panties for me at home."

"Okay. Sounds good! So that's what I do. I grip your gorgeous bubble butt under your skirt with both hands. Then I poke a couple fingers right at your pussy lips. Do you try to stop me?"

She looked at him with playful shock. "Heavens no! Not unless I thought you were Carl. In which case, I'd turn around and kick your ass!"

They both laughed, but she wasn't entirely joking. In truth, her loyalty had completely switched in the last hour or two. She truly considered sex with Carl to be cheating on her son. That was a problem she'd have to deal with later, since her husband expected sex with her from time to time.

She said, "In fact, I'd probably flip my skirt up off my ass and bend over at a lewd ninety degree angle to give you better access. It goes without saying that I won't be wearing panties or a bra, not if you're nearby and I think I can get away with it. Then, as your fingers pump my pussy, I'll say something like, 'How was school, Son? How can your fuck slut serve you?'"


She craned her head down and licked at the tip of his cock as it passed within range. "I keep telling you, that's how it's gonna be from now on! But unfortunately, then I'll have to stand back up."

"Oh. Bummer. Do I have to take my fingers out of your hot gash?"

"Of course not! In fact, I'd be surprised if you didn't just rip my skirt off altogether. Let's assume you do that, because unless I get naked fast, I'm gonna deserve a spanking. But the reason I have to stand is I know how thirsty you get after your practices. I'll pour you a tall glass of lemonade."

"Mmmm! Sounds good." The story was so much fun that he almost forgot what her tits were still doing to his cock. Almost, but there was no way he could completely forget about that, because it felt so fantastic.

"And while you drink that, I'll be busy unbuttoning my blouse with a sexy striptease. By the time you're done with your drink, I'll have your shorts down around your knees and your monster-sized cock-log in my dainty little hands. Then, it'll just be a matter of you deciding which part of me you want to fuck first."

"Wow! Tough decision. But what about Dad?"

"Who?" She chuckled at her own joke. "You know his schedule. He won't be home for an hour, at least! In fact, now that I think about it, it's perfect how I'm always home with you well before he comes home. I'll be able to drain your balls completely dry every day after school, and he'll never suspect a thing!"

Tommy frowned, even though the titfuck continued, just as great as ever. "Man, thinking about Dad is a drag. I mean, he's a good guy, and a good dad, overall. I love the fact that I can see your wedding and engagement rings as you press your tits together for my cock, but it also makes me feel guilty."

"Guilty enough to stop?"

"No. Hell no!" He felt bad about that answer, but he couldn't deny the truth.

"Same here, except I hardly feel the guilt. Maybe that's because he and I have tried to hide from you how much our marriage has fallen apart. I love you so very much, that I'm proud to be your slut. It's funny, because I STILL would never think about cheating on him with anyone else, but with you, it's different. From tonight on, I'm your slut first and his wife a distant second. If our marriage is going to survive - which it probably won't - he's going to have to adjust to that fact sooner or later."

"Wow! ... I wish I could be more... bothered by that. He's a good man, even if he has been a bad husband. But it only makes me more aroused!"

She smiled triumphantly. "I'm glad you're coming around to my way of thinking."

He fucked Leah's tits for another five minutes or more, with her doing most of the work. It only got better and better as she slowly drove him to the edge of orgasm.

But then she claimed her hands were tired and she needed a break. The two of them "rested," but it wasn't much of a rest, because she said it was time for him to lick her pussy.

She laid herself down on the couch and spread her legs obscenely wide.

Kneeling between her powerful thighs, he took a minute or two just to sniff her bald pussy and give it a close visual exploration. He loved the feminine, musky smell. Even her pussy looked damn near perfect, with symmetrical and trim engorged lips. He could see his cum drooling out of her gash, and that excited him even more.

Then he started to lick.

Truth be told, he wasn't very good at it. He'd gone down on some girls, mostly as tit-for-tat so he'd get blowjobs, or as part of a sixty-nine, but he didn't really know what he was doing. Thanks to his huge penis, handsome looks, and his local sports hero reputation, he'd always been in the driver's seat and his girlfriends had worked hard to please him, so cunnilingus had been a low priority.

However, Leah knew exactly what she wanted, and she wasn't afraid to tell him. After just five minutes, he was making her hips buck up off the sofa. He kept at it until she came. He still wasn't that great at it, but luckily, she had an extremely low orgasm threshold at the moment.

It also excited her to no end to think that she would be the one to teach him in how to properly lick a woman's pussy. She'd be able to train him to tongue-fuck her exactly the way she wanted him to do it to her. She had no doubt that under her tutelage he'd become a highly skilled pussy licker.

She suddenly sat up. "That was great. In the weeks and months to come, I want to turn you into a pussy licking master. Given how much the girls fawn over you already, it's positively scary to think how many cherries you'll pop once you add expert cunt licking to your repertoire. My son is a super stud! But enough of that. You've got me hot and bothered, and your stiff boner is going to waste. Let's fuck some more!"

He was shocked at how insatiable she was. He'd always known she was drop-dead gorgeous, but he'd assumed she didn't have a sex drive to match her looks. She'd always seemed more interested in things like making money. Ironically, he had been right back then, but he was wrong now that she'd "snapped" and undergone a major transformation over the course of the evening.

He said, "Unfortunately, I need to pee and get a drink."

"Oh, shoot! Dammit, the fact is, I should do that too."

Even though there were bathrooms just down the hall, they couldn't just go streaking to get to them, because one never knew who might see. So they had to put their clothes back on.

She didn't have a towel or anything like that to clean her cummy face and tits with, not to mention her swampy thighs. She was so far gone into her new role as "fuck slut" that she briefly considered smearing her son's cum all over the office furniture to "mark his territory" as well as get rid of the evidence.

But then she remembered her thong, lying forgotten on the floor. She used that like a hand towel, and even though it was wet with cum already, there were some drier parts, so she managed to make herself at least semi-presentable.

Still, it was lucky they didn't come across any other people, especially anyone who knew their names, because they both looked freshly fucked and smelled of sex.

But the reward for having to dress up was that when they came back, they were able to perform sexy stripteases for each other as they took their clothes off again. Leah was much better at that kind of thing than he was, since she'd long been into teasing even if she hadn't been so wild about sex. But she greatly enjoyed watching Tommy's very first strip teasing effort.

He was having so much fun that he didn't feel self-conscious at all, not even as he danced like a goof and tossed his clothes all over the room.

It dawned on him that maybe something had "snapped" inside him too. He felt no shame, and surprisingly little guilt. He didn't care what was "cool," as long as he was with Leah.

They didn't have any radio or CD player. But he banged a rhythm out on his father's desk and sang "Brick House" by The Commodores when it was her to strip, since she certainly was built like a brick shit house. When it was his turn, she also banged on the desk and sang "It's Raining Men" by The Weather Girls.

They weren't just two people having sex; they also were two close friends who loved each other having sex and a hell of a lot of fun.

Soon, they were back on the sofa, and fucking up a storm again. Tommy laid on top of his mother and drilled her hard with his big cock. The only major difference from their fuck session before their bathroom break was she kept her high heels on this time.

They started slowly, more making love than fucking. But now that Tommy had climaxed three times, his endurance was seemingly endless. Nearly half an hour passed as they cuddled, fucked, kissed, and whispered sweet nothings to each other.

Tommy was beginning to realize that his mother wasn't just in lust with him, but that she was showing every sign of being romantically in love with him too. It wasn't like he had to make a great logical leap with that, since she said "I love you" so much. She kept pledging herself to him in just about every way possible as well, and also happily and proudly called him a "motherfucker" and herself a "sonfucker" over and over again. It was an awful lot for a horny teenage boy to handle.

I could easily see myself falling in love with her too, he thought. I mean, I already love her as a mom, but I could love her like a wife too. But then what? She's still startlingly young for a mother, at only 34. But that still means she's 18 years older than me, and it's not like that age gap can narrow later on.

It's easy to say that doesn't matter, but it matters. Hell, my 17 year-old dates seem old to me sometimes, not to mention my 18 year old-ones, and I get no end of grief at school about that mere one or two year age difference. And it isn't like we could get married and have kids. Or even be open about our relationship. Shit, she might not even divorce Dad!

He decided not to think about depressing things like that for the time being. But still feeling doubtful, he said, "Mom, one reason why I can't totally believe this is really happening is because you're soooo into it. All this talk about being my 'fuck slut,' and 'my body belongs to you,' and that kind of stuff. I love it, don't get me wrong, but I never expected it from you. So I keep expecting to wake up from a dream or something."

She considered that, and said, "I understand what you mean. Frankly, I'm constantly surprising myself too. The thing you have to realize is that I'm a very passionate and driven woman. I wouldn't say that I never do anything half-way, because I sometimes do. But when something fully catches fire with me, and I really get into it, I go aaaaaaaaaaall the way. That's how I've managed to rise up the corporate ladder so fast. Now I'm turning that same intensity and drive onto having sex with you."

"Wow. Now that you put it that way, it doesn't seem so out of the blue. Cool!" That reassured him a lot, because it made sense. That was how she did things. He was surprised he hadn't thought of it that way before.

They were still fucking slowly as they talked. But, inevitably, the fucking pace sped up and intensified as their passions rose. They switched to a cowgirl style, where she did most of the work.

He found himself gaping in awe at his mother's mouth-wateringly hot and stacked naked body as she bounced rapidly up and down on his hard monster cock. Her eyes were closed and she had an expression of bliss on her face as she completely lost herself in the intense pleasure soaring through her. She didn't even realize how her big tits were wildly bouncing against his chest as she continually rammed herself up and down her son's long length.

He could feel her long smooth legs pressed against his bare thighs as she straddled him, her pussy always clamped tightly around his cock as she fucked herself silly on it for what seemed like hours of non-stop orgasmic joy.

After a while, her left hand played roughly with her clit, causing her to fuck herself even more wildly as she was pleased by both his dick and her hands. Her face contorted once again in ecstasy. One minute, she was throwing her head back while groaning and moaning, and the next minute, she was wildly shaking her head from side to side as she screamed lust-filled obscenities and entreaties to fuck her harder and deeper.

The sight of his busty centerfold-worthy mother seemingly riding him harder and faster with every twisting and churning thrust of her hips made him want to cum hard and soon. He found himself thinking about her big tits instead of her hot pussy for a while.

Leah's E-cup-sized tits were simply amazing, and everyone knew it. They were huge, and soft yet firm, and without much sag for her age. It helped that they had started so high on her chest when she was younger. They were still bouncing wildly up and down, sometimes in unison and sometimes independently of each other. Occasionally, he reached up and tried to temporarily still them with his firm grip, but most of the time he was happy to watch them bounce around in time to her up and downward thrusts as she energetically and repeatedly impaled herself on his dick.

The very fact that his mother was so perfectly endowed was bringing him closer to climax. To play with a busty woman like that for one night was a dream come true. But knowing that he'd be able to touch and play with her "twins" anytime his father wasn't around was almost more mentally stimulating than his mind could handle.

"OH YES! YES! Ooooooh Tommy, my BABY!" Her screams dropped into a loud purr as she looked down at him, her left hand working furiously on her clit as she slid quickly up and down his hard cock-meat. "I can't tell you how much I love your dick, my hunky motherfucker! It feels so fucking good! Promise me you'll never stop fucking me with it! I want you to make me fucking TAKE IT!"

"Fuck, Mom! Never! I love your entire fucking body!" he exclaimed, lifting his eyes from her body to her face long enough to see her smile teasingly as she groaned again, her fingers working harder as her hips made quick, small circling motions.

He added, "Your tits are fucking amazing! I've never seen such big, firm jugs before!" He reached up to cup her tits yet again. His fingers sank deeply into her spongy tit-flesh.

She groaned with profound satisfaction. She moved her hips like she was churning butter, deliriously happy at how he was roughly squeezing her melons and pulling on her nipples.

He may not have known much about pussy licking, but he certainly knew just what to do to a big pair of tits, thanks to all the hot and busty girls he'd fucked already.

They were the picture of lust, fucking wildly on the leather sofa in Carl Bryton's office.

"UGH! UH!" She once again locked her eyes on his and purred at him. He was pretty quiet during sex, but she was learning that she loved to talk up a sexy storm when she was with him. "I love the way you fill me! Who's your fuck slut now, baby?"

Her head fell back again, her long black hair reaching down to his knees behind her.

Her voice grew louder as it seemed she was hit with a powerful new thought. "I want you to claim my cunt! Take it! Mark it! Drill it! Fucking OWN it! PROVE that you own every inch of my body, by fucking me into complete submission!"

Suddenly, she moved her hand from her clit and leaned forward. Her tits mashed hard against the palms of his hands as much of her weight was pushed onto them. Her hands grabbed tightly onto the back of the black leather sofa, and she used it for support to allow herself to fuck his dick even harder. She was desperately fucking herself to another orgasm.

With the feel of her tight, hot hole, not to mention her boner-popping words, he knew that he too would cum soon.

"UGH! Come on, baby, come on! Fuck your mother! Fuck a baby into me! Fill me with your boiling hot baby batter! Tommy, you fuck a baby into your cock-hungry mother this instant, and that's an order!"

She growled aggressively at him, her face inches from his. "Fuck! I need this soooooo badly! Give it to me!"

Cleverly, and just as she did earlier, she saved the pregnancy talk for when she had him right on the cusp, knowing that could help push him over the edge.

He couldn't even form any words, his heart was leaping from his chest because he still couldn't get his head around the fact he was actually fucking his gorgeous mother. But more than that, he was continually stunned at just how good a fuck she was!

Being a big sports star in his school, he just about had the pick of any girl he wanted, except for those going steady. He'd fucked some sexually talented girls in the last year or so. Most of them were a year or two older than him, and some were even more sexually experienced than he was, but none of them had been anywhere near as fun to fuck as this amazing woman who was relentlessly grinding down on his stiff cock as though her life depended on it.

Leah pushed herself back so she was sitting straight again. Her son's fingers were still full of her tit-flesh, unaware that their climaxes were coming soon. She reached up to grab her hair in her hands. She piled it on top of her head just to stun him with an especially arousing pose, as she continued to bounce on him like he was a bucking bronco.

He was once again amazed at how long he'd lasted. He'd even made it past her pregnancy comments without totally losing it this time around. His mother seemed to inspire him to previously unimagined sexual feats. However, with the intensity of her fucking and the sight of her gloriously toned body, he realized that he was almost done.

"Oh yeah! You're such a fucking STUD, baby! Fuck me! Fuck your mom!" She groaned without looking down at him, sliding her long black hair all over her head with her tightly gripped hands.

Then, once again she suddenly moved, unable to stay in one position too long because her body was so charged up with energy. Her slim hands fell down to grip her tits on top of his already mauling hands. The sight was simply awesome.

"Oh baby, you nailed me to your father's desk so good!" She purred as she helped him roughly squeeze her heaving tits. "I guess you're really showing me just who owns my hot and needy cunt! You wanna fuck me in his bed too? Prove that you completely own and control your fuck slut! Fuck me in every room of his house, and in his car too!"

"Shit! Fuckin' A! Mom, you're gonna kill me!" He could feel the familiar shortness to his breathing and he knew he was going to blow soon. He began thrusting his hips harder upward, using her tits to roughly pull her down onto him as he thrust up into her.

"UGH! HNGG! UH!" She groaned as he pulled her down hard, "So big! So big! Fuckin' COCK! Motherfucking motherfucker!"

She breathed and moaned desperately as her guiding hands made sure he twisted her nipples aggressively.

He felt the tingling signs in his tightening balls that his climax was mere seconds away. Lust took total control of him. He let his hands drop from her bouncy tits to roughly grab her waist. He needed to fuck her harder and faster, and his new grip helped (even though she was still doing more of the work than he was).

"Fuckin' baseball bat! Fuckin' COCK-LOG!" she exclaimed loudly as she groaned as another of her downward thrusts was met by one of his powerful upward thrusts. "I've never been fucked so good in my life!" She groaned again.

He suddenly growled aggressively, "Tell me, am I bigger and better than Dad?" Even though he knew the answer already, he wanted to hear her say it. He thought he could trick her into giving an honest answer while she was too horny to think straight. He hoped she answered quickly though, because he'd crossed the point of no return and it was a huge and painful effort for him just to hold off a few more seconds.

At the mention of Carl, she seemed to shift into overdrive, getting even MORE turned on by the thought of cuckolding the man she'd been entirely faithful to until a couple of hours ago. She screamed and grunted from the hard impact of her pubic bone slamming with a loud slap against the base of his dick.

He feared he'd waited too long to pose the question, because his climax was coming like a tidal wave rushing towards a crowded beach


She groaned loudly, squeezing her immense tits and mashing them roughly together, even as Tommy tried to keep holding onto her waist. "HE'S... UGH! ... HE'S SIX INCHES AT MOST! AND YOU'RE NINE! WAY THICKER TOO! AND YOU'RE SOOOO MUCH FUCKING BETTER THAN HE IS IN EVERY WAY! MY PUSSY WAS CUSTOM BUILT FOR YOUR HUMONGOUS COCK! HNNGG! UH! ... OH GOD, DEAR GOD, YOU'RE GONNA MAKE ME CUUUUMMMMMMM!"

Her last loud scream used up all the air in her lungs, leaving her frantically gasping for air. She slammed down hard as she yelled "CUM," grinding her tight pussy down on his raging dick, trying to force every last fraction of an inch into her.

Finally, he came.

She felt him shoot into her, right as her own massive orgasm was hitting a peak. The timing could hardly have been any better for both of them.

But even though he was shooting off deep inside her, their fucking wasn't done. Both tried for one last burst of effort to take their orgasms to another level.

She rode her son's cock as hard and as fast as fast as she could, bouncing wildly and groaning and screaming lewdly as she held tightly to her tits, squeezing them hard and roughly. She loved how each of her downward impalings was always met by his equally hard upward thrusts. Their bodies were in sync in every way.

The outside world disappeared for her. Even the room around them ceased to exist. There was absolutely nothing in her universe except for the big cock in her pussy and the amazing amount of pleasure it was giving her.

Suddenly, her stomach tensed, her pussy trembled, and electricity began to tingle through her body. She thought she'd been cumming already, but it was like an even bigger orgasm pushed her previous orgasm out of the way and took over. Again and again, she completely impaled herself on every inch of his big monster.

She screamed like she was truly dying as she felt the flying squirts of her son's hot, thick, and sticky cum fill her pussy. She imagined it coating her insides and shooting straight into her unprotected womb to knock her up. Even her latest orgasm doubled in power and intensity. She let out another wordless scream of complete ecstasy.

No words could describe how good she felt right then as her orgasm wracked her entire body. She shook uncontrollably as she came. She would have fallen off the couch if he hadn't been holding her tightly by her narrow waist.

Just like the last time he'd emptied himself into her pussy, it seemed like time crawled almost to a standstill. She knew on some level that their simultaneous orgasms could be measured in seconds, but the ecstasy seemed to go on for minutes or even hours.

Still, her son's cock kept shooting cum deep into her yearning pussy, emptying his balls into her in an endless stream of creamy seed. Her pussy hungrily drank it all in, filling up with his sticky goo.

Eventually, her scream slowly quieted into wordless moaning, and she fell forward. There was no strength left in her body. She couldn't even raise her hand if she'd wanted to. Her big tits pressed against his chest, and they heaved as she gulped for air.

They both just lay there resting, totally exhausted but totally satisfied.

But the night was far from over. If nothing else, they were still at the party, and they still needed to get home and safely to their beds without Carl suspecting anything.

NOTE: Thanks to the suggestions and corrections of Wayac, IBT, ProxyAccount, and JA8473, and the reformatting of Sam.I.am.

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