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Chapter 5
(mF, mult, cons, reluc, het, humor, cheat, inc, mother, son, poly, group, WM, WF, oral, pett, preg, BBR)
Written by The Shadow Rising and Spacer X (paul_t_22@yahoo.com)

Time passed.

Eventually, Leah woke up and regained her sense of reality. She realized that she and Tommy had actually fallen asleep. Their bodies had crashed in the wake of their great orgasms.

She checked her senses, and was amazed to realize that her son's dick was still inside her. However, it had gone flaccid and was liable to slide out if she made much movement, let alone gave it a good squeeze.

She was impressed that it still felt to be a good five inches long or thereabouts in that state. That made it nearly as long as her husband's when he was erect, and actually still a bit thicker than his.

What surprised her most though was how relaxing and comfortable it felt to have a soft, yet still man sized penis stuffed inside her.

She thought about that. Wow, even when my son is flaccid it's like he's got a good-sized erection. I'm gonna have soooo much fun from now on! If only it could stay hard, I'd probably never let it out of my pussy ever again. She chuckled. I'd get a new job and just tell my coworkers we're Siamese twins connected only at my cunt! Ah, if only.

She weakly pushed herself up against her son's muscular chest until she was sitting straight, straddling his lap. That caused his dick to slip out, to her dismay. If she had thought her muscles were jelly before, they were water after just that little effort. She wiped her forehead, and her sweat seemed to fly off her in sheets. She was sweaty and wet all over, just like her exhausted son was.

Standing on long legs that barely held her upright, she scanned the room and found her black dress strewn over Carl's chair where she had tossed it during her last striptease. That dress held a lot of meaning for her now, since it had played a key role in her have such a life-changing evening.

She smiled widely, recalling how good her son had made her feel with his latest fucking marathon. She felt like she could feel his cum still fresh and deep inside her very sensitive pussy. She knew there was a lot of cum in her stomach too.

She gleefully thought, If someone were to cut and bleed me right now, my veins would probably run white with my son's cum. Hee-hee! It really is just about enough to start pouring out of my ears, just like he said it would.

She noticed Tommy starting to stir. No doubt she'd woken him by the way she'd sat up on him, but she didn't have much choice in that. She was about to go pick her dress off the floor and put it on, but then she glanced at his flaccid cock and saw how sticky and messy it was.

If I'm gonna be a dedicated fuck slut, I can't leave him like that. Cleaning his cock thoroughly is an essential part of my motherly, slutty duties.

She crawled back up onto the sofa and carefully knelt between his legs without touching them. She took a deep whiff of their combined juices and thought, Now THIS is going to taste fucking fantastic.

She dropped her head down and started licking. Shit! If only my coworkers could see me now! I doubt if there's a single guy on my staff who hasn't masturbated to thoughts of fucking me. Hell, I think Stella and a couple other women have secret crushes on me too. I know Stella does, and she's a total hottie.

If only those on my staff could see me now, working on my son's staff, so to speak! Heh-heh! You might even say I'm working hard to try and earn a raise, as it were. Ooh, yeah, that would be awesome! Mmmm. Did I always taste this good, or is it just because I'm eating cock cream slathered on creamed on cock? Mmmm, finger lickin' good!

Tommy was drifting slowly back into consciousness, but the pleasant sensation of a busy pair of lips and tongue working on his dick woke him up in a hurry. He opened his eyes, hoping to see a sexy sight. Unfortunately, all he could see was a big mass of black hair covering his crotch (although just knowing what was behind that hair was plenty arousing).

He sat up, hoping to see more of his mother's smoking hot body. At the very least, he wanted to check out her ass.

Realizing that he was sitting up, she brushed her hair to each side, so he could see her huge tits dangling all the way down to the sofa cushion below them. She also made sure he had a good view of her busy tongue.

He asked, "Mom, what are you doing? I'm soooo spent it's not even funny! I couldn't get hard again for a million dollars!"

She said between loving licks, "I know, baby. That's okay. But any good fuck slut knows that she can't leave your cock-log like this, all sticky with pussy juice. Cleaning you up after cumming all over you is an essential part of my job."

He was staggered by that. Weird, man. I want to know what job she's talking about. It's like she's somehow read an instruction manual on fuck sluts, and she's following a new set of rules that I don't know. It's even more staggering to remember there really is no such manual and she's just making up these sexy rules on the fly.

He looked her over closely, as if for the first time. Who are you, and what did you do with my beautiful but normal mother? I sure as hell ain't complaining, but it's like I can't even believe my own "lyin' eyes!" Not to mention my lyin' cock! He chuckled to himself.

After a couple of minutes of him just relaxing and enjoying her licking his penis and balls, he said, "You know, if you keep doing that, I just might get hard again."

She looked up briefly and smiled. Then she silently went back to her "cleaning" as if he hadn't spoken. His penis wasn't hard, but it wasn't a shrunken and wrinkled little thing either, and it was fun for her to lick it even in this state.

Finally, she paused in her licking to respond. "I know. And if you do, you're just gonna have to decide which way you're gonna fuck me and use me next. Do you want me to deep throat all of your nine inches again? I'm totally up for that. Do you want to fuck my big tits and cum all over them? Do you want to pump my cunt so full of your sperm that I'll be leaking for days? Do you even want to take my ass? I'm kind of scared of that one, but I'm willing to try if you are."

She looked up at him with renewed fire in her eyes. "Remember, my body belongs to you, so whatever you want, you get. And then, when you cum again, I'll have to clean your cock again. And maybe that'll make you hard again, and you'll have to fuck me yet again. Who knows, maybe the cycle will repeat over and over, all night long! Can you just picture the surprise on your father's face when he shows up here for work tomorrow morning, only to find me bouncing up and down in your lap, naked except for all the spermy cream on my tits and face?"

Such an all-night plan clearly wasn't going to happen. Both of them were sexually worn out and increasingly sleepy on top of that. But it was fun to imagine.

"Oh God! Mom, don't! You really ARE going to make me hard again!"

She chuckled wickedly. "That's the plan!"

But despite all her teasing, he really was wiped out for a while. She truly wanted him to get hard again, but nothing worked. She "cleaned" his balls some more, sucking them into her mouth.

She even poked an index finger into his asshole and massaged his prostrate. That was a brand new experience for both of them.

That felt incredible in and of itself, nearly as good for him as a real climax, but it didn't help his penis revive.

She finally gave up and put her dress back on, but just her dress. They were both well aware that she left her thong on the floor for the time being. In fact, her thong was more of a cum rag now, after she'd used it to clean herself off.

Even though their mood had grown sedate, she still felt horny. She didn't just put her dress on, she did a reverse striptease for her son. She turned this way and that way as she pulled the zipper up the back of the dress. It took a long time, since she took a lot more time striking poses than actually doing anything with her dress.

While she did her thing, he sang "Brick House" again, and a few similar songs besides. It took her three minutes before she even attempted to pull the dress up over her tits, and it turned out she had a lot of "trouble" before she finally succeeded with that.

As she preened and posed, she said, "Well, I've never been fucked that good before! And I certainly have never been filled with so much cum either. I swear without any exaggeration, one of your cum loads is equal to at least two of your dad's. At this rate, you'll have me knocked up in a week!"

His heart skipped a beat, and he froze up with fear. That was the third time this evening he remembered her making tantalizing pregnancy comments. "Wait a minute! You are just teasing with that kind of talk, right? I assume you're on the pill or something like that, aren't you?"

She turned to him and frowned. "Unfortunately, I am. Suddenly, I have this... great urge... to have your babies, but I suppose that's unrealistic for now. But still, we can pretend, right? And you DEFINITELY don't have to worry about wearing a condom with me! I won't allow it, ever!"

She lifted up her dress to the bottom of her bust, even exposing her belly button. Nodding at her pussy, she said, "You see this? Son, you deserve the best, and that means you're only allowed to fuck this mommy-hole when you're bareback. That's just one more way I'm going to prove that fucking your mom is better than fucking any of your other girlfriends."

She dropped her dress back down, and turned to give him a side view. She pulled her arms behind her back in an apparent attempt to pull her zipper up some more. In fact, she didn't even attempt to find her zipper, but just pushed her hefty tits out farther as they pressed tightly against the thin black material of her dress. Her hard nipples poked proudly through the fabric.

She shot him a sultry look, but added, "However, I don't want to catch anything from your slutty cheerleaders."

He rolled his eyes. "They're not all slutty, and they're not all cheerleaders."

"Whatever. You need to take precautions in any case. If I'm not enough to keep your balls drained dry, I expect you to pick just one or two steady girlfriends instead of sleeping around with so many cheerleaders so recklessly. It's unwise for you to be so reckless in the first place, and doubly so since you can only fuck me bareback. Is that understood?"

He said in a defeated tone, "Yes, Mom." But he was secretly delighted that she was taking it for granted he would continue to fuck at least some girls his age. He added, "And why do you have to keep calling them cheerleaders? I've fucked a couple dozen girls, and only five of those were cheerleaders."

"Five? Wow! That's practically the entire squad! I'm so impressed!"

He rolled his eyes, but he smiled too. Geez. In Mom's current hypersexual state, I think if I told her I don't like to eat broccoli, she'd somehow manage to twist that around to praise my supposed studliness. ... God, I love it!

Her smile deepened and became very teasing. "You certainly are going to be the cock of the walk at school! Emphasis on 'COCK.' Do you know who you'll pick yet?"

He grinned. "I'm thinking about it. I've got some ideas." He did briefly consider the idea, but all the girls he knew paled in comparison to Leah. He knew they wouldn't be able to hold his interest for long anymore.

She walked to his costumed pants and bent over dramatically. But after smiling at him and wiggling her ass, she picked them up and threw them at him.

"C'mon, Batman, you better get dressed. If the party isn't over already, it soon will be."

"Ugh," he complained. "I hate this thing. And the crotch area is still a little moist."

"Don't hate that costume," she said. "The way it showed off your magnificent cock-log is a big reason why I have your cum drooling out of my pussy right now. We should bronze it, frame it, and hang it on the wall. You know, I think you've ruined Batman for me. I think that anytime I see him on TV or the movies from now on, I'm gonna get so uncontrollably horny I won't be able to follow the plot. Especially if it's the old 1960s version with Adam West."

She added that last comment because his costume was specifically based on the 1960s TV show Batman. Tommy knew he'd never be able to see that show in the same way again either.

She picked up her thong and tried to decide what to do with it. She had no intention of putting it back on because it was a total mess, but tossing it in a trash can could be dangerous. What if Carl found it? She put it aside, for now.

While he pulled his gray pants up, he noticed her repeatedly smoothing her black dress over her flat tummy.

He didn't say anything, but after he put his shirt on, he noticed she was still doing it. He asked, "What are you doing?"

She turned to him and smiled. "Oh, I'm just thinking about all that delicious cum you pumped into my belly. I feel just as flat as ever, but I wish I was bulging out here from all your spermy cream. Maybe you need to fire a couple more loads down my throat and see if that'll make a bulge, like after eating a huge meal."

She opened her mouth wide and lolled her tongue around, as if she was ready to take another load that very second.

"Jesus, Mom! Everything you say and do is so sexy, I don't know if I'm coming or going!"

She teased, "Cumming. Believe me, you'll be cumming with me, and in me. A hell of a lot!"

He shook his head in disbelief. "See what I mean?"

She found a small mirror, and she checked herself out in it. She tamed her tussled hair and generally prettied herself up. But no matter what she did, she couldn't completely hide her freshly fucked glow. But upon further reflection, she decided she rather liked looking that way.

Tommy had less to do, so he went around the room cleaning up and trying to return everything to how it had been. He didn't feel like putting most of his costume on, and he left his cape, gloves, mask, and belt in a pile to carry home.

But he looked up and saw his mother had hiked her dress all the way up to her waist again. All of her ass and pussy mound was on display, not to mention her sleek, long legs. She held the mirror in front of her pussy.

"What are you doing now?" he asked, actually exasperated at how incredibly aroused she was making him. He thought, Man, I wish my dick was hard so I could fuck the shit out of that bubble butt. But it still was down for the count.

She explained, "I'm just checking out all the cum flowing out of my cunt. Isn't that a sight? Most of it is yours, you know. What am I going to do if we go back to the party? Even if I clean all these rivulets up, there's more drooling out all the time. How would you like it if, while I'm talking to your father's colleagues, more of your cum leaks out of my cunt and down my thighs for everyone to see?"

In fact, her dress covered her legs enough to make that virtually impossible, but she wasn't gonna let facts get in the way of an arousing comment.

He sighed with longing and frustration. "Oh God! If I don't get hard again soon, I'm gonna cry!"

She giggled, but then went right back to examining her soaked pussy (and not cleaning it up at all). "At least this dress is a long one. I doubt your cum is going to roll down past my knees, which is what if would take before people might notice. But what about the smell? I'm sure I smell like the thoroughly fucked woman that I am. Anyone who takes one whiff near me will know I've been banged hard and long like a cheap slut. And what about my face? Do I have that 'freshly fucked' look?"

She turned to him, hoping he'd examine her face. But she'd intentionally kept her dress hiked up high on her waist.

He averted his eyes, because seeing her swampy pussy was only frustrating, given his flaccid condition. "Geez, Mom! Have mercy on me!"

She giggled gleefully. "Sorry." She dropped the dress back down.

"Aren't you going to clean up?"

"Nope! A good fuck slut always cleans her son's cock thoroughly, but leaves her son's spermy cream on her skin as long as possible. It makes me hot, reminding me how you nailed me and marked me for your own."

Once again, he wondered where she was getting these rules on how a fuck slut mother was supposed to behave. He figured she was making them up on the fly.

"Well, geez, Mom, you know I love to hear that, but it's too dangerous. You DO look freshly fucked. And while very few to zero people here know I'm Carl's son, many do know you're his wife. They'll think you fucked somebody who wasn't your husband, and that'll cause all kinds of trouble."

"Wait a minute. But so what? You're supposed to be Carl, so we could walk back out there looked totally fucked, and people would just smile and think, 'There goes a loving couple.'"

"Hold on, Mom. That's too risky. What if word gets back to Dad? Can you picture his surprise if some colleague nudged him and said, 'Way to go, you dog. I hear you really laid the pipe into your old lady last night. And in your office no less.' What do you think of that?"

She pondered that. "Well, it makes me insanely horny, for some reason. But I suppose you do have a point."

He said, "Let's not blow it by being too reckless. I want us to do this forever, which means we don't want to blow it the first night. Besides, if we do go out there and flaunt our freshly fucked look, I think my penis will engorge again, and then it'll simply cry 'mercy' and fall off. I need time to recover!"

She chuckled a little bit. "So, on top of everything else, your penis can talk too?"

He replied, "Yeah. In fact, you make it sing." With the song "Brick House" still in his head from her latest striptease, he sang while trying not to move his lips, "'She's the one, the only one, built like an Amazon.' See? He's singing about you."

She smiled. I love my son so very much! I can totally tell our newly sexual life is going to make our great relationship even better. Everything we had before, plus incredible sex! I love that we're already good at joking about this kind of thing.

But then she sighed. "Very well. You're right. It's just that it's so easy to get carried away. Why don't we stay here and clean up a little bit better anyway? The more time that passes until we go back out there, the better."

That was true, but she was also stalling in the hope his penis would have time to revive and he'd give her another ride.

They did a very thorough clean up job. Leah even wiped her pussy clean and kept it that way. The one problem they had though was the room's lingering sex smell. They opened the windows and kept them that way. They figured it was better if Carl wondered why his windows were open (assuming he noticed that at all), instead of wondering who fucked in his office during the party.

Their other lingering problem was what to do with her thong. She didn't have a purse to put it in, and dropping it in the trash still seemed too risky, unless maybe they found a distant trash can. Instead, she insisted Tommy keep it. She said he needed a memento of his "conquest."

He liked that a lot. He was pleased to discover it could be crumbled into a tiny ball. He hid that in his pile of costumed items, rolled up inside his cape.

Finally, they were all cleaned up and ready to go. He asked, "What time is it, hot stuff?"

She waved her bare arms at him. "I don't have a watch either, Mr. Hot Cock. I don't see one around, and I'm not going to turn on your father's computer just to find the time. But it's obviously late. I'd guess we spent over an hour sucking and fucking, and about another hour sleeping. Probably more. Hell, I spent at least half an hour just sucking your cock-log, and we spent another half hour gently making love at one point, so yeah, definitely a lot more. I still hear the sound of fucking in some of these other offices, so at least we know the party's still going on."

She continued, "But we have to get going. It's gotta be past midnight, and that's late for a week night, even on Halloween. But at the same time, Carl could very well still be up. We need to get back home before he starts to wonder what's happened to us."

Tommy asked, "Do you really think he'll worry?"

"No," she replied grimly. "In fact, I'm positive he won't, although he might act like he did. And that goes a long way to explain why I get off on flashing my wedding ring while you fuck the shit out of me. I still am puzzled why he pretty much gave up on our marriage, but he did."


A couple of minutes later, they walked hand in hand back down the corridor towards the party room. To Leah's surprise, the music was still coming out from that room. However, there were nowhere near as many people as had been there earlier.

As they stood in the middle of the nearly empty dance floor, she whispered in Tommy's ear, "Did you see how unsteadily I'm walking? I'm not faking that. That's really because you fucked me so fuckin' GOOD, I can't even walk straight."

She kissed his earlobe. "Do it again, when we get the chance."

He quietly whimpered. It was starting to dawn on him that he'd unleashed a sexual vixen, if not an insatiable succubus.

But he wasn't dead yet. He said, "One last dance," and pulled her to the middle of the dance floor. The song that was just starting was "Moonlight Shadow" by Mike Oldfield with Maggie Reilly. It was an odd choice for a dance since it was neither fast nor slow, but in between. But they danced it like it was a slow one.

Tommy commented, "I've never heard this one before, but it's so beautiful. Almost as beautiful as you."

She sighed happily and rested her head against his neck. "You make me so very happy. Say that again."

He briefly glanced around to make sure they weren't overheard, and then said, "Mom, you're too beautiful for words! I love you so much! And I don't say that just because you're so sexy, and such a great fuck. Or because you're a great mom. I love everything about you. I love YOU!"

She sighed happily. But she also looked up at him and beat her fists against his chest. "Stop it! Stop saying such great things, or you're gonna make me cry. ... Oops, too late!"

Tears were already flowing down her cheeks, and she buried her face into his neck again as she cried more freely.

"What's wrong?" he asked with great concern, as he lovingly stroked her mostly bare back.

"Nothing! That's the problem! I'm so happy, so overcome, I'm crying tears of joy!"

She kept crying, but she pulled back from his neck and resumed dancing with him. She beamed with love and elation even as fresh tears rolled down. She looked him over. No regrets! Yeah, I feel some guilt over what we've done, and some fear, but overall, I have no regrets, because I love my son so damn much, and he loves me! Getting fucked by him feels so very right! Carl lost me, but Tommy has found me. This could be the best thing that's ever happened to me! We'll just have to be careful with the incest taboo, and not getting caught.

Eventually, she said, "This is going to be 'our song' from now on. Who would believe I could totally fall in love with my own son? I love you so much! So much, it's like a pain in my chest!"

His answer to that was a supernova kiss planted on her lips. Their feet kept moving as their tongues dueled.

They stopped dancing after the song ended, because nothing could top that emotional experience. She wiped her tears and got presentable again.

Leah led Tommy out by the hand into the smaller room they'd first arrived in. He put his Batman mask on for the duration, for fear they'd run into someone who knew the real Carl well in the better lit room.

She stopped briefly to tell the main hosts Harold and Lydia Marsh that they had had a lot of fun and they were both very glad they had come. She made sure not to get too close or linger though, for fear they still had some hint of that "freshly fucked" look or smell.


They soon found themselves sitting back in their car, Carl's Jaguar. This time Tommy took the wheel, even though Leah was sober by now. She explained with a happy smirk that she was still too "drunk on love and lust" to drive.

Tommy had hardly said two words since they'd left the dance floor. He stared straight out the windshield instead of starting the car.

"What's wrong, honey?" she finally asked, looking as concerned as she felt. She placed a hand on his arm.

He asked nervously, "Is everything gonna be okay with us now? I mean after... You know... "

She smiled softly and gently stroked his arm to reassure him, but she couldn't help but take the chance to tease him yet again, although she knew that he was worried. "What? After we had sex? After you fucked me? After you dumped one big load on my face, another down my throat, and then filled my cunt with two more? You think I'm gonna be mad about that?"

He gulped at that arousing reminder of what they'd done. "Well, maybe not mad, but I don't want you to be all regretful tomorrow. That would break my heart, especially after all the sexy promises about the future you made."

"Son, you're acting like the girl, all worried about what this does to the relationship. You should be strutting around like the cock of the walk that you are. That's how you act with your girlfriends."

He replied irritably, "That's 'cos I don't care about them that much. I'm always up front that I want to date simply to have sex and a fun time, not because I'm in love. But with you, it's totally different. I care so much that it hurts. I love you! I don't want things between us to get all weird, but how can they not be weird?"

She stroked his upper arm tenderly. "That's so sweet. Of course I love you and care too. But don't worry. You're right, things will be weird for a while as we adjust to the fact I'm your fuck slut now, but we'll manage. Believe me, I didn't just lose my head because I was drunk. I've been drunk lots of times on business trips when Carl wasn't there and all kinds of sharks were after me, and I had no trouble keeping my panties on. I wouldn't have let you fuck me in two if I didn't want you to. If I was drunk on something, I was drunk on YOU!"

She added, "I made a very conscious decision before we entered that office. Remember all that time i took in the bathroom first? What happened wasn't some rash mad fluke, so it's not all going to disappear tomorrow. Everything's gonna be fine, okay?"

He nodded while looking at the floor.

She asked, "So are you okay?"

"Yeah, I guess. But what about Dad? I mean, we're cheating on him! The guilt's starting to hit me more now. It's bound to hit you too."

He glanced at her wedding ring. He reminded himself that Carl was probably cheating on her. He clung to that like a drowning man grasping at a life vest.

"True, that is a problem," she conceded. "But I'm addicted to your cock and I can't live without it. Like I said, from now on, I'm your slut first and his wife second, if that."

That took Tommy's breath away. It was one thing for her to say that earlier, when it might have just been a heat-of-the-moment thing. But they were calmed down and she still said it and meant it.

She sighed sadly. "I dunno, maybe I need to get divorced. That's probably inevitable now, but I need to think some things through, especially that one." She sighed again. "But don't worry, I told you that there's no going back from what we've done, regardless, and I well and truly mean it."

He sighed too, but it was more of an exhale of great relief. "Phew! I'm so glad to hear that. I think I'm totally addicted too. I mean, yeah, I pretty much have my pick of girls at school, but they're all bush league."

"Oh?" Leah interrupted. "So teen girls aren't into polishing their pubes these days?"

"MooooOOOOoooom! You know what I mean. What we did tonight was... epic! Seriously epic! Even the blowjob alone was way epic! Especially with your repeated deep throatings. They could make a porn flick just on that, and it would sell millions! I mean, that felt like an eight-hour blowjob, and it probably was! It was just... well, epic! God! The, the... deep throating! Unreal! And the fucking and the teasing and the kissing and everything... Oh my God! I can't go back to normal sex! No way! You totally rocked my world!"

She smiled from ear to ear. She took special note of how much he was impressed by her deep throating efforts. That made her want to do that for him a lot more. She figured that was her ace in the hole that would put her above any of his girlfriends.

She said, "My sentiments exactly. If you ever wonder how I turned into a fuck slut so quickly, just remember that 'you totally rocked my world' too, all night long. In fact, I think you had me early in the evening, when I sat on your lap in front of those two guys and you blatantly fondled my tits and practically poked a baby into me by making me sit on your cock-log. You remember that?"

He smiled widely in fond recollection. "Yeah."

"Now, are we good?"

He looked at her wide-eyed. "Man, we are SOOOO good!"

She laughed at his enthusiasm. "Good, because I don't want any of this to ruin our relationship. I'll still be your same mom most of the time, it's just that sometimes I'll be your eager and willing fuck slut too. Well, okay, I guess I'll be like that a lot of the time." She grinned.

He wasn't quite done though. "Mom, what's up with this 'fuck slut' stuff, really? You've been like, all submissive tonight. But you're this powerful department head, and I know you firmly control your staff. You take names and kick ass at work! I love your new sexual attitude, but I'm scared it's a mirage, because it just doesn't seem like you at all. Even with what you said about how you totally get into things, that explains your sexual enthusiasm, but not all this submissive stuff. What's up with that?"

She sighed, this time with longing. "You're right. It doesn't seem like me. But I've learned something new about myself tonight. You filled a hole in me that I never even knew existed."

He joked, "Um, Mom, I think you've known about that hole. Otherwise, how would you go to the bathroom?"

She laughed, only belatedly realizing the double meaning of her words. "I don't mean THAT hole, kiddo! Okay, you filled TWO holes in me tonight. One, your cock knows very intimately now. The other is a desire to be dominated, a desire I never even knew I had before tonight. I'm not talking about whips and chains and all that crap, and I'm not ready to call you 'master' or something like that. But I do like you being in charge in the bedroom. Just keep on doing what you're doing, and we'll be fine."

He looked at her with puzzlement. "I will, just as soon as I know what that is."

She explained, "Just be you! You're a natural leader, a natural take-charge kind of guy. You're filled with this quiet confidence, and you somehow always get what you want. I mean, look at you! You were already banging the hottest juniors and seniors when you were still finishing junior high! That's extraordinary. You have some kind of special 'it.' In retrospect, maybe it was inevitable I would become your fuck slut once you grew up. I don't even know what your 'it' is, but it makes me want to not just love you but submit to you too, and service your magnificent cock and cum-filled balls. I do know your dad doesn't have a smidgen of whatever 'it' is."

"Why did you marry him then?" he asked.

"Let's not go there, please. I was way too young, for starters. Remember, I had you when I was still in high school. I loved him for a lot of years, but it started as a shotgun marriage."

Seeing that he was feeling relaxed now, and even aroused, she went from reassuring to sultry and teasing. "Now, we can pretend like nothing happened, Mr. Hot Cock. Or, you can drive us home before your father thinks something is wrong, and I can suck your cock on the way."

His head turned towards her and his eyes shot wide open. "WHAT?! What did you say?!"

She couldn't believe how prudish he was being for someone who had already fucked her. But she was relieved when she finally saw a small smile creep up onto to his face as he started the car engine.

Her own smile grew as she reached towards his crotch, unzipped his fly, and pulled his cock out of his pants. She was happy to see that it was engorging very rapidly. "You heard me, you big-cocked stud. I can't promise that I'll be able to make it 'epic' every single time, especially when you're driving. It's probably not practical to try to deep throat you like this, for instance. But I'll try my best. Speaking of which, enough of this jibber-jabber. I need a mouthful of something other than words."

She leaned forward, craned her jaw open wide, and slid her hot mouth over his cock once again.

Tommy was amazed. He felt a mad rush of pleasure as she started bobbing on him, while also using her tongue to great effect. Wow! I live in a brand new world. A world in which Mom is going to suck my dick a lot, for starters! Things aren't going to end with the end of the party, thank God! I'm having such a hard time believing that, because it's just too incredible. But the proof is this head of gorgeous long black hair in my lap!

He drove home slowly. He was trying to be careful not to crash the car with his mother's lips sliding up and down his shaft, but the slow pace also had the delightful side effect of prolonging her fantastic blowjob.

All the while, Leah's pretty head bobbed in his lap, sucking hard on his cock and swishing her tongue all over its bulbous head. Her lips glided up and down his thick shaft again and again as her cheeks sucked in and out, seemingly with the power of a vacuum cleaner.

She kept reminding herself that she needed to take it easy so he wouldn't crash the car, but it was tough because she really wanted to milk another load from his thick cock, and right away. She wound up somewhere in between really taking it easy on him and going all out on him. It was just enough restraint for him to actually drive the car.

Stopping at a traffic light, he exclaimed, "Oh fuck, Mom, you're such a horny slut!" He groaned as his free hand gently rested on her long black hair that fell around her pretty face. While she sucked contentedly on his rock solid dick, he looked over at the car stopped in the lane next to his.

The male driver there briefly glanced back at him, obviously thinking Tommy was alone and finding nothing interesting to look at. Luckily, he wasn't in some kind of high SUV, and was at the same eye level as Tommy.

Leah was ducked way down below the windows, so there was no way for the other driver to know a centerfold-worthy bombshell was there and bobbing up and down on Tommy's boner with a passion.

She searched her feelings. Okay, the party's over. We're in a whole new situation. Do I still love sucking my son's cock so much! ... YES! A thousand times yes! There's not even a hint of doubt! Mmmm! So thick! So hot! So delicious!

At the next traffic light, Tommy took advantage of the fact that she wasn't wearing a bra to reach inside her dress and pinch a nipple.

But that proved to be a mistake of sorts, because she liked that so much, she pulled the dress straps off her shoulders. She managed to get them all the way down her arms while continuing to remain crouched down with her lips on his shaft. Then she yanked her dress further down her body until she was completely nude from the waist up.

She pulled her lips off his shaft just long enough to say, "Good idea! Fuck sluts need to be naked a lot, so their big-cocked sons always have easy access."

He looked at her shapely back and shoulder blades, plus her long and flowing raven black hair. "Fuuuuuck!" Then the light changed and he was forced to keep driving. "You're too hot to handle! You know what? Since you like to call me Mr. Hot Cock, I'm gonna call you Hot Stuff." He'd already been calling her that off and on since the party began, but he wanted to make it official.

She giggled. She lapped on his sweet spot as she talked. "I like that! It reminds me of the hot stuff of yours that'll fill my tummy and cunt. I think I need to reward you for that great name with a fantastic blowjob. Oh, wait! I'm doing that already!"

He laughed and shook his head. As much as he loved his "old mother," he loved his "new one" even more. She had the same basic personality, but she was completely sexually uninhibited, and a lot more amusing, happy, and fun to be with.

Driving faster down the road, he marveled, Just getting to drive Dad's Jaguar totally rocks. He never lets me drive it. But getting to drive it while Mom bobs on my dick? Priceless! He laughed to himself. What would Dad think, if he could see us now? Geez, I'm starting to actually hope he's cheating on Mom. Otherwise, we're being too cruel to him.

It was past midnight, so there were very few cars around. At the next traffic light, he simply failed to resume driving when the light turned green. She was bobbing up and down with such talent and suction that it was almost ridiculous for anyone to expect him to drive.

But when the light turned green the next time, he was forced to keep going. Remaining there for a while was just too dangerous. He complained, "Hey, Hot Stuff, can you please ease up a bit? Or we're all gonna die!"

"Mmmmmmph!" She moaned around the shaft and then she slid her mouth all the way up and took her mouth from the shaft, gently pumping him while she talked. "I'm sorry, Mr. Hot Cock. It's your wonderful curved dick, baby." She cooed, "It drives me crazy. I just can't help myself!"

She returned to sucking intently on his shaft before once again pulling her mouth from it long enough to look up at him through her long black eyelashes. "Besides, I LOVE the taste of your cum and I CAN'T WAIT for you to paint my face and tits again! Imagine if I come home with my dress down to my waist and my face and chest glistening with gobs of your cum everywhere. Do you think Carl would notice? I don't!"

"Oh, come on, Mom, of course he would. He may be inattentive lately, but he's not dead."

She didn't disagree, as that was a fun but far too outrageous of an idea to take seriously. She asked, "By the way, do you think it's safe by now for me to deep throat you a little bit? 'Cos I really need to do that. Like, right now!" And with those words she went back to working as hard as she could, sucking mercilessly on his dick.

"No! Please don't! ... Oh God! You're not letting up at all! We're gonna die for sure!"

With that complaint, she finally did relent a little, but only a little. She also decided that deep throating was a fun idea, but just not practical at the moment. Her head continued to simply steadily bob up and down on her son's nine-inch boner.

She was sucking him with much more intensity and passion than she'd ever sucked her husband. It wasn't that she'd been deliberately holding back before, but sucking on her son's big knob brought out desires and talents that she hadn't even known she possessed (such as her totally improvised deep throating skills).

It was a long drive home. Tommy was both glad and worried by how far Carl lived from his work place, because Leah was still so reckless. After a while, he more or less managed to figure out how to concentrate fully on the road while a part of him reveled in the pleasurable things her tongue and lips were doing. The key was to never look down at her sexy and topless form, never talk (because she'd say insanely arousing things in reply), never sniff the air to enjoy her pungent pussy smell, never focus on her lewd slurping and sucking sounds, and generally block out all sensory information whatsoever except for the sight of the road in front of him.

It helped when they reached a wide highway and he didn't have to worry about sharply turning or stopping. Even the highway was very nearly deserted at that late hour.

But after ten minutes, they got back to street traffic. Worse, they were only a few minutes from home now, and Leah seemed determined to get him to cum before they got there. She began bobbing faster while using all kinds of tricky moves with her tongue.

It became increasingly impossible for him to block out the sexy sights, smells, and sounds filling the car. For instance, she was slurping so loudly as she sucked as hard and fast as she could that she pretty much drowned out the sound of his own steady and lusty moaning and groaning.

Her only remaining act of restraint was that she still hadn't tried to deep throat him. But with just three or four blocks left to go, she suddenly dove her head down until more than half of his erection was crammed down her throat.

"FUUUUUUCK!" he moaned. Her deep throating was just too much. He gave up the effort to keep driving, and pulled the car to the side of road.

He checked to confirm that he didn't know the neighbors in this area, and then turned the engine off. It was quite dark on this winding suburban street, because this whole neighborhood was so infrequently visited the streets lacked street lights. About the only people likely to drive by were the families who lived there, and the chances were that all of them were in bed and asleep by now. Besides, he figured that even if someone did drive by, they weren't going to check if someone was sitting inside a totally dark parked car.

He'd expected her to go to town with her deep throating now they didn't have to worry about the car crashing.

But instead, she pulled her lips all the way off his spermy pole and sat up in her seat. "Good idea!" she said about stopping the car. Then she leaned over and kissed him on the lips.

He would have complained that she shouldn't sit up since she was topless and people might see, but he couldn't since his mouth was occupied with her probing tongue. Besides, he thought, The odds of anyone actually noticing are extremely small, unless some weirdo wants to go jogging well after midnight.

Time passed, and his hands drifted to her huge tits and her sensitive nipples while she kept jacking him off. By the time she did break the kiss, he'd forgotten about his complaint.

She was tempted to slide into his lap and impale herself down onto his cock, but the steering wheel made that difficult. Besides, she wanted to make sure his blowjob would be "epic." Incredibly, she was still worried about his "cheerleader girlfriends" and was trying to impress him with her sexual prowess.

So instead she pulled her dress up until it was bunched up uselessly around her waist, putting her pussy in full view.

She thrust her chest out and teased, "It looks like someone around here likes my big rack."

As he pinched her nipples, he recalled lyrics from "Brick House." But he quoted then in a deadpan voice instead of singing them, "I like my ladies stacked, and that's a fact, ain't holdin' nothin' back."

She laughed, and then joked in reply, "Then it's a good thing I'm a brick" - she paused, even longer than the pause in the song - "house!"

They both cracked up.

He added, still in his decidedly non-funky deadpan tone, "You're mighty mighty, and you're lettin' it all hang out."

"I certainly am doing that!" She jiggled her fantastic pale globes. Then, as she brought her head back down to his crotch, she suggested, "Please finger my cunt while I blow you some more, Mr. Hot Cock. That'll really get me hot!"

"Sure thing, Mrs. Hot Stuff." He did just that, once she had her lips wrapped around his shaft again. Sometimes, he found poking around in her pussy almost as much fun as what she was doing with her sliding lips. Almost. He'd read about G-spots, and he particularly liked it when he managed to find hers.

Soon, he managed to bring her to such an intense orgasm that she was unable to suck him for a couple of minutes.

Once she recovered and was steadily bobbing on his shaft some more, he said, "Mom, I'd really like to fuck your tits some more."

She sat up and looked around. "Hmmm. That could be a problem. Not that I wouldn't love it, but logistically, it'll be hard to do inside this car. Maybe if we got in the back seat... Hmmm. No, you know what? Why don't you just put up with the rest of my blowjob, and then later tonight I'll sneak into your room and you can fuck my tits and any other hole you like for a long as you want, and all in the comfort of your own bed. Won't that be better?"

"Mom! Holy fuck! That's... too wild! We can't do that! What about Dad?!"

"Hmmm." She considered that problem like she had trouble remembering she was even married in the first place. "We'll figure that out later. Right now, I need you to cum on my face!" She dove back down and resumed her intense deep throating.

He thought, I'm reeling from so many sexy shocks that I don't even know what to think anymore. All I know is that my gorgeous yet previously rather prudish mother has "broken" or "snapped" or something, and apparently she's decided there's nothing more important for her to do than constantly pleasure my cock! Not only that, but she wants to be my submissive, I dunno, mistress... or something! What a night!

It was pretty mind-blowing stuff, especially for a mere 16-year old. He was still trying to deal with the fact that he'd actually fucked her.

But all her "fuck slut" talk wasn't just talk. This blowjob was turning out to be just as "epic" as the first one she'd given him. She was acting like pleasuring his cock was the most important thing in the entire world. Actually, it wasn't acting, because at the moment she really did feel that way. She did things with her lips and tongue that she'd never even known she could do, and she that hadn't even tried earlier in the evening.

He'd already felt more pleasure from this one blowjob than all the blowjobs all his previous girlfriends had even given him combined. She was that much heads and shoulders above them.

Of course, it didn't exactly hurt that she was his mother. Any time his attention started to wander even a little bit, all he had to do was remind himself of that fact and it was like he'd been slapped in the face.

They lost all track of time. He fingered her pussy and clit through a couple more orgasms, but that didn't slow down her slurping and bobbing in the slightest. She was getting really good at her deep throating. Every single time, she pushed herself to try new things. For instance, at first she could only go down on him like that for about a minute until she had to come back up to breathe. But soon she was deep throating him for easily well over a minute at a time, sometimes close to two minutes. He knew that for a fact, since there was a clock built in the car dashboard.

He thought, I can barely even hold my breath for that long, and I'm in great shape! And it's not like she's just holding her breath either. I can't even imagine how tough it is to do all those things with her throat and tongue and lips at the same time, AND have to worry about running out of air! She must really love me to try that hard.

He tried to equally impress her by holding out longer, but that only led to a "vicious cycle" of increasingly pleasurable and prolonged cocksucking. Sliding his cockhead up and down her throat honestly felt as tight and as good to him as if it was in her pussy, if not better, because her tongue never stopped teasing parts of his shaft as well.

At some point, his willpower completely crumbled. She happened to have her nose buried in his pubic hair when he gave up his resistance. It was like a bomb detonated, he felt such an instant surge of total ecstasy. Cum immediately started to rocket out of the tip of his cock. He didn't even have a moment to warn her.

Surprised, she pulled up as fast as she could. He was still firing his first rope when she got his cockhead safely inside her mouth instead. She greedily swallowed all of his cum as thick globs shot out of his engorged dick and hit her tonsils, the back of her throat, landed on her tongue, and generally filled her mouth full of cum.

He liberally painted the back of her throat until he was utterly drained and satisfied. He slumped back in his seat and idly wondered, How on Earth am I ever gonna gain the strength just to drive the last few blocks to our home? Shit! I think she sucked my brain and my soul out through my cock! I'm more wiped out than if I played two football games back to back.

But luckily, she wasn't in any hurry. She cuddled up against him, rubbing her big bare tits into his chest. They had the car heater on, so they were nice and toasty, and in no hurry to move.

She said, "You're a sneaky bastard, you know that?"

"Me? What did I do?"

"You got me so hot to swallow another one of your big loads that I forgot all about getting my face painted. You owe me big time next time, Mr. Hot Cock. I want you to blow a huuuuge spermy load all over my face AND tits!"

"Oh man! Man oh man! I'll try, Hot Stuff."

She looked at him with concern, because he looked wide-eyed and amazed. "What is it, baby? Am I overwhelming you?"

"Well, yeah. Definitely yeah. But I'm loving every minute, so don't worry about it. What bothers me is that we're almost home, and Dad may still be up."

"Hmmm." Reluctantly, she pulled back from him and tried to put her dress back in place. "That is a problem. The key thing to remember is that I'm your fuck slut, and we love each other. I'm probably going to have to divorce Carl, because you've taken his place in my heart and my pussy. If I have to be brutally honest, I'd say you've generally proven superior to him in every way that matters to a woman, and that isn't easy for a mere 16-year old to do. Hell, my marriage was dead anyway, this is just the final nail in the coffin. So just keep that in mind, that I'm yours forever, and he'll be history eventually, and we'll be able to overcome any obstacle."

"Really?!" His confidence and pride soared upon hearing that, even though he felt bad for his father.


Excited and energized, he started the car.

She chuckled with glee as she watched his happy reaction. She knew she still had some immediate problems, including having to hope Carl didn't notice her lack of a bra or panties, or her general cummy, sexy smell. But those paled in comparison to the joy of making her son so happy.

A minute later, Tommy pulled the car into their driveway and parked it in the garage.

After checking themselves over for any lingering suspicious signs, they got out and walked to the front door.

Tommy didn't know it, but Leah had secretly saved a lot of his cum in her mouth, and she still had it there. She was ever-so-slowly swallowing and savoring it. She loved the way his tasty cream felt as it slid down her throat.

The thought of having her son's cum in her mouth as she walked back into her house, in such proximity to her husband, turned her on so much that she seriously thought about pushing Tommy against a wall just outside their front door and letting him fuck her there before going in. She was still that horny. She was deterred mostly by the fact that almost certainly he wouldn't be able to get erect yet again anytime soon.

Instead, she just swallowed the last of her son's cum with a loud gulp as they entered the kitchen.

Tommy turned to look at her with shocked eyes, but when he saw her licking her lips with her tongue, he got an inkling as to what she had just done.


Carl was sitting at the dining room table reading over some papers. In a stunning display of his disinterest about his marriage, he never even looked up as they walked in. "Hi," he said, sounding friendly, but staying totally intent on the work in front of him.

"Hey, Dad," Tommy said with a smile at Leah. "Did you wait for us to come home?"

"Um, yeah." It was obvious though that he hadn't. The Halloween party was just about the last thing on his mind, and he didn't even seem to realize it was well after midnight already.

"Hey hon, you have a good night?" Leah asked her husband. She returned her son's smile with a lust-filled teasing one of her own, knowing full well Carl couldn't see with his nose pointing down at his work.

"Yeah, I got a lot done so I won't have to bust my ass for the next few days." Carl said, still without looking up. But then he finally did raise his head and did a double take at how sexy his wife looked. "Wow! That's some dress!"

"You like it?" Leah spun around, though she was showing off for her son, not her husband. She carefully kept her hands over her breasts so her movements wouldn't reveal that she was bra-less. She hadn't even gone to the party with a bra, but there was no need for Carl to know that. "Don't you think that deserves a kiss?"

With obvious reluctance, Carl stood up and pecked his wife on her cheek.

He was about to sit back down when she said, "I mean a proper kiss."

He leaned over and kissed her on her lips.

She grabbed the back of his head and gave him a seemingly passionate kiss.

However, Tommy knew she just wanted him to taste the lingering remnants of his son's cum. He couldn't believe how much that aroused him, or how shockingly wicked she was being. He'd never known her to do anything even remotely like that before; she was a good and kind person. Tingles of excitement shot down his spine.

As Carl said back down, he furrowed his eyebrows. "Your breath tastes funny."

She frowned, as if annoyed at him. "When was the last time you kissed me? How many times have I told you about the new diet I've started? I warned you all that spicy food could have that kind of side effect. That's how I taste now."

"Sorry, I forgot," Carl muttered.

Tommy was amazed at Leah's cleverness. Not only had she brushed away any suspicions he might have had, she'd given an excuse that could permanently explain the new spermy taste to her mouth. His totally dead penis stirred a little, knowing the only way such a cover story would work was if her mouth had a spermy taste more often than not from now on. And the implications for him and his penis were simply staggering.

As Carl put his head back into his papers, Leah winked at her son. Then she mouthed the words "I'm sorry" at him. She was apologizing for "cheating" on him by intimately kissing another man.

Tommy looked at his distracted father and thought, What are in those papers that's so damn important?! Dude, your wife is dressed sexier than she's dressed in years, her bra-less big tits are spilling out everywhere, and you find those papers more interesting? And you're working after midnight on Halloween? What the heck? Did your penis and balls fall off at some point or something?! You totally have to be cheating on her. Or at the very least, your love for her has died.

Leah also was wondering about her behavior. What's gotten into me? Now that I've started teasing Carl behind his back, it feels so good that I don't want to stop. I've been far too passive about my failing marriage, and I've built up a giant mountain of resentment. I'm so angry at him for barely even noticing me or my dress tonight that I seriously want to punch him! It serves him right that he lost me tonight. He deserves to have lost me, with his total neglect.

Carl glanced back up, feeling obliged to make some small talk, since they were just standing there. "What about you two? Did you have fun at the party?"

Tommy just grinned as he thought about his great night. He was trying not to look too happy.

Leah had her arms crossed over her massive tits. She was so aroused that she couldn't make her hard nipples go down, so she was trying to cover them up. She replied, "Oh, we had a lot of fun honey! In fact, more fun than I ever had in my life, I think."

Seeing that Carl's momentary interest had already passed and his attention was back on his papers, she added as she looked at her son. "Our son really knows how to show a girl a very, very good time."

"Good, I'm glad honey." Carl replied. Her comments should have piqued his interest and led to more questions, especially her statement that she'd never had so much fun in her life. But in his current mind set, it sounded a lot like "blah blah blah."

She continued, knowing he was listening more to her tone than her actual words, "I want to thank you for your idea in having him come with me. At first I was upset, but it turned out I was very glad he came. What do you think, Son? Aren't you glad you came with me?"

Tommy knew that when she said "come" or "came" she was really talking about cumming. That made it hard for him to answer, because he was reeling at her daring, and thinking about their mutual orgasms, when he literally came with her. "Um, yeah! I was really glad I came. To be honest, I wouldn't mind cumming with you again, if something like that came up again."

She grinned wolfishly, tickled pink that he was playing along. "Thanks! I'm glad to hear that, because I wouldn't be surprised if something did pop up before long." Knowing that Carl wasn't watching, she stared right at his crotch as she said that. "And then you can cum with me again."

Carl looked up. He'd only been half paying attention, until he realized this was a good chance to get out of going to some social events that bored him. He asked Tommy, "You really don't mind escorting your mother sometimes? Because I've been so busy lately, I'm running ragged. Just look at me." He gestured at all the papers spread out before him.

Tommy replied, "No, I don't mind. I was surprised how much fun Mom was. We danced and joked and just generally had a ball. She was a blast."

"Son, you're too kind. You were what made it fun. I only had a blast because of you. But I'll agree that we had a ball."

Tommy was finding it hard to keep a straight face, with the double entendres coming so fast and furious. He knew what was really being referred to with all the "blasting" and "balling."

Carl asked, "So what did you do that was so fun? To be honest, I don't really like those office parties. I have to smile and suck up to my bosses."

Leah leapt all over that. "I know you do. But don't worry, I did a lot of sucking up for you." She looked at Tommy and licked her lips, even though Carl was still somewhat engaged in the conversation (although luckily he was looking back at his papers).

Fearing things were going too far, Tommy said to Carl, "To answer your question, the reason I liked it so much was the dancing. It was great! Mom let loose, and we boogied for like an hour straight!"

Carl looked back up, seeing another opportunity. "Really? You like that? That's great, because Leah loves to dance and I don't. Any time you want to take her to one of those dancing things, I'll give you plenty of spending cash, and you can use the Jag."

"Wow! Thanks, Dad! I just might take you up on that.." He glanced at Leah knowingly.

She tilted her head up and gulped. "There's a thing coming up next week, Son. It's a very late night thing. I'd like you to cum with me there, into the wee hours."

Even if Carl had been looking right at her, he wouldn't have understood. But Tommy knew the "thing coming up" was going to be his rising penis. And her tilting and gulping was showing how she was planning on deep throating it.

Tommy was worried Carl might notice the use of "come/cum with" instead of "go with." So he tried to play it straight and give a reasonable excuse. "Yeah, maybe. Who knows? I'm not into dancing with my friends, 'cos I hate all that techno and rap crap. But they were playing James Brown and new wave and all kinds of great stuff, so tonight was cool."

Leah told Carl, "I showed him your office as well, honey. He seemed to like what he saw there." Her pussy was beginning to throb all over again as she recalled just what her son had done to her there.

She continued, "Me, I certainly enjoyed myself, so that's why we didn't come home earlier. We wanted to have as much fun tonight as we possibly could, and I know for a fact we both did!"

She rubbed a hand on her flat stomach showing Tommy that she had enjoyed all of his cum. After double-checking that Carl was still looking away, she even ostentatiously licked her lips at her son again.

"Good, good!" Carl said absent-mindedly as he wrote on one of the sheets, "Have you eaten?" He was genuinely interested in that question, because he was feeling hungry.

"Yeah," she replied, as she happily remembered swallowing two big cummy loads. "I ate twice." Her stomach fluttered at how erotic this was. She was basically describing what had happened, but so that only herself and Tommy understood her real meaning. "It was this new spicy dish. Really messy, though. I got it all over my face. I feel soooo stuffed! I just crammed it all in there until I thought there would be a big explosion."

Luckily, Carl was only listening enough to hear that she had eaten recently, and the rest was more "blah blah blah." The fact she'd eaten disappointed him, because he was so busy with his work that he hadn't eaten in hours. He was hoping she'd cook him something. He briefly glanced up at his son. "What about you? I take it you're full too? "

Tommy replied, "Yeah, unfortunately. I ate some really interesting Hot Stuff too. I forget what it was called... clam something or another. It was tangy, but sweet. I wanna eat a lot of it from now on." Emboldened by his father's obvious inattention, he brazenly winked at his mother.

She was weak at her knees, recalling how he'd eaten her "clam." His verbal daring really turned her on. She straightened out her dress for him, pulling the fabric tight around her tummy and showing off just how hard her nipples were.

"That's nice," Carl said. But then he looked up at Leah and asked her a question that really interested him. "Darling, would it be too much to ask you to fix me some kind of snack? I've been so lost in my work, I totally forgot to eat dinner."

She forced herself to smile. "Sure thing, honey." She still loved Carl to some degree, but that was mostly from memories of happier times. In recent years, he'd become such a workaholic that she often felt like she'd become little more than his maid and chef, even though she was a highly respected executive and brought in as much or more money as he did.

She thought with secret anger, Look at me, you idiot! I'm totally flirting with my SON! What do you want me to do, strip and rub my spermy pussy right in your face? Would you notice me then? I seriously want to punch you hard! I used to love you. What happened? Did I do something wrong? The only reason you're paying attention at all is so you can get me to make you something to eat. Pathetic!

Carl went back to his papers while Leah heated up some leftovers on the stove.

Tommy sat down at the table across from Carl and picked up the sports page from the newspaper. He started to read it, even though he wasn't really interested. Mostly, he just wanted to stay close to his smoking hot mom to see what else she'd say and do.

The food was ready just a couple of minutes later. She didn't understand why Carl had waited for her to do that, since anyone could heat up some food. "There you go. Enjoy."

As Carl ate, he paid more attention to his surroundings, because he couldn't eat and do his work at the same time. He said, "You know, I should get more of a full accounting of what you two did in case anyone talks to me about the party tomorrow." He chuckled. "I have to know what I did." He asked Tommy, "Did everyone really believe you were me?"

Tommy answered, "Oh yeah, totally! We didn't even get one suspicious glance. Basically, I was you in every single way. I did stay away from your colleagues that I knew you knew well though, like the ones you've had over here. I didn't want to push my luck."

"Good thinking."

Leah went to the table and sat down next to Tommy. She knew they had to stop their double entendres now Carl was actually fully listening. But she used her feet to take her high heels off, and then started to run her bare feet up Tommy legs. There was no way Carl would notice that, unless Tommy couldn't keep his facial expressions under control.

At the same time, she said to her husband, "That's a good idea, to give you a run down."

She gave Carl a detailed version of events, including who they'd really spoken to and the gist of what had been said. But she naturally omitted all the sexual contact with her son. And all the while, her foot all but made love to Tommy's legs, since she rubbed them so sensuously.

Carl ate and listened without suspicion. When she finished, he asked Tommy, "So, kid, how did it feel to be 'me' for an evening?"

Tommy carefully replied, "It was weird, but fun. It's great to be treated like a full adult. It was so easy to fool people that it pretty much wasn't even a challenge. We really do look and sound that similar. I think I could have even pulled it off with your glasses instead of the Batman mask." He added jokingly, "I tried to kiss Mom once, but she punched me."

"Damn right!" Leah replied as she shook a fist at him with mock anger. Even as she did that, her bare foot was lovingly caressing Tommy's ankle.

Carl didn't even bat an eye. Such an exchange only reinforced his assumption that Tommy and Leah's relationship was entirely non-sexual.

As soon as Carl looked away, she kept shaking her fist, but right at him, and with real anger in her eyes. She felt so terribly neglected by him that it broke her heart.

The small talk soon petered out, and Carl went back to his papers.

Leah had been keeping her arms across her hefty tits, covering her lewdly protruding nipples. But she stood up and stretched. She pretended to yawn.

Tommy couldn't believe how obtuse Carl was. Her stretching displayed her busty body so erotically, he would have been tempted to up and fuck her on the spot, even with his father watching, if only his penis had been up for it.

She continued to stretch this way and that, knowing Tommy was looking and Carl wasn't. Finally, she said, "Anyway, I'm going to bed 'cos I'm completely fucked out." She said that as she looked right at her son with a special gleam in her eyes. She never used words like "fucked out," but she correctly assume Carl would hear the more common "tucked out," if he was paying attention at all.

Tommy put the newspaper down and stood up. "Me too. All that dancing really wiped me out."

Both of them moved towards the doorway that led to the stairs.

She said as she moved closer to Tommy, "I need to get my energy back. It was quite a night." Knowing Carl couldn't care less, she looked straight at Tommy with lust-filled eyes. "Don't wait too long, honey."

On one level she was saying that to Carl, but Tommy knew she really meant "Tommy, don't wait too long until you fuck me again."

"Mmmm," Carl grunted noncommittally in reply. He hadn't even really heard what she was saying, now that he was fully focused on his work again.

She turned once again to her son and said to him, "And good night to you, kiddo. Thanks for being such a gentleman and an all-around nice guy. Thanks for such an amazing night." She gently pressed her lips against his, and quickly touched his tongue with hers before pulling her lips back and smiling at him.

"It was my pleasure. We'll have to do it again soon, Mom," Tommy replied. He could have been even more obvious, since Carl wasn't listening at all, and wouldn't have noticed anything odd about those words if he had been. But he didn't want to tempt fate.

Leah returned his lusty look and smile. "Oh we will. We'll make very sure we do it as often as we can," she said with a quick glance at Carl.

She thought, Whenever we can find a flat surface to fuck on, Son! I'll have that big dick of yours back inside me every single day!

She added to Tommy as she arched her back and proudly showed off her erect nipples to him, "And I'm gonna hold you to your promise that you're gonna cum with me at that dance next week. You're gonna spin me on the dance floor and like it, kiddo!"

She knew Carl was so absorbed in his work that she even dared to say "at" instead of "to."

He didn't catch that. He was totally oblivious, as usual.

She was so inwardly angry at her neglectful husband that she wanted to shake her fists at him.

Mother and son walked up the stairs together. Tommy's room was at one end of the hall, while Leah and Carl's master bedroom was at the other end. With a last friendly wave, she walked towards her room while Tommy walked towards his.

But when he turned around to give her fine ass one last look before closing his door, he was shocked to find her standing right there beside him.

She urgently pushed him into his room, and swiftly closed his door behind him. Making reference to his "We'll have to do it again soon" comment, she saucily asked him, "Is this soon enough for you?"

Before he could reply, she threw her arms around him and kissed his lips hard.

Tommy was floored she'd dare to kiss him like that with Carl in the house, even if he was downstairs and a long ways away. But his body took over, and he kissed back with a passion.

Their hands roamed all over each other as they continued to French kiss. He was particularly grateful at her lack of a bra, because he was able to pull the straps of her dress down until she was fully topless. Then he played with her nipples until she was steadily moaning.

Given the wild and reckless way she'd been behaving all evening, he half-expected her to pull his pants down and blow him yet again. (In fact, he still wasn't erect, but he was so amazed by her sexual power and hunger, he wouldn't have been surprised if she managed to get him hard and coax another load out of him before too long.)

However, she pulled away, tucked her tits back into her dress, and simply mouthed the word, "Tomorrow." Then she went back to her room.

Leah Bryton felt completely satisfied and happy for the first time in many years. She certainly had never felt so sexually satiated, even though her newfound desire to play with her son's dick was seemingly unlimited, like a craving that could never be fully satisfied.

Standing in her room with the door safely closed, she stripped down to just her high heels. Then she examined herself in her full length mirror. After some pussy squeezes, she managed to dribble out a little bit of Tommy's cum, mixed with her own pussy juices.

Look at that! That's so great! She swiped it up and licked her fingers clean. Mmmm! Yummy!

As she preened and posed before the mirror, she thought, Tonight turned out far better than I could ever have dreamed. This is the start of a brand new life! To be a cheating slut is a terrible thing. To have cheated on Carl in the normal way would have torn me apart with guilt, even with the awful way he's been treating me. But to be a nympho incestuous fuck slut getting stuffed by my son's glorious cock-log feels like a completely different thing altogether. Even now, I have a hard time conjuring up any shame at all. Maybe it's like I told Tommy, and something snapped in me or something.

I don't know why it feels so different. Maybe it's because I already love my son so much. He's not just some guy trying to get his hands on my big breasts. She giggled. Okay, he is trying to do that, but he's not just 'some guy' trying to pick me up. He loves me!

It wasn't something she'd ever consciously realized until this evening, but deep down, she actually loved Tommy much more than Carl. The only advantage Carl ever had over Tommy in her heart was Carl could get intimate with her and Tommy couldn't. But now that had been completely blown out of the water to the point of a complete role reversal. She knew deep down their marriage had already been dying, especially since Carl had been married to his work for years now, but she'd tried her best to deny it.

With Tommy grown up, and her secret lover now to boot, the only things keeping her with Carl was a lingering sense of loyalty and the societal taboo against running off with one's own son to fuck the days and nights away.

She swiped some more cum from her thigh to her mouth. Then she put her hands on her knees and bent over like a pin-up model while examining herself through the mirror. I've still got it. I look good! I'm a brick... house! She giggled at that reference to the Commodores song she and Tommy had been having so much fun with. She jiggled her big melons.

But seriously, how could Tommy not want to keep tapping this? She slapped her ass. I can't wait till tomorrow! I can't believe I have to WORK! Ugh! But we'll have our fun too!

In their own bedrooms, Tommy and Leah both fell asleep just about the instant their heads hit their pillows. They both had much to think about, but all the dancing and fucking had left them exhausted. Serious thinking would have to wait until tomorrow.

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