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Chapter 6
(mF, mult, cons, reluc, het, humor, cheat, inc, mother, son, poly, group, WM, WF, oral, pett, preg, BBR)
Written by The Shadow Rising and Spacer X (paul_t_22@yahoo.com)

Halloween fell on a different day every year, and it just so happened that the day after this year was also a business day. Carl and Leah had to go to work, and Tommy had to go to school.

Tommy liked to sleep in the nude. When he woke up, it wasn't to the usual sound of his alarm clock; it was to the unexpected sensation of his gorgeous mother sucking on his cock!

He opened his eyes and looked down at himself. He couldn't believe what he saw. Leah was between his legs, wearing nothing but a transparent pink négligée that made her look even sexier than if she'd been completely nude. Most remarkably, her mouth was steadily bobbing up and down on his stiff erection.

"Holy fuck!" he exclaimed, but he hissed it quietly for fear that Carl would somehow hear.

She stopped her slurpy bobbing long enough to say, "Don't worry. He's gone already."

That in itself wasn't too surprising, as it was common for Carl to leave early and come home late. But still it was a huge relief for Tommy to hear that, given what was happening to his hard-on.

He let out a great exhale of relief. "Phew! Man! This is awesome! And it's just like you promised. You really are waking me up with a blowjob, just like you said you would! I was so worried that you'd have all kinds of second thoughts about, well, everything."

Upon hearing that, she pulled off again and looked up at him. Her expression was hard to read, but it didn't look good.

Even though her talented fingers continued to stroke his shaft, he said, "Uh-oh!"

She licked up and down like his fuck-meat was the tastiest lollipop in the world, and then she sighed. "Son, we need to talk. I'm not backtracking on everything I said. I am waking you with a nice cocksucking, aren't I?" She then promptly resumed voraciously kissing and licking his erection.

He ventured nervously, "Yeah?" He was waiting for the other shoe to drop.

Leah paused in her oral worship of his penis so she could talk, but she held his saliva wetted erection up against her face alongside her nose. His shaft was so thick he couldn't see one of her eyes behind his throbbing member.

"I'm, uh..." she mumbled, between tantalizing little licks and kisses to the underside of his penis, "I'm gonna keep on doing this every morning, don't worry about that. I can't live without your big cock-log, I really can't! I still wanna be your fuck slut, draining your cock and balls every day. But I think that's all we should do for now, just handjobs, blowjobs, and titfucks. At least for now. After all, I'm a married woman, and I need to figure out just what to do with the marriage."

"MooooOOOOOoooom!" he whined.

"And yeah, that's right, I am your mother. Last night was incredible. It was the greatest night of my life, no question! But Carl is basically a good man. Neglectful of his wife and a workaholic, yes, but that doesn't justify the way we treated him last night. It's just that we were so out of control, and drunk on lust. I need some time to think. How can I be your naughty fuck slut and his wife at the same time?"

Tommy said frankly, "Mom, you can't."

Her head dropped, and she even stopped stroking his stiff pole. "I was afraid you'd say that. But what can I do? I'm stuck between a rock and a hard cock."

With that pun, she grinned, and her attention went back to her son's erection. "Damn! Look at that thing. How can I resist? I can't!" Her face looked pained, caught between lust and guilt.

She went right back to stroking it with both hands. "But I'm married! It's tearing me apart! I know I really should divorce him, and I guess I will, eventually, but it's just so painful thinking about that. We had a lot of good years, and he'll always be your dad."

Tommy thought deeply as her fingers sloshed all over his pre-cum slicked shaft. Finally, he said, "Mom, this isn't... good news... Not at all, in fact. But I think I know a way though your moral dilemma."

"Really?! I'm all ears." She stopped her stroking again and just held his boner so she could fully focus on his words.

"Well, it's just a theory, mind you, but I suspect that Dad's been cheating on you for a while now. And if he has, then it's not nearly so bad if you cheat on him back."

"What?! Son, you can't just throw that out there and then stop. What are you talking about?! Tell me everything!"

"Well, like I said, it's just a theory. But some things are pretty suspicious. I mean, look at his secretary. Joanie. She just looks like a slut, you know? She's gorgeous! Mind you, she's not nearly as beautiful as you - who is? - and Dad would be insane to cheat on you with anybody. But if he did, doesn't she look like the type? I can't put my finger on it, but there's something about the way she dresses and talks and carries herself. She's not all classy like you."

Leah complained, "Is that all you've got?! That's nothing! He HAS been cheating on me, but in a different way. He's married to his work and doesn't care a rat's ass about me anymore. That's almost as bad. That's why I didn't put up much of a fight last night."

She grinned wickedly as she looked at his boner and ran a finger lovingly all around its crown. "Well, that was one of the reasons."

"Wait a minute," Tommy said. "There's that, true. Who couldn't notice that? But there's more - there IS a woman involved; I can feel it in my gut. The main thing is, do you remember the handful of times Joanie was invited here for dinner? Those are the only times I ever saw her, really. And she was nice enough. But what was weird was how she and Dad acted sometimes when you got up to get something from the kitchen. I can't really describe it, but they were sharing a look. It was, like, the look of two cheaters reveling in how they were pulling the wool over your eyes. Most of the time they remembered I was there and they tried to behave, but more than a couple of times, they either forgot, or figured I was too young to understand."

Leah said, "That's shocking! Are you serious? Do you really mean it, or are you just saying that so you can fuck me all the time, in every hole, every day?"

"Well, I do want to fuck you every day, hell yeah! But I am serious too. It was a totally non-verbal thing, and there's no smoking gun I can point to per se, but there were certain looks that pretty much convinced me they were having an affair. Especially Joanie. There were some times when you had your back turned and she smirked at you like she thought you were the biggest idiot in the world. A really mean look, like she wanted to grind your face in the dirt. And then when you turned back around, she was all smiles. Again, that's no real proof, but I'll bet you dollars to donuts that if you hired a private investigator, you'd find some solid evidence real fast."

He looked at his stunned mother, and continued, "You know, when I fucked you on that sofa in his office last night, it occurred to me what a comfy sofa that was to fuck on. I mean, who has a sofa that TWO people can lie down on in comfort in their office? If what I'm thinking is right, he's been fucking Joanie for a couple of years, at the very least! And does he REALLY need to work such long hours? Is he working all that time, or is he fucking Joanie and even taking her places? Maybe he brings so much work home because he can get more work done here than there."

Leah stared off into space for a long time as she contemplated that. It seemed she even forgot she was cradling his erection with both hands.

While she thought, Tommy couldn't help but gawk at her huge tits hanging inside her transparent négligée. He thought about Leah, and then he thought about Joanie, and concluded, If Carl really is cheating, he truly is the world's biggest idiot. If I were him, I wouldn't even THINK about cheating unless some supermodel threw herself at my feet, along with her twin sister! Even then, Mom could suck a fender off a car, then crush and MELT a steel beam with her hot and oh so tight cock loving cunt. So what the hell is he thinking?!

Finally, Leah turned back to him and said, "Son, all you really have is some suspicious looks and a lot of wild conjecture. And yet... there's something about it that rings true. I've always been suspicious about Joanie, just because any wife has to be worried about a husband's secretary who looks like she does. But I've also seen a few suspicious looks that I talked myself into dismissing. Maybe some curious double meanings in some small talk too, now that I thinking about it."

She pondered that. "Hmmm. That really puts all our double meanings last night in a new light, doesn't it?"

"Yeah," he agreed, suddenly overwhelmed by guilt. "We probably shouldn't do that anymore. Not only is it disrespectful, it's really dangerous."

"You're right," she nodded. "It's just last night I was still so horny from everything that I was out of control. I would have sucked you off in the middle of the kitchen if you'd so much as wiggled your eyebrows."

"Oh man!" he groaned with lusty frustration. But then he couldn't resist: he wiggled his eyebrows.

Grinning widely, she started to bend her head back towards his erection. She'd already been rubbing his sweet spot with her fingers and drawing her head closer, inspired by the mere mention of cocksucking.

But he exclaimed, "Wait! You were saying about Joanie?"

"Oh yeah. Sorry." She sat back up in her devastating négligée, and frowned. "There IS a lot of curious circumstantial evidence, now that you've got me thinking about it. For instance, strange times Carl says he has to work. Like last night. Halloween night! His job is the perfect excuse, 'cos he's got to call and meet with foreigners at all kinds of weird hours. But does he really? Hell, I've even seen a couple of Carl's coworkers look at me with what could only be described as pity, like, 'How can she not know?'"

She still looked off with contemplation. "He's got some randy friends, and as you know, I get hit on aaaaall the time, with guys using every trick in the book. I thought they were trying to make me suspicious so I'd want revenge and they could get into my pants. I get that line a lot. Heck, I've had guys who don't even know my husband's NAME tell me my husband is cheating on me, and they can immediately help with the revenge part." She rolled her eyes with disdain. "That's why I dismissed it as nothing. But now... now, I'm not so sure."

She suddenly let go of his stiff pole, and then sat up on her knees and ran her hands all over herself, like she was selling her body. "Look at this négligée! It's pretty hot stuff, right?"

"Definitely! Hot stuff on my Hot Stuff." He reached out and caressed his way across her tummy, enjoying the feel of the fabric as much as her. But it was an effort to lean forward, so he let go and dropped back to the bed.

"Well, I wore this for Carl a few months ago, figuring that if this didn't get him to fuck me, nothing would." She ran her hands over her breasts, both showing off the fabric and pinching her nipples a little bit.

She grimaced. "You know what he said? 'That looks really nice on you.' Like it was a new hat or something! Not surprisingly, no sex followed. And yet he used to have a perfectly healthy sexual appetite. Is that not suspicious?"

She pulled a corner of the fabric up and looked at it, exposing her pussy and much more in the process. "I mean, if this were any more sheer, it would be completely invisible! And that's not the only outfit I tried. I've got all kinds of sexy frilly things I can't wait to try out on you, but they should have worked for him."

She continued to strike new erotic poses. "Look at me! Over the past few years, I've had to go all out to get him to show any attention to my body at all. How can he not notice my body? I should win the Nobel Prize for Sexy Teasing."

Tommy quipped, "I don't think they have that category."

She pouted, "Well, they should. And I should win it!"

He said, "I don't doubt that in the slightest." He quipped, "And if they add that category, the ratings for their awards ceremony would go waaaay up. Especially the year you win."

She smiled, but she wasn't in a joking mood. She dropped the négligée back down, and sighed. "God, this is scary! The more I think about it, the more it all fits together! I've been a fool!"

He still sat there with his boner pointing up and out. It bounced all over the place whenever he moved about. "Now, Mom. Come on. It's not looking good, but it is just speculation at this point. We can't know for sure. Not yet."

She suddenly leaned forward and rested her weight on her hands. Her long black hair cascaded forward, and her big tits swayed towards him, as if inviting him to hold them, and then slowly bounced back into place. She stared at him with an angry gaze. "Hey! If you've had those kinds of suspicions, why didn't you ever say anything to me?!"

Tommy looked abashed. But he said, "I know. I should have said something. But I WAS pretty clueless back then. It's only in the last six months or so as I've started dating a lot and having sex that I looked back and started to see things in a different light. But I guess I've also been defensive and even willfully blind. I mean, what son wants to break up his parents' marriage? Dad's been a pretty decent dad overall. And he still loves you and treats you reasonably well, right? The sex is still good, isn't it?"

She looked incredulous. "You're kidding me! Right? These last three or four years in particular, he's drifted away from me in every way. Especially sexually. We used to fuck like bunnies. Now, we hardly ever do it. I mean, I'm not talking just once a week, I'm talking more like once a month. Sometimes, he can't even get it up, which really hurts my pride. But he refuses to talk to anyone or get any help. And when we do do it, it's generic and boring. It's like he's giving me a mercy fuck. ME! Look at me! Do I look the kind of woman who'd only needs or deserves a mercy fuck every now and then?"

She sat up stiffly and thrust her immense, round tits out. They looked mouth-wateringly tasty, tinted pink like cotton candy by the nearly nonexistent lingerie.

He vigorously shook his head no at her question.

"Damn straight! I've got a body that's built for sex, and lots of it! God, I've been a total fool! It's so obvious to me now. How could I have missed all the signs?"

She growled, "I totally trusted him, that's how! But the changes happened gradually, so I didn't notice. It wasn't like some overnight thing, so I let it slide. He slowly drifted away over so many years. Ohmigod! How long has he been cheating on me?! Six years? Seven? She's been his secretary at least that long!"

Mournfully, Tommy said, "I'm really sorry, Mom, but I didn't know. To me, you and Dad looked almost as happy as ever. I didn't know what goes on when you'd like... have sex or whatever when you're being tender to each other behind closed doors."

She dropped her head sadly. "That's my fault. I'm tough as nails at work, but totally non-confrontational with my lovers. It was just easier to act like everything was fine, and focus on work and on being a good mom. After last night, I realized I must be sexually submissive, and I'm sure that helps explain my passiveness about this. I let my marriage slowly die when I should have been demanding answers. Last night was only the final nail in a process that started years ago."

Seeing that she was on the verge of crying, he sat up and held her in his arms. She felt so soft and so good that it was difficult for him to keep things non-sexual. His rampant hard-on resting against her leg didn't help. But he knew she needed his support and understanding right now, not his thrusting cock.

He said, "I was totally clueless in any case. I just thought he got really busy at work for some reason. Hell, I barely even understand what he does at work in the first place. He never talks to me about it."

She suddenly pulled away, stood up, and started to pace around the room. Her eyes had a distant and vacant look, and she was lost in deep thought for a while.

He had a hard time concentrating on their problems instead of sex. Her négligée only covered the top half of her ass, and just a little more of her pussy. It wasn't like it actually hid any part of her body in the first place, but it was extremely arousing just the same, because he knew the lingerie had no practical purpose whatsoever and she was wearing it solely to arouse him.

Her hefty tits bounced up and down with each step so much, he was reminded of someone walking while bouncing a basketball.

But her ass was truly incredible, it jutted out a couple more inches than one would expect, and he hadn't seen or felt enough of it last night. He didn't know which sight was sexier: when she was walking towards him or away from him.

Suddenly, she stopped and turned to him, sending her impressive pale boobs swinging back and forth like a pendulum. "No, he doesn't talk to me about it either. He could fuck Joanie for five or six hours every day and I'd never be the wiser. I can't BELIEVE that I'm such an IDIOT!" She shook a fist angrily, which had still more amazing effects upon her rack.

She rushed back to bed and cuddled up next to him. "Hold me, Son! Hold me!"

He wrapped his arms back around her. He couldn't totally control himself though, and he stroked one of her bare ass cheeks a little bit. "Don't kick yourself. It's not your fault. These things happen. It's the oldest story in the world. You were a good and loyal wife until last night, but like you said, your marriage was dead already, so you can't be blamed for what we did. You know what that was like? It's like in those Bugs Bunny cartoons, where Wile E. Coyote walks off a cliff and keeps walking on air for a couple of steps before he finally realizes where he is. Your marriage was already over the cliff before last night."

"Thank you! Exactly! You know exactly what to say!" She kissed him hard on the mouth. Somehow, her hand found his erection again, and her fingers curled around it.

But after their tongues dueled for a few seconds, she pulled away from the kiss and stared off into space pensively.

He said, "But we can't forget that it's possible our suspicions are wrong. I say you hire somebody to get to the bottom of this right away. Have 'em bug his office, and then you should know for sure if he's cheating in a day or two."

"Yeah," she said sadly, still just holding his shaft. "What's sad though is how little I care. I mean, I do care, it hurts, but I'm not anywhere near feeling like I want to stab him to death in a jealous rage. Look at me. I haven't even cried yet, and I've been known to cry a lot when I get emotional. I cried tears of joy last night when I was deep throating you, for instance, as well as tears of effort."

She felt her pussy suddenly heat up and tingle, thanks to deep throating memories. But she tried to stay on track about her marriage problem. "I strangely feel a great sense of relief. I know I shouldn't, but... I keep thinking that if you're right, it means you can royally fuck me every day and I don't have to feel bad about it."

Without even thinking about it, her fingers started to stroke Tommy's cock as she talked. It was mostly just subtle squeezing, and continuous rubbing of his sweet spot, but it was making him buzz with arousal just the same.

She added, "Hell, we both know you're gonna do that anyway before long, and to be honest, I'm really looking forward to that because I need a LOT of good and hard fucking after all these dry and empty years with your father. But at least we have an excuse now. I'm actually getting horny right now from thinking about him divorcing Carla's sorry ass, so I can be your fuck slut 24-7. Can you believe it? That's how little I care about my dead marriage."

He could easily believe it, since he was going out of his mind with arousal, yet he was forced to stay serious and not just up and fuck her. It dawned on him that she was jacking him off as some kind of reassuring gesture to herself without even fully realizing she was doing it. He had to just grin and bear it without getting too horny, so they could conclude this important discussion.

She added, "In fact, the more you convince me that he's cheating, the more aroused I get! All I can think about is being YOUR woman, YOUR girl, YOUR well-fucked fuck slut. Carl doesn't show up in my thoughts of the future at all!"

He ran his hands through her long black hair. "Don't feel guilty. The truth is, last night, you were... - how do I put it? - a low hanging fruit. A really, really low hanging fruit. You were so hot and eager to fuck that it was downright scary. And that can only be because Dad's drifted away. All those guys who would hit on you sensed it, or knew it for a fact... and all they wanted was to take advantage of you so as to make another conquest, another notch in the bedpost. They didn't give a shit about loving you or not, they just wanted a hot fuck. But I love you. AND I know you're most definitely are a hot fuck!"

He chuckled, but then he asked seriously, "When was the last time Carl fucked you, anyway?"

She pondered that as she continued to idly jack him off. "I dunno. A month? Two months? It's been so long, I honestly can't even remember. I was really hoping last night would be the night. I guess that was a big reason why I was so primed for you, because my body had been building up in need for weeks, for even one little half-hearted Carl fuck. But you're right. I shouldn't feel bad about what you and I did, because he really lost me a long time ago and I'm only starting to realize that. It's just that I had no reason to divorce him since everything seemed normal and happy on the surface, and I was dead set against cheating. I assumed he felt the same."

She struck another pose, while continuing the handjob. "I mean, look at me. False modesty aside, why would he have reason to cheat on me, right? And it's true that you turned me into your personal sex nympho last night, but before then I wasn't exactly a dead fish in bed."

She stared at the ceiling, thinking. "You're right. I was primed, like a gun ready to go off. I had no clue whatsoever something sexual with you would happen last night. But then you kind of snuck in through the back door, and by the time I noticed what was going on, I had about five inches of your fat cock-log in my mouth and fucking its way down my throat!"

She looked at him and grinned approvingly. "You sneaky bastard." She started sliding her hands up and down his shaft in a more obvious fashion as her arousal grew, even though she still didn't fully realize what her hands were doing.

He brought a hand back to her ass and playfully poked at her asshole. "Don't worry, you'll know when I sneak in through your back door."

She grinned more as she looked down at his crotch with a desire to start stroking him, only to realize she was already giving him a handjob. She sped up her stroking. "God, I love you so much! I have half a mind to let you fuck my back door right now, and then fuck you to within an inch of your life all day long! Would you like that? Imagine if I call up the school and say, 'Sorry, Tommy can't come to school today. I'm his Hot Stuff fuck slut mother, and I'm giving him a special hand-on sex ed home schooling lesson today!'"

They both laughed. Tommy took the opportunity to slip a hand under her négligée and fiddle with a nipple. That lifted most of the négligée up above her impressive rack, while his other hand caressed her ass cheeks.

As she kept on pumping his shaft, she said, "No wonder I'm so sex mad. I've got years of deprivation to make up for. It's not right for any man to have a wife like me, with a body like me, kept in tip-top shape, and not fuck the shit out of her a couple of times a week at the very least!"

He snorted. "Are you kidding me? A couple of times a DAY is more like it!"

"You say the nicest things. And I hope it's not just talk!" She leered at him needfully. "I'd really love to at least finish off that blowjob I started, but my stomach is churning with worry. Not to mention, you have to get ready for school."

He bolted up straight. "Oh SHIT! What time is it?!"

She said soothingly as she kept stroking his slicked-up pole, "Don't worry, you've got just as much time as usual. I woke you up early so I could give you a nice long cocksucking. Too bad I can't finish that now, but you should probably start to get ready."

He was forced to disengage, get out of bed, and pick out some clothes to wear.

As he did that, she said to him, "I'm gonna take your advice. As soon as you're off to school, I'm gonna call up a detective agency. They'll get to the bottom of this, if there is any cheating to be found. But in the meantime, I need you to play it cool, okay?"

He nodded.

"No more secret code language around Carl, okay?"

He nodded again, but pointed out, "Hey, you were as bad as I was last night, if not worse."

"We'll both be careful about that. And until we get some answers, can you make do with nothing but handjobs, blowjobs, and titfucks?"

He reluctantly nodded again. He liked how less than 24 hours ago, the idea of them having any kind of sex together was almost inconceivable, but now, she was asking if he could "make do" with "handjobs, blowjobs, and titfucks." That was progress. Obviously he wanted fuck her, fuck her hard and make her scream with his hard and deep pounding. But what she was offering was nothing to scoff at either.

He left his mother on his bed, looking lost in deep thought. He figured she would snap out of it and go downstairs to work on breakfast soon enough, once he left the room and his erection was no longer distracting her.

He walked into the bathroom and started to take a shower.

Once he was wet and lathered up, he heard the door open and saw his mother step into the bathroom. She was completely nude this time. The shower curtain was totally transparent, only meant to prevent water spillage, so he had no trouble seeing her clearly.

Most horny women would have gone straight to him, but she loved to pose, tease, and show off her incredible body. She struck a pose, cocking a hip and raising her hands to pile her black hair on top of her head.

In total awe, he silently mouthed the word "Fuuuuuck!" His penis grew hard so fast, it actually jerked spasmodically until it poked straight out. It had only just dropped to a flaccid state a minute or two before.

She smiled triumphantly to see the visual proof of her powerful sexual effect on him. She let her hair fall back down, and sashayed the rest of the way to him. She pulled the shower curtain open and plastered herself to his backside, making sure to squish her huge tits against him. She kissed the back of his neck as her hard nipples poked into his back, just below his shoulder blades.

She said, "Son, I was thinking. What you told me was so good and important. It really made me feel a lot better. I think you should be rewarded, Mr. Hot Cock, what do you think? And it's rude to leave you with a half-finished blowjob, don't you agree?"

She reached around him with both hands and went straight for his penis. Since it had engorged with lightning speed, she found herself stroking a steel hard and throbbing erection.

She purred into his ear as she slid her tits up and down his back. By total luck, he'd just soaped up his back side, so the copious suds helped her spongy tit-flesh slip and slide over his skin. She said, "It's like I told you, the more I realize Carl's been cheating on me, the more I find myself actually getting more aroused than annoyed. I can't help but think it clears the way for me to be your full-time fuck slut."

Her tits heaved up and down, sliding along his back, as she grew more passionate. "All I can think of is years and years of kneeling naked in front of my big handsome son, endlessly sliding my lips up and down your thick cock-log! I've discovered a powerful passion for deep throating, so I like to think of myself with every inch of you in my mouth, taking you down to the very root!"

He could tell from the excitement in her voice that she was completely sincere.

She went on, "And, of course, I envision years and years of lying under you in our bed, as your big cock pounds the ever-loving shit out of me! And I love imagining you fucking my big titties every bit as often as you plunder and dominate the rest of my body! Does that make me a bad person, that I don't feel more sorrow for the death of my marriage?"

It was a struggle for him to reply calmly and sensibly, especially with all the slipping and sliding going on. But he managed, "Not if you felt deep down that it was dead already."

"Good answer!" She suddenly rushed around him and knelt down. "Ding, ding, ding! You win a prize! Would you like what's behind Door Number One, or would you like a long slurpy blowjob from you MIF mother?" She resumed jacking him off, hoping to influence his "vote."

He liked her reference to the "MIF" term they'd invented last night: "Mother I Fuck."

He said, "Well, duh! But out of curiosity, what IS behind Door Number One?"

She grinned. "I would be there, nude and kneeling, ready to suck on a certain hunky son's big fat knob. So it's a trick question. You really didn't have a choice in the matter." She chuckled. "Now, stand there and take it like a man while I give your cockhead a very thorough tongue lashing!"

He held her head with both hands, closed his eyes, and luxuriated in the sensations of her expert blowjob. The shower head had been raining water all over his front side, but now it just hit his chest, while the rest hit her head and back. In a matter of moments, her black hair was soaked and slicked back.

A steady stream of water flowed down him and even bounced off him, keeping his erect penis constantly wet.

Leah really liked the extra sensations caused by the shower. All the water raining on her from above and behind tingled and stimulated her skin, and heightened all her senses. She decided, In addition to a morning wake-up blowjob, my handsome son needs a daily morning shower blowjob. Or perhaps the two can be combined so I can start every day sucking his cock for a good twenty to thirty minutes! Wouldn't that be sweet? And if he climaxes in the shower, that'll help dispose of the "evidence," so Carl won't suspect.

Soon, she decided it was time to practice her deep throating technique some more. She managed to do it four times, staying down on him about a minute and a half each time. She was careful to massage his thick shaft with her throat muscles every time.

By the end of her fourth time, he was right on the verge of cumming, and told her so.

She let him rest as a result, because she calculated they still had plenty of play time before he had to get ready for school. But even the rest time was great, because they necked like long-lost lovers, with the added fun of fondling each other's wet and naked bodies.

Once his erection was ready to go again, he fucked her tits for a good while as she told him all kinds of nasty and arousing things about what a great motherfucker he was. Finally, she told him to fuck her face, and he did that with gusto.

He only spent a couple of minutes holding her head still while roughly thrusting his cock deeply in and out of her mouth. That was such an intense rush that he couldn't help himself and he blew a big load into her mouth.

Her lips milked his cockhead until he was utterly satiated and drained.

After that, the two of them actually showered to get clean.

But it wasn't like any normal shower he'd ever had. He lathered her up, and then used a shower hose to blast water directly on her to wash the soap off. Naturally, he spent an inordinate amount of time "cleaning" her tits, pussy, and ass.

She especially liked feeling the powerful jets of water blasting at her pussy, so he did that a lot.

Then it was her turn. She pretty much did the same to him. She actually did lather him up and wash him clean (even though they both knew he'd basically already done that before she came in), as that was a good excuse for her to explore his body all over again. She kept cooing about how strong and muscular he was. But all the while, she was fingering his flaccid penis, gently rubbing his sweet spot. That effort eventually paid off, and he got erect again.

After that, her attention was mainly on "cleaning" his stiff cock. Since they'd wound up both standing, she was able to make out with him some more while giving him a talented handjob.

After several minutes, as her fingers slipped and slid up and down his boner, she broke their kissing to say, "You know what cats do? They're smart. They hate to take baths. That's because they know they can actually get cleaner using their tongue. You might think it's gross, but there are all kinds of special things in saliva that are good for you. That's why we instinctively lick our wounds."

He was smiling widely. "Hmmm. I can guess where you're going with that logic, Mrs. Hot Stuff."

She fell to her knees. "Hmmm. And you wouldn't be wrong, Mr. Hot Cock That's Gonna Shoot Even Hotter Cum Down My Throat."

He ran his fingers through her slicked back long black hair as he took in the situation. Incredible! She looks even sexier soaking wet. I get so excited, I'd totally want to bend her over and fuck her until we both die of exhaustion, except for the fact that she's already blowing me. God, I'm such a lucky son of a bitch! And the way she's totally LOVING my dick, slathering it up with her tongue, while all I have to do is just stand here and enjoy it. Best. Shower. Ever! Ha-ha-ha!

After five minutes of very enjoyable cocksucking for both of them, she abruptly stood up. "Come on, let's go. I could literally do this all day, but with your powerful cock, I might spend the next hour on my knees, happily slurping all over your fat knob. I'd love it, except we've got to get you to school, and me to work."

She added sternly as she held him by his boner, "I will NOT allow my love of cocksucking and fucking to interfere with your academic achievement, so don't even THINK about being late!"

He asked, "Can't I cum first?"

"Oh, you will. I can promise you that! The fun is far from over. But we need to move on from the shower."

He was bummed out, but he was encouraged too.

They stayed naked after they dried off, and she led him down to the kitchen with a hand on his cock all the way.

Then their sex play had to stop for a while (or at least they tried to stop). They were running somewhat behind schedule thanks to the extra long shower, so they had to work together to quickly make breakfast.

Both of them were delightfully tortured, because they were "forced" to work while watching the other one walk around naked. Soon, there was more than a little touching and kissing going on, with hands mostly lingering on tits, erections, and asses.

Tommy was amazed at how well Leah could make pancakes with one hand while her other hand slid up and down his hard-on. The dry pancake mix wound up in some very unusual places. More often than not, she purposefully put pancake mix on her huge tits or her tight ass, and asked him to "clean it off" by licking and kissing her there.

Eating breakfast was even better. Tommy sat down to a big plate of buttermilk pancakes. He was surprised when Leah put her plate right next to his and then sat on his lap. Since his hard-on was pointing straight up, she very deliberately impaled herself down onto him in the process.

"Aaaaah!" She said as she exhaled with relief. She churned her hips a bit, settling down on it. "THAT'S what I'm talking about! Sitting down to breakfast should make you feel... full. Don't you agree? Oh, and do you mind if I sit here in your lap? I would pick another chair, but they all look a bit, uh, wobbly."

He snorted happily as her tight cunt kept wiggling around him, "ALL of them?"

"Yeah, well, they look a bit iffy from here. You can't be too careful. Better safe than sorry, don't you agree?"

He laughed. "Definitely! Mom, you're the best! I don't deserve you."

"No, you probably don't. Right now, you're mostly 'young, dumb, and full of cum,' as the saying goes. I definitely agree with the 'full of cum' part!"

They both laughed at that.

"But don't worry, I'll help make you into a much better man than Carl ever was, even if it takes me a couple thousand blowjobs to do it!" Her pussy muscles milked his penis relentlessly. "So make sure you keep ME not only 'full of cum' but full of YOUR cum!"

They finished eating breakfast together. His erection was inside her the entire time, but they mostly remained still and just enjoyed the feeling of full impalement.

At one point, he thought, Hey! I remember her tell me just a short while ago that she's going to limit him to merely handjobs, blowjobs, and titfucks for a while. And yet here I am, balls-deep in her tight cunt already. Has she changed her mind on that already, or is this a special exception, or what? I'd better not ask. Maybe she forgot. I wouldn't want to remind her and then have her stop.

Tommy wasn't in a good position to rock Leah on his lap, but Leah had no problem doing her best to pulp his dick inside her cunt while putting on an air of serene contentment and satisfaction. It was almost as if she were daintily having tea and crumpets at a gathering on the lawn, rather than wantonly working on making her son cum deep inside her again.

Then she suddenly said to him, "I have confession to make. I must be a terrible person, because I can't even focus on thoughts of Carl cheating on me. What little anger and sadness I felt seems to have passed already. How awful is that? All I can think about is how happy I'll be as your fuck slut if he's completely gone."

She continued dreamily, "It can be just like I said it would be last night. I can wake you up with a nice, epic cocksuck. I like what we did in the shower. I think we should do that every morning from now on too, don't you?"

He nodded. He liked how she was squeezing him with her pussy walls, since they'd finished eating.

She went on, "He's usually off to work before we have breakfast anyway. But it'll be nice to enjoy ourselves through breakfast every morning without worrying about him. I can suck you all through the meal, or you can fuck me, or whatever you want. Don't you agree?"

"For sure!"

"And then, when you come home from school, I can greet you with another epic cocksucking and titfucking, with lots of deep throating. Since you have your football practices most every day, you'll be all hot and sweaty, which means another shower, which means more shower fun."

"I usually shower at school before I go home, Mom. You know that."

"But you COULD shower at home. I'll leave you to decide which one would be more fun for you. And me!"

He laughed, since the answer was no contest, and they both knew it.

She continued, "Good! That's settled. And of course, every night before you go to sleep, I can spend literally an hour or two doing nothing but sucking and licking your fat cock! With some titfuck breaks to rest my tired jaw muscles, of course. And more breaks where you can lick my sizzling hot cunt. Then I can sleep with you so I'll be right there between your legs with my eager lips when you wake up the next morning."

That all sounded fantastic to him. He was surprised by the sheer amount of sex she was expecting. He thought, Wow! When Mom really gets into something, she really gets into it!

She surprised him by what she said next. "And when you go on your dates and fuck God only knows how many busty cheerleaders, I'll be there to welcome you home and suck your cock clean. Hell, before long, I'll bet I'll know the entire cheerleading squad by taste!"

They both laughed at that. But that was such an arousing thought for Tommy that he nearly blew his load, even though she wasn't even milking his erection with her pussy walls very much at the moment, since her thoughts were elsewhere.

One reason she didn't mind much about sharing him was that she found it extremely arousing to imagine him seducing and fucking those cheerleaders. The hotter they looked, the more she liked it.

Finished with her fantasy, she bounced happily up and down his thickness.

As he played with her big tits, he said, "That sounds awesome, Mom, but are you only interested in cocksucking?"

She replied, "That other stuff is what we'll be doing all the other hours of the day, Mr. Hot Cock!" She winked. "Hell, if I have my way, you'll think your cock is superglued into my cunt before long!"

He grinned. "That sounds better, Hot Stuff!"

To his surprise, she leaned forward and licked from his ear down his jaw line nearly to his chin. "Last night, you unleashed my repressed sexual side after years of slumber. Now, I feel nearly sexually insatiable. Think you can handle me?"

He replied, "I dunno. I mean, you know you're built like a brick house and you know how to please, sure enough to knock a stronger man to his knees."

She chortled as she realized he was reciting more "Brick House" lyrics, changing them a tad to fit them into the conversation. She gamely replied by slipping in more lyrics from the song. "You're right! You might as well cry 'uncle' now. After all, how can I lose with the stuff I use? 36-25-36, what a winning hand!"

"Wow! Are those your real measurements?" He knew the song's lyrics were actually "36-24-36, what a winning hand."

"Yep! Or, as you like to say so much, 'Hell yeah!' I've got more curves than an Indy 500 race!"

She turned serious, even as she resumed earnestly milking his cock with her pussy muscles. "Honestly, you should start thinking of me as your fuck slut now, no matter what, even if we have to limit our sexual fun in certain ways for the time being. Because that's what I am and that's what I most definitely want to be. I suppose I'll have to divorce Carl regardless of what the investigator says, because I still love him some, but I love you a whole lot more."

She tilted her head and thought about that for a few moments. "Anyway, he gave up on our marriage whether he cheated or not, so that's a done deal. What really kills me is that I can never truly be with you in every way, like husband and wife, because I'm your mother. That's why I'll have to settle for being your fuck slut while you fuck girls your age as well. Even if Carl isn't in the picture, we'll still have to put up a front. Given how sexually active you've been with girls, you can't suddenly turn into a monk, as far as everyone in school knows."

"That's true," he agreed while feigning sadness. If she was convinced that he was "forced" to keep fucking girls his age, he wasn't exactly going to try to talk her out of it.

The only problem was finding a girl or two who could remotely hold a candle to her. Otherwise, he preferred just spending more time with her. He'd already fucked his way through many of the very most desirable girls in school, and they all paled in comparison, both physically and in terms of sexual passion and enthusiasm.

She said with new resolve, "But I am worried about STD's. So, starting today, you have a new mission. Try to look for long-term relationships instead of one-night stands. And seriously, demand proof that they're clean while giving proof yourself. I know it must be a lot of fun for a big-dicked stud such as yourself to bust a lot of teenage cherries, but if you can 'settle down,' I'll try to make it up to you by constantly loving and pleasuring your wonderful cock with this burning hot cunt of mine."

"It sounds like you're gonna do that anyway," he pointed out.

She sighed. "That's true. You got me." But then she smiled. "What can I say? I'm your shameless fuck slut, and I love it!"

After a few more minutes of more vigorous fuck bouncing, a startling thought came to him. "Wait a minute! You said I'll have to settle for no fucking you for now. Do you still mean that?"

"Of course."

"But we're fucking right now! So what's the deal?" He'd been avoiding asking her that for fear she'd stop, but curiosity finally got the best of him.

In truth, she had just gotten too horny and couldn't hold back anymore. But she claimed, "Do you know what a grandfather clause is? I figure this one doesn't really count, since I just told you the new rules a while ago. So it's almost a grandfather clause, and mostly it's just 'cos I need you in me!"

She grinned wolfishly. "But I'm afraid this is gonna be the last one for a while, at least until I have proof Carl is cheating."

"Why does that matter, if your marriage is dead in any case?"

"I'd just feel better about it. It's a matter of how much respect he deserves."

Tommy suggested, "Then let's make the best of it! We both have to get going soon, and in fact we only have" - he looked up at a clock - "Shit! We probably only have about five minutes! So let's do this right!"

"Good thinking!" She got up off his lap. Then she stood up, her hands clinging to the edge of the table, and thrust her ass way out. "Do it to me, motherfucker! Prove again that you own me! Show me why you turned me into a shameless fuck slut of a mom in just one night! Give me a fucking that'll keep me walking funny for a week, until you can nail me again! OWN MY CUNT!"

So that's what he did. He plowed her doggy-style with all his might.

It puzzled him that she'd told him earlier that she didn't like the idea of calling him "master," yet she enthusiastically told him that he "owned" her. He figured he was grateful for anything they did together, and he wasn't going to question such inconsistencies.

It turned out five minutes wasn't enough fucking to get him to cum, despite their vigorous pace. And the table wasn't a good place, because the dishes on it clattered like there was an earthquake, and even threatened to crash to the floor.

So after five minutes, they moved to the living room, where he continued to fuck her in a variety of positions. He finally blasted into her pussy while she was lewdly draped over the back of a sofa.

They'd spent an extra ten minutes fucking, all told. So even though both of them felt utterly destroyed, they had to run around frantically to make up for time.

Leah drove him to school, since he'd only recently gotten his driver's license and didn't have a car to drive yet.

He sat in the back seat, so they wouldn't be tempted to fool around. They had no time for that. They both knew that if they were within arm's reach of each other, hanky panky would soon follow.

She looked at him through her rear view mirror as she sped down the road. "It's amazing when you think about it, Son. You're still a kid. You just turned sixteen - SIXTEEN! - and gained the legal right to drive. I know you were a total virgin a little more than a year ago. And do you realize that if you were just a few weeks younger, in this state I could actually go to prison for what we did last night?"

"Whoa!" That fact was sobering, and really hit him in the gut.

She continued, "I Googled that this morning. I know - scary! And that's not even counting the other jail term we could both serve for incest, but let's not think about that."

She shook her head, like she was shaking that thought right out of it. "Whereas, I'm a business executive. I go to work in power suits, I meet with important and powerful people all the time, and I'm in charge of my own department, with my own secretary AND a personal assistant. I'm a rising young star in the company."

She paused, and then added in a hushed and awed tone, "And yet... you own me! When it comes right down to it, I'm nothing but your personal fuck slut, your exclusive fuck toy. After just one night of righteous fucking with your huge cock-log, you turned me, your own big-titted gorgeous mother, into a shameless sex fiend who lives for your cock! My cunt craves more of your fat fucking cock-log, even now, after you've fucked another load of cum into me."

He felt thrills race down his spine, thanks to her words.

She looked directly at him in the rear view mirror. "I'll bet you're feeling pretty good about yourself right now."

"Hell yeah!"

She laughed. "That seems to be your answer for everything: 'Hell yeah!'"

"Hell yeah," he deliberately said again. "Hell, when you have a life as totally as awesome and epic as mine is right now, 'Hell yeah' pretty much says it all."

"Good point. Did you know that I'm wearing a tampon right now? Not because it's 'that time of the month,' but so I'll be able to feel your big load of sperm cream in me all day long. When you're in your classes today, just think of that. Know that I'm probably sitting in some boring business meeting with my needy cunt swimming in your sperm, and counting the minutes until we both get home so I can feel your fat cock-log slide all the way down my throat again until the front of my neck lewdly bulges out. And then I'm going to stroke my neck with my fingers, massaging your cock-log inside me while I swallow on it."

He was quiet for a long moment, and then he exclaimed, "Hell yeah!"

They both laughed.


The elevator dinged in the office building where Leah worked. She'd reached "her" floor, containing nothing but her department and her staff. Normally, she ruled this place. But she stepped out of the elevator feeling bashful and worried.

Leah wore an expensive power suit, as usual. It was conservatively cut as usual, not even showing a hint of cleavage. She knew her sexual allure was a big reason why she'd risen through the company's ranks so quickly, but she also knew her body was so perfect and curvy that no suit could completely hide the sexy allure of her big bust, silky long legs, or her bouncy bubble butt. She knew how to be a torturous cock tease without appearing to overly flirt at all, so she saw no reason to dress like a slut at work.

But she didn't look her usual best this morning. She'd rushed out of the house so quickly after Tommy finished fucking her that she hadn't had time to put her makeup on or even pick out earrings to wear. But she knew her wonderful personal assistant Stella would take care of finding those things for her. That was an advantage to having a female personal assistant as well as a secretary - they could quickly conjure up things like your favorite brands of make-up when you needed it. Even better, she and Stella were good friends.

Still, Leah put on her "tough as nails" boss face and swept into the office area. Immediately, Stella and others came up to her and started to talk about the latest fires to put out.

On one level, Leah was listening, but on another level her mind was elsewhere. I wonder if they can tell. Surely, they must be able to tell. It's written all over my face!

Stella cleared her throat, and asked nervously, "Um, Mrs. Bryton? Leah? You're practically glowing today. Did your son fuck you with his big hard cock last night? Because that's wrong."

No, Stella didn't say that! But Leah imagined that she did. As she looked around at various staffers sitting in their carrels, she thought they were all staring at her and saying with venomous hatred, "Sonfucker! Sonfucker! Sonfucker!"

But of course that wasn't happening either. The morning was the same as any other, except that Leah wasn't wearing her usual make-up and she looked more frazzled and worried than usual.

Leah turned to Stella and said, "Hold my calls. I'll be in my office."

"Alone?" Stella was used to hovering near Leah's shoulder most of the day.

"Yes, alone. I will buzz you in a few minutes."

Leah rushed to her office and practically collapsed into her seat. It occurred to her that Carl was sitting in a seat nearly exactly the same as hers right now, in his office, and that's right where she and Tommy had fucked each other.

She thought, I wonder if he could still smell the sex when he got in to work. Or was he curious why his windows had been left open? Perhaps he even could detect MY distinctive pussy smell! Oh, that's so hot! Maybe he's sitting there right now putting two and two together, realizing that his son fucked me there for hours last night and has taken his place in every way!

Whoa! I've got to control myself! I can't masturbate! I CAN NOT! Period! Besides, that's just my imagination running away with me. The smell certainly dissipated over night, and it would be a disaster anyway if Carl found out. It's not like we left spermy cum gobs all over the place.

Although... what if we missed one or two? What if Carl finds a gob near his keyboard and licks it up, thinking it was some leftover jelly from a donut or something? That would just be so... perfect! So symbolic, showing how Tommy has completely taken over in my heart and my HOT CUNT!

Whoa, again! I have to stop. Focus. Control. I think about my staff discovering my incestuous acts. And not in a hot and sexy way, but in a disturbing I'm gonna get fired and go to jail way. This is serious! I should have never put that tampon in, because I can still feel Tommy's spermy seed sloshing around inside me!

Oh God! I'm hopeless! This is hopeless. I'm gonna be a useless wreck all day!

But Leah had a strong willpower and a fierce competitive spirit. She forced herself to start reading e-mails that had come in overnight, and before long, she was able to buzz Stella in with the intercom and really get to work.

However, Leah wasn't her usual self, not by a long shot, and she knew it. She was spacing out more often than not, constantly thinking about her son's big, beautiful cock, and all the things she could do to it once she got home. More than once she had to resist the urge to give the pen in her hand a lick, suck, and even a full-on practice blowjob. She might have done just that if it was a more appropriate size and thickness.

Her mental condition was so bad that she had to make up an excuse to Stella and a few other coworkers she worked with most. She said that she'd been told some family news that was both worrying and yet potentially good and exciting. She needed this explanation, because she looked and felt terribly worried one moment and then joyous the next.

It was a long day, but she managed to get through it without incident. She even resisted the urge to sneak off to the ladies' room and masturbate herself to a nice orgasm. It helped that her job kept her constantly busy. But she was never so busy that she didn't have occasional moments to daydream about what would happen when she and Tommy got home.


Tommy felt far less shame and just as much euphoria about fucking his mother. So he was walking on air with a shit-eating grin on his face from the moment he got to school.

Classes were a distraction, but by the time he got to lunch and sat with his usual male pals, they were bursting with curiosity over his transformation.

Jack, one of Tommy's best friends, launched into him as soon as they had their food and were sitting down to eat it. Everyone else at the table listened in as Jack asked, "Okay, Tommy boy, what gives?"

"What are you talking about?" Tommy asked, hoping he could bluff his way out of this.

"Don't play dumb! If your smile was any wider, you'd need major corrective facial surgery. I've never seen you like this. Who is it?"

"What do you mean?" Tommy still tried to play clueless, although he realized it was a losing battle. Even as Jack was interrogating him, he couldn't wipe his silly grin off his face. All he had to do was think about his mother, that seemingly happened about every two seconds, and his face would light up like a neon sign. In fact, all this focus on her in his mind was giving him a boner.

"You know what I mean," Jack pressed. "Who is she? More importantly, what did you do to her?"

Jack's questions were inadvertently giving Tommy a way out. Tommy realized he just had to play along with their assumptions. "You know I don't kiss and tell..."

That was true. He had learned early on that he could get a lot more pussy if he remained completely discreet about what he did with girls. He rarely told his best friends who he was even dating.

Jimmy, another friend sitting next to Jack, complained, "Forget it, Jack. You know him. You won't even be able to torture any juicy details out of him."

But Tommy surprised them by saying, "That's true, but I'll tell you this: I can't say who I'm thinking about, but I can say what I'm thinking about. I think I'm in love!"

That caused a commotion at the table. Even though Tommy had just turned sixteen, he was known as one of the biggest "players" in school. He dated a lot of girls, but the word "love" had never before crossed his lips. It didn't even cross his mind, at least not seriously.

Jack said, "WHAT?! Hello?! Did you eat something funny?"

"Yep!" Tommy was happily thinking about eating Leah's pussy.

That just confused Jack and the others more.

But Jimmy said, "Don't look now, but I think he's serious! Either that, or he's been pranking us. But I don't think I could look like a love-struck dipshit for five hours straight so convincingly, just for pulling a prank on my pals."

"That's true," Jack agreed. He'd been leaning forward towards Tommy, but he sat back. "Wow. Tommy, in love? Will wonders never cease?"

Another friend named Ben cut in. "Well, that's good news for me! Maybe now I have a chance of actually dating one of the hot girls!"

Ben wasn't just kidding. All of Tommy's classmates were other 16-year olds in the same classes as him. A lot of his friends had trouble getting any dates at all. But thanks to Tommy's reputation as the school's star running back, not to mention his well-hung sexual prowess, he pretty much dated only the best-looking 18-year-old seniors, and sometimes the best-looking 17-year-old juniors. He liked the voluptuous and busty girls that were the most similar to his mother, and senior girls especially had two more years for their bodies to develop.

Jack added, "Yeah! Tommy in love? Hell, I'll bet you the male half of the senior class will throw a party. Even if she's a senior girl, which she probably is, at least they'll get the other half of their class back. No more of this:" - he raised his voice to a mocking imitation of a girl's - "'Tommy, Tommy! Can I carry your books? Oh, you're such a dreeeaaamboat!'"

Tommy playfully wagged a fist, even though he was flattered and not angry in the slightest. "Shut up! I'll kick your ass. You know it isn't like that!"

Jimmy chimed in. He clutched his hands to his chest and stared up moonily. He also parodied a female voice as he purred, "'Oh, Tommy, Tommy! Is it true, the rumors about your third leg? Can I hold it for a little while?'"

Tommy quipped, "The problem with that is, Jack was pretending to be someone else, and you weren't."

The conversation immediately veered into a series of gay jokes and insults. But Tommy was glad to have steered it that way, because it kept them from asking more about this girl he was supposedly in love with.

He was relieved by the entire conversation. He knew this cover story could deflect questions for now (and his tight lipped reputation helped a lot). But it could be problematic in the long run, since of course the "girl" he was head over heels in love with was none other than his mother, the woman who every guy in school practically drooled on themselves over.

Like Leah, Tommy spent pretty much the entire day thinking about sex, and most especially what would happen when the two of them would be home alone later. But while Leah could rarely afford to slack off, even for five minutes, it was easy for Tommy to do so. He was a good student, and in the gifted track no less, but in a class of thirty to forty people, it wasn't a problem for him to space out the whole time without the teacher noticing, unless there was a test or something like that.

So his penis stayed hard more often than not, and he daydreamed more often than not. Only his football practice was a boner-free zone, and by then, his penis was grateful for the break.

But Tommy played terribly for once, and his coach even chewed him out. Needless to say, Tommy's thoughts weren't in the game, they were elsewhere. All he could do was count the minutes and seconds until he was back at home with Leah.


Tommy was the first one home, which was highly unusual.

Ever since Leah had demanded fewer hours instead of the big raise she was due to receive, she'd made it a point of pride to always get home just before Tommy did. Setting thee habit of being a good mother in that way now was going to pay off in the form of free time to play around with her son every school day before Carl got home. But on this day, she was so sluggish with her head in the clouds that some unexpected last minute tasks had taken her longer than expected.

She'd wanted to already be in an extremely arousing outfit when her son walked through the door, but she had no chance to change first if he was already there. She decided to make the best of her situation though.

Tommy was waiting in the living room, but he was on a razor's edge. This is it! The big test. Will she be wild and wanton, or will she have new doubts and restrictions after spending her day in the "real world?" Is she going to limit us to just handjobs, blowjobs, and titfucks, like she said this morning? Or less? Or more? The anticipation is killing me!

He held his breath and crossed his fingers when she walked in.

She knew he would be feeling uncertain about her attitude on their whole situation, and she used that to her teasing advantage. Still in her dark green power suit, she walked inside and acted just as she would have before their Halloween night. "Oh, hi Tommy," she said casually. "How was your day?" She sighed with exhaustion and took her jacket off.

His heart sank. "Um, good?" He didn't know what to think.

She bent over at an extreme angle, which looked promising to Tommy at first, especially since her ass was pointed his way as the fabric strained invitingly against her ass cheeks. But then she pulled her high heels off her feet and tossed them aside, leaving him feeling crushed again.

"Damn, these things are torture devices," she complained as she finished tossing the heels away. "Forget waterboarding; we should just make Osama bin Laden's pals work in an office in shoes like this."

But as she talked, his heart soared with hope. He noticed a smirky, knowing smile on her face, and as she tilted back and shook out her long mane of black hair, she thrust her chest out. Her nipples and round melons strained and pulled on the fabric of her blouse even more than the way her skirt had been straining against her ass cheeks a few seconds earlier.

It dawned on him that she was just teasing him. She never would have behaved like that with him in the room, before the Halloween party. His penis had just gone flaccid, but now it zoomed back to full size.

She continued to talk in a matter-of-fact, almost bored tone. "But you know what's almost as bad as high heels? Underwear! As a male you probably don't have this problem, but ladies' undergarments really cut into one's skin. For instance, look at this."

She suddenly turned around and bent over, just as lewdly as before. She spread her legs straight and wide, and appeared ready to grasp her ankles. But instead, she wiggled her skirt down off her ass.

Inspired and excited, Tommy stood up and drew much closer. YESSSS! It's "go" time! Hell yeah!

She was wearing a thong that was practically like a G-string. She ran her hand along the tiny string connecting front to back. "And you see this style? This is the worst! No visible panty lines, but it cuts into the skin in the most uncomfortable places. Ugh!"

She seductively pulled her thong down her ass, even as she stayed bent over.

Her skirt was still hanging just below her ass, so she took turns wiggling that lower down her legs and then wiggling the thong a little lower too.

Tommy felt like his erection would rip his shorts in two. My fuck slut is here! My horny, busty, sex bomb mom is back! God, I was so worried, but I'm not gonna give her the satisfaction of telling her how much she'd scared me. I can play along as well as anyone can.

She took her sweet time about it, and she continued to blandly complain about thongs, and underwear in general. But she finally got her skirt and thong all the way off, and tossed them aside.

That left her in just her bra and blouse. The front tails of her blouse hung down just low enough to cover the top of where her bush would have been, but they still left her pussy lips gloriously uncovered.

Grinning more knowingly, she continued her pretend tired act. "But as bad as thongs are, bras are even worse!" She straightened her entire body, and yawned, stretching her arms high in the air.

That caused her huge tits to strain against her blouse so much, a button actually popped free.

Tommy couldn't take the teasing. He lurched forward and grasped her tits with both hands.

She laughed gaily at that, but also said, "What are you doing?! I'm your mother!"

Squeezing her ripe melons, he said, "Mom, can we call a time out? I love this game you're playing, but some other time, okay? Please! I'm so horny, I can't stand it!"

However, she twirled and danced out of his grasp. Then she started unbuttoning her way down her light green blouse. "Don't stop me now. I'm just getting to the good part!"

He wanted to cry. He groaned like he'd just painfully stubbed his toes. "MoooooOOOOOOooooom! Please! All day long, I couldn't think, I couldn't talk, I couldn't walk! You made a mess out of me! All I could do is think about you!"

Still posing sexily as she unbuttoned her blouse, she said, "How do you think I felt? I was exactly the same! But look at how mean you are. I've been dreaming of your big fat cock-log all day, and you're keeping it imprisoned in your shorts. Meanie!"

Tommy never moved so fast in his life. Even his shifty steps away from defenders on the football field seemed like slow motion compared to how quickly he got his shorts and boxer shorts off. He took his T-shirt off for good measure.

She laughed gleefully as she saw her son suddenly standing there naked in a flash. "But hold your horses. I've aaaaalmost got my clothes off too." She was speeding up undressing for his sake. As she said that, she finished with the buttons and opened her blouse up wide.

But that only seemed to frustrate him more, because he groaned, "ARRRGGH! You still have a bra on! You're killing me! I love you, Mom, but this teasing is cruel! You're hiding my very favorite toys!"

She grinned at his reference to her E-cup-sized breasts as his "favorite toys."

"I'm sorry." She immediately flung her blouse off the rest of the way and then undid and removed her bra in a matter of seconds. "I was gonna make a big production out of the bra, but I don't want you to suffer. Here, let me make it all better." She dropped to her knees.

"Aaaaahhh!" he sighed with profound happiness as her lips slid onto his cockhead and kept on sliding down to his sweet spot. "FUCK YEAH!"

She felt bad about torturing him too much with her teasing, so she tried to make up for it by giving the best blowjob she possibly could. Although, after a long day at work and building up her own anticipation to unbearable levels, she almost certainly was going to do that anyway.

It was a tricky challenge though, because he was so keyed up after staying hard much of the school day that he was on the verge of cumming even before she took his cock in her mouth.

She sensed his condition, and forced herself to limit her moves accordingly. For a while, she could do little more than bob back and forth on it a little bit.

Luckily, he'd already learned how to extend his endurance by flexing his PC muscle, and that was a big reason he was so popular with girls. He was straining hard as he flexed it now. It was a very close shave, but he managed to ride out his nearly orgasmic surge.

Once she sensed that had passed, she was free to do more. Her tongue came out to play, and flicked all over his most sensitive spots, while her lips relentlessly bobbed up and down over his frenulum, his most sensitive spot of all.

But still, she held back. She could tell he was still far too close to cumming, and she wanted him erect virtually every single minute until Carl came home. She longed to take his thickness all the way to the root. She'd thought about doing that to him more than anything else, all day long. But deep throating was out for now.

He ran his hands through her long black hair, sometimes just enjoying the silky feel, and other times grasping tightly as more orgasmic surges passed through him.

After a few minutes, she felt the need to talk some, so she pulled her mouth off his throbbing pole. But she immediately hefted up her immense tits and trapped his slicked-up boner inside her cleavage. She had no problem with titfucking while talking.

"Aaaah! That's better," she exhaled happily.

He let out a long, blissful sigh. After a boring day at school, he was back on Cloud Nine.

"Son, some advice. I love it when you're tightly holding me by my hair. It reminds me that you're in charge, and I'm nothing but your helpless fuck slut. But it kinda hurts too; sometimes it feels like you're trying to rip my hair out."

He was still clutching her raven black hair, and let go. "Sorry, I didn't-"

She cut in, "Don't sweat it. Just grab it lower down, close to the back of my neck. You can pull as hard as you want down there. Oh, and please do put and stroke my hair as much as possible, when you're not in the grabby mood. I really love it when you do that. It's a constant reminder of my fuck slut status, and you can guess how horny that makes me."

With that issue sorted out, she craned her head down so she could lick his cockhead while still pleasuring his shaft by sliding her big melons all over it.

She'd chosen a titfuck for several reasons. One, she knew that she couldn't resist the urge to deep throat him for long, not with his thick cock crammed in her mouth, and she didn't want him to cum too soon. So this was safer, in allowing them to have fun for a lot longer. But she also wanted to talk more, and this allowed her to do it while still delivering maximum pleasure. She could talk easily while sliding her tits around and licking his cockhead too.

She looked up at him with her brilliant blue eyes. "I feel so wicked! You don't know how hard it was for me all day long, having to work at full speed while all I wanted to do was drop to my knees and serve your fat knob. Or, better yet, get skewered in my cunt the full nine-inches deep! Too bad we can't do that today."

That was the first indication to him that the ban on fucking was in effect, since the mixed messages she'd given him before school. He was willing to go along with that for now, if that was what she wanted. He felt incredibly grateful they were having any kind of sex at all.

He replied while huffing and puffing, "I do know! Believe me, when you talk about how hard it was all day long, I know EXACTLY what you mean! If you keep me this hard all day long every day, I'm gonna have to see a doctor!"

She giggled. "Oh, you poor thing! See? This is an example of why you need a girlfriend too, to suck you off at lunch. Let your fuck slut Mom make it all better!"

He thought, Jesus! I love her attitude on girlfriends. I love her attitude on everything! The ban on fucking is a bummer, sure, but I'm confident that's just a temporary thing. Frankly, we both need some time to adjust.

She redoubled her titfucking and licking efforts on his thick pole. But that wasn't all: since he was still standing, she let him take over holding her tits in place to keep a tight tit-tunnel going. Then she reached around behind him and poked her index finger directly into his asshole.

"AAAAIIIIEEE!" he screamed in surprise. "What are you doing?!"

She giggled some more. "I did this to you briefly last night, don't you remember? And don't say this is some kind of gay thing, 'cos it's not."

She continued to wiggle her finger deeper into his anus as she talked. "I have no interest in ever taking your anal virginity. That would disturb me as much as you, since you're the one in charge. But a mere finger is way different. You feel that? You feel how good that is?"

He grunted. "Yeah!" He didn't know what she was doing, and it seemed really weird, but it felt great.

"That's your prostrate," she explained. "I read something in one of those Cosmo 'tips to improve your sex life'-type stories about how to stimulate it, and how good it could feel. Do you like that?"

"Yeah!" he grunted and groaned. "Hell yeah!"

She laughed. "Wow! It gets a full 'hell yeah' seal of approval. You must really like it then."

He nodded some more, but he quickly added, "Stop! Please stop! If you keep doing all three things at once, I'm gonna cum for sure!"

Actually, his entire shaft wouldn't have been stimulated if he'd just let go of her spongy tits, but she was the one doing the work, sliding her entire upper torso up and down, while his hands just held on for dear life.

She was still poking into his asshole as she teased, "Well then, I'd better stop pretty soon then. Because I want to spend the ENTIRE afternoon just finding new ways to make you feel good! How am I doing so far?"

"Oh Mom!" He closed his eyes, and strained harder to hold his climax at bay.

She finally pulled her finger from his anus. She had a knack for telling how close to orgasm he was, and she realized he really was getting too close. So her hands took the place of his, so she could better control the situation.

She focused on the titfuck as she resumed talking. "Naturally, I never did any anal poking with Carl. I would have, if I knew that trick years ago, but lately, it was like he was TRYING to make sex with me as bland as possible. Hmmm. I wonder if that has anything to do with his affair with Joanie? Maybe he didn't want to do anything with me he wasn't doing with her? Or that could be just speculation. Oh well, we'll find out soon enough. I already arranged for a private investigator to start digging."

Tommy just groaned at the waves of intense pleasure sweeping through his body. Although only his erection was being directly stimulated, he could feel tingles all the way down to his fingertips and toes.

A good ten minutes passed, as Leah alternated between titfucking, cocksucking, and handjob action. She'd done a great job keeping him maxed out on pleasure, especially since he was on a hair-trigger when they began.

But he finally lost it.

She wasn't doing anything extra special at the time. She'd been blowing him, but she was still resisting the urge to deep throat him, and she'd just been licking his sweet spot while tugging on his balls. But his resistance had been gradually wearing down, and he'd unexpectedly lost all control.

Leah was delighted just the same. She directed his boner at her face, and closed her eyes while she made sure he unloaded his creamy cum all over her delicate and perfect facial features.

Tommy was normally pretty quiet during sex, aside from the usual moans and groans everyone made. But as his cock continued to fire off like a machine gun emptying all its entire ammunition belt, he screamed at the top of his lungs, "FUUUUUUCCCK! MOM! OH MOM! FUUUUUUUUUCCCK!"

It had only been chance that they'd wound up standing, and now he couldn't stand any more. He collapsed to the floor like the orgasm had turned his bones to wet noodles.

Luckily, she caught him and guided him most of the way down so he wouldn't hurt himself.

He wound up lying on the floor with his arms and legs splayed out. "FUUUUCCK!" he still panted occasionally. "Motherfucker!"

She struck another sexy pose, and teased, "No, you're the motherfucker. I'm the sonfucker, remember?"

After another minute of heavy breathing, he said in a much calmer voice, "Mom, in addition to being the best cocksucker on the motherfucking planet, you're gonna KILL me with your teasing!"

She put a finger to her cum-soaked chin. "A motherfucking planet. Interesting idea. But I like this planet better. If everybody fucks their mothers, then what you and I do wouldn't be so wicked. And I luuuve the wicked part!"

He just whimpered at that. "Seriously, Mom, you're amazing. I thought I had a lot of resistance and willpower, but you absolutely take the cake. When you were playing around and doing your striptease, I just couldn't handle it! I had to have you then and there, or I was gonna die! But you. It looked like you could have been happy spinning just out of my reach for another hour! It's almost cruel!"

She said seriously, "Yes, and no. I do love to tease. I guess I've gotten pretty good at that in recent years, trying to get Carl to show any interest in me at all, and now I love teasing in and of itself. It was fun enough when Carl barely responded, but now it's like I'm doing it with a younger, stronger, handsomer, more virile, and all-around better version of him. It's almost like I'm seeing the Carl I knew when he and I first started to date, only better."

She paused, as that hit her. "Whoa! I think I just realized one reason why I'm so hopelessly attracted to you. It's like I've got some kind of reverse Freudian thing going on. You're like the Carl I wanted when I married but I never really got, and you do look so much like him that it's uncanny."

She went on, "But in any case, I do love to tease you, and you need to get ready for a lot more of that from now on. But at the same time, I love all the other things just as much as you do. It was a really close thing that I didn't just burst through the door earlier, and bee-line straight to you so I could start sucking your cock before the front door even slammed shut behind me!"

She eyed him hungrily, licking her lips. "So prepare yourself, because there will be many days I do just that, believe me!"

He exhaled heavily, overwhelmed by her sheer sexual power and appeal.

Sitting up, she ran her finger in lazy patterns on his tummy's six pack muscles. "What's wrong? My sweet Mr. Hot Cock, you seem almost sad."

"Not sad, Hot Stuff," he replied. "Not at all. Just overwhelmed. I feel like I'm riding a wild tiger, and I'm barely holding on. If you're this intense and passionate every day... Well, I don't know what, to be honest! I don't think a boy can actually die of amazingly intense orgasms, but if one can, it'll probably be me!"

She chuckled. "Oh, come on. You're just saying that. I'M the one riding the wild tiger! I must admit I do have the tiger by the tail, but that's all."

She lifted up his flaccid penis, and it flopped into her open palm. She'd merely wanted to illustrate what she meant by the "tail," but to her surprise, his penis started to engorge.

"Oh my God! Tommy! Look, you're getting hard again!" She was overjoyed. She hoped this meant she could finally deep throat him some.

"I know," he groaned. "But please don't kill me yet. Give me a few minutes to recover. I was so hard and horny all day from thinking about you, I was half-dead before I even came home."

"Okay, we'll take it easy for a while. I promise nothing but some gentle suckling on your cock at first. But you have to admit this is damn impressive! You talk about worrying you'll orgasm to death - what about me? I've climaxed three times since I got home, and it's still ages until Carl comes home!"

He suppressed the urge to just sigh and whimper at that. He gathered his strength and sat up. He knew he'd need all the energy he could muster, because she was already gently fondling his dick back to full mast.

"Look at you rebounding," she said, smiling widely. "I couldn't be more proud. You look a lot like your dad, but you couldn't be more different in some very important ways. He's a follower, but you're a natural leader."

"I am? I'm not the head of any school clubs or anything."

"No, but you're the leader of your gang of friends. In fact, you're the alpha male in any group you're in. That's one reason why women like me get so wet for you."

"But Mom! I'm only 16!"

She'd managed to stroke his dick back to full size already, and now she was steadily jacking him off. "I know. And that gets me hot, knowing you're a mere boy yet you seduced and fucked a foxy and busty older woman like me, and turned me into your personal sex toy in a matter of a couple of hours. It's positively SCARY to think what you'll be capable of when you're a few years older, especially if this incredible cock-log of yours keeps growing!"

Aroused by her own words, she sat up on her knees next to him and brought her mouth down to his newly stiff boner. This set her huge tits dangling and swaying enticingly, just as she knew it would.

Even though he was still recovering, he couldn't resist that. He leaned forward and cradled her heavy globes in his hands. His mother's tits were just so damn big and perfect, it was sometimes hard to imagine that she was 34 already.

Encouraged by his busy hands, she slid into an even MORE arousing position. Still on her knees and sucking, she arched her back to send her bare ass jutting high up into the air. Her body didn't actually move that much, but suddenly she looked much more stiff and submissive, like she was a professionally trained cocksucker in an official position.

Tommy kept his hands on her tits but lay back down, as he still needed to rest and gather strength. As he sank his fingers deeper into her soft and spongy tit-flesh, he thought, I've gotta rise to the occasion; that's all there is to it! I know I'm not "all that." I'm certainly not some naturally dominant "alpha male." The other kids look to me 'cos I'm the star running back. If I was just a place kicker, Jack would probably lead our group. But on the other hand, I'm not a wallflower either. And the girls seemed to like me a heck of a lot before I even tried out for the team. Maybe she does have a point. I've always had a special way with girls, at least.

But in any case, the reality doesn't matter much. What matters is how she perceives me. And she wants and needs for me to dominate her with quiet confidence. I can't cry "mercy" and complain that she's sucking my soul and brain out along with every last drop of cum I've got to give, even though she is! I've got to be the man she wants me to be!

Suddenly, Leah pulled her lips off to change positions. They were practically in a sixty-nine already. All she had to do was rotate some a throw a leg over his torso, and her pussy would be directly over his head, and that's just what she did. Then she deliberately reached down, in full view of her son, and pulled a very sodden, wet tampon out of her pussy. She let it dangle and sway like a pendulum above his eyes.

"I told you I wanted to feel your cum in me all day long today," she said with a saucy wink.

"Fuck, Mom, you weren't lying about that?"

She tossed the used tampon away. "No, I wasn't lying. I'm your fuck slut, so of course I want to keep all your cum in my horny cunt for as long as I can. Look at me, Son. This cunt of mine is yours to fuck, now and forever."

She said that even though she was determined to keep the ban on him fucking her in effect. She was speaking in general. She already assumed that ban would end just as soon as the private investigator came up with the cheating evidence.

He could see her wet nether lips right overhead. He could even see a drop of pussy juice forming that was about to hit him on the nose. But her hips were still way too high for him for the moment. He could only watch her rivulets flow and sniff her intoxicatingly sexy aroma.

She rested her upper body weight on just one elbow, because she had one hand holding his big cock. But instead of getting back to licking it, she continued to talk in her obscene position. "You know what I really liked? Remember how you and your friend Dave got into a big fight? It was over that beautiful girl Leona. She was dating him, but suddenly started going out with you instead. It was hard to say who was right on wrong since she asked YOU out, but Dave was pissed, and he tried to beat you up. But what did you do? You kicked his ass, got him to apologize and be friends again, and then you fucked the shit out of his girlfriend! That's what winners do. That got me so horny!"

He was very surprised. "Really? But that was a month ago!"

"I know. And just because I didn't want to really have sex with you then, I wasn't blind. I could see my son was growing into a real hunky lady killer! But in any case, that's why I know that even though I'm a department head with a six-figure salary and you just had your first glass of wine last night, there's no escaping from your natural charisma and the lure of your big cock! I know I'm gonna have to get used to the feel of all this cum on my face, 'cos you're gonna keep my tits and face in a near constant shiny sperm-glaze. This next week or so is going be tough, with lots of blowjob action, until we get the report from the investigators!"

Before he could think of a reply to that, she lowered her ass until she was sitting on his face. He had no choice but to start licking her honey straight from her pussy lips, while she went back to her happy and contented cocksucking.

Although he wouldn't have initiated it himself, he was happy to sixty-nine for a while. He liked to give back, and make her cum.

He thought, I've gotta be tough! Tough! It's like being thrown into the deep end of a swimming pool. Swim or drown. In this case, lick or drown. But I'm not gonna wilt in the face of her white hot sexual heat. I AM gonna dominate and control her, just like she wants me to. This "fuck slut" stuff is mostly just talk now, but I'm gonna turn her into my real fuck slut!

Inspired, he licked her to a nice climax.

Then he ordered her to change positions. He stood and she knelt before him, and he held her hair with both hands, just like before. Only this time he wasn't hobbled by being so close to a climax. He announced, "I'm going to fuck your face!" and that's what he did.

Leah was in seventh heaven, now that Tommy was taking charge and using her roughly. She decided she absolutely loved having her face fucked. It was on par with deep throating, which was saying quite a lot for her.

The two of them continued like that for a full additional hour. It was a seemingly endless blur of shifting sexual positions and techniques. Just about the only thing they didn't do was anal or vaginal fucking. Neither of them was ready for anal sex yet, and she was adamant about delaying any more vaginal sex until she got the investigative agency's report about Carl's possible adultery.

At one point, she called up Carl to find out when he'd be home exactly. She used the excuse of wanting him to pick up some special foods for her to make dinner with - and that had the bonus of delaying him still longer. That gave her time to get Tommy to cum on her face once more.

When Carl got home, things couldn't have been more Norman Rockwell-esque domestic and normal. Leah was in the kitchen cooking, and Tommy was in his bedroom doing his homework.

The only unusual things Carl noticed was the heavy smell of air freshener in the living room, plus the strange taste on Leah's lips when she insisted on getting kissed on the lips by him. It was exactly the same as the new taste he'd noticed after the Halloween party.

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