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Chapter 7
(mF, mult, cons, reluc, het, humor, cheat, inc, mother, son, poly, group, WM, WF, oral, pett, preg, BBR)
Written by The Shadow Rising and Spacer X (paul_t_22@yahoo.com)

The next few days were tough on Tommy. Leah kept her promise about waking him with a blowjob and greeting him with another one when he came home from school.

But neither of them really wanted to just stop there and be satisfied with that. Her slurping on and sucking of his cock took the edge off their lust, but it wasn't enough to sate it. Both of them wanted more. There were many times they wanted to get it on, only to have to wait because Carl was home.

Still, they managed to have a hell of a great time, whenever they could.

Since they were a rich family and Tommy was the only child, he had his own bathroom. That was a lucky thing, because it meant the two of them could move from his bed to his shower with ease every morning. They usually had a lot of wet and slippery shower fun until he finally shot a load on his mother or in her mouth.

Carl usually was gone before Tommy woke up, which meant they could play all through breakfast too. In fact, Tommy generally shot two loads at his mother before he had to leave for school, but she technically called their entire morning adventure a single blowjob. However, they had to restrict themselves to just the wake up and shower blowjob if Carl was still there.

They usually had an hour at the very least between when they both returned home, because Carl was still at work. Tommy would come home and find Leah dressed in some insanely arousing outfit, like Daisy Duke cut-off jeans shorts and a see-through top tied in a knot below her huge tits, or an erotic nurse's uniform that involved a corset which seemed designed to emphasize the breasts even more than usual and which had special front panel release catches, allowing Tommy to nurse and suckle on her outrageously bared assets. There was even a scandalous version of her "business hot" work clothes which Tommy found particularly arousing and irresistible.

Then they generally spent that hour in an endless combination of cocksucking, titfucking, and pussy licking. It was a great opportunity for her to practice her deep throating. She was improving day by day, and even lessening her gag reflex a little bit. She enjoyed the extreme difficulty of it. The more she did it, the more she loved it.

One evening, Carl called to say he'd be home a lot later, and they got to spend a couple extra hours naked and entwined. That also gave them time for a particularly long and satisfying deep throating session.

Surprisingly, the weekend didn't change the amount of sex they had much. Leah had errands to run for most of Saturday, and could only give him the same two blowjob sessions. (Although one was extra special, as described below.) On Sunday, they went to church and Carl always seemed to be near, so Tommy was lucky to even get two blowjobs again.

The blowjobs were incredible beyond description. Since that was nearly all they could do, she really went all out. She even bought some how-to books and instructional videos at a sex shop, and her skills seemed to improve with each minute of slurpy licking and bobbing.

One thing she liked to do to help pass the time at work was see how long she could hold her breath. She bought a book on that too. After just a few days of frequent practice, it already enabled her to deep throat him a little longer.

On top of the sex, if Carl was gone, she usually spiced things up with stripteases, creative filthy talk, and shameless posing and flirting. For instance, on Saturday afternoon, while Carl was out doing errands of his own, she even entertained Tommy with a private lingerie fashion show. She'd show him a mouth-wateringly sexy outfit, and then gauge how much he'd liked it by voraciously sucking his cock for a few minutes. Then she'd put on another and she'd "test his reaction" again. She actually kept him going for two hours of sexy dancing, stripteases, titfucks, and blowjobs before he finally climaxed.

All of that was beyond awesome for a 16-year old boy. But still, Tommy wanted more.

Leah resolutely prohibited him from fucking her pussy at all times, and she banned any sexual activity from the time Carl came home until he left again, which was usually from about five p.m. until seven a.m. the next morning. She wouldn't even allow any furtive teasing, kissing, or groping while Carl was there. Given how incredibly sexually satisfying she was for him the two times of day she allowed them to play around, such limitations were extremely frustrating for the constantly horny boy.

She and Tommy were dying to hear back from the private detective agency about Carl and Joanie. But she was told it would take them at least a week to deliver a report.

The agency called after just two days and cryptically revealed they had "bad news" without going into details, so there was little doubt what the final report would say. But still, Leah resolutely stuck to her rules.

Like most boys his age, Tommy was impatient. He wanted to enjoy his fuck slut twenty-four hours a day and not for just two daily cocksucking sessions, no matter how incredible and prolonged those often were. So, almost immediately, he began to push things as far as he could with her at every possible chance he had.

On the second day, a few hours after the agency mentioned the "bad news", Carl was on a long phone call to one of his old college buddies, while Tommy talked to Leah in the kitchen down the hall. Tommy had tried to plead his case that they should resume fucking. He argued that it was obvious what the "bad news" was, and it was a pointless torture for both of them to wait any longer.

But Leah just replied that Carl deserved at least a little respect for all the good years they'd shared, and waiting a mere week was hardly too much to ask.

Tommy argued that Carl had been cheating on her for years, and deserved no respect at all. In fact, they had years of cuckolding to make up for, and they should stick it to him every single chance they could get.

Leah verbally and physically put her foot down, even though she kind of agreed with him. She felt she needed hard evidence first, including a sense of how long the affair had gone on. She turned away from her son and declared the conversation was over.

Unexpectedly, Tommy came up behind her, pressed his raging hard cock against her tight ass, and reached around to squeeze and roughly fondle her soft yet firm melons.

Leah couldn't help but moan with need as her son's hard cock pressed against her. She was amazingly horny again tonight, even though she'd last sucked her son off mere hours ago, in their usual after school session. She was discovering those sessions didn't satiate her sexual hunger, but only whetted her appetite for more. Already, the mere sight of her son's crotch in any condition caused a Pavlovian reaction and made saliva build up in her mouth.

Tommy slid his hands under her blouse and brought them right up to her firm globes.

Ever since the Halloween party, she'd followed through with her promise to stop wearing any underwear around the house. It was a sad commentary on the state of her marriage that Carl hadn't even noticed. But Tommy knew that secret, so he wasn't surprised at all when his fingers were able to slide straight to her nipples. They were already growing erect, and he quickly pinched them to full hardness.

He whispered in her ear, "Hot Stuff, you know I'm right. What's the point of waiting?"

"Please don't call me 'Hot Stuff!' I love it, usually, but not now. You know how hot and wet that makes me!"

"Answer the question, my fuck slut!" He pulled hard on her nipples, distending the shape of her tits.

"And please don't talk like that either! You know that even thinking the words 'fuck slut' makes me crazy! It makes me even hotter when you take charge!"

"At work, you're a big shot, but at home you're my personal fuck slut." He was thrusting his hips, causing his cock to slide up and down her ass crack.

Her resistance was crumbling by the second. It's so true! If my staff could see me now, every single one would keel over from a heart attack. It's all I can do not to turn around and suck on his huge cock-log, even with Carl so close!

"I'm waiting," he growled.

She replied, "We don't really know what he did yet, or how bad it is! And I don't want the shit to hit the fan by him finding out what we're doing, before we have evidence in hand. Imagine if he walked in on us right now! He may be an adulterer, but so am I. He doesn't deserve to see something like that. Nobody does! Finding his virile and well-hung son totally dominating his slut wife would destroy him!"

She tried to push him away by backing up, only to realize that she had just pressed his cock harder against her ass. Then she moved forward, only to find that she was squashing her immense tits into her son's palms.

"Why would that hurt him so much?" Tommy pressed her, in more ways than one. He was basically dry humping her ass, even as he pulled hard on her hard nipples.

She moaned lustily at the way he was surrounding her and dominating her, but fear of getting caught compelled her to try to break away again. Too dangerous! If I'm close enough to hear Carl's voice on the phone, it's way too close to play around!

She panted, "Because, because, he would see... that you're his sexual superior, and a mere 16-year old had bested him and stolen his wife! His only son, no less! And not only that, but you turned me into a cock-loving fuck slut who lives to suck on your fat knob while naked and on her knees, and even repeatedly deep throat you, when I'd only reluctantly blow him once or twice a year!"

Her words were arousing herself much more than convincing anyone of anything. She knew that if she didn't do something fast, she'd find herself getting fucked standing up. She was also trying to remember why that would be a bad thing.

Turning around, she tried to ignore the feel of her son's thick and hard cock pressing all the way up towards her belly button. She pushed his muscular chest back with her hands.

However, even though she was fit and strong, he was much stronger, and her heart wasn't really in her attempt to push him away. So her attempt to gain some space between their bodies utterly failed.

His hands went right back to playing with her nipples under her top. She didn't know which was worse: his cock grinding against her clit, or his talented fingers pulling on her hard nipples. Both actions sent electrical jolts through her body, so much so that she was tempted to fuck him right there.

But she hissed, "We can't! He's so close, he can probably hear that we're talking."

Tommy replied, "So? That's perfect. That means he'll never suspect. And we can stop the instant we hear him hang up the phone."

He had her backed up against a wall, and he used that to his advantage. He freely kneaded her ample tit-flesh under her blouse, and even unbuttoned his way down the front of her blouse just so he could enjoy seeing her huge pale globes completely exposed as well as feeling them as much as he liked.

She knew she was losing control by the second. At work, when she said "jump," her entire staff jumped. In fact, that very afternoon she had fired a lazy worker. But she knew Tommy had all the power and she had none. She loved her son's cock so much that the urge to drop to her knees and suck him right there in the hallway was nearly overwhelming. She whined, "We can't! It's too dangerous!"

Tommy responded to that by kissing her on the lips.

She tried to keep her lips closed together, but that worked for all of about two seconds. Soon, her tongue was hungrily dancing with her son's. She even slid her ass up and down against the wall, enabling his cock to grind all over her pussy mound and not just against one spot.

But then she heard Carl laughing on the phone, and that snapped her out of her fog of lust. She pleaded, "Please, Son! Please! Have mercy!"

As horny as Tommy was, he knew he could never force her to do something against her will. He reluctantly pulled away, but said, "You know I'm right. You do! I don't understand! Are you my willing fuck slut or not?"

Those words hurt her deeply. "You know the answer to that. I'm yours, forever! But waiting a week isn't much to ask, in the long run. Please! Have patience!"

She thought, Oh no! I want nothing more than to be a good fuck slut for him. That's the most important thing in my life. But I have to stay determined to wait out the week. It's one thing to have sexy fun the two times a day when Carl isn't there, but the danger of getting caught at other times is just too great. I know myself, and I know once I start working on my son's cock, there's no telling when I'd stop.

Besides, there was a lot of money at stake. She wasn't just waiting around for the investigator's report; she was looking into securing her finances. She'd also contacted a divorce lawyer to start preparing papers. All that took time, if it was done right.

Tommy stomped back to his room with saying anything more and slammed the door. He knew it wasn't much to ask to wait a week, but he still felt extremely frustrated.

Leah was tempted to rush after him and blow him in the privacy of his room, but just then Carl called for her. She buttoned her top back up, and checked herself in the hallway mirror. Then, exhaling with frustration and nervous tension, she reluctantly went to her husband.


Over the next couple of days, Tommy tried to take advantage of his mother at every chance he had when Carl was in the house, on top of their sexual fun at other times. And each time, she grew hornier and needier for him and her willpower grew weaker.

Tommy would walk up behind her and cup her huge, firm tits by usually sliding under whatever top she was wearing. He'd noticed she always wore tops that made that easy to do, despite her protests. Sometimes, he would spend a few minutes playing with her soft and inviting melons before something spooked her. Once, he even managed to suckle on her rosy nipple before Carl called out to ask when dinner would be ready.

He also would rub his erection against her ass or stomach whenever they passed each other. It wasn't like they'd ever had trouble passing each other in the hallway without bumping before, but suddenly it seemed like they were incapable of getting within five feet of each other without their bodies sticking to each other and his hard cock rubbing against her for a minute or more. About the only times this didn't happen was if Carl was in the same room, or just one room away.

Tommy also discovered he was usually able to pull his mother close to him and French kiss her for a minute or two before she pulled away and walked off. Often, he would kiss her, fondle her tits, AND grind his cock against her before she finally pleaded, "Please! Have mercy!" On a few lucky occasions, she wound up unzipping his fly and jacking him off for a few minutes before she was spooked and felt compelled to stop.

At least she'd discovered those words seemed to work magic, and he'd always reluctantly pull away. He loved her dearly and didn't want to do anything she strongly objected to.

His aggressiveness was always related to how close Carl was at the time. Naturally, Tommy would be more aggressive if Carl was further away, but she wasn't safe even if Carl was close. Tommy slapped and pinched her tight ass, ran his fingers across her flat stomach as she passed him in the hallway with Carl sitting just a few feet away, or he gawked at and caressed her ass cheeks as she bent over to pick something up. Once, he even reached out and grabbed one of her blouse-covered tits and gave it a good squeeze in the middle of the kitchen as Carl was sitting reading the paper at the dining room table.

After so many years of neglect, Leah could scarcely believe how much her son's sexual harassment of her was turning her on. And she had to admit to herself, that she very much preferred it to the alternative of getting a cold shoulder and a shrug of indifference from her husband. She channeled her lust to the cocksucking sessions when Carl was out, when she could go completely wild on her son.

It seemed that Tommy was always horny. And that was pretty much true: if his hot and busty mother was nearby, he generally had a raging hard-on looking at her and thinking about her. He knew she was "easy" in the sense that she was pretty much ready to drop to her knees and suck on his boner whenever she saw him, so that only encouraged him to repeatedly take advantage.

Leah was in a near constant state of heat too. As the week went on, she became increasingly convinced Carl was having a long-term affair with Joanie, because he was so utterly oblivious about her. He still hadn't noticed she was going bra-less and panty-less, even though she wore an increasingly revealing outfit for her son every day while Carl was home too.

For instance, after five days, she wore a tank top that did absolutely nothing to hide her nipples, even when they weren't erect. There was a zipper over her cleavage that just begged to be pulled down. Her round E-cups bounced lewdly with every single step she took, and still Carl couldn't be bothered to tear his eyes from his papers or dinner or the TV. It was like he had no sexual interest in her whatsoever, even though she could grace the centerfold or cover of any racy magazine. It just didn't make any sense, unless he was castrated or in love with someone else.

Other obvious clues, like the way she suddenly was wearing high heels and subtle amounts of make-up around the house nearly all the time, were completely missed by him. But in his defense, the idea of his wife and son having sex together was so off the wall and wildly improbable that he had no reason to be suspicious in the first place.

Of course, such outfits worn by her only encouraged Tommy even further. He also soon figured out that she was finding the flimsiest excuses to go to this or that obscure corner of the house, just so her son could trap her and play with her for another couple of minutes. She always protested, but she wouldn't utter the words "have mercy" until after a couple of minutes of kissing and fondling, at least.

But the twice daily blowjob sessions at least kept Tommy's libido at bay enough for him to more or less control himself the rest of the day. However, his mother looked so tempting and beautiful most of the time that it often was a very close call.

One slip-up happened five days after the party, the same day she wore the tight tank top.

The three of them were sitting in the dining room eating dinner. Carl sat in his usual chair at the head of the table, and Leah sat opposite him with Tommy sitting on her right.

Leah wasn't just inexplicably wearing a revealing tank top (with no bra underneath). She also wore high heels, and had her hair up in a pony tail that let her black hair fall in waves halfway down her shapely back. Her skirt was cut to just below mid-thigh and clung loosely to her curves, showing them off perfectly. She was so endowed that if one had been able to look up at her from her feet, one would have seen most of the bared undersides of her breasts, since her tank top hung loosely below her nipples. Yet Carl either didn't notice how sexy she looked or he simply didn't care very much.

They all chatted for a while. Carl actually fully participated in the conversation instead of reading something or another like he usually did. They chatted about Tommy's school, Leah's job, and lots of other odd things. For once, Leah found herself thinking about something other than her sexy son and how much she longed to feel his thick cock in her hand, mouth, cleavage, or pounding away deep inside her pussy.

At one point, Carl said to Leah, "Oh by the way, I was talking to Harold today and he told me how hot you looked the other night at the party. He was really impressed."

He smiled warmly at her. Even though they were half-way through dinner, it seemed like he finally noticed her outfit for the first time, because he added, "And I must say, you look pretty impressive right now too."

She just smiled back, "Thanks. Yeah, that was a really fun party. But you've got some rude coworkers. I'm sure my dress didn't help, but all the same, I was grateful my son was there to protect my virtue." She smiled lovingly at her son.

Tommy was so shocked at her ironic comment that he nearly choked.

Carl added, "Not only that, but Harold complimented me on my dancing skills. How cool is that? It's like I was dancing up a storm AND getting a lot of work done, in two places at once."

Tommy thought, Sorry, Dad, but you're just too dumb to breathe. Do you WANT me to take your place in her bed or something? Sheesh!

Leah secretly found Tommy's hand under the table edge and held it. She said, "Oh, by the way, that reminds me. Remember how I said there's that other dance coming up, and I wanted Tommy to go with me? I'm still trying to talk him into going, and he's still resisting. I'm grinding down on him relentlessly, and I think he's close to wanting to cum."

Obviously, she was assuming Carl would hear that last word as "come."

Tommy squeezed her hand harshly. They'd agreed days earlier to avoid such blatant double entendres, and they'd mostly kept to that. It was just too risky, and if they were going to do something risky there were a lot more fun things to do. But every now and then, either Tommy or Leah would be unable to resist saying comments like that. Usually, the other one would have to put a stop to it, like Tommy was attempting to do now with his hand squeezing.

Trying to return things to normal, Tommy sighed. He knew he had to pretend to be reluctant about the dance opportunity. He said to Carl, "I dunno. I hear they play cool music, like at the Halloween party, so that part would be fun. But it would be weird to be with my MOM, you know? I mean, what if someone I know sees me? That would be totally embarrassing!"

Carl said, "Why don't you pretend to be me again?"

"What?" Tommy almost felt like facepalming himself, Carl was so clueless.

"Sure, why not?"

Tommy was obliged to point out, "But it's not a costume party, where I can wear a mask."

Carl replied, "You look so much like me and even sound like me that it would work, even without a mask. Those dances have very poor lighting, and you have to shout to be heard. You'd have to cut your hair more than usual and part it like I do, and of course you'd have to wear the same kind of glasses I have. The main thing is that you'd have to avoid people who know us well. Everyone but our close friends would be fooled. True, you're a couple of inches taller than me, and more muscular, but no one will notice that if you wear a dinner jacket."

"I dunno," Tommy replied. "I'll think about it."

He thought, Man, Dad is soooo moronic! Why doesn't he add, 'Oh, and bring some condoms, because I'm not ready for Leah to have another baby?' Sheesh! What a lazy ass. Can't he see where me pretending to be him in public could lead? Why doesn't he just up and make me the full time substitute dad? He totally deserves to lose her, even if he wasn't cheating. There's something seriously WRONG with him. He has the best wife he could possibly ever want!

Leah kicked Tommy's leg, and then rubbed her foot up it. She was trying to get him to agree to go to the "dance." In fact, there was no dance. But she was looking forward to doing a horizontal tango with her son for about five hours in a hotel room.

She hoped and assumed they would hear back from the detective agency by then, so fucking would be allowed again. She even thought it might be an opportunity for him to try and take her anal virginity.

She knew it would be a serious challenge to relax her ass enough to accept his prodigious thickness, since Tommy wasn't by any measure small in that department, but if there was even a chance she could manage it, she was determined to do it. She had no doubt that if she could take his cock in her ass, she'd be not only loving it but begging for more whenever they had the opportunity.

Tommy understood her message and pretended to have an epiphany. "You know what, Dad? Maybe I will go. Why the hell not? There's not much else going on, and I do love to dance to good songs instead of the usual techno dance crap."

Carl smiled. "Good for you. Like I said, I'll give you some spending cash, and you can even drive the Jag."

"Cool." Idiot!

Leah furtively reached under the table and gave Tommy's boner a couple of squeezes to show he'd be rewarded for that answer later. She wasn't exactly sure how yet, but perhaps she'd sneak into his bedroom for a blowjob quickie after Carl went to sleep. But then she pulled her hand back, because that kind of sexual contact close to Carl was the very kind of thing she was trying to discourage Tommy from doing.

The conversation continued and all was going smoothly, until Leah felt a hand touch her bare thigh. Blinking, she looked over at Carl first, thinking he was playing with her now that he'd noticed she was looking good today. But Carl was looking down at his plate and was busy eating with both hands.

Then the answer dawned on her and she turned to look at Tommy. He didn't seem to be paying her any special attention, but he only had one hand showing. Besides, the angle of the hand meant it could only belong to him. She realized he was playfully getting back at her for her daring cock squeeze.

Slowly, to avoid notice, she slipped her right hand under the table to push Tommy's hand away.

But as she did, he just moved her hand aside and put his hand back on her muscular yet creamy thigh.

Once again she tried to move his hand, but he just did the same. So she gave him a look to tell him to stop, but he still wasn't looking her way. They continued secretly pushing at each other's hands under the table.

"Are you okay babe?" Carl asked as he looked up and noticed her newly flushed face.

"Yeah honey, I'm fine." She brought her hand back on top of the table and shook it a little bit. "I just have a cramp that's bothering me."

She smiled at her husband.

He returned the smile and nodded as he ate. "You should do something about that."

Tommy wanted to smack his forehead, or better, yet, smack his father's face. You're her husband, you insensitive fuck! YOU should do something about that!

But he stayed silent.

She tried to casually rest her arm across her big boobs, so as to hide the way her nipples had just become fully erect. But it wasn't a pose she could plausibly maintain for very long.

Tommy's hand continued sliding up her smooth thigh painfully slow, and yet all too fast.

But Leah couldn't stop him with her hand.

The conversation had all but died out. Tommy realized that could be suspicious, so he asked Leah, "Where is the cramp bothering you?"

"My back." She lied, because there was no cramp.

She feared that if she moved her hand under the table, Carl might get suspicious. She couldn't even tell Tommy to stop because there was no way to even whisper to him without Carl noticing. Giving Tommy a sharp look also didn't work because he didn't seem to be paying her any attention at all (no doubt on purpose).

His hand continued to slide to only a few inches from her pussy.

What frightened her was the mounting sense of anticipation and longing she was feeling for him to get on with it and touch her, THERE.

She clamped her legs shut tightly to stop his hand from moving any further. She would have glared at him too, if Carl hadn't been looking at her. Instead, she put on her best smile and continued talking, even though she had a hard time focusing on what she was saying.

Tommy valiantly attempted to keep the conversation going. He came up with an idea. "Your back? That sucks. You know, playing on the football team, I'm used to getting massaged pretty often, to help with the soreness after games. I'm hardly an expert, but Mom, if it's really bad, I could try to give you a massage." He looked at Carl. "Unless you'd rather do it, Dad."

Carl was only paying half-attention. "No, uh, I'm hopeless at that sort of thing. If you can do it, knock yourself out."

Tommy tried for a while to push his fingers closer to his mother's hot pussy, but her legs were too strong. That was the downside to her working out every day at her office's fitness center. So instead, he pulled his hand from between her legs and ran it up the outside of her thigh, right under her dress.

He smiled at his mother when she looked at him.

Outwardly, she looked calm, but her eyes flared with warning.

He just ignored her, knowing that she couldn't use her hands to stop him as he ran his fingers to the top of her pussy.

Keeping the conversation going, "What do you say, Mom? Would that be too weird? You know, having your son put his hands on your bare back."

She really loved the massage idea, but she was struggling to talk, given what was happening under the table. "Well, it would be kind of weird. I'd have to think about it. What do you think, Carl?"

She was really regretting not wearing panties anymore. She shivered slightly as his fingers walked across her pussy lips, but then she remembered she could cross her legs. She did, and that stopped Tommy from exploring her pussy much more.

However, he kept his hand resting on the top of her bare thigh under her dress, gently stroking her leg as he ate.

She thought, I'm slowly going crazy with lust for my bold son! He's gonna get us both killed, if Carl sees! But then she thought with chagrin, Not that Carl would care enough to kill anyone.

There was a long silence. She prodded, "Carl?"

"What?" He was so disinterested, he didn't even know they were waiting for his answer.

"Does that sound okay with you?"

"Sure. No problem."

Leah smirked. She was fairly certain her husband had no idea what he'd just agreed to.

She got even more aroused thinking about getting naked and having Tommy massage her. It was a golden opportunity to have some hanky panky even while Carl was in the house.

She asked Carl a question about local politics that she knew would require a long answer from him. She did that just so she wouldn't be distracted by having to talk, given all lthe handsy fun still going on under the table.

"Can you please get me a beer, hon?" Carl asked her a few minutes later.

Leah smiled lovingly at her husband as she got up and walked over to the fridge. She was smug and satisfied on the inside because Tommy had been forced to let go of her leg so she could walk away.

But when she sat back down after giving Carl his beer, she realized that she hadn't immediately crossed her legs. She attempted to close them tightly, but she was too slow.

Tommy's hand quickly moved in. He pressed his fingers against her moistening pussy lips. But he couldn't go any further because her legs had closed on his hand and they stopped it from moving. With her thighs trapping him, he couldn't do more, but he also couldn't pull it away.

Leah realized she was in quite a fix. She was sitting opposite her husband with her son's hand pressed against her naked pussy. Even worse, she discovered that rather than feeling aggrieved and outraged, she felt relief, followed by a surge of longing and sexual hunger. She was struggling not to let him poke his way inside her while also trying not to let her husband notice that anything was happening at all. She would have laughed at the absurdity of it all if it had happened to someone else.

The mundane conversation about local politics continued, with Carl doing most of the talking.

Suddenly, while she was talking to her husband about local government budget cuts of all things, she felt Tommy's hand moving again. It wasn't his whole hand time this time, but just his thumb. He'd managed to find a little wiggle room between her thighs after she'd inevitably relaxed them slightly, and he moved closer to her clit. Before she could figure out what to do, his thumb found its target and he began to massage her exposed and rapidly engorging clit.

She felt herself shudder and exhale heavily at how good it felt to be secretly played with like this. Her legs still held his hand in place, but that didn't do anything to help block his thumb. And if she tried to shift positions, he might just take advantage and plunge a couple of fingers into her needy slit. So she just sat at the table, eating her dinner with her husband and acting like a typical suburban housewife while her son kept playing with her clit under the table.

As time went on, and Tommy's thumb continued to relentlessly rub her, she began to relax. She decided, I'm my son's fuck slut after all, and if he wants to play with her clit, that's his right. Besides, it feels too good to let him stop now.

Somehow, she managed to keep talking about local politics through it all. The only clue about what was happening beneath the table was that her wide smile failed to match the serious and somewhat boring topic.

The more her son played with her clit, the more relaxed she got, until she relaxed too much and stopped tensing her legs altogether. Tommy's index finger immediately sank into her ready and wet pussy lips. She let out a happy and very audible sigh as they plunged in deeply.

"You okay?" Carl asked, puzzled by her inexplicable sigh.

"Uh-huh," Leah replied and smiled at him. "Sorry, I just can't concentrate. I was thinking about that trip we all took to Florida a couple of years ago. Wasn't that a great time?"

With that clever ruse, the conversation shifted to recollections about the vacation she mentioned. Now, at least she had an excuse to look blissed out, which she most certainly did.

But Tommy didn't stop there. He'd only started with the intention to tease her a little bit, but events were developing their own momentum, and he just couldn't stop himself. Soon, he added a second finger, and then a third. Before long, he was vigorously fingerfucking his mother under the table.

She bit her bottom lip trying to stifle a moan of lustful pleasure. She opened her legs and slouched a little so that Tommy's fingers had easier access to her increasingly juicy pussy. She told herself that it was safer to go with it than fight it, but really that was just an excuse. She loved how her son was taking control and proving that she belonged to him and him alone.

He didn't waste the chance, his fingers got even busier on her clit and pussy lips. However, he was limited in his movements, because certain moves made noticeable squishy sounds while others ones didn't.

To Leah's simultaneous delight and dismay, Tommy discovered there was a lot he could do to stimulate her without actually moving his fingers all that much.

Carl, still blissfully unaware of what was going on at the other end of the table, continued speaking. He was surprisingly animated about the vacation. They'd been more of a real family back then, and he seemed to enjoy reminiscing.

But Leah was hardly listening. All of her mind was focused on what her son was doing to her under the table, and how good she felt. Her pleasure was so intense that she had to resist the urge to lift her legs up, spread them wide, and hook her high heels onto the edge of the table so as to give Tommy better access.

She honestly couldn't believe her son was fingerfucking her under the table while her husband, and his father, sat opposite her. What shocked her even more was how much she loved it. Not only had she stopped fighting it, she would have been upset if he stopped.

Slowly but surely, Tommy was working his fingers deeper and deeper into her towards her G-spot. He carefully watched Leah's face every time he probed a tiny fraction deeper. He could tell when he finally reached the spot because of the excited and giddy look on her face. Slowly and very deliberately, he began lovingly massaging it.

Her eyes went wide. Oh no! Not that, you little shit! You're trying to send me to an insane asylum, aren't you? You're making me too horny, as usual! Not in front of Carl!

She gave his nearest leg a swift kick, and his fingers immediately retreated from her G-spot, because she worried she'd get too aroused and have to cry out. Of course, she could have kicked him like that at some earlier point to stop him, showing that deep down she hadn't really wanted to discourage him too much.

She began to feel the usual flutters in her stomach, and she knew that she was going to cum soon. She was getting very familiar with those flutters, as she'd probably climaxed more times in the past week than in the entire rest of her entire marriage. Sometimes when she sucked Tommy's cock while playing with her clit, she started cumming and kept cumming so many times there was no way to keep count.

She thought, Son, have mercy! If you make me cum now, I'm going to have to moan at the very least! Even though I'd want to scream at the top of my lungs! There would be no way to hide just how erotic and lusty my moan sounds. How would I be able to explain that away?

She didn't know what to do. Tommy, I pray you'll stop! Please stop! But don't stop too much, because I love it! It just feels too fantastic, and I'm soooo close to a great big climax...

I know! They say the best defense is a good offense, right? So take THAT! Ha-ha! She carefully reached a hand under the table until it was in Tommy's lap. She quickly found his erection, protruding lewdly through his clothes, and started jacking him off.

However, she realized with considerable chagrin that her plan quickly backfired. Holding and stroking his boner only doubled her arousal, even though the fabric was in the way. She loved it so much that she couldn't let go. The fact that she was jacking her son off with her clueless husband sitting a few feet away drove her over the moon. She knew she'd be cumming soon, no matter what.

Then, finally, an idea came to her. Everyone in the family was big sports fans, including her, and she figured out a way to use that to her advantage. "Honey, what time is the game on tonight?"

Tommy's fingers continued to pump rapidly in and out of her, and those butterflies were growing in her belly. So close! Everything seems to be slowing down when I need it all to hurry up. So close now! Dammit, if I'm gonna cum, I'll make Tommy cum at the same time, since he's being far too naughty!

She couldn't really stroke his boner rapidly because of the fabric in the way, so she threw caution to the wind and stuck her hand down past the waistband of his pants.

Tommy's eyes went wide. He didn't realize she'd be that bold with Carl there. She always was the one insisting on being more cautious. He grimaced and struggled with the overwhelming urge to cum.

She saw his expression and smirked, knowing that her plan hadn't entirely failed after all. At the very least, they were in the same boat together.

Luckily, Carl wasn't even looking (and she made sure not to move her upper arm just in case he did). "Shit!" He looked at his watch and realized the football game he wanted to watch was starting in a little while. He looked apologetically at his dirty dishes. "Will you..."

She interrupted him, "Sure, I'll put it all in the dishwasher." She was eager to say anything that could get him out of the room so she could cum.

She thought, I'm too close! Damn my clever big-cocked son! This cock-log I'm stroking is so incredible that if I don't have it totally stuffing my cunt soon, I'm gonna die!

However, she had to quickly remove her hand from Tommy's pants, because Carl was starting to walk around the table on his way to the TV. She made it just in time.

"Thanks, hon," Carl said, standing and smiling down at her.

However, Tommy STILL hadn't removed his hand from her crotch. Leah was glad that she was leaning on her elbows on the table as he kissed her on the head, because her body blocked his view of what was happening underneath the table. Tommy wasn't stopping his thumb and finger movements, because he looked to where Carl was standing and figured out the angles of vision were still safe, especially since she was pressed up against the table edge.

As soon as Carl left the room, Leah felt electricity start to shoot through her body.

She turned to look at her son as his fingers plowed relentlessly into her loving hole.

"You're a very bad boy!" She growled quietly at him. She heard the TV turn on down the hall, and she took that as the final signal that it was safe. She wanted to get back to jacking her son off, because the best she could do was put her hand back in his lap and give his boner a good squeeze through his pants, because she felt a great orgasm coming on.

She came quietly, her mouth opening wide but no sound coming out. But she came so hard, her eyes rolled back into her head and entire body shook.

Actually, she didn't stay quiet for long. As her orgasm continued to wash through her, she hissed, "UGH! Fuuuuck yeah!"

Then she groaned with passion as she leaned back against the chair and gripped the edge of the tabletop with both hands (letting go of his dick again in the process). She wanted to scream, but there was no way she would get away with it. Instead, she groaned some more, trying to slowly release her pent up lust instead of having it soar out of her all at once.

The room was practically spinning around her. All that existed in the world was her son's fingers and her orgasm. It felt so good that she wanted to cry tears of joy.

As her senses began to return, Tommy withdrew his fingers and smiled at her. His cock was stiff as a steel pole and throbbing wildly, plus there was a big wet spot in his pants now. But he stood up and put his dishes in the sink like nothing unusual had happened at all.

Leah sat there, stunned at everything and still reveling in the aftershocks of her orgasm. She watched her son's every move. She knew for sure he wasn't done with her, not when they were both this hot to trot, and Carl was out of the room.

The mountain-sized clue was that he hadn't tucked his erection away, even though he was up and walking around. It jutted out from his crotch like a sideway flagpole.

That was the most dangerous thing they'd dare to do while Carl was home yet, because what if he came back to the room for some reason? But Leah was so hot to trot by this point that she couldn't tell to put his cock back in his pants.

After he put everything away, he walked over to her, pulled her chair out, took hold of her hands, and pulled her gently up until she was standing facing him.

With a big smile on his face, he whispered, "Now, it's my turn." He pulled her voluptuous body to him. His lips mashed against hers and his tongue darted forcefully into her mouth.

She'd furtively kissed him like this too many times to count in recent days. But the big difference was she still had some resistance all those other times. Now, her resistance was completely broken. She feared he could do anything with her, and that he would.

She moaned into his mouth and wrapped her arms around his neck. At least that meant she didn't put her hands on his exposed boner. But she felt the way it pressed up against her lower tummy.

It was true that all her recent blowjobs had helped take the edge off her need a little bit. But her pussy was needy and demanding after that orgasm, and she knew she needed to be fucked the same way he had fucked her nearly a week ago.

She thought, I don't care anymore if it's wrong or too dangerous! Screw Carl! I'm a very horny woman who needs to be fucked like a slut. I'm Tommy's slut, his fuck slut, and a good fuck slut gets fucked! A lot! Damn that detective agency! I need answers now, so I can end this damn ban!

Their tongues danced quickly and passionately with each other. His hands found her ass, but he didn't just caress it over her dress. He slid his hands down her back and under the waistband of her dress, so he was able to squeeze and knead her ass cheeks without any bothersome clothes in the way.

Her only reply was to moan loudly into his mouth and kiss him harder.

Then he pushed her towards the table edge.

As her ass hit the edge, she began to lean back, ready to lie down on the table. But alarm bells rang in her head. She panicked as she realized how badly busted they would be in Carl came back into the room.

She stood straight again and pushed her son's mouth away from hers. "We can't do it here! Your Dad's down the hall watching the game!" she said as she looked lustfully into his eyes. But her complaint was undercut by the fact that she grasped his exposed erection and started to stroke it.

"We can be quiet," he said back to her, his eyes burning with desire.

"Keep quiet? With your big cock-log in me? That monster is gonna root and churn around, and drive me wild! You know how I get when I fuck that thing! He'll hear us for sure!"

"Let him," he growled. He unzipped her tank top down to her belly button, opening it up completely in the front. "He's been cheating on you for years. It's time for some payback!"

She crossed an arm over her chest, half-heartedly trying to keep her tank top from opening up wide. But she also kept jacking him off. "No! Please! You know that you've got me so hot you can fuck me anywhere you want. Fuck the detective report! I can't wait any longer! But please have mercy! Not here! Not now! I used to love Carl, and he still is your father. Please, hold out a little longer, until we can figure out a safe time and place to do it!"

He groaned with frustration. It killed him that she'd learned those words always managed to stop him. But he realized his hot passion was getting the best of him and he was being too reckless. He knew full well that if they started to fuck right there she'd be screaming his name in a matter of minutes, and even the oblivious Carl couldn't help but catch them then.

But they'd crossed a line. Not fucking simply wasn't an option any longer, not after all the under-the-table teasing they'd been doing to each other. They both stood there in each other's arms desperately trying to think of somewhere they could go to fuck each other's brains out.

As they still stood there brainstorming while she caressed his hard-on, the phone rang.

That startled them, and they pulled away from each other.

Leah reluctantly went to get the phone, but she realized it had quickly stopped ringing, meaning Carl had answered it. She snuck off towards his room to listen from the door and find out who was calling. She didn't bother to button back up, but just held her top closed with her hands. She was hoping it was some gabby relative who would keep Carl busy for a good long time, maybe even long enough for a satisfying but quiet fuck upstairs.

But the result turned out to be even better than that. She eavesdropped until the call ended. Then she snuck back to the kitchen and finally zipped her tank top back up, knowing he'd be talking to her soon. She didn't say anything to Tommy, but she looked towards the hall and motioned for him to appear as normal and non-horny as he could.

Thankfully, Tommy had already tucked his boner away while he'd been waiting for her to return, so she didn't need to talk him into doing that.

Carl walked in a minute later, ready to deliver the news that Leah secretly already knew. "Listen, babe. Gary just called and asked if I wanted to go over and watch the game on his wall screen TV. You're always saying I should get to know the neighbors better, so I think I'll head on over there before the pre-game show ends. Do you want to come with?"

She struggled to just smile like a good wife, and stay calm. "No, Tommy and I have some things to do together. I'm gonna help him with his homework."

Carl shook his head and smiled with chagrin at Tommy. "Homework. That sucks. I certainly don't envy you to be your age, Son!" He turned back to his wife. "I didn't know you're helping him with that."

"It's kind of a new thing," she lied. "He's having trouble in a couple of his classes, and I've agreed to give him some tutoring sessions."

Carl smiled. "Wow. You are just the best mother a son could have. That's great. Tommy, do you need my tutoring help too? I know a thing or two too, you know."

"No, that's cool," Tommy replied. He quickly came up with an excuse. "You're so busy lately, and Mom's got lots of time, so that works out well." His boner was throbbing and straining in his pants. It was a struggle to look and talk normally.

He thought about mentioning that he'd be giving Leah a back massage later. But he decided to use that for some other occasion. That could be good cover for hanky panky under Carl's nose when he was actually home.

Carl nodded and was secretly glad to be let off the hook. He said to his wife, "I'll be back after the game, okay?"

He gently kissed her on the lips, ruffled Tommy's hair, and then turned to walk out of the room.

Tommy and Leah stood looking down the hallway at the front door and waited until they saw Carl close the door behind him.

Tommy turned around to his mother. "Damn! THAT was lucky!" He immediately slid his hands under her the bottom of her tank top and caressed her hefty tits while Carl was still walking away in the front yard, just a few feet from the front door.

She replied, "You know what's even luckier? Finding out that you have a son who's a total stud! Finding out that there's nothing better in the whole world than when he fucks you into sweet oblivion!"

She dramatically unzipped her top and opened it up wide in front to make Tommy's fondling easier.

"Well, that's true," he joked. "So, Hot Stuff, when do you think Mr. Clueless will be back?"

"Too soon, Mr. Hot Cock!" She wrapped her slim arms around his waist and immediately began pulling his pants down, while he struggled to pull her tank top all the way off. "So let's not waste any time!"

And with those words, their lips locked once again, their tongues danced, and once more Tommy pushed Leah back against the table.

But this time, she let herself be pushed down on top of it. Her only concern at the moment was how they could get their clothes off as fast as humanly possible so the fucking could begin. Luckily, she'd already taken all the dishes away, so there were only place mats remaining underneath her.

Also luckily, it was an extremely sturdy and solidly built oak table.

As he roughly yanked her dress down her legs, she said, "I'm mad at you, you know! What you did to me under the table was wrong, and naughty, and way too dangerous! Just for that, you're gonna have to fuck me senseless now!"

He laughed. "How is that a punishment?" He climbed on top of the table and positioned himself above her.

"I don't know! Just shut up and fuck me already!"

However, he just stayed frozen in position, holding his boner and looking down at her. His heart swelled from seeing her lying there, with her long black hair splayed out around her head, like a halo.

"What?!" she exclaimed impatiently.

"Sorry, but you're just so beautiful. Especially when you're naked. It takes my breath away!"

She beamed, and her heart pattered a little faster. But she growled with need, "Get your breath back fast, 'cos you're gonna need it to fuck me right!"

He continued, "Seriously, I'm in awe. The way your breasts sag to the sides but still hold their shape, your perfect face, the fire in your eyes, the way your belly button is just so, well, cute..." He trailed a finger down her cleavage, and circled her belly button.

She closed her eyes tightly, and screamed like a little child having a temper tantrum. "Admire my body later! Fuck me NOW!"

He laughed. "Good idea." He lined up his erection with her slit, and slowly pushed in. "Yeeeesss!" he hissed. "Fuuuuck yeeeeessss!"

She was tremendously relieved, and let out a long and happy exhale of air. Then she kidded, "I thought it was supposed to be 'fuck yeah.'"

"FUCK YEAH!" he bellowed triumphantly.

"That's more like it!" She chuckled. "Now, listen to me, Son. You need to fuck me good and long and hard! Carl's gonna be gone around three hours, and I want you fucking me every single last second you can. So start slow. That way, we can keep going and going and going!"

"But I'm really close to cumming already," he complained. "That's 'cos our playing around under the table and what we did after was so damn arousing. To be honest, that's the main reason why I was doing all this talking just now. I was stalling for time."

"You still are," she noted with amusement. "You haven't started thrusting."

"I know. Your pussy is like some kind of furnace of lust. If you start churning your hips at all, I'm gonna lose it. Hell, just THINKING about that is almost too much for me."

She cooed, "Don't worry, baby. We'll make this work, and make it last. Start thrusting, but reeeaaaally slow. We'll build up slowly, and keep you a hair away from cumming all the while. I know you're going to cum multiple times, but we need to prolong each one to last most of the three hours. Leave it to me."

Ten minutes later, Leah and Tommy Bryton were both completely naked, joined as lovers, and still fucking on the dining room table. Somehow, Leah had managed to keep him from cumming, even as he'd slowly picked up the pace. By now, he was driving into her as hard and as fast as he could manage. He knew he wouldn't last much longer at this pace, though.

Driving his dick into his mother's wanton pussy drove him crazy with lust, especially after so many days of doing without this.

She moaned from the incredible feeling of her son's dick completely filling her pussy. As she'd been doing for most of the past ten minutes, she screamed his name and begged him to fuck her some more.

"OH TOMMY BABY! I NEED THIS! I NEED THIS SO BADLY! Never stop! If I ever tell you again not to fuck me, don't listen! FUCK me, Tommy! Oh yeah! Fuck me!"

She screamed as her son continued to nail her hard into the table top. "Yes! Yes! You're so fucking big and thick! This is it! This is the only cock I need! Great God Almighty, FUCK I LOVE YOUR COCK! UGH! OH! LOVE IT! LOVE IT!"

He groaned as his mother's naked tits flew around in circles and sometimes slammed against each other. She looked so hot, gripping the table for support and fucking him back with fast thrusts of her own, that he almost seriously felt she was going to cause the wooden table to spontaneously burst into flames.

Her thin waist made her already big tits seem even bigger. Her long black hair was spread across the table and fell over the edge. Her pussy was frantically trying to milk his cock for every drop of cum in his balls. It was almost like her pussy was deep throating him even better than her mouth usually did.

He gripped his mother's round tits from where he stood. He fucked her with long, fast, and very deep strokes.

"Oh, Tommy! Tommy, Tommy, Tommy! Fuck yeah! Squeeze my tits! Please! Squeeze 'em! UGH! Squeeze 'em hard as you fuckin' NAIL me to the table!" She screamed as her legs locked tightly around her son's waist.

The entire sturdy oak table shook back and forth a little bit as his dick pistoned in and out of her.

"Fuck me, Tommy! Fuck your mother! Don't stop, for the love of God, don't stop! You're so fucking amazing! You OWN me! UGH! You're soooo much better than your dad! Fuck Mom, baby! Fuck your hot and busty mother! She needs your pussy splitting cock-log! She needs your CUM! Gimme your goddamned cum, dammit!"

With that kind of encouragement, he climaxed inside her only a couple of minutes later. That was way sooner than either of them wanted, but it couldn't be helped, since both of them were far too aroused.

"Oh, GOD that felt good!" he said as he collapsed on top of her lush naked body. After about a minute passed, he added, "I needed that!"

"YOU needed that?" She playfully poked him here and there. "What about me? I need you to fuck my horny cunt like I need to eat and breathe and sleep. That was so good that it's beyond words! Damn you for stealing my soul with your fucking incredible cock-log. Let's do that some more!"

"Ugh!" he muttered into her neck. "Give me a minute, okay?"

They'd enjoyed the taboo pleasure of fucking on the dining room table. No doubt, both of them would secretly and fondly recall this incident often when sitting at the table with Carl. But fucking on the table wasn't comfortable at all, especially for Leah. Besides that, it wasn't safe. It was too close to where Carl would walk in when he came back, and there was always a small chance he could come home early.

So they decided a bed was better. As they briskly walked while holding their clothes through the house towards the stairs, Leah complained, "Why couldn't you wait two more days to get me that hot and bothered? You're a meanie. You know when we're due to get that report."

He replied, "Yeah, and you know exactly what that report is going to say. Besides, how do you expect me to go a whole week without fucking you even once? That's just cruel." He pulled her close as they walked by slipping an arm around her. Then his other hand slid down her firm and muscular tummy to her wet pussy.

"That's true," she admitted with a girlish giggle. She was so in love with him, and in lust with him, that she felt like her heart would burst.

He fingered her ass crack as they walked up the stairs. Then he went after her slit once they reached the upper floor and stopped there. "Isn't that just plain wrong, to go an entire week without sliding my cock into this tight little hole?"

"It is," she admitted. "I feel terrible about it. A fuck slut should never deny her man anything."

Despite being a mover and shaker at work, she truly believed that.

He said, "And it's all your fault. I have half a mind to spank you!" He playfully slapped at an ass cheek with the hand that had been holding her waist.

She jumped a little in response to the slap, and laughed. But she also complained half-seriously, "Hey! You can't do that. I'm still your mother, you know."

"No you're not. You're my fuck slut."

She retorted, "That's only when we're having sex, or if I'm playing with your cock, or thinking about your cock. I'm your normal mother all the rest of the time."

"So, in other words, Hot Stuff, you're my fuck slut 24 hours a day."

She laughed, and slapped his ass. They still hadn't moved, because it wasn't clear where they should go next. She asked, "So, Mr. Hot Cock, where are you going to slip your hot sausage into me this time? Should we do it in my bed or yours?"

He started walking to the master bedroom. "As if there's any question! Your bed is comfier."

She followed him, but snorted, "Yeah, right. Like that's the reason. You just want to prove to me all over again that you're twice the man that your father is and show off your total control of your sexy mom."

He stopped as soon as they entered her bedroom, and lifted her up. He held her a good two feet off the ground, and kept her there like she weighed nothing. A voluptuous woman like her wasn't easy to lift, but he was strong. "Hey. Dad's not half the man you thought he was. He's not the good guy I thought he was either."

She looked down at him and joked, "So if he's not half the man, and you're twice the man he is, does that mean one of you equals four of him?" She loved being held up high like this.

"Hey, I'm being serious. Your marriage is a sham, and it has been for years. Frankly, I think he's the world's biggest idiot. It's like he's neglecting a kind, smart, loving, and highly sexual supermodel-beautiful wife to fool around with some random trashy woman who's inferior in every way, just because... Hell, I don't even know why! Maybe the taboo of the forbidden? Maybe just wanting something new? Maybe they share some weird fetish? But in any case, I have nothing but contempt for him now. I wanna rub it in his face!"

She replied, "That's all very stirring. Thanks. But why are you telling me all this while you're holding me so high off the floor, like I'm some kind of barbell?"

He playfully hefted her up and down a little bit, like she was a weight he was lifting. "Beats clubbing you over the head and dragging you back to my cave."

She squealed in delight, and helplessly kicked her legs in the air. She loved how strong and manly he was, and the way he naturally dominated her.

He thought about her question while he continued to hold her up high. He admitted, "I don't even know why. I guess I'm trying to show you that I'm your man now. This isn't his room, it's my room and your room. Or at least it soon will be. He's just living in it on borrowed time."

She squealed again like a very impressionable girl. "Let me down this instant, so you can fuckin' split me in two! Nail me to YOUR bed! And if you think your little stunt has impressed me, you're damn right! You're so STRONG and manly!"

"That's why I'm on the football team," he replied proudly. He was a running back, not a huge linebacker, but he was still toned and buff.

He didn't just put her down, but he carried her to the bed and carefully laid her down on it.

She immediately struck a sexy pose with her arms stretched above her head towards the headboard. She spread her legs open wide, and said with a knowing smirk, "If you're a big sports star, then I think it's time you should score! Can you show me that? Can you show me how you score?"

"Jesus!" he exclaimed at what he saw. He was amazed, because his nude mother didn't just open her legs a little bit. They kept going wider and wider until they were in the kind of position normally only a gymnast could achieve. Then, for good measure, she raised those sexy legs up and down.

She smiled proudly. "Looks like you're not the only one in this family who still has some mad sports skills. I was a big athlete back in my day too, you know. But this kind of flexibility is gonna come in real handy when I have my legs wrapped around your back!"

"Awesome!" He was ready to fling himself onto her.

But then he remembered something he needed to do. He found the TV remote and turned the TV on. As he flipped through the channels, he explained, "I know this doesn't exactly set the mood, but it occurred to me that if we keep an eye on the progress of the game, we'll know exactly when Dad is coming back." He found the right channel and then hit the mute button. "See? That's not too big of a distraction, is it?"

She stretched her arms out to him. "My son is strong AND smart! And now he's gonna remind me that he's a master cocksman too!"

The game was actually Monday Night Football. Tommy was extremely grateful it was that and not some other sport, because football games ran three hours at least.

And, remarkably enough, they used nearly that entire time having sex. They were both so horny for each other after having to make do for days with only some sex acts that it was like their energies were boundless.

First, Tommy nailed Leah long and hard right on the spot where Carl usually fucked her. Just like downstairs on the table, it started slow, but ended up fast, animalistic, and brutal.

Once they'd both climaxed, his cock stayed hard and he kept right on fucking her there. Only this time, they took their time. Sometimes, they made love gently, and sometimes it was fast and furious, and they hit all points in between. Most of the time, it was relaxed and loving.

And it wasn't always just fucking. They did whatever they wanted as they explored every inch of their bodies. They were both desperately in love with each other, although they sometimes tried to deny the intensity of their feelings to themselves due to some problematic societal limitations to their incestuous relationship. They were extremely happy simply to be with each other, even if it was just to cuddle.

Even though both of them mainly had fucking on their mind, they couldn't do that all the time, since they tended to get carried away with a mad, energetic fucking style. As a result, Leah actually spent more time cocksucking and titfucking him.

She was always looking for a chance to deep throat him, and she did that to him over and over again. She was getting better by the day, especially when it came to her ability to hold her breath. Already, she could stay down and massage his shaft with her throat for two minutes at a time.

The sexual fun seemed to go on forever, but after he came a second time during another fuck session, they glanced at the football game and saw that it wasn't even half time yet.

They went to the hot tub and fucked, sucked, talked, kissed, and explored each other's bodies there for an even longer time.

At one point, Tommy said, "You know what? I just realized something. Our nice TV just broke."

"What? No it didn't," Leah said, perplexed.

"Yes it did, or, I should say it will. I'll disconnect a wire I can easily put back, or something like that. Hell, I can 'break' both TVs if need be. After all, there are a couple of good college football games coming up on Saturday. And two big pro football games on Sunday. Just think, if we can get Dad out of the house, how many quality hours we can spend seriously fucking our brains out!"

She grinned wickedly. "You're right. The TV IS broken! I think I'll give the neighbors a big ol' barrel of beer. A fuckin' MOUNTAIN of beer, and all kinds of snacks. You know, as our way of thanking them for letting Carl watch the games with them this weekend, hint, hint."

"You're evil! I love it!" Tommy exclaimed.

Inspired, he fucked her doggy style on the patio deck, with his feet still standing in the hot tub.

Because they'd been enjoying blowjobs twice a day, as time wound down in the second half of the football game, they spent their energies on fucking, fucking, and more fucking. There was the occasional pussy licking, titfucking, sixty-nining, and so forth, but most of that was so various body parts could recover long enough for them to get back to fucking.

They thought seriously about trying anal sex for the first time, but they decided to save that for another day when they could really do it right. Besides, Leah was wary of having such a big intrusion into her tight anus quite so soon, and said she needed to stretch it out with butt plugs first.

They kept up a remarkably energetic pace for over three hours. Eventually, they found themselves cuddling naked in Leah's bed, watching the last couple minutes of the football game on TV. They were interested in it mostly in the hopes that it would go into overtime, but another touchdown by the leading team made that outcome very unlikely.

"Damn," Tommy cursed after watching the score change. He looked back at his mother. "I guess that means we have to clean up and get presentable now."

"Yeah," she said sadly. "But don't go just yet. I want to feel your arms around me a little longer."

He gave her a loving squeeze. "Um, Mom... So... About tomorrow... I hope you're not going to go back to just the two-blowjobs-only thing. I mean, the report is just around the corner, so what's the point?"

"You don't have to worry about that. There's just simply no way I can live without your cock-log stuffing my cunt, not even for two more days. Besides, you were right and I was wrong. Carl is a schmuck. I guess there was no denying that ever since we heard the 'bad news' phone call. Actually, I was the one who took that call, and they made it even clearer than that."

"What?! Why didn't you tell me?! Why have you been making me suffer these past five days?!"

"Well, technically, they didn't say anything more than what I already told you, but it was right after I asked if Carl was cheating when they said 'We have bad news for you, but we'd prefer to not go into detail until our report is ready.' So that's pretty clear. But I guess I needed some days to really wrap my head around that and admit the truth to myself."

"I think you needed some days to wrap your lips around my cockhead."

She giggled. "That too. But Carl was a good husband for a long time. A big part of me still can't believe the truth."

Tommy pointed out as he reached for her nipples, "It's no more shocking than to believe you're naked in bed with your son, who happens to be twisting and turning your nipples like radio dials."

She laughed. "The channel changer is over there, Mr. Hot Cock! I'll tell you what I can't believe. I can't believe you came in me or on me FIVE times tonight! And that's on top of your two blowjobs earlier in the day!"

He said proudly, "What can I say? You inspire me. Seriously. I've never come close to that kind of inspiration with any girlfriend. But when you're a kid with the most beautiful, buxom, and flat-out sexually exhausting mother in the whole fuckin' universe, who has made it her mission to drain your balls by constant fucking, you kinda sorta have to rise to the occasion."

"Oh yeah?" she said teasingly, as her fingers half-tickled and half-walked down his tummy towards his crotch. "Speaking of rising to the occasion, we'll see how many times you can rise to the occasion tomorrow, now that you can and WILL fuck me again. But you're gonna have to save your strength soon enough, because while your dad has a weekend football marathon, we'll be having a fuckathon."

Another important thought came to her. "Oh! And there's the supposed 'dance' for us to go to! We can rent a hotel room, a fancy one with a hot tub in it, and fuck and suck until one or two in the morning."

"Sounds great to me, Hot Stuff."

"Me too. But we never even mentioned when that would be. I say we pretend it's on Wednesday, 'cos it's still too many days until our weekend fuckathon. I don't know if my pussy can hold out that long."

He chuckled. "You're so insatiable."

"Hey, kiddo, you made me that way. Seriously, you taught me that sex is one of the greatest things in life, thanks to the incredible ecstasy your cock-log gave me and is still giving me, I might add. Why shouldn't we blow our brains out every day with earth-shattering orgasms?"


She added lovingly, "I've finally found the man of my dreams, and I love him from the bottom of my heart!"

"Awww." He smiled and squeezed her hand.

"Oh, and from the bottom of my cunt too." She winked saucily.

He chuckled at that. Then he asked, just to be completely sure yet again, "So Mom, I take it you agree there's no going back?"

"But of course! I knew that as far back as the Halloween party. Like I told you, I was a goner pretty much as soon as I started sucking your incredibly thick and long cock for the first time. Right then, I knew I was no longer Leah Bryton, happily married wife of Carl; I was Leah Bryton, fuck slut for my studly son's fat cock-log! It just took me a few days to get over my hang-ups, which is why I insisted on that no-fucking-ban, I guess. But that's over and done. I'm your wanton and willing fuck slut, period. No limits, no restrictions! And I'm damn proud of that fact."

"I love whenever you say that, but what does that mean exactly?"

She looked to the TV with worry. "Do we have time for me to answer that?"

"Relax. It hasn't even reached the two-minute warning yet."

"Well, basically, my body exists for you. Anywhere, anytime, any hole, any circumstance. I can never tell you no. If you want to fuck me in the middle of a crowded train, I'll bend over for you. If you come over to my office and I'm in the middle of an important meeting with clients, I'll drop your knees and suck your cock if you so much as snap your fingers. If you're busy banging one of your hot cheerleader girlfriends, and you say, 'Hey Mom, come here and join us,' I'll do that too."

"Seriously?!" He was so excited, he started pumping two fingers in and out of her soaked pussy.

"Yes. No limits! I'm your fuck toy any way you want me. So far, sex with you gives me so much, I literally want us to fuck as much as our bodies can stand it. No limits! I mean it."

Tommy opened his mouth to say something.

But she shushed him with a finger on his lips, even as he continued fingerfucking her. "Son, I spent many years where sex was practically the LAST thing on my list of important things to do. That's all changed now, thanks to you. From now on, sex comes FIRST with me. I am, first and foremost, a supremely SEXUAL woman. Everything else can just take a number and get in line, even my important job. So when I say I'm your fuck slut, I mean it. When I say I fucking need your massive cock-log in my cunt, I mean it. And when I say no limits on you being able to fuck me any way and every way you want to... I really do mean it!"

When he didn't say anything to that, she added in a more chiding motherly tone, "But that means it's up to YOU to be responsible. For instance, if you tried that first example I mentioned, we'd probably both be thrown in jail. If you tried the second example, I'd be out of a job in about ten seconds flat. And if you tried the third thing, odds are about 99 percent the girl will tell her friends you're fucking your mom, even if she promised she wouldn't, the news will spread, and we'll be ruined. So yes, I'm giving you unlimited power, but you have to use it wisely."

He pondered that as he continued to fingerfuck her. "Oh man! Things were sounding pretty awesome there for a second. But you're right, I'll have to be careful. Oh man, but actually, things still are incredibly awesome! I can do anything with you at any time?! Do you realize what this means? You're never going to walk normally again! You'll always be walking bowlegged on shaky legs, as you recover from your latest motherfucking nailing!"

She smiled. "I certainly hope so! That's a big reason why I'm making these rules, so you'll stay so horny all the time, and you WILL pound me senseless until I can't walk straight. There's only one thing I won't do, though. I am NOT going to have sex with another man, period! I am YOUR slut, and nobody else's slut! So don't even think about passing me around to your friends, or even sharing naked pictures of me, or anything like that."

"What, do you think I'm fucking mental? Why the hell would I ever do that? They're just gonna have to go find their own tasty fuck sluts." He pulled his fingers from her pussy and licked on them, savoring her unique pussy flavor.

She kept smiling, and slapped his ass under the covers. "Good answer. Now, go! We still don't want Carl to find us like this, even though it would serve him right. Divorce is a complicated business. It could take a while for me to get my ducks all lined up in a row. In the meantime, we're just gonna have to keep sneaking around, no matter what the report says."

"Shoot." He sat up and stretched his weary muscles. Then he suddenly turned to her. "Wait! You said no sharing you with other guys. What about other women?! A-ha! Sexy loophole!"

She smiled at that. "Well, I already outlined a situation where I'd have a threesome with one of your girlfriends. I know there's no stopping a total stud like you from banging every hot cheerleader you see-"

He exhaled an aggrieved sigh. "Mom, they're not all cheerleaders, I keep telling you."

She waved a hand dismissively. "Whatever. I like to think of them like that. It sharpens my competitive edge. Look. I've been thinking about this over the past few days. I understand that I'm significantly older than you, and while the fact that I'm your mom is a huge taboo turn-on for both of us, it means I can never be your wife. And you need a wife. So the best I can hope for is that you'll find a girl who understands about our special situation and lets you keep fucking your cum down my throat and deep into my son-loving cunt too."

"Mom, I-"

She laid a finger across his lips. "Ssssh. Don't say anything. It is what it is. All I'm hoping is that you find a girl who you feel safe enough to tell about us. That would be better in the short term, so we could have less sneaking around and more balls-to-the-wall fucking. But also in the long term, that's the kind of girl I'm dreaming you will marry."

He chuckled, because that wasn't the typical motherly sentiment.

She grinned wickedly, because she knew that. "As for any girl-on-girl action, I don't know. I've never tried that, and I don't even know if I'd like it. I was a perfectly normal housewife with perfectly normal sexual habits before you slutted me up with your big, insatiable cock-log. However, if it'll help the girl be okay with you and me still fucking, it might be worth trying. I guess we'd have to wait and see on that one."

She concluded, "The bottom line is, I WANT you to keep fucking girls your age. I'm not gonna try to keep you all for myself forever when I'm nearly 20 years older than you. It won't be easy for you to find a great girl who understands our special relationship, so you need to start looking now. So keep pumping your cheerleader girlfriends full of cum. That's an order!"

He stood, and pumped a fist in the air. "Cool! Hot Stuff, you're the best, most awesome, most incredibly understanding fuck slut in the history of creation! Man! But I'd better get out of here." He looked around the room and laughed. "Wait. Where the hell are my clothes?"

When Carl came home only five minutes later, he found Leah and Tommy sitting in the living room, fully dressed and watching the post-game show. Everything looked and even smelled as normal as could be.

They talked some about the game, and Carl asked why they didn't go watch it with him on the better TV.

Tommy explained that they'd been in a tutoring session most of the time, and only caught the tail end of the game. That was a nice cover story, since they would have been lost if the game was discussed in detail.

After Carl left, Leah scooted down the sofa closer to Tommy and whispered to him, "You know, I've been thinking about this whole tutoring thing. That was just a lie I made up on the spot earlier, but I think you actually should get tutored."

"What?! Why? I'm doing great in all my classes."

"I know. But I told him I'll be personally tutoring you. Alone. Just you and me. In your bedroom. With the door locked. For hours. Every evening while Carl cluelessly watches TV elsewhere in the house. With some music on to cover up any slurpy, squishy sounds we might be making, with all that so-called 'tutoring' going on. Are you catching my drift yet?"

He grinned wolfishly. "Yeah. Hell yeah! And I've got another idea."

"What's that?"

"We should take the massage concept we talked about with Carl at dinner and run with that too. We could say that I massaged your sore back so well that I decided to make a hobby out of it, and you want to learn to do it well too. Then I can practice on you, and you can practice on me."

She grinned knowingly. "In your room. Behind a locked door. With music playing. When Carl's home. If there are loud moaning noises, that's just working out the kinks of sore muscles! I can even walk to your room wearing nothing but a towel, and it'll be perfectly acceptable! I love it!"

"Me too! Although don't forget your high heels, because you're actually going to be sucking my cock the whole time."

She playfully smacked him. "Oh, really?! As if I didn't know that already!" She laughed. "Got any other bright ideas, Mr. Hot Cock?"

"Actually, I do. About the tutoring. In fact, I think I should tutor YOU too. I think my cock should conduct a lot of 'drills,' until I drill into you the importance of, uh..."

She finished for him, "The importance of being a good and obedient fuck slut."


She was all smiles too. "Excellent idea! That sounds like a lot of work though. We might have to double our cocksucking and fucking hours, so you can get an 'A plus' in Motherfucking 101. Oops, I mean double our 'tutoring' hours."

She licked her lips as she ogled the new bulge in his crotch. "In fact, I can see you're erect again. I think we should start our first tutoring lesson right now! Have I told you lately how much I love my life?"

"Hey! That's my line."

She unzipped his pants and fished out his erection. She hissed, "I can't fucking BELIEVE you're erect again! You did it to me five times in one evening already! Five times!"

He brought his hand to her clit and rubbed it through her clothes. "Like I said, you inspire me, Hot Stuff. Besides, it's been at least half an hour since the last time."

She shook her head with amazement. As her fingers danced up and down his still engorging shaft, she said, "Okay, let's work on math. Let's say you have a tube, and hot and fleshy tube, that's about nine inches long. And you have a mouth. A sexy, feminine mouth that hungers for cock. How is it possible to fit that incredibly thick and long cock into that hungry mouth, and how many minutes will it take for your sexy mother to suck that cock dry of all its creamy sperm?"

He joked with a straight face, "So, technically, that's actually TWO math problems."

She lightly punched him, then bent over and swallowed her son's thickness.

As she started to slide her lips all over it, he gripped her long black hair, but looked around nervously. "Um, I know it's a bit ironic for me to say this, after what I did to you under the table earlier, but should we really do this right here? I mean, yeah, Dad just went upstairs, but what if he comes back down?"

Leah didn't answer. She just couldn't get enough of her son's cock, and she was far too focused on flicking her tongue against his sweet spot to think about answering.

There was a long silence, broken only by her lewd slurping noises.

Finally, he said, "So, you're saying that I'll hear him walking down the stairs before he actually comes into view. And we'll keep your clothes on for once and the TV on, so you can just sit back up in a manner of seconds, and then everything will look normal. Yeah, I can buy that. Good thinking, Mom. Please carry on with your 'tutoring.'" He snickered.

Leah responded by increasing her suction, and then letting her lips descend towards the root of his penis in yet another intense deep throating.

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