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Written by Spacer X <>

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This story is different from my usual stories in several ways. As a result, not all readers who enjoy most of my other stories may enjoy this one. I want to give you fair warning so you don't waste your time if this isn't your cup of tea.

I've written as much of this story as I have so far as kind of an experiment: I wanted an erotic situation that created just about the "blowjobiest" scenario possible. (And went I came up with this idea, the word "blowjobiest" definitely came to mind, even though it's not a real word.) Many of my stories have far-fetched premises, but I went all out to create an extremely far-fetched situation in order to have these characters fall into a hyper-sexual world with an extreme blowjob focus. Thus, be warned that realism is a low priority here, and also that there is a lot of repetition of blowjob activity to the exclusion of most other sex acts.

Furthermore, in my writing in general, I tend to write in an extremely detailed style, going into the thoughts of each character and so forth, so it might take me many pages to describe what another writer would describe in only one page. For whatever reason, this story is especially that way. The sexual build-up is slow, and the reader needs to be patient. If that's not your cup of tea, then please try another story.

In sum: this has a far-fetched premise, it's extremely blowjob-focused, and it has a slow pace. Some people have told me they like it a lot, and others have told me they don't like it at all. It's not for everybody, but I hope some readers will try it and greatly enjoy it.


Back in the 1930s, there was a man named Jake Samson who got sexually intimate with both his mother and his only sister. Both women were remarkably beautiful but also submissive, and he found that he could easily dominate them by playing them off against each other. While that sounded mean, in fact they loved being dominated, and the sexual satisfaction for all three of them was off the charts.

Then World War II happened, and Jake was drafted into the US military since he was still in his early twenties. He was stationed in the Marshall Islands after the US conquered them from the Japanese, and he fell in love with the area. He already came from a rich family, and when the war ended, he steadily increased his family's wealth while maintaining his secret incestuous relationships with his mother and sister.

Back then, incest was even more of a taboo than today. Jake came up with a great dream of buying an unoccupied island in the Marshall Islands and moving himself and his two lovers there, which he did. But he found the three of them living by themselves on a tropical island much more difficult than anticipated. Using some of his multi-million-dollar fortune, he had a few of his most trusted employees carefully look for other men who had a dominant sexual relationship with their mothers or sisters, or preferably both. His goal was to create an incestuous utopia that was completely secret from the outside world.

He succeeded beyond his wildest expectations. Being a smart businessman, he maintained a business front that was profitable in and of itself. His company, Samson, Inc. (SI), worked exclusively supplying the US military in the Marshall Islands, since it was still a US territory. His main interest though was using the excuse of "military security" to keep all outsiders away from Napali Island, the private paradise he owned. He cleverly manipulated the military so even other government officials rarely came to his island. Whenever they did, everyone there would act and dress normally in a Potemkin Village style, then they'd go right back to being naked most of the time and have sex wherever they felt like it.

The decades passed and the island flourished. Jake's goal was quality over quantity, so the number of incestuous families stayed small, at only a couple dozen. Some of the families missed friends, family, and culture in the US and eventually moved back, but often just for retirement, after their sexual lives had died down. Plus, he had a rule against anyone having children while living on island, both due to the worry of birth defects and the difficulty of raising children on a remote island without access to quality health care or education. Sometimes, people left (or were kicked out) to have children on their own in the outside world. Jake continued to have a few employees carefully search high and low for others to bring to the island to replace those who left and gradually increase the island's tiny population.

Eventually, Jake died, along with his mother and sister. But the island culture had been established, and he left a generous endowment in his will to fund an organization that would make sure those who stayed had all they needed to flourish. Finding families who matched Jake's high standards was extremely difficult, and even before Jake died, the switch mostly turned instead to find mother-son-daughter combinations that were ideal but needed a push to get over the taboo.

Flash forward to the present day... The incestuous colony on Napali Island has eventually grown to almost 300 people, and it has changed some with the times and new technologies. But at its heart, it's still all about finding sons who want to fuck and dominate their mothers and sisters, and helping to make that happen.

Darrin Douglas has no clue what's really happening yet, but he's one of only a few each year who gets chosen. His selection process began when he was fourteen and his mother Sandy shyly told her doctor during a check-up that she was concerned about the size of her son's penis - not that it was too small, but that it was too large! Thanks to modern databases, Jake Samson's organization could be highly selective and systematic in picking out new recruits to live on the island, so they strove for near physical perfection, and a huge penis was one vital prerequisite for the son. The doctor assured Sandy that having a large penis wasn't a problem, but marked the concern in Darrin's medical file anyway.

SI, or Samson Industries - the organization founded by Jake Samson with a secret incest agenda - had access to the medical records of millions of Americans, and that note got flagged. Further automated data searches revealed that Sandy was a gorgeous woman with enormous breasts, and that she was unattached, since her husband had died in a car accident several years earlier. She was only thirty-three years old at the time, and a young age was something else SI looked for. Furthermore, she had one other child, a daughter named Jane, who was three years older than Darrin and already as much a busty beauty as well.

So far, so good, when it came to selecting Darrin Douglas and his mother and sister. But SI found thousands of families that met all the basic physical and relationship requirements every year, yet only about two to four families were chosen to live on Napali Island in any given year, so the weeding-out process had a long ways to go.

Just as important as the physical factors were the psychological ones. The women had to be naturally submissive and the boys naturally dominant, and all of them highly sexual. But that was just for starters. The company had to be sure the families chosen would be able to keep a secret for the rest of their lives, as well as able to enjoy living on a small tropical island, and many other factors.

Furthermore, the SI company still ran a legitimate business that served as a front to hide the incestuous colony, but also made a profit in its own right. SI continued to work exclusively with the US government, even after the Marshall Islands became an independent country, but over time its role had changed.

In recent decades, SI had found a lucrative business dealing with top secret documents that helped keep the island's true nature a complete secret even in an age of global communication and interconnectedness. Hackers and spies could penetrate even highly classified computer networks, so for the very most important documents there was a little-noticed move away from computer files back to actual paper documents written by hand or on typewriters. This became Napali Island's chief "industry." As a result, everything about the island was so top secret that even US military officials were rarely able to physically go there.

Thus, on top of everything else, SI was also looking for families who could work productively, usually as typists, secretaries, file managers, and the like, though the island had some other jobs too. The sons and daughters typically were in their late teens when they joined, but they too would inevitably want to hold productive jobs on the island once their basic schooling was finished. (Several decades ago, SI finally changed its policy about not allowing babies to be born, so a small but effective education system had been established.) People can't have sex 24 hours a day, after all, and being productive helps to keep people happy.

Thus, there were many, many ways a family could be weeded out in the selection process. With Darrin being only fourteen, he was slightly below the usual minimum age for future masters. But that meant SI had extra time to study the Douglas family and see if they qualified. The usual routine was used on them: they were visited by researchers (who were actually SI employees) and told they'd been randomly selected to take part in an in-depth psychological study. The pay to take part was so generous that they couldn't refuse.

After months of testing and research on the Douglases, and after they had passed many essential tests, the partial truth was revealed to them that in fact Sandy had qualified for a top secret job working with military secrets, and all the testing they'd done so far was part of making sure that she could be trusted to handle all the highly classified secrets and the unusual island location where the company did its business. Her children had to pass the same tests, on the assumption they would be living with her on the island. The pay for her possible job was so good that, again, no reasonable person could refuse.

While all that was true, the more important incest secret was kept hidden. SI had found over the decades that it was best to wait until the family was physically out of the US and on the way to the island before that bombshell was dropped. This guaranteed no secrets got out, because communication from the island was extremely limited, as well as carefully screened. But thanks to all the psychological testing, SI knew the families that made it through all the selection filters were as primed for the incestuous lifestyle as they could possibly be. It's just that none of them knew it yet.

The three-day journey to the island was when the dramatic change into the Douglas family's new incestuous lifestyle truly began. Actually, the journey didn't need to be that long, since one could get from anywhere in the US to the Marshall Islands in less than 24 hours. But a slow cargo plane was used to increase the travel time and every aspect of the journey was secretly manipulated to make sure incestuous intimacy started to physically happen before the family actually reached the island. That way, any family where the incest didn't take could be rejected on some last minute pretext, keeping the incest secret safe.

To help this process along, SI had numerous employees working both openly (such as the researchers doing the testing) and undercover. For instance, Sandy, Darrin, and Jane each gained a new friend in the last year who became a close confidant, especially about sexual matters, and each one of these friends eventually "confessed" to having an incestuous relationship that was portrayed in glowing, highly sexually satisfying terms.

One such helper was a woman named Lisa Palmer. She worked openly for SI and was in charge of helping the Douglases move. At first, she'd just contacted them by phone and e-mail, but as the departure date got closer, she'd become more involved.

Lisa had spent the entire previous week at the Douglases' Missouri home, helping them select what to bring and what to put in storage. That was a real and important job, since SI allowed only a small amount of personal possessions. The justification was the logistical cost and difficulty of shipping anything to the remote island, but the real reason was to help families get over their old lives and embrace their new ones.

But Lisa's real main purpose was to be the chief helper to make sure Darrin got intimate with Sandy and Jane well before they reached Napali Island. So she was traveling with them for the entire journey, using the legitimate excuse of moving and helping them adjust to island life as a cover.

There were two other families on the flight going through the exact same experience at the same time, but they had their own guides like Lisa to help them along. Generally, these three families were kept as separate from each other as possible to help with their sexual transformations, although there could be times when it was helpful for them to interact.

Almost nothing was left to chance, and almost every aspect of the journey was carefully arranged and manipulated to bring about the desired result, because there wasn't much time to make a startling transformation for each and every member of the three families.

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