Chapter 1
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"I'm warning you, Sandy; you're going to burn up," Lisa said.

Sandy Douglas looked down at herself, wondering how she'd gotten into this situation. She was on an old cargo plane with her son Darrin sitting next to her and Lisa sitting next to him. There were only three seats in their half row, so her daughter Jane had to sit by herself one row in front. It seemed they were the only people on the plane, because they were otherwise surrounded by boxes and bags. There were some other passengers on board, but not many, and all those people were up front near the cockpit whereas Sandy and her group were about as far to the back as they could get, near the only bathroom.

The plane felt claustrophobic because there were no windows whatsoever (except in the cockpit, of course) and aside from the two half rows of seats they were in, boxes were stacked high everywhere. The other two seats next to Jane were piled high with boxes too. It was a challenge to even walk in a zigzag pattern down the one central aisle, because the plane was so crammed full.

However, the main problem bothering Sandy was the heat. The plane had only just taken off a half an hour ago, at nine in the morning Pacific Coast Time, and already she was sweating. Lisa had warned all of them to wear loose, light clothes, and not wear any underwear at all. But Sandy hadn't done that. She felt she couldn't, due to her remarkable body and the fact her son would be sitting next to her for the ten-hour flight to Hawaii.

Calling Sandy's body "remarkable" wasn't boasting; it was simply an undeniable fact. She was both extremely voluptuous and extremely fit - a rare combination - and she had a stunning face as well! Almost any woman would have killed to look like she did, but she was shy and just wanted to be left alone. She'd had a good marriage and happy life until five years ago, when her husband was killed in a car accident.

Since then, she hadn't dated at all, and went out of her way to avoid interacting with any men who might be interested in her. She was naturally shy, and blushed easily. She did absolutely everything she could to avoid sexual attention, including working as an administrator at a female only gym, specifically so she could go most days without interacting with any strange men whatsoever. She'd loved her husband a lot and didn't see any reason to remarry. But given her looks and her single status, the attention she got from men would have been relentless, unless she went into hiding. So she'd basically been in hiding for the last five years.

One reason she'd accepted the SI typist job that she'd been offered was because she'd been told that there were three women to every one man on the island and all the men were already taken. That sounded ideal to her. But what she didn't know was that she already was taken too, and by her own son! Neither she nor he had acted on that, or even knew about it yet, but it was just a matter of time.

Sandy had done everything she could to downplay her ridiculously sexy body short of surgery. That included always wearing loose, thick clothes to hide her curves, binding her huge breasts, wearing fake glasses, and dying her dramatically red hair a nondescript brown, as well as keeping her hair cut very short, almost like a man's.

However, Lisa had warned her that while the pay for her new job would be excellent, the island lifestyle was simple and Spartan. Self-sufficiency was a cardinal rule, to the point that all island families were expected to grow their own gardens to help feed themselves. She'd been warned that they would have to "rough it," and that meant a lot of changes and sacrifices. For instance, she'd recently stopped dying her hair and let it go back to its natural vibrant red because it would be a big challenge to get the necessary hair dye month after month. She'd ditched the fake glasses too, since she'd figured she didn't need to fight off men anymore.

She glanced across her son's seat to Lisa. Physically, Lisa was remarkably like her. Their hair was quite different, with Lisa's being black and fuller and longer, going down to her shoulders. Their faces were different as well. For instance, Sandy had stunning green eyes, whereas Lisa's were dark brown, and Lisa had high cheek bones, like many fashion models do. But, otherwise, they practically could have been twins. Most noticeably, Lisa's breasts were enormous, just like Sandy's. Sandy wore an H-cup bra, which was astounding considering her fit hourglass figure and especially her narrow waist. Even more remarkable was that her breasts were actually an I-cup size but she wore a smaller bra as part of her attempt to make her breasts look smaller. Lisa's breasts were only a little bit smaller, a G-cup bra size.

Sandy couldn't help but fret and blush as she looked Lisa over again, because it was obvious that Lisa wasn't wearing a bra. She only wore a loose, peach-colored, sleeveless top that showed off a dramatic amount of cleavage, as well as very short red running shorts.

Sandy frowned disapprovingly, and unthinkingly sucked on her index finger. (She didn't consciously realize it, but she was very orally fixated and sucked on things a lot.) She would have never worn something that revealing anywhere, not even in her own backyard. As usual, she was thoroughly covered from her neck down. Her only concession to Lisa's warning to dress for the heat was to wear a short-sleeved top instead of a long one, and to wear a long dress instead of pants. Plus, she reluctantly had to go without binding her breasts.

The problem was her son Darrin. He was at an age where he hadn't had any actual experience with girls yet, but he was horny seemingly all the time. To make matters worse, Sandy had realized for quite some time now that he had a penis that would have been enormous for a full-grown man, much less for a mere 15-year-old! He was wearing short shorts with no underwear, along with a loose white T-shirt. Since he was sitting between his extremely buxom mother and the similarly generously-endowed Lisa, it was no surprise that his penis was visibly erect in his shorts.

Thus, Sandy was stuck between a rock and a hard place. She'd been warned the plane was like a "flying sauna," but she was so shy and modest that she would have trouble revealing much skin in any case. With her son sitting next to her, she felt she had no choice but to suffer with the sweat and the heat. She knew he was very interested in her body - as any straight boy his age would be, since she was so ridiculously gorgeous and voluptuous - and she didn't want to encourage him in any way.

Sandy had never replied to Lisa's warning that she was "going to burn up," since she was lost in her worries. Plus, this was by far the loudest airplane she'd ever been on, and the constant roar of the engine took some getting used to.

However, Darrin was excited and talkative. He looked to Lisa and asked her, "Why is it so hot in here, anyway? It must be at least 90 degrees."

Lisa smiled at him endearingly. She'd only directly known him (and the rest of the Douglas family) for a week as she helped them relocate, but he was a nice guy and she already felt like he was a genuine friend. "I suppose one could fit over 100 people in here, if it was emptied out first. But remember, this plane is designed for cargo, not for people. To even have a dozen or so people in it like we do today is unusual."

He asked, "It's a C-130, right? Do you know which kind?"

"No, except it's one of the really old ones. And I warn you, it's only going to get hotter."

Jane had been listening from her seat one row up. So kneeling up on her seat while facing backwards, she peeked her head over the top of her seat to look at Lisa sitting right behind her. "Hotter?! You've gotta be kidding me! Why?! As we go up, it'll be way beyond freezing outside, right?"

"Right," Lisa said, still with a smile. She liked Jane a lot too. "But that's outside. The sun is also shining, and we're basically like a metal box moving through the sky. Do you know how hot it gets inside a metal box that's in the sun all day? It could get over 100 degrees." (That wasn't actually true - unless she sent word to the cockpit to turn the heat up. But she wanted the Douglases to think that.)

Jane grunted unhappily. "Oh, great!" She had F-cup breasts, which was remarkable for a girl who had only recently turned eighteen, and sweat was trickling down her deep cleavage.

She gesticulated in frustration. "Can't they turn the air conditioning up?!" She scowled through a narrowed gaze, but her face looked gorgeous anyway, framed by her long, wavy flaming red hair. "This hunk of junk DOES have air conditioning, doesn't it?! Or at least some kind of fan or something. I'm not feeling any air movement at all!"

Lisa replied guardedly, "Well, there is some of that, and if it gets too hot, they'll do something, so don't worry. But think about how much energy it would take to cool all the inner space in this large airplane, only for the comfort of a few people. And where does that energy come from? The jet fuel. Would you rather be hot or would you rather the plane run out of fuel before we get to Hawaii?"

Jane sighed dramatically. "Let's run out of fuel! Then we could have a nice swim in the ocean!" But she didn't mean it, and everyone knew it.

While there was a pause in the conversation, Lisa furtively glanced at Sandy. Lisa knew Sandy was the tough nut to crack. Like all mothers chosen by the company, she was deeply sexually submissive. But Sandy had never been in touch with that aspect of her personality, and she had shut down her sexuality as much as possible since her husband had died. Undercover SI employees had subtly encouraged her to change her attitude for the past year, but they could only do so much without revealing their true intentions.

Lisa had reason to believe that Sandy had developed a strong physical attraction to her son in recent months, based mostly on her barely hidden fascination with his enormous penis. In fact, even as they were sitting there, Lisa noticed Sandy repeatedly sneaking glances at Darrin's lewd bulge, and Lisa was sure that Sandy was daydreaming about it from time to time.

But Lisa also knew that Sandy was bound to put up a stiff resistance when things started to actually get physical. That was Lisa's big challenge, to turn the incestuous fantasies the Douglases had into actual incest.

Lisa was under the gun, and could practically hear the clock ticking in her head. The plane was due to take all day flying from Los Angeles to Hawaii. A normal flight there would only take about five hours, but SI deliberately used a very old C-130 so it could go 300 miles per hour instead of 600 and then double all the flight times. Then they'd spend the night there before flying the whole next day to Majuro, the capital of the Marshall Islands. The company's island, Napali, was one of the most remote islands in that country, and it took another three hour flight on a seaplane to get there. If Lisa couldn't get the Douglases to cross the incest threshold before they boarded the flight from Majuro for Napali Island in two days, she would have to come up with an excuse to reject them, and send them back home.

She really, really didn't want to do that, because she saw them as the ideal incestuous family - all the tests and measurements showed it. Plus, they were genuinely good, kind, loving people. She liked them as real friends and not just as part of her job. She was certain they would have the time of their lives once Sandy and Jane were "properly" sexually enslaved to Darrin. She mentally put herself in Sandy's shoes, and she was very envious that she didn't have a nice and well-hung son like Darrin to be sexually enslaved to. But it was too dangerous to let anyone who wasn't agreeable to incest to ever step on the island, so this journey was "now or never time," and nothing sexual was going to happen between the Douglases unless Lisa played her secret facilitator role well.

Luckily, over the decades, SI had worked out an effective system to get such family members intimate with each other, and the long plane flights were key. Keeping the inside of the plane at just the right unusually warm temperature was an essential part of the plan, because the heat easily led to partial or even total nudity.

Jane was still complaining to the others, "Isn't there anything we can do?! It's only been half an hour since the plane took off, and I'm totally dying! I'll never make it!"

Darrin, who was a very smart kid, pointed out, "Me too. Especially considering that we'll have to do the exact same thing tomorrow. And then there's another flight the day after that!"

Lisa pointed out, "That's true. But don't say I didn't warn you. Remember that this flight is totally free for all of you, AND all your luggage. You're saving $10,000 by putting up with this hardship for a couple of days."

Jane was about to complain they should have paid for a regular flight, but she held her tongue at the last second, remembering how financially strapped the family was.

Sandy felt like she had no choice but to take the job offer on the island, despite all the hardships it would involve, because she'd been going deeper into debt every year ever since her husband died. It was a major reason why she'd given up on any sort of romantic life. Raising two kids all on her own and keeping them housed and fed took up all her time.

Lisa saw that the mention of money made all the Douglases glum, especially Sandy. So she smiled and said, "Don't worry though. As you know, I've been on this flight a couple of times already. Yeah, the heat sucks, but you'll mostly get used to it after a while. Besides, you realize you'll be living in the tropics from now on. It's hot all the time! You'll adjust in a couple of months until you don't even notice the heat. So this flight is helping you adjust already. That's a good thing."

Jane groaned unhappily. "UGH! You just made it a million times worse! It's like you're saying there's no escape from this relentless noose, this fiery oven, ever!"

Lisa grinned at Jane's dramatics. Jane was a highly emotional girl, and Lisa couldn't wait to see that passion channeled towards serving her brother's cock. She felt her pussy twitch and tingle as she pictured the tanned and fit teenage girl naked and kneeling, and blissfully slurping on her brother's enormous boner. It was such a thrilling vision that she had to resist the temptation to touch her privates.

Then she glanced at Sandy, who was still idly sucking on a finger. Lisa was even more excited to see Sandy sucking on Darrin's cock - she was confident the bombshell mother would be a natural. And the thought of mother and daughter side by side, their faces splattered with cum as they worked together to coax yet another cummy load out of him, was almost too exciting for her to contemplate. But she chided herself that none of that was going to take place unless she made it happen.

Refocusing, she stared into Jane's shining blue eyes. "No, this plane is a lot worse than the island, believe me. You're going to a paradise on Earth, believe me. It is hot, but there's a nice breeze nearly all the time."

That led to another prolonged silence, as all of the Douglases had their minds full of worries about their new island life.

Lisa happily went back to her thoughts of Sandy and Jane sucking Darrin's cock together. That was no coincidence, because cocksucking was a very big part of life on the island. One might even say that blowjobs were the main glue that held each incestuous family together. Lisa knew that well, because she'd spent over eight years as a sex slave for her brother Matthew. She smiled from ear to ear as she reminisced spending countless thousands of hours on her knees bobbing on his cock, usually with her mother doing the same by her side. Sadly, that had come to an end three years ago when Matthew had been killed in a boating accident. That's why she had her current job, because she wanted to stay a part of the SI world even though she no longer had a master to love and serve.

Sandy had been particularly silent for a while, listening, but also lost in her worries. She suddenly reached across Darrin to touch Lisa's arm and thus get her attention. She had to be careful though, since her son's erection was jutting up lewdly out of his shorts, due to him not wearing any underwear.

She eagerly told Lisa, "Tell us more about the island! Now that you've got us on the plane, I guess we're locked in, so give us the straight dope. Is it really as great as everyone says? How much of that is hype? Please, be honest!"

Lisa turned in her seat, redirecting herself to Sandy.

Jane remained kneeling up in her seat and facing backwards towards the others though so she could hear them speak over the constant roar of the plane.

Lisa smiled reassuringly, and took Sandy's hand. She thought, If you only knew what's in store for you! If only I could tell you the joy, the total, unbridled joy of serving the cock of your master! "Sex slave" sounds so harsh, but I know you'll love it. We haven't had one dissatisfied woman yet, and that's a fact! God, it gets me so horny, thinking of you naked and kneeling, slurping and slobbering all over Darrin's huge boner! It's all I can do not to at least play with my nipples through my top a little bit!

However, seeing Sandy anxiously waiting for a reply, Lisa banished those lusty thoughts for now, and told her, "I know I've only known you a few months, and most of our time together in the flesh has only been in the last week, but I feel like you're not just a new employee but a real friend."

She meant it too. Just because Lisa had a secret agenda didn't mean she couldn't develop real connections with the families she worked with. She'd studied all of SI's secret reports on Sandy and felt a deep affinity towards her, almost like they were sisters. Her feelings for her had steadily grown ever since.

Sandy nodded. She felt Lisa was a real friend too. They'd bonded and discussed all sorts of personal and emotional matters on the phones for months, and then even more in the last week, when they'd been with each other nearly all the time.

Lisa continued, completely sincerely, "So let me reassure you, this place lives up to the hype. We've never had anyone get there and decide to leave. Never!" (That was true, due to all their careful testing and selection.) "You'll have a nice, normal nine-to-five job, except you'll literally be living on the beach in a tropical paradise."

Again, she flashed to a mental image of Sandy naked and kneeling, with Darrin's thick cock in her mouth. The only difference from before was it took place on one of Napali's white sandy beaches, with palm trees in the background. She wanted so very badly to tell Sandy the full truth, and that even saying it lived up to the hype was an understatement. But she reminded herself that she had to bide her time.

Darrin complained, "Yeah, but the downsides. I'm not a beach guy. I've never even SEEN a beach!" (The Douglases had lived in Missouri and had never traveled much.) "But I'm all about computers, and I couldn't even bring mine. And no Internet! Are you kidding me?! In this day and age?!"

His complaints had merit. Just to be safe, both due to the real top secret work done on the island as well as the incest lifestyle, communications with the outside world were extremely limited. Just one person foolishly talking about their incestuous life on an Internet forum could be a disaster for the entire colony.

Luckily, for this and other matters, the top secret government work provided a perfect cover.

Lisa looked down at Darrin, since he was a good deal shorter than her, due to the fact he was only fifteen and was still growing into his body. "I've explained that to you already. You're going to be living in one of the most secure environments in the world. It's like being inside Fort Knox. That's why your mom will be getting more than double the salary she would get from doing the same job back in the States, and with an almost zero cost of living to boot. They call it 'hardship pay,' and sure, there are hardships related to all the tight security. But we have a lot of guys your age, and I swear that none of them miss it."

Just as she did with Sandy, she thought, If you only knew the full truth! Even a few days from now, I'll bet you'll look back on this discussion and laugh! Probably while your mom and sister are lapping on your cock together!

Darrin scoffed, "Not miss the Internet?! How is that possible?! It's only the most useful invention of all time. I miss it already!"

Lisa wished she could just say, "You're mainly thinking of porn, I'm sure. Trust me, the very first time your mom sucks your cock, you'll never worry about Internet porn again! And just wait until your sister gets in on the action. Besides, if you want to watch porn, you can just wander through the village and you'll see some live sex acts for sure!"

But as usual, she had to restrain herself. She said, truthfully, "Like I told you, we do have some Internet portals in a few common areas. It's just that they're keyboard-less, so you can click from page to page, and you can choose from thousands of bookmarks, and make more bookmarks. So you can still look up anything you want."

He sighed. "But there's so much I do that involves typing! It's totally impossible to use a computer without a keyboard!"

She pointed out, "They've got that covered too. Once we get there, you'll get your own laptop and you can type to your heart's content."

"But it's not connected to the Internet! What good is that?!"

Surprisingly, Jane, who was still leaning over her seat, said with a smirk, "I know what's REALLY bothering him. No access to Internet porn!"

Darrin blurted out, "Shut up! That's not true!" But he immediately blushed, showing to all of them just how true it was. He stared down, afraid to make eye contact.

Sandy blushed too. She was so modest when it came to sex that the mere mention of pornography greatly embarrassed her. She realized that she was staring at her son's outrageous bulge yet again while fantasizing. This time, she was imagining him sitting naked at his computer, jacking off while looking at Internet porn. Despite her modesty, she'd been having incestuous fantasies starring her son in recent months. It was her secret shame: as much as she had tried, she couldn't stop her subconscious mind from having these desires.

Lisa smirked. Aaaah, how cute! They're all so naive and innocent. If I told them now that Sandy and Jane will soon be willingly calling Darrin "Master," I think their heads would explode! Including Darrin's! It's true that computers aren't used much on Napali, but mostly because everyone is too busy sucking and fucking in their spare time!

Lisa had let go of Sandy's hand already, and she took one of Darrin's hands instead. She gave him an earnest and sincere smile. "There's no need to be embarrassed. We could joke, but it is a serious issue. Everybody has sexual needs, and looking at a porn site on one of the common area computers would be... problematic."

Darrin subtly nodded without realizing it, because he'd been thinking about that problem a lot. He had a lot of sexual energy and no girlfriend, so he masturbated every day, many times a day. In fact, he masturbated and orgasmed so often that he worried he was some kind of freak. It was his secret shame. He had no idea how he was going to manage.

Lisa knew all about his masturbation problem. The company had ways of learning just about anything about their candidate families, including secret surveillance. His so-called problem was one of the key reasons the Douglases had been chosen.

Sandy knew about his masturbation problem too. She'd secretly spied on him too many times to count in recent months. Even as she paid attention to the discussion, she still fantasized about watching him jack off. She'd long since given up on trying to suppress such fantasies, since her feelings were too strong. Instead, she tried to hide them and act and look normal on the outside.

Lisa looked Darrin in the eye as she said, "Trust me, it'll be okay. Like I said, everybody has sexual needs. And when there's no Internet porn to be had, you know what horny teenagers do? They have sex with each other! Keep in mind that the male-to-female ratio is about one to three in your favor. And yeah, a lot of them are older. Most of the jobs are secretarial, and that's seen as 'women's work,' so you might say the island is overrun with female secretaries. But even in your age group, there are more girls than guys. Trust me, you're going to have the time of your life!"

That was all completely true, including the part about the male-to-female ratio. Lisa didn't like to lie to the Douglases unless she had to, since she liked them all so much. It was just that there were other facts she was failing to mention.

He sighed sadly, and still looked down.

Sandy put a hand on his nearer arm, trying to be encouraging. "Son, did you hear what she said? That sounds like a pretty good situation for you."

Jane blurted out, "Especially if the girls are like the ones on this plane! Did you get a chance to talk to the two other families? They each brought a daughter, just like us, and both of them are BABES!"

Again, Lisa had a hard time not blurting out the truth. She wanted to say to Jane, "And what about you? You're a 'babe' too, if anyone is. With your red hair, I swear, you look exactly like a teenage Scarlet Johansson, but with much bigger tits! Soon, you'll practically live with your brother's cock in your mouth, and I can't wait to see it! So yeah, you're right to encourage him to find a 'girlfriend,' even if you don't realize that you're talking about YOU!"

Still holding Darrin's hand, Lisa kept her cool, and said to the whole Douglas family, "Jane has a very good point. As I've explained, we do a lot of screening to get just the right sort of personality who can both be completely trusted with top secret information and also handle living on a small island for years. We don't really know why, but when it comes to women, we get a certain physical type most of the time too."

Actually, she did know why. SI was so very selective that they could pick women with off-the-charts bombshell bodies and faces, and decades of experience choosing families had shown that huge tits were always popular with well-hung sons. There were many guys out there who liked smaller breasts, but none of those ever seemed to be the dominant master types.

Naturally, Lisa couldn't tell the truth about that, and it was a point she didn't want to dwell on, since her explanation was something that didn't hold up to close analysis. So she quickly changed the subject. "Jane, can you stand in the aisle for a minute, so we can see you?"

"Sure." Jane got down from her seat and stood in the aisle right where the other three could see her. She blushed slightly, knowing that she was on inspection, but she wasn't as easily embarrassed as her mom.

Lisa practically swooned as she checked out Jane's hot body all over again. Her pussy pulsed and leaked as she imagined Jane lying naked in bed with Darrin on top of her, pushing his huge cock into her tight cunt for the first time. She knew that Jane had had a number of lovers, some of them quite handsome and impressive. But she also knew that once Jane had her brother's cock, she would never want any other. It was proven over and over again through decades of SI experience with brother-masters and sister-slaves, plus Jane's psychological test results. Jane and Darrin could be testy and combative with each other, as siblings almost always do, but deep down they loved each other very much.

Lisa looked Jane's way. "Darrin, look at your sister. I use her as an example because she fits the SI mold so well. Look at her pretty face, and her gorgeous red hair, just like her mom's." (Both mother and daughter did have flaming red hair, while Darrin's was a dark brown.) "And look at her curves! Already, that's the voluptuous body of a woman, not the coltish figure of a girl. Jane, you should be rightfully proud, because you've been genetically blessed and you work out religiously to make the most of it. You must have all the guys eating out of your hand."

Jane beamed. "I do okay." She quickly went back to her seat to hide her embarrassment at all the flattery.

Lisa couldn't help but smirk a little bit. She could have said more, such as the fact that Jane's breasts were already outrageously large F-cups, despite the fact that she was only eighteen. (Jane thought her breasts were only E-cups, because she wore the wrong bra size. Lisa knew better though, since she'd looked over the reports of Jane's physical exams.) If her boobs grew due to pregnancy later on, they could wind up as large as Sandy's. However, Lisa had to carefully censor herself at this point, especially with Sandy listening.

Lisa turned back to Darrin. "The reason I put her on the spot like that is just to point out that's how MOST of the teenage girls look like on the island, even the younger ones. Like I said, we do have a bias of selecting attractive people, for whatever reason. But a lot of it are the environmental factors too. You're right, people don't spend much time on their computers at the island. We're a data processing company, so most people there type for a living. Why spend even more time on a computer in your free time, when you're living in a natural paradise?"

Sandy had been wantonly staring at her son's crotch while all the attention had been on Jane. She'd repeatedly licked her lips while imagining herself sucking Darrin's cock under his desk while he looked at Internet porn. She didn't know why, but it was one of her most frequent fantasies.

However, she forced herself to look at Lisa and ask, "Is it really true they use typewriters there? I know I've heard it a thousand times, but I still find it hard to believe. I mean, typewriters! In this day and age! I can't imagine people even make new ones anymore."

Lisa said, "Well, they're typewriters of a sort. The standard issue that gets used on the island looks and acts much like a modern computer, but it's not hooked up to the Internet and everything gets typed onto paper with ink. That's the bread and butter of the company, to be honest."

Darrin turned to his mom to help explain things to her. Through sheer force of will, he managed to look at her face instead of her ample chest. "Practically everything can be hacked these days. Even the most secure computer networks aren't really secure. The only way to be safe is to do it the old fashioned way. You can't hack a document that's only been typed on a typewriter. I hear the Russians are way ahead of the US on this no-computer stuff when it comes to their really vital documents."

"Exactly." Lisa rewarded him with a smile. "And I've heard that about the Russians too. My point is, you're on a tropical island, for crying out loud. The lagoon is awesome. Everybody's into snorkeling, scuba diving, swimming, boating, and much more. So of course the teenage girls spend all their days running around in a bikini... or less! They get very tan and fit. Trust me, Darrin, there's no such thing as an ugly girl on Napali Island."

Sandy felt a surprisingly intense surge of jealousy. She chimed in, "There must be some, just by the law of averages."

Lisa thought, Not if they're all selected to be perfect tens! But she could only say, "You'd be surprised. As I've explained to you before, this isn't just a job in the normal sense. It's kind of like entering into a whole other society, with its own values. Eating healthily and living right is just taken for granted there. Heck, there's no such thing as junk food or fast food, and almost everything you eat is organic because it's grown right on the island!"

The Douglases knew all that already, but Lisa rightly figured they needed some hand-holding and encouragement, since they were taking a bold step into the unknown.

She looked back to Darrin as she concluded, "And there's no such thing as a guy who doesn't have a girlfriend. Some have two! Just due to the male-female ratio."

Again, all that was true, although once again she was leaving out vital information. For instance, she could have said that each of the guys had two "girlfriends" - their sister and mother! Although "girlfriend" didn't begin to describe the master-slave relationship they'd been psychologically selected for.

Furthermore, some guys had more than two sex slaves. For instance, some families were accepted with special circumstances, such as those with two sexy and stacked daughters instead of one. And since the island society was created and molded to the specifications of its founder, Jake Samson, he naturally had brought in gorgeous, slutty, and submissive women for any job that nobody in any of the families could do, and that tradition had continued until the present day. Some of those women wanted to remain "free agents" and play the field, but others found particular masters to whom they wanted to be enslaved.

So once again Lisa had to censor herself, but she tried to make up what she couldn't say yet by being as emphatic and convincing with Darrin as she could. "Believe me, you are going to be a happy, happy camper! A year from now, Internet porn will be a distant memory. Real girls are much, much better!"

Lisa looked to Sandy, since she was in view. She had to bite her lip from saying, "Like your mother!"

She thought, as if still speaking to Darrin, "Have you ever seen your knockout mom completely naked? Because you will, soon! God, will you! In fact, from now on it'll be rare for you to see her wearing any clothes at all! And most of the time you'll have to look DOWN, because she'll be bobbing on your huge cock!"

Sandy urgently cut in, "Excuse me, Lisa, but did you say 'running around in a bikini, or LESS?!' What did you mean by that?!" She fretted and unthinkingly sucked on a finger.

Lisa realized she'd let a little too much slip in her enthusiasm. But she covered it well, and she figured it was good to reveal a bit more of the truth anyway. She waved a hand dismissively. "Not to worry. There's a lot of beach. Of course there's going to be some skinny dipping and the like. Sandy, your kids are of an age when they're either having sex or they're going to be having sex before long. And that usually involves getting naked. Stuff happens."

Sandy blushed cherry red. "I know that!" She stared at the large bulge in her son's crotch yet again without realizing what she was doing. Her mind reeled as she imagined some poor teenage girl trying to deal with all that thick cock-meat.

She thought, I don't know about Darrin having girlfriends. What kind of teenage girl could cope with a penis as large as his? It would take an older woman, a sexually experienced woman around my age to handle it. I think I could handle it, for instance. In fact, I know I could!

She licked her lips longingly. Dammit, why do all of my fantasies have to involve oral sex or my son? Actually, most of the time it's oral sex AND my son! It's so wrong, but I can't stop! And now I'm going to live in a place where I may be forced to wear a bikini and he'll be running around in just a bathing suit? Maybe even a TIGHT bathing suit! Or, God forbid, some kind of Speedo that leaves nothing to the imagination!

She sighed with even more longing. If... just once! If I could only suck him once... I think I could get this sickness out of my head. It's just a curiosity based on his size. If I could prove I could get my lips around it, maybe I wouldn't be so obsessed!

But of course that can never happen. NEVER!

Lisa lowered her head so her nose was almost touching Darrin's. She gave him a close look and asked, "What's wrong? You should be happy. You should be ecstatic! Why do you still look like someone ran over your dog?"

There was a long silence as Darrin gathered the courage to speak his mind. He did so by keeping his eyes shut and his head down. "I know. That all sounds good. But... I'm not good with girls. Especially the really pretty ones. In fact, I'm downright bad! Lots of guys my age have girlfriends, but I don't have one yet."

Lisa smirked knowingly. "Trust me, that won't be a problem!"

She knew that although he didn't have practical experience yet, and he seemed shy and unassuming on the surface, psychological tests had proved he was the naturally dominant master type, so it was just a matter of time until he fulfilled his potential. She had no worries. He was a smart kid, and being at least a decent master was easy, especially due to the Napali lifestyle. What kind of guy couldn't kick back and enjoy getting their cock sucked, many times a day?

He opened his brown eyes and looked up into Lisa's gorgeous face, surprised by her confidence in him. "Why not?!"

"Because of this!" Feeling brazen, Lisa reached down and wrapped her fingers around the bulge in his shorts!

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