Chapter 2
Written by Spacer X <>

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Both Sandy and Jane gasped. They wouldn't have expected that in a million years.

Even Lisa was surprised that she did that so soon in her sexual transformation process, but she wanted to seize the moment, since the discussion happened to go in this direction. Her plan all along was to get intimate with him in front of Sandy and Jane, to get them increasingly interested in doing the same. She had expected to wait many more hours before making her first move, but the plane was in the air and there literally was no turning back, so she figured she could take a risk.

Several long moments passed, and Lisa still didn't let go. She had a very firm grasp of Darrin's erection, there was no doubt about it. And his pole jutted out so dramatically that the fact his shorts were between his skin and her skin didn't matter much.

Sandy was speechless, with her jaw dropped and her cheeks cherry red again. She was loathe to admit it to anyone, even herself, but what Lisa was doing was her greatest fantasy. Or at least it was the necessary start, since her main obsession was blowing him. She burned with lust and jealousy.

She'd almost never had any incestuous thoughts until about a year ago, when a new friend named Olivia (who was actually another SI confederate) confessed to having an on-going sexual relationship with her own well-hung son. After months of wrestling with the issue, her son had gradually become the star of her masturbatory fantasies, eventually to the exclusion of anyone else. Olivia had then spent many months subtly directing her towards a powerful cocksucking fetish that matched her own.

But Sandy's outward behavior had hardly changed at all, since she maintained a strict line between fantasy and reality. Not only did she never flirt with him, in recent months she'd been even more careful to cover up and limit physical contact with him. She was in deep denial, and most of the time hated to even think about the fantasies she had, except when she was having them, of course.

Sandy's green eyes were as wide as they could get while she gawked at Lisa's fingers wrapped around Darrin's shaft. She felt like the world was spinning around her. Her nipples hardened and her pussy began throbbing needfully. Her heart hammered and her body trembled. It was the most shocking thing she had ever seen in her life.

She finally managed to whisper to Lisa, "Wh-wh-what.. what are you doing?!"

Lisa was surging with confidence, since the backlash was as mild as it was. "Let's address the elephant in the room, shall we? Or maybe it's more apt to call it the redwood tree in the room. Darrin, the blunt truth is that you have a VERY large penis! Just look at this thing!"

She stared down at his bulge as if in sheer disbelief, even though she'd watched, and masturbated to, hours of surveillance footage of him masturbating. But her reaction wasn't faked at all. She was panting hard, totally overcome by lust.

She gave his boner a squeeze, causing him to grunt and lurch forward in his seat.

Sandy's heart did flip-flops. She already had been having a hard time sitting next to him while he was visibly erect. She could endure it though, since he was aroused around her nearly all the time. But now she was in totally uncharted waters. She had no idea what Lisa's intentions were or what would happen next.

Lisa was secretly thrilled, but she kept her feelings to herself, aside from her wide smile. She thought as she examined Sandy's face, It's happening! It's all starting, right here! Look at her erotic, blushing expression. Such passion! Such longing! She's slowly falling under the spell of her son's cock! God, I'm so honored just to be a part of this!

She looked back down at her hand wrapped around his bulge. She was tempted to stroke him through his shorts, if only a little bit. But she decided to play it safe for now, since she was well ahead of schedule anyway. She somehow managed to tear her gaze away from his crotch to resume eye contact with him. "I can't believe you're only fifteen, because you have the penis of an adult male porn star!"

Sandy gasped again. "LISA!" But she thought, It's TRUE! It's so true! God! What I wouldn't give to be Lisa instead of me! I'd do a lot more than just hold it, that's for sure!

Then, seeing that Jane was peering over the top of her seat, with Jane's jaw also hanging open as she gawked at Lisa's fingers wrapped around her brother's shaft, she chided her, "Janey! Look away! Dunk down! This instant!" ("Janey" was Sandy's nickname for her daughter.)

Jane sighed with frustration, since this was just about the most interesting thing to happen in the family ever. Plus, exactly like her mother, she had a new friend named Cassie who was a secret SI confederate, and that friend had also gotten her sexually interested in her brother after confessing her own sexual liaisons with her brother.

But she reluctantly dunked her head down and out of sight.

To say that Darrin was in shock didn't even begin to convey how he felt. He couldn't get over how stunning Lisa was, especially since she had a set of tits nearly as large as his mother's. He knew that a total bombshell like her would normally never give him the time of day, yet Lisa was staring into his eyes with an intense "come hither" look. That alone practically was enough to make him cum. The fact that her fingers were wrapped around his shaft and felt fantastic simply didn't compute! Perhaps the only reason he didn't cum already was that his body was in shock too.

Sandy's heart was thumping harder and harder and she was downright dizzy. She was already sweaty due to the heat, but even more sweat dripped down her face. She'd had countless fantasies where she'd held and stroked her son's enormous erection - usually as a prelude to sucking it. Since Lisa looked so similar to her, it was almost as if she was having an out-of-body experience, watching herself live out her secret desire.

But she couldn't let herself think such forbidden thoughts. She hissed again, "Lisa, what are you doing?!" Getting no answer, she added, "Let go of that thing already! Please!"

However, Lisa was having too much fun to let go just yet. She said to Sandy, "Okay, I will, but you have to admit that it's huge!"

Sandy thought, "Huge?" It's gigantic! How could someone his age have a penis like that?! It's twice the thickness of his father's, at least! I honestly don't even know if I could get my lips around it, although I sure as hell would love to try! She was salivating like crazy.

But she merely said, "I will do no such thing!" Then she sucked on a finger with worry.

Lisa was insistent. "Oh, come on! I'll bet you anything it's the largest penis you've ever seen in your life! And not just in person either. They don't show dicks this big on TV!"

There was a prolonged silence as she gave Sandy time to think about it. Lisa knew that to be true, because Sandy and her former husband Dennis were childhood sweethearts, so Sandy had never experienced any other man. But not only that, Lisa guessed Sandy had never seen one that big in mainstream media or even as a bulge through clothes.

She was right. Sandy just gulped and sucked on her index finger some more. Her pussy was getting wetter by the moment, and she worried about the smell getting noticed. God, it's so BIG! Definitely the biggest and the thickest I've seen! Why does it have to be that big?! I wouldn't keep having all my weird dreams if he only had a normal one! My God! Look at how she can't even get her fingers around it! That's not right!

Lisa excitedly continued while staring into Sandy's wide eyes, "He's going to have NO trouble with girls. They'll be all over him like white on rice! Here, if you're in such denial, I'll prove it to you!"

With that, Lisa yanked Darrin's shorts down just enough to cause his boner to spring free. She let go of it in the process, but that was planned so Sandy and Jane could get a completely unobstructed look at it.

Supposedly Jane wasn't looking, and between looking at Darrin and Sandy, Lisa didn't want to check. But Lisa was confident the highly emotional and passionate girl wouldn't be able to resist at least taking a peek.

Sure enough, Jane discovered she could see everything without being seen by peering through the less than an inch-wide gap between the seats. Jane's heart was doing backflips too. Even though she was widely considered the hottest girl in her high school and she could have her pick of any boy, she'd been having the same secret fantasies about Darrin's huge boner that her mother was having. She couldn't have been more interested. It was true she saw his large bulge threatening to rip a hole in his shorts nearly every day, but to see it in the flesh was something else altogether.

Sandy was so very shocked that she actually swooned. Had she been standing, she might have passed out altogether. As it was, she slumped in her seat and clutched at her ample chest as she tried to physically recover from the most startling moment in her entire life. She felt a deep sexual desire overtake her like she was drowning after getting swept off her feet by a tidal wave.

Dear Lord! Dear Lord! It's so beautiful! She actually had seen his erect cock many times in recent months, due to all the times she'd spied on him masturbating. But seeing it in this context, close enough to reach out and touch it, and just after Lisa had been holding it, was an entirely new and profoundly shocking experience.

In order to cope, she had to close her eyes. She simply couldn't handle what she was seeing. She was so horny that she wanted to scream, or cum, or most likely both at once.

Even Darrin was practically hyperventilating, since he was so stunned by this unexpected turn of events. He literally couldn't comprehend this was happening in reality and not in some wild masturbatory fantasy.

Not surprisingly, since he'd first discovered the pleasures of masturbation, nearly all of his fantasies involved his mother or his sister, or both, because they were heads and shoulders more gorgeous than any other women he'd ever known. And most of his fantasies were centered on Sandy, since she was even more busty and stunning than his still-developing sister, and she was very kind and loving as well.

But if there was anyone he'd ever met who measure up to the jaw-dropping beauty of his mother and sister, it had to be Lisa. In fact, a lot of his lusty desire for Sandy transferred to Lisa from the very start, because it was practically as if she was a clone of Sandy from the neck down. He truly couldn't believe that any woman was holding his stiff erection, much less an ultra-busty bombshell like her! His eyes were bugged out comically and it was sheer luck he wasn't drooling like an idiot.

It was also a near miracle he hadn't climaxed yet. One reason Lisa had completely let go of his hard-on was because she sensed he was so close to the edge that any additional stimulation would push him over. She worried that having him unexpectedly squirt all over the place would simply be too much for Sandy at this early stage. She was seriously concerned the overwhelmed mom could really pass out if she was hit with another stunning development like that.

Lisa was delighted beyond measure to make this much progress this quickly. She knew this improved the chances of her overall success before her deadline ran out. But she figured she'd have to go two steps forward and one step back for a while. So, although she would have loved nothing more than to jack him off until his cum shot up like a fountain, she carefully tucked his pole back into his shorts with a minimum of skin-on-skin contact.

Then she said, "Okay, everybody, calm down. His raging monster is safely tucked away and out of sight."

Sandy was practically in shock, and was afraid to open her eyes even after hearing that. But she finally dared to take a quick peek. Sure enough, Darrin's boner was covered up. That said, it still jutted out lewdly. That alone was too much for her to take in her dizzy state, so she closed her eyes again.

She resumed panting and sucking on a finger. Holy cow! Why?! Why?! WHY?! Why does it have to be so very, very big?! Especially after all the things Olivia told me about HER well-hung son! I shouldn't have let her go into such detail about all the things they did together, and so many times! And all those videos, those damn videos! Now I'm paying the price!

Especially... especially... oh God! All her talk about holding it and stroking it, and even sucking on it! I swear, she talked about that more than anything else! It was like she was obsessed with sucking on her son's huge cock! But how could she?! If her son's penis is as big as my son's, how could I even put it in my mouth?! Er, I mean she... She, not me! Argh! I can't even think these thoughts!

Olivia was another former Napali sex slave, and she only gave up the island lifestyle after her son-master got "island fever" and felt compelled to return to the US. But they still carried on their incestuous relationship in secret, so when she'd told Sandy in great detail about her passion for sucking and stroking her son's cock, it was all genuine and thus all the more convincing.

Like virtually all Napali women, Olivia loved sex of all kinds, but she was particularly obsessed with cocksucking. In fact, even living back in America, her daily life still mostly revolved around bobbing on her son's cock about as much as they could physically manage. Much of her passion for it had rubbed off on Sandy, as planned. For instance, Sandy's thought of "those damn videos" referred to the many, many videos of Olivia blowing her son that Sandy had seen. They had been pivotal in giving Sandy a cocksucking obsession.

Olivia was also careful to never, ever mention her son's name or let Sandy meet him, so he would remain faceless and vague, allowing Sandy to easily replace him with Darrin in all her thoughts and fantasies.

With both Sandy and Darrin keeping their eyes closed and panting wildly in shock, Lisa looked around carefully to see what Jane was doing. She was amused to see both of Jane's blue eyes peering through the narrow crack between the chairs. That was amusing because the only way Jane could do that was by turning her head ninety degrees, and that involved completely repositioning in her seat.

But Jane was totally transfixed, even when she could only see the same bulge Darrin had been showing off since the flight again. Everything was different now that she'd seen a hand wrapped around it, and then no hand but having it exposed from base to tip.

Sandy had never been aroused by anything so much in her life, and she'd had a lot of sex with her husband before he passed away. But they'd had a very vanilla sex life, doing everything by the book. She'd never realized it, since her husband Dennis had been fairly confident outwardly, but he'd been almost as sexually submissive as her in bed. Since they were both submissive, they usually had "made love" in a very tender and loving manner.

That was great in its own way, but it was all polite and tame. Deep down, she craved something different, something wild and wicked. She didn't fully understand it, but she wanted to be dominated, controlled, and even humiliated. She especially fixated on being "forced" to suck her son's cock.

What had just happened in front of her eyes was so taboo and transgressive that she wondered if she'd ever get it out of her mind for the rest of her life! It hit her hard because it was the first taste of what her submissive mind longed for and so far had only experienced through Olivia's lewd stories.

Her pussy continued to leak, which worried her, because her panties were getting soaked and she didn't have access to a spare pair. She also continued to absentmindedly sucking on her finger, even though that was a challenge with the way she had to pant for air at the same time.

Lisa waited about a minute for all the heavy panting to calm down somewhat. Then she pretended to be apologetic. "Sorry, Darrin. Sorry, Sandy. Sorry, everybody. I guess I shouldn't have done that. I didn't realize you were all so sensitive about such things. I thought I should just point out the obvious."

That finally got Sandy to stir and open her eyes again. Her gaze immediately went back to her son's crotch. She was both very relieved and very disappointed to find that his thick dick actually remained completely covered up. His boner still jutted out dramatically against his stretchy shorts though, with a new wet spot at the tip.

The sight of that kept her heart thumping hard, even though it wasn't much different from the bulge he'd been showing since before the plane even took off. But it took on an entirely different aspect now that some unseen line had been crossed. What on EARTH was Lisa thinking?! I don't care how huge my son's dick is - you don't just hold it or expose it to make a point! This is bad! This is really bad! I'm barely holding my lust back for him as it is. I've got a strong feeling that I'll be seeing a lot more of my son's massive boner in the flesh before this flight is over. After all, if Lisa touched it and showed it off that easily, why wouldn't she do it again?

Her eyes narrowed as she was hit by a wave of jealousy. She probably lusts after him in a big way! Who wouldn't, after seeing the sheer size of his bulge?! I can't blame her for that, since I feel the same way... but still!

Sandy was meek and polite, mostly due to her submissive nature, so she never really yelled in anger, and cursing was completely out of the question. But she was passionate too, and that showed in less obvious ways. She stared daggers at Lisa as she hissed, "'Point out the obvious?!' Are you MAD?! You can't do that! You're, what, thirty?! He's only fifteen!"

Lisa smiled unrepentantly. "I'm twenty-nine, actually, just a few years younger than you. I thought I told you that already. But honestly, I don't see what the big deal is. I mean, SOMEBODY is going to have to touch him there, a lot, before this plane lands, and since I'm the only one who isn't related to him, I figure the job is going to go to me."

Sandy's jaw dropped again and she stared in sheer disbelief. Her racing heart beat even faster as she imagined sitting where she was while Lisa stroked her son's big cock. The idea both inflamed her desire and greatly concerned her. "What the heck are you talking about?!"

"I'm talking about the elephant in the room! His huge penis! You've seen those Viagra commercials that say if an erection hasn't gone down after four hours, one should consult a doctor, haven't you?"

"Yeah? What of it?!" Sandy's face was still beet red and her chest was heaving from the excitement. She folded her arms under her breasts in an attempt to look defiant. But that only pushed her huge I-cups up and out, making even more of a lewd sight.

Darrin gawked like a slack-jawed yokel. Hot damn! I swear, my mom is half made out of boob! And much of the rest is ass! She's so stacked and sexy that I can't stand it!

Lisa explained, "This flight has just started. We've got nine and a half hours to go. Somebody's got to take care of his erection! I'll bet you his penis is going to be erect the entire time unless somebody does something!"

Sandy's massive tits were heaving up and down while she pictured Lisa jacking her son off, possibly repeatedly. She frowned with worry, and she had to subtly position her arms to make the wobbling of her breasts less obvious. More than NINE hours?! In these conditions? I'm sweating so much. And his big penis... it's just... there! Right there, sticking up so lewdly, in plain sight!

Lisa couldn't resist smirking a little bit, seeing how hot and bothered Sandy was. Oh boy, just look at her! She's licking her lips hungrily as she stares at that bulge, and she doesn't even realize it! I know what's she's thinking about, because I'm thinking the same thing! I wish I could stroke Darrin's cock right now, and that's just for starters! But I have to be patient or I could ruin everything.

Seeing that Sandy was spacing out, Lisa kept the conversation going by saying, "You can't let him suffer again like he did yesterday. He could seriously get hurt!"

That brought Sandy's concerned motherly instincts to fore. "What are you talking about?!"

"You know exactly what I'm talking about! I was there too, sitting next to you and him on the flight from St. Louis to L.A. He suffered the whole time. He had the biggest erection I've ever seen for nearly four hours straight! And the whole rest of the day was just as bad!"

Sandy vividly remembered that too. It hadn't been that big a deal to her, since lately it was pretty much a given that her son's penis would be erect around her all the time. Plus, he'd been wearing underwear, so he wasn't lewdly tenting like he was on this flight. Still, any thoughts of her son's huge erection gave her butterflies.

She waved her hands in Lisa's direction, flustered. "That's because you were there! And you dress like, like... THAT!"

Lisa sat up stiffly, showing off her immense rack. "I suppose there's a compliment in there, so thanks. Although I think more of it has to do with how YOU look, not to mention Jane. You can only hide your curves so much, you know."

Sandy reacted indignantly. "What are you implying?! It sounds like you're suggesting that he has... has... lusty feelings for me!"

Lisa replied calmly and matter-of-factly, "He certainly does."

Sandy gasped, scandalized.

Lisa said, "What's the big deal? It's nothing for you to be ashamed of. You look like, well, YOU!" She waved a hand in Sandy's general direction. "He would have to be blind or gay or both not to masturbate to thoughts of you, countless times! Probably both!" She chuckled.

Sandy gasped again. "LISA! How can you say that?!" Her breasts were heaving in arousal again. Then she looked to her son's face. "Especially in front of him!"

Lisa looked to Darrin, and saw just how obviously aroused and excited he was. She told him, "Darrin, please close your eyes and put your hands over your ears. I have something to tell your mom in private."

He did so.

Then Lisa leaned well into his seat so she could whisper directly into Sandy's ear. In doing so, she rather deliberately pressed one of her massive tits against his chest.

He gulped in amazement.

Lisa cupped a hand around Sandy's ear. Then she "accidentally" let her other hand slip to Darrin's crotch, effectively cupping his boner again. She was certain Sandy couldn't see, mostly because Sandy's enormous rack was one visual shield, and her own nearly as large rack was another one.

He gulped again. He was quietly freaking out.

Lisa whispered extra quietly to Sandy, "Sorry. I don't mean to shock you. But you KNOW what I'm saying is true! You're one of the most beautiful women I've ever seen! That's not flattery, it's just the truth, and you know it. How could any boy his age not fantasize about you constantly? Especially with your face and your lips."

Sandy whispered back, in a daze, "What do my lips have to do with it?"

Lisa whispered, "Sorry to be vulgar, but I don't know any other way to put this. You have what they call 'perfect cocksucker lips.'"

"WHAT?!" Sandy was so stunned that she forgot to whisper, and almost shouted. But she quickly recovered, and asked again in a whisper, "What did you just say?!"

"You heard me," Lisa still whispered back. "I don't know how else to say it. You have full and pouty red lips. Boys his age are especially fascinated by thoughts of oral sex. I know he's your son and he loves you as a good son does, but it would be impossible for him not to dream of your sweet lips wrapped around his extra thick shaft and bobbing up and down! I'll bet any money that he masturbates to that very image at least once a day!"

Sandy's outrage faded away, overwhelmed by sheer lust. "Do you think?!"

"Oh, I'm sure of it! Again, don't blame him and don't blame yourself. It's just basic human biology. If he didn't fantasize about seeing you naked and kneeling, with your head bobbing on his hot and throbbing member every night before he goes to sleep, I would think there's something psychologically wrong with him. Of course he'd never ACT on it, so it's perfectly harmless."

She added as a seeming after thought, "And that doesn't even count your breasts."

Sandy was so extremely aroused that she felt like she was going to spontaneously explode or combust. "What do you mean by THAT?!"

Lisa whispered, "You MUST know what I mean! Sandy, your breasts are absolutely extraordinary! Both in size and shape. Don't you see the way he's always sneaking a peek? If he's not masturbating to thoughts of your lips and tongue working on his thickness, then he's probably jacking off to fantasies about fondling your bare breasts and even sliding his oversized erection between them!"

Sandy clenched her fists as she struggled not to lose her mind to her lusty urges. "What... what would he do next?!"

Lisa giggled quietly. "It's more what you would do! You know what a 'titfuck' is, right? You'd slide your breasts up and down, completely enveloping even his great length, and you'd probably crane your head down and lick on the tip for good measure! I'm sure he must think about that A LOT, even while he sneaks peeks at your chest!"

All the while Lisa was whispering all this, she was periodically readjusting her hand over Darrin's crotch, as if she simply couldn't get comfortable. In fact, she was deliberately driving him wild. She was having a ball.

Sandy was so insanely aroused that she had no choice but to firmly clutch her boobs with both hands. If she didn't, they would bounce around obscenely, no matter how much her bra strained in agony.

Having worked Sandy up into a lather, Lisa relented some. She went on, "Again, sorry if I upset you with my language, but we're in kind of a dire situation here and we have to face facts. You KNOW what I say is true, so why pretend otherwise? Who are you trying to fool?"

"Um... er..." Sandy didn't know what to say. Her face was as red as a cherry.

Lisa went on, "I'll bet you any money that you've seen him masturbate with your own eyes. With a penis as large as his, he must have an oversized libido to match. I'll tell you what. I'll give you a thousand dollars right now if you can look me in the eyes and honestly tell me that you haven't accidentally stumbled upon him masturbating at least once!"

Sandy didn't even try to lie. She shut her eyes tightly and bowed her head in shame. She knew her silence was damning.

Lisa patted Sandy's shoulder while "readjusting" her fingers around Darrin's bulge yet again. "Don't feel bad! Every mother who looks even remotely like you has to deal with this. You should be proud of him, actually. I've seen how he behaves around you. He must have his mind on blowjobs and titfucks more often than not, but does he let it affect how he interacts with you? No! Not at all! That's a sign of how much he loves and respects you. You should be proud, for sure."

"I am!" Sandy whispered back. "But... what you're saying..."

"I know." Lisa patted her some more. "It's shocking to hear these sorts of things spoken out loud. But we have to be honest! Remember, we're going to be on this plane for ten hours non-stop! SOMETHING has to be done about his constant erection, don't you agree?"

Sandy shyly nodded. She was panting hard, and hoped against hope that Lisa wouldn't notice, even though that was impossible. She was still clutching at her tits. It was all she could do not to overtly caress and fondle them.

Lisa finally pulled back, going all the way back to her seat. She was careful to remove her hand from Darrin's crotch before Sandy had a chance to see it there.

Sandy didn't see, but Jane certainly did! In fact, Jane had closely watched every last move of Lisa's hand on Darrin's crotch through the gap between two seats. She was astounded, because she knew there was no way that all that movement on his crotch was accidental, especially given what Lisa had done to his cock already.

But she didn't know what to do or say about it. She couldn't deny to herself how hot and bothered she'd gotten though, especially because she imagined it was her hand instead of Lisa's.

Darrin was relatively oblivious. His brain was on overload due to so much intense sexual stimulation all at once. He couldn't hear what Lisa and Sandy were whispering about most of the time. But simply looking at Sandy's physical reaction from her blushing face to her heaving breasts told him that it had to be something very arousing. Between that and Lisa's boob pressing into his chest and her hand moving on his bulge, he didn't have the ability to think coherently about what Lisa's hand was doing there in the first place.

Lisa sat back and then paused, so Sandy would have a chance to at least partially recover.

While she waited, she said to Darrin, "Sorry, kid, for all the secrecy. Trust me, it's nothing bad."

He just nodded, with his eyes bulging and his jaw hanging open. His face was red too, but entirely from arousal.

After another full minute of waiting, Lisa leaned back towards Sandy without actually invading Darrin's middle seat again. "So, now that I've told you all that, we still have the same problem. The point is, your son is trapped between some very sexy and stacked women. He's at that age when merely looking at two oranges will give him an erection. What are you going to do about it?!"

Sandy was incredulous. "Do about it?! What do you mean?!"

Her arousal spiked still higher as she imagined being "forced" to jack him off or even suck him off due to the emergency situation. In the past few months, she'd had many fantasies and dreams where she was "forced" to pleasure him because that took away her responsibility in violating the incest taboo.

But she tried hard to push such thoughts out of her mind. What, am I mad?! I couldn't possibly allow it in any circumstance!

Lisa told her, "You know what I mean. One of us has to help him get some sexual relief! What are YOU willing to do to help?!"

Sandy realized she was still panting heavily, and struggled harder to bring her breathing under control. She didn't dare take her hands off her breasts though, no matter how sexual that looked, because she knew all the titty bouncing that would result would look even worse. She did manage to reposition though, using her upper arms to squeeze her tits together and restrain most of the movement in a much less obvious way.

Her head was still swimming as she contemplated Lisa's words. She can't be implying what I think she's implying! There's no way! My secret shame has to stay just that: secret!

She said with renewed forcefulness, "Nothing, obviously!"

Lisa responded, "Oh, really? You'll just have him suffer? Those four-hour warnings are for real, you know. A stiff penis shouldn't stay that way anywhere even close to that long. Haven't you ever heard of 'blue balls?'"

Sandy said hotly and defensively, "Of course I have! But, like you said, some sacrifices have to be made on his flight. We're all suffering. I'm sweating like a pig as it is! He can just grin and bear it! Or, uh, take a nap or something. That'll make it go down!"

Her own words reminded her of how overheated she was, and she wiped her forehead. It was soaked with sweat.

Lisa pressed her, "'A nap?' In this heat? Are you kidding me? And it's only going to get hotter, like I warned you. We're on a TEN-hour flight! We have to face facts. If he doesn't get some relief, this will become a real medical emergency! We'll have to take him straight to the hospital when we get to Hawaii!"

Sandy believed and trusted Lisa, since they'd become such good friends. She looked around, frantic for a solution. Their seats were so far to the back of the plane that they were very close to the bathroom. She remembered the bathroom door less than ten feet away, across the aisle. "A-ha! The bathroom! He can go in there and, uh... take care of business."

Lisa pretended to be clueless, just to force Sandy to be more explicit. "What do you mean?"

Sandy's face was already very red with embarrassment, but it somehow got redder. "You know! So he can... he can... relieve himself!"

Lisa furrowed her brow, pretending confusion. "What, pee? Of course he's going to use the bathroom for that."

A very flustered Sandy blurted out, "No! His other business. You know! To get release! Sexually!"

Lisa loved how easily embarrassed Sandy got over such little things. It reminded her of when she'd first been tamed. In fact, all sorts of pivotal firsts had happened to her on this very plane eleven years ago. The situation had almost been exactly the same, except her role was switched.

She pretended to finally understand. "Oh!" Then she frowned disapprovingly. "You haven't been in there yet, have you? You think we're hot enough in this metal box? I dare you to go into that bathroom! It's twice as hot, and it's stuffy and it smells. Nobody could jerk off in there."

That was true, and deliberately so. The general idea was to have the sex happen in the open for each family, to bring them all together.

Sandy's jaw dropped at Lisa's choice of words "jerk off." "Lisa! Please! Watch your language!"

"What? 'Jerk off?' Not only are you going to have to hear it, you're probably going to have to see him do it. And if he somehow manages to do it in the bathroom without passing out from the heat, we'll all have to listen to it!"

"Oh my GOD!" Sandy gasped.

Lisa went on, "Either that, or I'll probably need to take care of him."

Sandy gasped in dismay. Once again, a picture formed in her mind of Lisa's hand sliding up and down Darrin's shaft. It was an extremely vivid image, since she'd just seen his fully exposed boner only a few minutes ago, and then Lisa's hand on it while it was still covered slightly before that.

Darrin was just as astounded to hear those words, though naturally he took it in a very different way. His lusty desire soared ever higher as he thought about what it meant when Lisa said. She's going to "take care" of me?! No way! There's just no way! WOW! This is the greatest day of my life!

He looked back and forth as Sandy and Lisa talked, like a spectator at a tennis match. He didn't have much in the way of coherent thoughts, because he was still maxed out on erotic overload. He was just soaking it all in, both the visual splendor and the sights and sounds. (He didn't consciously realize it, but his mother, sister, and Lisa all had wet and leaking pussies, and that was reaching his nose and sending his lust soaring even higher.)

Sandy was so horny that she didn't know what to do. For instance, her panties were getting positively soaked, and that left her with a smell problem, as well as a wetness problem, that had no obvious solutions.

But she was genuinely trying to stop matters from getting "worse," because her resistance to incest was strong. Although she'd frequently fantasized about all the things she and her son could do together, she considered "real life" something else altogether. Ever since Lisa had frankly whispered to her about blowjobs and titfucks, she couldn't stop thinking about doing both of those things to her son. Nonetheless, she wracked her mind, desperately trying to find a solution.

Then something came to her. "A-ha! I know! Darrin and Jane can just switch seats! Then, sitting alone, he won't have all the female, er, physicality around him, and he'll be able to calm down. Or, worse comes to worst, he can do the deed there."

Lisa was secretly crushed, because she'd hoped that Sandy wouldn't think of that. But she was willing to play along, for now. "Okay, that sounds reasonable. Of course we'll all have to hear him, but I suppose that can't be helped in any case."

Darrin was sexually shy and totally inexperienced. But he was also a clever guy, and he saw an opportunity. He had no idea what was going to happen, since the events of this plane flight were already beyond anything he could have ever imagined in reality and not just a masturbatory fantasy. The fact that it was all taking place on a flying plane with other people in it was just an extra mind-blowing kicker at this point. But he sensed, correctly, that things could get much more interesting if he could stay seated where he was.

He looked to his mom and put on his best puppy dog look. "But Mom! You promised you'd sit next to me. I'm kind of scared. This is my first big flight. There's only one seat in the row in front, with all the boxes there. I don't want to sit alone the whole time!"

Sandy was torn. His puppy dog look usually worked with her. But she stared at the bulge towering out of his shorts, and licked her lips with worry. She thought of him stroking himself openly while sitting next to her, or having Lisa jack him off. NO! Both those options are completely unacceptable to me. And the idea of me helping him directly... I can't even go there! I don't care how much I long to lick and stroke his perfect cock, my fantasies can NEVER become reality! Never ever ever!

Oh God! I'm so crazy horny! The fact that the mere ideas of these things aroused me greatly is further proof as to why helping him directly can NEVER actually happen! I could lose all control! And in front of Jane AND Lisa! But then again, what about him having some blue balls emergency? That's totally unacceptable too. So that leaves just one option!

She took his hand in hers and said, "Look, Son, I know this is all VERY weird. But sometimes you've got to 'man up,' and this is one of those times. I want my big man sitting right next to me for most of the flight, for sure." (She sometimes gave him the nickname "my big man.") "That said, if you REALLY have to cool down, er, sexually speaking, or... even... have to, uh, take care of business, you could switch seats with your sister for a while, couldn't you? Just for a while until you, uh, get the job done?"

He was crestfallen, because that sounded reasonable and logical, and he didn't know how to counter it. So he just muttered, "Um, I guess..."

Sandy gave him a big smile and squeezed his hand. "There you go! Don't worry, this may be the strangest flight ever, but we'll get through it. Together. As a loving family."

Lisa didn't want to act too pushy. Besides, there was no intelligent reason to oppose the seat switching idea. So she went along with it for now, even as she began working on other schemes. She smiled too, and said to Sandy, "You see? That sounds reasonable. It turns out there's a good solution after all. Just so long as he can ejaculate when necessary."

Sandy's eyes practically doubled in size just from hearing the word "ejaculate." She squirmed nervously in her seat. Her panties were sopping wet and she didn't know what to do about that.

Lisa went on, "In fact, knowing boys his age, I'll bet he'll have to ejaculate a lot before this flight is done. Isn't that right?"

He'd been staring at Lisa's gigantic knockers and he was contemplating what it would be like to feel her up. He could almost still feel his chest tingling from where she'd pressed one of her boobs against him. But he was startled out of his lusty reverie. "Um..." He didn't know what to say, since he never, ever spoke about sexual matters in front of his prudish mom.

But Lisa looked at him in an expectant manner, as if she wanted him to say yes.

So, after a long pause, he bowed his head sheepishly, and muttered, "Uh, yeah."

Sandy gasped. It started to sink in that this was really going to happen.

"Darrin..." Lisa waited until he lifted his head and she made eye contact with him again. Then she added, "Thanks for being honest. There's no shame in that; it's just biology."

Jane had been silently taking this all in, mostly while peeking through the crack between the chairs. But she couldn't stay silent any longer. She lifted her head up over one of the chairs to directly look at the others. "Mom, tell me this isn't happening! Can't there be some other way?!"

Jane had been indoctrinated to some degree by her new friend and SI confederate Cassie. However, she wasn't nearly as indoctrinated as Sandy had been with her SI confederate Olivia, for several reasons. For one, Jane had a normal, active sex life so she had plentiful ways to get sexual release. Whereas Sandy had no sexual outlet but masturbation, and no one else to even masturbate about except for her son, since she avoided all other men. Jane also had lots of other friends. But Sandy had gone into such isolation that she had few good friends, allowing Olivia to have a great influence on her.

Finally, SI had a successful sexual transformation formula honed over many decades. They had learned that the key was establishing the lust between mother and son. Once that happened, the sister and brother relationship naturally followed. Thus, SI spent more time and energy on changing Sandy's thinking.

As a result, even though Jane secretly lusted for her brother, she was much more in control of those feelings. A part of her was excited by the possibility of seeing or at least hearing him masturbate from very nearby. But another part worried about the long-term effects on that on the whole family. She genuinely figured it wasn't worth the thrill and didn't want it to happen.

But Sandy asked her, "I'm not exactly keen on this. But what are our other options?!"

After a long pause, Jane suggested, "Make him use the bathroom."

Darrin spoke up. "I'll do that, just as soon as you go in there and stay in there for ten minutes!"

Jane thought that over. She'd already stopped by the bathroom before the plane took off, and she remembered how much more hot and unpleasant it was in there, even then. She muttered, "No, thanks." But then she suggested, "What about if he does it someplace else?"

Lisa fielded that. "Where? In the aisle?! Besides, what if someone comes walking by? There are other people on board, you know. If he's near us, we can keep an eye out before someone gets near. Do you want your brother to die of shame?"

Jane slumped in defeat. "No. I guess not. Damn!"

Lisa turned back to Darrin. "I've got a suggestion. I suppose the way I touched you probably got you a little overheated, and God knows this plane is hot enough already. Why don't you switch seats now and see if you can 'take care of business?' The longer you wait, the more anxious about it you're bound to get. And what if you get performance anxiety? Then we'll have the worst of all worlds and you'll still have your blue balls suffering."

He groaned unhappily at that prospect.

Lisa reached out and patted his shoulder in a friendly manner. "Your best bet is to get it over with now. After you do it once, it'll be way less awkward the next time."

There was a collective groan from all three Douglases as they contemplated the implications of a "next time," and possible times after that.

Lisa smiled encouragingly. "But first, I know exactly what we all need. Like I said, I've been on this 'flying sauna' before, so this time I'm amply prepared. I have an entire cooler full of cool drinks and other goodies."

That put big smiles on the faces of the other three, even Sandy, since she was so hot and sweaty. (Jane was keeping quiet and out of sight for now, but she was carefully listening to every word.)

Then Lisa went on, "But before I do that, I have to make a demand. Sandy, your outfit is a disaster. You directly disobeyed my command to wear light and loose clothes and go without underwear. Compare you to me. I'm barely sweating, and you're sweating like a pig!"

That was true, and the clothes did play a part. But Lisa also was used to the tropical climate of Napali Island, and she was taking advantage of that fact.

Sandy looked down at herself with worry. She couldn't remember ever feeling this hot and sweaty, and she believed Lisa that it was only going to get worse. She realized there was no way she'd make it for the remaining nine plus hours dressed like she was. She muttered, shyly, "But... I don't have anything else to wear! And our luggage is buried somewhere deep in these mountains of boxes!"

"That's true," Lisa said. She definitely didn't want any of the Douglases to get access to their luggage at this point. "However, like I said, I came prepared. I've got an emergency change of clothes, and since you're exactly my size, you can wear it."

Sandy breathed a huge sigh of relief. "OH! THANK you!"

Lisa smirked. "Don't get too happy just yet. You'll have to show a lot more skin than you're used to, not to mention go without undies. But it's the only way."

Sandy immediately tensed up after hearing that. She even unthinkingly shook her head. She considered all of that a non-starter. It was rare for her to even appear in public without a wrap to reduce the size of her huge breasts. To go bra-less was inconceivable, and to go panty-less was even worse.

However, Lisa was very persuasive, and she held all the cards, since Sandy had overdressed (just as Lisa knew she would). Furthermore, she knew that she'd worked Sandy up to a fever pitch, especially with her whispering about her son's desire for blowjobs and titfucks.

One thing SI taught all the organization's secret confederates was that people only had a limited amount of willpower at any one time. Lisa knew Sandy was using all of her willpower to control her lusty urges and try to appear normal. Thus, Sandy had no willpower to resist Lisa on the clothing issue, even if it would make her lust problem worse.

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