Chapter 3
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After a few minutes of back and forth, Sandy agreed to at least try Lisa's outfit on in the bathroom. One reason she agreed to that much was just to escape sitting next to her son and his ever-visible lewd bulge.

Both busty women got up and stretched their legs in the narrow aisle.

Darrin got quite an eyeful watching them stretch. As much as he lusted for his mom, his eyes generally stayed on Lisa because her clothes were more revealing and she preened and posed in a very sexy manner. (Little did he realize, but she was putting on a show just for him.) His boner wasn't going to go down anytime soon!

Lisa kept her cooler and some other items only a few feet away, so she got out her change of clothes and gave it to Sandy to try on.

Sandy was aghast, because what Lisa gave her was nothing but a green robe, and a short one at that. All she had to keep it closed was a sash around the middle. Her front side would be completely exposed if she wasn't careful. But the clothes she had on were getting drenched with sweat.

She protested in an urgent whisper, "You can't be serious!"

Lisa shrugged. "I'm sorry, but this is what I've got. You know I've been on this plane ride before, and let's be honest: it's like an oven. I've arranged it so we can sit here way in back, far from all the other people. If it weren't for Darrin here, I'd be tempted to get completely naked."

Sandy was almost speechless. "Well... don't do that!" She stared at the green robe being held up by Lisa and let out of a defeated sigh. She didn't tell Lisa, but she decided on a compromise of wearing the robe but keeping her bra and panties on. Frowning, she snatched the robe from Lisa and muttered, "I can't believe I'm doing this!"

While Sandy went to the bathroom to change, Lisa quickly walked up the aisle to the front of the plane.

The seating had been carefully arranged so that each of the three families were well positioned to be corrupted. Just like the Douglases, the other two families were made up of one extremely busty and beautiful mother, one well-hung son, and one busty and beautiful daughter.

This was the usual pattern on Napali Island, based on the personal experience of the island colony's founder, Jake Samson. True, the island had a successful business, but that was just to ensure the colony there stayed sustainable. The whole point of the secret society he set up was to help other men experience the great sexual joys he'd enjoyed, which meant boys or young men dominating their mothers and sisters, exactly like he did.

Like the Douglases, the other two families had been psychologically set up for incest after months of subtle manipulation, and the pivotal time to cross from just having fantasies into physical intimacy was on the journey to the island, when the environment could be completely controlled to help make that happen.

As a result, the three families were spread out, with lots of boxes between them, so they couldn't see each other. And thanks to the constant rumble of the airplane (which was deliberate) they couldn't hear each other either, unless maybe there was a piercing scream.

Lisa knew all this, of course, so she was careful when she walked up the aisle. She didn't want to enter into the zones of either family, just in case she might interfere with any early sexual transformation success that might be going on.

But that wasn't a problem, since there were curtains across the aisle dividing each zone. She wanted to see the lone flight attendant, Vicky, who was sitting in the middle of the plane in a large "neutral" zone separated by curtains from any of the zones for the three families. Vicky did have a few real attendant duties for the twelve other passengers (three families of three each, plus each family had a minder like Lisa) and the cockpit crew, such as serving drinks and food, But her main purpose was to secretly work with the three minders to help the transformation along by saying or doing the right things at the right time.

Like all the other carefully selected female employees of SI, Vicky was busty, gorgeous, submissive, and highly sexual. She was up for anything, especially if it involved having fun with the huge penises of any of the sons. She'd assisted on these yearly flights for a few years now, and so far she'd always had lots of sexual fun. Involving a stranger like her was often very useful in helping to shocking the families into their new sexual reality.

But that wasn't Lisa's intention, at least not yet. First, Lisa updated Vicky on the surprising progress she'd made already.

Vicky, naturally, was delighted to hear that, and informed Lisa that she was doing better than the minders of either of the other families so far. This was surprising, since the Douglases had been pegged as the most difficult case, due to Sandy's unusual prudishness and mental resistance. That was why the Douglases were the most isolated of the three families.

Then Lisa told her about the problem of Sandy wanting Darrin to sit in Jane's seat to cool down and/or masturbate. The two of them quickly worked out a plan to deal with that.

Lisa soon returned to the bathroom and knocked on it to see how Sandy was doing.

Not surprisingly, Sandy was having trouble walking out in the robe she'd put on, even with her bra and panties. Her cheeks were seemingly painted cherry red, because her embarrassment was so great.

But the bathroom really was hot as hell. It was deliberately designed that way, precisely to prevent anything sexual happening inside. It was much better to eliminate that option so any hanky panky had to take place in the open, in front of other family members.

The sheer heat helped Sandy to come out of the bathroom. She'd been extremely careful to stay covered up at home whenever her son was around, so this would be much like going completely naked in front of him, relatively speaking.

Darrin and Jane had a couple of minutes to talk to each other while the women were away, but they were so flabbergasted by all that had happened that they didn't know what to say. Instead, both of them kept their eyes closed and tried to calm down.

Neither had much success.

Since Jane was three years older than Darrin, she hadn't really thought of him in a sexual way until relatively recently. With her fabulous looks, she'd had a normal dating life, taking her pick from the most desirable boys her age. Darrin was reasonably handsome - how could he not be with his mother's genes, at least? - but since he was three years younger, he was small and scrawny compared to the "hunks" Jane was used to. She also had long flaming red hair that could literally stop traffic, while his hair was short and an unremarkable brown.

However, in recent months, the SI company had done what it could to open her up to incest in general and get her interested in her brother specifically. Just like what happened to Sandy with Olivia, Jane's new friend (and SI company confederate) Cassie eventually "confessed" to a made-up story of having a sexual relationship with her own younger and yet very well-hung brother.

Cassie told Jane that she was the only one she'd told this secret to, and she needed Jane's help to deal with it. That frequently involved Cassie sharing very detailed and explicit accounts of the sex acts she was doing with her brother. Such stories were designed to arouse and titillate Jane, and that's exactly what they did. Cassie often told the stories in situations where both of them could furtively masturbate, such as when their hands were under covers during movie nights or sleepovers. She made it sound like incestuous sex was the best sex in the world.

Still, it was a big challenge for Cassie to get Jane to lust after her brother when she had great boyfriends to choose from, and the manipulation had only been partially successful. But although Jane had been well aware of the fact that her brother was well-hung, since he was aroused around her more often than not, to actually see a sexy woman's hand around his bulge, and then to see the full size of his stiff cock in all its exposed glory, had hit her like a punch in the gut. She'd had enough sexual experience to enjoy a large dick, and yet her little brother had one that was a quantum leap thicker than any she'd ever seen or touched, and just as long or longer too!

By contrast, there was no trouble at all getting Darrin to lust after Jane, since he'd been doing that in a big way already, before the company even got involved. There was no need for him to have a new friend who was yet another company confederate, since it was inconceivable he wouldn't want to have sex with his incredibly gorgeous family members.

But right now his thoughts were mostly on Sandy and Lisa. He was in constant "pinch me, I'm dreaming" mode. He couldn't wait for everyone to get reseated so he could masturbate and thus quickly cum. Despite being shy due to his youth and inexperience, he was so very aroused that he was willing to jack off in this bizarre public situation because he craved sexual release that badly.

As a result, Darrin's breathing had calmed down some, but his cock was still throbbing with need when his mom returned to her seat. Seeing her in the short green robe was almost enough to cause him to cum on the spot! Her legs were long and muscular, since she was very fit in general. She rarely even wore shorts around him, but this robe was so short that it didn't quite stretch down to the middle of her thighs.

But Darrin loved tits even more than legs. He didn't see any bare skin on her chest since she was holding the robe closed all the way up to her neck, but he saw the potential. He knew she wouldn't be able to hold her robe like that for long.

Once a very red-faced Sandy returned to her seat, she kept her eyes shut tight out of embarrassment. She hissed at her son, "Please! I'm asking you a favor, my big man. No, I'm begging you: PLEASE don't look my way! I don't want you to... well, just don't! Okay?!"

He replied carefully, because he definitely wanted to look at her as much as possible. In fact, with her eyes squinting shut, he was ogling her, especially her bare legs. "Um... okay. I'll try not to look your way if I can help it. But, you know, it's impossible to not look at all with us sitting side by side for the next nine hours. We don't even have a window to look out of, or a movie to watch."

She let out a heavy sigh. "I know. But try, okay?"

"Okay," he replied.

She thought, Why did Lisa have to tell me about his lusty thoughts about me? I can't blame her because I know it's all true. I've even searched his computer and found a stash of pictures of me in amongst all sorts of naked pictures that he jacks off to. And nearly all of those are of the "MILF" type. And extremely busty MILFs, just like me! He's probably thinking about fucking my breasts at this very moment!

This stupid robe is only going to make matters worse. Much worse! I've been so careful to be fully dressed around him at all times. Thankfully, I was fully dressed in all of his pictures of me in his porn stash. But now he'll be able to clearly picture me naked in his mind, because this robe leaves nothing to the imagination!

That can never be undone. Gaawwwd, he's probably imagining me leaning over to suck on his magnificent cock! My robe would slide off altogether and there I'd be, wantonly slurping on his incredible thickness like a bitch in heat! And Lisa! Ugh! She's no help! She's practically suggested that I should do that. For real!

I have to... I have to get my shit together! I can't even THINK such thoughts. They're far too arousing. I'm going to be tempted like never before. I have to stay strong!

After taking some deep breaths to calm herself, Sandy held Darrin's hand while using her other hand to keep her robe closed. "Son, look... I understand it's natural to be sexually curious at your age. But I'm your mom! I'm off limits! If you MUST look at somebody, look at Lisa. Okay? She's a real head turner, there's no denying that. And she's safe." (By "safe," she meant there was no incest complication.)

He continued to ogle his mom, since she couldn't see. His dick was oozing out pre-cum, helped by the fact that he could see her bra-straps and her panty lines. The robe was a light green and very thin, so much so that it was almost partially transparent. He was so excited that he wanted to scream and jump for joy!

Jane leaned over the seatback. "Mom, this is weird. That robe doesn't leave much to the imagination."

"I know!" Sandy complained.

There was much Jane wanted to say, but she didn't know how to say it. For instance, she'd felt herself getting more and more aroused, and that concerned her. She'd also seen how Sandy and Darrin were getting increasingly aroused too. She wondered where it was all heading. Lisa had been great helping the family move, and more, but she seemed to be only making everyone more aroused. That left Jane puzzled and suspicious.

There were even more troublesome issues on Jane's mind. For instance, it had been obvious to her for a long time that Darrin had a powerful sexual desire for Sandy, and probably for herself as well. But in recent months she'd been increasingly concerned that Sandy had lusty feelings for Darrin as well. And there was the extra difficult issue of her own fantasies and dreams starring Darrin. She wished the family could talk about these things openly, but there was just no way. Almost any sort of sex talk was taboo in their family.

Lacking anything else to say, Jane asked, "I'm not going to have to wear one of those robes, am I?"

Sandy fiercely replied, "Over my dead body!"

"Good." Jane turned back around and resumed sitting forward in her seat. But she continued to ruminate and worry.

Meanwhile, Lisa went to the bathroom and changed into a robe of her own. It was identical to Sandy's in every way except that it was a pale light blue instead of green. Then she went to her cooler and got cold bottles of water for everyone.

She handed one to Jane on her way back to her seat, causing Jane to squeal with joy.

Then, still standing in the aisle, Lisa got the attention of Sandy and Darrin by saying, "What's the Boy Scout motto? 'Be prepared,' I believe. Look what I have!" She handed a bottle of water to Darrin.

He was so thirsty that he immediately opened it up and guzzled the whole thing down.

As he did so, he kept his eyes on the stunning sexual display Lisa was putting on. She was of both Spanish and Italian ancestry, which meant she tanned well. She had a deep tan with no tan lines due to all her time on Napali Island, as well as a love of nude sunbathing in her time since. Her bronzed skin tone stood out dramatically against the pale blue robe. But the real eye catcher was that she wasn't wearing any panties or bra, and it showed. She wasn't even trying hard to cover up, so her robe opened up enough to show off a dramatic amount of cleavage.

Furthermore, she was in danger of showing off her pussy too! The robe did cover her up there, but it was plain to see that could change if she moved around much and opened the robe more.

Sandy was aghast. She sat there with her jaw hanging open, utterly speechless.

If anything, Darrin's jaw hung open even wider. But he was feeling the exact opposite of aghast. He couldn't believe this was happening in real life. Lisa looked precisely like the kind of MILF woman he favored with his Internet porn, just as Sandy had noticed. Most especially, Lisa had a stunning face and tits that seemed to jut out a foot in front of her. True, he'd seen a lot of her cleavage in the last week, but it was different knowing she wasn't wearing a bra. And she was exposed almost to her nipples, and down below her belly button.

He figured that as soon as he was able to masturbate in private, he'd cum in seconds! But he also had no doubt that his dick would stay stiff, because it did that a lot and this was the best visual stimulation he'd ever experienced in his life.

There wasn't anything for Jane to do. She had a book to read, but she was so hot and antsy that she hadn't managed to read even a single page. So she'd turned back around in her seat and looked over the seatback at Lisa. She immediately complained, "Lisa! Don't you know what you're showing?! Darrin is right there in front of you!"

Lisa just shrugged. "I know. But what can I do? We're going to be on this flight for TEN more hours, and tomorrow's long flight will be much the same. Remember, I've been on these flights before. We just have to get used to a certain amount of nudity."

Jane griped, "'A certain amount of nudity?!' Are you kidding me?!"

"Nope. It's either that or some kind of heat stroke."

That left the others speechless. They all realized that Lisa almost certainly was right and they really had no choice but to try to adjust to the difficult situation.

Each one of the Douglases was left to their own thoughts. For Jane and Sandy, it was a confusing mix of arousal and worry. For Darrin, it was pretty much pure arousal.

Lisa took advantage of the silence to open her bottle of water and drink it. Knowing that Darrin's eyes were glued to her (and ditto with Sandy's eyes, and even Jane's), she drank in a titillating manner by tilting her head back and sensually holding the water bottle, like it was a stiff dick she was about to suck on. She let some water accidentally spill down her chin and onto her exposed cleavage, just as if it was cum dribbling from her mouth.

But Lisa was careful not to overdo it since Sandy was watching too. She very carefully used the hem of her gown clinging to her erect nipples to prevent the robe from opening all the way up. As it was, just the outer edges of her pinkish nipples could be seen. She also strategically held a hand still holding the bottle of water meant for Sandy in front of her pussy mound to make sure she wouldn't accidentally expose herself there. She knew Sandy was remarkably mild-mannered and tolerant, but was also getting near the end of her rope.

Sure enough, Sandy came close to shouting, "LISA! What the heck?! Have you lost your mind?! Can't you cover up better than that?! You're practically naked!"

She was upset, but she also felt even more aroused seeing Lisa like that, and she didn't understand why. Perhaps she could tell that such lack of clothes somehow meant she was going to see a lot more of her son's stiff boner before the long, hot plane ride was over.

She didn't realize how strong her cocksucking fetish had become, or how Lisa's motions with the water bottle triggered that fetish in a powerful way. She unthinkingly salivated and licked her lips as she imagined Darrin's cum dribbling down her chin and flowing into her cleavage.

Lisa just smiled as she pointed out to Sandy, "I'm wearing exactly the same thing you are. I bought 'em at the same store at the same time, just in different colors."

Sandy sputtered indignantly, "Yeah, but only because you forced me! Besides, I'm wearing underwear and you're not, and that makes all the difference!"

Lisa winced without actually getting upset. "I'm afraid you'd say that, because I'm going to have to insist that you take your undies off too. Trust me, I've been on these flights before. It gets hot! This is a CARGO plane. People are not designed to be here. It really is a flying sauna!"

Sandy had gone back to holding her robe closed with both hands. "That's a shame, but I have my limits, and this is as far as I can go. In fact, I've already gone way beyond! If it weren't for the fact that we four are the only ones who could possibly see, I'd have a heart attack!"

Lisa continued to stand there, showing off her flawless, fabulous body. "I'm going to have to insist. Trust me, I know this flight. The heat is going to go up and up. Your undies are collecting sweat and getting gross, I'm sure. You have no choice!"

Sandy was defiant, despite her raging lust. "I always have a choice, and I say NO! I'm willing to suffer to keep my son from having all sorts of unhealthy thoughts. I can handle the heat, but I couldn't abide permanently messing with the great relationship we have!"

Jane chimed in, "Good for you, Mom! Don't do it!"

Darrin was secretly rooting for his mother to take her underwear off, but he was smart enough not to say that out loud.

But Lisa was insistent. She told Sandy, "I'm your friend and I can't let you make that mistake. Look how you've practically fainted from heat stroke as it is, due to disregarding my clear instructions on how to dress. However, I suggest a compromise. You know how airplanes have those light blankets? I came prepared, knowing we'd need every advantage to get through these long flights. So I could get you the blanket I brought, and you could drape it strategically over yourself to cover your private parts while staying loose and cool. It's adjustable, so you can cover up just as much as you want."

Sandy was suffering and sweaty. But even more than that, she was as horny as she'd ever been in her life. Taking her bra and panties off sounded good, even though she never would have imagined going without them while her son was sitting right next to her. Since there were no armrests and the seats were narrow, their bodies were touching more often than not despite her frequent efforts to maintain a gap between them. (Again, the chairs were designed that way on purpose.)

Some more cajoling and arguing ensued, with Lisa sparring with Sandy and Jane.

Darrin wisely remained silent. He continued to sit there with his enormous erection straining his shorts. A large visible wet spot was on the tip, but there was nothing he could do about that.

Sandy was eventually persuaded to give in. SI had designed the situation so that women like her would have no choice but to wear less and less.

She got up again so she could change in the bathroom.

Lisa got up after her, in order to get the blanket. As she left her chair, she made sure to bend forward outrageously, since Sandy couldn't see what she was doing.

That gave Darrin a long look at her ass. It was completely uncovered for several seconds, since the robe barely covered her ass to begin with, and then it rode way up in response to her new pose.

His mouth was agape yet again, because her ass was round, firm, and flawless! As with her breasts, it was richly tanned without any tan lines. And it was within easy reach. Had he not been shy, he would have reached out and given it a good feel.

Unfortunately, he couldn't get a good look at her pussy, since her legs stayed close together most of the time.

She didn't want to be too obvious with him yet either, since she figured letting him gradually realize his new position as a sexual master was part of the fun.

She waited until she saw Sandy enter the bathroom and then close the door. The bathroom was only a few feet away after all.

Then Lisa stood up and turned around. In doing so, she very deliberately "forgot" that her robe had opened up even more. The sash was still pulled tight, keeping her pussy hidden. But she let the gap widen above the sash, so both of her stiff nipples were fully exposed. Once the robe made it past the obstacle of her jutting nipples, it was naturally pulled further to the sides, since her tits were so very large and round.

She looked back and down at Darrin, and made an excuse to talk to him so he could get a good look at her awesome chest. She spoke quietly, because she didn't want Sandy to hear. "Are you okay with what's going on? Does it bother you that..."

Her voice trailed off as she pretended to finally notice the way his eyes had grown as large as saucers from gawking at her bare boobs. "Oh my!" She pulled her robe closer together, though not enough to actually cover her cleavage. In fact, she subtly pushed her round G-cups together with her upper arms, making them thrust forward enticingly even more than they already were.

She knew that Jane had to be paying close attention, probably by leaning to the side so she could look into the aisle. How could she not? Again, there was nothing else to do, and nothing else to look at that was even remotely interesting. Jane had a big stack of boxes taking up one and a half of the other two seats in her row, and there was nothing but more boxes and bags piled high in front of her. True, they were on a plane, but they were in their own little world too.

So Lisa wanted to have a moment of honesty with Darrin, but she had to take a gamble that Jane would be cool about it and not say anything to Sandy. She decided to take the risk. She said, "Sorry about that! But then again, on second thought, what's the point of covering up? We're on a ten-hour flight, and it's just going to get hotter and hotter. Chances are, you're going to see a LOT of my naked body. Are you okay with that?"

He gulped and nodded. He was so excited that his head was spinning. He felt like his heart was going to thump right out of his chest!

Lisa flashed a big smile at him. "Good! So you don't mind if I do this, do you?" She let her arms hang loosely at her sides. That immediately caused the top of her robe to open up again, fully exposing all of her magnificent tits. Just like her ass cheeks, they were deeply tanned and without any tan lines in sight.

He was struggling hard not to cum, despite keeping his hands off his bulge, because he was so very, very aroused. He figured that cumming could be a minor scandal and ruin the fun, especially if his mother saw the evidence of that.

He somehow gathered his wits enough to add, in a cracking voice due to overexcitement, "I'm, uh, cool... but my mom..."

Jane finally spoke up. "Not just her! What about me?! Lisa! You can't do that!"

Lisa took a peek in Jane's direction. Sure enough, Jane was gawking with intense interest. Her face showed both lust and concern. She was leaning far out of her chair and into the aisle so she could see both Lisa and Darrin.

Lisa ignored Jane's complaint for the moment. She said to Darrin, quietly, "Ah, yes. Your mom. While we have a moment without her here, can I speak to you privately, and frankly?" She took a longer look at Jane, until they made eye contact. "And you too, since this affects you as well."

Jane just nodded. She was feeling too conflicted to say much.

She was no prude. A part of her welcomed something sexually exciting to relieve the boredom of the long flight. Plus, she was so horny that that made her more receptive to sexual boldness. Lisa was so gorgeous that even though Jane was mostly straight, just seeing Lisa effectively topless aroused her even more.

But another part of her was concerned. If Lisa got naked in front of Darrin, then she might end up doing the same. And despite her incestuous fantasies, she had no intention of doing anything intimate with him whatsoever in real life.

Darrin was in an erotic daze, but he finally stirred enough to nod too.

Lisa flashed another winning smile. "Good!" She got down on one knee, so she would be closer to eye level with both Jane and Darrin. But her main interest was Darrin, so she faced him.

Repositioning did nothing to cover up her huge tits. In fact, she deliberately leaned forward towards him, causing them to swell out and hang down dramatically. But she acted like that was no big deal at all.

Then she leaned in even closer, taking up most of her now empty seat, in order to speak with greater confidentiality (though she was aware that Jane would doubtlessly see and hear everything). In a sexy whisper, she said, "Darrin, we have a problem! Your mom, bless her heart, is too polite to discuss it, but I'm talking about the state of your penis!"

Lisa did a quick mental calculation. She figured that Sandy would be in the boiling hot bathroom for a few minutes at least, struggling with the decision to take her underwear off. Besides, she likely wasn't going to leave until she came by with the blanket she'd promised her. So what she did next was a risk, but it was one she was willing to make.

She leaned in even closer, until her dangling tits were almost touching Darrin's legs. "Can you keep quiet, and keep a secret?"

He nodded eagerly.

She looked back to Jane, who sensed something big was happening and was now kneeling in the aisle to be able to see everything. "Can you too?"

Jane reluctantly muttered, "I guess."

"You'll have to do better than that," Lisa said.

"Okay, fine, whatever," Jane grumbled. Then she nodded too.

Lisa nodded back, then resumed her whispering to Darrin. "The truth is, this is a long flight, and given that we're all going to get close to naked to deal with the heat, that thing is going to stay stiff more often than not!" She pointed to his boner from just inches away.

Then she continued, "I don't see why you should suffer. Since I'm not involved with anyone right now, and I like you a lot, I'm willing to help you out. Directly! Would you like that?"

He practically came on the spot, that idea was so thrilling. "Of course! Oh my God! So much!" But then he thought of his mother, and frowned. "But what about... my mom..."

Lisa smiled knowingly. "I know, I know. But maybe I can change her mind, by and by. Besides, she's not here now, is she?" She looked back at Jane, causing her immense tits to wobble and sway. "She's likely to be in the bathroom a while more, I'd guess. Is it okay with you if I help him out... right now?"

Jane was breathing hard with arousal. She was feeling even more conflicted than before. A part of her longed to see Lisa stroke her brother's enormous erection. But another part had a sinking feeling that this was a really bad idea, because it could be just the start of a slippery slope that led to even wilder things. Both parts were about equally strong, leaving her uncertain.

After a long pause, she said, "What about, you know... the idea that he takes care of himself?"

Lisa replied, "Would this really be any weirder? We're going to be in close confines for the better part of three days. When he does that, it's inevitable you're going to see it. A lot of it. The truth is, Sandy and I are going to be wearing nothing but these robes, if we even wear that much!"

The two siblings gasped.

Lisa told Darrin, "That means your penis is going to be stiff nearly all the time. You'll have to ejaculate many, many times each day. It's a real problem! When you masturbate, does it take you a long time?"

He looked at Lisa, and saw her giving him several subtle nods.

Based on those nods, which Jane didn't notice, he realized Lisa wanted him to answer in the affirmative. So he said, "Oh yeah! Definitely! It takes me a really long time. It could be an hour or more sometimes."

Lisa snickered in her own mind. Smart kid! She looked to Jane with concern. "You don't want that, do you? Can you just imagine having to sit there for an hour with absolutely nothing to do but hear the sounds of your brother masturbating? Talk about awkward!"

Jane didn't like that at all. It sounded arousing, but a lot more awkward than arousing. And it could get boring too, since he'd have to do that who knows how many times each day. She asked with alarm, "Isn't there another way?!"

Lisa held her arms out, as if asking, "Weren't you paying attention?" She spelled it out again. "The other option is what I just said, that I help him out. Then we can get it over with quickly. Maybe even before Sandy gets back. That'll save a lot of embarrassment for everybody.

Jane said, "Whatever. Do what you want. I don't care. I'm certainly not going to look though!" She defiantly turned around in her seat and even crossed her arms.

Jane told herself that this was the least bad option. She thought she was allowing the "responsible" option, but in fact her lusty desire was driving her thinking.

Lisa couldn't resist grinning at Jane's attitude. "Good! Look away or not. It's up to you. You might as well look, since I'm probably going to do this a lot in the next day or two." Then she turned back to Darrin, knowing full well that Jane would look.

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