Chapter 4
Written by Spacer X <>

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The tension grew and grew as Lisa reached out and unzipped Darrin's fly. Her years being a sex slave to her brother had taught her how to be great at sexy teasing and foreplay, and normally she would have drawn out the experience to increase the mutual enjoyment and savor the moment. But she was pressed for time with Sandy possibly exiting the bathroom at any moment, or at least calling for her to bring the blanket. Additionally, she sensed that Darrin was already dangerously close to cumming, and could blow his load before she could even touch him.

So she hurried onward. Once his fly was unzipped and his enormous boner was fully exposed, she immediately gripped it with both hands. The top half was soaked with pre-cum, to her delight. It was so very long and thick that her two hands had plenty to hold onto, especially since her fingers couldn't quite reach all the way around it.

She loved it, and sighed blissfully. It strongly reminded her of her brother's cock. That was no surprise, since SI always selected extremely well-hung teens. She shivered all over as she had a wonderful flashback to all the countless thousands of hours she'd spent stroking and sucking on her brother's boner, usually working together with her naked mother kneeling next to her.

Jane shivered lustily too. She muttered, "That's so wrong!" Then she remembered she wasn't supposed to be looking in the first place. She ducked down below the seatback. However, within seconds she was peeking through the gap between two seats instead.

Lisa's plan was to jack him off until he came. She knew it wouldn't take long, since he was about as worked up as he could possibly get, thanks to the overall highly sexual situation. But she was surprised when he grunted loudly and shut his eyes tight, indicating that her mere touch and the excitement of the overall situation had pushed him over the edge.

Knowing that she only had a second or two to deal with his coming cum blast, she quickly switched out of her fond remembrance for her brother-master and took action. She leaned in closer still, so her face was directly over the tip of Darrin's cock, from just a few inches away. At the same time, she began jacking him off with both hands.

Darrin already knew he was past the point of no return, but sensing that this gorgeous topless bombshell was actually starting to stroke his erection was such a great and arousing shock that it was like his orgasm was supercharged to a level of sexual ecstasy that he didn't even know was possible.

Yet somehow, even though he was losing his mind, he remained mindful enough of the danger of his mother hearing what was going on to clamp a hand over his mouth. It was a good thing too, because both of Lisa's hands were occupied.

He yelled fairly loudly, but between his covering hand, the constant rumbling roar of the plane, and the closed door to the bathroom, Sandy was none the wiser.

Because Lisa knew his orgasm was imminent, she deliberately didn't have a hand over the top of his cockhead in order to create a "crisis" over where his cum would go. Since her face was only a few inches above the tip of his cock, it was inevitable that his first rope of cum would blast her with considerable force.

She pretended to be surprised as the cum blast began, although that didn't matter since Darrin was seeing stars with his eyes wide open. He was in another world, a wonderful world of pure bliss.

Jane of course was watching intently, but she had a limited view through the crack and didn't have the correct angle to see Lisa's facial expression.

Regardless if anyone bought her surprised act, Lisa opened her mouth and brought her face down. In a flash, she had her lips over the tip of his cock, so the rest of his cum could shoot straight into her mouth and down her throat.

The fact that her lips were touching Darrin's hard-on would have totally blown his mind, except that his mind was thoroughly blown already. He was aware of what was happening in a general way, on some level, but mostly he was out of his mind. Had he been asked, he wouldn't have been able to remember his name or anything else. He was totally lost in the moment, enjoying the greatest pleasure of his life, by far.

Then it got even better for him! Lisa kept right on jacking him off with both hands, coaxing all the cum out of him that she could. And there was a lot! He always shot out a copious amount of cum that matched the extra large size of his penis. At the same time, her lips slid further down until she had most of his cockhead in her mouth.

She hadn't intended to do that. Her SI superiors had coached her on how to handle the Douglases on the journey to the Marshall Islands, and she was supposed to take things slowly and step by step. But she'd spent eight years lovingly serving the cock of her brother-master. Technically, she was no longer a sex slave, but she remained a firm believer in the sex slave philosophy that was a guiding principal of the Napali colony. Namely, the greatest purpose of submissive, big-titted beauties such as herself was to serve the huge cocks of naturally superior master-types like Darrin.

So although she wanted to hold back, she simply couldn't help herself. Once her lips made contact with Darrin's cock, it was like a flip was switched, and her entire being was focused on giving him maximum pleasure with her hands and mouth. She had spent eight solid years serving her brother's cock for hours every single day, and she missed it greatly. She felt incomplete without a master to serve, like she had a hole in her soul.

She worked for SI in order to keep an emotional connection with her eight years of being wonderfully enslaved by her brother on Napali Island. She wanted to help share the submissive joy with other similar women, like Sandy and Jane, and thus live vicariously through them. But every now and then her job as SI recruiter and minder gave her a chance to enjoy a "real" cock like Darrin's, so this was an extremely precious moment for her.

Lisa was flying high as she felt her mouth fill up with Darrin's cum. She knew he always came a lot, due to the surveillance video of his masturbation sessions that she'd seen. But she was pleased that his cum tasted fairly good as well.

Although she was delighted to actually be tasting it, she wasn't surprised. Over the course of the past year, Sandy's new friend (and SI confederate) Olivia had spent a lot of time talking to Sandy about living healthily and eating right. Olivia had steadily pushed for her to change her diet in a way to eat more fruit and less bitter foods. This had several purposes, but a key one was to make Darrin's cum taste a lot better, since what Sandy cooked affected the whole family.

The taste of Darrin's cum was very similar to that of Matthew's, Lisa's former brother-master. And that was no surprise, because Matthew had been brought along in the SI way just like what was happening to Darrin, so their diets changed in the exact same way. To Lisa, it was manna from heaven, bringing back powerful memories of great times.

In the three years since Lisa had left Napali Island after Matthew's tragic death, she had been a free agent, able to have sex with anyone she wanted. She had played around some, at first. But even with her bombshell looks, she couldn't find a man who met all the high standards that Napali men did, including sheer penis size and sweet cum taste. Most of all, none of her lovers could possibly understand and give her the sex slave lifestyle she craved. It was an impossible task, because no single man could recreate the entire submission and incest-based society of Napali. So she had chosen to go without men, except for rare times like this, when she got to serve a man as part of her SI duties who had received the SI stamp of approval.

As a result, the familiar taste of his cum meant the world to her. It was like she'd been transported back in time and was sucking on her brother's thick pole again. She was so emotionally moved that she had to fight not to shed tears of joy.

So far, she hadn't slipped her lips past the widest part of the crown of Darrin's cockhead. She knew that managing to do that would be a supreme physical challenge, especially since she was out of practice. She was mindful that she was supposed to pace herself so as to not freak out the Douglases and cause a prudish backlash. That was especially true with Jane watching, as well as Sandy being a very short distance away in the bathroom. But with the delicious taste of Darrin's cum flooding her mouth and even dribbling down her chin, she simply couldn't resist.

The seconds passed after Darrin's climax, and it soon became clear his cock wasn't going flaccid. So Lisa kept right on stroking his thickness with both hands while getting more aggressive with her mouth. It wasn't long before she managed to stretch her lips just enough to get past his crown. With that feat accomplished, her lips slid down another inch and she began sliding back and forth over his frenulum, his most sensitive "sweet spot."

This made Lisa deliriously overjoyed, because sliding her lips past her brother's sweet spot had been such a central part of her old life. Any big-titted Napali sex slave was a passionate cocksucker. Her tongue immediately got busy too. She prided herself on her tongue work. She had a nearly bottomless bag of tricks she'd learned in all her years serving Matthew, and she couldn't wait to use them on Darrin.

Without thinking, Jane exclaimed, "Oh my God! Lisa! That's SO WRONG!"

Only after she spoke those words did she remember that she wasn't supposed to be watching. It was nearly the exact same mistake she'd made less than a minute earlier, using similar words (She'd said "That's so wrong!" that time). However, she was so stunned and amazed that she simply couldn't help herself.

Once the words were out of her mouth, she couldn't take them back. She shut her eyes tight and covered her mouth with a hand, but of course that had no effect.

Neither Darrin nor Lisa noticed since neither of them tried to look her way. But both of them definitely heard her words and realized she was watching.

Lisa kept on with her increasingly overt cocksucking. She didn't even pause for a second after Jane's outburst.

However, less than a minute after she'd started bobbing and slurping, she heard Sandy's voice coming from inside the bathroom: "Lisa? Where are you? I could really use that blanket!"

That made Lisa about as frustrated as she could get. She wanted to beat her fists and cry out in agony. Cocksucking was much more than a sex act to her; it summed up what the sex slave life was all about. She'd been waiting a full year, since the last journey to Napali, for this very moment.

She thought, SHIT! Talk about BAD timing! Just when I'm starting to enjoy myself on a truly worthy cock! I haven't had this much fun since I was a minder last year. This is my purpose! It fulfills me like nothing else! I NEED to suck this cock!

UGH! But I can't! I can't be selfish. Sandy's transformation is the most important thing by far. I HAVE to stop, and fast, to prevent disaster! I can't let her catch me like this! Not yet!

She was thinking these thoughts to herself, slowly, because she was reluctant to pull off just yet. Darrin's cock remained stiff, and it went against her entire sex slave mindset to leave him hanging. So even after she told herself to stop, she delayed a little longer. She tilted her head with Darrin's cockhead in her mouth to make eye contact with Jane.

Jane was still peeking through the gap between seats. Her intention to keep her eyes closed had only lasted a few seconds. She was sitting up on the chairs, panting hard and pulling on her nipples through her clothes. She'd never seen anything as thrilling as watching Lisa's lips wrapped around Darrin's impossibly thick cock and then somehow managing to slide up and down it.

She blushed when she saw Lisa make eye contact with her, and she quickly took her hands off herself, but even then she couldn't stop watching.

Lisa was relieved that she'd gotten Jane's attention. She frantically waved in the general direction of the bathroom.

Despite the fact that Lisa couldn't talk, Jane got the general message. She shouted, "Um, Mom, I can see Lisa's still a ways away, going through some stuff. I guess she's having a hard time finding that blanket."

Lisa gave a heartfelt thumbs-up in Jane's direction. She breathed a big sigh of relief. Then she went right back to bobbing on Darrin's thick cock. She still only went down as far as the ridge of his cockhead though. She didn't want to fully commit until she was sure the coast was clear.

Sandy groaned unhappily through the bathroom door. "Ugh! I wish she'd hurry up! I'm roasting in here! So much so that I've taken my darn undies off and I just want to get out!"

Jane said back, "Well, just hold your horses, it might be a few more minutes."

Sandy groaned again.

Jane thought, Why the hell did I say that?! I'm encouraging her! Enabling her! Hell, I'm a co-conspirator! But it's just too damn exciting! She could barely resist masturbating, but felt she had to because if Sandy opened the bathroom door, she'd see Jane right away.

Lisa was sorely tempted to use those extra minutes that Jane had provided to simply suck on Darrin's cock the whole time. And she did joyously suck for another minute or so.

As she did so, she thought, Uh-oh! Change of plans! I shouldn't have brought Jane in like that. I'm totally screwing up the approved transition plan. But God, I love sucking Darrin's cock so much! What a stud he is! Sure, he came right away, but his cock stayed as stiff as a steel bar! This is a cock that deserves to be properly pleasured! No wonder SI chose him! MMMM!

But as much as she was loving every moment, she knew more important things had to be done. So instead of going deeper past his crown, she very reluctantly pulled her lips off.

Looking back at Jane through the gap, she mouthed the words, "Thank you!"

Jane just sheepishly smiled and nodded. She wasn't sure what was going on, but it was wild and fun so far, and she had a good feeling that things were going to get even wilder. She couldn't wait to see what else would happen, especially with the danger of her mother being there.

She told herself that she wasn't doing anything wrong. Darrin had to cum one way or another, and this was the best and fastest way. Why not let him have some fun along the way? That thinking ignored the fact that he'd already climaxed and Lisa's continued oral work had nothing to do with that.

Lisa was still steadily stroking Darrin's hard-on with both hands. But she pulled her head up and away enough so he'd have another good look at her immense dangling bare tits. She smiled at him a bit sheepishly, and spoke quietly to make extra sure Sandy couldn't hear, but Jane could. "Sorry about that, kid. I hope you don't mind. I hadn't thought about where the cum would go, and once you started to shoot, well, that was the only thing I could think of not to cause a mess."

Of course that explanation ignored the fact that she'd sucked him after he came and in fact she was still jacking him off. But she was sure he wasn't about to complain.

Darrin was beside himself. He was so out of it that his eyes bugged out like he'd lost his mind. He was completely incapable of coherent speech.

Jane snickered gleefully at his dazed condition. She could laugh at him since she knew he was loving every second, and he'd fully recover later. Since the others knew she was peeking anyway, she couldn't resist quietly teasing him, "You lucky son of a bitch!"

He didn't respond at all. He stared into space with a dazed expression.

Realizing that he was totally overwhelmed, Lisa asked him gently, "Darrin? Can you hear me? Are you paying attention?"

It took a long moment but he finally nodded. He even briefly glanced at her face before going back to stare alternately at her dangling boobs and her sliding hands.

Lisa's smile grew. To her this was victory, to pleasure her man so effectively that he literally didn't know up from down. But she didn't have time to savor the moment with Sandy broiling away in the bathroom, which was deliberately designed to be uncomfortably hot on an already too-hot plane.

In fact, just then, Sandy spoke through the bathroom door, "Jane? Is Lisa back yet?"

Jane lied again, "Sorry, Mom. But I'll tell you the second I see her."

"Thanks," Sandy said glumly. "Can you go find her, please?! I'm dying in here. It's too hot!"

Jane didn't know what to say. She realized she would be in big trouble if Sandy opened the door, peeked out, and saw that Lisa was still there. So to help stall for time, she said, "Sure. I'm on it."

Sandy groaned in frustration anyway. "Please hurry!"

Sandy's words reminded Lisa that she was quickly running out of time. Lisa whispered to Darrin, "You just sit tight. Relax and recover. I've gotta go do some things. But don't you worry. I don't want your penis to suffer. I'm sure, over the next day or two, I'll find some occasions to do a lot more of that. Just promise not to tell your mom about it quite yet. Okay?"

This time, he responded faster and nodded eagerly.

Lisa leaned back down and gave his cockhead a kiss. That soon turned into more licking, as well as continued stroking, because she had such trouble controlling herself.

But then Sandy asked through the door, "Jane? Are you still there? What's happening? I'm dying here! I'm burning up!"

Jane was staring at her brother's cock with undisguised lust. But she looked back to the bathroom door, just to make sure it was still closed. "Um, hold on. I'm just leaving now to go find her, okay?"

"Thanks," Sandy replied. "But PLEASE! Hurry it up! I'm getting so sweaty that, well, it's a problem!"

Lisa reluctantly pulled away from Darrin's boner again. She almost gave his cockhead another good-bye kiss, but she realized that would just start the cycle all over again. She quickly stood back up, while she was still feeling a burst of resolve.

Once again, she made no attempt to cover up her partial nudity, even though she was standing in the aisle. If anything her robe had opened up more. The sash had loosened enough for Darrin to see that her bush had been shaved off. The robe slipped off one shoulder, exposing yet more of her upper body and leaving the impression that the robe was dangerously close to falling off altogether.

Darrin stared at her in wide-eyed wonder. WOW! She was just sucking my dick! LISA! The second sexiest woman I've ever seen with my own eyes!

Lisa turned to Jane, and made a motion for her to stand up.

Once Jane did, she whispered to her, "Are you up for some sexy fun?"

Jane smiled from ear to ear, almost wickedly. Then, remembering the incest factor, she amended that to say, "Well, within reason, of course."

Lisa smiled back. "Of course. For starters, we need to get you in something more liberating that'll help you fight the heat. Would you be willing to wear a robe just like the one I've got on... and nothing else?"

Jane didn't even have to think about it. "I'm all over that!"

Her attitude about wearing such a rope had totally flipped, mostly because she was so extremely aroused. Seeing Lisa suck and stroke Darrin's cock had drastically changed things for her, and in ways she didn't consciously realize yet. But also, she didn't expect that she would actually do anything physical with her brother. Despite her secret fantasies about him, that was so wildly improbable in her mind that she didn't even consider it, especially with Sandy and Lisa there too. She just thought she'd have a fun time watching Lisa get intimate with him, since that so clearly was happening now.

Additionally, unlike her prudish and careful mother, in recent months she'd been having fun occasionally flashing Darrin. She made sure it could always come off as an accident, such as walking into a room without knocking, and she usually limited it to brief glimpses of herself wearing underwear or at most going topless, but she got a big thrill out of it every time. So now that the atmosphere had changed to "outrageously sexy," she was ready and willing for more of that, and to even take things to the next level with more outrageous and overt teasing.

Lisa flashed her pearly whites and grabbed Jane's shoulders in excitement. "Great! Quick, come with me. We need to get you changed while your mother is in the bathroom so it's a done deal before she can object."

Jane smiled widely too. But then she said with concern, "Okay. But before we go anywhere, do you realize you've got some of his... stuff... on your face?"

Lisa giggled. "Oh shit!" She'd forgotten that she'd taken Darrin's first rope or two on her face before getting her mouth around his shaft. She felt her cheeks and came into contact with some cum. Sensing that Jane's attitude had shifted in a major way, she unabashedly scooped some up and sucked those fingers into her mouth. "Sorry! This is the quickest way to clean that up. Besides... just between you and me, your brother's cum is really yummy!"

Jane giggled too. "You're so baaaaad!"

"I know! I'm glad you're cool with it. But quick, come with me!"

The two of them hurried down the aisle towards the center of the plane. Lisa had a box of supplies near at hand, but she had another box of things she didn't want readily accessible, and that's where she kept some clothes.

As they walked, Jane asked, "What about my mom?! We can't leave her in that awful bathroom! It really is hell in there."

"I know," Lisa replied. "Let's hurry then!"

After showing Jane the other robe, which was white, she started to hurry back.

But Jane, holding up the robe, asked urgently, "Wait! Where am I supposed to change?! Mom's already in the bathroom!"

Lisa waved her hands at all the boxes and bags stacked up high. "I don't know. Find a spot. But do it fast!"

Jane reluctantly nodded.

Then Lisa rushed back to take care of Sandy.

In truth, it wasn't hard for Jane to find some privacy. Most of the plane's interior was seat-less, and the boxes and other supplies had been carefully arranged so there wasn't a straight aisle allowing one to look way down the plane. Actually, Jane was near where the flight attendant Vicky was sitting most of the time but she didn't realize it because of the way the aisle zigzagged.

There were narrow gaps between some of the stacks of boxes, so Jane found a private alcove like that to change. It actually was a fairly large space, considering that boxes and bags were stacked up high almost everywhere else. It even had a chair in it.

She didn't question its purpose, but that alcove was actually set up by the SI staff to be a good spot for sex acts away from the others. There were similar private spots for the Brown and Sanchez families further up the plane.

Meanwhile, Lisa went to the box she kept near her seat. In fact, it was directly across the aisle from her seat. She took the blanket out, though it was a stretch to call it a blanket. She walked only a couple of feet away to the bathroom. Then she said through the door, "Sandy? You there?"

Sandy exclaimed, "Lisa? Praise be! I'm about to pass out in here!"

"Don't worry, I'm here to help." Luckily, she remembered the cum still on her face, thanks to Jane's reminder, and she started swiping the rest of it into her mouth as quickly as she could. "I have the blanket, finally. I'm sorry it took so long, but some of the boxes look the same, and I got lost."

"Never mind about that!" Sandy opened the door a crack and stuck her head out.

Lisa had to quickly turn her head away, because she knew she might still have some cum on her face that she'd missed. She was frustrated at having to waste the precious cum of a superior master-type, but in order to not get caught she quickly smeared the remaining cum into her cheeks.

"Lisa?" Sandy was confused, since she poked her head out only to see Lisa looking the other way. "I'm over here."

"Right!" Lisa made one last wipe of her forehead, nose, and chin, just to be safe. She also furtively rearranged her robe so she was showing plenty of cleavage but at least her nipples were hidden. Then she turned and smiled at Sandy through the partially open door. "So do you see my point about the heat?"

"YES! Oh my goodness, yes! I never thought I'd say this, but I'm practically ready to go naked, even with my son here. I'm about to pass out! Literally!"

Lisa looked Sandy over, and saw she was drenched with sweat, and not just on her face. Most of Sandy's body was still hidden behind the bathroom door, but she could see one arm, and that was sweaty too. "Sorry! Wow, look at you! You're soaked!"

Sandy was distraught. "Tell me about it. This is a disaster!"

Lisa moved into take-charge mode. "Don't worry; I'll take care of it. First, do you have your undies?"

"Yes! And I don't know what the heck to do with them! That's the main reason I've been waiting for you."

"Don't worry, I've got that too. Slip them through the door and I'll discreetly put them away."

"Okay... but... I can't believe I'm doing this!"

"Relax! So you'll be partially naked for a few hours. Until the end of the flight, actually. But it's not the end of the world. Besides, it's not like you have any choice."

Sandy was still peering into the aisle, with little more than her head showing. "My gosh! And look at you! You're practically naked! For real!"

"This is what I was wearing the last time you saw me."

Sandy averted her eyes by ducking her head back behind the door. "I know, but... everything's just kind of... hanging out. Can't you at least tighten the robe some?!"

Lisa replied without even attempting to adjust the robe's sash, "I'm trying to be mindful of that, but there's only so much I can do. We can do. You're wearing the exact same thing, you know."

"UGH! Please don't remind me!"

Sandy closed the door until it was open only an inch or two. She brought her mouth right to the gap and whispered very quietly to Lisa, "Where's Darrin?! What is he doing?! I'm afraid to ask!"

Lisa brought her head close and whispered back, "He's masturbating, as we planned. Unfortunately, he keeps stroking and stroking, sliding his fingers up and down his outrageously oversized organ, but he still hasn't climaxed. It's a real problem!"

In fact, Darrin wasn't masturbating. But his cock was fully erect and exposed.

Sandy gasped. "Oh no! It's just like I feared! What are we going to do?!"

Lisa said, "Don't worry, I'll figure something out. I promise."

After some more small talk, Lisa put Sandy's underwear in the same nearby box where she'd gotten the blanket. There was a sink in the bathroom, and she noticed that Sandy had washed her panties to hide the evidence of her arousal. But that had only been partially successful, since she didn't want to make the panties too wet in the hope she could wear them later, and they still smelled of sexual arousal.

Lisa then spent the next couple of minutes talking to Sandy, encouraging her to have the confidence to be so exposed while sitting next to her son. The sheer heat had worn down Sandy's resistance, as planned, especially the extra heat inside the bathroom. True, Lisa had had a great time sucking on Darrin's cock, but she had also deliberately wanted Sandy to "bake" in the bathroom long enough to at least break her resistance to take her underwear off.

Lisa then got a towel, thoroughly wetted it with cool water, and then let Sandy towel herself off with it.

Sandy was so relieved that it didn't occur to her that not only was she standing in the aisle by this time, she was in full view of both Jane and Darrin!

Actually, that wasn't true at first. Jane had finished dressing into her white robe and returned to her seat. She could easily see what her mother was doing, since she had an aisle seat, and her row was closer to the bathroom door. However, there was no line of sight between Darrin and Sandy, since he had a center seat one row further back.

He was truly off in la-la land, his mind seemingly destroyed by recent events. He didn't even fully realize that his erection was completely exposed. But when he heard Lisa and Sandy, and realized that his ultra-curvy mother was going to towel herself off just out of sight, he had the sense to switch seats and peer into the aisle.

Lisa was hoping and expecting that he'd recovered enough to do that, to help increase his lusty desire for his mother. So she was careful to position Sandy with the wiping so that Sandy was never facing in Darrin's direction and thus wouldn't realize she was being watched. It helped that Sandy didn't want to look in that general direction anyway.

Halfway through cleaning herself with the towel, Sandy froze and shut her eyes tight. She whispered to Lisa, "Please don't tell me my children are looking at me!"

Lisa whispered back, "Trust me, you're safe. Darrin has his eyes closed while he's busy stroking himself. He's off in fantasy land. Meanwhile, Jane's sitting in the row in front, with her eyes shut tight and her hands over her ears. I'm guessing she's trying her hardest not to pay attention to what her brother is doing right behind her."

Lisa whispered that just loud enough for the Douglas kids to hear. Since she was standing behind Sandy, she nodded at them and even waved her hands in hopes they would catch on and strike the poses she was describing.

Darrin couldn't believe his luck. He closed his eyes and started sliding his fingers up and down his throbbing erection. But after just a few seconds, he opened his eyes just barely enough so he could peek at Sandy while she continued to wipe herself down with the towel. It was breathtakingly titillating, especially because she was repeatedly wiping the towel over all her sweaty skin under her skimpy robe, exposing still more of herself.

Jane did almost the exact same thing. She put her hands over her ears and kept them there, but she furtively watched Sandy through slitted eyes too. She didn't feel a strong sexual attraction towards women, but Sandy had such an incredible body that she couldn't resist watching and even get more aroused by it.

The Jane of ten minutes ago would have been shocked to discover how she was behaving now. But Lisa's all-too-brief blowjob had changed everything. Even though Jane had been fucked by some handsome and sexually talented guys, this was the most aroused she'd ever been in her life. She was so insanely horny that she was "out of her mind" in a very real sense.

Sandy felt frazzled and physically weak after being in the sauna-like bathroom for many minutes. When Lisa had offered her the wet, cool towel, she was so desperate for relief that she toweled herself off without giving much thought to the fact that she was standing in the aisle of an airplane. She hadn't seen anyone else but Lisa, Jane, and Darrin since the plane took off, and with the way the aisle zigzagged out of sight and the constant roar of the engines' muffled sounds, she felt like she was in her own private world.

She had good reason to feel that way, since every aspect had been deliberately designed by SI to create that impression.

But her son was watching the whole time, and while masturbating, no less!

She tried her best to maintain her modesty, especially with Lisa standing right next to her, but her desire to cool down and wipe all her sweat off was strong. She wound up putting on an incredibly sexy show without realizing it. True, her privates generally stayed covered, and she kept her back turned from where she knew her kids were sitting. But the way she wiped her wet and sweaty skin was highly erotic by itself.

But her "sexy show" got even better when she bent over to wipe all the way down to her feet, as she unthinkingly and completely exposed her entire bare ass! She never wore short skirts and never went without panties, so it didn't occur to her what she was showing. In fact, she kept rubbing the towel down to her feet over and over again, not just to get rid of the sweat but also to cool off. Her entire ass was on display for more than a minute!

Lisa was delighted at this lucky break. She wanted to do something silly like pointing at Sandy's incredible ass and giving Darrin the thumbs up sign, but she knew that wasn't prudent. That was especially true since she realized how Jane was also staring through narrowly slitted eyes.

Darrin was barely hanging onto his sanity, he was so aroused. He was feeling reckless and careless, since his usual restraint had been destroyed by the sheer intensity of recent experiences. As a result, he stroked his erection without really thinking about the fact that he wasn't just watching a porn video on the Internet. He was watching his real live mother from so close that he could have reached out and touched her bare ass!

Soon, he was back off in his la-la land of total sexual euphoria, smiling like an idiot as he reveled in every motion his mother made.

He would have been even more aroused if he knew what Sandy was thinking. She thought, How did I find myself in this predicament?! What a total disaster! My big man is jacking off while sitting only a few feet away from me, in full view of everybody! If I turned around and looked, I'd probably see his hand pumping up and down all that thick, hot cock-meat!

And I'll bet anything... ANYTHING... that he's thinking about me while he's doing it! Lisa said he fantasizes about me constantly, and I knew that already anyway. I'm sure he's thinking about me in this ridiculous robe. But worse, Lisa says that boys his age constantly think about oral sex. Constantly! I'll bet he's thinking about how I'd look kneeling between his legs and slurping all over his BIG FAT COCK!

Sandy didn't consciously realize it, but she'd wiped all her sweat away by this time, and she was less wiping herself clean and more caressing herself with the towel, allowing her to prolong her fantasy. He'd love that, wouldn't he? The pervert! Only I don't think this damn robe would stay on my shoulders for long, if I was leaning forward and bobbing intently on his oversized pole. It would slide all the way off, and then I'd be stuck there loving his cock while buck naked!

The SHAME! God! What a slut I am! Because I know it would be soooo GOOOD! Once I'd start, I'd never be able to stop! Then I'd become his mommy slut, just like Olivia is for her son! I'd become totally addicted to coaxing out load after load of his sweet seed, just like her! I wouldn't even care that I was doing it on this damn plane, with Lisa and Jane...

OH SHIT! The reminder of Jane being there startled her out of her fantasy. She froze in place and tried to calm herself.

After taking a few deep breaths, she whispered to Sandy, "How are we doing? My kids... they're not looking, are they?"

Lisa whispered back, "Nope. Don't worry. Darrin's so lost in some masturbatory fantasy that I don't think he'd notice if a whole herd of elephants came charging by! I can't help but look his way from time to time. He's got such a MASSIVE erection! And he's stroking it with wild abandon! It's a miracle he hasn't climaxed yet!"

Sandy bit her lip. Her urge to turn around and look was nearly overwhelming, but she resisted. She thought, This is torture! Pure torture! Why does my son have to be so damn well-hung?! Why did Olivia have to put so many weird ideas in my head?! I can't stop thinking about sucking him off! What's wrong with me?!

And what if he's peeking?! Oh God! He could be! Why does that thought AROUSE me so much! Sure, it disturbs me, but it arouses me more! If he is, I must be putting on some kind of obscene show. I have to finish fast!

Lisa occasionally looked back to check on Jane and Darrin. It was easy to see that they were staring at Sandy. Jane still had her hands over her ears, but the more time went on, the more they opened their eyes wide.

Lisa loved that Darrin was jacking off while gawking at his voluptuous mother. She tried to prolong Sandy's toweling off to help prolong his erotic joy as well. Just when Sandy finally decided she was done, Lisa gave her another cool and wet towel, and took the other one away.

The new towel felt so very good to Sandy that she washed herself off all over again. She even bent over and exposed her ass as much as she did the last time.

But Lisa could only string things along so much without getting obvious about it. Eventually, the time came for Sandy to return to her seat.

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