Chapter 5
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Seeing what was coming, Lisa took the second towel from Sandy and got back in her aisle seat. In doing so, she managed to get Darrin to slide over to his middle seat before Sandy could realize where he was and that he'd been watching her.

She also saw that his shorts had slid down and his boner was fully exposed. She was going to tuck that back into his shorts, because she figured that having him continue to masturbate while Sandy was sitting right next to him was probably more than Sandy could handle just yet.

But before Lisa did that, Sandy noticed that Jane was wearing a loose robe and nothing else, and started arguing with her about it.

Still standing in the aisle, Sandy complained, "What do you think you're wearing, young lady?!"

Jane shot back, "The exact same as you! And the exact same as Lisa. What's the big deal?"

"The big deal is that your brother is sitting right behind you! He could potentially see... well, too much!"

Jane responded, "He doesn't have X-ray vision. How could he possibly see me?"

Sandy replied, "Okay, maybe not now, but later."

"Then we'll deal with that later."

"Janey, weren't you the one who begged me to make sure you'd never wear a robe like that?"

Jane carefully replied, "True, but things change. This heat is EXTREME! Look at how I'm sweating like a pig! It's the same reason you took your underwear off. We have no choice!"

The two of them continued to argue in that vein. Clearly, Jane was winning.

Sensing that would go on for a few minutes, Lisa couldn't resist. She had been about to tug Darrin's shorts up, but seeing how much progress she'd made with the Douglas family already, she pulled his shorts all the way off instead! She hid them behind and under her seat so Sandy wouldn't find them.

Then, without saying a word, she took Darrin's boner back in hand and resumed jacking him off!

He gladly let her replace his hand with hers.

She knew doing that was dangerous, since Sandy remained oblivious that Lisa had done anything to his exposed boner other than being the one who first exposed it. But she stroked him while constantly looking into the aisle where Sandy was standing.

Luckily, he was wearing a baggy, oversized T-shirt, since she'd warned the whole family to wear loose clothing. That fit Lisa's improvised plan well. She figured she'd have time to tuck his boner under his T-shirt and try to sell that to Sandy as his version of wearing a loose robe.

But perhaps more importantly, she had a craving to stroke him that was so strong that she couldn't help herself! It was déjà vu for her, because he so strongly reminded her of her brother Matthew back when she, Matthew, and their mother had journeyed to Napali Island for the first time on a flight just like this one.

Darrin's brain was broken, at least for the time being. He wasn't thinking rationally, so he just accepted this new reality and enjoyed the hell out of Lisa's talented stroking. He was dangerously close to cumming again, thanks to the inadvertent sex show Sandy had put on with her towel.

To his added delight, Lisa's loose robe opened up enough to fully expose her G-cups. The robes were cleverly designed to open up like that on their own for a busty woman, and Lisa definitely qualified.

Lisa knew he was staring, with a particular fascination of her erect nipples, but she made no attempt to cover up.

She sensed that all this stimulation was quickly taking him over the edge, and she was an expert at dealing with it. He actually started to cum almost immediately, but she brought her other hand to his crotch and squeezed hard around the base of his shaft. That not only short-circuited the orgasm process before it could really get going, it provided a refractory time period of sorts for at least a few minutes, allowing his urge to cum to recede for a while.

Unfortunately, the argument between Jane and Sandy was heading towards a stalemate, with Sandy insisting that Jane at least put her bra and panties back on, and Jane refusing to do so, relying on the powerful argument that Sandy was being a hypocrite given what she was wearing.

Lisa would have loved nothing more than to drop her head down and bob on Darrin's cock. But instead, she forced herself to stop the handjob and tuck his boner under his T-shirt. The way the T-shirt tented up was downright comical. She figured Darrin needed time to recover from his close call anyway.

Then she stood up and joined in the discussion. Naturally, she took Jane's side. She still kept a hand loosely holding Darrin's erection, since she was sure the two Douglas women couldn't see what she was doing.

Sandy finally caved. Not only was she outnumbered two-to-one, but Lisa claimed special knowledge of how hot the rest of the flight would get, and insisted that there wasn't a real choice. She reminded Sandy how hot it had been in the bathroom, and that alone was a powerful argument.

As the argument had been coming to a close, Lisa anticipated what would happen next. She surreptitiously removed her hand from Darrin's boner and replaced it with one of his. Then she carefully covered his entire crotch with his large T-shirt. Finally, she pulled her robe together just barely enough to cover her nipples.

Sandy started to return to her seat. But as soon as she reached the back row, she looked to where Darrin was sitting and noticed that his shorts were gone! It was impossible to miss, with the way his T-shirt tented upwards. She could clearly see how his hand was holding his erection under the shirt.

Sandy gasped out loud and even covered her mouth in shock. She was so stunned that she temporarily forgot just how much of her own body was exposed. Her robe had gradually opened up, since it naturally did that unless one constantly worked to keep it closed, just as Lisa's did. Thus, she was showing a dramatic amount of cleavage, just like Lisa was.

Lisa acted fast before Sandy could get second thoughts and take action about her own robe or Darrin lack of shorts. While Sandy was still very much in shock, Lisa rather insistently pushed her forward and guided her past Darrin, then plopped her back down into her "window" seat (though there were no windows on the plane outside of the cockpit).

Sandy was in a total daze, so she didn't put up any resistance. Only after she was in her seat for a few moments did she start to recover and react. First, she carefully pulled her robe tight. Then, wanting to cover up even more, she urgently asked Lisa, "Where did that blanket go?"

Lisa had hoped that Sandy had forgotten all about the blanket. But since Sandy mentioned it, she smiled and got it. (She'd placed it on a box across the aisle while helping Lisa with the toweling off process.) She smiled and said, "Here you go." Then she sat back in her aisle seat.

Sandy took the blanket and frowned. She hadn't paid close attention to it until now, and she didn't like what she saw, even before she unfolded it. "This?! This is a 'blanket?' It barely even qualifies as a towel!"

That was true. Lisa had a choice of blankets to offer from her secret supplies, but she figured the less Sandy had to cover up with, the better. The blanket she'd chosen was square-shaped, and just short enough so she couldn't use it to cover up both her breasts and her pussy. It also was made of smooth, thin silk, just like the robes all three women were wearing.

Lisa pointed out, "I know it's not big, but think about how hot it is in here. Would you want this or a thick wool blanket? The point is, it's big enough to get the job done. You wanted an extra layer over your privates to prevent accidental exposure, and this does that."

Sandy held up the blanket and eyed it critically. "Does it? Maybe. Just barely!" She placed the towel over her pussy mound, and had no trouble covering that. But when she tried to keep it there while pulling it up to her nipples, she realized it was a couple of inches short of reaching the bottom of her immense I-cups, much less higher to her nipples.

She sighed with frustration and gave up the effort, keeping it over just her crotch.

She glanced at her son's crotch. He was still holding his boner under his shirt, but to her great relief he didn't look to be actively stroking himself.

She thought, This is madness! I'm practically naked, and my son still hasn't had an orgasm yet! What the hell are we going to do?! And my so-called "blanket" is more like a hankie! I'm so screwed!

She looked to Lisa plaintively. "This is... a... a problem! Do you have another one?!"

Lisa gave her a sympathetic smile. "Sorry. You're lucky I had that much. What's the problem?"

Sandy gave Lisa an incredulous look. "These!" She waved her hands over her big tits. She was especially distraught because when she'd wetted her body all over with the towels, that had gotten her robe somewhat wet too. And when the light green fabric got wet, it turned partially see-through. She hadn't noticed it until now, but she looked down and saw to her great dismay that her nipples could clearly be seen! She squealed in dismay and covered the middle of her huge globes with both of her hands.

Lisa pretended not to notice Sandy's wet robe problem, and said, "Okay, I can relate. But remember this is a long and hot flight. There's bound to be some accidental exposure. Maybe a lot of exposure. We'll all just have to grin and bear it."

Sandy couldn't resist gawking at the large tenting in Darrin's T-shirt. It was pulling so tightly on the fabric that the shape of his bulbous cockhead could be clearly seen, since his hand was holding it further down his shaft. Furthermore, he'd been leaking pre-cum at least since Lisa's recent, brief handjob, and that was making a wet spot where the tip met the T-shirt. That was creating the same sort of semi-transparent problem Sandy was having, and it was causing the fabric to cling even closer to the shape of his cockhead.

She thought, Dear Lord! That's not a mere penis; that's a tower of cock! So much delicious thick cock-meat! I could just... I could pull the damn T-shirt aside, bend over, and take it in my mouth! I swear, I would suck the hell out of him until he'd have a great big cum! That would solve his blue balls problem!

No! What the hell am I thinking? This heat must be making me delirious!

Sandy had never come all the way down from her earlier great arousal. She was so used to completely covering up that the mere fact she was wearing nothing but a loose robe made her feel completely naked. Being naturally and deeply submissive, getting embarrassed or even humiliated was a powerful turn-on for her, just as it was for all Napali women. (It actually was an important prerequisite for any woman to qualify.) She didn't realize how turned on being this exposed was making her, especially in front of her son, but it was happening in a major way nonetheless.

She was grateful to get all cleaned up in the bathroom, and then again with the toweling off. Her pussy had been soaked in her sopping wet panties, but now it was dry again. Or at least that was the case for a minute or two, because she'd been getting moist just from standing in the aisle, and now that she was sitting next to her son's "tower of cock," her pussy reacted like it was about to get fucked by a cock that was at least twice the size of her dearly departed husband's.

She thought, I HAVE to do something about my son's lewd display! And fast! That will remove my temptation. How long can I maintain this thin facade that I'm not totally obsessed with the fantasy of playing with his cock? And especially sucking on it! Oh yes, that! I'm salivating so much that I'm liable to start drooling! Gaawwwd!

Besides, what's going to happen next?! Will he just resume stroking himself?! And if he does, then what?! If he pulls that T-shirt out of the way, I'm going to lose my freaking mind! I have to fix this situation!

She realized she was wantonly gawking at his erection and his hand around it. If her eyes were lasers, she would have burned his T-shirt clear away so she could have a direct view.

Darrin was busy looking at Lisa, While Sandy was doing her best to cover up with her small blanket over her pussy mound and her arms across her huge tits, Lisa was taking a much more cavalier attitude. In fact, her robe was wide open down to her sash, and like before it was only her erect nipples that prevented her tits from getting fully exposed.

Lisa, in turn, was looking out into the aisle, as if something interesting was happening there. She was deliberately doing that to give both Darrin and Sandy a chance to look where they most wanted.

Meanwhile, Jane had been totally forgotten in the front row. She wanted it to stay that way, so she was careful not to say anything. But with nothing else going on, and so many interesting things happening behind her, she couldn't resist peeking through the gap between the two seats some more.

Sandy was tempted to just stare and stare at her son's crotch. But she gathered her willpower and averted her eyes. Then she said, "Darrin, Son, speaking of exposure, have you lost your mind?! What the heck happened to your shorts?! I insist you put them back on this instant!"

Darrin was still off in an erotic wonderland. He was furtively rubbing his "sweet spot," the frenulum. He was doing it a very careful way so it was difficult to tell with the T-shirt in the way. There was a little bit of hand movement, but much.

He'd been staring at Lisa's chest when Sandy addressed him, but he slowly turned his upper body to face his mother.

He unthinkingly gawked at her incredible body, until she tried to cover up even more. Instead of just holding one lower arm over her nipples (while her other hand averted her eyes), she covered up her chest with both her upper and lower arms as best she could.

That finally shook him out of his erotic daze, at least partially. But he was still so out of it that all he could say to her was "Huh?"

Sandy, at first, kept her head turned away so she wouldn't have to look at his bulge. But she made eye contact with him and gave him an upset glare. "Is that all you can say? 'Huh?' Where did your shorts go?!"

He looked down in confusion, because it hadn't fully dawned on him until just then that his shorts in fact were gone. It was like he was heavily stoned, except with lust instead of drugs.

Jane snickered at her brother's cluelessness. But she was careful not to make much noise, and the rumbling of the old cargo plane masked a lot of sound anyway. She had a great view of his hand around his erection, and from her angle she could tell how he was subtly rubbing his sweet spot. The whole situation was all so endlessly arousing and entertaining that she had put her worries aside, at least for now.

Lisa sensed that Darrin wasn't exactly at his sharpest. Worried he was likely to blurt out something stupid, she spoke for him. "Don't worry, I took care of them and put them away. His underwear too."

Sandy was aghast yet again. "What?! Why?! For heaven's sake! Just look at that!" She pointed at the tenting of his T-shirt almost fearfully.

Lisa seemed nonplussed. "I had to, of course. He's suffering from the same problem the rest of us are. He's got to dress for the heat too. I've got another robe like the ones we're wearing for him to wear, but is that really what you want? The problem is, it opens right down the middle, like ours do, except given his stiff erection, well, that could create a problem."

Sandy was aghast. "COULD create a problem?! I'd say it's creating a problem already! This situation is totally intolerable! With the way we're all dressed, or I should say undressed, it's downright pornographic!"

Lisa nodded. "It is a problem. But don't worry, we discussed this earlier. Remember how he's going to jack off? Once he does that, he'll go flaccid and all will be well again. Look at his crotch." She waited until Sandy was looking.

In fact, Sandy was more like ogling. She felt her heart would thump right out of her chest. Sweat was dripping down her face, more from nervousness and excitement than the stifling heat.

Lisa went on, "So imagine that he's flaccid instead. Won't that be better, once that happens? Luckily, he's got such an oversized shirt that it safely covers everything."

Sandy stared critically. She was getting more aroused by the second, it seemed. She felt she needed to put her foot down about him putting his shorts back on, but a part of her was excited about the possibilities of him exposing himself if he wore just a T-shirt.

Sandy wanted to whisper to Lisa without Darrin or Jane hearing, but that was difficult with Darrin sitting between them. She lowered her voice and leaned forward towards Lisa, so at least Jane would have trouble hearing.

However, in so doing, her robe opened wider over her chest, despite her arm resting over her nipples. Her breasts would have been fully exposed had it not been for that arm. She tried to use her free hand to pull her robe tighter, but with only partial success.

She sighed, and decided to deal more with that problem later. Then she spoke quietly to Lisa. "What are we going to do about... you know! His problem!"

Lisa looked at Darrin. She could tell he was still dazed with too much arousal, so she kept her question simple. "Kid, do you need to cum?"

He nodded.

"Does it hurt, having to go so long with an erection like that without cumming?"

Despite his highly distracted condition, he could see that was a leading question. He nodded again, just as he knew Lisa wanted him to.

Lisa smiled with approval.

Encouraged, he turned to Sandy and whispered, "Mom, it hurts! It's all backed up! So painful!"

Lisa smirked at that. She asked him, "But you're trying to be polite, aren't you? You think it's weird to stroke yourself with your mom sitting right next to you and your sister sitting nearby too."

He nodded. He was hamming up his suffering with a pained expression. He didn't know what was happening exactly, but Lisa had sucked his cock, if only briefly, and he had a good feeling that more wonderful things like that would happen if he kept following her lead.

The mention of "your sister" caused Sandy to look up and around for Jane.

Jane had been ignored so long that she'd gone from looking through the gap between the seats to peering just over the top of the seatback she was sitting in.

Sandy made eye contact with her, and indignantly complained, "What are you looking at, young lady! Turn around this instant! That's an order!"

Jane ducked her head down and then turned around. She wanted to complain but decided it was wiser to try to get back to being ignored.

Seeing that Sandy was feeling aroused and conflicted, Lisa asked her, "Don't you agree that he needs to jack off some more? Think about his blue balls problem. That's only gotten worse. He must be suffering something awful!"

Sandy was getting dizzy just from thinking about what Lisa had suggested. She tried to fight her sexual desire, saying, "Well, I don't know if I'd use the word 'needs.' But I suppose that could help... defuse... the situation."

"Good!" Lisa slapped Darrin's shoulder encouragingly. "Did you hear that, kid? Your mom just gave you permission to jack off!"

Sandy winced. "I wish you wouldn't keep using that phrase!"

Darrin had been paying attention to the discussion through his sexually stoned haze. But his lust was in total control. So when he heard he was allowed to jack off, he acted without critically thinking first. He pulled his boner out from under his T-shirt. Then, once it was fully exposed, he started stroking it!

Sandy had been shocked by a number of things already, but this time she was so astounded that she did a textbook "double take." She simply could not believe what her eyes were seeing! But along with a sudden shock came a powerful lusty surge that seemed to set her entire body on fire.

Even Lisa was shocked. She'd fully expected him to just resume fondling himself from under his T-shirt. She thought, Bonus! I wasn't expecting that at all, but okay, I can roll with that. Let's see just how far we can push Sandy before she pushes back!

Jane had hardly turned back around when she heard what the others were saying and turned back to face the back row again. She repositioned so she could peek through the gap between the seats some more. She was rewarded with a view of Darrin's raging erection from less than a foot away.

She didn't consciously realize it, but her desire for him was growing by leaps and bounds. Her friend and SI confederate Cassie only had partial success in getting Jane to lust for her brother. But the seeds of incestuous lust that had been planted over many months by Cassie were finally taking root.

Sandy wanted to scream out from the sexy sight so tantalizingly close to her, but she just panted hard. Her eyes were as wide as saucers and her jaw dropped. OH! MY! GOD! What is he...?! He can't... It's SO BIG! HNNG! It's incredible! Gaawwwd, my son! My SON!

Thinking about the fact he was her son was like a slap in the face and finally gave her voice. She hissed urgently, "Darrin! Not HERE! I said okay, but NOT HERE!"

Normally, Darrin would have been much too shy to expose himself in front of someone else, especially in front of his mother and someone else besides. (He didn't realize that his sister was watching through the crack between the seats as well.) However, his mind had been blown so radically that he managed to return to sanity by making an unconscious decision not to question anything and just go with the flow, no matter what. That had worked out really great for him so far.

As a result, he found it easy to whip out his dick and start stroking it, but he also found it easy to stop if he was going to get to do it somewhere else. He was in a plastic condition, ready to do whatever he was told, because ever since he'd gotten on this plane flight everything seemed to result in incredible sexual pleasure for him. So he just nodded sheepishly and pulled his T-shirt back over his boner.

Lisa was secretly disappointed with that, for more reasons than one. Of course she'd hoped he'd get to jack off in front of Sandy and Jane. (Since she already knew about Jane's trick of peeking through the crack, she checked it from time to time to see if Jane was watching.) That would be a big step in her overall sexual transformation plan. But also, she was disappointed by Darrin's lack of decisiveness. After all, her ultimate goal wasn't for her to seduce anyone, it was for her to assist Darrin seduce his mother and sister.

That had to happen before they reached Napali. And it wasn't just enough for physical intimacy to ensue - he needed to show signs of being able to dominate his loved ones, and they needed to show signs of enjoying being dominated by him, to make sure the master and slave lifestyle was right for the entire family. That wasn't going to happen if he remained passive.

However, she also knew that he'd just experienced the greatest shock of his life, and there was a lot more of that sort of thing to come. She was willing to cut him a lot of slack. But she made a mental note to work harder to encourage his dominant side to come out. Despite his seemingly shy nature, all the psychological tests showed that it was there lying in wait.

Luckily, Darrin still had enough of his wits around him to remember the original masturbation plan, which was for him to temporarily switch seats with Jane to give greater privacy. He was eager to cum, so he immediately got up and tried to walk past Lisa.

This put Jane in a panic. Not only had she been secretly spying on the others, but just seeing Darrin's enormous boner barely covered by his T-shirt had gotten her extremely aroused. And now that she was wearing nothing but a thin robe that barely managed to cover all her privates even when she was sitting still, the temptation to touch herself was tremendous. That was true for all three women, but the difference was that Jane was sitting by herself where the others couldn't see. Even Lisa had only managed to see a bit of Jane's face peeking through the crack between two chairs.

As a result, when Darrin stood up, Jane had her robe wide open in front, and she was fingering her pussy with one hand and fondling a stiff nipple with her other hand. She wasn't presentable, to say the least, and she was so very horny that she didn't know what to do with herself.

Naturally, she immediately turned around in her seat so she was facing forward, like she was supposed to. Then she scooted over so she'd be properly centered in the middle of her seat. She quickly pulled her robe shut after that. She looked up with worry, half-expecting to see Darrin already standing there. But he wasn't, so she retied the sash to her robe, because it had come undone. All that only took a few seconds, since she was in a panicky rush not to get caught.

With all that accomplished, she closed her eyes and tried to compose herself. Her heart was racing and her chest was heaving due to her heavy breathing. She knew that was a clear sign that she was very aroused, but she couldn't will herself to breathe normally in a mere few seconds, or anything close to that.

Lisa was very perceptive, and was helped by the fact she'd been in this situation several times before, both as the sister on the verge of getting tamed and then later twice as a minder. She hadn't been able to see what Jane was doing through the narrow crack, but she figured that if she was in Jane's shoes she'd be masturbating already, and she didn't want Darrin to discover Jane like that just yet, to make sure the sexual transformation process didn't go too fast and spin out of control. As a result, she positioned herself so he couldn't easily pass her. That gave Jane time to make herself at least somewhat presentable.

Darrin didn't mind getting blocked, because it gave him a chance to enjoy the sight of Lisa's enormous bare tits from a new, high angle. He also didn't realize what a show he was putting on, because he didn't give any thought to what was happening to his dick, and it poked straight out, holding the bottom of his T-shirt up like a flagpole sticking out of his body.

Sandy swooned, because for a couple of seconds, Darrin's cockhead was only a few inches from Lisa's face. Her heart leapt to her throat, because she could easily see herself as Lisa, since their bodies were almost identical from the neck down. It almost felt as if he'd stuck his cock in her face as an invitation for her to suck it, and that drove her absolutely wild.

But after just a few seconds, the path was cleared and he walked into the aisle. With his boner still exposed and bouncing in front of him, he stepped up to the front row where Jane was sitting.

Jane had been expecting to see him at any moment, but not like this! Her heart did backflips as she saw his boner fully exposed and jutting forward. Plus, just as it was for Lisa, it was startlingly close to her face, since he was standing up and she was sitting down.

Operating purely on instinct, and not even sure why she did it, she immediately stood up and gave him a hug. It seemed like the thing to do, if only to put herself out of danger, since she'd felt a sudden urge to reach forward and firmly grasp his hard-on.

It was a lucky thing she went with the hug instead, because Sandy belatedly realized that Darrin was walking to Jane with his throbbing boner sticking out, and she couldn't let that happen. She stood up in her seat to stop them, only to find them sharing a loving hug. She had to hold her robe closed with both hands, since it would open up on its own otherwise.

That hug flummoxed her greatly, because she didn't know what to say or do. She could hardly object to a simple hug. But she worried his boner was still sticking out, since that had been the case just seconds ago, so it was highly likely that was still the case. But Darrin could have realized he was about to see Jane and tucked it under his T-shirt again, at least. And if he'd done that, she would feel like a fool suggesting otherwise. Plus, she was well aware that Jane was wearing nothing but a robe. Compared to Sandy's usual standards, that was pretty much the same as being buck naked.

Additionally, she didn't know how to talk frankly about sexual matters with her children. It just wasn't done in her family. So she coughed, loudly, to get their attention.

Darrin and Jane were sharing an electric moment, because his fully exposed boner had just made contact with her bare leg. It was like an actual electric shock for both of them, causing their bodies to tingle and twitch all the way down to their toes. Plus, Jane's F-cup tits were enormous for a girl her age, and they were barely covered even after she'd fixed her robe. That resulted in another electric point of contact, when their chests met. Both of them thrilled at the way her erect nipples poked into his skin.

But the magical, sexual connection only lasted for a few seconds, due to Sandy's cough. They both felt like they'd been caught with their hands in the cookie jar, so they pulled a respectable distance apart.

To retroactively justify the hug, Jane said to Darrin, "Hey, I know things are really weird for you. Heck, for all of us. But hang in there." She gave him a warm smile.

He was pleasantly surprised, and smiled widely. "Thanks!"

Sandy was frustrated, because from her point of view in the "window" seat (which had no window), she couldn't tell what was happening between their bodies. For instance, was his boner covered up or not? She didn't know. So she shyly suggested, "Um, ah... kids, it's nice to see you hug, but maybe this isn't the best time. You're not exactly dressed for it."

Jane spoke to Sandy while still facing Darrin. His boner was just inches from touching her pussy mound, and she had all kinds of wild ideas to hold it and stroke it, and more. But the incest taboo still had a strong hold on her. Besides, that wasn't even an option while their prudish mom was watching. She didn't know exactly where Sandy was positioned or what she could see. So she merely said, "Don't worry, Mom. I'm not about to let him do something weird."

Then she whispered to Darrin very quietly, "Tuck it under your shirt!"

He quickly did that. He was alert enough to do it in a subtle way, mindful of where his mother was standing.

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