Chapter 6
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Then Jane moved to walk past him. But as she went, she whispered to him again. "Have fun!"

Outwardly, he just nodded. But his mind was blown all over again. Jane was actually inviting him to enjoy masturbating himself! She had been acting strangely around him sometimes lately, possibly even a bit flirty, but she'd never said anything like that before.

He didn't have time to think though, because he was so very eager to masturbate to orgasm. He sat down in Jane's seat and immediately unveiled his boner again. Within seconds he had his head tilted back, his eyes closed, and he was blissed out stroking his thick shaft.

Jane quickly moved to the middle seat that Darrin had just vacated. Her goal was to keep her robe pulled tight and act unobtrusive so Sandy wouldn't give her any grief, and especially so they wouldn't reopen the argument about her having to wear something else.

But at least for now that wasn't an issue, because Sandy was standing up to check on the hug between Darrin and Jane, and while she was still processing that, he'd sat down and started to jack off. That meant she had a great view looking down on his crotch, and apparently he didn't even know she was looking.

She didn't consciously decide to spy on him, but once he got started, she was so fascinated that she couldn't look away. Dammit! I can't get over the sheer size of his dick! His father had a normal sized penis, about five and a half inches long. I've heard that was about average. And that seems fitting, because we had an average, vanilla sex life. But Darrin... I'd guess that his is eight inches long, if not longer.

Still, that isn't the big deal. If it was only the length, I wouldn't be so obsessed. What astounds me is the thickness! The thickness! It's at least as thick as a Coke can, and that's no exaggeration! Even his own hands can't reach completely around it! How would my smaller hands fare?! I can't even imagine! Holding it, stroking it, licking it... and even sucking on it! Yes! Yes! Especially that!

Her chest started heaving as she recalled how she'd seen Darrin's erection only a few inches from Lisa's slightly parted mouth a mere minute ago. What if Lisa had just opened her mouth wider and leaned forward?! It would have slid right in! If it could even fit! Then I'd take it deeper and deeper into my mouth! I'd put my hands on his ass, get a good grip, and use that leverage to force it further in! Just like Olivia always does with her son. Gaawwwd! And then... then... paradise!

She was so very aroused watching Darrin stroke his raging boner that she didn't even realize how she'd switched from thinking about Lisa sucking his cock to putting herself in that role.

Her thought about Olivia was telling, because her blowjob obsession was almost entirely due to her friend and SI confederate. Not long into their friendship, Olivia had confessed to having a sexual relationship with her son, who was fifteen-years old, the same as Darrin. Sandy kept Olivia's secret, but they frequently debated about the morality of it. Olivia said she wouldn't rest until she convinced Sandy that what she and her son did wasn't wrong. As part of that campaign, she showed photographs and then later video footage of her having sex with her son, supposedly to prove that what they did was all about love and just an extension and deepening of their loving relationship.

Olivia never once tried to argue that Sandy should get intimate with Darrin, since that would have been too obvious. Nor did Sandy ever talk about her changing feelings for her own son, because she was too shy and embarrassed to do so.

But those photos and videos fired Sandy's imagination, and did more than anything else to make her fantasize about her own son. Olivia had given her copies of many incestuous videos of her and her son, and late at night in the privacy of her room Sandy often masturbated to the highly arousing footage. The videos never showed her son's face, supposedly so Olivia wouldn't get in trouble if the videos fell into the wrong hands. But in fact the videos had been made expressly for Sandy, and the fact the son's face couldn't be seen made it very easy for Sandy to imagine it was Darrin.

Also, as a SI employee, Olivia had a voluptuous physique, almost exactly like Sandy's. She even dyed and cut her hair similar to Sandy's before they met for the first time to make it even easier for Sandy to imagine herself in Olivia's place. Most of the videos focused on handjobs, blowjobs, and titfucks, with a strong emphasis on blowjobs, since that inevitably would be a major part of Sandy's future life. Like all Napali sex slaves, she had a burning passion for cocksucking in particular, and that passion came through in her many sexual talks with Sandy, not to mention the videotaped performances.

As a result, it wasn't nearly as shocking as it otherwise would have been for Sandy to watch Darrin jack off. It was almost like she'd been given yet another new video from Olivia, only with enhanced sensory output, including smell. Forgetting where she was or who she was with, she just leaned forward onto the back of the chair in front of Jane and stared with undisguised lust.

Sandy unconsciously licked her lips as she thought, Good God! That's so very HOT! I can't believe he's only fifteen, because he has the penis of two grown men combined! No, make that THREE! And it's definitely a "cock," not a mere "penis." He's such a STUD! It reminds me so much of Olivia's son. I kept protesting that what she was doing was wrong, and no matter how many videos she shared with me, I still stuck with that. I owe her an apology, because how could she resist a cock like that?!

Gaawwwd! I wish I had MY hands on it! I wish it so much! And not just my hands! If only I wasn't his mother! And if only we were alone in some private room instead of on this damn hot nightmare of a plane... I swear, I wouldn't hesitate to drop to my knees and take ALL of his thickness into my mouth, no matter how much it hurts! I would be the best damn cocksucker he'll ever have!

While all that was happening to Sandy, Jane was sitting in the middle seat right next to her, trying to look and act normal. She stared straight ahead into the seatback in front of her, hoping to be so boring that neither Lisa nor Sandy would pay any attention to her.

It was easier than she'd expected to be ignored, thanks to the way Darrin began masturbating. She couldn't see what was happening with the seatbacks in the way, and she didn't dare use her trick of peeking through the gap between seats (only now from the other side) with Sandy sitting on one side of her and Lisa on the other. She'd never get away with it.

But even though she couldn't see what was happening, she definitely could hear. Because Darrin was semi-delirious with too much lust, he didn't give any thought to how much noise he was making. His passionate panting made the most noise, but one could also hear the sound of his fingers sliding up and down his shaft, thanks to all the pre-cum lubricating the motion.

Jane thought, Hoooooly fuck! This can't be happening! So many fucking bizarre things have happened in such a short time. I thought nothing would top Lisa sucking him, but this takes the cake!

Out of the corner of her eye, she noticed that Sandy was standing up, and even leaning forward. That meant Sandy wouldn't be able to look at her, since Sandy's attention was clearly on Darrin in the front row. So Jane turned her head more to see what exactly her mother was doing.

Jane thought, Hoooooly fuck AGAIN! I can't believe it! Mom is totally perving! She's spying on Darrin, big time! Hell, you can't even call it spying because she's doing it so blatantly. She's so far gone into her lust that it's like she just doesn't give a fuck!

She looked over at Lisa to check on her. She was relieved to see that Lisa had her eyes closed. She didn't know why she was doing that or what she was thinking, but it meant that Lisa wasn't paying any attention to her. That emboldened her to stare more at her mother.

She thought, God DAMN! I totally knew Darrin has a thing for Mom. How could he not, with the way she looks? So I don't blame him for that. In fact, I've been kind of impressed at how hard he's fought to hide his feelings, even though it was totally obvious anyway. But lately, I've been getting the impression that she's got some kind of crush on him too. Like the way she'd stare and stare and stare some more at the bulge in his shorts when she thought nobody was looking. Gross!

Although I can't really be too grossed out since I do the exact same thing. I swear, it's like he's got an anaconda hidden in there. How could I NOT be curious, and even fascinated? But it's different with Mom. She's not supposed to be sexual like that.

Anyway, if there was any doubt that she has the hots for him, that's over! My God! I can't see her face since she's leaning so far forward, but I probably don't want to anyway or I'd be grossed out some more. Besides, just look at the way she's started clutching at her breasts or the way she's breathing so hard. She's totally in heat!

This is fucked up! So fucked up! Where is this all going?! I'm getting seriously concerned. I've gotten so horny myself that I gave Brother a hug when we were both semi-naked, and I kind of LIKED it! That's fucked up too. Why did I do that?! I have to pull myself together and calm the fuck down!

Indeed, Sandy didn't realize it, but she was putting on quite a show. Her blanket had fallen to the floor, forgotten. She was so keen on getting a good view of Darrin's masturbation that she had scooted forward until she was pressed up against the seatback in front of her. Bit by bit, she drifted into Jane's middle seat area as well, to better look past the large boxes filling the other two seats in the front row. More importantly, the sash on her robe had come undone and practically her entire front side was exposed. She clutched her huge, bare tits with both hands and rubbed them together. She had sensitive tits and she loved to rub them together, but only in the privacy of her room, usually while watching one of Olivia's videos or just masturbating to her own thoughts about her son.

Sandy might have continued like that for a good while, except she began panting heavily, and Darrin noticed something odd about that, since the sound was coming from above him as well as behind him.

He turned his head in her direction to investigate, even as he kept on stroking himself.

It was a startling moment for both mother and son when they made eye contact! That didn't last for long though, because his gaze went down to her immense and totally bare breasts.

That hit him like a lightning bolt! To see them in their fully exposed glory was practically a life changing event for him. But the fact that she was pushing them together and even rubbing them shattered his mind into a million pieces.

Sandy had a classic "dear-in-headlights" moment. In a flash, she went from mindlessly aroused to deeply ashamed, even though her arousal didn't diminish much. She had no idea how to justify what she'd been caught doing, especially since she hadn't been consciously aware she'd been doing it until the moment she got caught.

She wasn't the type to curse, even in her own mind, but she thought, OH NO! NOOOOOOO! What the hell am I doing?! Gaaaawwwwd! I'm never going to live THIS down! My secret shame is being exposed! My big man is going to be psychologically damaged forever! This can't be happening!

Lisa could sense trouble. She didn't want Sandy to freak out and retreat into a prudish shell. So she stood up and looked down at Darrin, catching his attention.

Well, mostly. He sensed she was standing there, but he couldn't take his gaze from his mother's incredible bare I-cups to save his life! Lisa's G-cups were just as exposed, but he didn't look her way enough to notice.

Lisa said, "Darrin, I bet you're wondering what your mom is doing. We were talking, and we decided you need to cum, fast! We don't want the flight attendant or anyone else to see. So she'd though that if she gives you a sexy sight, that'll help speed things up. Isn't that right, Sandy?"

Sandy was in such shock that she was frozen like a statue. The only signs of life from her were her heavy breathing and the fact her face was turning redder by the second. She continued to hold her huge tits instead of trying to cover them up.

After some long, awkward seconds, Lisa had to prod, "I said, 'Isn't that right, Sandy?!'"

Sandy couldn't think at all, because Darrin was so overwhelmed by lust due to seeing his mother's bare tits for the first time (not counting a few furtive glimpses in the bathroom at home) that he never really stopped jacking off. She remained transfixed by his hand pumping up and down. She knew full well that he was doing that while looking at her bare chest, and that made her even dizzier with lusty need.

She finally managed to reply, "Uh... um... er... YES! That's right!" After seemingly getting frozen just like her body, her brain resumed being able to think. She metaphorically grasped at Lisa's fig-leaf excuse with both hands. She was grateful beyond belief, because her greatest fear was having the "secret shame" of her incestuous desires exposed.

Lisa asked Darrin, "What do you have to say? Isn't your mom great? She's volunteered to show you her big breasts until you get the job done. She's even fully exposed them to help speed things up. Not a lot of moms would be willing to do that, but she loves you a lot. Shouldn't you at least say thank you?"

Darrin continued to gawk, except that his gaze went up to Sandy's eyes. He stared intently into her sparkling green eyes and practically into her soul as he said, "Thanks, Mom. You ARE the best. I love you so much!"

Lisa was very pleased. For one thing, she loved that her quick action had all but forced Sandy to maintain her current pose, in order to give legitimacy to her cover story. But more than that, she loved Darrin's words and especially his stare. She thought, That's the look! That's his inner master finally coming out! What a devastating, bold gaze! It's like he's taking charge with his eyes! I love it! That's gonna set her cunt on fire, for sure!

Actually, Sandy's pussy was already on fire, if one could say that for something that was sopping wet. In fact, her entire body was on fire. She told herself that it was due to the heat of the airplane, but that was just a lesser factor compared to the sexual heat of the situation. Her partial nudity in particular was driving her wild non-stop.

She was highly conflicted, because she had a deep conviction that she could never get sexually intimate with her son under any circumstance. But she'd also developed powerful sexual feelings for him in recent months, and all her talks with Olivia had reignited her libido in a big way in general. Furthermore, the situation on the airplane had just about driven her mad with lust.

She told herself that she had to sit back down and out of sight. Most importantly, she shouldn't continue to clutch at her huge bare tits, even pressing them together as if she was offering them to her son. But her desire was like a wildfire burning out of control, and Lisa had given her an excuse. Furthermore, the way her son was staring at her was having a profound effect on her, though it was one she didn't consciously understand.

She thought, This is so wrong! So very, very wrong! Especially with Jane and Lisa watching! Oh dear God, Jane! How can I explain this to her?! But at least I need to maintain this cover story for Darrin. If I sit down now, he'll know that what Lisa said was a lie!

Sandy's face was as red as a beet. She gave up the "stare battle" with her son, and had to turn her head to the side. Somehow, that aroused her even more, though she didn't know why. She was oblivious about her natural sexually submissive nature.

She was so extremely aroused that she was struggling with all her might not to cum. Her exposure and embarrassment only increased her sexual need. Had she been able to touch her pussy lips, clit, or even her nipples, she would have gone off like a rocket. She craved that desperately, but it was out of the question. She couldn't let him see her cum, as she figured that would send a very dangerous signal. So she continued to fight the urge, even as she kept her beautiful bare tits on full display.

Jane couldn't believe what she was seeing and hearing. She continued to sit between Sandy and Lisa, trying to be obtrusive. Thus, she continued to have an up close view of her mother acting totally out of character.

What the HELL is happening to Mom?! I don't buy this stuff Lisa is saying for a second. That's just a thin excuse to let Mom save face. Mom is totally in heat! I wouldn't believe even my own eyes in a million years except for the fact that I'm extremely aroused myself. Something really fucked up is going on here, like some kind of collective insanity!

She still didn't understand what had possessed her to give Darrin a hug when his boner was sticking straight out, and while she was wearing nothing but a loose robe. She was equally baffled by her whispered comment to him to "have fun." True, she'd flirted with him some in the past few months, mostly by letting him get the occasional glimpse of her fantastic body, and she'd fantasized about his big dick a whole lot more. But she figured that fantasy and reality were as different as day and night. She would have considered him far too young, not to mention scrawny, to deserve a total bombshell like herself, even without the incest factor, which trumped everything anyway. At that stage, a three-year age difference was massive.

That said, she also realized, As freaky as all of this is, I need to cut Mom some slack. People who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones. I have to admit that when I gave Brother that hug, my lust was burning so high that if Sandy and Lisa hadn't been there, I would have been sorely tempted to turn that hug into a lot more, starting by holding and stoking his huge hard-on! Things kind of got out of control for a little bit.

We must be suffering some kind of temporary insanity, due to the heat, the cramped space, the lack of clothes, and who knows what else. Lisa certainly isn't helping! The problems began when she held Brother's boner and then exposed it. I've got a strong hunch that she has the hots for him, so she's letting things get crazier and crazier, so she can do what she wants. I've got to put a stop to that!

Jane glanced up again at her mother. Sandy was in the exact same position as before, except that her head was turned away. That meant Darrin almost certainly was continuing to jack off while staring at her. Jane could even hear the tell-tale sounds.

Jane thought, Soooooo fucked up! But I have to try to be tolerant. I certainly don't want to give Mom any grief about her behavior, because she's caught up in the same perfect storm of sexy insanity that's tripped me up from time to time too. If I point things out, she'll die of shame. No, I need to take her aside and talk to her in private, so she can be aware of what's going on and be more vigilant about staying in control.

Otherwise... who knows what the hell might happen! Yeah, Mom clearly has the hots for my geeky little brother. It's incredible, but the growing evidence can't be denied. And hell, I've kinda felt the same sometimes, so again, I can't throw stones. But there's NO WAY anything physical could happen between Darrin and Mom, or between him and me. Fantasies are one thing, but getting intimate in reality is like day and night! Ewww! Gross! I would NEVER want that! I'm sure Mom feels the same. There would be soooo many problems with that, especially given that the three of us will be living together when we get to the island. Talk about awkward if we have a brief slip up on this plane!

That said, I do have a feeling that a lot of wildly arousing things are going to happen between Darrin and Lisa. Heck, it's already started, big time, with her brief oral action. Is she going to stop there, with a minute or two of sucking? No way! I'll bet she'll find some way to get him alone and have her way with him. Have her way with his huge dick! She's no fool. She knows he has the largest, most perfect cock imaginable.

God, I wish so much I wasn't related to him. I wouldn't want to actually DATE him. No way! Not just the age gap, but he's just... well... my geeky little brother! But if I could just have a "relationship" with his cock, without the rest of his body attached, I'd be all over that like white on rice!

The question is, should I try to stop Lisa from having her way with him? Can I stop her, even if I want to? Should I let her know that I'm aware of what she's doing? I don't know! My poor brother is totally sexually inexperienced, and Lisa is SUCH a babe! He could have the best first time in the history of first times, if it's with her. It would be kind of mean to try to take that away from him...

Meanwhile, Darrin continued to stroke his throbbing erection while staring at his mother and especially at her incredible bare chest. He was sitting up on his seat, with his feet under his ass, to get a better view. He was trying to take things slowly, and in fact was only lightly stroking his shaft, in order to prolong the joy for as long as possible. Even so, he was inexorably slipping closer and closer to cumming, because the overall situation was so astoundingly stimulating.

Sandy remained frozen in place, with her eyes shut tight and her head turned away. Her hands were on her I-cups and clutching them from below, as if offering them to her son on a platter. She wanted to let go, but she felt she couldn't, because she was breathing so hard that if she did her great tits would heave up and down in such an obvious way that Darrin wouldn't fail to notice her arousal, no matter how deep in an erotic daze he was. More than anything, she was determined to hide her "secret shame."

Even with her hands where they were, she was breathing so hard that she couldn't entirely stop the sexy heaving. She was trembling, torn between lust, humiliation, and restraint. So far, restraint was losing out, but she couldn't shake the strong feeling that she shouldn't be showing off her tits like that. It was bound to change her relationship with her son in ways she couldn't begin to predict.

She was thinking frantically, trying to figure out what she could say to get herself out of this situation, when events took their own course.

Darrin had only been masturbating for about two minutes since he had permission to gawk at his mother's mammoth bare tits. But he'd been off the charts aroused even before he started masturbating at all, thanks to the hug with Jane and so much more, and he was spiraling closer to an epic orgasm all the while. Despite his best attempts to prolong the joy, he was bound to cum before long even without touching his privates, because everything was just too amazing and arousing to be believed!

Thus, without warning, he crossed the line. Sensing the coming eruption, he only had a couple of seconds to react, but he was too far gone to do much of anything. His one act was to turn to face forward in his seat, because he didn't want to freak out his mother by cumming on her or even in her general direction.

Then all he did was grunt and shut his eyes tight as his cum started to rocket out the tip of his dick. Since there were only two rows of three seats each at the back of the plane, there were no seats in front of him. Instead, there was a solid wall of large cardboard boxes. So, without knowing what he was doing, he began painting the side of the box that happened to be in the way.

Lisa had anticipated there was going to be a problem about where he'd cum, although she saw it as an opportunity. She had remained standing up for the past couple minutes, which meant she was behind and above Darrin and thus she couldn't see his face. But her years as her brother's sex slave had made her a true expert in the tell-tale signs of when a man was about to cum. Even though she didn't know Darrin's specific signs, there was something about the way his breathing and grunting changed that tipped her off a few seconds before he actually started to shoot off. She acted fast.

She immediately moved to the row he was sitting in, and put her hand in front of his erection to block the blasting of cum into the side of someone's cardboard box. But she didn't want to be too fast, because the damaging of the box was something she could use to her advantage later, so she let him shoot off a few ropes first. At the same time she was in motion, she shouted out, "Oh no! He's making a mess!" She hoped that would give some cover to explain her actions.

She didn't stop at just putting her hand in the way. She brought her palm over the top of his cockhead to fully block it, then brought her other hand to his shaft to hold it in place.

At least, that was the excuse, or the plan. Once her hands got in contact with his "masterly" cock, her years of training as her brother's sex slave kicked in and she started jacking him off with her hand around the base. Even her other hand managed to massage and fondle his cockhead while continuing to block the tip.

Sandy was shocked beyond belief, yet again. But she was at least as aroused as she was distressed. Without realizing what she was doing, she resumed rubbing her big globes together. She wasn't doing it for Darrin, since his eyes were closed, but just because it felt so good. She mentally cheered Lisa on, imagining herself in her place. Yes! Yes! YES! Stroke that big fat cock! Make him cum so good!

Jane forgot all about her strategy to be unobtrusive. Curiosity got the best of her. With Lisa out of her aisle seat, she slid over to that seat, since Sandy was standing more or less in front of her. Then she raised herself up just enough to see what Lisa was doing.

The sight of Lisa stroking Darrin's cock while he continued to squirt his cum into Lisa's other hand fired her lust into the stratosphere, though her worry of Sandy seeing her stopped her from touching her privates.

Jane thought, A-ha! I totally knew it! Lisa is so in love with his cock! She can't even stop herself! Lucky bitch! Damn! Just look at her hands around his pole while it spasms and squirts! Her hands look so tiny! Like she's holding a tree trunk! Fuck me, that's HOT!

Sandy was incredulous at what she was watching. It really was like one of Olivia's videos come to life. Lisa was in such a haste to get to Darrin's dick before his orgasm ended that she paid no mind to her robe. It didn't take much to open up, in her rush to get near him it slipped off her shoulders altogether. Her G-cups were on full display as she held and stroked Darrin's squirting erection.

Unfortunately he was too far gone to appreciate the sight, since his eyes were closed. He was literally seeing stars, because his orgasm was that intense.

But Sandy had a clear view of everything, including Lisa's bared upper body. Olivia also happened to be a G-cup-sized beauty. That was no surprise, since that was the average bra cup size of Napali mothers, due to SI's highly selective filtering process for extremely busty mothers and daughters.

But back in the rest of the world, a rack that size was truly extraordinary. Sandy had never known any other beautiful women with such curves, except for Olivia and now Lisa. So it was easy for Sandy to imagine herself in Olivia's place, and she'd gotten used to that in her many, many sessions watching Olivia's erotic videos. Thus, it was easy as pie for her to put herself in Lisa's shoes instead. When she watched Lisa stroking Darrin's cock, it was exactly like she was having an out of body experience and she was watching herself do that. Her most forbidden fantasies were coming true before her eyes!

Oh, Son! Your naked mommy needs you to cum! Cum HARD! Cum in my hands! Cum for mommy! Oh God! Your cock feels so good! Just as soon as you're done, I'm going to suck you to make sure you stay hard because you're my son and I love you! And I need your cock so bad! In my mouth! I neeeeed it!

She reached such a peak of erotic ecstasy watching that she began to spontaneously orgasm. The only self-touching she was doing was rubbing her round knockers together. And as great as that felt, it had never come close to making her cum all by itself. But the overall situation was so arousing that she would have climaxed before long without any touching whatsoever.

As she started to cum, she realized this was something that definitely shouldn't be happening. It was wrong on multiple levels. But her main concern was that the other three people were in close proximity. Darrin and Lisa were obviously very preoccupied, so her main concern was Jane. She was too ashamed to even look Jane's way, but she knew she had to be there.

Thus, when Sandy's orgasm hit, she fought with all her might not to make any tell-tale noise. She took her hands from her tits and used both of them to cover her mouth. She managed a kind of "silent scream."

After a few seconds, and even as she was lost in a peak erotic experience, she turned to see what Jane was doing. She desperately wanted to touch herself to kick her orgasm up even higher, but she had to make sure the coast was clear. She noticed for the first time that Jane had her head high enough to look down at what Lisa was doing to Darrin. That would have bothered her greatly had she not been totally out of her mind with lust.

She sat back in the seat behind her, the middle seat, moving slowly so as to not draw Jane's attention with jerky movements. By the time she sat down, her orgasm was petering out. But while still looking at Jane to be safe, she brought a finger to her clit. Just that much set her off again, and forced her to bring both of her hands back to her mouth as insurance during another, and much longer, silent scream.

Her multiple orgasm went on and on. It lasted for two solid minutes, and then more after quakes hit her for a few minutes after that. All the while, she blissed out to a vision of herself stroking and even sucking on her son's enormous cock. Actually, it was nearly all the latter. As always, blowing him was her ultimate fantasy, even more than being fucked by him.

The irony about her blowjob obsession was how little experience she had with that in real life. She'd given her husband Dennis some handjobs over the years, but mostly as a means to an end, to get him hard enough for fucking. She'd tried to blow him a couple of times, but she found it too strange and improper, and had found such experiences extremely uncomfortable and unpleasant. Since Dennis was naturally submissive just like she was, he'd never been insistent that she try it some more until she got over her hang-ups.

Yet, in the last six months, the idea of sucking her son's cock had become her greatest and most arousing obsession, thanks to Olivia's many blowjob-centric videos as well as Olivia's frequent "blow by blow" accounts of all the cocksucking she gave her son on a daily basis. But most of all, Olivia had such a sincere and intense passion for cocksucking that Sandy couldn't help but be affected. Sandy was convinced that she had done everything wrong with Dennis sexually, and if she ever had a chance to suck Darrin's cock, it would be the most arousing and incredible experience of her life, by several orders of magnitude.

As Sandy's orgasm went on and on, Lisa kept on stroking Darrin's erection. It had only taken a small fraction of a minute for him to cum, yet Lisa kept right on stroking. After more than one minute passed, it became clear that his cock was staying stiff and Lisa wasn't going to stop her handjob.

This was the most arousing thing Sandy had ever seen in her entire life. In fact, she was so much more aroused on this plane flight than she'd ever been during any sex with Dennis that the only other instances that came close were earlier in the flight.

Even so, Sandy's blowjob desire was so strong that as her multiple orgasm went on and on into its second minute, at least, she closed her eyes so she could let her mind run wild with a cocksucking fantasy. She imagined herself in Lisa's exact spot. Lisa's cry "Oh no! He's making a mess!" came to mind. She fantasized that the best way to stop another mess was to put her mouth on his cock to kiss it and lick it. Naturally, in her mind, it wasn't long before she was blissfully bobbing on it too. Her orgasm peaked higher and higher as she dreamed herself experiencing the ultimate rapturous ecstasy while sucking on her son's fat pole.

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