Chapter 7
Written by Spacer X <>

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But then Sandy's climax came to an end.

And even with aftershock orgasms still frequently hitting her, her body and mind started to shift to a post-orgasmic blues. Her blowjob fantasy faded away and her concerns came to the fore. She opened her eyes and looked down at herself as she sat there. She was basically naked from head to toe! True, she was still wearing her robe, but because the sash had come undone, it was mostly behind her back, covering little more than her arms.

With a yelp of dismay, she pulled the robe closed with both hands. But that didn't do much to help her state of mind. She felt completely naked. Since she normally kept herself thoroughly covered, even to the point of binding her breasts, "dressing" like this was totally alien to her. She only ever got naked in the bathroom, which often led to masturbation in the shower, or the privacy of her own bedroom when she masturbated. So being this poorly covered was highly arousing, and the thrill never seemed to wear off.

So even though her arousal level never went down much, her concern skyrocketed. Now that she was sitting down, she couldn't see what was happening in the row in front of her. She wondered what Lisa was doing to Darrin's cock, especially since she looked over to Jane and saw her peering over the chair in front of her, clearly glued to whatever was happening on the other side.

Sandy was about to get back up to see for herself what was going on, but she had second thoughts about that. She realized that she was still so very aroused that if something sexual was happening, she might just end up watching again. So instead, she cleared her throat, and said, "Darrin? Lisa? What's happening over there? I hope it's not something inappropriate!"

Jane heard that and sheepishly sat back in her aisle seat. Disappointment was written clearly on her face. As she repositioned, she realized that her robe had come open, so she re-tied her sash and pulled it back together. She was sitting right next to her mother, after all, and she didn't want to be chided by her. But she wasn't nearly as careful to cover up her ample cleavage as Sandy was, given Sandy's new mood.

It was a lucky thing that Sandy didn't try to look over into the front row, because she would have gotten the biggest shock yet. After Darrin finished cumming, he was so emotionally and physically wasted that he very nearly passed out. He was out of it for all practical purposes, and just sat in the chair with his eyes closed, oblivious to the outside world.

This was unfortunate for him, because once Lisa got her hands on a cock that she deemed belonged to a naturally superior master type, she kicked into a mental mode where nothing in the world was more important than stimulating and serving such a cock. She had relished being a sex slave, but she was one without a master or even a lover, so she seized a rare opportunity like this as if she was dying of thirst in the Sahara and came upon a life-saving oasis.

Despite all her handjob effort, Darrin's penis actually had started to go flaccid. After all, he was effectively mentally checked out of the situation, so he couldn't appreciate such things as the way her robe was wide open in front, or the talent of her sliding fingers.

But Lisa was not about to give up easily. After just a minute or so, she brought her head down and started licking on it too. Even then, she had been losing the battle and he was continuing to soften. In desperation, she started sucking on his cockhead while continuing to stroke his shaft. Bringing her magic mouth into the picture turned the tide and he stiffened right back up.

By the time Sandy had recovered enough from her multiple orgasm to stir and ask what was going on, Lisa had Darrin's cock stiff as a steel pole again and was going to town on it with her mouth and one hand. Her other hand had started to fondle and explore his balls for the first time as well. She wanted to go deeper and take all of his cockhead in her mouth, but she feared that if she did so, her slurping and bobbing sounds would be so loud and obvious that Sandy would have to figure out exactly what she was doing.

Despite that limitation, Lisa's combined lip and tongue work was to die for, and it was causing him to drift back to full consciousness.

He didn't open his eyes just yet, but his smile was a mile wide. He hadn't thought to try to touch Lisa in any significant way yet, no doubt because basking in the joy of her second blowjob was taking up all his attention. However, he did unthinkingly put a hand on her head, so he could guide her to ease up when the pleasure got too intense.

That was a simple gesture, and he didn't think about it at all. But it was very impactful for Lisa. For eight years, she was used to spending at least a couple of hours a day sucking on her brother Matthew's cock. She often spent just as much time stimulating the lower half of his cock and balls while her mother sucked on the top half, or vice versa. Matthew used his hand on her head or her mother's head as a way to non-verbally communicate, and they'd practically developed an entire silent language over time. So just touching her head in that way brought back almost a decade's worth of wonderful memories for her.

She was thrilling to that experience when she heard Sandy clear her throat and ask what was going on. As much as she loved cocksucking, she realized she had a vital mission, to get Darrin to seduce Sandy and Jane in a very limited time frame, and she couldn't afford to be selfish. So she pulled her lips off his throbbing pole and wiped her face clean. However, she kept right on jacking him off. She was ready to justify that.

It took some time before she could force herself to pull off though, so Sandy had to ask again, "Darrin? Lisa? Helloooo? What's happening?"

There still wasn't an answer, so Sandy looked over to Jane and asked her, "What did you see?! Whatever it is, you shouldn't be looking!"

That forced Lisa to answer in a hurry, because she worried Jane might say the wrong thing. She spoke loudly. "Lisa here! What's up? Sorry, I wasn't paying attention. I've been dealing with this problem."

Sandy, always a concerned mother, asked, "What problem?"

"The problem with your son's penis! It's worse than I thought. Just look!"

Curiosity got the best of Sandy, so she stood up to see what was going on. However, she was more in control this time, and she kept her hands on her robe to make sure it stayed closed nearly to her neck.

She was in for a shock when she looked down, though it wasn't such a big shock this time since she had a hunch something sexual was happening. Sure enough, Lisa remained topless, with her huge tits in full view. But what got most of Sandy's attention was the fact that Lisa was stroking Darrin's big boner, and seemed entirely unapologetic about it!

When Sandy looked down on her, Lisa looked back up, gave her a smile, and kept right on stroking.

Though the answer was obvious, Sandy couldn't resist asking, "LISA! What are you doing?!"

Lisa kept right on sliding her fingers up and down his pre-cum-soaked erection as she answered. Her other hand was fondling his balls. "I think the answer is obvious. Like I said, the problem is worse than I thought! Even though he came, he's still stiff! And look at what he did to someone's box!" She pointed to the cardboard box right in front of Darrin.

Sure enough, there was a highly visible wet spot there. And it was a big one too, since he'd splattered about half of his cum load there before she got her hand in the way. That had been deliberate, in order to create this evidence.

Lisa went on, "Isn't that such a shame? I hope we don't get in trouble. I'm sure that'll leave a permanent stain. So gross! We can't let that happen, can we?"

"I suppose not," Sandy started to reply. "But-"

Lisa interrupted, "It's a good thing I acted fast! I got my hand in the way before he really got going, or that stain would be triple the size! Sandy, I must say, your son is remarkably virile. So few men cum that much, and he's still a boy! I suppose it goes with the size of his balls though. Look at these things!" She hefted both of his balls up and down for Sandy to see.

Sandy averted her eyes... mostly. She brought a hand to cover her face, but she peeked between her fingers. Between her flush from cumming and her constant embarrassment, her face was still red. But it suddenly got a lot redder. She wailed, "Lisa! Please!"

Lisa had a hard time keeping a straight face. It was fun winding Sandy up, and she thought the way Sandy was peeking through her fingers like that would fool anybody was cute.

As she continued to adoringly slide her fingers up and down Darrin's hard-on, she looked into Sandy's face, forcing Sandy to lower her hand and make more overt eye contact.

Sandy complained, "Look, you can't do that! The idea was that he would take care of himself!"

Lisa said, "Sorry, but this is the reality we have to deal with. Anyway, I certainly didn't want that to happen again! But your son was so very horny that his dick stayed hard even after cumming! So I figured I should stay here and make sure he didn't make another cummy mess. Besides, he can look at my bare breasts and get inspired from that."

Darrin had been keeping quiet with his eyes closed, because he didn't want to have to answer any questions from his mother. Plus, he was finding that he could increase his enjoyment of Lisa's stroking with his eyes shut so his mind could focus more on that one sensation. But after hearing Lisa mention her bare breasts, his eyes opened in a hurry.

He gawked at her chest with absolute fascination. WOW! Damn! She is SUCH a babe! God, those tits are perfect! They're almost exactly like Mom's, which means they really are perfect! And they're much more tanned, which is nice. But it's not just the size. They sit up on her chest so firm and high! Damn, that's just like Mom's tits too! And I saw them! Fuck me! What's up with that?! Mom just stood there holding her tits! For ME! WOW! I can't even understand! And Lisa's jacking me off, even now! I must have died and gone to Heaven!

As always, Jane was paying close attention. She leaned forward and up in her seat just enough to peek over the seatback in front of her. While watching Lisa stroke Darrin's cock, she thought, I've gotta give Lisa some major props. I figured she'd find a way to do more with my brother's awesome cock. But I didn't expect that she'd talk Mom into letting her do it right in the open! That takes some big brass balls! And Mom's falling for it! Incredible!

The Sandy of even just half an hour ago would have completely freaked out to see what she was seeing now, despite her shy and polite nature. But so much had happened since that time, especially the way she'd held her bare breasts for her son, she couldn't exactly point fingers.

The main thing was that Sandy had crossed some erotic Rubicon where her voyeuristic desire to watch Lisa stroke Darrin's cock was greater than her urge to tell her to stop.

So instead of putting her foot down, Sandy merely said sourly, "I see that's not all you're doing to inspire him."

Lisa grinned unrepentantly. "Yeah, well... I figure as long as I'm here, I might as well help speed things up even more. It would be kind of weird not to. Plus, with my hands on his balls and shaft, I'll be able to tell right away when he starts to cum, and then I can prevent another messy problem."

Sandy shook her head and facepalmed herself. I can't believe I'm having this conversation! This is absolutely insane! My heart is racing so wildly that it's dangerous. And yet, in some way, I'm calm at the same time. Like this is almost normal. I don't understand! I should tell her to stop! Especially with Jane sitting so close. Oh dear, Jane! I have to protect her!

Gathering her resolve, Sandy started to say, "Lisa, I'm sorry, but I must insist-"

However, Lisa interrupted, "Sandy, before you say anything, consider this situation. Someone's got to help him. The first time, he got so worked up that he lost control and began squirting his cum everywhere, like an untethered fire hose! It's a lucky thing he only ruined one box. We can't let that happen again. So somebody's got to help out and keep a close watch. I imagine you're worried about corrupting Jane, since she's at an impressionable age, so that leaves you or me. If you want to take over, that's fine with me."

Sandy's eyes grew to be as big as saucers as she imagined that it really were her hands that were doing what Lisa's hands were currently doing. She wanted that so badly that it almost physically hurt. But at the same time, her aversion to incest was strong. She shouted out, "NO! Please! No! Not that!"

Lisa shrugged. "Okay. Well then, it's up to me, I suppose."

Darrin was alert enough to pay attention to the conversation, but most of his attention was on Lisa's enormous G-cups. She knew that, so she was constantly readjusting her grip on his boner or his balls. That would affect her upper body and cause her tits to wobble in the most delightful way. Thanks to her eight years as one of her brother's two sex slaves, she was an expert at visually using her tits to help keep her man's cock throbbing with pleasure.

Jane was feeling strangely gleeful. This is amaaaaazing! Lisa is playing Mom like a fiddle! I should be upset, but it's all too entertaining. I mean... MOM! I thought she was practically sexless! But she's so clearly hot and bothered!

There's a part of me that wants to speak out and call "bullshit" on all of this. But really, what's the harm? Lisa's having a great time, obviously. Brother is having an even better time, no doubt! And Mom's coming out of her shell of being totally sexless since Dad died. I've got my imaginary box of popcorn and am watching the most entertaining show ever!

The main thing is that no actual incest takes place. That would be gross and weird and all sorts of awful. If we get close to any inappropriate touching, I'll have to speak up and put a stop it. But just watching is okay. I mean, really, what's the harm? Later, we'll laugh at how crazy things got!

Sandy tried to think things through as part of her feeble effort to get Lisa to stop. It was difficult though, because all she could think about was the way Lisa was stroking her son's absolutely enormous erection! She didn't consciously realize it, but she was in no hurry to end this conversation, because as long as she was talking, she had an excuse to keep watching.

However, her lust was steadily rising, and that worried her. She knew how she'd pretty much lost control and wound up having an incredible orgasm. In fact, it had been the best one of her life. (Frankly, there hadn't been much competition, since her sex with Dennis was so tender and mild. As two sexual submissives, they simply didn't match well in bed.)

She thought, Okay, I have to admit that orgasm was pretty.... awesome. I can't believe it, but it's true! But despite that great pleasure, I can't let that happen again, especially with Jane sitting so close. I should consider myself very fortunate that I've gotten away with it and nobody else had noticed my true shameful desires.

At least... I HOPE nobody noticed! Although, if someone did, certainly they would say or do something about it, right? At least someone would ask "What's wrong with you?" or something, right? So I guess I'm okay. Please, please, please let that be true!

Sandy was still attempting to respond to Lisa's "up to me" comment, but she was spacing out as she watched Lisa's ever-moving fingers on Darrin's pre-cum soaked shaft. She makes a good point. I mean, someone's got to help him, and it can't be me. Obviously! As much as I long to be the one to hold it and lick it and suck on it, taking it deeper and deeper into my mouth until he...

Oh God! Wait! Scratch that thought. Darn it, I blame Olivia for corrupting me! She's got me thinking about serving big cocks so much. And that's the word she always used, "serving." It's one thing to dream about stroking and even sucking my son's cock. Especially sucking! Mmmm, yes! But to do it... to actually crane my mouth wide open and wrap my lips around such a wonderfully thick shaft... to take him deep enough to choke and gag on it, like Olivia always does...

Wait, what was I thinking? Oh dear! I'm too horny, again!

Lisa was watching Sandy's face carefully. She saw when Sandy started to space out, and she saw when she snapped back to reality. She also noticed that Sandy's enormous I-cups were exposed past the nipples again. She figured Sandy still didn't realize how these robes were designed to open up wide in front unless one consciously used a hand or two to prevent that. Sandy had started out doing that, but she'd gotten distracted with her facepalming and other motions, and then her hands had fallen back to her sides.

To capitalize on Sandy's renewed partial nudity, Lisa brought Darrin into the conversation. "Hey, Darrin, what do YOU think? Do you like what I'm doing to you?"

Lisa was keeping Darrin's cock on a "low boil." She didn't want to bring him too close to the edge of climax yet, because she didn't know his cock well enough to expertly flirt with danger. It was important not to have him unexpectedly shoot off just yet, so she could keep the conversation with Sandy going.

As a result, he wasn't totally out of his mind with arousal, so he was able to coherently reply. "Oh my gosh, YES! So much! You're the BEST!"

Then Lisa asked him, "Is this helping you with your problem?"

Luckily, he was a naturally smart guy, and he caught on to what she wanted him to say. "Oh, definitely! Totally! Um... I have to admit... I get so kind of crazy with arousal that I sort of lose my mind. I could shoot off just anywhere. I'm sorry I made a mess. But that won't happen as long as you're helping me."

Sandy sighed heavily. Her attempt to talk Lisa out of continuing the handjob was half-hearted at best, and Darrin's words made her give up.

Lisa was secretly thrilled with his answer, though she was careful not to show it. She thought, Good boy! Great answer! That's exactly what I was hoping you'd say! We're going to make a master out of you yet.

Looking back up at Sandy, she said, "So there you have it. We got him all worked up with our hourglass figures and bare chests and whatnot, and we need to take responsibility. He's suffered enough with blue balls!"

Sandy spoke with more than a little bitter jealousy, "He's not exactly suffering now!"

Lisa just smiled. "That's true. But would you rather I let go so he'll just sit there with painful blue balls for who knows how long? His massive member just poking up in the air, desperately craving release and never getting it?"

"Well, no," Sandy stammered, forgetting about the masturbation option.

Lisa went on, "Besides, is feeling pleasure a bad thing? I say no. Especially after the way you and I have been teasing him with our big breasts. It's time for some payback!"

Sandy looked all around. "This IS crazy! These sorts of things should never happen in the open on a plane flight! What if someone else comes by? There are two other families on board, you know."

Lisa was secretly upset, since this was likely to cool their ardor. She said, truthfully, "I've flown this flight two times before, and that never happened. Never! Remember, there's a bathroom in the front of the plane too."

But Sandy said, "There's always a first time. What if one of the teen boys wants to wander around? Maybe even secretly spy on us!"

Lisa sighed. "First off, they'd have to get past the flight attendant Vicky to do that, and there's only one aisle. I know her and she would never let that happen. Unless this imaginary boy is invisible too? But besides that, consider the heat and how much we're all sweating. Everybody else is bound to be getting at least partially naked by this time. If you're naked, are you going to wander around and see which strangers you might run into?"

Sandy still felt spooked. "Okay, so maybe it's not very likely, but it still is possible."

Lisa looked to Darrin with a sexy grin. "Then maybe what we need to do is make this excitable boy cum faster. Don't be afraid to touch my breasts, if it'll help you shoot your load that much faster, so your mom doesn't have to worry."

"REALLY?!" His face lit up like a neon sign.

Lisa nodded knowingly. "Really." She sat up higher and thrust her G-cups forward to make an even greater temptation for him.

"WOW!" He reached out with both hands, cupping her enormous globes from below. He felt like he'd died and gone to heaven.

Jane had been sitting quietly, trying to be unobtrusive and forgotten some more. For a while, she'd been peering just above the seatback in front of her. But that was dangerous, because Sandy would be able to see what she was doing if she only looked her way. So instead she'd discovered that if she positioned herself just so, she could look through the crack she'd been looking through before, only from the other side.

When she'd done that before from the other row, her eyes had been right up to the crack, allowing her to see a lot. She'd started her renewed peeking while sitting further back, which gave her a narrow sliver to view, hardly larger than the width of the crack itself. That was frustrating, and, with Sandy standing up and paying her no mind at all, it wasn't long before she moved her head closer and closer.

To make a long story short, she eventually wound up with her eyes right up to the crack, just like she used to be on the other side. She knew she'd probably get busted by her mother eventually, but Sandy had already seen her watching Lisa give Darrin a blowjob (though Sandy only thought it was a handjob), so she figured she couldn't be in too much more trouble than she already might be facing.

Unfortunately, even with Jane peering through the crack like that, she couldn't directly see Darrin fondling Lisa's tits, since it was too far to the side. That frustrated her, but at least she could see Lisa's hand sliding up and down his thick shaft, and just knowing that he was fondling Lisa's big globes at the same time got her that much more aroused.

Sandy also had some trouble seeing the tit fondling, due to a poor angle. But because she was standing up, she was able to do something about it. She leaned forward, allowing her to look past Darrin's body and get a great view of both of his hands freely and eagerly groping Lisa's big tits. Ironically, that put her tummy just a few inches from Jane's head peeking through the crack, but luckily their bodies didn't touch.

What Sandy didn't realize though was that not only had her robe come wide open up top, but her leaning forward caused her impressive I-cups to swell forward and droop down, well beyond the seatback that she was leaning against. She was so very hot and bothered that she was acting rashly and unthinkingly.

Lisa had brought Darrin into the conversation in large part so she could draw his attention to his mother's bare breasts and their especially revealing new position. She hadn't gotten around to that yet, but seeing Sandy lean way forward gave her the perfect opening.

She cooed to him while her fingers slowly danced up and down his throbbing erection, "Mmmm! I love that you love my titties! During this trip, if you ever need help with your penis problem, feel free to uncover them and play with them as much as you like. I don't mind at all."

"COOL!" Darrin exclaimed.

"HEY!" Sandy protested. That offer bothered her for many reasons. She didn't want this sort of situation to keep repeating itself.

But Lisa deliberately misinterpreted that. "Darrin, have I told you how great your mom is? Listen to her, she doesn't want to be left out. She really is great. And she's so giving and kind. She wants to help with your problem too. Remember how she bared her breasts for you to look at?"

"Oh yeah!" He said, his voice dripping with lust. "That was so awesome!"

"Well, you're in luck, because she's doing it again! Turn around and show her how much you love her!"

He suddenly pivoted in place, letting go of Lisa's fantastic tits to do so. His eyes went wide with pure joy seeing his mom leaning way forward with her enormous knockers dangling down in invitation. He immediately latched on to both of them and squeezed with even more rapturous joy.

In fact, she was nearly on top of him, so he repositioned even more, twisting his upper torso to better play with Sandy's tits while leaving his lower body in place so Lisa could continue to jack him off with ease.

Sandy should have had a few seconds to react and pull back while he was doing all that repositioning, but the cargo plane's heat and her own intense heat and lust dulled her reaction ability. Truth be told, she was feeling jealous that Darrin was devoting all his attention to Lisa's tits and liked the idea of him paying more attention to her body.

But she'd been expecting him just to look, like last time. His vigorous grasping of her sensitive globes took her completely by surprise. And that crossed a line to physical intimacy that she considered a very clearly forbidden red line. She couldn't allow it! She was certain of that. However, she was extremely aroused already, and this taboo touching pushed her over the edge.

She wanted to pull back, and she planned to, but her body betrayed her by cumming at the absolute worst time! She didn't want him to know that she was climaxing at all, much less at the exact moment he started fondling her boobs, so she was forced to devote all her attention and energy to hiding her orgasmic reaction. She clutched at the seatback she was leaning against with a vice-like grip, using both hands. She clenched her teeth and shut her eyes tight.

But even that wasn't enough, because the pleasure was beyond anything she'd ever experienced before. Even the best times her husband fucked her was nothing compared to merely getting her tits felt up by her son! Obviously it wasn't the mere physical touch that drove her wild, but the taboo aspect, and the shame of others knowing and watching, and much more.

Somehow, realizing that, and the wrongness of it, only aroused her still more. She was forced to let out another silent scream. Her mouth opened dramatically wide, but no sound came out beyond her already very heavy panting. It took all of her willpower to at least stay silent, so that was one small mercy.

Darrin was beside himself with sheer erotic euphoria. He thought it was the greatest thing ever when Lisa let him fondle her huge tits, since she was still jacking him off the whole time. They were perfect in every way, and feeling them up was just as wonderful as any of his tit-fondling fantasies. Actually, reality was much better.

But then, just when he was starting to get into fondling them, he got the opportunity to fondle his mother's even bigger tits! As gorgeous and stacked as Lisa was, it was a no-brainer to redirect his hands and his full attention to Sandy. He deeply loved her, and lusted for her just as much. Her perfect mammoth tits were like the sexual Holy Grail for him. He never thought he'd see the day when she'd let him freely play with her firm and wonderfully round breasts like this. It was truly the best moment of his life so far.

Alas, he felt such a tremendous rush of arousal that his urge to cum was overwhelming.

Lisa knew this was a very big moment in his life and in the life of the Douglas family. He didn't know it, but he'd just taken the first step towards sexually enslaving his bombshell mother. Lisa was so very overjoyed about this that not only did she fail to stop jacking him off, she stroked him rapidly with both hands, all but guaranteeing that he'd cum right then.

Lisa had promised Sandy not to allow another cummy mess to happen, and she'd meant it, but not in the way Sandy expected. As it was, Lisa just barely had enough time to get her mouth in position. She quickly slid her lips over his cockhead.

At first, she simply had to cope with the flood of cum, trying to swallow it down faster than it could fill her mouth. But she was a world class cocksucker, and within seconds she recovered enough to bob on him with great suction, sending his arousal spiraling even higher.

He was so overcome with mind-bending erotic ecstasy that he cried out in triumph. Unthinkingly, he squeezed his mother's tits tighter.

Sandy was still struggling with all her might to cope with her own orgasm without giving away what she was doing. But upon hearing him yelling like that and feeling the pain of his squeezing fingers, she opened her eyes to see what was going on.

She was still leaning forward, so she had a clear view of Lisa's lips wrapped around his shaft, and sliding up and down! This was her great secret fantasy, sucking on her son's cock. And Lisa was doing it for real, right in front of her!

In addition, she couldn't miss the fact that her son STILL had his hands firmly grasping both of her big tits. Despite his own climax, he was holding on for dear life! She actually loved the mix of pleasure and pain of his tight squeeze. There certainly was plenty of tit-flesh for him to play with, so his fingers sank in deeply.

Even though Sandy was already cumming hard, it was like that had been nothing and her real orgasm began. And yet that on-going orgasm was already the best one she'd ever experienced! The redoubling of her pleasure was a truly life-changing experience for her. She had no idea that such intense pleasure was physically possible!

So far, she'd been more or less successful with her silent scream, but that suddenly turned into a very real, very loud scream. She let out a wail without restraint. In fact, she pretty much lost control of her body. It was all she could do to fall back into her chair without hurting herself.

Her body twitched and shook like she was in the middle of an epileptic fit.

Jane had continued to peek through the crack. In the last minute or two, she'd even started furtively fingering her pussy lips and clit since her robe made that so easy to do, and she sensed that Sandy was far too distracted to notice or care. She had been working up to her own orgasm when she saw Darrin fondle Sandy's tits. That pretty much blew her mind!

She was so extremely aroused that she forgot all about her resolve to put a stop to any actual incestuous contact. Besides, there would have been nothing she could have said or done to stop things even if she wanted to, with both Darrin and Sandy deep in the throes of powerful climaxes.

Then her brain was blown to pieces all over again when she saw Lisa drop her head down to his lap and start to suck him again, even as he was clearly cumming hard.

Jane would have continued like that to a very great climax. But when she heard her mother scream like a banshee, she had to stop peeking through the crack and look up to see what was going on. She had to lean way back to get a full view, and she was glad she did.

She was in awe watching her "perfect ten" mother arch her back and let loose. She kept on fingering herself to an epic cum, but she actually did so while watching Sandy's orgasmic seizure instead of Lisa and Darrin. She wished she had two sets of eyes, because both events were so incredible.

Sandy kept on cumming and cumming, completely oblivious to the outside world. She was incapable of thinking, much less talking, except for some vague yet wonderful thoughts about her son fondling her tits and then seeing herself sucking on his cock. (In her delirium, she didn't understand she was watching Lisa, not her own body a few feet away somehow.) She kept on at it for a full minute or more, but the pleasure only spiraled higher and higher instead of abating like it always had before. It eventually became too much for her to handle and she passed out altogether!

Jane had a similar reaction. She didn't pass out, but she was mentally and physically overwhelmed. She'd had lots of great boyfriends, and some of them had sexually satisfied her much better than Sandy's former husband Dennis ever had satisfied Sandy. But in some weird way, all those experiences paled in comparison to what had been happening on this plane ride. So much happened that was taboo or embarrassing, or both, and that was strangely compelling to her. She didn't understand that she had a psychological mindset that got off on incest and submission in a very big way, as well as sexual humiliation. This was her first real taste of those things, and she wanted more, a lot more.

But for now, she needed to shut down and process things on a subconscious level. She closed her eyes, and while she didn't exactly go to sleep, she effectively checked out for a while.

That left Darrin and Lisa. But the exact same thing happened to Darrin. In fact, while he also didn't overtly pass out, as soon as his climax ended, he zonked out. In less than a minute, and with Lisa still using her talented mouth to keep him hard, he was fast asleep.

Lisa knew she had a tough task trying to keep him erect, given that this was his third orgasm of the plane flight, and he'd had a powerful one not long ago. When he fell asleep, she knew any further efforts would be futile, not to mention unappreciated. So she finally pulled off.

Lisa briefly looked over the seatback to confirm that both Sandy and Jane were either passed out or asleep. She smirked in pleasure at what she saw.

The other three were experiencing truly mind-blowing sexual pleasure for the very first time, but Lisa was still doing fine. In fact, she was hardly even winded. She'd experienced extreme pleasures countless times back in her sex slave days. In fact, seeing stars from epic orgasms had been almost a daily experience for her. True, she'd been out of practice the last three years, but it was like riding a bicycle - once you got good at it, you never forgot.

She adoringly caressed Darrin's penis while he slept until it was fully flaccid. WOW! That was... unexpected! This is so great! I can't wait to tell Vicky everything that's happened. This puts me way ahead of schedule, for sure.

The way things are going, I can't see how the Douglases won't end up as the most lovely master and slave family. I know it's not the lifestyle for everyone, or even most people, but all of them are so perfectly suited for it. God! The look on Sandy's face when Darrin squeezed her tits so tightly... priceless!

She's soooo lucky. I know how much she fantasizes about sucking her son's cock. Olivia really did a great job there. I can't wait until she sucks him for the first time, for real! I just hope I'll be there to watch the whole thing. Frankly, I'm starting to think that all our concerns about Sandy being prudish and hard to change were overblown.

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