Chapter 8
Written by Spacer X <>

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With the others continuing to rest, Lisa felt wistful, and she drifted into thoughts about what could have been.

She would have given anything to be a sex slave on Napali Island again, serving the big cock of a young and handsome master just like Darrin, but she felt it would never be. Due to her intense eight-year experience serving her now deceased brother Matthew, she was seen as "used goods." Napali men who were open to have a third sex slave (in addition to their mothers and sisters) were very reluctant to take her on because they always had other women who were just as gorgeous and busty, but who also had clean slates in that they'd never been willingly enslaved before. Those guys didn't want to compete with her memories of Matthew, especially since they could never match the special incestuous connection she'd had with her own brother. Living on Napali Island was too painful for her, being reminded daily of the sex slave lifestyle she was missing out on. That's why she worked for SI back on the mainland instead.

But now wasn't the time for her to wallow. Even if she could never experience the joy of being enslaved to her own brother again, she could "pay it forward" and help an incestuous utopia come true for the Douglases if she did her job right.

She stood up and pulled her blue robe loosely into place. Then she went off to find Vicky the flight attendant and give her a status update, so the two of them could then discuss what her next moves should be.

Lisa walked to the center of the plane, where she found Vicky reading a magazine.

Vicky looked up and asked, "How goes it?"

Lisa pulled her in for a close hug. Then, after looking around to make sure nobody was looking, gave her a long French kiss. (Both of them were mainly straight, but both of them were also former Napali sex slaves, and that meant a certain amount of lesbian playing around was the expected norm.)

When the kiss ended, Lisa said brightly, "So good! I'm way ahead of schedule! I've taken most of TWO of Darrin's cum loads down my throat, AND he's already fondled Sandy's tits some! He's had three orgasms already, and the last one took place while Sandy had what I'm sure was the greatest orgasm of her life, even as he clutched at her bare boobs like his life depended on it! And Jane was right there, watching the whole thing!"

Vicky was impressed. "Wow! No way! Are you serious?!"

Lisa nodded eagerly. "And that's just for starters! I have so much exciting news to tell you!"

Vicky shook her head in wonder. "Incredible! And we thought the Douglases were goin' to be the toughest!" (Her use of "goin'" instead of "going" was due to her Southern accent.)

Lisa beamed. "I know, right? It's not a done deal by any means. The tit fondling thing in particular was kind of a special circumstance, but I'm really encouraged. Before I explain it all in detail, how goes it with the other two families?"

Vicky was staying in a hug, happy to rub her rack against Lisa's slightly larger rack. She didn't plan for that to go anywhere, but like any Napali sex slave or former sex slave, she just loved any kind of sexual contact. She was an unabashed slut (at least with the right kind of lover), and she was proud of it.

She shrugged. "Oh, about what you'd expect. The Sanchezes are comin' along nicely. I even got ta help with a handjob already. But the Browns have been more troublesome. The mom, Donna, still adamantly refuses ta change into one of the robes."

Lisa replied, "Oooh. Tough break. I'm sure she'll come around though. Hey, I don't have a lot of time to chit chat. Sandy's passed out from her latest really big orgasm, but she could come to at any time. And it's probably not good if she sees us like this." Lisa reluctantly broke the hug with Vicky.

Vicky pouted playfully. "Damn!"

"I know. But I'm sure we'll have a lot of fun later, once we make more progress with our charges. And speaking of fun, can I get your help with something? Hint: it involves Darrin's big cock!"

Vicky beamed. "I'm so there! What do ya want?"

The two of them made plans. Then Lisa gave a rundown on all the major events that had happened to the Douglases. She would have loved to spin it into a long, sexy story, hopefully helped along by lots of lesbian fondling and kissing, but she was forced to keep it very short and to the point.

After a good-bye French kiss, Lisa quickly returned to where the Douglases were sitting.

— — —

Lisa was pleased to find that all three of them were still sleeping, or at least resting with their eyes closed. That gave her time to take care of a few things. She went to the bathroom to clean up, since even she was sweaty from the heat, plus her pussy had been gushing. Assuming that the Douglases would be in a more subdued mood when they woke up, she also adjusted her robe a little bit so her big tits wouldn't be too exposed. Then she went to the cooler and got out bottles of cold water for everyone. She downed one herself, then put the other three aside.

Checking on the Douglases again, she saw Jane open her blue eyes and look up at her when she came by. So she got one of the water bottles and silently handed it to her. She waited until Jane downed the whole thing, and also came back to life some more.

Jane's head jerked in surprise as she suddenly remembered everything that had happened. She was hit with another shock as she focused on Lisa in her skimpy pale blue robe and was stunned all over again at just how gorgeous she was.

She thought, WHOA! What the hell just happened to me?! To us! To Mom, especially! Did we really just do all that?!

Then she looked down at herself. She was wearing a white robe, sort of. The sash had come undone and the robe had fallen off her shoulders, leaving her front entirely exposed. She looked at her bald pussy and was surprised to see how wet she was. Even her inner thighs were soaked.

She thought, Okay, fuck! That DID happen! She pulled the robe back on her shoulders, but left it open in front. She figured that they were well beyond modesty at this point.

Lisa figured that Jane would probably say "Thanks" or something similar when she was done drinking, but Lisa didn't want any loud talking that could wake Sandy yet. So, just as Jane was finishing up, Lisa held a finger up then brought it to her lips and made a silent "sssh" gesture.

Jane got the message and just mouthed the words "Thank you."

Lisa nodded, then whispered very quietly in Jane's ear so that only Jane could hear. "No problem. Let me know if you want more. It's key to stay well hydrated. But... on a different note, you're probably wondering what's going on between me and Darrin, right?"

Jane nodded eagerly. She whispered back, "To say the least!"

Lisa said, "I'll be frank. I'm not really worried about his 'blue balls' problem. I'm just a horny woman who's discovered a remarkably huge penis that seems raring to go all the time, and I want to have fun with it!"

Jane snickered and giggled. She thought, A-ha! I knew it! I totally called that! Before speaking any more, she glanced in Sandy's direction to make sure her mother was still sprawled out and sleeping. That was the case, with Sandy's robe having basically fallen all the way off her as well.

Jane was staggered all over again, and her eyes bugged out. True, she'd seen her mother countless times, but not like this. Sandy looked even better naked than clothed, so much so that it took Jane's breath away.

Lisa didn't know what Jane was thinking about with her snickering and such. So when Jane looked back at her, she quietly asked, "Is that a problem for you? I know we're all in close quarters."

Jane shook her head. She whispered back, "Nah. I mean, yeah, sure, it's weird, with him being my brother and all. Very weird, actually. But it's seriously hot too."

Lisa smiled widely, secretly relieved. "It is, for sure!" She joked, "Good Lord, your brother is a three-legged freak!"

Luckily, Jane took that in its intended spirit. She joked back, "He is. He doesn't need a chair to sit down when he's horny, because his boner makes the third leg of a stool!"

Both Jane and Lisa shared some knowing but quiet giggles at that.

Then Jane turned serious. "I pretty much figured out early on that you had the hots for him. But I didn't expect for you to be so BOLD! I mean, the things you did in front of Mom and me. It's crazy!"

Lisa winced. "Yeah, I'm sorry about that. It's just that, well, when I got in contact with his massive snake, I kind of lost my mind. I'm sorry. You don't mind too much, do you?"

Jane shrugged. "Nah. It's cool." Then after a pause, she shyly asked, "I know you've noticed I've been watching a little here and there, but there's no harm in that, right?"

Lisa smiled warmly and encouragingly. "No, none at all. It's been cute watching you peek through the gap between the seats!"

Jane blushed and covered her eyes with her hand in embarrassment. "Oh God! Please don't remind me!"

Lisa patted her shoulder in a friendly manner. "It's totally cool. Trust me, if I was in your shoes, I would do the exact same. I know he's your brother and all, but come on! You'd have to be dead and buried not to be curious. Not to mention horny! It's only natural."

Jane took her hand from her face, but remained embarrassed. "Ugh! I know, but it's so weird! So, so very weird! I mean, I totally don't think of him in THAT WAY, if you know what I mean."

Lisa nodded.

Jane struggled to find the right words. "But I just... can't... help... but be..."

"Curious," Lisa helpfully suggested.

"Yeah," Jane shyly admitted.

"It's perfectly cool," Lisa said reassuringly. "After all, you're only looking. There's no harm in that whatsoever. It's just... looking! ANY girl in your place would do exactly the same!"

"Right!" Jane felt as if a weight had been removed from her shoulders. She needed validation that what she had taken part in wasn't morally wrong, and Lisa knew exactly what to tell her.

Lisa patted Jane's shoulder some more. "So, as far as I'm concerned, you can go right on looking all you want, peeking through a crack or overtly staring or whatever else you want to do."

"You don't mind?!"

"Not at all. Let's face it: there's nothing to do on this flight. Or tomorrow's equally long flight, for that matter. So I plan on having a LOT of fun with Darrin! Frankly, it kind of makes me hot when I know you're watching."

Jane and Lisa shared naughty smiles. Jane teased, "You're soooo baaaaad!"

"I know!" Lisa proudly replied.

But then Jane asked, "Sounds good, but what about... you know? Her?" She turned her head back to Sandy.

Sandy was slumped down in her seat like she'd been struck dead. With her green robe wide open in front, she was effectively completely naked. Even her red bush and sopping wet pussy were on full display.

Jane whispered even quieter. "I'm worried about her. Just look at her! She's acting way out of character. I don't think you know how prudish she is. In fact, now that I think about it, I don't think I've EVER seen her this naked!"

Lisa grew more serious. "I've got a theory about her. Can I share it with you?"


"She's told me how she hasn't had any sex in the last five years, ever since your father sadly passed away. Worse, she's all but turned herself into a hermit, barely interacting with anyone but you and your brother, and especially avoiding all men who might be interested in her. Which are pretty much ALL men." Lisa giggled.

Jane nodded. "True."

"But the thing is, we're all sexual creatures. Even monks who haven't had an orgasm for decades still have a sexual aspect deep inside, it's just repressed. Your mom is no exception. Except unlike those monks, I bet her sexual need has been growing and growing, looking for a chance to come out. And through today's freak events, it sort of exploded in an almost uncontrollable way."

Jane thought that over, then nodded again. She teased, "That's pretty deep stuff for a topless sexpot."

Lisa looked down at her bare chest, since her robe was wide open in front, as usual. "Hey, who says you can't be smart and sexy? And what's the point of covering up? These robes are pretty useless anyway."

"True, that," Jane said.

Lisa asked, "So, what do you think? Is it a good thing that she's having this sexual awakening?"

Jane looked back at her sprawled out nude mother again, and then said, "Sure, I guess. I mean, it's definitely a very bizarre thing, what's been happening today so far, but I think it's actually good for her. Like you said, she's been in sexual Siberia ever since Dad died, and that was five years ago! Five years is way too long, especially for someone with her looks. We all know she's a total knockout. She could have her pick of ANY man. There have to be some good ones out there."

"Exactly," Lisa said. "It's like you're reading my mind. I know I haven't known her long in a face-to-face way, but we've talked on the phone for months, and I consider her a good friend. I want to see her happy again. I know she hasn't been happy at all. I think a sexual awakening is exactly what she needs to get her love life back on track."

"Agreed," Jane replied. "That must mean things are getting better, because she's definitely in the middle of a big awakening today. Did you hear her screaming when she came right before she passed out?! Wow! And she passed out! Who ever does that? I'll bet she's never cum that hard since, well... maybe ever!"

But then she frowned. "The only problem is, of course, that all this is happening with Darrin somehow involved. I mean... they..." She hesitated, wondering if she should share her opinion that both Sandy and Darrin lusted for each other.

Working on instinct, Lisa decided it was time to reveal a limited version of the truth to the stunning redheaded girl. "I know what you mean. And I totally agree. Sure, it's pretty strange this all happened to her with him right there, including when her own son was holding and fondling her enormous breasts,"

"I know!" Jane exclaimed, while still whispering. "I still can't believe that actually happened!"

Lisa went on, "But who am I to judge? If something physical were to develop between her and Darrin, I'm not going to judge that either, or get in the way. After all, incestuous relationships are very common on Napali Island."

"WHAT?!" Jane was so shocked to hear that that she forgot to keep whispering. In fact, she more or less shouted that word. She sat up straight in shock, causing her white robe to slide off her shoulders again.

Of course Lisa's comment was relevant to the relationship between Sandy and Darrin, but Jane had her own lusty desires for Darrin very much on her mind too. If what Lisa said was true, that at least opened up the possibility that she could get intimate with him somehow, someway. That was such a stunning and arousing fact that she could scarcely breathe. Her nipples hardened in seconds and her pussy got wet just as quickly.

Lisa made another silent "Ssssh" sign with a finger across her lips, but she could see the damage with Sandy had been done. Sandy didn't appear to wake up just yet, but she started to shift around in her seat.

Lisa resumed whispering, "Oh, you didn't know that? Haven't you heard the rumors?"

Jane shook her head almost violently. That did cause her big breasts to wobble and sway. That, in turn, compelled her to finally adjust her robe to at least cover up her nipples. She hoped Lisa didn't notice that they'd just gotten erect.

Lisa did notice Jane's sudden arousal, but she pretended not to. "Huh. Yeah, it's pretty common there. Think about it. Families are required to live together. You'll be with your mom and brother a lot, every single day. And Napali is very much a 'clothing optional' place outside of work. If you wear more than a bikini, it's kind of odd. Everybody is fit and attractive, pretty much without exception. So... things happen sometimes. It's totally accepted, because he who is without sin should cast the first stone and all that. It's a pretty wild and freewheeling place, sexually."

Jane's eyes were as wide as saucers. She was both excited and distressed to hear this. She whispered in awe, "No way!"

Lisa grinned. "Yes way. Does that bother you?"

Jane was incredulous. "Of course!"

"Remember, I'm only in the picture for another week or two." She added with an extra quiet, confidential whisper, "During that time, I plan to have a heck of a lot of fun! I especially have this thing for sucking big dicks, as you may have noticed already, and his is the PERFECT size for sucking! I plan to spend as much time between your brother's legs as I can, if you know what I mean!"

Jane was scandalized, but she also thought that was really hot. Just as Olivia did with Sandy, Jane's secret SI confederate Cassie had made a point of encouraging Jane to develop a fetish for oral sex, especially incestuous oral sex. It hadn't worked nearly as well as it had for Sandy, but it had some effect.

Thus, Lisa's talk about repeatedly sucking Darrin's cock hit a bulls-eye.

Jane's arousal level doubled in an instant. She just muttered, "My God!"

Lisa went on, "Once I have your family all settled in your new house and your new life, I'll be flying back home. So I'm not going to stake any claim on Darrin. I just want to have some fun with him. Mostly, I want to choke and gag on his thickness, over and over! I REALLY have a thing for blowjobs."

"You do?!"

"Sure. Kneeling naked between the legs of a studly and dominant guy, endlessly bobbing on his huge cock... does it get any better than that? I think not! To be honest, I love it even more than getting fucked!"


"Sure. If you don't, then you're not doing it right, or you haven't found the right guy, or both. Darrin is definitely the right kind of guy. I can't wait for him to cum on my face, over and over! That's such a sweet reward for all the hard work. Oh, and I sure hope he's going to fuck my tits a lot too!" She pushed her enormous tits together, causing her robe to slide off to each side.

Jane looked at Lisa's ample chest with awe. She was so excited about Lisa's blowjob talk that she even put Lisa's stunning incest talk to the side for the moment. She whispered, excitedly, "You don't have to worry about that! Damn! He goes gaga over busty women. He's going to be all over that like white on rice! And he'll be all over YOU like a horny octopus! You have a rack that's simply to die for!"

Lisa flashed a big smile even as she reluctantly pulled her robe back into place, for fear of Sandy fully waking up soon. "Thanks. But you're not exactly chopped liver. I'll bet you any money that you were considered the hottest girl in school. The top prize."

Jane looked away shyly. "I don't know about that."

"I love how you're modest and don't let your heartbreakingly gorgeous face and enormous bust go to your head. I'm sure your brother would love to slide his porn-star erection right between your twin peaks!"

Jane gasped, "Lisa! Don't say that!"

"What? You know it's true. Come on. What brother could have a sister who looks like you and not lust for her? And vice versa, since you can't help but lust for his huge cock."

Jane whispered insistently, "NO! That's not true!"

"You know it is. Why deny it? It's just the same as how clearly he lusts for Sandy and she lusts for him. You've noticed that even before today, haven't you?"

Jane bit her lip and reluctantly nodded.

Lisa concluded, "So why hide your feelings? You'll be living in a culture where incest is okay. I know how hard it is to believe, so I get it if you're skeptical. But you'll see the truth soon enough. Just remember that if you want to seduce him, just let me know and I'll do what I can to help."

Jane sat up even higher in her seat. In fact, she nearly flew out of her seat altogether. Suddenly, her heart was racing and her entire body was tingling. Her mind was a jumble of conflicting emotions. She remained topless, so there was no way to hide how her big tits started wildly heaving on her chest. She actually had to hold them in place, in a futile attempt to hide her obvious lust.

She whispered, but just barely, "WHAT?! Wait! No! Are you suggesting...? Ewwww! NO WAY! He's my BROTHER! EWWWW!"

Lisa just shrugged. She whispered quietly, "Like I said, who am I to judge? You're not in America anymore, kiddo. You'll be living on an island that has its own kind of social norms. And like I said, it's a pretty freewheeling place. The one rule is 'anything goes.' Some brothers and sisters openly date, which really means they fuck like monkeys, and nobody bats an eye."

"WHAT?" Jane all but shouted again. She glanced back at Sandy, who was tossing and turning even more. It was probable she was already awake but she was trying in vain to go back to sleep. She was liable to open her eyes at any moment.

Lisa whispered, still quietly in Jane's ear, "Ssssh! You really didn't know? I figured you heard the rumors. The island is kind of notorious for that. Think about it. Napali is shrouded in total secrecy, due to all the top secret work that goes on. And there are no laws or rules against incest there."

Actually, there were no rumors. But Lisa figured that was a harmless white lie to help lead Jane eventually to the full truth.

Jane incredulously asked, "How can there be no laws?!"

Lisa shrugged. "There may be in the Marshall Islands, I don't know. But it's a moot point. Napali is effectively its own country. I don't think a policeman from the Marshalls has EVER set foot there, because they couldn't get the security clearance, and the US military would be on their backs if they tried. And Napali is a VERY freewheeling kind of place, especially sexually. Trust me, I know. Incest is totally okay there."

Jane just sat there with her jaw hanging open while clutching her breasts. She couldn't wrap her head around what she was hearing, even though some sense told her that Lisa was being honest.

Lisa added, "In fact, some families who have heard the rumors move there just so they can be open about their relationships."

A wide-eyed Jane asked, "What kind of relationships?!"

"Oh, the usual. Since there are so many more women than men, and it's mostly young men, it's almost always brother and sister, or mother and son. Sometimes, it's both."

"Both?! How?!" Jane's blood was pumping like she was in the middle of a race. She'd never thought she could act on her incestuous fantasies, but now, anything seemed possible.

"You know, let's say a studly young guy starts fucking his sister. Like I said, it happens. And guys are in the driver's seat due to the male-female ratio. For instance, Darrin might just decide to sleep in the same bed as you and fuck the hell out of you every single night!"

Jane's eyes bugged out even more. Her pussy tingled so needfully that she was forced to repeatedly shift her seating position.

Lisa went on matter-of-factly, "But families have to live together. So what happens to the mom? What would Sandy do when she hears you screaming and waling as Darrin fucks you into oblivion at all hours of day and night? She can fight it, try to ignore it, or join in. It's pretty common that she'll join in. Stuff happens. And we already know her secret feelings for him."

Jane glanced at her de facto naked mother again. She shook her head vigorously, which caused her bare breasts to sway, even with her hands holding them. In fact, she was so horny that she was more rhythmically squeezing them while trying to be subtle about it. She whispered, "No way!"

Lisa whispered back, "It's true. Sorry you didn't know before. But if it bothers you, just ignore those people. I figure what people do in the privacy of their own bedrooms is their own business. Don't you think? Or do you have a problem with that sort of thing?"

Jane spun back around in place, and stared at Lisa incredulously. "Are you kidding me?! Of COURSE I have a problem with that sort of thing! It's so... so... UGH!" She gesticulated in frustration, unable to find the right words.

That set her huge tits bouncing. Her mind was racing so fast that she didn't notice or didn't care to cover up.

Lisa shrugged. "Whatever. Like I said, it's a freewheeling society. You can totally ignore it, or seduce your own brother, or let him seduce you, or who knows what. You might end up in a fun little family threesome. It's entirely up to you. If I were in your shoes, I don't know how I'd manage to live in the same house as him without succumbing to his horse cock! I'd be on my knees within twenty-four hours, lapping and slurping away!"

Jane just stared, bug-eyed. She didn't realize it, but her bare boobs were heaving up and down in excitement, even after the bouncing from her gesticulation stopped. She complained, "How can you say that?! How can you say things like 'fun little family threesome' as if it's no big deal?! This is INCEST we're talking about! It's WRONG!"

Lisa teased a little bit, "Come on. Don't tell me you haven't thought about it. A lot! How could you not? I know you have. I mentioned that earlier and you didn't deny it. Remember!"

Jane whispered quietly but hotly, "SHUT UP!"

Lisa ignored that. "In the same way, there's no chance he hasn't thought about sliding his thickness into your sweet mouth so you could work your tongue and lips on his raging monster! We KNOW that's a fact too! You've seen how he looks at you. Why deny it?"

Jane's face was getting redder and redder, ever as her boobs kept on heaving up and down. She dodged an answer by asking, "Why do you have to keep talking about blowjobs? Ewwww!"

Lisa chuckled. "Like I said, it's kind of my thing. Mind you, I love getting fucked in every hole. But there's something special about spending a lazy afternoon just stroking and licking and even choking and gagging on a really thick one, like your brother's. Mmmm! And when he cums on your face after all that hard work... Aaaah! That's the sweetest reward! I told you it's my favorite sex act, by far, and I really mean that."

That certainly was true. Back in her sex slave heyday, Lisa was considered one of Napali's "red-heeled sucker" elite, and that took a remarkable amount of dedication and practice to achieve. It was much more than a mere sex act to her; it was practically a way of life.

It wasn't an accident that Lisa was emphasizing cocksucking. Jane was being brought along to develop a special passion for it, just like Sandy was. Lisa knew that the subtle conditioning started by Cassie was having a big effect on Jane. Cassie had reported back to SI that in the last month or two at least, Jane had been fantasizing about sucking Darrin's cock almost to the exclusion of any other fantasy, even of her various boyfriends. So Lisa was cleverly playing off that desire.

Her words hit Jane like an arrow striking a bulls-eye. Jane unthinkingly clutched at her F-cups again to stop their wild heaving while her mouth watered and she repeatedly licked her lips.

Lisa went on, "But anyway, I plan on having fun with your brother, both on this plane flight and beyond. Lots of slurpy, cummy, ball-draining fun! When I see a pair of big, heavy balls like his, Gaawwwd! I just want to suck and suck and suck on his cock some more until all of his sweet seed is out of those balls and either on my face and tits or in my mouth!"

Jane stared out into space, imagining herself doing that. Without realizing it, she muttered, "Yeah!" But she quickly covered for that by saying, "How can you talk so frankly about sex? It's so... obscene!"

Lisa shrugged. "Wouldn't you rather I tell you the truth?"

Jane sighed. "I guess."

"Look. You don't have to DO anything. I'm just pointing out that you have new possibilities that you didn't know about before. Darrin's a pretty shy and passive guy, I'm sure you've noticed. Whatever happens is what YOU want to happen. So if some of the things I said gross you out, then just ignore it."

"I will!" Jane said defiantly. "I can't even BELIEVE... UGH!" But even as she said those words, she knew her true feelings were much more conflicted. She didn't know how she really felt or what she'd do, but a part of her was intrigued, to say the least.

Lisa glanced at Sandy. She was sure that Sandy couldn't hear their whispering, except maybe for the occasional louder outburst, since she'd been very quiet to keep the whispering low, and the steady rumble of the plane made it hard to hear anyway. But still, Sandy was ever so slowly waking up.

She decided to wrap things up. "Anyway, getting back to what we were talking about before, the sexual awakening your mom is experiencing... Are you still on board with helping me with that, as far as fighting the prudish resistance from her?"

She looked over to Sandy's sprawled out nude body. The more Sandy tossed and turned, the more her robe fell away.

Jane thought that over. She turned her head again to follow where Lisa was looking and stared at her bombshell mother. Just look at her! Damn, she's such a hottie! So seriously stacked! I wonder... If I don't make a move on him, could he wind up with her?! ... Nah! NO WAY! But then again, look at her now. And they DO have feelings for each other. But still, no!

Her mind was racing a mile a minute as she contemplated all these incest revelations. Finally, she looked back to Lisa and said, "Yeah. I guess. But I only want to get her to sexually wake up. I don't want her to actually... you know... with him. Because that's wrong! And ewww! So gross! I can't even imagine seeing them kiss on the lips. EWWW!"

Lisa nodded patiently. "Understood. I get it." But she was secretly delighted, and thought, Believe me, you say that now, but soon you'll be seeing them neck aaaaaall the time! At least if Sandy will ever be able to take her mouth away from his cock!

She snickered in her own mind. She didn't feel any malice though, because she truly felt that Sandy and Jane couldn't possibly be any happier or more fulfilled than if they were willingly enslaved to Darrin. All of SI's psychological tests proved they needed a master, and nobody could love them more than he could.

Jane was still at a loss of what to think or say. She fumbled around to say, "And I suppose, uh, that goes the same for me. Look but don't touch, I say. Like we were saying before, right? I mean... when it comes to Mom's awakening... I'm hardly even thinking about that anymore because I'm in shock over everything else you said since then. I just can't believe it! I can't!"

Lisa whispered, "Understood. But think about it. You don't have to believe me now. There's no rush. You'll see the proof with your own eyes soon enough."

Jane asked urgently, "How can it be?! How can all that be allowed?! Everyone is still American, right? Why wouldn't they have the same rules and values?"

"I guess it's a lot of different factors, adding up. You take a bunch of fit and attractive people and dump them on a tropical island with no rules and total secrecy. There's a lot of free time, and very little in the way of TV, movies, or other entertainment. What do people do to pass the time? They have sex! A lot! It's a pretty wild place. Can you see that?"

"That part, sure. But the incest!" She glanced Sandy's way, worried she'd said that too loud. But Sandy was still out of it.

Lisa explained, "Remember, by rule, everyone lives with at least two family members, so incest happens. It's just part of the local culture. You can ignore it or not. But..."

She looked around carefully and then leaned in even more confidentially, even though her mouth was already close to Jane's ear. "If I were you, I'd take advantage of your brother! Yeah, I know he's three years younger than you, but he's a total stud! His dick is the perfect size! Any bigger would be too big. Why, you wouldn't even be able to fit it in your mouth. And what good is a cock if you can't suck on it a lot? Plus, from what I've seen in the last week, he's stiff pretty much all day long! Can you just imagine all the hours you could spend naked and kneeling, with your head bobbing?"

Jane stared off into space, pondering that. She was unthinkingly licking her lips as well as unthinkingly caressing her tits. That does sound pretty sweet... God knows I've been fantasizing plenty about sucking on him lately. It's my favorite fantasy, for sure. I don't know why actually sucking on my boyfriends' cocks doesn't thrill me the same way. Is it a size thing? Or the incest taboo? I think Cassie kind of messed up my mind with all the talk of the crazy stuff she does with her brother. She's totally blowjob focused too.

Lisa let Jane ponder. Then she added, "If you can get over the fact he's your brother, you'd be in big cock paradise!"

Jane whispered back sourly, "Yeah, I know. But that's the killer, isn't it? He IS my brother! That can never change. Besides, Mom will be living under the same roof as us. She'd never allow that in a million years."

Then, realizing what she was saying, she hastened to add, "Not that I'd want that anyway! He's still my brother! I can barely get along with him as it is. All I can say is: ewww! Ewww, ewww, ewww! A thousand times ewww!"

The bombshell teenager was still highly conflicted. She'd gotten extremely hot and bothered by Lisa's words, especially by all the blowjob talk. But a big part of her really did think "ewww." She was hot for Darrin's big cock, but still thought of the rest of him as her scrawny, immature, and nerdy little brother. With her long flaming red hair and sparkling blue eyes, she looked like a natural bombshell, just like her mother (though her mother's hair was cut short and her eyes were green). His unremarkable brown hair and brown eyes made it seem like he came from a different, and much less genetically lucky, family.

Lisa smiled enigmatically. "Ultimately, it's up to you. But it's good for you to know the deal. That said, please don't mention a word about any of this to your mom or brother just yet, okay? Especially your mom. I don't think she's ready to handle that."

Jane looked over at Sandy who was still tossing and turning, still slowly coming out of her restful slumber. She was in awe all over again at her mother's incredible and naked body. She muttered, "No, definitely not!"

She turned back to Lisa. "Could you, uh, kind of try to break the truth to her slowly? She's going to have to find out sooner or later. It's probably better if it comes from you than if she sort of stumbles upon it once we get there."

"Okay, I'll work on that. Good idea." She picked up another cool water bottle she had nearby. "Here. Give this to her once she's all the way up, okay? We're losing a lot of sweat, so we need to drink a lot."

Jane took the bottle and nodded.

Then Lisa moved away. Still staying on her knees, she scooted forward until she was kneeling next to Darrin one row ahead.

Jane was left to her own thoughts. Holy FUCK! We're moving to some kind of incest-friendly island?! Who knew?! Jesus Christ! What the hell are we getting into?! When Mom finds out, she might just cancel her job contract and go back home! Damn! That would really suck. I was reluctant about island life at first, but now I'm committed.

We can just ignore this whole incest factor, can't we? When she says it happens, I'm sure it's just a few people. Not like everyone there is doing it! That would be too weird. If there was some kind of incest-mad island, I'm sure it would make the news and get closed down.

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