Chapter 9
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Meanwhile, Lisa moved to Darrin with a purpose. She knew she had to act fast and get things highly sexual before Sandy fully woke up and started protesting. So she slipped her pale blue robe all the way off her shoulders yet again, leaving her upper body naked down to her sash. Then, while kneeling in from the aisle, she pulled his oversized T-shirt up his chest, exposing his flaccid penis, and took it back in her mouth!

Clearly, he was asleep, because he didn't react at all. But Lisa could do truly magical things with her mouth, and she was an expert at getting flaccid dicks fully hard. After only a minute or two, she sucked him back to full size. With his cock engorged, that gave her more of his shaft to play with, so she was able to slide her fingers up and down the rest while also playing with his balls.

Naturally, once she had his cock raring for action, she kept going. She still believed in the Napali sex slave code down to her soul, and she literally lived to suck masterly cock. It was her calling and her greatest joy. She couldn't get enough of it!

It was physically painful for her to stretch her lips all the way around his thickness, but that was a big part of her pleasure. In her mind, that was clear evidence that this was a cock worthy of being adored by genuine sex slaves. She had only sucked on it briefly twice before, and was looking forward to a longer exploration.

Additionally, for both earlier times, she had only sucked on the tip. There was nothing stopping her anymore, so she engulfed his entire cockhead into her mouth, and then some.

Now, she truly was in her element. True, doing that was much more painful and difficult, but that made it even more satisfying in her mind. She sensed that she was starting to leak a few tears from the sheer physical exertion of keeping such a large phallic shape in her mouth, but the tears were also part of her joy, as well as further proof that this was a superior cock worthy of her considerable oral talents. Frankly, she would have been disappointed if she wasn't forced to cry at least a little.

It wasn't long before Darrin started to wake up, due to the intensity of the physical pleasure. He'd been drifting into consciousness, totally blissed out. But then he woke up fully with a jerk and a start as it dawned on him that there was a very real mouth on his boner! He looked down with wide eyes and an even wider open mouth!

It wasn't easy, but Lisa managed to make a clear "Ssssh!" sound even as she kept right on sucking. That was key, because she didn't want to alert Sandy or even Jane as to what was happening just yet.

Happily, he got the message and managed not to cry out or even grunt erotically.

She smiled encouragingly as much as she could, given her mouth was crammed full of cock-meat. To make her meaning clearer, she gave him the thumbs up as well.

He was still shocked beyond belief. Then, as he tried to absorb what was happening, his mind flashed back to what happened before he fell asleep. That was like getting a series of punches in the gut. His mouth gaped open and closed repeatedly, like a fish dying on dry land, but he still managed not to cry out.

For a while, Lisa all but stopped both her talented tongue action and her sliding lip movement. She could guess well enough that he was recalling what happened before, and she didn't want him to cum too soon.

He thought, Holy fucking Christ! Did all that really happen?! Is this happening now?! How can it be?! This would be too great to believe if it had happened with ANY woman, or even girl. Hell, even some of my least attractive classmates. A blowjob is a blowjob, and it's beyond awesome! But this isn't just anybody! This is LISA! She's the hottest woman I've ever met! Not counting Mom, of course. And she's blowing me!

And Mom! Good God, MOM! So many crazy things happened with her. She showed me her bare tits and let me hold them and everything! What the hell is happening here?!

He was so baffled that his thoughts went in strange directions. He speculated that maybe he really HAD died and gone to Heaven. But this didn't fit any normal conception of Heaven. So instead he wondered if maybe he was in a coma or otherwise just having the longest and best dream of all time.

He concluded that it was a lot more likely than this happening in the real world. He could have believed Lisa giving him a blowjob, though just barely. He was aware that his penis was of an extraordinary size. His mother had even been concerned enough to ask a doctor about it. Perhaps Lisa was attracted to his sheer size and disregarded the age difference and everything else. It was at least possible.

But what he couldn't wrap his head around was how his mother held out her bare I-cups for him, squeezing them enticingly. She even said she was doing it just to help him cum! Then, later, she'd learned forward outrageously, showing them off even more blatantly, and even let him fondle them! That was so far out of character that it simply didn't compute. Not only did Sandy already cover up from head to toe even in the privacy of her own house, but he was aware of how she bound her breasts whenever she went to work - and she worked at a female-only gym!

He wound up all but convinced that this had to be some kind of lucid dream.

He found that reassuring. Wow! This is so great! This HAS to be a lucid dream. And that means I can do or say whatever I want, and there won't be any real world consequences. I've heard a few things about lucid dreams, so I know that such a thing exists. I've also heard that they can be pretty awesome, but I had no idea! I wonder how it works? I mean, I've never experienced a blowjob in real life, so how can my dream-brain know how it feels?

Whoa! Lisa is sucking my dick this very moment! She keeps sliding her lips back and forth over the very most sensitive parts, and she's using her tongue too! It's so INSANE! This is literally better than anything I could possibly imagine! But I'm imagining it. And this is better than ANY pleasure I've ever felt in my life. I'm sure of it. But I'm feeling it! Weird. Maybe there's some kind of built in primal memory about how sex feels, and I'm tapping into that somehow?

I don't know. I only know I never want this dream to end! I mean, I can do ANYTHING, right? I can go back to Mom and have her blow me! Or Sis! WOW! Or can I?! Am I in total control, or only partial? Hmmm. I'm not sure. I guess I shouldn't risk it. Besides, what's the rush? Lisa's blowing me! What's happening is so great, I'm going to just sit back and bask in the joy!

Feeling better, he put a hand on Lisa's head. It seemed like the thing to do, plus it helped confirm that she was real, or at least as real as anything else in his supposed dream world.

He had no idea, but once again that simple gesture drove Lisa wild. Again, it reminded her so much of her brother-master that it was uncanny. She loved it when Matthew had directed her action by the non-verbal communication through his hand on her head, and if Darrin would have done any of that, she would have been over the moon. But just a hand on her head made her a very happy camper.

Jane was still deep in thought, so she was oblivious to what was happening in the front row. She felt like her world had been turned upside down.

This is nuts! For the very first time, I think I'm seriously contemplating having sex with my brother. For real! I really am! It could happen! If Lisa is being honest, and I have a gut feeling that she is, it could actually, factually happen!

But there are big problems with that, even if Napali society doesn't mind. Big, BIG problems! For one thing, what if we get intimate and then "break up" later? It could ruin our relationship. Brother is annoying a lot of the time, but he still is a really good friend. I love him just as a brother. Not in that other way. Ewww!

More importantly, I can't see how we could get around the obstacle of Mom. If anything happens and she finds out, she would take strong action, for sure, starting by separating Darrin and me. That would tear our little family apart. Not good!

So, bit by bit, Jane was coming to the conclusion that what Lisa was talking about would have to remain just a fantasy, no matter what the rules and social mores of the island were. And she told herself that was for the best.

By and by, Sandy woke up. She opened her eyes and said to Jane, "Hey, girl."

Jane turned back in her seat and saw Sandy had her eyes open. But she was still slumped down in her seat and de facto naked. "Hi."

Sandy asked, "What's up? Where's Lisa?" Then, with more alarm, she noticed that Jane's breasts were totally exposed. "And what happened to your robe?!"

Jane looked down at her ample chest and sheepishly pulled her robe closed. "Sorry. It seems these robes aren't very good. If you're not careful, they open up on their own."

Sandy said, "Yeah, I noticed. It's so frustrating!" After a pause, she added, "Why are you staring at me like that? Is something wrong?"

Jane said, "Um, well, it's not wrong, but speaking of robes opening up... it's just that I'm not used to seeing so much of you." She looked pointedly down at Sandy's enormous bare boobs.

Sandy looked down at her own body, and jerked in shock. She was still bleary, but what she saw woke her up in a hurry. Not only were her I-cup boobs on full display, but so was her pussy! Her robe had fallen all the way off and she was sitting on it.

The blush had finally receded from her cheeks after her nap, but she immediately blushed profusely again. She sat up in her chair and got to work on covering herself up as much as possible.

Once she was as covered as she could get with the inadequate robe, including holding it closed in front with her hands, she exclaimed, "Oh my gosh! I can't believe it! Have I been like this the whole time?!"

Jane chuckled a little bit. "Yeah! But don't worry. Nobody saw but Lisa and me. Darrin hasn't stirred from his seat since... you know."

Sandy thought she was mortified just from napping while effectively buck naked. It blew her mind that it happened on a flying airplane, even though she had come to think of this back part of the plane as a private spot free of strangers. But that was nothing compared to her shock and humiliation as she recalled all that happened that led to her passing out.

Jane's "you know" comment caused Sandy to have a powerful flashback. Her mind raced through one incredible event after another.

Dear Lord! Please tell me that didn't happen! What a nightmare! I showed my bare breasts to my son! Twice! And he even fondled them once! That's the WORST! Oh God! So bad! How will I ever look him in the eye again?! Our relationship will be ruined forever! And that's not even the end of it! Lisa slid her hands all over his gigantic hard-on for what seemed like ages, and I just stood there talking to her, mindlessly watching the whole time! What the heck is wrong with me?! And Jane saw some too! Have I truly lost my mind?! I've totally failed as a parent!

She clutched her robe for dear life, pulling it even more tightly together, all the way up to her neck. Oh God! Total disaster! This CAN'T be happening! And to make matters worse, we're stuck on this stupid flying sauna for eight more hours! Dressed like THIS!

She looked down at her skimpy light green robe. And Darrin, my big man, he's not even wearing shorts! That has to change, stat! This can't go on!

"Here, Mom. You need this." Jane handed the bottle of water to Sandy.

Sandy quickly downed it. She was extremely thirsty. The plane was so hot that she'd been sweating even as she slept. She sat there with her eyes closed as she gulped the water on down, because she was too ashamed to want to talk to Jane anymore at the moment. She wanted to cry, she felt so bad.

She kept her eyes closed while she considered the situation. Dammit! I never curse, but there, I just did! What the heck?! How did this happen? The problem is, I got way too aroused. I guess it's a case of the chickens finally coming home to roost. I've had these inappropriate thoughts and fantasies for so many months now. My secret shame!

I blame Olivia! If only she hadn't confessed to me about her sexual relationship with her son. And all those videos! Why did she have to show me so many videos?! She kept saying that if only I could see the love between them, the special spark that only they could share, I would understand and change my mind. I never really changed my mind, but damn! I watched so many hours of hot sex! So much cocksucking!

And the thing is, I DID see the "special spark." Olivia always gets moony and emotional whenever she's really sucking and bobbing on her son. And when he cums on her face or chest, it's like divine rapture in her eyes! I wish I could experience that kind of ecstasy and love just once in my life. It's clear they bond in a deep, profound way every single time he squirts all over her.

But still, I kept telling her that what she was doing was wrong. Am I just being stubborn? No! It IS wrong, "special spark" or not! Incest is wrong, period!

Now, I've wound up with all these inappropriate thoughts. It truly is my secret shame, my great forbidden secret! Especially my unhealthy obsession with wanting to suck on a penis. And not just any penis, but my son's penis! His cock! His massive cock! And the last thing I saw before I passed out was Lisa sucking on it! Dammit! Damn that lucky slut!

She stopped herself and tried to force her thoughts in a different direction. Er... I mean... Shoot! I can't think like that!

I suppose I should be upset with Lisa. And I do feel kind of... strange... about it. But I can't blame her for Darrin's blue balls problem. And it was rather extreme and improper for her to use her mouth like she did. But she had a good point about that stain on the cardboard box. She couldn't let him cum willy nilly, spilling his seed just anywhere.

And he cums so very, very much! My goodness! Doing his laundry, I've had PLENTY of evidence of that! He's a non-stop cumming machine! He must cum six or seven times a day, based on all the crusty socks I find. That's not normal!

She continued to focus on the brief oral action she'd witnessed. She didn't consciously realize it, but she was jealous, as well as increasingly aroused.

I feel like I should chide Lisa for what she did, but how can I? God knows it's odd how things happened, but something had to be done to cure his blue balls. And when he started to cum, what else was she supposed to do? Taking his fat knob in her mouth was the only way to prevent a big cummy mess.

Heck, if I was in the same situation, I probably would have done the same thing! Except, chances are he wouldn't have gone soft afterwards. Then I would have been stuck with my son's enormous cockhead in my mouth! Let's face it, would I have been able to resist stroking it and sucking on it? I think not! That's been my greatest fantasy, for months now! To just... SUCK! UGH! So much! Oh, Son! YESSSSS! Gonna suck it good!

She belatedly realized that her water bottle was long gone and she was sucking on two fingers instead of her usual one. She pulled her fingers away and used that hand to cling to her robe instead.

She glanced towards Jane and was relieved that her daughter wasn't looking her way so she apparently hadn't noticed.

Again, she tried to get her thoughts back on track. Gaawwwd! What's wrong with me?! I never even did that for Dennis. Yeah, I put my mouth on his penis a few times, but it was so small compared to Darrin's that it's not even the same thing. Plus, I only did it briefly each time and I pretty much hated it. Why am I so obsessed with that one sex act?! And why with my son?! All my dreams are always about my son. And almost always about the damn sucking. Even my daydreams!

Sandy was genuinely baffled by the intensity of her desire to suck on her son's cock. It truly had become an obsession, along with wanting to stroke it and titfuck it. What she didn't realize was that the deck was stacked in that direction. She was naturally sexually submissive, and she had a particularly strong oral fixation. She sucked on things all the time, especially her fingers.

In addition, over the last year, SI had manipulated her in a variety of ways, and Olivia was just a part of that. Much of her subtle and even subliminal indoctrination was geared towards encouraging a love of blowjobs, because although the typical Napali sex slave got fucked in every hole quite frequently, cocksucking was far and away the most common sex act for a variety of reasons, including that it could be shared, and every master had at least two sex slaves. Sandy's obvious oral fixation was a key reason why her family had been chosen over other highly qualified families, since that was such a positive sign that she would truly love slurping and bobbing on her son's big cock multiple times a day for years and even decades to come.

She wanted to be outraged at everything that had happened on the plane ride so far. But once her thoughts came around to the memory of Lisa stroking and then sucking Darrin's boner, she got so very hot and bothered that that blunted her other feelings. She tried to clear her head of her lusty thoughts, but a mental image of Lisa's lips wrapped around Darrin's thick shaft was stuck in her head and simply wouldn't go away. Worse, she imagined the exact pose Lisa had been in, but it was her face instead!

Jane had been spacing out for the past minute or two, since her mother had stopped talking to her. Although she was simply sitting in her seat, she was listening very carefully. The constant loud roar of the airplane made it hard for her to know for sure, but she was beginning to suspect that Lisa was sucking on Darrin's cock again.

It made sense. Lisa had confessed that blowjobs were a special passion of hers. Furthermore, Jane knew that Lisa was up in the front row next to Darrin. There was only one seat to sit in in that row, since the other two were partially or fully covered with big boxes.

So how could both Lisa and Darrin be in the front row? Since Jane was still sitting in the aisle seat, she could easily see Lisa's lower legs sticking out into the aisle, with her toes pointing down to the floor. It was an ideal position for cocksucking while kneeling over into his lap. But the biggest clue was that she didn't hear any talking from the front row at all. Even if she couldn't hear individual words, she should have been able to hear the murmur of a conversation.

She looked at Sandy again. Her mother still had her eyes shut tight, yet she was clearly wide awake. Sandy was sitting up straight, clenching her teeth, and even clenching her fists. Jane couldn't figure out what was going on. She couldn't have imagined that Sandy was fighting an intense internal battle, trying to will her incestuous blowjob thoughts away, but was stuck in a kind of stalemate where she didn't let herself give in to a sexy daydream but she couldn't clear her mind of taboo thoughts.

Sensing that her mother was highly distracted by something or another, Jane dared to duck her head into the aisle so she could look around the seatback in front of her. What she saw wasn't surprising, since she figured the odds were better than even that Lisa was blowing Darrin again. But even so, actually seeing it happen (again!) shook her hard.

She had to sit back in her seat and try to cope. In an instant, her heart was thumping hard once more. She'd only witnessed a few seconds of bobbing, but she felt the memory would be burned in her brain forever. After what Lisa had told her about life on Napali Island, the sight took on much greater meaning than before.

That could be me! Good God! That really COULD be me! Mmmm! It looks so thick and delicious! I've had some sexy boyfriends, even some well-hung ones, but my nerdy little brother has THE perfect cock! What are the odds? And why does it have to be attached to HIM?! He's just... my brother. Totally not boyfriend material. Obviously! Good God! What am I even thinking about?

And yet... that cock! I'm soooo envious of Lisa. She says she has a special thing for oral sex. I must be the same, because lately the fantasies I've been having about sucking on my brother's perfect cock have been way more arousing than getting actually fucked by my last hunky boyfriend. That's messed up!

Gaawwwd! I can't get that image out of my head, of Lisa bobbing on his thickness! I want that so bad! I don't even care if it's my brother! I need it! I don't want to date him; I just want to blow him! A LOT! I've never done it with him, obviously, but somehow I know blowing him would be waaaay hotter than anything I've ever done with any of my boyfriends. Why is that?!

I suppose the fact that he's my brother is one key thing that makes it so damn sexy and exciting. What would be more WRONG than a girl with my looks spending the whole afternoon just bobbing and slurping and sucking on her brother's thick cock? HNNNG! I think I could cum just from thinking about it! That would be the ultimate fantasy, to totally drain his balls dry with my mouth!

Actually, now that I think about it, that's exactly what Lisa said to me. She's so right! What if she's right about everything?!

All the time she was pondering, Lisa's slurping was getting louder and more obvious. That in turn was making Jane more aroused. Her disgust at incest was fading fast, at least for the moment.

What if I could just keep it a secret from Mom?! Then that WILL be me! Heck, I don't know how I'm going to resist him. As Lisa pointed out, I'll be living under the same roof, every single day! True, that was the case before, but somehow it's all different now. After what I've seen today, especially! I will NEVER be able to un-see Lisa blowing him. Dammit! I wish I could wipe all those sexy thoughts out of my head, but I can't! I can't even stop salivating!

After a prolonged struggle, Sandy decided on a truce of sorts. She couldn't get the incestuous thoughts out of her head, but she resolved to push them to the side and deal with them later. She decided that distracting herself by talking to Jane some more was a good idea.

She opened her eyes, and saw that Jane had her eyes closed and looked to be in the middle of some deep pondering, just as she was. She cleared her throat to get Jane's attention, and then asked, "Janey? What are you thinking about so intently?"

Jane was abashed, since she obviously couldn't reveal that she'd been spacing out with vivid fantasies of sucking on her brother's boner. She tried to dodge answering by asking, "I could ask the same to you. What have YOU been thinking about?"

Sandy's blush deepened. She'd been thinking almost the exact same thing as her daughter, and she just as obviously couldn't mention her cocksucking fantasies. But she came up with a good excuse. "It's just that I'm worried about this plane flight. The way we have to practically go naked due to the heat. It's not right!"

She looked down at herself and realized that her green robe had opened wide in front yet again since she'd taken her hands away to shake her fists. She tugged her robe together once more. "I'm not coping with it well at all. And these stupid robes aren't exactly helping!"

Jane chuckled. "That's for sure. I've pretty much given up." That was true. Jane's white robe was hanging very loosely on her. Her tits were fully exposed and even her bald pussy could be seen.

Sandy took that all in and frowned. "Please. Try harder to stay covered. For me."

Jane took the path of least resistance and said, "Sure." She carefully pulled the robe together, even tightening the sash. But she knew it wouldn't last. But she didn't really care much anymore. After all she'd seen, and the secrets Lisa had told her, some partial nudity seemed like small potatoes. Plus, had she really searched her feelings, she would have realized that she was getting a thrill from exposing herself, especially if Darrin could see.

Sandy told her in a concerned voice, "I worry about the effect all of... this... is going to have on the three of us, especially Darrin. Things have gotten kind of crazy. I've gone way out of my way to stay covered up all the time around him because of, well... you know."

"Your unusual figure," Jane pointed out.


"Especially your remarkably large breasts."

Sandy winced. "Right. Can we not talk about that, please?"

"Sorry, but that's the reality."

Sandy was already speaking quietly so Darrin and Lisa couldn't hear, knowing the rumble of the plane would help with that. But she lowered her voice even more. "I know, and that's a big part of the problem! I don't want him to... you know... think about me in that way. I've tried so hard not to say or do anything to give him ideas. But what's happened in just the last hour or so has undone everything! And I shudder that we've got eight more hours to go!"

"And that's just on this flight," Jane pointed out. "We've got another flight just as long tomorrow, and then a THIRD flight the day after that!"

"True," Sandy said. "Though that third flight is supposed to be a shorter one on a different plane. I can only assume it won't be a sweat box like this one!" She wiped the gathering sweat off her forehead. "So are you with me in trying to find some more clothes to wear? We can't go on like this! It's obscene!"

Jane said, "Mom, it's a bummer, but it is what it is. There's NO WAY I'm going to wear anything more than this robe. I'd simply DIE of heat exhaustion! And if Darrin sees more of me than he's used to, then so be it. Ditto with you. There's no other option! Come on. You know I'm right."

Sandy sighed heavily. "I suppose... Though it's going to take years to undo the psychological damage that's happened in the last hour alone."

"Mom, what's the harm, really? We're going to be living on a tropical island from now on. I know how carefully you've covered up these past few years, but that has to change regardless. I hear that wearing bikinis is the norm. We need to adjust to our new reality, our new culture. Are you planning to continue to dress like you're Amish? If you do, you're going to stand out like a weirdo."

Sandy said with worry, "I suppose you're right. To be honest, I've tried not to think about it. I just hope he finds a girlfriend soon. Then he could have a safe outlet for all of his considerable sexual energies."

That made her think of Lisa, and especially of the way Lisa had been sucking on his cock the last time she saw her. She shivered with lust, but forced that image out of her mind. "By the way, where did Lisa go?!"

Jane leaned forward and thumped hard on the seatback in front of her several times. She spoke in a loud voice, "I don't know! Where DID Lisa go?"

Sandy furrowed her brow, puzzled by Jane's response. "What do you mean by that?"

Jane figured (correctly) that Lisa was still giving Darrin a blowjob, and she was secretly trying to give them the message that Sandy was likely to start looking for them. All Sandy had to do was move to the middle seat and then lean forward, and she'd see everything.

Lisa got the message, and she was very grateful. She felt that confiding more of the truth to Jane and enlisting her as a co-conspirator of sorts was already paying off. She wanted to push the envelope of what Sandy could handle, and she sensed that having her go from waking up to witnessing a blowjob was too much too soon.

So she silently pulled her lips off in response to Jane's warning. But she remained topless and kept right on stroking Darrin's throbbing erection.

Darrin would have minded, except that he heard Jane's words and the thumping too. Besides, he'd been getting dangerously close to cumming again anyway. Lisa truly had magical lips, and when she bobbed below his cockhead she was a true blowjob machine.

Jane then said to Sandy, "Just kidding, 'cos it's so obvious. Lisa's just on the other side of this seat, talking with Darrin."

Sandy frowned. "Talking? I don't hear any talking at all!" Her heart skipped a beat. No talking? That means her mouth is occupied! That means she's got her lips wrapped around his huge thick dick! She quickly shifted seats and then stood up, thinking she'd catch them in the act.

She did "catch" them, but "only" saw Lisa giving Darrin a handjob. She felt crestfallen, and didn't understand why. Still, just seeing Lisa's fingers sliding up and down her son's shaft made her tingle all over and sent shivers of pleasure down her spine.

Lisa was unrepentant. She smiled up at Sandy and even briefly took a hand off Darrin's balls to give a friendly wave. But she kept right on stroking and didn't attempt to fix her robe. "Hi!"

Darrin obviously heard Sandy talking, but he continued to face forward, in the hope that he wouldn't be the target of his mother's ire.

Sandy put her hands on her hips to show her disapproval. This fully exposed her perfectly round breasts, causing her to pull her robe together and then keep her arms at her sides instead.

Despite her attempt to stay decent, her arousal skyrocketed. She was already feeling very horny, but being able to freely gawk at Lisa's fingers stroking her son's big cock drove her wild. OH NO! Not again! I must be cursed! Why is this happening to me?! Arrrgh! Why does he have to be... UNNNGH! ... so very BIG?! I know I keep thinking that, but when I see her tiny hand on his huge pole, it drives me crazy. Her fingers can't even reach around it and I'm sure mine won't either!

Er, not that I'd touch it! God knows I want to. I almost need it. But I can't. I can't! I have to draw a clear red line at no touching, even though he touched me earlier. I'm his mother!

She asked Lisa with clear irritation, "What do you think you're doing?!"

"Isn't it obvious?" Lisa answered innocently. "I was talking to Darrin and his dick got stiff again. So naturally I had to help out. I'm hoping that if he cums again, he'll be sated for a while, and we'll able to enjoy the flight in relative peace. Without, you know, this." She nodded at her hand sliding up and down his shaft.

Sandy pointed accusingly at Lisa's upper body, which again caused her breasts to be exposed. (In truth, just about any significant movement had that result, since the robes were designed that way.) "It's no wonder he's stiff again! Just look at you!"

Lisa sat up stiffly in place. She let go of Darrin's cock and balls and then cupped her G-cups from below. Again, she was totally unrepentant. "What?"

Sandy's jaw dropped. In some strange way, everything she saw Lisa was doing was as if she was watching a movie of herself doing it. Their bodies were remarkably similar, especially their immense tits. Sandy felt as if she was holding up her I-cups, offering them to Darrin to fondle. Her legs trembled and she nearly had to sit back down.

After a long pause, Sandy found the words to complain, "You know what! You're topless!"

Lisa spoke proudly. "Yes, I'm topless, but so what? I let my robe slide down because seeing me like this helps arouse him. Yes, I'm extremely stacked, just like you are, and he loves that. Should I be ASHAMED of my figure?!"

"Well, no, but-"

Lisa let go of her immense tits and went back to fondling and stroking Darrin's cock and balls. "And I've realized I need a lot of help if I'm EVER going to get him to cum! Your son's cock is VERY impressive due to its sheer size, but what about his stamina? That's possibly even MORE impressive. I've been stroking it for a good ten minutes now, and he's not even close to cumming. You put the two things together and this is, like... the perfect cock. I'll bet I could suck on it for hours and hours."

Sandy tugged her robe back into place once she'd finished pointing. But then she shifted her hands back to her hips, causing her breasts to be exposed yet again. This time, she let it stay that way, since keeping the robe closed up top was obviously a losing battle - and she was very, very horny, and getting more so by the moment.

Lisa's words echoed in her ears. "The perfect cock!" Why did she have to say that?! It's so true! And that she "could suck on it for hours and hours." I could too! I swear, if he wasn't my son, I'd push her away and drop to my knees this very second!

However, Sandy kept her calm on the outside, and finally said, "Well, I wish you'd cover up."

"Why? You gave me permission to do whatever it takes to keep his raging erection under control, remember?"

Actually, Sandy hadn't said that. But it sounded like something she could have said back when she was practically out of her mind with arousal. She was trying hard not to think about what happened then, so she didn't dispute it. Besides, she was practically insane with arousal again. It was like she was watching herself fondle her son's cock and balls.

In truth, it was just about the most exciting thing she'd ever seen. The only way it would have been any better was if Lisa took him back into her mouth. Sandy was salivating and licking her lips non-stop, wondering how it would feel to have her lips stretched all the way around his shaft.

She thought back to all the dozens of videos of Olivia steadily bobbing on her son's cock. In some videos, Olivia sucked him non-stop in a variety of poses for a full hour, clearly driving him wild the entire time. Although the videos never showed his face, she could hear him talking, groaning, and sometimes even screaming, as well as watch his body writhe and squirm with arousal. She particularly loved it when the unnamed son called Olivia all sorts of naughty names.

Most people would have found so many videos of non-stop cocksucking for an hour boring after a while, but those ones were Sandy's favorites. She often secretly watched one in her bed room at night, until she masturbated to a climax and then fell asleep for the night. One of her great fantasies was that she'd be able to suck Darrin that long with that much skill. She didn't consciously realize it, but they really were training videos for her.

Lisa took Sandy away from her fond memories of those videos by asking her, "Remember how he fondled my breasts?" She visibly shivered, as if just the thought of that could make her cum. "Not only did you not mind, you asked him to fondle YOUR breasts. And he did! So what's being topless compared to all of that?"

Sandy dropped her head and clutched at her nose, which was something she did sometimes to show annoyance. I DID do that! I suppose I have no leg to stand on. I'm so terrible! What kind of mother lets her son play with her breasts, especially when they're as big as mine are? Oh God! The SHAME!

What she didn't realize was how much being embarrassed or even ashamed turned her on, if it was done in the right sexual context.

Lisa knew exactly how to push Sandy's buttons, because she knew how she loved to be sexually embarrassed too. She hoped that Darrin would learn by example.

Sandy tried hard to think through her thick erotic fog. The mention about her asking to be fondled bothered her, but she was having trouble thinking about anything but Lisa's sliding fingers, while she gawked endlessly right at them. "I don't remember it like that. I certainly don't remember asking!"

Lisa ignored that and instead pointed out, "Besides, you're doing it again. You're showing what a great, caring mom you are by baring your big breasts for him. I think that's great!"

As soon as Darrin heard those words, his plan to stay low profile went out the window. He pivoted in his seat and stared blatantly at his mother's incredible, fully exposed breasts. They were so round and flawless that they took his breath away, even after he got to ogle at Lisa's.

Then, a mere second or two later, he remembered his theory that he actually was in some kind of lucid dream. He decided to try that idea out by reaching out and fondling his mother's enormous globes again, and he did so.

But to his great disappointment, she blocked his hands before they could reach their heavenly target.

She complained to him, "Hey! What do you think you're doing?!"

Even through her great arousal, she was adamant about not allowing him to touch her. That's how she justified to herself letting all the rest happen. She desperately needed something to cling to in order to convince herself that events weren't spinning out of control.

Sandy didn't know it yet, due to lack of communication, but Jane had set the same no touching "red line" that Sandy did. Had Sandy not objected, Jane would have. The way Jane justified everything that was happening was that it "didn't count" as long as there was no touching between any family members.

He was taken aback by his mother's rejection. Clearly, this showed that if he was in a lucid dream, he didn't have total control. It made him doubt his entire lucid dream theory.

He sheepishly told her, "That was just the same as what I did before. You loved it then, remember?"

Sandy's embarrassment grew as she was forced to recall what happened, and in surprisingly vivid detail. She winced, but her arousal shot even higher. Her pussy was gushing and throbbing needfully, and her heart was racing faster and faster. Gaawwwd, I did! I loved it so very much! It was so wrong, but it felt so good! Son! Son! You played with my titties like I was your girlfriend! Or even your shameless slut!

However, her secret desire both inflamed her desire and gave her new restraint. Thinking about being his girlfriend or his slut made her remember the only thing stopping that from happening was her own willpower. She increased her determination. She couldn't deny that certain things were happening, such as the fact that she was standing in front of him effectively topless while he was enjoying Lisa's handjob. Sandy had to realize on some level that she was enjoying that too much to put a stop to it.

When she didn't reply, he further prodded her by saying, "Remember how I sank my fingers deep into your tit-flesh? Sorry if I got carried away, but I was so horny from Lisa blowing me. You seemed to really enjoy it though. I remember how you tilted your head back and let out a silent scream. And then it soon turned into a very loud and passionate scream. Don't you remember that?"

Sandy vividly remembered all that very well. The reminder made her so embarrassed that she wanted to crawl into a hole and die. It also made her almost angry at her earlier lack of resolve, and strengthened her determination not to go too far again.

On the other hand, all the while Lisa was continuing to jack Darrin off. Sandy didn't want that to stop because she was loving watching it too much.

So she mentally reinforced the red line she was already drawing between her fantasies and actual reality. Just as Jane had done, she decided the obvious place to draw the line was no touching. She tried to convince herself that merely looking wasn't an incestuous act, and her horny mind bought that. She said, "That was different! Look, but don't touch!"

Darrin didn't react as she'd expected. He beamed with joy. "Cool! Thanks, Mom! You're awesome! Just stand there like that with your glorious breasts on full display, and I'm sure I'll cum in no time!"

Sandy breathed a sigh of relief. Her new line of thinking made her feel less guilty about the way she was showing her body off. If looking at him was on the safe side of her red line, then it stood to reason that having him look at her was safe too. She clung to the excuse that he "needed" her visual inspiration to help him cum, even though she knew full well Lisa would be able to get him to cum soon enough anyway.

Then, so as to not offend Lisa as she continued to slowly but steadily jack him off, Darrin turned back to her and said, "No offense! Lisa, you have the second best pair of tits I've ever seen in my entire life! I really mean that. And you don't know what high praise that is, because I'm kind of obsessed with busty and beautiful women."

Lisa laughed. "Unlike most other guys."

He laughed too. "I know, but trust me, I love your tits more than just about anybody! They're so perfect. So huge! God, they're huge!" He reached out and cupped them from below.

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